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himsn utTii-s ?ha? 'nth? ti?? now m ti'? of Mr Mern-I
n.it pe:'.- bot - 11 ne cal i" . ? gnu ' ' '?
rooms fun lal ed w.tu .... t a; waa elegant. i tin? old :
??Miuthem tenth og it .-ii' in ti e ,.- de of L
wealth, little Sroeming thalia a few ?ho? aaMtbi he
?! ...,! i ? bones thal ? '?-? veahe
dispersed sho
happy el i fen dai
really bl r bm them ia their?
i ,
? - rall I ? -
1 ive, one indo ? :
t'.-.se Uti , g ?. f . t'i u- D . ?:? . i: : * '
i .? away off ia :L" iit.r,' vuii.
r. .: :: rtl
I iMBtrt Bg. ? tose! cr in Charl ? iton, gives this
an i.: : of t a prof n - ? of the c iored pupila:
?? Obi .I
plea?ant ?luv our la-_*e -i liooi-ln.iisi-, OBM li RotT ':
6 .-. i- 1, . nil: Ml ' ' '???': S. '
a arel
ti.' ir i ?' ? fit. and :
i - ? t " : ? ' ? ? i .
i ton. Ia my n
| nu may
ii the cu' re; p?] nlation 1
(ii?:. ? , ral rale, M I
compli t on. 'i
i ' ni lexloi ni. of ti
BBBaity. a'.w iii - them eery
band?ra I to ti;?in:iers. 0
thal ti cv bivi- I, ? '.: I ,-.. I BJ
clase of j
f iir Kin.: It H ti bel : : : I doul ; ?f
r.ar v coi.lii be !? ?L Ami vet ti
ladies 11 v. i ii Bri tret'tl foT fe li I
ofiaiolt for which ti rewunoredrei '1 ?Ughteel
tinge i right to say or do
wbaUrer bia baser i ?tore prompted. Kot
i ..<:??'
c ml : open her I - t dark s I ui i
wo be taber whom
in Sp.te oi ... t win.
ti be sore- ., ?j |
vaiitcl enough to pu
tranche.-of Englii [ i li etler
readers My where. Grammar man? op this
.i- a master it n11 ly. <
- ? : ?initiant '
dene?' of clear heads ai I wen. The
a n ? ?
??.ni s i,;,,
I ration as?n ot ? vv ma i
a race whet tn..t ?iel ' growing
up to euueate ai:J CB ;:?. ato tu: m o gani ra: I : - I
One of the oolored toachen la this I I us once
taken to the foord-hooM for teoehlng i ? 1 poejoer??
BMBtty tto children of i Iden atti at?and
?ras relea??d bj ISM ' g<* ?! w--.ll oftMafOTM
r. !y. Wat wa- Bfbai OBJrd ullowcl lo keep a tu ?vat"
Khool for tiie?e ibiiiiin. 1 :.t WM obliged to hiro a
a .:? areoMB tobt
.?ne I Col iml'ia have ! ' ? i . : '
ground fu- ? I
?ii it. Chaplain '11 loioi gSTS a course of lec?
tures then-1? i i li.e receipts at 1 s Int addie??
were flOi. wbiih w.:s BppTOBriBted to aid it buying
the lot.
Dr. Wright, dat.ng Boa I I Mbit MJTBI
?? I am ?uri r.-ci it |] ,? um, wai thej ! ai ( eratrlbeted
whti. l ? ? ila gn it di itttnti :. i; Bead
reils of dollars bat e bs m rni?e,i among 11 em, Bin?e the
otoss ft tin- w-ar. for issistlng ii'- mosi dsstitate,
burying the I'.'.ul ? ?(? Thej alleeimtoady,wUlHujead
MgM t> w.rk when I pro*prcl of com
jie sat! B Tin y will i'n anything : r aNortberaman.
Mt ara a til - aboi I workii g foi those
w.'o !:av?. ben toi ?? babil oi giving theme peek of
rue ii a ne K Bad two Butti o: begging1 a j cur for
thc:r .?civ ?. ?
j;e;.ins f.-i ? ' . i at?te that thara ii gre it
destitution among the peojile; that sorre hive r?er thai
for want (T c otii.i.u I . thal the Mbooll ar.- dod g
wonderfully we'i. 1 lltj bam Is of ( loti ing were iinn e
diateiy sent down, to I, i.--vc IM wai.:? n.r the f.-eedmen
School? of the ?MM iation exist nt Rerwhora Roanoke
lalaad, Eil i abel h Cil j. E lenton. PlymMth, Bmi
Ilaleigh, Morcii?'.': ICH; J! . . ? I j . i \V ..u,i:.gton,
Oxford nrul ttoSWBSf*.
Mr. Beerest -"??.! Isitbeth City i
"Noone can real./? the MTTsTetmanaor ?r.d e?g<r
desire tkOM p "1 I Bil bil : r ,. rl dgs, !
Ling ob i ve vi .ti.i?? of the tana Wl um children
canje many of the parraba, to 1 enr Bad see. Each day
BB8M ten or a it ? n w< ubi. be pic-ent, until neatly al
hud vi-,'i ii the Behool to set tho 'Berthon teachers;'
tow.', ti to and take notice of the exet
ci?es. ibaTSseei bal Intbel>ayand8al
aaaay eapeeially of the ?c i?tiret tongi then wee]
for joy. I'? or crean.'? ? ' what a w?wld ha?
to tbein. nn! now. Low tiler minds haaget and thir-t
to (Tll'T k1
At Newtin the w?te cit:/-tis'-ivor the formation of
frecdmeti's Mho ?a, ai IthoBohtmlhotue, o
has been used ouij for n :..:??. waa granu-d for colored
people a.?'.
At Cedar Grove, |< n.'e? fro-.u I' m1 ti I.ty, the
'? ;.i'Ti weie a!.i.( ;.-: i l.jve a ?fibuui. An agen i,f
i '. - ktoawfil
4 - frtntloa MP ?" " '- *' '" I bra le ' ty one nf
the poor whit?*? wl - ? ? the crushing
power ?f si iv.tv He subscribed gio g
i i;ii.?. 1 b-iir:: lro:n Mr -I I Oreti . B
? ern wl it?
i lei
Bi;d that a , art oft ?ml r for the boil
t.' en t - ipi '. B ii all Unott Wlult a u o oi
hu white nrtgobon an read} und willing to ihow their
sympathy to a practica way. other? sr?- iIiiImjIIj ob
: threatening his life ead tie ?estrnctloa of the
, rl erei :,.'.. To gin bo effect to hit threat n
house ?bub has i era -..i?''l for a inj yi
by tM colors gb baili m1 owaai boj tt.e
m -iii yed.
Why ? Be? bom, al < previ as,
a letter couched in wiriis of ?: I ?eltiug
forth their rights to bul J m in?,, . -.'?ad.
At Edenton the Mho si peoptoa ' the ferbers in t! t
-meet of their boom ran Re Bmm el the wMtet
that they are w ti bj] I i,
!t to rr:u* bal Bt1 ? ? . ? ? ,,e thom
'?) it ti I | ??> ' "j- formerly
ed fne."
lette from] LhCitj bowthata it ?
inion spirit bl '? ' : Bl - ted ii 'fin Lust"
?i? Carolina We
I ' /.Aiir.in ?'itv, Tnn. 11.
Oro. Shaw e? ? ? ? ? \. -, put? Mea
Km . ? ik papen thi .- i of Q
ie people of iba Stol
x?ec. 3R It lia -. bl I ;- ? .
; I in 1 la i ; ; '
t. '? IT, .,-:??: alGo1
ga ths ma;.ner ?in.i Mtbooefits '
'1 be <?i
that the powers <
?v of IheProt '?
* ' - 'i be :inii.ii :?
; .'.? of till.? I
and we ere not g i ? run ? in. lias
t ? j':..-.. tal i ? i tressed ?rxlat I ? ? ?
I du nut pt? ;? sxly r ii <?
. ?it mut
the pu
bl the dc?innt
? re ?;.i creal < s i
g s irnesl of ? hal toms bs ? x- j
peeled il t ?? Ststes are ti l" iratlinilted
without Ant having the rights and privilegM of Its
newborn fre<-i,,!. : , . | for OM BMOMd,
" Act? of vitii'icc : .vi- oMBjied i'-ic ii iiMf'l in
ths ?xtret: e, beesasc tv, ? ? ? v . i tted witboal
provocation or es'.-?'. Tbc perpetrators of these rile
a'* i.avi;:: i,, u, diaappoiatod i;? t *Tj-frt snipiact
foi tleboij-bciit oft , colored peo| ?? daring the boll?
?Jan a:'l n w. ? i,i ?,;:,..:,., tern ? it. hsretronbls
? 11 '? i.-?t T.ui ii' m1 (" .-i'., in?: HetardayoM
wei k k^'o. A coi..red n.a:i vvn.? quirl 1,3 st n.diiig"upon
Mie sidewalk wki , wli ? I my warn! g, ha wm as?
saulted bv ? whtos nii!' who shsmefu iv bruised his
fai e und !.e ni, and "?;.. 1 ? ,.? \?
"TM Sum? i?- . i : en, with faces
pan ted black and ooetl t..ri.eil wrong uuiv tmt, enteicd
at-veral negro daii.:.ii by smashing to ths doon
frighteni: g the woii.en ?nd injuring the men. |
instance a womal., w.'o ?tuned to mum her ueighbora.
was sliot at?the boll Besslng Cr, igh her olothes,
pr?7ed ber sides. Hel bon wa? bl alen a:ui bru?ed be
camse be bad been known ty have n pi?tol.
" Anotlic: case bl tbut of I hartal Everett, late 2d
Sergeant m the JJ. ft? C. T. Mr. Everett, lim 1 Iii? dis.
charge, bas lived tethtotOWB a a iii t i??-u? ?-ii?: eitiBMi
Las taken to hunte.f a wife, urti attended to hi? own
! uti h ess. He bus hal no ?Barrel nor onplsasaM esa
t.-uver?y with any oie. w !..:c or bia. k. Uei M his col?
ored neighbors were ?.irimscd M ths atteck apon bim,
end feel that no one can Lave any uissur.une of safety
If ?tich an outrage :? allowed to be passed over unno?
ticed, His dwelling ?a? Meed Ofca Ho waa ordered
to get up. He came out of hi? be.lionrn. when oue in
auired. rlatldsSergeant Everett f Bereailad, 'Tss.'
hen the same mun. or one of the other??he ia not cer?
tain whu h?lighted a match, that ?e 1 ?1.. J make inore
sure of bi? aire and ?Mied kim to ti 1 ?loor by ?t-iking I
bim over lb? bead with the butt of ina gun. He knew
nothing mire, and lay for sonic tinta iBMBalbtoMad
nearly dead. It wai a severe wm.nd though theekall
was not fractured, ?? _r?t tkoocbt He i? still conim-d
to his bouse from the effect of it. Mr Everett MOOg?
gli/t-d. dlsguiseil BS they WON two 1 I t'ni-i? o! li 1 ???
Ballan!?, aud reported ti : B?sate IO the | roja r oft u-rs
Uohargo here. Yet no ac'i 1 i.< v ?? - in learn, hss|
an taken U briig ti.-m tu just:." Nether Mr. 1 I
nor r's neighbors can divine any canse for this nnpro
toked and BBOOlled for Bonum, only that fea ha? been a
laiihlul Hillier ni the t'nioa army, and since hi* reit.rti
i railed b; bli bieattoaad leiajlBanb]
i brandy waa wbtto ia the eerrtoe? ? ? ? ?
1? f.-i Mia nail? :.'<? thal magnanimity of whick!
CoL W Hi tit si I? eistiiiph s,. ka 'Hetng vaii'i'liglifil.'j
iddrera, 'w< nbnit n beeoeneabrara
The ITc.-iilent. us ciliiitiuti'lei'-it-c! ,.*l ..f the
r powen of 1 eat , n ignanimotpdj ti titi
as. I do not b ii \? ii..-? taaeiUaeaef the ?state ?i.?
i I e, "
' ?? r l ? - ? no pr-it keenness
of ?right to ia iio.il, ban la Bntfra North CareSaaal
teilt, that the st nit c1 - is lntni'iut as ? 1er
?titi.eli arti (fa majority of the people. Instead of '
n 11; oi niiiip tLc ma, pul lil U ti,..-?, of the I'p
atage of t' i QortrtKie*?tone eeaetrtK*
lion of the law to i ra ? i f] t'n-ir patrioUan ?u uiiu-:: \
" ti o n fi rtor n et " tad la a t- ti in-u.t to any aud all
who labor to eli i.ite ud Improve them.
1 : It t x1 It-.ter ni Um .utii. we |aott tbeicail*
* * ' "Lite faraday al b1 the rowdtot actually ?'mt
? a ml. rat ?atoa iowa, After die
I oi theil n tan from el and?, tbey ;
. ? ' i Cimdi u Fi ; ry ii I teni! .11< r the bo it \
. i m??, and waite croaalag the oarrowrirer,
: ?Is that V?i Rinne] ?' He is pUed la the i
Pop went a pistol. Borne down or Blteen
e ,,;,,:, ?ni o: i ball i nia d ti i mgh Ibe bod]
1,,:..'.. Kui B .? h :- ? ml ni'? ' t U, and I
t learned winbar it is hardy to prove fatal or
not v, - m- m -t la to wit n? --? tia- in.infer
. ti.- p m of the eil geaei dly. Tbey take
I ? ? g oati ??get aatl mhr
ted ;.iul shot nt.
i bi whoi '-n i nt Ci n m '1 me nea li i n? st
i v with tbe peoph ia the terceto iad li ti e
go . ki l ba| ?'"I'd l ' "? :
! , . v Bl - - ' " I". I nt BBJ pe.i??"
abo call t tra?eirei Ubrtetiaai eoeld exhibit tack I
ardni ? ?? for tbe I rd treat) leal oi dumb,
- i ? . - Obi what bai
SI rery not done, li in..- prevented the Word (MT Gin,
? ian tu feel im bli bTOtlu r.
: i.nu bit o? n.
? i tanjtbii.gbedent t" nilen thewan*? inulto
better the conditi. i of tbi t poor p.-,.pi" and ti
? i ..a inanity i- all neill'BWBl, Willie
? i work. I wa.? y-ti'idui moral g
?i -i.ii.iu in . : t at <'??!'a.n pet -
, la i' on tin- bxM Mayor te todoce bia t" ionien.? a
p .Mu- i the itory thai
a large lot ol ro??ds recently laoded here for the rn
n en. ?en- pai -i .1 np ut ihi'bo-.;>itui- ?nd weralafrated
.. li.' . u- n BMBt. Hi- M ho n ported til- st-.; v.
-.ins the ?atiii in.ii) otn t din 1 bimkc in my letter, m
!:n. - raved Hie a medmu wkci Le sun the g.od?
"loBce ii ol it Ultra bul they ?re gone gn.tsxi
bat i'1-l- rj Biggera I Ifoe had better whip
Ihein nn.l ?ei a ila iii t?. work laitrad ot pinn then
clothing. 1)-the Northern pi-ope- !"t M i.dinp it
aad the Pr< ii i .t : i n sara rlag it ' Non- of i aj
Ion l knoll tam to manage BM trent the luggers. We
i an teni, you I m.
'! | ?: of this rumor was an exuminntam of the
.. ..?ii. V? re women's clotliitig.in.niilv,iiinl school
books, "'i he sel.?'. I i.o. k.-- i beban,' edito the writer,
''coatainod tbi lafctttoi dnalal, it is the Babea!?
that treabb) iaea."
On the other hand, Mia? Lemington writes from
Fly mouth:
? Iraniflij bo braid eeanlhlai winch rbeendear
haarte and deem wort yoi honorable meattoa. Col.
??, ? Si'it.'.i-ni man, whwe toa wa? m the htobd
aimi. mai belli by OU t"ic * nt Fort Lookout :
mnr,. trat word to m that tn. weald giro ?fiO lur tti??
sup|*rt of tbe colona MbeoL"
The freedmen at ITymoutli Lavo aid.ni tiie teachers
as fur as their lim. ti d anana a aw, aad bara henel ?
society pledged to di fray expeii-es of ri ::t for two
houses?one a? a Teacher?' Home and ?ne us a MBOOl
room. A teacher ti n? Witta? of Fly mouth
"Noone who bal in t bein la Plynoath since tie
wnr ?an have any tr.e t n ? ? i,t nm o! Ihn mum III
which the boran har? bera dratroyod. Boar?
dooradwelling-botues hem bait'either kiaki on ibe
ibs.rs or gla-s? in the n n, ?on - niid in:. I
two, bean the ?narke ?f abotaad ?lei. Man] I
a,lo | revint.s ta the war, had laXUrtotM I."'
iioii nringwlth .-di tie wiadowi b arded up. txeept
parhapi ibera in nu? luoia to which the., ?.t.
WithBBextraotIren a mem litn-tfernBVaaoke
l-l i' .1 W? '.vi! close.
"The dcotUitton to etiH great, rnb-ts ???aaaaeead
n? more fur prali.it ne dlatrtbaUoa BOOB ii ? ill I.Be
toattal TheCotnaraadaataan teal tho-?. ?ia. mbm
. '- ol th tit einst u 1 n ?re driven bv t ee,?.-ity from
thohon.es when* they Luve sjient theil lites in ut,r? ?
gutted s.n it ni'-, iiial lift, r gatkertag tka Atrtamn't
crape are bo ioagei.di I aad It wlBeei ton todrlre
it w.thoni food and ?better until theil
are agati leeded, * * * Then tkiaga bo atir bm at
I ti Ml 'lily cry, ' Ia ni ' bl lp ' or n I ;
- ? * Tka<iu\i mim tit atti i "titnm..? Itaproie ii n
mill the ti"? I'? appeal at plaera ?!?:< then ta aaj
danger of a rolli.lot .ft eraeea Vi? un., kmt an pa
itkoll'i leith trav all i Hillary j>rul>. !
?We ihould ?ay, Not yet,
BSSTfl rAP.m.ivA.
Hore is a glimpse into hie at the little town o' : :
" S :'h a quiet town its It is I No whirr of mraklnery
ot rat tie of carriegra only ile oe? Dei
kal flua a aegioe Ibioat to brink ti?- ?i
very tites hare a iii ctr look us t'a y Bod iborethe!
?lient ttreeta, 1heto?'n i ,- raStrs o rrry little iron
i-. ? in tt.? geaei ai itagi
? .?'ty ran pntty, tbcerak the nasy erldeacra of I
carelessness and neglect, the lack of pi.it bri ki I ? In*
dows, aad ililtipnlated fencee grate Inn) h upon um
Ni? Bietend Mera of order nd thrift
'? 1 he ' chivalry' stand n! ti I I oin? r of t! e itrert?, in
bus-ful ldlenen from monlng till iigit Oftk
of tbe town we era very Bttle. They ipeadtkegi itei
ponton of their Uae ia Itotlne ?eclraion moai
the bi pelen f ne wkich ha? ?.v.-rtt r"? n in .
tai loi and ?nbetitated for the ttavi mart ead ti
:s? iir iea.?ful M-hie-iltor the freedmi :.
"(jarraboolaproaperflnelr. The atteadance is ?x
i ,-!a nt, and the pragren of ti ?? pai Ile very aatl I
la n..? ???li.-iin ot flily pupila, nil eaa read t
ri | v. ?? il. and k- n?? itody i.rithti t: w i, t, n.
,i ' o' i.i t i oi ?? ? n ?1, n little n on? ti mi two
igo, tbey did not know a letter of tbi dpi ibet Tbey
? r to lean, ?ml tt ey ?a about it i Ith n
eranea Tbey carry their beloved bool
.* even opportoi It* el p
- thea. On their way t" BIM from s, :,.,.'
ri ? Bl ' :. . ti.? m ni little pro'.;
-i . Ij : g, thi u.oic adraa ed kindly a.-?..-; ig ti . .. ?
. .:?-.
? ...e boy, whoa Mr. C? engaged to cut v. ?,, i v. ??
?,- ??veri work ? u done, itndyli g I ?-1..... ?,
i'.,rev tail g Behool by I e Igbt n t.-1 ti d opon the rerai
, the f aben wa wi n
tul., pira.
- ?
| lion, b . , i ?
? 1 ?-i ? i -' m She hi? a i ii. I. "?a i ?i, ?
I ' "1 el'. In ?i
: i.d idu i-a children in ! , ? Ida I. ii?- not
ob ' ' I ? iBl ? t ?and "i iwi ? toa ? oi
little Kmily 1
I "1 fill, ?urta . t . ' ntCd lat? I eve; hag
I for older pel ? c ia toi ith ad dnriig Ike ? ij
t ' :l. stur.iy yon: p im-n und
re, titni ti ora on t ? ' " ??
ia lol? Baas vv tien bava arattored Iroat aliki bend*
, ? i ? -ni ovei tia- i i""k?, eager to lam ?re the
g Iori. ' - I ghi v. ?.eli Lua tiau ned BBSS U..-.I bag Big] I
" 1 :.- i o,ord people in this ricinity are rery kadee?
trioe . aad the r ? ondilion ii better tiian li ? in] pirti
ol tie Soi.ii,. Tbey however, have much to endure,
'1 be ol 1 pi intotiuo ?pint i- by n?? means extim t 'I I -
dethroned lonl? of ti <? lush cling to the ?biniovv ol'
.-; m ?y willi a d'uth Pi isp.
"Daring artott wktofe we mad? in the feetiaAyi to
the rained town of Plymouth, an incident o? i inn I i,
lustrante of the lillee lave of us were exploring t.
fort in t' t ?. i. bitty of I'lymotitli. We. the ladie-a, k er
mg our tri. ntl? ditOMItog some \ o.nt of military arehl*
tecti.n-. i-iissed around an tmtuinkment wkleh I Id li n
lrom our ?i/tit. ai.?l carne smiilenly upon aa eld Begn
wbe waa reraovlag for f?i?-iT?eid the nmaaatt ??t in
abattu. Heteeehed In* hat in the most appioicl
?lyle mid ?tepped Bailie for us to pus?, tait ??? Iteol
st'il, mid Mis? M? bagaa ? coin.-nation with kita.
" ' Well, uncle, Low do you enjoy your lrtedoiu ?* ?Le
"Ho eyed her niipIclou?!y for a moment; than put?
ting on a look of ?tupidny and indifferem e, added
" 'A li. ii.i.-sna. 1 don' know?don' know at I is lie?.
"'WhatI' we exclaimed in ealaalibaint. 'dou't
know that you are free ! What do you meun i
" No. u Irani ' he petlbted, 'dun' know iiothn.' 'bout
It; nothin' 'Fall.'
"Just at that moment one of the aaVlala whoac-j
eoBBaatod Bl carne up. Al the negro t-uught sient of.
tlie Federal uniform the l?xik of stupidity vanlabel a?
if by magie, on bbjm the obi bat in a twmklnip ami
with ? smile beaming ?U over hi? dark lue.. be larne?! I
tou. exclaiming;
" 'Oh I I kuow you now. You'? net Seoo.h, yua'a
fri?nd?, an I know ?hut I is, too. Yes, misai?, l'a a
)rte tr.an, tank ?Jod.?
"What do you of the free North think of libertr
? hub may ?afcly be avowed only in the literal ?tadow
of the ' blue V "
In Vligini-i, exclusive of fe Distiiot of Co.
lumbla, Alexandria and the Loudon and Fa.rfax,
there am fell teachere of freedmen ?upp?.ited by the i
Jitt.r? nt s ?i ieti-s of the Nortli. The whole Mahn or I
pupils under iuktru?.ti??ii is fully 13,000. (jf thmc, about I
11,000 belong to the private and night school?, loaring
10.1)00 children in daily atlen lance upon the instruction
of enthusiastic and thoroughly accomplished teacher?.
Of the 17. teachers in Virginia, 20 are ?.ilf-appoiuted,
tesi !i:,ir privat" si I.unis ai d sup'torted by tuition ices
i:. v j uni I v the ?dolar?.
Every week since tho 1st of Octobor.new school? bave
beca opened in some part of the State. It has been a
?"?r. "1 of OlgBBlialtoO. Bad it has been an ?.??Lill work.
i ' .vcrniuetit hit? rendered very little assistance;
t! e ?'ri'i'ilmen s BOMM ha? not had the means, ami the
? vi huh ti.ii ban and superintendents aro now
enjoying are, as a general fait, suth at they Lave been
al !?? la liny with money.
'ile tat* ii..undent of Education for ths State, in
reply te |M ?.msltoa. "WMil tMaBMoai tl.n.kof
mir work i ' remarks that some doubtlest think, and
I ?I bat? rtimii than tin ? IMBI to think; others, for
IM us of Balts*, or fur lensons of bayonet?, act better
than they think. On the whole, it is ccrlain that there
WMtaBanasjRg ?ennment. ptrticularly in the center?
of lallllUgBBM an I influence. Newspajvers and e.clesi
it?t ii 1 iKidi'? hnve ventured to sj'fak luvorsbly of the
cnml,tmn of the fiecdmcn both as duty nnd MSBsl
policy. Bal particularly, be add?, all the progr?s? made,
v. uh rare exceptions, has been made lu face of actual
o;.ji i?.t;i'!l
'ibe inililer mod?? of resistaico ore in refusing the
use ol ali chinche? or vestries which the whites csn
i?My eootrol, tofaoiag to rent room?, or charging
rxoibitaiit rate?, rcl'usiiig to boord baal her-', foi bidding
culured tenants ?ending their children to BBMsl, M pain
of being turned out of doors. The more forclb i mode?
of resist ince, ?in h na 88880 end cnflngrations, are
i," :i iib? ! ! i i?,. i-i,,i.,ii bint | flou; the military. "The
ton V'r " ho sai?, " i? fatsi tf| latsdj Au vork n d/tptt'd
??id diridtJ, and nn'hiig but the preieit delt-tte rein
?eSBIf1 i( the Suite to the .\? it ? ii nut' STttf maletfcasSSteft
for our trirkto to be pmtreut/d." Yet he think?, it tv iii
? in - "i',| Couru,-?-, skill, and a ?teady BrBSBBM wiii
ultimately ttft} before them ?11 o| | ositloli ; and Vir
pria, fog ?ham.? snkeiif fur no b tur mason), will
either j'dn in the lal or ( f Ein'ation. or BBMO? ?? '
Eresda sa's R ? lettre1 oporatteM by sume ayatOM (,f 1er
own. " The day, howvtr, li net mar"
TMN ore ?onie MM pu;.!?, in illlllilBaj at the
Bebeah of the B?nr*Torb Katiaaol li' ii I ktttt i itloa.
Poor bos| ?tal MQdiagi lorabOM tnrinl over to the
.ti >n, Bad it ia fitting them t.p n? school-houses.
'I hey w-ill accommodate ?orrie mxi ?c1 ol n?.
A letter from i'apt. ?St mut l'.arnes of the Freedmeu'i
| BarOM nt I"? tersburg. say?;
j "AVeiiretii.lv thankful for these g?nerons do-.uti'.-?
] of our No1 ii., m ti. ads to i lol be Ile vu st nun.' ?is oi
I lagged and ill I id BSOpIS in til- n-gnin, led. whltl
ami bin!,, li. I'.ie'tT, vve wen leciiine Ri?o own,
wooBM and phi dns of the HM.OO0 fnsdmsa it. ti..a
! District mil i st Uto somber WM redneed toKos?m
! lur in ROW Hoe little did we think ??? lew, i m pan
I tiTeiy, would be dsstilate or aaable to tapper! them
1 :"? i. "ftii B .1 vti.ll. ?s a m ll.nl i|U' ?llor,.
I boo os rta the desolated lleta it ti? ossjatty 11 ? \
I e.Hill .t all li:..I ? 11,1...iv li.i Bl BO ?U t" M ?I'"' tu | eil BBS
? ?.. i i. i ? i in i ? sires and
i lan liles bal nut (b'tbe. Out hut.ilr? "1 tin.ii?.uni nt Isasl
mott hare rletblag Ws attt fltroish it, The Berth,
Ml ??! Its gfi't ni ti:. ;u:.i e. mast "<T,ii us ratita, la
atakoat ersry boost ml sKortl tie:' Is ia so - I
or nine, oki clothing thrown by which vu i , . ; t ?
j Bakedat m aed pcersal the fru stag ??! these ftss4mi a"
The (Hebel ( T. rubor ii/ ? lins | itali at Kiel ni"! i Vu.,
are now u.-ii ii? I rcdm. i.'s Bahaakl and BMTMl b.r
tho destltiil?' fn ?''ln.'Ti. Du.?. I Bight I
ure In gelv MMBdsi 1M I ' I gMOBSSl
Is igerosM to toora aad ban ? la dm i
peaejNM OMWOMaaBrorlO yean mt age, arMhad
h ,irn?',l ti ?? ii?? i 1*8004 st!? tiding
r it : f" i . ? igt ntly and bai
Isorned IMirst chaptat ofPaaltM and ctu repeat it
1 ? IX .-?.,- ' . ' 'in Bil !..
: ;,,:;,i BB? I li laltj ; i '. B bh hie.'
;ng to r. bV V'-._
TlllllH4.il lilli MOI Til.
?kale? af n Jeurary Araund and About I'e.
i(r?l?ur_ Ihr I:, munni? of Iii? I.? I" I
Arm? ?lorih I aralina tun?? ihr Ito
anoltr 4.ol.l.lim ,.n ?. h 4lj>? rations ol
ihr I' i ? i ?lui? it'? It nr, nu I ni.or ntlil
S it |> 11 ii I 4-t minne I in jiorird \ Ila) at
n l'i. ?'ilnirii'? 4 min V .?ii-,i Minion In
l.olilsliur?ii_li A I alen 'Inn l?.ill?,l
far l.eynlly.
From li .: -. ti I raspsBa
(. i; ii ii i ,,n ft, C . Jar. ',.'. ISBA
I left I'e!? r-liiiii', \n., MJ the ni??rriinj? Bjf tin
B4 teas?, bobI Milled at thto petal M atitotalght at the
?UtllC l.'.ll.
I ?pet t Hie ?1st of mj -t to NtoisMig lo riding
i ?! r '? ' ?? ? Rocompaatod bj i
C1.nie. 1 COIIIII.? 1.1 ?d ill ? JeTI.t Se! oil 11,1? right of
I Gloat's Bas Badradsatoag bm iii MMMssMeood
! IBM 'Ti the oih.r I I : | - ; WMths
! ? cr Mr, ' on the Keb.'i ?id?. Taft tatt, bafoN a vm
I bl iwn uj'. wa? the petal M wah steading
Ora?M wir? i!"?.l tog! :,r li ?? (,.:. 1.uri.aid''.?
; eorje end OMA A P. IllO'B I At lb it tune
the pn l.i I? "? the toro an; ;??? Wire ?l.-n.'.ly f.-es BSd
was " vv ? ?? t. ' bil
Duiibg ihn lut daya oi 11.?- Bub
ii cr of 1" 1 the B ' ket? liad tu |uy in the broflla ? IM
Irma leyhroak to basavat, barrowtag Ib small huir?.
Many ur-ibu st?.rii-s that BMtald "f IheltMfttilsga
11 e gMTffaeaj m i ?' :? f "f the Btath Carpa c? ?i<t me sfs
i i-e, vv! .-re , [.?? of our Ids iv. i t by s , , ;, bj une of ti,,
ufe-;;'.?. Preseotlyhe awseto,asBrajattatagmt fctoftag
weak, witii piibs m the tteaaaeh. Mi in meg wore
,':w. bun, but he d;ilT,t improve, 'i 11. ,;,,, t,,r tu.
Itbatparhapahs stn ?.'"t. H.- taahatoiiMtha
w, i "f hot bai aaJij a pola to las stomaak. The dm
tor. ?un:!.ned apptyrng stimntoati to btm, Mdi I
?t?>v me, be ? a? t? asoved bm k io ciiini', w ben be ?!:?-.:
?. jj '.i bonis, (in ? \ iii.iiii'.g the boil! it vins f m i,,|
that mo WM ?hi t t1 tiui.'h the abdomen. It u - .
! di lit ihat lbs thot ?. i?,- , ? Ired w bile ask .;? 'j !,,. |,,?n
II u : ,.| dat? ?ad? i hi n i n i.i
The r? neu!, for 1 sgalasl ti.? old Ninth Corps
Wn-i, til it ?t billi Hil.nflg lU ?l.Vleioll? ?I,,. , ,,;...
I troops, 'li;, uns t.s, mu? b for Ike chivalry,
.?el they <??? .bl aal ? "ii" to any agrrseaient for a cessa
t? .n m i..,?n itn ? lib? t: e pi ki I? ?,f the otk roorpa
lata oranta.
The crnt'-r ?VM MoWB SB bv IbMBSWs"! men in
V ! I-' I A-. fur II IM <!' ?Irin I OB I f Ile foti
"i-i. i i ru.-.I, it WM a NcoeM bal lb? attack tailed.
The btaagbtor ob our aide \? us teur'i I coi ? ,i, ;
Bombet id be in the I la?ti rheai pu dm,
?nui mailc the cling? aad suffered ths BtOBl li in,
"i.r ths bott? -t pi ri'" ? of tha year, aiss! the kllM
and munni? d ni our in! ? lim! ..a lb.? gels] bftWft
two lines, fi inn Sut in ?I it BO IB ',. ! I M I el y rn-i ? Il g
When lien I ? e i ??: ?? : !? .| to n fl o- i f ;, ,,., . " a, :,,! a|to'
ali of Hi?- wiiiiiidPii n? "t." s who wena ibtotogetvo
tin- ii"iil WTC billed by t?ee*eaborMBSMOia
Leaving the "l'rnt-r. ' ii.? n-vi Mt_rJ wns Fort
Stea.lm.ii. Brratbi Bnishing Mmpaign of ti,.- armiea
w i? i at Bveneedhythe Hebel troops Tbey tool ths
fort, lui Wen driven nut by tbe galton! Oen. Hi it
t.n.it s iliv.si'Ti of I'l'in eiivnni f s. McCalmont's
brigade, oomI Ung oft M Mnb, -?'.?!, 80<th and sotith
Pennsylrai ia Volai te.-r? did tim vtoit. After the fort
WMtetaRMGea Uraat's whole Une ttommenced n?
Iii ni iii.iii Bl nt. TO IhS bit Of Fort Steadman I? Port
H'-ii UM BMrest potal >f lbs Db?m Mom to those to
the Bsheto. Directly eBBOstts to. lbs Rebel Port Dan
i attoa Both itill r? maia staadtoa tookli g nntooched.:
ft bah] rilling Ibrollgb the IViHhIs MM burt Hell I c ,i,,e
in loss ag?ite iiiriiknl by ? phsM of board. 1 d s ;
" mryftil from my borte and read the lusciiption, a*bli b
ntnttus: "Calvin Camp, Co. O, IMRhPeanaylrMla
Volnnteers, killed OB tha morok t<> Hatcher'? Hun. und
lii.rletl by hu lirotiier Latbai aid bl? (hums I burle?
Mna'l iii.-i ?l?mes CampbeU." We rode DU . milct '
nn.mid th? eoiintry. Wi? esme across nun.' er? of
trav?s, miatly markwl by the word " Unknown "
?vWfl C?ff?t.f?ti.
Thfi southern truin, bj vvuy ol' Wl Ida?., ioer.? Peter?
burg ? arly ka th? mo,mug. Le iv'.ng I'- i ist urg wa go
directly Moth. The country for the I'.rst '.ii in lea Is
rolling. making Splendid term land, bal the .1 Hernes
.?f desiriii lion an '?"? pluiii.y SMB. Ko lencos, build?
ings purtlv turn down. ?I!? re with nothing Itinding
tmt tas ?liimne.v, battorcd up lo..utivee, atarted
lookiug ciittie, iiinl th? remnaati c4 Lbojomi ?uups ne
MM press?t M the eye of IM tras? ih r. Then ?re no
sign? of unuliing bciug 4om to rocniit i ia country.
V'e arrived nt?astoii. N. ('. alamt ! p. in. Here we
had to g1 t I'""' "' Ike car? and ero .- the Kunu i.e Kit? r
m bott? tai worked by negrwe. The river li uImiui tbn
width of the lluil. .a, ui.d we ?'re. n t long trcslug.
(?? IM eoeth sids of iherirei we took the Lb>MetgrRaa4
|(.iieiui train foi W'sldoa arrtvir.g st Ihs lattei uIom
| uIh.lI ' ; o i b.i k Urta wsi banged ?''ir- ag .in. fun i.nd
M wall two boora befon the tra?a ri.u d. Thl gora
! ?j;o Lu??; logcl ii Ub'.r nul lOlMk al? u-1 1 Ubd lbs
further lonth I get tht wone ire the b?tela In Rich?
mond ?ml Fetenburg the oyitert ?re as plentiful at
bre?kfiut, dlnne? ?nd ?upper" a? ba?h in un Fait Broad?
way boarding house, All along tbe way ka tin? point I
leam it ia almo?t iii {loisible to obtain any kind of meat
excepting bacon and cbickei s It is ?lngiilar, too, be
canee the oountry along the Nense ?ml Roanoke riven
ftlmumls in gunio. 'Ibe rivers, too, hare oytten and
tish. I oannot see any renson fir thil patteiti ?f meats,
eliciting that Ik? ?eg roba? something todo with it;
be ??em? to be the e?u?e of everything.
Weldon and all the S'Uil.ern to? i,s as far as I have
gotten, nreofthe meat est c1 ?noter. No beauty or
taste Is iheWI in the biyutg out of the ?treet? or the
construction of the building?. Instead of the prettily*
painted cotisge?, with their garden? and outbuilding?.
?hieb we find in our Northern towns, we ?ce frame
building? without paint or ornament, log hut?, and a
general look of ?It tay. It ii piaiuly ?ecu ?but aro the
! effect? of Slavery. Weldon is a ?mall place, with a
louse called n hot??, a rum shop, and a grocery store.
1 At 4 ?I'ciook we took the Wilmington tram, and arrived
in (ididaboIUUgU ulicllt P> o'clock p III,
OoMsboro'igh is one of the most important town? In
the State. It is situated on the Nense Uiver and is the
i liuictn.u of four of the principal railroads in the South.
I The town Lu? ? few tileasuiit dnellinp?, but bas the
liani S.utheiL look 0? the rest. It bun about 4.UO0
I inhabitants, ? dilly newspaper ?nd a Female Seminary.
It is the headquarter? of a nub district of the Freed
; men's Bureau in North Carolina.
I Mai nip.i ieinr ef intr.uliii ton I oiled on Cnpt
in orpe <>. (?lavis who it in charge of tie Bureau at
ti iii petal. Th? reflate li from New-York, and when
1 met bim I felt like Leng nt home. Ho La? tho n pu
tatiiui of being a ?nperb i.l!i< < r. Stn? I hare been
here I I it. lad a d ance of ?sting some of tbe work
ingi of the great Freedmen'? Hiirenii.
lilt Fail I?MiN ti BOBSAVi
('apt. ?tevtara i!i*trn t include? the counties of .Tnhn
I ??toa. Wilora, hTiyra, Oreen? Bempeoo ud I.enoir.
He baa Iii? lii'Adi|uarten at (?ohUbotouph. and ?,i?;t?
e.u b coi.lily nt I. ist ?mee a week. 'Jlieie is no civil
law, and he bus to act as Judge, .lui). Magistrate
Kheri IT and ?verytbiag eba, in theee six oonntiM,
T In Tri is a c? rtain day, oalied "Court day," tix'-d for
eui Ii county. \ ester.lay IH (our! day in Wilson
i. mt] and ai ti e i m t ni,? li.vn it.oti I aeooapaated
Lim. Jkfter break tra) the C?ptalo alth the oeitetaace
oi til" clerk?, t'epati hisCnurt. Then w?re about .Vsi
BBtakt, of al. io eis ami ein--' I, Wlttll g t. r a ).?? ifiBI
i - Belo, itali their cant, ?adandlepraedof &
.(?iii k ? ruer, it t dring all dar, however, lo get through.
It i? I ardli BeaShto ngiv? you a full idea of,tbe ? iten
?,f the buaineee the??? poopto tninsucti d. 'I fee aegroea
geaeraB] corni to get blwd ? ut ar baud oat if m der
npe, to male cooiplalnt again?! tot met raaaten tot
wagra ret.ni'a', tot nttioi s and the ntttoaeat of all
re, Ratinni are rardr given ex.. pt in vari
urpellt < use?, all I l.o ni pro I ni; li like lit ! . " , - II !
the Banu Ul si be or she b.is unid?! BOBO cntract
for rapport tor tht ins ling y< u li...? isa good rule,
n'.ili'iiii|i. - tin- i.e?iii-ni' and leay to go t" each?
T I.u-, y. u ne, all thoetafl about tue Brei Imen'i li-,
reaabelBtga refngefor indolent negron li m muh
Od, All i.'iitra? f- for labOf nt' mad" through
tin? Barral n ia? they en m1 i aBd la tan ..f t Hu?
gi nant betweea the partie. Contre, entlj then an
ninnis u I u r,'i i ?? n.l ' r ?f pu n'"i s coi-.t ant i l
Ila Borra : ? : iboren. ?rati rdaj Caj t Glai u . ti
I .. ?i -? IBU M c.ntr ?eM In : I <" ti pi i: ter? and BCgTMB?
II.i trui t< an* printed in bia li, at.d Ml forth the
dittoe and te ;;nn aeitt of ei" ' party I be :
portant one I . thal the em pi yer shall ?lo al lo Ins
power to promote tbe it? to! icboolifor tin
? - . ' -?r. ? i,1 : - -a t ? ?; I el ,'' , ' lldl : B UTI
bound ci.! u,-> W be ime raatoa ehlld I '
>. ?. i? rigidly examined- hi t... ? iptain, and n u>t
?I, ? t' ut bi chara? ter, and awl
Mcatee t" treal Ihee with I tot. ns it iboald
1 : ' I . . '
i n una ?J ''" Mott of ibe?
torday m re ande by rag tote ?garait tketi
rt foi n If the? I in ? id'
? - iel the < si t.: i e.T? ti... i ,-!> aad
. ? ?t an order to the pen i ?mpl lined
.--...; ? - ?-..-.;
aal or app.? ir oa n tt ? '? uri day ta ?how reeeea for n
I h partie? UBI B*,
. plain di ' Idi -1.. ti ??
DI It ot ti ? ubi..ty. .' ? .... ,..,., | ata
cerned ?o unprincipled Oat .?. n [alni
thewitsof.il'. lalaayer te arra;**'- tht
; .? oi ' ' IT. I : ? -an old
? . -?-r, u fen -n :? eau r, Ut Wags s pj, ;.-r i ? ? ..r
rtrial TIk ran ra bearii, aad ii eui i irt]
1 he plantel
ra to ?pal reeeni
lui of charge? I ; .- rlrfesiaTil rVrrm Hu fey
i : to the aegrrai u
? ? ted '.. | "t; Mof It tot
v , re , ! ir| ?| fbf t? ? l.ei re
, ? .i.- : i - - p..i of ?' nea li .
tun ne a? Boudie?. ? ' aad a torga
i ? . ?
? , ???: . w ..a bala
la with ( I the I notait.
e. ?, ,1 bim total
-1 . ,r : ' ? ? every Item
rrect. Plantel
t Uro 111 . ? ? ort wc
| i.r- !.. ? . ?? oa II" WOBldl t ?WMI t"
.ii ha:/. -, ai Iba i ti.?
planter Is I
iwiadle, Irai
that I B? I "f"re th ?
Bonan. It f the I
| the per.iut.? ia charge
M D .reau?.
iRii i>vr?. s ? uno!?.
Catt Oler!? hu? a flue? 'men !n QeteW
li ii ara Ihrer- h ladrad .!,? ?.
? ? ? ? :?
i ? , .
? ? for ri? ? ; peopli who?
? :.- ' t.-ii
a . : .??!".;. It ?? h.;,in
to learn to read aad
? :
? ? ?
a lib ?pelling
*.??''" ? ? ;
it I . ? ?? ? ' ? . I be
in li. a ?ill"
' I ? !
I Io one of I
other evening ead ?tres :
. rowded ? ??:. li
re. 1 i - ?? . ,.
I WM rather a
u ? t" be n . ?? ; , ,
ye t I 'el t i '
?nui.hi i.- p n td
p ?.? ? gnoranci
i l : : - . ? i ? ? : tke i i ?
I ron ?>? bal I ' ,- ? nea ol ti.,
oo ' r. d ' ? s. . | [kari isle U a
point toil . '? hm. 1 iii i'o'.ti'i.-iit that if our < oagren
? .- ? nil let ni
a . - , tbi y rill pla lion I it ii ? ?? t
entitled to b. a:.., whh h be will I credit,
ii?.-, i e ? iii bare ai r
and li ? ?li silt' -it'? h..?, lo the en i., .uu ol hi? racv
from theil pt. -? ?I ti ita of degradatloa.
iii: i iBMTM r.vi'.
Ai I p?'t futt er ka !" fer. The
i lo liol 1 bol
MM t" I"' lb? brat knot it linera' lui ,'. Cotton,
. a bi it and . oi.. i u be raia '. In bo .
Bl ?about ? a..-at c1 I .
1.1.ii. ' I ,-? in i ? re to ? baili titra, ti -i ?" ,- :
is the turi pitch and tur couBtrj In ever]
train I mi t nomben of ipei ?
Hi" N "i th. 1 i.r; "i l.li" -, a i i i i . , ; r? - it i?
e<jual io ? orton I b? luppl) a ill La thii aeaeoa
Bl n? count "1 I ? . . :nitl o ip.'.al.
BOBTS un CATII It, wan ii !>.
I li I thal the Uri i ? -and pi u b r? all
'. las se, ".. n of th" , o ,',ti i un- ,?nHoi.s to ure
N"i .ia rn men ? ,?u.? aad lavett I ctr capital lo
colton. Mmtoftbea t ? us.- a eommonplace ?
rae ' ?" .a In I mai .ne i-i .?:.[>?? ad io ?-it:..'! m1,, tent,
Heir I ?lui?, "i ?o ?iiio p rtaenhip with acspi*
lalnl n ralslag ? orop ?t ttratee. bj.datan are
. ?MIBg the plantai MB, 1'? SUl to buy,
Qmtea Bumber go into partnenhip ia tbtoMyka ? ira
tain) i" b. n ii * h all the lal or, meaning ti,o aegron iad
their feed, ead ill tke molM and t.u-is piauler to for
?lah tin? lund ?i o te? ?i i ? n. itot, n d tbe |
farming i.te'-i.?, and IL. i. each i, c ?ie bait tiie crop
1 fell it loiiSiileied a vert In I kirgBll
1. Um'li.
Atioiit the queition ot ?.nor t! ere i? a great d-'al ef
doubt. A I arpe ninia 11 r ol Begri es went tutu the m i, i.
end. wheodlwbarged, aithar remained north or wen!
\l i -t lia? ii..ikes negro labor ? me. Ile j.,,,,,
?.?bites ?ill not work in il e cotton in-bl. l> nie a nitii.
tur of th.? ragru s bave u naltj u ilael tbi ?r foi mer
inail.n mai mil ?oik for none bil North em m. n. Tb?.
1 i ?o las i - 1- .r. il i. doing ill it ? im ;., , ,.rr ot this
labor ip.? ?1i-'ii. I b? ti. pro 0 .* sate it I II I ,? mike, a
entrant t roogh this agency. Bun.< the b?tt?r
planters nfoae to have un ni.'.t.. towitta ti." Barna, aad
?te tr?it.fr ?he laOodnotloa of Herman ?migrant?
South fiom KeW'Yerb, 'lim pl'iiiter? bri tight 100of
tl.e.e (."I mans oil to Weld,,Ii on the sume trata With
me. Tbevtold Bin Unyaunbered llOwbea they left
New-Yoik, but lost BOWkUe llegplag at the rurinu?
title? coming South. The plain.?a contracted to ^nB
He (It'imaiis |: ,u p- r yeal, ii til. tjOBMeil aad rations,
'linne abo Were married und brought theil iim-s
win t?? get tr.O per year, a boan IWI pig! to ratet,
and r?lions fut all. 1 he pr.n?. puni ti ugroi ? rariat
11'.si per year, with ration? ?id q urtjera-?eaa-haU ot
tbe moiitlil) ?alary paid at the end of cs? fe monih, ?ud
the balam e at the ititi ot ?tba year, being the average
ra'e of wage? i finnie lienl h mil? ure worm from I'?!
to l"i per >ear, ?ith ?juailur? ami iiitiuna. li.ni.e
hands la M1 get ?o much. Some ot the old aristocratic
planter? aro acting ?pleuduliy toward their former
?lai??. I know ot a ttraewberea ilcb piuler liriai
within five miles of the town of Wilson, in this State, ha?
dirt'l'-.l up a iHirtion of bis immens? est?t?? of :, fWO Mira
and beete WM a certain number of aeie. to each uf bit
foinn-r ?lave, who are now working for bia. They
? re t.aiil their tegul ir wapet beanie?,, tor wsnkinjr.
the | ! in'or'. turm, ui .1 allowed au much tim? tier vveuk
to cultitat?: IheLr litul
There are splendid chances here, lu these lonny re>
tfions. fur the people of the North. There is tut'one
drawback, und that is, the state of feeling existing
among tho inhabitants and Northern immigrants. I here
is a ?urge clos? in tho South which SBtOI tai; s tho bitter
e?t 1 ind of feeling against a Northernei. That has been
evident to me since I left Petersburg. As long as the
military were here a northerner felt sale, but since the
removal of most of the?o!d?ers, (there being only ? nu ad?
beru ai.d there iii large town?), the complaints to the
Freedmen's liurenu of depredations um! insults to
Noir.em settlers und negroes multiply. Wise Union
people are Littet in their denum citions of Gea. linger,
the commander of this department. They ?ay he is too
lemont to former Hebel?, and fail? to protect the Union
people in their poisons and property, They cail bun a
second Fullerton.
Yesterday Iba all Mm in the MlfhberhoM of Qeiao
bseeaah did a onls blooded and Bsaatoh deed. It bmbm
that then have been a nninber of corni hunts m ade to
I apt. <;iav:.s, by olttoeM of Warna Oreen und San peon
llountie?, of numerous MbbeliM and not? of violence
by a band of late Kel?? 1 boidiers vv bo are inhabitant.? of
tyre County. They ure Mai to bo Madid by on??
Frank Coloy, the son of a rich planter tiring near
Goldsborough. Coley is said to have shot a freedmsn
dead. The cn,?euee again.?: inn la tan Beear, too
murdered frt-edmai?'? own brother ?wearing to Coley'?
doing the ?Iced. ( apt. Oiavis ietOf BalBBd M MOM the
arrest Of ?sid Colev. Accordingly, ho detuiled (is immy
mea m poasibto to do tim work. Ikon ure Mb ei^Ju
iniJun on duty la the town. ThoMBM lutoBUsd for
the whole oaaMTOf counties. Most of them ni? kept
ou duty In Goldsborough in guarding ?Juartermiister's
?tore?. Two linn w.rcaiinany M could be detail! I.
lhere lind in the town n young man 88194 I Ainlr'-w
TA'iNnn who WM formerly a I'mon mint. He was wll
Bequlnted with the country Bad the inities t" M
arrested. His servies wert accordingly secured io
a?si?t the soli'.ir?. '! hey ret i .'? i d then orden and
proceeded on their ioarnsy. Early \Ve?lncsd?y morn?
ing. Wibma ati.l ti et no sotoii r? ir mod one of tue gan,
t.. ,i boom IO the i .'?'?,: - of ?u : latwrongh, suri ion l< 3
it, iiml deautadad an entrai.ce. It w 'as : (need, aad
they fur...I ttii-ti scivi s in. They m ed foi a Hebel
liiii.eii PsBMCB, ard were toll bo win? Dot then '1 b? j
-. nu . eil the BOOM, BOW! vT, ami su"ii I" ud him? Be
ass bl u. : a il ai d n corn -"'1 bj Willi a, 1
i ho be ? .- arraeted bywithority of the (Jolted State*
He BMBBOMd to go along; bat, utter going a ?hort
diitancc. ha tri? ?1 to di-ann Wilson, um;, failing in that,
b.? r?n back to the hooM He bm ordered to belt
-ever.tl times, and, failing to do ?o, was ?hot stund
vv, :? ', ',|.
U ,U..n and the two soldiers saw it wai :
them to wake any ar:' ti so they retmnod. Al MB
punit unir tin? town ti I eoMIsMBOMialed from Wilson.
I hey bad not g.?ne long when a ?yuiid i f mounted men.
oomposed of! otoj - friends, ? uno daabingdowo the
iiiii.f ami lift Wilson at the end of the town. One of
the?,?ii,id asked htm tot his am.?, wi ich Le gave up.
uueoio of the twent.v tire I'tireccmtructcd then shot
nun '1 be brst ball entered bia ? he?t, and he ran into a
?tore muir by. II?) was pursued and ?hut sevrai times,
anil died in u few mumeuts. The man whes" ?fore be
r m tate refOBM le a.low lum to tos?ala bat :i.ri w Mb
luto the tiree! to die. After the marttoraf Wilsoo tho
mounted party guv?? a yell Md rode oif. Threats hors
' sea BSade against Capt. dlavi- s life, mid i.e doe? not
know at what moment ho muy be shot or his bouse
horned over Ins head.
-ll.i-i ii ,| ? ita of flffiirsanilOen.Kuger is inrely
tobtomo [f he has troup? enough at hisooBBMM) he
ibaaid ?end a nfflctont number to ptMatt the Ooraro
BMBt'l lerTMtti li Bot, then he .-'.'".iii appeal to tue
President or Beerei ryof War. lins hut act of the
Korti i sroilna l areeuMtroeted ehuuld gototMBe?
ciiiatru, tion Committee ia Coi gres?. Lamiln.
Pioi the jiissoiRito m p.icinc.xxvi.
It? i ti r n ? nig from H.lii!? ? .tu? ? ?to!?*? ef
Minar-llriver? Tumble from the I aarb
I iiml af montant* tullir ia Win.
1er ?A grt cultural I n jim Hy I arm in _
Ihr ?Tleat I.ntrnlite l'iir?nil IiiiIiiibi
The Mnakr Dittlei t ?1 imng Phnur? -
Ttrr.tertal ?lilli in!? Origin and Werk
af ihr " I i ?gillinit ? " ? limiiic Ilnrd te
Kill The Arnatrna- " Qmirlz en Ibe
Itr.tin" " ?tprt imi'Bi*. iTinaa'r'' Pria?
?ipili ?JJunrll Ilialri. Is I?, v i lopiu? nl
?I;u Inn? i v 4.1 ni ntl I ui|U ? ssious ef Ibo
??'ruin ?lur .??I ? .ii I err' ?pinderi*.
V .... ima. It. mana Sut ;rd?y. Oct. BR 18?5.
On pa* ri'tnrn tr?>:n BstabS Um WBbmbW ?va
- p 80*4, with iie?']i 8MW otu-trin ting the mount
Bta rea it ?'ni t i ? :??? -nir toa Btaokoag in-t'i.x
?uit.te v,l.r.e coral. I ??on one b.eak nncutaia ia u
???Is- air WO met a cn,'. ?..?'. , ron - ..vering passer.
| ? |ttOR -NiTta. and were compelled to exchange
'' i ? 'irivi?, n i Inn kskin glove?,
?nerd;, reu..irse, 1 that ti is ? is "I.gun.nig.' Tliey re
? i ftt I ?'.'. ?ilsiiir onethi'd tim ciii.il
BBaM l.iisTcr. -' ft b.-ni n rc?i.?t:! .?? f.'scin.it.' n
in thoft ; nTanft. 'ii" driver 1? invm a'u'v a ch tracter.
always tatetiiaont, ofton eatoti lining mid w.tty, and
M ii-; BBtM of BSTOBM 'lb're isa ?tory of one, with
a cletgyuian besiib? hiui upon tbo b?n. who swore long
ami i.?ml ut his h.iiki: ir h'ir?"S, " My '.-iciul. eXjMistU
i.ited the ? r-i. cr, ii int ,?w. ir ? ?. li, member Job;
be was severely tr.i-d. but BBTM left hag pOthMOOk"
? .In?., tobt [i'.uler.'d Jciiu. "what line did At drive
:..r'" Oom erith tbo ?Ooiwroor of a i ritory, iBpott
t Blghl u*. u I. -.,';, BMarl BtBtloa Bat bmbjoiboj
v - ...ia lg sie.?j. mi taedriver's bunk. "Cei
init.ly." w?s BM '? IBM kWi I ? ly "that u. if yon
it" r.'i MJ BJ sPMl BO Bl u .t fS I. '
n a ?og ?Utiiiu w'th theiniv fab!"
Mr. gstd-soatos oai g:?'** bxovbI i a A galast IM wall
? | ' i g weigh.:ig a. p??u:.i!s. Alunlnna,
I tab ni d < lier.ii!" J Nil M tue be.-: American potatoes
pM the tv*aattaeot Bj I aOJOyi ?! y ii.; m. many call
'!.?? tegSlnb 8, of Arti? rtoM or.gin, tbo * Ir.sb potato!
WhllS ibu wind r?.?red without we BjBOi soundly in
oar ruin's BMO ti"' plank their. Two of i u: ;..iss?ng.Ti
inver lu?: sight of ti;, ir le ii J vii.set; tboy were
? duvvu 4>.?) ? ?*u in gold dust from tho mines.
. irga -ums iu IM bOaaatft working initier? hardly
\ Ita a paaaMj remark. Til?* ii'xt aaatotaaj u-,M?n a
? nil ru.nl BBatai w.tli toa bulled undor
tWOfoil ft .-gl.t ?::ow, w.:!i our ntl hones upou ftsj
fill run. one wheel stn.i k a bul !??n rock. TI.? vehicle
narrowly MBBpad I ipttatag. and 1 did Bot es? a;e being
ptR bad from l!.e drivei s BM folij -elect tala a friendly
taM lu:.!.. XM .Inver .?coined ti cnjny the Joko until
t.".i n i i.'e? Mm wiaroa m i Um rtaMMhtosidsBSso
nun living airainst tie brake ban.Ile where he hung
Sha btOhaBMt'a cullin, until he ft Bl I i I..-lus', legs and
l'uiiiilu: ' ,1 ?at. IhO coach f.u.nw.ng ours was over
?iiincii. dtotoOBtlng n paesMojer s shoulder. ITpoa thSM
iiii-.vi.r:.. '. loads, ta VVn.ter, io c.dents nie ftOSJMM and
. ilile, uud M VOM glad tu reach Virululaouce
TOJO M* jmirnal? are a'? Bl li iriug; but st prosent
Montana has only BM not? .?paper?Tubs li-i'e.u BTechto
I ii:''.'':: r.t M MB M toTgOM 1 If).'i KlBl'Mt,
c1.fed BJ 1 luciiii? .1 Di esdai??. and published by '1 utuu
4 DtltM| ?vi ??' p-r ?ear .?I cents per copy. If a
I'l'iy of pttat g mi "? ai iMasM? la May, ttft
freig'at troui g1, U Bil : > Bl SOI 11? cents per pound; but
m cui'Tg?!.:. i the pnblisbon have pooeonoal it by ex.
pressai ?. N did' BM pound. l)'.?H:niiig a r.:>ci .men
biHik ft ?tu n l'bi iidcl; ?nu typo iui.iidery c. > -1 them $60.
Nome of theil j"ii woik in seton wi'.l'l !??? creditable lu
au? .??lice BsfoN the mails caine borea New \o?tk
BBfltl WMl v J "nnal.t'i'st it? ?,.l.siii?.,r |! .,?r c'0;iv (or
? fi lin BaH l.akc. '1 here are utily four
poal oil.i ?- to tha rsrritory, BMJodgo Lbwibobb. D s.
I'.-i ?I Ageat, i* eetobllshlBg BMtO, In Baminer th?
triweekly naafl brings tottan Bimi Vear*Terk li ??
dsysi lim mg Winter tnowg the time li Indelntta ?Te
Il i lientMwaponan are csiricl t.? any .omtbythe
g11 n i rVOftaM mail unless pre |mtd at letter ratei. As!
f.w peuple kimw this, the otliccs ulong tho route and at
Ita termini e? tala tor?!? of detained papen
only the t" ? ,- stamp TI is prm :?ioii of the law, sol
utijitst an?! IBM all the frontier people, ?houldhe
al ". th aud the pay ol' the contractors b>
creased if edi '.
Montan i - .. mil.? frutn Fast to West, bv ??75 frem
North tu M .i . It hu- lue Urge basins, nil but ?nie
en?t of I!''ciest of the Hock? .Mountain?, ami jiumber
toM s-i i If vaHeys, Its name Is ttttirigt*: It i? Indeed
" Among the mountain top?." Cattle winter and grow
fut among th? bunch gras? of the valley?. When snowi
i? tkrM ?r four iiictiea deep, they ?till subsist upon ikel
protrinliiig tot?? of tin? hurdy gras?. BotOM paw tip
the snow to Hud it, precisely a? the? used to do in lias
Bia, according to that enterprising, old time traveler.!
Marco i'olo. When it 1? too deep tor tins, with ctrruiu]
other animal? they lind ?ustenBuce iu the bark of the
cottonwood. Thus C.i sar reminds Antony:
" Ve? 111? the .tag wtieu Mita the oa.tui? BMBhtj
The i ?i?. "i tress tit,, i tu...?,,.a
Despite fro?t? everv month in ti,,, year, tisj Territory
has niiiliagticiiltural capacitv. It l8 pi C1 li ?rl] ?da'iled
to Irngatloa ami ?.bet.itreotton of g.?^l mads. Thla
j?saU?U allai iu vailey produced Ji. 0??. buaUois of grato
I ai 1 the Bitter Root u aqua-lr f rtile ('?ra ?ri'l -*
thrive, bot the ?mall grains, root ve^-ut-j-**
hurdler fruit? will product* abundantly ite .-.r*
like thoa? of Oregon, ?ill doubtless ha?., a now!?2
geit fluvorthanin I. tah or California. Farmioz Ust
llrate peaml.tofl porsult. In California rut oncsiiS!
Itaabaadredhu ttuxtaded briiiiintir*. butas ?ni??
I farnien have ?rrown rich. I tuarcf two in tbis?
iraiuiUo, ?so,ir?' lui ni. ir urop, wno i omui?-y.,. I \J\
Spring willi no cupit ii ?hate? er eu-ept two rjJj-TS
oxen Two others from .-I) tieri.?, have pi thereat ,2
j busbehs of barley ai d OMts, 1,'Xij bushels of potuwA',2
i l.fiOt) bnsiii Is of turnip?. A turnip ?eiphiug L5 n???.
?was nferad on Mili ?'re? V. lu the Bntiah p,?s*J ,?r
?much further north, the Hudson Hay ?.'otiip*),,;,^*
raised muk i-?filly every product of our North- WanS
Mat?'-, udnm? exploren an confldeat ?i,*? '722
wheat ?.ti Ming region ??i th" United Hktes'^'g-k"
Bed Riv: i, lar north of St 1'aul and l nt Ibnuiu
Moma-, i eonl ni - ninny thou? ind Indi ins o'".'??w
tr !>? .. AotlogGovernoi lhouia- Francis Jleaghn 3
(Hivernaient Agent Major?,. K. I ci-iii, m,. n,,, ,,'??
| Ketitnn tuai mu it m* ?tv \i ita tin ni. T be ??u[,.,. ,1^
Isnakeatr, talked by nil tic interior trio?.. Ii?rrw ?m
their Iran -hiti?-?!? ni i fi w common word , nmi'i?-?
| Indian nins ? fur bownrei original the 'I ..:bi^-s|L1?
I en mai be, I ?impose few.aro ?boiiginal |. i?_r*"
ear We? .*" Awkward?* ?>?> hand* i" Tbund?;_..??
? toaats rrnt*i/ r" Sunday?"tke ?ii? dm, ?; iii,,- |? .%<\,J?*
"t?ttmmdt te?, tune? ? Bice?"aiitrjf^t '(tbe**e namoi
an a favorite diet VVnpon?"i t.-uLiti?
Iii.?-. ?'.'.? ??? ft Ri en Bnake J:;t.-r-? i, '??_
Jliuti Ma? -fi' (.nal .-?ut IjOk?? ''te "a* Yitu-r. 'fcT
tie Hore ?"(*. ri<??esT^iAV<'?Arooler,"(fr' -e lbe.rt?r?dlltel
thal a iii anver it is mocked ?>r ita mai killed, ?j,? ?JJ!
tell? tin- rattlesnake, who toilows, and ?tie? ?Jp,ntj^t
ing Indi n
Tin? territory ii the ohlld of Coil redo ?.??^w
ter of a young mother. 1 hence oom? ah ?a? B
'?euler?. The most, intelligent ?tet?n tat ? Learuitta
'present population is from Truman Kia rut S A>
essyr. Whin paces it -ligl.tlv above I'.i.'s). In th? Cn
i.,-ellon a "ilemocratio" Delegate was returied n
. Congreaa by 1,800 m ijonty. It is ?tated that fr.jm tra
lot Bentoa prectoet, ra formerly from th? For Uro
n n paneta t in I labe, maur fraudulent vntei w?.rs re,
turi.ed, ajean lb?; Republican ?ide. If tils b<: so, tka
?,ii, i tiing otlii era ?te?id lie indicted and punisuod ?ufe
the utratnl nverity ttftke law. An.ongtnehter imiat,
?rai t- Large ? > erity ur.? Missourians. many of ?tara
ib,. t ?. i- u the ma'?, f ? a el ml ill? Balm i Ibbtju
? nd ' ?' : p as correct the rural Southern phrisra,
???ara "i.ti-" tti'l "you 'ur.s." One of the bis'*-.,???,
?sjkad li 'Are you s gramtaariun t" "Vhiefep*
was bjibewild red response. "Are voua grainaiaruip
? Why, u. I'm a Min tirlul" In mining perieaah
? ? ? irticlesof p.,IiI in the ?-inn ire ?poknat
as "the color. ' B ?ni R iii.u-r of a man he had tr.iin
turi' us l" -mon? anil lound utterly worth.t -.? 1 bia
piinieilh.il oat car down to tbe bedrock, bit I cat
aven rame the eeter*M Another thus discmrsej toa?
ot lui. Ti.oi'M-.: "I bat?' nad it ever since I wai
boy, and ? ant ntatllaj do without it, though nuvut
then it itrikea e lead wktoh 000*1 i u Mt val
<;.,i. Fcr-it'll ud I'nited Stat-? .Ju.ipe? Hmaa
and Willn gtoii. are East tortue Winter, leaving; ?jjg
Kxecutive ?i partmeut toOcn. kfeagki r, i? baa ferateb
ni mid shining rhetoric have tak.-n ? i-ryboiy fey
itera, ural the Xadk tel to Judge i? v. Mmna of bo?.
I ne, ?nut, ? h?< bat vi'.u golden opinions trotu ai, sorti tt
people. I1" bar has ?everal ?hie nprneitaar?j,?i
whoa W. I. Sander?, who. during the ?ar bepuaa?
private ami ended as Lieutenant-Colonel of aa ohio la
tintry regiment, ?tem? to be the MkMartot?ad beafe
In ?pite ?f ollitiali, Montaua is really geVUBtd iifikl
" Vigilm.t-s,' a te? rd tribunal of citi/.*:.*, ngatea?
two yenrs ipo, when civil iaws were itterly tetsara
! tire, ead highway robberies and street murd? r.s ?? daily
oceanei a ibmui of auch?? were itopped L/Uo
?Road Agents' (highwaymen) ?ith coiked gunn, etty
pelling pawn girl t" bold np their hands till v*t>eit
tad pcrnM W?ie ulled; and ?coie? of traveler*, ?ta
nortiered, Ar. immigrant shot a grouse near tht ruai,
and ni:.nmg t i pick it up, found that It '?.a.< 1 laBte cpoe
? i..rpra of oi e of then victims hrtig aaeegtbtaaj?
l>ru?h. In a Virginia barber . ?op, leio.vcrs ?mi
drawn one man ?hot dead and ai.uib.ei ?ouul.J, bal
such utriirs were ?o common that the ba:ber lint
area ?top lathering his patrou'i face, or Hit put?
leave his chair I
After a I undred homioldes, the " Fjg?ar.t?i " orgia
ned, captured, tned ami but,g -?'I of the d^peridoee,
including the sheriff <?t thi? ?-.?tinty and one of til 'l?*pB.
*ies, ami banished many other*, 'ibe reign of ?ena
;hu? broken his never bee mimed, L'*ceti!y, ?
tuno or four morning? the t> otee ti v'.rgi'.ia or KexW)
have awakened to tiad niXonoei nprobat??* I i-??:j?r,
dim!, fron, tree laba, and brieied "m aaaral '?r -rm>
u r." If aapital Baatelanat. o ?t.uuiiy got*.,-oui ?a
tu. r the wuriil over, be Medial i r where, it ? m ntw
c? untrici lue this. Ido not!" :. t r t11 ? 'Tig '.ntetf
have executed any man of whose gaiU there wa? na
soiiitble di'?bt. iuey have reL?er-d life aad *aaS?S|
ratof In fontana tl.au I ntl MWitbefot ia I ran
?ji. nig n pi'ti. ? large major.ty tt ?' i pto .-ota.
nrrr.eil. Laws are made for men and Mt n.en for to?
la?s; communitie? ?houid be i roi"cted, krgal] if tbtr
can, noler.tly if tiny mu.t. Bal m y the noet ISMk
OOS, din '.'-l ma c-siti nu j ??titi MCI for a br:-f ???rial
tin? irregular and dangerout administration of ..?tua.
The climate u pi'ctiliarly healthy?which suggest? i
re ubaaaMaf the earl? days. Atrapaer katwhilBj
IntOiv ?battered br a bullet, in a drunken row Atipa?
'tati.'n?.s ti i ?-? .r>. bat m nrgaoe witktobeBtras
lol aiton lie ?Letted one edge ef hie heaUagkaa
to It? Btnwt ?bartiUi's?, L.ed l..e BthBI loto BMW, tel
I with hu owe tetad, eat the leal rawed the bora, ara
1 ?eared the reius with a tvd-hot lion Ile ?til; I.rn,M
California, walking upon a wooden ?eg '
'ii.e go.d yield tor mi present year vv.ll not fall bein
?ii miiliotis ot dollar?. Th? heat b -t banker le the Tw?
rifry even place? it at twenty millions. An inte.iirat
? -t?mate ia im|K?gnble, for no exp.-ei? run? to the
>tatee,' and tho banker? ?end their deal bj ux or tate
tra.i.-, 0<J to "J days lu reaching tue Mis-^n. Oval
ar^e tract the ar-rage ytidd to the miner ?j richer tin
? -.?? r labro lound in the United State?.
l'r o'.i.iliy, ?iiiarti miuiiip baa not I? gun. T'. err art
. ?? a Mci. au ara?,di, , ii the ; ? jaV
1 cider mill- an upright crbml-r ?ith (tel
irni*. lad we Iahte suspended, crushing und punid?
ti | .,'iart/ as tuey ar> dragged anaad ou ? atan tea
fe nala ra hone wBl that realce a tan ia 481 n Al
?summit. 10 miles heno?', a live stamp mil!, rmiivaadt
o.? tin' ground, tr?.m the iron ?>f obi wairons. sninibj
water, b.? ??one custom work tor nvireJ um:::. ? ault?
Inga! IBOper tan: which preret the oreeaiilyn : sd.
!' ghttOBI iiehled I.IO per tun, airoth-r lol HWpn
tun. liol ti ?ere f-om the OroCache nnue. nd Blasai
lorn. At tiie depth of IB bat.thecrevat?
: r feet wide, aad the. pay -atreak from I to ?M toaba,
i-? avrraga rtotd is aaiaatadatItOO; buttAwtaaaa
atnttoa ?auld b?' mort! satisfruturv. Mwataaa tot
-quart? on the brain." in conversation, oui I pesta?
ara most aMxpectedty produce bits of roc? tr-'ti tilth
?? with tbe tartan?, Mantona! raairk "Ihm
gat ttie inpgest thing in the Territory ' ?Ju.t mid
mat ore 1 ' A lneud of minc, traveling win. lal orita
ti,e;r own ambulance, found the MrpetMck *:' the oaf
ia pi ess who had long b??i>u their ftmi.y lerv tot ?".rtol
rtowawtth a peck of fragment? ol grau ??*. H'ky,
Vinity," be in ?u'.re.l, " what are tiiese i" > sKiaaaa.
maa'r. ?peoimcnut" was her prompt ret Iv. Mimi
\l tanui an Eait, with "feet"to ?eil. Ivieabaaat
ilms'tior two of them may b? ?een at i em ing tetee
l.litil.er {?it-ia.ug thelX Ia-cI*? lu iriAttl ol' la ?-e-fciirnB?
| Brer] Ne* -Vorher who haa more muiici t' i he gan?
tvh.u to do with, or wants to learn ? vu, ?! ?ow ?-??ra?,
?houid bu.' of them at ouco, without ha? i heir ana
Mai thousand (?u.irii loties h-ive 1?? tjA?*?ianl
r, andan? In just four dUtrict?. the It .. ? v?H met
Sprinp?, Suaiim*. and Unit,, ia ik , ..^ ^sio*
vetepedeimtiph to :?< ? \'..--..\ i ? ?. ,:. , i I .k1
ti.? ? are ?ou exoeptlhe Bartleti ike, I -n-n
Sveiyetirer Ualena and copper ire :. ??oiSiael
wtih'tbe ? li "t. Borne ol' the oi *? :: ? 'J?*?
?eme neat lag i othencanbe reduced . . ? t***
lag aid una.tin.:i.n ni-/ .Mi. VV ? ' ? ,- ?**
?T irk A. i i s , i i- im- wbo ha? r ?1 ??aw*
? ??inly kafbrmi aa that the bia ,.-i,.?.ttoi
fouuu, by penadlng ???'' pttaomj o :.-??: ? *
soi di sp., in.? n? m iv be ' ? w?e
tesiti tro'ti tU i ? o tu .M.?".?.." Utacl . ?: t:. ? ???b?
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