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_ ?t?
From Obi tgotiti CotttOgOttmU.
Ai.bast, March ?4 UM
Mr. D. P. VYct'I deeJl Ita .New Capitol t?;!l
?very ?lamnpirg 1 low te<t?r(loy I have hear,I !.;?
?peet-!: ( [.tin? t? r./ed ax Mi B oet ?-?Te? live 1MB ho? been
delivered iu the A?n* Bl -J ti.? Winter, and it ?? cm-j
cede?! th?_! i BM val?" hal teen taken oa the ijueition
intmedi?telY -.fter.tr. Wo.?! took Iii? sent, the ;,r(,jeet !
?would hat" men d'fe M eil by an overwhelming ma-j
jor.t? ! it the Albaniun? are ti! becoming lot,!,yitta. I
Md will do t. , - ?rftti'tt to tenure the a- ftOggmttot,
a?k?*<! fer. A i.d I an. appre!.-:.?.t?? tl.cy are pre |
par???! to em? lag Un Wy if (lev tl.ii k it'
can be mude ?? riiceat-le. It i? untlt r?t??rxl they \
need a larg,- BUMM t M carry the bill they obtuiccd last
Winter. anaeBBUMt_0] I o the name means, i
it it Mit ,:i.| (sm! le ti.c.v BO] succcd. Thu? far. there,
balbeen 1.0 money und hire?the Leg ?l.iture i?i??t
At'biiu. !?? ?',. BUAlBna m do cvidciit e that it may not
be. It may yet exchange it? present good name for a j
verv tail otic. It tuny jU BeOOBM a iMBBh la Ma
_K>?tr.!s ,,f the i-eoi'ic ?* did the Leglilatare et ino
Bul Hu? w i, ii?- t?> tai if there are member? that
i.ti.jk'?.- to fU the!*j?elie? in the :u a r L ? t, ti ty ibOOM not
IK? in a Lurry, lit thee Albanians pay. If
040"<?)wontxpttAoAtooblata an ippropriatioB of!
aid,"?'?) (whicti pot mto the .i, ', f lias without the
hnoB ledge of iii?? Legielatnre), they trill t-i.eli ant liber?
ally f< r half a .Billion. But wo ta Albany _f aha nan
the mon? i ' We te then nenben of the Legialaton
wh,, ann ha iiiiiucd to ahnace their rain ni crecn
bark?' tilt eau na towen tent nana) -? empi?,v<-d to
Sim thi? lull, beyond douht it v.i?l b?"-the duty ?.f the
oii-rni r t?, vet?,' ?t
After all, tin? it? the jvople's buataOBB. If th?y aro wil
lmir the Stut?? taxe, ?hall he ru rea?.?1 to the extant M
OitOO ?KIO a veur, they v? ill quit tly ncqniegce in the pai
??ge of this tiiil: ntaerwin they will r mor.str.ite.
A.---_-lS-_K-?T (?F Pl.Oi'KKTY.
In the Sena!.-, laal eiei.iug. .luilg?? How? bill to
amend the Keviaed statute* leutt.i.'io tt,o Bannanal
of property (w! t, h BtonlnthM all pereona liable to
tai.iti..ri shall make Kworn return?, of their |>?'rsoiial
?mcerti i ?-u? ?t e ?ui j?b1 of mi tatornllag Hat anioi
Ir. Hajt moved to aiuetid by making the requirement
?Pl".> M re.il a? ?eil IK pnUOBBl prt j, rty.
This iiiicinlii ctit iHs lalor? ?1 by Mr Piereon. and
opposed by MesKr*. Low and Se??i t,s vv i. Mr.
Andrew? opposed the plissai'?* ,,1 tin- lull in everv
form. These (let.atci? mow too atrocJttn yergetrntal
auder our naanenst laws, lut I heo BO eipeetatioi
that they ?ill !>e stopped liy anything that can be done
here this Winter. There 1? n't Han to BOrfnt B new
law, and it will hardly pty to pa?? a defective oi e,
in tt.t As?a ii.i.iv. a lull to Bneaoonn the Harlan
Kin r aud Port.*he.ter Kailroail Company v?,,? re
gorted; ai?o. to compel the Nut', nu? kail road Com?
pany to remove rai!? from a i-ortion of their track.
The bill in im a??rala Ma Empire BMM Livestock
Insurance and'I hicf I'ctcctiv?'<'i>iiipit,y. ai.il the bill
to incorporate the Brooklyn Mutunl hat Light (.'uni
Th? Assembly to day. ha? been principally occupied
ta the third reading of bill?. A bil! wa? pa??? ,1 oonferr
imp on the Surrogate ?nd ?Just ices of ?Settsion? of Oneula
County the power to appoint Bxein Commissioner..
IT hi* ia done to take the power out of he I andu of
?lodge Smith. against whom charge? are pending j
The -tenais) ha? been on gcncriil order?and lu UM
third reading of bill?. Among tho bill? pas?ed i? the
one granting furtliei aid to the i "t enmuro Exteution.
The lobby ia iiceedingly nuinerou? here today.
What? up t
New-York I.?"giklatare.
SENATE ...Alhaw, March 14, MM
Ameni-inf* the charter ot the United State?
Warehouse Company.
Incorporating the National War? hourn and Security
Directing the removal of the railroad track in
Tbompeou-st.. and to ?hange the route of the Broad
Way and Seveuth-ave. Railroad Company.
Autl-ion/?-ig tbe Dry Dock. Kail Uro??!way and Hat
liry Railroad Company to extend their track??, and au
tbori/i'ig the N nilli ni?? Kiar,'?ti to u?e the ?ame.
For the relief of the Cnion Ttwti Company.
To incorporate the Ameritan Kpidemicologleal So?
Amending the act relative to the Croton Water De
partaient. It relate? to the grade of the Rig tub ave .
Mew York.
By Mr. Kijhf?Authorising the couttrnctionof a tu?
pention railroad iu Broadway and other street* in the
City of New-York.
Ivy Mr. SttMti m>?To incorporate the New* York and
Brooklyn Ferry Railroad Company.
Relative to land? deviled by Sunou ?ergen, deceased,
late of Brooklyn.
1-ixing the ?alary of the Treaturer of King? County
at I-'..'??'.
Authorising the exteiiRion of il e Chenango Canal
It appropriate! gilO.iltiO.
Authorizing the Hoard of Health of Yonkera to pur
chute certain real ??tal.? for ?anitary pur,..,?>??.
Amending the act for the extension o? certain ?tree!?
la Brooklyn to the K,i?t Uiver.
Antiior./iiig attorn??)? and counselor? of the Supreme
Court rending in adjotning State? to pr.-iit.ee in court?
of thia State.
Mr. Lt\T introduced a bill to incorporate the New
York Storage ?nd Lighterage Company.
Ali?o a bill authorizing the conitru.tion and use of a
b-ulding in Kurting ?slip.
The bill incorporating the Sitter? of the Poor of St.
Francia of New* York wa? advanced to a third reading.
By Mr. Rrasdrktii?To incorporate the
Metropolitan Improvement Company.
By Mr. JrvKlNt?To amend the Public Charity and
?Dorreetiou Deportment act ti New-York, ?o aa to enable
the Controller to more speedily rai?e the money re?
paired under ?aid act.
By Mr. A. D. Bailallie Ta amend the Hud?on City
By Mr. Mackh k?To incorporate the Rockawoy
Beach Hotel Company: alao. for the formation of the
Mockavfay Beach Land and Improvement Company.
To regulate the u?e of boat? and vewel? within the
Metropolitan District.
KeLttiie to tbe public market? of New York.
To amend the ?harter of the New York Juvenile
Ait tun.
To limit the tenure of office in the New-York State
"Batii'i.itl (iuard.
To incorporate the New York Mutual Ou Light
To incorporate the Jumaica Saving?? B?nk.
Work Before the !.?gliln?rr.
Senator Lent inm?duc???(i a bill providing that
lb? Metropolitan Fire Department mav erect and
AUMfg, for the porpoBe? of the De|iartn e,t in the C)ty
of New-York, a building fronting -.'.'. feet ou theeaaterlv
nae ?.f Front-?... croMing Mid line 75 feet, and located
?nui dunant aa nearly a* may be from the nortb.rlv and
??utterly aide? of ?aid lap, fur the public u?c of ?aid
elly. r
Senaior Lent lntrodrned a bill providing thal Henry
M Mel ?rk!*, Henry Creen. Havnra lord F'ranklti)
Johnatip. "Samuel Boruvell. may iBcorporatc themtelve?
lor the?purpoee of corry mg o- the basinet? at warebou?.
joe_L ?orvt_rder? aud lightermen in the City of New
York. Th? capital ?tock to be 0??,?0i).
isI-bpehbioji n.\n_Ei)AD in broadway.
Senator Kline mtrodueetl into the ^enate on Wednea
ilay a bill for the eomtructicn of a railroad m New
Tori City nan ing the ?ame corporat?,.? and route a?
UN- propoeed :n a bill lniroduced in the A?ieuibly laat
?etlk. and published in Tin. Tkibi \?.
stoeaos n? rai city of new-york.
"Senator Low lutro-uced a bill providi? e that th*
_**re?idei:t of ti t ChBBlhl r of Commerce, au?! the l*r,???
Iden of the l-f-ard of Fire ln?ur?nce t'niierwriter?. the
Pretidenl of tire l?t>ar<l of MetropoliMn Fire Comm!?
?toner?, and the ??ui?erintendeat of liuiltltng? in did
etty, iball together i ?nntitute a Board under this act.
wl-ii-h ?hall l?e anthori/etl io dev.??. flx and preeertDe
the mai ner and melhols af itoring and leering gooii.
warr? and mercbaud)?? in ?tore? and warehoun-.? in
the told ? itv of New York: more particularly w.th ref
?renee io tie loading and storage on -the teveral flooi?
of building?, and Ibe ?particular 0B**OM or gradei of
irootl? Oat mav be ?tore?! together.
fltW VnKK AM) B1UX)KIV*4 I l_iKV EvILktAD COU?
Benaior St-^iord i-trodui-ed a hill lo incorrnw tk*
?ix??? Compara, ?nd naming *n ?rut eorpairater?? C
? Ila liai? i pt. B ?.??? t . II. I.ltt e. t.'t r,e l*i,r
Dayton .lnir.es II. lteyt. K- C. H,.ll. H. VV !
? .?ret Jerome li Carver, anal ?ilher?. Tt? r?.iite far i
D.a? proaaed railroad oaamaencei et Ce fiaait if
Thirtieths! N?.rth Biter, atong Thirtieth it to!
Bleventl me Pi 1 we? ty-ninth ?t.. t<? Braodnuy. to j
ty p.ai ?? to Wiiv nv | la? -e, to Mercer ?t. '
alongr the latter toCannLeL. M Eim-at. M WtttA m\
leonard cr Duane along to Centre-tit., to I'ark row ur
< La'.! Hm ?t.. nr running from Mercer and t ,ii. ?t.
?lung Ma latter te Ccntre-n . to Park-row or Cbatham
ii.. to Spruce ?L. to Niueia, to lteekman. and
elong llet-kman or Spruce to William st, to
Itearer ?t. te Pr ni! ?t to Se ith-atreet.
alor.e Ma latter to Whitetail it., near Sonth ami Hvn.ii
ton-avr. Beti tim-, .Men?? atong WbttehalLst to K-cod
waj. to Bonni BL. ta? Narnu at., to Park row or Chat
hani ?t , alni.g Park-row or Ci.Hlhaa.-it. to Centre at.,
to Iinane-.-at. to Elm st , to Penal at.. Bing telfer
i?-r-t orraaniagfroa tie Intersection of Park row
wChathea-at aCoetre-el along Centn te ConnLet
to Memrr-st atong to Clin toa-place <-r Blght-st
M Vnivera-.lv-j laie, la? llroadw.iy atong to F Bt-Oteth
M .i'.?l the Centn! Pnrh. atong fr-.m Thlrtteth-ot. te
Bread ?ay, atong 'I hirt.ett -at r?? North Riven ?So
' 01 Bl ' ? g St Tai Btj Bil !.. Bl (1 1 !..rt.?tl ?t?. .ti I ? BM
i - reoM -ive. io Thirty.foarth-st to the Borth
It-.vaT: ?\.? eonaeetlBg et 'Ht"limar ?t. with Nmi?u
sol W.iiiarii ?t-.. atong Bnrkaaa to vTaMa M
inn:-r. to Felton.?!, to I ?? i.t-t*. to Bar!
M Benth at to Wali-n Ferr] at Bart River;
?Ino fruin John Bt. in .1 NiWs?aii ti? Hurlinp ?i.p !" . ? II
Me I'.,tun Ferry ateo oonneetingM Nasano ?Lil W11
ham ?t. m N'a-w Btnadtny, ah? B the ?nt!?r shall have
been opened rnnntog atong to eeur tbe Fulton Ferrrj
bIm frein ti e easterly tenniontl ia ?.f Wsll-st te ?Vail
it. Ferry ntoog vv?...?t. to t: a lal I track on
1 , -?i that ti a. lr:,i? li ,.il ? ?? COmpll
Ihreagh ti averly plan M Ma tot ?*.. through clinton
place or Eirt.th-i-f. io l'iiur-'.i place, ami fruin
si mi ?? Li i:.et a kir-t.. or te Willina Ita-tve- Bread
tn suth ata , a m g floate M HeaUBn ata ft::
Wall anil .Vis-ain-st?. corner, a!? ni; the lat'er M 1'- ek'
man or Spr-.i ?? hte. ; ateo finni .Ii.:, aid Reaana-atn,
through the formet itreet te BorHag-slipi tina, tram
Wa.l st. ferry Mmgh Wallst, to .Nui-Tiau:-:.
Inmmi? iitntr? Appointed.
AtBANY We,:- Ming, Mu-, n i
The Gorernor baa appointed, bj i?i?.l with the
ooaeoat of Me Senate, the 1. oaei a? eeeaais
atonere to Mpervin Me npt-nditnie ol moneys rai?d
and i'oli?..-t?'ii ter ca rtiun charitable inatitnttona to Ne ?? ?
York ('itv, nu!? r Chapter 989 ol ti ?? Lava ol IBM Dr.
Thom?? ?'. Challner??. I'erke Godwin, Dan.ii 1). 'J'.
Marshall. Ira 0. hfUtereai Apaltoa K. Wetmore.
lim ni'r koimii.it %>' board or
The Meeting Vraicrday Afleraaaa?The
Ila:!.a a of ln,apirter< Adoption of a i
lode of Ht-I H\a- The B-idtfe and
Beal af the Board The It ititi Dork -
Ihr Tranaportatiea af Olfnl a Nie
pindou? Viii??iiii llni.llunilrtil.iiiiit
1'oiirltrn .'Moliera t-*??al V?ala rtlav
The Palire Nanilary Company ?The
Hinch? r* aad the Board llave ?Viral
ia Hadr I aiahnlriemi' I'l.i I iindiimi,
of W.,?hinglan tlnrk, I Inr'fxhl, II.nl.
Tin- Beaai At Bealth held ita tittil regalar Me- !
sum yesterday afternoon at t." BeOBM N" .'a,I Mott-st., ;
the President. Jackson S. Schalt/, o? eepjMg t'io Choir,
a"d all the meunier? present raiav?? dmn
Bergoa. The roiuntea of the lu-t aeeliag were read
and Hpf roved.
Dr. Sio*e, from the Committee opp? MMi for the
purpoie of making a re|?ort u|x?n the dutica of toggm
tern, otlered the following, which was adopted.
1. The lniprttor* will keep const.'n uy In mimi the
gmt gool to so? lett and the nteathte vane of the
Knowledge expected to be gaiaed by Ma peennl sistem
ol Health Police. It ia JMiiahhl that th? y ahoulil tike
espccinl intereat in nil sanitary gaootten and hOOO
thernnlvei informed of whut is tong .?one ut beae ami
abroad relut ?ve to th? causes whiih effect hii.tli M
geaerate?tMeeaa Thui they will eoatribate their hil
elmra to the ercumulation of haowleigo whteh h lea
tilled to prolong human lifo and establish the toteen
of medicine on the moat permanent foundation!
'-'. So much de)?endi npon the conn ?cntit usness, in?
telligence and indoitry of the Inspectora that they will
be held U> a sirict accountability. They ? ill 11 ml j. iel
to the immediate control of the Superintendent or hi?
Deputy, obey orderg with promptness and reliniiuieh
the deinaiid? of private buaineai in order the I?? ti.? io
observo the obligations iniaposed upon them by tbeir
3. They shall pr?tent themaclve? at the office of the
Superintendent tir bis Deputy in Brooklyn, a? often M ia
rea|iiiied lay them, to receive older? and to lunka
repairte. Nor are they te coi.aider their dutic? ?re
limited te the Diatricti to which they may hnvo ben
?on,y >'d. but mult tei'l that they are bound lo leave
their Diitricts and to examine into complaints or sit h
ness elsewhere, whenever the Superintend?! t or hu
Deputy may deem it advisable thus te emplov them.
Thi'y >ire to watch over all cones of fever ?nu small
pa>x, and, if the patients are removed, to follow them
with their anpervmon.
4. Any perveraion of tlie truth from favor or interest,
or any disreapect te the Dotard or it? officer! on tf e part
of tbe In aperture, w)ll jollify the Superintendent or bia
Depu y in impending them from office, without pay,
until action ii taken by the Hoard, when the ilelin(|ueiit
?I.nil be censured or di?misaed.
.'.. All the forma for making report! must he filled up
legibly mt) minutely, ?nd any infortnatiou aalaled that
will throw light on the lobject under inve?tigat)on.
I Thev abell wear their badgee proniiiiinti.t .lis
played wtien engaged in their official di,tie? (li, ?i ti i
nig any house or prenmci, thtv must announce their
authority and the object of their visit, and. while
endeavoring to avoid giving offenae, muit make their
inveitigutiona minntely,
7. If reaiatance ii offered to the performance of their
dutiei they are ta? report the fait to the neareat Police
Station They will likewise reixirt all who offend the
Health Im? in order that offender! may be luuimanly
dealt willi.
5. All ijiic?tion! (if doubtful authority mmt be refer?
red to the Superintendent or hi? deputy for decmon.
DeelgM for a batlg? for inspcclori and seal for the
Hoard were presented by t a Sei rotary. The badge
that wai adopted by the Hoard m oval In term, end con
tains in the center the urms of tdie State, lurrounded by
the wurdi ' Metropolitan Hoard of Health. ' Tbe name
of the office will be engraved on badge worn by each
officer. The irai ia circular in funn, and contains in
the center a representation of the (.???Uie-s Uygeia, the
words " Metropolitan Hoard of II? ?lib ' in the ni per
part of the circle, and the bgurea ?r&i under the feet of
the goddeaa
The Secretary repairted Uiat he had obtained 50 copies
of the contract for cleaning the sir. its of the city at
the office of Th* Tramcriyt, lor which he bad paid the
lum of ti The r?']?.rt won received and the action of
the Secretary approved.
A code of Bv-lawi for the government of the Hoard
i wai submitted by tbe Committee nreviomlv appoiuted
to prepare it, and after coniidernble debate and landry
aaieutinitni*. wm busily adopted. 'The code reads m
follow! i
1. The regular meetings ot the Board ihall be held on
Tueaday and Fridoy of each week at 4 o'clock p. m.
Special meetiogi may be called by tbe Secretary when
reijnested bv the I'resident or a m^oritr of the Com
Bteteeasta No notice ihall tie retjuired for regular
meeting!, tint three honra notice for ipecial meeting?
shall be given personally or left at auch place ea each
Conuniliiont-r may des?gnate.
2. Standing and Bpeciai Committen shall. nnlsM
otherwise ortlered by the Btiard, be appointed by tbe
En side: t and ihall each consist of three memben. The
Stanil.ng CommiiteM ihall be m followi
1. Sanitary Committee.
2. Finance Committee.
3. Committee on Lewi and ?DrdinancM.
To the Sanitary Comruittee ihall be referred all ??b
lecti rea^c.nng special Sanitary and Medical knowledge
To the Finance Committee abell be referred all 4uea
tiona in reapect te espenaea and salaries, and th.s Com?
mittee ihall audit all btlla. Tbe l'reiident lhal.
tt ojkriP, ha s member of Ibe Finance Committee. To
tbe 1 um mitre? on Law and Ordinance shall be referred
a., question! of law and ordinances.
3. AU Resolution! ihall be submitted in writing
1. All reports from the officers snd emplov?s of tbe
Hoard, except the >??> retarv and hu immediate inbo>r?li
nates, and tbe attornot and the Council ?Lall to made to
the Sanitary Superintendent, and all communications
from theru to the Hoard ihall be transmitted through
birr. All report? and communication! from emploies
in King? Countv ihall be made to the Asusten! San:
tarv Superintendent 10 Brooklyn, who ihall transmit
the'same to the ?Saaitary Superintendent.
i 5 Xo appointment of any clerk or subordinate ?ball
; be made, eicept bv the Board. The President may.
j temporarily etrpljv. until a n.eeting t?f the Hoard, any
OMistence which may be, from time to time, needed.
?OORa ce i Aroa.
6. All subordinate? whose dune? are at the office! in
I New-York ami BBnhlvn, ihall to required to be on
duty frvtn I a. in. to I p." m.
Te S?n:tary Suj-ru t?-: dent waaBtbon/ed to notify
the 1 ublic that all oomnn intiof LUiiancei and ill sam
I tarv suggest??.!? ?re taken co?raixance of at k11 ? fu -
1 ?'J parties msAin? snob eouolauiu or saseationi era
r?-iue?ted to oddr??i the same to the Sanitary Sup?rin
kami* ?.t.
APrn.'?A.. rt.lci.KR.
Two addltioeal elerl ? ?- r A Painter! ?ni
Adolrh I'la? "li er ?v. ? . to doty in the oft.ce
of the ** ? ? ? B
K- 1' aiBB BOB M TY.
A coutr.ur.'citi n fton '??? -?-, .... r. tAoti
?tated that the Anietan -?an.tirT Bapenatoaleat far
[BruohllB or.,1 ?everal r?r.t>m?n wtm h??l l-e?n Bp? I
poititeii Sar. tun -BBoei-ton ha?! r??;. rted I
tod l*r-n assigned U
The report of Dr Harr s ?t.ite.l tfc?t fUt
bnrial ar? grar.teil aaly Igsattl lalhoiltj ti I I ''
cal ilganaii al ti.? BegittrarofBaBarn ?i '?
a) ?e: ce ?pet ia'y lastra?1 :??'! perWBI ut_;y are aBowel
to grsr.t permit? ard use hi? i:g::atnre. The B?Vn :s
, j* n from 7 a. m. to 7 p. m. and duritgt.'.e hour? (.f Ml
Bight Dr. H. A. Fo?>r ii inthoriaed t?' ??'* ntte
, lej .ty .fit. Begietruoi k>cir,i? Dr. J. ('. Paratag
j ton. Baal (>?--. id-twi ? -? li v. ? ?
I i? authorised t*o till np perm:t? ti meei enger,'?? that
jaatliy aaeh I?y by a depot? Ib ibat re? ?met.
? - ? ? ?
rtated that hi : the i>.r..i I?. ? ? ?t t?-e ;'?? t
, ..f I ? .rtv-.-iihth it . North River, aulaln iBMom
-- - ? ,r-s bon - - Iji.i) hy MaIsoagIiMal
. ,?? irstarr in the collect.or of ', rta', I he dei k :?
? m tin! rep iir a 1 i?, rough?. n hi !.
1 a,i i.?n i',. re oodcobti .'. j v.. v:.- cipation of i
ipectioa. He ? - la whit h
; ??.-.?.I animal? and ?? ff ii are received ar.ii tri ?
boob the vaaaeia al the ? ., n t.?? I??t ii?
groe, topropn aad to vloUtloaof toa Boatraci Bott
lie ? : tu, .i ezpneed dorl tha eanaomtel
? . ! ,1 II ? ? l! .! : . . ? I uti ?
porgan In which 1 -.for the:
;?iT.ii aronr Maanber and ? id: than
fr carcasses are _. ?-',,? . ? -, i >i?,n for j
? .i ? ; y ot tom? canv??.
Theitablei ure ii fair condition, it.er* inagnae?]
ki,'?.??, gea the li :"., lei ey aad n
line to eonatete hil arrasgeneota, The anuanu?m .
1.1 n was noared n ti ?
I ?. I ; owtag N .'.,-.? were a
hr.lte! Theil ?flip? :.-?: -It. ? :. r f ... rjf_tr.lt < B,
r- i ? ' " - .-?t r . h k?t? h ???. ?i.l pt. c??*?*
?Bite! lo Um r'i.a ! .' '
| tam ti rd. Thal loo Bond of P ? be I ' ? I
; ?? ?"..-:.. i , ? ?. ?
j ; ? ? ?
bavebeei tseloiively ai . . t ? ? . , ? ,- rdaoco with
ti.-ii uBtrirti tod in the right* lee redbytBoi? ? i.tric'*.
,-, acp ?r i-, ????
II t -;.'.. t.- u | !.. ? ... ? . - . ...!-. g tv'.?re
t.i ? al ? ? ? . y of ibe ogal cob- I
i? i, i - ? . ?J ibu .1 f rn ?' !? I! er? ? I br
ta.e_rlple.lt ti.ll.r! ? ? I thal ??.'.laver li- aforoiatloo
i? leleir.| t ?,i fui,, ,, i? ??' el I ? ??, ? ?, .? ia ri.iitv
liff it.. hotwteB Ki? .ii, nid A :-i. ..???. lb,
r?'t*d to ctnvey ihe laferSMtl n ?? tlje c? clrtctui? ?l their
? : - '
I l ? n the r'ct r : ?. ,: ,t ', . . i ,. Bli?? \f..ri.ey fur
the Board lltaot'e? I n llaVnat partln
for abatement o! i ? blank? w> re r, i red
?-??:,.,y fron I',? ?riit-r lad this ?!'?? t'.r?:
i ? 11 ti .?t ). i- ?. ? ".. I the I
ti in soiiii- , i the pan - rill be latonUbed if ?-ot
ai.'i./ed v? t.-', t:.
TIIK Ki! (I ? V : g1 ( cMIASY.
i m adopted, ap? a nottsn of
| ?, 11 Boewi um
Hetolrei That Bowen 0 ! ti. the Ciptiin 'f the Bet?
. I I . ,. I . -?I.y ab'??;! !
_ .- ' ? ?!? -r i ? ,
k.-.al hy r. ? ?li? Of th? ?? ' ? of hit
?-, I , ' ' I, -I .1 V a ? ! ?I,Y s d ? !
li ?tl.la ? l nu er?'.-?l i, Ile?., i .1 ? :.,. in ? -, ? f ?act., li II. ef
,-? i ,?-!!.'.-. .-i ? ' a. ? " ., J rrj, it lally t i t;..
-, ?rai et n I i is i. - I. n ?'
ter* it ir, i. ? ?i : b detrimental lo tif? et beettk wUhth*
... ,. i, v . . ,',"..;?-. ?oi.,- ( vi.ti. e?
- - - . . ?????-.
Df, Waa mi i i| i u ted San i tai I ?, 11 b r.,- "'
. | ,! t ! s li ir.! t. I li ??.! bil n sigr atiOB, I
wn eh wu?:..,. i ?vi and Dr. J. L. Lrum iva.s appoiutid
to bil MO v.?. ii.ii.
I'r. - lent mu: it/, r, pt :t- l ptagnn c. n, erning the
slaagbter-hoaiea. Be I x1 an aj poiataeal to meet the
tt.itihersnextKid.il :.?!!,!:,- I'll* BOOgeaitleM ha
?: tended to ri,nk?-ii,? n ?i i?- 1-t To 'ii-con:inuo all
bal ' ? r *! .', - t!. .1 ..j ? lol the Street or Were lot iit.-d
oben than wen no ?ewen '.'?l. To lix a standard of
?uugiiter 11 ii?i s. ad pemil '-, a to >i,-t thal did UM
(one ui' to that ?t..n,lar>l. He als> nanMI>-,l a ar.ttei,
report ?'f hi? < ? afem ? s a li Ihenal an early do]
I!.* also stnt.d Mai lie lad au n.t. rview with the
Meyn eenearaiag Iba tSti Banlnat The ?m r
aaked in what ?pirit they wen te bo net. He rep.u-d
that Bown wttUagtolet br-geon M hj booba but
u . tie Boord latenoud to have the eoatnel enforced. '
lie ii ot,.?1 have another li.t.-niew today, ?ud I hat he
i, :, : ti ,. M taail 'i." ? li r-p a sent at that Hoard, if
he were _ust ttaod iii ile Benth < '? Bnlnlonan.
wiKHiNOTON ??nor.
C"l. BlJ?8 rea ti 't rep. ? i t; in ( ipi. tireen con cernir g
w ilsington Market which wn npneaane_ianon
ditton li ? triliiy !' ni, ?i ' ' -? ? ned to m, t v? uti gan ral
approbatioa by the Baud, ?oil,1 ti when Inland M
st , ,.1,1 it t- rn'.l.-it 'i
1 t.i n.e? ting tin ii ii,Ijoiirued until Friday afternoon I
at 4 ot.iak
A i..:: ? l.tiiii.iit irst' ri.ay t nil-1 ti e att< ntlon of the j
Hoard Of ll.oltli lo B pi.)?:..?? wi.n-ii ii not only ?hock |
iug, but ai?o Bainton that al brtaging (altes ?nd
sleep to market witt Mab feet tied and lo.nl ,I up? u
t arts .u d wagon? m ?i.e'i ?imai.ier that they bei?.me
fearfully swollen and shan.etu Iy n titiluted. ?fter wi.ich
tr? atti.eut ti.ey are riaughtBBBl and offered fur ?ale
Ile -tay? that BJ this BOOM the tlesli 1 ., BOM ? n.tlaim ,1
and iinwho'iesomt-, and we doubt not the i-on.intimty
fiii'.t agree with kum.
Ihe same writer complain* a:?o. of the l.ibit of
! aivting meut." Ile BBBTgn but. her? with n;*ert
inga tube into the fatlv p?i ts if slaughtered anuna.s
and blotting them out full. ' often With the fa Hil breall.
of men who are impr?gnai? d ? ith vi ! :?li ii,al P ha,-,',
io tli.it the meat l? coula;, ii ate?! anal r? utlered uti
lealtiy. He further sut? that suih u. at in warm
weather ii more luadllj ttainte,!, and ? tf>- : ? that fact in
evidence of ?Ls unit hol? loin, la-ss. He prni? the Hoard
if it lot the |?uwcr, to remedy the eviiiof abiih he
.ioiin a. hmanan Monafuro. th? Long island
Hone Laboratory, informs the Hoar?) that bo ha? sta?
tioned, and ?hall conti!.ne to station, a (lourde temi, box
wagon at the corner of Vesey and Washington ?ts.,
?v.*ry morning, at 7 o"e'ock, to receive condemned meat
fur .'l ??:.I.?">?'. M lit. t.
He returns a r.otue concerning the removal of offil
and ?ay? he i? obliged to re? eive li only at the do? k anil
ninnie U theme. 11? take? issue with the Board ( f
llea lh coi cerning the stipulation in the contract for
removing ? ffnl from the ?laughter hou?e? to the d?H*k.
Ile insist? that the bntcrrer? mu*t d?? their own carting;
but the contract, in the opinion ?.f ti e attorney for the
Hoard, explicitly make? it lhiumbent upon the con?
tractor? to remove it from any {?oint ni which it m?y be
ii. ?nereil on Ihe ttreet. If the (jneslioa be ?rc??ed, we
pretume it will compel a legal decision.
1H1ID? l)\ TIIK 1.0VIr:R-v*flB>T.
list ef ihe iBei#?-<l DUtillerie? Arre?! of
the Panie* Implirairtl.
The inve.-ti'.?ti<>ii into the distillery fraud??
on the Internal Revenue Department of th* Govern?
ment, ii ?Dil progressing ?t tbe Aitor House.
The following distillerin have been ??lied.
Davis A Hanlon, foot of Thirty -ninth-st F. A.
Heii.iuer, rectifier, Thirty-ninth st. n?ar Ninth ave
I.?-ri-ii,lr distiller, Thirty nicth-st. ntar Ninth ave.
Wm. Kmline No. I?2 East Fortietl-tt. Zaclianus
Oppentteinirr. Twenty-tixth ?t. near Kintave. Kkbn
weller A (ioodkind, Seventeenth-st. near Seventh-ave.
John* A Co.. Eighteenth it bet. Tenth and El?-ve nth
ave?. Sanger Thirty mutti ti near E'ghthave. K?bn
weiler A Lonensteio. No. ititi Eau Eleventh-it Sim*
A Heller. Forty* eventh-st. and 1 irtt ave. Keenan,
cor. Lewi? and Seventh ?is. J. Rooney. Fifty tecond
?t. near Niutl -av.* Richard Deary. Broadway bet.
Fifty-fonrth and Fifty tiftb ?t?. RnJiard Dearv, r'orty
fourth ?t. near Eleventh ?ve Qu'nn, No. 101 Lauren?.
st. Frank. No. MDivisiou?. Henry Rogers, No. Si
Front-?!. Bourey A Collin?. No. It) Ced?r-?t. Htefen
A Co.. MornsiBOB. Peter Schildkneii ht, Jone*? Wood.
Th?' following person?, agaiutt whom warrant* were
uiued by CommiHioner lett? ob Monday, were all ex?
cept two'arr???le?i by Marshal Murray oo Taeaday. and
were held to bali in the ?nm of A'j.Ouo each. An exami?
nation will be held tbi? morning in the office of the
Vi.-ted Stat?-* Cuii.n :??..: er Jacob Douau. Simon
Donan, Richard Dearv, Zocchoriu? Oppenbeimer,
M F.: anger. John Frank K ?.*?..- ; J. Tautiig. S.
Herman. M? yrr (????-kind, and Eda" Heath.
Mr Hati.il'on Ham* of A.ta: i an able and oitnte
lawyer and brother of Senator Harria, ii ann ung the
revenue officer* in their investigations. Any oommu
nicHtioM on the subject should be addrened to Mr.
M'm Lie hards. Loom No. 4. Altor Howe.
The "tew 4 ?in-Utiif laqairy.
The further investigation in the charge??
?gainst the Special Committee on New County Court
House was continued yesterday afternoon?pre?e_t.
Stpervi-i'r? Fox. Blunt, Hayes and Bleakley
At the cotnmecc-1-ment of the pr?x-?*eding* Mr ?-"n
stated if Mr Fly desired to h?ve a record of the rum
t?er of brick? ??hich had been u?ed in the Court-House j
that information coald be obtained .a the Controller ? |
Mr. Ely thought not. there wa? co record in the Con?
troller"? offi-e ?towing the nun ber of ?ol;d cubic feet o?
tank te the o?-tae. Mr Keiium wm the propc. per
loi' io give this l-iformaiion.
M- Fo? ?*. J tie Committee h?d no right to brirg1
Mr. Krilam before them, he wu a prune peraon if bel
m -s brongbt her? be put ecuUed ta compeiua-iOB, to !
be eetaMtshed ) I aalf Mil', if lb? i>.ro?ei-utu>n de
M I in- reijUeated to api?ear be
f. ra.il
? i iaateai M ? " a be di
recae : i? the Coan
?'?t.' fir;ci had .been o?ed
in the building It had toen eaid thal tL. re bad ben
? i ii bli ? csetl there.
Mr ? *.- n ?tai :i?> repairt?? r.o heaaany m
?oi r t t mora tettiaaiy ana I an a at.
B '.it wai then ?worn, and testified?Am
M Juna !??;>r hi fatal aedo seriate
rettaOatM ka tam Ant M he nut M Maya Ocnthrr m
March, MMi wa? fsmiliar with the vo/ur a?f iron. Ac..
Ma :n t?.s ?rt'fi business M fears
the estimate mode wa one ha ? hh I he weall ?'? isa
? ?iib. gan Meeatimite '.? i - ?e: t to th?
M i ouid not remember pertteaiarly a? M C-c
price ? I lum at Cat Mae
? r. ?? ex.imir tal?The firm doei a variety of erna
ants a- ; nag Ina-wahi in? d r.. t gn at .1?*! of
lingi Mo! ra bad -
M ashs Ms e : ? ? .
the M iv. r ans to li : ? ut aome
? ? 0 the e,t?mate wa? made he
.?it of wage* at 'h' stand
ard r.t M tt ti::.?' , \! r ! -> 4
J sod bj Mr Fax?Ho IM ni kana tse vs'ne
ofiieahotwoa ISC aaiMM eaatharte bar wrou.rbt.
or cast
Joorph !'? roeng m teen merni teal I
Clerk .f fei: ' - errisorsi h*v? trs r.-.inute?
of t:e Beard ter .-'; ti ere bed ben n ? anting el the
surd ? ' v; -:. i md ? ? ? : r sent I
three ? ion April A Ml ?)??
lo Hartam 1 Court?
lea le retenues to the im te Pateo Bar
den Arn.nr;. the coal BBS k1 I B I I I
live to the Court Bona - ? UM na li to-?!ay.
an ? - ? ? 'antratIn M :s
Me i '. -eil.
Tee inrestignttea va thn aijearnei to this after?
noon at ,i.. i
HOI It II OF Al.DI .uniiaV.
"?!. Patrick'? Birthday The Tia? Levy.
The Board Rees el '-' o'eleeh yeeterda
noon, the i'reiia.e: 1 John 1'i.ici. ian;. le Ma '
Atieran Moore off? re. 1 the I .
": " - .
: it- day f tb? Pal - .d-i? to
? ? ? t
feltow-eil . .. . ?? ? ? ??
???... ! ?! .
ti ?i fi.??i? a al '. i- a .
- ? | -
?id -..?'? :
-i ... ! ? |. i ? . -, -peann;
. ' ? ? . - -a , Wl'i till
- i . .. ? ' '.' - ? I ; r> --ed pa i - e
d-r.' ?li . - . 1 -? ? '.jil tt ena li
? ? ? I t
. .. ...
.: . t J. r ' ? ? ? ? rtunitj
. . ' a ? I
: i
'!? Ile rt ..r? 'i - ? .
? . : a ? a . j.. . . .. a ?
raerla te
I-., ni. That lb? laaja n 'le CRy Bell, ?rd aB li
: - . ? ? ?
?al ! ?'.Iii kal .lui ?! at ti.? I I urt. lad
? th ei- ' ? i ? t ? km uni no hewby ti
? I? -l . d to -ii-:? i d h .-li.? ?? li lint .,- .
who drUre to do ? ' pall pate ii r, add their |
to the da ota u | .?'ed .? !>e o ..?a
.1 / ? ? II. I".? I Vltl. ?. O'l 'li. ?ppiO?. . ??
anmvertarv il th.- birtr.ii-y 0! lie ?i .. .
VV h.ih v t? in1. | ted.
TI e It.ianl to-.k up th? ?poi in! order havMg th? I ? ' ?
ilileriit.on if the Annual Tax LeVJ
The (n'-iiM tag a.-e Ma ir?-ni?
-\ tat rttataa . # ' I
A .ii. r ?K-i au. .iiiil In pi-ivemeii?.. ?
i ? . I'..t. i, ? i ? ,,,.
Ir- dway la i rr? ?at. . ...
Prnlne ?t hr- dwty ?ni Fulton ?t.
li' .-rd- 1 II'..! a .. .
(ei,ti?l Park-? are .u.d Miirrtisian irl. 1 ? ' ?
t liarle* a.n Arr. ar? ? t V'-enroa-nt-.
Chat|?a na ' ?rear*-if luxe?.
? !? anm? Street! ui d? I I . i Ufct.
i . . M-rke'.
t ity ?hui ttei ii n?Ere? ef. ?<
? ?ty ? or'nuent ie.. IS M
?'.-v DUpeniarle?.
C?attaM< ---V! i r*a OStaa. MOM
( t i lil .".. n-l i ntl I er ? I 'Itire. I
I i it.-i i.e.?Law |l-| .rtti-nt. B
I Bl ?? ?' ?? SI reel liepar'meiii.. I' ??
' -? ' ??. ?( itt li ?i ? . r ? ??a | arti!.en-. 4.
I a ininrennei-Catea A.p.e,! ? t Reerd. I
li. ?ii.n.. li a
Defalcation?. I " '
11? ti lena .. ,. 1?.".)
lletit n.i ?a. ? r. tan Aiji.edui-l ?!e|iartiiaent. 4 "'?'
Dr-limr-' .-I-.?. IMISM
Eli-, um. ! i peine?. S B
K >i|.n.' lUtawoikl and paving vacant loti. "
Ene Mi. lune? .lei Apparat ni, Arrear? 1. *? lill
Urania? th" I ?ty Hall. MBM
Iron Rai in.. N?w Kei.iv.lr SaaeM. I'1""
' . mu. iMeei
L-ni.p. ai I tut. . TM :a:
Parrbaatef Maraa'a PaleM tar Totagrsph. MBM
Laadl and I'.. ??. ;?""""
Lu .- | .!. l.^-e.I |.r i'aje? ?lill A??a-?fnent?. '' ?'
L?yine .lit the lily in.ilii of I lue inn Ir-d .n ti h!
ty-aftb-a . IRBM
Mi r i if in V I- I'ep? Hi.ei.t Ei.nd. T:-i"
New I . .rt II ,..e. Ki. I.?I
i peatagsfaea ana u? y spenaa. M BM
I' ?.e -tiHull lilli,.?. ?I??'
Pulli-? telrgr.ph. His)
I'notmi fa the C asMaCeuustl. 1RIM
Ki BUBS lil Ile; ,r: ? : '.. !.. S
Piab.ie IluilJinji?? on.ti. , i i * ami llepairt. b-i ";??
Piei fot ?it aine hkii.lred ?nd -. rt) tit.?'.. N It . .
Publie ( l.ar.tie? ai d 1 trre? tit.ii. ? ?
I' th u li .ti., tion.Ja 4 cn
Pier and bullhead leot of Faiity ninth ?r., 1. B.
H-i.t?. '? ??"
Heal etUte ripel..e.
tom ? ar nutit ?oil ke. '?'
H. ?J? awl avenue?. 8".i??i
Salarie??Le/...?t.ve Departuieut. ! ? Ml
Seaneo?M.v.i i Otb.-e. .
s* ?j ? ? Finesas Departan!. . URn
Salarie??Street Pe| aifmei t. la. II
St.ei ?-??( roton Aagadnl Department. '?I I
^? MSB- Law BspaitMsM.
i S?aan?t-( ity lntp.itor'i BsasstMsM. !
Salarie??t iiiiin.itiioiiert af Health. '
Sa.arie*? li. ud ?t A-tt-ni?.
Salari?e?l'a ard i f H? 11?!'n all 'i I '.Ion of A??-u
Sa araet?City ? . ut.. II
-i.'ia.nery .1 ti Ia ii.! lit..ok?. I
Sewer??Repairing ?nd -?nun . Si'.iS'i
Street itiiLf re?-i I?. I i?aa
a-in-u Kepa ii < and repair?. list?'!
r-o. .ely for the Re'ulu.allon ol Jjvetdiet and I'> li
HupplM fal ?i.l .?eai lag pui.iC otli' el_. 7. i??t
W u, i pineland l?^"!. '"? '
W ,? ? ?nd l'uii.p??Repairing and cleai,i.,g. a .???
What vet. lienandi.ip?. lu.ii.isti
The Patriot?' Orphan nome inolfoi a lease l! a
nominal rent f.r the term of M yeera af the lota ni
ha-ventv ninth-t tetwui. Ihird aid i "iir'.I: aie.
The lloard paaied a reiotution increasing the ?alarv
of the Moak i.lerk in the Controller! office to gj.iitai
per annum.
An ordinance relating to the office of the Public Ad
miiii?triitt r waa called op. and Bel Bnil u.g the re
qulaile vite! the vote waa rt-coomleicd aud the ui.it
ter laid over.
The Hoard then oaljourned to Motuluv next at I p. ni.
.Meeting af I moa Priaaacra- l*rapo*rd
Tcatinaay af ?Graiiladc ia B??hop
A nit'etinp of the offin-rs At the Union army
who were confined in the varioui IteLel priions in
South Carolina daring the yein MU and I-?. n-??
called at tbe Metn ?? litan Hot? 1 lost evening for the
porpooc ilottd in the following circular
Saw Voas M-.??.tay MssM li 1??5.
We the uiideriigned lal- ,.:!. an n ne C nited .-'.atea Aruiy,
ui ?.ned tnal tue R:?ht R. v Y ti Lyn la H .?lion of
. haili-at.iu j. C. it now m thit tv f. r lbs purpo*e of co:
e, itt.t fun it with w!... h 'o ret.u .1 the Oinnau A?y. nu !
Charletatoo S. C. ?nd being denrou? of teitifyli.? o?r appre
uti. n of and intitule for the u.any act! of kindne*a ?id
ubttantiaj favor? i oi.farred on ua by him whi a we w-r?
pu?r,i ert ?f war at ( harlettoi.. S. G . ? 1*1 and 18h? tei .1er
to him tbe proceed! of a ?ectiue to be hereafter Je ?... : at
the A. tja-:..) laf M .in. under our auip.cea,
Brevet Br.g. den J. P. M'lvur. late Copi 17'Kb N. V.
M.jor J. De-atur Potter its N V V . brevet Major John
Deii.p?ev, id N. V. M. . t apt. Origin, et!. N. Y. M .
Cap?. Han bin MM N. V. V : (apt. D-wney. Ei-tt Eire
Zouavet -, !..*..t. Cnderwood. Ern Y t-. Zaaaeve: Lieut.
Wooiter. Tilt N. V. Ri I le .1. ITaasI Ml N V. M Lie.t.
tnbbt ii*!i N Y M. ? apt. John Bag-?7- ?*b N. Y M
lue ?oLo? ?Lg gentlemen ware chueco ..ffi-csoftbe
meeting Gen. Meit or. Choinnan-, Ms,or Cosaidy.
Ninety-Uinl B. Y. Vtilunteers. Secretory. Cap't.
Hagley. S.xtv nitth V. Y Voiui.teen. Treisurir.
i??u. Mcivor on taking the chair remarked that the
meeting had been called for the purpooe of enabling
tooee Ln:on offirert ?ho had been confined et Castle
l'.nckuey and other Charleston pruoni during the first
two v.ori ti the war. to join ia pret*ut:sg te B.il.op
Lycib of Cbarieaten. ?ii" wa now te tL ia cty an ap
propi late and ?betantia! testimonial of gratitude for the
?eiTicee which he rendered to the Union pna>r.-ri !
during that time. At a time when both the a, uti. i
ment and the people of the South gs
see-Led to v:e ?ita each other in efforr? to;
odd to the hardihita and suffern gi of Vnion j
pr.aiooe.-i. B.shcp Lynch, st theioa-of cot.Dderabis I
pecuniary nan and trouble to hitmeif. ead
rieh of Incurring thn gunnia! ankam of bia neig
?.; | bed them with laeddicr and clothing of* I
st.etd greaily in need, obtained them ne means of c m*
mumcating with their friend! and ostan.i' g supplie*
fr? m them, and l8 every way evincd the ?pint na
true chr.ation ead humanitarian, liewa* cot? la MM
.: i f - the purpme of coli' ? Baa Bl .d? ;o reantabliah
the orphan a?ylam of Ctarlwten. deatrtied in : |
tire which deaolaied that city in ;-?;^ and thn oppor?
tunity of sub.icly recognising lui lervcei i&ou.d Lot be
g\ cvmauUge ptg tbouo to Mooro th? penMM of s
I im-tcrer md ?Leide upon an ev. nitty: for the delivery of
th. lal ?iir. .
Tie me.-tine* then a.!'.?irnc.l to Frnlov ?venin* rett
? a V ?111 Illari ??TF.lla al ti" M? 't' ; ?
bear the .- < ronan ina
?? 1. Bteflo ?lu Noril" h.ni a brilliant a-;
lett evening, and the performance went oil M I
Antor.pcci exerted hi? best power to till out the chanc?
ier ard give ihe music of Peter the Great its befittio,.'
strength ?xd expretsion.
Ttu ever..2g L'Etoile du Nord will be performed
maiyu Academy with ali .ts excellent j rennt
ment ?t the New York Att?tUf,
On Fr.iliy aaaoaag "Cr. Hallo in M ase he ra" wi'.l be
civen w.th a grurd c??r. M.i./ou-ni having :n ti. .
arenarkuMi appeetanltp M dM|ny?flB gm
uu.utiei. and prove !..* thorough command i
Yo- Ma BBtiaM "n Batarday next at i o.
la N. "?. will b? pert.
l ? -????? n of'.'4 t igl.t.? will terminate Mu week, ouJ
irom ti.?' k-ttl UM-ln**. N" given a series
? ? -? land "\:ra paHBrneaan ftaa tka 17th la
the -TOth n.?tant no performancei will I*' g.v-'n.
Ob y. )?t?-r m 'n'! iy i ariel ???ri.nn if ? ?
night? will cocui.?? .te, .u na..? h le? Huguenot? ' w?!
i... gfreu, find S? ii Tria BUal ?? v. n B another f:i
| era.
Mr. Charlu Fradd will gira bli tir-r eoaeert
at Irvine Had. an Kr.ila.i t iei;;::g ni x: Hfl
"tension he will ha o??.s;.?:eii bj v.. i. Bato
>._"..or Arduran!, Blgnor Fonati, Mr. Ooldbeck, Mr.
S B. Milis. Mr. ?I. W. Morea-, Mr. Wn:. A K | ?? '.
Mr. T. Thomas, willi Mr. <*.irl Anst-hut/ k8 ?
Mr. Charles Fradd has many claim? upou public
IttSU he is an adra.r.ible mut.cian, and
? i?-lions with lou..? ,,f t'.e
? "f tiie ,uv. vhBa _??!.. .
\ - ? ? t. unitupeii'hable "?? H
: ? t] r --. n a kiekooly aereative :
?rt. Mr. Kriiiel lia? n large circe ?>f ?dinners
. ds, far whom lie has prepared a rare :
? ii'.d BOfa M Ha Irving Hall crowded i ?i Fn
' M .1? utmcil BBj .
Ban nth Regiment Armory Cea?
in.- been given, a baneBI M the ratona BanaV
Sr. C B. Gi ' - n Batardaj evan?
i ' ? rti I ailil iry Baale will eecv al the
bau of the aruiorv. the piOOOOM al ??..iii vtiii illirie
io i!.ut rorthj geatk i ii
CITY ?ti. .V.u.
' : !ssiN,?._Ai!. ntiHii i> ? ;iUoii te Um a.i
. ?. ?ii.'tlier io!::t!i, referr;::g to WiDteB
i !'..?? u I,., ? B la H. e ('.ty \\ 1 .
i ned to hare ban labortag Badet
TbI <* m li IB TOBPBBO C \>i? Mi'K BBB v .vsi?
t?'-or (i( ii ii. ?M?>?r? r.,"ji\. ,n \ icuna
d Dr? Stephen Loge;? appeared m the D
. t. belore Judge Shipn:.i*i vest? r,lui and
i.ot guilty to the isdietannt found against
red t r.initial complicity la the torpedo
aeli gara hail la the sura al$3,000 befi?re
- ? ? r Stillwell, to appear for trial on the first
V! i. Vpnluext.
lit MO-BBCaB-B OI Trichina in Nkw Vcr.K.
? ll.e nu...is which lune prevailed tor several ?lays.
. ? -.. ,1 ?onie credence, that several cases of the
dnad dlten? now popalArij known is " Tr Bhtaa
di .dope?! in tli?' New Veik II, *p tal. are
proBonoeed br Um BupartatandaM ot that institution
. Bl uii, ! y iiitliout foundation.
?? ??
[__ \'alik ok an Isf.vnt'.s Skrvrfs? lu
? oi Cannan PMna before judge, Daly yan
te: ila ?, t: ? ?a??? if ?lohn RfBM agt. The Second ave.
' i in pony. ti.in wa? un action to recover the
? ?? . -id value of the service? of tho child of the
plata! f low (o him tli.-..'i?-h t.'.e , hiltl being run over
('von if I ? (?1 iititiif s car? The sccuienl resulted M
'helos* of I ?? chilli's bot, When the accident ot
' , rreil tia , iiild wa? about ?ii ? ears ,,?,1. I he ,!?? l'?-:,<t?
i ntl I ? ' ' ,1 with the usual defenses. eOBtOBOUd that,
t-r ti:e lan of ?en ice of B child of auch tender vears.
?M must be merely iin.iiiial. The Court denied
!? a 1. I ni", aad chai gul that tn?' jury must give such
? n considering all the ein iimstancci, they
1 .?ouiti aanpanoaMte the Iann*anrtai be
i,i ita aeteal axpaaaaa. ibejun mkdand a verdict
k1 ,'itl' for gi um.
Fataut Bobbbb.?Oa Booda** last. Kose
I .. lomettic in tin-employ of Mr. Brown, residing
::,')'.? i .!ie?l -aud-tivetitieth-st.. near Secondave., in
i,f the family accidentally ?et fire to her
clothing, -t:.d w.-it burned in a horrible manner. On
,!>? otara al Mr Brawa hodbaad her lying upon tho
:' ". u I tho hoon on Bra. He soon axtiagaishad the
i' l i t,!? ti lu m,alic.'il aid, but the ??.ii.all was
] so terni,Iv burned that she died on 'lues,luv Bight
- VVildei niter,lay bold aa inijuest on tho body,
? rdlct of na id,'i,lal deitlh wa? rendered. De
a i.jtive ,.f [reland, aged M)jeam.
iBBBBTOf v.v AUBBBB (?' vklliLKU. ? TggtOt*
i Bhl Mock BSBann vvas arrested !ty ("apt. ?lour
o Sixtn l'reciuct on the complaint of Mr.
I?. , Bari of T.iy'ors Hotel, in Jersey ?ity. The
i , onptatoBBl stat.? tl.i.t vt i'liiii the last few ?lays, while
. .?.!'. tin-defendant at No -al l'.ronlway, he
u? liana, UM sum of I.'jOU. ( ki, Mi? repre
DowllBg held the BOOUBBBM BBBlfl
? ' | *" lo ti ut ?ni examiUBtlon.
Mv NCi8.?In the (Jailed States Circuit
y, Henry William? pleaded guilty to a
ma g Ott counterfeit Tinted States Treas
.:-. ????. ...,! W10 sei tenecl M -Sing Sing I'rison at
? ?? r. ,1 iv i line of gi. Louis Schuster,
' t.ni.d _-'. it ? of 1,ming in I,.* potteition a Urge juanilv
' of fracl on ?l current J Witt ?n ititent to pa?? !he ?ame,
, -? gnnd lo Blag Mag Prleen M hard labor for 7
.. io p ii a hue of S ? ???, to stand committe?!
I Balli paid, llei.ry 1'ulmer, alia? "Data h Harry," who
, ? ?? !' .-al gallty of !?ai :i,g a counterfeit United Sute?
$90 'ir?'a*'iry note te kia peeaaaalsn with an intent to
BBI e ?arije. wis ?enlen?.ed ufSing Bing at hard labor
f. r ,.i.e tear an.I to puy a fine of g1. John Ooff, con
lietel of pasan,g a counterfeit I10U Cnited Stntei
Treaonr, note, was MBMnuul to one year a hard labor
Bl Bta| ftiag and to pay a fin? of li.
1 ?.Tally I.vjCREI).?Coroner Colliu JOOeOt*
dav hell! lin iniji.est at No. :i6fi Avenue A, on the body
OfBataana Blank, aged 12 yean. On Thuraday laat,
. ?'?????! niiile playing with some oonipau.oos.
: illy fell .|i..ii the walk and fractured hu ?kuli.
A v? r,! it of" death bv < ouupre??ion of the brain, cauied
l.v hi. aaeUtaBtal tit? wa? returned by the jary.
The ABBs-T. AVii?EjiiJ((). ? The Committee
of the Board of Aldermen on the prop?eeU widening of
Ann *t. did not meet yesterday al intended, the Board
holding a ?eision at the time appointed Alderman
Norton u:.i.ounce?! that if the Committee met aga.:? be?
fore reporting, due notice of ?t? meeting wou.d be
| Adver ?Hie men!. |
Thk Best Edcca-ion you Yocxo Mewasd Hot.?
? ' TeOcii ihem tim wl_ch they w.l pnetir? t?h*r they be
,-ou.e i. en P'ji fnli tafermition of th? I'.altiain Syrtem of
Paic-riCAt. lum F-nictno?. ?? taunhi at BaaMm Ni
tiona! ButincM Co?ta?. ro-sl?keep*?.e N. T., on lb? lludtoo.
A: :r?ii H. O. Eittmac. LL.D. l'r?* . Co..?(t.
[ A?t??rti*?Fnent J
Orrie?. No M Will-it.
Via? No*. 2*j_ in! M Wett Tw.nty fifth it .
tF'.?.-Fi! >-?*Y?ijir. ti.d Kishin-?v?*.
Fire.?SLortlv after 7 o'clock lui Bfaai-f, ?
fire occurred in th* apartmenti of the tenement-boun
Be -*-".' Newtrkave. Jersey City, occupied bvn?.er
man named Hillier?caused by the bed-clotl.'i t.uiug
tire from a lamp. Damage about l'A
ARRL.ST FOB UtOtoWAS I.OBBgRY. ? At a late
boor on Tueiday night, while a drover from 1'enr.iyl.
vanu nameal John Tuil wa? poising down Pavoma-ave ,
Jer???y (-'.ty, he wa? kr..x?ed down by two men. who
m of s ????ich and 11. in money, a: '. Moa
Mtr escap* Twterdsy afternoon, from a de
scription given. OUcer Killeen arrested a )ounrman
named Daniel Twemey, on luspnonof be.ng ?,-e of I
the rvblicni ud upva being taken before Recorder!
a ?' i l wa fil'v dserthai I.? Tu I Vrretotrr
??'.mitteal ?;?,;?* ?ee-a.nlte.1 a man In 1'avonia-ave. tt?
nitrhl r?eft>re, bat deme? t'e r??.?tory !!r?M ntn
the ' i laty '
?naen ??*?.(? Manea
o .. , IRRIVEB
Pr . V-? ... P: ? ?;, ,.,?., , ?j,,,, j? d.yt ?ofwoaj
aBeiaaw? le Bast, len v t
-?t W e.tem ??roo. l.i*e,po.-,!.
Bark? A ? - at.ia. ?? m R t.niuu vi? lina--ia Ad?l
(. rule A-nW heaton fri m I., ndoo
Ungi l? ean VV ?ve . S. Ilju.a?.
Weekly Tribune.
hie N Y WERRLY 1!. KB i - ra
L?apin.. Wnt ls?-I. : ? .r t- ?., The B*?i-. :
ant*. The Rea
: i | . vi , -.
H ei a I? -r? ,.-:. ' ,
K ?it ?n.I ?ni ii?-I i.?'ed?,.ie? IliedaoaisIt Bass -?
? ???v? ? v\ -, - V 1',?
Caae I : ? - !-.
?.un y - ?. ? . t dil ma Pa airapto
Nsw? Si iii?) V *r\ '. N (
i; Ne? - ti.*nl *
State? T--ne.?ee ji ,1 Kentucky i ?tie vv-?t, ,.?
. - ,' ', ? a-' !' M ? i
Si R?it.? V??- V ni eric? Mi VV .,
? . - l 'a
KKaaa? rna Mi?? eui ro mr Panno??TI
? r ii |; Kim Uti ? ?':.. rettet
I -
t ? I-' - - ?. .1 N . . ? I ? \ . _V . I
M . - -? New-! ? v\ . r- to Buy Qn*it Mi, a|
I ?I- V i-itio V\nr E?, - M -I
W ? I ? ? - Tlie i i-,i y n.?
Vliiie I'r a : i ?i .-. Vim.... ra H.v? ?nd . .
Pin -n sn VV u .i II MVrr N '-.?:"
l.si.i-i.Avi ?v? Iba at of Ula P
Kr. . a?TKi'i T?o?i h- Kv. 1.1 ce He i , ?
t raanetaei
M mot m? i .ira i... ?.-i.
St. Loot!
Rum to Lia* Beaeneen thb Qimmox ok Fin?*
Te inn
MT? SOR \H a I, i, in-.
Tiaitra Kilt? arm -tcaiK?*.
Th? haai sana.
1'K.aiH or VLKiaaoas I'Aapiiri.r,
Uaaau Sam*
rnU NU? ?HraiiiKV ! i i-t ii. ?
a.S'iit?-- I-'- I .f the I'r. ... ??inga.
?Ha Kanu? -Hie li ?Unten! ia timda; Ore? li? >?kl
M? n I I SI V - let vitv Bl 'le Keiai?!!, ?:, Tin? t . . 11 j?
Letal N. u ? rail E'i.Ui d m.! I i wntl.
a Caateom roa ths Lamm
St?)*wai? Nkw Mtrstl mall.
Tni ? an nive Ila *? ?-iaOaassnl Htelaj
Pesnt?The N if .ii i B rlaning Bogisaa
y not run to ?tv vhik?
iNTSROaTlvH T? l-ABa-??-- Vn?eri -?ii Inatitute K?it<i*???
Clah Feb. St it.,.t--. tbe Club i?d M?aMa?hip ef il.? i
Ii.tti' ne I? Frontal Pi Ita' - ' ? ern Cilhi Oateui .VH.t-ai
Wiela A| p e . fork?How nun ii tt ill a Itialielcl CetU make
I mitta B te i?ra?? Lana yjS gai i era KoJdei. Or, haidiug)
II- V ter ya l-l trip.- Ol ia Bl . ? 'tal ory . 1'itent Oth - ( ?rai
Melon t'sitiration i liraiiiing Swamp Marah, ?lover a N-?
I'unpki i vv-ed? ?id vi a r n.. Vain af Can Fatdda ?a
?I iwi t I ,,1.1 l ?teipillart. What wi ' Ki ' hi,?,
\ ??' Ht.r-r?. Lim? ?nd S?.i lur I'eaohei V megar-a
VVby i? it Spoiled bv M ovtas ?t Btasssaai Tim? I Huttei*
Making. Wintern* He??; lieu??? >i?ari?w?. Mslw Falaaly?
A.iii-ed Howl? Hy? Fun Kum H n .li'g? ?n.l H>iilding
Material! latoraatoa Cm Esdsiaatai Hybttdmng ? ? o?a?g
V ?. .- ? f Ai- .tu ? I ib-' i ? t ?? ?.r M4111.re.
Lards R. bbbbt?Over ei.:??',ikO in Bondi ?ud S -a
St. ra? *Ji?'.'>?i Reward "rt. m.
Th? i'lt, (mom 'laiiK.T
i UKI, 1-cKoriAN Maanaa
I ? h-a'M' - 1 OLITICAL.-1 1TT It?U1.
Mannunm * ira??.
MlUUIMM *M' I'a.tTHa.
I ?in-t Nkw* BV 'la.-SKTic TaLaOBlPH -Spe. .ii Di??
(??ile. ti The N V MB ii-.
Couubbcial?Kuli Report? af the Stock. Monea Cotton,
(iiaiu, and I iitie Market*, ?p- .a.lj n-ported tal Ins ti. Y.
Readv thia M ming. Pnce in wrapper?, ready foi inailinj,
?.re ?-ni?.
Mail? ibt r.lier?. .iteataMay 1 year?5J number?- ?> J <a
do. i i>i?..ftive. les
Ten cof'e?. ?d lr???ed ti'nan ??? el ? ab*<ii ter* . IT ja
Twenty tipit ? tildr? ??e.l to ii*ii e?-I ?ohM-ribeM- MU)
T-n a-,i|ie? ??. on.- ?ti.ii-... ian
Tile, tv.- ?toa, lean seans. ??
An ei'r? i'pv wi I he neill lur e :,. li club often.
?Irai!..... Ha? V.-r?. ,-r En?? OSkS orden, payable lo tha
:.!ii i lila I kihi va b' '-? ?iia-r. are preler*ta:? to any
?li.er mode of remit?an? ??? V I.Ire?? ,
lill miel NE, N-w i.rk *
( OXTa.VT?
A. rf. HAHNES i ? .... (Metchof).
{IO TO THOMAS li. AGNEW*? Noa. m1
" ?f aid UT Oreeowieh ?t . eemer of Murray, ?nd there yos
witl find Te**. . ff? ? Fiah, Four ?nd everything el?e rlie?pe|
than >ny ttore in New York. Oti? price bou??.
Acknow.edged ry epirur-? to ne the Sauce for roa.t meat?,
fiih. game. ?teak?, chop?, ?our? ?ead?, kr , imparting an un
rivaled ri- line?? and i|eiu'*.v of flavor to all m?de dUhe?. Fog
asia bv ?ii grocer?, fruit, pr-i-rvn and pickle haime.
? . R. PARKER.
Sol? Agen!, No. 78 Bleerker ?I.
_ A. H. Sl'PLEE. No ?37 Hroidway.
Ladies & Gentlemen
eOl (>P THE r-ITT,
E. A. BROOKS,*.,
Importer and Manufacturer ni
575 Broadway, New York
Direction! for Mraauring the Fool.
Ftrtt ftint rbe foot on a pK^^ofpapefan?!
MeeatBanafnaetriManew il. whp h willoi
length snd ?prerd of the f,,c,i. aa shown in Igt
Strijnit Make the following menurenier.
Inches snd fractions, with'tap? measure, a? el
in lean b. r?a \
l?t. Tk. R*il ol th* F?c?.
Iba Law Ir.tur*
?I - T.. H:*h l**u*.
?u -r?, ii.,:
It'. -1?.. A" >.
aa.?Tb* a ? '

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