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V01" XXV.N?- 7.781,
Passage of the Civil Righi?
The Case ci Srna?cr Mochten,
- ?a
tue iiOA:.!i bxxa.
Speeches \s* Kogara Hooper of M ;
chusetts and Wentworth of Illinois?
gehxral BCATTXR8.
W - . . ST. M 1', I""1.
hu OBBTBBl '? '
The Mi - ?.-' nf ti Pi lent co vi r! -
?.tin lal ..'!?? ? ' -
?lui. It will I
, . ( rthm 1 ? ? Becreturj
8? v -117.1 ? ?
, . , read a
A ' I to the ?
f' '
? : - i
??el.U At pie?. I
' ?
.! !?
acl.oa ?if; ? -i
? . . ? ? .
I . ?
lall' ' Of H ,.??..
4 "
ay L. !
Mate ?
,i.i - .... i thi
I ...
I ?.r . TiTK. Wai i ?
a -
I- . ' . 1
. . ? '
j .. ? * hoped foi
io t re cn ir i ?
? i
i i - ??
'. ?
a ?.. I l
of I
: ?
7 ? . ...
? ?'
a ? ? ? ?? na
t loe ? ? ' ? ?
. ?
i , \ -i
I. f . I ? ..
. - Ila? ! . ' '
I .1 ...
I . . ... ? . : ?
? I.I
II.? ila. ? I ol
r: : ' ? ? I ii.til
? . ? i - - ? '
. m U.Bunna
- I ' IT.
Ii v. - ' . I that i i
l ,. ' ? : v? :::.oii ot 1'?" u? j .i ui.ia. altee aoalnuting
Mt. <'.-? ni : for Gonn? r, ; a?, td a r? I i. ,:.,:. Inda
ti .a- l'ra lid?. t ri poll y. At: i ?.,inin.it' c ? .s .j ip ..iii-.!
?cea hera ni praotat t i I ,
'i gran I nia iras ? ? ? - ? ? ?
'I. ? i ..'.:.: tv e ?a ?a- admitted te au u liena i ? li
!..-? the fiiost up
j,- . , :. . ? . thal the Derna rae) "i
Feooylruain had daoigned n?ant) eon pliant i tiiat
Moy had watched bia ranal nttea w.?
<'id?.arv prat.lii attea. u.'.d MM they elim.id
?-:..'.d by him ami bis Adasinlstintton su tel -
:?- i y adhered to the anered C< aUtutten Befor?
the paiernttee wa? raeebed Me Pinldcal brake la
Bean than alto the aaggeottea toni "the wteeel Ming
Mci - M y toa ?? ead abai gc M u ticket."
Be i" i.' ?< d ti.it t'.ev i... -i i. ade 11 iel h lateki la nan?
ti ? og senk e ana. eoDoeioBy al Mia paiUnter tine.
aBh nach eshae ranaeka of? sinitetly roooaragiug
character. Tim last ?'en of Hie Pnoeytoeate ? "ii. ? ii
leeu.eii they were iiiukinir for Ms Ji.ili.iiaiiit- dej??'t to u
?i.r: ..:i ?aneeeHacd freencf arfad
manann -i<? ?*,-m? am? bailobs.
T:,?' latvodaetion of eiesnlatioo bj Senator
Grimes some t.me uni e, ecaCMnictiMl ii.deiiiinti tia ?la
?alii? era and seamen of the i.ovy for i lothinir loat durn.g
the war, has precipitated a p< r'ei t uval im ka of corre?
spondance upon the 1'uuuh Auuttoi- ofl.,e. |t cagkl
to be known that no inch law has yet j>as?ed fragten.
and there ia (neat donbt if it ever lan
Bicnwn raoB coawmg.
The following eia the reeeipte ftnea CaatoaM
ni the below named ports from the ??t to the loth inst..
incluaive; New-York, t'.'lYje)' BT| Ituston, t SHIM 'j', -,
Philadelphia, lui,.'?ei M| Baltimore, I'.,.:-.'.
UATB f.KAVii:i).
rcnniit.sioii tot dalaj in jaiainf hil regimenl
tor M'<lav ? liol liacn ifraiiteai Krev-t ling-Gen G A.
t ?iltur. Captain Ml D. B Cat airy.
The ?Secretary at War, in Bpeeial orders,
direct? the muster out of 0 Anutnnt Quartermoateri
of volunteers.
returned from hi? stumping tour in New llanipihirr and
Connecticut thia morning. He givei a glowing account
of the proep?-cti in Connecticut, and ??..? that ihe will
BCecni the action of New IlampiLire.
left thii evening to take part in the Coiino, t;?ut can
i??s. He ? ill speen at Slumlord on 1 nday, and MdgC
(?ort on 8atnr?l?y evening.
Tli?; l'rt'snli'iit tu-iiny ?.'ave a citin-n uf ?.ciii;-!
ma authority to Mtagecak M Kgw (moana that he (the
l're*:,|ei,t h.^1 forwarded order? to Guv. Welli not to
iiiow Maneen toa eew|p?alntol Major of New
t)i ii .i.e. to to niitiill?,?l ?nu? his o!l',.?e.
Mr. (J. (?. Lynes, as pentameter el WaiUag?
too. S. <'., betinP indi I'tel !.. tie Government le
Been tau and titiA). Not being nil.- to pay it is ton
seine;,, ?? a r t) ?* '',?'., Htm, ki kept the , oin Sdfetv h'..r.ed
t.- ..: .. .i... s r? .,!>? BOW !?? 1 ay 't our.
Mr. ??'?i -y.i. K. ?v ii. ?n. ii admitted to Mr. Beb*.?
ti :d ii.it hi bad goBi behind bia Vraahiagtoo nero?
r.po. ..?-i : to au ? :. un Tan na mid monbon of the
ii.!.-, ni. .'i boo to a -?Brenalta?) which ka aaM (wi
tool plan t tweea htr.8aboddd and Mr.
Bl '.la,'I.
Bedeatei away ti.mrs on a printed la Tn i h
burr, ile baa nan fit M rain agontioa of vernelly
wuk Mi. Boho! 'd la nek i way n to givo the
taltai genttana bo lab ipportaaBf to tue
LB l,S S'tll Ililli V ill.l,, UU' hil!.?? ?f? bul
rbei ita i,? Um kutir gaatlenaa to
to eouid? whether be trill k igei m i ila silent Bato
ii:, ? ?, .:,'! .n.d :?. ihn ?- impul .:. mi of ft i ?'
. ,. ?? .:? Ray atoad renenber that a? hn prorohed a
i "t 11 rirata ? Brenalta and .-."t Ta ii i
l ?1 ? i en, .?;
Mr. 8mitfa oi Kentucky made a aenaation ia
ne tali Beratag nhill aeespyiag lae Ion by
? *? .! t r .. ??r*. Bal Bl] : ?
!.;,,i. ai. an -.,? .u Ita i'. ??? -.- ,, .. .. , \\ '..? b tlid not
? ...' a.', ii' i.i : * i.i. grui oi.t ti
tim daa :.ii ?e ta nay atti n I bj i m ib n al Iba Bon ?.
Obj? .,?!, ?v..? ?; t :,' lo kii ? - i OmXi)
settled bj . .h u:;d i:.us. ii,- uiini.y ?i |alaod V ?? M
pi ? . , wbei ?.:-...,!'., were ta?
fo. Ifr. Steven, and aol te tbi Boota Mr
I an Indian appropr ition lull,
.'-... o." pe? f an.ii BoBaraf
i anawi r w!...t m geatlemoa
; : : I 01 Bil I. A'.v 0F??I BBB.
| ??' ' : .'.'?: .'
tea atril ? Uti
or othern i aidtag lo
' b. Mr li ii .:., of K<
' i ? ' ? bill Mr. c
.:',?-? r ? iry of War exempted ? -,
Mr. w ? .-. ' ? .-: n bare
-?.' ".TK ,,?.1 it ? LAUB BTO
Ihe II ' i-l onitidera! ion ??f the
..-1 t ikiag the Bon aa 1
Oa a.,'" ?
:. _ Koeal
. I that a nb ?? amitta ! al
? VI. I ., ? :, Bl '1 BUfl
k ? .1 . r:,,r m t . - and that Um
?a,-,: g ti.? t ? i,.'.it. , s
.; ita.
" .-? ) fallowed tai
ii herein lie
ti | . t' I'.? 'Ire.i uri'? jFoiLy ?f
; : ? i nillnl ma ?
roller Clark witt a
lion charged her witt belag ia leagae with gold
- aad ? Ikam ?"'! i" ?? i b
1 rertigate the whole natter. I bl
I waa k1 ii d jii'ig
- "TI? ot t.-lllil III.,|,l
per of the Hi mi Io d | Um mnalalag
?:,ii- ? ? i fmtrttt oi tin Secretary will be
Mil. ?'?il.l'VX ? RM gPTIOB.
i ? ..... ? ?on. Bpa iki r Colfni
ii.? baan
is -.lu.?:, ? I ?all Id I ? -op!- .
'I ? ? r, ? den ?1 10,000 ?'o;- ? o?
I the J it I ona Utn ?,:. *:??? oaalrai Boa
I Bl ? iVIL Blom HILL
-mended bj - panol, t!'? re I"-:,,- t .<
j little OT I", , ? I ?t?i. It laiW gue? lo the
',';-- ? ?. , ? t ?.
TI!' Al T.'tOTBIA1IOB Bill
?i '.., u;., I tt,- atteatta ol Um
,?-.??-. i : ,!? r of Ihe day.
uki "ht op nil coast BvarBT.
The Cota Bnrrej Repeal tot 1863, delayed
on BOOOM Oftta war i- j i?t i.-t-ticl.
1-osT "I I'ici: MUM ?TOBT.
A ni'vv Poat*i ?:!. ?? Directory ail] bo I
a ter laya
,-, v. ( t RTt.N and Tin PBBB-MBT?
GOT. fir! :. had ?? loin' interview with the
i ? Di to-dgy. end lefl tin? evcuing f,,r Harrisbuig.
i At.ocu-.-.l rton
w a?iiis. ,"?.. Tharaday, March i\ HU,
(?I s C1 ?I IK S TI I l-iiNY.
Th? ?""lunn"?-? "ii I.e< oii-tmi-tmn hair re?
ported the tarttanay of Boa Caatar wbuaMMatbal
ta an Uareled all orer Texan ind tend the nan al
? ? ,, opli ixoredinglj bittei inateattbi Ooraraanat,
more ?o t) nu lue or sli BOOMI ago Bl mention?
anougattar CnB that the grund Jarteo bar* during ?
l,i? r,i,min pt-1 found .'?"O iiidicluieiii? for ihe murder
lol I mon men lind tahara, but not on?- of ti,?? guilty
parUn h?s b?-< n i eat ken i
Tho S",-r?-'.i y (?I State, In ? lettei te S?"n.tu>r
Bona? i detail? ii.? t?? i? )" Ibu aan of Ma murderer.
Mania liodri recently pardoaad hy the Caaaeil of
!. Kwiinrlaad. ob aoadllloa ot i,,- ?-migrating
IO this ?uuiilii He Whs hi,der l'-nteti. I of I .,nt,n?
| lti.-i.t for -.-I yean ka ebalaa, 'i be Caitad si?te? ? ,.r?iil
I Mr. vv lu-. lit liii?i'*, informed the Council of P.Mieiand
r ,t Ml I ? iii?! .S'il,s wat not a colony for corn ids
aind ?i itTiinalB. ?id that the p.-r-oti paidoned would liol
be permitted te land la th.? ooaatry, but weald be re
taraad to Switnrtaad at Ita ispean efthnu Bending
, him hithi-r.
In eonaeqiBknce <>t tho Inonnrenkmeo and
| Lard-hip which the pre?.-lil mode of [>?v lug ?jouiloui
id Bov-Tarh usmdMinitel u|s,n Callad but-*? pen
latoaen, tta Bonatan el the interior has dupatched
? Mr. ?.eoige C. Whiting if Ml Department formerlv
i (?..iiiiiiisMoiiei oi pen? loin lo thal etty, with aattaftty
K, tut??Ugatl ti?) matter nuil obum inch fait? aud BV
: formai ton as wil enable the Department lo apply the
'I UB ( lill. RKillTS BILL.
The lull deeUriafi k11 nenaai l?"rn in tlii?.
oouBiiy to be olikwai or thi tune, sute?, oaaaptteg
? In,lian? not taxed, und to ?????ure ?II person? in the en
tenante! their dril right?, has ?nully pM?ed both
j House? of Congieit, end will?oon b? presented to tL?
ram $1*000.
Wallace Whfctleauy, oonrietad ia th?* Criml?
nul Court of (he ? bstr?ctinn "? OaiBBBBBl ltonds,
hue been ?en'encel to pay a line of ti.OHl). Tb? light
i e?-oi Mo panaBf wn la ooBoeeaauna of the na?n?
mendal ion of thejiry to mercy, hit poad I haracler pre?
vious to the teretey, i is long inaenannunl heiore hu
trial, aud hi? end.-iitly declining health.
VIItST f*.:S.Sl<).\.
_._ ?
fsKNATF. ... Wasiiiv?.tov Marob 15?, 1 e?"-8.
Mr. Scmxi.k, gum tint Coiiuiiittec on Foreign
Alla,rs. leporied tie following resolution, which wa?
! laid OB the table ?i,l ordered to be printod
li Keren,, It a-.pp._r? .oin i.fti i.l e..tr??|.<aiiJe,ice ti ?I 'he
t-,'i or an?"! IUf ??.-.I.i r.m. n in Swit/t-rl?)id, l,?ve lecen?y
amtertaaea te pardea a pane* eeovteted "t m .nier on ti.?
. ...i'l,t|. n that la- Wi ii ? ?o .rat. t? Aiorri a, u?._i.ii.|t tliere
? v tta I Bile! silltel ami 1'ieie l? rea?.m to ?V..V? t'??? *""
i ?u perd? t?. i i ?r.- ii roi ?neied oi lu'?'?? ? is oBnsas i sr?
b-a :.??:-,..,.<?! i..,,!. am ,1.1m-? BOW, theicrr
lieiitied lli.tthe OOOtm ti tim VtiUi Blain I r'.te.tt
?gi i -i ? , b ?, is n, unfriendly nui ii..-< n?i?(ei ?uh in
.-,...iv fft.lti a?, ?lu- lore It) lr,|ie?tl the Prnideiil ,1 Ide
l-it.d but? io io?? ? ciaty of Wit pmltii to b? cva-uiMd
i.t-'i 111i,e r-p-e- i ?? ?,,.. ?f ti,.. BaMed Matas la toaba
'? i.ii'r.a -, with ., -?,.. a i.* ?. presa t it le the Oentaaw?!
w: ?"? !!???!. - ? r. .'.neal r. .[,. t-'i.t y ?ml lo inii.t tb at lau
?Kb astute .i as, be repeoted.
Mr. l.'iiiiu i;, from tli?- Priatlog CaanllMc, r?|?ort id
ire? oa te print 10,000 copi?e of the reporte! Mc
??i ntl m mittet . -. BecoMtruetion, with Ute aecan*
pan; ing tnumot y, tot the bm of the Bra ita.
'?io' Committee n ommeaded Me arteten afl?OII
?list. ...I . : il.l-aj,,,,, ,.s
Hr. \\ a i hoped Mal the imcadacte ef Iheeeendt?
Inwnldi abo adopt? l. rhtewneatnporteatdoea
ni. ut h ii i aghl tu in eirculata .1
Mr. l.il'i,:.) n.|iriil if Mr. Wade knew the ? o?t of the
priutii y
Mr. wane nid it mid only be Me marana !..
ta ? ia i uo and 10.000
Mi Davie- i wouldBketoknowapn what principie
of justice ead Impartisliti ibeovMeania tehea. Ona
gentleman ol North Can lio i ne at the :rui si ead.til
honor iblc] itriot? ia the lnad,fnn ne I Islnfbrmstteu 11
i' .'-i. ato North Carolina Ile informa bis that ?vi
orne h.en connected with the Kreedmen'sBu
i ?.' i been Liken. Bo eddroosod n tetter te n aoabet
of thal committee r. au? itiugtbal witn? ??es aku
hnd toeneuggnted bj thon who ctaiaied ?-its Mthc
Kenan ind Houm should be allowed te gin their ort
deei ' befor? t h ? -? ,it- e. 9fkt t I lad en
wita him he had ni. ned bo mi b pr.nl.we as I'.,, ? '.:
a Jin and iftelliL"iit .uni uopnrttel committee
?would s'elt !,ir MS triitli. the whole trnth,
lud nothing but the tru'fi in relation M Hi*
Butter, ti - in;.mi word !??? a nMeoi of deep katani
i to ti 11 oiifitt-, ana the muh of toar Inben hoeM be
I to lb? . o ?try, Bal li i iel I oa altin pet ?
' 1 ? -i ? a ' be : i . - ? , ' Bl ' ? '".'...en". . sup
preMing the truth ondillencing or at least rel Ingte
hoar 11 nl'-iii e m I-? i,.?if of the geotleaMB who olola
is.Mi? in the two Hoi- ? lunn Hie oletea etolndod
States I, i"i sas. an opposed to publishing nth punka
? si| bum li.e results ol " nil labors, I do uni belter?, at
koot I ban tory little fsita te Me verton totten und
lutomation read to the Senate hy the honorable R bo
terhan llaaeubnn>tl . proa ited to Mis body l hue
"'" ;. km -., h it? ter. in Vi rj litlle. in fin intiman}
ab lob the men is Me eaptoynnt ?>f Ila Kn<dmeni
. rite ia ii-liiimi to t.'"i atateof pablii aaliaanl
in the Southern Btal ?.
Mr D ?. i- f.e.i auld tbni nanarata of die kimi of
1 ? j t! ??? i it i tay. ! by the Tit "d
u. 'n'? Bul ild n ?ii ;r.? -i i sp? i oh suds t few
? . ' I'.i '?-ii. Clinton li. biabe in Gi . . Mi, and
i ni I'.r f'.'o ali Comm, ti el irneter
: . ? ? Bain u: of
i- i ? ? and b1 ?aston
ai V ttaoa m the Sea me tram Ken
tacky bad riMn he had ral ni cfs paper a see? ebenda
rCol W. P. 1 ty? lbs hoad of Mi Pn l
i ? rho WM Ion i '? l
"i ti ?? Hoi - of BepmeatetitM Iran At i
In I.,, ?pea eb ' II Is * ?id
for tf.. Uni".u in Kentucky, Oui
. I '- ' . - I' ,1 MO 'di til" righi,
' are protected bj Blata laws Knw, nu
? ateto -.i that neither Geo. Palaert
tetter, ? ... ], ,,, ? laeiaaati Las i-.1*1
. ' (he intb op. n thal
Hint Stiiie laws do not protea! tt.lnr.'d Beoda I matt
simplyto . irdtoGss Pahs, I it ne ii a tren
, Itemnn of talen1 r, sod a Cbristtea mun.
ahne word will go ft ? NatioB than the m
serti in of every II la Best?ck) \?to
Pi ? ? :r'ri knov ? t: Bl I la sa I I -nt
: ? ?'-./ a ??? t.: .o . Bel? a n it rs ol K> i M
"i now By and bli B awn a la'- Is
goii fe li (bal stn!?..
?Mr Wnno* theo i ' m Ita Ms fi.t ti. at military
men of ? mel and
iiiliiim m treat mt in K. ata? n, ead i lie
? v .!. ? .' i ,!. ? ? could '. '..ii
\i ' i -. ii t mc neaatoreftto Bannst rae*!
tOmti It? l ioi aaf
of s iii i i oi" of t?a.? Bebel BtMM kel
???It a-.ii'.a'ii apon taenj ?' ? ? ? a unirle'
of a nan? being preeenl it t?> t'. Commlt>tae
? . ? ? ,i ? 'ongroM t?om >
li I ii rot '.?en lenl f r
. .-tin! .ti ? ? i I te a ? i ?I ?'?y that lie
I ellina. I,. ? ..r t'.e ?' I) I.,.!!?.., ti .til, '
I Mut foi ? 1 . ? ti 1 II" did I?????
i i? ta ? barged b? M.
Mr. li- is -ra? Ve knew llwn
had i'"t bon ? ?.: |'|.' application mata by eny one
.- ?a ? -at in w!i!i ti r ie Indi! Idusl saggooti J bad
'mit bon ?? aii.i'-l Bul one applieattos h.nl bean
o.i and th u i ins by tattor. an i
WM n request to introducs teotlanj li w.?i i-r.mteii
1 m all of ? -- a ?
Mr U'iium- Oregra) aseid thak n a nsntor of the
? i su?! of m tub ' saalttoe,
n nu tication ?'file condition ol
and i a.Tela, he Wt eefiod '?t?.n to
len] the esnrtten of kit Davie Mut tbwe bed ben
|t..r-1 dily .n til- s.-i' et lau el e ktneooes. Na? i|>pli? atnau
,ii?o| hen denied? Bvot) attaoM aeaaad bv .person?
a Coai a bud toes na'
Mt .Laov-.a-,' ?K ., member oi th? Iteoonetiucttes
li ? i ?-(??',? callad apon tenr tha erery wit<
?Bans whose nama I id beaa s'i^troite,1. hy My nae ninia?
Ing i m it ia Connon, h id Im es i walnd "i? that ob
i < ?uiiiiiiti?'!-, of which to Johann SM a iiiei?i!?er. Hut
Hi ispersooi examined 13 bud toon suegootod hyper
( -a.ii? c1 ii'. Ing ??? ?t< from ! lie In'.la rriia-lltuLS States.
, Mr Dato -l-l MutuhTorthCeroBM gntteaaael
I known character and rapntaUon bed teM i.imi* bed
1 iMten denied the privilege of Intrndeeing teattnscq bt
ton tb.it I oiiitiullee
! Mr. Coaxna replied to Mr Itali?, bverlas Mc
I iai inn- c -t n ! ir.'i-r number el cope? than Me ot.f M
, it eui itiona pro,nie.I for.
I Mr. Davmims tot guru tray to Mr 'I hi mbi i : vto
'?uni that tooheetvtdadiopnltteatedobnnthtema
' totten, end M therefi re nned to peetpan the lubject
| foi ti e proa -.t. A
I Mr. I i -si mils?Oh I .et na tal* a vote or, tim.
i Mr 'i bombi 11 I wnJd like to m the BennieneM
tonnte tot the 8eaalw Ina Kma kv hi* just n* d,
lend when M r..a% tha-r? ii no te.?iug when be will take
Mi -lui. ?Lnnghter I
Mr Dim-?ml Ile BonntaC han M.n"ll Bl.lit Silmit
thntii.i? protoentten wm very grael tor a toag speeoh
jmt rmw, bal he would pn?nCB IC oec ipy only a few
Mi I i.tvit ii? I will r:ve way to th* Seustor from
Keiitu.-ki if lie w.ll gn Ihreagh m a f? w minutei.
I ; Laugbtsi |
I Mr Dava tank Ma Ban and s|Kike of the sdmin.s
. trallon of rnilit'iry altair? in Kentu? ky.
Mr. Baal ali K- MM ?? a matter of economy it waa
< WOrth w Lile I" loin! that MC print.ng ei|?enaei of the
j Goveriimt-iit bad untie up fruin a few I nnlred Ihn
: saml? te "ver g-.'.ooo 000 i?er snnum. H?' ??mid tote for
! the printinir of Ma .repeat however. beBevtogM Mnert?
i ant for IhenanM] M know the prm ea-ilinra of llie
' Coiiiiiaittee. when a|>!?oint!ii*nt he a oii-olered enfortu
I nats. In the ceam ??f ddiale he Hen.In. ka. had
? heard it o*k. al w bolhw KetM-i?, dripatag with the hiotei
?if I i.mu mea llioiibl lie admitted tai ( oiiifreii lint
' w11 not the ..neill?.n 'Hine wa* an oolb. which it was
ant prop i?. .j to repeal, ?hi.h would keep voluntary
Hebel* out Ile waa in favor of tb? aalmiaaion of men
I whose loi ali ? could not be ?luoatloued, and be believed
. all luch iliiiuM be ndmittid.
I The .jua-siiai'i wm then taken on the imecdment to
I itrlke out 10,(?!iand in?ert ?. MB 'Ile amendment was
i diiagreod to. and the original reaolution wai paiaat.
Mr. TBlInat!IA called up the civil rlehti lill the
>qnnitlon laing on ooncurreuer in the li oui? amend
1 meiits
Mi 11? vi? ri. ..t?-! to lay the lull upon the table, and
| roae to addresa the Senate.
i he I'f.air iMr. PoentaV- A motion to lay the bill
on the table ii not debatable. ' l.auirlu, r. I
Mr Davie?'1 hen I move to jeistpom- it till December
next. 1? tli.al debatable ?
The . ii an; Ii is debatable in io far oa it relate! to
the merits efpcctpcacBBcat.
Mr. DAVM peceecdcd with aime remirki on the
I general merit? of the bil, and wat obout to lead some
section of the bill.
I Mr. Thi Miil'Lt rose to a point of order, lleialdfhat
the bill is not before ! tu? Senate for discussion. It p?"??"d
Hie -Hi-nitle, and it lui? jiasaed the Hou?e of Kepreaenla
tiva with certain BBMadaaanla 'Hie neetin no?
ia. will the Senate oouciir with :he House is it?
oiiieiiduii-iiis. W? caiaiiut volo on the bill
?tfiun, but only on the?e !iiiaii.lmenti, end of
coui?e we aenaet dt?cu?a a iji.i ..t mu upoii ah.di wa'
caunnt tote. All tim amendments hove been adoptad
except the ?all one, which li now pending. The Sena
tor from Kentucky movei to |?oiti?one the hill until the
lit ef Deeessher. 1 bat doa-i not erleg up a dtoeeeatoe
on the merila of tba lull, which th?- teeto! pgepSSM M
read, because we cannot vote on the bill It haspaaie?!
the Senate. I limit a? he prop.?a?-? to read the bill and
ali-, us- ii that It I? out nfordtr to discun? a bill upon
wini li tin Nt'iaiecannot vo?e.
The i'maik gan Ma agaatea that the meriti of a b.ll
could act ka aneenedn a anetoa topntgnan Ben
' mn minht lie piven tor postpononocl omi ??.-iiiiiat post
[...tie: ,.",t lint li.e K'i-lif' li mel Its of til bill u. ?st not
Bs il'siiisied.
Mr. Davis inquired if it would tie in order fir him to
?i -i ti.ni ' ..in*r. -a had no right to put! such o MB
at all.
HefiiAir. Mad the raly eaccttea MM enid to In
ciis?eai by Mr. im.s u..s Ma peetpeaeBMM nail nil
ii- Hin!?r.
Mr. !??an- s.i.d I i' "I ?a ie au he wm'ltl ?UiillJSW
tilgt UfjUuu olid iiioll) to potlj'oiiy ludc?liJt?ljf. I
Tlie CitAiK state?! that the niotloii to i?)sti>onc te?I
definitely would not ?How of dtooBntea -my mon than !
ii,.- Motton i,, i oatpoae till Deoenhar.
Mr. iia'-ih Wm ?i i ii?,!,'? umbaasytttag by the,
BnUfA 1 vi ill adhere to my ongiani ino; .mi. | Laugh-,
t-r. I
Mi. 'lui nanu.nl I he weald ta object to the bun?
MntenKeataehyattenpttogto sn?,tv MM tin) last'
?mead neat propnid by ile.* Baan wa? aaooaailta?
.V!r. DAVBBald he would show that Ihe whole bill,
laetedlag the teal netta, namaoonititatloaal- and bel
nUnaeed the Sen ,te at teagth on Um i.Beitioa.
At the conclusion ol Mr. Ititi,- it-iuaiks the last
iii.ieii'in.t of iii.- iiousu wai ignod la
'1 he lull, .-i? it hi? paaa d both Boom uni w iii I,.? pro? '
?en?...i io i'i " PraattsBt tor biaaigBatara, ten followBi
Baorna i Thal ni ???r?,.. ? ken ia ti ? I ?tied -??nie?, toi i
no; ?,.',.,.-<-t i?, i iv i'.ri mi, [,.??. i, ??*., , iii i i-, i Bottsaed
?-.? > pi 'iv i|?,-'.tr?'| ?., lie . i',/. na ..I th? United ?"?le?, lilli,
? : ? i r.ad eoter, without regard te any ?
pie. ??lil , "li.It allot Slav tj Ot 1111,1... . ;t . .? , x, .-pt
... . .,- ? ' I l|"|i i'l ?', |H I ?V? I. ?li
.i i v ,-ititi Nd. ?'.ill tare Ita ?am* ri|hi in every Mat,. ??,<!
Territory, te oi .?? utdiB r .? ? .,,.,.. V.aad,
N- n i ?, ? ?in! jue arridon , (oleberil ;i in -. ne, i< ? ??? ??'li.
hell ?ad uawoy real ead peiaeail p pert?, ?r.?l t" fall ml
?-,;??! I?,-:,, !,f ???' ! ! i-. ?oil |,v, e In,.-, for ih,- ?. ? iritv of
per-ir ii,.I pcoi etty mite |eyed by v? :?? -. (oat, on! ?i iii
??tal.i tu ., pea ;,.!?? r pilm md pimeltlr? and lo Bee)*
?Mel mt-mi. -? ? , >-. .ed.,,??,,-??-. :?? a1 ,,i.,,i, ,-, .- ..foin !i, II ??
, Ol,- ,T I ,,,,' l It' ,|, I HJ.
BBC l. A ,i?l lol ? . p .', t. I,.,,,,-al l .-. , f a,f -
.??.j!,,-.., .',.1,um.??-. l-l'ii.tin,, . r , ',?(,,:,,. .!,? I -,, ? :
, ?n?? t,, I"- ? ,1|-, ;?',1 ny im ?I1.1..111 ef aay ?Hat? or Territory I
iy right M ,. I . I |, ?? - '? I i -. 'li s
nf. tri |, ini?i,i,,'u". p nu?-iti-l j" !,.''ai ,,, , ?Bl li
p.-r?",, I '!,:,.???. .?y t, ,,,e I?, ?iin la lil la a eondtllan ol - ?\ !)
ti lal -I i ' ii v -.? . . .1
?j. r abell hat I eu ?. oi bl na
??ci m bli celar erron? ttua ii prescribed foi ih? im,iii,ment.
ol ??Iii-. ? petema, ?:,?!! bo deemed tailtyoj ? m ? -,,,? -, ?? .
'O I ,i ? v. . s ill I"- |! I,. '-In-'l by I lu,,* I...-. ..?.???? .lill.
Bl o?, ' r - ?,;,' i-f ,.? ?i' ,. 'i ? ? ? ? -.; ;? ?.? you, m beth, te
th? ?li., ii ti ||a! I! . 0,111,
- I ,' I hal :!,'' I). Ill ' C, ?rt- ?,''ti ? I i, 'el S'a'?-, ivtthiu
Ibeiri ipeetivedittrieU?bail bare.?] ? ?? ; .? ('..urt* I
ot ita ?av?rai Uoti ,?-,,. ef all ? - tal ? _? bim '
en it i"' ' .- ited ihe pt, visi?n? ? i >.... '-. ? ti ,
Tei.ti, *i':i ,!,.- ' Couru ??: the I i .-'-.I Matte?, ?iii
? . -. io ira dei ?? 1. r j
??ii?"t Mina' In in-I'a in?.,' ,,? ?!..- -*ta(. or i
?y may h ? -I lo them l
h? t. ? m ? ?? \ ? i -. mil ,,, 11 -.'i-iiii.,ii, \
.- l ! I i- :.,,'. I ?? ? r
Otate? . ir- j. . , ? ?o,, lor ,?,,>? t? .... i. na'-".-v?i.
, it ! ? . i a,' ? r ..-?,,-. ? ,.. ?? .of. ?t ..r
wot. Urn* '? le! by vu.i ob !
... . ! . ? : ? p. .1,
,. ii ?.: I ula I. aal
., . ,- ad ?' -v (..- .--? i . -.i foi !?
.iii- ? ?- ?? i be .ti ""? ? ? ni v., ti
!.. t. (Oak ,'?? I'-'" lint ?I ?'I 'IY'* t. ,,_?,.
C fp",ov. -a ti . ?i??- !?r tria! t,. tilt- | I |"i
!.. f Cr?ait ( : m ti,? i.nii,,, r ia?? nb-l I'Y i.,? s i
i -. ? H i i
,, ; - ."?! .?.ra J, IMS, and all aclS
:.-.,,, t . ', I , ? i ?- ? ! ?a-! erimia ! :, t.
? r i ?. i . i, .*.. ? ea ' It ( ria ef the
ill be el .'.,... i ?
v, - law* ? - i - ?? , -tale* io f?i ?? i'i .
i ? .t in ill , ?. ?
a. ... i. -,,. ? g le Ib? object, e ?r? a.-tt,
? r-, i-, m o- ?. <?, ? ? : itali! ? i,' i' remo
...... e ..... . ....
, ? i ., . : '? ? " - i ' : .vi iii ,,.,?.??.? ? ?
? , ? , ', li of lb? ..,,??
i held, i i lue el
i ,,, i - ? . ? , . i - . .?'. i..i. I
? lal ?,,.i .I,.;?,,.it, -, ,j - , :
', t ,r- ,a ti?, tail '?? ?? ?
Bie',1 on IB? Mty I . ?: -
?i?, t ; ? t.-.-- I? -r. ?? ira? i. Minlialt ?,,,! 1' ? ty
M?.??!,?'? ' ? ! - I ?l:'-? -1 r-t i-i-, li . i ?; i ni ni
li? i...- < o ni m i Triste r . !? -????'.,
v i-, ?. ?,. ra el i oil, lu| ? H-,, l?r?
t,--,,... t .i ...? i '??'? . ita ol
,,, ? ,, i ,r. ,| . ,-.?): i., ia, oil ? ? r? "' ' -. "t: ? i ?tia? mty
... ,..'-. I",. ., ??-m .,; t!,. I I,li.
? ? B I i
ti, | ,, t , ,. " r ,.,? ??.? I a- I i.,-. I .Stain to
, | . dil i? ?_?.:?: . ' tad r| i ? r* .
,. . ? ? | r i -, - ? I "ii ?. i
-, . ? d ?tal mpt ?
.... rl . , ? . i ,,.?? i
? ? ? or i
, , | w.lh .11 I ? ? . ?I I? 'I U t"
a? t? l-l . s .1 ?? ? ' r? . ?-. ? ?? .a ? ,
1 ?pt t- t p.nnalilliPli.
i ... , ? ? ! w eeav (' -I
? ' i ?
. . .- , . -.-???. i ? -
I ?rl, , ? n r. ? ? Ita 'I- rrl" - ?. I Ita I Bil? I -'H' ? : le
I , ip.sp ii.? na i ?.?i "i i ?ann ..- koa? ? ?? i
? ., ?!,<! ?1
' ?,k-a?! ?iib at , ... t
s?.* '.. rhll *o.l ? ??. a. ... t. . ?t.?,l ha?- foo, irren!
! , , ? : . ?t .,- ? , . ??
?p I ?, up. an.I ita J.i.iiPi ?? n,? 14 iperloi < ?tut? ? i
? v -.n ?andr.:, -.t.? m ,.r,i, tu .. If.
.. .,,., ,,|, .. . ? .?, tel . i ? ' I made lo l*i ii w*ir?ntt
. | precept* fo? ?iip?Ur?. Md brtafto. before tbea al
?n *. - !>?' Ita pinviiion? of U li ???' ? 'I ? ? ?I la ?? 11 ?? '?
, j.in,It l" lill , "1 (-!?' -ti'll thPii. ( rlfi.I m the fut*
u.?y wai , '
?... i Aad to !, C.intii ?o'tii. r? ?re li.-r?)Y ?ut!,,,ri/p?1 ?nd
|| ri< ??>?.? ?j,I dite bal ?a lil 'i>- |i t?pr- ,,, a Ino??
- a -,?. rr- I - , ?,..,, by I bit irt, Bid I ? nmn injin erith n
uri m tb? eg???** rested hy Ihi? ad o* they are ml ria-t
i, ,??,,??? ?p ?? ? :?_?'.I t" "it., I ? t!' .i. s anio*! (I ?
lew*?ftae L'ellad Stillt I ! ?i it ita be ttatatyaf ?!
M ratall ead tWpaty vitr-m'.. :,, , !?- j ?dei* .t.-., l??r
,?? ia Fi.J pteeeeti taeed mutet li,? prevWea? of th.?
irl B?taO '? ii'ti iiup'.-l, tal ? tate mr Ma,
titi u, ('?p it tl?r?lnl n ??? ? r.pi'.i- a,-i, ?o
rt , o')., pteosss wiall t.-, ned "t te an ??1
prilgir BItnl 4rlf(-ntly Iff "IT! IP li ? ?I'' >? ? '?' -M: Cll, '?':
?i., , i thereof ' ?? i'", -i ia Ita ?aw al 11 Ml t.. n.e ?4 ita
?erie, p ,a v? ?,",i, Ita *.??? ,???! I? *!:p?*e?l t,. li.tva naaimtt?,!
?.-,? ? i!"i?p, ?,,,l Ita bett? r ?" ? ?,?!' ?lb? laid Come i?*- ?er?
U ' i? .te tia r .'.tlie? ' ill (' Hy ?ml efTniPiitlv in ? oeforaikty
? -, ?' . ?(-,.,,?i.??.ii?.a of tta I nite.l BtalM t?d ti,?? r? .,..,r?
ii.riit- pt ti!? ut ii.ey ir? hereby mtberteed ?i,d
p.i'-er-'i w.?iii!, iii.ii paomOn teopntinty lo ?p
? | ?t I? ?altin? ant!. ? Ita i hauls *, y *M "r mare suit
at ? p?-r-"lil fi MB *i,,i" I?? t?,,.? to in ??I? ?9 at !)
?-?milli m?!,,?iii.i t?r.!???? i? ??? ta lesatd bv timm m
l>. lawfil peif"!.i, ,nfp ol iheii roopotttm Batt**, vnd
f p |*r?ani sn .t;,[,niiite.i t" ?ia. alp in, iY?rr?iit ?ii p* ., ?ii ?s
if .ies?iJ itali hive , )i'!,, n't- t,. ?.-in,u,,n ?nal -ali to their all
tl,p bv.l.adpr? <r pom nmOotm ti tin pr..|,pr ?i,nty. or
. ,<-', i - rttea ef Ihe l??,l ,r iiavil for, p. nf ti,? I ,,i ?J s,,tp.
. r "' ' F imltl? ti lill? lia liara??,!, In the p. r'.Hi, ,n a- el
th? daly a kh ?? A k ihey *r,- ?-ii*.??.!, tad le te? ,<e * fiitote
e'?prt-.u ?? ,,' l',p isiseol th. I ni i.tit,, ti n ?hil. |,r,?hil,,ti
? mary lo e,.,ii.?n.i(y nit!, Ita pr.vi?i..i,? nilli., act . ln.1
? i ,1 ? ?mitt? ?hal. ,,,n ?ml b?? pi?, t.,1 by s?i 1 MteoiB *,,y
mta poil. Basle et Territory wttbla whwh they ere u?.?,!.
SlC 1 Ti,?I ?nt persnu who si ?I! knnwiinly nnd wron?
' ) hu?a, ? ktalnmponoB mty ct*, pr n ather psosn
| Margal ?* ? ?? Um montea at ?ny -.-??? nr pr,, .-??
i?i teil men He pr,,?,,?' ni ef tim Mt, or my
rriiiii or pptioni liwf ,1 y at?,itii,t lum or Min
?ii, ?t, .'. , any perton f?,r t.l,?ie apprtheniiou
? i 1: vstrranl ut pp. ?li ina? !,??? been iiiu.-d. nr mall reiriie
er ?atetan le ibbbm sata r?*r?un ttom the .-.?? ..k ??f tk,p
?a*,? p, ml,pi panea as ibmm et Ibee? tearfBOy ???i?tl,i* m
f.'ipsii'i Khan s,< irTPatP'l. i "ir?u?i,t I* (tip ??tlnirity betete
|i??ij ?nd rta lire?!, ? r ?'.? I ti?!, ?be? .1 a.-ist an? peism, so
*,rp?l?-l as *: ie?li.l .Inertly or mdirre'ly t? ?seine tam ?la
Seated??I tia . Iti.-er nr MM ppi?,>et lp?tl!y luthornpJ >?
a' iretan! ? a al,?,! ha. our or ?.neal ??,!? MTMB I, r ? hou, a
v.?, i mt "t pnoon ?l.?ii tan beea Iteaaa ?? aCstaMld ?,
a? to |in?ni hi? tin -a,??.:y ami ?ii',| ?l-l nntn-p ?.
Inn.? !?il?. ,,' th? fut ti.al a watrant hsi haBB ?**BbI for ti?
?Bpeetaottea i I ?" h p?r?,,,,,.!,?:: fat aitte ? of ni.! ?? t.. .. I.?
?aalerl I* * la* nut ?aarettau I?!.'??1, ?ad iinpiiinnnieiit not
et, ?H*diB? s,i iji'.nths. by it,,I,' tiiipnl I,-:,ne til? lil.turt <
of the ! n ted far the I? .ti el In which said .ifleiiae Ml I ive
ISppii . mun.i,tpti ,,r hpl.irp it.? proper MBit of , riiidtul jurii
?In linn. ,1 .ainimuted willitang nil?-nf thi orginliril Teni
tnrie* f.f Ita Cuitad Stat??
Sic 1 Ttalll-lltiltT-Pt A.fnrnpy Ih? Marilnli. their tlepu
IIp?. ?millie! lerk.n'll, S Said I),Do, t ?ml T?-ii(, ntl Ceattl
lh?ll I.? | ?id Iir their tervitiet. tin? like feel ?? uia? be ?I'owed to
then, |_| tin nar aervi. pi iii other , a.r., and In ali rai?? Wtan
ih? prn, ep,|,n|s anbaloii ? ( .,union,.lia, |,- ?hill i, ??:,-. tip, 1
lo ? f?p often doll?rs. in full l.-r Ins iirvit-M lu e?eli case, in
Bastas of iii ?anleM im lieu to tu, h tneel ?nd tisariaetiea,
. i - p?r?.iti nr person* antharueil to pi?, ,:Ip ti p p:, ? ni t,, he
ittupil by tin-li C'.fuuiiiain'ipri far i?,,- irrett ,,' ..ri.?? l?i?
??i,,,?' tbt prnviilni.l of Ihn art, lhi'1 he etilit'ed to ? tp? of '
b?e dal'll? for rit h p?(?on he or (hey <?av lrr??t n.,1 take!
tates toy an -I? i:?iiii,,i??ioner M ifnr.i ini, ?ill, .uri. ntl,?, I
fees a* iniv bp deemed leamnsl.lp hy tu,-h ( oinnifitii i,?r tor I
?nell ,itl,pi ?d.Iiti'intil ?put. ??s a? insy lie ne- .--?aiil v ,.. r : -r ? -1
by him or then, aiieb .? Sttoodtag al ?h? e'iaiiiiiiatuiD,
k- ri,.,.. ,1,| BnMaM ill tintait uni | rnvnl ,_ willi j
f ? "I ?nd lo-l^iiic* d,iiiii( Ins detoattea, ind antil |
Hie loi?. ?!pt?r:i'ii'?t--'n ol Soak ( ?minii?i..ner, tnd in I
i?i at?; fat pi-rf'FTv.i'n ?in h olher du!le* a* mar
h?- required in (he premises mrli f.-.-i lu b* nia!? p in ?uti
foiiiniY wu?, Ma tam mtnOy (aaind by ita ? rf,?-!? ,?i,ti,e ?
( ?lurt of J??tiee willan the prepei dia'iit-t or county ti Ban I
? ? prii-llcal,!? and oaid "il ??' ti. Ticiury ..' ?lia ( ult?d
Mal**, on the r*rti?,*ti o! Il,? Dlttliil I nurt within which
the s: i?.t it made ?al to lie r. -e oTerablr Iran, ti.? defmidaul as
part of tliej,,d|iiie,it in cm? of rnrr?.-non I
Sac I. That when. Y?, th?, l'r?-aident ut til? l'nlfed Stat??
ililli h?Y* reis ,< ta believe that ofie , iel bal e l,p,<a ni aro
I lkel? t.. b* rouiinltte! ?_?,' it the pruviiioiis el line irt,
??ilh'ii ?,,? Judl m1 Diitint. it ?tall be loWfal tar htm ni lui
In. retn,,,, to dir?', t the J,,-ti?. M*r?l>?! sn I DU,m t AtUrBM ,
of su, h lOitiii-l. to ?It.-iid ?t ??l-l. ptee? withii the DllUl, t, I
lad fur lime ?s b* ,n*v de*itu*t*, for the putpme ol the nuire
? peedy uren uni t,.?! ni panuni ttalBtd with I violation nt
(hil tet.lt,,! It stall be ln?d .!?,'? ???ri .'?. I*.-., e ,,.r orticer
when ?ny iu,h IBgaitBtea ?tal b* re, e|v.-,l B? linn, (o ?ttt-tid
?t the p'ir? *ud loi (li* Unit therein I. ii -n ?- ?!
Bee io That i! ililli bi Iiwti! for ?li? l'ieillent of the1
1 i gad .State? ?r ?, li penuiii ?? be may empnivpr for that
parpuie, t " euipl.v turh part o' th? lui I ant niral force* of I
the l'inl.al Slate* ,,r n! th? nilli,Is ia ?brill b? ne, ,-tiary lo
pre?,-u! the rleletteB ?ni enfui,???II.? d?ie eierutinn of lin? ?rt I
Sri II. 'il?! upon all qiieition? of Isw ?ii.in.' la ?uy cam?
nii'i.-, iii? p-.ii .?um? nf t?,i, ?rt s Unit ?ppea! m? j be tikon to I
the Sapieuip ( na?t ?t th? I m1, ti Stat,-?.
Mr. Tri khi ii. give notice that on M,? day next he
wen!'! n?l? UM Senate to tiike up Itn ca?? of tim Senator
Bon New ?Terny (Mr. Btoektaa), which had been re
temd en a preteM Iron tbi Legtetetunol that stale
I | Mo CoBBllttOt; ?in the .Indiciitrv.
iir. 1 itniMi-.?, callvd up tue De?viency bill, which !
contain*, amon^ other thine?, the following! I l
ptetingtto dome of the Copilot, 150.000 for defraying
tim expen*e.a oi Mr. Lincolns run? nil. ir-HuoO. 1 ir pur
nhsshif lins of loading Amertono uuaopapontu the
li n.trv of Ci W11un. gl.'WOi t'? nublo th" j".
unite? on the library to pur the hist inst.il.rieiit duel
on a contract BMdS 'willi Win. II. Powell for a naval
ptetnn te to pined in the Cap!! I _ pursuance
of ii j.nn? resaituti >n CppntCd Mure i J. l-?f>. gi 000| t)
supple a d-tiei net m the luid for the rollet of siok ind
disabled -? me i gil 1,000; fir tin pvchuM of the ?imp?
ort) in WfashlSigtoB City known m Pord'f Theater for
Mo da pocil .nul -nte ke |i :i.- of ii ai-'i- ,. i; ? ey ? \ M re
luting to the add! .ti of the Army of the I uit .- itea,
i. iloi" tie Muse'im of tim Medical und Hu-,:
p irtracnt of the Anny, I1U0.0M. Foi pi ??.?,'a .; .mi g,
printing and paper for Nation,it luti'tmc. notes,
fi ii m o
Te i i?ar.ce Committee recommend d the ?ti ?Uiiri;
ont of Me (?allowing pratten toeerted by im uni?? ka
??on nee?, on w M the fotOgoiag uppr. ;iniitiunl:
Cr.ruled. '1.. t l.ete-t.r e .1. r'..it Ml .it.'< r
teal te en need or r? ? ?.' up i lay ? Ihs o ? ii*, .? uiiiei
??i,, j m Um i i ? ?? i 81 iii .
The pro-, i-n u is stitaken out For facilitating mm
nunli itiaaii betw?aa lim Atlantic and l'.tctti?: ..???ts hy
telegraph, HaoOB
The cfih mi lion sslhoilcn the >Pi?sident toexpetd
durtng the fiscal yon aadtegtboSOthdoy of Jui
m : nu li of tue epprapriatioaof Marobee i-:, m be
nay d. m esped? al snd proper, not ex ?ding ii th?
.no. for compensation lol i ? ed Stn! ii
M.iraiials, Dtatriot-Aattomeys, sad other personen
plot 'd in enf.r? inir ti. ?awi forttoenpi al?n of toe
Aim motete tra ? for eayaervtaa ?? render,
sad for w Li,-h m? other allowa ipttrrlded
bv I tv. , and .ils.? s.? fini h "f ? li.'. Il
i?'h..,' Marr to poy Ma ntertesn ttoiodgM und or?
bitale sppoiated bj 1. ..-. ;? irs:-',t lo ttouetofCoa
maapproved July 11 i-' i sut i'-l at i s?! t.? carry
in?o at! -f t ha' tra.,- y Beta 'ii the i ' nitod Bl it -s und her
Biitnuate Msjsntp for the nppra ; softbeAfri. ii
"le." -m i for Me it' a ? lol I oi'irt
of In til e proVaidi d f ? by -1.1 h li
Pandiag the eonskleratioaef the b.?, : Seas! .;?
joiirii. i.
On motion <?f Ifr, Hioar, the 8 Bate acts
grotlngtedInMeeeusl lotioo li id .talc
i-ripino ime from tnetowuof Pidna M M Men af
I'ine.-iiilie, ia the vi 11 of < ' !" i il ? tor a
railroad and telegraph line .from Pin MobmsI
feasible point of lut? neottoe with the P i
In toe State of Neveda, were atukoB fron I
id twice, and referred to tb. I ?? >: on the
Pacific Kailroad.
Ifr, Bena nbt uni ?I kara te d ii
1'itiiiti, ?ml le sent np ro lo? r? 1 an B1 I
/' ??'. -#i ?.'.i- '-f. in r :'i.' as toa fered
UV bia HI D' Ceil!1 "7 ' .-', 'li
iii? Boar te Dot Johneoo of At ? - ?ber elect
from tli it sif-lte.
Mi Bravem (Pa) renarl
Mil ? !- -t : ameal t\ i im lion, a waa
Mat the necateg hear shoo i be .x . :
ten ?on ehody ' ne
Mr Burra implied, with ma hoi
!'? r iv ; . ii.n| no d ? ' ? ?, ii ? . '
Pa i -i Inala ? Mr. Men i thought I - rathol
s curten qnetloo, bat he (Mr. Smith) wa
t., let bia sudentand
khan ead determined te d?tend c nldiei ol ?:?
M ti.?- attaa-k coma- froi
Ifr. Breta?a?Thga I o' ? to inn of a
soldier of .the Uatttos hy thi gentlemen, nnlen ii be a
detonMof liimii'if'. Eua muta ara act pi latta
i ??? -i-i iKFK atete ' the! Me team Kn ?
t'.eky hail ntl ii II
' explanation, that ti
lhere wn nay objection. ? d thal no
le to ma le. '1 Be gentle) '? ihotl
lan hlaalf to a poreonai ? inatloi ind ? a.?>en a
arida ran;-* of debate in regard to ah? nhjoett
pen s,
The article lu qnesi m ra real h ti ? .
Mr. Multi ni. i \ ? nude ' ia of order Mai
Cere wai nothing la that arti' lo roi.: ., t ? ? io genrle
: i ii tram Keel
l :.? ^vt tKi k? l... i" ::'.??m m ' el a.
ii a: ii ;? ISatoodi ?I :?? i : no bim for hat .
r?solution to admit a B?bel 1 re. He ;? ni
Ita viudlcote him.?"'. lie ? ...air t! :nk? ti li
a-Iearlv within tim praav- on ef n personal et, .
?lid o; i nu n wide r ? IgS i ! li bete.
Mr .ask-, te s l| i rtof I M ' ' n r, m1 '. .t '..i ! 1 l SU
alwnya aadsntaod ti .? s in the Houm gate its unani
n-o i- c irisent to a xi' i. ??! t?) m? te a pam
Oma, it waived all it? ri.le?, and Ma U
. wai the onlv Ju ?r? ofl ttU I -.ir. to 81 IIB
I his pononsl pnlatiou rim' w.u? Ms uniform around
tuka-ii. ni.?! ti. it w .it ia omer to ?.ara the iii bm Bgaint
glTIII).' 'allV- 11 - . I i-nt.
Mr. Woiailiu Baa (I I I sa:d Ihat Hat to 1 llWUtl I I ???
! the nndnrstanding. and is fl yon .ned arila what
ihe gnttoan trt i Moon ' anta a :
I The Bpbakbb stated thal to tod alwey, - ?
alan an kad nonptad tua- chair, that : gn.tlemsn i-i
mnhteg n potncol entennttea ant state gi
i ? is angrtei -.1 ia 1 nos! ren 1er irei uki In
inn degne ntevant to thai ? Chair ti ita
Men to a nene M Me ? teutleman Bom Kan
t.ickv ia atoeriy la erd? i i de i iadu itl ia bimnll iron.
what he deem? mi Bl j It I *: M '. BBM i ::u fot I Bering a
rnoiattoa agtving th? pritl inn of Me loor to ni ?
, elect who, it i? assert? i n the article re ni, Bhaipcecd
' hi* tootkpteh on the M illa ? ! Unira soldiers
Mr. Barra Kyi ami on tedtaeoMthestutnefte
late Behei tosten doM ia eg the lb? ry t.iai Ma] wt ro
' out of toe Daten a? o dnannato honey.
Mr. llRiOMiLL d'eiiii. r.ti?. .1 til" pt', nt if order that
tketengnga u?ed by ti" geatteaca Bom Kentucky
waa out of order m proiinii.. ug tl.e i ip mou ot tile ma?
jority of the lliuse a dOMBUbto I ?:??->
Mr. RMiin?I did not a.iy asyTt.ntg about the major?
ity. 1 isnl that the eeiutea nterteiaed bp the Hone
in t!. it connection WM ilan.ua! .t. ead I ICpeat that I
siv further?
'the Bmani a?The C1 a.r saateiu the point of order.
' The uentiiiiiau BM no n^ht M raBool te su li lau^jage
j ou tl.e dnistea air action of the lioiiae.
Mr. SvtiTH?I did not reflect ou the dei:;?ion of the
j 11 ona?.
Mr Ha?Ks?Then the .; -.ettion ar;iei whether the
gentleman shall be allowed te prm led ia order.
! Mr Sn.viAB?I olije. t. We have tfot enough of it.
| Mr. Sunn (eiciteallv )? I mopone yoi have, but not
a so much us you will have.
The Bnanea?The gentleman from Kentucky, under
1 th?: deinaud meale that the rule atoll i?a> enforce 1. iuu*t
?ake Ins sent. The I'huir will hiave the rule read.
1 he rule ?al reail bv the Clerk.
Mr. BKOoMALt^? I demand now the enforcement of
that role.
'I lie sp,'ikeb?The question ii Shall the gentiumon
from Kentucky ?io ollowed to proceed in order r
The question waa token by veas and lays, and leave
was refuied by the llouie?bb to 70 vote?.
Mr. Smiib ?again ruing)?! rue to a personal explan?
Mr. If OaBMB called for the regular order, hnt finally
the House aifreed to give the gentleman from Kentucky
live minute! time.
Mr. Smith said that he understood It bad been ob?
served by some member! that a remark whioh he bad
made o moment ago vu the reason ?-hy he had been
refuted leove to proceed The remark was intended for
the gentleman from l'eimsy It anio (Mr. Bteveui). That
gentli-min'i language wai, that be bad had enough of
what 1 WM aaying, and I remarked, ''very well; it may
tie you have, bat I will give you more ot it." M v object
wa to be personal to him. not to the Rome. He cloied
hu remarks by a declaration of love for the Union end
sworn hostility to iSecinion.
Mr Stevens muI he did not rlie to answer what bad
been laid peramtl to himself. lie would simply re-eat
what he had ouce before aald, that "what no gentle?
man would utter, uo gentleman could aniwer."
Mr. BfBVBBn from Ihe Committee on Appropriations,
reported the Indian Appropriation bill, which wa. reed
twice and referred to tue Committee of the Whole on
the State of the Union, and made the special order for
Thuraday next.
Mr. Mi'i'fiit?! ii Mil.) introduced an act lo au
t'i'Tiz! the exteniion ond conatmction of ? lateral
branch of the !'? tit.more and 1'otoniao Kodroad into
and within the Diatrict of Columbia which tu reid
twice and referred to the Committee on the Dutrlot of
The Home resumed dunn? the morning boar, the
consid?r?t ion of the bill to amend the act relating to
the Habeas Corpui and reguluti.ig judicial proceeding!
ia certain caaes, approved March. 1MB
Mr Hakmnu a hy.) consumed the remainder of bil
hour left trora yesterday, when the morning hour ex?
pired lu arguing agaiuat the constitutionality and prin?
cipies of Ihe bills.
Ifr. COBSUSO deeded to mpi?esT an amendment to
the bill io m lo mike it give it more i-ouiplet? and
d?funt?' inileiunity to the Secretary of Wur. lie ?mu
that in purtomteg the great last which the BebeBten
Lad do ratead u;?on bim. and which he had (?erforiueil so
ably und io Well the Secn-I trv of Wat hail incurred
very grove resiH?usibilities and baal azpooed himielf to
lltigaaaa, if net Uululitj. tor tin- nela nahte he hud been
compelled to do. Actiag in good faith, acting on the
highett considerations eonuectcd nith Ms public goixi, j
(h- Secretary ha?! been compelled to direct M be don?
ind to delken cato toe winch pos?ib'y be nlghl not
h.vv em nil taut Mot .cnni.'Bl worrit)! w Lie u would
inanthimfir m Htlgnltan. Hednlredtab? Informe?!
whether the Jodi iary Oinmlttoe acre prepare? t?
.??r. r ma h umecdoK nts to IM MU m nut gwa MB in
de n litt to the Beere? ?ryal War.
? \,',,.- -. : -, ... - : d I iel the .1 ni., tv (ora
i ., - . ',,;. I., iking te tb, indem?
nity to nhlch the gen! n referre 1.
Mr. ?'''.kim. - i: 1 i-v.,i-verv elad te hear it, snd
Would v.te fne a judicious billon that lahjnt.
ile. SHi.i LABauoi it mentioned the caa" of so*ne per?
so-,, ii Ing audertedletment te c?ra .t County Ky., for
haviag, la Ma arrest of boom gntrMtea Met ?ne c1
t :i ead be Mated Mel Mej weald to tried, am?
ricted fi:'d ?meted ead asni whether thu bill
0 tai ?1 nek eua i m ti at.
Mi BABDOta wanted 'o know what ?nthirity the
m bed for rcporttenMM then pe? i i would
in- conde aned and execute I.
Mr. ins ' aha': ?: ? gave n hie aattority, firat, He
;'., ? ? -..,... nulletedi sodseeood, lha
f." ' t it one ortbem bed made thal ?tit ant to bin,
tond ee wim to regnrded ai the Mato of public
opli Ion. . ... ..
Mr. Uah r;r, Ky luggnted C?*t tie tra] could
be ? tos an ty bj eban.ge ef rn *
.?',? i o 'K -' ita ! th ii ti " bill woail'lc.ve- inch a ea*e.
. ' *v ci'.ild be ObU ?d t ? make it
do bo. Several i uno desctiptloe bad ben
'. ;bt to toe attention of the Commlrt t.
I ? ? ? ir itTiogespirad the b.ll went orer
a. ixl :i 01 li i" '
00)001 . ?'? AfrOUTMBBT.
TI e sr- /,k .a obtained coomb! lo spi dal ? third
an?-. .,-i- i? eCommittn ?n aeaeltod i->.--*. ??.d ap?
pointai ilr. trowbridge.
Mr. IliwoMi 'N'. V.). praMBteJ n petlHofl of th*
Adams Express Com my, praying tori i i a?ngc af
an ictuul uria g1 f legal tender uotet
i '? of like .i.e. a da royadby la.-e, winch was also
1 1 t.i ?: i? ! ,i. imittl ? o.i C.tilli?.
Mi. ItviMOMi presente 1 ? p.a.non of Ifessi . Ogdee
snd CoUtaa of HoW'Tork, pntinsc f?r a reim", ion of
the .1 ty ou : ni -i 'ia, '."-I tr. s the Bril ih P ..vince?.
m dcbwM referred te the Coaafttn n ti ays and
ir. Darli*?? pnsente 1 Me petittoe of brewers in too
C1 r of New-York fora r doetiou of duty cn barlee,
which wnrctettnd to Me Committee on Wapa and
Til I ?\N [ILL.
TI t Bouc thoa pt.I? ?. aa a ipeetel order, to the
wasideruttea 11 ti i ;. m titi.
Mr. Mo-nil!, fr.aiu lie Committee oil IfapS Bad
If? ian r ipotl ? l I '? foi ? log ... the bill:
Bl ?.?? ' .t ii <? i"i iwl ,- proviso l'rttvitl'.'i'. in it tl.e
! lilli; which niuy be Jii? - ? ?'. ol re than la the
United Stat t] emudepcyabto both prtndpnl nnd
. Intbeeoieeri reacyeftbeeountt] lu which
?..f. are n ida i. is ? i ? ? ea of in
tei it exceeding li : * at im per aseen).
Mr. Hui ?ii ni' .'.ii.' -- I the Bon? . li- r : ferrad, on
t .??.?; ?-. .?.g ot '.:- rea ' ta to a .(.''..''-r from tie Con?
ti lier of this Traaaary to the Score! I rraneiy.
? I ii- 1 Man h IO, Mowil : M r. 11.- I r7o'rs ia the r- ?mrt of
? nary a, te th" nwnsy on tondra the Mt of
lh- tot ti ... ' r. ? 1 by the v' rctary
waa ?'.o*"'. o i"'.'.'.". Toe aaount wbieh Me Couiroiler
im being ?a ii. ' ? ly of : - oa the
:?? m March ni Iii .; -. I',. asking s di . /
between aMe twoslntoCa itsofoi :. i i
toi. Hulbnrd deotn : to torsfrom h Chai nan of
? onmittn on Banking and Currney aa egpteaa?
?. .?.f this diecrepanei a
Mr. Booree Maa , in tbeabsneeof thaChuiraun
.'im.!'''. !? ? ' :. ive the explaniTtion esked.
? the 1 .1 the
. . ireh, as
">. aid of ? . i'l.ug a
ii e lett? r io aid
..a.:: en .New. i'ta.-k r'-'.'i rcil Mated th
i y eiToneoo hui! that 1 m .'
ted to include the omoant .,??.. . mu,..?,
r item i i te re Maa
1^0,000,000, 't'un c.-i-iii it) i o' napa aa i Ma u
.: gSMB Mel :??' '?,
i certain nkcthet ti.-i? i is na] '.'.. ia I . fortto
cut i ; at tb |. t
amount of u- ?:. ly in the No1 I
lu the 8 . .1 i.ud
ide apart of the ii'' 000 i ( Beere?
rherefore. I troBet thal ?am ol
000 in the Njt.o-i?. but k? u
e it i l.-tti already tom iaoladetL The Controller had
? iteal that there w a* an smoni i a.- Catted st-it? ?
tes Ma! had been retired, but nhieh t.i* ,- /
- .. ! ii.. ' ni' retl ed, bal that ti.. >? wer??
' Be wo:.1 ! ; ot Bl g ago into .1
r tia Sooreteiy bed the aw oritytorr r?
It had ton ann ind then ...r.-. t . . - sol la
a i -i"-. The Controller bed . . i sum of
Ofor Ms difference beta? s the i ml ni
Beren-thirtlM purcha I sod of twei banda
a..' I, sai ing that thut aonei iboul I be la I el rt ?-ur?,
bum the Mserctsiy ned m n<thorBg io i t ?,
' at that
id b.' retan M
?? i- n ?sort, iii?- Contri li. r b id
I ded 115,000.000 for Me rsln of gold b ?
Secrateiy nnalortook to - II :. ? gold to
noul '. i-?- foi prem?ame on it 115.Out ?00. The le : vm
i .1 .lil not hen sold, i.nd th' '.'for?' th??
: if premisa could sot bein the Tnnuryi .Men
was thorann na tocen to simp a dal the monthly
ti ? neat of the Secretory WM nat c.-.tu'ciy acenrat?,
mit of the investlcatlon made hy the enb-eoa*
nittee nae that 1115.WO.C00 ?as the correct amunnt to
on the Into! ii
i Mr. Ht-LBLBi^ after stating the io iM f Me fires
IsM ar ! the carani that will i.-a..,.,.? dM la Mn
.. ittu i yearn cweUiug ap to mu ? ;.t..?'.i < ?>,- < ?i, ?ant
.. it be mod? either bT i i.im: in.m t.ax
? ,r:.in it hy f.. tiding. Ho atoned li i belief Mel ?or th?
present the maximoa of tenta u hud probably been
That if the staten n ably reoommouded bp
e..ue Commlaioner, sa be hoped,'itMnld l?a?
id pel. for ynn ft could to repeated to yield oar nor*
ernment expenditurae and Istorastoo in public dort
....I.--, ne ft, i ? ,000 per unum, snd r. ?', t ant be
tail toft !:?.?- He exomlBcd Mooan to tem
sets of .! .::e, i-<i and kiar? i, i- ), and contended that
I Met yet oratcined amxkraitibie power lufllotant to
I enable the Beeretnry ef the I ? ? arj t" fond all Mn
outitand.r.g iu:"-'-t-''?'?rii:g"i : g Mons < ft lis Gotera?
1 meut. T*iis !,e thought sio lid ' I infiloiei ?. !! ? stren.
ii] ?' .?!'?'! taagrcnticg the ??-..i-r ia addiatteato
retira by paying or tumiing iii? am Intereol bearing
lognl-teadarn a ipeetecn romney etetywhen pee?
ular a:id acceptable antU tin ebon ooligultene
were provided !? r. In roferooM to the foreign
bntnn orprortaoof Mc bill, he oon>tended Mai as ail
our short obligations were now hel.I at ho ,*, ibe bold
j i r? pen cala to. aad w? il?L gladly - ?ivniaexchaaga
?n>Twnatp aatoadn haviag a toag bed teraef yann
t<. r .m. and that ihciewi-niir.ee aft) lian wares*
^t* ri-1 it tires Lad c ase 1, that we Mould go a rand hat iii
laud, to borrow money, lia pointed oat Me tOAgU of
such a course in tase a fotHga pi:::c ihocll take place,
li?, aaid our stock? Uo'ilal be thrust booh iipani our mar?
kt t and thut dl^a?tloli^ con-e.j iencis would ensue if
we too ?er? in the MfOMof ncrteta, He said if tlio
loan waa offered and tikeiiathve per cert, alternan*
missions, expenses, Ac. were dediicl'-u. ti,, re would ha
verv little saving. ln?tsad of leghtottog indueemeiite
for it to be taken abr.iid. we might rearrct we hnd uot
more prevalent lndueementi to ke. p our ?focks at borne.
He SSantead at aeniderahte length the bearing of tho
foreign feature upon the rMumptioo ot specie pay me nu,
and failed to ui.d a j.istihc.ttion of it even ai a
preporatioa thereto. ile contended tinie coulai
t>e nat resumption until the Meet otiligitiona
of the Governmeiii were ault of tbewn. that rcsump.
turn must be the simahteaoon act of MC ii vi-ruineiit
and of the bank?, preceded by conti action oi paper cir?
culation, bv economy, by manufactures, aad, of ooors??,
by export?t lou af awain prod ict.ons, then there could
lie resumptinu, uiial it cend to BMlBteined. He re?
ferred to the tact that after July 1 State bank notes
wonhl by taxation be drawn froiii circulation and that
that would produce contraction, perhaps ne much as
the Secretary or busi'iesi men would e.?re to lee in too
Maatlf nna 'Change. He objected th.?! the bill con?
tinued in peace tue vast war poweri of the Secrctorr
over the currency and the business of the country. He
thought the Secretary should give public notice of kind
and amount and the prninty of presentation of
the liabilitiea to be retired. Ibu done the bail*
neu of the conntry could and w mid at-c??in
modnte itself to it. He ipoke of tim
accumulation of money in ths Treamry. He thought
the temporary loan ahould be paid off and discontinued.
He laid ihe sur plu? gold was pledgard, aftor pat ing in.
terest. to the creation of a linking i':.i..i, while that
might hove been lnetp? di? nt in time of war, now tbera
were nai excuses ot least for it! non-appnipriuliun to tita
curtailment of the national todebtcdaccn Ile suggested
tb.it it might be well to authorise the Secretory to re
cetvs 10 pi-r cent of the Cuttoiiia receipts of 1100
and over legal-tenders, and cancel the lame,
or receive the whole in gold and um toa
? urplua in the purchase and cancellation of legal ten?
der!, declaring that would be a legitimate me of tbn
exe?-?, and would in time of itself pave the wat fur lb?
resumption of specie paymenti. He cancludetl by de?
claring bis belief that by the aid of inch Coicrnmeut
?ppliancca, economic and thrifty habit? of the people,
and the development of all our vnit ?ntl varied re
Mama ?-e ihould tre long be ia the fni! enjoy meat of
the age of gold, ?ml in-i .?me lu every deed the great
republic of Ma age.
sir. Win I Wama next addnaaad the House. He
ceaMced hu remark! l?y laving toot he bail nerer !????
Iori, uiuilt) a ?????edi that woo not exteuiporaucou?, bat
the hour rule prevailed ia the House, and be vu a
Union, law-abiding men. and had tried to write out
whet he uotild read in an hour. Probably no other man
here thought a lie did. He wa? the very member ia
the Houm who baal voted to refund to Geo. Jackson
the amount of hu tine, and had voted to admit Texas.
?Laughter.] He then proceeded to read his a(?.t'cb
with much emphasi? and aeltan Wkflc the Buaenm
extract! contsines! In it were being read by tim Clara,
Which made it o ?ort of duett pel ainsi M tli.it amused
the Home considerably. Bo Conceded that Mc ?utere.to
both ?if capital end tome requited a lied ?tai tiard of
?dues. A lluding to the gathering eit i'ii:, nt Igi mist ex?
empting Dotted Stales uouds from lawton M ?aiil thal
eiaiild onlv tie quieted ti lendtog ii" more of i! ose bon. e
abroad, and by providing a perin a ne nt ?liking fund.
t tia? ii.
AJggl t
He? l-ii t h Fane.

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