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Vou XXV....?V- 7J801.
gaturday-s Co_**je_:3onal Proceedings
fceedMsty Iwn Hogu of -Jawarii
?arding of Illinois I^blond of
Ohio, Clarke of Kansas and
Wn_*ham ot Ohio.
Dil!, y?ffncd by the I*rcci
Preference m Oficial Appointments
Wianui iii v. april* i*-",
11 , | . . - . i . .1 by older of
vi., i',.?!... ? t .iii.i seal a?'-- ti} t" ?;. ia-,, ra shara ha
toe men y fru-r.e!? BSl ral ?t.??- It ?- It? uti t! Bl BB
waa oni'iiiai' i l? IN advise 'f (??aaerata
rj,,:,; tod 8 ? !-? "? '- ?' **?' 'l ,;i* ' boa,
...?."a!. ,i l.m'. I .? .irp'-t Al?
laf&l and r tit ''ii' bul. m wai
k . . : ?id iii* n eii'tc sloed le is
lea--* kita. i'"'. Zelleb, ? at I ?*f Ike Mailaa
(?n, ? i ox tram tb?* tv etetety of um Mstj
i? ?'
j.JK ? of t?'r l'rr?if|.nt. Tim
? ? t- ii "! Iii.? <>>.l I. !i>'t!n?'-a Ita. I:?l,r
.. ,1.,. \ riy up iii
(lu ion "?"> 11.1 I S
(ootna aiiiiv ruas ir ?ni lhaaa who bsve
beta adalrere of hie ooaree for th. leal inn ye rs ead
tiwte !.? -*? who art i ow dh
aoki? :i t ? r.? i f blsBi fie ii.n seesaa vary msob die
koort? ? ?'d as i?i an I'O'lv ?.?: i bo le, aad
i?t- '.? ihall bo hark "'i to,: ?? e ha has
es1 the i *.'i ?i tiait in-i? ..i ?ft ksvo ???? .t
(ri?i ? ? ..ali g ? ? t
ton e ii>;> nf the 8 otb ii J MLCOO ?i d ? 11 It m mt -? I i'
a??,h the ... t i- ran;.' I a ! at
? he people hare bees led to believe
that tl'i't se ' i" the I' o-i'Ti.t, nial that
tb.'ir el Do?eretit partv, will t
tier tit ?*. lai-tat' .1 t? theil format [matu al ?in ki ?*i ?-,-,
; aleotleaa hate hswerer, eoateshat akekeo hit
?UMBUM?***?- >'?'.NNhYI.V \NIA.
lor WttaOfl will tei-iiiorro.'.' rspovttO tlu?
<s?y .it?* Mr Mysie*! i?ili tor thi
lieht ? ?? ? I ?''ii'tiBii*.??lint advaaeed t<?
{.it bet n.i..
6 . Meir'em of lmliiuiii ?uni (?ov. Curtin of
l'eu?*-}'varna a'e n??** beat 1 B IBM the BtltOI bet
beta teneleie?! :? f talga lai?? uln.
TUB I'ilK-ll?! N. IT "VS. i.lfNlH RK?'Ki'TI(?N.
Tin Prt . I? SOO,
rn Krii . -I nu 1 :?!? I ? Hu "ren?
B eut, iiuw?'v<*r, of ni ? boat nt- n f i Mirra vaa very eat
.ill. ll'-l - xt . .
n tu i ' iit't-l ?. ita ima lui l?verai n ?ii ?t ? -. iv d ?it- i.y
tip I'r?-ni* nt intio.1 n. d t-? Mr? Oes. Grasl 1?b t'r
Basai ki io Bet lasts bevies gam em to die* Ti ?.
??> ti??- ti.wt time ?*ait ? rtealiWiBi I?j? atteaded u levee <>f
OLJ ed bli suliordn ate?.
Tt is gcDonvllj ? 11??'- '?? ! II r the F
will in a f?*w day- re'ieaii" Jiff. Il?v ? ami Clettri.t ('
? ap?rala i tra ia as pseheMhiy i-f their evet
bciun Iii' d fr '.la .r |-ii li. 11 it 'ia in ??'.,?? ?' ? -j ir B1 !'>
w I i. a It - I't.'i.di ? t k? us ii t ri t r. d. It i? t tit ui.lia.rl}
tli.it I ?TaTafTBaa ?t ni Kir iii ? j.l tar till- te'-tin t,-iy that lift
??. f..r (ecu kept ?rt tot, ?ii d it? tS*SBBhSa kntwn to b ii
f rest ?. .lutipe Boll bseesaasaasd iii? opinion b
vr in ?.", il.at it ?a? eaasfft M esavist U?e?, aid ne
one ii mor?? *?nri ria? ?! at tLi-ir r.ot Ml g tri? d iliac
Mlgs-Adv ? ?!? Ho t.
A? < !<n. I-.aiik'? hi. n?ve*r nta?ttod ft re port
of ti e nnttle of Ciuar Muuntiii . Va., and ti.? --.?
Port Hu'iieit, the Secretary of War liai called upon him
for laid report!, which tin* Qeaetsl i? at preeost ? Bgagi i
lu preparing.
MDaam from casada.
Keporte won jootof-0** roooiTod i?y the Con*
BliM.iLrr of ('uitomi from a revenue* e Air mr ttatlosed
Inta.-n Oird?-ni'iurg and llndmi Font, detailing the
?tai ture o? ?eieral carpi*? rf irnugpled poodi, c-niist
lag tui.ftlj of l.ijuoi -, and auiu_niiug in vslst to several
theiciand dollar?.
The Doatoeratk A?Hi>(*i?tinii met Uti nifrht
and appointed Tom flatSOBO Mr. Aiken, late couniel
for Mr?. Surratt, Mr. Situd?*. lat" couniel for Wir/.
ai?.' J adze Muan:! a? ornu l'.t'-e to draft resolution? in?
dienne of their intention? aa to the future npor. tfe
et.!j"3t of folia? with other parti?*? upon t!?e i.nniii.oii
plitforru of tie 1'reiider.t'i peile j. Senator SauULary
W11 introducid, and ?aid he wai tired of euppeirtin?,
S min who would not help himielf. lie wai a warm
fienonal fr.end of I'refcident JO?SSSS, hut be wa?
"tired of lopporting a man who let tbe Connecticut
Stite ?lection g-o againit him when he could have pre?
vented it ; who gire? bia office? to roen who are hil per
eon?! ?nennet, who kei?pi a Cabinet about him not one;
of whom ii a friand to him, and who baa acarcoly a
Bomber in ConcTeai to lupport hu mea?
area. Let bim itand by th?* ( onitituiion, and
I ?ill think of goiog to work again. Beor
ffii.'i? your old Democratic allocution aad ?tick to
??Jut and yoe will nndoebtodly tooeeed io t-aa." He
believed to day that a revolution ii petming. ant Preii
dent Johnion would have better work for Southern mon
tit than hanging them. He believed to-day that when
?Tet-rion Daru left the Donate be wai a bettor Cnioa
tun than Abraham Lincoln. Tbii be would aay on the
Ooor in Congreai before be got through. Toil
work ef Congren amounti la uinrpation, and
>U inaettuenti are not lawi. He would tay, ' ?tick to
your Democratic .ueoclatlooi." Tbe Committee on
?aeeoiutioai here enterod the room, and Judge Manon
read the resolution? prepared. They protide thal the
endeavor of I'reiideot Johnion to reoonniruct the Union
ti unheld and honored by the Anociation. They de
taaad that the Pteeident itnll not beitow office on thoa?,
?lio will tu? the lame to defeat bli plant. They prorule
that the Aiiooiitioa adberee to it? old Dime, and tbey
l*we adopted unammouily. BDd without dibiU*. Mr.
okikeathon ofercd a reaolation providing for? City Con
?tition to nonunate a Mayor, to meet April fK>. which
tru idojH?xl Thii m ?an i ex-Mayor Berrett, of I ort La
wyttte notoriety. Mr. Alkea offered another reiolntion.
?lieh provided that a Coe_.i__tee of Conference of
??? memben of tbe National Democratic AieocUtiou
MM-aieled by the Preiident who iball be ei offlcio
Uiunaao, fe>r the porpoee of oenfening. under
kloitmctloni of the Amodiation, fron time t.? time. w?tb
kA ?sooti-rvative aieociatloni of thu oily, for the promo
?Utof the in tem ii of the conierrativ? poopl-, and to
WgOie united and biratooioei political aot-*n with that
and .a!! ether kindred aeeoclitlo-t haviog in vuw the
tkfppo't if i-i reitoration policy of tbe A-_-_Utration,
?fcieb wa. adopted. Mr. Trimble here pro,e? did to
?"KWrni the meeting, laying, among ?.ti er thing?. Hat ,
**? ?tre la perlloot timoi, tod It wai the daly of Demo- j
?*?Ue aue. ali other orgaaUationito endeavor t?i p. narre
? i?*i of the lind and uphold the Commotion. Tbe
ntku of tU pUi_-_, jiorth asd booth ihoeid be I
maintain?.]. Ile tbaehed God tu.it Inn S'atr- .]..) not
Ie4eeea the rcceat ecliec of Qcagraaa, i? iceaticaaa
the ti-rcTino ff oij.iii M_h*efa, if Keafteokj ?nu cot
?." n treated a? ea .gmml wnh elherflieisB m the Delea,
it ??ililli bo im i u tu beef bee undir tbt? esatoel st Ihta
alominniit carty??bia carty et* riraratleetala Ninator
l8 iCtahary numil ?.-ot IhC llixir and made minti,er
|8ll...k nu I'ltHiilnit JuhiiHVKii, annnji Uni? BCart]
nil t. i- Mi um, i it? in OeasjTCCa were ut k nt honrt lie
ccaa Ua ''n' Meat eeeld not att?'mpt ui help UaaaatC
ii?- Hill i-iui'.' io the nleel t?f the rib, Biala m. Btcs
to:, ...n! lo Secretar) Beac***), vhe acal area**.! all lila
trundle arid ?viir upon th? ununtry , with n IhOiiiiht ihat
!'n iTi-a.? would iitieiii|it to iunafiMih Vu niilorit Jo-mmm,
ti a DfiiiiK'i itn Mi'iiiIh rn i.f OcagfCaa were intltinl ?uk
ni hiait Tho analice IhCC .nlj.-nrn?-il for ?mo week.
trfl] be takefl up t?>-iiit>n-?)ii*, ami lbs prcvioiD
?] m. fit ion <-bIIi-i), iii 1 I ?of t?i? iiir:?:i'l upon. ?Should
tin" li. ".t" ruts uttt'inj't lo Bmhacter? II artfl mike no
ititi. ..ce; Ihn bill will h?> peaacB bessie Cay ailjourn
nn ?it is n id. Ititi in.! pii Babia that ?here cm bo te
08 ''I ?M vi't?"? iiaa-aiii?! Ihe hill, liuI there are our IU.
for it if tliert? in n full hcCCC It may not Luve ov??i
W ur i'.'i |.r?-t?i ut.
Six of Um Alt'x.n.ilr ii ridtiTs liav?? been ooii
? n. ii by h Military Cecaa?riae*? smi aealaacel to
h .rd Ininti m A.tii.iiy j i.l. John Moukin, ti?? vent?.
.i.i ' Lawler, two peere i ?' < rraeere, .im-fiih linne
n ?in in.d (,i.lort BiapBaa, nth ?ii inonllisi Otciu"
! Mmik.n i? ii"t yet spnifi.ee I, ne he ia llalile to triul for
When the i-i nom ils left Alexandria for Al?
ii-n?. the fern.ile ?ytiipHth'sr-r? ond othor? met them ?t
IhedCpCt, and ahcCCCC* CBd ?'lived ilma handkurcliufs
ni? tu y It-fL
Tin? Senate ???li tal'.?* np th?? Hour*?, finance
M i tr*-aeiTi?w n- i srohehlYpaci it without aaj caeca?
tni'i t. A ci iriu-t I'H? bren m.-iil.? with a ti: m l<? n-opsii
the l'un ii fron A.i-x.m ii in to Qeerect -wn.
On Thursil.i. nail tb ? death ot" Baaatoi F<mt
"iii ha.?nini m.'I'd le beth Heaaaa Beeden iv.imi.
i n .mil Bai ear will afech hi Um l?cele, ami
I t. I*. H. V. o-.., our nu, Justin 8. him nil and
', athen m tim Bocca
To iii? A? ici . ? I
I M.n.S, Saturday, Apr I '
'!. r?r???,?-**r. han n| nmvcii ami Burned lb?
bill m. '!?? ? ii, tu.iii? ti ?'T'tili tn (he pontt.
r*cs| ? ; tt i iir. d Stat-'?, it j.- ? tim
'? ii,nt ii m -y pansa, nr perseas abell f. ;?-??- ! ? n. ?he, aller,
largeor 11'i.uti'if'it, ni cacee?ct pn?aic babe Msslj
i altered :. i,i .1 nr i-?,m.leif.it? <!. <.r * ilnnglj hu!
u us? ?: li t.'.i- f.ise ashlea, eMeriM tar?iai
. nr ' - Bl | ft' ? lull ! ' i,1. I'lii
; se?'.irit?, elBelsl
tor other a tittie, fur the pcr^ws
? ' - ?. t -? t r ?' al stier, ur mit
l8 lo be '.-.ti'i'.'il nr (iiililisl i-il ?? Ime.
i - ('.-?'? Beii ?! "t u Boten? t' i i'"i"i
. i.'11 ?! nu I pa?, ?c,i:i!i 'Iii. .li len ii. |>l.l|.H
-,. ir a rim e. lee the porynea af celreoJ
i .*?.. t. ? kio.?a lee tin* sasss la ht Iahe,
r ' ? --1 .??j ,,) go ;-.r'i liol]. nr shall traaos ita erara
pro, ars le be mi sn.itte.l m
.' ibs ? ? ? ? tlin-r i f II ? I i led
..: , i..|. tod
.oki pinpi'iBsJ. eaareiIre asea Ity,osaelsl hoad, peMta
li? u t, ?fti'lavtt. or ntlier ? ritttii'. kin.wlut: the lame
! I . bl fitlsa-, ?1 ered, a? BuBBClftatieS, lor the i nrpotae nf
: .,.? ? i Ktatee; rroty saeh psraua abell
b" iii .'i! ed sod .u i'. Vail rniity ?ii.ny, aal helas
lhere??! ? "in? i ?? i le "? la
; : k. ,.i jt hhiii iii. i i..t eaeaodlac esc
? or be iluul sat exfOeeMae 11,000 er bath ?if m.d
yu, i h1:.' nt?, ut liri 1-' li li? i. "l t ? < unit.
Ii f-iiU- r ?i ? - i- ? i .ai ? ?-'?!.?,? Shall I,?' 0CO
r ! jl ,|??> ' . ; nr sball '? ?" nf:- :
-' I., IT ti I-- li! .liar the jirimlii- lilli ni tha, t'nileil
i ,,,-.,. nie i r. t.? ita i ' CB
?.i.!.?!.,t .???ni'li? pi i ruled t.y an? lea if
i tbe 1 ii?t . ?-ii ??? > ? i>flha?e ?hail ur."> oorvletioe
m si ? co'.rt ..f ti ?? l"r tt?al *?t?iti? haviiiif eecetaaess
thereof, be Batta inaadrccctn the iii. i pealsbaaccl
Bl ihe . .-i? 11 ihe **i i"..- m tt'hioh (.Ince it ia id uiav !><?
ahaaied, no? la f? ? ? ? ??. proi Sed fur the like oBeass
n ben ivin.Siitt'd ? Uti 8 Hu JalICdtCttOB of ?u- ti Slitr
and no ?ai.?i-.| i. nt i. je ni ni hi ? Back Stute law ihall
?ffoet au? i.ro-?. allon d'T lut-h latTeine in any of me
?laUIIB "f II a- Called *??!lt?-H.
The Pnatdeat bss also ???roved the Mil prmiltni*
thru in Cri.e my ntfic?r nf the N?*ry or N ?val ('orii?, CB
boird a recaes ra Iheeaipley M tie Daitad Btaaaa,
which, ti? nay eeeaelty, cr m eettae wtth the eacery.
j nr n?? ha sou, ??r aiherwtae til?^tr' yod, ?iinU
i,,.?? lost bis peneaal 'ft''u. lbs pmp?-r ac
rnni.tiiiBT ntficer? are aetkoneed, with lbs approval of
tit- St'iTeinrv <?f the Nsvt, tn nliow to sin-n nflirer a
aca actccccettteg the caaaetef ins ?ea-pnj for one
nun,ii. m ooaalderath a for the taca,
The I'M'iidi'i.t baa stae approrad th? lilli providing:
fort)? traiiaf? r of the eestody at the lihr?rv of the
Sui.Ukoiimn Institiitinii to the iit.rary of Congrtas.
The national ?ntllliiyent er r,i\ -? Capt. Kaph.u ]
S.-:!.mes wa? rdccoed, on hi? original p?roli) under
Batoa?8henBsa Coareatlea*, under an order
iksued by lha Prestdscl raetcrtley.
The Preiidi-iit baa r?-i*(ii*iiiti?',d Nic?)l?i Kafat-1
I Ananda as Vice Cunnii nf Kcuailor at New York.
On?- fourth ni tim pi-r.-,?)iiH just appointii??! to
(take BhCfBC "f t!n-?'4 jiost-nflices reopened in North
Carolina ead VirfiBle are ?umin, Two of tbo aoiaru
(iruviouily cacctated ecald no! take the osth.
The Department of Stute hua r?'?-eive?l a ?lin
! pitch from the Halted State? Consul at Funobal, it?tiiijg
that a vast number of jxxir but hosest and hurd- working
latorersof Madi-im, who ara ?killed in the raiimir of
eerealt thevnn-, Kiiirai-i-un?", ii', and m irnrdeiiiiif;, are
i desirous of going to the United Mains, but bave not tbe
' mean? for ni ion. ?.lisL ir: ?.- that object. Ile eipresses tbe
? belief that if one-bnlfof their |?in?a|? iimney i-onlil be
J ai'vanoeil to tbetn by parties in this oountiy, on a cou
, traet, t?ider the ac*. to enoourajge emigratiun, to be re
pr?i! in latx-r. at least lu. AJO ot tbetn would be preparod
lo loare tanedlateiy.
TIio Prewdent htiK last i-tuod the followin**
cironlar to the bead? of Depar-t-taents in n-Ier? no? to
nppniiit??Dts to ofboe
It ii rnilnenily right tnd proper that Hie Oovernnitnt of
tb? United Slit?? tbould |i?r .utiiit tnd ?tibatantul rtiileur?
of ile jo.I Rj.p-? a?iiou d7 ?lie ?rnri ?a of the pelriottc man
who, when the lite of the nation wai Inipcriiad. entered tbe
army and mvy to ptnterre lb? _i?gr!ljr of Hie Hmon, defend
th? (teven-nuieiit, ai.d minium and perpelaate uniuipaired ila
free ia.titutloi..."
It t. tharefore diren'er!
Pun Tint ?a ?piimnimenti to "til r in tbe ?everal Tinea
II?? Drparlinenii of lb? I leueial ?JoTernrnenl and the VBrioua
branche? ?aftb? public ?ereice coaneaUd wrlb Mid Dcpari
BB?ni?. BSetaSsaes tia? bo given lo ?ucfa mrrittarioti? ?in. boat
ortbly oitchtrgrd ?oidiBi? titi tailort, part mu?a?! y tboae who
bat? ?ama diiti.lrd by wound? receivrd o? daaaSSS emntxmeind
In tb? lio? of duty a. mty pott?-?? the Pfot?* t-uBliCcattoii?.
kimon* That in ?II |.r .ui.-tn?? in ttid degaattmeiiU tal th?
l-V?l?J branr.hr? ft til publie ?rirlo? r<ji.ii~;???d tt??rewi_i
?u, h tritoiii thal I bave prrler?aee whee eajtmlly elIglbie anti
quail!?d. over thule wbo have net faathftil'y as?b?li-rabiy
?el-tod lu the land or ntvtl 'oreel of tbe I'lSted Ststaa.
Aaaaa? JoassoB
l ?e. _i? Mam???, April 1, l8?.
XXXIXth congress.
Wamhiioto*!, ?aiiu-day April 7, ISM.
The Houae aat at* if in (lommitti)? of tho
Whole ob the mata oflhe Unior, the onlj* business In
order bein-; general debate on ths Pruidsia*?. annual :
Mr. 11,1'ias (.Mi.; addressed the llmue. He chira.-,
tensed this sesnoo aa tbs seaaion of magasine artioles ;
prrpsred and ?jioken by raeniben. and published ia
Th* (IM,* to such an extent that tho pablicution ei
CCCdei by three or font bundred paget the ?suaotit?
piililiilioij In the cnrrsipond.iif* j*r ed of tne Ant
session of Isst Ocagcaaa To what beueflciul purposes
bail all tbsss essays ttmlrlbuted I With the exception
of furn-, or six. or pt-rhaps a doson of than?, thi-rs ass
not s solitary nsw idt-a piesentad in thsni.
They wsrs but a men r?p?tition et what bad baan I
?ai.l ?nd ?lone bv other?. The verbitte? bud leen
eba ?g1 ', the Meee watt tie ?ame. Ti.no laofihat
Tniglit i e ii'i/hi?led iilm..?t ?? le?, for they h d their
list, then h< corni ,n?l their third rewlr g? 'I 1 o pria
Oipsl t??pui ni Bil li????' ipei-cbt-a wita t1 e An em-mi t-iti
a-. >i tif \ lui'ii ii.-, .nt. Ile I.lie?.-.I that lhere waa ?
areal ?ieui -.( ?latakea t,i> ? i.. 1.11. r '17 ? ud ?? mpaiby ?>i
(illili eel lar tl>- 1 ?ma ni |?.(,Ip ?*!in || ty mr?" in
Sl.ikiTv, nuil he jirt'ii. tlnl lu ,huw tram BetsSBfll tt
pe? irru?' 1 b hi tin ?aii'ifli S?.iit!i had Bul bad leah ?
' k. ' J lud I'll,.- l'f II. I li? I a l .if ||a i|i? ,-,-i, bri light
es1 ? trtiea ??f t?trettoeisci fron Maeera I'm??,
i I'l AMZ nilli VOKI.I . Ml. HO-JAVH in?? en ?bown!
' that lu* I'elii'k.-l Sl.it I'ry t?? lu' iran?*. Ibsl he vu?
1 elad ?t set * ? t ?rp.i tv ,1 f'tin the osasllj that he
I bettered tbe DeaM^rattt party aaaM Bet die ?hi.e
liberty lived, aad thai ?ii deelaaettoa ai ont tie
.negro wai a (Treat ?rung eelpntatni on fi?gllB?
, nuil ihf A nu r.e ,111 pe t|i|,'. Pa??ey on to th" di-., ti
i i-n-n of Hu- r? e ??tiri'Ui Ima titi? ?lion, Mr BOOAB in
le.I? ?I t.??tinit tbe nu' nsi-li-ue-t of thr? prraent |>oli?-v
I Of UM K? publican pilly Hill, l!i. artioii uf CSSffVMa
Ithrnaghaal Ike war. in toeadoplh*a?MOrals? olary wee
Union? ia n f rvasa la the ehjn t at the nur, A *. ? in thr
"1 if 1? ta 1 n tlir fl ur of per?on? c1 lia 11 g ti
tu' i?11'pu ??'a 1 i?tir?'? flinn Taastssstasd LesMese. aad
Mathea ?alluati general lerlalallao. ateeh ?f the
I Hrtiu'iientatiiin thi? ????ion bad liiin ii|_*aiii?t the l'ri*?i
Ident ut the I Iilf'd *?_.l(... Hi- lind !>.., .1. 1 1, i 1 iM
I niul ?hneed beeasae bat p??licv wa? ?nat ined It? li.ut ti?
l-rat- in |be lloiiri'i bnl ha.t he n??t heirn nominated and
?le.-Ual b?r'i?<e lu" w11? a Deaeofel in el Id enn-e le?'?
a Se'nihi rn man t A Hastiara ll.-in. crut on t'.e ?line
tii'leel Sith an ll'ini'i? 11?'| uh'l? ? 11 'nail" ip wini llu'v
I bad railed the Dnlee | .irtt in UM, IK moe rat? lu?
tai'.eel I im [" rt?ly fr-'in Minette linn 11 e?.
I Mr Pat?tarli sat ti"' asai ipeaaar. Be asi sol
' ?ympatl r 0, be ? ii ', ? ith Ibe lag* r wal wlnc't hivl
I bera ethibtted fur reeterise the Iwsrgeat Si .*??? to
[their pint'- in ihr I', na' initi . tlinliiv pfiar their nx
mi.? Iiul Flirrender? d. Ill thOBSkt the effort [ne'ii't
t'ire. It leeatH to him ti ni tbe ?> <?: 1 iheold i v ? brea
? endenekee ? ?th. nt beete ead with v.-n pye ,1 | ?libei
lotion. Re timucit it ii.n'iiii have salted nil the atad
1 p '??lull? hml ?n'??i tri1 ? till tht *.k hule nullan lud I'i'li
iiiHdi* t?i f? el tn t treaeea ? ??? a ? rosei i?u the prit, y te
lie |iiir?ii?'il \? ?Iii trnittii? Irml Ix-.-u ??'tflu! 11. m lian
1.1-i iii ki !? 1 .-ii m 1? - ?e Healan 1 aaai assittet ?seh ?!??
ment? ? f rseesetfsotlea M SmsM inn1 a nil?- :l eatlrelt
?h 1*. ?-ful .11 d until Ihit ulm kin .1 I.Ii..i.lya|iir?i. h tll-.l
Ireesoa bed bees eleaaied ssd ("?ritu'?i by *b< treas
li ii; t 0 I ' - n- li it re inn Hi,' iii.- f. ?r IBB eM las, "tul
? f. r the lu nur a? it fl- r? of I1 e I.'?'; Bl In*, ??? wi li I lime
\ itr,uria .11 ti? ?.n.Munn'. t gunine loyally Be a? r?
j ?Ililli? ni 1 mi ed of ti aa I r. -.. ti I reported fri-tti
Iii li? i-uiiat! lien ui I int iriitt-e relali a* te Tea a? nan
! ?-. fi.i 1 ? u naen ed '" '""' '? ?I i'1" ebai late istl 11 y el
, ( un? r- -i tin r t|U* ?i Km? "f th i? ebaraatst. i?at ti ? >naa
lotion waa aat a en* trm freatabjeo' alaasetbi
j ii h m i.t ineij preset led la the keel lens He thoogbt
it 1 'laid I ?? 11 ? h n.ai r veil t?y 11 aki- g it i" te duet t A
'? 1 .?ri ?"i*. 1?! 1 ? . aga? 1 ? ?, ?iii.'ii.it??ii t.? nu-li- ?I fini v
j jin i| le. he r . .ii t 1 !'? IB 11 tin 1 ! It rril'lTI' g that tht
I Si le of Tenaeeeee te hereby deelaivd t.? be ose of ?
I I BltSd Stilt. ? of An er in. en. un e?|ii?l f-n'i'_" wit'i
I other Stetei ' Thal laagaago tim sudnatswd ' ? mast
1 lu -ae -a ia 1 Pee area? e wea sss 1 it af thi f mun. II.
I . ia? -11. at ri tiilag wet i'liiiai'il, ia 1 the Ira
1 g*i iga ? at i ?'''?? t" ". 1?? ? ?Beti 111:?111 a? d i? mihi n??t !.??
a r ' a a res KM aa af mm I Ib pan in.'?', t ?? rai i
?.I ?. ?? l.iia'l. I? iHiu-ii ,-? vefi v. n tir?"'t. "i ii kim..mt
." . ? ? ? ? ? .ml i- ere
appropriate aad lau Habit m ha ?leaadereiaud. I'e
I thought th? reeolatioa .nrgt.t be Beek Improved bl
? t - eoidi be he.1 ?j.: atttatlng
I got v,,-.. lomethiar hie ibe Mb?* li ??
I |,?..'iai , it Um Male ?f Tai ? ????? l"?i;.'.
?? I? -.-???? ; I ' 1 - ?: 1 l? 1. !. ra.1 .?> ill.
?-? ii, ,? n 1 t . nanrae? Bl nd neaaM bil rvpei
?>il ti. 1 ia 1 . ?
He held thal r."t an acre of ' it.I ii |) f *?nr.!l ern re
r ? '? ead rea* .1 tot a sstaei t le be aodet t11 N.im ii
j !? v. rrif/n t. Ko ????um t ?.ii or pferaediag of Ireeeae
I d repealed the a. ? ? I CoBgri 1 hy wau
|i,', i.a r ? - ned M be the Stet? I '
I. t' rr the 1 it, ? -? .1 :.' doet< ' ? ?* -.?? ?a 1 1 ??,
l-l. uiil-t be 11.?I.:-?-.? or el?r .?. iy . -d
? I li I.r lal I Ubi) lir,'it.-.l a? nail a d ?uni
>? I te tuen who bad ? I wurr I
-.-i 1 ? . ' .. ? ? t .?tni v. be ??? ? - 1 ia , ?-1
ia ?nu it - .1 1 I. 1.-ii un I ml been ?- ii
mi-iiy of tina, I l,??ma?. ?ii. nat I?* ? ?"? i" '!? ?I '
, bank tw ?au and !??? 1 for a lw ti I ,!i? .tal.tl 1 < f tira
l?>n. N<> t-<.tullir?an- n <?f polio? a.? ti--11.? 1.. 'i.tr ?.
a., a .-m. tu-i-ttarni <>f FSpedie
k de the overa ! g1 ti ?i the edi - : ?
i.a nitu ti - e-.iUi ? ii- if IBS 11 ?'?" k? ? , .
?oredasuMlde thss treeaoe it-.-t*. rbett
ti.1.-r, of i? ? ' ttrai linn ti it **??.
?ii'. iad m It? of I la l
at tim ?-?.i. r- ?1 '1. ? .?men. Tbe ?tt- r esaaM have o ?
. b iiiui. ? im a 1 ?iiiiaim ,1 a weedniSI potter el vote
in 11 a:nl thi? v .?ni?! ??mv I?' a rrteit 11 t" Ibe ?ii?! pt li I
ol the cunt' v . fur Bl the tit.I Hie li- v.duli.1.1 it u aa
es1) m t .in NstH '(iri.rpui anil S<",' t at
Ibt ??"?? i' a 'i' '?? "i.eii ? .-re -. f ?.d ?util .y, I BBDOWei ?
. of darkiiH-a essU 1 o' inrri pk in tl.i? ? MM M. In 1! ??
' 'natter uf daly tu wup I the freedl BS tkl ' mi: trr w .1. a
ti.'i before the wsrM, as? 1.i mt weampa thajadf?
a ? Bl o' 1 "i? ral
Mr. II IBHSO l'l i mldr.-i.-.-il th.. Hu,ian It., ti In
; r.'frl.'l.i ?' lu li'" tilillt.t 11 ? i.r...l'1-.U . ( Ibt l-l.. III. li
saasatbya breioa lesa nur ly ?ui??titmiiig g?:?i
' liitere?t.|.i ar.Dir lea 1'? for tSflPSe* li 1 ir?i4 1 ai 11 y
I liund?. n??r !?} ? ? iii " tlag t! ' :, t m. .1 ' at r a. 1. ur the
ShIiuIibI I'-ank 1'irrei ???, th t ?roooaid Issob thef?lBl
, ol ipeete pnyn em . we 11.int ?le| ' ni 1 ut ipeo t.i.-ni it
I any ed ?! e>ni bri apea the iri'la.'?vu reeosrect ?f Ike
aesstrj aaaat f?n?i.? bnl? rub slave, ?osla) pH
' Wellt, ariel all the i-li-u.rnt? of lint.-?? ni ae , 1 : lie!
I velop?tent of taoeo s Q sot es1] ?sake apesta payment
I poinble, bel lnevit'iblii. bil!, al lil the:,. BO kfioillioe
coultl at in? ve tliat deatred te?e? t.
I Mr. "A'lieON (Iowa; ??iel- I K?-?utni* that the mea
I aase fruin the Net atea in reference t?. v.* aetloa on th?*
Civil lliiflit? bill, Will ba ree? ?k'-d la tam lluiiare.ih
on Murilla*. 1 eleilre to ?t?te nu? in urder ti.at imlu ??
may tie gi?. 11 to numli.-r? w ho nre bete thrungli tni- r?
porti ?ti tu day'? proceeding?, t.aat immediate!? after
the munni g fi"iir on Monday, if the ine?aagv fnnii ti ?
Senate ihiill ! ave been then rer'lved, 1 ?hail ntl? to
I haye ti I Veto M '?an??!' of the 1'reaiilent taken np and
after 1 '.i? ri*ai!liig. I ?hall iimie the previuu? iiueition on
th.- paeeage ei lbs bill. setvttholasOlM *he ebjeeta?sa
of ti - I i-ru'l'-i.t, in order to bring the II ?.-. to an nii
mediaU* rate on the bill.
Mr. Hi' K '(?ii??)?I wlih to 11- k the Chairmnn of the
Juill, inry 1 ???: u.itt'-? whether miine diKcuamon will not
bo allowed I
Mr. Wn.viN (Iowa)?It li nut my intention to allow
any if the Bal?a will ?eoond the previcu? qn?"?tieiti.
The bill liai been ali ead/ diauuiiod lu the Uouau very
kir j*iN?K?Hut event! bave occurred ilnce wbicli
warraul at letut lotnn iliicuiiiun on lo important a
II .-..-ar na th ii. 1 truit the Jl u,-t will aliuw auinc
'IheSi'XAKBH?Thi? U not th? tim? to ?ettie thli quel
lion, lim gentleman from leiwa merely girei aetloB
tint he intend? to demand the pre?iona ijuratioa on the
Dung! of tbe ('ml Hight? bill od Monday; It will be
for the Iluuai th.-ii to ?. -.-und It or to refute doing ?vu.
Mr. Eiiikiii'.K ' W11.1 ?It ???emito mo that the gen?
tleman from Iowa ourbt not to Inmt on puihinit (ha
matter through witboat diiouailon. The liouae cer?
tainly ha? not boen very iudoatnoa? for the puat two or
three week?. Almoet every day a hie ??ljonrued
earlier than It bad bera In the habit of adjourning, and.
certainly, lhere?. 1? no oecetaiitr for p'unlng a matter ?t
tLii importai t oharaoter through under the pr?nom
ejueitlon It ii an abiurdity tbit it ihould bo done. It
baa not been done In the Senate, lull di?.'titan n h 1?
been had there. To puah It througn the liona? ui.il.-r
the previoui queetmn would bo a dugraoe to the
Mr. W11 vi- That will be a mattnr for the Hume to
determine. I Intend to move the previno? ?tueition,
and if tue llutiae- iball lupport me we ?hall tan a vote
immediately on tue reading of the Veto Meeiage. If
that will lie a dligrace to the li onie, the Home will
I.ave to put the diigrace upou iteelf. 1 ?hull make that
iinjuau. 1u.1l will depend upon the majority to munn
Mr. Lb Ht, -nu nest addrenitd tbo Home, applying
bimaelf to the diaproval of the argument that the miur
gt-,,1 ?stat?! were out of tin I'mun He laid that at all
tteiei darlot "", v**r " bkd ->ec0 lhf <le<*'"><'ed policy
o? the Government tAit the war wai waged for no pur
pom of oonqurit or iihJagatloD, but for the mainten?
ance of the Union. ( ungreii bad diK'lared lim in it?
reauintiom. Mr. I.inooia bad laid n> in bli meaaagei
and 1 r.?"lrir.atiani. Mr. .Iimmon bad Mid io in bia
ptselaoallot of Jane 13. ma, deolairing the iniurreo
tlon in t .e- -i ?te of Teaneeaee to be ended,and had alio
eaid ?" m Mt proclamation of April 2, 1060. Both Mr.
Lincoln and Mr. Johnion bad beei at all tnnei uniform
in their nmiegei end proolaitaUi'Ui in treating the ln
?nrgeiit ?si.. ? ? aa Mat?-? in thi Union, and the people
only In revolt. Tbti idea bad porv-tded every denirt
ment of the t.overument until a very rivent period,and
noue undrniood it more peneotly than the Anny ann
Navy, with their Ceimmender in-chief, the Preaident
It ?a? only bow, after the war waa at an end. aft*
all reilitanoe lo the (Joverrment bad t eaeed. that it
bid been diioiveredthat the imurirent state? were out
of the Inion, and that their citliem were allen
emmie?. Thi? dticovery lad bean mad? and wa?
pravcly defended by the Jacobini of Coegre?!' He
l.ojK'd tuai befori long thii .Iac*.?tnnt?.ii w??uld diaap
pear from CongreM, and from the country.
klr. LAMMOOn (Ohio) mad? a ipeech In lupport
o? tbe Civil Ktirhu bill. He laid the bill wai not de
?igned foran? cl?uu or race ..| p*rmn?, hut t" *?rot??ot
tbe* civil narin?? ot all cltiiem. It to aSVOalj len to
theinooDle of Hilt 0SU0U7 into tot Magns ChaxUJ
wo? t.? Ile people of Knglsml. It did n-'t ?IT' t any
pi utii.ii righto, aaeh nu inflinge, ihn rigu tn held
I'tlli-e nr to tal on jurie?. Ti.?" C*CM bli, io fir as
this Bill wee esBBSiBsd, ti tin- Btatea It Sid ?ot. >n
f ?at, eotfi r ?nv eivil r.sht?, hut it priitnti'tl th.it as to
ti>?! rniim-riiteil en il riglit? ?lo mike ?ni enf. Me SWS
ir-tclit, In sue mid tie ?ned, tai give etilfii-i-, U? liuv.
losco, held sad srfl prwpetiy ead Is han ti"- boa? Bl
cf lews la c e ?. f,rit? of ? ,?-r?a??ii sai prepcriB?cf ry
i .1 /. :i ?i,,,:,,ii ben thoa ia i rai i rtime .ni lernt- ry.
'I hey !? lacead to ever? i ti/'ii so th.?t the b II ? "?
?ainij.iy ?iiti.irHtory. 'I t,iy ?ten? r? ?innled HI (caliea?
uhlo iii/hl? a hu h lloran acm eeeld not tekccwc?. if
they ivoolii I?? tnki'ii awnv furn me el -? of i it r.i-n?,
Ihet eoulil ha taken away frnin any other i-l.i---, BBC
lhere nui, lil he lui proi taloa til tit ri?.-].?? ? i Belara*?
red erticcea nr d tue pewj la tit my r mt ei Bice i ti it
Bight itii ur the vaaajeccce til Balli i?l imttv. it ???
BBcaaea theee riebte wen ?leatac le th? Uatae aee ?f
Ihe Weall sad le th.? Breedaaa'a Bsrs .0, ?ml ral r?*ed
ri? ii rurhti >y uuliim v ?..!' um ?. II at .t 11 ii ti. tier le
prt teil Hem bj eitil law I bei By vi, 11 it. ry jmiver ! Hi?
reBeegee (htr. Bteghaa) had been retenant) footed
nifninri ti a bill but I ti \ nneipel argea? el w ss .. sinai
aeteeee wblel hmi bin ki? nrard ttickaB act, ead u
vee therefore aalSii t" 'jti la it sgaiaal the wbul? bli!.
Mi, Ctaea (Kansas) sert addressed the li'' 1 a
tin- 1 Beetloo nt sceaactaaeciea 11? h? Id 'h rt ihs n 1 ?1
lum? *?t_i??'e weir uni ni I'1" I''i'"U m fir 11 ? 1 J right OB
Ihebr part wee reasoned, Tbej steed ea eralastasi
ti e nar of acttaaal ) ?tue, 1 iit'i,.? eera ia thal) his
?1 far a? rei-nniibil ty u> ihs OtirsmsaeBi ?.? 1- eel
1 i>' BOC*. Ile ileiiiiin.lui! fin II e Ile."le .'ti i i li rlgbtSaCd
fu I prot'i in n io ihe re In.) B BIM Bl IhCCO I lgb'8,
Mr. 1 Irilin.-I WiS the li'II l|" uti' r. lie cVclsfOd
khacB?'aaahta le ??-nt? ahh He Caiaailttee aa Be
in- ?triii'iiii.i n? ti, th,? [??.li. j- ?iii i?, iii.? at* pua
lug in" JtiU t rSBOiattaa (ST tie .oin 1??,nu of It .i
t?i'" lit' ?, 1.1 nut think that 'lenin-sB-?- w i.? n n ema?
il ii ni lo aisrotaa lbs (eaetteac of 1? State wiuiu ti.?
rae -i-tA.r.R pcaeaated ? eoBaaaalaatlec ima ihe
Set ,el?r? 1 I ?Var ni I? ply |0 II '? rSSOh -."I' "I t i? I!" 1?"
I f I'"' 'Jil Iii?! , I" refolelii e til 1 Hil ? r? a !!!, 1' ?"ii lil t1 I?
yuHiia'niiHi? 1 '.1 in-p.-irime ti- VTssbiagtoo, ?mi tin
1 1? .I..- ii lol i:,,i ; ii ii rrspsettsg the Coi cul au Ait Huilla
Hil? I III] nil I a? I lill?-.
At H BJ, tn. the II".i?e sdj ' iriietl.
The Iliihmoiid Sr a, ?pu |.ir? It,-ii nar I'llh
lien t.nn.
ii' 11? ii*.i?. \ 'i, april I lr-o-6
All tlie dailv jnnrii.tl.? 11 ill rceuiuc lu-aairru*?*,
?mue if tin m ha? nur s? s led t1 difltasltf a
iii' p?i?!i"r?. iiml tin.? retit : ?ir ir ?t-, und B CCW
I laten i" work st a re la? 1 ?. r.u?.
- ?a?
t rap I'ro?p??i? al ibi- Houlb - lt?-poris
from Ditter? ni ?ititi? 1.
Ni'-.i-iii 11 ??* i ri ?. April 1!, IPfi?.
An hfrii-iilfiiritl re*.n aajra tbe paaplc of
li 1-, Geo pi. Al 1 - - * j ? a ii .1 Mississippi are
? ii ?' 1 . , i I Orr ein, nee, and
la? the S - B ' t 1 '? ra
lad Wbeet ere pmi .- 1*1 s p ? ,.,? ?.
ann em ne runt, bel ? ling IB ? sp Bl did fo'cre, .. ntl |i ?
? .t.- ' linn ?tutu iii* Ka ' ad Wei lo help in? 0 ? i
i crop 1? a tin it?I at i
belaa Aiepectrrwho Is makins; a loor thi , 1 .1 .
beac ??.ii retui u vi? 11 Bceeecs
llonated II iirfhoua.a in taira.
Ctiaa, II . Til.Hy A: ni I H-tVt.
?t li 1 ?1 unit li 1.li flint t'i I til ball I? Imllili-il
vsrebseae I tala elly Tbe Atstaiant tt?-ereteiy of tbe
? in? directed ti.? ?n-?. ?m 1 f cuii'iu.? tos?
Bellata if ? alni ."le ?ii.!
"Ka- tt -\ ,,1 Ia latta liln tiona.
I.ivi v.MuS.
R? ttirna tr<?in twelve toa 1 ?hove Dn 1
eft*? ever tata yt ?r, lae Bl pehltaeee ead Ibu Ttainii
. ; CB Iib? in?' IbBSB? laren cb..?en.
The I'lr-iiti i-ii-i tinti? m Orteaai Coaatr last
j 1 n..sv laaatosd m f . ? ? . f ? ?. ', 1 1 '
I visera ead twe Daaascrsta?a ItaaeeraMi g.m of o'i?.
PI Tim.
lu I'l'iuim fin? I ??-1 na ?i i,?!? li r?s lust mu? Su?
it <-t Vi?..i uni l!,e Kr?, ,!,l , ?, ? g ?inn! .11 e ?.? io,np i"- j
alto lea yeaf?the tren v..., ...'.u.?-.?.
snreitt Tbs BepeBUeea lawas .1:1-r...uip?toi?n
.1 .1 r atecaea
BIH mr?! I'.
'lin- Daina paitj *-i??? 1 13 sad the Deta?**eTati
tv n .,? ii - Beete nf .*? iperi Lea -, 1. -..g ? 1 sa n pata al
? '? ? it.iii.
l-l l.r,tonton ti.r Baa Beard will rttoi po?
.i-., iii di., . lt| Deeiosrsts, .1. The 1 aloa bmb
gb.n the leveecf Ana, (Jroretaad ead Weet Sparta,
I le. lion iu I? l',ll,;n, .
Tba charter clectioo in Hal ique, [ova? ob
th? -Jil mit., ri-wullt al in lee el. (ti,,n i.f the I)-::,,!, r?tic
lietel bv ?n enrage aejctlij b1 na. agatsa no?.
soapsnd wita nit ?mr. Thi tact, lagslber will the
ii'. s .if three Bembil? id A Iden ra '"it mt ti?" gives
eel fi ni di m ti nt loc?la* great cecee u boj 0 fur their
Baeeeaa le the tatara
nirhigaa Tsws Rlerlions.
In M ir ii ipi n tin.- eaatoiaarj iowa Blaettona
aeeatred? Maaday taat, ead tbe DetroM yayrt, ne
i,f ni nunn thit piirti dtrisieao ease ?'iiinS" ?hu wen
steeled leeaasa wilfbeccatlaacd firths eacciea y*-?r
very much the inm? ni in the y.ir jiait. lbs Demo?
crat? gam cuniiderably li. aenfCl lovalitiss.
The I omi?? li- u? l'Art Cam.
The Hartford ?'rest ?nit? Bawle/*! inajiirity at
MA and Ihe Courant call? ii MB
Retaras frum the recent elfctiiin-t in TcMMSSta
ih.iw tliHt the I'rion men Imve ginned three, and per
hn|i? four, members of the Legislate***?. Williams, of
ib? bolters, from Center Co.iLty, i? intoned by so small
a majurily that it is ?sid be ?ill now go fir the ?run
tillie law pending before the Legiilature. Freeman,
nae of the nbleit of the bolters, ii ?*? it. n in Hi-v?,,..,!
County by Nunn, I'limu. Hood, frmu llatmiltun. will
1 outsat the sest of Foster, who was chosen st the recent
aleethaa. Adair. Oopfierheed, i? lieaten in Dver sod
I.'hi lerdiile Mortis, Union, is sCaccad frotn ? aniumn
Cou'ity. Ila? kim 1 ."mil returns a Union man to fill
ti. 1 vacancy oocurred by the resignation of Willis, a
Bcathaaaac Daaaaacattra Ia ali other acaca yat heard
from tbe boltars hsvesucoemled.
TnK Kbipsr of a Low Co.ncrrt-Saloon
ami uki? Husband Ansiaign roa Tiirit.??ifflcer
o l.rien of the Kighth Preolnct on Hsturdsy morning
larr.vted Mary Doerge, better known as ''Madame
Hell, " keeper of a low concert saloon lu the basement of
No 5j!8 ?roadway, and bar husband (iustsve, on the
romp mut of Joaepb llarinauns, an importer, residing I
at No. 10 Mecakae ?I. I be eoniplainunt stales tbat on
Kriday night he met the hu?baui|, Cnttuve, and in lila |
?ompany visited a rufjiber of plaons In tho Eighlb
Wird and on limad?ay, and. at length, tbe saloon of
Madame Hell Heve. ?I drinks were taken, and finally, I
on the mi it.it Inn of the w numil and ber hush .ml, be ne
cotnpinied tbem lo their re?iilene<", hTa, 118 K|irlng it.
On reaching tbe house be accompanied MaiUino Hell
int., a room, and laid hi? wallet, oontainlng Ali: ona
but tau. At the requeat of the woman he took trom his
Cngsr a diamond ring, and allowed hdr to take it to ex
umiLu. In a ibort tims after, sho returned the ring
and IfOk trom the barsaa the wbU.-l, and left the room
with it. S.IOI1 after be looked at Ihn ring, abich lie baal
r?i .?ei d uimn li? Buger, and found that tbs stone,
va ned ?t ti'*}. h?d bien taken frmu it. He the re foro
csiisad the srrast of ?be woman and ber bntband. On
Sat u rain ? tb? accused were takon before Jastios Dodge,
sad by him held for elimination.
School of Midna, Columbia Collbob.?
The pabilo will 1 a glad lo learn that the damage, caused
hy the Are of Frilay sveomg. will not occasion say
ii-iiuui lntsrrii|'um nf Hu exercises of the School of
Mines, Columbia Collegs. The fire originated from the
overheating of the brioawork about tbs fine of ibe larg?
mu fil k furnace lu the assay littiorntory. by which tho
flouring and the woodwork of the acid chamber? in the
qualitative laboratory were igalied. The fire au con
,iotii to the K.'ii'tli sv?. end nf ibis laboratory. The -
??unntitatlve laltoratnry, mioerejngioal cabinet snd
iirnwlng aoademy wrie not liivaded either by fire BC
WClSCa 1'he exercise? of the inhool will cnntii.ue BC
nina], and a few dart will ?africa to repair tbe damage. ?
It is hoped that a pernnm?. ?. buildi*-.. speoially adant?-d
I.i ihe Tarions wsiiis of the ?.'li'i"l. and capable of b- ;
i-ninuodatlsg sll ths students who ?ipply for sdailsaion,
will soon be trccltd. U?*r eigMy siudentt are now m ,
silcudance. I
I? Art*? A 1.11 OP Till. < I VII. It MU I u
Haime ta be fir. ?I ?? R??i?n Contmnn.
I O-TON ?-.-itiiriliv, April 7, Inn.
The? IfaMoebnaotto H?opubliooa ?Sisto c??in
n ri? e hsve anesoad f?. r .1 tslate ?,f lol gw-, t" be lied
til: Hu.-?lau ( ''III" 1 r. at la "'II lu ii III . lui I a 'lie HU'I li'-' I .'?
peei?go el the Civil Risita bid iu iiio &euuioo?er u.<*
?t lo of l're.?ide*i.l JoliliBOl?.
Itrjairino al l'oit?ville. Pa.
1 oriHMi.i.i. I'??.. S .rti? k?,'-., Apr.1 7, UN.
Tbo If? ?mi?! ? .t - of til 1 ?". us dum Bring
Kui yna* in lu.iii'r ??i Ihspaeeasv ty Ib? B?sala of the
Civil 1.?giiii bill over the reta of iba ProeMest,
At rfallstafpfelo.
Tun AinL! nu Salar." y, April 7, If*!"?*.
A udotoof 1UUgoori sol fir? < 1 in tins ritj
ilii??fi?ni.bj the I'ti.ti League "ker the passage
M the St Bio of IBS Civil l'.igi.t? bill out Hie vele o?
free Ideal ?TbIbomo.
Al Hungar.
?ANr.'!:, M ' ti , ?a iiiiliv, April 7, ine',"?.
At neilin, te.-.;.it, a National -.. dio i* ?im liied,
the bell? rung, it ti Iba ?u! na ni II g tli-| liij-cd fruin all
pr.m mt nt pin-?-? nnd Area m ty ii tat. awel?aas. in
ii o tu ii" ' " i a-- ige oi t '(?..?I:.,. la Mil ty the sea?
a it i v i il.? l'r. ?ni. it'i Veto. Hoi Irte an 1 otfcet re
Jailing*) ki lil t.illt' li...? I'.'.? evi Blag?
Ai fut? ?ii I.
I'liHtiafii ?Sstaf-sy, April 7, i6VA
?One l ii!?iri?l ?ona sara lircel tln?. uiiciuoon
f..r ?.i?.- .1 lu?, tabill.
The Civil Itiahi. Kilt-t'oDgrrae.
To Ike F'liltir n/ ?lie .V. >'. 'I'r.hnne.
?Sut: At u Emoting of tin? ? iii .' u of lforth
Hi i? i atoad, I. L.I.(Iel ?ni the? 7th irrt.. Juieph Pull, emj,
?ire".- .ling, ?ml adelieie-ci by A. M. Powell "f Uri?<?a,lk ti
|be foll'-wili? ro?.i|iinna? k?i-re in Bil ni"ll-l? uil-.pt. ?I
nal ? e um lilltee niietru.ted to tr.iiuii.il ?l.eui to Cuu
1.1,.,:, e,l. Tl?l'ii|t??:?nf |i. li? I I! c' '. bill by the
S. a? . ..: i... I,' r.l - a ? . ..? rib? I'r--. le-iail ?.-t'a i. i-r.
? i . rtr ii i ru?.' : m d we ?Head ' I lae oyal ui?j ni? i f
bulb H .- I i . Mr ??? ? air la ti a- !? r ia. u f.r ii aapiMiii el
n ri.vritiinriit. a? c ni.e.ri.d w??n He rcor!.>uuati?>u
ui' iii r. b- 1 i i.? -? ?? ?
tamul, i-a ? ? ?reeatly eall upan Ciwiitmi, la the mr
."leo lb? ?<?.-* .'. I. lb? R- |ir-?Il'l'ltri af
IIh ia? ? p. I- ?? 'i! ii.'- ?i ?In n. ' ? le al- ? U 1er abai vi the
S. J etti -'ate. - - ..-..? 'i.'H |.l?lei t <>i
-, - .1 ii . . .!. . I idl ne, til pr ?.d' for the
f other i.i / ? n I - - - I it i ? ? Mil I?
i nu ? w> ? ? ? ?. ive kean pram I ' " -
n '. urti .nitral l'a; t-'fi ?I, ? re-ii r to ti r prill'i| 1.?
,.| . i,.i . , ti Ml r I i. -.. I ;? a :?:.: - . , 'a ?I all 0?
I ? a ? ! I 1 IirtTelllU'e.
Sorlh tt.r..p,Ut:d, li. I. A|ill -, l-"a. * *
m*. ttiMi ii im a mt ? tin.
A Niritiiiei Aehore "t.ur < nryifort I ??*>t
? Probably our af the *l? w-Oileane
! ?r mm *vIo\B"r, TbaiatVay. Atril 9, IMI
Tbo tifi'iitii'-t El /t Usnctick sririved bore tbfi
?omina Druei fla?veetoa, it-xi?. basing loeesed at
K' v u'. ?i nai < ' t.. .tai s.? io obtain a eappir el
i..-.i. s h . ue ??? "i a ' tot ? ' ? ni ?i ?* i.
n ia.it? lui. ?.-, i - ,1 ? i.-.-:' ...t ?, large propeller
al.a?n-l,t|. ? ?p, ..m 'I i" I"* '"'? i f ti.'* ?ta .nier? i
fi in New'Turl lu bru " re ? ? re nr>?-..t me
n.i ? i. .hw ? n gat' n I ski, with bar foceaual guee
..nil iln- vi i. ekeri in tktof towen! her. 111 Hancock
ai i ? ? . the rt ' - ,t: ii .ir? iii-' '? i 1 BO p lol on I)?? ?rd
a a ,-..:ii.i nui ti ni ti." ??-Ik- eeteide, Mid waa eases
B,BBI t k II o? I I. i'i el'-r the r-t-an M I ?ti? ???Illume.
I I ? ?. i 'i i itj Iv? -'er .rr i ? I I te ti .a after
I n. kui Irani New-York.* Ii ia the int.iiii.ui i.f her owiu?r?
tup. ii li.ru tin Jomet River lout?*, IS luu lu u| p.j
ailii.u lo Iii? ilcikiiai'i M. Mai ti.i.
'tl??|i "Thornton Put! into I'.1 ? ni ? Mhip
?1.nulli?'. ? ?? 11 11 < ? mi n l.rilgr.
BoofM, ??t irday, April 7. ig*??*.
? hip Thornton, i-> dojt iri.m Livorpool,
tot N'-wVork. put into Petal Hsvob 7, with leat vf
: il.l.-t. Sie lad 'reu in ?i.-ht of Hie Al ?rei tor 'JO
? ? mimi ...i-t \k.ada
?? ha? t| M ihlpl irr. r DoVBal New-York.
, sh- sosM i.e re ?Iv t..r tea la ?ii isvi.
I ip s,-,i , .'?T. I.-, ai I!; I..1 f.r N-w Vorfc, had
Ige a? ?I ?I ? in air? ?1 l.er I? tt??m. At am?
? ! water lu her liol?!. She Would
?shetemperar] repsin, nail t?ii,* ?n luifiAnt cargo
tut (lilian, lind proceed le Koo Voik.
An t ii Uno ?a n Nhip Sahare Ott 1 urlirrtoi,
Trcntnoo, n.J.. Batarla**. April7. im
\ I ?i, n uiiu uiikiinii'ti, come labora oppuoito
tie Laras Beset Beset teas yeal eadey morning, oh*
lie? lio yard? from tim I'c.icli, otf ?hore.
Or.tar Sleep I.?al.
F0R!Ri.?s Mum ok, Friday. April 6, lrTfl.
Tlii* ovitiT-rtlnop .). Vim Nain, fruin Norfolk
'.r N.-w-York, win totally leal on the ?>ith ull., near
Uri*goii Inlet, S, C. All hand? laved.
Great Pire at Bt. I.aaia?Pivo Mteareiere
Burael-Lea., 9-iS.OOO.
At, lot l8, Siitardiy. April 7, lotit".
The st Nuneri Mi?j??rs. Ktlie? D-'iun, Nevada,
Fannie Ogden, and Irunk Hutt*? were burned at tbo
levee tin? morning. The lo?? e?u the Niau t? about
I83S.000, and em cargool, 130?! doo. The H ite? be'onged
to t! o North American Fur Comnany, and waa heavily
l.i.len with luppliea fur li.oh trailing pent?. The luiur
ance ii not uicertuined.
Pire at Oaa-erlaad, Ulara.
sin, li Dkihkiklp Mail., April 6, 186.5.
llorac?* I.\man'? stein* and the pos'-oflice? in
Sunder land, u'ppoaite thu place, wet e burned lait night.
Lou nearly to Doo, iniurauce, ti.'jUO.
vit on mi* Pascipic coast.
Arag E tgeiHi Caalena Reratpta PIaaa.
8an FRA.N-.-iv.-ii, Friday. April I, 1-?;?".
Minin? Htockti are ?luiet; Ophir. *|74.*>; ?Sav?
age 01 ?"'? Yellow Jacket l-n. Helcher. t-t-V?. Chol?
lar Pot..?! | Hi", Crown Point, gl.400, Empire Mill,
g-ito. Legal leiden, 7t??..
?SA.N ? KAM? l-?'o, Sntiinlay April 7. l-'rVl.
The total aruiy ozpottO-tOKO for the Pacific
coaat for the pa?t' atiorter were t'.',si7.908. The re
ceipti from cuitomi for the lime period were gi Mir;, -
nil, from Internal revenue, #59 irnS.don. Minina itocki
nreitronger, Ophir. 1753 .'ill. Hatage, |i,i?*>e>, Hale S
Norona??. 11135. Challar. *.!?? if. Crown Point. |l.4? ,'.,
Melcber. lia?, Imperial, lud. Bulliou, gll'J. Legal
tendera, 7i?|.
S???', a antu'ty ii felt at the non-arrival of the iteamer
Ajax from Uonols?lu, now iii dayl over due.
Hlorbete? Reported by Telegraph.
i Mii-i'i? April 7..-flour inn. Wheat artive, and
ultai?. ?a le. at 01 ."l-l SI i-t for No. 1 Con itridy it
???"?-M.e. for No. I On? linn, uti idviuced | to te at V{n
Mc for No 1, ant 1 l itt. for No. 1. ProvUioa? dall i Mr.?
r-a.-k ?t ?ti J", Lud ii in.., 1.1.? iio?, dun h atagt ? ?j?
Hain. R?er?pU, J.teObbU. riour.t.lWObatb. *Abait| 11.3O0
bmh. Cora and t,<*O0 bulb dal?, atiipaenli, 1,WW tiki?
Klonl. tlld lO.tCO lall.tl W hill.
st I o' ii April * ? I'.tt.uj. flour and Wheat heavy and
iii, 1.1- ??J Corn lower li J? tiejj.-. lim heavy , niat at ?Vat
ide Port. Biron Lard and Wbtiky du I lad uni'lini??d.
?iLTieoaa, April 7.?Hour Irai. Whratlrm. Corn ad
?aia-u,|. IVltlt?. ITtteOr. : Yellow, 7)074?. ?lau aeoady
S-ede dal! ? Cli'Ttr BJ "?"*?*' PruTltloni quUt 8uf_
Ira. Cog,? lim Waitrro U lanky, t*l lil
i i.?ti.N?iTl. April T ? Floor unchanivd. llojd drmaod for
W'lini Noihiag dolnf ia Pioviaioni. (?old, HMW|
Saw liai ni?! AprllS?Colton irrrt alar bul rather hi ra? r
?alea lo day of ?.MO bun Low _lddllop it M| SJ?jc , waek'i
lalee, li,*?? bee? ? wark'i racolpU. 11.13? bala?, iiaioit 1 JtO
hi'il|.l?"i, ?fl'i narr?. W.UtW bl hBSI ?took, 171,0(0
'-, ?. Sugar?tut to full? fair, 1?| Molanaa minimal.
I off.e-A*? erk ? ?t .., 1 2lo ba?ja, iu.p.ii? 1.900 baft; Hock,
ll.t-o hqi , ulitt i.f Kui lo I'l-.uml Satalle. Klotir, S7 7J.
ii.I? Mc. Hiy S2- Toft, gi*. 1...? a-.,-Pair, U'Sld?
Sia-tllni Klihll.ir 1 13.
faiijiniLi-eii April * ? Prlrolaum du1! glour inn
ulm ?I g1 iMOgl 71 f." Whit? ?x1 0> I' "0? ?tO for R.J
Corn irtl??, ,?U, of Yelleiw at TSo. U.U. active mil ad
?a? -ad le. ; ??In al ?*- Pra.niom anch?isned. Whiiky,
tin tal kum ti gi mc gin.
Tbe Idtnrrr Uti rd ia Parti-rd
l'i i.TiAM) Me.. April a, it?v>yi
Altn'.t 7(1 O'Miii.i:? I i.-ii.iiiiH ?rr v <i liora
fr. ni Ros 'm I?? ? ? h ii t'oi? aaiclaa. fthccl mo
sinn i ? i u m? ?i : >i ' t i?i it leutand BUiinuiiitiou bovo
?Lo arrivid Brea Iles V ii
Alniataplirr cul tri rat? ??? BtSSJBC al ita?
t'n !uii-??|ii:tre Iii iilojn ?riera ? Kiles
BCVa l'i|i.ir?i on? for toe Fea.aa Vaia
? i.'?! al Artiriea, A?-.
Th?) " nebulo ?ty of tho atmoMpiVrc " for the
l.isi fen (In?? np:?e us to hive a? depressing an lnflu
ei ee on Phalcetea h? nu . t or maud m e L-iatt?*ra. The
UiiiO! iu| i ne II" iilq i uteri wrr?> nil but deserted oa
Saturd'V. ?hil" fe u/iteiy Anil fiT'trs of yesterdfi*/
Wen ? .ITn-iet t te ga oh nn tne prorerbial burrin?
|. [t-iiitiHin mtthmCi-H Tktee atmtm mt oa.ur?e, as thora
slwcyc era? ecctaae yiwapa mt tan snd threes ami
fmr? und Ben cn.".' I ni halls, rooms and pnasage
wsys, sin mi-.ii." rechaalBsT, gucising. conjecttir
ing nt d speeds! sf se tb?? pro?i>ecis of iha
?p ?ilv i?T??r'l ri w ti M'i'sh rnle in Ireland,
sud tue o.m?. Beet c-tn??, s meit of an Irish
Kepstale, bet lhere wen m anita*? m1 larg*? anvante
of ii."ii, tin.! i ,1 ' i- un? io If i-hrnicl? d. The offioLilc
?ere busy, nu BBC I, ? TOT ledi er? nul letter bunks, but,.
s ?vi? the ?enrpi f <>i ?? ita 20 ?r :in ?ti'?! pen?, there wasr
L?> In??' pteino itiiiv r: hie nt the con'i ii ir thunders of
aarwhaes hallathe !?' ii?n r-vni?itinni?'? are said to?
bo targiag In ti.? ? .?i i -uf c e M tfit ? a? ?inn. Stephens
hs? not attired, 0 -. ' i t ' s? ? at b f?. Kuli in has cub
ri Pined, n d ?' ?i'i. n the real deetlB itb'o at the expedi?
tion i? nui h su 'I i*. t: e mm 't'tl fen cn fi'lenfly ssserb
f ia| Mr. Kiln ia*a i.r-t n.eat?..?gc ?till ne. " I came, I saw,
I e." qu. r .1 "
I'ur- nitf Area ti ?pCfttacc of tin? hemlqn-irters de-?
ti.eil to In? u hi 11 ?' ' ri?'i-?-s of "at H-.it'iii'hooi), on
???iitnrilnv luit, m i I: -, m le betooh hiin?--'.f to the mun.s
a. , t ed tn t " H -' i'ihiiiI. sad 'lure a ?cene of sp.
p-i r?-Hy n.-IT. i s n f ?'nu pre?-?ntpil it?elf. The
iipuiimentt ?e-* ' cl t.. n ve i e--n lurned into a aCBCCBC
or rtiirehoese f r .iii mat ? ? r of thit ir? rare, viiluabieor
cn ruii?. I ero "er" i'o/n? s .f seni'iL' machine?,
sr bl I asea? A to ny, ' a*r*r* taattMudeaatceewcp
ii" i.iir'f?," ?? t? ' I f if if "te Iii fo Hitor u He prospective
White lloniie ..f t ?? limb l'f??l lint, music boxen awi
p.ri". ?, wiich from SsearlcltaC were slinont reu,\y
to boral net spoiit-m.i? t into " Patrick's Dap."
ur ** Iii" New liri - "te *? t ifli-s which iiwikoil ?-xiretneljr
anxious tn " as < t? ' u ii ti?a 'm,tu wi n .i if ? BrtetaBer,"
Bp) sr ? lb?ra loe, d ind mm le iii? ptmt?i eta el the taso?
i ti ? sbfflas nt ile gwalas st* I mi? libeny: s*vord?
i it weale leap fr ?"' ti.-': ?tahliiiil? ?t an inrult tot
.uni i rsi let y .f .ittnr rtvil end aaeirtl pre?
darts of lodaBtry, Bsaaintl dolls slum!?? red peace
folii in t iiim .?' i ti led i:r.nll'S. There were elliptic!
i.ih.p iaIrta Cj the baa?Ia , piderae and pai?tings by
tn?" Hu aaaed, c1' >i a ? aad ra taaNhta by the ?ni!.inn, th?
I c lui imii un s iifeicrv lain', the pi ?wli-cru of ever?fl
?chine. Ileie is a einp of Hu C'I'ba'etl K1 irney ?tone,
i? .i ti ? re i? n i o co of tie tope he ance ac acttaj
i .Jume? Step ?- ? siede bis exit lk?*a It chiiund Jail ?nth*
'bul. his P. gill, 'prm.? ni .iii i rt loaste geo l?by, There
I ure p. i u n t- i ii i.i ii i- -. iin-il.li?, int.Ho.? und d B?
, vii ' ??, ?1 tv-Hi iiiit in ???ni.'* ??..y ? r ?n iii -. ? .. Iba 'Iroam of,
i - Be ii li -, ? a Here erea saches at* caldcad sil.
ot um ii iiIk lyt-ntlu-i MM ?il'inrers mid friend?.
I".- leteraM Ita li?! ?f >"n ubini' n? wold beth?
week of at taaal aa baa . All t m-e article? of ?"-rift
I snd tit catee an leteadcd for iha gnal Featae Pniru
for the luv etii at the al? ? aad f?alltaa of'iw Iii?ha
ltd i"! lane a. i ???? i iel. d'm the ifiih of ibis in ?nth,
,in t,i" (.erui'.ti ' li 1 uii'iT ihe iii?|)it-i-s of the 1Y n is ia.
I Sisii-ri.n. d. I be n r-i tre??t r lue Si?terh*i?>il, Mihi K.
(I'.M.-u'ii v, sir.i'i.iiii n ?ill t'e nrrnnsein??nts, ai'd by"
i ' r 'Iii' el mu H " IU' ?'? bera of he A-Hoei-ition will wear
IheBectaty aalf no, which ceaatatt of a biaik dress.
gn?B ? l?8 at' '1 V I. la? rum tte.
C " tullun..',? li.iie I '? r. g ven hy iifliientinl pedrticat
? -i ,i d the Far mm tees te he e serena lal
i? i xji' it? 'i tu t Mr. *?iciii en? ? iii he iii Vee York be-,
fnre Hie imii ol Apr.I. M d tb it be wni denver the in-?
nu ur.il io iii.??. *,!??. ii'iltiony c "nu mplftt?as tee pult-a]
ii it,m, ol u ii io? papel ti be i ailed ixe tpg?O of Vim
J'.'.ir. winch ?ni ni? i c it?- the cini? lu Tit.?* ned furin U_
r curd of exe'., d.? A pnecedtegCa
PBBIAB MBBTOM in IIOBBBIB ? ma-8 mei't-,
in?; of the Sweoi y ? i if o' lb.? F. nun Brotberbood waa
' ha d nt (hil F.- levar Sag, II hokee, on Saturday even?,
lieg. The lull nus ti.Iel Ike icdlccei lnclinii.-ig many?.
i I id ???. Si natur Ali et pr?-si led. Speeches ?vero itmi-i
In flee Svieenev. Mt. d' u'liv'n. Mgnr Tsrcailan an?fl
I1 .1 Mel a . "i Tis frist A cm an. 1 ne 8S*e_e_ waa!
Irsry eatbasiestie, sad it i ??? ?ion.? liberal contribution*!
ecn acacia aid pfthc ace**?*?
tin? m i u u pin 11 n no* no on
in \ ? i ii.
Daaipiag Ti ?ure ?ntl Rabbiah aa tbe
Piers an i Dachs? Prspa-ed luitiiigo.
lian at Qaaraatiae U-llera.
Wliiln Mr. Trull. OuataBel III M ?sr*. Drown.
A Dane?? bo biber-Hied in a co?r.lnrtnb!e nap, tur
Iwhtahlhej recorredaboal l:.1.'. cot', and ?ho imsgin?
tin v have Jost c nue f. r complaint bec? ?so, during lim,
i lite weel? ending- M .re': 91, they expended Sv4 COO
I wen tar eleeaiaa tbe arrota nan they wen paid by
I the etty?while Vr. rmll. ?e ?sy, wn? delivering b:c
'?arrecil, Friday sfterasoe, lo the Hoard of Health.
| BapsriatecdCBl hVeeedy nf the Metropolitan Police?
Force wea Isdalelag te theeiee.lent basteen el pre
o.trini* the bllawlag n i.'.r ?-? to the Captains of the
various Pottea Bl ?cinet? at the city:
" Tt u are nerrby noilb-d that tb? Lrfiiiatur?. during ita
pr?irnt ie??|t?u hu pti??d an ?el to i ret rut the ibtuwiog of
a?l e? ?ni! ?ti rr ?ul.iiine. ? i>i tb? ?irret? and pub le. placet ol
ihr, tie. ,fNr?t V ifc, Albssry, li dlo ind brooklyn, ?ile
hil tl-ilir.d'''? ? io'itloii to br a ulKdemrtiior. 1'iriiillt toil
She | r ?i.i..! ? r,t ?ii J trt t <-..pv ' '? wnieli u hrret? appended.
t i ?u .tml'i be ?treated and Uksu belure tbe proper
?.o i r ? Mitas ?i per?tn? who tiny h? f.iUin! eagaie?! in throw?
mr, f?.ting or ??nu any ??he?. ? Sal, v?|?tsM?s, garbtre.
?u.?-? i i-r?. ?hall?. ?tr?wi. i.'itv'ug?. d>rt, ftlih er rubbiih.
ol any kind ?natrv?r, ni any gutter, ?reel, lane or alley, or ira
Bay | ub Ita I't.e n i- u tiui pier?, in the citie. of New-York op
Brooklyn. Toa wBItastras '.he membsi? of yoor rnmmtnsl
not i i limit tii.-h ?rreii io pel ? on, ??le. mty be violating this
law/ in Ihs vu inity uf their sera rrndm.-e or plica of buti?
ne.., bit to riieud it ro ti rinnen or ' thrr prrio.ii who may?
p t sash tnaiter ss thin? in tn? of ihe puhlic itreeta or placea
lian .-.I or ?I,.,, froiu BMSehtsseas aSSSSSSS, or in tb? vocation,
of i-Aijrfiirr tiny th-nw or ?calta r the b?fure deacribed Bal?
lal r thiu'i in ny puhlic ilreet or plu-e "
11 e II ard of Health, on Friday altemoon, suspended!
the ni? rat len of its previous order on the same subject,
?o fai as it related to the contractor? for cleaning the
Streets| and the lery obliging gentlemen who pay for
the removal of the ditt. anhes, g-arbag?. and rubbish of
the . .ty nut of their private fortune? , run t??air letter to.
the S i?yor, publiNheil last I uetSa?, congratulated tbem
aelves that then troiblea were nu?- over, and they would
bo ?i' -tin:t> ?I lo ?tori? rmtnui r at tue rear of Wasbingtow
Market and thef"?it of Uatiaevoort-street, aa heretofore.
Fluted beyond bounds st the succees of his harangue,
the couniel uppear?d before the Superintendent 8sturdsi?
morning, to acquaint bim with the action of the Board.
' I his is the order under which we now act" was the
reply, st the same tims presenting a cony of tbe taw
which we herewith print, for tbe benefit of whom It may
"An act to prevrntthe throwing of iihei tnd other tub?,
iti.T-. In Hie itirr-. ?nd pubic p.tcet of tbe eil?? ef New?
Yotk Albany, B iffalo ind Brook.yn, y.i.ei April I, 1868.
three 8fth. bring i r' ?.-ni
Tb? prop? ut ile Sttie of New York, repretentedia Senat?
and A ??a mi.1? do ?nae? a? follow.:
Hbotios 1. No p-r.ou or per.ont thill threw, BBB er lay
any a.hr., ort,:, ?eg? abie?, garbage, dm... finders, ihel.i,
ttraw.ihiTing., din, tutu or rubbl.o u' anv kind wbatevt-r, la
any gutt?r, itr??t. lan?, alley, or ia any public place lo lb?,
eitlrt of New Vork. Alb?ny, Bi.falo aud'Cioeklyn.
Sso 1 ?*n? wilful ti .:?ii. n of any of tb? prorirteni of the
preceding lection .hill be tnd ii hereby ?eclarad to be a mis?
demeanor, tnd alia 1 be puuhabie by a lins of not lett linn oaa
dolbtr or mr- than ten ilol.ar?, >r by lii,|iriton?eat for? tero?
of not len ibu. on? or mnr? thin Ave day?.
."?lie. J. Ibu I. I ?li. II tike effect liiiniei-?tely. '
The gentleman reed the Isw with ainajeroent. ana
then (ntCtllBJJ to his legal partner!) exclaimed invotun
tarlly: - By Jore, we drew that law onrselres, at th?
rei|ue?t of President Acton I" It is almost aeediess lo
say that he retreated in dismay and distrust.
Ths Committee sppointed by thi Legislature to in?
vestigate Quarsntioe matters at this port, made their
arrangements for an excursion down the Bay, to take?
plaoelast Saiurday. Tbs Board of Health waa invited
to aa-company the Committee and the Quarantine Com?
mission, thrungli Dr. Swinburne, but the dey waa
dreary and dru. ling, and the contemplated protest waa
only psrtlally executed. At 12 o'cloeh, howsver, tba
Committee, represented by Messrs. Hisoosh ead
Ferguson, wsrs received on board tbs Harbor Police
boat by Dr. Swinburne. Health officer of tbe Bon and
member of the B?tard of Health; John J. Bergsn,
Poltcs and IiseJth ? o:nmissioner: Cyras Curtis, esq..
President of the Commissioners of Quarantins; Vs. .
A. Coll, esq., and Ur. W ni. C. Anderson, Commta?oa
ers of Quarantine, Henry W. Johnson, ssq.. Counsel
for the Commissioners, Dr. D. H. Bisseil, Depute
Health Officer: ('.pi. .fs-nes O'Korke, HupansUndent
of Hospital ship falcon, 6. W. Blunt and Francis C.
A visit was mads M ths Monitor Miantonorasb, and
tbencs to tbs ?Quarantine Landing on Staten I al and.
Tbs grounds wers itispaoted so minutely ti;at a colla?
tion, prepared by Dr. Swinburne wss discovered ead
immediatslv devoured, for the somewbst tedioui trip
had given tbs exoorsioniats mora appstiM than informa
Uoi,. Tba vmit M ' Wast Bank," tbe proponed site of
the projected Qearantlne Buildings, was abandoned,
and ths party retoroed to Ued llook and sxsminsd tbe
Hospital-Ship Falcon, bhs waa found ia a cleanly ead
excellent cnudittoti notwithstanding bsr sgs. and the
Caotaln waa l-ignly .mpi?niented upon the sppearaaee
of his ship, liste tue party fonnd another ?lallectloa of
refreshments, to ?lieu tbev did smpls Justier, after
wbisb they returnee to the city, where they armed at
e o cook p. _.. pleated with the trip, bat withoat TCaay
of the tacts they deeired to obi?la.

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