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PKlTBt'Cim. I 5111 IN I i * ?
' I IHK TW, .'lil t Ititi- I.
A nssslrorlr "*lti*sa?"ac?ary Deasrayed ?
I ceri Abant #30 00*?.
Sbortly al!?*r 'i <i'i l.?ei*. aa Bat-**)aj rae
gre was discovered on Mt tir-t 1! MC of Hie pianofirte
atauufastory ef I-ars ls_CCB, in the rear of Bee Ki!. MS
and 105 K'.st 'flirty ttinl it. Wet B dieotivereil tbe
tames were spparet.tly near tl.i- ?t??ve. li? iii,; la the in
llaniinable nature (if Hi.' ?MCI .1 atti ala Bike CCUd?W
w?a filled the fire ?prend rauid'v, anil ? a few htmrs
tbe eLiire building ami eeeteata wera eaawaaaed 1 h?
It??? Oil St' Bl, I??" ?. -tC. W.ll ainO'.ll.t ???'? .il'Uil g
Itisi.reil fi.r I'J.ii?? i: t ?? t'l''M i it co?pa rile?: 1 ia i
sbi-of ri.i'adi-Iphiii. t-??t?. Niira.ii.fi??1?1: l'lnlu
delphia Kiie end?f?, ?l.OUOi Oroears ? ".?'. Baltic.
ti?1 ixsji Kiii'ki rt'Oi ki r, ci ?i.). The h-ui ' v le ocraed
bv Mr?. Ami M. Mem, at rl i- dal I 'ii i .nt
aftiOtTX'. faeared fur B7.300 te the I ll-iwine con pi
eil??. K. ntintrion of Philadelphia?. tl.0>)0? Pul
Kire ?ml Life, B'ttto. People's, Bl.QOO- *
ti (-Dil Ke?.An,si. uliii. BSOOOi Bt Msrks, *H?300.
BuBie of the ?? lade* chatten nu til" ;? .it o' I. ?
ia Tblrty-fiiuith-st. were dal i tfed hy t!>e fallim- ..i : i .
?rear wa.1 of ttie n .?tiiif.ilorv. The ????r .:.??? td '
and 111) ?ere on tiie MTCrel t.tue?, >>ut the i' un?"S were
exlinguist)?.] betete Bach dadc?r ?.is ii? M I I
origin of tim- Ure if aakaea a at y. mat.
?LITV m:m"
Battalion Drill op tub .57th Reoimbst.?
There will be a bttUlion dull of tie Hill Bet?seal
M T. Is. N. (?.. to-morrow evening, it ti ? ilm-k, al the
Btate Arsenal, ?"orner Seventit-avi?. and Hurt? tifili?
st. A large numbir of ipcctctaac ereexpeetea te ka
pt?eut, _
A NifW Wtmtt I'KAiHN.i Kihim?A BtfW
.Tree Kesiliii??' tim ? is u. ha opened at Ra. M Vuri.k*
st., tbi? evening a? I o't :,<-?? -?. The <>? ?n*' i?>-i will be
dlstinirniiheil hv siltnerfiM t-iirn Merer BeB_aa, the
Kel. Jose pa F. *Dur?ta, Wilii.nn li. lkidge. nid others.
LAi'iKS* Central Cbvi*_BAB- Association.
-This Assoi'iaiK'ii. of tie Metliiv t'lmrrb,
hold their first pailla Bwaa?f at *?;. Peate Choree?
tinnier of PbCJB- ara ?n<l Twenrv fi'i ? n'i-?t?. t'i?
ereiiinr. Adort-eet? ?re aaaccaeec*. le be deBrcrcd :???
t'.bie?-Jui?rt Clist-e, th?' Ho8L .lu Ige Lcwreece, Mo ni?
her of lu- cress fruin Oliio, aiiJ the Bec? Ilithop?
-labes an' Min.?ou.
Thk ""-*??'baT-er.?The hnshful. bhlJ?ing
??aiilf u, who ii in? ?v?. .1 ! y pools and olher fimls le
belle spirit ?if ti a mooth of April, ha* by no SBSBBa
senomly d? v] iU'1 ?rnii'1er iritri fcr WVe
have bail .my amount ? ? ru n snit shin?-, ra??- and I'aliny,
lince ibe aseun ?-?! t'e pi ?*i?t?-r. ? bl ,-'.'.
? . . .??i ae wara se li iras i r? I
?onier, ?nt, e,. ad] hcaecae, sad ft
leaii? ?i. d.?y. lim | i the Park si
btittlr-iirii ii ?j p?-?r mi-i', tbe air Mew warmly frota ii"
ses, tl.i ?:rrei? ?.it- ?i.a.r.l y lilly, ami .?,
k-ijktil like the ap.r.'.i I .:'?..
A Cass <?f Fai.sk ?,hkt...s*?ks.? Ob s.itu-ii.r..
?tptTii-ei l'i'Vie if the Tirs; l're.-inot arrer-t -,],!. | '
slias Woo.li?, or? ile cnipliiint of Mr. 1. 1 II
ene of the fi: m of AlBBWtat A I a >'f Be? ii Biaad st.
The complainant states that on the 4th nut. .1 man
firing the cane of J. li. Townsend 8 lied at I
and slated that la a Jails! iel ra
house. Ju>e ?lid not !? ir.liii*?? on ilnt (lnj, ho?ever bel
earreonttie next an*; uieui%M4 dgCM, fdocdcl
tOOO IB The liirnrs ?.-re lo be ?ert tu .1. 8
No. i*J Old-slip. ?b<> wri.lil pie a ric.H for tie
Ihej ?ere neu, as directed, and ?ere takei bj I
ea'llng hm?. If Jam. s B ,, ;?, ? 1 - . .?? ia cheek foi
f W9 yo on the Bowery Haiieael Beal
to the tr.lei of Iiiaa ?. Aiacwiek, - ? rd
name of J. S .Miner. ?)!. 1
bank, tbe njee.-ei.t'ir ass 1:
list there ?a? n>t 111 (BOJ SBaaphla tbs beal
?redit o' Mr Miner u? ?a-r.in! lum in eaebing : e
oin 1 w. Mr. Alaseich aaa lafaraMd st th* tatt i.>
tbt- mc-arinioe be h.id | lai.-l a w.,t
they arra If lia traeed te Pier No. 90 H i'
to lea, bal ?t'u.i ji.) \i aabingkiti-eL, and I
b putvDtin l?ei 1 ici pii (.? 1 ?..: * 1
fi?otii were renmitil ei . ??
, .-..- |i,r. ?? ta.-i? paii) h? -I. S. Hil ST, a:..? C
K101 ..rd BsciMtoa, tbeeathlrr eft1 i Bwwss?Vatlaaal
llii.k. tem.tied that ob i' ISVh "f Fobroarj la?t Itiaei
apen.il an act'oniit ia the b?j n?'tau. and
that "U the id!"- ?I?? be drew eel ???''. siaee ahieb
tiii.e ne La? hat cal C- raesBlatac te bia ctedii ia thal
Imlit'ition ?In til? stateoicut, 3BBll?8 UctCC OMTt'
a ittetl ?he irisini'T to ?heTunih? f<r txaralnstioB. '1 be
priasui cr asaeteas time calle wtsltby, bat aset with
n?ir?iii, sad ia BOW mat' ution. Ile bat
weeltiy relatives in ti.e eily, lew ace ad, the tieeotn
pine, has not ?et be? B aria_?t?-.!.
COMMERCK OK Till. I'OBT.? TliU ftillo** in??*
is a s?~teinetit of the Dumh-r at rcseest of different
?Issses which have am?'? at |__i jeiri fur the week
endi' g Air:! 7 41 ?t?ant?rs, 21 abi;??. 4" Lark,?, C1
Mea Ott acbeeeerc) Mal, Wl, Niaeteea staaaan
aaiieU on Batcrdc| lor funi?;') eel U for ilomesiii- ports.
? - ?
Tns Allb?bi? ("H11.IA** Privatekb?In the
eaii'iif 11 L- United BtBtea ugl. The Si. im. r S!> !<?' r, 4 a?
the evid? lefor the ?lulen ment ?as oios? ii sa Salir
dsy, ?itb the te?timu:iy of Mr. Jerome, wtiicti was to
the "ff.?ft that he took the I'hilian Mininer to I
on ba.n'il Hie Mel -or. for ih? purpose o| natnining her
as to her flin-??? fur tin neni t-of < ill 1 ..r cue ?11
then ad|ourned to Monday.
Kirk n Fihii-st.?E irly on BBtudtJ inurii
ingalirewss discovered m one et a luti??-? of frame
atables in the rear of No itaOKifth-st. The flainr? ran
rapidly throuj-b the entire range, and May, with t'ieir
?sonunili, were -lest royed. At the o;tl.re?ik of the Cre
?lKiut 19 horses were 111 the stehle*. I ley ?ere all *f0t
?jut safely throus h the ext-rtmns of (apt Mount at. 1 a
aectitm of Polio? from the Sevouteentii Pifcii?rt lie
BUfcles were owned liv (?l'or?*') T. Laird 11 ml ?ere oo
?copied by John ?oogi'.'ury, lacob Bireoa, Joha Laild,
ai?U others. Ibe lots will be atx>ut ?6C0? no insurance.
The dwelling No. 1 If, owned by Mr?. K Laird, was
?lamaired to the amount of I-Vto, taccred lal AXuud in
the Peter Cooper (,'omjiaiiy. I.ou:e Leacrcwed? BBC ed
the oocopants. lost on furniture about tu?; iniured.
Tbe lire was. ij-.d'iutitid.v, th?) work ufan im-ei,diar).
Pire-Marshal Baker will investiga'.?* tie matter.
A Kecklbss Driveb Abbestkd.? Ob Batar?
?ay night Andrew lloeclier, while driving amil!, wagon
at a high rate of B{-?ted round the corner of Bayard und
Itott-sts., knocked down and run CCCf Mr?. Men
Ar.tnof No. ?i7 ltaxter-st. TbCWkCCtt if the ?niroii
ptased over the Ore ant of the woman, cauung acrCIC
lrjanes. She was conveyed le the New-York Uosjn
tati. The driver was arrested by Offirer Malloy of the
B.xth Precinct, and yesterday comtiiittod byJustioe
Acci?hTvTALLT DaowcED. ? On Saturday
? nicht a?chard Morris, cbiof 000k of the steamer 8c?ifla.
I) _r at Pier ho. 41, N. ?.. fall overboard and was
d-nwn?? Ths body wss reoovere?!, snd Coronsr ftoror
iiX.i.i'1 to bold an inqaest.
Scppokkd LafCAifTiciDi*.?On Saturday even?
ing Mr Thomas Mullen saw a man and woman leave
a bundle in some bushes near Jone-'? Wood. On ex?
amining the bundie, be fonnd it contained the body of
a feuMie infant Mr. Mullen then gave (C_M to th?
?arties. hut ihty sucoeeded in _nking their escape
he remains were taken to the Nineteenth Preoiuct
?suu.tn-llt?u?e. awl Ijoraoar (?arabio noliSatd to bold an
Itir-uest It is beliered that the lutai-t had met lU
death by vioieoot).
Allc?bd M?ti-tt ob tue Bark IJarribti*.?
la the U. 8. Co_m_siuner's offloe yesterday, before
C<rmmisaio*ier Betta, in tbe caae of the U. S. agi. Geo.
"Wilaoa ead others, seven of the rtew of tbe bark Har?
riett were i**rrought befare the fommiseione-on a charge
of mutiny. Tbe Captain was sworn snd '-etified tl.st
be shipped the crew at Llrerpool and sail. ! from that
tp-rt on tt e 1-Mb of last Kebi-ttarv. Ile WCCCl satisfied
with the look? ut from the trst, hu? gol Meet' well ed
of tbechenirl, about a fortnight after be biu! trouble
with one of the men at the v?b??el; ordered him to put
it op snd he didn't, and-the m ita bad totale ti- vi-eui ;
the mate ?tiiii* out for another man bat in, . ;? ???me'
a<?t_e days after be ordered out the starbof-d WctCC
end Ikey didn't come, he tien orilered tbem to take
BriipAnd they , im? out an I did it, be asked tut in If
tl,ev ot?nldn't stsy on i*rek at d do duty and tney ?aid
Bo tber wouldn't, another opinion be wanted the salle
cibenL and the men ran to th??. grindst?iiie? end rum?
ine .?ed abtyiing tbeir kutvts and bat?-hen, they
told tbe mat?, to keep the stieoi fast or he ?ould lose
the -nainaat), I ondersu-od them to mian hy that, that
they would drop it overheard afterward, *?"U?i>d toM
lim from the yard t_at If be didn't send bim up a lim
tera ha would ?-ut ' -a mainsail, and on hu ask ng als
name was very insolent? they refused to wash the
decks ead on ase occasion left the whee! altogether;
dsnesd sod mat al lbs wheel ? did ant keep ti e coarss
vliils H I? ead hsha? ed bedJ> ia jniott wayi ; wltaeei
b?'it ved l">et Hi.? t- - a?*?' wae 1? n'.'then?"?! ?over ?I '1 ?j|
it e-eiri?'tini'iie.' ' B A-i?t.Uit Hi-trio' A ri.irii.-i_
11*11 f?.r piBMSSttae Mr A. V..n Wni/n.*r f??r linfeiiH-.
The Threl-*_y mt WBittirr.
i mnmi in bim _b tubb hy rai kuv. bbbbi
BLA.tl HAR!?.
The Bar. ButlTJ I'.l.uu hard ? I ? -1 ?. ? m1 a lcctnro
lint evening in the (lliUre h ?if the Ke*?t"i?fion. BMSfl
? MeiTirne- i'la? ?? ni ('.'"? st.. BMB-tjS, ?in the Ti eulogy
??f Whitticr. The bom besasrd vrBsrt ?t? ?atsta*
tl.e* MM?M ?uid, Ale pMSSSBN >'f UkefBl Chiiitianity.
kmt ai-1 ? ?? . i ?? '.-??'? b '"? ? ? Ma a Amt
p'.j. f. U'l'itt'i' t'r-t n nala tin' le -, nil afti*r t" ilnv
tbe ?.???ii'i.ti betief ai to-Borrow. Liirratait. i?
?filled witbtM tboognta wblel ?*?''? ? le OhalBans,
u- ti l'.n ...-i m ,i ':.... a. So well urara oftbMsie ile
ra ?f g1 " -" ' . ? i ti.'? ' ?? ii '"? art ''? *'''"
tia I tle.-irt' te - ' 'I I?' ?**? tit'
- the old l * ey ttai the 'Moori al Bot i '
lo be talfs iii Um - i ' ri? p t m h
t bat ?ii.'in' .r.- is.-.itriij.i- .! m t I lal' Il il finnt. Long'
Mio?'. LOW? II, H?>l*iii*e H.? in' ?I" II"! BTMCl ?irilnnlein.
I ai-> ur.. g ed p. '*la-, tint u. h?.md tleoltigtiM Ihe
?l?*iik?'r ?li.ai m ih?s ?hal ?M Ihe -Meaght or
Amer ?i.V Bret p<>.'t i?>ii?iriiii'i- <?'?'.. ?'?'I Mun, lad
Demi j. ii.an thai ; ' ! ?"' '" T ;"""
??lai ? at ?> ? :
lieair.i. trorua I reeoae bom ?? ? sho nrn ? qslet,
? ?.al i;i?!-i?.un* mu? mun 1''ni- ? f'. ?h?-' ' !l ?''
t'.r .lui m.d ?...'ilion.'I, .j...? i?:., i i?> *MpM tlit.ui/lii
?u? ; iiiihi' r ?i? ed. . ,
I , ,,,.;.:, g -? ,?.-?:iei.? of Mr. Whittles"! theolof*
in the wit!'i"?K.tt it ?? .-mr ? W11 I m ?a'i ?pint. Ttio p??< t
ia.?1 iu lu? ?m* i ""in (?oettioni ?! Lttai
"I,, m? -, . . i mg ?..J wild ?
Ii. - ?to lu??!.
A??' '. ' I e-',
A. ?1 bl i" '
1 lura rr in Kia? y'?eh i. 1' n.i m1 i m
Ilurl'-.-.. I.
? Yr '? re I ?'.' ?>' ?*"'
. r ?. n ? | ?M
. fi.
Hi At 'r
Tbe 1 new and .-I?! ' '
In ?he , ?titled 1 the rt mu al- per
ci'ivo tkal ; . , , , ?? imil.
,,,,,,,; i ?... ? eve?,
lill ? brill io I I
ea are une."
In thi c" Mell I ? ? Eternel C,? .i|
: ? -- I .- .? a l.nd lud in'il r?
ti?uL?:.i ?? i
i vereil wiy |
*?. . open.
I ?-i ?tray
? ... a . m I
?le *ax*.
?Witt ree ?nd
in i irlo a I..le,
A liil.i;
Ii hi? '* '"? ?'l'ion. rn,)*
rli_ily lauwi
thal l.i- ' edi
"Il BJ
And :
I . . . . a
Igt .1
My be
Aplin be
? ..
To one ? ?pull du?, I
. .
? . t ? .
But .. .oodla M.u.
II betide
I n rit thi ai .
I B 'tO D.?
?| ? ' ? ; I | i > t
nfOod. -i file great
? ' ?
i .
?aid thi
- - .
? ?: 1.1
? . ! ' i \
...'I 1
of iii?? peipl ?
* n.- !>.?.. Unity ???-?
,.: . t ? i ?????? r1 ?
it In im io i..-:.: iiid no1 S? rei tai. ?
Ing nv.??.*. .-.?!....?a iit.r
ii-1 : . - rai ?^
Si n . et 3 ?-? t failli i tal, s
sill I 1
? , ? . ir . |
B -I t* li. li lil tuf ?li
thi gi ? * . ? ?
"Ir. ?* . -.d will fall
M it, ta ?II,
t . ? r ,
il Mag au the grest poeta of A?oerioe andiweettst,
BImtmi aatmn Ihr m all thli ilmp i aobli Quaker who
ladt li a aeai I b beaidi the Itavriasek, m Jmm
i ?:* nany,
j 'ii:* rerereed . eatl? man concl ided I li leeton hy r*.
: earneat ap,. h. Mal rue, uiu.,.1 t'.r k t .? tf.- -
; ti ?it t t} ttt?i'.<) iltten Ui m?'i . w la ?j t.'.*) ?i.ti, mi lea? 1 ?
'er?, wie? t.il int i.ocramped Inoerulnthenloii
?? ii ?ti.'??> * hut w h" hal mee Marte to Katafe'e ulla
??i.i.?i? i i li oalng of i e Boly Spirit rhopoeta
hi'l t e a?-' i??Cn y ure the MMMMM i f .Je?ut. I I ty
ni.- B| -t ? - a- d I ?i"! fi' ra
biehofM ???i in-':., b I 1res '."i Their tresdi are
iii .j', iwmI lie. 11 ' y sill I?:
IG im, nahe th?ta tn\ t-'-'.: ti saisis, m
ian then of tatura lift Bore Issy lisa thi gi
Ijeiniy uf iiiiiii.it? r-? The] are ItteiSNoi
I -,- .-? f .-?lav iii America .? ia .1 . !? n. In tie
'pun- is lu* ut WhS tmid da ti.nl i"-*r'? li, lOBBI SOW,
n? in Ihe gresl * n ?> J? im ??! Biatrethend I'mi "f
lurau?. Tie theology c4 Whittler i? that of ?Tens The
?poet uf atseehar] *i the lunn? I?wlpie of the great
1'int. Se-er, l'mphe-t ?if Judes, The kln?t?*r call* bim
ta?a??eed. ml bu?i the discipl'. ? Word go torlh a Bl?ill? r
i of good.
The Boah Trade Hoir-I'ifilt Dmr.
Tho Book Tr.ulf Silo ?in DOBt??lasd by
! IflSMS. Leimt, ,Slr?i?dft A Co., Na Ml IJrundwuy,
' mi Knt'irday, the mt ne e.f I.ipiaii'<?:?. A (*?i, wlich
? ?K,eu (i?eti the gtsetoi part of Friday I ulai boMeeMta
avertir* p:i MS TM IBYOloM of .! to'. l!.,ut'iia, /. Iii
I-Bf, Worceiter ?I C I.-'u. r)..lu<l.l|,l.ia, W. Kadji?
e. G euri.'- Pbilip I BohiBos, ... PowIIbc Bow?bi i
Wella?wiiiuli eeseleted ??t ?uri?? ui??ii FkieBstasy.
I Hydmpathy PhyiiolofT, ic-Wm. J. Humuieialey.
Cbapp?ll A Co . to 11. Dennet G Y. Cnnletlin), CtOlt
'? St M?tj ritt-iJ, Man? A (?i. linlail?I|?lii.?, thn MsBOSlt
I l*ub_ih?is and MaoB/actBriBB Coaasayi the lut of
i .lut n K Potter A (lo , 1'? liadelphla, A?-, t? , were alan
lioltL 'ihe l?ttiit? ?it lierai,!, Boas, i.onduB, wiii be
auld todsy _
1.11 IMIMH.I.1(i:
Imporlani te *4l?tp Owner?
8ALVA11K AND WKE K ?mi ? iMIA Mfc Hl.BTiri
UNITKI) BTATBI UI-i'Kle T I OIlKT-ArsiL 7-Before
J i lg? liarra
The Coait Wrecking (.''.mpariy agi. th? Sleainihip Morning
otar and bat eargo.
The vonietl, on th? moranii.* of (Li? .'Hit of Jil?,
In calm weather, went aihora nr?r Deal Itev I. and the llbel
aut'i agent called on the owner? io obum tn? job of gelling
her off. Mr Hibb?rd. Hie Pr??ident of Hie owner?. t...lit..,|
that he ..,-, a .-I of the I'r.lent of the lilu-latti. what il w ui.J
- ;1 ami wai laid * at l??U lo g1'Mt. ?nd ?itnuugh Merritt, the
?aat-llt of til? I'realiielit, re ,?,!,?<l.,d li a-.lai ,? ..I thal , ?a?, i.?
lion. Ihe Court, in it? opinion, munni it lo he true
The ve..el waa lol vi without > ill, tiotible, and ti? llbal
tat? claimed SI *?.'???, u on a lalvnge
The ( ourt, howe?er, held ti.al her? there wa? a contract to
fullll certain duli?? for a Juanita? ?taj?<?r varying from 12,0*1
to S? SOO a. cordilif lo Hi? difficulty in I that th? at'tnal work?
er?. Ihe crew. ?tc..Tieiiif only paid t?,iaiar wai-?, th? Mm and
empom ot iitage ailowmcai did not pre.iii iu fivor of the
(?V-uipiuy Ha laeiel .ta, f?.? j i it neal under la? ^?rrw^.i
lor gt,1H*l.
11)1 Ctr Court?Al to th? queitiuu wh?th?r ?ny r?t? of coin
pen, ?lion wai named to Mr Hubbard, the poaltitn tem i. at ?
ol one wita*!! to th? trana?i'.ion muat uutwrigb a? priof in
the t?u?e ti.? u-m ire,?.:.- eli d of the lib? ant . willie????? only
alleging their Want of my reooilectlon of lb? fact. Moieaver.
there i? an inherent probability in the cid ?ontancj?! that Mr.
II uhb*id'i teatnue.ny ia entitled to credit ia the relation I.
five? of bli inUr ?lew w ith th? aginia of the lib. laura 'Ihe?.
n all their traauog f r the ?uiployinaot of their iniUupienul
it?-? r. li'? part of the Martling Stn d.? ?n e,| etunritly
up'io the ?peela) adiptatinn of In? liuelanti' eq ilpmenlt f.,r
?n?! | if. .11 aervir?. Their ????? had. ntneover, ?lilted
tbe Morriing "?tar ?dei ?a? (rounded , thev knew her l>.i?ill.-n:
well, and the deccrlptitn and quantity of labot wl.irli wojld
b* t?-j'a'red f-ir bei telle!) ?te D?! ar? of th? flout, th? tide?
?ad curr?ati riiuniug the.?, and tbev were ur? BMM luiton
f >r Ihe eiriploym-nit. It?.) d la ?u h MM b? tin ?I titlutil
?nd ?pt thtt th? owner? ?f ibe ?hip would iii) a ne ?r
the laiton for the job what would b? the MMSM hirged
f'-r ia.ni, leiiitn g. and euu?:ly nrob?!.le that the libell?t?
w t.md not be In?? prompt tn furni.b ?n aniwer I? I'm Inoiiliy
Aini It ia lo be remark- I thal no ?vident? hu been produoad
la i i_-?r? tori ?h?rr> litige?, n in th? preiuiae?, i.? datum
.?rr-e .. 1,000 or St.UW ti?-? no1 ?a idaauiu . ..ni|i?n?a
li? i titthq ?eivirei arti ?lij ealer?! by th? libelinli. lo
a? I li?.n to thou runtilaii I ai the claimittti larnnhad
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I'rir Li- . ' i. J. I! ?. 0 Y Wulf I? Co.
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hi -. M N??'?ii??ir, i vi. Pelt ae Plait, Brett, See
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Brig Kalama. Morrl? Hi .. '? - I?. II DeWolf hCet
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I : ?V b?. a I light
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P. A. Abb? n
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?eM .sarah Clark,-. Pro? lea e fur Phi Jeluhla.
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?tteamahip City of Dabin 'H' i l.l??-p. a Mtrch ti. rta
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ship Amerie?n Kui?. Anlet.,,,,, I..?adnu 11 dayl, with
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wine, kr., f. II.-Illili..e '. f,,
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behr A. Kelley. NaWtaa, I lrgiuia
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Olly, ?T diy?, with mahogany, ha, I? Britt, Hoa It (lo. Left
no veaaeta.
?eht kinma (I (of til loin, N H). Webater, Miyiguea.
P ta. II tay?. Witt, mil' to Peter J. N??u.? ti Son In?!?
bark Im-1 for Pbtlaewptaa, I,.?.ling
Hrbr. John Nor-,tup i.' l ?ru??; I? N ti), llatii n, Ria
?li.nie del Sud, lui diy?. ?Uli hide?, kta, I? I). K DaWolf
ii f'<?.
Behl ?1 K Krem h, Ward. Vlrglnl?
IHchr H. II Weh.ier, l.ipieamuei \ u -mu.
Hrhr A. ( . Lyon. Lyon, llalliniire.
Sear. Ali la , lint-. St Mail?, li? diy?, with cottee lo mai?
?S.-hr D 8. Ml'lar. (iiyion. Vlrgii'n.
Sfbr H. H W oi.lser, soper \ trgittia.
S.-hr Vipor. Hagart, I har,.i' .ii t dayi, with timber to
behr. f>r?goB. Dolt, fa -"aland lima.
Ii kg ' end iii. Mi.. II... lund nut?.
Behr. .''...,.._,, Hardy. Ne? Haren.
Beta I' i? Ltataay,-s.,-o. with i,n,,b.*r t? W?yd?li
Behr ( L Vaaderiaart l.'haM. Providence.
Sehr. K?ruc? Kmlth. Laylun
Sehr. Wm. liLligm. Booeilli. PotHwil. Com., tit nil?
fl'hr. Ituth lltl-e? PeriT. I'r<1?.d?na"?v
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Se r. J llaynitni'i lal ?in, Kliashrtlipurl fir Nor?rieh.
S, lir. *i m?, r . oy i t. ?v r, II i.if. r I ti r i./.-..? lb port,
S, hr. .-lli^ier . e-?e 1. ?/?bell.a, rt lot Waren??.
Kehr. n. f. Il.twlev. ?'lark " ?'? lease foi I'hii.de'plila.
.?nr M ll.tn.1 lit... k-. I1.??vi '.? ... for l-hilt.i-pui?.
Sehr. It I. w Vor? ti' .iiin.l' n 1er i oi B'le.plii?.
? ehr. Amu I?. J ? ob?. dBepSjrrd M? w tlavru for Albany.
H. I r. II. W. I. em-dlrt. ?'?.? t.r.eiliport.
Ki hr J. ().I-i? e i. Il.rt. Net? 'itvata.
Hebt. Ne|?,in Harvey. ri,u?e, Hallion for Sing Sin|.
Si hr. Si,t.ii I.l.niier, I'.iiner, I ranford.
ti, hr. Sall.? ?mill,, CbsSS, Kell Itiv. r.
Kehr Joun Ad. n-, Spo'l-d, Rock.-d, with timo to W. ?.
Hihr. Kniflil. R'.rier. Providence.
Si i r. In is ? Kn'i, 11 iK 'ii". "1??w Ijonil.n for K'.iitbelbport.
Rearr Min-<?i Hall Koa kind lor Ricln-iond.
S, i. I'M. We. ?r, Ht M, l'JI".iwn.
Kehi Win. M ??id dtlpsMa. PrsstdsBBBi
s it Maris beat, I .'vm m. FrseMeess,
Sem. li.ii, ? aeril ?'roy ,1'mr.
Stir. I ". el h. Mi li h'v, liri Ijepoii for Rnnrfont
Sein Lisais It.-ii.iTil l.onl. Nnrwl.'i lor I'iu ?deiphla.
K, I r. l'on. Hull? , Kenyon, .''iwjml.
S.-lir. Msil '... r?tfrS I * ? v.r. lim ?isml lime.
? hr, lli.i.iw Hi.., Ad.il.oii, I.' day., with lumber ?9 If.
'Is b t 1 ?,o.
.-?, ii Nu t. -. ?Vl'litmi. Kiizil-ethport fi-r Taumon.
S, i.r J. k I), (.'rimer, Lo. ke, Vitginta.
S hr fl.irn li, ' or ey.
?-, i r tm ,?? '. Ins-, Marylas I.
Sehr ?tiri.. BMSaleta, holer, Virjinls.
WIND- \t.Sn - t, WV.
--?.? ?
I ? evioii??hip. Bel 17, 1st i??'? Inn. IA in from Sindtvi.h
Meads I- r Ni? I edfortl, Hi dav? out.
I iien ?tuan??'H', April 4, ?I tlio (lafiei, fium I.iv?rpool
for li?,um ri?
ll, raid ?i.ip, IMwtrdi, Mtirli 17, no lal, Ac?., from Liter
pool f r tif-vj ilrle.ii?
I* I, i ..?tuark, Airil I, lal ill IA S , Ion. AH ib, from Callao
foil ik.
Awl.I?pu heil, Apnl I, lal. J7 Ion. 31. fri ra New-York for
M I ' ? ins..
M.r? i'. I,,tidy?bail?, April 1, off II-tt?ra?, from Mtt&inai
for P. itlsud
Msi s'ta bett, Mirri 28. lat 2* (?, Ion. 6? 58. from Buenot
At . ? i.,r- rleatna
li. It y i-,, rr?brit-, Mari-ht*!. Int. 32 ?, ' c a. C1 45, from Port- I
lind for II ?
i rho '01/ Air it, off the Titpe.. from We.t li,lie? '. ,r
Autumn?brig .Van h li, off lim.ialoup?, Iron. Suinta, for
II. ?i. i,
li n?elet?bii|, April 4. off ?ne < ?pee, frcm Rio Jtneiro fur
? eii'aiir-brl. Mar.tr n Mare.li ?4. lal. M 43, I te, ti 30. from
New fork fa Ira ,.-...
v.i I.- I'tli, i-..-|,r , April 5, lat St *, Iob. 74 20, fr.,Di
Basel ?i.l Me?, fi ? ieeOt
Ile iw.:.?-i.ait. Muicn li la?. 24 l8, ion. ?It 4?> from Derna
rsra ,, , ml ) .
i- .ii - ris Naas Msatl ?*, I*t. M 14, Ion. 8040, f.otn
sfslsBBaS o Mew l*i rk.
' ? Ti .,,.,..-. ht., ?s ' ?-, !?'. 3?i ]5, ion. 72 50, from
Na-?i Yura tor 1 .ranada and Neal-.
li-in ennui*.
Th? ?l??'n?iilp BHsa ?SaSSS llrteed at F,-rt-r?t Morroe
tram '??* mern, April 5. rs saatrred t heavy blew la lha
? oil', ?n! i- arts ,? i.' passed ott Mareh m. a lan
1-1 ? ipa-ssal ??? he em? ? , ? r. , in/ ii on N.w
*?'...?? . . N.it? D.irihi ?.h,,-r. iS- st Ive i ? -.- j? C?-yi
?? I the wreckers bis
. .1 , - - ....
i i ? ? .| t lud ' ? t. sad s
I .,'.- I, r i 1er IBS ? *?? BM8
? ' '. i al?'. I Till || a
Tr.'er.l t ?h- le?CM yard, r ii in i a
??r?,i, t t\'\'.-. a?.m ? .- j ,) 1. . .-..-liay.to
I . -
Uorl-?Jur?-t-no' .Votier
?al ? or N?it VuHI J
Pout IVariiks, UttlOS v.- UM -I?1 ??. 1
NOTK'Fa in iirri'i'i giren, in aoeimlani ?
-.-? ..o i ' i - .. -. ; ,.?. d April li ?; . 1 a-i
1st la M irsMSsi ibe War-lea? I I - r . .,? *-?w
lett ' l" ?'. pei."*i? 'lite ??' ?? I m or in?:. J h.r.-e sf. IBS
mi')?) I in.tirr ml lash I I . .'f. e, ,iii I ? ?- a .,?? t ?
. - a a . , .- . . r - mae by taie Pstt
Utiien.. sal thal Ihs as ? ? ? ? . mi I o?
?i.l . '? I BlitSis leo.la.t Baal I a C" l.ii' i...a iiollC?, OB |
llaBI I .?1 1 ?e.?e .
*?ie.,n'?'. |. I ?ii.a.n.II I' R.
. is y k.
v p 9. h ? mi *..*" y. it.
? , ?rrhei. : ) It.
Mrtp l'r ? -.-- - . 8 , l(.
Uara llertht . .?? ) II.
H.i? I ? o ??I- .17 y It.
Ill'? ?r-, l'V.J-. *' y R.
Hut in ? ' . ? tajy,. IM. Ba
P. .- n i- < Bira? .
He - ?.. ?m .I*n h - ??
\! . " ? . r. ,l 'MI'M.VS r. . - ?
J A',,? limul??? IS "lal?.
/ *n It) 1 HOM k8 L8. AONETt " N ?. 2 ?0
"a ?, i ja..'ii.tatwa-at, oaamn mt ttmrtem Bal?ita yu
??i I 8 al i'-., i 1. -.. y ..?-., y ii aal ? m jibias ?l?a shaayai
-i?. . . kaw-Yet! ?*
i VOI m? HAM araatt . sin a li? >\ in ?
.'?[-.-?'?? IS | ? ? ?
'a . ? e ? ? ? I . j ??
. r l.-oiu li.. !i<I >?:,?.;..ij?!. ? I
I .'. I lit*. I I
(Or Double Spring)
\V!l.l. Ni"T Bsvn.ir I'bbik like the Otigti *<prinfi They
?:- leoawaaaeae bj *i~ i.api??. ataeaslasa ibu Un.utmi
hraadsb at tie haao, hacatBeaseal Pcaccci and aubsb
?i" i -?Slav ever inventad, tu,! i ???' a. ia in Pltyunce.
lUtticiti tJgkPmm, Ouriibitlty, Cvmjort and > -i n,
1 ? - laat net? Hi. i. tbe '- ?brtted
Bse Ocanaaa of Ha i'k??? ?na Fttsio? mmihhi
?j-rof?ienny ilia ttett SI I'K ItlllRITV ol ill??-?
At WHOLE!*?>C ht ti? saalastes Mauuftrturon and
rt.?? Owaeassfthe taTknt
a AH! ROOMS in! DHU B,
Not. 97 ?HAMIBBBI m.l-liu.lsl li KAUK STS New Y .rk.
Alto, AT tCBOLXBA-l by?!! the LKAIMNd J i-iilUlS
It? nii-naaafi I oper?tlo? lines Octobst !??!, m??? delirar? lo
li. .,,.,. illo..ill. piiMl WlllTt-ASli ? '?Al. frost n? own
oelllity in A?l.land, I'er.B ,
Al" *7 7."? PBB TUN.
Tb? reit ?dTintafe. which thl. Cudi pan y ofcnt to Its tub
?. min? nated no iff uiitnit Mnrkholdrtt own their own min?
ItBTeaToic? In tie iiiauajaiiirat of lb? Company, and ?bt?
?lu TO 40 FKR CENT ON Till. Coal* or THEIR
whioh li of th? pnr?it tua! h??t "utlity htotaoaor. the ?ar?
pia, cod i. ."I.l for . r . . ,. i ai ?? ? ?i . J -ia. ii i... win a hand
?oin? rtili Jitila i,J. iiuy b* ripe, li J
Foai -to Hl(**t. ?atsi.ss Tsttlb,
Oseaos I. Trais, lorn? U. PLarr,
' ItOBUS E WaBIWO. ?x.
Omc .No. 33 S ti? sr.
where clrcu'ir?. n.?pt. tiib.oriptlou li'ti. be, BUybeoon.
inl?-d, lub.clptlo. ? leielted and liiloriiiatn*-B ?it.u at all
Hu.-a. ?isoaas E. ?A taisu jr..
na?! F. Dwisnr. .-'i et?Urj. frtaidsnt.
Vtao-Noi i-l.t and Ml We.t Twenty Cfth it, between
"rTrUlil and iifllll. ....
?all a cour ABT.
M4M'F4rT!T**-|r-a., 0p
Por the 1'iii-ed !?t|ie? wirrie?. Alio,
i B31 ? 10 a Tixa i'is T O i., h
Rifle and Slot ()?? H,?..|. ?,?| (,?? M ,,.r; ??. a. j h_
De. 1er-and t. I lr,'e .?ne., . '
lnthc?e d.v? of HOl'tH" I'l! K A l.r .(, , ,1 nail'!
mnyBOVti,WtOAV, BANK ., i tittil. .". , .
one of ?nomo
I it, u wt UUtiaAmm ? Mi de..ii?t...n ol cr Arma w11
M Itaallklll null ??i| . re-i a, ' ?"
_X. BP.MIMOTOW I -ii*,? i',.? v. T
tlccciocb loo Cate for (Cl?ssi-catioit.
AIM.I!, II, *
?)pB?f-4ni Ctl.TVO.1, I .IT MISS!
I nopioirioa, Innen-?lae? ? riaiTion.
?.aneri aid kimi um. **Tsstis litiai,
airn'Mvii. leess
M IA a LM of Roa-a r.? -' ?i t ?ved be tie h.iltita'ora
of ti?, preaeiuday, and a ..ut ,.i ii?. .?, * |l, .
I '?.ara ? | | u-??ted and I?, a .muli j ?rioted on ti/., d paler.
M '??i? eiu?, a>J. - - -
J. B, TILTO**" k r?.
?. ., '?*>*?*??
?l r I lutri'edf itilogue ?erit byam:. (,rr, ?., ?.,,,?,,-?.
I??.lia liar eel na | . ?
\LL I'M li: in | rene Mam-ait.
New ."? ??
Ula a taltal? ry ,.t. . : . ,,- . . ,j . . ?....',,
us araek, iba TltlBD EDITION it ?e; ?ni __
? ' I'..? in IBB K*.-*nw \TIt?V
? ? ? a, ,e ?.ra.by ya : , ,.-| . . Heart
??-??*? ty ma, * li .re, be,,.i,d the m0,p
..'?'. e
""? '.'-.-. ? ?. _,j ja _? Li!r*iT?
the ti..??: U-?l of r- ?I ii r I
HK??M- *? 11 HAKNF.-S
u ? , ?? ly inree??tal li I
17". '"I'll ? I"" ;p y -1 t i-'iiii,. Mi.l?
? "o,lon.
I ri?HO? ?-II.KV ?OOD8? PRIC?8 l:\~
_- DI '
At Re",,... N.-W ?nd I!-.* at 9k ? J Ultu' ATF.1.3,
PLI -HI -. I.t i -, i .,.. . i.\. . ... li .MA-:.?',
li.K.r I, r Aiil.i. and i ! 'An ? OVEB_,at*
'i .J! '.?i ; Up M li '-.?? ??? ?inottta
tai li ? ??
' i. Ml le tal ?'l.'iiiiw at,
?letal OBAN
ii t. k lud 'A'hiie Th'eld Lie? H - ,t
B.rU. >,-, , .-, , . ., i, -v. ?, . . BIMkal
tabita 1 - ?a | s * ? !'.. ? ?
LOKD AND 1 Wl.ein,
'? Mil R'>ain?, a r,
s - | | li ii v*
Baa. 4 *. - y.r.r.
I ?.ne ?aMttaN t "' BTOw-BU ? ? ? ? : ?prlaS
i ? -
AT Vli'.Y l.< >\\ PRICI S!
LORD ? 1 A*, i.e >l..
a "ID WAT.
Noa.MSUMl i: Mi <r,
_ N - 11 i -i M ? 11 lUBB-ffB
| ADIE?' and CHIIJ?REX? li i:\MllXi_
l_i ?,? ti.,- Bri ? . . . . r-. CetaaB
? ? WOUla, ??j? L'etarehtataB
l bllllM'l I'm?.., -, .1 ..
M ?RD I 'I' \*. LOK,
S .?. lol t tt T Hm? VI.WAT,
* . ? ?- . j I OBAWP-H-,
?ILKS .it KEl'?T'l !? PRICES!
in .reu ??rl ry. it H.tail.
M ??. ??-I "iib: nilli ti? WAT.
N . MB te Ml OBlNDafB
B - ?: ? 14P C4 PB UllVF.ST.
[lEESS (.(.Ol.S-PRl.E". l.EULVED.~~
A ?tFTAII.-A hn.-a?. r !i?.i.t..f 1RI?H ir..l k'RF.NCH
/.AMblyL'lS. 0BOAB1 l-l '--. k-.
No?, lil to ?ei*. Bit? ? Al*? WAT.
Ni?.. .SSro-' I '.RIM' ?T
Noa t: and ti CATHARINE ST.
FARMER, Am ti meer, v-.li 8ELLTHI?
a MOAN INO, al Hu .? a nae a?- ? ? - ? K L B .NI?
II BB, H lha 1'irv?'? r.-i " e. No lill Le u ird I'. t'"?
d li el.' i Bri?dwiv. rulitl.lilli .f one t.* id r I'??.?'?! nit
oil'.t ? ? Pan i? nein .?tia hr. .-Helle. t?.> d- li rept. 11 ?a, k
pile Mr-, r, Pulir ( in ? t tiamat tiertr? Coaler Ttato
Daaiiak Conlui ?r.J Comieee, tifithar wita ? nuintity ut
u*l i-r Y ?rature._j
A CHEAP L'PRIGUT PIANO, (??-??? t.c,a.
.\ SIM la ?r..'.i "der IBM ?t.ieP ? ? ' M'RTF. fen
?i J ?IDO__*?. Me. U3 N-th-ave.. aeaiTweaty-et-l-elj
1>l \NO-FOIMF.S, in rv?*ry vnrnty. post?TSt
It rh.einer than ever, k'u y ?ami ted ttte year? Fill
ia.-oa_t han I I'iiu ? eeery modera <m\ t? ?ea ? i.t it bai|ai??
i I MMlNUll JENNlS So ".'?? Bioadway.^
rpo i'Kiccisrs ??d PHYsiciAV.s.-Foi
1 SAI.k, an .lecant Dill ti BTOBB, ?*? ?> dwe..in| a?
Ililli in .1.? eui. 'air: B, Hable, kr to|ellier with IM
Ita k ?nd Kiitmea. and a I liv.a lau ? Pra.li.? ol i_n|...rtaacw
ciivenieut t.. I'nilade pbia, l'-i.n Price _no.ieiaie and _r?
aaiy. JAS It C1'MMINs N?. ???J'ia'iii.tii.. 1 hila __
A LARGE Furnishud HOl'SE U* LET al
JA B.i.i i ili**-| r womat ?'io ? ***S**^?**_*1
?ritata -?ue h??t of Him I uri Lily. I.nlu.r- .j Ne. t
Wau F.leveuth U ? i"?' awal-ava?/. V Will l-HS-l*. ^
\BACI ?PARLOR ob Um tint fl"<>r- witl1
..veril oiber Re VOM.*', can b? nid it No. lou Virtekit?,
? ila hre?lf??t ?nd tea._ -
HOARD.?A <;? ml' nilli aad Wift? or Single
,,.,,. ?men ,.n he mums tlwmimrita BPOWeej
BOABOetMe MB St. Harki fine B-heteSM #<~sssi
re-j ?'red. _^_ -
'??**r PER WEEK and Ipv.irei. for Sintis
9 i BOOM- wih KHARl?. at DeMta Hont?. H-id
?ii, it. em'.if. St. lohn', l'irk. ??en?.men roomlm M?
Bethel nineo: re?? nahl?_
ACTUATION WANTED?bj aa expettaaostt
O aeaaksBM m I pam -heea !?r.un?ii iJio piim itrtM
|M tint .'111. refe,e,,,-et In'll. HU ??gW*. ' "* "
5aaitaOACBMAM.Be?II Ham -? OMmOmu _
WlSTKIi-A stttitlion A4 VE-IETABLB
O t Rl>k NK.R hy ? .mile mm. who taMephB'BMMa
?t.n.i. hu hoilneM. te IM y ian I H tettai ??.h;rl;J?
On-P MB! hai Ito heit . f etty referear* Adlre? l.
B . Hoi No l8- Ti?!.? < >?* ''?_
117 \.M KD-A small, lutive OFFICE BOY.
>V tlair-o hi? ,?,,..inted'w.th ta*sBSStmjMtgtaef?ht
?By. Kefere'ee. r-ejoir^. A^^ ^ ha?dwrtttu| of ip
i, mt, Bee No t. ?it_
WANTED? \ (?irl lor tli??<*<"iintrr, to WATT
App y it Na I P.f? ?V.n.te .ti ?'??- Ij-t-een ?ind 10a. ai.__
MIll' HANSA, I. J v- ?**?'*"> ?? 'V.*.";
IL. L nlU4 SUiei mill, l? m ???1 ?oin lae tim.
at lb? feliowu.1 rat?!. P?y?i"e - |o~
"r* lha lut oabia. S10**. ?eaeod.
?fo*be followed bv th. AMEBH A, t
Apiti M.
CN, VIA S?1' in*?' A
Tai Mie'*e?l*_L** 1
r, mjI I'liAtiP.'i" \

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