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yoi? XXVI.....;<?? 7,820.
The Proposita if ?iiC ilrn.^ ruction
Hi II .>< 1 i ' ? ? Ortor for
Tntoiay, Wedi ??
(li Nr- ?? ,
A < Jill? on l?C A??;? .: ? g frei <1 thf
Iii Sfnstt l'?w ?/ir Bin Ei pil?i Viitiu?kpi,
TJ?K Iii i" VEBST,
A Ut;? r han - ? ral fry.
i i Kfj'ly i' ,-., tarn Cn
A feled GfMunittee App ?? ! to Inveel
Gkutjii hwferred bj Hr. Coull i
nmrnAO uim lui finn tie HBKE.
"W/i '
??m ? i . ? pi
'Hu j i eof ? -
? i for the
< ? ?.-.,.? .1
i ten ? ? .i, ii ? f
and fmnd robbing the
million* of dollin a . - m Is in
Mm IcH B1 i ?. i be favr
pialados, a etc O .1 -, ytoBoeeoe
C< t.W . i official i ion ?n.? I
slnxd wa-i j ? I-.nl;ii- '
at? officer ni ose ( >
oil the Boee of the B e i ii l i C<
gicss )U tLi- di-' ! . '? 1
i . ? ...
ilj. ::..,. ?, ii .. . obtaining Um ; ey, will
i?m l^-ai Um War Dent ? n i ? ?>
7i.?iit. ead afi i,: ? i d itj a?. ? ? iblti oat
Ii ?-.?? <>i. ..?.:r-.-. w '? ; . tin 1 ? < ?'.??1/1 ? f d?
baU and (he ri^litf . ... i
dialler pc-d the ati< : tion of tu wb< le House, and generally '
Jim.:.. . i .???,.... Ik*OM
tro.crsy th..' ii 1.. w ?.:). chkh Conkling
lan wit-it maki i I .' banca UM die parp?os
eiisttd in ?v.wtr: quarter? to <*\<i as ? 'I i i
aid (krk'.i.-i ti bOUty-jumping fraud' II.
Ipol.titcU the cou:-jv ai.il to beal Bowl ti... Coo
pressmen wl" Mu a > ?g f.? :.t lo that '
gigantic ini'i'it}. F:?:r. t),< . y (kal Mr. Coalling
aaaaaeajaai in Ctica F.-y'? iet Asti?-t?u fto*eat-lfi
proved him gn.lty : . . mp led : ti . "gorge hi- ,
$200,000, he ha? been a? luicl. bateioad*? ? I ftia
villains who fattened on tie t .?mesa ol ; rniah ig ti.?. r
perishing country wita deserti.s ?? r aaldkaBj lal ?<?
Violate no coi.tidem.eB weer, we wy that arivttC MaBaiWnff
bave Wen made to purchase, the ??leuce of thi. al.It
lawyer and the f?irbcirkLc< i I t'..>- ? rawjfal I
The assault on hl:n ti. |Bm floor al the Iloi.ee last
week for daring to st.-.ke a di tint) bl*? al Ibe .
bead of the Euli8iii,t:.t Huieu.i Mai UM removal t..-<laij in ?
indecent form of th s resent?ul warfe.'.?, hi ia Hffiaj what
waa seemingly a tersona? controvert) into a matter of
grave public concern. The Inrcitipatag ('.uiumteec wa?
ordered by quick and geiieral content. Conkling'? brief
aid dignified reply to Fry ? letter tore it utterly Ifl i M ? !?
The foolish charge that he had acce| ted a Gow ruru? u' ?
tainer while he wa? ?jamvmg |af ? au.tnjlt- efCkri
graee waa di?po?e<l of^r wao e>en tlii | mi bBflrtaffiea
in thi? Bnreau i<trkr letter, iu??ui!. :.)> /?.d by UVa
abused favor of the Hone?, in UM rn<e ti on<
of its most honored and u"-efL.I n?< i. '< - I < ead afl
were, in a few word?, ?bown to l>o ffibM fmolou?. enil
foolish. Only the novelty of th.? attack ujKin the freedom
of debate, and the NOfOM to cr\"ta . N IBM BM j-erinh
sent iiationa! syst'-m of the conaorf ti <? BMMt ?Uawa nUal
of thf war, the ProToit-Mar?La! I lijrea i, MCMW tin?
affi-rtof Gen. Fry and it? lamented ?upi.ort<r from Maine
from general contempt. It will be jo) r ii new? n many
yarta of our poor peeled country, that the Prov<i?NMar?lia -
?tLeralf ?Bureau i? going to be PBl on trial. It M a ?af?>
prediction that Roecoe Conkling will e ih'r aaaifial it <f
the grossest crime?, or compel it toptWM i.i.o<n.<<- by
eotifessini.' to the most finished, meal? niable and complete
The special dispatch to Tmtkm-Yfk Timm Uwttba
Committee on Commer?a had unanimously agree<l to
?fort the name of Mr. Smythe a? Collector of New-York
b) incorrect, and has no foundation in fact, i he Commit?
tee here has had no meeting sine? Tl.uisday laat, and do
?ot axpect to me? until next Thursday. The ni) dr?w ?
ack now preTenting the immediate foniir?ation ol Mr
femythe is the professions of friendship emanating from
the same source as produced the incorrect stat?iwnt
alluded to\
The Recate Committee on the Ps? ibe JU;lroad t<-day
unanimously ?greed to report a resolutioL cittnding Ibe
time for cou,trncting <he tint Imndred miles el ih'
Kastern or Kansas branch of the Cmoi. Pa? .ti? Railroad
to Jone 1st, providing that tLiyiiLish Ibt acoond hnnd
>*d miles in the same time a? they would ht.w < oinpleted
it if they had fluiibed the first hundred ka r??i ? uLcr laut.
There not being a fuK committe?- u ???? At Coufar
ence CommiUe? on the*Cuban Telegr?; b bill did aot n- ?-i
to^ay. They will not report before \\Vdii? winy. 11?.
*a*at? Special Committee onleiegn.pi.s have done n? ',
boaineas yet, owing to the absence of s< UtM Br?j?i, ?ho
ia eipoctad b??k daily.
iirnMAL Bivture hkhii?.
The recoipta from InUmal Knenue to-daf MN
The .dismantling of all forts arund WasLmgiou??n
completed to-day, the different garrisons havI lK bj Ibmaf
?den been directed to T?cate sil ctrth-worka in and ,
?round the District.
Tk* Ruimoud Times demands that the same honor?
?kail be paid to the Habel dead aa are conferred upon the
?won soldi?.?, ?ad speaks of J?b\ l>?vi? as Hit unhappv
!*? President to-day pardoned ?j ( oi.f?Jerete offii-e
mmn in Texas, to enable thom to hold oflioe io the re
???traction ofthat Buu? and a suasbtr Aoiu Otorg?
??wkj?a and Alaterna of tke 120 OW) deaf.
I ' ' '? ' "? .ruc ? I Um lYttMfJ BtJpOt
<*Mj I ? proceeds I m ig peciM di > : i u
fractional enrrency, pri?tes] on aassas, ter alhoM tad
'?l!' I' '?- ??? ' I. I . ' : ti ] . . I: - ,,. .
I ? ? ? rim m '??'.
1 ram ? <m i.H.v?Nf, tu amtriaj mntnw,
TI I \ ??? li iter offen . r roi.I,
? opeettlo
I Austria i&i ? ?* to
>!i i co.
' I I : I - i aii' 11 p UJ'iiMfcNT.
Tk? K rtfe Regjaaesrl D - C< ? redtrooj v' ?" !< ? ? ?
?uttered est.? f ?anice.
iiiK i.'.K\sihy rrr.srr. ; IVBKAO.
B ' i '? U t lili c1 ? ; ', ? -i" w.i.'l up di- | o? ?
i ?? the ] : '? ? b4 room ii oeenp? i
. ? ? ? rj D? partaient
: . . . i ing m
Tri OH I IO?.
'i bo u ? li ? ? ; U ? ..? .i
?ill i!l I o ; l.'. d '
I TI MAI ?! M ' II ' <>: M Hil..
II ? I : I R i qui n ? | - : April tri
??? . , , i
. ! 10,'lni i.i i ? . . j... : s j
-. I., ?Of) :
! ' . i'ni ?!? . ?
Salar.rc. M4,Q0Q ?..;.-, . ?.
Totti ?1P.423.M1
Ti lal ? ... ? eoa'i ? i ; , fiscal ?ear to April30,4
Vi' :,..?. Iii, J, j, April ?ii, IMS,
? 'i . . . ? .
Iw? n ii.-- ! :? lidi ut and I
i of the 1 . ? - ps, noi
.it' ! ? ? ,
i 111
I ? I r ' . : T..
aaj deb?
itiOBOl tbo 1 . -
for coi
rcoi s oi
I: That
" n ral Btt?:? ? ? I ? . untaii
sth? agi
? ? ? ? ?
: ? .
the Ruts on li i ii
... i own ad
I i;: f ? linn i
' ? ?
I'?' oi b1 i . ID "?.,?,1
. ...
ti . ? . |
cording lu the whole population in the Stat
h II. it ?I: ? ' ?.
. ber
adopt I '
? i la!< gill ii.i h .?! .| ',. i . , Hi
T I to neu * ? , ? ||. ..,
h ipei tin ly, ?, lalified; i ri ? ? Id en]
n lbs <.? ii nr diplos .
- ? militar;? oaval ten
look eil liri
; stic orcivil teni ??'?.,??
or aided i.i iIm late Mi . I Huies, itali
lo /It.}' I
/ ' ! ' ? all II leniol State ?
with t el United 8<
oom] eta .* . i. I... i> ?. J
al me -jm-i ii,? i|.
i I J ht.t a? foo ii r. h rr.av I* ef'i-rthe pSMect at
?. and after lot Hing the psw|
. ? Dan Dtloui and I.e|
???Hi uni Repr?sent?t!? ri and Bsnatars io ?'.:. . .
liol sa ot C( ag ? (bal
? ,t h r.' ??ii ortualij le n pressai their State*
li ii of tie ?weat m i i
nut moa ma* u tu mpai tMTormi i mi
xi r.
I . Quart? .liiiiMir-t!' 11 rai. ia a lett?
af War, uid.r dtig of .April I
teietting n.tom.Mum roneernina lix i-oIIh
ana (.reservation ol the rema mi of 1'nioi - dien
fell ia Ifeo ?aan| i ? ? ;. it.i-iy. .a i)u .?
1. A rangement* hate bett II progr?s, thronghi
: . on of the i ? I ? i>n i ?.<i
prese rr at ion el sBifslai at Union officer? and ???.!? ra, ia
irritant of Breret nfaL-Oan. J. i i
fh:of y'iiirtermiister. acting ander the stwari of Mai-Ova.
ii. Thessea, seen anting.
Uhu Dontldaon's eiertioaa haue been tinwl? end am i
mid te;y inuch boa nliendy bren accomplished particular!) ?'.
Btoei Rirei and ('iiaiiauoogn, where the ?ondiih? ot the
g HTi'i Udl ril'bul to i ali f'C lit HilU'tt tlfortS to J : ? I
tL.Bl. ?
II Cien. Donaldion repoiti, muli r ?' .'? ' DSts t
ant Jest reeeired e retesi (rea ^ ??< C I na ?
I I iel ','? li ? - Bl Itei <?' " ? !?? lortiiirt I of l.ror> .? ?ho I ?!
jut riMted Atlanta, bj niaerdai to aseoiialn law roaditiei I
lb- |ft..'-' I
CoL 8a Ith t"i i '(? iliit
I. a'.; t aloa need result where tbey?wirt ati sd
^' No grarei buve liern uiowedo.rr io fm uuii l*b>i ?
taiasd An ceder tVosa Oca. lion.m lorhiddiaa this deess ?
i ??(,- of whirb i? l,rr?'W"li iMBeced, sntrttd A. ') Im
been diitnbtted throtghttl Ins district; tad aB pertlss taeai
1 to preienre wini records t< main
i. Al mt thire-fi'iirthi of the graves inn- bend boards, ami
S WShts" of the pentoni on wiioi-e land* MsAhm are tin .c1 aro
wiliine io donate Ina land.
t. All iiiacc* where las Union di ad art bu led are : m being
laeiettd *t I >>t u? poiiibic, in accordnni ? nilli general ordet
i ?? enij i.iued bj the (Vuarteruiai>trr -(jeneral, a ttpf of wl.i-b
wii mc le ?ed iu tot rim repot i.
III. It ti proposed to ??u.liliiib tbree rntion^l sesseieriea m
iii? Departnvent of Georgia, to whian wiB be rteneeed uii
bo'iif? of I'nion lolilleri wlileb do not iiow i cal in (bun lirai lu
or stnei permanent ?nd decent ground* ti/, it Atlnnti.
At.<:*t.'n\ il'.e. and either haTannali oi MIBst AHbtdieeta
tbe TiciDityof ?lacon and la Konth Wr.tern (?eorgli, nillo?
reruorrd to AnderionTllle, wber* al... it in.otio ne now helled
All thoie between ItetBca nid Atilinta and in the Yieluitt of
?for.eiboro. will bcicinoi<d to AtUnti. Ail tin'ia between
y.i- o .i and tbe Tennet'ee line will be roteeeod te Chatte
noorf? 'ienn. Alt tboee in Ins iieintty of Sn\ .'iiiiin'i and Uti
lea will li- removed to one or the 'ither of thoie l?o )>o.iil
IV 11.ere ure mppoied lo be about |S\M1 hoditS ol IJa*SI
?oldieri in the Dttntfatntas*OeatgM.
Tbe removal of that portion of their rossini rsfloirlng
reaiovsl may involve an expenditure of muir t", (.SOO, llut, ii?
it :-1ronoaed to nth Dtagteaa for a general apnrenffttlM for
tf. i ptnttt, covering ihr whole of the Statci, no iptcial
hi-'.r.ipri.it,on for Atlanta will be needed.
\. Dot, Donaldson baa bren instructed le furwnn' the aork
ofrvinovinir the remain* lo the neighliorhoi^l of Atlanta. ? ith
al poiiild? dispatch; and, from the progren alreudj uiada by
him la other parts of bil mllltarv drvl*>on, it i* thought there
t.e.-i l.i-n? .ipprebrnsion that foil Justice ?ill be done Iotas
g- ii i ??? of o .i KolUiern in ( i em K i i.
VI. I would mention in thii. connection that. M the re jin >t
of t!.?. tieneral Aaieoibly of Ohio, communicated to MaJ. lien.
Thomu. (jen. Donaldson baa cain ed the bodiei of aeveu (I .io
soldiers, hung by the Rebels ni Atlautn. to be taken np and
btrtadittht National 1'eroeterv at Chattanooga, and appro?
priate inscription!, staling tl.e manner of their death lobe
pl?c?cl over ilieir ?uare?
'J'be kbitotrilg impotlatit ordci li** jurt bata promu!
gati-ii bjr (lircrtioii of tht Ntnaaaaaaaf s?nVani ?f tim
I), ps to :.i.
\Vl?Hn<oT'?>. I?. 1'., Apill Ti. Ido?. ?
ntxKRA. oniiEit No. 17?1. In cooserjuanc* of the disman?
tling of the farts and reduction of the troops in this Depart?
ment, the command* unown a* tbe "Defeme* of Wa-f.in?:t m
and "Gerritenof Washington" will be discontinued on and
after the ..nth Inst. Tbe record! will be carefully boxed and
label'"!, arid forwarded to the*o headouartcrs. Al! company
office:! ?i-mngat lbebeadi|uarteuof die respective comrr.ai.ds
Will t.-j'un their proper companies.
A. A targets It H. Koa 1er. I'. S A., (Httdtjitrteri De
fernel of Wasiungton t will report for olden tu the Medical
Din . .f tin Department.
t, 1 he Wracke ia and about Washington w.ll herenttrr be
kruwn vi folljwi:
Til. ?.' oeeetted by tbe Sil I nited Statei ( naby. al .Vdg
?It! r..i:rock*. ' . .
TheeeeeetatM by the lllk L'uifedStates Infai?i.'- a? ' lim
tell iiairacks.'' ,? ?
i ? nenpled by tbe ith 1'niied St ?tri Artillery, a? ' Key
ii, . .-:ir:?ckii." .
a ? of the Circle 'si the ' Lowell l?atiack* .
? i... known ?y indepeinieLt posti. and tt end lifter
n,,- ; reader their r.ipoiti dhe-t to tbe?e bead
cranrteri , _ , ..a.
i | ,rli l ,-.e end Wlilpple, and Leiten ltogen ontbediP
contii :. m " ot Helene? of Washington,.will report direct to
ihrie ? j.J jharteia.
Jtr co.jjiaud of Major-Gen. C, t. Angor,
?I. U. 'IaYLOi:, Ati.?taut Adjuiam-Ueaeiu!.
Tbe uew T^x bill reported last woek, end of a bick ?
KViioi'Hi* hu already been given pro? idee ia cu?e it shall
I?, ttotittittfi thal 'tbe annual inreatory, <?r auv other list
?Inch ai*v htvt beou or which laaQhagaafUrbt delivered
in sur ? ol'lector is impeifott or im omplete ia eeateqoeaos
of the omnirion of the tiumes of any j*n">n or pertieolitbls
to ?ny tax '?r d'itv, oi in eoaUNtjaeaet of any omiwion,
iiiid?r->tatemeui,"ii!idci-valuatioI), or false or fraudulent
statement, the assessor mar. from time to tim?, or at anv
time within one rear, eiit?r 09 any mtcntory or SMI ml
list the uvi.eaiif such jM-rsons or palien ao omitted lo
gether with Ihe amount of the.tax lor which they may
hair been jr shall becoiiie liable; and siso tbe natns* of
tit feitet? nt BaVtstt, uier and almro the sruoi.ut for
which thuj may ksve been or shall be aliened on MJ re
tu ni* IO nude.
The aggrigal? ajipropriaiions ?n the lull reported to-<l?v
from the Oiniiiittne on Appropriations for the I reel
men's Bureau for the next fiscal yesr, are $H.w4,iW0.
The bill intrcalucod tolley by Mr. Ric?, of Maiue, m
reten-no? to National Banks provides for the conversion of
siate Banks to National Dank*, to tn amount of capital to
be limited, on application in tbe Controller of the
'J resenrr on <jrt?f?7o iLefirgt t!ej of J-1y prit, La-1 ?*i
Rjp'r'.f-nmti I . f tl.r ?iiiuo. ir.'fti Id lo civ* e to i
'- usueh Btatcaas bare not received theil | it pro
portion ol v tioi ii rssaktap capital ead with due regard
'" :' ' ? ' Kcapita] reaoun ? t.; d i sail i
? ?.eli Stotee.
Arraoniamm if* rtBi.if raurnpo.
The] ? . ? ?approved h< ItUI appropriating dil 3,.
MO toi i]!_viin dein ?ney in the appropriation for th?
1 it I .? ii g for Ils re .r ? adina ? Inna i exti
?>. MO foi papa aad 105,000 fi i pi bli? bind ng.
< iiNM i. IBOOOPIZPlr.
TI.e TV. ? ideal ha? recog? ixedl
l'r ?i i ..t Ban ?.i... .
'hiif i.ictii ihr Stute!? Hi,: ic.
I ? . -, . ? of Ta* X1 i.
Wicbimiiih .'iril -t-. -'?
i"h< ; i .... i., i . i ni) li Mai li 'I n : ; ? i ? ? of -3 ?
? H pro . itrag 11 aiast tkt . . - i al acaal I
abase wkici bat i peel aadcrUMwisgaof o irO< romaa it,
created som? litilt commotion among tin stnntt I *
and it i bli at ion In Tkt Hu Coi ?. V
. i i-i, ',' <
/?/.?./'..',. | uti Tin Baa
i <???<?! ig, i arriad eoncti rnation lat?
. i... n j.
i .. al i ii ' ? ? ? lad will coe '? de
sob i mi ni rinuei u ipi aoi bia ra dh i i r
sea of | , .:. rd?, | i ? ? : ?. ?
ing ? !i ii..i gen n. for ? free di tril i ioi . nv
si . .1- eady to take whatever tkej aaa gd st otben i
??ct< il ambition? | ti o - have i ? ?? * ? d .t desire '??r .i I
rpoM of < !?'??? i boga
' ?. ii ? l . dm : m.- if I
liera, fred lo
? ' ? . i rat desire a nea ?paper wii ;
venier.ee i I pej i ^r t. r it
Al.? ti ? i d? - ? - . 1 . I [?D?i ion to i. y |
ol a Telegraph Cora pi
l-i is, ?hil ? ' i really patriotic .St
Tri a?t . ? ? | '?? :. i. .i. i i '
? ? I (lot ' rilli.i i't, . . ? I
1 ?j i., i ? ri- have I ndreds of ! !???' -
1 :'i . - .r, . ; d ? ? di ?llf i !'. Iii ' ? i- ti i ? '! le,
\. . :'. commented u|>oii tno enorn
? ? ' ii.', il m i ?? ?. n i nu ni |.r 11 - bendn ? ;
I .
i bile 1 . . on? y i
? I i :
i : .ii ii ' . . ?
?? . Korlnsti i ?. ? I ? : I I ? - ? .
nearli forth ; . .. ... i
li fo II |l . I . ,. I ' .
?m ni. . ? : ?. . and arc ein rd ? :
? i ? ? :
? ?i, ? ,
' i ? 'l
p. r-inill. Ililli ... v
is thus ahm]
i- i lu. : i ? A . . I ? . "
?>, - lo ii ? it i n pl< ii
prod l-l ?!;-.:? .
and f | v .
baa groa oto an i i ? . - ..
? f ? ? - -i. I : ? . '
1 ?? . ? ? ? : ? '
1 ' , I ; ? | ?
. t.i.u ' i
i bo igb i ?
I ted, I atel I ?
- ?
? '? i ... ?
!.. . ? ? F
'I >?" li ? !.. O I |.
I hu. ??? 1 .. i -. thal . ? .
: .' , ? : , ,
; ? i- pt
? I i ?? h "??;?:. lil . ? !l lin ii..
i ... . : ? ... (hat th? |.
SI tidu
? i j t ia ??..-. - . -
!? rrri: ..? iii.
I 1RS] Bl B810N.
- t > , . . . . . ,\
. i moa.
Mr. Wilco ' preaent? > ni
Usai ? ? '
t?..i cb i .i m .i i rdi red to lie poa ta
U tiS IIM.K?.
Mr. WiM??. 11. -. ?? .i i? |>? i ? "ii rrt ? ' ' ol ' ' '? ?
priau n for n etai ol cn per rent oi
r] ?a? rvforrcd to lite Ci BJ Bl? eon 1 tafmec.
1 \\ ?UN MM BIP] BJ
Mr. HBXBatAl DI '?' presented ? natiti ;i ir. :.. nu
rim..- .: alief f-iiin raclai 1 weeded
rbnsinre? which wai ni ra l to Ik t ? a
< i. K.i.au? ?.
A l-l mjui? w. ?..X1 LAPATIOl
Mr. Cbapdlsb iM:iIi. rose to aiakc a percol h ;
tioa. Bonn week? i i !.- h ' referred toan ora:
iii.i, m ti. ? i it) haowa si ti.? Bat tonal Bilaa, aaa Babel
I organisation. R< I d since learned thal Ibera wera two
I military organisation? ia this city at the oatbfi ?k ni Um
vi.ii. ..: < v. the Nation? Bide?, and the other tb? Ma*
I tion.iiTolaatean. rbi latter ??? t'.t- Hebel org
lion, and nut 1 I fonaar, a- 11 had .nait eil' li | SCCI :'? I.
li? w -hi 1 I" nui' Ihi ' ..i roi tion.
HIE BBPOB1 "V ma BBcuaaiavuiioi ooauuiffPJ
.Mr. Bkan min Mi ii'-1 iri.ii. tke I oenUttci oa Be? -
strncUoa, reaorted < ? ? tmn billa ead a Joiat recetation,
which baca aireadj beca pnbliakcd. H?- iamed,ia d'..ii>r
so, tLat ii had bed Ike i mention of the ('?.umniu? 'j?c
eoaipaaj UM biUeaadtki Joial rcapiatlon ?ithaleagthy
?ritten report, bm ?nth bad tw?-n tin-si i nation oft b?
Coaunittactbai Um iwport aadaot pd beca completad.
He hoped to u? ebie la pies? m ttaalkeSemccckelca?
I long.
The lull aad Jomt reeokstiaa wau Cf?ared ta bt arla led.
i rut BAN of a i.i?ha?tv
Mr. Ravi (WH?), from tin- Library ('-.tiimiti.-e. n
portiil I joint ri-solution for the [.unbare of tke 'ilrary of
? .iniii? L, I'tttignioi s.mili ( iirolnia, fin Ike law library
i fit Congn ?-.
Mr. Howe reel t<> u p? rsoual aaalaaattea. Hi- bad s*?.n
: intbeepeeialdispatckeeia Tai .\"'->'.rl//..?/./ ? |tur
agiaph that (luv. Palrrblld was bete to encage malta n in
t. -lal ion to tin Poad du Lae rolland cr P was not true.
Got. Fairchild was bore to ?ettie apacasai aetwaai the
(ifuirsl (love-niueiit and tin St.tte i f WisocaCaB. In the
fiiuisc of a levi rt mink', on this subjf? t Mr. HoWC sa.d the
iasislail rwatmedw flcaciBl bat reccciked that ac man
should ed I'n-Mdent Johnson'? bread and ball?-r ?lu did
i not tamped bwjacmep. He (Mr- Bwwa)did cat Hgn-f in
th. oflnioc of the Ajctdaal Pootmcwcar4la?Mra] that th?
public pati.'i.agi? of tins country waa decigiird a? an in
atrume:it h.r dragooning the PCCfCC into the taffCM of
any parUcami Use of polic).
C THE I'iKiK ill Al. A li > 111.
Mr. llAMsr.V Minn.) offered ap?tition tor relief to th?
MM "f Alabama ?Li h was referred to the Committee on
Mr. I in vi'.ri 1 lill, i i ullcl ii[i tin following bill to an?
thill ue the construetion of n-rtaiu briilgcs
IbBssmsmdlpwWBnMI and aVaetC/ Rrprfsmta'itn of ?A.
?J tiled M?:>? a/ Amir ira in Congrtu aiitmbltd: That li ?lilli be
lawful tor any pertton or pertona. company or corporation, luv
mg authority from the States of Illinois or Missouri for siu-h
nurpoM. te builds bridge ooross tbe Mississippi Hiver at
I Quiney, Illiaois. and tu la. on and over said bridge, railway
, trasks for the mora perfect oonnection of ?ny rallrnid? that
?re or snail be conctrncted to tbe ?aid river, st oecH posits ?aid
! [Hunt, ?inl that ?I 'ii coiistrcett?d all trulns of anruad. term!
i imi nu at'iald river, at or opposite ?aid point, ?ball be allowed
' to ero?? snld bridge for renvouabli' compensation, to be made
! to the owners of ?aid bridge, under the limitation? and condi?
tion? hereinafter provided, and. iii case of any litigation
arising from any o bstruction to the free navigation of Mid
liver. thi> cacse may be tried ln-forc Hie Diatriol Court of Wie
I'rnlid States of any State in which any poition of ?aid ob
I ?Hurtinn or bridge touches.
titi. 'J. Aid bt pimpla t.ttvtd. That any bridge hudt no.ler ,
| the provisions of this act may, at the option oi the Company f
building the same, be hnilt as a drawbridge, with a pivot or
other lorm of draw, or with unbroken or oontiiirous ?pans.
? provided that ?f ihe ?aid bridge ?hall be nade with unbroken
| und'? iiiliMmns ipuiis. it shall not he of Usa elevation. In an)
, case, than M feet ?bov? eitreiue high water mark, an under
? ?tood at the point of location, io the bottom chord of the
hiidge, nor ?hall the ?pan? of ?aid bridge be le?? than ?? feet !
' inlaugih. ?ml thai leis of said bridge shall be parallel with .
the ci.irent of the river and the main span ?hall be over |bf
I m?m chaenel of th? river, and not less than 300 feet it. Ungle;
I and pio.nied, also, that if any bridge built ander this act shall
. be constructed a? a drawbridge, tbe same ?ball be eon
?iructed a? a pivot drawbndfre, with a draw over thu
main channel of the rlrer, at an accessible and
, navigable po|n|, ,Ld with span? of not lei? than
i 160 feet in length In the dear on each sid? of the diatrsl, or
Si?"t. or pier of th? draw and the next adjoining ?lau to the
raw shall not he Urn than ?VJ feet; and said spaa abell not be
, less than 30 feet above low-watermark, and not les? than lu
' above extreme tlgb-water mark, mea.uring the bolt im chord
, of the bridge, and the pier? of ?aid bridge ?hall be parallel
with the carrent of th? river. And provided al??, ttiat said'
draw abell l.? opened promptlv u|<on reasonable sign?! f >r the
pas<app of boat" whose construction shall not be loch M to
admit of their passage under the permanent ?pans of ?aid
bridge, except when trains are passing over ne same,
. but ia no case shall unnecessary dem/ ooour in
opening Hi? said draw after the passage of trains
Su . :? Ah* bt ttfurtktr ? a n,i That any bridge constru? ted
under this act, and according to it? limitation?, ?tall be a law
I ful slruimre aad shall be recognized and known a? a post j
. route, upon which also no higher charge shall be made for th? i
! transmission over the same of the malla, the troops and the I
' munition? of wai o! the United State? than the rate per mile
paid for their trsuspoi talion over the railroads or public high
? ways leading to the aaid bridge.
Mr. (?ki MKS i Iowa) offered an amendment which wa? j
adopted, authorizing the Chicago, Burlington and Quiney .
Kailrvad CVinpauy to bridge the Mississippi at Burlington. I
Mi- HarBamaaV (Ma. Mjcrri au amendment al.?.h aaa 1
adopted ;. 'l.or-. .1 - the ciiiitr ic?iou ' :. 1 dp tHan?
atbal, Mo.
ii.? i 11 m ..?:. i '.. I watt ? ' i aaad.
tu potT-oefrica .'.rrnoi ria . :.in nit,
TI.i l U ma . printions for ti? rapport * f tie
P iii': . Department forth? ensuing year was called or,
Mr, ; ! ; mi i 11.1P offered the following na .'.....? ul
loi . ! lal .1 | ,||;
No i am B elf rei?iniT or performing ibt d'lties ol am ?
v hu i, ,._\ ?:,w I, rae, ilred :.. I ? t lied l'y tbe sdvire ind coi ni
? i al I : ' ' ?????' coi li ? it loo bj tht -. i n'. rea ;.e
any salary or compensation for his sertieei I ?? tetaj
? ni 17 tie 1'riitdent to bli ip a vacancy which hi?,
du; ne tr.e recess of the Senate, ami ilcce ir. last adjonrn
mci t, hapi rned 'iv death resignation, or ?i plratlon of term.
Mr. JoB'taoN iMd. oonoo??! it as an ' I Eba
appointing iou.1 r of the Pretidei t, !!<? did u< t tbinh 11 e
? . I lae power ed restoring (rosa otaoe was understood
in his in? nd eat ?u? uratan; to a statute of If* ?< to pro*
vide tLatofficers appointed t y and tt.th thi sdriceand
consent ol the Sei ti mould rteretoxrrrdonlybyandwitaj
Un adrice nd consent of the tanate. This was i ???
viiled in the I r i r ti r. r theoaVi ef I i ? ? I Iroller f
tb? Currency. The Preeideat, Mr. Ti. mi:.li said, hue i o ?
authority over tbe Treasury cn tbe eoaatry. Ile caaaot
draw hie. laltry witbonl tbe consent of Congress* There
( ?-?:??:; o 'I i, |l |1 ii 1 I ffol 'ion in
I. ..it ''?(? sa* : if,i- it nts i" i '.'viv t
? being pal tal of "iii" tad aaothM In bia place
so as ti receive bit pay, ead, if the Preeidenl ti.in! s
??n p. r t.m .;. i ikotoiei ss oflkera, the i icssora ahal
? '.'.? :. pat If thli provision become? t law, until ne
ir confirmed I' :h<- ??'.?nat?-.
Mr. Joan ??-<ra ss l that, tdnrtt lag the peri, r ..,(.', ngTeeg
t. : tr, it waa qt . . . i t r
tkart was aay ?iocal right to do so. The precedent i
to 1 ?? estai lis] "i mini ? be a bad ? at, and might return to
? 'i ,? i ?!,. ,.i. ; ?? :. .ii t ?',? hal pea thal . ow ia
boula obtain a majority in Congrras, while
lb< other parti bad a President elected. < i?;.... -? night
. to pwy tbe PresidenVs appointees, Mr. Joba?
soa .-ad be waaia read a letter ii' w v II liaonon the
? ?.i'- i '.n.i .i ;,i ,-i ti.i ro as ? a more I let
?. c ; - . ! Pi
admitting there i .? ?..; s1 ?> ? ?? :.'.
Mr. < 1 AM V H.i- TI ere 1 . ' * I. [Li ' _? ?? I
Mr. .Jo:.?."-. I nil ' Laugh.
' . . Is bo wal 11 admit
i?. ?I .abler.]
Ni.. MvsiH ? V.--.?A ii.e:i- ;ly|...tl . I rbter.1
M . i at sti (Bal ? a Biiatahei bypotai a. Lau bier.]
i ? Ids ruis i igtha. waj ; bet,
?? ?. she hoiioiai le i en .? r from !.. -
: I _l.t< r.|
? i liuued i i -
.1. . ' r power ol
.. n n o' i .. i -1 ,.,...: ?... , ? ?
i to appoint. Support i Prelld .'Di
? ? id nerve, i on d beof tht i
' I i* the purpose of C< r Spot hitu,
lug i ray ti i i .ci t.. i. ?
Ile wi i- ,i. ', ? . j at, ' i,.
1 i , ? I for if, be
? .?:?'? . i , ? ?
. . ? |
i ? - ??? I ? - ? . . ? . on ol the
'I M ... ? ? v. . -o ' Si
.' v. of the timesf if t
? :.- gi'. n : y ho Secretary of Kuti
t, Ihr result
ry amr J ?? . We rai | d?
.? .'h pri
.. t. r. With the II St
? ? i .
........ Coi
lion i? i -
Mr. f - ? ? ? bei ?' ? i
ed to bit Mt. .|..l.r;-"i.
!.. .1 ii ? | ? plain. It ws
t, row '
I ...;?..???.
Mr. ali en of thi : ribillty . I
\ I. - lade ol I hat Sei ntor witb
to a hit b I'- bael ri :irr? d; I
I ?.'. ? - r I bat i? could bat
!?-. i , ? ?
? ?. ? itatify argument.
Mr I l.; ? ! I ? >; <l Mt ,l< bl >< ti
i . sa a Measure boetih lota? Kaecatirt.
It wta limply 11. ami ndmi I lo rairy oat a eli - I
I . , ? i ' greta 1 prerent s prai '.i. ?ii.
1 imeuls o. "tloe \. lUiout ? ot
M did i ? beth re tin
..i ntl i. i;..- o,.i st.?.n ni ?nr ?itl.
Ai.m. Laug ter.|
?Ur. si t ?? ? ObJ I he I dC< sea bad thi
P l toa a. It
ei u I-- i i.. I
i . i i ?
would I eaitate he.
it. if tb? 1 heir? al
Judiciary 1 I at* lui
- ' i ? ? ? - ?-, be ?n ild ii
. ? .1 I ..'??-. I |(i Si ?lu
??...bl m t -o ? ?m -i.Uifii i nn|/i. .- PretJ.
knew n| oo tine better tata tat present tor
regula) ? ?? u.o' ni? tad ti ' ? o ai nts bj
.. I just ItW 08 the ?:;ly it. It I U.'hl ! o't
? | . :.'...-.:.,.tal Wty S a;i amendment to an |
appropria lot bli. II. did not bri ion ti wita t( declare
thai n omVei legally apaatatctl shaaH reot ia at psrj
uniese bia . ? ? .. i, ? ?,. was agr ? i lo bj t' taai li.
Mr. HUDttSoB M".. said li.-I a-1 partiallj prOpOttd .i
! ??: tin :. turi referred t" I j Mr. When ut . Ile 1. m1
. DM lo the mi.. 1 latOB tli.it tim Previbnt Lad nu i ??
tint.al p. ?i. to r?nova tay on te.flic*. Waabiagtot,
m i igt ? rears remov? Afoai fron oflet. A.in;..? ti b, J< Bei
soa i igl i. M? ..i-.... i gbt, ni it r.?i ii.i..-. Ji I.i, adams f. -,ir.
Gi n. .in Ison removed St) during the Brat year, tad aftei
thai n m. |,0 0 or5,000, H ?? ? .1 ksoi - tin a ti i babil
ol nil uti g ins I? ? n ni'ii'h niiiro frasnaaal than at t t,
ile (l ii noi knoa thal Preeidi al Jobaaoa woald aadcttako
??? snort fronoAet lo an j great exteat Hut if he (Mr,
Hei ??(??+ was in his pUoe, and the sane diferaneas ox?
ntcd bet ?ci n bun and (VtBfTStS that Bart exist betwi iii
Cot g OSS : 'I Mr. Job! St li, he Would BM all the power he
hml. lie 11 'mu? thtt until it vas takwa ii'-?} maa bon.
Mr. Jobaaoa woald be laaaiied m using hi* appointing
. |?iwcr t" <?rrv out ?hal he calls " n y policy.'' Mr. Hi t,
di r?"n ni' tred i" tba fa? t tti.it ii aeeti ra Btwaaaaeg had
advised tin- President to nar h troops lato the Cttattl and
?limo tin Hi tate out. and also that Mr. Iluumil Kentm k.v
bad st ?1 that if the taathara teaaton tana lure and
?..t.. ?I thi ii ino i. ty ia the tanate, ii wotihi be Bal tat
Presid? Bl li ?.'V ?hieb wm- the Ic'iil Set.ato.
Mr. Davis (Ey.) -I aiO stat?- what I dal saj aal what
I n?.? believe. It i? minie the duty ot baa iVaaMaal M
i ' irii.iiim nie i?. OtagK na, trun time to tint, ead re? on*
neild for ita cob* i< ratioi ,anefa ntasarta h* he shall teen
oropel. Tht potiUoi I assssastd ??* tin? that bsdbaa tht
President could satoraii thatosaoehs aroold hare lo tater?
til?n ?.hut bodies of nea eoattittted tht Otaattat; nt there
wer?- teal I" .<li?s ? finen, two of them ? oucluditig that they
?ir?' Hu- Reatta aid wa athtt two aoaeladiag that shay
wen' th?- Ho i??-, the 1'residi'iit must t.eces?anlj atCMt
| which body coaautated tht Boaat and which lha taaatti
that it vat t atceasity,aad thal it was hi* piala, aoaatha
tioinil prerogative and right to ?leteruiiuc, under inch ?i j
I state of the cu?x', which was the true Semite and which ?as
: the true lions?.. I furthermore stuted that if the Southern
I ino in ben ?ere to g. I together, with ? nuniber of their
ineiulnrsof the two HMttB, and they in the aggregate con?
stituted a majority of the two Houses, that the President
had thtetaatftattoaal function and right to decide whether
they ?ero Ibu Coligrcsi or not; and, if he should choose t<*.
reoigtnze them aa the two House* of Congress, tbut they
coii'tituteil the reguhr, legal, conutitutioutl Otagiaa,
'i hat is ?till my opinion.
Mr. Howabii I Mich.)?Thon the Congres? depend? upon
the will of tbe Pi. ...il.-iit.
Mr. 1JAV1B? I furthermore stated that it was the prov?
ince of the two Houses to judge exclusively, eaoh for it?
self, of the elections, cialihca?ons and returns of it* own
iiiciiibrr*. That waa the issue. The President bad no
control or Jurisdiction, but at the same time, if tho mem?
bers contending for seaU were to get together iu such
bostttt as constituted ? majority of the two House*, then
the President had the right to rccogni/e them as the Con?
gress. I tay so still, 'that is my opinion, mv belief.
Mr, Howard?Will the Senator fruin Kentucky allow
me to ask him from ?hat part of the Constitution he de?
rive* thi* power! ?
Mr. Davisaniwered by quoting the Constitutional pro?
vision reqiiiriog the President to comuiunicut? with i'"ii
Mr. Anthony (l{. I.i saul i> Senator fruin Kendi ty,
t ut long Miiic, made I specen, which at the time excited
the surprise of the Senate. He hud Makai for it in I'itr
Hloli, but it wa? not thurc, and he dc*ind tu BBOW vhoM
(ault it waa; u hellier ii wa* the bmHoJ the laaoriart? i
pablLahcnoi T* (/fe?) (Lui, ibu omi iloaoecaittd I
Mr. Davis?It is my fat.lt.
?I. AMllQM euid tiiut this practice of making ape* che*
tata cither suppressing them or altering them a? to
make realiet to thenaopaat ridi?alous. ough! to ta stopped, j
He klicvcd the reporters of The (?luir ought to be held
responsible for the publication of m.j tl.iug ra .1 in the j
Senate Chamber, lie foi one should oppose tit? appropria- I
lion for 'J'ltr (Hobt, if it wus to be optional wuk MM to
print or suppress sjic-eches made in the S* natc.
Mr. Davis, in reply, ?aid that it was a common aaattfta
for speeches to be withheld from publient ion iu the up- j
|..-i.ilii of Thi (iivbt. He intended to print in the np
??endix tht S]H?ech to which Mr. Anthony icl'errod.
Mr. Howard said h? held in his hanu the original re?
port of the remarks which Mr. Dai is bad Ju?t explained u*
taken by the reports at the time and written o it from Ins
note*. He asked that it be r?nd.
The Secretary read it acoordlfiglr.
Mr. Davis says in it that th? President is ly the Con?
stitution made the judge of what is the Congress. The
exclndeo. Senators, with the minor ty iu this liody, consti?
tute a'majority of the Senator* of til the Status. These
two coull get together into a conclave and it weall Ix*
the constitutional obligation of the I'reniiient to ehoos?
between the two Seuales then existing. It ia his power.
and I would advise him to use it. Hu has tho right, and,
by the eternal I he ought to exercise that right. If I were
lu-, I would do it to-morrow, and recognise the Southern
members with tbe minority here as the constitutional
Mr Davis, at the conclusion of the reading, rose and
I said: Mr. President that is my principio still ; I naiutaiu
I Hat Hut ? ?.!.?, bjug wucv-wa of tLc LvLstHuUou
Mr. HotvAR?-Tbe huiilV Senut. r l'roin Knitutsy
.Mr. Davis) sari that is hil prim ?PM mill 1 rcfjat vciy
much to hear Lim u.aki n..h an anuonnccment. 1 pro?
nounce the priai i h to be n \> latieaar*, MceaaUlatiomal
and trccaecmble. I move that the Senate adjourn.
Mr. Davis?I wholly diaeeal fron tho position of the
Honorable Senator i it ia neither revolutionary, naca M1?
tu.?,i,al, um ir. ?isnniblo
The Senate, at J p. ni., without taking aeHoBeH tho
pending bill on amendnseat, adjourned.
Tin Bast basin iii ia order bciag Um cal] >t Sta m1 I r
l l!h ; i.d Joint resolutions for r> n rwace,
Mr. Hi- g [Me.) iatrodnted a I if]giving further tine ami
fat iiitie? lor th< eonvexcion ?>f tiio state banks tala io
Ucaal backs, which waa reed twice and taftnod to Um
( oaualttce nu Hanks.
Mr. abes also ntrodnced a bUl to disapprove oi
?lu.i Legislutivt AsMmbjv c1 WiAkiaatoa ?. ritei .
referen? to Si ,.n .m.mu? Coi i .?v. wl . h mi reed twice
and k1' ned t<j tiie Cocanitteo on Tetcitecii -.
Mr. OabtibU) Ohio) intr d ted al li to promote the
i oi.8tr.;i i.mi o?a Him ' i n rcadi betpecn tho City "I
Washington and thi Worth?Weet foi na?onal purposes;
'-.. ? i ill to i r. m te ti ' i oi rtra Moat falhte of railroad
from I'm-; .-_-li Pi nu., '<? <"> r< land Ohio.
Both bills wen reed twice aad referred to the Select
(?? nmittee on Military and Poota! Bdlroads ead ?rdea d
to 111 rutad.
rauroap rRirt.i.
Mr. Sp.w.niNii (Ohio) iatiedaccda Mini reaslntioa for
li i i. .,-?; i ti? i . :? In ..ii I .. gi ..? r. m the <' lyakof i
Hirer over and apoa the Oorernaseat piero d ( brvcJcMi
Ohio, wl ch waa reed twict and referred to tbe Committee
? ii Cona m.'.
Mi. ( unri (Ky.) lntn laced a MB taaidic UMCoactr m?
I < i. .?'. a vcgoB-a ad li Uu Ti rritorjf ? i Mi otana;
a? ' I Ivies and referred to Um CcBaaBlkMiei Terri
Mt. Kivm.-ia!. iii. kotri '.'ed owtioa
dei h rii ;? -l. ? ions ol tin Bl ita of Ti i -
m - 11 reston ?iili the Unit? d
-'';.i.~ : ?? M .'.??' rred to I
IO ' I t. WE GRABT".
Mr. Ilrrr.-.i D I "? ' ced a bill to smcadtheael
at M .y ii, M ?? ' laids to the State of Iowa, to
be eon*) lion of a rail o ed ? bil b i a-? read twice
ai d referred to thi t > >. It? on I .: ii 1. ?ids.
Mi WtPDoai Mil ? Dtrodoced ? jetet recelatMB for
i., icliel f certain wttlen ob the Blaai ReaenrdMa li
?i i Stat? of Minnesota; which wai reed in?., und refcrn .1
'. ihi i i u. tot oi In ar Affaire.
I.A'.- Vf LAMi ?.K V g,
Mr. Clabh Ka -.- ::.ii! ixd a bill granting ?..od.- i<?
lo tke - le uf Ki si toi ' n iht construction of the
K.nsaa sod Ncoaho Vallej ? ad its'extension to
Bed li.-. '?! h wa? re ?d twice, referred t.. the C> m
mittee ob Publkt Loada? aad, srdsicd ti bcpriaCai.
Mr. AP00P4 d'' i '<! I b '1 IO aav I
. . 1 i-vi'iiiif a? t- . f .1. i ? h, 1 >? ! and Mar? b .t, |H?...;
which waa reed twi i aad ?.I te Um Ceasnnlcc on
\v?v . ad Met i a
THI ruiM. Or j Eil dav:i.
I....... . f s-, i being compkted, the next bnsineaa ia
. '. r was the i..i.?iib rn:n.ii of the resolution offered bj
?,! lu .o.lu -'? . ol lan ary, whiek tkea went ova i
tinoer tbe nile, der'.-r;rg, bj? tin-' deliberate judgment "I |
this Bouse, ti ly nial "I .leff rsou {bivi?, cith'T j
bj a i ivii ?,-1: iii1 rj iril ?. ii, foi tke ? rime 11 treeaoa ar
ibe "'her irin" of wkieh '?' stands ekapgad, and i ?
prompt exeenrteu ii ?. nd amiltp. mc InperaUvdj de- i
-, .?,. m pit of tka 1't.ittd Btatri m order Mi '
qoatciy Branded bj the nation, tramon
untie iiili'iii'iiis. arm the repetition td their crime?, a? Mt
- I. Miblc, be | revealed?
Mr. .ioiian idditeaed the If. i v io sapped of his
.mu, altee which the rooelutMa ?a? wrested to Um
.Ii dil ...rv Coi mitti ??.
Mt. Mcl.r:.\' ii Mi niau.? Itrutirv i re Mil u-d joint
n.t :i ? ialsol I he Montane legislature, aakag nppropr. .
Lone for a Iti.ito. al librerv,cad pcotedisg against the
Joint resol tiou now | ndlngfor the eancxaiica d a pat
iii.r. of the Ti rriterj to the Ternton of Idaho.
li.? h t morwlc ?cr?- idkrred to the Committee on Batik
' r.?-.
M-. Stt'.inc Pa. li. in UM < ? iiimittee.on Keconstr.i
lioi i r. -i atcd tka ii I ??ri agreed naca by that ( 'ornnntti t
. i ii Ii . [.nd on Mtaxda* n gil, compriaica the pm
[oeed ameodneBl to tbe Constitution, tke biU to proud*
fot the rot'.ratn u ol Ibe Stdes lately in rirjcllinn to thi li
f ! p.li-i. ul light?, b:i?I the bill declaring certain peraone
? ti,,n>iv to opter n ?tot ?ho Covemment of thel'niteil
?i its. Ile . .t.v. ii mat ttnv !.. |irfi.:o? -..i ..ia*. ???.??bI
?. ) r-. re?jH < lively for I uesJuy, W cdnevlay, and Thur>ti iy
ol nell WWCk.
Mr. Nun.air li..!.i ii'<| nrt.l whether thm repet? -up? r
rcded UM repcri i. ctj aMsde Ik ji that Cocan?neo li r?f
e.v i, | to 1 'i.i.i M ?'
Mr. Stf.' enb replied rhiit it t) d not, adding that Um
' inn.nu to reconsider tke vote loommitting the matter to
I i . BtnittejCCfl liecoustruction cimld be called up at
ia? tune.
Mr. ki>a lill., sa.d be aadaa ck|canaa t?> it< being ,
made a ?pcelel order, subject to the revean?, aad tariff
I L' BfBAKBB ni'.ilua!t.il that ?Le -p.? ia! order coi Id n< I
he ii.ade conditional.
Mr. Ko*a then CbJCCBBd to the Special old'T.
Mr. BTBvaaBBMved to inopcag Um i ims t.. eaable k m '
to naba tke notioa. ead tWrolaicawnad ia Teca, UV;
N; ?,'.(I; ho two-third? having luted tlierr-1'og the ni'es
weic saapeadnl, and tbo motions were insdeami agreed lo.
Mr. Si evins remarked that liewa? lusttuet? d BJ Um
< onimiMee t<> say that a? soon aa the testimony was
[.noted a abort written re; ort enforcing tie principle* of '
the bill* and the pmpoicd nmendmeut would be made.
Mr. Stm tua, from the Committee on Appropriai ions,
raacttoi a hill making sppropnation? f..r the u?e of the
BureM of Re fag see, Preedneaaad Abandoned Lands, for !
the year commencing Jau. 1, HBf, which waa read twice
ai.d'referred to the Committee ol iho Whole ou the State
! ol ?ha I nmn and made the special order for to-morrow.
The bill makes the following appropriations:
Salarie? ol Assintanl and Sub Assistant Cennknnacn
117,000, ?alarie? of t lerk?. Iia,e0?? ?tationerr a.id printing.
M3?009j ijoarter? ?nd fuel. li.'. 'MX), clothing ftr distributiot,
I., ? ni?), commissary store?, C4 lu. V?), medicaldepartniunt,
g.'iOO.OtU. transportatioD, il.'.'eo.l'0, School Superintendent*.
: e.'i.nio. sites fur school-bonsrs and asylums, B300,0PI? tele
graphing, tie.oou 1 ?tal, <i ;.ei ?*.*'
Mr. Stevens offered n substitute for the bill latroonead
by him Deo. VU, and referred to the Committee oftlip
Wkoki on Ibu State of the I'mon, to double the pension?
of those who were made prlcoaan by the ? asiialtiee of tliu
late war, to pay the damage? done to the loyal men by the
Hebel Uoveriiuient and Rake] raider?, and to OBjbveetkc
ctiiitiscation ol the property of tho enemy; which ?asor
dered to be printed.
The ?nbatttute forfeit? to the United Slates all the publie
land? belonging to the eleven State? that formed the govern ?
n.eat of the so-called Confederate Stale? of America: directs I
the l'ieiident to cause the ?cunre forthwith of such propeitr
belonging to the helligeieut enemy as is deemed forfeited lu
th? act of the nth of July, 1MB to hold and appropriate the .
s?-.!!? as enemy's property, and to proceed to the condewnatiou
of that slresdy tei/ed.
It also provide? that the President sh?U anpoint two com
iimsion? or more, to coniist of three person, each, to adjudi?
cate and condemn ?uch properly, which ahull theo becvtne
vested in the l.'nited States.
The lands thus confiscated shall be distributed to the si ive..
liberated by the opeiations of the war and the amendment to .
the ton ?li tut ion, at tho rate of forty acres to each adult male {
uenoo, and to each widow who i? the head of a family, to be
held by them la fee ?imple, but to be inalienable for ten vear?,
after which time the absolute title loth? lands shah be" con?
veyed to theo.
The rest of the confiscated property is to be applied to the
following purposes, vi/. : giving 1100 for the erecuon of build
ings on each homestead, ????vi.ioii.imi to be invested in United
Slates securities sod the iutere>t added to the |>en.ion of |ien
iloneri, $100.000,000 to go toward ciuuli/ing tho bounties of
soldiers, ?nd |-.<(sj,00U,(<oY) to go toward defraying damages to
loyal citiwui by the ci.ii and military operations of the govern
ment lately called the Confederate States ol America.
No person's property is to be seized whose whole estate on ',
the ?to of ?tai eh, lev., was not worth more than 910,000. unless
lie bad voluntarily become an officer or einp'.ove in the uiilitarv
or civil service of the so-colled Confederate States.
In enforcing sll confiscations the value of llU.000 ia real or
personal property is to be left to the deliuiiuenU.
The last section i. a? follows: That so much of the joini
re?elutlon passed tho ITtl of July, MB, entitled a resolution
explanatory ol an act to suppress tie insurrection lo punish ,
treason and rebellion to confiscate the property of Kebels.and
for olher purpote?;" as provides that no proceedings under ii '
shall be to eonitrued as tv Work a forfeiture of the real esiuie
beyond life, shall be lepealed. io far ai it refers to the ?eisure
and Im tun ui e of enemy'? property.
Mr. Stevens asked leave to offer a resolution ree ii nig ,
the fact that the 1'resideut has uot answered the resolution
M?tke House of March 5, inquiring as to the number el
?epaani granted and the amount of forfoited property i
restored to Hebel owners, and requesting him to com- ?
mulliente such information at his earliest COareaJeBBC, it
being needed for purpose?, of legislation.
Mr. Boee objected.
Mr. ?Iiti nux k N. T.) introduced a bill appropriating
part of the proceed? of the luternal Kevonue in the Tern
torr of Nebraska tor the purpose of erecting a peuitenfary ,
ana completing the capital In that Territory.
The bill was read t? ne, and referred to the Committee '
on Territories.
Mr. Hitchcock also lutmduerd a bill to orovid? for the
construction of a wagon road from Columbus. Nebraska,
to Virginia City, Montana Territory, which was ai?o re?
ferred to the Committee on Territorios.
Mr. AaHLEY Nevada) presented resolutions of lue l.i g
ialatura of Nevada in reference to the building of a United
Matee Branch Mint d Carson City, to mai) service and to
mining district? in thtteasteru portion of Nevada whi?b
sun appivpimU leicmd.
Mr. Wa 'LET (West Va.? introduced a hill in r? f< mm
to claim* for hone? turned over to the Government wb,. h
- tai twb e .,;..l referred to the Committee on Military
AJUre. ?,
Mr. PiiWTLi (I al.) ofTered a re? .lution, wbu'h wat
??loi t.il, rei|ue?iiiig the Comnuitce ou Military Alfalrs to
inquire into 'be propriety of nrotiding by law that whee
?vor any person inmactteBte rule* and articles cf ??r
r1.1! be tried by court-martial foi any alleged offen? c. st d
the timliii- of rho ( 'on11 shsll be that h? is ? not gailtf. '
the President and Judge-Advocate, or Recorder of ti ?I
C .rt shall give a written ccrtiiicaU) of acquittal to the ec?
i U.-I ii, ? i.o shall then ho rc-lcaded from arroat and OutiLL??
Mi. llMiBV 'Cal.j i ffen lu rcsointl , which watadoy-?.!.
re. ?ting the allegation? in responsible nnblie Jonrnsls tim?
enforcement of tho Revcuue law* at Boston nr..|
New-Yoik, frauds had i"-c;i coanadtted c:. lia
United Sut?s; .'"-I ana tint L.iu.ts bad been nu
? -n ?ho eateroetaeat of th?* Internal Revime
' - . :..| m the adjusanctat of chums for Ile
i thereof in those ettie?; and iattraatita
?i,o( omuiitteaea P-?Mie Exnaiidjturat ta tequila ita ali
? h ; ','i ! ft ide, ..ad lo sit during the receta of Coa*
?-i'.cd tr. Mt convenient, io I
bj iu? h numbai, n> I excoediug three of such coma '.lie,
is moy be ueeaaad ash isabl ?.
Cf. \ I MS O* VEMtZrP.LA,
Mr. Dt tena 'Mich.i offered a reaolnuoa, whkh ??a
adopted, reajutating the Secretary ot Stat? to furnish -le
II? use with a list of til-claim* of ? uia.-n? of the Uti.ti l
S'.r g, : ow pendil ? in the United Statea Legation st Ctr?
M... ?, rgeiiiht the <;..v. rnment of Vcnczmla, and toi-tato
whtt in.??..rea aro requin .1 to btjag ?ucii alai I - t?> 4
sasjedj >*.-!! louent.
'.'I?i?OCar MATTEHfl.
Mr. I wx Mo.) introduced a bill declaring St. Jr-etrh,
Mi sonn, apoit of delivery, ?hi? h waa read twice :.r.?l ir
fe ..i to the Cuni'i tte oh I ommerce.
Mi. HlowiMo.i i.itio .lured a bill to allow theexUirt- .ti
of thewhaif ataR. Loaia, ahMh was read twice sod o -
ii ,i. d '?. Iba Comm ??.- oa Mihi wy Affnrs.
Dai rd (X. Y, psataaaad aaaeaas
; the Stott of New-York m tevtc of ???...?.?ig
i otu ? '.*.
D0TT M WnnL.
M \ ,\n Huns \. V. pretenteda patttloB, sigr^cl *>y
63, tizentofElbs (Jen ate Coanty, |lew>Yerh, .?>? %
BO .1 ? ti use ol'I lie dl'ty on 'VOOl.
wuan'i mniiT?!.
Mr. CoaaxiBO N. v.. prattated a Mtattoati tv?.
Hutt.-ni d io "t'.< r wu:.ii>n ti! t.!. ??, M.ise., asking nu
amendment ol I te c tullun | i tibiting the l*tui?s
fron diafrtnehisiag i ?tia i ob the gjoaadoltaa.
The pi tltioa wa . referred to th?.l?di<- ary CaasnMee.
??ti liol ia a. ooaranm ?.
Mr. Paira (Iowa) m.d.Mr. Randall [Pean.) aire axant. ?!
from a rving au tea Committee in reference M the ???i? 11
lir.U'n m the Capital, d Mr. (?riniiHl (Iowa) ti.d Mu
D..HI-? ?!. Pun.) aero put in tj.i ir pi... ci.
Ill KI VI ?t an IIARB-iR BILL PAtMb.
Ou notion of Mr. Kuoi Mast?), the Connittee ol .lo
Whole on the State of fug tTuiou was discharged tp. u .or
ther eoaetuaVBt on of theStVtt and Harbor Improve? < 11
bill, and i!ic hill caine taten the House fir consid?rai*! i..
Ni . ?IJOTI li >'le al (ousideiable kLgle.
advocating the principles of internal impr. vement u< A
expb?aiag ti.?- pre* itsoaa of ibu 1 ill. ile ibcu uaovas) ti,?
' ?n '. o .3 qui ?t.on. '
M . Hosaaski'd Mr. Eli t to admit an amemlmcni.?? -
i ..,. Hing$-!00,00<j Cm the imuroscment of the- P'i.? .a
Mr. Ii. roi dei th 1. ?nyinr that gentlemen til ?rtwi .1
him ama waning fin tneadmeata. There wa* iot ait
appropriMiion recommended in ike li'l which did i.?.ti??f
np?n cnrelul eattttatea made at the War Department. m.<J
nj i n n.. i.u.iiii ..!..'?: ? i ? lining from there. There Wog
r.. ? one |?.int m th" bill conceroin^ which petition* Li.4
not ?Bicupfron the peoato, mid ?-inch bad not i.? ra
m. it carefully examined. Be believed that ia every ia?
?tuuco the people brt desired the action of Coagreee atti
Ihe Colutuittee bad obtained from thn Department ii. h
.? iii .i .-.- enabled then to d'Hermine with acuituy
wi at was wauled, it wuuidnot du, he ?ai'lt to open tho
b I tu amendment*, whick would be bo-e and me;c gui HI
Mr IHik-.ki.i.v asked Mr. Eliot to i ?cid for tn i.i, t d
iim. u the m i'ion authorizing surrey? to be made
Mr. Eliot bud no objection to that* and the foil, a i. g
I o ?nts ?? re, on nat! ou of Messrs. Donnelly, Van Hi.ti
..V Y. . ujui Pike, added to ;!.?? aection authoristuar s- r
reyi t.. he made, namely, the Sombro River, and tilt '.'iu -
non Ri.cr, Minu.. th? lake and mouth of Eigbteoi. Mil?
( nek, Olcott, N. Y., aud tht St, Croix Rncr, au- ?t ihe
Mr. >p ri Disc a?ked Mr. Ellpt to yu Id for an am i d
meat providteg that the Secretary of War shall, at ;.:!
tiioe? l>e a>!tbori/.?d to ?dace the public worts of tb?
Uni'ed Si ?tea mentioned in the act iu charge of Cnstowi
Uo;:?e orne?is or other sgents of the Oorerameat lisii^?
"**r ????< ,?<"'*?- who <baJ| protect the same from i .
u,i.i uitable obstruction or tnjuuvs <?? _^ ?.?
additktatl charge for their service?.
Mr. I-.UOT ?le? lined lo yield f >r that purpose. ??
'li., previous question w.it seconded, tue anieiouii s.
?greed to, and the lull paaaeda
M>. Blaine n.M to a aaaatoal i|uestion, and aahaa Ml
have read a Mttar fitoaa uea. Fry, which he seat t?' IM
t liri. ?d. ?k.
M . Can ino stipulated that he should have m Off- r
? n i ol rafjlj iug to it.
Mri. Hi aim slated that he wn-hed to have this l??i.,r
read Cor the doable purpose of vindicating himself rr. m
tin > barge of having made an untruth!'.,1 statement ii. II e
Hii.-c aomt days i-hici?, ,.ud giving la tht broad atatMsaa
*i i >..? it Iii r-til?y un opportunity to a worthy taaatl '? I ?)
1.ca.?1 hi the fu rum whan he hus btM Baaaahai. Iwigh.
further, to state that. r. <>n it;vc?!igation, L bail 'eui
that I ?as in error in the statement I Maia in .let*.!?',
lo .. bina the dillcalties between the neaahtf fr. n th?*
rjtict d'sin. * and Um Provost.Marshal-Oeneral, I woi .?I
hare fe'.f b-'und, humiliating a* it would :.?v?- hecti, to a| < o
gize to tbe House, and to make the correction. Whell.? t
it Via an ama, I ?ill have to bt judgid by the H? i h?j
st'ir ?1 has heard the letter ot the Provost-Marnl.i-.-t.i n
eral rc?i|.
The Clebk then read the letter of Oeu. Fry, ot >L>? h
the fo'lo? ing are abstiacti:
W'iR 1)1 lASl MINT. 1'BOVOST-M ?aiHAL Or?.'? Bl'BEA> I
WasUImIIoN Apnllir, iNta, ]
Hu. Um s t.. lit ai? I. v.?I nava to thank yo? foi resi?
ling, as mu? ?lid lathe Rouse of Representatives oa ike ; <4
mat., tbe very extraordinary assault opon ma by th? Don.
i?oscoe ?'onkltog of New York. It waa a defense of mc ia a
'. : i. where I bid no opportunity to be personally heard, a. d
I stn rnaliled to say Ma? voor tiaertloaa teaching Mr Cer.k
ling's difficulties witnths liureaa are amply and oimiMny
jiistitied bv the facts whiob ti.rs letter will dkMloa?. Wy
oft.eial i.tsreourse wah Lepreaentalites ia OnBBMM uuiug
tb? past tlnee year? hal boen constant, aud in manv him?
intimate, aud. with the solitary exception of Mr. Coaknng ti
bn I ?-en marked so fir as l remember, by uiutual kocor ana]
fair dealing. Mr. Conkiing being thtni an exe? ptlen. it s my
purpose to give a brief ?utcmary of bis connection and itUtr
course with this lturcuu lo lb? Summer ?.f 1-^.: Mr Conknatg
made a case for himself by telegrapbiuit to the War DtLtut
tnent that th? Provost Marsliaf of bis District required Layas
nuilee, which b? was thereupon ?mpoaered to gi??.
In Aprd !??(?:? Mr. ('aarliw A. lisna, tb? Aas.iUi t
Seoretary of War. without notifying me, bad Mr CenS
Img appointed to investigara ali fraods in the ?olUtmenU ??
Wcsteru New-York, wita the itipulatua thai he ?bonid t?s
i. mmisfioiird Judge-Advocate for the prosecution of aay s*.?
brought to trial and he was so appointed to prosecute. It-fc ?
a general Court-Martial Major J. A. Baodeek. Mr.
Daua vested him. by leteral orders uanasl in the aasne of
theS'creUM of Wsr." witaout the isuctiou of Mr. StaLUo,
with the moat sxtraordiuaiy powers. Among the?? wain?
right to examine thcdiipitcbei m all telegraph office? m iii?
Western division of New-York, which enaoled a viol?t on ol
the sanctity of personal and bunn?** correspondence For lu?
services in tldi connection Mr. Coakling received oa lb? '.? i of
No\emher last from the Cnlted States tbe modeit ftxofl i??'.
Wlirte.ei lie received, a.? lia? be?u reported, from bia disti ?.S
?*..UO0 mor? tor tbe same servioe, and whether be r?*c?ivcd asi
ditiotiHi fees from guilty parties for opposing proceed i aga *i
L'tic?, 1 am unable to say, but, as hereafter ibuwa, he war ,.?
zealous in prevt-atuig prosoeattona at Uliea as I.?
wai in making them at Klmira. and the main ground BftBttst
tittilt ? between Mr.ConkllQgindmyaelf has been, that I wt.oti?!
eiposurei ?t both place., while he wanted coueeaimeat at ? ? r
1 suppose there can be no doubt among high mindi. ? < aj
as to toe character of Mr. < on kling s course To ibis portar
Whether hia actioa in ?xereiiing the function? of J tilga-a,I
vocale ?tid receiwng pav therefor from the United Kftir t?
the ?mount of $3,0Go, while receiving hil compensation as a
member of Congress, was a violation of the l?tier or spirit.. r
both, otiarticle C lectiooti of the Constitution, I leave for <.'l ? ?
to .ii ? ..." As to tb? at..mu? of Mr. Coukltng a c?luiuii:i i as>
naH i.| on nie. it I* true, uotvithstanding bis asiertion II iki ?
had no peifonal ({uarrels with me. that to? different??? I? ????
him au?! ti j self ? ?re altogctber'from mr unwilln gn?si ?? , i
tfy bun iu certain matten In whioh hs had a strong pastel I
nueiesl It is Hue alio that he wai foiled m bu eflu? ti '? ta?
nia undue ecMioeisiom from my Bureas, and to disc:?., : u ?
BJ ILeeTrsOi ?J s"0^f?t!?lrJ.
Ile Utter then goes taio conMJernble detail? of ,i?
isaue? between the writer and Mr. Conklmg. tad roa.
eludes as follows:
lb? general nanagauiebi of my buainen hat i?eur?ii ti.?
approval ot ail dispassionate partis? who have hadanu|(,<i
?auit? lo judge ol It, ii.ihi.iiug the lite tawaideat, acd klil
s..en mi otho?: to whom I har? been dureatly ?MBBBBaBsS,
whose rikor and whose c inanity and opportunity to Judge ???
beyond ?tiipate, and it will not be foi gotten that evaspkui.t?
and accusationi have been ipread with great Industry iwai?
the high officials Isst refsrred to. I bare beeo st ali tiau??
amemlahle to the sever.;?: forta of ?aw, the milltarj rmlr,
liable at any moment to summary arrees?, court aiaei 11
and extreai? pauishuient in ease' ef any d*rsa?tl*a ?4
ottivial duty No on? knew or knows th? fact ?fi?
lar than Mr. < mik Ung, and, II ?bil? acting ?a
Judge-Advocat? under th? extraordinary lugainu ? I
powers conferred upoa him by ti* fritad Mr. Dan?,
be came iuto th? posseaiton of any tact ittpngnlag or uapateh
uig mv integntv as a poblio offloer, h? waa guilty ef ?gsate
publia wrong and nutenbiultsis if he did not lastaotly Ale tor
ma 1 charge? agsmst ms with the Secretary of War. ?,e-f*"i
therefore oulv escape the charge of dellberat? sad nai|gta?s
'"copies of official document*, suMtsaaiating stateneau ter?.
Iii m?dt, ?re ?abjolned. ___?. w.^v.t n~>*mu.\
Jambs B. ?ar. |^r?w??t?M?wak?l9mm*
Mr. Blaimi said he did nat ?mi* t? have tht daaaaaf t|
a?? r HU "

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