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1>". 74-J
4W. 74
i). 7.'?
.???ni . 71
New-York it N. II.
I7S. 97
R< ling,
?.. LO .
IO t?s'...-d?i ii. r.'.j
?i ? Mi h. S. k N. Jini
l'OlU'jRcui. BAT-BB'.
??I?*e,,??ai tkr? asaca r??B?BB?- "May 1.
VJUtti ?_ coup. Cble? cV N. W. let, If. Y Cintrai.
3,0'_>.tl'r> ^O?O..ni I '.leo. 9.J
U _t%, l?*l,'cp. I(:iev._ Toi. af.b.'K. J. Central.
?pSaj.,m ' .'?.?"?o.% to.105
Vf. 8. fir,?VAie. _.'.? Ani?jic_i Oolil.
a^ooo'.i ro?; .''.v'uo.ii'?!
_,.?-W?.x m Am. Exch. Hank.
B.6W in!? r (UM4 5.HO
U.8 ts,.--'oc, ?i G-allttin Ni
t**\?).a-ioii loo...,.toa
D S.i.? ;-?.')< " . l'.i'.k.f N.A:i.?r.
5K?,00().X.I?UJ lil. 1 6
U. 8. 6s, 10-4UC.I i. .Ni:.!h Nut. Bank.
UN....V.. Ml 1 l.1
Irr?asary7 3-ltt. iCmnbd Coal ftt
'???I ?crios. . 4'? i 1,900 . It
?\<JOO.1011 ' . I , I . '",
U. S lit, I v. c t.l. ?Spring Mom ....I IO H
??.(KIO ...... lo I 100...i 100. 771
laatinn He iw. SSI 10D.Sdt I... 781
M>,(H?,i . ""j '.'on. W, Ilh . - (
H. Ci.uk .a tat, SOO.M 100.?....I'-OJ
BsOsiu. ..?_-... f?jWeirt. In. Teh Ml '.I
Mo.'?,ilis:.-...i.?- 100. 57| 21 '.'.'d (?.?'?.' Uti
4.' >? . 77 West Union TeL Cleve, fe Pitta.
Mo. de, Pa. 1_ 1. , : ;. 1 _ .t.l. 700. I .
4.0'H?.74 100..107 ? A N.YV.
Mi?- u , din r. . '-.'?'
g.000.. 74 ? 300. .'?!? i? N.W pi
HaY.7?,!'. iIm-mi. M 100.
a.oon.i.iii' aoo. .,.? " .
8,0. I...... i ' | |tai ?a t'.if. ??'.'
N. T.C.7a,?Crt 100..941 Ii lap. t_<
4,n(ju.i.?, 100. '- ? 13....t>
iri? l?t rr?tge. i ?j ai. 5 1
J.OOO ex in.. 97 | 5*-0. 24j ?. '.'1
'tta&Cin. 1 1?
ino. 40
et p.pnf.
. Ia)
I ' ;. B.
P. FW/_C1
Brv.jJM mtge. ; soo ..Sdeall. ',1
r.ttO' .n" V riposa,
gail'N. \ v y . ? ,.i-i
l.eWHr.-.04 Si " I' '.
??..K W. A ( I ?J. f;'
?MsL.? .., . O
?Toidi I Bj .: . :. ?'.,.
9,tm.7h, N.baOLlOB.
V H. ls.6-9 e, ? ?, t 1. ?4 a',m. ,N. Y. (?entrai.
ai>?j.H>ii, en.ho} ..?o.?..?. tai
?S-ni. a. Ii'liiuw/ci Ar N. VV .) t I i>'.
MO. 5'j ino....:.?i i> 1. 74V
Baa..... .'.? v. i. a St Paul i ?
Man's.?., |- f ?:? 1 1,11. (A) ?Iii. |>._Cum.A: .S.I
loo... ..1 I , 100. WJ
'.{ o ( UM K lOAi.P.
TJ.K.t?, M0cp.'6- ( .luton. Erie.
W.Ox,..K11, 100. 57 100. 74J
ai.??'.ii; 100.;.?i 100.7i4
tULSa,lc-liicp. , 100.._<? 100.slO. i"'
__,t?w;. ;iij ?uieksUver. I li ?? ,-..-f rnd.
Xrctistirv 7 J-lOs. ! nut . ..?1} IOO..77|
'_d isenea. v, t. I ..mi Tal. heil rig.
l_,_on_Wl| in .m1 .'?"?.bl', le-,
M MBMOk ? ;.'.' ra, ?V lit 8.
4,000 .iqifi 100.? -1 ' ?' ".Bil
temes??'.?la. 8pruconulC-oal C le.? N. W.on.
Km-'. 901 V '.---- 5| ?? ?*.?J
Vin.-ii Hieb. 8?. ?v .N I. I it.,Kt.\V.cVC.
AO00. _07j! 700.bl". 78* Bl .'.'8
I 4i>0.bM Wj1
on- bo_bb or aniaaaa ir h.
Pant.- t'l.ic. &N. W. En".
BOO. _f.' SOO.c. ??i BOO.s^T. 73
g_ai 11 mil .wo. __* 100.a'.o. 7?i
T-vt?). . ?1 ?.'?!M.7lj
gkJO.l?:i. .'., t i.iAN.W.jrf. 500.1*3.741
BOO. ?3. -? SOO. .'^-i '?>".... blO ii?
?aripoat pref. l'1.?3- ??".lllivd. Klrer oz dir.
100.......... 211 ihK.lViiC. exi'.iv. SOO.IIOJ
too.s-'. _4I 900. ?1 Mich. 8. at N. I.
sou. -ni toa.?'?. '.#\< BOO.1>(. Til
Illino.? M., i ruh I -??..b3. 9Sj III?.eil 7'
10U.1? I I li I. <t_
Cai.tc?. I ela Central. Mk'i. g. AN. I.
BUI. 574; lui.ll.?*i -i>i. ?:;l
1.RO0. :?7 'Cleve. _ Pitt?. i SOO.?.h 781
aix.?.si. ??: 1 -Ul.b3. 8lj' SOO.b3. 7?j
It?.MO. 57, .01. IlllCbi. ?kK.W. prf
gtruce Hill. i BM.k1 H,: loo.bl!'. 59
goo. ?J Chi. hil. Lex dr.' 900. S?
Marilla l'ref. I 100.itw.liiitf 900. b3, 581
MO. 2IJ I.ne. i MO.bW. W
100.iX4,i UKI. 741' 5I?T. I..I. Bl
UK).bil. '-t|! ?KO.?3. 74| P. K.W. .ktiex 1.
MO.MO. _4,( 11W.tri. 74j SOO.?J. Hj
|f. Y. Ceiitrai. l&ea-inK
101. 9-'l ' iWO.10.'?J
Ti-SPAT, llay 1?P. li.
0?ild oprned at 1-31, and sold freely ujen tho street,
kafurr the regular calle-ul IS8|] aedd uj> to 1.7, and el.iSeU
ai i-i..
The 5--08 ?vere rjnoted at the Stock Excbantrc st 101J 9
IB-, tquiil to I per ? tnt doclino niXin yeeUrday's rutes,
eaibtig the eaafeaj worth $3 7c?j in Barraaey f?r biuo.
Ttkt 7.o0s axe uiojuuioJ, andcoiiiinuo in tbmand. In
State bonds and tho ?uiacelluneoua shares no material
?Lang?. >iant osa Preferred ia wai.Uti at '-li _'J IJ. Boa?
toa 'Water Power, 3f.337. For Atlantic Mu.il the quota
Mon Is 1-0 ? BaHL Au institllmcnt of 30 per ci ut has bttB
oalied on tho stock, making it full paid. 'Ile Bettway
g_aro n.aiket is quite imgubir. Erie was in
Opetial ?BBMB-?, ar.il sold as high as 75. UTohlgee
Southern was not in r? quest, and it is stutid
that tho cluiue lately l??ai ipnlatnig it bat sola
ant, and put their stock upon tho ktre. t. 'lim
aaarket is largely coutrolled by cliques, and lrru.ly held hy
an abundance of nioner. At tile Second Hoard the mark: t
was dull and steady, with hut a ?mai! amount of business.
After the call prio a iinpiuved, and the niarkut c! ntl ?.ri?
al quotations. Keadiuf?, Michigan Southernjind Pitts
bargh wcro the strom'?, st stockt. Tho deliveries of Erie
?art m-de with dift?et lty, and the stick is in activo borrow?
ing demand. 11. el, em g pnoes were: Canton, S7J
?.??g, Canberlai dCosd, 44J a I9_i tgaiekailrar, -ij --ij,
Btaxirx???? Preferred, -JJ; Now-York Contrai, ?**-i?t?f-4;
Una, 71 ?f 74" ; Baiooa Kiver, llOi-lluj; Iteadirip, lot?
? lOtV,; Michigan Ceutral, KI?; ? lui; goi.th? ni, 784 _, ?;
lI?Dois Central Scrip, lrtJiil-OClevelaadaudPittsbtirgh,
B-l*?*!}, Cleveland anaTobdo, lui. lull, Rock Uland,
1231 ?Roi ; North Western, IA*, ? .'*?}; do. Proierred/.-b? _
W- Fort Wayne, H|4_4g|,
Money is abundant on call, at 1 -?'? \<<-T cent, and stoek
katkitet are uuslle to u?o the capital off.-nd. A? ; earanco?
tBa-itata that, baSne May closes, call luana to It?Hag
hoaaei will bo quot??d at 3 per cent. In OOOBBkarelal pap?
Bo change, liest passestit ft 37, and second grade at 999
Foreign exchange closes very firm. Bills at CO days on
landon ore quoted tt lU7X/_ IO*?-' for Commercial, .0*<?J <_
leal for Banker s; do. at short sight, 109 ' - Kn '.
freights are dull. The engagements to Liverj-ool per
eteanier are 7,000 bush. Corn at 3d., and .rAl tims 7 -.How ut
Tha bosineas of the Rnb-Treastiry waa- aaaasyta,
Bj>,0W,i?*l3 6t?C-for Ct-toma, $478^)0, Payment?, ?W,4'it,
170-4; Balance, $95,-73,79-14; Gold Note?, |'i?>,'.?.).
The aggregate amount of exports (eaclusive of specie)
?Bon the port of New-York te foreign ports for the woek
aas-ag May 1 was $1,718,633.
a By the (lrtotit we learn that on the -1st instant at the
Landon Stock Exchange the monetary improvement MB?
toned. Cvu-?U closed at 87 J-S7 j, Fire-twcntios at Tf*
?j70|, Illinois Central at 80??(iJ, Erle at 53|.
f Tk? Bank of Ka riana return aaTWI that the private drpoiits
??I?? last w??ek i_?;reas??d _!,ta>4 UM on the payiuent oi the
BBBMeeBBi hat? this week been drawn npin to the extent of
BaMlrty a onllioii, hut ai loan? on private ?eeurili?? tel?e aiiiount
Of aMBAlU have hewn repaid to the bark, the decrease in the
assjsjrve bfletrtiies AtJLt li'i. There ia also a tlocreaie of A?l?,
?tela tk? eoin and bullina, and a* the ?um withdrawn foi ?X
?art dariDf the week on tialanre did not exceed B190.0BO, evi
Beatii of an i?tem?l drain la ?iforded. The anu-niit of notea
?a atoaalali?- a _BMB?.WB, being an increase of _.:'?-> 4-t<>;
?al the stoek of bullic.0 ia beth departments ti >.l>.s-s.,ii.>,
the a Ins s mi 1 noan nf f TI'TtTifT stn 11 1 iinji n m1 ii Uli Die pre
; statement.
The following shows the earnings, expenses ami cost of
Ik* Earl? Ballway Company ame? It came from the bauds
Oat the hooeiver:
WoTkln? -rase.. Net
Karainga. Kipenie*. T?.???, ir. Bkrel?ak
S. OtC 400 itM B4.eeO.748 l.'iOi ?r? lates?..?
. 10.40?. 4el ?3*0,511 iTH.!?)? a.y-ij.iiO'At
... l*t,4-!X.e4.1 sVAHM l.irdil.MO
M?9. 1?4_4,T74 I0.J??a*).*.I laSaV?M it'?X7'C1
__a Road, in fonr years, shows su m?rense M t?ttt
sa*.17,031 410
IM Batt moose has iaers???eU. 111,311
The stock and debt of the ooncern show the following
Dee. 31, 1861. Dee 31, IMS. Ineresa*.
sa?*. I>bt....140.1 H,700 f 17 lie,7". $7.971108
Equal to an annual interest of $576,045, to say nothing
tf the loans matte by the Corporation, the cost of whirh is
tofr??e_ted in 1?%5 by $l,8W,r*?l lou the amount paid for
Tk? road has rt?d_ced ita t?sete during the year at foi
AeeoU II??'. 31. ISM.
Lang Dock Cenjpai
rour ta klortg sg? Ij-aisds..?? 'ioijouv
H Mltet.WiV-'' -ant l^t*k CoT-LwnT ". ?1634,473
ana*- te Um form of kstrnds. .Bi.7.n7>,
' AaMptl tkec 31, lias.
ftsjO U mt Bmoart?" Loag iJoc* Company ". ST a 5W
ludotitloa la t?e r?*.|i.J1h,?C
TW Ceastr-etioa ecoouiu for the j?_r la ekarged
Mnltsl fron Btetioni. I-oan. $3,810,3-1
Ikaanee tram salea o? Bt*a?4?, Long Doak
aadPuurtb MartgHes. 1.1M.T11- 4.M ,M
laaatiag $3_4,_44 to bt used tot working expenses, strp
?aksae, ?t any t?f tis? nnmerona wara the Company has of
Jkfctcrbin? money.
The tteteoteat ma4e np rp any for? it tliacrtdi'ttsl?. A j
morchant atr_?**/inR t??f? fi-rtiTeB of l*?Yi, wo?ild ge* the fol?
lowing roi?nJ',,, ni .art fru? etuiFtruc?tin (K.-otiut;
?fir UM. ??? tio.4aA.vn
t' rrriirti' (t?m nset ?f ? i
li letrtoi, n bM t ?. - le . -,''-'" V'1
??.-.fre.o" ..,?.,,., |,|. '.foi r- i ???_ ts.ri.8i7
Dtvidradt ??aid siofjnrj i ????'.??4I...
?ir. paid at ?if Jan. I. ?A ?-*.*>? ... 1,W,'?*0- IM8M81
? ib? lar Mi Ideal on ('.. ?lock Jan. 1, iff?. |rM,ltf
. ??*??; ti ra s f.,. ***U8I
Arid II let. Ht OB tlo.Ill g di bt of Milllh
IS, IM. 253.576-. m88H
Bai waeel tar JJiHaad htoreMta MB.8M I H
i; .t on? .... ob eaa be sOnoesj of the _gaioiof the
a: isaal r, ?.n. Ttoy eoaeea] the eoadltiea of rho C?r
; . . eh bia r pi lu -ti tin-1 -i::.t m'.i :i divid? i.ds cn
Ha an ? a;?? w?mb a <i-?tigo of
?i i? call d for at tho ne' < ?? A few
? i m if-.??. ' glt -ath ' us it las iaffese4 in tho
ja. tu iii i'h.ce tilt* lOflHBOfl ?ha?? iioMi M as BBM h cut of
.:.s when il)'.- Cor,.? r.ition ?>;i.-bid it.: I
11. M ; I Bt Pat- i' ' : BBJ andlho
MilwaakM nul Prune da Cliieal a*i mp m1 ta
r - -s. 'Hie Bl t ' pea* | ita
. . . lad huHcs .')! t. r i . t
t'.?- Piairia da Chin CoMpsaf pota li 135Btiloiof poad
...?'.,,. ., b1 "I ti., mr., mm II ?
? o*- on r oblea road il"- ttaaiaMktJ ,- <> ? 'I b1 laiBli
f the two cou'-iatiit't, and,
..f eoaek, u .,i th? _m h t? th?* iel r? ? iHb Hj* Ike _ri at
i la_ frein thib a_reen'i .it, the J
? ill bo cuuLlcd to do the busiu.''*? of UM m? ..c at reduced
rat? n.
The Ne?! . il BsBatoia* _btiM*eae Coi | vtjji li ' J mia
? tka Arl. u?, AiiiTtcnn utid United Buta i
Compa&ira Uuve-qaark fit-- t , . g wi-iui. m?
,.'"'? .1 i- elf t" eoatribati to tho
. f (he toa other eota]
arran .'eu:' at entered into eo the lil of ?Taauaiy, by?
i' . .s -i aal Baal ra*I ? pakJ1 " ! r" ' ! *-*??*?
at mil be ? n ? '? ted bj
payment cl the M?toaiag quitch eu the i f J
tllnrkrt?-' tarrruv ttkrunT?Dron Tn? S.V. Tni?r*i?.
1 i BBBAY, M iv I. Il '"??
ASHES? 1 ' ?, - ... s . -
113 for I
" ? \ it m un,neil demand, aad bteatly, at 3e_
Mc, iii: . VTi iti m an i Soatbi ra,
i ? m t i -., n- v., ..,-? of 1001 n lAdsBaa*
?l! ? ,! j; 8S IS :!?;?:: Bl i - . Bl ?I l'ut' t '
i i o i i j-;? v. e li??., ?i, n ,?- to report, bal piue? rcmiria
for Prl i ..'-?.'
17) . is*, f. r fair do.; I5|wil | for ? r
for 1 r t" ad i ?r?*i et du. j !
1 i 1. ?,.
? i, Sr. Dob In?,. ,? . ,??? 1 i , - ? ; I
ni Kio and ? Itt ?lay of Mar, ir?
7' i . I i.-, ?;? t ? cf Java f. ii. e. ?...vi i.o.i. i:,.i-.l
I ' 'n': . ?', tr,,?, 4.0M tiitirs; ?i. of Mara o Coffee
'??.r.: il.ifk i,f I.iicii vi.il'i,., ; 740 1
Bt i'. rnti go Coffee, I ttoek ?f Ceylon I If I ->
J,'!,..:?. P.! I -' ?"!'S. total
Bl ek of Kio?New 0 - ' I b i .? Mobile, '.' TOO
. ,:.: ra, m Obagsi .?,.., ? t. ? r t., MM begat l?tal,
.i i -
? til l'i 1 ? Ai: i rien lagol ?s .-i mod?r?t? dei nid, and
. i ra ol .' W it-. Balte il M ?.. ai d K.000 in Pi ?i
t ?no, :?i -.. ad _t?eo Motel un?
. ? i,
i u , it ???TI ?? ? sari : bt ? tt,l I pi ai t ? Itl et i -i
f n.,1 chantre? s i i ? 1 I i . ,.< s n: .t., .. I -. f ,r >.. .
FLOUR .\M> ME il l s ? '.:? raand Bute
- ? i.,: ? ,' .,, j, i.,?re ni. 'ralanivela in pi
i., v 11..... t, i , , - e. , ; i u ii t . brai r* bel
t r ai I in i - ?
for H ira ?*> 33 I.t 1 x'i i s
I - r iirades ol
v. i , -ni _i- . ?- ? - '
tor Trs ead t . : i I
l gti .-. Cal a. i .n i . nv of t'.imily
? :.. - ??: 300 b n - - . ? ?:? -o foi '
taw gradee o/ Extra, aadtOdlBM t ? i : ?d?antll ?lally Ex
. i- : r. ,-i or, vt Itl ? rate i '
t of 4M t ? -. al 81< "? ??? to
KOto Mijter'i .v Iii. .tit l'i.?niioie. A , aad (11g '. m l'i f r
irado and iu.iiil., bra da BveJVIoai li in fair demand ?t> I
. :ii al n l.ss
n . y taies *f BW btds. al 84fof Jersey, and
?? 50 for t .
GRAIN- 1 e nar tot for Wheat toa b? ,
?L il to-cuy ato pri?es fa? red tas hoy er i
lato to u.! it-r?, who parcbaae spar! ? i ? ? .BSpi rig
at #1 '?:?, Old MilwaakM ( lab al 11 i ? Bed Westers
1834k Bal rj ato Borley M . . . -
are Mini, nul Osts are dall aad t.. .. , .-? ure 80,000
basa.,atMOOSe. forCa ? ; Mi : Westen i r.
c I'.- f i ."".-v lo., i..|i. ' . ,, ? le. f r - lute, live it .jnnt, lut
priet ? Bl* wi'l "tu ei.'.HL"-: tbu Salea ara kOOO bask Western
a 13e. C ? ? . .lil ad lowerj !?'??? , -. - .
: i.Ti.e undi' -ii'- ol k*4,M0 lut,., ut v.rr-'.e. 1er uaoaeto
Me. fi Mivtl Watten*, ia M : ?nd MOMia delivered, and
'j ',. ii r?Tert f Yali .?
t.'.i... -i -W< ni'' sales of l7,0M?al I1IOI3
B AT'?The market i? limit n. nie aad In.. ??'cHpfiXO
bul?-? :.t '?,. 115c, f. rS i ' -.. di 175c. for Betall hita.
IIKMI*? Manila eoailnael dall ?ud heavy at 10c, gt?d;
otl er kinds nr- .lull .n ti m i: inal
HOI'S tt minne, t.rni und m fnir .'? , god f r 1 orrie ton?iim;i
ti...i we .juuto ut m m am . i - I ?:. t. aad
Bi:.\l)?rig is in m...!, rule der- ,:,,'.; take of IM Mai Pi si ?
lib. tren : .' go^guldj Ber, c-c, ato 8mM
U'. : i' ; *, I I;.' . I lo'.' : I t.
SlUi.As.sf .??V. o bate no tales to rut , but ||10 market is
doit. Btoek, May i, IMi r.tu Clayee, Ml bada.j ?'n'.s
M ure?. \i.d', MM bads.) Porto J:. ... 1834 I.'...-.. >rvr
Orlean?. in bt?:?. ; ti ml. 4,111 bato
KAVAL BTOREl?tipiriisoi i ni lins kssbeera la esod
i r iii- rtt'ui ?i .01.1 s.uo.iv "?..n - of 1 -i i.t la, at Bl .
are quiet, lut pi .eel ?Inow nu pat titular .until ion. lar .i duli
(?II.?- ?I.inseet; entitii.tin? frp., sr?l i ft r ? ir.itntl f revui'a:
?alee of If. "tut*.Ho' , al ti Ml 11 t?. K.-l. o I? an bal .".I.
ktniill tafos of Crtule i.t i>l f..i Whait and gi35 foi S, .?-in.
I..r.| Od i? quiet but linn at II 100 ii ii lor ?t? .No. 1 und
1'. i I
OIL CAKE?We bara bad a fslr flfaatl foi C.ke, and.
With iii.'.it'tl ?nivr?.", jill-'-. Int.- n, . ii I ;r red, Bad u. I
Steady ''t ti t tluse, >u:u til M lui.*, iii ti', a tit fur WisltiU
and ti-di. J tor ( ity.
PETBOLE1 at?Hu-1 ria ta8ra bal gatati ?mall sin?
M n Basra al Mja?. ato 80 bbis_hayer Mm.v, atna Relaed
in bond is linn ni.ii in Btedl rut.- r. I . - * to el ??O bbls. at
iii,.-, lin- Oil is linn Lit <imt I, ni M#l 1<
l"i:0\ ISIliN.- ?We Lave bad n g.KHl d-mr.n.l for l'ork te?
il y i r.. ? tur.j i . ti e o iy were le a v. I-.: t w .rd ta* altas
improved i for future di livery sale? I ! I.'? si Lila. Ml s. at
817Mi aait I'?***, ssHas sad Bayer Muy. ?Tea* ato Juiv: the
?ale?. e?-,b ??drerTilrir. arell.r-sj bIHit.'M.ss a 8-7 I
7 .. t,nillir Bun at the, lrttt.r rut?*, ar.d I I 19 f r Weatara
Trims Mi ??. Beef is ia fair Jobbing deal ni ato if'
firm: tait? o'rf.<? LI.:... k1 li. <? ?ii lot Ki.I liuiff Me??. 116?
t ? M for Mew do. 8i.'!?*n. for nu Battra, uni IMOtto for
K w .io. 1 ier e i'.i'el is ttu 1 and B<HMin?L Beal li ina ne
firm; ?ale? of HO bbls. Western, at ItOaitl. Cut merit? are
l.nn kin! ill fir iii min ,'.. sole? of Jin pkit?.. Mt HOIS*, for
?Slitou der? Coinnoii to 1'rime. and li.tf Hie. f?r Hami. BoOQS
lan Oiierately active, sn.es of'?70 Ikix-s, at 14|014Aa, fot C. ?'..
?ud Ml lor 8. H. Curd it dull, henrT and l> Wer. tatastd '?'?)
iiktra . at IfJaMi'lc. for Sn. 1, Il*ta*O0*. f..r f Hy. ?HJii for
lair to Prime Seitn ?nd Kettle Ki nd'-rtd, aid ?mull lo'.?,
j iliiiii'-, ti bigb? r lo:i r. ?.
Alll.BMJOSrUoVl I')NMAtKFT..VOTlOi K?.1'iitkadv.liceil,
util t g o.l deni ni ?ret ion ii, sata uf 4.t>iH) btia. ilesi, at
; s.--a??oM .15, ami 'ah bin?. bt?)?r June, at l***8 C3J. Lard ruled
heavy ai d idisjed dull, st MM fur Prime.
Muk of I'-rk ad Beef in packing yarli, Kew-Turk and
Itrookiyn, May I. Iti?i
old ana nsw i> .?a
i ? tal I-e.t TI la .i ??.
Qntlitiri. l)ldaudN?w. ne.-tli La.ty??r.
Cleitr. Vii :trS 104
>!*?? .69,Ml't 61. M 4f..-."l
Thin Me??. r?o| :tvn i.'.s7
l'rime Mess. I.tt*; L7M ?7.!?S1
r.?nk. .... vri
Print... . 3,P:tf! -i.T'.7 t?-i
Ktimps. '*-wJ l'i 3.0
Ki-tuai* Meas. Ml '?''ti 3'.J
Kfu.-e Pnroe Mest. 79 71 r.<?
lit fuse l'rime. 7r) V71 l^il
(Ither Ktfnse. 75fi .'ot ? , i
L'liinirj'ected. . 9 rtrd 30,1^4 %t/H
TolulS. '.*0.4?4 H9,tii6 91.974
tin ABO ?aw Bair.
Tuttl Ii.? ,, Thlada'a
Qns'iliea Tutal. liewaitl Hld. m oi'li. Lkat year.
Olly Meit. MU? losf' M?)
K'l'.ieked Mes? ... I. Ml 7.178 !i '.'.7 17.*?.'.7
Bep. Chicago Mesa, k >53 0,191 6.4.5 '/Stun
Kitllroad lleof. lift) 117 liri 31?
Heluse Mess. ?ft "HI ill 7'/7
Other Keluse. 3W M M M
Tci. Pria? Mest . 1,131 LM lyM MM
Country Mes?. 1*0 8,1V? U.'S?t k\Ut
Coaatry PrlBS. _ _ ?7
TTalasgaated tea 8811 2 nu 3.ei7 _??;
Uahwffaetad bMa I .?o 3,no s.jyi nC5ol
T"t*il . Ki.'..7 V4.e74 27.'?'.I 77.474
BICK?Ibe market i? quiet, lint boldera ar? firm lu their
view?. .
bUUAR?Biiw Sugar? are in fuir demiail, but wllho.it
ching? to not* In i rice?; we note st 10} _ itije for for to
g.mu Ki tilling, a..los ?,f f?.| Usds. at l0,.OI?j|e. for l uliB,
lOAe, fur Porto Bloo, and Ile. fir llstrlia,Ito???.
Mik k.M..y 1 IBM l'ulia, 40,303 hbda. IVit? Bleo 1MB
hhtia.i Bt ? ron, .'?> hluls. 1 ? t .1. t,,u? bbda. Boxes. 4!' 7rl
batt?. Uti 144, /.hui. Miladu, 'jr..
MU. ii.K is i...et. B?tase, tiutoni; aakt are at 7c. mud.
Iethlgh i.- d ill a-.d tntoaal
M RABIN? IL* mnrkit ii firm, with a fan d maud talei
Of 411,0011 m ?t 17}ci-..
?BJ Dt-?.Ttodssaaadtardarsrteed ii BadorM and the
merket steady al ?to- IO}*. Ttoathy Seed isfii-:. and in fur
demand at **t.u-??? M Rough Klnx rvee.l li in Halted .?emund
'and steady fit 12 50eti 75. Calcutta Linteed eoatlnaet Ina
ard in gee I dem md at 83 25 in Holton and li ilSagil to here
TAjCLOW?TIS market it ilrady ?nd fairly acute- ?ale? of
M.-OiX) m ut it?, tillie, for Wesu*rii. and ll|Oil|a. fur City.
WtileSKY?The market is quiet and uucb*uged salea of 27
bull, at #2 .0} as- 27 fur We-1er ii.
Mill-iOHIk Itril.i: T1AUKP.T.
nu iirTs
1 OR THE Wr.EB KMJIMI li ?BBAT, May ), lrtA.
bl re| . . J
Beere?. Caw?. Vi -li Lambe. rtirlt ? Total
.?:?'.? tri a,?ii? li too 9.ir.*J v*,.i;t
Tbste * ere sold at tbe following Market I'loee?
Sheep and
Bee-at. Cewa Veale. Lan.ba. Sw:r.? Total.
At Allerton*t . 3.9? M ?17 437 9,030 ....
At Br.iwnina'1. 78 11 70 7.144 .
AtOllrien'i.'.. SO 6 8 .
At Cbauiberlin'e. 51 33 153 1.985 .
Al YorkviUe. f- .
At Herren. 843 . 570 .
Beat from the ears di
reel to butchers. M3 .... 1350 500 .
Avarags weekly re
ostpts lett year. 5,?5J D8 1.300 16.091 11.023 Xl.m
RsoeipU last week.. ?T*J48 75 ?,940 19 0*9 10 183 31.155
raicaa o? aea? at tub rannrAi. mamb?t this wa?.?:.
The rollowing are the tiia.iation? per pnanA upon the e?tl
matto net weight ol aieat? seller ni king offal. That is, a
.?nock whose quarters will weigh e cwt. at 10 cents a ponnd,
amount? lo lesT. _
c? nu per rasan
Priie. or extra TTolMiy Tteef. x
?.t t ?t on sale to dnv.,7' f
T hal ??? '.lerally rat? d first cinulitv.I'li .7
Mfdii.ni, i r iT'S't'. fxir ounlity. II MM
Tt.nl . f ordinary li.ln Steers. (>i*u snd Cows.Il S 15
Iii'ti't or lowest irr ide of C.'.ttl,'.13 ?ti 4
T.e general at cftr?? of the tnarktrt to-day, estil latedal 151 ? j
Kitten." rai.?,'? "f erices f'otn.13 '" ?j
The I? 0.1 of toe ?iles are from.Ill _ 17
wit'-.i.F hil catt-b aaa ram.
T?* ?ln'.lockl sold ut Ailertou'i are reported from the fi.V'iw
Ive litati ?:
New-Tark. 37 low?. 1'"
i'-,,'..) l?ai.fa. 311 M . i-iit'.ri. HI
t. to. 330 Kentucky. il
Mtcktgea. l04.Kaw_af?sy. Bl
Indians. 19 Uaaada.?. ??1
Ttsycai b by the foil, wing n>trtes! i*r!"TUilroi ' 9*? mt
I . i Camden and An boy II ' i New?
Jen?? C .r i j: ?ilrea t. B ??'?, by Hadar? i sr I ile, I ,
on loot, 'J. Abodt hMB art?* It th? uir.sou M_B_s**?
UBI "? B
Tliefillciirinrarett." I U.I lion It, cTret-cr coT.'-n
rea of t_u ptiati?ml .IroTen, and wlicit? tho taltal ara n; ... a
P. M'?('? "ivi'lc, OH.?. 19 W. P-it-r. OMa. M
r. MoC mvill?, lu. '? ?'? B ?" li i U ???. ?'
P. Mol roville. Pi. 73 li. Miller, l'a. '
? -
s. i.i? iin, I.l. ' ' baa ? ? -v i" iter, OhM... i*
II, i . m, ill.l?'. J. WH* ". N *. "
,l. I, .,, HI .
s Sehueiter, I". ' ' ? Byan, III . 90
?-. Sel ii. st' r, Mi. T.nil's. It. Bil ' ? . 1.W7
S Ki . .i " i. I vi.,.'..110 ll.-.i I I ' ... li'. ?I
II i . nein III . ?H ?'- k1 ?. U
VV 1' .18*1 Olia.. 17 i: .??ii..", A I'.rr?., Ill..1*3
MtniaT A Clover, li. 54 B. Bartrun, lu. Wl
ob A Coon. Kt. 51 P. (. Di " U. '. I
l. ?,,,'.... lAo..?i W", II Pia ?. lil.Bl
!.. s. ? . i i, .'? .1.S, J. Keller, l'a.. H
I) Ksynolds.Ps. 30 I>. Kili( r?r, Ps.
.1 M .' :- ::, III .'.?.', I'. U ? i . M
i i, seawall, Ps. li H Uci (J lo. Vl
(.. VV. Marti?, ti ..... 81 F Mi L'atTrey. rkl ------ ' '
j i Ik uii-i. ia . ?:? w . - ? i ird, lil - IW
.??,. _ Uti ...a, i.i. ? ???-?-?.'
i M ... pa . 4.H ' ? ii . 4"
H W. Allerton, III . iw|_arle_i loci, K.X. ?i
c. i-.i.ip, U..10.n|
aaa taaa aaoi i aai
Tba total aanber i reek.! res with I
j," d last week, and with i
. Id Lilli 4,-43 I'll He c lie j.' dil V " ? ? .." V
ii," nimber sold yesterday aad lo-d y al I
?arkei .leoln-ul, ?an paree anti
Bite 3,650 bead, Iks averager? week last y I ?r, tai ailk .', I a
l.ciiil. a! iioirkc-t ni..? J ? ..! I
ru ob-Bimb, OBni-taraa a ha-tr?
Mi.M'tv, .M- ii 3a- H. ."?-'?' ' ?I r'ottyfi.nithsl
nu. i ed I lan ? ' ? ?
i.'.r ?bli ' ;:? brokn laekedacent s
were willing to take Isst M, tkla tkey i ..mmu a
t ,.. ii ? ,-, i.iii ? i . Uckal
au... .a.o a! i?. . bal tie j
best i 1 ? i ai " ? t 17o o| - ? "?? i i 'i
tipton 1 be ne zt test drove, Ohio Pul
All "f :!.
: . . i the a l?anos
i.f the :? uve a I I ?ter
ki ', so ti. ii atti r ?.'. ' ' i" 't
d ! like ' ?
11 ired u. ti lhaj woald bo! par x1
? : ??'? ', kriowlng if ti: > ''id thattbii
cattle - ' ? . ?
cot off all chance of ear proit, al Ibe r lal at Hill
mi:: ion..-, ii ia ao ?.>>. d ti? .t price? , I ifl
1 ?.:. !. iii tai k nt AH IBJ ?nd ?ii.ll'.i.".
..ne? mu m ka ra befois
? :
I. DI I'. - BOI nil '. I
i -in ra, u ?s ???? ? ii .;?, t..,? ?,. ? .
?esta- . .-? leeatj ?
! pt ..u all ci. li d tint It c1
?'.out a lilli s u tit k1
ta li tier i -ti : n" i of weight, u
ratber.i :
A? r.!. i ? , . ?
- last ?. ? '., ? ? i .
i f il.e t. ,: ? t m ?? ?- ive last ? * ..'
ii i: j??. this wael spa? Ike I I
sii i k in d B| "
ii porte i i ?, - . i
,. i.',? .t I hi 'i
?. iii? j.ii..?, u?il III 'iin el to I un
' ,'i rUB MA'.KI!.
_-?*?_*, Visy 1.?1 lay, 1 I '"r fl?w
? . i " ?
di i. ? b1 in .'. ror ol
? , ? ?ratlin r that i II
? ,
pour (
sellara 8 i" .It...
?a had 100 !.. el ? f fresh < ittte I i ?
'. '? ?! : t to ?ci pt ti.el
taraed t11 ?, eui. 11 ' - ? t werai
1 '...:?' ? .
isk.-ii..-sl? 'M.it?' n ililli a? last Tue? lay. Mai :..: .
itali list? ?.ni; lu 11111.?-.
BROKER ?? BA1 is ? ? r ?_ I
( v A I r .it 1 err<ra, l18 fur IV. V.
j ??i for 7 , -Mt., at ? H I ? . .
i-tiei?, good 7 (?..''.. lit I'c. ?l.r.n'e ...i a?. I ni, f- .
- s .11
li. li.rim '? ? ad 101 : . . ? ., ' at
Albany, a fmr '? i a t. drovi ;
s. i. ?? .. Bro., f". J. Mel'-i n
i'(ii.,n:nn B| et? t , ,i'
..?VI.I : fledge? A < ?
? r-, f.n i 1 i??? ?
.v. I:??!? . i ?t ?... i?.rtj ,. ,,i gi cwt.,
?Lol ?-..'??.i i.i | '..m' li. Tkey wera a billa osar.
Safe ?V. I!u.' '?? In. d io? t.,
? '
? ?:- ? i ?".? !.. ??????' soldai
.1. li. Hi nit ? wl.,:, ?itioi hi? ?"^i .?u ttaan and aaa? st ?101
cn h; rated '?! i wt., ,i mix
VV 'I ',,"", -on ! ? 'I .' I Kai t'i It -leer? at 1 ',.- ? - A , '
sTX.,.1 srroli- [).r!n.... f.it, '. j e* t, . i.l ? a? al
76 for ?a?ia owner?, ?I ewt. lair 111.?.??!?, at 14|
g? ''nan A Uro., for tVernrlvei.il I". ?'? ???,:; wl it
aad ill ill. -?? i- -1 ?:. good, b , ? Ki t
A ( .. M I'"', ead (1 ? " r?. 7 c?t., at It?, . "
ter drove were vi .? ii e
C?as?II Xi Ky?tri .mil M of tli? irowtt, IO, itei rs, a fair tiunc?),
li? i s t . nt IT-.
ilurrnj i. (i. ??? r h I 34 I i '
?, nuil " r ?
re?gh, Mehi . ,.t II .. IT .'. li v. >t. ? r- good, ?. .? i .
'1". IA VV ktnte in J. M..S?. le (?uri i . ?t.?t
lea r.e
li,",.-, VV.-'>i: .er lol 1 I..r I i-:>?T. 1'" lil. ??.er?, t" .- ? ..f
tSniiter at A.hauy, lia'.eil || I ? cal, - . re at
8 fiery. Mr vT. IT Hall A Co. M IRIneU staars s<ri?..!f.t
lot, tant aanat, alswag71 ?wl .t ISai7|a ?r..i for \?' B
V. ,/i ! 17 Ohio ?leer?, liclit. I | ,/ i j ri ( , st ? ??. , runl
Jet?, v ?(ceri foi _L S. liTiyiic, a ?toini nu, 8|'e? t, stro?g, ?old
Kt II ;','.
P. K. fury, for II. Miller 13 P?tny?v?tit tMtte it I tal
No. 1 dr.ve, .?ciil. run, lin; iel iii Wt)ltt\\ tia? lu bongbl
of.I. li. B4 nu In n U"! lot if (?Tin ?tier? mil oxui. CJ et,
?tlBBTwlOi i aek. sold al ?I oat ita,
1?. i.i ii (?cr WI...I ?',lr.l kia M I-i.'i.-ii-te, Ceaatv Pa., ?xen
and st? ?is to Murray A (?lov-r ni I ," .net rated ?J cwt
Band a Bsatnaa for J. ktet'kaMoa li'xlUtaeia steers 71
ri t., nt ne. i,veni|re. A fair to giMid Int.
W. Menu in l..r .1. VV Ml, rturi. "? TITIaill nant I BO
mt., ?t ll|_ ll.Je., to'?? 17c.
II. K. Baiakar? kt? Ktl-t??t- steer? and helfera. Il_lit
uneven fij cwt.. erdlaarv, ???! .ngnt I4ai?_
j. ii. Mcn.tt ??.id Hliiitisiatiera, bstgbi m Mmjm_ ~h
r?t , run out at IIB !7c
Cl.i.rcli. llutd A Co. hi.d .1?", fllinoii stn ra for tliems, lie?,
fnlri?!,, 7 ?wl., selling ni li,,/ 17iV. ? T key I: .ii i i-n.il (np,
J. II. Williams had 7d Illinois steer?, bought here, o' cwt ,
soldat l.rf II?,
Lawli p. A 1 riui.or bud 17 Ol.io itrer?, good, 7} cwt, inld at
l?i ? si'' r .(,'.?.
T. (ililli-? sold 144 Miisonrl steee* at IT? Ila . on li ,i?.| cat.
lioici' k CfcMt hiwi i'? iti'iinn? Meara, fmr. i ?.jo m gtan?
wliolr-nled Tatadaj at |s< each,
MII.ITI fUVVS_|T(?!i co?? .ra In better demand a ,1
prieea ?I.awl $9 i??r Bead Maker Hihh last aai k. 1 kasaotlaaae
B_M riei'.i't? at a tttnevrlen ninny parassjS ?re nnu'sring
k?naask?a?lag awtktiasr. ?ddlag a row to Bntr Mkn ten?
lane?, enlise? a scsrrfty. and lim nnlket? ara aaali Pi ?? i
rntii;? Ir.uii t.'pnafrxi for p?s)r lillie eows t<? ???.'. _|71 fr '. r
milkers of irood ?las, ana up to |? i? ? n r..r n suvws.o*lres
?in lii?le.1, tit.t tiles?? l.itn r ,ir.' of little a. cn t. a lu g ?alf
mu selling for n .re tarni ti tot B330, aal eve,, t!i"ii I, i? ti, i..
kilVJ on the sly If mid as Teal, tf? notice tana of t?a ?stat
co-i f,.r liso, or t:<0 each.
Vi Al. I'AI.VKS? An tipv.-ard turn in the beef, stier;, ,,.,)
twine in irkct lnl|,i liai vii.) tnol?. a? ?I pri"?s nre sliout le.
|ter IT) helier than Lilt week. Tin cool weal tier also I ivers
It nile, and stock goei off with coiisiderallo liriak m ??, (- i.er
uliv nt 7_'.?e , at wXich latter price ?e ?,? vary f..ir cuito? of
It.,) O I '1,1. for the best, if lelrcjed, It),', is asked?In n f, *
ravi Ile. Little calves of 100 B a.d I-?? ?-I! st ?BOB, below
?I.ah Hi? 'boin" ?rti ili.iMiaed ?f hy the ?ead or ne .? ? ,
awuj, bW I Btahnt clioosing I? luke t'i.-us!, of "ninl-i,
lion." Vto arc glad to onnoince tint m very snail aanbasr,
eoliipsrativelr. of tliSK' " k:tt?iia ' ?r?> BOW ?'?ariiu,' in. It ia
to !?e Befad tint the trad? lu thcae uuLeaithy meoia ?lil l-s
entirely broken np.
TteeeiBt? this week.I1.BM
QtoiAiio-ss.?Ike foiiowirig ragarts ?f ?d-s Mafcaag ?ml
limbs by several of the ?liee|-lirokcia wl.c.i II on am ?at??.
willglre the arereea ef prie? par beedMia week, n ) ,i ?
?iinnd i?r>r [icirid. live weicht. Ibr gbaaredBhee?, 7|aeje.?
.uitiiis. lVal7c. ? Wool SI..-, |, ?{??.?
Ti t ?iiec|i inarki t begafl to baptwra at \v, dteaday m,<\ |,?i
contiiincil aa that Bat eter sIbmi it i? Bovfl ? ! ,y boob)
liare of ?loi k and hutt her? only pirtially iup| o I ail Ik?
steal it Braaraisg ? aa Moii,i.? aad larida/tnipi .-? .? .^
t?knio?r cirii daj katsra M e'elaski ?a Moi !.. ? si 7. j ?jo. ij*
?, ind on T Sr-itay the intiie class sellin. Mo ,1m atti l?i,?,?t '
?gera. Lrroegkl the blgkest, ih ?> Ingai ad.Miall
? ?aaad. aad Iks tnitly Iftinltlplsat I . d a rblaa ?
for ?i cm. ,i ikatta, ?? lieh ioii)|,iii? attrly all tbi si ck, a
st sreltj li i rob d I] ?? lag te lit bad ? i itkrr to
kaa |,K reated si i|,|e'ts ti,,m ni diag loi ? ani st.. s lain dad
h r li Is m i. ii. 11 a? soon n it aaa be got n ady. 1 ! ?? lx-ai
in Hu. iket trill Week ire fr.an ()!.". finn wi?.|,| M*M , a
sheared, aad sold at 7l_.jc. 4. m. II. li Man aad
1,131 henil, mid .1. M. Li,It, t.y. Hil Bead, ill ko Veil I .1 thst 11
?nulli ka dil!,1 tot to say who was enlitleil to the most arad li a?
a feeder, tl.ouelt Mr. f airerl)'? aier?i?'i U Se io nli u the kt ivi>
est, mu? the kigkeel n le?, a? thev were all 80M on Momlai at
He. |> Ih ?i|?)!i 11?. *Tt. ater?c;e. Some of Mi. VV'ai.'i of ?bj
It sohl ?it the lams rate on liirnliii iii ? -r 1. : tis-. Ball of lhe?n
getitleiueti are entitled to the tni'sl lionnrnhle meutmn t! n -is
can give ?Vir their effort? to nii|iri,ie tkt ?to? k ??it t?i t 1.
tiiarlrt. The eotitra?t with BBtM that cone? ti.un || ,t gt?|e .?
so great It ihoili! make Ihn? wfca aaad BBS?B waga bi_.li f. ,1 t . li
folly and hud firining. ?"heaaaean of Ikes? ,'eiiil, men ah.,u .len
?an_ra_a all 1 rs te ?allow la ifcrlr Maulera But wa ha? n
woiu tossy abolit breed? The isi>np,p ..fin lu ara rtmalag miwnmm ?
1 twin French nicrinot-s. It ni iy lm(?n?ve the fl,eio Ii n
does. It Is at the expense of the earoiee. Tktn are n,i>,.|
many of tim breed among Mr I.srTerty s sheep, ami ?,, ,|0
Bot think them ?firth as mach by st le 1-1 half a ?eut a pout, I
?a th? otters. Th? old ?lila niermoe? ?aBManlf cath-il
Kpisnisli, crossed U|)4in "native Itin'k," Bkflklksg ineili'nru lino I
wool, make the lieat, as well ?s most nn>l.tnl,l? mi.lt.ni ale ? p
for feasdrr. hutchei and cmniinvr. VVo ins) re^irt ti.? mar?
ket as closing itrong ?t p?fie. t* Itl for iheiirwl *he"p. I'. ,u
are woith 3u>. end wool at 42c P _ in Oin? *t tv hi, li it h _
IrpiTeniold from some of tbeaeearly ahe?r?(l ?heep 1? lu tirr ?Ina
It is here. Lamha aril gcnrriilly al 14??1'.. <s ?.raisin?: at
rx_17c. Of Ihe7.l44abeep?t Hrownlnn'a Ihl. week, 3 ilM ur?
from Ohio, 1,433 New-York; alu M .???.. !..,?.rt, GH .1,?.
Jeisny; 47 P?MisylT*nia. Tb? heaviest receipts wer? IM
OB Monday.
R. IT Hum? sold 3.7V7 sheared aheep duri-g ii.? pl,{ -?-?.;
at aa ertrage of $7 iii euvh. Among thetn there w11 ? twn ?ir
three very One lota. He aI?o told 167 wooled ?beep, averaging
'^"'ic-lraw ?old 1-70 iheared ?beep st |5 75 per bead, ami
ft? ?real obesa M 81 M nea. __.__. ...,,,_
CI ..'. It-rln. ri'i'.itN t'.ruuirh Knie tr. McPhenon,.lohn Kase
J-.. J add 8 Paairagh?, A. Vuq Wert and owner?, tue lol
Mtifbeep, 8l0i MO theep, gr) 67, ?OC theep. t? 30; 3.T2 fttttt
i. . g, . i tbeep, 17 25 IM sheep, ?7; m
turtt to v, ?70 tbeep, K1 Mi -? shaea, |6 2., liH) ?Ueep, ?o,
210tbeep, fj al i - -: sea?, 14 ??"?
Fr.i-D -fewTort- 1 Beckwith, ll?i ?. -'? I')v.*lnn.l. - 5;
Jn-eph Lowea. M K. C. bunill. Ift| W. ?'nrii.-i.'-r, 9331 K.
Moi.raw, Ml J.-in.? v in Atora* ?Ti Searles A Sweeney.
MB ,i W Pal - ,W| P 'l I D. " ;r,'v'' " ,
i Its?W. Ilraag, 481 M". Pey. IM.
Frota N.w Jen*??I"hn Coraell. ?oV.
1 ai Pi . , ? E . t .r i lu. hi. 47.
,'r, ,? tfoi?i.. c. Oathrta, Mi Al??toer Coebrsa. 1 8|
li. BaWare, I ill M I'- ?Bett, ?O? J. Flemlntr. I ? -. w. A.
M i,i lili r 2U9 ... M' i-.v-, li ?. Mi ??- I I --, ?I '
ki i? A Co : ' in ??'. a- III ?'? '" !
... j v.,. .'. ... I .1 bl,Lal rt??, Mli A.
M. Clark. W7.
I ?? at. b] I ? ida, t.. atti Hedsoa River Bain v,
I, 1,715, Mi * Jsraej ttostnl ?U-reeO,
W? lhors,0>?, I0OI0.&, live weipM: _>?
i. i . .:? rVl ' ' - ' SOotor weither
.- trsde hu. i?.. .' ?. ??'"I we nTri
? - :? fresh ti ?d? n "r,
I,and ti story way
lLe ii. m begs mattoe1 j ah - y, Miaga,
I:..? it i? at I'lir-lme.
Mir 1 -"' i II bl i ' ' ' bala IVatalT. '.1J', ''"'
i ? tack? Corn Meal, i
,. i , ? , Map. I Us
kibes. ? i . ?? Be? ' 13 bl ?. i' is, M'j
-, I , -, ;. i. -, Peta ...um
.tk.il Kail..': *????. j
s- ' ? '. '
il I?,:,
,N.t, .1, ?- tOTI?
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leek . ? , > i
V?W-YOKK todllABLEM ttAlI?lcO_I>. OMl'A
li N*.
.. .rti. tve. ?'i I .
... -1" I I
lbs i . ... ? n. B, 1*1.1 1 I I- Bk ' I
h t telsek, p. av. of ti* _|
J y ti Mat ne. i, ii -i 9 O.S., i, a. Mb, of ti* I li d.y "I ?lay ne*!?
3 ' VV. ii. KM
8, mr. r
I li*. ?
No1 ni: I- ilERKH. 0I\ the '
? ?
. . :? r l . am ? IlitUI?, ltUIUOaei.
II. MO? !-'.I."CII,
i ? i -i ...
HPHE ANNUAL ??'.' tbo Sum
1 j, .. vu i M h K COM PAN) ? ka bald ?t ii*
l .,..,: . n V IF. B? ?? ry
? -c.it liktAiCM- si. Apr I
TVTtilM l-l . loth
I* Miy, IM, I
i - ?
I, will be i i uull
II gie ' ? '"? .i rWretsrvefTreatnrr.
T.ii; a m l-iii? AN bl i:i:\r OP min.
1 " ... ,.?-Teih.
? " parted upon. I
peteut I
If it
i, I.D. 11.01
pt CAI.IKH'N, i r ? l.'.t Fi .ti. !f?tlenal IsbB.
. It'll. DAVIS,
KBI'.I? bardt A Boas.
Ii- i u.
I. I Bri I ?? i i ..
i ' i- I. Co.
W M r. IHlAh ' .f I'l k. I -
, - ? .? s v ,.
I! Mill i r
F. A. P. Baas ? ? t Csl mil a I
. i .
Jam? I.i .ni i . I' ." . v . " , ,.t , l ii?
lan .' r. M.D. ii'!'. l???v< : '"? *< A???r< I
rta ? ? i . M .., li.ro.? ?nJ Metallurgist, ul
? i ..... i. I
?ktlil. 1?. t .sr. 1 I 'lil - | 1 ? . |, .-' le ill
..ii... " ? " .yal
I iiAhiw . - i is ? a ! '.I' ft ' ' . I An lad
i ,- - < . ; . ? IM -- ' I' Ml I ' Itel
W. f. :..-.. i ,.- . : ... ?
lleiei ??meei
li H . At an .1. . n ' ?.
, ? , i ? .
i l_lorgl.il and I bril . .1
? ? : -, n li till..'.I.?,;. Pre,
1 |.,l!? JION MUK i:.-sT. l.ol'IS, Al.ION el
ti I. iii Iii) VU i it'll* v?. i. The ' di .;:.
. -
? i ...... . ,.,ti. r?
- .
"I . ? ii MOHDaY, ti.. Mb lay ?if Jim?
... ? ' the I :;.[..:,y wtlht
May lol
J, li. I
rara or .vu YoMB t ki
Atauat A, rd -" !?? ?
O, I'll 1 VU ?11.- ? 1'.g " . ml '
? , i .:..-.
| I, ?ad r ."' La?? ? I '
. 1
la trVe I le.ed .1. . ? .? I
! I n.la ? . I, : . ? ? la ti?. ..- - *
... .
rear Bl ' ? ' : ' el'l Hem ? i :i.I in I
. ...
ii : len of Bet ' rta* se lbs ?ral .Iit ti
Jeir |e*S i ? ,?M 'o' lb? Snat I.t of lea? Beit I
ian. ?der Ila? ?ara oin. l'i.. i. r Aaral ol the Slate attaeltaakel
" . ? ' .1 New Veit Iwha v. ..
o i-.-l; '. O ? I.i : I li .1 li .|. "..' 'i. .* -ii of ? . . ? I .?!? b ??
n?ii. wn? . e- IL.i.te ?J ??? . k , ' i ? i|.t> i I sa di IBey aeerre la *(.
ia .? i . ti...:.iii? ?. ?. .. :. . t.ot dey of Jitee aest,
pr?terai S flfo ?sw lasse, wbiek will a?
i- li- it-.. '.! | ,?. ' . in, .uy iii ti.* hi.t
of lui. I llowlag ' r ?.-. : Bli ?! ? ? ;
f :,.<>. i.t. nu? Usada astas 11 su ti.? nr.t ? f J? -,?rv. ir.;:. wl :
bete .Tel.1 ? n t a' li e, .., O ry mas b* ? I T. I!. .1 .
ti.. be <i< .? nu iii* lir.t vi J iit ii. ,i .u io foraitry ? .?
_Til,'- lill.I llt'l -ti . ?'. -. it ...
I r?IC? of lil . ' A n .?0?TH VI MBBBB li AIL? At t O /
lev S M al ?t.. NaW-keaM. AtariltlS IBM I
CtODPONS due Mar i, 11*66. fr?im iitnuls of t*iis
' t pet | air H'Mir li lill PUN UnND?. i .'.
I'KD BUBIl .1 LAI.I '.A si i'i)-;ii Mun ni.tiir: lins'"?
will bar?ale? that data ?a pmitMBlliB at tat? sfltoi sa sad mt*r
Mir 1 un | leaenieiluu at the u?w ..ttn?. if tin- feaspan? Bat. ?7
i, ii--? _ A I. I'lIU? IIAKI). Tr.-ta ,-.r
I ?ric? OVVHB l lill.iii?) AHO ALVO!. ItAIIItOirice I
t hica'.o II , karil .e. i.i.ri. ?
/lil"-! rtssas S'iklii. Fund (lund, t'oe May I. la? 6, nil I,.
?-. I nn ai.l nl'i-r tn.it .lair. .?a. lo ti run.em tax. at the Ullin ul
l?,an. .'?I. K. JKsl I* Ce Nu tit I'm .ina, N?w York.
_W M LABRABKI Tr ,. ,-?r.
VJAI-Ki.fFoUI'ClU.I) WAH.KOA!).? The Weston
? ' a. t Ali in. n aid i',? al Mata aad Bl. Jew?a ead ti* FhSts
? ..ii. ry Kaili, ad, f.. ti.-ilr In,an ?? th? Platte Co ,rtry llailresj,
au 1 i . w knew, aa au.-li I., ?.no l**ii *.r'*il?d to tie .?tal? ef Ml- li,
?ceertlirg le the I?*- ?brreef ??Ho? m hervky glv?_ that the ?jaar?
I . . J I .Te b??li allein,ed a' d II? MB i'l- ?I I. Ineu.l . i, nf t,.? H r I
? ? I .inn liaiener., lol th? .aid ' Platte ?.trr llilrnl ' ,:, SSI
t ? |-r ?' I I I Ol an A t nf II e lirller .1 A.I'lull v'nf til? ?late
a ..h, . ii ii.ni ? An A. t tu ?twrtse lal lbs .? ? sreartsla r.iir i.i. nd
I .ipaliy bjr Ih? li' vi ,n ... !.. f...? ..,? th? ? at. a lim tin r. , n al..'to
a?.-, r* ?n *ar r r. u.|. ?t on of the Sooth \V?-t Ulan li Facile, tim
I'.i ? Cei tr?. UmbV- le i,i anil Iron Melint.m and the I tim sad
i '? p It. li at Masasiirt,' taptevsd itbiu.r. II,MMi tim? at
" I.?' ni. .ia e ?en ti ey i ave eatha ir, le ck? painui.f iad otiy
ii. Hie i.et rallo.id e! tile Mis lllirenf b. till (ii.Te 11. r nu ti ? ?lal di.
. I Avril lat?, las? ker arttki ti? lim,la h* nachaj h?r?oi, tad , ?, n 11
tri t' ?.*. ?to :n.-T hi-rrbr lariie pin|...iili Iel in* | Breba?? ol .aid
io'?. I'- ?i.di i, f ,it?n?'., ?? and Iraie h'i?. fi .iu the Maid ll.,r.rd a
I ?a . - .. u r? a herb areaatal? iliaB be d.-ii??red lu wllliMI t? ?aid
II. a. . . i batata i ? -Mb day ..f Jim*. \. 1) , l??i. Millhill i tali rta
' low ui| i MdfeSaaa, ?? | out. de 1 IB Mrtliou i til lie .aid Act, m
f.,. -?* ..
0 e pr i|inin!i ,f b Iden, und? r the p-orMen? oi the toogtaag
au i .ii.l! *?. I. .tit? St nita Ml fillba.n iptrrlrt rtatt.isd ?hall
.1 i.' ,i li . T ar? b.ir.l .... Hi? fu'!nwiu| teiniaai.il , m ..'ilni... wioi-'i
? i? i. ra v eel h ol. d t.i |e*Vera Um ?ale of iai.1 null by nid Hoard
of < a ..1. li?l.
'>ii. li? |ri??or .-cn..deration lud ?jiali be nay .hie a? f,l!uw?:
?tn. f ait I o:, i .i-ie| lb? riinira,!, ami the hatsm? In Ireettiiel inniiil
m.l, ?en., ilehr. in.ial n. nt par. bl* in on? y. ?r. law Bec n I lu
t? in. ibioi m iuoe, li.* f...lib in four, ?nd ti.? Lill mliv. v ..
I' Braal?? w.tkxi,. li ?eroraltatsvestsa dsfcrad Bal.t., pay
k ,* mi i.Jt : pr .v, !..il thais I lunn bid n ty be |..ijutai ? linn u
?Ml.et . n m li ? i.enJi nr other ItabllBlea ..I iii? r-mi? .,r b n.i., ..
?B. i ? ro..l. anl all nilllut itnrk b*ton,iii? therein ahall be
kj'v??," tl^rtJAJib? nmdili u .Inn.,- lui |in.ai?ii oi t.i.|woik;to
I'lail ' .. itttry BttaVead ?lareiald ?kal I.? hn'.l,. ,1 lo-u
I?Mt*A ' :' ' iv.. .., ?i .-ile ii.? ? ,: v . f Kaiia.a tn it,? l ey
? ' Vi" " :.l!i ,,, Bat l nail I... K..-..-.I t .tv l-l !?.. v. ra | ..m the
? . .. i-,i .?ii i. , o.i.j.ieini ia lae !???? Bto nae la Utrea
?. . I. .du ?pin .-?I el -al I road alia'l .lu- ni > . ,, ,
l . , l. ?I lal. ir.J the oin? Bl .1 ?
n .!.'.': ie.?..iuy uni taperstrett i* f
? : .?.'!*., li i |. I ulai h'lv . .
I. .. oin si ei|,. n lillie- r..|ui ?.-I n il.i. i?. m.n
. - r ? . It ? .. ; . : . a 'u an . ?!. nu ?!! ol Ti... of par
i . 11 i ? pa.i le ino ii da? ii it year m ii tws >??r,
if i ,. ? i . . ? t ?to / ? ' ? ' '. thal tara i
?.,.. 'i - nu en h roasl abai, b* i .?d* m d r* uatli bv iii*
> I ?i i*.. linn 1.1, th. fot. and li!, d wilii tl.e ?Tel. lo.Y . |
i - 'Platts I'luiilry R.i'risd ' wbi h ha, been kimwn >, the
W? n -n.i !'. ' ..ii. ??.Iii? AltlilHiii and BJ JtastA, ?id '.e
!'iatl* I ? n IrT It.? r ada la in w lu p. a-, m u of the Mat? ,f MM
? ? '...li i ....J bannt I'** n I. r e led lo the >t.,:* <.f Mia
. a. oi bj ii ?? loin. I ewiieia li . f of, under Hi* prur alum of au a. t ul
f* II. . ral t ???Mably "f Hi? ?tate of Mlaaoill, eiitlllrd * All tri ti)
?It . *? ? r n -*fi. tw??n li? K'.i? and the Illbilla ?ud St
Jo- . iltiur.-:?I i ..in|i..uy aid the tVeetaa and AieAbooa lloilr.iaj
i i I o> .. i ,,r,-tn Hi? '?ta'e the injin.m ?( (-?rtaiu b .ra
ti ? Isle fal IA* i ?nail, mm of ti e I latte ( uuulry Bait
i ? . lbs PlatteCoMBOy Ko mid, ? a,-. kr isprevrd
' *,.. i ...... u tlin.ol Li,,u| b?eu io t*k. n willi a
,. ? I ?'
.ii ?Iii Uotr.1 la North ?FeetaSM Mtoato ii In opera
?i"i. u'on M." '"S*??'n?h. a tj-two art?I ?ud ii bmBiI ?Iii
?t?(kTd will. ...land mai h narr. A a?rler| ml? and ImrLedial? poa.
?..?i ? li? ..it. n oi iii? puchae?r
i ?f .. ..f lue ?rl .in.: iT?d ieliruary IS, iribS, ind other inform?.
li. . i .i,*. , ... m? |u reitT will be rurni?l.?d na apell-ation by let
or oi JOHN ?. Ill MR, FrriMWat, ,r io CTlBITEl IIAHI?.
IMI ji.. Altoraejr, nt Hie llnardof t'ouuiiliitoaeri Mt t.ouli, M
JtillN K HUME. 1 Unid of*<'luiuiiailoneri
et'i : I. ii! FFMAB, ) to ?ne
'l'nl:i?.l>tlRK S ?-V-sK. ? Plalta Countre
.1?W .UBB ABO N?W lltTBB II AI LBOAo"? O., ' 1
I . r. *r . f i >. .1 .. a.? tad 1 w. nly lev. nlli .t., New York, /
I'm. ? na? v ? urin?. April Jj, ImH. ' \
1 nu. li! it I ti,., c ,,?,,, ,,,:i b?h?ld .t Hirwatei'i Mall Ia
?be(ilrof.N*w Haren, on Till kmiAVy. Ih? 17lh day of May ??it,
elliot., ka m. I ita Traoafer Book? win be cloeed lion the lit
day of Al,y nell aalii the day of lb? nieetinr.
? H. CABBABT, rie.ldtut.
la SafcaM ?,"u ?__ of .Mi.?....ri M la? -"?' *? tb. ?Ho < h?'?' ?? *?lJ
?"?(? _ n.? n.nk eftka st..t? of Missouri, ?ill ree? re ????*J"?_.
?als dir ia. parabsn ?f ?old BMaB or ?>?y P?'t th? r.a *? I- ?cl''f
i>. ?-MoXiiAY. Ji np 4. ltd? ni pur. ?me of ?u art ol
?embty oil
: ? ??? the St?
i la f"r Um ..."
-?ute.fMi.ao.iii, eiitit... "An?, !. t.; ?i-l.^fr.- ti."
.. ? f .?...ss.n.r. tu re. rsSalssUi Kallo??' .?snk, U>9tm
vi 1" t'.r ttir ?al? of the at , k ow.ie ! hy I...? Si lU hi ?aid b.nk iitld ??>
pt,i?a?ct th? fioiritiiarv .nd ( oinriion Srtiool tiiuil, knd piOTiile for it?
.,', n-,?'.. .i...,?." ?p^rovid M?rch Jil?. IStX? ,
li?.?h hid ion?' .Ute ?he number of ?har.', pinpi.,-.! ?o bepureha'ed,
the pree j er ?tsar?, the medium of pi* ?mut. ???thal iu BISIJ?
bull'. "I IM? B4* " .'id '?,',?' "? ?I'I'd JJ/ th? I'ldil*-.
AT ia ?a ?in ?iia b" a. Id re ?a* J ihiuaaii th.) I'.,.t .utice to ?he under
?Jo-dalSt Lo?la, lio. J0B1AH roo?,
bul t ' i '?. _Aaste??*ifc?lOtata _
i".t"i" r
Al I Lil Ki AN 7", WAU MUN.
1- x; r.-. ..nil Ti ? i-riph Stock?.
I, r it City 7?. Detroit I'n? ne.? P.irer,
llrtrii'.t and Milwaukee It?, r?ld IlOliU?,
Land V. Air mia and I ol'--,? Sc_l|:.
A. W11,KINS, Stock kid Wo'ejlrek-r_P?trolt, Mich.
_N . " i'.p'.ii of (ho TT00I BAT-BOAD COIfPAHTi Bat
M yl I ?li in ?.??? Vork, wlllb* pell .1 H.? HANK Of NOR IT t
AMI ii'i v. .'?' ?? tatt, in eider of piewntatiou, leu Slate ?nd
' 10*' UFO. II. C'lLKKT. Treaicrer.
j .**.. i KANCE SCRIP.
?? Ila
WM. C OlIsMArf,
N... t(, PIM a?.
? ?
I v I,
al, I
vv ?LING UK EDITH on Mottre. J. 8. MOR?
IAH k (" ION DOW t-uswiisri c tltO. PBABJJDl
i evsilahl? In ti- a??niina? ria.'? ol ti KOPK av.d Iii?
.. .i ey DABKB. HOftt-TsB - Co.. No. M Exehange
?tinliinc? ?J0U3C3 ano ?ankera.
No. 11 WA' ___,
MIVV-VOU'-, .May 1, 1S6I?.
eil. 81,
.'Mt ?I'
iii ki...
Id 11 It .; r. J...
i .r. ( ? r
i. .1
? . ?
B, :: i
h .-. I
l . I. - ?
IOI| J.Ty, (
l N .
? -, ,.
luy. i i : ?
I ? ; Knt,. C. I. Not**,
. . I. Nisi?!
' <
'? '??
It' 1
ii ??
' '?
1 )
! i
i H
li AM. I.HS,
No SNA II A !' ? S (
lOCOUtl-l ti BABtUa, BAB-attl Btd Mean B-pCSIYED
oti f.?. i.iili. ?. r-i?.
r-_? coLtac*noaaMaioa -iiro-oiioi/t hie .;...i..>
BTAW.? Al ,t .'?' ' D IB
r-r ( > "??? Pi'ia "ti i
n 11. .'.
T li
i ......iat" l...i;i.'i I- lievrakC",)
HAN Kilt??',
?j-? '.V.VI.i. BT-EET, BBW YOi.K.
DI F'i)'?i. ; !'l C-BBEKl ? AMO 001.D BECI IV1 D,
ra i .? '., |at? sall waa m win
All.? -Ti,! the cnrrrit niV-t rate on ail DAILY
j-rl I.
r. ... ?, li AND FOB I VLE.
.? k , ...Til ..,? a?Jl O'llHJ, M Hu ??rsl ll.aik?!
... .:_r .i .V'.al, i,,i'n ?ni ?ii y.noti c1 t. ? Luton, with
Quick 1,.' n.-.
14 m N MUNROE iV CO..
.1 Sill I III A" IIANKt-Itl.
II ?'. r i . I IV K.i FHIIM
:.j _ ni .' IXE LA 1'AIX
Ka 7 KVr, ?(??tk_r\ pauk _
I ??UN' MUNROE \ Co.,
Ka ?* Bl n m an.?., PABIA
N.? S IV ILL i Nt ?V YORK.
'.,nr r r - t( i, ,| ? -..i Pisislsri iu ail part? of Eurer?.
i ?...,?-. _
>-T?r? or :?rw 'iop.b. it??? |ip:PABTa??T j
At has? April l.l l'Hifi. J
TkJOTICE l8 ?JIEBEBYOIVFaN, puranant to Chapter
.>.:,. . , I se. .f i ' , thal l,e,i|,,*.ilill<
i i th? Mini a-' * ? bal .....??? i?ll, i I? a'.-d o. ti ??
, ' ' ??, ? II lr I. Te :, r 1. 4' Bal, ! ? 1 r 8 ,,r .l.lii leis! i f
i latl Na
lieu?! lian? ni'or City of Alo.uy. I.r ?iX yraral'r.nu the dale hrieof,
t ?
s'tr. , ?, ?e'|!-r ?., ,| fa'.k ni'.?t tr ft' ?? I ?".!
. .
.le? ft? le,In!,pt' li li..I 1'aTli eui Wl'll'i the til',?
,i,|.. a . ...ig? np,ill las :,. ij ii, Ihr hand, of
, ? lor thal
? -illili!..- iperh '
.??tit? or KaW-Yaa? Baa? DaraavwaaT,]
AiHi.sT, karil .'i. I ,??.
iTOTICK li bor by Birril, parwnaut to CbajataV SM|
i -
? ? i , .i -i.? , p - ? ?
'I.-'!' Al l'Ait ! y O?r S,.pir:iiOiidr,,t
fil* H ki?! liei'irrisen?, e.i It-., iilati. li at fin K?W-Y?tt Mat
,-, 'lie . :ty uf Altiaiiy. for an ?rar? fmin the dale
', li . rejl'tr.
Ile ? Ha? ii. 'is ?f th? .?id bn.k tt-.l.t be pre.
?..ni. A ? SM > ? fie? iks .1 ti- ' rrrnl, and ?II
?a??? ??Iii ti ?tal li"? t II' "'l'id **f i I. " ? '1 11 ?l,d pajil?
kfl? : sa _? '..? b? ? .1. .r,-.- ui sa UM !j
"..? 8 .;. i.?t"i..li Bl fi-r liiat |"irp ,.?.
??TI.KB, "
(I W S( Itl'YI.VH. S:prrintr:?lett
?Vrara ? y ?* iona ins. U sr? ara sar,,
VinxsT Apn
NOTICE ?8.I1EREBYGIVEN, pui-iiaotto Chap?
?.,. i.,..- of ik-tand rta, i.???../ ita*, tait ta? ciaru
ra.?t.. trie KA-'-I' ltl.1 R I t.NK.I th? CITY
:, l.-rstrd n Ik? ( ;tv of Nsw
york?tal t- HKIH i.Vli |). .u i ,r l?v 'I e .ii?.ri tn.,1. ia H t
v, ir-a. ntatn.li at the Mt? V?i? ??tala? National
Hank in tin City ?<f Allans-, lor ?U yeer, i.uui the d??.e Beirof, and
I,, t hereafter
Ti e r. ... .i, :i !_? .trcrlatin? no?, a of th? ?aid bank mii-t he rtr
? ?ti', .1. aa a'..!- p?id. win ir. ?ia irara frrui the J?tr li.r.of, and ali
l, ? . ? ?li.i'l. .il m mil I" I . 'I f'.r ledrii,|^i,.n .."I |,
* i'l I;, ?I r t.::e ti. I? .fe. itled ? UI . -?? I? k? B C1 HfS njioii til* fund
o. I. .I the Suprriliten'Ier'l l'or ti ?t pior"?e.
law.Sai?. i?. Vk -cni Vl.Hlt. r?,ii.ri,.'"i,d"i,'
??i?i? or Nbw Vobk Has? i>rr.i?T?i?sT. i
Albasv. A i'l ?I 2!, Ina*. '.
NOTICE i* hereby piven, jnir- nant to Clni'iter
1 wa uf lftra, and ell Law. c1 UM, lh.it the citen atlrsg
eel?. i...;.i te Iks KMlaaal Beak M lias city ?I N.w V,rk akaak?
let ???" lito... Li tmfat V? Ike l ttv ?t Ne- Y?,k, will m? mmaammai at
PAH !? li." 1? pi r' ?' '?"ti ,.: "t IB? Baal Bg llej ?tunen', on pr.aei t ?
ti li al he .?I.li ,n?i ('?Ullin tcial Bank in UM I Itf cf A bey f.r OX
\. . 'i "!?. the itsie h?ient and nut ll.riraft.rr.
TI'? out"tail.!:lM Cltc'll i'mg II'tr. it te ?aiJ bank, tun?t he pre
.ruled aa at,ne.i.i wcliii ?li y?.ir. Irons ti ? d .ir I,, cr I MM it
n. o - which als-ii ?mt bo prrariitrdforr-deiiipliou.nl I i ay.nt witl.m
ti r i me titee -|'-i i.ieJ will r. ?... !? he e ? lii.ru' ?Baa Um fund n. tin
han la ol the ?-???liuteudrut for that map MB
Ap .iliwtui. (i VV. Mill V I I'll. ?Tu'riintanJeiit.
^TA1?nr^'rw Iouk I'.asic lirriMTaaj.T. J
Aluist April 11, I .4 |
N'OTICE la berebr Kiren, pnrsuaul to Chapter ?Ol?,
La?? ij IB'?, ?ml 4M, Law? ni IH I ti >t ti," ii.. ! Uaa l?eles i,,
pied : " the M1". Ill AS III..". H.V.K. ? ! o ?ina A.S., ...:i..n I-- ti II
ti,? i it y ?f N*w-T?t_, ?rill he rejiiiiie,), .- iji, by t'i" Sors rtnl*ad
. Ra, tina llip.r'm.-nt . I? pi. ?.. li'atlissi st lue M'V, > I ) II K
? i?TK KATIONAL h'ANK, In the City .( A,h..iiv. fir ?ii yr?r.
f.. lu I?? .1 .te t' err. f ?lill I'Ot tli-r 'l't' I.
I i.r outstanding eneii!<liii< uote? of tin? laid H?.nk B ?t b? pre
a. u'.i I aa ?I. Ira.oJ. will.in ?li reara l'rnlil Ihr till" hnriif, al.tl ?II
i iti. a Inch i hail not Iwpre.rnlrJ for red. n pin n ?,. 1 | ,?un nt Witl.lu
ti.? time tim? .(?'? itn-d n ill.. sa* la as .? ? ! .rta ataea las baal la th?
lian.!- uf Hie S ,li riiiiriidriit f.ii ?I.at p. . sa ,,.
II. VV. ht ssjITVLEB, Sup.nul. nd, n?.
Oitiiocno Notuce.
Til? Aa?4iiA-t KxciiAio? Nati BAL Haw*, 1
.New 1 O IK, l(n .'' , BM I
I r. ?.T hi? he?:, ilciaiel, |. ival.ia. f ee , l" I in? I : li.I. -lit T iX Oil
iad ?.i'-11:,.-i.tii v efktayaejj. T't.? tr.:..'.. h.,... ?,iii.eiio?c,i
ni. the .'lal last., aud rs opvnrd ii. th- 2d dar el May.
I'. V\ II I. ?ON. Ca.hlrr.
1 IIB I .?THAI. M-VieSaU. I,AS? k1 VII? I ITT of MRW V ORB J
Nkw1V,?k, a i ? ii l?). IBM I
( I s r l ?. I ?-1 ti i? .! iy Im lu? it. o.t nf BM I r.-le? of th? la,I
tun. til.. I'.)ubl.' lr<e tumi liuvaiuu i nt tal. .... tin, 1st day ul
? . Beoki a I! m ?mm* li a Um ItJJ I ?? la M.y L
li, Nil Y A. ^1IV illK Pn -
t-l]iiiuc3 for ?jll.?IK-3 ill fit.
ABL'SlNF.Sa MAN witli CAPITAL la waatadla
aiin'ahilsh, d t All W'Ik? h.v.u^iH Sasslna n, i i iii-ry, ern
Itali? I .-aird ?ii lail ?.d **!*! I .iiin.'i.ilion, I i -rt rl
Nea-Ys.rk. V-lreaa with reel baa.? Ho? ttXO Peat ?ltl.e. New) .ii
CWril'M ISl;?, Al iiiMToN.?I'li ..m wishing
> lo I ?X V (?? >. I' l..r??.ir?nsal. anna ?.-s-urely end pr. > t.i.'.y in NA
TI ?MAL HA Mil M. lo Sa? Krui,.T..... .?n h?v? ai . pp rt'inity to
? uSs. r he t..t|?. cipital elasak uf 'TUB UR?iT NVMnSAL ' of
thal . liv. hy clima at th? aim* al A lill A l.Slihli. No. 8 Maiden
len? '.It'.-r .nvWbm Barfor* tUaJtth ln?t??t_
Ii>)R s\l.i:-An IN'l'lilfl'.sl' in a ralaable PA?
TEBT, n???? (?aalsis CagBalr??j???A tram t-^ ?sm to BMaMB
Au act'?* arid lal dill nt bualne.? man ?inly dralre I, ? I u eau mai a?;?
tin- ??or? il'irii ? tie ?haelice uf ill? inner. II.iiuii.be aid? iii*
I. er? 'iir.iirtiriit ran at* made. Apply In U.M. V. IIK1.N.S,
Nu KM) hr.i?dw?v. Ilo-mi No. S. New York._
STORE t? LEASE ami STOCK for SAI,I'.-A li I
rata aland f,.l hi.? Oio'.:i, a , r I tuck, ry, oi Loth cuinhiurd. nr
any ..lui Ihm1ii?m. in a i.if?- ind rt..iii'.?i'iii| town, li hour imbi the
lily, where e lerge bu.inr.a I ?. rod ceo br dene. Ki.,ck al pre? ii
Ufa- Ike ad.erttaer u?ni SbAssM occuplrd the preuiiaes for over XS
?taara, M .onie* hat ?dv.need, and wl.hr. to relir? ?toni bu.ineaa
tent le?, If not ?old ? ut al onr -, the .rock will be tilled Bp and bus
In-a. will he n nilnurd for another year. Inquire of C. A. SMITH,
ra'i , N? 117 K.orcn ?t_
?"? 1,4 t\ fir, PAKT NEK WA.? l'Eu in li-best paying I???
, i, | nu mrs? m the !'i i' rd ?!?,-< A.?eel?'ion hr-v- l..a. luqsilr*
of_BHK1 r!R * l'o Mo Jt~ Hroidway^K.'om No. M
?a'l fm?V?w ? WANTED?A PARTNIS with the
^?IflrWvr* above einooiil lu engag* in an ??tahi-r.-d ibboii
f?. lui iii; busiiie?.. tel pertiestsi-, BkBB-a of ('?? KLETCU-H, No
IV) VA a's. t et , Lut Cur. New-Yolk.
-"b Oft^? ?? *?*M00 WAVTED in a kfgtaBotfo
?-*?'-'.'_f4, i?l? aiufrerT problab.e buaioeia. Ne riatkWuiitA
"t" ?*_??< I late uni ,.r. problab.e buaiaeia. Ne riakliu'orn 4.
'? ? 'yrfirAS. i'iibune CUS ?
[3tofcooional Notices.
\ BOOK "ti BTRICT?RE, rKM i..\, PILES,
o'?, ?i.u-il? other Pill II Bl Sill*? *" -''?? Bl ? IIKMIY A I AS
IKl.S. M I?., aperatl?! ?? 1 c um. let l< i ? M Ne i (oui,.,., , ??
Kl.ll l.M.l'.-i . I). HAM.MONU, If. ?>., ?Vi
No n i. m t..?.!?? ..??it v?i, Msw-Tatl t'ti...;.!'. . ,
? V la
r-'u.ii.'.l Bota Farta, t retired to Un - .mu -i it?.d.ac? at hu?
? i._
SDKUICAL UO?PITAJU under the exclnwrc c_.a
. uf EDWABD H DIXON, M. ?' Bd?4 - at Th? B p -
.;(*u.!ry. ii.co-.?. reUksaBsai '?' ? ?User?. It?rais,
. '? r -t..i? and Btrb i r? t Mil. ? bo ? Ii ,.
. ?i a?e.
S>HBBen!*rra Arrive*?].
111 H. I ?yu mi. A '? - ' ? >'? ?th. M,-i
Mia Watt ato
' t J .lr?. Henry ? I ? ? i'dr? '. .. l ?
I,;. Mt*. I?-.on ntl ,l,'.:/li er. .Mr. anil Mist, It.lrnint, Mi. .
- 'I ? I
ley Mr. ii di? I M I > ?aid, Mr. M ?Mair, I Hob?it?ou K. ?. IV.
Bioek it.? Ii bert Al r ,n. Mr. I..-*i -I . ; Mr lr '?
re-, MUi 1' On *. Mr ?ml Mi,, li I I t
nun., Um*, ?lr ,.t e. ?. I. John Di BB
???v ?1 B. Welsh. Itr. ? i I ? n lad ?
tud lady, M - -
J ?'.. . 'ir. V, |ai w. Mr. ii d Air., ii I
ard. Mr. Botha : liri I.-.-, ni Mr?. I ??? '',?.
'.lr .\'-J fl I BM?BBt, A! and
M ra. I I r ' : Hld ? ' '
Dykes, Mr. >l. Kite, I?, rjileebtn, I
a i II tad Mrs. A. tia 'd 4
? I,i 1 . n and nu. ?.-. Count I al ...
jr., Mr Jool. Mr r el rrsrila,
i' i i. I in .Mr?. U'nia nand dauil.tr.-. Mr.
Wi Mitch. A. II. Mi ill. J. U ' "?'? ?'??' Mr.. J. i
Mr, W< - '
? ... Mi. I toi to krotasi M?-? J. Otk - * '
Mr. m ,1 Ml? Morrell. Mik O
Mi??V< . , . r. II. J i ? ? < ?
Mr.? .IMn j I;. F*rsyih, Mr. ?nd ?1
r.i. I. Mr ' iniathl
Mrs. A. I. HI l, \. -i - Il W. M i?' iy '.. . ? : ??. Mr. i
L Perktn?, Mr. Temp .-ion and . .a. farmon Mr.
., .: M ? I -. -. :? ' "? '
i. Bomb. A. T. J .- M ' I Mu. Il
Jacobe .ip.l .li..?: ter .Mr. and Mr. I
tun Dr. rV W Keel ' In M n ? J. I
? ?' i ..... Ui iii i -. \? i lid ? . >'?
. a ". ?
li It ii .. ?' ind Mr?.Tsvlor. i j
Mr?. E.T. So 1th. Mr. tnd Mr?. < *.. V lil.
Ha??. Mr and M - ' I Mr?. H. La Har
Co..ka tad two daiitUtera, I- .. i i ? - -'..*. I r
Wo.Mlhe.d. Mr. rtcbwtrd? B* t Muir.J.l.i
tt- i. dfrey A. W. I. n leay, I I
W Iry!ib.r<, '1 ?. Qiutksr.MissJ. Bli i b, -Mia. ?. (Faatbi
F.bah !M
lu .?t rin Mp ri?y of Loadoe?Min ' '? ?!? -, ind
Mi.iel Chirtotl? at,-I II I 1.1 ?II
- . Mi I. Barita, Mea? Abb i ? u ti.
Bes ' and wi:?. J. H. I ? i-i ? ? --..'...
1 '?. le - M .- d Wlf?. :; M
J. P.-nd J V. Poi.ugil K-Fiiai .-? J Heneen. J H b
?rta, W. Mi Pbea* n ... lone?, ii .1 ... ' 1? '
i - ? '.. I ill, t Mart BBmI r, le,
Mr?. P?? on mil two el'Hdren. J M. Ptlmsi .'.ii . ?
an M -- I. McNsi ? M H rtt B. W. H
i : I ,rn .?I i ?.?. Mrs l'a . ?r, Mr . \i b M< Kee i "
i Mr. Ki aia.Mr. .Ma kim. Mi. ?1 yt ra, Mr. Mta.vio. and Ml io
. r-ur?.
? I IV1 RFOOL-Ia r7?*!!!-..! : I . Mr C. W. s*l
trahi, J the ii -. ... r. , ri h I-:. Mayer *n?
? iLfni.a ii White n. li II. wife ?nd twe childi n; ?I S
lean.? Kay. B. W. Prlakbeea? sad ?! i Mct?Oyaa, ?if? ?ad
.' A A nor) ead wile, (J I. ??fe ?i I liare? cL
I, r , ii and Mn ' - ra I
it. W. II. lirt.b re. Ali.? ti. O. C li. .'.?>. B. U.I'. ?
tv i e LB isoviu, Rev t! (luman and wife, B liicwnii? ?
childi l\ ... ? r I
?e r .. M levi. A < lbertr II. ti. tia ?li Bet I. \.
lad wits Mi A .?. P*:?r.ou ami ir'-.- . Mr?. P. S t. ii- . It*?
rhUdrea, It ?. v . n. A. Weet, A I ,- Uri W H.
... Baler U. F. An reen C. H. Cr,". I. Mrs. M A. Le?, M*? A
Ka?*, t*o r!ii..ir?n *. i it ryal ; N. ?'. !'" r?. wife ?ntl '??.
' n ,....? m y M ? -, Mr. ii. H.
'l.K.e J. W. f" .t ., i?..!,!, ?ad boy Mi?. F. C. Kaoe and I
?< ?V. Haiker. wire and cbfldrea : Mel r C. B. rUvHtead, B rots ra,
s. li. Mi. rtla.N. M fau.fr CobC ? BdaaeiMn ??
r don t.nd i?rT?nt ?- i. l. ? .-. .?. A. <lrt?|?,
M.a li tti r? rtb, M ? < . M. li-, R Pi i I p?. I?. To! tv.
? -,,? ? M re. ?Ile and tt.rt? eblktraa; !.. v'.\ Addie, ???'?r and
,| n Mr.. S It Ait
C. W. Pegg ead !.. '. Mea, M. X. Orrs i and??rv?ntj
?In C, E. Joae? 'I I. '? el' ... V '? I o.: ? . : .
Ki the sod ?os It? J. Iii min, wife. I '? ? I ! --i? u l!-?.
s N. Webeter, the Re?. J B. Peck, wife and dai.st.ler K. i
'?'ra. M A.) FotkH ?rd two r: . '.- ?, Capt F. I i
M Kim.ki?. Mr.. Mut SI i p, ard J 1 iit?n imi . ?.
M.dam- Il ?la..;,,?,, Mt. F ?- | II. \V. A lr- ? . t
< , i j. w. i i . f.. a, t.-. a. I ? H ;... ?*
! I . ? I It. i ? ara V r- li ii
? r. rife, htfeitl si i ?.m .r I
? . ?. .1 r.r iu I ipili,?; .?li-a->. W Bright, Mr?. ? ' .'
?enka-at ?red lw ebildrea, J. J Freelu, i.t D M ? - ??? ? ?I ??
r ii Cttr.n. J. 1?. I (.-.in *ra, C. J. Kraft li ?. Bega?, ? I* I ?
'?!. . It. K l.re. J li W i ..?n- C. J. lie. ?:.-..:? B. F Hil!? 1. I
I. I. Fl Iel, U??t. I'- Medol . '??,' H V.
Mi Marten, M..t Fannie Fiel her, MU. P. li i oui im ,: m ?,
!.? It*v ?. M ! : E. S. Coule. Mu W ii. N*
tea, J W. SbWmsB? ?ifs; Cspt. J. O. Pltlchei U s. K,ur. t
1 II M Miranee, Mm S. \ l., li M | . ?
ml', ?nd. . I I l. ?i C. li. ii., t ? ' ii Isa, Ma. Casa*.
nie, two children asd tw? ?enri li ? I. .. R !'?? tara. Uro t- .?
Dr. Krari, R. M. MaTaMek, 11. Malbaa K. liaub^a. lo?'. N I?.
Heia.. A. Wsit.i.e, i. y or k. g U. i.i.. Mr.Uldci.biaiii.il ti.
i-,...,,,... W >.d. R. Kartell?, wife, child and arl Vant i .
i-r. J. Uui.i.J, 1. - .? , S. lin.? ,. , I! li ;?i_,.uio :
. lirra.
rbtoatkat.4*57 t s n <?.,. '.- Moon Rliee.?M
Blt?H WATCH lill? PtT
?andy Hook ... '1:11 I dar?, laiand... . I H I 11*11 Claie.1) 3?
anippixo i\rm i.i?;i;.ri:.
PORT Of NKW-V.JRK....Ma? 1
fteamihlp Lotiiitans (fir ), Tlionjpiot L r-.-pet!, Natiena. *t|i?a
Navigsti m ? ...
S'.a.i.aliip Minhtirch (Pr ). Pbillipi. /..rerpoo' Jhn ?J I I
BtaSSBsMp il?ury Cbauncey, Uray, Aipi..w, i, Fa. IBc M.t **.e?iii
* ' ...- .
,-ii?aiu-i y k ? |b. Wether N?wi?rt?.-. UviMgaUa?, F.,?fc-tV
HUaaaaMip I liri B IVrry. Kearae. S?.? I ? ? ' l ,.^,.la|?t-d.
St* Bl ?k1? II, Cera., 1'eriiah, Noilolk. City 1'oint and Ki. !.u.oto
1 i '. t
? .I Pnrt'srl II B. Cr-m T?ll A Co.
- aa. ?. ii ale. B. H i ,.,nr.
St--.m lui Corni .. Sn.itn Macan. S. n . t'. I . .?oiu.nei.
M. 'u. -. : ? in ?? i ?-.. t. I? - o ?
.? ia F. M-DiBili. MaaBeUy. Baltlsi r- ii., i. I II.-il.
Harit I.ota ([ir.) Ka i.?r sb*n<ii.i. C. K I. udii 'e* k i t
?arl l'mita.a (N?iw.), Mee?, i g ?bag a lui o.-d-,.
Mel .kel l\nell.
BMrk I i,mu I .r. Nmi.n J. W. El we i t Co
i :_ii e. ?h i i.//? c. , t --..v. i craa B. 9. s. a'1 * Cm
I ii. tlj. rt Ad.!.,?, A'r?,. I !.?i ?it.n ?t I . T. rip. i ?a H?ati.?
Brig Jab?ete (Brea. 1 di .mo. Perm It. li. S??t . t
.? r Ar'ltirttn. Ill iy, Ko.'.eT 8 iib k C .
S I r. i Ira. Cor...n Livre, ??nd Indo, la NtJ.. Mi-free-lv A I n.
:.: I M .t. Hr.nl.a N-.-:.. ?, __H M ... I Hard.
.?clio i?. T Un.a-ii (Br.l P-rry. 11. r-. s S., J. L. Ovavtaa.
lee? M .tit-Ti.w. it.?int. c*v.. . tad ,.,,.. s I.. Mc
<r?idv 4 le.
S.l.r. Wn.. FIIbI II. wirri.Wi'n.'n.-.*" N r t( mr. P?... 4 t ?
S.l.'. I.lia i raw f l-l Itukey. HaU.in r , Ben-.-v.Srri.il, a io.
t Sebi. I rial, and Tab li ka. Ihiaaii M. *.: . r? M. i Bedail
.s.l.r. Hlau.l)?:.???! tosa. Pi iladelpiiie. i. \\ M. rv ? lo.
Ptcan-I.ip s aOa'l I l*dr_BS I.i??r" April 21. aB-1 C, .??
l Wil!. nid.? ?ud |?a-< to K I i
I -i (Bl 'Mr te, L rp?el Ap I 'i? ?1?
?4n?.naiowu lath, wiib n d.? tad t'o.a. o i ti Dala A|ni it ?a
loi'il I mai. itw A... tip W.lial. r; lill ? i Bl .yeetton. ,t-a, . re
I ?life,ina llrlT?'lu and I itj al I ill to Li??l|KMtl . nab.
.'in.i?a areet ..i Fasaet, ? I.-. ,. ' a rr, aad ? bark n^,?d
il.-iil.?!,i. ||iiel I.i ?* ti.? Cmua. U'.al I .- ii. in ilaeaiabi?
ti i.*, o uiit-i ..i. ..I ii | m. ?J -n . ?? ' I L,M.41 ?A,lea it
.*?. ?hip I'..! ..t.. b ind W.i 14th, lal. i* .li, buk ii<i?da.. ?,,
II... inn -.dtobetht St. tl.-tiji . ?S.I., lau 4*,lo_ W 40,
.?l.ip I niT-iae. beuiul t.
St?.m.Ino ! i i.?an? (Hr), Tho!o?on I.tr*n>ool Apn! Id. with
uil>* ?le' '?': | .? i-. Na'ioiiA. Stta.it Na? ,-i I..,, t oinpatiy.
M.-a.i.a! |jS?n SalT.Jo,. Atkiui, Se.iii.. . tpr.i iS, wah BBSS? aed
pata tu llarilaM I A en.
St.li('U ... a- i i-y. W-,t, Ch.rei'.o'i V hour?, with u.d*. atd
I??,?, to Ani.ur Lear?
ship i ?!. li i I'.n.!?-iry A.;. ? ii!. April 2:1. with ii..Im.
..i d [.-I. to Pa, le. Mall ?>. .?I . Ipi . , ?
m. i. lol)... ? i .jw ?.I. lava??sb kui. C with mdee. and aaaa
*e I. I., .l.i.ii-i.
Mean.,:.in t.. n. Batate Msrtsa, S a?..,:.,h. t?) hour?, ?itn u.dae.
-- -? i > ..-? lu? t Ce,
Bkil|tlM J.i.en:. l-l BBthl Alexander. H MM**?, <i day,, in ta! ?ii le
J W Iii?,!, 4-t
SliiirBce Parki - : St. Jobas, N. B ., Irltr, M-l.tn/.a, I day?.
: '.. C I II ? an It C,.
?lark'.. fskatoir vit !! stan willi tea* M? A OF.
M.- t, 4 Csv
Hiig rtee Blet C ? M Ibrblge. Me. a?i lumber te SiuipmB
CMov '^
Uri. It,. (II. , Uyts M mdur ? diyi, wlm platter lo D. R Wa>
Wat kio.
c, : Oeaal H basav ,0? Idaag wi;h timber to rr.ul
bVbr.Mf ' ? ...nt.iw'chi .. I v B,r... i.ltl.Uti with
: .J ?. i. I'far.all Left ia por: ? ? r inn ti. ynt.tn. ?ir th?
'? ii?-? II : I nctp.t?, I r Pin.?J. pi ..'.iii. ..i.i. La .ra I o ile
au. lloaal.? fcr Ne? V.nkaauio d*v , ic ?r. u-r.h. Ka?k*e and C1 aa.
Bwaraaam>.? riot Mai I
fehi Mai*, i*. Ii i. in kagtea, Kay u*.t, |g dayi, aBbasto
to li...J!|.w.lt.! I ' V I e
s.u. Hi, Allau. Patt It..I. ia balla?! - W. Uw?a A t*o.
.?. ir ll.n lal Ha m II.? .c d. Si. Ja.o de Cube. 17 day?. ?Mb a?
?o o. I. P. Sata I '
I ' r l dials, U? . ? illil. ?ia Ha'.'.lji 17 day?, with ?oto ,. t?
?in. ul. III I?!.
- ir V In. t, Bti.iv liaidnrr 4 day? ? ,.B 1 i:i.b*r lo Hoy. k? m
M ii i ra?.
i lin l.o/'er I tai lit. Tasan?
Belli Mary A Mead Kaaber. aWto n
BcAw. laab-L Heine-.!. New Haren I r 1. it.bethpoit.
s. in. 1... ei.t.i Bni .-. :> v B?
? lo. I ' . . i .tt-luni ti I l Itn.tul.
s I.. Marla l'.?t? ....o.d
Behr. Jaka Walli '.i. I'rcridenre
Beb?. J. Lu s.. ?? i "tin Sl.uite. I di? i. with ipili u ?.* ? ?id
Ki. I.e.dieu.
i Walch. Booth. .Tbm Bedford.
s ', k. I'sta-r? I'. I KHiwortb.wlth I mberteC VF J P*'?e?.
.?. I r. Ar. . a ? liol, .?,.?i.:.t, St. JoLna. N li . 1? day? wilb BSVaW
C CI. Kry. 4 I ..
.?' m kaal i?i llaiwell, Bsadsal far Frivtd?a?s
Mu S.l' k11 .. . J nu.. I .Iii, I-, ??j., w.tii li.uibrr lu )eA
Kit? 4 I '.).
Behr. Psvttka, Bsiker, r?riisnl. 1? I ?. arfcl lu.ubtr to laeMf
W it : r .V ( ,
Behr. Tyiaae. Ferry Chart y Isas, IS dsyi wka lumbrr t?> ghi i ???
S...r.S.iii M.'?ii li ?. ' y. Cutler. * di)?, with ?p?r? to Ho y k?
A Milli?).
lto BBt?Mt ' id" labatl I wrtt d. >? ' l?B?y on Meaday. and e?
tinned to ti.lylo.i.T
Port-tDarbcn'fl Notier.
PT.tr? ??? Hin Yea? I
Pobt Wabbbb?' uima ho H ?Ulla-?i. I
NOTICE is lu m 'y kitoo* m leaoralaaai with nee
tion ? of ti.? ?e? p??e,l April I?, l??T ?alitai ? A? Act te H?
ort?niz? ti.? Walden." I 'Ave of ?be Petto! New York, te SB P?*"
? ..ni luterMted In. or ba?iu| ch?rt? of. ti?? ?'ibjeol tnelter of ?????
inoulry HMMIBMlll? or iur?ey. It.? th? loliowim vsasel? st? no?
under ?.aunnatei. bv the 1'orl Ward*na. ?nd thtl the aatd itirrejl ol
eteuiinatuu? Will h? . ouipieUd ?libia Ma day? aett ?Uvteedlltg in?
?olio* on board ?sid ?MSBMM :
Si .-?rtt -?. ? |. Kin*.... *l.44 N R.
Sieautal ip Allein?nl.MiboA*?.
?B.BBIlMp Quik-rCCy.HU K
Si?an..!iip L?o.I? J ,*
Hl.lpLnrern. .* f. H.
B?ik O. W Roseyelt.,.Koh?i?e.
Hark Cbisf?. .*K* K
Balk (atbariae.As.S V I
Brl|Ne?btin.UN B.
Brit Viator.M ?? ?*
Hri| Keiidoinb.It ....I.
MeJir. Jainea M . i loaky.ll.ailll In.?
Bekr. Catbaiu.? Wi.ooa.k N. It
MINTHORI.K. Tl?MPklN> P *.*___
J. Atti I IlBBBIMAS *?ei?iisry.

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