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Mate onthf fatettaa rf t?r union ff ?"Valia with tto?*- '
?pajj-f. (Lriiiii i..?-/f,?s?iy pn'H'id, and a IktataMa itealt
|??jX|v?i-!?-?1 f:t-?Tia I??,?. u??otiirt_iB? M. Ixi-k huSiiuiic
ni ? v rid.
Tke Priaripnlitle?.
Aetesr_ejoft_eaatteraMeeeel Jm y ?tiapprtb. odcd.
The t-iaak|,? lAtre tontccil to !L( ir lariatk?.
ra T?a
-*? l'on !-.y nil ata MMgeaM ?i April 14 laaatta tht
a?arkit j, ?.iK.y/.i ?, and ptne?o? cotton i.nd ehifltage lower
?fri lll.llllt.l_.
I, ni? ?I.
I.ivi iti-c-tn. ? -p. tn.
lMr. 1 ( ib? v ?? so? ;.;' ti?- ?a- i i ?" n ? ; i > ? ? 'ia. He
wa? ?arnily '?bet ..-?i on en Intai-B al Livet)
Tin -?
mi bV. In 1
Pamb, Bj ti ? II ?
A ti' ? ?' ?! h'? fi? u i
that I . to the P tht 1
gil-. ' 1. . ? lil foi' u? .n...
{.11 ? s?.
?tsyt? r
Will? b C1 I ?' 01 ' '! ?' 1 '? (!''t i ? ' ?
ita 4 it, for the .u..-.:al .
i_i' that 1
__ ? ? , li'r,, ? ". ? ! ,
?ali i ' ]
At tht? Brit ail ' :? . f ?!<? ''i-:' ''?1 I
_a_> ? < i
t." li . '. ., ! ii v- i .. r ?
TI.?t. I? y?t Bo news of tbe steamthip City O V>
U Is
j '. - rd to alai '
ha? t. i
u The T '
?>i i.i . m1 l'itis?i.i.
\ .
?Is? t a i . ? ? \
ftrt I ''< t '
I.. ? ! ? . Renias, (
M Kir. i . .i -i.? iarii agaii i. ?.'t 1. M?ale?
M) li :
4?r en s i.s I ,.(( 'I i_? II? r.
LBBBIIB MaBBI MABB T. ?Ti.iii r ti i- ?'?
lui?,,' ?- ? ? re i" i i ? m u ?. ' 'i'',
aie, i ' '
i ?>
ii. ?. .t i i-i ?.ii in ike bur? \v_4 nudnatai tad the
?reih?' ?. i. .nk rate nu it.
Tt? wreklv rrti'.ri ? m4 tia l* ? ?? nf Eaglaad exhibit ?da
are*?? m li e 1 ,.ll.i ti rliri..
li? ? . ? medal inkingCanptaj al Liverpool
?b th( ' nbtt cxtitii .1 ? r
?le* l : ? r> M bo preeiae ialortntiOB at to tke ball
??tin .' ' st? rung, i.. !?? i,.i ? DPO
*t,..-i - . . , . .! t . ?
ali ... .. :!...! .1 is ! ii.i ved all
en, . , i i. ,i in fall
Ti.. : ' ?<? tdtaai al ta ?, Mat tri
Fear? vere rattrtaiaad ?f aat <?r two I ire? tkklti rat I
?Man? nu Baa n t , l Ike 1'i.uk suspension, lut t laattentood
at-. ? u..
Bern sst.pf nt.rilv larnoaatsd. Jlnpes ticjp ? hi. i h?'
?i.,,i i,. ' is wouid le made for a favorable liquidation ol ibu
Al?iiniA)? ?ii it: i ij ? \le?-r? l!..itag Braa i Co'aClr.
?alura s? Ikara ins bate n fmr baataen thtt wael
i?.i. - ., .1 ti i arel ?e*?reitp] ?t i ? illj
f. t ' ? ? ii I ' ? ??!? ? .,.'i) | ari-s
?Tjait't i I liimoi- niaeo Barara of Mar]
illili h li s it ?M; Virginia Bim ?aerad at SOj; atorllag Fives
noiiiii all] KOO,
.' rvr.RiooL, Anil SI?Mora?it.
Corre I?Tka I?iokirk' Ciicular rats. ' -ka Cottoa t,. nket
Iii? ! niii: I . la] :.?.d IB Sifirja; a fflrtber ?fld decided
flrrlir.e s?, a^ a"bi".tt"d to, quotations heeoir.:;.. i_-i.it i ?,::
teal. 'I his extreme d?pression attracted liie atti" ! i u ol b >?
?re parti al-nl> for oonsnexptioo, anda In-.'c i .. .
(Batee Moi.d?v tad laaeaai teeeispaBi?! b? a rally It
fines. l?u VVtdi ?e.?y. upon iato ??.v?, ???1 1 _| n
li Ar. ? e . >' ..i . qU_L_i J . the dii_ia_d
aga n '?., ' fl st i pi ? - . tt ?ti
Ou'ILaiiilay noyong tkeexisua? t .mt of eon-dene? was
Inciu i?'ii 1 y ihe uiiLounce_.i i.t if the dUBcnltias of a loe il
?bank ir.d hu-ir e?s ? ?is chick.?!: as the de* advaseed there
natflHiri U dil - ''iii' ?;>.? tanoni sti!I show a decline of
l?J'_.iJ tri m lait week's tutes. The ?.tiotntjona of America":
are reducid li-.'d , aft?i considerable -actuations from day
M tia;.
ll.t -iilit.c in other deseriptions ranges fra 1 toS|d. t?
Bl Hi?:, ?,,k. The s.ib s of the week add C7.M0 bel?1. in
?lutin ?t r 7 0 on ipecnlailon, aLUl'V-tH) declared far ex;? rt
Ttst ?ia. tu., es are:
Fair. Middling.
New-Orleans.17d. Mid.
Mobile. Ibid. Hld.
Uplands.mai ni L
Li.?.Uni. Hi ??
Te?l?r?l?y (Frulav) there was a pood demand for Arren?:in.
?nil p: ne- ii. iht.T adiai ted iii.iln a less free nu) pit. Ihe
aale* wtrt semputed at aoont lAtOO balea. milman?: d.OUT for
aa??as__?B ui.d axpott Middling I'put ? ji ill _. iii
i'. irtck oa h tad la vat Ina ted ?t II BM bales nicla'ing
ST?, 01 i Amincit. Tt s week s receipt? reiuhcl 191 ".'7 huh -.
At ?ra, fn m Indi?, M.\tx?U0 bales.
T?it'E at Man? uvaitK?There ws? rather more Inquiry
?sTtMlrrdsy n-.A a steadier feeling prevailed hut hoainesa was
?n a In.ntrd seale st prices below thoa? of loesday.
Uki ai ?u nt--Messrs. Itichardson, Spence _ ?.'o . Wake
Beki Jviuah _ IT-, at.it 8tl 'J's r. p.rt ?Tour tery dull but steady.
Wlnil in limited deniat d nt abont the rates of Tues'l.-t? ( ra
In g.? d iri'urkt at i:?? H'dJ'J, for Mixed, -Uti M. u'M, for White
per 4K> t>
Pbovisio.ns.?Messrs. Bigland. AthyaACo. and Bruce A
_fcAuii_e report: Beef very dull, and lower piices most be
?etept.d to efTeet sales. 1'ork ?loll nnder large arriv?t?,
ft??on verv flat, 1 lower and still tending downward. I rd
arg'ectid and holders wouid accept a decline of I di .
Cheese dull and easier. Butter (luid and nominal. Tuilow
Bat, and 1 lower.
PaODt CE ?TI e Brokera Circular repoit??Asnea-rota dull
Bad 1?wer 0M3J . mmm tXji, J'tans. small sales at ti .
Vugit's dull ?ni. od. lower, toffee ncchanired. Biro q?tst at
tate rates, ilnivse?, no sales. Bark?sslc? of I'liilsidelphin
?17?. Clon r .?see?!?American R? d ?t. ol'? .Tote dull and
aarain l.'n lower. ITsh Oils inactne. __MSt_ Oil qniet ?t
ti, a4'.' t.. Baan in fair demand? American I M>10 . ?Spirits
at Xurpeniine???ile? ol Kiench at 41- .
Pk.raoiiii a? lioitlt. Kt.gliih A Brandon rerstirt Small lalei
?f Rtfit.ed MI - I pvr gallon, with Sjurit al 1 1
LOM-oa Mai.kx??.? Uca.-ri Baring Brother? A (*?>. report
?W) cat ginersliy 1 dsarer. Wi ite A'niricun, SO _.'.' , lied,
t7/_.V' . Heur. Ii aat?/. Ir-.n-WeNh quiet. Kalla aid
Har*. At- It Scott h pig? ml vat ted to?. . but c!o?ed ?t M .
fiujrar dull und easier. Coffee very brm. Une I MIA lower.
Ten dud. Common C'.n.?on. 1 if. Tallow declined to 4d fi
Bar P. Y. IV Spirit? turpentine lowor? sale? ol BaWBth ?I
_./. Prtioleum?Ki Iii.. .1. 8 .1. Spirit! 1 T. lari.iK-il (. ike in
?t?-d deuihiiil. New \ rk. in bbls . ~!1 9 . I.imsed, ?a1 Bl
lower. 1... se, d (),1 .lui! ?t ay BM i- -perm (lil Lim, BIBS
tadeuian.ini. Cod, _ !.
LiviaroOL. April al?Evening.
Coi?t?s?Sales to-tlay, IO.ikhi bale? at jeeterday'e
t-iprovemont and incliidtnir 5 fkfWI In spill ?talma and exporten.
Middling I'pland? is i|Uot?d lija iii!.
BhKA! ?i; Ik's) are inactive
Pbovmiosh dull.
la-iMsOM. Ksturday, April .1 ?Frening
Consols e7i -r/'/i for money. They opened lower bul rallied
lo the shove flgurei.
V.H Kui? twenti?*. 70?S7OJ- Illinois Central Sharei. US
?Hi urie bhaies, B j.
?aatawsatlaa ?I a Flaal Divi?i?a ?a the Be
garas Mill-Haw Manera Minad I ni? ni?.
timm? anal Prtvbabililir* Iriah Uri?, nor,.
la ih? Tory Raak? an* Eaglieb H'hai
Bl as ? Bapaea la lb? Eveat ?la Bnall ti in
lalrrinl tlajarilvy- An lrupinilin_ l?i??olo
ts*>a I>? bul? ?a Ike Repeal ?I ihe "?Inlt Tai
-Jahn Miaarl nill aa Paaterltg?The .Va
Btaaal Debt ami Baalaad'a Falure?Talk of
Jka-erlcaw AsTair?, ihr Civil Rls;hi? Bill, tbe
Teta, aal I'rraldrnl Jobna?ii " The I illira''
ana ihr leeae? I teas?.
fata Our .pecwl CorrMt-uBdeiit
I^NITON. April 21. lftW.
Until yestetday evening tbere was t very general b?l ? f
?hal the fate of tbe B.-foru bill would be led k?J 1 Bd
lu^bt, or rather early this morning. in?it(ad ol boin?* ad
Jsaa?-n??vd till next week, aa the event has .?roved. ( )rdi
-Brily, on os-casiom liko tbe present, when botb parties
Braire to bring their whole fore?? to bear upon the result,
a mutual tinderatandii g it commonly ?rived at as to the
Might onwbicb tbe division is to be ti?lou, but tbe '' wiad
aad talk" into which, accttriling to Mr. Carlyle, we are
all drifting, baa bardly got itselt expended on the subjevt.
a?, notwithstanding Mr. Gladstone's desire to make s:i
and of the buaines?, one way or the other, we must wait
lill Mond.?? or Tueaday. Loder these cireumalances, all
political London (a much smnlU r aggregate than thal of
1?tbw-York, for I really believe tlie mysterious murder of
the poor old woman in Cann<n-.?t. excites more interest
than the Kt-fonn bill among the cockneys prop, r , i? "c ?
??veal in speculating as t?? the decision of Parliament. It
kekooTc? me itn refore, to speak (?fit.
A (lorerumerit majority is pretty conbdeiitly hefed Ml
bat not s?. large a one aa waa ezpettetl a lew da) s ago. The
cal? ulationt vary from H to 10. earlier, the sanguine talkod
a. .'~. Of course this is lutli-tn ter thu.'i guess work, as
at tbe two great p*ty meeting? there were onlr, in all, 4W
8??*_irs?-rs present, aud tharefore there area couple of hniid
tm? ?bo have not pl?-_gvd tbemst-lve? m any dehint? wav;
and the expertes! whipper-in wottld be pnzxled to tell bo'w
CM tow ?ni-mbert will vr.tt on t question like the present.
Tk? diminution of ministerial prospect* leawhu Lr?t, le
Ik? inherent ilielik- ?f Parliament to reform of aiiv kind'
aaeondly, t_ the energetic uppntition of the Tories. Tue
floua?, liberal a? it prof???e.8 to be, has bardiv passed oat
kDf tbe abedow of L'.rd Paliner-ston?that majt fatallv
popular of Macbiavell:un obstructivo?, who?? very traditiju
rooierves ermr. n la?' ue _nd class legislation, whose natue
his dlacipl?? would ?u:/!) tonjure with ware the ?pell ettlca
uioce. (By the way, what ?good thing is it that mea J?
tim in this world, and with them so much of evil t else it
?are immortal). Men elected under an ??Id system, how.
a?? faulty, are elow to be convinced of ita defects, apt to
elrk alteration, and stop their eart to tbe truth enuututed
Tennyson'i terse,
. "lue old order changeth. t-it mg place lo new.
W Aad (Jod f-iaissBMrLaelf lu many ws?,."
Then tbe enemy is billy, sowing tares among tie wh. tt
?tad tke crop u alroady apparent. There ia not ntl b d'inbt
?Baal Lord Itarby s astent U? the ParliameiiUry Oaths
Ansndment bill waa due to a daaira to ???cure Human
a-k-afl_t votet afiuast V?/vni\ ami that it baa ?Ven ti,
some er'<?*hti >?jeeea_faL Tkas ^ir Cr "?re Boar**?, ?
?ortkklMkm, ail i.-,,i:i,nut m friend ef ] ? i nd popn
? 1 T.- '?....
. L? . . (
.- phi,.' . 1-. with 1 ? ? bein
..;,,.. ? ' ? ? ?
, p. id toa , ? ? ? ?
goto to K.i.l-ou.'n. so ? ?m I i owa country remains
ifisfiivirii-'i. le .''" ' ?' Pim, 'le em
Di.itiiu. n.ay be ..iiiil.i.i? "I "' aiiailai r- aaoi -? a y i.? ali
the London t*on??spon?>ntB of Irish ni
| . . ? u-. the
. and he wiu-n't asked lo
t from per
I shry," ai Ma
i in (who OXlllblt I
. rai i . ?
i things n?'?- hardlr b " ? Bi ?? -. 'I '
: nd li ilwer Lrtl
u.g .? drat I. I t. i ? tan out
? i .la i - hi
lory. But writ] -?
knowe that the 4
i ? ' - ? '
the pa' ' ' "'''' r"-r'
-, t hich case I U
mi ntl ??
. . \. ? I? tor? ?ible I I I ? : f adrainl trati >n
? - ,?? ntl t,
? Iy ' al good as his w?
ty t.f calling 1< her a new Pari
l on the distil c4 ii
? though Ike l*Jue*B is no ? ? ??
_?_, i .. n.i! ' \. .' ?
: . le, the
!: kaboo! il.- r Jtsia-ii.iitioii ',.i ' la I s alanaedmany
o? tk? -c alb i ' el atom ai
... bill, 1 lhatit ?-,
i I ?ont, 1
! ? -, ? ?the up and
not .iiinni ;t di-it al :r the b latinga ?in the question uf K- -
ion::. The ?.ni baa h i i ow i - I, notoaiu i i ??
' ' ' ?
i i In the eh ? tire ? ?'? y. 'I bec
i c kari i.'iiiiiticii iliiit il.?y iatead lo maiataia Um
n.i n0] ? ? ! - ? : .'??' certain i ? I " ??
lunitj : . ? . 1 li ' ;
i ' I '
i ? (clued/ I what?
ever ata* be the fate of I I ire, then >? n
I. na _a -t. ,?1 ni...m ike ultimate result I era .- i i
u,oro hopa ti.r. th" Tories will see the ?la
they ari i ed tbemi i bei re it is too 1 I
therefore amiat in the pal ? ? of a bill which is ina"
more moderate tkaa my that can posail .I it, than
ii ere wat of oui Mai Abi !
aad, in eorteeqm Bee, posi i "?ti ? um i
foi lu i u centary. Kool.? and
in help u..ih bj I?. . ? enil t.r.-t I. .??'.- down
rona OTer them, and in d pro? i e la . ? .. U
Bercer paos for Ike inten ption. Aad thie .s bow we
rtn:ul nt prea nt.
..- on t te I., t rial l di
?are. as
well un to Lmmbooale : I ?> ita ?
?e of what al :
io i...,r.'.t.,i.c, ia the delig hliul h jpoth? : i'.^y
rcassuming ofllc was ths production 't Sir Pil oj
KiTy'.s motion ia faror of tke repeal of the Mai 'l i
derail noticeable, no1 on acooo.n1 of its Intrii ,
nui< it. 1 bli ho.,-i.' I iJ ' m of '? Ibe
the linn ?? of Corni " ? -?' ?_c? of by
un. . :.t ou thal : kname I bi B ton he
?o' :.'n It) of "ii . ?iii' it, so rdlng
Irat-named authority, bia kind "haro theil beal bower
anchor." He ana .i el rer lawyer, who defended the
< i rr who lilka bia master, I
. Ham li ind drove aaoor i
.- g i.er v.itii the m rl
? , i
foi- ti..- poli ., : law? II. and I I anime
"Apple-|i:p Kelly," by it.?-tin--' that Ike ? ?'?
the eaae bid died tram the ideeta ol psn I
m the tVi.it m question; for wi.iih Jenold tatirised
him us Mr. Monta? ' -? ?3 i i "St, c. i s
and st J.iiiii ?." Kow 1 .?????'. la "Pad in at man"
u'ii!, , : . -iii Tory, all b this rep? 11 ? f 1 Mall
Tax lor a bobby. H amooated to nothing par?
ti? ular, being a I I - ?
flooded in tin? island ?u 11." real foi i"t.. tint io
eaa thai ?tW,OW,t?00 wai attributed lo the tax on
m.ilt, and ?hat if Ike tai titi: re peeled, Ibe article
sohl lit ti 0 -1. 1.'. - I '
ut ?even pence - to my ti
rtoie oi tiil.-ii.-?, for nverti.-i Bril di rally?
ci t ..* mai h u Is good For them,
; However i Mr. Keats proposing in davor
of the application of the ? rp lus rere s toi r loction
of the iitttitiii.il debt? John m .art v.: itooivded II ma
notable aja* h wbb h proiiiii-i ,| .i mal ett t in lae Hoaee
and ?It'-w fn.in tka < haaaattor oi ike I icbaquer au ad
missiiui tlmt i he suiij, ,-t wee oae c4 greal i
area urgency, ? I that b? i twl itoaiade
his lu.m.i iu"! statement, Mr. Mili <
: aitiralitir-n nf ftrttal Britain li llrtadj b ign I . r
j tamalie?? hy the Lui?), and ttoaative surto, ofooali |aee?
j rum of a few krenenttitms, tlie imtioniil il'!'! oacbl nut lo
| ta entailed on BaaaantT, Mit mfofmi with br Knirliiliiin-ri
of the pr?sent na-., tbeiri hilaren m:d grand hlWn
mtwb ee tkej en aad will be better Bola lo i
j theirreaioter deaooadaata. Ilt-nr ) i.? appeal in behall of
1 eoBtaritj, for its own s.ik'-, ii i arl i uly noblj _UU_< t
. ii um the oruiLiu uttenaoeeof Parii?atat;
_to*maUa*eee the atleatiea al the Hobbs to iii? .1 ?
I necesiity of tikmir tbat eon-ii'c r.t.on for B**?*nt? able! tod
been str<)ii(i in every rut io? tint erar aid aBptBtag I
| ami bad ne.er l*ft the", ii t li Ibe nu:!..!., na la tie ' .... if i
uii'ler the K::i|.ire, vtits Binn.lv tullin?* into d?t***pitl ?
', censin?'tn b* n peat iiatioii. Tier* might lie ?orrie v?',o wmill
m.v. i.i the wurt!? of the ubi J'rt. ' IFly iboald wa tfwabtt a i
terree for pasterltyl Feeierlty h-i* tem? rmihine I
Wa? it tnie tint ji?-'erilv liol ifone iioll.ii t.? foi ni lie m un
t..ii.eti that ? liMevi r lisa'i-'-ii to?e for mankind by the Idea
of posterity, by a |ibilatilbrupie l*A*ard for i?.?terilv, hy ii n BBS
of duty to pofter'tr gai 'tin by tke lets B*Ma bal still pars
f'-i im?* of aiiil'itioii lu I?- remembered aa i Itoagll v?e,i of t.v
Beetenty. by tke Itoadera ed aatlaaa, ami by theos ?*<?<,mi
rounder? oi t. itiotis, lb* Kefuriner?, by law? and Intotattoat
j which earned free countries to lie free, and a*fl gottll k1
ciintrie? to be well-trot erned , by nil tin-hi roi., Uva? ti,at tod
bees li y eil gad Isa?as that bad been lied li dele? te of freedom
i ami in deloii.ee oi tv runny, from Mimili,m aid Sol.-ni, to
. Leiptic ?ml Wmer. ni: by all Ihm? truilition? of beru
I Ism and uf virtue of ?a hieb Ibu ttoatoftei of nan..na
I were hill, by all the ?el ool? ard tinnerntl*. ab cb
had baiiil-d tliwn to ti? Ue culture of past time? ami by tl.at
' caiture itie.f, all tin. li amaased lor u? only Beaaaea
j our ancestor? hare Batto and tuken tliiii-fl.t fir MB*
' terity. ICbeert J We owe to it our (freut mailer? ?if thonirl't
, ?oar lim-.m, ii d Newton, and Locke?our No ko .ne ore, Mil
ten. ami Wordsworth. (I beers ] It is ?nul tint ?nmo ero
ineiit mau when be desired U> assiit ?tir person l.y pecuniary
i htlp uied to bar* a wuy of .ln.iin- it Ibu? Ile vvoiiiil tay.
, " Mind, I do not fite it you. 1 only lato it you; and 1 ex?
pect tbnt if yon ?re ever able to rrpny it you wnl do m, n,,t la
me. but to ?oin? oiie else who rimy U- m a like petition, ?nd
with the ?ame ?tipnlutinn, sn Ihnt the ilreHiii olbaaell n.uv
fo on a? far as human b attotj I ia ket p it tlmv lag ?i Iheera.]
le was not nu? but it was Iratikliti. Ami wi.nt Irai kim
did from heitevoleiice. :n St??ST that tb? beaall of his gift
might ko na fur bi possible, are ?lmuM de from tk* gratltadS
we ow? to our ptaaaaMSM*, which we eau never repay di
reotly to tbote from ?bom ne, iii the tojeett of franklin't
benevolenee. re. eivej it, l,ut to otber? tor v.lunn they bnve
eareil ami for whom, ami ti t for our own service only their
! labor? and ?amtiert bat? been nu urmil. What were we that
j we should usurp tu nnr?. ivi ? m ii eiii|lo.y for our owe purpose
? ami u?e axeluslrely wbit w?? meiint for mankind i It waa
lent, and not iriren to us, uml we wero boin .1 to bund on tbeae
?rift?, not only in full, but nilli interest, to tim-? who st,uni in
the same relrttion to us us wa II tbono (ruin wbum we have ru
ceiyed tbern. So shall we deserve anti en mrtv we hope to re
? cei.e aakireef the same aratltade. fMatib iihaailii I
This is none lae les- line nuil 1'iHt beeeaee ?t ie-nore? the
iiiveiitivf f'iKi.liy in uiiiu?tthii ii, 1 iliink, iniiv l.c trusted
to r-uppiy the eilireuci.s of tin- future -or ibe cool nf
Arnerieii, u i.i? h mii-riiiticciitly-eiiduwi'd continent posse?
?es twice the Maaliiy of tin? little uland m prtptrtitn lu
,!? -i:, h ?(hi i!:t to keep the World piilifi for a few ecu
tune?, in d?failli ol' electricity or MOM etkaf rii'dii.iii
i ftiej,|iinir innrid siiper.scdiiiir it. To bu .?.ure, ciiilizaimn-?
*li'.cli, laid Lietiia*. '* ii the eeaoam* ofpotrr-r, ar.d Kn
L'lisli power i? chu!"?wnl then center in the United Btltee,
niiil. in the w-nrds of Kiu.rs"!!, " I.n,'luud, au old und ex
| haustcii Maad must be eoaaleoted, like other aaiaata, ia he
strong only ?n her chihlreii??i priipo-itioii wiieh M Ku
? jrlishman, of whatever condition, can easily entertain."
Mr. Mill'? ar?ruiiii nt ia BO fur Just as it insista that the
responsibility of the great debt ought no1 to he an'trely
eli.lied to posterity, espeeinllj in a period of compara?
tively naarrampt? f prosperity. An iii'iivnltiul inth a sub?
stantial income who not only Baglaota lo paj his past
debts, but aSMOOB addiiijr lo them, BlkiBg lo effort to
satisfy his ciciiiUirs, is n?aided in the lOflUBOB lal worlil
as an iintiioral tr.uler, an.l a? a tuan to l*f ?hiiinicd; if he
ultimati-ly lind himself in the hiuikriiptcv court he incita
with little compassion nr ?yiiiimthy lr'nin his brother
tpd'-rineu. .*? Mr. Mill poiut'd out, Oreel Biitain ex
pended in th;,. atirthless Crimean M-;ir uoif? Ihitn it ti?*r_i
ssved m the precr_ni(('islf ceiiturv; |_d al Se present
momeat it is doing next to lelbk^forttoitouetioa of the
debt which KngUahmen, in eonaoon with Uie.r stupider
aiict-ttirs, HS-iste! m creating. If the people une rciilv
jirep.ir'il to pro??de a sinking fund for ti,?- liquidation of
tins debt, the means, one vould thmk. might be ii nad In
r- doeiag it? monstroaa military uA narai unn.imeiit? and
the thousand ead oo* Ktnra?aefa s which Indite the 11
lioaal expi-nditiire. Odo willleak with mach iatenet in
Mr. Oladetoae'i Badge! far i res|Mmfo m j,,",,, stuart
Mill's pn-iruaut?ugirehtion?. Bate"toa clever' for tin
Iltiuri?* in a far kaawokfll seuso than that int?male,I to Lowe
the uti?:?- i...nable.
Apropos of bim and The Time?, we talk oft?; .??.aire
of tue Civil Rights hill over the veto of PremhM .,,,
not too wisely. A* I matter of cuumo, Mr. LoaVa araan
indulkre? in a litll.? chanicterittic lyint* mid __traagvjaaata
tion on the ?uhjett, liibiruciiuK ?t? rentier? thut the hill |_
qucition wa? a specie? of franchise m goalla fur nepritc?,
and invoking th? same snrt of hostility r^viinst it hi that
sedulously cultivated among" respectable " Brltoaa against
thu wnrking c'aiscs. Dodtoag tin- dee?rriblaa of it in ,?,.
tail, it talks windily alrout Confrsas " arroitatniK' lo Iteeif
powers which the ?uitod States Constitution doj? not (__.
fer of "authority overriding 8t*te authority," "law nulli,
fymg the State laws ' of '"a government hy militan' force,''
"of the merciful and Constitutioital th?orie? of President
Johnsou" (whom, once, it expected would reaig-n mi hc
count of inebriety and general unfitness fog his office), and
,?-?J'll(7 Uo Joubt ?"?-'cesafully bemuddling that large class
of Englishmen who think it oracular. Pnrthennore The
Timei confidently erpe^te-d thst the Rendent would ob?
tain rbe iupport of the American Meale?O few mali-mant
" Radicals ' eicopted?and pu bl lib ed thu from n? Now
York oorrespondont, lo Us yesterday s mue:
"An observer bert osonot'belp notlelrg that tbe cry bo
! cr.mei louder n-illoadcrrvrrT day-"nie Prenden! wanta tn
; f ve irarytkl__ t., Ma taaaa, and revivo th-> Uti state of
? .,.'.' -ie ii. war. Ha is going with the Cc-p,-; . ?
lint tate U a Nt* aa*st*?raas cry Ms tne I'roailent.
. ing ten.' of bli _i**xsaga ard ?? ??ebei
* mill Even New-York is cowling toward Mm
l - ring to tbst Bute told me tali
' ? gel v ?
i . ' ..- I.: ?'.Jilted at hire,, nn ! the effeel
of the taunt it scarcely les? fatal to a publie mun in America
than wa? the cry of 'Suspect in the Fr?"ich KevituliuP. The
wiiU'Twirds w hieb urged the n.i'imi on to vrar have Bet JM
i,,-t -.;.-.r ? ,"? ' . iiitl'i.t. ?. Ihe Tres leal is r? B?sp?el
bow?it is oai '?-? it aril?-, ?ad promlaes to be tkt marni
f:l det'.llsnf the Hailicisl ItratogJ to render him so."
??l'l:i-," eommentt The Star, Mii th? I ?timony of a
witu, ? President;"! irtheri pining thal Mr.
.1 ! . v reatare ti ibilit)
. ,'..- ? ,-'" ptpi . ti Um :. ?
: i ? Id i . . !
, ? . ,? thal disparagi u ? tt ol the negro
i t aa i period durii g the war, wai h
:. dillon ' l'a III
,..rs.? inmar) ao ,.<! quiteq ia! - I Umeol VV ' i i i
m Tamnan; Hull on the tubject. 1
? . ? panatly, fM**?ee ? el i itil ear?
II i ; ? . ?? ?
.i. ia th. y hat? brea going ? i In
Jan ? ..... ? i . ?
, h ii. .
:'?,i.iite'ii wir?'. N< ling d< ra ?ila
- t? ??.. thti th?1 n"|tro " nat! batt lean ii the t ot
. ?,, doubt, i!. . be laid
' ; ? ' Stef tar tui
ayard it. 'l.'i ? nilli., ty bl ; -
tdutl with
|tj ?l.... n d'- law -.., aid bat
that its I . Ij i ? ? bat thopra
An Ami tao conven
? ? ' i . ?? nui, migbi looitbedai tbt i n kit
i- irrenl now.
ThtC orla ?.'."-. i di " I forth?
1 |, ?j f. Th y .u. ' ...ii I lo
i ? | '???,.! ? ,v ii !. tal sting,
? and mi':?!.n turi';-.
]. al <??? ki N irthuml rlaud i- ._'? at at 1 it, ?
by u vi y In 0 '. ii . At 3p. 1 M
ligl t' ; ?. ? m ploy < d bad rab? ? 'I ?? ? ? I :>
Bl th? '? . '. !. Bl the I'o'v?. t! ?? ?!
away, and the great
into (ii" riter, the c irn it bring :
? !> ? - wilta book?? :
ti.e ti.o t j v rf I vessel Brit
Mr. I .tv tails ci tia s.-, i:.i, ihe teeealwbi
rai - :1. f "., from Liver]. Io the united .-' ?
Lordl'i .. I. bihitioa 11 Ntl onal H
- - i'..., and i ti"'"' . pen I . the i
? ? !' IO I ?s-Btl
t?. u-,ii. i, i ha ... beea ? eee ii
i Merri dp ti > P n. o.
l.'tO'l Pt RIM.
The Mirnshnrg Klrrtinn Uri? ni of taitiualair
? A IT iv F i a u rr? - Infcrrnira? ?'.(?.dent
Jolina? :? mill tua Vs'lora? Tlir I.? lilian I'm a
lioii - lui ^niii Batanan Pavaan-al und
Literary linns-Thr I.nsly mid Ibe li ir?r
The I.rill ?I Mlylr of l.'tiant!? Iii-un. i in
IT ?mu.
! ? ii ni u t mm is??11
1'a m A;.r : Bl IBM.
Well, ?? nn> I eaten j I i Melee aad that
? than at ez| ?
fal way afin ?d'. Ti.11 - k of the Bm II
quality ni ti., d?*fral of th? 1 W
rictorj of the Gol I ? th? 1
ter of ii i ii ? ? : whom
? . i he p. Ps
.. ?? r. Thar?ii tgaodti
I j ' ? - i ? ' - ?
1; i??-? ried by Goti
le pel ! : ? ?..
. .
Liberal i I . ; of I
;. ?I 1 v bia n rd aid lo Ile
ia M the nu I partisans ol
!.' . rf, I I ? ,
ud e country reg'ou. i
? town to ronntrr in f
a Ane]
n| ti. !. Hero, I ; I
. . '
' V\ IUi ? r remark. I
tbeaei 1
i - r ira! .?:?.!? i ?? I. ? ? >
. ' ' la J
| ' " I'
much I >.. ? ' .
m it ran fat ii
when y nt a In !
the Oo
y.-,,r- ' . .
loritv. V ile what j s offert
? ?!!?!! Cnr Iba ? of li v '
this eli i
pee il.ar I" : r '.
wt re ? ? m :'!? i. i ? ?
it ht wl.it WOB-d ??" ii, a-:v.' ! I ' - I lb?
i ni'.!, ii.ty if Paris. 1
I to voters that the ?i in at lou at band ita? u?>t IO clvvvil MM of
Di U" ?I ?:?'. i' ii . ' S i ?I 1'atli?
' Mutai.. ! the Empira, but to d ' la? ? : :i.' I'
; imr.al 1 tn] ira ino n 11 lal on! ft
o '?red the m -? bit ? ? r.?. ? . i t? ,?.
t ia i poor Pt l -
tyne, wboteprivad i ? ?? v sraaalittla
tea ink that Boat I rd
and ' '
ill ? '
roto thrown tor Laboulayi .? no1 to be tetorpi-tad
as ii. r. volul ?unary ali, :
De youl uri'!'.? ear? to know, in thii di I 1
i .ut i aws| a| s-! sn, thal the reeideBl Parla editor of Ih?
Moniteur, ? ,, dots ila New-York corrcsi ? . ? and
the c"iT( ?pon let.t tiois'iini.i nt u...u who ,!?, ? editorial!
on Aim r,' ?it afain ia thal . bli .,, r v.
?.1 Presklenl Joh) ton s ?p> i chai -;..i vetoes 1 brea M da
Uke?-st the Eagiish If 'tates awl Patt aad Hera i. I don'l
kim? Hint President Johnsons Iradi t.. /'.
//?.,;/,/-! unan Iii bando*, ian lu Bra-York worth;
__Maeek?a?.ltot hera ia ? pretty pag s fn?n une .J us
last year's iiniiil.er?, i?.ni'(l pr. s i.tlt < idr t :.. .- .t....
ol I_lii?.iu, vsln-ii IBB WBBtgltl of th?! lilil?, ?l.rill-t',:., ,1
, organ of the Kngli k Tories fiaartd thal nnnarj JattJrt
; night b? Tall th? ir An.?'to nu i ni,gin.i is. "Mi,I, wt ?vol.II
lam BOM, f? r tim sake ni our ooiami D lu" ?'.ity [?thetTTt
, that th? Brat tmimrmy mt ?nligktoned Eoghsh flriatoeratie
, huinimi'y baa _*t_i_g la ?onaioii with toi inar-i-r, ?ol?
i oreti varieties) ?for oat coiuiuou kiuiliisl, tliut UM A mci i -
I ('till people in li aliow it-e.l in this er li, al hoar, moi, jin I,
iii're i/i'i.i ions and moro s.israt lons than Uta i
Umekgmar? whom, ufiei theCaahiuB ,,l mi Igsoraal ai..
ciiii tube, II bus lin mu for ila ruler. ' It is tins ?,,rt if
rl.etoriciii's who ?ne u.'? b*_*? pal Lae arlUiaal petehaa
of iiii[)?Tiai para?t aad aaatai ea Ibe ?iaaaeenwle coat ?,f
our luilor l'r? ?idciit.
'J In- nar qui ?iiiiii ia still the question, u.itaie I ?nil au
iteting, thit week ee leet, ead tlwaye taawtad. 1 entl
?till in? I u?- ta taevae it m tat aeaatira lint ao eae
mau s oj'?linni, your eonatpo-xtaBl'?lan that anathtr't.
BhOuld liav? mu? li viii^'lit. Duli, 1 ?bo'ild ruv, thal I fol?
low in Uria toaae f, ?? rain, intelligi at JudgnraM "f abler
m-'ii, wkoaa eeleuMM is not lan ted nor lat-Uimaea dark
taei bv ?ni geged m ter? st s of thais neelwfi or ,,f th, ir raa?
it/, la Mag "wil! iiit'onneil. ' Iliplnliiatii- bo.liea und
speculator? at the BoaiM ure in !ii|r!i "canaries," at Mrs.
Oniekly would ?xfelBM it. A (.'lain-, nul? ed, nt tin' dall/
tai.lea of quotations on tim Pana Bxehaage pab_?hed m
j all UM evimug papcri, will indi? ate the eaiuetl and tho
l utterly ini-ettleil bobbery of public beling aud Opinion
I better than ant tiling I can write deacripUri !y. Coaiftfa?
! imunii had taiatairad article ?ta Ita Erst p?g? aftwdari
maa, Um object of ? Indi eeeeaed ki ha to ratal UM pHMial
j apprehension, lint it waa so ladtlnllt ead ?liinly orat tin
j us to Itavo the pennvo r? ad? r in much tin- M_M s!u!e of
doubt in windi it found linn. Still 1 rallier r'iics?, d ?pit,
Herr Itismark h able stalcsiiiuuslnp, (but au ?bail not have
war this Sumiller. It woubl be a long story, und |>crhupa
hardly worth tne tilling, to lay out all tho reasons 011 which
Lil- gill'?? i? ba '(''I.
'1 but on?? mau by his re? k1? ssnes? and obstinucy and
force of will over ii stupid Hag MB so set all the Ear,,pen
world in turiuoil?and i ron gain with noM historically
educated intelligent men the quality of "alni' statesman "
-?-is a wdfiilly conileitiuatory coinineiit on the constitu?
tion of Europo and its ktlaanag powers.
t'uite natsBnot, Bnaat???, n say ii. red lenawlel that
I bave yet Inul the mislnrtiine to rend, tr? utiiii? of HistiiHik
lind the i|i?c?tioll of the iliiv, la the brief chapter of " elo
L'ant ettracts' which I traiifl.ttc Ifoin yee?erda) ? ntim
Ler of Lu ?alert..
" Wini trtart to think of Pru?na? tht Afa?*?'The day will
come winn the world will know that Prussia li rttr] where
the protector of the right.' ?? ?Fred. Willlan IV. of Prussia
" las? tmm.
? Chris:i m IX. [of Denmark) i? the only legitimate iov
eioig? ?vi ,L? iTSt'ne.t "?lilla.nark r ?|efvb lu Cba-ubcr of
DiT*,'.!??. lits?. T??o??oer, Ii-??, "
''('!.rieliini IX never kadBBl right nvrr Ihe PuOhie?. '? |Bla
i mink'? d spaleh of i'Til Mai, I ??tri j l'lliaallin IT. inpnlil.liar.i s
I on London C. uferen, ??? i.Th nay, ?ailie raff
"The !.,re,lltary Prtee? af Aagaatsakarglst-I prinMwke
unite- m hu isruiii th? best eluni ? to the saatBMiN m the
i Dm hi. a"?| I'rinsiaii Plealpt lealiar?. I :ti Muy, in.i.
? Ihe Qraad Dakt ?>f Ul'leiiiiur? bas, perhaps, the heit
? rii'ht?.'??Ciicular af July. Ir'.l.
"Tkt Blag Chriitiati hail, ii nut mrrn Uni righi?, st least
1 rights of |ii>?ki-ssioii."? |lli?(iatcbea to Austr.u .Non ?Der und
Decemoer, IS6X. -
" Triunia it -e:f lins. |ierti?ips, rifhts oo the Duchlet
(founded on titles dating from tim Ittk centurt.. ? lliiaitntch
of 11,'ieinber Iii, ICtel.
"liverythlugon the ,iu"iii,iti of th* Duchies will remain in
obscurity till the Syndics of the Cru?n hare given their
opinion 11 a (i'.veriiiiiMtii will nut deciilu until it ha? hcaiil
the exprei.inii of their view?."?[Throne Sp'ech to the Prui
sian Chambers, Jsnuary, M?k
" Prussia bus rights of mu '-re:.: ty mer the Duihlei. '?
il'niisiai, I'Jeuipdteuliary at the Federal Diet Hellion of April
fl. I-?.f..
? hriiliaa IX. wa?, up to th? pene* of Vienna, the lol? le
sfitminte hi.verei.ti of tin- ltuihl?'? i'ruieiu and An.tria hat?,
now ?ciitiired ?II bli rights.'?|M?temeut ti War Kipen.e?
prrsinted to 1'ruaslan Clmiiib? ra May 13, 1H?5.
1<? cbaiii'c tbe subject. The ('(iii.' of Moiitelaml sjji is
making his final pr.'p.iratiousfor his mi age to aud through
tbe (Taltai *ttnt. a.
Harniim'a "Universal History of lluiiibugs' i? triu.t
lated, and bas faite ajntifil little suciess litre.
Th? manager?)! tbe Italian opera ha? disci,vero?! ufrinalo
tenor in tbe person and vocal organs of one Miss Mi Ila, an
Italian vouug lady, who i? pu ?emly to appei.r on the
boards of /??? it,,,,,,,, m the ?d/? of aomebody m aome
H-ihg?a male body at any rate.
'ITi-s Sultan of Turkey ha? at last been coated, bullied,
or lui'Higi lilly i??!siia(i?d late ?mug a regular i BBI 1er lo
?that i?, sanctioning by a ? lean InaaB __<*,. isthmus <.f
Boes Can I Compeajr. li is freut pit* trm, c.,. .?..voted,
intelligent. ]<:> n rino, inspiring b? ,.',. ,,.- ._?,, .... t*--?.-*-- -.,
M. u-,fin le a ps, could ? | over to our si le to
'barn '?"t ra lr? al act I *,,,,?, tomael
Bowles ??" rf queal ? lay- li?*' ._ ?_, .. , ? f.
T< nr rea ' m may >* collect, in a ? ? ? tara of
Victor Hugjo'l ?"".*,,?,.. ,;, ',, Iftr, p?utad fruin wy
MS. in Till Titi Wjm? a month siro, the mention uiml"
ti era ?f Ike eooo i? i,.r i?. tw,.,.:, tke be roof tke aerel and
iiiievil r,railevi>.(jr_, [t kn been to French reader? tke
*.:-. -t otic t.V',*1,?.g,,f?c iu the* book, and of the two parties
to th" aambei tin? darU-dafa ha? become, not Ike aseel ad
mirei eefftoaly. im jaita ike BMto atotarloaa. Tka
Preach b/_m of tbia r-oastroui oephitopi <! leftoiar?.
t. I t.ii.'e :i..iiki-'rou-. ilriiwiniT-t of him, ltr_"iy ?Ir.iwri from
. ..tiui! rather than fron aae*water origiaale, i
m ti-.. ; rrat.-'l papers, '!"' id ? 'r''r-.v
WV hat t holt] I put him, in a ?y. i
?/?v, : ol offices when
to catch and Meed tk? penstv* pa I >?? Pteurn
ii distinctive clase neme of that poi*_o_oftke
i .' t**a. ,f ?!? te, by the way??a-it might
bara kara a fortoaai kamble aad better
11 s - ' i sad ' ' )'M,r
i mie l i:? m.'ii .1 rivalry thal dod can tell by the eye to
,!,.' h ?phore ' i s n ietr s spt : iu sa ? I
- by .1 droll act :.!,mi t!. i therday She aasridii g
[m?>I driving, mr little ne? e, if roo pleaee lb
t. ktr was drina*] iu nu opea carriage, with a very small
? i ? ? . d n i naatity of ornam? ntal s iuul?ted
vegetable growth on t.- I. o': the street wa*erowded?
?- the f liol. . Ufa appetite
pio'.oktd hy the foi** sopear?acea. Mi iel d forward a
,"l. | ? ? ihriekefrom I
mor* or lea* I rt . ? . t.- , attentioa,and
then"ehi ??...-. '.?fun-" from the hi ?? * throng of
- I. uri __, _< u t 1.1 the reviled bi
bit off all tto back of ti '.- i?of aairaa?dtaMa_s
oi Um lady.
I vt. ;l,r, if I ciii.il i.t.d dir-'l. -' iv tor" IO '
--. i-e image oi I el ?i ra ai .1 Buhl
ti o last ' ? hi ti i"1- v _ ?. I: ii .
i of i -
ti.c little <t ' loras "f tkiagB" la their kind that)
ever al >? ?- i womal s fuir face in d*sa eof. I'll try
fi i otu r, and for oi v trii ty. P
II t gift to man ol
.lo. - ? "t so much al ap| roach, I is ?bade ord
?cover. I in
of those eot ra ti oae of thoaal aski-? ?aeb tt ?
l-l I, ? V. ,- Ml .1 !.. , | le.? : , .
.? ui ?. :,' iir., ol a me six utchee or so di I?
: - '
?: lea ? : : .' ? the top of the
:. rr. ila h? a I, li thi ni ertain o? itry i ted betwi en
hi r .[ ' st Wy ' w.') :'; :.t and u ? i. i
bock-hair tettlemeat?. What s tka tyla, aad tke
til 1 !.-, aii'l the Ibises i
la rating!;
i r i... i". i si d ti.". ??? ? ii -i - ; ?? ??! ? ?
A * Itui < n ? d Public Works, oi
1 o iei, I n m] r u the I lo* *: li the begi : iiiir, of
I?! I, there ware resident in institutions un.1er 0
n n.' tuj '? ? v.-.oi. :i 1,1 IB . Is. of whom
Li :? ni tie, i id B ? " tit?, I tia
docs not inclnda thi infoi ?a te I teas treated ia t lui r
homet, ' nala to aim I i
no m. In I* I, ol' o population of f '? I ','?
II wi mc. 1 be ? rup? rtion of mi a
i of I ti* ' le, i
mental aire m ra ? a I . mi hi i
lima, his wortl that 1 ; km
anden rfuUy 1 tbo i ? telwI :
? ?. A
tbe provoking ci ? the rep? ghi ra that in ?"ram
- * - * ? d ral g on, ' I "ti. taken bat? . , ? i
iretkeekiel. _
cil? NBWflb
Um n i' .mill Bteam Navigation Company'i fino
1 ? ? ? ?? May 3, tot ].,
I Qaeai
. iClTt DlBBCTOBT.??Thia :?:.'!"..ii i- BOW in
. -i i.i.ii.-r ii ? ia) an lean ti -Mr li. \v.
toa, sad as li Hy aj na the b
: - i1 ? , ??:?.': ? . * lot? of
vksa ealled asea i" foi I - ? Waaaaatlee
j.r.in ptly ead cleaily TI * l';n . lory is a work in which we
? !???-' i -ii.i uni in rem
Bol i s Ri i ? Thi i ?? -? ?. iiarkoti bl
ia apaato lara I * with a falsag ad in the re
-..'..'. I :. ! I j i ? 1 . I a ? .* r
!?? ia taj people an
... . -, that for s
fieri trat of May I ? i eel t'
s?ll BSI I SOttl ' Ita I
.'.. I") ..| -I tn 'li, B'.'l Bf
bal hit li ? .
i ?..bl daring the reek, sad tk ->? sr? doini
'i ; . i wert
i i .
H'*S te < ' ? m Cn rly, aeeiaf ra . died of
. : Ike? ni r...,i.(' . n .iy .a I..'. . advene*,
... ?arti .- tau fi.. h Maa*.
T?'n-?!' t*,- \ 1 hw lint g_s- I'abt op inn Stolen
m /i ti orea i ktaat rt] i' ron Tu ?dag aaralag
J i Vena, itildlag at Ra, BM TseaVera, aaeassj h i t
Bridget a to ? i ' 1031 Cherry-a?, meea h
. bo ra s? " nilli ? ? li ni. ' *nd aa i * har rcora
? - ?? : . .- ?.-,.. nu
?ak-iir?. a. m e hoar?after, be found lb? tvo'i, t Ireed)
? k ',-:?.. ia tbe roam. Onesamiaiag i ?
?? ? ?? g . ?,. .i. : t ?,, ind n at
Pi i?>. m i r? -?tv Notes hui I ? . tolen from one el tas i eel
I. ..? bis beek t-t tb" ii", r, Nevin it.in
if (be theft ito demanded the retara of thi ...??. i lina;
I that U.ey were caught, I . led to kia ?1
declaring. Ibal wai ?li aba b.tJ m her paaa ilon
? li- .'ii ref.inl to till, 'tr th'm to di pint.
; a: I .le- i'.t'-l lbs! Iks baleare t? tu? ?toi. n
, mo, *t itoeM le real red |o kia tFklk s i sag imd Sdwsrd
' Flaaegaa barai op? s Hat door el the i sa ?i i oraered Beti?
t.- .ii j * t .e ?*..-!.... to .?nt The ???),..m. ii.ii ran foam the
ream v. ?m at m m katuaad late tto ?tr ??j, ead proeerlna
tb.- tars ian uf ?nil. r Uatta of tbe Foartk Preeiaet, ?aaer d
ti t .m -t..: i ' vu. ,ei- Mm! FiBBsgaa on Ile nhargi af tai
Btay. A ti.'.r -.--. teareh of I ?rt . ? no ti are of tbe
reaniader of the stolea meaty Hobaaqa stly Jastlee Boma
.i ii t:..-.i ci-..i tollu Tomas for arlat ABoawa
Battre el Iralaad aftoMy**r* Bridaat Is a attire al Bag?
In ,il, seed '.'' ye ir?. lb.In ine li it iles of tim hume tv in- tb?
rebtory oeaarred. Fiai i-.m ?? i-." IX)yean, a aetire ef this
iiij. mili it ?id i nt Nu :rj Meara* si.
aUsaUafllO l"it PABBDN ?Ol'STKRIKIT Mo.ViiY.-Oll
Jinn.lil) lo(;!.t lliclnird Abtut! tia. ?rreatfil |,y (MUM Hollo -
w?j of the Kiks-.ith I'reeiiiit for Iinriui* paeeed at the store cf
Mr. Niiboli? It.'i.i.t'tt of Nu. ule Hi.ii.--?*., a eniiuterft'it
twenty on the First Nstienal liai k of Portland, ?'nun. Mr.
\\ t . i ititi Hiilmee uf Nu. tal Can*! tt. stntea ti.at tim prisoner
bJm passed eae ti tto eeaaterfeiti at hu More ladefoaltof
I,.?ol'.i.i mi?.li casa .liistite i?'i!?-e c.mi.nitl.-,1 ti.e jil i-..'.. r '
furtnul Ile is ?k*"?l ali'.nt ?0 years mid nf gund addr.-??. I
Kui.?rd Karara?* aae enaatad by 0?l*ar Qnlaa of tbe Eifhtb i
1 Pr* im t sa t'11 oLiploint of Desala Bog ia of No. MS Oaaal ]
IA, wto ckargee the grtsener with gaaslag upon hitn oas ef
th? ?lore c tinterfi-ll?. Ia d?finit ti 01,300 Ball tin? pi isolier
Waa coiiinntieil foi timl by Justice Do. Iga, Ile,? a native uf
'L.i tit?, n.eil S-Jyeiiri ui <1 a iiincliiii'it.
HonnHi) OM tub SirtKBT.?Whilo Frain in Laurent,
letBf '"!' mt "? **' ?s'? 17 ?eaO st., tt u on Lis way home, oarly
on IBasday morning, at the corner of Ur.iiul und Woo.ter-it?. j
he wa? Mteikcil by William Worral, n colored man, knocked
tl.iwn, ai .1 rektod ni s ?ilvrr watch y.ilu d at $30, ? it It Whiel
he ttt'cuipt?.! to eacap?. Wlnle ne.iitii? a I't-iii-e, he Wns c.ui.'tit
by 00?m r Crittenden, of laeBigbta I'mcinct, und ttosttrles
walch writ leim,I iu s vam mar by. The prisoner vu yen
l.ril.y't.'. leiit-.-d for trial, by Jn?titc Hodge, 'lbo watch wa?
re?iur?d tu tbe uwuer.
I Ann .o no -ntl |
( try. Ilurir? Mann, I. fi Neal, S.ui Slhk. Plain, t-t,-., in ?II, twenty
ii iiilratinni. with Klhnolery, PhrvBobigy, Phyilm ,,y, I'bynognoniy,
I'.j.ln ,,y .iel ntlier Ind r?.tii.| inittrra, lu May No. l'lctorial
rMMBBototiiCAX, JettBBAL, io croll, or a year fur |2.
Koa lib A Wmtm?, Na. M Broadway, N. Y.
Can'tAkkoudtoiii-: WiTnorrOwK.?"The Machino
you lolil na a rear >?o (iri-a entire Mtlafaction, Hain; a family le
in*pai? for ? Uoij it * *"y?l?i we ha?? had ?ii ojipurtuiiity to tait it
th, in.ii,ty ami li ?moir we tail it the better we like ii. My wife
Hfl il'* inn?I take oae with iii to In.ho. mil if I tell her we , ann t
? fl. til It. ih* replie?. IS e raauot ?Nord lo be wlthoit une.
"It?v. I.? Bl'BL butru. Mi--.m .ry ef Ibe .Mahratta Minion, A.
B. C F M. '"
Milan uhio, March i, \M?.
?oBB-M! Robber?'?Tin* OtntJtot (lu* BvwiAl
AitikM ui.iLkiri wbi. h nrot.-rt- l-.v i i. v ato wnl.nut ataatag?
tara w n I.'* ??, d .?..nr uf ih? beutr ia i.u.uyeJ lo Nu IM iii. nlu, y.
opp.site t |y Hall. k1. lloLM?i.
C. R. BBftAltWT. M. I>- ha? arriveil at his olTio?*,
N.,. 67:? ntesdltil. N. V . whei? be ran be MMBaa?I fie? on all .iii
?????> ftii, taaat, tkawat, < aurrli and Caaa.aOaa, the hist lo
daysef '-?eh au.l e?t ry iinoullI, fmni lil lu S atoSSaa Ile can dtUct
jual d.leoii- at uni?.
llfXlARDI'H'? (iAI.ftERT.
Wi.vn?B',VN, Tailor A Hrowv ui PWaBahgto,
kia? MisiAvcar.a.
.le? its-..un na al HogABltl'H LALL* uf. No. 363 Broadway.
I'tiipli' that MOO on tin* 1st of Mac, BBM |)cnpl?>
' tbnt d.- not mote ihotibl Baa K?\T? Ht-r India loi'it?, win I
ia aald I.? nil ?irucer? at 98 estait p*r lb. Wholcinle depot. No.
lu Keid.-it. _
A Haiivari? (?rsduatk still tit Stndonts at N\?w
Y.rk l..r I .ile,?. AH.lo..11 M Otu. ( ambrl !?e Mmi. H*f?r?n
cea Hi I!? luw., New Voik | Or. Hill l?r. I'eibudy, laut'oiidi*
tlAMBAi.tn Suits, fob Huts?The most elegant
ev*r l.e.'i.r, ?*i i. lu C1, l a mm ti j L*di?i ?al and marte t th. u,
hkuBAW lil'OTM a?
Nu ?VI l.af.yei?? plate ami Nu ... ?uuith ave.
A Waald.ke Palaaarr Tried, t onvirird aad
Toai.BTo ('. W.. Tnesilay, May 1. IftS.
Dr. fJu-Uff. late of New-York City, ?ho attempted to
pou-?... h mili 'an ed McKlnnon here, several mouth? ago,
was t mil T'.tenl.iy, foi, ml ?nilly and s* utene* ' to ?fteeu
v an liai rai ia the i !?? aafaHj.
The Prosideat Opposed to tiic t?at
A Majority, of the Ca_.i_.et Sustain Him.
Sr?vcial Di?r?t'h to The N V. Ttiolb*.
vVa_iiim..?n Xeeedee iiuv ;
The (."ahmet spent BMM bourn to-day in a ???sion, the
giaatCTpafl ?,t' vkieh aeeepaal Indi* .
eeaati .'?'.(' ?a nita e*e a | ile Beiretertei Bl ia aad
Maatoa 11 it.
To 'sha A? te o-Uil Pre...
Wssnisotov Tatala* Mil 1 IBM
It ?i ? ! ? ! '"-?it in the t.'..! nat in.', '
Pfft -:t'.' ':' .'. le I TT ''"I ItMUOB tt I p '
et li,- irtu ??..(- ttt\ ' aUag ti..- :?"! > >.
M ? <j y : i.- :!i i'..' ?;? .. iBl-'Oeaiaaittei s'.- :
-trtis it. ?. .
A :.' f-'nur and it'.iii.rt'ol dht M 'n bave
' in ahieh, if tharaaeM le t? .> - Stwerd
dechrtd h?aeelf ia Mrjda IdV ! ?? i MBphatte h
? i," plaaof UM OaeBflrittae? ead in ?torof tht
iiiiin?.','. ate ..''..?. - ?on if loyal leiaBeeateUtea Dreaa the
lately K -b? iii,? ii Stafe?. Beentary MeCefloeh w.ts na
. .-?.'cr tury af S BM in bis oj p,.?itioti to the
I lan r. aomn ada i by it... Coaaaaittee, r.:. I et|roi * d hin?
- troagty intoter efaa keuaediela a m i i mtion of
tho l*r. ? d nt'e ti 4tora'i,,n policy ty the admi ?ion int<>
Congr? i ti t'ro'ii the Boathera Bkatet? eacre?
taryfl ".natty dteided LahteoppoalUoata-M
t ? ? propoeitioai ht w_h f??r adhering to the
[ oiicy wbis'ti had beta egratd upon and eonsieteotly par?
sued by the A l .i.ti.-'r.r.io?ii ead he au iratifli >i thal the
It. id..? i_c1 blBBf-l UM llllljlll 10 11 'mn of
( laei
leeaetery WtDee wai aaeaaifeeBQ" eaaiaal Um Com
i whs aaneM la hil wppi rt of tho
. . on prahi adii ? thi I I .-"t-ion
i- M C' ? ? n of loyal wrtweeatat?Tei of t! ?? Bietet lately
m rat Ukin. 8 i bj Badi n aai ratlkM reticent, and
dnooplnioa. P?Mt_nater?4_?_er?l I? ;.. wa wa?
in favor of eerrytaf eat ti.e rtMtareUoa pel ley of th?
Pi nt,hatazpreattd eeeaa lo i ti the ir??i-?
time el which I rel repteeeateUrM tam Um s?'iit_cr_
? i .'.i l.i.i".. ,1 !?.-? ..*? i. ('i.:,i:r, ?.'. Attune" -
... -- ed wM not praeeet et the n el - igoae
rieU tn i..s inila?' in Keataehy. The President was
? in I >] poeition to the report ei I
lill"-", t-d ?? '. sfi ti Liiiivlf BfB-B-l ?11 s ! ?
I toi -il i, i., -, t.. - f-oni
? in tbo ihtptol aiiKT.'i.i.i ' te vt.e
c ? 'n'ion, or by I of le wa ii- __ttett_al
: g| '. n ..'1 !? 'b ; ..'. 1 of its
? n the S' :..t'c, i.iid Uni ft eaton ead Beare
?. ad to I - - ; ? i ' Ita
i. is pr?ter ad bylaw aad the Conititution. Bt
. . eroaee to the Co__tito_on aa it ia, aad
? r ?t during
a terni le wbellioB, lu iheaghl thal Ihi l
berttl i reeorl ta :i:ii> iiiiin ;.t-. Ho r?niatkod,
it if th?' or;-" knie ] .:...??'.
a' al!, it ihoel i be at ?i tune win n all the m??'? ? u d nil tho
?,. ? !? te la the alttral
Arrrsl of Urn ty ?'. IVhrrler- A *t_| ? o?rd Bl.
lalcitlion ?f S "(ilH'l IO.
it >? ???, rat?. di ??'. h?kj i IIB.
(?n 'V ' ' ii Deputy ?'.? : if I1
". i a." . ?', II.-my ('. VVliei ier it N'-W-Yoik
i ? i'.mu r Asia, j -?t m _he vee about
'? I, Bl '? r Itie 'ollovv.Ii?* ( .rctlll.?'.,!:. .'?:
Mr. M .." 1er i? Presid? at of the Brant? ?k tnd V ? rid?
Kasirottl, und is also -nnne?ctt?d v. nli the project of tbe
ti . l',k" ? Ih nk H \lti I'd Con rl on
B .? '? :::. I ". ' ?? ? laiu :... ' Wl I ? i
! ?? r '? d I < ? '- to I
t to t m '? ? ?? ' . .ii.il. The
rril ? . ! .? th? Supreme Judielal Conti, befara
?? ? ?- ?ni? t iki ?,. ?.i.d ?u default of Ihr?
: ? i . I i t' ?J.n.i 00 , fbr his future la
ted is) j.,,1. It .a i roba] It bt will
I ??, : , .t : . ? ? ? ..?? .-iii.-. bm ' '(?art at an tarty day on a
I d ..." ' ait w.,1 ! I rr?! ii,: to en
ui.'ic !.Ui . ? -a...a-.
Csrrego 1 Tin al Dpia.
t mt,... Tax siaj M..?
T : ?? ? i ???' c nal is te good navigable ?-oncition, and
t - fr ?? y.
Tke C?talas M Wa Demil? Yi?tt rd.-t.
Tb?' (rjQotring ia Um taaati of tha I>? i>nty Health
O'lcer I :
"Ifo-riTAt Barr I'm, ? Al rd , IBB*.
? I ann, /'-":..'i?,i ijmr4ii,iii Cairn
"lirra* ni .? | mt of aili..BStaM !?? He hospital
?lip, Ac, : t .i ?
i ? ?an I brae, as follow? Jan pi Wlakaa
William Marri-, live year?, and Mar
? ' ir?.
?Ti- atha. The nuntler of pat.euts remaining
u t ?pltalli K11.
I? I!. Hwsnx. I>cpnty Ilealth Officer."
Tn rtM-i'iic A?'s>xt knott, liiulin^.' it? (?.nirters,
nu ttta : t ' tii'.u ut*. and ScT.'nteeiiih st., iE??le?jaate
to ti?? dee lad ia! IM latraaai-B number?, this aiioc;atiou rt?
eui ii y.'-t"!.! iy to tie ?luieuius nianiiiin recently ocenried
by ?).- (?ru, un Ilka uorth'C.'t?.t corner of Biftkama. ?ml
Tai " i ; i ii, irnihli Baa property ?ith a frontaire
? mi tkt creal highway uf fsshnm smU.verlook
-,i: ih on tim ?iiiitli. lirouml will Le hmken on
t ,'v 11 sorti t ?f tea praaatty at oatt tar tkt ttatttaa eft
I irs*e '. ii.I iii,'. aU'eri^ir, with thejuicaent bouie. am?.le room
fat t . . i .'? mt
Tia I' '.ti.', sa ni Dime impllci. Is not dCTiileit to t?e inter
eat? m nui pt in ti j trty. or t?> person* of any ipecial uro
Itastaa ? i ? iiliiit-, let i? I'uuipo.etl of the ts.?t repreientattrea
af all sim...- ?f polltloal opininu and of nearly a'l the profei
?Ma?. tea pi re.,u:-ile to an elcetlini to meniberelnp lieinsj in
rariabl] i od bhcb) and social Maat?ag. it will bave?
library f ttaadard works Hies of ilsily and weekly paper?
and i' ri. ..ii'iil-, with tee usual BffUnMM of physical rec
reatl in ia a ? '1 erderad (Tuh.
VS I,lie re |ir??eiit ixtortiunatrfratrs prevail at|the publie
re?tuiir,ii ta It? Batt t.c hrenkfasi ?nil dining sa!,ions sre not
tn he ri'-inlcil na an nnimportaiit feature. In the new
I run la ? ' ? i ? (Will ' ? lat-geal parlors, ????ma for reiulinir, con
rersatioB ax let reise kalka a tabla d'ltVto aad aB kketW?t
able u ii -era'? of a icitnurant coinblned ?iib the <? u??r com
tart ?ml "X> l.i.ivi'iii i? of a pr?valo resilience all provided at
a? t?. ii coat Cor i mbtra. it M intended, wt an nitatns?L te
re ..i. oaahaadrad ?ddlttaaal awktra, tie new premises
l)iTii,f deaattd ('tit ri'iv _ilei|iiate to the increased Lum1er.
I'naaragrr? Arrivrd.
FKOVI SAVANNAH-In MsSB-B?S S.n Selvailer-C li (ts.m
brilkin a. ! ii, Mn VV inter ?nd lWO ,llil.lr.ii. M,at ( I r.an.an.
'IT.,.. iBg.lii Mo. W.ii.-i:, Mr.. It. Rugglea Ml-. Uah. T 'ti.. Hen
Ii. ?r, J. A Pri an, lu,!y and chi'dtrn, deo. (ieu.eiiilrii al.'I lady, N. I".
Isdyand srrvi L Mr- II. t tarnet, Ml.? It. V. Il.ahe, Mr..
p i :, al l*oi Mr. Al.by Mriilirr. Mu. iisi'iri' Mi. K. J
Patte?, Vi.? K. J P.Pt-ii M .. A. M Winter Misa VV ii.lrr, Mr.. A.
M, hu.i" -y. M:.-> St.s.it. ji.uii (1. Wiutsr la.ly. 3 eli idirn ?nd irr
??ii!. I. Ai i-t ?nj '...ly Mr. (Jihirt end nrvant, Mr. t leoirnt,
,i ter ead o r Mi. is? liai? ead lae iMUisa Hsaij I siibuII.
Kitilr... k killer. Join (?uyVe. B. T tiuylee, L. ('. VV?rr?is, M.
i'trsw. K. Iiuve kal wifu, J. Kuoi. Mr. Winter, C. Paralna.t, I'. _
Ila!,, i'. ('. .-, ! ne? !. r. N. Hamilluii M K Kualer, J VV'r.i it, f. s
Mci sll J ?. Mel .11. liai.- l'.tt. u Thrulure Brown. B. l'.k.r tV,
II lui ???'. ?'- K. Hsiaaia?, (narie? Bpaslcbt, Kml .Via Kiaka. A
Kv.r. I V. Willi, vv. II. Baa?, J.l.n McKn.ua. T P K. I.in.oi),
K BpaoUliaj *. J. Ly??. Jefc? ( Bretti Jua. pit _.lrri,liei Jam?, r.
Ahlri I . J "lui Kaniiiiu. S. T King. A H. John.on, E. Hu.h.rd. Wak
Hflly, M. ('. Noys?, I. Wl k n.ly. J?,ii.? Miilligan. J P David.on,
(' T. M r.'iii. V,'i?. S. li, ve. Vim. Awciford, II. VV Ps*_?, U.K.
I'ee-e, .V. Wai li.-;. A. Krlrdruhcr ', E. ('. A.M.ty. (len Jala,?? A.
II?.'!, TI, lim WT,,. .r T II K.aa-ly. Mklurl _?ly. K. J Lan noi-e,
C. WT ...i?y Catt. I 0. Hallet, Lieut. J Addi.?u tcrwin, and 38 io
the itrclttg?..
I.aieal Skip Newa.
fftecn-'hip ?to.i'Ti Amelle?. To kh-pauith. Rio Ja.?ir. tatt I Palii? .
"ti. Permute ?' lltb, l'a,a IRth. and St TT.uii ... tttk ?iii, II..1..' ,
?a.? .'?? rnrlu k lo.
Brig Mara?lb* (?X Ni??..,, N. P ), BabessaB, lar.ei.a. ? day.,
with niau le ?"??, VV . Wood li Sen.
Seh, H,??(??! ?nd Sarah (?Igliter), Kimba!!, from ?lui Imperitrlfe i
r? it lea| Betwk
Behr. T?!rgr*ph VVesTer, Vortunr Bav, li ?lay?, with I..rriu.? to
I) H PrVViil V (?.
S iii Uir.deu, Ca.ey, r.t.boro, N. IL, w iib ?,.n I? Si.cw a Isa n
? ? ?
Vie I*, BlUHng Virginia.
a 'r. V.U." i i .t bj, Vi.'iiaa
Bel ii kN.R i . a. VVri|l.t Virginia.
. nula, Il ii?. Vir,ii,l?.
Ickr. li .. Wl I. I, .., i, ? M.ry'aiul.
?aai.a ni ? ii__aa??aas?Baaaarsasa-aaaaa?Baa?a. aaan. aei?a?a
/KI IO THOMAS B. A(iNK\V"s, Not, *60 tnd
\M Marali , : -? rmet at tJaTttf, ti,. tima fttlM 8.,^
rsil t r.tTfeg, fi.li, Viuar. i..r;*i*7\cning rise rhrlr?! tlian any ?lure in
?tlftr. ail nue.'t. l!,.l li'fa'.hr tl,lou?h ti til ?km. lim ?nil drfeUM
agaiu.l ( UBItI N 'TII.4. Suhl by l>iui?iata evrrywbrr?.
ii tllltlH I. CHAPMAN, I .'?ten.
? ut ut tt.e nt) uko your i wa oira.ur* and .end lu
K. A. ItllOOKS, Agt.
In".airr BBd Mam.fa, tun r of
'." 57.1 P.KOAUWAY. NKVVVilltK
rir?' Pl.e? BM f?"t '?nan ? pi?ce ?f |.?|>er and trara-l
tl,?uuTin. .if .?me ??Uti a priiii: whirii will gir? thrl
i.iirth ?i,J aprra.l of Ihr I ?a, ?a aluwn ,u ?gure A.
,-eriiiul. Maka ti.e fu.luwiug ii????iir?u.eiit?, iel
ililli-. ?> ii li.?, 'lull. Wit llsji? uiea.llll' a? .li"W11 lui
blur? //, vu
l.-The Bill of lb? f.. t.
i?I h* L?.?* lu.tep
3? Ti,* High t,.t.s.
I -Tke HreL
^ ?T-? Ankle
I -Tuet.If.
THIS 1101 IB II sit- l.tRilr'vT IN Till: OTV, AMI' WA?
MXai i.iihpi? IM no. J
_? ? -_'
Upholstery and House-fnruishing Gccd*:,
>.?>. 6M HKOoVUWAY, N. Y.
wlUbei ? . QUALITY. Bl I mai,*.i I. .:
I of .'.'r. I ??Iii.i.V. lal? willi
t '
. ? ?' -',-*N Ii\"S?K? ' '
INKS I ATI MS SILK TI KRYM. I. ? .? ' ?. BATI ? I'M. \'- ' ?
.. a I
...... ? ? ? ' t . l'A?:
1 Hil', li 'J ?v II.U?. LIM -? I ' '
rou 'i. :i ? .?) t
t'L'B'l'Al! ?. i .' . ' -s I '-i . ','- ? . -
I ,, ,.-:-.I- ?. ' K1 -' li. Ek'tiLI.? ? ?
, UUO ind ?' Lrul* iiil.MJl. OIMP." V
? -I.-.
trill *ro, ? t ,*? ? '
. ? .-,-:.'. ,1 .TI I? A a
NlrTTI.VUUAM ? treat ?srirly atel new ?Vallee. s'.\ i
KtvrriNOHAMtl -. i.i. oil LACE*, ?i 'if H LBSO A
nude to c: o, r u _M ' ' -tv]-..
ss i.ir.: ?Vlf and OBXCB ROLLABM, ?ji.i.i? i OBI
and l'AlNIl.!' io .-eat viri?ty ai -I E ? iant Heil.'.-, I ,i
hand mi to (MUM I
will ?a?li rt . i
M oil II I. >i ? -. -ii' ril INOB, PIM ' ?
ar?i m .till I r. SB, TAB Le. KAM - .-, DAMABK I ? I
(all ? ?. i. :? IPKINI, IM'YLIU? lill K. DIAFJ
rlBTTBS. PLA . -
M AUSKI I I I- ..* I It 'If TT l*?--l.T*\ < O' NTI'i
tbU market. Aim, the beat tn?keieri)i>.\l ? CCOTT-JIS
Hil.?, III K?, t A1STO* FtAk ?
PsriienJar bBsi Bl I paid te I ? ? > H
Maitritl? ter CAB BUILDEB8.CABB
I'. IIS ,ucb oiMOQIKl US r iii.'.( ?1 ? J tiKlillA..' i'l.
V,-.. S..-.
A larne ?iiortmetit of MOSUflTO BETI, MARS ind LAI
ri'IJill.STIOIvT.HS AND~t HvlilKK DEI ' -
?re inrited to exainlu? rio ?*?, r? ?r ck which will be i u t ?
y. ribo; lotto -? any o:titi ltco.c In ti ? I ..|.
Iliying been fer the lait U rear? aaoMi Had wtth the geta? I'e.
?i Derart).rtlntbew?! knewi '. ? ? f
! ? said :. i|, ti .::?? li . ? : thal
eateredb i eat wlifc Mr. I. B. Wtlrarea, Be. a ?
?rag ?nil tv i.i b* gMMwd tu w?-t Lprru ti *,,
_ J. r. FI8HI. :?
INVlii"!! ?.TISU AND ::''l N'il'l IIEKINO.
P..*t li.itbe ayaieni airaimt tile etri? eil'eta'il inivrlioiri^uit water.
W re Dr.repaia .i.
\S . i r? SS . kt.r.i. Will .
Wl i. ,r? Co m :. i). '?. i'?. Wi I ears 1 Ivi r Cob ji tot
\\ g1 ?ii ire tad neale a i.caltl.y ap;.ft;
\S'i i m 1 , t.' ? ? ! -enlen a.ii Moderetel] in r. i
temperature of the body mdtbi . ?
? .al e?ltub iraidei lb? ?vitrui, COBtalBiag DO Bui?
and I? lue
FOR liiSIlRHFA. t'HOI.KIU .'.I'lllM.? COLIC ??' "-'J
i'llti l ABI.NKi BRANDY
Hu been ii?ed wi'h a.mo?t unparalleled Bassett for tbep?it Tv?*. >y
Vein, inriaei..! I>1 SRIUIKA CUOLEBA KOBBUB, COLIC, le.
f"?iitr_ ?t eut, An.i'iiCiii Eaprcu [tai liii|, No. ? I' ?
?._ _ GEO. <' II! iii.I LAC? Pi pi rino
.1 -.. iniiaii [mi, I )IIU .unit,? i.r m.'i.iuiiiip?.w
? ? ' plain.
BOMB OF 'IHK Fin-if PHVBICIANd Al..--. Rl'.i u.M.il
I \i. i le
INO li-.
I.Ml li.
Do not il.m the drnrti.t to '?.lal nfl" ,n? ..tl.er peSfa*Btt
you. It ti ey ,11 not keru it, ii-ol mo: . > : , -. * ,,- o ii .1 .:
frrrwarded at on e.
Price, * 1 ; .r bottle each. Send ?t.rnp fir Pim, i.V-,
Hold by Drj|giit>.
C R PARK-:R I? \j?.*.
_ Be. ISO Peart-el Bear Ce?Ire, Mew
' n api a
No. 53 NA-*?.?.!'ST, or.? I ,- : ,, MvlDF.N I.ANR
Paper Collars
Wholesale tk. Retail,
Ladies' Vict?5ria Turn. Ladies' EmpmsTtirn?
over Paper Collar. over Paper Collar.
Ladies' Erigtoh Stand* Ladiea' iijTiarican
ing Paper CoWar. Standing Paper Coila
Ladies French Paper Ladies' Englieh P?,;<
Cjff?. Cuff?.
Cent'i Piccadilly Paper Cant'?. Shaketpea.a
Collar. Paper Collar.
Centlemen's t'-.anding Cantleinen'i TuniOiei
Paper Codai-, . Pap*ir Collar.
Cents. Reversible Cents. English Papir
Paper Cuffs. Cuffs.
NlrTH'V. TO TUP. TR tl?E.
A ?boUtkle n?f I .1 mu' bt ami,

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