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?e*tr?n "?*>*,, jiittfhs,
Matta ni ?a? ntaem Ptirknaaa? M?y n
?aa, a ?i? WV, ?> Hue A B W 8.1..,. Boattta Wttki Pr,
_B,(*00..?.?.._1.>>? 0,9*3. TU41 ?00. M
u. s. i^Vaie. i.-. ? i.k-N.w.i. m.| kM._ia.B-0. 3*1
M iXa??M.....l(r- 1,000.. _ Hi?i ?hi.3? I
U. t* W.w-Bw'fVt P..K.W. It Cli'f.l'N'Y Outrai.
J?,IO0..02 I 1.0113.101 | 400. tt.'*
IJ _-e?>v?i|t,?-). Del. I.. At W. 1 m.?line.
BO.??. 109 ' ] noo.loo I -.p-'iO.781
%H. (a>-0i '!->. Ht! A M. Paul 1 m 100.. ..d ? all. 73J
_,000.Il**- : 1,1 ?'?<!. M N. .'.?_ N IIhv.i..
?7? 8. Se.lO-to, je-. Pal,??. f( oiiiii, eroe li?-., exdir. IS
?,000. M I IS.I09| Beeding.
Dt B. 5?. lO-tOec i Hk. Cuimonw'th.! tvo.130.107
_,.y)0.?t.., ?j.uu : :??'.IO?
|*p?a*nn-7--10t. Cnnbariaad art 200.... blS.107
-ill -rifa. ? mo .Bio. ?**>
M.DOo.. _I.*-', Iptkng Mountain.
H. Y. S. 7? B. !.. SOO.Wi
??.KI. ..?-dlaU IOC*,
i! ? li. ho. ?V N. la
M . **,
9,000.lie-* 100.49, .Vaj.7"t
-etine??*.??- is. i itsi. .'?Iia.?.. 4:1 ( ii vc. A Puis.
_?.0(?0. MX!. ?I IlSI. wy \M\i\.pi*.
AtW).901 IO0.48 I -08. *1?
nNBNee- I 1 l-.b IO 48)! 300.. 3d ?
Bli-li . M. Welt Union Tel Co-., Lol. at Cn.
10,IKpii. '?4 200. i.Ill
*f liifi-lh t-?.
Uieseiir, t'a.
1,1.00. 74
A(?t)0 .'.!<
li?.(.','('! .afo tVsN.W.
BM. T-?Xt)
Chicago t-iN.W j ?
Bal_ -''?I
ii. ft*
200.?.TO. ti
Ii?*?...1-.! ? SaII. M
.. Wesi.r.l.i.H.l x.
1$()(?0_ ?4' MO.IOC* "....Vsitl'l ilj
M. Caro tu.? I*. .Vi'iivke...?-?-- .J?-.-.?" ??*- Jl1 ,-? ,
a.000. Ki) JOO. ???'? 100.l-1'.
C-HKVIMe?. Cr -W?. MMT. Al', .?lill,
shish .... lil I 10. N
BfJM ( -'i -iOO. 4| Morn? A I ?" >?
y v.('4L-!ii.ii.*,K( 200.. i i loo.?*>-?
800."I ' M I?..fid?u.I. d ('hie. ? Alten.
Writs :t?t Blge, I87B. AUr.iiotsa. 100.PS?
100?).'.*- I PK). lS.lMai-8tttTAC1n.9p
at.'Ji Sc-Jurtg. lMar?|?oeiiPref. I 200.MO. 20
%Mi . ??>? 60 . 25 iMil.ASl.P. pref?
A.?b1 'li. ".in. put. Sot).. -43 113.o'Jl
3,?usix' .?Ki 100.941 100... Me... ?'.''I
Caul?-. Mil.ASt.P. eis?. 70
100.',?. ?JJ. .'?O Ath.ntic M ni.
400.-.?,' IM..M ca.].- .'?'- I 325.126
1 I ...(K Isir.1.1-.
Cue. AN. W. i Quickiilrer.
??O. -t',1 100.-5'
fljl ta ll-e-MIe?'.
?SUAI . ' '.,
f>??4_tiir, '? .?..o?
*a!rt ??riee.
*,(**j .IOS'
l-l,ti li.
Weet I'Uii.n Tel.
leo.Si'ji-tjirinjr Mountain.
A- K. W.prf. Ii?0. 48
SOO. IM|!?tending.
100. 1.1?, 600.KVJ
Pt . Kt.W.e-C. i.t-00.107
li-?.itfJ'M.ch. 8. ii N. I.
Alt.n t~T.U.,|'r.l N0..78
t) H (a 11, i? r VmeksUver. iHndi-on'?Hiver.
l.OfiO .lOti 900. So'1 25.108
\i Ms :-Vi . |.'. ?' 3O0.130 bol Mith.lfk.uth.A NI
flO.iinO .. 102 Mrinr.t-fl tiTvfmed 100.77j
V B. -S..M10C, tv,.
B0.(?*00. MB
f* 8 Bp. IO-inc.
?Mi tk-0 _ M|
Ibaaam** I Balta
1st Bern's.
n?,i'(i' .iti-i
1 750 ?ti.al! lOlaj
"-(?cr .IO-]
'.o ?. ? es.
1,004' ..IO-1.
1*>,'XK! _ 102'
Mnnr?..se pixier-red
100. CM Illinois C'cntrii!.
200. 24J1 100.191
American Coal. ?ChicagoAN W.i 1
ino. it3 150. II
Wen. I'nion Tel.' 1,000.CO,
...TO. Bl Cn. A B. I.
*H?0... 2d cml. BIJ UK).. .<x ?i.v. N
Atlai.tio Mail. I I????.sit?. Ml
4(iO.l-t* UKI.'??? i
Pitts., K. W.* C1 .
.49 10. -!'i
re Hill CM. I\lil. A Bl Pani pt
.... ?VeJ Chic. IN. W. Erie.
, 100.C. 2**. 1,200.s3. 731
.... 13?" 2O0._!(|. 500.c. 7'iJ
al. 13. 100.n3- 2K?|! 500.. 791
I-? lil, (he. A N. "W.prf.' 200.1.3. 73'
II. Canhna ee. ! mo. 4j IBB.
600.M ! V. Y. Central. 120.....791
Blich R? t f. t. IM. Ni loo. *-'?
ir-.OiK . '..'>',F.ne. I IM.72,
l'util!., coalpref. KKI. l'Ai (hie. and Aiton.
100 .45 I I 100. WJ
(t 1.14 KOAKD OF E?'T___?1 P. M.
fkiri.ii i'.'V Cal. A' R- I- tWest Union Til.
500 .. b3. 4| in?.12.SJ1 100. hlj
100 ... M. 4| ?ton.ISM H. T. Central.
iWO. 4| i200..-.C.I2I1 MB. 92J
?ntiiswicb Und. '-'?IO.b3. P-4) SOO.l8. O'.'l
Ml ..LIO. U ? '1?re. A Pitt*. I 31)0.e. Mi
8_atib8ilin I -oo.s3. Si i r -O?).?3. Mj
SOO .bl-i Chic. AN. W. _ |Ene.
Batk.t-'Mi ' 901.Vi, Mich. 8. AN. I.
BOO.... blO-lOOl 100.IS. Bl. 9M. 771
too .ina. p.,K.w. a ebie, i 1,200.b3. ::t
ano. bxistal aoo. pt?-} soo.?it. 7:1
-00.b3, i*,?
el. re A hi' OF BBt?K__8? 3 J P. kt.
AiTiiri. i.?.(.( d. Illinon Centra). iManr-ott pref.
?jo (as .19 I 50 .120 100.241
Dkio A Mir-H. Ct.,(.'1er. m. Pitt?. HU?.24
_0,-0o.M ' soo. b3 l-l j Weit. Onion Tel
10,?Hi b1 -t> I 400.b3. Mil 100.b3. blj
tanita 200.?3 W.iN. Y. Central.
two. .'srtvcbic. fc^.w. i-oo.911
IAO. i.) -H,| 100.tlO. 2911 50i>..s3. 9lJ
I'aeibtriisi.a. 400. 2911 4oO.911
lOf ..44J 100.MO. _.)'? 3o0. li]
MA? st. |S i KIO_8.30. 29 | 200.b3. i)l?
?Vyot-.n? Vf. Icy. 200. u''. _9fElia.
MO_ b3. 40 ! -0(i.1.3. Sty 100.73J
js?raw li.... i ! . AN.W. prf ?Kesding.
Ml . 4| 400. Tji-tJii 900.106*
|ji.nk?..t.r. 80n. ?304 Mich. Bo. * N. 1.
?X?. ,.,J :e?0.a3. (Vi, 300.b3. 7-|
1? . BM ii-o.ki. f?'i 800. 774
loo.tie. sai 2iHi. (h-ij ion..bia. ?"I
Ml ...bM. M P., Y VV. A (hi?. I SOO.b3 77,
?Ui ,.pi- 2"0. VU ( hi. A R. l.exdv.
aoc..i.<i loo. i3. -'?i loo.9tix
KIO. Pt Mi I 200.?f?*}
TitiOAT. May C-y. a.
fitiki U. I? ? i. it ii M.i-i.e na '.he adviiLio in M_BBa|
attxt'h.u s1'". ? i-1 i-i .'-i l>j, s?l<l ut l-*!'i. i.i. ! cheud tit
<l4Viruini_t t? ? k? of a'.l kinds are h.in et fatM-p-BB)
and iiiTt'Stmr parties ure eteridy but t-r*. In Sti.tc stocka
tat rtulwhj mort (??ires little done. For b_nk than s full
l-bnat ?re atked. with imall off-nngs. The siluII stocks
are quiet but l_r_. Marinos- continues active, und wuntvd
at'*-?. The coal -took* ?re iti-ady. The railway share
ntfctket is slufiri-.il, and so quiet ?day has not bien noticed
Id Hsiiiiy inonth?. Erie was st?-ady ot 73J, and Michigan
tkiiitUerLkt 77|? lheresecuis no disposition to ?jj.e? ulate in
any lUrection. At the Second lioaid the market wa? i'.ui]
k?O ttttrdy alter the call. New-York Central ?at heavy,
?lid soid down to "I J. The balance of the list was steady
at quotation- Roca I.tltnd told at !?'''. ii terip dividend
_?f 4 j?tr cent. The closing pr.ces were: Obio C-rTi'itates,
Btaioi; Clinton, .^ja."?", Cuml>erland Coal, M_s-t||
tjuiektiirer, SSJaS.'?*; Mariposa, I3sl3"; do. preferretl,
B._p_4i, American OoM, l-tl-l2-.il; N. V. C'entsul, !'l} _
Bl|; Erie, 73,_73|, Iiudson ?iver, 109, -110; Heading,
l064._U't.", Mitliiiran Southern, l.|t*77|i (".? v?-iiu.d ?
fitUbnrgh, 81?-81J; Cleveland ?nd Toledo, 104, d 101}.
a-ct-k Iri?__a. sir3j _'.?C1; North-Wettern, th]it-_-|; do. pre?
_B7??a,t?i_6.'{; Fort Wayne; Mj ? '/JJ.
Money is abundant at live per cent, and i pia? iraut ? b mdi
aarte a fnil supply of capital at low rutes during the suinuier
ataaths, in the absence of unfavorable Euro] .an sdvie?s.
Pm t?4.i__tei-A? paper no change. 1*he supply of firet-c ltuss
tills is small, and t Tey sell readily at six i-ere r.t. Short
krat-claaa bills are held ?t h ve per cent, and for a long time
Bee_ey has not t>t*en so plenty. For certifieates, 100?} Is
_m1, and no sellers. June certificates, at pre?nt quoUtioiis,
pay ?bout 4J per cent.
The propotition to redit-m |-..,000,000 of certificatet of
l_-abta?_nt?t4t is a step toward stjcuring a money inaikit
?pos which a consolidated 5 per cent can be introdtited.
ila the loth instant, the t-uiporary loan, excluding the
tVtV.i.g-lIoiise certi?c-tes, which should bo paid off, ?ill
k? reduced to S per cent.and it i_ay be (a iii a.??u_ied that
the Treasury hu reached tho point it here it has not only
tunad to borrow at any price, atBs.ll re.dy to reduce its
ebiigatioiiS. The future policy of the Tre:i>uryVil! evi?
dently (tit in circulation the -Cumulated currency now
tstld by the Depart ment. The only mode by which in
laji-est upon temporary loans can bo laved is by using
the idle currency ia payment of this class
tf dett. The Treasury pepja?f 1? BB ? borr>iwer,
aatl ?t the aauie tniie putting in use ? large amount of
e-ire-cy, will oblige money-lenders to find new borrowers
at low rates, which will cause tresh speculation in all de
.*tfi.'i,?i.i> of commerce. Granting the mi, ? ?p? of the
a heme for a consolidated five per cent loan, it bids fair le
bnpaaaa?al byan advance in all existing Govern! ?t.t
atueks, State securities, liailway murtguge? and Mama
laitorsed C?-r.ific?tes of Indebiajdneas are high-r, ni.der
tl_? BO-C4J of tbe !4e?sret_r-y, and th??y can only be littd at a
au,idl oom ni i??ion under par.
The N? rib-Western Road showed ia April tn nereaAe
, t ^?4.(100. The May btuiuoss of tho Michigan Southern
tUoad promim to thow s Laudsome increase, and beyond
? Im- ?rsti_i-t4se of its managers.
The _r?t mortgage bondholders of the Msrijpo'a Mining
? ?>u.p_iy bar? ?Agr??4?d totuner.der the conj-in? duo jinor
i .f'ily 18?j7; and take in eie!i?n??e icrip convertible into
i-????_?, or peyable in gold prior to July, ltSnT. The Coai
??iiiy baa reduced its cxperj-es io VeV'Tott tu a iioUiin_l
?anaaM and l| ?N-s'ether ina more favorable position
?. a? wben us common stock sold at 5.r>.
Tfce Prairie ?lu CMei shtreh'.lders met ai j??-r ndjoura
? nt Meurs, ftusaell Sog?, F. P. Wil__ins and Amy
n appointed t conrmittoe to pre?are t list ofshare
?'? ra foi the use of future meetings. The metf ing took
t*?* u'..t.l tb? 9th, to girt) the ?oirifuHteo time to pre
? list of than hi.i.iir?
i ...a*-o. I-ui-uniit-n ?u... Q_ai_rt etowliliL.diis I.???
-taa atna th? privile?re of taEifig th? lint tneriftre bond?
of Wie litrrtingvan said Missouri Hirer Koad at 80 per cent
?n five irjftalln.ei.i?. extcndiiig from J-Jj to V vtn'-r.
Tbo PmMI ii? i?. ! . ne- dir vi; -.
TM MaMasn afattd are M.MIaatki rt.Ti u yaara from
li,, .1 ,-, ? of Ort? bel ru it t*i tar 7 |ki i. it latSRSt, payable
tetii'-?pii'i tilt -ii N't? \-ii., ?re limited hy th? iBBtt|_aB to
lit-otHi lier mil? i""1' a 1 ?"'?' mad and pr-i*. :ty of the ( ???"?
pat'v Inrlt.ding the lard granted by t'ongre??. over 3M',0u0
?er??, winch i? merni exelu?iT?ly to redeem th? bOLtl?, und
form? nu aro['lc - ? ' I h -''? . ,
'1 hegnw? ?arniPir* of tbe road d3 TDileti th? pmenl I
rear, ending all ? "ils month, nre nptrord ef tkoktOO, with
i i? i ttlBg ' ti" ?a?si ti"t ii.tit t. i_a*i mu.- M i ? i nat
The liiil.il.nef'' Infere?! are lor tb? CooBon? o?
i?.... .nine ???ni!? on tie 75 n.t.e?. II,331.HO I 94,' 28 60
On Lt? Tear?' b'-'i(!?. whitdare to beiotiTortctlltt'o
ut*.?; min. 'WHO
Total priB-r? ?nn-ial lM.,lii>?. |_N,a_l Bl
Add ? ? -' ?_* l?>r i ?
If, mino, al.ti. it i? priti-tiied now to lune,
ai(*a%ica.... -I'm no
Tt ? '1! tie ?een fr- ? lb? tatt gi :ng? rt.?t matt, liai t' ** carn
lntrtol tibs ; "Cr? .i '.'. . Mm of road are Stan than ?-..ftlrient to
ii ?r-t tiien.t?r.?n .-f the i?sno of Boals i citing upon ti"- cm
|i?te?J nOtilia, tin? ?ntOiiTit antliorisoil on the nett ?ecUoB,
n - .. ?n? now uff? rod. ?n-t ??f the MBIMIMT l>onrt" ,0 t? 00?
verted into ?lock ?'?.'j ?? ??ja, _. , ,. ? -, .. ., ...
In view t.t tie fuel Hat the De? Moir,*? Velicy V.'?d ?t the
?nur" ?aas i? tawtli tie n?t>?t of our iiu.ir.i?'. iw-iniotturo
?., and can .na ?ill it can keep aron-nl l?y Keokik, an et ii
Vi hieb will be ravwdlsd by the titensiun, it ia auiouL.lii o.-tl?
m?te. with better rute?, b? well a? moro binint-??, lo expect
our cat mt c? IO laiirsstl in lb* ratio of ide mileng?-?tim?:
Frm i-f ?' ir:nti|.'? on 71 Billi ? of ror.d.It?., .ij-k) r-0
Ii.aeittc toe ire-pad with 36 mile? addition. 34*->,7iO 00
i ?? ? atad nralafi M III ?Ost. IH7MO0
J..?i.m .i-cd expenntb on Vol uni??. 4 .?,.:.? tt
Net r?trr,lng<>. *
Interest en iuortgsge bond?. 1?.?.it*? M
Total.M*IU M
Tho luiinen of ttt Bah-laUBM* traai Baaaipta. ?t>*V
?.'f,,(m 81?for Cuftom?, f'.ll.WiO* Payments, 03,366,.
871 13; Balance, |M.ITf.Klfi Tt, Qall N-.fc?, *<??
In fulfill! IM taiHiaiaill ll Liverpool are 60 hlidi.
tallow tit 10?., and per ?toatuer, 000 Ibis, eh? o pe-.*?, at
Is. ti.. toLoi.d ?ti, porit-amer, 5iX) bales heps, at id?,
and 7,(?00 buih. corn, at 5d.? to Glasgow, per steamer,
100 boxes MMa, at MB ; to Antwerp,- 100 hhd?. tobtvi o,
ut Ni ; tti llr- BMB, ptr s***aaBtr, mtt Liles cotVn, tit li.,
&.i,d 400 bags ct.ffi a, Bl 3o?-,
Tie followlnp _ a Ms'a-mett ?f a .1 hliayoittsl "L thi
Delaware a-d Hnd?-oii Cdiual f??r tl.e week ending
May 5, li*?. Fur ti.? leint.
l'i-U.wtie and H?lfen Canal Co.4?V?-0 1M.SOT
11 Liit-jivaaia Cool Ob. 3no ???*
TotAltnn? .?>,'fQ Y.il 4t\)
Foi tfce Mime pt nod la?! year:
F?'r tt? ?eek F? i the mirr.
DeUware and Hud? n Canal Co B3, i?4 "10,00
l'euislvauia Ct.il Ct.None. Mt7
Total tam.B^4M H IM
Tht Ticviikiicc Jvkual of Monday ti.ys of Pnu-.i.-.'
Wore doing. The decl.ne dering the week BBBSSMStyln
ha? t-een from fe. to lo. p( r vnrd. The Ml** ? If -??- th?
?air?. ! 000 piece?, Slatt. Me.i .V-J ?!?? .*,'?<", !'Jc. : f (?00
mt saan a?. : 3.000 du., anas i;? mwo lo aoa*4 nie
lli,(?O0 dt.. W?04, llle.l li,?"-' (?P. l"?lt'4, JU ; 14 I V la.,
?ijtM, li-jc. li.ti, 3:,.V? piece?.
At the aLrnial titi -...?n af ?bt R. ?-Y rk Pndaai I'^x
ehaiipe Co. tbe Mlaarlai ofl'.i'trr van t.-< .< ? I. I?aaa?
??t.itig ychr:
For Truittti? Frr.nci? M t>?_t_ WB. IT. T<ewrr,?n T.?l
ward ("roinuell, Bteptwrn W Can*, Steptien 1). Ilarrifi.n Geo.
D t"r.igin, J. 8. WiiLite? 1! .1 Raadolph, B.C I? '?"?t
fur lnifertiri of KUt:,, .?lill? ard k1 Hank?. W .ii.am E
Uirne?, Ciill.ert ?).J?l.?y.
The fullowifci. are iLe ?pi ce U.? vi u.i i.tt? a: Ni V?T?SI
hl April:
In port? from foreign ?ort? . lif'..?!7
?asaivtd Dom Caiiiurtiia. I.-*?'-1.''."?
Tot?) receipt?. 11,711,331
Fipert? to foreign p?,rtH iudAjrJ.?.
Gain In April. |I,1MMI
Receipt? ?ince J*noary 1.Ill '? I 181
?sports sinco January 1. I IU .?>'?
Gain ?ince ?Tannary 1. 1K41.1.Vl.M, ixjl
A. 11. Muller sold the followlnpitiK-kito-dny by au? ti-?n :
170 ?hare? Ameritan Kirhange National Dank, t'.IOeach 11!|
141 ?hare? Dank of New York Nut.t?L_ Dauki-g A???jcla
lion. 11?) S ?i I..K*
S?V) ?hart? Nuticnal Hank of Commerce, |l(*0 each . II I
74 ibaret National lia:.? .,f North A:u.-i lea, |10u ta( h.. 10*?|
140iharet National I ity Hmk. I ?-? each.'.?.-: ? : '?
b aharea Chemical Nilli ntl Hank, li-ti each. 713
TOfibnrei Leather Manufoct ..rer?'N?ttlonal Dank,Iii?vh. IU
'.?tare? National Meichanic?' liinking ???ociation.
?50 ?aeh. M
I-f. ?bare? Oullatin National Hank, I JO ?acb.i' y
S3 ?hare? I'nion Na*iona, Hunk, 130 each.114|
IIB sham Thaali Tfiltssal Usai tat aaah . H'.'
:?j?harea Tradetman'? National Bask. ItOeach... *..144J
|;.,(4? HudK-ii 1'tiver Haiiniad lit llorgage 7 j e- cent
Hondi.lWtJ. Inter?r-?t Kchru?rvand Angurt,Il (K?leach. 102
50 ?harn Pacific Ifall Steaniihlp Company, |iui cn- h . Mt|
M ?han? Pncitu M...I Btsaauhtp Caapaaj t>t r: p ; .vi p?-r
csnt paid in. |;?o each.'.. 216
trneet A. De? Maret?, with iVetherbee, wMBM it Co.,
has been electt-d a BBBBBBI ol the New-Vorl. Moth __>
The apgregate nmount al upt-rUi '(-iel.nive of ?j??-ii
from the port of New-1 ork ti? foreign p-ri?, ?--r Hit week
ending May f, lSt-6, was l-V-'I'V111
?Sterling Exchange i loses Tery firm ni. 1 activa. Hu.kera'
bills were donna? high as IO!'}. The doting (_..otatioii
was lOOJ ?10??*}.
The Si. Loan Democml of Moy 3 Mnsrk?;
IM North Mi?Marl H? ii road Corrnany yeatcnl'iT enfered
into a contract for the coi.Hiructiou of over i'.i 11111??' of addl
tioi.al road, be.iifr; th?tl \ wtiot of iti main line nuit h of Macou
City, and bo much of It? we?tj?braneh aa It eaat of Hruniwu-k.
The contract on are C can, plain. Smith k Co., a firm compoird
of tome of the beat known railroad buildert in the country.
Bj Ide tenu? of the eontrnet the rood li to lo (?ompleted to
Hrumwick by the lit of Iieceuiher, ?nd tbe Iowa BBanana ii
tob? built without ililli-. Ibu intelligence will be highly
gratifying to all our people.
XMManta!*ti the freuury hat given notHe that the
Treaiurer of ti.e I'utteil bute? Lal !?? en lnatruct. I to reeeire
and pay Immatured United Slutea Ctr*. Iii ate? of I ml. I,l-l ina?
with accrued luttrent, t-> the eittnt of giU,usjtl,ow? Ugtotttkoi
to him tiefote the lit of ?June.
The traffic of the Chicago and Great ?attern Railway for
the month of April wa?:
le?l....|lo2,b0l II I HU .. 173.514 04 I Inereaic. -127.287 li
Witrki-Ut?('????CLLi KaroBTBD roa Taa HT. Tai?r??.
'1 L'ESDAT, Mar I-, let A
A^IIES?The market i. dull ?nd nnchangd; ?ale? al Ki 73
it|7 f? r Pott aad III 7.',3|13 for l'en?!?.
HKKSWAX":ihe market la dull with only ?mull ?ale? at
3f ii 40c. for Yellow Wintern.
CANIiJ.KS are in moderate demand and ?teady at Sia'JCo.
for Adnmnntlne, 40c. fm Sperm, and 30c. for l'at? al
('OITI.'H?Ameno, n Inpot ia dull; nu all talc? ut SPo. for
ISnltimore, and vej'inr.ic. for Like.
COTTOB?Tis innrktt nanln q?iiet, niol Mhldlingi ?re
worth ?Ix.ut iM a 15... tl.ongb ?ouic holdii? ?till ?Jciuand '?tit:. ?
lu!?'? of 1.40(1 Lui.?!.
COFIJ-.K -The demand for all limit li rood?riiti?. and we
hine only to note Ml bill*? Kio, ex Skimmer or the y,< ? on ni
t.tt-urn:.-. M'-s-i? Willi nu Scott A; Soiih muk? IBS ?tock of
Bl*la tin- ruin,try 19,387 baga including 11.000 at New-CJr
lean?, 2,700 at Mobile, ?.ot-O at Haltiuioie, and e0.?-.*7 at tim
US1I?Dry Cod are In limite.l demand, lint price? ure
.without changei inlet ?f _.?? qil?. at |4 30?gil foi (ii nu,]
Hank aro. St. licorge'?.' Mnokirel are In fuir jobbing demand
at full Brian bmoki-d and Tickled Herring are dull uud un?
rLOVR AND MKAL?The muiket for We?tern and State
Fleur le ?till (june Beti ve. aid price? ure In-ttor, the ailvance
being lOBMs on the low mid 15&8uc. ou the medlam and high
grade?; at the do*?? the laanad it checked by the extreme
price? s?ked; the ?ale? ere 11,100 bbt?? at |7 7.',?cBH io f.?r
Superfine Stute. |f 7ti?i t'.< H? f??r Kura Stale; ?'? Lda-tlO for
Fancy State. |g<r|'Jb3 ! ?r the low grudei of W?nt*rB Kitra
19 30319 90 for Shipping Ohio; |I0?. |l 4 fur 'Iii!.- uud Fam?
ily brand?, aud |13 !?>_ lib 73 for ??t l.oui? ?_____ Cana?
dian Flonr i? ??caree, la demand and Letter; ?n!?? of '.'VvJiIiIh.
t ut fi M? ft ! I? for Um low grnde? of Kxtr?. ?ml t dm 114 for
Trade und Family F-.ii hi. Southern Fionr is ni o b?ll?ri
Um Mipplv is Itgliti the bi.ilncii i- only moilerate, ?ii.? ?r
400 bbM. at tllSIII 90 for mixed tai good I np" ill it- O.-ii.trr
lUi.liiiiore, 4c, and I ??? a t in 73 tor 1 rade and Fami.y bland?.
Itye Flour ii ?caree, better, ?iid la (leinnnd, aalet of Xr.) bUt.
Ua?atl!. Corn Mea! i? firm hut ?inlet.
liKAlN?Whtat ii again decidedly (letter, hot the rotiket
I? idimewhat excited and UMSltiad, if?'? demand I. qalta active,
in part ?peenlaliTi*. but im.-lly for milling; the Bale? ore a?
follow?: l.'.,00u bu?h. I imnuiul Spr.ng, ?t II A J ?/ B1 If: li 000
Chicnpo Spring. |1 I Og. for'cotnii on to pood, .'/.?XI Mil.
tiaukite Club, llt?0<it?, Amber held t? (longa i? and 7,(?n)
matt Whin Mlahlgaa, M M Harley ii iibIsI. Ml nltn
anallbaatsbaaga Bann Halt i? laaeUr? ?nd nominal.
Oatt ?re linn mid fairly active; the ?.ile?-ire 4\'H0 Im-t. , at
4. a '? "'. for New Weitem. oOWitle. tor Old do., In ?tore, und
Me. for State in ?tore. Itye It qutft, and Biore firmly held.
Com it deiidedly lower, clotiug beaty, the rccemU of New
are more IILetBl; the demand I* m-uc ?elite and maiplt fur
?tp?irt; i-t.ei ol Bl mm basb*>n 73*77o. lor Unrund. 7?,/ ', M?
for Mixed Vreeteiu in ?tori?, ?nd NJo. delivered, aodfl-r?-'.'.
f.ir yea Mixed, ?t K.tilrond depot. 90*9'ije. for White Soulh
ern. and Southern Yellow on privat? Iiiiuf.
MtLHAlKl.E MALBEL-Recel id ? Wheat todiy, 114 000
boil:.; ?Shipment?, 11 oo-i bn?b.; Ka 1 IpHagWheal la l?an
II 75; No. I S|?ring Wheat, in it?,r?, |l 64. Freight on Win at
n, ????? tort, bl iwoceni? p ?r nntdel lUiruge khonli]
?J.J. ii to ti.?- aboie price? of utiuti |o*c, i t!iB Coit lo ?e??el
G I'NNliS are ijiiiet; ?mall ?nie? al !!l?]c , gobL, aad ?do
I ?urrciicy. lor Cloth, and l??v., (Birenc). f?r Biaga
111.Ml'- Mun'Ia i? lou cr and dull at ?'.' u t ia, gold. Other
kind? tre rLiii und m,minai.
iRlFlrJ are linn ami in good d?min d fur br?*ni! cnniomplion
we oloU at fruin '."?a- KV. und 7(>r , ua t<i growth and BBS?rt*. '
HAY ?The denmnd 1? fal? end the mark-it itcudy at ij?i_i.;.i?.
for Shilling, and JtlWlSa. lor lieUii lota.
IHOB?l'ig rein^,!l IbO bal I ri? ??? are without i hange
??lei if m um., in lot?, ?t t40ot-l'a tot No. 1 Amerltuu, and
%fi 30*143 fur No. 1 Scotch.
I.IMF? Kot-kl.it.il it tim anil a fair 1 minen wat done; we
rjtiioe common at li .'e', and Lump at ? ?
LKAU?The demand lui Fig i? moderate, aad th? market
?teadj al te .'.'.<* te? 43 for ?panlah, lien...il Iti-Hked and id.
MOLAHSLS?A mi>d???teli?ifnIryprev?i?ll?Bl former figure?;
?jleiofalujut l?3bhd?. at 47ff4$o. for Cuba, snd 70173o. for
Forlo Kico.
?ILS-Liniu-dli Iran and In fair demand at *14i. lit?,
for eily. Crude sperm i? quiet bat firm at ti 35 Cruda
Whale I? in demand, but price? are iteody at I '? Lard O?
I? fir?-, snd lu fun r?, L.?i ni fl 3.' ? ?; H f?.r Ho t? to 1 ?n I
P?*ntO??Ul_? Tke mark?! Dor Crude opened firm*?, tri da
?(kkI ln?inirTpreT?il?d; l.G-OObble. were ?old at 2t-ic ca?h,
bn? toward the cloi? the market Utaruii fe???, ?ed price* de?
tuned: lales of ?X,tA?0 '.bis. nfrBB -?aVi.,. f? r prca M. dellr
cr BB . far .lune, sid l*|e. for July. It le Mia.nef! that the
tnll'sboliahlBR the Ui on Crule bat puied both Knn.es of
( .'liirriss. ?lid toke* effect inline?:lal ... I ' atd, la .1. li
sei,:.st m mod?r?t? (|Uhn"..tus at li bin _.ili.b. lii'dO?..?
dull?! from .,_0-.c., ?ato ,?o*?Hy.
PROVISION-?-lhere h_s lieen lesi doing In rork Mw.
rnres ?re easier, ?ud at the elna ?'? heavT at our ir.?..de Ba?
ures the? sale?, cash ?nd teg Air are ? MM ti?. Man Bl
?'..309130 lterf is firm ?id in fair dt-iimnd- tales of-JO
hhis. ?t tiixnlu for Old FlatoJ-i ?ti ti 6 ?MO lot New da,
t .?tt 17for Old Extra, and ? - I M to* Kew da Here?
ii, et .. ?it!! and a-BlaaL Batt Baan ?re -j^ -ntntraad
firm- ; sale? of loo bblt. at lia for V. ? Muta. Lal Mcaii are in
gmt demand and firm; salea of 300 r?gt. at I???***.
).. .b'.iicl Shoulders, I.'.]-, tot nellies, and ^?niNMkatl
?: -a. Beeta li aodet-teh ttllre. tates of ia, tot... ?
: i4Jc. for C. C and IS* for I- !'.. I -?J tola Ins actirt de?
mand, hit prices ?r? (-nile firm : muh of Y?W Pv??i- <*?? ?'?
Vi le for Nu. I, Si'rr.-i.'. tot City, ?nd Sf-i*_?___. for H
I to prime Stosm ?ml Kettle B>_-trtd.
JnKRvrpO". Pkou-ioi. MAFtu:r 5 oOOTK.-Thereiwwj?
I fair luisi cain Pork, but st lower pre?., ?s>i of 2,.?*0 Uti?.
' at 8.9 H,a|i? 81? for ilp-i, BtealBg ?n t ?t 1.1 7.T. l'.ef was
firm. Tti.-on aiidCiit Mt..l? .-.o? tut wdJitialaii.ed. Lard
firm at -.je. for Prime.
llll'K?No laies ?re reported: pries are itesr!?.
REED-?Clever BatdItqatat ?atBra. st ?,.?.: Iimoth
s.lilt tr iii ?li ?1 t< a 96 i j. Hough I lax is aw>d? we
iy a. t vc at I.1 SOnfl 70. L'Blcctt.t Littwed ii _nn snd lu fair
dSBsadi laloa of i.isjo hsn at M '?->. PM1.
.?I'trAH.?-? Iks (i.-mnml t?r lUw Bann ii fair, and the mir
ketateidv Bt 10|_10ie. fiir fair to soon KeliniD.i ml.1? of ?li
hird?, ?l-l?Iii?, for Cat?. K? nutd are quiet at lMo. for
i |i.ixin--aa_Bi*t_t n ?alei bat alten era wttlvant na?
fir,?I ti angei 88888 of 90,90? ID at lilt1. PH. Weitem, l_d
U.c. for city. . ._
TIK-lT- is in rroderite rennest and steady: talcioMiX)
ilibiRtra-i? st Me.? g"ld. awatt is ro-iusl st -ii?-., sad
Ungi -I,'.i,j ?vi?1, l'.utts aie anrli'inged.
'It ?IT A ('(On Intel vc, mid pries, erer.? for good gra.es,
nominsl: ?alei of 104 blidi. Kentucky at 61. -?
WHISKY?The market ?s fr.cu? -?(? Is seilte find .'.(.ely,
tain ti du I'l'la., at I?! kal uti ti tn Willeri:.
Iteieipi. of Pr?_a<-e.
Mai le?4 (-41 bhls. Flour. 435 bbta Whisky. 110 bhlt. Corr.
Meal. 1,-iT. nckt do. 2? Cs.ik? Oilcake &300 bosh. Corn, 4,t)0?
both. Oat?, 110 both. Harley 870 bush. Seel?, te j ?es. a?' st
HU bbls. Pork, 733 pig?. Cat Meat!, 67*. j kg?. Lara, ),?!_ l?Ll?.
1 ( h nut Wir.it FrHX?o n tsnsT, May P, 1MB
bl .?I al.d
B.e?ra Cow? V?.'? ?Un'a Bwfc* TtstB,
f,,f?Vt PS 1.87a It _-'? 7/0 31.8.
TI see wert toid ?1 the folio-viu. _!i?'_i t l'l mai
.-li rpsttd
I'. Cn?! Va.:?. __-?t,?. gain?. Tolil
At-IlcrtoD't. 4.63t". 31 t.l .-.'I 7,(93 ....
At Urowulngl. ii? 23 1-9 5 Et-9 .
_k t ? ' it ? i- ii -.
At? t.am-erliii-. 83 'JO 113 3,979 .
Al Yorkville. li?.
AtBergen. 1,730 . l,**-.7 .
bent from the cart di?
re? t to buteheia ., icC .... l.(>00 3.C0 .
Artrar? weekly re?
ceipts tait year. MM 118 IJM 16,081 II..-3 .n ??.
Ke-t'ipU last week.... .'.try PI a is? i i.f.'i?? ?a? '-1.314
mi i s OP P-D at mr. r!.r\nrA! mabbi't. tiii? w t? a.
The tM ?owing em the .?ti'Tit i.ii- |--r i ? 'u,il upon Iho estl
B st ?i net weicht of tt'-at?seller niikiaii off.il. That i? a
ii,: ? k waeel ?mart?!? vt.u aaifb t pata ?! io santa ? pouuJ,
ant?ela to leo.
( i .it? |.r j .;
A few EitrslieeTC?. l8
Tin-lin l--.t?,-i ?nT: 1',-ds? ..17ini7|
1 (gea r.i. T rate,I first a ,sn'y .l< ? -? II
v.' Itua. wg?ed, fair aeaut* .. .).'? _ ifl
niai in* ndlimj Illa Irtiat Oiae ead Pens. h ?ni
Inferior, or leweal grade of Cattle. ...v. li ?ri.
T' | , r i! .i. r i, i ,?f th? mur kit to day, csti-iati-d (,t . ;?r ?
? of | nu ? in in. l-l it if
Jhc-o.t of the sslet ate fi .ni.Mi_16
Will K? 111? '4 1111 A! ' IMOM.
T ,c r-'illotki ijld st Ailertou's ara npttrttd fr..m the Mow
hist Mat.?
-few-Vork-.x. r/,Miinr?a. lo
Pe.iLsylvauia. Ve* Minoa. |PPI
Otic . POtlUt-Sdl. 11J
ll.ev tatra- bj 'he fihea l-.r- r a.'? lill' I. lillead. V.l., liar
'.cm Ii'.,In pul I 373) ? umtli n Bad A S bay I! .i'road. 71, Vew
Jersey (entrai lUtlroa ! 00 bj llndion Uiver I? 'Ots, 1 !-.?;
on foot, 1.0. About 3.Tis) 'Tere in t!?? yurdson Mouttay.
lift ta l" ?' '?> ' s
The 'ollnwing ars the aan ? el dieran, ow-rier? ?r con.iirn
?is of The pritiiip.tl ilroTei, nr.'l ?tit:? t:,t tallar are rtiviud
fruni - ?.
B?jale I ...nterbe.k, lil. . CIS ,T f-t? wart. Vn. *_
K (ieorge. M . Iityl. ltsl*Btl_t-, 11J.I
I?. Wami, III. .'. 7< I? ?.rat Iii .68
II. Kisoer, III.it
Il. M?v. M. ?"
F. ??oldltein, M .Ml
BBabeeatn, ('?uad*.lov
?? I, i- .t?-r lil .'til
- ., .- :.ith. II! . Is
1' Hart tB II. i?
EaMtnaD A Bra IT ... BN
1 . ii.', uiuir?. C'.aad?. 13
II. bUller, Pa.41
Seig-lcACo 111. ... ?OJ'S Miller. I'?
1?. Frank. Ill. 1.; Killcu^er. . a. M
I?. Krank. Mhb. 1? J. M.., I*? . l8
I! Weil. Ill.?M .1 ( r??a* Ce l"a.H
'I li I....HI . V ( ? I KeJroir.1, O. P?i
J I i. iii'stier, III. SOW Slider (I . *.
1! W??tl.eiii. r. ] i.IM,11. M. Viuctine, 11.113
Kaiilfoisu A Co. Pa . '-II Ii * Part -, lil. l?1*.
(i. V. ilonnsoo. Ill.T?|C. latMb. Ill. i'
T. Hy?n. Ill . ?- ?i II Jl.? hardain. Ill . ISO
r?_?-ts_ Hogrt?., Ill.!'. C Q. Urtr?"?, ?Hilo M
W. Cnisl.T. II!. is,?le 1.1 ?. A (,. ,.l--. in. Ill .88
W. II. Platt. Ill .....iX* ' burri, Hurd A ( o O'? I
P. Md oimlle, Ohio_ 3d latwl.?? A Irsia.r. M..h.. -?
1 . I i.iovrr. 11.... -4 PT. B i.li-s'is M ... ft .. lue
J. Wilta? H. V. I" Mel Brej ia... ... 10
li? uta Barm 111. h- Deate) A Ce. lu. II
Vi Ii.mahur, (J|n,i . -. (Ieslr 4 ('? . N. V .
1>. P. Kejiiuld?. HI." U?rleui Lik?I, ?I. V. 1?
P. (j. l?ri?4-t?l!. lil ?..at'
RitiAfik? aboi'i nrrr cattul
The total nnroberthi? ween ??,??.: i.?.i swasainalll ! -I
brid last ?eck, ai,d willi ,', 'i t., ad a.er*?-* p-r ?eeklaa!
sei.r s 1.1 a .Hi 4.T ii fur th? ,irr?.,r "! Bf itu k not yrsr ?f..
1 he nun.'?r ?.,id yeiterda? ?-,,1 la Ist at I'* prtartpal
market. J.Tu?) head, compart? wit!. I lOOVtaa hut Beek, al 1
with T.l-W bead, fe aTerti1? [a; *n'. .u<t ?car, a^d Wuh .'.?vi
head al market one tear ago. ,
Monday, Map 7.?We l.iue 3,738 bullock? 111 market
today, i?i, h,: st an aterant ItsBee of abtn la ?j? n
n;-u ln?t M? n?l?y'a ritimtt1. tfitt ii Je. la prie?, boy?
er? sad aaOan ratimste, and nl'ert lay |c. in ??ti
mate of weis;tit sud '?v.l.m bat beyers de an B(koii?ledi.-e
that, and SS ?re put the decline at Is, : and it 11 rery rruiaik
?hie ttiat it Is not moth n.oie. VV ?? think It Wuulu hsre 1,-e?
U borer? bud known e?lr lu the SBeraras? th? extent 11 tbe
?Sppty fir the week, who ti I? 1 xce??iv?lv Tara?* fur this seaaon
of the year. There have hean ?uld here, on Wedneid iy, 317,
on Thursday, 31_: on Kridiy BBBj on Sstinlsy, lodi al sark.
Tille yardi, lisi. direct to i!sonbter yardi. lPo. at down town
lU'ilea, Uti, al Ilergreri. I Tj.'., * i.u li. added lo lin- numoer here
to-day, maket upT".7_4 fur tba ?ck. ? hu h ciny !>? itlil further
nu n ned lo morrow. t!.i?-i.li v? ?? ?lu nut hear'cf van. Itock
on the way. '1 he tvTaragt t u ali ty I? remarkably peal tl.i.
Beaks and that vi iii asaaael fur IbeeesBens rat?- of ijuotatioa
lulnif II??, m m sfiiliiit tata last week, ?hen tbe real decline
is hulf a cent more. A rery l.r^e proix.rtiou of the itu, I baa
a..'.l to duy at l.'.a li'.c. 4p lh, andu? lu-?r at on J eue lot ?a
1 i,(T as I7"e.; this was 23 held of Kiperior Illuioii steer?, ar
SI-fflSgl| ?*t. Some of tbe laleimen Isoticht tlirlr it", k at
Albany kt high rates, sod hold the heat nf it ar-Jr-c. 4? I?, early
In the morning, sad. penlhiy, lorn? butcher! paid thal but If
tiler did they p?-d abure Iho market price. Indeed. gte*d. fair
.Irnve? ?if li .nun iteeri ?r? ?eistirtid as only ?Ter.j lug- lie.
1 ! ?? raiore.t anl-al??and but few in _iim!?er?ara qr,ot?d at
lTallje 4? D, ?nd aome rery soo?! Hock al li,,- The
talet ?re geuerally otiiatiafaetory to thoi? who bonght
li.e.r stock at Albany, ?nd it li hard for aome of them to
" 1 uti.? uni. ' Their effurts kt do 10 bare tended to k'-ep np
prices, but the ctr 11 could not he suitaiued thrnuxh Ihn after
nip?n, and the matki-t closed with lather uiore than t.suul of
?tor I on band, and very dull BBBflpB I? of oloslnir out without
a considerable, decline. Tie ?eather today is reuicikably
favorable for oat-door hnstnes?, bein. ol*?r ?ud niiid.
CK)??. Of Till MIKKI r
T??i-ai/?May I. ? Wo ?ra now ittisticd that in ..or remirki
Teiterdsy wc did not ?-i? >? the decline of the mark?'. ?? great ?a
it reallT vrna. lt waa forced upon the but'ibi is by tho sollers,
iicaiiy, ifatot every one of wlunn ?ni inter? ?ted In Iks sal?
of 1 'iitle. In ihort. there were bot few cattle sold on co-imie
sion; und nearly all, if not the ,-r.rir? lot of ??-Ii, is, h-t money.
VV ,< did not he.r bul one of tnem. pretend that li? had made ?
ciimiois.loD. and his ?ssertiiin we doubted. It luiw a|ipeari
from buyers'and IsBsrS' atAtemnnU, that catii? wei ? rtsally m
cent ? poonil,'ycalerd iy-flernoiiti. lower than thry were lait
Monday, takiiii' price, wri-l.t tuid ijuaiity ist- ronaideration.
'IT,-.I,.), the condition of tin- market certainly hu not ira
prored, ?nd tlioie who held on last o if bt in hopes to do better
this roortiioe are disappointed. Althoafk bo fresh cattle base
eome in to-aay, we hear of Bat heed coining from Albany, and
ncirly as many more fmm the New .ei-iey road?, to lui oflernd
to hatcheri ou Wedueiduy. Tlioie who ti.nis-ht them, at.tli I
1'iti'i- a l.i.'h market, will probably And tlmt ' Sara 1? lick"
as he eri-r ass. Tbs price of tb? lew cattle beld over from
ti ?tcrilny la at l,-n?i hal! a cent Livrer tail iy. and dull al that.
Ilrery cattle-owner that we baTe converitd with wonders how
11 I,?? l.e.n possible to keep up the pries of cattle ?s hi^l, a* it
I?, willi such an enormous sii| ply. VV Ju Ig? that bulcher!
are not nnxlous to see? decline. Their ciatonrrs ?re.
H'lOKI'TJ.-,' KA I.1?S OK Ill'LI.Ot KS.
Miller A Mort bom?, at Ilntyen, l'.iifor ?kyles A Tiiomptton.
111. steer., root), 7 ?Bl?, (it li) t? I Te
Miller. Mtont?an A Uearv. tM at Beriren. III. itecrs, sold
for IbeinselTe.i, ?j cwt, _,m,| fl? ?!-, rea out at l.alTo.
S. Si hurst' r sold laat Tluiaday 1(1) ('nnoda Bl Bats, fair, fil
c?t , st Ila ?t.d t< ]*t, "_.???Ii! ?tier?. H cwt.. al l.*i_i?jo
IX. Wai iel sold 7t> 111. linn, f| c*t., fair to good, at lie.
last I lniriday.
M?'tt?l A Sherman, 177 111. aleera lor J. MoPttersoo, at l.e
Re. at <i c?t.
(?id. Ki-dniohil brought 1b V8 fine O? lu nxeti. f.-d by IT. Tlrr
?ni of lion('ounty. ?fin? lot, auld hy I". ItmrtaiB. rated ?a
II? ?at anil hroiitrht 16-17c, heiti|r auioo|f the faltest diores
ii. lau-',, I
li. Hirt run had ?l Illinois iloirs, lK)i(rht at Albany, lost
iin-liiitii 7 cwt . selling at if?- . us, r?(e?topi 17c.
S U_tj. 107 Illinois ste-rs for li. It. Smith, a dec?ni drore
fi ( ?*?? Beaut, ?BJ ia j _ li.Jc.
Healy A Co. had !'i Illinoilind State sleeri; the Illino1! 71
tvt. tollst ISnitr- and 1 __??. tetW-tateettttle, aaT?wi
P. Mcconville had Jil Ohio steers, good 8 cat. sold?! lCo.,
T (?lilies sold 7Gfor Limaclf,III. it??<ri, pretty ffi?od. 7t8 cal
at 1.'-Irio.
II. Weatluiincr A Co. sold 3. r??nd(??,?ii?teen for W. Snider I
7 cw? , at I',; I 17- Also, Hi?. Thura I iy, K10 111. steers, for _.'
(ieul-e, medium, H CWt . st Ur?l6(?.
P. P. Cary had 41 fat Pit iteei. for II. Miller. T!,ey were ?
choice lot, sim", ii tim lit-.t in ui?rk?it, s| cut, 10II at lou 17a
Ali??. fur W II. I'rult, i?. III. ?urn, t.( 0wt', al leo.
1 o my A l'on?rer, te M. Doiiil.ue .).' s-iuhI (? steer?, t-J cat.,
St Hi)c , ?nil ford. Mel'!.1 r-un. UP II ?cor?. | urt ut llersten!
a veri pood drive. 7| cwt . ?t |:?) Btenp? I? r bs u!. AIm]
ct llerKen, I -- f"r.VV'iiod A (I l'e.pio, tIt. sttvttn, 5ul0 ort.!
common to very it'iod, at lia iljo. ? is?) l.r tticttiselvci, III.
it?er?. very peut, 7 cwt , al Iho. ?seraiie.
Church, Hurd A Co., p*rtly ?I lti-r|r,en, MO, ile?tr? fur them
?elvri, 7 cwt , falrlih. BSM lit IT- 17c , nu.I ti 1 VV J. ii-miile.
ton tyo Ind. ?terra at Herren, b| cwt, at 15*17,
II. Weathcitner, 107 Alhnny-tonshl 111. ?teen, 71 cWt., prttty
faae*, ?oat l.',(c , nnd will tua. um nut al , nst Bad t-teaai 1.
P. Bt-Ca_r*?7 bul ill IiL iteen, 7 cwt,, seliiai: st 15?17c.?
? s.'",?l drove.
W. Thi)iii|ia,in. at ?erifen. H- I.I. st?-en f.r T-tttppta A
COBB ? flin;) cat. ii,otc. a. ! 1 ?t 1> uTeri^?, 7| III. s'.i.i.
for same paul??, 7tw?, at I.Vgi'c, aim 4.1 Ps Heir?. IpuustM
of J. Moat* at the yiri?, and r?t.n. ed si ..'.;.,,. no ?1 cirt.
a very (food huiuTi?Tnf ?he taja riA17Seaeh, toC. UWJWT.
T. J. OofJ .nui ila. 1.1. .1, , rl ? r S. O. Hi?:L?jd.oo, s ?_,.d
fair dmve. (.1 . at , ,,t l.'.aita,.
.i K Kulisrls.in I-iifht S4 ! I ?-torrs ,?f N 11 Ci u ?teek
.?. ? 1... n cn, eel ?t 11, , i, t,. 1
IT. M. Talentlne bad 111 illino!? tt-tera, a prime drove, 7|
ewt., bo-gbt at Albany, aad Miling here at 13'<tl7o.
EaiUikU A Pin. ...Id W. TV. Soullani If* -ttlools itflfrt, S
good fur 1?? 7.? cut., at l*.ri?l7c ; and for themn-lvcs 124 Illi?
no!? ?teert ?t 15 ?17c. m ti B Towt, ?'.'d' of tim Kp?, ur? c1.? Ma,
rt cwt. ?I 17,e.
If. Iluid torC. T.SBCh. M ____? ??????, f.|cwt, s* ?trong
It?-., ? I o?l fur (Irme, averaging $.14 .Vi? . ..
ii. i. iidi... i: 11..;?. "j. tot ii. waatMbMt? Tlllaaii itnn,
7 cwt. st Y-? .-'"
J. C. A W. W. IToitg bought of J. Farthing, at Albany, 80
Flin.?i? ?teer?, i, gi h id tlrotei ?old at 1.3 if. 17jo., on 71 cwt.
J. II. Willlin.? had ?5 fair Illii oil ?te.r. for H. Gr?y. 7|
cwt.. ?old at 13.117c, and to fine Penn?ylT?nia tteata bongil
<f Kautrman, and ?old at 1791?C <-n 10 cwt., ?troug. Tb?y
???re a cuoic? bunch.
C. Q. Lriggt Liought In IO fat Ohio iteers, 9 cwt., teld at
17o.. uTe??ge.
MILCH COWS-There is little fnjnlry for cows tils w??h
With a m-nlcrste ?npply on ?ale. J'noe? of got?! cow? are
?tifrtr, a few Belling it? I.lKh a? IK-O, ea.f iueli ?led, bat few
I ring over BMBa and t!ie mnjority ?eli at MM f'3, belr.tt
c-?mmon to fair ?ninial?. Home jioor cotvi are selling at 133*
tOO. They ?r-? worth more from the increased value of the
calTtt by their lidet, ?till tbey are not bringing more htro
thnn th. t lui ?o, I. in g**d dalry reglsn In the cenntry.
VFAL CALVES--Itece.riU hegiu to fall otT, indttithan
overstocked beef ?ud a full ?he. p ?n.nkot ptin? ar?. imyroT
Ing, a few aelung ni Maanl!? -P lb. but good eahe. are
g. ner.tlly ???lil at 10a. Bad fair ene? st "o. lynne poor calvet
?re telling at 7c. end even lower, but below tl.it | i-u-?* r!i?y
aro leidiin w. pi c1. S. Medra? report?B?M4B3I calves
avcragi?g ?? ? II 00 ' ? '
HIE HUEr.P markt r.
Receipt? this week.ltj|?.
Quotation??Tha following report? of g_kl of ?heep BLd
lsnib?. br ?everiil of tho iheep-brokf-r? who ?eil on ronimistion.
willglve the at erage of price? per head thi? week. 'J'I, ?y are
ouott.d perponrnl. lit" wc'itl.f, tor Shanad Sheep, 7 ?tic;
Lmi??. Ill 17c. ; Wool Sheep. M I 'lo.
The ?heep market li very mucli d?prc?i?ed (?t-driy. Iii? a cent
li.it-.-r and ?duller than it wu? yeiterdiiy, and li'tf'Jo. lower than
lut 1 h'jr.-lrtv.wh- li >?,?>!-?,1 ?heep?<d I i',t li????, -f It) it-id ihenrrd
? t !?|c. To-d ly lorne gotid fair, iniooth lot? h ive gun?' at 7Jo.,
?r,?l r*o ma? bt cotini-lerei! t!it* top of the n.:iri,et, DmN|I th?re
lionc lote'f Ftrrlni-ton'i from I hampalgn Cgpnty, Ohio he,-I
it t?|c., bat without t-id 1er?. TI i? cur wal amaftd I 15 th ?I
home, ?nd will weli/ht M th !"?re, and ?re remarkably jrocil?
terhapi the b??t atcrngc ctr-load wt* have had from Ohio thi?
Spring, though ?c ir ?ii ut? tli it Ware could have nlntsd i
luail lroni the f* "OU he in.? marketed??.???Oof them of Id? o?-n
tosdiBg?which conl-1 not have been b?*ii?eii. Certainly no man
ha-, iver before t? t.t thnt nnmb- ruf ihn* of hil own ftediiig,
to ti ila ? r any oth??r murki?, thal gan him nore andu mt
obtained, isst rhrmday, tie. V m. or the hlghoat pr < n of the
?eaton. William Leca-? hutt in 1,17?; ?heep from I'eiin.j Werna,
aud for U7 armata! !Xl lb, oncheaied, got 10K*, the highett
rate tim year; It? do. ?old at Ma
'trade to-dny open?sd and oontinned dull, with no pvoepectof
improremeiit t? ?morrow. We hare probably teen the highett
lal < p mu: ket of the pn tent ye.-?. Latnl?? ?re lertrce mid ?liar,
telling at te it* M a Lead, or 13317c. *t> 16. ?nd poor at tii.it
R. 11. Hume told 3,460 ?beep, jicatly ihcared, areraging
|7 M
H. M? Craw ?old MO theare?! ?heep at |6 ?*t! i?ei head, anil
SMwovlcd ? heep, ateraglng ti IL Alio 30 luir.b? at tb II
mir.r proverb ATBiVowrn*'.'?.
Fu?m New?Tork?SeHrlc? It Sweeney, 4-?o? J. I.ightbody.
14. W. Carpenter. 140; Charlea 1?. Brink, 178.
From Obi.*?J II. (leary. 90; II. H. Ware," 1,3:??; (lenrge W.
D*we*_ 7.'?3, Wm. Laa**_ S6?-i Searle? 4k Sweeney. J*?!
From New-Jer?ej?.John Corned. ItfC; Jame? O. Wadding?
ton, 30.
From FcLLejlTauia?Joseph Ucrt/berger, T4, Wil. I.? eil?,
J rom I?inoi??McGraw ?V Co., Mi Searle? A Co., VI
F.eoelril? by Kailrni. It, ??? wit. Iludton River Rnllroad,
3 4',7; Eri# Ita.lroad, fcfJ; New-Jersey Outrai Railroad,
3 333; total, 7,1-1
Qsiilallsn TTiittn asia ft I hop? ?*?> ?. lot?; m??.. 'ne
?.ti-dt, l.lJdi'Jlc. dead weight. lotnm/m bog?, ?f> it, .Ooi";,
lire weight.
ArriTR!? have l?een light dnring the pn?t week, ? .1 price?
bav? it.Ril'l? w. tk.'d np or.til tiley Bl.I I." ? differ
ti i*. at l!.ls tin.?' u?' week. Stock ia taken u;i c . I I M d .i ,j
I ?mi tin? fri-n tri.ilt i 4H?'.t g?twl.?t ti.?-? W.mt. Aft?r Ile
; fti?::.t al h it din Mad j ? tk i ????; Is I. its goa? t ' -?( ling li..?/ ..?,,
?i.d l:..' , ? BS o I ti..I ,- ?.:..; Lu. I? "I by tl.f IgM te, ? ( I?
tittil n t i.THiL lUiLBO.o ? oBrt?tT or Vrw !?B'BI I
Mt? 1?BB Al rtl .'" I" !
VOTKK ia berabv given that the ANNUAL MEET?
II IN'iiti. StorkhoUen of iba Ceattal Hultuau Coatpaay c1
;.... J? ia. t t?, ?!? ? ? o.? I o?? ton io .?rre fe. the yaat Beal i *,-,.ii |
?li he I eld ?'. II e ftl.re ef ti.? Culoi/BlT al 1 ..l.l.ellipt li. Ni w 1er
tay. letweeu ile baan *f U ..'?.? ?I-?., lad J u tdork p. in of Kill
Ij.Y, ti.. II'!, of Mty i?-l
7.*? liaiuftl H.'ki ?. i i e clii??l fi-?n 'he ?!al i at *o t?ie lllh
,?... ? SAMI'EL KNllX Tieaa.,ier._
i.1 BT.?B4>T1CC TO t-ltK MioLllF.H^.-ll.eXl.ii-.a. .* '..I.
fur'I ?.teni I,r.ro'??.f Ibu I ?ti. i ?i.y. l-l Hu- taaaaa J?*I will be
I.? id ?1 li.? oft? e?.' tl-e l eii.p.itiT,.. n,?r ? f Id ort . ?T-. Uti 1 w?niy
tiltbit.. ?.nil I ? DAT, lb? I Mu <!?.< of Ma} ui ti.
II? i I will b?r cpr? od fttoi 14 v 11 ?ck ?t noon, until 1 f a ol
li?' daT
'Ina dai.a'ei be. ti ?tLI baeUeeSfroa 4 . . 1? I p m. ef the lit
?lay cf M?y neil, ntilil S o c o i. a. in . of the IStb d.y i f May urtu
vv II EMBB8?N,
N.wY'.'k. 'ir .'Lim._ Seererar.T ?i,.i Tr-ai .r. r. _
lauini Dsraava?BT, .turi ." a*;.
\'?llri: i? Mnbi g.w i? ti,.?'-..i th.- l.'i'b .l.iy (?t
_.? May. im i'.-ii i.?..? pea?! r? - ' ?? ? "??
cf Teoiiiurn j t.?.ut' >r ti in 'I. ??? '.-.'.ed f.-r ( '?nu ? llroie pur
j ?.ii then ouliiandd t ind unpaid, w11 be i? :, ,-1 ? I iilwa
rat? at rite pet ?at pri ,. ? .- i ill i*r.<iu Iba*
b? . :.? ( ? !i titi! .'?? ?:, w? leb i blaker I
? tr req .??el t? | ??rut il.r .ariir tu UM t?tttt? I > ?Lum i??...ii that
?. : . r . ? it.' . lea uiey : ?? ' r
11 Mc TI. LU? II Si.iirriiTi.u r.j
?fairai.o i-n Saan l*. titbk? Kiii.*?t - oanaT i
???CBBTABT I ' ?n? a. ( Bl- ??.-. ?t.? I le? 1
1 lint.I?l li? AND IT " Hil-?! I-FU?- ,.f iha ( III- tin t.
bOBTH?Wr>TKIM RAILWAY ( o.MI'ANY. w li I, i.? ,1 ,t ...
? ! Ike ( ?- un? iy in the ? ?? ? i i U.1..- , u 1 Iii It ?I t Y il.?
tit. lay of J ii. ? ?, ?t !1 u ! ?a ni.
_JtMFSR Yiil'Ni?. ?????rel.ry1_
r ii?.tat. -?i.i.D Mim?? i ? arter. 1
(., Iiimi No? u ?. ?1 4 J
?-ew tua?. M-i 1 li?V?. t
t\ ?' -i m . ?i... ... I'.l.. ?!. ? an . I far Off ?n ? ' "? ?1. i
I..1V-I t""'.""' "?"eelertr.l l'l,l.l?nl HllltM V. I ill l/l HI
\ i.? I'...Idem. Hi ?I .-. li i ASK. >e,,.. bit ?.el lr?...???er Jtlll.".
O Midll.l.l Mll.i.t ?u|er|i,t. I,,le. ? I".l.t '?i?:?.. ?'.
Uniu ?? tu Sa? luna I'botii ?.?. i- t.iD ltir?..?ii
l an koli? t oara.sT.
N, ii v\, ..,., .ti]...'... )
SEALED PROPOSALS aril] ha tteoiwti np to Mnr
I??? l.'?.>on. by (he Ne? York l'r,,?i.i. ? ? ai.,1 id Maa III! ??.id
t ..ii,;.?-,, for Lil ? )ij ??lied Tho mvid l?u ion ol ih.ii i?t?ii p. r cul
lairi?, vairaut VikIi.
The I eudi ir? f,i i ne th?-,iil?lid ?lo!'?n eirl? in!. re?t Beyal 'e Jinn
try and July mi i n?. rial i n iht M day ??! J ly I '<
All pt. p-,??I? d.u.t he lo ?roi ./, id!i?i?*?l New lark, ProTt.i?nee
?nd li io h rttli-i.l (.., , ute M M igia'tSeW Si .i\\d!
Un- ?t I, Id p. _.!. fu? lim i,iT?,i,.i.*. ii..i,.ii.
Til* Compi y I?,el,?? the rig?I I?. Irjeel my or li! I. I.
lol fuitdtl i.', lUtal.uu irply tu th? hu:.. ??-? uti i t ' '," < , lui??ny.
M MuBUAN a .SUN.?', No. j9 w, nat? .t.
By cider uf th? Luui!,
_F B. Kotbi ?er-.tirr
TL! MKST |bt Iba tld d lie !'-.?.| tod I d Hi .!. of li.r I .ty
ot Ke.ikok ?ill he u.id- on ..'..! ?I'er II:.- I '. II h. AU p . t > i b? .1
ln* rontraeti wlih It,, under-^.e! I o l.Vt KAMirl iiu., SLW
BONDI m1 ITUCBI, ?bi CAIU, w11 ibiiIvi th* aaa* on ptattan?
Iii.i? Il ht
* I-n ,ii D-,t repreiei.trd li, thin ?ipi?Bllt? taltl?BM?l ?t ?? pt the
"\l llit llulidl,' Will b,- ?tllrlly IfllileJ by tli-4'liy <>! K.uatik.
J. t FRANKLIN V" 111 Hro..U.T.
| _Of- ni A?,ut tit? . ? K. nit k.
NbW i OBI ABO NbW ???tBB HalLBOAD I o , 1
l'trii?r of I'earh are. and TweiiiT ..Teuth ii.. New-York, >
r?i'ini?T ? (?rricK, Apn :i. I?*?, S
1 HOLD] It? of II.?? C.,.,.. ?t Tt.,1 b? helj at Htewa'en I (?li in
lh?f ilrof New U??en, on Till' it S11A Y. the I7lh ?lay of May neu,
at 11 <? . i... k a in. 'I he TraDafer Hooka will be cUjwd li?,iu (be lu
dey of May neil until lb? ?tiy of lb? meelina;.
_li I? ?ARIItnT, l're.?daal.
.?T linn Km? Isit-MAs. ? ? ii.riit, i
Ni w Yi,it?. M?t B li?? f
J J IweiitT ?4-.| Ulis-, (?r. of Ih!. (d,?,it?,,y will be held It the Coin.
p.iT'iiHi.e Se. bl Will it., o? MONDAY, the 4l.t i.y of Aiiy.
latit?. i'uli! vp-u ii li u'cluck, lu and rime >t 1 ? in
_____________ W AMilMi'HiN PClfJT, iWredrT.
J TKBBE HAUTE K tli.lttiAli t oMPANY. Th? AMNl'AL
kll.KIINii ?tthe t* nff--||in Bad UlllhlldWI if lb? St L.iuii, Al
tun and True I ft ute iltiltoad (u.upai.y foi the e,.-. t..n?-f llnrcLr?
in.1 (li? li.n.i (i ii o| iu??!i uti.ar I uiii.ew ai may pm|i?rly ?-nu?, he
for. the me.llt.t, wid I.edelH.l |h. Offire of the t'uu.??.liy S?. !?
h.. Hi y. .id ii. M. I., ,,,., M.. ,. ii MUNDAY, the til. diyofJune
BBSS, ?13? rlbi-k p n,
The 'i i.i.a-. i ii . ki of the Company will b. cluied from the 5(1, uf
May le Ide 4th uf J io iucluaire.
April 30 in??. _ J. n. RALSTON, Kerietary.
rVO HOLDERS of INDIANA v'4 nmf 6 par CENT
1 :-TA I Y. S rn? KS.-Notice ii l.ei.by |it, n to hold.ri ot lndi.ua
2| per rent and A per . .ia Slate Si, ii li? t ibe Mut? 1?. bl Sink
li. t Kui. d i on. m, ..no ?ia i.( Liliana will, -ii the Mb dey ?if Juoe
Halt pey, yro rilli fcrit lo Hie holden .f ?l p*i teui l'ertllie*le? ot
?Stork, in? aiuounl ..f moury-lbtu ou haiul h.-lun,-u. ? lo the Mate
Hebt .?iuklnt 1'mu?, ludillaraileftheiaid .'J 1..-1 rent Se , ki ai?
fully redeem??!, than In the holden 'fino ,-rnl f all ||f liri <>l Meek,
?li. i they ne m? tendered at (be ellie.? uf the Aleut of st?'?, la the
I'll? ol New Y.ik.
1I.IJ.I. ?iflBul Rael ?hoilrllre to nvept li.? |..-r , el,Lilli ,,f pilli
?Ipi! whl. h the Fund iel .p,lt for ti.I? purp.iae wl I li.. li pa?, ?r- ir
q. ie.1 lo nut,I, ii,.- At-nt ,f St?te, it !,'. ama ?? in lb? ( ?ty at New
? nfc, <?n ?.i h??.,rath? ?turi d.y 01 lun- Baal, ?I ? i" k lui.t ?ud |,.?ce"
Ibe pul uni.lu will lit va d.
JOIIN I MOIBIIOW, Treaai.r.r of Ht?te.
'I H .Mc ARi Y, Audiar ?.t s,.i,.
(.1 " A. LI -KIRK. Ateo? ol d-..[.
? li Ulli lu state Hebt ?-it km? lund Coin.
? ??? ?" ??.- ,.?.1* ?" ?.?.???ii ... ir.,a.bi. .. .. m iiniiun?. ?i.tim, tO pin
ti I? f?r tin ni? i,t the Math uwn?d hy ?hi? sut-? in tal ? htm ?ml t..
priileii ih? Seuifiiiry ead I -.hi.-.i.OjI Fund, and piuTiu ? lui .ti
??J? liiT??im..u|. ' Api'ttn.d Match Mb. Ilk-.
Eaeh bid mun ita(? ih? i. mil M ?t ib-ir.?, praaaaad ??. h? j u ,h.,?d,
the pil.-e |?er ?hare, H ? lii'd.ioi el p.v. ?? I, ?balbal ,u n.-ney ?r
bunda ol Ihia Stale, anil lo,ni I,.- ai,urij bl Id? d.dder
All ?.lila ih.^il.l b- a.idie.Md ?hi, i.?h the !'? ?r ?II, . le lb? under
? ienerf ?I *?t I... .1?. Ml JOSIAII KKIu
Jti. Ual?, Apiil j: iii?!. _ A;., i ef Um -??.le.
ri I It? ?LEI M.-TBOM IuU-re..?-.! ,;, . |. ?i,,, |(? ,,?,,.,. ?f
obi.iiiinc I'eli?,,, nu, t?. ! bin] it le lh.il ?d? en'are to ?eil ?t
li.i.NNKil k DAMNS, No. Ut .M.ide?l?r ,?? l?t?. .?.u.le.l I?,
? ITU luiTT'lN. tliii. Tentol ' . : . ' ?It, ,'.
ejli,bi(iii| Iii mndeli al wuk (li lill K-litY and Pill DAY uett?
uBa .1 lb? d? ptu of three .tune., ti,,- albai ihn ? ibewta ? Um tneenei
I ?lu h l'etrol.tiin em he obtauied f.?..n na , .11 ., , , . ? , .ti I un
?i i..i.r..,... li, !h-.ai.|..
A'lLAN'llt Jll'll'il, IN?-L'RANl Y MTBIT
IhOl. I Mlil, ISfll?,
Wm tdby \\ M r (.II.MAN.
_i___N .. 4?. Id .. ,.
O KIIKK fi on (?i,Te.i.ment Tar
it ? . ? finio Bl to aSQMl, by
Tllliili A\l. lAVnm BANK
_furner of l'wentyiii-i, al. ii.d Thud ?Te
rr-RAVELDf- CREDITA on M.ssm. J. s. MOI?
I UAN k i?, l.ONH'.lN jl.Bli ta UEO I'KALDHY
S lui a.. ...... _, |>,? y,_.,Vatid.ra at _I'HIIPK ?ud Ih?
1AIT, *t..J Li IAM*4J/V til'li!'.-, ii',. ,?,-. vj r,? ,,,,.
Sankini flooet** ano Bank?-.
No. ?M WALL-f.,
" ?Nil
NEW.VO-K, Mar 8? l"??.
r1?|1.tered ti.
Coupon, 'ta.
till II.? i'.|"l ''. .
P 2o< ?ii|? ii, Ti'X....
INC< .pun, 'M ...
8 40 ('?upon, 'o?....
li) 40 I'.. ?--1...
I??! lu'inon.
( it. (?rill ?at...
a ,g..( in.
lilit lone; 1.*?.
letilJtiiy. 7 J8.
lir.glJuu?, 1.1. No'.-?, ima..
HW Ji.ly, C. I. Nute?, mt..
?lirj Au?, C. 1. No:??, I'M..
I 1</X (?ct., C. I. Note.. I8f'4..
8*4 I?re , I". I. Nute., 1RTS4..
8-| 9l\ Ms?. ?'. I. Nut,?, ian?.
10"? li?i}|?iug., C. I. Not**, It**)..
,'.'.'. 1? | ?eet. ( . |. Nute., lie.?..
lu.-?; ?(Ill ! (Te. C. I. Nut... ll'J'l.
Ne. S N A88 A U-ST.,
on fa?, ??tie tarin?.
States and ca?adas.
era** CERTIPICAT-P ok nrrosiT issiTn_
'DANKJ-.'O boose
WY I.uy ?i..l ?eli al the Oiu.t bbcral cwrent pilcal, and keep on hind
lujsp y,> ^ KKNM_NT rt-ypj, ()r ALL JgSL'EP,
And ?i?icte cr.lcr. fir guu-nM and lal? of STO< KS PONDS, and
GEO. C. D-j-iHAKs
MllR-lUAOE HONI?S, and RAILWAY 8_.CIT1-I-I_- of rTery
linrr'i > ' i. not ?elrl ?? the ?' ?? ? eirhauge?.
AliAMSH KXPRr-t? (?.sr) ??el,
I .X'TKIl lil Arti.? EXPRESS. Ii,p?i it, I
AVIKUICS-N IXt'Ul.s- I e?,,tu,k,
ritAtTltlNAL SHARK* shove, WANTED.
.??!?'( K k BOND.--, ?? , A.-, , J
All Ti'li-srnpb .lid _ip'en?t'tock? cn Land ready fut i_io.ed.ate de
lireiy._ _
at-CLEWS,' "" WM It H END,' ~ THEO. B low Ll.lt
i S ., i esscis to ITvermrre. Clewi k O )
Man??al? Basken ?u,J m.i.vidi-? ?ssains ?tt.ua wuk u? will
Ala-OWBD 111 FRIST st th?rnrT?ut rrerket rate cn ?J DAILY
ilAI.A'.t ?S .u")-. tie , ii, koli deinaml without iiutle.
I 8 ?-?.( I li! 1 IF.-. IT IK IIA.-I.H AN1) KUI BALE.
A . lud? on li?i.u. leady fcr mi'ant delivery, ?I tte low** r.afket
pr? ??.
( eil,, liena mad? on Wa?hlr,|t?n and all pi ?ntl of th? I'nion, witb
Qa ? Rec,in.. _._
1IM? II ?I'll KD IttOll
No 5 RIM. I?c. LA YKlX
_ No .? RI*E S< RIPE. PARI?"_
Toils MUMBO?! ?v Co.,
No. PPJtA Bl BIB-, PAM-.
No t* WAL! ?tf . NEW YORK,
Inn* ( Irr, -. Letten of ( r. ill lui Tu?? 'en in ali parla of Em-pe,
ke.kr. A'.?o ( ominen-i?l Oedit?. _____
.?Tat? or .'???. Von?. Ham? Dspaut?????, J
ALBA-IT Apri 2X, I**?. J
VOTICE W HF.RI.nYi.IYFN, pnrannnt In CLipter
_t tx La??. ,i ana a?,! ?,?i, Law. of ia-, t__ a? emu:.ung
b?:......iri i?|.,Mui'l I.? a t-i-t-t Miai-latlaa loraUl la Um
City oi Ne?. V, rk, will b.- film ill, ?t far, by the B?SSIMtl i.danl of
|.-, i , al m. uieierititi. B it the Nes?- York Stat* Na
ti,a ?I Pink. In tba City M Atumty, (or lix yen? from tb? dit* herauf,
nul nut th. . ? ? i
1liei)uti!aiu!.iigclrei,'atiiig nrteiof'I.eiii.l Sank ?j ust I ? pri?enled,
?? ?f -..??I,??.turn iii vear.fr. ni fie Jst? l.tsrof inda ! g?0T?.a wlii?.?
al., u. t be i .ii'uted I ,1 r?.len.till. B ?ed ? as n.el.l ss ,'hlu til? til??
Ibu? ii-ec'ii. J. ?till .-.-??- 'u be ? t-i.aig? up'-u the I'.uJ in tlie band? of
tbe S i er .,1. uii.-i.l ?, r tLit I'.ri"?.
Ap 2i ls?r.6iuo. (, VV SHirvi.TR ?apeiinlen'eiit.
.?TATS c1 NltVoU Ha?? I'IT laTBB.ST. I
Alba.it, April .'J, iW I
VdlU]' ia hcrolv given, ranoaat toCbaptartM,
?1 Las? a > f I? '?, ?i J lie, Les? of Hen?, that the elie i latin? Bute*
iMU-d lu Ils? I li . - link, a fe. kiel aiiociitiuu lu.aUsi lu til? nty
, f .-?. ?in, ? ?Uba ki DEEMED AT PAR by the S ip?tiut.nd*i,t
oft.,? Il.i,?.?g D?p?It.i.eiit. oi, |ri-i "atlun ?t (be Ne? V.n M.t*
N.ti ii? li :.?. -til* , ity cf Albany, for iii vari frum lb? d??
I.? .???'. ?It-tiio? Hu -??':? r.
The oiStitandu r . ,:', t P''?. of th* ?aid b,nk m'ut be era
mimi ? , ure?s T a -lal lix yean fiom tue dit?'ur?. f. an. ?il
,i.? thal lu' be preterit, d foi reden ptluD ??4 payment
w.'Inn li.? :i - :,. .- .i>e.':i.-a s. i . , eat* to be a c1. SJB? uj-uii lim luiid
lu Hie htnJ? ot tu<- Super.iiteudrnl foi that pnrp.as?.
A|-? law ?na (, VI .?.( Ht T I.V 1!, S ip?rT t"e'. t
s_iia u? ." ?w ?oh? tiA.sa UariRT?r>T, i
ALBA ST, April J', liil?tj. !
V?-TH'E l8 HEREBY GIVEN, panraant to Chap
it t-r2?-l I.?????! Iii? and 4T?, _|-l ?>f 1889, that lb? C1R' l"
LATINd Nii'lt.S laauesl lu th- EAST RIVEB BANK of I'eCITY
of NEW V??IIK-a L'?nkln| .imccUii'ib kic.ted in the I i(t uf New
Vurk-wi., le l.l.i>hi.v;|.|,, ,t par, hy te ?up?ri, t. inleut of tb?
I -ti.; D.p-rtnient, oi ir-?, alatli u st Ik. Mew-Tart Sute Nit,omi
Hu., i , -i.? C,(y uf A,t'*iiT for iii jt.r? fa ni UM ?lite hereof, a ad
li ? i if1*. ^
i...- u.a. u.la i keaUtlBf r.olel of Iii* nld bank nei.t 8* pr*
KiiteJ. ?. ?lue ...iil?'wltl ?r. ?li ye.r? frum the ??at. herttlf, and all
I ?? ?li. , .lilli. liUl be |,I. .ellle.l f,,f ledi MB?Ml ?"d pUTtlU-Ot
wit) in Um lune Ibu. -pe, ,u,,l ??ill MSSS te, be . utngt upon ti,* fund
in li e 1..I..J. ut lu? Sui?nutenden! for lint nnrpoM.
Ap 2S-I.S? ?.mo i. vv SOtirVlaKK, Superintendent
M*rr or Ntw Iobk Bass i?sri?T?-t?Tr j
At BAST Apil. 4'. IriraJ. J
NOTK'K i< 8-BB-f given, pur?.mut to (.'h..pter
I ?. Law? ' ? UM, sad 111 La??, el Htvt, ti,,-. Um cu.ir.tiug
t. ??? i...i'1'uth? Nalit?al IU..K ii. iii? t ity ol' Karw-l '!k..biuk
lug aaesj lal . :. i, .-?ted in the t Ity of New Yolk, will mt reJeemed AT
ra? I'v tb? S,i|?rriiiti udeiit of tin- Bankin? Department, ?a pre?.?? ?
li. ii al ii.? Nati. i.al ( I nan, r..al 11?:,t la the lily of .i.bai.y lor ed
s..rtif,u. li e ,1,'e l.e . I a',d liol there ,1' r
Tb? oulaCiiiJing etrenlai ?g sot*, ol lb* ..i ? Wauk, ?nut be yte
?.l.tej k? ?'ri-a.d. wi'tiin ?t? iiin tr.-in t ? late baawss ?ni m
i, 'r. arbtsk at??I nott? preienleJ fur reden pt i,,i, and nisiiient within
Iba il? Hi ?i lyif Ila! wal tasMUbeeab??ap "p-?1? na fund st Iba
Lal. ia ni l_l .-s.i.eiiulendenl f? mat I, irr, ae.
A|, -."* lav? Hu. (-. vi _? iii VI.KH. SnneiinteudenL^
.?Tltl.lNl? ?URI Has? Dbpibthbst. I
?i Hist April 14, |?n_ I
N'OTK'K ?? lioicliy finta, piiiT-iutiit io CbaataP-36,
Las?. .,1 in.)'), and 4Tri Last, of li??., that the , mu?.ting nut?. I.
.ueJ t? the MERCANTILE BANK, s Hanking A??u i.itiuu lix-.ted la
ti.? i Kt cf New Y.uk wiT b? rel?eme.! ?? p?r. b? Hie Superintend
eui .' I'',,- li-, Sill? II, paflnielil. O', preaelllailiili Altl.NF.W YOltH.
STATE RATIONAL OINK, in (..?? Cuy ,.l lib.ny. t, r ais yew
frum lb. dale theleuf a',,I not tber?-?lter.
IT.? oulataudlug riirnatiiig U, tea ol iii? li J Oink mull he |-.i
? ? i.le.l ?a ?l t.'.cj. wlllliii lil year? fruin the date holeof, ?.,( k11
nut.,, ?lue. ?kail not he pn-aen'. ,1 l,r i.-leiupti.-ii ?i,j payment vti-Inn
tie tune Ibu? ?|?,it..-?i ? ill ie.,.1- lo be S es rge upon tb* fund in ?lie
liai.ua,T Ibe Siipeiiuieiidint lu that |i :rp"?".
(J. W. ( .IIV'LER, Siperintri,,'. at.
Dii'i?cnl- Ne liceo.
Nsw Voss asia Baa Hats? Kaiii. i_s i o?r??T. )
' '"is?? . Hi-Hi a s?K ?so rw?wr?t?iaaia?nis?'
T uhasvbkb ? Orrie*, Ma) ?, latstj. )
ADIYIDEND d' 11 v i: DOLLAJt-t \wt SHARE
i li.? frum i "iTrriun-iit tax), laa this day bean declared OB tb*
1 ?pital St,,,-? of th* Company, payable al thi? OfB, e. OB and after
F i ,,l ,t. the Hal, ii,?.... to Ilude st I?, wer? Bt?4 ?holder, ?n th? rluaiug
ol ila book?. W?v I, 18t~. Tn* iranifir oo< k? still t open oa the
l?tht_.t. VV. BE.ME NT, Trasuaier
l?fia??Bgrr? Arrive?-.
HtO.M SAVINMII-In Mea n.hip i',,.,... . l.i?,,ig-tou?Oe*. 8.
Ov?. i... A I! r, ?> I". Il M ? .ii ( sp?. J l!. VUrs. wife, twn cbll
il .uaii'iserTu-l. K. I Mil ? li C li ?.. l| ,? | j|,. ?J OeiTa.1
t? xhiMrci ?' ?? li,- ? I - - -W. J. II Cb. m, .'di.. ( ?nbeUT. Mr?.
Il'iiry Mr-C lu . ph ,?. Mu. J..h. ..,,."!? - r-T-? nh Mi.? F?n
ia.-??until Hr. S A. ?muli Mt. U. li. Smith, (.. .. V Pule, (.pt
M.r.e, Mr . rid Mr?. II J. Ripley Mia. Ripley VV F. V.hm. al. .".tis.
le ,,.? liBM It.aiuey. W. II. Uiadbjr, M. .??ii.-lie/.. Ml H..??r.|,
Mt.. I!..w.fd Hi- I'und, .Ml.? CttU, Ml (? C. laud. Mm Red.
Mr.. II.?). M ?. Dei,,.., s. <;. I parti I1 I? "u.h .". Mr. M.-KitJ
b? ii. Mi. ?ni Mm V.in M? ?iriu.l. VV I.. Heyxaem lanam li...,? ?nd
? i:c, PAP. I.iav.tf. Mr Ji-e-e, C. '1. M,.,.,. si.J 16 lu ti.* ile. !?.-?.
S?n IT i.e.-4 ?|.| ? n-?et..: ... ! Munn li'.?..1 Jy
Mimi ?aik? mi? ni.
S*ridy llnok ....3.0*1 Ua?. ,?Uul. Hell U-U?.5 .?7
?IIIPPINU IV. Kl.l.ll-I-.M'-1.
ri)R|- tPP Ni 'l POU.Mat 8
Sie ,awl ip !.. .l-tina (Hr ), TksSBfSSSk LiTerpool. National Steam
B ? ( ?.
S', -iil.l ., l.'a.eia. Ill ?, Hu. eil Ni-plllue Sie lllitliip C'onip.ny.
Pt? ma Hu Uki n.l, Ntw! ii Batt?, ft 1' (Tide.
Balk Wai. It.(hi. ne, (...iher, late,p..,I, Lawn? ? OBm U'-.
Bark Ran - itml'ri i, li ak, Pal-nntk, Eu.-., tu l'hllid-lpi is.
Kin. ',, M. ... .1 W . ..ti
B?ik Jan ii- i.i . li (IT us). H.s?.e,?.iirsT,rr vii Ii illJMM*. Futi.'h,
Ba:k Ml . a . li ??:,' ). ?Inuk.ll ( .?tk ?la Piil'?.l?lpi|Ta, C. Mt-aalng.
Bar?. ?? : P?( Itali,- - I!.'I I. .'li, VV , I. f'B|e.
I I i ii, .i, i', ill, ihm ...?, II, i,I. ritla? and lluenu. \jitx. J. No.
I"t?, It
Hi'ig In i. 11(11 l I M.'-ri!... I,?. P nry.
Bi'ii hr! tun (Di ), Stkeem. A naerp. It , ,?i.?? k fe
Hr ? /, ,. ,ri IB. 1, (J ? Ir*r ?, Babia aad I", r .,:?1 u-u J Ml 4rt? ,r.
Brig Hil. ' ?ti? Mufeliull??. VVe?,?uiilll, S 1 . 1 ,lu.l... , Hi-.
Hi,? Umgo. Iluiuliali, ka u?i . ?. f. Talb.a'k Ce.
Itiu 1 B. P.tlonou (Bl ). 1'ik? Laguayru ml I'urto <'?h. ,.. Ila).
Irt '. I. ...
Behr. J T. Willum!. Liman. 'ViTiiu ?'. ,, M ?, M,i ,e?d, _ c'0.
- r. Mary ( ?ark, An.li r.-. Uo.tun, IV. S. Pgaw? ?lo.
S, :.r A. I Al ?? r li, i", ?'?'ni rd.
St. hr. tiui.- H?l??d. Hall lit In, .nd. Van riru??t V Siaghl.
Batir. Il'iri-r Hr?w?ter. Hawkin?, ? i-p,t?, t. Vbbolt.
?, bl, ll.al,!, til.kel Ml /,- VI. .1, k Caiver
lall. VI ?.da ard, Liihs S<< ... VV ...I, A I att.r.
Stuu.ibip llerntn Liringituti, Baker, K_*aiiii_X?, J7 bonn, v?l(b
Bl J.r. uni |a . lag I tv..,'?'i't ?'.?Ali,.
Ntoain?hi|> I'.in yr?(lti.,, Wa?,, n Liverpool April I?, Qneeii-uwn
2i,tb witb u.dae. and |ui? I? !.. Cm,ni Al-'.' 'I 1?C til ?TI. iun.
X13 . I, k-Biad .:?.?'. aub ?hip Ahhot.turd, b? aid I.
Si, ainihii. Bara|?es?, Cr.,well rh.ile.ti,u S9 a* ara, wllk Bid?-, ?nd
|>??a ,.,'-.., .al- lla.l , l-t s? mia a,,,l ,,,?,? .1 ,i.( tl-i p..?.-:?
D8 (..,? I., .a ,- | ,,,-,, ..h, A M Amea lit hi li . u.iugliii (? ,
Steaai.Mp V.t.iu,, tfrmtti. Rkkrucsd, M boen, with ?,1m la
Murray, K?rrli k Co.
8'ern.iihip Mia??- desvelaad. S?r?r.nah Stb but, witt ad?. ard
paaa. to (larri.on ?V A'| n.
?bip! w?tiller?(Hr I li??h. LWejpt.il D.,?. 1, and OtbralUi Man b
lTth"J' Sf p"1 ?? '??*?? ftk m?!??. I? ?riler.
Bblp Yorktown, bn?f r, I.ond?in. M day?, with uni??, ?ad pim ??
OniMieil, lliul-.ru k ( >. Ha, b.d i?roi-| Wetterly wild? the . ni ?
P?a?4t?. April ?. tot. 4? -. ??. ii ,j MW , ,.? ' ? __?. .? (,.,
b.e.kand ted, wiih No I? walked on It lab, Utury (Jutuera. a.
i?.nun, ?lied and wai bo.lad al te?.
Hhlp Uourio.a jot' Yarmouth, N. 8), Browa, Beaiadloi. II ?eye,
with tvi.it to Kdinliton B?oi.
8i^?4hik?.pei?(Brein).reehl*T, Bremen, SO taja, wltk mira,
ind 5117 n??a tel.haa. Lulin? b ? u. ^
Bark Muco Polo. M.r...".,, Hr....,.? SI d,*?. will, -Jim ...? I
paa?. te Ru?er JJioi. May J, ?at. to J!, ion. ?iii?, lew ,blu M... ...a
var b? uad E. v ?
Bark Niiova Ot'er'?, Croretto, Leghorn. 6S ?toyi, w?b m?rtir id
ni? to W. J. Tat? k to
Bark Eii?ora ? Kr ,. K ,l.?h?. T.-il., it, vi? Pea*?ua F?b. 10, -ni, ?J
trtl?- of lod.ito (jeorje ?'. i;
Birk T. ( mMb| (of Stockton), Rogeri Cirdinai, li dara, ?iib ?a
(arto W.iib It l.?r or.
Bark Nord.n (tj-ed ) AB?I?rion. Ctdii, SO dive, wi?h??>? te
Funch, Meiucke It ~ r..?lt. Ha. lal braTy Vi aud SW. wine., ai.i
Bark W. E. And..nun (of Ri-ekiport), Piere?, Carden?! II day?,
with luiir to J. E Wird It Co.
Bark Hauibirr (of Pictt, i), McKesiie, N-jilta!, 14 da ti, w-tk ra
. r ?Vc., lo ; .,?- i
Bark Margaret, Letter, Key Wett u diyi, with cott?n, *? , ti. P?b
ner li Bro-n.
Brig Richtrd Terrey, Tunier. SeTinueh ? day?, wiih uwtei io U.
W. Lu,.?! k Co.
Brif Koiiak. V.u., ?? ..!???. 14 diri, with ir.Bir to I T? b> 1 k I .
Le-t lu ion?bilk Ji.uiei W'dod, for Ne?-y,rk in? dirt, bilge Ade?
liriy, for New York in B day?. Thoona Owen, lor New York in 7
day?, P. I. ?eriui, fur Ntw Vu'rk , t..d ??.hr. Ad.b, lor Bcittu m IC
Brig E,?!;pt-e (of St. Kitti), r/elmon, Maytgaet, P. R., 1C d.yi w.lb
i-jgtr io li m-, k I...11.I1
Brig Haidee |of Jimiici), O ,'erbri'lge, Old Harbor, Jen, 71 ?Ure,
w-(h Tot??, -d tu II. de I ord. ve.
s. ?r. I mill ?'-I Nuil?), IL, I. Ban-on, 13 dayl, ead Itarlti ?.a? d
11 dayl, with fruit to Jiuiei Du .?in.
Febr. W. S. Ililli, Thooipion. I ardenai. It iaya, ?iib ? .fir I? C C.
Duncan k Co.
Behr. Loud, Peu:nek. lit a?ir., Mttantai, 11 d?yi, with u:? d.-aei M
Mun-.y, Ferrii k Cn.
S.'i.r. Etpreii, Robblni, Pt. Markt 14 ?iii. with fitton to V. D.
ILii lut k Co.
Kehr. Franklin Beil. IIomiB, Wilmington, N. C, 7 d?yi, w'ib ??Val
itm?! to Tonalli It lltluiea.
Sehr. I'nioB (of Uirrington), Hieb, fir Jem?, 19 diyi, w itL u.? um?
to uimter.
Behr. JaM 8. Dorfee, Huntley. Peniieo!?, 17 ?tay?, with Uikbei I*
8?br. Wm H. ri<.ar? Mir), RoVrti Eiamher?. I! dayl, w?u. |!??
ipiilei. ??, to Jaoiei ?)v, ?l.i. Left ichr. Mary and f ..an, 'ti Nea
York in 12 dayl.
Behr. J.Biei I!. Hort Dlintmay, It?1 tin?or.?.
Behr. Walter Raleiab, Nick?r?on, N?w-Oilcan?, 14 daji, w ti, mom.
to MuriBT, V.n.i 4. ( ... . _
Behr Ricbird Hill Hal?. Tin.pa B?y, April ?, int Key 'A ?ii 12
dan. with redat titulier to J. It I. Vater.
r-ohr. T. W. Kiuiball. jr.. I ro -kett, Hockjaui, limo.
?*-, hr. *> erin la, Pende, 1'roviJei?. e.
Bohr. J. Walker, Ov.ituD, Pi ??Ide* CB
Behr K?t?, 8t?Teni. Providenee.
Behr. II. S. Barn?!, Whitmore, Providence.
Behr. Adelia Ke.lj?, Youug, Prorideno?.
f-f i-ir. Clara Jane, Paikrr. C'a ali, with i in,1er to 8_up?OB li t '? \-p
Bcbi. Wblw Hork, Furuice, Southport lor Albany.
Behr. Sabino. Myer?. Bath, ?0 daya. with luiuber io-Snow.
Behr. Onward. Hadley. New Bedford.
K-br. R. Burley, Phillip!. Tunton.
Sehr. Roth ?S. Hodtd'U, Halb, Ro-ihlard, with lira? UW?. 8.
Sehr Minnie Cob*? Irtrraham, N?wLondoa.
bein. li. K. Arey, ??, Be?l??t, y?re?.
Trople Bird?ibip, M*y ?. to? 37, lou. 73. bene? for flt Thi p.m.
Korn.lei-hark Ol.irw.). March l?, .at. it 14, Ion. 4? 19, iron, Pa'
mouth for Amour, 37 dayl out.
Mary Ann?birk, April it. front N?wOrl?sta? foi Bor?!?! .?.
Diawa ter.
8. hr. Walter Raleigh report! tbit on th? 3d ir.?t . lit 3? ii ? >, ?7
tv?, j ??-J up (dipt. Hill and crew. lu In number, of bark W ..i-.r-f?.
fr.-'r? Cleiiluegoe for Port!?uid, wlili-h had tank ? ?hort lime (?renoe?.
(apt. lilli, of ne Wiiilhrcf,. npnttl gailad Iron, Cl.i lue,'. ? Apio le
for Portliad, with a cargo of mo.aieee, bid nioderit? w?*,tl,?r irlfl
2d mil , when they ?Lcoiii.iered a itrong gul? fiom NW to SW,
M i-logtbe t.-'.el I,? li ?k ht! y; hl-I on the 3d, in tot. 16 12. lou ft? ?t?
al.? went down all hai.da ti?lu? to ?h? b ,?ta Two binn ?ritrwar?
tney were pick?-d up by Capt Ni.-1-rmn. of i.-b V?.'?it**i Ka.t.tl?. ?k?
I?rough' Mietn to t.du port. Tbe W iutbrop lulled fiom Berir.,,0?. wai
217 ? i.i Au.. uei.,.i..u..--it, w11 It y. _; old, aud wai utTneil t j i Ml
Port-tDjirbcn's Colite.
Stat? o? Nbw Yobw.
r..?i tVnDi.il' Oi net. He. 13 Wii ,?'.. ?t I
NOTICE is herc-jy given, in accordance with stre?
tton 4 ef the iel pen? i April 14. IHIT entitled " An Arl t? ho
orsrniie the Weidrni' Uftte of the Pott oi .New York, to eil per
?uri lutereitwl in. or baving charge of. ?be ?ubyect matter of iu?b
m;ulry,eiBniiiittiuii or ijrrey. tdat ti* CnU??vaIS ve???!'I ?'? ti?
?Bder ?naiinit.on by the Port WardeBt, ant that :1m Mid i?i.?y? m
?iaiitiuitiu.il w. i he eouipieled ?ilLio Ma i?tyi beat ia?.cee?iin| _-?
l'uni* o? bond laid i-aae i:
Kieau,alnp N?w Y?,rk.Bob- len
i?ie?in?h:p l\ i.?i.in,-:o*j.37 I k.
Meaiiihi.o ThioiM.13 N li
I ?'.rk Cyrene.l)?Forre?( ?
itaik T. ( min.n.Pierreponta
1 '?ik ( Linemen.34 B. K.
Brig Ellen.t? N R,
Prig Kixl a?.'..?el.eu.-ki.
Hi.i Lade.Ku.i.re.
.-ehr. Kraia?.in Bell.Halt i Yard.
Sftiir. Jin.?! 1.U.RU.11 ?ti . Yan!
MIN riiiiUNE TOMPKJjtb. FrNMan
J. Arl'? MiBBtaa? ?*??r?it?xy.
LAW l.tTIiM.IGIiltb'.
SUPKEME CCffRT-iirvifttL Term?May ?-l>?f.n
Jiuli/''? ItAKVAII?, l?ORAHAM aod Si UHR? A*-:
The People, ex iel Michael Ryan. sgt. Abran D. RtntH
City Judge.
Tho City Judge of ?ie City of Nea".York, ty the
act creating hu ?.Hie?*, wa? clothed with ail _M jumcal
??? r? rent-d by it", io the .Kecorolerof tbe eily <t.'i.?p '.<i.
??? of le?O, Se. 'i,, and wai directed by tbe iviiiie ?reeticn la
perform and ditoharge all Judicial laBtn impoacd apoaioeb
K?'coider con. - rn-iit.y v?:th l.iiu. Tda llecoriler i* by itatut*
vested with the power of a .Supreme Courl Committicber (1
R S., 261, Reo. XA. At tucb he La? power to allow a writ ? ?
hibett oorpu?, retnrnat-Ie bet?re bitrtelf, and to take tocb pro
ccctlitigi upon a return to the writ, at one author?.eil by Ih*
??tinte governing the proceeding? li ?ai ..c*?c?,n..?l toadjadft
diicbarge of the pint iuiprWciieti or not, at he ?hall f_B_f
ppeal piper? li trhriher It?
dcienuioi C-4?-- b ?**. "?ec '")?
Toe qneetion pi ? ?e:.:??l by the ai
City ?fudge ha? power to b?ow a writ of "habeas eorpu?. It it
cliiuieU under the authurityof Yalet ra. L_utiug i' J K. '?Vii
(hal the act of allott log ?ucb writ i? mi-.iiteilal. andnot Mi
slal. und Uni J*, .?ion i.at been followed by thi? ooort'in klnt.n
v?. Niih (16 Abbott? K?p. Of.) thal tbervfor? the City tw ia
bad no power?lo allow the writ, beinf only ptiteieetj ?.? It*
Judicial powen of the Recorder.
The case of y ut?-? r?. Laoaing did not erins und? r Di? ? ????
??ni ?tuiutea iu relation to h.ib?'a?c<irpni<,.?,.- th? law ti*.o Jmmi,
il the chancellor, orfludge of the Supreme Cour?, 'in the v*?*
liun term,'' ihould " deny to allow any writ t?f bib? ?? torpua
by ti..? act r? '?iii**d to be ?'rant??d. btibg applied for ?u'afore
MUd.be ?hail forfeit to the part? griewd on? tlotmaiid two
lnintlnd and lift y dollar?." (IB. Law?. MIX P- -A ??< 4.)
The a? tion wa? ?garnit the chancellor auder tbe Lfth ??-.?.. u
of the ?ame act for reimptUoniog a peraoa ?li- :.-.i ?-?.<! by Iba
Supreme Court, which in.p??ic?l an equal penalty for an, h reim
prntoning. It was held that the chancel ur was :?t lui?.
That the act for which the action waa broaug'.t vnlnU?
da!, and no action trould Lie for a J..?Uti?; error io jad<
B*ai In gi.ltig tho opinion of the Court, the Chief
Justice doe? luy that, "the allowance of U??rit'.n tn?
tidi? ? uot a ju-tici ?i ust." bu? the ti ne ton at to the slain
ter In which a J u.'._?? allowod a writ in ra? uti m waa u? t i ???
f? re the Coint, nor wa? the ?ameat all involved in lileah? ana
of the quettion which w n pretanteti by that san 1 thuil
utider the nre.cnt statute it may well be (_ue?tioned if tbe al?
lowance of the writ ot babea? <*orpa? ?i a minute: iai act. tie
conteuta of the p.?titiou aie proecribod, and the etceptioB?
of t!i?*e ci_???-s of person, giren hy ?taint? ?ho
cannot proecc te it; a copy of ide pip? r auder wh.i h r,?ti?.i.l
u made li to be annexed, an!*?? ii use on mad?? Im its cn.'.?
?ion. Th? officer may determine the qanttea ? b tbur he ? IB
allow the writ or not. That he i- n, nie rcipouul?e to th?
party applying for an crroneoni deeitloa i. tt-.i*. Bo Is Ila
Supri ni? Court Judge, either at Chut, ins v. Specim 1? rrL.
I So are all court? or ollicer? who have |< ?ver to allow the writ
I but it st'cnn? io me that the; f*c* of re?p?,nubility fur error do???
I not detcruiiiie the oh.iiai-ter of the a?-? it..: e. It kB Judie.? ul ii
, it be tho ?icrci?e of an authority he po??i's?i*i a? ioigt, wtut?
j he muy or ni?v not BUfaJaij at he thal iletcimine the a?t?oD
' lo be ml or not.
It will thu? lie seen that it Is of ?erioai Question If the tan
of Vate? n?rt. Laaataa .- authority, f .r the ca-e of Mat.ii ?j,"t.
N old upt?n the point whether Ibe act of the allowance of a
writ of habeat carpul i? ? miuitienal set under the ilatute aa?
lt now eland?; bot 1 think the City Judffe du J-intdicaon to.
allow tbeae ?rita, whether th? allowance of them ?. ni.?
tiTi.il or jiuli? lal. He ii giren the ?ame lud??dal power a? Iba
R.?? order. After the writ m alloweaJ, and tbe iinpritoued per
Bon ii brought heirne the ufticei-, " be la to -li-, i.aigs- h.ii ?ml
i remand him as he il.al be *dt i?ed, and no action or penalty ia
I titircn for ?hat be ?hall then do.or relu M to do.' Yatee ag_
! l.iinMii.r (3 J. K., '.*s-.'?. the |iowcr to hear aod determine the
matter ia Judie? .1. '1 he Retorder baa thi? power. If the ex
I er?, i?.-of ? Judicial power given by lsw to tho City Judge re
j quire? the doing of a naoe.xnry miniiteriiil act to initiate ?u?h
| pr?'cee>i.ug*. he may do inch act. The City Judge baa, Ihere
i-'ie (M'Wer lo allow the wilt: bat ?? he may relu??, a? ii ia
| discret iitiiarv with hitit whether he allow? ?tor not, the rea.
I edy I? not bv niacd imu?.
I'?? writ of uiitiid neu?, when a.ltlie-?ed to a j-idicia! cfl.? ?r.
1 or iti a court, can only order the ottitei or court t?i ile. i,!e *.i* l
, t!... nu for before it, but ti.? rt is ii?i|io?cr to ?lire? t hiui ho?
? to di el.lo. 'uni r??U Ballast?, lil the illa, ictiou of tua court
ar?t__nr. da ne ?Tlly Iwigt ?hi ?wcUs ia this cuse, at . s
uot direct hu.i to alter hm dei ilion.
SC;'Ki:il)RCUl'UT-SnciaTi'.Ri?-MAY-.-l?fuie Ji..t.4?
WallioaP. Otaria igt li. li. li \t\MM et il M?
ti-,n itiiued, nilli ?}.'' , ,,it
Egl?to 1*. Fubliiii ct al. (tgt. Henry Ei- :,?ir, .lame? O.leop
aiid ?ne ?at R? l.'rt H. I!leakie? Anne l.nil.-r iff. I?-?; t II
j Itn-iiD.?; Marcus Sehttart/ ?g1. The llmiion i.mi liu < n.
i Cb ?Motton? grarititl.
Wai. 1?. I.in ?han atrt. 1 r m? .? I. vTulker.?Motion (raited
, ?tnl .-?nie referred la Refere? t" h..,.r, Ac.
1>? ??re I.ii|n*r agt. l.?*?>|n id Tiluiau.?AttHchment gi...:??)
I bailable in *.???.
( . i.r?d Vox agt. Bill? ii? k Will? eta'.?Judgment for plait
Ur7 with coat?, au ettr i allott ance o! ?l-'grunin!. Bud a pt r
I ini,( ii jin ellon ? ii!'T1.1.
. 1 J**
? u. 9. com mission k ?t .?t office-may 8.-iief?.r? co*
nii??i?????r Stilly.tii.
C?t NI I-KI I I I' **>?.'"?.
The united Btatee let. Wm. lirmt ?.?The pitaa 11
1 wi:h ntft>i!i|.tin?; t.i |t.?s a cou tfilelt | ?? t-?e.'i. iel
PB ia* N?ik-kei.ie?i- ?I Mr Ce.ig.. s.'. ,ti r, wn- held ly lb?
ConiuiLsitioner to mvait the neilin of tdeiirnd Juiy.
Bi ton * <>:: n laslsai r Ti ne.
maa atti kimnk.
Tha ?.?-?? of the I mt. I Statat agta ?Otta Baiatea?
li-iil. r ?in ailjourui'd otu to the K?ih, ou u count ol tLe ?t
?euee ol tt iti.eeati.
con; i 0A1 i:m-.?i: I'm- Dix,
StTFtllU CiH'Ri'-( IR? I IT? I'ABT L?Over
T. i.uiufr.- Ko ('ii. ?tit Cil.i-.litr.?l'AtiT II.-N..a. Nil, I M
?fi m,r -, ii.- (?"?*. iit.'.4i7, laar.na "t. mt, nut
,o,' ]..,u, i ? ?*.(-. m.*, jaiit ni?xo?. uti. n.,? lera, i
1117. :?-!, > .' ,1-i. (?j: K11. 4t.-2.4ti4 lot. Hill, 4".i, TO, k".V,
13 ... HOB, 717 1
spkciai, TiRM.?I'l-'iiiiiri-rs.?*>*.?. ?20, 24.?Lataat
oflttW und Lut. ?-S"? ? , .--', 1 -', lea. ii',, i-.., |t I'.eiLi.u
?ne. ^_^_^?__i__________
r'atan.y ?aiaaaa Oa Uaaday at-aalaa Th. nu
t'l.uiot. while ruling ip-tovt ii on the t.p of allroa?lway ?lag?,
fell orf. and wa? ??? ?erioual. injured ti at he die?! on liira.)?*
n?.cull lit "?..:... N?aa " M.ii Taeaij-lrsl-at A
to>vner ? a- Bal Had i.? baal n .?.?.i..??t.

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