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-? ? ? -*.
A.' 1.? \XT \7?-T) 12~
?iTsnAV may i."? ihu;
V?L- XXVI.N0* 7.W2.
kmktm Dativ?*? Iidktaeil r?..?l Trial.
The Maraud Politkal GuHftjgl 0pe_?4
Mr_?i>u..i.i. ??I Nevad;. Men a Highlj in.
l-rrtai.t ?n\
VARIOluS IATTI1I OK ailTfllil IVIflttil.
An bw ??'i'i?ior. ef the Meaphi. Kio.?
Ofdered by the Ihm,
Yote ii (U'fiiie Upai Mr. Chuto ?M N?>\
? York?72 te 80?
Fi?rtttr Coi ;.??.ration ci ?ht lucra1, Br.tEnrln.il.
t/ah.; o.! -, !j,nu..i, Mai .i, .-??.
ci lira T'.itL.
'1 "m , ? ? ?-t ?MT D.tv ? ? j A '. t
bat Hi . ? * ni ; lb? J n yen aga
CL.?': J eel .:.-?-? to pre
eitle o*. ? ?I ia Virginia C1 the i i i I o I that the
Pi'vil?:? Di ilMM <i , i.: law iu
tin? BtsBat? io Urn United BIM ii ? i nnraed,
XL? (' def i* i .?..??-v.a .v arti ? i - .ta.:,
?be ?.?.:?'. ? \s-si lull the ??roba? liiln ? are that the
tetter ?-.li Matea to Mr. CBan'i a_gge?tk>na, al ha ez?
ynaaall r tbe tamed- , . ftbacblei
Itieiigatui- .-?f thi- Ki- ?...
The lU'l.-V* C?5B '.:..!' ?' it ', T' : -' ii. 1.,- <T I 1
liie Mt I by a militai fort - rtoUti?o_i
aft?ii i tka iTiivvi.ij.'; ?.'ii.lt oteo
in t!. ; t. i ? r?, ? : - rtttj ??>
i u . a ? m1 will fantail mIb-B ti ?Mrr*?aataat i -
?iri.ii-, Um rai . oi whub ??i.t ilytilaad ?? t ??f Um
run.? ni the ('?.nii laaaej.
i aaooawaijciiuB laajaoT.
'lit .-.?.:.. ? -??..'ii ? haN ti it t h" 11 irtl ni!iincf
?Le (ii.-; .A :.timent wiil be str.ck n mit in the
Sthit'i', k',1 the ntlra laminent lanti i
laird, ?.it-, i 'I ? -' ; :? ?./ure, and th?. v. ?'. ?. f.: har to the
ahaaght ? . ?-!i.i__ nil) I. leniifad ia the
Mmti. oi.: B - ?? Altheagh nr*
?ral i-'1- : pt? t?i naen? tv :1: b4 u:i:.l(-,*h? .t i-'.!h'-rs? wi'.l L"!
m ? , a totl rota
B.ay no1 i. en tin- hist ? i Um iraak.
The in..?tru-'ti 1 blM naaa determined to rim a Matt
?Jlate tor Mnivt.r, in.-1 tx-M.iyoT ll'Tit't. o; Poll L Ihji ''??
Bciorifiv. baring eoneloded iLot Lis time i.id i..t ym
totee, Di Mlgradtl li their ntxt th- iu-,
r>!.at?'ii Wilson. Wade and Huwr.rd, nilli Hi-j :r-? l.t
ativ?-* Ickeanl Itkot ?rd MnirMou, on Saturday visited
Ailingt.'ii cemeteries m company with Col. Moore, Mid,
after u> | l-'i.* i:.. s Village, they ?1 tfti over to tbe
?aaaalerin ii Ike s ?] li --is' Hume, ali or which are halag
haniisoroi y cre? I r
The BBalraaaay of st ?newall JBekaea'a lealh, eel*?
l?ate?! ni) . ni tin. Sr ut b. wai lUij-re.-'sivt !y ol.f crvt d rn
Raleigh. \ ('., hy *!." closirik.'of the ttor??, a memorial
aranon in the Senate Chamber, and a p.i*tes?ion to the
Cemtlcry la decorate Bake) s??lJ)?-rt' glBlM it ith flower?.
IWgiari ??i Pk Mai i.t Johnson's htktf trat paitfaaliilj
borored la IkM way, is '' a BBB?Mny of Kalnfrh's ifipct
fer the 1'ie-ident, ana their gratitude for I.i? magnam
nou? Baotkeia p? Iky," as a I>ixie new?j.?p?r pkram It
GUN. UAIiribLl?.
It i? r*t-j?iirtf"i, with mingled astonishment and auuiie
nent, am??ng the Ohio delegation here, that an attempt ?s
?jr-ing ii.u-k* t?) ??.jure Gen. Garfield i proipects of a re
Boinuiation and election, by charging bim aub being a
free tr.-td?-r. On the contrary he ii ?li* of the BtBBMkeet
protect ioni.?t*- ia Congren, and the iroa intercut of the
?boil* country ?arc especially indebted lo Inn. for ?.itthi J
labor? in their behalf.
Toe iti'ij/? lr?m Internal Kevtnue to-day ?ere les?
than $?ioU.0!*?J. CoDimiuioner I.olhni ha.? deink-d that
an iadititl ihI nittindiag to any busine?? b( fore any depirt
UteDt for w Inch he does not receive pay, and which ia done
m an ac? of fru r.d-hip, doe?? not make bun a claim agent
nor reij-iirea licenie.
A atrenuout effort waa made today to get a joint reto
luUon parsed thronph the Senate to purchase the law
library of Judge Pettigru of South CtftMBB- ?ho died a
?Union man daring the war. The pica wit mado that I..*,
two daughters were destitute and they would get the
?oney; one of them ii Mrs. 8. Pettigru King, who now
bold? a clerkship io Ihe Tr.-a-ury, aad who?., huabaad wat
killed in ihe K? til amy and whom a dit.iiguitbedoflQeial
(>r?>iioijnccd diiloyal when the applied for a position.
The bill for the coinago of the new five-cent piece? now
only need? ihe President ? signature to become a law.
Mr. Rous-H-aii. of Kentucky, wai confirmad Minister to
Htiodura? !?y only thre* majority. Sloanaker, ol P/.li*
lelpbii, wa? c'iihnned a.? Collector of Internal Hovenue
u&ocg a lilt of others, without being noticed by u number
ii ft-nator? who were opposed to him
It it confi-ltintly a?4erU-d t)-n.giit thal the veto on Um
'. 1- ri.do bill will come in t< -morrovt, *?nd thal ibo Blkm
'.'orput bill will be meat in ?igned.
The r? Jiort telegraj bed from here that rome memlter? i f
be Kt-coL-trurtion Committee b'-hl ia informal BWlttag
?u Sati.idsy, and il conjunction with other mem!*?r-,
?gTveeil to the Unking out of the third nection, wat tin
'??UBded. It probably aros? from the effort? earne?tly
aaak-Nf by the Praiidest i l'r.eddi to cante a d.tagreemeat
b? tween the Senate and the Iloiue. A labor likely to
prove futile.
A presi of other mattera prevenUtd the Scaaie trolu
taking up the Coaititutloaal Ameadmeat to-day and it
aay not be reached before Thursday neit.
The Houttc having barely a quorum, adjoarned early to
lay, having brit pawed a vote of cenmre oa Mr. Chanbr
ef New-York, for introducing I resolution derogatory to
the Houie. It has heretofore beea coniidered that a vote
??f ceniure rendered teceinry the retignation of Ha cen?
aured member, but Ut. C-iuler ia not one of the kind to
-be affe< tod la that manner.
It la understood that 8*eretary -Seward ha* goae to ritil
Santa Anna, Tia Auburn, N. T., at which point be ii ei
p*ct?4l to mik* a ipaacti in defenn of tbe Pmident ?
TU J?. ".CUJ (_U'J,*_if_ tO mi?MmlJitk.l? U Ok LUI ft
b?atedBebnb ti lat-i g trrny ottncd. in _!_.*(rilowii, on
Saturday, a.tbai_a8s _a.xt.Lg which was addrc*i?t3(Hy
j. L. Ti'i |p] lena] i CiBBaaU, Omi flBialil. Hut
. m Ml ;.Li.r_ ?_,? Oov. Themas. The 1.? le is urnde upon
t?.? r- .ii: */-___ cc ii tka i!? ?iMry law, aid ika ptanjaalaB?
!.. af (ka tinta C?nt:al Comn.ittte. Thcrr ar* I."-'J
lettonvad Beatla ia BaltlBMM atase. Tfcc brciking down
rftln Beg] try tan would laabktktadiTiaioa of boM-tb
, Re] 1''i. ;-.:...;!-..?. f Mtrvlr'-.1 f. t twenty
y "-. T t Pr< -?li ; t'a j ?'.'.( y was et-.iil. d bolilly aud un
qieri-gly by OarktM a'A oiLcr? m Loth the literati :. ?? I
i iii..i._ n .? :.. t1?, ,,iri Ti.e ????ker? were cheered willi ft
- latir.,! \j i'( / UM li?u'.' ?j! '?he
1 lil? ARMY BILL.
Hi en fthaHoBMlnteraatedlatka paaaefn ef tka
Army bill regi-d it M btfelMt, as tkcia M a BAB?Ml f<? I?
.note if ? i.r ita-ding anay, aai tka
? .?i i?f of national i.ic-'i. TkM aatki?
. ? ??? -'.?i o.Ltiuent to tie hut..I?> nt
Bait- | t? I* ,. BB ??.? iii ed as cfliCerH.
S(?n II AVLT.il \?N TROrBLEfi.
RaBortareaioal (?ia aaeeaaft lailitnliii. d.j'en.at,c
uti,, dtiet with a Sooth AB_at_c_n pom r ? i,,, ii mayde?
Binad re?-k-M? Uria ii tkt Mkaaiaamdiaeiil. jmihtfe. of a
promittd ?ti.it ti ha ga aaaaan ?rtita-te, intended to
-, filin ;.i BM _U_t ilttae.
I i.N-lTv' BBOn Of A vicier? IBI.N? IPLP.
'D.? 1 lahmea u; w? rk ut ataaaJafoai Ikacaaal here,
; - -?,'.: t'. ? .!?'., .: ?yi-liiii. ?iT.d i.rc r-?ii ? i !
. ? t . layor ?TaTiach. atrnekforhlghmangra ka*
*k ? a > ; t? '??r? ?? lakoean ant ti? v.. ik ia iktii
i ? -,,:,-,. taijattaekedhjtka biak, driven off
nitka ?i.i-rtr (! raeka, aai aroald kata aaamod aB ti.*
I kora ? ?' vi:.it the Johnson pu??ta MU 'a
.: bl ??ru., d | i? I kal i ?.' ! < ? i? BM-. )?? <? Bf
isaoiitT OndM.hit ptot-ctloa tke troth deaaaed
.... to Bate Waakiagtaa fr?. m the ckolanwai pat.
; MMd.
fjror. Goodwin of Ariaoaa b..? eat-iaed baa tkaH ii
i , . .-..? b1 '?? ?? otu lal i regard i t.1. a of
i eena M InrtQaedt.Li-Maa. mparled to have bees
<?.,' ? ; by iheApaeka Indtaae, a_d Ike fat-Baa n...>
MM r? d. Tht li'-'i'v r? t th ikovi tkM tie F?rtwns
t.. at eoauaa-d ef Uenl-CoL Ita?nek of tka 8d Call.
'.??ii ,i ii ti i.try. w -i, b peat ?" n at three maapental ? f
Com] BJ*] le*. Ni w-Mc-i? iii li.f.mtry,
(.,-1. ,s ti.; ?... Tka Hth I'eguli- Infantry, in I aliforn.a.
had '-"cn or.'iin d to tka i '?rr. ty, lu! it MM '..?* ki .-mi
. tkey L.ui r?.i(!i((i it atf re tka Mfartad Baaaaara
owarred. Ora. J??i ? s. Maeoa, -o___aadi~g Ikai I ;?
district, bad erdered three coinrnnii?: of ti.e th?id battaHi n
? if the nth K?._?:?.?? ? ia Port 8. dnia, ta i-flere Uti
ikra Calif.:.... i -,i.|...., - '? atiaf C. -?; ia. 1 of tie Man?
Mi x ? .in loree to Le rita.ned Ikara.
Te. T! e Ane-lied rriN
Wtrlivf, : n. M'?r.daT. ib.i 14, 1I-4J..
Ti? f- .t.?- ii stHt-fhi ander date of Mty 7 vriteata
ti.?-1?, partmi b1 i i s-uti that tka ehi 1? ra hai ? ntlnlj d ??
???ja iiit-ii til?n iht <a/u?rriiitiiie BtatioB, tad that wilhi'i
tka ?ii?*t tv. ck !,o mm baa ooanind, attki r ka the etty ?.r m
( ( xiiRMrn.
Tka Senate to-?ay. la Kzeentite eeeataa, irafcmil i*.c
full? wii a Demil i.'K'i.?'
r arl II. ltoiisicu ? f Keateeky, to b? M?n'.tter T?endeiii
at ll'inJuris, and a? I'ou.jii?Edward Mat i,aid of Tennessee
B i trkalalaad, jakalisaiy MQa?hei Charla? FateeBeaa
?ell of Ken?. I? at t pu .'__(?_, (?(orge Y Kittcll of >ew
York at Car?raha
Ths filiaste baa alta eeaflnaal Mirri? it Hr'.wn as imlim
' Agent for Utah; _:. C Carnagtoa, Dtatrtet Altetaay In Ita
le--m of Colombia? I! II Henri-, Mr.ni.Bi for lhe Iii.tr.it
, ol' Vermont; John?let.i.a. M_r?__I for tie Borlkara ll.elr.. t
of Mi?...t?.ippi.
The c llowii g Intern ? RereaneoA ? ra new tmnflrmed:
Albert B. *?,t'.urtker.r.f PtUaialpi ka, CoHectoi f? r,tht first
district ?I I'cnrsyltaniai.f?. I?. OaeUrk (.'?:'.?tr for Ik? ti ni
?1,sti.it of Pennsylvania; <!> ?i&h litliak of Eat. n, Cnllretot
of the eleventh district of l'cnnstlviula a's?? Herbert
'Willlam?, to be Surveyor of the port of Mich.gan City.
v. the following Pottmttterti
M. ?. V. ii.iaais. at llallit??;..?-, a, B. V XI. It. Haas, at Tort
i Leav.-uwoitb, Abiabaru I'aiker. at I'otidam S. V., Alm_r.ii
i \i,i:g. Ani-teriiiitn. B. V.: Waldo M. 1','itrr Baratega
spri"?".. N. Vi Mrs lather I?. Ilnrt'.n. G lovent lile, N. V.
j Seth M I ?stet. WaTiaw, N. Y. ; Jacob Lnm?t?r. ilurltngtoti.
1 .S. .'.: -Joie[?h Bauinian. Woterford. B. Y., Alrani tb?Bp
I son, Delaware, Ohio, Jon-ph M. I'uttermr, l'i',ua. Obi?;
. ,Iamei (j. Koblnion. iSucyrai, Ohio. Iitao /e.e?. QtsM
l:_/r.:igton, Mata., Samnef 11 - r ? * r lloaiton, Texas, C'boat.
I? (?rilfin, Batrark, Ohio; Baruud H. Fletcher, Ti pel*.
! Kacspii Martin (?. ?tens. Kutlnnd, Vc. O. (i. Steten?,
aSaibn?, N. B .lohn K Vedder, Schenectady N Y I. I?.
. Gasenden l,ewi*ion, Me ; (,.('. Mtt.iven, gaaieakr, QI_o?
1 O. J. Thni-ton Bristol, L. 1 : 'ihomas Corge?UII Nctr;? rt,
B Ii 9 Twin Perrin, l'awtutket. it. i., Cha. les W. Webater,
i'ort nala, M* Y.
?ho President ?Bated a pardon la-tyla Ung. (ici..
W. R. ('< i ?d' M rth (ard.:.,i.Confederate (iineral, on
i tl.p ret-'-iiimciidatioiis ofMsJor (?ci.. O. ti? II' ward Brig.?
| Gen. K. Whitttasey, A?-i?-tnut of ike Preed en's Bur* a i
foi N' rt'. ? ni South Carolina, (?co. J. Wor.li ,'md ex-G(?r.
W. W. II ,id. Ii.
Tke perd?n of Brim-Gen. D.W. Ckeaea of A-kaaaaa,
wkn terred in tke Babel erny, m signed bj Um Pim!?
' dont tbi?; Boralnc. Ona. Cooper tra recommended for
? pardon by the fcU-winc: _Uor?Gen iii.ui, Maj?.r.-(?e!i.
Blunt, I'. S. A., Gota Murnl)*.- of Arkansas Tino. 9M0T*
I ton ol' 'i'cxa., Sharkey of Mi8ii*8ip|)i, Senator Lune of
? Karihus, limi. U. M. Cooley ('oiiiinii?io;icr of It dim
: Atii?.r?, ead the Ckoatawead ChiekeMw d?-legations.
It tina laen ttat4*?l in Mime of the BOVMeptta that (len.
B ?? haa declined the mission lo the llngi.e, bnt no such
L.'t.ht ?ition has reached the Stat? Department.
John Kuli, bank examiner, in explanation of a portion
of bia recently i'ublialicd report concerning t'.io n_.uigot
the Merchant!' National Bunk, sayt in a card that il ii
due to Col. William li. BaektetM and Col. J. H. M. IBB?
tea,-tymaetan, toatnta that the amounts le their re
apectiic credits were merely tranafkn ol t\iii?Ia a'.r.a.Iy on
di ?uisit with the Merchants' NutionaJ Bank, which trans
fen were made on the check? of Col. Paulding, Chief
Paymaster on ?aid Merchants' .National Bank, that bf au
order ol' the lajBiaala? O.MMBl. dated May 30, 18(35, they
weie requested to kee]) the funds on deposit .n the same
place until drawn out in the regular course of busineis,
aiid that th'B" fund? ?ero only ?aid out ia a regular way
so lar at the tam? had been withdrawn.
Tli"< Sabbath School Union, composed of 3*( Protestant
rvchoobj. 8?8 teachers, and V.iKMJ acholara, wtabnted t!,, li
?nniveraary to-day witli six ?arid? of music, national tlag?,
etublt-ica, floral decoration?, hie. Thaf OMMOded to tke
Capitol grounds, where they were entertained with ticiil
and ?nctruiiieutal music, snd an address. The Ipeeta lo
wa; bciiut.lul and interesting.
S_iNATE....Wi8HI-?oio?i. May 14, I.?,
Mr. Sa*_Arjr_ presented a petiti??n for the exemption of
i aaruigs bank deposit? from taxation, which aai refcried
, to the ConiUiittee on Finance.
Mr. Harri?, from the Judiciary Coauatttee. reported a
! bill to chtt-ge the places of holding tbn Cattai Slates
District Coori of Northern Mississippi to tka town of (Jx
foid, whicli wss pts?(-d
N..I..1?.RS' AN? kAIIaOR8' PAIB.
Mr. Morrill presented s joint resolution authorizing
the Secretary of War to grant Ike use of lumber not Imme?
I ?lately demanded for BM I'}' tin* Government for the ercc
I Bon of buildings for the National Fair of the boldiur?'
sud Sailors' Orphan Home, which was passed.
Mit. IB!.MBB*1 LliiBART.
Mr. IIovate called up a joint resolution, B-tketiatng the
parcbaM f'?r f? 000 of Ike law library of the late lames I?.
Pettigru ot South Carolin?, for the library of Coi.greas.
i After a disi-'UBiiion, further coii8idc*ration wa? j.stpoaed
lill to morrow.
Mr. Norton called up the bill la authorize the Winona
and St. Peter's Kailro.id Company to construct a bridge
over the MiBsiMippi at VN'iuoiiB, which alter a discusaiou
; wss postpon<?d.
Mr. STtWARTBtibniltt-d the following amendment, in?
tended to be proposed to the Senate bill to provide for
restoring to tho States lately in insurrection their full
politicafrights, and also intended u a substitute for tim
joint resolution to secure the rights of cituena ol tim
United State?. It reads as follows-.
BBaam it MaapenMM <ba.t the Bt?t?a lata'y in iMurree
tiuii ahouid. al the earliest day, continent with tbe future
peaca ?nd aafety of tb? I'i.iod be reatorad to foil p_rtloi?j?Uon
in nil ???lilica] right?, ?oi,
mwtai. The Con_r<??t ?iid. by Joist retolulion. prin-oa? for
ritibcstion to th? LatUl?tnret of the several Sutes ?u ?mend
nant to the Conititutioa of the United Butti, ?o article in tba
following ?ordt, to witt
f?. n,s I All njMeae, Indian? ?ot ?led aa-BStM born wilbla
tb? I.i_.i. or within ta* joriilietloB ?I th* Unit*- tilaUa, ?nd iii pel
liai,? MtuiilUed under Hi Uwi, al*, lad ibail ba, both iltUe?! of Ik*
t'l'.tnd M-i'ei, mrl eil??in? of li,? ???eial Bute? ?ilhin whi li ?'i?j
re?.?!?, n.d i,o Suit? abai! matt? o? ?ufare? aap 'a* mbitb ihill abrto*'*
lb? pii?t ?(?? or iiuaiBBltiri of i .? 1, cltlMii!. n?r ?ball xny Stale J?
ptlT* ai.jr tMitoB of l|/a, ,ijrrtT or preBwrt? wHlioot Ano pros-*?? ?I
law. Bor deajr le bot perta? ?rubia lu Juriiii lien lb* etj-ai plot?,
lion of I lie latra *
Bmx. t B*pieie?titlTaa abell b* apportlea?- aniona tba aev*r_
Siste? wt.lt? nu.?/ b?i,,'l irlrd within t?l, I'b?ob, arculdisg U theil
IM.alil ?? ? 'I? b?!t. ii .Lili., I?,, ?hoi* BBIu8*1 of I?*t?"n? in net,
KUI*, ei ,1 li Ii.Tisni not t.?.,l but vh.ni.it li. M7 -tata U>?
?!?? live 'r. -i,.i* ?hul b? d?_l?a K, in? pirlion cf ita mai? ? tl'l?r_
S p ? ot Um than ti .??in ?f ?#? ?i a aiij. w?j abrldg*d lirrpi foi tttfti
T tiii')vf u? i?n ?vi li ?t-si irt-t, at tent ?i inlat-nn? :. I? ,
? .. I Stat? ?! *'l I?* ??.' ?.1 ir li.? f.r !? It n 1 w'i. h ?'? TI i '?*.- ' f
neil atete -w ..n. ?di.- bni te ???? ?nul?- aunittr ci ?atestttem
I,t,t ??. ?! ?I li Titi! of ?ft.
s?i . Mailbag Iba Iii*! State?air my State-tellta? t * ir p??
? i.? <I?tt 11 cl..,iticii alrudj ii .n?d ti wd.itii.?* karllfUl ?
-,, t* nul m ?ni mt ii,? ir??'l n - r ? t var (fated l_? ''? Ile? " ????- i
but n lim, fi r ii ivye- .ii uf?, asacftavol ?laryter* eerlabar.
In 4. (?irr??! ?dil; lava pomms I? l area, k? apytef late legi?
batea, ?i ? i ?? ? ....?,? ,i it?*
.Vu- Iktrtfoft, kt ti tOOtU? ko lil -'? -a" .?? J //. mt ? '" Na re
ttmaiitmejtkt Utttti fffitn ? l_ ia late Ceofrem ?? ?
HfeCnOB 1. 'J lia? n-.itil t! ?* f-iutli iliy i-f ! n'y m-hr ?tor
?i.- u? i.iiii.il fi?M t.iini'i'i-tl ?? ml ?? ti i.t i ill parana a/a* ral
BBtArily adhered te ttie tela iii-nrrtetion, ginns; it all Bal
t ??n. j ? s t nat) be exeledel Ben lae ri|bl t?? ?..*?? fur nu
M'utatiTt* in ? engre?? and d?r elect Ina for J'i'u<lent and
Vue I'm.ilci t , i ti.? l':i : -I Blain.
Sic a. 'li. .?m? paran theil b* ?ll|ible ta any elln bb?3w
ll.e (...teinirenl of t*,? DaMed Stale? ?Lo i, in.'u?!? ! .u st.y
of (he fiji.tiiiiiiig t Laeeea, nan.? h
ldr* ? ?he I'rrMtlinl utul V.i t l'rfnt'.eiit of the Coat Iel I?
Itate? ?f Ate?rita, to-called i r.?l tai beale el ??? i tawate
ti ? n-. i i? ?. i ii, t!..' " tt?;.., -i atinen u - -1 ? ti i n ai i '*
af t'? ?'? i/edirata Stat?-? ??( Ano-ri, i ia laBed wiri heul?
c' ii? ; irtatata of iba Dnited s...!*? alleen of tie in* ?ud
navy of tie l'uited Mu? ?. lind u.1 perioi.t tim at'ti at th? Mil*
tirTor Vanil Aeadrnj ?t iht uaited Blatet iudgn of the
?ti.i> ? f ti.? r-..ti i 8ta?i ? . - i ol ettkei Ho..-?of
Ike ri.ut) ?.iu. Coagmi el Um rjaltad-telea, al > ?.?%?? i..?l
i:.on.fi.it io ii.i- laie RebeUteai ?Barn, thenwb* attain
efltjcen ef tie Coafederate Wau ? ef Aanrtea ?-?.*.'- fatten
ti.? grala ?l ? 'li!.? : .n ?Li amy, n M Batel la lb? a***, uud
lay ? 11 ?!..- na (i. v r:. r i f di'.' r ? f th- ..i ??-.!'. d ' i Bieder?
et* Stat**, fute lil aal aiaiiiftr! *>. tie lat*Rebellioa? i'fib,
tlicewho finia treatei! oflleeri ?,r acid t r?, or ?a?i"ri? af ll.e
armynaavyoftb? United stat*?, eeptanl lariat iLeii.'"
tt,,r t ii ? rti.-? tt in lawful!) i.- i i?i*j.?r? uf war.
sic i Tbatvbaa*veitb? b ra r? .'"I ??eadmeal il.a'.l
LiiTi txi.-ire part of t?,.. Coi ?!itiit:i.ii of the I'j.i'a'.l St ?'?'? ?.t.?! ,
iti.T Mata tea ? la tuarn ?Ula tball kara iooiit"i??i Ita I - ntl
luiiou iititl ?at?h in i u i!-,riii.iji (kenwith, Bad eLull I. .ve e..r.
trotad by aa ordlnaaee imrokable te iba endiliani of the
r.-t aadani id netiOM of ti i* :.?t. Banalon ead Brom?ate
iii??from ?L?h Stat??, if fi?n?'I ?l*ilv ateeted ?id ?;? i_l n ? iy.
nfii r baling taken ti e rei.u.rut oaut o! ollie?-, I c ada..li?.1
lal* ? eagri ? ?? mt i.
mo 4 Antilt w/. ' r. -.' tl.'.t tettead ef tie terrr.?
and t?.?dit,?,: ? BBBal iii tie Brit, Pt i - i.-l n':?l Ibird n? li? ? ? f
Ikiiael lk*fWtowiBg ahernativi It benby nbatitnd, vl_?
I I.ni ?-.' it.'!?.,!'- Bl ? 't M |- ? : '? ??-re Intel? in l-??.r;ee.
Baa m afcrnald, aball (?.gnirod n ! ?ia* f?i!y ai.?l
in di-.ti .i? turnei retetioni witb gbit (roviranenl
?i i) i'? i '." -? i. i. | :i ?" i.t i.t if? ?t iii) I e admitted into ?he Iva
Hann el Ile Nu?.jr..il Lagiafat-ra, aod aieaaral twenty
?l nil ?( | rm d.ti.i i? i., r(f(.;., la ali pi r?< Bl ii ? K h Stale, v I. )
w>-te in nu? v? ur ? a 1.1.ft '.eil ??iii armed oro ill ob t tim 0? r*
it i.ii i tt ? ! Iii United Matu, aad tliey ?nil ba wl.ully inn,er
Bl -.1 fr.'lil ii 1 | hil.?, li ?! on Ids. | I I Ho? i-r ' l-l If ii!? .'..I '...?,
to wkieb t '?. | i oi din i?, ?i i .. *. of tin ?r C"?B
r.itt.iii witbtbe BebeUioa wbaaevei ?..ol stut?. ?tu'i Live
rai io ?! u.?? nid uf,. n re? ii -l amenda* al to the Conl I
of I*-?* Dnited suit?? un i *i.til !. it? ini-iLiii ii it? C? latitattoaa
Bad lawi 1b t. i! iid.ij i..?- ewitb, and ikall alnkaveextead? I
the elective fraiicblir, by BB au."ii(lnieiit to ii* COBalllBl "n
aadlawi I? all claim of ? Uti ? a itboat diterln ia tin b*.
aaanal ran nter, n pravloat MBdittea ?of *?rt ni.?ie .?-ii
tit ?ni., t.i-i.? i.-.i i?i Mimbi pn ?'??' t* .tt m ran ? >
Itali aaall la pen etler retii itlvi qualt&cttioni cn ?nifrnge
Ibaa aub n an praridad apon r?-*i t lor, or previ? ; i
tu.n af nrviiBda, ineb rettneitena?ballBat apply to p*n i?
In? W VOtt* I? | ..I-? IB? h Blatt ?I nul !et IIB Blake * joh IJUitl.lieiB
I li. lil ?11 Li ii! It to a!! person, lal t.rnt,iienl fn-t ti I Lal i o
lir?iia ?i ail li e:,? i ?e io any "it ? indi r ti?.? Gavanaiaal af
lb* I'u.'ni Blain ?hu i? bnladed in um? of the Mteai g
alanti i lately f.i-t ti" l*reaid?Bl ani '? V , dtnl ??(
Ue Conf?d?ral? Btatet af Aaieitea, n eal'?ri. i?.. mi, hemit
of Uti art u.? i te tilde !: '.ml Btat? ?, ?J r..e:r.l U? M t t
TI Irty-ilxtl C i?i'i? ti "f Ui l'i. '??! Bl itn akoa v. al i m .1
ni..! rttotbelat? Ktbel ? ?. : rd Um i vti.j hart i.-?-i*?-?l
ol tera or toldlert or leiteraofUM Ar-:.? n Raiy ?I Um
UtltedStat? t?|!i...?i i.,.:,i. tie late ?..? Mkiiatea u.au
la?luHv a? i?r Mniir? af war.
Mt SriwAii'i iiii'1 ?ha*, i.i Btaaaaai ?<? aaaaal the Cr?t
?i i t.iti o( tlit* art.i la ? un lulu y I te ('<" .?'iiutimi, n-porttd
I'. ! di (?lilli?tt? ?r M u? to ili-l :.e ?'.'? W( t ' ? ' .
\i iti.i ut titit Um i ? t -tr u t ob ol I ? ii. iba Irai b:kI -? ? ? -l
*? ' ' I - '.t? - l?l '!? j i : ?I :i| ? i. ? . 11 itr'y , . ?i.ti.r. Beella
i ?? |. soil to ?tr:!?- c t Ike !-.''l ??-'.. ? i ? /
Rebeli m ?i n :ike i ii.? t. ral ?r- _ otk law, ?t 1.1 i,
11- : tod ai t roi ?'.' ile for I ne? ?..! I !-:?;' it? !. Be
m m?! II ? i, u,a??- t..? bill n ) ? .-?? . by the Committee, ax?
il.id.iig Rebell frei - a eeooira eectloa indrr?q-ira
? i.t I. S 'iii- iBldditl :. ! " ? ?? i|i; r. -i " al --: the Comotlt?
Ira, toi ..??i.i to the ? ?? ; lotion twin ?ir.?? ?;.-!
...sir.ii., !. m :-.i . !. Hi nid Ike p ii.nl.i.ii? r of kia |i
p<?-""l ?-.i ?t.'.ii'e g.-.vc t:.i altarBBn-Ta lo Ike s. ath
I" is'.ly Ike ( i-' ' *'.iii ?m? :.di:." if wr!i
ti? aroDoaed modiflcatioui, eonl nn !!.?..? i -
atiaaUaaa aad l??? ikereto, extend by amenda
manta to tkeir oa_ eonaill ti di and lu*? imj rti-l iuf?
f: i^-i ?.- .:? i .- f ? | - j ? -. I - : : i I y a?.y
State roth Kate it to be ?admitte?! at ?r.,1 ? ti , ,t wnit
ing for tbe adopt ii . itotbeCOutitntloB
by the other Mat?'?; i.l.il . . -- 1 . :.-v ? |t<rB tO be
I extended to tke pooali of ti l Mate excepting only the
Pu ?.th Bl ? I 'h' ?. - .. I..I I.ii? i|. rat- Bulee, I. f
department? of tki I ted Statn ai I the mamb? i of tka
? ??? m al o ai ? lito ?:.? I(. : ? -.**..,
iu i in lad Union | n-* ? -
11. ?.- i? ?.:.-.. ? ?.' .? ? : ?>-.? . :? rr??i io li- j ri_tee_
To FA( ?LI'iATli IS.'l.H? OVaU,
Mr. SrMVEH aa red la Uki ii Ike I ? I le In ibtitt -?
n.erini .ii.il ? titiIntercoum betwnninaBlatn k
hu ?aid. .i? IM 1 ?.Until I. Bl I Au ' y li...!.', .ii :
IMC4-3I IN? ?
Mr. MOBB-U mored '??? l.?k-- up the bill ttipr. ?mt ?mug*
gliligr. ?In? L lin.tn.li (.re*, ail. .1.
Tka bill waa lalaa aaandnidat length. It cinsiMed
Ml? ???'t- ? and la dnlgued to pnvenl tmoggllni on
i tka Hortken baatier, ky nroridlbg tut a i.goi ?> ?t, m if
j ?i inh aitil l'?iiUiiiih'KHi oliul ve???.? t'lying bet?eel the
I I'. i-i ii *-!.?'? ? n.ii ?- r. i-i. ? - ii; ! : i. ?. It provide! thal the
I tirm"iii"i thal] be brid to includi eroiy daaenption of
? ,itt r ? :nfi i apal la of b4 lag oaad ?? ? t.,?an? <-f ?runaj^ori ,
tiou Ly aatir. and tin- tera 'ni.iii iball iu? !u?> la
Uki lillimur anv aaxiliary, a_al*vei of land trana]
?i.ii. The ?mil nctioa prerldn Uni kkj ?il'urr ?f
Cuitotur sLaii Lint? p?,'*ir io gi m board of any eaaaal
aad ?tau ki t ile f.iii.c lor aaj i am ?..?? pat k?g- ia ix:,rii,
Using tone ?I Bl ? (??arr, ,.i,d -i ,/e got d? ?,h' la t" ("rf.-ittire.
Si t t.ou third proTiiii ? !l.ht . i.y vi Li. la, 11 ??et I r B4 r?<ii
on whom BJOoda ?ulje? t la tal J arc n.lr ?ljoeal into the
Ciiitetl St.it? n cotitriiry IO law or I ?? ? t I? ?I If? li?*, limy I?.
iii-|>( < ?1 hy ofl.c r? ami ?i-tin del, and if lurh article? are
found they .-) all be ? ibji et le Ibrf it .r?; and If any persnii
?hall nlWltaitop, he ?I all, on coiivii lion, be lined not
wcaadlng ft ?OTW or lan I aatW; aad lim Botielaiy mil
?ppoiiit it :. ali m?;?t tan ta ii? ?lamliattiM nil ?cann
of per?.iii? of Ihi'ir own ?ex.
Seelii.n f'.tirtli lim? |i*r?oii? H ?living aid conce?! :g
Booda or iiiipoiting the BUM contrary to lav? not It??
than t ?!' nor ii. - .ri- than f.'i.iHK?, and laJUotl imp! i?onmrnt
not na tiling tvio year?, or boih, al the diienuoi of the
ficc?on fifth authori/e? ?earche? ?>f land? and linihlingB
other than dwellinglion??!*? a! any hour oi ?lie day or night.
Section ?lilli provide? ? penalty for retiRting or inter?
fering with a Custom? i fficer, in the ?um of $??!,<M) or im
priBoutnent m1 ateaediag oaa yeer, orb<*th,aud if ?uch
|?er?oii ?hall e a deadly ?eaiKjii, hi? ?hall. ii[?.n convie
t.oii. bl d'-? luid guilty (.f felony, and ?ubject lo inipriiou
iiipiit fur from one to tea year?.
Section aevcath pr?te.?Us the dntici of Collector! of
St i turn tenth provide.! that any pcr?on refn?mg to a??i?t
au olhccr ?lilil? he deeBMd bailly of a m.sdem' auor, and
jiiiii: he.l accordingly.
It i? provided in other iretioni that cUimant? of goodi
neized may tirevent aummary ?ale by giving boiiils for
o??t?; that licensed ve??e!? on the northern Irontiert ad
:oi eui la the British l'ruviiK e?. and purehaiiug ?'"oil?
there, uiiiit report the ?arno t?> oiln ?t? of the CusU ma at
the Ural port at which (hey arrive, that foreign ve??el?
?hall be ?ubject to provi?ioni relative to maiiife?!? in the
at t ?.f 171?'.', that no dimeitic goodi ihall be lti ded on
the fronlinr ?vljit-cc'nt to Hntish territorie? williontponnit.
I; u!-? provide? ?tringeut r?eual?ie*i againt bribery.
After ml i scu*iioii, in which Motin. F-lmuuds, Morrill,
Johnson. Howe, and Connosi took part, further conndera
t un ot the hill waa pottnoned until to-morrow.
The Senate at 4 oclocK went into executive icnioa, and
looa after odjouraed.
The State? aad Territories were called for billi and re
???d.ti..:.i to hu referred to committee?.
Mr. Hiobt introduced* bill granting (he rizhl of wiy
and miikiiiff a grant of land to tim Hierra Nerada and ('ou?
tra Coila Navigation and Canal Co. of California, which
?a? read twico, and referred to the Committee on Public
Mr. I<!i>tV-I.L introduced a lull for Hie rrli.-f of the r?
j re?c ilativo of Urig.idier-(.?ia, G-Btgl Wright of tin? V.
S. Anny, which ?_? nal twice u id ri terrell lo the ,l#
dici.iry Coiiiiiiittee. Al-??? a lull to (lint the title to the
public luid!?) in the town of Saut t Herb.ira, winch wa?
ri?a?l tun o lind reierri 1 to the Coinmitteu on Private
Laud Claim?. Also a bill to authorize the Ocean Mail
Ktcauihhip Company ?ervico betvtecn the Bailed State?
and the Sandwich Island?, which wa? read twice aad rr
leltrrod to the Foil-Office Committee.
Mr. Donbklly intniduceil it lull to amend the Agricul
! t ind Collige bill io ai to extend it? benditi to the 8'atn
hitely in rebellion, on condition that the ?grant? of land?
?hotild be (-mtiu?d to the laad? ia their own State?, and
that the proceed? thereof ibould be applied to the ?upport
of public ?i hoi.|? iiittsad of agricultural or tcientifie cel
legi-R. It wa? reid twice aud re??rred to tho CummiKee
ou Public Landa.
Mr. (Laub , Kama?, latroduced a bill to amend the act
of July 1, IHM, to an! in the coii?tructi?in of a railroad and
telegraph line from the Miaiouri River to the Pacific
Ocoan. It wn read twice aad referred to the Committee
on the Facile Railroad.
Mr. Cn i.OM introduced a bill fir the ?conloi.dation of
tke Iadiaa tnbei, and to etlabl.ih civil governraeat ii the
Indian Territory, which wn read twice aad referred to the
Committee oa Territoriei.
Mr. STX.4W8 introducida joint resolution authorizing
the appointment of an Additional Anistant Secretary of
the Navy for lix month? from the lat of June next. Ha
explained that the A?-.?tant Secretary oi the .Navy waa
?hotel to pro. r???.l to Euron? to examine the navin and
navy-vard*. and that an uJditional Auiitaat would be re?
quired during bil al.*-e* <??.
Borne oppo?itioa having been m?i.'.i?e?e<: the Mai ruo
laBon wa?, on motim of Mr attvrr? of Po , re ferre d ti
the .H-Jj.-Uf?, vii a^iiv?tJ AStW
tka eel of ?t airs tor i i, ii Mag eaa/l-led,tka sutce
nan m lai tot ranala. m *?
TE.NI'BF t F OtfnCBi
Mr. W.u.AMS Pa-i Uttraduted a reioV-non. wlndi
w?? ad. ?.ti-1. i. strnctiag ti' c? aunitUeon the Judie..1.7
lo inquire into ihc ?pt-le-cy at .il'erir.g tim laws m m
1.1 abrogttt tbi t? 1 ure? f (it. I ?.t 'he pleasure of the up
pointing power, and to make aO-fl-da. troto to be mt*
n. Is ? ???: al nu. c? .et.:', ?;.lj(4t only t" tka condition of
good Lili-'. 1 ..
TUB MI.Mri;!.'- BloT.
Mr. Slav Bia (Pa.) t-eted tke foUoiriagi ? _l
J???? ' >d, i hal ?1. ornum tee of thne raeMOMt ht aeeelatad
bT the lf?akar, whose daty ?t thall be to proceed, without un
aMMMTfeata] t?, Memphis, in tbe Stat? of Tanneaiee, to
mike an Investigation Into all Blatt?-.? cot ne, Mi with the re
cc.t LIoo-It not? in that c'y wh..b te^a'i on the lit iuatan'.
?.id part;, ti'arl-to in nlre into the erigin prog-eu and ^r
n iurtlcn ?i! the'r.otcii? 1 ria'f??>dirig?, the name?) of th? p?rtt*a
e-igafid in Hiern, ti.e ?ela of atro ?tv perketrated. Be number
of Silt .1 ami ?oundM, the ?no,in: sad iharact-r of '.he prop
crt? ,1( ?ti ?)V?"?1 and r?i"Tt ad Iht fe?.f? to tie linne, and the
Bergt??! st Armi. or h.t dei uti- aai it-niisTrepher of the
-louse us directed ti seMBoaaj thessidC Malttiss. All the
txptBMS of tin Inreetlgttlot ihsil ht psi?! o'jt of tlu?oootin
g-it1.! I of lite Room, ?mI the stn CenuBittes il .11 h.ivo
power to seud for pcriu-t and papers, ted to BBBBBm Bit?
1.1?????? tin-li-r Oittb.
llr. II vrhino 1I?.1'le-.if! "o'irr.ir.d (he resolution to
119 totitei.d the 11.ven,gat., a to Chattan?** ira.
Mi. C-A-LBa I-f. Y.j di ?nd io exTt-nd ii lo the recent
mrpssi re hy the Indiana 11? Port G-OdwlB, Ari-oiia.
Ni .'1 cr of the two toe! peopoaitiona new pfeeesd.and
the r to ntioa m ? ferai mi tdi pt i. I y \< 1 ?, *-?"; Maya,
?j _ *
M ? BAI n N I - f?' lad tka toll nil .*?
A? \,td, Thut Hie lartinaaiiat patrio:.1, ?i.?i?"on*titnt.oual
Co .r??cf th? I'reiident of the United -tute?, in seeking t.)
pro? ? ? I T tte veto lower !bc rights of the people of tbia Union
a.-, -tit wie???'! ."!-?-?olsitiocarj i.cTi of a few ui?!igiiarit
aud Ti ,?? ?nevaos men. tue. u * .ti. lhe aperara] of tins Baase,
aaidteaiTet iht ?? idlali ppert el u_ lojal eittaSM of tke
I'L.lld -lit...
F,, .nd. 1 kal t?it BtQM .sUetMthe Frerdmen'a l?urrau
1. d 11 ontt ti,?'.o? ni, Ml kterebr directs the
chairman of tht co?mittet i,i.?> i.-: ?.- ekerge'ol ina BaraaeM
i-, la 1 bill ti i? pal all ?.te ?ud'iartiof ads incouiiitcat
?. 'if Is rei.il '.'t
Mr sn.EMR .1 ?-??I the ,-.????,? n of cr.'.er, that tho first
resolution K,i,-i.:i:( ,1 mi intuiting atti k on CoagBMa? for
wbith 11 c Menibci off?; Lg .*. deemed to be ?kuli with hv
the ii? ia?.
1 1 ?-1 BA_aa ?',<? .'i'-'i that tka iteelattao eonld no1 he
r ' . ; ? ut ..1 1 rd? 1 '-n ibi.t t'r.ai nd] ?: an .4 ? ajoaattoa lor
the Moose to 1 * ? ida nbetnei iht retolntlon should or
not ha considered 01 adopted. The argtOBtnt of
ti... pi llemi n froa Ohic Baa hu arg naent to ike House,
bu' aid i 01 i?.'.. h the ai ration of ?.srltanu :.t uy Ma*.
Mr Sieves-" r..i- d thi ?i .?n.oi. ? I ti.> !? ? ???''r?u oi t'.i
Ii ?' , mil I.e.
lhe siK'KfK ?t.-i.i it :,? that ffsciti? n ctBt f.nd?*r ihc
I forty-Bra nile ? t 11 a Bouse and the! the qntMtton would
b<, "' -hal] 1 hi n ?? ; itioi 1 cr,,? irai and t a tidered ' '
Mi.li'e, n--.''ml i!.,1??.? ? ? I'.iioti? belaid on the
ii hie.
1 P-teabbb itated that tka waolu?eaa a ana aaBaaaaM
lae IT m
1-tqneat a wm taken sr.il 'he li m refeaed te in*
t( ive tin rt-i l'ltii'ii??. to? ?. . Ha ya, ni,
Mr. s. Bl Si I ..ivt li-'.ii that MBoaa - tka morning
li' ia ihr.nl I e\[, re he w. ,.,d it ? ? i >u ? f cen-iir??
krgeiii.t Mr. Chauler,
Mr. Cham i a 0 loriad 1! M Le ?? aid alar a li.o reiolu
tioi.c.LMinng Mr. ?ckeaek.
Mr. itAwr-- ? di red .? re?, lotion directing the CoauaBtoe
eti I tnki ?:.' Bankii g lo mq ure into tke expediency ot'
rcpn'tr-g the whole or in part tht tax Immmsb hy law ta
.n uUi?ng not? ? ?f Stat? bal ka, M ??? .1 ily 1.in ?,.
'i o resol .tic-i w.ib rij? I't-il?Yetis ].'i, MayaM.
tub miio oaa tan ia electk?.*. ca.?.
. 1 n. ' il Dg hool t.. .\.i g ? t?. ru!. Mr. D?Waa, furn tht
t. .:;.?,' ? n Eh 1.... ?. n u .1 a r. 1. :? Ki 1I10 eontoetod
uanoi b,..i!t ugt lii.'.Lc fr> m the Thirteenth
: t of (?hu ending with ereao'.utios declaring Mr.
I* ... entitled to bia t'-at ; which ana laid on the takle
., ret] i" 1 ?? |. .: ?? ?I.
( BBBBBB m ?B. mivPH.
Ag?p ???ti?**? a ma alaeattoa < priTilift, elatedtkatah
ana'i-r r> ?< .'...:..
P ? . ... Thai lhe Hon. Joba W <var'.er a l'erresisntstne
t:.-?? tfi.t!. I?.ii-.?t of IkeBtaM al Baa \"rk, bj ira
? , tt ii ,ia? 1 n -1 lu, u ti te, mm derad bj :' :? Hoaas la
IL**4??DW| . ? ?? tie f.rtt resolution), ha. thereby
,??<!* gr. -1 laaall to the licn'e, nnd Is kartby censured
y . *?< lu.v, r 1 ?. :? ! ti ?Ika ihoald, pt bapt. lave pro
pteed e rraulati m ?.1 sxpobsoa, l it tha. bt bardi. I" leved
?? kiernan froM Bew-Yerk laderM.I tka ? haracter
? f m l.i 1 id uicd. Ile BkOTtd Ikt previoui
.,??? Itn 1. ? 11 Iht? n ?? lal.
Mi. I'i?.iis V .1 ii.iiir,_:?'l tia' the maji.rityh.id
??' r ?x; ' 1 Mr. I ! ..ii. r -.. ti...' '! ( y tnlghl halt i:,ci'ii!-ers
gb to do m they liked with? ,t anyopp litionnhet
?1 "
'..-. H' i." re, '.]..( ! inl? r Mr. R. ??. ti I otkan ?o?-e on
' t!??.r at unca ?'binn og tka (lair, t'uf Ike Sjteaker an
.1 e?l that, lhe pt? 1 ,ou? |WBtloa LaTinp l.t?-:. _IBMIld
? .. I.u di ' tta ?as ii. order.
.!?. I.a lit? st. it:... 1 appealed to Mr. S? h.?nek to let the
li.ti"'. t ?? 1 tinted In ? rder ibaj, it inight bo fairly dia
' , ? L
'? ??a ,.i nck sud there wa? r.o di?cu..*i..n tx.-siblo that
1 1 make He Uni.g ij.inr t in it ?as. linns an Br?
ut 11 r-r..?ki 11 ?'iii ti.m d 1 gr? pi?, tkoagh ka doubted
.,', -. r the g? iatleiLau iCbanler) ( on pn e* 1 il< .1 ii
T,oa, 11'cuse a? coLded lhe demand for the previous ques
? -tr
A. *?rp.r?v?? -se-irnileirl IPSl'be revolutions ceHainl
a.li'iit*? ?1 "I a ? ??ii-tr_t-ti4.il oil!, re;.t iioio nhat Mr.
B ? n k :,.nl k-.s, 1. th( ni, aa| he n?k< _ ?hether it was fair
t. the Majority t?i pr??s the qneaia? ? ?.. ;, rota now with?
out gi.iiig Mr. Chantara f-?r hetiieg ia Um ?-??*?
Mr D_ai*_t(J N V . i,.(! in the ihui.ii.d that bis col
le?giic ( Lauer ihoald I 8 -Mid.
Mr nue?( k s-k.-g.it.d ti.at by aa ii latani aenaaal Mr.
Chauler could bepemritted to ?i.ikc ui.v exptanatlonha
UiiaBiinotii corunt katiafBeaa g.veu, Mr. Cbanleb
S'?iln ?-.' I tka ]I?'i:vi?.
Mr. I'll tsi.-R i.i,d it was iii.po.?.blc for hiui or the
Home t?) d,?c?'rii what Bolite BCtnalai the gentleman
fi.'tii (?hi'. iMr. S? hi'iii ki io Ulakine hu motion, but tho
motive which a?tu.it(-,i klMteif (Cnanlaaj ia tka reioiu
tioiis which ha had 88-MBd li" (Chat.leri olot.? knew.
Ikeaaastttaaof tka fMUeaaaaAeaa Oh.o (Mr. Beana k?
put the iiiM.lt apon bIbmH, and if he felt the iting let
liiiii moor. Ho (Chauler) nas uot called upon to retract
otio word, and li" should not retract on?? word, but ka had
no intention of insulting tho Hoaae? End Ya President
of tia* Daitoi State? been ? ummber of thit Iloute ho
would have beta expeled, at ho wai now threateuctl with
_BBssinstmn and threatened with impeachment. Ho
(Ckenlai) had not meant to thrust himself into a promi?
nence which be did not feel cspablo of uiaiuta.ning. Ho
cared ut.thing for the paper pellet resolution, ot mu po?
litical organisation or of any Congrcaioiial lady, it ho
was conatiouH of discharging his duties as n K( presenta
tive, m d ho proudly claimed in that capacity to stand
without stain or reproach. Hut the action of those who
now conlrolled Congress was worthy of the severest de
i.t'.i.ii?! ,?n, worthy of the deepeit snathcmri. ml if ho had
the p'jvtet li?' u i.ufd seek to cruth tho uiajonty.
Mr. Spaldi?(? Inquirid whether in.the resolutiont com?
plained of the geiiilemau from New-York (Chauler; in?
tended to malign the House.
Mr. (iiASLi.fi replied in tho negative. Haarid that nota
word in thu resolutions applied to any orgaui-ation or any
set of men. Hi? had takcu special pains in drawing the
retolutious to avoid giving offense. Nothing but malig?
nancy of disposition could have prompted the motion of
tho gentloman from Ohio (?chene-). If the majority con?
tinued to show euch thin-skinned seusitircness, there
would bo no minority worthy of the hauic iu the system of
the American Government.
Mr. DaW-B (Masa.) inquired what Mr. Chanlor meant
by tho words "Tho wicked and revolutionary acts of a
few malignant and mischievous men?' 1
Mr. Chakluk replied that bo meant to. ipplr those
words to ovcry malignant snd maliciuUB individual
(lsugbter) connected mih this Uovernment, or any other
government, that interf?re? with the exorcise of tho Prcsi?
dent a powen in prolectiug the people, without distinction ,
of race or color.
Mr. Dawes repeated his question, with tevernl changes
of phraseology, without euccecding in extracting a moro
deliuite response.
In conclusi?n, Mr. C__B_flB dcclnrcd that he shra-ik
from no consequence, Rnd cared ant BnatrMCmiiia ? ni. r
ly the malignant member from Ohio (Mr. Stheick) or by
tho maionty ot the Iti?publican party If by his dciiaiic
be could crush them?if be Could drive tkOM out of ?power
?he would do so. He would pul thern, with tho memhor
from Penuiylvania (Mr. Stevens), in that hell surrounded
by bayonet, lo which he (Mr. Steven?) would consign
hundred?) of thousands of his fcllow-i.itii.eus ; and now
thev might vote for tho resolution.
?he question was then taken, and the resolution of cen?
sure was adopted. Yea? 7-, Nay? 110.
The following is the iota iu detail:
Vu?-Henri Aller, Allison, Ame?, Ashley (Ohio), Baker.
ItaM?in Harter, Hatter. Ueajsroin. Bidwell, l.u.g: ?m. Blalue.
IHow, Boutwell, Brownell, Broom?lL Bundy, Clak? (Ohio).
Clarke (Kansas), Cobb, Cook. Cuilom, lltvii, Heming, K.k
l?y, OarUeld. Harding (HI?, Bart Bavei, liena?! um. lli_.br.
HolrueaQpooer, Hubliird (W. V_). llnbbsrd (N. T ?, lluil
hurd .! Wn l.-iur renca (Pena), Lawrence (Ohio), Loan. I?ong
iear, Lynch. Martian. MeClurg, MrSee. Mercur. Miller,
(??urhead, Murr ill. Ortk, Paine, Patterson, I'er! ?in, Pike,
Manta, Price, Bice (Matt.), Holl?n?, Sawyer. Sobenok, Spal?
ding, BiiTeni, Van Aernan, Walk?r. Warner, Waihburnc
dil), Waabburne(Ms4i.>, WlUlani?. Wilton don), Wilion
lPenn l. Woodbridge
Nats?Meiari. Berger. Darling, Dawea, D-wiori, Denniaon,
Finck, (?o?-rear, Ondar, Harding (Bf.), li.a?n. Kerr. Laflin,
LeHloiid, k1 ?ti hall, Ni black. Hitter, H-gera, Kosa. Rouaaeau,
Bhanklm, Bitgresvss, Smith, Simui?, Taber. Trimble, Van
Horn (N Y ), Wari Waahbnrne (lad ).
The Si'KAKfcR announced the Special Committee on tho
Memphii Riots, provided for by Mr. Stevens'! reiolution
adopted to-day. It consist? of Messrs. Washburat
(111.), Boutwell and Le Blond.
On motion of Mr. Kassov, the Senate amendments to
the act to authorize the coinage of five cent pieces wire
tskeii from the Speaker's tt?! V .?nd concurred In.
? ?.. tr. ? cr. if Mr. D-B-iwa the ?Senate _mat_.ii.e_t8 to
*.^ j??-.; tyr.'ro'_.u tkeklitt Mi U?? Couti U. tntrVtmi*
In New-York C.ty nero taken _B__M UM t*[t.nkvT'? tttbl(? ?*??
concurrid .n.
!4AT!'?*tAL BAKE??.
H. Blain* (Mo.) ?ffend the t- i di *?? lutioB, wklia
tm adopted:
Wurta?, Hy the rcoeut .let ??ion r ! the Sar ?erne Court of the
United State? the ?to. k of Xm onal Baakl i? urn'.? ?n!)j?ct to
?he ???ne rate of tuxatioa m other prop?r'.y hy State and mu*
nicipa! anthony.
Rta I'll, T.a1. the Comahtn ?M Wari and M?in?bel'i
?troct?d to Inquire Into (ho .rpeii-et-T af removing all tate?
teviot hy lae National GoTCrame*) ou -aid bank", eXOBBl Mt
half percent per annum on the average amount of tueir de?
Mr. HOCM-I introduced a Joint ree? lui i D ?liricting the
Sein tan-of the Tre.iv.ry ?o Lane te Win. Jo? Vi*, of Ter?
u.cnt lends of thoUnited I?',*1!?? to the - m? ant of $5.930,
in lieu of an equal amount of bondi aliened to have been
dettioyed l?y tire while in h.n ?? ?'i-'icti to owner or trut
'?e. it wau laadtwioe iu.?! j? Rm 1 to ihi Committee on
the J-diein-y.
On tno'.oii of M?-. mi:ve?8 tka Senate ii.iicL-itT.cnU to
tka PntsOfiee A| dp ; rii I ? i I U "?.? i h :> from thu
B| " keri table and r? lo.ua t - tue l'un.?..it? -, on Appro
pnat.o. ?.
MtMlaVOPl c- . I -'.
Onur. >*.i?n ol Mr. Wa -:? [Iowa) *.?'.' Senate bill t?>
el u y the place of holding th?s Conn? t?f th?' C t* 1 Stein
for the Northern D.strict of M--i?pp ni taken froui
the SpcukerV table, read tktaaI neil
artificial luis.
The "-itttKTtR pnnaled a letter from tue SoeretBiyof
War ka r?'p!y t" the Hois?? ita 1 ition i I tke t( th of April,
relative to ?rtilicia! bulbi* l'cr?ii?l.o?l to soldi) ra al the ?I
,. :-??-! tka Oon ruunt La I ?oath? i indi rd? r d
lo be printed.
tite T?.*: d:lt.
On motion of Mr. MOMBO-, the Honte a? ni Into C??m
mtttee -f tho Whole on the State of tka Ci.ioii, Mt.
?Variii utan I.l.i la th" chair and rean_ied_ieee?__l_era?
t.on of the Tax hiil, tim t hi ->? nadar ?ixmridariiioa belag
lhat .unending BeaUOB _? ot tbe i r> m n' . '.
Tkl (iau-e wn? imended in ti - :? Uowtng I IfMtBi Pro
i.-:..,- ? al tka Amomon end AeatetAi * a ? non ?hail in
aita brae for stationery an?l L'utik?: strikiBgMlMoarl bom,
and a-iding N-eraaiato, the sute? ia iwteieMe to which ?a?
Sai rotary ? f tka 'Ir- .i-..ry i*? a itbi I ? -1 to 11 a'.-htional
ratea of compilation fir ki - g the mirima?
of ? .fo compeiMt oBtotjb,OIOpi annum *??:, king out the
aordi " ia cut?'! of mora than li' l ' ) .:.;...( tanta, wkleh
restri,-. Ithapi en In which AaMatant-AaieaMn anta to
Le a ?ri.i not exceeding t'Kin ?? r ? ni ... (.r otile" rent;
Inaeitlng In tka, correction the a re? " ra? h ?.im as the
(ointnis-ioner ol' Ii,t?ru.?! Ki .? BIM thill tpptOTt.h
Oni : n ? ?f Mr. Al?lfON tb? following amwailB?
Am? ? ! nette! u by addli y ihi fi D - tag M tbe ead of ??id
??!?: ?n I*, or .led further tilt In oateotating the OO-UBiulOBl
BfAnaai -?ml ( ..i.eetun ot iLterinil Krveti ie in Uutrict?
ahanaottoaor dtetilled -i :.i? tri ti Ipi ?! ra bor.d tob?
?obi id as ??her di-uict, half the am?) .ut of tax received on the
? 'uaini.'v of eottoa <ar tplriti n thlpped thal! nailed te Ike
aio.iun*. on wiiicU the aauaMulaai tit tura aueeun ead aot
l*Ctur? ure collet ted. ?di a Cirri i| >n<] -.g an onnt shall bo do
dnt-t' t i.*. n the aanaal on ?r? ..-h t'.e oonnteeteaa of th?
nu? -.?rs iiiol collector? of the d ?'r!rfs' lo which tucli
cot* -i Cf "pint? are ikippod ire ealfl .l?t?d.
s-vi al imaritmenti ni an--important ebitaeter worn
mad?- to Um dam laarndlig n lion 38 of Um pr. ?"ut law.
T..- I d.ln.lt*?* MM after dil] BJBgOtJOW?t?Ikl mttt
1 g? c1 iLe t ill.
Mr. ('.AKriEL? offered a re-ol ition, akilh wa? ndoptod,
a__t_eting the C-mimtteo of Way? nd Mm-ds t-i inquire
whether auy further tegiatetfem ia nacieaary la referen? a
to (ho toll- etion ol the direct Lix in the States lately iu
On m non ol .Mr. **?rxvr.Mi ii.e Senate lill loisible
?h?' R( w-Vt-rk and M?,ula:.a bon Mining t?d Manufactiir
ing Company to pureba-i? ?? c? rtaln : JBO IBl of the pabilo
landi >., - t..,??; m tbe m.-r'!.?-- ant li k*n from tke jpeakar*!
table r ,nl twice, aud retened to the ?tUMlAU? ou Publif,
illinois kivfr.
Mr. Ko*-* ?111.),introduced a bil! t., \mpti ve rh? naviga
gatio'it.f ile Illinois River. Rend twee a:.d nferred to
the ?TtmmtUW on Comm? r? ?-.
Mr. \ity oiTerd a reeolntion, which wa? adopted,
retour-',"-. :l.o Fos'.ni.i.-t? :-(..?:.? I ii Co re?" rt to the HonM
tm? eoad ti ?ne of tlic contract made for the tfBBaportation
of tho n. ? li between tim ?United Malta and Hrnzii,
whi'?!.?"- ?-ich conditions have beta complied with by tho
CMapanj. and whether the itctnihipa employed nan
been Mik na wa? naBlntd bf law; alto, wheiher tho
Depattmenl hai any ii Bil mai wn of ti,? i-, *tra?'t having
been ui : ted to and executed hy the Brax?lu flovcrn?
nient, >i:i '. further directing that DO Pert Of ?.? ?ub?idy bo
pall lib m ihe contract i.aa b?en filly coinp'.iid with on
the t irt ??t the ('??inpaiiy and Lua bti-L daly atnentcd to
hy tLe lira/ilian Oovemmeat.
Mr. Coal eaXared a naolitloa, vkkk waa adopted, in?
Kructitif UM .Indi? iary ('.?rdini'te?* 1<? Inanln i'..'") the ex?
ped?' Ley ni purchasing f??>m (Jeorge W. Pa?- hall kllOOOr?
right oi'tl.i? Conttitdtioii of tho Cn.ied Siat? ?, w.tli bin
?,o:< ? of j .dicial ami legialithn it? -dont thereon, to
| getber with the coploul iudi-X thereto.
At 4 o clock tLe 11<.tut- adjourned.
?'?OMI FOBTHlin .vltl\H4lE.
Aa Indi, imeal A_ain?< Jrlt. Davis - Billiard??
Perionnl The t'aie aad ( aadliiaa af Oatvii.
FclTREs? M' nbof Bnturday, May IB UM?
Imtmd-??ely ou the adjournment of tbe I litad BtH-l
j Circuit (' 'irt in Norfolk, on laet Thursday afternoon,
jud?;c i ?oin.??.- ?t |?n ?op Wa?hington, I). C, and gnvn
j |i_rtic.i!ar uiitructiou? to tile Clerk or the Court to exhibit
? taao perena or per?on? the indictment brougt? ???-???v
I ,litfer?i?:i li?vi?. The varion? at'achei of the pre?* en
i dtantwd iu vain to obtain p??rmis?.?)ii to copy it, the Clerk
i of the C.i.irt, acting under the peremptory order? of Judgo
! IT adata oin!, potitnely refusing to ul!ow unyoneto tee
An iintere?ting billiard tourcimei.t took phire last even?
ing in No:lullt, and a larg?? audit nee WM pr?tent to wil?
lie?! th.? match, whn h ?vus between tke champion player?
of Richm ind and Norfolk.
Major-lien. Huutor went North ?ait evening In tho
Blent:,, r 11."linn.? Kelvo.
Tiio if?.t?i'There yetterday and laet night wai exceed?
ingly itoi my.
Fohtbfi? MONRO?:. Monday. Mav 14 18?>(5.
It ii ?li-di-ritood ii the resolt ol' Secretary Mcculloch'?
viait that President Johnson has directed the surgeon of
tho post t.? make a special report of the health, of ?Jeff.
Darli?, as it is confidently said that during the put twelvo
?Milba tho uucoaxiug trampiug and changing of tho
guards around hil cell hu prevented him from enjoying
at ut.v uno timo more than two hour?' unbroken sleep, and
that his L -.?Jib is failing rapidly. Ho expressed extreme
pleasure when the news of hit indictment reached him,
confident that ?peedy action in hil case will ?oou follow.
Trial Trip? Plaaarial New?.
Sat Fi.ascibco. Monday. May 14. 1?M.
The ?te itner Ooldeii City, Watkin?. from Panama, hal
arrived with New-York dates to April 21.
Tut? Western Uuion Telegraph Company's steamer,
(leorge fi. Wright, mado a trial trip on Saturday for tha
purpose ?f totting her tailing qualities. Sue worko4 sat?
Tho Crown Point Mining Company baa declared a divi?
dend of $*? for April i the Imperial a dividend of $10 for
the ?ame month. Gould and Currv is annouueed free of
debt, with $70,000 (o ita credit. The Savage raised (WO
tuai of oro hut week. Nothiag is reported of the opera
tioai of Yellow Jacket. Ophir reports $31,000 ia bullioa
?lace Muy 1. The mine? or California report well.
A IHarylaa* Palluca! H-ntlag.
lULTitt"in-, Monday, Mav It, lett,.
Horace Maynard, Renator Creswell, tho Hon. Frank
Thonia?. G'-n.'Garfield, and the lion. John !.. Thouin,
Jr., adtln used a meeting at Hageritotvn, Md., on the neues
of the day. Among lue resolutions adopted were the fol?
ReiiUtd, 'lint we ?re alikeo[po??d to granting luffraga to
the negro iu Maryland, and repi?tentation of noU'Toling r.e
5roi? by Rabila and that,thereft*re.ire fully and co-npletely In
ont n*Cngmtteaal amendaient to thetotntittition, batinu
repr??eiitati?n on the voting pat? ??ation, and all lawi forever
nroblbiting the leading Kebeli noa] boldmg|BL} iil.ee of con
nuance or trust.
Knole,d. Ihatwe ftrmly bclieTO thal the ?afi'ty and per
pei.jii) uf the Krpublictu (Jovrrnn:enl, buth (state and Na
tiniial. t!?'i -d.l ?oi the relcntloii of t>owci m the hand? of loyal
men, and, therefore, that we adhere to the doctrine that none
Out loTal men ?houid govern a State, eren if their numbir
?hiiuld be 1rs? than i DOO.
Ruoltcd, That we firmly ?(lhere to the rrg'.ttrr law ol Mary
land, aud will oppon auy etlort to reprul oi modify llio t.*nie.
Pallare af a Philadelphia Baakiag Firai
lleavy Fall la Paary Bimk*.
__ . ? PBiLti?Et.PBiA. Moudur, May 14. 186?.
The failure of Werk, MeCouch ii Co.. baukeri, of this
city, caul d much excitement at the Bank Board this
morning. Their failure has entailed heavy l?,ssci on stock
sncculatort. They w.rt? great " bull* in the Hoitonvillo
PaMenger Railroad tharee, which were forced up to $l?,
then fell to $.*0, aud lo-day dodtned t<. $8 a thara.
?-anarhahl* Pa lal i Uri.
Cn4cm*tin, Monday, May 14, 186t).
Prof. W. Errd Powell died in this city yesterday.
R. T. ArmstrongTformorly of Chappal, Bunce ?k Co., of
thii city, was killed at Puru, Ky., un Saturday, by a mau
named Merriwa,?
There **fryre auren dcatht by suicide in tbii city lut
A ipeciil to Tie Commercial, dated New-Orleani, 13th,
eayi ooe white person aad lire aegrocs were burned to
death at a tire on New-Levee -t. on Saturday night.
Pla* la Ik* Waaia.
BoaiON Monday, May 14. le*..
A large trivet of valuable w?.o?l laud in Sharon, Mau.,
waa burned over yettcrday, involving an eatit_atc<{ lou of
$30,0?.*(?. Bcrirue Lr*t :n the wocla of .Newton hove alto
otjcitsi?-. Drj wiatjiw oki ii,-? f*Mx\t uti?i?jv_uit. . .
ty Aj-BRICA.*. Bi-*IOGrV.
The ? i oh a.?ian en ?nm?my Afier-oaa?It- ??'.
ttmmeae ead Biagalar t.ilei is -aire? t-r??.
???ger? i'aaghl ia the ('?If linn, Baaa.ia,
-ValrrtaBe and I otbrell?? II Town kM_,_,._
The Wiad ?a a FroKr.
Ti o ?-ir.?]-?tonn of Sin ?lav aftprno n, tvtich brBlknl
t!:.i Istaai ii. ils Met? Tv-iT.rn flight, wis (.'.Ho a ncttl'y,
eier, f, r thl? cliratte of attonga mutabilities.
TLo wct'.htr through .at Th? greiter poition of the day bid
bren o'* tiugniar toftnait ted beauty, when, toward etenirg,
tbt bl?ek elocds ros? from the to?, ibe wind ?am?? M iCiil
goats, -I iii," a?lamn:. !, a sviiliig? flapped, ?,gn boatiUcri ??.?i,
and the big drops of r la ??gan lo e; ickle MtatoM *.?*?
wairts with every other in'.'ea'ion of a heMTy storm.
At i.? ci t .'J o'c'oe'? ia th? afternoon ii ? ame ii,??_ ni, a .eg
?i.... ? -i.ii.-i. aeeompaai I by tbtok ctaj.li uis.nd, wh kit*
?v daad lifted trota ? ot j i-'un-!. Baa '.j TTiok ?i?i i ? t
pard>r.-?pi>t?, and also a'ten led by ?iii ', llgktalan ai . .. .??
. ? sdsr. Ab il eaa-kslf of New York wr.? ?s?i
in .lei?.? p. the time taking leger, trhtshy, aid the ?* peto
.".nntrv air. I'ne raatlaint. til ?t.. cared io be on the atan I,
spurling their ?ah-Mb - I . tate cbir?.
',r?ice .,,,1 taatgcdln - ,': '.'.t t'loni .iiK.e-taHlngS (,'.(.?.
?.. j Vu? p'. i? took '.--? "ali of-Leap,'as the a-t.-g
g tea.
Our weatiier-elerk, looking iowa Broadway, wm flf? tn
arMei M the Manes' bj ti i bmmmm of weal appear?) io
be a ?ut? repent of. ;?"rtio..s. careering katoa?
from Ike lower bar, b,.- . . rai to b?. ?otbltg more m?!
UM T'.an a en mnii of land ?Toni the billi)? ka of l?oney *?i.d ml
..acent iilTndi, borne ?loft o: ". ?? it nig?- of a cyclono. lu ?. mo
lr.ent iLe atora aweiit over Iks luvi-er p irt if ?he ?alai d. TI.?
r.t-, ftr ii le-,v tecuid?. vs.i* completely tided with _'.-.l>-1
iluit, ?r J, tit en that eMerti awny, the BBlbOkr paaren,-'.ri ?I
l ? id way prasaated s me mcholy spectsl ?wea sea
TkO-Saans of both sexe, and ?li agc? w?r? in the afrsea-t at
be time. 'Hie iky wa. li:. 1 with lytag hats, utul rab-B
s and sha? 1j, ?itii kew .md t'.' re snualnokr " waici
fi..' rael ug ileheretai mgh tb?> air. wita wld bair '!i ???
tag l?:haud. Mon were llfllost lilted ort their feoti fturi sad
pie ?tanda w?to emptied of tkslr OonMtB ?sifby BSgrtaj
??snnd girls wer.* left atlckin. In the tTtM ead lantB
p?,?t? Ike so?any dried loaves; and lue?.?;?)?! ladlee wire to
bon:'.:). Ike io ma:.; latid ?Mt un?! n ....". itruggl.i g liol
i? ay i ?.?I !l a!, arid v j al;, cn .-.'.ivurit,- to ?T? -u tbo ??Cond?]'"
OatLc lerie) side, in Je.r.-j City, II/?.?- and elie?here.
tLeefifits of the storm wan tram atora ?a'-'ieijible. .?mm
w-re bl'.wn do?-n. tote i,.,?bes Basai.ksi, awuiBg? t,a?t
f.rined into monsttr pMMhaMs, and ihsdr irOM fairly tw.?i??l
tate rtseBNlngJaek-screws. The fett' ita toatd at. ?)
the Write? Uko rgg-iheil? M a ten-pit. CkIBM linea MB bV
nuded of their couteii*... '1 !,e air it i? so thiel* With tljing
rein lulu ol ?ast ?*?_'.? ? ?.-ung tha* oie- r-, .lily resaltad
?' Mt lo:,, leal "?uri(i?y ,r
find in
of Holmee. " Wind ia a .rohe;" Bkiia tl.i) manner in ?Li?t
n.o'vy cl.eti.i?"?) and llame! '?nilrriki-t?, ladles' drisvcn and
ger.tiemea's lower extremi*:?? j n?e?l a-d ssroseei Mel etMr
in rii.d-?ir wa. tometbtiig w-iicli would li ?'c euli'?d a Lui, M
tie cb? el? of the m?,it v?. .*gar-viiage?l o.?i n._.l tiiat tv?. ,:.
<.-!..in e.l a? a Woman's Btgl ti Caaeuati a
The b?ar-drinkcr? were ciuglit ia the timieit on their r?
tnni to New- Yolk fro? '.' t 'Irn.-.n,: re-.",:1.? of ii jbokt 4*
to ?11 np; ? 'in*iee, the- !ik. 1 ir even 'et- than tht Kieine ?it?.
There wcro probably more "sunday hati Io-* from the Nort>i
Hirer firry-boat? at thal t uio rban there we.? Suudii?' dr.t.k?!
obtained iii the metr?poli, d.rin?- the entire day.
Ona old lady wat tumbled ueid-over-hie s.andoaly Keevers?!
to see her erieMlM Mtoktag between ti.? i_.o_a nucki < i lo
ferry-boat; while a you' g '.o.']} mip?e,l :.-.; wSMrf-U la _>t -X
citemetit, i.ud only set ej-es na them Igais ae der tie* thrrngii
the finn??eut ?ftor thetuanaer of a co?t?, t w.'.haloog Bad el
f tlse emit troiliag bshta L
The tornado also extend el through aeveril conntier rrewt
ing considerable damage lu the ?ay of ni root, ug ti io? ??el
iei.cei; but. so fsr as we tau lcsrn. no _~A "-ero bint, tal ??'
considerable damage wa. done.
The Unie If ?r?hward.
SaH-IOIA N. Y., Moi.dr.y Hay ii, BB_
I ,- -ale yretaiday w m toit aerere north of kerr. The
aewengine-konMatW dtek-U vu ! Iowa down, aamian
up four fugtucs. Tile root of the F? rt William [leary
Hotel' was blown off, a:,d ihe tte.itiii-r Miunehi'.hi? Irokn
freak* her mooring and was biown ou* iatalka l?ake, with
th?1 lorMof her humctneileclf, snd ot:.?r damai'e. I, tb,?
vicinity trees were blown down, and sivirsl chin tient
wire bi.'ivn over at Bullston. *
? Mpe.taa. Bait at H???f,n.
Baanaa Mir I? Ka li, tatt.
A sti.t was commcnce.l in the Bnprem? Coort to-d_y i y
John M. Way of Boxh-ty, etainung |W,000 d_:m?. s
iro'ii .John L. Dame and four oin', mi ?na, whoa be
ekargea witk inflicting Injertas and tadigntttaa Bpoakta
pen>on, as leaders of a iu<?b, who t',in-"i rd? d bia house en
the nlf-t ol'the lHth of April, 1889. The aBBlr ?pp<aist.?
Live origiaitod from doanM of War s 1< ti :;.' MM be Wut
lompcll'-d ?o nail a tlag to kia koaae, m-'iso i loyal ?|(?> !
a;.'I aaa considerably BBStled about ol the aaaBBBBL
- m
lunrrul at (he lion. C?reri?r B. Badaer.
P.ALr. it, V. ('.. Ml Blay. May U li???'
The mor'ul remains of tht Hon. (?? ? rge _. B.vds'cr -.vero
followed to the grave to d.iy by an L___t_M couc?, .itc ? 1
c.t.zer.s, representing all c'.-itset of Ike ("?iinunity '?Ta
funeral services took place on 8nnd.iV i-.-n.ug, and wcie
iu?,?t tMlaaui and impreesive. Mr. _adg? r?*?ed ou br.iUy ol
The Oil narke..
MBB.-BB.-B8k M?si.. ii ada? Mut 1? BMI
The 0? market is activ?; sales of l,ij?jo I.bin. Sp?)in at
$: Mi In Whale sales are reported ? : IM libia, at |i B
$1 lOpergsllon. The stock of While ka hint lu t.?i_ ?a
ouly lla-B bbls.; of Sperm, 4,_7. bl!.?.
Fire? ia I.e-ls-illr.
L'VirtviLta. ilioday Mar 14, IK?
Ten tenement buildings on Fo'irtb sod _tuiiitl-at*
wera bnrned this morning. Loss |i-,WH); lua-i.tuio
|-4,3(J0, pr.uci.iii'y In home compsnie?.
A t<re ie now niging (li p. _i.i Cu ihe preinke* of s^l-eor*
Probatan, plu.iibt-, in M k-t-s?. The total d? InittMu
of hit ? ??'abli-hnieut aadtlie coi.'.,,.,, .u? bwldinCI isf.iu- .*.
SBmrutta?R'porttid hy TtUgraph.
rnrt-A-Fi Fill., Mty 1. ?.'lour Irm. 1 nt slow of tal?: ?ri?!??
witnoit ?bange. Wi:eut ijti.et; ?ales of lied at I?! ii i? ?.. 71.
ami \S I.no at ti PC_I '. Corn flrm-, MMt et Yellow at 81 _
Kio. Coffee, Sugar and Molasiea une liar. 1,-e.l. Provis loua Cr?i,
Pork, Bul. Bacon?Sidea xkgt** and >:<.o..ll*.?a, l_rB>l9|e.
Car-Ta-O. Whisky dud; ia'.-, of l'ciiun itui,.* at I'; m\ _i?i
Ohio at ti J7. |
O-sWF.ot?, May 14?1 p. m ?Flour uncharged. Whe?t f.irocr
and muet ; aalet of Canada Ciub at BIBB Corn in OtaO?_?
witb tales on private ttrnii. Other grair.i i,. ? ? i Canal
freiphttiteailyi P'lour 40o. */ bbh, Wheat Ml , tad Corai|a,
?y bushel to New-York.
Faltwohe, May li.?Flan quiet and 15m. Wheal atea?lv.
Corn declined le.; Wh t*. MBBTt?) Yei.- w, tia?c. CUia
ftrmatOTJ.. rroviiiona urra. Mest Pork I. Sugar? steady ?
Refined description? U'lniUic. Coffee di_l. WL.sk? firth;
Western, go 'X>{mti tag,
ill halo, May 14?1 i? m.?Floor ?teadv; Spring _ad Cue
ad a, HO-llO .5; Extra State. I.? -*??: Wi.ite Weateru, 113 _ .
Wheat-?No. 4I Milwaukee Spring, li eil. other trradee ooiui
nal. Cora?Bs-M at io a -4o. (Jati?Chi?ago, Hu a, lu,
ley, |1. Bye nominal. Men Tork, lill d |J, SO, L-rd '.-.,,-.
Canal Freights?Corn to Kew-York. Ile, ai.J 0?ts, .'.|c. pur
bmb.; to Albany, t-ic. on Com and'le. on Oat?. Km. tH*
for tbt last 48 koort? 1'iuar, ,"..!?( bbla.? Wheat, Ti?.,431 I ..1,.
Cors. ?.5,1.?!buib. 1 Oau, 71,7-6 bush.; Barlay, llOlbaaa.
viiioua firm bat inactive. Freights act.ve, lio. _
to Uuffala Keeeipt'-S.000 bbU. Flour, ?2.CO0 bush. *l't"
196,008 buih Cora, ?. (XW buth. Oat?. ShipmeoM?I.tjC,, b?. '
Floor, 4?'?,U0O bush. Wheat. -1,000 bush. Corr, *?%??
ToLrDo, May 14.?Flour .mitti Whett. No 1 Mij-,,,!;,,
Sic. lower: other gr?dei without materUl chang?! Corn nrn M
and le. belter; Oats dull and drooping: I..?k?. freitrh^a ,jun ? ,t
nominal, lieceipta for the patt week. IT.UOO l,t i?. Fjour -M __
bnib. Wheat, 'AitOO bush. Corn, 19 000 buih. Oau, 4 tiab ?????Z
llarlev. ?hipmtntt. 18.?-0tJ kbit. Floor a'.'.iK.bnih. W___L'
7J.OW bath. Corn. 18,000 buih. Out?, too bash. R?e.
BliKX-O, M?y 14.?Fiourateady. Wheat 4?u?Vjt. Cor? y?|.
low Walo, for Na li -l_SlJc. for Cbic.ga osta tumii,
liarley, Kye?nd Peesijiiiot. Pork gJi ?131 *?0, l.?rd -k?.*c"
Cao?. e_ports? Flour, ibo bbli ; Wh"?t, -3 400 baah. ? Coi?
153M9 buah.? 0?U. 11:?,IT- bulb.; Kye, T..?;j limb.
Oiwkoo, Miy 14? Flour in ?-?pi?, demand: talet, l.ortj illa.
at 110-1*110 80 ?r No. I Spring, ga ?'_?:?.? for R??l Mu!
ter, 114-0 for Double Extia Wbett firm but dal] ssl?s
'?".OOO bush. Canada Club at H80. Corn dell; tara 14 (.?t
boab. No. 1 Indiana, ou private tera?, oiher grans no?_ir.?l
Canal Freights Heady, lmaorts? l.'kj.uuu bmb. Wheat .'? -
omhiiib. Cora Kxpoi;??ni bbl*. Hour, ki tot bus'i Wheal
l.'*t?J0l'U-_ Oat^ and laBM hath. Pim.
A Trtu Pbilaaoplt? 1.
ATeBM ex Hebel, writing to 8ub?.r.be ian I erna] r?ri
Ins T-BBUHaj gives his views of B8BBB M gcuerr.l, c? ii
1! ? li'? lil .1 :
" Hut we wera overwhelmed by rumb?is aud de'?ut?r?i.
When I laid down my arma I did it in Borrow?it wa? the
bittercat pill of my life, but I honeitly helier? io the Puts.
dence of (.'ml. and I think I te* his hand .:. :!,? result. 1 Li t*
taken the oath is boneity and good fa.tb I feel 1 *_?
cbsitened by ?fflletlon ?nd leases. I loit my only ten ia I!.?
war, and a dear and only brother. Tiin? ' ?.?re.veuiti.te late
csuted as to weep in a-guiih msny batter tears. As for ?osiag
the Negro. I never oared much for Iks? : I staked bim es tk?
war when I voted 8-OM-loa. 1 lost 01. sod but for k? -t
in debt soa?. for some of tbea, I should Lavs never Icit a?
hoar't tleep on tkat account. Although I was ri.?ed In Ila
South, and never waa ia a Free State, and worked atgtota all
my life, I bad beena? tiiad of the oouimuai chafing, ?t.d
wanted the mutter tettled?eit?.er permanent ?lav ery uud?r
our own (roveromeat, or Freedom. I'hi latter it tt? nvsu I
?nd I am doing ?boot ?? well as before. I kept mont of mr old
bands, hired as maty other? as I wished, pay item a liberal
share of the crop, and we are getting 011 clte.-fti! It and work?
ing to tha mutual iatereat of both p*j-tie?; ?nd bot for th?
t.imfoolcry of lomt "Burean' tganti, W8 CO'-d gel on **ei.
welL Home mea cannot get on with negro?.'?, white Btu, er
themselves, hut generally we sr? getting on rery well.
Fi ?tilt. I soi tir?d of war, cxpeot to live ?al die ia tia
-n;'.e. Bietet, I with to call it ay oountry. 1 ..?'.?eve. *? **?
man live together, we should nnderstand, st ftr as ataaiHB
each otber't intarett and viswa B.sry reading n?aa iboaW I
Ikiek. reed the p?p?*ra M both ?eeliona. I ?lalwerib? ftor TO-tf
paper, belierlng It to b? the most rearaictab!? p?P*r ? rc
p?rty. I want to bear too. I do belie.? yuorparty ?ra wroa?
?.lanaerorialy wrong-bat I want to ???min? for -?TM*- XO??
have the rlovemtrie?! In vonr baud?, ind t want lo it? * a?l I?
lo btc??_? cf u? " pour devil?" of th? Amt-, Il menu yea k???
soins of 11.?-oat uuaorupubias ccuti jh.?. io noa .ea_? I
apt teeAM*at-~livi ? * ? B.*

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