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New-York tribune. (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, May 15, 1866, Image 8

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?T?MM WkWt Mtutikj Mu? 4 m
Ibt ?t-*-*?__! i Ultra titi lu a, LtOMBOOl li, via L<n.d'i_
?Orrry titi ii.?? hen |M?t-t?d '.!..*> te. ir.t, it Tit to to Quet-ar.
?Um?1-.'!,'? u?i BM ?li.y ?MB tb?.ii ]?i MMBMhi] <Wy ci
ffeaMaMMBi] h?.".-.iiii *.(_) litiatii irrita, i aloa Uti
?-?eati MriiatM.
I?, ta? ttoom of i ? i? " ? i ?- ? i. ?.? .? *? i
aarriipt? ? ?' :... <_?.?! v. ?? ?? i it? i vi..? i? .. 'ni bj l8
Bail. I '(.?,. I s 41..I-. ?;. ..lui It! ! ? ? ' ?! l't
??J, myt, we bar? la apart a weal ..'ti let -iane mulei
Pgg Ai,.i?, i.n -?_-.? i? i i.i *-?? i.itii brea t ' uttl? de
a?? (I Ici I ? 1 I M : O ill! r.t.d ?|t.i U1 l'?t i.VC No Ii hl'i.l li
Batir? i y ?y. i> ::.*,, by i i*i -..i i ..fi,i opera! OBI W_ ti.. ?!..r. ..*.*
lb?* i*?t week, have brea prioeieab* ..>?? ???.-? a '?'- -
TI.y ('(?? ?' . ii' it i-";?.iJ-J. wi. ? ?. t Ce&U *
anti f.-ti-,. i relatival] even mere dt-pmuu :,:ti fon_ei
M_Bf len quoted 77J 8784}, aid tie mer 4 \MtM\, ?_?___?
MeaodGn ?! Wiat-crn i..n.i ipoXei u. the y otrnl .?;-.???
e?cn ead ii? !? 11 ,rt? i i ?*? ..t 'd.-tlt
The Hi ?I?*? li.Lil* coi. t. t,t.? ?J liri,: i- i ' :
k*avn.??? ,.i,.i ..ii. .?m*, prevailed the du
a-ki.j m the Boah hld Wea Bet a of gold
?mi ihr CoatLaei (costil ??)
Ar.Mrla Pra-nia. ana Pia!?.
Mt? ' ?(?? -? : ::? VitB?B, FtC.Ii lill F.cnr.t'
tililii? ii ? M i
Arn...:i.? at! ???-? - ,-? ? v i i? ni ?(|-Kf,rr'. ? y Ai.elr ?,
aaijaeda? aine had beea eoapendedea the Tneeti i.^..*
lam! ia ? rd? rl rhei :? v tnu ?. * : ti?
at Berilo it waa axpeeted that a l-rlhai augmentation
MjBe Faeeian ira* woaM ho aad* and nunora had been
?nn< ii? t .? | :, ?, . :,,:?, ?t_,t l'n>?....?. ?-, ofa : adectnaUj
intend y..x\ ay. O
A i!i:f.ti. >? ????..ii. le the Parta 7- ipt Mttm i- ???
?tv?iy?MMd''?* LeMaraeiema al? I ti aai ? tom?
atu.ii t ('.;....? - ?i:.'! '? ti reded ._ tht Minietry by
Jt4.it. ? -? !..(_- ...
1? in ? r- n? i. ..,- ila < m ii li Parki ?*. t I gland ti -1
Frame m . 1.11 ?ti '. no?....I. I ? twin. A.r'r.i. ..?.J Frus
a?, b t ?cr? tu*! pew raJj ? r??i.t*<j.
TI.?- I'm. ?..i?, i ? 't of A| m m% la r? j lylo the Al
Maya!? ti el the Ktb ax] -reeeea ta rrr.se t ?'.?.? A -trm ?hun'.d
have wittrlr; ??? -, ? ? r Minea irr rti Ht 'on a ' T:'v t.? t ontiBM
arainiii'i!? ati .ti?ittif.t the In.ft-al Gereruneat hu
Bat called on t_4 IfIddle Stitea tt d?ana. _r*.??
the i' ?o... - 'i : ijn'tiy te ni..i?* i.? i _n_j loapeao
?faolit (? if A .?I...I ?iii ?airy ._;<j afltel _ei CO?teni M tole
Iibi ;-ii U.I it*..ii r.
'1'bf Berlin ion?*?!*? Lnlint ?i J l.t ?i kio? J, .?? an
?? italy legen te linn o Ti.oiith apo ?t the time when tie
4jwefl?nT,i". Povmi 'ff?, ia ihe bight oi Meit dt?pate
Auetn.i ?al ? I " ? I te (li'rlTli. wten ?!.<? j r.i.0 c1 (lo Kin
fen t ?i.? ..r. ,-. i bythi preBaxatiora which In. y had
Mai?in ii with the vie? of etiiktaga blowineeaeof
wai btt-titi Aarti .. ?i ? Pli?rio? A latri ?ii.? ? ; rgaa U>
ann, milv.nl oIti.rjun_.iig, ia ii Unit rat?ned at. I
I. Bleat.
Liriiiw-i. May 4 -Tut iMlMt_i] Helvetia, f.-cn. Liv
tuptrtil, '?ti, ftdr New Yt ;k, hal put b.?ch a ?Iii tide t bolcraon
boiaiii. Two di intim o? i MM- Mil re tide it??, ^id ??Juieiie
ttiwii fr?iti I. vi neol
I?I N .ti : iii >:< ?ryy), ; Tie ll.ve ?]??(: d< ti (0 ?top Ger
Baa aa_l|ra-on *.h-i"..ph tteii rteeela
TLc (?'( in.neal hu ord?rrdnrll f!??.n?-: ia cn of all
?eru.a'n- ( D ?.?:..:." ! tfoN 'L' li ;..'..i..*-*-.' -.. !? ! . ?? and.
The ti.cltra made IM?tit epjH irn?e? aim bj tin <? .
?uui im.gr_Ltit vtL.k Hey ?ere .u UvaipeoL
liladttoLe ? budget repenls tte duty on Uinlier ?___ pap.
oar. and \t< Mea ia urnagt?t-Lt ici the rtiluitun ti ibe
?Nail? uni debt.
Tbo Genr.a" Im.I.ij neetieB r? ti i i ? ? eel tir gei
italy la? t(Jegri.phed to t!"e hVcr.ih (l-"i?r-:n rat t^at an
h_Mgt ?? ' t baa been entered 1st? nott attack J tt.-.s.
Tit Tod.? E?j..it:i .g it._is:, with (w adi _ ?
I ??BBierrial latelligcntr.
I iv-orc?-!, Mi?y 4, tvii..cg?Coito*?.?TLc
ettie Wrek feet np 4> ?O tait? ir.iluu.ng IM t alee to
aract.lstor? a* d 9,500 baba to expt.rti-ra The n.farktt hot
riled dell, with a decline of i|d. t* I t n tie ?eik on ali
Oaatnption? The aale? to ?Say (Imlay} wert? i Ooo hue?, la?
elad)?? 1 M-O bal?? to ?pecnlatort and exporteri. The market
alaaeadur ard unchanged at Itefolowing qootatloat Ftir
Oil?*- ii?, if>id.. Fair lit tile 1M.| lair 1'. fat ?? !'?.* i Vjd
lling OrleBii?. :?id., M/'d'Irg Mtd le 14?!.: j_:*Y.!.r c V?
ktai, H-gl t?titk in {ort lyjt.OUO ba.e? iiduditp
haleecf Aneri, an
Br?elalift ?tesdr ?rd nr.clnnfed
Prcv.ilori? very doll and tending ?J. ?raird
T-Ait Hticki.-lLt J__i.iLe*ter u ?akt-t i? L.t w r_ _ ,:?-.
B-Bihg tealiacy for Gwds ud Tarni.
" ?'??xtxa M?y 4. evening.?Cc: ??I? cV-ed hi H'-itH fir
JSS?. Trew???; r'l a? o'the taxi of Ei.gla^ ?bowta
le.rtatt_tu_.ui.iol*-lVZi'v?. ?...'- ? B ?
AKiKJ a* Bl i-'.rjy -in litftit ??>? were F PF?*
Twetitif? ??"| Ili.no.? Oura) Railroad 171->, Ire Hal
ttootl aiat-g.
The t boleta la Bsalaad.
ricm TI? Lrr.titn T?mf^
Ttie new? ti at h l?.!til MM ff Asiatic choleri lfil
artrrrrd ?t Bn.tol jiiitite? tli* warning ???ned'a*f ??eel I??
the ti vy Council. The perron att?rk*d wa? a ?ailor who Ltvd
tuft <-? me over from Rotlerdr.m to London and doat'ticll
Vreiighttr.e feed? of tt* d!?e??e with him. ? * Itere :% tti?
Orne for car board? of health and -?nhicitj?! bodiet to prepare
-raluat'e tafegjar"'? aga-o-it the approtch of cholera. There
axe ?pete in almott evtry town ?ti cb BiC-lcal men
rgrnld print out aa the favorite hauntl of fever ead
4'ttntrit.i'P, and in nine cate? ont of ten reason? could
be ???.gt-'d for their cnhe*llh11?e?i. To these ?pot? ?t
ttBf.on ?liquid firtt and H ob6e be directed, for tbey kee the
*ptt?r.gt trro'-.gh wV.cl. If anywhere, the cholera i? ?ure to
Bri as Ct.1rar.ce. A? a thunderstorm may ?weep over a city
without doing any miichirf un>t? a j rejecting ipire chaniet
t? attract the lightning, ?o an epideniic may hover aroaud it
?Bilton! lodging lt?e!f there If it lind co vulcer?!?!e
yoint for lU loco?. It I? true that all the c.rcuu.-tancei
?b:ch determina the cour?e of'ehol*ra are not y?t
aatertalntd. Whv it tbonld be checked 1?y cold
*r?atler, w!y It ?could remain dormant when ohecked.
aad reenme it? onward career from the taro? diitrict.
why it ?liould rege moat fiercely in ?report? why ii tbonld ap
?pear lo follow the conne of river?, or why it ?hoold ?pare al
Meet rompletelv the weitem cotntieiof Fngland. no one eau
?iTipli.n. Whut we do know, and whtt it mott concern? o? to
liow. ii that while noplace or ela?? of ?ocietv I? ?eenie of 1m
annity from it thoie place? and those claMee which m?t neg
Mel tb*.?r ?amtary duti?* are most likely to ?nifer. Not more
Maa a Moatb ago the mortality of Liverpool had riien to an
axr.uil rate of more thin M per tbomand. a rate which i?
acre than double what it thould be. and even in a Malera
aeason would be appalling The return for last week exhibited
? rat? of Itf per thousand for Liverpool, llancbeeter and Clat
?jow. Wittrtt unuertaking to tay whether or how far tbla
?leetiive mortality li prcver.tible. we feel bound to point out
?Ubi it demandt terlont and immediate oontiderat-on. What
Ear rai?*? the otnaJ death rata of the town above it? proper
ral invites the cholera, and whatever meant avail to keep
at formidsMe Intruder at a dittanoe will imply repay tbeir
acal by improving the geonral average of health among Ita
iBlat.tsi .!? _________?____??.
Mceilag at ike Breediii, a mi 1-frwbera, Ti. C.
A meeting wot yoaterday (.onvenud by the lreedmen
al this town, to oontider the statement? which bad been aade
by Cent. Stead?aii and Fullarton, ar.d the letter which
appeared in 7"?? bfrrai- on tba 3d intt. It waa generally felt
that the courte adopted by thone gentlemen wat Intended to
??J??age the Bureau, and not to correct abniet, and that the
atete?eat that tbe gei-tleir.en who demanded an inveitigation
teto the conduct and administration of R. 8. Fitz, "bad not
aaale tboeeobargei with any duire to benefit the freedmee.
Oat from mere per?onal ?pite, waa a gratuiton? intuit, uniup
?parted by even a shadow of avldeaee. bnt in direct aontradic
tk?c to toe whole fact? of the rene, which were well known to
au?ny oi the audience. The anembly, which ?t? lirge and
aatt.ue.ait., then BBaataaoady adopted tbe fol!"??ng rec-lu
tiett wL.ch are their ?pontanson? ?Iterance, no o*.e el?e hat
log Lad a hand in tbeir production either in ?uggetting any of
the idrai embodied, or the wordt by which the? ere conveyed.
Hlniii It lui p!ei*ed Hi* Exr*ilri.ry And rw ti,I,li ii, l'ir?,!u.i
<ef tile failed Fitstes, to spp?-i:r.t r?rt?ln' (?rupisls to rlut ti ? li ah
and ia?,oil? lints tiis ifi.n til the Frn-dn ?-, i li ?r??.. no1, ii we undrr
?lal J 'ot tba p -ryia ? '? rt-?T*?n*??lr.t ?jt??-rg evlli or perfet tim !!.*
?asoxllni ol lb* Bureau, bul foi the purpose, as sppesr? to iii. ol bud
| tSntus gio ood f11 detaBiidlsg it? i*mo? ?: ai.o rratu.g P'tdn a, I ay,
lis favci of the Pr??id?r.t't poiiry w.u.ii if carried out, will, we
ass. also? as in s very prscarioai eoniiition Be it Kteoliid,
L Tbat io .?ii| ?? li? Mu? sod U? L'nit.-d SuUi tioTrnisienU re
lOm io grant ?? th* right cf i .Sragr. the only p*a< nUe rnrir.i of pio
le*(ig out own, id in ?Hi bo lib? ss the pui is) ii mt ti fii ted on a
?wier*?! atan for Clime ot mOttmmti irirn* ii di"?rrnt trim what
wtud be lad -trd on a ?hit* men for a iln.iiii offeni?. io long ii i
aeiarad Maa if Beeeaulaied te be abroad aller s ->rtaiu beur at Bight,
????object to Birril. **er.h, and the f rfeitur* of wraponi. if th*y
Be** aa*. whla ?tit* t,j? _ e?i. w?!k It a. hoon without rr. *.nl. i.,
la a a??d *o long ii <* * in t.ot ?oa.li ?o,.a Before the law, ws cob
ade! Ik* Pi***!?*-, i Hil??? . i: i!.diipea*iOl*nece*eity.
II Tbet while ?? itroegly i ot. ).nin the alfocltiei cooinntted upoa
tka Piam.xv.ru in ?e Ttaat Bett.raMat by Edward S Bit*, ind d? *p.y
avon! mit ?na*r aga vu el tar iii ,e*u har? sol been ebie to utiify al'
i? a ???.?I y*i ass ?. w lraky piarme en IS? ?oaf of a mao'i houie
wei.d uvi te ? ???! i!!ei?"J t ni lent |?o ed fr, aul!in| It dewn and
11*1? | ? ol o' loon, i ? ' ? ?? *e ??? ? I? * ? r. a. In t .,, , ..,,
te? rrniovlni the Burfiu but a gtsslrr rssioa why it iliosld b? p?i
Hotad n.d r.r* r.*d
III. Tbat se !oa| M ti s Efdsn Uov*rain*at rsfuse* to grant >?? th*
syigbt le plot??! oiree.Tfi by tnesn? ?I th* billot li ii tu to.?inn duty,
aad we wl.1 be d ii ???pomi'ol?, t>?fore Oed, for o j? prMerlioo ?_d
?re be'?e?e that t-u piuiettioa will be beet ?*-ured throu|ti th* Krr*d
Mi I B ireen
IV TUt wa ?l-slt'd y aiksowiedg? ?he prifllfgsi *e?*,ir*4 to u* b?
II.? "Civil ligl.U Bill ' sud ?'.I....I lb* eleclife I-.,:,, . ? .
Karsxteed to u? we w11 ait no fuithar ipeelal protection from ita
Aeral tkven .n.ant tot Iban taltai ?iib our whit? friends Is tbe
Beulh w? w:il be able o ?ec?t? for ?? i??.??? *t? ? d?i.i*d t?rd?i r
?bia i?.??u? ef,i.r?iperity.
V. 1 ?ai act bond dar-matton. high Mundlftg w-tdi, er mo'ttpllrlty
0pttw.ltm, hulsj-t?. al orb ip*sk lrjd*r thia w rdi are ?ideitetidard
wtrteb we ibal Judgs ef s*l (nena* ssd ss ihs msjeiuy now U
??|i?ii ti?? sv.dso ?d'.?.?I; d.t.iOili ?lui ?I* ?iii.? ii'ii ?9 rt
taltra le us all IBs bia??gi 11 ftetivm we lerognue is theo, ind
* til ajaM out bmt m?Bd* ai-d d? ,bi ita ?...ii ty ?,f ?,. pic
4_| I
It)*?ti fiatsU? ?di ?pptis tr.i.i g?i.*i_ gs.liy
sr ibe Inn di
. Illa Hi? Tlidast?.
TBB TaiBi?s ?. J The J*-?--, .y?t?.-a I'eatgrn mt The rVtihantlei
H TLsi s repy ?f lb? fer?|cii.? reaelBOsat be ftrweiled le lb?
Rta faed
Uti ( ?>. l.oi.?i ?tli- Uta Tkadaat IIstsbs to ii* itlton *f
Tea T?iai-?B, ?id The PauixnAOktim Imtmer ?n| The YVtikinittn. .
t'.AtmnU. '
Au? | ted l y it,? BtotSBSh Nit ? ail Wt-tr'i Infill ((CVtLlito
?t.d _ Stm Ycrk ( (? TtriJty .Ms?, .-, .?-f.
/ '.( s ....... ,d l?, :!itf R'i 'in .Mini
Wf have silrt_<ly i.pi'iand mikiiy timPF ...uing the
jrt-ifLt (-e*?.cn l tf< re ys ur !? coralie body, in rx iltiona, uk
mp ibe ec'ranrbnemeu ?>f woman, and uow, from this Na
t ? Btl ?'? -??ti i ?'). Wt ftgi.-n iroit ( n appeiJ, _?:d urge you to
ia?, i.o i mil i u t ,?t 'gyttmkkdel tighta the CsaMitattaa of
: . i a?tee. eaton ti edd gMtyielta?Iaht, tai BB-agta to
Wevi.ii ?'i n-sam til? oft leeeeeei ? > aaaaB aa t;.r
i.n .in! :.,?"? <f mr? ? .t..-en, p <??? ed i.? ;Sy 'ave been on
ti? B8j_SB h i? ~?c,( i.it lot tht '?it jo year? iu Kcuritg lite
?a. i. !oi the black n.i.i' i.i.d io L-rucdly e hoed on ll.e floor of
i . -i.rin.ilr i.r.i/ ih? penWtattt, WeifTiuot add one li e?r
prteeatltthi Beaha lUhtoapaaakfaeeatlTaaaaahy CharBa
atna? la the BetaM !- peet? IBM aeJataG ttransat taa
he tot aad eHhtisI the eeattel si* tte | ? al la prate Um
. ...'.cotna, tatpeatr, tha aeeessBy, ti,', Baltattaa
ffthe ta.li'l intbebaul ? f at*. ~ man and BBBBai to prove
that a had (.:overi.i_c?s.t ard a ti.o obarili reit ?l.kf on tbe
ii?, rcsi righto ol (Le l8?h ?
A? ten ,.-,. fan I.?.r B?h that ?ft-Pt). of th? Melun on
i (j M. Ki?, ii is ki ai i ia aaaiitataf la taila ae stan
.i. phlMasphj. led BtttahaaaM la aataatl i tan -.Le great
? r.r.s ni tt.c i???, aB?sel nj io-ucn,g tie ehata al arpumetf,
pemBn to?_i paet ettasttoa toafowof its ih...; -,w?rni .,?
i.? nth ?in ..'? i u Tit ' [pitad now foi tl.e biillof, s? the
t-:?i-.t gaaraataei ??d tu < -t-'y aajh katgaeruuui helag in it?
s'.f peaeeau?itr teeaaeUn nheotanetoi ?. ? ? i ptatoMot le
?s : ., -a, ?ic I uni ! y ? very n?..?p?!ty _?.?] ? t,.., r, .?, n. tad
i spdkk ?lee ?? i ita good w Um Btttn lately in Rtbi ?
weil as tor the giert Bad sail by of the liepub.ie, that it may be
an t->an.pie to mankind. '
Ay air. the haUot ia the Cotonhiad el ? Cn aad
? i, ., , ? all toa tu.i ?. m, i M,,
IV Ballet M trlsslaeiwr, ?ssdtag ead arittog area. _??
sttinabto v?i;.e, but the taiiot teuiLc? i hat t..cpe innnot
it,.? b
? i let?ri! ?-' ? ' rdt t1 t.t i: ? a ?? men rf Aikens <. Isrnei 'ht
((?ile lye.iyr.ir Ika. /' utily mum* c ?fur, mid ' I tT IhS
nob and poor rep? ated It.
Ikl ballot as l.ke aharitv wh ? h Lcvir .'mil th, ai.d Witbenl
wl.'.i h iu?n is 'illy li? net, i,i g Ir.ss cr ? tit k m g tyt-.bnl
?Lebolli't i? the on? tl.ing needful, eitboet whicb rMBto of
ti It-Beep and all ether rights will be no btttn than .ob? el s,
m! .. 1, He master will tri&k ibrougb w.lh lu.pui.ny. Tu ..im
is;., i.iii tai i ?not i?!l otter tL.t.gs phall le giter ?| rot?'i ti.iu,
(;;ntD'ity. ?-dur?t.t i:. a konetttad. Tb? !??:! t ih like the
H?ta ?-f A! at.daiice. out of whtoh erarflow rigkta of every
k.. d With eera, cotton, rice, ard all the fruits of ibe earth.
Or btttei ?ti.I, it ie like tic band of the body, wilboat which
man. who i? now only a little lower than the ungi ok mast have
con! intii d on,y a lillie above the brutea, ii,ey ure fearfully
?ni ?ord? i fuiiy ii.ade i it ns is ti.i taui.i1 la tbe work of cirili
?ttl.iii. soie ti.? b.il.d . i the "o k of ftTSttntt- O'lVeme
tie '?aliot. (.nd I ian ia.,re (be world.
' Hoyou ?.ib to ?te luni.iuy truly prtl,.! io th li iu?l-.?!ry,
- toy, gtttii.rr.'at. -r..'. MMt Bap a:l prctper. tai t',e
Bepublu n.uy wt-ai a ti ji?n of Ina flattens I IBaa do not
r. t .-? I the t:";_lot.
? I..inn,rune ?a.d ut.iteriil suffrage ,s theiii.t truth and
or,v ? a*is of tvt.y aaBoaaJ i-1 ?Mto?
lu i(.-aid to "qual?ioatiocs, ?lould .on slap, tie joint
ret?lati at I ? ft ree Ceagren to :i.t?aU-:ce tbe vori "mikie '
late t-'O Fed? t ni ("orist.tiitioii, ?,r enaWti? ir- ,rt at ita Bttea.
stn.itiin Canialttoati__nea j"u rantin sa so?ni
sic ,,.?'. f.cat-, n ?f me tall your tax-) a? 'P t tai
?iich at'.oidlae It Mi.Baainm Istyraaay. "it is 'ijnt'i?
cations' only," he ist*, "which the' States e.tn determine,
meaning hy 'this limned term, those iBfatreneato M lersinal
Ocudnlou wh.th are regarded as I ensilai ! i t'- ?? .-ur.*_ of
the Br_sehtot? These ??aal.flcatio?>' cannot le in their I m.re
p? meat?t or ii.suiu, ?utu!, r. Oatar cannot ta- a ,i.._u.ca
lico, anymore than Site W the .inality of the hair. A per?
il .lu it ir ii ? rir.i un'able ' .ualiflcatii'ii* is e<iu.ta'?r.t toa
-,i .:.? i. ? f :',i suffrage i la elher wi ds, M laths immy
?t taxiil i? n within? repr?sentait:'n ard thto tiranir. 1 in-nt
it se. :? irusied to ai.v M'.te of Ibis I u? t?.
In ref-urd to 'Taiatli I Bit?OBI l:?jr>-? italioB, Mr-Bum- I
mr 'jr.ttes frim I rd (Tk. [_t Sapiens Pavereoaaet
take from any tin',? any peri of bit pn ,n.riy wOAt al i xtuul in
peru i, or ?y rtprtit llalli ..
* -Bin art tot to he lele aa the ptt_lt.hal hy ii.i.r cou
Stat ,n rstrion, ?,r I y r?-; r'?( i.iation."
I tnn see no reason to ?b .lit but that the imr<'Sitinn if
!ai?s vhethneatrade,n on lund, or hones, ?>r iklpa n
nal cr isertf.r.&l f.xed ? r tv itiog prop, ty Is tbe i :. i?
sb. tely lrreeoneflable with ti s ri?-? ? * ? r t ? ? - ? . - ^.
Brit lal -ut'?et? n da?-ri. I any mer. for It n stnte ?f ia
tnre no mm can t?ke ?ni BBBgWtl from n.e v ?(. H I ? i i.
M-:.t. J. I., d<-U itrtitll '.e ?J v .i'-. ?'? mia
?. . i. i Le li I v b. I i f t i x.l Ig ( ?eu :?'? I 'Ter !t<r(: S*ta ,. e
not repre.tnted. ni ?ens to mo to ilepri.e ti,em ol on? ,,; kbeii
most e?ient,al ngl ts as f:eeu i ti and ,f ivuliiunl ?uni t k8
In ??-it tn en.!?? dit- totl itnttteievtry ?.ni i.fit. i.r
whntor.e civil right is worth a rush after ? mu1'* p'operty I?
luVj'-ct to be taken from hi'ti ?? t,leB?t.re ? it .. ? ? t ? at n?? it.
If Touaav. women aie ni!ueliy iii tasi 1 bp the t_en of
|bel| Uiit(?!._,:?_. we givf jesj Mr S:_rji.tl'5 .t'-Bk'v WlDl
Janas 8?1 "Jfo ?? ttutitt M^virftll W*r"nfttS??ArSu
k? un in law tf ('^r.H.ti.ri.'ii that it i? elf.'gether a s -lui,
and ai, lllnsion wholly unfounded ?nd absurd, ?nd the.? we
mult not be cLiated by any au. h phantom, or any al?H li. non
of law or poillii ? or any mot.klsh tr.ck of de ?.! ni by j M lis*
lu ('.?rrar.di- g .u^rare f,,r (Le bl?ck man you r?c"gnlred 'he
fe.i t ti at as a freedman he Is no longer a " pert ef the fun.i!y
?id that, t! i r. fore bli matter li no ISBgtf kia r? \ rea-? ata
lite, b'i.. e i,s be will now be liable t?) fei iti"ti, Le mast olio
?aie represer.tation. Woman on the centrare, lea utver
been socb a ' port of the family " a? to BB8BBBtSBtttta A!
Ibcogh lhere l,?s fseeii no tataal peettaaettoe giving Leran
Jadividtt] ??i't'i.? I tht -,?? al ?ass tad ti e ; g11 to ?r,,p?rty
BLuiragir the rig hi te naka eeetraeto ead i* 1 .lneniahar
BWat?Btl And e.( n mi . ned women, bv r?< (i.t toaBta?an.
have keen t*tai?d .n tLi.it1 util rights weena tevheMee
rast an-ciut oi tk? i,ior?--',v ??? -'"r eeeaBj. ead paythtrf?1 \
proporuon oi ?ti??, ntl -?? ?'?',' ?''"_ tit phax pBkelale.
it.n: da Ttiu d'*TTv I.er repres?'t,?siion I '
itywiiat erraenef reeeiplfl ('hB?!ei ?sumner Baa alto te
nbliu.e utter?
ed tai putera ? ir t!?
1 a-i m ?erstand
ir g. if Le f?-it thal thM vM tot the Ban tor weena te etea
m?nt)on ber rjgl.t to representation, whv d.d be not tala
breath in p. ir.? if Ma Sph ?did p? nod?, aid pn (? se to release
the poor it.rt makers, lui.liners ?nd dresin.aki n, ft_d all
women of property, from the tyrnnnv of taiutise '
We 11 , "? no new tl.eoil'i We simply aik tint you
Beean to au. tie prae-esi ?pphcation of ti
principles of our t-overn_.ent. without ilstltettoa of iu?e,
color or sex. Ati'l we urge (>ur iaaBBBi Beak l^ctute you
have the opportun).y and the power lo take tu,? onward ?t?p
io lag?Jattoa.
Ine nation? of the earth Hand watt bing and waitii.g lo see
if our Kevolctionary idea, '" all men are ( rested e.j iii. ctti bo
reiiii/ed in government, ('nish not. vefftg rou. t:.e milhun
hopes that bang on our antee??. Veril not ??other bloody wnr
Men and partie* tuait pasa away, but Justice ii rtert.al. And
they only who work lu harmony with it? laws an- immortal.
All who b.ive caiefu.ly noted the pr-cot-dingi of tt.ii Coil
gresi. and conti??ted your ipeechei witb thou- irntde uuder the
Mi regime of Mavery, mull bare socu the adi'ed power and
tio'i'ience that greater freedom gives. Hut still vou propose
lo action on your grand ideas. Your.Ioir.t Itesolutlons. your
Iteeoniti action reports do not reflect your highest thought.
lhe ConstitutioO, in basing representation on "rttptttftl
nnmbers," covert a broader ground than anv you bat? yet
proposed. I? not the only amendment needed to article lit.
?ectlon 3d. to linke out the ticeptioiuswhioh follow '?Veipcet
ive numben ?" And la it not your duty, by ?ecuriiig a repub?
lican form of government to e.try btate. to ?ee that tbeie
" reepeetlve numbers" are made up??f ennfracLued citlunii
Thoa bringing your leglalation up to the Consiitutiou?not tho
-ouitituUon down to your party poiilbil.ties ! !
The only tcnr.ble grout.d of representation Is rsivr.r.8AL
6i PFBAOB, si it It only through universal luffrnge that ti.t
nrinclpleof "?qual l'.lgbti to All" can be reali/?d. All pro
mbltloni bued on race, oolor, sex. property, or education, are
violations of th? republican idea, and the various qualifica?
tions now proposed are but so many pi ?nu Ide pretci!? io debar
new ( l.oi.s from the ballot-box. Ilia limitations of property
and intelligence, though unfaii, can be mit, hi with freedom
muit erne the repeal of itatut?-lnw? thit deny lehttB snd
wages to the negro. Bo time makoa bim a Voter. Hut color
and sex ' Ab. there's tbe rub I Neither time nor statutes can
make black white, or woman maa ! '
Ton assume to be tbs repreaentatives of ! Vssj '**i women?
American cuiten??who already potteu e.?r> ouattuHt i.na(.
AT ?lion for the balloo. Women read and write, hold many
oflioct under (jovemment pay taxes, and the peuaJtles of
orime, aud yet art sliowtd to exercise but the uno right of
For '-" yetrt we have labored to bring tbs statute lawa of
tbe several Ststri into harmony with the broad principles of
tbt Ci'nititution. ?nd have been ?o far aueeesiful tLit in msny
little remains to be done but to secure the r:,-! i of luffrag?
I'V ?lim protenis?! leaioiiil.^ l UBr;e|
tttbd lap IO t^-ilrft**, |-t_ _..?! aftel It
aaaaa. noa rtw-tt. (?.???i di?_a-ebtoa
ei'ic.se bl iLeir right of petition men 1).
Hence, our prompt protest tgaimt the proposition! before
Congresa to Introduce the word "male'' into the federal Con?
stitution, which. If SBfKlSnfM. would block all Stat? action In
giving th?bullot to woman. As the only way disfranchised
(itiiensian appear liefore yon, we availed otir?eli'ra of the
?acred right (! petBtoa. And. as our representative!, it wai
your duty to give tb??e petitions a inptetftl reading and ?
aerioua conatderation. How well ? BegehBeea Senate per?
formed that duly, is ??ready inscribed on the p iga of ListoryC
Some tell ua it ia nut Jiiiliciina to picas the elaisn of woman
? ? that this is not lb? time, 'lime! Wben you propose
legl?l?tion so fatal to the beat intoresti of ?oman and the
nation, lhall we be silent till the dea-.l ledOBBI No1 As wo
loTe republican ideu we mast re. lit tyranny. A. we honor
the position of American ?ei.ator, we must ?rpeitl from tho
politic ion to the man.
Witb ms'i, woman shared the dangers of the Mayflower or a
! stormy tea, th? dreary landing on iT.mou.l the rigors of a
Kew Kngland Winter aad tha privations of a seven years war.
pWith bim the brsvely thrtw off the Urttlsh yoke, iel? every
pultation of bit.heart for freedom, and impired the glowing
elccinenoe that maintained it through the century.
Witb yoe, we have just paned thtough the agony and death.
the retarrectlon and triumph of another revolution, doing ail
in oar power to mitigate itt borr?n and gild its glories And
now, think you. we hart no sonli to fire, no braun lo weigh
your argumenta; that after ?duration mell uthu w? can stand
?liant tettaenBB wini? you ?eil our birthright of liberty to
save from a timely death aa effete politioa] org?ui_a_on I
>io, a? wa respect womanhood, we most protest against this
desecration of th? magna tharta of American Kharttosi aiid
with an unportt.nity not to be repelled, our demand mott ever
be: "Ne eompromi-e of human right?"?" No admiuion in tie
Constitution of in?|s?lity of rights, or duli ant hissmsnt on
arooant of eolor' or se?
in tbe oft-repeated experiments of clui and cute, who can
number tbe nations that bave riten but to fail ? Do not im?
agine you come one Ur.e nearer the 8BBMBI of Mattoe by en
frsncbuisg but another sksde of manhood i for, In denying
reprttaentatlon te woman, yo? still cling to the um? principle
?n whicb all the (iovaramenta of Ibe put bave been wrecked.
The right way, tbs safe way. is se clear, lbs pstb of doty is
sit. Hralg.t sol aim pi?, that ws wbo ara en/uull? interssted witb
?oui-tiiea in the niall, oonjure rou to act not for tba Palting
hour, not witb referenM to transient benefits, bnl to do now
the one grand deed thal iha.l marh tba progrtts of the ctn
tnrv?protla.m Es^'Jal Rioiits io alu
We preu tal d?mand for tke bollol at I!..? :.-: ? 'r, bo car?
row, ttelian ?1 u i..i. spirit; from no (-o_te:-,t for the blaeb
mai? ? ela'.a??, lui _otagoL BB with too. who ia tb? progrese of
?vTiiAsgtTvs art B4W ibe .?THittd omen tut frei, t-t point
aaJrM-Msj for the highest good ef every citizen, for the ?afety
.,f ite uri .i..,-, ?vid aa a aaedaa rta-ipl? M Ma aat?M w
.loka Me Bom io i eaaaoraaoi
A- ? ?'. II- *e Mat .* ||
j?? ?,, .?/. ali ? .' B " ' !f ?" to
du? ?-?_/ .'te i'niltd Statu.
i3a___HM-1 1 feel ?h?t if ?r.y eBt, ?tricdy in pyivi-te
life, has a right without presumption to a'idrc? ihe loyal
representative men of ihn natioa opon a sutject we an i.!l
?like intere-ted in, IkM I might venture to ?io to without
t ffi: te, M.d aithe .t naierii g M] tit obi xiou? io the
i Large of vanity.
I hare l? pontt al favor? M a??? -it Iba banda afin* one,
1-?.ave no "ux !o grind. ' laMBO?B_dlM t"r nij lu ant
:-r i.?. ? iii. e. Idta_i in itMmt >i . I Moag ??) M
;?" li'i" .ti (rgi.'j/iiti.'n. lam ent.nly fret? to throw Ita
wrght ol' UsJtittieiBB-OBMI?_] lu* illili* tt? ioiiimai.il
mfavornf au h iii'*n ai.il inch ???!?? ree a? my JedfMMl
may a; j r?,?-??, :.; I aga ii**1 ?n? ht.? IbatjadgBM ' I ?
derrin. I can t! cr' ton afford to lu beoeet, to bo tr itl.ful.
lodi p< ideal ai -i i al?ette, ?ntl I may ta i u 0 I f.-r say
?t.p 1t.it I occupy a Mind-point 1 Cdiiik fr?-? from ?11
jrej .dice ami pa.-sion, whi.hare too :i?t to bail t.- .r _t>
llnitriic. ni.'l lot? rtrnl ll.e ntl.-n if IhoM who are ei.r
reaaded !y a eeoMu(ly erakeeled pobt-al itaoenber*.
Bol -vin*'.' I talflWf M BO ffttiltfll fJTglBll lol ? ? , ii.
i " ? - ?b1 lita mi coi'ij?r..t:on, ure m ?m ilviya
bave bein, ii/.tr? ly ?ith the ?IHMdHlOBll Ci.n-ii u?? | al
th' iniintry.
May i Me rai ra ta peeaittt 1 to ??i |oh calm aini la
UtanMatteatkata the view? ?r?"*?:.ud taloa, Th.?
(lifftauit] ?i - ? | -liri c? -T.vi-r?.:.-.- with ???ii h n.i n.ler in
ir.t..1?' 1? iv -a ?or. for ad' ptiig thlapoblic ii.' _t 0#< ? B ?
Two Ive v-..-?? Ig0, I ftd'?:?f-p d my-ol*' ?? lew, fin m? ti.?
Lome to Ccnirree? Ig?OH tbo?fepO_l< : '.lu Mlaeoi?i COU
prcinii-i?, tb? Litter imita oi windi Bl -to BOB all t.* ??ling.
1 taft this ?.'.I tot MM i?Beeded, m _b? my MBjaal
?. r:? ..*.? s then.
Vcrv Mtpectf-'.y. *0M i !( (i-i Li ?tnar.t.
.! iii. If. Hone.
/'.. I ' It m?ik> a no prnviMoti lor the re..? foi ti.? V ?mi
a_Meaaeao!ttwBoato, i-tWai?- Maa ai I tbe i ?U
Qovemmesta in tb* banda of the umreconiitra led IM..1
0 i t! t* B4?1 .'our reen, ?ho will linjirove the i p'-ui'L' ti
r?i i !?:? ?!?? the people, without rei tn-.ii.f. to n mora enl It?
! tared aptrlt of -liaBectkin and I?foralty to tbe Oerera.
nitiitni (beUnited state*-. ..:.?l m ii i?r reen oe ??,_n
hardly bara i loyal bmo mFI la tbe-oatb, alf-preeerre?
t.i u ??..I.!,.', g -h. m mt. i the imbi ot tbe otber party, ead
tbe Southern State* willeonititoteaa element .i v?. ...
Leis r.it.'.er t!.iiii ??!' sir? ny'A, '?? Ita >Oen r.u.i Bl
(kee ?l Tbe 'l.??fr..n? iii?-,-n.. ii propeeel ii aide te de
pead upon thi grade ?t oft e bold, lui tal it th" grade of
oil' i-e f minitta-, and ia United t" Ita hillier ? !.t?-i i ? t
oil.t 11?, i r. ,1 and null' ,ry. the li.it,. im I ..di. g ?ill o? i I ..
raak of Colonel, leaving ali the g terrilli ebi? t- mil tbeii
? .bou! Bate oMeere, to ?ay lot?rag <>f [?rlvatra eil ??!
vtlioni m 'iiti bare twee (>? ien_t if t-hey ? mild, many ?t
.i ob, ft o. eoeaaittedtbe gneatel attti-cltiea of Ita war?
tu o 1.? i?uliel l.i i?ii1ii Ipate .ii ti.? c .:.? ii? ? l tbe n..'. .:..
It alao learn tboee obe retad in Conrentloa '-.(?iii
: ,i ON 'f St ? ?????.'..? -iii,?li an? :i declaration ?1 '?..r
laaiaittbe United Stn'e?, a-d in Ita d'-?? i.? ?? ot abiefa
laen aoaM have bees no Rebellion?likeeiee tiree. It
lapoeee io diequalitii alien a] oa n oat a ieebi? ? oui i ? liti?
i lau ?li?', foi mi year?, have been ilirrli g ii dual
?ti. ??ei? .im, _.:.*_ thi j?. < ? it-. Nor don it _i any dagrra
nilli i tbe ?;. meath ..en with and cr?paraiori ia the Rebtl?
i.i.u ?i. the Xorthera Statee, who are, if potsiblo, : r?
guilty at ti more eba?ontooa (han Itara ii Ibe Bo ita.
?j/,,,a ihe t.-iM i?ropo??.?i aanat reeetre Hu? ?*reel?leal ?
MBCtiOB, UM ? th?' ('?.?..!ituti,,!ial Au.eudinent at ull
likely toleeeire Ita a/jriivaiof itaaeeeeaaiyBaabegof
Bute Leglilaj .r>?.
/'.. -' I* Is eitrt-tter* laarobehle Hat ant fMrtben
S'..t ? mil in!?.| it Ita (??? i.dit ion ? | .'(??? ni?-! ud-l !'? . .
tanct 4i M nil Le bular Uudi rBtXMUtTOCtiOO tit wi- ali
I ?t?gge?l, thirefore, tb-t :. 1 ll.i -?? ?..:';.. .t ? ? n..iv te
remedied by a tingle legltlativi .. t?'. ?i might
ir.,' a' '; :?'? ? ive ?!.,* |'r..-;,' ? - ? . If not, might
I ltd by a twt .*h.r,!r rote ? i iheB? nie I | ; ?p? te,
then. i:. ?iil,?tif1lti"t! fur Hu* rea? r -I'd? I ? ::. : ."? i .M.ut
li iii..ii lu ti.o 1- red bj l.iw:
'1 t.-t ;.-, | .-? -:i ' , .-?-.ill. i id. li b4* CA| ' . g BOJ
office,lfgitlative, executive oi ol .., t. Federal oi
BtateOorrn ente, I ?? ? ni I ?,?..-??!''.?
art, abo wai orer tbe eae of ti.y-lreattl breaking
eat ei the Uetallioa, witnotil takiBg ita followiu oatbi
m ?iltliiiiiii t.? th.r imw n i,i?:i. ii : . -tytbo
t'oiisiit,.')..:. 11 tin Palled Btot? n
I. A H. i'? . |, on.j iw.ii tl.al I ! .rr ? ,, ? | ? ??i-?), d*y tf
De? ber. litio (tb? Itte el tb? Uri . - . ftoitbt'ii
. . ? , ?,ii*r.|T l*?'-n as inna ae.n.t ?! ? I ? led ?????. r.. t t ??? I
lil?..rd ?I ,1. ? .ra,..I . '?.ria le .... ' a1 I I a.? I.?.- . r
? ft, ? l.d.l td. I . dir,;.,,'. St.'r. * . -.. i. , , | , , ' ,| . f ,i *
Hint* in rafcaMea w ih ? slew in tay . i . .
?hil I bi?* m t ind. wriitrn ?i d.,D? i-Tiiiii.t* ? ? . ? taelBt?
,a a'.d !?, illeaaie ii *?*.-.,.,.,..-.,.:..?,,,.,, .. , ,
ef the I ?t ?J Mile?, UjI hi*! 1 oh*rwiir gi??? _J tad tot.: it tu
it* Baa? -
Lot tb?i a ' ? .. tom\ ?...? ?3 ?? .?!, ia al ?
real?bob, in all rears, ?r? '??? ?? r-.-i* re of l,fe, . I ? - ? v and
;r In .'?, foi Ide t nil.? - t . Il.lullleil I')' BUM -.. ? - ?'
?,,.,;.:, , | id .-.* .1, r.-! ?-,. ,,n ..ii i lal it alao b? .... l.r. ?!
thal if ii ihall 1??' a.?-, rtaiiii-il that ?nr jxr??.!) las ?wor.i
f.o?, iv t.. ?.! ?mu or h"l-l .ti.v "ti," berabj ir?l..!.i??l Bach
oft i ahaU be aheelMah raMtel tai Iba pott) wa Hable
to a i ra'tiintioii for -?jcpury.
Ii'thi? jil-tu ?L-'ul'l be .o'..,:.-., ? v -y |.?yal i.'.jen Vi ill
be y. '.,'?( ted '?? !l.e teit j i< ?. i.1 ? i '.''.i.'.dt . .. 1
Ure or judicial ?ftre, ?h,le tin ??? ci lui
an I lid'Ur. abe ta l !?'?.;.?? ?>m ? aga iii Ibeeouitrr vonld
!? r-..v.-i .t ?,.? h i'i.li.'ii.ui.? It oould be m?oiftetlj
preaer, iberi lara Ibal .ii? ??th Mnall be pa i kded to t!.?*!n
v? l.n-ii ?..ol? hu? e '??.ly a j,ri?.*[?e?;tive oju ration, a_-l 1 nn^
?*J? '*?' '?" *
T,k\?.^oo?','iu.Vdy ?wea,tl.?t ! . ..- i- " I -.t!.! i ii
i* ? i'- ?? ; ??:?'?. tad all lean Btadf M l Matta Ibafeef, ea tie m
Btaa ? .?w ol tli? lind, ind Ihsl 1 IM I i.?l ti,? rrt?. si.y hist? !?w.
, ?i.iiiii Uti. i r ciJliisi.cr, n aoaveati ?i le ?..- .mi-arT aetwltb
r..i;.g tad Ibat I ?lard all lawt st i il B h?? m blaHag ea
td. Illaai lliiissl mili: dr, :tr?J aa? ?r>i.?i.iui.?mi: ty the laaresse
( . .it.'. i ? i sits I -ii'.?!. Iiiit I raga : '??? nut ? bUgatiea ?il si ?
gi?.. ? of iii? i i?na i? ?I ? io ?ti? ii..trd Matea, sud aal to aj a m
pcli*nt pBit lh?rrtif Sl.d 1 ?? iii I nra'l.l 1-irlT* and ni ry ll.e Hal,
and tirijt?, I Ike flag of my ,<?,!,!?? wir n 'a wi,. ?..'..I np o. I. It? . i
Tt.i? ittiull be wini1 Mr. Jobaooa woi.ld eall an intelli?
gent Ireeaoo, nut l.oliliug to raaprruibility the boji woi
. y men, viL?? were Milka- lid dragged ii. I?y el-1? r,
more etpcrieticcil and iii'.rc vri? ki ?1 mel?; nor IbaM B_0
w'r?? toread ka hy eeoeeriptioB, and ?oul-l leora iQ.bob ho
ve Ita "I age ai.il under te blithe oft II BtlM Bad tot
et?l, whi, with tbe l'iii-?n ned, vtoull ron,titule a n.a?
jr.tv nt the whole in most, if n..I all of th?' State? ?rd
the rag? nen. ti d. under Bl, would natural iv attaib theni
u Ive? M the (Joven, men! thal bul tluur> stored ii.em..ii I
aid in circulating a ?pint of b-yulty through?! it th? .*v..itli,
anil their number? would daily laeraaao ?hilo the other
party wouhl dei -line in a ?till neatei rlvio.
'1'wclie iiiouth? tsgo towry Retal In UM Routh would
liavo rajol? ed at the proffer of M< h term?. It i? due M 'lie
Balloo?doe to ptMteritj and aeiktnd tilt ?'?m?? penalty
ihoul?I be ri?ted oa tboM abo were ale?idly guli*, to
pren it a lepetitioi ef tbeoffenaeMi futur?' day. >i'?w
ia Ita time t?? ("ttal?li?h a preeedei.t, and to mild a penalty
wa? never before exacted lor io grave a cr.me. Confi?te
r?*?'a,r.i'.-:i i.:. 1 i.n.1,1 .??)?".i,ly withholding for ten yean
political poarer fruin (hoto who had voluntarily and trench
ormialy ?urreiidere-1 and abandoned it. Upon the peaUM
of thiilaw roeonatructmn would be abiolute and immedi?
ate, upoD a baaii of unquettinnod loyalty, the Htat? gov
ei-Timeat* wunld be plnc-d lu the bandi of lo) al men i the
chief cauto of dimension betweeu the Pmident and Con?
grew wuuld ho withdrawn; ta__Mr in tiio public coun?
cil? would be reston d, the more gu'ilty would lu? mildly
punished, end the halince relieved of 'renponiihility, anti
not the lea-tt of the advantage? of thi? mode of ?ott?eineiit
wouM be that it withdrawi the (i?iettion of recointructinii
from the next iiloc'.ion. If the Prenden! ihould lanclion
it, and COBgNM reject it, it would indulto that they had
lorne ulterior object in view, and e diipontion to delay
nureaaonihly a restoration upon a loyal t?_?i?, whi?h would
Bsvcrely damage tho Union party; while, on the other
hand, if (Jongreis ibould adopt it and the 1'retident reject
it, it would itrougly indicate on his part a delire to rettora
to power thote el??menU of disloyalty, North and Smith,
which have brought Buch desolation and ruin upon the
country, of which many now (hut 1 do not) sjspect him.
Aa Kvpl?Bslls? la be Demanded of aa Ka
gliah o*l?a-of.War Ira Firing ?a a Plrasura
-Ulireai, Ve , Mcnd?y, Mar 14. !W.
Aetinp-Admifal Bogga ha? Jusi left here in the ?t?*amer
De Boto to ib-iiiiiii'l BB eXl'l.il.nl;OB i.OB thu culiimaiider
ol Ide llnglish ?ti .tiller at M. Ai.di**-?, in rc?.?.ird to tim
Mag into ti,i! plcusire-hoat off ItoffinMoS, willi a party
of A.. - .. u: i on Hoard.
Kffects of tub Tobnado.?We aro informed that
the t? rio. lo wbicb patied over our rity on Sunday afternoon,
proved ?tuite ??vere in the oelgliborhood of Cornwall, lu
Orange County. Trett of large tige were broken off or torn
up by tl,e rooti, bee blvet, cucumber frtim*i and other move
able articles abandoned tbe premlta of their ownert io the
rr.oil un--? : emoniout manner, and coniiderable ?limage wai
done to ion.e of the fine eonntry ttatt lo that vicinity. In
Wiliiamiburgh and Green I'oint coniiderable damage waa
done to trees, lignt and awning?. A ?hed ia Cnltrbiir? ?hip
yard waa blown down, and it?material? ? att.*r?d to a t di ?Id*
?table dlitance. Ou the Cypren Hill? not, a wagon In which
a man waa riding vu ?track ty lightning aud one of the
wheel? diH.bltd, hat neither tl.t driver cor tbe hone wtrt
VioLATi.to thi -ian Law.*?The followiiig per
toni wire yetterdiy arraigotd before Juitioe Dodge on tbe
charge of violating tbe Fn ne Law, in having ktpt tbeir
ia!,?oin open for the tal? of liijoor oo ?tincay:
Ci?.? ?i Becker, tia, ?7 IV. * .in it
t ?.arl?! Kucb, Ho. ITh Pi:,.. ? iL
Michael Drdner. N ill Ureeiie ?t.
(l*nig* Miller. No?, ti arid J.? Hut F* .:'..??'? It.
r!.i.iy ?I?!,, No It llnuij,,. ii ?I
.la ob Bim. Uit, N. . ia ?I r i,g ?t.
(ir-i.? Illig, Nee. 31 and S3 lui lentil*, it.
J,i??|ili Bl n.ir No. ra? W*elTMrtl?lh ??
*V'a?. '???.lint-I, No. II Leroy plat?. '
Um. IV. Bi,*?. No 11 k4.! it it ?
Chea, B??it. No s.| ?.ii*?, at.
? ? ii B i*?*? No. J'?? \\ . r el*? it
Jit i ? ???_? ia wira I ?Jil to (b.ilii IL* i; u. I1|.1*C tatt) I
TIKI RBr.ir.ll A*. -IRAI.Til OIII>IVlMI"
The Cadi l? I i. i- ? -?-Bal Ta.'Oay - Tin.les el ri.i
MOM "tri* T- roi i-i?n? al ?he ?1 ?j.lr A ban ait ef
the ?uni' ? l. - .flu?!, ii? (or ilir l.n?i. n t
Tin-('"(le of Health Ordinanct ? nnd the ni? ?? ?t- ii
laaBBayBagalatMaa recently adaptai by the Metropolitan
Board of Health, tvk? effect to-day. They are for the most
part a leenactment of existing City Ordinances and HaM
La? s u[pou health maifers, but they are of-the utmost import
Bteetotbei ip tad, f sbImbsb. elB. ta e .Bitalli ex'entat
Beak lataaattsa-B the KstnpaBtaa Bh ?trry DBtri ? r r.
tofnre B-BBB evarv ? rov'ti, n of't e IT e .-r* t vi LBBI tfBOtl ? ?
Teak tai Bteaktpa bart bat tttarip I - igara-l Ve i i
pretende.] ??? )!???? ? .- taeataree raen Ihepeael
tita tort] li rioUtloa aeri aalaaiai. ead 'he cty codes
were er.ciii_b're 1 vii:!, enactments th?t mip'it letter, perhaps
hive had aelegt] taMttaea I", t > 7irb Chestei of the laws
? ' '. , ' fHttlt-MtnpOBMei to make ?id. rn'e.
aid reg-lr.i: ,p r.? , :, ij ilt ia aiiiisa'.'.e, and to require the
Hoard of I'olice to 8BBeaB arl eubree t!.' m. WltbthB
j ower, l-y tt BaaMtaaea ? ! tie Metropo.itan Police, ?il n .tb
a di?po?.t.( i, to petted tie Heoiih I'ili.ct from every'.Lit g
jr. .,, ?1 t. ?? f.t'l htlHh, much may lo B-betod.
ih'? is the io!? j"rpoie ef the Ceta of Health
Ordiaaaen an abstract ef wk h ne paMata kaaawfth,
?lid we ??k SU n ??cra Bad 'ii ??' sittsSBS t" pi .
der t' un s1 ir-'-'.'.-? i ''iii'.'.'. ; heir i foret?< t
stab Bit? lion si the sanitary etattaiition ae argettly dei i
B-jk-T-jri di ins t.. oma"?
Thtirst] v.? ? u to Le feead ia i'?? ima* Boaeefgrsel
i" ; . . 1 ' "? Ot? "?'? -y ? ''? ' L It IB C1
.??K.i thst no car. nal i.:?? wry o? negligently lo, sdvlae
? i . i. Mi'? to it . idtag (,f i.nv io* i laBgeroai lo lito m .!. '
r.ii.eiiiiii te keel? ter t?aO tay persea ?ii i? take eay pre
( ? ?ti? u n i-i. bit ?,' i ; pal i" |. ti t -t d tri men t (.? the
lif? or hesBh efai ? fe it ti bed g.
All?.:?' li idiag deeten aad i ,?. is ara hrbidita
lo ni??? nil preps t or tdttlalftff I I ?? .ipiion or roed
i, la i.. I't tay fraadatoat aani di re eli ; or preta n.ortt
?akaaay deeeptlvei ; . seas to
agh? k)t.d! ?pill.tv. parpen or erte.t of s: ? ('rug or artie!? tf
Brad U ,l..iik.'"? d ci mtd.i .i.e r...' f,.r u good ia -te and
?.i!, pi-pat .'?
, u p u - : en ? ? - i *BM_B-ia.
Ko jmi-i n- a * ,l)?lance shall be I eld lor sue or so.d. rae? 11
bt towtal psrpeaea? aad by eenpn -: paree?a aor shall aa j
( i Ti col tal ' I . ?!? I.rid tO BB] | ? :'" ' . Bal 88 "he ?nillo .1
' ' i r 'i ! ? a area trhea ea aarktd to sar per
p,., m ,. i, ta part] art.rentas san? 1..3 nea I to ii... k
i,.t? mint it for any .Henni M iapttOtl ti".
N'i)ii?(.ii ?' ii rna tv*? or v..' !'? r si.lo sny pi'isonona ?a
?. 11,, -i i,?, .i ' arion ? ed alter atti draa^idridk, medicine
or food, or In n , ? t thereto omil kaya t i . . re I "r i
.it'.. .. ? i. tay law or ?? Ith rsgolattaa at ihieBtale,
?li litel Is ii. say peri al ? a I!, ill i Diiuict?
CABS ('? F'iBM- It.
A\\\'~,ru m? r..-..ii'd to ' ?i .inet their htetaen tad te
ki.pt: Ir )-? Sim St Bli I ti,'? in n, . 8 BUOBtf tL.'.t tl.ey
?i.nil t."t t.- ; !? ..'...! to Ufa oi ,.i ,..'..- lo health? ii.-y
ara atoarrfalre?l totaka aotiee thal yi r of tfcaBoara
it II u'li ?r aayt-ketl Al tia Hoard tiny arrest niiy one
ate n.-iv (???iii-iit nu)tb i:ig forbldtiea t>) Iksea ragaJaBsaa, or
a Lo si ?' : ;? -?,rt ;l,i. u. :c< lueiit o.' ti.? or,.i is ol the BOBld I f
U'nKiAi.rt, Ri?TTTr? IBBBBAT-B?
Ttoseii | ? i u . i ,rr aga nrsaaetoa era re?-.lre(j to
kata a ngtotry. aad te reeert thtraia ita ',-.. i sann of ta?
partie? mi r ? ,1. l at a I. | y u -*.? ... ?? ,o - ?t or -iluso at
say M ta stall k**Jpara**_try iberaofi a: <t ?:.? aaaa i] ,?
aiteniieii a.? peir o. at a in?i lltaeaa, m a ptehtsloaM airton
?liikJI aim a ski ?:. ! , na rve a rrgistry, Stating tu., i a ... (
death a;, l ?'? ?> konr, ptoe? ..: ?l pt it aun rr whrra it v
Maa I ' ' ?? ;,re ni?., ratall ei to at? net sa fe reg Men I i ti i
Beard ef He iltk a ilk 11 ve day? aftas tn?' Mrtk ?>r anrnega
sad wltl , "? iii. til ?i Bargeman then
- >. : .'ii'--, i,. ;. -'.te. It to nail t-.? eely of Contais to
_i..i I?, a n i.t'i efa.l ii .|'.:?.ti?'iii las. ii bt than 880001 wh?n
by law tbe isaanto an to ta t led ci.e~hi re m m. i i cum- .
?i...: t. iks ? '.-ty to t-!' a ?vr.it, a ttalemeni.?? f .?- as khap ?re
sble .f'i.i .r- lau :,i.l i .i. s of .len?: of seypereeaofl
ii of ? ' ,ii, nn in? i.e-t -mis bo k8 '!? It i'( als* BtOdt t' I
di.y ai amy pe non w*io lui itoeateni the body sleep Baal
L.iiiiuu halag ereay pert thereof eaton thara i? raaaaata
i, .i, ?!.?,: Mb already paMlely kaowa, to eannaali lett.?
fact to ti ? Beard <?f Beana, witn the place wr.? re nn.i t' ??., i .
st .,:.?.,'. s .., - .i .. ?;. ,. t wh? re the same ii or muy
tu !'..:.-J.
? BTAB-On : ??? api ft.
It I? made t!,e du'y of everv ahyah ian Innkeeper, board
i: g 1 m pe !? ? per, h'-ad ot!-.c-er of every pul 1:. or | r.vute i_?| ?
? i aad tbs nut?i of avert wiei. to report d?i,y to theo
Board la ?-Til :.?? ? ? :? 11 ??? ? i ?.,?' i" .j. ? ?.? o: in tie
house, it.it lu' or or '?j oi, t?ie tusel of s? b. ?-. t' it may Lbt?
akarga, i ?;'? ? i fe. ry penes kaaa-sg el tay IndivM al
ii, k of a eoatagi - I -. - ??? ? ' . !. Le ?i .ii Lme re? .on to
ti i.t i- .. r- ? ?' '? ?n- t of tfce Board of Heeltl loatoaci
rep.-rt ti ? ?,:, ? a regari t., tba iiaiata, eosditlon dwelling
i ? i j ? t soft baie-persea Be pi nea ? li b? ?,
;.,?.-il ?s ii], .i a 11 ru.,t fmti. ii.- I .1, t.. ii ,i.. rs iruiu or?
I . .1 : k- t' . ? 'H'- ' r front! f VMtflii ? re, ?ay jer
> i k,,k?t SB] ."Magie-.a dl??.,?e. BOT w i! ant p?ri< n by
? ny negligent'? I. ?r I y a BOB?Mh eit-o, .n- of bnr.si If or
.",:? ( t.raiiit? . ? ? ?? get the spread
H? fl ? | ' ' ' . ? - n or 'r n. ..? i ' . 1 '? !.. i> |?
1 ? I ( , ? -li"' i ik it
I r . - ? - 1 lu- ?. 8-8 B'lb t ? ' ? 'i-i'iit it two
I . ? . ?. ' ? f two Sasitary leap? stata
ft to rasstr I that aepei-ot ii i i. tgaai r< -?i, r per?nn
from ?ny lafaetai part, or ?ia'le t., ?nara lina r,, ,, pam
, ,-. i : ' .i ... ( a; y dock o. pier, or .?? tay ha ?
?? di i.. ?. ,,'. ;. riet, aitb< i.t *
rd of Ifeall'. 'I iirtt D ?' :? I ball bring
: ? i s . r ? .,- ' ?? , i ?? ? ? :. . ,s ? i.. ted ports.
? i ' (? ; ' ? ? ? ? ? fe -ki ia!? iv been any
paraos stel f-? :*,??? s dis? _st, any arti t or paraaa waa?)
?T?r w H Bl I 11! t BBi it ?! ill 11 io .1? Bt ti. .t luch
ra?>n or arn.'.e ?o uff? uiiing. ??r tba oeeaaloa of IkeoesBBS
, . It ::,i.. ni.) , ti.ei
:'.; i: .-?'. t
roTTcV PA?A AT) lufre
Trery W.aaler of ?ny ?i??e| !?>?t a' all bring an? e.-tti n
iLioiL:. ?'.. '?-."" -I* '??'"? imyat "tin. andu. Ira!
da] I ?*?',??? :.' ?- ' I al one? report to the Beard Ita ii.? t <f
?nV i .. ki - in a d . .' i ? iDionnd
(? .du., n No ps noa will be al towoi ti briag le tay da I
alible "?.f??: of ???,'? tr or riltoge tf ier? Dlslricl orto
h?ve ot. storage. :n ti'' I sill up k rttons . f ti.? cit.e? ?r ?ii
.'ages auv n las k1 e? raga, or ?iii: nt arti, let ? r i ?ti i i .
hain.g! e:. i r g! t from au. f "reign at 'n 'is or eay Infectai
plan or from ?si.? i' i.t lou'it of .Nori'-ik. V*?rg__8 ?sith.,i.t i
pemil vi ?: li ? ? ? ' " ? "f si ? ? sei in iradb r , it
say fa 'Bl . ?? '? ailk tap peraoo ? r Ihlagoe tbo vraael
tri.'er!.?' Btrolah !? '? may ?We reason lo tLiul * i u.d
?cd?nger th? pehBt b- ti?I
ki? _, tim. as.) t_BBX_B_B l-BBBBB
AM meat m d i s. t .i ? '?? .r. tired tabarea per
mu Ben the Beard of Heettk Ko mtati :. . klrda f?.s?is,
Tegelab ea or n.ik i.ot being bla.tliT. f;??'. BMBd, ?hi |. ?..nie
ai 1 i' fe for f.?Kj, shall b?) bro igl t fl .ti,::i a s , k1] I r ?ii.age of
lie liistrii t. or I e oflbrai f.r ?ale in m y i abllc ? rprirate mar
k?! Ho ra,! le?, li ?n f .r si.rk? OTBtg lan I MU ti>?? week?*
or lamb les? than eight week? old at Ibe .Inte of Its death, or
ti. aaelthtraol ?-til hi t-?fti .'? r sala, tar say n:eas,-er
atohly ? aawhetoaoen_ah, Mrda or towh ih?.l bo beethl or
K M fur foo I m t!i I' strtet Be i attie ?hall be killed al IB in
nu oTerbe?ti_. t?T?nihor diaeued conduioi. but ibe keeptag
and sUug!it#lng of all cattle. Sid tie I ri paralna of all meut,
tib, birds _ud few.s abell be da i lata. BManer beet adapted
nateere theto vhatoeenaaan fat f ! Be cattb. shall be
cirned wl.i ? bound by the legi or tied donn ki He Bael in
any Ttl.icle, but shall lie si!?'?ed !?? r' ,i. ; Bl kj BbliS being
transporte'!. Ho cattle.?ball be driv?e m i ? ?ire. t? eicejt
betwten IhS 1. OS "I I tu the STSOltt ?'id SBB li'lir after stm
rtoe in U.? anBlBg| nor ahafl n.,,ie ti au . I catt.e los) Loc-a or
l(?. i? eep. be driven legethtf, aad than tin. Igb than Uri eta
and avenues wbera they will lean sadaagtr tka Urn of I waa
brinri. All cattle mm? l?e kept lu plaen When tie water
ventilation and food shall be aufli.i-tit hi.| ?ln.leiome for tin?
preierialiou of luelr heillb. li is luailt- the duti ol every per
anti koo? mg o! uLy iii?, ?ii. 1 or Ubseltkt urtule of f,??| beiag
offend for ia!.' to report l!)?1 Mot lo ti." ltoitrd of Health. No
dead ?uir.'.al above th? s tt of a ?abbit ?ill be uriDited to be*
off.red for lale until it ihall hive S tait i, an ?I all biood iball
ha.eceued dripping therefrom. >'o daeetad N Baahotosone
vegetable? ahall be brought late the Ototrtot ateaU, nor any
nnwliolHaome, ddetenous, or adulterated liquid for uso m a
dunk for human bringa.
All llalli for the lale of meats and vegetables, and all I,. ?!
lugs ?here callie are ki,led or irtoee! u,nat lae pal and pre
served In s cleanly and wholesome conditiuu. Slid all otfsl ard
i.nalii le?,,i ,, ,,r ,,!'eiiiive n,aller must I" removed ut least
?ne to M hean No person ?ill be pern?tai to slaughter,
dress or hang any cattle, wl,out or partly, within any ?tree?,
or In view of any atreet, until tnev shall have oeased to bleed.
Bo building und u a ilaaghter-bouie thal! be uied for any
other purpcii*. Adequate underground conn.-etioua must be
made ?ith the iiul'l'.c learen, and all loading or unloading of
meat, rattle ana offal, must take place at lorne point not lu
View of a street or publlo place.
Sect n'ti .'- provides for the removal, at the expense of the
owner, of sll articles offered for food which may prove un?
ion nd or unwholesome. After the 1st of Juue no ou? a iii be
permitted (o yard cattle or slaughter them eicupt pnrauant
to a permit from ?he Hoard of Hialth, ard this means that
after that time the entire buslue.i must be removed to a di
lance from the built-up pomona of Kt*w Volk und Brooklyu.
Ma penen engaged in sid.ma or keeping lor Bato meat, fish, or
tegelibles, will be permuted to encroach up. a any portion of
?ny street, sidewalk, or public place iu the City of New-York,
and offer for isle any flih from ?hich th? parla not uiuaJly
cooked for food have not b?en remon d.
(?A.i!M,E AM) A-llKS.
All owner? (?nanli and oe?U| ant? of bnil.ln H Ht It
ri'iired to proiule ni.table lease's 1er rttfiriag uni IT,"', g
? Itkott leakage end without httBB bil? d to ? Ithlo four it.) fen
of the top. all ashes, rubbish, garbage and lu.ui.1 subsisiaces
Uti mat eeeanelata dtriag thirty??- keera All sab tines
of this kind must be removed Ban II? biiil.ling? before 'J
a'etoek to ihr morning. Ail occupinti. beaeter, nar del.ver
li c-ir ruhl Isb li the? presfer I!, d lil tly t?> the Batt tn-'all It be
highly bill.) or olid.sue, la ?hieb caie it mult be-.moved
diirlug the night.
It ia pi nt id< ?I that no carpet ?hall be s'-sken. no asbe?
sieved no lime, dry sand, har n -BttaaTS vgitated or ttpsatd
?o that particle? Ihinfrotn mil be blown into uny street or
public pin8B No perton ?hall lake mto any Bal In i Y.ce any
?nlniiiloi ILingfor Induce anyon? el?e to di m) ni.;, li ?I...II
kapert] ths life or health efaaj ene who is or m?y pretatn bs
lu luch itreet or public place. No (?n? ?ill bt penniii.,1 to
allow ?uy water or noxioui liquid M now ujhiu or urrois the
slilcwalk or to throw or allow to pasi Into ?nv public r? ?cr
voir any animal, ieget?h!e or mineral lubstanee, ami it l?
made tti* iii.! ? ofeierv penen t?? take all reasonable und usual
niea?urei to BSrUS and pr-icne the purity aud ?bolt-somencil
of the water iuttiided for public* nie.
\'o ?lok ??tilt, privy or ri?? pool ?hill bt huilt or rebuilt in
the eitlei of .New-?'ora or Brooklyn ex. 11 -. \g aeesfrdtan ? U?
the regulation! und punuint to a permit of Ant Hoard "?
llealtl" and no ? BTtr iball bs put over the isme un'il after it
ha? been Impeded by *?>roe ?uthorltrd j,er??n. Water eli,?eli
and other structures haling connections with tL? public
sewers must ha.? ade ,ne'e proTllloni fir cffivtual ind ia",? r
lciitilstion and clemang. The contenu o! tinki ana eesi
pouli oit.it uot be drawn off nor permitted to escape, nor to
rue within two feet of the top. nor to become offensive No
patt of the ?.uni? at? of any vault or ern pool muit tie? thmwu
or permitted to fall into the North or _ait linn All carts 1er
th? removal if offal, i? ill. ur night soil, must be kept tu a
cleanly condition, aud when not In ui?'. stored in iou.c pli.ee
where they will gus no needlt-u offunie. They muit be linn.is
strong sad tight, aud in lucb a manner that no part of tbur
contenta ihall toll, Itak, or be ipi.?til upon the ilreiti. All
i utrid cr offrante matter muit be diiinieoied and dtodvrittd
before .ti remo.aL
Ownert and oeenpanta of itablee in wl.icb hortet, cattle or
awlte ara krp'. ?re reijuired to ha?* a.I li t.id aceumulatioua
ard mau?1? r?n.?,'it dm!, to ii mi | r. |?r plat?', ?rd the,r
yard?, ?tal Ir? and ?| i nrtenecrf ? k?| tink cleai.ly and whole*
?crae condition. No person will te |-ermltted io make any ae
ryrr.iilnl.. ti it lei? ?it of mannte I itkia the I dill 'ip ?JOTUOBI
of Ne? *i kor 1 Ilya, i ??? ipaa tbadockn
- i ? II | 1 t?. ? ?, ' -1 -a.O?lr, *., ?e * d f *.? 'a) r ?
h arel.
* ?. CACTI kt__ktA\
Vu ?Tt.: i vW be peralta I toi ia at large m ti*'' cn?.??of
New ?oik or Hrookivu, nor will anv one l?e allowed to keep
them withio l,omj feet of any residence, place of bugin?? or
?tieet ?iliiout a await, and ai y plate aber? they way be kepi
njnst be at all times in a cleanly and wboieeome condition.
No cattle, ?beep, horae. go?t. goose mule, or any dangero.ii or
ol'? n.ive animal will be peru.ltted te go at large, nor ?hall
they be yarded witbiu or ealjafeiit to the built-up poition? of
Mew?York or lirooklyn No illaara! a? lrr..iN, BBf any H 't
l.ave been exposed io nny diteu-e t?.at i? contagio is amoi?g
?.? k asia ala, ?h ?li be broaghl ico t itber of tkaaa eltli ?. Ali
?staii i ?di utbel l-.'i.t bava beaa arpoaod rma
lit.e?l f?r ? ,-a*:' lrngt-i of t:m-, r.r.tl Iba lead Li-.die? o
.n...iinji? barii ?. .it. i., ? Boll ? i teat ula? pre?ad,
a* rum? piaee 00 wltbio I.iS 'e?t ef aoy retldeaea.
BB-BJ _-____?.
'lhe erltaaaeea peartta thal m pereee *i.?il lean in or
tLrmv n.to ?i..v alace or water i!i> 1 tie: uTt mallet, a eiaaa
arta.1] fe 1 ????'? - ' . : i leal tt >_al a my tirei I or pabili
|,!,u'e. All ?lean iiiiitri.il?. or ?',14e 1 ,.f -,-. ,nrv, m-i-t b*
ri ii.uved. Ve oie no! aattariasl a - peraltad tetatar
fr-i tiiih aay dead, tlak or li .. ,. aad it tai
'he ii iiy of me owner or penan i.? ng . bargt ..f auch tain ?1
tu fWl 1 ?I'lie of lhe luei to the id ard t f Hi -lib oolra? it la nt
onie reiLOTed.
Bit-i re: wa
Ita tattiara of bone-bo! ng toB+cratUag, taae-grtalMg.
I. :.? horning, ibell-bori , fat-b? :,-. ...?1 ti.? iklaalagof
lead aaiaab rio Daking aad all ooeapMloBe diagen
detrimental to llf arl .' ; ? ? : rbeettlbt?bed
la 1 y ? yor village ol ? : ?. t, and every nob pursuit
?i ?! ! 1 ? romjlly dil 1 ? ti ? ?
aBewed by a pennit (roi thi Board of Bei ' tabHih
????'? ? r Li: did, li :?:... g ? ?i ? ring, 01 ft I drtalng bid.'? or
'?t.- orf g ob any effeotiri ci rana Freda Bul
be allowed lo th ilttupp? lient ol Nair-Tori ti Breaklya
Wiiht oi ii ji ru.iT.
MILK, MfVl?I A>*Ti it Vis.
Vepenee tfcallfcave or .tier for tah tayaawboleeeea,
watend ?r adulterated milk, oraalll-aill 01 milk ttoa oowi
. ita im?! ; ti 1 im I la atable?!, er ad ea eauI ot garb
??.?e ear ear better or ebctaeauda froa ear lueb ailk. aor
but BBwbelieeae butt. ? oi etaeae Ko pir?.?ii ?. 1 be parait*
ti?! to i.?? i* ii at cowi ??. 1 attie liai ?t ita late of n> io
an ??re Billia UM l.t ;;, pord-OM if uny city sr village.
Without a permit. All Ital.e? Bat! be kinl ia a cleanly and
?!?.:? d . cr ?:.?.:(.,ii., atti 1.0 un. 1 al allowed in Item whilo in
ft ck d ?.?!: i.r, il.iri?? tdiit .? r, , tag;i. 1? or ( ?*?! itnuaj.
j?__r__za. Axa toi?dulo-Booi?_
It .? 11 all U?e duty of oa lirra of tenement bouge?, lodging
tal boa ?1 11 boaaeeta ii.vo ti ? iii aleiaatelr Bgbted, venti?
lated. 1 a.".tied, 1 .* iit..?.t-tl UI..1 provided with all i,i?*?:fnl dram*
?ge lad .??erago. They ?.I it he j?: in t'-ed to rent or
l"ii?i 1.- ol'iw to lio ned ne .? lOBO-OII Or lodging houae
?ht ni .', .?i.t-d' aay baiUiag whlab hu? not witi th.ta on-*
i-*,i .'.-... it and epaee above li? lerelel Ita lidewalki no
l.ui.i.iro !.._?<? keeper will I* allowed to entern.1:1 mere per
?? m ii ..n ? m? for 1.1? o i -.i 1 teal ? 1 (?( ateata, aad for tho pur?
pose ?,f aaapatiag tt?i tpeoa ?.? ceii??r ?lotet, h?n areea
Uii.ril, in 1 iiBJ nitjiii not tngOtxJ igl.ted and ventilated ?hall I
i? lakes h tu" account. The _iii'?gc*ror lee-pernf aar ?ncn 1
lou?? ?* .ii 1.ut be all*wed to oSm for Ibed or ii mik aei ielete- ',
ric?.-, or ,1 .. ..o a ra me ?ul*tai I ? ? r ?< p? 1 m,t anything to be
ilci.e ei -.,. ..?La' dangen ,? to 1 -. .1 1 re .d.e:_l to health.
Tho Ifould 1 f Health ha? < i.a? ted Cut r.t n.acnfi.i Inter of ?ni
?lid ti a -l-iau-it or allow to run into nny of the public
wau r? awi r? ??reels or p'acc? a_J ga?, tar or r? tom mutter,
em r ..i tay roi h pi non ?dow b.?y ? ilutante to en ipe tt-hii h
ebaBbe i tii.lirrly 1 !fe?. .re?r du.'yaids ti yiri .diiiul to lile
cr n lill
DID K? fH!' : di*!-. I _
'ii.ttn parataiballtaila gira a ?1? peraeaea* intox
1? ?ting er 1 ii .t. up dr.dk f lawe I? uny re.-ifon to t.ii. ve
Mahdrial may eaaa MeeetrltaM to danger or ?Ittriment to '
I.?..? . r !.. Il -, ? d 1.. peraoa?! il . f .1 01 g.ve to ?ny chill '
tillar li yirysj! Hg"'iu vi:.:? 1-caLiiig !i?.? d. ?l.at M di?- I
tiller brewer, er other partea abell n.annfaotore or tell aar
l.ij ii?l d?*?i?'i.ril a? a du k 01 tere, age ?f Mb weall le, If uted,
i.t. di? al) lim,gen,i,? 01 aklck la aet whalaeoai genuino und
tafo io? lal h ?'.rink.
b___u_ii .??:? r-EAn.? wiak.v?'
Ibatai i? bb ?bail all, loi a, g.?? ? 1 1 low to le taken by
any?,th?r pertoo any Ireara cr tim laally a (laaaaoea
wea! m alee liare abell 1 raaeoe to tk__ di?gar to
lieg It ti .i- a, ? ? ? 1 IB] 1 ? - ?j ?' 1 :l or tire
any gmt, ot o'.!,er firearm, or raak Man M BBI pul ic ?tr.-. t or
plate T-i tbe balit n; -<rtien??,f ?ny ( l'y in the dnrtricl unlen
pur.Lsi.t ?eui... t.-'iip'ter.t autlonty.
KDIiMiTI ItTl-TABi ft*.
Tt ??I ?.. : ' n* 11 al.all ttore 1.1 ?.- ; i.? .??, - 7 or bare in anr
t?i?'1 ?r ?.::.: r| ?rt 1.1 any iel,, le nore than M poundt of
gaa] ? tri Itegeralti nor witl.cut teal permit ii.all
any pi r*. - !..ive or keej- n.? re than '.: pi-i.nd? of aiiy other
1 ctiinfi-i?i I.. ?ii.itiriai, Irtwarka, ? ipaairaleldei imilu 00
teriul in iii.y h?.nd.ng ii?itel r tetiici" .1. any < ity or vill.ige
of the loiilricl.
ILi.t no pnicB iht.il t-tf? I oi ? .?I -li 1: v t. .-.ruf ictcrv f r
Bailini . . d ? r ' . . .t tent ardent or alcoholic
?1 1 ill . r or v.ny- ng Isri.p-M .tk liri^Lti ?or tar, or for coi.
-??-?'.t, ? '? - w:,y out: tira ouwholeionie
or dr . tat 1 ?i? gn* ?mole. ?)? |i .it 01 ?11 al?.inn or any bosi
Beathatiia ? :..?! (?? daogervci t-, ...V 01 i.eiriaiental to
Cf?-( :
M'e I .-.re *???.? g.ien ?on.c of tdr n** re ?r< n : ?..! fe.iturit uf
thet di of lle.it:, Ordl'iince? Whiek tak? iT-.tt. ?In-.*. They
? i'., ? . bum aneaorel aal aabraa*alawa every eall?
log ? ia, or. i-cj.i.-ii.. ??. that ei dbyaar poaiibility
aaict ti 1 io beal) ? ?.r.!?-? der dieaaae Taat they will
li?>-:' . i\'oW..'"\ 1.: I ti.st true wno may feel
diipi-i.l to violai? It.tm, 1 1.1 v . I tl.?u. wo ?1 p?'iid the neu
? therefor. Tbe art era*I )? ti? Uetropolltaa I!o,.r?i >f
li? ?'- tay? Tie rode of ll> ? ?'. Ordiaem n ikall idmi n la
1 : : .? f, ree ard effect w| ,,a ile laid -. -tnct for ita
baa Of? ?e yejr, onie?? ?rni'led m.d Bil cour? and tril::*
ge or jil?. ?'1: " ti f ?hal. toke ?, gn ?ince of
ai.il g-v.- i ' - ? t t?i ??ni .-rd.nrtr, ???.?.ii tt? a. ? 1 .: ; ??! there?
of i? I may eoforeeeaeb erdiaasea byepeaatty iMeaeeed
irg|. a .11 m..* .?.?in s or ?liitrici
ceu.t, '4-.ll. 1 ?iti. '
111 1 It la it a.
Tir.'i.s lu.?.!' ? .V.'n-f.i?. ?Jf?y II.?The Mittia-B
ki t a|. ? 1 d tli.a inei..lae ?it!.. ? ) ?. ". 11 \m k? ci. ?ale. vrl ich
1? .?" it.?'...nu lait Monday li 1 Ita total Ktfllj if the week
11 l.fi" .1 than !..?t turk. Tt.? ?boil *m 1.? eiict'uraged
broker? to i' 1 rt prllte MI MM ?hIvbi.co apee ?*?t Monda?.
I'?l - ? Ir.ii-i :.?!?"?. ' I dg'-.t l?I .rtl.ii'.g. at Haffalo.
of J J 1 '-1 r.. ??ira lea Obla D itaaa rrtlinatrl io av
rrage'.?( 1 11 : , alni sell at lTj? .l-i. (*> 'S. laBBIBlUloMef Ita
t !.. .-if ( '.'.er ilrovee seid at ?Pc , but (be grer.l hulk ol the
it.?.k Oki '. B "f gool fair average i.mlitr. ?old st lidllc..
though ifea verycoarai 11 >? - ?**'.t! ut ..)?4,.4i?.; or on the
?i.... 1? .'.1 gradee ef h?.i a aeatapeeadla
price, ?ni ter;. .? ?: tkatlaeitll ItB of itnirl.l?. 1 ii? avcraj,-e
Of?,h i lab le nisiket i? tl.erefuie ?.-.vi o 11, |B tatloBI ball ?
1 ?i * I ?der I' an laat week, batst UB BU " III ;!???.':?
the nil lo 1 .teller? u..i ii- ?.early ?u air rune of taral'
oaartsm, tal le ?aaay abo ouught eariv in iho day u fill aai t.
in the !???? no a I bal a aae e Biala lal bbbHbb aaalall trade,
?ml or. _mtaal praporttoe of umo>tl ?toil at do clock with a
?trr?g.-i_-i i- marka f ? ?'-.ti oa ti '? readeara, wh*n buten got
ballot k? at ?rice* that won.d n?t h..te been looked al in t M
h,, r ig Oae ?..0keelo betel er to.d l? um i.a gat a fine lot
it 1? .peri ia ii ?* iCtrri,.. :i tu.. :. wen Mid di 17a in the
niiiriiiaUg 'ile weather adey it 1 yi.il?) li (?ret of drover?,
being tieur, dir and cold. Hut ll.e roaeoa v? hy |i a
ailvaiiit'd in Lot 00 MMBM of the weather ard ?liort
apply i-f -o aeeb &? it 1? eariag to tie fact that
iieaily nil lhe it-lirr? ure the iki-i? of the drorri
thi y i.r ! 1 o',.,og. Invine* bt ught tlo-iu on ?peculation;
and in ain.e c-?ei, the oresent oviiirr? are the lourth claa?
?ince t!,. ?'? ?i l.-lt the feeder?, and ad c1 tl.eui huve Biala "a
aaaaaiaaaa Al cuttle are ail ?old to Iii*? hen oa ,-r ,l.r. ti-e
1 roi? 11 ate the pawer, whenever the ?mply 1? a little ?'..ort,
to MIM Iii ir on 11 price?.
'1 le lb? . i'.(iri.itl is ftiil ead uli r.t aae f ;.rtli?ont lower t**nn
last 11 > : ?I ?\, I,'it n cent higher u nu it ha? been psrt of the ti ne
su.? c ti.? o. 1 i.e rung? of iba prieeaM MeMedatae* tait I
7(td per IT. and ????,. iheep I'd de. lhere l.u? been hut few nu
theaied 1:1 market this week. I...n I ? 1, ,, at ii - . t ? ., .1
brad, . r I: ?114c per it., ordiusry i;:i:?l.ty.
There nre .',-.' car l?iad? of hog? t?u ti e murket. lel'idir it 10
?gi-,.- ?. 1 IT) Hie treutlivr bting lunch 111 faror of thi* brauch
ol lae live ?(otk trade.
Iv I-vd Company.?On Friilny lui William
llnilik* firmed tbe ai'iiiiBintanca of I'?:ter Itobimon aid W11
linm Smith at No. loy Cherry ?t.. and, after dn-.ik.ng ?onie
time. 1! dike rather tiieantiou.ly ndtnitted that he Kal a d'*po
?it of |410 to bia credit ni the liovvery SitTingt Hank. It wa?
proposed to him hy hi? new found friends that le ?Imu. ; draw
thlt amoint out. ?nd this he finally consenteJ to do, they ac
compstivini-* him to the b.ink. In order, ?? they ?tated. that
?Terytlnliif t-hould he done all right. The money va rro?
cured, anil the party retorted to the hoo?e la tTtam ?t.
'lhere l'.odtka bung up his coat, in one of the peokota of wbi*h
wat Hie uioiiey, and ri*?|ue?leil Smith to watch it wlnle he Lit
the rootn fur aihort time, (in the return of Hodtke. he du*
coTered that hil newfound friend? had left, taking with them
hi? coat and money. The victim communicated tie (net of hi?
l<,ii to (?Ulcer Mamblin of the lourth Trennet, and the olthvr
mbif'ioeutly l.'urued that the thi? vet had ?tnrted for 1'Uter
County, lie followed in puituit. and at King-ton, with the
a??i?tanceof SlieritfSnrviiie of I later Count v, took tliethiere?
Into cuitotlv On aeickllg the- 4"?r.' an? found. Yetterday
the primmer? were hrtnigl.t to it? ? cut. n.d eo.i:u.itted by
Juitice iit?g.iu. TLey are well known thievei.
A I'ickpockkt PvaaVBI AND CAVkVn bv a Wo?
man? A? Mi?. Frederick A. I't?*er. risiiliiig M Irvington.
Wcitcl.t'iter Couuty, B?gbtel li? '?? a Dall ei?,tv place car, at
the corner of Twelfth ?t fttkttioy, eba d.*i?vir? I th?t her
I'M ket hid bren picket of a wi'.let i-:.!?...ig |lf Ita Ml
in which she had ridden wa? I???, tor ? !l fur her to overtake it,
?he Hen f..re di I? riniued to tata I!.' BBM BM n-al ?iiuie along,
nml on aateriag it iiiform.-d t? I BOB dm lol ot ner lot?, and bet
belief that the thiel wa? ?til ni tie , m nl.i _?1. bl.1 .ni-li.lt..?
itti.e.ir abaal waa an rtakaa eba eoaM patat eel the thief
I tie ?peed of the tar ?ras i?u:ckei.i'tl aad lba*B* abaal Big
naled to Kop. Just t efore tie cor BBBtBlBlBg Mr?. Id?ame
op ? ,'n the in? d.? ,i,l, a BOB ?eft the lutter and ultemnted to
hurry a*t lhe ?lunn w?? siren, bl?! he wa? ?m-ited l?v olli
cer ?IcIJunald, of toe Iiltcinlh Irrnnut. Uu te. g searched
the ?I- len ?ellet Waa felt?d in his r??'?'? B aid r* .-lorcd to
iheovrier. .Sublet,:;?! Hy J?i*'.c I'"lge comnUtted ?he prit
o?.er (?ho gute his nuBie 1.1 J.lwi.rd 1! rtoui tor trial.
Ni',.* York Law bil iTrrt?TI i laBaal tin Um
of ofllcera fur the Law la?titule ?.??- MM ou k1 onday,
lhere leing no . ? jos.lion. tx.t| t looaI .utaur a.lb the
following reault
I'rr.Urnt, Jin,m T Braiiy I..?' Vi.. I'i?i..'?i i !*?.??? W lirra rd |
S?..,.nJ Vice rrraiJriil H.*nry A I ram Third \ 14 Id.i d?nl I hu
Ti?. ) ; I rta. ,.?i ? n*iira (> tnln.fl K.r, r.l ni Be? rttery J.>.,| I, h.
Bt,.?*. rib. ? urr??p" ndli , .-? .??;.!?? B?nj?a u I' Bl nar.. Llhtin
in Aai'ii J V aii.,1*i| "?!, ! 1' rtrv I ? n u mee Ir*drilik A. T?.l
nudg?, Wutthb.gt? u KoinaJti?, t i.iiittat.rr (' l.tnidell. Bob?? U
lla/iiir* t Hum .ti?? cn Jut ipi ti.if* vv . ,.im. VI > Tim. John W.
I'Jiimi.i?? Kd*in W Btaaghiea Hn.iT II Men gi- Ai-g ,?to? W,
4 Ino?, Id Bsii'bildt* 8u Bli. I ne? li 1, Vii < I h I u.n..llrr ot Ceo
?? ii i I'm? ? ? ? iien.ili i Challa?! V le nil?tard 'ciin M. hi. i.
Bri itin'ia V. Abbott. Kdu. .i d Tarrj Anthony H I?y*tt. Bsajs?Ui T.
K.?..uii, Unity U e.Jg?.?k DU u.** M. Nu tli.
?Collector Smyth? ?:.-.* ?J the Cuitom-lloiite ?*i? r !?? alter
n(xn and was Introduced to Ac*log Collector Chrcb, and to
lertral of tLe deputy collect-?. Tbe ibjtci of tta tail wa?
merely to becon.e ai't,aaini?il ?.tb the p?r?oa? .n charge, and
to make ?odio | reinuiiiary urraigementa wit? reference to iba
seitiniption ty Mr. Smvihe ??(tie ii .1 i? ?ii bil effie?. Ki ? ?.I
batar liraper. now the I i-.ni titnte-i Cotton Agcatalthia
port gave Mr SniTthr ?cine h at? dru* ii frea bl? ? i? rilli.? t.
ia rrgai J (o tie disuatcb el i ? . ??? Mt l)rti?ri i-t-l.t.
ISTly roTnp'itr.erted the enstoma officer* who weiMsnit? tit
rr?i ?'???. t!r S'i'T'r.? will take 11 urge of the ( u?', rr?
!'?? . . ?'. ? ? ? ???on.
Boullia FOBBB D'I'.wni p. ?I. o bod J 0? it oWiel
? : ia 'lie N.inows, off Bat r.n-.it o, on *
_ty, Dteoaeed bad eB a Mata eooBs derife ?.?r't- pann-o.''1?.
(tray veil, and waa marked on the arm a.th India Ink, "C. *'.,
flat. 5 D S.Art.'' Tli?' Jnitiee of the Pene althe?owo ?>1
New t'trecht held an inquest on tbs remain?, bol aotking ka
portant wa? elicited, and a verdict of foand drowsed tu IBB?
laAri.iUNd Has.?The? axhIWtii li? I'd l.y l?r,
Colton al tLe Cooper Institute to m rta e.tnisf, premie
sevrai novel fatnree of attraction. A f'e. BfeS gen?l?mep. ???
; ladles are to tata?r th? gat At th?j stan I?r. (i. wi.i ai
! ia_-ltarth< ga?, in larger dose?, to Several persona muted
I from the nii,'..ence, produtlitg profoand alees ?lurisg whltl I.?
all! extrae! eae n ante teeta for item v. ihcat their kneel*
Til), Nfc tv C'OLIaBCTdR op Tin* VCBI.?Collei t?r
Henry A. Smvtb? this morning prescr-ed Ma oticl? bon?!? to
I I*. S. Hiilr.ct-Attorney Courtney, for aonraaal His bou?u
ui? n aie Kftiugi.am Townsend, ?.8_c:?i Mundy, S?sm_el 1?.
liabcock and That, Garner, eiq.
.1. v 1'.. <.i..?.n.?Mr. John II. Q. :;'*i will ialhrei
? i.suir cube season nt Cooipcr It ?t.liite ihts??ening.
lABUomicenienl? |
A -, ir.or 8'r-ortnicr.t o? Engli _ hoyul ?? ?? i
i nil Ta | ian j BibiiiIi 1'naa.a. al ?mu Aii'twiK
li ?? . ?. ? I sly ?ad I : ka (.']?'., (.1 i?.'...'??l i ne, la
.,.- ?"?? , jue., *> l fe .fl li p.- t.iT i:?,rli?h Hi ?_?
i i I M?, g li ,| +.' par yard, . i Noel Oil Ciotb? t .'???
1 ;?:??? UU Cloth _ ne. I- si pi i yard. 1 ? I ?? I I
!' ? . i er?, ?AIbo-w Hit??*! Ru?-. M?: ft h i ?rp. t?. (.Bi - -i
c r ?( ii ? ?? M '- v? ; re ra. Bepedor VVM.* omi CWeetet ita?gea
??d'!, ? \?. : -e '.i.,| i i..,'ted M??f ? .?
at juc ?.. t i?, i.'d. Leefe tot Ma H Bcwat)
Ti BBna Batbb, No. 13 L-lf-t-tt , i_t> ?jrain aaau
t?. 1'ie | b . ?i..?!i??l and in pu Ti d. I!, .? (i. iii?, S to S ? a <
li ?? It le II?. Bl. .-'.-.. fl . til?, ?> to l'aila.li..
f?_(Or??'.-I?lliNIM;.--T,i?. .-(?I ?.' f. li: W.-114 Ihe i, -
peri i ? i ?c1 oftlieaaa?a ketmu Iba l".t..alaataa?aMn I
?. .??i:.? pat ' ?n? ?.i i...-., paaiaa?e peal ata?, bamin? ., a.
ke?|.,? ? ., iii? lo? ici M Ii" !.. aoi Ita ,? .? nil ippliratiou I
baition. It can ?.? ?,.-i iu oaet?rl?a m ?*'? II (.lu.biri it. ? ?
? ne of ita aaoa. vsiaable St >? ?id c u.ty rigt>??<ay e_1 b?
th* I'ltel.ti?. Pait?I l),l?I.lil,| tu pul. i.iie ?T'aTe? OAT I.?.?,!, I -
ass thoa bavtos lb( rig?, te an nto to?| ? ?
ment, aid ?iv. li.? kkh'.ie . ott year y in tatt
Wt . Lall, oft 'i " aorld to thai i bi ni ?:??.?, i
I ??? ?.a w.'li Hi-Iii?.c_l:i ? laum iiiatutii. .-.a ?
S. - t?.cul? iltur? -, >.i? volt ? -.
K. Ba_sn No '?i* Pro?,Ita. ,
Tn Ti .tu.?l?o mmWt 11-? Obobtou-i
for Ma T.e'l iaai irei.li,. let'.tin-l the '."In, do*? BO? in.-..
? ' , ,i ,, Bara ? ?ici, f .:-!,??? ??- t ' ?-?.it,. ( santa- tai
Du.(tala (tri :y Is ti e tan ? ?? km ker - I ?.?srali'.u ?,,
it? tt!. st y in psaaarvhaj ar.J ttosasstg the tari
?,k :'? aBeeaas ? IBaaaABi Oataeeuai aaiisheaeeBn *?? '
by ??1 Dru||jr?, Perfumeri aud Paaey I; ? ' ?
(?ol: ? t.:: i ii?. COMM-BOAI Ii .ITOTB. No. : ?
Birr.'iwsT re- 1?i ?|i,btb-?t. In.tmr ion i rT,.!? ,t tlnltad) ? V -,
u.1_-!..ji, ft I keeplug, sud I! ..meal At1 i?.
Ti.e B ? V. 0 Hc'BBlRDolWil.rin, N. V B ?1er da?e of Kee ' (.
UM arrito. 'Thesap?!?rthancatf1 Trial ttltas lewahl?., ???
-?ii.? .ut, n?t .'.en ; ?al .i.p.ii.e ?nd .? li :.. !??? r kl?ei ,u* (?\ iLi
cox k (il?B?J me beer.. ..' ?:??( ?ii?. T - nu Ll_e, h',.w ?>- i.
- ", ?.,?.>_-!.??? :.' ..? ben u,?,!e ou u? todo .?? ?
?? . ii.: I?. I ? e ,,i: ?r :. ?... ... ? , ?i ii I think we lia??
neier f?.'d toueeoniincdire ?, !:. ! m .,: y u r.c.? to i-k for ? i?
Ile.rr ft.Te 1 alu'of i. ., willi ir'r:ea, A- / :?o. le? co| i? . Ml I
' Ina m i. i j,. 11 lona. I laclo?? a B?tta neaay tot aulaga <'"i
u.ke.-. i.e li i...? .A jruut bin mik?. TL.u.r. Lit?li un aeviiit.r
,r ,!, a*BOl ?,.- ar i,, ,ry te the m." mt et bl? ia?-. cci.i. I bil . v
???iLD i_it rt ??o oca ci? K-.i.r?i? r? a '-p-h-ai. ii. , +
TlOlt? '
?'???rii-t-i? .4?rl??d.
1H"M tiatlr ta kart Aibeitint-Js?. ? . -, ? Lhadsatok I-rill.
(Jil I ?
?.air?. Bhip ?tana?
a ? it i vi: D.
BntBii1 If TsrifS 'Bri Lan?-i di, !.'?< no ?1.? I ii? (Ia? tai
towu ?I. w,lu Bllia?. ?r.d 271! ika-a. (a Y.I r.l ( ii lj(h ii,?t.. 4 S
pi : ?i ?' '."?:.'. m l: paatoi Iima ead NaUeaal Basai ? ?
I , . a kirai.?era b? lui -.
BUpBiT -I'tti'ii.) Kreden ba, Bat I -. - dey? -"--f? y-'
313 paai. to H. M. a.ou.111 k mAya, Hai - bittta ?al : iltain? ui l t
r?i? Allerlira. O-U'eai, Si?: 14 diyi, with lc|w?Kd, bi?d?. I'
la iisr.. - k ( .
Bnj i der ,., f ilikiifax, N. S 1, Farre-1. -..,:,? :??., with na ??
t., H. i r \v. .M.T?r. Raibaavy wrath*? i,..,e,| a?y?al ?
a: ,1 ?pl.t ... I Mal ii .4. lu lit? 51 tt. . ' ? B ti. I
i it (of mi from Ardroaaaa fot Bot ? . i
of ?ratas to th? l.r'd : tea ?lew eater tar b sr thre* ef tb? taaaw -i
t?.* II. j .o.;ec! :n'o our r'rg'iie otter?.! i b?*i n?! r ,:;e i srttn?! I ? -
but iiw ne, one ou boin: ; ? p;. "I tbey wen lirc'A.ieil by th* b?-..l
kefeaj ?sv..h Beti i ?. ?h? I?.t ?i"' rtiJe. Bl -il ?r.: ii ? I. n ??o?? ?? .' ?
r-. th? m_m day Mu-eb M, tai lal M 48 g1 Meta pi.ot baa.
Ne !" '! " : t ?i.J p'it t? - t>.r- e ., -, . , ? i-l I ' !,. r t- ?
linde?! st ??ri T.
HiV L c ..!. ,|!r ,. I' ttiim. M.i'Iir.d, S. <. et Al, p;a?l?T. IO J r
Un. ?) ?. I
s. r. Il?-_ry Crtwby kro-tiiort SV? I!.-.. ?.,,'-,- MB toi
ig -i-d'? P, ii c ?p it mil tafiagita'?qai ttm ?ntasM
> r Martial' hini, Oonii-, Api? . .' -?itb e?.|.? ?
Il II (T e
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