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that the picture, gloomy a? it is, is a faithful reflection
el Southern sentiment to
Tatt- Daily .Vfiri thus conti.
B impton in the m.." burn
nug of Columbia, S. C. :
??Tai Tan
W11 li)
wrong fur Slier mail ? Tbe answer ia ' ela ?Ma ta?
it (?li Confederate! and did not belong to Oct.. S.dei?aA
?That wa.? the substun?al fMBtlOB in _M?"Do
or do not the City of Columbia aid St..'
?I belong to the I':.:'".. Sta?
ff the Court to which the fir- ??
thep did. That judgment bl otu I lilli
again?! those who invoked it? ai.d U
r of Tin H
G? a. Grant finds that all our Wl
taltal to bl mustered out?and re a
? listed '-for three yean or during ttoWtf."
'>n the other hand, the lihek*. tbaagt ??.Bally ("??
Utlal to a (li>charge, Baba BOOOB-pb-Bt, '
'ngtosd.-v. | :: ti.?- Ooraaa
fore, that a
rotaaaaa l?e di-?charg?*d, and tha .
present, rctiiiued.
If he had given the ?
WbHa and Bl.-icl. -
hare been strengthened.
C.?i'. Lyon of Idaho protc-t? manfully aga
abuse, robbery and butchery of I:,
- Boa ia Ita Bb-ag Uttriol 0
M-Kyaurlaal at once m bia Ti rriUary,
'mt two were grown men?ti.- . ?:: and
ia, and all innocent of nur Wl
lu n<? case t'at I havp ciifninod bave 1 found ?
man th<* a(t**re???or, bnt lavanal
Ha? lendi s h o.:irage of bud tillite men.''
?It i.- a great pity that Gov. I.;,
ieJcil. Ba h men arc lally needed in i ty
tbl Territories.
On the other sido of thi? _K-_isj
from Robert Hale Owen on li,
I', i? a calm and IB.passionate italOBBOBl
___g, in the man. tin* ? 'riiend
?tent, except the dtaenfranchi a* 1 t !v -
Dating the admissionof < -?,-.-?.
if that admendment. The letter crinea the enrefal
.t which Mr. Owen is known to bal
he -'.itiject. ___________________
val of our d.plomati-ts ban .meto
their intense, unqualified, Mltatlo -dm
??f the President's Boooaotraotka policy. Ii
to iu'": that the air of Europe doo no1 ?_tajNO wi:h
Meyerbeer'? ?plendid opera of L'Africvne rat produced at
. le?y of Musk- l_?t tiij-l.t. Mm ? 1 tr? ?id '. ' .
able at._tenco. It ii needle?? at this date to 0) anything of
the music of thia wonderful opera, lit rta m it ii tint orarf
liaarn.g* ?erToa to develop tome new. appreo '
aubtle beauties of melody, construe*.! iBoriaBtn?Ni t .:
work of tuch magnitude c_inr t be grasped until aft*r luany
Ineiricg?. to abtorbing U the inte:eil attached M each ilepirt
?nat. tocal and lnttntmcnul.
The catt comprised mu?s of ttit niott prominent member? of
tha company, Garramga. Iiuicbetti, ______!, Oilandini.
Milleri, ("olletti, Ac. It ii not our parp?te to make ant com?
parison between tbe reipeotive merits of tde aru?ts on the
preft.t occtuion and the artitt? of Mr. Mar? hOtfl company.
Both have their tpeeial exeelleneie?. and both are detervinp
ol wiro commendation and .?iimiration.
The Seid? of Oazzauigo like all that the doe?, ia character
lr?d by ?trong individuality. She thoroughly enter? into the
???irit of eTery char? ter ?he attempt?, and presents a read.ug
ah:ch i? full of mtell.gente, earnestne?? and passion. Her
f?a? ng of the -tomber tong In the tecond a t bad al: tie will
teuderneee which tha iltuation culls for end the rauwo ex
preeiee. In the fourth act the rendered that wonderfully pat
aionate millie with a force and as ?bandon that wat a? grandly
effective at ii wat impuWively natur?. The whole of the lut
icen? wa* itnpreauve and full of power la the ?irre??.on of
the varied emotion? of th? situation?now of h.tpt?!??s? lora of
wild detpair of jealoat madnett and of retignttion. The
Whole wat a tplendid example of vocal and dramatic power.
Mile. Botchetti mide its ?dicruMe Inez. She looked the
?part to D*r.e?l_o_, for th* it a woman of rara aid ex.?unit?
beauty, and drene* ia unexceptionable Unite. She tang the
part latir, har voice wai fine and her execution wa? brilliant,
true and ttlling. She digr.ifl.-d the part, making It a marked
??Balure. Signer Muiiaui luttained the IM??M rule of I'i
Garni wi't? great timmmj. Ilia v,j,co-, though hacking t!.at
grandeur of tone to which we have been atruitomed of late.
wat ample for al! the mum al demand, and he tang tie
w.th admirable tatte and Jnittrmen? aud **-itb an ??o?.?'? ?_?*,}
power which called forth tepeated plaudit?. ?le 1? a fine actor,
and estar? thorougl? ,r.0 the feeling? of the character lie per
at*uat?a. -?-^
Qr'r.ndini's Nc'.dik? wa? r. r??.riled and vigorooi pertonatlu'.
O^thejeiloui but ?Irvoted lavasre. Ile tang the muilc w.th
Biiittlc finish and tutttined ?tower throughout. Willen wa?
alt" an excellant ?-epretent.it ire of Don Ted m His noble anil
well oaltlvitefl volte told ont with admirable efffct, both in
aoioa and concerted mutic.
__? chenu and orebeatrt in their execution of this mxttic,
tot iToaeded onr #Tfjfctationt. To many in aacb d?pannent
lb? muaio waa new. but Signer Mc2io kept both iiendily in
Bind, aad produced a more excellent retult than could have
bean hoped, from to haity a j reparation. ll.i? of the or*
ckettral performance wat won hy of winn prais?- and the ex?
ceptionable point? were ex*'.?sable unde.- the ciicumitarice?,
for we oannot expect ??d. raailal fBattatlBa from a passing '
company, ai we ihould demand from aiettlrd management.
The ihortcomingi in ce.-tai:. iceru- eff?*e*t. m-j?* beasalaaBal '
for the lame niton, alt.iough we ihould bava mppoicd that
tlit teenery and propartie? prr viou.-.y u?ed would hat ?? been at
th* diipoatl of the pretest incombent.
' j?I ide Matin?e to day, me entiro affloaef Lraini mil be
fivea together will _ta th. rd iel i-f Faust, in titMt the beau*
tiful Botchetti will girt ha beautiful per*onition of Mnr
guerltte. I? it a liberal aid attractn? ; r \fm ?,- ?u?! ?l.outd
draw an ove: f owing aueut?c*. to the Aciti??*.' ?O ft-lj
Dr. Cutlex will ghi bia third ob? iltbk
aftenioon at Irving liai:. It? ?tcond periormance wa? a bril !
liant luoeett, the 11-11 being crowded. By general request, ?
tia festival will be repe*t*d with the fu.i choir of a bort I
aal M mes ? voice?. Tin? will afford an opportunity tor a ,
large elaaa of cititetui to bear one of the finest choral p
?aeet ever given in tbl* city.
Owe. Boldra aal the Cihoai.
Te Wn Lditor ef The S I Tntmnt.
t Fra* T ?i.iii?e en article in roux pajier i?t fi lal i>.
Seaaed ' I'nion feeling at th?- Routh, git ng an extract from
5or. Holden'! Standard of thr I :th mit Hi" ei Governor
?tatet the pr?tent pot!:.on of North (arolint. dsplorinp the
?Uta of affaira there, and windi np with an extract fron.
lUutaeepaare. where Macljetii re lUeata li?n<i?i'j* Ohost not to
'?iiake bit gorv lock?' at l.?m, Be The aptnet* of the ?uoti
Hoi to tbe Oovtrtior i eat?* kail lal me to brin? ii more fully to
your aotioa. Latt Bprhig immediately aftrr the eor*
(?jader of the Balala, I went from Chartanoog? t', ti.?I
extreme eouth weiten. cocnir ol North Carolina
lo aae to the BBBBata! ? ! ?i latataal
liter?* trum Mar a
I had io oil-,,?,-ti ? how tbiDgt progre
ward * - ' ' ?varaar.
1 "itfoi ' -nu 1'rum the (. ,t? n.
,,. . ,,|, ....?? ? ' ii,?* ul all my
i-aiier? lo ii.?* baal of try te, the dooumtn?
it a??
? .ultim lu i. i'. ' ! raeoaatnieUoa. t'loaa
?pim . at-rival follow? a mon or
orutii - ?.'iTi-rri'ir?a notorl ?
?a a* to appoint
I tut it*
TH? I unii).us:?*..* ? am* waa, lap
l_?l?l, i, i . . i ... .i of ide I BKmisti I??)W we
tUoagbi it. ,t -,;.? i.i,v?n:cr ?tmuld not have luiultad so ?trong
? I ui?..! ? Him'.? ai oui ? a, pointu g a C?imraii?ioTi'*r of that
?tiip^ wh?*ii iIkt* wer* I'-Ts' !t?-ii m the t -mr t; Herbert had
lattl s t_tiajij?|a la li ... :-!?t'ire, and ? B? hld
toeen in thr Arnt . So?, |f th? (.nvirri i
-wini th?- -irort 1?.. i,1 ?? t_e% i| h.a,, why were mel, Kebelt
a? Vi i.ii.'i ?i it ? ?iii , ..i.? k -.- *?.,! lu ?lu* l'ri.T omiisi ???
Hifriit w Ih bin. * J? I . ? ? ? ? v ii.?* 1'tsa.iilftit io ra*o
ob a Ile bel bit? ?s or BM lu? bo* a |i?ol ?nr that par|au?? ? lu
rilli?? caw be l? r? - warmina into life li
lnval flerafDi far ka c?tal?l faav* deoriaal tb*alli?r h h
/? . .v ; M?>
A t sr?'?!??
,? ./ * ? .i 7 ' - .*? J Triton*.
ii?,, xtMt.i ^ 'r .|?-ili'?ro! noss ootrs??? I(i->b
ykrl,,. ? r.riilT' dsplsili
4 B? thwgm?M '" Mtogmn? i?*r?-tr! *>.<i
sfpan-1'?.*. ??? . i .'..,:?. : .
aja la ?t*r'? Hut ka ? i ?? II. ?n. one* *_ *re
aid?!? ?...I Iiisss-B.itali?' ? sa r?* '?? Hiafn.t MOti
aita/ m ti ai i y ? ?'- - '? -omaitmOei.
J. Kaoav fiaviD
Sbtbi*?-? I ?i'am ?J Ms.aa' BUM MM
li'-'?'*'.. Al t li- it?-.
Formation of tlio Tnion Republican
Party of Virginia,
IniTersal Amnesty, Universal Su?Tra??o and
Free School*? a Part oi the Platform.
To Th* Aiiociiittd tren
Al i XANDKU, Va.. Frid?v Mnv II
Ita report "1 ti,,- (???lilliii 11 ?o m ligni . i.
l-.a-k.-r af .Maix.itulria, (I P. King tit Krr.lor.rk .1.11.
Clementaol Portaao-th. P. ln.diev ol 11. -.r <???. W. K
Smith of Frederick 3. W. Baemer at Clark, 0. W.
William at All"-::. :.. i-?I .i.i ? H ?id r*tof Fairfaa
Mr. C1? nrat? Mut? al il,ut ilnrc ??i? eoaeidarable d?'l?ate
la Hi?' Coni ??? ?wv (???iiclu-iiiii a
. . obi 1 ?c: ''? ii '1 " polier of Union
m. n' Intlii South abonld ba totivai! Uaaaatia ti Ita
iii-i/i?. i-e ii:-:.! 1 li- < i.riiiiiitt?*?* i ii t--i> 1 ? <1. lu- UHing tim '
?..ii ?* quill.i.i-d, Impartial aa?rage ' to coa?ey the Ideo
th.it thetwo n.? ? - or toaaaVafa? Bboall be ?rp
?..fii.iL'. II? ??nilli uni Indoraa Preaidenl
John???;.'.? ?parti tot h bid Ben Ita vorkioga.
;..|.,i ii -1 o] ... m be bad '"tim ind
!?? Imd ;."! teat ita ?Tat-iaga. tf] I a Iba n..iji.nty of the
, ? em lion ..it onrreu 'ii"?' bad ii 'wmoi
ihn??d no1 pin ?leli IhitB lo ?
-? t III DUB II" Ii: ii -? * ' ' ll?l'l
driven I i. un inrii from tlc-ir boOBoa poaainglaaol
iBdorainf tlw ?Pretadi nt, ami b? bad beard ona ?>f thaaa aaj
that Lil '?in ? u- an nanrper and bid mai bia lea r*j. and
I that lid.nth winn tim paaopl?? obtained ttu-ir light?, would
ai .. patriot
Mr Dillon 'i Albemarla objeaHod t.. the iraolutio?i
t aid altad If Ita* bad boom ?? ?ali"":, le ita b1..uyht.-r.
Had thor eoeai i?? asaba la?"? tat tim Booth, ami vana
pos t!?? Noiith ?ib.it ?lie iii?'!? n..?
j want f He hail c.?n:'- ft? the pnrpow of miling in building
ttapoblicai parti. If tli.-y itd??|?ted the MM?
lutiooi tin v would ama the <l"'T t? inn-nt-rable orita.
An too prep_i?d again m ttvomlim ?obi aaabaal Are
i-,.-.) prcfinrcl foi more ?.lnod**<lm<l than Hi? y l.nd y??t ?een '
li? would miiuoiii-ti tin- CuLV.'iitii?:. to attend to Um bata?
ruin?. together, and not to take
et toward giving the rig! I af franchi??* io a ponpl??,
1 ti,,? y,,*. . 'milt be Mound at any time by th? u?e
If IBU blIBBll If liriHf li?-nii'Vi-d that Hi?' IM luaolu
! turn. i. ago, be lind on the table.
The ni. ti<?ii w.ii? bat ___________
Mr. ?ibtioni offered the- f?.ilowmg aubntitut.- i.i the
iir?? mahnten ,
li- . 1 kal ?r -dora the action of the Congre?, of the
i tinted -lalee la reader? og tre.tiaon odioui and triimr? infa
! tiiou? sr? far as it bi-ir? m thal h bl Haeta*?? W?? ?m cotton
: that no pcr.ou ?b?mU ..?r.siter be capable of holding auv of*
? ludiclal. under the lederal or
Stat*. (?iiT.r.inmr:.-, who wai ov?r the ape of -'1 year?
no tin? ?Ml of April, .d.i. without taking tb? following ?oatt?
la ailtli'im t'< tim aaa n,,?? required by law " I, A. B. do
| solemnly ?w???r that I an bow, aad have ever Invd, an enemy
tu Hi* -?ceii-ti .?-?HiiijeroljiHifederaoy. or to ??uy wbel?jB e?
! pr?*tei?tii*?l ?i .K--rt.ui.aiil unfriendly to tho GoT?*rnmetit of the
I,mud Stile?."
Mr. liiiilftviut ?jiu ibat the tune for giviu? ibu ue_roe? tbe
Ipeclal Dlipat. h to TI,* N. Y Ti,'mr.?
Washi?((ji n Flllaj. Mut :??..
Tho Union Convention niot B?i:n at A!*-? | : , i -
morning, at 9 o'clock, th-H in. ,i .:,*.. M-.n* i; ?
ob?b*. After tim U5ti.il pn_at?_rtaa a otajt
committee to whom wen* I
otu resolution?, nportod to favor of the pai
a* Union Itep .1,1 sea Party ol V.r.::
that a St.itc Central Comm:" ?el .al baltana, abo
ahould have charge of the pat* arrangements. Tbol
clioRt'i. l_v the Coiivccti-.;? i- I..a.- 1er BIO, Alea*
andria; John P. Lewi?, BooMafblB I It I
WaHaD, -tab-Mad City; John Havxbsat. Kairfui
Count?; John Mm ?r Betll Oalpappet Cot?.ty* #oaoab
v. HUaai, PniadebabBigi Ela__d Badth, Pad
K. K. | r .lilil?-? 11.
Clemen?, Portsmouth; ?Lavia McK- \
?I. Smith, Bilba
'J'!.-- f 11 iw_If r? j:*.." n || i.d ??I?10 '; ., ir; 1 it
will ho icen, strikes at Ita
.. vi rnnjid.t.
' Your Committee, wbi,*!i wa? initrncti*:! ti id ; lire and re
port concerning the legal stat , iel Um pi
nature n? t" the means wlncti m their j idgl
?te to tti? lovat men ,?f td* Mata Ita p titi al
woall nap*ctfa_j rr-jitirt lim wintern bj i.<* I ooiiitutton
of Viriiiuia. ?ili'iittoi Ann! 7 I* I by I i the Stat
aal _iowa ?situ 'Alexandria Conttitntloi t
le?? than eif-dty.ln tim Hu:-.. .: ind ? ?mnili.r
? ? . ? of ida! Bimi r I Ben?t?
wai required t?. consnti.te a legal Legislature, and
CiiiiHtitution exornar? deoiaiei leal ?? ?
. 1 ball aay eeaot aader n abo lu
Baler tha ??'? et
or any otbar 8tata Oovarament in n
?. ? ininert a: ii it !. *r?o.? ?li* Mid (
a t.*?t -.ia'', to be t .!?? : by all i
J."-?.-i-.?tura- I'liiiveiieil U'i'.li'r :t ?dil i ri natrn?.?- ?, aa the pt -
- Vnt.- ?L?gislature dob ? le !? ?: ?>:. i .? - - ,: I * .
itborit? tr??i:. ab u
mund, ami ?lu?.*!. *i.-:i!ii.*,l t?, li- t . . ..'liinia, I
b'it wnieh reilly eoaalstal of tint more ubb tw.d.
and lnaamiioh as It i? faitbei ? ae
mrmiKTs of the pron-in ia Ballal Legii i . Id mili
tOrj aird f!Vii <.flit f llliilt.? I
GoveraateaV m naoBtao h^.;i it -
whom vee nmy cite the pre--r.t Speaktr ?j! the ?
luture, and luasniuc! aalae me?bera oi
l.fgiilnturti Iditi im' taka-n ti,? i? it:, rt ; lira ! bj th?* said Con
bow tieri lora be ?
? -1. 1 im w. d.f'iri ti.-. I- i? t? Iel issnssetl ii- t!i- f.?*,;.
If?? I . o*d. ?i
' -
?i'.it* , * i and part! of aft!, rsi
Burt o'!.- .aaiiiii? J ; * l,r ;?, , b. i?
I?! J?J s? lu... ai..i Ti?.J
Your Committee, with regurd * i wbiob ta tbeir
juitninut are neoetiary lo ?et ore to li.*
Mate it? i?ilitlcal coiitrol ?nidi r?;..r' tori' ia i ir it?g
nient the matter ?houlil I?? referred to ti ri I
tmttee. aud that tho Com? ?.?ralla
? nnTcntlon of the I uion BBB on oi it re td- l,r?'
li o! ??ct'.t.er II
i tin ted su? h u plan us ? ,11 nour? te the lora] !
.1? iK'.itii-al control.
The r?*; ali ??f tin* Oaa_
?? .f ii 1 ?n??. t Uoiu ?:. ! ;
I .1? "t uainriil .?-..'lr.,_- aria the moa) tiona
bia botan, and ?-hilt* rael obi oi tt ia?an
loBbtodltoJaoaBBMag ? of ex
: ? ne i
? ? ? ti?ib u la*
expedi'-nt a Ike pnoaa?t tim* t** .
y ? bno_io .?, to thal
!"r'*.T.l. . EBoail aim*?' ( ? ; :iiO or
:!i" V' -eut policy, i* ?*
for a in'ii to l.ve j-.i'.-.idlt
i.-, ti;?* lot bit, aal tri
?ii?- ?*x?.-i-?-i<iii ol a
Hut lol .us j.uM.? \y ledaa tt i
of thi.-filoi'fta o: tin- ffanal p.if'v, a I ?*vi?rr
1' ???mac, and one won! 1 h r* M ii ?Ve
tan bael ataldal to advocate ti?" :..-..'
i r-, nf ita I att i
the af mide ol'tin*? .i 'true men will m-pire a
Boat! tt_t Ita |
North will extend the hand of vaia IM Te Ita (
toe ?report a lela M iii'ir?* amendment? were offered, and
the wholes.' lta__ ta M-,. *
Afltrr : ? 1 V'd'.c? to 3 ?j/otook, 'li??v ] r
. ? .v in.,1 :. taadll
advibllii- I .
B bl |
ttlmnt v a r ilhattb*?notarrand _?|Hi
branch?? o' . OareraaeBt beti prataaate leain aeta
. t.* .-?? i -. ? arl ai
sssaTtl o* Mistafifd in i'-??* rlerfanl'jatloii ? fia* sut?* t)r,rnT?..
Beal i'.r it ??- Miitei lat.-lj in relichuu, and l"\ at d
tiu.e? I :.'
axtendtngth? ri??btofea_n?avl*tB*er??red t., ?. tbet
lie.oi, et). 'J hat UO roorgamzed ?State (ioTf?::.inrnt af Vir
Slnla ehoulil be recfignij!?d br thi (?ovcrr: ''nltsd
late?, whiili doe? iiu' a? tala tro.-n ?ufTra?;? ati I hylding af
flee?, ?i leatt for a term of yeart, allperrn.? trhekevt v.ilja
tarilT gtven 2?o;tl or ?^?t'^i?: :Z,rt(t Io '' tgai-nt
the Cmted Stiit??. ^tTwiioh do-? Stn. ?"'? ? "'' 'l.?fjiu
ebtaemeal pro? i !?? f..r ti.? imm?''i?t? mttkti.. ?leaeut of ill
Union nu d w11 lion of oolor.
aaatatt. Thal the doctrine ef Ik* i ? aataa ara the
. ?il tatue ui ti ?? I its t i vi! war s;.?! ti at .- -. ; ?-. ey of re
lonitmctlon ii ?sfe w'm li doo? not proriil?* ai/iinat the po??i
blllty of t lut i??'ie arlf-ng agmn
jV - 1 . h- ?a d.d !: r lute Itelaolioft'r ? ? ii'To;.* ti.? ?itn
lit u. ti.i-T i.ut ?mit li"l?! th? ?auif opinion? Uni. ; | r,',.-jrfi lo
De, but opea!; advoout ? their viaart in " ?
the baii? of part} attlee la the future a? a-.- baltara fur tim
(.uri??? of a? ??.m,on illina, ?nth rutel ttdat ti.") baw failed to
.?-. with bat
jV'.*. mi, Thal iii" i mim ??BpaMtaaaaartf of Virc?;dia a
knowlalf* la imwer.' and Hal aa aaHfjateael
Billin:- . in i,'*rur lu* enslaved aad that tba maia?
taaaaet Bal ptllrtaaltaa of repuMicm lnitituuoiJi depend
lily upon the ?"lucation of the masse? o! tim | >?": ??
therefore' we t?r'- id livor nf a ?y?te_ of free icbouU, whereby
?urana Bdaoattaa in?) be du?emiuated.
The t. ???? !"t*n prc???:it at t!n?Cot'
ftr-- iii-?.-- ?a i y, ku? the d.<ciis.ti..aat, though
warm and tmOkOty argued, luve been kindly li epint.
Wai,!! tb? ' oalag BMalb) Ita Uah I araattoa will
issue au taUna p.- poring Ita laid tot u aetite i-anvaa?.
?. .?!? Ijh- I??*": lim.'?- li.
Ita ?iitiiiiiiti* r.*?uit? will autfoa Ita ii?"?! ??iii -.?i.'' aspeo!?
iHobooI ?' Maali to Ita -BUBtartbatknogh tha Stall
mil nilly around tn? principle? ban ennui litad. The
(Jonveution e<lp>uni?d it?*-" iig, with th? usual coiupli
toentari vote? to it* "fliccrs.
light . I :. ,? i-; ??. 1: I . i* tin? CoaTuatioa
?? : ?. I ? ? , rea lal n ? ?*? -, ; pt***.
Mr. flicker of Ah*_ai?'ln.( in ."?'. that the elective fran
tire be givr M ? i ? *?ro, and Hut
t >)??"? VTH? |. -, l
thnn to n..ik<-' tt- r
Mr. 1
i 1:
? -
i * ' ? ? : I- ? of re*
te die
IacBBditiaaal I alan .-.rtiag ia Ballimore.
Ha :? Tr la. Mit 1- 1
mi larg i --? ? T daionmenii b l_|
Ol l .?: s ]
, itr Speak? ( oli.u stat ? letter expn ?sin's, bia views on
tile 8?. - -
: Mai.? Kentnek1, Beaaeon
Craaa*rtU of M-rylta ?v ??.:.?? ida and ?litan
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I Biyashag Drm???trati?a In glenar of C'a?.
Br?"?" -Pali.irai Pmaperl? Iaa?p. oria_-Ho.
?i??l?r ln'rli',i?-lmml(;r?liin Poiaria_ la ?
It. in ; Mpiir ia Bl. I.anii,
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b,\ Lan. M?T, U
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C imp Jackton. Itt . iring of the people
?tilt' I .: '
ictj '1, "I ( ?
tp 'li I . ' : a" ? . .,,., ?,,. .,_.
nilicant. Qot. Pitta?aral Ml? ?? ??. Oghabj ni
ii' ..
almor? tr?. Congreta, tud I ,
iver of
..? rea ah by
i . i. : ? " ? ? .
'?? e iii..- unr,
? .niseil ( Dsider ii Sece lionitt?,
bal iii": ? ? i v. ? I to it. . i." :
uti I the Ki lu! mu,. 1,'ii.ii ,1 n I..?In' n!'
Uirtatanlng \ :,... ? ,,- . ,.,; v i,,, _?.
tempt toi the law. 1 thal they
1 - blood l'c
t',i,\ O.'l'
lion In ? there! -, from
? ? i: als ol
. ' ' :
; i ipili! of lo?
P ird, nu- j
.. 1" ! '?! the An.-: I
Boil v? I as quickly to the call H Ibaaa ol say !
Btata 'i i. .- ? : s aAadrtadohaaoB,
g tnti! '.
. r: ? | roi '-k3 Itl ... fllforc
iiis.* Um i' ? "T t t li
i.. ' ? ?d I Bight l8 Yen'
-???i' 8] " I I JOS
i ? ?da] tim
t the B
i. i.? milli"!', is | in ?parata, and tbara ia a eoa?
vn t?os o i that wa a
I of the Intended
l 4' Beb
? ii. I.V., aad
? : :
' ?
? ... ? . ? ? : . l ( .-.,.?. |
i.e marked
i ii praaefaloat of Otto V. P. Ria
now i:. ' ? - I the politics
tot with fa .
ii.... I
Ai ? r'.. this -r.-i-lt green
? lil? .?: n ? .?? ' .. Mi.
ru! Mia. Bri|
rioos Iel ??.?! ?i with
?i ' ?. i ne i -s'Uiirin
??s arreste i on .( c1 In 1 Crin
s- il it tra? in the
8d ti |?T til??
i . I upon his I
?? 1?. a ''.ii' ? ?:. v : .m1 rv
1: the f
V. , u it
I .
Dai .- ? pas ] M
i . ? .
: ? ?? ? ' i.
?tal ".. j ? ' '
s ? i M
- ?
.I effect. 1
rogue! ? '?m Mi - ' ii ? i
i f the vs.' t
1 ia llii ?".
tie1 Boat] oontrib ? ?da In?
died dova to iiett lo not..il...' The M I .iuv of i
UM l-fli. j.- Jtisi.iLt;. m s l,
? A? to 1 . n *Ki!iiin
abo aaad to rt-kla bert,tai opl sa ?? aeefning that nidi
Tidiiul ure I, ? : .' li.ci ni
liag tht -Batht-bood i- abJal . n ? par with
K lh-fl
I ' ?..?va from tbaMoataaai to un
'""* Ti .".' 1 ? ' B- . ? '* :" ?'?'?'
? i, nina nona 1 an r 'Tia Big |l"rii ?. j Ittd uv
i der a bank aben the bank oar< lia, ton iwiy aooat to
bel ot tb? ?? narda nui i : ti.? ?
lier It,ii uti!, h r:?t.. QbIj ? (?? ? boat- luv, aaaaed F"rt
Randall, and lia i tie- Uiu-t penluUi p.ut ot tiie.1 trip t"
i N.'?-Vi.rl: Exalts I it?-I > lbeverything Btedtdtt
Ot. LoBia to rea?__11?a tala of rum. 'iii'- II
Imlei leiw in the tilt; an? vers ii au, rou?, but it ia Bule to
sar obi ?tird of tbaaa bib t?a dirt la -of
alf lfm I1. I'lic rolicrt-sal '? ? - ? II., t:., li ] : It] 'a i I i
Kiri?, itr.? a Mtl ij'.ite ii? oiiU'ii.uUa ln-ru a? they ever
?a- it i; Hi ?'? V" k.
Tht Kin.'l.' Ti'ii.'iT.r? fr.'in KaBBpbll lie' with the
Knight 'loinpltra ol st. laouit yaatatiaj la fciahratiug
A?! ration d?r. A? ain.ijorit) (?: ihcin ?>? . .?n-d-ii?.?._..?.a,
the c'iiuvi'b'?' a of t' li bitting tin- tap) ,i " I aa ? Jai k?
.on did not etea m lbeat Tht -nights btd ?i grand tim*
ealtbrattoa at St G?'.rgu's Chard. With appropriate
i 'i-rr-moniPl.
'I i.<- Old S' hod ?nd Ne-Srlioo] I'r -? - ? Qtraeral
Atttmbliei ? t b'-m on tb? 17th. It li i ? oin id?
gard ii l.v n. n I.ttbytarlt-8 as prorfataatlaL lo tha
effort to tiirnisli B-oommotlal ti. t ii, ? .? la the I
H bool ? ;l? ii its ba n ti -i.bl-1 by Un
fasted i>; rarioaa It? >??! fsBtiUas ('i.-' .f ti??, laryeat
churcbee a_U ri civc bat half the aaaibti <>i itltftlta ???
rtirTn??'! I? it Th? Net? Btboal piojde are mon- harnio
LlUll" _
luai'riiarr et lb? I lio-iun Bot l?-l..
Tha < Um ii ? lod y i : Ihi < -laaja <>f tho Otp ol
Kaw York??jticatl.? Free Actdsms ? laltbiaB d Heir loui
tonnt:. Atiniv-narr at Irrinr; Hall laN tttatafi TBt Bah,
mea w?ll ui!?d with th? f.-ion!? o' _M fS 8BW_8
wer? to oflleiat? on the oc m m. Iks Blare ?at cniiitfi?) of
Beale by Ofa.nlMi's Bead ,i br nsaibars af I?t
S K-iotv A), ur?-i"i n-, ?til ,- '" Bfabatai i? "asai
duct'iirie. coni|ruied necordmi? te tho mira of madjmj and
?i.iiiie ' wa do not prote ?arsaal
with all t-t"rn'ss al araten ' bat wa tra etrtaia that ti.?
(liac_ura??i deiive ed hu ti..?. . Id ( ata fairly wilbla
ti,? ico,? (il M, ?I'rim '' es wt- ems II
; ,. lively by mi?- I
? ? iileiii-'- of rti-xt carr-fiii ?mt
?iMtkor.ti- tnti-ii? Bvaryoaa mad,- pracisaiyIbasaaegm
li ?rc.-iiel. the ??mi? nmiiiiT. to enetlv th? aam*
ir u?. ui.i. y
? ,, .<? ol T' m L ht I tr? du '. an. other
oin-. B.irT? v? .11 hit s ? a ? IbS slii/htrit
? Karl '?: ? la fa -ii ina'.?
, . . r.t-, ;.,1 I, ra ii1 -I'T."' i??''?' 'tt'Diled or.? tiBtid.
aita lad batt baa?- withdrew both nu,I- plated on? h?i,d
oison In? heart iln,U|)??d both bandi ?t Ids ?Kiel. tnrneU up
hi? ?vc? turned duwt. hu erei with ti? eiaetnei? of ? well
drilled corni mi ?'. ? Id- i gel ?* tti gb t-?? aaaaal ..:
?mir vvi, -t.'nik aa aaaai batata ?Titn?-???ii ... ?aas
iiiBii.a'. t-maata la th* m-e img*, <.t ?on? na ?,?m??wh?t
J>? nfu ? i-iiilei.t f?ot t.Tst vi tnucli ira-t'trlng wa? ?omIIt un
ooniaec'A i will, ?ni? idea?, would b?v? t>e?B?}iii4rT?? utiplesiant had
- _ s???d reaoon to tapaaat that the t?aj?-ioiiti_Tiiis Dow
o? word i r?nr?*d ?njr idea? worth notlug. V. ? coufei? ws
l,.-?rd hut ?aiaall r?irtioi. ol try tit the ?orntloi:?. " tv? donlit
whether hut perion IB tb? htill except, timbi,])* th? orator.
beard the ?UT? of ?i t f,,r ftastai '? f?'1 n,?nt.,.iied here?fter:
bat. tclirttour ??I? could BtrtBBB w? grieseK, ?it that
our at.x*K ot ia?btal vabuliim t? i- not rrestlT mon
"We cannot. boweTer battM) gardlag it ?? ? grBtifymg ?ti
dence of the onward ?srtvl, M it? I 'ft ?lid th? trulb ol trie
oft rerieated axiom that everr ?? Bara?-n ?row? w;?er. thai a
beardlMa ,T(janmeBt|em_n (if U ot therealmut? ahoaiid leal
hln.*elf (vompatent to potr.r not le Ita l'n ...??lit und I on|tr?s?a
the danger* lato which the.r errors of Judn-ent
?re hab?? to lead ti.o eimntrT, and thuu to
kintllj- iItow tl.em t.e oo.r.? by whitih thoa?1 dan
Hen triay he ariided. ,'. ir .'i ta-?i withhold (1ur
me.?dof admir?t'nu frum thesalliin* <-!:nm?i?on?aired liiteea?
who. after sa??'7 aettiag the emiei ahieh har? httterla
oprrtted to keep tb* gentler iel in tin b?-?-ground in the
int-llectu?l rae? nraTely r.ia.od upon ' vVotnan ' tu ' cotas
forward snd clsim tbo tigu* to which ihe 1? ?Dlili?d," rs
marktnijc that ' h? detnaded for b?r ?ondry tliiasra
which a lull? Ion 1er whiapering than mual tn our Im?
m?diate vi.ialty prevented ni from elearlT nndcrit?ndin8.
On? word, ??ni? we are iu Hie oi-od of prata?uir foi ti?? ?'?
.1 .-n i- BatagaaapstsdM ? ti-tt gre?t oxtrint of T?Q'>a
Itdte? and tontls?ean-riTjui'atly ?nii'iged in aaaalaa, they
very properly thowtd tbeli apureclatloB of tha kiudueia of
th'lr ?? it? as well a? their own l-id Tldial politrne.i. by pty
?nj t...*. _;,_ tmni\fii, mtMBtlgB '? BB i_ Uli t|iVtjY,aaaa u?i to
patf-rm, but out upied their tim? ia tooial and affectionate
1 e*inTertatfon. * h.i a, belag carried on la that mediam toa? of
I Totee popelarty adoptod on suob occattoni, reidsTtd It some?
what olmeult for tleat who preferred not to do tbelr love
I makins in quite m ptiblv ? p.?ce to gather much idas of what
i ouaatltatod ia? regular entertainment However, si til?1.
! stesrtt to ts.lor It we ?nppo?8 we hare no right to complain.
TiiF m:\no a:vd iuierto> re
I eii?r af I baplaia (?lavis la ike ?errciary af
0<KamaW-fl ft <"., Tu-tilay, Msy II
To tie ?{on. _ _J _; i? . ,m, -., ,-rf M If g {Far, ?Yai?inglon.
6lB: I_ | ? tO JO! bj _I<aaB- J-kineS B.
Ft-idm,.-. Vi , 'Ger.eral T*. 8. Volt, and J. a Fullerton.
I Brig.?- - V.,li. si p?blnhed in TkeKite Turk HtralJ.
I Marr.' IBM I lind Bat following statements concerning me
j winch ?re so n'vrk st vanimo? with the actual faoti of the
i eta.', thali:. Juiti'et" mrielf ?nd to the came which I hare
"-lilis ? i te las ben of roy ?billi, faitlifullyand
fearieiilr I iMpatlla-J beg to hsre it i_T08tigBt-d 1). s proper
tniliurj court.
Under the best] g Mms Farminf," Ot:.?. Stesdman snd
FtBsrtaa assert tim? Mr. i,?n* ?tat?il that tue satsrwrtaa tallai
OlavM finie?! t<? pay the l-ih.tr.-ra. aa arl
?nu tui, ?? ? i sr. inclo?ed ?flidivt'it of Mr. Lane, it will
be ?een that Mr Laat atVtt nitorted tin?, as ti, tuet he could
'? i -,s. blag t ' iii t! firmer?
berswHI ? ? laayaavt bal I arran
..tut i_l laBass it laborera, I ti Bnoikai tabea?aa
? r. ?ml for nothing else. Aaformyvi.tr
ins-citl.er I i-rr. le?: inli ??J 'that I nove; wont trsere more
ibaafoarerfii t sat taw laeaildaol ?uy core than io or
l'-nnitates I went to betef?rat a? I ? .-?.t M tay otbtr. M
eucourarrtiie freedotn 1?: ptrfornitg tbelr labor, Slid ?id then)
I BBM ' / ''S-llnif FraaaBB?r*i clothing U B
.?,uti hure been ?old at publii and private
isle Rl?riketi w? I tut tbCT Btf-t not
?poll daringtbeBa tnawr ! bavtngaoroi m to store tneeet bing?.
i drttlkaa t??- -n partly tarati aval
ateas ??tv ice
sadaaat isiaie the good, ar
-rsi ssB later f i?n i te
ord p (rt.T bal - i beam I the h i, tirai
alie?mi?il a Duel ? ?t wan? Bal n? thing h_s I.u dono la
tra mai ibertO c.'.-is.-nt ?n?i knowledge of Mr
Kata?, th" SerMn-y o' the BsttSty, abo ?h? bars himself
It ia fat 'I ttatei te bart r?*i eivej p? f *
tbiaclnt . ? ?-. ??n* l ii, n d up n,_i tot deas i
to ti ? SO How tbl? report eettJd peaeiMy bave beea signed
?? I fall to astt st I ii geatleman t
even pr'ient ut ti.? al.nrt intei i lew granted lot nie li? (,en.
ttteadmaa i poniaealry 1 ? aaverecsired t
? not * t ' as n rationed la tin? re
pur' and Bpoa being ??ue.ttoned about the satSBat if line? re
over lo ay weeriet st?sar, I tbeaai tba aaa
t"l.c I:,'' '-. ti.tu.:? ti ' wlii.Ti wer? paul to tie Sheriff and
? paika for exaeesea 1st?rrtd in eoUectlag iii.i
Aa there are twi listioot ?count?, I saa* aal] acronii? for
tln-ir !)? mi'ti "i< tti'tad up Inmi t'.e ?Ct tbat Ot
did aot apead aere iba IO atantes at my office and that no
? ?? t ? up it? to my peatUoa
I'n:.m mati is a- lavited t? l?. t,ri?.-nt at hi? ' r?-eeptii?n?the
- Mi Dorteb, an ex-Rebel Beaator and a
boeoa I Darts 4 C? beiag bia ebwf talia ead
? I Bl " PaOlS editor of Til ltnl,l,k .r .:,i/l, Iki?y A'rr?. ?mi.?
?illsi'i ? intii.? alai'i.t In? el i"i u,n i?.'r.
l(..f.ire ?nell et purr?1 8X8?itaattoaa. muait- by n.1!! who were
not on lui ,r ,,.ita aad aba. tvaa Ifeatbati oath, oaa hardly
.? ?t |eu?t, pointi It a: tv
aaa aaa eeeaat saaviettiai What ?f 1.?- !?.) alTabsa sbbm
ilreatit d Hid I sled n iL" ? Te I'l'lml'l a tribun?! of unrcpeat
i - i. . - liaads ait ittllta ytl a lib lbs Hoad tr tai
?l.iln. itiiiTr ! ,t ..! ijialireutixl ?oldier? anting In Jad(rtnet,t
"i.i ? ,.;. al oil. , r ..,lit here t?> etc? k tl.em ia lliell' malicio'!?.
-aaigats, ?? sb aovel a Habt thnt we look in min through the '
r*t-?ra- At tba world'! Malary f?ir a parallel. A fair trial by
ila |M-'r? la, Ii nu Id tbiak, wl.at oven ii -ailed State? otlieer
ntiit'oned in Rrb? I i i BlgM i iti?*i t
Ai,otLi'-r o.i ato teatral aerara under the head of " Arbitrary
t ' ' i ? (. : So-miman 1? pi mai
"Al I? ,' !?l .rrsri ?!, t ?pi (),avi. (r?[i ..e.i a (ire of Al* "li ol,- fined
? ? - y ?i to 'Hi. .-r bil )'? ? ni va ti-ii
rrlitiTi i* tala mr staailbat ba st.aat tara
iw to4 .':.:f?iah t ti?! t? m ? erle?sa aast
It I ?t1 at ?rief thal I am obliged to call in qnettion
toe s ,-r?citT of ii bla^iir (ieii.-r ,i or tit -itaatiott. Tie fiecd
'ii' stab aaetter se severely ta to
.. ii ipr?-.4.4!_v Atalasea
betel where bott
?I leay Itally cum?- to Mow* Be waa
it.nt" ced. al (I ? iru.lt? (arl.. t?i lie oonliued In til? Jail fur
??rase! aleailagaf bia saiploi
li., : we ' ??ire i.i? i.-ivi,1-?. waa coiiitnuted to
?-? Baa, l-e n.. ?ii|ea|.-,l, n ,ircniii. fro? my d?cia.oD,
s?h. h. bwwart -r. i. ii
Usa I n '-.- rop.,ti- aryhatiag tsii ' I did not
? ? ' .. ... abes ? is. to a i-tu: j{Li.s.. i? ii ?i. from n inna
i.'i'< 'I ' r>'K?rd the itatute law ot
North I aro'.inn is hiadltg on n?? before elvll law wai Itttarti,
S 'i BJ n?' ; i ?.- a dil. lip to tli?t time, mike uo distnietioli
ti i'?,''? t systaply eaatarraaaa
me ile? p.wer M Basag ?? Mgb ?a Ol m ana tan t? ilasy? lui
i : ,r,
?- | ?-.'.-.' the interview with
lien .s;.sai.!?ai. Ibera ??? areesal ? ift I Y tthtm 1Mb
.. tb? (..muan.liiii" aaaaas ti tinpoit
II? r," ' , Me II ?? ?..t,?-..? ?:;. Stat
Us or i saaBaatiaa.
Paeta - ,?Ten1i'?n of the
(iei.eral ? Lieh 1 lesret t, alsa in hi? r-i-ort (?ne of ihsae ia,
? ? . : Slat our hone? was
StaOWB ' patriot." Verv rrxp' tfullr. otc,
(ii . c. (,!. na Chaplala Oih\ a.
Th? -tliialoa at Hem?. Miradawaa aaB Fuller.*a.
Batt_a__a I -il?? M .ii ? -
(. ?rr.ie 1 bare l??t infill
? I .-...,
It.li..e:.'? It.reau inf. ?
i i light it tha
? ? barga t i la .1 s
?.lina ni .1 ni by t.. tay |>? moma rotkl .
i - io atatt par awi al a
ind tbi ' I Mg ?'. 11 a baaaal f^r _?r_
? _. .. ?
Hia-ip? ??? Mills aai Check?
i ??t.r-BT uat?Btaaaa. n?r? or laaaaaa r?t??h'b
Wall Bl ?i (IT'. s M.T |e Ha,
s in V - latta af M it 9, h** ! 'en reoivod. In tbo
nat JOH ? a . i ? J al._l,,?T .. ?ppT?. lil Pajlut-nt of ? bl
? rta ? --iitr ?iu'?r. A li-S? ?u? ti pa.d li-th? rb?ek,
?nd ? r? - : ? r ??i. IV l: | r tt.? r?r?lpt?d bill iB-ald ?r BBagaB
V .-?> r-?r?--":i r I) i IV HITMAN. Depot) CooiaiiMianar.
:? i? IBaaaa bl Be?M h?.un n y
l'aoi ?::-.''. i Tn.iHDi "HKARB ?W" BaiaBtBBd
?h?t ? n?? r .? ' "f for ? coal thoroughfare between
\.it-mn\aj m IL? ?a* ?ru laorf y{ ?fern Jone?; through to t'i?
e Bal mti,st o' l'on: ?? WmWA T?.o fro?ra__it U t?i_?le, snJ
?aiennti lo Ibu
A ,!? xi hod to be owned l?y s Joint itock com
; < open ti f.', e , tiup.'.it'jn io trsntpurution, like a tarie
pike road or tbe canal? nf ttiii Sta?? thoM traniikortiog orar
tb? n?*.' to pay (?It. to the compan. fur the pnrll?ge.
' ii A i.i..lorn. rai,, of ipeod, and J mt itcI. rate ot .peed st
would (ire lu? road ila greateat tuncace capacitj."
1. u ?.tim?I.e. i_4i ? road of Huh ol. iracter would be e|uii
alert in lnnn?ge c?;aclty to 00 ilnglo-track or 10 double traok
rund? wal. un-'i'ia' -atei of ipoed. while nine tent'j? of the dif
?mltie? nf _aii't|e-!ient and liabil'ty to accidtnti would be
taken away.
1 he lui-geitloni to ni appear to be nearly,^/ aot gtMt, m\t
-, i,,iii ataaaah?MS? Thejr are auil?Ki,'ia in principio to th?
operation <f ? grain elevator, and we do not aoe why the prin?
ciple canm i a? well be applied to s railroad ai to any other
pi?-? of ma- Murry. It li diflioult to eitiaiate th? tannage ca
paoitv of t road capable of being filled with can it? whole
letigtb. moTinj at a uniform rate of apeed, and pouring a
tireaui of comoiero? that would nr?l He capacity of all the
cana!? and railroad? of the State omi,mel. We do not doubt
that a road of thit ?ascription could bo to contracted and
operated sa to obispen traniportatlon one-half, and benefit the
public ic the sane r-itio. Our railway aritem. like many other
t' lui*! li in it? infaues. and if we mtttako nut, public neccuity
will loon bnug ii tuto ? Hate of inc.-ettaadffl.ci.uc) far beyond
the preieut. lue IBBjlM ?? cc.taiuly worthy the attuntion of
our otliiont aud aag?NSBB _
New Hoad to Nk-w-IIavb.1?.?A ?urvey i.s now iu
projre?! for ? n?w line of railroad from No? Haren to New
Votk. li.? p-1,. ?.-.I rout* begins Bt New II:iTtn, thence to
Derby on the Hotimtonlo ItiTer. through Ilrldgeport. the old
town of .Nor? alt Weitport, and thence to (ireenwlch, wher?
It taBBBBta with the New-York and Port Chetter Road, re
c?rit!y chartered by the Now York Legnlature. Th.* distan?a
between tho two 8B-88 will li* ?"'(?rtened aaaaaaj mila?.
Attkmptrp St Kina.? Last ovotniifc, Iilua Swift, a
native of Knpland. ?sed M veara, attempted to eommit aaieid*
at her re?i,lence, a! th? corner of .?ievontoeiith-it. and Avenu.
0 >,t BB?ta| "'r tbrtiAt with soase knife, while laboring
' liriuni treuieii? S lu? na? aeavtyai It
lleoeriie HestMal by th? Kighteenth PltttBSt l'oliio. The
?ouud li nut i m,- ,1, red fat ni.
- aaaa
A fiisi'iiKtrs (.'ask.?'Hie body of an unknown
man wa? lan ereim.?- lound by tho Kleventh I'rectnct police
in the water at the .'?it ol tvtanton-tt.. K It. From certain in
d ration? the r '?? thlak that tie1 ulifortii:i,..te man hld t)i"*n
foiillv dealt with. Decsaasi ?a? ilre?i>-d in a daik cloth a nt
?ml waa ?ppareiit'y abaat M year? of aire. A coronel wai
uotifiid to hold au in jueit.
A DUIIMI I..K1.I) Akkival.?Among the passen
g?r? by the ?t-aiii?! ip Murat -in, which arrired in port jester
day morning, waa th? linn. Mr. Manon of Virginia, whin?
name ??lit Omet SBSk a world? ide cel.T.rity in the Autumn of
litttl, in coiiiieiii'.ii with that of th? lion. Mr. Hlidell. ob th?
ocoaaion of lb? Illegal arr-it of th-ie two gentlemen by the
American (um nu ?lore Wilkel on board the Kritnh mail
?toa??-r trent. tQuebec ?.?sotte May l8.
Dbvt? ABB FtnPBUal of William IIcTCHiBas.?
William Hntchiari, th? le-at rarrlror. bul three, of the ?rmy
of th? Aiiiir.nin KeTolatioD, died at 1'enobacot. Mi-, May 3,
st tb? age of iel ?ein 6 montbi and W dayl. At bli funeral,
which (?-curred ni I'enob-Oot, -May 7, the Rev. Mr. Mummer
preached a ?ermon fiom M?tth?w xxii te, tb? text h?ving
been indlcsted by the deceited before his death, snd the body
was. In sccoTdanc* with hit rei\neit, borne tolti burial ent?
ered by the f? Mi of tht Amerlcaa flag. H? retalnad bia
phyaical and mental facaltiea te the lut. listing slways tired
a rirtuooa and temuersta life. Fire generations of bia de?
scendant!, numbered by hundred? aro now liring, snd at the
fanera!, which wai attended by a rtry great coneoorie of peo
pie. a larg? proportion of his poitirlty were likewise pr?tent
The 1 ailed Btatea Bieaaser De -?tia.
__t.Tl*otT M?., Frid?y. May l8, !8<*_.
The VaHai S??!?*? slettmcr Ile Hoto, Acting Admiral
iii?f?, lah ?vc. ?'.'?'iV'si-i' W? ?Nsn -lu-k. _,
I alveraal Braiharfeaal.
To the Ma? rj the Ad 1 Tri?????.
8iB: A uiiiiiiliuii?iitury lotta ?u *?Ved_e?_i,y'pTiib
ine w1?b reference tothe tecevoleu? exhibit*^ by Jiw? to
ward riirlttiftni. ?aggeitt to me Ihe preprint*? of retiarkinr
through your paper that exclutlvely Jev??k charitiee have el?
wari received ln>rul and generou? ?npport from Cbrittian at
weiluj^rttUiecltueiis, while a similar ?pirit u manUeited
hy the latter 'of ile other _eao_t_ution_l cuaritiat
It li weil to praanl ia? b facts to the public for they cannot
l?nt tend to tr?'ite a kind:? impreiiion.
Ii ha! not been nbiiebed, bal it will cot be nnreasotable to
mention, that ti.? I'urim Anociatlon?a tocletT componed en?
tirely of yi'cag lirat I.tea?did not forget Christian charitie?
m their ili.-tnbiiti?,!i i,r th?* eneeodl of t'i-'ir ' I'nrlm k1 ?a
'inerade," but included the Nurnfry and Child's Hospital and
tie Children'* Aid Society amour their benefieitrie?, aa well
u the Jewish Ilotplul. (jrplian Asylum, 4c. Youri truly.
A M.
Qaaraatiar Kepari.
II ?prrt! Sim?, FridaT, May It. 1*51.
1 have BO??lag to npal tor ?__ d_f. BO .louth? or ad
musi?ii?. ai w,:!. ii. if. Baaaua.
Dtpalj il-'l": niDrcr.
The * do. ?. r.n rie?.
Tbl lbUow_l| meeting Ilka ?lace to-day.
??.W, MA? 19,
Itaerina B '? ' Anniversary held in Notion in
Shawm'il ave. BapUel I hureb 'the Ile?. Wm. H/tvne, I). I) ).
ni :??n va. Addie?se? ex| o Km
cuni, I) D? niif?lor.ary from Itrirmah; the Her It. K. Ilark
ett, D.D., .Sutton Tbaotofioal Beaiiinan-, the Bar. T. J.
D 1).. New-York, the Ker. Thome? Armitage. D. D?
President of the llible I'nion the Wet. J. li. Tuttie, Urbana,
Obtai the Bat*. U.C. llrewer. jNevrk'ork; the ?ter. Ci. W.
Bain I>. I? PNaMail "f .Maili*?on Unlvertity, t',e ITon.
I-aao Pavi?, LL.U., Worcester, Man., and the Ker. B. T
Welch, U. D.
The Tribane Kalarged.
Wa ?HLD.
?aTI?_?__ti Of TH? IiVIIV, SF.MI-W?I.:?-I.T AVD WKEKLY
Kotw-tati_?_| tie fact that tbl ??r of Tub Trib
ni toe ben liena?edawa than on" i'iarter. the price will
. . ta ian *.?.
weekly Taiaon.
\t ' .-i'a?i?rir?f?r?, pincle puj.y, 1 yan M nnml>??r?. #0 (X)
it ni tabntlbett, clul?? of bre. 9 oo
i pi?? ft?i:r- <<*I t?inaueiofiBbaariban. IIB
It. -i*..,,. ? aitdrea?1'?] io namet of inlitcrlberi?. 3100
len <:..pie?. to one ailitrr??? . Iii (X1
TTitaty nnplaa. In aaa ellreet . 30 00
An ?titra copy will be lent for e??ch stab often.
Mull aabeerlbera, i c??py, l year? I'M numberi.li 00
Mail I i''?-.. 1 yeir?104 nu:iii.**ra.7 00
Hail luhn ritteri*. Sseptaa nara for each c,,[ir. 3 00
I'er*ont remitting for i" i opt** t v will reeeivt au etna copy
for 6 month?.
Teriotn remitting fj: 1J codi?i Ii >. will rece.re aa extra copy
ono rear.
DA_r*i ittiiirKF.
|!0 per annual, tatarata anata
IHlOW HIM i'llllll NK, New York.
COLF-BOWDFN-f'n ti cdn*id?y Mit 16, St ?tie Har Thom
Maat, Altin (HI* to *?! ir,in'? A , ?daughter of Wil.iin, Bowden.
MB?BBB- III - 1,?fir. Tl.ur.da?. May 17, ?t Trinity Chip*!. New.
'mrk lijrtt- l?. Im-ril lli.-nu. I). I). WBL II M.at,I .if li,,
est?, 11 ism* M 1- r?i ?dsuit.tar of l'l.idj Hurd. ?*.]., of tbl* city.
WH ITS?Bl IITIS - ?u TI ori.li? MtTlT it (1* UM??Mt of ti?*
li-ila* pireiit?. by li? li.? UxoytVsrJ Beecher, Mortimer O.
Wiri te le l._iu,*S. nmmt daughter of Simiicl ?V Burti?, ill of
V.r illyn. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
ARiiii.i.??Ob WeOaeetej BMaataj M?y it Maa laaaah Arpil,
ra*.i t ? fu.? u*? l\ ?u Argali, in ii?? talk y*sr of her *?e
Tbe faaaral ?rill laka pi.- ?t ker la?a> tas?rae?, Ko all Mark'*
l ..,'.' . i i m. Hil irdiy Th? friend? oi tl.i* farnl'y irs IA
Tit? J to itlfrni.
A1.1.1".ti?Tkt nu. t: i ' Mr? Ktlun A All*n kevta| irriTed from
y pa 'I-* faaaral ?d! tit* aten from Um r*?'d.-u. * v! tai fitb*r
rSaatssIB Kaypen M 111 Se.oi.dire. se Saadiv neit.
Msv ta ?' -' " t I ?a Iii-i.d. af tli? ramil- ?re reipn-ctfu?y in
v.|. I M til-*,?I her ? iiiersl wit.' nut furthet nolle?.
. I .ty. ?t Hcar-dalr. S V . on Tl.undiy, Msy 17. Mr.
Tli. o.? Bao ? la Um a_t rear at Mi aga.
Tl.* n lativaa aaa Waa I? o( iii- fsafly sr* mpectfulty inTlt?d to at
tend ?li? lunar? tram th* mid?iii-<? of hil brother. A Omi t Bn?-i
? !.l*. W?atrhe*i?f (.', . N. Y., on Saturday, th? 19th lint., at
to'rlfi-k ( iiris|?i ?ni bs in wsIiIri at til* .?ia-*r?d*l? Il.pol on
tdr H?r>tri Kiiirmd to meet th? loo'tlock tmu tri? Twaiity*
?iilh.t I V.
liiNssK-MidiridT. mi itara?a anatai *'?y 1% ?taja Piekird
Blass?, aid ??. .:l>. i-. in.,?., ?mi l.n.,j Loiiiibiiiw.iiiU?
?Sill year ol !,,? age.
CLIBTOB?Ob Thatilei morni-it Miy 1" Frin? I)elV,tt. only ion
of lisnjsiiaiii ind Culisrin? I'.intoo. ifed It yetri, 1 Bjouthi sad 5
Tbe relsrlf'i ml frl?i.d* of th* fimiiy sr?' re.p*r?r'i'!T lr.Tti*d If. st
r . r ii ti?r? I. from Ide miden? e of hil loirenti .N W runter of
(itiei ml liiinlo,?? BraaBlf on .-?aiiira**, sittrnoon, st t
? ?? ,1.'u ,? fartai
ri'MMNiill \M?At Tarrylown nr Friday momlot May l8. David
I ' Mil-lnjtiSlli. to Ila ?TU ?'??l?lll'll?.
Tli? frlitiTei ntl frl?.to el Iiia f.n.i.y, al?* ?he m*aiberi of Clir'it
? betel Irt id??n Um ?ml-.-. Bakaa - s.i o( the der?*j**d. sr*
paitK ilarl] i? ? t?.l to ?tt. nJ ihi* ??nier*! at I hint Chore*, brook
lyu. on M'lui.y, May li, li 12 o coe?. Carriatei wi.l be in attend
Iil'VAl.I.-",, F ila?, M.y H F ?a Anr Ofden re'l-t of Joseph W.
ll'lVsl Ml1 ,r of Ililli*
T'd? r-l-'ivei md frieini. ?r?- ?iv'.tid lo ?t!?nd Ik? funeril, tVom ?b?
reildst re ol h?-r hnitlier I? li*?i) I'lJsu. No. ISO ileSMr it, vu
Hod ?i? ii'.*ro winn*?t f irth?r notii??.
III!-lt-In Btaeblra oaT..?i.dijylMiT IT. Mn. C K Illili, w11? of
1 0 li?? and?nl.'.T ?ti?;; Si*??l,?n At*v?j4 ?{?itthu?, H. li.,
if*d 17 y?iri
iroDi herlit? re?ld*nc?. ShQulic? ii uti. bo is* Itnm B?d
i.r.ia?.- u leurtay Miyll n i.,!,?.p n. j'u.i.J? of tht
?SBU.T sr* riapaetrslf. (r,Tl:-j ,0 it?od.
I li , Mt lar IBl -',\,u capera fkwm notice.
KFTrilitM-lhi FiiJ.y %fiy II iftfr * i?Bf ind i?v?ra {Ua*M
fh.be. wit* of Hoon 1? kag, ??au,. In (hi Mil year of her ira.
Tits r.latlfaa and frleu.li ?f Ide lin.iiT ar? rMpertftulT iriTlt?*d ?o at
? f.niera! ti.ia iM'inliai ifl-rnnen. It t o cloct. from liar
late i . T IA mi Tareatv U? a? Th? re.ui?n will be
tun Io I o d .iprtni. Purnim ( o. N X , for laUrment
K*?KF.I.ANO-Ub Friday ?T?-a|, the lath toil., .kulti .-O??'
illili ?r
The r?istl??* snd :'n*nd* of di? f.milr ir? lnTlt*d lo ittend hil fnaaral.
?? I ? Tiri ? hur. h ? orner ol Kouilb it? isd l'weoly ttrit il., ou
Moi.'liy, Jill init . I?. | I civ k p. id
NOR Til ? I)i-dst ?**. Iii ?ifjiit of Boston,of cooiompiloo O. Adoiphus
Sorti., ife.l I?, y*?r?
Folien. Iruui tli? r**.?iei,r* of hu f?tlier, ( C, North. Scsr!.oroo_h, on
(Le II il.on, on M?turJa?, M.y 19 si la', Met (.. lu. 1 rain, ?mt?
T.nrdaili it d*p.?t, at 10 o'clmk ?- m., loi 9io| .?Jiiil "?her* oarr.ifci
a?, i ta io a*utu.a. ?:??.'~ t
?'ARlifLI?At Lint flrinrli. N j ob Friday Mt? li Jonph
\\ aid*!.' -.., , in the 87ib year of bil S|r, the v.dni fatithitsat of
Um b m tan
Fiiastsi .'um Lil lit* retideo*?. on Suudiy Ms? M.
Nr.r* Irrt. I ,?. 1, ! l? ?,?r I I...
None hi.ro blai but to prill?
Ojicrifll notices.
Atti I? e lo the faiillaa af Turkey.?B?f.*r? your Orisntsl
l?jjlineii tirowi tlie lubdksrchisf st ? fair I'irciii.ou, ipriukl? li
with Philip'? " NlOBr Hloobiko riain
Jail l*isue,l.
TMa i? i tManttful octavo t*l*aa of abosl ?00 pa|0*. liojii.i ia extra
rloth md liiitrited with ro!or?d llthojriphi and sntTSTinis
Til? ?fork *i|..i:ua the ?ulhoi'i mod* of practice, and con'ilni a
lari* number of casei lu. ceufuily treited. oiiny of whom wer? In
idtiD. rd il*|?i of i-onsuniptioBn.d renrded beyond tbe power ol
cure. Tlie clisptsn upon diaeiaei of the tbrost aits! cstsrrh snd
labsrculsr d.sessei ol the lungs cannot fall to b? deeply intairatiii| te
a T?ry liri* elm of our , itu.-ni *?p?*niliy mch a* srs luBsriu. from
or Ihm'ened will, iny nf these msltdies.
The importint snd uiefu: Infor?a',?m it contitm on Ile sr? of pr*
sen.n| hesllli, and for Hie prerenlion and cure of lb?a* frequent it
ti. ki of reipiraiory diieiiei io common sud aniTorsi..? fstsl iu Ihn
country, uiikei it s work of gmt ri.ue, not only to tu? prslsiiiunsl
nu?, lb* con*?uiptife liiTalid, but to e?*ry fsmily cir. s
Fruin Tus Boston Journal
I?r Di.iriihuk In? s li ?*!> rrpuiutiou for bli luccesiful tnitmeni o
dii-aiei efthe ?hroil md l.in*;i by ninduated inhalation!, md from
ficti wl'hin enrown knowledge, w? thins bia r?put?lion li wal! d*
?erred Tliurougbly educated in hi* arofsision, md baaing hil prssu?.*?
upon tlis most spproTed a. hool of nm-di. me bs kss |l??ii to the public
?rd to hi* medl ?si brethren th* rich multi of hi? long und lucceiafni
?s_fa__an ib Hie Tulum? now befure m. The work ? ?it be of greit
?slue boil, to the prolen.?? ,?1 min tod the feuern leider, snd. we
hiTe do doubt will tend t?i pr-Teat li well I? promitt? (be Care of
uimy nut "f llirost ind lung dil**?*
From U.e Boston ( < n?re?atiouili?t.
Dr. Iliilmbfik i|i*?ki from eioenein-e. md w,ib dinjor Will,
tlie.e dlaejie. thae-.itlior hal hld a la-jl? ind lucceilf'.l eiperteue?.
? I ?ri n! the Tolunie ia ileTuted to "Curia deruooitraliiif '.be
curi'iae puwer of Med??.?ited Inhalition in roni'imption md othrr
diari?*? 11 Hu* reipirilory nriam ?einmriei which In-re come under
hu nbierva'i >u .ititi which the rutlf ntl deicrlbe wirb minuteneu lu
:i,?i litriliD, im? Til* li-a | . |. permdth* iu? ij|"i?iap:.icai
appearance ti Mt B*tl irnd. r u a loode! of ueatue??.
F rout The V. ?neaUr Spy
I?r Pill.-r bul hai be. um* dlitingmiibed is on? et ih* ?bleet sdvo
cites md most uleniire prictitlonen ol lb* lyateru of undi, ned lu.
dilation for the throat and lungs. The work before ui ii s nieotitc
defenis ol the lyitsm.dif sitad ai mill, u ponible of th? Uc.'ii.icslill*?
of ?c?eme, io as to adapt ii te th? ? oinprebeniion of the genera! fesder
As such, it has itroug clsimi on tbs p iulic snd the profession, for In
sipniltou io esientully viti! to th* well bemg of the . ommuity it Is
iotportuil tl.st it be thoroughly inTestigi'rd lad weil unJeiMood.
From The Nswburjport Hiriid.
M.dicsl lnhs'ition ii fisI becsiBlnflbs ortbodol mod? of treiilng
( mun.prion, Broachitii, snd other steclions of th? throsl sad lungs.
Thli to!onie contain? I | !?-?r md fu I ?ipoiitlon ol th? cms?! md
natur* of th?*? diieiiei md the corrrct mod? of theil treatment.
Ur. Di.!*r!i?ck bugiTrnhii?iluiiT??(t?B?i?D to titi* e'?u of dil
order? md li rightly ?.onuderaul bv the profeuion li the hlgheit
suthorlty in ?verTtl.lngspperliioing to their B-UDgement.
Dr. Dll.l.KNBAl'K'ri work ?isa be obtsln?d al the bor.kltor? of
william wood i Ce. No ?1 Wsiks.?? LiNUdAY 1? black
?VOM, PhllBd.ipdi?. and iron tli? ?ulhot.
Dr. DI lil.F.NB ACK ?tunda to (be ftanunation and tr*?t??ni of ill
?! .raaea of ?be Cbe?l, Tlirosi sad Lons*!, Catarrh, kc . al bis Nsw
Iork o?c?. No. li? Ninth st.. t f?w Boer? weit of Brosdwsy, *n
THIRSDAV sud IKliiA? ol ss. ?i week._
li* Uroaiihent'a Twantv Veera' Prarllre. onDiieues
of^lTOs TMKOAT < tYtP.HH snd ? OS.S1 MPTION. en
sb ss hi? st onie to d*t*rt md tall wt??thar ?ou cm b? cured cr no1.
k*aaa___S_aT?*?1ea_*a HiKKl TI I.SDAY ead WED.Nt.?
Kl^Ba ???( Ho. ti? Brf.idw.T ?j Y_
1'a.l-Offl. e >otlei-.-T!i* ai ii ia for th? Oernian Statai, ?li Br?
_ir. oe' ?famer NF.W-ToRK. on SATURDAY, M.y It, will rio?
? t ?atl-_-- *? IO:? a. m. andalib? up-toarn oBch. aifollowi:
Sialltia Aand B,l:(_a. m : St-tlot.? C toad D. 1:? ?. a?. ? Bullum
| md F, 7.30 _ ?., BUUuu (J, 7 taa^ ^ ^_^_
tM* ; I
a-i, . ..- PIE-tCK r.OAN,
? u?KNt..!KL^Yvi__ ?jftgg Afx-^a. 2? fAXk
New l ?"ta open in ti.? chap-art M I? p-.t,._?.?d to __aa_B ?at
u*w (hreadi ut? xdded to St io _..n?w, ?aa
which, aa tlae ?tory proitre-d., w11, be trtiux y Baaaes-i in lin
meauti-ie a ? ???.?. ?
of the pr*c?din| portloni of ti ? ?tory 1? giren tro-i m~y't u w*4k i?
til* form of a clear anti t?._iprel.?:ii.ia
Thaabitrartin'heSITvDAy WF.R? ! K1 o? TO-MORROW wtB
be ?eou p.. t? r i.t.ji.,. ,-' the riaj.iu ?dom . . u Uko
Barra CBatrr?-. with whla-h the t_it?n_,ert of l?a -?k ,-lu?
Not only doe* tit* abrid????tit queitly the reil?i, who ha? been tiaabkYe
to ebttlii the number! cuBts?u!i,g li.- earTar rnapler? of the ta'?, ti
i.ri,i*iHind (h?)r ?c?ip?j and bearing b?. it i? ??pi of gre?'na- I ? oaa
H ho have per .ted iii? otlriai?! te?, si i; ?utbl. - h ?'?II
inemorlei ?? th'-y pmc..i i,r r??l,wl_| ti,? ?lent poln'i wl ' hi?
will b* Important to rec ,..?:?. ? in?
The Pin'h chapter piiViih?d In lai. w?-k i 8- W>A. MERCliAf.
left nearly al. tue leidtui p? rur.av. < .1 IW BOYaa ta > t ?'B.-law
io in awkward prediiauient ii -l? o! ihroi Ui< Lady ASj'AL'TB
Y AVAHO. R, in
The Impetnou? d?ii|h!?r of th? Kir. of L?*i 4 : trim a
_?Eaii'iDaerPatk,ataaanaaaal by L*r It?tit. rt'?vlt??l
Rd twk ?t Cr'Ti TO'??! I.'.-J )? rewood' ill Lady Oenovlote.
lind rtufht ?ith? ol ? nil I ?tag tod gitan (ha r in ta btW kl|k ai ''Maa
blood horn- t yu,?; temi iv pjr-Dit V iii).y potter:??! T* coatr?!
him, ?,,? wai raabaaj ?ero?? Hie ,;c ntrtr at i nina pica to I' i giaB
comternation of har e?cort Her it?*., we ?re told. Wal dar'l-l? t*
ward ti,? wood? lik? ?n arrow d'???h?'?sad from ? hew tbtt bad Ooma
Sa?ed daub e ' Hue 3., ? | i.t 1.M it..er H.-..I w_l ti.? ipenA
ni ? ten,p. at wind . ? : : ty "T.rt ok I.? ty (I?i,?tI?T? ?*.i?8
hat. and appeared by liar tr?_,?: duri lit* at wMoh aba Waa
ir,? ??.lo.j a? M il ? w id In a t ry few n reiie? o?*r'jB thi litaj
IiliDielf. ??for? Lord I>'r?Wrevi p-o- ?dTVkroTer rrom hil tiir-riae at Uto
lmpromptn ra,* hil (otu llib. uiiiua 1.? i. reawt?I tvnip tad ipar,
d Mai p.it har. cried at th* top o: h.? s s?s My iori, my lor-i. har
?idyatdp ti? glvei, Ion. Iii? hial ihi li aaVM not I blia m h? TI bott
?ml tiri;? h?r to ? dead ?r*.il'.'y niyVd.' A-i )lber b .rae a! th ? mo
n ?r,tiw?pt b? atrao?i-htar?r p?c- It wi? ti.? >? . ? ?'-1 ! Spl'.hr*,
with N*vil.e o' Hedhawk on b.i back howiirj ????? an Indita. V?
another bone, at a? ?WITT a ra'e iped :?y bim wn'iii-i and locrtiaa
b*n?arh th* application ef a w tip ? 1 mi I??-,ii .,' I r ? a? >d ?_I
not ?vea (lane? at the lut rider : for ?l?rtii-? fur hi. ?t.'tr. utily,
he. too. clapp?, ?par? to hil bur?* ind d?rted a""'.?, h? ?l hil utatata
.; -'?!
Such lath? fearful d 'emma in which t'ue romanci?? 1????. em? ?i
bli heroitei at the cloie uf Chip'or IX XI,? r-ad?r wl aie?? we
prea'irr,? tin? ?h? ireond drip?1.?? riler w'. ipm-I I ird tr.wjot
wai Lliot St < non li.i'ei.i ig t. tb? to*ei? Howth?
en.1?d w11! be ??t t Nth ii the chapter, to be V I . raw.
VV nil ?very additional ahapi?! lb* ap*e? . i.?r?r>??n?'!-i of Um
pirti?? who (iiur* in th? ?tory ?r* ditpltved in ???:>i g->- (1.1*4, ?_t
the li,ter?.I becouiaa tia:? ir ? 1 ? a 1 ivoiTIa?
And It ??ma next to lmp6??.i)le that 1 tra_i of Tr-imi?I'M to ?a
lir?ly out of tlie ordiurr r-'itiue of ev-nt? can lead upt? et?)ri_i_*
lion coniiateut with r?a?>a and priab?b,.ity Rath b-tv-Tei -?*M
to b? ?traeger ibtn ti ti ?n he thai ? 1? may. I: 1? al laaa ??le ' tree
that Fiction in lb? bandi of PIERCE EGAN u r.avtr perait'-tajd tt
Irimcead thepoii)')ii.Tii (if ?iut!. Ti- . '? ijia ?* UA
:. a, tb? icena, and
li r-rtsaen? u-,-oi:j--ct?ir?d hy th- m ?t ??-.a-.? St?8*-8B8?r. wi_ eekutf
the corloilty wh,- 1, myitery bit proTok?.?
Th? iTett drawbtcTi 00 ti,? iu?rr?tt u m>n mod .vi rimao-aa _
the d.iretaion with a?lee!, t.'.e? a*. > ,:"1 N ,b "ly Ilk?? te be
rort-p-iLed to ?'?cd ?ti:., ?a it wet?, ?t th* diJ*( laietutxrxt
point of ? .(iirtni B?rT?':.e. in ord? ti a? ? la ? lou
."IIB? of ?rflei'tiiiBI WUlOb Bligh, b* W?T ?'li'lfh io ? iotJ
???ay bul tra ?Ko|?th?r out ol pla?* ia ? Betel i - ?? luirrcipti-B*
?re like th? ? j.li ??, I fan, ea tba? i.-.ti-poie between the Halting pota!
and the aoal Id a alewplacriaae and th?-ait tb 114 to do I? li ?ni?te
theit-rpl-ei,?i? n l?r ?n-1 ik.ti over thtin Be. PIERCE BOAB
I lnei ut, ? ich Impedimenta te-ii? tbi pith SflbS i-Lt H* pul? hil
reidrn en rapport will, hi? rbarac'-ri ?ni -?r i_-.?rrit>'* tht *xt>
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lo the noTeli of Victor II t?, for ei?rr.p.-i tba lins, a *4
tue mimic icena ti cuntn. lal.v br ian by IB? aa?
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ne more k?ep hio.ialf out of bli book? ?han Mr I) 1-ka?1 coolJ kc*a
( Butai the Fir??', bead out of l-l. Me. ,r.i 11. D?v,J C .prsir-klJ li
I? the ubi* with B?'wer Lytton ft it I- vii 00? a? wit! Witt??
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the narrt?*rii iwi'l ,???d up e: til? wonlertV ',ir:?:ioa N.?ill?of
It.J;.?s?i St. Croix, la??y Altarte, (lar.orto,Lady ??oev.?v* Chlaii*
Amberly and Lord Krrwood ne not p aa peta wl :, 'I ?.Tnngt mm
b* H?n and tb* hand (bat pull? them Th*y ?ra not f?ntoc Tm bu?
Tanttbl? cre*uoo??b? rag? ?- flaali ?od blood. Tht n. .-?,?_,? whieh
guide them, the imi,uU? which fir thax tt.? pia?' vi tri A gi??r?
rhem ir? ?.ei. in theil act?, ?ad it li f?.i tbtt what they ?ay and ia
_a ? ... ?on .1,10 Mimi' i'.'d?i.'i ciTurt'. 7 M3 and d > unter Mm
r-.r ,,iii?tanr?? dea-u??,1
Ai yet the moat ei.ttug pjrTlau j'. l_?i'.ory huco? b?.a r?ieh?4
Th*r? ara
win,-?, will be admitted wh*n th?y ara prj.,i.h?d. to be a? >a|t?->
?,a?i thr).iini a>.J _>o???r:u. li. rliu ??I ,.?i.:.(? ?la I a ,
li the ib??u ??> of in Intarratiiua ( >pTTi4!it L?w tb* ?? >_y ?*?!A
p?f curw ha?? beers r-rri:'' li : Till, itl MjAY MKHi I RV fr?_i
ti.? I 1,1 lib in-*t received ? y _._: I? 1' tbi? oia'h id 01 pr,sce?d??j
would not bave b*?a iii barn nay with lu* character t jr ?a?.?r-jii?e aai
eaciiy whict. thu
hu eittb l.h?d and will eonir.i-. at in? co?' to roatntiln Then
nirtct st ia made ?ou.? uioutJl ?|o wit? Ui? ?j'.h'i by vuta?
0! which lb?
of printini tbi ?OTT fron ti.? AD4M.1. 4ll__-3. u i?)*'.rt4 t?
Tifi- SLNDM Mi-T-tl/KY. n_i _ ? _ .
??? B
li ?he motto of tb* paper ?ad ??avi.il 8TAL1- FICTION aai BTAtiM
.N?W?,loth?rLOUt)Ei-?l UF THK l'H!?
ia ?very d*p*-ti_?oi which |??i to tli* wiakiag op of a trart -Atrn liter?
ary, commer-Ui, polii: -? ?iioillu ?r ! mi? ?i an?ou? n?wi??irs?r
(?? miy b* a*< ?named by refer?-c? M Ih? rec >rd u. tin In'trW
h?Tetu? 'lEeeii. NEARI.? l.tR TIMEl OREATP.R TUAM
THE ?I'M TOTAL Of THF. rOM!..N..:) I4i!,?8 tit ALI
OF .Nrlvv-T-BJ- _- * **.
a Wby ia EHE BEES fatal I _Y
TI aaaill ppoied to die o' I -T-r? ladotinr-it?ii-iiepfdaU*?
?r* ki ed by lutin? _?di ttioo. in th* obolera i??i?n of IMf,
(xtienti treated according to th? rrsgr.Ur for:, ?ti with bru Jy -r>?_a,'
rhubtrb ?nd calom?!. died ia mu.... jd*t while in ovary cea? wbesa
RALIWAY _ READY RELIEF wn prompt y iT??n the ?al?r_w_l
ii.ita-ilaneouily r?li?ved and t?ibi?t-iieatly recovered tV'hy wa* tbUf
Simply b*e?u!? tbi? petrie?? v?ge??be- meji;i_e ii ia ri'iibl* ?Ui-wl
lan'., diiinf*ct?nt, couotar iiritant. ?eodyi?, toa.;. aud?ri8c, ?al ia
cai*i of uncontroTab'* choltr* aa utr.agiiit. It laai ao: hal Jiieaas
Dp in th? lyiten, aa opiim d>?i. n>r fir? the brain lik? br??-dy sr Irr??
tate the itomai-h ind howell lik<?tl: ? Jru'i pirrgativel but i? lif?aaa
freih vitality .nto every iaternil and eiT?it'._ ve***! ?c4 ?-?i*i ?al
?Baba? B?lota by ? aupiamo effort to labiue toe morbid laSnaauM? et
The wita and prudent. If ?-ho era prevar.. w11', ?ot wal? ontil otAaeA
with the pMlieao* before ii-nf th* BFAOT BELIEF, but w11 laka
a tcaipoonrYi, in water three or four tim?* a day danns iti preTaUnee
a? an epidemic. Tbaie who lak - ?hi? pr?.-auliou wi.. ?ot b* **i_ai
with Anille Cholar? Prie* 54) cetiU |i?r bntl?_Soul by 4~a^ila
Deatoe?, and lllsckargr? I row ?fce Bar Hatdi' allf
Caret, by th* um ot t'a? rec*a(ly iaBB??I V*f?ubl? *XUt?t
Prie* a t 30 ? bold? For ?al? by all Dra?iiU
VVEEK8 k POTTER. Dr i||T?'?. Hi Cb) Waahiagton at.
'*? ?.. - ?:?? ??_
*?? hole?nle ??d Metal!.
A'.hNls FOR
1 : iitittiT* of ?uciaVit* connected with the Wtr, meat bftattlfal
.'unreptioni, Boto Bu each.
No? 488 1/ and til Broadway.
_Cornei of Ri-oat*-*t
ru? 1 (?mee No 1 ire.?The Matt* la? t?ii 53 -ha-as aal
the lonlinaut. vi? Uue*nitown and Livarpooi. p*r it**m*r CIT T Or,
l'ARIM. ind lam Fran.-? and til? Continent, V- R a.1 and II??.?,
per ??amer NAPOLEON III. OB SATURDAY May IS. will elotv
al tim ofli.-a it T >. a. i?. , and at tn? uptown oftcaa?. ii tbllowi. am
FRIDAY the Hth lint . 8?atlon? A and R, 8 10 p m Hittlvo? C ant
I) moi m , Station? K and T. 8 p. m . Station ?J, ? JO p in
JAMES KELIaY P..-:ii?.'.4,r
{?real Hi-du. tloo la
At O A LE -3. No til Canal a
llr. Hkrrwaad, Nu Ml Hroadway H. Y hu THT'-lSgS wtil-J?
?til corr IO.HS1A 111 ?TI cttei brluw in.Jd.r life sa fu, lili.-tl Trvu
-.' ?? n?ver fail? to pie??? St 1'pDltTEKri lor ?h? AVdonirsu t_?
I tern, ?nd th. Anas ti.? ??.:-.- er?, worn. HC.-ifE .N80B.Y tout
LADIES MONTHLY' HANDAilF.S at -i.ol.saal? or ratal_
The I p-l'ai" n t .-.iiUMlaa l'aper Wareheaae, ?at
Minufictnreri De11.1t for ,
i, at M.naf?, turen Pu ?. N ?i?4 H-.ialwAl (M I ?j fluai )
I runU "Hiller . Prepwrei llarnea? Oil Him kl-a ui ata?
rrilv I,,-utr wini di-*cti?n. for tiiiiig Alto LEATHER PR_
8F.RVATIVE AM) WATER PROOF Oil. llt.A'.'K..N<i aal POL
ISlloIL BLACKINO. J'tctory. No. Ia aud to Cedar ?t_
I ini.lre -?hiillle ??ri?lii?.>!?i hine? for ?.:?..?? aai
MaiaatacUrira. SiieedT noiteoa? ?nJ daraol? Aatulaa waolai
EJfPIRE 8 M. 1 o No ?J? Brjadaty N r
lllll'ai Hair Dye. Sect... Bite? or Hr.wn, Inituinwi'i?, txttj
ixl b*aiatlf',i! re i.bK, b*it, ckeapeit hi u.? Depot Mo MJohaat
8? J hy ii: Hrjg<liti._
I lolBeA-Wrlaacr? o' al: kind? repaired by it? BAILI I
Wa."?M1.NU AND ?ARINOINO MACHINE ?j Ko ?1 l'iiutlMk,
il.. N*w York._?_
vv li?, 1'uup.m and Oi_auwe-.au Hair?it'll? ,...,,.? baie
die xid belt dy.iug Buck or Brow? ali iuid?i at BkTt'ltttUtte*.
??Io 1? Hoad-?._i
MaripaMa C'emaatay??i'o,d?r. of old Hoad? at" ibu ( j?p_?y,
t?'-...??- ?-.'.? r-? is Bi-h?ng?d their Hand? are Botih?.! thal te*
L?w aVliartgag? Boa di and Coupon CerllttcalM air ready (01 ?l*Uv*i|
a Hi? 0<*fi_* of tli* Comptny, Bo. 3? YV?_ ?f . Net? Tor? City En
Um will p.*??? apply b*iwe*a lb? houri 01 II and 1 ? elect.
*Oli Are* "tiaate Mata,
wllho-it 3p*ctae!*a, Docaor or Mahlicln? -?mr_.?t mai,?d brea
A J dr.? E. B *^)(?TE. M D_ No. I.k1 trooAwey. WtwYtrt
Mrdl?-?Tcai-aaea Hamme.-a~ pag*?-ou iTlu-tr*???m. mim\
3*iat by -i*il ?very?mu. poitnaiI ( obi??- T?b_* ?eat frsa 84
d'B.itht) Autno(, E. B EOOTE M. D. Ne II? Bro*-wiy. M*w
( oni ilutloa- fr*a dally, fro? ? a. ?- to 9 p. to. Invalid? a ? __
(?se* *??y conioll by l*lt*r._
< eaafart aai Care fer the ?aatarei.-???? fr*? A_B??e
E B. FOOTE. X1 D No. 1.13c Broadway. ??? Ytrt.
I-ealty Reef? L'awd w,th ELlaf RY S INDIA RU"???_f
PAINT, andwam-ud from 1| t* ? ??I? P*?,r,''>0? ?nd tot Cu?
tala FLLERT k MC? A?1TIN. Ko f?a llritadlt.
iBBBtiarT lanaroTemen? la Hlritaia.
.K?- PATENT STEAM E NO1 S K3 meat* *****
1 mc?, w?hKli-tWtu.d ??_??- AdtpUd to 1 ? o F- :uc?il?i.
id?*? ?Hl?H?CK8 ENoINE C*.,
No ta Lit?^*?_____t*_Jt_'__.
Prsaarve "f?ar Kara ?a?l" W?eleaa
At No -MS BroaJw.j JOHN BLACE t__*- -
-Pieman--, tall, -th.r, no1 ^I'JS** J?"?a___'?J
aii htada sai aa??!*-??-. INO-I?OU? ?*. Nt? su ? ta* aassa ??

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