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VOL. Y Y VI.. i\0. 7*4(1
Politic.!,. .Vr.ona_ and (unirai li?
ll Iligrncr.
ro.Nccii'Mn. THE sr:i:i \\i'i;?-i.t hi.i m:v
Eeports from the (toiombiaa Mi?-i<'...
l'ommcnriiiniii if rebute? il the kuti on the
?Ntrurtion Resulut.
?\11 bi ? .:i' $10,,. i< i-i Tuet. Ten
Tor i Vot.
'I . I ' ira :i...!._:..<?
?lia:- i j
; ? i
! -I:? il hall l'ai.' I
bandi ? ' atlecl. luit '? .
lui! gent ?f tli? Bin -ghan si.il Kin ft i M marni
iui'.nr? r-. Our haidwan BMkvnt ti.? bH Bbi j
Bpei Ak'i'I.! Iii .\ttr i-f Mobile, wbowai
illili? : - ? ' $?''?'.
: y t!.. PltB
s -.v :? Mi ntV! BABBIOB.
It .s
BUBI - . ' " ? ' :
the White 1 -f boildiBg for t:
De] b?: '.,.< ?. ..-.. WBI _!-k?il 'i -
?luy '?? g il.?? ; i i ? r
? ,.i' a reconi" i?:.tii v fur u s
ci' :. lat? Paja
Stll'i -
Iiiti r."i. ? i.i'i' (Ink ii thal Iii; .irtiiK !.t. ai.il i
The k?Bg talked O?
one fi .:. the ?uti?;
1 ! | -r ?slSl if I,ISMi
White] hear Um President's q
'liar-."- " .. ti.?.-.,.--., ii..ii :... i!.it-ri:.p. Ti
i ?hen the Pm leal ap] tarma
li i.nt i.v.r al . . - i? -;...:..!. i!.
Bi.ti 11. ?-y broke down ut tb?' second cheer and then',
lb' 1. . ??' The Pr?sident il'?l B8l Ipchk lou! enough fur
ai.y otc to Ban Lim ?ria wag _ot within 00 feet of him. Me
??iicl_clt-<J I. ? Irici S|??-ech. having only all titled to himself
?B? tiree?, am! pure out bo Dew doctrine!. The Preiidunt
bad cone! ide?! and t-'ouc into *.he honse gome time before a
-? I oat .imI tun
a ? l people weat ?iver to
- r -. ??'. ? was :.?t at home. t;:t a
1? w la hy Freden? k Wa Seward,
and then the crowd proceed?!?! to Secretan- MeCnllfn I.'s,
where l bj a naml ei of Tn
dirk?, i -'in sidt-wi?k iiifri.nt ?if Iii?
. alii thing ha !i..i-!it Miy. I! -
? than any yet mude her? Lythe
I'i - di lit nr any nu ii 1er of Congress ; and his t'.r it
thal Cnmii party aUBM accpt of the
Presideat'i foMcj, or die, ?-a.?" n<-?ived witt
i?;,, i eeles n?
? I ?? No, it won't," (?nly mom??ct.iri.y iliMoii-erted,
I but, at ita i aa, iii? croad
him three i la ? n. uad the, bund went to Sec
B :?:-.- were asst m
I y to a Wlittea Bj i-i ' ii read fruin
? at with a f?'w a
ir.?r i ht? r-. 1 la b.it.'l tt.i-'i proceeded t-> I'ltStniaster-f.eii.
II ?i ho, vriiho.it induruirg t_M ft --'!< : t.-. policy,
pave th?ni r lecture upon 'ho importance ol' harmonizing
? -sg and the Presides!, which he thought could ha
?, ? ' BB persons wi re present, but there '.?a.?
?o th?eri:!g. At 10.15 p. in. they dispers?.], ullin;
i ..d s to officials were " played
ant,*'and that lhere ia ao ).f<- Baa hofaia "mypoiiiy
wit al * ?-ven in the ediesholdorahesw
. - - ? ? ! ?.tve 1^- Secretary
i. . la :<i- iay, f l":i 1.1.
Spec.mens "I tm ore from California were exhibited at
tin- Ocita! Laad Offici-, recently, mt extraordinary ric li?
ne.?? and jiiiri * y. TI ila Bia is found about eighty ni:les
?aifksiln-r mines of California, and is ', I j-r
?-' i ' 1
S . :. ) L.n.t. Jaaapk A. .Sladen. 17th United States
li.tikii'ry, who Lass.rn'l for severn! years on the stall'of
_!iijor-(ien. II"Wa:d ha- been ??signed to duty as private
st? ratall la that QaasaaL
The t the Ketoi.struction Committee's
rv?. rl tates that no vote will be taken
foi a I lays.
TB?' ? : thanks voted to Oen. Kilpatt el
Dai ted Stat- Chili, and Commodore BodfBIl
of the United Mates N rj f.rt.'.i.r action in regard lo
Ibe 1 ' . were ?nil ?in it ted B '
?.Hi: gif?!.-d -day, through the pmpcr tb-purt
i. e:;t?.
Hr.rAitTaitM 01 rat Im-krh _ i
WataaUBSim Wednesday, May '.'3. W*. {
Siu. lavara] da>.- .-ince I raaairad u nota aunad bj
you at I'r.t. !?: t i I tim Nat.or.si t'.'.ion (lab. lafovBIBf n.? of
natte lb? l'ret ?lent and his Cabinet nffi
ceri ?m an n. mti^ wBleB you then nan.??!, and a not? from the
Becr*rt_ry otthta organization aiiriouneinjt its iioatin.iienioiit
at of :tiec)iaract?r of the ?taller.
1 have to day re.-eii?. ? t.|r?l note, ?igned by the Corres
jK.niit'H Seirt-tiry inforrain. m? ttat tb? ?trenade will be
UnJeiesl Ibis -T- a: :t ?I ? ?Vc'oek After leadermg to rou Slid
ile t!u!i lui ti.?ii- fo it eluding ne la the number te !>e t . ,?
hi BOM- I i". u.peile?! lo ada tbat my official en
fatreaenl? lri.0-* Ulai ?entable lar ta?; ta lu- iireitnt
i - BU leu 1%'n at I tin i.nt i.
of im ? : . whiel ?tititiis as perwaallytothe
koimf of ?u : i ard :f the projio.ed
ii (ended ?s the new?f?apers assert t?, raralsk
i Wltli tb? Fu. uti?? li.-|,,n
m?nt mi the G - aeal aa opportitnitv t.? *??rT_aai
tb?:i eferations ???. ,--...-_-ii it-bji-ets. I ?ni Inclined lo it .nk
It a par! tot mr to snppoee my o|?inlons folly
keewa te all ??m miy cor.alder ihetc or tuff.eieit OMeemawee
to mt. a? I have frankly proclniuinl tkea
on i ir ' - ?'?'?nd frrtn the roiUum tor esaooa
.? ??- -riji?.g tl.e co?mentemeut of ay ser
vite j? BrurWaty o? t'? Inu-rtor, and have out at anytime
rcijtjired U. failed to expiais a.r ri-w?
As my ?Krlitio.il attiltalioM io the beat bare not beaa d-aibti.!.
IdeaetlMei li it tbey shaB he ia the future. Ihs?e been
tour lime? aleewd ta. ? *e?t in tk? t'nlu-d Stutm Kenste by the
l^gislsti.re <?f l'itra ?a a representative ol the Republican
party, aiid a? a ai?iu!i?r of that political organization 1 ?vu
?Pfnii.iii.lta tl.eofir? I now hold. Te betray theoonfldenoe t'.us
??l?<ta*l il ut? woull lieaaanifevtat.onofingratitudasoglariu?;
?y dublin.ir?ble, that I an sur? r.o Intelligent member of yaur
? " . p,.,,?-,? mai 11
. ive been I
r .Ia- Mua*-?.
i ? VI .. itionsl I nioB
t.. I
v,'? iir...?i , VTedi
BBAl B 01 ii I' DAI I?.
I lent:
r Vi 1 : lil v ,-, . IB
I - ? ? tra it ?'. ." ./'?'.
g the I'm
,: 11.ia.m.limn 1.1 >:,.!-?
? Mt, mil
report the f . ? ?aid ei lion Be
fatty I bai .- ios! dis?
? and be haa I i oscolar
?ne: gtl. li Is ?j led. (
. .
l he ,. . ? i rest 11 are :
.lavtbina I- ??
- .1 food. Willi ii ii
.t ce soon 1 facial and ? rani.
, ? m scalp
and rig I kly aBacta the right t i
. -. nuil exti ia!- I r
if ti".-?". Hi? i'--ri' - - gre i'Ii
? . ? ? scarcely perceptible to s
II i b | ,. . : : . dei Ti| te.ii ii! the
oi - f! ii. ?1 and having sverj ? i ?
? ? ?. ? ! t.. ibe ? .?. ? ?i s.i.,1 ,i.
been a "nat and li - ?:? ip ii
i ? .-.I by
. i. levai ..t ;!.??. lard at I
twi ? ' a ii almo
i ai i.i-i! i.ier tao
n ,....,,! I ,,n,. CB!
been taken, by placing matting on ibe
till!!!- ??
, .: m n'. m y partial luceesi li
is low, : - tile reen peral li i l be > ??
s-- i ? ?" fiirm? of diieist t? which the
? ! ta -n, fear
for ti.i mall. A ro|
; f Fortress Mi
> - m the Mijoi <
(:? ?;Ntl illy your obedient ?nivunt,
Hi BOB B Cooli 'i. Bergen I'. S. A.
i i ? .1 the bill to | reveal i
?-Ii k ?! , | I , ? sa that ii any pern ?
n?| "i . ari i a.? ay , r person, a bei bei
bato, or otoerwii
' r hi II ,i< :i
uni ice .a,y other j board
an? other] ?
I si s slave, or sold ? t ntry to ha m
aiade n he-Id, oi ihall lo
I. aio he lu hi, sold, of ear! h .1 si y lo be
i.? 1.1 oi sold si a ilave be - - be ,? n iabi d, oa
thi I' ? f. by a Ii: e of I o' I' - t! iii i OU la.r ti ore
t] so $5,000, ..i I y n.| : laonmenl no1 exe eding tive ja ara,
or ty both .-t - lid ; nniehments,
li the n.a.--' i. ? .i ..... i | ?.- i having i ,nr. i
m wel, shall ? i '..ni ?.y ntl ' i persoi . -.?
ai pt), mulatto oi ? ?' ' ra -?? with ihe knot edge oi
thai ? ich pe? ? Art m sny Bl i i
m I ?ist net of thal
j i ? ay
I : ?tO ... I' i ? . I
?? ? with the i:.I. I
or she shall 11 so hi Id i r lold as ?t
such anster, lu?a r or other j
iahed * than I
or bj impi Bra year?, or by 1 ti
af said punishments; and t1 ?? vessel ob board wl i
? I auaV shall be I..
lo the United state-.
'I !.. 1'ri-anl :
< xtend tin ti mi : ... of I
the Western I'.? it? Bl Um d.
ik; V ' I I ii I KKS.
I Pi ? ? ? : I t?. 'I .- It
Dunicatii :? ? ? ? etary of ths Treal ty, it > i -
to a i. - tnstion m r?--.
? ?.t. 'I be numb r ..i a_ales i?
I.5m; females, 139, ora total ol 2,006, ol a bom Mi Mired
ia.mi army, and sovenJ ia the navy, The only
neraon wbo waa in the Rebel army is in the Keeoi I ?
trailer's oftce. He wss, according to his owa itatemeat,
tlr.it'? ?1 hy the 'i- na Stats i ?thorn?-.?, und looh II
with a n.? ni ii reservation and by compnlaion, and had
a'?.-.- i l.'-ri.-hi-.l a i.. .- fi-r the ist.,r- and Stripe?. Mr.
Cragin rv-ooiniDentled sad la well acquainted v?nii bim.
being his brother i:i 1..iv. li? asserts th t his rslaiive Baa
lin.-- noat ? mpiia'.i-t.!y condemned li euston
in.i s other things to show the j..it n< ?* - -.?. sad i'""i! ehs .? -
let oi the clerk .;, tm i lion.
'J h> S? nal? t<-du-.a in K_i i utive ?. ss.oii. contirm? .1 ' i
following uotiiiiiatioii?: Klisha Finite of New-York, and
Samuel C. Fi-eaenden ?.. Usina, to lie l.xuiniu?-rs-iu-C!iisf
of the PateTii Oflte?: J? r,_ ??. Palten. Pi.stinaster at
... and Kara EUrringtoa, Postniaster at NewDuraia,
N. I .Inhu A. (li oil win, l'i stiuasti-r at Iiowcl! M --
B. Fra li li rti .oftrroea as Internal Bevenm
Collector at ('illili b -, li: io. . I d Joshl s F. Itiiil. y, ( ? ?!
V etta al New-Yorh ( .t;..
r vr!'??m:i>.
0 - ?? "t paidoas to thi following named
individuals, charged ?nh treason, wan- sathorissd I
J I If. Bl d . ?'. V. Cale.ti,it?, ?. Wa ]
Doyle, .1. H.:./'y .1. I?. Om-n. .1. H Thomas, D.J.
ThompsoniJOeo. Doyle, Wm. Sullivan. J. H Thomas W.
li. t rabb, I. L. Cardwell. U. II. K.n/m, and J. B. WI it", !
ot Kent ., k;., Bad W. .1. liri-.-;..-, oi Xnrih (' u
Ki I?. MU.
N. P. Mellen, Iii :?" i ii 1 re. ?i:ry Agent bal resi ned
that position. The business which had been under bil
supervision having terminated, Um re has beaa no spp? Int?
ment of a suco.r.
(apt F..X. Assi-ti?.t-Seeri f..ry of the Bsvy, leflWssh?
Ington to-dar on his wsy lo st. Johns. New?Bniaswiek,
where he wiu take paesagn on ths Monitor Miaatoaaaah
for Koopa.
1 -'I K.ST BE88I0N.
BZBATI.W.v-iiiM.ios. May ..:, 1MB.
?ft Mokoan preantad ths petition ol Move p.
I taren tor a reduction ol tin- tax on tins busiaess, which
was referred to the Fmai.ee < oiiiintiee.
Mr. Cowan presented i petition foran Increased tnil.
Which was ri t'-rri d to the Finance Committee.
iiKiiH.K acb-osb Tin. maaiasipn.
Mr Norton ?'all?-1 np the loll i" autli'.ii/n ths Wiaoaa
and BL Paten Railroad Company ti? ooastroel a bridge
aeroaa the Missiasiptpi Bl ver, which ?as dtaeaaaad till I
Mr. Howard inoveil that Ihi v- nat-- prooead to the 11 -
i ndaratkifl of the Recoastrnction resolution? lectently
jian-i-d bj the House.
Mr. Si-M.vitK?The question, si I take it. Is of pror-eed
ing to th?- eonsideratieo of thal resolution, ot emms
that does not Involve the melita of ti?? usaban, and I
shull not ?peak of them. I know not that i shall bs ?Ma
t" Like any part in the debate, bul I i BBBOt nil????- the r?-s- |
olntloa to oe taken np without expressing bj kadiridual
opinion that it wonld be better It ita consid?ration were ;
postponed still longer. I ballar?. Sir, thal the country ,
j has gained much by th? poetpoaeaasat thal ha.4 alrea?ly !
| been had. On a former occuiioa I ItBted thal vi? were I
; able t<> have a better proposition st the ?-nd of April tbsn
wa had at the ead oi Mar??) and I ballaraaowws ahafl '
be aide to accept bstter proposition? just as the wwlti pr?i- i
cecil, and we shall be better prepared for this qnestl m '
next wet-k thaa ih:s wash, aad ths wet k after better th m
oak. Hereisu ??ist ii.a?s ol testimony which bashan
? town. It has been lui. 1 in ?In!.let- if I' may so axprsaa
I myself, before Congress und tho lotintrv, aersf
gathered together as a whola. It hu? ??? ra
asea aaalyasd. No conclusions hive been diawa
from that testimony, and yet. I take it, that tha* tssti?
v i? broughl i ?gether for Mans pulp?se, loabtleas
! to enlighten Congie? aad ths anaaliy; and yatGoagreea
, i-1, avssked to proceed without an opportunity of cob?
1 sidering that testimony ia aay matare mirai. Ithiak, Sir,
it la a mistake that we ai" ask'd to prooead under such
' ein utns'.anc ?. I think, Sir, thal dels? for thsairaaga
ineat ot thnt UHtlmotlJ !" th?' end that it mav be pr<-. ted
in proper form for our eaosldcratica would I?? wiidom. I
i think, s:r. it wm.id be th< highest HataaaaaaaBip. 1 think
' that after the consideration of thal tsatimoay wa shall ha
batter prepared te decide than we ara bow, ad onlj of
what we ouitht to do, bal of what M DM BO. lo. la?
' staia?, here li I ven ion-i leralae faOStloB w hich we shall
j be called u??)n to discuss n? to the eitenl te winch t srtahi
--hall be ezclnded from the right ofaaBkaga. I
not that the Boasts Is battas preparad t.. diseaai thal
n th;? week than hist wo? k. und 1 am ?ure it will
? be i.sr prepared to din assIt sexl wcakthaa bow aad my
that rahiect li duly n i ?
1 moisting. It so hat penad that l hean!, early lasteve-ing.
from a gentleman in i
have ? South, regard
i publii opial ? ' haw
; recently bean ia rebellion, all tending
altyofsomeri equirement on our part I
j such e idei '? i? cobbi intli aecnmulating, und I *:?h that
' Congress msy han- the fall henel '
whm ws lo limy it? mai done 'I be question >- pr? a Btad,
, sir, whether we -?hall pmi sad on tha principia of li ?
or ..t cxuusiitti. Th?' Senator imui Nerada Stewart)
\ silo;.ti th? prtoeipia ?if m? in-ai-.u without e?
! There .ire others, sir, disposai i to adopt ths priai
sxclusion without ladaaion Ia other ?on:-, sir they
' wou.'I ?'I'liilc certain Rebels hut wnuhi not in? lud? lovai
- ; -..rt.itie li is that ti ey wars bara wita a
?km not i-aini's-i Hks ?'in awa. Par myadf. U seems
W8 should ?il.'pt ?olnetliiiiK i.t both pritl
? i|i.- the principles of Inclusion sad ths principles of ex
i lusiitn. Bul I ?lo not thinh Ihe S?iiHie Is, m this moment,
so well I I- -n ed .' n - ird lo lbs fa Is ahlel i ? ? ?
i everp ? ?
ry. Ii
' ' ? ? I .r. e
> na all tbe testimony, all thi facta, areirtling
? lime na
l ?. >?ir. Bat I coat? i.t my? ?t s ?* aub
-lili).!; .. ' .. -i whsl
? tt.iiieti.ii g lil." precipita! eh titi
.?lit tu i ? presa d.
_ l'i. -i s. a said be !..i that 1 ih___
j take ant pan ii thi? din um 01 ?but I > ?? i ? lo
? ; pro?
.. (-log a ,??i :t nt the prea ?it lime. 1 be matt i I ad ht i n
D ren long, - loi tr?.:n
'i lett? had not ? Ind of
b id !?? ra taken, it wai *. i? -
. i , onj In. n publiai ??(! in lb?
?pera, bul It bad been pubUshetl in unmbore under
? ? . ? lion ol lbs B< ..'? .r..I 1 ...1
s. ii ,i,.r?. li?. (Fea mden) sgrrnd mil. Mr B
"if lb dthal '-.i? ina) mt? ti hsd beei ii ? I by
I '.liri!'.'
' . iv I ard lo I ? ? i "I. ?
l! ?', s i,.. .-r. to
! iii.- ti I i.'11 of Iii it '?
!.. .1 i most I? .'m informing tb? raantrjMd
in' m..m. r bad L-. n i. u-1
i of the course which bad baan ni plod
!.\ -1 ? I ? t iii,.- u .aiilc
. oin .i.-mli M illn.i.t Iii A - '?i
? ii ! mr. Bm er, the
I . ?
li -tun. ?n ? i. .,li| . .in gb? conti
, ii i it? lion. TI a' mi a I. o', be? n ii?-"I and II? i
.1. I !,. I ..ii
I n. lit" ::i Iii.Ion. T!..' li" -
toil I ?? I tha ? "iiii. .n ?mu? tarn ?.ik? >. li ? ...
?i ger ti ! ' .
? ti? ?.. !.i.-!i .? tn
? ?lil. ;.. .'? Ela IF - a?Vn) bul thoogbl it will,
after the resolution I I i i - ii!..' Boose, that it abould
I . p..ii th.- table in ?ir.iiT t.> cn.' t in?, tn ( oniidi r i', m d
lid I r ti -i I l r t.il, .:?_? -i 11, 'I hi- hid
ii , I l ,' pub-it 0] ii. "ii ?a- -.- rj l| t Li
. . ? ? bal Hint u i? oi lv ,i !?? i?"ii ?hy
!'..? Sel lio liO'.ll I .n t l|. dinting to ;!- . B :: I,' ti ?nil Mt ' '.
i ? ? r., iin iiv wns tbst ((.n?'!. a would a?dj_nrn betwosa
? . d tli.? nu.l.lio ..f .Inly, and It i ii an '.. I lo
? mu i ii m.m. dint? li t>. the ' on ! I
! . li.
Mr. 8 ' I ' li?' did not ariah l< lood as
making any farmal Opposition t?> pi?_er-4lng arith tbe
II. !, .1 . ?pi, ? ? ! a ! i !i
? ret o i-h II.- etrnli not lo'pit Remighl
I ?? pfni .ililn Im ?.i.? iii < ri"i H li !
II rt ii i ,1 li a .lut? i,! In ? ': 1 '. ' ! '?(!?? '1
li ?lil [llV bj m.lnlllL' ti.I?? ?!'
M . lil s ia. , * . ? . .1 to i m | ne i I M: S, :. ! cr IO
? hal ? I propose to postpone thi etation
of tola .(u. ?ti. ? 11. II. i.,,].. | thi 8 : '?? would
?? ?t' dbjr M l - - ? Ion. li Mr 8 i?.p er wiahed a Boat?
pol nu : ? fat u ?Li.:? Iin.o I i I
I i!. I! t la o al,I :. t ...i- i- !.. ,| p. -t
poaeaai ni !?? yond tin- ? ubi li? "i June.
Ur.f Ila ?ii.i no4 thlnl I ? f the
? wai la ?...ii n eondIttaa aa lo arar??b1 the tilnf
that It wutibl .nil?.um before tie luit? r part wf alala Ho
bwlii red I | I av ?ion of re, oust .? t.. i e
. ia tis li ! ? ". al ?on In -
? ml m.intu? i.t. li. thoBfhtil might ii- tit-iti :.j.
? the iii"t bali o. Jui ?? -
li. bell red I I
!.. ta r?. r ..-??? .:
prepared to I :
wool I a? ti Uy.
? - ?linn*- r. :i ink? ?gin! -? p..-'|.'i,.'i.:.! I'vMr.i.A
n-. i.-nini.on aaa tosen up and mad aa ii
I ed the Hi
lira Bowan toa! tia faog '<> tanlaia ins nropontioa
, ii, I el .iii ,,i tb?. sp?-, i?.l i i ? ii-- li
i tod thal Hi- i,??: oral Is BoMloc t.. n Mail '?'
Fi ??? i den . ?i ?> waa i ha noan of the ('? ?? ? ? t i i
' - ? ?hie to o-pen the ?li?
it? n a
Mr. Fi I ; . f i hi?
ii -,--,'.?. Bl i Mill ? :.'i i .i ? d tin bp? ti ?
. |i m . file di I at. tii< N d * wo ltd bave th,
'?ti. Ki ?-i I..I. II ? I ;, ? -, , it?
i ' '. I ..r Inn ?. It Is i "i.d ? i i | r.
tra and
. rat bat I
In- undei I ti lives in present
ii ?a? now under i D. I1, j. mt
i ? It..i ii t ?'? ?! ti. lu ? i?li
a ten impartoBt inoairy?an inquiry involriag
.i i.o-t .li .ii ut atti al i v m io
.-?.I to unjin:?- into lbs i i.ii.ut mi nf I! ?? m?' rgeiit
port bj? IU1 or others
t ? : - -? lion. I b?lier?? I
I ? ii thal ii" I i I ? -' . . - . .. r pr. ?
? 1 ?>. t? .'in t' n ' ? ? i Bittet l-crlnrs
. - -1 loo? In tied ? . ? ' 1
Hist nut..! ?n in.ijnv m f..r st waa pra? tn .t.i>- for tin m to
do hi Hit?. Iii" pot tic.l hu.I nv-iali ondltioiui! the Hl?urf'Ut
li .a very triii? they have not \ 'lu lo?
? be South in ot.l? r ??.?????? .or..m ,.,,.... nut
ti,ft bare taken tin tauisony of arer? gn ti mber sf
-? ? ana laan bann inanntntsd by Ibera tn w?,?? ? g
loa, and who bad some ucq I '. I . :, of
? ? insurg? ni Suites. I B bs the
i .1 meat ol ti.aatrj tai Ila sall ? ailtos,
m i r . :..!? ] n i uriiig of leStlntOB] BpOB tli s | .1 jr.-t ia
' ? only i i ! .-!r . .? 1 it saai I BOM
i ?.i .u, I satin it f.ur. 1 luina I?at lo gal la h_a
I m i their huh. 1 know that it Baa mt bran
i ?.tri in
their report ?mi thing onfall or one-aid?--?, anything of a
? uti tendency. < ? r anzietj ) a bean tn aecertaia tia
whole truth ia Hs icigth aad l>i-< .?-'t!, ao far a?tbsf__ili?
ties gi ven un woidd enable ni to do so 0 i .-? di Sr ni
ii :? mi. it ?gallon lui- h- en. lbs r? ?? lull n fur the eui -ni
u . m oi tis ?Constitution of the United -tates o i undei
cob id-ration. Af:? r inn.-t matan ?taUbetatioa ?:..i .. ?
iui-n.il, prolongad tor weeks and ea a moat-. t-tay cania
to the ? niii l u an .n thal it mi? B-o__aav?T. ia niiin rnatafl
pi-aa c and (|i.ii.i tn ti.e i oaatrj? ai .1 to . ri agalaripoi
a__ potency to the tatra of tia Daited Slates, and e?j . I
a ly tn la.?iiii Miiiict.niig iii ti.i' ilapa ?i ?i< r it lor Ila
! turi . , Ml a recur. Baa ni tbo i m ni.mi? SV_S it ml? t
Which tlii ((uiiitry lina talon d f?,r Ila I tai tour y BIB, thnt
Uta Constltntton ought !.. bo amended, and ina project
Whit b I l.i J biiM- ii . ? ?n! in it: ml i- ti ? r. -n" ..| li,, ir t mi
ul? rut ion upon that v.lo. . t. 11? l rat BOOtlM <>i Ila pan
.m. i.dii ? ut r. l.it- ? ?u the pim!, gi ? and in immun ?
Of tie citizen? Of til" . M r ii St.!'. ? .! t'n I": n in, illili tn
tha righto aad privilegia of all pi t__.iti.ena
' ni .h i lim huts ni lb, United Bl it? i li di i an a thai nu
-?li m i _.-. er ?????irr., nui taw which ahsll abridge
? the pririkgea or lauBBfittlea ol tis dttxena ol tha Unit? I
.???????, im ??i..ill any-tats dsptir? uni-j? ??? ?i "i 1 f.?.
liberty oi property mi hunt due process ? i law, a rdaoy tn
I any person w11 In ita |uriadic_OB the equl protection of
' ila law, It will bo observed that Ilia ia a ga?era] prohibi?
tion npoi ii: the Rute? is auch, (rom abiidgii n tin? priri
I? gee and Immnnlttes ol tie ettla? na of Ila unit? .1 Btatea,
I, it La ita Ira) i taue, ?t.il I reg ird it si irerj imj orton!
r?anse Indeed, it abo paaltMta sael om <i ila
I Siitei fruin ?I? pi i vina? ,inv petaM ni' In?- liberty
..r property nitnool am process of law, <r denying
lo tay peaton wilkin the lartadletion ol tia M.it.a tia
. |l..ti pro'ectmli c1 law. 1 lu? tir-t c1 mut? of tin? ?t etinii
1 r-. it. ? to the pin iii,-. ? and kmautnitiaa i f the i Itlnani of
tia United Htatea a? aael, and diatiagaiahed frena all
nillir |i?rs(iii? ?hoHrcimt sttiseasatl tin? l'iiit? ti St.it. ?.
It ii mit, [leihiip-, easy ? u?y t<, 4 iin? ? hi aeenraey wlat
i? i.. mt by thce.pn???ii.n '? citizen of lha Dotted Bttates,*'
sllboogh that i X|.ri-??i..ii omura lum? in tin? C? n?tiiii
tiaa?oona la inafonea tot?a PlnaMaataf tho Daitsd
?tates, in whlnl it;? ilra_and thal bom bnt a dtiBea of
tl.e liait? il m itea ilill bl l'r? MiJ. nt ol tis Daited Binti ?.
hi.ii, second, la i_??faaaa to Scii.t..r?. alo iib liken im- ra
0 aired to be e?tlanH ot tia Daited N?m.?. i a*t-a_?todly,
Ina riprssstoa is asad la loti tiaro eases la the Constltu?
tmn in the taino seme in which it in appind in
the amendment now BSa_M th'- Sinat?-. A ?itizen
i.J Ila I'lille.l St.ite? 1?, I In li?,vi-, lu Id In lu? a
person who am bon wlthtB thu Umita of tia I'mte?!
Btatea and ?bjecl to thaii liai aa tot ootepitoo ti Ila
CaMtitntion. '1 in- aitiaoM sf en h Itali atora, in n jaaU?
!.. .1 | IBM ut h iu?t, alien? to BM another, for ih?1 r?_>nn
ti al tin? several Stute?, Infr?- th it lima, WSN rcgardi.l I y
each other al least a? indrp. ? U nt gorernnv ata, aad om
I.ling hi iv?'reign power to el ?1 I" it to ria ? Ila righi
ofnatoi iii/it ion. and Bttdonbtedly null om of them poa.
aeaaadfM Itself the nght mil p>w.?r of nnturaliiiug for?
??i .'liera, mu? iii. li OM tlt? V.. it lad mu tit to enniae
ih li brunch of ?nvereign |atui?r might have ileclaied the
ei',/.;,? .t i u ry other Stite tu t,c alu na, ni reference to
Ita own eitzen?, with a ?titra to atorea. ?nib. eoaftu_aa
and di?.,r.ler. With a viuw ti put the citizen?
ot ih? a-veral Mtate? BBM au ?(?uulitr one
I a.i'i notier, m reference to certain fondamental rigfata,
I a flame wa? Introdueed Into tie C-*->_tattOO. di-clanng
that the dtiaaan .,t aa h ?tate shall bo ?-.titled t.. Um
, ?.uni.-c- aad nimmt.nie? uf tin-1 lttzci.a >.f th>? ?eier?!
.tote?. The i ti, i . ,,( i;.|. , ,,,i.... u.i-, tn t ni.?Mut?? i/.?.
If/' tie citizen? (.( i ,l( ii m. I i?vi ry BM Bl the Mutt?.
? And how did th??y beoOBM lllliSSM Sf the United Slates I
4nd how did ti.? j become eitlseni of tia aeaaial Statoe I
i Hi lurtli or iiHturalizatinn I '||,ey liecaine nu? h in urine
or national law, ?a-, lather, nut rii law, whieh rusogaisaa
persons bora witbln the )________b_n of aretyi ?nnfn aa
1 mgcitiaeuof ilateonatry H cb ptwnaM art,taefa>
tLtoMof tie Dnited 8tot - bo trott L?.ru la tia
. oi ?1.. hare ? i nal I j nal
i on ai I the < ?.' -'itnii ... . ? .n tt,.;. Ure entilli d,
I a? Mich. ?.. nil Ile pritilegn? ai d ia mtinitisei f ? It-Bsi ol
eral States, [hey in . titled bj theroprit_ege?
? t, aaasrl tlaan, nnd aik
: e:.t(ircinerit ?tn-Iiewr !i.,-y mu,? Irnin SM BtOM
It ai I?'" .? |..::iij.?e?t|i,i) to ?nive ??hut
priTtisgsB and Immanltiss of tin? citu? n? in each
Bute ot the la-ratal Btatea I l ,t, mot Braoaaa toga into that
(|i.e.-t:on at prnaMt It a?, ii I haratbatIhaaiandtatnaslnn
Hut it ia certain that that clame waa Inaailad in '!.? ?-'""?
.. for ?iiim >_ii<r_i purpiiae; it eerttanly baa m view
ixi?-iiitai porpoasa t.. ti,. _tt__aai m t?o s?tcthI
ot It would no4 lira been Interled. lum n.d
aware that ti? I.,. Coart oftleDnitod .state? have
unJert.iki n to deane eitbei thaaatnraoi axtontof __ee
prititagee and Immunities thus gaasnntosd lo tia eitlseni
m i', i. v. ral Btatea I?.I...I il un n . i,i-i i ti? n ?.ii.?
i . be Supremo! i rta n .. > i? on i nt : .. ?
to them, ver? n,. h-tlv dicliiieil toe?) Into a dflir.it.':. '! '
i immunities, leaving tha quest].ir -
it,'.;. iseoi ths Constitution !.. in? J ? sed I
lind adiudii atcd in i n-i-'-r f-rm when they should
.... i;, the course of adjudication. 1? ' .
wa gather something of whal prohahry will bal
i -, of the .InilK-inry in that very Imp?
? Which waadoeidi -.
-o m sne ii the Cireoil Courts of ths ?
by Judge Washington. I will trouble the B<
little while hv reading whal thal learned snd ei
Judge says of these privil?ges snd in??unities of the
t . n 1 Bl -i- from ths fourth Was!
I ' lit Court reja.rts. p.i.e Mt
.Mr. Howard having read from the uorl; ?ferrad t?. than
.ed: Sui li. ti,, a ?| ti,?- chira? 'er ol the ?
sad in !.. n ' f in Ihe Coi ti cntii n
I sectioa of the fourth article. I believe to these
, | iiviie.?.? mu? min,atiitii s m ay ha mided the p< r
?.aal nebt gnanuiteeil by Ihe Brsl sight
- of ii?. United States - mt li us freed
. .n.d f ti?- pre -, the righi ol ihi pa ,
? bli I petition Gove ;.n enl mr i l? d
? - a right pertaiaing to each and all of t
pi?, the righi to It??p ami hear unis, Usa righi l
exempt fiom the quarte ., - in anonas a I
: tin., sat of thi owner, io be exempt from
r - .'?.. Hera is a n bs of privili
Immanitli ? snd i ghts, tomeof ?ii1 mi cured by ti.i ond
, section of tha fowrth article el the Coastitouoa, a I
baw recited; some of them sacared by tha amendments
la the Constitution to which I have referred. A
? ti? the attention oi gentlemen, that the o
the .h i ?Ona Of 0 r I lUrtl aad Ile pt Bl di '!.
' all these privilege?, and all these immunities, sad all
rights, thus giiataiiti ? ?I by the CoastitntioB) i
| socure.l to dtlsens of the United Beates, - ?
i ti.- ni of the United Wal .I ai i Uea ii
11 ?-ir 11. urta n? j m 'o' oi erato in tht
t taint or p.-ihlbitp n al on the Bist? -
States am no1 affected o] these restrict i
i itlni? been held rcpcetedlr thal these restrieti na con
t Ined In the Constitution declaring that privat? ? pperty
?h.i.i not be taki II for public U-0 ?itho'.lt juit COU]
lion is not a n- trietion upon tha State Legislature al . II, ?
11_4 refera expressly to the legislation of Congress, Now I
thew is no power ia the Oonstitutioa to enforci I
these guaranties which i baw nrationed. '1!. r ino
power granted by the Constitution to Conj
ii? li tlo not eoaaa ** ithin th? iweepli g christ? in ! .,?? t. n
??tution authorising Congrera to pam nil lan? i i
and proper for carrying out the faregolng pom
itend simply to declarations of rights sa a Mil .-f
n'h'? in the ('??;.,-iiitiitiiiii, without power on Ihi
t 'ongrc ? to cany them tatt and give thom effect
? the same tima i i Mali i ara ant i -?-?
ing the principles la their guaran? ?? except
I by tln.r ?mn 1?? I liw?, which niy be all ! -r ni
nar t" year, BBd lim -' from 'I y to d y, The
? ? t object it the tir-t BSCtiOB "f ' thil
s tu rc-tia n ihe i? iwi t of ths .?'a? i, and to coi ? i ti? m
i at all !;: es to reaped thi a gfi ?t t. : i runtiei
I which 1 have enumerated. Row will it be doi ndcrthe
, ? tsmendmentl A? I hare already remsrked, they
ira n t lomrB grsBtad t?? Ocagreas, sad therefore it ii
- ,iy, it they nr>- lo he eftsctuel uni
et.fori ?-.I, that additional power? shoo Id li
lo Canarias to soo to ii that the] are i_brood. I
that di'i.e lu- the amendment proposed ' It
bj the tuili actina, wh?'h asotana tht Com.
f-1 a'l bara power to eaf n s bj si,
? ? st ion (he provis iona of Ihs aii.ee. In
' din -el and ti iii ni at ive d?.? a linn of power to C ? I to
1 earry oat and enforce thesa prwvimoM sad silt
wl li b 1 i...i?- .: enti ned ??? poa n which ?I'?*?.
exist ia tha Coastiiutioa of tha Cuitad Staus, I]
i ?f thi? amendai nt, ? bits ? onfi rring th? I
haw ii .:i 11 lied, '!? ??- but i ?itiii-r .my right to n le ?
? ? i a ii ot in law one of the pi
' y th! Cocititntl')!!. I
vt i - regarded in this i Btr] aa I -? i
? i .m. It ha? not h .'n regal .? ! .
: ... t.tul ni! !? It 'tig ut the I
r ? i -ti oat which i'"ii* '
u ? ? ? or rob)*?, t? d t.. a d- i-i
Mr. Howsrd then p mad le the second se I
-, ni itton. If he e. : -I
i own way ha saul, if his preference coo
i s'.oubl le i . rim r ol ??. in iii? Miltraif?- lo lb
t.. ??une i T,t. nt at 1. a?t. Iflie tom.I but obi
I sufras]! la the paaalsr saaaa at thal expression
be ia ravor of quel?ed r.fl,..g" lor the negro i ce, t 'it
II h i not a qacstioa bare what will ae do upon th?> su
? ? - -? i which ha Mr. linn.ii,' ?
. f pi.-f. r iti r. ?i-1 t lo col -t
i It ?.i? i.o? entirely a question ?hu* mem
i j ' . two House. Tha qaeatioa wa
: the Legislatures of the varions matado In tai
? hat a a? liksly tO in?? t the Bpl p bat'.nn ol Ihi Various
??ia ? I . ii ? - ' I s halag *:..
the prop?.?,' . ??> li ad
to negT" '. I tl'll?. ? "
? nd a. linn i....i.i.g to the ili.ti.il.. h >. ii.??!.' ..; ,
H eba-1?, VI r Howard said hS wasi pine?! to ti -
' the Comi ?te?', ml na? Oppo??dt0 li HOW. I
ave. bellen-, if adopted, ii would do any ?rood. It
Butt pi, rent Keb?!? from voting ' for tlicir
? ?s-?*?'!''- l.iaTishifur.?. ?-A ??ree Stii?- Leg: ahn urea
?ai?' elect ter... b. ra ni the Elect" .i ?-i
io that the object of preventing IteM? from votliii?
: ? Pla I would not be obtain.'?!. Rather t'mn this,
be prefem-d a clause prol Iii II pen - lu
tiCipat?.! ?i lb* H? '? Ilion t on : old og F.?d?i
otti.. - Hr. Howard ihaa explaim d th
mctioi ? .n?min..'nt.
At the ' ...i I sion it Mr. Hawasd ?. sp. a !.. Mr. Wai i
orTereii the followlog as a substitute f..r the p? nding ?-r.-? -
.. .
Ai.;., d lacnoa i Ka lula ahafl aakeei
la? ? bull ?! iii ?i.ruine ti..- arti : lina
/.-.ia af the 1 led Btai ? ear shall any Mate -i- -? riva . ,
j Sin nf liff, .'-'lit or property Wtlboet i ? , mu
? d' in t? ?i.? ? "'i-tin within it? Jiiriii'.ietiuii tie cn uni |i'ni'. tmn
I if tu? laws,
I si i I \?i c'a?? ?f tper?i.n? hi tai tl.c ri?iht of WhomtO nf
fraire on? ilisciiii.li alan ?I nil be i:..n!r, si _:! !,.- |j.. . | |n ti I
1 basis affl |.i BBS ti late, a, SB SH MM h c1. ?<-11 in : t.. t..... I , la Virtue
if las .m .1 ?? ?..a :. sa. u...n i.an..nil na 11. to-iii ?;.- u..- or property, j
or hssaajs ef alienage, ss i-.i participation m IBs Bi b? llio .. ur i
oilier srlsase,
?,. :t Tha pBhBadeha al tha United State?, laclnc
lahls or ebllgaiieas whick levi besa mt ma] beseelt?. ' ? "?? ;
riirrcu inaapprrsaiag rebe loeecleeerrytegoewai In i
sf the Unies er sar parai itefboaatleaof pensions
lo seek w.ir and nr-'Vi led bv law ?li .:i le iii?iiotal
at 1'li.iiMtitit ? winch have bees er aai kereafter be lacarr?d
i In mil of insurrection or of wur egliaet the I'nitcil .?..Ina am.
, ebiiina tor e.ai ,? asatini?, mi ?li invii! intarv ?r serTili? I ilmr,
; stiull nut U? assured or p.id by any State, u ?r !y ti. I
j Kitto.
!-i. t The Cungress ihull hare j?,?-er tu rob!:.'.
: proi mit?? I?.-.?I.im.n ibe pswrlelans ?t II li ?rt? le.
iir. Wit.-i s moved to stnku out lim WOldl " i prop
til l ill Ma .- . 1.1!.I Si Ctll II.
Mr, Wait accepted th?" amendment,and his ami id
1 ment a? tin." in!? ti ? as ordered to he pi inte!.
.Mr. WliaoB nile t d iii? lol lou ing as a substitute tor the
j ?et ?ind ? inns?? nf the House resolution!
in 11?-?.? ni oin ? e t. :. ii I?- |.i?i|..irtiin ni ?niooir th? teveral
Blaise according to their reepecUva number?, ana ii : >
? Mute ti.?-c-lt-i tin-Imiii !.ia? i? er shall be ili-na-.1 lo any ol '?
lnbaiiiiiiiits balay aade pittas? af IBs Dsited Bl ttassl ivs tas
as? el 81 yeses ae aay eoaao eaeaM Baaneetlaa ?r rebellion
' against lae Usteed Btatas, tbehasasf rsyressBBattea la sash
1 Slate shall be reilu?'? ii in Hie pr?portiun Wim li ti? Bamber di
male rit BBSS ?? excluded shall bear to the whola uuuber of
Uisle ntuens ?.vrr tbi- air?? ?if .1.
'i'his ? a? mdsrad to be ? riated.
Mr. WnaaaaabaaittadthaIbUowiag nbatitata brtha
third Section Of tim Ilmne r? solution, ?Inch Was order, d
t? be minted.
1 b?t any person who reii^nexl nr abanilnnrd. or may re?i|fn
or abandon uuy place umler t!.?t 1'iiit?-?! Stat.-i OovetnmanI,
and !>ni taken, or tuny luki? part lu rebellion againat tbi- lim
einineiit ?hull be lnelii/ible to any SB-OS under lbs I'lilted
Slats? or SB] State (nuernniel.L
Sir. Cl.vitK offered the following substitute fir the third
H'l'mn of the House resolution, which waa ordered to ba
No person ?hall be a Senator or Kepresentatir? In ('.incr.??
or permitteil to hold any ofllce under the lim t rtiuit-nt uf the
Dutsd Stntes wtiu, baring prermusty taksn an aalhtS support
Iba (,'uristituliiiii thersof, ?halt have voliiutii ily allied in any
iniiirrection or rebellion against the United Btates, or gi?nu
aid or comfort thereto.
_lr. Howard ?unvested the striking out of the word
" voluntarily" in the above, which waa ugrcd to.
Mr. Clark propaasd th? following a? a subttitute for
the fonth sittinii of the Hniiso resolution:
I)i!?U mi nrred in aid of rebellion or war agninst the United
Btatei are ifli-ital and ?onl. ami cannot be enforced lu say
<Hurt, and ?hall not be paid by tha United States or any State,
nor ?ball any eoaipi-uiatiuu be made fur the lota or cluan i|.u
lion iii any ilave?.
'J he Senate at I o'clock went into Executive aaaahBB,
and soon alter adjoi.ru? d.
Mr HcBOBB(Cal.t, from the Poat-O?ea Comn.nti?,
reported ajoint resolution anthori/ing th? Paatmaiier?
flnnrral In par additional salaii la lalTai- aanlma la san
Irani i-i n, wli? h una n-.nl rt third tim? ami pa-s. .1.
On motion of Mr. JoilAB lind ! the S.r.iit?. amen.'
to lb? House bill for tile ihmoaal of public lind? l..r homi -
stead.? In actual settlers in tho States ot Alabiitn.l, M.s
sisrippi, liOiiisiana, Arkansas and Klon-li? W8N BO
ciirrud in, and a Cou mitt.-c of L'imfliism I ? a? aaktd for.
Aiillii 1'i.n'itAt. Ri pom.
Mr. llosa .111.1 otTend a resolution, ?1 n li '-vus ad ptsd,
directiag the Committee ob Printing lo iaauiia lato tha
.ncv if hantig printed foi distill ition an
n ii bei orcopiM of ii. ? AgricnltunJ It' port foi IB I
t.. sha n m.!" r priahsd ki IBs' '.
bocca noa m i>?ki.t?
Mr. Wi5Povi (Mini! i nff, red a resolution, whii
adopted, directiag the Secretary al tint latarhH lo i
the Hoaas how maea u.ouey had boen ssipropriated ?
eroction of SehooUhonsss, and tor ths ir.iimtenuni" of
Schools in the different agencies in ths Hnkuta I
BuperintendcBey, tog.ther with the preset.t seadh
of Mich BgSSjey, aad manner iii whirli the b IS??eSM ol the
BapaiiBtSBdaacy and agency has bBBB C"iiiductc-J.
Mr. I'ATIKRSON I.V. H.I llltro.1 a a ii ii lilli for Icgull.lbg :
innrriiige. In the Hiotnct of ('.iliiiiihia which na? j, ad '
tnic? and referred to the Ciiuimittee tor the Diatrict.
??? BMtioa ' f Mr Hlt.wil.L Cull the ClBB Billin Bl
v ? it ? t ? ! ' .?..-,.i ti, m thel
Trie IVi !?i;.'.ition and Land Compary. for condiif'ing <v
? -.. ...I tie hi.I nal
._.d ti ? e table.
Tho Tlonte then resumed, during the morning hour, the
leration of the till reported yesterday l y Mr. Kutti
from t'..? Balee! Committee, to oontlnoe in roara and to
? eetabltahlng t' ? _reedmen. H'ire?u.
The list section was smended on motion of Mr. Ki ..1
(tha tona of tba eontianutnro of _bn act to t wo
v. ara, insti ad of three yaam
Mr. < ham-lb N. Y.j" d tired :<._:.? a wherein I
? ; from lui.- Knodinen'i li? rcuu bill, nhill the Piaai?
dent had tatoatl
Mr. -I10t UPnlciTook to ?tit'.rtn Mr. i'hfinler on that
point, tad to i Boinia tri ral
l io t.r?* ?iitn ?i, he i n n plv eontinned the
for tro rona, ?hi. the bill vetoed by the Pi
.?.nt waa indefinite in Ita d ration. Heir ;
C' mil.a.i.n m 1.- n :i arkt I ?
Mr. I v. Hi?. ?.[> ?Hi., i sid thi ? were gentletMn on bil
? .!? m n -? b . I to d - ihe lull, at.d he
therefore hoped it wunldnotbopi ? . PMMP
dow. 'J bare wera in p i i in it. whi _ 11
:.t oogbl to le ?m w. -, m p. -id .
b tua ii., iv and pri Ipi? ? . the 111. li., reports
. I t:. :,?. Steaduia ihowed ti
-;. ?!? :n aa already i <? a ni j, i til nail?- in
avery form, and it 'ihn?,- r ? ti ie, it wa? Ila dttty
it Congreas t<> ut ??! : 'ii. ? t once m I leere tie
. 11 | ii to nisi me any
., . , ? ? roHei
Ilie ?e were crowded da? :' itonl !.. arty. al.'..
t.. lii.l color? .I men, ho, to all
ra. n ?.a from tin? ?? i . ' "i ana h mia?
chic vom one, and ought not to be on ir ged hy Coagre??,
\'. '?? Mr. i.e m..; d ? ? naoeniai bo .r
md Um ?.ii ???> i .,.. i .. ii. |___a< non .
Til!. TI- MIX.
Tl.e li.'?.>.? ?I?!) mi.t 'nt< i lee of tie Whole on
the State of tie Dnion, Mr. D iin the Chair and re?
: ui. .| (!:?> ( ni,?, (li'iatmn i : tin? I a\ li I, couiuaei.i ing with
:! e pain:'U., h 00 bt?nl l
< motion of Mr. oBBitl Ft. thi paiBgroph aas
ling tbe I
'?Ai ' t e reiui ? n , in i lo be mi le by id li prorident
-hall be made
Ural Ifaodaj of J te iel re ir in ta< b
I manaor ai lyl . . v the Comuiitnioncr
i f Ir.ii r: ni Bl
Mr ___I51 -le.) I I ? adding to it:
?-.ii -, a ,.?. led ? : ? ? lot til ether toxae ba?
il ? .! m, Nut:..n.i. : llD-l li ?IS -!...'! t.cr. liter be leilei!. c.
lected m.I p.i I a tax of? ..t per annum on ti.?
I i gara rise to eon? trebled bate, which wa? pan . I
paled m by Mc-ars. Blaine, V ? i n*l, Kelley, Boot
well. II.'i., Uoichhiis. K__d : : l'e__ayl?_n_a and
Mt. Ham .?ti .Pi.? -. ?.?.?.ityi.f latiaiBf
Hi ly-tim 11 i!' p. ? -.: k?. ii Um i na> ;
. (Jon amonta
Mr. Mi hi.
. >< F?-nu? relief wa?
giri ii to the Ni'n i.ai tn: ka they tn la p? ni. Ho mu*, i
willing to giv? aatai ? wishod (Mt ?ubjcet M
come p in its pt >p? :
I be amendment wai rejected I ! no other material
. .. waa u ada m tin- ? i agrapl.
I .. .ii ? ?i ?:,?:.' r> latin : to tim n. oma tax agatoaai a
... : l_ ? ii.i,iel ali ...li.en.l
II,....'r. ei i-?: g th ; ' " . sin hung mov
-.. in addltli a I doty of three
p. r it nt on tin- eil. - ; . sa o vi |
Mr. Ron til - l msllng Um dis?
tal ten, filaren, I ?? ty i twea?y_t( pet
Mr. Moimi! wing it at his
I on list the lend I ? r :. .; a? on woold
t? i na.
1 , ? Ma . S'-vil?i?. rSoBB,
I ?? .. .i liais m haag el . ?? MaraaanattB, uni by
M.???!?> Moir II and i ' I : ? m.
Mr. ruti; _ lu le mattet af the
. -. lent n g th.? law
? -
Mr. ?tai.i IM- .' -...etidiiii-nt, n:nl tha
. v. . i \ . I.
'1 ,.- au.i : dmei ! ol ! B li .i?!? ; tod,
Hi - i.? .m ii a? prea b1 - da, ont :i t;tv of
fian prr c-ut. on Iboobm ? np to fire t., iui i.d aotlan, und
: ' n prr . at OB tlOM OTOt life tboMBad ilollai?;
;.. ina t.a'tlu- limit ol. te Brat aiz band?
? -i '. rtd tottan,
I i ? ??? ? ? t.'.
Mr 'Mii?..i la. i!l.ret Bl . i.t to niukc? Ihe
if i ' K limita ."i. ap Ij to the u u it ? ar.
I im ?Blendin? ni ?* .? raj. > *? 3.
Am.???.r the d .in- ?deineatiaantingtneoBaea
lhere ? ??'? I. on motion of Mr. Wunoa laarnl.lnoaaa
. - f mil lire, llip
?n.'k, nr iaoaiftd ii tr.le. and debts aieertataea to be
h iitl'lt-?, bal excluding all estimated deprccisiion of
lill: |-__t?MBa.
The Commute?*? her'? ruse, mid the m CASER pt-Baatad n
me.-s-ig?* tioin t M i'rvaident in aiitut lu tlie n solution uf
:'n <?f Apul. ?uuvaticg ??.dilation <t th? proviaioos
ti reference to tin ,rieo__. _. _.._a_.-.,.,, ... tia? Couititu
tions of the totiV ein Stati-, and or ??id l?t#-s of those
si ' '.? -e I - p the ?tiptwesewn of ih? Kehellion, trans
. ar. port li m th? s -cr ? .... State. Kef'tred to
the ' onuaiitoe o
? i ie- ix Tue p_i_bi ? _
The Bfbakbb a ? presented a B_e*aag? from the Preai?
deni, trantnuttii a r? ? ? -.r from ihe Bcci-taiy ? f the
Treaaury laeoKpi mee with tie House waolrtioa of the
I \iuy, call i;_ for li tniii.ut.. D ).. r. Ii nile.? to clerks
..Im the .-.i. i exe ullre ti. part mont? of the
(lavernment. B< tun ii * t;.. t : u nee an IheClril
Mr. KnciifM N V ted *!.- petition of Qootga
I?. H...I...1 .1 otl - ol Ko ghkeepsie. New?
Yoi-, ..skii:;.' lui protecl tin] ..-i State lau? m j
referen? ? toll.
Tha Baan th? . at ?j ?? a rec?is unt.l ?
< . m k t.'.,n 11
'II,.. Il" .?.- r. i - mhl ?' il .?'??. p. ?? . ,i:,.l baillie ta?
? ?. .1 teelf into Corni Iti eol ?'? Whole, reMmeo the
?..: lidstation of thai I u bill ragalattag the
t.i> un il.in.in I
Mr. ?..mun i> 0 I the dasaa reg?,..
latii ?r the m .m er ol ing tin tbOotring:
P atti fertktr, I l.nt the lut? et n?.mci in tlie o-loe? of
the Ai .-??nr n .i i alta,.... i.... io "i" i t i iaspsettan by tl-.o
r i". Hector iball fi.rnuh
?ucb liai? cr s? v |.nrt Hier <ot, fur | iib.u ition, nor permit the
?an.it in H ni.nl:. IlloB.
\ir Pi i i. Iowa) ippo? I the amendment urging Um!
the public ty oi th.-1 ix Hil imposed i rwy lalutiry check
opon tha ianda ?ey to maka taise raturna.
Beret? marnbi r.t ?.r? :. ??.? ? to taodiij ti.o aaaeae__aat hy
allowing the tito tobe . ;. .1 foi publieati. bal the
( ??? ?? r. i.. t ?'. - ".lithe amendment
? ?i \ir. Garth f.l ?a t' en igreed '.?.
Mr Hi K.irN N. Y.. ;.i i ml in ann m1 hy laaialliia a \*t\
rito that no pa__>p(.rt - aed from tha State Depeft*
merl i ? by any united _ itosC'oni aleaa the applicant
fot ?a. I peieporl ?bail ; roduce the te? , t? showing that he
has pani in?, taeome tai ? --.- \-.-..-..-,,.. is,;j.
Mr. Htua.N -aid t!.. I * ii _b|, 11 ol tin? auicuduieut was
? b itodg ra. [Issaghter.]
Mi. M.iiiK.ii. Vt.) said that it -i" .hi be impmcticnble
to curri Hieb I .MOt-tion into effect.
'1 la liineiii'iiiciit win mi >i lad.
'l la .ii?i u??.mi of ths bill waa i ontinned at?<ime laaflh,
and a lane nnmler of a ?. tmentaol aogaauval mtmirt,
and chu tiy of a verbal character merely, wero B-ropoeod
a.nl ui d .1 upen.
Al li l.> o do it, hut inn ?i. lad page 1-3 of the bill, the
Cn.i.u./.lie roc, an.! tb I! ie ad jo ..?d.
iJiAoaAt niM-Kira.
trxitn af ?.aad I e.uph.r. I?, alh mt J. Q. A.
??riflla -Tlajar??t?ea. Hail, r?Hcatcac? of m
I ? s, U'nii.fMiay, May 53, MML |
Attl.eieei id day's lea? D ol the I'raiul Lodge ot'thn
Independent Order of (1 ' remplan bsM?__y.oflesti
wsra eieitiii und inttalled th?? Rob. s. d. Haatlnga
of WisoooaialalBgcalled i the chair aar tha lourth mc
reaaiveyear. To -Bonos laessionti t'b??lit "llttwraTtar
tio.i ... _S Lodge. Ita I ?Xl meet ii,' ia appointed at De?
troit. MtciiigHi., on Ile : r"i Tueeaay in May, If*"?7. A
publie dat-BoMtiaUoa I ok placo Un?'atternouant Munc
J. Q. A. O'tfin, a pt ? ? liuver and politician, died
last night ut hilraaJdeni a 11 Medford, aged io.
The li" te lo day ? urrad with lae s?nato in the
i : ?. lion of B, t. Butler ti M ijof ti. inntaiaf Maaiachuaetta
i i Mai of Gallagl ir, ch?vi^ed with the murJer of
Dsnnli ('?ki y, tho Jury ratnmed u verdict of man
slaigliter. (lallugher waa taatoBtld to the State Priitm
bl I" year?.
iin fe.-vi.% ma.
tn?. .TIeetiag ia < al nor mu -B garie la Har?
n,oni/r the llralhrrheutl.
Sa? I- UV i-r?., Monday, May 21 l?"?n.
Fifteei th?>_?_nd Kei mi issemblod at tlio Peojilo'i
I 8 ? n, to .-i -,i ?iel..finn to the cause of Ire
: .1 to uho their influence ? heal the distension?
g among til Bro .-- ood. Ihe utmost harmony
? 'l
flftictafl acre toOie by Jola llamill. ?State Center;
Cot Walsh, of Oen. S?"?''-'. _.'??", aud other?.
I'?!?! I i|i1onen.
Ai?itTi. Ht . VViuliieitlay. May 23, I?!?")
A tcmt'.riiry ar?enal ecacted ?Her the occupation of
Ma? on by th>-'Cnitid M.'.ti-? inn?? ai a place of depoiit
for Confed?rate ordnance a ma win blown up on Monday
uitiriiooii whilo ?eveml fietin...u ncrb engaged in draw
Ing maaa and sxtrnettag powdit One of the ihelliex
ploded and waa ?juukly followed hy oiher?, reiulting
l.in'ii i. a tremei.di ii? _ aeral rxpfttgioa. Two of the
?i. ??? v-r? bl..?vii !.. i tun i'l.i-a arte
The Great Finaucial Panic in England.
The Emperor's Speech at Auunr.
EiplaMttm Deaaaded liy K roland n|
Ref/ aU?mm%mmm\t Iii tWCCll All' li ?u, fttmrntt
and Italy.
li solution of the Federal German Biet Ictiol
The ('iiba'? nini! urriv-il "t tlii? pn:: la ' ;iit*hf. V ? ni
all Eairipaaa SI tile folio.ii:: extradai
I. re-at li, ii .i.i.
TBB0BB4T BIBAM ' it imnic ? inn sioit'OEoi ? . i B.
Tha Tunen gives li I f ? lo'? rnr al it.-ni' : I of the i rr mi
stain??? linger whicb Owsesjt, i.urney ?V <o. si.?; ? .-.. ?
jai? ment:
i')ver.-ti.i. Oaraev B Ca's Itabnitlea ami-raat to ab?u? i I
?JOii.OX), of which ! ? ' a hi Id 1 - ?
se? uri-y. and ? ' SO 1,000 pi ? i it ...v.-reil ile? oslt r*. Th? p . ?',
, i .?uni i? ii SOO '''s- toe i DC I
la shsreaof B90eecn, on wMeh d - i I a -, ?
I eleelsg pitees thta ei -, g of the i ii ?t-c ae I ?
: ?Bl were tit t ? -', d l-l. Al
??TA3BO.O0O V sold fir a li r !!,? R?ed Will M Hil
, ton-tittitiiinlastAngnet ot t'a limited eoapaav, ti
? :.. .it nctv in hit ease !'?? N ? irdi '1 bi the ah: re' alder? :
! trit-ia'ily loat !? .t :' it the '? ? !
fo tar ta prevent s 1 i ii ii tun aft >-r- in:..- i i
ni) ?f ?ia.ii a, ,.,-:: as t eeast week oi
ttvo. th? Bussgen Bl I ??:inn; -heal ta
? be held tliey wouli! ' rat to ?rover all
losses, inelnlii-a. that Bom the fmi! ?if P I Parra A IX,
, a-:J to ?tirait ?>f ths ?1? lira'i.n of a ?liv It ad. Th?
I ?nvrn bus been the (Mall ? f a r na af ?peen'etlW Missel MM
I shares. Thsgener . isd the eeapaay with ??vi
and. although it-ia? wet! tanwa thal the el! fra, whoee
1 property tait many tears beek iva? reckoned by il.
bad greatly! -. rees !-y i ?-ries* of i.iw..
dsst sjvsweei ?t ? i sileved that those of tha partasis who
re-nstneil to man??'' tbi nee tii-,??.-rn won't Ite-i ..'..rtl .?a
i Bast ths tastaces with an espe :-i aantaat of eaetiea, ewwa
I to their full corisci'ta.-t.ess of t!i > '. . . ?? tic1! they bail
j soJered la the pset nat they have f-.-.f.iy eadesi ?
?loso Is still the genera! n -?tan.? bs?
' tVen ausir.it then l i f ?'?[ eat rec rreneeofd neat ?
affecting the ?s.ett af H.I : ? c- n-t nr:y ntfect'-d tie ri'i -
i mutton ?t the rew nu?, the rv.'.-ri n? failure of 11vei- ?m1
Wstsoa A Co., tbs rillwiT erntraetess, op?'rate't laJarieeaey
from tie ?imilaritv af Basa t' s ! vary fraud of Pinto Vi les
I A Co.. the geaeral hn iBasaaa eeaaasias, and the
I hourly eiprrtntti.il of a I lTO| ? ia war were til calca!*??? le
1 ti-y them t'i the ufr.ost Bel ti e-e is n ? rearnn to ?lo?? l.t t.??
I vrotilJ ?tail bav? warka l threes h I -ni it set b ?a :,,r the pee?
?.ii.nt sslss af their share? < In As soea as ti?a*a
: Sperfltkas hsd brou I a t"a ?i??.iir.' the Beget
! ?tor? be izan to take ulm rr, ita! it length t!:?<lt:iiti t!n? n.nrn'ivg
i becitne too ?barp to he r-u-t? !. Application ?va? m u\, -, Me
Hu, It nf Kngland, but the Qovemnrt. f. ?!' .t -.??eil 1 hi ral ?
i r.s:i like th? pre?e-t li1 ; ' ' ?? ||rr
araaprepared; to helj t becompelledtoeoBi ? ? a
them. There was 1.1 t i to I te my other st"p. sa b ne
tanking a call on the tim.?'"bl n, nraeeking ixi.tas ?fren
cis<lltors?)rkindv?'leitalrii?h-i<er,i? a-rl. moreover the t?"i'? ?
?i-.ftii ,..i? _?? l??e.>r "imiwn torteder na pall *
tire o?rle?. A coori! i ni; It, susp.-??on wa? res .i??.l ,puu 'Iii
Gueitlon aow 1% What It to be done? Ihe ?Utii,_?. ?>i
"t.r :<1. Orrrrier * C?>., will be tl?i-,?Tnel f* the t'.?|e?a.
, sum of etciy otter I-?!?? .?noern ti'at hua lair!? bena ksewa
to bo under presanre in?l of ?r??y Sn'.tin? ?ml fTn?aee ea?m
pit.? whose perilioi baa bees i-un? hy rumor, or ?ali??
i shsfes tnnvlie aaaseted lor the st >ck sTneBaegs.
BUIs ?if parties whose engegemeata are Beenaam ami -?ii??
fort:.ne is believed to be lapte, !i re i.rntily tb li ?It.
rtornsd sad bdI ? ?tepe ere taken tha elsa ?:
the week will b?'ma ' ra seek SS hava crv?. kew
equaled in our eomnier. 11! I tt-urv 11 ?? ?oin en! no? t- ix?
d. alt with I? panie, ?"bec t t t ?? fi. Hire n .?..ia I n? bl g
n.-it leen wrought,und :, ?? | . . ? ? i * tta-siiatesof ti.?se MasSBBM
hais filles io s pallal lo Iib ii. sa fra? tfcsryere eeaearaad
little trjore to Irsed. bal it li sa? fur ti ses wini irprest-ni ti ?
wsslth sad sihtlity of Lo ??:? to : ? ; le ivUtber tue.r saga
it? sad resource? ara bo d ile h e render H it ro*?.i '? '? '
? .lavis? any Bau ? a* steraati g an baisas tar real ibai
mu?t mt i-tilv affect the astrapa i? sM all Ike proa! pt? vim-ml
ceatersefeweeaaeree ?? areli i-out Iniituu mr e?-ioi,i?',
si J forsigs aarfcets, t ..t * II ii ob? lead us to ? pssyeaaiea ??I
pul i.? wura? t i.roagho tt the Kiugdoa ?nah as as awry Bleti -?-t
tu t! rnvr tbons.i:.?!? if p?'' i ? i a of employment. l*-y
Baited action a Isw tia?? ha t ihs-y aight i.tiro sveeted
Hie calamity of to ?lu?, b .t .'ii s . sith - tbeie w^i perfect I.. l|
lessness. Ae time is now pest Bj Is? Bsekmev eeeaesl nss
?iiesl?iin of uction lu ? me ?i ay ma-i be .ti-.itlcil la a lew bon a.
t l? the instantaneous tis-s:t:.!, froii a ?tate of wild SBpaa
ai m of creilit to a to'al ?t. ppage .f a-r- ?lit, tbut ba.? 'irotiflit i??
lu t' I present pass fi ? ii. ti..?iii?-ti?. i of cr?dit In ? ne-v MSI
si,j li'gitimat? ?say cuu abi.ie ?upp.i tb? remedy. Within!
lbs shillitest avoidable Belay, tin libolng instit'itione and
tiru:? ?ho see the jeopurny of ti.? itiuturiil ibooid form a ?iepti
tallon to the Chancel'ir of tin-Kid--?jiii-r, ?ith ? re.|iie?t ti.?I
he should authorise th? |i?nk of K a,mi.I to i?i ?? ti.ta-,? ?i
bealing post-notes in th- shape ot or.lmtry bank post bul?,
c.tli-r ?t the eiu-omar? 7 any? or .'SJ ?lay?, Or ?or any oller
t?ri(Hl ?bat might be c msidi r.-.i h- ii-r. to anyexteat they may
ili-em neoessart ami pet ideal u;>oii u .|uestionab!e seenn'y. it
tins or ?ome unalegoiis re.,U"-?t (te aeeeBed t?i, tiiere win i?
rei-uu to expect an kaaatlali? ?ui'-ni i eo of all unne<?e??4iiai ?
dm as r. If, on the other I a: ?I. iiotln.ig is dono, and isn-i'V
aie lett to trampl? sash ot er ilown, tin- Government will mt
before long that the eSBNMCet ii ?n.l waBBBS retaras ot ,m.
win beef a essraeler very d_eresi from thoie which baie
enabled them in sashsaeeaeatag itu.iip't for so many yean?
past to ooiafratulate tbemse.ves ?na Hi? oation on theeasiuisa
of their ta?k and the unbroken coarse of our material prate
Iii thn llouso nf Communs, ou Finlay. Muy II,
Mr. Disraeli aikud whither ihcr? mu any troth ia the report
pievuleiit out of d ?in that the tin?, i nmriit bad autboriae.l a
ii-lsxation io tb? pruviaium sf tiio iu..k Cuarter Act, Wi'.ii in?
spect to the issue of notes.
Mr. Ita/ley waa also understood to atk if the Governi-enl
were disiKiaed to relax tLete p.-ii-i.-a?. ?un???, j,- they had
not yet -on? so.
The Chaocelor of the BaahSfBai ?a J there wis _o truth is
ths repxirt that the Qaveraaeet bad authorised any tlei at
var?ate? with the provisions o. t ?? Hank Charter Aoi ot li?.
In point of fact, the QevefBBSQi t h ?.i u??t ?rrlt ed at any o?
ciiion un the sut.ji'ct -if tb? i.at" el ti.nig? whick the) ara in?
formed prevailed in tbe city, inil he would go farther ?ml
state that up to witbiu a pea... u two hours, or twe-aM.ua.
halt hours ago, no reprceentatinu ,.u.. leached him fron LI?
city on the subject of t*iat malo ?! till -s Within the last two
hours he had been occupied mi riaa statemeuta aud ia*
formation from very iat! lint.i. p r ? in the city _n?l li 1....1
seen sen-ral of the mort lmpi.r a I alien of th? body of UM
la.n Ion bankers, ami h? . i;. . ??Min si bo coi.a! gal
away from his eagagean-utt m i ?-, to recei?? a dei .ia
ion from the Joist st?? u.a. . information wiacii In
hail reoeived reureaeutuj that t i M im "f paaio and ?i.-t ???
iii the city waa without a ikir.ni--. . ii Buaoclal hiatory i.i.il
th? suggestion mude to him. aad i I d.-ira expressed,wa? that
relief in som? form should tie atto t . At present be had nu
exact information of the io? tal s- r. t things la th? city II
was well known thal tbe re??rv ? oi a - Bank of Engl__<] c< u
t ai ned the greata? t portion uf t. ? 'i-poiiabl? money ?if the
country, and In the time of ext.e - .:.? a, ,od oonatituted a ?ral
mirror of the monetary stste of ti,i country from day to day.
lie should therefore like to kuuu t s pr. eise course of 8WMS
during the dar, but he h.'i?e.i H.at >l *? ild not be ?upp<?aed u
tariug this, that he did io aa if ii e poanble tormt.iy
question as to the position of t.'.o ? uelt The:?-) ii.i-i.ii?
lions which had beeu u.a.I? wer ?, I r ?I, and of in u..li t . .
character; but. at the ?ame mi.., - ? were of a kind, at..I ii ?
quarter from whiob they proce .. , .-untied tbam to ?t..i
waight and the moat cir?ful l u ?, and Imm?diat? ca
?ideration at the banda of . e ?, ? i , neut. However, -i. ?
rery short spsce of time ho mu i .???? enlarged mean? c1 io
formation, and at pr?tent he c. a only sar that the ?tali el
things would receive at euee t careful and anxious at?
tention of theOovarnment. In .- to his honorable Cr.? ntl,
Mr. Us/!ey, be coulil oiay an? , Lad not the least rein n
t? expect sny request of 'he k . in tbe Governors of tee
liauk of England, and it waa h- ot to a-k any .,ac?l.? _?
u (Kin any hypothesis auen u. . ed to matters of uni,
portant s character.
At a few minute? after 10. ti .cellor of the Kxt ka? M
stated that the Hank of li ! a authoritte-1 to ?..-i -1 I
the Hank Act. lie .aid, in re, Mr, Beasley, that b? bad
already stated early io the se t he had received isbss
senUtioDi from the private bal *ith reipeot to the i-st-a
ordinarv state cf thing? la t i that day. Hehtc?"'*'
received a Jttputatiou from the . -. -.ck banks, who?e isasw
ten tanoni an more urgent n ,, . d anilolpated. iitu-t
liso ii:.cm then received a Bill I ol tue operation? ??' Uta
n?ok of Koglsnd darioi. ib.- s?, d foand that in tbr i ....t
desire to lustsln ths comme o- . couulry, sod to |.? ?? t
dissster they had ?xiei.did I ans to ?sum Msaewbat
exceeding Bl.000,000, ?ml i,a ... ,i the hanktnj: r?n . ???
by a sum el.aely appro.cbi?r' I - "dmiitg ?be raena
from ??l-JOliO? to a lit- ' *4*?'.'*V' "?"
..ate at '? S, . I' - 0? ' .' '' I??'*

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