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Caatlaved from First Tase.
M ' '" ' _._*
an? A * b[ ti
?V_ta M', r Wh. Psiaaa, A %. Vim Newbem, N. C.
was indorseil. .__.
Ornea Parer C. S. ?nd Br B. P.. he., J
NawBlRS M I Apill *i. 1088f \
Th? Ineleted i-rrr? rf a?"?de, te :??ar white ,t)|?? *." ? __re??iii io
Cy r??ilr ????' ?????'?' ' '*? * Pal ?-?' __ . !.
?rd I ta. and ll.r wl. I? ni.ar wa? !|.t>- ,0 ?r?rdnirn in [arin.nt?
?find ?.Iel I- *?"?--,artlriiii,tl*D.??itrr.ri.t. Mfie
ever t: ? ltd for lu my " aeturni
ta It? I ia_?s-Biy ?.enera!,?..._ _'lr.-.ed.
lui' A P. st?:,?;, CapLtadC B V, . . A.-t r> jpt, ?f.
1? " -'''? >AtkE (?ABr-ira lit Lt. tu ii At' tih .
M t and A. A. K, Orri
Brtvft KaJ r I ? s , y A. Q M. wto wai directet. to
__ve.ligr.ie t>.s?errported irrtpu _i:tiea, say.:
?^.Vivs- Saft?.-ng Con lil.?try fr-r Vlr.'nit m* Hath
'Jj"* '?"** ?** " ? -i.'h luveiti.tti'i-a ?t hetla i .t t jr-J" r
?Bdiit. .Iiaeut? v.iiia?- I.LJ ol Ce iiaiteti ifjf.r,.-!? In! r t?-. : rit
ti ??..lil, ?-?? .. .? aga? wa ?aiitti-d Ut? ?ti davit ?a? not to
?? belevrd ?adai <at!i. ? ? ? ? ?
"I '???(? ' ?'il It t?.e a.iine,tirr.e. th? dt!e of wl '.- h I?
? <l|' ???'- ert'i r,l ?'!..? wl. te .,or ? ' I rrr . r |. r btr'el?)
Wm ? ii ..?????o ! y I ?? L Rotekrk-i s asali? t irr un?-.-. r. ?I tri? ??ore
?I I*. Mitti i. ? a ti ? ?-, ut .1 i*>?t ? e brown w?? s? itood il I
lo? tie atredu.eii tii-i : -. ,:ig tl.e diilrn uce ii. ti
?otley M M.
ii? . ? .... laate me and lu;iLer t.'.-t
' ' ?I i Baaekrai ? ? ?i d lal
ta ki cw.?djr i : I a t tasks U wai - antea .? ????
8 ho.e n-ntier 'c-.v?ver lia the leaded ?'
ki?nt t-iBuandiir aad ?ers not d
aaae Barana 1 a.oeerely trott t! toftheini -i.
ant.' t: bj Bi-Urt j asou?nieCafd, Rose?. B *? rred
it- ,'. the *_r ... 5 ?.t. -??ai gita', r?.?,. L..I il.tj ??
Btain _? 00 bit :, ; ,.; -.: ;,
-, Commlesloae?whlehre
Btee to 1b?*J ?Riven .;,???? Biemr.il?)
aga i : M1 . A short
time jjiaarca?. to theil ?. Bade cob
? ' atti ra tbi re anil M .?..r Seelj re
%tral?dan oileO] tri in W? t t. Li..kn ?
lill iBTfaTbiT.atltiii i aMigaed fer tti.t , Ai!.non.
et the T. ?t. c, ? !.. ? ted for datj, and waa a* ea
l.rt ltl*B**l r ? . ? lied I"
Bessert ni the post ici:.:-, iii'.i r 1. \ :i ,-..i t ol' t*i?
Btrlb V , - a initient
h.ar.i |,ano ,
Ilga Lad I. i a ..- ? ! -ison or Icrwcr_ed to un . I
landed by ???' - nrd wa?
? *ied in Tin y. y H-o'J*f May I [netthal
tter win -ret tbi
na?-' -bed in Tkt ?t. Y H-o'J o' \ taet thal
the ir.iilter wai with a ? em to .-.irrect th?
n? ? uinplalredof. is a sot! the Mo ran. A
fa I re, art o? i
"t.Bill ., i. ,........ . .
It sppesrs from tie fn.lu.gi o? t!..? Board liai none of t!ie
ahuries ?aro IBilj * ? ?..:? :??? par!
ty tL? ? M
_4,rr??.t m )!at.iK lhat a great deal of what * li
the a.-c-ard resaiieil from prejudice. Still, ae tliT-r ?
Be til' 1 ; :
T.'r i :in .rai; linti ? to dil I '? plsee,
Tboreats f?.r lii-se-lnta tu.d farden? fealled m thi
at the CoBaiaslonsr ' Fita tase? , were collected la
who with ord 8-? : ? ..f t! e !" t tern
| . . , laide !
Meat- -ja veri.?
m? i'. 'lo k,e; fir -, Dags :-inc!eai!v coial t. i to pi..rd
the pe? pie agi ?at r vide a hospital
for thi iadifreu ?fa to bl r- ' r ? I oh] and
ehurti.ee urre the dalia iaciuaiMBt ea Ihn Barn** As
aany ol the pi'??.r noif ....
it wa? .
lae Ve ripease iaooi
pa ?1 th(?e -? ? nr.?', ?tere proud of the :
?hey foraed al - g ? am.unity.
Th* tea on Made, ??:-??. lela oorrcei ! with ?iniilnr tasa
In ide c.'j '? I : ?n? no1 intended tust any
?? . .._ti.i ua.it ihey eonid not emily
Tit ?! ?;.' ' .on m?tle of 11* find, (hm ohta ti'd lia? been to
flifrt.? ? m ttlei-4. ? >'. nar! of ! -
Baa bi?
ll. . I lae 1 M B ?? pi a ila
th.- " ait u.. I have euaiaed enretallr. and la*, until
Ike le? t m on ti the ii -Idental t-t;-- nae. bad been (?aid bj II a
p?tale the Bareaa waridlaa ra
?enjeel saaa-tss 8sr th* sieh\m ! .??.uni. If for any lou?; p*
Timi' :.h. b?-?7i. exercietl by tl.i-?)..peii:.t
#1 eerie* itra ; , nadS to
i-mrt to oflee, sfthei 1 y tie people or the teact.( ira ii?
log r.ear
a selbi poa by the C
og l'uivu o Trt-i d'
La this paragrspl *l.er? ?re sotxe n..teniepti ?n li'-h are very
a ? tras that Mr. -leyden in an
? ?ui| iti-?..'ttii Wbittleav any more than the ooadaotors
t . Irmea of a raiinail in Vliinie are mv ein; Iry?-? becaute
J owr. ?loc* in that railroad-, or than ttie Uni- S i-.i t.i'i n. I B
Vn. od C?a*?
attalwOnre-om? I Pond?, im! am ti i? Intareaied la t'.
,r,i|. r irnrmoT-i : : r.f the Treasury. It 'h BOttrae that Gen?.
Ide??. .lilian'. 1 . srtoB reci-'v-'d lae itata-MnU of tho ca.-e
srvio Ali. Jiittite bimi
Mid i i? s:at?-ici.t previously made in wiitin^ is <_ut< : I
Il.? ..<t tine that t'e fieedrnan. when eif aping from the
gat rd leda wha t. t? had been placed to work ont hi? ?eu
tt c , ' ?a? j raaed bl J?::if ' ir thal he ?in? fir don by
B?>. i whe* ' nil . : ? -? t<? ir?? the mer ii: ? Baa**.
Ties i t- aies of t.t-.C amn ?t ? ne? muy be excusab.e on the
g1. ? .antill? ?iii a t! at-, i.uitig tti WHi.t ot llti.e, ta it
*ti i? into -.be matter. The fart, in the cate are painful
ea< u.-h ?ithont exj|rg,ration, are fullv ?et term in ti I
el i-t.t. A. Coat., v B.C., w-ou) 1 order-d la torest f ti
thr aSali as toon a? i ? iiible after sridei ea ?? Ae o! ta!
tLi f i Unaawssj. I r aal repart waa forward? d
toMn.aC, ?? Rngei licpartnient Coinmauder. for tu. action
ttcriOn s? tr.t i ? ??? doei not come witiilu the jurisdiction if
th< ?rediaeo s l^areau.
Ii.? .'ollowlic is an txsct copy:
Yanki-E Ha- l Farm Pul Co.. N. C. Msy 7. 1W.
l-jl T A. rSl ELY. A W At, Sept. Bureau of R , ?-. and A te,
bill In acvordonce with oiders received fr"jt??_ __,i??
Hafth?aa.,1 r?T? the loner to sno'mit t_? i?l?oVing report
W the farts eonr.eited with the ?hootir? and killirj of a col
sred man natrej Ail .rv Reel !y a white man named David
._?,yi?en at Yan??'?- lia.. ?'irui. l'lil Countv. N. C, on the lOtb
day of _I..rch. >" . A'ei'tiiy Keel wa? s laborer on the farm,
a?! . u th? ??th day of March a? was arrested for breahiug
lot? the storeroom ail stealing clothing therefrom. He wai
t*k.i. before Horace James, As?t. Supt. Burran of IL, 9. and
A. L. for Pill County, and by bim sentenced to work in a
Bitch on the south ti le of the river, and another laborer working
In lb? .ame J'id. a a? furnished with a pistol and was order od
lo ?hoot Keel If he ?ttrmi?ted to escape. Reel, however, sue
seeded la mahina his acspe from the dite!, and galm d thu
rwaaip. No ."?j-i-h was made for bim, bat on the evening of
the tame day | M.ireh IO) !.e carne to tb? banh of the river and
balle',? a man who carried bim to the north an- of the river.
Two laborer, tcnmed Sam. Ohmes and btcpi.ea Wllsoiu
lal? w io ir that Keel wa an escaped prisoner, went to Mr. Boy
S*b it ho wa? Superintendent of the far_>. and t??ld bim
tLat Reel wa. down at tbe river. Mr. I>< vden took his p.etol
la hi? band and started to resrrest Kee), ne found him sittlos
fey a fire a ?bott dlttai.ee from the river. Keel .tarted np a_a
ran to the river. Mr. Hoyden ordered bim to ?top or be
enid ?hoot him, bat Re? I i lunged into the river and atti nipt-d
hot i:ei i
Mr. Bcjil
Sa ?Wim aero.?. Mr. Bcjden ordered bim to come back, aad
Sold him that there wa? no chanoe for bim to get away, and
thal if li? did not come bach ha would ?boot him. Keel paid
no attention to Mr. Boyden* wnrning bot kept swimming
Beroi, tbe river. Mr. Boyden then fired a ihot over hin. a_3
Kalo ordered bim to oom? back, bat Reel kept on and Mea
t in the darkoea. wbsn Mr. Royden fired another shot io
the direction that he had teen bim last. Mr. Boydsn than lis?
ta?ed and m ha could not bear any sound, he oanie to tbe con
elssn n thai he bad eltner killed Rael or that Re?l wm float
at. Mr. Bordea then went boree, and on th? following day
arch 11) he reported the affair to Horaca Jama?, AMlttant
perlo tondent B. R. W. and A. L. for Pitt Coan ty. Mr.
James ioveeturateri the cale and made a report of it to Capt.
9. A. Seely. Snnerlr tendent Pattern Diitrkt. North ( ari.lina.
?On tbe 25th of March a dead body waa found -oati.g la tbe
river, about K10 yard? fro? the place where the ?bootine oc
?urred. This body was recognised as that of Aisbury RtsL
(I was then put into a ooffin and decently harton.
These are the facts connected with the ess? coro-illed from
the ?t-tement? of all persona, white and black who know any?
thing of the affair, and vouched for by the ?woru te?t:i_oriy of
Baaiiiil Ouate* and Stephen Wilton colored laborer, on iba
tarra where the caae oocnried. The teitixooy of t.ete mr o I
rook io full, and herewith inclose.
1 am, sir, very respectfully vonr obedient .errant,
A Ci'ATS tint Lieut IsthReg. V. R C
Official oopv. Asa Bird Oabi'X-B. First Lieut, and Adjt. 7th
Reg. v Jil nilli. A. A. Oeo.
The CominiMiouer? hare but little to ssy re.pecting affair.
*. Klnit? n.
Oa the Jd lost we left Ncwbern far Uoldiboro, and ob the way
Btorped at Blattoo long er.ou.h te le?rn tbtt ? ipi V? ht?.er ?gcat tor
lb? Buirtu at that polat. ii ensagrd in working * iar|? ciantatlon oa
kB ewa sccouut, and en ploy? ibrreou quite ? number o? ireedmen.
Tbey learned one fact, respecting which it la ?'lfticient to
say. that Cspt. Wheeler is not in the military servio? of the
V. 8., and mas only a few days Agent of Ins Bureau at L*ius
t*n, dering the interval between to? master out of one officer
and the aaigoaent of another. Having been previo..!? in
the servio?, and being known at a lo.?al man( be wm reciuettrd
lo tah? charge of tbnt sub-district tempor?r).v.
The next snblect reported npon Is ss follows:
[Hera follow the charge! ?gainst Capt. Gla?l? ]
Mr. Olavia has ban more bitterly opposed and abn?*d tbau
any c_cer In th? Department. On one occasion be wes
threatened with mob violence for dsfeodisg tb? ohsracter of
lady teachers of freedmen who bad been assailed ia the public
ariata. Ha any have acted in some icstsnees ra?_!y, but fas
jh*s Shown great energy and diiigeno? in the di.charg? of bl?
Butha, and his honesty I have had no reason to doubt. AU the
Government property transferred to bim has been properly
?ccouBted for. and the retained oo| ie* of voucher? could have
matt .?en by ?he Commistioners In lu. oilier. The clothing
tatra?ted to him by the Freedmen'? Aid Society eon.l.te" In
??rt of blanket? marked V B, aad was disposed ?1, a. h?
?ate?, by authority of ths Secretary of that tScoistv. Mr. Kitis.
Io confirmation of thi? ststement I find in The National
?V?<??_?? published In Nsw York sa acknowledgment of re?
ne! pt. from Mr. Olsvis. sod a latter Ima. him. ststiag that he
and made sala of clot-i-g from time to tims at nominal
Tan catii receipts of Mr G'.?vu ara found on examination to
Bave been d'JBi ti ob account of the Ireodmen* Aid Batilslj.
?ad ai'?6 V lo Bass and fee? no ?ijixmnt of the K'treati. which
Batter ?am wa paid inte the Treanry of the Bureau lo fall.
Tike BUitake of the tomm:aionsrs seemi to hare arisen from
aonfoaoding th? two ?ccoqb?.
Tbe foUowiag U from a letter dated Ooldboro. May 10. I*?'.
Es1 -.en Lere. auou| whom are tho?? who m iht I'cion iri_y op
ti e R- ?e I i t.rrr that much prill? ii da? the sfti-?ri la
ml Ilu-aji al till tnr?m|houl Ih? btitr. ?r. i ei; - nPi to Cli?, ?
lavii a? l|*ul .1 Iba pit?.?, wbo and/f trjiu) (at. .-..'ai earn,
ht oilar o ,t o.' htot ?ad i-pp'antaJ with cinBdmce ond rom I
?aatlve . riualert m? io-.ot and .Sjeet i??bii_. eiaeas the lieediuei.,
?iot?i.tbt??nd.n| th? f? ? ?hit nniw of a? asssnr?. sad it Wen? any
act btv? tiaaii a ?c ordui'-e with th* crimintl -ode ?f Nortl < tro ant
?Batted a-ir.j| li., 1.? a loo ??a rjini ( i.spitli Oltvn ti in In
la!'1jent rrtrrVlc m4 liithlal oiler. With |ra' reipect your I
eSaSB? t.e.-TBB-i.
Day k Vainlarburf 'tei? .t n. IO fr?ediii?n, t? iliu. to ?a'lr? etilt
fartioi (?.f.i.??1?n-,w ( mpJ' 't fell ?? '1' T !! . well Mbtoi '
ft 'J' I it. a .'?! .. ' ? ?
?oho Rf *'. '? f" 'Vs.- i K If md Dei-l'y Bli-i ? ? <i Vii |
lu? bra ?rly ? p in.-i ?i naliahoiy,
-? J lu! v in 'nr njiin're ?.pr-.t*d ib M
?callie? and t.-itri.tl-ini ?? ' ?i < - 'I ??? s? P t?B1TI
Capt . . loder |
" OBI i?.'.i-iT An H sa OiKn.xt? PirstUeui id?.
Bael. V H l t I ?>: katiti Al
Ano:!. ? the Mayor un.; o?L.'ri itrengly
cigea ti ein ntioB-fMi Olsris ia hisipreaBl^puaitioa.
TI,? l r?t.i?ly r..i'(. the tVilmi-gfo'- agsnts.
In an o/flci-. pipei lo.'faid'. ? y .?tu r,t_c? May 19. M ?j,r
Vilk u foiiew.
THsmt . :. \ I If -??? ' ::?? i .
? ? ?. r. A*I? .-.i ..? >
-\ .io N (' If .
C"! AMIS Ki rHBBr.iBI? S',i.t'l,."iJtr.t Se
fini I bars the honor I k? the rtcelpt of your
aoniiaini'-ailon of the Kth inst., uslltn* my sttentmnto an
nfllelal report of ii?n. bisada.an and Fullerton to ?ha Beere
tsry mt Vf mr io al?i?b lieay ?tala that 1 "explained lo them
?A* ma'-gPf* pt mJiftwkJ i__BV??H (i???-?t-* tv is?Il?l Ula ros
trr-ct" hy gamttoga bal aad (' 'in ?not* them aal fining ttr?
la work ia tb? ?-?eta af W.'n ii? c< n." lu prpljr. 1 " ?jj
I ' ? '
- * Tc n *
i . ? , -, -,
? i .
chain g?Bg?, or b.lHai.d cL?i_? Wui made by eui er .,1
tbetc gentlemen or myielf during? _T eia_iiuation l?t-f??r?
theui, I at-, Colonel, wy rctpc-* ,fui|.. your obedient ter
?ant, ena?- i, wMV_aa__;
?irt. Me). ?>p j a. A. (,( ua ?_d A?8t. Supt.
A Mat Bat?**. Ami?) Ilnu' bictj?, liri. Col L'. 8. A' end
Said r-xjutheru -Mt N, ,-.
Off.i.-l copy Ai-a Um?-, GABBarBae, l'-r?t Lieut, and Adjt.
!'. C. Hud I A. A. (Jen
di. Kui? rrford ?o 'lorae? three pope?-?. ?.? follow?:
"TI.? ?Ullin pajaer ?r. r?--??. ti... y ! i ? a -.?.al tu t.revet Bl!? Oen.
Wblttleaey, Aae-ir_i ( __i*?k-ei i ? Nertb ( aro.nu. Car 14? In
foruutli n with ? r. ,|unt lhat, n* he Hunk? proper Ihry be forwarded
to M ?jo r (Jen, b. I). Howard. I have ?udeavurrd to aeceiliin if Hie
f ,"?.? >? itite- in t!e --'a-.i.- S.i?? n u,,l ? , .1
t. u. 1 ha fr. ?du en bad kata ?eni.-iu-rd tu wa.ik m kbt ek k.
- by M ?i ?VI 1.1-'.an., ??re ia , l.?ti'n.ad.? d.!.|eul iu.,'i.ry
nan uf, clt'.trui and otbrr.. and can hear ?f no ?aad r??e.
A Lim Ki'TiiiaioBD,
"Brtvtt Col ?i,d S.ip t 9 mibt n D >'n t.
"OBiclalirrv llirrd A?a llittt? OaSM-B
' rtnt I..eat. aid Ailj ii "th V, Mt., ?nu A. A. A. (,
Ti.e ?liiTu u'ty of aaforolag ?aaapllaaaa with ooutrnot? on th?
pun of iiriaiuiBD waa titi by planter? to I e verj^eriom. Many
. ? liMtiaa? wara made lo _c la n--u.. mine -Acron the ?uti
j.ri; a.t-ird nilly, the foiiowmi- aa-B(rapfear_ laoarporaM
i tai im Ciretuai Xa l, Curreut bene?, dated lUleigb, N. (.'.,
II. TI ??? f freel? ?a baring mow mi?r?l hil? ?olnn
tary contrai I? with i rort will
? barg? ni UM fHifiti-irt aaiumt'd.
Ill ?- . ? ? . . mrfally inv?aiia'Hta-d ?nd frtud
?r m.kin I trau')'.i i,t will b* joally ?pani. ?a ?no v u.ate
ii ? r?piploy?tiwitbent|ai4aaaaa -?iib?
err. ,ti I. (r ??! tiul j ni -tied hy tinet. inprl.nnniei.t ut Invo! intaary
labor u| ? foi o.mc'.iou, ?ti.a-ie
?-..?h era. - m Iba] vu.un
. y ?lad honor?!).?, ai.a] ti.?-, i umpuiauiy labor ia en
er t fa r r ..
lii-f>?r.? it wi,? Bob i.-'.t-.i iii? ?irealaj ?rai raHarra. la ti)?- Da
i Couiinundei-, <n bo expreotud to lue id perion hi? ap
probal ?jil
it .? irri-at!? lo _I credit el tl.u fioedmr-B*? tlmt In b'lt very
fa'w in- ...inee? has It iieeu n.-i-eianry to make nrr?-?t? for vinla
tloo of coBtraota Tbaoi ? piaaa?aa fur ?? 1 tuve been in
Ubiaisil?arbaraa *'?aala-?*aaB*nbai lorn orgaata?ti n Balla
burr, in the Western I?i?triet, whiah is de?eiil>eil In the "re
? mc,tie..' Tl.i'rc, ut lia tiliiO of ihair
t -it ? -i ai i. mu? raii'itun alibi bar? aaaa tin hu
"gan?' at work upon the ?tree;?. Cul. (uley ??ure? mo
tl.u! bl told (lou. Staadnaa tun. lie hud tOth U uri/aiii?liou,
?nd that Gea. St ?pi i?_ alaratiraapprafal.
Inthi- uni.;:." I will i|ii(itf? n iciiteiioe fr?.!n the oonv?r
ItttlOli .: .-?Mini? ?lall) tullin.I'll 111 VViIiuiiil'.hii,
, . i r? [' rival ! y Mi *l. I.. Winlaton:
STianaty-lt ?h?a been tinned that BMaaaf Din I'-re?i rffl-ara
h?ve i-f? n ii.ii re-li-J in ?lent?- i ?, and 1 ree ? oan*- lu d hi?i k men to
' . theui. I hue ti."ii l"!d thal i- r I ?J lid Bal
mott tot ihriia, tliry !?r,id tl.rm i: to cbaiB-gBBgl tad tatt I
.lum i'! pal!, of
Iba V' ,e.|
NllaoN?I have irret heard of cur Initiree (f the kind.
iBcloding moarba of tba "report ' aader ti?baadaof
"I"'. '. .if the Svetem'' nr.d " Arbitrait Power of the Hu roan ?
unit?!' uitiiirthuti in ;? ' it m nut ?barga- bal
1 'li't ,1. tliui .
? al Ii bor n gnlatloaa." aad bat atti _pt*d to "enan a
low rale of wane? U) llie irreal dotti??Bl uf tried?M."
Win? ti.? tra?, it ?raak* be li?earl la m? how ?neb
' act o-i W?tai Mag tbeoj into **e -petition with the
em/-ii? who are emplovmg freedmen. ' Hot tho faeti
I ore dirn-t.y the reverie'of ?.??(? blata. Tbaag- i-por
; tone lb? oltlseB? to mab? labor rrgBlatloaB and to ii tba rn-.r
i (f ?V:.p..'.?, I bat? ?I - '. .-all- ni.., .
.1 tb? tv ,:..:.:... i.lrJ ti lit fm-u'inen ?heulil Im.
, - hen tba aal ira m I obllgatl ni <>f on
: '1 he mre of WHire?. ii ha? In-en MBBtaat?r all'.rnied, muet be
1 irtiii'iut'd la? lb? law uf tii|v -.? Hiial du 'I'll lu ? a,ni, nari? ..f
til Btl I, ' IB '- I? " lb-IB I 01 ' "I ?' a'i. li?. Naj 1U.0
Bl alike.
A? t.? lb.? "iiil'iliary inaiiT aai tlu? lli.reiiii." it need utily tu
j to .'n'? ml t!iHt it is unliliiry pu-ver. ??Lu h eau in'ti-i li.? ju-ti
n t! .? i lei ?if iieeesaitv. The ?in.le Imii
hi litii.ry iniHi-r? Balil'iocl. i? ti c ii pcaiition of a I l io! I
I :? g BDOtl r 1. ( ( dal in. l!
? intim?!' .I li ii Um ?... Th..
fi.'.'ain.an Alkmsaiii, haiwaver, apiicali'il to me on tl.c 00aad
" pliniihineiit wat too teier?. IWNta t" ?.lui tlint in
u yJndij?eattba tanataoi a - ?tlrtarrei-. In geu
er.!l. iha' " rc|oi; .-iilaii?. S-( ai.m.,n imii 1 ulli-rli'ii die?? not
I ?t-lbitwltb?ny fairni ? tb? "workiaga of tho _Vaat_aaa.
i liureau ' in Hil? 1 leimrtmi-nt.
They ai ?da aait?r a ''tborongh ' nor ?n "Impartial li
. ' 'llirv v.?,;i al Ml? ?iv i ) of im? fort]
i tiu-ta and ?ut.-ili -t... ?iirttt'i. Tl.ev
Or lb? lia'ta-l i li,, ill
..? . ? ?>? thoo
? ali w.nth ni n!-aii'luned ?aia?-t M-ich were held for a
? ii nototrad iatb?ir ?traita.
T1 ey iTiak-no nieiiiiain uf B?ratbM t?n thourtaurl (lO.OOf)l
Odtes of " dilbctiU* btl Wen fi eeilim n ur fn-edmen nr,\ ?
ttat hive been adj-isti-d. They gtta BO i-r?di? to Iii" officer?
?tba bar? tee nd et plor_.nl f... a . :- .?f alert.' ne
n fagi. ? itLaJ, b li.t?- ;.ir _aaj bp_radi of or; haua, an.I ?..
a?tp.'i(l?nr,- und cou.lort.? fur more il.au M 11 ? ]
?a* liol!.in?.- of th? j rol?otion ai i awi?i in? ?Bmrdad ka or.: ii
tarli g i nd ...iiiiiiiiiiiiiii-1,] ?ihoi.i?, artthlfl laaafean and ii ,?? I
t b ima
The rtn; u-ork of the Jlurea?, which hat taxed thi energy and
the patience of ni! lui.! i-rlrd with it to the utrm ?t. li
by unnoticed, ?nil direct their ei.tire effort? to the d|?wi?IJ
of funlu??t,d after oil of their f?i,i led dieioverir*. they moke
i o ('l?t'iiet and open clara-.?, but content themrt-lvra with in
tiRiintioiiH and iiii.J. ? lure? ?*1.ich teem interided to dcfnine
officer? whole recoid hua hi?ierto be? n honorahle, and who in
no reipcct are Inferior lo tho ' ( a?___aar?* ti tit in r u.a.
A? t'.. . i a.f iii? " ra
i- i.l in.!;. I", n ?rdertil, I will Bal* BB1 t' at my enrnea.1
desire i? tiiiii if rrar f-rc.iily idi?r?af>? ??_? ell'.-,, ni v ?nd mt
fnlnuii of the l'reeihiien'a llureuu. \>rv iei.;r. ,:'.iullv,
K. WlliTiiII?.,? llr.'vtt llrig.-Oin. Vol?.
i_t_i:lal. Acting-A ??t.-A.Ijt -i.eneral.
_r?f:_ Hay'? Pr.erediaga of Ihr ? onventio?
Slate _ailrend? ? Krranilruriion lt??ol?i
Iiiiir.ii, BT. i'.. Taaada*. Marla, IB8&
The StMe Cni?vi-niiuii tatt n -I _?*-_ toa _l_ d_j of
it? proceeding? to-day. They have entered upon a coutao at
It'la-islatioa and eonititntlon amending, whkh if coutiuued,
j there it no telling tim It a ill end.
I Atuoiig the lui?.ne.?? (niaaed ujkxi to-dnr w?? the granting of
the uie of tho hall to the You.g bf?B a Cbrlitiaa A?
in relation to a ceiutlcry far the to-fcduruie dead ?tout lui
An ordinance tutiienjing Slate and countv tuet for the
period of three nioi.th? lu ctrtain dii-tiicti di-vuitiated tv tie
late wari an oralinai c" to tecure the righi? iifciti-?ii? ol North
Carolina to the navigable water? of their State, an ordinance
relative to sulanei and fee? of State ntlicert, an ordin?re?
creal.Lg the nil,ce of Lieutenant-Uniciin.i, an ordinance rela?
tive to the number of junien oi the pence, and auottier ?wiro
printing the ?um of gi Oil tot the relief of the people of the
oountiet of I?_!heri(iid and I'oik. BBBM of whom aie repre
tented aa be.og in a ttarving condition, uni reaoiutlur.i of
iivmpathy, condolence and re.peet for ?uemben tf me (.'obten?
tion who died daring the lite adjournment, were preeented.
Among tb? miportint bnaineei trinan, ted v. ii the introdne
tion of a reiolntion by (?en. Alfred Dockery of Bleh??ad.
firopoking to aell to WBMllbl? capluliat? Hie vetted right? of
he Sta'.c in certain imlroaJ?, a-ipetia'ly ?itU regard to the
lmet conttructed or now bein?; eoualtucted. eai.ei lally wltb
the ???jw of ri-rlvii.a the project i.f a tro'ik railroad from Head?
fort through the .tat? to ibe vailey of the Miteitrlppl, ria
Cleveland, Tenn.
The mover advocate?' bli B8_a_a in a ipea-cb of conilderibl?
length. Hy adopting the n.i-aiur? they would bo giving $5,
?JtXi.llJO of an product ne capital to attuio gli.ttju ttrj of oro
ductiv?. llo bud couveried ??lib geullcmen ?ho lately vuitt-d
ibu North, aome three week? ago. but before the itrii.ganry In
the Northern money market? who converted wltb (?iii??lut?
who Intjiilred whet!.er North C'iro'.liia would ?nrrender her
right? in State road? if they would vomplete tie work. He nn
dentood that N?w York arid Pennsylvania had made ittnllar
proi?iaili and that Virginia waa in futur of luch a pra ji ' t In
her own behalf lie thonght it wa? ?the duty of BT?rj liring
patriot to advooate and forward ti.. :. -?ruare, if practicable.
The ?abject canted the offering ot nu nt-rout amend.it?
and a wordy dltcmiion, in which much St, to lectional Immm
wat exhibited. The matter was fluallv ici ?rred to a commit
The next matter of Importanre was the ?ccond read lug of
the preamble and reinlutioii? in regard to v hat ha? been done
and what ought to be done to reiture ' * State to luii atril
The preamble and retolutiont w.e nreiented by* Mr. A. it.
Mc I ?aiiia !d of Moore. They a-. aa follow?
ii ?errat tb? rillte Conven'!' .it iii brit ?...un pined ?nch ordl
nincea M were then conaldr ed ueceeaarv to aecu,? the rnatoratlou of
th? ?tate to the federal 111 aon, viz. Au ordineuc? derlarlu? baili and
TOidth? ordlnuce of aereaalon, in ordlninc? prohildliiii BlaTery in
tb? State of North (aro ina, and au oldluwi, e prulubiiiii? tba pay.
mud of ali pubi.t debti netted or incarred lu ?id of the late Rebel
li-u wh.ch oi lim-,t?. hire bren duly ral.fird by the people of tb?
S'.ta, ?ud tie Conreutinn then tork a BBMBI 'intll the fo irtli M iday
lo May. lit? hoping that by that tim? th? Prrddent would be an
thorlii- by ( on|T?aa to declare the Slate reetored to her former poli?
tl?n In the I ni an. and that herRepreaei.tatlvet would be adult lad to
?rata lu ti.? COTaJNM of the Trilled State? . therefor?, b? It
Httolttd, Tint tb? people ot the Hute bivi mmileiled their loyalty
to the ?Jenen! (?overn_.eut by recdily li opting tb? teruia au||rat?d
by the 1'reaident throu|b ti.? ProvUlouil U?Te.Lor, upen wbitb they
hoped to be idn.ltted into the Fed<?rtl ti.Ion.
Hu trrd. That thia Convention hive done ?11 th?t Wta thoufht
nee??airy lo b? doa? lu ord, r that tb? good people of North Carolina
ml|bt be reetored to the full enjoyment and elerie? 0f (be rlilit? ?nd
' privilege? ?ei-ured to theru by the Conitltution of the t'niled ntaJ?e.
I K'uJrtil. Thtl the Convention ?nd the people of tbla State de moat
j earnawily dcetr? that whatever obetaclea may be In the way ahould be
re_loved, that the Sitte bl reetored to her proper pu.linn In tb?
?_OT?rnineiit. ?bal her RapreaeutellTea b? admitted to partiell ate lu
th? round!! of the n.tlon , that her cUUen? b? welcomed lo eurround
the altar ?4 ?at a "rniaitui country erected by the patriot? ol ti.? llevo?
laltea acal tba?. In common wltb tim lill?eua of the otbrr BtaUte, tiiey
may d?dt< ?te themarlvee um? to tb? Conttitottou ?nd th? tjulun.
ttttrdttd, Tta?t ? Commiltee of Hw be ?ppoioted by the Preildrnt
?I ?lui Conventiori to OOlde ? I'r?. dent John.on euri 1,1, Cal,Inet.
ead ilao with the iiieu.lirr? of ( oitrr.? n,d lacertiin if potaiiil? whit
dilticu l.eiare in tbe way of i ap. rd; n-.toratioi. of the oillaeua of
the-late to then rlcLta e.d prirlleie? iu th? Union, ?ud that they
report the ?au?? to ti... Convention at ?n ??ily day.
Bnoiifd That the 'iovernor of thia State bt re?-ii?ated tolnnimll
? oopy of tbeee ieiu! .i.i.i to Preaident Jo!.mon, ?ud Mt , oplet to
lh? Praaldenl of the Senate and th? S-.i aki-r of the ?loua? ol Hrpre
??ntaiiTM ol th? Coe titi, of the I'nlted State..
Tb? ?nbjert mi., on motion, made the ?pocial order for
Juno 1, at lu o'clock.
It lia? been atccrtalned on a pretty cloie cunv?a? that (he
?trength of tb? Convention li dunlea! a? follow?. There are ii
nltra Union men who will vote ?olid for Union rueaiure?, S.
other? who will voto for moderate l'uiou mt-aiure?, -I-of
Kebel proolivilie? ?nd ai-ntlmenta.
iittr. Irnlen _| Home.
Ja-I'BT -wv, N T.. lueaday, May ?9, IM_
Iii? lix (?'?Heney GOT. I'entcu uiiived Louie this evcuu.g,
aud wai givcu u public reception. (Jaiinon and tireworki
greeted l,ii armai, und lio wai eicorted aitti lrnieii' to
June?, ? Hall, where be ?|)oko at len?.'ib on State and N,i
tioTi ?1 toiilca lo a crowd o. I hour,.'. Hi Bald In? (-i.'iiil
polio* hail been shaped in I it? of the gicutcM good to ti.o
frraat?.! ni.uil?i-r, __l in luvoi of ret? end. went an 1
1 'J'?
(?n National politl -i ha wai concilmtory in ii.ne, apoka
tal rlgbtaoT all aaaa '. bra
the law, ofev. y rbrt_B-la .o:i'sfuluicbvaucli
??MM aa wato aaaaat? lad Miarad thal al] aotai yoi
. u tafe, poi ? >r> piiiii ni ?
?tr k ti. n. J:. nid endort-ni eut of the (lov
ernaar ?'??t anti?
Pill IN '?.'.'I.'IIl'MiB-liTH-hT. ? At Vi (l'il.i.k OB
Weduenday _.'<iii.ug ., lire braba Ml iu Um 'ivery ?table nf
\V. I. Samford, in Ouel.undieillh ?t., near Jt'iutli ave., and
lu a ?hurt time the whole building waa loatnyai, tuiretLer
with three coache?, two wagon!, tom? hari.ea?, feed, et.\
'lhe lior?>? ?ere gut out, through the exerti-u? Bf Offlcar
Lukin of th? T birt- firet Precinct. The ?laMe wa? valued
it Bl.??'??'. Xolnturane?. It wa? owned bv K JVtoriin/a, lit
?Viia?.U W|tl IHM? II l-a'/.-J. ?Uklk-V?; lot UJ*
Tin PeriTaU Preightd with ilip
Twwij IHlI-t Kew (a-*^ at i)uarantinp, and
Thirty-Iive Heaths During the mmmp
from Liveri-ool.
Kepnrt if ilif In'?wlli tJii'ii'T ?H.ii Nunn? of Hie
Tho fnct that the Cholera ha? hr-en ttg*tig lietel ?J
in (jermany. tor ?iii.etin.c pitt Ihj been w.-il known in til?
eily, so that the arrival of two ?hip? on .ucee.sive days,
freighted with tho diseuse, can.ed rery ill!? ?nrprl??. Case*
hato recent'y been rcportid here from the Health authorities
In London, t!.at BSBBBBBd among enii?rr?nt? fruin Rotterdam
and other font tit ntal citi??, and tie v um. ? j that the epi
domic was on its wsy to our coast b.re Urn untni-t .
Tho scattering rase? that have occorrcd in the city were
mereiv the vanguard f?f the enemy, developing hi? purpose
and ?routing the olliee,-s to lath precautions as they were able
to nalke torrnvfiit Iii? ?d? nat
AVo have not doubted, from the firtf, that thi? disease would
na'ike its appeurai.ee nrnong us ni .iii ii ,ilor_ic farm unie?, it
could be thwarted by sich mevures a* the Board of Health
mifcht adopt, nor do wo dont t it i.'W. The eames for at it.'
hi mlon have grown grently mtliin it day or two. and wo
ti eieaire. more in warning than in fear, this niorniii* plato
before our reader, a r li uetv. as we have been able !??
concerning tbe progress of the di.?ea?". We fully believe that
atti preyss sereaael seeeBsfseadsressswaaaaraii Baissera
iiilL the 'ai. o i,f ? i. ? -
monitory ?ymptoiu? wliioh slwsy? pr? i-edo tho attack, ami to
cantii.n tf.i-in BB*B_I UssssjsjMaa "? ewsalaa*, ii"?" ?*? my
fearof a lrtigemtirta.ltj li?i from lb- rut-apr? ?if Hie epidemic.
even if It should ?nour, wo aniiounco the fact thut it still eii?t?
in lbs city I" iPMltornip c??e?.
Iii. trtn- that H*B8 SSSai STSTJ jenr, nail ii ?ling tim Leaitli
-?1:1? our phill.aim? mi' culled np ni oei BBIBBBUj to at?
telai eues t!:Bt arliei?',r?'ly from lacal caoscs. Now, however,
when they ariie in d:!T?'rei;t parts of the city, ?hile at the
?sine time the disease, breaks eel -, ', n? it were,
upon almost fiery emigrant rhlp flint ari ive?, t!.?'y sre to he
re,ar,!t,| |aail.!!"i : i.l Bfki. n:i 1 cv.ry caso is ncieis.nly
surri. 111'.'.'d hy asome? hit painful inter si. Day nefors ye?
lerdsy Jnliti I'ii/pii ia!, r. - lim' *.' Ho 't Chsiij el?, was
! ii.? .::
ne?? i ada 1 Bsast "'?? M lean? sad s ?! i y an un
oiiitak.'il'lc chinerai?' ?liiirrhea. The tleeiai 1' .? Ila a lory
part tt tie etty, apea tie tua f! red a rear ten
einc-it initi?!* aad ia all prohahilitj laelod Hal tateillfeaee
?kiel Bright 1?re earea Me life If praesstj dlresasd ap b the
ap|?earaiice of Hie lirst symptom, ?.f disen?.
Tl.e seeead case l? that of a nnrn.n BBBBBd (' ni/ ia, r ??; 1
ingat Ne Wiriflllllei* the ?BBS Is a mud t'.im of
or a severe one sd 8188888 morbo?, and had not fully devil-; m!
it-i If winn t!ie report wari :. led however
?? lufflcisaUj 1! 1: ?erin:'? tn !?0 ti ifli- '?:....ia in t? ?? II ? la t'1
rh? patient ? :
f.m- t,f t!.?j bel -ra lne.-y ile. . ; .
Ihe forner onie assM I a ? SXSSSls 11. :. will ; roi Ij I??? ! ? '1
this morning, in the ?stier, it is potsib!?. Iks li'? S? t!.e BSBisai
may be ?sved.
The IVr'Hian. (.'apt. Salmon, arrived at ''ii-a-'. t? fr'.rn
.' -nil. yeiterday afternoon, after a paeaaaje sf aleel II
day?. She had on board at the lime of lailius. 73d patten.era,
ti whian 1 lit J from . ' i.'ra during the p-a-a-t?. At the
' ar.-iiul. there wero .? o??i? on I?.?ard, ail of whom
were tramfrrred ta_BM !u*. li to the II ?splial ihip, ondtr the
thar.eof the I). | at? Hen,Iii Officer. Ihc following il a lilt
of the death?.
Aiiir-nw Raeariasea, aged .V-i. Denmark 'li.rrhea.
Carl I ?ementa, n agnl -1. N-r-r?
Aadrew Pohaa, aard Si Bwed n, cholera.
Ad tin O, bra, ligrd ? 1 (it r rrj
II. B 1 k1 Ira. aged '?-'? Gi n- b1 ..-. ra
1 W IA',?.la- ?feda, (in'triii mg, diarrhea
?I Im I! Ehhola, a?-?.! ??, ii?.tt.-i.l,atar, ?I,.:. 1?.
JasaA Besswyae. a*ed li a alba, it-.... abalara.
Hun? Rn-miasou. a.t?i Jr. DcLi-iark, <,>.ol?;_.
Anna Mirla M irtl ?rt?n ?.-?"! ?, I?, i.uark. 1 bolera.
T, r???? Veght. a/zed ti f..-iinsn? eh?.I? ra.
Stiii? Vi ter? n aged '., Dee san shalare.
Igaaa Yaala aged?7, Qeraaaai abalar*.
a Wlather, lauat, Oeraaav, laaait nn.
li ( kriatin*Morteaaon. sgod 4'i L<i-na 'rk ? !.. lera.
Martha A aderstall*, .?? . D auk ?-?.olera.
Baaiaa Dal irr. airrii .i. Ueraaaj ekeiera
i rrag Osier, ag*d 83 s?..! s. atara
La* ha Beber?, ?ge.I vi. Bar****, ?filer?.
I.udwng Olsen, ?gi-! 1. S???leu. . In.'a'a.
I'rter f. \Vinther, aged -i Sweden, riaraimni.
I.'itilse Itihtniis, ageil . 1 1 ??-1.;i.nra. ?liarrtirn.
Rrnrlel Katmn?, agad I, Psaaarh. diana**?
Kiel Larsea ag'J - Deaaarh. diarrhea.
(' ill Iluminen agnl 4. Denmark, diarrhea.
I't :? r *u:.:i B*< d ? ". Oerniaay 1 '
f arl Bra kaw? r, airad j.1. I'rui.ia. el ??lern.
K-i-titir Iliilm, agnl id ^?rtVi.-n
I.?rs( brlstenan, agr.l '.?'< I?en -.ark. ?helara?
i'riis Jnliitiiser. ??-. I Bwi di B, . hnit 1?.
Joienti S- Bpke, ?/i-.! 'f?, Hat,orri chnlera
Anne,Ilsen, ?g< ?1 ill BwedSB, ? l.olera.
I \?' lit i::.!,rg. ??rrti 1, ??wedrn msrasn.ns.
Hanno 1'? ttrtoi., age?l a. J> nmark rbolrra.
Thae death? general.y o o-r.nl in from ocs to two days
sfter the stu? k.
NAMl.v . 1 lill eil r.v _. A?D TI1B 1*711. jr.
The following Isttsr fruin Dr. Ili-.rl ?f the ll-?i.tsl Bhlp
l'.,:.,-i waa s?nt t.? ti.?? lirait h nfm-rr poaBard t*
I?r MVISB' ?M ? I bs?e tu ir'Kiri the arrirsl ed th? Ptean;
lilli t'lilou. l.'a|it l'alrurr. (r*B I-ivrris-.l k!?V Mb, ?t ti.ia?
?utiou. i-iiieiiiu.il ? iii iii paaaaaawrs,aad sa i.er anira!
l.t-i e 11 iii) of them were down with cholera. Th? first c??e
o< rnred on the litti, Is Iks i^riuii of? i.autt of lluiimark. who
di*d twelve Imuri ?ftrr the attaek. Thirty three died on Ilia
pillage, mott!? of cholera. Bbe had tblrty four ink on her
arrirnl heir all of whom arra at < BBS tranaferird to this ihip
many lo a d? ii.-r condllion. 'I'hrtr nats?, ar? a? f How?
N?cl? Fran.cn. Tetro Kni?elieib, ?? llereairh, lT?ni Ip
aen. Andrew Sacnien. Mary McOittrlcb ilndgrl llunjier,
Um tatt? hliijfr, N hfati-r, ? l.ilitlua K : aia'.acl.er. Anua
drt'ta Hwmdien. llrldgrt llealln. Jungen-I'l-lrrinhu V!.
Matatadnr. John CbbbbHt. Einli Back. Andrei Bwendien,
Aitjutt Anderion. A Amlrnon. Otter lltin d H A Haaaen,
T'trr Ilanarn I'rtrr Benien, J?rgen filien, -Krlcb?rn,
Jen* Pet?non .limb (?ottlleh. Inga i'arion, Ingar r?i?...
11?? Jriiien, li. Jensen and t?o wbixe nainri are uot ki.nwii.
1 he following died May Vi Neill Kramen. Bridget Realiu,
Jlrth. ?? lit-rcwerh. and one name nnknowa.
1 hare a'10 to report the ?rrivtl of the .tr*m?hip Perorian,
Csfi Salmon, fruui Llrerj-ro! with "> p.i.eagori, 'J', ?lied on
the paling? of choler?, and _f are now na board ?lek, they
will at onie b? tr*i ?f?rrnl la t?.? 1! ?[ tnl.
M he hospital ship III11101. waa towed up to and anchored In
the North River yeiterday, baring on board th? convale.cenis
of the stsamship Virginia.
The second ?jerforruance of the English Ojiera Com?
pany lut night wm attended by alarga and brilliant audisnc?.
Eicbberg's opera, which Is very light and pita?.ml, grows upon
the public ear i it is just of the quality to take the public tsste.
Last night the mui!. went amootber, and w11! duubtlc.i Im?
prove as srti.ts and orchestra work more tc|ether,
Ths art!.*, arc feeling more at home In their ro!ei. Mill
Riehingi Is, of couria, a thoroughly trained art it, and be
?Ide her the novice, Miss Harrison and MU. Mozart, do not
show to advantage as actreuM; still they ais by no msani
awkward or restrained, although tbey have not ths tsct to
snter thoroughly into the spirit of their parts. But tbsir lady?
like deportment and very nocllent singing make theo at?
tractive aids to a vary exoeUent performance.
Cattle, Begum snd I'sahes wer? good throughout, tinging
and acting capitally.
This opera hu got the ear nf the pabilo, sod It ni eds only
certain things to retain its held, and grow Into apsrmsnrnt
?acce.1. Weiball reierve our .uggMtlons for a day or two,
la order to givs the company and ths conductor a fair chance
to prove their position?.
The opera will be repeated this evening.
Tho Boethoren Bociety of Yalo College gave a
Concert st Irving Ball lut night, before a very larg? and
fuhionable aoiienee. TI.? Society is composed of toms filly
tingen, with good frith Toicei, good lutonatiou, and a fair
appreciation of effect. The tenor ?olee? sr? uaiuu.lly good,
th? baue? rather lacking in depth and rotundity. Tbey ssng
quite a nnmber of pieces, with sr earner and ?plrit, and ?oin?
of them with raally ?scellent effect, and were mod cordially
and heartily applauded. Their College nong? ?ere given with
Immense ?pint and ?er? encored over and over again toth?
delight of ,?irry one. The Miicet? wa? so decided that ws
should Judge that anoth?r concert would pay ?el!.
Tire pianist. Mr. (.'. I lint hu a brilliant touch, and a facile
and elegant execution ile won a moil eulhu.iaitlc eccoie,
wMi !, le well deserved,
i inter-Min/,' fi-tival takes ?ilute fit Cooper In?
stitute tomorrow and Saturday, at 1 o clock, when, In addition
to th? immense thom, of children and men. 88888 Cn? artl.u,
Uo.chetti and Orlsndlni, will 889888, together with Mr. S. B.
Mill?, Mr I QeHkeek ?ad a grand orctie.tr?. Tb? con?
ductor? will be Mr. Theodore Thomas and Mr. C. Jeroms
IIo|.kli.i. Mr. llopklni l.u worked months to get up thi?
fe.tlvsl, sod we have no doubt but that it mil be a brilliant
affair. Wei-peut le see Cwft;-Billiatt uvinl?d ob botii ,
L btma.ul.ki
Awi tar '.ilirty-stiiti-tios of Crime-The
Old and the New tlfll, Ill-jri.?-?1
Privat?? Circulars.
Aiitirfs.r? by the lion. John Sl?.-on, llie Ker. Y.t.
Palin, the lion, norlin* Grt-elfy,
and Others.
our lili?it? ? Ii?.- -nth? of tho.a who u.l the aim,'louie aro
sent mel?-lu ...-lam ir illa ?i ir and ?to ii'..! Is 1*1*1 ti
.ni (mil i!, i-, a vThy ? ti'; tit, w!:a ii a | t .1
88Q nur. t" lx- toBsd ' I BMI SOBM I.In i ' f, i he? will have a
larg, au all ig. I bay will ?li y i la *lth ih i O, i t.i: ? io iirnti ?t
again?! Um (?Bitalli l?IU of the tun? lan-, hut |,<t ti.
tee what waight their argument? will bara, BJ?).!??!'??); are
BBLually ?spend??! tar rum in Um tity. ||il.i4iii,i>?) ,-f whl-li
ar? palil t ut hy in-ii and WBBMS Bri* 8881 Ot l_brd tO ipSBd B
dollar untieei'.sarilr. Mow, BBM888 bl tin I. ni if? Inw thit
aUiotint can lie reduced from el", Ol''?"J ti d'-, 00,000 who
will say tkat there would be Ism ovmlort oi happiness if li
ware ?o red ttt 11 Borneraars ita i I mad m tl.u upix-i pu?
oft'.? .it>. seal nfHr*s rt. rrrtlly aatftag s poor, lab.g
tim. mm who walked on di per -lay and ?ho had
?T. rk for 1'iat atiout sW*>tk_rda of Ihe year. 1 tiny
made a litt!?-* tuor? than they need ?paint wneu
th? ?eaion wa? good. and wheu the hard.
dark ssassa of the rear cuna on, their neighbor? or
the iii?' had to support t fin That 1? true a? regard? a lui ;'??
(lia. of the laborer, of thia elly. Mow I would liku to ha? ?
the liberty of not paying money lo auch peon!? at n lesa prion
U-_fi ley II* UieiX pUitUea |i??in* id -ned? 1 _v> i, hCMd
Almut s.otio ftntm tit badi -i na lad i f u irij all
condition.? in 1. ? ! tit.t e-cnii g latka leife hall ?>f
I : tats i.r I' ?? I ar| BBS mt iia!iii>ii) ' I
I Kici.D law and ?'istatiiing the i'ot_ml?<sioner* ol
1 pelltaa Beard st*Iii ?'. n. ii-?i-'.r. ?? rafa
pro?i?ion?. Shortli ifter8 ov!mk. Hie beni ?in nat
I tin? organ laailo*if t!i? iiieeting. aaarlyereryee I a
? pa.!, du tl.ii i-aifir^i. fiil.irged for the oci'H?ii:i wen
i a'nitit 100 gent! ii . te p edg( .1 to sid -
.- . ? . '
in'.-r. It. A band . ! i ? I ii
j lb* apaaeb-HMkiag dttpensed sosas excells I seile
li?. Bii'r'mg waa organised by the appointa ? tot
I'll .-I. . a ia, ul.o on foiiimg tua. rd WS*
d with em . lio "i plan -, Aft?
1 liiiuiMtrv remark?, I Mid. lal ma
?t*:i?;ns und ?i... ? - I aid law* s ree
i In Hie )?i a . .",'?' ro ? ?re la New* York end Bl
drl UogpUi ??
In tim na. rs ir, le, i -i 60 wi r-- ret li I lo ?
and iii lei.I liait u'int i: ? ti I !-..ile?! ilot? a to : i ? I
Baa li t M t..? i Bon of
I* .-.i it imi dwlaill I down to gil; 490 li tbrs, es1 ?!
i i.:-r ti i a law the f ?
aril-milt to . . ! I lanius'), 'lil it Will ' lOBi '"
tarse a tah* more. [ \ pola s? |
?1st of J ? :-". to lb? fl- ? ' D
dars taken as a snuiple nf the year th ?:t.-:? aa di
.1 din rd? ly ? rere as rs: On the 1
of encti ???< k. V
i-1, h v.o. 117, Biak gi
.... ....... . , ?
Bia* abb b foi is the sale i
?ai i r. taloa of eli l i"' irrosts of |
I to 13,1 . ? -
| b?tb ?lay. Fi.- Noa- I
I ? . oily (or I
[ baw iii.i'iv i!.- I ?!'> no1 ki
I reliai froncer! Ce all I
i ? ? I Visitors t.? t
! illiMin. are '.'??
rd, !.? : .
I toiieattng - ob that i
? nain ? ? i year eB lag Ou ?>'
? i ? i., r
luth- I ? .
i ?on? of : -Be-half wael
! ?in! ii.' I ? '
' '
bl i ck. ral? 1 1 ? f for, Ig
- . .
. i ?:, ????? . -
?hole nilli.i'. '
ihn whol?' Baa
! ?- ree*
? iber
mova! on th
Bet of I - I ? t
? i
. ?
Cil? of New* York. 1
?lal Vi.
p:?n?r. )
i in- head ihea!
Whlt.li ! ?? A'?? l8 111
11 ?? ? i ? -, i' - ? ? h a,
TI.e I',? ?lr in v - ? i.
n i.-, i
f, . j .
fr-|I. ???.... .. , -
?lllt? Ill
to ?rre.t it.j
Itea.,-. . r .: .
? l
I i..?I '-'.???
V.r. ? rd. ti he? -
? h | ...
u ?
l.,..i| Tt?l lal
: ! . '. . ? ' ?
III ina I ? !
. . i ? r ? ?. -
1 ..,...'. . ? li e . .
. '
.'-.'. . :
I ? r ? ?a- ki
111. I i ? n. t. t
mr t .
li r . It, I , e Hi.trlct ' lid ' e
II,. fi I'll.I 1
Ker. Mr. Ii ? .. ! t . .? ?
? ?
I? ?III/ a. . . i ? ? ...
?elim to ti.? I >'.lil
? -' a.r i i?i i I i?
Ve- garb tJewar )? , . . Art < ? ?
I? 1er? ? t? i. TBV t?i,r-i- ' t ii, 1
?i er?rtii m, i . . i.. .. .
i an ear - ?e i . . ?Bid I
we I ? li '. I
? H Bl. i - I a , . ? . ? . ?
?Her! Oil!.-!- ? i, t
a ? i . .. ? ..
]?? 1.1 i . j . i aaw lilli .
li It
'? Hieltet Tha' ? ? ?
.?,?li a . wlt.i-h Wa ?
?r'j in a tie i .
' k ,t.t li j . ? , ii aw kiiuwn si an ' Act t i a ip, re..
? I
?.ir. ?i.l ?? . I ? i: . r ir.i to Iii? ?n*.-r '? ! win ! ya i ar? I ?r
a ran-. !.' la i ira ?a 1 i .?- .??# ' ?
M.? aa, ' ? ; I, ir. ii i|i tot
te I. ?J ? . 1 IS? Ul I il.it'rtll'.. 1111,1.,UUI
tl-ll- '
Th? power w.e Je,| i ? i,|.i !r I? Iii, rl't ?.pire? (? -. .nr- ' (h?
I.e,i. ,i ,,? | ii,. Stat? ?? we,I lu l?~l, ? Stair ai.ai .a ? ... ?...
IT. ' Bltwartl T Jr. rr fron: . . !
??rd In ?iriy t mi j . laaasniai '?WatliUe. Brawara. wba'aetia
. .i ra sad !.", ?-r ~ i? ?,,. an
v.rjlu. Irnru one d i ait t t?e,|t, |v? J, :,r? . .rr? t I i!. feat
'i?i(.|e.li>B ami u- it! ?? ? ?mil -.Ni now, ' th?j
11V, -til UM OUI l l |l I'Trl,
lu Hit tlii. rou.ti ..? i lathered iirssTT ort? Taot.tsn n.rui
here In Iba Blale at Kew- ???? ft teerat eil i!ar, sddswMed te the
Ililli,IJu.I Cfliapilal. II J ..? >? ?' r* tlir laal rl. t. II !???!? l'a?
" Al t BMoibrr of ih* Nrw t nrk Ltija ir Unler. ^or-i.tr renee.
??Jar iirWiv iriafii i, ? le i t mmB ?an..i; oi ik.y moy itlrtt. if you
? lah t.. rr-ai , Hie ail? ..?? .1 ni? uilart.l Jp Tie -lair l .?..?ulion
U..Bi.liii?i i>.? ,''ri (ed->-. wini in ia! I, ti.r J.iir ?i?-? and
yuui a. tlva aiiiafi ii r it.? ir-ai larri al ?jrrani,r ??l ir?u?,i> nu your
r.iiatl'ull'iia! i-ri??lr cr? It j-u tupp-rt-. .11 BBS
Or?! Bad k\ ll,r- ?I. to ele, (eil . but rrll miller tl.lt II la 1*11 lo
du a. jfi.i ?111 l-a-tfyt) SS - 1 1 reaa.aa I-..B ti i? tillo,, w? do
O-l ?rrin It il nul l.lria.l lu I. i. ? ' Ililli ti,? Tall 1 ,| II. ia 11.lion? of
rtndiJti?? for ?? ?? lr??lr. It ft 1 ? ?a '" ?? rrl da '??' re Baa
?.I? ?lirtliej Oi? ral Jl.!?lr? -.11 Bl f lion t/n I pp.n*d to |ir' '
? ii I I?a?li. tam ...J lr(__.ili_. auj ?if OH, IIlyllu * II? tt.Bt I? foi In.
ua ia ?.alnal ua.' -, Prr.lJcnt.
??. 8rrr?l?rr '
Baw An,m. ?a iiiima ?en f? ! tesaa that law sad i?p.ii?lir?n .ot
rrt.11 rnl arr ? riela.inn Ir the? ran ?li* ter ur h? Uiidctlii. initi tueuli
? f I Ulli Irrrrl I. ?? lo ?11 i?l , ii-!
Thnli.ii KuiACK Oaaaun waaaaal laliadasid. II. ?u
r?ceired with ? slot m ot ap|>laui? whluh lasted nearlf a
miinilr lia ?aid. sutistantiallj. If th? Kiels? l.m- had no1
done and w.mid liol do anything more than gire ti i? o.imtuu?
nity an idaaof wlat tba 'Kain party ha? dun? In tin. eily. It
would be north all it ha? SSSi it hu. been .howu to u? how
tia* trafilo nourtihe? nverv form ofoilme and vic*'?ho-v
everything corrupt and deleterioui t? engendeted by the in!?
of il'i-or. A? a were in.truator, then, it 1. w? rth nil it will
coat to m .k?- s brui, earnest ?ni eutl.u.initii: ?trugglo to
?ustaln the law. lor t?n years post we have had Just
?ucb legislation on this sulip-it, and Ja.t such en
forcemeat of that legis'stion. as our enemie?
h??t cliossn to giv? ns {A r.pla_?e. 1 Of the ten thnu.and rum
?elltr? of thl? tit). 70! ol t'lein, I bi,!l?ve. fit tei.djti? ha?? paid
? lle?n?e, but ? h*. ui.ilt-r Heaven, has ait the innn-? l [Laugli
t?r ?tid ?pillan.e I We ha?? had a Board that did tim work
ria? t.y a? ti.? ruin luteresl wanted It to l?e dniie. Now. If all
the?? nui., ?rt sal.?ona, all th?.?- cellars snil ?mular Institution.
[Isiight?-| grew np under their ?vat?_i, I ?ay that the .tate
of tiling? cannot b? any wura? utuler omi. [Applante and
laugbtar ] We cannot make it ?ora? by driving to muk? the
prnfeuion respectable. I do not, by any umina, ??v.
and I am by no mean* ?uro, tint rum.elliug cm
ever be rt.peciable. Kouie pi-ramie Bohara that
th?re can be decent rum-telling, but I ?in not one of them.
Now, gentlemen, you tbat bali??? to. take hold and try r n
theory of your?; take hold and enforce thu law in fie ipirtt
in which nar prx.ent Kiel?? Cotumiiiioiier? are trying to do.
You ali know that th?re is liquor emagh to he got, anil place?
?nough where you can got it in thl. city today Krery man who
want? to drink cea got li luor enough, nt.d if he eaunut |..niii'lv
do without it from Satur lil night to Mouluy morning, ho will
have to get lout) on Sut urda y night. About eloilng up at I'J
o'clock al nlgl.r. a g-otleiiian stn to me: " 1? it not a
little too hurd to mike them cloie up that honrl"
Well.' anl<l I. "I think it a man ha? ??orked hurd all day
and has Bot got enough et that hour, h? lad In tter stay away
fro-i tbe butine?? ?Ttogethsr. Th?t dar'* vi otk 1? a failure/
(Laughter uud saalaeas 1 About shslagaaB*aa*y. ihear
n gr- at dril mid tumut limit? That? are ?t le?il ten tboii
?aiid men employed. I ar tel.dem and that e!iis? of men. who
have never had any lilmriv. lb?y had to get np in lim morn?
ing, and go on working into neit morning, why ihouhl not
that? ten thousand man hive a litllo Ubortyl |Appl?u?e)
Whyihould they not have a few hour?' Imiu're ua Sundsy I
This law gin-? it to them, if they nnver had It before.
iLsughtir] ,N ,w ii!,-.iit tli-t liit'it? of aelliug 1 au one of
that ela.? ? ho do not drink and do not ?eil. You n-? rr allow
as the Uberti sfBrt iujihk laa*i to .apport lbs drunkard.
and ? rlnnnali t ul the seller, muk?. | A-ipluu.c | Whero is
Lu u.l the Bimi home aro
toala-ht, and I rejoice at it, that there la a great Metropolitan
organla ilion, anti that theie i? t?> be a ?nhordlnate crgnnlra
ti. n in ?-very Wnnl ?vilh a center. Let u? try to carry home
. - nf tbla laboring eton the?? gr?
dariagtboSu i__r uo?r opening. Lal M try to iapreM upon
them tb? ? >" realize. If ?ve faith? Hy dtacbarg? mr
-, I !?. i . r? euri- thal ii rv nr.?nt rood, B '.rally
n?ni I t>?|. .'(daly and polilla .;:v tv,'I roaiut from the anit.ui id
ii.a, ii; cuaiiriii.il tin?, in ii,ia year, i?Mdl. |linmouie ?pp.aBaa,)
Brief addreatea were mad? by the Rev. l)r. Hildreth and
?he liar. C. _. Koa? after which the meeting adjournid.
flrik?? mt the ???p ?'urprnirr?. Ca_l_?*?ra earl
Th?? ailj'-nrnctl mri-ting of tho ?hip ('?.rpr-nter?,
Jo.ners and Caulker? wnt held yeiterday morning at No. ib
Katt Krof-dway. Long befere the hour named tor the call the
room waa crowJ,- with workiii-inen, who were earnettly di?
cii??ing tho ineri'a at.d den.arl? of the meeting of ?hipbnilder?
in Roatoa on Tue?i.?y hint. Sliortl? aft??r IB n'eloek ?. ni., the
n..i' ,ig waic.il ?? 1 to older by Mr. J. Vf. Erwin, who read a
loaf !? tmr tnm Mr. Rawllaga, ('resident of the Shin Caulkert
A?Bin ni nu ni Boiton, .Mr. K i? lingi atntcd that the Turioui
abiptrrigbti of lb .toa nar? d?lirailu?d to bd!d out until their
demand? war? - d eajelaad tba mern a?_f?w?T?t_
to i'ii lh-eau .-. lia' ,*.i,? a,id m bit r?C?rlil ? )?it lo thediffer
ent ?e?|inrta i'1 - ' al __M he had ?ucceeded in en
utting th? -?'. ' Na lYorkinaruien lb ere; ti.e majority
of ??->:. i , i 'ii. ; I not to atoll .'.ni t<.'?.ii? at any price,
r i..i ,,i y i,. ..n mel . ? . ? hebt out to theui.
h,.,,;,.' . Hoeii'i. for ihcir adherence
to ti."ir terna ? I .?ew Vork were then propoted and
n i ?-'.1 irrertl ???el'emeii?, reported that at
n I n ve n ?ne! on tho Seetlni.il
Doe? awaiting rrj .ii A i ti it tb? ??alala aad aiMter-Bbip
tTrigbtl ?>?? :t irpaired iiu?lor the eiptt hour
?yeicui, bat tba proprietor? ol ti? do k had iemtormi that ?f
e -.. ii a liiia ' v.'-. .i'.'.? 11?-.I I?J won!?! innncii.ately lower the
n -?.I lota t.i>. '???.'. r.
A-'.ii-iM', ... ? ti.nt the ihif ?caulk
ara. wbt? wari i y. ?? .li ' ?? ra ;?? J byt_a_.i
m mi li I?) ? ' ', io aa 11 taabll tLuu to n.eet their
? ? :?i of Jaar.
A ... illUiagol one of each trade, wa?
tina ippotnted to i r tho i IrlMblllty of Baadiac del?
.. Hag ..f tbipwrigbt? In ii. ii
turon m ..n. - i. 11. li.i-.-tuig tbaa?...
tal l iid.iy Boral ,, ? t IO a. in.
riit? Drraalliug fiiahirr of ihr Hank mt Frnorr
Illl'i'Ii'l'ANT I... I 101 AS TO Til- Al TIlhtTICATlOlt (?I*
IMA- PAffiaa.
In ti.'- ?B * I ?'.('i. -iiu.cr' ('H':if, before
i '.i n ?.. a, , r j;, f ?, a m o up 'ho ( nee of In ro tie cxtradit.on
ol lamadla bl tlii? matter tho ('milli..-.-inner J?B
ti Hint ri.-rr -, IliO following decision on tLe adi-ia
?.li I'yiifl!,'?- -, . ...?,?? ?I ni ?.'lii?a'i.i-.?
* J : l h ?- - ??-. a .? . rii'tnnl paper? I ehould admit
. 'I liri nu tai mode if ei? .
?I' ? n-j 111 to eri. urn ud lalniHaM?UBI
M i ' v. ' .. ? ti ii . ,, .ni,-i-. .I fur timtat purioaa.? in the
tribualaol ; , i:.y under the ttatutu i m
.1 Li le.
'Hal *, and tit ?aeh the ba?i? for offer
**-*? ' / i'-- Under the net
.'.'??? ti ? lucia. l'i.di r tho uctof ln..J.
..limited ?eil reoeivi ii
.: no i.rn? i-i iy ami li-?: illy authei.ii
?.I !..r __liar | u.-poica
. N Irian walch the ne
d parly , I i ? i thal ih.????
..iii.il b ? ot mpetenl bal n'ini ?;?ch
tbe aeriii.c-ite of tb? aeejoad Bacra
?:-??.' at I . in u.o ?ords
0 It ? ? ? _ Jiul/jtt.
I ? the ?j ti * MMoad .-?-t ;
? ? ' ' I 81
abo I? lion." rt7i[?oweteil liy tho act ti.u?
ii i? -u?lii?' t ? i ?Maid? it a? not at all in
tatala li . 11.? ? i .... i 1...1. i.. ?.
. .-a ... i . , ...r I galt! 'I
at m abafa laeltaa. Tbaaa im'ra ar?\ tbcrcl-ctr?, ?x
- !" ... -a ti ? Blaoa 1 an tie ?tatid. Ho I
a ?i aub t .e
: . ' "he ?!<>
I ti It li" V -
? i ?'. ri-.l ian prora it, they will
i a .?i ; I ? ,.i ??? ..i f..r Mi. ( i in! 'ii," i.i' uaveraa, " Tee,
i aa |..*>,l..o, ' it .m. ?? .uki d him how he came licre, and
) : i ??Ti v i?/rk by one a f the Cn
? ii.i.r-, wltaeas tbaa veal, far air. Coadarti ho ?aw
Berat the j aad ba toM bl ? _a ?N will?
.-ii ... . o.ii.,ti_ .iy, all bo wa? wniUi-g for wa?
. n mat te i was I?a a? '? urntxL
tu. nu Wit.
C___U- S, Ppeni Kit ('?.in?Thcoikre Tilton,
I ?!-?(/, ?ill iidiin as th.? Club at
...? lia-, K4 ?b J-.iK-'Hh-ave., t_ia evening at t
<.'<-krt.k. _
TI1'- Kotta American Lloyd BtiMBM ill?Illa, C?M.
IT ya?r ?'i.tni-ai. ?.?r ? ? nt I'.' o ? li ck, m., from Pier
Ni. ?'. Not th Ku. r. The u.i.L, fur England and Germany
Bill i laaa at the roit-??ct? at mi o clock.
Fasdi?is roiUM Tfl ItaMl atttiitiou to the a?J
vr-tin ii.ei.t .f trotting over the Kachion cour?? to oocur to
OttititMoPat-IOMa?MO ol' ??KN. BOOfT.?Mes-rs.
I I. .a V A |m 'a Ita i'db ii...al tlaa plni(a.(fra|all? of IheUtC
lieu. IS aitt ame laru-ii,-. ut.-? n/c, the other larger, and tut
t. Mt tit filming. They are the laut for which the old hero
?it, were tukcii ln.li-a.1, ainly ?o long ago a? lett Kvacnation
I>.; Niun.l.ar .f..*,. So he looked when he left u?. Ameri
cue? (nigl.t to cherub teeto cieuiorUli of the dead. They
ii.uat bril g back ti, idly to ull whaj knew him the form of the
(jener?! whom we have !ott.
A hair for the bent-It of the I'recdnien la now being held In
the lecture-room of the Abytmnian b.ibliit Church in Waverly
place near Sivt?; ave. A large ?jaiortment of fancy and iiiefnl
aim ?ii are for ?ale at reaiouable prieet. Tc-nlgbt the Boon?
family from the ltoyal Colitteum. London. England, will give
one of their errand entertainment?.
I AiM?___?ala|
htt.a_ Paran nous?,
?M -*i, 30 and 3'al I ??treal.
6aHH o? Ile?de. New York City
Tbe attanilan of th? Commerciil, Le(al, Literary and.em.al Pubic
la mailed to ile eetab'.lihinent of th?
aMMl an ?rLAM I?IN UN?. UOfSl,
li.u.? ?lija and ico,mod!.-na h
Nat, 28, .K1 ir.d _ t'euire it . coner riflt-i?,
Which ia the uioit riteoaive well amrevd ?nd M ii'.?'.ely iLrni.hed
on the Anierlcan Conllncut.
All woik eiecuted with proniptue??, and ?a ,?:r?u.-'y lew re'?e
Tufci Seb Thkir MimaIvB Nott.
V.i Thone? O S hooley of ,'d hawk I :'na. Ohi>. In ? lettir tia
th? annafai ton-r of i cerinu ?ewlni nu.hine in Ibu aliv, wntea
"Mr Kiiiott ol ( iiehorti ii lo Id three or four ot your uuKhinee Kid
il'iiontb naott oro?/... it but tbou|lii the work ?'?al nail ttind, they
oil tee their ?aiii.i?.' iiol-, and li?v brroui? c invliC'-d that (he uiacbln?
ti A tooi an*, omi mill m.lkl frtindttn the he,jhb >>u-id vherntr ,1 ti
?.._ ' Tin? wael?le, it la hudly neceaaar) to adJ li tl.i Mu too? A
KxcELSion.?Lndii?s*, M_M- ami Chililren'.
Bo.it?, .??nail? ?nd Sum?? ?err e!?x?nt lu MB? hemtiful In It.
?nd i.inl lu lu,iib Al.,., ?li-utleiren'i anj Hoya work in ?lett
v.i.et.. al J. P, Wiiuia.?. No. aje toi.it-?ve , above Tweutt
'.'?.?:. It
TiBKiftn Rathi, No. 13 I.aight-tt., uro ui*niu open
to th? public, ?i,l?r??d ?ud Iniprnvrd. Ilnun (lenta, ti to I ? ii;, 1
to 8 p. ui., l.ajl?a, lu to U ?. _. Sundaya Uoal?, 6 to 11 ?. ni.
The bout honrjo in Now-York can ba protecteJ in
lalbly and without damaee Th? Brau?b Ilii? Titituriiti
tit year? hu not b?eu brukeu BMBMB
IIolbi?. No. Ja? Broadwat.
Pawiiieri Sullen.
In ateamihlpTilpoll-A. Maver New-York, J (J. Low, BBttMMb ;
(Ironie M oar?, J. Anche?, flauten.,:.. Mr? K M Steve na, rhlld,
infant ander,??it, Mua llariiet Maitiii M lal Kinma Mar in, N?w
York , Mr ?nd Mra. J. M lUuddl and two dauihtin. at. Loila . Mr?.
M. J. Boldon, 'Ihm A. Une. N Y . Jiuiei Cuddy, rino.
I.?len Shlai >e?, ?.
Hteam.lilp Majari, 1'oua.h, Noifoik, w,th mJae. tad p.... to (J.
Ilelnekei, It Plllbor?.
.-?i.-nn.Hp Kaitiw, I'offlu, Mereheid City. N (' , ?O hoar., ?Ilk
nid.,- t.. Manar, Par??I? ?? ft?.
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Birk TroTitora, I arrer, I'ardenaa ?J day?, with eaigar lo W.iih |
Buk Alliance (Norw ). Teikleaon, at. Jue It) day. With .alar to
Finch Mi-inok? k ?Vend?. ^
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nia.tar. Stned in cumpu.y ? iib brig Heau'y andacbr. _. - M. H? ed
for Phlladalihl?.
Ilr.a Joa.ph Baker (of Ph?adolnhii), Nickerion, Cisuluegoi vu
Kev Weat, li ?I?-?, with ?ligar to Miller k Houghton.
Brig Witet lien (of ?blild?), Ciulaou, CuHbetiand Uaiboi l8 diyt.
with aiiir to Mue? Taylor k Co.
liri? La?? lol St Joba-?. NU) ( rowley. Chia'.tiBec (Mellool 13
diya, with u.ahogaiy to C. IL ?anibull k Co. Left bau Cyclone,
di?. Iiargint.
.?-'. 'ir, ?. (' F?tni. HammonJ. (le>r;etown, D C. ? Aiy>. with iroal
Hrhr (?eorge Hojt. ( r?ni?i. Virginia.
srhr. B. M. Ima, rrice, Vlrgla?
S -lar A (' I.Ton Lyon, (??..ri-' wi, I? I' , with coal.
S. ?,r Ilenrr Hebert BeWnii a 0- r?al ?wn, l> f , a.iih ?...
S. lu. B. Moigat), Davary, 1aroi?!.ilO!?u, 0 C . with
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IMND-At Sannt,-W.
Kirk Reiuhirdt. from ?.
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/"JOT?? THOMAS K. Af.Nl.W", (ir.ieuwii.ti ami
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/*<> t.i M-CPAKl-A?D'i Book ^:?>rp", oornar ,
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lil IOK.H of di? d?v ?nd ?li th? old -S-indl'd U t4|l 41.lL alto, eil?!?'? -
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??'? vKiuLSf orr, .7?\,,t Pout, ??fr-day. HtmvT'f
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rUli.ral.,,, will I..,. w?t Point ai :, ,, "
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r ii.? trip. *l. .
Every Lady Will Want Them.
At ?a ho-buli Bi tis Sol? MiscrtCTcasaa.
IN. 97 CLambcn t 79 181 Brade Mi?, Nevy-Yurki
DO-VU SET?, TLA .?'.T?, VA?ES I,,-.
No. 479 UROADW?...
(Brliw Broome it I,
WHO .!-'.!.!. kJATOCaVt
HaillAH (ill A N IT!'..
fr itleCiCi'-, iii*, 2'ilJ, ia g- -.J r .liLini liidrr. An j al Cr???
i' . Tri
THE N. Y. WEEKLY TRIBUNE for tld. wirk contain, ?h? fo?
I.siDivj ABTtCLBB?Bhtil \V? flrett'y Dire; Another Europas
Congie.? i Rrtoii.trtic.il -ni in C tnjre?! . Tha Aaiutta Unlraf* ?Kir
Ettrt. nfrrati llr'tri I.tw? Tie Wrat N ir.inl? Elattion; Oo? i
? .ii'. Mai. '. .-o. lae S./.i'Tn M. I.. : -I ia?1. . 'Ulai M Nu.
lalni.d.i Bltefc Labor aad Wbit? Capital ? A .*?????? Mot? oh t! ? ES
r. .?-ini l.?t? Board. Kit? Million. .More Ti.r Kuipator'. SpeeO.1
\ l.?i of lim KIsLt-H.i.r M.-n Kdlton?! Ptri.itph?.
Nbwi ?rax.iBi-Mi.iur? . Sit?!. Berat ttoui Wuhlugtoa N?
Yak; V? talland, Mid?.? StataSi TI.? -ouihrrn ?tit?? Tbk
?.Vritern State?; Tlie Terrlt rl-?; Paliii.-al; A -pr?xh by Sc-rettrJ
Seward ; l'he Ktrrdmru . TI.? re .; in? 1 li? Crop? : Tlie Clioler? T*?
tib?? Bira at (Ml Ctly, Pa. '??1. Da.u, iii? PiiabjleruB Oeni-ul Aa>
irl'.biie? , Dourttlc Mua!, r.
loaato.v N'rwt?Itirupe, Metieo ; Will Irdiai; British Ai -.?ric*.
Durn or (">__. i*coTT-P_tti. dan ?.' kal Cioil-j Hoir?, Oitog
tram til? Prr?idei.t.
Ki mit Arnim-? New Csnidioti Mivrcrnl r.ia Onie Mil)
tod Arm? (Join. 1 rw?ri J
A .-itB.N ?Da?.?n-eili by Pim !??..- J ?I -.. .; Remark? by ?? Tera!
CtblL?t Cierta, A L?uer iron, S.-.-.etiry Iii. ia , Krt.U Eipe.i loss
of Policy.
Tas ftoav Hora Mot? ?int?A Let-er fi an Ira .trwird.
1 bob lasts.?Special tniri.,pou??uce Departure of Iroopi J ., op
ty nt toi?rrii Soldier..
leon Ivdiaka?Speciti ( orre.ponltnce. Fi.air? of tb? Wheal
Mu?om'?!*t. Liait ilei -i irelal Coat r o? Noiiii Amara.
Coaeaiti?Aburtit at lbs >'r> mating?.
WaiaisUTO.-?Tb? Itep.ib'.i-a i Secstatial Cania?| I?Bi-k.tpt
iBTsaBiTi.ve moa r'.raora - U-aat Bn'.in?Th? Reform Bi''. R?,
dl.trlh'i'lnii of Sent?. Baiera, 8 Bl rat Tilth?! < s...i !r?l?nd.
Ta? New BTBUWAl Cosrtar Hall?Lajn ?? ti.? ( . rnir Sfo e ort
Biter.liy A!:rrn..i.n Tlie Wine. Speech?, ?lid Ma,io, Discniii on of
tb* Prt>pot?d Bulidia ?.
Nsw PrSLiriTtoxs-Sii M? art au Pet,? on tl.e I i.ited ?attrt? fb?
Rtaource? md Prutpectiot An.en a Aa-?ruined Daring s Vi.lt to ltd
Btttei ia lb? Jrutuina of lUri, Ui.-Jou Flnwtrt?How to Cul?.i?i|n
Then? w
In ? APTiriTT?Vetiett'iomCin- i'iui?roi , la.piiio_edU Abjinnie.
to ll?!iry ?V I.oiigfeliow.
Chbobo I.ithoO* irar
J'otssr? roa ?BB 1'aiiRiEi?Meeting o! ?be Ano l.tiea fer the
Promotion of Silence tad arl. Addie?, ti .?? Hen. (.. C. HiU-hi?,
?ob of Ken.ti
Taa RorauiSASi Pato*, Cub- Tha I.ite.t Dtvelopmenti ?at*,
??tin. Per ?on?. Kriiui.?K.,u?. c1 Mi. l.ttou Hi? t Cabinet wtt Dil
aetrea , More of Bo.rgaaanl ? Pla mc -irmg Mx.et?. lo
KlSBtr.r?iT?Sheep l.ntt?. and l) er. .? well aa Horned ( itl.ei
inhjei-t to tlii, Diteui, How it u.uy '?? Comu..islc*ted. Btptrl ??
fin di Bataan, 1
I.tTBaaaTiNOTo PmnsBS?An.eikin Inttitute Pinner? Club. Min
l8 Miirosinpie Ex.tidnatioa ul Potato*?. lie.? ra tbe II gi ?ti
?i,l LlTe-Kmer Pu.t?; Bed H "d or Juda? Tire. Tr-v-Penn tir.|?8
?tibor, iii :? i pou Tree, Mile by Piowii.g, Tlie Study of Bctany g
Naslurtiuni, Patato???Hu? t ? A Bray. Or (iood Crop? . The ?Via?.
Plant, Too 8_i_it, Houietf d C a. au tad ( i nveniaaees, The lliia
Pall ni la?-!, The Erro, of Cu.iu| Musa Corn, ead Other 1? ?ona
N'ainei, Shingling by tl.e Mian A Now l'?e foi Pintie ?Jlate Wood
l'r?ter?el by Linie. ?\tt?rPo?er by Ni,la, Uli Sawllcr.; Park
I'e.ts , Cn?, _at limit???A I ? Aboiiion lu Cow., lieu?? H?, * Lena
Will They Sit ; Iiilnruiatia. far l.tnigitn'.i, P??cb Bud? lludlu???;
Potato Rot | The Tomato a* r oud.
Bbdoiso ii in>
Pt?BT8V?In ?be Com
Taa Dar iood* Mabsst.
Latsit 1 faon a.n Muni?.
I'? ???).?? ti. I'm..Tirai.. -1 nt Irsai.
t?-l?a? F.1 I.IMI? l I ? ??
Latbit Na?, at .Ma.sstic l'?L?ijaAra-Sprci?l Di.p?tcliM Id
The N Y Trilmur.
CoanaaciAL? Kuli Reporta ot 'he Stool, Monty, Cotton, Or tin,
and Cattle Markrts, ape,aailj lapSSted tar TI a ti. V. Tribunr.
Ready ti.li morniug Pnoe ia ti rapper? reaJy tot mtiliug, tiv? ? erti.
Mail ?ubioribert, ain.'.r oopv, I y??r?i ' n jiben.$ 1*0
do. Club, o'nie. 8 0S
Ten . him.... a.t.lrraaej to na:.ira at ? .b? lu. r?. IM SS
Twenty copiai, addiriaod to nan;?? of ?ubtenben .... M SB
Tru copio? to one tddren. IS ?B
Twenty c.tpl.i, to our addraai. ft St?
An extra ropy will be lent for tech club ol ten.
Drall, on New Yoik, or Po.t-Otfite ordr,?, payable to th? ndti ol _
' la? Tbibc.vb. ' br,?g ??1er. ue pr?ter*lil? to any otk?, mod? of
iibb-Iibih Addsaa [HE TRIBUNE, Nrw Yoik.
E. KEMLMrl'OX tt SONS, ""
MAM PA?. TI lthns OK
Pot the I'bitrd Sta'.M.ervi.r A.io,
Bid? tod Shot Oau B?rre', an i linn Miterltl,. Sold by Onu Dr???
tad Iii? Tt?de ?totrtlly.
lo the?? dava ni HOISE URI '?UNO and ROBB'.tlY ? 'jr
li" If, STORK BANK led Otflt I a'.ciull i.avr oue of
Cue dan ???: t.. i ? '? mi s ?d sea Ato? wu. be
imnlabrd ?poa ?pplioitisa
E Rl Ml \'.i i-t?N - MiNS I ion. N r.
I- Printed dr. not.? tor tal. ni?a..iieu.?ul litt m pilcei. ?ad .latrr
Inaa ..I ,1 rteirnt aitVi ?f Shirt? anlCollar. aetil '.;?? r,. *rvwl;rtt
mt. ?A.ui am be paid to y xpekb-compa.it; wh?.*
B W. H ?? All' N? .???' ?. ?Ml? H? lmt?>eP>

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