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V0L- XXVI.IN0- 7,N>4.
Outrages on Ibc Frerdmcn io
-worth Carolina.
lils ?st.-iOLY. BEFORE THF. HOUSE,
ruiiLi. ri-iNTiN?; for rebel papers.
Waaa i I
i p_i
it ?pi" hi Breei ? tatta r of the Secretary of theTraaaary
addressed to the lions? it li? ?r?s? Mutiles in reply toa
n-Moliitinti of ti;.: ? I 1-t of ?I.viii. .ry
? "?mi if>-40 ti .' ,?m d,it rate? .ariL-niii .min
!??'_ ?-. --.',. it m th?' aggregate __* (1,414..'?ii?. T!?
|up i.n?id t.. - a al tl.im -<t.
the I ? N lui i ti 111? w ttii ir -.ii'u
theil .'. was affecting y the boodt
wkieh . e for the Goren laeai to aegol
well aa 1 '.?.?rally. TBeee hoalt which
la?- !?'.. ' ?' ? ? I I ..; :? :? i'..-..i ?I a? a parchase on ac
aaaal "? th? -. k te nach
< t it.?- ; ui'i., dil t. '1 : ?? I ? ? li ?. '. i itaea J_i aaty hal win
f?.?.',;?.'? - p::.-. *
weet ? tai 1 ! -l ah M ?tea, ?'? _ I -
aun'iint ot'ci-rti'.;?-..' ..'.:,?.??. ) rn ?
af Ja:. \cd hy
the !'? | - ? . d. bal
for lack "f time1 ; of in
ttrc.-t mid ti.. [ P : : n the 11 ? ki '
?if the A
ireeei? ichai.'? **-. no1 i
afea ?!. Pa lie Debt i . ?ry, H:.d did
i.ot a; - :..-p.t ? -m , stat! u., i.t i.i.t,! f
Map 1,. It a -ISO ! :*?' li ?it $'PMT,<i?-0 in
live tu ? , . ; under
Ota a. t "t Me eh I. M i s I I ? ? ?
. K. hraary, wi
? ? :.l Al.irt ii, ?i.J ii i
not np; eel :.| M t BBBBBl UBt? Ap:
ri|?lilliatli ;i ? '. ?h It vier.
iiioli.d- i toai nei-'-iii.t.
ibIi har?
ni- .
all ...... ,? ??. ,,,.. ,?? ..... - 1.1 accrual la lu j
lit of the Tirai im of Cher ? I v' let "n the
bond?, vi! Pli were f-i ii. t metal ?_??? (?? .'Vi r. t to thru..
The rapid ; rogreei
IBshiD tadteateeiteeonpletion by Friday. It a
tut a a, i - ii*he s. ?t in
li'?!!,!i..f.." if(. .? li?, tariff is taken up.
Mho li?ass a ? per poinid
?pon cotton, but Bontw? ? i I
eel aaeal ____>_? he agreed ea ii Oosaadtteo.
The lull fi a ' -1"-' ?
in It.?- ? ' f ( la.ii.. T4i i . : I I remain
the real at tim Baa
IHK Al ' I h MUT.
__eea BMakB la ka a gtattal Mpeeadea t i.<-t ?.
will be ready to adjourn lea N 't.. BIM ? <?' ?! fa
Gen. Hanks achieved munt u BBrlh-tatiitaiJ tataa
day in gettiag up. and laeOy mi p.; | to the Cae ?
I'oii.iiiitPe UM b:ll foi r. ? i.r.t (? n j KK-Ltatii'ii at the
Paris Exposition. The <'o;.f?r? Bet ('? u.u.ittee, having
?.riviletre to report at tay tu.?, they w?il lo ?.oul.t report
the bill us it cumefrom Uta ?S-BaBI ai.il pa. s it in a lew
da? a
The very ipirited debate .n the namma to-day between
?Ren. Hank? and Wasbbnrnc of ltlinoii on the Paris Ex?
position, indicated very do<:d*d.y tin t< mtftt of the li?.i.??
in regard to Maximilian. It it teeved that (?en. Bank?,
s? Chairman of the Committee aa Fon-ipn .{dations, el
pressed ti.?- tail ' ?:, (.! thal I OB ? itttt ??? hi? remarks in
reply to VfatkharBe, la bbjbbj sahttaatiiUy ' thal the
Coinmittee aeeli m its eera tiam npesl nek measures ia
would vindicate tLe Li i.? i af OBI QetenUBBBt.
The Senate la Excii.t.ie BMBBBI t? -day confirmed th??
BOiniLatii'ii ol Lymati w7. PottM M ('< i.e<ti r of lpt?-r: a!
Bavaaat Km the laetatetath D__t_M al (?Lio, ami that af
L. J. ('?apkay of California us Coi.lui at linchare it. Ex
Gen. Edward S. Brapg ?rai r?,eitefi as United Ktatel At?
torney for Wisconsin.
The President to day had lonp interviews with Gov.
Ham-to- of Texas and Geer-?? Franc is 'I ra.n.
1. .Noli!? TO LEWIS CASS.
Out of n-.peet to the late L? wis Cass the State and War
Dejartinents wiro to-tlay dn.|>?d in BMBH_Bf?
The corporator? of the North? m Pacifie Railroad, who
projected a line from St I'aul to (ir?yon. have finally
abandoned all ?rospcitt-of any fatoi-ble >)_g_____BItins
?Gen. Grant is expected hire le-_M_MW. Sd.enck's
Army 11.11 ? ill ha tukin up to-morrow ui.d kt passed. Mr.
Whitman, De;-.ty Coinm?-. Bat of Int?-mal Kevern.e,
has b?-eti tendered an U-.|?<._t__t j ? t-.*,. s ,-, _ Neu-YorT.
lank, and will probably acc.jt ti it.
The President has approv???! the bill to regulate and se?
cure th?- ___-__? ap?ag o? public money mtn.sted to diiburs
iug officers of the (Tailed S'aP s. It ii made t!.i-;r duty to
dt-|ioeit with the Tr?ai .ry i>r Asicsuint-Treasurers mon.-y
intniited to them for llilklliBIBMBt. BBl to draw from the
aame only as fund? ure ?laajBlial m p*i BBBBB to be made in
permano-of law. the viol?t.cu o? wl..(h. and the use of
the pekita Meaeyt to prttatt _<i-. ?,i.:?gi aialake paatahel
by hne a: '? pipn-oiiiin nt.
rkBBPMHN?THB OCTRAoB AT (>?-l.P?B- )ROC?;H, N. ('.
The Kne.iruen i Uurca'.i tau r. ??< ired a <(iinn.m.ir?it.<ii?
pvi?ip Ike particular? of the late ?ii.turi.aue between the
lioten and u.lored Bteplt o? (? N. ('., from
which II appear? that it was BHIBMaetd by a Commis
Sioner of the town ._** . .ltiof a dist l.arK?-d i-.ili.ri-d seldier,
who wai beaU-n by a crowd of -I..*??. 1 he black man
was aeut la prso*a to await DM ABgBBl BBBI of the court,
colored tcitini'ini kariBg leen n f sa.?l. The colon-d peo?
ple enmaad their iBdigaaiioa it the tnetaetal ti.eir
friend ree? ived, and ti ?? pdicc wire k :.t to arrest any who
Were ?itard *??. c.Hid'-ir;:. the action of theaut?onties. l?><JU)e
ttluhmd to b?- arre.ted, -a hereupon one u._n was ?Lot and
WK'tticr mortally wound"!. 'It.- , | kattealeiW
~i?'D in that section o? North Car.,I?.-.a i. re| resented to
b* kllltr, and th. B tp V.u.* it t.pir? ?r.??.
Th* rk-cretary of ti < 1 r? at-.ty to-day transmitted to the
Mouse ,,f Keprefentutii?? m aniuci to a resolution are
port from the Comm.?s.on? r I f li.i?r'..il Revenue, from
ahith it appears that the BBBBBi ?^f direct taxes by the
act of Ihi.l BBBBBAbBBI to Virirmia is |'.?_7,'Ml, of which
$37'?,4''i hat h" i. ii... M ??... rip ?.? il p North Carolina,
a'?', i ,p.| anlleeisa, *Xt>,'iKt, apfertk ned U. South faro
i_a,B^w(07tJ.-coU?r?,t?<-. Wti.Wi, ainrvi?ont-d toGcorgiBa
$3MI__7-collected, $.'?1,1.1; apportioned to Alabiinift,
$8-1,811 act taOtttadi apportionol to MiiBir-sippi,
ttl.'i, n?ll?-roilertc.l, $-.Ti.0(.(): appatt-Mli tu Iaoui.iana,
*K',.?.?- (. leetetl, $;ini.li-i7, BBpoattoaod to Tenm-saoe,
I 8??r-ollected, |383,811? eppotttoaed ti? litatwi,
$261,886--eoUee-i(m->to< reportai; tppmtoaid ta Herida-,
177.111 tiu-JtutoJ, $9,718; apport,o?.,-a la Texas. $:&y.f>
-collect?'?., AjtytA%%
The property held hy tbe OlllHIBM-ll under __StB nu
-? d by art? relating te din d ttxet, wa.? pun ?ia*-?'?! nt
??n?es r.li'.fiiintiiitr in lae atTWtl ??' I Tit?
u'inia, I:!'.'.'.'!.??. South Cn | :. K1?.r.ila, $i'?,l(i.?t;
MM, *--?,3i?<?.
It Arkiiuwi* Itadl Wttt llnMl off fur tuve? linpnitl t.i
bidden who ttrei toBfltlii tln-ir patahim to the
UBOUt Ot $._,___, Tl.e BMOOBtl ree? n eil from Kftle* in
? -r.,1 State? ure M MlOWll Virgin;*., $113>,U0;
.?"??til C.in.liiin, l.'-r.Hit; Fl'-rnlii, ?.VI..?''1.'; Itali
$1-3,717; Arkansas li to! re] ried, ni whole amount
._? in the credit of the Aitaam OoauB-Baltitrt,
' it''i i. ; the ?.'i.i'i?'?I? of itltadepoetted
tu the crei'.it iif ti..' Li : 1 S- gmt, bl .li'?'?,'.''''-'.
The Seeret.iry of the Tri.i.?iry in 1.is letter in.
ih.' thara iii? la it] ii
I av?il?nivM'!f of tUaltuerndon to t?Tpre*?i an opinion, btaad
np-n nu i e-i rratioa >?i Iba open Hot of the law. thal ta t??
?lit.nulli ?um tun:.?. aatbarisleg ti bj laeltaMi
re-pi i l.ii ?y ,.? |be ?i lulu der of tie ill! ?-i-i In? tine fruin e,it'll
U".iiit. in view of the preeeat Itnpoverlibed oooditiet at th.-ir
in.ii et tat, nuil MTB
practical eooteoatioa the propertj ??i naaj) pereaM
whom the Government baa m> ground! of ?-inn plaint.
while ao paUlo iatenet would be : otetl. .s.'.hi??.I
ti.i? jiiiliei be adopted, the collectioB of taxe* under the praeaat
?> ?tem iniiriit aad oaght t" be diieootintied-unii] aa oppor
til'.it? f ? ?tneiiiiit leal
- d frota rese_M ol pro] irtj bid la tar theOuteiaawat eheaM
1 net be allowed to llie State? r>'P|?".'t.ie!y in com
pall at the Ibzm Btill lae _? ? qaeatkm welideeerTiag ef ee?
nun, -.Lilli I labtoil witli'.'it en ?mii'iit.
i ? i ; Beroi u" tot the
pneeat pear, ap to the 19th latttal iadttirt, aawwal t?.
$?90,018,436, l.'.ivi:..- la? that $1,600,000 to ootaplete
flik'.uihi.lHK?? tl.e M B I I
I a 1.1 e'.e.l 'h.it the r' ? eipta ot the le?
rn, with the 90th of thia mooth, will union nt
t.. | i,i '.".ki boa taxM for Inintiil ivreat! algae.
xxxixth "congress.
F_J_8T B?88ION.
BENAH-: ...WiM bo* v tam ?-??. IBM
' \ lom for lill. BTATfl l't PAU ? MI.N r.
Mr. 'i i;--iiirii. (W.], fron the t'ommitte? on the Jo?
dietary, topi ried the follow og y ti I i? -? Intii di
Id - *-i'i n l.trv ui'mu'i ! e ?inlliei i/t'-l to lire ii
.-..- .? ter lili- leaiporar?aeooM-Mda
i ti it ?ne!, ?.?in af i ?oiiey.
? '. ni mm iie n. te.r.iri towardla-TATlag
iaaf_r ol the pal Ile urchin ?
? np of the baildloi or I be aal the
loatol ? . J. .,- Bf]
Lol Other? i-f BP] H.p'
? K lM.ASIi.
Mr. Gram Iowa . Iron the IN a Nat 1 If?
fmr?, re] urteil. ? il bon I B-Dendnv tit, the lill L? ,t -1 r f ?. ,ri i" ?
N.iv. to ?nil ?.' I/- i(fi ? island, m the
I ? : i" ?! -|- n?- with
| . id nt I'!.ila.Iel
TIIK TAX OB t k11 ? ii:? ii. k1 ION.
Mr II \::..? I. _ for the] oat?
1. ? illation, and
,."?tj'"I:ellli'll! ; ?l.irti Wtl?'
? . .
I'isiRini T?O! OF ITATI I?A1
Mr. BOWl U ?. , trotii the ('.iliilintle ? u'l fe Library,
i :? i eiitly
? the llmi-e.
It wm road Ihm tim?'?- tai pat* ?!.
Orisl OK Pt'Iil.K' BlII.M.vi;??.
Mr. MOBRIM. Me.) off? red a r?-*?:; lion calling ape* the
? i..- .i .i 'ni' ?1 -? . .
far public bnilattaa** M tia Meerai Itatea aud Diatnot of
? from 17-1 to the praaaal -taaaj wttah wm
Mr. Mi ?Vi ii ill to amend the
nt? to indem ?ty the BtatM f a , - tired
f the I .?ii. eh wim
i : | - ... t ,..
, .' i iront i ng oi "til"-?? "t I i
r ????? 1< ih n:i.i-.'Ttii "f Jt?jr, 1-61, tad other tola
tilt hal ??:' r t. ? -i,,- *.- i'. , nil
af. ?llli
?? .t .'I . , ?illl^. ?"ti Hig
t I transporting troopa, Baring raapoel io tin- lim? aa
by the MTeral state jocla and thal nil
I : ? laws I
deemed lofficienL Thi - dlbefiaiL
Sir. iiEMjitt? Ks iii.?i. a?ki?ifo laka up the Boan ma?
lotion for the adjoarainetl ?J the pfeaent aeotioa. 'li?e
U wm bow op, ead ittoald ettUj i" loldhowloag
it would :..i.?- I?. ! i*?: it.
Mr. KltssiMiEii i Me. j? 1 Would lil.? ?!.?? Senator to lit
the time li will tnk?\
Mr. HiMiBiCKBsnid Ik? had se-n it Mated in an iiitlti
oii'ial ttwaptOM ihnt it wmiiil take four day*. He did not
be lore ii wmuI'I take bon that ? artsk.
Mr. FnMCBMa Mid thal te toan an ed It tUtoptaioa.
He ho; i,I, IniueVir. Ih" Sermte uniinl not tale np the
! rt'iu'lutioa, a*there aere ???venilii?i]nir'ni.t Sill? Bti-d-htd.
Thtl H MR .?titi-,I that the IMof-tion had not b??eu r?'
ported Irnui the ('nilli:,ittiH- "ii l-iuaiiO-, ni,ti Wal not
theretore tiefore the S?-nute.
Mr. Ila.MiKKK? *mtl he would m.Kli'y hi* motion ho tua
to inane it to dlteh-Bfa H.'' FitAB? '? ' 'lilli lllilleo f r i ? ! i ? the
lurtiier ? iili?:deriitioii ?>! tl.e ii-fulut: .,, ?o as to hriug it
del,ire 'lie Senate
Mr. KtAiE?iiJKs hoped thi? w??i I not I." dune. It wna
in,piambie now to my uLat won'd ja a proper 'lay tor the
.iiij'iiiriiiiient of Caagri-B. li It'tttort waaM tun de
l, itlng ii'iniiportiiiit .j.' ?t...:..?, ( ..,.er,--,,-iiiltl ?iljourn hy
the m.ddie ot July.
(in tin-i)U"?ti":. ','. dieebtrBiMthe i aatt Coat__Mti
from Ftrthei eoaaiderttloaof the raeolutioa, '?i. 10s
tiKics.* deuianded th?- Vea? and N.n? hu? thi ?tUewitg
Yihn?Me??r*. Davi?. (lutbri*. Henlrl?.? Lar.? uf Indiana,
Nesmit h and Saulabury??i.
N*i-?MeiBf*. Anthony. Clark. Conner? Crogi i, E?lmund*.
PeeaeadM leatar, Oitasaa, Hum? li?-idrr*?.a, Howard,
Kirkwood. Morgao, Morrill. _?';.?? I'ulni.l PoBMra*. Hber
man, Steaart. Trunihull, Van VVmlle, Wade. Wiiley, Wil?
liam* and Vate??'-.V
b*i tbe motion was diMgmd ty.
On motion of Mr. llEMiK-MiN i<?r., .1 th hill to grant
1 iel? iii aid of the Kaunas ltd Na ? ?'. iilmnil.niid
Ita eztettioa ta Bad Uiver, wa* ' an ?d di?eu*???'?l
till 1 o'oloek, whet further di?. . .. wa?' . ? off by Mr.
Ki S-F-MjEN who ralied up Um ?le- la] "Mer ?huh wa* the
tax hill. The reading ?>i the bin wa? eomnBeneed
m. ?iio'i'iii of Mr. Kesmkni'Es. the Oral aectioa wh?
i-teadtd io that the cattai ita ahtU like eti,ft ?m and
iftei the 1st ol Augi.t-i, iiibtead of Ji.lv, as in the repon.?,
The Senate agreed to tho MOorntteadttlot <?f the Fi
tBBM (.'"niiiiitti'i- IO fi- the tax ?m C'?tton at two eenti?.
I , iineiiiliii-iit of th" Kilianie Coinuiittei, to i hang"
th? re()uire:iient in regard tu the publicat-OI of the pla??
where apjieal* relaiive to erioii? "'i* or BMMaiea vaiua
tion? muy he heard, wa? Bfrted ti.
The E_obm bill reqeired Ibia pubdiettioo to he mtde in
the ?"'?iitry iiewnp.ip.-r having t cLrcB-atton m
the diatriei Aaameaded. the proriiioa it regard to the
largest iiri'iilatioli la ?tin ken out.
Th?'following ?nu??tdBiala under tl.e he.nl of Mfj.
aya," to the bill a? H i MMtm_ the 1!" Ht, tan agreed
Architeet? and Civil Engineer* ?b.ll pi; li'? fur each li
eena*. Eveiy pera?>ii WhOM BBMBaM It ia t'? plan, deaign or
?uperiotend tbe cuiatriietiuii ot Imlldiug*. urtbip*. or ?if load*.
I or bridge?, or canal? ur railroa?!?. ?hail I?" regarded a? an
architect and civil engineer under thi? Act? protniod tlmt Ula
?hall not Include ? pritctic?! caipenter wrta laleir* on a build
log. I'iumbel? and gas litter? ?hail pay II'? I?ir i-ncb I.cunte.
leery aaraaa. Ina et earpMBtlBt wteea btaiaiM li i? i?j til,
furn?b or ?eli p.uiiili eg BMMrialt K?a pipe?, ga? humera or
?itbor ga? lilarea, abai be retrerled a plumber aud ga? htier
wilkin the meaning of Ihn Amt,
'Hie rend.ng of the I ill wa? ,-.,i?t,iiii.il until ah nt oin
thirdc 'inpieteii. win-!.,ai 4:1- o'elook.the Beatle wei.i mtu
.??ti *ieili nfier a?lj'?iirin-d.
Mr. DOIIIUT Mum. . Uro? the t'ottmittae on Publie
i. i iwported a bill trtatini to the BUttaflowt land
m ?l-.-rnite ??'ilion? to aid m the eoaJtraotioB of the
Iowa Centra! li.tilio.nl; whteh WM ord.-red to he print-?!
and roi'omniitt? d.
Mr. E^ouroi Ohio , ir.'in th- Committea on Com?
IHM repone 1 ha. k ti..- BonttC ain-ndnieiit to ?
turtii-r ?o proridi lot the aalstj of the live? ..t pa?
?rd ?team v.--- i?. .. ttadtt-M that they
be ii.?':-:''?!.? tirred m.
Tiie lateadateats were t_a?__aiafrtd m, and a Goa?
uiittee ol I onlereui-o wa* Btkod
Mr M?*ltClKi('al.i iittr.iduied bJoLbI refintio.-i to at:
thuri-e the S.-i-r.'tarv of the TlMBBIJ I" Ittttl ,!"' v< .unit
of C. T. Kav, wl?eh wm read twice and referrc?! to the
Coa_aittM ?m ciiiitn*.
Mr BO-TWBU Mast I " I .. ??I a hi. to niiieiiil the
A'-t of April I?. 181B, tot the poolshaaeBl oi oettain erimei
agaiimt the iiiiteii *- - - eh wm reed twn?? aad ra
ferred to the ilii'lieiarv Cotiiiiiitt-?'. It provide? that Ila
\ | of 1819 theil not be *" eotatratd a* lo prohibit dtiMU
of the i;:, it ed Stat-I from selling ve.-c!?, Hlnpi or iti'am
er? huilt within the r.iifeil State?, ot liiut.'ria!* or mnui
tiou? ot war, the growth or produ? t ??f the Mme, to the
?uhahitanta of other ciiuuirii?* or the Oovernineiiti not
at war with -a. ii.ir.ided lhat tho operation of Uni Act
shall be suspended win never the (Tatted Slate? ahull be
BBgaged m war.
Mr. Giosr.iiHKNNKu ii'.?.,, from the C ?'. i
Laada, r??;i.,rt?"i bael a bin tor the reliel bitaata
"t Iowas aad rtlTegea La the Territories of N. ? '?'
upd Ari-.iii i, whith wa>order -d to _< ^ n..' ! and re-coBr?
llllttt li.
TTIE ?vt'KPF?" ?'oNsruinip.
Mr. IcBBBCB Ohio] offered s reeolatioB, wi.i.-h wai
adopted, Initrnctiog ? iti i ob V t : i Iff. rsto
Inquire into the expedit-icy of ta-kiag the U. 8 I i
at Qaekec a sal iriea ofli ?-."
Mr. Wahii-rkm: 111.i taked and ob-tataed learelo at*
t o li bil Signatare to the repon of the 1;
III it tee wiia'li lias in a, |e ia Bit ul'-i-T.i ".
ppBLic iRiNTi.M. por \ asan papbb.
Mr iBaaaaotx iii.? iaked taara to <.tr.? r areaolatiea
l "i: the Beeretary ?.f ?State ami Poetnse-tei Gtanen]
?foi inl ?? ah] 'la- I- :' ,i - for t'." r r -
Spectit ' ??:.'" ?' i li ' i ?. ' EI '
Mr. Ki.Pi;:p.i Wii objected, ead the leeolatlea wat
not reeetred
Mr. !_______. tii'in lb?- < "in ;.ii*' ?? "-. I-.-, al li'
reported a Pill ___reaaii g1 , :??. of widi
"r| bena, and inr othai parpow -.
i ! e tn?t ?. el tim eil en, U Hie i.rnvtsi BM of the Ten.?ion Ihiii
t" |iri.T..?i marshals, ?le;, it? proeesi warshala, ?ml 11
orneen, win? ! me Teen ilUed .,r wonadad la Ita
Ita rdattaei pmTnsl Bsrshsta M raal. tar the Bataam st* , ? .
Baaa m caatataa, depaty prorosl : t'.i.inti,
Hinl i ni oiling "ilic-is us second lieutenant?.
Tho sei-oii.l mo n Ineresi , oat towirlewi
.. a?, i ?.. dieu m.'' - ? ii. ni Iks i M
Mr. 1'i.itiiAsi Me. made a itatement ss tai the existin*.
pension laws and billa that are pending. Under 1 a ej -??
mi.' peaatoa lawa the enan la?no_ntii I - O-O.uOO
this pu! ma. ' ? | 00, h sklag i
* v'.'.ikhi.'ii'i'. The bill pending, to peusi. aildien of
Ile nar ol' 1112 and ti.? li I II ' ?' |l-,<
which wniiid nahe the total amoaal "t pensiona |35,.
(uki,mm. i ' : ?. i ? r thci the Commit.? s asi
of the opinion that i
w.,,ml tttOt ?? | r , I BOW ul
Alr. II llil'INii iK.v.i. While fal It
' ' I -
? '
mi o; them a ere infain ?us and
l ? -i '?? :.._'. 1 in ?PI suris "t h 1 o? i ?
Mi. I'.ksjaBIB M
Mr. mp i : - ? i lawaal
: ?
li i. t ii?..1 eben '. ___??*"'
sad m ? pay ? .? i ti p r __Bng I
ii;?- pension ihoald be In? :? ?__. I. i Ii ? la -. t?.
i< ?t the a nea ? f ti" li ? ? lim -r
[taasina allowed f??r t>t. I be $l_ p r
Mr. IlAliPl?-., '? .-.? liol
u ! . . . . ...te ..t' (1 M ?S.
'1 h. II- ii-'- .'ali I the "DI
o!l the Hill -lldlll. III Wl.li li Mr.
The bill was then re > I thrs ti bob, i i
The ? " I ? IP
fr ..h ? ? the I
ii to re; mi .? bill, to dool le thepenii? ft
. lui" pensionen from ii.
ii.ii ile r - ation waa laid
< AI.IPi'ltSIA ANH ?Uti' \' Il 1III.I,.
The M ne !-!??'! thi
which wa ??;- ? ?''?? '
land? t" Bid !.. 'h . mall
I ii- tr?.iii the Central P
i . i, ? i ? .
m . .i i ? ?. ;
oadeata la ?ii?' way ol
n f r?-II? c t.. the ? "lllllilttee oil Public I
Unit iii" I '? >-1 ? in 111.-? - won] i
??ni y, and repot! It ha? k.
Hi Hip-.-.ii - ? . 'I?-. lined 1
Kaili", d Coi
. t?-., >. n ile, li
ii.e rall lead. ? .
Mr. W ??inn axa (I
that it granted the LsjmIi d
of to tbe Btate. 1 ulara I
Mr. I'bk-b iIiiwh) remark'd thal I
?Mr. u laBTBuaaa said thal I
.-ni!.cr ? i ? ?
the la-' Coi
bul h ?' ' Ipi
If i...i Is wera to la- grant? li.
(Matea, *" iii ' 1
whora Tiii- bill si "ni : boi I
mornlag boar, but t .1. iii
Mr Sikvkvh ??ii.I lu- .??.I Bot M
in,ii . ?1 ipi iil:y ,iiai-.it girl iway the |
' fool of the p.iLin lactb waa derut-d I
?a ni.d 'a?.'- it. 1.'. ' .
?a O-th.
Mr. Kamiail l'a. i laggetted that ti lhere
forred to the Commit* .- ? .. i L
Pe.-ii referred icsti r.ia.v tWO "!.Tei l"l : .
Barter, ?vu ? pt t!,?t thi? hill was more iwraping ka III p o
risioaa. It waa tim.? that Cowarral abottlo ooeae this la*
discrimin?t?-appropriation "I lands, mid I BMI II. -
l.-ss BZpeaditare ??f public in*.ney.
Mr. WatBB-BTBBB 111 i Inqnirrd a? to the bbi
aerea of landa granted by tint bilL
Mr. Hi;.well r.-t'li.-'i about 1 o.iK*??,(-???-? or ll.WHi.iiJO ..f
Mr. Wteaaoaaa (Beaically '??Thal i? all
Mr. .Ii lian .??kui whether-his bill did Bol Braal a mir
?da of II uni?? wide fir !M ii Um la length, in 1 idlag ?li
UM dal. iron and Umher lands
Mr. iiinwEix repli?d th?t tie r.- ?. re bo '".ii laala aal
no rront i'Xti-iit of titiiPer land?.
])?< liiovcd tin? previous (jlieitlOO, which the Hollier?
fu??-d to ?econd.
Mr. Hanp all l'a. i th?'r<Tip"ti in.... 1 t? refer the bill la
the ('"P.iii.tP '? 0:1 I'iitilic Landa
Mr. Mi pwiLL itat.-d thal if lae bill wat m i__Brrta, ba
should aaara to aboliak thePaeiflc Railroad Committee,
a? ka would consider the n-P-reiice an insult to that ?Coa
Mi. Minks QMaea.) forortd Ita re, ,?:, mitta] to tht ?Cea?
mittee oa the Pkeifle Railroad Be deemed ii Joel I
('"inn kttae and in in-' "ida:,' ?? with ' ,?? rip? "t itie Ho,,?u
tinit it shoaM ha reeaaaaalt-ad i_u.> r thai r? I rred to an
other ( T.ininittci?. I
After some further dieeBtttoa, the bill Bil n cou.mitt? d
to the Committee on th>- Pa? iii?: Railfoad
Mr I??UN, from the Commit!.'?? on the l'antic Railroad,
r?-p? rii-d inn k a substitute for the Beaale bill for a graat
of lands to the State of Kansas, to ?id in ti.? construction
of the Northern Kastei RaUlOOd and Telegraph.
Tho BB-flBBg hour haviui: expired, the bill went over
till to mocrow in the uioriimg hour.
The Speaker presented a eommnaication from the
i Beeretary of the Treasury in reply lo a resolution ?if the
IP -? -iii re-un? t?. Baal ?old silice Kbiiiary I, IBB., by
whom s'il'l, Ac.
Mr. W'ilho.n iinwa) tfltartd tin- foOowiag raaoletioai
Riiolrtit, ri.at the ciiiiiiiiiinlc ilnin uf the Bl miall ft UM
Treasury Juit HMaeaead P. th? lluuie he referred to the ?Tun
Bittes on Ipiii_ins' and Currencf. with nmtru.iliuii tu inquire
fully mt" ah the fact? .tiid statements tkerela revalalaad. and
thal the ?'.?rninitte?) also piijiure whether any (rold ha? been
purchased tat the treasury inn? the l?t of .'?-liruaii, LB .
Hie un.'iuiit of iikIi I'liriTi.i-'-, !') ? lunn and of ?-Kim in ?dr.
tho am .nut nf Iireiniuin (nid. the con:, eii??puii alum ed, ?ml
tie- parses aetaaa tar Ike Gararaassasi ?i?<j thal ika ?Umb-bII
I lee ? spoil Iks latas aal aasaaau at tkeaererajaalaaaf _<.i.l
mads ?inco the tit day of Jaiiuarv. I??,?., iii? imiue? of the pur
ciiii-eis. the ssaaaata paeabaaad hy sark the Usm at pareh-sa,
1 and all the nrcuuiltancei attendinir iul-d p irehaies, aad Ike
amount paid the __elit of tin- tr-asuri . tl.a? the Ce
bare Bower M MBl fir pansas ami papan? aad s!i?n n-p.irt
tin-result "filie ?e-luir) hetel'V din-i p-,1 I. tia- Haine with
?nell rei nin'ii'-n litiuui at may tie deeim ii proper lur ina Inter?
sil? of sha Parara meat
Mr Li Mloni? i??hl"i laquiied u? to the reis..!, tor this
re-..l .li .ii.
Mr. Un ?on remarked that _BBN Bad b-OB for SOBM
time Mat i-i.?irires in the Btweaaaert la raforeaee to the
sale of i/(,id. lfwh.it hud been alleged wa? true, tht eoaa?
try should know ii ; if not true, it was doe t.? to?? S., r,
tary that that sBoaid ha mad" kaewa t&roafh a rei?.rt
flolll the propel ( oiiPiilttee of the II?.li?".
Mr. Eliihidoe ask.d what chargea the gentlemtati*
luded P..
Mi u i_HOr? (.??id not tiiiil.-rtake to repa it them. Thar
hal keel e.intained in many arlu les in the ?Ne-.v-V otk
Sir. Lr. IiLoxi. railed for the fetdl-g "f the S i-reta7*i
1 letter, which w?. aecordingly n
Mr Kaspali. pi, ,. i|.r.*-"l lu? desire to have all pnb
' pc oiiicers tn-li. tot ?tnet aceoantabilitr, tad bia belief
i B-tf thefeerefciry of tht T.-?????-;ry wool, sol .offer from
theiaraattgattea. lahaead tim iarsattgation woaldht
r-it'-nd.-d ?) a? m n-_ch "'in-r DepartaMBU "f th.- Garent
ment, and aartkalarly thoai pertont w_s> hud beta aw*
j n th- South and b:iiin_ cot.mi, so that their eoii
dact might be upOMd it wai proper thal the people
ikoald know who Bad ii.cn ashbtag Uta taaaaarj at ?at
las! four or hv.? leurs.
Mi. *~n_BM*said he WM Bot alleglag anything a_oinit
the Secretary of the Tremury The refereace ?i the sab
j, at to ti"- Committee of Hanking und C-BMBty was very
M. l.K Hi.oni. expressed his eppoaitloa lo Inn -tiiratini?
arery allegation aune by aewspap - li" had himself
bean chaiged iccantly with dodgina a roto on thereao
lution i" tr? Jefferaon Daria, aher .? hehedheeaaa.
tiiiiicl at neW'Tork by the licknesi ol bis wife, and
ihonld bare rotad with ni? DeBMeratie aaOaefaeeIf he
hail iH-en ban
1 he naotattoa was airreid la.
The Ret?ale coiicurreut retoiatioa lo print tin. reports of
!.. - Slieriii.-ll!, l-BBBBB, l'"p?' Foster Pleaiaiitoll slid
HltchOO-k, Uiade to the Jol'it C-BUBlttOB H t ... (': iiti.i '.
of thu War, was taken from the Speaker'? tublo. and, on
motion of Mr. J.lia*, lomurred ur
The Sei ate amendment!? Vi ibtHotM joint resolution
to arotida jar the etpantM attending the eipoeitlot ??f
the i rodaete of industry of the Unit?-?.! state, at Ptril ?
1&'?", w?re taken from tlie Speaker 8 tulle
Mr Hanks ?mlthit be would not adl '.??? ? oiictirrenei?
in come of the ainendmeBte, Ha. th? ?-afora, Btoeed to
BOB toaoai ia all .?I them, and ueked I C'?'Uliiutt? I of
Mr. W_aa_n m III.) objected thttiatht amendmenta
veet far -eating aa appropriation, the? maatint be na
aid? n d m Committal of the Whola.
Tht BnAKBI msttined the obj ction, and the amcml
tuate were m ri I? i.ed
THK wiNN'i BAOO P's: ::v.\ii'.N.
The Hiiiiso then re- lived llttU IttO Committee of tho
Whole ob the lute of th.? I'm. m. Mr. PO-tMOl in the
ehaii the tnt hill ob Um -alenda- bail ? toe Staat?
? ride foi ui- ? ula gowen! of the Vi I Bmirt?
Mr. Hanks I thtt HI
Mr. Wasur' Bul (III.) ?I? miii.i'.i'.l tin lttdlt| ol' that
hill. de. it, . n t he had beenoppoeed ?t. ii ???? to legit?
lation tor t...? "Job I Btpedition.
'!:.?? i iia'i.m i ? ra i ti eton ? motli a to eel nidi thU
a u.' aber btd I '? bring re.nl.
An Bpp. ..l .-n n, ?uni t quorn m
m. t vit. i. g, t . . i ?a called, and lOta-em! aa enterad
to iheii .
11,- rote rai taken, thi ' ? ? hair MB?
tamul, and)
'I he it Lei ' m ht "ti'',
n: Leiter con k-rablo op ?? lion from Mr. Wttnbarao
.111.; ..i IMr. P
rOBtOIIATIOl Of Titi: IA p? .?ITIi'N HILL.
The 8 le to Ibo Parla 1 I I wai
:....,. d that ti., i iii
... . i
'I be i . ? ? :. wtl rt ad,
when pon ol neral detail <>n th??
h?li a u
Mt. '.'. ? ike o t tite appro
pri?t i .'t I io (?i'ii'li' additional maia?
moda I ita bethel il.? y
. m ..ivor ol'
[old to tb? "?I?' ' b? Id?
p ' .em ol' Mr.
m loi -M ??? the '
Provided tau u-t ?I : retah troopa
? ;
Vr. I I M not I eing
? the ; - ? -i ' ' ??
i . . ? .-.iiiil MUM IO
,'ry ?hi.il'l
ot be attached 1er? ended aad at
: .-, o'!?, r
the ei|
I ' hi? BOppOtt!
, ?i t.-y M ? r, -
!? a aad their I
Mr. St ti : i the Chairman of
i ; . ? ? I Vi - :?'. :.::? Bl '??
' ? !. t?? do
? . ?ted whether it wm
i oma ad
' , :
M . I: ? > I - ' ? ' - ? e ? II Kore.e-n ,\ f.
' ' !
that the
gi i.:..- i from 1 t.- an oppoti mltj
!?? .n tho sub
' '. ' .li
Mr. Wash - ? not know ahtl Mm
?ii willi gil
f the nu
ii - ? -? '.'i i nt
a . ? ? .;. ?:,
M. . : i ? ?; - -I the geiiticiiiaii
' l.l.y, why lil?
lie the hot.or
ed that gentle-Bat
? - . nee lion aril
I ; till? j ?? | atttl t: r. Bl
i ' ? raed not
? ir ?p of A.n? r
i ? I f i i to bi
I ? ? :?t. tin y
au ' I ' ',
ti..- pniaaal
i ti- H ? ? thal 'he
, , . n. k'handi d
' ni the m?rite
?1 i.o righi
? W bet h< :
? ? u i?: iroin li
be had thil to
? , t Ih?? innint' anne of the
of Mci be . ' r ai.y lnan
n .: a pa -
'ian, or
I ' ? , I ?
' li I - ali 1 BOt tight
i . ' the Indue
trial ini . d alona
? ' ? . th?- w? liar?'
men of the
try, who had ti ni? ?.
Mr. 'li IBU BO (I I that he fell Bl v;.rc??.hlo
1- || Be Wa? l'| .
?ii ?I bj? a le -party r?| re
..?i al the i " .n 'i m. Cloud.
Mr. DAT!. N. , ? cn..1 ti.- bill, Itatiag that it
? o I I.-- . ia ? ite to the Vn I ;?? r?.r or to
thaw? that i - ad not aad lent dignity or com
l?...:? *? . a ,' ." It MM
l_tamendmenta ?*?_? Ijtaaajr*i_jit
(?ii'iiio'ii.ii of Mr Haskh. tiie ? ih?titiit.? of tlie leam
vi.i? i ?in ? ...'.t .rr?d La,ead a ComttittM tf L'on:.
wa* anki'd.
I i ? Ila -?eretiki bom Ike B|?akers tahlo
tad ri f. rred
1 I.e Senat.i anirndmi :.t? t ? t! ? A. ., A, i r , : i tain bill.
I ? gaaati bil? to ?uti ..? . ? im I a ??? ef A bmi ? ? au ragtaMM
te MM triga Margaret aad Oabti i ?? ?
lu anirnd lia- iirtr.ip.iitu. police Bet "f Ite District of
te iiieiirporit* thi lattaari LM ltd Ai i ?dent Iniursnce
l ouipiny uf the Iliittn I af ? ni imbi i
I" grant Bortala i>oitrr? tu ihr Levy Court of tl.e County of
Washlagtoa. District of Ceetabu
Inr ti.e relief Lil ??rd St. Clair < ?ark. a 1'?? n.??ter in the
?ewatttg to l*i mu i? S linn ti,?- litertBl if the United
Sl?tr? ot eertiiin linn.?
lir intinr land? tu ant in the eoeetrietkoa of n -niiroail and
teie?-!ii; ii lu,. Iran tin- I nluinliiri L.ti i lo Ball I.-iki? City.
i a ? ?iri.ii ?n ?. ? graattag a peaakee M tha t 4 ?* af _l?jnr
t?tu. Hu am O, p.i : 11
lu niueiid the at t i ? I . i ??, to ???.1 ii. ?!? i nnalrnrtinn
of a niilr.i.d nntl ti iegrnph lu.? Ifim ll.e II Mali ltivir to
tue l'ai i?. (?? van.
Mr. Kei? ham If. T.) prtMtted the pttltiaaaf U.C.
('lark ?__ Cotapti y. ltd ota* ra, ? i Col iml?..? Co ittj, Raw?
Pork, tahiti li i im rea-..! proti ? tioo on Imerti ia Wool,
?hu h wm n lerr. ?I lo the I oca . ?ti.,- ol \V..i ? i,nd Meant.
Alum n mi i ..
At a .j'Ait. r ;..?' I o'. 1. t h u.. IL.'.m ??.i, ?nul.
Manu cm i ir?an ooi -pi- i m i
lil ?lal.?). WrdlifBday. .li. . .<> >n.
The We-torn I Hitar?an Contrntft? iii' lient to?
day. Tliert? wa* * very lar?.'?- aud ui-tiiign'il.? J .ittendancc.
1 no ?.pi'iung ?crinuii Wu? pen id bj UM I.?-?. (?rorgc li.
Hepworth of LUiatun. It ita? .ii.:, and ? im, ....'. ,.i.d li?tened
tn hy a crowded ?udii'rii.. 1: ill ?lu kMBtlaUl] i? I ?hounded
and everything prumiBr? weil fur a great ?el.gnu.? t?'.i?t. To?
morrow uddrei?!-? will lu- diliieietl hy tit Kn. Mr-sr?. Majo
Bl Cinciunati, ifil-nii nt Ni w Vnik, Hue if l'..?ton and
other?. Tbe eiemnri will inn?.ti?.e ?eiei.il lim?
Bal i i*..oi. Wadaaadaj .i bmMI tttA
The nu.greg l'ion t.f tl.e I'r,mkl.i.-?.| tit l'ri?hyten?n
Choret ttee rated ta Maattli _krii pintor, tht Ita. Kr?
Li li '.re, li: -e| ?r..t,:,g f..mi 'he Iii mini A?*?'I1H ly of the
111,I Slhe ??I l*r? ?l<?t?-i kttti Ci. in h ta a?'-" ti.! tf the recent
actnui with ng.ii it tin- Let .?nil?.- lYatkjUtij Bar, Ur.
Haiku* addnaad th- Kir?t rmhjteilf Cn Bli I .-.fending
? ? \ " I !-'.:i. t:.e i Large? i.i.-Hl'I : .ga i.n .t.
?III? A?.'?.
Caictaa, Jane 90.?Tha baQding and anu hiaan of
ti.? ? i... ???? li DiogM I ('?.mp?!'y w?r. ..?:.>,ni hy
tire la.I B-gM l.iir.? I.'!?', "? ' Of Which ft ,1100 ii 111
Bi inT<>?J.
I ' M \ n Lawn ? .?? Im1 night ?le
1 ?*- .-i | :; Ltdd It
i -planingmill williMo ?v Heir?, sai?h and
h foi "t .. i n ??? i bi??? ii purpi m s. Lo**,
f . -baal "iic-i.aii liita i? i
HT I. "I I?
>t I. ?oil J I r atore ti Kreedman
I i i ?? it., between Locust and Vine, aud tho
millinery r""in? ol Kedertine A Cohen o the second
ri .?r i ? ding ? r ? . ? .-..'. Total
luff aho.:t $74,000 whii i, . ? ?:. 1 ..?'crii "tLcet.
Ijtti.k Kai rjt itte'M I aJahl li I thriie Church
an? '..I dil ile?!?..j. d |.y tire thil a"? rti""l.. K?ti:i.;itcd
i -.-, |i. it l Fat lia ate na lah at i.
Nrw (Inn in*. We?lne?d*v lune t*0 ||H
ii M Bigler A Co.'i axttnaira groetrjttd liattrei?
tablishmont. N?i 13 Canal aad Nt Bl Oataaion-*t*., wm
hurned t" t.ighL Tho lo** will probably reach $9,000,
ahout half insured.
The Fight Ik'tween Barney Aaron and Collyer.
Wa8IH"??.to*?, Wednesday, Jone 20.18?>6.
The pr?f fl.lit between Harney Aaron of New York and
Collyer of Itultimore took place thi? morning at Pollick, below
Mount Vernon, whero the bruiieri and their crowd had gon?
on two ?!e,un!.o it?, leaving here at midnight. About 8 a. m.
ground was chosen, ami the combatants entered the ring.
The seconds of Aaron were Dan. Carrigan and Dooney Har?
ris, and those ef < T.llyer were .Jack .Tt/gernld of '?altimore
an?! D-iuv lion i*.in of New-York.
On round No. 1 lhere BM splendid sp.rrinf?, a close, and a
fill taget bar. _
in- Aaron delivers cleverly on Collyer'i inout, an?, draws
tiie firit bead
Tkrtt? (.'oliver knocked down, fair and square, after the
fun.stuf Mairtag hi both.
fkar?G-sd spurring by both, and Aaron get? cleverly down
on ?olivers m BO, drawing blood. Aaron displaying a broad
grin ill UM i>! Ita
bil \'i ii drops ?m" ?m Cattyer. left eye, with telling
effect, mid (.'oliver gue? dou t..
t-S?Asros gi ta m sei. ral .lows On ?'oliver1! rib? UBM and
m ?a, ? ? i. ;..-1 oomas dowa t.? miy aa A,,ti rta. aaee, drawing
11. Irai ni.?'.!. Tkayctoeei sad Aaron trip? I
lung linn with a leary thug ea the graaa 1 The iparriag af
Aamn win proaoaaoed eiceiicnt by the old I', li.'?, and
Barea. Irisadsarowed lustily.
Seven? Aaron rap? ('oliver on the rihi, ?'?vilver comes down
on Aaron? BOddta with a broad grin on his face, and they
]iinu-li cm li athM len ill} la a regular give and take style.
j/iyAi?Aarun Iowa
Ai???A a : ni. I.!."? k' d ?ni the rope, ?nd go*! down.
I'la ASIOS eui es tip shyly, beck? round tfcS ring on the
douille .pin-'?. ? w? aad g"ad..wn aadar Iks rae?
/?;."?'. - A.n.m ii.y. | : si aad ?TUP, hell ge down, and?
sir of' fui.' from Collier"! baskars.
? iron I'"" led Iowa under the ro?e.
I-k-an .-pun ii:, and Auren is knock.??! over the lower
r> ;>?. with his legs hsagtai oethelaaida
? , rttem Qlie and take. Collier gets Asron's hertd in
eiiiii, .. : \ ip s ii..ii ii. Aaron ?took tumbling, and
two i" .'in- off. n 'l "ii I 'oller
/ : ; ? laaga "f bio'.?, and Aaron goes down ou his
?i,?-' ?.
BtaSara Ps H ?. Tver twists Aaron down by the neck.
.-.'.r. ni,...? I Lu.? . xi hanged, aad Aaron do.vn.
J..?-'.""!-IP i.li.iut iparring and Aaron goei down in hil
aa I ? ?.mer.
B-BBaia flll_hl po?s, and Aaron again goei under.
/. ./--Au.,ii ?lo'.v .ii 08B_-Bg up to time, au?! Collyer'i
ni.mi gi I . i. il.ruM? ti.,Myi r into his own cor-.i r.
/ Bits t Mows Baree, head again gets in
??Lilli?', i.. ..i ,1 ( i...., r iii Igl lia Pius on the ground.
?remy i. j -A hug und ii MBStoi both go duwu ou the rope?.
'/Tr. '..-'/ tira ?Aaron go? I ?
?J?-... y ,-,ii.r_.\8r( ? ?' -r on the ropes, sad Collier
: down oil hil ki ('< I
I . . r?jti ? .?nil i| irring and Aaron goes to terra firma.
-tasa?f iii I aroa ?."??? ii?? ? n.
fiaiif nota I Brea lags Collier ? stunner nnd?r the ear,
?a. i ? i,..mr goes in i. .?ni? oa Aaron'? bread basket.
I i I earea ? ead i rt? I
?u-.i.iy a?ine ? Bl ti down like a thousand of bru k on Coll?
yer? uo?e, drops la lie h ,ly on I.is ieit peeper. ? 'ulijrr cleverly
i -, alni Aaron g.ies itiiwn.
rta?ly lamil rail by repeaten on c.di'yeri
raes ; , * und tuen guee down: tom) to
?; " ..;! en.'. OB A U !'. Bad CoBjOS. frieud? will. Aaron ap
|.'.iii,,; in i,'? r.-i.ve.i. ?! : ion the Bag und on
t.reasi, aad A iron weat ??"? B, < '? Uro. i left eve cloied, and
A .nu, s tending in IBS ?ame .lire? non.
/liri, uro?Sparniy. Bad Aaj? n knocked down.
.?uri?. (Arir??Hf.-r ol |500 IO 1-00 tlia? Aaron whip?. (oller
puise? acd Aaron thrown doirn. Colliers lett blmaer coui
pi,-,.,,:. ..i aad left jaw Inn ealing ia atas poad i| ?rnair.
Aaron gets a stunner on (.'olinr'i wind-pipe, a L ig and both
roll ?iver
mut if tee I area with hi? bandi on his side, smiling at
?'oilier, .nal lap? (iill.ei's nose. Collier henry on Aaron's r.bi.
with a rotara aesspBsseal Brota Aaiaai Aerea dewa ea Cet*
liar, ja'.? three tines is ?, eeesloai Sperrtag ?mi imta go
do do a u. Itn? wa? the hinget rollad fuufht?fourteen
UP anira
neiBBIsia laiaa let? ilip a terrible blow wb;eh wai
aaaght by Collier oa llaaM-tk, Isaaealag tetera! el tis teeth;
le Mtawi it up ou Cuiller'? phil ami ilauiaged eye, and Aaron
g.r? iowa.
Thirty irir'i-Roth come closely t" t.n.e wi'h co ir te: t.it?
Herne? on Sam', eye several tiinrs in tun?mun, ?nu giving
?.na aat .i | "I??* aa Bit Beal
Thirty ?vA?? A hug. and Air.-n goes down, with Cv'l.cron
bl? '.,, I, ( . Un r' ' I. fi eie _|oM d and Aaron's rcoitly ???.
7'Airry a.?- -?I...li.-r lose? Aur> li on his i.e. x. jaw und face
Aaron go.? Iowa, with Co.l.cr endeavoring lo ii-.d him np by
IkS ia. a
> ira??Beery on CoUrer'i sys a-.d jaw, and both ?lown.
F'nii uni- BIbWS .Hld tioth down.
J-..?.-/ lau? Aaron ?low to the uiark, pail cloie, and fall to?
t?rti tAftt? Aaron slow to time? evidently weik.n.d very
mm li. and Culiyei'i friend! jahiluut. Aaron gue? down wita
a faint pata.
. orly faur?Collyer goes Into Aaron'! corner? waits and
Aaron . "ii.?-? out ?lowly , pass, and Aaron down.
Phslajta? t Maw par"?-? and A. down, and g.-ti up without
the am uf hit second?. Coull r s seconds climn the ?[ sage
Wmtg tig Cefltar itrikes heavily on Aaron'! mug and Aaron
go*, down.
forty urti? Slight htorrs ?ml Aaron goes dowe.
CBitter S BMW JabllaBl aad Aaron fails tocutne P. Hine, i Le
light gi.-'-ii to loincr.
The tight laited two limn and live minutes. Ct '? tat won ty
hit great power? of endur-in? ??. but Aaron bad a great adran
tage nu the, matter of iciei.ee. It ii estimated that about
l.oissjdollin changed hands. Everything pasted off ??uietly.
and all returned to Washington in harmony
Tln? principal! wera arrested ?.nee their return where they
were, taken on itretehers. but aa they conld rot b?? removed
are left m cn.irgft of the police, lloth are horribly Pruned.
Collyer ii the worst punished. Abcnt twinty uf the ipectaton
har? also been arreited and hf Id to bail.
This .??'initient, tho lu?t lint one of tin* Volanteei
regiments of our State, has jast been muttered out at Vu tena.
Tana and ha? returned home for tinal payment and discharge.
It is now ut Hart s Island Tho Regiment was raised hy COL
James J. llvrue in the Spring of i.-i,'. It was ttulioucd at
Camp Stonemnn. vVaihingtou, I). (_'.. id its early service, and
In Krbruary ledi, wa? put nuder orders to r?|?ort to Major
(ien. H. 1*. Hants at New Orleans. Cpon its .?rrii.il thi le it
mu? immediately placed on the innrcti iinh tin- lied Rim El
??edition in which ti."d It perforo ed the moat urdiioui ter? ice
t lost many of .ts ulticers aud men in the campaign, which
wa? iiiiC'i'iali'il in seventy. It |iartlcipaied in ml the battles
of tho uaiiiii_ii.il, ot which the following are Hie Baal Bated
Campte, Sabine t re-? lbiads. I'leusaiit 11:11, CaM Hiver,
Well? s I'lantation, Muusura, Yellow linyoii, Moore s lVi-ta
tion. There hive Peen ni it? rm ki tim nig ii? three yean1
term over J.UUU meu. ?>f whom only I MO have returued with the
Iteglmeiit to this Stat?. Ah-aej-B. n?in.(in in the Soiiih.
Hurlug th? lust year the RagiB-Bsl h?? strvetl in the Stale of
Trias, traversing ncirli ?uti portion of that State, aud al
wayi e. joying ike conti.len?, of their eommaadiag -Been '.ii
the highest degree. The following utlicer? hare returned with
the Kegiment
Pirn! I . Tinar.l Hvri.r. Mtjor AST.Pam Il.vlt (?it. r?ul?n
IP. ?a v? .-It Kirai !.i-ii! Jiuoi I ? ?aiir.i. lim Lira! IVillia-j S (au
Up. tint I.n ii. V. Iliaiii il l'uni ii Bwaad Lirai. Pair, t Caran??a
-ko leltawiag aempBneatary order wai issued t.yUeu.
Sheridan on I he d??!)urture of the r?giment from Texas:
llxil'Ul'.BTKKS MlLITABT PlflllOB of I?. I-I'lf )
MwOhlkaKI. Li . Juue i im?. t
(' I J?H?i J Pt.??, C..?.-.iiiao.. Hil? jr. Y ?aiair,. Setc tir?
itan,. I i
( OL. ?KL Al ?' .r refimrnt n .hi ii 1 1? rn.bark for hain? at?! ?
h.m Beriet el _Bkiel ?ml >li?itiuiaiihrd wielte, h?n i; aokiy ? ew
pllalird tlir puip...? I.r wl.ii-li Iii-y TiiliintertrJ. I drill? lo Hin ?I to
yo? ?ltd (!i..i_iih Ton ti. the itti, n? ?mi uini of ti ir rommaiid, my
__aakl tor i ti- ir nu!.nu ? ..<.l ..iiolurt ?nil ?tri. t di.,lp in?, and lo it
tun? y..a tint lllrir ?a lanliy ?lid f-.ltlifuiiir?? ar? jalt'y ?ppirri ,trI.
In Ix-trtii. th. nii.'lvr? ?o toidirri?/?nil hain ribly limy did but thru
iP.lv t. IkwaaSresi ?ud to Hie OuT?tu?ieul and the iTi-ar Neetd they
br?r wil ?,w?v? hr tiirnr.l t,. wila ?ride ?nd i?tn!?etto_ ?ml will be
? full r-~ ,.i.l t'.r the .Li" 't? ?...I privtlmni they htr? io ..Uri mm
durrd willi ?ask lurtlt.id.-. The report? of orrWn lent to iniprc?
ynur rr?n.iriit from time to time luv? tlw.yi bren of the mott cuni
pliiueoiary charactrr with mp?. I to lu londinou diicip Ili and
trill With ?u. h ? brilTaut rrc.iid, you and ynur otGceri ind nirn
will doubtlnt b? happy in th? i-oineiouinrw ol htrti-i leftrctrd io
inn. li ha.iar ?poo your Stair and Iii? nation. PVair take w;th you
lo your I.oin. i uiy uiu.t r_tiirii wl.br? for your futur, proiperily ?i.U
hippiue??. V?r'y r???p?rlfuliy
P It Sbbbidaii, Mijir (??-n P !? A.
In view of the inipi-ndin^ _-____*) OB tho Continent
of Kurop?, it hu been sinrgested that our naval force in that
iiuarter ihould bo in? reaied, in order to render it thoroughly
competent to protect American elti.eui residin?; la -tarop?I
and in pursuance of thii suggestion, the Narv Uepartment
hu? NUigni-d the gunboat Swatara. now ready for ?ea at the
Wiahiugtoi: NaT? Yard, to th?t niuadron. Several other ve?,
iel? are alto to be dis.?niched hi looa st they can be placed in
readiness. Among the reiiela ipoken of aallkelv to be at
la I.. .1 to the Kuropeun Squadron ?re tb? new frigate? Frank?
lin. Gael riera and Chattanuogi, with th? uew tloops-of war
Nnhauiliig and Uadawaska. The Swatara i? a ?crew gun
heat, of ?.it nilli barden (old measurement), and wa? bulb at
the Philadelphia Narr-Tard. She w?e blanched on the -3d of
Muy -MB and from that time until January of the preient
year was engaged In rrceirlug ou h a ard her machinery,[store?,
etc. Oa the loth of Janu irv. P-t_j ?he wa? placed iin commu
slon at the Waahlogton Xavy Van!, and was shortly after or
<?ered to make a cruiie among the Weit India Islands ai a
practice reui)il Tor midshipmen. She ha? hat lately returned
Pom this crane, which proved a most i_o?e?-ful otc. and i*
now in pxrfc.t .?a going order. The Swat.ra ?a a lister ?_,p
<>f tie ?J'.iiiiiii-biiii?', which wai lately launched it the Ilrooklyn
B if ? Yar?l. and is a very iwift ? e?s. I, having been constrncted
with a view to making speed the paramonnt object. Ur-r arm?
ament consists of ten guns uf heavy caliber and her engine?
an? of the most powerful deicription. Sho is altogether s
model reiset of her c1 us, ?nd will stTord our trim Atlantic
neighbor! another linking eiamile "f the progr?s? made by
us pi the art of building ?witt and powerful war vetiel?.
The Eurupeau ?.?uadron will now conti-t of ibu following
rrsielt :
liiiil, Dana Clmt. \ tmtmtk f.'??a flan
Colorado .ii Stir? Ino.i BMBMMB
Krollc.4 Ptdd.? Whee. Oiittd 1 St. ?? .!,?,
TTrond?ro?a..|ll SrrrW ?PulTryer. 4 hl.Irtlap
Kr?r??rir.s fSSBW I Mui.i. n-.u.. t.. 4 Ironclad
I _a-a-_la-a-?..ll H, tr? A.(ueU.Il Pst-ta ?Akata
?weleia.10 S-i?w ]
Brilliant Sncfesses of the Liberals.
Ga-Yehton, Texaa, Tneiday. .lune l| IH*.
The Cr. ?rent brings au Kura Rio (hand, Ot trim of
the 18th, with the detaili of the capture by tin? Lil? ral
forres under Trenne of a largo merchandise truin lioui
Matnta-onsMo the interior, 'the train wasconveyed by
io Imperialist companies, numbering UoO ?neu, und? r CupL
ITaiTa. HW guerrillas, mado up of Ciiof-dcrates, and 1,500
M??? can Imperialists. It had eight piece* of artillery and
mi M.-xican guns.
The fight lasted one honr, when the train was captured.
<>:. the leith, about three leagues from Camargo Canala,
MaranfM and Kscobed", with their comm and*, had placed
themselves under Trevin?-, tho Libera1* numberirg 2,-00,
w? !.' H-ttd .'Uiil equipped,
'Hie tr?. n coutained m?rel?anili*e and ammunition ?!
gr? at value. Gon. Olvart-?, woimded, patmed iLiougb
Hi faott Saturday night. Several officers of his cominan?!
had arrivi'il at Matamoros, w ?ich contirmed the capture ol
BOO ptlaoaeil -f Otrtm*! MWatad, and shout 100 other*,
with the convoy, were sent to Cauiargo. The cmvoj waa
abo taker, la CM-t-fO iKi.cr d? ?i?!'? gnarJ, with ortlars,
I1I..1' r (.e:i. btoh 'lo, . i o_yt_ing to bo
t. ?., :.. d,
lii.in? r rirri tht Mr rifan Impi I ? li i hanged
i the tight.
Commerce bia taff i le lou hythe ni| tore.
Twu.'y-or.e of the Atti latl ? Mt) I.
The Monterey_ptc_| w._ I .eportetl as l*e?ng st
Ctlra for six day* atlen ? .:. ; io r? - ii -ii to MonUroy, ?ni
har? wire enterLui.td thal i' Wi di lite be captirod.
BVOtAM i.v emu a-;;i r_W dvkr thi: dkhat op
I-?i_MB--hfeAit-on, from Aip-iwtM 121h ?u*f?,
arrived on WednrnJey iuorni:.?. Tl.e "uilowingii her treaaora
?t ita ib a ??.o.
Duncan, Hernu I Co.. . |7i,_tO (1
i ?.-'-. .\ Co. M.M ?J
l'.,..,n-A Ku-'ieli. h.7Ul 71
Peter Naylor. 15,oi*j ia?
.1. a. W. g-ligmaiiu .,. 1MB
w, i a d?. ia,?au 01
1 -, A W'.iier .576 000 0
\/..i?. Fargo I Co . e.ouo mi
.'anama Kai.ro-d Conn any. 29.-J07 77
Total. .-a?_,Jbi ?I
way ibkasuhh.
J.Ames. I ?i ??.
r*. Llaaaei.. A ?eh. 1.:?."_) nu
/. e,7>* at?
Weiia, Fargo It Ce. l.tt "<u
K. & II. r. Aatbney ?t Co . *__ on
Parea, PtauM A On* i. '.?.on
Ca.-twng:,t t, il.iri?ii. L?eO ai
Benjamin Oi ni. ?KW uti
K K dru i . i,?ou
Mun ia! A Co . 'ititi nu
Total.Iiy i74 7U
Pa- am*. June I., IWU?.
The ateamahip Arti na, from Sea York, .trrived uo th?>
- ?i I left tor San Francisco
the I ?nie ere i ; e0< M- i City.
Everythi g .?,, m ?. T a raltr -.aron
ha* thorm - ? in. lane d-tca ii tin i..?-interior bring;
Boifflportttl liewa.
Cr? ?ni-ir MonqoeTa had ?urive.l It the capital and wat
We.' re. .'.Veil.
T.-.c tawi I oin Centra] tad I rtk A-tar-M m umm
Bverrthitg on the I teeami a mu?
t-r:? nee I \ ? I btritm is nu?
ll..-?.ii- - ..rung with $1,1)00,
000 in trca? :
M Mai I
gurmlse* . . to the ittcaUona of tim ?Dm?
IliaUii'1-i I -, a' : n 'ile 1'..'lill-. Till' last
?i.e.;.- of th * , ?bat thalaatwte teta SMtiMai
lelo? Iq g aonthweat, evidently Ixioid
thro?..-.i i ?i s ? ioMoaterideoforaappUoe. Twovis
Bela of tl.e ?i Beetented -rom the fleet, ami
j robablj b Ich ?I to M .illa, uberi! UM Span
lards hate ? 'u . ill nae >i watt, M N i* nt>i
improbable (tin weet m i few malka
on rho coa t
ish aaUteta
try umler a
Imm?diat? I
that to Bp
pablie bejrti
Tl.e gf i
joy ai.'l I? J
DOM 1 Ml I
roii he i '?
qnently ?u
grain was
ni:d evervn
I j
' J ' '.v
ooBBBinn . I '
the utta ?
?ol r?'!i!i'il
Liligi.t a f? ?
not lobe '
mat.di ntl
_ut now ?'.
ali.ltr en
,'cllc.l to o'
ve?*cl.? .-u
'I'll'' Qfl
the sulij a
?I tor another oncoaater.
. Pern broach! up ahoal l?**. Spun
. :. i oiiipi '1. d lo ieavo that ?oun
a Penman Government, i ?nu. it
. i tullin ti .?.' Caliea, deelariag
. per.iii'tcd to reaiaiu m in? Re
i .e.lecri'e.
a.i.t.i. Mar.
? ? mi fortnight hal been a time of
a Hth of June we were wired
1 ..lings tinti the Spanish squad
-tad, and a great victory oiii?c
l'eriuian brethren. The telo
. Bl watted ali ou-r the country,
i? hut one fecliii?-, a leeliug ii.
.ratitade thal another and ti.*?
ali hal leen lustaiued by our
individual* in wh??*e bandi am
n Madrid aro no: mad beyond
d that they have at leng'h been
Booth American Republics aro
t a I aggression and iu??>leiil de
ly rtaeattd, ar,d if Spain ?Wa
i? tal yet incline 1 for amicable
-., li!, however U.-.WlUlDg, U'? i.Ul?
li.11 sweep Spanish navies au.t
Many ul j
propo.? il, i
has bi'i'ii i
A i:?"?' '?
of lit" ot
Map, A i
marine b
ta.? 3d h?
ac?l rais..
got a par .
I of whom
lol- II ve
Warumth, I
Pulgar, F
With t
| bor, and
fr.euils o
ah. u.'. Uli
that h".'
six or ae
?ltd, It
Uufor '
dent in '
allow it
thua no -
of lue?
made I
of the
hut at ?
Att .
being ra
most of t
There is
dam ago I
ment ha*
with unw
Callao au .
tilan !,-?
of the mo
in the co.
let, indica
country *?
foreign ag
the unite '
one tahl- ,
a r?hr ?
office, an i
honor ot
fraught I
due hy I?,
i? likely
latter (i
recent i
Bfe I U
Comui.ni '
? Bipm it
:. .mnroved. and the number of
kg the pint cquai to the paliaiest
?u.-ing a loan of $6,C*j?0,iJOO, ami
i discussed in financial circie?.
?i .nade again? the Government
te no satisfactory arrangement
f ?ul calamity, canting the lona
- irrad at V.ilp_ri4.i on the :td ?if
. r latch hid coa.tructod a tul
? ? o.p. ?I?. On the morning of
I vo-sful experimenta m anhing
fathoms of water. Ile theu
11 rd, the ninnes of the majority
i.ned. namely: Klatch'eaoa. a
V ' Ila nu. Guitar Mbm, Augu*.
it, I. ? ..i? Oriniwinkle, Adolto
i. ?et, and two Frenchmen.
sumo distance out in the har?
nt his h? at, with himself aad
Dim. No anxiety vu felt
iu time, Flateh having state.!
1er water easily for tbe apace of
the b. it did not make ile ap
, considerable anxiety wm cro
. .red the anxiety increased.
.?.i? down. Flach wm so coofl
. ?.pcrmicnts, that be would not
tobo attached to tho boat, and
. ntu for theui with any certainty
, baaarar. m find them waa
? ?? ? . ivise. bat no trac?e were bad
?u a diver ducovcred the b?oat,
.c.der it imponible for him to
? ? ind no iiiU-Uigeaoe of the boat
a ?se of the misfortune ia ?lill a
b s a wife and leven children, and
Bee families.
g mo,
: tor ?po? lal notice; what little
Callan dunng the hou,bard
d busiiii'M is being carried on
. y . ' ta. The Oovi'mment on the
it, entertained the liomberos of
l banquet which wm held iu the
ro laid for 1,40(1, and do lena
ti to ?iinner, and formed odo
o... .iant banquets ever attaattad
.d. ed asuene bright with prom?
it ibu "good time liomin? " lor a
t ?1 by internal revolutions and
l .<- principal har ?-au nation* ami
i ? well repreecntcd?Euglishmea,
F each, Italians, _e., all seattd at
i..an that Peru had at length got
oudert during hu brief tenu of
I ?a* capable ?if maintaining tho
Late, and af ellectltf reforuia
i,l lasting good.
I ?7>tD<?R.
.?? first |i iLiUm.-nt of Ote ?iv-bl
iltad States in November, IrttiV,
... .e deuiiind on the part of the
' with that view the subject baa
. re Cougreis hythe I'rceideut.
. ltd Ststrt ?(earner Mohamgt?,
? , i ? ?t present at O'Lirtfnl, for tho
.. ii ' d'-ui and.
Cattai Break.
AiJUVV. Wednesilav. Jane Ort, IMA
Din.?Hill: liH-i-r Jei.iiiO reports that the great breach
in the IM lit mil? s west ot S, heiiivtHtly, whirh oc?
curred la.-t ?glit, will he repair?! _o that b.?alt
may pas? i ' v.

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