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New-York tribune. (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, June 22, 1866, Image 1

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V01" XXY!. ?IM?-' 7,-96.-1- .
?r ibunc ? _
A Dispalrh Iruni Iii?' ('?uri o? Viffliia.
The Test of Count Bismark'!. Letter to
the Prussian Diplomatists.
'II '.. Pring? u? fot*i-igii til?-?, to ?lut?' ?t ti,.,
?*,h. T ral nilli-? Knie inat>-n_l points tai
the trlei -am? prrr n ilj t? ( ? ivetl, ami I? ??li? mor?, ktmnply
tbaiiev.rt'it '.i U al war ii mt vit..ble, 1! not
BB-B_Ps lae.
The Duri,??
'the I .. yu th<- !.. Id .d' hostilities
MP fill
Tb I'-'-? ? | the Kidrr, ar.d tb?, Aaet-inii?.
ka?? I li Pa- ? ki ? !!,?? Kiap ?.-( -.ir? Ifeea ,?M
Hy to wblcl tu I..?? i lum m IP 1
ki.? . if ib i ?parai m tni ?i-1
bun ! ?- i .rr? eily d?tint' ?ur li? tlist -?Pit?
sa wbi re | right by foro?, tke war lia? bran,
i it bas brea ara?-, flb , il>
aaaoai .. toa! Aaetrto ?.li break ntf dtpbaiitis
i.?,' - " ' Kia? baa rai ?Bed in?
|l ii Pi?'. It 1? PI . ?I
. .ir? ; lal Beti to tia? r- pn
aaatatit?-. n ?nun?, in whirl, he re
?i I ai d nail,te. Biak ? iii?'
tu.!? ? i I acaire, m the erad ni
O . . .- !? tile. II Pi
-i ml k .1. ? Kiel, ?
i tea ii ii '?> tun ?ii?' lola, .
? . r., ,i- ?. r 'In- I';:.? ni?, ti.?';, r tnr tin
Aaatrl ? ?? !i ?. ,i soldier i? obli ??? 1
*?> g?> it karee a? nail
??j ?) ? ? ? ? Mildil r, who iP.-l from
i boen 1 r. i ,. I ? n't
??I ' ? -.-?-... i, ?I,, ., p t ai lilli-?
?|_.r.- , titi H'-ri.
Thi -'..i!.,?.:._? La- bama sratVjrCaaat BtoMiktetta
l*ru? i m r> j : -road:
???li.ii lad to ?our Hu ? Henry, at a [
foran r peri. 1 ktMi?wt-d apentkeTtka. tan
m.ii.t UM nli.r in Vienna. ,u
? : ti n dot? "f April .?'. uiiiii Ike ?i iQatli |
?Bra D - ?? 1?iti-'l fur t!...t ? ?
ike form of h ?; .i.'u.i ut. not i..t'-ii(l?-ii i" '
be?., -at? ciperi.T:??- liad tai.. In lia mat B leal i
em*' -'...p-i* ii l ? ? i, ? a-ti-ii by the m tiui'i-e ?if ?Ur .
?tin i. ai" Mi-; ' . m ?.Plain , ii lill., tv, mid b.
a ?* :!.. Brat Witb of tb? K::,:'e('.i.v ern nient ?tul to ? l-l ?
: tb?) poaaiMlity ?if ?ti ap|
? Al . ? ,. ; .'??..at ? .?t ponse to n.?? ii me I'.nt thi? ?t.-;..
_ ?
t" H trr. frita! ?rwaiirr! ?<?. med to !....
lity. Indeed, the tri or . f . I
taaeaptoec? aaa taatad bj
ayiupiniD ?.I cordial : ? li ir !!,( i.-.iaiiijr Uni? ? ?;i !??'? ....
lion of pearn?.
" \\ l hare waitpil in run for a reply, or even f'?r .i mere ?_
'? Al ihassadee Bp -
- \v.? ,-ir- f r.-'i!. m ?'? oeail iy,loeeaatdertk? d? laritioa
?PI ' - ? -iel np,en; ut me Federal 1
I' a.ikf rt-.ii. tln-Mai?t, (?ii June 1 ?i tlie ???irt..
. I .im i m. r r - Ia thal derlan r
i.i al ?amuce ?Mb t,m andi.1Teiisivit.il:
Aiairi? band, arrt |.. ll.r Du i the de<T?i.m ii|-?n iii? ??.< t, ... '
n i? ?I? l.t.-iii in?!;i a Bad at Ita ??une tia., ni - -i'?';ei- fan |
art if aartieii-ii in Iiil?..iu?r:/? the CaareeaMaa
r.?t?te__-a-hlr? ?be i? Bo? ra titled tn undertake itnp)e--ai_l__. ,
f ??o the ?or ? at v. ba ?i I rrkased ti? r-<-'f frnn? ike ?
Tient?, hy r.f .-rae P. the I?ir? and ?I rePv ?., I at ? ? ?a t - 1 lb?
aid rr l?tase al the cn ;?o?5e>??>ii f.r the rec? in geocraphn ?I
?We late are id? protested at Ttoaaa ?(rain?t ?'.:
Ju?t!h?tle an! une tid'd net M Rgaln-t Iks eqi.nliv .:?,
abie tlUpossl ?if our rigbti by handing then-ov.r to Ita _)_.-!.
aad retrrrr to tit to take further r
IT.it lir?t I eaaael refre?a from dttliricg 'hat in thi? put.
eeeUagef the Aii??riatj (.oreronient we are aaat.!? to p. r
mre anything but the tntei tiaro or a direct ptBUMalblB. sod
Ibe de.ire braSt?. to bftag -bout ? bead and wa
'? A.l our tolsraettoa agree? ?hat tt? determination to make
wtr upon Prn?na ii firmlr ?Titled at Virnnr.
" 1 _?a? conlldent.i.Iy acquaint your Firtllency. by bit M?i
?at? df-irt, tbat. at tbe time wbrn we addrened ' the con ilia
? mmubieatinr. ?hot e mentioned to Ti. an? tv Kmir,
notaated by tke di.ti "f prrierring pea? e ai taaf ?B pseatl li.
re?d lv lutened to a propmil tar direct under?t_nd;n : mad?
from an impbrtial auarter at Vienna a_d fir?' cawfeBalcatrd :
t?> r_i Majeety. without ti.? par?in?.oti?in of ti? Miin?tri in .
urder lo adce'r to ??c? rtain whether ti? M?je-t? t ?e Eaperoi
mt Auttn? w?? ?till aataated b? ti ? with of ? atataiaiag r-'H' e,
Tbe p.opueai tit to trait tbe Scb?.wli.-PeLtem und tue ira
?r?l lU'form gurrt ion? la ci.r_n.ou i/.P-or.? ty, and bv t'm
?oun? Baa to lanilla'. ? lb ?ohitlonuf both. The negotiation?,
aapporled by tbe uott conciliatory ?le_ire?, o_ the part
?rf the midiaton? boee, ai bil M .?fit? inform!
tar, ti It _e?.r>n? Mt?, tt.tt a rorret-xiniiiug t.-el
ing no lonr?-r nuti at Vienna. TheT hure ihn?..
aotwit-iiaudg ti-?? Emperor'! tbeorcticil love of peaea tint
tr.Tiuij for w?r doe. mate? erery otter c..n?!d?ration through
uet bli entire Cob.eil. errti auoog tbo??- whs, to our knowl
?edge lorn.rrl) ?"led ?gan,st the war, and eren agaiint tbe
.?reparation? and armaments, and that thi? eraring ha? now '
abe fined de? mr? luflui nee o?er the En peror blt-trl'. So
r?i 1? ?ii t'.rre maBifettei? an rntire alaence of ii' ead er ali
readme?! to eiite* ?Tct into contidential negotiation! and to
?luc??? tb. poarin.lilie? of au ftgreenient, bat etpreaiiom of
? utlneiatii.l Anttriaa ititeimeri and r*ont)cilor? of fir Euiteror
kire -?rea reported to the King from BB Bot-Betto seal ti,
?hieb lean-o de;'? tt it the Imperta! -Holtten desire wai
at BDT price. par?ly iu '.! t I ope ol aucciiir? in the tit Id, partly !
lo tid? over diner'In dil'iiultKM? nty <?? ? u ?Uli the ex
lotvbtion of ??titling the Auatrian tint?n e? by l-ru?-iaii c, ,
trihntloiii, or br an "honor?t-.- ' batakrapk ?
?' i li? ait.? Of ?he Allrtrllll ?J?)?trni_V_t ( o|_( id? oi.1t too
?.cnrately a I I l'on.
"If.?- I alioi?; that trr BiaOMBBtBadtoreoef<
atoe a airaet proroealioa lu tlie teclai-tloa ?!? ..-???!???:
Tiirt. It ha? ni li aaa -ie?niur If Hie \ ten;, i I
tend? to fi'l'ow it Bp ?minedittt.iy with t!i^ ? ljir
for it car Let hfivi (xpecte?J that we ?honld t nrily suhn.it !,.
tktaaMaek apee ear ?ib-Lt?. In austher qaestioo t'.?- .orc?-?l i
taaa ordered ia Veartis, wktoh t8f_A-M aitlafef-d
tbtPiLos ujxaii irtrrjr~??llfBe. ?Lows IL.t AtttrtoW-loaly |
make ant Of I : uita-i l??wurd lull siso, I
moondi re wit!, tai- are ibe reecrvri with whii'h. accord, i g
to i\. lafenaatli B reoetrat here, ibe arcompam. d her amwer
und which, a? we heir, ate
tnid? i?-i,-J bj nil lit three .?owen a? ratiivalent to i r.
"A*"ter the form of the mutation hml bye?
twreiit.eicritii.gr' Brers, becu SlBiraly ?' ?ir ? va i.
Ansirii iboulJ i"- sbli t'lueeept it witboni coins '
in anythint in adran, i. and vu! nat taina i obi lied I ?make
- it ii pm-priy the Vitana Cabinet tiat rem;
these la'? rt? fut 1?
"l>eh;iiil i!ni we can otil? ire the decided intention rj|
iart of Aaitiiaol farcing on war with Prussia, nnd of al mott,
uiakiDi' ass ? ! ii.r?.tiali?,i ?. ?s to the Congie?! t" .an. II
i -t. nation for known not er.tin-lv oOBpletod a
-aeiita bot eepet-iill? !..r i; o?e of her ellie?. Tbe fact of war M
a ?etil'-d ftftoiwlaaitoa nt Vienna, the eal, farther point u to
akease tb lamr.-ii ta mowenl to begin.
?1- m turn ii forced npon ni with itT.pe'itire r ?
by the t; __t rreeal bato, and we eeap-A r I
?mu.II? ?r'Ja.'.iced ??ew can cometo an oppiste ton!
rw t;?ruk toe- ioudi? f ?r goBip baaed - tslj spaa con
je<;nre?. cninbinatioD?, falnl? inter?ri-tid itatements, and
?Bbpiy ti.::, r. as to tke wi.rlii??? kagtot?! ?f Prasaia tmt to
Qwlblta li t" i."'.! ni/te?? m ?-oinp-riaon. i'trhnp? we iha.l at
li?t !?e b< 1? ved wh.-ii ve?-!>? l'.mr.ly proteit apni! at r.n BOtioa
ii. ibiac to wake good oor elaiats to t.*-.?- Itoektfa bjy -Bree,
*Bd with dirreiurd to tin light? (f the repot??'-?.!!. Noa ?,...
probat It it will ?..?t be .iiflicult to uiid?jritrvn(l l),e reil
UtLe ?TirameM? by v?:.ieu Au?tna bal rtrsa rue n. th.
-.?. and whoie re_io?sl by tnein? of Ceegreai ?
farther t.keu ?rare to reeder imponible bj the attitude ?be baa
A\'e mo? appeil with a calm coniciin.? to t.? jndirment of
all iiL|-a:ti_l ?tutetmen. a? to which party ha? du?pl?ytd-ir
cm-lion and lo?e of peace up to tb? late*t moment.
? I rrsM-ettulJi rcineet vour Exoelleu? y t?. einre?- yaaraalf
?o the ?( a; of tiill di.pat? h to the ?.minter of Eorenru Altar?
?t ihe ( nurt to ?i "li-l. you are accredited ' 1?i?_a_c_..
' Btrii n, June 4." I
BeganUaff t-ltdtofalek Tit I?ases rea_arta*
?itch a? that just addremed by Count Itlimirk
tothe l"ru??;?i lepieeeatBtlrei atroid In- not ?fter brea
petueaj by a Karopear? Minuter. Th? I'msnan ?tate?iii._n
eretai r.mi to ti.iiik courteiy unnecc*.?aiy to hu co:_?Ji?t.ii ,?
Horn wBI Aintri? All the prtde. the bitter ho?t.litT, the
Bi.-O't !uf,tlrbl purpsa. ?h?i-_ ban benn neceiianlj re
preued di ring long negotlatloa? break forth whan the
asgutlat.' i.? a ay be connderrd at an ead.
Tb? t f K. :g William bait- or-er? l8 eOBBpf Kiel,
Bi'Ldib..-^ and Itt?*li???-? all <?f the itn[>ortHiit point? "i t'.??
l>-t'Jp .! MoltW-b On their entry the _____ Brura le
ander th.- Acrtnan ?l.ner-l Von Gi.bl'--- will probably
tetirr ni-i>r a firuisl protntt and croi? ttto BBC ?nto Han
o?**. ???*re it will joia the niiin anny under Mitrrha]
i'. . Laaiea T'legroph rcS'srdithi? aeal
Anti B Tioui the I>ticby ae a fair cain. I
"li l*r;a-r??f tbe ro??l farail? of Pr-t-ia hin ?? bsi
beer ire.dv aan??tiBC??d. i?.?Mted and leparted for their ?a
no? r?r_B?n?li? ia the Prosslao army. Ti. ?-Twee? of ?be
baa o; UtMb.rg ha?? alto goae to their re?pectire lUtion?,
sa Bil,,m ibe Archduke leopold. eoBimaodiag the Eirbth
krmiy ? , ?,,_, ti? gone te bl? _A-Bd(|uart?es ?a Ampitz Mor?
???, i?-Ar? h(??ke Eri.it. ?ommiiidi-g ?h- Fifth ('??rp?, for
hU he??l..u?rieri in Brun?. The Arebd-.e "flllism. In
ssaet r Gsaerel of Artnlrry. will alio rende in tbu city. The
Arobduk? All>?rt I. IB row-und in Vi nein The Kitk of
''?d-i? it I? ?aid will*?!? the command m th? I'ru?? an
er-y ?r.d ti.e E?i,p?r?.r?f Austria a ill gn to Trarue if the
wa/ hrrak? out. '1 hui it ii not nirrely two nation?, but aim?' l
*?" "*y?? /an dies titi V? BieetiP? ?sob other ?.. Hit baliJe
"*?*-" TUB raWAI NAVY.
Ti?e rVltmrfaag tntrt-JCta the r in,nr ti at o HT-ld
r?>ii<?t(. Prnaaitu-teal ??in ?<i ?...1 tin? Ittlin in the
Aiin.it.'. Befen -kia eoaM l?. ?1? no, Pmalt a-art ki
?fuite ?lire el D-_B_BI_t; will-li oi rt.uiily i? tut tbt I ?? ?
y. t. The ?i.ol.iiiz.itifiii of the l'r'.'siiui nvv, bj calling
m I aga Liuiiber* of Ibe im rm ??nlor?, *? ?l?n tay U It ni
ttn .?i. ? .?titilo iii.iinio. alan it ia batoning extrenaij
ilitti? nit 10 get '].:..j .1 r ? re? ? lo ri.an the ?bi??.
It 1? .i??<_i*e?l that the I'ni-'Jiin gnibttt B-ttl r...sbe<n
taking M_n_-__JH ni tim M nili. rn arm t.t tin- mouth i.f Ibu
li'" with a view t?? .iM.rt.uii if Prii?Fi?iii in of nil
(<>iil?t fwtt ?'?cr tic 1 ..ir
at a.? tria.
In tin? ?iikj-?t? h ?ntottnadtm lan aiHiagnan to ink*
nant In tht Caafaet?n* n a Maofefthe natiaatan ti
l?'i" 1 ?uiciliiitory vien?, Kiibject to ttio ttndtUtnB already
aiiiin'iiii di by Itltgrtta. nteadtng 1?? ahiah a'l Bropea*?
ti''ti? abai] : ?? c_i 1 ni. ,1 Irom nu- deMeaationi or the run
tonino tiiivniir reft-i oi,ce t-ittieir tu lin? t. rritr:riil uiiirnn
.li??'iiioiit ?r tin? laoitlM of pawer of an) od tbeStatn
r?'i>r?'M utiii. a\t ttio ?.linn? tim? tit diepatehlayeatmi
u|on til ftel tliut, in ??riler to incept Um -Bl it.ilm.i 01 tit?
n.-iitnil Fawna ide paatttn ?>t ?nttilt tmiiird Mm
(.?ni riiuient ?d' Kihi.' Victor Kniiiiiiinicl 1? neilin r
to t?o nu.ditio?! nur prejodieed byai avratoal decieioaof
the I'ntiti n ine rol.it.ive 1 (j tilt? ftulillll (litln ultv. Intf'li
eiti-iiiii, tin? Autriu Government npttitM Miprin tkat
tim I'niititicul (l.'ioriiiin'iit ?Imnlil uni have ban insitoil
to take p?irt m ii?'':!?? iiiiioiis windi night rf'-r t?? ile
ItaHaa qoeetioB, Inn tie latareeta tf In PtptnwoaM
'.o ail? ci? it tierny. Aptrl Ihn ? li ?rteatkniaoi walily.
tkatenni ni merrigtlj of the Pope m a tact recognian
bj all tin? (in-,?Ttiiiieiit.s, ?aid tliciut?m? tin? I'lij-e l.tn mi
i:.i|,n ?tioTinlil?' righi lo lu? In urti iii all t? wattoU Mlttitg
t? tin? ??U.iir? ni" I'aly.
lill: AI'NTKI II ARMY ? NK.SSI' SP! R ? OltRl VOIMlli
w.< a pp. mi til?, complot? te_t .?i ti Ida if no .-?< i Beat
ili'k'? or.lo prohibiting j'.uriialiHtH:
' I probinii ni Hie inii?t forun 1 anti BBaet BB|MM manner
?ifln-ii- ur other j? i-i.i- te I iifiiii; to ti??' ti'ii'i -, iii 1 t '
i.tiiii-iiment-, ur o ihm.ra ti nlehlag ?? rl ?, I ? to fe aewtp*
fur? elfter ii ?reel It or i ?ni ii oi ?I-. lila? |tt.illj eontrar) '<> UM
ti of the .ii'n.i Hint erith l?In . ' i .,, tit lil li,?ililli il m
!? ali y iiiH.ii r,et? i t:|...'feetli Interpreted, *boi 11 ha i?tratUti d
III In'?t.?|.ii|? r eoin ?inn ,ii ?,, e. ii hil,ti- ?. tin'.! mill
|lii!i?l? ??mil io ii,.nit- in Hi.ibu |i?il| , ninnis it any teiii
?-?'.' ,!? i,, ?, m t a* oar ademarte* mi-, delaM liar?
imui ti,?' nut nu- ni the r-r t it ml.?, ?pint ? |*tn
?s <f th.? rm. 1 ?In 11 in i, i trey i, ) r?te,
11' herat, tienil'i.i.iriers nr ?:l!i other cn-nin i-.tl.-r'? ur . ti?!?*.
i ' I 'i ii ;.i io ? -[..i; ?! 11 m ?? ondeat*, ? Itb? retvll "i in.::
tan. i reqeMl tin-1 mili' .-.lui. ;? tn mi thal i >. ?? ?
? I dlBl i In ?J|i|1mi.- ?II ii 1 ?ill t(|l,I t! |.|| |!?
.1' ?Illili- U! I- -? I" bl* !? i . Ill li .1 li I--0I1I Bil to ||? (rill!! 1 "
? ni? .ti i,- t, tot I abai] know Inn?- io llwioirr i ?. ?i iori'?
poad? o-? bj ii ti'- i i--.:, o ? [ ter, tad it li ni bbm ?i?
inim tin ni t? ii 0 ' iMeratiOB aun ?I?- nutt. or. in
t .- ?? of i.iei -?,:-. t, B even have Iba? pt.onted i? ,!?? ami
I. oi". ii- nu, li. m -.'ci, the Ri ti d'- .??; : m -lutria, it ?
Hu.? .:?-. ...il H..? t-m it ??I ? ?di ni.. ? m l.-li-l. In IKll
I?'ti.,-, .i l.ie.iit mini ot' tim urn,i m hat..uml Ive yean
utter h Uajor m i'..'.i: .i. ii.- a _ tia ? ' li rher.patting
?I.mn tim <; ?!n ..: , peoaanla' iuarrection la IMS be
i uml.?.mil. ti liic Oj nia: Laaoera ia Italy, ?nil ?11?t
tai in -*#-! i' in the retreat from Milan to Verona, uni
if .h I. ? t ( ara!toa . ,..r i .? '? 'm waa t.??.t-? -? d bi Ra.
detaky. It?? idnnngthiaratnpaiinitk lie ?i
lien- of good forton? rewarded tia brilliant < tr?ge. Tiro
ilny* in o,i Novara,th I'iadmoatarae.an-U ? tie
? ? .
. to the i
li 'ii - - II? tiara, "tn?..t whii !? h .. the I -
: ?1 .?? auton, li? ii? il? l
li'iv.- i:?. de a prop. .?ni. mihi ii. ift.'i ??.:? o .lucir, hi B?M
i.ll"'"d to '. ... on? oi? '?i' n ran?
B OTteti ii ? tin? i" III
"f rill? men, U ? ? r ot ai w -.i iii ,.., I.
night, tel bio the prin? !?? ' ?ti ?of Mo
- i . - i
troop* ?" tor? bil the porte 1 I , I
i ' ? ' ? and im:' barri?. ?,? I ima
: . ? - j .? b I
the pul I ,
He wa ? ?' -
i ' -. ? . ,- ,
t- - ' ' ile :..?
: ; ' .
main bo
?? lemy i i :.. i . .
, it i.i
? : ? ? - ? - .?..?..
t .. h--,it
efthal nialit r wort WM*t_e oapttkre ,,i ?ii
officer?, ut.d -J."Oil tuon, with n ___ nnu-li
- 'i,. ,?:
Iiokc " Savoy. 1 - ?'red.
i y b ?ing :? M.'' si.ii .--' leneral
.. milli ii '
'm- .?'I-1 ? kim ? .ti' Burkea favoi
Wim late] i-naaed the eomannd of the arm?
ii ti.o north ii' .-.?: ...:1? ?' . it : -..:?. \- .
*'ii,,'..d be plated at ? be ?d ol iii- ti ?",?- la tin- boo! i
ti. .?, s- i-i regtrd to hi*i ill ippoial nenia, i ?hu i : I
?Hire lil >rt' ?' santere it ii :i" ?er-.-t
that ht trtt-ia FrdM and H :.._-.i-.?. ???mu..? Be
baa ntaoliahed I..- beadqnaiteri i Pardubiti ia Bo
h.?: town containing i feudal nalia, tad ia ,
i\ .?-rl ?itiiBt.'C. It i? iin'.?-t ukraotrn, j:,?1
by all - ! ? ti ?? .' -t- ?'!.-...'. ..t
i f which .??? ,.:;_? ?.-.1 to tield
s[?<irt?. I. ;..i- o ?? ' Von Bcnedek ii the midd]
height, ann, wiry.a ' |1yactive, ofupi :-' ?a-i
militory ketring, with fl ? j iharp-rat frtl ree, and a high
?.ti .iliLf in -, mid, ?.Le in .-? ni -.v-n. tlnaalel ofieen,
i_ .< ii fliom aad -:. ;-.-?r uf
tLu k montad m !!? loi- ii I? k,penetrating eyw, aad I?.?
inanner i* ?: *i ng liahed ' j tot eonitnj h .?! ittraetimniz.
?...-' rage and I : ?
I??-the lunik ..t tim old aebooL li?- neate of beiagnerj
;_ih k lliili-aiia:., ??"id I.- di r::p .1 .u- liutmr, both in hil
,.???? .?-'i;. :?. ' rhti rtcr, baa tertr bnn tren ctBed ii
It ?h? hi,i-, nu? ?-ii in the Italian tapen Iban the Kin,?
wh? Immediater1 lo Birivt ia Klore ce and thal ?; _.
Ci.ild'Ui ?"i Id ..I*" I ? t:.-.. i-i ?i ni..- i ?.tit?- '.?<?.,J,.?i
- " '-.l?.ri.Ai.!!. ?:*?
".M.orHagf, -?i.' ? rert,ii /
n; ?leli'Mi. ii.iT bald
Platane? eparti re from Ibe
.?liiiil. ami iiite_?l? to ?? ? from 1
Govert ment I
i - - Itali aft Fl? ?
tur Tur L-l ' :?''? h. ?
t Garibaldi
I: re] ' Poliah L
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..root in the royal atable. Tbit wm aocord
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? trill i,mi t,
? n' the King.
?/'/,. ?/ - ' Iranilation of a
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? a bv writing -lu,.' pjeeaa .t , >? try.
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raed ben from iviiil... Inapeetin
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? few of ?s arcade??"Ufo Hie haunt ?I laayprleati lltlti
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mehi] leo* be.ed.and the city M m?re Ik- ? entrcucbod
latnp'tbitD a fcaf-it of dtl/en?.
A^Otl '-(.T??, 'in! ?ut wntCB' _____? , ,
I, u o' i ',. ?. 1 ? i.cr? woir roi cap? or aliirtH. ?..t-otiifii o.
than -hen wa* a iptteU-ag, *?*-^_S!_\n__i__l
ay* n?t the b-o?i). Marti aad _t.-t at ?ka roat--t-ke rta mm
wbi? Imnt io rxitk in tboee part* o? KofrUoJ wbere Ibe lirltl i?
?Lie-y ? ?d? np o' Batana ?Dd la?an
Pim. IM Bpre-il OI...IIM-.II M ; ^ ^ ^
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Ol it w. ctobrat- the ^trin^ot tiie OmHIntfni bj"-'?rl*
Alberto. Tna' eveiit laid the f.!___ati<>- of fiar liman
lit-erty. t'oder I" titntuto, Piedmoat trew ?Tung,
happy, ptMftnn?an example and ?ttaiulu? h? otber
ItaHn peoplea. Vu tor Enunucl ? faithful adherence te
thi? oli.irt? t >.' p'?'iiItl libertie? j.r.u .ir?*-l kia the love of
t!... ptadtnatn . ind ihn at?dnttn ti It-M-hnrli, in?
ir." .ll.'l N'il|?.lll?!l?. Tt.C ('??I ?tit Itl?.?I WO? tA? "l"1"
ni nkann ?prang til' liarte?! ?if independence ?hieb
?'jf W?Y\.yVni ?JJ lUVJ-lwVUii^ll ol ILi) ?mfiitEOl? Wl
<ct_iit it a |_CCl ??ay, and hare 1MB w?mt for ove yearn to
? ? h t .'.?!?? it with <-f?pcei_l poniii. Tbe urmy and tbo
militid were reviewed r.mlcr'??? eyes of the BCBB-B, and
'/', [>, a_M r? ?avundid in ?mr ? !iiirrli?s, anti Bain the open
?hy where tin? erwwdt ?. r. toe large for tin- t.-mni. a l,?i?p.
Bithhaala Te Saw an celehrato ii?" latkatl lirth bp
preparation fur tin? B?C -Iniu'i-l?' f"r I .?In : ..! rights. The
thoiib-nd*) win? li haie been spent in aabUc pomp? in
? ?liier years ail) this year go the iMBCVeof Ibt j'?-?>r
whose prot'-ciors a?e in Ibt ???nip? cf tbe \!.i" i" tad 1' >.
Ratkraal t?late? wees bel tin-? ?aaiatag t;?'i'i erais fort
ami ?hip and cuinp of the anny and n.u.v, .m.l the tri BBb?
nriii tl_i: ???ves on iheeaaac- mt aaraaBtoa Beata ":ni
beaaaa, IV aight erarkiS-topa__alaaa with boaftraa,
and from the e?u_irnlatcr?l the Austrian? may ??-?? ti.o
c'imiiip fire Htorm glowing al. mg tli?' BNatl if ?li?- A pen
nine?. I!;it we iliow our anctteal M-n-eby sawngour
Bteaej? and gil nig it to the tannin s of our Malton
So we neild grcctin.' to the I'.in? ('?nilentk?-. Ott
m av. ru aii.ir. m t ti. ir tt-Bow-elt-seas ia saeb laaajaaaa aa
?'Thi? year it,? ii. Ter nar c h-bri'Imii lie, an?.' nur li..ii!>
ar?' in the ramp-? of nur brave soldier?? on th?- ?lei ki of ?mr
?tan? fi-.iiiiii ,.f ? h. Vf? betas worked Ire yean for Ita
eaaptotaaa .-vents wbtob han? earn at ii?', .nul **<?
ii'T. mue grim am! _ory War tis u bride m I Prill to __-_!
I.?i I?.r.(. a7e wai' t.?r a little to eetooialeoareeespleto
unity ia the atraeu of tin? Qatea of IbeAdrtoti? aadon
leabbbubHcof tbe-?aiBaUi Alps." luid tllti-eaeopit
?aV. '? AlUIIl. '
?bala reviliiil of ?H ill|,linn ?li, li nil? ni ? will tllil
Cooarreaa be. AU the tie nn.? abeal Italian diplomacy ure
of iiiipiirity, tortaowideelt-cj, eorrepl self-ae? Hag. Bal
lil lins ?niiP . in e ?be ..ililli' has no ?tibtirtn.i? BO do?
plieiUet. no mu omi cn.I?, sin, can adopt England'! 1 laaoa
alni nail it right; "Mjti t inimyRtfl . ?he wsBtl
ker owa ead bet cara wael ker. Gire bar ataapto Ja_tice
and hIid ?iii ?em! bel v < ii i ni? ? r*? ainl ro___rtp_s kack b
their homes, sht? ? 111 v ape, forja tire ead reward Um
mill? r for gil ni. lui? k ?Phu 'mu??. Il.it be ntnii.it? if
te i n ?m m n!.,'r.. be! lela bei be bought oi treed ta
silence. Ber eoarse befort tin- eaafereaee aiU bare h -?
i?aaraese ni bat own abb a Baa may taara etta it p? I taja ;
Iraiikin ?s is her tower ol tal-Bgth.
AliStll.l, We ure tnlil. ?ill . iiiiijii ,i Ii',' tiUoi to Vi I.
nilli tim-e ni Kian ita? Itain bil?of tond. Dee? tnat
ntl,,.i wmui.: iiiah?-tin? oin .. r ?hi ' 1 ;. . . i-e we do Bot
pieeeaily complain of othei ipoU-lion?, aro we iiraigbt
'..- a. . li?, ii ni' i! ? ii|i?i?'--T.-l ' /'/.. /, . lil /' ...
',. I . a i ii i ., I ? ! .';',?!
?inn. ?'.' lialia., 1..'<i.? ile ryrol, Dalmatia, ?*t<*. Well,
m li> i;??'. ' Win ii"l ('. -na,' \..e a ..I M .!'a ' A'.
1 ? per ???. irry rot iii | ? i ? n i I arope iii an i-i illniv these
10,000,000 p 0) I?' ?Alni ?I? i* ?m. I ii- . ?. i
i i mu au?] . i m',a,.ni I.-- h ? lo mal. Eunil* lo i
r .?h I i".lid np .. i,:, it h .im i ' lie sara, th ii i .i
. ami ?. Hing |.? opli - inn! I',... nn e? , ?
poli ti? i p niora] and ip I -ni .tiroll . ." . ?
' ..inn. s WiU billig lil the Min?Ti.ii.nn.
Hen', iin tn,., e\|,i ??? . .mi ,, pull frol ? ' ? '
Ililli eil, ni nnler pi li ali?' .?'Hie ? ? * ?! -, _'. ii a
Of the ll.ie. I-.,; 1' lias I., ni. In ,| -.1 pin,. .? ?:
- ?i. ; li i ! ?.mill .ni,. . r
? ??i ? oat '.ipn i-i i" alba l aa latoraatioai
P IVe - :?:?, . ii- Pi iieieini IO 1.111 "| e !n. .li 'Hill!.
public pea.-.'. 11.'? lli?n..-.i,? i?.i ?, Italy ? oiibl ??' .
?n eoarteoaa aa iii.n?iti..n, ami it Au?inn __e___??-ptcdt?_e
? lim?is ; m. i.um. -'ill Hagen aammS tar ???
? ? ' ',..?,... | : . - . . , I I ,, to ,
a a lum ' pnlitrnr.i rho ti riU ? ?nn-- of
It, i- ?mt t.?t i-sill? d bj iii ?-'??'!..-li'-M either ( ongrra? m
( - ? i ? t ? -1. m. -, alni p. . . ii io I ?re Ita Bond? -
la i
las! M lu..o? it I. i?il.*i!,?ia ,1 io-h. h stead?! t?r??i ?
thal me bare kiel o i dr? ad <?i li
i: ..:._? iii.- i:ul.. ' ! lade jil?
Ibe p li '?? '
ot I Ite-a.
i bi j Na-. ' ?? a| ? ?I fruin Ausl
i' ? o Urea; ..mi In rpite ol
lil r ii.nr.- ? ill follow t'l . tit
ofN.in tin? \ oPiipeer l.irpa sad mon willi
lb?* fa?
ill \
? ?
Aast rta is ko ni". (
t!i ? ... . i i .
I ' '. , and
(li - ? "-...? \.e
li..;.. ? ,
i rp po * '
. i: ??
1 ni 'ni . li >r ?? :
i e li
Ila!:. ...
tun?? Im: t.r-tigni I"?-;. Ir .1.. lb N
a. i .'..-.? ?',!- ,'.-. r, I took oat Con
1 ' v r sad ' ' -
n.-tl'V- ? ti? arty hurrah fur i he .
t-y iitmiin r Inf the Klag - . .
b ?I P Milan .- ? the post of - airea
l.'f ?lin! ? h.-art t ' t'. M li
? ? . ? ? ?., .
Till A' ?TK'AX? IN VI.TITI A? IK .*?.RAI_?
iotisb sa rsti pi m ? ?ai bbbsbi of
r?iiiTv BOA-OKI "i : :\.v? ?? ?'??MiP'.a r ? >.? i _
nu n.;p iiiMiitiM i-so i.", s in
iril BBB IBHlllTlllBI ?"i MAI
f r B_fB_ I Bar? n ' ?
M Lvs J .. I ?
.-iiin- af Anatrto ia 1 li a
tbeataaiBlt, tChardila togancB ti. la ay toaito-tar
i ? that ;*,. in,- ?. ? ? reaetlag aa Ita la
!??-, ,v. i-:ii,i.|y, i-tttly-Bg ?:? I .ritr ? ,. li. ? .-. tatty har-*
taken two et -j" ataee ?
i ? ?? i metal, i- i ? h???. :; _? Oreel fei ?'..
;L' an -i ?"i.- iiBiiiBiiieBti al ttabistof] I I IP
tai b ee the wad .n lb? ?raai ??! 11
Veil!'e. WTil I, 'I' ' 'p-PI.' 'a:i-*. -.-?? I ! ?
A' -ir.a:. P :':? -?-?. ":? lbate_w| illejr,petttlcal p'.?-.'i
??:?..i" lisiisftued I Pad . la Joerpbitedt, bat tat?
,?,.? i, ,,?,, m ? ir> b ft ia i It tat
o-, euii.r nn.:.. wi: . I to ?' :? tht
II I a in
I o? : ??' 1 ':,?,?;..' \
_ Vi '
'P I.L-' 1 ?'.' bei i - . ? -
Venetians win I
k 1er s fli| i
, .? ? Eropi '?.
| ,;...,',.' \ ?
: ?? i :. ?
I," Pi
? ? m1 - I ?? r- !
p.. ut ol the \
ti m province! in I I
r brothers tu ii ! ? :
,'!;. r'-.!'..el
i ? .1
In !"rn i:. ' . ? i.i-li
? i tort ed
.;? l in- Italy
t Vi pay the Auttrlani
I i?t pay both wai
.-I da bo! aaa?
u.. .-? .it ? .. ? ' Tv
be drawn fi ? dation ii
--!. h. Tbert
.c?- A ' ' '?
lie which fi| i" went
. t b< r Bael salea?
lid I?.'- 8 ' ? >' x :"" ?
.m ! fraud, the* other Ii taght? ?doo. b] ? lia
na? kin. li ?' I tli"
i. are on an i tn otu ii Iheir desire to beeome a pan
? i ; I I , r itself all the? I - * lm*
.......?,. prori..-, ?? ?, t , ?ti 'i pt Ui< ii.-Mti.'ii
t- , ,,.?-I br.-tii.-rii. How but try OBfnaaire towt
a .. i, .a- | ii? b] ' -:.'?"' II " I ?ad. ?. I stria
kopi i., i.t,.:. her?t-i'.'.'L'lin_' tfftlTe B-dbowi m -I." .-??
.,?,?, th? \ ttiani.aa aarthing atoe thuu m i?nsl_ved
eaes y I
Ki'-n-Ui,.".- ? 'I I'1 ???* I '?? a-B-d-B. Tie
( ' aa? is to meet, lad ?< '. Utoia will be_BB
? j " c?, - bli ira wee bbe iir?t
. ' ?a; p.. i, i;,,.; liitni? b ti thej toa a ap m i I ?wa
?'.ni!, .t ta. Batirse iba? la? pussled aiaab ee I wai
once its 'I'lnt.-d li. ?? ir !i ni.-ii!._ "i W'-?t, bv a littl?
mi., axaenbd ait? gr ? ,t (tara. i aaiai Hki ?aai
" Bsmttoas U|. and ttaoS?M 'Iowa.
(?lory I Halleluiah ' _. _ .
Iin-1 cn inaUoasfor thi*V'>n1'*r*iu-c hart beet ?xfe tod
bj- ?i im;*:*; ???-. kenfhow ii.t-'ni-'-.t. Tba werta aatettaa
is oar \''.'i-i ;.?n tac Ai ??na w.'iiii ad eecat la a aaa?
fer?_-oe to die. s? tim -VaaaUac leeatiea, bateBebaa
I"?.:, in'm. I te < ??me, we ve told, und tai (l_?cu?s tlie
?IItalian __--> '.ty." (?ut littl-? Caul? un* ?u a forer of de
li.-!;* t' ?t t!i"y har? hair aatttad e. ?a?ie?ti??n by igoonnu it
_r e..ln__ it trj > t'.-?e lime. le fact, however, _bt 0 ???
fere_.ee will nient with u?? progniaiiie, BC batta ??t 4? i ad.
i... tfitil ?! cnin emiou ou tne part ol tin" bi'lbg'.'ien's, ?ud
no proei eel of ?'.ice???. _*n-??in. 11?*l_r un.l An.tna
ii: bare -heir reeerratieea, ead d___ia_tly ?vrea that they
m- -i BO all thui? i iagaf It wbe. b tli v B * nnikit. Btt
para'.ion;? f>r w?r. B? ooe kunwi when B-BBttoa id-B
a raaet ?leal ?? *?' *he Aaatn? ap^..-ri ?? h?rgo'ten. ?nd it
ii the babba It believe that hit ?*olhii?i is'ii over hi? ? '?>n
gren medic.ne bat dMl-or??. hu appetite to? Khiui* wiae
It i?. hnwerer. ?i.n a? reisonable to bcliere thal tli - Gea
terence t? fir bim a ?tailing point fora rauipaign, that he
rxp?-ct? it to turniih him ?ith s pretex? f_r takingp?n ?n
th? tremen loafl ?onln-t whnli ta prepAnnr.
At .I event?, the d?-?tinie? af Knrotve ?t*??t_i t'*r the mo?
tin-.'. ? b he in hi? bandi, and ?e. Italiaui, aJmil with'
i in. iitoftoa that be btt th?- |"v. r t.? teataateai tsaalatot,
\\e in,?, i laith in tin- ? nal? renee, ami that n our baaa.
1 hi i ibu?- appr.-heiiMon mil riai in?! m U?e pM|?jrtioii to
tiiv pn.liable lueetss "I'ibe tli.louiala. '] he w??.k le?
Munnora nanda in tari? will be one rtgnalai ?uy.iety
tln.n woii'.ii a ?<?' k <? Uittle on tim Mttrta. lu U><? n.itt r
.toni ' .t?' would (1 pend ou the valor ?I nnm-; rn tin?
(??rinor, m. the iiniiii*. cf on*. We dlttd the bla-wlish
menta of mult ron .han tha A nrtiin canaan Thtn
.re | ?.et ? -.iii? ,,: Patt who belie. ?? that i iviluation ?.tke?
i Beti -tri?lo in Ihi p?;??'t? m.un ni diplomat?. Wli.it
abort memoriM the lula han I When ?lui ever in
ona of dipl?mala ?l nt tice f Ii it not ttterlon that
then meeticga ara tan atln ot people!, whir? prortacn
ure ?old to tin? I.? ?t lo 1er, and nation, auctiornd olT to
:::.'?'-'..ii rtvialbwa '
There ha - baan I ?n.?p?n?ii,n of preparation for war
htia, Siiniiitui,inii:} willi ti,o ?iiiiKH.iicei.ieiil that lit
('??uti ron?''- ivoiilil mi *, eamo a new rn.?h of trtxips to th?i
front. The railwaytiaiat tbr ti arelen wer? airain ru*
petdi ?I ??n the iii.iiii'iiil?nrv Uni -, ami there w11* for iwu
ila j a an ailianidltrt arti in 1 It all ihn aaUHtiy depart.
At C'h'iiioii.i .'m1 ut *-rona, the ?ulv-med division* mi,'
ehtngtd t'roni uti utitud-?ni? ly ?leionHis-c to on?? better
? I to ?in ids.n?. u'xiu tin- Ana-tin liner?, and 11 half?
dontardanabontaltntaenol ranon ola?*? i?|?>o?ire(l
ni tin.? -Acial (?'? : 'lh--e mu. meut-! wiro partly
?I. ii ned M mavin- _ht pahUo that the Otiaiitin. t.o?'>*
t<> tim 1 onie.-, nee ii-rol, um a 11, r.11 r nt't'oriii, piir'ly to do
away witht - f breaking the npoaa ol Cbagm.
Bo oday al Pani bj ha Mamb? ni of troopa thtn.
Whatover b ? lb* imtiv.' t??r them, they an ba ntlataat
with,mt ooiiini,'!.cuni La Harmon's part in Ila aneen
? t ? he r.in-i i '..m,ut o. ile :.-,.. m tu l'.iri ?, merely io Bgbt
mi' :i im abell ntaia. .vpiirt ?Vom aona linn h atapidii .
We h i'.'' Ile ?yi::;,.illy ul pobliC ??pilli'?!!, lind llus'0 t-fll!i?'i|
tronad 'u Biiiop. h our talion ?1 uanoaatrtiitB. Then
1?, oiit-i la of Auatia nn?l aome ??t' Imr knltitnlaatl nut. 1
litea, tli 'n' i? ,? tr.-ieril di.-po-.'i.'ii to admit ?h>t ?_e oogbl
to l. ni? \ 0:1,1 e. iii-n ?it Viaan -han ia a respectable
tiiiiiurit;. in l,it or o tim unioB ft Vein ti? tu linly, tot'
hup* I might S.IV uiira tliiin tin?, i??r at haart tat ??iVni.il
l?itiriiH 1 li.is 1.mt. ??oil Mint the Aii.-triiin itrmy han n?i
ib in.o-!, lor tablai in ?taeti?v At ?11 eveata. the
prodigality aitbahin ni off? .?.?r Hood, tha patience
with which a li ' borden? of the hat aiththe
?ii!"-r.nl.loil l.?milis *f oar I1' iann Miaieter'a Maptdtty,
und the 1:,. ?-, (fort B*ni ?!? purti.n'tit, have inrprieed
Kiinipo and won u mme of thal reapect which wa m
aw "? ici 'i- i loi al '.mr.
The 1 - ia nillo r down ot caafciaan rttrlf?
lulu'. I-, ?'j ?. oii-|ins .tie ii-,.ily back -Kain to the
ii-1 rt? ?hieb .lei, 10 o laiii'-p" ' month ?? :??. la Mm... the
ti e per cent which onr b d gain d In tan amkaof
to, for 1 conference, is wholly lort after it m
.. ', ..unen.? ? .1 thal nil .titln iii... ? have been
nunn .-ii jB.1 ii. 'm if lent ?? lined. ii"l?i le tiring it price.
Ti -i.?i .1 . at Okie peri eoftwoperi nt It '??"
da - ii iho tell iiiiiiitii. with " ir ttocki going down
.11 11, r,ir? and gold gail \ ap I*?-1?-. ara ranaot
-. 1 it.
?| 1 r - - ? ? . ti ? -i? el I
r -li- aee ia na ? ' ??? 1 ? ?i bj
I in, ? 1 oatia .? * m i?? ure in im d 1.i ni 'r >? ? Ik. 1 o*
I,..- :. : -,. if i?i , 1 1?. o ill 1 ?. ?i. ..I '1 rib. riy
ni m lion. V. bet le war i ;? ?ka Mt nr ?1. t. ate ? ill 1 "t tali '??
? a. r . . '.. in !..t. roi 1.I v.!? : ? Ti 1 nu
..11 r 'i'ii t i. ? ? ? i-, i?" ???? \t, nid 11 ly take .m m ni?, i' rl
a .M ni ?'? r :t ??Inly
I. r '.In ?!? 1 '.oi ? r m 11 I
MII.ITlRS. I Ki?' I 1! VI KIN?..
Tim B il-:i ? ? ' 1 The T im 1 i?-; ?li
? ia of l-'i.'i?'?". 'It? ?
? poleon III. to ? '
I" 1,1 ??. 1 -?? to c, ?? 1 ?lutin r.
? -. h.;.? ' : 0 and,
what ? ? .,.??-. lo leave 1 hi Ir '
rhe French k .1 ka
1 the 1 na ar.- in the habil M a nmir
en? my. Be a? d
I : 1 ne hell di
? - - 1: '. '.in..-*? bi ?i'ij '??; hihi:, ii
. ll.'Utl.
.it i' UM
1 . . ? lent of T. / . 1 ; ?io.- ?
I II.el le. ? IIB?** Hill Um Protect? w?la
? r-.ei ? ?'? i'ii? 1 io. 1 rameal '.!???
Ira* ?'?i 01 pul I 111 ion? w ?? ti ir
:. ? ?: l-l (o It IB) ??? ??
uri 11 hot 1 ? . to 1 rann going t.?
? . : - : ,
* ?-n??i?, Itnarla ?u<i Taanap.
1 1 ? ? '. ? ? < " ? 1 t .. ? (
loua 01
? 1 - - ' ? 1 '
oi tb" li ' ibe I ?
? toft . i
? ? ? ? ? Court*.
i I 1 . ? .. - .- : : I'
ne, ,$ bl
? ?
? "i..- 1 . ? 1? -.? i. * ? ?
I I r ? ? ? t lily of an
.s. .? .:. ubi ?11
1/ il?.? ol |i. ii :. that H IM s
I - / ,r I i? minor ?hut Mm Sultan h it
?i ? ?? '
I r of Am '. .
?, the - ?gan on
UM Uti I \ K -I 'iii"! BtXO 1. v will
be 1 omp f r?.t -, and ..t the
? ' ; 'I.'.!??! <??iriiliiil.ii.--t'
will be qi I ady, fhi ? "?. ty>m-?poD?-ent udda that ot
Ki".' \l III i\ . I ? lot :u
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kim ?rut foPB*l >"ri"X HI TlltPfll taJPIOM
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the un-??!'.? 1:11,1,?1.? icrron r?a t win?
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I BM-tj ?lillie ?, .?*?"??.
I ? letpr. topic thal dwarf.
ii.riii ?uto iba btckgrueu-d; btUttlntai '
' t: :?? lad "ii.i'.on?,
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.1 "f c Ultimi thal .? t" ?
tal tin- Mori!. Ii :? art inifCbknUa -kal Um I
? ..i? i, ? It yo? uni iii!./ U Atiiin
tit, ii. ' ? - I li '? I -',1 : - i.ext to a
eerttitty thtt I ittBtil '. ltd thin, tor many a
dty, ibal at ? 1 - ?? * ur rttlintion "f/'
rbymi ?. arittn wynn .1-". *pre?po* of a noblet ?>? carton
'l m. ? ittrj yni 0.1848:
?i';? ii . at '. 11.1 ? 1 ,.-?, aacknu:,m? alaital I-,
1:1: lu ? ?- ... -muti.rd. iii it feierinh, and pal??
Al-jnir It* win , I??? t:i, Ire* ?1 i.Ii lldii ir? t,? aad tro
A gi j', werld-b nh 1? hreedlng Inrepi'i ag.nu in ihm I '
? ' rae hope, or impelled by deepair, btrdly?
i iieatiti. ln-r bli.n !??. oi H./.1?thal '??f
:uk:n.' the n 1 ..-:!..[?ti ot ?:ir on hat own ihonldett.
Mia ?ni I. ive ? ?thing to do with ? (IVH-flrnnM ahitk pro?
poan to ?li-' ?i? her righi t" Venetia ii itoln teni?
lory, handed near to har ia 1815 by the grand banter at
Ktir.'i?-. N poleoo the r'.i?t Like that jollieal ofthiavea,
Si 1 Jo! :i l ?ii iff, ibe doce n t lilm p.iyiiu back, regarding
leltl With the pirt al Hamlet cot out,
wM cleady na feing <n artth the play, hean Paria
idi 11- 1 Mnnti m, the .v-v?-n diplomatic ehain
wli.-el<-il up irniind n btapj ??I gmt '.lo*li ?11 fie Tntlartei
ni .v retin late ? m tity 1 id Im _rr.*.ii ^m,?, ?hieb, ann
t|,eil ?line 1 - ? . -?-, 111 .1) Ir 'ii , l?-i I Iii ?lit pi iy Bl, boifin?
iacoatiantly. WWn?wtafy iqtntioi ??f a tew day?,
perlmp? I.nur.-. I'ru-sta lia* ilretdy invaded HoIm?em,.u?
pying the foi.i th-,?, tit Antritt troopa fctdanlly
nt-fiBg ander ptulaet. Tala M nit litoral war, but the
-hiavttg dot : ut 11 ? gnaaBrt, nhrth ?artntBtrt ??t ?>uca
pink up ?>r iiliii'id-.a l< r pti?tatrten to hu a loading i*'>wer
m Eampe, not to meatua (Iii liead ot Kutherlind. If ?ha
iiinan liiilitii.i:?of ?Inch there if-in? na ?liiulit??he will
i mandi ile.? -..??i in," Ihtngh, ptrkapt, nut m thuw ?m
l.i.'ki lln, I'-., allied Ihntrd "'.' f.liiier-t'in predict?-'!
a o .11 ana Itf I??-c.?u.?? th?? torch to Ugut n a i?r**t conti?
Heut?! atr?. Hajtiiii tint heeeeand hi* Mi?phi..touhiliiin
uti i.iiiaa. The exp'-.'t iti ?n hen ia thal tVuba wal btrti
? it ni Hu?ste.u inii? I' i..m.-r, audtli?u rerfu>?i' herself by
itTadlag 8ilr*i*. a (imvtne?. ??iii to be uinr.? l'ri_k?iau
than B?ron, ' and ?hull P'rart?.? Joseph __M hcraditary
.'i.iui. to. -???? ii. til i? it ?i- arertel from in? house during
the u?t eeataiT. This, ? t.? eoaatwhelaan iioi?tetn?to
make up I ?r Vea.-tia, if ?ea?-tii? ?hotild lie l(i?t. Here
i'ii., i uin*t aafkad hnnULfarthrtaM u.? -ne to help
her. Fre'a U h?h hvl a \Ve?t?e*i ally, he c.??tld tot (?ene
trate li.to the ketii of l.?.i .?.,. iii" mi.y Bid moat come
11 oin Btiaat, ti.'i the < ' ?* ,* n ?? i?i, '?? m -t. >.-e(i tu tike
lip .im? o''t:.? ?:<!?-nt Auit.ia"?indued lia* ?nncludeil a
tis-.tj ni .tin mm witb ItT. ?ipi i]>o? iii Bo'imani?, which he
pn^???y? to occupy te e.nijMii'.?tii.B with the Tart? iwto
m' ?i feel tri nt c ?ni?-.?ne? it hi? intention? ia that vicia
ityl di'tc? y th? brat gun it tired, ,-*t bi prevei.t Frami?
.ln-e . I . a't i it t?.1 in I,,? ,,.,r Me till .le le :? :< Italy
? Hamel weldin" late o?> keen ?word
W?!tia' :tnd Magll ?U ? Wielil'r."
which ?h* will ??on hoddi,??el "'O a ?ed thrrt?not long
la rorii.ii: i Cap-era. I,p,i.-I if all, Bismark the
tii.ilctiociit t.?.? aanrtaeetj lo IfcoPlMrttll repre-irutatTe*
al the ur..' a i oaiti iiid !.. Enropi in mineral, ibe,wilie?t
ft_mffjmm\\ ijr'.-ui^i ?SPOO A . 'r i the ti-syiifiivAi^y o?
the now it.? vitjihle war btCtaM ?ho virtin?ly tor?? np the
Gaeteia agr-? nu pt and ret? fiad the dispute abo it the
Duchns to the Kederul I)i-_-in which lie* m teihuical.y
r.glt aii'l iimrully wrong, us ?*v. rybody kin ws. Hut. like
Diekena'e Mr. Buy rai, Be baa eea-rirea to pal in? adver
?ary in ?ho wrong, wtneii is ?M?U siiflicn :it t'?'r his pnr
i - I And so wo itaad, 1. n the pimple on the Routh
American count wlnui a lion-, waatl r?'!?iii!ding, "waiting
foi th..??irthi|iiii?i>, ' which one would fain ho?x- is ta nha?6
old_-_r.ee t?. atoen tad toa ?arab toar??lae better.
Haning Italy, ho.ever, the war Is gins too Hellishly on
i i cn limp's par? for nn- lo iwlul-?? m ni'-i li eSBBBBB-eB m
ai.ntinr IHM- w th impiareBventa. Hut ?t will soon, for
all tliat?the* reali/ati'iii ol' Um la] 'a magnifie nt ?ataei
" .'car not __at tyrant? stall rule forerer.
Or the prieatsof the ev 1 faith !
Tl.ey ?and on the bril... oi'that n.ightr ri?er
WIm.si? wave? they bare Uiutcd willi d'-aih.
1? is f?-d from the .I? i th >.f i itaaaai .1 >i 11*.
Aud eruiind -!ic_i it lu-la ?. and i itr.-? and ???Ii-.
Ami [heir sword* nial th-ir ?septet. I tloatii.g a ??
PI atlng do?u to tilt gi.l of Til -Truly '"
Ami (."?I si'.-, d Ibt "m* ' Al m? alllltl tota, ob* tv. liiAt
tin- ?lupnl obi Pop? ?WB1 I? Ita w ir c .. ?a ivi'l- n nil .?i
torferei ??? for ins -,iecp'l bene_t! His ii. Hoi m a? re (urtly
rafnarka that it will be iinpo ible t..r Bruce to wiindraw
Mu? biyoiiets by winch h ? pn t-ri.ig old chnir >.t St. 1'eter
Iwln. li, according to Lad, Ha ii , Pli? a V.ihon. -ti-n in
?ciption apoa it] is kept upright; thai, Bone to the beal
place foi i carp* _Tu. ' ir? ; .uni ihat, ttorofote, in
Bead nf recalling his taoops, N popleoi the Third will
proi ably ???Ki iinn-t?. Tin-?, h? e.irilni'.'to ki* mP'Tpn-'aPoii,
111.? lillee ii.itiniis ni Kl"| 'I I ? provid? ll'iallv pieil?--tllie<l
loslaughter aaefa other for his bcaeflt! v'i bavol heard
? ! Palian p? aaanla ro sting th-lr owa prirate and p i
l.ir eggs ob the cri leeaoi rob ian mp? mi
(p e ,,i Garibaldi ? friends al Ctaprera baa an ? which be
?I? ii'iininiiP s I'm Nniio. [ii? ii. 1.1) ii?', .use P is an uni -
sllyobtos? ead obstinate animal; iweadcrwhether the
i| nul mp? .1 iii- iree bal Iba .-.??lar systeni was contrit
pet lally i i ginv/ th!?"I?ai '
Mcantfi-u:, notwithstanding our inter
aa arn a__aaiag oarselv?-! ii asnal rather more .???, .n
i a ni London. I.' 1 /
rta laaioB la aa bnUlani lever, Every booth in
Patf is erowdedi tketoBisrcBn age* la
Coart Ik rlf ta I I oadoai and \ ni i b< i
es1, tas bes i '
I r pent tef sta kal been ? ti 1 and leeoreafuOj ?ita
h.-r el. lair?w. i wo .1 *" i-?'.'- ? I i,
will. 11 .:??!? ?ri ii?- i| 1 indi r. >i" Pt, -i. i . .
ti." P ukin th. mumm. . i," In it" ai"!
ti rei:i..-ii, emma in?'? ia ? srsatsg, .. I poa ? '.1
liri -.' n-r ,? ii I ni", i -i 11 indi , I
1. ni im;, be ;, m ' ali, ,, . ?na in ita ii",?. I
? It' bells A <" bid) 'nil ti.i li?
me, ii- i tv r.:?', BO ' ' of es1
!.. It. I. ' , ni? i nt di slin-.l to IS
i i :. . ?i- tbe ua
i-i,le; ..-ii!i.-:i ? I Bil
, li..; pat! I '
Pile , I .
P .i _? .mi |i iin", tbsi ... ?. I Mid, i i? '? .?
:? !l .
.1. ; I: |!l| . ,i. ,'..?I - .1 " I -
.. . 1*4,-1 I." ,. li ? . III.'II , III."
I '.iii I?" ?I !? Poth nii-ias are to
, fell ?CtlTltyi ni'l ...ill.'?. ??ii', "w. y in -I't ?i* I? ?toil.?i;., i
i u_] p it can har. a? na;e ied Ihn
IO! "-.iii Iii?? las "lU ?l.Tiui?" loreign." ?, :
. id, __ Titiii.'eii.. 1 ?? m lh??
al'l-l?. Who ?.-.->- ni ?I i l.oinliei tin it ni"?! liiitiilii. ?.ml ?'n'.
?tim rri'-iiil?, u H Bol i -I as braagbi ?
-, wl a u litad ?air
i i . it ? i- ' ? . i ? . I , ?
..li 1 I") I .>lii|.| . ' B ??. .. I tal -?I-, t a?-. I" Illili!
of Orten 1 lioar, wi i dkl. f .? r I ? Ita mm 11
not.? wen and a poten! ata to toa mil srtoa i-f ?tero
ph lo o-;i?l.'. peO| 1? | '.-'..'Ii . , ?' I, f J I-.
I I'l ina'" SOetotJ "i 'I -i-cl I"' .oo'll I'.r '.:
?i? ?? ? ? ? ? r - li Had-, i, ire i? i r I. ??
? iii:! i .. ? .i ii 1 u II ?? ,
n-r- w.ll ta a ii?'in r 1 raak to tie me ,.l i u., r
ii,.??.?: ... i ., QkBowt-tu ' e aeaaoa ta trawiBi
riiiidlv low ri ii? ?I ?e It ii? ?nut- ?n-r- ? ??.mel |. .? 1
most su'l."'- ;a tlie BST?egging ?'ile ?J
?? .-. ? I! . U Ul I'." li ' ?li? .?
r 1 si t.- i> h. r ' l-v.?_r - sod 111
All ibis the ? ?? ' ink baa ibis
i ::.. .i i is. BuMienns
; ii.ii..m conceni, sui of the two oau m
owee ill collapse,
ibeir, i. ? de .. dead u al
atlee ing its - '
to ii :..Ins .ii. v.in:'?, in .t rerj ihm tun--, depoaitori
' ? tlr.tlr.-W I? ' I ? p" Opt?
now be 1 .Wed bj lighti ing. I b lo
m _l?eta bis Bothing to learn rc?peeting snob comhine*
I toree .cn wr of Anglo-Indian oBeeri widow.
- lil ibeir -. ringi In Its inures,
[tit ci ??.-i p ?'? a li ii al it spread an.
?? v. :?-. Al M.t.i . ter a naoft pro bund -
? been occasioned by the ? is bonk than by sa?
. uprtu ?? i during th? lal.n --- erionsci
? .1 t'".iii ;'?'- i. ? ? ? , I
ii >ng Kon .? sad Ai frail 1 ?-? ?? 111 ."? "i
. ., r. ,.
i tsea ??'.???
Our I?-.i-l.c.a ittlePa. I???;..' ???, fu Befona bin, ia
?till in .i ??et k m trouble? itrtggling h_r?t for ezisi
lutrrat-uentbrIti adreiaarlia reirtTods oaaof whalan
I old doetoi -..I ?bool the eatd water care, la it? aartr
I to the gool "Of i flm ro? aril wni'.'
;? ?e y. !"i a.genttoouulf ?lisa - daaeb
p. .tu..-ut. ? Aarstick i? ..'"??' no a te
,.'.-r.:i. e,'.ni .?? atn. ,,- bill-ltlBtai Will ?loto
' D . -'?) .- .- ?? pa* a illi? t
e?t installment ot Pie- debt lue to i. . , . .- ;. The
? -dirty ?aaat-Ba t hal wea lb l?-rtotead Ad !i.?ie.tes
r (?uie't.i in !_: Me te a Inati? a ! mt Btoodar i gi t. ? ipt,
j Htrter't moaoB bad put the Roreroreeet In a critical
i poaitleo, a <i?, lhere wee leeser to fear, atighi tenaiaitte
j ra tto oT-tthrow, Bat wh?a the Honre ate! it maa be
! i ann? evident that the lake?? arm I. Pera!? !??!: the?-had
iii. e tin fur?-i?k.-i toe m ( h. Buaon were
Iadne.i ?? ,r:n ot p.??rtieai, laeweredeooUr hr
Mr QtodstoBS,thsl the mpn-tn iattaded no eoraHB*
raitt, v.-'.-.lila t withdraw .t? bin. tad a_eeai to ?i ?na or
fill !>y it. It -?as at at ro teaoy, 'Qeatleaaaa,
tire, it you pisase." laccatiaeatl! ?cit.pt <>i is?
paeray ''rotted eil rae Bon aeia of ;h?-:r ?wn
?Irin?." Lord Jobs ?MBttt bad spok?a feebli igaiaattht
billwt ?? | ros l. dQiaaraaor ead itarrtodiTsijbndj
le, leeleriaa his ii tention aot lo rote sgaiasi ? ie ?...rerp.
m? ;;t. He hadn't ? suged In? ?-"?.i.ioi. <?t the raaai
liked neither the franchise not li- liatrib t na -iii?bul
dreaded the na\ asibUiiy of displacing Lord CUrendoa
ead Mr <;. lato ?? ? ta ??? t .? dist. -'' ' -? ta i
I rope, i;, i . I t .?? ; : ?- .it ti: na lal _. r s.?. S,, h ?;; .? ? of
lteei*t-oa q_Seit,?lient Bed ti.? "??? p ?? t.??. the debate
v ? i ?at inn I, bul ii Mi a\ i t ? . ?. ,1. p.
r-.lit, u'" ,t ?t th ?*? i-, ('.? ' linn ... - -u.,| irery
tint?n..-, t e di e ?: t. -.ted Baking b;,?tc t > ?p it ?t. ('. t'.
Harter aaked to withdraw bil aaaeadBient, t?d ..
ana the 8p< ikj rproce ded to j nt t... , ?--t. . I
, ?',i?l ,,n e\t. loritin in iceae, t!. oppoeltioo mik m? a
I .T-atnl ?tinm.-le for the door imid tin laughter lb? katula
ra, tb ' pr ooi delight of the Utarab. Tb ithe
I ?ti.nu allowed Indgraeal to ro by default ail t ,
on. iib 11. ?? '
: ' . ' Al I
?( . it ti . foil lina - bl) . t ? ., ?
b1 of Ifr, vYalpol ?to rai ?? t... . ai i* qi al _ea
< t " i foi a rob ft. u t-111 ? 'JJ'?. 11 a li? ? -c wi . ia
i Bee on 1 bill; tin- !:r?t twi clauses wei
I with ?"?!?? tochnii si bbb i d sta; lbs ti tod
tim; elautii ?waat-etpooed; and then Mr. (Hadstoi i -
j to the foatth?-taat Connty Finn, hi-- ? lar.iig
'.'.?? propos? .1
i it? adfaitlj !? listed bj G -. | -, . i,,,i
Mr. Walpo. bal Leord -tooley, with ? nea si rndment,
thal the twdiittributson of leets should I e ?. til? d ti
tli frai .t.i?" , i i_m le ?, itpoi ? A Tills, n mc nher. uheu
the pria irj "''''i lion to the ma - i ged by Torlea
and A'i .'.limit. ?, was that it wai lacomi u the
r.ili-triliup.in of state?when, st ei-rvl.iiy koowa.the
latter lull wa? atrodneed espeeialli lou isfj them, and ii
ceitaia to provoke the tongtniesl iQscni ?ob. ttaea. i"?.,
Earl I??-rb;. Li rd Btaali j i Ibther, i sd .?? ?.-'i in
tin.? n;n?t in pi - It p..' a?i that the bill should re. aire fair
ato] at the I. uni? of hit part}?, ami nnr 1.,- ilefeatodbj
?? a'ciitiibii iii' t uhicli Maid naiteoi ' ' so
ii. ?i h pt the In nor nf tT" Tur c?. Vlrtuallj
ment meta! jest this, at pot Into piala leognaa? bj Tai
**_taairln| in rpite or all we lave ?aid ?tit! in ?pite of our
own bili el .- . not p. redi.ee ti.?? tiaui hue. _M_tog patwtaied
that 11 we eau ctbi t thi? tiaurp-'i.tn ;. we ia;, lull n.e ??-?bioii
away, and pearasB you fr.nn pa.??i:.. the irrenr an. rta?1 i-lsute?
a', yntir uiea.iirc. the frai.i-ite ilin.ie?? we move that you
allow u? to imothi-r vonr bill, with tuote pasttow which jou
introduced to coi clistc us."
Or. aa .?nan Uriclit w.ttily aaidi "The table kel.
tin-on aad thal of ih? boaaeabto _. atlaaaaa oapttllt i->
that we si.Bald try and get ?i_, or it u.?.v be toa, mimi?
li use.? abreast through Teaiplt Har. wnhtt-.e tottstioi
-bat tra ebeald aB etty la Hcct ti. II ne cuiiii.t.' ile
II NBB wa- taken by nirprise. Bal tin- Batta! MOB g"t
.^eitieiltii the ib-fui o' ?! e- aiiieinini. nt, ia adirtotoa of
?B to Ma, amid the eathuiiaitii i ern f thi ?i.pp.ii-ti'rs
it tin* iiiiui.rrr. Mr. Walpole'? a_.eii..ii.t ?,t -,:an-d it
lUiuilar tnii", b? .N* to '.*_ the BSsI?lilly thoa stfirining a
*_14coao?ry franchiie. Latt nigl t .?'ne :..-w ..l-tacle?.
lh >'i?h simpler. A number of motion? i .. lariat] k1
analects wert latoadaeed bv Tory ?eekbtei and tb-.ugh
?ima of U .--!? i; iv? been .l<-i,.?t??,i l.etnre the talkers ioq
trived to wi?'? *> much t.aie thi.t ti.?? Ref ? bi.liould
no'? be brim.' t nu uutil io Late sr. Uoc.r tBBl i-io_T"-?? wia
BaBet?Ma laebeataretoIg-tiag it.? wai ??.irieghaQ
?vor?? af -. aajtoaaacBl and over pitiul-.? '.nutimerabl?.
Wliat di.li. euii'ut.4 It mar recv.vo, whether i: may cot
imlrt.-il g.*? ?ia away witli'altogetiiei. uni?, tv ? aa yet ?ie
(fTrt.i nlfn r i'1-oceetlingi of Pa-lumnt bart Bet, thu
wera, br?? . i milch importance. <?n ITtdatedCf* it threw
out a go?.?. bnno?t bill attempting, in pan. t? reinedv tbe
eiinrp.iiti? .| i.s-wuUaPy EagUao ii.iquity inro!re?l in the
(inne,|>|i of pniuogwntture. The ineaitirv prnposed to
te??'inl?tr ..ii?? of iriteftacv na regards laLi'.edar.dbouie
pr.p*!'? ? 'lut ?f other kin?!? At prsaSB! JW? k;'w,
it a mai' i - without making a will in thi? eminently
Clinttlali i nutry. bil flrtt-t orr. BBB _n_t'le? ; the former,
the law abetting. It ii one of the villsinn?? irti?*nte<i from
that hiitone thief, William the Conqueror. ?I.-. Stamm]
it by wsy af keeping hi? labbett toted ami {?.wert.l.
Here ii a pitiful iu?tanr?'?f it? lnjuetwe, awaba by \p,
Locke King, the mover of the till
A mai. n ,mu? a woman win h?d anea* mener of be? nan.
In Ibu huinler . 1 nae? there au? ???-re. I? e?< a -.--B11 nieui
made and lhere ira? r-*e i? lin?, ??e. J ho u.an waa in tr?d_,
bat be ?i i i)"' ' b tv l"l k] Ita a? ne'? former .,,?? n,_t ,t!,at
In nilli??' ??I time the honte in which they bad resided lor maa?"
year* wa* for *?_??, ami bil.?-ling this lau De a 1. *.:;_. io iaveet*
inrnt he hi? wife's moDey, l.e bought the boai?e with i?. Boa*
tiBm *!'ei w.ird ll.e ni.in ?li?'.? ii'tcBt.ue. no doubt .flora?! of
tin 1 ii. mid though he Lad rx'tn extremely foi.?, at n? wife.
?nd h el t.o children, the mall wis i_at a nephew e) tatet the1
property, and u.e ___.rtii__.R- widow wa* o-li* u io ko oui
and lie ti MTt ant,
?Min Hriitht spoke for it. like the man li?? is, mid Midr
very truly, that many a landlord a will is the ?roenin?
cniiio ?if hi? lito, lint a I'arliutnent of Elder Son? voted '-Ml?
to Ml i ?r the continuance ??! ti. ? umiuity.
Mat:ry li ? ii. ?ti fi, s' 1'or?' ai.d ?Ji-?sent?-?] win 3,(100
guinea??, lleaureeai'd au<l Jud.ili P. Benjamin, ?. M pvee
ent a? cue?!*. Th.a Isr... lu.-, ia whom there .? tWmm, waa
the other day ?? culled i?> the bar*' ol' Liaeoln un Un?
siioblii'li " lieneher*'' tl.er.of remitting the wh- le of hie
lernt ia tert-_tayert-n-rtB_dnMtaal i al ?smpatbr
with his attempt to sell hi- late country. 1 nu hin>pw iii
i ?ay, lniHevcr, that aom fonng men hu*e?l bim -which ha
i minmi s- i'li corpi i .ince.
A wlid' ?me 'Uro ill it'I?. For the la?' < oiiprfl of
ve.ir? or -i there UM hen n Amenrm lectir lit in Ihia
ooBBtty ?'o m Intended return tokiaownd i iaa la no?ee.?
Mr. M* ? ? ( "it Ti 1. . c.ii.." I?' Lii-lun.l m lr?<?_, ? ?rtly ii?
-? rch of health, ptrtl] prowigandial of tMayrtm
Jar et hie* ori i ti Dr. Letrti "f FI ?ion, to
whlcli, 11 li re,h? bim.??*.?? ???is wnaiderabl? adenad?
1. both objecta be hM been ntenrthl niknnll| n at
the Lau .. Bia popularity on a ?pedalnbj ?-.kaUf
, .: i.. l.ili into u,? regln ?il his
tory, lit? lan, | I'.,-. I, pa in-, ?V?.? :'.:.) s at? Mt*
Ptrer, In which cap etty he l: u ?v in? ?! - "-al m.'
I da.'- le nrora, si ill I?'- moro than mtklad n '?"ir ?rta of
Hu? At,??.o io. li,- .,. .?itfully. it a night,aawj
,, ? - : ? ita, hair
ait, ti ? . -?,..,, pi iii.il ran en : i- U where*
i or tne other enda; pnph cone away ?rtwl
bim quite enthi laatic m lu? pr-.i??'. Kurth '?'-?, tin
baa never ahunaed ritkJBg hit peprtartty Ben k? h.? .mt
, : ., ita lim ??? - ' '<?? .<? ann
i Mr. lii.-r la Itrtitrte* ltd layce
? ? . io.: ol' ?i " I ? I .Ioho
i :. - , io i, by ?i \i . I-', deride
.. ? - '!? elise I
? , and i*rh ii i*t?"t
' in rata to a? '-!'?' kath F
| !.. - !? I..?,, :' ni ? heil Bt.
'?So . -. .; ?otc in.m tin- m '? ' e?" tn?
i.i r k-d the ippea ? i i -i ii??s*
'.,.-.. n. . i .i' ie waa
?ni m
... r.?! Ih? ii? Infor??
... Ili-Tord sHiiu' h ? prnu-iiM
1 'Hu,' >l ,: rl; I.' i- , -..-I 'II li." ? ' Mo, ia?
r, wer - ,ii i ..i .r
, M -0 ll,?l
-??- . ? ? '. omi
? . ' atntf
It ...niel' ill" I .' eil ? I' li- - "I iii ti???
Illili. '
i ,?, uni,
of r. 31 i kara
,i- m op o ?! " i ? un nm, ?? tpirttn
i-?: ii ?'.ii BT MIBII1IIB UBI I Bl ? ma.
\Iuvt.si,, .lune 81.? lu I'.irl ,i:..i .. ?',? Hop.
?i. Ii. ' .'lo reporia
??i CeL v etnk and Gea. Kepler, ahewtkaIlla eperaMna an
?' . ...-i . . .linns, ?re le ; . m I iiiliiic.
iii re i? tu ?ie h I nurt ol Iii'iuiry in the cn??? ni ('? 1 Hooker,
? f?ir lb. '; Ig i1.:.11.
? prieeaen ?: t ',* 'ir??iriiea
.?? aam tan latnalted ai lelmeltlcf
tiled. Then i ??? i . i ..n>?i an%
'i:l, ia veiy ?tr?.i .', mid he Blay 1. : Bagad?
v..'mi;? QTOV.
. ..L. inn "X Tin: : ia ?ort or? m ko'
Wa*,; ..,!...\, June til.?Col. liol-ei:?. l*r< ?nient of
a: i'oot.e-rl.iM.ii, sv.'- " he Il'or of t'c? Baa to-day,
-i.alion vricb <it-u. Wankt aud other peat ?..?n*. trie ki.
:, - ' lib
?ni. I niall Wfi.tr < in, tan'li ii.
l:.iNi.o;.. iii... Thursday, .1 me vii, iwA
I'.'ic I ?i.mi Itali Co; oiitioti bali t<-?l.i> in tins
mpcieedeaMt In handled tad ?my I? 1 ruic? frooi ?li
. t:,. Etate, Gnat i. ^?.t*? _o_uife?te.i le ilia
r-?titV, tin? We.'ern tectton Terr ?"rally supportini; the liouj
Baauel !.. Ippiagrt Port lind, and the midiili' and leister?
nry geaerafl; Hppee-kag Boat J. L. (i,ai:ibeiiii?of
, Krtiaiwuk. A. O. Jewett. J_.-i,.. of It- if??', wa? I'uairmai*
? mt the ('??? len'ioa.
Te- "tiiil btisincea of or^ii/itu:: w?i aci .?u 11 '?ed, *fl?i
whicii * ?ptrited dn< iistioa en.uni upon a i|."?n.>n<>f ?iiiwlng
I drle,?*! on? to h* repre**n:??l hy tii.*eniof tow.-* only, it wa*
I hr-allr liuiited to eoantie?. j_u the Convention proceeded lo
' ?i t !.. i himherlaia ef Br-ia?wick w*t nooiin*ted ?[?ti
la fir?- ballot. The rot? .-tooil. CiiambeTlaiu n-'J, ?uid Sprint
> . ke vine waa made, u-ariioou? amid thunder* ef ap?
part n "lut h wa* joined ia br toe S; rtn?r men u ith an e?tha?
iiaeiu wbiob d*moaalrat?xl tkat tie toatett wa? orer, and thal
?le*, ?"i imbertain ?ot.ld re?en ? tin hearty luppnrl of erena
meni?er ni ?he Correction.
The I iiDVt'ction wa* uuuluaily luge and *_lliuai?ati?-.
Th* t'dlowing reioiiitiii..? were reported and uimnlmoBilyp
adoii ei e
Pi.?: ed, Thit the I'mon party of Maine plant? t*elf apon
I 'n' ?lociiiiie?.?: *.'.? DeelaranM of Iudeiiendenc?: t o?twe bukt
?1. meu. w.tlout diatintln tf uhr or race, ?n- rutitletl I?
i the ntai?i?r cn ?I and ? ulm ? ii rigtitf.
I 1 oint re?ol-t.i?r. tur tue amending the
? ??.ni of MM I'nit'd BtatM rrceutlv pnned by the ?w<?
Hi ? ? .-: ' ' . _r.i- i .i 'e i mrabatic indu: lemeni of thia
, Ceav-Btioa of leyal peopl tf. ?
. nutt wa han ii i ?undi ace in the Uuio?i hgn
? lic?ii majorly ef Ceagn**i i ?t ?i? paeegatM lhaw a* ih?a
i I letttaaenef tneantryi thaa
ankeartil] ipprore the :..'-. .-tim of ret mi? ruct.on thu? fer
ai tndtkattLryi tun aadiainiemeMnan
i thaahaotthe loyal people el r n.eir ?te^df??! ad
i.?""i ? "' great pri-clil . el liberty, JmUm und *?,u?1
right! a i aba Id be the baila ef a ?retond Uatea,
..- i :.i-:.?.t-1 i.ir.i.e uuu ?_t nucu o? Uio*o wo? ?irme?!
I the lit. I'uion Army in-d Njvi. ?ml Hit? itnptrtant ooiisr.
? i|uen<"? '-hit h liare re*iil'ed tin i ran irnpo** apaa lue coiin
f'.'r h ii o'1 ?nt. o. i : ri .tituiai-?i...l i-p..i ?, fir tia
?? ii .a the dead, U'vi r !?? be f rr* it'eri i i . . iii uki d;
ti e-un ? tune weaeki wlrtlge oar great iiilebtedaeeai
eroue oootril ..?.nu* of lo?
I I . IwomeaoftLt ., a.-e? ?o mu? b mi
.i .. : .. ii .r.
h . 11_it in tien. .1. i. Ckacahwlaia we r?. ? irmie tha
IdJer. the gu Itnt ort-tV, the acconitli?' ?1 y ? iil.'.iial?.
, w , . .u.i. ,i !? ron. ,! t paattloa *! 'i lie b?o
, I '.--. . oirii t . ni hat 11111*11 btmtelf [?? - . nu I -
i i. otnu.er.tly fit kia ? r the BiglMet Iiai'i'.:.te uti.na
j In the >t.it?. ni wa asaxdn I pledge to h.L, o .i ?uni? rt.
i i M.-tt II me ?.'1 im.ni ..iii?, effort* tu n i n kaialet?
The I ??nielation adjourn?"!.
llltlli-ll MIRTH- k'IFKItA-t lill??
?CM? ME?IlF.LEliATI.'X To DEPART P??R WkrmaaAthm
I til. )\TO ('. IV.. Thun le? i -?4. ..'
I'lii Ia.'-.?lattire of >ici?-I'r_u-ii'ick. it i? expected, will
a l'pt the Conf?H?"rtition icheme.
DrtagBrta?ntlanada, New-Brun*wu k. Rrt Scotia
i N i-Koaiidlaad will probably liuve tor 1 Bgltnd at
the end of the present month. ??
I1. Bnglllh PtiiitHknt m ill, it ii eti'?' ??! ptrt 'ha
: i ?-ssfiry- act at the pre?e:f rtrtlH in onie: to ? i. hie th?
i jt.on of the FroviiKcs to be completeii n Ag<it_
?l nirra I *il?ii?a (?nifuina.
8B*rIa. Diip?tcb te Tb* ti. T- Trlban?.
lit ti kio. Thnraday. Jan? .1. le???,
To-day has been a grt-ut day for the W\ ?:? rn Un??
larian ? onferrnre. Beport*fren, nearly all the cbuithrt ibow*
it?adr ?tain?, aud tbe ciuee ia undoabteally in a moat kepefuk
iKindttioa. The preat ?peech of the Conference w*g made to?
day by the Re*. I>r. Belluw?, ?bo electribed the entire bod^
with hu thr.Iling eiotinence. The Rct. Dottor I -lllerof
Chic??-u preached a very eitraordinary trrmon Una evening;
?in the reqaire-ieati of (??d. The audieacei thu* far hava
been very larg*. A boat soo delegate* are preMut ?Voui Wail?,
ern cburcbe*. and a Urgr? nuuler aleo from ti.? Ban A le**?
aiven by tbe M..?r*. tite?te at their elenaat rernli u.?r ip>?*4
t'm ??? ., ... of tbe Jay.
TI? t? tiitlreey ? euri- flwrrial.
Kalli .H V, C. Tboreday. June __, IBM.
Th?? Freedmon* Bureau Court-liortial organiied V?xla?>
at II .'click. Brevet Major-Gen. Buger, President. N?i?
binnie?? wM traniacted. The court adjourned to meet-f
ti. tiiorrow al 10 ?i. ii., when the cam ef Major Vano willi
It atiba. _^_ at
TH! CBAMr.OXSr.tr OK ?A'*'?ACH'---TTt.
rto?TO*i. Ibei-daijr, <|a*eS?. Ilrt.
A billiard match for the cluiii.pitinilupof Maaaat-huifttt
.uni ?i |?ur?e ?it l-.'.iO. LIN |M?in??. wa* plaved laat night by
I H ii? I? ?uni K. K. Wilmarth. Daniel* aa? the vntor,
Uni? retaiiiiD|i tin- iliamp, ntliip cue. Time of gam, lit

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