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New-York tribune. [volume] (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, June 22, 1866, Image 8

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iietikKt" CthtOo?tO 1_*w-_j__i ??_??? the lata/ ID.? ( apti?n
t_7___l and Wboiry V oui,
J lrfit.?T??- f-nl-iied to (a. a l-tiiitriAl Kot
___?. Xu i-rtirtiOD on tbe Board of Bscise
JW.?do lornaai-tDi
Jodgi? fjai'l'j-o hi?, to? r?_sonM giv? n hy biin_4.ll in the
kilbTwiof opn ion rein!, r? ii an ?arly ile. .non in the coen
of Holt ogt. Scbulti in favor ol' vi.?? pl.nii-ilf. It will bo
reen by a p? rimal of Ha opinion that bl hOB ? the decision
aa tho ground ?hat tho net ,? uiwily void, being in
Boa.e p...v.?i? r? n.-,:-t.tnti? uah Tbe l-_VW--g i? hin
?Ugllll? li .
MoK ?g1 fominiRiioiier? of .ln-ise, Ac -
laiwediatel? on th? M.t-ro ?tooti of tine cose, being convinced
that very little, if anything, conld t?- at?tt to UM arp-uient ol
ita lietiiiguished counsel for Mt pi i'.-tiff. mid t.? .ng inform) I
by tbe leaned em.-til for th? d?? ?ni.mt? that h< ?bouid not ni
Ita nee of Kalk _gt. the lame partie* argue furtlo-r any of the
?paints wini h hod brien di?cn??.ed ni ?t.? ?arc. and I mint add
that hw hr,'0_ient already made Iff I exhausted tbo lubject;
OBd the ?see lu ?-.g ( ri ii gr? .it t .bin interert and in poll
aan~ 1 eomrneneed the examination of the matter, putting
aside ?U other eugtigem? nts and devoting myself to it night
eat tay. except wnen aitunlly occupied in Lonrt, but intend
tag. iie?i'-tf i an k a __wM ayeplataa eatd the tMt bbm
kail t>e?ii tiLaily sal BtMed t" me. Kui the piix-eeding? MkB
tem eet? ni ?imnitrate*. ftMMitg ??'?'in to demand that there
aba?Ti be no funber del ty, ?ml that 1 ?hoi.l.l make known Ita
eeeLli? of ::.y i: Tiftiaations. and 1 therefore proceed to ex
pre?? m? vi? wn a.?? f<U ?w?
?0o-?cl4tr. ot A-r-.l, '?*?.?. the I ep.-l.tnr-'of t!ii?S't!it.'!?ii--i 1
BnwMbep. 5?d the Las . i .?? ..-.i.-ld "An Act to
argstais tbe ?ah of iDtarxieating In, n r? within ?he Mi trop? li
Baa ?'?liceDirt-totef Um State?.) New?T?**rk, tatM third
?erin i li.uni. Itkal I rum m,d nlt'-r the tir-t
Snr 11 May '!???'. no person or person ?i, li ?? ikiatta said
Mb lisp . i P? ixe lp'in. t nehss-i i ? f Ita e? ai i> of West?
eheit.-r |i.il |y keep, or sea give awav. or dispose of am
?trial Ol -pinto. - 1 '. or beer, ni i|t
Iran Un n i.ti gall mt at a time di 1 ?s as ha or Ita] in ly !>e
tuen?. lo the provisions of ibis act, sud may be
Tot ?,,t.- sirs a Board of Bauin pt?Bli ?mt who nun 1>.
Sni.ie-1?how .ipi I ? ai-.iL? for Hes-SM thal be made, ?ml ita
Auto f ' f'?'?'?? I r on; li mee with it?
??.??nil? :i.<?:.-- "n*. Ki
?ne I? ti -? i . it ta ?:? I rat IMI ?re., permit v. I
?Min. i ? e tei-SOlBg BT-Vieloae of iba art"
of win ttr of
Birs.lf m mor. arid on i li I
Bnpi,?. i.ii . : t or b ' Boni
Mecenstii. ? ? "f wh 11, li disputed, hot, in ibe
new ?ui' aftta ?? . lea attaa Meal awlaof
Prior to the pTSs.-ige ef tri? Jvw the plaintiff iii Ihb
anilrt Ita . tof ti? I sgl I n.r? of April - ap. i 6,
m M ,. m.! m i ?: ,"?!-m? iv.iii p.? pro? ,-i. i,?, pro. i.ra i Brota
_bo theil Pi.iir.l <?: Cenattasioaera al ?seise ita Um CB, and
t-vni'ty "f Baw York, a lin aas aa aa tai ki sp? r ? i" ?? n itrong
Bod ?pinpi '-.:? I; |0 IS ann n Ines :o b>* diu: k in t ?- bo
an hi? prtu. ??a,* worn tbe 7th dnv sf .lune, >
Basan ahoald ' expire hi I l ? urtu' revol
a?i?l.ta"i. , .???nd act." Bj I *
?th ?eet"',', n ?h.?' .el -Ti ' earn "wtaa leaned ita] te Is
?nea a?leas revoked, mi.: 1 tea day? ?tier tie tklrd I
ra Mny iit'Tt-u i" ' ?I : -'.!?? a-o t-i?-ni license, ?u.l in
the City oi Ki vi-Yoik _ni 1 i '!?;? itans-ta.' By ;
?,?'tl" _ I ?- : "? I ..I.: of I. V. Cltlnl!, t
af Seasmiis i? auto" ?. anil apoa ;.
-be |_rt) '.i.!?-'---1'l U? re into ti ?- and
tarevaks' licensi krautet to a person vidun g th? provi?
lau? of iii?* a t Ni i :cht of rrroe ?tior.. cxi ?pt for eau?e, ?u?t
bo be exti.i ? .i n. t..e mi:.!. : i bare an?aa?d.i? reasr red by
the act
To procure? licetoo-nmici that law the plaiutiff pani ti
ef S'w. the ?mdum r-ijuiied ct hiui hy tia? then Board ot ? .nu
?taataasrs?I and pur?uuut totbi
Hy coufcrreil bytb? reond teotioo of tbe itaiute. M .
tWO BlOLIf I of th. ; '1 |kl 111-!-'
SBgtaed n the in ?iai el Se, hut sad aa ir"
peuaatioii la tho ; I ..Lpt1 foi tbel as of the i.n? it ?? ! te.-1, of
Ubi ia ' by I be At t of IBM -, nor is : -
tait sav n.? ti...: ehti t person! a hose licenses bad i
B-pirt?-. Pial- : ??? drcuostaaeei Um
potiplaiiit, sett.o.' n.rih ? ? Button 1 .'.a
tioned. anil ck ?-ging, among othei ?Inn.., thai apoa :he bilk
BfttaBcesseu >i : ? a i ?" hitad beat
af wine? ?u-i 11 .? :- a '??.',.- ?I j -:-:. n ? '
a__iii< upni ? ? - 1 1 " thal ta ? the? ?nd in
lends to tx? n,?? itape*sn si Iflgkuwhial ta c?alas srs
aecured to tnui by bil first hoense, sod to prosee .s basl?
BBM. nota :U.-ta.. l.r.g ?:.?? A I insist? that if tbe
Befeudm.P?, ir say ?: li ? _,, who are charted will III
tion of the ia*t ?ni ?!<>:.ed itat'.te i-ioi.1' la -
arrrit-il at the? ma;, to, foi each violation of It? pravUlu-S,
whi-h w..l be v?n v?;.l ?_?:_.n gres i a
g-? injury, a? ?...j. m .? U aa.lt?a . au al
terferrnce _.:t lb? plata! ? pal! >'.
Bta?tata-aati, by lirtoe i n p:i*i>_snce of the A I
was grantf?. bv in?', a- ft vig'imrnt bri? been mnTe bj
? aBSlill iiiiiiiiiiI - :.,x>_ a n.otii-_ to u?
until tiaal ji.-guie-it ?:. Ita ?eton.
With the riueatioiL whaahn a i _<?? ..r >f?s b? ?i?? o- Bayai?
ttic?Wbetner it be ?-??elated t.. advance ot to retard Bat
prrJuJne !!?? ia -e of i< i.p_rancf. 1 hare, in my judicial
oapa-ity, SOtkll n t ? lo. 1 . ail ?igumrati ou thnse iimtt -i..
aird ?un.lar _n_.ai_erttt.n_a, I have only to apily the ?pint of
tbe retuarai a? tab I ?ad?' ou ai.other* oc.aiiou whim ,t ti.
argnid that otlv a ctinin view ?fa leg?! peapaUUea ' winld
aaliafy the \ all . I ?an. then and I lay now " th? joei'iou
u not win.I ? 1 --.titty t??3 public, but vi hat dnei ti." liw Je
B_and. S'ni? ih.t. ev-rytiod? mut and will be ?at:?!ie.l?!ur
Skat le the law. and ocr? B n law ?biding cnmaiunitT.
C'oinidei ationi o' p?l'i.-.T iuu?t tie add_?_-?_d to th? Legi?
lature, not to ih??ie woo are ca__r_.?)d with Ile nut? of exj-ouod
ug il. eiiact.-.m!-. I am ra. redly oiL.at-d taspartat-Uy ta
an. rtain the law accord :.?? to my brit ;udf_nen?. and in., n I
kave thui arrived ?t a eoedatasa I urn ilauUrly Isourid to do
4-lare it wh?iev(?r it or in conse-.-ueoi e?. may 1-;.
Three piineip??! aaaatien unre in ?tin c?ie
Firn? Whether the plaintiff ha? ?ach an intereit ?t _a___M
B-B to a iia.'.diug ir. Coan.
I na?li ne 1 a?. w!.?iber the remed? h? ini?oction ii op
prui'iiatr. a taub and moat itepvnaiit, whatbar tho act of
__*t?6 u uncou-i.t .' .
Un __ba laati a _-( t that the [la'int.ff hy appi-m.? ior ind
ace? i ting s lieeu'e aatat th<- pre..e_t ?ct ha? ?urr-ti?ered ?ny
right? ta r_.,r r Tare had under hit preru-ui liea*n?e. ?nd that
tbere.orr h? oai.nol u.a:tit?.u hi? BBttaa] and al '?ourm-. if I?
toe trae tLat h? uia't ct ? .teiy b* .lrtrated io fL? in.? t In?
prehmiiiury hrjaaatkn ?hould Iii* di???lTc.i. But 1 (?nu >t cm,
aar with the ieorned coi.l-iI tor the dt-fi odaut? thai in- ?j. i,
anrreudir ha? Pe??i? .bown. It it not ?i.gge-ted tin- I
asal setaaM was esaeated by toe p.au.t.tf. nor Mai ttabeean
an ev?r ?I. n ereii up t > the defendant?, bal I ii u.nl l.i
Sine.- it. n the aiere Cat t ol
Sanaa eadn Me ali Tkislthini awarraat
at?le. Lie plaintllTl Spp?ostloa t.ri.er Ibew
-Met MnnpeBhta ?* uri aa iateattoa le ss??-rt ita validity of bi?
old liceu?? li w?i a ptt-iaationuri ?ct. If kta oil .; .n?e
Wen- itiuali'nl.oaal.v n-?tii.ye.l b> Manen! 1"?':
?aattat a BOW aaa If th? I,?-?- rtati.te were ?
Batar.? it? latttr. He would iel nothisg t? ?grt
?iii.-iti.. Put he lo-i nothing by takn.g ihn whtek wai
naathtaaa lleiide?, in on- ?erne, the ?prJicaiio.T fur ?'
Ile. .-! wit?, a? I r ? ??g'-K t om;.'.!?.ir< ' . I
fie uct ?.-r?-1 ? i.?!:ii.ii"!.a' wbtab every las prw
Ita jli.M.ff bad ao ..lt.-ri ?;i. tal n apply fur a
lill, not Wish to ? | : .,?? i' I
tnirc*. : ?_. ? ' L ? ... ?
it 1- .' - II ? .1.1
right to co: t
Bal be re.,'?.i'-.I io ... :?-.-::.lue tue grsri
Ma "Ji ?!.'._' ?.;. 11. of p.e rtatate
ori-i? 11 ii lo raasoa
evitP i ? red, ir nu or.: :
ti iu I'
i .. t iori tbi ?
defei, : .
elf?-T?. itive I
anil that fir, . ?
?am?- ' ,t Iba! if ta ?lid not ?vk.
kaVe no iij,..t lo ? 1! li?DO! al ..11, and nu it 1 ?
lu tr? :? m : I
taken I? tak
_.r. lan ti did not ? ;?? t:??- pliiatilf to make ti.?
araj'.catioo ; and If taken coeicivelj ti,, sis i
l - -, n-u-li :i(cn.Ired u.?
I aei. *.h.-i ? n tt?t the Brit ??'-j' ?
theil? ?- I aad moil tu overruled ; ii
th.- , taial ?i r the act ?>f i?fa.
11 -.' ? ?.. !?. I ? . .
vi li ? i,..! I mu. to ( iii.? tato Poiirt uud ask Itijodgmeot In the
- ?
1 hi? l.rin.? in? to the Bell iin.u.rT whloh i?.-.
the iiicuni.tancei of ll.e tate the leu.?
be iirO[e-r, if t.Te lot lo ,ae??.ion la? found "to !?? i.
ia t Hin? L
Upon thu |?i? nt it ?*?er ? to t?e ?. ?n-( ty necei.iri to .1" ti r
than rf. r io ti.? i n-t u! Wood ugt. lhe Cn oi Braoklrs il
Bar') I, ?. . B?. Ho.
Tlitf-put?! h ?i; prisonmeiit.'' fo which the plaatit!
Be ?tibject i? ui'tiiictly yet try Juilg'! stroi.g a? a -
reo-oti tor ii it.tltig a 1 do ant lueau to le? ,:i
_ir?:o*K? li ?: .'. ru.i Judra-eiit tin? can- | i -r rea
ion for e(|'iit_)b?e mt. rirreni-. I ut it ?? Bil t-i r.e :?i asea gb
to |i?cc n i o-, ti Haneaaaal otatal ?a? ?;?, - ? _
em.i eut ?Le a. i '.nile )____,
Mil .t tu .v t>? w.-U lu cite a few pa??ar?M from .Indar Stnri'i
??ra on eqatt) jur.tpiuiiince, ?hi?-.', appe.i to be a.ive ly in
poiiit iu Bus cite. It ?'.oull i?e l.
aeeki lu statect pra-i^n?.
UalMige to til? I'll?!! -
tug li.? opp?i?i.._ ??idavi!. tue C'nurt m_?t ?.?, a ill follow, if
l.t lo UteT-bred ?lth a? (?roviued ??y the at ii. |ue?t:on.
Bael atf ?nn-rftrente amouatt io a nui??ii?-e. which. i? B wall
?antat, win bersatraiaad wkea pr.t.te la_ir_d____i saBer aa
injury ttattaMl troi i ?hat <?! the p-ililn li. general
In -tectioB !?.' ' ?>f hi? work on e-|0ity Jorteprudence Smmft
islori ?_y. ' Wier, id- n.jury i? irrej.ura?i? a? ? In-.-e ha '?
health -?>?. ?-f Lode, deaf ruction of toe mean? of ?ib-ntenc. oi
permanent ri-in to p-oprrt-i. mayor w. 1 . i,.ar f.o.u ila I r . s
luleot or ere. tio-i?? e?er? ?ach <a?e io.:rt. o? i?,niti ?iii
interf?re b-. lijas? not inturtberan.-eo! j_i?t_< eau.! Ita ?io.?'?*.
rigtitt ?,f the party Agaia iu ha?tiuh MS 'li Is uni:
amular ground? tliat lotirt ofe.,uty inttrfere bl Beans e tan
panta Mat Is tb ??? to privent irrrpaiable _c.? ?'. ??? ,: i,,
auporaa? aaoltiplK if? of taits and oppreeilv? li'ig itinn '
?iuoagh I think ha? ->_en qunt'-l ?o.how Ila' there t.u lie uo
doubt of tia? rl_ht to grai.t an inundlou to ?'tola?.! lhe prop
r-rt) ol tBe plaintiff. The lesraeu coumei tit lae d'lencaniv
tired biuppoaing thru the i-se-t cite?, bi tim eie a.
?kglinst thu ? lew or lupport his i-o-lt in Ihit ai. ioj :
afcouid not I* allowed t.reu If the iratutel^? con?e<lid to be un
eooii tution?. On ibec>?trii r. oaav of tina, ai well as the
casa of Wood agt Draper.4 Ab;. . V h. decided h? de pre?Wit
t.'hlef?lodge ot the( ?Mirtof Appeali not (?ted b? tor co .n??l
eodmit tbat the rettiedf bj It jum tion la a proper oi l n
jj. i ibereioaal le ailt'W n B^iasoaegrueiKi af lilsel of parties
r.nouff. oi wiM of pr?i*er allegation? In ti.? eonkplaii : 1 but
_ Wood art \lr*.\a-r l-prB ?hiletta rirht to.ra a
t o-i ? m aaMitad -id II ?-I S ?' d it Waa r?fiM I m that u.?',
keilli?? It wa? I ? I'l tbat t! e ii? bUB ? Bg s,in|,lj a? a tal
pajrar aaj ha? ig i.o latarasl in the ?uL><i aiaiter, ampi
?ataikooig I. pU Ulf tu voltri iii Ita ?>?y,.?e_a
no1 mainlr.in an notion In ?>?? IMIeMtMl ran" wHfcort lo
?. ?? "?*?? '? bal ."?I
"al.o.i., ? i i,i,l? i r I ' ?'.'in.
La I i".??','. ? .,". rta Cou ' '??'"' b
1 i that
I? lleM'Y i'. Di ti? r, I ...
i it wai
Hoon.? ti ?lu ..!,.
rta? .j... i -, .,- !.. re !..- ?-i la
?-i i i . ??<?? i il*,l l,v the ? ?anu? ?ill be fuund, (?ou a taieful
eiiniiitiation, to be etthet for-, urn io the prcaeat tnaMnn
? tie te lu- ?m .r..'t. ii? Ihoogh theraaedy nay ban bna ra
fu?ed M tbtt |nr'i"nl.r iaatanee '< r i aertli tlbet reprtat} of
?II rwiag .t wli nrver, at bate, a Ci . _-?? '.:.'
I..? ?< i i,d ?ii./eli'-n tal.en by the defendant! tuomtl ni?
?o?, iii ral !? i-' taltai i< d,
lathe,?- ii ??' ? oaetlti I
1* it rep.iKi.iiot eitl.i i t" me iieliibition in ti.? 1 ed. r?K .?n
ititut... ., -. . lu ? ? :. ? aatloB, which n min any
Biala fr?-ri i m mi' any liw impairing ti ? ol 1 gi Moa of i ? ?
it at (Art 1. Bar. It, i
(m,iiaiuoi,tul hw of our owe Htat* atrth deeBreathal "n
in r?. oi ?(Hill bo il.-prne?! ?I lb-. I'.tierty ..r pripniy willi? ut
due | raeea rt law I*?Art. 1 Bee. B,
I linnk it M append nBath. 1 ?hail not ?top to examine.
wiii-tinTio lot aader r rlewaaaaB the nni| iedl*i
???ned ui.ii? i ti.e MaMMe el i- o 11??' leaned ooanatl ion
both dulls i ?lined?? und n??' it tint it den and UM r for?- Ml 1
i I rty te laaail k1 n? noli-petal 1 -, Nor in tlur?' any ?lunbt
that If tbi third ??'( tin M IM atrt n ha >"i?i u? te um' i lu* rt
chinai that it I* void us to nil; beean??* it ia roanil? ?t that
thnai't did not Ben to, and doe? not i route IMBlBM ?I bBMt
upon tome ?it whom it nh?u II opi rate, b:h1 upon W_M '?! wLoni
it Hboul I not. Nor i? then anv rooiu loaaptttthttlftbrt
?octtoa i*f liiv lui, as it is ?neb .in lapartaal pat', and Indeed
the life aad batag rt Ha whets solo me of ihn ?it witbert
wbicli eil the ottur niovM-Baa weald '?o full., lae whole
?tat.te tiu.Bt ihlM it? f ..* a;..I he let] red BBOOOItllOtloi I.
Tliut the?, new?, renpei ung BBOh m i? I t? II * I ne und? r ctui
?idiratiou, are ???tiiiil, i? dolo lu'ivily esl.it IMhed by Wyne
hauiir'? en??'.? 1 ? N. I, Hop., 37-?
The ?ole i|ueun'ii, then, is did Ihe lloonto? grntito.l n-iler
the net of I?"'"., Marta Mi. h .1 t:t.Ill rael or lort mu'Ii righi* ?is
? ?innot eonMitiitioiiiiiiy be lantred a revoked I Idaaot
?loiil't thal the I.?'iri?liitiire, under it? iBaUeoabla np'?!, might,
notwithstanding thoa, li? BBI m\ h ?Vi p???*" ?I lawi wiiiili
logi.late tin? BaM ft !li|il"r uiulor theB, bat 1 I.ii?-'.e?il'i
tioii ni M] lag ?h it, andef p??? leaoe rt regal itloe, u law caaart
i?' H-Btatael wbieb. like las an ?eat, h ??- tbe elect M rae let ?
proviuii? grant Toid. Unit i? not legiilntioii, it is ilo-iruc
I ?hall not review or etpi?"? ByvMWI of ?le il?'e:?i?i-n of
aeatta rt ether >? tM ahieh aereeiied hythe deBartnta1
"illili, el ,,?.,,I which lo ir - -I ?-I. bli?b? d ti I ... b lil ' if? s M
Hin*?- m nu'?ii'iii i--ini.Tr? ii bo vate! right, hal aere i ere ae
hie at pleaaari beoaase however leantcd the roula we
nourning Com have been, and ? w11 ii lb*] co to I!.?-full 01
t.nt wini h trie eoaaeel i-u Hie defend mt* contended tli-v did,
I oHinint ici'i-ive tiieiii m iLitiotitt i" iii.? stn:.', w bera In
\ dersUiul o ir .-??ir. ;-? io lui?" elo.'irly nuil |.iiiiiily d'. ni dorl
j pie? with wi'ie'i ttiey are at ter I] I loi wal -t ha
ill to ?-1111-.der mu? oplilt !:,.' iii. -.,-rilli- ??Illili "l.? 'H'111
ni ti uki in.-! ? . 1 Hu' 1 .oilI* ni tin'
? I uitetl States, ? .' ' ? ' I
tit'? i. mv ?-i ?i ! ?01 I. 'li
.?'nu luv'lied - beeauethal the lie nu wai
lid aot Iho* be aaalbtlated, be daa-aasti led frea
.-.?? tieeiili'il !?T ?or o? :: i omi*.
Before pro? r. I? tgni t- r. n *rl ti ii the rieht
k1 r.-ioc itioi; ib oui? ? i.i'ii' 'I bj 1 ..-.'I 0:1 ti."
gio.nul t- .1 Ho Couti ? .... ii i .? " i o ?i| ['li
: .- mon io tin' eaert lacof \ loa p
:.i.it of t'.e III
. -. u|
ut.' .?nil s Ihli law 1 I
th.- Oetermiaatioa of ti 1. It
? . ? ' ? ' : .' ? ? "i
1 WitbiB ti- lol 1 ? ? ' i:.d I! I
? '
- i andei .1 h
? 1 -.-?? t -
Iho n . T ....
' t or tin* 1 i- I in i
li :? pa
l'on bj !?.?? leoiaion ol the l
M ?yoi igt. TI ? - I*. Ke|?.
' . Ii l eil log ,
li to 1 ?Baili?
,t bom it - ni" ?red thai
trsi ? m eertalB ttr? ???? ? : 1 ?, 1
1 1 . ?
? ? :
and !*? 1
! ra M m ?y be
t ft . i.?? ian
wHboa nvlag
: 1 Iroad . ir. ?
I .1...... i
- 1
'? Cn: Id
f i .,.,--. ii
I . ? ? .
tbi? cn?. *" 1 ,': ?*tl i-.
- - ? ? lo, IB UM
?. Igt, IV'oihI
ward, 1 ?- i? ?.?.!. ?:
? .
? .
lade tal .:'??: I?'
; 1 ?:?? ". -.-.-lu r Io- -1
- Il.lpl i',e j. ,
I lo ?11 p. ??? '??? ?Illili.lion ill Ilir ?
?ion?-! t fe* ?-'?..vi..
(be latter." A >> m.Ur n-Mtiea w*. ptMcated ia then
Ig* I : ?. ? -'.. -,ai,i ??]
? rt ..: A?.;-- 1? lad a i.kr Hapoutlaa ra aadeni .?.
miami beleg :-1 >-r?-d bj ledro? Parki, aed Oaphrll
lartaaaewaadaetdella Boplc-ibti tsra?lMi Woe N :?
mau feai 1. at iban Bataten aartl "ni bara bael Bann
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an at the atete, wo? id in? ? or why tbe Iar?i_i?t-ii? ?lumlii or
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that righi th?L h? ????uld l>? if lind wLi.l, ?ho .??(?lo might ba.e
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relit? 1? ?ud t ?.ulm? 1 hone ?I. forl'id* it Ti? u?. o' 1 -1.
I -I', al o! 11-id grai I ! I" I li" Blata ."igt ' !?e ?re,i_l liad
pienaa of ragahartaa il-aeefet-bei .pr let rt ptoti
aty eooH aa be preveatod Bat al nea it* plate ti tri ii
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?' m..o i- ?.'. ? I it pai pa Hag ??? regal le tbi ?.l- et
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petty tee trUah M paid Mm Mata 1 ralaal - loaaul :.
'Jin :? -? - .'I 1 , J I ,v?
I ibu? _i?iutniu"il willi.uo 1 -i o ? It ia ra
renn ??I . . ? ? ? .
do ?a one day
a ;?i~t A .' ?? j
of Apr.. 11.
ila - ?
1.0IO III lill?. '
? I ? ? '.'. I 1
PT? -i.:'-: i
rt el 1
op r.ii. law 1 .1 . uren
? -
At n early 1 Mitropolitul 1 ?
iBiinie.1 iba laid lija lafM
.'....??::. Mir appl
for lieeaeee Boa rta load rt 11-.'.??-. Large no ib 1 wer
i'l.lim ( o ?rix lui.ug "1* nu-unrig, and
1 ' ?. In I io Btaatl A: BOM t'io t '
? : .1 liga Cardaa ?. pro* ? irttg the liw nnnnnatttaliant bo
ia-ie known ibmgheal rta Ity, aad ?uiiio .it ne Palm
Magiit: ii ? IMaharga IM bm ?
i: aaa?
V! ? '?" ' 1 ?1.1 a 00-_I
T..I i..'1-ti... :n. M -Boa lealara ?r?u arralgaad at the
E?*ei. Mullet I'ol.. - Cou:' at BbMBM ?if .??Jug without
beean ?nd ?ei?- haid B B-??>* i>*_il ateh bjrtfaaMat MmHtieid:
V,-r . ?iat? i:i < -ry ??. I '?j ,r,..? \ ,]. ? ,ir, ., , ,,
Pi. ni. ?? 1 .-oil-. 1411..r.T.Uat. f.-a.M-,. ? , ,,,.,,. .,..
i._ Kir ?.ilaoli. ... Ilr. rr ? Pr*d. Wa/la* ??. It,1...... ?I
JJ* ry>ll I-'-! .!. (.li.-l, ,. .-l.lrr, .',( ?I.o'.fill.t.
I r* 1 l.vi.l.-rr - I ?.-,.! ?t. Harry-? Herir, 117 ( anal a?.
Hrary Carrol I*HA??_<;. John Jul.u.iiii. II hunr'a .?.
Jin., 3i-l.w?ri..?i. ... la?t?U?W l!?.i,o. Ii??.y 14. i.ar-al
y . ile '???' tf> Bow ? -. Roli.r? |l|..,.7 ii Nmtlnt.
i (j?rn Morn..I?'.? .-rtT. I*>><lip l.rui a I1C (?.-.,, _.
M. Undi, r-t I'lnaiou-^ l.fc,, m. m?, ?? 170 , (.?,,. ?
v. _.. Ki,:'. ?. A... M ratrlok Mell-* 111 ? hm 1 y ?i.
1 Aui.r v.Ibui.i.i 131 K. 'IMtii ?t. I-1.11 (.riflin t:ii u ???, ??
J 'n ?.trri-y to Uti . J??li? H ^r, .S4 I J >. , ,|, ,?
iVrua.M Ut ? ' ? . Pbiiip PtotmaA, lit AraaWc
I ?.mt 1.? K. i| (?J HiMUuo-?*. Aail.ro?? Buikl.ail? lilM,'lHt?l
'...?.?i S 1.?. -.i .?' I'orr???? *t. ?ohu ?iriioedlrT, l'j ?1,, , g ,,
A.n I ia?-* tiri. i. AU?a *?- 'IN10?. BoGaoUjCll.| 10,^1,
1.??.".? U'i'lfm. 1 H .yeiT PartBoftn 4 'intitaa
Anrufet?-..- /?. li.?ia?.,_ *t. I*, -oiotntl It A .,, .1
1 fina-M Ki.) Ill litk-t. l'?in k Muni 1... teaa-ec,
?r-i B*r? . M?r-?i i? ?Tii.ii ,? li.i.n. ., ?
Lin-Mi ? r.i.|iii?i K5 Atna? I li*! li ??? 1 1*41 li.uawt. .1
i\i, MuCrata,tal Sigttiooti Crt?i H-a_???.-i-_,Ml8t_r_.
\ II KhI.iSS.??It p '?I'lirtllisi' M.TTl'eil. -T aia?W_B?|
hrury VoM-MB. St B. Illth?l PtJt. Mrl.uirr, 411 K Hil.,.
'?* ? i rraio I II er..-in* al IS i? |(*t <* I TV lowan
rr?d. tV. Mr?:.-in*" . 1"* A??. 0. Oin. Ria?. l'il| .1 haiJr
( H.n y (illili .r 14.1 Himny r?lir? Muli-i MCblfMMt
Co-itHutti i"i r.ii.yUi it. ?>w*a II.iPbiUif ?. b-taatbioM,
I?... Batta, 119 AtMaae C. Jam?? M-nri-i. 2? -H????-: )
( hw. Y it*. Ml y. uti. ??. Aii.iti. M Ila... Ji faun ?t.
TOMB! IMIaltK ? (H'BT.
The hi'.lowliig named per ?on? were ?rruignr d li?fo, e _ u.t?e
Dowliagattba l-nub? aad were bold in #.<?? bml i? *u??ir
! iio'ore tli? Ceartrt Oaaeial t?e?tioi ?
? I.o.ol? l.?i?ry 45 Mlil.liBll .1 Ml. t Lan. . '7 t?, ,?
I' lii_??lH 4i-.iir-B.nwin. ?I K Ml?, . . ,, ,t.
Cbrta Ubai-al, a Utr-uwlrk-tt. I'?t .-_iii.?i. t.loi i.h.i.
Mi t. I N..,l?y, :i J?,,m ?I |m a.i.B.i,, ' '. i.?ko,.,.,, it,
A't MUvrt? ?? lal,?"?? *|. A }l,ltthtooel..,ie,t,U?'.\lH.
il ' .? l.._,l. IO it,. .,,.'< ,1. ?' K.-M. .1. Ill Oinr.f. ?
? ,1 Mi.. I Utrea JJ- M 'I -?
, . . , ? I ? t I a? I' I '- . .'-I ? :
| , ? i ... I
Th al V . ?
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f : ? , ? . . ?
iii' I.
i PL i.i. ' > i?, :.. ! Teny ??
j, ?I tlwk.! I..n...-' Mn-ll len.)., fl TTnialj p.. 4a
llanv il u IS Baa Heaetea >t r?it?j noa. i:ur, n aVni ii
'it,e following r.a:i?'i prtaaaen wen- Maeknged apea ?h?i?
own.? ognii .i" ?? to appear wheo sailed awn
i. ....... I III Bl. ?' j.iTt kit/i'iKr-k HMst,
HeniT ( ? BIIIIIHIHB. II I U-iat Ok l*m> .?eve M I* -ere'll ?t?
J :, , A! Dell? iii tri,1*. .1 J .fill P.',I III I ? ''na?.. .!.
Uei.f. B ..?-? IK ? ! ? ?' lafl ? I l'-er. '-' I M li '
' I7SBB0B. SABI i I len? '?<?'
Ti'' l"? 'i- awed prisoners wen analgaedk-lMeJaBle
Teil? iii find la 11 ni 1100 ball sai h
,i m, loh? i- 121 I'?" '?I.
'... ( ... VI !. ?) '.
H. \l ... .. N.Ai.i ni..,?. .-.? -t. L. terns.r IIM BroaHwaj,
llern au I uk. ? ?'? Bareet-?. I a .ina. 11 I I.
.4 Um. 1 .,,.eT '.' (...?? , li it. V. l?. ?1. ii ?. ? '."'?v. .-*-!, ?.
M . le . ? |4 H ?:?? n -?. lev. M,- ' i. i Oi raw-ch .u
(?? VI iray 4 e '?-?? av.. loba ?..nan '..'?'ti ..??.
Rlrh'd 11-rkin, O Bettoet it, ?laka Bark? LOBb-see.
Ilut.f. ii. rn.I. :?, I? *", ?vr. Til i M., mian li-SU ?ve.
P. II ga ... ??'? W, 4.M.?t. Ki.:..-.? Uasbaa. IMW, B-tB-aC
.P.hu K..n :?'.- linda ? ". Pet_rtf?a- .'???'? ??'?
Mr: M '! Itk it, L ??? Him* , Ktllth ??'.
Jeun II. Mi. r? I* -th ?T?. John II. I? Iwinkli. _JI 6th ive.
?a ia ?.,-a .. 1. 1 i.O, ive. Joh > Ktit, sa, -? ' ?medway.
Ila I..I.I lillie?. Ill IPI. a?e.
The f. U wing named p? rson? wer? disi liirgfil on Unir
pin 1
DeeaiiO'N. 1 SM Oreeawlc keb P?t folley, I? I?. *..i i-.?
T Dono? m KM ?-...ia: ire. Mi k Ml ? ??? ? ?? * I ' Bk ?vi.
Jua. l'enas? T.. ni-,-! ( lea. I? I. 11 ...I. . 'I I ?. 11 I a ?Te.
Ji.i.11 III Bl I, KO W. Pitha?. Il-iiiv Al ..inn, Milli.,,..
roBSfnu i-oLp ? can ?tr.
The IU m itiizii.iii? .i i?. r-Mii.? arra smigaed tal r? Jn?tke,
K'll.i. sad bel i iu $ns) baal ? ai u le aaewi I I te? Ita Gaari ?f
liciii r 1 ?-e??non?<:
I'. Boj-ha '?? IA it k ,1'J.f. .1. iiuii.inl.i ?r I a?! ?i.'l M it?.
Mar? keic.i. -th L.bet. j_4-it. J I'..?.? KM __IBiiila?|,
i'.t?. (I.n .;_, '.I .,v llr.iry Bj-l .Pi**, sad Ml <?'.
I l. M.I'. 11, ??<_' -'?! ?ve. Kflwar-lM '| 11. II I ?'? II ?
II W U I ring 1,194 3d-?ve. Ni, li. lu II ,_:? ii '? ? .'J ?re.
_ lljn.i, Uti. I?! , I" t t ' A I?-I I.'hu II BBSS , ??>.'. i.e.
V, venlli I.'itl'? I'riii-rill'ii'" '?..III ?.li : I'p o!
(ii.i-i?.l Chnrge of the Judge 'IT'ie ('nar
Mubntilietl la Ihr? Jnrj VrrUicI r.1- t't-ala
far I'm?nu.'I.
'l'lic pr'"i'((l!ii!M ni liic cn i- ?.i Deaa i Btiaatj v.
?Dearg? G Bsaaett, f r hta| ant taneg-l ta ?clsn pntai
|_y, Th? Conn r'-nirneil n?. ?Kling M '?i " B , Bad Mr I ?n ?h
T Will i. a? i T .numil f r ,1. f.'U.l ii.' | i', " ded it olio?? to tin*
suiuniiiig ai j ?
? ni. I"
May li I'! ! i?: ni' ( mt.p ??i Ml, Bl ' e mi li i' ^ ' I
li i ?? 1 -I "in-.I ? r ll-.-il '.? ''.ila li iiir.U i .1 ..'I. .1. t<> 1 In?
I ?? ' . ii -a i ?e Pi|. l ?;. ? ti? I I- I eil l i
? eel to Hie | r a f. u i.ii i '. t ' ! cn el r .I ia - n?!? r
' eft!,"- li -Ion-, It BOW I"' ? '? I'l 1" ' ill 1?'I?T
uti. .n ? .1 I to oat to
-.ilnt rea mt ? t > ; ,i- ? ii|??ii and Ita teettiBOBy ain. n ta r
apon ?he - - ?.. -1 ?.. i i?i re todrrldeio ti - .. I ?, i
I li ,,-?-. I ? i i| r ?-.?I ? .P. P"
tkal I atti to be ft I
til e . I 1 -' ... 1 I ' I:. : . lan?', le. el BIM I
". ' ? .1
.I. I?m
! . i .
II..- i I
?: 111 ? Pe- i i i ?! - ? :
ora n lug theil I ? 'I m pernei 111
rd tar. 11 a is -ti a
ne ir I i?l a ? ?? of hu hind I ty of f el
p_rl ..: I ?' : i I SU J ? I ?ever
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i i
I , ' . I
i : ? . Ina bislil
bare ni . i
bis 1 ?*" T ? ? ? ?
..?ni la I . ?
I ? aki 1?
. rd lo Mr. ?ti law riot I I
Mr. M - ? ' M ?
? ? ?? . .?
c1 . ... 1
I . ? _
not !??? a tabby, where I
md ia the i
IWer, 'A
? ? ? I .
?I . '
? ?
asas do not Ukr witt i
a ,: ? .
taatk. U Is 1-?
i . IMS ' ? UBwl 'li Ita] var ?,.... i
eeeet_ei ,-ji. -. . i.- ... a. ant I ? ? .
?au from llitli.. ni li- i.._,il'? la", le I IIB! BJ. 1 .?ir
! tal ? be*B -..? i i ?', ? t . . B ? j
?.a'?.. ' ?
| wi, k ' IBS i ..a. , .
I was paid . Bas ? ?? ?? Is toa? A . ?
i .ne n. i Sha ii ?a Bonni
man , Birk ?JO li? ?
j bul lor a liri P/e .;. i? .at- i- , ?. ? ?
i our-. ? . . i.. P. >?? a " fail bil .u
? Ilew-i ???.i . U? ?t Lra*. r
...... billi.;v*'a?' li:? "* " ? I ' -?un a ita , i ? ? I?
!.r ih- ,.? ? e .bat li th? ??? Ibii ? u
t',)>t-i(? Bartkarearaatkei ?? I > inni n .-t t,.
m i roi iu n ? Mareas li?,,, aa I
at ar.? | 00, 1 r ..ii tata BBBS be is IB Ike powei >f
!ko?n ?ith?r tl-r?? tuen, and m i.i r-.p? la what Ita} '..ti turu.
IBs Itara n latBraM kntary ?ii* i Men i? .
uiea! BB 1 gn ? B M .S'.'ltll T'"? T-? tia I. ,.,
aaans H Baa? glraanMa u.V.ni.? ga M ? ?> gan?
the streak of arrapstaakng ? ? I ?
tattaa I..:?- io great bad ita lb ewe Mi
?? r. I ???eel a atritia*??-t ??w opio i ?
lue . ?nd impr.?ouiD?ot ?pon -ia? amaki
I who ah" .1 I -i -??*. SBl M P.? ' Uy or IS
I raettteratiaa u ne.ama tai rata aad ikeas
r t . ?? ? !. i lau Mr .?"r..:i, ki. ? * \
I spaa net fatlsfalMM p.? I aw baa Mt tasad pitead; ta
i basa? i . ?' a?**> a l?tate tee tosari.,
Counsel tara |.edad to the facts ia the ??? ??-.
I.i..; lett ?: ' ' M M M !.--.? lill ?I ?i?>. !
f tkiii i ? taara
? . ieU In ??'.,?"
li i not i ?" to brnig ih-? renal
tbat woalt bare gvae i ,
irgSB t er, ?Q Pi., i.'l.t Iglio? Ml *tl 1
.at teall? U I II M -n ?? li
Men tai tiaei
a? m U ! . s* youl
are -,,
I .
_ ?' - n Id n n
?.I Mr. I?' ills - !.?ti!ie.iiy I r -, ? A!
;..: ; ? s i? i ? I ? I ' ?
' : ? "
mi indi -
> i i M ?.-??? ?
bill ? -*.-r_apa they a
\i ? roag - n by i
a l .1
[???np i-u 1 . protl i
ros? and ?aid. " I ?
? i- ?! -
>.i ?toa . ? ? i?
tin nu-.
Wsban i| ? I it b< Id ??? i bribe a J
did that, would i
I rib? ?. ' ' .?
le-l.ln ?! '.'. .: . ? ii ,. U..II. ! ;
?' I
j.ri'dui ' d ? .1. u. did Bl
: i i. it ..II ? Did Sti?
ll ... u . i ?
Taradi. ' Al li .: ?a ? M.,..
I ill ti Hal !?t- did B Ila IP T I I II .: Ol '.! P
IbOM r. ita.pom let tin -
? i i
roaldhare bt ? ly wu would not bat ? !i .
?..a.. ,i s? hail boar, thiaoonvei situa Is in? teal t. ra waa ne
?'???iii-, te in-.. ?. raw 1 tea.i ?? i -re.
Wi ni?_:?! rait oei |_atil itloa I -.- gstawathal
Mr. B-iwat bribed a aseaber of ita : . re, butigali
Mi. .Inn-? wa? , a d lo li e da id la I
ia! i ,, ? al : i .N?-? Va? ? A Ide i ?.., \a . i ,i | . ,:
.?."'>.' na? m. -1 t, pin tint !?ill, a-, i i. i? ( urn?-1 t|iRt
beoaton m cn n ?ni- ilandersdj i .tawhol. tanate is ao(
ilaadarad geotiesm mt Ita Jary. wtaa 1 in , locent
at h,.m I waa m i :i i li un' ?lin. r-.i i ..??r benia
Bril .i, ant ban an then baan Ik? bo i -i a. ?
Who ?cr? I v, i !.. t ?,i . th? ni i ,! m ' -,
TkO Wi.l.i'i.? .urgh I'sllmd mitt'-i BJ iba i it, Thm
ii,.:, iii linn kim want ? .rant for i rut? ni (Kraal Vuaml,
Mat the gt-nteea be I ,t?; ii.cy .?? r two eat el
tun-.-, bi dsBtsadsthi wtaa Ita I U retarai to
theiu they hnd hut one?Te .uya two l ii th'-r- waa "lily one?
ofktaceBBBtBOatsnil Na?, i'i? sf Ifceaan
anea ?rtasays a? Lnow? Straot ?UgbBy, Ita by-laws
..i,-11 rand ?a l t'a?, ugiaslinea hnd ii marlee? left m't nit..
getl i Bat the fnaehlsa, they my li warta anhing, l -?u
J I,"?? gran!, ?r? giren on ?'i ..?!? which ?le not rei
iti'l ?" t or built up, ?in! the?? grant- ii ? l'iii'i laftad ?wa} !
until tke atreau are i-.iit ip ?,.iit?"r i , .*?. ?rsaii li se win ul
i .n-:.i. lb " lal? ?. Why. I ?el. j ..a Is tar, ?.''-'.l-mr,;. thal li ?
Mr. __twag awn M part with hi? mt? at li itaae troacbisss I
it would ?i.ioti to hau ? :.?i;,oD of loBars,
Thee hen la Ita een la regari to Kattap Itraag dii??nt|
mo fit to ?..i tradict hil I ?'nu my. I .i ?. imagina ah?. ]|. ?
(Mackaj< t'-.?!.h?. (bil .si-ong t'*ll* ' IU thal if I. u ,a' , , , ??
bewiMtalegr-Ph_ta-tndaBaias I -?.???? n. taarator Perry,
and ?uri there i. a 'Mar?) >i*i>"*-? ? to the bal (why did'ol
ha Mow afton Ita Inala Jeal aal > udnadi t ?r Mu kay i
Thru he .?id ?ni ui'!???-i.? did g.?? 11. s aatorial ekaratrter '
P. ii.tlurme tin? man M?cksr to pay Ike lobby |173 or |j00
tor their-upoort of hi. lull A ad c? rta trial ken hi tri.? io
gei out of it hy lilting ?bunt beard I I? he ?o ter? p?inl??:
beart-.i ?Ix.iil l?_ia.a'i ci - A??ni ?' tu BUBI Ih? lett!
mm.? o! M'?'roi?. Ile p !.. u_ It Jr ?Vnmg WM M li? fail '
? la tor ?earcbing title?. Ac. in tv mater ef lhe bill for re |
moiibg eorpiei from u grave var ladtkatka ?InlnT do the |
Wot? at all. I bun he wm uol iieix lindon, bul lb. nionei i
a a? paid.
h'W, ii. the ?an of Ita Ontr.il Hi 1-'.?,| I ?,r? bil! win did :
Iii Strm.g Inn H u?''????!! P) ?.?rp lila vote? leen'-' H? I
Ml la in hi? i ai.viiation willi Sriiiti.r 1.un?.perr. that then
Wnb ?ery Itrgi amount of i ." WJ I? bl f lit lo ii lae* I that 1
rotoi if I?,?-?? J<tk.i?g it i?. ?ir?nie?(..tSj?i Beaato? liispriti I
ii'".11 hilt? If?.-?"-., ?hoc keri n? loi iW-itUrawa hi? trhnd :
ik a from hu,,, strong laewMei Ma aaa wtawaatata MM
? ??1 ? o _|. t v| J*, i ; 11 v ; ; | mit a. V vi/'/ vi t\ '.?! tit :i_ I
?ctr an u very In'p-f riant one i??ono??l -so?! hero to ?bow .but
law vaha of til ? ? very cn I; tadeed,)i aal so, tatt
?tindo y ti ' ( ? vi ? -,i , '- ?rly tbe BBeooatllgtb
.,,-',. ? a ' i ? - *oni t t.ii I . i
I. 7 ' .'Ititi
ti:. ! im in I - ? 'I - - :. ..? I -? ii but t? | !.)<?_
f. , I?
Mr H ..'. m* ??? >i "i ? ' osy ia regard i? 'le
i noi-ii.atii'i. Von ?aw i n.? ? nwiUBgawa lo U - _? I J?. bul
na bato tt.e f.i?'* el t.,at e??e. I do tot haine aaetber
an ?? ii'' be found ?,i ltro_kl,ii apaintt whos.- ftiarueli-r Ma
_i..|?ierlio;in_lo mat annul ?w?,-tr tb?t the- would n.-t tVli?'?"
t.ii i ii .mt?., a. we have had ?worn retarding th.* istronp.
Ill? . tiiinat-l har? tried to pruyr hi? lund name to bare b-r-eii
rau???l Ir T.e I -? Uga tmmmt ?Ve hail a witnet* who ?wore
?o '?t*v te.- i."ii,totiiBiori t..'. ni tlataynMMMhn "<
arl ie n i|'i??tiuti wai ptMBbad TMf ?'*** not MBB n'.i" to
npraeh raak ? ?bareeter al a.), .ml yi t they b??v?> had u y>..r
io pn.'.r?' ti.?ir m.?.. (Ctaaael repaartd bnetty _M Mht?
Mott n tbo C'ijle nffai..)
la la Btitat'a awa Mattaaearr. you will remen.b"i tart .. ?
coi,i ??I ex.niit.oil huit in u m . i?.ai nae ear, " Did vnu ?.?> ???
?meta ' Nu. ftrtwaa ti.?? lavartabB Bfaaraaaatm
??ni .1*1.1. Ii .? 1.1.?t Inpeeelrta todeaaythtaa with art
BlBB ? ?,i pratlv? -. Btroaa tm-w ii. Ha?l h" ?Ure?! to eue m
a kl?gle point to t?kr lu bluf wtOboaH have draw i his lifeoat.
Mtrk. he wa* not a?ko?l if Lo knew Kotik? why waa not the
U t a Im wes made to t. lo the n.imey from foil" M Stroiifr,
in ,:, ia the -'on 1 ' Br. ?Osaka knew wo.?, nid not Rrt lum
tlnli a the Batta binghi bun, ?ml be wa? h?-r Man ?>n<l ail.
i is.r. Ho lind the great, ?t interest it? concealing that maller.
\!r Williams t I'is.iil a three hour*' argument by r?'ferrlnr to
the I o t that Mr. r.onrictt'* chara, ter bad ronmiiied uiitouelK-d
liT ii hrcatb. hi? motive had t?"?*:i |.u:o ni paB?e_iB| the ar:i?l?!
?t the fontidatioii oft'iiH c:i?C; he ii"? mid it In* duly to bold
up ? leg?bala reeraaaa to in? tru*t, before IM wi na. ana ne
CbrM drove tlia* momy ebangei ? lunn iii?? MapB **ilh a whip
m -mall eerde. Think, ?aid he. iii coi.tliision, of tim uiou who
? tv?.1 lil. ?I und ?liol for th. ir conntrv in nil time??of Kptrot
i.In? nttil Kabrioius-of til" gem rutioiiM of ti? ri???. und mar
tyraWM hole offero?! Heir live? li r the couta of iniinkind,
thin* of lim .nany ?ibu in in I age* have sin ntieoil tlo-iii.?? Baa
fi.? liberty, parity and awed ganraaetti thieh at the pair.ot*
in Italy a lu? hart Magbl f-r tM ? i'i* ' "I ? uistituli'iiiii! lib? riy
I'm! p'i'r?? kgM itioii. ? ?tyan eye ever Baron aid seethe
] I?.ni-ni lay of Baaaaa there bright and offulg? nt with puniy
i aad petrfotiBB-, und lh.'.-i .in-wor winder a I ?hut i?tobeli?t.
j Tblekof diehard Cobden, of whon letJa BtlffM na lately
ipohea i? ?ord?! oi pious t uio.,-'iiio-i! lana bat added
' wio?i?' r?'.iim? to tie ena ommfetageamftte ut baan l-raadaai
tbiah .f 1 : i ? 11 n r. 1 ?'i.'olen. am) [hen turo and contcuipluto
i Doma? htroiiL' ii ?, mi Baal
.\. t.Bataam ?.i Mr. WUMaaVa addraaa l??*t?l ?ppi*u?o
broke Bath from ?11 parts of the court-room, but it wa?
i promptly nppreem bj t a Jaime.
Tbo Couit then tunk i ItSaM t"i half au hour.
I'ptui r.'*??om(jiiu?. Mr. ?irrwith I. .link* look the M??' r
; f r the ? 11. ntiH. He bogan bj rO-taalin In? ii ..ire ut
I b eeriag the learned eoaaal n ti.I a r ade. with ?! aa Bl
had "iij .)'!"! frii mil;. ?? pi o' f ion*. Mr. ?!?? ii'.* then
proceeded to review ile ,,r io. ni if tbo I ? tri <*?1 cou mel on
i'. .. reid , rea riirna thatbeahoeU o?_alnbiae.Btat_a
f.io's.fL.i-e. H hal ,,re tit? ftem I Mi. strong bogan
! life ?? u lio ret? ml , he ? . I "?.'-.?. ii it. m |? Inn ?, iiml then
?ant to Cal feral*. "Ob I ay they, "we iae I felt .ft.?
rii.ir u ter, ' ino! io- I forward on Dnaoi toi wear
u, ?t ' ?u i*i ? .. ?!.'' v, a lui??
np Died ta that the teetimoat ? I Mr. Talatadge, a ?Biiibest in
li- n on B? ?. 11 ?' "".ii to all ti i . i .-i ? -i I ii s li.at it Wits
?i... I -,t ?;- n ?ii I I f rata| I li !??!.' li n-.-iit ? ?i? of ,??' I.?' li int.
?I III?- '? f r tu th. u f. .einly way lil aUM I'.'?" W} thtl
. t-. ICr. BtroBg I I I It rinn alioilt lie*'line i f til?' Vig,
1 ,.ir- I .. .io. Hin-. ... ,, in.tit Hie.in i, te II ht .
ii d that Biro g wi drivea oat by Ike whip ? f ita Vlg-lteca
? i-i - ? . .no ?i ??..?'.t to ?bow the way ia
? I ii .:.:'. Mr? Su '?.. '- r.'pu
. ?! ?. r I* hat ne ? .-? ?urn . 11 i fea,
l|..it , . .1 ..??.. i . ? ,. r.. ? ?". .1 1.1 V.-I.I...I- f ir
? ?. - ? ? , t - l . ,
f.?. Waa in? r? eh r. ??
? i . It u-1- uni iiy i BhtfM a ?rra
? ?!, lui' i: ?a? fr im
tin.? th*i io? I ?
i ? I r i r iii'- ?? i boee i oared feertl.
Iii 11 m Mopped, iiml ?1. H. Koah abell oat ir ?????.' K. How
? ? i.t boomi lata ?' ?rt. iad 1 1
? aad Hi?' I ?libi .no! ..'I that non
i t) it ih- e'i-ir ?- ? "s tr o' .ii.il t i "i ,i
?i.i- un?. ? ?t I im - ? in ?tul bo wurt J lim ? u in. Mm be
dour ii ? T?.rr??y?n: i!,ev -ii we du! Bul ? i k? onie ?_ i lo
ion ?! m r ? I ii. ? ? ??. tai km teal ni twe ti et ??
.. ? I- '.I.:' i v. ? .--..?'.. Jinki
d tbe artilla I la Ib* I r-t I r
i 'li' - ?? -.?.I bin wttb
r li -i i- '-' I .1 ii",, i!.
ami '? i .Balitad
: - Il -i '. I ." I
- ' . I -? with
' .
-;-1 I r of pe
i lion?* ?
? : :
i .1 .-. .- -
. ?
duty t
1 ij o I ?I ?
kata La I
i ? ? ??
i l
. . - 1 you lo
:...-? ' i ' " ?
? ? -
, . ,. .:,.?- Ma. Ii
: - . ? tal i
. ? ? . ? Itot ?
t . ? ? . ?
. r . re ?>? In
> . t. Al!
. . i . : .
, ? ? - - i ? .-? i UM Bp| Vi ?l-h
?i :? ? 1.I.-1 ..' ? -? i ? ? : h ia ?"?
u.. s?.- Bagot ? ?
? i|
a! ??.- ti. ? ... ! whal '. ? '??? Bnivel ??.inpir that
Br I | i - . ...i . and
ill I
. ..-'.- ...
totean I ? I ? ? ? ? potty to eactaptteg *
lu.nali-r . ?"' I.- (Ititi .r.- Mr. ! ?. i
t t - . V \. B ? '? ? . '
? .ty w?
...oil: har* -i-.ttii?.i r- iiok, c-r:?'il. no w.i-.M i? w
kadli i . ?, rtaaal iii .*??:.?:._ a : i _K- rt
all at pey. toe i . m la the a*_M u-pea BMaaar-?
i?:dre* ant boat mt ? r ?<?.. .loinit *
tbiag ..k?-'-- a : . rerreeaawntaatreeicdiagrtiioi
?a?mr l ? c-?:uoi?ry I o.n??l i!.,i ?. ,? i ;
right to * -, ?i.,j
?.?i ? :?g?! ?r?.: Mr. Btroaa a L aad te waa a
bara eon pitnt tv io?? i?.? ?um Ibrt ii* t"t.
?.i' . M_rge i- ?u?t.?: Joi.: ? i"'-!- BoMtgaatB
i in?, at ? i..- ? irty, ?nd faraerli s. ,\
; D arl I Aitones Boa i rtat ?????> ha* iron twbi-i.i tim.
aadhaebeei ib?h n igalael Mi ?:.-iuir. but
I ; ii ? . i-i i ?U -otto ben
( lr.,1 i-i.ig?i? lhar* hu ?????a ?ii.Ta? re;?>tt troin ?orno Ittfe
?? .-..nil ian? iu \v.'.:--.-n?!i!..r'i ne repart that teiti
' hart han appeanhed. Mi Perrj ??y???o?! or i? a ?o.ng
. ii m ??I !?i ?"?.to. : (ti ? . a
I , I ??.. ?. ' li |T ? If., *-l II if I ?i i ? ' .Ii.
I Ih:. I? t!.? ??>.?! ?>! re.-ki??? t.i.l e-rrup
? ii?u ?? ich pa uti aa ??.- ? Iwaattoeefl
... ??...? i. ter of their? aaatj At
i ? ?
i ..ni I ? ?. ti ?
m Perry
I lill M VOO ? :II |h .. ? -i- ? ?' at '
i ..?in . ? it Mr. Biroo) terry t? ?
|Ut !??>
: ? ? r Ibit liter ?mn
? rr- m i !? vu i - i U Mr. t . - - uri-'tor
... li
i at the Hoq ??. th?
, '. ?. '?:
i ? . i i* i ? . -
Why, I i
?'.Hi t!.o
'. ' to Mi
hair toward -I
? ? I
??I it i
; I. i' ?? .
Bell. 1 1
:.-..- i- of i
? ? ? a*e io . ?
? o,. i I .? ad wa 1.1.-.. ?
' t?r- ?.
u "i u a tbe fl ni n : o tatt ? ?.. - iy anything
it I be i I tori
? ' ? l ' .?? halft f
the ?opipatt ?tut I \\ l u .ii I Ml I ol. ei ?ni ? Why, '.
ile. i tbe? H every dar ?;.-..: ?
I iniii.i?. it wa? i'.p'??iU? foi .*>? ??i,iori i ot ?u liiku
? o !. oller ti io ?.-li a i! II r- ' 1 i... . i.i.i .-Irr lb? ?I? f ?
? vysi boa**! m.iri ?im beld ettie? and ra
? ? !?'?!. V. V. ?elitl ?! II r l!,?t ?. t;.'e |? ,, ,
? ? .".i oom i .i -i I f u- anani age, ni - ?
.?in tor trial aaa li ?? atjnra lins i,t?e aad
? .i Mu -i h.? a a pol. mu i ,?iH? m loa-Yark, Man
ot ii o mo?' i ? . ii lor bli act los in i?n?
es-e ?nil it ? it? : s t u it. ti in that arti'I? thal the BMrtlV*?
w . ' i n? o; Um h ?--t worthy, I: ? - i.
.?ease io tin BWaj with" that pirt ..:
: - - ni at,
( "? ?? l li i brtaflj with m ?tartlawaj rt Mr?,ra. K?lv I
Ben ' I id Ms? kay. aad proceeded lo tbe Central i
i: i i--, i ? Te !..li. la regard te Ita reaaart Bade hi Mr. '
Btroaa i ? .*?eii?ior I. ??mi nt ? praeaee if the littrr g.ntl imaa
a.,? iffeoded at it why did he Bat My eo al the tiBM I li er*
i! i .1 ae i ? : re tua aa the mind rt tania li. it ?or. m.i ,,? j
?n- ? i. i ? i-' d remark m Iba iiio.l.
Tb? only thlni ahlah reuii? deaerrea ?n? eeaaideratm it
I!..-, lo ?me?, it i -it! ?, 'li? tr.tliuoiiy wh;i ?, ? uni?. I BTgaed
trot lob- rerel rea with the gr?ate?t nepteioe? renohin? I
'.|Hiu ih ? i neat I .i "f ? u. ?! it '.line ? toi i n i- li cone ii nina |
tti- .iii wbl li had i.n broaghtforward, whj ? ,? not Me
h'aflM* pi? ? .' ? ;."i. t?o- Bltii.1 ? Al til Hi" iiiun-i iil.p h Funk I
I?--!..led al?.ni. lio- i n ?I ciiuiiii.ii i? iier.-r Cou ti-tod n tlf I
leal.Ul.i-iT ?I ti, afilo i.pin e. ! :.li ? . i ,-? . lie official of Ibu
in .i-iit i.e would hail* ?mi naen as ii? ?mgie
"iib tor ha i? I-, oui. ui.u who give? ilireot ta?li
lie.nt, ibu li? bml lln? eitrjoriliniry (rin.ictinn with
Mr. -Mraag, On Crook? waa tbaatar__rtet at It We Ama
in? treniMitaa mort eapbatloaBv. eo four oath?; bat than
r- rnI- l'ai.!., i. nt.-i; ul di- d'Kjr alfil Corla, he] went iu.
'In.- lory, aa told, i? too g -ol to le: tu "-?t m al together im
pntahli TU'y netii Btleitptod to tvodtnltanr. Who
w_s ibu guilty lan'.r .m?nt in I'd? Iran??, tlu? but John H.
I . I. lb" p i?* and apalea oflJi ii.I of l.i? i ?ty t
Mi .lank? ?aid In o.,i , I?.hu?, he would ii.rer bar? *dn?.*d
ii.'- r'-it. hut. ? eiuy . aaaaaert nd . m. law, h-r.,.?ii aa
ti?, rl??ili ?tut? ni ?atiilaoliij.. *t toeiLg Im? iriuaip?aatiy
Mi. Hiro'ig had con.? torou?-! til? ordeal
At th. ii?? al Mr. .io ii* ? reaaeM aMMantprtdtni
mi. ni? t.'i.-.o lawaenn-faaa aitnuipiej ?ppiau*?i.
oui ?ni ? inked, a* i-' n i bv ?i ? .i?? \_o
?i hi. cn IN in mi latT.
? 'utlge Hira?:,i iie-a d?*lii?rri; the tollowiag charg? to Ih*
''Utrrutaa oi rea Jen \\o *r* now atntn loth*
Bad el tbi* aiotfarted tri?! I bar* ural to ?peak tojou if I
I.l.r' In t!,i. i n*r ?I.e lion it , lu.rly inado, t- it I* luipouio!?
in pitt.- ai iiiiioeeiit r.ib?trtictii>u upon th? wold? in ij***tiou,
t;..ir' loi ? I do no1 leave tbi? muller I?? )oii
The ?ni ganliaa b tbra n*t of arttlntfoa Tal ii*
-?-i u purl-mi ?iiii-tiou 'Iii? pi ?j a ti If I ?t held 'a tory bfgh
??.I ??.. paaim fa ?in..Vi?i?. "that \?f a hataliiia fin
out wl.iiin und hi? . .|. _ ,r? uo law of tl.e ?I .te mil
i?o peona Be m beaa ti.arged by a libel witi?
legitiative aamtttaa. ii? Mlwadaai i? ih* nptt
re?? nts tire of Ule nr.wspsrwr preta. Our ??lion mid our an
usases hanetwoge ntatnwM th* de?o? ?n ttaUto?
pilbil? PN?Sj ?sod ii Iii? ir_.r? . ?h proved ?hat Pie , i,n l.a?
i? a gtidiy I -orrTapttaa, it w .11 ?mwei the .
w i< ,1 1 ill rou tie press bus 1.1. .;, tO| '
11 1 imii v ith'iBt consnre, 1 do ?ot me.ni to saai
l r? !" .. f tin? ?rtiill. m gaeta ' 1 I'- pniv.il . 'ii-' ? d i"-'
t em?? nia I you ni? te uiuke out Un. cae? against Ita ?t' " a ??""?
li? hoiii? lh?t i????i?aU)r who has bribed saettal ?Se-.?tor .an
not bo ?ory tender hearted in regard lo legislan? ? corrupliou.
The ?.?.?? of Job-sou wi the '-'?ulh-ave. ?aie ii tho brit. A
lawer trie.1 to defeat a bill t-jeun,! ymg Mr. Strong. Stm-ig
|esa le llliaai She oa*? here recounted). There ?ro threo
? I ?argea ni referente to hi? a? tin a? Senator, upon the corn?
il ?lut that b? would try to l.r,be a member of the A?s?_ibl?.
t I'ftMoioiiy of Ma. Kay, Korenter ?nil Oefta .aeM
1? is rlvo admitted to defendant to lI !-?l fact? in mitigation,
wh!? UT.111 may t?k? into ?c? ouut to prove no niulico lu tho
lib. J. "it the ilrf.'i.dant is in po?iies?ifln ol faeM which, though
Hi. v u.i.y fell ?-hen of actual proof . f ?o?r:; lion, of course
may bo taken into ori.nid?ratiou ?? a roistnk'in port ol the
!i 1 I ia ?iii paw d f.u'ts. You uiay olio take ttn-so fait? i?i mit
? .pin aa being believed at tho time of imhLcaiiou, u that
dut, roves a Wicked litxH.
Ne?', aa nike bal char?? tor of Iii? pla...till. If le had a
gencrii ly bad oharaeter. of ooorso the injurv done him ii not
?o great a* to an ?aslgll h?_?n| man. If it has been in any
anana caniied by the publication, ol course that ha? nothing
to do with nuti-mtion
r 1 In- dury retired at i li p. m. and niter ?oine BMI returned
a verdict of six cuts for plaintiff.
.(lion of tbe New-York Academy of Medicine.
H0__E0P__T_nC _BE?_1___?iT OF THE DISEASE.
Two casflg ol' cholera werr report? d yeeterBBJ at
the nth.'?, of tire Sonilury Sup? rmteiulent. 'Hie ntBBBMB
?already so sueceis-til in pic.-. BtMg tho ?pn-ad ol' the poison,
wire BBtl, and lhe probability 1 or.* that so taag ni May con?
tinu. , the mortality from tin* 1 lana I! "t lnplv tan I B.
id..-1 ?ni neil ti natara] ? bj.'?'??: ???-.. ? ehat*
1 ra ai ion mainly from tie.' neonpeo-ttoa el ile dj ?
pi.t:eiil-t ?1, k iv.tli the d.???aae, mid if til?- llcoii le- co: rent,
I ita Beert ef BaaSh en aottrg wisrtr hi (hair al I ?atha*
iMian ?i d.mnl-ctant". Wier v r I '?''?;? i I
i.iiiiiil, :,11 t!i??.l iil.inir, b.-iMi-u; 1 li -I 1 n. the chara
'.-: 11 tia! ?.. >??..11 ii..- n..,,.,?, wn t-il- raf?
ia Uw Uanaiiata vicinity "I tin- pfW ' ie.|;e. .
.nar. I.??? ', .1, t. r. I P. - .. laka . I ra in S
h i? ikewa t?? ta 1 Pam tan 1 ?? -? Ita potan, .Bat*
pillie of Ina, !'? r :i a ii rrat" ol Pol
? . . 1 ia 1 cala paw 1er sr itbeartieb
. m li r,-i? ',11.11.tit.?a The loi.iii iii ?
! apply, .-Hei 1 repu I
? m'y p. a niai-.i? i-- r ipldly towan
1 1 mptattaa, ah th? ;>?"?tal
: .1-..I :. 1 i. .ti ayton ?atened hn beea daae M Ita
,' 1 r> narinef for nu epidemic, TV . _ -? toa I
will to tiiomu-iiiy tata I. aai '?" ttaui <'. i ? ? - ? i i teal at*
pu..! to do wiiin. little i? passible? petanaaiIta
! rile!-.
? Hill.PR.4 IN TP!. Oaf]
Mr-. A' iel. , ? allow, '..i : .- .' .t Sic. 101
Baal lii.iiidr.-i.). wa? atan nat bj ttoeweea ?i t o'clnk yee?
ti rd.n i:.. rinn.-. The tanta roan tai._ -? ??
M ?n ? very f iverahl?. .rai then
i? thal ti.?- putientii.iii.il reaarar.
,, ,|i ol ?Por., ?? 11.-1
la] ? ??u". ??t Ne. II Muli'?-.: i ainattack
i aeahsg wShpnaa ? na ?'? stotars
tai :. iota ? t"? ' ?? ?a, i at
!i i .
mi: ? ini. ::\ \r
'!?'?, I
Beapilelskip f I aa _Me< li-: ngari sawel . '?- ? t i
i. - ibasgb,
? I, of (.ir linn?. TWO I '
v, it .a Ball
? .fAa.tri?.
ABVISBI DBfB in IBB ,v? mi. B ? ? .?.
t taltai toni I tawan ht -an M ? Btt 4
? ?'o.. agra * la ?'. -*. Uj . ? .'?'.?
Bnrn tt.,M roth um
I i.. peel up aea ? I - , a. .? ski - ? i? i
Ben Um pen ea the ia tb tania atttne tai ??li u?
. ?at the ?sh-i-i ifJ l Ita I H >-?-- ttraeteaa.
??? .?ane iwpartaal ben ... ? ? of ?_?
diaea-e .?a thal reatel
' - ' '. 1 .1 M i- ?BJ?n
who ?'. -, u -,..::?; i. : . ? , ., ?pilai
?..-.. vi
, ? ? I . ?tO> :.--. 1KB w la
:??' ..i -.I i ? ..? Lie ,k:i._ i ici ?I 'linier..
l ? ? ? a- ir Marios ( enntaaan?
?a ,.:? it ? ? li '.i,< .:, ' ? :,?r e,i
? i-T ',, prevsBi
? le : .rl'.l ? |
?A fun waa pM ia nopei ?tat? te beaacapied is a hospital
i.i ih? ?. ' exparieae? i pbysietaaa were p.: ia sbargei
aarsasai i?"li.er? who offer? . :i,e ? lerrtan iii their ni
i.., te -li ?.-? ?? ti.r ??.?i i . ; ? ?tacked by
??-?. I a.r .Uteri of < irlty tool c. ?.- te ,,: ita ??< "-!.?.. aad
taildm un : ?? T. li. clergy ? raoatiriag
1 . . - U - - ?;. - ?i.e.,'.. Pre,n! va., reget?bl .
..-* !.. P .r : ? ? ? '. pereoeaB? ?- ? i i .?' ? -
iBerere torr ita bee! a. usal-sau? w*:,,?, t... . ?: ?-..
lick witk cleaa nsw beddl ?twice ii ?....,- ;?.i
i.nu??.; is ?witinai bag ?I orr essrtiaas 3? pirson jjei
IU(! I fire ft II ?li li
ia- Aga? ? aBtai ?' ? e'rtecfc thta asnwiag wSh Ita will
?>s:if .*?. I ,?? f .!?? pti??e'i_,'r-at wi-?-.( ;.? :?*
lum lion? ?'-r* tsrstand with ireaepeetattan wktta ikon
wi... Wtakei to proceed tata paaaag? in lae Agn. ? MT? np?
?ii.? , tia ead lo ".? rpid wta. 1 Is 1 itoB . a???
of stokaaaa were typtaa tarai U" ebolira. ITe giro yva Unn
I ali ?o ital ?on __ai kti'tw whit nat hrcn uoi.e for the nek.
T'.e rl-ct. . f the dead W? M "1 J" b? l'a? >'??" 1 (" I?-' de
I v?r?d ?> *h? p . :?lI ?i the l?w pre?cr.be?. W* c?l .C .??"ia
it.. t ... tatt ST) that in l-tatim ef th? .'.ead Bgy re i J__ Jb?f.?
'*!???? t, ?i to .r , ? : i ara bow . I peeseagns sa onii
san w. hop?? tT.-y ...?t hare ? ?ni.'? Bad * in ! .?? I
t.!?i >r mr. DBABs
ti.? f"i ovri:i_ ii,. i -? ? MaaaganSwnttaahkp?ena
?rtodtad n ? ?:? ?aftanikoei ? > m.?
k1 . iged !*..., B lebe li ii
" "ii . li l.'l .11: .!.
? '11- ' iraslu Ita VA i |?nd Aunt
| \V ni. !r .?-.'? li -. . . Bunt ta
li. lum! va.l-l ?.nemani, ,??? n Hoiliad li.? ?? ii?.
ii T ??. IP. ? , ?
? li - . ? - .1 . , , .1 i- ? Pi..
I.ml Sa ! ' ? . ? ?. IP li i ni. A| ? ' ?
? ? . I . ? " ? :. .
.I?".!''- I. Boil. . ! ! len ? ??:. el ii ?
? A i 1 ne.. . I , ? '?.!?!. 1 ,_el |"
? 'lar t K..I..
!.. i.i IMl . ? ? I I i ..
-ilii. lil ?? len? r. ata i . ?! H. I
? .. , . :
'. ?? i . .? ? ? Mina Ko| Ol les
? U . i , . ? ^
i ?
i n I i . i .
... , , ! ? ?
ii e,| ?
. J! ' ila ' . , b ?
l'.t.-ii, .:?;?. aged ' I ! I It. ,.l
I i' '? I ?!',',? 1 , '
II II Mnuri.-?- It? A ., __, ,,,
r iiK'-'t ? I P. n??:.. \ ? . '
I \ip i-.n.- .k-e.. : IP u -, ! 1! .drik- \
Hi, Bill ?ad; Carl Atale - a? .
?i ? in, igrxl I a., utbt, li
I' IM i M 'IT II I ? I ??? [I, I'l I- ; , I ?. . II .?.,..,
agedtaBsetl i ?- . feeler aged 3_, U.llaad.
i i.?i of hit M K.
Tin-t, U ,mu? is u In' of the ?lok ah., ?ere left at the
K. rt
M.ry n.nii, ,i> i*i'?--,, Barton aa i ?. >. Prai.
- ? Peter It?!iii.-:i'.?ic.?r ... P; .??m Jakana Hanningleier,
17, ITi??;,i. Jokaaaa ttau-sat-eeer, ?' Pu - I
K Inner __ ?Tmembergi UoritsBekert ti w ,ri>
?'ni iniii Haila Prat i. LMbwWlgrer, BJ l'iu<-ia.
?'arolin. Slepi an. KI I'm??.., ? hi l..u n.a.AA .. -..?:, .-, l..i
mi In. rg.
Ai 1H.N ill- HIE NBW YHB? .li IP! Ml" .'I V... IN
siMiAl.Y SSAIBSM ?BAIBBI '..ii|.?ka.
Tl..? a. a lea, ?f _litiic!.i(> torta g dorMed I if in -
Uta pt na! fen le peat??ni MttaMtan i pn ti.? tktaf
gassttan r? halag ta Ita iiie.?n?. r aaatauy aretr ? tin ??'uni ?*
. aaihartagpeepeeeiagaalel b-MarteaaaaBa
?san ftaHMtaa Mi Ma Hs?tal Cnaef Chehee," "Th?
I'rv,i;l'? nml Meant ,,f I?i .?uf ?? tion. ' rsa?llsltao." and
? i h.- _?_n_p_H aud _fetlio.l-.oi Stiiitiirv I -, I., ? It?r .lit i ma
n.ijid.ng ?Vanriutii.e. Baaataaaasty aiiopted th? following
I iv 'iiibl" BB? r,?,'lTtioii? ut it? itated meeting. .lune -.ii. irloij
Il4r?r.n in- ftm i i? li ?da n ? ol .llitiii.i.e nat ?mleiToreil to
ir n its ? ... i.- n. .n. u u.? in on ??.I Ikreaafeeei -v? i.,?,,i .i v,0 e.
. ? ..:...-. .,: .'..i- ml ,,,..-,,,I , |i,.ry n,t. ita . .. ,., |
rti.filial'.-etia.p: < ,: rp Ismk llintati.
/(- ..T'f. T'.it fin Arail-m? hermy ?iprettet it. cci.tiii.i. r ? " ?
alii?J, "! neneril mil i|h? Ile lijtltael Hi'mifr. a? Ita tad ni-am al
pii.'e ?...i. ,_? i,?- Um peatl eui,?! prevakwae ot i I., 1er? in ?ny loe? -
ity ?hete || ??ir? ita ?ppssnfe ? ? ?n?l thet iii? most thuicngta Kit
ei.<in?, c.etn.iiii ?na linn, "ill. li ?re thlolutlly l,e, ??au- n.ein? ef
?VrltlBI tkii i .f.lei, ? m ti ? ti let tnJ p?p ita ia towal of our couu
try ?? iii? rorieirit tlinr
Wat. irrj Thit In th* jiiJf'nrnt af t'ir .4 ? ?dan.- th? medii al profe?
o i lees ,-'ii m li It ? I n "> ?>" "l?f t"f ?II (?ra. ti -al pulp???, an ?a i
?ilrite In tt'-erdanr? willi tu? h?potheii? (or tu? i.rti kal ata ?ta
en I as lb?? ?al ii?i?:r l..ikir.?e. o! .-noiera p?t.?n-t tr?,ip
ible m r .n?- lion wi!li ? '! ?u ?n D .-? iri-i- o. ..iItiou? al pro-j?gtt
m.- lio.. talari pattes lad n.ai i...1 - i. for. li < pracssB? m tl.o_.i_ba
like,, ,n ??ery . ??f o? rl.oiri? 'o paimineul'y duii.faet or lirttruT
ti ...e,e . !'!i,I?_t mein? o(?itiTr ebeaucal igrntt Ano. ?hit
? it , tin aau.e uoieet ni tie?. Ill? ?tri-teat .HiiliOXil wl.iiui,!
p-?on?e. ?h."i!ii r? en: .na I Bpaa ill ?Ti? hi? enirge ?f th? .. k
4lto li ?t Bl! prlTi.t, water c.oMtt and irlipooli ?I.< aid b? ktot
(har mai :? uno?? th? eoutrol of ditinfrronti.
Kiar. ,.{ Tli?! ae iei?n! Pi? intuir t.J inn?, of ,-ho.en inlecfiao.
M fir ?? (le m k oi their J??' ?r,r eaa prop?gale ti. ?? be-i.g ? ?..
.ep'ilir if i nn'ra . that there iii,, ? J MBetawei lentiucy ia li.?
pet. on nu af the nek ?ud t I (hit p? tain? to ila? ,.
It . .ir... lint luimoiiiite tod toare ?;" I rumr.? uni -lunfa tian of
tll|?-i_nt ' "t.'iliii ?ud thuga ",?t hare teei aspetod te Ika Si
rliarte? or panuni of the nek with chu. ?>a ."nalline, tie e! e e I
.ml l.,e t ni an? ration?! ipuruitiee Bl eiieniai aaiillaiT poa e iej?
lap,iib i.'Blii.l i-Iiii era
HtflnJ I I al l,i 14? ) urpoi? htri mentioned an rileintl .?iilt.rr
I.>* 'I. oral e in ? I treal inaiilin ? ?ud mer 1. wn. I.at ilial aura
??Hilary rr .na a ne.^1 u,ii ..rim.al. ....lana*? , ,ai.in?i. lal .Die?
l. or?? a,.0 I.? ilil.ietla ?filad?.
B-wtaal Thai tie aiaii? K?n.? ?1 _.?!?..i.?u .?a.. .1 n .j...,.
tholer?. ?t Hie rimal tim?, I, to br f-innd la tin ?*?i?f?i?t end
oprrtlion -u ??nitary iwuit?. _,_?,, loal, -jornerttc a-.d pri.onal
? ? i a A i- .,/ of \l._- - . .!i..l,ie.
us...'rtrrr . ut n .:,il .-? tiiroii.?.'? ,,?,,
? .-.?ut-. ... ?... '.r- ??_
" el r-v..-? ? f ? . .?? , . I .?.it.
'- -a.d ti*, iiablic Ih* nearly -id era
In..i.d .,..,.,:_..mo', li... A ?. u... r
The atan reeetaMna won.? resented by the CbbmMMmm
Higiene ami PuLlie 11. _l.h ?,f the Ai_d?s__y, and wrt?i unaai?
moi?!y adopted.
?ti \Mi It-la SfcOLECT OF A WOMAN WHO DltTD OF < lot.rtt.
Aim Ctaabr. the ootored wotmui who died of choi..r? at No.
8-8 ( hui eh -st. at 7 p. m. of Wodaeiday, ka* been m ?tteaded
by ker iri-jud* ever ?lue* that ,!_.*, ami at _ o'clock MB even
iug was ?till laubuilod and uii:londed. At 10.30 a, a?, tbo
folb)-.vir.g teifh'rain wa* sent from the 1?.ftb l'are? in. | S?aiio_.
?tm ha IM 0entrai Oh-oe:
' .\iin ("r.Mit.y. Xo. 2__ (h ireh -st, dirt ye?t?rd?v a? 7 p. at.
H?s no friends to bury her. lusiufoetioo of tne I M* nt.esl
***> J. R. 1'ieiJtr.'
At -.01! p. m. the fo'.lowinfr waa -tent from the aan.e Mata
"Ano G iiiby. the woman w_o died of ohoi.r? 1 j -t .-venia*
ha? not lieeu taken aw.it ye'. Ha? no friend? to bury her.''
The first dmpateh wa? from the Sanitary Ininoi-ior of th*
Dutnet. the second from the sergeant io charge of thoStatioa?
The Hom?opathie Medical laatUBa of the l.'oui.ti? ? ef X*?.
Vurk, Kinira and Westcbcster publish tbo followw?- nair
meut for the guidance of In. public during un c pidewo
f milora ia prrvontible. In i?. early st*?1"* it i* eurah!.-.
("holer* ia developed ehie'ly ?ti ara win ?lw"?i aga ?bipi,
rnup? ?te, and where an.ml and ve?etab.e Iii at?ouad?!
To ?-ii-i-eiit it, ali paatenaMrtd obterva the BBndtg ?re?
cniitini ii
I. Avmd crowded ataomlili-a and crowdod nie? ping apart?
mom? ?nd ?''in the neighborhood of every k. ti el tub and
! unpleu'-int ?moil.
*.'. ThoroagMy ventihite ataepleg aparttnen*? *t?d cellar*.
j Kaap caban Mnpataaatycerta und ?till aUMwaaMd and
j seo da: nil decaying uni-ul and regetabi- ii.n.tem ara
1 pewaptty na '?"?'.
.i. ' i" i:.?e rta wael wah et w Br-eleeeBi ami rt.row MM
the ?ate!- .. iota, averj day, a ?olmoa of greeu co* parataatf
I au outee to one ?"lirt ?if w ?t r.)
?. tvnid gmt fetign of alad an.' ?>._y. ? :. ? ha aantte
' avatdtag perapirettaa. Weare tunnel bndofa arand tb*
hatrabv lu oat, damp waattar, bato a Bra ia tn? ntuo*?
i room.
i Km the bodv clean by bathing. bAlavoid e? 'e.?iT? bath'
ing.it laretna a leeert bedilj vigor und ?:? i.r??jee* u
.'luiii ra
o. Coatlnae vnnr urdieary diet, observing aada ??..on ,n iht
i : -- t a.- 1- reniai
'. .j i|_,..
i.-.-?.ni aad ? io? ? ?o noil'-l i h ? ...,? ?.o? po
luto.?.. - ? . .ml iin
. ;-?loi., .i lu- -cru; uioii-li uvon. m1. ?A l> ?lim Iioniall
.. . Her, leae ida ead s? M ''.?inks
',. Do not tatt Keep t : budy WI loom '?-oro?
Iii.,? . ia ___.
? ? holer*.
l'>i'' ita at t
? d', liol
. u- ti em up. lie 1 '.?? ?ernie iu lb.
? -??called
? . t.. a for
BOt i...-'' i I" ?
. or of .. ?? otli?*r m- . .out, ei
? r.ir?
. . . , ?.rgative,
t 'or ?
? ?.!,. hewett
? -.'. ' kttl
or, u.,11. jo.i ? .o gel hi*
i ? . i .*).i> Milli? I "* pro
. ' u pram, aliim.u.t, ever] third
Bight, on ret ling. I'? -?
DOMF.-TT'' __-ttlM__-T?
!?:. --.ii .1 in- a dienVa cftoe
be pai'i M ' ?? r? ?lui ?rhea,
log an e? i Mal* ot ?.noiera.
i '
..i ?? tiiopiu?.- ?'non'.| immeui?
i -1 Bad 'le nar.'itf "oveied (BrtnM to idduc?
bawah mot ??' ? .1.-?''. mt B
I pan.
? ,.i 'io nom and
?: itmont m; M| ?ta I uutil
i*Han?al ??? e.t pala,aad mdieehaagaan
-.1 i:-.!,i f. ? ; ospbnrii-.iel?.. uOo?.! ?ftel
? dlerrhea irrm.a between aldaigM an nat
. , , . the water?? kart M gr??f
? ? . ?. optan ?mt i'. argnay tam
(.cat, g ftt-1 Met wa uanon.
, with ireo p irL'iur m?I
ara? ' -??u eanaMvepreauaBnand
inline- at the | ii of iii" tt.iii..i. h. and crampe ia
? ni po Hrup upon a piece ul loal leger
ipirlwo- ??. ipinii, Haare the eager ha an m?
rater ..iii gil ni..' tenapooofiil of the solution
? ::.iuLte-, nctordiig tnUiea
,? . - e r..r i'.e Batt? phyiKian
with ??. iii?- remedy.
? i. - prefoaa wat? tv ?liieiiereee, bota
tipward ?nd downe irl, (reel BtttMh, BtaaaBn iliiret for
nilli I'l'sr. nine.' l'i'p.I.-f laite? in large I'liintitie? aai
.?? I.? li. ?wa! owed it; cold, palo, bluish fee?*
aad lip?, rraaga batb* ??-: .? i m?*?, ?,.ie Vniiinnu, a do*?
erarytea llaaa -ir t_.n? mlaataa, until vuui?iii.? _**a*e? and
wiariutn rilli:u?.
."-. ?Mould i.." evat o ii. ?:. U- not copiou?, but ti.? cramp* la
itoaart aa4eirremitaa vary ?even* aid cooetait.
witt great trnderaeatotuaehi vomiting of greou ?ub*taaoe.
i r * tun", iiv IriaklWi ??ive Cuprum a? d.reoted for
It i? 'i geiiornl r* le that, when a pttient is impniviug, the
ItM-Tal haiama d?j-es ol tu? ?.u ino ?uould be ?eb-jUiraed.
? ipiui:. in til it? form? Moiiihine. f.iudanum ?nd Pare?
gorM . i? lUjuriuii? .tod ?anula no1 b. used.
.Mm? ??o .on* rtVB :-i u Beaded Camphor in tnacb ?araos
and ?noie frequent dna 'bin are advised in iMBrtrtent
T'i"??. .?-.;" l'>-M?? ot (.'?nip!.or are injunou*and ??Urn uauger
UTI .IK wa.
SrnAwiiKiiKV Festival?The raeinlicr? ol' th?
' J?ae-i?i. ML __ MMath IBMil will ?ive a (rtad Strgwbervy
I mid 1'ieitin le?tival tn.? etc ling. Tbe euteri- .utaeut ?lil be
liy*r?i_?9<l _?v do iingiug of popular solo*, duett, and cbois
' " _
I inn 'uii'-riiirBtt. ]
BuUnUMk llBOKi-.a?. Mer? liants.?Wim i?, imd who
i? n.t. ?tl?pel to (lete pursue. ' V\ h? ii it ?h?t ob. ..I. aM-_t_Bl
-'.' I'lmtNuLoit at ?"t ira .?i.r?ii.,u.. li mi?., thart*
giro be Mont ?owtsa \ a atta No. 319 fir.*_w?y ii. t.
From Mesopotamia.
'I, a Ito?. N. Uii.itaii Miss .e.aTy st Mardw, Me-, pal* n*. wriUti
. ; ir ! li our Se ?? iu j iMi.-niu. iVViiai.os*
(?ian? it'tek?. \\ r ne.- rl u.ie I oiiirr* ?nd I ???* I ?or :iiy wi ooo?
I. ?mirai ?arl? eftbl 4 li___B* ion tun la sotga tinrkii?..??. li baa
, ? r -. i .f ii ird* - '. ' i? <? ??.i-?:-?!!?and it ?? I mlort.
(IO TO THOM Al. U A(.NK,\V"?,i;r.-i in n.h and
1 M i ?? when t ??limJ IbnCsaBa*?! Bart
? t.-T'h ti.'. '-, r -'i-ip-? ?t . ?ii -t. rr ni Nrw lort, n ? on. . b*'i?r.
i '?? ?? M VCl'VKI.AM)' Buck _M tt .??rnor
ti r?.-- ?? :l?.irl?'. Ml I'.i. .!..?? ('? ia.TOat.1i1 u -HkoMtB*
I ' . ? I? ? . . BM l.rd Ililli ? 1. '.??J. '-?_???
I - ? - -?_
I? M.'l I Lil A ?KMOKK8T-" ELASIK -11 FC I '
l> !?!' li i.i Al, IAV11.? :l.H IN?; MAt IliN? Ml?????d 'er
ti , !' r *.?-,-. ? . ? _uj
Billi I.i.II ?V I'IMOI.'lisr" M Wi.Mi-Mi
-- ? i.ih.-ibir impriiv. ?-? IS??
. - , r , . | , ... p. 1.
i ? '..'
rilli f.i? .*? ' ?f* II I el ill?lT?
..... ! .. . ? ins h.u? li) '. ?! ., ?lid
lewin] e r-..-r ? i!?r-.l ?? ! i n '_r. ?I
N . ? , ?
BAKU.r.li A l?l.M??iil>r' KI.AMh >Hlt'U
i:i*AL FAMll.l ! '?'? " - ? I?
rjp?L :l?'l'.(?kl.\ KM lis-lui Ulli :> ?Y
I .. ? - ' ? ? ... ??' al-Olal
tin-? nu it-, ?.mu eure-.
.!?.*. IM
S.. ?,-? ?' k I -I I".. : l ?? a 110 Hi..; K - . hoei'.
Maro H?l-Mk ; ..ail? U ?I III Rta,
.-mu'' iu? ?-?ii ??-!'?? .???? Para Mt ar i i ???-. duh
? ti e-.
1. Mi an K oi i? - ? ' . ?- ?i?, ?
Satin?t?? e. ?. BM.tr.ti I. P o i . ? i- . ?? ? i||
Tata? ?im-lii rtaa* I -le ttrt. Ml ear* i I b?, tra
-. !J..| '1 niee o t.e ?.. u?. Boten ?ob?
: Me to : uf ? .. -matt .: ta iba i ? ?t *J U B
? ? .nJ U II p li.abai v.?. I . i. ,t.? *%
? .it i ? p ni ?: i mt .-.?ii :.- on I ni??'! II1 11.. ?' ' i r?.
.1 HAIlVKi I.i is? -. i.Ur-T.
; ,.- aaaeak-OWIB BTAIM tm DIINEt <i MBB
| Be* k1 I ??Ti -I ii: - I ? 11 A -level
I'Kllri ME I." I UK ??.ipi ?I IN'
M i . a aaaorinirnt. ' H'NINli DE8BKRT ?nd TEA SITB
M.lIllilaK I Asi..? ?t it'J i rt prl ... and (i.??? .! Ii. ? r'.- a.
\n. 4T:t Hroadwiiy. ?r , Hi one??.
IKAN 'ii I.I'.llTMS? ; roll DER.
hui ?1H OP JIL. l'(?\Vi?r.R.
CANNON r?U'l El I B Qiioiagifl b*tl.il>l ? ?Ml
.?Milli _ RA.NI> ptlWHl-Hi I, I LSI,
_ No HO BroaiiiKj, v? --Vort.
Tb???. ?nitrnm.nti ?r? ?nllr?ly a?w, both io prim i tal tittl?
fram AM. UTIII.B.-i-I.I..HT I'Ll'AM ANI? EASl NO rBES?
(.Lltti- lb? mo.l oS.tia.t. .-.?>?? i t Ruptur*. PagaotlaM ft?-.
iviiilk. i l-ATi-.N-T L?.V-A TRI!??- i...
.*?..? Pio*?..rt?r?,
Ho. IO? Big?tw?V.

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