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New-York tribune. (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, June 27, 1866, Image 6

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ntl, i. mm iMieMaaa Ontn?) mi a Bl Pani 1.
nA>7> . ? i "" ????
?n h ?i* L-'.'?'' i- ' 1' oiaCentral. Ai. r ? nCiold.
a'am.'. ...i".; i'" .i-i i'
tr'h.'a l(?. ;< , < 1?re. ?V Pitta, ( :n '??
mh'ii .... i<D).45 :
a'on.. '"'-.' 600. I an Ou!.
Ire.'. ?' ? Ool. ?fc Cm. ' ?-00 . ?"?'
I .Ii: V". ( "ii.
BVKI.... A S W. 1
t_A? ? I'?'. ton
?_tl M . '-" ii 1W?. 5l4 I
_?l?eriea. * ti? cito* N.W ? ' en Tel. |
WQtg,.|02j N0. Uri \ttA.?
0.1. . ? ? ._l
a,oi*i. ' imn io?.oh too.
Bi Y "i*-', -i live.lt T? I *
&,??(? ? i in' . Ire?.
fl.Y-Siiii?? 7|, B.1 200-_U call ita.. 100. _
1C.IM? .IOS] Chie. St li. 1.
Te* ..---- 10.M. ?ICO -.-?!?
BOt*. ... * ?J I-''?. "1 Mnr.
*.<;*?. b1 lu?) -di .... ?Bl i")'.
BOOO . ? t? l -??? ?,! ' 'v- "' ' r !*
Hi i,, l'a, K . i.."....'.
ketnj,, .
?Bit^?. I'.K.V. At
B,t*a?t<. 68 I in. ? . ?''".
0,001 . '. Hal .'? i . . i i . ".h_ ??('
H v i ? ?u?.b13 m 1,000..-Bel?
its*'. 1?
-CM? ,V N.V ii..'. 600. -?ni -Ah?. ??'?
?aaii.ii, 1st in . IN, v..\ N Haven.
Id* . It Al . I-.?-?M
? 100. ??
I >. t-.iJ'li,., ?')'?? i- Titi?.
Bl Y ( ?
I?. Ml
BO. ''S.
?_? .
!,(??(>. 60?
?li,?'!''' .. lo. C1 ,?. ?V. N. W.prti
_l-ee?urv7-~IUa. _BB. ?'i
CM Sill?*?.
.I". ' i\ Ra I.
P. r'.W. BC1
' . "7
St?' .I? . v i n Tel
? .It?*-, 100.i
JIL ( <
lui.i-.'i 1 BOB as dir. 35 BM.l?-0
i OBI.?in. :i5
?.'1 li LO' K 1.0.-KD.
V s. ? "ric'i. _-_.__ ir. i lOeeeii Boab.
l?ni...ii"; no. 7S1| io...100
t).t? .?,_? ^.?c., ??: 4W. 78. Canton.
15,000 .1031 i,.ii.D.- ( entrai. I 100.
I soo.idv (..?o .I-.'i [QuicksUrer.
B0.li' .-. ?. i loo. 48
_. S . - ... .-'-'. , : I < i. T. 1.
i.e. i .... .v .\.w. ]?r. i. aee._\
fJ. N. ? - ti").. 59| M. 88.
v.i-ot.iw ion.hat -?'. '
V. !? Sa u- i(.n ??. ( ..i?. BToleda 100.b13? 4
I jo.' ? len.II
treai. N... ? 7.30a. i Chic ?vK.-.. ' . K*t
Vtj m . t*3J -?*. 0?.
i,_-jo.io:, p. t. W. a- ii.-., .o?!..-*!.-1 . eoj
_ki sanea >?<. ' - I ?'?J
Biui.. . ig |!_i | ? ;-? loo . i?-.
Ob .a ? ?? .?,.?... .'IV. ' . __>m
liiM".a i,**'.i*"?.
. 11 s ?. .in <?? ii.. r?i_a? i r. \t.
_Cne. lMrch.8ontb.-( N! I'lncauoB R. 1.
l,_t*o .?-?i '.uto. . > IW. ??:.;
1 ion . 60. 100.l?l". 7B| I?1?).bl
BM. i ? -. ? hie. &i N. *??'.
B*'.MO. ?<>? 100.b13?. :- 100.I
BOo .? ? ;?'.71 100.?H
i?.... i i ?'; um.
BO) ! * . I ?vc. At 1'itti. |Chie. A.
....M.>. .'.?,
B* ." . ?i\ 108.BJ
Cat..- .llO. 83 ino.I?! SOT
But. . I? :... KM. b3. 8.1), 100.1.:'. -?',
M L(?\K1? Ol lil" 'B1 IB - .1 I . M.
Boet-n \?'..*"i' l"r. I ? Catas
100. 36 1200.601 ?200.-30. 77.
?Btiialiiiiver. I ' Mi? ... Bo. fn N.I.
Id'. r.' l.ioo.?-a ?'??'! 900.b:i 7f_
ISO. ?ISfc JO0... M5. 601-Chie A- ItiH-k I?
?fsj-i-?. tr.'Mri'.l 1,300. tSii_ '.Ud. i-i'
M .MO. ?>o| IO?'.b3 M]
iKi-tuliug. Chu. Si N. W.
?.??Hi.?ln.lO. Vino.2-1
'C1 ... k S.W.\ rel Pit. Ki.W.tV t'.
B. Y Oaatral
Cleve A l'if*.
'?ou. ?3 y>
loo.mo. .Bl
lui.BIO. SB]
100. 7-.J
loo.w. ?]
Ti "i *T, Jaar Cf.?K ki.
?a Li . Ba ? a' ! ? Til ? itrvmi- ?f the day ha?
Cic v-ri.r_.en: ?totk? cortinue fim, tr?b tnodtraU* Ml '.
Bat Kai.ta-hy in?,i-.-;?4-i-" I k* tin- tmui.ii tion*
a_?p ?i. r ratea. Tba i Ball ??t? eki an- argh ? t? a
and lim''', i' ?!it?> *:? done to Babe '_.i??tutiy|j<. In I
aray ?i.'ir-n _r?i ? the chief iotereal eaotera m Mi ?__->?
Baoii ahieh, ?-.-i theakeaaat, laiiotabutidant f.?r ?I? livery.
aatl aBeaatafi.? taken of this scarcity to " put it n,. Bl..
tarn.' Tbl Waaten kBircfc BM B_ajBM tod, and
aaa I- ? - ' wed in any *:no:it. Alter th?? call,
Mftt ?Mim np to no., tut ?non broke again. Atti.. |
Bonni ! Le itiaiket wai dull with t tit* eiu-ption a-f Erie,
atmhwastn i_tBi>d de in and, but broke iftcr the call to
BO). Th? .'naiiig jr.c?-? wer?" Ohio Certni, ?it? *. JT <i J7 _ ;
Cant?: 33B-3J C'.im!".- Ml B13 QalchBilfir,
___>t?_i Miini'O?;. i .i_a*-V; .N'a-w-York (.'enlral,
BBa-?c?, Me, SBfBB); Hudson Blrer, liol: Baadtag,
JOf.Sli-i?". Miiiiigaii Southern, 71?*.S78,', (li*v?_iLd and
?MBboaj B3bOB|; Cleveland and Mala, lotj, l(o?k
lakru!, Ml a M Na.tb.Wi st. ia, Hj u3<', N? ?U-V? -tttr_.
I^reffnetl ?BjBJB}; Fort Waym*. IB)
Moil?y ic sbutnli-at en rall at 5 fatt eiiit B pod bor
BOwer* and at ? any reaionabb* lim can be bad ea B-B>
?allai,i. - mI.?tu?I?. I pam Oovcrntoevits 4 per cv-nt ii
taa-eii. lu Cii-nmercial paper no change. Tbi? ni.all
aaaotiiit ? f r??..':y fir-t-eBRs itiil? iff. n_g t?i-i.-n at low
^ BBlee, '??? '.J ja r i? i.', a?na Gat'.J lir gt?aad.
ml Bli Liligi iK ?tcady ut the following qucutioca: Louden,
' gyt?oi ti?aiiliir?, i?(i dity?, 1C-8J ailOC?; Ixuidain, "firimi* bank? r?,
Bfht HO. a 110), L??_jlon, prime fommercial, noiim.?!;
Wort* barktr? leaf, S ?D? I j.I.", Pan.?, Uu-keri, ab<?rt,
B.11145.10, Antwerp, 5.15..M.J; 8wi?g, ii .1.Vu .Viv J ;
?aaBbnrg, nt\\u'M\; AjBitcrdan,, 4\_; Frankfort, 4?; Li-e
aaen, V?\, Berlin. 73?74.
The baobMBa of the Rub-Tresmiry ?_<: Wvcti[t*,
fS,_7.,Ki.1 tit-for Cuitoaus, $4_8,000; Payment?.. %-A.<A,
tau 05 lldlar.ee, $1?S, ?-,1,-85 14-4;??ld notes, |M,IM.
Vreipl'.!,: To Livarpool, 500 bbli. Petroleum at 5s.,
BB.OO0 bu?h. toni at tu 4?Jd. ; and. per .teauier, 60 bbds.
Vattow at H__i.
Tit? lion. Amuse Walker has reiently pulH-bed an
sauele m which le argu?.?? for the couierkiot of tbe
?Bk>vem-j-ni hut la Intu a new l??"je not exempt l't? i,.
?jenen-l ta_tatinn. Mr. Wulker thi'_k* it better to pay
Bigher n,'. ? ?t than to adupt tbo aefclf of exiinptifm.
Be mai:. " that the eieuiption .?.-ates a clasi who will
?atefcr. ,. -diture ?itboat lulling to bear the buriiei.,
?hat it trill create an influence against the payment of the
tyrta-eipal of the debt, will cripple the ?ndu?try of t_o
aenotry by absorbing Its wealth into the Government
Bebt and ltiiuring tbe return of bciidi from ab.owl, ui.?l
ttat it ii altogether unneceaMry.
(Bild -M.tiL.ufi to advanoe to the damage of alllcgiti
aaa-e busiLeit, bnt it doei not itimuJate Congiu-. or tbe
?ecretsry i?f the Treasury to adopt any mcasurea to re?re
lea auperfluoua (?per money upon which tbe gold ipecu
?aUca? are mainly founded. There can hi- no permanent
Baelitae ii? gold .mil a reduction is made in tbe volume of
?B?? rumney, and the looner this fact ii re-cognLtel and
apon the letter, ais soon as contraction i* ?nau-ru
tbe National banks will be in trouble, for it is known
t_at they are widely expanded, and -caine to protect
UMKLieivf* during many days of contraction. They teem
abon? in legal tender, but it ia in "componadi" and tem
n/ttetj r?nua to the Treasury contidered as legal feeder.
Witt the troubles of overtrading bun ki the Treasury baa
aw-hing to dn. its busineM is to return the notes in
arkic-i tbeir circulation ii mppoiod to be redeemable, and
le let them get ba. k to a Hate of reasonable souiidne?? by
aaala sat nlicet? u may be uecemry. The aooner ilopa are
Ba-reti hy CerDfrreM to atop the bonua of $18,000,000 in gold
ajatd t_ tbe banks for circulating currency in all respects
t__Bn--t il j ublic estimation to legal tender, the better it
anil be for solvent traders and the industrial enterprises of
fBe ?.untry Too much time has been lost fn funding the
aarref.cy put m use during the KebelUon. and the absorb
Big power i f s long six per cent ihould be tried st once. It
will htirfa {.?r-od many people who lave overtraded, but
.Be number to be burt will never be Bo emull sa at present.
Chief Justice Chase m a ireeut letter to Gor. Smyth of
?ew-HumjiLire. mvb:
"1 get axiaeT. and ali that waa seeded In the wor*t time*,
aaehtirt c-jc_r?i_lible lu*-?, ?object to National tatatioo.
** 8eeretary C'-utkc" got b.i money in the " wont time?"
tj for nd i t.ti,,,, awl rarely dnm.g hi? term of office hy
fay tag i to market value. The plain legal tindera weie
m\oxo_ loa-?, and so were the compaiuud notes. The cer
B-tat?t of iiid?*ht?*dnes? were |_a BOOlBB kind ?,f fen ed
loaii.__.d lb?; 7.'iC?s ware ?old by using th* art* of tu?
firtariit mule ne pt?a-.pli., and by paying a ronnd price Un
?Bau aale. The 10.40 u?lB ra* a failure from th? ?tart, an?!
B ia bow apparent to all aound _t\L__.ial people thal
Ike " t?ytrrX controllable loan' ?yitem, by which the Tr??_a
way arma kept runLing UuriLg tba UebeiljoD, ia the great
?Beta-if to ibu ieio?i._-.n of ?pac?? pay___-nti. tSccretary
?Bt-see thj.p'io] ?0 ti,?* utiOt?t tbl Baa <?r legal tcLdrra, and
?Boa hu.? ab Las yuAiiHiout te la tUtf iiwAtpkr ?ff.ct
?,,, rcttiai, r.-ila? 1. Tf,< *'."'* OBB BBd eu.Tr_.17 n ' I ?
, ?garlBg-BM BibiUiM **-? a ?
and mi rid b. ' * "
;. ? ' In fte |
? -
? " '? .?? I ni, ?
; . ?ritt *1, !'? 1,1
. -; ,.,,_T. llalilc lf'HP '?? be ?????v-, ?I , *. I M
la ia\ro ? I _rOTB ia- ' ...
1 ? ? mnite
fot ten? tin '
i ., , % [ h 11 - eula .?v-f aft port of Rea??
Yolk to foreign j* ?li'*.':'..; t!. Brak eadiag?Iv? '-'" IMt,
4 .*??.:. _..
'1 !,' M, '. . . Ik'- 1 ?" * '
%.. , I
?| i. paeerpti 11 Um vv. lara '
? .1 - . 1 wer. :
>t_?L_f. 111 IBM $.4 HO M| tai ... 11
l ? red - ' ' te m i. ray pi
thetLird week .i JaaaB_BI
' . ' Ii.. ... I
i - n Iran* ita lar* i *?? Jasaary _l.
,.,.,,. . . [m. WMo- (i
l_i Manaf eaaaladei la
liane dirtdeadi apaa _bi atti mi -i''? -ftaragood
?l.-nlof trun! !? the Pwatd-Bl 1 - . :. ? 1 . .t ?iP'imr
ti.iiiy aadenrtaad the Bbin of the aarpoi
lc.irin-d tija! its? ?.?MTatinc at] MM BBNI B. ' I
niiiii*..' per cent cf it? pro?? rcm?,''-. l-u Madietatae
order. Lut it is Di.-.ii.tai:??-?l tit an ex;- ? B
dit.,!.:. ;? .?.ii. UM .Ii.c MM?
. urce -->' vertli pO-ribly %m Ott -OBI M cull-.? limp
r'y. ff B vi',.. 1, p.. identall] I
made tv its" lnanipnliilera. A?, na lav c.-l a.i i.t H
valu? lese ?*< Oaab? rliind ( ?al Of ( .ii.P-n.
The C'('!a?nl'U? ?.?.,1 l)i'l:ai..i;a,li? ( I i.t ral BaDro i ?'?'?i.
11.1 j ?have dee-trod a |_artarly CIridiBd cf I. p r cent la
m -h on the stock of the Cob aaay, ?.ml i.'.??> 5 pe? i
?Meek, ?X'tti free ofOo*/o____i al : ?t. }??i>..t.!.? en ai d . ftcr
Jnlv 10at the ('. n,(.m? I 'ti. '. f' I t..lu?*.. 01
1,.? ;.',ii.u b _ ta ?I e ?sar he im itati nieiit f"r _prl
stock m vaiekaass Ass I I _M. ?
Plut, nil for woreboaalBf in April
KtMiicil ho in otk? parts La April.
With tiri ?? ? ' | ' ?
Export? 1 I"'1" ?' . 1.3!
1*1 iiitj-orti'd lo cher iKir:?. a.-.-,..M-'.i
stotk la bead Hay ?. II l . I
Da .p. im..
j - i.
1) . ,.... IB ? . le. ?I b-A
Da ?'". MM. ' ?
ii... ia 1-61.
?Da ?i?. Mi ... .
Da ii... it*-*'. ' ftii.i-O
I?o. da II -.
ii.. da 185. .
Du. ia l-.-s:. "r,i_,_l_
i:, ?'n . .i.i-.ii j, m uni MraofPriatii ?? ?
Tim art'.1. hu? r;l".l ver? .?met, will (aotatteas aeaBaally
the name a. prcvioui wee?, lui. ra Luve bren I
otefntc to ??ii cn. i,t i? ? 1 i ihr raw ra..?ci i?! i '
nu ro (ally deraloped. T ..? foil win? I - i
i - .?- ii ' i m iii tera . !.. ?? ,
.li.do, ___?__, 14}C; VxfiM do., C?4k'H, 1- ., -.(JO. do , -_-S?i
14<?. lirtsl, *0.l)l)-picoei.
'1 ht fii'.li.wl.ip ih a statement of MalB ? OB ti.?*
DelBB-M and EodMB I anal fur the Beek ?BB-Bf JMM
B-, MMi
For the wrrk. Ker it.? ?? . M
Delaware nn.l H'i'?on Cr?nfil to ?UV*.' d'
l'?nn*?lvaiiia('oal('o... '"* ? 1-3
Total toi.?. ? ? - / "..-_- i
Vor th< ____?? period la?t ?mr
1 r la Waal 1 .r ii ? ii.oii,
Drla??re ?r,?l Hn1n n Canal Co - ' i
I'ennklragiial'oait'o. 7I'_ It*,
Total ton?.__,M t___M
I"i fJafrafsi ?rewa Pnce Cmrrtal ti Juno id ,*
-jhe , ? rtodtO-s.ery baciwsrd, -
Oemg more tlun ki ee ln_!i a hue aaaafl' it ... t? , ? it? Irrn'e
ni tt.lt ?ea_ii|i. U I,al MM kept l-l.? If tin cjcesin? r_.i ?
? nd by the gr??a aad wecl?. urn!, tiiouiib it la n??? gr., ? I
fluely vrhrrt t ?- pr,|? ilr ?liiui.-cl. iel ?li ? en?> bl
I? mi mu; c'iMii.pe? tr.nt ao aaleolauoa ?*aa yet ?..f Ij M
read? ?s io ti.? t.i .1 r?i. Il M tbt waatbat ?bain .?.ttn.ue
dry, a very s-.ad yield BMJ .-.m? inering l!. it P "
stoad ii aot g eueial.? a goad ear. Hut, ?beau ike rai ? .
hH in ?__?_?>, _B ?I Baa? may lae rat* great, ead ti
pillar or ?rtnywi ri*. ii ii?! oit.'-n _<i-u the case, uiay ii,ill?
deitioy Ile year's JaPur of our i linU-ri
lu St. I ititi Ih merritt, ?M in.?t., Mgl ti the iMMod
Tie | reluce bntinni eantlnrie? B~fly, Bad iiiotailnni ?vines
f ? (lu Ih? l.nn.i.i ?ntl Pppei k1 ireieai,., i
ti e ?caribou?.?'? ?re fi.lcil irn!, ,-r_r. aad otu r artiatol aw mt
,i g iklptoMl ti ttilt BMTkS.. The barge IT!itrtn li ?
rapid!, lito vogue, the f Ipeimiint? ?o far mude ?hnwi- .? n i ?
be a eonveniei.t ?? wel! a? a ?Leap j.i.O? ii tiu?.Bi_iri?i_-?. Ji
icd thit the Atlantic ?iid IfitatasS?r! rttes ',,'".
un.,} ate -uii-in? i>?rp*'. mitti the view ,.f ?tia? !
their guierli i!eiin) pane?-? ?nd ii cita-u g the ?in" u t of t li
ad farfllktaa aeet ?___) u? we? t the ?p _ini?_i ?if this mvr
?at 1 or a tirigie leaton, not yet half Ml r, t_e Bl?I?I.. i t BM
bren l-UrrtlJ Ihjo.U Ile aLticipit'ion? ol the Biet t MB?BbM
ilarkrta-Ciaririir RiroBTBn ros tb? n I tMeraa
Itf_BMi Sam .t, ? yen
;> KHP?__X_e irsrkt-t li itesdv, at I? _. for Peta, and ? .
.lu, ?'f'rPe.'lm
CO-TV-"?Iks t-tifineas ii mod?rele wlthmit ?????*? tl?l
to note in prte-Bi fa'ci of Tai.' !??!??, ?I :'7f>4TVi' !?t
Muli!:r,,' t'pliLi!.. to New Oi1_?m ai.il Tai.t.
C'OFKKK? TI.? re h?r been a ntc^einte lirlih.-a? doiiie to
day, but the ii._r_.-t retualn? verv be.vy for ill kitiita, ?nie? ? f
-Vd bag! Kio rl-Campancru, ?t _?__<_. guld, duty pani; '-?c 1 ?i
Rio i x-Mor:.mg Stai, cn pnvnlr iiruar, and .<?' I u_a Mara
lait.", et l.l?-iv -, g. l-l The stocV of Kio in the 1'rnted
binti t is ISl.OSl bag?, li.eluding; 7,_iX) in 1*1 iln ?elphin, 1,100 in
Mobile. 19.700 in lialtiiiabie, ?.Ml is ?rw-Orieaa?, and l.lfit,
lu Ne?-York.
('OPI'k'B?Aat-rican Ingot lias bara in ua.re ?etive denian?!,
anfl triie? are inpiacin-d- i?le? of -00 (M) B lake at 3v! ?!-.c ,
fold. Sheathing and . ello? Metal are unr-lninge.l
H.Ol'K AM? _IKAI.-The iiigrket lor State and WeUrra
Fionr ii relber more aotirr, but price? ?re wtthn-t tay etttn
tul i lange tie asiaa ?re h..iUi bolo. al te 4o_ ?7 M f"f taper?
lae Mate f. ?0_ |e ??) for Extr? do.. Ik't'-i'i?) for Pawel
do.. Ibu li) io for ^^e low pmrle? ?,f IPaatori Extra ?) ? 101
#10 )_ tor hhipping Ohio. OlO '.',a 114 for Trade ?nd I ?m It
?Jo. and til -.Vu |I7 Iv. St. Irouti .Ixtras. Caiaivllin 1 hair ."?
rather nmre tteidy, with a fair OuiiiK-i doing; it.? ef l!*?J
bbl?. ?t $ ' '<)_ tin IS for Common to (?ood Kura?, and t.-' 23
?|i.j'<? f..r iiudc ?nd -'amilj t.itin?. .?xi-itiicrn lh.nr ii
i.'.i?!i-ia:?-.,i ni live, i.i.il ?rice? are unchanged . the ??h? ure
HX) bti!? . nt tin nid ti- lor Mixed Io luiod Ultra It-ltlm? re
?nd Conntrr and lia P._tl7 ?iii tot Trade and Family do
Kya flour la ?irai and in fair ?lrmiinii, the ??ile? ?te '-? ti bbl?
alie 75?.I7 rd). ?-(.rn Meal ii dnil and nominal, it ti lor
Je.-, y end t- M for Urandy wine.
(?RAIN?There it only aUmlted bminei? In Spring Wheat
b t tiiic'-i gener?lly ?re bnn? w?i note a ?ile ? f :,i-U() buih. Bo.
2 Milwaukee Club at gd ti). Harley and Barley Uni: ?re ??nth
quiet and price? ?re n?,n.innl. Oat? are in f?ir demand, bat
pncea are uun-ttled ?nd rather ear;er inles of 40 000 l.o?h at
'?.__.,. for New Chicngo and Iv.???-. for .New M Iwati
kee Iljc i* in moderate requeat and Ii tawM| inlei of II Kli
ililli. waatMB st ti 0(.u .1 10 fur Common to I'nrnr. lui .,;.
we have b?d a more ?eti*e ?Inman!, tmt price? are irregular,
orieaiBg I ,a?r. but ?laataNJ buoyant; tb(n:..e? arc l'?0,400 bueh'.
at _.(7t)?c. for Baaiaaa **"?'-" Jc. for \r? M ned Weelein
ami !'4jc fir Yelow Weilern it the lailroml ?1. p ? In, 1 tarni
in the i.l?.ve ml? in- IMKBt bu?h. N ??*.?? MlXod Wcm-rn, M
arrive, at 8?r. twiice 'Chauge 14,(1?, i.uih. Con, ? 11, deliver
chic te ___rro?. at foo. Xbere w.? a gisocl Inquiry lor WImIi
b? Mer? cf Amber (.'lub ask t_ tia?_ _a Oatt, tu?,, are very
_lAY~Tbedcm?nU U lair and the market Crm at.'?.'.- irOc
for SliippiDB, ami (? ?'_ t<k. tor rctuil lota.
lilliKS?Wenotlce?|)(-ioffi,ai?j0 Rio Grande at 17jo., MIA
and '..Ooo prime City Stoeri at 1_?-., currency.
HOI'S are firm und in good demand for home coniumption
at from _o_40. anil 70c., ?? to grim th and unality.
ii KM I'? Manila i? dull b-t steady at tt*9c gild, other
kindiare Inactive and nominal.
IRON?Rig ii In m<ad?Ta._ demand, and firm, Mleiof'."00
lui.? No. 1 Niotch at t??-i
laATIIS? Eutern are firm tod in fair PBMSM ?t ti?three
MMK?Rock:?i.?I it firm ind in fair demand st ti 00 for
Commun, a_d |_ 10 for I.unip.
LKAD? There ha? ?<?n a large ?pecuNtue tm-rmrnt In
fig, and price? Lave advanced; ?ale? of 7(0 tuns Poicign at
7c . gold.
MOLAS.SKS-Thr Market li ?truly but dull, ?nd we Uve
cniT to noir M bhda. 1WP aloe? at '?.'--.
"Ii 'Ali I - Ih? ti...lu l? firm at tP.tr).40 for City, lu
!h.? t"i7_P> for do., In Lag?, both g"lU, ami t-0? |M for
?\Veitrrc, In brtgi, cnireacy.
I'1U)VI??I0NS.- H. re't, tu bera s fiir tniMnei? doing In
I'nik lo da), butlu p)i__i wa have Lad MMMnwIlll ): regu?
lan y. Harly io?hcd?y (try ??vanecd. but sr? Ibe rio?, a
heavy frtliof prevail?*-, For futur.: dolivciv laic? of I. .vi
bl.:?, al t ?-? 99, bujrrJi.h . | ? pp?m Augun. nod tJ-' 6.'!.
buyer ?o 'Ile salea. e?>h and regnlar, are ?700_-_i it
I l. l'-'etJI 7? for Iles? chaine al l'T M Reef it li, Pair
?1. n.acd itu.l tiriii, aale? or i:*>bi.J?. at BlOa?!? l?n Old I'Ulln
Mis?, Bloats for New di... tHutm lort*-Extra, ?nd t-i'B
1.4 for St* do. nerve Beef li dull. ?nd. m tbeula-*ii_?oi ??!.-.
pri?e? ?ra nominal. Vet-t liiuui ?te mum-i aale? of X, bbl?. at
k4?, ?for \Vc?tern. Cot Meat- ?,,d Baooa ara aotet, Lui finn
for choice lot?. Lard I? di.ll. (,_d p>lrM ?r?, r i.tirttr ui.Bim.i.
Ari~BSOi3? Pao?r__l_a Ma__et, te a'efaab -l'ork rultd
rtjj firm, an/i a fan Ueioand. at ta _0*?31 _M caib for
Mea?, (?ti?? Pio?j-1ob?i are ?lead?.
l'KlBOIJ-l'M?Crude ii duli, beary ?nd \trn*r BB1m <?f
-00 bblt. pt _4'e. Jtekned, iu lsun?l. I* more activ? l'_t p/? a
srrbeavy; mleiof B.000kola.'aa the spot _t_eatOI_.i I ooo
l)l)-_ for turcil at 4_?Jc . and UM bb!>. for J ?,ly m ?J. ' l'r.-e
(.lil I? dull bl _.?___.
IIK'K?I'; lea? are nonln-.l in ??.e sbieccl of nil t.u??D??? ..
S_._Dt_--<ir-_i Hrt-d* ?re ui?ctive ?nd prmea rn? i,u?T,.un'
Rough Fiai S?(si ? ?cane uni hrua ut ti lb _t_ .-.'. ? ?ii utto
J.u ?(?iii It du!P?te.' ?-?I. 7a, geld.
r*l"(.AR_?There hi.? beru <?iniid?rs!il* anti?,ty lu Kaw?
today, the uomaod being fr'nn I?"* h i?:...r ai_ tM lad
aad puce? ?ie rather tiror.fi , i.n?._g ?i H?, Ilia, |_r Fair |A
i.ikxI Refining, ?iles of I," if I.!.,!., at 'jo,... . tut t'.ni't, ???I
Pie. box?! Havana, part at 1(?'_ . lint ct.itlij M ?!m>?i- s.n i., -
M private teirai. Kcflne. ??e ??.??.r. ilr-fra. i: la a A.
Stuart ?io? (?u'ite nt ICjc for Rowdcred. t.raualiA.? J nr_
Clo????d; ?Me. for White A . and J',., far Ve.'ow ?'.
bRKLTUK?lb? market ia urtu, isle? of _3 tun Koreian a'
??;,-. k"l'!.
TIS?Pla Ufirm. mil In good d-i_?__; inlci .f .OOslsbi
KtrniUat l6Je? gold.
10HACCO hu? beun a little more active; ia,e. of .10 bbd?.
Kclitncky ?t : a 11.*, ami _? osaes Beedleaf at ij tf,
J A-J-VW-'j t? u-'dil?! it mot active and .ruri
in??c ara vrrr
________ __?_
fl-m ?ni** ?, im^tyan g%B*j ,?.}???:>. for primo Wu.lcru a.<l i
? I IB ISM? Be laBtkii and rw*-_-i baa.
.".'j i . - _1 .:i. a ?;?! . i Bat lino i ?m ?li talia ?i
: .
I'* -?in? ef Pralucf.
1 i ? .-? i ? KB-Ma, Wbi?k?. III M
s,i ,.,?. i on m. ?' i?' ' iii '.'?-' ? '
. Aae-ee, '.'pkp*. Beef; ?np-g?. (ut M ia
1 ?*ti i? euuu __
m:?*.(ii:h ?atti.k Ti*iti_: r.
lilli I ITS
lui. ill Vt'rTK I.'alUMi 'li ?-?HA., Jane ?t>, l--aO
Kr..?-.? I.*i 1.,'t l.?n.h* (twlna. I ?
? W-i "I lr-,1 11,0-1 li.liO ? '
Ti:- ? ii : it ...,, ,? "' 'kel PI
Per?.. ? ? ' Vi . la-iii ? Sw'nr. lutal
.u Aiv.tu:'?. :'' * ' M no ....
Al BrewBlB|*a. i" u ?"l b'W .
At ?? ". . li id ISO .
At) '..it' ''ii.'* ? ? -"7 <i 171 ?.t-H .
? Al V.rkviile. 7?, .
.Ml - I LI"' ? . LI"* .
Scut tree, ttie cur* ?li?
i'.-I? if t.-ra... ii .... MD 3,1X10 .
i nula?! year. ..'??"?'. I!* I.MO lA?t ll.t?3 n??7.
la lui weet :? 100 hi i ..-.> 17.430 n.'?' ''?'? >?
I | .i ?- CM M 1 I' \i lol t..I'.'C'I'AI HAI1KI.T. lill? IV .
'll.c Li. In'.', mu? ?r. I! ?? .|*i 'l t-lo ,? |>-r fiiiel. ', ? ?'
rin.lt.I net t??e!_lit ef in at? ?ell-i ???.kin- ? IT il I, i
h a lum aaailaa will aal|h I eat al Meeataageaad,
? III ?-'?.
fru?? r?.? rvsimil
Kxlra IVeef. ?Jj ? -
. the seat beet ea tate to-day. I7?*n
i it .-. ri'.'v rated firat oaallty.I6|?i7
i Milli? ? li quain..
, I ordinary tim Steer?. Ilun and ( '??wa. H, ai_?|
? .? ?t m i<io ef Cattle .13, ?14
Tl,r.p, - rnliu. :ni.'e..i ti.-iiKirkit i"?l i.?-ti .:? Iel
litln c . riirn.-.' i i i r? ? ? Hein.
TBe awat al tea mim ara Urta .lu ?* i7
W11,.1.' lill, l AlTIf ABI. ?I.'i'l
Tha BaBoeBl tee. al I Mr Heal are reiwrta-J Baa ti i BBaa?
?; ID ?
Baw-Tari . li Tndi.na. B14
.,,.,, . i rnif-oii .... j.
Ohio. ITSlMIssoarl. M
Kent'i :.'. '-' O
T)ct citi.c !?? ii.? followingreotl Lii-I.ni
? ? I ney C nu ?I Ral ron I I by
. I ? AU.ut IBM nero B tit? janl? on
Mt ?iil.iv.
n i m ii? oraaa
iii, foOowiag ara the i une ? 'f ititti r?, owaert or
t - . ti. .r . ? ?'i ?.... ra the ? ?
it Ki?aer, III. 301,A. N. Keene. Ill .
i li i aer, Be __.]!?. 1 ikatri i lil. ?0
.1. I la ... .i :?r, li] . Ifti Kord I Rareharl, OB o , SI
I- li. rstrr, Pa.... Loo) kmee, Okm ? I
.1. ! en. lu . . .? c a. 41
\ I t-rlierk, lil .nil' Heu-?LI-, 1,| . .17
s? in].* a-luin iii-t-i,, in,! ? .i i. ..-iiiii-e Iii .. .f
.i i ii i ,\ i,. ?i. m .... 51
Real? I < a?, ill. a.'? Bri* .?. U llettll 101
,. 1:1 .?, ?o J U IM
II Wo-t'ioitncr, HI.:*.,. li.iu.i.1 A Mil"..? I
? '?? I : i 1 17 Berti 4, Merrin. III. 1'. '
I. . muli,i. ... V. .17 8. Rl i, I
?V. 1!. I'i.it. II). 117 T. Olli i IB..... '
I', i ii.lui iii-' 31'T.l ?'' I Ce. H ??'
C. Chamber?. LI M J, ii tVlll? .111 .l-l
; J. Ba i ....i'i. ni.n , i n Wil , .-. k.Bo
.1 U'i.i n. II. i. i: ?'-i . i I !'?
-ter.?. Sclil II ?I. I". M.' .Hi led. IM
1' ?. I'li-iuil K?.?'? 'I loini]"-'! I Cooa, Kj. fe?
li. li. ?-until, HI . . .,180 9. M.Coiii? II , l'a.. ?
l'IVUK? 1IH|I?T I'i- rilli.!.
I I ?? loini number tin? ?nek ..'II 1?? ?I ??.?inti-ir. ? with
? t wee*, ? .1 -, . , I .neill?.' , . . tie. li
last ?sar, and with <_,_-_> Br the oermpoadlaf aeek e .-? a
I ?ifro
i ? mid yMterdav aad to-day et the priMlpal-?er*
' I . ? I .?k1 le I I, eel ^Jlrtri .. ?lill '.'.' ' io .1 I ?.i t Week,
'mt the average got wtNik l-?l year, and %? 111. - -I
hem, ?t ?ark*! BM ? fur oro.
ii:: ar-BBIBO, OB LUIVll'Ai. DiV. Off TIIK MARKKT.
?f-m.ley, I .n?? 85 ? i reral ni?'!-, laoi a?
I Bl Itle ?o,l?,T, n??t 1" ? ""* M mu. ti
lower ti??? ? ?'"'k \yn. but !??
Alii..' -., thal f i-,:, ?rea!-! : re, all tu ich ti
hat ova -i?! ii "' tbi MBM iii'i m .."?i Meela?, foti
BBS* I'la .. tti I I? 171 l*V I? Ha u el U lett mt the List < I I M
. - ?? IB-j ? I* It t I. 11..- ?'? uanKl"?"- rtl ?I?
i,itofi'.?.i i? of -?i-L. the t>..t drove here i?. ?.. ? I Ism
, Krataekv l>oi_a-_i ?Tenure h| cb l. wlii.?!i ?<*iil ?t lia I*?)??.?
the Mp al 11 . ti?.-tir?tr in w?*wrar,
. . t.. ) ii . lui I ... i.?if ii . "'it li 1 "-? the
mt?.? iif'i.- Mbadar. sad lha p mo t aaeiwj ?
iinTirii i.iti.t tiioi>.i-iv a wini.* rent -aha leal wael ?ul
trade ructi? la I, th? mg th? L??tie?t n! Um
J l.t? ?t,|!|.lT t ??? Li? l?:i ??.'. "ni tie sll| ,*!?? ' ?
?mM at Berg? ?at ?
til,.. I. ..iel M . . lil?.
cri.iiiiiv a eerr t*lr ?apply bat sa ihM weather a II
af the auawBarreeaaaaa? With aaah a Mpply li I? a
, . ??? .!?t. li ?i u.?
i,f 1! .'o . " art* '?: i I * - ? - .r- 'I ??.!'_ : ? ? '
iiin'ir, " I? i? ? J, I'T li'ir i Hort Hi-il ?lie [.n ?i i? kepi np,
ardil | r t ?i t -.-i til'.- i .stu.i en tura r_?e ?cat
we. k I- t?, it * ti?** run i? I . It Iron. ?
? i , ? - ? ? - Ma ?? BetB
or ?. i. ii 1 ? : ? I . '- I ? ty h
tiitl :
-?ml a ?e. k in i Mag I"ft'- i -: I
la .ullin ??!? _? theptkn eharethe preasat ral ?
aBaraaaa aregeeetotf tax t : i-. .
: .-t M.nial .v. l a. ?i i?^c tit, ?. ... I?
ii.ark.-t i* ? I" i- r
Tin* batcher* ben Meeeededa ?. uiag ??? ia|aB?il-aM
pre? M II r ?- I . ? I he 1-lrrl. ni.? ? .?li t.ite tinting la lha
ii it li.nr.
lill ( LUSB ?if Til? *_\Er.l r
? .u .lune _?.- t'U'.'iu-l/? f r eWBBM t' '
f r i? i, ratay ?nd lu ?I ?r ?? - I
.l??_?ll?ll* U? hat ? c'ibtUmI ?Hil I .|H ti IS I I
?' i - cutler B-M.'l Hie aaleeaea lectori ?hey ? ?
cattle towaril t'.i* l'Ioea ?I ti.? luarkal al l?li "? ??" ? p?.?m
I? ?ti r av.? ti?? ?mtclrr ihtn l*?t ?. a? k It.? p I I M toe
i)'. iii*t I .?'?' r I' iiluii it'
ui'iai:'?ti i-i rreveat tr-... i'? Vr?! ? f u*??iit, fr__ i ?a rf-? ia - life
I ?I t ?mi the niarkit ani.lil lune BaBM I I I
' lia? At n It, a I Iii? iii.k BaaaM I?' "?I 1 at ; rl '? a?
a i : ?M ' n. "i a ra At Ba aera hete ali
lae I*,, no lic?h cullli) name in r, I li ??em? dirtVull ? I
o .: ide ri tiani ? 1er b1 lui nl?!ilt ptBaa I _c ??.ark? : ii ?.?
r? ?ni.? !y dull.
)ii:<iKrRs- c \ jj | oi Bl IXOCKB
K*?tti..iu A Vr ?'. .cr for tl.i-?i,.c.i. . I(. Hy. ?toer*. lit ;*r..?l*
l?u'l uti:?. B| wi , at lee |. irt at t:.n , 11.??? bl ?? \y\i. ?
to the cart Alun. HU du A. N. Hoi?rue, 111. ?ie??r?. :.| o?l .
fair, al Id'. a?er?re
h is ;??? "i for ihiaeatra? R0MeBBa__.?taat,
ga?"'. ?I Ina le.'.
?aga A -tafida. (?.ri at H??rgcn, gg BrC f'tiamUr*. fll
m. ?t ifiui'ic. mil ||*t (.Icbij efaaeaa.
du BriBM |*atiil at Hnttili?.
Jiarti?ain A __?i.it, ob Uieir .mu ?<o?iuut, 17?, Ali ,tj
boDjiht. 1.1. alarBB.Ba*B. ewi, ?t icasl??.*. 'I hey wer? a niue,
? BTiawith ?Iii?*?, bvi riyiug I7c.
V. I.ini'.'I niau tolti 74 vi kit own Odin m--? (raab l'.i
hann?, {?ince 7 _'i a wt. al 17ml?. - ? l_i I ?t |M "j at|g_l
at ti It pnr cwt.
Baaal? A ?n?, fr?r T. T. AI-iiii.. r. " I I leerl, nxail!? li
Berrjeii. A .lu .1 7i cwt drove ? ni at 1 ..?ll'c., ?jo.? at
BngeeBrUV-, c? tt per etrt, ai?-, la kBaaaiai * Gea
?elf, l*n IV ??err?, et ?boat ?_iii* prict* on ii emu. wbcllji at
II. Ki?ner ta.lJ .'.I Di deer? on Thur?d ,y. ?' 17' . Bfl r,,
cwt.. iMikliip ?amie mon??; bil lb* lt'7 kin ?tcrr??ol?! Mniidity
?t I-, i. lo,i -,. in C,\ i mt. Uml uunt than the ullaeri iia.ule, i.ut
pay nag ?.? r tieri 11 ?:"lr.e? io BaaaB f. r ii bm
T. (ii.Li l?iJ U'i nie? llliuol* cteel*. 7? cwt tel II n j; at .6
rf 17,
I' I' ) *? (?r If It Smi?i, IV! Illiii.ii iteer?, fair, tc?nt 7
cul., at It._,l7| -.. and at Bil gea, i ? for .1 Mt I'le'run lllinni?
?tillers ?I ttl, at l'.|C, .x. fur W. V. V. os? t. lut ILIuio?
?t?r|?. 71 tal . .I Idle
S. liery?ol(l tai ni Smith'* 1JII3-U ?leers, ??! cwt., at l.'._>
17c , Ba ?t I74<?
W. iho.ip-ofi lur Li_)?elf and Cooa. ? tuce f.it Kg. rridl
Dtirhni?.?, nil" ..rtl.- Ikhii luit m luarkut. Bl cwt., ?t 17_ e -.
S.??itir?i??r A Heiglehad 2?:. Hhnuli tto-r*. 7_wl.. lair, ?old
at I?, i/l 7c.
BUBr, BereheeMB r.e?iy, motil? at Rerirea, .11 Illtnnlt
?let-r? fur tlieii'si.tcs. fair, ou* lot of 8-'i .it 17_?l?,.. ou 7| cwt ,
balam-e at III I Vc. ?,n ?in ',| cwt.
t ('..l?ri?t I) Lu.! :?.? Kentucky t'.eert, ?cry good, (?icwl.;
?al?! at 17c. :i?rrni?i
II I k?lc.u ?lalil tri) 111.linn iteert lur I.?-jm-I:. t,| cat., ?ter
? ge.l 1C
(len. Murtm ?ol. 8. lil ii'ili ileer* fur Geo. I- Juhaton, (>!
cou. al li. .
? m ?i a Caaaai, parilr ?? Ilergei. 103 f_r W. V. Wo?h!,
lUim.i? ?ii'i-ii, ju.t fa r C u-, .it l.',rr ITajn , lit for .!. Ma
I'liertam lill:,"!? ttt ill -I -t. al l?i?vl7)'. . I ?.) civt . fal, _1>I lur
tunic <???iicr. Illili.,i? ?ten-, ?.iii. ,1. :,j j,-t, t., at I m Ila
.1. W l.iiii ?..Li iv I licola at* r?. r>w Util!?. ???lUiiiiiin, at 7 ?
??i Bra wa-itrht fur tha bjlla?ou* lery Iii.? one at Ihi . ami
??uta. . for the Ma*rr.
I*. Mel '.f?ttry ?iM I8C Ini. *'eer* uo Iii? own ac roon? 7 t wt
tirona, ?i,?i,i-e. b1 16'a?17i.
?i.li ?v?Ulam?, en kBeeaaeeaaat, ui tBataaaaBB at
J6ol7c. on 7 cr. t.; and M 1_r. ,te. i yrflo I>ir..u?. ,?ry
flue., cal. ?I 17 ? l8-?4 ?I iBf ?.. ,., g ,.,,., _ 7
Minriii A ?'.liiTcr, for (it-.?.??? V J-iiu.ii. , ;o 111 ?trrr? 7
ewi. ?1 Ble, Mi?r?;?e? aud io ia .teeta, lur U ii ii? n__n
roeilium. 7i cat, ?t Ii?tt-I7c.
T. ?.(.(?illorW. H. liait, le) IUid-hb ti?, i?,f .11, ?>? Ct?t., a
I? ar, .
v Mc',,m. iii? ?(.j ejOMaaleara, ? oeei '?rote, fiaiewt
ul 17c
Troirior A Miilniey tatl UO Illiui.i? ?teer?, 7 owl., tatt ?g at
I , u I7;( .
1? I',. Iii, !ibpImi:i. fur liinm if. ,i II,luna ?leer? f ,lr, (j cwt ,
?nil *t llOM each ; ami 7.1 llliuol* ?leer?, a ????-ti M cal. Itara
run out at lgai?M.
Muru ( oni-'l l*re I* but little di m?nil lor fre*h cow* tM?
week, and fee ate brou?_.l in lo *U||ly that d?.i?,*nu. Some
??tia BM Ivikiti^ 1,1 niiot? Irivn brou.) 1 ** hi-ih a* BIBSaaah,
vnhi.iii 1L1 ii,.-ir?i.ii. -nuil iiou-gi*.. it MMaaaaaarBa
r ia I,".?, tur to b iii,r ?-f 1 ? ?o, u? I ??? one know? ?lurella
l-l i"', ii 1? nr.v different bating a (ji.ioin?r ?II ret, li ? ,
aaatefa -Ma,orfaattageM sp, ami Hh-i. i-erkap?, f ,
her upon 1.1 u. B bat woolil bo t.irninl ii,,sliutn c-ia? In lb?
1 "-i Birj aie ituitU ?liiiiitv-i Inie. lutcnor aad ?rn?ll row?.
bat I ti fit- 1 til aud lif-lit BB Ihn bat. Lera' b.-ok?, ?eil ?t |.V?u
(6<> Uli! uri* not am teil.
J 1 11 Lal,ka art i."t doiuir a* a ?li tbl* hot weall.er.
either in treuer i,nickiiet? ,if tala*. '1 he bett baiel? \rring
LI.?.. while IIB 1.1,-, ia a? unu I, u* a pee uf ifinaal mBm ri.nl I
be ?. 11 o', ti i 1, li,?Bi lu-nre? ibe?, rt n ?liiwi, tu la lur <>r>l 1
Dfiy raab nut lu? li-iing tee gr??? a iBm ?? 11 hr ti,.- i,r Bl at
HBgl. edi (?ne lot of -.1 "i;r.i??'. wl u-b "would aoigh
n In/*J00 B. brought g1, par head. H M*GrawMBorta aalee
of 4?i rouci enlvc. ii?cra|;iiii; li- r :K1,t 't?r?n__.
i:.i?a lill ilita w??ik. .IC.OOii.
(Jui.lalKii.a?1 I..- luil-.ao. ; it|i.rl? ?nf ? .1-? i>r ?hoep ?Bil
Uri li?, byievei.? .,1 t. .' 'e' ?',.']. , e .iit?lon.
a ?Ii iii- ibe uia rii.-iot |.n. ? j?. - 1 a-11 li.ir trc?!.. TL<?v?ro
reT pfui .!. 1,1 o III, lu? i?..- l-l.. (a*.,C j lal-Oba!.
I ??
Jue ,:.-e| cofcrk? I ?tr?-., 1 1 ,, ,.?,., ' .,t f?, Iw-n in a Bunill
, ti m ? r) La.-. 11 dr< nu im! yiM beet ahiep aeld al
',) ?. h* i. ??:, li. ,?t , it? !..i ? ?ree I n t ?if r u?a?r 7e , and
own -.. neill mi. r?iitiinl., . 1 ?1,1 ?ma ?.till wurta 'lb?- m
p.J*I* I oat?-tsiesl ?1,. --,1,. me*t mnrkol irria? 'di.tr. ?ia
??'?t 1 1 ? ii hen.sodtbet ?veaBBMbarjr. Tilej., nu.
1 . m to i,. m in ? :f (.1 " ?i .- a ?.i 11 .- ihup thaw It u . sale."
i ??n.' 1 ! ii|ai,. , with nu? 1 I : I 'I
I. r ii. '. urra tot Willoh ?| . 1? li, I. ii La?en IWftteed, Wcie lolil
?t ?1 . 7 , "aulgl 11 u,. 1, !_? r? ira* M tbe |t? ,,_ Tn-aiduy
i? lea-...? a .:ti al t)i. if 1.?ici. ?I, tMag, ti.? jaaitac.
? -apply, li U ?ter lhaa iloitilm. Clalj IS ouli*
Into SUtL ii tal? m,,11111.j*, imi tMM wet? not ?II ?,.L1 nf u ?in.
?May ewart hM to*l meaty thB Haas The Nakteai .1 .mr
aehaeidofwu lk( | head, aha thaaght ha sbeold cat
? 'I titi g.i.iir,- ii., ni ii* luckr if be eera
J be uvuble it, di urtu barr paid Whl_b tor thtir itotk tv J
m ,_?? monrv In tht? ?,,arret. "7? hiv?o M doubt of As tr-ph
? f the wogi. _le bi'iuher?' ?. wttiotii that they had rat ?
bsiia-Mtbas - ? *?"? I???1?* ;"'.',''
f i ;.,?'.: lal ita etty Is
a minn i,, re, it pi cn ci rrenl thena-l ten? i
I>elua? no? wort- iboot ?ocenU si k I mol? p??!. hVW
I.unb? ai? ?luit ot ?.ilAut ii.il-')'. per m. Boma raog?
Un lava.-". ' ?m loa i : - : ? I ? ;? ?
Jct?rr. A few S'-itc lau Ii' MfiO bo ?'? Bta "' '":? *'?* tstahm
owners to keep thi-m u nil Ibej sr? of ti 'tP-r r>_aliiy.
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NOTICE K? MUll' slot KHOLUER?.,- V I
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'lilli, (?ti I'ONS, din. July 17. l-r-t.. at the C1 IV
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Ihr rim,. ?,. M and a! n HUB DAI , July J. al the (entra. Ninan?:
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Ne. Ti Broad?ty, corner of Brrlor it.
TA PITA I.ei,???i.i??0
IM I I'KIT ALLOW ti) UN B-tf-Btt-t ?Inch tn.y ha ??(li
.P._n ?? any Pin-.
THIS tMMPANT ti ?ut!,.r!.rd to _t ? Kr.alT.r. Utrenter
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A O.V.*. k1.. LONDON If nu liri 10 (IBU IKAPOPY
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Pilli: ) VI) ?STOCK.
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III.NCAN S-JK.IMAN - <o. .??.??*_-??.. ??, r.er r;??,
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Me.? - nnrXF.Ti .. fo . No. :* South Tl.iiJ-.t., Phil?-? Vii?.
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-lied by M-. JOHN II BUBBA., No. 1
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Mr R.ler?. Mi rnhy bai tig I he he rrr to ni ti 1r.troiliirti.ry li Her?
I ?r? ?lol,* '?aaeto ii Pari?, wotto tut?u,? ,edU .
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milli of -?.iii '.:.. i d? ia ul b* iiibUjciIi.I.-.? ira.i.n.ii'.ei io tien
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MjWI solm goldT
BOLD Bl OF 6S.-81,
6-20, L\:i) 10-40 BONDS
ahoulil ??-.I t'e-nifJ ?, ol tia p-nait
I y ? 'Li., ti o toiipoB? ?in?
Jt.-I.Y, r?KTIT.M I! EU, ?nd BOVBBBBB.
Wc I. y liiTio ?.r fa.h ll.nu ia ?bil
AT UK. T RAT-.*.
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M:.-.'- i'Oitlk, J-ine _?. 186?.
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fir,:?:,??.! fl.., li mi lu'.?, 7.30.
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Kuy . Hall
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i ?a? 0? r-iaw 1 ena. H??a uninni I
m.,.!?!. April 11, eui ?
N'OTIC'F, i? licri'liy itiVpd, ptirnnant to CtiapUr '?M\,*
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ti? Banking _!.B*rta_uil ... pi??-?,i'i ? i. ?? to? ' r- 1 ,rk -<UI* Na
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?lilli. I ?ne il. 1K0. !
NOTICE . I HEREBY GIVEN, porauaol to Cha|i
trrria. la??*?of lasa i O . Und ?m?. Bauhe?tons-Mil
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fll* ef Nea lort ?s 1,1 I? re.i'i'iiied at PAB, by Hie Superlotendrut
of ?its hanki ? l?rp_it???nt, on p'?in ute.u ?I II? Na?. Yolk ."?tate
S it.o Ha-, i lu i'?lily ef Albaoy, l.?r ii* year? trow tlw data
brlrof and mit tbereaAel
1 tu? i ul?I'Bilin; clirnlatlB* bo??? of tha .?Id bank moil lie pie
?roll J Bil iratil ?mm ila yrar? fruin th? dal? hereof, and ?li
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Auia-v. April 23, HIM I
"VOTIcla ?s httri'i'v itiveri, paMBBftt ta -Cooptar -W8,
it l.*_. nf liiM. anda.?. U?. al IBS-, Iba? ti,e .-ir,-ni,tin? Botea
??sard in tbe ? lim ii. bin? ? liatkiiit ???oi'tation I ..?led In ?lie rity
ol N.?? York,?i be HM.iKHr-l? AT I'All by ?ne ?jperiBlendai.t
f't?e Baaklaa I'rn.ri i ml, . i ii|r*rtitttt?ouat th?. Ne? York .tiat?
Ki .I Hank lu the ? ily of AtlmiaT lui ?it Trtri fiom lb? data
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TL* eiiiitinitiia ril.utiitl,,| Bete* ef the laid bick n?uilh? pr?
?e? ?. .I, ?. a', irsril, will.in ?it year? ?tem lb? Aatr batfeol, aa. ?II
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? Billa tbe. Una thin apei-ilied will, ?a?? to ha a ch?r-?* upon lha fund
In tin- bandi ol th? Supt'i.ntriidrut fui I. al purpn.?.
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t-VAia M .nbw York iia?tk l?*r_ji*niB!iv, I
Al?abv Apaiin. I?? J
NOTKT. l8 IIESEBY GIVEN, poraoootto cliap
.*ia. Uw? W IBM itid fit Ia?) nf IM., ?hat ti.* CIRir.
1 tll.M, S.ilt-S ti.iriito tb? KA HT HIS KB HANK ?.I lb? ( IT _
?',: is Y OBX?a to-Aiap nttilallia lo. atnl ?a ?b? ? i*j of New
': I Al I t.r UMIKt.MI I?. ?1 p. I hy t|,r ?U( rrll.lrn.lr ill of th?
I' ? li? Ptpailanrat, ob prewuUli-u al tl.r .i*.? Yoi? -tal? N.ti-m.l
it ?ii. lu t: - I'uy nf A',:,.oy fu, ,i, ..,? ?rem tu-__t, lomat, ?ad
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Tlr o it.laudin-4 rtrriii .Im? noir? cf Ihe ?aid Bal in ?I be pre
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A| .'VI (,. ?.v. Mil, YU It. .*?,ip?i t.trndrni.
hiAVB a>? Ni? lou K*.*a? ilae.HT? \t i
Ainsi, Apu: 2' ?n?st. 1
NOTICE la l:?iil.v fivoo, inii-i-i'iiiiit in Chantar
IB Law. ?f i ?Bli.| ?Ti Law. b1 li* 5, thal the rlrcuatin?
'? ' (ne National ?ian* ii lite ?Ity of Vrt? York, a baal
1!.| a?-..t , .?.el lot -ti??* lo til? ( li? of N.ii Yolk, ?ila I r rejrrun d AT
ra*. 1, i -l_r?ti.i-nt mi pr?tent?
? i, at i , . . i , ,,.,, ni Hank in iba I Hy .1 A ban) lor da
. II r .1 'r r . ? -.:'rr
1'aa oulaUidim i.n? ..' nj Bato* of ti e nid bank. in. ?I br MB
' i I ? ' I? ?;-.,! w i : ... T?_r? Horn IM ibu? I" r, uf, ?iel a.l
Ito'r. tvhi-h ?.i?'l ni I bal : T.-.,-.??,!!,.- ?. '. , ? to? : i i ,,-?? v.ii! ,n
t . i. ?p?t iiiril m .1 .-nr r.. h. a ? It. r;e upon llie : .nd ni Ibo
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all aaiaaa-Bl. n W BCHUYLEB "unlrntliBl
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w Y, ik.
11i?o?iU a.?al? ou ?.i txlti* Jan I ?iii i??i? _lei??t (ita, UkmSale
A (OK.'.KR ()!? VIHHTH AVK AND ri.'TY ' T , ? ?n.
(J.V_t..N( , i: ? < D|
! ?' SIX KEB CEN? ' " I
RVINtt t*)A\ IN?.S ISM I i I n?N.
, Ne. ?S IVerrtn?
I irseel?Bo?Malth? ?taett pr- ?
te, free of (?..eminent lix. ? r?n _?. , -...
. t. oU AU1 ? '?? " =>
Va_o<?-it..'. Pi-tto- Secretary ' ??
Ul.li_UTuLil._N 8AViN(1iS li iNK^
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DEPOSITS ? id. - er befoi II ,
i' i.i l at the .e a BiX PLU i i .; . ...
er, free <_??._ f?orm g 1.x. I vi
?A I RaB-BI ?...
YEW-YORK BAVIN'.., BAN , . ,,_
-1 in! kia?,'.?.??,1. M, , -- I
rej.lj ! d?- . ,""? **
K ?B** .
CIX 1'.... CENT I?TEREl-T l'AI?,
?J 1 I.KP Irouj '.
On Sam. Pim ??li. . "Ia. _ _
c.tlrui. J. / l. BB?r-_.-i?_a_|
TIMBI) AVr. ?. VIV?;- "IN?
_ ( ?rner of 1 a- .'irl??,
C1X PER CES I', ti-i.-c t'r.-in ?.i -, iA_
C. ? rrr/.i i ' "?*
No AS BOW pry, CORNF.H 01 ( A .Al
lB?a?e?t?a allai ., . ? _..
a! | -..;.i i.nw will ,.'r?w !?trr-t fr.m *!
*"-? ? AN Al. ST.,__ ? : ?. ?.(.( K
P?ro?iuf ki iutog..t)_;ji .
SIX PP.BCI \T I.NTI.n..-.. i ,
Deputiitln II'N'K !nw laietnt fr.m Jl '.i
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Ja.oiTtat ..o I??-"?* '?.- ? ,
j\ t llC ll.lyl.J- ef the p.|?t t|A I.
w.I.h paid tiT.ii. ?'ii s.w .riaul ?ti? Bl ? , ? , ,[
dor nf Jalyaext T_?Tiu___i Uu.k.i. , ,,
ba-taat to til.- 'id p?rxima,
b? order - f the II.lenl._F. II I ?? *,- , ,._,
'lue ->AT)o_A- Takk i.* r? or Ms- . ?? ,
.*? *w '. _? m., |
4 SEMI-ANNTAI? DIVIDEND uf .*-,.', . , |
_A t y st tree et Qnrtnmomt tas, a
the cu?re t httlf yr_r, cn aud .ne. u.e .'.' ?I J. ? c
Trinrfer Boekt - -
by or. ?? ne Beard, '? !!l ? ,r,
-HS .VATIO-AI. SllO? A.V3 !.IAT??_? I,AT?,.,, ? ,. ,
Nie ,
4 DiVIDEND of FIVE (51 PER i IA, ",, ,
1 \ ('. ,rer ii ? tis, hu too? 'hy b n .1 red, ? . ? ?. .__
all. r the ?1 ,f J .y ir.i '
The ?fan afar bookg will be de -l? m tl_ .j: .Jo i .u
July, li/older ,'ti." Bond m Due.turi.
_ J'!. ".?.I*,
Tbk IiTid -??kx'? N_r?o..?_ I'lii, ,n??i mm i
A DIVIDEND tai I lll-l :: L>01?l '-?.- . i .?,?,
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___ ? i .-.'|,,rr
Tra -batman Na-Iobaa iivr New-Voxa ? ., mm
A DIVIDEND <>t El?.HT (" PET. <._*Nl ,,H
?I ITiuel _l?tei lu will liepal! >> m ?! I'S BOBf?\V,_|a
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No. 363 Ha i.iDWAV. N_? V >kK . ?? ? ?
A DIVIDEN!? <>t l-l\ E PER cr*. ! <.?.
. ..in. ut Ux) hal itu- di? b*en dri'tued. pa??-? ?aaMsB?
Ju T-*. ID??..
I_e Traaafrt buaha ?ill le doted on li?-aim > ? , .,. ,
the ti J . y ucit.
By orJer of t!? ?
|_ JOH'.-T HIL!? (aahWr.
laisii .Natiosal Has?, >rw'i ok? ?? I u,
A DIVIDEND ni FIVE (.,) PER ' EN I ,, .
iiuierui.'M'. la? ?ill br paid >:n mid ?:ter J?1? ??.
r Poota ?..?co el Puni June MtoJafyt V-, ri?n
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Trata _iatip_a_ H*?.? S? lu) T- . ? ,
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A DIVIDEND ox FIVE i?.r cen? (free _| (Jut
riiioei.t lal) . ? Im? die baa? OriUrral. p-. ? I
J'i y 1, 18>._ _.____? hvuk ?ill be cluaed l.-"m ti ? 23
uly?. _ Jil I
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?i. vero -.-III ta.J, will la? paid au uni tfl'T MDMi V i P . ' !(_-_,
PRA.NiHSP. .-< ?P'U.s. i-f,
4V.0B R. VVo.atU. ?Tr.rrtary. Pitta 1'nil.t', ,1"
MI?OU June 21, I-S6.-4. QI'tRlPRLV PIV'DKSD I?
Kul'K (41 . UK.? KSI. l.^eofOovrreiurnt Tai a. ii... ?I.? I-.a
Ir.h -duatl p r ,,.-t ?.raii'i ol the patt taue? -.euin?, ,t,t
?n ! ? -ei tM iii ilay ?f JPlaV ont.
Iba l.aiiiT?! Boeki w U reaitlu ?lat-d uni thal dale.
_?, vv WILLETT <
It, BB_?ACHehtaad e*fPIVB(l)PEB pknt u.-.t?
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_a. hamilton, ? ? ? .
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th ? uy.tr, l.rrd I -mi aunn I ii. I en! f HU. 1-Kh li ?T,
,?>'? . Id ?I ?ni ? ?rgt. free o' m t. rr.fi.e':t Ug.
Tran., t Booka ? ii? h? cl_??d from tin. a??.? '." I .1? I
_ A. MA'.rhKTi..'.
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..f I. i. !l_.iA h?Te'l-rli*rd ? Saisi- ?? n ,a Piy.J.i d of. IVK ,1)
Pr.ll CENT, Ino m i?o?.-ro_i_Bt ug. p.TiM? ea in.) irtn loom Ja,
ISto. Thrir?n.vr baa?! w'I ?Uae aa'Mo.VIlAY. J.,i,e _- ai.d ra?
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Tri.itrrt uf ?hf Im?, tu?ou for ihr--?t n.? el V|. i l,.als ? ??rkt.
No. -IS hroadway. htic declared nut ?I m? ,no. ii pi..filt Ute utuar
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taf *.'?*-, .lad .1 th. raie o! fitr prr ern' on 1 . ? ?. a .1.-,. a
B-BItea, leal.rtd ?a EXTBA DIVIDEND c1 ?-..sp
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tarer yee?, ?ri r i. ._ J !y. l?<>? i?o prr ,. ? .-_,_,,,?
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on ?li I li'.rr Ja , li. ?i..! i:d the li.Ull ntioii |_.>a U.e (I. T. Im .1
tat. Inlrr. it um a.i.r.1 for !? added to the pi a ig?-.. IM ri?? tb?>
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AIOSE? II. OBINNK'-L rif-ia?i,L
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The Tr?n?lrr Kaok? will rla_r oathr ?'?(h bail Mal r..|?u?a MB
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DIVIDEND N?TTICE.? laa Iraa-ii r I? ..-.. c.
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Til. 116?
A DIVinV.MI Ok PlVB - r.R CBMT ho? tir- de. laird ?n tha?
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KIV. (4, PKB CENT Mi Mew dat ?r??J. ?rre cfOc???n???r
Tia. payuhtr on ?ii I tftef ?li? M ol J!'LI < est.
1 ? .n (?r u ?..!? 1. !. j? m..d lieui the J. ! ,n-* .rtilJd pr? tin es
_ _ _!. J. OAKLEY ?-ahtrf.
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DIVIDEND Nr?. IO.?Tb?? Btiard ol D.r.-? t<r? o?
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'I Ii. Trail?!?.- Boola will rio e June ki. .*. 1 0 i.e.? f. ni , .ta_?_*
le.prn Ju y U tie e.fii-r. l!y order of Die Rootl.
_V M. Ill T. H -."' N _as??-?iy.^
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Na. lol I.H..A0WA,. New .otk I ir it, "** I
DIVIDEND? ?_**??*? Dtreeton of the METOol OLI?
TAN NATIONAL BANK har. tilt J,v ti?. ?rrd ? SEMI AN
NITA!? DIVIDEN Bal SIX it) PBBCEBT a? a Ocvrraa.ai lal,
layablr eu li.? ural MonJ?? et July oral.
Tlie Trsaafrr Koaht will M ci?ed ?rain Jooe ffwiil >u'y 7lh
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V i ?OS A la HANK OF (JOM M l.K( E in New-"
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ROAD COMPANY -Mau.?*? Og of Ihr Dr? . rt U lis? VIk
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.HARK, rirrrifOareriiuienllTat. be ?ifcl ihr ?an . a? hirr-V -r.kui??.
aayab'e on ?he Ji J ? ui July uri!, to hoiuer- 1 . ??.. k al list ??<*? el
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of Ne? lort. ?I ?_??'_l mottmo -'ar?__n' Lo?n ano PraM ? ? ????*??_ 1
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? ity of Hinton.
Voied, Tla?ltha-'*'_ntfrrRookiorth?(i>_ir?i.y b? itaBM B?M ?to
J.'d mil. until th?l_ >l July n-tt .
ISAAC UVCBMORB ?titaiart, _
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