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New-York tribune. [volume] (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, July 16, 1866, Image 2

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pr.,1?.L ?t? eui ?trenrth 1?
? . ?? , . ?1,(1 I'll
r?.r ia
,- ',? ? (r i
?gnana ri am?
vv i
of l!.
??i i
? ? ? r/a-r
i ? ' ...
' '
1 . ' li al??'!) .
> itU '
I ?
, IU|T?.
TI ?' C.nitle? ?i A?, boil. Traalraua and itliiatth
H ian mi IBM,
!? -I Hi?- vtmI t
(?ure I ?r? ?- ,
i ? -i i i . ?f the i nnb i -
?ni? ki . ; I? ? L'-ei,! c
li- - t* ill ?nmi> ?ah r
el Mai ?'.:?: ath agfka .a I
wh'ic *? ? - - . .... h, ?i eotbtai
li? a. : ? . ire opera?
i -, wh Iber
. ' "'"' *
?t.-p I : ?
... . ,.f the Croara
i ' -n. ron
? V - ed, on tkfl s -
I. i ? ? ! T.- tome othcrt
? '. !
? , ... i
I? II?- i
oa aUker ? la, ?!,!:
t lowe of tie da? (i.e Prn
I ..ri
in l?." >:.'... : . i r .
I ill ni two ' In- rall
. ....i].:, i in i of. " i
tarai tal 1 i and th
turn I twin i
i? a?.. ?
. ? -. lia lei I
li? rael
? told,tO 111.'
> try, it retira m a uni apea
? ni Oin...
Ile ia?- ?. ling do .II er I
tbe ml ???lung to
muk. .. i i ? .' ka 1 ina
?, ka th' I're
li in r mai? ..-:::, n. :. i i, e Tolley! frail Co needle
goa rd na to . iel . ? renaaal i<> tora
atonl m. rt : t.. -,' ? .. ? , i.r ?.. ??
I -..-i .
- did Ik V ?BOOMI III
- w.t'i ti ? lai ? Ora V
i Irian? ii i Imiiiv
i.i n nat
? n -? ? "i ihe lar north, who.
?Ion. g He tilt 1
ling ?'i. 1 ki
. m ... : eli? I'rr- ria?
i -
Inn tie ?:...? and m n ?
I v Ile :r ?vi .r.l?
li. ral nrt, thit to
I .' ' -"al lil W | M
'. balli ' 1 '
Jtown ?, ?turn
|.??l ?i- nttieu?. uurc
i . . . ?: r .c
?Hi Hil
I . I -I
i..e.i! , . tit .i ? ? a
lagd , ! ii '.'a. wbilo
i !
I ? OW I* I iv it ?a
I :
Bia* ad
aub??. ian! uri ? I* gua, wltoh would
f ti i. thing remain? bil i*
end ? ,
: He.? ! . f?
prasaai -
n iBMber. 0 f tkal
dm ti I ..'iiifph
i b s. fore
l*?ib > ?:...,'.
Hu.- ? at 1 : - . i i ? -
men, wnn t ??
?nar I by !be
J'??... in ? r
I ll**( ? . . .
Id. 1 a i.i.tiK-wh'.t ?Conger
l > ee. I j of the l'ruivtiini in
g no? sanenmarv; ead
i ? til- Pmaiaiu i a
ai?u?.i n. c : rtbaroatfceh pre
BO ibed I Uti Of
B'raatoaaa thal t hrpagl ? to Pi? I kau. five miles
?-ililli ..
ara Ai :?
Oil.J. .
h.linn i oi I . ' l tin? i M
rayed ?to ? ?naaud
1* ?ten.
Hm two kattloe on rae dar are not eDoueh in a war wap<?d
t>? in? ? third and eqnnll
bniui?--, i I'
lnwps * army,
ni.:?-!- i ?? Print Mr.. und had pen
.- mu- I i v fp.ru S x ,.;. bv - J of I
'.It? d Tnrnaa, ?t I of tb? aorta
hil?lietn I by thl Iii .Vi
thaara i i I ti
Vii-trim.? ?nd
?.??ian?.... . i i eaany baa takea ap a itrong ponttoa on
lb? top of a letting ti? f it with gn??t
oiHtitiHt-y Of paul ulm?.. lew Lmi BOM M baud but tie
t??tie *p?ikt : rai got ai fr.r MFlfatn
l> nek ?. ?.:??,-. Abor? 1,000ertwa
?si? ??'
liein..' a ka 1 iini., e M ?.I tbete
upar?!n.i-- i ' steady fidun.ee of !!..-1? ? I'r ?
?.tu ara! ?. approaching a common eeatn nom d?tereal
Jeeol?? of ia. . Teu-ufeieiii?, of the connlry. we ne IheCrowu
'riBoe end Prince Frederick (.'hurl.-? io hive n-.C.??1 the
ilittaiic between t ira ti nNoi.t 40 ?ii-?. V/ith oiery atep in
a.lv?u-e ma ?:?? by ti- 1;< val ct.uainr. Ihe A uttr ant oppoeod to
tin? Crown Pria? ma a greater rtek of keteg w?dged in
1?e(? en t' I two n?l vaticine arru!??. Te! graphic "nu mmiea
i, m ketwi i the Pi en I is b-;en already ?leetod ulong ia?
To eaattofl yo I wadi l*l againil p'ni-ir.r: lTtip'n it credence In
lalagrana ' the accuracy
of ?on? rai u ??of i i - 10 i ? " u. tb?
day of ? i ? i r ?TB I'rinr ?. .-ia we have teen
I?il?d i - \n tt, .n ..iii te!telegram?
?ppeni -i? iud South O rain p-ipc-ii, Mat-rift that
lae 1'ruetiini had troon beaten, were ?n full retri-ut. and re
d'M-e?! I? ;?" i: ? lol ni, Bl --.,'? 1 :-.s-,. n dirpatcbet on
Itoethn fv, 1. apoto o! n br :|-?nt action in Wlioh tbe enemy
had toN re; ..????l?anning, however, to menu m wl.-tier
any iL !:???? - I t'.:>.. "...oil Ai app-ari from th?
anny* Brithei *f ?trat grans ara a - t lar from
being i weie ?1 e total? ti
tee*.?d po it-or. th? di? ?ft*r; whil- the Ali tri mi hld tori ?o
lillie gT..-.-; I on the hr?t di?, that tier rr.?uir<ad to be cj'-cled
tren Ibeir intr-.-acLuieul? >n Hie te
Tb* Prutaian Triaaaplta la Btkrwia.
V "J_ Tbe L ti n Xrwi, J?, y 2
Hi-ice w_ .a-st noticed MM maaM "1 (lie I'r ?-?.ano
Ib Hoheraikv Auitrian accor.nt? of the battle? of Nae bod and
T laateriaii bara be.-n received. Tiny are very distinct. Thal,
?ra mad in one dated I'M lab to, dara Vi " The I'r
?were yeet. M?y c tnplni-ly iafaatai bj the Animan force? under
lina. r*m I.ia et /. Lauiiag t ciund IT 14) killed ?nil WB
thty totthdrtK re /'r.uior t-rrit-jry tatt ni i. ?J: ' Hut we hare
?lae an oSici-? dispn'cn fr he I'.erlin of one day't later date. In
?Bio? Hu* lim? battle it mentioned with equal ?Manan
?Th* Bariria idM (len. (iatilena. wai eomplnrly
treokrmtep. Beeide i: uumurntde prwcn.-n. twenty sn.ti?. Urti
tudor? ?ud two ria flag to the eerpa of Gea
r;?launa fell into the : ?nd? of the I'ru?itn troup?. ' And
thn i* only one inttvn e of th* bia neitebte aggocitioB
tta-tween th-laeeaaato far?tah?! by the two piree?, it tai
lue reme in ti? red that io the Anuna:, d topete h, iluied '' l'.n
?lunn?, .Ian 17, erasing. " it wat staled that the Prui
?.aa* wore "in toi retreat fiom ?N?i?.l.od." n-w-r
tbaleev (ley ?ere ii.'htiti^ on if etsme pronnd on ihe nox! and
f ?li?.? ing day?. Ihe di?icdn m ? Ich I'd ?itientire reader
It pltced by Cote contradi? tiomii one ti at w ti not felt either
danng the A ciencia war or in the Julian war of ISBA After
a Mille between lede.-alt and Confederalet ii ? at alwayi pot
tibto lo maka out who had gained tbe dar. although ?mr in?
formation ooma exclusively from New-York. We expect M
had IM vtctorkoal aad tb? defeated gruen.l?. rariontly i.rinng
! ha an of " patting thing!. " bat wa expeei them to repr.-ient
tbe ?ame focte. and not to report the retreat of an opponent
?lui the only thing don bl fal ia whetLi r tbe torr?- of the gen
.-ral reporting can rentara to bironuc on the -?mund, foaut
? {?-it in diK ?*? iir.ir He t??.irlugi of facto which ure thi-mit? vee
a-i dou-ifui wo id t?e Crown away. A 1 we cun do it to wait
and ena which t. le ii compel? d to gire g-onnd.
Thit mormngi now?'ruge-ai funter contradietlona. We
liny? aa AUMma t??. _ra:a. e?tl'-d 1'tnlul.itj June M in
m kiob it ia ttilesl that tie Pruiuana ocrnpied (iii?. Lui on
J BaraOey. The oorpe ref'rred to to that of Prince Jr roderick
Charle?, wh.ci. bagkt at Taroao and aluiiohengrota. the .4ni
tnao eorp? op,->>a.-d t? it hiTirg teilen hack by tho road whieb
load? throu?a d.U.bia to JoaephiUdt. We are told that
baring rai u; led H.'.uhln the Prn??ia:.s were atlackod br the
oavalrv I'l/iaio? of Den. ron Edrlib*.?a, driven ont of the
town, and r. ? J??J tnwurd loruau. li.t the nimtire doei
Dot *nd Mea We are 1 >ld tt at in coniraj Jenre of Ibu defeat,
?? lb* Pi?i?:*' i lut tight (Thcndiy) traeaairl V-Ml, i>m!>o,
awl farljM, and ftildrev in gnat katu lo Siimet. The l'rusiian
koaaaakyGeD. r n?dr-teUn'? attack were enormon?. The
Btrtua-tcio MBCM M of the Auitrian anny waa compltiely tue
ooMfai. Tb? Junction of Prince ?fredtriek Cbarloe with the
army t? prevented."
1 bia ?coonnt carrie? the Prnulani right oat of the field of
eperiiioue, and replace? the Atutritti :c pottemoa of ill the
K.oo-id they had loot weit of Turnea. Hut we have an official
Priiaa?n bl ?rim. dated yeeterday, for* li-n hi-nbir.. ihow
lug that tie day after the I*ro??iai_ were laid to have been
liivnu M fat mu Niemet they were actually at GiUchin. and
took tbe placa I) ?'.urn. v? .Hi a lou to the Aurirlan? of 4.010
num. It. ?_ I? l.kely, it wa? th* ot.J-it of Print* Charte? to
rfT?wt a lone'im ?.th the Crown Prim?, the taking of
I;.to-hm would facilitate that movement. lu fact, tbe moat
iinpairta.it .f th? v. Daraiag'a telagrani
I .,<??.??> * hu? altetdy boen ef
? ? of wbleh bj
' -l! a? Army Corna,
v l? * ? ?? ?di I atea by
' ' I'.*.?-, ia. . -j ? Ht. .|. :
ii. firti'-.t pa?Uto 4.r Baa of rotwMto shiel Ike ?aetd
? *l ne u an? ? ?
i>i:i ?.?tit.
B?J< icings in llrrlia *. hiingr of Publie M, nti
. leearaae ? f The !. .nlu, ti?,iy Bee
?To-efa, 1*?C6
it ?th* avril to latani hitler tor <: (ins, that I
, lags a? aa?
? i r ?? - ra.
. ?. ..- ? ?hi? An-lrirr.
, i ates
this i ,' i i. lhere
- , . :? | . tx f ?r?
| It la?
ph. k r tery inn ab na
, -i .,' !, ri kB ?to '-><>li-'l b?
?'...,il Pan,.i:l. wa. ?-i?>!??'!. ?ml Beg? were lucstetl upon
aad i r?tate boildii n 11-. rewa? resdli g alo i of wa?
- bib by aonie offioiil was eeJJIed i. >_ I i palace, witk
I I?, rd tl-ree tail? - BWat. When
. .; peared at ?? windon and b i? .1 te t .-? i rowd,
Bi rlia '. ? ? ? ?'"-h "J1" ' * ' ' '' ?
1er for all -? : I
I Williams I ' ? i ? r den Lia lea,
fa-ward te a ?, new? wedgiai
ii on? another iii ibe?were eesrlysuffoested toitssd
t. rni'iii l 'ia ?-! ?"'? ' ?lie., v rep.-. ,: n;, m i: t -ri 1?
. f ao hear er sa i ?' ?boetleg theneelvs? ko? nwkeaaay
.... d ? ?h. i. Bi ?where roa i Ik ?bo? Mask aad
?bit? iLo-r li I" I' ' Hi lion. I "?--'. ?le r tu
.n?. ib? ia i nr. at L..1'? UI..I ?bits. There le a sag
'.?It li in,! a? I"! ii ?: lu, ia . ta
?i- .- ' . 1 kereJd'i raine?
ait'i re?j.-.r?l t?i t' . . r ot i.!.; n'r ? stripe of
i- .1 f an Haaei -, M :?? "f b ne Irani li .l-K-in,
,i iir Man i ' ".id no1 th? Ab?
With K.ng VS ii
ii! eh una whit WO -J ?ml tln-ir p .li-.t , aJioiralily,
wbil? i ,ii, t the Gera ia Bl ?toa
.1' re.) ...r ?. At, i.|. bowl vu, it is
lialfm.".taia,: ?t'en Beilii wouli giri lokeaef trianab?>a
j.- per m. i !.. if humas lufTering b? coaaMercd, laraasaoo
- nil ?v. r lae ?''nil *sT* beard thal i i nasyHss
t I tal lal I ii '.' 'i iii- i ira ?. nnl thtt lu niiiiiT l'ru?-i i".
? ni ,.r veend ?I. tmt aaen] ? ton a a it?Ig
lhere mutt be imt.. ??!! Mg. i.lrr.uli f ?r bofpil il nuise? ami
i if,- --i- -ant to apeak of eea ve k ? pratt ima n?n i.iirn?
re ia need of ia li .apport i" protide oootforto to tka
On ? ' ' : ' ?'. ? 1 I' ? lui Hil,
? the Kiaig L. I i;
foi ,i .i'ib1 I , ? li ? i' i ' "i ii"' Knights of
.al ,1 !;-. i -.,,.,. ?re r,,| ,,)!,.. Tltry
v it. n ,*h i I genoe, both ?f their i"-?il
? '? i the li.idrn
ii . t i fea was pa theeooatpoatoteBtoaa?
? I ,i ?I u-li ?lamia
i ,i. i hi i a. .? n -t n. '"ii i ii ii ia the peepta
i.iaiii r Carl aerial : lia ln.aii.i. i m BsBsayi
bar? taken Ihi .ian., nail ban. will lane to a ? ml
- ?hi a ti y refteh year* of ?.' ''ia I lu? wil ar
i .um fir tin'?tr m.- han' aympathy witt Pra*?iai vairini
whichbn ratxceded a n't . di i ?? kowai ii'*' finad
friedrich i LI ban I i atsrj ad ta kate
>Minti ..T.r theOroaM ?Battle any bet? ?lion ? asea astley
. un.: ,.Oses??i
to deal with I'i ?ia, bat ssttsis it M ih?i lae pareen? ?f
i Ki i- S\ iii . . ? i - ,-.a. -, i? ?? 1 I .- li-.:? - .' ...i louie
nein litrhii" ha? uf lal bssBac -nu.?.n espreeeton
Bttaaa???to??Ji?g Ciiflr? Aa luporlnol .tl.lilary
y i ... -i,? i., ?t a t ??' ri
The .-? ? I t,, be I.'ft: n.'ii by military men IMm
? ' ? ?a. -eut n tr m i. ? laay U the irr. b mperiori'y of
ulla? Bil ? m aotioa Tba AaaMaa arm) ka
Bobenia wee .oppeaed t.. Li nemerie 'ij -i treas? ikes Mto
PraflBaaa.lt aeatetoail afftr largar waoaitloa to* estersa es1?
?li-re an.I pla. u'iy . I ki.-i.I,lie "?j,,-<??. nu.? i illa,,l. ! -J li.?
- "I la re pa tat loa te as OenerMla Baropa it. ?tis
re for a ei igsiaatikala.
f which lb 1 BB " i
tian ia loyal to the Hon? .1 Haptb-Tg ad i't H ' i? been
-ilr dr Ten ink with M ? li li if I'ni.iL.ii?
???m ?i. ?ml i,n.?-aT ?.nd toi?? ?r. .ti? dUpirrted
br tke aattoa of ret**?sa wstoh it is MBtoiaed. It ?a? for
iwtoe Mne espaand thal MrsaMoesli. ?' af _ unei
? iii.iur- .1 Mo i h1? b1
Ilk to lall buk. punt b) pt, l.-aunl? n poaition
lit 1: -It far 11 g?! -, I'll tit. Tbl?
man ii no1 -. t'??ia.'I ?. Ii n aila,? ila r iocredible
that ?ueh a restitu?ice at ?o? i ti :.-! by the
Atiatrihi.t at Sk . 1 - -, nea an?l Mi.-irhengiii ?
s? i? ? ??st, afiei ui. .r (bal l?ita bin wai lowed tobe
IP ' ? ? I a t . . I , ? n j-ini-li?..*)
ia,ti, tasClWBra I'M' .' Ila? ?nomv tor
Me baMlegroai d betwe? ?> Kdaiggrii r aad JenphataaVt ? hi re
t : .?ii Aaati '?. mu? m here
- . VI ?? u
: -.. 1 | I - ..... ... I... - ? S I.. I I ... I ile.i ri f a: ?'lit
ii 1. .in.l ?>:., bit . - v ... fairlyb iteu, tad tart
vaia I.? ut'ii. Booerdiai to all the ceonntB that hat' reniai
n- lu t'if nu'ti rnpi I tir" i.f t .- Pi ?? ? Ir n 1. ret
le toe!? B n t.v? Beedh trun t*?it baa crppareally eerrled aba
a y. ead th? Meedi. bi k. al u ? a ? ??? loadlas tima at
pit n? u -il M I . BBC "'.ran
t: .a, i? i- nut ? Mteral bree? leed leg latee
trod . ,.? -r. i,.'. In i>- .:?? : .., it i-, k1
t,-,! ipiit.' geo ..,... . . : ; the I'm,.
;n abfeoet ii -1 v ? m..- i*, : line fer to Ute leitet at
.. .r ?.. ? ? a-i?" . f ' i |r?| Li ,--. m
i ?? ? t.ini i*, i : that ft waa
.?ii ma:! It saabl -I ii.?-11 -. ... t-.r pa?aga
? i i
M-B-bt?gl-t* 'lue A?;rli'it Lad oei-upir-d the i Liage
t.':ri.u/h wktoh th.? raid paean toward tu.? br?date.
? .i'iiniaiiiled all Ila np; rta? iii lr-ia wtodowa
? throws sp soroaa it,, r -?? Bet Ike Praaatoa
I.r =1 ,li al thr*. '- .??. '?? I ? s
only with mi.B-ie-lo-ding rid???, ?rere al.lt- to reply.' This
?nore thnn compensated far By dtaadritnlagn io numbai? or
p m'.un. tad Um AaaBrtaai leeBied t" I pletelt
raenataked. "In ikeetrael Mm AaatriaaaoMlera, bi
r and en u-air-r-d will i ?. r? unaLl? to
I >ad willi rate, and could reii.ru no al?.?.V' Lret?
r.r Prassl u.? wMia Ikaee, fr m iba adrastoi.I ? bettet
una, l ?ned theil gate? rsBey? isis ... ? .!?. m dee?
?an? ?t Ike rui -.?ui o. Ida
?nri!? Jaunit. S?MS n Mb? BtraggM i? i- g???g M
toi . .?.'y. " lier?, t -' ? : ?
fron ultim ed lis ndimilsire Ote? t'ie old fut? ni.ed trfapm.a of
tin* A i; ?t. ian?, f'-r tie I ?tier.'.-;] ka tie properties > .f -ii leen?
Prantoa." Atlut. ti lunai ratreateel I kfssl
ill at* Ik?r killed end wean dad aa lb? leld, lad ktvesfaaad
li.at nut? i.ly ?al th" mun tier uf Au?ll:-ni ?hil much irrealer.
bat that la tbs beesltali " lb? pi partieaal ?..luiinl Auain
an- M ktaaadei Pi??laaa ww
The? ? ?re no more than
SI.y o: - ??M? I hat?! al.IL i
1 ! ? i, miv ti ? ? ti!! - tag old
hsnjs ?? io whether a Hri?*ct. kesdet abooto se " hard"?la otkat
word?, i irrii't ijinie m nu isa M ii r.battbe belle*
"pinion it that If held lirai.-'.' kital '- ' -| ."I le it? ?? k ward
riral ?ti thit reaped, w I ii? in MM rv r f? Blared I I daahl th-il
i toBofc graater eaeeaUoa, So* ? tiatt!? miaaatyn.
- ? ballui with tb a i and A?I
paeaeaalea mr f.r rarer aad affai mo:? Inpertsaoe. it
apettonsa ara ettea dar ried hy tke d?fiealtt of londiutt fa?t
-n while bird? arn ??-tin < up-..- eweaatsaBg
a?,Idieri be ei ps? tod t ? keep tbeir heeda eleat aad the i t __?
pi<-uly in tb>-i roer?a of lainit.n.g doini wl.i.u Hie y aie ti ?m
Kit.? D'ider Crol
V? it bout eftperienrae. bn?rrrr, no reform Ir.TolTingcon.ider
able eipenae ia Uki 1/ ta tina fa\..r Wit? brii.lt of l)e|.:irli,irntt
ka ti.? eosatry, ItiasatMagrs ad that wa bate la?r?ed ii
t. I tain to the BSpert?Bl ti ?li.i li I ?se 1 itelj le "li tri- d on the
larire?t icalr in r. .1 warfare, in.ii we bow muai earnestli renn
?entitle .iri'?*i,t Beec li st -? hut Lut
month that M?itlial ' I hi. tr >.;?? ?'- d-'-'iiie
the all. 1,'rid luprriont? af J'rti?iiaii li:?- im a, ?I . to reis an the
?. and ?? already ?en the ooaceyi aee, Ki rj ??',?
kno?. that bayonet* are a?lil>m BStBaBy STOBted ? ?hen they
are ero*-??'I, it 1?) ni ti,?am M iw? thal lli?>r-?l.arrri!,?
?, ir? t i.ii- ? will rite the meit rig Tam throat, aad b, f >re they
aro ereeeed it M eertaia that rapidity ?>i tue ?.I tall fatally.
Witt t : :u aa nut h Jay ab .1.1 be lo*I ka -u:?....i;
nor own n finir.T ? ith l.rreeh luad-ra of the BMat Btailabla
? ??tern Thara m na afl?Mai la the Wir Departoaeatwhe
wnuiii himeeif think el aMag ? _at_e.loadei ka ? urer ab?
if he bad th? ip'ioii of n hrereb-loader. or nrka Wooli Uk? te
confront wltu the former au BMtoy pr .V.1...1 with
tba Utt-r 'I ter:, s? i y ii- -lit lo i lace the bett? r wesasa in the
hand? of our armjl The ?ii.all r th?, fort?? *? iiir.iiiiuin as com*
pared with (our ni'ii-'iiiiar?. Bad the ?rester the iliiucully we
np r.eiit-i- m reuuitng it. tbe BMteeaaaastol H i? thai we
?in,;.II forthwith appropriate mi ItoptO.I neal ?hi h muitiplii s
ils effedite.trenifth. ?ni makoi une tuai., und? r i ertain i ir
r-i'ntt ince?, anistcli for two or thr.- what it tim ?li.glu
Brseeb loader, or ?urne Kej^stinp Ititi.*. 11?. that of hpeni er,
sdbpted in the United State?, WOtol N Ik? wl,.,!? be morn ?rr
ti. rabia, i. a matter to be ducui.ed hy prot???ionn| (annan
?eura, bpencrr's rifle i? a "seien ?hooter." and all aeren
akargaa are put in at one? into ali ham her in tbe ?tn? ?, tait ria
the broech must be op? ned alter each thai to gai rid ot the
anpty partridge? It M poeaiblethat trrrlntl* Omi n ga,ned
tiii'l ???nie nut oft! -rti:..-. meut ii.? urred bj tt. ih addiUoaal l MB
pliestlon. Hueb rr.int? may ssfely be 1-ft |to the Judgment of
eel?ta tille oflb-r?. bal ?h?rip?di?'ncj of anbitituting Ilr??rh
bindera for Mui/.f-losden li anothi-r alf.nr. .?*. ?"utifi.- oftlcers
?ii aerer aseee? ', bi th?n,?ei??-?, m furcmg the chang? apea
Iii- B-lberlliea, and the onlj power cajuthli' ol doiug ml, ibe
pu?ei of yitul-o opin.uu.
I.ra. Tlnairnirrl'a Army l'i.OOO Auatriaa Pria?
?arra Fru??ia Mafrguardiag the It? nr.
Cortrij.ondiik t of Thr I.? nJun liu.u,.
Ill KI.m July 1. ma
Ititlio rentr.'il anil WOBtOTB tl.e.ileri ..I ssnr the boa*
t I? aniile? becin at 1 ?BCth M matt b igani.t each other, lieu.
Mniiteuffei, ?no. with . ?000nea i.a.l baan ae loegeaeanped
searKordbatu . in i'r ia toa Baxoaj, to prereal the llauu
?-.*rit!. an:)? fri'in B?ssinillir r,'n it in that ?1 r<. ti.-p, it
niarohitp BSSth, beaad far tioth? or C??tel, ?e know nut
wb??h li t <itb--r I'm-aiinn eorp?, ?Lieh, ?ith h?adi|uartrrt
at Kiienach. ha?! been employed iu walrbtog iii? Hanotenana
from th* Sontb, baa moved luit.rr r>ii*ith, mid. ?cordtog M
my tail adiicei, got to S.liui.gvii. in tim ?a.lri ui the Watta?
homrthing like WO mile? nraiet the Mala se meet with the
irederal outpi.?t? at _?tolsgSI in tf.r Da-ii) of l.'u- ?ami
name. They ?re HatAnir.ri from the Itanbei?,' Baton, wMeh
1? an Intenuediste like between the I ? -1er 1 at I mnkfirt and
the bulk of the liaturiisn armt. ..id to be ttatinneil Dmr
Mi.f on the 6azon frontu-'r. In Ih? far VPeM the
l'ruaiian. bata entered oNaiiiu, an-l ?H-cupied J ' ti.?
?heir they ?L?t up tbe ronlette table, a forLlddcD lnitlii.tiiin
li. I iu,?;- TLelr Tan baa beea paahed up the talij of ti.e
Lahn. 1b?:r adieu! baa bad the oouuugeat i ii ti. f: >:nten
ing the gentlemen of the g-smbliDt,' table fr? m l\ keab Mea, ?nd
cansicg th"ir hetty retreat to I'm ia. The fore? ol'tiM Keilarala
?t r iBLkfurt, ?hieb muit be eyentually dealt with, oonaiati ol
60, ?0U men?a for larger number than Pr mia al tbia mi.aient
command? ia that neighborhood. Ia a fe? daji, Lower- r. tit
i'r mian reenfoi. tuiruti ?lil hare come up and made their
KLeniab oomrade* aomething like a niatcb for their opponentr.
Aim ng other minor i"i.t?i.g?*i I?, to l* innn-.ii ittiy added to
ti e l'ra?aian fun?? in the ?outii. are tho?v of tu? tw.? Mtx-klea
burga, ?ho ?*?re to march for their dBella ?lion un the Jd. The
Pedrraiijnit mentioned i-onilat ol A00B Naiatauers. C.uajCss
stier? 15 0H0 Darmitadtera. lJ.WA) Wditimthtgeri, lii.ijUuLa
din ra, and i'.'/Cki A'iHrni...
The number of Auitriun pn.onsr? taken on theOfitri ?7th.
and'JO'L bss been ascertained to em..inn tn Beatty _,00B A
con?ider?ble portion of them i? to he fctBMd mt? a cttrir BB?
dei tin-gi.tu ?.f n* fortr??. of <''i!berg in I'oun r?ni?. Min?
ef th?m are I tail an? drl ?liled to bud tlatiitrltei inf? 1? ii
(Uteri ?ith th*ir sllr?.
M'hiir peaet.attng f itrer Irto the hoitile interior Ihe Pru.
.ian., being not Bauilndtul of the rioi.iltuile* of war ptepned
f?T|a tate retreat Kot orly the ?outh. but also the weit of
DraedeaM halag fortified. Tkeaaaad? of men hare been tat
i., miikit Dii-i. liotb Dreadea'e beaatlfid b lesa are ready
t-. '<? l.lo?n up at the ?riortcet r?ti. r. Ai I ,
' , . on tbt field ol la? BUBOBI BBl?I f. Bgl ! r< traill ?t Na
? X nwthworkearo being throw - ?I? m
u?S.i._ ., ?M _4_- ??*.?.
a tnvti"! ?n t' ' ' Dhu. I IWMB Ilonibarg *n.t
I, irL'i ? i'r"v ,!? I ??'li ra ?! i
(I, :
rulan*. Ia* ? ?
i i f
i lid i? hare be
i.int.*. %.> (uviii)i:mi?iv
The Bleelee *f li...? Kc Caira la Abamloa
Hi? e*l. ?i.-:?- fio. liir-iiiii-.ti of Ihr KI? dor
Airxnudrr ef Ilr??r'? Arttlrri? lo Ihr lint. un?.
Mi i i S. ?.
?Al?M . I" "-. HOg
On I' Ihe 0 id H lately
i-i a- . t tbe Hen i 0. aoeongeated hj ?to
n ., ,. Kai r mi Berlto l'i ? ? I ? kcitoi roa Urti
.It, re o ' tor to | ? ?
tU ?|a (li lal -..: t ? M I"--!-!. 'Ti '.!< 'ill '? ?ttd J 'KI ti? . IBM "I
l'ni i . ? ? i a nour p iel ., ...
Ile ii i [ day a forth. I
I'mi i '.- lor.'D ! iu i'"- aai tie ? arrired
Tt I',', I, ! I I..', llUl V? til t ,tl .1 .
To all thi ?
t!. it , ; ; ' ? V ti-'ria. na !
,i, ... . .til.it-'. ,ii.i.?'- In it unter nil c'retim
?li, ii
th.-1 ? nmaiid of tie ai ntatl a
ni nie i.- n well t to coaroki
?. I ,:.e-:it. If tia- liierter wen! 1 MBoedO
tai*, all it eninta akofl Ibegweroa .. torgirra
and tore; ?n, i:. ...i >, m t.? otk? toad, ki ?Uli clang to ki?
iiiii',:, Ca titi natire -?? ce nlmn ef Li? farana aad
miptn .?m..m in a 1' Willi u weaderlnl dto| I ?v
of motil e n.r i ;,- um li ii. .eil. f p.-, i ? ned
ii?-uf t? di rep i :, m , i i i - a? 11 pei
pared \i -, o', lo, k tto i
oanp tin! arra oo duty at Willel i bob? and two ? dfafloen
on tear? m i . - d, received L_?traet?M? io Lo ready Man?
ije, p m I,mi ?n ? p. ?i.. w '.? u ti .I'?, i?: Quitted tie pal
lim ' ? i i, ..' ? ? tie AU'-r oi gean iu tto
pel 1* ti* nli'l -lillian, I 1 ? i! Mo n lieliaf, u la I" ii -,-. al
11, nil ? ltd BM WB? la vt.nilli!.' ?Ililli .
lha party direct to Berlin ?ad t?ranoslo Stettin Tai King al
I'm? ?i.i bad i-n cn :'.. ii ... tto option of ?Hielt ia oi Koola?
berg i iraptiTity, and heel ? to pr?fet the tor
iner.ll.? wnl . '
?BO i? ? ii day. in Co mai.- ?? the 13 ?
tor w11 ?m nnmber II pel ?>??- en-hi r-vral
liria? .id? lie . .imp. V.in Kerbweg* ?i"i -na
linn ,,i, ? ?. and : ? ..Coi? ri Ike ?MC Von Laagarke aad
i: i . -, iinnii.il >.i?. the Bteetn pahWahed tto IM
l(.? lli|T p. II ?.l"Ii
To ?v I ?n ai i i. I', "i-i - Ob Iba point of I r, away
Cn V" ,
e ,.,, . . i
llniM i?l m i . un, a n: a'.??r ?n.-Hi? i?.I ? -ir I r.. I ?fkll
I , kis.l ll.dcivil. ?
m tit
i , , ? ' . i i a ihnr
.1 . I I ?!!? "I ?"!>" I "" I?**!
mern '"I,' o- ba-frr d-v.. I ai: 0*1111 IV i. ig1 a
li .
o,, ,:, llexanderof Brea taaasd Hi? foi
Im? me - -i be 1 tairai troop
I . . Conf?d?ral '??? l*< 4ei ? m nf v.a
? I nt Of? I'. I rrrrl ?.
i thal ?Ir.? li ' ' - ? a ?? ' rr
?ml idhi tb ii e. at II ?du? i
fni the I, n. r ol I ! ? ?ful i-tainii
.-ii by "in un
ale rea '",w toepi
' al ??wa tai
y aad ) ' ?? ?et.ten,
? . ., ?
. I
li '
.?nat or 11 ?tan
i . .1.1 .ntry.
The ?niiit iilir lion al ihr llmiorrrian Army.
i!iv:i? i..., gara l
at length the vail ofasyatery la ahic*h the fkte el
tin II . . ? : ii ??. " a ikrOt ? I I -i- ' ?. ti ( V
ti iii? r .i ? ipl?ii.-ii,.iu i? r>,i ind. A.
. n. ? oil i*r telegram? ti
?oodltlOM, It? I. ltd I r .
Ti nee karia ?? parole lo aadiruk* bo foi Ibu hn
tiiitie? o.? rd I' m ii? .?ut 'i- ito war. i an ateo
p?roli ' i
toidi t reaeot lol ., 1.1 ? . ... f :-? ? ? i? i i I
Mae) arti- , ? barg ? liiUarj
,, le Pi n-'i i.
Hu I' ti! . i ...-???. :
i tret liol . , ton were st lil ?I
?. .
oi ihm I- lei ild to be aa Aaatriaa ofl rofdlatii
t I tile lal'., , ?i-i. r
i" m bl
fren Berarii i i ngaran the Praail?
v.em m ..nd eel ? ?. No
BowM I -
Baa ti ? - a
a Mtog I? ? L "
V i ? . ?.?
the anil, li 1 ''?' ki?M Ihr ??
i ra raad el PrtaM Al . _
A I "? r f :?B on the '/?:'
Ila toll
cm lotion ni
IB ;??'!.>n kal
tB? aad
I .te i mi; por! k? '
1 Iii- ne . ?na..,' ? ,f t> e
??lied loll-ea on then
Willi Hie out pot! a of ti? Hu .?.vermin alauul tUll in I
of I. . ' t wai not le f ne 1 I) that ?
t. non? 11 gageneat, ii ihn easneri which the U ?
retri ?I that iowa, ?mi toll :
t'l? l'i ? , | . a - '.?I 4|
? Leu i-,.- Pnnteni
of Col k theil
v . t Ima I'm?
?ian? f -r Mt ' i ? a re n
: ? ? .ali of ?n ' - ? on II ? big
Hie ?..?..' I lair UllttebekV from whnb
t finn art iib ry kepi ? ? n. toro?
le i ?.i ii..- in.
the (?ree,. Bataan Ike lw?
I. .1! in nr ?I i I ' . t 1 ' Ili.i-iO
l-l. .. Hie ll.ilioi. !. , ?? ...
i iviln ? : 1 tke l'i ? . . - - I ? .-! ?i d
tbelr i ? ko tod
1 ' ?
r..n,e p Uti ??' the ?it ion it wv? very ?eier?, i .nie .lari? W' cr?
0 kail ? I]
H m?, ria
I'n.-.iiii.h wer.. ?II t ' lj i! ? rr ip
,,? ,r, ! ii, !, ' i. Hore mau a ib.iutnnd
??ill," ho " ? ?f Ih? mli ibi'-tita I. tie .|,. ! rTMg*
IMBI* tor Hal ? I of B nullity lio?pllal. Ibel'ru?
| , , i ?,-t.-r- li.- ' ,'. I u lu! r
i et-iinaal and Ibe lOici re bit' ?lion of Ito SB I. rrb-imrul having
tuffered nn.-t
'I !..- t ' f I?ii *vdv ' hy l'i? II inn
i ' ? ?li, iptl ,i m,? ??.I ?f
?red, li
IXanorrria a-, ??ret?.
liena thal al ra waa narai
irriied M M !?ut it
1 roy. .1 |ob( i
i?. eel
kng tb? bridgea era ii Werra to pi ? kiel' .-? ia* toan
it river. At J ay La?
- : i ? '"i .i kg? ? f?r ? lull It
.:? t li i? -. - |*iBeda n??
.."I 111 IdeB ?! ?III.. 1. .- lii'l...el ia!, i UBI ? ?; .lal
I.r? it ? i!. !.. matan d to lu Batir? dyaaat]
l '?? riderai ... ,. al tPraaklarl.
I rain J ? r Hew?
The Federal ern] noa aron:*?I Frankfort co
)!?' all .- ' . I*.' , . | .
' IB 1.1 T Mile? 1,000 c1 )' .
: ',-etie r e. ? ODO, 1 ba s noa
0 ;-i.i?.i ?trong lara joined I ? Arati ?- ia B ki i
Tie Bararie? ana*} ?>f MOM ma L.rui ? Itetlaet oerpe k|
tiii-i: ? ,v m aad it te tbeegbl they will ntartiaxnj wuk i
?lew of ririklaagat tto Pru**l n la IM mi If toi
H'! le.! tie ,,ii (IX) wl.ieli ure NppMBd I? M Ulule! lb? r?i:iii:nnd
..M; aad al ito Aaatro-Kritoral aimy m lha l*M aneaato M
the ei.nl limul numbai ul
Hmiikurg and I bl I'rutaiaa ?ihiiiir al I'r.I( rill
? pMraara ri Tto L? i BaOyBawi
II AVil.l in,, I
At yesterday, utting of the Mu- --?r i bail ,.f the
cn ile Pnaetoal aaranai : .
from th? S? li It*, IB I-.?i Bg . -p a of Har.-.- dispnti hi?, limnl
tto HU -. n*p*ctir*ly, trou the I'm tua
Bavay. H?r?n reaBielttore? aadeaopyef UM reply oa tto
l??rt ?i Ik? - Ball 1. e ... .,..,;, , . ,..,i bl
an BTgei ' r r.n ., lo li i r
iBBMdtel? eoiiii.tenitloli la ?Mi?! ?ttOBg n? pim n!-l for by
ArL tool ike.Ceratitatioa. I to H- ?n then lore r.?aired Itaadf
Into a I ni.,!?! it n.!-. ra, en n li.. - , ...-r. r - <. f
the pim ?'ir ara?ad n> withdraw 'lie ?.
traratettenrittoraplyaftto-oaatete the demand? i
m ia for wpomlagIta caan ud entering int.. an
will It oa the fbBBdation of tto Immediate aaaraea?oa of a
;. Nhi .nul Cn Imme:,i, aad ?
ihe llambuig ii.ulii._t ni, und 11 ?au. H ui. ibu dupoeil .
Tb? toa Bri toiled total
diapeb ha* whick bia Ii.'.. .
1 l ' ' iv am! ?mister Plrnipotol nr? ?1 I!:,
Mnjeair U.' I. if P p|< is-'l I? ni, ?n Ila. H
Ibe iiiiii. 91*1 find-.-iti. nui ?adte iaetraetad tecounnal .??
the toUowin* la rarit, Tfci .? ? ,i? in? nii,e _mit?nari
tertoM omuderatioB the Prtmtea eannuatestlea, and give
mli ia.- ?ti? mi ?u ii i,?, id by tto kigfcly innottaat BBdei
I Bl net
inn in . ?Btradli lion to tke itipalatioBi ol the Feda-raJ ti
? !.. ' K ?? nii'.e fl.e In . ii .,.., ,,,. . ,-t ?i ii, .
i poatiioB In the (ierman i tkal i? n-cog
i.ir-ii by all He Power* ef Karep* Bel Itoaieato el Ile lari i. a
laya aad the i?-c illar circniBataaoei In whiM all ito M U . ?f
lb? ii : in ri iierinanv aie now piarada Bad nciiinn WhiM H ii
off? iiv opin-iiiini, L,.vo In?
duced it? Smite -.o oreruoan Ikeli La ti.?
Il.'riefte l.f lue ?'..e Mate H,rt rciMM'lil. 'I'|,e .?.??
ate, ti ? ... ? .: ? |? ,, ,.;, .,. ,.,- j.? VAi
the other Govi , ,,, ??
roked bj Prnala, ?ed ?n altemkM aid renoi Hoi ? ti,
(.'emitn l-ontodaraitofl baaded m tke eMdittoa* and Mipote
tioui c. ?? Pi i.??ian n..re ?I t.i" H ti. ,.f .lui e. lint
?' tia- ?.a ?? lime th" ,-seuale fie!? li MCOTMry te toy ?peel?
Uran ra the toet thai ii - ? kn loi i toeea
tealUallUu dataiteal lb?plu ??? oona.atedby l'rui?iB
? ' D
Hoi i" thi ni ? laing i.ndrr
ni cir'uii:?:i?! ..?t, ttoratllcatlaaoi myer
rnnifir rut rn . ? |,, |Be .? ? T "e ?!
Ilnml.tirc. In toranateM ??' ''"rd ? i'h the .?"r;?!?,. ?I i! .
oiber Haanali? bra .. ?.ir
Hier given kaatraritora i?. Um? I'omnioi reprrasatottri ?t
irikii.f.rt te tata f?r ii,,. Meera?, ra nara part ia the
? ?'-.' a duli
Witl ? i,| lo
the dru i
:. a . "--, __ ?_J ^m ? ?
the Bas?tes* ' isa aad otnrlotioo thal the
i i?- ra military pot ammed bj Uambsrg ? iii i?->
. . ? .
the mo.t peri
mu?! I ? :? i ' 1! '
8?nd i? for I i ' ?
To h. ' ? ? ?
?ary M PI ??. ? .
o'1 ral*J? to lu?* li .. A.*.?llaniliuifc-, lu
Ihr ?i.iuai.aii ia Italy ? I apopulsriif ?f I.a
.11 ur mern.
I ' - - t h I
I-i Italy bo . ? ; ? pal li.hed ?
lie ..f
- - - - !
rCretnoa*. with it? he .1 |-; ir
' : '
i a,,:,.,,,, - ?ii?-,-, fr ?in <ni,'.i ti I',.- bSBBl "I the '
willi. 11 I orn.h wilh 1 li
I -
? ?
I . j
i Bd ' f
lian? fTorn
? . : \ i '.
I n. un-: fal ?.?? ..... . from t> _ ron ile, aot lag
i ... l-fie.l ? ith i
a good leek a I, aad icion to ?rentur aora - the
. ' n ,:i Pi ria I" lbs ?-i.tr .it.
Bo lai* aa _? ABstrisa remaitta ' Iel re, bli mer?
mi"- ' ? i'
.j i,y V ? Mian
.-...-. li
lArir un -a. ? ' 6? nVrfr t
ra?t, we reejaire no better erid if their foe to
i al-ik- Albert
ita the "lu??? rv aad o -:
.1 .-? I .i?'.| i.r i,-,- i npe? tolly, i '
, ,,.,, ; : ? ? I ,-!i.-:i b] ?he ol!'..-r, to
i ,-,r ..J.;. .-. ...- ?.;. i - I ter tr, m .-:. ? :'. er ri ?
a. nu,.a.? theexti I r of the hostil
?tal tr,ee....|. of I!" L_f.Il Hi, ?
-'. ftali-?? tai t'
?, iii, o- a tam , ? i i Itir ob
, rtoi ../-,,,< r.,. i i
in the other hand, la ?; ?acsong irse* li? ? tbe It iii in?
I? bot too lu.-it ?ooa to ine.-ii those fatal Uli of dinaaaloB
mitlnut ead toatoast whisk kate dalaaged 1 ?oaaaeofl i
; ,|- ,,!.. I a!, |0 Bl ? .?I '??? Bl '' ? I
, ara .1". a- re-, . f the p.r
? ni :!.? I..-I t "f tbs 111 ? ?a ?I ''.";- ''? ' kSTbl ? : 1
|U dark ?W* '/''i, .' . ' oil hi.t toogan
trun j,o,,i ri'oi | tor? ??? ? '.???? s ,? .
lariat. Vat i M >f li'.' :in..r-,..t BO li?ft t-r.?
po, ni ir i ni" i. ' a ' - i' i ? i na of| it lots. It now Beag?'? si .lu
la.it ut (' ..la/.' . ? ii.? .?:-'. lit. ia ' 'I I" l III) leal
theale hietaospecity. Aaattaol Q ir_Mer_l.l1 i
bob .li? "?'r' i ty I tbs set of a nada??,
le/(?eras?) ?? ? itmadnnti I
ininihr i a I /.ii: ? *.-'? I . army into the jam, of
Ir.r-i, ? I -. lu ... I ..' ? ;. ! ?>
half M ira rr, . I.? ?I 111 lilt,? I, l.le'il. It U li.li
ran llj -li" ? ad, k M n iA i I ?er?
nie n i.? eesstry, ? reergealaatioa ot m
?.run. Bat, bowei . ? ft* ney bob] Maatresgth of
ter. ead stsa by Me tery aartowses? el Bund tot
? daly, bia datrsotori ?a? be ia? bo kaeslsdge tt
? Ira!? gy ur tu? tie? an.I ha.? aetSf b?for* ?.tiirr pian:.''.! a l Ma?
li liga or bed tL.- ?iel eon ."in.I la ? b ittlf. Th? nal tabling
? ! I diBi, ti, . i.efllllf lia? .-?I'lipil.!;?
?i th,-Ulan-he? ?'al ?f ? a a, t a. ead it ia fart bar alleged 'hit
mai j isJou?? n noted I ia f en the K. ..? ? ooaai ii? at
a kia f- eu t iking pirt ni a
?tri r.-. ? .f which be night, paring? bate ath
m.n, a thu nine.
?? ,ri. mt li.ii?!,? Blaaen?rai ?1 ibe l.allle al lo?.
lo/, sa?
Mu.in. r. -
I bo :<'''"sv.n?' offl >lal d ita li hare boen pnbli '
? ?,...-? i g -
i?. ? . ? ? wtioa of ti
in?! . r . ... ira - 11 ?
Seid ?S kelti* renaiaad parti) i-> ti- ? ead partir to
ii? If w? ISt-rsd, i " d, to that
?. i- able la I i letoc i be Aaal rtoaa di?
: irtiliery. Tbetenp?>yed eil their
lid nat ?li .ral
red poaittoei tot tared povei
ii., i..-1 tor r-i. nts ia I ra. 1 ?'-*r pert
the Aaotrl ween
,? uaj i. m bo i? ..
r..,r t.. the > al Mai
u i hie bratery aad intrri * ? aita
.'.ra. hy' I?., r . ?b?Sa, foi u -? -
nal |,. . i The I beti 1
koa of ibe ( lo i
?..i' a'..
tarka I'm ? ' ? ? lb? hr- i?t at ti ?
h -,. i . ? r 1 ra. The Plane]
atti ? ?a bok Ima sf 1
a bj ?-ali.lt I ? ,
- t?rrr. of which the ?
had n.i.ee.le.l in obi?BtBg l>'?.r?aioti. and tint dllitnni
, , . .1 II ? !:.. I
. .
: .....
II ! g I '
ri * ? i I tbs .?-..I? a
kaair .
- ? I Army Corpa nade?
i.rtoai ' .. ? i,.
I ? -
i . i i;-, to attack ? Du
??nu m : i- . : I 1
a _B*d ; I* while chai
I ?i,? ..t . i arl ? -I .- a !? ? '??? All ?re Bui lou*
ag?B '" .-...?."
Tbe Anacriaa Arrsuni al Iba It title of (??Ima,
I \ ita '. bli?! the folio*
.rl ?if the A : .
:? - ? gi Isaf I
.,:,-i i i- iii rsesi r* I si
... . , ..?
. . DI With III" rll.-m? It 11
kaswa lint ear s? tersar y did act obeerte the d?uy ??f tin.-e
f >i alrearlr ??
? , i? al Mol i .1 ? 1 li ?, ? n Pi n l
riide On J
b? la? M I BOI With
i....i.i Pan 1 - V I. ,*!?' and Mann Un I
I a Ptiitt bi
?r-c-mt..! Ylllalranru, allst battas drawn lu i.l
,., I ii :. hill he- , ||
wt'd. rae ..*.-upv Viliafrsaca ?..ti. bl
kin the B?t.'?rn.?.n. ?lal t --u he ??lit f.,Mia
? ru-ir e-l.iuiii-?i riiiuirr ?tih artillery la Me dira ?toe i f
?"ii", where _wn i la the altotaoea tarni r laaoa ihot?
w?rs eiakaaged with ear brigade "i uniir wbtoh had es
? "i I- ?' : ri '? I - Bl .:i i' i
lian? de Beebee, ?a. iii be ? lina, tod Basest.B
. -.?j in run.g ..f ' ? DOO d i
? will tit the ri.ing it! . ?
In lbs ne.i.it? were Baoousptod hythe rosar, bat that tosg
I a?? i.l .ii. ,| |., Ile ?uni!, if.
>.' it.- ? i the (-n't I then ire .: a- miaed to ra?
ni C'lpa lu the . I tobt? IWtWSOB 1
i aa and Kandra Th* brigade or CJotoael toe Pri r
-?I? SA'eimrir, of las SSI ?Ira .in i?:-i'i. id ?un.????I t.. ?ard ti.ui .ira
1er- to aead detaohMaats fetward to Caetolaao-re, lue
Ptfth Carps Marsked asoa Boss ead pushed Ita -"I? nea peela
toward Berbers. In like manner ita- .Sin'h Carpa toab sp a
a ea the -3d at *??iita Lada, and lae ?>? s ?? mfi Cara, .t
Massimo Tiri? two nu;.? ?rt? lo gBBfd tie ir
????illulia dun.ig the nv it, althou.'h baa BsttBtk
Cerp? had tiiitile iln.n.g IB? lag U'i.lrr .,
I rnalrs Beat a 1-tigslag nsrek fron Baa Bonifaseiots B ?
?mu. Os Uto n? ruin.' of the "it... ?t :?...'. a-k. ti.? Biala
t'orpaadtaaeedia ? ?-ra-giit line apon - . I
The Betaatb Corps lateo ed to ?ol u? a ru-.-rv?, una wa?
ilneete.I tuna; I bona The Tilth ('?rp ? .11 01 '
pt M M eettr boor B?1 Qtorgi in Bal! -'. al ii
n.,iatoiaiag [tarli al ktoaa until the arrttM mt the 8 roath
i ?
I'sht ?.in*nlron? war? toksa f.u.n ti,? i unir? regiatonU f am
mr part ?i n.e .Lil i
HdersofCol Beya .?le? the Pelt brigade, wbleh ?a
(ned to adtsner on fie -.'till of Jil'.,- n; .a the MB ViSSsf the
" ? t .a i? t..? .ii.l im: /, ,. .,. ord? I.' ?
?f'Le erny. Tba ?
Lal ?e, piad , I if . ? , i
M?ate s ?i t '. peaked t,.i?.-.r,i kb krfcwiagta
i Mt?ssoto iui.it hate aoualrad a kaswledge M i -
snne ni sai .i-.. i... i ?ere? i. mt airosa]
bttokMeadtaaesd| ateta MB?ddsrahle ?treugtb bad
i ui..-.I r.,!?.ir,l apes the I,nu ?t Baa R.i da P
?'mu, I ???!. il>-, i-ri. alni ni:, -i Tih? latter polet,
??Url-.-1lpl-.| III III!, el . , . al '. .. I
, Bl inn. H|?tU lb? lit,:.le \ . :,t?i Altiut" Muiuaol. Ui lb I
Ae. ii? wdln ti., ai ray of marie? "I cal iii y . .
Baa 1 : I "ii i-. ? i?. roi !
t? !*? ii. n it,. ? wa* ia boa .-f Ike
? a-trisa bj bj i ? i
n iiiih had bsBB dir ? i.-.i toward the 1 tat Ahoel "? ?'.l... k ia
the non.un: n s.?., fttlreol tniilerj aaa apea??
li?arta Um khe Pit
Congie tke eaet ef Ssa Ol? I aadtbeBiatbC?? -
i.i ."??muai ('iu,i..ii:,ii? mu? / ti, ii? eatored kata act loo. n.r
i.itili-r? Ore, kept sp with m .* v i. ?.,? admirable
doo, and produced a rraal a-ect, althoagh th>> aaaait
rely a sup? nor nuinli. r ol ira - I
patiorder? to ibe BiatkCorpt to nsiatsis itself, nndar ?in
- in..-- ni ttonawCampagnaaail nous lb* bight* ot Casa
?i.:, if it. ?.n, i bedoee, to posh forward tlgoi >', i? p,
i ia toid betweea the Bial
Uto /mt, i'i,i pt wa? LU"! as hr Oso. Bctadler'? 1
?f th, *- i, talk i ?r i -, i,.. l'util i'..ri,, nul the I:.rt? lim
??a w?nordered is adtsaoi ibe trat by Ban l?ocoo di Pal'
' i Ile latter towirdOl ted th >n ?
?? Itnol ibeii teak moe! .. TI i 1'irel Bril ade of the
i .ith Corpa aad toa latoairr dlriatoa ol I triad
, Barnes from th? In af ?ur u I
te toading the f-rioai nalats-ossf tbaeseay aad the
ii iirditout lue uf Mteral bait? nea raiablialieij ,,?'uU Uouto
?sato Tb? tn?. other biisadeeof the PUU ?Carpa aadsi
lirnenl Maring nial i el.nrl ll.it.nr carrlr.l th? Cann of Corta
?'"I Su Bees? di Pall?unots. ih? b-adiar Brigade ai
? ? i ad. after aa Inanaaal aad obatlaats ona
t.-.t. trim Zierbarato Mout? ii? .li?. Piaally, tos Topry Bri
gmle, aid later tha \i . a i-: ?in h? ? ? i
?? ? '?' ? k tal.t? lake part wit h ?verwbei
. ? , i.r.:, ?- winch took plaoa foi t?
?? ?aa. II II _f,,,,-,. ,, | R,.J | ,,, ,,...
Mea ? brtonla M th? Ptfth Caspa earrtod UM Mssta
teeto. Ii.e two Blbeta, afer a matt ohtiinat? itrug
gie. obtiine.t pnaaaaaiBB ?f Beak. Lae ? ami ?r Moat* !
Mimaor 1?.* r.-?.;t.- ?lu.?am had ann.-,I during ti.,
tia,? m Li],.? /,, M_ paabed ?u towardi Valeg .. | ,.
i ?II tk- ' Barta ?I UM Bioth ?ad ti?- ??tenth erin, tbei bad
?i ?aaarsead ?pla ..' ...? la tke ftftsraooa la taking Cm
mes. then gi inted to our troatpa, BXba . t.--l ! i :
ral ?td theil , ? ,'n: ?-,1 i-i. itiui.a a.Beaton ?
thal tot M1
fowecatj ? th? fifth eorti?. ?honld ni-k , :',? -J
teajtottoeBrry-Hntoan which ??? .lefende.i m t i
much braterj II l ?
I ' l ?
TI |
ti?ii?re4i?'irr iir raaMattal ead rlateat alta ka ef tke ?aeny
k ? . - i aad al ''uva *j?,l
?rt mid
ta S ?".''? and n k1 ????' UM un M
i . i.. ' |
I,?.,! li - t -
i-r la? lir.a.ele of I . p.-vt
/ti. I ?? r
i i ,i i i .- ??? : ?. i
with i . .
Hie m?n L Tbia ralia
: prodigiei ol
. t. i.d I?"
? . '
i - : I the Pulu 1 ;
'i...! .
Ul? .... Itteinp ? Itaittkattka eaemy f?iiktiit
Ui? ? ..I ? r
.. i', ?i
..r ii,.- pria al Anadeui * lui wai ?
i . ?b1 I Della J
a?, n? ? iri.ii i of prteorar*. a graal pert o
. , i i i, la al
tia? a f-r.? ?t nearly
? i alnori a
li l it vi . i ODO li bl? I? |.-si li |b? ti." I a id ,? -r
I ? i devote Im ?- d tr?..p?. Ou
rdor of our troopi "'i' "M
haren dne I a
i . i| pi.it' nltir? i
? ?
We tore atoo takea sene gn_t, bat tto tttat a? ibei hMBot
yet brea aacrr dned I beti ral it the ?reel vietory
i ..?i i ? ?i. p - II firreffeet, k*tymptomt ?f di
rd Ibes .-.-.i. t iu tin- Italian
m -it ra i .'???. ?! i by ti?
- v. ' . ?M .-alen ! nblag foi : .1.
' : Um au -iu? In.-n ??! the One bri lae
u v .cm i-ii. In tie- mm iii/hi
whare Le iu?-*:i? abandoned a
? . ii of nu wound !"
Pemil, mt the l.nttlc ef I'ustor.r.ii.
Cn ibu ? ' I - ?
Vu a i M .
Boom iotere ling details connecte- with ti..- battle
nf Cuton i ' i fmtry
,*. diij ?nd wel but the i i? dry wat lol - ly i ?ble to
maka head kgali I tie fe* I a? ti ton n ita oi
w ?ni tb?? i era opposed, l?teme di ra? .1 ? r?gi sent? ?re
undr tto .?i.nun:..I of B Bedel. ] l lill - lan* .lia tmt (ret
peaasMira <>t Ma Iriglti ara?ad Cari ?-/? m1 afin cey had
mail? tin ? rigorou attei to dei v. i es1 >!?
? -? n ? , . i i ,..i nt ('.i-f i/* ? ? i? hat, the It ilian tray togan
i r-:re ki ... *1 In m ko ir* from the
?I ? .'I in muk:: r I it? k1 Vlrtl I, on Co
r.t-fit - Lombard) bank of tin- Mt ii?. Tloegh li? I I kfl
. r ? .? roi ? p > wat foi li ti
idearen of IM Aarirtaaa. A vol m-.-r r??':*n ni of
1 lllC.-la fair .?I.nil fi'Iie?. fall-'.I It? ?'li' thl
formed by tbe II llaalntoatry, ?nil a? airattai of ? '
., :,. laiaa ?'if of WO .-el?
pin h r. At tttat. Bernai ???.?'.'il? wen- 11 -l _ m
f t a- ?117, aad TAt OAeial _
i-,l? > | m. * erp* 'i-'.vr ;.-?. VV ?a II IS B1
man :, i Lieut Hen. ron Roditocb. ?uialned ii - la killed,
g?oi 57 i.i'ic.-r.. ead I SS3 <? mm ? ?ri?
llara. I?, hundred ?ni twain mea wer? killed ?.
?04 were nore or len ?rtra?ly waaad I tod ire nuning.
k'.eir ? mara, 14 goa?, aad a tai ?? ?? .'.?"fee
muntUoniol war, lara toea takea ta Verna taoa karee
piflofl of b -wi to communicate wkiek nari nee!? preda ?a
m ii |un.I.il la.pression ou yo? naden, V. ... ? rm?ol ti*
Imperial and Boyal rrgtmant* wrr? heroically!
1 n -n? vr -li ?luce,-? a? pnv iles?wei?
i-r,i. li.r pit c tat ol
? io f .ce.
i ..'?. th? Fifth Au i raw tto
. 'i i . .! ma ?min.!.-.I and talia i ri
..f a tr ???. aad h? M nid ?.? >. ira
f .und it v? ft d!!.".iii 1? k ?? p ni? ii.f ir.at- le
i i officer of hlrh I
et, lad deaired me publiolrto ?tat? ni? ii t.?
I; diaai to wag n ib ?uol a na
..i n t?! tian, Ms -ral Mea
ia nd i ? takea te -Terra . ia I te i
? M? ?f tuen uro II ?1 li ? Th* total ten t)
Miera ra IU ?M i ? i? .?-.?: u 3,700 ma, w >".;?
A Vltlt lo ?Jnribaldi't (un:?,
i. v ni-m'.? Urila, i.
The diet?ni e Erom ( . ? leila S to Um
??lau town in a l na ran ? rttiag teealy a toa
. ii ?f i .....r. i. .?'?rer, ih? ?lortari ?' ty, ! ?
i *,-? t li ni.:.- n ?n?,lill.- io k" byroad te Braeaia, ead
tkeei e > - il? . !.j-. t I 1:11 la i
' W I? '.. k1 "f ?? Hill Ig I " !: "
' N' Li i ra- -e I
? r' igly wall adapted to tia nar
1 |i ! I ?hw darli g By vi u w-r.- la a
. :., ..ei." ?? .:..:, - t foi : ? .
Men i r> i ?????'? . ? tonifier wie
-..,.-?c?p?u. Til? mojiritr tur.- been put
.'. ?, / - m ty 11* banting I atoll teof tho
i r..i i . J ? i'- .v i ira we lieg? alisiut
-. m ?a .??!?. m i I- . ' ? to ttortn l?" ?f
Villafranca. Adrian pr
U ? v a
t' ? L. ??? ? ? In t il doon -t ?'ere
. . ...
N'u ? ' inplolnt waa ande, al
' . ty,alll ithed icbarge
i ?: ?
? iffered
i ?n w.th
lui '.- *nr tli.irt liai at
: . .
to?) -y I e' tt u ten ?bl?
itraggte. Y.. ? ? n ka p IraM 'i?.l
? I i- h ? r did . ? ?? ? ?? ?f s ,;
f. .-n.' ; ii n.? ti? ? -n al the Ite
?.. . ? . i
--.ni-1 poor Ora. Coral MI Bia ?tata, I an bai
? l
t ? li
? ,?, m i tieTery nan where.
I ! ?it lik-n alto? he' rec.-iie.l bli
? iad ka -- ?li '"?'
Il ?.:? ? Bl lil
h ?Pilai?. I la'
which WM teal M-- il i On By Mnral oa the
111 f.r n a v e ai ? , .'.-n,?. ecoompealed ny cr
r -ii. ?f i ?la k17 ?. i ! Bal a
? .r i ...i Irain,
ra i g t b al
I of ta? no4 i - ... ? ? .,-?,;, f.-, :, Breeela
' lo V',;: , ... ji!. m
. tat 1
vv'-? .. rriate, and left tolled tieniotareeqae olly
? i: i . - i ? ' '
. i ef Ike fini ti ?.-. unlici J.Toy were
??i : i gTMB kill lu : '
: -ri' , I le and fro along ? :
ib lain? ? . it toen eat? U u.e top
?f t !..;. lo the i-f at tto road ? toi bat*
li tka word ? -i of a rer'iiar linon ?helier
for ile ?"I lier. TI? -?iua of
i inn ?i. All (toll ? "f i t i ?.lil? 't
wlicb tory earry ra . Badoart?
ridge-bot. The 1 - ink ita,
: on four poet, no IraM pr.?cured
f ' .a - V . ? ? , W ia :.a |7 ?
".-y por
i I and a fe? p? i ?
- ?
with branchai of tmi tad v > learn I fooad ii'
Hi? II ir, w! ?iu I had knnwn lu
i?ho now h. i!? t * rnit ef Lioeteeaat la th*Uanbaldiaa
? r|?*v. we re.i. iel our jooro J, and h iif au !.?ur aff.-r?-*rd
the Irria ttaaaai al Caaaia Brer ?ian teal hi _ ! iy
'??ii?. It? -ed hil hoad :u ircr? 1
ten v. Ile! ?? e. !? Ii? i ti ---i de, Brit] of i
i . ted hg M Old nielierai w.?., all aranMMa IO piece?. Tea
i ?....:
?raked rigkl ?ad i?f. by .>! 1 toll leeeyed beena, aad a f?wof
bj liar i b ii? ti.- indi . I yea
i.y a ? ipaclon* yard. 1
?I tint b ?use on lae M pi ?1 it I.;, u
li g ?r eati.-i. bimi n bl I c1.
' It lb* loo of ! ,1
ettly furnltheo. Ita walli are ? lower? and
frniia paialed In fteeco bpob a aky-blM greaad v
er. .1 ? Ilk I I . of the
i a-id there ia la tb? red with
r militar]
? ,. ' i ?
i J u-ut?Ut
(he gil ..r, ji,?a
? ia Ca| ! I: nt, ni
* proi- [?r ti.?
I trial ? ? ?der. I bud ?
? '
kanbal'ir? a ? , ,?.1 Hi ,t
Oanballi wa
i , L at., whee be left
i ? ' I ?I ?
io mm y ?Uri ? . orrowtol.-.
' M ;
li?, ali ... I beard
an Hi? table at whl
. i io meet in.- ?itii ? .???
wltoh reanared i :
r. . v :. I .1 i . ' i
: ? of I. ? I. igltoh ? di
rnratioa a?tar?liy reverted to the b ? I- if tie 14th ' Wkei
i a tal.fa: Hi... ," tai III ...
L ira ? . D |
Aminau? 1.1 ! io aUi y fortified. But,
looa .I'ldi-'l, with I. . ?i,,en rob t, ' if mu I :
? ..u:- v gale ti
lo Bui-op*, <-it they ?suit', how io uwtheir bayonet? -tin lor
1 preaeol ?.?,?.. ...-? Ils ttoa rarerted to Keg?ih polltioa
?nd ?*ci:iod grieredattbe Idea thal Ur. Uladal
eoltenpw* iii?. :M tor* mired. "BagUal, kowayai ' added
ke "M leogriat aad liberal a aatioa to ?id? will t., ?
?f Itfilian n.d .pen:--it:.-, wtolerer mi. b.- tto | irti
lato ,,,.iei." Attbn iioiui our coin--iiac.il,' which
: ?li .m nour, wn? interrupted i?v Colt
i. laatallakod UteMrl, wkoentered toranort that an Auitrian
patrol, Baring mad* a *ortk* ii ol .1 teiied four
(i. iiiniali .n gn.de? wko, i lauted by graal tetlgue, h_,l
rnted in a farn-aocM no4 fur ina the rifle?
of Biroll.i !.. ? . :.i i wl?etoal I
After a tow nlaut- mi I dlmtod bv rton ?nward Hie
(.annal h ni .'.imp, wLith from the bill?
?111 of Lonato .ti.- ?I.? (..ward ihe I. ?k ? ef Qaida on tie rieht
and toward th.. rldg? ., Lonato m the d'
I '
' "- lb '->-- of Garda ?it the
fillig* of Blr mella . ttriM
?'"?"? ka torn aot tor
" ,' ' ' ' of Oarlbaldiau
'*?""? "'-K'' . i ..-- by CMtrireniBgn
eh.l* a i air .! .-' A | . mtering t: by Mon
.f ?li. ant 40
r Hi? very ba.notis ,1 atti!
. ,1 ?
1 ia- ...1 ti ? ,1*
Ben oa ito '
al 0? . fc..,, t.-.. i. ii. i.
? ? . <
pi-1nrea-?ne ?alan Bf the H.t??l Mujer w*ieea f
U.i '<:, I o ti! I ii tai i nell y perceive til? an.all Aii?in?o ?|u l.lroa.
not for fr >m th.- vi I in? el
'. - . ea the YeroaeM ahora ef the lela The laka wra aaah
li.) a ?ml? li ?;??" Id !lai'iiMiiii.i.lllouii?,
? .i t?i ii t li i?,-. !" . C? V . , tm
imii'.i! flotilla ?-a? tie-,-?-! 1 ' ki a? 1.1 .-. 1. firth*
Wa. e? i ;.| ig la nM BUM mot inn. II mag t .Wen a w ilk la
t' ?lire.-i a of Hi .?ii,. I fell In will a party ri ( .?inmi
dt in?, who were Wa; nu. ni n ?ort i ..a tin
Ihortef tto like i? protect tto Mwi toon ttoririrawalaa
1 i Aratrlaas kartag dotad tto ?wutl tkroagh wltoh Un
' aSiie-i from the I. ?k ? f Oard ?. 'a- lerel "I Ike likrhM
eaaad a* to thnatea D**M*aae witk iaaadaMm
1? prevenl ii?, Uariboldk'i eagiaeen bare erecu I ?onrd
IO! I 'c1..? ?in,I pteatl m difli-reut p lint? ot Co iowa
f a? ? ?altern ?nt?klrU.
On my way beek to LeaeM, akara I ranidtheuc':. I MB
in -viti. the Mamilu Spiuolt, ?ii .... ? h. ia ra?
ia 1 !. ? '? > b id jil t nrr red fr..ni Cb ogn 1 >, a vi ., to I mgiM
* ! j_r.|nia l'liiluvicinu. about Ire ?ten from Cremsaa.
wker* !ii? iiuj?cv't i.????'.pi irt.-n have I? I alnee
vi? q i Bj h.I i wa? t i ts irorof ula.
Ii. be left late iu t!.. night to retara
i-1 Cremona to Ct-ogaon Thte ivrtm .- I im
, 1. m ..r.'.-r la to at b. *?' .narien
try operaiti.in? wbiol an ? Hi'uB,
. ne !. Tto lit ?raiy corp?. ? Inca ? .:'. lied n
i ?-. 1 ?! Li a' ? ?a ' ???
, i i? reed' Cr actton. Of Me oraer earp| c-irony
. ? ...I te .? '? ? wen before
it. A ?otiier iori??, the O'h. ii alto reidy, to i bul the
lunn anny?ineladtog the tftOOOOaritoldtraa. wkdak bara
, :,r i :p?---a .:: n. , 1 mure
I , iii m:: nmi ana whoar*aaa_aladbyeaa
- o', areagiag ti.en in. u. m Bke .- -no-aiy
I. U m ti ? iu tua f (be -'4 ti of June
Tile (??frrauiral I'r-pariBg far It .n
( a. ?ii ouldie? of'IT.e L Jua Tin ??.
Pasas Frilay ?>? ning.
I kara nason lo thiak that Ita ?mp? >r iaaiea>
i eitel aawaa* kn aleteaste
I neal ? . ..rilirin it tod ?v. t iel al- mr norna
payrrt i '..', r t, ? e. . g kinta I I'meaim
ion frrli-tif. There ?ii? ir.-il axeitemeol on t 'i6 H .nn-rarda
.nrironioi ? M noratag. la enaoynaee
.-.m ai'. i-nia-iit m. a li ? ??? ? mi thal kia da te Oraran
-? papa? tot y iiner weall p'it>ii?h a ????ciri
edition al IS ototeek. l'ioii.- (uuililed rae? aaek rihn la
?orambling to gel ? oopv ?I tai? Bair? aankar ahioh M
it..? i,.- p ''ii; "rlaoA
rie boyera were " I m aot a lira ka the
extraordiaary I lueri tto -1 rhtm knttrari. rp*bri toltol
the " I? teOk min" ?-lil I .?in-enf Tu 1 n?t/ al lu?? tori
m?nent and ?npprc??- l tto pangreak, whenan ?i may
i toes, wbiol ?as m tore bera the fraiera ri
the extra edil in. Tin ninnie?! ead It te or mt wbiol
?i ?I ii pi ' ?("in t!;e B ?li?"- thal C" ( ,.,rer.,rneal
i Legialatif I ela? a
loen dar ? ..... ima. kadtl ?! .? ia ?!ri?>%
be bad thought It to atop IM publication of euc', i r. kann
I I. iparot no don'.? wanta lo li? frC'- fn?m II?' eh* !? ri lM
( ?rp? Legtototifnyurara hi? own pinna. Prince Nu|oieoete
* i ii lum m in] I - aaaa.
itdreprennUngthat ifbcl*t* Anatria age) bead i idiSeaa
i will be raoraoeriy Manaral We hear el BL
*.,?:, the iii?.-a HinUter, toteg ooariaaUy M the Palaea
Hat ii. Droayada a_kByAaewrdla,TtowkMlannld,fcaeBelM
,t .ni'l ii, d le ?liar.- :?i- i'-4*?>n?iliiiil.. of n vnt pea**. Ho
thal ?-iris in ?i a a p?pala? ia Krui ? and Uni tto
:e.i, , ? ? : lunn it ?rou! ! tolorribte TB* Knt
p r?r aril ,? obably i.? hil "? I way and iuo..awa.1le Uien
ara wli > Ml il M -rt.
pa Kia.
t:ii: parmi in pani OB tiik witt-' I \.i\<t:.h o?
fkk-.. .i ;du;:.*. vlivM?o:*'. Bl ii'..' ? vim"? WA
narrow vvi'? rai mm ?riaiM uottv
From (Jnr ape ul.( o-inpinj-nt.
Pierre .Li:? '." I-Wv
N ?body at all _amiliar ! bl , ssl be
? ;.' l nil? n ' atti Atti?t m? other
k1 kbility ci l ? Il s of iM
. thA! ?if any other
io far ?8th>ir mm r.- kt It? iry funu? m Co_*'?-r uri. 1
?lag ef politio?I daily pap ara. I ? * ' 9,l*?*.
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Paris (U1I7 that it be ti iateaa,
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and Ameriraa aewapap r r..,..- . a atad* whieh.M ba
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London Tu a M ' - ? l? (viel
corre?) -, rep.i.-c ..- r a -v de .ataja??
erery harrowing andahauiel I detail o u mal
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1 ? i war.
Kr-?.-livii'ii ki.o-?-? tO tbil ! i 'ti?1
In tke 1 ran L3_9 there wa? a te-r-nittei
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!?:?> Pe? i eorsto
?otter than i Bun 41, the
?I But no P i,. -,.. ? h t.m?
And l-T it bo
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nation ? -l' - ?H??!,
ed by the or?,' . r. ?. ?f
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li a -, and
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I'ei-re.iil.:.? pul in ha* grown io di
t i the a litora.
l'n" . .. ;!?? c.?r,i? Legisintii, \l La an .n?, ?
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I ..... in t'uvir of Pranre, ii r keeping ki boa ?iiblr
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t . ? ? | . .'. V, - . ' I '.Iii'.* I?'ta
au apponaoto of ko) Pi taaiaa and li-Lan goMafr?
did li.'-ir .-lan, loateat beal I k1 U.
I ! al.?am
!?> tin- ni.ijuriiy of the ('??,- I -: Lhey ? ?uldaal
chu?, to v-nte. Hi? aletean, 4> r iiia.sii?r. loat wblI
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I ' to we uproai ' i -katika
moit vitai katotMts "I I* ran. S srvintngly ei)?r?ned tu una
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m tali r n m' Prance. Lab mure ? eflort, with 'I inera
? I li-r.let's lia.:?.ii.;, did BOOM ta thil IBM ' pacOM
?? ' " t - f j ?M igaintf Krame ita in
torroattoa ia the i ear. And to raak
BianitoataUoa Napoleon will reauy gire I ' ?:l he
lo. Ii eaafly poraible, Pi rill keep oat of do
war, ead will ea keep tke ?ar frota b.-mg aaiveaa?. I
thing of laat reported tight? ? ? P ?? ? a??d
I - ; in force? in the I I , ? iruth
ol facto, an for raitt ? the
eonfntkon "i reporta, i? likeli r t.? na ii ye i ban Lea toa
thai from Pan?.
y Cooli li - f n*
.i I . er*eapifUed *'-b
?.I Ue co?ioa.ou.-f oi a l?cl s.J?4 ??,*?.??.-j. )u_

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