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lotrrcHliKff aSpiech o?" urn.
Bil Own lle.__i___C-ic_- of an Iivt'iitiul Life.
Chief-Just:co Chase's Address at the
Alumni Dinner.
r*f ' ms.
llAvmii V If.. T
<'ommonee!i , louth 1 a tool
? a I ?
.?'.r I'at'.er? :., M i] M I.
!? i a lurg?? nn:i I 'li-nniriitsb-d
? 'her with an hlttH audience.
-s numbered 4-.'. and the oniti?ns ?1!
' - - " ed was thut ol I? ?torta Levi ,'l.L. I?.,
axGn.fi i- t Smll Co,
. ......., . thoG
... . I .
?man or en. nj__
1 ? " .??hernian I
i i |
?j'nnv living crest :r I Itopieten year
.- inst psi t I. I am afra-d you s
tta the war. v-1 v
? their at'iuty and le *.;.g them lana pn-itv hsnl.
Bl and np la ? | ,-v ertheies., ni m turaer parti of
to me
M tal ?t of my aO.litv, and turn ?uti pleasure
..'li de
' it you
: te,-'er-, who !
? I .
? '?n for tt.e life Befen ? oe. I
' ? rta it no? ?ni
-:. I o' t.me. 1 iras , - - ,,v?, u?1
- ?
-. who have
- ?
'?'..-- | ?? ? II Bal '.:i nu BBlBflri -, , v
'al ?. :
i your senpn
jill as surely arrive at r ?
t ti.ut H ve ? i*-,i. about to
M .a- Cud
< ? ..i?:*?of ttn
I ira bom. it a;>pe.i-s to me aim'??.'
? for me to stand rp In their Banaenn ai I a'.t'
ti v? a<lTieo or instruct..- n.illv at i nat pneBBO to ?st one
.'. as.sJ ra? to do it ; prob
? 1 tVl.au 1
?- avluSl Latin?
k1 1 hal flntsh?-1 a d wai .
? '. r.'T"
' .I- I ?lir - ' , BB!] i a.lt??VQ t O 1 a " i
. ldidiKtue it t-ea. nor ... I note bat
.in pi m t.* place In that eeeetry nn-1
I tan ???;'' .?;.? 'on; and wlietaer I had a
? of whai fas corni.,."
fl, a : ' I 'hinfrs.
? ' ?y was a wanderer in those days, and hunted thruinrli
? r. o: t..o leam t'? Miete a ; i ta? Savannah
na- mice bee.') of valu? to
i-nttion. [Meers.' Again, bv what seemed a Providential
?i itlest I wa ant to tase testkuuui.t about some lost saddl t
k|_B~value, i.'t-,.i.g; but neieriheiesi th >:.e lost
ssdlle? and britilvi took ine mi? a region of country, the
tit .vriealgeof ?liii-ii afterward proved to be of the greatest
r iporiauce to the p.'?;..'-' "' IS', w li.impsl.ire and the vvno.c
wolli. 1 vi?ot to Marietta o?\ Chstltooofrs sn.J
:rwe-?:i. and in that s i.rt tl-ne galuel knovrledfre
? hii-h hu since. It!. i he mileage paid Be at 10
B?I Iff me .*?...>rtly afterward. Jail ?boat SB
?f.ng with many young ofli-ers?
. vrasoae?at the dining Uhle of t-? B
te. 1 Mien the b-st Union man prase? wil! nit
? loyalty of Mr Ve'- I was loyal ia
'.lie only loy_ ?luring
t ? Rebellion, and i e .? loyal now. Mr. 1'. tti.rt-w listened to
0 .i complaint? that our future loo-.el pjor, aid thtt th? only
held out to us was a neeta ia our euan-is-a jo and corn
in ?nil o? so?eLttle post oe the New-En?lanO ej.i?'. He tuld
itl_m?_,donot tie ahrmed; there isa rrovblen ce gnldei
.1, and you young men will yet hive to awsit au o?>
: lo pot Tour talents taaea' 1- ve ai
. ?oor. brali? out a-id I was
Beat to ( .lilornia, wber. in my wandenn?s I saw the firit
? ??reil.and watc-Lt-J it? m ?gi-ni effa-L-t npou
ieworld. Ti.- ' the g?j!J gave million? to
mut li whether, If th t gil I Lad not been
?I nerena the nutia- woaid have B ?ric out the
l?roblem of finance which the war of Rebellion had railed
? Tved it? pr* ? *,. "item. That gold ?"ave
u-weil!h and credit abroa 1, and a strength and durability
-.rvived the war. Afier some years I sgam went
?lad all al ouce I pause 1 to sec a: - very*
au that we were upon the v-rge of a sectional wsr.
1 had heard It spoken of In Cbarleiton. We had '
It j?.i"<i and Joked over it at the mea latta. 1 had beard It
i by politicians; I had lieard Gen. Stjtt say we wer?
I ere of war, bat my miad never realised It until the
a.*ri_gor__m_i-r of lrjtiO. when I was in New Orleans and
1 li.Hiire. Then, for (be firs! tim?, I saw tint ii wsi B'it
a.; tslk That cry of wolf, woli meant something and that
i iv.l wet was upon us sore enough, and what bas beau t
? ? * Eta al! kuow it has i?t.cn a short war to the world at
large, bu: long enough to ui daring those dark dayl which
firmealihe early part of it. I will not review it. Let hiitory
tik? charge of It. All I will ?ay is that in that war arose men.
.alto the etne-gen-y. un',11 the war cloied and
? >aw_?_ared. [Appluuicl Aad bow, young gi
men I ask you to look al t?eku lunn alni )0_i lui ure
are like | I-ook at Ol-a. Ora .t, a uaoileit, plain,
,ic an i.aiigiug gentleman, wiih tnc siuijue idea to ?lo
h;_ s?i?f: from IBM -V
. AWI _an tiki?? George Thomas trriltl not on earth. If
ho ?'?re present, } oa could uot begin to get him to Hand up here
? ,. l-l I ?ter!.?" wouii! ii.ii.il 1.? rather, ?it!, saber in hand,
r, i- Jo?, n thaa entci this room and stand in my
? ?hear?, j Gol. Meade is au aw?xopUahed goutleman
mil -ehotar. and wtmkd till this place lu better than I. I
m ti-at dunns: the war men hare risen
to tia highest poai?o?i and ?land there now, out one of whom
nharvcyon; and this teaches the aunpie lesson
i ii with honertv of purpo-e yon can master every problem
if yon go at it with a gaod purpes.- and a gatamlBBttaa to do
t- Th-'iai? noduuM of Hut. io my Judgment. Ii re*,oires,
MB li II tenon a renowned judge
or I inver or mau of selene?, bat for n mau of business
.?sad and ?ii? e-pioynaiiM that give tou? and
try, any yo jug roan with a good, hoje?i
l.sariosn master them, l'or the art of war, iii which renown
seemi thrust upou u?, all that ii re-juired is nerve, honor
iiursf? and taiili m the Hag tha? wibi and win? alwuyi. I
vii 1?M oooupy moru ui your tims, for I liavo Boen laditas aud
ge-Uemen sanding here for five loug hours, patientlv. and
t . j nuit bo tired. Iku?w you wiU say amou to the wurdi I
. ir?tj?oken to these young man and give them a parting aud
? l-.aifu! word eu thny leave your little Tillage of Hanover and
start out into that world win h it uot so dak and full of bad
Bfl .[?'e ts bas b?en represented, lhere are a groat many good
I ?rid. You will find them wherever yo i (
, eopto alike wherever you go. for thiy are all
pretty much ai God Almighty daigned tuem ?ter.for?
young gentlc-au'Ti, wuhing you a happy pssssge thr-ogh the
ae* ot life. I bul you iarewtli. [C'hnrs.l
The oommencemeut exercise? terminated * itti a prayer
db of Qnnai Oo-taga MBtei
'I'll.- Al.ti.ia. t_na vn l.??vl at Ilartmoutb Hotel, u:.d
wo? presided over by Chiei-J i'.ue ( li .-?. W':.? .
cloth was removed be r..;d
W? in??! auder auspicious circumitanr e?. The httvun
?mi!? benlf natitly apon us and th? day appeari to be madu oi
prealy for our gnUificatioB. Oui country if sol sbtoluK.lv al
psaoe. It yat approaching (.?ace. and that we hope rapidly.
and we trust that tim? I? not fa diitant when all the Mate?
will again tie gstnered sround the common table of Uncle Sam
?it banntles ?cheers;, psrtaking of them
k? to
." nii'1 breiii!'
, .'.
- ..li o! New
' . a
ti '
a. II.
?? ? ? ? . '
a lien'
the Chief _o?l . mt hal
i.i r.-aton al
? .aI : ?
, t!.e ear
u i i',i I" ir. : [>-e|?nt. Worn
?- t!."-. tt-re
- ?ions oonsisteury ro
H that teenaaa 1 iMie apaa-itaf la the
' ' ' ra a
Oen.fi ? ? ?
abo bad
Hei , . rand abo bad parti
? -, and then
ii BOB,
ti i. ? Or. Milo:m foUsaed te _i eloeaeal appael
| for anity hetanei i HnBirlra, and an hlltnrad
i Heyn Lin?ela en athen, Bena -i1 I %
. ? ? i 'Bl
Uaaaillau < allrse I ami... ni ria. at.
. . 'li. i 'IV '
1 ' " I ! Ma ..Mon ( ?Hive 'look pian
? The weather waa delightful, aad te? attendeece.
'lu- Bei !'. I ,,.. .
iledictoTy, after which resolutioni I .
? erenil genUrinan were read on Mm1/o'
I I" of the It,-",I ill,,11.
crain.iiiiiir r-lasi i. un'.,;, i _t, and their ontori?
'? ? ?? r. rp?.!!, theil disiiiiauiahod
i . Mr. 8a
I ? foil .m . i| ! ii ,,?..? .. ,,,t farren] ?
' '' " I ' I I ?' -??-'!!. Willi,1:1*71..1: |),.| .
!-??'.-. . \ ,
' B i, t. T. Doctor 1 lion
John I) ;.
Dr. li ,
'? ' V , Jo m VI. ;
I."'.until o, Chi i I li
i A M I! _lb ?.*?,.
Ilnrimd t'olligr I a ia uti nrem? ni IT Bl Bl len.
-.,- lav
? it. Bullock I
r the Lancen ? I
? a |"
' '
Wilsoi \0i- Uoi-tor of 1
Bull v i : |< .,-. ?
II. II. .? i
- ?al?
Kraaarlnrr l*_l.ie._nn Intitule.
I ? I ? i ile wa
ir'? A V ? .
were 17 . .
AJiu.jer .4 1 i .
nu- le Knie Olden.'mi '
t-KJ-ri. New V .
. a I?
: Winslow, w:. ,.'.? r? i? _. I I
uCCSIIo? flY'.lf uf ?ti !? ft'i'l
?eaiti of.Slarorv. anj t!,c I,''. e?Bi: . . of uui'? ??ork
bj _.iel] .....
?:? serve.T ii;.!,I?
? proaoBBeln
11 K ? ? ?
? ! boen s meeting at the Ti
'? :.t nu ' ? ' .
? - . : . . ?i.ttiui,, and :
- 11 ?? ? ? ? ? ? ti
P ?te Bl Iri-'iint? r>! iro? lie mined si, J tint it mil, lie lu aw li s?
Bl li .- -I t? . , ni
? ?CC't: l'A ?10*?'OK Ilf.V l?NANOil UV TO UM K UM- M I
?l/MI"N?IH!. I I ii Mt AL.? ?ifl'
1-, I, D WITH All VI- A--?i I O'.V IO.i. non Tlili I ?III!.
BTATKs?aaananaa ??i w"ik an ti;k Baaunaa
on vFRt (-?ii/, ni Manna bub i an a i ? i
, .Mi': in i h lib au a?m mob
n bau <" mu i "?.11 uira
' ? Th -
?li i
t on ii
; r v. .
o? bei ? lia i
t:ie euip r- in a:;' enploy abo .?ia.uni li ooatadnafll a
Meiioaus, Bud eiiinr 'le -
the sam.' luv- ' toni?atiOB
!?? t- ven to the ei:i/a -i? ..i a coast**** at a
Maxiuiiaii!' I
I . ,' ' a ' ' I /. '
mir items; 1 Li
l i. bera Chief Marti ? Ml ? Lal vv,, m ka -orara oa
i m ?? - ? :
? /., will bid "O'1 "!
. ...
i that Coi ? i* ? ? .v. .I ai ' I _-'?!?
: un Sau FraLcl-.u. I
iii?- Ina of Tai
Freneh ii-aolad ganboat aaat ft? ?
i -?no.
Tniaaltipaa had I.n atando
l ?ali tten
Merra. . ...
nling totbe Art A of th?
won on tu?? im- horn Von i I _< '
known f..r ? um tin b, but ii would I? o
Bhort d,.rai.on. .'orb? -, Barro] ?'? < *?-. ' ' '
batiken aad a - i ? I-?ill ? ? I ?
BBBT, bad relii?c-d U> pul Na Ob?
agenu m elane of ?ha wurt?? A larg? deit.il ap|
be the nama Ka tata nn-BtloB, al el preda *-?i ? bv.-iy
sensBtinu in ib?- cuy.
The Government bad approred the law es1
antem at* BBtaal exchange ob tbi Poat-Ofll i Detmrtni'.-ni
ord? : ?fsteai 1 rapi
nj.provc'l lb?- ntimatra lui tbo I) <?
ktuty, tin- ai.iouiit el ??mil umbi' li?,oil
. 100,
I-Atter? frfim MoBtenrdearlN Un sitoatioe ol
liar! ,.!' til.' e.iiilitrv '???? Ito li'.n
tier ia fall of Ubach abo, if they do no1 ?
araiv, at least Btunbei one."
i . <-.'.'?.. on He
! befo? Iba:
i ? ?
tu? ?tacad?- repart? Il 11 M
o' the defense ol la? * ,
Toban bad again ben taradad by the L-b-rali under
I'rerious to the lapartait* ol the Manhattan fron I
Cruza di'patih hail bees reeeree_ fr on .vi.-.-..?-., to the
effect that it had b? ,l'" I'lU'iii'lilli
merto that the Empnn would In.? thal city onth? Btb
ii, take the Pnach iteaa? r, fron Von Ci u on ti
fur l'iiir.ipe. The Dimrto ?ays thi __je< ol hal Jo ..
: 1 t?. i;,la niiiti'.-iai ull.tir.-a ...
It wax sir??'rinn.ire.l Unit Tanah* Bad bni t.-m-i. by
! . !.. ?? lUe '
previous accoui.ts han thal i Hj_
? I tata
?ATa*a-?^BBf_B?9T H??"M Till BOYA- ??"VER.v
MOT Li ?TTIilll . . , -e
H.vvAv/.. Jal. 14
A steam"! arrivel yeetalday fro P R
lui., Baleeol y ni at t} ? ??-???I'M. ?.?d fi -?
lor retine?!. Moi-mses, Me? ,
The o Han nat the _t_4.nl
Of ll.-i.Kti ?.i ?
y larantii.e of live (iil'i tiim.ii ii
United Bl
billa of bealtl
? BtekaeB Be .- m ? ? ? v, li be rta la in
defiaita lei.i'tti et t:i...
The nrenaa tram H ' ' . '' :
i..!? been. ii. round na ii 11 - . *; .?"' ' ?
Dtnetor Robo hu reaigued and?cherairi ??
pointed la hlaplaee.
From th?-- 'Haviina Weekly Beporl ? '
th.- Boaril ??f II?-,:!;.' is bo* ?ubJeeOng a.I rnerli from ii -
feeted ports ti
a tlt-ai. bill of b?ai!!. Ing n defect
ive bill of health, and u i . ' ?I'd al
Mortal foi ti
taring the v.
The Hriti?b brie i ,, llrowi, master, . I
at thisjK.rt yeetetday tri i New-York ? - . ?
?ti. ii h? m aeendean with tin- at,..v.- nagalaume, the laiaiu
lier of ?lav? l.ot etatf! B " '
Bicbangeon th? ' ? to to 21 toeenpen
with _3 _
Tu Wan ob B?u?ab Coam at ni s,,rin ?
?tain Dietrtel ? Bart n t? i MM last ?i Chsr
letton. S. C. J ?.l/r i
. .i.-ce.
I < n.k'isni ni li by Om of Hi- h,,v? ? ntl
?*tpe?pch o? the non. Indre vr J.
?. i
V .?-!.
. Titi I -lyal Laagi a ol \. ?
? ' -.I Dan.
, ?.-s-ran. Uli? bulldintr wr.- BOOBSl 11 BJ .?-. ?ni tim?,
; pii. at leas', n f air" . ? .
I WJ? veil K'eat, ai d enry a.ljat.,1. i?, t_? Ii'?
Rresa wa? receive?! |_ the eros?! in demon.tra'Liai M ?li?
? ('thefan .,(.,,?.j, r
.Sc'.ieaok waa IPSB, Bud La? mr
I anlog ntl the soldierK an! ssilors la theil ?-iT.r:
rj and lisas, the grama rsralti aehlered throsa- tha
- la mm av i.i:.ii to ? nesaaafal india? tha i it?
I K-Ih-IIu'-. lutroilneiil Cot Iii,'ml:,. . f Temi who in lull
i nance Bpska as fallows:
oov. n?mu tom 1 taaanti
at - n ' j /?I raaianfiaTttii
la.? IhmWamM] .?ar aside tie u?] of (lie pi?' an?! look back
n; ..illili <???.*? .inn shan v . ii. r what waa m ha
. .1 aM ?m tiaiinr?. we ?hall so.dor tint we ever had ant mi.
I laV.in.'.ss to the reinlf of th? H-'-' r ? it ?har* had
than sha had Issnlsd I isl l__u
?.! Ihe pa?t would linn? io git.- say. loar years of
' war eniiety sud. itT-r?mr b.??i, nut M bstt bfSSgM the people
UM! e-'l the aeisM "'U.? MM
: -rorari atari ??, sha h wa ad?n
:. st? Bal Mt i : amnm ?as.
Pt, i ' SBSti
, . rrtl
bseh ii,- :. thal a n Irla ?*? i Id ?
??j bai tfcoafhl n qoestioi sett] ?!. W, barn it
bos the Gol
i- i prut eel li? Ana tit tam t'<T?
?: .-.. rs| reoeatlu) the lojali i ? ipM of
-.: ? ? : ? saad .; .- .
I ... ! uii think :
? .
Willi : ? - ! I . ?
? I- 1)1
Be har. bo i
?V here s pawer I
.. ? irr 1
: the C,Ot?l
lat ?;,? ii :
v ? !
tint BO] Ob* tlatl
t.. ?? I
< .r ?hall
V. |
1 - ti
i. tai
lum i
" waa?
" m ?ti ,ork ?.r
e Ho al I - ? .
! .-.
otect aad aid their., but ii.-? marl la
nil - ? ? i ?
IsrtVred ?ith
- I ' ?? - -
An.I J..1,1... n last
bark to ti ?! of
i ? ', i
? ?
I . ? :
? .
? ? I *w. I I
. lowed |
- - ?
? e?|? _?C?
? - * : T T
i th?ir I? et. I : ?' I?
dom rhsit n ' ibflt
la ass ?eat?. We
11.-, i iii.rit?". I resd ,
I of 1
... , ?turi
:.a .,--.?. II
r l : ?a ... | II
p latter. ? ?>
1 ',. .... MlallSU II. -
? ?
r ?? Imp of I itei
?Bl ? ?ml
? ?
. ....
ti i hal I hat? tm-??
] BUI l? a!? n! palrl 'Illili, al li? Slid i
.t iiii.li sa Bo i ?? caii
?! .'
I ? . ?lal.-? ni ti a
.? n-iii.i.i, fir? Isusaes as oil I
i/?i s i? .o. entrsfii ll?*i
? ? ??une '
I seelsi i ?' ?trioti k? mini i.? i - sstsd ?? ti ?
t',t ?ul!,.a-ni.? Uri/? ban m \\ ??lill ?ma t>> lifLl
Ysiikeea ? li ? .lossl flotsrsor ol' Tessa 1 w no -rc.-.g that
S Macks to T.."e aader piuueil. !
?'n'I'.lii.'i'.on?! retirietioD?. bat even thai ?.a. ? iiteSSSfi '
.. jim la dsterii.iu* I
? . ,., h | '?' r
' V.'e B1 ' ' '
i,,-? a itu.,1?, sii.l. ?Hiii g1, iwi n?sy I
. ? tilts mau bus ? lu ? li bato |
Wh- il.ar ,
< onrr--? ?ill i" '''"i '" "' I ttatast
i ? pi.ii.? ilanjer Is abBBSfi. It is |
|tr>i_fi< lilBSl ? . ' ??.?" ??'h'" ti-' ? ..r ?-ruled ai
? , ? ?-.a. ti.m I)..-i t ?an dm ern the |
old a?? It M ths dal. .
1 i ? ? r I. St. l! ? Ir
? -i?. ' i troald f'-'-i i ular ? f iMt '
!.?-r. ? nen a tnim.ritT can t?r:n.' on a reT??lnli..i'.
:,.ii. s ??'ti. th?- rights ?lid
mi rests of her eft'isen. .11 protect?-.! we wM lest? the eauie
!? and keeping"! II'- B_- trinu :,t? ..ter all sii.l
?C ??1 t.trh li? He future a (ti and ?? aintrr
the had of the tiff uni I'i:!'* "f the lirate
AMU? U 01 Bl -I.*? I (.!!'T.M?V I- I It Till s; v. NTH
KM, I" I '...- ?"W -N . V I- I Al- ?ii lil'il.l.lt.l AMilM.
Til KM
ItNAll I !iur?.l i? .1 .
'lin. .-. s i s.,,!i?,t?,r anired M ans? d
day, with Soi i t?as 7th I;? io la-? I m n na
'_??,,I?. tmCT-lt tll'TIi Hll'llll!'-' ii' ?lill? lllirillat
irri-il Bft r all? ?li. S' I ? ??'?
M inn |l : -bin I'iir?' lifer? (mt
t . -i? .un. i ??ib I.? kapi ii
lrr_jps me nil naUitorluUt SB .-??' r. alad toa li
1- "lil" .
M.li.,1 I r?.l? (..'III!,Ulai.nu' ti.?- pott ??n-.'" I. Sliie',1,
(l'a H.'.a .', ?Mil ?!- Mel ?i.liiti'l ali t.tpl..l.H. I!
? ..tnf'ift alni
,,?\ ,. ??', "h.i.II??D ?Ml KII'.'.N ? ' "*" ' I'.HAiK
MII.IT ?BY IIRIIAN!?.', li"*"
s? ?? Onu i?- V* hw??'! ?j M- I. ti
i ?ul.- I'm bib -i Bterling I-.... bang?,
I I >a. < 1 I -,
? .. . baa iaaued an order ' ? Ben.
lOrdei !? ! uni !??? i.-l.h l-l * ' : ? liil"-" ?lili'lalit?. and
?id? tse f. th tit uri .d a-traeta I?' deferred till propt-riji t_
- .i udIsss then ii m isifeM dnngi 111 steans,
dan tia. la-en couti"-bed !" leuve Lu ].re?ient
. ? . ,,r Ja. k?. a-aqaar*
(Je_.fi - '..ti"riler prnhlMtil u' ibeoTfSS.'
I i a*
A Stn (siSi?i?lr lor Ibr Cabinet.
lu tis- a? 1 i-ur- || ?
, Bon. 4 L VaUsBdifbuB th? Bon. J. D. Bright
Hoi < i l-an?'.? i asassd ti.i?.uni. this , its ,.-i
ct.-niiii-' "i. route to V? a?!.ri?'i"i' '"' an mt* rtissj ?ith tho
I- . - A Si ntl. Ii,a!' ' ? -a ? .1?
r ' H "
If? T.l-.rtpl !
k VN-H
? ? ?
All lilli: M ? ..;,..
I mass, and for ihe
I es1"st] i may' aas asd Oappm
? rho j
.?.eut, jet tli*
ItBSMhStl I . ? .?rti-ads hate calm! a
'??i to the |___Ml*_-a Contention.
(, ? Cru?? I | .
in-lien L-i.c aud if he dei. .lo?n ?speer editor ni PM
isssiflVAsstBadnel : natta*. CetinfiM f?rtheDi.
..i Ktiiu, stnlaesiteInsaassistmnt
jnUNSo.N ( ii? vi M'lOfC AT IKlll '.Mll'U
Jjcdianai-O-IS, .1 ,.y V.l.? TI:. .I..L:.??i. National
I aim < eaSSSttaS at IBM cl?y to-day wa? ter? thinly attetnie.1,
? t! * n*tnsl numhei of delegate? not exceeding 1.'" Three Con
?? ? - ?ere unrepresented. Nnneof theipeaken
; ii.rttid from ni* aid ?ere present, only thoee who supporte?!
I hi?.! Johssm in hill iud B?a support tie?Tohnon
, i ? re all..will to parta ipili.-. QfiS.!*l Mero
i tluh p Hafte? DoMaBM s to tie l'in.ad.IfklsOeaatatiao ?ven*
Mtiasa sfitt al
Tilt Cr <t ex in? i?..-, ardent attai binent i- ' of the
, (State) under the Coustitution; denies the narht, t .ecsasfieS|
' holde ill attui-pt? i 'li and VBfii, declares all "states now "?tates
iii Iii -tiinoii u I.' fire tl.<* BehalMani deuieitLe poner of the
i,''*,e:?! ?."Ti-i.-iDi'-ut to exclude a State from the t
f n :i;it a? at-rntury.
1 he * cond dr-1 irei tot ?dence in I'r.'ii IsSI .Toiinson ?indi
-?1, appri'v ? the fnerjl pohr-y of 1 ii A?li:'if)l.tritton
i :? ? ;. iii., ii pola j na ? lie, patriotic, cu.??Uluti?n
ni in hanson.? ?v u!i the ley ?I ?tentlinenti and purpose, of the
* is the suppreai.on ?>f thr Reb? Iii n. with Lie plstfortn
on wl ? *.'d, sod with tl.t- ?leilared patt? y of tL?*
late r-rtiilent.
'i.'ietlird, uiidrr eon.titutiorii! ri?,'Li prcierihei the (.usllfi
e it., h ,r alaaten issamd t" imai and H asnal i*? ?uim-r
of our <;..rernm?ni i..r ( a?ifreit to force
( astrtas?. ?uflisg?- upoaenT patt of the country lu efpaattiea
: ii.? cit/en? thereof.
Tarni AllStitei are esCitked lu the ('feiidtatlmi to rtprs
BaaBsttea nu'? al''.itkI n. ' be ad
mite?! in?. I tSfiTSS] ?illioil utinrceanury ?li-uv, ejiii li?_i.
jiidjrmg the fta Llestiem of it? m?
LaM ii a sscrcil obliga
te.n ui-rer te - ! and B4? debt ShsMlM ifiBBflfid to
uni tres.on or r ? bteesfBsssti
iwes a iiaiiug debt of gratti de to the
? anil ?all r? -, "I le lal.-a ?iiinl.l lie
i'sreii fir in- Che GsettnaeM und til" PfitiMsn? datafiMn
.. >'s ti soldier? is in?!
?. mi,. Dalsoatss Is the I'M!? I
? ? .?>. lilt"'
. . ii; l'i li .UillTTBE?
' ?': TU I'll!.. ?PP'-miia ' "*-".' |
'- roi. J If -T H ? D
' a m?"?ting st lie l'ariaer Hoi?i* to-do.?.
.'?'', ? adopt?'! IStW-WBdlS? Ihe
a' al; paesasa fci
ta??u'?ject o: i .."ii ol
ii?? siiii.?, f parpen st isnsMng Mrajataa st large
.- . 'roui the ?eTtr.il I ?sigrettiouul ?!.
t:on. It wai iii." vote?! ny t;,, I
? ? ? u to?-! braes ??
tasman? the issismsej o'
i- KOBI (IV \T B_W-A_IIA!?Y, ?"?*.!>.-?
iNlW-AtSA?! Iii.I MeilBenlay .t |t- 1?. lafSf,.
l-l i - ,i renten fer this II
i i I
? , , ,i | re present
J. Mci
.;. i!. lol. i . : ?' I). D
? sal -A' - i
Muli ' ? -ii ami
.- . ..
.; ?I -' .ti amiea-ed terr weak and was a?? Mad U>
? ling a ?e'at lu-(l??li?'?re?l an ??!?
i '?? three boar duration. I?
1 ?.-.? ??
?naanaaaan ? 0 Jssatasn ftmrnp booobn m aatifiUona
? .? / I 1 .ad aiys
We ?no? a. I ? I..i th? aamafisadeot I. Mt h?' t. the uiii.t
uni.lui. t?irra)?|?iuj? on ?uti l.uve pre
lesdod : - it i?.'
Hl? e?. r // 'old <-otr??|o?i!id*at ?o trested befare by s real
- - that his .ob faults sr* In t?ikin_ .
sAe? i. I a "I U.BUduiK. f?.r
.. ?. rr.it ?in ?nilln rnpr??'ntln?: t?i?t Class, Kull.-r
l St(?edinan are n? disputed with ?uih things a? tbey
our'it to I??. . ..?.?..r haweior, koowa agraat
.leal l>? i ter lie ?a???
? Wei .-' ii .nter? ,'*w ?i'l. r,?n? ftteedraaa taiPatartm
?vi,? i io ni
" ? .-'.- ?. and milk a
maa ttry
- ? :
? a- -ilk ;?' t
BsessS . ? guard
i I- it?].. . r. i ,; ,,ur?.
TK?'M"i?lt- I'* Sathrillr Trrsi
A g, BthHSSI '. ?era. Hy UtlllBM ut thal in taSM
- i? the l.i?.? i ir? isfssed s assisi
el of whieh la lo prevent the ei-i
? I I 1.1...l-l? in at.ycipi.it) ?liateier. wlietlisr
.?.', las
?? ko ?tan
?.al -r . . ;) I .mil u.uu fluin that part of til
is of M . w !.-???? ?le.-t..! : ; .1
... ; ?Ion to be held u'
?ii.? An.-.
.Nkbkask a? ?o.v. ItutliT sa?? m hi.- late in? s -a.'
?dmia.ii.n ?.f Nabrashai
i to ti * adialsaios al N'sbraa. ?
theiisstidol t- ii) pofislalsm asssm i?* Bnedwn
i.i.i.i. Al tia' tim. of tiit pa-ta..
? i: k.i..i.g Act ...? ?-S_ress ??? ?- i i lufX?
bta?k? . A ? I?" ?? i-uiato On.tua l.a*
bees lakes ? -. the rzast laeraes
rstarns of the assessnieat of l8?, from
t.. greet Isl ? Udaria? thsS'sUsf i-'-'. and the
.s?.r:n? if l-'li, .ni lu,ii; lt.* iiia'i.:.' r of rets, tatt lu (be
I? ?eat en. lion ?uti. len' tinta ur? preaenUa.1 to eatuuate ?ltb
aeeasej ta_tkts_J aol, by Isa nsw l'osarsss esa
III.- atl.'ili OS I ' ii cf bel ??J Ulnrtlall. fall tUnltof
ll.it ?c fn firs*? b.ii.i' below the standard of u*w
r itali, ahsti ti? aratssa
Lt'tl-eting on the ai.uer.al piuaiieru*. of ?Mrfitil
(...?erin r remsrl
?Vi'hla the Ia?t two years I'.' Ssstth of tli? T.nltory hat
-. d with eieti ?ti euler r na lit] than the papuatlna lu
in.i ihe taxabli prop rt y of Nebraska wa? rstsrsad a?fi!i.
e I :..,- ?. ,r ti ? retun.r? ...r.-. 1?
' ...I ii. the Auditor.? effioi .
rai .? ' f lasresm w10 site ae U lfitn the muh ?.rai" ODO,.
ir-i ? ,i' luk.iiat; Int.. eoiitl ler.tt'iu the ui ; '.,, reata
llsrstlon, mat tia- larg? ainouiit ?I aapltsl i: tra.lui ?-.! bj
ti?, rspid pri.'tfr? of onr lnt.rr._J ImproTemeLts. It ??.1 M
safe to iinniuti' U . Htm.te.t of taxable property ia 10V7 alni
a aidi of ??..000,i Tfc< ?allrt.ad mit ri'-t? of Ni'liraika ure
aseasilB?largsptaportloas Ihe work on tia- Cbnaha and
Mall lan? ofit.e Paellfl Ksilrosd i? prii_Tei*ii!i(r at tbe rut?'
al*osa mil?? par dar, sad la s les wesuiMfrBswoflroe w111
t-taad soo attlee West to Fort Kearney. It the ?unie t-srpr
?balli ilMplaiail snin Ile nnmrlttisB, hsl ? iii??rt iii
slap??- ere it w'ill ?ind it? way l.eyoini nur Wc-t'-rii bsSSSfirjr.
I . ,,. the liotariiiir ri-t ?inuieiida a? the m.iat in f.. ta.:
sti", !" !" tilea, the election el the luited htatei S?.nat?r?.
who m eopinnctioii ?nth s OangimatBB-l BafatSSBBStlTSi
shall p ! "u ol ti,..-State for r"(ognitioi4 in t!.e
fanulj o! tia* I Ulai.
Paaaat-TAjnA.?-Thfi Poetmeatet ol' PbHa_etpblfi
_lr I . i '.' . :' t.? re.ig-i, 1U ont'T to ! ?
sn ,id_iii.i?trat1.'i. t ladldat? BM CeSffISM Mr. Walborn l.ud
Baltl r i..'t titti-::.; I - ! ? I? lit f..r it.
OHO.?Al th-- l.n.on <'"? ."n -?:..??iil C-BTention
fr fe X lilt! ni." !':?"" ' "i' ''" l7'h Ini.? . the lion ?
lait Delano ?Be m Uli '?"'' " iioiiituuted SS tbe Ut.ion
(JshmSS) cauilidate lui L' igiet?.
Mi? ntTii ?Ki'ln ?>1 Li?ion men bat? lOOght nthgl
in >t. losapli hiivliig been drilnn fr?,ui lui-ir li? > un -, mu? Ne?
Mali??!, l'iatte (in.utv, by bushwhaekera. lucy were pur.
?iit-d for four milis, narro? 1> e.i'iping oopture by th? 1'latte
County " recouslru'-te?! I I
\\nv Mr. Dnanaaa Bannn_?>a__?P0Binaatn.
?ienarjl DtSSMaS, in i'l'v "' " i"'" hum u (list?n,: ,
, ?tna "f OMa aaainiriBia_ btv nan Mi re?irn aion, mu?
I d.tln.*? bit reason? I'.r ?ilh.lruwSaJ from the ( ?bluet:
Whl.e ?lu "-'crt n fr ?everal mnnttit ps-f that I eSBal
i , ?, \rntg ,,,,?.., ? ? ? ? aaas of Lbs differs.! i ? al
a the I at and myeelf,
l determined la ? lew of til tbe e reumstanee. surrounding the
l palitlssl ?iluiiiion n.t t" ?I'h'lraw as l.mir ?? there wa? but
? BSSB far a ree.na .Hall"!' betWSSB the li.liaient aud our
' triei.da laCoSfi-esa. Not mil'1 ' 'i."i t"
lha CtiiiUHiitloiial Atiiriaiii'i-t am! his npireval of the I'tulu
I delphM roiiTentlon ?ere manifest did 1 f.-el that all hope of
i..-..?eiii.uiiiii ?a. Base. Ibes I a? te.l promptl?, ai, i
liare r?*?i?!i.?*tl ?? I ha??, if I ?'??, '" l??te alone. I am ?nt.?ti??l
of ha?tiig nsifsedmtbe r.--'t tittie aud in the right spirit.
wbaieier mt? BO ila con.?-?! i?"i'?'es to tun |>er?oiislly.
( ivii, Kiciiith lilli. ? rwo Louisiana magistrates
hats l?e*ii ?rrtated lad ?'?m '" 'Seu ?rileau? for trial in eou.e
,|iiei ne "f ? deiuien lat'lv i-sdsb? ti cm mfriiiging on the
prinl les awarded bj tbeCtril Iti-ht? lull. The party ?gainst
?lion, in? !???-,.i ?ii ?na mai? wa? I. I-ackwood. formerly
Polin tai?r ?t Mi ??.ike.. ??'?"? ?nu th-, nu?.tnm l.rojght up
wa> al ' BB| hm' K ?"'ia' tim fiatm who had made a ttr.al
centrai l ?III BSeM ? I I'll'?
NoiiTii ? ii ii' ? l'lTRum M.?North Carolina
patrloli.m it ?til il?strate,] bj* the action of the Veitry of
CbiMtCbsreb, Newhera sbleh on the 2d day of July, lsoo
r?,?-?l tti? f?.ll?i?lng unanunnu? tot?
? minimi i hat ti- : -i D'?1' hT w w. rasier.
? AriJngi'taer.t- !(., for the u?e?if
it!, day -if -la.?, init. U hereby
I ula ?. M alary Y. ( .
Im to', to . I ?i.d.r, i. L_i.a-.au *. ?ju.a.iiiee of Arraugomeuj^.
Palace of (he (onsU?ulianal Amend?
ment? 13 lo IS.
? ??ov. Browolow's Dispatch io the
*. A.?a- Ii i E, Inundar. July 19. l61... j
In the House ih.s momiug the Coms'itutiunal amend?
ment wa? rat.uni by a rote of 4.1 Yeas ?gaict l-l tojt '
two menban nfaalag to enan lo tiie.r name?.
Gor. Hrowulow o.-nt the follow mu telegraphic dispatch
lo W a-' : .-toil:
V-tanmUL. tam , Thsrsdsy .July 19, lr-CC.
Ta ile B. at. ttAtntw Staun j ^ ti?, WwtAAtfdww,
D. c.
My compliment i to th* FnoMeat. Wa have .'arricd the
Constitutional dnendlBCBt iu th" Bean YoOB, 13 to II,
two of bia tools refeeiag te v..te.
w. t?. Hkovv.Smuw, Oaeenn 11 Ena-m.
Tun BBODIAIT Tiff ok tiil nant-kk LtGi3i.A
Ni.shvii.lk. ?lulv 11?. ? .ludir? tttmimt oi Um Crim?
inal Court?before whom the caie of P. Williams. Keprerenta
tlr? from Carter Count?, abo applied for a writ of habeas
corvoi. wa? triad?today dclivar_d hi?opinion saitatning the
.'!"_ Warrsut? wee issued today to ?rrfst several
u.?.u,!icr? of tho IIoi.se, and si.o the p irtie-w.o uir-s'ed Mr.
Williams-Meals llvatt srd Trsln.
?in rrm-li of Speci i] i .i.'?r? Nn -jni ?. bOBOieMy mostert oat
of ?ervine (?pt. Beary Low??m, lir.v.'i Major Vjit.-c>uar
f.-rniai-.er C. K Vol?., I? ?o amended us t" tak? effect Auguit
"? uuTin ___***4t.B.
Trevet Hrlg-.-Gen. *?. !.. ltruvvn, QaartaraMBtW'? P?-srt
m J ely 33. Cep-Oeo l? Aldan, ?Int.
I B Arm?' f rIO dayl.
?*-__? ?t^# . wiV.irer.oD to
rt.tmer al??ney,
.Ti i.T I'.'.? A,-fing Bui'T I'ii-.ii'iiiore li - . I it sr Kii
?l-a And! - 1" irk ? tnn ?teBnwr
I ? ?user Ne? barn Act
Kg Assistant- l'arma I . I Bel froB Mata ? irrer
rill!!' ..'.! uni. P 1 te ?flttl? .i.e.';.'. A c!.fl:' Kl:Wl
Samriel A (I, vi- and Ac" - trgflail ?leonie I.
rt aarrfl.T itrBa-r BIM) and ?? ?ait ia g orders
ARO El,.
, . ? I. ?itieer .Tr.an Kvans;
v ? i -, -'.it Barine?, n I". ?> M Oftf, Morgan
.siitt'.i John 8 I. irl im. und _??rsni (ieer
.I- ? . !.. --.Vtiii:.": r.n-'t"!, u: .1 Til,it Wm. I'-es*
. <>VS
i ( BBIBBBder I!
? . iieamer Au,.-^?!-!. Com
. ? . 1 . , ' '
.i ip i.r.i if : . tiie? Hirer,
, '
?i,-m,, r Iii. hli : r . l'a., o?. Ji'y It fin Clere*
land, Ohio laaXtatmtt, ULt ?igan.
(MI-HliVr '?'ROI III l ?
Tilt ililli .HV ii-.i'l-Di IM- TO Tilt TOWI 01 K ?? ..
?m nanam Bannan mam..
ai ham We,!iteeny, ?fitly IB -
Ttie rt:i':t.irr erpeditno le lb*? Ann-Ken' i|i?in, r :
toini of Knox, eoneiatiBg of IIS ana detached tren th.
lutb le-.--?-;, nr National Unard, lefl hen at r; .*? ?
? ? ?nanua Kail, ?ad to
Kia vi. ".i.ilic. ni-! ? mandi to the resid?
Petar Warner, ?rho an to be dtaponi?ietL Sheriff Fitch
m: l bia itruemn aeeompaatal t_? Biroo. The toldan
wan tal > armed mut i-.jiupped, and suppled with ?lo
ii.i.l? ol au,minut?e: nea.
Wbea ?ii" tnni, reaehed KeowenriUke ('..]. Walter s.
(I p .-. -ii" ia the pniidpiil party in inter? st ?ginnt the
v:.* Reaten, wn arre?t.-d hy a i iBitaeWe on B iliafi? of
..' .--.-;. with a deadly weapon, committed
?.-y B?ned la the wama!, bul Wednesday, while
Ita i?:..r.fi si .1 (.'?ii. church van taatawtejjing te aaaaata
pr.n-???i?i?. A U?.pi!t)-??u.-riff was ?_.?> am?i.-.l <m ? nk<?
. irre. li,,. |.i.?.u?-rs ?en* takcu tu miles to hud a
uaaBinta, **bin t? ??* walrel untaeiauuuaiiou au! iruve
next 1
lvi-..i,'t oordeteertrei let! ben ti ? ni?.rilug wi?d war
r ?- ? I io the
? ;.. Ar
... | ?ion
I nonata, arr.-stci tbi-iu.
after which they aron haodc?led aaadelirared into the
i u?t?elv of a ii. lilian .
i in- ? ?d for Winer'? neidonoo. with
??;?..? .i k11 earn of naaan warectrca
e~-i - _?*a?aaB. aua|-t..i?? ?TH? ?al. .?.r. itiliaa-i liia.1 illa, turu?. Ulltftt
meot opposition, .v the rout? they v>.-r" Inaultoa By
both mea ead wooibb and wan refund eren i ?Innk of
water, deeeden ana iaeaed ;.ot t?. tre?pu?>, tbi
lid aat eater eay pane le bola khoneeleoo, but pr?.'-,???.-d
Ii.rward without ?(iieui-lnng t.'ieir thirst.
'1 in- In opa urn ?ci! at W in:?-r's m :i afie: -.'. and six nil
ilit.oiuil am .?'? of part;.-- wie? H?,: -1 il'?m Mon
?:.i? vere made. They aen ft? iod v.. I
ps. boreral peraooi I ,'., titi ihoteven ?ircd at
thonl ona t
The Sherlfl lound Waroer*! hoon oloaad and Ita doora
.1. <l. ile Coread tbi-ui ayam, ami naaiTal tin- Aval?
t r- lut" Ha i "mi, ? .'..Te ;i aoiui .if;cr ?a? drenohed by a
l isvieie (iiiiirtcefl in Hie house
?-'iiiil ?lia: , it: ii t" morrow ib?.y ?ill uinve I'orw?r.l
to ???ist ta iii?" aneeotaa at*ether writs.
AU-JR Thirsday Ja'y It
i [ulel at Un aeal of war to-day
Ni. bnrard mnromeal am b id? oa log to the oaexpecte 1
. m .?! ( .... (Lal ?i iii ti. ? , .-..v. 1 i..- te
-?mt di?, ?pillie and tto neat rigid orden eaaiaal
nug with or tr?'ipri??!ti_ enprtvratepiu|aiti have
beeataeaed Oaeada an poetad at different poiau aLd
? -i.us ?'hftra?'ter? ?re efealleBgOd and ??xaimned.
Large anmben of maa wan koitertag ab?)at the cn
ciunpu.ent t: I ul they wer?- qnlet and i -
Tai, - r ;.-, van all ado
(,. appnt befbn t: G ?' I ... A E ? ? ,
i . al vi ,ii b ? in ida t" ii,"ir,? i, aad M .--rtaiu quarters ap
pri hi-usii.i.s ol ri-sisUi.ec- are eipri-sied.
Tin; 0-MB ??i l-l BftBIIII I UTI l*TI*l II wool
?-V*. iRva?! o Wedonday, ?Taly II IBU,
The rfirp" of the ihlp II
i i -a.' '? Company, end It ii undentood that thi
loaan an beiag prompUi paul ji add calu?
lu Iheeaaaol batlOnni ralrtria lleDoveD^Jiidge
Ki. 1.1, M Uni aiWid Stales Circuit Court, ve?t-*rday giiTe
Judgment in favor of the d.-t'-inlaiit. Tins i ou linns tb*
?.i.v.thi.i?-iii in |?os.?'*B.sii.:i of the peoperty kui.-ni a? Black
l'ou?t on ? i, a., t.rt leal ne her? ben areeted
The peetana ef bullion from all quartets siuce .lulv 1
uiiiuiiiit to n,OIBi,000.
Mingatotnarenmnidm,hat tiainaetluaa arc limited,
opiur, I'T'i. Yellow Jacket, |S50; |arage?|t*10,
l-?-gal Teadan, 71.
lABltUBO?aCO 1 liuriiliv, Ja v II lt-i'si
Tin* it tamil (?ilib-u Agi s:iil.-d le day, for 1'anam?.
with $?,:nsi.i'.i.> iiiinaain, m which |1?13,QM guee te
Tiie iirmv wivui has iiivadcd lomo pcrtions of tb_ u.
tartar oftae Inte,
An aiictuui sib* of ll.iwaii.iu sojirir to-1nr showed s
iUk-1 d.-elii:kB on niediuui i;r:id''s. l?arkcr griidc ti:.I
! "Ker.
The vaiikTuiud of the ov. rlai. i I arrived at
i . oi Donday.
Arrived ?Mp raeorite, Ban,Kev.york,ead steatuer
Si-rra Neva,la fruin \ ki toHa, with |3S '??Ni in t:e:t?iirc
Mr. Iluti.r Of tin* ('ililli* lel-grnpli Kxt.?lition, left
Viet,.ria .li.lv .'., with SOnee, to explore the Sk.-ei.a Kiver,
!,. to the int.Ti..-. and aftenrard neon lo tb?
lead valen ol' the Bhiknn tirar.
llaatrurli.i l.ale in Tesas.
trnOB <"' '""? "TKVMUl I'.iTOM V? ALL ?'N' BOARD
tvnr ftTBBB tun i in Minmi bau btbb
(Jalvi_ion, le?a?, Tandai Jal) V-.
1?1<- account? say that tho ?teamer I'otomac is ?shore
live miles below here. Mr. Ilunt, underwriter, ha? pro?
cured the assistance of tho revenue cutter l?tlaware, and
will goto her relief.
The steamer Harlan bring? account? of a terrible three
days' gale at Iudianola, beginning on the 13th and ending
m a tanti le hurricane on the 10th iaet. Four vessels
v., r- tiitnllv vtr.-.-ked; ol' two of them there wa? ?r.t a
Veill?e left.
The ?cliooner Veto, 5,?100 barret? capacity, was I
through the wharf, and lie? lu,:- a_d dry ??hore.
The steamer Potomac, whi.h was anchored Mtride the
bar, has disappeared. It is suppos?'d that she foundered at
her anchorage, and ihat all who vero on board in churgo
,f her an ?"it. Her lancnger? had pre-:?.u?:
i ? ? . ? :'..-: nan ii.
Thr liihuur I.alargra.
Notwithatnd ?? the bet that the tan of Tub Tar?
i \r hu been i khan on? og irter, the pr.Ce witt
remain the nan
?t b ? ?MLKi.v ra
Mai nbnrtbera. ?Meta mwy, i ne* M u-ail*!?. a-' ?
Mad rti'.?cr"-er- rlabaoflra. .100
Tat ("| ? , to nsiiiei of ? . ? ! 17 M
'I sent? sinos ?i auoacribtjr!.! .? 34 00
Tn eena n na ad rea ..... .. 'mott
iwenty eopiet. tv one aililre?? .. J? Al
An eifr? nyy will be lent fur ?steh .?tb ?M teil.
UM] 'A-iKi:.-.'. r__kt*_B.
Mail sabeeiibera I copy, i year?101 numbars ....... ?4 ?Al
Ma-l tubsrTibers. '- eepln 1 year?loi nuai'itrt.7 gil
Mail ??twcril>ers, Sooi.a or over, for e?oh onyy...'...'.'. j ?v
''??'??an? i emitting for I will receive au eura cop*
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hald by I'KI.1.1'1 A Va- Ni 63S Hr .dwtv
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