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tia? la?,1h B4
? I?ill.
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A fu-:
Mt. I i Ik4 rr-" i no. . c. i
r.lru.tii.ii I .
i, fit'y \> ith ?in nmeix!?cut niaku,. 'la .,
el tbcCoostitui, i.al unicndinent- -, -
nail ?at o. ? -. ? ii- qBtsttaa
Thiel "ir naaitt-isiluoet/h trtthsi
J > i Bj . ?tior, _ade esti'iC' Pata! tuon aa
Mr famataP Wttoen gat] kata ?n ?ii,f,i?lr_nat
toad ??ki ti. ?111-1.8' ?I ti arro ?tit' I .
Mr, IMfigkam 1-ahrtei es tis pearlee* ?rtaaatlea. bal Mi Bel
ley oheckmattii Lim by riminic a pomt efetOof, ?ml moici to
tay lbs H ?? : es me tntiie.
gOat Ike clerk ce_ aeaeed rsllieg tie ree.
Illlutllr-Il tried ty VghdlaV tia? I
? as, kal tkt ? ? ? t?f nier, aud
irte tooti jo t?> lay no the tul'le priviiilc!.
Ml .S ?: Iii.- l.'-i'llllioll tO
kataOasateeaadjestaaaUIMel Iel Deeaaaast tkt] girl g
II.? prPaaJltll-' t'i'.IT!? (?f the tW?. > i V t?. I lill ' ? ?li
gr?es togelbi r iac a-' of ? ?
a is?ic di-..?*" aseasfl as u ? ? ?-..-? I UiraalH??rl li
tem in vrliii i ili'tre Shelljl.a?. ?? 0 1 ara ila. -r .1 Mr
Funk iBib-lg td II : ' ill.? t t!''-"tl I'T a laitji
i.??.. 'iitv, l>_: M wtat li id.
thi nea at.obi ?i..
I' !. ?t thi? afteri! ii', i.? un i ' i.i* ? ??! ' lie S -
ela aTesij niaaalisi ij uf s*aalm *i J lo be Attarsey-Oei ?
th? l'uited M r*i in place ?at tpa? I ti I-n? ?
i ; i .?a
rat, ?i. k1 II ti ? BtaaekSt-9 as Attafl c. OsBBSal to I
?Otea -.u t!. ' i karjr,
it leaaata Mbely tfcslBtaaabary viH b, r. Hab
I j An! ? isas te sat sa Atteta? >0 srsl .; :.i ktr?
?i . '.?.ira .- : ?.' 01 '
. \ m .- ki i *
i be Cal ' Heel i -? to ?lay oa Ij
i Iii. .- li l'a* t ?Sale: ? a
thk JoaofiOB oom -VTIOa.
ila a ' ? - ? -?lbl? ..n h ,ud !"t the
Trata afiret BBkaUbe sa Capa -a,ne?! _mi thr
l*iisij -i.: i i. '
Pet ita te tasa peel
? c1? i bsj to be Dalas pees 'a? it ?v?i i .
kara M ceri Nntth and ?
Bosak ? ' ?
-twirli-y fri.'ia'a !?? ha*. v.!.I tl.r? ,,n
i i... Pi vhet I
? | ,i ? j sr Wi aid h" -
t. li IV >
: ni * I :
Baasa i
rg Mi
One of Ma '
?, lil le- la li:': ? ' ? I
Bettet? - ' .
RT*M"?. ?I. n1 THK I fig.
'lue rtii: -. ' of Judge Edi ?
I?, is a cit.se of lamil fee. :
all quarters. 1..* J edge li in St ?:-?' n BoUticiat ki . ,
lis y? m eattri ?.? I? I ?
Tia? natue nf lu chief clerk' ?fehs S tt
- m t: i v.- estad ;oeltl a,
i.-*? rr!?ri.! t ? a ((imiTiiitc, ? lit? arc to lnq'iii? li is
igt? Bdast-Bds. ie_ss 1.
th- iTBLir Boar.
The Mlotriag i? n*.i oiliiiul .-tal?i:i.iii 0, lb ?
aad (-iptiDdiiiri's of the I'tiiti-.! I
Ma i .a!.le ta ?art mt?:
BE'-l :
. *t ;.?<i .1 ' .''.
.i?: ? ,! pal .i !-. i"s ?n pi
Ptoeottfii. i i-?
: K ? . 34
M'-eelllU'Ol'.t. |S.i;s.||', n
ii.".i! reeeipti ? .. -f i - ? -hir ? i
Ki .-M lou-, et.. i
?: pre ;?-! . I-i
lui.; ?-? cmree aM mis? lime?
. |."j,i.''r,'.' u
_? pensions ai.'l Indian
Wai. .;:.." 13
l\?ry.>l,l?..."i :
Interest un |_b_oDebt, laeladingTa
iiry note?. a.i|'.,i.. ?
np mditnrtt. 1I. >?-? '> '?? *?l
Palal ?ipeodli ree, public deb!. :?:u.?;:i,!n ;??
_Mol. $?l-.?'? ???:?'? ? .?
'Immmatet ?rntemeiit of roceipta ?nd expeiuHlit*
A| n! I Lj Jnr,8 30. la?5t exclu.irn o! ??iel? a? ar.- ?
?ith the pibiii debt:
KEC! Hi?
rt ?tit C'ist omi.li..?'. I
V', Ima i? . ?'?
lataraal Bataaat. u.in
Mi? ??.Lu. ?? - laclad??g dil cttax... i? i I > ?I
Total k-jet-ipts.|129,__I.8I
KXlF-VI'Ii: ?
(?kail tir-ij.. r.tenoi.ioe and toiseeK
1-1?.M4. |!I,H'.M..". U
liiii'nor rmn?i"ii. and ludiai.?. i;.'..il,<"?*; ?*?.'
\? ?i . l-.7il.er!. fi9
Navy. ??.ItvM.I 19
liit?<rerit on pul.ic debt, mein.hut- ii
t.ry n'??e*. 3i.,l_
Total. gJB,WB,IO II
11?? Blairs comprises tti? actasl and latitoated rseaiatofiad
sipe-nihtutei fur the fiscal year ending with Jar
The BuvOSt ?ntcrestinrr part of th? Senate pro? ?
was s litsly dehjte on the proposition to tut (.IT th? -
pristine for lbs Portugal mianor, for the etnain?? y?**r. Mr.
Harter i letter, psblished some time ?ince in Tit
I in -i, waa read from the Clerk's dusk.
Mr ?Sumner ?tatt??! that the propotitiuli ari.iuate.l in the
House, snd he felt ?ure ttst. uni*., the Kenst1? Btrr.-e?! t<. it.
in? hill would fail entirely. Mr. lee-euden ws? BBSSBed lb
it. hu! .sid he would rote for it rather.tbsn lo?r? ii. bil Mr.
Wade (lui not like the idea of ba?in| tha? a.tion ?>i C
on el'tter not written or intend?'1 for ntiblication
Mr Huwe ws. di.posrd to condemn Mr. Hsrrr.v 1st snlci
taiaiag the sentiments he ezpreucd rather thaL t>.? ?aaeai
Bil th? sentiment? he entertained, (,-rret l??ri? da! not to I
?by Mr Ilart-t had not as good a Mgbl to abuse (ungre.. s?
the fteoreiary of Ike Ren.te had to .hu.? the Pre.ident ; and
Mr. Cwan tboo|ht Harrey's letter was no mata a fuf Brown
low's telsgrst-. recove- jtiterJuy.
Ths Basle of the to alter was to lesve Mr. Haivey n?. r??ai'!
Imt (hat of a good rontclsnee for ?ervirg his country tua Min?
isterial capacity for the fisc.l year sndini* Juas M .
'Ibo Civil Appropriation bill va?; taken up .ml ??a?
at-4-ut betac passed, whsn Garret Dsvis offsred aa auiesdmeot
?Pi?ropriatin(r O>.(???9.000 for the psymant of ilsteholders for
slats? mastered tato the army. Thi. led to discussion peed
tag w_ob, oa _4>Uwu ot kit. ?hensan, an ?xoiiUtiT* ?*?si??n
waa bald.
The evoning bcbh?ou was devototl lo the lonridcra
?? .n of bills from tbe Committee oa the Putrid of Columbia.
Mr. Wilson again failed to gat up Iii bonnt} bil]
today. It I. now set for to-morru?.
A (-(V-a of shooting a colored ijjiiu in s church at
<k)!?_b_. H. Oa, who, finding the oolored Kallery .nil, ten
turad ?ata ?he whitf?' ?!le. for which Indtoeretlon he wa? im
madiatoly murdered, sod of aliea-e?l miscondaot on the part of
litireae eflleert at ltoo-le Doon N. ('., hate been reporte. t<>
???a Hjwar.l who to isy dispstthod officers to itivetligste
the toattrr.
ammo, Trrry f?.rivnrds to the Deparlinent a Npot. BO
th? ?tate of affair? In Vlrgiiiia, covering tome Ml pig?*?,
cloee!? written. In which In.tancei of lue jrro.se.t outrais are
iiiataaoad. oue of a negro onilcr hoap.tsl Ireatl'unt who wa?
.it'll*?d by the employ?... The locuiuent ii b*in_ < ar-?a?y
i-'ituilertd. ead rises for trial sud puuihuient srs teni?: si
langs. The mlir.sry fcrce will he incrested, and J'.-otoit
( ?atti -eopen?- in twooi tin-et ilistntfa. Wien 1h- i. ?.?-il
is not m use I tLall lend yon a few facts compile?!.
8?tn?lor Fe?. endeo, who wa. rtportv.l i. touit of
lu? papers of Thursday M 1uti__ _??.'. .1 Mi. T. W. Jone?,
m MBrgeof tl.e ?tstloasry depsrtsitBt ia the ollie? of Col.
earney. Secretary of the Staate, ata?d la explant'iou today
ibat he did aot mesa te be a_der?toyd as impngninf the faith
fslasas aad intosrity of Mr. Jones, bet only r?r.?nsd I" the
systea auder which Ssaators ohta.ned their iutiou?ry
The Stau Departmeot baa iee?ta?l th? Orvbai/. 4?y ?
vi:*-- to lUfBOII.
i .- :i..- b ... t iu, were 1
naSIOI A'.hNT.H.
B. L. Br] I ?.'. oh.". .ii.d WOMB Ii.
I --.nil- Ky. were to-day ap:?f?:rt?,l I'en-u.n Agent?.
Tli?-* ?tati.ii'iry ooartraet lee Um Banni** DepartaM-t
j of the Irileiior, Lan?!, Paaatae, l'.ngire?ring nud Patttit
"a ei,hat '"-i. kwaidedtoMMmb.?WhyandBatoeweaat
thit city.
? iixri?iATm*r?.
The Senn!?- in executive ?(???ion eonfif-Md Johfl 8.
Allen le be t?t '.?jt.? l'oitinnater MWittesakBr|l, N'--vi Yoik.
xxxixth 'congress,
si ?bats .. Tipiaoioa di li m li ?
Mr. r.i.Mt'Mw i v t.), fron the Conmittee ol con?
on tlio bill fnr?.i-r to proteo! the Iii-.--, of psflflflSSera SB
nesmn.Tim non?? mosd? frta all it?
important amendau-nta and tha !.i? te teal lo t!.<- l're....l? n! la
.?ni.-tmt.?Hy sa paaata t.v Ms haasts.
1 '? i- ?? ti waa agreed V?
Tin raw urana of m bbbai. i.v-.i??.
Ill Mi?. vi:r '?? ..i i i.? -ii ..ii i!,- biri gTBfltlBf IN rh-t tfl
?ill cit.,..-tis of tie I'liit'd Slate? vv! a I. ive lice', ttoil tl.-tll 111
tei.tioo to bexiine ? ti/, ii? to tater and lapine saeoOBBtal
BklBSI : I I 'Hu! -, Bl ! ; ti -i ribing t:i>- nm.'i ; ,u n !.:c'' tlic.l n. iv
? .! r.-'iun v ? .,: >n.
Tin* lill ?a.? paflflfld
ra rnmoa b i i
M ir Latin find.). Vas ?Vi. . i (W, Vn, and Pim?
(K y.) were sppsinted s ooflamlttsr ol ctratarosee on lb? i.u
i i g fa i" ? im.? i, n ido?? an,I orphan? of th.* soldier?
who fell during th? w ir. i tMSahetitoa
. ii:,? I !\-i;:''"!-S'T' DI PBBMtBJnOB
Ml. POI 4''.' [Vt) ?HT' a ' Uti '1 i'.'l tO I'l 'Hil! carn ltd,I
tii-it!."n-i.I a- n.mir , ii..n ni uni.' taralperaea .
? ii,( ti t?' ? i-1-? It i ?staines ob ii.- -ii.,u, Yiri.
It |?r? ville? ti at in i in BSttaata t"!t t.. |> ! ?on . r pro; :it?
pij I, tod July. I, )- ?. it ?liai! tie Ih-t
? d III '..'I.
.- ? Iii.! '', ? 11
II . ??.
it- ?til
.... Uarrrsm.,.1 i.t Um 1'hi'hI
t Bl tai . ' |
a. ....
. . . .-'.?? bib
IHK Tiarra
Mr. Fl ' ' i .... ii. ? ' 11..??)(.?, re
> . , 1 fot ..li.c1 , .
, list ?lailla.
I, to I .
I j?;.- ,1. I- a: ' . . I I
i . :.?..
? , ?-. -r, I ? li I a ?
r-l I
rider that the Beer! tai |
to - tp i. I the i 1! , lies
' ,. ' . ? | . a .1
V . led "SB r . :? . ? . 1,-k
II bSIBl ISfll (>.tl:ifi pul'lc dr.* i.: I lol
? n . I l| -.
thb n o tit- Aii-ii'i i ".?t ?>? mi i
M M.1.11'(Utai i .? ' i ( ? i.i.?:? ? , litte? ss
be COSBBltl BI1?I !':,! i. .'.i. A|,( 'i 1 j'liBli'.ii I.i!, i...Je ?
VI .lo.,?? . K) '?I (!? ?ire to a?? the S? u :t.,i fu,'., ".'
itas is roi-- ai?! im? I-????
tboUthed nr whether it eool
Mi. Bl I'hi t- ?
? ? :
Mr. li. ,|. ....
Mr.-Io little BtreaM (?' titre t Minitta)
ibero ml i . ?.ia. ?
Mr mm-.i;i Doe? tba Basstar ? II fir ae ea'ptassltas i
Mr, 3
vi. "?i ?is: B?1 i c f. ??.? ii pi ' a.i M|
' i ? rali i,, ? ? .m ii be
vVheu thel
I frost what we- tal I ob I bal ?
? - ' i I sot to rilli .i,.] n
t ? I thal
li ' fill ttkfl (?lu'
wtaie'i it i- ;...? rep, it .,!. IsttSSl
' ti.?,.!!* to ?i. . 'i iba un?- uti. iii.? |M
? tatala? gmt ?a, lafss o i tia! ?u
ll,e etlcc! IhBt IU?? |?ri*?a?I,l .:,, i ,i
r /o,', fsrlhei ??tv,?.?? un . r sat
Inial whl .'?I (ill .lolit.auii ? ?i.tl. -lu Ino?
?II .? i;,i |a|g ar i ?? ? I ?ball
i ...t-?iii invieif, li the - ki ' lins: t,. the
?narfrsai >??. toward, i .TeringaI ina which hsa
I..--.1 |,t.ned in.ni ti.- flrsaeal Hi .?:.-r n?,.?. 'i:,ui atna
I the ... Igin ni (I..' (1. t. ri;.i...alian ..n i
' ' a ? i si . II irtsf 1
. :. r wa? prist? d ni t' ?? ia .- -t ?.t
Mi i"ii?-? lain as deairs ts bear ii lead.
.? i itai ??? SAToea- i ??? it i-.- r
io n.? leah ami ice', mi', ii.? latta
poste lo n keller Worn M-. Bl
I'.i. , .: Ibentli it- ?.I Mr. Merni - !.l!ci
? :? i Vf Ir? /
i Mr. ?4?ir?-.i ?uri- in in raasoaa?! thsl Me l-.t'.i wa?
i on pom .
'li.'li.I? lit ti' Oi, lil,li I.iilii.d, ?Ititi III?. I ? I'l.'i.
? o' it. r- e ?ii,i,.i ; li.-.l ii- , ??. Mu anon
? I Vt, J| ., . t. la-tier, M Mi I
in: a (ted) rosa sad bbM M artatnl lo taftaro ?;.-!:ei?>
..ai. I'll.'-.
.?h i.iir.-.. M,i. ? li is s piaste letter? rta
M? Gamas (Iowa) Mr Seward aay? ks , Hi ? I it st the
: ? ?
Mi vv.?!.- ie... ?,i,i it atimil Is Un that tai Mi ?!?? bud
lo rio - eli this I tt'-r t: 1 ' !?fh1 not to le .r it rend,
l! u ig bl no1 to !??.>? i. II ii on it. No fit Con onght to ive based
on .a pi i> ni? tetter Irss a es1 la t!. .t wm.
Mi ii..vv ?i.i. Ind.i-1 tappo?u Ihe rosdlflgsl it n esri
aaarly lataMd aal I Isre Ufltssed sal iieat slteatisssM
,:ereit ti? tli? tentiraeiiti tontaii ed in lb- 1? Mr
atpeciflUl ihni part ??' " wMeh, ara n? laid asstsisi t?."
?ingot fas trsB ni.-t.-'l 'ihn? f?i I batt nat taits able to HM
ttiHt pe I I ?lah ?!,? Isttsr, ha JaarieeIs Ha mi?,
.i i?- read aotlrel] tlroaihthet wi ma] ??'-t al iii?
nilli of it
Mr. aion.N 'iv ? i m?.v?-1? :.t the farther roalisg be i , tanti
B i'.'l.
? ne? .f BO ?0: le! it ro ?n
'1.'..- rrmtlun of Mr. .!?..' ti?iti wi?? p'l? l?T t!.?* Chair at..I loll
TheCiiAii Mr. i itkb)?Tha ?fljt" biro ii aadlM
readinn; a ill be proceed? d with.
1 !.e ('! IBB read ... ;
air. yoni ula-t-tiaCM lelksn:. Jsaaci 1. liar lu... [UXSII lulfb
' ?
Mi Ji?iis...\ ii,d ti,ni vil.cn I.u in ?t taw !!,?? letlei bl esuie
lo !Le i.ii.i itlon tt-n* tti- HI at? ?????? l,,i
i great impudence In furniii.n-ir it for psblleatios It ?ini
priiB'r letter and itiould nerer ?,kv. liri u ii", I en I , ti... prflflfl
Mr. W BBS linlicd til it tin- BaBSM ? Bold ? Bl tai? 11.- ?itinn
re, omtr-'n?)ed l.v un ('mu ",,it?'" ..i ( oafessaaa, li ir v.r.. in.
j.roi???r in Mr limner lo wnie ?neil a kottST 1' was ti
Improper In the Sei ri-tai- ?t Btsta lo pabl?h U if th? p? at
the Mil to i? '?turi, ii in? i-?' '?! li '?<? ?i." i.i" -l
ii-, I. |e| ?id rea-aaiun.ciid.'d .'.? pSotlOStlOB *. .g..' lo tar
ttoppea ii? '.
Mr V i *-i mun i Mc.) regretted I bfl n- lion of iii? ? SB ?
?-a?- I,,it li? under?t<,o?! Hint ?ifhuiit li there cm I :
been no agreomeut and Ibn bill ? .till proba'-lv linvr* brea Iflfll
I'nder ancb fltaaBBMtoaeel lo ?lioi.lj vole Io. rsS-WlBg tti?*
i roon
Mi BunBBB(MsflS)?] do no1 know lliat 1 iball not l?o ?niti
?ed ia ?pcskuii ?roily ol what pai-ed ?o Hi? l on, i
I I'onfereine, oniiderini/?li.it hat liken plana? her.*. VV'lien
I ws .in.- together tha CbalmeB ee the aart ta the Hsbm (Mr,
, ttstsd thai, nul'-t? we Boi-rotcd tae propo?HioB from
i-., Boat?, the Committee mlgM at weB ditsalre wlthosl Mt
.an} lurther. We iv ?re. tbflfetara diiven lo eonsider
?non at the niiiBef. ItoOflBfTSl ts Ike ( oinn.it ????. et
the Senate that ares if the] esall ,i,ii,i- into |M itawi
liouie at ii', that tbe form adopted bv tlie llouie ?a. ata i I
proper on*-, and, after tonie essrsnsSkes, thai tan -a?
aui..;i.|i'd torssdaeeetdlei to iksaneMta nie MM ?nd. ??
t: .-.mm nil"*] It wa? tgttOi M '?T "a i ar? " ,'te? on li a-p?:t
?lft^e Senate It wal B|rflfld te sa till peri in crd?. t..?.-. .i
the bil! and'or the lakl of BOOflOBi] Of 'Inie, fcellag ?hat
th.-? ?Lould not be juitibed in Connue lui i? to tlie BSBBtfl and
ia-j-,,1 tu.i.- u diaasrcement, und sin???..!,? to the Seuats and
the aitlirr lion?*.- to uonatltule a new toiouiiltee, with tie ?slue
1 neitiori ?till to be presentM on the par? "f ihe Houte WI ni
yon bute before you waa tbe comptom.ie oi ihe two . ouiiiiit
tee?. after ample coutlderation of the ajantiaa. lea ?.'I
bear in mind, iberefore, that t_is .,o?!ti.in Bil
origil, ai'.v pn-Bf-r.'^ by Ihe Senile. It cam? .mai
ibe li?me, and wba^ou have now b?-foi a you ii the smsrs
mil? reached by your Conimitieeattertoiniderabl?) (BaeBflfltae
and, all Ihing? eonrldeied. It wa? lb?' Ifiit form in iib.cb, in
the viewt of (bat Committee ti.? qsettkoa ??'til tit pi._en!?d.
I do not know that 1 can lay anything further. I will make
one rcTiark in renlvlo the Senator fr.*m Marjlam!. ?ko dwaQl
partic?aily ?m !he private cbaiaclcr of thi? Ivtter. He ?ay?
it wsi not intciided (or publication. 11? will bear m unod,
however, Ibat ii wa? addr?'i?ed lo tin- M?*i leisry ol St.ite. ?iel
tbst It wai ' v him committed to lb?i rre?id?iui, and a! the
? agge?tioii of Um rre?ldeut. oomtnnuicnti-d to tbe pahUe, I!
may not bave been origin elly Intended by the ?vr?'ir Ita ? ik
licaiion, piobally, bovisvfer. ?t wn a pr.vtte letter, bal
tbrough the inttru??nt-litr of the I're?ident audtbeS?? irtai v
of Stale it wa? put tieiore tin-pilbil.. CeefrBBB wot I,.? ai
rtigned by thil public ?erv?ut iu a tars%B ?iiuutrr Bad tbe
Kepretcniiitiretof tl.e people in the ?.the. Iloiite f. ii thSB
Mirri j .ni. li* d In tuking iteps n0 fnr fal they Ooold ?o ra-tr,,iv;
tbtt functionary from tbe public ten ice. They Mt ti. -t the
?riler of mch a letter a? that ?lutbt not ?o be la Mi?
?er? ne st thl? liuie, and, nep<rf lally, wheo thai iellei bad found
it? ??) kate print through M.? ag?n?v of Ma I'reeid-i.i and
me ?secretary oi Slate? 1 tnink toaierism ?lient H.ev wet?
lotHfled in thai ? ; ? -lui,, ?id I ?la nul ?ay that n 1
had it?* honor of beia. s member el "? Bssss I tkssM ksrfl
taken tbsstkerallaiflan IM proeesdisgi they adopted Irai
I uiu.t but I .lo nul ?virip.ith./e ni'li k1 ru .u .Hying thal IM
?nier ag lash u letter. Killing forl'i lach "-ntliBentt Men hot
tlletothoie principle? whl, n ?be mijotltv ef the rout;:
?be Cn.'ed Statet regard to ?iiin't.al to the poblio wrlisie,
ougb. not to bold offii e abroa J I '!n Mt Wlah any lash man j
to ?peak for our eountiv in a fojei.i? lund. Bj? tkll wkslfl
Maeeaa-BasflBM tabs s asad lofll oat o? pisos. The -jtAttlon j
- IB BSTfll :y lu li.? r* lol I of the ( oruBi.Me?* ol Colf-iflie j
wi.ieb involve? a griiat many ir-nllei., of ski? I* tkll k1 oalj nur,
and mvolvei the tatf ?.l the bill
Mr li. wini ?It ha? bvcu r?u.i.rkr(l th?t 'he letter und?r j
'"??'iiratum wat piiMtshal at ihr misttl rl theFreeidsst ol
the L'i..tt(lhlaler?. 1 would ?ii? lo in,uireof lite Sa n.it*i irom
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Mr. li BTSB Csntanlj IM .?-?-letarr ni Suie ii'
I iu lu? letter, li* r?nf?ises it
Mr. II ivvari.-I ?ui inclined '" ?l.!ik Ml llouie hu? dont
[ ?noll? right lu minn? "It b.I ton;??uiat.oii !.. ? .? p*?.?t?i
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remarked, ?ont?.')? mauy very _?veri ttrtetiireaoii iL? cob
duct and policy of CSasnaa, Vhieh I (link bad ?ommeu?-?d it?
' ????mu ?( iii?- dale of that Iflttai
I Mr SiMM.B-lbe leit.-i waa writteiin A|i I.
Mr. Hovvakd? Then longreti bad been iu teasiou some
mori'bi before the date of !be letter 1 do not undeu' ?t-d
what tight an American Minltter ab-oa.l hti to ?it*-? inch
reXeetlont upon the legiilative lattartta of bli aseearj,
whttktr thtv could bfl f'iund m s privai, letur or s puMio one
Wa nan draw ne diilinoliuu in the I ami. H1r. An Aitierlean
U.ri?t'-i ?hrtas.! who MM to ceninr? tim. rondii? l of bit
??*_?>' -? han* -I ('? fohitt. "i v ot y^itji ;?, m ? j ?d?,-? ?
i ti ill his I
1 . ' ' - ' -
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' .. . .
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la ?hi. 1.1 vasvrit! ? - ' i 8 : i- I iok tie geatlesiaa
? .. ? * la -till. *lt
?hrosd tl.i.t, I.,; t!.c fut-.-.-. ' ' - - '
i etscal la m I r-teet
Mi Hi ' i.i.i. K-s ?mu I " ??"':' reBtM ??
repon ad i tod i at gran ? ed i ,. '.
bv thaUC?)1.'try it? BnysSOk Mas It" lian tmti H stated
. i -Ljw?r_i-. er agaii. that ti fi I I on arree
"??__* r'i -rt r I a r.iiit?-!?: e? C'en".rta?' II? (lui nu' Be
li TtaHli ?!. ? Tfcetes r teardsyiofthi?sessionsMU
rctniirsTi ?' aaObe bed sees BBtaj atAsvpriatiee kill? p.-4<*d
?.' i*i tuotlat? of Bli .uljouruiu? lit. Xher. ?a- BO danger of
tke (uiure of the MIL asa ke kspsd the hesta wrwahi uni ka
drive inte ?piecinic to whit it did not indoric. 1 here vus
niijiaitilicstiun f.'r rcfnmip tu ray tkls salary except it ronld
be luund in thoftct that the Minn?' i li?! ?ritten a private
I? I- i ?Lieh bad ti-oome public -ithuut hu kiiowMize or con?
nia! liiit ai.ppcme it va? a |.j!.'..i. I.",- addrei ed toen? el
ile j.iur.'isl? of the country l.y hinisell for pabHrstiSS. VtltH
ititi besnffi?lent Jottlfii ilion for rrfasiag le pai hi*.?_?rv i
Ile thoucht not. Ho our ten |c<: thero w.?i notiir-i in Sir. I
If si vi*| lett- willoh merited tt I pmiiabtr-ent propurjed hy tbe ]
Coait-ii no ( osnittoe,
M?. I!.'? ?im reaatoed t!.r fl tar la real? ta Mr gasdili ka
Mr.(?nu? (T'a.)dctfeadedMi ? rey. a i li IM tooti
f bl i ii i- i i ! t'M. 1-i<? ai ; i!i..ptt'.ii re.'??.eil ?rsterday
fron Ubi BrovBlev, vkl kke -???l ??...? ? Utkr afiasioa f?
las Presides!, ?rit!.-., l? skigkofficial uni puwisbedb tbs
Msssnus lulr.lt, IM
7 ? <? / ". J ?'? I .mu, s- -.?f .ra, . ? i*. -..,.,It. tin.'
i' r
,v?i... i? j ? ??,.. ??ii.. ae?t ?.?-, ?> V4?i-., rat-tod Me Cms
? ' ni l! ABI I ??? i-i ?I , lire ?.?. i io II .. ,t l .'. I lu ll??r
. -'?? .o Tali.?; Cut-,u - re, - t? in i . O ?a I i
to'l, i ? I? . U.I? I.BOWS) OS
Mr lu.wahi? ?iked if tfte alusi?n to lbs FifieldSU ? I
dead dog i?.? i.ut latended s- a teil al eeM ta the l-l M
Fcliriisr? Bp.i in v hi? '. the a ?thor of (kal sp leek MOBS ci
C'.loncl I ..nu.? a* a ' d. id ?li.? I."
Mr.OowakaaMfcsassseaed ii asai bel kevseldl?ela
know shy Hu? pkiaet stepped 1:1 ?im keel ttd?liais had
liuen kept ?o ? unitantlj lail'Uc Hie country. Min ?lui iii? I ;>?
pose? (.1 Iks I'resiil.'iit pi'k np n kata* lapteesbsiw ?
?o?an nie apasc li. and run; tke I '? nice, mi It ?fi Pin?.'
Al Ike ' 'lu l'i-ii'i el Mr. I '? . . ,'???!!. Jil. li'l-IMii?
rwtitnod ti e ti ?a ead la ?i too rea. u ki ?!....?.t , i.- ?at t:.o
situai t.l l. e Committee ni i:, ?f-t.-nc? on Ike Butter rcf-rrr.l
to as .- tii.-ii ?. .!. ead repeated __ii ke t esM i ?: ?-.to for it
seises te ? ne tbe kilt
Mr. I?a> spoke li i the Csstateeoe reaorl li?
sed Hie itoeisasrjr of tas. ta?, ile 'ir."*- n i irge es1 vi tot fi-iag
aotfitaa*! mu? Hi? ki i'"''i ; ?! I vo aeVBpspera la sfiieb ki
W s ..?'..'it;;, i ?lingi tU distril . '.'"a *. I ? I i
B: .1 bil IMBI arti r
Mt, Metro (Oto) apoke ia rta ? ? alter vklek
IBs r bott ?? i- a'! 11 lo
Mr Hiikai ? vi ir i. ' eil.-ii for the ree. nil Maftkkr;
^!l h tiri ii. i'.--1 ' iced tk* ?o'? in.i ti ?
??.'.. but tbe Chai I fees
s ia no i- .J -i 'ne the I ibeC
(?iiiiii.iI"-. ? ? ? . r? ed I ?
i ,i, tarni tri i ofbiatiob a u*.
Mr. Wai - i ?' ? ' m '???i that tke Htsste tabs sp I ?MO
i., i . . aa*l r_f|i?a ol '?- ntlei
Mi li ?-ria ? I i-i ! Ihr (,';? it Apiproprtttlos btB wo'.' 1 ! i
lal 'a ap and I i ' . fin-,
Mr, I.a ? i ?!? v ?....! : l
?.a .'.- ki
Mr. lui i fill iboped i'. I w ? ! : ,
' ' :
Mr. Oil?'is v .-:?'.-??. ii a- ?? ? l r t. i .?
Id i r.. i. ?
BliOB l" ! ? ii? 'I'. of
ii.-i ..i. .?pi rspti it ia MU ?. .? i
Mr. (jarais ul that I , . ,.?,?
iiuiii ti., r i -, ? r : iola, aaset ita di
lil II,a ,N ITT, Bli.I la? |,|ie *??i|, I
ii tribal??1 u- u'.l'.er ii i.dlsl ' ' 'e'?
la?, 'ibe rain* of las prapart* iskenfr i' !i M'
l.ruui'. ?ni ia ?- |l l.i"
i lie ?meudiii..!it ? ?a ,ia.T"??.l l"
Mr. A .?!?.- ? (It, l.i nu..? .i .i.-.! . r i ?
.1 ? i .ii..' Sa SB i ?. , .' t : i ? [ Vi ?j-?ti ef
ti,,- Mi ii,-.i' ?i. i - ii ? i War. BBdertbeeepar
totas lene-1. ata os (it D ?ti i
I , ,!,- a? .i? . . i -..?'?;'
after betas asMafias ??. ii ?i ? rklrid as Bl kasl'aMic
I' mt! ? 0_ ? i , i S? ret ,iy of ??' ,,
Mr, Ti ewetmi aa epriatiag I ? ? I
for || | ? .--i rai.... ,?
i ? rs?J li t" (.'. ntl Is i set ef a?eJi .i.
?ii. ?M B?DM* || .:...i. li
m ?I ..... ?i aioKi - No.
Ml M '?H: - 1 . .'KI., i . ...
Mr I),?.? -\? I t ii ???
Mr .ii'?i'i.i:?f sal far ibe resdta)
M . J >A\ '1 i l? lil
Mr. *- "? 11 i i
bli I.a.i?- .s?., iba las lu
T be ? i ? i k reed H ? s ,< (,,.,, :,:.? ibet se
emeu in."lil io, un addition il , , apsfl
mi apprsprtaltafl hil Balees i?., ?.?,.'?'? a bj a corni ot
11.-1: ? ? ?..' lbs pre i -tu...' i ??.
Mi l)??l?-K?a.l Ha. act .,(.1. i l.l? I
Mr. Or"i?_4Mb.I a? a ii?allia.? In Mr. Darli ia .1
'??.I' ?. |.|..?i-lli.|,' Hill !.. (I I. I ....'?'
BIBlBltaS Oiad SB to BaS ililli? 'Dr. ??.ir j I.* a?,. | >r- - ) rtatl I i,
?I ? lilTIm I.' ,.( I ..al-lil ? ... uri- |.lot lL?i ?u
?li ii: lie pial . tlassae torsatrr
di.nn| me ?\'?r
Mi. ( ii -a.? 111 ? M.i i if rati I Ike pe east af I .?'. atari
..?n?r? aafist ii ? ? i "I .lu!? vi. l- I Re l-ii??.-l ka* fallt
af IM i.'iierii; ?i i vas f'iBy ptadg f ?. i i : ? , ? . and If
ki veas set ed netta i. ka set. keel C_tos sws |
Bad (?ruinai., u.?i ? i|. it.o'i?t ki Man id aba veale
pei st lea-1 ?' i va. ? mt?.?, li.*?.n ?
( nid ?ni?.?nlii?K I., fi. - ?
fasdlil Ika (inaaldiisilaa uf ike a ? s-.b?.? I
?.-ut tala easestite eeeea , sad boob aftri i ??? I ? u?t
b4 t ??>,. m
111?!? ?
Tbe (. ' J ' -?. ' ? ?. m aad
: a i" iii.i ? ileratMB nf I ???? ..n
in? Meerie!el < ?lumWi?. aceerdtai i ? P'pisd
Bills of Ibe folie ? ?,???-?'
1?. i? cm puru!? Ibe .'s?, .list?' and Hail ??? li.- I? ???'.
[VI Hore' sad Bail?is Dei NI ? f
?Taiktagt tri
A uifi ,.'.,- ii.- ? ?? s Jail in ead for I s DUtrlei
mi lasskaa. aad saarsestaliBsi Oa-ctou tberrttv, ?.n? l?.i ..f
vbtab to ta aerators by tai alkea te ia? l> -
T. ri ?na?.- He waentagtas bead a I BslldlagCstopa
ny of Hie INstriet ??* Oe
Tn m? arsatsM lbs Metfsp Utas Club of ike D torta) ??'. I u
?j?, tasarpeeoM IM Uti ?!?: Haapttal al ti* Dtatrici .f
Te Iseerperste Ita? Waekiafitsa Boral Bel raed CetopfiS" fif
lb? Dtatl a I ? t ? uliiinlti?.
Ts ?nil.a./.e l ha catani . lad a?a ky IM Bal
timor? ??id ??no llniln.t.l ..t u r? ln.-ul irm . keterssa ,
nil-si d M'-u-e-i? .?--Jiiiii.i"!! ?ut. ?nd ?ilhu, tbs UUir.tjt tf
(.ulti Ulina
la saoul ti.? Ink Bael ioa of tas Oeelsratisa el Risk!* (f
' so fal sa ii asp?? te Ibe Ptotriet of CStasibis
1 hu hill proiide? ll.ai tke 341!? Section ?l Ibe li??r.aranon
af i:.km.-"i ibsBtoisol Ifattla d, edopted in . )l ??? f?. ??
lbs Basis bsa baas fseegslaas a ladssud mil.? Din rut ?i
i ilsmbia, ?to ead tat Basse lied ead aaaaQeS.
and Hi?! all ? ile-, ?11!? mid d'? .?? s p.* ?1 Ibllsd Bt the BSl 1 IB? ?
ti m. oi aay la? passed ta aeeordeses trier??i'f? imIi h?,
vbca beresftar a.*d vnli ! ?ail eff?' I as I
Ta i nein pin ai. ii..- \v*-'.iai"-..-i reaiperaaea Beetatg.
i ,, iia.-iitl Hi? tli.rti i of la- tVasklartoa ai.d Aleisudna
Kailiua?! bj pro! Lu mt? ibe cxt? Batea of tbe track etei 11 sa
??Itaim it?" , asg rsqalrtag Me I sap. ? le ssaesd 1100,000
within on? year In lb?, cuntiijutloo ul .. tuun.l .-m.i of tue
Hapitul to conned wllb tbe Jin It uni/re and Oble ?airoaU.
Thtj S'-iiiie a? I" lip m ?iljiuriie?!.
Mi. I ii?ist? (( t? i. trou the ( otoiaittM on ItiUMrr
fill?!!'. |.-p.rl?d a lilli lu rtUl.liali h'ul protect BB?SSsl
?emeteru ?? I lu-ti wa? reessBtotltod BSd on!? r?'! le '?? priut?-.
DONATiOM .?i -m i.i? i.?' ami afiiaoae oor__o.
Mr Uanki (Masi.) on 1'ave, lnir??l ? ?<l a (olia I rrsclit. m
Ci? i ? Hie loiiiililli/ riceully ??c? Bptad i.'i Iks pirpoeaa ?1 B f.lr
ii uni"! iM Heaas for Orsasat w B-ldtora and 8a0ers ta tke
1 lam? f"i an add i lion ?I lair ??.????taer ? ;th all the malarial?,
?ti- . which wai reid threi tunes an.I patse.l
I4-: r. "1 i""a|>? 'VI I f l.otsL^
Mr l'un i leva arno tim CetaaiMtae on Jfti'i ?' Ball
isa i repastad a hil to aatkettsa Hie i??u'' ?>f rertsm Made m
I. am mi,tun,? _ieaier tliau I 000, uhicli ?a? r?ad Ihr?*?
tittil ? ?i?'! I ???ed
TH. Alitai"?!?'?? ny i * NFJiaKB.
Th? Hi.iit- pre.I*?! i i ' e. i.sltli'iailon of the Joint rtm
lattas foi Hi?' adn uti'.ii uf J'eiiLe?.?.*.
Mr His-has'Ottiui wiilulrew Hie damsnii far th? previous
.?'lett ion ead iiueiiiie?! Iii? ?ub.iitut? to?? to re??!
I'.aolal.ull ?It. li !.. in I *.*?r ?(!,, . -.ft?!??! tia !j?ua'or. ?lit
R?f.r?airii?'i??i In ( ?iiigt???
li l*rr,. iii? .???'r ?? BBtoSaSSS BBS to 4? ?1 Hill? la'afl-d iii? IT
'I 1? ?li ?HU t'llil.r l la 1,1? I OUa'll iliuu ?if lil? I l.lt?d B'?fr?,pri)f,>?|r J
hy ti.? *CXX!M!t CeSSMt. M the !.*.i?!?'ur?i of tb? ?*T*rt
- >?>? ?i i ii,t alto taavB to ? a ??'nu Ita of r?B|r?... by ?
pro,?? tpirK ol olitdUii?-? in Hi? luady '.th?r saoBia, lui ral .ii. ta l.?r
j .at.?fa...? totas Oat*..".' ass ."I ssfikeeOgel ??? 1'nit.J
BBS?!| 'ri?r*l^ r I . ?
llr, loti, Bv I. r S?I |l? ali 1 II ,r I It? 1.1? ..li '?I,??. of til? ti.tUll
.?atara ol Am?n a. in CeSgtoto ISSStsbMk IfcV IM St?'? 11 I'rnii??
are i? ?.?irlia- i??'. r?.| lu li?! f' ru ,r ]?!..!.?I ..i? i . . I I? ali a '.. Il.r
I Mon aud i- ?t?u. ?niiil? d ! ? ta i*l toteafitd bl ISSetM ?nS Rrpr?
MStaMeH In CesgNM i -T e'. lei ,ial i?*ilin*d upun II,? r ti?id? Hi?
lit iii. oi laflle? if ami ted hy n ?' '. SB ?
M' UiN'.HAH renewed tit call fir tin* MSttaSI ISttttoOa
Mr.Bo iwiii (Masa)deetred t?. eaat tke Wivtag aea
?Ubstitute fur Mr RingfiSB. ino'lincslion
??I..L FsassMtea'liu ti**?talM llbsssM ? talk*CaasMto?
ii?.!, aroasias '? las l?:i,i.'"' "' 'ii? leeewl ?,?!? t,, u?
XX.tlXii. ? ..nil?.?, ir..l -'.ai ...? r?tab??bad ia t., ?I ?n?I i ,i*
? ???ni, .| ? ".ra., I ? .1 lit* . f ?.-??TI? ??lilli' '? , .?l.Jl. :.-!.. ?Im
ar.- lu.? toMtbaall psars at ?,-?, ita BaaaMtt ai d it?|,??,> i.iIt?.
ir ,m nit Ii Mata, ?I l-au.d ?la? ela t? I ?'.?I ?? .*.i1"?J Btsj ?it?. i..?,i |
, i khs of oOes, b* . Islltad .ot?? CsS|rst.s? ... ii.
??.??i . , astelaed bbbB be tsss-sed ?"
?, ?? r. .t..,.r Um d -I.-.i . I..rea.?i l ?I ?lij l.t'J gSaSBB SS* .a B S
?al ita J ti toi. .
Mr. PfT-Btn dr. lined lo let ti ? amendnitnt la? t?fl?i(?|
Mr W'Aiti.r? Y ?Itaired io offer nn ?memlmsn?. Bssilag Is
Hat elf?'?d In Mi. Itluglituia pr.iv.si.in. "Thtf Ile Un.'ed
.-?tates ii" ia riiii reeegsise ?h* Qetet?OtoM ef tk* Stat? of
'ISnnris'e insugarstrd SBdaraad hy ?be eaartsltaavklek
... ?'. J ti, H?- '.?h .In ? <>i laii'iary. in.', al ti?? ?ityof
Ni*!ii.:!.-. ss the legltlBBto Hererstsesl of i?.d ri?at. m
lied ts t be gaataslt asd athel tigvt- ef OtaMtVtsrsstota
.Haiti tho Coi ii to!lot '
Mi U?k.iiaii (MS?Ml ta I'! th? ?inn du.ti.1 M fifktsd, ?ml
insi?!?.) ,in tt.) pr? ? i?.iii ?lutstiui
'J be pre ions ,ue?t on traast.sadsa asd 'ke ?*ir>iutior ???
utOtri. ke tategraased ?nd reed t'.?; i?ird tune.
'J l.e linaii.h.? wa. lim oii.rrrd to be ireiatkirl time.
Then Hie Best* ?'ul Hilo Mi'u? aunfLsisn sUuit th. preamhl"
?lil? iii.nllr re?.il?e.l 't.elf tata a tnuHiiB M i?*t'on..der the
rate b? ?birk tkepreaabtawat eidersd t" ? ? ? i._ ???*< i uti
rssid lae tklrd 1?se, V?sk tokttoa ???laul on the itbis l?y a
Tete ef |M Is --??
M . I ? i;ioBU(Uhi<o ?ddtt.ted the Sj.e?ker a? il on a ?tues?
te, u ..i uiiier, sad aeastoeeeed la ??y thai ? i?.r ,?.n s. tke
nita.len ?id (?is ?id* Ueaned ?*ry ?leb lo rofe !wi'?b? lesolu
lion, hut ?...nid not tote for th* pi eau,Ide.
Us was ititermpted ht cal!? to order, and ? ?a inl ittntd hy
the Hpsakei that ii '.' 'iu?l a .,i?ntlon of nrd?i he mmt
stats H
Mr. La l-.i4.nsi? niiEminr his remarks, stated, smul loud
oalls lo order, that, as tk* lion?, w.mld ksre to role on the
reeeaa?ea and ptaaaibl? a. *a astir.ty. bmm mtsibei. ?n -i?
aide wmM} reta etaiMi ita f hole lkis|. ??"
I ....... I
I ! I.
? la I : ? ? . _
II ? . . .
? ? Mr |..i! ivv !
th? Hook te tasttkeJoist r* ?? ution.
, Mr. BoiT? | thal afl i Um mu
Hants ?
? u i..' the nswholesetsa and dm yeran aaisi? "i i'n i
I ins. Ile wa?oonieloui ihal Li? lui. ?? reached .nwniiiig ian
tesaradta u* the tktoi pur, on ti lut Bossa la IM
: eenoowe at awi .1 p-alnical oinip I*. M ?as? t' '?* _ man
Bs doBavsadflda t ?t. in of km sania] Marrase -a t- botired
I peril of T ia STOS I ti r<? und then to i ho on',..red people . f the
whol* r. . ollfNl si,,! ?nu reba ?lou?? vtti.n'i.f the <v ??try. El
. wa? not trouUed aiKiut the aajtion <f the Inn *???!? Lflifitte
ture, lint B?tio., BtLoigh ia! arninl in ioma r. ip??i-!?, would
le toultulled bl Hu* .ST-?OBte MM Want thl L)trnlatcre bil
'?oi.?la Hil iil'j.'it.on te th!? ir?eniiire wai fundamental.
Ii wm that Ihe (iorrrnment of Tenncrtee wa* not
in fi I n republic in fsrsrssaBBl V/kattrea the House At
| uiarinr to-day in the name of tho people uf the MBBtlJ ?n ?
under the Con.?titHlion : It wa. d*?cl iruig t! a' n Slate din
.-titutlnu ou ?-hielt nur than S i.'eJOnf the mile citli-ni ot the
State were foriverf.r thoiiiaetv.ri and for their poaterit) de
lou.- ! i-f all part in the [BIBIBflMlil ?f the hint.-' wu> r?
publican iuform.' (lu the pi ntrnrr. it WM nu aritasaaas*,"
"an n!lg.iii?!.y " Hi* uid n.,! qiie?!iou for a moment tbo power
??I C'oncifsi lo eiitrai.cbi.iet!.'' BSgltWSta Iennr>sic*e and f?f
tb-whol? South, i.it hi? would reject Tmbibmbead Korti
( r it na r.nd Arkau I unnl dey themselves did tiii. j?i?t
titid proper thine Iney had tlia autl.on!) ot ric?iilvntl.ii
?a lu, <>f Preaideat dokaoos, sal ol i inyeoti dlt?seal the
last Coiipri!?., fur IM pflflittofl that they ni'gtlt ciact oondninni
pSSSSMsl !>*r th" slauaatoa of these State? to BejMraMBl >i i
jaower. lit siki-d the HosM to con.i.l. r ti.? Bosdltisl of Ten
u uti aM '??Ii,!?!.* bodied male em; ,n?. n.id with ita por
?i nillir powet ptti-fii la th? linn le c! I- m 11 IU ?? ' ,000 el tia".
Hy tb i I' ii:?(iiul., ti til Ti !i:i"?.fie. moe t! in ! alf of the white
Bale eil.? m? wen ditfraaehlasd and Be-.Ouomala aolowd citi
l 'tin. an aut'r v ?te of*l 10,000 ?non, were tti.i?. asstalfld iroin ?II
aarttaiaaBoB n Me GeraHMaat, n*-'i MMO put iMmmItm
rnrwnrd na IM MoM| and ti.ii tgtttt BM afili?mnly rr
- I? ii., in i..?* BteseSM "f Ih<- (outitiy au.l ?ith tbe light
..t hiitory und et IM ti iliHihw ot tbo BspO >,'..
' That that wa4 a rennbli* -n firm of envernniont.
What did Hey i? vllea i-tiuioka? ia the future I Did mern
bon i?u|.i???e tbhi tbo e M HU disfranchised Hebel? would re?t
im ?(') ui der Ih.'ir eiclmiuB. They wer*i eutireiv luuliken
if Mfl] ?nppoaed ?nytiiiift ol tia.' kiiuL Thsn would bfl a BBSS*
luuatit'B b.itween th.* ri if?) i'.Mi va hi.'d ( 1 ?red ni.*n. and
?ii di.?li mci i?. .1 l:.-l?-|., in-l liter would f.vortnrsta?
(:.. i. tsraesi of ?luit .?t i te aad ?"'..at the BBsm ?a? ?loin.? tai
dar for Tes? tee. It wesMbe keresftsf karktedto do for Um
otlii-r len i.tat. , of iii.) .Sont!'. 11, ire WM Mt SBSSthSI Bli ? '
tim l..r th.. ' , ?,?r?d ii.cii of tia-Suiilh. ?in! IMtWMtO IWfll I
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la their taber, JbbUm wd espediese? win bbHM tadirasla
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I Itally of that iijuitne lie WM li.d I" par'? j
... um. i m ni i ? i . .let I"-, li' ?I lu ?'
that eiset H?, ti?- -.??"?! ni lui party h??i Mesessfll -."?i)- I
I- ? ! on i leti t. Aid Hue. Ilya, ?PIS a!, Hljun: .- l-l '. I I
it. , ..|,i|. .- isssssMflBsr. 1 M I ist Ml "1 IM ' OflStrj ? -li ' ill. f
wanui, o political partiMj but it might be aaked. were th ra
t . '. i..|i-t,, , ' .i, .?, g. , | in 'i !. j bad , ? '
. o I Stl ? trottas, Tonn?*??.-, IlkSBflMflSd lei?*, tata 'I
I u i-re-. -.?-.,.ii,I I'll d ?:.: r. 1 i ..,. ntl ii (tSattoa. IM I? "J|?l" ol
ihsM Bntes ?M asia tanl Ia Ms Ui.ssaM tu iMes?
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gi .air- .' ii.ny ?I... i I i?l oontroll? ! tbt
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ll ..?' t-t di i? i'!?-'. ' t tala o It, h iii
Mr iii .m (Call Natalwh| h- iBosld rata iga ii li
j ar.t rea aullo . II. w,,-.,;.,. i kded hu obj-ellon to it li
I , -
? t . I .1 I.- la. ii. I
I'm '?.' !'? ? ? Um poa ' i i
ii. ?hitapupstalinB 1: ? ? al ?.ia . '. .u vi?, i, i> i,ni.-?
, tad nadar Ihe j i is
, , f ivprsflflStStil ? - t'ai iu tu i
farota BM, ?ii-rei? b1..- should onlj bart ? ? i ara
v. I . a Ma would bet Uti ? i ... ? t.. ? i l-M-u 1
Mr. I.in ..ham alflflfll ?*"* d' ?'. i ?' Bfl I.i.-! it s ? kita of ;
pa i.'?.i rsgrol th ?? ?ny g*stl ?? i .n hither! i lappoi ?! i ? I ? ?ad
? -n n!?', i.ho,ir) ?a.,,,i ukeI e i."?i' ?a i.?? .'... i'!. r**n
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I ra , f I I .-.I I . " ? I ? > ? . . .' ' -. 1 ia] n.v
j,.ri?i. 'II ? f-f-nl oman f-"- '? b?d conM-l . 1
t )?>,,, re for I ni.; iii.i. i: ...-'ai I bin sho had disfraa
I tiir.'?. ? i*?- ?i-r. o ; it the National dot n.-ncat.
Mr li"' ra i m, ?) ?-.-,. ?bai ' tob}?? t?n wm thst the ooisrsl
a *?pie ?roi li fr kfll al* d
lir. Iii?, -Uko rola-d th?! Mr B H - f ft?
? !. ? v ri f ? a -? ?? - ' . ' '
II fi/?>>roten lad rlkurt ?" ?ti'1 tin ant Wai. ipi
' I). I0M ..* i'- ? I ?;, ; ., a tlOB, Whir h Vi il? M t Vi. lo
i'? i Iv li ? in The gea'lema? from 'In I
? ii' ? t , ? . - 'li
i . ra to her black
. iii ? Bel >.n tint i rta ipi . ? br ? Bira? ?
whirh ilufrani...sid bert Isos pen ktwofl )i Bebet Sops
I.'. 'H'
Mr. Piara (Obi k o..-rri?>!.-l to ny tout ke atti 1
?e?! n. ? t . ii.- ?i ? of the |. tee I ii ?: I i .'
h Jievi'it t.. ti,, m. i ttiii-.u n. ...i r.. ?.I .: . i| Bat lb
gi ?t paraasMl imMm kaw wa aMlhai si ?
Mr. Ii v ni am uni lu Wa II pfld kit OeUeSfM
?u i ? t. lin:, fun., i tel ?: t irtker
Mr. I pall -. '.v i ? ?..-1 whether og
?.alni, ti a . .! ' . ?!. li .. : it lilieoi ti II i k4 !
Mr. lill?.aa to .lecliuat.1 M ?leid SB! BM of !.,'..- II
... rlr! 1 it I.;.!,..?., v.l. ne Krpsbll in ..? M tai ?'!. :*. t*?.
... i' ? | r:uci| ie t' .i ti.- i,.i.j ,ri'y ? ;. Mer bl e? m whl
the ri?h' I" (.mil. I it? je. i-i.-iii |?i?i*r. III! ?O'
whl. b th- geiill-inriii fruir SI j ral BMltl r ??; I UfltM BO ' ?v I
'1 ???? idmlttina o? the Htat< n i is? Met kBSsesrrsederodhal
rall pie, es1 i the rt| -f llafru kited Kebeb wm ?
f Ti ltd i. t ?'in it Mach rasa (?, ? ta seither did
?? a. nor IVniii.i lianis. nor a iujj r iv ol ' tBtSlM .: U,o
1'i.itir. 1 MB rat ?? w ?, 11.-. i, m ?a? . ?: ti) eatillsd lo be tey
? I hers m B*f nut? in Mm Hatea. Hi? list tntltled
h-ri-'f lo ii |.y Ihe ?i lii-rer,, ? ,,i h-r p.,,;'- i, i ? tnylns
i. | . ,. 11.. .. ii, m in-ini.tr i. Mil I 'or
?? iii t.jr:.t!? ? "i'..- for htraself i higherer gr?iter
in-s?ur? ?! pslrloiiim I'.i'i ?ii to he a. floated '
(?yal le tiling mia if TeaaeaBM rc;r-4-iit-I ka
... - ???-es1 , Vibr t ?? !.. !? irnst
i aaesiee I do I m s to i Mi , ,. ....
1 matt iMiHstai r>? tru.c.i ? bjMt to lbs groat gssroaty Ural
if t,?-. ahaM tsetr prlvHegee m M IM kskflsata bM Mil - ?
,f tbepeop r. Congreta ?iii ly liw rein?- ('.?> gri:
I wrong If Tenn??ien w?4 a ,| republican In f.irm.
wi? New Vork. nut ( k4 i ? li-. ? i? no? emeld t- i
?entail..ii leith?! wa? Mnsiaehuifli* ?i.r li iii'.a W lal,
Ih.'ii, rsstatafld Bl bfl lion? Hut t?i .|e.-lare thal liiBiiii'ieti ?s
Teal .."' had r ?t i ti--1 in gosl fi:ih the ( iMtUailoasl
| A tnBBdment, and giren ?vidence t.) ?ausfy ?''.'.'.* ?Moll
luna of bf*r people lo thivlr a ??ia:; *.. thfl ta eBMled te r--pre
?. i,till.a; It, ( iillrfl-a?.
'II,? Hui?.- pr?i ????? b-d to i.t'ivithe piivirs of t'?? joint
i',.i anu?.. Daring the rote, th? b?msbm faua mentara
on ?eoount of tllne??. <?!. , vr >t MM I
Mr Kuick and MfMfll '" II HflfltS'Slll me Tiber? w'nle
luting -otc prstoatedaeaiafli i ??? prearaatak Mi K.Jridge
ii.ing th? erarerakOB thal ' ? ?i> it ni?>!i it.
Mr ItKOOMAti d'?.I risled Hist b. wm psirod ?? ti. Mr.
I ?.-ir M.h Ile??? la rit.-d ty Hu- OsSMCrStS Is ?lui.*
lio'V I.e ? ,. d hal, v,?I .', I) i bfl de* i-'l lo .innrer li lir?!.
Hi ? ?' I", .a-lili howerer. aaaosseed thal if b beliered lo
?mole ho woiinl vole "aye, hut fit I.- did not beltoTS
la lae pi ''" ' ?
li -1 ,v..|. 1 ne' Cere wa? ?a out!iur?t of
I in Unte i nu it.! vide, of ihe !(..;? ?
the speaker. Mnaf lifflStol the i I ., -iii hi. n un
vi?l?-d live."
'lae joint r?solution wt* pa??e?l -!.''? to 1.', t? follov? ?.
?..r m?. An_i'?eiiiN m rnsnaaMB.
VI . lir [ SB?M N ' ' ?'<?? tf?, .svwr,*
a,ii*" in Mi' i*-r Baan
4-, ?e /'.? I, M i. ir. Baksdaid,
A. I i ?--v '. (. itii.ll. M n r. She Isbarger,
B Ibler (Ohio) tltoaakrnnmr M'lerhesd. ,11-tf-i--.
Itikrr Hard -n. (Kr.i Moiri'l. iflslltaBj
Bsiik? llrirlmg. (Ill ..Vl'iii. ?.-eveni.
Baater. li^n. Mewaa, Ptaaeaa
li.dwell //'/"i?. Myis. Tut-".
Itlii.han) It. lii.e--.. Ne?' I /
II ,-, Hooper. JMMSN, Th?-.
Jiroini..- lla.tei.kii?, ,v,?..,, K. Ihonil? Md
lluckliud Hubbard i In) Weall J.UTI Bia?, jr
limit. Hii!.h,r.!'VVV)(iN?t?l, Ml
C1 ii (ti! io) ilttbbirdifr.i. (?rlh. T,'"ir -,
Clark (Kau.). Hubbeil niliio), I'rrli im. {Vesta?,
Cob!.. HiilburJ. ririiii. Trssartdts
i uifiv aaatesytrta, l-l.. Van A nea,
i iiukiiuir li.ts'-rsoll. Mai ti. Vin li,.; NI.
Dan? J,i.e-*,o l'l.c? VssUoil vi
Dawn. K-II4O0 aaajfard, \V?r,'
7>.ir? ".. A'?? Kondall A'* Wsrser,
Defri.e?. Bstcbaa lUadsk Ky.i. Wa-iii'RK.Itid
j 11,-iani?. Bastan Barnesak vv??iibnru
i ihm Ins, Kui kendall,' Klee (Mm?.), (Mara >.
i Dniiiielly. 1 ?lim. Bice, (Me), WomM.
Drigg>. Latham, iVoor, Weutworth,
I Kck!er. I.rimeiii ?d'? ). H-edper*. Whaley,
| Kgrleiinn I.?ur?ucc (j.. Knllnu. Wil?o? it.,,
\ ki- Igt Lynch, aw* Wiliion (l'a ?,
. Karai??r1b, M?riion. BroiflM Wlndoui
VV.?..?bridge. Wriphr.
ABAl-R ill?. ai._.??i s.
Vll.-v, K11..i. Jahan. McChrg.
r.ciijiniin, Hlgby, Kelley, Pain?.
Boutwell 'lenckt. Loun Williatnt.
Bepulili. an? in Roman, Demoerali. hale. Jo li u io ti De ino
cr?ti. ?mai I-' ai ?, * War Democrats.
'Alu- ?unounceinent of the r -ault wat greeted with general
apaisas? M the door and in the galleries.
Mr. SiF.'iv? from the.Iolnt Comtclitee on R?conitruntlon.
reported the follow id? bill
To pronde 'oi re.ii/iiii? to Iii? Mata ?stsly in liiiurffet(..u thou fuM
palta ?i ''ii '?
tit k'rtai. I? ii ripediri.l tint Mfl HtaM lately ni iiiaiirre. rtea
? I.ti M, it Ikfl ?itliiil d?y convrnlei.t with Ih? fi' ne praie and nfc
ty of Ihe I ricin, bs ii'torrd to full putl. tiwi ion In k11 ?x,hil,-ii ritbti
ItaaWtn, ( a .r. ? did hy join'i, .u,i.:i(jti, propoi? lor rilli), ?tiuii I
t.. ti-1.".i.in ..'* -a ? r rrr.,.1 ?a',..-! ?, ,b Mssetaata te ma ? m
,!..jI... , 'lal:.' I .?'?'-, an al! I? lu 'lie |? !otv|?| Wordl, lu
?, tmtimg ila ita-r.-,l?iti,t In the I'; itlt'n'i,,,, t./ 'hi
i'l.t'ltl S' ".
lu. ',',' Hy Ibfl Sei.!'??!. J Iii. meei K?|,te.?!it!ti?e. at Ik* I ?iib,I
?????? :,., iriii? i" ? .nur-ii ?I - ..'i.-J, tu?. t.'iiiJi i. beth II., ii?!
B4, IlitS til ' ?' ?? i >?' ?'- ' ? ?""1" ?? I ' ? '! e Ledi ,' r-i
? I 'lie ,e?,-lll ?r '.a ? ?n I : ? -1 li en' lu -i.e I..; a.,. ?., , o? Illa
I'mlidSl.t??. Mil. ! -vhrn HI t.-i ey till?-lourliH.f |?.U I.a/ji-il
1 .re?, ililli be v i al.? i ??? I " e 1 ,,n.-iiiillan. mmey.
4BTI. I-f - HBCTIM I All ??.??.,ai ham St .i.f.rs.i/.d in '.e
I Hite.l ?ut?! ii.J ?ij'-i'-. * i" >bs JiirltaictteB thereof, are ktltr-p? f
th? I ted ?'ale. iu4ef d'? ??I?'? wherein I h ?J ItalflS No Si?'?
?hill mike ?r ?nf.r riiy .?'iwui a . .iii al.ri.lfja? ?!,?. prinie^r. ,i
. ... ,A , it r.ni ? I 'lie I ulla ii Ila! ?., i,. r .!.. I air ?tits Je
a , e,... i-,, .. ia. HI ? ''y '" t>i.?i_fty with?! ,t lae ptsosrasi
?n r Jrnj to aiy p'-i a witina M JarltHiitestimeeam perara
? ' kawl. ?...
?>. .'. I'.r'ft? '?'-."? "hi' be l| p.. i.-.B-l imOB| ! e ??V'-l
_. nd
Pi?,?.la?ni oil 'I -M taslsi BavprtwnUtivet la Csajraaa, Rt
.,,,...,, ?! ?j ?* ? ? '" 'h' iBimbrr? oi t|,e |.s.'.!st'iis thereof'
.1 *.. .iii i f ia? null iuhtbilMU ?-! 1Mb ?'i'- le ? 4 -'1 ?ni
??. .'. I.r'r't? '!'.'?? -"*? ? "? ?II" la-.Bil ?nialaj I ? irrei?.
rVurmi t,un? to "<?'' retpeiilre nambeet oaatiai '"? whola
ron.I-f i i-r--i* i'. >?''*"? ' -i ! ali-.! lu.1 in? ?.ni laaed Hut
?lasas?? il,? .il.l I, ?* t' ?I ? ?y ?lr*--'.oii fil e ?. ? ,r?of Prr.l.leut ?nd
.... of li.- I nit?rl *?(?(??. . r ii may arti akrtdfM, SB
? pt fair | a ??eli ' ' ' '" "'' " ? 'in??- tee dhu * f t?pr?
?? itill Ih? ' n ihs?! ' ? '?' '"--' 'a '' *1 rap. lion whl '. t!ien>miti?r
. , ..,,,.i? I'll to'.S? wl.ul? muibei of luile . i?l/?Ti
II )??!? "i ?i? In ne h ?' (?
?d. I No ,*?r?a>ii m?l on n s? -itir ? t lUpiifatr.U'.Tft ia ( ? uren.
? 1..., I-, of 1'r ?Lol f VI.? P,ea.d?l,t, sr h ial.B/ ollii?, i?l ?
fiintiry. i-rl.-f It* Oeltei ?*(?(?? " ""''irinv ?ti ?, wlia. hiriiii
pr-v ob? y lik?u in "?th "? * *l?o-?,?f "I Con-r?!!. or ?. in ? die?! "t
tS? I'll '4 BUBHi or ??? BWrahrl of ??y S?B-e I.Bjl.lituri. or ti f?
?1-, u?i???r lodi, lil olfr?i of Mt SIM?, lo .?.??rt Iii? I .iM'it-ili
,.| ? ,? t ?i . ' -<? ??. ? II I'??? ??!???? i? ko.i'rr.-tia.a or r?!v?ltloR
I i< ?,ii.i th? . an sr lisou ii I or rot?jf?il to IS? ?n*o .. th?r? f, hu
' I a, ir-,i star, h) s ft? ol I?" hiniii ot tamk iloi.ie, um it ? luck
1 Iiaab tiir *
Bas I.'tm wi J-ty at MspaWn tataefMsBta?dBtataa, ?oth?r- ?
I Hid _f.Ui.lf v_?'ttj|l?- tUbWUlto mt Mftatol iff f??-Wni.ta? I
ksssseettoa b1
. ? Um laastats *?d Kepr??. nut ret f ? ..
i dil) ?tostad II - ty, aJtat labial : ? '?
., ir. d a
"?'?. . .' tur ' I 'ni ?le : l ,v Utafr 1 ..
.... a.--, i tu? asssaiea aaiaas??sa ?. ti.? i...
?tim.luu, ?ny part ??! tk '
li -i'l . eia-l? m? lill li al.ti
.'?,-? sr s<
tom .It r?tate, to BB ii??-?-, to th* 8* . . r> . ? ti
hstl ?, iiity h? p-atpotK?] tor ? p?lie.l t.. t .-? i^Iiuf t?n ?-a-,
fruta and after tu? p??~i.-- ? I ti
Amendment? ?ero oirered I.i Mi. Urs ham ri.<1 ?./Mr. Wit.
box of lava sod thin ou wotum ot Mr. k. i.Ltr th?. h li al 1
amendments VON laid on the talile M to IT.
THI o_)Jl>rRS'kl_NT.
Mr. .Sr:v:\-. trttttti the- bUatvisg m a ciacMHoaef ptlft
Jamtlrmi, i..?.-i. o??, toot ti!:-.. TI ?i wbsa ? -'ure ? aim i -
?I.? -, lu! ' -aturda-, tb? l?J ?rj ?f
li... ??ul.. i i . it. ui,l.i., ?H,,?, ,,,,,.::.,| bv tbl Pr?-?..! bl
jio.i,t c.i. ?a ti ? ptcni . ' ? i? .. wbosr*brtaby sa
Hu- It-A-BBStSlSd that it wai tor th?'Mr.?ase to ieoldi
wlietb ?r tat resiili.tion should be entertained a* a qinstioii of
prlvilei. . It ni ?iii, delicate quesiino for ft prtaidlag
o?eerteettilt,aatke isealBt?s dereered iuiieiu.??! ?taltai
wr.ieh na, ? t .'cuit in gr.tMt eaaaeeeeeeea Me, ti?>\i:'i".
U" l"r the i-;!? which nutiioii/ed I.mi. Babmltled tkt ?IB
An mailmen? on the i?on-?ti?ii1ioml hearing-of the SBASttoe
?ras ?.i?tu?-1 bj MLr. (?kin (lad. nul p.m ipal d la bj Mesar.
I e k. Sl.eliui Dawe? -Mu?. i? irfield (?juioi.
!i kssog I"* i' i i ? ton (Ps.), n*a! Sn-ron?
Mr. Mi a,?? said it ?ve adj,.,? tin?-ti rreet on Salnrday
tke 1st of l).!c*iiil)cr. Coiitfiess outre), tie aciiou oi Mm
liesii'ii as If it vv.i ? ia Bessies, ead that 1? my object. Ida
nut pr?te? J le deny it. I do U't VBSl to I nie kaatal n. ate
lie lu.- vu Iiuj. iitiit tt lie d' alt nit!? us he BBSSMI in vscstiOti.
Wo l'ire the ri(-iit ta ii? legate Ho putter toja i_>- ot tk- ener*
r-ee.-v Cesgr? ?i l? a very (Ufferenf body from tin Bseestire.
M beta tee Bcnliteo?oerhasapatth ilai pawerderi ivdupou
lui.!- i. C'liil'lied K, tlu-'MiTi i-i ni'hat power. Bottbii indsll
o?srlagislstire lud le. have, nadei Ita weil ki.o.u prim ipio??f
lbs assuaes las al II.?? psa m ? ;. ????-??laarj for the lagtetoMr I oi
a free UsvaraaMal ebetkei tbee? pavers ss eestaeratafi or
Bet eseest same Mea* aw tiptssagtakes away bj Ma Pt
I'tl'i. at'.?-. ( on?rces I na the ??.?ci in tia- i H-\ li '. Ii> ali)
.lel?r?at lui of power bel lahrrently The,? t. ?u ??.w-r i. r..
hu na Congrss Iran ??sin?, lbs ' .' kesesi li i? aasss i
silk tke right to eall Congi ? i of e-iergesar.
ii.avias Itvocild bell ii vea i">t to. lier?, may b
!ui.'? vk? a wi an- la ti i i-i i.i-? ol .? ist? i itlon, ii . a :. ? I
dattai a?retelas aasa i p-itl al ofl-cei may bo! i bj i ?
Bsateleed torosIIIb?. Cosgress togetkei ii nlgkt-otbe tot
i i interest or I i ?' >? lab r* 111 bto epi rta tai t?. mi thii ' ed]
?ii. Ti. ?vl.ul?* --t'ef? .?I ti i??.? Btrj 'um '1 ?'
?tabHag b? "? Inpsiiloalai ?u i?-r-i nci**, aa?i i? it tau?
?a | that Cos i ?- ? ?moi prm i.ic f? ii i ? ' ? n mt, ead! d
t,, o? i ? b< Ipi. ? ?!' tl_s at tke ?.. *. t ;
tori I-uta i--, i H.it ?--i ? all Botbsra tkt ponai
?i lui,;., , al ? tke Pre. - It ?-?. *
liei r |. i t'a ?'. B IpBBM t' I S IS a SB p ?1 'stSt. 1 t?m ?up
i iiacvkal may mil luipi :i vkal I ? kappsnod .
iniiilri? ?, I! '?km ; ii tcce?-nry f * ??'Rislative h?'dl '? fa i '
H. rna.-i- sa "sa pe??aseare. ' Bene ess thal Maaid Massa in
ni roflBlry li ?sit w11 Bet bat 1 dread It. Alevetobt
rbandstieala I aobod? able to eased Ita alarsi and
?s Bir. ve voald be a n eel li ipoteal
body l?as ven iaeacl a belpleu cosaiti< II
,., ;.t. . - rover, I ve ...1 nu! obj t lo
? i .. i ?!?.(,. It,,* i'. o. ?0 bat > tbe i H
. t ii,*] ? !-? doal I .1 ?
bj the tow st aelfdetoaM tonto I
? : - I
*11. ) h ..'mi ii.- .?? ti re
,? 1.1-. i|?te tateti da k1 u t pt
. i - lota
? i u - ?- :, ? i .i? kaa i' I rota
Yan Muan, filiises lu.?? A : ??'.' ?"? ?.?<?' 1* ii
weil Ilion ?.el. III. tuial. ? lark. iKl M I I Uriari
y.calij. I I. II (by, Hotcnkl.i It ??-. 1 (lowal.
II, bli-1?? |.l - i ' laa, h? '? Kee?!-, Umst? (QpI-.i
i ti ? u. M flu?s M.i 'ir. Mi ? l ..Sell. Uri .
i -, .. It?, i.?. Fri-.rl?
len I? 1' i. -r i i.? brui.-? Vin A.-rt I
kiara (M I ' ?' '? i . . trVtatwarth, ??J..? (Pa.1, ??uilaia?
Niti-M ,.r. A',.'?? ia . ? A?l ? " * Bl *? Baa.
I H . I. I' ?. I ' . 'I" ...
lit? ? I'l ? KI.ti. 1 Urila;? if ? III ? <<?.!i--.
I.r. n ?-. II?.Jin (Kt.| II* -? H!. -. " ' ' J I??' ?...H?',
. h .?'- K' ;,.
i. Knyki - 1? I I ? I* i I.? l.l.- I. ??: * ? ''
M ,.???. N,.??? Nia
-. .. P.. ,e. Phelp?
i H |Mst - H . "'"??" "ik
.,-. fe? H |i. . . i .r Ih ira ...
; ..Van I! " ? ?'? j. ,, ?",.... . -..'? ?1 toa
. ?? . ? - ?
Ai.JiV '
T..? lli:,o IkM. al I ' tdj irsed
<;i:\i!Rti. s.ii it ?i t*.
nu \kui'. ai? AT 00BTBBAI
MOOTS?U Ir.day, Juir a.
B 11. ?.. i i r bit?itii Brrited ken M II
o'clock i "-null!, a.,! being ?ort -stigsed laAedtatelj r?
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? * ko .r .it '!..- nigbt, t':?i ?? ..a!'! bat
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? ? ; ... .
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ARH?r Off t |h(K AB11.L P"R BBOAMOBatOQ Till. LtB
KSTIr_t CM 4 ITI/.l.N.-i?Til t KhKOMK.X'"! D'RM?! ?
ti i'Attr .h. oi- ann itbbo-_b on ulllb
r ?v.
ra ?? i hil, v"?!i. r ruim. .i.i?.'. -
,,'' ? ? ? ia i* n?! liistri t Co iii ? f Orleao
1 '"?-ii ?"?'?';: ?-?".. - -.-.. ? .-, affldarii, br ass
?Tilt t. .Ig .eui t.| tri? t-. ?Ii .tri '?;... ai (.-...'.- ..
Ki v OitiFisa. I'rl'Iar. July X1, '?'.
- endet the t'iril Bighta bul? Abell
i ?.u belled lo * >''" t.> .?j ?a ii betbra Ik? Ne', i ??ilai: ; *. ? al
tlu c m i.r. Courl
Til? it?darit is (?aied on ? reeeal eksrgt t?> MB (irsnii
.l'irr, ,|e',i?,..u i \.y ti. - u., need, to .?.J:it ?Lisa Betnben
ni li.e (..j-... : lien "! i**? i ? h" ve aid n ? oatt ne ii
i, i, . .. ' Hi],. i,, rjsnera]
< ?r-!* ? noimoiatite Coolkdacsta mxun nita
ka bl. I?.???..inn?-at. .nid il.-?-)l?iii?. all ort_*?.-it:i M fto
li: li pur;?.??-.
li'-ut.btoMm-?' mil l'".:'lert"ii of th? Freetlmeii?'Bu
rea", wh" kate ketfl iBttetsjBliBg the conduct of ita
- bete, I" ire l-o-ntonos
? it ton-'Beles. I,M0 beles; pticesaaebengad To-daj'i
r .- .?-?. im bales veekt receipts, i,.T_i balea agraisM
1,1*99 last creek ? riports, .?,?>???? lui?.?, ?t?<k, .'j.ii?'"'al ?.
st "l.ti.- ex? !. H'-.',
tam trial of the irrest ,1 ?i .Jsekae-i I.i..
uni.-rtbeCinlIlicbtsbill tot? i?.iJiUinga mulattos
t. ?slier, hat boee a?i>rre?i until Meada] ?
tin: BIMI*.
pic", nun u rorg-i booatto baltbb aoa miki
KN'.!.I."*II ? FV'iI.1 -H l IIP \l? POa
W.i-Hiv. us 1 ndaj I ii* .' ? ' ?
Another prize fight took pit i I - mot-ing ak'Ut It
milos from WasitlugtOB, ou Iba Va-ai?'; ,",,,,.".. 'ri>e
wa?'? ?uri BOW Hon.'.Kj baiter and Make Englisk litas
Coir, l.gbt veightla
I lair Miurht ?M u.iinil? m ..'j uiiiiiiti??-. MfiitkM ?tai te?
- I. lit. I.'iirlnh ?as il.-il in--1 lue I '. r
li.en- VOM Bot Mere ti..m ISO peraont \ r. ? ? s
of the apectatora rep< - pro ccliu-s in IU?I more
t'tai. eli i play.
HIM) Sl'4111 I 1.
? sar Ball.
Nob??i. it Conn.. Krulay. July ?.".). I??.;
Tin- LivsH-liall iimteli hero to-dtiy betVOOO the Chir
teiHik i'liii. .t llarttord and Hie ( heater Club of _figOO?,
w:?i won h.? the lattT Score. II to ?
The Uncial iuli.it N'urwich beat the Ocean Club of My.'.ic
oi lVedneaday. Soore. ~o fo 3?;
luke IfsiselsosaaasS Brgslta.
tTooooaraa Mu?. Prides, Jao*oo, ii *
I'll ? ann iel ?loUess regatta (?mi ? ? ??a at Laka i) i, ? g
uiiund ?m (hu'.'7tli lust. Tin? (!iti-i-aa' Regatta, to tafe
piase ??u Hie ?lillie ?lav. ?.lier? SB?M ni $,"_> mai $ li I-f
?inicie sculls, aii'l $la??l aud $;'i tir feaf ofiMd lu??"? Tb?)
..'. i ..iii? viOahweoatead foi theehaaipioa i!n.?; of !h?
Lake. There vin be a grand proaieaada eoaetfl oa the
ipi/it b?fate the rag .n t,
?iii.i. ?it? BBJOAfM-?
AiBany i-'rulsi, July M UBI
Keaerta ii"iti the _bti-Benl Diatrl? t ter ".iii ia ?julot.
The trut'ps are -still la camp .ti W.ii?er'i tarni. Hadar strict
militai | li-.'ipliiie.aii.l noaepredstiuns upon privat?' proper
ty .ir?? pSTtoilftdi T~?> privat.? ?it.. ?tint two slu-ep wer.?
arrsated by; okrclet m lae Commaadiag Ufloar, and do
lu ?:,-?! into tbe I -.i'l s otMic s ithotitiee oi tb? larra.
astas st ata Feni?u?BfifaUti vhoBi sitM sf elsotBBMl
: its been ieeaod, here IntiaMted ti.m they sill ?eaae
aetiieuifiit el ih?:ir Miebtedaeae, n?i M aaaUa _tea le
du ?o, Iba advance lii?i,"iiitU! !i.ia beni ilelay.il.
li,i? Bttetaooa i lu?n -'.ii .1 a.'uicr??<l in the act of
poiaoDing ? weil t'roin whui tit?. Maesa pneare ?.it ?.
li.-, ho niter, MMeeoiei ia aaTaotiag ina eicap?*, i.nvi?i?
thedefidli eo_ipoaadea ibegiawfla
With tl'iisrireptiop, nothing of parUtnltu lolfiteel Mfi
i mplied tods].
Tlurder af ih?. Ret. J. ('. Ki, hruau- ?I
ian aooasaaa trttmt tttytt,
I????. J. f'. Richmond, ?title itaiuliug in his mea?i?.w in
Hi* suburbs of lins .-Hy to-day. wss struck ty a man
nulled I..-WH ai,<l kilietl. The -Mall Ina ereittiHl consider
I.:.-e\. I'.'iiirnt ,.? Mr It?. :.:i...ii I wu weil koosu uud
had many f.ien.l?
Frew fislresiss.
OsiiVPsrox. Tax*?. Fridsy ?lair JO, 1MB
The ?tesmet Pa!m?>?ki wss Hetained by Ihe revenue cut?
ter Delaware on sr count of doubtful got>d? on board ivmong
the passengers basgsge not in tbe meniTes!. Her csptain
was hold m $.".,000tends. wukIa ho cyo^bOl Pf?J.u[t |ittC?
.t4_ci?_ivt icii'la*-uetii '
? un.
i ?--\? i-jut Banana It<ii>-f Ra-hMhl t_
?n,* ?. t j. Voiiui.: ,.-. N.n Tarfc, A r iu-? aJaaaUwaa?
? ? N'-. W Alrt_-_
t ? wain .1 ihn ?I Smcl-tir f? ??minier l'owbaUn. titni? _,?__
J-la ll-Al
??OltlW - - non?r ia, ?irurarr rownsisn '???a; p??
? ?Si from N.iw Vorkontlie .'ut tata.) Act-;' BooUwain u7
Hi.kejri? daly in ., u r- f laboren at M.ire Iils.w
-Na?.? V ard, C'u'..f itnls, taking pal-ago from _iiw York os ta
?ut Mat, '
?Tu'y l8 ? T?-vaUwain John Walker, from doty !n . '.axgM ra
bil ?.r. t, ut Mare Iilind NivyVard, Cil, ?nd placM ou a* T
I-air of abtenc; Acting Tl..rd Aunt vat .lugineer U. tf
Vsndergr?t. from iteamer Mahaska. and dufiaarged ? -L.
**rti(i*; Aonng Third Aim'aur _agioo?rt. Knot A. As lej
and H.H. Oliver, from ?tcainer Taliapooia, oa raportis ? _?
rv'lief. and gr.inted leave or abienee. *
?Ti'' li.?Acting Master VV i Lain II. dirk of the el? mtt
Cb looney, ________________
The Tribune tKalargr-.
?vt-Bra?iT TBininrg.
M?il tiji.teriberi. tintle oopy. 1 year?*- nambert...; .. ss ray
Mad-.ilisoriimri. clubs of ave. .. ? M
Ten copi?e, addrcaied to namai of tubicriben. .'. iy m
1 wenty copio, addreaied to namet of itibaeribers... .. 34 em
len ?opie?, tv? one address. la M
'l?enly oopiei. to one addreas. Y. _, ./ noa
An extra copy wi!: be lent for each eli?) of toa.
Mail anl-wrltier? taawf, 1 ve?r?104 numbera........ gin
Mail 4.1??. ni? n. ?? opten l rear?l-l uiiBbsri ._, .. Y. roe
Mall lubteribor?, Jeot.iel. or over, for eooh copy*?... . 3 *m
i toot i*-:...t- :?..; for ii) copie? |iki will reeoiva su sMrsosaw
for ti month?.
Bersoiu romitt ng for 11 cootel Mi. will roooire aa ??_??-? oopy
me yes.".
n.itxy TRinritB.
I ? ? ?r lii.'in-ii #'. for ?-1 moTka?
A 11:?m TUB IK! HUNK. Baw ?faro.
ARMONR-tt B.--?? r ,v. an w?di,?t-iy. Ja j li. rani Maura
ef IrvtagU 1 ?l-l ?1 ye,n
1 la ?ut r. ?tiv-.o: ti ef.mi'y at? pu'.l .1 .1 y I in isa! I* ?>t?a4
ti e fnvisrai ft sin hil lite re?ideB<-s, lxi-1?!lou up,n IB? ll-rsbea. e?
Si! nl.y. ii?) lost it ti o'ilrx? ni C?r-lai?i w11 b? st 4-r?, ?a?
th-a'Tiril oltl,?'j _v, m. train from MBB_k ?? . M??r,ae?h.
hi BBBbb-Oa Vii?y e??,11ns. lb? Mtii mi* .?' th? ?-Itai I ot
ti. Holt, M4., S "?"-'-f |J- -*, ?'-' ? ''"??tins iii ?Bali
Mi.? 1 M ..:? ~
Niti-e o: r-iuer?' in tbe ?renii?, piper..
?AKK-t! r?n..i- Bchel sie Ce 1.1.. et vvedn'-isy, yjjy ra.
Atti r?ala la i fin- ?'?n of Waji?, ted BflBtol c ?r, titi r
m . 'h- and l'iilvri.
Ii r 1.1 II i- iftbsfti ?y ire r-.r??-""'' y laeMed to ?MM
Il .'nir.l !'.-? ? ? -, No. MIIMmB ?BM?I yakWAt
1 Si',, diyi aiornini ?t Dooiock.
CoMnTDliK?On J ...r.day. tia? Imb in?t., Elis, ?ata ?BMBW <**'
1 -i ,'''.."( r iitoek, lathe l'.'h )??/ of l??r ?r?
Th? liner?! ni I lake 1 ? I Bera "e BmMmM ?f Mt pisset.. ?*
l'e.lrr- ? . N, ?? ?iii. dir, tho Hit toit. st I m itti
1 1 -a a-.-.?at wlvhaal (Sra?.
... ?
CBAVEN-Oat flfltatp mOir?as. I*.I. mil.. ?'. ihr rciihrae? mt Ma
,?n A.l'i-d VV. i i?r .,. l til I iir-n, ?ted 4J ye?.?.
T! 'fritad y .re .e.| -t ti y Inri-ello IttMil _? tea??.
?r lol 1 ti.. I, nu Oitur-liy morUn* ill! mi'., ham Ok A??'?
Cb -1 Kl,!,'? ?!.:!.??? . nir F'r'h ?re
?' r? lap ? Ir 1? rr?af Tooker?, fiara
in. rtea reeeteed br s e? ! VVi lum Hsaiy Holton.. t*M it yomn.
; ... i tskepliM *t bil f?-her? lei-il-nre ti?. M
W-.-'i. ??',!. l?y ?t l-l o el.???a. ?i HU frUad. ai?,
-i.i?-. j*. 1 1.1 ni. .fin? tttai.y, r? reipe-jfuiiy ta rued to
1 ". Ti.? raautea wij: b? ofleaspod
i li :. a ? .? 1,?.- .- 1 !e, N. V . foi l?t<iru"?nt.
? \|-:iM ::_, 1, i ' .-. !.. ? r 11. ?ftar ? ?hott MflSM IM I ??se.
:?. - I v". 1. 1 leq Ointaer. afgi I ato?la? tal
ret 1 1 ;> , - I. n't ) ftoiiiy u* reir-i-atf? iy ?n??'?-' te ?l
., !? ., c1 l.er pltTOt?, Mai. aft ftsK
Hr idwty, Oa ubjnliy tfterseea,eil ? kta 1
OBAVI , K-il.y the ttoth iait-, MM-r lV?4S
Orar?! w:i wo- Ito-taB B Or.vr-sod t?Mtier ol to? ?ra?
k1 A I mm?! ._.
-*ir?i in.i frie -ti ?( ?_? fsmlly sr? reipat-lfii ?y tar??, to
?? ..p.l tile lin?r?I Oom li.? C1 irrli of IL? K? I-i.ption. la Boor
taisath a- . o-. M teda), ?? t ' t'deta s n. . wiibuvt fvutkec inerte
' 1 I
OVCinTflTf fin ThallSJJ rveBlni. C?ili?riii? C. 0?ta*y*e, mid.am
rton ?--1 e~i yaaui 1 o util ind 1 di?.
..I. ol tri? i??ii y Mfl ?nrirajd to ?tteai Mr
1 er?., r.r, .-iindiy ??-.?ru >>a. at 1 o cl*ak fiom b*( 1st? rMiatenoe,
r. , i. m 1 .* ?' wtthesl tattaraIseBas?Sa
l*. :. ? -o 1 Thais?y J aly ii. Joke. Plkr. 1 nsl.Ti tvl Ntw-Mimptb-e,
.. a.?. 44 ye?ri.
. iralwil i?ko pt?.-? tim Si?'ir.l?yi ?Iis'tioob. at le-issk.
Irotii lu? Pr*i?byiB?i .?ri Chaieh. Ursen?n usai Csasi-tt. TS?
it !. u_ r-ii'.v,!, v.I ii. ,'>i?:.-*u, art) iavited 1?
?"??1 I.
D ira ?_--,?;_? wd. ,.'?-?? copy
RJ-.t" Y-Ouliid.y ?Matas, IYy lo, Ttmf>t_y P iemr?, tgMlk
tee r-U'ir-a ?: i H ?.H. ti ti.? limey ?rr ia ?ititi to * -.nd taatf-iosng
M .Mai. li?, the 1 I last, ti I a .?oik p. an., finn his Ute roBleBSIa
.-. : I v. , *f trasttah te,
jtTJI l-l? \ ? a .,- VV"-!e..?a1i? H-.b ir-1'., of cor.fNti>B of thfl
IriiB Ora? ? v -.:'? r ' tewot H- Kyno .1 A.torn L I.
u-? tra 'f !'y ,'.?ie?-lti ?Krad
1 ???''.tisy i'< >m> . it H?| ?'cioek a m. Hvsaoira
hjlviu Stroi .1 leiv-i l'e:l Slip 0 Iy 0 Jo k LiriKei wi: le? to
? - ian - , rll .1 ' A.t ?tslflflSBBJ The re-it?I will b4 UktS
t M m ?.,*?'. for uitertiis?
?iietial _.otites. ^^.J
The ?Ierc?ntkle Asearr
?. O. DUN ft Co..
Win Ii"aaI tia lir??-???-. New tvtt
i .a j a ? lui!-, if tUe ?liare work it bow reidy f??
-a-Uvery lo .-??? rij?r.. In pns ni.'na? ?* ti Mfl com am c1?: p. ?bl_, i?.
ud ? to our?, v.i t-? c? ?ttiaii ja tj th- foliwiag parti- dm oea?
o a--.. 1 with l*a pr par?;ion
THK RAT!'?'1.'? i "1 ! ?1 ') ei-i,um-vr? tuile apoa detail?
r.T ; -re- rii ?nd mir Ive r?i?rd,-'i ?. ia? eoB?_fi'ikli-B
k9 yean' erperleae?. Inel adina t)? ?p?.-la. lid of caraunereaa
.ntl Ti. evii sf whan., by eonnclng hu iitection to 1 i_sU
- ii.::i t ?.).?e.ii. ? :i.?it .n_nat? kaowiedteof lue h_laera
embnieed therei. .
XMBCHaiKOBI tia sited taasaMpdraflhaata intsi. o_p
-iu'. ch?rao_r, by wbich ui*eii tod cnaikreM
.????al 1 ir? ?.m.- .
THF. KKV ii -1 : p -i ib.: r.; ' -.: r?pl!n ina 1MB- ". ????'?M
? io diir?Dn?cteJ ii tu rrndrr it cipabsbl? mt ??r.r aie?
Matas nf di.t:l?ia?ti-o when proper y undent-to??.
?OBBCSmtOB to ti- woik ia.: do* tie J-.a-iry and .elf
00 i?, ti.? w, ei >-1 heap ait. .ni 1 cei? to tbe recotli tit d*t?ta4
r,? or!. v?l flSBMt thoet a:- noctnij
VV ei'ao p 11 ?1 ? u *t .. ? w 'I IM ?bo??.
caut.l nu. iii a ?rpirite r lia.? th? M?rcb?nti. kf . in w?r?iiii )(??
of the a-rn.-i/i' i.i>. and dutrtbatlng pa'r.ti ?f th? Watte Tbra
% ok tiin'?rd"J ?i 1 ?-??-.?lir fur B?ni?r?, C?Biraisiloan?roh?nto
? I pHten or i!-,??? whoa^ buita?M relat.tnt rat ohitlpwlth lM
pria-ip?. ceo'.en of tua?.
.-I'l.i- . 1 i! '. e 0 MSSMM ?' ' 'f it'bl'tlptioa ?IteT
Lhpspfl I'lntit I!-ai (?A e. Noa. WIiadTW Br>?vd.r?r.
Btw V ti; :o rnWARP IU .-.SEi.I. i. Ce Boit-ia. or M (he
-a iu the CBifll cf Pl.il?d?!phi? PiKilHirf!., BstiMar?, Cbl-,
10 I ?v?l?nd ' "' I. m. laouiirille. Iifrolt. M? w?.k??
?n 1 N?wOr!"?i 1 ?'! rotd ;'?d .:??. 1?r tS? ityl? of B. O. OIN k Co.
VV m dee? l'-xlon-a ?? M?lii.Bl.io.!.ins t ere??" iii?2
I?, . i.. wuiki -j oue'i ?e!i,euabria.'C ' Bern.? it!r?ai? huh-, iras
.- h ' athol i ?ard?, ?ni tr? wtnt I? 1 ' ti- ?rae rj?? i- ?
Tuerafonuna-juii or, fMAI-O.N ?Niiill? BLOV-MlNOC^.^Yi.
KI im:*-1 hy :i,e i.-.iin?! ain ?boat town, bat 'nor *,g M? .?jj r^
1 I -L-r- 1. v ?('* I ?? '.
? 1 1
V* 11 'le lins ot 111.?...let? ii! III Bl.,! ?iririiiiiiltl?
(ill ol >.'r?.\'orii lu 1.1 ii Loopei luio.ioa li.? ?i?-u-| o? l'..p
I*. i#? tu- .ulla;, taara ra Ambm Jobm ?ii snnQjn-sd. tal ora
ino l ' ,
(- -'Te. ? ?Viir-aJd-i !?.?' >' t.!??! J>n?s. ti.? loag?
Uta i m4 :iit Ir ?ad ei iu? Jiuii! pn f.-Mioti, ?? dour? te ?xprsi. our
? I, ?? 1 1 ?;.-: ?t il e .rrepafiti - ?? ? r | r '?,. -, ha? im'si-a 1
? . rta. li.it we t?ud?r to r,i. brmrel p?m>?i ml Ml fk-Uf
O'-r al C-ie nu pilliy lu lilli Ittt,. t e
He,ilte I. list tLe ?ooasiy stund tbe lauiri. ia 1 jjjy ia! wtu
ih? Braal b*d.e ol 11.001011111 Mt ?lo A*y?.
aiai'i * inat ta?.? p?o?jr?_i'4i I? pub'iil-iJ ia on? ar aior? of tbs
du iy paatta. C P. TITCU, rutudeai. ,
Jo.? .VI , i,.?iit. taeto'arr
The li.?1 i'uraallve l?~ihe TTsstl
I .JJ- ." J 1 a , .
I" r?? itiiu tut?,
\StrtT . i?- or gripe.
Tbo aaly v?|etsol? ?u bit it j te foi ca.?n?sl ne UMieury kaowa t? tha
? ?it m J .1 [i-r.ir ? 1 ? p'jrfitir ?, sltsrs'ire, v eslhutic p .j to
???Ud.l! lia-.
REO! ?.ATF rUK ?Y-liKM
fi nu the ?xaaii i- lirif, bowe!, k Ju?yi iii.i lui o'btt M-'.MtiMS
Tri-?. .'3 croll p?t bos. Sold hy ?mitiits
KAOVVAV ti'? Kill!
1. ?1 li v.l..r S KRO.M riiK r.AK. AND NOISE- l.*4 T1IV
lir iii I' vin. A!.1.Y ?'(.'BED
by Iii? nia ol iii? raceo'lr .llia-cr??d V atveiable ?<|r?. I,
?IT I Ti NE.
I'. ? S< ? ?'? ? 1 ar 1. - by all Drant?i.
U-oRdr. ( (.?JtyuvtiN.
No. J?3 lluijin it.. Bouts .,
__WhokeraU Agest.
"Yltrdleal t oimnoa ??.?liar-. -4?? ;-if.?-.i?! tiluitrnraui. giSt
S?iit by n.ii. rrerywner? p 1 1 i.d Conteoti Ttblr? ?es! free. Ad_
d-e.irl.e 1 tit,: _ B Kooli M 0., ?So. li? Bio__wiy, New*?
I? 0:1? dlittoDi fr??, dii'y. from I a. cn. I* I p. m. lavs?ii ii ? dia-\
time u.iy 01?alt by letter_
1 oniii,ti aad Cari? far ihr Hupiared. --.?Yoi tier 4 :i -roi
Y H. rIOTK. .VI D..N?, ii J" Ul-adwiy. N?? If rat._J
Old l?r. Hade Mew,
with,.! Sp?et4.l4i, I??.'or 01 Mediri?*. Puiipb:*! ??: ?4 Er??
Addr-ii Y. ti KxiiK M I? N.?. t.lJO bresdwiy, M?w Yofk
I'mplrr l?ep?i el' I.?mr?.
CKOQI Y.T A la. ?a ?ad ?pieodid ?ano ii iii eui it lowest prie??.
"aVOatt SALLY, ' (be n?w Ei.f ,.!. out door traue.
?nd ?-I kladi ol ?sniei for the horns, yi-'d. tnd fl?id. v
A H. ?? W1KT h Co., Mo. ?7 Ma-ran ???_''_Ta
Fewle*B rile aad II ?mer <'ure.-vv?.-Tf_ui te? only ?ar?
. I p?-feet eura foi I'lLKS LKPROSV SIROILLA, ?ALlj
KiiKl VI. ind all ??Maia?! o? tbs SKIN. K r Indi ni tri?.t?fssl
III? .lil Jell.-.-. ?- I Tel ni. r 1- iliiiay lii.-l? u? ti (11 na. Nd
ciiei orfsi.nr? In PILKS' a HI'MOR ?L? ps,*?i'.hl y?srs. S? i???i|?t
?,?,,. HKi.KMAM k lo. Bi'-'BdwBy, W?w Ysrt. ArssM. v ?
-^Proton?-?* Noller.--f.. Mu!, for OrritTrlttla ?milk*CoatS
nant, ?I* Southsmpton ml Brrmsii. per itasmsr AMEBICA^for TrM
lind ?i? QuMuitown, p?r itismn EDlNBUBOrJ. sa BATCBPATg
J ,ly 1!. will rtess it ll.ii (MBe? ii IO II s ?. *?d ti 11? "P -tnant
sMeaa, - follow. ?ic.JM A and B. I t- ?? H . OtaUaa* ? au! OA
7.4. m. ra ? 9U110- E 1 Y, T M s ^J^j^^tmt^. >
Wi?. Taaaaee aad Ofaafltailal Hair ? .
?ii!. 'ISm kTw ije SSUm&K lUsh ra\,.?ra. al. sMM. ?B ;
W A. BAllTiBLO?B'-t a??.J*?4-d_-il._'
Jaaiikpatl-H-, ?is Xf*.

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