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? -1 baffled
, t., el.llrtp Coll
I "T1:ltt u>
It tbe 1 ' ' ,lri,t,u'11
, to eel on. I
i , ? top t that it ha
? ! thl I
. Bill
i .-'4 Unit BO K? [?r? - |
?enta'iv.'c I li- inj I '
11-1,1-1 .-; . : : -
| -J toe BOM ?
the nine teell
at ti.c - . It wai i
. i- tbe dee* thal bal
[iilieta-j ? x rea?toal
Baaaton 1 taotaatlii In
07 r-ferred to the
I'l.n.niitt... i ' ? y authority of Con- ,
I loipbl-nowled.-e.'f !
Ike COU . - l| Ml ii-1''.?' Urti
H, a*? : ; t papers. It M-oiiod
U . .?..Miers wan
' .e-Prc-ideut of tho
I . -o his te.-ti
I , . 1 pri'f"i"d iuvi'.-t.
v., ti Jnr.e 8, in
toe i r., ..Ley which C
a,ta( _? | ut. It msy be said
t Lat-aaar s -the ?Tried
i i. LU, al tim
j. t to tbe Ui - ? I -?ion.
The bill ui 1 th ? Kiceihntu's Bn
rriive . id into the Semite,
tal ii na '? i lara UM tt* of tbM
4iup,.'.,-.. ?Mea The li mee
?bo '(-. t |)vIiocntS. Of |
aaftotog I
i and n nrrt i i ick to
I ?
?, ? I'.I-SO'1.
i ? <-?.: In ' i oi ly eg -.l-'i
it btv. It I
Mr. .1 lied by a
? s- - -c s t ior:h. Wo
trcj n j t'.'-'y
- ? , . ?
j 'va? ''that at It
tbi b : lb ?nu no
I :!,? II
.*? ?hid I by its pt.?v.-.ion?."
1 ' Hnnll h.ce ni nie
worthless ? i-f rr'.: | te ti I I."
s ? la tbe ?
I ! ?i -renee to
I..- iao.".e ui ?re
?Urin a if i-? ?vHdy.it once t.. give
: : fan yana to de
v " I . : a l-.-yiil in. I lil ill J.-*
: ....<> 1
..al- f . ' i..11 ov.-r th" vet.., by :W
Yets to H I | rba bal TOtl I for the
b 'I. cow f 1 ? ii? civen by
Metirs. Dix?-.-." littl rt, ntul
Van Wu e ? r- vari
' th? o tliiir action
i .- i . :
Senate was i
' I '
pn-oa bil d l.e had KM aaaaaa tir-1 in
I y bil admiration f-.r the
r - i Latrtbafl
i ? .-? | 1 I - ? a-ur ?
? i, ti..- Bean pm- g] '
an aaaa f?x lae It ii
to 7f to ?ti. Me* H
ti; r
i ? I .. ....i? i,-I : :
wah the Civ.: Biglin I Mell
billi??* if the Fre d
intft. s v ? ? -te?(1
4 t . th-? fr-edui'
I- || ? " I .' ,. Wbl-ll th-? '
??riet ..! . J . ? !!
ti?' Sen'-, amoi-u . ? ''li ?a? m?_
?lent f-: hu i?'i.' it wa?
t" BTT). i 'j f . - ? witao'it bil M
Jobna.u n flin i! at ' i I ?s bul
tuait th.? bill snp
I a I
adoe>?e.| by two-1
N bf 101
!' r th
jSroleeti.? L of lue ?- :, nl.lik- wbteb, ia itefirM and
? .
ait norths threat" ii aitbl fat by the
evnie n ..iw ?.
;?., c. II .t tbe j.
, aid th? Riieiity oi C/.iegTCe? tai
? ion. ? *?
liieirr al of tbe great rmbjr ht tim laeoBiti
l'?i'E RM a?.- (iT,l I; -Ti hill, introduced
it tbe Senate b? Mr. Trumbull. Afir tome amend*
snentl the bill wr.? pae???d, February S!. In th" H. ??
ii v i ? ? i thiiougbly, and on March 9
nutted to ?h- judiciary Committee for tatt I
i'sde'ai'.s. Ile I? March 13, adopted it a? ,.
bv a vote of Ml 1 ML UM Senate, Wurdi lo, fg
?ad ii Was sent t It gatMtOl I
veto Micch ??7, the i'. .J nt op'siMngnot the tenu? ofC.
bill, but ilspurposo. Mr. Truujbull,-.few '.
saltia the course of a trtj able sp-cch, rova-.vnig the
l'reeideii'v's message, that Mr. Johnson, though BnOWB the
b I while it was bet jo Congress, and PataOOtol to ni ita
knows bil rbj^tiom that, if pos-ible, it ne I
lo s lit his wishes, rover signified any ? I til ft r
? i-ra;re. Ajiril 6, the bill was p3??"d by the
Keuate, over the veto, by 33 Tam It )? ffaji
The Hot.-', on the '.?th, MaltnJiMt the vc'.', fay I:-' lo
41, and the vote was NOntvai w.th tantaltn
Mi. H.yuiond of New-York was the only I
me_De. who voted to sustain the veto. Ti.I fatO
rama a law, but w. 11-founded fears wero expressed thal
ihr President wonld not enforce it. Evcc- ? Bl i'lst.ficd
Ihii ipprehemion. Gen. Howard of the ), I;
j- p i-ived ?nfonnntion near the end of June tim? he
bill wa? entirely diiregirded in parts of Maryland, and it
mae cited, where the Criminal Court of CtlvT i lnui.iv
bad Bold men into Slavery for viriouspciioi'-, too truly
reptwnnttxl the spirit throughout the South. Still the
l?io bad been alrirmed, the conrls were legally bound
'o ei.l ? | gresi had done its Lint, and for the
ron-execution of the Iiws the President wit? toefOB i >.)<-.
When ?c consider the bill, we are latislied that Co: ??ree?
eoald Muctij bara frenjud a better one. It ('?tall,?be?,
'?al and impartial conditions of citizenship, and
gives to all citizcnt, irreipective of race and ?olor, the
i.gbt to testify in the courts, lue, mike lontracis, A?-.;
ftrtrbibita illegal puniihmect, and, in brief, raises the
freedmen from an anomalous and unjunt condition of serf?
dom.. 'Die question of luflrage is not touched by this
bill, Cougreai bJiv.ng attempted to rfa< h it by othtr
Tim 'Hird meitnre of recomtruction wasrepo.ied a* the
I id.ui.ttce on Keconsirnctioa January ML 1' na? a joint
reaol'.i.on propoaingas amendment U> the Conste itloa,
buing representation and taxes upon p'ipulaiion, except
llial nijrre the elective franchiao ii domed or abridged,
on le??? r.t of race or color, til peinons of such race or
color s'.iott'.d be excluded from the computation. Ii was
?fe^ed hsi?k to the Committee Lythe House January
31, aid next ?iiy waa repotted back, with the tlui.se tou
eeuiuii; Uiatiou ticindrd. Tbe Howe tin. |?BBI 11 fay
? twtM?iitia vote of JW to 46. Io the Sceale it met with a
different fate. Mr. Sumner, whose policy we have already
I'atJ-d, February 5, offered a enbstituto. -'during that in
all Rut?-! Itioiry d?elar??d to be in rebellion lhere ihould
be no dcuiil of rigbli, civil or po!.''?.l on iccoi.ut of
color or race. He supported ths mensu.e in a
?Creech of remarkible tarneit ness. Mr. Snmner'i
ealatit .te waa never pastas), fad nil to?
aoluii.,:i wat defetiUd in tbo Huist? March ??,
If ?t*, gat! to ?fl. Nats, on the motion to adopt Tue aub
I n ri-Bled with the Reconstruct.<.). I a_tol
Aprd Mt, ?tien Metan. Fna-ndtn and ruvi-in pre
Oaatad i rrp^irt upon whi-h it waa thought tin t'i-n
party in C'.ngrtJts would Bajrriie. It offered aiiO'lu-r ?mend- '
?Witto th? Conititu"ion, forbidding Ma* ? to abtidge the
irtaStjbUoftitiitoi, el'., apportioning np." I
eotdiiig to pjjpulition, but reducing the baaM Of I
In'iJij 'tire, franibise was deli?.I IO ?all
? Bot len ti. li en In.bil until .
wti^ia lt7?t til yetti nbt TghMtUpjJ ??? -? i?. .
boBiO-, tro-ii vi Ung for Pre ?iden?,Vu o-Prc-ioont or Mem?
ber? of c s_|--y..|. nprnhl-ltjedthe payaientni the Bebri
tb'h!, either by the Cniteil Stat's or by fir St-ites which
contract'd it. In thisihaj>eit paaaol tl??' lions", May.lUby
a vote of i.'s i? j?, The Beanta oontinsed to debata it far
Bar?tai nooka, Mr. Stewart powarfbOynrging for a time ins
p.Ley of ontfeeoal aaaMatyand anlrenri si.(Trage, but,
thorehotagne chanc-for the aftoprioa of ti.is pia??, tim
resiilution, in an nxnended form, ?us pOBOlda .'une fi, bj ij
? ? II Xiiya. On the Illili, it was adopted in the
lu 1.0 f? :(.'. Tin- Fir-t S.c'icn was BBMftftftd to
de-line citizenship more eleerie, and the Third received uu
important aheftfe. Th" alaaft. ,Ii-(?: Baal .i:s,Dir all Rebels
til ls.o xriis itricken out, find it se ..a declined, instead,
that any National or State officer ?ho bad given tile Bebet?
linn sid tdioulel not become a Senator or ltopr.-s,-inn! m-,
nu Fleetot furIbnriieat or flea Praatftant, aa i?o:d atril
or military office ui.dei tia-Unit ?I states. Congr.-.?s sras
i- -, a i- maa tu remove this disability by a two-tlnrds vote.
'I "? l'r.?ii!i.-iit waa r.-tjin-sted to fend the aineiidiiii-nt to
the atTOMl Stn:? s for rsti.i'-tti ?n. Mi. J? hu-.on, June %%
sent Cougress a message etatmg that Baplee had boen
transmitted to tin? ?states by Mr. Seward,
ruriiy us n _ri-h*teria] tety. Tho riarilnal
-laapproTwl the aaaaneananl m pootttte language, ebiagj
upon Hu-old nr.ii:.tl~if (?ni. L-a.nds ian ?o le termed -
thal the Bebri -tata, vere ant inpaeeeatad in Oeaajeaaa
whoa the ann riment ?as pooled. Thoa, thai great
nicnstire, af.er Go | Norioari con?i?lcrati<?n of bvo months,
nat _iatur?d, and is no? beibte tbe pealla? Ibw (,f Iba
St ?te? have thus far ratiflcd it, naiug to the n??n-se?s?i>n
of the Legislature, but Cornice tient, Nev.-liampsl.ire, and
Tennessee ore already upon the, reOOlda
I- this plan of rfcon?truction Corgre;i met the antat?
?ino! opparinna af the- Ibeelgent, a misfortune wnkh
Bnntnbnni aiiic-h of iU effect. Mr. Johnson mude no
' - : Ins boottHtf to the 1'iiion parly, Very emly in the
a and m hi? eatohmted api ii "f rolaaaaj -.?I, la
which he addiosscd a larg? croud in the Htr.it, he de
d Charles Sumner, Thaddens Stevei.s, and the
: i Majority iz.'iierAlly in CongNOB, Htr.itors?ciiuully
al en the gantbera B?bete, Oa thla aneaaban he
trainor! a -e?- polnu ni term, bf eaOlng John w.
Forrt'-y, Secretary cf the Son-it.?, a Dood Duck. Not con?
lib thia, tbo Prorident, efl agthewhete
????'.icy of Congress us disunion, BOBamd its Itiidic.il leaders
of au att'ii.pt to paaoaia his ii*?iiss:ui.tion. It must be
renieuibered, Lotvcvcr, that he bad |a?-.!":;?') ii.|!a a
s-.::ii::ir i barga Igalaat JeeX 1>j\ .?", and if that J>r? eedi-nt is
of value, Congress may hope ti.?t Mr. Johnson
w.l! finully become its BOM fn.nd. Under
thi? Presidential opfnrition, the polier, ri Conftiaaial l??t
triamphed in the die, f iftnneai en Iba att.?nij.t to Bene
its in.-iiibers into t'ongri s? has mg (ail -d, nttcr Uie passage
ol the joint leariarian, pawneriag an amendment to |bl
I lion, iba [Taloa b_bb al laaaeeeae resolved to
adopt it, and thongh tl.e l'resid'nt s nillc.miee in his own
State ?ii? thrown ?iiAinst the ?in. nduient, it wa? |
Lagt-hBaan, July I'.'. Iy a it?'.-d' ti io li. Tba
? ?, ol'the admission of 1er n;..-.-?: i rroo ( DM Bp
at - tire in Congress, anda bill lor tit- restoration of the
' ') her former j.lae ia the Union waa SaaOf paeBBft,
? BJ, Tile text dny tin-I'ri.?.dent return?,I tbi-biii with
hi- rigBatnre, but pratnitcd n' :nst tin- rudirsl term? in
svliicb it was framed. It le b-fOBtBBl te rule that a bill
front] I; tmetion Comiuitt-.-, providiag thal any
i Au. Lli.ii :it mi?ht
stud rs-preseiiUtisc-sto OongBMI sans ?Iff- at? d In UM HoiiBo,
by Tgtofta, Doftgesnj thus rrii.siiy r- I mad
viince, and maliC tbe AnicrnliiH-iit the solo t? .?t of r?--ai
1 of li? h. I Slate?. The rerti-ration of Tenner-sec
is i dc-cihivi- proof that th- ( Dal plan of BoOBft?
itniction, if sustained by the Ti? ?ii-l.t, v. nu d speodily
a the adatlaatoa af every s.-utiuni sta''?. To ?,nt
th I i-a?e of Mr. Paitetnon, on- of the S. r.ittors from Taft
OOMOO, the- ?on-iu law of thf ProeMont, who bud
: '-I r-.r. ofli.t? un l?-r tin- Bebri t.'.'.?-ii-.i- ?:??, tia
rated lo tno.lit*- ti.? lc?t ?Nth, but "'tin
II use by a largo vote r'fes.-d lo concur. Mr.
? n tir -Hy obtftlaod in? eeri with Bute !M
Wilbtbeae ineaiurc? Uitniy Bim r bille, Intended toe. fom
tbur ptir.cipl. ?, were r?.nt:. (t'd. Of this kind wa? Mr
J l Keb. H, to di??'iiac of the public Ismls
in the 8oath in such n way a. ti gie? the fn -.-lniW |
ehanee to beeeaae a ItneeaaiaVfa A""', -ft tv.
H -' ' ? ',-,- ?gft.nst the
. ' ' the t?M
I ^?is. however, aamcetly deolrowa of
>al i t !.!i-'--:?t,ii.d ng with Mr. Jobn?ot?, did
wayati Baal :???. and
? Baril B t-J a ? ?? . rete bill of Mr. Truiu
'" ? '
I .,: li-iff 'ni! ia t'.s ?c--? vi .sonct.f
\ t'y is Jannary j.d -
, favjr '?! a Protective Tariff were pf.i.n-d l?t.
' n. !? Jan? an 1 July it wit? iahated la the House,
i i note al '.'i te IB Th .-i<!i ari
twaaad I apea thi t.in*? la
ace. We wea ate! It with uli its
bnl hud bf-la boj.? ad ivi paaajni ?n the ft?n?tc
July 1." that body p.s't, luivl U.e hill t.ll December, ?nd
nut day the friends of protection ii trodm rd t rerisrdbill
-louse. (?r:-'lu'i.v the-ex i-ia-iit meu-ur?.-? wh.ch
r.ln_iiit-e bivi originaiij rer?f.ried were Mttntnd
away. Tho Senate BOeafta 1 ti. ? r i; el ?nil J ii] '.'I, with
amendments, i: ?h.i h the ]{>,,s? refused to concur. A
('.>a.mitt--e of Confereao? no1 aj-po.nted, and on the last
day of the sos-ion thu enfeebled ard incfh? lent
meniurc irtts finally adoptad bf both Horses We
barn an neriaa, al paaoane, to wliMiaa fniahae tho action
1 i.Te?s, tmpmtially ..f the Sein'e, in this tuipsnloti
I sbk- failure to do som? thins: de'.sn- for the encourage
\ iu--:it (?f Americ.iTi HBMbMtaana, an I the general tiuinciai
i'ltcresti. Ina pariey nhioh began by rj,*?:?g th? tax
I upon Coal, and mi iwaatag it BpoB l'on, tt wr.s impoaililu
? much coulidence. A sc-p ir tte bill to increase tho
i d.'v upon imported Wool passed the House, just before
ii'ljouiTmcnt, but tho Senate nastcd no tim" in laying on
l the tah!-. ( ? made litt!-: ehUga in tho tariff
j it lound imposed, and we ?uj'pos? we should be grateful
f'a* ?vi u thi.? snull measuTO of wisdom.
Other ir n ii Importaneo was too much
aagtaatad. The Lean bBI waa Beea-riaaad la tba Boaae,
m! ift Ita original ehapa Mbatad March IB o.i tho ~sui
it | nee I bf B to St, and ftpril !? ?as adopted in 'bo rV-n
ato hy a lar.?! lui-jonly. The ("ii.initi?e- of Ways and
afobtaaif I, repurl'-d a lull lo Kntid the National
i? o, s?. uli ?as aabeagnenllf eui dnwa aad abaftged aa
that ?t ? ty tnebftnge the lae/tb-a? Tbe Boab*
' i pt MO, a very iiiii.orl.nit in- lOBBO, nbf-B, B passed,
! ?a ii bate boee el laaBeeeatnblabaajeBI le the country,
' was ajiprorcd Bf the Houfe js early its Mai, bul th'- left
I a!e objecting to the enure principle af tho bill, postponed
it t.ii Dneaeaheft a mor.- gaattfylag fe-aturo of
tho linanc-iii BBt-BB of CoLgre?! wa? the pus
?tige of the Internal liovonue bill iu June,
by which at !?-_?t llOfi.'Hjfi/XK) of taxes per annum wcro
laneele!? a stronger oriiaaee of tho wealth nn.i ra
sources of the country could not be givon than that this
was nfcomplisbed a little moro than a year aft?-r tbe end
of the war, and wiihadebtof thousaudsof millions un?
paid. Had this n-uioval of dire? t taxes been accompanied
with a more stringent proteetivo tariff, wo ?hould have
been better _st.sli?-d. But Congress proceeded from
misUko to mutake. July '?I, tho Senate rosolvod to
?MBoaeetbe pap of Uananaaei an! aaaptefda, n-inie, Hop
'.'5, the dangero.s lull to Bftaaliaa soldiers bounties
pasitd tho Hoii-o by a n?ttllf unaiiitnous vote. Tbaea
two meBSiirei weio ftaaBftad Bl BBrftI each other
well. The Renato d feat?' I the Painty bill, July
-I, aud tho Ilouse. two days after, refused to con?
cur in the bill to iiicrosse salarics. On the last day
of the Kes_io_, a Conference O-BMBtttBB tackid both ?if
tbeae proposition? to tbo Omi Ajipropnntion bill
and the House, piotestuig against iucrcasing its w?ge?,
luted lor, the bil! for the ?al??- ottho soldiers' bountif?,
while the Senate, pllllorilBg ma.nut the bountirs,approved
the lull for the sake of it? ?alane?. Tin? pleasant little
arran(;eruer)t, which was c-rried out irreipectivo of party,
wea ligned by the President, and ii now another proof that
two wrongi, so far from making one nphi, make each
Othei 'he more monstrous.
Congres!, May en, llimlly paooad 'ho bill to facilitate com
merci?!, ?loAtal, und military conuuuiiicatioii betsveen (ho
sOTenil States?a ?wise and unjMirtaut measure, which
ought to do tn i' h to ii. -?roy the monopolios that rob tho
Irt-oj'i?-. A bill I? reorganize the Judiciary of the tint??!
Htate? was adaptada Tho Anny bill, giving tis a largo
i, ?ir .-. ?i.-i.'lopt"! ut theendoC.thesessioii. Kivor
and Berhee laapiftfaaaaBti nnra authorizod, but ? _neb
. i..?-ti.?iire io pretari baa benhl of the btaniarippl
from inindntioii nea ili'teui??'!? i'he NeutrTiliiy bill, which
repeoiod thi "ii biwa bfwbleb Ibe Dnlled glalea bena!
baraatftoeni traUty, wbieh na ritnl aalten ab?
rerw-i, isa? paaaad la Hi?' Bo M, bal Ib Iba gaari
? . :i Coiiiiiiiltee, ami sent ove-r nil ll"c.ii,!,. r. Tba
, jt?tOl tiiU b?ll ft) CttllUslva?. _??*jNM| I'-ivlUUvu. \\ ^"'*
?? i , -liiii; th- PlBBllaal t-n |-pri ii any V
Bl in Ir-liiiid wert' li,li ,||.....,),, ,Ul,,r,a?u,d. ,.-r.u :
bia* bo beball ol lha I . .
? -'i I mil fal ?'"?-,-?i.
\\ bl t a: i ' not*I
bat lereral ui'. reefing pa i W]. ? n anjtoa
both li ? |
the Ar'iiy and Nnvv, who-; .1 ti,.. , ?,,,?. ??er-prac' !?/?
0 I h Iba bin treating the tillea or limerai ia tbe
Anny, inn! .\dmual Ifl laV N I . Oneot ?Mendel by
Con/r-v? for Cr n, t and .'??m fi t ?agio 11 ??.? Ounifterw ard
noniiiiHt".i by tbePreeideat, d eonfirmnlWtbtltBate.
The right <f .lohn P. St... ken wt ... ?? Jersey to a Mat la
ta?mate, vm IMpatal ka Matnfa, and on the Pibe
v-i-'l"1'- lol Ho I to lu? ?,:,. , !,,- m ,l,?e vote of -.'.' to
tt, Mr. Btoebtan v..?in- Cm hineetf. This led ton
very er.citi,,.: ib lute, and Mr. Stockton linally yielded tt?
the iTr^umei-.'s ngiiinst hi? right to vote l8 fall 0*1
when BB nas unse.itcl, Man li B, by o-,? to iii. It was r.p
P'.-. d ih,.t Bew?-Jern /, vbteb bal m IboroogVf toltol 4
? he I'liion iH.li.y, would send a Blltoal H"i?tor at once.
An election was provento?! by the trea: bery of Jam? ? M.
s-'.vc!, Speakeraf the Rewajareey geaato, ?in., elected
Baa Baikal and Mttfagatafael iboraillkaenbilhaBlMe
far ti? j l.iuJiicss of his prof asioiis of fidci,ty to his party,
si-ue.i tim Ini oi'portuinty toofrpeee it. i.vcry Mm mmt
bag oi tbe N'-ii-Jvi-ey I,. k',?!tt ,., Ofpaoel Mr, Seoul, but
hivin- lae .I-, iii ve vote be lahtoel to allow in el
Mlfboial IttaoftbT !' I ; .rty to ?end Ab-xand-rC.
Civtteil?MM of the bent men In tha Slate-tt th- Call-1
Rt.tte. S,?*in?o vrn? tb-i'-i'el. The expulsion of Mr.
i from the count ils id his own par?/, and
th- ooandence of any parti ireo. th..* __<? had MMta1
unaly sciv-.l? 1, di.wed hi t initier wt MRM8. Tho d -ulLi
of S "lomon F.? it, Senator lr.uu Vermont, oceurr-d March
'It, mid (.c.rge F. IMi.i'.n I? ?as eleitul Ins nice - r.
? I'lv II, laaatM liane of Kansas ?jiul?a suicide.
Roth Hoi ms paul their tribute of input to the memory
of lient, Pan? BeaM? Jtati Batoptaaya, B^tomtoMva
I'r,.ni KOO ?TOeat, died .lunn If., mid the usual tribu'- tt
- ?a- pud. ii paiuf'.l d'ty was imposed M ti?
ll ? -, ii. Jan-, by an i" i bj Mr. BaOMMR of
Kentucky atna Mr. ( i rum II ti Iowa lor words ?pokou
in debate. T!i" sp".-?al eurimie.? appointed la con-der
iLis br-nch of privilege reported li favor o: tl.r expulsion
<>' Mr. Bomen, bat tbe n..,?. eeatontel HaaB w.ttii
r- Mr, Borneen, bowetar, nptiiti-.i Mi ?
IttORtiei t.. r?'-ii'ii. Ai.c.thi-r ; er.-oi ?1 muter M i':.?"it
MMotoMr. MeDoaglBaal i fra atbeti am tue Seuite
' - ii- of tri ? ky in the Capital
i . rc-a vi.".'.l to n.:n,i! tWOaei Mat.? to the I
I I ball I" Mtotll 1 i . . | |.y th'' Pi
May -.'.'.th,i.'?.ii g.,, ni.?.? wiiii'. netblab i?.r in? i.-r.t. di.:..
??7th, Kebraakt ?a.? tectaiel a M Mi bj O i ere??, bat tbe
1'rvsi.l nt has t1':? tar ait] atwraL April I'Jt'i,
ib- II- N 'til', J"| ii pgmtattm ol' iiiijinr? whether J
smi Dai ia va- ."I'lty of ini it.ng usajssii ition, ii chairnd
hy President ?Tehama. The report of tiio Spec li Can?
iiiii'.-e on the nilje. t wa? mad- July-T'.b, and famboeB
too re, rntlj t" f.r. i nr r a I rato ?ic i
Th?-1 our?'., of the D ty la I
I little irodit an Ita ability, lu m- naaga c?rlydn
1 themselves by " ? I'.i'.'i to im t.. ,-. s
they vt.-re powerless to lefoel ai.d by j.r?.? osltions and
argumenta which called forth the denalon of the people.
In Krtiriiary wt? tin.I air. CtrWlB, "f pe:.:.?Tiva:iia. erigin? |
ally rloeted is a Republican, but long unce id??r.t.-r ?
t'r ?m 1 ? . * tt at Hie ??r i? a fa., .r? i
lebet Btatoa wate at ?ratee admllttd. Ir.':
Qarratl !>..?-.v adtii
I ! t?:? R.'. !
? ? .i?, ti-- titi" Congram, and 1
'?..i. by i Mr. Bogen af Ka??J
(he ?el. ?nowa Malm ef th- l> Baatf ka an
i . ?as in favor of is'.mg I I ? < uni lee, ii?! |
Mr. Cb al r, the rquii:-. vi bnowt Mtoweg ha i
Matty, in Msv, ' -f resolutions '
Dg the 1'ri-. ? . a 11 wick ii,
r. Tol-.liorsry. mai ? ' I (?,n _.
?V? Mr. ('hi'.:- - v. ? 1
retain, : ? rmon
?ait]. . ' B Mr. 1 I
trilling gn li ? jig on
I? ? '?i, Van
.? table, Will |' -ti '? l' I ti ? ?i. ,
: I., Co:, r ? by ' ' '
( it-.- t-iit.' men, Lowen?, the I ' ?, '???? M ??*?
t ?fear, but a more aeri . Miueit w?s the
UMmJl tflbl Triilimi I ? I :?* the National John
a-m Convention, J ? It 1 ' ??' '*_
to Aagaat, ? '*';.._
: Denalma ir-m i J li, 1
in a few lan le . .v
ind ro,,?i:t|y |.y tha' f.f Mr. Bl | "iry of
fie Interior. Wa:: II;? i ' ' ..
.'mu (iuv.m.
ment oil - . -. .(, and the a;
I Bo ' t of 1 0] perheadi to I . l'ai a caucui wa?
1 lo id in July, todovise m-naur?? t?. prevent them otila
? Mr. M'Ten?'? ?one.rr? nt r? o'.i ti | t?> authoriBu the pro
' tiding officers to summon I o?.rr'-?i dirring the recen
na?, however, d.f' ' I . I QoOIRtol bm
MM let M Ihn Ki.a uti ? e llliilLal, foitUBStely,
by the laai c. BhMM !,,.:. ! I Ibu: t l.u con.ent, eitab
1 I el.
tefhtSBtl of ?li '.?? Roi
Congrc?! tdjHtirn.??! ? IIMIt?/ to tbe mmmt y
i pin of the Cnion parly, its boldness arid lucres? in ib
i i-rtmg thom, it demrve? tbe rt.niik? ..f the onntry.
! Never had the Nations! Leg..?..tur- sieh mighty work to
do?never h?.I it 1-cn mrrom M Rttl ?uch |>eril! nnd
temptatioriS. It is true that ti- \\\I.\t!i (orgrrts failed
to lueist upon impartial Mfrtgl, 1 Bl ita legiilation must
"i-l in the .?"-tra. ?i-n of b1] Bl I oaaciouulof
raco or i ol tt, tTlth all Ita ft ililli da Congram ha? bravely
and lue? etsfully defended do prim ip'.es Mtwhitl UM
war wt? fought, nnd wit,:. li ark tie gains of
tho rar woull I .way.
Tat ????ir Bin i? ?eil
The following is the bill to equalize the 1-onnties of I
soldiers and ssllori who ?.rvrl in th? lit? wsr s-raluil lb?
Slavrboldrr ? He bel lion, ?? ii Caally pam .1 both ?Iuuan of l'un
Fl. . I. /?? '? mato ', ??r., Thit to sieh ?tul evrry so!dl?r wbn
?rd steel mi? the army of the tuilcl ItatnaAer tha I nhdsynf
a [.ni i-.;i io? ? tana I afaetlantbaa tLrr? ?ssr?, snd tis? li?;
? ti ivri! !,:, tata "I eiiiita.-iit li?? boen hum.i ?lily iliielar,'".),
liol vv j : sa t" el? c1, or ii entitled lo rtjcrur.frotn the I'uit"!
States, miller rilit.ng law? ? tnaiily u( I./?, and na ra,.i?,
and an) inch BtMitf culutrrl fit But I.?? than t?irre ytars wbo
b?s I--n kuiiiirat'lr diicharirod on acn-int ol w.nn.il? r?
Orived in the line ?if duty, ami th? wi.|..?, BataM ehlldrrn. at
pirrut? ia the uni' r iiatue.! of any auch a-'iirr wbo died lu the
? at ne of the I'nltr.l Sttt??, ?r of dii'-s?? or wounds eoa
I . ??I while li tbe ni lite ml in tbe Um ol datr. ihill la
? I tbe Bil,liteiaal l.-unt? .,( I ti ?irr, lit authoriad
bl.. . '*. That to rsch sod ?T?rv snldi.r who tnlist?d mlo th*
Arn.T ?it th? t'nitrd Hist?? sflrr (be l-uti of April, Ntl, di.riL?;
tbt KrtaellloD. fir b pei iod M Bet Bm Mm tun yrira, snd who
u rail li,, lu.lr.l iu ti.? bragatat ?ntteOk mel baa Laen honor
tilly dnr.'isrgcd llerc .tu alter Brrnne two yean, and who
bas received, or 1? eut, 'ed to reotli? from the L'olted Blair?
under eiiili'ig lair? a Isiunty of tio snd no more, and any
BaMlrff rnliitr,I fur len than tan y?ari, wbo bat
Leen honorahly IMMnnm on ?v. -o_Dt at .?ouud? rt>e?iTed In tbe
Lu? of doty and I Lu widow, minor thildron,' or parents, la the
ur.lrr usmrd, nt any such soldier who .lied in tks servie?! of th?
I'uite.1 Bi.it'? or ef di?r>?s? or woaudi -ontmeted ?hil? in
thuvrvice of the L'nitel Mate? and In tbe lia? of duty, ?hall be
paid the additional btMinry of |V', hereby luther Jed ? prnvldtNl
? that any tattler vttio hs? f-rfett-.l. Beto, n??ifii?d. trai.iftrred,
; loaned, ciebaiiged. or given anny, bl? fir.sl dlscbsr~ papers,
or auy contrul la tho bounty proveled hy this or any otlirr act
? ofC.ntren s?mil nut l>? entitled lorei'tjiveauy addltiunal Luniily
irbst?Tor, ami ?teaaBfUtotle?atoada l.yar.ys..|'li?r for laid
bounty hoshsll be ieipilr?d under lbs psi'.s snd p?nsltlfs of
t-erjaiy to inak? oath or afbrtnatioD of his iil?iititv. and that be
liai not an bartered, auld, astlirord traniforrid, ficbangtd,
losned or given away eithor hi* dlsohsriT.? ps'suri or toy luter
? it io nuy bouuty ii sfoietaid, sud no claim for such bounty
shall boenwr???ned by the Paymaster lionrral or olhsr no
(ountlng or dlshuralnt officer, ?iiept upon r?*e4>lp? of the
1 diimsM'? ?'r'schsrire papers a.-c.un[ialilrd by the ilttetnent
t.'i'ter ?.alh as by this section prurldcd.
Hie I And be it furthrr marni .'I h it in th? ptymSBt of th?
tid'Iiiiunal bounty berrin provided fur it ahal! b? th? duty uf
the Paymaarertieaeral, und?r suck rule? nod regulation? aa
may be pruscrllied by the Bocretary BB M'ar, to eau*?
to he eiamlnod the act? of each and erery ?ul.licr
who mik?? application toersfor, and If found autitied
thrreto pay ?sid bounty.
Hie. 4. And It (I jurtktr martti. thsl In the rsesptlon.
I eisminatloo. settlemout and paytnsnt of claims for Mid
additional bennty dus tbs widows or hairs of decsased
soldiers, tim socounting offlcers of the i i.-a?ory shs!) be
governed by reitru-tioni preierlLrd for lb? l'uymiu
I ter Oenenl by tha Beoretsry of War, and the payments shs!!
I h m mud? in like ruaoiior under the direction of lue tsAeielery of
the Trtaiury.
Graeral Rheranaa'a ~?vs?s?ai?.
i i . v n abo. (J., July 39, ?o ...
(?.?ii. Sherman arrived at the Kennard House this
morning ii, leaves fur WssliiugtoB to-murrow norning, vit
I'lltsburiih. _
The R??agrrfc?l.
CAT! Cciy. Kv . .Inly '-.??Tho. Siiengerfert
wound np tu-dav ?Itb a grand ex. in on t.. Maaaoik Cav?.
(ii.r l?l pillan ?ere |immt everything paud off
Uwiagtoadii rrangetnentof tbe programma ly Iboeeln
, | irgi .'< bul Itttivu
iu ibuu'Jsm,; 11 UttftBWn iU?'*i? ^?i^iiiiiau'.ntMwuiAv!.
tiii; soon, in nom ?wran dkcubbd.
The Hon. 0. H. Browning Confirmed *5cretary
of the Interior.
Secretary Harlans Letter of ?fUsig
(icnerfi. Eli fonflrmed Minier to
(Sie Hague?
CUptore of a ki?liiapp.ng .Slaver at Pensacola.
Wash is?.tom. duly io, li-i?.
The OftO-UN gum ia OOM-H-B?
Ve-tuda) (Salurday), at half-past 4 o'clock, the
niall Congre?* closed It? First Session. Ob Friday,
ti,iiHmM b"gan It? Evening Ke.sion at hnlr-piat 7 and con
tinned ?t tlrouph the whole night, not adjourning until abont 3
ii'i!oi"k on Salurdiy morning. Until Diiilnlg-t on Friday, tbe
('?pltol building pretented ? truly msgnitkent sight. The re
i ..-nt rain? bad cooled tbe atmosphere, wbiob, with a mil mom
elmina;, made the night exceedingly agreeable for the even!.
The liuilJIng vu crowded bj Ti.itura, walking from Senate to
Honre through the lol.hie?, ?tupping in the rotonda to dike a
look ?t the pu.tures ?ml statu try. The galleries of th? lions?
were rilled, al least one third ?I the occupant, being ladles.
The iinesti'.u of modilytng Iii? test ostb, In order to ensble a
wau s bo had once dei'-rted bli country sad Joined Iti enemies
lu lah ? ? ?Ml ia the Amerie.iti Congre... occupied the atten
tun of the IT-'n?i'. Mmt ? f tim evening, tbe debite was long
un I inter"???np: end bow could It har? been otherwise, when
?ueh men ?? It-iecoe Coalling o? New York and Jiidgs Sbella
banj ' "? <*i> were the principal participator? I
Al oat midnight th* t.-.t oatb matter wa. dUposed of, and
the bu.inett cocomeiievd to drag ami get dull. In a half an
?ro vc r? net ni ire t'.an H per-nini in the gall-rie.
1 Vere was apparently mithin?- for tbe Hume to do, but at Iii J
ft in, when ametniior-iori-dto adjourn, the Spe-iker reminded
t t r-.? Conference Corumi't"-ei were hird at work on
ir_;i,,r: ,i.: b.I i. .i:id if tho lion*? ihoull alj ?ara tb? bills
??mid he I str. So the raeralier? had lo remain, and await the
? i'o-?r.i'teei. Nn'withttanding tha monotony of
?'? yt- I lags very few Diemtier? were aUeut from their
?ral?. It WM Ilk? wailing for tbe train
A? I' t'.e?re?l I o'clock, the ?" f isarmind tbe room wert filled
with tle.'p/ tne-ibers A'mut th,. tinae, bane-, sr Mr. lime oj
' ralle 1 t.p the bi.i to admit the T.rrltirv of Nebraska
. ?i ? Miste-. Thi? w.n sn Important qaesli-n.
?o tie tufas wers erni'ird of tlir.r sleeper! that a fidi vote
might be had Steven? and Kelley of l'enn.vlvsni? objected
io tbe Territory he??ii.-_ng a Kiite becauac it. Coa.titutlon
intonated l!ii?t ?mrs Is only a white mai. s gtn.rnment. Th*
debate wa. .bur', the previcm? que.tion being demanded, and
'.le toil ?hiiael ! . a I IBM ?nie.
Again lb? proceed I og? bevan? mo-otonoaa. Kearly ao
! nur more i ipired belote e Coaterence Committee retsurted.
Ia a ten aanntea tb? s.fas ware ?gun _i-i, the pren.-u.
.-..nie ?iy l? a new one. rv-nir?! *ner_b?r?
bul grofe-n l.-teirrj- ?i.-l bed le? ?tal to??t I rou?bt fn.m the
rr.taurant? t?-low lo Iii. ir m t., Hie bole In the wall baring
v. n ali-.ll.l'i'il. Bc-igiit hut I'-moaade wa. drnr.k. A Bamber
uf the-i?iiit?er. were gitnered in group? dl.e_.ilLg the pro*
rv-ct. Ii J lind. Sle,?n? was la hi? ?eat. B'i
?I nt ?o> lir onT it.d ? .irt b.ri'ini open, aud w.d? awake lo?'.
He i. a r_en.lier o'? ne of th? Conference ( nrr.a.ittee?, anl
n.? .w.itiL? ?hilo ,?ly fir the rc|nrt. M ? mWt in .Itntve
Itiaabarn pan. ed tb? ali.?? very lillie, while ?tupping to have a
i Lit ?.i', a I MBBae Kaaaaaaad iVukling ?esrned tobe tbe
olIj it. ? ?. ?. r- ? "rling. Oen Fan.-" ?-. imelly try
. lui.ap, ?ai.e lli.vmoi.d. wearing un BiiXioiiS li'.k.
? Be ?ii Batane nf Ohte *r* thesol?
repreur' ? ? ?' ? >?-?'? as tea ll"U'c who tr?i, oa* *?y ?nd
?td ?Iwaj? ir.ra a. thocgb thVir ooaici?-?es
t:j;ibl??l ?
'. ' .{-at with Col. Conr-er. sTeontf
, BteBMB-E-i iajribtj-si?B'?-ail??rs sst ? tb. bffb fee? tip co
? i.? !??'! SB?B *** * * *
tuidetu . ,.? Liit np while e riiiDi'i-r of other?
I >?t 1 : ;??.t,.: ? I ? tnt.Dt deiprlLe. ;it li-t Wri^-M had re?d a
I aeolnti ... b1 imhaTf of tbe -reman ia th? angln?
j room el. iah? Iboagbl I-ft out in the col-l i?-l?r? were or- I
] Jen ! a: I lae ...t.-ttovd ?bj to la. A mtmber w?nt?d to
' ki ? i. i' : j >ji a ijuoruni |.-t .e_i Hohasok got funny, too, j
| sad olfi-red ? reeolatton that the r-ages be p?it on aa ?<ia?l foot
it.g VilbCabiaet alaleten On thi. motion teller? were or
tnd Tiiii. Johnson moved that the teller? be allowed a
Tba? affair? went on. nnt;l about I Ara , when th? report of
ii.e CBaten m i * aaaariltea on the Ctrl Appropriation bill wa
brought In. Th? ('oramitt ??? bad sgree-J to strike out tb?
BSBBnW beaOaty ?team A debile sprung np. ?ni D." Tlome
min f ??!'-.1 ? d..| ??.ilion to In.i.t on baring (he bounty elim?
n-tnlneil. and it was decided by a lirge majority, ead another
Conference ( .numlttee was ordered.
Tte rrp'rt ot the Cotatuittee on Ibu Army I...I had by thi?
fltne bern nude, (Jen. Soheack having it In ahaM J '?-.a
n. r'er. c ?LtlBcied ti-Ul 7 u'crook se Saturdsy momia?, when
ti.? ( ml Appropriation, Iniudlaga new Pe-isty trill ??
agreed to and p*?.ed.
At 1 : ?. ni tbe Home ?gala malanda Joint resolution to
poitponr the um? ?if adjournment to 4 IO p. in , wai issued.
All lefulstiou aroa practical y at an end but Cong rea had to
remain in MaatM to wait nulli various bill? that had been
pass??! ?em eugros.cd sod giren to tb? l're.ulent ts ?Igs.
The latter Indlvnlua! with hil ?ecretar.tis wsre al ths Capitol
all day. The Uou.e was very lull sad members diJ not ex?
hibit soy f.ligua from having no deep the previous evening.
I ntil uesily 1 o'clock the Inna was consumed ia bearing a
?peech from Tba.). Birren? co tbe position of affair? at tbe
Sooth. Tber? tielng Bulbing tn do a recess th taken anti! 3
o'clock, ?ben the Hoase met, but after ?ittlng abont IO min?
ute?, aga.n took a re Ja? until !. At aboat lu minute? after I
tea .????erriary of to? Senate appeared and announced that the
Senate had appointed a Committee to await on tb? 1'resldent
and inform bim tbat that body was ready to adjourn. A Com
mutee on Iii? part of tho Hoax? wa? then sppp-ilutcd for tbs
sam? pnrjio?e.
Ily tb.? time the gsllsries wers crowded, and matters were
tnkmg sa ir.trreiting turn -timbers OB the floor were going
? r ?ii.d imong esch other, bldilitig one another good hy?. A
???lilt of gund feebog teemed to eiUt. To look on tbs parting
??-eue mi ibu floor i f < liouie, one could not fall to realise
(bat whatever tbe p deal feeling of the netnben. their per
son?! i ? 1st iona ar? of tb? moat cordial character. Eren Kay
mond coold not help looking lurprlaed; and 1 have no doubt
be waa wishing tbat (?en l'alne had aot frightened him lato
writing that foollab letter. 1.? Itlotid and Nitilack. both Titra
Democrat?, .hook band? with tuch Itaduult a* Thad. Stereos
sod Hen. ?'.o'.?
h?m. Randall a Democrat, from Panotylranla, Introduced
a re?-'luti?)n o( tbaok? to Speaker Celfix. ltaymond to?ik tb?
chair, ard of cuni?? tbe retolutioa wa* UDBiitu.ut.aly adopted'.
Soon Mr. Morrill returae?l and announced that the 1'reiideot
bei no f ii t! er commanloation* to maka.
Ths lim? hsd arrived, and Mr. Colfax rta and, for tho last
tims during the first seislon of the pr?tent Congrea, brought
down the litt!? mall?! on bis desk. In an instant all was stili
Be??, end the Spesker tn s short address thanked ths Home
for theil s; | ii-eistion of hi? aervict. ami the ooartesy with
which they bad abided bl. d-cnion?. Concluding with a part
ing fare* eil, ba declared the Uoum siljourned .mr die.
Tb? mei?jer? immedittely commenced to depart, continuing
the .baking of hand? and bidding adieu as they pessed out. Ia
tea m?nate? all wss tiuietaees. Nearly every ene had left, and
the flag, tbat ware over the two Houses, as a signs! that they
ara In seuloo, wer? hauled dows, not to be raised sgala until
the Ant Monday In December, at lesat I bop? not.
Two thirds of tbe member? bsvs already left for their home?.
By to morrow thor? will he scaroelr a nsember here.
After an executive rewion of three hours th? Senate
rimmel the oomiderstlon of legislative busioess, and ths
first motion, o-lreopening the doors, was that ?if Mr. r?lsiid
deo?.ring Mr. Patterson duly ?iaallfied to take bli seat. Ttili
led to debate, whlnh dr?w a eheracterlstie ?peech from Mr.
Wale, In the ?our?? of which the Teoneixee Senator earn? le
for ?om? cau?tlj romarki "?peeting hi? conduct diring the
hebellieo. It we? evident that mott of tho*? who opposed the
?dmluton of W. l'attertoo did M becaose they f?axed that to
do oilier?!." ?otil'l b? to e.tahllsh B precedent wbiuh night
lead to danger? u? con.ei|U*nce. lu tba future. It wa? eesertid
by ?otoo thal the Vice President of the late i onfederaey might
ooe Jsy preant b!m*elf. williog lo t.tk? the ??sth. on IhegTooml
tbst he. liku Mr. Patterton, wa? oppoted to (be Rebellion, for
a while, at lea?!. The rots oa Foltiod's rseolutloa wai unex?
pectedly large, ino?! people baring doubla whether a majorlly
lu hi. fasor could h? oliuued. Al li o'eluuk tbi. morning,
on the million of Iterenlj Jobmon, Mr. 1'stter.on was duly
.?oru in, taking the Ironclsd onth wlthont any ap?
puient meiiliil re?erinti..i i'e' -BBat* '|'i'?l!'?n led toallvuly
?U?,i|isis)U iBMgbteBitsrttf ?? V'.'t|i.u-hi). liilwcoa tlJiiri.
and ?'eosradrn. The furnier geutlemttB cb wat te rued
fir,, ?un ol Congre?? in iucreiaing the psy of It* own mem.
i -ii 11' " a?ked for hourly to soldiers, a? diigrace
fal .o:;duct Mr. Mi Dougal took npoo kiu.li li' the tuni of
;t mg the honor of the Senat?, and esl.-.l Mr. Wilson to
order fur saying that iti proceeding! wtre di?,rrace.'a]. Mr.
Ita warmed up on ths ?ubjeet, and denounced li??
i?.ia il-./'iiion loheme with warmth ami earnestne*?, si sotce
thlng to winch the people of the country would not give tbe.r
silent. wL. a inf..lined of its true character and inevitable re?
luit. He believed tbero were others hrsid? ths soldiers
to be consulted in this matter. He believed the kui
. f ia? peuple, of whom the soulier? were a part, but only n
pert, ought lo la heard from. Hi? ?fleet of Mr.
leitenden'? appeal wai to defeat th? bounty ?oberne
and carry the lonferem-e report through the Senate, but
word soon esme back that the Iloum bid diiagreed to It. It
I? snorted that if the Senate bad toen willina- to abandon the
increased compensation of Congressmen, tho House would
bave agreed to abandon tbe bounty ?ellem?. The reiult of the
'imirrel between the two eitabiisbuienti was to get both pro?
position? ittsched to the bi.L Mr. Sherman is of opinion that
it will take st Issit |70,(>00,Oa>i to carry out the bounty propo?
sition as finally agreed upon. Most of the night hoars were
spent by tho Senile in eiocutivo leiilon. The doon were
closed and opined four different timos between 10 p. m. and
7 a. ni. Indian treaties consumed most of the time. At 7
a. in. the S?ante esme oat cf a long executive sni'.on and
rated a rocen until 9 o dook. The time wa? round too ?bort,
hunnver, fur ths tired and drowsy ?Sa??tors, and at in expira?
tion but two mtSttS/K {beude the Prnidcat pro tom.
wera on hand, aasi it wai foano "?^?lairy to take
?tether hour of grass. Businee/was reiume<iti*-i1A. e?8*tj_
and we might have imagined from the length at which toma
'locations were debated that th? adjournment was yet a month
off. instead of two hours tccording to their txlitlng resolu?
tions. Mr. Wade lasde a periistent effort to get up the Wool
Tariff bill recently from th? House, but ho had to give way at j
last to Mr. Feilenden'? oppoiition, which wss bund upon th?
irround that the meaiure had not received thnt consideration
at the band? of the Finance Committee which ita Importance
demanded The Fenisn question next received some attention
on n rotolutlen to?ant the nee of a public building for meet
iuifi buving la view the liberation of Ireland. Revend.? John?
son and Mr. Uuthrle remonitrated against the resolution as
t ilrtilated to provoke bitter feelings across the wst?r, wuilt
M.-siri. Howe and Nye, expressed themselves as baring little
f. ir of the offend-il msjeity of ilrltain before their eye*, end
?till Isis cans? to be too icrupoloui on the inhjeot of neutrality.
Still anothot executive lenton wai hill at two unlock, for the
purpose uf clearing the docket! of all appointment?. When
*hii wa? amatadas*, and it wss found there wat no legislative
buiinea to transact. Mears. Doolittb: snd Howe occupied the
remslnder of the session ia a wrmtle about Wiieoniin poli?
tic?. Mr. Doollttl" repeated what he hsd said so often, and
whet he cannot make t ?peech without ?ayiug, It seem??how
th? whale world ii up in arm? agaiait him. bow hi is being
persecuted snd ilandered nnd vii iti-d for no other crime tLau
tbat he ?rill be a Union man lo spi'e uf all thit can be laid and
done ?gainst h?m. He dwelt with great eiruestnew upon the
great laet that he hsd saved the I'nion party from noualla
tioa lu Wisconsin last Fail, and for the suth time during the
Minion told Li? auditors wbst a ea'.Ufactlon it wai to know
that his wa? not th? first ctse in which men bad crucified their
Sarlnr. On ?nib a ?cene??he martyr of Wisconsin reconttlng
hi? many suffering? for tie csuio of troth?the curtain
dropped In the Senat?? chsnibur tt IsM p. m.
No Congre?! for maur yean has adjourned with io little nu
fliiuhed Important bunnan, and in io f*?M a manner. It waa
Momeen! at 4.3U p. m. on Saturday, thal no proruloa had
been mads for tbs psy of the Iluui? Chaplain. A bill waa pa
parn!, pined by the House snd Reastr, and approved by the
President, in twenty minute?, w' ich ii probably the ijuickest
l?gislation avsr snacted by Coagreta. The President and the
?inUi? Cabinet were lu tai 1'resident ? room at the C'as***t
from abuut 10? until 4J-. A very large amoaaf of bunnan Wal
tranncted tod erorything smoothly unished. Nothing ?u
loit lor ?nut of cterioal duty in either branch.
The following is a copy of irk? rotary Harbin's letter
of leaignatlon.
IiEPAiTiinn o? tdk Iytv.iior. I
WAJillNuroN JJ. 0 . July T.. lrjrX. i
To the Pniidrnt Having heretofore informed you of my
r??d.ue?t to withdraw from ti-? Cabinet when It might accord
wini jut r piaomgB ead oouveuii'noo lo name mv lacconor,
and, ia ; irsttntt of an understsi.diug arrived tt In a r?eent
ini.ivi, ?, I terrby tender my resignation of the office of Src
retail i.fthe Iiiien.ir. to la?* affvet upon th? 1st dsy of ?s?p
tJJ?mti*r ne it. In thui severing my ofnei?! connection w ith
cor udminlttrnt.on. 1 wuuli du injinu? to my owa feeding?
a |: ? 1 i ..i to pr?sent my th?rks for nt uniform curte?} aud
kie.lni?? ?bown me by you dating my term of ?errie?.
I'rayini thal th? Supreme Hiller of nation? may bleai yon
with bealla and viator to salero the arduoui labor incident to
y.nr l-gh pontina, and wisdom t?> c?rry in'o effect ?uch wl?e I
ni-,.?'.. ?? a policy ??Cungre?? may .?-fist to tecure toe do- j
Hid national unity \ hive the honort? be ?vi'h
gi. it impoM jour otrtdisnt ?'.rt'ant, J.vMtS ?ASL?..?.
I The Beul? ijuiinj- Friilaj; night contirmed the nom
? insLooofthsHon. 0. H. Browciog to bo Srcretary of the Ir.
1 ?urifBI Off A >HTI| IHMAIHIB PBMtvVtMBR. 1
Iiiforination Las been tmZ?7?? at ^ i*aTt Depart
ment of the eipture of e atSTer In Pei.-iaeola Hay. rta., ty the
C:?t?d Statra iloop Auguitin?, hsriug on board 130 freedmen
lecnied at Mob'l?, Ala., and bound for Cab?. Tho system bat ,
hetii to ?allst colored laoorers shout Mob I?, run thoa up the
rallrosd to (ireectllJ??, Al*-, switch on to ?te f?D.a?Oia fo*?'. ,
sn 1 ran down to a plantation in Florida, near tho ficaiab'a
Hirer, plate the negroes upon 1st boats, lost down to tide?
water, ?Li? them on board aloops, and. puling by Teniseota
gain the sea, and ?and th?,r human freight ia slsrery. Partita
I? Wcw Orleans, Mobile and Niw?ork are implicated Ib the
The BoRRtjr bill, as originally reported by Senator
Wileon. wss moved iu the House a? sa amendment to the Um
n h i? bill, sod was passed. In the roufsrenee Committee
th:s ?as thrown out, and the Comm.ttea faded to agre?. Mr.
W iltur, then mut id that the new Committee of Conference be
ir.tiiu ted to accede to th? proposituw of the House, modified
so a to pay a tnmm?? ?m ai?? ta ?-? ?nd tnrue yenr?" ata only
Wh- had ?erri'.l two year?, widow? and heirs of sod maa?*
rrci'iv.' u lnr time ?? though the full term had bees lerved.
This was furtlitr modllied by the Committee of Couf.renie.
Hy couCnuing the payment of |H)0 to mea who hti4 ?erred
three yian and their widow*, minor children, end parent!,
and t.'sJ to two-years' mcu who had receired l?O and le more.
Mr. W .lion bad a hard light to get any Ilounty but raised nt
sit, and what hu been door, thougb net sstiifactory to tun,
!? mainly owing to iii? flrmnos? lo contending na he did. Hi?
ontInal prcpouuos wuuld hare hreu mon satisfactory to the
s. Idlers, bat tbs Senste ?"iiM uot accept that. Hu lal pro
posai would siso hsve been more popular with the two and
thrse-yssrs, men, ss It gsve th. a I. ?, but the Conference
Committee spoiled tbst.
? The Itoanty lilli will tsks out of ths Treasury soveuty mil
linns, but PayaiMtir Urie? coBiidera its proriiloni so Imper?
fect Ikat It ?lil bo ?um? tim? helor? any at pani
The Senate has been very liberal, in connection with
the Extcutire Departmsut, la beitowiug breveta for gallant
aud meritorious coadaot In the? fl?ld, the honor? having been
oooferred for ssrvices m far bsck u th? Ant battle of Bull
Run. In tom?case? no I??? than tbreo brevets hsve been given
?<* one person. Volunteer? ?? well t? Regalar oflloer* ihire In
the?i compllmeatsry promotiuns, which do no4 carry titra
pay, nor an they altogether confined to lighting men. Re
oruitlng, Commissary, ind IfViartermaster ofttoers aid those
wbo hare pei formed duty lu ? sr lum other braucht?, in.) somt
po???uing military titles, but who never even wore the army
uniform, have bien ??in.lirly breveted. On the lal day of the
????ion of Congru? the Senate eoiiBrmed io grim over #X> brs
vets, from Major -O ener?is down to First I.ieatenaiiti, in iddl
tiou to the 1,'aa) heretofore ?anoliuned by that body.
Major-Gen. Wright, commanding the Department
of Taxes, bu issued a general ortler staling that u iniorma
lion had reached him to the sffsat tbat tome of the persone
ohoi.'ii st the lets election claim to enter without sny authority
upoo the duties of their oiBc?, he orders that the com?
manding olBoers of district?, posts and d?tachm*nts, ihnll ia
no wsy recognise them u officer? tint ?hall contine? to sup?
port the provisional governniout, and the officers appointed
under 1?, until mo h tims aa thal government shall be discoo
tluusd by an order from Die l'raldent of the United State?.
The confirmation of Mr. Joseph J. Wilson to the
nositlou of ('ommlssioner of theOenertl Lead Once wn re?
called on Frldey night. Mr. "Wilson will, however, be ap?
pointed by the l'raidant to perfora these duties ni ti! next
oin. sunn
Uni/. (Jon. K. W. Smith, Adjutant to Gen. Terry
ordered to jula bia regiment, 1Mb Infantry, atettooed at Vieil
burg, remved to-day, by the ?peolal re.ineit of Oana Orant
and Terry, coantermnnding orders from the Depnnftenti and
returns again to the scene? of Virginia den Smith usunied
true role on the mutter ont of (Jen. Hawley, now l.ovsraor o
Connecticut, and hu performed its arduous duties with signn
The Sonnte duriug Friday night contirmed the fol?
lowing nominations:
Ths Hon. Orville H. Browning, of Minois, to be Sarrlary
of the Interior on en?, e?ter tie. 1st ?4a. < f Sentemlwr. UM st
which dat? the re-.guBtion M the lion. Jss. Hsrlau is to Uks
Th? lion. .Tuhn A Dil of New York, to be Minister Krsi- J
dont at ti.? .logue in pi??? of l'anlrl K. Siellos. d?clinai.
F I?. Iliivohliig'of W'l? -.?lulu, to bo Comal at mindi?.
K. Veil tu? Smith, uf Ne? ?oik, to be ?JiainiLir of Ualtui
lull.? 1>' pirtniont of S1 ..:>? . .. _ .._? , ,.
To h- (>?mnii.?|..tirr? on the, part of the I ni ted Stat?? to the
, Pirti ^bibUWB m ?:v?--l4v?uii Agu?.*, of sJ^iiaiUlil?ltL
J.ituss II. lirowue. Ne? York; J. P. -??-ley. Pena-ylvseia
Henry Freilleg Oregea .Ioho P. Kenn'dy, M?ryt?od. Wif
lum Made Ohio Joba 1 ci?ob. ??aw York: Samuel It. Ka?
gie?, New-York, I. I.swn-nue Si-itb, Jieiitucky, lleory (b
Ahgi-y. Michigan ._?__
Collectors nfCnsumi-Joha (ross for the Diitn-t of Mar-?
bend, Mas... and Patrick ... t.ouuor tat the D??tricl ot Mi/ata
l.a And [daba
Barana- " Obmm a. 0. Wagler for tie pott o. VsJaaao,
Collector *f Internai J7.. ra,??? f'r?Jer!i!k A. Sawyer, ?a
Cbnrl'.ton, I'ollec-tor of luterual Kuv?aue for the iieoonal
District of South Carolina.
Buftrtiiin* Inspectai ?j .?'vi- haul*?For tba Sixth"DUtltek
James (luthrie.
Aneiser of Intima' R> rerun?MeUnsthon W. flu-bell ed
Toledo, for tho Teutb Col ei-tion District of Ohio.
Thoms. T. Kckort. ftnlstant Secretary or War.
taitr- State* Afir.i?/??Andiew Ilickenloper, Soathera Hie
tile! of Oble, und < . \V. Head for the Northern Dist not ?a
Caleb Cti.hing of Mass ?chnsetts. (has. P. Esme? of ibe Die
trlclot Columbia, end William Johnson of Ohio, tobeCeea?
miniooers under tb? Act of Congress to provide for the re
vision en* consolidation of the statute laws of the Caite?
The Senate coufirT.eJ unanimously on Salu????/ ?rea. T. -f
Rckertto be A??l?tsnt Secrotxry of Wir. Ai IlrevcU eat'
othermllitary ?np-intme-U sent to the Senile wire acted-pet
None were left over. Mott of Ibem were confirmed
It is naderstood that J trig? Kellog of lU.nols wUlsooab.
appoialed Indian Agent, v.co Coolie, to be removed.
Some of tee best Iswyers in (tntrreM ?re of the opinion Mud
when vacancies wer dering the sesaioa of the Senate, an?
are not filled hy appointment and confirmation before the aft
Journment of the Senate, tbey cannot be ailed antil the Seaatt
ag-in meet? and confirms the nomination; also, thai while t
nomination is before the Sjnate and Lndiipoied of, th* Preai
dtnt cannot do anything if the Senate adjourn without acU_a
^'a^_iil?laay attempt be male to give oftce? to persoas ia ceo,
diet with \\~tu\t views, it is moat likely that coarta will la epr
pealed to; br.t, a_tlW*tJ','?V''deiit I* supposed te entertaia lana
same view?, it is pto.abI?Tfe^?f' t?&TJiVmtnm ?*? o*b?
tomaryocira. ***"
It was tel?graphetl hci ? late on Friday night, on
what hs. heretofore slwsy? provsd to be good suLhor.ty. tW?
Col. Ludlow bud Ueea appointed Naval Ufficsr for tia port ?a
New-York; but on pirti?ular ioqa.rv oa Saturday it waa
asccrtiiiied tint no such appointment ha? yet been nsde.
The Tribune Enlarge!.
Notwithstanding the fact that the size of Tua Tarn
I'M? h.? been increased Bora than one quarter, the prtoe will
remain the lame.
Mall ?nbicrlberi. lintis cony, 1 y?ar--a.' o umher?. fi M
Mail subaenbers. elubsofnre. ? 30
Ten copia, address* J to nsmos of subscriber?. II SO
Twenty copie?, addressed to nama of subscribers. M (M
TsBCopiei. to oo? tddret?. I?, OW
Twenty copie?, to one addra.. MOB
Au extra copy will Di ??at tot each club of tea.
Mail subscribers, loopy, 1 year?104 a-nbers......ft! Oft
Mai subscriber?, '.' copie?, 1 year?10! number?. 7 Oft
Mali sutMcnbers, 5 copie?, or over, for each copy _ . J 90
Persons remittiog for IO copies loo. will reoeive aa extra oajry
for ti months.
Persons remitting for lo cod.?* $*?'>. will receir? ?a extra ?as?
on? year.
n?n.r tribune.
Iii per aauum, ft:- for six month?.
uli.? the Titi husk. w*w ra*.
n(H?lll-R""lI A I! I?*? "it r?rm_ttc,a, Corni., on Thara-?, Me
fjiuilt ia.t . by tba Rev. Dr Porter, I)??- B. Boofli, eea , of Ila?.
bury, Cono., lo Mi?. Julia A., only ?laughter of lb? Ula Rev. J afea
Richard?. I) I) . of Hai. iver. N. li
HALL-CAMPBELL?Al P-orde?tov?. N. J- ~ ?ort-??.'Sa ?IU?
lo sim Mam
(ALI?CAMPBKLL?Al Bord?alo??i. N. J- ~ ?
in..., by lb* Rev. Dr. Ewell.. Iii. -??c Ba-aJf.
(.'?rupia i, bo.h of this air- *? ???rd?.
BALL?On Pundty mo ninr. July ?. ?Urah V\ ?U-ixbtet of li?e. H.
and Joaephir? Rall ?j?! 1 y efe.?, 4 ovutiihi ?ad TI day?
Relativ?, ant friend? .re invited lu ?? eil th? fusent ?i T?a*_tf,
July X1, at ! o clock p a , tioui tia rwidtoce of bet p-ten?. He.
JOS ???kee it , BrooklvL.
BICKLEY?(Jn I tulay inot-in?. vTTtlt lint., J.-liette Ann? Biekt-f,
wlfa oTThom?. ('. T Bies ey, ai.J dau|h'?i of Jimri IV. (J?r?rA
Tli? In? ,.!i of b?r Uu.run.1 ber father sad th? family, ?r* i-AapeteO
lo ?ttendili? funer?! snica at Calvary Church, eoroer of r?crta?
eve. ? ?ed Twenty tir*t t'.., on Monday if eraooii, ?t 4 e'elats?, wKfc.
out firttier avsansaa
CORTFIi.YOi-On Bataten latyte, Peter C, yooai??? chiU ?I
Paler ?'j', and Ita.? f op'-Ituu. ??ed I y?ar. I -ion!.! ?al Biara
Here ?llv?. uiJ fr ei.J? of ti:? f.-i.ily ?reretpeclfully in-lifed to ?ataai
the finer?! l.-an, tie leaideui-e of Lu ptieui*. No. Vi liiiadUl. W
Monday ?f!?rnoon. at I o'.li-1
DaMFJIF.L? On laMlniy. ? ft ia.t.. .Per s .bort illness. WiHien
Steer Damer. I. ?rd 44 y?an.
Tb? friend! ol' tbe fsin?y sre rsspertfully invi'ed to altead the
fuuer?:, fr-> _ Ina late rrodeae?. Hs. Jd7 PuiB. ?I.. Broody?, ?a
Tueid?y, tbe Jlit tnit , ill o'ilock p. m , without limber lav*?
.'At KSOS'-On SsmUy. Mth (ait . st her raideac*. No. XT. Weft
Kirlit??nth ?!., M?ty Ann. wif.of IVro. Jackson.
rV'i .lara ol funeri! leresityr.
LOMl-Ii. Jnirv City, ob Si.uJ.y,?*h lint, Cbailei H . aal? chill
c1 lUnry r). ?? i Mi'? H. Lou?. M??* 1 "/??*. ? mc"1'h *f ?? **3tt^,
3?h???!a?lT?.?nd fr. nda o: the fsmily .re resj^tfily inv^tsa l^ae
Vi mu ?tut - 'e'.'"! '?"t.??!.,' Ka no take*; T?~y Cal,.
-.li-feltl ta*im^m ????.? ?
M,-i . ?- ?, -
... ass -a.a... ?y ita. it tb? fe?l-tn'? ol' her ?Ure MrW
John C. ?'.'.. am.rj No. 14?) fifth-t?.. tiwuah MslUck. diiifJat? Ut
theltte W b::r Mathea, in the 84th veer of her tie.
Her IrieuJi Sf r? ?? ?ful y luv trj t"> ??end her fi:r.ert', On Tin?
dev. a 10 ? i-liH.? i m , it Ne. 140 ?iftb ive- without furlbet Uri
ti'iun. ?
.%frror LO?f_On S?tjr?l.y, Jo!y .3 Muy Ann r. ter. w?A t*
Oeiirxe ? . McCoilaai, ?ud i_tk.e uf tue ?:. ilau. l\ Ulta? Apaistsa
"TH.-ifon -er?
The rrliti-re. mdrViend. of >L?f?ial!r ar?r??pectfUly lavited ti t:ie?4
h?r funeral, on T'leiday ?Iternooo. the Jit isa . a ?J o'rioek, from
ber rtu4?uce, No. I JJ Ki Iii ?fe., ?lihaot f .lier ?svitalion
ri.1' r?\?In 'Iii? '?'?. on Si'ttrd.y. a Inn. of eontumptian SteUndm
A-i{T:*_ *'-'?.t -iiitQrti' ??I iH* ?ii uni th? 1st? Aug'i.lu. Pur-iy, in
tb? 18th re*r ?fier ?ure. a>
The funtrsl ?em. e wo til? plies on Ttie?-?y Mit ?ad.. ? SoVoeft
l?. ni. f.-otti Na. '?I Wea iwenly tbird-n. cor. MuthMv?. TI?
r-niama wil. be'iken to White Plain, for iotarineat.oB Wed-aaicy.
by lb? v) a m tr?!-. irera Tsvei'y-r!itb-.f., tod T?ir.b ?ve
SaOTIVELL-Ir. thli ci'y, on ."unJ.y. ?th Init, Grid, wi?b? ti
Abr?li?m Shotwrl. In the SOth yeer of h?r as?.
Tua relative, and r.ndi ire luvited to ttuand the funeral ..ni ?a
ft oin her 1st? teudeai? Ko. 11? IA Ml Twenty ?ightia st., ?a Tuas?
4?y ?XUmooo, 1 4 o'clock, withoui tanbar ooti. ?.
SMITH-On M?' ii... Ja yin. Min KlUn Smith. ..fed 11
da?i|bt?r oi wiliw Murara Smith of thi. city
H.r relstif?! si i i: ee?.|i .ra ra?p?eifu!Jy laviied to atte?4
lauer?!, fioua No. 11 I ul??r?ity place, ro?ar cf Eifhlh ?t.? thia
(Monday) ?fternoni, ?t 4 o'clock, precia ly
ttTE.M K.-Hu -iuadty <r*ai_(, July?, Cithertn? Mile!:? I, wit? ti
Ario! -peace.
The restive? ?ml fri?".J. of In? f.in.lv ?re rripeclf ?My invit?d Is
?ttend lb? fauenl, uo Tuesday. *t 3 o.li-ap m , fron k*r late
laa-Uno?, Na M Kr... I.??? Brook.yn 1. li
ft?af??. ?.?H.b?. papar? u ?lae Copy.
VAN WAOF.NKN-O? Vf*?..*?.- r-aU,. ?,? UH thM r_-.
ss II,?ia, M. ,sn Wssaneu. ? ???4 ?em of ?_aa lit. Mab. r*. Va?
IS ???n?u jr., m ih? f?th ye?, of hi? ???.
Kuaaral artice? un Monday, loth intt., t; li o'clock, from IA? C4 ?ni?
?f tbe tlo.y Tnu'tjr uf wt-i.-h h? wss Autstsat Hscloi. cor Part-.
?venn? ?4.. ?ad M?'lt??i? it?.
MlLiitlN?--JJeu.y. ?t Star i..nj.n|, N?w-Jer?ey, on grliUy, J?lp?
IT, Frinkiln M'i'ton of that eily
Hi? retada, wer- tnt?rt?J ?t M oodbridre. N?w let.ty
7?aa, i
vi S-. '
Special Notice?.
\tw Klltlee Vee-y thi? Meiis'a?.
TUK NEW IMirtML RES KNIE LAW, j.i.t poad hy Coe?
|r?M, tedac a? laxatiou su J snienduif previou? I.? wa
H?vi_|di.pos-lof?l?rie?diUon?f(b?N_lV UNITED STATCW
TAX LAW pi?t io a? to lh? ippesnnce of my o'h?r ?iltloa, w? mmft
btv? ready tali morniaf. ? NKW AND IMPROVED EDITlOei.
punted from th? Official C?py, wold lot word. Un? tor lui?, past) f?c
p??? wilh ?toll ludex.
f*y 1 li.a New I.?? I? bow operative in aaaay ol ii. prorisi?a.. aasl
the t ix pay in t p-ibtl ; ?in ?? one? tee bow their Interetti ?ra ?a*eU4
by ti??.'?'en! Important cb.ugvi. I.ar.e o.-'.iv? pimphlet, ova m
psge.t pnce M nM -?nt by nisil postpaid.
Dealer, and i luvitaert lupvled ?a tibertl torn..
BAKER. ! DORMS k Co.. I.iw Pabli?B?r?.
Nu. M N.usaet. N?w-T?rs.
T? PI ti I l-Ht-t of ?ad lil'.At.ERB in lb? ( H.EBRATKa?
Th? U??odye?r Meul le Rubber Shoe Compsoy of N?-i??iu-k, C?
neul;it. wua.d iu.'jiui ?allen *nd ti.? f .boo a?aenl!y tilt lons tt?
Ihr et. : inv? awoeia at i he patent, aud lol? manufacturer, of the
ah ? laniej m. i?, tia! will proapt'v proiecute any ?ad ai. lafiiag?
n ? t. of (her i - ti.'? uti 1er ?aid patent
Mer? BKKKUKN k SOI TMSl le K Noa 1ST and l?LI?ertr?f_
N.? tail, au t
Mena, ?a ales, EMERdON a io., n??. 1:1 ?ai in r?aii?t..
trcoor ?el? Aient? for tbe 1*1? ?fib? ?bov?'n?m?d ihoe?.
' JAMES E KNfiLISII. Pree-laa?.
r*?w H.ven, Juts H, MM UEO. H ?ORANTON, Tife-raaar.
I.rvrtfs si ?.mail, Swleleala
for riatasiui sad Prearv-if th? Te?Ui, |ivia|Sraaea tai Ueea*
th? Oum?, u;ip?rtin| -w??1_?m to tb? Bre?tb, aod afford-i| a <-e!i?J-a
f-lljr ra-ra-hl-a ?eeliaa t? th? Mooth, lor m1? by ?li drn?taU?eat
fancy ?-?d? Jealrii. Try it one sad you wil! as? no olh?i
II la eal? that tn? maa er peraitlea IBM** brea- ?varI*-*
linds wbo trsva.? oar Btoadwty i htatttly oder.
Why li rHALO?CS ."N10UT BLOOMfKi? CER?CS ? Hha
Andriw Johoton t Becauia It owe? IU podiiou t? tba ?trevstk ?f ita
?ortilifu? '? ^^^^^_^
lavaJli-' Travellao Chaire ?? W/fceele. fotja aa? ??a
<l....r us?, a''? '" I"-*_,
INVALIDS C4flBIA<irSloeH?r _.?_,
PATENT ?'AMTERINO HORSE-, for ta ?ad ?al duuts. Oil ?a
'NURSERY SWrNO nut nat'y Teaiar, I ITft
Boy.' BIJIONO WAIKJ.N.S. t'blidrae'* CAJUlIAelES. riopell?-.
>'.?i iib Ch-rtoU. R?eAl_| Horas
/., au by un M ?????? R w 8MrrH. Ne, M Wllllr-B-M.
(?real Hu?h at Me. 3 Park-re?.- s .nui.er 9t??k of MEN'*
Pl'RMSHINiiS aelliua feff ?t Brie?? to? law ?? pnhll.h t? imtkm
toom fur Fall t)??xi?. SpUndid nuaity whit? ?hirt?, *) P???
(ollir?. ?! W? h?n?tred. etc , ?4.-. Opvoa!'? A.tor Hih? -C.n ^
Hill's llslr Ure. Met-. Black o? Brown , laaaalu*???. nstm
?I beaulilul, leliabla, b??t, ,?-????et la u*e- D?pu4 N?. *? Jua? * .
Sold by a!I Diaj?????-_____-?_???-??
~Tke Haiplre l.acA-Htltrh fetewlea-WB?-laee. for fssa
lieaaod Manulael.ir.ia Aient? wiotrd.
i.MI'IHE 8EWINO MACHINE e c. o. ?1? Brraiwy, K. T.
4.l?rlou. New.1 B.BBtv Bill Paewa I -SoLli.r., Otu ?r?,
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