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T..-. n__k_U1-__t11 D-?AI HAR.
One Tliocs.md Mounted Scouts Detailed
by the Secretary of War.
'KrIIKSd.N FENIAN Ml.F.T.Nli-A FAIll 1?*K.
?each of the Cherokee Chie.',
John Rows.
T?7aeHi'(?TON WeAjneaJ??, August 1. 1
The biilowing important order- was to-Jay issued
t>y? lHe.?i??rretarr?*4' War
On? tb?si?arn! Indian sc'.nt? ?ill tt organised, tnotrtited
..ni) i?|..i|?rKil KDUie-iatei- lo sar? c vvit'i the lulkiwing com
xaands. ? ir ),i?ut-(r*n S. 'I *??..(?:!:: ar-GriM.
Uni..-ck and .Sheridan. "??: e.i<-li.
ii i? th? understanding thal th?s? sy?4?nt? vii! ti? used in t_4?
<-"in_i?!.*?(,f Geu? RherBan ur.d Sie ndniito profr,! ofliceri
in charge of the 1 ?>? .a an.l (ruvurun, ii! ..rti. .in?
ii. b ...thorn Slate?
I' a?,* to i (ill, wini h htl !.ii not'- d in previ
? .pati-he?. a Fenian dcmon-uation ?a? atteMpted M
??phi at (?rover's TLoatei The hail.ling I'.rt.u;,.! :, for
cro?d. ?pntikled watti I ..?k , he! I '.-.:.- IM ??ty ?. ?res? Of
? ' m 4u upon the ?tai*!-. I could din-em the fires ?f hu'
eight I nahmen. Of the BSBMBM ? i? Senator I'..i
Who., leun., Vat. ll.ifraii. A.. C I!???euri, nod j
li'.'iir? IraBCis Tr ia. Gee?nnaenl olT.eirils ,
?nd ?I,rk? comrsaed two-third? <>: iho aui?v'L.?.-. ?ra! I e?*t '
.te heMa part of these fioci th.- ?.'.. I ? s office.
'J i.e I euisn org-itiiaiioii- ??'? W .-..:;.., ? ,u are in i.u uaT gea ,
liecKvl will. IhM aila r, rificr in ?utbori.'.ing ilie call. <>r ji'iun?.'
the BMetlet te e hat J M m unr nuiuber-. I'mtc J StivtcsSu!
r-un Ao'.ie llp-etili'd. .liol Deputy PievwM *dnrvhal OT.ritii
nui! newid. aler llro)?hy acted a? secreta: .e?. A t'1 rrnm
from llicl'. Overman N. ?., tu,. . Il A Wiae.Vi.,
_*lfftpliliT* i ou^-rosenian llogeo. wl.o hu ri
tenipui ii ?d f .r the i.ast 30 venr , onay.?,1 tonight ?iib hi?
fi?t ?riltc:. ii. ?liras?, aad it? iiompoiitio? v._s rattly different
? nd ?? uii|iroTerucnt i.u lu.? ?*v le m Con?!"?-?-, i? .me ?asater
h?n* mu?! hire ptwtielpated in it? prerisi ?tton. He wa? pro
ceediiiK M prove ttis? lae MvaaMa o? ( m.,, Ja il;,! rot me?r tbe
treneiel ?lej.-so! tar leeteei ?..".. te) ??.?? interrupted from
l!ie ??lime?. t?v a so ru her voice wits., ' O: ?ou br d??(I, "
?nd from an t r w?- beard, "You've got an ni
I? grind " The statOL rnt tint tbere w,v? eeetf rt-uson fur
MSbt?B] Its (r,,\ erin.-nt treatd afbatill ??ctaand reparntioi
Irom l'ugland far th.? lo???? canted by Itnii-b neutrality Ir.??
??as rec ri red with loud nnj prolonged apalansf. He olnuoj
that Iritiiinec were Mr. .Tohnsoi. s u.aii. ?apporter? nu.1
lie ?hould ?ee to it tti_t th?>y wen" properly catered
to. Ile dwelt Mag nporj the buruaBiUnaain
of the President in priveiitin; the wild ?eherne? of Retail
from being carried out, and in lui ending peroration crying,
? wa? uot the lr-eideiit risrlii - ' The yes? end r.uv? becinie
??moat a tumult, and it wa.? full ten minute? le lore "r.l-r r? as
restorraJ. iii? sbuse if Mass iel.u?tit? for being: in
Hi? vanguard cf radicuh?m v?? a ileaeert in th? direit
??rirj? of p-*ttiii'ti?rn. claiming that to take away the
I'urittu?. Ridicahim would te? defuhct, John
n claim ag?nt. ?rat.;.? Uellsglier. anti register, cf Hau?
land and sevrrul otl.er? ui.kiiO- o to glory or immortal
fsme n?Mr*M??(t tbe meeting. The meena?*, safer as its o,i?n
nit?i> ???V>?ast is tsoncerned, ws? a failure, not 7.'. iriilimen being
Jn the theater. Abo?? of Conrres? and tsu.ls'ions of tbe Pre?
IJeot were the perlten:.t tenor tf en BJ -MSB*! Icctor?;
1 he ciiilniaiasm ? u < oi.ti-.ed to n.t' rpoaitiont of col:.mini b?
"-BBB-teaeetithaaaeeral l tkeee, ai -Maa t-?t Pntaatea
and .' ? m no w is? co m ni it? gio.
Afiet tb'adjournment, ti I eniau?, lo thi n-i'i,
BH of s?. who wlalo ii:?ide had loudly called for a i,.?*?! ?>
Iroai ?Tr. Train, but wl.o was not nilrodacd, iurr..:.:..lc,:
tim M h? Maa Maa MB it?"? entrance, carried him M I
?tiiop of a porter-bon?e neui I??. ..nd demanded a ???<??.?!
JsotwitbstaBdmiT tbe rain wa? ponring, thrv stood ti ?te ni nt to '
a review of his eflorl? for secorlng the 1,(aranon of *__? ,
tlilch. | from sv-fMnM Morrl??, la? mt.micy with Hork?- u
AtiHttalka and oilier e.?nally ??e'unicui.t Stite facts, which the
MtealB of the hour tnd the incl?m?nt veetber preclu I- '
poMiti'l.ty of ur.'iH'ily nona? tt 1 e_tee_a crovvdlaeigery ,
t,?tel..og to in? bunryomb? and fra?conade.
: i:at!I of j?iix boss.
.lohn -tat*? tbe well-known Cbiel of the I h?-roki-e
Iiidiini. vliiae claims were liniored by the treaty made by our
4 ommissioner? some month? ?ince, and vbo ha? been in ti.:?
jcity ecekin?; to be recognized by our (iorernmenl. died le-tny.
eher ??bort ill ?ess.
aaa. BI?KIIMA?I BEBEBAH?.!??his Sl'KE? ii
Lieul.-ileu. ."?herman, who has laen in this i .ty ?or
?be la?! tvi day?, was ?erenaded tbia evenmir at tho Bht-tl
Hourn* by Ibe band of the Nth V if. Iuf.ntry. While ti." land
??? discoursing rarlous air?, the oflioci? of tbi lS'.b paid their
?rapeoli to the General. Among thoee present in the t^oeptioii
roon, were Majoraiem a_ea MiLirOk. (ii.letr. J. D.Webtter,
?nd Attorney ?en. Slnuberrv.
den SI cr mau wa? apparently ina verp irood humor, aid
?xpreaaed himielfaa bigblv pleased with the Banner ian! ah
te baa been received by the {?-opie of the nat.on. A large
<rowd ol people were ???eniljled outude of the hotel. When
th? l.ieutonant Oen ral made bl? apt-earau.-e be we? loudly
ex-beered. Ile re ?.lied in tim full awing bn?f ?peech
t Ue?tlet-eD, I huve lo doubt tbi? serenade is intended for mt,
1 therofore thauk you for lae coui? line-nt I am n ?tiauiier
I en- ?ud I intend leaving ni tke morsiiHi;. If you wu-1
aae ooa?o out a'?rsl, ?nu you ?ii. bun ni? t-ul.er at St. Loin? cr
?ja the IM ?ins I ?hall elarav? b? hupi.y lo i?? any of yon. 1
?lu na ...("ad making; a BfBMcb, bfcatuae 1 think the le?? a Ban
a.iys io aaahing-ton tbe be'tei for ?lim A* 1 have no beft-r
tien- than mjself, 1 will ssy good night.
PRRtVOR vi,.
Lianitatat-Cb ?. T. W, " .. to-day laetirtd
h?? commation, mid wa? ??oin io. Ile it to start to-morrow
?jr bu b??d?|uartAirs S?. leouis, ?Mo.
There vas ?gain to-day a very iarre atteodanee at tbe Ti
?entire Mansion, -fait! a number if those obtaining .c'.et
viewi witb tbe President !??,.'!?( Baahen of Congreu who ure |
| " in the city BtMatt-i to the heelaaB 'I their ixinitittienti. !
At li 30, tbe 1're?iden opened h:? door? to all vititnri, and a !
???i? large number present t?king ??:? antage of the upportt
Bil*) ?ought the em of the PiMJdciit for Tariou? purputr? in '
Whteh they vere intereete.t.
(.oorte Fraacis Train of "All Ot?i CiestiuL. ' and l)r. Has
du.yh of Kaw-Orleaai were the only person? of sote who o..
taieed an ?ud.e.ii?,
THB rjorarr ait
The Stvretary of Wtr .s t?> tppoiol t -Oard ot ofl?
ceri lo ooBplIe IniTru. :oni by vkdeh Ihe extra Inejoty pro?.'
Bl Im by the l f the ne?? law wdl be pud to ?ol
dior?. Tbe Treas .?y Oeparimeiil ?.Iii? prrpaied. af'"r the
in ol ivpicaibci I? camak-tTtafrt Bcctlig tilt ne? deteai
l.-.i-r* art poim.g ia daily ailing lor .i ?*i . i." t i.ril
faina ia relni..'. te MMhaaiteaa fur the ndditi<>ii?' keaet*
enter tbe reeent atal. None da U fuiuia.'itil autll ibe .??...r?
lary o? War aad tb? s, f -':?1reu?!ir.T .i?t? preren!.??,!
tlie rules nat regulations i ? the net tired*. It will pr.-h. i.ly
_?rer?l wc?ii, rui aiccau ot the pt ?se ure of oiher
taslaasa lx?fore a iyit?m tan be ?__?!?_? aid rtgulat ona .
prap ired ivd printed for - Le tun a of '
i ?....y um,i Maali laeaeaeret, and bad better not be ]
vrittee until notice l.a? heea ciT?n ta rough the pun;
teal rale? bare hua prf| i'u. i la: ?jciond Auditor'e tifce
v. ?"tile only thee?ai-ti of ?be bein af teeeeeed ?<?
Hut aa tabere ?iii be M teaM *W,tPm of tuch claim?. Ubi? must
te?? re^'iirnd to prepare ? pro-ar regwter ?nd maha other ?BOM
nary arrangement- M receive tbern. No adrsntag? can pM
t.iil.v lie g?iu*il li liur-.ii.g claim? tuber to'o ttutt oltvur
t.,- i'aymaster-ijeiieral'i otflce.
I.VTM?NAli lU-vrVTr. LAW.
lue ncv IutcriJitl Iteveiiia luv gue-, .ii.'?, ? diet to- ?
I*?. A deciiion ha? tMtrn given tbat lartuon and ipir '?- tai-' j
pfatita? slipped lu bond will lie classed at the oki tata.
1 h? compilation ol the new Invernal liereune Inn-, with pic- >
v?oi_itewiof Irtfji his heto compiled at tb? office ef the In
ter nil Reviene. sb4 It now ib tfce bnid? ?t tbe I'nblic I'r.nter \
?? .epted that the Commissioner vi:! be shle to oo'mmsnce ,
t..e dittiibulmn of cop,?a to-niorrow t'ottoii ned spots of
tarpentine, Bbipr??d from the Beat),, m lioud under the Tres?- '
nry i_ntij^tebi of tiv-totai ?j, \a*i\*p iiiVj- -? to tht old istei ,
BBviRia alnra.
itiu^ llureauoi th? Treaearj Department ?- ?
Hat 10,i3i>^,io?vT0 of ?tamp? of diff?rent denomiuatiuna ,
f?r tieer barral?, as rag aired by a recently pttsed Utv li is '
toopotd Ibst tbi? pettteltB wdl mitariaily prersut fraud? on ;
l_? luuiinni llerennu.
CON(,aj?ttWl?'.SAI. Bl rUKSl-liairTI
Although lAtatetiy mei*_l>erb of Viieroie vuted anyahst I
the m. : .a? ? ,.f i?, lj MtoteMa ii is pro?) sasaHrt? ??Utilishrstl
tbfit ere-y na? of tbatu b_a drawn the extra pi/,
t riVK KHMOVA-4.
'Mi ! ?in- '?? bO m no lurry to In ti n
Jl ? seem? to lae alkneliiad in uiailm , BBOeMd val.
ihe rh.'a?lelp!.|.| ( .|ii?i?iiluni. Ii until li n?.I ? BBBBMM n,'d
ilion r? luoinl? a el ?ppuintui.-nt* ?ill tullo? Ii. the nieiiiiliiu?
ti ? lninr-ri -inn, must rail unai-li I?? 'he g-aliln it,nu >?' tv?
Ifaaniantofl total ?cr n
HlteM ith i.
[_ i i ?illirie:' v nil instructiOllh iroiii Mr-ad |n r!. :
Of the Arm?, the Sn'-lier?' ?te-l a? the depot ,. t'ae Iluh.,.
? ml (?Ino Kailroud. m disftiial numl lin. QaartoHMMM B :
Comtiuiear?propotty will te turned irret to then ir-ir--c
depot el
RATIO". \ I lll.'.'K Ntllra?,
The following Int'-r Iroui Cmnnn-. Kolhii- ex.
p ?.n- itself
Xanaava? i??ri oin ? Mtorraani B-t_aoa.i
teaaaBMrM Meade?, ?tel? M im?. (
Su I repli loyour leitet of the -?lh iimc Ihut if i fi r
Auiru?! 1. 1 "liC.. a bank ?hou'd reeeive ?I.e. not?* of Stn?
batiks in tho usual inn??? of bunine.., ??ii rtiu-n them
fur redernption to th? inslituliua l?v winch the? v era
issned ii would Dot be a payuir, oui ?,f ? u-h nut.-,,
nithlii the aaaatag afaaakaet Mante 3, let?.., arieinied
.tulv li 1-43?. If tin- note? ni maetiM ire forwsrdr?!
to Ne? lork nr l'bilailelphia M laenke? (laen-, for tbo pur
Ben "' ? aunng them ??, lae ?ant te Ihr rmiiU laaMBi lime. Im
reiletiijili.iii. the lialel tie vv ?ml mu ?> ,.? r,,.| ]
tuii't be forwarded f? Mas?nate!and only Dii|>e*u of li- 'a:
redeemed, a? the esme rain ?waul? no4 B|.ply where Hiey are
?cut for sale to make-up balerioo?. a c
l'A. Ho l.i* s. ( ummi ?loner.
W ni. Haskell en, , Laiton Notional Bunk Kartoo I'u.
"OONMIKMlh R.*? ? '
The "tonacienrc lund " of tho Tioasiir? Ib. part
me-nt i? laciiig largiily ?ucrosned by conti(huttons from ?mall
?lovcniment p.iitideie-aa.. It i? ?tilted that lhere an-in tin.
fund over llaO.OOli, ?1, uf wbich ?in.?nit lui? bes?n rc?-eivi?d
?Mn the termination ?if ?lae ??balli?? fr am riansclBBOO ??ricken
.|U?rleru.a?tc: ? narin in U?a ne? aad ?noddy t oulructi.i? Xe
dil Illa r. eve rea? i ed I?, the 'I reaaui ei of tim I luted Si itr?
Iroui an auunynioua corn-aiionitr-nl ?ho is iiiuler th?- i -i|ire?
?ion ihn! it rightfully bebuipiK lo tbeOovc uiiienl 'I be la.?a?:
ciiiiti.buti'iii tieri?ed frnn MteBBMM tt t?..'???.
TnK I-llILAnKLiHIV ? 'H.1 I"CTlllt'.ltll*
A. Ii. filonukcr ha- no1 been appo nlcd ( (?Hedor of
Intel nat Keveline I have the author ?it ol OsMatoeteaei I ?I
?in? fur thi.? fict
N \ 17.?N Al, (II MliTBItlBB.
Over _il,(J(Kl coffins are now ia this cit.. awaiting
?tup ? eut to tlio different cemeteries designated for the In? i ii
ni I ia ion ?oldie-s.
'lue tallonnig ?a? reee.vcti tt laeite-Mj -tarina
this iiioiuice
Qnaaa lai i?b W*toaek* Tnnlkai. TbIj tt, te I
-,,..,, of Ihr hstUrSUr, Hai'i-n- D I
(a???? i um? u! I iiiiiuiihaioiiei ? h?ve ju.t ?nen?ate K nine?
more of the I'linui I'ucific It iilrond nut (tai) the BO? M
i entable ?'HidilKiii The I" ni i- no1 in i. '.inir ??r.lcr 103 ad?es
tr >ui (?malla, anil within B unie? nf I-?., ? Kmrue.-, to wbio-i
poinl it vi ill he l.i li lit S.|.' uiber I n
?i. u. Baa ?. i'rf?iiien! ?f Ben ! afOeanMaU-Mt
The appeintoBenta for tbe Bonnier Armv te <'?
new rriri'ti'-nts sutbori/ed by ( ongrck? ure l.i k ? iii-ide ?I
Iii nu 1? l.e'i-. u proiiniieiit Ileaiocrati ? po itlciai Iroui
I'f-i nftlTBuiii. errivrd in Iowa (his err-mie II?? n bate, to??,
iu the Interest, of Ihe.Inhnioii party of hi?.St ii?
RMMRAT1 ?a ? TUt AtolBIANT I' IK BB t: >4I!Y
Gen. T. I. Kd.t'it to-tlui t.tide'Cil in. r?-?iit?iu1 ia i
?? Annlaui Sioreftri of Wai. lo tak? effci-l ni ?mee. thnt he
mar accept the positioB of (?ener.I SupetiuleiKl at I tip
K?steln Division o! the American W ra-ern I mon ?in?! I'nil'd
Slate? Tcleirruph, m rmw cirraidulaled ? iid?-i Ide lilli of ta
Weitern I ' aiu.fi rai American Union lane?, ai.d.xteii litig (roiu
?ffateWh Bal Washington nuithward ?ni! ca.'m ?r?l drouth the
New-F._t*"iaiid S ?!???. ?u'l iiiuuec'iog wuh tim Can?.:. 1
un I the Allaru? I M ??? '?? I ?keri i. ? prai-licil r-l-e'it
ci ii , ??.ii ?lui np the war lind eher?;? of Ita Hate a St?'??
militara- telegraph ime i ?mc. mp ni V. ?ah ngton I li he?,l
i|usiters will hereafter be at New Vork ( tey.
iv ni'.ii, UfMM iFCurc.
The receipt-; frntn Internal Revenue to-day amount -d
to *.'. 110.1.1 Ml
an ii?iiv
Contre*., in ? re ? n, lea-, pruridrtl that all the lian i f?
eilltle? aciorded t?< ?rade with ?Be lit id ?a Prarte-a nhal to
extended t i '!??.? rrn fn?n? m ?? i'ii teealea
The ?c non i? a- follow?
Al p.???'? vraie? ?lui mer. nnmliae irtiviag Bl P ut Isalael
? ?
.?!? .-illv iii-:i- ?I .': by ' s" ?? I ' ' "? Ito lre?-.inr and
? '' jiuiilu of iles.il?,, m?j l,i a-.!, n I
.?tom lleea ? ?i ' ??eyed la i wail Ito
rit'.rvu! ?:. ! "??: Stn,.? ii ilhout tb* |.?'ii. T i?:
un,l.'r ? . - ? .' M toi tbe pre
lift*.?- reVBBB? H? M? S??l'l?iy ia. ? e l:--.-.-irt .nil |a:o
LKTTI [!?? m lill HAS IMllri.
Nni.t- hi- been n ?-.m-1 nma Um P i ana c
?'??in c in? -?|u?*nea? of the wa: I tier? for I ht MBBM
I.lsndi. (iieecc lalla, Cui'i?. Anstr.i'n Ni ? nriiu.i
?arded l-l thal ? -'I mail lo 1
ErtoaMl bbJ couaeifueiitl?. util I lui BM
there t< untrle? ?hould ?ot I?- di?|'tt? I ?
s!a:c- to it- iteatl muii la 1.
The n-.? im-iit m the ?aie ni tbe A lama I
i'oin|?nv lor M .niuniln I la t??ti nu Ito Qr_B|
Aleiuudria Bl i! CeaBMJ fr'"n vi'jlalitifr ?
tract made ?.id that company, ?us conatadai ye?'
ter-ay in A i indrie. Judce Inil'Twond li??k the
paper? and reserved bl? iBB-lBB, Ml "?'
. . -r:?:..- ca.e dcinanUi-d ii ?I. . .1 ? I? n.
i?iu?:ilere?l ui.il !t:at after bavinir i-aflriaal '
i .;?-.: ?u the areuioent he ?BbbM ? I
- toter? rendertni- 1. ? ni? ? ? . kettag
- - J ?e.. I. ti' ttpplt'-atlOl
?linn i> ni:*?'I ti iisiiiiuiii
itaauwt aaaaio? ?tra nniteA-' aaooae bat*i rto.
CIl-DIN' S?AC II??!?! T?> I?K B??!lHIN ? ? ?- KKW
J Eil EY.
Sp?u?l liaaf?icli to The S. Y 'J
J; m- W teat ?.? a.:.
Tin- I ?tentai ?Aaeaciatinn held un ?
ing ?r??l'.n yeatarday tBe chief luteic.t ??I vi'uch ?a?
narked iy ito induction ?wo Mate >i ito sealyatoeted
oiT.cer? of the a.?oeiiitloti. The retiring I\- , D (IV
S?,uul arc mtm\ I fml? Mo ?dlre??ad th'i tod} in n well cul.
. m ?land njn ?- 11 ?atoltola ? fa a
a higher stuuflaid of profe?aional ?daMllM M
and ?ug.oa'iLg tae mean? lay which ibis grent de?!?:
trug!' be otiaiuei! 1 he new I'?eeiden?. li I 3". ?itch ?f
{lea V'ik' ? i.laeed ki ,,r- .**p?uioing as?i
? A??o?-i?tloD, uh.reupon the ordinary I
r?iti i.f tiiisin?-?? wsi? reiuii?eil. Tbe repair's ??I Committee? and j
the-iic-UMior? frowlnp Oh! o"l ?ni o-?('i| ?d t'.e tine ?
eienir.f/ ????:?.:
W?D.lBl?il M'-l:.Nl i. Aa| ?' ? 1 ! e AMMMl
at ina. ni., ist-d ?a? i ull-d to nrUe: i ? I I
iift-t.an . : nrilei ]?: _I.,rg?ii uf Na-1 ? I
?n 11 ?.I ni ii.t- ? ommil.ee ou Deal I J' - ?toj *nd l'a
".-???? r ??.I a ?ian vi i.at lengil ? . | ? . a? the .
? B ss.d i ?.nwiittre. 'In? praivokid I III ) Ito?
in which l?r? Md'tnl .n of rbiladelphi?. Anpiatuf ? kto-B?,
Atk.eton of Se? Vurk. ?nd other- ??. ? ia ? i .?
?ton cort'.nne.l until the iK-ur of I.' ? : ? '
*ud merc!:ed d? wn in ?i'lodi tv NrtllMtel totta|
?I'M--: . t?. Liter t:i ?concert or !l ?? gr-e? "ri-kr. A' ')!.'.-?
i.'i.-l.o- - ' ,.: ...li ?CM |'."'..- -i ".1 ? of
;'?? ?.'?pafol i.) !. A. \V ipoi? m? i tolVrla-Of aril,' OftkteeH?,
?Lose ?eulij ?i i L-1..1 ilI'TU .n 'h', r- pul nan' challenge |
lit ai:ui?ali4iB of all who behold LltiL. 1(11 titi MaO artist
val i> j hot.Jgrai btd tt.e Bepual Naiuiia. ' ??men: nu. li l :??n?r '
.n Ike aame ?pot. and b'm? Ito Wen l>rl?ml Mc? ?
iVitensry i.'or.ventior, ?al i th? Hg Kim on i,o?t ? I
The?* titilares are a merv?! of tli'.r kiwi, und I
Iii-.!, n minmi that we ???meti-ie? read ab
? n !he _?ei_!?er? of th?- A??"? Intl.ra
teg i NteaaMa aud BlgMnBteafi -terteo ito pr- ?
?wBp?aa ?-?i ailie the BMnteart " ate Am*
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IIaltimokb, Au?*. 1? Maya. Cth-pouii i i i : i.e
lim! time rvnoruinated to-night for electuo to it* Mi? : .
..U|.a_.',oMI.NATI'?N ?MB <"'?(,P.I ? I?, Till HHVrr*-"l
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Seventh Ohio l>i?lriet.
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te? inore o' the people. The ninth te-. .? attack? (..a.
i.o in-n? ?n ??social? of tanti ?!" ?i i" ? an tetean as
Delea l_ereeehMteei peeMe_%aaaa >? II n
IO rally to h.s ?apport, and nair t! lekttel M M ?I1 ! B 1. k
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liol, lo lie hold III I'el'Ts!..,.,- iel I -liol All"l II
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?ttaaataa, ia.. b-m*_M I.?ThaCentatlOanaR
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iii Di.ii t -'i ton..? tr?llete .i.?).!. 1: K 'v. I ' ?? ratee*,
A IT. K'. 1. "H.1 I! Ii.i.i,!
III.I Hist? >t ?K'lrn.iital Ia?hI ?ia.-, riete I. llir?.. AU?r
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I.e.,?. "..!,!?.? ilolS-r? WS ii.?I.?* I
Vi' !.. .' ? Vin M I -len) .lain.- I Joh..-01. All'-t
1 BatM Wm Minn.. ? II Kr?i.
Vin, I?,-in, 1 I? .' uni.r- A I rttell A 1! If wtmpti ?I
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villi' Jin Wall?! I! M?;.le?, TV ?ndbim ?ila-rtson,
, Ailernst"? A ( ( umnv.n,?? Rettrt t?ii.l??i.r?.
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'Ike I ,."i? "i.i: .? ?ilof.te.l re...'..1 on? appro 1, ?f i'i I" - .
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gale* w.: . ::. I ht tMVBettt lart-tuiaiely
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Congres? and ?uitBinin,- ! o' of I' ...n Kr.al'i
tioi s in the aim? t'.no ?ere gteetat? I_ll ?la.i?g?le?
were ?|.p" i.l'-J !" 1 - I" I It < . ("oiivi :itn.
mt ?.li." fl ? 1 -
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.lame? I? von, Hartf.i-il. bertaT Malte ratee!
I.,!? ,.!?! l'i -iin. v ? London l?ri?*e? B. Rtyaotar, Lill
f Lu 1.1 V?'. i .,- v?, I. 'tiv.i.. io.,- A HoTt*y, :???!
J? ? l.l.g. li -Ne? III?' I
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IltAttngs. Ie-terett K. I'et?. I.iurtrr M tv
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I ?ml., .Inn!.-? A Ml B. C. Motel taral
/o',r"A ?I . rrr-r - VV I: ::.. I.ltvard
P. Hughes. Jam.? ?4 l,i-,',,!. Ui., H. Jin iii.m. Selb ti I .
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l:i BtT-l
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J. I . UM laugii.11,11 of A!' -ii? ?!' : II ".|ilo,.
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old :lni! it ila. aid i." ? iU Hill dir in t?I
'?..nutr? ? 11'.,? ant a-,nu. ti.nl then wn? 1? | ???for I
a |??r"i f .? ? i'oiii! ?-. ?nt ?parti foi Ii, ni!.-, ii", no par'y for
Kobi bel I sereto
? "lid ruliv to the rapport >.f hio MhearheM ha
? ,,..- 1
??i' ??r for the C "i. belt ? . ? 1 i
va ???le-e.1 I", all tue
f the s ? .- every
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? uiiignai nulty ia?
Retotted, Thl IV of
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I "I ? , W.I . '
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ttit after ii.? I?."' I
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Leg:?)?lu:i. ?tel te.! |.
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I..? the prrypeie,! ?
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vh-tsta '?.; I. ? t!.".? '? I think?
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i).fogata? shot 1 ;.."? '"""? ? p.
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?i.o|.|e ol ih? State of f'eorgia .ia.m iei.r?aenl?t it In I
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va Y V. Wcl ... | yy Anaru?t 1. .
'lit'.. ? :? lit. i 'i, day |?iA-cd rea
t_iiii.iB?nrg!ii_ ?i ? |.,.-:,,.,,.
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n. : ,L ' .,, , 1- -, ?' ; iBBMll m a-B public
? - ih? r??lu, r.oia ? I..sg ?--?ac:t? f sr frieag iLddri-n. BBB
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seb?ela aal IbM-O-OB ton Mtoi ia tttm I Pta-akte
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1'hyaieal r?i(frd?,!,r of ?I,?."
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?hen ?I fell aw?y. I,a?t yar it wa? r-~vd. The djatin
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lb* \.?i?oi?iio!i eunic-cd tim ?f??r.? ?on b1 I e'etoek, Th?
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the Afrsm-uitio.'i pre? ?edcil nt MCI tai t':c dist ?IBM "< practi?
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?h.iik elii.iru! /' ? 1 ..-? ... will: ?ev ral u /I r-i-iili for Iii?
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financial portion Bf tbB MfBtta Tin? IimuJ ? -ir tmtt (?o?. ?.
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i mumu? ?ouM bun- ne B Mia 11 mly to report ilunui' tbo year.
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Mr Wrt.'ht of (?nrudiga I'mu/lit lhat very litfh* -drnulag?
would mull fr?im tlio pr??m>.-,I me??BB.
Mr. Mo.ui ol li.-ikimei regretted Ua a? rant o' n.vurarv in
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Mr. I:uni?i-T d???1 no? MBBen I'm? in? Bee C -'ill hare unas
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advantage ?tary great ni hiviu^ tl,e.vi liiaatt) trum ?h?i
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li??-, ti.at ?here .i.d ?hi ii wrui'V is?-? ti., in. fiel loug s(t"r
' i uteton ??.' i,.. I al I i aidi i ttoatwl ia.u. liar end in
I ben eat, l.i ?i i?. ?o
Mr r,n ki. v ? mi.nik? taraaied abeaM half un hour, and
w- re I ?MU|?ie.l ? Uli apnUu.e, parlioul-rlj ?ton
I, , . ? ' a I. ni I ????? : .' ?I ; ? .
ti re; art .,f the I .min, itt.-r nu ? ni ?ti? (han
rrsd. sn?l u ?in a i.--* aanadiaai? '..;..;'.-.! lato bi
.?? W.14 de? I I".I UJaOll o -I - ' \
:? aie! Sin? n .??i?, la-nl?. ' Bad li ? ir?.
,- . ' , ihroiai ape? to all a? i...ii nr an waitan
?poa th? ?m m. ..t ni n .
initial! ? u'..
I'n.f la::.-? II I ! ?me ?ii LI. !?. of New .'ort. was hy
? i ? rote ?a? Mai e? ?a?? m ?al lu al w.ia, t.. ? A?*j
i . i?
? , . . a .: ?! lot ' n I l-l- ' '' .. r lock
Hi I ??iccvafab |
am *. n ?
?li.lv I. - \, ".nu-.M i-'.-r L I! II?? . \ ? ?
I'i.ati.'!.. .lo- , w \V linley, \l': A I.
leba Y /ein, k and Mau'W f Sard fron W ?. ti
I . -:_?? :. V. H
la ??? ' a W ? ' Baden ?? in 1 11 ,,.'d ra ?
Aiiinir Aaaleta t-Peya atei Ueerj Qannid, ?r??:u \\ ?.
And. i.'.i . ii. ? ? ? ??
. ^s^."- ?' '
The .teaimer M, ,. -. . ' ?s BartOt Ntvy\?rl la
?Tewgirt. B. I- oe lair at lu? ?leaamei lliaoiul i? stA*
t iiitali ?ml lu? ?leAUcT M inbo.ro at fin? u ? S '?
I It? Tatofrapk |
U'S' I.I.LA"?!??'.
l.'e'.t Col.O.Croas, 1? ?uti ', artemia,1er .?noral
united stitei Ara* wifa inasM . lepel st l'itt.'.riri-h.
. I'? . t? < ?;?? I.e.. ?J aide? l.Sl.l.l.i (?.j .1 t.TlllM-*.-?- I I ,t.?,l
Btbenina ??t 11* - ? eOtoer fr. n lea ? <?r ah
M-i. null?.an?-.I t.. avail lim,,.[f ,,f m
1 toare el abai C*pt. T. Moon a?*i?t?e I
' yiar'.r :-?? n. ? Am j in? r?ee!?ed aa ??xten
' ti m of 'ii? au e of :?'.?-nee ii"? I i-;.i lo laBB*? Sf BBMBl S
f r iV d it s ou urn? ,?i hisbility i. grsaied to
Mi!.?..!. -l??r l?.--re-r 1! t, Hodge? ?,? i litera i?t?-r ? Depart
' ^ 111 ??4 ..11',1.'0...4 ;,.; ill pr,?.M.,l ui Now
? "-| i-iT Ti, ind en *" ' ' tinda - ?iel to S>-ial
? Id ' "it GtMl-Tl '?'li '?? War !?-|'i- 1.. at
I M.-jer M ?rrai I?? ? A.?.-t?nt Adjie in! General ol' V..I.Q
i ferr, it le u.iai ?r.lj ???. ' I'd to doty at Ii??j?1 part jr. de;.?i f
' m la! . '
."Tarni Inlrlllgrore.
ii 11. Panfbern, Pajrmaator Ia tbe Cuited
I a-i.ldeu!? st the I'.-n?,?. ,|a N ni Vardon
j the u,,, mi, g of the .?1 m.'. Beeatnal the KatjteteeeM.
I?re?i .?I Iii? w?r ?ntl hi? li". 1 u. nctiv? ?cruce ever 1.?
1 ?bul tune, ?iiini'igtb? eui re ciiiilil " 1. ?? ol t',- N's-v !?? J"-"
ii ? '. ?? '.""ii rwnne? led ? 1 1 lb? preta? oi I(<??ton new.
. Vurk. mid ?TaMlBgbMa, l'avin_?;i'r l'aiiatlHirn wu? _:y?ir.
I sf age illilwa- narr I'd ?. lu.ii?.lay of la?: nock lu a M ??
1 , " ir Pi (aaaato
ni laninAtr.
Ih? e'lied Hain .'.-.i.ie-r Bagiaaa mIIbI (na las Kran
li .lu.? li (or V?OUM a. <? li M'lllif ..d ni Ile- W' ?'"Pi
! lea Til ? ?i??' 'iio;aany aud Janie. Sinai aie pii?.eu|,'"rs
eli I'"
?Itv !? :
1 ? , li 1? f an appoiatod Kxaaining Inrgoont
h- nu-1 ..ii.mi?....... - ol' I*?: ?um- Dr. Un I. l.ucs*. 1'oor.a,
lil Di a. 1 Bard ktadtoea, ? ?.
Ho.ia? I ? Irg? sin. (iola london.
7 . Hariil ]nv- r.?|aa?i t to ill?' lad U at 1 UK
. lft'iii 1 . ? ? ? ? - M I-.'i ?lou. by
, note lag the t'?p??r?nea. the.-??-Beter
1 of ?I .-?-.??..- MllOW
II - . l-'l-'i ?af
li jeal I
? .??irj al Ita ' ' >.ii?e. ? Hotel, I.??n.lon,
5?I? - . aa 1..11.'" lag v? . . :r -he f allow nig lui
\- ? ? .
ind 1 ,?1 - -.n -
I rta ? ' ' ? Press. da?d ?it lamdon, in
1 - ro-taala i??-if aitb lufaraing ut tbM
? ? "were | 1 the lu.?til?
gene] run bardi) ' ?? ?o IgnoraM
gi.., i-iapb? and dlplieaanj 1
1 dos ? 1 "' o." ' I ? pi ?poaltlaea
"lient 1 f ?q. 1
- rope we 1 ? ? 'I'la Ita ? ;? an |
between Ita ?1er- ;
UtlMg '
' to: M with the ?on poalBg ,
B n a? ?I ,? u.U. perban, ger .?-biIt I
?? mien ?i ibe AaaeeiabM l're??. j
? ? a it ' ? -?.lui. (?lint- ut fa loi-r ipbi.
eoanistoattoaaMi ilaaj;?ba??M l?v tea paper ?hieb re
? ..,. in t ?n?' "i ? e v naatenea it mar be ?ertk
? a?- :- .?(-"i '?u'l leaeeenl aenon? thai ii? tli-v will
bato ? 1 II I ullii - im a lew ??in s M
sir n* ??>? ??te ? en h.-> ate eataba v:it?i
, file*
Ibr 1 baler? ?? Taylor Mnrtarb? A ??Idlrr
- ? laeelar, IbcbbI
Two ?talca ? '' ' holeni Imv.- tuk.-u pi i ne ?I thu
llsrrack. ?uioug lu? re. inila : .1 fr.ai
N-? Ifert
?? irriiol ' ?j. ( ?Mfatal y ato ?e'r.?ror
ml. _
Xhr ? Barlra,?n I' ...m.,.
ICI v ..- ?
I 1 temn ? t t ?
la-nth -71 ' ' ' " '"' v ?''""? r? -eut mysi -
??us rcin'.iv*! It-mCoi le I'm' tonyosaaaionadn-j listitaannH
lal in *'"i" sen' t" ti?" "1 - l"riii, for lib b/frdornfl
the PiuyeJout. ?1.0 tki.^c?^mutojn|?jto|4>ut.jg?a I
t a ? !?. ir.ie-t? .?vii.n.i i?-.? *????? t'?ra*t?tti
?iii!? Ile l).jon?rr. B*re?i_ea4 J?ha??a au*
a Oi.-itat na? I'tarr-trr.
th r.iindtrf
\V leara _ .?in Ut i bj **+
maiii ' ?? iikiir am! ?M |*l
II ? >,l :? .t ? ?"I '..'I.'- ? Oi '/'A- ?eile.,'v"?? Je .r-."1 ng*in?t
I' ? re? ? !i!i?iil?iloa nar! rS? power? ol UM '?te ?rt?te?Conve-k?
i B, eadaeetel vite ??? n..:.n gu?i.j a? ts>, s..r?a?ioii ,
-, :c it tram tbt pen c4* Chief ?Ttatlat R?mb We re- |
?nvtveBeri i ,.*... tatewa-Maa tefet before tas |
r,?/l?rs, ont wegivittrie loUevitg ex.ra.-u. vista i?J! o'" jj I
?stn .., of ill Intent and Ipiril The Chief Ju?tiee sir?:
" I ,, ? n ? ? " t ?.?a'!, h Be um Tina i a
ote legt! ?m?te < on vieilli?.. ?eil iiinl lo. (kiwir "ii |
- "-Jiia'itwt ? ... for n? . r lo n'er'in? wf...t| vv? had and I
; rteneeM ta aete e C?eetRaMaa even by pp*>,
? a_r teaettea. MMeee eetttteaa he uMreM n. ourht to i ? r?,
.l-'ctal ) v ti.? ., ?pie, ?a MM MlMll ?i-.i"'"?t. ?ed must efilci.vet
of se'Uag ? i ? point? ?t re?t, ?ml avoiding many uet ?
?k-ungniid uw.geroii.1 (,ui?-,tion? belor? itieJudu-ury lab
l'art t., ti.? or??i../itiau of your hot) a* ? ( OBtention t
btoiiui? ii wa? filled tv ithon"' th? coMoa! ti the p-itple
f Kutti i,.{.at tr. tbe IT n'ail of tin' United
?tatek, or an ! r hi? order?, au act of tit? and despotic nain
pilinu whuh BaeM nat hit? ?he body ?mr Aaitio; itv to hind |
t' v S-nte or ita -ihahitsnl? If ii le? ?titi iii" i'r"?,deal, or Lie I
??trap -hi? (ii.vernor of a rrOTiuc?--diJ uoi 0*0, or rni-er
constitute the Col: vcntioa. hut t'.t ilolegst?? VaTJSit? I
Retted by th? jxtopii. ?nd -tarea? the ix>dv wa?
duly eoti?t*f*ib"?l. I deny it diretlv and positivstl?
Iii. ?Teheeea renuire?; a < .invent ... lo perform oartlit
?i?. Ia; tris, to arila! Hie ordinaree of IBB-MMa and (entier
i. I-elnrn to the t'nroB or.I.nu it? e.mtua.i??! >? ?.rileno? under
I!,.- r.ins:it?tiiui ot tbe Lulled ?ilute.?; lo ivaianoiuate tbe
si ii ?a nui ordain Ih" ttavetj shall never bereifter iti.it iu
tin* .-.Lit??, and to r?p'i'ti?l? thal Slit? * war debt." AU tbttse
were d m?; toe two tirai prompt.? and ni aiti.fa. tatry
tenu?, snd l-o third, ?t the Lui inouuant, und r
aut in lion and in conformity to order?. ?f.er laving
r-loo re?a ?ed te adopt the m'saure AH tra? done.
1 say, that vat i ?quired, and Mr. Joba ?>? pt.H-l ?iratsl IBM be
bad not all le wai.tcd, that we wert b.K-k a? a l-ttale and
ungbt c!iirO??o?ir Itepr.'ienlatiTf* ia Congre?? te o?Bei>rvarty
t.. ou/ ri-a?s ?? fliilalo and to our law regubitiag efoolioni
Wa? Meat iiytbteg aare fur Mm ( ouvenfion te do' Wen?
liiey e?um? for any other purpose. ?"en 1?T those who vere st
fovt IB 1MB ?M MIMhlll I H >w d m ti.ev, then, MM to
Irani" a I'iib*: n.it.on a law for all time' winch is to lee binding
ou Iii??? ?bo elected lli-.ii fir the cn.I? sinai ale? on
MM lirge portion tf tie, p_tri.it?. und Ijoioe??"nn
perdoaee: Reeete1 -vee tren ea allowed to voto ?t
all i Tt? '.!????Matea is viilhieaat pnruilel or prcC'd?nt
be preaani term of Rettete aaaeitpMar. of |?,?erina
dotaiaaat rnililsry or BBBt-ricnl i.iBjoiity. without reeptOtlM
npl.ts or ii?. Commotion. A? fir ai moy atf-ly fin, and
? rrlheyeat ti.e pc. pie-unlit to resmt t?:tt pretar.non.
Til. Ihtl I .a I"-.??? full? 00 when ri 1 c1 on and allowed to
v >ie ti 1 I ira .a tbtj wa I do s H tata .?? 11 dee wiihoat coi?
mnllo...li. support..I th?.iii' n principo- ol in a?.n Ubi rtj --'ha* a
r.r|..c heit tat ruht lo .rake t .cr nu li I oil-dilution, and uot
in id ? mi'ii et t.. BM heeeeatta Rtea.li foreo or fraud.
I.y au extraneous power, or by a irnotion o' theil te. low ?nil
BBS ^^_^^__^_^^_____
ni:lcriST4. OkV Titi. MBTHOPOIiIltN
nur lijtiiiw?Mi:?
k1?- IIIt'll'. ?4j_?-l AN K114. K IJ4S)" AIITHK.1T.
At a BN in*: of the Metropolitas Fire ('onHiURsion
en. held ti.i.? da'?pre??nt. ( omiui?uoucrs Piookney. " Presi
.'.oil ' Li',-? A l.tve on. 1 Itrnwu?1_? MM winn cc-siiiuuiO-t-ies
pen r-. lifet m.J appropriately lefcrn .1
Iron: II tropiltitn l'olico I omminsioiiera. re.| testing a *U|
pty ut h..?? loi - pru'ecti.iB ??( hospiial tenia ou tl.o Hatter},
bbm Ohtef Riibiibm. reenl?-?ae foi- laeelki from Neafle 4
lx?ry. l'rtiad-Ipi .a. laritini le? Beamte rml of Ke? Or
leon- Vo'ii'ier i-ii" I niino No. I; (rom Will ii m ?Simpl?n.
1 .rctiieu of Raglan Kit i" .11 regard ti? tht- arre?t of IraC.
Iii.i-t..11 and I:.. K-ri Mm iL'i.iiiei ? f..r .?ruiner ?Jiaviugs m
premise? No U, D.r.iin? , 'I . from C'y 1 ia i". ?roal. I'or"r.i 111
"f li., .k eui 1.,,; a- ?,,, ?: j.-f,,r m 1'n' tia Beat? at lae eaaat*
?.,1 -tear] I. I) iter. ildward v. ..?-ir and J a tue? W.
kici'yi-a-iiit ami ie?n?aiieeef ?'. H. Brteal aud Chea How
arth. und .?.?? Maa >.I L. I? Ml .Vr.tuns M A -latani ?ore
ui?.,. !i?m ? ?ti it-, li *?miiii. H ob. r* J. Itob?, sod
..Her-, if Vi.ikVi.i', atkiiig ile lknird to di?b?nd
lino, tnd Lull.. .'... 1... aud t?? firm a nev
1 ? uipiriT nro'.or ile? r.-i-alar ?yaieaj,; fium James Iroomie,
Sa-rirt. Yi'.iti Precia, ( Patee, te n-cuid to Hood coni^tujt of
4 ou, n Maa M Hook and Ladder No. B al St JoLn's ( h ?_?< ?
ti-, I roi?, li..im n, Me. luior, rbeuaii Kngi.ie No 4 prefei lltj,
(hari? rtgn.ii.vt l*?*nik Cotngun, foul Wl liter ?!. lur',,,,,?.
1 i?Knt1n?No I. asking investigation .-.to b. ^__in/.
TeetM ?) V." is. 1 hay?, from l au- .V. H.mmon.l tender
Ina rs steaattee a 11 ? ia i Hook .n. 1 Latter Ra, Ti ir0m.l_s
I"...?!- llo?k and Lil 1 r Ko, IO, t'aider.ng '<"H <n',ion frotij
l'i' . ?! Mil '?? ?? li ???' - a-,.1 leaddei Re - M ^d.-rint rosig
nat?o,., from Win J tk .Sail. ?iuj. meor Nu. li a?king leate ot
? r ' ii ? 'ii'i.-iii-.
OeBM'eaieeer Ahbt or I .uin.:i"' ?n Appointment? and
I'? - ..'??,!'ke Liliwiu? r?'.ift, and resolution?
lint I jim l ov I? Beai Mi I o',.?,tr. ? (lgin? No. 34. be n?
lo t>. ? rink ..! privat' Hn?l M-t lo. i? Lalleoiont of
MB*CeMBiai Wtk, "'l'oaigh, aw-ajiMRe i, M. v. Ii im
vii. Il.s.l. and l-tJ.'.ei \)0 7 p. BJ K.-esei Assutant !?r.
I la? Nu. 5| ,;eo_ r,rJ4_a||, Kai'iii? No tk\ aud M. C.
IMilter H??'! ? _) ?,,|| r be disn.istvd the l??*p?rtm?ti!,
ti I'-iiJ R. lVI ... n,M,o tad LedterVe?! balr.e'!one
*' ? v* ree eel -Wart "OoV, Kntiu.? No
1'. be to.? . ?., r ?,.. le*- poy. tia trauofeiring variou?
nienit-i' . A|,:1 || ,? !,'i, \V. -!', ? i . r", 11 ook und Ladder
?JJ? ', le preMot it le Rafteiar i f ima-wt Be, tti ?I?'j, that
?J* f. ! ' ? I Bran* i: to .1" ??'?ty Patrick Mc
1 I Lidder Ho. 7? ?Tefai (?sties, KngineN...
1 ?..m G lynn, 1 rineNe .'. I' uCjIiscban, Hook snd
Ladder Ko I-, l*h I ? A ?i "k, r'rgmi No 14: Ralph W.
.Iar|.?ie nu'l l:r ? !' ! !I""k and I.ni 1er No -, J jhn H.
i .ni. ni II ,,.,k si..! !,?.11, r .\". " Y W. Will.l.n fleet eed
Ladder Ko ?a, li >t, I (,:ai?im. L'ngino R. 29 .lohu T Spiel.
Koguii? Ko I? sat Lav ni.? A.< urry, Hietk and Ladder No.
4. Al", rep r f ??'. ?**i??*-? s?nI Commut?e in regard to ?ele. '?on
of ?,ie f.r Begin! Ra rj that tbey ?re unable to purchase
..r l-aa ault il?.<- premiaes, und adri?e that the
( ?nninirstoii?,. it. . !,.irr? of th? .'.!-,triet bo anthoriaed
i > pal io proeer Biter the ptaaMnM now oenipied by Kn
(isa Ra t? t., icenat?UM a ?teem tire engine and a two
:..[i?r I'm. kney of ( ?nimitt?e? on
I man, a ead TelegT . ? ? t r?'??.rt idTisingpiyment
i I B-kS thai Me '.?legriph be In
troatu. "J t.. Bon*? nt R-fttte No. ? A l?o that the Committee
IpUaa be tlraatat !?>.?. ertaiu If lhere waa any delay
la gttt!-| at tb ? Bri m ?' work at the fire in i allege place on
.un:. u',t. AJ,pie.!. CeaalateBM brown of the Committee
on Hu.i ji_?ri and Supplie?, offer?.! the in.l iwmt retoiuiion
Rt-i J,remi?e? No 134 Ki?t Twenty sut!.-it . I??tng no lou gar
'. en . rod for the puipiw? of this d?p?rtment. be ?urr??d?r?>d io
?a* Mayor. Al Icniica snd Commonalty of the CityofKiw
York. TV Lieh waa ?dopteal. On which th? Hoard aSkonrri^
UHF.? '??'-?
san Kra?; i-ro July 31?A ?n. here this morning da
?tr-.y...! the (i.i'.-.i (Mates Dutn.-t t earl meat? Tbe ree?
"r!- vers all Brad.
Fir? ia Kli.atte-lii-.i. l._a. ~b??ii ~JO.?r4eO _
?.ist er Ila? l...-e. at! Imtasrr.
Tu?. T?inrsKoi ?athM-Rj BMatitMtlttt fact that
? bre bad bo.koa out ihorily before .' a look ?. in., in a four
?torr brick building located in the rear r f Nos. e 7 and 89 ?].?
abala and occipi.-.l, together with the front building? ?s a
! sewingniisehine manufactory, Iit l'??ncr Hrsmsdorf A Co
j end tlstH! thetimeof g.nngtopree? th" toiBl destniotton of
that and the ridjoiaing bnilduig? w?s imminent Thtnkito
1 the ?( ?ita ei?rt:on? of ? .? Kir? l??p?rtmeBt, the Bro was prtn
i-'pnl'v eonflue.l M the npi??r floor* of the bn Ming in which it
' :_v__ii;'.*;, elL-TVe1'. ilii '?,-? ?''**' ?n.l fourth noortwere
jurifeJ out and tire rest of ne teiilding flooded with wtt?r.
' Ih? flout buildings were comparatively ni.banned. Tb? loee
Ml -sr?. Planer, BnMMtelftCe te stock and msrhlnery.
! ?ill amount to about II?.IAj?). Inetiratce for *?!' (WO, lu the
, loila* mg Ceapaab
--t- k Mt. timery.
People's. l.iiJO 11,000
Btato "I New J?r??r . ? '.'. "?W
afl'????' I . I.-?SI 1.(1*0
A'.bunvllly . ? l.-ysj
t? iraaaM . 1,70o 7-4)
?'i.-harge . T*?J 7iO
KtlK'lirtjocA-r . !.??>) _
Pacibc .... l,-.'.,i IMm
i'ommen-1,'1 : ??. _
?ita? (Hartford, ( onn.? . Mt. ?
L?nox. .... _an ran
I':t'?rnatii.rial . 7.?) lil
Bftyveeeal . |,_M l/.'.ai
(..i.tnl 1'srk. ? "j,i?.(i
H'pei .. _ 3t?l
The building is own? I by William A t oit ?nd i? damaged
' to the ainonn! ..I ?'.'??'; folly injored in the H..werr Company
The Iron work? of Cameron A .lol nson. N"?. Bit and 117
I Cirand st. although ?n irrest ,langer nud atone time i.i'uallr
I on fire, w.-r? only damaged to the aaeeat ?if tlUD- iomred
?atrrloei of Mliee vert r??t"??l from the riitrlMilh au] ad
joining l'reeinet?, under the crunmaad ol Cnpt, Wilnarcsoo.
I'lBB IN JlBOAl.WAV ? At 5| o'. iB_- B. 111., y.'.?U"
?lu?, it m - .?a the fin.to tjoor ot toe double
biiildiif No? t,; an.I I 7 nroailw-iv m tt? pTemise? oceupied
I.? Iii' .- A l>!i ia.ti ificrcrer? of lidies',-nut, ?. mifT?. BM
it wa* ?oa.u ettn.K-.ale J. b ?1 a.it nuti: tbt a. pti to. ?ti
bailly dain.i?ieil, and ile i outi".'.? of the luvvri fluor? SOI
dsmaged hy wate ia, 1 h of M'-?r-, L |A I) w;:i snu.unt r.?
abeat tl.UM lasiure- '..r ?-..?jijij iu c.o Itabhaid .ird
liowei v CoBBj-ni**. t.. ?j:..:. i i auaafae
tun;, occupied n portion if the ?n'.-.n':. Har. Iii?
i..-??,.: tanban) ? . ?. So _M_.ace i .?! und ?hird
tloorinf N".-i.", ure i'.,.K'jp:i.!. T-B third Hue.
,?-.?,. led '< ? A Bei pi Lot* on Meet
by wal?r ?I out $ r?'. lu iu: ? ??. I ; ?.'"?) A portion of Ih?
?eeaed la? li un ipi -J by i? it-cnbarf A Hro'her?, dealers m
?oin y ajoael?. lill, ave !?.-? Oil st"Ok vi ill les atlO'lt t-ls).
i larao for 4iv),.??i ia tie i -, .. , u pnnle?, Thi re
uiBiinli-r . f t'.o -< "?ii! floor ..? u. .. ?' BhtaM I Hr..
inn?, ?dial-M ?n foreign and dotna-tio vooltaa. The los*
on slack bj water. I lared. The iir?t floor .i oc
. anted ?.v ilonjamin lt*?Mrh ry. d< iter la gtatfoaeBl iuraish
ing gi'u.i?. "..." ui?o own? the building. Los? on aro-l l?y
eater, etanI 4MJO? imun-d for i '"itv Compta?.
M 'ii i?.o ii.? .it to about II,.'??J ?niured
for tlO.i*U0 m the ?ir.nien? Coaipary. Beetloni of police
?, ?" jucent ?'mm I'm lb.rd and S.ith I'lecn.ct?, uodsr tht
.oni.i.aud . ft -ipt. <??"-n
?li... I iii mt. iiir, I iau I? Ih? linn. - Weil I?.
dir* I rl< bralion by tk? I clirr.1 Peeplr al
? '' ?' ?<?' . ' l-l ol Airust I? ii g the ar.-a\"i.-ar^
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Heretofore a ?ingle Jambe fetnval n. one dittnet bad been
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?d Ulai!??! on lins OC.tllOTl
'T-b taiirui??? at tin? park were corni acted by tb? Rev. Mr.
PJM editor el Tk* Ti/pin Journal, a??*,l |be Her. t_r.
Willuri* Very l?rre nn?n??-ny of pantrd? ??-r?- prs?'n(, ?Bit
tu? ciatcut.-i w -re ??niinue.l >o alala? Kital an Ihe trtatag.
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1'srk. ~**
1 li 1 ininirariiry of Ui?. y?*?i I. lb? ?TC?-Jat>?( In ptatlTt ?alaain
tx-i ? ?sogt* ? 1 ?f soy yet b?t-'ur tin I-Ina meit? tt Hmook
?fn. _______________
B>A<!ia-IC t'OteteT.
Bjraou ten m?w loin? ?(??>tt-rif:titil?kic.i ??rnio?
1-IH.O??Oir.n ?Kolkt OK?.(IB
Ban 1 ? 1 toa???, Mondar, .luir JO MB.
11??- itt-Kth-ir ('oBit.Kit'uii i.-n B-tlud for Pat ama ??Ut
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$ i'l.'a. lit-K?]a.?i. #1-0 hat aire. |''t.i ?CbolUl. fl.'L
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tKlii.'?*! Ibis uontli.
Tbe Str,?_rt?Miii(* ha?a surplus of IM,!"*?, and ?_t mny
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Hu. vk'-J of tbe (iould end Curry Mine las Jato eanaV
?linn?.i.t to |l-.'.,Oto of Crown -Varal, ?.'a),?.??; ?ad al.
Yellow .?act.-!, lot tbe y.?ar eft-lug JW '?? l.'.^-.-H.
Ie<ti<ara ri?i?r,.*.?ui ?jtiii the uuQeH in tia KMMBM Itoar
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Has kB__.?imxvT-**d?y, alni? M.lsM-,
Tkoste-tmor ??ii-euiu?.-, from 1-Srttoad, l?.ir_?: $lBi,tOW
iu treiiure.
Aireiits al tin- .Swsusoe Works ero horo ljottipg CM
Miuius.' ?haro? ar* eo-iewbat h<-iter, but naia???ke!iot-i ara
h(*bt. Crown Point, ll.iAH), -el.? Inclu?, |6t?, Bole*-,
er, $t!_l. LfiH*r.I lender?. J*
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kail. **___*__* ?
l'un Aii'i.i'HiA. Wednadsv A -g?m I. ????>?.
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em pia <>f, the etty, reentli-i? ?n the ?li.?.lieg ead 1 aslant
deetli of 'ix Aldon)??- Jiuur-i T. II in u?< l?'<* A-BBBBM
of 'ii- h -?-s?! WarA Tlu> RtTr-iy an?? i ruin a ?patklUete
dtsciii.si ni. Tbe aliaged aeriiertr, ( j-?aag? Beatie?, bas
tw-u arr-tJiel.
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The Tribnna Bnlnrne?.
>.tii?'!?! ladtnir Ma fact that ti-? ?ibo of Tn a -tern.
(jkb baa benn tiaenee-?- nor? than ot. 4airte! (be jartoB V4T>JI
re m ??ax fia? M4 -a
Mi.a ?iihi.rib.vr?, aietite cony, I yemt?St! aosvetoa..to M
Mail -BbaiteBBBk olub? of nv?. - IM
leu .-..|i,,?i. xldreeied to Bama* ?f ?abacrib-r? ? C7 M
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't ?U OOTakf?. IO la?? ?ddrSM. a I? M
I v? eu ty ?Ulaa to one addreee .mt . Mt?
Aa extra copy will M ?eut lor eaoa el ab of tea.
RKMI WK?v.!.T TBIanonft.
Msal iubacrl-aer?. I ?apj. I fear?1'>' a?iu.?-r? .. ?4 09
Mail ?iibaortb-rs, tfotee?. I- yeer ?1.04 MMMM ?.. IB
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l'or?oii? reaittiug for 10 ctttuu* I ja. wui reoare aa extra eear
ffM C m aaioi.
Persons nraltkieg for 1_ MBtraAtoA ?IU reeean aa extra oen/
#10M-*_iau_k. ?> tmme, ai-nfb*
Addna THI, TK1B0NK. Me- ?*"?t?
PABOOW _f AKKIOaN-Oi T.i??d?r. lay M. il M lase? Aa
ri-r . 1 ? ,,?rh, faf ?he ni?>.? Rev Ar-bbt.iioe M CkJ*bay. IU?er(
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D,,"?f)08?lu thi? eily. Tu?as_y. July 31, Cnei??- inte?-, og** M
'fiie r.l.ntr. .od frl-__a all?? f-auly ?ra ra?pi>44fully tarttad MM
trad a? (narr?, Tlmriday ?Iirrueoa ?' - acia... ftoia Ba. Mt
irad.u,' No. (a*. Amity it.
()!i_lKIlT-4)u V1ediie?d*y. A?(u?4 I. I?? .1 N?w Hare), ?msu,
ins Be?, ii. B (ti!l?rtt. m (ha 52a rust 4/ bi. i?e.
Hu laivril will tike pli. e an Thjr?d.y aJ?av???o_.
H ARBECK.- totlB_ifl_pe_ onTh-rvl?y July IA Bkrir? B-.r
beek, dsuxhtar ot Won (1 Hart??? of (hi. ely.
liar r?r??io? will be brouaiii hair tat ?_Utmaul.
LAV4 RKN<-K-'lri Tat.J.). th. ?Ut ??f July ?1 C?o? R*aa>. a?*?
Jrraey, K?isabatL L.wreuc? in l.?, 7?Mh y?.i 0! h*r ??*.
Th? r-'?t??a? aa? (riaad. .1 tua Umxiy <kr* rnpac'f. It isrHsi I?
attand har lunar?, fra?, ti.? i?,i.l ??:. of la. r waua law. Lawrtrss.
M VM VI art, No. li a Besleop '?*(.. ti?. ?!?ru??oo ?I I a'cJucS
MILLS - At KtBttb'owa. I. I au Tu??_.y July It, -a-ju-ta KUI?,
ia tbe Tfi'h y-?i .1 hu ?4?.
Th? r-Uuvei .ud fn ?al? if iii? ?Tamil y ?re ra?pa.ii I y ititai t.? ?41 ?a I
hu fluent from tia? f*T?ab>l?iisu Church ?l Sm.Uita? u, on Friday,
Aiifi-4 .i-'l j ?
TKW???i^--r>n Tn.ii.v. July al, Emmi J.. ?,.'? if E A T-wees
.ftar . his? sad paaafnl illna**
Her funeral wil. f.ke pl.a>e from th* is?i?lsn. ? ot H S Moat, Ko a
Btale-it , Brooklyn. U : p ni in Thui.d.y ?' ? Id ia.?.
VAMSLYCK-Vt Mnntctur. New J.ra?T J?-? al u i ?ara H.w
land .?u ot H I nia U and Jj.rpluo? Van MM- ?uj** ie?a?a?b.
?nd I 4?y. 1
MifiRfirF.--In tlaaCI'rof BT-rajk-ryi lalt 11. Flirah-stb I olih???,
rtlict ol I'oirr \ a.arii.a-a i^rdul yean
Tb?r?l?'iv?a and r-i?ndtol tb? ?aoil'y *n r??cae?-?'? r iori'?? U ?l
tfind ter ion?r?l dom tba ?Mi<-a_ce ot hrr am JuJ.h B. V aarbaa 1,
No. Jil taBMl I ruin j ?ftrm ios ?t 1! a ela- k
U'EEO?Un S)?ii.l?y BM in?! . M?-r Ann. wlfr of Ch.rl?. W. tt ?rd
*Bd d.u|b'.ar ?I th. I.t? -?au., el lia? ? L. lu ih? ait'. ???*' o' b*r a.?
Th? relativa and fiaei.J? o' Iii? lamil? ne ra.|ii.a'ed to *44a?d tk*
(un?r.l rr?ro ha? late r??il.?'?e No 4? ?ru.lw.y Hrooklya? ? I? .
on TnraSty A .j..il tlllu.lil p 1 .
WILLFTs?At H^iaoo. N V.. on Tu?.?ay. July 31. Niacy, ?Bate a#
Urary Willa*?, ?-..a M yena
Tb. i?l*tiT?t?n4fririiia ot?l ef.mi'yarara?a^ct?^UyJnvI-edla? .tl?*?a?
iii. funMai, troin tia. rs.iiear? o' li.t ? ao-t. ??? Wai. C. H??ili?i,
onThoridiy. Air a' * ?rtoeJork ?T ?. ,f , w?U 1- ia w?it?a?
st Itt? !??? a to meat tia. 11 1 , trvia (ram T??r.ty ?erasih ? ,
N?w Vork ?nd h-? linn B*,joad.
unifiai l?otic??- ..os.
-- , n tJ?ll 11 ?aT-.?lL-w??'
Tbe Maand tanto!
Hiw vyi.i._i_.
-*** aNa XLVIII'
?oct to nar.
Ml*? HI i.ANF??! i
'T?oo*-or 1 mmryo.^
\\ Site t Foeila,
flat. .?J H.ar
o?i??? nato-Mh Ha4i"
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R narnu ?*? fJ-inli??.
Hot. Coen?rtk?t V ?Hey 0?iJa
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na>K- RKiUHK.U
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iSilTF.a AND .innis'
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li.al.s- t,n.-na-ia.i Telearaab ? .?inp.?ny.
'I.SAL l li Aid ii- 4 SUM lair. lilANalLSd
PROllllUNAL 1 li Aid.I-4 EUH lilt aC-ANa.li.SdlUal (?*?
OK lkl LAN'1
T? kay -?!e|r,ph t'ltlon In Amari?*?Tanty word? nr la.? In, lud.
?ni id?! ora. Jua and alf- uara no1 excaadia* in a.1 hw Ir'trr?.
i???i ty Pound? ~
K.r avery additional ward no4 axeatfdirjf 6<ra latan. Twenty.
?ih lliagi p.? word ?
Til? ??'rr? la ?11 w ?rd- ?'ar 'I n fir?- W wfl? be r.mnted ind d.yidaA
hy nv? ?avrti ?ve or fr. -tiou?. ram.' -ider wi i I?. ,-t.-a:?a 1. a word ?
- ia easaa? to ?ela a cypher will to .i.??,rJ Jj.:ii?'ic totouo
in. I.tr..
ali ti ? ir?. ritmda- for ti-ii-i..*io: u ait be wi?.ea it f .11 .n.-tl ,
to. n??.? .. a , fa
?4?nt?. d???in.d for ?a ???? Ivavoad ?a? ring? 01 1, ? (a.?gr?ph>?a
.y.ia-ut a ill ba .?..I lorward b? 1. jil.
la _.v 1? rj-ip . ?lal .m. ua Au..n a. 40 a ni J? al a?a, iu.- . Put
.Jir.M. dire saj ,.._?\ture, utt? ??cr-din, lu ?I II*? Itllrr? Taanlj
o. ? Punad?.
^u^ rttrrj ?adl'lou?! w ir!. not ?x-t?'.u| hy. l.'.tt-ii, Taasty .?-a
Sh'l'iuii par wont
Tbr 1st?ti? In ?II wura, ifiar-he tua? In ??a., ba or? .nt?d aiai divida?!
hy hie Ki. h Ira ui t .. tiSBal lajani-tor ?-al. s rh?-,.d m ? word.
A I c.????.?? in roda ?j: oyBbar wt.. ba cbaried da .bl? Ike luieg?
ipf rata?
All Isa ?a In"?nd?d for triOMnluton cnuat b? written al fud Lrui-th.
uid will or ebarpsd n ? ?rd?
M...?,-. Ji-.tii-rd for clin .?- n J tbe nagi ef 'ii* trlejr.plai
?V.rr-u wi I !.. lall r?rw?rd hy mu'
To my frlssriphlc ititi cm in A:?.- i-s, *? ?nwi ot em.. Im-iadtai ?J
?Irn?. date uid lia?mu* : ?i .?Jiuj io ?1 i.? Icttor*. T??iii ???
his la
Foi ?vrry .dditionsi ?old. no4 exraadlu? hv? irl:ar?, ??inn ???
Sh?.lnis yet ?mil,
Th? I*ttrri in li! word, .fuir ?lia Urrt JO will b' .??anted ni diviatr?
by Sv*. Eesb Bn ?? ?eclito?? bbbmI?_?r aril u? *b?ra?d ss ? w??A,
Al aiei.aj. ? ia code or ?? plirr wi'l ba cr.?r-?-.l ia? tJ . Ih? la-?*?
in, nie?
AU ti;or?, l-iitriided fai tnn*mi..i-n ni 1^ .to wrtttan at f.!' lenflb.
ar J will be ,-h?i,?d .1 words
Mi-Mai?? ?ir.t-iri for p ar?. Seijpmilir tsiag-^of^l-r ?? ?grspbl?
at.-.in ?ill ba tent forwird by i-aiB.
Jay li, 1-JatJ._
Ullliam Taylar'?
?.ADIE*? ICE 1 rtKAJi A.Vf?OfMMJ -ALO??!?,
Nat. Ki Ba_iD*iV ?
Na? 1er-,
!,?C-t?.m for tetowb?rry ?'-?t?rala ?n 1 1 1-1 ratio, st ?tu ?aile?
i ri, ?. ,
Oprii .1 -i 1 .-I? - k :?1 ?h? mireiii, fir Break'.?. ?
" rfar VA sail a wa 1'raselery I. irtu.t.i ?a th? Hu. o' th. liai"
.fu Rai.laid -man. autmiaa.t Woad!?wr. atit.r-, I'lNmiilawlk
of'he Cni'i-i Pu-k ()(-??? N?. M E..4 T?ertty-*>ith .1.
V4 a t LI? ? -?T? ?I IV M A BlJilI'H, P?alan?
?t*rvia?. le? ?rea a ai ~4? r?? ateaial ?Bair
tira? >|ua.>iy i.a.i dy. ??.din..-dyr.ua ??? k at Hi 1- ?. tkt !-. ?1
IV.A. VIATi llKl.intl Ni l?B,.iiT,rt__
( Libra YVriagrr? a . k id. Ill ?A'"''?._I_?p ?*.* ???"
VVASHINU AN1? WaiNJlN'J MACUiNL ? iMjfAttl, l.,t 4$}
LoiiruAudt-it. HeaYtrt
re? 4"??I. BARTLETT 1 T.K I'mltl POLAR KEr'BJUl B4
l.i. ?U'lraan uid reU.l hy UtO t MKKKLl.E. Nt, Til
ck? ?art , on* deer w?*t of HiuMwa? _*
iHaaelal Hmtbem.-ltutti* l??ne?. (c?a?-?_ll ??? >.* r?t_a?|
a(?(?-a-^?. ?to*~-*?*^*f*-u'*"k"--f^',_|toit??_k

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