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tim: soiTii.
IHR rltUITI AMI Till. 1-II1I. tDEI..
1-itiA iomi:\iiot.
W;' ? - IBOLTB!
r? . ' ! .
fine?. - HM '? ? ?? -i -
' . ?
lion . i
gras.- ? ? ? it august i
i Btat-e-H ' ling tb?
. . i- ? . li
theti ' . ?
lin-r--. - I bj
, a .
s at Hebels, ? .
t tod. Dot il
sud fa . line aa .
Hut " I
It is
I - 1 .
I - 1
toko ii ? . , ? li?
ll ? f. ? - ?
S\ :?? I'.r
a " .
I ??.??? i -: ? o-iportum
?Alkan from the I l>
l-IV.i' . . ' ?
> bo . ' '
tif <? i
i a)
?? gras ng small i
i ? ?
? ? i; . . - i' . ? ? .
!hi i: ? ?
flinn partj ' - '
li ??. -,
Ai. i ? \? Itnitl 'n'.' Con gross,
Hil I .
t err will bet
tut ra, with, pet
|?n?,-! -i i:. ?, I li.- 1.-1 -.' ?
Bill b
Bl- ila plie-'. 'Hi. r I ?i- ss-? Las?, li,
? ;?? ?1 kim, I ?
Illili Will 11 '. ? . I 1 '.- '.,.'.' : I -
li'.i.'.ic l liiin. bat with a tom is hil ? :
?ml vie il,-! M Lilli.
I. K11 KI.* I A.
rutll.NCK OK BOBjTBBBB I'L 4M ni-,-,? ?: A ."K <>1
poauo YY.i uno.
Bl ?? I v. TV'...mp.
SisANNsn A'j.-. *.. II ;
L' ? en ha
Tvlae?? I-', nul, bllt ft- t! I
fiti/i'i I it Up to tb? lad
Bapsrtvsl i ' 'li??l efthe ?li? im bnd l
?Dii.re nan 'li nilli it i 3!< vi ere also ill of i
P'his is 4-iiTtisive of the dasths an. ? ? in lh?
TI.i? thirds of Oat 173
nion '. :.
bil i.- .to by
akaliag Ws hate had ons gtxnaina < ?
my ,t- ringi ?, un?i out* itu ?
BuBTvoi ' ? 11 aro ot y. : ?u- i.-vit. 11. total BSMhM of
fesathethspsstn">?B ?wen.1/Is. Thsfei
( ?
Jihy-i ' - - ?a ?luis" With IsM ?i?k:.e
s pam .Hy i ?
I'titi--. I
ON v
i - ? ? , thal
Ina-:, bl? BOd * it!. COpiOOl
I ? 1JUd_
Jli? ?r?lii l-l
tlian .. .: N?
\\ resnfl rely in ?nTi?
?r..?rti')? lol ? . 8
vLi ',.
1 I ...... SI
si? cult:v ? long tuple < utton on - .
lajaa U or near i
j L.? ?. lulhem men all agres ii
?4Tl.ll ! ?i.-'i,
few ezi ? ,??.. ? I i
rv.t.-in is -. | i i.t tke is ?
a-iako a fail 11"?. M..-1 i.f (l..",ii (??.',?.t t.. ii...
y? al?.ii- , bare B4> Bitk in lue laLor, aal tala
j> dkaasllj ??'
Oat the Northam mai "-s-lmm 1 Lav?
oonran <! v. ?tn?i
4iintei, I ?if
4ni (L?< eaj - oftbea har?
r ?I 1 tin- r. : rato. Mot? .-; g
l?ai".? I h ???:. s. :.?? ?1 t .of Le i- makiri?- tuon.-v Li?
ttle dill.vat ?a ..j r.'?. and i at hIiiii.?t say
.Northern man san do ?t m wa ; ebbs oi t'
ion!.;- rjrofil
!Lis, I
luet luauy di_iiulti--s s?! .count, r next
A fsnng maa ftw plsntation of
fiiYMi pent la?! Wini thal ?. ? l .
miles fe I .tai li in
a iii'ititli h -i., and . ? ?.?i?-:
ait call
$.'u,i*(Jij l a tLis year. His an p, a ...
iuda-.es, will 1
n l?t*i?ji |i {...-r bushel <?.n the ,01 ans, H j
nilli?!? mon ii'.-, li? :.
IL.-y t-ill I - len! now-;:- 1
pstMtM tks sssM toska aow wk
sysioin. II?' will eslBtnl ' i if bo
. . . r..p ii
I . - ? ' -li .-li.
I .1
tiou on tin- ? Uit?9r. and is doing well. li.
nielan thal
t i It II M 12 0 1
?it '.' h < feck p. n>, the ?sa
jiavi' so liirn? a ? rap hy It, atti! ha will sreng?
amp, and BBBBS shsnt a? much ?t? ?? .r MaSMC
Inoiid. Another yi -^ and prob?
ably Loo and l.sr? - ? . . Iii .?;?? .
n kind'.t h?t?aB?ho*, whick will col ess thi
alni'*, hud es1 np all the ?seen, festing little forth?
1? do afterward. Ha is daily exp
I? hertnel kia ? i i. m it will on
IllOililiCBtli.ii?, h 1 I. U
A geiitleuiaii troiii .Minni- cul.k1 ? a :i.<- ...?t ?tseh He,
Ia foiujaany with
?oldi -is, fr .m different St it? I 1 S to I
OOroHaa Uit Winter with from |l,OM to |3,000 -*,??:..
G_ey fo'iiid or.o ot th?- w? althiest i?.? : in Booth Carolina
?0 bil sIsntktlftB atsr If i a ?furl li? had Mreral th?
?MM -t laud, Lot no tools, st?-' - or nu ney, sad :
aervarita MO 111 lying WlS on th( pis?*?, T-?y r> ni? .1
?.??WO acre? of Li'? iiiiT. foi ? : I y- * it*.' ? ' ; M Bl r<*, and
j rained'ately ?rt?sd li into ten fens! sseh mun ormni; a
farm. Th?-v sgrt-i-d that Hi-y vnnld ? b1 looM SBtinly
fi\?m tlio ol_ sjBtSM of '?-*?<- work, at.ti n.i.kc their hands
SaLor ? full dar, a? all farm- is do ??ortl. Each Ban Lircd
Ins bands? wiio had alsmy? workod on lbs pi.ico?ana
agraed V? pay thc:n jO cent? per dsy. or fl'a a month winn
tS-y worked' ?griTt-in,* to ?i?e<*j.t only gesel work, and de?
duct for lut t.:in-, and bai work. (1 MS SSy, To coinfacn
aato for Hit Ion? ?lay, tbi-y tbnmmi 11 f'^t? ratass, to the
valu? of a dollar't?rr "vu-ck om iha old sllowaasa,
feeding tlicir Lu'ids a? tier than n rd j.aid tt?t:?i
promptlv every IBBBV-BB Bight, MSen .':>.* ?"Is t.T?? val ii? of
tia isti'.n tor a week in ?Uvunte, ?__ dikchttxgiiig iheui
wbenerer they dcelrcd to lemo.
At Mnt, the hand? d.-clarod that they could not work
without a task, s id khan, at I o ?1?- k j., iii., tb?.y left the
field, ?>?( au?o their d?y ? work was done. It tf?ok them
bo-is tim? to understand ti nt tl.r ry no lid only fecive {.ay
for half a day if tbey relumed at that hour, but ln.ully
they became accusiumtd to working a full day, a: 1 likad
the new iyit< lu better than the old. Ii? h?B,iV'.?d mo that
their day i work is ?baut one task and a Lal! on an aver
They are ?Tjrronndfsl br n??pr?-?es plaritit::; for the-nselve?,
and by Kontln-m men working on the tusk ?yate..:, nil
planting "See Isla? d'' ot "lung alafia" cotton. ILo
ftjrui? (a?oo_?ion_lly l?-are their .?tt.e tarin? a week an?l biro
Ihemsilvt? to lilian, to purxhane rations, Uksil capital has
Ing been to ? ?mall L support their femflia a year, ??r till
tb? new crop wa? Larvt?st?*d. TLoy inv_ri(iLly*,rofuse to
hin for a long penod, and return to their own crops in
aeasaa-n to prevent tbem from iufl?.rn?g. It ii generally
agnod ttiat it will be impossible to hire those men next
tsar, m they will make enough this to i-upoit their faun?
as next, and enable them to get a good crop tor them
selva, withoat hinng to any body. They ar? Tery am
hitious to bs their own maston.
Tk_? man My? that he had only t<-"?0 ?>er. h? began
husmas ob the plantation, and will Deed $300 more to
nay expensa till after harvest, tnd that be ?ru offered
?^.tjOO fot hu crop a few days before he saw me. Thi?
?will Imv? bim a'.out $?',700 foi hil yean L.bor. The con
eeqnenos of such a state ?if affairs can Le fiirf-i4'*c-n. Tnnng
fanners in tLe Kartlisith a l.ttle capital w.li come
Hoath whsn ther can mako three tim?a as much a? they
rea at bome, and more than do ibis ?hat they can West.
Tt will not la long bsfon th?-y ?.',1 lind this out, and learn
?thal tua temperature L? re during Sumajcr ia cot high
enough to lulurs NortLem m?n or prtrent thinr labor in
?th?tield. Th?v oa.'inot oiL.v git nearly doable the lahoi
/rom bandi uni?rr the BS? eist?m, Lut it is performed
"bet-.er. The klinlest belina axial? bMwaan tln-e North
?n? operaton and i I bt?wes? the
Xreaodmen and tLou fetS-B mu? ter?, as far as they can ob
At; dffl'Tonry of m-.nval la'. : 'li will roon
te Mpplted, when auch feet? M ' ?
?ti.-Bia afcOU"?. k-d ?V-O-o ' -a Lu a I ..J__|i4
, .s
1 ? -
be - at pw '? ' ? '
v'. ? .-i of the
ncr people J
? t'ion, -n I ?
., i i-.v j"'
:? i : ?-. or f M
: ' ' ' '?
riet, oi r lo '??"
, ? | ? ? i". ,? i
i Convention 1
I . , , i -, tam to repr-.
I during 1 ? lo
. ; | , el DOW,
? ?
: lier. So?l ! il
tod ti en ?rmy li fore do eloaa of Um
? t . prora thal
? ? '., uni uro sa
\ N rtl ?? man, en ex-1 , , - I ulai
- ? i I they t , , stan I i
laekinst bim,
a ! ? IJ ?I I
ii tha N' rth !. is beaa all
l m I heard I in Si
l ?.'. '. of Pi - I? ' . ?ha? ia, ba
cause the) thiiik to would bara 1 I modi
? ' -
I I it. If they did not -biak ???,
. i , -
VV" I the North ind N
? .1 I" li. 1 li . I .. :
' I IT fi. lil. " t .
i ' ? and tli it unies, th
-, , v, the/ ii .a t cara boa ? i io
? .
k1 it weh !"?? c ; lae I ?i tom? an* aa bom.
1 know several mon wh<> cmi" Routh !-t?t .var. a
i Imil every ?.
* lo | iv l'a,
K It! -!. IV ill.
forgive a ? ? thing, bul aot r
men who i m g o i Dan ?i ita
' ? - rbeadfl. Hun Iradi ol iii li d en, al r rn d?
: ; ? m .!!?:.-, Ii.iv-" : fl : * -?i" North,
i, , longer opp no Co Hie II
s beau bo d ....
Let all thi i ??'!???
? : i i m resid? ' are,
, but thi - lha, Mid talk li It will
- tin apiri! and temper of Bouthern people,
? , .'? i tir would i
to hare I .est O *
thal i ? ?. ,-..? l. ol ?
I ;. ii ?" ?!??> I lepen ! a n ?' Libarla w u eel?
the SCthult. by ti ' . I
? ,v. j\n oreti in a t? d :
I man I on 1' i Iphii lil"
I I. Mci t C1 -.li
Bella M .ut -i, in ia o\
.\ir?. J ? . - vi h . vi.:,, r I lied * ?
on the itcamrr Leo a short tiaaa Mnce, on aceoaat oi _a_a
? ? I were pat off the bo k1
: .?- I l ticket! of nu u ? bo
? bil p ? ?pie hera
? ?
v ad with Um n tbi ?
?V-TIOVII. \< li:? Ia OF ?lir.TCI!
Oin? B8W MBTBOB "K iii*i:i'V!. analysis? iii:
OBBT KUTI. ?:??').?? IN TBI Bl U STU. IM Hill I. I
?ps ii.. o'. V. Ti '.one
Nviiiiiik'i na Han. Thari'i?. la_ I i-"';
I ? National Academy at & lanoea weat lata it_
third ic.ei.tifio ?("??ion st Oo'ia.ck thil mon.:,'' YrA. V,'.,,'.
I Yule Co?e_e read the fjr.t paper on ' (?round*of
v . .-t between I ?ni tin? I"
II- r i iwed bl "T li? c, >'.. ii 1er a!.on? I
i atady of lasgaagei to t.? a morai rathtrtkei a pt.yn
cal ?.'ience. Vd ?inpriiitic ??.?nee hu many strikingsri ?
.ia! sciences,'?? i Its method la.
in* ?ral ebeCTTiag fue!?, and ,lt iitin* from them I
ptoa and laws ol ?;???.? k. Bpaeehtsaea
Lsn_.ajr? is nt.t ? n -
tiaagblijihraBeaglagaaada ead atti . ?
tlie race? of men. A pr, I uiei ,1 end l.v.'ly ui-.cimi.in MtoWWl !
the readm* ti thi? peser, M vi Mab the (Hort wat t ? t_?l? e out I
that l.npniltio tttoaee lill a pbyeical ile; irtimi.t. l'i ,f
arattaay ?preed that aoand l? a pbystoal product, bat the
: ?!..eh it derated le tbee|M btartag Beaeltoaata
physical ?dence. Lan.tnr" i? a ero? ?li vrt.a I it Mat neal.
The next paper??? ft l'r.i? Air?ii?/, on the " I.ir_itatioa
of IL n. l'j. ! t'. ? ?.-,?.:.?? (L?T.-r.
?tructure l.ttween Tertrbrot??. irt.eiilal??, molliak?. and
radiale?, lie sr*u?d from it atran.it Prof. Dina'? prinripl? ol
cephaliiilion. In Ile ahitnce of I'rof. D.na Le did not du
BBto t.*"? bearini** of his tews st any le .,- k1 I. f
(ii'oii of Hirvird ('.olive read a ( s| er on a new
method of optical tna!yii9, wl.it h he thought would
bo of treat Tal'.ie Wbl W t y developed.
Mr. Henry MitehaO the:, resj s paper on It ".'it aaaallagl In
Ma Gall .?are ni;, g:i?:.* ?!,? in'.iej si,d leaaltl at warfe ne?r
Southern Klori.la ?i..1 Cub* in which- h? had leon en*nc?'l.
Som? di?ci.??ion on bli itatlitlci iullnwe<l. and ?li? geeettoaa
J K. Giller then read s mathematu-ei paper on repeated
linear iiiliititution?. ??.<h ?a? warmly prais-d hy l'rof.
? eke* eeoailaret n ? *iei*. forward nep lo mith?
The Hon. Samn-1 Ii Tn-rl?! of lew York wa? then in
? bBwBI lha A,-1,1-?iy. lal [r'.ent ?ny pipen I.?
?ifbthava tooli.i. II? caiie forwir!. and ?puk? at ?ora?
le::*th of the ?nee??? (f the effort? of ti,? Am ??my ?ii
other? to iiitioduce t!? metric ?y?t?tn of a . I.'t? ?t.<l meal
nres, ?Dd eipecinlly off I I ? '? I IBM coin, t .1 h i? (?te gramme*
ii. w|..'ht and onefifli't- of a i.ie'.-r M Lreadth. It?
eibc of t! u breadth of fire of t'.e?? ."?ni .? a l.ter. li?
tio Acldcray to continue It? el rto, W I apefeeefl ?! On
bility of a nnifarui colriige for the * .rid, and the proepcvi? of
realizing indi a toni tomr.
Atlo.lock, the Academy ?d.'iurried on aeconnt of the
?aa? papen remain..'.f* nnrtnd. An afternoon iei?ii<n will
be h'ld at 3 o'clock. 'J he eulogy on Dr. Kdwmd llitchcotk
?ill be delivered to-inj*ht by **, T, I,i"?!cy. Theo. Strong of
Kulgera Colle-e, Otu. Il?rnard and Mr. Jame? Hall of Al.iny
?to the l-lcit arriTS.? of member?.
?'ruin Oat S|.e ?. ( no ?., .n'lenl.
hoBTiuanov, Ma??.. Auirnttri, l-.r,
Tlit National Academy of Bataam MaHMBfetad ni ?cien
t.lic aaaMOB thi? nn.riiin'* st 'J o clock, l'rof. Henry Un,
V . I'rennl. i.t, in Ihl ' liiur.
In my last L-ltcr I wrote j-ou thal the l.nt paper of yes
ter.l.ay ?an " Oa TkBtM of Qtaalan aadai lha l roftaa, bj
ftot l|aaMi| "aIio baa Jail retoioed tttm lir.izi:. it ta?
?lie ro-ult of lu.-"-?ilnriitioii? in the Valley of Hin
Amazon, and -ave ninny MOM interentiiip sute_eiit* ai lo
the trate? of glaciers lhere found.
I'rof. Aga?iz ipoko of the tir-.*, olnerrationa made in
Switzerland, ??"v-m;: tho much pre.iUr BStaO?08 m ui.
cient tmiei of th': Alpine ffAwtUt? BBtah liil-ti up the
wfiolo valley hetween tl.e Alp! and Jura, and rose to tho
bight of ?I,-, or 4,000 feet Ifllllt tha llttof nhill In
making these observutions ond deduciii!* their remit?,
l'rof. Guyot had doco iinich the prratvst share of the
work, without receiving due credit. Hero his (Abb??z'i;
own part in the work Layan. Ile did not l.elieve ti: ii |
eii.?sinn wa? due t?. Meal oaaaea, and went to aearcbiaa
f.r tracei of like gaui.tl ailinn akaawhera Ho fonn.l
uhuiiilnnt eviilcnce thal Hritain had onie btM Btrarad
? kth eoatlni eua |ln lara, ?ir i.? Greenland bow. m .1, aflai
along and hard li*ht, tho Knell.?-h ~t*olc-gian had folly
accepted the truth. Ho bad found i ? ideoeea of the ?anio
action in tina eeaatrr ?? far ?..nth as Booth OaroUaa. I'lm
whole north of the ."lobe had been covered hy a luna?) of
ne down to as loi? m latitude3_deg., alway? poahlng
southward, not from the iluiiing of Hie lni.d in ihut dir. .?
t.(.n, hut l>(*4?n,jse the lupplyin* malo ?.f mow accumula?
ted in the nortli, and t)U?!icd outward. Ile b-il gone to
Sonth America prciuri J to look for riga! of ice there, and
had found them. There ?-ere no glacial ?rrntehei taara,
as the tipper parti of the rocky ?irais hail boen disin
teg?ted ?>y the MO?Uri* patoerfal Btotaoialegtoll lona?
of the tropic?, which .li??olvcd tbem a? they lav, for hund
re-i ol feet in dej.ih, and male thera d.itinga-habli? bom
drift matenala only hythe hctero^euity and B?itara of
the litter. He htvl illBtinguinhed dnfl hy thei? and other
indication!, and had found bo many of the nnaal?la*~?
that he Cijiild not hut hold that the Amazon Valley had
bcen onco the bed of an immenic glati??*, timing eut ward
from the Andei. Its terminal moraine had bi cn iwent
awar by the ocean, which had encroached on the land I??r
hun?rea? of Liilei on the cut; but of a lateral moraine
bad been found a piuco ? leaguei long, in the Provinco of
Sierra. Alto wefe found trac?! ol local gliuieri in the
mountains, in various direction!. He elned _ ?tfe poiiiting
out the exceeding intoreit and imporianco, not to ~aok
gi-ts only, but tophymci-ta and astronoiiier? a? well, of
the queiition icspiv'tin* the chan.'?? und eOBdittoni ol
climAio ?inch ih.mill have brought about the ara af toe
tad ?.t lii.Kii.iaetioa.
l'rof. paiiaetald that it waa naturi] I ? *.: poaathal that
or? wn? caused hy a colder elia?ta i t lha aarth, whei
tiki 1|'?'?_I co-aj- cir' -ti tro.?".v
{-am the r"ti??.'i?? It na lad Bore heit ?o nu? M
He wen! ? which
m aobs
Prof.G ?'. s- i Mi ? ?? a .- ? ? "ti
? ' ' g1 ' ' n o i, apoka "i ?.
Id Non i ? mill a and
inch M
Pol I' ? illy in
Scw-E - I to i ro with
? \
thei i.e-.i 11.-!.tiy denirad i I
? :. li
? ? thia
: . i r ti
era u
: 1 now rcoeirini
p.- -,,i ? 1 ? ? ?'? ?? .-) . -
. ?y fen?
A' ti, Ine'i ' tu a?*ain!?r \ t
? ;? ii. !
i explanatory remsrka, rall -1
? mti ?o ??i thei . had bo!
!. \\ hetover s. ?tit. li",
nob*, i ?? i : ? ?
, i"?-r a? fir h- IT?? cv ? Oould r? a? !..
I _j i - ..t M?-.-i?-, on i. .'..?? i.i In, ?v i
He th ? ?? ??? bstweea tha
. -T 1. 1 I
'? MB i' ?: ins
A.- una that it.?] ? "? ivor
Btf n Ion ?i? 3. ei tree 3d . i t hats
II?' !i ??1
of li : in -:.
ia. Ila
li |y prob ibis that
g1 ?cien mi-hi ?x1?! in the rsllsj ol th? ..??u ????:., and tua'
1 i ? re that i mack
Iii* re I i - : ii. Litar and
? ? ii, mi ompart
ii.ii rut period! ?
ITS tfl ' -, to '?'li'T suth t i" I ids dill IT?
t . i Prof, Guyot, i illsd Bp
ia i- fl ir- ?1 t ? ths i ck of ? ? 1st M ' i'
..?i tb? North Amsi in con) ? bol
? ?
?.Lu tat;* wan Bl lu
i" Agaasi? eiplB-sd IhM ha Lad entiraly ibelained
from trying to ei i ui i or ?m ? IhaMS in sny wsy, but?
,ili older lo i-.? H '???" lo' |
?? irnsiUy.
Prof Y ? I.i tsi ?nsry ??? ..np
. thal T ir as
i \ - riana
must gire a for dio? tun. With tha dtpth of
??in Ti l'r f. ?'. i, thi !" m .?? bara sssa
best foi ti .i\"' - ? i ? ? ? m ?. -1 ants I ?
II ? ??-:-???!"? in I id
be m ; '"? red 1,1100 ?iib M
; L th? ! a. ,1.
it t . the al
. . i .
i:. h .
Prof. | ' ' '
i lien rr ? ? ? ? ro?as,
? ? .-i. l.ly
- which
Prof ?. i ii" II"
1 belo? :i. . ... va? i r. -
? - i 1. It 1 " ; .i i ?n
I 'i. at ? bien i
In. |t?*d lj.il ' :? '? II" I ?ill t ,
Hi- ??' ' that ti
Prof, Peirre
lill .t. He th'iu.'ht ii
i ,'r ? 1 ?"?'.1 by Prof. A ?
f? ?. ' sill!, !i -a,
? ?!
J. I' I Mention I I no! lx*en
. . -. i -?-. ?I.
r carry I ? moat ra
P ?wen of (
. :
ia tli.? mann r. So? I ?? t!.- igl t tbat
. ?
. \. ?. Buck
i . . ' l.Ot ? '
pot '
Pasa ? ? '. ? ral inst iTn i
en.i- ??'
Il .?t- that tks I
im aerate!
North should bat Prof, /
for |
if m.
pr..' ' ? ?"rations in !
?. ? .
ill lit?* raa I
- I the cm.-l") sith S
? ?
p f
Aitiuii add?-?l a ???rd io? I ? <
) be
? ? I. rall I
n? Wl-ll
rai tat la k
l , it paper au ".. "The.? I of ti a
?a? ptTssanled i?y 1"- B. A. tiui.l.i, Mtkaa ?"..'mm ?a? Lot
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Mr. ? t a hid f the dil a of
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tri- It] to m brilliant
and ?Dikingapn : ? i I i thi oiy. Tha ???
t* .-, t- atid li*
I, till A '
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s.ry.l ? . t..it which a;,? li 1 '?? !??? tha ol
leira l '?:.'?. Ada - i, bat
g to j'...-- thst Ailain.4 ) ,?l 1,1.1 d to | : . ? t?.
? i:..ti.i.,i .? ..i the son's . , ?? b, II
properly employe??!, woald
ton ?Indi Ad.im? ni I, and leevethei
Laplace IbS ? 'ti' '? OSBa "' . r ? ? ?ii -.?-.jU?- ?i a. ? ??:
ImportanM ?.r?- th I ?? uooa'a mo(
? i I?uk and ililli , ? i i ii!, hI.iiTi ?mquits
?M BO? mor.?
than ?it r>-\..lut."lil ila al IBM "f its toni ii,, r.
Mr S L id ,.i: .'?in l .I a ? . ? ...I true?
?ninds i.f (ho .- t :? ??! ye .r?.
ProC i'l'inti Bshnsvladgad ? way arong pnladios
, i ' y Uaraia i.ii toa I. ?
Place's '?1'iiiii.ii ??ii thi? ?.?Ljiei atood nncbangsd until
A'l.misnt-itkrsn li I ? Utai tins tim highest
ti i il seit dm ?nul de? j??'?' ' . ' :l
had suatainsd AS-MS's u????'. Then is no sach example
- ril.tuct? lie'nci u obaerratioo and the? l
i i.-w? ni tins paper uk ?Vir4\-i le d, mi nnhSOWB man ?ill
ha fonnd to hats otartbrown ?all 1 i a.* oasters.
Hi* WMOB Ulis m ? ?iiiiii pnjudii ths | tp"r, L?'
i i MS ??t ItS iiiiifHilLci-l.t i lunn?. Ii its rtowB WSSS B?B?
t ,.ii'-'l, it ?"iiiil be i? graad triumph f'.r Anuri? ? li ?
m that tha Academy ?night to examina it ptxy tl.?.r.
?a .a/1.ly by ?i collin.HI?-.?. It owed this MOf du'/t?i tin?
n .ihm ami t<> Mi'-nt ??. li ths lacadsay gara an menin
plata anrtsT to ths pspti a-d an erroneona decision, it
wi.iilil b<? uagNS-d. ?I?- ?would u?i?l tli.it In? had loohsd at
,;.<-r, and that it looksd righi ?nH??ii m a righi
??.irit and pn , II" i ?--rtlii-1? ss t?-lt
b'iiinil t?. hay that he di I i.??t think ii ? Mid ? ' Mi-t.n .? I
I'?.,-- l-i -ir. i?. NswlOB ?i I I?i. II A. li..,11 ?era uji
poiated a cn:h.uino to examine the paper atad rtoort.
The next papoi WM"OntheOri.f the Rolar Meat," hy
1'rof. I'? in e. Bl ipok. ?.. the rai otu tli'?>ri.-a fraineil
to m i niii.t f??r the iiiaiiit' it '?it. aV ball
of carl),?ii ni tl.at ii/e ?a.a ; out in BbOBt 3,000
y.,1.",?; a Lull n! inollcii inn ?i.nid Bool .l"?u in I,..! ! .r
? Ir.iin the a nu?-lune. We hal BO k-OWlsdgBof any sub
?ali ' ii bj Ita ton Id prod-M mi ?my
I gsologii period toe bentlBg sfi twl eh tha san pi-dn?****.
ATSiy current r?c? nt ti ? ory ?o???.? .nts foi ti..- uti.L'niii
lahsdaspph by tha constant fall c4 BMtoon .ni?, the sun,
acodiieiBf li'-iii by tbsir Impact and loMof Botfon. T?>a
I'lutiition ol this thi..i; lV.il'. l'un r iii-1 "lui the hulk of
hiss par. Ths nitoui Bo_aidantio_a which h? oflered
agaiaa.lt, drown from ths grados] IncreaM of Um ana .
mass nuil iin eil-i t m, t; ,? aaoUoaa ol tha plaaeta, and m
on.wan Is print pert ol too technical und detailed a
tor to bo re?...iti-.i. i it his tiiiil i ed Ulm ,i,i ni
lindum, which dismissed ths Ile'try with n Luiirli, vras to
the cflet t that thi* cundill.h,s i.i ths Bstsorifl nypol
w i - ?ck thal If ths MUi'r. bent ? ? actually thoa ?ant np,
ii. bob ni-1? di rira ansoBsl a-toost of heat directly
: ob Um mi pact ?ii ita ahanof um BMtoon npoa it, it iuu.?t
get Bom tha BMtoon yoMMMBsh m D-Mthsssn, He
?li i ii -t atit-nip: a ?,.t.?i.n iori explanation of inn own, hal
nthei inggested than i:.--.- .1 ?it Um ?nd that sondsni stioa
would answM tb? pupoeei IftbBSva Lad baan originally
disaster of afar? irr'a orbit, it would by ?MBtracting
hStt .Men ntl its pre?. ;.! |,. ill lur ikl.ISHj.lMr?iil' V-ir?, Ililli,
being atill only a onartoi u. Mild m t)i" taith, it Bright g"
on to contract ?nd gi Vc off the BOBS heat for as much
IT. I Krs7.nr hy qm-?' ,s hrou/lit out some intercitin?*
BatomantoM to the , loeity of mel.-..ru, ?ndemela
?Lieh were eonsider.-d t.. bslargM BMtBSin.
l'r.T. glSphsn Ab-xaiidi-r nsMMSd kia ?.'ratiiieatien with
Iba paper and with the orertnrow of ?-ta BMriaor theory.
Bid brought out fioui Prof, Pairos ihithMSSflsBattoss of
hi? views.
The li' \t MM ?a4"Oii the Moridiol-.g.'-al Viilu.? and
l.el.iti obi ?I t:.. Humst) II u ,l," hy l'r. B. (I \V ild.r, one
of the inviiixl gnaatsol tho Atadci?y.
li?? 1?. pa by di using m..//-/,, /,?,.y asd tttttttgy a? tho
tow of forms and lbs ian fe end?. B?, Bowwtm, pt
cially applied ttPrytsaitty t?. iniernul haBBft
The jiuper ?us an MtonatlBS dtscnsB-M Sf MQIBBI
oplniont of tha t\ latloni of _M In..nan Hahn und sf the
author's vi..".vs of the nun.) ?uleect. 'Hu* Btstemont of
former opii lorn ti : i: ? - .-. ii,?
? ?? d the lii.i. bo a f
with t? .i ends, a ? ? i I '
| - ? ,
: .'bel
:..... ? . IU ?
qntn'v . I ????:??'-? ?- I ?
? ?. a . I : ? . .
die, vvliere ?
. ' littl ? ?' *, ,.: ? th. little lag
? ? ?
i ? ka of t!,? ?nf mating cb irac1 r
I of I :
- - i. :
i Ion of Prof am?
: v \ i.
? ?su.
i ? - if n '. na br I*. V. Chaae. oa
i r o Gravite god I ?? j. ratutc." Air. I toa
,.'..,. i-i ,,- '? ,,f lha Invited gi rata.
I . ? ? ipet Ho I with BOmi -ever.? 'ri'?lilli;.
i klexander of tha I liege i B r-Jeraar
lathe iii arrirad la town itac ? "
latter. Too of Hfteea of tha larited eioati an hero,
? , i.e.ni" that! who kara oeca mentioned
aro Prof .*?. J. Uruna and Bttai Looa_I of Till
I he followiat p*?er4 hare been entered for reading thiI
v.. *fe. It wl Lcadi M7 ?ill ""' ******
tin on 1 befora Batardari
' 0? ?. ?? ?: ? . u >* i.:' ih" bear ,?f the d?y on Ika bight! ob
?aaaaremi ati - A as o?d ? li
I Oa the groeadi ..f aanlogy ta tu.??.i Uagnlitls a leuce sud
tu.? phi?..ml mener,? W, 1) VViiliM.r.
3. Dil rr.et ???r..! lg* ,T,n. Balar.
4 u . lha di at Of 111 V. niara um! Southern State? and their
to tbt glanin lad ierbtrg Iheori.!?:. W. BttaiBP
:? on itiv! 1 ?.it in?n of komologwa?Louu AoA??n.
. Oa a aew method ot optical un iiy?i?-vv. Gi u?.
. DantronoD leal phi t graphy?u ft. Ki rai a.i?
g. Obi '?iii'; i of photograp-io obaerrMloBawith a
, of tka poeltioa of ike Pleiedea turn akotogra*
ilr Ratherford? B A. (?o' in.
., (in repeated linear .ulntilu.ion.N?T. I Oi.tvin.
j On lo r**ti*atl?a la regard to ?ound iu ita ec ?
tppli. .Ill''Ii?? .1, -j?. Ill Mil".
II. (ii, tbt Maty ?f i "un- ?ni::?a!? n ml ii? lie .rin." noon t! I
. .I" I'.,, i-'i'.,:. gi u.id /.-.oingT?AI 1 X. A..A--1Z.
13 on tha geograpbionl dtatribaitoa of ti.? flake* in tho
??ten of the ananns f.oi is AoaaaM
Ob ti... i,-rti.uy Itoanlkoa el Mlnlnlpei and Alabama?
in t .tura of American ??-I !i.?r? -It. A V, ii It?
!, (m re?ut ?ajiiding? in tl.o lilil? hli-ain ? liE.v.T
Mi. in Li..
lo. (Io B BOW (he, r? of pinn? t.iry moth B, ill :?'r lied '??" I]
.. io th.? deteraiaauea of tho orbit of Neptune?'1 uko.
.??Ill N .
I* Uu f ? linear ?r. lat? ib i f -or,! form?? Wvi WAIB0M.
American In.in.ne nf lo?trartioa.
r?mi ) ? ?i
i;i suva at, V' Lagaal
i~ J n
M itate i ' ?a, coMBeael of taaohara and al ni
: Bart la tha [Taltal Staten, c .mi
in '!?? I My II . , |; tOB ! ' ?;? k1 I* ..'cl'.ekp. in ,.Mr.
r. (?-N rt_ropof ktaaaaeh tta,Fra
Aft. : fttfU ka I teen n!T"r. .1 bj thi I?' It. Mr. VI ? ? i I
. ? ipeecheaof i
:. vera etci:kag ? I, Professor Mal n
i : ? ? t '? ainaj tho
t a M ti"* c:ty and Su-?", and
Prai : ? ?
ana farr large, and whleh I a great i - of Um
i ? of the loaatrj
th" ???? ' : far thi
Ob i ? Mr, a v. ?? .? ?? af Parti lad, the 1
waa authorized to appoiat the usual Commit- -
a Cona ? ' ' g or re
ion of the Ai al on. Bi - xjuently
the k'l I ? a, v ?/.
u- >?!.?.?? sa of l'on and. Laid ? f
n i . it V . r. A.'.tn.? . f >.:....,!. Law
?oi ' f ? ? tad -i i-st of Beton, Mm.
I i v. alf.?' la ,i , s ?vi,--? ? V'.' i
? , ?i ?! ia of Cl
i .s am ? ? ?? - !Hi t "? -m no - Bi ???? I" ? brick ol
I. ted I Itrnf I
l-l - Mr. Wi m. I.. Sheldon f B *
;- .1 -j. n I ti/ . ? |
i >
\ ? IIr. Eli A ii .hi... I. ?
iel I. T. i ?.
? f - ciirk
?a? t. - I
, . " ( I ' : | '
Air. A I 'I
? ? .
? i- ?
i in tbe II . : ii . .
1 I. |) V| . ! tof Tuft'll
i ? Peten, M. D, of Ken York,
' I? ?dit-.r .?! '
Mr. Ubi : Ion mail
I'. "
'?I ?
.1 ex
fllii ? tt., I ,,( i ni,.
c.?l Ita! *
Mr. I?. W. KI rene, I ; rintend I of I i al Fall
Rirai Yin.??., m it ?, >k . Heal
? !
ti. ?t ?
put la -Bj that 11'? ?ni be ah? ?d ?.! I. .
? ? ) Bin
. I .?eil.
Pi t'roil f Dart th Col
' ! ? ? 'I to I
?rd? or 1 . ? i.
1 .r. Minore* un ad the 4 tina* ?..t
aonal ei [? discipline. UeiUtt-dU
: .??"?? . .Dal re l li-? ia loft l( I
!-. what tit?.? ..c? of lha 1 .
?I laf 11 r d a ??? ' ? lofitra di ig
te I ?n bim a
.?i rea Ih bj them,
. ntl. mai Ir Utalui
l! ?? la* nula; . la-- of that li li I
Mr Ledi .. Pro . ...
'din. to led* t. u :,es of lha imaltot ti
m kooli, ?? ti the :i..'-t ' f!' cdial BWthodl by ?Inch M -
ol parents, and t,< bet-otne ?u.,
- ?~ I .li- iptina in Hie Kbo .'-:.,".ni.
TbeCotnmtti .?, at t'...i ? "???t, took a recen nctil ?
n -, m ' I, thi :. ill i.
I ed, both loor and galleriea Mr. Mi - |
lliuwiii.l (n ,: ?ion wet lBtrodaoed to deliver a leiliiro
tii'on "Baa??I ma I'me Art."
In commeii i: ? hil discourse, tho leatarn Booted n
' ? , i n'a Ka .?t B ..cr.- th m ?at? n ,lia:...'.??
betweee Itet tal a aladeat aa to tarliiaalliini ??"in Um
I, . . ?llllll.lt -l-, l!,o n.a.a tll'l'il.Cllll.ill lo ill* ctllllli I.ill ii
?:'h ?reut deiiriu ?? and powto. Then lia.? I. ,-i n,,
' BBWI of oratory frn'ii tbe dm of Hi
ind Qalnttltai till the pneeaf. Horace nidi "Tea will
? . h th"..arti ..t u.. a -lili V"dr oratory aalaea it
towt baot v..ir owa I i i leeturer considered the
ralada i ral rule, and arg?d
? of i.iit.iu.iles ?s no1 to., geaaral, hal
pin .iiiin io panim'-', ?tatuar*, n ?, ita a id alta atloa.
'1 he e ,,um.u crilu a.-iii ..! palpi I oraton is that they ure
dull, and It ?mid reuily mo an lit it I 'th llio bott* ol pulpit
ipeakandaBaoa ii meant lo ka i with pi ty.
H. '?" d'-iii of Man linn.', Mr Beecher ia the moM
conapicBOoa axanpleof th w pn tehan who riM akara tha
dead lnel of (uioit nrutiiiy and ontraacemea with their
power if attora*? -. Tha ipeaker rafprrad teverd, I
cltrgy,itj?ag bi .r style m tha di ?k us uaaall| aoLCaea?
B ?on-, ?uni (lulim lha ?"ile in?".
'I beeetkaa _u knawtodg? ia thi? line nf imimry ask?
I, Bee uni pow.T'.f ? i". m i "ii he-inn. .1 ? mu?, "j. Wa
? and u?ni"! h ine principies lo gulda the altoraaee '
It ig iiinriitmy. tt in art uiul muMt?, (hat Simpll and i.l.-i.'i- I
eil nil.? ai., t.. ia h. hi in Booitaat riew, laaimueb sa tb?*y j
t v..(iii expreseion equally with the
-. n ia.! ?uni. d. Theos an lobeobemodwlth reference to
thought, faeliag smotloa ead peeatoa.aa la urt tad ?
Henea u? avimnl elaim M nadtag tia ho r> guided _ une
oI iii" liiicnrt?.
The Bn*liah eettnbationa to knowlelgi toochiagthia
?ciei.ee Into been chiefly, Stele, Sheridan and Walker.
Of Amortaba, tin must eminent ban beea Dr. Ja
I? tah. Vi:: vv. g. Butte!] ind .'. E. Murdock. Tht
-Bguiihin, ebarattorti aof the Greek oraton aad tha Ka
glitt ? hu iiujii.iti ?.ro rein vi'd WithjOBBt iiicity. Dr.
liii-h'n .?y-ciii n-.iic.it ad, priai killy, Bdelity to the Ba?
lara! m.ni? afaBaraai a m? Um moat itoportast gulda to
iuccessiuuloculi.il. Tho La ti.ret took up .uni ciniii
incd the tU'ory m' lit. Kiinii, und viewed with much ciirc
1-1 aailyilithaoarretlattrelaeaaof '-inntitv, lunn, Ban,
uren a ml pt_h. Tha i n-im i y . ornea ?"hetoei Iheae IdcM
?re arhitnuy, cvwhatbei ti.ey kara aaek aftmadatioa iu
n at.re. I.kutrati m? ?ere abundantly gtran, with Ana
cllict, tu ihn;? lhat the luivs ot oratory uro Ifaal ?ni'l
Art is th* stt.-ni.t i,f ti,., teal |e Mtala BXfraaetaaa ol
nature, einer visiliv oraadibly. I te crsatloaifl Qot'a
exprosiii^jjA, vV?. if, tnd aukiurdii itelyman npeato?ia
In ?k.?_r--,iil- way? which the vniyiiii; laataa Bal
h hiti of ti? mi'es auir?.?"-t. Tha peaMOBB, Minite or tintes
Ol lil. Ii Hill tlii.l fij . Iii)-' t'. ? lil 'iUl.-t'iiiC".?,
Bl Bald rat.lind? subject?, or iikiiiv.? to ali. lu rea ti _
wa hart th printed page, the arbitiarj ijMbol, aad tha
iuliei tunis jf tim vue, n? th" tWO inatruiuouluhtiej
vi '.t-r.vtith ..lcpiit tha eui'.ti..:.? "I theaouL Hcio a
parallel wvdrawn betweea readiag ami Moeatloa, to
abo? thoa?al elnim ..ft:,., form? lo rank with lha ! kit r.
. li 1 v .
tho i'iii_:i..,.. r the m with the not?e of ni
? [ 1 rara to
1 t tay, and .le y L , Bacho]
, r. AU icadj
. I I Ci_L'N t,... .". OI liaAVJ.,... .
?or? faa a i, end ti I
- i
i tan ?oui? ' ?? ' ? ? ii from
ia to
.-ha* best 11 l -
s . theil ' Uto foi
\\1tl ? ????(. ..: ? ' ?0 1 Ine -If
?ero brooght toBclos*?.
AN ART JOt 'It .It: Y.
Prora Oa .?? t,
Pnt-AOKU-iiA Jtly
\v en o Tai val lioreaBio, erith marching o
for Pkiledelpnla and WaahiBgMB, bow could il be helped t ?al
luelancl.uly i:
?'Maa'a to bu
Mulei . i ?- ?'.??? r.,.?i. inT? mor'rn '"
l'??r. wbeu Fitice LrougLt tba jaortcntous ei.i-elope, I isa.
atrstata4al ei?* bs?m ny aafto-tna r -Ung ' ?: .
looking up every nov-ind-thcn, from the ItaSsfl ?. l-ud'-r of
? 11, -r.'.i pagsa, fe aaln tin* ??.ir't, atiirsd to Ita lapthi
I?;. Ti', s ?;,.ry, the n.o-t trafic, perhaps, of m -?--I ii IstlSS,
with the paitornlbeai.tr of our shinlno* river gliding ??iw?rd
... | .'iioful ?hore?; wLile, ovci'.a. .;.), lb* ? i: L.rl
Baagi and, r.?..ir-by, amid lier womanly biLori ?iiiitbo rose*
tkswssnr of the little resad hal r une m i
and fri.-ndly -Lallen?*'', ?bot La. ? and
firth BSfSB the languid it
B?l ?silt i? " I.?. BB " to 1 BSWSpsgM i".liter sr'in cr:'??.
? Bl id? Si, ' on tbo aligktMt ?ymptom of mutiny I I kSSW 1 ? '.
tor tksn to Usobey, sad nltk sa slasrltj Uatwaadiati
to .'my psosl ? fe B 0 I : t ;'' 1 I II BtO k !' iohfl tit ?
tikt*"i:.kWMbrooghtdown. Hlaslssdi rtUttapald' nltk
dark bair and s few f?ireLoa?l who ha? Inen lalaed with I
fr lied HiU.sliQ |iar.eak?" on Ha? top of her I --n 1, and ii Lo it call 1
a" SSSBSk" n:.d la?.-? t ne of tin-el.,1 Ir.-u. ll'T real nu.ne i?
y, lu.? "Filii.o ?? staaten and ?o much
Thank the lords of 1rs niL'ton and there ihon??, wo ar?' irrt
? t-i.v.t?"?1 frn-ti tlii" nut? ince if the Hu d?. in Uiver It n! ?
rB id in Sii.ii'in-r. .So mau, now, ne.i-d b'i ShskniWl ?
blindedtritb cinder?, covered uuilor a ibowerot lirtBSl
?'.? n'-., ?'. ???'.: slntl rsahnshshl ?tattaatsly Mi on the en
duran.'" of t lor my pirt, I ikeallMSBN
I l"?rni' n?y r, ;?-t wrrini?-ronm nn?l ta'.in-a little
SSSBf ?tool feg a i i ??' m fea la IkS mi Mi?" of ?lr?)tdi?>iv st Ita
?'. rro.sinir, about II oVloek lu the die. a? of min.,' th?)
c IM ""hen 11.Id tak" BM of our nnw to its. It ?sal
apaersrtsdBlaia ????? Essasnatmlalfe ssslsftteBMni
Isglstta . i??-,./?i, : i ?, ?-,?-!i? khthssssMsf ?ssnsfths
,ii [rtiagtoa and i u*i
ii t. ? ' ni: bril -.r as ? '? sssu i ' ? titos m i t ni al t n t ?''
In HassanBa hanta nav.-r ?? naMsssMsssUj h* T isy
nrc Mil ta to not m CsB m is dsssmkls kal Ikat ii ?
that t: ? v l"t>, ii.l I ?',..ild think then.
f ?i.!-fi-. 1-r:-,mullin'! say tit. - v-ir --.'I I
lag i m pi ; im Is ? ? ig t n amy lhay ms asa kjed? Thick of
1 ?a can actually n?'< ?ho ofHcisr? for information and not
BOTOySMhSSiMUM SlTl Anl I heard ? fSSB-BSMB ti.?
othT diy male ?slight SSetjfeBBl to tim cl-r-of th?* Sunny?
side sud i. ? i BM (hit the (lim ; cou. ?di Bad ?if
should Le re. Tii?? 1. Ia a'.ort, the boats -
* p rr i Iii; ' - to I '?? cv.-rybody a. eomfortahto
BB ?. anihte? T Bl IS is no .....???. ti. -y take r.o tr.?if?:?'., th-re are
na uian ? .. ibero I? ?bandin?:-) "f raoul, plenty of
Bl .i? and a mau i? carriel ou a ?ort of Alla.lia a carpet to
.-???. ? .1.. ig, na ablag ? .
??of theduit ?ad BMMsf the sBy,thfSSgk tbii en
? 'hi< ii?."!:, ?nu? Mr, Uki tille-I WBft i w.ll
?.. Isi thal isybody ikenM t'.::.k the ii?1' or la i aal
i., galni by ti-iuf,' tbo car?, worth tiie ?a. na"? . ?
- i, Lour.
And ?o to IL?? city, and stt'.b only the stay that Delmonic?
made necesaary while In? foi u. w;tb the laliastonO Ika ?we?t
. ta?. ?flbe of the prefbst, aa?lhs stlasn snoost?n
Leuis-l) into winch tnirfht wull i?em a row.irl MMSM-BSS
fir ?11 his ci'ar.iet elun'jing?to Philadelphia, where the
Bl .-??ri a? IB 1 ?r?e weloome. end where,??
? ?. . :" ? i,'ro.it foci., wa hav? pit :h?d our teal for
a wssk out of t ?* Ula lisg asashtoa ?al ita Uastog heat.
I ?appose*. M BM If I wan to sttoapt ta tsB
?'ie lils ta I'Lili-l-V-i i. hi to Ne-.v
V. rkrr?. 'tis a UgBWSf they know by rot?? ar. I. ml mt, with
nil my lo ikin?, I ?avr llttls to BSt? (J 1/ tai? ?'riik me?that
eli?ri thing oue ice? ii as uua.'.o the HofeSSBltM BOBStty a?
? towni ?re r.?it>r. Letter bu.V, Lars a ?
?1 l?r look, an 1. af'-'-r ? of Ma BMnOtSSMI plain,
MM latotta lui: lan iasMMfensfsMadtoSB a? if
. I. Lae*-?? the? coo Id ni i!
.?I-. i? ?a*? rleirt I n.r. M tra. .1- r, tot sr? Hiere
? .. 1. :!.?( pla? ?? on the surface of t'i? earth l How bird
? psMB-SlM ?-f (his r*-?on that the
? r'.iii.?! ? ?'.i i - -.ii'- t Tta padsgagMit
'. fr.ni Ita ihip'i tapaSSt, B8M ??r?t M ????
i.,i fr.itn Ita ?.?..'.cr worM, ?Ml answer here, wtiere. al far as
fOBSan? ? ? ; . .1?) of berat once, fr.ini ?.-.?!
Ml Wed. ?lal u* it was. I found it pSBBBBBSi It hld
u Ita nerrea, and gi I
1 : ' ? .-try ctSBB
?lita, i naasatas Vsw*Btwaewtok, with it? rid-to?
l talla ?.? I rrrnemberthe brick " TumpL? of
ita ?tli - mar, aal ?r? ta warily, felta shwtes,
v? ill ll.i? Tnfit'iatinn f?.r ?.la.'ic aiihitecturo be got rid o? i At
I, two J : ??eraons took compassion on as Har
I : .?. ?p-v'., a .? II ii of.;. ?'??.
dy, Miers] . BlaeseesMtoB?MappeaiMe?_asf
?katsMsf tanvaMt anl bsttodsgs-i
i < j tab* Ita pria ??ni IIB ?f Ita lata ?
r, w11 i rrltirn nf kara MBitwictas. whick
M M at l!r.a'..al hy s y.i'tnj per? in ? ho.?) !
1 1 Bri BppsM tobo under control, and shs BOMIBpsslsil
ri-ry afl r tlait he mado with a real.y dexterou? jark of .alua
over Lu bask?:, n?.t bitting the ham sandwiches ss often a?
! 1 Lar.. t:.,i i ri : li.:? ?M Bl Ita rrir-sla.nenttbst wss
! us on th?? route. Hut, wo know bow niiwU? it i? t >
Is?. Vi'o r?'!iiem!?.?r tl.?> I'r? ni hrr.in who wrote in hi?
?lish village bad red hair,
-- th? only one Le ?iw from the BtSflMSBShhad that
ty v e, ami we d>> not raihly conch. ' S .?. ?..?,:,? ya th.i
r , 1 ?gg? a::?l led water Ml i.i'tliit
VM oil mp eui.', gto M '"?t. nor t' .h.tant?
? ? ? -. [.'.mt e.il ?r SSSB anl T rk.-y rhuL?rb
lyaaSgBkMia that pl.oe i-iilit? down to
.?how ti? In? taste in c??:ors. There wai tl.e
It?, th ii? taarybargM traded by .',.)W, b it. appa
rrntly, viciou? ?iu!-:'. Bad, ?ta BOM Mt t!.::.k a iinil ?
?fesaani fealSM in a latidi.-ape I I bulieve this wa? the ?rst I
ever law ?mt of a pi t ir?" I am in Q-SSiegist, Li* I wai
?truck with tl.e absei. ; ? : : -uLir'.y of - slatl 1 ro? k?or
.-?, ?Ineh in our re.i.in, ?:.d f:r:!ier M ', are ??
1 aslld-MSM . t ? l ? ? ?-. ? even for the
bsys tokJB Ita 1 . . : Branawlak Ita atratii ?
n0 m ' h" ?? Bartons ihr tr?-.* al
kr.l familiar, l?"t nur li i Una Uiver ced?r. ii- it were
he I saw, Is lei pletureniui* than with ni. lis? a thinner foli?
aire, alni ?tenderer ?pray. And not a dally to bo MM ' 0 Bl
? l'-rli ipa they don't want i: ' B .t
I liku |ht lUi.sy?"Marg-i.r.lei." ne I ill t'i? m-for all, the
firmer* diniii H.>-?!). ii t lasMsd of dam.-?, tbrrs wa?
L.-up? r. :id tonto n' "?lol kW." ?'li le h is r ire ?iib in. D.s yoi
Lim?- '? J ? -lil.-i I" We'l. 1:' nu k; o tv a girl th-it ?j a beauty,
?al wanto a teal Obbm Ita. ?Bl aaka tar t wtoa a
i .--r i-. ti"i"r, b1 ??-i torn ?'??? a a -t tor toi gsl ?i.tr
.?IT?. 'Ji- a p.raji'-? ti. it BHIS I ?J ra k1 ? I -s and ?u damp
|.'nf?-i lan?h? iifdi'.iite SM-gS-gSlI thread? set a? ...11
t; s?.'? srith tin? little??. WhtlS IM i, pin Lead imaT, ftrttotiy
ian ti
W Bh ? is l-l.ni te] as Soon as I lef! the ears I
luir, tin? .in" ?????:? Ii of lb.- ('?> itnn? .1 a! ?I,.re! an 1 m..:i
? -?at with Hi.? driver, and law all Hist could be seen fen K.ti
itagtas t" CkastoB ri ufe Bim MBsd bash w.th me
' -.? biff er ??'V, auil 1 in'.jil down ou
tta (otu flu- teraaa, bbI I ?it ??Min by Mr. WiMtastar?
oil f With your Lai'? Bsf ISBBMBB, f r li" Has all your
und let y..it up in Linri--? '? an?l rod* sp.i'.itliuly out of S.il'iil
and iln: ; fe | BOMB ?li ire. and s(.inkingly into OfeSSSSlB, in
da?, that ti.?? no mor." !
Dm i'?h ? tai ita I I fessB ass wfll hsk, when he is
pa L d n .1 of Ila Oom awl! I He win I???'. .?. I Isstad yeitir
day, ?taaX??rrSJSl Uij? If is IIB K'?e?t borsegla?? tbow
?tetnlglSM1 ?O' u I* in Kuflisb T in mv room at the
I,..t.! It sr -r,T I i uru-l "tndor strata of ?II steSSBsfeSB
I. io t.. .l.-r...y City ? Cud. r parti *nd isndatou?*, and marl
und., .y t 1 hat a pr./e 1 ?bould base be-n fur ?mue l'hilt
.l.-l|i!,|ii _. lloglnal . ibtoSt Hut 1 sappoie the other aoO pass
eiin-ii?. all batel BS ?ante.
S,., hSM I m :n l'l sd very still it 1?. I ?L?pt
last tiiflhl tie -:??<?;? .-I" tin" J.??. It is m?t ?o |BlB In Irr
tii/t.i- , a ' Bp li i ? i IM iii'-r? eo, k? and ben? than in any other
place in ti.a Slit?-, es 1 kim?", far Hie greater part of ttiom
pasfee t?. roost on the fonce, und.-r ir.y bedroom window, where
Itejrgl 'T th.? risini? inn B cry morning with s ?hont like the
Hallelujah ilmru? ' h?! tiere, oh. peace profoand I the lint
hen I wai ?ware iaf wa.? ?ault! a ?' Ksp*g'i?lt on my plate at
breakfiill _________________ - '?
Till! \Vl.s|!I\"i,Tl>N-J1'. lli'MICIDK? O.IK (?P TUB
A4.-H urB BOBBBBaaaa __n8__f.?Abaat the middle of
1". Liu. ry iMt, ?hank -leCorBHc?, Putrie.1. Duffy, and two
?t'l.-r men, enured Ita MtoM of William Cull, locatud in the
basi'iiiei't of th? Lui1.! iii? at the north-wot earner of Court
Limit al I WaakiagtB?-sB . Bad sonn tassas engaired in a
reW, di rlS| wlneh tbo proprietor wai ?hot Lt Mccormick
T hu ??: nr- ,,-irty tli-n msile th-ir .??.-ap?*. ??atenlay DutTv
?urrendeieil hltu.olf t.? CotBbM W11.ley, and wa? be' 1 to bsU
iu tbe ?um of It. JOU to sn??er the ob?rge of compliciiy in the
i auH.
TBBBtaoa I.KAH iTt.)M a \Vixdo\v.?At nu early
hour ye.terdaj tiionnna', WkllS laboring nr.d.'r a taMfSMBy fit
ef inaaaM Mia Bilsabstb Toaag Ji-.ipei Bob a ?rirrrt
. . ! , .
,a-. lus.', ?t th?- ti im her arms. Ita W?S taken np
? ? ?
'*. ?? 0O-QUIIIO1 ? PI f-vi.i t ?agu* n
l . 11 ji'S
More: maa
? ? i?y
T- ? _tf< I for hi -la nan
??aiioi, wiiu iaiateat to peat the earn?, a in !;..?? i , _,
_*ul-i'Bo** ? "?_
, '; ? : know <; v,
look the ittkat time Yoiin* weal nwn*i
the nest time I saw Toaag It in ?t t':o rxpuattae at tri
days, it ?a?: . - iy appointment but merely na
tal on?; alt.*rwar.t I went to -OBBg. Iioumb tj ?te
. a ia coB-terfeitlBg <?. ?' ?bil
llmt YoBBt'end I were talki ? . -rilif
tad wa aadaarerad to traoe the ht! to OBiatpi l dil aet aa
r?t Ton ni it that tini": I ?f'er?nrl Baal* an ap;t nro'tnesl
to meet V .: . . I Boteli I did eolteaw teall .ina
.'?'. i .'?'!,. o i i.a la p:ii'jn a? a ,n.
?feaag told an bia brotbar tu .. kieeta 'hit
1 Jon: ka,w
? . nie with li a bill, w'.":, '.' , ?ng
nid, 1 get thi? from Hill Oural ? ea
A \ .:? d lal ?i bul :.? { V" ltg
w11 iron? I md ?ant to prion, he wa? brough', to our othj-s '.?>.
dar, ?i r an
A. D. Hatea, batogaworn. teaUlad?X am an n-???*?- Is
.ret Berrica Dil Boa?! the ijuverumeir. I r-. ? ??
??a rr.o. it hnmy iailiataoa Iii I th i,r??_t
g band '- rw .-.ii - t\ . i ?? 1 wael la th*
i were ia aeeronattoe ?-??utt?*
, : - , ,, l | ? bi.I ben ii .. j,
', i?t I ?Mee.
( roeoex ioitoi 1-' liri lo Kew Be ii ?rd, Ma??.; I ht. > ???
? r. l-ii.J. I receive i ?? ,?.
?oi!itm-:i'H?rn vv?.?.?-?-io::, lint benaan acnaaiaed ?ita
'oaag i.'at iii noa it ilaot, la Bonton ? ? .
Koong laid i. t wo'ild ilk* to have an ?rrir.-eni. nt made MM
bli bretbi r m ? ' I * 1 isw
treust M
--an ??[.er!, I closely Btamiaed tin I a ! .11 I
: ?a i . v?u?r?
It cann train ?r ia who?? po*aea*too it waa; I .1?? r.ot know
wbonrresl ?' iy? nil Iotatbtotof Ibaretolttbei
I marked tba 1 itcation .'???? ? t-k?1
airk the toll, \ Bl* ?Bl pmaH a* I It I Bt Vein*
did not ? ii ii. . y i I..- i ii 1 :.i .? >i u
0 i ?'. ? 7tfe. :' .v .,-.?'.. Koon* I ii -i ??? u kbe ?? ia ' ?. nt
bad pr?t waa tob? a??!
? ii, 1
'. IS '. il T jl
g thta billi M oae lima ?he.. : -t.. Vi nU h?
?: -?see h.i brother, Ttaagtold iii, kia
Brother ?a? '... rd ? n ef ;rtaaa
ii. If, Y ? "'N'.i!j.."l?I r??:i) ia C..4 city.
1 a , . ? I. , , ', "1. !.. .-".I
know i lara? y i ht ia io? ? .?yi
i .:. my Liu t? I giri to Vr. N. wooabti I got it '?: i?;l_.
illy 1 ? ru-i
? ,. r ? I - . ,? , |t| -rf ?:t n jc. I ?? - . I ! ? ?? ?ol.
ret me. ?, the Best time I aew Oaraer he -?. 1 It
bad tka Mil I waatod tad I gave Um til 90 for tt? :*w_*
I said ? ? ?(-?? wmin I.'*, tier ?'"i hi
" r my ?icon....' . .t <ai 1 pi; 1 ti.. 1 ! M
toil-urn.-? the bull got from Oarae* l put m my peeket, I
afUrwird ?bowed it lo Br. Hal h Uatob lold an to ?bow B
v. ! ?ra T'.:.i tn'j.to e'-ow it I . Vi *A,
[| . ? ? origin.! f UM m
my pon
l-l bara I in the State Prl ia eely ian
. ? i ? i 11 Bl I 1MB
w*a??r:"" nioner 1 tir?t - t ? wmt hie
II..?tor.; ila'ch referr-d me to N. ?- tie u.ati.r ?I
. ey brethir released from prii . id es*a*ed wita
Uatob to ant bira in NaB'Torh i sea \ ?comb . HitoB
? || Iwsu'el to - ? ?omi infoi-matn?:, "hat
i, y',r." cr tv n ia pri? n, I ?a ted to get bim out aal ba
? [might be ?? ? QoratBtoeati iba!
in maid ni thi nrlgliil tT? alitri Mr B waambi said hi
had no ant ? rtty bat he would writ? to k1?- Wo a a al ?t|
Mr. Ne wcomlr?'then referred mo to Mr. Wood ?t>out mi
brother fretting ont of prison and h? *i:d he would StrlM wita
ni Mr vv ?d ?aid If a - bretier ctald to i ip
ibu plete it woaM be of aarvteei l lia! ii ka i '-. ?.?yia
J:,ne li.t: ?um? mau introduced me to ki?; the cam? ol lb*
? eui at tori White, I wji letrado, 1 to Oara y o?
Whita bei son I knew ?omet-il:- ?boat cou'itctfcit n.o:. -r I
d:d not th,-a w?.rt a t? n*t*T c :s l gal kbit .'?> eM ifrea lunn
I gut toe eoto ttatt ti - ? It to Haiok bocean Balah
wsnttd lo ?iiow u to Mr. Wood tba bead at *.. De
?I .111?
gat it .ni 1 rut? it to Hater:, w::o j-nl he wanted it, ?hea I
?ir?' ihowed the bil to Newcomb?-, llaici was pre*, li. ?- hSB
Hatch, _ i tod I wnt together, ??? baa na i 11 ?tit.
ntloB abott this bl I ' I t time. di. not kn?W
aben the bill came from : I did Mt toll ti??m when i: came
?r .-i lo- i ,??? I r? ,, -.. a .,,. . l ,,,, ,.., it, shortly ??ttn th .a, Mr.
Wood : d n " tkatlfl thep .;?? ?.-.it, whtok tina
hi.l wa? ?truck. La could probably help my brother, at thu
UanS ti presea!; l ntdtbtnl UtoaiM I ,nii
*et at thi pi tte Ihr ?gb G iraer? ti this t. ne. ti..i a it ?ill
in my po?4?_?ion. my brother i? now out of pri?on. hut I lou I
know WbeW bl ii, I ?ra*, the |:.'30 out of n?y pocket i! wm
Ithad tot tebty thta nil fren Oaieey| lea eel ?a?
gaged ia eoantertsitia*; I dec!i:-.,: to aaatrar whether 1 hart
. i ' it cou: terl ,:t net ?y I di
not know hut that my .ruwerin?- tlie (JB Minn min..' criminate
n.', I ki ow of ?eteral perNon? who ar? tBfagea in e?eatsa?
' .y name. I marked thta IM bul
a la~ or twe alaos and It hat kita m my ?oeeeeetoe ?.,. u*
Aagiut. ancetk a ?? i r kbi .loreramsnl
har? hal cn?r_., ?f t:, I b:iv> Liver *or,i of
r m nat nam?, when I wat
pr.?on on ? chirire of rAtvi.ia* tha mail.
I wai lentencrtd for IT year? I we.t lenterrted in I- -, ?I. rtiy
afterward 1 wai y l*re?ident Beobaaea ir-.riar
lo? ti ?owe? I - ne Prmou; I 1*1* MT? ?? v, it
? I vu par ?on.-il the Waraea of t-. Tritte tAHt
a..- I Might gc booti thit 1 wi? a ?ri-e i
t ? When I met II itch (aBtttoBldM
n 4know ..f an? pirti.: liar co".-terfeit. r? li BeW-Torfc.
D, r Mead Chief ?f the tv'crct Berrice Diriitoa ?n
eallad br tba defran aad tostltad. 1 hav? t .t a Terr ?.i*b|
: \ . .-. tad fr,.m what I k'.ow of him I oan'l
- iy w!. -t.. r I wael, btliert lA-si ur.,!er o.ith or r.ot, I m?
?rato:? not to tr??t bim. t at ho wu not a
truitwort...y maa II I : ?'? h? wal a dollar in ci:.: fill
? not la liol,'?ve Y I ?n. oa?
len bli itawmeato v : Baacn my
: mo te belton hin a ooaaterfcitar, sad au
r : it ion attui'h wa* veil kcown, and area ni-n, x* mt ?a*
g t.- I in fraadalen* ?nterprlm.
A-Jean ad to thai morning ?
tub in.-i-.ni- BOaill 0AM.
tTaitod Ratea ngt. Jame? H:.
I:i thit eaaa in w! ii h tim defendant re, It
cSirired ??iihjwini??fi* one Jame.? K<allr oat of bilk r,
?ad vklefc, I'reiu it? aaaaaottoai with th? l-iaraa Mirsi.ai'?
.s excited coasideralkii i?.t?-rr?et. Mi. C?nala
-:? i o .- ? rollowlog
? la ?Titi, a of.!.? ct :.?rgtti. OS
thalavpoiBlstorMrad Cb ita motion to discher?; ?. in i.?n?e.
of ti., tia? : tiderattsesisee t:.e argo*
n; ? ,t. mol ai-a te seteeet ?I the Importai 'al
alter carefullT examti inn Me teetato? af J?t*t l'c-td in ti!
esas of the Vnited Silt '? s*t. 1'eter U.ley ar.d otb*r?. I har?
'- 11 ! .st Ml ),???
ttoaa vkltk at bm vrer? so ?Hy sadjtdi ?.ty
traaaat fey tte Co rt, and tkMr app Issan !i ra
io pertmenr. tint it ?..'. ?! ?'::n oreraaaloai oa n.? pin toee>
prus _? ..?r i la my o? a 11.: irned
jai;-, "i a ob the eeaatraitiiB I "ki
?nt ita g?rerai .a utkorttf
ob Ila ,1 ?tioa "f i i thi
gilt ot the offeen in the i?i ?ratloo belon me, thbeegfe B
n ( . if *.'. ? f : Ihl
A cr of Merah a apply to th* mm aftbeeBB>
?i am'hy reaioo of hu bell* a d -? !iar..d ?llnr. htunt
nrred ive y?an m > i u;.d t?erefor, m
: ibta to erin 'liment and draft,
I i ni of th? opi: ion that the iretioa ref.>rr??l to op .:i tba
?eeeBntCiea laid down by the I ?arnr.l Ju?!?e in the ea?.? of th!
I'nited .M?! ? .i-l. IVter'l.il.y et al., and undcratiudin* th|
o''|".'t an I p ;-|" ?" for ? I : 'li 'le 'tit ?via er :.???;), t"itt .-??ry
i teni nnd minors capable and competent ti
perlii a Bllitory doty, vkaiker llabto or not ta eurohme:.* li
? in.? sollst iii ti.e nrrica i? bronchi wii?..u thi
: a .-?? tie itadBat to iii
ih?tr:,"t vbtnll In? reside? anil not el?e? '
em,; my rtov of th? law. Jam?? BiltJ?, the com;,:?Is?
ant, waa sot entitled to tbe bonaty I t id h_ no ?tu?
c ian of ( l?r thi ?tatut-? ty*
eui?? tka trial rwtl I f hit enlntmiut el
tua! rendent of New-York.
I [UMtlOa la preientel iin:< BBBI and
that i?. the j u lidlction of tba 1. ?red . !*"??:??, bal Mb ? l -?ra
decided II ai BO f. ant or deprivatioii of bOCBty ha? been cobb
mltted by tht taaaaad ?*.iin?t t..t< eompl ilanai it u letto in?
material what aty Ttowa ?re boob toa (aeattoe. It ?ppearl
fiat an lii.li.tineiit hi? b ?en p! ef-r: ed d(r r.n?' l! ? BMBI J 01
the lame oifenie in tho D.itrict Court of the Tinted Hlatoa foi
ti..' Stn,) of N,?w-.ferioy. and that proceed in,-? there aro itL_
;t~iln*tbta ?:?d I an qaltt dnpoi?d to t! ? op in lo*
kbit tbt nutter properly bahngi t.? tu? court? of that alala
li ! tbtr ? bl tried tod ?'. '.ermiued.
The def?ni.int ii dlwherg-d
Mr. Com nie.?, United s*it.?i INMrtoteAttorea* ?ni em
: Smith for ti,j praaasatleai Mr Shupo and ei Ja.g*
B . in lor dvf.'L? ?.
Ju :*?> Sim man.
Ob Motiaaaf H. K. Phelpe. na?, _M?taal rmted
H Ita? Attorner. decree! if condeinnstion an! ??:? were on
dent la the foQewtav eaan la watet return? sfpeeeen bail
b?a? pieiluaaly tnni.? Uailad stire* s*t s b??re!iofdi?
tilled ipiri*? insrked "Mtrshol ." U.S. a.? !J barrell di?
t:ii?,l ?pint? found st No. ii) Kha-at ia Ibtaaitr. '? .**? ??_*.
.'. birrAl? Whalr* itored st N .. -I CtBtt-M . N V. D A
Igt I !, mt ?s w btafejr, 1 steam teetaa Ac , st No. M Mino*
?t. V. S a*t. 1 birreli of distilled ipinti marked " V. 1 ?."
I , >. agl.l sein eigen sdrlranid to rttnall. t-cbmldl t Ca\
V. S. ant. 1 aatal Mtffta l'(l.?lo*ra|>!i!, in, e'a j -welry *?t.
marked " II. A I'..' A. I". S. a_f. 11 barre.? ,!?.?? !;e.t ?p.rim
marked " V S Y t" S. ri^r. ;. barrel? dutilled ?plriM
marked "V. S. t '." fonal at No y, Ct?ttoA 0 I agt,
a .? ? tAfitg i?:-an and certain toboOM taaed at No k1
liii.ert.T-?t. ti. I? agi t karrata marlvd ? l'ure SpuiU, ooa?
tatalag ipints found m Kost Tem.?t.
COURT OF COMMON H.EAS.-Ai i. T.VBefor* Julga
I?? \
Thi.-t B-TbIiH Jude?"" Ptlj mod i fi ed the injaneti-a
???ned by Juil*e Cardoio remaining I've Ii .ard of Hutltl
from lnt.?rl'*rin? with beteben goaera?y in druin* "Attie
through tho ?tieot?. ?o that the injuuclion wi.l ?ppiy only te
thepltlatifl-(Chime Cooper sod a.iotUarj ?lou?. Tiiofol
1 .a in- it the orJer in the et*.'
Chirle* Cooper ind mother tai Juckiaa S. Schul*.? aal
At a leteial Term of thu Court teld it lb? City Hall ia the
City of New V..rk on Au*u.?t i -
Prettai -Tba Boa Chail*? P. Daly.-Tha order to ?how
saan herv'in c >:?ii..- oa to b.? ,..??r :. nul Mr. Ltwreuc? ipi)**-?
Ingfori Ikli .1 ?ad Mr. Kin eppaartaa
ob l.eii di "i ti.? iltfcodanta, li . -rdint UM tb?
t ti ite.l It. J out?
i?au?f>rb.d? intertareare with ear eep?
tgtau ?u*
? ? ? e
... ... . a', Ik
_?_.-... U 1*.?j.

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