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lil . .,--., Ile " ,
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, i . K. Bro?
' - . '
111 - ' al ?
' I. ?' - .
' II
l?s . ? ? . I? ? ? I
. NUKI I? ill"' "
1 * ti IV IN"?
K. Mr I
t ? | I l V . ? ) ? | .
... '
(JAB-EN i . i ir?
? I - i" -.r . ?- titi ererj e? ?
? ? ' ? BCL'S
,, - Pi
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(?Lil B??W ER Y I
lill N.'C?
'Di ii- U IO l!. !'?
i IiIUp Da I! ...
t?llemeos ?oticre.
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Mian ins
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S WialcksU
? ? I ? ' sato, ?oftpn? ?
i 1 .?
1 . a . I
r\ Caition.?1 . nronghi bj Dm
I. ? ?ra ? ? i. ? ? a doui?aie ?I sa
I ??k? to make ?natation? Yee.y I
i ?anita tayaaM ii poa B | D
? <
i I sas "i-I tom- le toe)
a ..... , .
?. iifii-ajiat? Balmnmy sals?1 ? ? ?
? \". ?L-l i. '
. im? Fai i bai s
I ? ? I n r.tion? on thp 1.
tim? - ..TH *!tp POS .
i . i'?-|?ire? by Di. li. ( I'ur.RT 1'
IS - ?. a ? toilhyaB I'r ... ? Bl
All ' LI I ! .''? DaUBT'I Mi
' ra (? t- Bl ?
? h or sao? a s-ie?i fur i .-*?
i y Lve cetili ?bu. Sold by
i ? ? N. V.
WlLaaCOX ?t. (innis sltyi.no Mau
' Itaat-.o nd let? nab? to rip in ? ? ha
lad i ?
a . . a 1- - ii- ? !? a.
Mti;\ v I'ATiiNi A-VB ABB Dry F:?
Fias AisD iii K.iiAR ?it-TBH Plate r_?s? H
?? ? ".. ? ?a lara, ?-a-rt-t-nt a- Li.. . ? J '
M-r ? r 41...
. . ? ' '. ' ? y ? ?'?? COM H ?' ? ?
; , ?? ?i: : :. ? ??? M ? nil
?? I, a meut* and *tt. ' V TRJt ?
as pet Bau -u Hio.ji.it.
IN. Y. Ir
'lll' abb abb Lae, hy n. Fbabb Palmss, i.e. i>.?
I Hen m.i io?, te ?-?-era ml el? lim I.??
. s.-oarpi., N. !.. IS Oreas? Beates Avj.i
I'? 1 ?ni Halflall
1 ?YABBBB, A( Ki ??MAX A ( > . .
? '?io?? Inpii Krau?'-, inti-isi i? i :. I
s ,.? ?? it I
I BOBS ? I ?. Bl BF-3-0BY T: ?ti
aess. Ben - te?Maasa ? Cs.? BiOtal Cut* Ti ?* ?jib??
? ? laSSt allriaUal .
Fi.tiiiLN - l. 't.K-sriT< it -r.'t..<;-Ma(TT'Ni?Beal
1 ...rJ li.? ?XSX.S .??wiso Macbisi ' ????? y
? Bl .? Iw.y
A Cob i Lis-,.?.vii t
i , ti?
? .'.. t l.SkiT ItllEIBITil Ki?SOT
IBFBO! ' I -iCIT-SllTCH M.Ai BIBS- In. 1 i lOTl ? . 1
"IN. ?Mitro? '
Mutt's (Tikmical I'omai-. On Hair,
fc?-p. kglo?
ni. S i -! :??? "- S-" r li .?? II
Caora a uikirs iik.hi?t PBBmm i i ?
t-TI. ? M Mil ... Mll'BlXEl lal ?III.I J le .Na ?Wa lil 1 1.. I?
llr.vir.? ? Mai tiim. i'oMi'ANT.?Elias Id? \\x,
J Frei . Broadway. Alerta ?ailti
DtarmaiA Iablkt, s. O. W,__xnroi, :
I - 11 l.i ral I?r .
Whuh.i l A WlLBOn? Lo? k-Stioii 8SWIB0
?" ? ??v. ?r ? r?sBl)ll Mirwi-a Na llih- slu.y
I'inklbA Lyom's Ni'?' Fain.lr t-Bwifln-M-Ohine.
? wanted One m_?nln? free of ?barf? No. l-l Rraadwiv.
( I!'- . '?'.$'.! ?ICT ihi/ii : I I .?.Iii I'-'. **.'.
A r,?a-aiva.r rtaaeA B. A. L???i ,n, |M?-_a____?s( NY.
Ta I ?rrr.pandtnt?.
P? nn'.ica na Betakes of .?.oonynioui ('rmn-nicatio-. Vs'bitev.ii.
intend-d for kaaertias moat be iutl.er.ti:ited by th?i mm. in? ad
dieu ?f the writer?not n*cei?*rilj '?vi pim.lci.ion but ** ?in ,
?sty for bn ood faith.
Au a-ai-aa? latver* fjr l-l* ofti.c ilou.* ti addt*M*dta " 'fli. Tall
us?,' Nsw York.
Wa eaaaet ainrj.rt.ke to r?t.i'n r. ?r?e<* Cortir.nr.lca-ioiu.
Ta Advertiser?.
We will think our sdvertik.L?. ( ...tumer? to h?i'.?l la
thai? A-T?rt-?(L(Bii ?t ?a esrlj an Lour st p< i.ibl?. If ??" -iv.J bOm
9 ?yr'ajck tkej cuno?, b* r ?assiiieJ under ita I nopar lieidi
The Tribune la london.
STCTENS BBOTHERS. 'Amen.aa A?rtits f-i Llhrarl?! ItH.nri.ll?
r t.tf.K.ui". W C ). ir? Ann? f? r tu aale?( Till. milli N 14
I'.-f will ?I*? Ifttltt ????????.?? ?fid la.aat.???????.
T?b Tai m ft k at .?aba toga ? Thornton, nnw^nian
a Baralaf?, Mi,, ti.? Tuiscbb for fare r?_tt ?ud bl. bay? .?al. it oa
k?e ?tSew ?Ik. ia (loot of t >e principal bole ? .1 the wuae ??n e.
Wa bare ?Dtellis-enij-! l"hrm Karo** by the Atlantic Csbto, on
Ike nth tost, tu the effect that tLe state of Hie rcla-ou? Lu ,
twees Asstria sad Itoly tbnatoo? furt-er t-oublei.
baa ta Aorta ? offer of his serriees to the Liberal GovernmeDt
al Meato* ka*? been declined by ?TBBBMi oa the ground ti. ?I
?i> ?eliinee c?ii be pieced ia his si-ccri'v. ?nd that tbo [?.-opie
ttt MtiKM) bare do LiilL io him.
Abes! the auddto of F?.r__r? ia?t, Freak McCuraii. ?V,
I'?tri -k Duffy, ?ud Iwo other men. ?LtereJ the saloon of Wai.
Caril, at the Bortb-weat coner of Co-rtlsedt and VYs.)nn?-toD
Bl* . ead boob became engaged io a row duriog whu -*i the pro.
?prletar wes shot by Mccormick. The entire psrty theo made
tbetr eecape. Taterdaj Duffy snmBdered himself t? Cor
vaer Wiktor, ead wes held to bsil ?n the sam of Oi.KX? to ?a
?wa to ihe chargs of aomplieitT in the atault.
t Toe erna* of the United 8teto* ugt. vV?liaa Garne-, charged
alth hartog ia ble poiinilon e ceaaterfeil OU) United Stales
/Treeearr -*-?? **H? ??tont to pas? H?* is?e. ?it i-?led up bo
ton Uatted Slatos Ctntmlttlvaet ieebot? jaterdar. The
ariatoace of MTiral GoraaBent Detectives, and of one U. W.
TosBg, eras swore to buying a oouiiterfeit note from the ac
csssA frormi Gsn*y tob? adcaltr in touatoiteil uiouey.
?Tta sase will be coat iii ned this acr_i-g.
? ta the ces* B Chea. Cooper eg?. Jackson Bl -chalti et ?1, an
lsjsnettoa hartog bees grtntod which restrained th? Board of
Health from Interfering with the bun hers tLrougLcut tie city
lo ?IrlTing cattle throagh the itrien Judge Usly jesterdsv
Biudlfled the lnjatictlon so m to reaoTB ti? restriction upon
th? Board as to all .ut.lien except th* parti?! iatotiitid in
thU case.
I !|ean Ebb?yesterday rtcelTed *eT?ral riiitori ?t t,< r tatst
ft: im |iroi??j???d that Muyor Hoffrca:. tLould call ?ad eito-d
an in?.talion to the Queen to mske an excurilon on Hi? Knst
T.ivertn a r?venue cutter, but (b? a ntltlriod Bksaaeaaf Bi|
II.nor st Long Hr?ncS, lind tLe .
M ?lteriHijii in tin _ir.n?(-'.'
?-I it-'l--t' ttxl;??ekl- B>Mtic| o? (Li livarii al iXtfaitU
I I?! . r ,;.<- io,-, ?',(.? I a r ,
i piton la ?' I ?tit"I
' .. ' li .-a ASir?'l ?> ? Wit ni y, fir ni ,]iniltT. Hie
wc?k..' . li wai also re
' " I
. I VTilil bsTin. :
Bl ? I Ka ?", 1 '-" 1 ?>? ' ."? "
1 , ,.?.. i ?i... _oea_! .4
i aercbi ? , barge
I- Ita ; ,, t i? ?I'm:. I M Mm B|
?. raaaand i I
I?Dil . ? ? poiattd ati?l 1---1 ?-?'
Itl ' Neo Tei ?ey.
i. a,B ,'.i ?;? m~ ??o ' la '!-" petti?
;., r ntog la _m etty. Dar?
, ?a Her?' raparted to Ita Smitsty
0 . .- LU Bra i!ii;,t..v.'..
aiil ' BWB, N i' c ileatl.s
? oonirreil oa TVi-,; ,,'vl'ty.
Bal 13 ma a* i ' '"'"^ npartel la Biaeatj.
i- t.'?? "luainer foi tin.'piov...,.-:i henri
l? ..)?"? I.at twn or? from ti ?? jill, and
'.?al,on?. Ii vin., ii...anneal
. lied l.roken ?Bl i: l' ? I
?pita ' Aagltt- luoiioti ve t.-iduy ,',,
, ?tiliniH'.l ?tnl ? proie 1 fit al.
..ii i tri**,. ( . ?
? i Ira Inn id v.1? IB I ? ?(? i .. Hank ?lui?, ita ?
may opon ipn tal ? .
Hare ta at -tapilHn ?btwn
. ? net. It Ita I ? i ?; ?
I I ? . (. ?? | .1 , ! ! ??. Aftr*
?? ? , . ' mt eton! ii.-.-,
? -' ?>?,:. li I ,Vi:. it lpt1
? ? ?r liri on? B.-.t na.!.-.
? .?? . I priesa
.. . ? ? i i :
Kridti lal - a..; pkBadatetto, ?
i' ? lu' of K.. Ill BB 1
II ? i ' . ? ?
? ? tertre at
: ? .. toa - . ?? - ii 'nie???'
as ! di ? i i irio? in
I pi-la?,]
? ? I 'j
" .' If." ?
; OsnaiHUi i . '? ' ?- [toa f ?r
? . At tia'ir ?BsBag aaTbii'ijalfil
? v i ia I. ' 'in o'
i ill n
' - - . - ; . > .
i , place ia that eil
XTIth Oble Dil ?
p bj t-?
ia Ce
T.n u v, ? ? .? . aal Ant mite It- toa I
1 ? ? , ?
ki plant] ?i.T'iiv
l .: , ? ' !.'.'"i? ?a i . li ea W
? ? Fur -1 '?.I i i? i? i
- i
?. I TI -..?'.'*,r~. Mis?. ??.'??
tana bart beta a >t ( ,?unrv -,*iiiti th_
Dalea ? ia nro aaakfaf i
? - .?.ii.!- I ?!! '.r -iii . i ?
TI)-- \ ? ' I nit B1 M'ir- |
. I " Ion ?ada*. ti I, bj rip
!?'-.' . . k1
' ? ? *- k I" "? ? N. ,1 . wall be
. W ? lo : ?" -??" vv.
bli atatemeol w11
,"? r N. .?'? i i.c-r ,:i Cong ? anti
rtitndi '?r?il! i??' ? li eftl ? I ?. >,.
_ I] k1 ' ; ,' !: ?rum li i! .
k1 ( . 1 ?j : r-, pf thi" '
Consti' ' ' '????'.i*. f. ! I.""1! ? - i.t'N? ?
I '? ' t!:, ?? i? ?
Bl i'". |
' . ! of W ? ? ;i i ?. i. ' i Brada
: Ml ??(?(.'.I- to trlki* ~ r :
Fror.' '-. -, uk] f". I.. .
? I?.'?! li
" "' ' " .
li,.,' ( : , a, BB ? ling
?t Fork, Pa., y attidtf, mot Um fetttifi Had tit ?
; .;.!" in Ita Bail !.':? ktitB of
rdei -''ii~ perpetattad it New-Oil
? lo* ti in m lu tin* h?'l. nidia baldly
The ??;.'( IV . U1 TBtBOBI 11 ?_ I*
' tiio If triBlMt BOTll ?if ' I
Holt, tin Radi i. ?;i ii?i?.v rc-|)fi"t. th" in.-ist ?.
lal Brach ol ' " Ai .ii K alt." I
i . ?" j .. .?.i.,.- i. ? riba, Bul with
itwttlobti ; . ??? ramai ii] oftlw :
vvorlil. _
Out?laeoead paga of _B-da*j I ison: will !?.? feand
Notice ft V. i'"i.- ; on th? third pifi
Cai_?ardtl II tt1 n tad M kritot Report*; on ttip
?ita?Ib ?'i. ? Corraapoadaaae, Btfart of
(km Nat ion k1 Ac i lou,y of .Sajino at N.irt!?_:i;;.'
M-is.. 'lln: ABM?I IB I.'i-ti". it.'nf In-iya tio'i if Har'
lington, Ti , A" U1 .Jo'inii.v. tad Law lata?if
Ota. JAB?tWa Nye, Bm dar fr..m N'va.lii, oil]
tddl'f di.'".i? of th>* Vltli Coriirrosn District this
erinina ?t .la-!. - MuH'-? couri room, comer Tivciity
:? t. BB i Bl "?i til-a Vc. Ile ittiptCtl .Ho ill ( !t_I
tim oom ?-? of tim prratBl RapraraBtttlrt of that W -
Ititi (Mr, Kiytiii)!..]). 'Vc ?It. tin- hall would hold
...ix*?) ptCflt. OtB. Nye was the lirst H?*??ul>lirnii
candidate for Co-pros-? in that District in I-.v.. Di
eui.)?..t iptal i-1'? li "ii"' ?}, i? _ilaataa for In.me
on to-morru .v.
A -'(?ii.-ri! order of Um Ifai Depart?leal rtorfaBim
the Military Dr. i-aon? of the Unite.1 Staten which will
now number I',. Qaa. Ifttll rattiai OOttUBIO- of
tim Ka.terii I), ?.altin ?it, tad BbeXStl?, .?sheridan, ?nid
Thoaia-i aro continuel 6? as ut present. Thi- nioi?t
important chtofaa tra tim ina?traf Ota. Terry,
who II un.lc! tooti to I?* Radii a!, t'. the Wet, und the
ati'kr-intiiiii'iit of Gea. Sclioiiuld _il_i platt tall D
partaient of Virginia.
I At tiio meotiiif* of the Nation al A cid,-my of Sei? nee-,
atNorth;aiupton,Man-.,AglB?_*l theory of -lucicrs Val
ably discu?i-'"d, lad mir correipontlence indicatea the
unuaual ficientilio lattml <?1 th? labatt, ?atthto"
.subject of KT?*?t iinportanc? wai ll|fl|Ml|d by Mr.
StiX-kweU'a paper upon the ace iMBtitB ?f the DOoa.
motion, in which the well-know ii theory of La I'la c
was sustained atraiust the more recent f.icl.s Itnrtt
by I'rof. Adam-. The Academy will remain in ?.-t?ioii
till Saturday. _
Cen??. Bleed?toa and Fullerton have made another
report, which i. written ia the unsatifactory ?ty!" to
which the public is accuRtomed?undervaluin- the
wmat??Mmt Bureau by iu-.inuatitai whiib the fact!
they qoote refuto. It ii tmmmtw? that Mi_.?isaippi it
in a disordered ?tate, and that m irdcr? anil outrage,,
j aro frerjnent. They belitre that th?; exponaos of the
Uurrau MB bo reduced, hi nearly all of the State?, by
pla to a -reater exteut uuder miliury control.
j Wl that thitt rejtort will Rmhb to every hone?t
| and intelligent thinker new proof that the Bureau i.?
? .i ncc-wity, and de^ire.? to bo tully sustalaed by the
I Government. ________________
(nf . "vVcllri's .iddren-i to the loyal pttpttof Lou?
? isian. pilbil?bid on OH ? '?'tam? ptfB, li au t_Mitali
i*, aarta (hi idaaprtMBtttkai of in? course. It
show? that he, Ilk?) the vant majority of the Union
? ? '? ? .i:i\:n'is to trail more ti On
good fa.ili -? Um - thaa to ' ni t-vw bf -?tim
gi ?a ? ' api. the iboM (?f tiiis
h i' ? ?apelle i the byalla? 11
? . i. .. '.< I ('? ?;-',tullun. '| ?,,. '
nesa o ( ted by tin- (...vernor,
arUoo erai fur thal
yiold t<? t!i?- jodgBMBl (?f a
: ' callj ii-. lares thal tin- r.--'
the bediag Ri tala M . y
1 li? !?L jii-tly ti. li -?'i ur.ty ni loyal men,
i ? "1 the '?? ?fft -1 a ? i - .?un? iiii
.? '-?
The of ti - Bai >' 111 C i ron! m
i.ini Lu' enpbatie. l-oy fbUy ia?evae the p
dent'i ?'"i.? r. ai ! li p ? ? it'- Um toUoa of ?Coo ?
I i -,um- tiui-. erith ia ?b-obi? -t. boj obi ii ve de?
I I thoo lonMeB ri 'i
lee, arhieh srai i I m*\\ aet, ami aadB I
tu bo e. ?ir-?' itoi hy II Pla Ueot Ota
ihoved no nlnetaooe to u?liiiit Tenoeeaae, liter
?he hal ti ?Ted her lo* lily, i- the iliiiost 'iii.uiiiuou.?
vote BOI ]'!'??'. I at-H lOBOlotloO de?.li'?
the rouits oftbe wai l??ttt de? idad tho quo-tion? out
??i ii hil h ?t Brose, i'ii Um walli <>f the srai hum Im b
. . alta of tin- President- pnli :
?h.c m ...ti:'- ? pacta \ ?nee \ory qaeaUeosaw
Bei itot Di(?I.'.'i?'? apseeh LtSarstofB liootirslj
baaadupon imlerepreeeotatioo of the Unioo petty.
m ?'.?(.; bobs !?? lie! that the
.*??>'? hsd Dot ten en -cieutlr puai bi d, ind drew i
?? ti"- r(,!ii ri Charle too to ' ov
a ? t ilv Rebi i? arare cobibm
witli ? crime D it that i? n?'t Um qoeet?? ?
M . DoottUle fa m ptoAted l tti< by Uie do?
lut? - in the Bennie ii be iott tot know it, 'l Ik Coioo
j... i : ? - v i? m?! i" itiflut ? ?. 9e th, bet
tonal bligh in tU the 8tatae? Wttinyeympa
ithisB, M deeply m Mr. Dsolittle, with tim mi-nry cf
the Southern people, tritton! .- keridi me. the loei li ol
ir. The traill klndai to I bool bob
to ? ?'. ? ? ?" !. Mly uti t ? ?
nu: i iti I: li ami?.
/ / i , ? *.i i? I? - ?? ? in th? Britt
i. lei v.* th? ir j ' ? '. the ? "ii
- ' timt
J ii. I : m -i v. .?jl.'r? nhj ws la
?Uti' W.i' v | . T ltd ;..? | yoe '?? i ? i? to
;.' ??? ?hr.tv e?'? ?? - -, ,? ft wen
? it ?? kars nlsapfrsk? i i -- -1 ia! nisappi ?
lint lill .-?.
\ \ T
it? t
ii prM ! lia Ing ??: ?1 I ??11 ?a ths
? 11? ,,,....
poner Irosa the i ? fnestoodl' If the)
: 76, thoa ii baa oat hoea aiaoa fsl hythe
? i .- ?'. rofShei
TA 7'in ii .
' It v 11 li? ' '
i to decid ? ? '
ITii'.n ibo lid be bro . VVk? doM Til. 'I r: I
I Weet flea Bil roles M tots spM s psial
"... ?i ? ?
In,ir, r ?IV:.". i;. ?roi . ? : tf but ? ?> it ? :? !l"t
t!?.* tkx ' ti Dec. ' " ? i li. '? lent Did
I ? .''in : ?? ? question of \
t-an lude] '? ? ? British ?ni
We toon* they did not 11
? ? I- ? t'i ?
D ? bad a
. . Why is n.'t
? g -<>'i Mr Ten miUaoe. ? eve ?
. : ir| notes, lim Iel ??? in?i he -
Ornai tho] ? ' ? ' ?a * What le the do brise,
?>:i thi- ? : '
pe? den
W . i' tra- f.iriii.-rly mi.li - '
' i , . ry.ial " '??'? I '; '
?al ti ? ?: ..'..?; Mjruli-Ili I.?in 'lu
? .'-. I v. I- I?, ? M
' Anv l ? ???:? MfWh ??" I bating th?
?re tia rig t t> r.?e t ?> ???I sltak* el t'" >
? ti a on.- lL.il ?in! - th? 'ii . 1 bil
? , .- - Ins I -t I I BBSfsl r..",l I i..-' i B I. WS
.. ?-, ii .er ?to the world Bia I? this righi
?Bl - .???
? . ? | - people
. t... ir ?-??;. ..: ??? ?
M .r i' r? t i- sa*
? -. . ? ? t . ?? ? lull I'--. i lltlBg
mm -rny iiiii-ruainiil-".! ? ita ??? ii.- ir BsOBt th'-in a
??>?? Hair movei ? "-. ?? r . min llj st i
, f IM rato? ..t obi ... .i . ,
? , i . i?, ??: il t.- ?, i-?- 1 J ' . ii
?ii..I Ulla)
'?in . i the
i* ha?l ? ' ' ? ?
ia ?Te h"!'i (Tt'iy Um fovaaaa. The ?harp of a
. 1 mi by tin* Dieooion eon
. I ! I *i I Bj 'ii in ?TOM ii i?'--. Hu-1 M
? ... i .-i id uno-i ???...,1 thal the Keith let?
the Booth al pe|l .-'? "?'? Di
? ltd bate boen pefslyo. I
Hut ?>.?? nhill.m i- idle. Th s Ban
baateai ia UM ratee of Um Boethsm Whitee ni the
; leeson ia the Wlntei of
1-360-61. The ?TOt-0 ?tr. on retord. Ih'.'i^rh the i .,:;.
a^init'ir- -hitk?'.i pepnlai etootioea ?b?M-BVOi thay
mild, it i- ili'iiiiiii-tr.ili ?I that ii iii.ijiinty of the
>.?'lth?Til Wllil'4 ?IT- l/t'l.t Di- Hi:?.'I ililli 11 to UM
" inn;, of Um Bontham hear, ' i>. the booUMrd-oeol
??i F'.rt Bsastea?
Dy thoa Initiating W I ? Baa :? ? ??- in I --vii.it
ii aovar befar?hid-popular support. I adsr
th?- i tv "t ' Di t.ii.l "... ir Ihhiii-s iiml finn il m 'hm
min hal inva?l?-?i the Benth ? he ? ? wni- ? n>? oopoarohsd
nur apna ae "?the] ovareored nn.l evnabad ?"it ?di
evert rssiitioes to thshi whaaaaB, From that boor,
tin- overthrow ol Sla\*ery, the rcroi?uition ??I tin
I'? .i f ti uiomb? r? of tin* li iily |).?litic, -OOBBM I N?i
tional nene sity??t.-- it ?-till i.-. (?n the i*r?",Tt ??riri? ipi?
iifhini'-l by OBI I itli'T-., the ri|*h' ol' the I nu.ii in tin
Booth dopsads so har Foot Hilliona ofloysl Bia ka,
without M'hoin that ?.lin.h i- preponderantly, isa?
phil ihi ?, Babel? I ?-analog "?esllsd lato esietenee a
in".?. ? world t0 I'd.? UM I ?I in?'" Of UM "hi.' mi it
I d Hi?- Reet-hik lo eeaagolse und '
ehsDp?oa Um BBOtaVsod of h? Bisch fiBsdo-BB. Thoir ;
?icrfi-ct ciifrainliiraciiniit i? .is *. .t.il to tim l'tiiou h? lo
tliemi-eliH-i. Withoul this, the South is | MOM 00t
of .National r-treupth. bot of Natiooal afOoJt-OBOa
?W? ciinnot ijiri? ?[iHco to iui ?*y.pokur? of TAr
latSjfg'a dOBtstOBS J-H?BBBl I? ??ur,-' ni ?-nii* '* Mr.
Ein? ??In lo oll?! tenu.? of pi-iii.-; nor ia Hi it BB-tOriaL
AVu deal lather ni'.h uh.it m Bring BB_ ?-???"titi.il. It
" Till 'IT IBi?I m.? IsBBSSSB ?? CnppcrLegtls >n<l lr?itor?
??I ?Lu ml Tocal* Hie 11 t?t. t .,f |be Sont her n Slate? tu repu? ??ii
talion in ( nnureii?, Bl lea Hi?y will lu?! ? SBWSBl B BMBMB
wLollj tlio re|art'ieut?ti-rh ni their i-olor?-il tj<i|>iiUtioii
?No, Sir' jil-t UM lontntry i-> tin.' truth. Wl BO?
pim tin- BoOthein St ii?- ? to Mirn-mh-r notion?., pat to
ucci'pt ropri-M-ntatioii?iootOBl and ample?lor all
?In-ir j?? opie?Hut Ifalai
"It Tillifie? and ItaSBnaM ??.'I who now urge Hu- ?dmltiion
nf 1 ?j ial men Into Coagre.e? al) wLo are for rritorlng all the
State? to the Union on terni? of e<iu-l ngl.l? ?ud dignity, and
?iiLout impaaing drgmdiug condition?.''
?All tho truth in theso aK-crtioti*? ia embodied in
thi- fact that we demand Equal Rights for tho??: who
Bought and .'ought to uphold the I niou with those
who did their utmost to overthrow and deetiej it.
The Republic, completely triuinphajit ovor armed
troAHiui, in BBBBd to my that her sou? by ?hose
bayoni-ts she wa?? saved .?hall not be put under tho
fcot of the traitors thtjy overtame. Can we in honor
aiak les- T
Tin veiieriihlo Thom..? EoiBf ti Ohio lim written
a tedi'iin letter approving tin? Handall-Doolittl?- I all.
H' B*J ? tint th? Frcsident was bound to " forget Ml
p'jr?vo__l wrous?," his gfBtBftOBS, M MIMBI pBOBBBBI
t?. the contrary. "It Blidlc." say?- Mr. Ewing, "to nu
?'?gil the motives OA? ?'l'lll> BOBBBBOl ali BS lu tin. ??
who iltib-r with un in pi-liti. .?I OpioiOOB, t... all BOOM-,
!" n-?' ?onteoptoe pithete, and thai dopnoiate
peraooally thoM vi i lo be b_h
BBITIttlMl." IitbjTi the?. did UM l*-ca.?i-i_t call Lia
ind trtitonl ?? Prnfi?iH
_aa Mi. Ewinf, ? btj ofdalaB ?- lb
uanoi m tim nttatkaof penal lia, which
I mak" it th nea to pnfti Um ;
! order ti bb_i by, is tbt only ?'.mid pol
Wbadoabttitl Wtbtrt toBiiateatl
, but B*t (Innot limit it t.? th- >??
. old .m'in...- ab?I bitaring down, ?a the !.
kin.I ol' wa;.-, ???mu nur tritt tr."?.d-. Tbtt il Bud
? h".-" ist forbttrt?m " w'iiich labttitati - ?? i :
Bl iV'-.-.v. ?tiiil put- Otttll Bl ti in the pla." "I
doanrigbl krytl?ta.
A SI t. ?tiki K Milli?
Mr. ?\, A. Sttbtaaj i i ti,," DtBMeral i candi
I -I*:?!-??? ?ii Dal wai ('."'??ty. Ky., It th" recent
on, and art prtiaratitohtttB. Di oaaai near
b< ?i g bi i'i -?i, l.o'.vt viv. bj i repot! wt t?m1 by nui
adrtl airy that lu- hail not I.ecu Inn ti thi Rebel
i in I in the late itrBfglB. But Iff. Hathaway BMl
? ti?may promptly ?mi _t_a_rely ia teircultr,
v,herein lie nyti
"I Braid with falielioot] a report BM ?ii ( ircilat ian. v?'?., h
tie muele below will **i.tw to BB -?? maliti nu, m mm i a:? i BB
i lil ? Bt som? uti.?, ii li nee.Iles? to M
ii in? nea report -dtttt 1 I Som ra Art
: penaated my tot? te le llkewtaa Baal Ita arttoli of one
- i.a li ni th.. opporii.iiitv tn knot? my frellep tor Ita Seatli
sod my Idrllty to bei nan aad thaa deeMe tor foainirn
?bettor I an wanky of thal n_"rage efaMel my gtaawai
o| ponrn!? urn rodea'ri.riii. to I at BM '
? Ihe f.>IIowiii(_ etrUitatt follow? Mr. Elttbl'?"? I" '?>
OwaBBBoao', Ky.. fal* - IBM.
l I,, ?b'a-a n.f.ii *:ie,l thal at to oelaB elrcelattd
n.it "I hare ?aid ti.at r A Hathaway dnailed tbtSoetbera
Army m d sadaarorad to rai bl ? nae ka dntrt.' 'l ban tonel
rleof truth la that stats IB t, mt I ?ivor said any -
: ?.ait.
I bet! artM f. l'nwi. Mr Il.itliaway te sped t)irou!*!i
the Frdenl Hoc ind une to Bowling Oi*na,t>*rrDfrinfi i - I
mea with bim. who - ?tatra Army. Ifr. Halbe
I wai with CoL Jo Moore.?*- had aatborltY to rain aal?
,", .- ? .. p. : ? sad pri i : l to enlist s i aster I
' 5he Boothera Arm* tall beek oui of Kentucky ta Pebrnery,
ir-".' ?ii i saw bat little "f Mr. Batbaa .v aatil iboal M iV
: ' Mr Batbawa] aana te ? m... ami ia
! mo ti.iiii'i MiH.r.-!,? ni im.i bata captara), ai
r al ?' t? abet t te : II ti roof..
I mti?it.?iii'<l thai Mr Hetlaway waaaotafnaaai eat bed
I in. peaitioa ia lb! ?irmy.
I r *. ? ? u _? : 11 Mr. Bataawsy lae old to te lato the ara i
1 ptlrate, end I kfitw I I not Ort li the 8ontti with
i oat i.i.'vm. aad I earl i M Hathaway to patarata
i .1 .11 ?? tmil lil),,...bl.
Mr Hathnwiiy rxpr????-.l himi"lf itaiirou* to retntlt It tin?
i i,.?;,!. a li, i-..ut't olitiiu a poiition by whick hi
a ? .(.part. (, ., W.? lill 1.1 rr.
? W? >\\? i t t . !.? ir tl.i' I?ir, ' ?? .' I -ti ?' Bl
inn latta ii j li 4 r?o-vi.
*?'.'? I li-' U i?. wbtfl tills lli.l'.tci" !.. i
in -, J B . kri t_| find good Itw to i 'in;.l
WOllv V, li.. ?? ,|. 'I 'he ( 'ollillitkn I Ollll
cil bin '" com? M arro-.mt bj rea-ou (?!' tbtir
i dapping tin baal
only ; decency, tbtt It ia nowblfhl
they ' . ? aitba round tara, ind _
. ii .?ni Mia* there ii a 1 . : which the*
it and tbt; A ga, And, if there
, ., .. a '
i I i itb th" '?
.iinln th" COOMBOB Coum ii. tint BIB
.i Banu.rd. Wi in gltd la tu tbtt bt butha
itl I. fid : l'A, "vlii'li I'.' bil lli.nl" '??i bli lll't. d
t.> wa.rkout tiio right, If th" violator, of la
if tbt City place then.
toi )|.I.?- j?.l|.'iiii'iit ..r ".
the ?t.- I that in- will
from <?' -'? ? erith a tittil consideration ?I? li"
vv, Id ? in a t he?--!..._r.l.
i . i .- ?."cil .i r?' gn ..! robbery among m long
! ? ' i ml .-I ill In- Uki lir-t tn
it of . han?, tin-ii at ny, tn him ?
. V', ? i ni t rcll tap iiiHuences that
Ig to bl ti '.o B7l~~
-? gmtal n i-lili?! bis ?rmp-ftiies ia thi i behalf;
lhal ha au ibaa them tii.it ht li tim o] ?
f ti i ' j I ? ?.'..??'?'?"?
| i-, vi. .i - IO '"?:!? :n Um .. an '. I
IV" In.|- In; will siiiu- tliem tii.lt.
??in h ? ? reign people af the
..I ti ia . al "ii IB Aid.Tina:: or a
I | tO it! pl"V .-a | V.
?I, di rf'i?!'-'! vvith th" try '" :'.:ic..:i-.t:t!it?(i!:al"
li "V"iy lal ' ?'.?'' . "' lol ti- ?
' ' i ??? ? :. thal th" ?i. ..?.le bara toen
left al ? ' ('.nu::,.'!! Cobbi ?I i? ho
' '?rruptioiiisti a i" ??in | mole
of glander, when they aro
' l . ' ? kOO With a I arle-, jud..', I
" ? will a.ree th. i a !..
?ai then ibtf aiU e\.lum t,. aaiadifntal
'Webat ..I i_a.ii?t
VTa ti i ' 'i:i?i'i)?i Cobbi ii eoraaa
I ? lu'" Itirmir.l. Ii" w:ll not tt?tj paipetotlly
I'ljom th? in uni their i real ure, liom MBMB?BBtiHf
Iba (?i .??*. : ?id!" ;.r. !, but will girt ter paopla ia?
? . ?' li ?? ".! Ill-* l"-rl>-.ssii.-s by siiiitiij.' (he
rtgOM " I If .Hld ti,
Ill the liioil.'i ria -lill.ti III ted tll-'r., ' of Vak-1
!.. eil murdered ill MT. Week-, Qf Mona,
?!?? um:, leran wara eetlewa, ?uni all th.- a all baaaa
"good ? ,ti/cii? " ure -hoiked, but concur in IBatbo?
?iiiti/in?* the Kncliii'i.'- Han ni!. Vu iboald like to
Will -ni tin* number of Btgntt, white
Cb?aiiti, tad Bamaagtati pal ti death la tbt
S?'ith e.iin|iire<l with tho actual number of out lawn
aid " gaad ilion.'' Wt ao-dbai thal t a an mp_ ions
.I ni, ii w be render hilling a tsy.
I'he ladlit vv.ir in Kau?.is i ranatrtd. ii. ??
? inpi-h tribe- an hard t.. muna...?, for they are nu?
lli' white men, who ?Ivv.i) ? kee J" I.nth, "Ven iii poll
lim. Al tit < ."vernineiit toald do unthill?- t?> proi.'it
rit in N"',v .(?rle an-, mil has not tnkeii any ?tep to
pin?, tin rlottn, we | ?b iv ii, ?,'.? ein icarotly hope
lo" aid
iii-iii.vv aadMilaad that Victor Baga, abai bt
dew riled lha Devil Fish a- a munster rumbling an
mai.mil without B handle, with iiniiimernli!" radii
stritrhiiji mil in ?irrLtp t r, lylhino uithin rraeh, willi no
blood,bo bone , nodnb, ttnorhiag it? rietims ?ato
?i - pou h, Intended to prefigure ti?.- Philadelphia ( ion?
veitioL _
The ' Mr. Herron " who hu-decline.1 tetiag ana
fitllflfe to the rhlTtdtlphll Convention, after the
MMBCI HI NeVV-Crle.ill-, bli bell collloilllded hy
Th' tirald ?nid other ptftW vvitli the At tori.ey -
(bam! Herron, by win.ni Pre-ident John-nn ad
.!:. ?-' .1 the rioter? in n recent te legrain. The ex*
.l.'l'r'iiti t.- Miijor-l?eii. Frank J. Herron, well
known ii military operution-? near tbt Mis.-i.-Mppi and
Kel Kur-, and now lar?v'''ly interested in cotton in
Now-Orlnu*. There appears to bo very iusutln lent
'Tiunefo tin- niau'- ntliliation with the worst w lug
of the Itbelri in Louisiana; but bt retired from bad
company n tinic t" UTI I part, at !eu.st, of hu sol?
dierly boar, _
Ttl/efrri- front Saratoga to Tkt Timil.
" Ten p. .. ? Mr. VV.??>,! uml Iii? friend? ?re ooa*altiu? lu ?n
iipp. i ohirtrr I)?sn Kicliuioinl still lu frieutls .:.??'.,
the ssron (bit; clieteneri."
? Inn that wasteful ? They Mky Saratoga itt
crowded and room-rent MUb, Ol' course, appeur
anee? mil be pre-verved " Imforo folks;'' but, vv lien
it com.'H o "ciii3ult.il''," one "upper chamber'
ought to ?lie? for both sets.
^Tiir fttf fiNPlii".?In coiniin'iitin.'iipoti tin? ?nl.jeet,
the other ty, we gave tLe vote of tim Hoard of Council
men on te motion lo pass the me??ure orer the Major ?
vet?.. Wetli.l not ?i?h nur readers to understand Unit
Concrilmii I'nlluian, Tyn_ Win te ?mil Kabert- wen* the
only ('.iiiraltiioii (??.poned to thi? iniquitous scheme.
Winn thuin???, iir?- tir?i ptmd the Hoard, OBOBBttBMI
Knu in BTBat?ttadOearga D? BMhggfandtgriard
it? mil luv Unie k-eiitleineli heoli present wheu the v..!.'
la i??? ti? iwiii'lle over tin? vet" wit.? t'ikoii wa ?h"uM
i i "li i.l te Blaaean of racordiag a rote of ali
t.'.nm'aiB? it, ?itii.?ii_!t their ptnattttaldatt ?ira
Their Silu.ifion in the ??II
Report of Generals Steedman and
Review of the Action and Policy of ?$ Freed*
men'? Bureau.
Bpscuv. Diapi-.;'.. taTli? N V. Tri'..une.
W??ll!.s,?r?iY Tkai I
i io riag ia the rspoct of Qem. 8 lam? a_d Fui?
te the v ir I) ipsitaB-Bti
Hsir?OauuM I.?
Tmtm II'' ? Y k1. ^r-M.-. W
ngm VrsknfsttatanMMsakMB th? ti.Uow.a- raj
our inspection of tho operation?. - 1: r *
Pepsrtni-n'i I ''."orgta, Alabama. _li??i??ir)p:, Loclttona an.'.
XSbSB. isaiag 'ip leriatnn tins point? to whioh i?*?ecif?l at'an
tioa is oalled inour orderuf iiiitrui-tioD?. we found _nt tlat
tho n'jmTer of ofticors und i iviUaii, emploj-od by or a:',at*iel
to th? UBI BBS, ir. Ita D?part3:e::t? a'. j"o i.a_:e 1, we: I
. bia.?Obi i'r .'i liT-Gonr-rsl Aaatataat ? Coi
? lotj , . In Charge of hospital, a". 1 1? t
1 A??is??!it ( ..?i ?ii ,1 ?tii-ri. (Tvilian f-mpln* ?'?? :?'. st a :
! pay of f->T?'. ii ?ddltli ? 177 sa -it- ;? ?Intel li ?
j mm with Ita reaolstlon ol' th? Georgia State Co-?ont!nn,
; (?,?.a" .-' TI ?? an sol ? iii from taresaf sdi I
fool aBovi i i'?r appixrriog t Mtracta *n?i ot!. -r Istle*
ALABl'Ii.? Oa? **.t j i'. .-??->?*. er ?
on ?taff'lu*;. ' S i?> A-sittent Couitcinloneri. CtrBBM U.
al ti ninntlaly pal ot r
Ml?-t- : ') ? M? J ?r (leri.-rV AmIi! ?r * '
sit ob staff duty '?t?o; :i.?n?-- Bttltary daty anT a'??, i
.1 ity. Only C1 ?l.scs ti st
n man'.'. . of || ?mi.
Lo i?! t\\'-(?nu Brif? 'h-r-H-nersl, Asal.tan'? Bl tai
cr? nine on Staff duty, :?? 3ub.A?sistan? ComBinIo-?*! try
<?n tofflporary dnty? clrllJAM ?i. b1 a .'?.".?.' Missy ?f
: .
'IT tat--o.-.' BrlfBdler-Genenl A??:?tar' '
! sir on ?taffilnty, -.??I S?.L A?si?t ??.I L'ot_I_lJ.:oii ? . ' ?
; r at a m-.nilly pay of ? ?
i - to ?"nrn ratiSM tan tal la ??ch
titan Ita Msf-SB IB bj? to Ita M 4 Apr! ?wa
I a?! filloir.
?.: -???li -Il?t?: ? B -ree.lmen. DbssM-M 1 M7i ratLau?
. t?i tri-?-lui?-: J mi. ii?. ? ? a. rtitioai toil
.Man!: I . . . ?kit?
' munn,
ISi m' - ??- to wkito .-?: ,??'. i .
, r.-iugee?. Marr?: .
Ai hums ?Batios? t, frm>d:nen 1). emli r ?519 rstl
ni :i J ina ir-. . i r lUoai '.. fi Ibw ft tntt
lines. Alar L. r.ni? Battons !?? -..it
- I ? ?
! ?.-Lriia:* '.',???;, r. ?
. ?iiitt- rsl iss ??. Hani i ?.?' ??
Uimisb rx?Beti -*n Etoc*nr??T JTO rsti-tos
(o freedmen. Jitoiury t n] tarons to i
lions to frrsala M at
rations to whit ?r.?-. 11
rat m ? lo white ria--? I ; :. ??y. 13; rations :?> wLite relu
gSBBj -I ?rt 1 .
I. .t isi isa?Rations I
I I .'. l-.-l.rii.iry. 1 !>; March, I - I rklB reijgetjl?
l?i'?:aii:L?-r. .1 -Januar?.. -J I, lit.ruir; li March M
J I v. it? lo iriedmen?Dei" ?tar, '.'. Jin', ity 17
in .. Man '. To white refugees?!? '??
us'ry. I; KeLrusry. 7, M.r. !-, BBS?
There m no n--cesiit.v f.?r relief bev.?n I te pSSSSM i?-Hoa,
1 eicept ia Nort... ra QasSBjM and Alabama. tvL-r?) a I ?SB ?i
BSSnMBBJ -?! re iiaiiit?.'for sunni t...- M '
the States a?ou tLo ?uoicsa ? f til- y.-i:'? CTS) Bri liBle
BBeaancsBsat tas taM | ran to ti . ral m ifttaB-MBB
ky the alt-MB sf ?hit >:.?.?? ?-?i'. klabsBa : lOiMgis?? ta
? i.t OBBflB-BBsMM Wi BS aed Swa-n?,
liitre rSBnrsi mich of the prejudice s?a:n?t tL? B?roail Ly
BO ?nui' Hu? ? .,, -ration pt tTe ettil BBlki rltl ?? A Ti '
la eipen.ei et tL ? BarSM ? ,
than it is nn'.v. Ita ducoi.turnante of pa | -i not in
Ttiry BBBBB of tho i;..r.?rnii?'"?* ????? I! r-.l. ?? ?-r
pensei f?>r c!, rk?, detract surge-ins, hospit?! ?ewsrd?. *c ia
IM fu.l-wio* ?aiuaai?
ii- oral k > ti Bl ver sana*-: Alshims. 133. HI pir inni:.-?,
Mt??is.ippi I ?j?, j;?) per annum I.oiuisn?, ; -i ?n-r a-i
i. tm, li-t.ii. OKA. ??? ["'r ?unuui. T?jta!. *.
All the ?abor |x?rfor_ie?l by the??? employ.-? r_i.'ht b>* ?li?
? . Ly do*.;!? from th? troop?. Ia pasitaM reporti wa
bare r?co*nai?ndi<d the tuergtai* ot tho -!.'. ?
llir.-r: ?ni BB ""?.it!'..'. W S ?1 BBJSta Btgt
ami!sBmat.o:i. IwMisI rfafllorn ikaraM ta nanlnl M ftt
f um tt??* j.iint I
We Las- ?tit-J our ??pinion ?if Ita ISBSl Bl Ita BpBBl(B Of
Iks BBMM on theLiLitiof fre<??ltni'n. aud t'??s'.r Hajv.i'jitlon to
labor ?nd lopport the:- BBS? W hSIS 1MB BMhMg i:i i.')
iBiea? to tal haag* Ita liewa - *
rrrrs?rrl ?a pmt r-|..?rr?. We ti.??' speak lu lietel! ??: 'hi I:
;h" Stst.M wo har.* Tisit??!. The BOOMI i-'- (?e.>r?*ii
mi 1er the BBBBfMMSl "f Brevet Major (?-n. Tills .?a, has kSM
1 I, ail blS an ...i ...... I | Ita tmsyittl
nSB L Hie .??stem i? ???p?Lli?. It La? Leen s?hi?teil by the ??>r ,
ernor. J'lilf,'?-'! of Hi?.* Supreme Court, sal eitll s-ltbiir.?
ti/crw. TL?.> a-i..-r,????l liir? of
s are fully as liLer.it a* tLo?o aj any Nmli?*rn '
Bato? N thi? fie?, ws L iva fouti l
that airen!? of the It ireau hare t.kon ca? -i out of tb?? bar_?ls of
the cirtl iiutli'iritims. .-ind disposed sf them in s marner u??ver
i"?.nt.?ni?,'lii? 1 kj Ita Siwa of the State. Tl.o freedni.-a n.'
ta^orj-is. wb--re an n?-ut through tha Stat?*, were generally at
work, and wh.'r.?-. ?r t!..ir ? aire, were r?mun?rai iv end r?gu
?arly pani I'. ;. raMSSStSBMl mt ipi | ss.-ll. In A!?l.a:ni
M ?j??r-(ii"ii Wager ?savne. CoBBiiasioner, ha* pi.r??i?.?l i Ti?
crest, liberal, and enlighten.*?! noli?r. laboriug to ??-cir?? ti. ?
r? ?iperition of the ?ivil anthnritie?, Rn?l to obtain fn?m Hie
iidicuil luicliiBiry of the Stnte a recognitn r. of the right.
I ????nlial to the well beini,'of freed pooplA 8ot>orJiii it? Igent
bare been guilty of consnlt-rable irreg?ilaritlr>i. The follow in?;
oatnctl oillcer? and ?gent? arc ongaged iu planting
C.'l C Calal jr A. A. (i li -V. llnr-oun?. agent at
M. a, If! ii. a? .1 ! M,o OH"--, uti' ? i: I " . : , : ir-.-rs lato
1 ("liirf (.u.iru'ruia.atiT, c vv | . iBtoadtat at Edeaal
ion,.*?. S (?tiril'ii'T. lato agi'nt ?it Seim i.
Our attention was called i i te? i!l?g?J n:i?,?,i id'ict of the
) s-r-ut lit lire.'tivill?, in ?'l'ing CovcrnnieBt ritioti*. but as
! (Jen. Swsyne himislf li?d iitidertak.?ti t,, inv,t?:i *?te
' tl.e matt.-r. Wa lil Bel ni',air" l'ito I ? .???.? We (Wet BB1
freediuen in Alali.ima working well on the pl-int iti-ei? Bal
tin? bei.?) r?iit? lui, 1 ?i?. lfa ttie ?treaiiii out of tl.eir Ijinks,
doing inni.,'ii?o damage to i!n? crop?, and soino npprvboiiii in?
wer? f'"lt tluit tl.e tteedi-ieti win? were working ?n ?liare?
j winji lo?? tL.ir lul.or, au?! would not be ?LI.? to
i nae aahatotoaae tor theaneton eel fcnBMa in Mi??i?ippi
Mnjor-lii'ii Tli.niiii* I. VV'i'o.i ha? impiove.l'i;?.n He' ulura:?
i trallas ef his preta - i Cal ?^muei Thouin, who.?.? ??.Tey
-.1? ,:,.( , .ileul.il, it to prd'1,9 I: .rilloll? l" t -V .-oil t! I r.'C.'N.
11 ".'.? i? ?till mer,' ill feehn/eiiitiug brtWOM ti.?? w!i.:.'t Bad
j blicks in M.?i v.?i|.|'i tli'i'i elsewhere. There arc chum?i i.|mt
atuii: ni I neill li - btread tiio control of tl.e lajroeu. produ'iiig ,
?ntairoiiisiii liol I'l ""l???'.l At llr.-nsili an org.ii.i/'d !>in.l
a,i ?I- |',i.i'l,i. ? l.nve. for ?omu Hilo p?*t, held the town in
terror. In April list they murdered l.ieut. lllmjlng
of tin? Baiaaa The napeeaahle ahlBaaa ?trongiy
I'onileiun li." i run', and BBagbl to bara thj mar- i
der, rs I,ron-iii to j istice. At Meridian a conti it lou of ?lang?
nearly a? bud pre. al? M ?jar .1 ?f, Kain ?its tired iifton in the
niall,t atoa moat'.- m'.', au exe lient oflloer on good teran
w ilh toe people. At ('.i'i'i'iiIiii?, M.ij ir ,?>i:iil!i und" MMB
mirkable statement!, ile at tint ??idtli.it tho people at ;'..? .
diitrie? were wr!l-dl?p>)?ei!. that the .rcdiinm wer. dom'?til,
tai. ti watt kiudly treated l-v .iii Bl toft ?li" poor-r classes of
white?. In a Tery few niiuute-i afterward ba a-iertcd (bat
aatiaajn m tie free.! neu liad ban committed hf two thrdi of
tbo [laatfTt in the Brighberhndl H" pro?
ceeded to ?nil.? eipeeully the niture oi tho ouir?ig?v
I.y wlin'ii committee!. 11" mentioned three only, all of which
I hld leen ii.iiiniil'.cd on t!.e .??me plantation hy the. overseer,
.uni all of vv In. I, hid t> en rama?kU l.y ti.? planter liinueif ai
' ?.soo a* hi? at'entmn wss e?IIed t? thom. On lnvestigatio'i, vv.
found the itatomont? of this offk'.'r n? to the ill trentmeut o
ii?trr?.e? gi?1??.) exaggeiated. and learned that the agent bim- I
?ah bal, ?ii ata a i ?aloa airton a pi laen wici whom h? vu? I
dming t?. ihih aay aagia aba itltaal te weah, Ami-from
Ihe plac? infeited I) bud men, tiio ne-roes ia Mmt-iippi
work indiistriouNly an.l, a? I rule, ire kimlly treated ml doing
well. Tlie (.'Meers of the Boreiu formerly impoied and col
leeted Cue?, and many kept BB records. At Grenada, a former
?glut, chaplain la?.a uiore, did a tbriring I..??.a??? in this w?y
of lollectnig fine?, sud ?filing rations end (.orrrument
baiaaa ai:d mule?. Thi? officer ??.eau not only to hue col?
lected tail riiiigiug froiii JJ cent? to ti from the fr?edaen fur
marrying tliem, bul also altempted lu etset f?ea fruin re?id.ut
white ciimiter? for giving '.liem permission to man freidmen.
In cases were *M ttgfU? were unable to piy tiio ?um de
manded of ihem for npproting or marrying
tliem, the chaplain levied on pr.|-rty, ia
one csse iciiiog a negros ?ninty w.Iiet sod Jack
kD.f?? for a balinee oi _) cent?. Thi? . I .?..?
druing i* probably lo boscconntcd for by the feet tbst (-'hap
Ima I ?lermore openly einresscd hi. intent a?u to return to II
BaatowBh |10,tn ia Mt peehal A al had been nanto!
from hi? |M,?t he offered a -iltt.ry oin.er .at) for lui intlMBM
le r?tela ?nui in hi? position. Chaptala I.iverroori) taft no urti
eisl papan bahM t?> ?how the disimsition he had made al tlie
fouil i, one,I. A lurg? amount of money w11 colleeted |,y
Ita liiat tWO Agents at I'alamil is lu Ile simpe of fe- m. I
lice?, and, ?oftr a? ?.? e..u!.l !,.irii, a,, nee.?nut v? a? | \-r ren
der.'.l" .? 1 - - ?? I .1 - ' astoree1
BBl arl H'al. I",1.1er ' ' ?1 illa:.
I ' .1 ? r.
lu _..'4)?U_. th?, Huies- is Ban m Bte** al Ht|t||bMBl
I I - T- I _ __^ .
ml?- natfcaa to my BtarBMB Mi? atna? tal Mm
?.??:????-? mty .?Mlteri t_a - thr???
- Hie expense, of kkt I , , . ..,
. ?nding the first of June 'A,n wer? ?n.-r | ?>i ?j
'.tina otir-adTur? there wero ?^li^trtod, in tai??anj
rent? the. f .l'owin - nBMSBBl
? r ? ?el f-rarp .-... I- .. .,
. ?
' ' ? to j i . ??!??... ...
1 BB ti e? .7 ; i ?
''"?'! . - . ii' l
Baria?? irtan st saa.aa ? m ta gril ? ? ral ????'
'lrea.urv. I lie.? MnSBMB ?re m additio- ti Hie iMMfSBM
Um nttoM m1 ?sssBsssBaBan MgfBM tsralMil batta
Gsreraaeat IT IM ibi bbbB BltaBi. ii i .i
? ?Mini?? sf M IIBlBiattl or sb?udon?.l a-io.iatr 1 ,., valia
toe!Oo.?l(H? ?nd Hi? rent. r?firna?l ?. ?^r? m?ntio?e-il ?r?
1 ?? in one per cent oa the entire raine. TLe SSOSSOiMn
of th? BSBBM under the present _d*_.nutrition foi ?g?rn??.
alsrka ?ad e_>,:lo.i?-i ?laout It? he.d (tinier.
alua?. MMSri t.? cut less thaa MOON * y*ir
?-Clusire .: ? ? ; : stsff oftcer? a:i.J orderiie? m
t??.* mUBMT serrli-. A large proportion o'- the ??. m-y
? 'edon the fr-e-linen s ?iliools, onder the ?I'm n.t- .- ??
.?: t'.? 1st*. W. ( nnvc iy, the lato AsaUtint Louitni?sinner, w?
? :?? t.i-i.lii-1, wi? - ,?inndere?l. Mr. Ma'thew Wa ia les. f.K
ni'Tly ni ti-School I>t??? ?rttii?*iit. itsted ia fcptSBB? MB
tfcal ( . ? - .tendent, repi ' ' ty ttan
were niiif'iij'.ls laoperatn." . ' ?hes
IBS and ?. ? and rrjvorito
were d-?iroyed in t'.?p'. I'ea.e'i ortke and others M?iti '
? ?? ::>. otij-.'tt ?or the fabric iti'- of t'...i talie r?f-srt
.? ?? t- mi.,mt for paj tuent* l
i ? tr. LBi eus-age(t ia teaching. Opt. Alo:.- appoint*!
I'm", o-it Manb-il by Mr. Conway, made Li* olio?*? .Iir? p?b.
air'.-itijg freedtuau and sel?i_i? them M l??'?*'?>':-t ? .at ti ? I', ?
i .; and ?ainag Hu- [.roc-.-edi with L.* ???ela! p4.1.
wLo ir. id'." Ita air??!?, tait officer ? - . lae
Bsisee ?s itt?Biatiao a large rtststtirr In ?ii., k a p?y?
tea M IfMSB B-BBBBBd dollar? a y*?r a* re.' W... . i
A i, :i Bsii'ii i? Hi- Allimtat CotTT ??.". ?.- ia?! MiiiUrr
?.il.ri'm iii? ItofartMsai Ho ia|
?_.?..?r. ?.' n "' Mr.0 mwiy.
InTssmMetoaiHtlM for anrsBag ??> m BaHsi Malta
??> ?-?? found it imp-wiio! ? M c ?he a ti
psrtBMts ILeboad iiirtor?
of the Htnesu .ir? at ?U-ylres'on. A fat?- agen'? ?te in BMB
sc^e.aiLi! ? auil popU-ji* paita of the Stato. Of th? i meTi: n
b1 Sa-kBttoItalBtntorns ? its sMala n ? ?
...til..-. . r?,-j tie Bajeata of t?C r.atC?l >*| li
; ?? 4?V?*r?l of
r.il dis'.licts At !'.(.:.... .nd Cap?. .?>. ?.v
. | ? ' B planting w:t'i h:? f-rmor ?Bri*, ( pftt
' . m of fLa Bsbel srsaj Ctgt, Mit. -o':.
... ?' bs4m sell thal ta en m
?, ptoriaden hal M ?.
1'. ?B ..-..( of the t: jo;n, a. 1 1>. Bl B I I
1 !, - l.i I ? .1 It.cr- ??*? MM '-?'
tait* * ss m i- " -- S 1 ' Ita! ' a .dinenlior.eal ?o I i"B
theSBB ? '-I'..?ti-- I , '? I BBBBB. i."l'ii'?
1 MflsgnBthspsBB afttaBBSssnts take
? ?'.t.i i'.intalion? anil plac? th?:*a...-. 1 u ou a. liBO
r. Hail I IBBa ?Sri ' r- ?
? i - .. lal.),' ? I ???I I
i d-.spn*i.. ?-. : ? pSSftt '??:*. M.-t |
' wai BfSfSl I I ?:?!??:? ?' ' . Bl I MB ; iii freai
, ?.'j to |.. a _.?ia: i ia ?"?ia. Bl . i.r-. i D
i iBtiMB mtta?npsrtri ?bnsObbs thai Mb
!'. ? ' ta ltd Bri regard b.s [?roi? a? binding L
niBOsaaiktoMsh-Qnas-tontassalart Li? p
he_?d be? a oM:ged t?> nleaiehim. W? ?re sstiUi-!
wa?<-'.' r'y la ?ornr*e*?nt ft ali j iii on. In the ltres'jin?
', t-Sa-ti < j." S. A Cra.g Hat?:d tksl hu fnttPtutttt, l."i'
Ar.? '. Twelfth Illinois (_-t".*:i..-. Lad kept r.i? n
: ' . i": arikisg II th ? Mm bri -i L*t of I'o.ttiacta
. and a tile of order?, and Lo coold give as uo infonnstio- ' ?
official acooaat? I". ..*-i? ?ger.-i ia Tetn ei*
i p?)s*eri ia'lOtl.t.Ti! and criBiaalcuei?. a- ... - .?-???of
? - ?ry v.l ?iag??r'?:j t-!a;f M fr*.iu?ot.'y ?r.
, rest acl i-ap.-ii.ii rssasstahte cltlMa? apta !??'("?
rumor. Cafi -MSB Bl Ki- hmond. while at ??s?ti?
? toa o? i dil! arrested a c t"*.i and pat
,.-.??i M kui p.?'? thst Lo w?nt?.l hici a- a -.-. .
in a cane. i?Li.;h Le on:r knew ?rail LtBBM BBBM "i hr> ?gUt
.a Tea of r:.e t> ig?*a*.i ur-cri.sn p'.an-er? ?I ?o'
I them Cal. tbCSBBBSj-M Ig Bl I - 1 I BBt||, SOO Bl
rnerlv a Colonel ia tha r.ai>-l arsiy, and '.vs.. app>j?otf>.? ii
I agent of th?' tal?M by (?ID. (?rogo-y (hen A.iiatant Coman?.
! *:?>neer ?or ?Lo Mit-?, uhiieati I ??tirnrdon.'J
W! ?le w.? Le?oT.- i. . '.'.-'?. bon ?. i i L.?
ailu.ii i?:ri'.i ? wo linns hu BBBSSB I ti MI ?al ;
ed ill fe-'.i?,' and bittercc?? l*-??*.w??'"3 th? whit?, ?ti ! I-.'.. .,. | .
far al wo ?air or wert; aal; tu g;t iLfiru?.oa ia TVi t? '*
i rkia,- ?el' aalltaanfa i ra tnty ? a
.. ?|i..l til the psyments k I ?i' ? t',y- n
?rental I ?. ?? : .tt
- ia; Caa-BHSri
Ia p'iri-.ng *..i? i-v?*a-tt or., ?vlf.c'a h ii Baw i xt nj ii or or
IBBS ?j aa'l:? B I --Uren.? il?.l Ity B
??v.:h t!..?? pa.:, .i. of mir laitructio?:? w!_ i ,.ir ? I ? re
;?r' -.:-ia i..o .;>ara.???. < ?i Ita Huresu a"i 1 IB modecf almin
^?. i ' ? ?'? ?Vdta'tui-r- , . , ?
***T???r ? :? in ruure aLi.-a .'of ?J-toBOI i.-.iTraiity ?m U
.titat..,!. 1 . sns ?*?' r ' ?: ? sCssm ? ic* ? Isllsstl gewS ? ,a
sri?djo.:...!i .??' ? ? ArbI *." '.ho coil H
I B tkirll i offictri. culi?? t t.?
ostei ?n-I ' ir.-i thom os."r t ? ? PnrsBCBmBObOB
? ? .- tasssM-B
stt?aijTi'd to r.-rfi.i: ? ?'?? MM ?-'- Wkttt QM '?' I o
? "a employer _a_ <*i:,,.i ;? 1 i? pie.cn' 1 ti
one S"iti" ?-.I- i: a.: itLer a d:if're-I lorui ii BBWfB . I?
i...??mi ni i ?i.- i ? ? ihaadBBVi aatarii l.it ena
v. holly paid l,> Ita Gorerameat In tie oth??r Stat ?? 'h*
scho?)!? are ?<!f ?apportiag. Ia m li ?tatt
- i_'.ertVro arL:i.-ir.:*' Letwo.-r t'.,n planier ?al -i?
a, ia taror ?if *...?.- Ereed-ieni la oth?-r looaa.ti -a ila
Haren BBSMtBg 'La fieedaiea ia i'i??*r
of tits ;? ?l'.t. Tti? tSaSBBHtSM tt the F.atean T?ri-s ??
much a* OB aia ! ? ?)?: ?-fl_a-0rati B. In MS S'st? the eipeasM
are over *?'S),?J i y ? ir. ii anathM State, ivi'.h aae.ial
V?pul.mon. tno ei?^:?>.'4 t.- ? a ,* atar- toa:: |". I 0.1J. l-l ? au*
Stat?! th ? ei?"'.".-.-? Lia ? tv:n Be. by tai ?. ntttt? Bal
lected | ? BM OB I.'
born- bl (Lo Caitl ! S:.-.-? 1 ^?i?irr.
Vi- found li BatMilUi : . kef tn
I Ilureau ,|'iirt?r:Tiista.>r* tor the reason thal vr'.eii 'Le indi
. were receired fruat Tv'it?, rents, tina?, tul tate of *u*i: |.. al
|taayaai~ toan wan aa tnttt af maanatlag I ? ?
Neeton x _ '?a tottan m1 Btotonato of tie oit.c*r*
? -. a laartemaator la BM tttty tnoftat Mi toan
': from the (?oiarii?ient his the ?moant tharf d up tot-:, a !
| s u!>!?-ed to eccoiiat for ii ia lit? (.(urn, but til? loot... -,? 4
j the admimstr itionof th. (.-lartertuaitcr?'dcpsrtm.-at .?
? Bama _n_natn i I apea tot anean, tinas
?''.?.int? ' v .?a tbo rwrsjii.il hone?!? of ?:. ? a.,-a t!?,_.?-l?"?.
w?eitruiu'd the? eeaaoaB]of Baa Mt-B Whittle
? . i: ranQeamrneetarat thePepaitiaiatefMUttastoft
i wb.? m1?led aat-Bt n bad honestly adalaliatond t-e IB-1?
atatsDepirtiusu! _.d had Boonun!a. f,r allot the oaoe*
, received l'y Ina, ' ?i whether bli predeci>?tor, who co!".-led
1 ? BUBB _ni"i::.t in.m MM r"u'_ ?id ??ile?, p .id o?.r
M Oat vv;..c".'-v ai: tin? Beear M his hied? no
lougi:),' to ta? ? nea, i i wau Beatle io tan ailsa
VV" ,!,? not mik,) thi! ?tatemint to rettet! -.(-ia
(Ust ..Uiver. a__;n-t vt'ioui titan -era ::e c?arg.i. but lo '..?
tretothotoeseBMBaftfcaaratoaB d- ? ? ? a npa4 "f Cat
Kenn, l'roro?! Mxrshal (i"n rtl of t'. iia.eiu in IiOntaiens.
?bow? i defle * o! uoward ef ?".'?>' ni li... lu-co-iot? of th?
orllcer? win? wert, ?ngtvred l-l t!.e ??.. ??,".'-., of tuet in New
Or'eaiis. winch tali it I ! RaaBBajahB li '.liable to eipU.u
in conseil uenoo ni ..?? looie tnenaei la Which Ita hBBt
It etna at* toe'wtr ml for ?nme time liter lb? .??sit u af
hiiinnin ihi i'iai.1?ni banaa did gai). Tie Vn ? f
th South, t iv.:i_ a: tiri? no faith ia to ? :: '.--no? w<jriiii* an?
der a froo lalwr ?yst?-!, wer? des.rrn:i ?( grttiug n I ttBBmi
???ii-t dnrinf the ?"uir.-ier of lin j.!.cam llur??a i.I
military ottieer? did much toward io*t-irln_r ordjr ?al
li iriaoriv-, mi in.!";r>ini- ?h? p.?o; ;,. of B:?? ti- I ?
rem:ue ti.j ciliivatioii at ti . . as by omplorlag the
f'.ed'uen. Before tho , I ?- ,: ,- .?hire-wat an ettir? roto.
lu?ou iu th? .secti-ieat? ot tie paeftt ti t'-e Sau'b with m
g.ir.l to aagn labor. A faaBag Bl kio lue?? ?pria.' .,t
toward tue fre "oiain. reiultiug mt.niv from the B
noa that lit Mer ??? laalraWa in?i pn>ttab.e,
and tilt on'y !.;bor to be bul. TI.? n.<>"?_iW
of th.? liurem then o<*nr?d. Sid** '.tien, while it h.t? tw.ri
beneficial in som? lo.al.ti.'s ;: '..a* boea produvtl?-? ia in ?at
liregste of more ?.?ra than goud. It liai occasioned, sa I w11
perpetuate diieord a?long sait "list, ?bi.agh adminli'er_l>y
the purist aud ?is?*ste)T??of ttu r.stion. The mednaa r?
gard its presence ?? eviieco? that ihey ???li
bo ur.nfe without it. .?.J tbo n-it'? *>?*opli con??er it ?a in?
put ilion upoB their integrity ?-id fair in?, atti en e?;.i?ji__?
o|iou the ?-.?litil rictton of all their couru aad ma-iitri!?*. m
well as upon thi print- i-aditc. of t_*ir ?lunns. Bola r_>*a
?re thus mido luipii'iins and bitter by an a_?_oy oUA Bl '-*
press?t r_orgaoiied oondit.iu o: c:?.i fOTtrtnaen'. sad ?ueioXf
in t! ? nathan ?tate??. .1 poweilos? to id;?oca tie inurest? ??t
lhe tn*?? protection tli? treN?-l?:? ka? In the SToiih ;? *' I
rsl-ie of Id? Isbor in t'-.- msrket end if lie li left BM to dB
p???e of this?at ill iimtn- to :h? hia!?it.biddor, H ?li . t
by contrae!? made for him hy I'lrs*. ifBeer?. no BBJBJ ?
?l'on? t,.-: for h i* *?.-tr ->r Mi ?ucees*. : .
CftadBMB could si thi? momo?'. Jjiuind the w*g'i ? i
BM Inn :
j'ls'if?. I ? ' a. ft '!?? titi ' . ' ? in
-?? i .' * ? : " toaath li pa i a
' ? I
tor theil later. Thar I ?? ?
tai Htm .,.?- t tttfmi

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