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vol. XXVI..N0- 7.908.
The CuMCtiM Between UM Old and
I lio Net World CoiiipiVted.
News by the Atlantic
Cable to August 11.
Napoleon _____ From Prussia au Ex?
tension of Frontier.
Close of tlie English Parliament,
lloxol I'm! .nun i |h> l?ii??n'? Bprrrh.
. on, i batata] *? ?
The iiri>.?~ati-ii (?) Um E i| ? ? Pi liaBtel t.ik. -
jil.* ti nan,,',! ?. ' ? a f ? ? - ?-? ? ? i M I!.?' "i'a??"iivi .1
breathe neutrality Bat |
1 e ion, ITulsy. A,.g. IO I t
Tie ?ession of 1 '. i-il"-.il.
The Qaaiaf- aytai I ' ?? di-iolution returns ti.at.k?, t?. B i
OoierntiiiL! i.f ti.? . - for tlie ttti.n ?akin by ii la
the BBBttM nf r' ! ?u'.o Canada.
Tbe tpaaabalaa naman na Qu.en'i -r?iif?i?:??>n tt UM
?necee? ? f the At! ...
The rrniuiml? r it Ita - Ban Me lijro:.- relate? to
Booie .j.ieitioni.
The I: mop?, au Waa ot Indol I'rrpsr?iiioi
?I ? mare
The war in Ea: prt I
The n.v.t.iry alni Mimi jn p.riiion? ol' Irin? puiLt I.It
Baetiie intent,on on tt.c part of Napoleon, if i.is demi?.1? for
the ( itrckion of tie front?n of ?ance to I!..
pne? fu:iy coiLpued w.th.
ftnpolron Ask? au Kstrasl?? ?f Fraalirr.
KlftlttB ha-1 ?i.-kul 'ruin l'r.i--?ik hti tltf?BB ti
tht ?roL?e: al Trance.
The French Drmaidi Tp?n Praeeia.
Authentic irifiiriiiation from print! MUrct
Gonfirin tie f iliowinj. jost recenedt
Yali*, It-rata} Alf. I I '
Tie Trenth C?lnr.et na? uddieietd . t-ot* t? the I'runian
Goit-rnment, po.nticg out that the BBBBl changes in the polm
til nrtrsniration of Germar,y render it teeeiiary thit tbe
-Teni h frontier iLonid be rectili-- by an __0O*?Bfl tim nitori
lo Trance
Tie Trench Cabinet made yeitenlay a further cotnmnuica.
lion to the Cabinet of llerlin, deraandir.,.' the reitoratiou of tht
FreLih frontier _? it exuted in It ?4.
I be Praseiaa Pion or 4 ?nfriisrailoD.
IH_U_. Thursdsy, Aug. '.', :t>t-6.
The ?-emi-official jooroo] to-day Las au article ia fa
roi of k'BTing intact, ?? far a? ia conver.ieLt to the general in'
teres!? of Tiussii, tbe ti,al inititution? peculiar to each conn
try to be mcoruonted with Prussia, and eipecially the system
ci administration of justice, the pruiiscisl uprcsentatioc, tad
tbt cocilitotiou tod administration of t ur communes.
A J-fatiaaal laalitaitaa far Iaralit Mol Jim.
The Crown Prince ho?? i?ued an appeal urinr.?* ti.I
Btta.-fcb_cnt of a national institution for invalid a-oldieit. It
1* with ti., content of the King that the Trince takei intereat
la tin undertaking.
ArriT-le ?f Dipl?-.lint al Beril?.
Baroa Pfordtcn Mid C'ouat Bray have arrived from
lianitb. and the Trince or He??? hu? ?l?o arnred from Cari?
rtihe. _
OT.e Trince and Trincess Frede-i.k William of Hesse, while
a? their ws) to Berlin, received a c?r_ninnlcatioD at Magde?
burg, in consequence of which they di_?octioued their Jour
Tbr Araalalire Baliteen Amir ia au* Italy.
TirOtEXCt-, Tbursday, Aug \ im?*.
The suRpennioa of hostilities between Ital- aad
A oil.-.i. it n expected, will expire on the 11th init, at 4 ?, _.
LOBikOS, Saturilii, Aug. 11, le-tro.
An on???tice han been agreed upon between Aus?
tria tad Italy, upon the bati? of the oe??ion of Venetia to Italy.
Withdrawal o? lb? Italian Iro.pi |?a ,_,,
The Italian troop? have been withdrawn from the
Tyrol scron the Agliamento. becaoie Cltldlnl declarn that
the latter is a mora defensible position, while olbin sty it li
the line of demarcition marked by Am tria before connnting
to tbe armut ne.
T"-oogb the Ittlian Xroopa in Venetit tre being concentrated
la their d?fenses, hoon ere esterttined that the difficnltin
will loos be arranged.
_Ptr.ec! I _-(-r*tan-i__ Bri-rra I'riKi ?tad
A ??erfect understanding exists between Italy and
franco with riference to the cemon of Venetit.
TI' D-B-.iBB PriBti-aUiire-Pr??p?tt? mt
?* Peace.
lil? HlRlsT Aug. 7. lef*.
Tbe Turkish army of observatioa _n the Danube is
belog gradually remona.
It is believed tbit Turkey baa reco-nii? 1'rince Char In of
Hohe m?llern ai floi'-oiiiro? the PrlBclpalitiei.
Many of tbe Koamaniaa aoldieri are beug diib*nd?d.
TB? Kaeprrea ?f .Tlrairo al Parla.
The Knipret?? of Mexico has arrived in I'ari.. She
???ki nd from the Kreni h Oorerameut to the cinn of Bin
-B*>taaaBaoaaa~at Um g.?rn bj ftutli io __t_"iat*?
?*???LiJ for ui. *-it?_. ion of frontier to the J(t__f
? omit?? r- ml Ino Mi?'n? ? .
I on n. Thanes?, a^- *?, uit.
i ?? i *-:.*. FivaS-Twaatiee are qnoted ut ??-..
. Centra) ?Larc? al '.'. ;, and Ere ?Lare? ut II,
UVBSSOO-i AsgnM 1?, P- tn.?The Cotton ninrki-t wat?
?teady tu d,ij. wuL laleiof 10 OOM talah Middl.og I J laiidf
LomjO*?. AagSBl li. p. m.?Cori.t.'s wtr?quoted st the close
of burnie?? to-day ut r'ifor money, ft. ti ii Stute, lie
.W-UiT ! ?ill.le ill-!?' aJBStSl Mt sha i-losi- al o-j; I.liuois O bimi
?bares,'.. J. J.?.e liu.?road slntres. 40J.
i'Aius. TtBslay, Aii?. :? |
Ins Beana M ira, Ita Rsatssd Mafatta? ??"?.
I.iviiip o:, AsgsM i" ?
Co-rTos.--Tbe lalee of Cotisa tot thasreekksve
itarva ?'? ? lana __Bsf?ssaaj per
?( _?? ...ft l'|la:.(li - ; I. lo
i on a Autvist io, nea
. ?
? -? '? 1 ??in? siere i.iu.ttd at Ita 8MM ?f
. ? ?
11 " ?, i<- .inn i d at ti.?- close at ?Bj.
E... r ua ?art ?,.? led ttbsa^rasB tk%
: a? O l i la Hrpiiaritt.
.... B, tV ? M| tn
! ? . -? Gulf t.f Bt? La
. ? ?! weat bn
'? '?': II ItttoS V ii ti I
. I ' ,.'-.?
nil.' l !.e-i ci :? s ?a ti."
- I"
An I Bay, I
I ? 1 . ? ! i. . 1 . - 1. I . ' : 'la,. ?
1 . \. vi UM 1.1 AUB ?
li. . i .lory Bia
I'oblir Dp. <
o ? . v :i
ii ?V' ,
? r_*
no r.'.-lt. .
? 1 SI. I
- .. !?' ?
?< ... ,1 I.
?li ,
-ig. :? .... . .
' .
? ? ?<> ? ?
! .?ck iii t! ? i.
ima t..e ?
,.?:.?. ?
omi ?l? t i,-. 1
? 1 i
Ja,.?. ii .i bali
. .
?-.a.?.- t
al in? I sua oil
Ihr Tlui.lni,. u o
The Jan y i
k grath
Il m tb? i.. . ? .
- ?a.-,
te then i
1 I... I . ? !
r ? ! - U .
?. u .
ric. i '
l! ttal l? '? ' '
I 11 I
? i
.Tier?' t tau irai.
A Vi w-O'l.-.. |
.? : -t ?
' II ft (I e a-'??
bars lurrei . erru
i?p,a- tru.-a?- Ii r t 1
iii. I'...?:..', ni. . r
It waa 1.1
Mi.j. .-??c, . la,?
dm fro:., tin- IV .r
(?en. Hain oik.
a. ..t dist rta ?
is B-ptalsd t<? I
Ho?? Or. Ilaaan. ?? ' al si H
Tbe rul'joiiici] BJ
New Orb-ana?, aTSplsl I ?? d.ab .inila .
?al tLe rioter? iu i?..it city.
"Tbo facta I now r<- t.'? ? I. igsatleaM
lu tbe Coliledei?t- A :-l ? >ptB '?ni I
tlul., B!.ll ?I lb ' Bil !l
boDor, ii ?p i ? ?a Hi ???
conontj. ai.d w.e in I ?? bbsi I
1 ta pajera ia Ti d? , '??OS ?I
by clti/eni. but Mr. - uni .. t ? en U
jioared at the tlijor lia- i-fo* sai e navel'
?i(tn of their ?tirreni..a .? J I ma- ?
out for proteotinii-'l ? 1 ?I ? ? ? -
Ihe pnlli?' psitl li ' Bl ?
tbe bali, Bud if BB I i Bali
that any remlanei vat mai..
Ita Kiv Mr ii
tbiaie preicnt. Ile asai
raised Sod s?y\ng I beer? i
lansssa! sa : ? f li?
BU ymiiat kent the muk -.. ... ist.
A late eurirt "U ef IBB Ulill ? ?
rn'.n.iiii-. He ?is? the platel st. i.u vi u
fatal, but the So.uU tn. I. ?
Xwa sl Ma Bajgara ware bro? :..;??.???..
lb? only ain?er ii ?.in to n ut h ,i?
IfCtf-irg tor me 11-y t?r clal*siiig pt ?J?-? . f n
the rj?iice wa? ?'? Men EfsB h lian m. ? ? mi
a pistol ibot ob tue ni. e*. I).. I?-st.i? ? ? ?: ? - : ;.
iBg to 'x nuade the i? I .re 1 Be? ?? '1 . ?' ? I
W?"i be*teu ?t-inipid upuu, IStaS If hu '??.?' tmt/tp ? ntl jitc'.id
into an offal earl ?
M-alio leila me of oi. 1 ', wLile b?ir?d t ?. r
was ?Lot iu st :<? nat ? doini placara silboail . i . baa
two policemen iti| i? ?1 a, is i.i'n, ??ne bil li Mab
the otter put Ins y.rt n M bu ti-iup* ?u.i ui. v. his
brains out. lucy ?lubtud tL fttt mi but ublil
be was out? Bia?? ol biui??**. Jud.s newel ?sa hi
?ts OoTernor'* H-???m ?tiru Hie MmM? . ?? .
T?o Unitesl Stale* ofllccr* oiiu-riutr, the roana, be Mi'I ti
tot?j?m. Upon le.ru.ug who In-via? ih-t r> fu.? a t re say.
thing?o ?te with hiiu. l?'i puBflSBS? SliSB n.-... i,,i ai
rcited Lim. /.(-ter tb?y bud gera several blocks n otw
spoke to tb* J-dgt, ca lmg bim by uamr. Hie BaBaSBSaSS
marked ' that if tliej -ad li ?j? ii ? I.o tl.r.r utseaB .. i.e
?l.uull never nave 1-ft the Institute al.te.-' lie It. i U aro
T?ry einltett our the iu??!?.?.?-, ?me im?n taaStMa li ti he
bad'Bred 13 times, and h?.|.e?i !.. basti an ?ppv?. unitr lo
?Uapty Lu ?li iLoot? r .gani BBSS ".?-L?
XIHIH < til? I. I>A.
NViLMIBU"'*? S ?tiirilay A?iu-t li. i? ...
The Car.o Bsai hmtnm i-f, ,r u:,ti Urala Mill?, owi. i hy
Alex (???lliau. -tru it-rtr yed '.oda.?. LaOM f.","'"1, BO
li.*?, ra, noa
Major-den. John M. Pilmer "f Illinois, nt his own r?
?neet, bu taea relieved by .r?i?-r M the s-cn-uri of War
mm duty us i-residcut ?? the (JsSM-Sl Court Martial is
this city.
Iks ?uanit raaaiMta eeealoa tal ?vin teen aroeeed to
tbe tnal of Lieut. Rayara, A. n '} \t., ehamd with
miscoDiIurt as an acconuniin' ofta cr ?kick ca?o Baa been
?ent Lere for tnal from (harlin? S C
?Ternary Bewarl al Atibara.
Al Btii?. N y Saimrday. -kSSBBt U. MBt
S?-cretary Seward amvetl m 'Ins ? ny at 1 ?.'i l..?k tins
afternoon, si.d will remaiu ?util Tutimr. Ha is ka ex?
cellent Leaitli.
Fire al IViehalaavillr, Hy.
CnciNMI KndiiT. Aui'i.t 10
Major HuP.rd ? .?table? at Kiehnlaarille, Ky.. w. ;? ?I?
atroyed ky Brs last Bight AN t lo ??torses nsrs burne],
one of wtiicb wai valued at $? (hsi. rot-Ploss, $?i',0?m.
liinlcalal V??-ii ila
Baismoss 11 sr, a...
a yensg bob ? I -'? ?M. Habll?toB, i Bt ii k1 /
? . r ?*?*", ni'?! tka Borniog Bosb ialuiisaiwss?ysAftna
.. I laih? SB L.r 1,?. til?, f ? lui ila.
Great Confusion Among the Delegates.
Wood, Weed, and Valhinilisliam on
A Loyal Resolution to be Offered by
Gen( -Steedman.
All Crismal iMMitl-tl (oniirtril of Dislnynl
Arts tu be Exrluilfd.
Gov. Orr and Most of the Southcrncre in Pa*
vor of the Resolution.
ItO ?AN-?.ai. OF A ___OT.
I thai a. ter of the ('oii.cntiu.,
.iii; 1 LAN A K1 ! T) t PON
, P Ml o d:: KKt I .
:.y ?ecn.e_ *.ccssai*y in
< II . IV JJ/ : A TES.
I ?
? ?? ;..
i . ' N
... .al ?ill
- -
al tim
, .,,,,?.......
fUU to
t ,. | ? their
. I
? - I ..-y i imI. r.- I
' .'
-i I, rj-fl i. i.ka '" -t..y .. ,t
... , , , . P I? .-ruta,
ata a? pi
oat at ? I Va.! ? try
l , ttiiiiW
1.1...i ?> ?i Um i"?im.tutu'
.-,,. . iini ? ?? . ? ???, ? Bi i.?:
..j., .... . - i . ...?.-, .?'.:? . I
I ara aa attar tua ttoot t \ \. iHtghim,
i ii' ? :. . . i t] | ?i ithiaa
?.i i ??-.? , en. Ho I ion.ii lad??g ? i land ?ban
Cyt ?,. is | i . \ |o|
i : .' i, -, ii,,!, i Mi.".i Manhal aflat?aa,, aal
.-I'c iri.lu Ins Si ,t... i.? just in from T,Va*l. ?
na " ? i' in la]. Bl wpfaaaota iba
PreaMaataaaarlag ta bia thal bo tdatiaiatratlaa to bl
?orena! I uiaat tata taro oi ??- Bl toot, aal m that Ita
?, n ?;?( i ,!? Um ?'? i I? of it? iri?'i.iii", ?i.l t!i.?t
. o eanj oat tbia idea fall* ?liter __? Philadelphia
( i ii ? i ? ?ii nut. i?... die aaya tbat tht Fitaidtm pwa
Itad Ii.iii til?' i'l.-t-Dlhii' ul Lillian Bf??!.-.
i :." | .in ??.iii a.',n- ni < .??v,r-utiuii um.'Dir Hi?: di-i. i-.iti-s
? .r ilio u._i.?ri.i?i ur a y ? t lou c1 Vu laodlgbaa. One
?rta tbat ba must ha aoatalal, tal aaotbatabai
h?- n.u-i l.c ii'lii.it'.cd. '1 hi* (iliji'i ti.?ii I? not ti? linn pot"
?oaailj, hut ho ii nunu'd m a rafft Malaiin Ml ti what
rite li.'.iTii un |rc,K.(! Diin.icr.it? diirniir tlit? war. ni I ti;.
i'|. .t (,i tin- ?ui DiMiiiora** mu? BapobUaaaa la t<> winda
all lui ii i Mini Iba i aoraattoo. Ibaj uro MpaaatDy MUM
agaiati Vallaodighan und tin? \v,....i?, abo, they lay,
.-? ; at l-l ((.,.11(1 to "'.i*' tot hu! Ill tint l.c pnt (.lit, if
they atlcu.pt to enter, (lou. Juiuis II 6t.ed_.an hu
diawa '.pa Ki -?.?.Intimi ?huh ht ttjt li?? ? ill oller im
ttly alter the temporary orga-unU.? ot the Con
wi.i.uu, to czcludu all frmu tkt South who were original
S.? iteHimits. and ?li from the North ?ho, .luring the war,
w.-re coi.? m Lui ?if disloyul ?rtii, ?r trio? ro.it.teiniu? isl rc
listancc t'i the dralT. 1 lu? i? iut.-ndc-d rsp<( tally to IBBba
Vallandiphaui. (iov Orr of South (Tir.'lii.a ii ?hi.1 to ho m
fa?..roll', a.'id the names "1 MM llf Ibt BMlltg BlIOlbaHMI
?raMaaliooad la ti.a auoa i-OB*t?tt~Bi Mr Vuli.i:. lu
km ur, tin. talk a?'?. ?.-t linn la ull iluiuor, Bad Bl*,
BUiountto iiiilliiiit'. He ?ul? Liri eredeiitiul? are in hin
j,oi kit, un.l titty ure certified to just ne other? are,
ui.l wheeler utttiiipti to put him ou? will lind hurd work
uf it. if they mu iniii ?ii?iin- aaya i bbj o?" hart to iola
?mt a majority of tin- Din.o, mt? tn.ui Ohio, ?ill from
MiMoiut.. ul! tem Mar> ljuil, uiiil .ill front Kentucky, its
tim resolution he i launs will nut uiei.tioii natue?, hut must
.ipply to a partie ?hir t!,i?? of incti. A *i f"rm is l.ilked of
la the Ohio 'l."ler'.itio_. thal to man ?hall *_**-? llthttt
the MMO :.t of a inajority of h?? dclcktatiou. Mr. Vullan
dlgbaiB IBJT he hu beard of this, aud oeluve?. it to he
am.? d at ?.nu, and that if lie wants to ip<'?_ he w ill ?peak,
an I if llio Couvent.on attempts ta put him down it wil1
forfeit all claims to D?mocratie ropect. He did not
l.owcvei, MOM here to tn.iki' ?peche?. He Hfl he will
lu- .n th ' Convention, and ull attempts to k.'eji him out
will tail.
Mr. I. u.U. toi will not l.e here, neither Mr Allen nor
Mr Kwm_ of Ohio. If the latter mere here, lu- ?.,,: | | ,.
'.'teneui of the Convention, lieu. Krank Mab
will iel ha lure. Mr. Winthrop of Mueiirhiiaetis and
.1 : ' A. D.x ure named la connection with th-lV?.,!. :., v.
ai'1 alR, Mr. Aihu.au, obi presided ov,r t!.i Batioaal
Kc? ablioai c iraattao ti li t\
i !.e ;iir:,.rs that there is lo he a-,
?aeh BMaaaaraal aaaaog Bapal icana.
B< ti, i,-.11 itaUa ihn! fr, m a : Ma re
? i n ili?.o?itit.u ? hlttllMBtt I
I!? I;?. . tk? i.ly .ii'1 ililaalBsil that there
?iiaii in. f- ? oat Mnrtaoae trsatasnt?
It is Bet-M-BM that IBS BOM conspicuous Cop
|r:?.i'ls of tho ??ty are .?ung '?:.?> honor?, Mr.
Williaai It. Ii. 1 In:.: . especially couipieuoti?. iVil
1 ?*tu fnn.i 1 .les.;? is hero in impressi-lo an?l
siva?ions IT inmr. i.i;tl l-.as ?-rtien a MUM to l'ro?ident
.Johnson, anil other BSS) :??, wl..? h intimates that Jewett is
not rrry well pica?..! ruth r tit- (niisi ntini. II?" think?
the i:.??! ib.i .? i-,?.-n tke ver?*e of ruin, and that the peo?
ple only cuu raatotS harmony, and that cv.Tithing ?an
Miirialy Le lallnl lovely. Tho chances of Mr. fl? i Ige
Krui.cis Train fas Ika passtasnej of tks Convsntfoa . ra
lagkaa-|y< Tknaaa B. aV-ocenes ii his pnuci'al
rival i'uiidi'i. " .
'fliiirlnsv Waadl Toad ?.f ruh m'ii 1..
yet arrived. The Ni'i-York IsUisVB del?-ation,
lan laaiaf tkal aaaarl I MM-, J. Hobart \v. ii,
pooled to-morrow. T he Southern deb put ion s ..
in rnpiilly. (,ov. (Jrr of South Carolina, and Bs-Oov.
i' J .n- here. The N'ew-Orleans delegation ure tars,
anil buoy thein*('lv<*? in explaining the unprovoked and I it?
a s .?ti.-iiij't ?T'a ?ii?iH b.aly ..f Milito Kadi-;i!? to mob
ti..'cn;, of Wsn Onana. Tke PwaHsst ia la ho i.
.'.??.n su h I...4 boily ,- ?. : ? r ? 1. W ??:.?: ! 1, COyl M 1 Ill.iir,
. I Liii-v, BB k9 ulai ? ? ii ? ii. j ?r? ?? ?:.).
I... uni., atiniis ar?'t!. ;t tb?'C,,!.s, nt.on irill L'
'"i.t f.ir org.iii'.-.it'.iii ?.ii 'lues..as, as the wicvaB is
?ali., li ii i.? tn In-L. LI ?ill not ta la-she-ia tim?-. Tta
.re i? luiilt of siDml. and itn i.i| in its in tkonl
;?'?.|'ii'. Tan nsaksaan i M aaaaasa ?! patting tks roai
? ti r.st.-ul.iv. Tke working for .? A, tai
ftkeyeeaea bnaj a- taea Ni ???? sa \ le
. / ti:.i-i.?ii. Tksaetfkkorkeod lenktet tke
? .'iii i r? Boated .t lively Meas to? lay. TI
in the laoBodlats vii tatty ?ara n ry li llgssot that
!.. on t:.?' saan of tke
th t in' taskas bj tks v**arki -? o ths building.
. taskaa ka tke : :
?iti ? ?.i? i? ??ii-, Tkopssfak lelp-ia ur? ?t
? 11? n- ?'.-; ?-?'...n. so n.n? ii ae tust um psen
maning -. ?
. ? t ?orkii t? on ?i i | ? . i- t ?
boil a nu ie lot ol' politician.? baa i a ? ILam ?_di|
lied If tks -r i ?- si .tin ?in.ulil it ta i. un a-. .i .-.
t i..i? tn? :?? i? t.tik of th?" Couve..t.?.n i...,ii.r 1. It la UM
InsiCa In tks rarsral v .? it lot?
u , : . ? r ! ? ; a ry sroodSB
.... t... n ara t.-,i ;., a of ?
.n. .m i i. ,n taea k ne ;
bo i? !?? hs-.e it r??-:. ,
i ? .-... i nilli tli?< Conti
. ?? al H?.t.1 i? s'out two nul. s I .? i? ti ni?-i?t iui -iii
-. ti? tin? ??? ? 'i isa t
?- ??) ?Jin?- m a ti? t.- '. I, ??. I tks kiss
i I- Tit?*
raia I G i ir 1 Hot? la ate I . ti rxof a
-.. > o? Um ?'? ' ? ? ' '
? at tin? Lspi? r:, !! I .
'1 . I .??.". ?
? . ! : ia a IBtlOl
Hie. Ikarau
. ii !? r tks ..<??'
,. . ? I !' I l'r? e ? a:.?! ??Ii
- ? I ' '
'?:?...".. i '
Bo I . ; i:') I iii I??' ! i: .. II:..??' f ".,?? in!
? I wL n tboj
par ta? rpraissl, but tin l?
? I? BOCiatiS ami K
?SB b1 ...? yatta :
aia?a I king tin .r ailci.t.ts. ?I
? tlic ('?itirentiou ?ill :? .in., y of tL.l ?!d
? ? ? I ??? - ? . .
?? ?-, .uni ttie ; i ... Urely
' || t ..? DsSSB ral? i,
. Ii.?I put .ii ?
tall unotLir lon.ti.i.i. ?Bisk ?ball binti
Mr n y Hl.iir li?. -
kee norn s i n
1 II .s SB !?r?!?"Hl to fuTur Ibu a.la ,.,.- .,,, ,,{ all d
- isi h from t - ' , a
I ai...ai ? - or not. Il ?re
?. t. r ika ('? ett M - ? ? Be Ike es1,
I T ti.at they hato r
? ? ? * akoal i !"? ni ?.?i;, ?i 1 " d. a ? i. .-..r |a
N ,.ll. ..iii-.am an?i ti.?? WooaM boar?*??, il. y sis 1? k ?I
i| ara u ?chief aatas, kew snip M ?i.?ti.iii t
? ? ?'? Convenu??!!. Tas DsssasvaMsay that lksfe
SB mfc .' M tin In, :?!iT ' !.. || | | u-. .- ?
t '. -l !.. .?? ??.f'.ftnia?ti s jo not Band a Bkon of ra
.-,.!i l!.?- 1'. ii< I I?. I:;.a : Lia ?BO 'l- la 'li tin'in
.... : ?ho an ans bo? sa del?gate?, bang
A s? | r-ha.'.'.si) tintiiiii of ul.at i? to bCoW ?M ?
vsstisaesaaatopmveiL Iksbaasassaf tkal tksy ?iii
?1 ? ? - liar?* tks pniitli I?- ami it ?iii teiinuii BM tin.? p? ,
rtlly to ila sii|i?iort, Int they do not prapeea t" giVS tin m
.i party organnation to com!,um und direct their
.?. 'I Li y icciii to ri ly upon tin- oil orL'u.ai'etl
paitoa ami lo b?-liev?? that Iks p?'"i 1", w Lo ?? :
; ni na ti.?y saab1 .?Hnisbyftatkaespportofea-aisoi
? ? eaal-dats to st_ss?kaka DssaaaaM or Bopablinn,
?i.?? pla?s biaaslfBfsefsty sa tbi?tpu;i..rui.
A ; nnium-iit New-York Democrat told ino tkal
aatioti ?as t.n whore neci-Mary except in Kon-Tork, and
nititii.it. d Cat thingi were so Lud there that tin- Demo
eralie party ?mild uiski- its nominations ace? ptablo to tbe
Ki-puhlic-UB ?ho were represented iu the -iirutog-Cou
'i'hii BBBBM the nomination of Oen. Du tor Oorernor,
n Lo-.-?.unie, I am told, ?a? in Dran Kichmoi.d s li-t .uni
Thurlow Weed? lint at Saratoga, tnr Delegate st Lura,'".
wtii-ii tln-y compared them each clauuiug Lim as their
Hi-pn ?i-iitatiTo.
It U now 11 o'clock, and Thurlow Wed han just ar
nv? d.
II?, wal i,iitox[>?"?rt. d until to-morrow, he srnvnl with
Senator Duolittle and a large uun.er of delegates from the
KuSii-ru States and New-Vork. The old man is stopping
at the (iirarii House with Vallandiguui, and Val. will be
n'!?' t<. appeal to lum to-night ?fiiii.it th? cruel deiert.on
if hu Democratic fncndi.
Philadelphia Irsvaded Arrival of Vallaa
di.-nui Hiller Vssliag tn?, the D?lc
1'HiLADELPniA, Aug. 12.?A large number of ?It-lu
gitei from all part? of tbe country are arn-iug here, Nu
iia.-r" i? 11 uaultatmiiB were be d to tiny all tending to banuony
in Hie proceeding?. Vallandigham arrived hers todsy. The
two d> legations from I.oniiiaBa, hsaded by Cuthbert, Bul.itt,
and W. II. ('. King, bare harmonized and ?rr.ii,-?.! all diflirr
euee? sod rivalno?.
ITiilapklphia, Aug. Y?.?Th? eicitcmout sliout
the CsBrtsaMsa Is lnure?ing rapidly. Ibu ?vt-nlng th? Con
tineutil ii'Tel ?i.d (ttrird Uoai? and the strset i ?:?. ?ou, ,
were compl?l*ly block?ded by tbe crowd. Much angry di?
i-an,,,ii ?an going on, ?oma declaring that Vailaodigbam
e-o? ile party h? repreiented, ihould not enter the Connu
Maa Irrnando Wood imlitl rehemeutly that lass ...nil be
?,'...ii;?.l without .?.ueiii'iti. A csious ot th? Soinl.eru ?lelo
it ????! will be held In tb? morning to decide on tbe cour?? to be
pur?ued toward Northern aelegaiei.
Arrangements for Ue pre?? hare bees mad? a? perfecta?
paidble. and all legliim*!? rcpreisuUttte? nf J? ?ruali vat? pro
enro their oard? by applioatioa to L. A. WhitaUy, Kooui Nu.
1 iT, Continental Hof?L The members of the pr?n will occupy
??at? In front of th? ?tend uad in the eaipbit-??tir adjoining
About ;K?0 dallfBaai to the Convention have bo tar
reg ?(en d their iisiuei on the books of the Fin utito Commit
tee, BBaSttj from ths South slid Weit. Hut few New England
d--legates ?.ave yet united. They sr? eipeitcd to strive to
No agreement has yet been made ss to the temporary organi
A meeting ?.f t'?- Kiecutire ( niuiiilttee will be held
B util riinuii when, ii 1* ?tuptioied, ti.is srrangemont
nH l> ? u.'-.l. Mr. Bakana B ?t.l? fsvorubly ?poken of a?
i ?. Illail :?.r Presidio t of tl.e Conn-iltl.il?.
Ar.-a." ?? mall belli v. u Ita U..?-J delcgnU'S iuu prtfTMIiB|
favorably, ind it li Ik?'..?red ..I lr_d'.narin? thal ? taral
adjustment of d.i-cultics brtween the Magatn
I'l.llout Bpirit Arno?? ihr ??nthrri? D. I. _-t?.
ia Waahia-I?-.
?p?cl?lDl.p?tchtoTb?N. Y. Tnrorr >
WlMIIN-TOV Al f?tt '.. |
The faction? spirit of the dr?gate? now la If Bah! tgttt U?
s|?'?k for thetrefforts in Philailel'bia a r. w. i I
?lie nilmiasion (f V a!l?nd;gbam, WtOt I BlOf-M ? ?s di*
cuised to-nlglt in the hotels ?ritt. aaOB?Mal .r I 1*0 i pre and
?on; ai al I am iai| reused. ?bouM tfBMB t-Ttt b? ? '.' ? ?' i, Me j
ri.er?, belteT?ng _ ty !._ve 1MB '
.??t-u.*, will Itit.t. Wher'as ?ben a.-:??.- :
(?distarbance w:tb'l?|.?Btii?-B from the Fast and Weit. It |
\*?T?i-I. _.-rtl .i~,?duo.? in Li? etTi t? .:. I , : a f | I ,
i).:.-. f il.e wnr :.e w?? an inmate .? i |
loyally, b.t today he iee_? to bait han c_.ii
(??pei.al tarrk a ? i i harlow Wood, as i .jge baa hi? Bear, r
."iii.r.?. lhere will be a .?:?
i v..iker City .u ;'-e morning trata.
uH-rlciirs of Iii Iraalr* t? lb* Pbila<ltl|?hi? t ?n
Vii ippaal a review of the differentdi Ii. ? '
I .hv ila8?if*-?r.(. them ?,. ? '
- .i .i'U.aik-bly lattMBl i)' C?tptei I
eedeats. tuvh a collection ot biographici as
o . ' I :.. ?. lo i onutel . I i". giritf
I.?i.l I.la. ry of tho grand s? q ?
'.. tim II . ,.gn ( al vention and (he lui. 1 CtagNBO I ? o
orerwb. r ty . f Copperhead and Ki'?:
? ral tia'. ?t.. ::? pcr>?v.,.,l | 1 ira. '.-r I .'ri ?? 1- '
.,t the di lag itaa ii Boll ho a!t( :.?; lora 1
Com e? ' i :. !?? gill?
'I ' i .h '..?.?ates Ent k11 Blttt I ii "-.?'-'
Mb Ciaraaiaai
Di ik iii? Al I ? i M ? I.? rer,70 D. M Bw, '
?'.?(?.nain ni C'oingre?srr.i?ti'?
? ;:..:,. ,i .la! -,'. A. Vi. ?tmmttt Ma?,
Wot i latdy I'lcri'l'i.t uf Bowdoin t.ol!? ?e.
Da am Daw iit-_i;."0 ti. Out?I Pul ? B
\ ? i* ii. mi i?t i,c,. w iiii?,?. ABDaaaaarata
."4rTT.ll? ?pahirr.
Both |_t Di -?."i r.itf und J. '.,. ? ? Bt_M
nomina'. '. ??? >-. r* I le foi mi r sr? mMIowi
Ii,!, iii- ai I .i? ,?i. ? Dariel Muire? a l'crax ri?! , I.?rTe
e n n .? x\ \ . nitii Oaagraa tn o lb, hi ' l
?;? t.?? wrif hi? ?T? on Ita ??(??' '4 ti ' '*? ?? ? **t air
I*-han. Jtnpl If .Baili, editor of Tm I ? ? (Dana
eratic wlo li ..?irre.i ti c worthies tie late ,?i : ?.tra
*? last p i. .?it, ?im w?* a Dtannat- nynaaotB*
tiv on ti, Bai. ii N fea Ball i a . i lei ii .
f iii.--oi.t.ciaola Maha ttfrttaatbaB
iCorptt i . 'i Bill Moaata abahraai .fee Demo
eratia Man Gtatral CaaauMta pahBaaai al Tia XtmMaag
ihirt Pair, ?i ami n.diT? opionest of the war: lArwm?7,
i ?irk, an n,i.i.-." Dttntraa, the defeated tastMBN hal
gran la the Ho... l-l .! Rolltn?'* district TVh P WhlM s:.
? i a- i,r? p\a i.. i I?? i.,..Tilt but ?. t:o b ? i la all
at! 'i? ?t on with Vtaaaoia Wood aal Tat
I Barta ? m a Oaa n lal m ti '? ?
I then a ?rit."' r DaannaBa journal?, nho tlr -.gi. Tot
...ii.jn?ted Um Montai I
irloV.v Mt pt re rid waa reputed edit'r ti ihM i?l?r
when it was M'iti,,?al hy Indignant lui' ? A.g'*.st
:*??'i, .lohn R Nattah?, I'emoN-ratlo e?ixli.la'? lM I
utHartk tatwha wa?, throughout Ita Bar.tta
t.'!'rt_(" ; , l I tie ??.Miers' right? .:i t'r Bl
Willan Burr.? ali., in* defeated f?i tie 1, :.. I VI. Patter
?on di.ion f.r C?agraak a ...husor../. i BayahUaaa"
eonld i.m li" baal io o on the t?. k.-t.
li.'.).,'- R [nitktaaaahratalItaIBHaolig
Hu.ioi;i? si I |____-M ?'? Hii'l*igh.oi.i?'(. rr.r ? r ? f : I. e?
, la lluti'liiiii. l'oitma?t. i M C? ne, rd anda
lil'iuore. I ?? I utler. ?t onetime a B*hi_T jMawer? of bo
? ..,.t ? ti ma o.l.t
Ii- .1 i I'll..?til???t Jame? M. Ltmtag if lo in
W.u. B. Mab*, who left the I), uiucrati to become a
Ki iiublit an. and wt.o wnnt? an ofl.e* bailly. ..' Henri P.
Holte, a P. ?tim?(- r at Concord who ia ic bl
lol.n Ho |.t Mavinol Maaeheitrr. LI i har.??.' A
no politu un. Co llordan of shsip-ib-oting ni'lcia i?.
DB?HATBI ?t I.aiii.h.?I', I. !'.,!...: .., oil
I ree S,, I I ?. ir | rat. ' ?:,.! during tho war an actlir opponent
of M- I ,in-,oo ? Adiniuiitration. alw?y? a ready nu.ti. lit* for
otlioial l.ciier, ; Deary Keye?. President of ihe Ps?,
Pu I tia aja * BlUa? Democrat: I Iwar-.i ?) 1
Cm ".roller ul the lieaaurr under IT lutor.. i.e as? trie a a
Wh.?-, we think Tin roted for Buchanan be certainly tid ?ur
ii. '"..-??.in; Gilet liarnngtoa, an uaailitakable Demo? rat; }{.
H. Itrar.;?..? ?...la Conservstivs ' Rtpub?csn. who turned
1 ?. :. .--rut when the I eglslature refused to male luna Su
prcmeJu ?ge, Andrew Tracey also a "C?niervft(i?t
I u. n? II. Peek, tu ont at.d ont l'linto ral. ac.l .1. II
B < ' H >r ?I ii Bank?! llellow? Kal.? who asiocistts
v.i1, DM > rai? Irian?* wb?t he on II? his 'artyahe Bapal
? || l . I.'.'t 1.1.?i State IlNNOt Alten..le. II.ram
Atklc? I ,11 : of ike Mc AptAtr Arx?i and Vii :, ', li 0 wont
Coiperhetd 4h?et In tbo hlaW: Henry Chane, li, li ?Miitlley.
not hy any n?r)nn? a? trdent a War Democrat a? wa* hil faibei,
the Jud-?e. | J Perkins; A. 8. Hyde; Diniel lildeu . Cet
D K. Audio!, and Col Y ii. Halterfleld?the latter the only
alternat? n'indered u Kepub'.lcati?and hi too ?reta in poli
tics to ta .i fl'.ei tial.
Di-imcT I?Ei-()ATis.-Dt District. Issao Danielk. George
M. 1 ??k. Dr. J. M. I'omegt l Alternstes (?eorge Vi. Fare
tve 1. I L Wriifht. .lohn \lelch. Edwin Vallette. lid Di?
iri.'t C.| 11. W Worthrn. who w?i to " Democratic t'aat he
i rnluneJ a colonelcy to become a ?utler. Thomas J Wheelock.
j Major J. S. Allen. Alternate? Samuel C. II irtey ,1. W.
Iro*t, Didley P. Hill, Capt. .1. li. LiTlngston. Hld Dmrict.
j D.c l.inaley, Dcmocratiu candidate for LUutenaut (?oterner.
j 1.1 DeaTitt, Huchtuan ? ;sj*tm_ter at St. All.au*. Lucius
BatlMMl John B. Edward?. Alternate* K. W. Chue, >.
11. Ariiiiiiirt.in. Waldo Kr.gham. and Dr. I. (?lilman?jil a
j nixture of out Bod-oat Cofnerbeadi ead "CoBi*rratne lie
I'ELEOATis at Laboe.?Btht-tC Winthrop; wa
elvcted Me.iitirr of Contreis and Senator by the Wmg party,
snd who was their csudidate for Oovernor in Is." 11. was
ilxfeateil. Bines thsn he bss been conmratiTstu politics, ?ot
r if f..r Hell and Kmrett in ice. and for McC'ellan ia >.'i
.I'.siah li. Abbott alway? a democrat an 1 leader of the State
delegation to th* Mc< lo lan Convention in ?,-'4. I? oto Dsti? a
d. I.git? to the lame body, Dariul N. Coach formerly a Major
( ..? .ni in the irmy. who wa? the aefeatrd Democratic candi?
date for Oorernoi last year; William Button never a prominent
i o ?ti. isa in sny party, Joba ijuinor Adams son of our Min
ister to Enylaud. and a young man whose political osreer only
commenced a short tims sgo; tiiorge Aihtuon wbo Isregirdsd
as s ???publican, and who presided st the Conrentioa whloh
uomineled Lincoln io li*4,0? E. C, -?Ur the Kditor.of Tki Bol?
la,, Ht-tld, alway? a Democratic Journal although it opposed
hi-1 i.ll.io. Tbe alternatri bib of the lame politics.
Dt-TBICT .Dklloatkb.?1st District, E. W. Pierce e Gen?
ets! in the army, who first beosm* known ?I Big l)*t-*l. Ma
jurS. li Phinney. Matthew Ellii, Kotiert E. Hull ?a E-.seo
pal ilcrgyman at Kotbury. end at one tune a Kcow
Nothing Member of Congreu. lid District, A. .V Ide,
Postmsstsr at Taunton; Edward Aisrr many timas Chair
man of tho Democratic Stats Committee; Mons Hates who
hold? thst position now? John Wilson. Hld District: Joba
L. Swift, a Kepublueo, who was under Hanks in New Oi leans;
? -aries I. Woodbury Hachsjian ? District Attornsy in Hoi
ton; Josish Dunham? H. S. .. Andrew. lViB DUlrtot
Franklin lisien, President of a lioitou bank; Lui L. Lush
ing. Caarlei T. Steve?, Chirle* S. Kuisall. Vtb District
r^ta'rl*e ? L. Colby. Editor of TA? jVtttiiirypvj.i HteaU. an on
the fence Journal. W. C. Bintey, Willum D. Xorsheud, a Con
serratiie 1'epublican; Timothy Dbt?s. Vlth District Col.
H Y Wilson. Jam?* H. Carlton, Charles Thomp*on. F. O.
Prince, e member of the Democratic State Committee.
V Hit? Diitriit T. H. SwetUir, t Copperhead politician! I|>
wiB A. Alger. Daniel Wetherbee. Ilickard Ul.ey. VIHth
Diilrict. Daniel W. Lincoln, elwari oppc-ted lo the Republ:
cam, Georg? G. Parker. Alexasd?r De Witt, a Know-Moth
ing Member of Coagreii; Georg? W. H?ut>y. Not t Kepub
In-au could be found ia Wotcnt?! County who would partici
pit* in th* Convention. IXtb Diitrict A. IT. Fuller, D. W.
Alford, ? Republican officeholder; I. O. Ettie. Ntthanitl
Vi, ?'-.. XtiT District. Tbomu Allen, Charla Wright, a R?
publican i Cbeitsr W. Chipin, William 0. Bates.
Rhtte Iilaad.
Dblioatbs.?William Keach Lawrence, au ex
Gorsrnor and noted In the lsw, Amita Soraguf. a
Mcl'lellaa elector in HM| Alfred Anthoay, dilegne
to the convention which nominitid McClellau, and pnb.
Inher of the ??adiag Democratic irgac T*t 4~rwnif<av-i Poll
whieli denouoced -taMOMT JoL.n?ou ai au uomitigatcd du?
rr i. c to th- eountrv, and not a? good ?I some negroeii Ariel
.i Mil latta ?MM i? ??'! Un-a? istecre, edilot of
i ., i-in-ei'i Im, tui-a P, Tuilt -.'?-."'!*i"? amfliau
-.t.-irvir :?:.v ;., r-i J?me? n. ranot?. a Der?.
MUMBO, ?nd Jame? W-Urhome, who ci.i be pUk.l
?nth? ???na cstegorr. Anthony. Steere, and Po.'.r. l8 ISM
I .iddress urgiag the people to ?lefeat Li.. ,.u beean??
Le luiTerc 1 the ?? outrage? of Got. Johnson '.ar.d-. Ant two,
? led the organization of a rew rsgsMM I
Di :.K.ATE? at I IBBB TbBMB S. Di: , eleite.l
'i:-. MMflSS C S. Senstor. bul s?L'j?e lore''. ??pen?;i i;
I itronage maile bim abandon that psi'y-a weak i lditioa (??
BS ; Jame? Y. Babeock. ?ho wan.- te bs ???-? -
tinned Ccfom Collector at Kew-Barra, and ?ta Hi al ha
? !" ; .trent Oeti. Terry be.tag elided C. S. ?. . .'.or, E.I?'
svsrd Brtath?, coil-rotor at Msw-IaBBBsai lapaaaa w. Cor.
? ?tate ?senate, and an acure oppos?e ongre-?:
Taxes I-. 1 " ft-ltnh, lately Demoerstic Congre??-, sod ault
liter di'., tie Democratic candidaia f? r Goremo. Lores ft
WA '.". atasya a Democrat of the Seymour ?ebon!, OSes S Coa?
grciiman au.l Judge of ita Superior Coori; ''..t, 8. Sej?
?? ? a Judge, and thou a ?lefoatel D', ntlccan?
r.or. and whoa? political historr ? line?! o|r
:i. hU ?.as..-" Seymour; and Jamil A. Ho-e; . ' allard:?.
Lam Den.o? r.-t of the ?tm-tcit k.rid.
D'-thi i Dru gai ?as-First Di.trict-Caidor. T.-mball. ?
? l who ino ssliameil of the c I ? b? de?
BtMBS-Bg the ConTsntieii on the pic ' ??ckaerif
?;. On I.ich ; Freeinsn tV. Crown, K ?ard >*?
Clemlcnd. Poitciai.er at Hartford, whs r?'.-*d (M
' ?: Me President because b? en-' SSM I to -?v
feet Gc. Hawley; A. K. Goodrich, a I? I (5?>orf*S
11. Hi-;. ,-; Eercrett Y. Pea.?e ami ? Is?.?.
: SecorT P.-'riet?Green Kendrick, who '.:.:t\ Derc??w
irat ?Vcauie ?ho Whi?*s i??l not elect lia (? IM- MM|
I . .-'sin of Ita lame party; E. ('. I ?:-?:? ?a War
h tbly the most <Ji?inter?*?c?t> I Sar1". .-. ita deleg?.?*
?ti F. Win,'?ester, present LM-tSBSSt-fJo^ rnor ?>!
...c1 Ingham, leieral tiree- I MB-M
? rBW| II. G. If?bbnrl, a Derro? : r I ?".- '? Send
.'. >| ?-.n? IV-aoj and Arthur 11. C-liff ?CM ?rstiv?
. IhtrA -MMifcit?W-Bna B. I ? ?Tasas _U
(I. Lamb; James A. Bill. B? C. II? Btj Jobi?
: : ua Teikins; Merwin II. Basgi I ?te exV
Sa*". Fourth District?Oak Willis . Y,. T BB SB ?n
-?!'!*J D?'." ?mn; Jonathan Golfrey. who 11? .-.:?? I '.ess ?
I ari-stoMarsaai AM asaba of the P ktttt epahit,
cans, ?ni s ta voted the D?mocratie tick a day?
. B. L'ue?; James Taylor, who bite? artatni ? r i bait is
? bia 'Villlam H. Harr.'im; Seth S. ! iga B Demo
? r ?if tho I.egirlaturc; Gi?eon If. Ho? ? r, Poef
Etrallrasy Ita ftaatlaas, and t; rg? 8 Pea. wha
.?tr.it ol' the State at ita ? ' .nvrii'
New. Yerta.
1 ??_ a BBf number of del? 'hil.'*
??'?l,;a. .",??-e Saratoga nominees seem ?? i - t-O-MMBBfJB^
, i| i < ..?1 a ?1st of them. Their police ??e ? * e" knew?
??" |.? ?...r- "hat we ?imply de?ifin?t?" I r.g t||
( the coat (?:'. ? I Mr. WsSS, lo uiu'ter n t r BbSgOB -visth?
i does. Tie ?'.ter gentlemen sre repreie ? '? r Ila?.
? Democracy, brend-si . .'lioso?
BOB '. i? *s gcrerslly. Here the* . ?
DVUBATSS STLaBSB?Jel.n A. Du Bl ' ; r'tnos?,?
Ciarla i ?eui, H. L. Com.t? ru, Sau.t. J. . ld*n#
! ?.'??liani ?\?. ? I . ?m Demo, Sanford E. ?
D -.le' t Di .?'irES.?1. William H I.ndlow the '.ii!.
?tersase, ? O. tetrln. Abras ?Si Botara*. I Hauy l' Pier?
r.ii, l. I ., K.J. Lesvber, W. i . Kables**- ? Msr
; b l?.a.i.?.e. i liria X. 1'ratt. Ju?p ; W. ?,:. f .?.?ire?|
M. Weed .. a. <)akey Hill. Jat-e. ?' .re',
Blwarl H. Pllirarasl Charle? A. St.- 5 K.
?d Smith >vrad] KcisoaTajlo . Brad
? ' ?... . in.?. o. ... I;. M rd Weed},
gttGatdlaer,BotartD i rir? .'.brant
1). Bul 1! urdmau, Aaron B.BoHs?, I is ra W.
UaiBtsi-. a- Mars-all U. Hon.it. We,-, i Dueohoeita, J.
. gi -i Mel ?an. ". H ? .. Perl ? V ry a.
('argi-l, A. ? ' V. Pennington. Benjamin I. :?:':?? I? h i'a?
"vni.nar. Jemes P. Sender*. Audresr ( j 'Vc'.' R-)B
eit P. Parri!', li. John W. Brown, Joi.n * . ?ii..i r .?-urga
k1. Orlei Weed], bass Aadaaaaa. ? ?Vib, ? D.ijd.
LI v. EL Hi . ?.?. ? . N\ liariaaa
SchooL-inker Wed', Tha.1. Hal?. I). B. 0 BSr, Kreilrr.ek li.
Cook. H. Rob"Tl li. Pruyn, Charl, a ' odyear. irokliu
Townsend Alfred Xaa Suni.>rJ. la. ??.1. ? . Ho .:.. It Wumil,
- B?nis Thoraa? H. Carroll. J? ??-".?. le.
J l!t)ina? 9. (?raT. A.c. Haod. Hohert S. Hete.Lot C'taasl erala.
Altar! Aiil.-i"?. Stsith -tllwell, Aaron ?. ?J. ki ? Duu
; can S. l-l -. Heiiiy Churchill. ? gel ,. I'ete?
l II. \hl- - inmon?. IS. Htnji'n I I H il : Weed).
, '/.. i:. (J?.?lr.?'h ?.". D. Fellows, Aided < Titra. .James
1 llradltv, ?,? irgi D. HrowD B. S. La Bag .:?? A*?bl?j.
; ... Ti.'c?i?l?aie S Laiton, Fraaeii '"'ley?
EalTier V. Ke'ilofTg |NVeed). ?. 'l'lnmi?- Hill .*- (.' Hvdal
Herknith, NV.lliam Jubnaoi?. Max U, Hu na-.J?.;r. .. VlVnS
| W. Six.tn | Weed J, John li. IV-oS, ? , . .-? 1 ,V: ?utou,
?uri.-.. I T. ? Vi Georg? il A It.
is uns (We? . MT,Trim c. Bearii si ? ? ;.-? "??.'?.vier.
' latrie.. David li. A' ?1 Weed F. H I.in*?,
j Edward P, I i ?r ??.I Ba Y. Irais. ?.?. l*gs Bartlett 1'nrl?
' ir.i-k A l'ai ? I. , B B. At'g?:. SfT .nbert
.i:un, Ira Center. .- \ ?'' ? l ?: irdner.
George C. If .'??<: Dae. ii. Cole, (Weet! I.li.i ; Hraws,
' i . A .rf..'t..r .V ?'O. ter, Ja__i>S J-C-BlJi- Ji , (??wal? - ??d. J.,
IV. '?un. 30 NViliiiiii (?. Esr.i. .11? W Harvey,
(Wrad), Simeon R. Erfmj?ton Williaai Wiiliaws ii,
CbsrlM Lee, 11. J. Miner, H. A. Bipai W. langet.
The l'ni?."d ?!er?;ce_<X'iety. BBBBMl ?f s.cltl.ers ar.d ssdk
ore, bsTe norninatcd Ibis ticket:
li M.'ir ?Til '..IB Edwanli, Col. Jin?? I) r't,r Capt.
JonoJ Shaw. M-JsV Mlchiii-l Doris. ?. ' ?I. 11. M ? Donald,
(apt. Jo??'] ti F.:?r Major Oraras w. Warral ? *p*. I, o.
I. if. Hobart sXtti < i ;?*. W ?m IC.
I Bata, ilajor F.u.eue Mcilratb. C?p?. R.'?e' W tara . (?au.
i J.ihn Coebraan, Dainei W. Crowley. ? ?p John W ? maia
! Iran/ / EllssdorC t. CM. William & Ulli ?. ita Hon.
j Mort?.n BBlth, MrjnrC. M. Van Ii?? . I Gles
?on. !' (?.-ii. J. I). McGregor (?eu. NV lise.
John E Hendix. Cat Jame? J. Mool.??'.
Tbe Mozart deicgBtesart as follow?
l ll-nr? Hilion Tarnt?? Vnlan lah? NI.?.?I ll?r : i? I'ogart.
.'. Jsara Miarria P. Carrol), William H. Mast?iv. r?. K. No?
lan, (a. IV?ishir.gtnn Hunt. John Btehsrdi-B I':. I ?ti? A.
Saire. L. M. V?u W?rt? 7. Eewl? W. NI...... lid. JJ. BBSS?
lord. Owen Keenan. I* Gilligan, p. Jin.'.?? BrSBB? Thors-S
W. I'itmnii. tVUNaa P. Lee, C B. ('.?mat!. ?>. IV.uando
W.mtl. Michael Connolly, S. P. Ingrelinic V. K. StepLinses.
1 le Democratic Uenersl Committse La??- ihoM-n ile foi
lowing 1. S. S. (ox, William fui kel, J .u .?? i. Brad*, Das I.
(". Swift. ."?. John S. Giles. John ti. NV, li.ui?, IViliiara K.
NI?, .?s lii.srl. Heilly. 6. Eil. P. Norton Alfred C. Haray,
Eiack N KohD. George W. Morton. 7. Charlee H. WbaJoB,
Daniel M. O'Brien, Joseph McVey, Albert Krae... e Frei.
I.. Vultee, Patrie? O. Duffy, Charle? Pru <?, James ('. Knapp.
".?. Thomaa McSp*don. John Egan, Hugh Murry, lhontae
Two sot? of delegates were oleo eleetoi tot Ilia
Slate. TheDemocraUodelegattssr* st (jllows *
IMlBBIiae ai Laaoa.?John P. Stockton, always tbclJtnio.
??rat l.-ader in New-Jersey; Joel Psrker, the ex Democrstra
Governor during pert of the war; Theodore Hauy on, a Major
General of Voluntrar?, who ron againtt Cos. Ward a( it??m1
election, '1 Lomas MoKe?n.
Danas i D.leoatbs.?Jil, Abrsham Browning s InitsrCoi?
perbetd, Nathan Station, the ?am?, {'.'d. Gershcm Mott. Major.
General in tbe Army; Geo. F. Fort. _d, Ben J. Wilhaaiaos,
ex Cbanoilior, who la said to bar* openly applauded the ?sses
? mstion conipirater?; Aleiandsr Wurr ?tb. Krancia J I?e
tbrop. an intense Copperhead, Robert Hamilton, ditto. Vtb.
iheiiilurs itandolpb. a Democrat, Leon Abbett, an outend?
out Copperhead.
Th? Johnnon Dekgttss ?re ?s follows:
Delbuaiis at LatR-k.? Thomas H, Herr.Qg, Joseph T.
Crowe!]. Timothy Hsnoersoo, E. J. CVterbuiy all of small
Di ?TIKI Di-.LP.0AIL*.-Tit. J. F Tfylou, C's kion Ogden.
lid. John L. M. Knight, Tboma?,S. Allison. Hld. l'.ghsai
CorjsIL Garretts. Adrian. I Vtb. B. C. Moore. AibtaeGrraa.
Vth. Kobert Oulobrirt, Da_i*l M. Wiltoo, all meo of no ?*-*??
amoout of ability. They are either offloe bolder* at .'.?sirs to
b? ?uob. _
Tburi- ure two sets of delegates elected in Psnn?
?y'.ranla to the Philadelphia Conrentaou. or.* by the Johnson
party and the other by the Dem?crata TL* Democra(io del?
egates are a? follows:
Dut?.?ti- m Lia. ?. ? David K. Port*r,?x Governor,darlna;
th? war irmpatblsed with the ilarebolderi aud now with tie
skipped otiivairy; William Bigler, es Governor, wa. in tk?
coeladiuc* of th? Hebel leader?, opporad tie drift, end lorid
tresion; William F. Packer is ?nyuing atnl eT.-rytbtug, sa?!
would gladly ?scriflce any party provided lu? could tbsrebp
adTsuce hu? own political fortune*, the Hon. George W.
Woc-dwarJ. now CkUf Ju*lic*, ran for Gct?i .or three y??re
ago on Ita nek?! of a purty in U?agn? with tb* K?b?Ilioa. be
li?ra?diuSc."?iii(?.aaddilnotl>ell*T*lB g.i!og tanatMa to
soldiers. __S ?blest m?n probsbly in (he dek-gslioo.
Di-Tii : DiLtOATBA?1st, the Hon. Jan *i CaBpbell.ei sym
l?athi?er sith tis RetaUlon; George M. Whsrton. a life-long
D?moora(. * _ood lawyer end ?ympeH?-'*f with VallaaUg
Lam. JJ. Col W. C. PattenoB, a oandidaie for levstal oM
ct-i ?t thel'.a-j liof D-moorat?; Richard Vaux, once Mayor.
cow col'sg? director, to bs ? blatant, asrvout politioiaa with
plenty of pmisatioBi and very llttl? brains, nktsb bars btea
ci.'.-i .?ed o"i?'. l?r?My in d??onbing ho v I e ?Isnoed with a
certain Queea-not Emma; 3d. John Kcbbi.i? defeated tims
and ?glin when hs ran as a Dsmocral for Msyor of Phlladel
phn D*a.?i M. Fox, who ?niTered elik? fsi* ?sat flail itk.
Kill? I.stT.s aa ei-Ctuef Juilice, whose eil lae?? for th? Ina
Baa- ans* was not concs_l*di ? talla Brown,
i orsagB-B. ?oiiy pcl.ticlsn, who w.U do aaj
tUug p?!l:ticsliy or Ut? anywhere to obtsiu ?.ti.? o. b. W. W.
H. I'ltv:?, Col. of lOAth PsBMTlTanla Reg.!!.?;?' during the
?B, s i.n wa? def.atrdl.it IVd f? r Audi'"? ?.*..:. John G.
Be? t.?-?- a-???

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