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Vol.. XXVI.^o. 7910.
? IIK.'HI.V ( uNCKNTP? ?TI".!) ? COMPi ?
* i ? ? i' Remedy for ditesse. ("te
? .
This Bed r'n* laeiassestta powen if Bitalli?. ?n? e_f?te? *lt
ii" *' '(? lie?.il.y ution, bj wl t ? r-irrc. de
l<-?:tloii?, and all nnnaturtl enlaitenii ' a. we I .., pilu
?id JiC.ii mil ... . nd li ?ood lor men, ?on.? I
huh huh
Ililli Ililli
iniii hihi
huh min
moi min
Ililli IDHI
?lilli HUH
min min
huh i.n '
nilli mm
111 i.MiiOl.ns KXTRACT BUCHU?
T(i wiv? ne??, a:!",.!- i ?OB <!?- io How or s.v. ?ton...
hMM?a?ttBtnEnaaaa*i tanti rowe?.
. ..r?i,?o?T, wnnBaaatao?
tona Bnm l-aoaaana,
jiobror or toa? \? tai i.
Ill ? ."SKIS or \ ino.?. Pt? ii UK I'AtK.
Hot ) n m or th. Hobt,
DllSIMI'l 111 IB? ' ?ft! IO?? OS TUB ?ACB,
11 k?,u l*s?iTrnt. 1'iLun ( .rNTKMiNCi.
Tl-ri? ?wed to pt nu (WM? li,.- Ma
..o.y rxpirr. \\ I.o i uu , .y il.ey ure nut
ft.- ? | ? toni
l_UUBIT- AND COBBI Ml'! Ii !4 1
M.i y ?.. .??areof tie Mole of tlnr ...It. .1 ,?. | A i., ne I
1???. 1l?? :<? ord? i,? tie int.ne ?aylui.ii md tie lnelanilo
ty??: :o the truth of t!io ?-'?etiion.
ted by or?_ni" we?kneis, retpiir. ? ?he
ida ... -i, ?nd inT.portte the tJittW. ??li h
li? '.Mi...LO | EXTBACTOBBOCHt ?MriaHptooa A ?rial
iii*, _
BPiE a
1 EE
In i" - the KrntiCT BCOM ?? ?
?i.n*!rd by any o'.her :? ruidy, tudfor ad tun.p.iiuti invident to Ita
its, er .i, tot
le? Si * r?\afTO?< \ecvr.
OT BO PA-flL. BBOtTLO UK wiin,ii r If __|
LIX ~~
I. LI.
I. LI.
I.I.I.I.I.! t 1.1 I,
T?ke r. K. ? ' '* i ni.iii.? :? i ji,p!*?ui?t
aid i'>,. ? t a? 'Hielte*.
CUB?I THESE IU?) v?, ?
in t ! n ?ii tti.et, at tBb eiper.tr, ?itilr M no cbir.ie of du I i I .,.
t ?.
li, ?..i?t .'.?On? .ed vl.ar.aaa of thrie ircll.? wl.ether
Batobtl Baal <"is.L?t.ng, i-d r.o in..tl?r hew .otp .'.tit!,!.?
k1 latin, if Ita? ' ??.-..i.? ri'.i.i:. thi nd of a d.oreti-.
titi a ? <-?r'.?ii. li one the denreO eflt t ii? btBMMtbl B
I l-Hr.HBbrl
. HBhBlJbBrl
I HB bhB
hbB hbb
?tiBBt.1 I li
I-1-H lim
BtsOODl blTJ?d: blood:
|. i ?. e Blood and rer-crlng ti clrcnic conatitutlonal du
???et .i...! | lion, id ii:.pore state of tie Bleed, and the only reliable
?nd *fi*ctu?: known lemedy for th* care cf Mr?: tt, ?? ? J Hr?d,
St tri!,? n. I'uni md Swelling! of tie Banca, I'liui'iciu of Ile
II nat ti.d I.'fi. Illotcle?, Pimple! on tie Yoee, letter, Erji.pr.i
?a. * I tia r I. I Skin,
el ibe ??o ?t uliorden thtt ifflict mmk.nd sriut fiom tie orr,pilon
Ihtl set?iu ?litei .u tbt Blood. Of ti) tbs ditcoterlei tilt bite beru
?itde to jurtr ii o a. Lout ctn*i,'i*l In effiot HELMBOLD'I COM
rOt'NH EXTRAIT OK SAl-APARILI. A. It cletnie? u.d reno
?tt?. tl,r h..t J. intiili? the Ti.or of heilth ii.to lue ?yitein md purge!
*?t tbt l.ijtnon wlilr-b mike dlteite. It tt.iralatei the healthy
baeOaniof the body, and expel? ti? d'tcrder? tilt |row ?nd mil!?
ka tbe blood. Tit tri?: of t tingle botte will .how to ti.? .ick tUt .'.
Bat tirtiK-i ? rpaa.ii 4 anything tley bttt ever taken.
Two t.l e ipoobiful of the Eitnct of Struptri. t added to i plt.t of
wtlrr ii ti ?' io tbt Lubon Diet Drink, md one bottle ii folly equal
tot pt. ii-, tit lio Xyr^p o? Ssitspst.iii, o, tie decoction ?> -
wide. -
( Kino
( .oo coo
(...(I (1(1(1
COO (io
(?( .1 (?('()
000 OOO
DOO ?'?'O
Aneictl.nt Lotion. u?edin ?onnect on v.. ?I the EXTRAITS Bl CHU
tad SARSAPARILLA, in inch du*li? m rc-ouiiriendtd. E.idauce
?fib* ii.cttirirjonaibletndrrii.ble ih?r* ter will ?ciouiptny the med?
icine*. Alto, ?iplict direction! for nee, wifA A?iidrr_? of 'An.undi
atiiTibf wiloetie,. ?id upwxrd of ?H'.OOO nnioo .ted certlbcste. ?nd
racv.-,_?i.c,.!( ry tattara, many ef a biri ?rt fioiu the bighill ?O'.reel
be.ud.iig eminent I'l.y.:..?tii, Cier?_mei., Stateimrc, Ac. Th? Pro
prieto bia unti rnoited to theil puhbettion in the newtpipert; be
tari t ot do tl.ii from the fit tint hi uti.?>? rir.k t- Slindiird Prepi
(BlioBi ?nd do net need t., b? propped up by rirtifj .tri.
I Th? Bdtnr? of Medicine, Ilk? the Doric eclamn, itmdi limpie
?aie. _i*j?n_" hating Pact foi lu baili Indict,cn lu, lu pillar, md
Bn? ?i*o? let lu ttp.ttl
"-? 11 ' -? ' V
My Eitrtrt Sirttpiri'Ii ?a t Blood !'ort ter, my Kitr&ct Buehu ilk
Uluretiv ?ed will a. t aa n. i. in all vaae*.
Both ire prepared on p ire- ?ilen'iftc principle??io taroo? tod ire
Ita wet teilte of either lint ran b* mide A reidy tod
??_< u..T? lett will bt ? cn.?panton of theil p.-ept-rtlet with thule ill
toril, n th* foi owing works
Bee Dupe??tory of the Unit?- Stat?*.
Har Pit'leeaor Diwai'l Ttluil.t woiki ps il e I'ii, lice of l'tiytle.
See rruii-kiuildr by ti? e'tbrtl?d Dr PtTtlC. Philldelplit.
B?e re.i irki mide by Dr. ErBBAi? MrHowsLL. * celebrated PI,ti.
?iii, ?? d Meuil.er of It.? Roy?. ( tiiege of ?jigaont, Ireiicd, tod pub
bei.rvl .n th* lruir.kvtici.1 ol th? Ring tod U ittu'i Journal.
Kee M.?ivO (b.rurgiril Rev-lew, pub'.ubtd by BlMlABlt T ailsa?
Bli.?.?, c1 tbe B-Til Coll??? of eiuigeont.
Sttaial cf ti.? lil* itkiidtrd worst cn .?ltd, Ice.
li.I? DDD
ijpo rm?
DI!) DM)
Iii. DUD
I I li DDD
DDD l-l I)
l>M) DM)
A.di*?* ?*lt*,i fe? Informitloii. In confidente, Is
ii. i. hi:lmhqld, chemist.
No. 39t BROADWAY, N. y,
oa to
st tot toura ii:s7ii-.?r, ?l.juh p'?_.
tBWABB OB COI Nil '.n ts
/??__ BO OTitt?J
News by the Cable to
Official Reply from Prussia to
The Left Bank of (he Rhine yt.11 Nerer
be Ceded.
Probable Renewal of the
War Between Prussia
and Bavaria.
PltfNSS ol' .he Peace ?Negotiations
Between Austria and Ita!.,
Abolition ol Martial Law in
Detailed Accounts of the Progress ot the
Peace Negotiations.
?Success ol' the (.reat Reform Demon?
stration in London.
Interesting Debates in Parliament on the
Jamaica Disturbances.
Cable News from tho United States Re?
ceived in England.
(?BEAT Ililli A ; V
I lit I'm?.ian Reply Is l'i?nt?.
I Nix.i, Tuesdiy Doon Aug. 14.
The Prur-?-iaii Gmi-mun nt hal inforinul the Kin
(?4-ror of Fiance that Lia demands for tbo eilcniion of ti?
:ioi tier ff bis Kmpire lo the biais ot the Uiver lllilne cannot
ka complied with, and that the I'mmiin MaiMarj lhere situate
?iii neier be ceded to I-ranee.
The Prior? al Wales.
LaOVBOB, Monilai, Aug. 13.?The Prime ol Wtltt
rei ;eire?l itO,(X)0 Volunteer* in Yorkihlre on Sstnrdsy.
Ihr C'hslsrsi.
The cholera is dn-ieii-ing in London.
lira??? I ui'.ur. .
Wa Hates, ?ronraaster, of Tunstall, hue fuiled,
with linlilitiei (o the emounl of I.VKi.dOn, belf of wkieh is
secured by the works of which be wes the owner.
Consols, Y1?; live Twenties, 6ej, IT.nois Cettrels, l'A;
Eriei, 4.T._
TBS .Vlsoiirur ?? IB)? lrrn?b I Isa?...
l'Ain.- Tuesday noon. Aug. 11, i*???<,
The Moniteur of thi. morning argaoa that the
course of Kspoleon ?n the recent negotiation! bee been guided
entirely by bis sndeavors to preiorvs the pesce of bis own Jim
pire sud sll Europe.
Deeigae of I'mnif.
Taris, Monday, Aug. 13??The CmbIJMMMMMbI ?ay?
(hst while Frente has e right to compensation from Prussia,
her true li.tereut ii not an insignificant territorial Bggraadls?
men!, but to sid the reorganization of Germany for the
interest of liermany and of Europe.
I'ra nee Kraal y for IB? Mar.
The Moniteur _aXsr\\daO_ig to the statement of
Tltt Loudon Timii lUat it discovers warlike intentions on the
part of France ia (be purchase of cavslry horses and saltpeter,
say* the French (Jovtrni_ent hat hastened (be cavalry re?
mount becsuie a foreign government baa bought orer M,000
bones in France. There is s full supply of pos der on bsnd
and no necessity for saltpeter. The Monitiur goes on to show
the s-peciflo instructions of the Emperor.
Tne Bourse is heavy, the Kentes closed at 6t-f. 95c.
The New <?? rmaa OSM?MMM-BMMM
Berlin, Aug. KI.?The treaty of alliante forwarded
by 1 "nulla to the Germen Governments with which she is on
teran of friendship, lies been psrtly signed and will be com
pleted by the remeiuder in a few days.
The preparations for the coutemphted annexation are pro
C*B*.BBlttc? ra Vraakfsrt I salrlbutisaa.
A Committee has been appointed to report on the
Frankfort contribution.
t-rsba.lr Bnewsl ?r lae War Beiwse? Praesia
aad Bararla.
Losdox, Tuesday. Aug. 14?Evening.
Advice? have been received from the Continent in
dusting the probable renewal or the war between the Prus?
sians and I'averistii upon the territory of ihe inter power, ?nd
great fear* ?re entertained or inch en event.
Peace Negsitaiiaae.
Fuiarscr. Monday. Aug. IH It**
(?eu. Me?abra ha? left for Germany via Taris, in
tn.ittil sub a minion for the cum linton of peace.
J ?j? %un-iii-* s I.??_ t?iautiiLfei t? _!.., sill end u. _*Lt?--a
a??---*---> ? - ?--? - ?I? ? ? ? a., , .?-. ._?_?.__ .
ber I?, with a day's notice on either ?idt?, ItspsvMM-Mf
of Venice is to be free, and prl.o.cr? are io be enlarged.
Am td.lr??? from Garibaldi.
Fhi-i u, Monday, Ai.giaii .
Oariliitl.li U-iV .e?l an addr?.? to the vi! _B*MB
in which he et] reise? the hope thst they will re?p?ct Ma ? a?
dillons al -M araMtMa ?>-?- eo-forru to t.i orders ? f Um
I > n. naiisa s( Veariia.
Fairs, Mondsy, Angnr-t
it b mi'.! that ?Le aoB-BBBden of Um AaatriM
fi'ttreiiiei in Vi-m-tin are din ctfd to send to Vienna all mevrt
Ile war materi.) before the '.'.?.h .ntf. Allti.e Iti.'.if.M -a Ha
hand, of the Austrian fti | I pp 1 " B ?lix! nyff ,",.
?li ""-I t.
Abslitisn al -Int-itni I.nu .
Si. ITTlll-m-Rf!. Monday, AS(SM 1* I
The iii.'irt.il law nhuh hal ?"in la I
li districts of the Empire h?s been ut?
I nu lou Miar!? ! t? Ililli?.*.
I?*!-"? !.?.!.?.All? 14. IMI?.I ! t a I .,.?.'.
The ii. ih mil a pym tin? oficial qootatio-i ??ii Um
St.., k ?lu li ir-,-?- iii] nf liianneu to ?J.?) ;
Chum.is ti r ii,..in ? -
Initial Slat'-? Iii I- 1 Bl Ii! >., gi,
i'?i.i.:? Cestrsl Railroad ikara, it,
i i... tay iheres, li.
I o m ni. rt .k1 lui. Iii;. < me.
I".D'.".-. Toesil-i Ar.g. ?1?Noon.
?'??i.-<?1- .irr" qnotod ihii m...m ?it .->-{ tatt noa? v.
Arm hu ?m Si. .-linns .?United Bleies rite-Twssias '?re
.,11? I? ti Bl
l.i-.iiuti. i COTIOM Mahktt An-. H-notin-i'iittcn.? The
ii.mil t n.ie.s i r. ty eattassisd si 10,000bsMs.
! M ? I'.?.I Monday. ASf. 14 K? ?
There la bo ? hann to report m ti..- cotton mtii I
. | Iinji, iiinl ttar? pale? to d?j wer.- 10,1 0 I lair??.
Tin? itaaBMhtoNaW'Tofk. Bran Boatbai iptoe i I
l el ASffBSt, ur: ?ir.I Len- sa I m-?.l?y Boraiag
?i- I .? bsss iii?i?"h and? Ipatsd, ?o fur a? vit?! fiele
???nie,!, by UM Allii.tii tal.l... We ?sri ve, )ii,?.i,-r ii? r
\ i.f en i,?? tu ti,,. ,],(,? ,,i i,,.r iiBaiHii m contu.ii,!,?.
li a: | 'I. [ail. .Hit) MSM fa. Is i ..' lo '.re r. ?a ?.. ,1
11*1.1? AX lu.silav. A iii? 14 IIB
Ti ?? steamship Cobs, Cant. Stone, Iran Laimpool,
?I So'elssl '... tin- nftertiimti ni Hie 4th. ?ia (gut > BStl vii in '.le
? thuin. arrived it !Llil .x a! lo o', !..rk i.-trrduv morning.
17 passenger, for I bia prrrl n.?l i -. tor Be
TI,- ? ni.a??.;I..1 ar Bosios el So'etai k. Bks reia.rt. havlnir
ills? tiiii.iip te? p.iai?,it-.-.
?fumer Cyclone of (?I??k<>w. w?. detained in flreat
IIS Hoad? on ?n.pieion a infrlnKing I),., t.i-ul ral it ?
- .ullin willi re?|.,t i? fm id anil Chili. 811? was o?te?
-Tly hound from lltn.l.ure to Km ile .lar.eiro, sr?! .? plannt
??'ii-s. She Wilt d. turned at the re.-ueit et the Spsnl.h
li? wrtitt.enl.
I i? linniit sr Ratifl? alisa
\ '? '? .".vu tr. in Nlkolsbarf OfJalff "J- .,-. ? TI.,
ra! f.,- ill. ,ii, ft!,. |i?! ?? ,.,r:.? rf ,,-,??,. l..-f?e< I Pi .-?lu and
l-.-irii were exchanged to ?luv. An anni.iiee wa? ?Isoslgatd
.? ?lb H.iiBriaf.ir A Bl . ,,,_ -.|eit?
I? the arriinpenii nt far .,, nrti.i.li,-.- m t>. si enlag ? ? AuR-.t
a it ???UTI null |..-i'in l.n Ile VU sr,?l !il? le. li or? i? ..ed bl ?
?-role.igatlou of [be tn.it" till the IsMsl di.t..
Prara* Nrgellallena bri ?vera Prnaaia nn.i tb?
Gersnaa rriarra- Prliliaa? far Aaarxatisa.
A dispAtch f.iiii K..I ?ny?: " Thirty-i.mi" lara
!?iii!a?l sreaiieieii ?f K p t.ni?. sssl an n.l.lr?.. to the K.ng
?jaiitli,Lins for iii<?r|.ran?it with I'rsaais."
The Harlin oSl.i.i ?..,;;, ,,,,. l_e cune pBra?e
? pelr!?-t!t* ?Jtriia.ui BSB??? in BCttSttag li, fBv,,r
? ?I exlt-nding the BregBIld led. ral uria'an.sitioB lo the ??Ula?.
. i southern ??erasa? IsSssssss ssfcversMy ii' ?esotieliOBa
for pesos. Ibu isrrttsr?J i elly of Konnrrn .ml Mi?l?i> (,.r
many, Won bl mill BrdsOSS SsarttssS ?Lil whit li r. Bl S IBS j ila
ii .-lipilshed lu It! -., n.ii?! Ir*. SS SSSSfSa] ?inI then itrp? ??
taken tor inSBta-f u Fsd? ra. Sttite ? ?.n.t>.???--1 si ni..? ?1 N? pt.
ern snd MiUTle ili-rniaiy. The regulada* ot? Ibe rslsHsSB
? Uti Ibe Hutu ii.-a.tti M ii?- Mata ?nli ?'uti 1'ri.nis i? al
mr can la? nu ?itht-.t .Inn*, r to a f it-m- ? I I
1 ii? bovtreigni of Haden. Darn,?ta.lt ?:,.! S.ie, ?|.ir.!rf*en
heio folio?rd the ?j iriiple of UM K mg of Haver:? lit nljina
mt' prnrjctllions 1? r au aruiisti.e dire?? io Ihr Kief of
A telegram from I'.? ?lin ? ii.?li I ssyi r KtagMBsa
over has sssl sos si his sides 4e tnmf ta tb? Pnsass i.?-??i
issiissa 11.?- i - ? i?|-1< ?u?r?i t.? in ? .?i i Ma '
l'unie Freden? k IV.limn, (fe !.. ?r syyrsst ?B lltelor?!
llene, hs? ?ollei(e.| II.? MVlSCtlsa of 1'nu.i e. in ir.J. r to se
cure his hereditary ilf/M .fia.ee?.
.1 eoiiKratotatory ?.lilrr?? ha? '??? n ??ni tu the King r?f i'rui
?la by the pru.t iti?! liil.abitant? si Fttmtm, ti, ie?ntg ?. ?i?h
to bo uuiird to Fnuila.
TBe I e. hue ia Praare.
PA-B Jolv ?, lKA
Th? Cosifi?a?tosHf/ 0? IhM ni?.n?1114- l-Otsias an
?rill le .?KB'ti 1) M. I'aulin l.lmavrae. In ?luth It ?lain Ihr
liiltowlUK lo ?X! the -???? ol Ihe ?rraiiKeineiit tv ?hu?. Ui
?fin,?nor? hu? r?a.n pro'.??iK'<l Tb* lerrit??ii?l lul'tnty of
Ail-trie I? to he maliit?ln.-.d. SSSSSttaf ??far ?? r"K?r.l? Ve
nelia. Psaaa? Is _l?o Is preietve 1er irrrit.rul integrity.
Au?tHe eecei't? the fonii?li??n of a ? 01 federation of Northers
lieruuny nndrr the ?i.-lo?ivi? ilirnilon of l'ruiil?. The
suter of .?.<-lbern (??riuiLv ?. iii retain their separate inter
iiaiioial en?'?ne* end ln?lri?rnilei.re. SB I will be free lo i-ro-p
thtiii-elve? a? thsv thlak |.i-.i?er. A.i?trla will pay l'ruisis as
intletniilty Bl i ? MO.000 rr?uc.
Iii.? ?eriiiiiuii? ?ii'l edd.: " T!.?*?e condition? ?r? t'oltBi:.
cn?.??dering the ?tale of things creuled by the war. TB? ter
Ililli 1*1 IsaglllJ M Ao.trui. notsithitaailing lbs wSSSMsw
?I? ,?? M tia- ?-?.?.lilli, I? ali m paw!? ' ?'.' HIP ilall'ill. Whl. h IBU?!
bsssftasM In ?li saBff-ta-Sd I pi ??deni mimi?? by all
?Tin i-iiti?iil'-r ?11 sdventsir.i'f ti fSJMM Importance to be
the nun ?"'iiiiee of s Kro?t ?Jodi? lg I'ower In ll.e ?et.ter of
' li ?? have r? .i-'.n to ve ?hat ML llenrdeltl.
I i.-ut b I'mbaMiulor ut ll.-rlni. abo wa* present al BtkohbaVS",
hail li itrn.Illili? to asia likewi.o on lu* teritorial iiiimn j
of the kingdom of.Saiony"
Omi ml Aaasaareaseal ?I lbs Armlnlrr ? bat
Prassia Oaias.
ViF?i.iA,'<7th, [Otlkiul].?The armistice sud pro
liminarin of pesce i.rt?e?-ii Auitna ead Frussis, signed yes?
terday at Nikulihurr. mi.tam the lollowing condition? .
" Auitria la not included in the reorganisation to be under?
taken in ?iermanv. Sl;<- re? ugninet ?Il the arrangement, thst
will be made by I'rur.i? 111 Noithern (?. rm?t.y, iacl'iaiv* oi
territorial i-l.ui.?." ?. Svlilr.wii- I? to lie eed?d to I'ruiii?, and
Hi..stein will pey pert ??f Ihe ??r ?speases."
liSRLiH, '/.'th.?The .Y?iiun?( ?eilung and ?orrie otl.tr morning
1?! er? ?tate the foil?.wing to be the temi?.rial ?. . .ii.tl..;.i
?lipuleted for by I'ruola lu th? pe?e? prellinlnarle? The Elbe
Doi-hie?. Elect??rul He?.e. .Vu???-i aad perhaue *l?o Upper
II. ?,? etui Iruiikforl, sill ?>? liioorporeted with Frut.ia. s.i
ony will preierve her former Has M frontier. as?ui_it,g, bow
ever. In relition to l'ruisis a ?imilsr poailitaii lo thatwhl.h
the Kibe Duthie? were intended to occupy during the February
treat/. _
I'rsai-r PatraalSiag Aa??rla ai.d ibe N?uib
...raiaari Mialr?.
CcrtHpoia-'e ?? The LonUiai. Tlni??-.
1-aHTs. Moodsy, July a\\-1 a m.
The Co??(i(-fi-na?}, in an article evidently from an
official souice, corroborates what I raent)on???l on Seturdey
relstive lo th* intervention of the Emperor Nspoleon for the
reduction of the enormous wer lndeinnilv which 1'ruiils
weuted lo eitorl from Auitria. The indemnity ?|ue?tlon wes,
Indeed, one of the inincipal dUtU-ultiri of the long pending
negotiation. "The demands of Prassle," it observe?, 'were
at fir?! far greeter. 1'educed, on the ooservetiotiS of the rep?
resentative of Frsnse, to 1? ixjO.UW?. (i3.fJ?JU,0?jO?. they do not
eieeed the limit? authorized by pr?c?dent ?a ?imilar oas??."
The rspreeentetivo of Franc* (ihough this ?s not meiitlonetl by
the Conitituiionnii) reminded the i'ruisian ?iovernii.eut Iba
efter the wer in the Crimea, Finland end Frence demanded
no indemnity in money 'rom KumI?, end It would he well If
('runt Hi.merk followed the eiemple. The beses of arrange?
ment agreed iiiaon at Nikoliburg comprise the maintenance
of the territorial intei-Tity of tho Aaitrian Emiiire. except, of
course, as regards Venetis, and tbs integrity of tho kingdom
of Saxony. Auitria aecepti the formation of e Cunfederetlon
of Northern Germany to be excluiively under the direction of
l'ru?ria. while the Sl.i.1 hern hlat.i n.?nillin their Indepen?
dent existence, and may form e Confederstlon if they thlak
proper. The French (ioverument profee-e? lo conuder these
terms (air under the .ircuiu?t?uce?. and alto, as e metter of
much lmportenoe, the ?iis(?noe of e great Influential Powsr
In Cenira Europe. M. lienedetli wa* lni(ruc!?d hy la
(Jovernment to Insist upon the conversion o? the kingdom cf
8-xooy. and this Is one of ibe cleuies of the preliminaries of
It was owing, loo, to the prestare exercised by the Frensh
Qtjvernment that the State? of Soutbern G.rmeny, which
were et Ant excluded from the ?tupendoa of hostilities. Si*
Included In the srmutice. For Ihe present these ere ?efe frora
th? evils of w?r, ?n.l iheir ??ta?tion. es modlfled by It, will ts
taken into eoniuleratioo la ulterior negotiations. I have
heard e good deal of complaint here ?t what ii tanned tie
overstreined neutrsllty. or rather apathy, of Englend dorUg
tbeee negotUtlons. and It Is vsry probable tbst It hu mere
Ibis ones been besrd at our Foreign-office. Whatever l*s
ttousht of the reasonehlsne** of tbeee complaint?, it la tut
tain that the Emperor Napoleon hes done hi? best to evert Ihe
danger liksly to result from tbs unscrupulous ambition <f
I'rutiia when that ambition began t?) a??ume greater jjTojio ?
lion? than be hsd ever enliripsted. He ka? bad to ?troggi?
a.aiiiit li. and aliio to take Into eeouunt the disconteir rt
home ooce?loned by the oreation of a vest military power a
(ir rmany which would effect the interest? of Frenee fer me e
then the ?o much ulk? d-of Trestles of illa. Add to thi? be
suspicion, well or 111 founded, thst Count Kismerk wes co?
nited st In hi? originel aggreiilon. snd only diiepproved when
he exceeded the bmlts eaiigued to bim. The i?n.i ofl.? .1
Journal obsrrvei:
? T he homage of public gratltode toward the powerful a ?1
re.pe? ted rii'er of Franc, wlo. thoo?h np engeged in tie
StruKgle. and not seeking anv sdvanlege for himself. 1? ?'?
po?ed. with the?nth?iritv ?hu h ?II accord to him. to hs-tn
the em! of the eoiifliiKration wl.it li mads ?o tnatiy vn'tlm. n
JMJB ?>_ii M*, has known how to mod?rete ubtosUal of
teciicr.? rrcpot? acceptai'? base? for an arrangement, and
?I BB n r,.l. r I, II ,rope, with the re-eetablishment of |?t?ate, all
tie beni hte of order industrr ar,,l cirilisation.
I n. ed Bart]} n id thal Ita Ja* i -'renon-rms the news of the
g of the amlatiee for ton we. k?, and the bs*ee of peace
byth, A '??viiatid I'r ?sfianl'len potentiftries. and ( f llainria
and the other StttetefScottan Germany being included in
ibf BfblkO.
A Hyilei ?a* Article-Thr Firat Indi.itii-a af
ih? I nittb D? maadi iipou Prussia.
? ire.i<!.rit -, if H., I.?., J..,, Du y New?.
Fari? .lily to, mt
TI.?? Ti/ri/rj tharactf-rii'o-a?-a "atraoge" arti.'le tbt
?a. .nttie / Mr, 11,, tv h n t. I tcBcd tout attention yeiterday.
I tat tod it thiI na,'? aoopb ?tal Ob artitle highly im
I'rtarif arti journaliit? observe ttiut the style ii evidently
i. I that t f li? perron wl.., sign? it. The Tempi presumes to
tay tint the (Uriou* laetrtn of ? "?'-tond phaie, wherein
Franco will appear la ila , , tra, _? l f talga "f dor own in
tere?!?, i* ir..?iiltin- to tie Fret, i Government. It mean?, if
- BOaatag , ?n u oBttaatCt from its contrail:. t?.ry
i Btaage thal Ita Enpe?or?thanki to the moral power of
i o., ce?h n n :.-i.i',,., ,i th, belllferenl poner? to eeanat t.?
rreliii?i,.; so of p,.ii BOgetbtwn are opened upon
Ita? toa? tin: PraaM tot? part la tleie negotiation?
?h n u.oJt'rii?vrr; anil t'.st i.ei oithel? sa ?he re?erveg to
tamlf IO vol,?.ti? ,-, nf! i r a \.-,?, j r ; ,?ed by herself ?hall
ban been un le ??? -,, iiei tint leace? il be pre ii... i to '-r
o?tn taterattl and tint of 11 I ?? nptn KJBilibrlBB. The
/' './111.1 nka iii? would be diagra, tftl ta f? mian, und ?hat if
the power? accept the ti rmi proposed bv France un n di-aoter
tain mtdbtor, Franee eoaaot poniuy shift her ground.
ra, lo i ni, i >t ?.o?a! phase, and ili?tnrb for her own l.enelit a
ai | roapttd bj li. ?ne f. ?'he mug ti no ?I, ib ukturd.
Pet .. n us ?intru? ted to ?ay ?ouiitbing to stsy the
'? niurininng of the poblll ' Bl ti I | nbabb i ?oil oi ? vi or
ObbB .' ia underitood win fomented hy tie Tuilerie?, .md
teemi 1 kely to result no1 in I m ot the tres
tietofif iteflt of Fraan t.. ?beta, bp the wag?,
ti ey did no ham... but for that of? pre.it rival power.
The ?Iri.innl I*r*;io-nion? of l'i ii??ln mitl ihr
4 onrii. r- l'r?po*ili?a* of Austria ?Tbe TI i nor
Priacr* Imploring French and R,ie?i~a In?
Coire?pci..t ne? . I Tie Li i.dcu Ti.nu.
Ililli IN. I .li M !*"'.
I am enabled to eommanieato a goora! tktteb of
tie eoret.ti. ne laid down l,y tliKiov. ?lim, i.t piior to ?usent
bato Ita ?u?|?iii.i,u of hostilities, which t-ipaed ?hi? duy at
noon. 1'r i??.it (limiiii.la!
' I. Thal a North (lerrrnn Confederacy be created, com
pria og?U BUM* this ?.?.?o.'tr.e Birei Main
'.'. Hal a rioutli Gerasn Contadera/beemted on tlo
other ?ide ol that mer.
"-t. li at lb Bortten Crabtree* be placed nnder I'rnK
kisn inprciiiirr aid thi Bon til ?n nttl liaiarian supn ;
lad thal j? .?tria be net taetadtC It litlM l "f ti. in.
'4. Hat ?common I'arliuir..'i.t be instituted br bott Cn
r???raelee to le.i?!a? np?a laadry Mhjtate, of tabty eta
ne ii Ul im| ort, to (?? I . unit, r lien rnnned. (I do not know
whithu n.y icrii'.ii if total tatt ?s tarent ni i tottan tiat
it iniiini.il i j rortao to Uti .?I' vi thal trat if no common Far
liauient w. ie eni.l.lished. the two < i nft-.lertt ie? n ero to huTe
tie ??me atiindird? i f money. mei?ure. and wcigl.t).
lint Prtttit Irr nu me,! i,,.,m.i ?n pr rpct ntv llolltein,
S< uthirn ?nd I'iiirn.l BohbtWta iNortlie.u Sclieswletoreiert
to Dennia-k ?l.ouid Hie people rica.?elves ?o decide by a
'"J'ogi u'.uiriri, nnd t arts. r Boon HoooTOT ta?ttmtaty.
1 H.at Anuna nat , ?nice to italy without ii-ioiviBg
ony tnipoaniba.
? 'lh.it Ana?na refi.r.l to I'.-u ?,a a portion of the co?t ol
-iir. to be tuer) ? nhMQnal WttUIlllW
li..? prop..,inme wainui?, rtai ty A?Ota making the fol?
lowing , ..?liter | ?. poiali
1. Aa?tria consent* that tie German Stile* ?ituate north
of the river .Main be termeil lain t lOOtaltaoiJ nnuer I'm?
?ian au.piir? provided the Kingdom of ?rjaiony ?c not Included
in the int.
?. Austria demaid* tl?t .ftl.e state* of Southern Germany
are wiliuj/lo eute.-u to a ?i ?i,al confederacy, and admit her
?o Ile? ?*u.e. *.he*e Blute? aiiall be at liberty to do io.
'A A'j-ir.? iniiitr upou MOM notaoantba or other for tie
ere a io n of ?. eui. e. tsbe baa a right to do io, that cemon not
tssius- yet perin dd.
Witiily Cit?rent st th. ?e programme? ?re, both Govern
ii,,:!? ?t ti.? instance of Krame aureed to accord each other
atntapt BtBbttn ta on abott? Ita* t ??ultl not approi
.ii.ate n.ure clotelr. liefere Ibu . U I ?Ota to uund tie inuo
Will bave been telegripltd to you.
WeAB In gbrmany.
B??sbaratara! ?f -Vorxbarf.
? f??i ?.'ruin ("min Mun.eli ?if JoJf II Mftl "Tho
fmtbn afb?tat ?Tciataia fatontop ?etting fire to ti?
raaf of tbeerataal l'he i*ru?ti?n? wen re'ul*ed wuh the
land M eai.t.on Little (lnninge ?st inlfered l.y the town. '
A i.l gram fr.un A?ch iffon-urg of .Iiiy.'-I uti: 'The
btltene? ol Oeu. llunteuffe! are at?11 in pontiou bet?re \Vur_
l uri/ und i? ii.mtnd the whole to? n. '
Or.ipnl.na ?4 Kavreuth
A t.i-i-r-ti ti of.iaiv ?."? tara i "Tba DakaofMaek?
Itnbitrf ? timguard Lit retched lUyreith. 1 he I'ukn iiilso
there. On li" ? ti the troop* will toutlue their advance.
A ?air* al Ir'ra.i_.?r?.
A (? lr-.ia?, fnttO. II? nit li erg of Jil?* _H ?nr* " Kil?
more ire current here that tie iiii.ab.tant* of Fruiikfnrt han?
l?-,-u forewarned ll.nt if the coot?il>u?i?.ni be not paid lrr.me.li
aiely the lowu will le v.o"ly lUTOondad and none tllowed to
ei ter t? leare
A telegram from Frankfort of.Iulv ?3 ? ity? "The Frank
f. rl ileoiittlioi. retnrne.l here litt night hating renounced it*
intention ol pro? i?rtlin? t( the n.i ,1 l.i a.l.utrtef?."
Hurgomasler Muller lui been ' ?umi_oued io Mr Prunlan
Tbl < ompu.iory biiiet.og of I'rui>._11 irpnn the Inhabitant?
!? p. i, g illaoa.ntl.,util.
1 he I rtnkferl N-tialr ti? r. i nd. ate,! the note aildrtl*?d by
-senator Don.u? ?ttatorowro \i.i.i?:?-r. en tie ground that it
?as scut without tier inn,: "i. una tCBCB-Bat palpable lose
? araru??.
Ile ?tatement tbst the banker? st Ile town hail threit? ned
te ?uioend payment in tbe event of certain tteps being persitt
cd in Ly Praoota u tal ltd, I
The Lumber of aililreties pMOOOted I" Ile King MlbltlO*
the ?uiorpN.rition of Ni.nu with Pratt? ii toutlnutl' '"'
ertiimg. Al D.tlenbarg an ?Jdr?,? to the ?t_?--'1'c? w*-*
drawanp. _
I he AatigH'on ?I' the Kbine.
tBtt-toMBBBtt el -*? ?"""?tice, the Klinif ir ?Kain
open lo naiigallw..
Priui* tit Basarla.
K tolii-r ?m fr?inll?'f ol' St?jtM ?
Thehe*d<i'iii-*riof Ibe Stioud lltriene Crp* arrived at
.tr.'itl tin? tmif mp. _ , _ .
The ?i.and Dike Mecklenburg Schwerin hi? tuken jHiiiei
slomf I'pper Hsncoiiiain the nsme of tie Klug of Pruul?.
Tia? u ? mint a I'rasiian rsnguanl dliieried a bsttslion M
TlaTarlai. ! fr Guardi. The Fruinuni took 4 oflkers and 'Mi
li. a ri B lOO?, IS,
IDrr l'l. rdten h?* concluded * three week* ?I?istite be
IBtrti Bu'tri? and l'ruiii? to coitmence August ii He hsd
no power b treat for tho other South (n-rtnan titat??. who will
negotiate ?Ith QCO. _snteufftl ut Derim.
Praakfarl 1? be A nar led.
A-irpBtch from Herliii.avi: " The City oi Frauk
^.rt will probably become I'ruinsn territory. In which case
the King will rru.i! the whole or part of the contribution de?
manded. The nconotoa to li.-ins? ie? 1...? been ?ecured to
Pmtto Tie King of I'ruaim will defray the ?Iponie? of tho
w?r withoit eontr?cting a loau. A royal deere?) ha? been pro?
mulgated looTokmg tb? PrttttaaCbaabwt for Anguit a Tbt
inbsbitanU of East Fneilund delire to be united to Frnisia.
Tb? Ger*??-? I'arilimril.
Tht OtvtOMr ti Schleswig Del?tala lia.? re_-lye_
ordcrs from l'rnsii* to mske preparation! for tie ?lection in
these Dnchiei of memlier? to the Gorman Farliao-ut.
Mililiry committeM hare been oppointed f?*" .the leiy of
yoon? men fit for miliury ??Mice. The cunstripllou ii to be
complttcd, at lateit by October 1.
A ti'lo-rnm from l'est li njrrl " M. DttkbttBBb?
liihed a at?t*meut of hi? new? ap<- the preient rtste of
sffairs. He eipreises hiirielf lu itvor tf peace anti the for?
mation of * -linear?an Mini.try nnder the Frendenty of
Conit Audr-iiy. The edito-? of the l.ith jonrnal? hue
been reiineited io cease discming tie .?nestions of conititu
tiocul rrfonn for the probert."
II**liHil< ? la? l.rrainay.
Mtsicii July 30? Evening.
The official (?artlte of t-i-day ?ar? :
* We regret to hire to announce that a ?anguinary engage
n-eut bis taken pl*ee near Weidm between the Fruisians sud
a battalion of lb* Havnrntti Gusr.l wllrh hsd started from Mu
nu-1. This affstr is ineiplicablr.in view of the armistice snd the
miiiiemioe of loitliili?'* toneliided yeiterday between Priaoe
(birle? and-in. Hanteuffel. Ile oil:, er m command of the
liararian tr?xip? had in Tain d.-pui. ltd s flag of truce, call?
ing the attention of the I'ruitian? to the n?ele?*nei? of further
bkCHjdibed. The lone? of the liaisrian? ware considerable."
Fiaraatiea at I.eerr Auilria.
The PniBsian? hare eomnientfil the evacnatioo of
Lower Auitri? in order to taku np a politl?n within th? ?et
tlrd Um of dimarcatlon between the two armit*.
War Kxpeaie?.
A couvention for the payment of *a?,0?X>,?X)?j thalcrs
by Anstna hu already been signed.
Ar-aisilrr with Wariembera ?ad ia Reference
ta Me_t_,
An annittice has been contlutled between Wurtem?
berg and Pruiil?. , . ...
An armlitlc* has ano bMncnncloded in reference to the
Fortrtli of bent-, which reopeui the navigation of the Kline.
Traffic between Fri_u--ort, ilauuheim and Utidel
brrt is sgsin open.
A ?uch better feeLng prerails et I rankfort, the soldier!
billeted upon the Intu? ?mats hanng been remond to the
It?orgaaiiail*n ?f lb? T-fary.
A tt-ttl-B Boto I'."" i"-i* "f July '?I? save: "A
d*cree ha* been ?ubmitt?! to the I'linee Regent for ?Ignatnre,
,'..?-?.lung the preMntiisTal ?-rgani/stion. and reconstructing
?I so ss to consul of bot ou? f'laadron with two division-,
one flotilla ol trsuipor'i snd one for nsTil nitcration!. '
Admiral lvnano n ??>- >?> -u' ? u?i-aL.i d a trial Ufure a
tai___j*r?i_l 1
Tbe .timinie. 1 ?c?mliti?ual C-aai??, ?f WtUm
lia 41 li?? l io? ?f I ron,?? . a.
A FltltBM tfltgram?>t'the3dinst. saya that the Ital?
ian GoTein ment has Agreed toan armistice of four weeks from
today. Tbe union of Venetia to Italy is sssared without sny
conditions. The i'ueiilionot frontiers ii reserved for fut ure
r?.volutions. The armistice in concluded upon the bssis of
militar) BMjMfM?__
Forced tut-reary ia Veaelia.
A Etftl I)-. ,-i c 1, ? b.-, n -iiililishe.l ord-rfog ?
forced currency iu iLe Venetia.i province ncCftoi BJ) ibe
*?< V. I..?Bli.
The H.-iliia <...\?-riini.il*, lias -BOO- a ttttPtt oi'iliT
ing a iiutioual loan of three hundred am! Etty mu.lou Luc.
iv? i loimien or the Aaaalatlaak
The PraaBta Oonfft tadicatotlj npodittta Ibt
clftrgeioi tot Bamba joarae. that Prawb lad in any ?tit
infriLfced tit? condition? of tie armistice.
I>> inoriili/imo.i of Hie Auslrmti tr'ii?
Tbo military tanttpoBBOB. af Ibt Ham vii
A'i?tri(iii Army give?an nceouotof Maraliull?eue.lek ? re!re it,
'I' ?' r len tie deinori.'i/.i'iou ol his troop.?, and say? th:i! ercry
messenger from Vienna in? clarean) ? MT 9? _b ret nu,
' _,.?c peate or the army vi ill be annihilated.'
I'rinre Kiliirni t em lui ta t ?i?'i ut.
I to M (J ?'y -"') lorie?P'?t?il?n,-e n( Ita London Tillie?.
About lu Ban ago the Prenota .Minuter for I'oi.-iiru
Atbbi re(|'i.?ste.i Flin.?? IfcMcratabb inform luGovernment
ll.it Iran. " t'i.ie Venen i b.ii'li to Au-tria, ' m order that ?bo
liemelf nnglt rule it to Italy." Tho JTBUOMOllor wa? BB? ?i
ling to make auch a diiagreeable communication to Count
Meiisdurf, snd tho Duke d? Giumont waa therefore inrtrn-teil
to inform the Austrian Minister for Foreign Affairs that
Venetia had tested to I? long to France.
f?aribaltti'a Army.
Corrr.| ?,l,i. ?? ? : Tie Loudon Tin.ei
Tl'P tetoal prennt ttrengtta of the foran tudu
i'.arihnldi'? commard is given by tbu pa'rers at being, accord?
ing to tie ..tidal ?tate? of his corp? ?4,100 TO unteers. beside?
the b.Tt.ilion nf Jo r-u.':eri, tinco Cell batterie?, and tiro of
mountain gun? belonging to the regular srniy. Qortboldl
? lot..? .?i-pin?'eil throughout the campiign, which i?
Mt proLilly ?t un 'end his usual indefatlirahle energy nnd
cloie attention to iii? dut?, mid to have been ably and /ea'oiisly
tnndcl liy lb Sinti'. Want of proper organisation, defective
administration, and a deficiency of proper ann? tor so large a
ir-rsly of newly labet ?nd, [or tie nm?t part, entirely raw ?ol
.lier?, ure only some oi the diUiuulties under which he has la?
- ?a?
?MA* BIUT -1\.
I.n m fit form II, ni on. t nil ?ou ia I ?nilen
nunan atiBBBiaa of pbopu.
PriMTh* Dally New?, July Ma
Ltat Dight pniiiiii.lv tin? imi-t BBBMroaa tad ia.
fantiing deiiioB.tratlon ol poj.uhr feeling tint on ever txbib*
itfd it*d.-r n -ingle roof took pi?.Bita Agu? tilt'?,?I Halt
Fight o', is ? wa.? Um ben npoteted for the ooojubi i ib i i t
of the proceeding?, but Ion. b. ?ore that time ?'in.' tta Maadi
of lierions lad utiemlil-?d io the body d' the hall, -Tale ??ill
greater number! were congregated outside. A? the hour of
eight approach*?!, ?he ?pnces left vic.u.t in the hall be?rnii to
lill rapidly from tho ample re?enroirs of popnl ttion who pre?
ferred to remain outside an,I wait in the open air to -ee tbe
nrbn pro, .?-ion-, with their band* of mnnc, coming up
raton toaa aacan a ant nattln in-vi.to byan early tntn.
Some H BlaatM bahn ile proceeding?commenced the bend
of the procession, winch olino on with banner* Pylnn and
bend? playing wa? ?eea thro'i.h tie open door? in the Liver
pool Ban, ia. when tie leading tag ?bowed itself within tbe
portal*, bad Intrahs and entlmaiastie cheer? were rabot. At
tin time Ita people ? it hin tbo hull were, to the eye of the
spectator, suftlclciitly den?e. and it ?ii at ono lime ii ?; ie??:.n
of doubt whether the rcsoiirce* of tie bull, vantas they wen-,
would hate been able lo accommodate the icceiiion which
in? poured In from the door? on the ?e?teru ?ide. Hut like
tie irtlnent? of come-paoious lake, the successive stream? of
human being, moved forward through the mt?, inside till at
?cng'l tley blended, and became one solid, compsc!, and bo
mog.-iieoc.? ?ubstauce. At thi? moment the prospect Irom the
platform was truly wonderful. Ten? of thoniand? of stalwart
men, evidently belonging to the working ela??, packed in front
of the platform, the gauer.es all round the buiiuing ?o tilled M
to leave no ?paces vacant, the band? playing popul.tr and pat?
riotic music, and the hiicuera arranged in the distance, pre
?ented ? ?poctaile such ?? could scarcely be equaled in any
other part of tbe world. The open door? on tbo Liverpool
Road aide added to the demonatration. for through them conll
be teen the thouiaudt who were miallo tu bul admission
As a demoustration oi (Kititical aeutiment notbinir could sur?
pass the meeting of last night It wes vast in its proportion,
orderly in its conduct, unanimous in it? sentiment, and reso?
lute in it? determination. It woatd be lcacoaiate to lay that
the meeting wa? or could be deliberativo. The voice of the
moat powerful ?peake? co.Id not be beard beyond a very
inn.ted dunnee and ibe i-aolnlion* aa-recd t.. vi-ere probably
not heard l.v one in ? hundred of those preieut. But no one
who on present O? tnj tie fuit thst the something like
B i<?? person? who were congregated in the Agricultural Bau
last night were resolute ard determined, and aotnated by a
coin u.on sent in?nt in favor of that reform about which they
are ?aid to be careless, and for whiob they are said to be uitit.
Il e i. i:.i .?-.? were inscribed with various mottoes, mot as
" Manhoo*Suffrage and the Fallut,'' ' Gladitoneand Ke/orm," I
* TbeCI-rkenwell l'un,-.', of the Reform League," wit- avery I
well ex-cuted medalliou bust of Mr. Bright. Am?ng thote
ures.il were Mr. J. S. Mill. M. F ; Mr. l" A. Ta/lor, At. P.,
Mr. Msion Jone?. Lient.-Col. Dio? eon, Mr. rharbr? Weeterton |
Ms ?'? Urot.ke, Mr. H Vincent, the Bn? Dr. Maisie, tiella I
Vartln. Thoreihi, J. Curwen. Foy, Ac. The sppesranee of I
Mr ?Jeales, lb* chair-?.? ?ccoropauied bv Mr. _-_.fl. M. P,
V. 7?J"'T. ?TP . and other meoiW? of "'?". ?-to'm r ,.__,'
wa? the tignal for *tithii?ia?t,o ...i ?a-iig-continned cheers.
sin."hes ist. taaoconoato
When ?ilence h?<l j. ?ome measure been obtained Mr.
Heule* the Chairman of tie League, made a brief ?peech,
after wlion Mr. Wootton ton proposed the followingree... mon
"Th?t the pr?tent liove:,,.i.?ni. by .t..iiti?_ to ii. ten! the bill in
tr, ,1 . rd by the ?ile Oneepimeut for !b. ?ii.enilne.il of the refre
tentitini md by ll-rir.eriret indefinitely poiipotib.? th* whola
qutaliou *f rrlorin. ?nd l,,.t?y by their employing the police to
?orcibly preernt the worilla ??atti frew peieeebTy meeline in Hyde
i'?rk. on Monday ltat I? - < n,p!?tn cf Hie .iitTr.je being withheld from
ii.em. late forfeited t?l c!?im lo the ,.-.Silence tod tuppoit of tbe
v-contry. '
It ii utterly impossible, lie ?aid, for any one with inch a
demonstration a? thi? before him. to deny tbst the people ire
?nunn? for reform. Those who bare spoken thus have belied
your feeling?, and the j roof ii now before them. (Cheer?.)
Mr. Mason Jone?, in lecondiig the resolution, laid he
.?lould endeavor to make himielf heard by everT per-ton, if
tley would only gire bim a patient bearing. In The Tia?* of
that t-orniug, there wa* a v..?t.on put which demanded an
.u.?'.? cr The ?luestiou waa why we called a meeting in Hide
1'ark. He would tell them?because the Tories and the Adul
lan.lte? ?aid they did not want reform, [fries of "We do,"
an.) ' We ?lull Lsts it.'| How did we try to prove that! By
taking teni of thouiands to Hyde Park. Hear] Tbat was
the most convenient of the parks to meet in. (Hesr. hear.]
We laid we had a letal right t.) meet there. The Government
?aid we had not. What then outbt the Government to have
done) The* ?hould have allowed us to meet, and if we vio?
lated the law by io doing they ?Itti.ld bave arreeted ns. [Hear,
ban. Instead of doing io, tbey ihut the gates, and wonld
not ailow us to go in. Now even if we bad no legal right, he
contes,led that the present wss one of thiae c??es when It
would be wii* not to enforce tie law. [Hear.) There is a
uiailin which override? all law. and it is this: " Sslue
ptpuli supreme lei,' that is to ssy, the safety of the
peoylo ia the highe?t law. [Cheers.) Whst did the Got
,-ri.tii'i.r .1,, - They that the gates of Hyde Far?, against
u?. Bid they a right to do io' [No, no.) Then their
friend? a? well as their foes ?aid tbey committed an error.
Well, what happened i The railing? were bulled down, and I
rejoloe tbey were polled down. [Loud cheers ) That gave
vou tit vii tiny. /'leer?. I When he saw policemen beating
people?when t_i ?aw-the Guards with their gnns loaded and
tbelr bayonets filed?when he saw all this brutsl array offeree,
he (,'xclikiiiied. in simethlng like the wotds of uiver Cromwell
uti one occanlon, " ?le Lord deliver ua from Sir Ii. Mayne."
[Cheers.] Could any one doubt tbst the Tories Intended to
make a (.attie of tie people i [Hear, bear. ] They said et first
that you did not care for reform, and when you began to show
that you were in earnest, ti?y would not allow you to manifest
your fi'ebiig. It is tbe old ?tory of the bm and the pensant
?gain. When a mau rode on toa ass he wai called a brate,
and when be carried tbe an be wai culled a fool. [Cheeri ead
lsugbter. ) When liberty is progr-etiing all the world orer, you
mast not go luck, but be ready to defend the ttuM for which
tout fathers bled and died. [Cheers. I
Mr. J. S. MID, M. F., who supported the rei?lutii~. on ris?
ing wss recen ed with loud cheers from all who could boar tbe
announcement of hil name. The honorable member, who
leemed deeply lmpre-eed bT the ?pectscle of tbe leeming and
?waving multitude before him, laid?Ladin and Gentlemen;
This building u a sufficient guaran??? that the cbum of re?
form will suffer nothing by your having determined to bold
vour meeting here inateud of repeating the attempt to bold it
in the park. Hut I do not want to talk to you about reform,
yon do not need to be stimulated by me on that sohjeet. This
meeting is a lulriclent reply to any one who ?upjpoees that you
do not want to diicuss reform. [Hear 1 Ton have been
very much attacked for holding euch meetings, on toe
ground that they are inconsistent w ?.?sion. But dU
cur?i?n is not the only use of public n. >. One of the ob?
jects of ?uch gathering? ii demon non. JHeir.) You
want to make a dupUy of your itrengtn and I tell you that
the countrte? where the people are allowed to ihow their
?tren.tli are those in which they ire not obliged to use it
As regards the parks, your chairman, who li a lawyer, dora
ii _t doubt your right to meet in them. I am not a lawyer and
know nothing about the matter. Hut you thought it right to
??sert your claim, and only to withdraw under proteit. Your
proteit ha? been made, and rou hare (I think wiaely) deter?
mined not to renew it. You hare been promised a fair oppor?
tunity of baring the uueitlan ?ettlod by judicial deoinou, and
you hare wisely resolved tbat. until that decision I? given, the
i'Uestion shall remain where it ti. The GoTernment, without
abandoning what thev thought were their legal right, might
bave permitted the park for one meeting when permission
was Mked; ant I think it wouid have been a wise policy and s
gracious act to have grnted it. (Tremendotu cheers.] But
it wai refluid.
At thi? point the crowd in front of the platform became, from
the inevitable effect of preiiure, ?o tumultu?? and noiiy tint
it wii imponible for the bonorsble gentleman to proceed so
M to make himself audible evea to thcee who were nearest to
him. and accordingly be mad* no ottsmpt to eomplit* his re?
The Chairman thin pat the retolution. md it tu ctrritd
with great eutb.iiaam.
Mr. Brafllaurh proposed the next resolution, rli:
? -hit i petition lixntd by th* Chidrmtn, on behiif of into <n*-t
l-l b* pr?**nted to ti? Home of Comn.out. pnytuf fe? the iPtx-jn?
ment of ? eouimilte? lo Inquire Into the cond.et of Sir Bl. hui
Mayne and the t?, ?c* under bia order* in toidiAy preTtntni? the
welkin. cl??***froi-ii-.rt'ii| I" I*.-* ,,?rk on M?rndty, thel-dtf
July lint, ti dlikewiie tbeir -i-duct in ejeetln? ptrtont tom the
Puk. ir.d oil.- rene i__lt.*-tin| Ihein on tin ?nd tht tw* lollowtn.
'iii, iivu) Vi-ct-t, ia .i.._-._- the nttlat.Ofi* b-4 ___lt,
never wau a ?ms when it wa? more importait 'hat iletieoi's
?nool.l publicly .yore.? their opinion. IVratev r The T net ? r
Th* Slant? rd mi-ht ?at. the people ot thi? c. lintis wira ?tar,
tormiued to late relonn. .Cheer?.! The work.ug t liar? *
were nor, a? tbsy hid !>e?n termed, drunk.r Is or ?narvhitta.
They were loyal to tim liw and loyal to the . own, but at tia
?time time loyal tu tli.it Klart* :n ?hieb they .- iimc<i to perii.
??li.ii?-. (beer?) They w.-io indignant ne. uti tho?e who
had dar?"d to turn loose on thom an armed rx,-? tt, sad to insult
ti.'-m by qusrterlug tr.aops in various part? of the metropolis.
i Hear, hear, j That dfuinusti atiou wal a pro. f that there waa
wanted neither le.lioe nor military to keep oi ?I-r. loyalty to
the crown, bowe?er. did not me.ia ?orally to ?- r.l Derby, la
conclusion, the las?-S* lm-lared that, bav.?,' l.toly vniteal
?lifferes? part? of Eugliud, he bed found er?, where a ?tronc
iletermluaiion toput.l<i?ii the Tories and I. ug the Liberal
governmeut bn-k to (aower. aud recommend? i | io?e who wert)
Hssemblitd to show theoiaelve? pcaceall.*, oru.. y and niagLsu
Mr P. A. Taylor, .1 P. ?n ?npportinir the resolution, ?s 'I
prudent Ben of '? asses ?ere in the habit ol ? iking ?to?-* of
their prill?. Let them then Uko Hock i? re?*arded tks
bu.ine?. o; the lust for'tiiR-ht In thst ?hort psrlod they had
laugbt the Tories that the people really care?! 1 r reform, a-.?J
were earne-ily baal on uuuntaimsg the right ??" public ni?etina
The peoplt eau that huies* the? had power ol r -..-ling they UJ
no eaasoe if obttlnlngntorm, and tbei* oppot.? ..tihad le.rneil
that ?he jieoplo would not give up the rig .t ? l meeting In lbs
l?t>op!e-? p?li-?. When tke people sseetnbled i d Hyne Pars;
ibey li.nl no in'eniiou of rMeasS) but ali n. -" remember Ihr?
?tory in ?tuch it wa? related that vi bon i? .... people of obi
assembleil ro-jnd ..I el it-he, the wall? tel! d- I L. (Lsugbte* )
Tin? Tones were the m-ne now ai they wer? " vesrs ag?-, hint
a? they weie lan ?ear in Jumsiee. (?Jneeri?.,
lb? resolution ?va. t?i???i put and oarned.
CoL Dickinson movsd thi following le.iiut si
' Thi? i- ii -I.? ,,!.;?? --.,t,v- ?1 ?y of thi? n.ealiu? i. ?I of Hie n tire
pop dil; ?? in. lill ?.hat!,?., to
itlaif.iu.il m mii| ./ii el" ?tie ?lefutin lal ?<ue In ti. r ireut bin!? !>??
I'.rir nuriilr.iici.ia*- fe.1,?v a,ii. I? inn?, ?ml lia '. .? ltli.l of Ililli?
?o brutally be?trU :?? tl.t- Mile? in Hv.lr, l-.rk. '
Mr. Ikiunei se. .iid.-il tho resolution, which ?a? then put r.i ?1
Ou the motio:i ?f Me. O. I'.rook?. ?o??oni!c?l by Me. J. R.
Tavlor, a vote of ?hanks wa. irivei, to the C1 iwibo.
Thei'litiiriinu Is ai-kuowli-dginir the ?ole, obeerred ttal
not sll tit? police and all the military coi.1.1 have restored
order and posee; the ?redit of that belong? ?! to the people
theiueelve?, ?md hi-trusted Ii:?t tho-e -,vl i -a.re ????ml I? ?J
would di?peise quietly, snd go home peaoe.il.... [Cheers.)
The meeting thru commenced dts|M?r?iiiir. .?1 thougk tbig
wa?, of coursi'. a work of considerable ?lulu :: r* and duration,
the building ?as i!esre<l ?u in elderly su-1 ? r. ?ruble inai.nrr.
Tbs pr.ioe.,:,,ns ksvtsg ,).*?n reformed, ?turi ?.' < a tbelr ruo?.
to theil ,-e.pettive de.tinitlon?, the band? p.a? .ag at the I ? u?l
a? they had doue ou Hie .arrival.
Tis Atlantic tablr.
??TITUS T?) Til K NrTfl JdV OBI 'INK!).
The following telegnaa was reeeiv, : bj R?'iter'.
T'l>'.ram Company at .'.T?, July 30, from bl: L. A. Gins
"" I AlKMIA. .Inly 3n -The annexed di?; i.l, wi'l explain
ile ab?eni-e of intelligence Irom the Luited S?.'?sand*'?osais,
and the delay in (be ti.in?mi??ion of mes.ui.-o 'o places ???!
of Newfoundland. The pi.blic will l*e glad n kuow that U?i
?al,?'ruction i? only letups?..:.,. au?l likely Is S it-moved .a Mo
lourie of ihe present seek, lue A ti uat ?r-. ? i- woik? willi
great perico*ion, the coiniimnication i? rapi'i k1 <ii-tlci', at
?jj words or nlaou' .1 letter? p??r minute.
CyrnleJ, N.-.? ? i.-n..'. .< 4, le lUSatlB 01?S, V.'rati??.
Miny think? T?r your ? on-niu l'ion?. Una-irar ?si bar? I ???uri
unit oiuil, re-re-th.l .y Mackay lud sot-?n-i. ? e ?iib the ?|,
pliliicei he liad to ?epiir the ssbls aero...
""Ia onie i kartaret] tks ?u-uut-r LI Hi-Hound, snd the is
now alongside the Medway taking .n cm 1* grapnel?, Ac.
and leaves to-uglit (*?undr?v\ We tfp* to |t! the cable re?
paired this week. I hine chartere? the at?nixie- Danntlca? to
carry menage? aero?? until the cab! is rep?? r? a, end ?he left
for bor destluation this morning, aid will te t. ere on Monday
night ' "
KL'. I
The following telegrnm, bei'g the fi ?? Message from
Amen?e by thec-ible, w,ih receird in Lond-i. o? ne 3lit duly ?
Nsw Voak. July ."? (a>oraiB(.>?B* repursrii ? i.e?of Teia.r. .?
?..te been lalmi'.ted io I oiriris.
I'onireii irlio'iriii..' yellari)??.
)EN"<>_ a -ASAI'A.
The following t?*!egiam ba l-sfii fctwaail 1 i y the Furl of
Carnarvon to Viscount Mon.., Ottawa ?..:i -ida. '
I tin .-iainoiir.de i by ?he (?i.et? lo -onvey t?? ... ?J. vernor Omet?!
of het North Am.ri. su l'it/v...?? Her .H?je?rj ? , . .i;r?iiiiitiori ta
?be completion of the At ?m- M.SISfb. ?t: i .t itieB_ti.fi . g
?le euy ??f the nni.y o? ti.? Hru'i K.npire.
Her Maisily ioi-lu le? her iijieiit Colony of Ne-? I ndliod luthers
longritulitiom to il he lill ?' luhjict?.
July ?ii, ?ijtjo'. ? is ? i h 11...
N'oiv-York atlvicat'l aioat. 1, laeaiv ?1 '?y the Atlan.'
ric Telegraph cable. ap?ar in the Englub papata of the lill,
the day the Cuba ?a?lei*?i"o-i Liverpool.
T!ie Landon Vaily .Vc?'* City Article ?ajs " The proc?s? o|
??jueli/atioi? of prie* an between IT,pi - 1 and Amrr.it.
through the medina- of the cible, continu - '.. prejud ?.-s tbs
question of Americ?) ?ecurities.
In the Houu <?t Lords the Jamaica .iitiir had beeil
debited aud th??ondiict of the officials den. .u< <d; but it wa?
held that Gov Eyre could not be ?nduuT or accuied oi
The dlitur?ncei in Hyde Perk hed el?. lK-en debated. Eitil
Kaaaell 4??aaa?rl f?u.at?? .ti: a li. , . 4u.va , ',
witbdraivlri the police fiotn the Park, and i-aTfOerby de
fended bin
The 1BB-B ilohat'-il the hill BBMMibg 'he Eitradi
lion Traty wllh France. Some members i?? nteaded tbst B
wss aiesnt of subserviency toward tumut*, end wonl?j
lead t-rf-t extradition of *up?^ose_ i-.niiu-!s on InsuAcieul
KT)i,taT>vernmenti*ombi?*- (-ese views, end the bill waa
pewed to e second tyuiiag by W to 1!.
U? nib af Cea. H. J sa??.
Gen. Sir Harry Joues is dead.
I . H. Flvi-.Tivralies.
IMesara. Barings Bro?, report a large business ia
United Sutes* ?JOt.
astzae? ?r restas Asaasaaiiiaa.
There has been au extensive discovery und seirure ol
Fenian einmuuidon and materials in Limerick.
?aaasaaiaa mt .. i,i.h Baah.
The private bank of Kennedy i_ Co. of Dublin has
??upended payment. '1 heir liabilities are believed to be ces
lidsrabls. _
?tlaim? PreferreB by sis* t aiieal atalas t??s?cr_
It ia stated that the ?Government of the Unit??
States hai preferred claim* agalnit certain persons in Freers
who heve disposed of publie property belonging to tbe Beutb
?rn Coufedaratio-a
Pspalar BUcsaieai ?iib tb? Hra.li sf ibe Wat*?
The Pani correspondent of The London Timu aasertf
Usl the result of the wer has occasioned a deep feelr.g oi dis?
content la Freace. Tbe Emperor himself wes confides? ?I
Auitrie being the victor, end hardly concealed tbe bops IbsS
he ihooid obum the Khine Provinces without the loaa ef a
single men, _
Mspsre??i?a af a Mssrsaaaar.
An Imperial decree auppre.ses the ('??mr </a Di
Iff BIA.
Bombay, July 24.?Cotton dull. Diiwount nita
reduced 1 per cent. Exchange, 1 I l|d.
CaVLCiTt*. July -3.-Exo_ang?, 2,0id,
San Fbancisco, Ta*sday, Aagast li ISM.
Tbe ibip Voltigeur bung* Hong Kong data* ot June)
Although ihe shipments of tea to Great Britain had
been light, the amount shipped to the United States wsa
very Urge, snd the supplies for the past aeeaoa vere the
largest ever known. ? - - .
The expedition against tho pirates on ths Wat toast
bad been very successful.
? a..
Bah Vbanc-is-O), Wednesday. Aug. 1!, Mt.
The brig Jeannie brings Japan newa of June 30.
A tariff convention was held at Jeddo on Jane 35, ia
which America, England, France, snd Holland participate?!.
A retisod imnort and export tariff waa adoptad, wbica
wa OTnMderM very important to commercial Interests.
The new tariff was to go into effect at Kanagawa OB
July Ut, at Namaski and HaVc_adl obAmbU*
Tea ?man.*?? firn?; Fine was .-->^2?#!"'.0!*;
narr, at $119115; Med?-masa, st |?a$?; Good me?
dium to ?ne, fil - f-?
0 "
9an FKisciec... Tuesday, Aug. I!, la*-*.
Tbs barks Smyrniotte and Comet bring Honolulu date*
of July 14. The former bnngs (.'apt. Mitchell and Samuel
H. Ferguson, a paaaenger of the ship Hornet, which waa
destroyed by fire.
Ministers Burlingamo and Van Valkenburg sailed ??*?_
July 10 for China and Japan.
? k9
Mallay a_4 Matr-?-.
8T. Jota** N. B-, Mondav. Au* IA 1Mb.
Soc-md Male Grant of the ihip 8. Curling, from New
York, wai killed to-dsy by a Kamaa ?ame- fttut?, who
?.??_. Ulitll iii nat UW* ??? *? ?'-"*

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