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Atne?,ria Araalruay af *rifnce.
. IDAT _ I'
F ?
i i basa |- ?
i ? - i pa*>ei
ci.. ? |*|] a il, I?:, (i.i IT - r- ?! , ' m "' ?'
t ? i?y. ea of Mr. B. deprived ni ! ?? i
i papers. I'hM brou Tbt "forward Prof. I ?
t -< ?i the il li ? v ;
? shiel ?lui init disappoint. The
?V,.- ? ??rctU.T bim lill- d ai sith ta :
i t',?..? i.. eelespn aad ?eaecUa?i
t.? i? i bai ?? -i theb ana-?c M * '. ?Bate
i. i ? ? t ... . ,-..
. : those t Such < niions
.... - T theil
i thab ?'?
i from the 1
iii -. ,. ? - | , ? t?. r rivers,
t:.-. i ?. mil In I
r-str- ? -.?1 Beside
i ! . ti li. An.l in
i ? ' - :. ?. .li iv-r. be !..
???ti s third sel - i mil
i . blackall ik, or
i? m milk, . | ? ? l only
l ,
na iisorl hoi- ' the :n?l "i ii'i ?nperffct m
I . ? ,, ?'-- of !
i -
V -:i in ! 1- I
i i i ritoBi ?
? .1 tin- Anny I
i ? - i
t ? ?
N - theil
, ?::. Ut UM
Iiperrd for al Soi 1 tha*
? ita sat, ? ? I. For at hil
atoa ? ?ra hans -i? ra* : n . - ? ?? - l
I* . ?j ply." It ir ;? rt, ti?<?
i. if the so?] lion, stands with j;!.-'"-- sod pt-nnl
r ? i ' ? ; - and to
t r..- ihs
t ru ? can be ii *v ? had dis*
i , ,;,-,; oi leased i ubow mo his 1
II ? i ?rinalr iri . both lo record I ? I tropics]
?l ? A-d ?<" B
I 4 i -i .ni, i ?i face sll newlj I
r , . ? -
i ? ? l him.
T ? ?? vista? ? ? '. I di "nr were
?. i ..mi i -
n i^ist who
i mcee mu, i *d ro
sat chara tura ol Ihe
f ? ,,, ,,,'.:, 14 |[, if ~,H?? (,i,i,,
?i-T w ?, and t i? i
ths trapes, 1? :??'.'. 'nt, ths statis*
i a hagan to I
, ? i .. i. TI
?rtv"? tri ". binsd tro -??.- ?rT of
1,000, "00 of ob itfa third j i ir
? ?at? war. I - it?allard
i- I??1? tin pla osually
Iowa, proved ta
? ia the Ki ?
I a > 4? ia .. a '
i . ? I i ita principa] devi l
seansa! * ?M ' . - ? ?, the
i . .mel mi ; ? I
utter which peri? d
i ik place, i
bo -.. Am lei than
I a?.? -? ones, 1 ?tarni ' itern. Amtnir
i , 11 i- - \; fi tain the
It*) ? aru.v.
I . . . had 1 at li a?! .'e'")
ii? ? t ??.-??: I
lasas tin? fatigue* ol servie? - t lasser
We omitted t?> mention a p'')T bj 1 '..liih
Mtnaiunicated some inl
i i with Tsrii - - -1:.i trumpts,
t_i purpose of u.t lining the maxauo of so,;.: i powa i_
f ?? -
i ? ?id all
t -s .out ra of the outer ? - i
??n?, orday the Academy held ii ] - ? -tin?,
r ?ni u i
? : - ? ne I to witt] tendon
li/ iii ? l.-.ii li ty, s.. ? .(?? eting was it tl.ut
i ,- r.t ires ?ers ? ? -. !?> hear it
throngh. Mu? h of the ? I
Mr i: ? the attaiaaaenl of bl r<
<? >in;>: oatod to be c1? arl* understood by^rsoni ui !
u .'-. r. wi n- ?ter? -i? d in lus
i atenace, and In i'?? rtnlts. H
phie iiniigos of tin- n?,,n sad i.i t'..
?- .. t.- latta being, ss ho sait!, al
at press?t, oa aero: nt of theabiea? ? of reiiiri ible ipota
: tin? neal luminary. B I I rapoeS
aat a plication be bsd made of his newly a? ,
- ?? itara. H had -n . _ and a.,
u'-'/f A Vi'? tri</???-- r i: ,: ri"i;nli-? ni?!. ? , rtour.
ataiaad. ai.d I s : obi Ine i la
st*-?. The telfso?.;.? etnploved ia theos l.tbn.-s <%snot thi
s.,*-', tekscaps. It waa, ia fad ?-f-?i,.bv-ri?i
i. l?t. h. taaaa transmitted oaly 'li?* tctiric, _ot the
f.ri'JS? r.t)?. T_. !,r iveutl 1/O.i- ! ,;. ?-(
? bal l-l?.-'! ab s .'*?i.l.'n!:i. ' Mr. H. ??svi-M il.-ui. .| 8t.
i ? ? ?
i ? ' aenl ?hi? ? otto* (,f
bis at'idics, I which I '?? ,.f our c.i.irrv
i. ! mt afford. I
ti !>! l>r. B. A. ?loiil.l pn.oocd'" I li (.'ive u
a mm -a ' ... I . i . . - and ..'u
ssrva i . i . ,
i.Tngii relieved by some histories) (l?t_.,i- JJ? |
Iii fm.i ..it hnd I ?ton f??m. 1
? ?? C. ninti-tbultiumsmairttjfmriauta* Tor tbolii
?>>'! Of lilli .
mt tuatnamff>tt,,\i m thi- nott hn- ? '
. --?^riT? T ii-sgh the ethla si ?-cre?ate wul mtttAmnky
sis, we -opt tlint :...? 1...
fevot. TL t . J! .t -??
ro.o 1
mi el -iaglj gratifying to lbs to l Or.
Wildnr, Hiioeo' j?t.?fi/niisi?ce wa b: ve iilrr-Hilv noticed,
111 ? i ? ,? -d io tri 1 e m .1 r.- 1 ??av. h i-niiit i.t
b;i rou: 1uLal/li- aped) r, exl I 1
in -:i? both of toa -*. ? r i-i d
1 ?
ervA 1 ?ug ?.t oi.ce to 1 ??:,
b ?abend, ??. :.. .-?.. carril
thrnad of mik 'JJiO yard* ia l?-!i-.-?b. s! i- ?s Mi.vl t..
diissrnii.t? oaly huut. Dr. \\ -
surou? ?pint.iag of her web, and her ca ting
bor skin. Hero as
our s?-- T ??? a
tury anil have a i.: -
b >! I? ou to Lis cotton sLi. , but eren !
?'. llOiraClUd t?J BUI- I".
in -a?* of the sex will f?e ralinqnished. The
Mlk-worn i-> aeariy played ont. He la ?.".-'?iy, .?in
a thermoaiot'-r nn.i a nur.e. This hainy spider este flies,
tai requires no inordinate amount of atteati'Hi BTsn
ait this now tho very laoim-at tot ? Thayeia
aa?l Peter C??"pcrs to ranko n problematic inve I
Scionce dosires jt-tn? feuialo M i deairei ii. T<
rather* lot the spicier be encouraged. Lst thapToduetion
sud utaization of tl.is silk become sa enterprisa. Then
li no knowing what it may cost yon r. ,w. and ?ave yon li
1'ioecl It aayasttls the i oounlryby
?x*?4i 'uishing thst silk deposit which flg res to
at?'ti__?t nslnforeiga exchanges. Ws ass niia(-:i In the
pyjiuirio of this ai-w ai*cacy, an i should bs a-Uling to
Uk.? ?abaros ia a new t-jjitit-r st?K?k eoapany,provided aoue
kVady Wso woulda'lvance the ntsededcspitiil. Withoatthese
rss?irks, but with hearty Bstiifsx-tinii and rc-gi?-t. th??
Si oie it eier.'.ies of the Acsdemy cudi J.
Sr?? Osar S?*-_l tMSB?ataESBb
i?OBTHA?tt-T0N", Mass Ant'. II, l8?G.
The National Acad??t_y of ."?(-n-aiea went iu'o it? sixth
tu i lait ?stje.-ii.il at '.? o'clcjck this mormu--.
Prof. L. M. Ki.thcrford, who bas be?-a busy fur many
gear? in taking photographs ??I the tia. BOOB an?! '?t.-t-i
bosvoaly bodies with the talssoops, u-iui h [?dj.'-r oa ''As?
trouotnical Photogr ij.hy." The leasee use?! in phoBbjrafl y
an entirely u^Jel?.?8^ for observation? with the eye, and
those Ulled for (be oye are as useless for photography?the
inner rays of the Spectrum having nt.,ictnic value. Photo*
traphs are af.er ali inferior to lae v.ows obtuia.'J by t!,?
lyo, a-J photography will have an laic.ii.i raine '?util
tot means are bo iacreant-?] that wa ten t .!??? a
rreist in.taber of pictures at ti.e 1 99* tinta. What then
Is its ts1u.-? A very great value i? In tixmg exactly
tia lotation of spots upon the r ?., "i which
tbt era cannot determine the enuct position,
libas gieat value, in giving an exact tout casarsiMi which
Hie eyq may fill up at loisure. The stars, howi vei, faraiah
the tri.? utibty of the photographic method. How are you
lo had your focui 1 He showed how he roache- a better
foc'it in photography than could be issuk?! in ocular ob
aorvat.on. That focus, moreover, could not change one oao
bundrsdth of an inch without our leiLg iiifirmed ot'tt,
while the eye adjusts itself ?>o readily si to allow a much
greater change to take place without" detectm. if. Prof.
Batiiairford had been uiicea.?ingly bu.sy since 1**?7 with tho
lubj"?*! of photographs of the ?tari?. He had obtained
?tttjroiof nan of tiie eighth magnitude. ?Such a itar
iwi'i:-?! an expooure of from thre to foal minutes.
Bed -?tars wen very difficult to mana?e >u this say
He had devoted min h altea: ict to tt.o Plat-dan
The ?ubisctof the disci of the Atti upon the plate sas
t_e?a a,. Von of and the opportuni'iei foi iiiDc-uraciea ox
platneil. The great?-?t aecaraeies are attained with the
longest exposure. His ingenious method of nabiag his
plate paraDel erith his object-gls-? la n.aka.,.- ?ic'iires was
described, after the in.portance of having li parallel had
been shown. PhoTfjgtephe were exhibitaxl of a mioro
tneter. one of th? several Ingenieus iiiiiruraeiits Mr.
KuUisrloid was obliged lo con it i <t lor himself in th?.
course of bis invctipat.ons. At the ingge.tion of the'
members be des?nt i 1 ?te construction, li,- pave at soino
length an account of bli mode <?( warking, la diflii nlttas,
A?. Finally, be believed thut tae time mo M , oma ? hon
no obssTvetory would be i":.ii. -. mtioutap
|. .r.'-i fir taking sholtigraphl of ?ha bear. ?,|y bodiss.
I'r ?f. Ag-issi- ?ad that ths only sEampls
*t iui'tm:n sith llr. Bulherford's briiu
??i? iii?*, af Lio
tJ'-i/ij-.v, fj-aifl no Ira i tUit*s,
Bot n lean I to toa? tor luton*! i ? id rful ?'?'?"?
? oa i an 1 no cogra to bia work, ead be
- I|:,.'I |bl I -' '! ' "II I'l"'
I'.. r|V .,',.?!'
' Mi. I.' ali:;
Dr. II A. i. la papei On I
nr ti ? ? * ' ' ' PI* - i - . by Aw,
: 11 r
It?itpt ' ? "
- ?- ..
,-,.,. for an ?'"'re. ? hero,
,! . 1th a tribal? b ?wtot Mr. 1
I thal
er.ai it teeni oa to ob
f the tele, __..
Fri.f. Poirn continu, i ia tbe ?ne itrain.nying that
... lodrive |"->- -cometer* I ko
: rattou i '-'er than
li nu, now ii (?( . , . .
Ur. Wilban -"err, -i r*0_a.
IL ' I.'?-.it Al
I in order. Mr Kemi
i wool l on Icoonnl of tim
- . pt to Mk lo
i ? Co tee, and ti it it migbl
be print, i if foo-d tal labl ?. M- --r?. Peine, B. A. Goold
? ,| i.. \ j*. Bal ard, o . tpp ti led us toe. ( otmaittee,
Dr. li .' Wii lei y ne an at coi bl ol thi >
-.-' k Hpidct of South Carolina. Tbta r?7
ii.had made an obji c1 .?! i a. tul "l.?.'i?a
tioo. I ? ? i Id ". cod
ol ii- ir i ?.ii! wa* oi building I tweb. Tbt o Bier of tho
fn m the botton n fi
i ? aiTolding i-.?'i c1 i
I tod tbe radii. Tata ti ??? arn it* ecu
I and ra, .ii, lil?."
ni tbe top ?tul carrin
the other , ... ca|j t.. tan >? I t*ala.
? ? ipable of ! ildiof a fi?.
i ii styini ?i retara di lina parallel
to the ii'-i, until ii n tat, Al caen pUct
ed I ...? ?i i- tun. li np ?a. - t.
. ?. I ich taki s
i ? i ? i . ? i ?? i , "in,' . .- -
than the male. The enriont proceu of noting I
ni?! . ? !, and j"...., - i of the
. '- !?': .oi: ( ' inter? still_ _Mtt VMt
whli h may be t" ia i i popal ?r
i i furn in . 11 ?? I : ? Atlantie,"
bj Dr. \V.:,|. r. ?? Doo 0 .? I
Spin.1 H b to persuade
: "1 to ipin n neb f-a a ? wtb ii fron t.
It nlwuvs bollt its wi ' "' abut 70 . nd re?
Ii: li!.el eil th'- lill.I ' \\ ni li .! OBOtedto It*
?? ? !.,- r.-ii .ne I.
Dr. Wilder cxhibii oftheipidn,
web, ?*? iIIti ..ii l deo?, ol the i
i'-tl,, t.. ?.",, r with the b autifbl s il II
?. ? i, _ . i . tra nr>
n .-.
t r* on "Al 'ii.
of vo.ue oi'ii. ti? ii'i'lr hi -li |"
iption "i t ii ?v .'??ii ed i -
I \ I'l: I" ! it" e
! " ..!1 Ile h?t. Jl'.t.'l I'l' se
I tO I ITC ' '
- in W:i?!i ...".."I.
'i'l. ?". nnd n
i ?d' the
: .?I Ile
ret, a
i of d no at
l'i..!'. A_?,-- i?*. t.. a rai .ir.t membc
It : ; lab I
i J. to .1 ' " ?1 "J t" ? ii
i .' i r iIihi ti
l"T4 1? m ha. ?! le of
. ' ? ? ?lucent \i.ivir! ?>t th i ni Ighbor?
: ' ne. D ?in- - .
?al it wonld ' ? : | ter (dara for
I .?.u ti.s
ol 1 town.
A lal part- of 1
gone to ti.j'.y ti , v ii iljroke thi -
. "fi.
i of Korthanpl ?
wi;h p] ??ut ?.
The TI a nu Lu lerir? ?I l.?~? II.
TBBS-TIBt .?Tt. '
I .rre.p ? ' ? ?? I . i ? N i . i ?ililli?
Loo au? M.i?? team t ?
\ - ? ?" i 'le?. Til '.lilt
paradise of howildenaeal Ibaii cyn an t net oilba
: re tbat Paria n- t Loodoa- I te Bbiaaaad
sw ?; ? irisad. Be? ? ead I ?? Bt) I
Bui Aaarinaa Uao l.r, i M paan It tight oilba
?; , in I ban Bia it.. "J oo ita j
I roeta) hare ana iuar i
t:,c Bight] wat,. I ut ti .. i-.i, and l.liil? nour been ii. Ibl
pnaci te of the ?cal M,bi-..i t iatlgbl It it Hatera l.a? ever
otSutt oi beleeli lo mau?have han by tlie gmt praiii.-s
df ile West, ati'i ban Born aitaaand Ibeta gna?aarto
Kot only b Amerl lattraetlTt b~h*- natara] ae
i , bj i. I lu.?., hal .
I "f her great manufactoi Dgcorporationtare worthattuly
to Americans, t-.r tbej sic mm '.! Ibe i ,t , tuan "?
; power ead wealth. Amid the ?bid to ir?., trb
j clatter of ir.-'i tagen, lad the angrr ? >a ol -
waters, Isapatb at of
I tbetui - . along quiet
where l i ol
, ibe power ?! i ' ? n t irlos, ialeri it
? ?iuit.i cf tli* eli-ien i_.iuul._o.ming oorj?i.iiti..n? m lal?
1 u .
_I?W? MICK ?JLap.??! 9: ? Pilot! ar? mad? fe*.
I ..?I.on i"?.? ?.t BUM. I.e-sidC toa
; ? rk*
TijlKHT??.?.?f^fttal ??.N,N.w?<i iu? I mii'i
j I?, lui - i ' , * I . ?::..-. hi ? ? ling? ni. I
?'?I .Noa. 10 I?, __. i? ol'. ?Hil Ola
Priai ?>
?')). Mai.iif. tine? i
? i ii? ?? three?on
i nmg. ( ne ( i , mid
*iiii?mi- ix?Capital t 'i ?iiofeetor oBrtad
? . .-. ?. Iilnlel ( f Ui.l.S
(..-?I, ni,.! one (Ive .' ,.?
ti tt'.,-?.ikk'. TI ' ?-?oration mBBufae
tiiie? Plana ?:?. i 'i I .ningi.
hi .:ii" : ? : muli ? .. , : .1 ,liol. tun.
I.A".tu.'.-.( ??Capiial, U .'?"".'?.''. Gooli made lat?.'
pim}??n.e.'i:i,??. ibirtlBgi pri?t I g rloths, e?ttoa ?nd me
lino hosiery. Bamber?? ? iib, Ire ititi dr? ta te.
liOWii.i ' J'.i.i vtin-.iii?I'apiia! B___,_0_, Ail _rudr? ai: I
lt?l? O? i -tt, a gou I . I,:,?, bed e?, ;
? Vo. 11,
si..--lunts sb?rtingi, print elothiBo. 30 to 40, i
Ililli ill? lOlloN.
Ma -a, Bl'BETia-C oltal III ).0 I <.!? :.-.. ;
ing*. Mining? and dnoing-, Bo. li IO I I Milli
run. iii.
Air: i.rjs? CapM al ?' fsrtwet
ibntlap and ihlrtiBfi fro? 14 to IU Tbt aaabci o
I.' iv?:!.(. lCamxi Baoi ' OOO. T?ii
tioo maunfactore* cotton macbiniry, bouaH-irn toola, mlll
-.vt.rk, te. Tney bart fen I . .!"i).
'llur united espita! of the ibon named (?..!)."
aniouut to |13,V0O,0O0. Iben milli naploj ti
? Bunbai ot 108,701 opiadtae, Oi lae open ti ret
employed ^,-ifi i.rv aaBMB aai t,399 aa- nea. i
i.f loons employed i? H,''">M, and l,
yards of ffoi.ii", of dtfleteal hindi are nsanl
tvery woek. Tbt miUt eonnme 604,000 li ..? etotoa
and 106,000 Jl of clean wool i Theworfcl
aro boin of brick with Hate rooto, ead kan r-\i tim
?odcrnappli?ano foi exl Brea, Ttagroanda
urouiid tho null* lia?'' gi tren ind grast grow,
lag, and tona a aietore of clnnbant ui .1 rerdure. To
tbe tbooghtftl Anerican, Lovait, with hsr great Baan*
f:iciiirii?g eorporatj b bb? be a page ti hb eoanu- s
piutna f''I'.t Laterett u to her pow? and aaceanna
?i.iti.ia. si. ..M u-c no1 gira her aapb protcettoa '
The Olrrdma-.t'-ullr-l?- Kepari.
To the ?door ?f The .V. f, t ?
?Sim The Bo-called "Li'iiort," of Goat. IHt*tl1_rnll
and aTaflattoa ii m a?la of the ban. io fur fiom anythin:: IA.
juitice, and IhcCM-BBM of it ii so pulpal.It to than who art?
funi.l ar ?ill the working! of the I'reedmen's Uurcao in
Louisiana that Ism compelled to BOtbOCad rcfite it? von
staioments, thut the public may know the icnl !.. '?of ii ? , ,, ?.
One Muttloiv Whilden ?ri lui leatiinony !.. lore the at-orc
named ofboeis, ?tates wl.i.t be ?nous to Ik. per? ti ?ion? of tbe
truth lu two lnslante?, ii no* mine. int. He ?uti?, ard tbt]
report, t fiat lu; t. IV n-?, in Central Sa;., i ii ittdent i f Col
ored Stl.Krl? It Loabbat, an appoiniec of tie Lev. Tbt??
_f, Coawap, tba t?Irtaal Communoner of ti? Bann be
Louisiana, and who waa laaentct by Gen. l'iilleiton kims. If,
" reported ?ome 40 aoboota in and atjout Kew-Orle.in? a? txlit
ing, when the:o Win only two. ' Tins ii a riiertt ijuibble, nod
Wbilden knew it; foi (?pt. 1'cs-ie. la order to reorgai../e Mr
icbools, and Introduco a belter syitctn of imtru.tion, sin
wended mon of tue Mboofa for ?JO duji, fiom Sep;euib.r to Ot
ber, sud for tlitc punona.
First, in order to lo.d a Norrnsl Institute for the instrartion
of teacher i ; ?tcor-d, to procure l.igcr hfllldlsni s"d third
to propeily grade the school?, ?n0 daring tl.it ?inn Ul
teachitidiew half piy only. At the end of thal HUM Uli
lame Whilden had pruvored many new places tor school honan,
bad organised ? syitsm of ust queition? tor tescbers, and had
cntiiely remodeled the school system, so tbst when Uncu
into operation children sdvauced Mitti thin they orer lad be
lore. Mr. Conway and ( ?pt. Pease in,proved on ail th? jilm:?
of edacation theietotote in vogue, ant?ted by this same Whil?
den, until Pease refused to nu? hi? ?ulaiy, when he retigned,
and war began.
Mr. WhiJdsn and the General? stste that the schools of Lou
?lisna were, undoi the limb Dumirr regime, BOlf-BSpportiog,
wblcb ii ntleily untrue; fur hsd they ever htie been ?o, they
would be now when most (hey sre oueded. They never baie
been, for tie reason that th? Beaks-Pltmby-WaildtB sytiom
was a wrong on? at fir?!, for it gave school fscilitirs BBtlrrl,
free of eipense to tie and people, Instead of drawing at leaat
a portion of th* eipeu** from lliem. as in other States ? bene?
ihr large debt due Ile Government from tie ?dooli wai not ii.
turred by either t'onwey or Lease, bul sprung fron, th* .r.iet.i
inaugurated bl Oca Lanki. f"r undsr his "Order M" a til
wss leried on the htste to support the school!, ?inch borrowed
money on that tsi, which tai wm luiponded by Fall
who kept th* school? running, and who therefore creeled Ile
very d*bt be now gran.bio* about, and ?eeks lo lay at the doer
of Mr. (onwty, th* only trj* friend tie b,ack men eier had
over tbero, a? ?.'oninnationer of the Bursiu. Tie tatt Ott
i * i. ?rut Mr IT beldon b?v ei>outt?ie?e tobto aad oobocb
the le f'er will It be for their own crrdil. I bap?, bj the ??
?utaiivc of God and good men, to recouilruet the it hoot? on a
?alf?oitalolngbaili lion", t-tpt i" oiii ,.., ihortlj? thi
I- . I. J
1* li I? ... : it to ? 'e' ' M Lo.
et \.?
tit*?ii ti .
?lu.ir ?mona- the ('al.)iiU 1 ?anla?o?.
?. ?.- i -;-" ? ' ? '.- ' ? '
11 ?. \ .? ,
Dpa -1 ? tdat the
arabiag >. r ? ? . * di/ astU with
.'.- of Bli - "I ii bj li - a? !
?nisbabl a- 1 bia hi ? ? i ?
i ?MSBI Baan ti e imme- .ity ??' ?I r ?t o- I |? ,ti?. ? .
j Ulla, v, If-ri- IbS i-'ir? frss .. ? ?
I vitniiti, m?! brsess my ?.' eas aatil I !????! fiat I etmld 1 i
.int.ir i-l.iii '."? i'-ii.? ii. t'-.-. ?'?i.i ?a ii ::
! of a iiefiiv created Ufa. Tbssentlm*nl ablsh p?.-?...)-- t'.
I in kgeltsde* Of tl.l? region ii? pUie WO Skin Bali ..' II I ; it itali ii
I in.-vii.ii.!?? .Mun bSSSBBSS duiirfed mind th- IStasisS* gran
denr wblsb ni. rounds linn. Th- pt id? of li.telUct ii rebuked.
Generations of raes die out i Mhi , itb g the la
bon of t! ? psM? bat tbe aaebeasd billi reman snd tbs urg?
ing tidsi of tbe ena sssssa t"''it ss ha eva sadforetar.
Mun. looking down from these 1: ?lit? on th? i i-t ?.! un
itretcbed oat !npanoreak minutai ? _m, wttbtb*
ribboa-liks Hadssa, anrabea for lu?
Mim >aaa m vain, or ladi bim dwsrftd to the ?tature
of an ant. (oilinir und Boillaa akllewi sp ben nro asesa
liitencs. iihiie we feel like asdlnB gissta, ws
can well alT.'r.l to pity the nut. bel iw. Brt the .??:?.- ..f sup
riorlty rapidly diminishes when we reile.11 .- i . ! d oaths
lid? ?>f a mountain, ii ?"?0 betsbon the ?eui | hin. WS Mat!
hi-?. itterly Invisible nn.I lncoai al ti th* flrs blasted
?tump bv lav aids I" t-SB I !?? '"W Bo Ibe n? i SSStl ure s?|iiare,
sii-lliihfit.it' I tuast pty tbnt I had enoarh to do to compro
bead boa mt? rly bnppv'l wus, e* I pieddi ?1 sp nie -tosstaln*,
with elastM step, ano itali la baal, ii at.?? ;t eves a poa behind
my ? ar ... f .- r oi ht of as article is my bead.
1 lo- lourney from BSS -OrktOil I -one .cone of
led beauty ihroogb tbe wbols roots. Tbe ttvysgeap
ti.e li ,J-..n li les nell knoiin Is sll Its ebarmlBg aspeets ta
aeriptioa, lint the pMssnnM mseh sabsaced bv tbs
hiiuriou? oomforts to t.?- f..und os board Iba las boaM, the
Dsaiel 1' I ?, (' Vil'liard lind Thoiuii? Powell, which dSBOlll
the tnii.l.r? ni ('alni.ill inlt?o alter a rapid und enitlng
irai ??I of ?it bs? rj.
?in I ?luluis i! i-i?- n no di-lnv Carriagsa lot Ibe M??tintain
II..-i i? niul ti ' I -ani.1 Hioiso arc in waitui?- sad a? ??hu? as
-? :. sod I Sg| ?.??? 'H'- i-". OB - I their
delightful Journey. The ride, f??r mile*, !. ni? hill and lion n.
lad aloag level strstobss pieaeaBtly ibadsd, ra <?i.?-ii ta Dio
Insty braes* tbsl iweepsdown from Ih* mounials. Now isa
r er H alais i su I Is li ni We and then Isa to stab! Anon wo
ssteb s glimpsi .?f the Mountain H d ular up liko
lore* ?agle'i eyrie? Both mountain sad boast ure found and
Hist nguri ? ?!.'.'< n I BSB, BBtll nftei IblSS hours ruin g IbroSgt
iiciuiitii of widely iari.-.l bSBStJ tb* ' it desd . SSI
ibe aaesal ti lbs aoaataia proper, Dp ia if mt g", u??
Nmrtiag ?in.- u. it, aad then turning ?bon , Ung dm
eil at even lull ostektagagluapssof esme aew and wildly
I?.-i-1 fal vii-ir. Weepy Hollow, where the splri! ofBlpvsB
a ile ?till might w? rkenged is the place la its
i? 1.1.1 m i! Mo ? I:??? . i- I .' behind, a:.d
li:,.11?, D'- M.-ontii-.n Bl ...'.ed niter nn ??? ?ni ??I t tt
Im.m, ?lu?', tbs Intro? i gi n? ?I ' ?' ? -.-i. ?Vol the
in one roi ! ?-?1 <?! n!l te.li'i"'.
M. ? pestons were Jeeept ai I ' Pi rrassskl, both
i; .rou| h n til and si i nu , Di Hoypmn, a
profo ii d p. 1 sopl 11 and n uti r ?.? dot* i 1 igte* Ikes I sas
coent sa my lint- -n. Dr. Bsben s Kswtos, ti.- di?tli |
? . i etie Si-l.iH.l ?,i M
i-, r\ la America i 1? a*. Hpssn, oas of ?mr most enterj
Wes! ro Journali lesa i . Col, I es1
Ai?n?a'.t I'uiii'-iniii'ti -r-i.ein ral of tb? ?tit? of New-York,
who comm u I. d t!.?- Sixtieth N. V. I. ?I lb? bail? ?.f I
:. under li....ker, ulai, aitb hil tr..:riio;i? was tb*
i,,? to ho?1 ? sbstlsrsd BMsalsis
? I ?..?!. Basra ?u t?.
tbe ?<?? nand M H ??.?? i ?I i ? goidss
? -b bil
??yare snn irred lu ? -in?*!- Ililleness ni fieri sad
Henri I.. Hi nar!, w.n lal? ii uni Hi?'
el know? sotnelhii % oi sveryl I .-"in, a
-.?i ?m h goa to n mung .i aswspspsr, sad nboee adml
live ability ai ? I i?n. nst'ir
. ..; ni I 'i-a i?ith whom Le
!.. ii,-1 n i-i.t sflerenr 1 ?? .-, !' lourney, we.
Ibe tret thing ia order ? (hen s long. ? ga* atti?
glorion*| kimrama spresd ?.'it !.. f r- na The n> x: :
v. || tor n : i." D ?Bl Not tb* Mo
? ? n. tu.
tr,, 1 ,.- i ,.i .. . ... M ix,? i-t,?i- SB* Il i?
r ,i liri" n? It.i Ig II ? " I f| I ! til SVST, ind I
? ;.,?':??! sith loxurloai i. i'..- < ebalrs te. Its limen
italy ?ui.''*ist. . !.. ?,,
. ? n programm ? Luckily, a i
piano arrived that very d si maaAHoa's
did ei.? r . - ? ? ? ' ii?t.s?i
never travels witboal ?f his sitectloss. ha Tais
m ill is, I Mt that ?lu- m i-.... f-i I
u i.t tiroir" I. S I"'?-'- party ??* our friend? ooming over
from the L.-itir. 1 li. M Bud
i , ., . | ? | , -.,.-_? ess I ?? t' ? -ir i 'slly al?
perfora mess Te i I ? I ? srtiai I" Boyales abo
I.. 1 his api srati with I ? ! I ? nhib.t
?ntl i-iili.i) bil i. '? ?????? : ?g ?-'' "'il I?.
addlag b) ?' fi? ban, ?
Iruly v. ? ?' : ? ? ? '
or hv? lui:e? ?? -r.'it sSathil prosl k."? ' hy i
Tkls Invention setts* destfitsd t'? revi itkisis*
system of llghtli 11 .? ? -ii diaaii ??-? bslf.
abilsil - light | i ? ? ?b?ta
i ,???-? ij
ss tbs Moss!
ill'iri.ii; ?' ' ; ?"
? . , ,..' i ' ? ? ? " lb? ?'re?t
? i
tbs etT. tt lli.t a grai i
Sight lol I1.' Poll i '
'i bsi
real a ? 1 ?*<? ? f i ni i ?? M
?iijtinrcrlii?- lili I irled "ii a ? ?
rr to ?be Laurel 1 L'bei
I :
had pn ;... sd bimself
i .?:. an ? ifferi I te)ois ssr asaoBSti-tli) ? ?
Bttoag loiii.-oei, bsi maits was a?
gramste. I wa? fortunate esoegh lu 1 I ibrsm ? ?
lie tw, ' I. I ' 1- ? ? '
i,..,. ,.( Boret?* ? ? "">?
who, sft ? I? 'I '?'
l?.?y ead ?liar. .11 I ' 1 IS Mr. C. K.
['oriel si '?: ?art? wss fail
i j Peer vis
?tard. It i. b< ? Hni-ly ?bs led ? ? ? I
? l! ?.
but a ?tone ? ? ? "
Wildly romani..? bil??* I I I ? 1 9tt
muitl I? ' -f 'bl Mo intttln li- ?
. r ghi to li ? . II ? '
?inklsg behn '
. !t. .,.?.-.:. wir. us laspsakabM
.-'beal m ??a/e. bronglil s crowd
?;? ? 1 lot ? fiillatte
towri vs, ?
1 Len- ?.
,"jwl '"- : a la.*?,? amouut ?.f
? ??
nul | r..i? li Don I I and J.
I'osnsnsl , ? ?. I ?. m i ? ;
Mi B. r.. ? i. >-?'.,'. v....in Li \l' im i L I'm
?lain IbS M.-r mt of Van Ice, Mr '? K, !
ouet, pia:. , 1. i I, .1 , . M
soag, "11.- I oraaki : . ' v. ?. : 1 '
I.'Kli-ir ?l'.l-noi.?. 1 albtrrg J. 1- ,.:,) l'art?
Pi .I.. ..lia ?. II ;..'..!- Moi. I..?li..?. 1. li,- M....-, ti ?
A trist to, Jr.-:- i, (j | , Mia. U
'- lOB, I II!.
i Posi n..- I. bv Mr. I>. *4. Bl
????ra..-, . i . ? ead ii.? L .v., v
1 Por!? ; and i ?util.-.?? -
I Posnal ? '!: li, uri !. blast I, Dirci
au I li i- impanut, ilr. II? my I '? ?
An sstampon i oai tfor erlil
.-:-?ii, l.nt lu- . Ibis case, I
ei-i)Hu-f was io n?M?d that ?:?-. ni mention ? ia only bs
?-?nu i ty inn to ii.?-1 ril i aad t.'. - ? rttb toad 'J I? rii I ?ist, I. li
?i. piSTcd iii a ina te;.y m,inner. Iii? ni BOB!hi
t? id nee la America, bas not oaly snlstged bis ideas,
ha. broadens?1 Ms ?ni?-, deepssed bis lons, and Imparud
ili-rulV, lore- and |it-?|.-i lu h? BMSBei 111? ii,, t ...1 ii
? sptiosabls, bis ei'-? Hin.n r ead ??-ii
1. ..nil I .n ?:,i ? .1 .Iii
eel .., bis uri. m. i h- strass Me? to i?..i. sal n.r bl
>A future li ? perfo m ince? wen ntboiiaitlcalli re
?jelled, a-.ii eft? r al, ?*a? ever, bl k id to repeal Bsbsi ? da
lu...u? ' M'jii1?.| .v , ,f.- in i|.d r ijnesl ? f lb* Isdiss.
Mr.Josepbp . ?-?I willi lui usu?l (or?-?-uti,! iiii ?
l-l..1 lim in- .It., and pi., u: t-i.l ?epplis??. II.? dsplnvetl Is B
maeti rly maae? n.. tau a ?ia i .?i th.? ( y? :. . I jn ma ia full
rich, outopoki n po?er, wa . I Blled iba lurga , arpttsd morn
t ? m utmosl needs sr!tb its alear, bril >?: I snd ?yi psthcil?
i Cyck ..i i?,, i ,? edalreitoa of nil pn - ? i
dly to. lsugg. - i,..-.?. ,. r. i., ths . a
taking praprtstor, Mr. ? tarin !.. ii,..,. ?,. abo exerted lum ../if
to ino Btsssatagivsi Tit le the ossssisn, thai a pialfor-s fool
high tt'ii'iiil sabaae? tbeqasititya taae for eoaeert p rposs*
Misilieiioi bn. ssbaralag In,-.? seprsso voies, wbli k ihe asss
oulta hkilllully. dl?pl tying Bl lbs B*m* tun- |?,tli Ultu and
r?-? linn- _b* ass wsrmly appiaotsd in both bei
Margara nu?! Pealla* Cleveland execstod tbe two duet? by
i,..tt ? inilk, Him h un rerj ? rsb .?--I ind dillie .it in Ih?
Miih clearn. -, brim i ?, ,., ? hl,in, mDu ?,,? i\ ?
ml ..ilinii,ilion of tbe ii'idienei r?r th.? arttallo feeling
itfid tim prolsisasy (hi ?: ,i. . | ., .?, , ,?,,:.K Udies
were very Bsrvoss, aad ? narara? t.. sabia psrformsa ??
but ?heir ?roiiil seaeeend kindness of besrl Isdtbsmta l-l
ii,.-ii tnieiit? la aid of sagest s eaaaa Mr. I ?: Psrtsr saan
ni d actompuiiiei! I.iriim ir Out tee ti? ua.l pl'-ihiMU, adding his
ih \m to tb? ssJoysMM of via?- svenlag.
Mr. Bsndmsn read his iel? |?ool ,,, n nmfern, B-SBSt lui
itloo Is clssr and furoible his SBphsiii j.-? blilotosa
tirn u,? ] n: ?mi?, i,ut in irk..| m, ! manly, end ali gs., grasa
fui snd eapkatls. His latsrsistatlons wsre IntsUgsst, bold
.--.?i.tlee'iie andth? prolonged ?iiplou.e which folkawsd Ibaa
pr?.i d bow Iborougbly the auulcnc? apnreclatod hu? abM
?Bons. The con. ?rt ass, in ever? ?ay, a (.iillnmi saacssa
At it. c!o?e Mr. Hlunit aro.n ard made a ?|?iri(r,l tan,!
tonehlng appen! to the amiionce in behalf <?f tbs Part] ?nS saf
f- H-rs. and ?huwed Ibem the woy the/ ?hould ia"', by WBlkiBg
to IbS ?.ilai! bowl mid depSSltlsg the bint free ?ill olf'-riiii* io
nuil-??eau?.. BiseXABpM na? foil"? ed and hMaSSB
oi e sad two i.iihuieii dol?an w?ie aabaerihed oa the ?i?o?, io
which ?omctblng coi i ? h,\ led, ?ve Badsrstaad. aa
Ibe foil.,winif da?, ?Vt id bud a lesult for impruviicd UaUrle
on the tula efthsCatani la,
iiy the hy, mu.ic ?u tun ?'ntekills ?. ?on.? t'.lng wonderful In
iii eabe-ced quuntitj end .,. luv of tone. 1 In oomisoa ? ith
tie I o/nanki? and unearned ,,ro!??s..r? reinriked the ?nr>c
rlor purity of isae aad the ?aut?peeking tlMsilss afvataea
ptaaoend vimi!,?, as oonpan ??ai? al lower ein
ttioe? Th?dirVereni? in. apo.rt-nt to eil; the caula? wea er
gutrd. hut ih>- decision tn_?t be d?ferrr?l uslil our sei-ond vult
nsxtwsek. The vi,.ims??pe<-.i,Tv eihibited this dlffereo.-e.
Ii./.mi.nki repeatedly?)??IV.th .-?.din?, on.? s (ioanerlu? ?MO
yesr? old. ?nd the other Bl?i-m?n.l? r. u.i'b- la ?!.i> eil? ti.it lw..
BontbaagO. L'.'h ?onnded in Ibis crisp. attenn?".e'd atm. a
pUre st they utiet ?minded l.rf. re. Illch, full *n?l bl Jl uri,
their ?lint n.n.i?rd le ?well into ? |?ower beyond tb? retog
n./ed ia pat i de. of the lintrii-ieiiti, sad lo tb? honor of our
Bsanfsetsrers I sea ?ay wltfcout br?i'?tl"n that th? two
mon'hi?' old violin, sith ibe ?i, ep'lon "f tbe dlflt-terne In th.
of tone? hetweae tin, ii:?-,I... iBalruBMSSA i?. M
neail) .. I raspa SU a? hue ?nd a* v .?uetde for plsj tug pi.ri...e?
se tbs fiasneriosef IB) yen? if.,.
1 he udo down the BMeatsiS wal even rr,ore deiiih'f ii than
he Siceiii and I k-Lh ?n|e,|i.? to e keSB tWItag oi re-ret al
le??iug a ?iK/t... ind ?i tr,. .i,.. u ,.f :iui beanl ful a-.,d saMiss*.
?heir? I b?dftij.,)ed Ih? li-?t ?B* foi J-illl thr leuiatmu of ?
<.-'ii|.eie ?rd esrelsss holiday.
l'---i"ie ibe dsasrtsrs oi ?>ur put? it ?? lasslad thu
eraiid drauiiilic und in mi-il doro??i.?tr,ilioii ?hould
?ko i.lae? m the Mooni un Boase, n*tl I - ? whru
Mr i; u,,?.,, ,?u ib, |.,. ?,,,,,,,., eui poMibfi Mi-? K ?':.,?..
'? B w mea will o*. i ? i
1 ? nar? I ;, I ?
PTIOn : . ' ' - MT TO ?
Hillls of '? : ? IBU -BPBBfBOT-OB .? I I
: i'. ? II n '?? I i Bl
?i? :????, * ? na d th
li ? '. .' umc ti ii ai
,? 105? BADI '? n '
?; _._.': | o A . OBI ?.?.; I '?:?'? _.,?_l?
bimtar ?mtiOATioa oatt io n ikccbbd
T.iit'ir -ii 1.1 ai?i. ?r*..' i >?' rUKsr.
Aa oaprtltBdiaf -?.?n on Hw Bapnteo- i 11
WA -.. West Houston-t. baan ti ? B-Wotag ? -
H ?v. in Waal ii"'--)"?? bjbb i ' ut: pro,ttt maoUg b
probably naknown to many of the rusty ??i? r.-h.v; but there
is nt ' 'e'"? b wiora it ii ever ng-ilii ?mt and e. er nggaattn,
,.,j :;,.?, b? ntortiaato ubappj a?
amabt-cbbrl I i b1 tapan Ont a* tbe tab of Hat which
has cTt?r been ?cn.ileicd woman i oliefeit and noblest attri
bu;e. 'Ile-' ni? of our lili?-) wom?n h i? t.,, f.,? j'iently been
It- m pOMtofian n?e?tn perin;??, on .?
of it* apparent hopeIe.??a<?M, but main!.?, ir.? opino. l>. I
a iiai.rsl, but njnt, re?tela*. to deal i tadidl| and openly
aithaaabtactwbbbnm f?.!? t? aaritofcpogaaan abara
thedcepoit n I '? Un nnabaaraaba abatid ta it,
claim, The vilest crimina!? hire their ?hare of publie com
ni?;,! ?-.J ststiitieal revi,-. Wa ?!o not eiilalo from oar
journal- narration. ? f H ? nn.st horrible birbaiitie?, involving
b lut-?i He lo? ' f if-, sad limb. Wo hsv, our Man ?BO
a, c.r ?". It ie- fir ti) amo!;>rat.cn ('' li.) or ti at ??. 'I
atitiii,: from b'uian depravity ia n?:.n 1er L-si slinpci? our
Urana ouii?opportunities fre.,*i>*nt!y oci/.?i kg ti? ua
tonpebn betta gradtaalba of morbid anl ?eninsl cari?
osity, baler tho girl) of i.i.lignaiit reprclei.i.on?and eren
?neb monster? as ? Wir, on.l n tah? are not ei
toatod from miu.tt. lbaaaataO| bat tae dark problem of
? .ina s proetittrtioa li cito? Ignored entirely, !i..-t I* Mated
h* or e .oil..ci i > r.? bfi'vitT oi ? police reporta.' fjartawi
t,j"ii Ita nbjaet appen ton "my mude in ami re spirit of
recognittao of Ita ero Thor are leldoiu or at- ooforeed
. , ??tins is brthC bool for tier ar neill.-r will
Boreffioleat Brea ni Ulai tew o' tie Onpet Wl
piratlrrly bw rxeepttan aid ftr werldtr roMone, bat be I
tri . puia-spnkiBI of o'ir S.r. ior, ?i,,! .
ti? 11 itly Intrrd i I topi, to ti i annoy of whit abetraettaa,
or it i ti?.t. ?.f *
Tot, wtaa we rtteel apon ita ttertllng fliet that then an
ni pittttl trltl lof thill IJ) a', li ? ''?-?' '1
I ?-? ?".?s and pr.ibeldy ha f n- tnu'nv more ramllr as cul
? ir.itit ely (.'it of light, ii certainly seemi that
no el.?? ' ,n | ".??ol', tan ? .
oarritlsmand Ita tbooghtfal odaiatatratln of our .
II! . Ii POI ? 1 ? .1!. lu M.illLP
are ?In mt tttogtttri ?! .i bono, obnl i bat _ ter. and liar* tin?
, ii tail
lion? for ti? restoration of fallei female? in the city l
? tar ? i i I ? ' ii ? B i
? .-'. ?!.. aad und'-r l'ie-le. !? rian cntrol,
?l ?" -, "..n Ibe . eraor of Ho I ittd B
? I'll i tor ti ii It . "i. tot?! li' it
I - t'l.-ir ure lerenl other institution? ;? ?
only partially euttr?, bal
a ceri
. i ti ? ' ' tenta di . appear I? be all ceodnled
?, ! ir? .?'i rapporte! bj i r. ,.t,- roi
in!, .te.n? A f*ware re
a. ia. ?? d du
\, .s|i.,,a in. o' I r. in tho opinio.". o'
bon i I
i ii in.mi or, ?. .\-,r
11 - n ?? . itloi ?al eeti
rotne... II - tlemei It? I
I? tbo Trip tranter of ti Is !.-??* ? itrtetol
. shiel ? ir. 1 li s.ui| I?
I in I -a. uroular which ha? been it. .ti bj* ?bl
' .. r . | iel ????? " ?! lsa?|S ... ? f ? ? -? -'.-law'.'
la.? lo-r lad aslisy, I
hy ti e pi ? . ,
lui tbl ity I - >
Dtp a.
. .
?. .
The ful ?the<
i ' . .... I. (I I'm-? S M
K. N. Mira ? !'.h s i . :r s
I??- 'il. . , N! U ?? ?? ?? - I a : ?' , Il K Bri?
tt - ? n |, ||, wen B ?*> B, . t? ti , ?
I ??lim N . ,t IVI Hin il ) I r?OW??IMI
j w Ultu : i v\. n ?t , .inn iio?iou?.
i. . .
Mr / - I les n 1 ' and C. Y Tockrr,
MI) a,. i\ r . u I k, B '?
li Mor, ? ? ? ' -, ? " Bp
sod I;? wita M'? M r ty,
ki itrn, hat ? il ita la
? tor b
i. ?. .. - i. m a ?' ? i. . ?
? - ?
lltTB ' '
? . f ? 1 .i ? Met
?r n mon,ht which the Society ta* b__w
? ha* hsd or I? ? innate?, or tl.ere-.
?hil h lure b ? ? re?
?a lal ??
?t ii fir gre.it ? ?* of g ? r . r
alroad rsToct-d
, , ? i ..t'? OttaCgf
.? : et Hal . ?i M i-'- -? ?red by
bet by I
1 l.ir'.i
? - ? it. weary ?ad satiated witb rletau sod ?
' .r it.iliei_ti.il
..l ? . ? . ' -
i* r*iie..iptiuu
1 - - ...
i ?' female d
I tbe Ins
? ?ta'., ...... \ , '.ion of
I!'... ? ,r ?. i i ? t el
.*n?ra. . ? 1
ti.atltigl ' ' ?ra t.. ??,??? !
relief I
- . .
t' i rii:.l or ein ni I o? .
nf . sam, i be ? ita eharttal
?re oft' n f, i , the proil
tute'i k1 ". k ia traie. B] ha wl.e'i
? a n ,.r ,; i '. ol .ii "-. ?:., l.t !,, ?
, ni liiidiy t. ? ' ike. bol :< : ,
i - une |
wherewith ?'.? ! is .-?.: ad '. ? mil lof I
ta ? ?a "f ? in'.-ii." Igt ..i u .'i,
I b wtigbrd I
1! io .. -,-i ? of tbl I lo;.,.-, n-. I .t u .;,,.?! ?,; upon ?beth.
Here ii an sp] f end itl?l total
To.n.e, oin bygt ? ttlll I.?.genug In
syeodarkened by monttis of vice, tad ?itl i i i... iribai
11 tri m li'"r i ti y
ri, i WhOO ita lotdll .'. ..t h-r nailiie. , kr ?,?. Il.-r tPr? li a
?? Id histor* a : ? , ,i of i imtatl dtprarttjH patpte**rd loto
f t lew years, or | rtaroof ? I r nom ?. with
i ?
judge, i .... v., ,.,], ? f ,.r ? ,
giu Bl I . . I, Is io tht I "''ii. v a
e ?? i.? I, promliei i
?I al.?I
la the au rrj i It, ?ooair er btar, auda a ?
I* ni ia: ar;, ni or uli'iilio employe.I
Bat bert I mi ?pp.:. aal of a ! I A
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Ile doon of Ile ft..ni" -it!, a lo?? nu.ii,Inn Bad BbborotS
filiehiH'd. which b~ol kly roeogotacd ? nd tar appll
t ati' n di t.i" ii ?' i rlth gri ?I psin. prrhaae, tot ita part of
ttajtdge, bal sererttah i*dMrcgordrd. ll-r? i? pr, wot?, bb
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ile ton.'. ? a ?ie i? dnpclringlj tbaadnta to Ita lu?I dun u
ward lirotlbiobb itcp.
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el pillie dur i r,?f toe ?Irtr. tieri C iii In? lillie completa!, lo tar m
well me a mu. BhOIlt) i? CMC r, ?.|. M ??.'ii n girl . r Wama?
onceen*"! (be l?o , aad .?i.nag tar probat?
par m ii tod i i q iii it ni l"*i - rer.
li?) brit cm. ider.il.? n b In t r?-.?t n i .?n t ?fa repentant
Magdaba ia lo fee? the bageags .1 Ibe Buperinte
t,, pet "II... ra,.?,,f i,er,' unit nearly nil of iliern Imr?
plenty of that ?1 ne'? ia tab* mtctM ?tatlrsl larool t.-u-.i.
After Ibu, tley ire cniployi'd f rotieiout ita daj bs light ro
eatiom sue!, aa operating 011 tin? BSWlBg-OlBoblo**, Mt-l-gJ by
ham) haanwari- ete OBI oaratag aad ?r?Biog rrligtotu
anreitet an.I witt bbart t., deroteto ti.? 1 ?nu of tie
library ef ll;o li .? I 111,1, leis and Inellotlioat ?I tbt
girl? tree.rif lily ?tudletl. and Iheir roopntln tatpnTtUUl
sr retntroootaa ootod, with ?view to ti.? future.
Tbl librar* of Ita lleaM 1? Injodlolooaly ?? : ledi Mainly
onnilttli'g .a ire. ??, "" iiieiui ?tori's" dcToiil of tateteal
leiUtneut?, Hil? |?,|,|. 1 aed Ott t vi,uki of s d'y. d
clame! ?- Braily tt tbt ?iib rat ried tad write.? ! rt 1
no? to ann ?atoriai. Bat tt lo aboard to oanen lb? di
anrta aatorn wbooe heretofore literetar* baa been ' I
to th* lewes! and tioet s"i?* ?tiun il punt?, freqorat]- of a lewd
and ?tai w Ise m nmg kind ihooM iuk>? lust :utiy and klndli
io ? w.i'i,-? n, tin,-, ' 'Tbo Doom of Ita Damen," w I ?,
Arthur'i bul,j ni,,i) ii'm.ii boo He good _-.rl lie.lib, who
?Iwan foiioue,1 kit paroo?' ad, br, obtolaed 1 ?.*m| l.i.t md.
ona too ...ii,, rray-balrsi white ?Inila. Ita bad giri son.al the
whirlwind of ritiariigniii'e, aad rtoptd Ita BMI ??f iiif.iiiv,
MbhatooBorote?adcooeladiegplnng?from ile bittaal tur
ret of L("ii|?ii billig.. Vet iuo?t of tbo booki liuiiiiled sr? of
thu el.ini, ?, r
oreoi.i,., nor.' 1.11?,,.,.,; .'..ti, mn la Um aatarwof toen
ntihappj uiri?. and the- re.'.iue different trtatmtnt On of
Ita present isma'?? .lhere ueie 17 ?a tin day our reporter
vi.ite.l the Hon..) is n I,.nul,?,.ino. intelligent girl of II, Who,
from the age of it. n.i? tie r_street of iiiru.i.i Priory, tbo
mnrderer of Lo, srus ?ml lo to hanged foi hbtrimeoo Ita 17lh
?I Ibu Mtath, I bl 111..in tmullo with tim gul ?s 1er nmiety
?ud lul'enng re.pe.'iing tho Impending tule ,t 1er t 1 m an ii
?oTer. Hur a*?, union with bun hu been the tinglo lul.liup
or tier lue, and olbcrwito ?le Is ervniparalircly BBOOntam
mated. *
It is the custom tf tin- officer? controlling tho Home lu Veep
up?corr?e|?jndoue? mil tie f Haib of totboeatrobtt b
nor?, aftr iley have assied their probation, in order te
how fey pioitre?? m Itali m w BOB III In. If agiil. aft? hiv
ing been re, eite.l 11? in miimte in Uni liylum, ii dlicoiitei.ted
will her lot, ...? |B al hi? riy to v?itndr?w ut her own option?
the Suptriiitendeni i.aing no .,'her mein than that of |?>r?u 1
non ana calm teasoning to pr?tent her from noing. Tl.uie aro
?'?'?npirtliiioj icrr csset ?bert th* prubatlmuiti w undraw
tn.l tl.rtafier rrtura ?a il?ine muully keep? ilmm bnl
while the ruin ,,r ti,n Bocletr.lt ttt-Mtrrto, Initty ?solado
m* wl10" haime onto *i. I tie 1. e booti to rotBBM theil talamy
With rrgarj to the efa.rit ofthll Boobir, wloso .iieiit-tir r.
nilli ihm far Wl lu? ? uliciiy inliniiited, th* other sin,il.n _
iliiutloiii tamed have ?bout Ita mihi re,on) toitaw. In
Kline, wlere neo iiniiodt'ioii? sre inore pleu'iiul. tht immrier
of ' leeturaiiuu? mty lie target, bul tie number batetUd i?
com|,aruii?,?|} Im(inalderab! , mid the tulo? bi!lni.giu_ tuuuu
POU un IO II..- 1? o. iii l?r
1 III. liUi AT MPI "'I ' ?.
I*r?j?ectiiig the retanaatioa "f bUet w?_mi ?
KI ill lu? lett . t li* I . li,? i
? . ipiritaal Ita,
? .- 1
f-L 'e.,-. I.,,pel ?
Ill'? ti! ? , .-.',. l I I" .-, ! - ? -at ,. I . .
privily fn'n ??ni h their otfopdloa lead? th*i? .'????.'
?nd .1 ty by .lav. A. a tr? -riernl thin.-, a ?otumi who ha. BSSSa ?
.?.?uri.'an t.ir .n.-ri-l.? sa* y l ?r is | in/ii-t- r if d.-t-eit end
-l.uil . ! ibS li ' - ? ? ?nd you SSkbstb I
; ngu, um w ill t, |. yu. ?n?. -n. or tiiiv if horn in Inland, and yon
- t- inesl lafoi mell >n ne t.. b< milli
I of her lair ti. iii No? i /niubl-i or I-.urn 1111:1?SBJ I' ?Ug to hil tbj
? ?.-.'? ? ; ?. Li-,. 1. 1 11 bet paroo)
? - - .1- sill be Intcrmed that they sn ?till!
read and wrHt ibe wiU toH yea IbaMba
rill foi] ?,, ? 11 ?
u b*r ka ? ta r ?', .?!.? ?.?I .-A-.-ar Iba Its oat? l ? -
1? 1 ??'-., aad anythiBg abb 1 ?ii- .1 urta, is 1 ?
??r Q -1 n. n witness t ? Its trata i '
Ml doaaaSS ?mab mu-:.' ?.ii tt bet evil nature?any?, ?SB 1??
1 . .->..- ???i: n.?.) :?, .t t ,nt shs sewer drank say thin g
asar, -rrbl!? har breath 1. inf. ti> i? silk
I the ?< SBt of copper ??i.lilied Itajurbuu, or lier ?yus w ild tt m the
1 msnlsoal dreams insptrsd by sa aapte and dssperste use of
l.s! i.-.i.ui or morrliiuo. This 1 linri, >.-r is not ka C1?ggOTO'
Baa II il a fal/type a ninet? on.twentieth, "f tueiTir?. If
Ibey la ao! stead, thor cheat- If thsr I? sol aullar they oca*
nive at tho deetrne?oa of their (Brer's paaaai ?h?-> ?u, ill
faiibless, ind they will dwayi ?io. Aad wbU* tbaVy do the??
tlHngs. tlioy will, at the s?'no timo, p-esent Uro Strang?
.... 1 ? /battas? very, vary frssjasslly. grsa. nebta
hriafsl of gescr ig 11:- p .;-?< ?, and
i sith n wild fre? dim and desperate dur? ig rd of worldly cou
1 3? laeaea
In tbeso t! 1 I tsnce vi? Umi
j 1 f m ib', m.--.-11 m ? quel ? 1,. d i':!?-, or ? I to work
out. in a I ss bl? no ! .' ?di BBS WS portion tt t'le in? a :??
1 prehensil le prol.ltm of (tad's intention? 011 earth?mai bs
le??n. more til iii iii Mf St-W StaSS, tli'- fearful fruits of thi
liirattoa of ala, islsaa iha first bad ?proiii ta utterly
r.aot.,1 fu.:n tho ?oil, where, weed-like. It has ?tnitk its ton
-.nil deep, it a mili asoesssry is '
II.ona lasat depravity a tho nature osataaiaatad
?trips tne growtii of ti.? ??-ed wbieb eoatsminate*. Then
may be thousand? of BOOtesEs of ?i-1 ero contrit on, bil! it li
n?t ti.? Isssssrtala, tbsta la alatiy oma in a haadi
good is to be ?lerned Iroin tiai.nplaiitinjr. ,\ pure UM BSSSM
lame anal unnatnr.il to mo n! 0 li 14 circled 111 the wi ripod fi
a eaattaaaa'l dissipation?tin- will, bad heart, even in its BO?
nui,' ? of conti ition. i ruin t! e (-1 it?', the glitter and lb? lmr
MT ttom Wbiob li cr twhi.o ihrunk usaayedj and I I
fatal SXettaSMBt mull lui* and dru?? and clutch at th - strm-?
ni t' al nnii.-ar ed I ?sr! till U throbs one* moro in ni.ison with
I 1 ol ths path ?hii li It-iidr? to despslr and deatlt ii onco
i?are ami -nally ress
Nalino kSSWI f . ?i nctn-i! ???perienc?. more uttor'y, more
b.tterly. the truth of Hu? au.ortioii than the writer if Hii? ar?
ticle. To i-n'.- t u perf 't cheap fir tho better, tb? be ti? i f
n .'ti must be ebaaged Is tbsir breasts, and the w*ehae*sof
tVOBI u. cnannon .1 wili. the ateeluf an luncccnce more abiding,
and a virtue m.re 1 ra t (baa lb? m recommended by lh<-iu
1 ilcal osa o' 1 n.? ai Mlsgi lad s.iudsy sebo. !'.
In vi-w of tho l?a-ct that prortitotisa has b?-en in exiitonce
?'-pi.st is tang m lbs j- ;?'?? lu.? IT ItsstC thsl nabiag has
eier b on loas to cooitderabii altigats Mis evil, asi iba
Both?I? i? li?ely ?lein to li?? d?)no". It may bo well to briefly Bl B
lilsr tbspreieatOSOMA and tho pr?tent extent of t
aad Hu? shell bats b? lo i M eses an utterly oaaritebta and
" that no 1. li.-ellie fetbev and niotli-r ?. 11 object
t . r'.eir .inn.- t. r rssdlag what f ?llo-.vs, aav more thss t ey
ai?objsa tod...ibu ?ug their maud? of ibu fictions that new ?
bot-bsi 1. I andar eabbsge haves, sr that the caadid
ii: Hint:, n ofeertaiatiial lafsrmsilos is improper and ob?
scene, Tbenfor* lb? ? sag maa er wsmaa who Isd* say
think ?L.guitii ? or Improp t is tl:o toHowtsg uairoidy lui?
pi, re, aLd seek, for impurity lostesd of Intel ..-??uc*.
THE GAI m M ritO-jTiriJIION.
In proporlion to the % ist ar d i-io? lag magnitl d* of ii
t.- lumia.-r 1 : w. r.? thal BBVS SMS written U|<-n ?1 .ne re
, ,,'. !.-?-. A French wear! ?r.iten s good
t'.. ?_.- ?Licit be* be*a gives to the world 1 but
?m .-ii '?? i' trait.-.-?.t taefalessl sbarsster wbishdonna
rhlleil.- greaei i rtl a I
, iii- irr 1 li nitirkvet.il; ii
1 I?? fit- rendir. An ( 1 ib./rutc, !-it nine!. !?? ?
a ruten apoa tb? evil sill -
? . in i. a toa 1
Banset baa given to ibu c mntry a ' Hurniy i f Pro? ti ta loa, '
wbieb Ihoegh aealeled largely froa it? (??I,io pr> dcce??or, IS
. ? .
1 ?..rats, Hu silas for 1 fini I 1 ipersu
1 ? ' i- 1 1 :...i?t sltogeth?. couhned to vayit?.
The csnses for prostitution may be generally Bombend ?.
foUoas ! Po?-i'v. Ii. .-?.iiaiii'.io:.. III. Fxti-avagauoa ia
It ?? u?.:.... i-r?1 b-toc with t!io Bspsri-tosdeni ef "The
. tl.tt the ltitf.. proporti? n of tho
- ? , ii throngs si ?uai li.
.? compiled .?; ittai los ?af ? rostli 1
? : ? go, abes B waa eatlo 4*4 I
i ..?tu it??, em
braced Bunin SBNS. Of these. If wa tsool
i d iba bo! obi i-..??- i-f i-f ?tliutlon
i-, on.- h'iniired was o\?;..'l?j real inciiuaiion on ti,?.-part of
ilnman nat re n th? ?arno in ?Treat P.ri?ain an in Ararri. n
a ad ben a. mere?and a. m ?'hine or Si.tn, for thsl matter?
.i'.v the
Ibe Are! great eease taetadlag bsis tbaa sa?
? ? .liga ..f tbe world?ta Pev?rty. niusi
l and lb I pool irp-BS mr', w :' _
: ??i (she doess'l :
? birt. ?? ? ? r .- ? i . - ena i pi ?. wBh A
.1 ia i.r? n , ilrad for tbs i. ? ?*
derive i?a?r eOBSSBtttoS by ?. unu.iui- Hood's ' Hong "t the
: , 'ire if
, air in s past of nappinassi bet neither will tend ti I
sr ei -ing of
A i i red taapter, ia II ? shape
? .-o' ? ill whisper, ?
21 lour, j ??.'j -g IO "'?
'ill earn IO times .vi c?n-s in -4
l.rara-.r? are ss cbOo*en t. be ? | , but who
! r.nii,i .- ?it? wbuper ?sob as tbisl
i ? M i -, ? . . ! traions mr.'o, even moro
I . ' a .?1 w I .). li?,_r.i :-? ? With
!.. r lir ?a Is I! ?? ikipf, r
-. . ? i ?u ? ? ieb -he ii . msideration ola pt*
... , itattaati ?1 saai try 1
' i ranner
? bei .
- i ? ' / tbs peor lier.
.- ?. t ..ft ?? asa . ne? to ice !,-1
ii Viiriiii? and to obaritably eveetol to tiie nasrssl
, ??? i ? ?? b1 ce In ( bare! -t.> sod the sol
I spirit who iseriflcra ber honor for s sick hasbaal or -
ere i.luairali >ui. and t
Il ta li.O i:.. i,,-.:. i -a of the
. :,.,' ..?ni ? B ?
.? ! . is I ? ? . .?'):? il? r ? C.'irt? aal
, " ' ' --fco;?,
i - I . --Id Kitto? ?
.??ut here, ??:?! heirilrsaness then ii Is the old ?
? das .uty ot
? a ? r:.? T Is i ii .
BO 1 IS ?? ?.
it I. prohsMr m ilnlj ??? lag ta ti
. ? ;
i women! ? to Bara, Dree? si ! I rai
4 W '
attire. -t IS sf Lit own Bet SS th?
f .? ? ra ? boot, bl u -? '?? ?? ' I -
or sever admli r's i lil m s, sad i i ij - re
pai ? their fa ? n sea a atsmaa t: I
; ! I ai d tri. Idea .
ite do not, la
Ibe | i of tbe UM?, wbo, by <
ben I ?
? ? I. '. ? . '. r- .!: int ?lal- Bo BSttSI
I upturned giasoe for [???- I? ti.? . ??
? : ,- ti??. r??r. a: 1 :1:- ?'?-rl i t'
li "Ugll i
t!e in? len! wearer i '
? t ! tok-sw tbst we t?n ..-1- i.- -ord
:', ? i? re . ? al 11, i , in, peri ips, ah-. ? ? f '
.-. ??.
i > arpean ti have
?tndied tns ?object w11 i naldersbfs oare, thinks extrsvs
it i i lo '?-? Is OS 'ill of
i . ipirii*
? : ? ii.t?>t.'.e cir. i.?.-. offjsbion
r ill's lill] ? .on ol
berri ?leg u ???? I. ???? I vei grsstlj
to ih.? tskiag .f t nt tu t i .'??? ?t.-p, wblcb. when aenaasrily
.: n- ?.? r it-ir.
er sens* ii ?!.'?i*. ?
saises the rassit sf aa aeteal . sslatoa ssastitnte?
i! u .. ititi ..: Ibssi ring a ; .u's ? i ? i It ? -
it ?lilliculi tu deterri III 1 wh?-tl.'-r tl.u tatt is a redeoui
lagfeanreoftbegsssrel?vilo* cot lsa*msek ns. ahUe li
ti... inittir.il uni-its t.f It:? honrt li ai-.atri .-?
.-.,..-- .ii.ae, Ihoie
? .r.-1 aibed Brea the bre??t by ?o:did li ,
?lill i?:.U)-.S (U INFIMV.
i tbs itws a? 1:1 svsr] ?"' it aaron ?f
kui t. thais i? u n ?.u. ?r -t.. say d. '
I grade t" tbe I .?t bj I fewest In ? eseifyiag the.o
i perbsps with Min?.-just-, ?-, p?.i-!?> {hoare!
lib tlo?r ? ho iiii'i.? Ikrough the i?.i.l .
' but with hearts s blsokly lewd sa those la the terj"
. air. bai the more dearly oe?aedgradatkm.of pnan*
t .n in n.m I?.- .-t ?ted n* ?ii ia Miiiii'i-f.
I K? pt Wollun. Keeperssf Assigaattoa.Ma.
II. Bel el,' ??i ? o ? p ira'iii ii uii?no? n. I.oiisi's, mostly lo
?t-. s .a ?bl* ?i| t ??? n ?;i trier?.
III. (a. m m! Hrotii.T : ..moil-.' nhieiimav be Incloded the
Prettj iv UK r ?. ? r i 'system of lbs Ceaesri Sn!i ??' ?
1\ LagSI 1'ier liar, ms, LT^ar ?liup llagntoi. aud Dunce
I. ginei iviik.-r?.
vi. rbeHospita -the ToBb.
This . !:i-?!H? uii.ii will np! ?in lt?e|f ivithouf mrti-h '.??i.t
mu?. tt ??.oii'.T ha reinar.--.1 ?bat many ?.f IbSSS WSBSS win
ara m. u I??-! ii the tli : ? isa ew* [beb Introd lion into
gsiti by f.H? ? hlv enswer ?g a m* ??t tTe ??iuatrlnioni.ii sdver
uu w i . i. spprsr, li -. la i?.?il? Ml of sar
loomat*. It is iilso w,?it'ii M r-mark t it the ??? len tot
' assignattoae" an by ao mssns osispeUel to na tks risk of
?>,?-. i. . rdng to osrtsin houses? since their d lire*
,-:aiiii ii, .-i tin? must Beard aaua, t-saaghtbaaes
. Bfiub i. j ? ros)*.
liTih ihe iiii-iitiiin el on* other borrlbls t-utT ed geneTOfly
?n ? ni? orion w i-ii Uiaas I \, a .??? I
? wier toi .t- ;?-? r ??i-.- the re*'. Tbe females In ti ? peealiar
? ! ! -li i i'?l 'ii ?!.-r tin? ? biak of li?|* r-l" -.
with feweti ?pt ??iii., iba i Istlas ti las worst sister? ? itch II
m >i.i .-u. ? ?..i tbs Bind to .un?-i i?.-. Tbs majority ot tin
Lo, i i? aro (?ennuin, and tlioy bold their |?s.r vi nins ::i
mufl? ti.e ?uii.e m nui r ihn', tiin Mexloss leaded proprietor
holds his penn?; that is. by kssptag the iriris perpdaa-j in
iruiii g iii-iit fat elaathlng, gin, tad other nrossslil ?> (gin i? not
?aii'y .1 Iii-ei-?siti, bn' I illari y to the?? wouian?. ?al .1. IhrOSgh
ti ? Iniiii.; ,1 m n of lit uti.ms law, threat... or otherwise, nias
tng ti i? u pi -a for kcej lag i?-- !u pttassera.
There are aaaberlera MMlMM ?her.? ??migraiit (?orman
?nd In kglrtol m? I? ? n i iki'ii t? tli.-ie lu-li? aa their arrival
in ih?? Ken iv i ri?! as i kept alero prisaaan? until tin speedy
? li, abra, ?or? :-"s? ,-?:..i tiv:i?i.-. they ir?. eravsyad to the
ko pitsL li it this horrible pidan ?ii misery taaa a ne?.
OSS ?. bat? in.iiiy StidsBOSe sf history, and that it existed ?u
I- ,-! uni. iu the time of BhaksefOera, we hail) Mfl to.tlm.iiiv
iii... aspertoBoe si ths Isagbti r of Pertalas. 'ihut itexnt?
bar? in ihneity lu mauifild repetitions is |?erlet-tly irc.l kuonu
to eil ol our public oll.c'oil.-.
TH?! BltMFriV.
It leemi impo??ible tl.it there sha ni 1 bo any BSeedy remedy
for the anoient an?! iiu?'hty sill of praaHstien. " Tas Beste?
win h have leon in lUltlted deal oi ly With ti c npiar BTSashlS,
and 1 ? ?ve the r? ??'. lo t mti-n its?-?f. ?ven mon? ?tr.i: ,.ly, IBSSS
ti.m ii .trau, thioug'a which ,t wn)?t!i?? tbe loithsome lei
duli of it. tt,i?.or. Hit. ?j Ka inllusm-? can bo greallt re
?ti a ?ed ind mitigated, it nosM ?etui Hut laoit ?oou could be
of* . ??d i.? Judicious legal Interfsrei 11
1 be ?y?t?ui in eiuteuce in Pnris st the pre.-'iit day. and
wbit-h ass slss la vsgaa in Kew-Oa-leasi befen the wat has
al? .is 'i-f n utteudnd by some measure of success. Here, a
??.in in a th.? tewn. if pbi.itiilly ?o npctent re, Slvs 1 a 1
wa? ?ul.j.-i-t lo ural If ?ho put.Ui ?I her tr id? ? IthSSt It, and
rsllBtjBiahsd li iii.uiioiiiitay upou ssatraetiag tataetloasIta
eme. li thi? ????em ni? an evil ii, its.If Itwascsrlsi I?
pi fsreM? to the prouilsi-uoii? lu?iiuy ?ia M
metropolle aad aesriy nil of ear larg cities i
IB Wit!.-lilt SSSM f'.fll: g of do! ? ?
at if. in!
. pul li ? record ot bel
n n i ?
.... ..-'.,? baa ?'.i? ???
rlor?d "i?Util? good ta be sp? : ?/ ?iTeed.t -,??,>..? Ttg-tt?
j i? ; 'g ?! n ?t motton*?
4.111 u BBAT-Bto.
ii .'.* i ? it M , IBB .' BO r?')!"? ?r
ii .- tot, ? i ti vi ?bj
'"' ? Id a?! by palet?n aad gfllaa and nftopai hp??
ti lo their bulloc--? i- brough! fr-rn the toll I
aad bngatat batt aad gnln vbbb toa aonnr aad rtobn
1 ??? ? .??. i ya mbbm
I Of ?tit ?hie!, at a: ?. , ?flin, __?| mt 'mp
by fir-manual labor. Vrom th? crucible ,,f the Assay Ni f
tie pro, '" **)'*.! "?me? la coai-e. mintornered |q-.M, oi
in the firm of Ob? 1? technically ??own as "dut,* whiel
I 41 ro.'ly is It? rrry coarse yeli ,w _,.?', w!l a ,|
lu?*? toa ?bop oi the gold beater it has b*ee
worked into ?lireis io transparent that letwi ?.te
1 ? betagt Hem. and ?o delicate b then
? lita BOl dainty enough It boam tom
rtnbetogeaBptl ,lt? manipul?t.? tis ?J?- ?.?.y tuite
ritlioklv by tn<"_n< of bis breath. And all ti.? wntnn
? trfliisformstion is aci??(ipli?-i'J solely tnd only by b? Ibbor
I and with ter,.?in ??ice'.liii??'.y rude and pi:: ? , t vi?,?
potent- w b Oto invoked, but. aimed wr.'i 'eil
, a clumsy ma?, "f iron fui a ton??, anl n NOgl Hook?
niarl!.'fir an tnvi!, tie i?it:eit gild beater t.,,1, t-; hnnal
lil? task until at list tie slypolesi la-,,?* of m 't .1 nr- toaBfOl
lato toonganannatntotrUet ?re riaaaal ndototy*? th?
luir, i At'? wing. To Inariha tins cctont pnce? h tai
object of iii? u Boto, Mnttog for our vi-it the eilililliba??
ia tins t.M-. tlio tort fruu wlil.h wa.? nv*"!*!
the fir?? pr"n?n"ii at the Cristal l'aise? Wh Hi
Fair in le" :. we are ena'.!???! lo obtain Intormation evoir w?j
tra ttior'ly. TbCgCldn D come. Be? the AieiT??r i? tier
I ? *iy nu.', o. it kti.ii? iii.e, tat?aatote,B i? ??"-ti too
" luce, in g"!d oom Mag i jo BBS, hynam .?f ita
peri .?'. pi.lily, to work, ft is alloyed with ?iLer an I ngptoi
ia 'lo proportion of : i grams of ?.Iver and li) ?train? of ."?pi?*?
to the ounce of g..: 1. 1 ibtttoptant in a ??ruci-?
?adeef a pt, . toooba/hbpntod flic? Otnnafl
_ I I ' ,, li hal !? Bia if a pint; being plae-tl iu a tieri' el f'ir
naee. 1. or IO flllaat-t S'ltrlcei to meit and p-rfe-I fttmtU?
tht three met ii?. AatCCl IM B pro.i'l-L having I il b it*
upper itirfate deep groove.? witl c'osel on!?. wL;,-'. ??r-t is
Bilda lato tom ai a tottan toa _?.i I mu? ?., ,>, tag,
where it "?ii_ly eel?, forrntn;; "tagaBb" or bato
of ?boil five in. le? long by oije lath m bftadlb
and a quarter of na mel in ttifkao? Ifhn rj?i?l
toa tageto an no Moan tatty aaatol tgHadaaa ? i ? ?
to-dead cot Ben nd man ctaeaty tegsttw pi?.? ig ta
got thinner ?ead t;:n? until allait it is dii-aifn:, li mt,
cliloe a longitrip of goldeu luina, nn indi in w:i, i. t-i.l ?,
the tlickncu of iii. iii? rtobn. It i? i.. ir . -. .j pi yu
in intli long. -li li |ta? I Beaton of peri?*? lly tfflm U ? o'
gild fBto? naboraWtotag ian By ?Tgr.t..- Bl * toan
Bi tiela paton h taotiald b BMkcaMaaob" a
; OTO and of a IblcBt ? ri*bei
ti.nae? tint cannot bs apprit! Bot iu ?gut'??.
The bit? of gool r.i ha i man paaeed bataan tola barn
ilisr thin, transparent mafrial. au.i are p !?? I op ti
' r?t u ii.t ol ?.. d. t'.ca 3 ' 1-jf,', until t! ? i tiniest?
abtoh ?re ciUcil a " _o'.d. '
Thee ' leave? ' un* mnimfactured In Friice, boa kktlt t?
intestine of tie ox, wit. I i? dic-iel al; ' t
bett tbt very ih.'i I" r e". -.? .t oil-.'.k. TI."} *.???> ra tri *
. ?, cu? i ':? | i- '? ? - i MC
? r t?l ir. gold.
llu'ni'.ld hattagbenhid up. that it tot I , ?,' ,!..di
b"ing placet heleen tie barn, B is bid up?n BM BwB
i it. ,ide pt? anaadcfwUn paaan dava ton _t
tie floor, vii i-.sen.rely fastened In ma?on work .:. tv . t
end comes np through the workmtn'i ti' A ?ui
tl'T. apuears Bl| hvUt 'i 11 maonT
being laid opon thb mar!,'", tie woikmai be^ini I., ?a . i ?? m
m ! !>tr of beating it um.1 lae gold shu.i spread,j. ? It tot
MO 1 I thb purpo.e, bo u ?*? a -
ilnped mncri like an ordinary "dumb-bell," with iii ii ????!
lu tboabtdta of _hl narioa- part, at right anglis bit! Igto
ivelgat of wlii. li may vary from 10 to It poon I?. I ia
band ttat au-Mt ta the ea|yaObetaan oblaban ? toed tot
th. anvil, as it poste-tei at tha same time ..nut
afford tue de?ire! rccbtaOn a*-.I at the ?arae t at mogl
? tochaBBn.vBbe .* w | . lato?
IbC .if'.:.g of I .at le ivy too! aft?r crerv bi,,rv wa lit t*t
?imply a dndw ?'.'?lie; -."'dvcry noetttj I't [ I ti?
s', u:? -' ,r n. Ir?n -vo'iil ht loo solid md lead, ?a 1 lav tort
of Weat, *'. u ti:?? hardest t so iprinr-r, toa-: OW It I ,? omi
ol'na anvil. The heir/ II ?tv? are ?truck at tht rat I..! ibout
3') b '?J in a uii'.ite, m th&t ia an ?.mir t':e ' tr .11 i - _
from 1,-?.-'t.? ii.'Iii blows from a hammer of IO to Itpnata
: '. g Ita I ?'. i . g a I h beb . , ? . ni ?
hilf. the!, i vi' ?t hammers are employ?!, m tie gilt b1 isa
thtekcat aad ret-bn gintor waight aad to ?I ? .v?t*
?ti. Having b ? ' a ile. ?ii I
Mnnhcnaodttatoatn nbabocatatot, ttat pM
tnfaaad ihtt tnpaodedtootool fourtixei theil trigi iel
tin hartog of nene IntanrtnaottoalBto ihlotaa? it
? r hi a pnottaodwathana ti..? ?.jutieof moralee
pundi na? lill haaUMT, e,n_i?y in eve- ,, ..i.
Ihaagt f" ir tiraei as largo si ut br- ti
retain pnttp a i daly i;, on.;... .1 **? ti . .
form. It is now f V'a. au. by .?:ij>, from ' ????e
the"m.I*.' tti'li a bag tbotb pur I ft ? *a4
i.i ,1 ?,'?,ar li ' . I ? ' ? I ?'. te
odd-shaped tool haawa ua**wago^**Bii i ..-,
into foin ?-; ?i i - ja.,.- ??. i[ .??,? a? begat eaoben ?" ; ? a '
? ;, md agata t *??? mc?
if tbt ' mll"ind aro a Maeol U4U? ; ? ? . tfWB
u.^'Ni. ? ? ton haaBag t:..? tlMtt i t
At tbt ci'. to
n tier nbdbbtoa into f m B - -? a
:!, tod te I i --i i
I .1 it og for four more hours. To mbdit
t.'ie slip, from one "niin? to anot! ;>r t.i, ?? i ?tot
? Og o. A "iUOM ' o! . : til?
? in.
Tie bpT? of akin are tUg-BP rtib'i?d irlfi p. . lerotccf.
ii., 1 pTp-'ini. ol' p?c I u BOrt, before ti* li'tlin.' nal i ?
.m iw nd t > Hied sf ti it hy bring toen ?:?.? i pieced b.-ix?ei
r i\ '-?? : dca
Bach cat cf bane wfl* eaton anal I i igewtttgiM
Itaf, after a likh tley ur.? s.,ld to bo ustd for be Itiag
toil and ie tf lu tie mm of toa hcattag toa gold gab mon
niant toad ran Ban te io? pt? ? ?
r;?.-- ..f 00 Mag if Bat ?ti- ? MOlk "?.if
I fy-.ijj
-,? tad ?vri::;. mi. a?
count?, tie i" li ? ? 'To oat of ?hit?-?
rho 1 ': 1?' tv?, cf go' I BP! ay?
t ib ti bo? the " m-1 lad '? I fee htm ti
? ?i? rect of ? :...'. ). iv.'n. ? wl loben
re I It s ile 1".;, woik I? done bl ? ?'. eioh
I 1 tttm ?'?> to -' oi ' ?jo.jXs a d ir. uni m I 'fa ir j'n #l ' ?
It? Weet Ibcnpnci bt'ok? are MICtftH I. ..., cty
au.l an? made ot ?oil prtatUg ? illy that ohich M
Leon used. Before ti.- goU n laid on tie lea-, i t.i.?y sri
? !:??!. t'vr ,pr. a'?:. 11 ?ni red Oahm, TI.? BtoWlol toBB
pap? boto I , ) tont too Blhlt Hoon, at |i I
..r onto tonto Ihm i oat hythe taohbl ?'
nan toa m.m.eM ?it ita i? .i ii . ? ?
more piper for thi? purps,?.?, for ?'rielly mar ii re.i,.iai Inarti
only t?i ton???? ? ?li Ile world. T_? books n0 sinai
li i pw toon md.
The gold foil ant by dnttati b act aBoyod to au, laJB
?. :!?n ?? that for gilli'- - ?, tongi I - ? ??.iii
prepared ia tie ?im? ni.inner.
.??.??ei leal i, :i??t nil.;,ed, ?Al is beitea to four iacleNiiasro
not so tim is gold.
To ?how Ita extremi -lailetil.l ty of pure polJ, it n?'i:?4
that ??ingle grain of gold ipreid ovi-r ?liter ??re na lil
dr inn out to ti.? thirty-eighth part of a mila wal ..t a iru,
t OB m He continuity of Ita poid ?mering. It ;? also ? f*
?orite su? ingot' goldbeater? that a five-d. I .reold pian .'?i
boatnetonntten? n m?n on hntabato tad bcaaot,
t lough it is il'.ublf ! if tue ttptrtMOM h.? beeu e. er OOtO? y
la ,-,i ,.1 Um "? i ti:?* ell?. : .'?r-i -ymn g 11 b.'.i' r c?:i 'uail
!o I ni pat w.??', hal nt pre?ent work., ? ,? . i.I
,v. :?.. [hemaewbb *i..i that toa i ? ftum
ui ?ke more oa a given ?ti unity of gold Ihn ia t ? austen.
i ig ?a be con tt?nob bof c1 geld It Btto I ??
".,is? ) io lii,i??J time, w;t!i a heavy hammer, enuriiy by ta?
m tablai ?ewer oi baan ina.?.le. bvaaWaeeBaoaMl
?toa? to ?dipt machi'ieiv to ?to this most lnlonoi.? wari bul
Ibe gold beaten thenia-tves ?ay it cannot be done. a. l-l
Mcalpeblba ri tot Ion rotj_Bl a nrtato ??ueuat. t BaagM
How over, ifter kccing tie typMBttiag BBcMn B- BhCCtl ?>?
the lust to despair ol yet seeing an i:ivcnt.ou for doing eas.lf
and ?peedily the work of tie irol.1 beater
AlUBBB HucrAii i'i:? vTJf?.\T Oi i P ;i? >?-_? ?
Nathar.ici BBbk cm] . ? ii, Mar>buloi Jci?. ? i it.?, a , 1 j ? "?
Samuel 1). RBb L> -j ?ty Mnrilsl. were srrctted ve?MtdCf by
C.nst.illo BnaO on a warraut charging tlemwatl bru:?i
ireutm-ni t .w ard Jola Bai-Her. while the la; 1er wai coa
fin*?l m tit City Pilton, on the night or the (?ti um I ' a
oainiti.. MBaag oller chnrg ??. makes ullidtvit tt? ?lui. II
o ? ?otk on ti? o.tb? iu ..usti?n, ?j. D. Lib? aatoni na
??eli? und beut i'im ?ero?., the knee? with a cub un; I le fiu'til
?twiiy mid tin i? lieu le OOM to a niau was heldtog bl? Wbtt
tbeooonn paitad st hb (c*)apieln?nt'?j bo? waiahber?
11 n.'.I until ibu following morning) that the lajenestar??
, ;? 1 i :.i .-.?. a itntetl tit ?ti iron ?.rk ami tl.at ne I jil? i
under th.? .1... Bri tire ?;...,. tbiilmi". Ita?, ueed |>irl?n
BpjMcrod bofott ludije Cbastocrisodgsrt i . ? ? in
'...?.. I |
\ i? i v. Cam m Cb itaat is Ji I n ?
| ! II -i '?.?? ii " '"?
Long deck. Janey Ctty. n | .it
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/ ? i. ?
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