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V01- XXV. -.N0* 7,9-H?.
RfffB TO THK 2?>Ui INST.
* m~ "
(!_itsi?Uti?Dal Itforms to be Carriid
Kut in Hungary.
ifriBij-ut jHeeeption in Moseow of tho Offiecrs
ol the -l'int*o<l State? ?Squadim
Failure ?! lite Empress ?f Mexico's
Mission to Kiiiej'f.
l'rfi^n talion to the. l'air of Rur-sia ol the
Congratulatory RcioluticTi ol Coni^m*.
TLe Literal lirty ii Prn?*... in Inftl willi tbe
ft ? ero nita!.
THE I tri: WAR.
T roa t y mt Peate Btint.a Prawia, linly. Aunrii
mmt Bavaria Miigaed.
J'BAdi'l, Fi idaj, Aug. 24, ititi.
A treaty vi peat}? waa conolude?! and wgned in tli.?
city yesterday ?veiling bet-awn the ri?*ii)pot?*iitiarit*-?
avcredilnl on bohilf uf the King of Pric-sii? ami the
Emperor of Ant-tria.
The dwumeut wa? iinmetliiUily forwarded to Vi?
enna to he ratified by the Austrian Government.
Under the treaty the Pnuntan troops will cvatuato
the territory of An?tr_i immediately after its ratifi*
Plew* at Ike -.vealOrB. lally Ke? rived ia Laada-i.
Lot-Ox, Saturday noon, Aog. 2"?, l8??
Adrices have been received to-day in official circlet
here aunoiincing that a?reaty of Peace bctwe n the
contending Powere of Prussia. Italy, and Austria and
Bavaria, was concluded by the Plenipotcntaric.? in
?oMion at Prague on Thursday la?!.
Tbe Treaty was officially signed by the Plenipoten*
tiariet on behalf ol' their respective Government, on
I ho lame day.
? Among the provision.? of the Treaty is one that the
froope now at different point? shall evacuate their po?
sition*, and retire to their respective bornes within
three weeks.
Y ?arila Ceded Dlract la Italy by A auria
Pbacoe. Saturday Aug. 25?p. re
The cettion of Venetia to Italy if fully aocoin
?>liabed. Before the treaty of pent between Prns-ia.
Auttrit, Italy ana Bavaria wa-i signed. Austria freely
and onrutrvedly ceded Venetia lo Victor Emanuel.
rp M kana a Weir Caaailtatiaa.
Le? no Saturday. Aogatt -'j? Evealag.
The tallowing diapttch bat been received:
VirWA, 8??_i-?y. Aapoit ?5-p B.
The Emperor Francis Joseph bas determined t<?
atrengtben bit empire as well as his hold upon tht of
ftctttat fend loyally of hit tubjeeti by granting a new
io&etitntion and mini-try to Hungary. It is ?a
_oua?jed officially that a new ministry will toon b.
lormed for Hungary, npou the btiit of the coiutilu*
lion granted the Magyar? in 1848, the r?vocation of
tenti?ft\ wat the cause of the Hungarian revolution or
?aaaa I e?ep?ra,i.t w?,fc _?raaaia.
D-EstiE*., Friday. Aug. 24. iet>6.
The King of 8aiony has iuued ran order directing
the Saxon mini ?ter-- and Government official.? to g.ve
a friendly co???cratiun to the Prussian officers in fefl
Tin Biegt mt Mayeace Balead.
Ma?i:.\ce. Fri'lB.v, Aug. ?? -
The siege of this fortress (Ment/) w-,s r.. ? ?
day. and the Prut? ian t Beet will ma: ? |
tjositjons on Sunday.
Winaarial ABTaira ia Fraakferi.
J-"-v.,?Rl.,,v t?l-Maii. Friday, Angrjit24, tata.
NHWiHw lue city bas sanctioned
Ibe raisu- 0f a j,,..,- o! twelve millio.....? n,,.
The Bank ?.f Frankfurt has red'.eed the rate of ?1 ??
?*ount from live t.. four per cent>
The ?banker of Depai.ra-Addreie la Ihr Kin*,
?f PraaalB aad Hi? Keply.
Killin. Aug. j .
The King oi tia? U h.? re.eived a deputation from
ti.? Chamber of Deputie?, who prese?imii ti?. ori,*-e?
*oU*_ by that body. The King made a ?peech in re?
|>ly, in which be profeesed to feel great joy at the
ftrorable attitude of the legialative body. He ?aid,
however, that if ?nothor confliot arose with the Depu.
??tti? on the qae?tionrj of the Budget and the Anny, or
??-bei iitbjricti? wiiK-L a* pita! to tLe hterMti ?.f the
?Ci?'^li re -J. i... tin ? * i.e C.?! bj
7.\A*-.-+. -
Ring i.il.l?-.? Uiftl bl '.. < iiii.i -?i .?ib?. - kBJ?M "ia ion
aotail le.
Th< ?_?r??\' ti??*, Aaarr?r?? E-a?dr?a la i?ra?
ira? Brttllaai Hi repitan.
M?jrH.?iw, Kntlay, Aug. 24, MA).
The liuitt.il Htatc? navui olbici- ?tervmg, with the
American mission to Iiu?-s.iahare ? ecfl taken iu wLat
lriaybe temed ? triaini>iiBut manner from St. Peters?
burg to Moir-. ?;W. in a -pa lal milrea?! tram, ordered
?*?y the Imperial Government foi the purpose.
Kverystfti.-u along the route wa? crowded tritt.
people BBOdon? to ?lo tin m honor, and the proviivial
au thon tie? gave a l.t.tity ????al welcome al BEBB
point ?f reel or ?lei.iy.
An imi_eni?~ number of persona turned out to wel
oomo them bore.
The offioer? dine?.! to-ilny with Lieutenant General
Trince DolgorouVofl, wbo i? Aid-t-O-Camp f.eneral to
the Czar and Governor <?? nrrul of Moscow.
The Zoological GbeImm were illuminated in fino
style, and (resented ?i splendid appearance.
It has been made patent tbnt tlie heart of the n.it?
lian empire off rn .*, l?.:tiitll? m hotpttditj to t-P lepre
t-eutat.Y.-- o?'il e(.'reat Hepublie.
Ma?peasl?o ?f K v. port Duliei.
H?B?k Friday. Alib*. .4, MM
A Beyal ?In NI _B BBl i' iss'ied bj the Bj ..: h
Government suspending foi six months the export
duties, lit? provisions apply to ' lu? fakf ?I B_ BBl mi.?,
aud mel nile all tho jiorl? of Spain, ?a it li tlu'ee ? 1 Cul .i.
Tia? ImprrsN 4 nil?n.? lo rrninln ia I?r?r?v-?e
lv nu unliots al" *-|? t ?? o by ibr I'trarh lro?p?.
PiB s. - ?la ?I ?v. Aug. ???? Hi.
I i ? 1... j !? I . v'.ill nut IM DE '" M. ? ? '
nii.l it ? ni:.?.I. .1 in nil ln.n.l? Unit (be Lu..'re iii
that ? oin.try tpBkTBaOBi e its end.
1 B rtiitborit.T'ivi.'ly tOBEBI I ? .1 Lfaal .1 ktV
Fren? 1. :.? ? , - la Iftl?0 It vi II lu- only ni
IBB?lent ii'.iiiili M IO El BEMM* ol' I PB_I li
subject? during _? foil "f the limp in-, ?uni t?. ?
?ju.it BTBflBBtkM "1 M? ? ?>. " "Will liol 1.
h ile .1-, i., M; I Bl * us Iii; r
I ki? Empress al ?I. ii? on i Tarin.
lilli Au*. 2-6, IK?..
TkaEatBEBM o? m>> m Ii kata, ia mm b
M ira mar.
niTEB ?IAH? NI 1 I Ililli ? IIB Kt??
Aclitr Demand for FitcT wrntirt ia Paria
II.ii?? Ord? r?
l'i!.!-\ Saturdoy NteOr, Asp-nit N. MM?
Au iiuu.'.-unsc demand Lus sprung Bf in thi? city for
United States Five-Tweniie?. and heavy order? for
supplies have been telegraph? d t?. Ann-n.au agents ?>f
various banking houses in this tit".
Ci MEAT It liri li v
Fresh Bk-ip-nrni of Isold io New-Tar-.
l.ivEHPOOi SiiardaT.'Aufuit 25?N >?.n
The Canard steamship Se..tin, (apt. Judkins, sailed
thi? noon for New-York, vii? (Juecnstown. ?She basa
large number of MBMBBfMB, kui t.ik?-- jCIU'.ihiu in
spocio on American aecotint.
Arrival ?t* tBe tala?.
QMBBNOtrfl .*?iturd"y. August 'do? Noon.
The steamship China, from Bo?ton, via Halifax, has
arrived. Her mail-tor I. ve-puoi tnd landon were
forwarded by train, and ?he ?ailed again forLirerpool.
I ?Mg?M Fallu??
London. Sondar Krenio- Aug. 24, I*-.'
British politic? present notbiDg of suflicient interost
to telegraph.
BJ? Arrivai? Obi.
Liverpool S.nday Era-iin?*. Ang. M, l?Oi.
Ka 8team?!iip? have arrired from America? ain-ce the
?aiaraak mt Cirll War.
L a.ii'ov Sit _irJ?y Auf art ?>???. m.
Advices hare been received to-day from l'oint 4e
Galle, Iiltnd of Ceylon, via the Persian Gulf and
Mediterranean cable?, that a civil war ht? brokeu out
in Japtn.
PIVkMlll. AMID (D-inVBIItl..
L EBBE. SaturJay. Aug. '?r.-Erening.
The money market i? firm.
The clwiog ?-uotatton of consol? to day ii it i?t for nioner.
Thit-Bikot tor AaTier.cra Mtahl i? iteiily ?uJ tbe doling
ijuotation? today ?"? a? fillown
t'n:"-l <?'.!<.i Uti : m .
Bri? Railway iharei. ?JJ
liiiuou (. ?nitral llailioad. ?
IB .IfflBPOOt <.>T!?.N MlHKRI'.
liy-i.1 mam liBBEay, a*ib* M?IrtalaE?
BttaMMMaifeMnlM itaaly ? '? paMIlMt re
main unaltered. ZUe ?al?? to day fiot n;> ulta bale?. Mid
dli-tr 1'iilandi cloi.ug ?t _>,_ ft? '?'?
? LiVEfu-o ,L. Saiurday, AaBaM -o? E'-'ening*.
Th? breadstuff? m?rkit ii dal!, owlaj t.) more farorable
trettber for the crons, inil pi ,r?e? of f'jr*i_?i. creal? h?T? a de?
clining tendency.
1 n:.L I'll. VISION il.lR-BT.
LlVETal-OOia SlUrU.... _._, *"._l:
ii' (MflaMaa i-BMftMnBjyaaalMial?
tlABI-IB IM I I I |(.J M I
i?' 11 xiniw?;, Siturday Ang. :5-Koon.
a'Le ?tcam?Lu> CIud?, from liostuD. ti? II-Jif?i, bw arrired.
n?r i-?.], lui Liverpo.il and Lomion were Lrwaid?d If tia'?
and ?be ?ailed ?gain for Literpool.
tarnt I- an. c f., Auf??t56, i-???.
The steamship N?va Seotia, ih.ni Liverpool on
Tl.ur?<laj, Auftui-t f, rl? Lender,derry J7th, pMied titi? pclat
I a. ta-alay m fal? Mr Qntai, launtaBaj
I '" "-?? ' . dtCu ly ttt At-IUi'.il vtjll? |?__l.JU' B
??Bill MHlTAin.
Tke Baak af La.lmrl Han al Di.? eua.
A most infltifntii.l ?It putntion consisting of the
representative? of the v?noti? Joint ?in. Bank? t,,ni an ia
in ?. -w on tbe I lib iaat witb tbe Cbinoellor of the Eiokequcr
I y appointment to reprirent their opinion? ii to the ad?i*a
Linly of the ?iov'rnment taking louie action rte.ecting tbe
liant rate of disennnt.
Mr Alderman S ,'onion?. V V in introducing the depntn
tion ?poke of the di.rulrmif eiteoli whii h the Bienal ?ys!?ui
uf ItoaaaBl produced upon i-(.Biii.en ?. _nd reid the fnjlowing
?notation, which bad bri ?? liirrceil npun for premitition by
the reprerei,tullin, of the London Jmut Stock I' n.'se
" 1 bat in the opinion of tilla meeting tbe mainteoBnet for ?o
long a pariod of tbe high rite of inierett fiie.1 by the late Chan?
cellor of the Kirhei.ii'-r in bi? letter to the Director? of the
Bank uf England ha? a tendenoy to rctnril the rot ?in of confj
rtaarM naman ?M Mt inierett ? t commerce at home and
?broad, and it i? therefore desirable to reek an interview with
the (iuveriiroetit for tbe pnipotc of repre?entinir the propriety
?ml poli.'y of tr.edi.ying Hint letter eo far a? it prescribe, a
minimum rute of ?nteres; at Hi per cent."
'1 te Chancellor of tbe BaabMjan ?aid he felt tbe importance
?,f the millett, and -smi c1 the deputation that the (?overn
ment would take ?he mutter into con.idcration, He pointed
(lit to the di pniii!,?n the Liol that even though the tink rate
hul been IO per c< nt, ?n aciordniice wilii the term? of the
h '?er it kid not the effet Dtiwl to lie dcilred, of incr?Miog the
.'?? ne. Ile defended the mur?? taken by the Director? of tho
Bufen l?ng'end, und th. nght tint they bud acted fur tbe
bato in tb" inlerc?t? of all pnmc? concerned.
l'lpntaliiiii? from the Hinnir.liHm Chamber of Commerce.
andllkewln ttmt Ltott .t.,l MakaBeM, had Leen received by
(., ( ?a , I ,r "I the li, ii,?uer. Other deputatii at were aleo
ex pet* led.
'Jht l'atly ?Vi-i think? lhere ?ppenr? reason to believe thal
the ninan ef pabUt opinion on the Director? of tim [t.-tuke? i?
1 ' ,i Btlg ?o att iiiifr ti.a? i"t? ii (islanding the virtual refusal of
the (icvcrninent to interfere. tbe>r policy of tnaiutaimug ten
1 ?r i,m. will tie r-i ?edi!? r? H'm ii.
Ila I On,mitten ni tlie.li,n,I Sleek Bunk? have cn'L'd I mot
ii It ,,l (nil it-BtnttHtltn to loniider tbo aniwer ol tbe
(. ii , II . ,,l Ibe l'i,'h.''|iier
Tin- 0?man I itl.e I. ml of Knglnnd Lad had an inter, tew
?iibit? CkaaaaBn.
Inlrirolortinl Kailivuy liiipcrlnl ?i ii ?re? nice.
It val !i!i(ler?-t(io(l thal nu arrangement had lieen
, mue ?.? lint w,-, n Um Hi it i? i (?ovrriiriirnt and the Nova li MM
und New Hriin?wiek ?'min mininera, with the coticnrrei,, I i f
the C i',i,li in OettnaMBl and Legi?! nure, of the detail?
Of tb? I'oii'inlerir.i.f i.ntieh N.nth All.on. I, Hld (if the
lal gaaraain el tke na miuircd l>) ibo intercolonial
Kailwu) , tho ?um ii A.l '-?"??>.
it? len??- af I ? tiinii? ia Irrlnnd.
Tii<* In h QoreTBment bate leleaaad a fireah batch
iii :. u - on , ?-ditton ti it the** Mara Ita eaaaltt tottkwHB,
m i ?, ?. .n <.f them batt i i?t ??lied fren l?tu?foBd*rij for
A r,,, i,, ?.,_ nil ,,f ti,,?i p, raoai u, ho f in .<? m, r to 11 ? I tint, n?
the n ai'itriti, ? believe, ? n Feaiaa l'i?i,i?i. Th.-ir naine?
' i Haff? aitka A nari, m Artillery; .Jem"?
' I (. ii' IB, Col. I' '
?-ii, v .? York K i-i c ni, I.;.-..;, .i:.,.,..? Iiohcriv.?; n.
M,? i, m ,. abai .n?l ilioinii llvi.??.
J tyC. OH li ii'.',.in . ? IT ?f ?dine t.'.t'*. I, *
i,., d on Ibi ?? ill tai i'Viiiuii?
i- ., ' ?teWj Darn a i !.. lyoart ti tgi Bal ono of
?.?.i-i bad IBM in bu p. ia ?. ob
TI.? .Tl.iaiai llniixrnni Mlaip tlouarrh af Ikr
Ob Um 13th wai Idmirtl Hablad at leloxtYt re?
e. i,,' ifesfaOowiaglettai froailfea AdwiraKj. la i.en It
tli? ,\|. in-iii ol I'," *?? i?, rui , migrant ?I,,;. V i itali?
Lireraoel tar Hew-Tork oa tbi I'Jth of "
?ouie oil Lo.,.,I, ni?I n.i? no1 !, ? i, !,, irl , f ?ii,Cr
Aiiaiaai.i v, A i? ti, t'fift.
Sib Wit!, i. fewau? la my i. ?!? r of in? l3dot July
. ?r,l in . I, ntl? pi |1 .1 ,,p ,,ej Ort
??par. I. , sya.u -nil pon ,rt.?. >., i.?,??? waa wrIHaa ky ottme p.?
?. i, ob I,.,.?.! lit? lu p M e ,,, i, , f il,r -?? I ?m ,.,,?,.,a .?Lil hy n.y
I ? J. , ? I you. io? ti,* I? to??
.4 a, thal Mr?.
?ho t .I...) ile- M?llale?
? ... I ,? nlrntii.. la? I ti.?!? uto., eil ti* pay*' a? b-in. 'lal
iil'.?f?n. I ?rn, T. ,r., Ir , II, ?tia?
Ti e letter and puprr nllule-il to ia tin* almte were lb? M
I'ivo.ioit', i?ri lily II IBM.
??m I bag t.. tortttli li.rrviilb a pea?i I?k??I ?t tt ? ??Ml
P ? .!.?
I . , . ,41* lu*.
.,a ilil.lll.? lay? *(?: ?M1, IM? wat ?-rovrieJ.
I ?,, . '. . I It. Maavii, M..t. i ?t:e-.Jai.t
l?' .lilli,,.!?. ?UI?, Uf. lol?, t
Mon?! h , 1 I.,? ?... - I ? . I . ' ? ' l
May i.i, ? . -i .?.Ima ?air,
iv? I lal -J .0 N, .. u, ii vv v?. a. lo , . ? ,e . '
?Menin. \i li.I ?Ud l?Mnrt*.
/ ojfuuit It. ruin liriir? that /'an, A li.is entiled
into ?n utafemeat willi A rta ran Ward, ?u.i in? quaint
Ameiii, , writer ?nil forthwith aMaeh blaMell a? a ?vrt uf
it iving OaaaBBtataaM io ti?? naif ?,i Ita t wy
A .*aJaval Ei|i|tain la VI? a leam Wataera.
Vino* A n,-n ? II l-ia?
L-telliaenee hat heea leeeieed hare "i tu ai.
meiit in Men. it v\ ,,i?r? I,?tween a l'ru??l?ti corvette ?,,,l th?
Ausinun lorrett? Dautioln. in Wktofe tbe litter wai ?,Conon?
I 'iu?il Righi? far all l*r?i laiaai d la ? ?arila.
Th?* official ,.' i/'tte nf Italy |HiliIi*!ie? the following
deere? .lirueil ii) Piton ?'in-tuno
Amt i i I t ill aluni 1': iv i no? i freed from the dotninr?
ti,,n ,,'. Auitiii. u 1 i iti/etia nr. e,?,i?i baf.iie the law, wfeateter
religioui npiDioi.? t'.ioy mat prof'?a. 1 ney hkewito enjoy all
civil and o'llttn ni right!.
Akii.LK'J A.l reaiulai.iini ai weil as .i!hi-r lawi aad ron?
tire. la force, wletbor jxditic?! or cml, in tne i-_-e MarMtMr*,
contrary to the civil cod.? and proc?dure. are abroga!-?.!.
AKiiiLf. *. Nu ?lter?tlon la mad? in I-i? arrange_i?nii wblcli
ii ?< lito Ih? ?len-iie of woi ?hip bj J?. ,,;e?'.jnt? j vi Jew?.
Diaaallefarliaa wilk Frae.ia.
Some af the lillian paper? BSflBM great diu.iti?
faction >t tue K ti?; of i'luaii*'? ipeeoh, ir.,1 tho too? of the
l'rui-nii journal? wai liol tuusiderad ntufi.torv towajl
Uni?. oma.
MaI'KIIi. Aug. \'?? The refo.iiiv w!i., b it it i:it?tid.J
to introduce iii the uland of Cat?? will coiumeac w.t'j a r*
organisation of the administration. 'Ibe ptoi>.?el ptt.'.iotl re?
lou?t wid only be biorjght ia ubM.iiieat'y.
tp?a.ih BViaaare.
Mai.ru>. Aug. 11 ? 'Iii'- (i'.tcnitiiont hare pai I t*n?
Bank of.Spain the lum ".' .' ?'.'" '*> real? oa aoeouat o: tie
debt owiag to the Bank
Large quaoitliei o', bj'.lloa are beag lent to Mi,It ; fro*.
the provine?!.
Hi aaiA.
Iiitarrrrnaa ia Mania.
The Moniteur contains intelli^eiici; In.in TUBl t'mt
t if .ii I; lat? m DiaT..r.*"iri hta rn? i io iaiurrectina. B??a
toroeiueoia of ltuuian trooin b?d beta ?ent lo the rariou?
pi? se wiier? ruiog? took plaoe.
Raaelaa Volant.
Warsaw, A'i?r. 11 ?An Inperial ordinatice h_.
keen receired here from 81. i'ei?r*t?urg. ?cording lo afetofe
the "fli,-i?l'cu?rr?i|.jn,! b<3 ? v? ? !. I ,e eeidtll a'itboritie. I* m
future lo be carried olIb the Jliiviai aad aot ia the I'oliati
l?ugu?g?. _
flapaleea'? l*?ln?.
Tlic olfniiil Pionatuil ?trXTtaamtnitOi BTBifeM th?)
moderalion of Nap i .".n, ?:i 1 ?relit? lum with tt.'? desire not
to di?! irb the iriond!? retattoatn iatorfen in (J?rm?n |e>ii
ti.-i. aal laii-rt* that Ike baan 4 * ti?-ml nharautcr em?
aata Inn Iks tal atan el ";'!>-'<i''i pim?i ir. I*raan Vka
artii le al '? *' ii Pnnia wi , ? ike gmpt for Um ii"'?r|?or?iii?o
oi lae ntl ami Mertb G I itn wilboat ?tatay
;. / ' ?? ?i -i i . -,?. t, i*. Kaaata>:t lu. Ma
,i;;?j.u it in. i j. ??!', lid hi* |.r,i'.,'d Ila Um li to
I ; . .1 Im p.'trnals oxprea? ?iti.lactiua
? lib b ? . _
? n,,,(??'. ? ni ? '.? I? ?,i mi ?li/ li.
The Par * ' ? /??
M if M -I. ?ti lia a reli'?*e I:
' mi of Ibe |>i
? | i effort , '
, ? . ? alivli'
B ,f tkl M.-i.i m ;..i 'in.
THE l*Itl ??ei %*. ?ii A-im -t or ni*: I? I .
?nJilr?-?? m Itt ??I? lo ihr King'* **|ie?tli Npeech
oloaeif Ih" I'hiel. mt Ihr Party m( Pragrr??.
Ill Ii. I I .lili? I ti U' lilli,
: U. the drnltgl.t "I t ? A ?? *v ?- u..I Ilnrt
WahIfil " ? ? i.-'y of pi'i'lc??. ri,
bl? iBank* t., the armv and the Kia?;, a? Ita le?
olive buttle, the result!
itaee t?icjr I in led tot
the old tyttem ol i
upon a hkh renti iL? pet ?roi 1'iua-ia itiidtli? tmpeM
nu it v. if Ciiaji laen baili M rtator** ni only be ??
?uied t,.v ti, ? ii.,,.?jr?ti m ,,f tje nattoato rrnntaitltat wMfe
ii:ai-:,t Her? \v ,. i, i
\V? rB*p-*Ml-lJy tt-eept ive daelar?tlon mad? in th? ?iiaeitj
of the Kim relative to tbi ' Imdir?! Vatkafl
oxa_,inu ibu tinauclel bi.U aubuiitted tu u?. aad alio Ike MU
ujnin the national np
In conclu'l'in. the tpeiker pointed oak tbe necenity foi i_?
iili.etvauce of the Conitiiution.
Han (?rabow. former l'reaidcnt of tbe CLamLer ol Dcnutie?
aad member of the party of propre?*, expreited bil nallaan
io vu?? the loppliei r??ineited or the Government, ?ud Uti
thank! for the "?agaaDinioui wurdi of the King in reference to
the bill of ?lidemnjly. He hoped that Ibe lou.iit bet?een tie
fMi r-er v?, Sa \i peraat?
. .?.? i Htrr?
. i f ?.- 'x ? ' . ? ?-i M-Mn -. ?-.? :, ita i
-Ictorkr.i ?troggle against the threatened foreign role and the
i itei.s ?ii of the power of 1'rntsin ?ere coin?talent with tb? re
uti? ?llinnt.f the inne.r life of tb? EUI?, ?nd ??tb tb? In?
?stabiefcaent of the ponutar right? nader th? Mti.o ?r men
nf ?Bi??r??l r?|.uUti'?B "lor jurtua ia Proa?, bro olmo do
????.?'. that II.? llr>M-aty ?h.'uld iianlarly bri erne the autbcr
?'I ? : riman :t(t a? i?,!i..t. i,pot, a larger ?o???*.''
?? ?a
GIB. >1 ?'. *? I I-l FFKI.'N -MW ?O ? ??*"
C7. AB.
rtatvttb!? 4 i', r of Amliai.tn?? trata FroMia M
M???la ia lb? Basl?Frassiaa I?lM?t? ??
Ta'nt? Qiiarler, a ?4 lh? EiTrcts of Mer Folie?
J ' . I. i.a...n Ti. ,r. . Benin (nrtC<Bcuden?e, Aug. II.
Gen. Muiitcuflel has been dispatched to Ht. Ptteri
boray ?a a ?peclBl roiMion to the C'a?. II ia to b? apprehended
liaii U out.lt hun this I internment ?.ill .iltur to ?l?i?t Kuma
in the Kurt, ?bould het ?iii be needtd by i'ruMiaio H' rti.ajiy.
Ai in ? ?Intel of faur., lerrlce?, Pruieia bee alula? ni the
I'rinot of Eciiiiiari..! to eipren hu read i ne?? lo ridang" the
fU-rnu aly of I lu Sulla- for tin |a.tr, as, ?? of Hie (.'mr
A Rou io ii um n corps i? teiag coomutr.ited on the borders of
i' a. A calnan protino? of Bakovin?, compelliug th? Kaiser to
.i|ipoM It hy b ..uri-eapoinling force. In Pukotlna, m well M
in rio. II. K.itisrn Hungary and Trt.uaylt?ka, wl.Lb are
chlely inhabit??! tiy Boni tantana, a itgulm unitj motenient m
I .'ini< .?i on foot, with tbe ?uniiivance lo tay the l???tofit.
of lb? tiuol.areit (?orornmei.i T'.u? Tronce, by bar ?cry Grat
(i. ce? 'mir? in Germany, or lattin 1 t the ihndowi they catt
I ?ft.ro them, hi? tb? unen tull? itlitttc-Ontil iuyivjii- Mcienl
diflicB' ici m lb? Lait. _
tfiinfeulT? l'a !tlia?!?M.
Thi Prnttiaa (?overnnient intended to announce to
Tnlia Mut on tho 1Mb tho unneinnou < f tto ??Uinoer-d
.'rib m State?, bul wiui -reti.oted by Ile iBfliientc o? lllut
trit.ua peraoni at Coori.
rta MktsM? of ?iii!. MsnteiinVI lo ltniolnig I? itated to
har? L'en attend? .1 with complete ?ucees?.
II. ?Ml 4 AND THE I'M I'lC n ?TATES,
II.? ?*..-.?? li. urn at* I en|ir.? I'r???B?e,l ia ihr
Caar??a|il. Fox's A?k?lr? ??? on I' r? ?ealing ?lae
Onthfl*?th inst. the United States Kxlraordinary
CuaoiiMioiic,t. ?i-ror.paniod by (len. ?JIsyt, the American
Minis er, lud an I air it le? ni tie |.itl.??.?' ?.I i't'terhof, with tho
l.i.IN ?)t, lo ?Lorn Capt. I!. V. I'm jn > ?eiiteil the following
"SUi Thi! retolatioa whu-b I Imre lim lioi.nr of presenting
to yon lmi.>iiiil M .,r?ty a tin- v.iie? of a people wbote mil
in,ni. f lu ? ?!>' ik Iroiri ? iiniile ne art.
"The meiv lies tinah have long (mund together tho great
Rinpl ?ni th?i Batt aid ih. rreat Itep.iMio of tile West hare
t'-en iooiti|.i.."l sa.1 ?n-i'iii/tt'iiiic?! by n.e unwavering Gd? lily of
t!io Itir-mnl lin, a lal.,i-ai t.. ?mr own firiiu-l.ont i'.s n-tient
I ?rio? of tootoU-op. The wnul? nfsviip .thy mel Iriendsnip
Ua.'O i Till. ? ??'! ta ti..- '...ti ra...?ut ,t War!,ii.itain li-command
oi yoi-r Ii..|i? i i_l li.... sty arc lim! in ti.? ?Hornill re in vu. braue?
ni i ?eut' lal eniinlry.
"Al Oke of tin-w .le family i.fiuiti'iiii wo yield our willing
h"rna-? to thill uel 'I- ni oi ?BmaDity which is ?:??,<?<? w11? to
1, riesito in the i. relation of Coogresa. The peaceful edict of
an cr.Pglilei.? .1 ? i.._'ii hi? t 'i).i?<ii!ii!iiiteil a tnon.ph oter so
ii.l.tr.I? ?: i v?linn our wmiern rcp'ililic ha? only
|. ni -d I :? i - . I g j uni? nf blood
" 1 ii Uieii fore ?uh profiand emuiia? that I offer to Tour
I in pallal M.ij ?tv, lo liio ' i'i loci-atad ?iib.I?, lo ali tlio ?MfM
ni thi 11.ni te. 1 n, o'ir lienrtf-it.-iiiiirii.lui.il.ni.? ii pou the Pr-.t
lal.-nl._ll ?>?? i) ' ii ., I .1 itll-rr '.l 1.1,'i, I al lo 11, l? ?l?i,l la in.l'JS SI
presa? a ii Hi? attej.npt, ?nd tliaoklului-a for it?
MeMBM ?rreit ..n,i f.illnr?.
? Ik? Um y of tn ? l.i ii Irom which ?sim] Providence baa
ifTitartiJ yi.ur lii|,a nul JHsJi-ity linnet wiin it Hi? remmo
br.i.ir? of the rulglily ?orrow w li li'a sa? lately lilli ?I eyry loyal
lu ,rt l.i ' ir ?v? h i lud al tho ?ad'li.-ii los? ?if ?.ar L'bitf, our
li i.itn. p.ir Father.
i/o llnuk '.oil tb.it a grief like this WM spared to oar
fi ii a.I ami i.ltn s tin- Ile ??ian p.*.a|-?.?_
" M .y the K.t'i.?i <>( ali nation? and nil riilT? protoet. pro
iong, aad Wo. lb? life which ile has so ?igaallt ai BMI ral.
f r tiw ? r .. ? ftl i eopic lo willoh H lu longa, for the good
t.! n.??k ad, arl the gim? .filis Bay Nene.
??. ?, Ko?. A??i?iajl S'creUry of Naty. '
Titi: .tiiH.?4io.*i 4? i riiK i: ?ii* ? t.-?? of
Mho Bt?rl?? Aid iio.a Ftaar? far Ihr ?raplr* la
la* I.?? i.i ml M?i tallar? ?la a niniii.u M
(Bail Itlraic?.
'1 li? Udtp'ttilaii e Heine -a)?: "The Kulpi?'??- of
klaaltOia .1 ri Porto )>-tier?lB>, .?.-"mpanir?! by ihe Min
f Kiii"i|iii Ana.!ii fill?; I : -i. i-i. ?s ai. I it n iin-niiis suite.
.. i ii jriurti.i* oi Yl.'iiiai. in awiii'i'iu-i'g her d' ulme.
?..allia? itself to Mjlilg lint .a r If J?-?iy l-cliuigr?l will. Bego
tuiiajti in KiiM'?- on !!.?? ji.it? ?it M-iico, ami I? arraoge
tu ... ? internan, ii?! in.llci?. A- ? ill lei si en by our etAtO
?poaBMM from Vt ill ?>, Ha i-il nlijec? of the Journey of th?
Kui pa r?. j, in .-lpliin t.. the ?impel.>r Napoleon tim necesuty
uf but alisii'I iiaini; th .'iijai.- la' wished lo ral.ililish ni Die
el ! ?lui uf lia Atlauilt- ?nil |a.-i ti?|H? also to defind th?
i-oiidact of h.r hu?l.?i.d. M n.aniliau. from the accussttons
which Tony bal. Ise.u duei-lod agoiusl ula by Marshal
li. ?ala..
Ker ? lonr tim. p??t Ita relations he'ween theie two rs'i?..'.
????ta?, lef. rniiuh tu Irr ii. .ired, laiterlv, Ihey hat? mown
?" luMh wurt, thal , um mun ititoiooun? has b-fti-oain ??iicely
rii.alH? II.u???, a!.,,, ia ? rumors wbioh hate buen in cn cain
l:..:i ef the re, nil . f ?I??..r.I AliBunir. ?napettfd nf opposing
iii l'sris tin- lu!'-:,-?'. ,?: l.i? Kiimel.li? rnntaars aad suspicion?
wnleb rr.|.,..? , ..r ?imiiion. At lo lue impossibility ?f the
K Mirror Msiiaiiliaii iiisiutanuog lain,?.'if upon l.i. throne
1 wi.i-n tba asusUDC" of 1'rioce f.iili him. it n InrtkMUd by the
Iel IS? that ?e paul.?h ia anolh.T i uluma, if the K.i.pr..?
I'liarhMle add? li I.--I ? ?i-utniiun-sliona the l*?'lutloa of th?
K.mperor _?-:_.han nut lu prol.in? i.i? ittv m Mi-n.o after
t'a.a ?kparfure of the toa! Kri'iu-U kio???, it w; I noi be ? rain
iQ'-nace, but a-i ?it dic'aled by the Dual elem.'iiUry prudence.
A-.-iu.dinn to the adanssiou uf ?Tea Iba ?lacere jiartutnt of
i ih. Kapire, tb? Ji.arut party, which r-tneieuls st mom? ti.?
iu?l???intI?Do? of the eoi.uiry and in l.oeral teodeocie?, en
i-ui.sjg-il by I be Tutted Slate?, diiplari at tin* m ?:nent a
i lata and a MBI ?Mab proaiii? gieairr NaMMtE at no di?
tint falure, perhaps ere? ? general rlnug in ?II the large
towogof ih? Kiopire iiuniedlatelr arter the depiilnre of the
1 ren?b garntoui Wa b?ii.? ueror doubted that mc?) mun be
Iii? ead of tbli adventure ia (he new wo. Id.
Kru? the eorroipond??,?-! of the Ind?pendance f?ilyt abore
ret-rred to. the following i? ?a ettrtot
' I bsl ?io 1 su. juaiifiad ia listing mat th? minion of th?
Km-ir*?? I? lo oblan, froiu the Emperor Napoleon the ra.n'l
of Msrtha! Hs??iae, and a postieinsmeat of Ih? ?vaca itlon of
t?nico by th? Ireneli troop?. Tu.i |?atp)iiement 1? an ah-o
lite oar.?s:ty. If lb? V..uo "tot ot lae Lrei.eb cannot agree to
io it lU ia over with ha Work in Mei:oo. It i.? mi that after
haviag taoa in Ifranoe aad IVUlum. where ski will b* re
chou with all tbe Mta-em, r??p?.;t and arl'o!; in that l!a Mel
glan peupla i'iryei ieu?_? fur lb? oliu.'i'ig of ln.r brit
?oiersign. Her M?ji?'r will return to Maiioo ia th? motilt ot
(?.-(ober. 1 ii? . _??' ?hat l.-f e? iii?* time ih* will find the
K?ipir. i'u.i? aiT.nbrown, ?t all ateuts uiooh dimlnialied.
Of wtat aval, to ?1 aguli. it r Tb? Liberal party, which bad
deeper root? ttao laop:? thoarbt, hu regelr.ed tvi. it? ?dtast'
?gM. and li aut/lig wits a ngoi ia ilia highett l?gie?j ?lira
lag to Ita ?ai'ioi ?i'
In ?noth-r hitar dated Ifettco. ,(ii'? IT. (he oorrMpoodeot
e' til I-, l-ii-nt ?. ' Sr/gttoyt i t??i?i yo? lu ay last that
I'i?? Blum "I I he hmpreii w11 lo ?xplaii t.i Net?)!? on III.
t 'i? inlsruiil niaiatioii of Meiioo. ?ad the impoaiibility of Iba
priant l?gia? to aiiotain itietf ?.(-util th? ?u|?port of
J-rtou-. Iaatadducw, that If Ii? M?, .?it diai aot ia:
?-??ii io tar bUiiob. If tint i?pt?oi?l ia r.eue.1. tia Kmraror is
detanmlata lo quit Mellon Ils ?ireavlr ??UrUloel tb? ulai
ot icing m at the tin*? ?f M. Halliard's Jtrarner. and wta ?alr
pre-realBd theo by the id? 1 . of hi. tia ?boo? dUposltioa I?
en.rg'in: an I ?.uaoiou-, bat ???? (he 1-. iipi ???? beraell rwoog
niaa Ih? un ???11? of 1 huoelng lietw.ea Um alteraitite or ?le
po?*eMiun by the trlu-nphaat iu.ii? "
%-IT ta'K MF.
Tb?????d? ?I Marrrls al Oil I gailes! gerridc
Bipl??i*s. Ii?s?m.sl Flaaslaf Hrir?l??a
laamea?? Dr.inia ti?? ?I Pra|ierl,.
A fire broke ?i'i! la LieCitrof Ant warp ?n Friday
a-rning. the TJU na: . aad op lo ih? Iiteit adrices in I,?i'i
.1 m wa* ?Uil rsglng ti?m??dou.ly. A London p?"x?r thai de
a rita? lb? conti turan 10
The ntlent of i.top'rlr in building, ami a-rchaodiae at
|.re??nt ' ? ti?iiiu?tl I? roughly osIiii.lsi??l at A.iHi.uOO io A'.ktw.
t?sj. The Sr?, broke ?mt ii ?'.???it . o '?m!, hu I ri.liv nuirniug
ii. Kim? moruhsinl.' BIMI situate in the Pi?.- ? de W'tuwrgo, ?
kiad of s| it?-; frmi'?ig tia <|u.iy. and known at ?lie oodtuht
biM r"is"iib-r?:?.'I')f An've rp. Tia buibliugi ?"rD i-'uely
I .ft. ?rirehnu?'? flltad ?iib Bali ni Ina. of ?ver> llaoriptioa,
?hil? m Ihe bt-K-'iU'"!!'. ?iretohcd oiirimv . viuita b.,>.l wuh
a I bnre!a alf |e-tioleuia oil, and to th? Hitor hist
i.- s
? Tb? lr?t rang? of w?r?ho?ia-a ?tticke.t ??rta ti
?ingtoM ii'ii'i.? Ultu? and by a?oa ta? whol? of Maa
?:i 1 :.i -i.!.
I i.-'i'T 1 ni ... i/i-n ?.r ?' :? nia .'?rsl
lonir 1 ' ?JO ? irr..'. ' Thi I ,?? ti t
, mary ?'roi ? -?aal
rolliagi barr<|ii .lut u? iba buiulmg
, 1 I"?' la? ??pUakoa? iiii.i rtbaatat iury of tt.c
if the whole .lav and
ml foliowin- I ifraian swept m atta tar?
l :-! l'-''r"l ".-li .li' ii Iii- ,'aira in ,, 1'.lum
{myi am an.l Buwe.l dowu into the ranit? uf
rai :? ilr.vr \,ij 1 '.1 to, wl.Di" ll.e ?ar^-r .jiiuiiiity of paBotoaa
wm tajsaiieJ, Bud ?kita ?it ull hIo-jk ?u mu?.li dreaded. The
lire then iucr.-i?n'l : i ii'ir-'iiitBl* t?tii?. I, iU,j explosion? that
loi!?iw*d ebo-rk tj.i ?hoi? city, ?ni biiu^-ht .luwn luuuy Lonas,
?bli? many |"Hip!e are i 'poiiod M bare btaa killml.
"he'vie of Ike eiplirtion? bl'w in ii.? Blebwatk of Ma
??weis, lato ?biijU ti.?- '.'urn.:i? patrol? um .lowed and bl that
t ? i ?i I m v? h m'" a ft?'', a i i ?lue J? Baa'?,
t?i? m u ?i.? Otbtt i're?a ?n th? localitr. The mui?ry trot?
to? ptoc?of Mf?ty. A-i.?."j--li? l.uildiogi that
yttrr ? ''laimOll wur? tbo Hotel it?. Coln. .
ia th" i.real S??a aud Lilli? Sstn aad
t " . ? ? ? l'a- ?3iig:,i?'j
!?,! -uro br.'iigLt Into p!?y ??r? perfeitly laade-nale to ron
t.-.id .._ ? : ?' i*l? air?. I'-'?*"* ?us only one iteam tire.
, ,.i -mt l)e!.uii--).l lo i prual? lum ut Autweni.
Moat ot th? L. ni.m If? oin??;? Lav.." i? ?* laatnaaa ou il?
t?liiaita pro|?rtv,_
Til? Vapt aal th? F.aapetor V .,?|r,n.
Th'- Temps hu V." abllowing extiaordmary ?tory:
!f our luf .ruiatiuu from Bool? ii con eel, the Pope ii ou lb?
i'reaf taking, in aulii-ii>?tU)U ?>* (be t? rm hird br the Cotiron
l m of SepUmber lu, a d?termio?lioa out wanting in orwia
ally and ?blub, if reoii/ed. will oertaiolr protok? long con
triterslM and u.tup'iuatiofiJ of mor? ina? one kind. After
having ani.oiiiari'il Li? lut? ntiou to tb? Catboiio world ia ?
s?k?mn euryiilii-al, ni? HollniM will write, report ?aya, a
Inter to the -mperor >'?|albob. lu which be will uif?r to han.i
oti-r ko hin?, under tb* title cf ? liiailaK, the Slate? uf lia
? hack
this tr.inifur wi.? J coBprtLaad, 1? it (,l.i?.rt?d. tba
prit.oirfi vrl..ft If-.]v :a?arri;i.'.',"t.f*?e''int?nje?f
.j?r:,e?, ?kiel !'? ?-.J? bit im ifu i-tflgjti-iiij an; wkivb
lb* french floiemtiier? it fir-vt diesfirwed. The motive? in?
voked by Fit?? IX. to j uti?, this etep are a?i-l vu be Ihe loUcw
lag Ia preeence of the ?(angers incurred by the temporil
power tke Holy Father cannot abai don the ?nrnitin of Pt
Kier te tbe oovewuenen ?f ?be revointiOB; and the Papacy
not being iteeif alle lo defend the poa?iiia??0M icwid to it by
tht two ronual-n of the CarWrringien dyanty. eaa only placo
them in tbe bondi of the heir of the donor tbe itn.ce.ior of
l'epin-la-Bref the CothoJio Pnaoe oat tJtaUtaea, bn ?nit
< hretun M.leety the SuverugB of France. The donor would
th-?re??me ond?r a provltional Hue, ?nd ?alle waitiag for
d?y? lee* troobUrd by impiety, the ?aardi?n?h.pof the conae^
cr?ted proviac??, aad luit aa the l-ope n the ?plritual vicar of
C'briat. the B-pero? Nurwleoa III. would k?ea*oii*aJ iba temporel
vicar of the I'?pe Jtir readen will readily believe that we
?rir* ih.? new ''??1er ?li ree- rye.
Prom Our Sp*?'*? Coneipcndent.
IIaokh-Baden, A tig. 8. I???*-?.
Jurat at the present stage of continental tifairs, it is diffi?
cult to gather information that shall not be, to a tortain
extent, a repetition of facti already known in our own
oountry Tbe most and best that can be ?lone is to report
in detuil that which m, at ti-st, lorwirde?! by brie'', I??!?'
g-tiplii? MttMMta B-Ctfl iii ? aie of ?omo rflMMRtai Matj,
full ?..?ountiof alfairsof ?pee i al moment teaU Ixi made to
aiTito in Amcricii by Ino fitat steamer that sn ceeded ilio
oiio bearing the news to-wanted by tcloe-ram from Hie
point of action to the place from whence tbe vc?sel ?ailed,
inn! im a diliercni o of three or four dtys, at most, ?ho ild
inti i vein! belweu the arrival ol' ibo now? of-any even!
tal be full partiell u*>.
Hot with an Atlantic cabio in successful opera*ion, mak?
in?? |Mi?sible tbe ? oliiicniion in New-York oi'auy important
evi ut ot'eumng in any partnf KurojMj at the <*li).?o of the
?(?eondday, thetaekofaeorrMpoiidentiimultiplbd byjiibt
Ifet Bantu ol daji betweta tho arriralof the telegram and
bis ? wn communication. Aaapcuplo wo a,o ttt?t tot a
new sensation. During our own war it wa*, not easy to
MM ludo a irsclves that " no new? wart alwaytgood nein."
Tim. the paper tua', bad no?iiiii, in it eould not be as
? -il y torpiv.n o? the one with a long eolumu of stirring
items aad startling Announcements, of which, if one in
lix ha?! any foundation in truth the proportion MOA ___?*?
If ull the news was founded on error one Bight, and con
tindicted Hie neit. leaving uri pre?*i?ely when it lound u?,
wo like?! it better for both. But if wo aro neat mr now
??iiM.tn na, ninl anxious ti? know wbat it going on, ?ve are
????nally ei?;?.'.' to Lave Mnatkiag %- -"K on tor u? to know ;
.ind ?vie u we unvi! lie.ml a t ti ni y, und believed or ditib?
lieved it Hr .t foi leigh!, wo are quite reatta ta pot it aalle
for ?MBet-tag eine, ii the neus bo ol' 'bit cbarucier
which iu ant way affo??t? general iattreeta. ?i
docs i'?i work in the markets and tltewk-M
and pam s mit ol ?(-.'bt, bmied under tbo a... uiuulation? of
tin.' days, oi now ,? ti.ni,:?.* He wiio, al tbo end of that
tuno or Inter, presouts him-eli' with a letter '.hat proposes
to (-iiLirgo naea or | arttaetariM to tell how ibis ovent
happened, what started that or cheeked ?iio'licr, or tnni<*d
a lourih intotbi?, that or the other ebani'd, may ei|?~.:t
about tho interowt ho wo'ihl in ?one who iv-0'nuud the
ground a fortnight after tbo ?ced ?as iowa, 'o ?bow forth
how it 'Brae there, and by what power ii ?1 inced to b?' n
Mel. Very'borougbly ,lo?e ho nul ? aw what he II
talking about who Um? seeks to lusun _<? ,v im t. io -
got*., n by the mau)', **>'d icineiiibere<t by just tbe mind?
.ipul.li? of taking mo tint item, eil,nilat lug nsnlatire iiu
port.tiiet? with its pr??b?>hlo causes aud re?ult?, and who
uf or that, |.*?!mg i*. ?lone, will naturally wiih, if the
di.ii'oi. not ci pressed, thi? ethane would te ted i/o abo
?i??! Nijvcrtbel.??, to ?bo ri!|oieuig at boina ia add, d, 1
am ?ure, ?ho most fervent congratul?t ioi ? of etery
wanderor upon tim tin,') ?ne ees o? the Telegraph??bis
vietory m wtionee over the sea. We seem ii a.ly ho.ne,
with that strong cabio linking shon- lo a iori*, though o ?r
Ire t thought? ceajdeal not thi? ?integer, nor cost ton
?lollara a wo,,I to re->rii tbo home-our mitin, land--too
?trong for Hie i able fet feeM? lee prenons to ?V paid for ia
poid; lytae;tastn tkaa the wind, they come to our own
- al-.I ni no wkilt package; home by no running uewri
bajy; cried out by no loud voice; unread, uiiepoken, un?
acknowledged, n?rhap-, until the night tall" --I the twi?
light giV(!? IciHuio for 'ho" ghi t ?me and ?*i atnifceliag*
toiiil.*r and m it
Fortunately the war is orer, tgg\theMJtteBtIt ?omo
what a tune for ntaBBBtat* there ia little occurring ol au
ateitiag though every day's r'udid ii of au mt-na-ly in?
teresting nature, l'roba-lv at no penod of time, uni?*-??
wc except tbe period ai* battles, have the day? mark'-d
greater eaeeMM in iln* destiny ol' Kuropean nat?o..s than
i hey arc marking ii???*.. 'Ibe annie? arc renting m their
po ition?* tho wretch".! poor of the coiintriea, particularly
i,I' Bohemia un.l Motavi?, are xathering a lutta heart, and
?aving tho nnaaata of the harvest*., which ihe troopa
have tranatarl orn eel rtoettored l here ?re n?> (toiinds
of wit't'ii.- ,ui,lillie to th? ear oi lue world, bal .ti the ho?
tatala,. Iiiii-r.i, un.l tarar, and heat, ire finishing what the
i nattle.? h tv? I???-i n. gai in tin'home? of the fallen tbcic
j tntebt t_i oral er?, Bath ai we kuow too well. There
i ?re theaden of oratory Ia Iht Prussian Chambers. in?teud
; c1 tht t', j ni rn , 'I '(iiuiii m lu lha field, and ti roiig.i l ?io
pma the peoftoapeek theil anxiety and fear and pain;
lha outward aign? of war are removed, but for Europe
Mtoae an momentous I us. Tho paper? ?re lull el rumor?.
that ebaam qaite aaettoa a* do** ?he face of the cloudy
political ray; now aad then gleams of MB-hiae, hopetuf
ii ?, a-iil .n line*, race, iu the turn affair? arc tat-Bf. nut
threagh u wlaau or two ot ?onie QeiBiaa jonrna!, but
OHM Ml "it *!icr l.ttle stormy gusts of luipatieiice. orsliad
owa of dread, and anxiety, and fear tor the futur?,
au ! plentiful thowtM of teartul regret, on the
part of the subj'i.-nted, a*i I ?k?asioaruly ? little
vt^tje, milly. iiir?aterilng li'.m ba'yond 'the Khine,
a ? 1 'Uti BO bigger than a man'? bund. It Mtr be tua' it i?
iu reality Ihe ?low uplifting of that hand, that harina M
long heb! a *c,*pter over huropeau affairs cannot quietly
it"|un'*)ce to it? p.tstutg away, or drop idle _r,d eiupty.
now that ?li? wa-1. over. If it? Liiirers ?lo?ed arnuuil'?
fMrlaat or two it aaall bt easier, but there is reasou to
rtf tb .t, iipliiteJ. it? ?hadow may blackau late a itorm,
li ti'.?, thii nuy ve hart yet known. True il m that Ka
Upl'VOIl ha? wate'aod With j,-al,o 1 eye 1 i? i.i,; I., ' ??<;' \
Le mad.* of the power gained by l'rusiian ann? a?, loag
a? t',c latter C'H.ulr;-a ?iereJ lo b'?r original prog.*.miua
all w is i oc? i ted in ailonce, or without audible rein a
?trance; 1. t wbnii m ?1:1k i!.jQ f?lIowj*4 modification ali
of sueh nature a? ?hoi.Id be (or Pni??ia'i intereit aloue,
aad ihe enlargi?d ber proposed boundaries at every men?
tion, till ?h? had iaeloaad millions ot people aad ?!iou??nd?
of miles of territory moro than by her original fleotarat.oni,
aad then the di.pliM?) r? of Imp rml fe r t-i- ? bogan ft? bo
t..m i,,-'. yat r'i"iu.?t ?,.?, M-,,?ii marvelous policy
and Nolf.coi.tr ?I a? ?????? ui that it? full
maaifeit.ttiou will be a thing not to be le<y?,?!
(If coutte nerher ferance aor any other etar.tlT
eau litpata the right of l*rutn-, ?ceo. (mg
to the law* of w??, to ?btorb, if abe oiioosee. evorv ? ? (f j
t.nilli little o iuat'1 ??? that hit? actually been in ?rni.i ? , .,-iit |
bar, however ?light their opiMssition may hare ha? low
magnauimoi.! ehe wil! be. rennuu? le be ??en th agu aha
olroi.lv talks of the incxpedieucy and inconreu^in > of
maintaining relit.on. with the.? .State? other than Buch al
sha eould make herself; and, indaod, it it a question that
appears to evory candid thinker, much a? wa dislike t?i*
i? ..?rent iniiattti e af Hie thing, whother it will not be ??
well for thom to fet incorporated m Prussia ftrtt u Int.
mace it must laeritahl/ ?otee to that. Notwitli?tandin*{
the foitrfnl looking toward Krauee, the rumort of me.ien*
gersat the ITuisiau Court, and the undertone of Kngland'i
grumble, heard from over the Channel?we are pretty well
??.uri'd Irnui evory itep takon i '.nit. t.tr. in the work ot re
construction, that in any final aiTangement for a perma?
nent p?*-?<>?, whethor be? ween Pru.aia and Amtria, orl-ttit
na and ?ho min ?r pewtrt, ?'i"!? ingiwed in the late war
will alone bo consalttd. The abnve-rneutioued nation!
could have notbin. to sty, uulesi it were in s (,',.ugr.?u I ?r
ih? ?.?t'liiiu'iit of Iii ropeao affairs geuerally, ami lue h a
I oafTtM m n.?' likely te (.? rareaa il pr.-seut.
Prara l'iaakfu t-ffn-the-alaln, tome mci l?nt?orwhoie
ition I hop,- to g-.v i yo . .* .-r t i . ' i lal..?!
newe it the! the I'r ?.nan. hire redeotd iht tmoaal de
i" m ! "1 "t !'" city te ,'.i,i)00,')(?'i Utilera, of whick ih??
vi (- -.,' i. i p rt tht ?J.'ril'i.illHi ulr.ueU ,1,(1,1. i
' [i y - I upon the citittai kan feite alitalia a ii
? tomethiaa of it?
formet lughthi .lews ?iii hnd their
:.? t i loag da?en their lae! thn>r*
tin!! come again. But ii li ta! therrrtrwealthyoe !
wh un l dnfl lath rily, and the j
? ?.r .,'1 Bargomi
('?Olli III? n ipOBI b;.l!v , 'i ,'? Lot V . the r.lddutt j
I ?tt! t'i"'ii Vie:.'ia up lo thi.? data ate to the I la t
i Pi letaa tra*/n atowly araaaatiaa Lawn Aim
?ra. T-cymaree itetplIn taanof Beena!ty,and the
rail- I'-s ire ?it r the tnotportation of begg \
triiln- rreeiuciit to pty Pruitia i),!j<JO,il
il il - the Ki., and Count rea Bismark arr *
It. rl. ? ' .1 li i? '*.|'i'(ied that the n-g itia'ion?
With Bo ' ..nully arm . /;_,.
tratkofi ona* hu! It, m it erer don, iti hundredi of
dwtllingide late, it* heaps of iii iii Hi hnapHtla ffefl M
WMB-aa.il! vvnina? and orph.ii'S But
, i the-" we b< ar little, a_,l see uothiug and I
it thing!, ia Bl* light who Liunr? realitt from
- thi natloi ? t ike little ha
With Auatlta all n-niniui m !i.?fni?. ?f.,!.?.'. B-t i. not
to be iltprited of tcr.-itory aenle from the cettion ot
V'?U''i i, vt-liich i? made ?rnlioit! CflndiHoDI.
l!,cr,- is Qothteg t-_-?nirlng beyond what 1: is been
giT io v itw. Inder the
r Prance Europebiotm oi toward i ?ettie
uictit of hei polltieal .naalioti, gaMel bj tba bead of
l'ris- i to aa ead, that aeVcae fen karn ?ii H pr-'V? ad*
rantagaoiM to the l???t inte're?t.i ot ihe iu;il;ou? of her
people, wlio h.ivti t'.'lt the disaster? of the ?m
It the mall for Europe, ii the o.stahlnhment of two or
three power?, each so great a* to fear no other and each '
willing?if ?ucht thing could be-to devote itself to inter- '
nal Improvement, to the development of the natural re
sonne?, to the e?avatton aud education o? the liiaeaea.
then wonld this prove indeed s glorious ?bange.
For the present we wait bopt-g inn? b. fearing too. ret
C'hi', M thai, the tm^d thal gutltttb the i allon? mirth
itill m t' ? .
I .1 ,j '?l,IllL ?.'. !ll?l-II't OBI lUfl Wittl | j
rrem Our Special CorreapondeLt
Lurary r, Atgmtt li, lita.
The Italian? harp dea iilt-ly bud luck. Lae* Tiataay
thar? blew ? violent gai* at Ancona; the powerful uwwitor
AfTnD'latoro was woond o itside tb? harbor; lb??? lai-ir
I rough, tbo ?Lip ituanied back into the harbor, bat by bo???
I miitaio the pent h oles remained or were blowa ?lim ?ad
j the noble?-hip of tho !? 'lin lJ?et went drw_. 0M Baa
in ten fathom? water, and will b? ?von raiMd. Bull tba.
mishap proves nguiu that there i? -omet.?og rattea ta ta?
Aa to the negotiation?, thing? weat hkew.*c cot m
smoothly ua ?ras exported. ]'nis?ia, in the Nikoi?_rurg
preliminar!."?, 'ii'l not li"?)?? to practi? c for lui y m ur? tkaa
1 ?hu ?rai itrietlr bound to <1o by the origin?! neal)? oi
Alliance, she insiste- .shortly upon the cession of tba
I/imbiirdo-Vi-ncuau Kingdom, and did ker best ta et
i rango her owu iiitereati iu the clear-st way p?bbW?'
I Italy did not at once accept the prrlimrMriea of peac?,
since ?be insisted principale upon good boundariia?ia
I the north, tho Alp" ol' the TrnleiitiM country; io t-taat,
tho river Imago?bat kngtria rcfn?cd luch an interpret*
tion of the Prussian preliminar???, und, trend from t_e i-i_
? minent diui'iiToi theo?*c '.pution? ?"Vienna, ?heb? gun to?M?
! ron trato her army on the Italian hounduriM and at Trent?;
! and, when at last Victor Emanuel waa willing lo ?.gut
tbaarmistice on the b.vi? '? uti poa?ideti?," ?hieb would
li, iv- lett him in ii-?-i-?-!?.ii of tun?: t'oiirih? of the Tri?l?u
tine rountry un? ii tlio .jin ??i"-i of tie boimdarie? wooVd b??
settled by tr?*3ty. Kran.'i? Joseph tnrned ronnd aal in
risti'il nunn tUo'eraci uti?.n of every portion of Italy imtB
i!i.:lii'led la tia fiirn-te?! in*, rp-eiaiion of tho word laOm
i bardo-Vi-nctiiin kininloiii?-tiiat i* to toy, exciiitiii.gail tita
! Duchy of Kiiiih between the 'iugliamento aud Ikoioo ae
i tually ?xt-cupicd and governed by the Italian?. Ile knew
1 thai 'boih Mi -nd Fri-nce object to luch an intcrpreU
. lion, hut it w,i? a now humiliation which Ain-tri?
would not s|Mire to Iinlv, ia order to let tar
j f.:? 1 that ?ho wa? defeated st Custoi/a and at
j Liku, and owe? ali ?in; got? not to h?*r own
| forces, bat to the ?u?xee*.s of l'.r.??.v Kicaroli rel??ed to
submit t? st.eh i undi?ion?, but both Prussia ao?l Fianc?
strongly recommend, d the a**ccpt?t-oa of those terna. Ac
eordinglr.tialdini, Medi?i :u:d (l.inbaldt ?rot the order im
mediau-.v to give up tiio i?in?ju?-ioddisputed territory, and
Con. Menai.an arrived yet-te-day eroDing here to get bit
| instructions and to depart lor l'mgue, where the treaty oi
I peace is to be n?-:*otialid, on regard? Itidy, through Bapo
! koa'? mediation, ?Ino? Austria ?till refuao? to lecogniiw
. itrr Baumu.-l al Kim: of I'-ly.
(len. Mouiibr???? i? n most emin nt -??enlifie f-eritkn?B,
who in former times wa? Professorof Muthern .tic? al tb?
I ni vernir-, ol' lu, m, and i? reported to M endowed with
j couaid???bl? Ul ,'t for diplomacy, ids instruct "ou* a re to
?;m)d im h boundi ne? Alto i_:k.' ulaitng j c???:o poa?
j ?iblo ln'ttrevn Italy an i A '?tria, and therefore to clajin tbe
I districts l>.'t"*..n tit pi-?'?"!.?. poBttatI bonuda'y and tb?
I?onzo, Ti7.: ??:nl.? a, Oirinoi? and Cmignano, an d in
j thu nor! li oiihe li ardsKiri .ni?! the lridon tine ?soon try. Boali
' tnanangeineut v ?i .11 fancier i,'.iaiBntoo peace a??l ?Mily
1 i>?'vi-e"a Italy and Aus'ria, iinco it would umte .ill t! ??
, strictly Italian popnlafloa under Yie'or Kmantit'. ? rai>,
, an 1 lea-re no further boundary i.tieston? without
j an equitable solution. The populatiou "I tue ?.et/ieti
I amount? to abont io.(Kg) ink?ittnti; thosoof th? county
> to 1W,(W0. litanies, bo'.h t?io?~ disputed tcrritoric? do ant
' bolon. tu the "Id hun-'lii.tii p..-??-r..-ions of lb? HouMot
1 Haptbtifg. 'iri-nto wa-au init.']K.'U'lo?i ioverei.ni Bwhoi?
? ric down t?. 1803, 'then it "*?.i? occupied bj Austria wji_
out any pretext of right, onl) fo bo ? ? dc?l in IHttt? lo Bava?
ria, which in lr*Y7 tranifcrnd it t?> Napoleon'- kingilom of
, Italy. Th*> tre?itie? of IHla torc it bmr-b to Austria, wit_
I out' including tbe county, into the |l??rm?n Cou
I federation, it Mais only iii l-l Hi ?hat J_mper. r Fiaaca
j I. of Austria annexed it ta tho province of Tyrol,
' under the name of Ita', -ii Tyro!, and had it ,i? luilcd
ia tbo Herman Confe .er-tion. Still It remaiM a
qiiMtion whetiior ?_ei>. Monabi???* will b? able to
I sti?-?7?!H.'d, ?ino? Auatria wanU to ?how h? r pow?r b/ baiy
' ing Haly, after herselt having b*)eu bullied by ProMi?. I
I Hi'-'.n ii? .?ul Napoleon ar?- r- ady ?o lend thor mofati ?ob
port to Itally, ?he m..y st'tL'??'d; but tho Preacri
i Kmpcror tai.not do snythintrfor his fi_ada ?iib. ut _-ii?$
] paid, ?nd he, too. (Ifliinsare?titieHtion of lus bou. ?lariMOu
j thoLitrurnneoMt: Ihetonnsof San Ba?o, Veri nui'oaaB'l
Porto .Ma.iri'io, all of thom inhabite 1 by ?iipuoildi-is a_?l
. bardy maiiners, lying in amil eiose vicinity to 14.ie Ulta
, he bi-lieves he ought to have them for hi? good oltcti.
I I.irHioli. hon-evcr, pnbli.-ly <leclu?ed that ?J long.?? ho lit'?
he will n >t allow that any ?och part of Italian territory
, should be rent from the co?intry. ?
EJt ?lo not know at yet what France ii to pet oa th?
| north-west bouadary; of couni? no flernuin lerntory to
i any extent, but it seems that the fate of Luxeu.!?iurg ?.?I
j B?'!g'.um is seiiled. On bia r"t.irn from the wau ring pla?*?
Vichy, Nap-leou ?aid to nome of the coo ? -, w!.<r
' lamented that ?ren daring the hot season ho ??or.tiruitwl to
i work hard: " Well, I have wor_e-i hard tor this la?t fort
' i.-ghi, but von will soon eve that it was worth whil? tu?
j doit."
Tho Pr.s-iaP. Chambers are re?idy to maii- their pt-ac?
i with their -ictorions King and to graut Bismark a -ill of
I m (?-?unity. That cunning Minixter wa? therefore right in
1-bil whoii he eau! in the Chamber?, " within two yeam I
! ?'?iii bo the most popular u OB among yon." Suce?**?
: bat. nuda bim popular, but that warship of ?ucajaM?, inau
' la'iirslod by Nnpoteo!. and firmly established by Bismark,
i cn not ful to demornHae Kuropeon society, ubi elk
' ?..eiiis to loee the ?euse fur light and wrong and look?
j ?olcly taaatftk ,,
?ps-ilal l>U?Bch t. Tb. M. V. T*T.??..n?
?HlcA-io. ktordar. Au?. 33, IMA
A dispatch dated Galrastou, the Mib, Mya that hwiiI
moMoogera who bud been ?ent by Juarez from Meneo to
the Indi.??! in Elstern Texas, to io *uce them to ?atar tba
Li i. ?rsl ?nay M sharpshooter?, -t?aaed through Brownt-riil?
).ia!'?ririr The Mexican array ia recruiting ftat. Th?
r.?bbers who atati-aeted $M,()00'from the Vera Cnia Caa
t -ni Mons- were captured and immediately executed, with?
out tria, l?y M?rtmilian? order?. A French cultor, on
Monday, wa? blows up by * Mbmarged toraodo, aal all
ou tuard laruheii, either ni the expliaion or by drowning.
The au?aor on board was ??
i?n-i?)iAL aaroBTOr thb captcrb ob tampico.
\V*sHi.NOT?.N. Aug. -6, IBM.
Mr. Boaero, the Maxiean Minuter, has i-eaTtuved di*.
patchM from Vera Cruz, dstod on the 13th iusunt* oon
tvi.ing infos-matioB that en the '.?tb ?f thu monta tho
Friamdi .garriMn of Tampico arrived at Vera Cnu. having
i surrendered to tbe Mexicana under conditiona m liberal M
thone graated br them to ?he garriaiu at Maiomoro? lata
Kan Fkancis-co. S?t ur dar. Angus t Sit JIM
Tu.? Meucaa Imperial Consul ? official diip'ttch from
I!roi, Eonora, datM Augua 6, ?tatra that Moralra, after
hi* defeat at Uermosillo, wa? pursued by the Imrarialtot?
un Jer i?oti.lara and overtaken at a plac? called PatigiU..
A ?over? eugagoment ensued, resulting in the rrwrjltrta
rout of th? Liberal?, who too? refuge within the lain
can line?, leiariag 30 dead, LV) priionori, all their btgeaga
aud amffluaition in the hands of the ImperialUt* l-es
pii'?ra waa being vig?roui!y punued. The American _li
buita-n under Vega left La Pax Angnat 5 to rceaforco
Ih? 'Ivi" tt.?d Juariatj, ? ho received in exchange far ],*a00
?iel ?ii ?nil??to the means of pro???cutiug hodilue?. AU
wa? i|iii.?i in Mnaloa. The story of Lozaaa'i ?lvfectioa a
prououuco.1 fi!"'.'.
doectei Oapttcb (? the N Y. Tribune.
OTTAWA, ?"alii-day, Aug. .?5, lBlwJ.
i'lii- j,it -i )f the Oaavi-rnmi-ut dtlanturei thui far do aot
st all coa? to tho expectation? of ttuae in authority there.
.re yielded only about $-')?J,?W0. In <onsaxrueueo
of tim the-overniiiei t has made arraugeineiita to imuo
Ppiviuuial note? a* soon as the time for the sale of th?
debaatorat ?ball expire?that is on iii? '-?Oth of tSeptember
Hie weather in the ?Jtt?iia N a.Icy is aot Uvorabl? for tb?
AN i'II'"rtTlVi D1CISIO-4 BET1.118E1J-- IMPORT AT!?? 4 F
San Fii^*i ISC?. Satiirday Ant* ? let*.
iii?' ?t?:at_er Oruaba, fr< m Portland, Ore-roii, bring?
?J .s-4.:njii ia tni?ure.
II? - Brit iah Mn'"sfy s ?hin Alort, aud the Kren-h war
?hi?? Victoba, l.il:?t_ii:i, Kbiu and Lucifer wem in tho
port of (iii.ii m?s Augii?t 13.
lu tho tata of the ('tillad state.? agt. 3sjV) I??koto of
i-liampairne, of whii'li I.? ? ' i A M"T**ii***t ~-*rt "ItiBarjIr,
?lude Fi'-l !?>( t' "I'niirM SMti-sCiic'iit Court bas rera-rsol
t' ? derision of the Dafne? Cmirt. en the ground that th?
difference bettrea-n the invoice and selling price? ?ia im?
proper CTideiic t" go bol?n-a ju.y. lue case wai re?
manded and a new trial ordered
A Honolulu letter of Aug. i ssv? the mr-rdi-rer of Mr.
R. Dadvit li?d toen .ap?nnd Bal ...nfeascd the iniii*dtr.
iii." ?iiip Liupre?-Luir? nie arrived Irom Manilla bn?ra
i'.litro bag? of ?ugau sad l.Usi bug? of cuifct
, ?M ?2!Lt.V[{lt ,?_,be *,s ***''?- -w"- Hong lvSiig
I.nug? I0,(X?0 bog? of rice.
Mining ?hare? ?re again declining, .?tor?*?, 11,14.",
Crown Point, f'50: Yellow ?laiket. iTlO; ?OflTlr E.I.'
Chollar, $i;?: tmp.rc Milli, |II0.
Legnl-teuderi unehau ???!
-?Uaatraa? Fire al Eiaill*HB. ?
' ?"-i'? ?T, Aug.?, .tax.
T!ie ?-Tten?ve n*.vl)lne -vi-rki? of IL nul F P'....,;*..
' ?e t- ??re t>?nr(-V?a bj ?ii? Bat r-.M .,.,
? ...?

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