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WAMnaeroa, Auguitot, l8***'.
For the last ten day? there Las boen ft large number
jgfl'bilrelelp-u politic.**--- fee ra arranging who ileiU be to
micvol fray wmtoi M Bel h city, and also luggeitir.g who itali
S : ?-.ces made recant. It ii mid that the
Catat * i* well average, and the appointaient? will be annoo a? ed
Mieforc Mt rresidciit ?tarli on bil tour J. K I'.-in.fin bit
MHB ti.'* iViefoi tbe Pl.i'ndelphi? di leo m um, and lia? been
Work: t>i; bard for the Poatinaatrrsbip. There is trouble, how
Claver in lb? Philadelphia appointment?, nsw? having reaobed
?ho I'teiiilcnt that, io far, no prorlilon? for bli reoeption bare
k, ?en made by iti Mayor or city council. conn<.uontly the
B'hll.di IpLiani who bare been here Ich tor Loini very mddenly
Jy ?t'.'i.lav to try and Lire thing* fixed so as to give tbi Preu
Idiint a good reception.
I A huity aiie??ti.i nt of the ni it iel of ail the eraploj (Sa io the
Iii ivy Yard, Ainnnl. C'lttom House, Pott Office, and other
, F?deral oflicr?. tv ill Ive made, and ?onie kind of a -.eeeptton fir.ed.
Iii ooniLcr of i ilwei will depend on the kind of reception tho
I'rctiM'Dt rece.vci at the hand? of the people of tha City of
Broth ?iI) Lore.
TI c mci tit order of the Secretary of the Treasury to
It e Second Auditor directing the tntpeniioti of the payment
of bouutle? to colored aoldieri it to operate only until ruloe an
Wepar d liv the CommUaion of the War Department kt tfet
f|t*y_i"!!t of tbest and al. other bountio?, one of the object? be
; Log to protect al! inch Government claimant?. The Treasury
^lepai tiiieU has not boen aUrited that the rules bare been pre
?Sonu? of the leading papers treat the call for the
Oonreiitioii at Cleveland on the 17th of September a? though
It waa tdlltanl oi.ly M Iba arrny. Thi? lia mist-ike. The
aa'l. though originating with anny officer?, invite? to a Sol
Biara'niul Sailor*'t'onvcut Kia til who have ?civ ed either in
the ert-.y or navy of the Union dnnng the late Kobe'.lion and
Who are favorable to the reconstruction policy of the President
?ni ti i? principle? announced by the Philadelphia Convention.
BBfOBlB ?',' B-BNBATMBB 0? moil OVfM-ldL
Eui nora of Bil retaij f*'t anton't immediate resigna?
tion er* again m circulation. Some assert positively that
Oin. hfeBfeBana will ?oon take obarge of the War Ollico. Mr.
Blunt . i ? at witt the Piaaident and Gen. Grant on Saturday.
It ia al?., tail that (Jin. 1* .Horton and not Gen. Tillion will
ancCH'J Ocn. Howird. Fullerton aspired to Judgo-Advocate
BollVs (due, but lui friend? advine lum to etuJv a little more
of ih ,.?c law book? before be ?pplie* for Judge Holt ? pu-iiton.
In tho lucan time he may take Gen. Howard? desk. It ii
Bteted apta what in regarded at trustworthy tntherily that thi
fijn I.*wu( I?p^uine, Collector of Internal Keren.'' for the
glietiic? of Ci'lunibu, in obedience to initruction? totha? effect
to about makirih* a final report to the Internal Revenue) Purean,
J?re|.*r.ttory t.. vc.i.tiug hi? cflioe togive place to a ?,ipi?,i!ar
?of thi bow lebaata puny.
Au order will be iatoed soon mustering out of the
teryice ?1 rotnatorr stuff" officer?.
lSntviithstaiii'iiig the President's recent proclama
tion of peace, the guard of Mi?tM that hu boen ?tal.oncd
artaud Mr. .?*,, ret rrj lawn ft reaidenc? ?ino? tbe m?a.?s!nu
felon of the l'rtrru.eii-, hat no! yet btven remorod.
S -retary M ?'ull'ich will be ready in a few dayl
to give M thi gal In' ? st tcrneiit of the public debt.
Tie amoun' of mutilated currency redeemed at?the
TrcaKtiry In HM week ending Aug. 25 l?OS. rggef-I?II IB
The MaWtBg ihow? the amount of fractional currency re
wal veil at the Treaiuxy Depurtment for the week ending Aug.
Ai. 18*VS
In ten cent notei.$ M.fXO
In l??-?ntvt,vi- c.-i.t not* ?. '.'.?
In fifty tent notci. lo-,
Total amount.fe-Jl,OJ*J
The filio? mg ita Matante! of the luretic? held by the
Treas'.r-r of tbe Uailad titaic? ia truit for National Packt for
til? wcok onding Anf 2?.
i nd? held. BM-.'MI.IOO
l i.,!cd Slate* luieties. 3*Ml,i"t)
Total laretiei held.I-?ue. **W. WO
Fell ?wing i? statement of tho nmouu'sof fund? in
Abe oith viu.it "f tie Cnited Stitts Treasury np to Augutt 25
IaF. S L?g?! ieno>r note?. f?.l7?o?t)
Ia National liaiik ii..???..... ...
In fractional ciirrencv. li
Aactiit ia enid. 3.1' J
*?.?r.. HUM)
Te 3 aid 1 cent pice??. i
T dal amour t.aiiVJ-.
Thii an at! is miau ti? R-iervcd Kund, which itclndei
fehl toinporary loan and iurplu?U. S. notes.
The aiiioi.r.t of currency istued to t..e l'imcd
State- bat ti for tie weck er .in it Ang. 2'. is |G:T.3il'. T..?
total ai?i Uti iiitiiil up to daft li fe'-.'.l*
MBflPAl BSVBBBI bkce?-t??.
The inteniul MMfeMM n eip'.s to-day (Saturdny)
arnon ni rd lol The total amount received for tue
wee?, on Jin.' A ni;. S5 ?m (7 bit
FLA?'T?o*.AL ci ?u:l.*?( I DHIBIBCIBB.
The foi:'-?un*: is _ gtatea>entof the ahipmeBti of
fraotioij ??! ? ? r -i . ... ra.uia'' bj t., Treaiury lor the wiek ending
Align?! as? lc'^
T) the A*?i?t.nt I-e,i<nr?r at New.York? ?'?",
} j the A tatsta-t In ?.??:?? at Boaton. li '?.'??O
Te the AMittaat Trtrraaanr at M Laalt .'j.
?Jo Unite 1 S ?Ki I? jsasit >ry at BufT.d.,. N V '?'?') '??l
TuUiii;.'. .: >ra?t Uttito'iiirc. JVJJ. 1"
Bain MuiiBil Baatri. -
i antoun of shipment?.I?^:,i"u0
TRtAsiRT MaatiBBsU-am.
T'.i? ' ' Hie Tre_.?ury for tie
War l)epiirt_.ei!t. f
Iat'trior. 4"? toa
_, ,, . 4'ia.iUl
TI. I I 1?.-.i .on Of the Tr? ,t--.iry Depart'
meat 1? doing a larg* buiints? in detecting and branding
OOaaterfe.it c ::?riy. Lut wtrk, co leis then IJ'-O m ipur.
oui circnlatioti. that hed been pre??nted wiib tbe (?tnaine in
aiohunK? for ne?* ii????, were ?ppropri?tely BLd indelibly
brand- .1 with tie nord '*ootn.teilelt." Many i-f '.lo ?> ? notci
had ti ( M udmlrsi !y e-ecn'ed. ?r.d weit weil cukul.'ed to de
oeire b1, bal cov.pe'fti juiiyei.
The Ccmni:.?ei.>.-ier of Patents is BM-lag arfante
menta for tLe it?t e of |itlitll IM-IWlllllg MBftMafeJL ?ni li
Which I ?ve i*H-a aw arded to prooiibent inventor? in the Kilt.
ern and \V..-?t*ni S fette On the ?tb tf next mot-th '.*? ??tent?
?Will b granted. Tfet bu?it.e?i of thi! ofllw ii conitantly ia
cr?M*i: f, tree to ?.. cb an ix'ent ii to require more accommo
aation? and a Un tri "lerical force.
The rilOMJniiillM of Agriculture gives notice thtt
k1 M t. "V pr. pared to dlitnbute to agrletiltnralitta ipniment
Of Btgoii ,r Mad.lrrranean ?Lite wboat. which will I* put np
?B eaatt package?, ?nd deli.end free up?u receipt of ?iplitV
By the **'.!. -"i .on of the Ui mostead Act ol''?'??-'. par
Mn wto Lui? !-???-? entry under that law on the inlitlia of
Bra yaara coBtlnnoo? lettlement and cBltiration. have th?
right at any lima oefure the expiration of that period, to make
gr?x*f of ?ueh nttJa?ent np u? a given d?y, and than p?> for
ga? tract at B> 25 p*r ante, ana -t once get a titi?. 1Vh?r? a
gSotaeitead ?eller ha* en tared a tract containiag mora tbaa ltd
BKrea be ia reoulred to pay for the excen in ca?b, and when be
flea!re? to change hi* lIome?t?*d to a cash purchase, ha u
_trtdlt*d with tho amount of inch excesi. and only r<
roar for K30 acrn. Where a party enten auder the Uomeitr-t),
and abandoaed the trac?, ha forfait! all olali-i to the feet.
iMOBttMiaM. Ac. which at tbe time of entry wen (aid at tba
looa! office for the itrvicet rendered by tbe Reriitrr and Ke
calm io regard io inch eatry.
Tho Interior I>**partnic*nt it in receipt ol'highly flat?
tering report? from m*Oot of the Agcnf* of the Gentr?! Lind
Atttoo ia tilt Wnirrii Starr* tnd tbe leir.torit* in regard to
tbegrett demand for pu? lo lundi under tht Home*tcad act
?ad by cash wttlemeita They rrprc*ent the ii.tlux of immi.
grenti tr.i* tenon to Le lii.ciuilly Urge.
Tlio Payir,t?te ?Oeaeral Iteaed le :.iv n? ?rcular to
theol I-f i?*y?u-?!.-i?. aiitiouBcing that the Mefe-BaaBtB ''t UM
iB'midcnt dated A iy WA ''"?? not in any uny ufloei Ve pi,y .,)
Crffivjer* pul eiiiiai irray,
i ? t)-i. .' : .. r. s. a.,
and Otana! 1
?>?!? , ii it the II
THE PENDlk? euroa
General Butler cn the Condition of the
His only Hope of Peace is to Sustain
His Opinion of the . hiMelphia Convention
and the New-Orleans Massacre.
The Names of the Brave Soldier? who Endure the
PitUbunh Convention.
IJo-TOi?. An.. 26. li*V,.
At ? political meeting at Oloucestet la?t evening, Gen.
Hutlcrwa?ou? at Ihttftalan. ft? HtrahTi dltfatab
88 Vi?:
(?'?u. Butler, on being laiiodaotd. ttil that the issues
noir before the country were the ?ame substantiallr on
those of 18G0, and in Ung eoun-jctnn he proce-ded to trace
Ihe causoi which led to tho Rebellion, and the part takeu
bj the Southern State? m their attempt to overthrow th.?
(ii.verii!meut, l?o contended t'ai by their lahMllHB tbty
had forfeited their proper!.**, thoir right?, and their live?, if
Rebel? wore hanged, whit ii, unfortunately, he said, they
were not. Pawing on, h? ?poko of the failure of the
Southern representative? M secure their scat? iu Congress,
and ?aid that if any portion of the nu.them Stat?-? I.ml
sont a loyal mau to Coin-rest, it wa? only to got him ad
uiittid, and when they had .secured a rvpresculatiou, they
would ?end disloyal nu n. Referring to the Philadelphia
Convention, ho ?.ml it was composed of a set of men who
proposed to settle a war which they dil not fijrht, but
Vakich tha?y oppo-te.1 M all BtBBtMt ways, and
it is tho intention of ?oyal people to know by what
ng'.it they arrogate to themselves that privilege. It i? tho
men who did tho fight ihg. be laid, wa ? sr? to .lo the set
tlin-t. (len. Biitlor eliaraeteri-ed tint body a? the mint
MBB??Mothal over BBk?ibM, an.! Hld that tho delo
gates from neither locttou ..I tho country represented their
coustitucnU. Ho then rif-rr? 1 to the Now Orlcanu not,
eud.rc.ad a portion of tho e..rresponde_.ee relating t?> it,
ead ?aid the whole tenor ?.' I*ri>?id?"iit Johnson'?disp.tich??
to (?cn. Shendiin waa t<> *0OM oror the homblo afluir. If
thisstato of thiUai? cann >! bt alter? I, the General contin?
ued, we will march one- ti:"re, and woe to bun who op
pose? us! In considering the Constitutional Anxnd
meuts roceutly adopt? d by OoOfrttt, be said ho was n?d iu
favor of the ono relati? < to negro loftaft. but accepted
I it as tho best ho coul'l ?.e! Ho was in favor of full and
| impartial su?rtu,.-, und he w>. :!'. try ,y every mean? in hi?
jKjwor, in whatever ??o?iti?>n ho mmht !>?' plae^d, lo set-uro
ii. In concluding hi? ?,?? ?oh 'ho OtetrtJ ?aid, that BaltM
tho pe'iplo of the North .core li;:,, la Bphol Hag their Con?
gress tiny will have their work < f the 1 ist four year? to do
over again.
Tho General wa? frequei tly ipp?.iui?i-'. dnring his ?peach,
and at the clono was honored with three cheer?.
Kpaiclal -la-MHli B la? M *. ?'?.
Tho Copperheads h? LI a publie mttetiog l?M Bight to
ratify the plattea of the rhila-lelphia Convention. A
gl?al -Ml -faite had been inadeab?>ut what ti.o BBM?M
wat?I be. and ?omilhitg irraiiil wa? eiwetH. About
?1,'JOO po?.|)lo wir?. [ r. -'t.l ai tht plie?-of ni.-etmg. Ono
tlurd ciiii.sist.sl el hu? Bad vaflBta, vi ho went to bau tho
MaMaaad BBB th? Bltwmkl uno tier th-.nl was !u?de up
i.i di?iiit'-p'sied npett.it.ts, a:.d th? remainder, Washing?
ton Copperhead? ?uni I'?:,. \a,
Co!. O'Hcirno, a g?9od fa?'low, bul always in lind um
?.my, opaaai the m.-ctini* i r nomina Dg tot araaidtal i f
ilia- lneeiing an old fa?alii*? i poiitiewa ol tb? vYasliiiiirtou
lia bel siri|?o uaiiii-d t'? ndi!.. You > an In n-.r.e hi.? cuitar
when, in thecoursoof hiaremark?. !:?? ?;?? lie of the ii
black l.ad.e.ils of the ;r ?;.? XXXLXtli Congr????. Ho
?poke for au hour, even fii ? minute? tolling th?' imp-iti-nt
crowd he did BO! ii .ti?lid .?:.. ..:..: 1! eui. The next
speaker vu <ieu. Ilur!.,i Vieri o? Ohio. Ibu gem rd
von a delegato to th" Phil i I. ); hil CoDTontion, and ?ineo
ile adjournment La.? b'je:. ?I :i'urd'? Hotel
and the \\ Into Hou.se, tug : ?ula aud un au.: tug
subsequent appo:ntinen'?.
Aa?i g tho publie otli, a r? In Ohio b if n? 1 ? 1-ft tii-r*?- fr
tb? I'lnialrlpiala Co:.vert...:, b? ' if lim Con?
vention put V'-JUodighatn out ho would leavt also. Ho
thought \ al ... much entiii-il to a seat as ho
hiu.?elf, but wh? i. he .'.at Io PI i'.t !-Ipi la a::d fell int.. tho
??dre??e.s ..I Motitir ' D laU, and th?y wbbv
p?-r.>.i iut<) hi-? I internai larmot eoUed
oitbipt for j "i i .?.-It' >?.' ! ti. :<!- !.?? la-i.".! aroun.l and
hMpM kick Val?t?igliam out Ward !? toba thi Cop.
poilen'l caiiilidat''f'.r CongiaM BgainM (?. D. N l.efiek in
! I..y!..n Dills-let, Ohio A:te-r War.'. tBIi.e ..O. Per?
fil of Sew?York Be wai v ?? reading BeeroteT ??f the
Phil?.lelphiu t'oiiveiii"...:, lie i:,l K.-ln M? Closkoy, who
wa? the?i tg, n t ..-ir;:..?, hare l.ei-ii her?-eii.ee I..?? Con?
vent ion adjourn?,".'.
'Hey are ti ftge? ia U) I B C1? ' ? ri!" , i | .? P:e.;i|ent
Th" agttBMM on.t'.r of tie ?T?_?| W11 I." I??? a pen. n
?i-.ii the irre-.it .Ink !!? .'"ii ..f Neu-J'Troy. .lack
iii-iiii'iii > ii by tolling t:." orowd that hu m the h aoial
of tin- minority ol t n ? r"??':i*. Hobm of Btpnatal
?tives. AH'-r raUting tb? ?aEering? of binaelfand In?
tin non ty. he gave thei rowd th .t lir?t-.T.i.??rt r.-ot? pfd Cop
jinrtiea'l ?peech, he ha? baa? : ."k ' .' ?UM?tl lal lelliii
L'bicago ( oarontioo. Nig -bbak k.uk nigger?
infernal Al. fit io ' I Kadleal -high-toned
go-lthi iaara OBT nolile a I :.- ' 1'
?'hr;?ti.iii soldii-r (o '. (MtL
i: It II t wet noona foi loldei Jark dree!. .1 t.. tim
tiaad. Hythe Una altek bad fiafa?ed ih? ejoati bai
? ?crv y?'?-1! i'.-:i!it! oui it:.ii ?o the in ?
edat iiliieii "ur. 1 '. :t'.e nt-'.er si-eii a;a"lr calgat.ier. j ..
?I'iv .id at eiitln s a.-'ia. There raemed to t." Tory luiw
h;.plans? aud DOB? '?! Ill? I thal .itteiiil? lui?
i DO. H -'? ? ? ! !:?? -i i. : ,:. Love that rt
.-ti ova-r!..:?l::.g ol all ,h- 1 '?.UrtU.Hil? Will he
and ail rlcri:* abo .lo BO) ?i.i- ort -ii?- pidie* of thi I
.!??:.t aril] be d ?-. is?.-.!. Al Ibt ime'ing lut night tho
mg was a . liii-a- ii. - :., ?dopte?. :
Re.,I",I TTnit ti,? li !..n?- ' Wr**ar? u?.|."Mtlvtly
tli-maiiil. tlmt ?I, Ibl I kepalr'.i.-n-it? of the (? .y. rniin-n'. ?hould
I,? tlioioiiir,!.;, p.iriftil. Bi.U that ih~ Biir-in? ? of the l'r?"?iiltiit
and all )??!sun? o| i?oi< ?J lo l.i. ? tM |>o! ey and iiuw m it. - M
J'.v ni'-a I ? flour: ia.tit.?! |. .tia:, i?-? ?I iiul.l M loBaJ? I" |i? .-lint
Bd M 'Mjuupy their (MMitiuiii lo hil t-uibaiiassiociit ?i.d ME
pillilie alrtrinieM
Bo afttr the I'n ii -t r'-i^rrs frt ni his elr-tiontaring
' i v . i may look on! lor ?vu.-; :.? :eii ovall beru Hi the
?Iules ol ibt? M?ale Klri-tUns.
Tha fbaawlBg a? tha date aftia itato ?ta-tioni u?.w
! approachiag, bogiunmg with th?' 1st day ol Btptelbar?
? n i!.o.on:
\ i tillar B?M 4.-(?DV?riior, three me-ntxn of C??n-Tr?K
?nd aier_t)er? i'f I ' ?islat'ir?* ItM I'mt'il BtatM BeaatMB toft
alaet, la pluce of M)??r?. Soloinmi Livot and Jaeu'i Culla a? I
J)lAi?e?Sep'. 1? 0?tM_a. b\i> ovalar? m Cuiiur?"??, ana
m-inliiT? of LcBiilatorr.
rLVAM?? Oct. ?.-Ooreroor, twenty-four n.cn.lari ol
| Coagrem, aud nicmhw? of LtirHliiturt, a I'nited -tate? .-????
1er to ?lee?.
(jnio?Oei. !?.?Nio?te?u men ben of Ctniirrei?.
Judian??Out. ?.?State o?eir?. 11 neiubi-r? of ('?mgrti?,
aud .nr-aiberitif tb? L?gi?bEl*?. A L'tiiiad State iiei.aior lo
t.,.-,! na place ??f Henry I*. u?aa
Iowa?Ott. '.?.?stn?, ?il.cei?, ?ia -?tuber? ef Ceagrcaa. ?nd
nirnili.-ra of l.?)giila?uri).
Wf-l \'!U'.l\lA-<) t. '-'3.?Coxernot, ihre? ni. u.hen M
C?inrn.'?s. ami _e?lak?t?re.
Eaw-Toaa?N?t, 6.?-ore_rt?x31 ineu.ber? of Coagr???.
and lti tueffitiers ?if tl.o A???ti?hiy?Senata h?l?ling ortl.
Ui.ite?l StHlsN-uutor to t-lsot In fiuce al Ira BtwrU.
M?MAcat?KT"?? Nor. 'i.??jnvenior. ttn Beinber! of Con
t,-re??, ?ud .*"i?t.' I.e-ialator?.
>'i.w Ti.ton l?.N'aiv. 8.?Fir, mteiti-r? of ?onprcai, ?nd
niemlM-r? uf Htnte Lfgiil?ture. I ?lad BtaMl Bmmb to ?iect
in place of Kiehard T. St.n-ItOD.
Mu uiOAS?Nov. .,. ? ?iovern ?ii ?emtx-ri of CotgrtM,
and ui'ii.ii.-ri uf Le -ul-itur?.
ln.i.so??Nor. .'.? Stite ufliesrt, 14 tnemti'r? of Conuren.
?i.d me m biat? o! Let-iilat ire. I nitt-d State? ->enator to el-?_t
in plac?' of I.Tinan T:unib'j!!.
Wi-C'insin?N"t. ?i -M?te?i(1!.er?, ?it meinbenofCongr???.
and inrii.beis of l.e.-i?later.. Cuiied Stitei Senator to ?lett
in ..lane of Titnothy <?. Howe.
Mill?Ml? E?l n ? (J.iverm.r. two meaberiof Cona-rM?,
ai <! ne label? of l.e-irUlnrt. ,
Sli-s'ii ki?Sty. ?i ? SuperiDlei.ilent ef Public Initr"?-ti?n
?ia?Btakaw?fCiagra?, ?nd :i bix nofLegi-lBttu?. Cuit??;
Buiw Sa-in.'or to t>c! in place of I!. Orett Brava.
Kiv-Y??Not. (t.? (??.vernor, ??"luber of ?Tu.irrr?? and men
b?r? of Lei/iriatiire. 'ho Dallad Matea Srmitor? M ?Met M
ptaoe of .lames H. Line and SsuiU' I C l'om?roy.
Ni vaha?Nov. H. ??iiivi'iu'ir, ir-aher of (.'?uj-riii and mern
I cn ef Le t-isUtuie. tinted stair* Senttor to eiret in place of
Jami's W. N'j?.
MabT'a?I'-?Not. 6?Fit? no mbcr? of f'ontreii mil m??
ter? ?I I.?? al?! ure. I Lited Matu Senator to rltct .a plica
oi.Iol.ii A. J. < r? ??II.
Dkl??? ABa.?Not. o.?(ii.iiin. . nt-ben of Coi.-i'?i and
.s?..? liAviisiita??Marel IE ? CT.?Gttetaer, tkaa imb
1 (a. r? ?af ''o .i-*!''? ami ii.-' iil.-r? ' ' I.r.'lsla.aii. I lil.rd Mttitl
lo ek.t in plan e ? f I?r?rai-*l <.'i?rl.
?'??nu ne i? Apnl 4, I?!,'. ?<i.ivitii..r, four mtnitxnof
' i'iiu- ????ad iiit-mtM ra M I.-?.'Uiaiure. Vniied Stat..-? I .' I
. :>? v'.'-i'i ?!
Itiiot'i- ??i.imi-Apiti t.?Gotmbm, toa intiuliei? of Con
arre,?, sn.l _?abara i f 7. *ri?l ttur^
(ji.io'.s- i-:.,., i...!, h? jen tia lib of Jane ibJ L'oloa Got
emu! . ii.?BibBr? of ?TiBgress si .1 I.-i-isl ??:?? >'?? ???? I. -N"
| Bleetion in 1st)?. Cuilvd S.atis _saat0J t. it?'?l ia piano of
YY'. S'aniiiii.
Ki t (Ki -
! cr???, aatat?tariof State L*ei later?
t.r lo elect ia |
? greta,
I r| :.l I II no1 ii
nu: ?ouuti.v ni i ??.?ii non torvTR**;.
? TIOlT, *.
.i>.cial DUpttch 1? Tbe B V Tri! no?.
WiHHiNiiiov. Aoi;?'?' ?. tmt.
The Coerontioa of dist barged veteran? olth. Nati??nal
Army, to leo bold at Pittsburgh, if the thousands o\ *troni*
indorsemnnt? BtM brave mid true man received ht'ro n
any indication, will lu? largely nit, uilol by roprcnntat?wei
from overy regiment that he? mttbI 'lurinir the Rcbelli,,./
Souio of the?? letter? i|?eak io unmeasured tenus of Con- I
delimitn,u of the 'tolley ?hieb seeks to secure ropreionta
tion of Rob?is in Congress, while m BM-MtBet%htef
franchise*hr protection to tho freod race.
Tho official call for the Convention will be prooinl.'at.? 1
on Monday, the Johnson Committ-to having turned Bet.
Henry Wird Beecher to act as Chaplain it their Conten?
tion. Her. (?rannllc I? Moody, the fighting chaplain hM
boen rcpiosteal to perform tho sauie di.ties for the Pitts?
burg Coovontioii
Tho fulhiwiui* ii a partial li?t of orator? who hare been
solocled for tho occasion Major General! IJank?, Hillier,
Howard, IluniHhh?, Terry, Hincks, Schurz, 8eigel and
Terry, from tho Ksstorn Stat ?, and Major-Genoral. (?cary,
Ilanl.tt, Potter, Ilartianff, Owen, McAlister from Mid?
dle States. '1 ho West will be represente! by Maj ?r-Gen
erais Lag.-, <?i*l,?by, S, henik, Garfield, Washl.i.rii, Pren
tiga, Pop,?, Co., mid the South by Gon.iral? tkMMMj
Bletob T, McK'-lsd, Brownlow, Knldo, and others.
Governor Brownlow has i?sue,| it lung oddre?? to tho
Meela of BeW?Ollaeaal being tint leeble to ??*?.-ttl[ in BBB?
1 if*, li oiitniii? a history of tho ri*cent oxtnt session of
tho Legislature, and-.Im attempt to rMbM Iht CoBMItB
tioini! Ainendineiit, and (lo.s.lv review? ide cur?..' of the
I'rts.deut. Ile iieiiei es .Mr. Johnson a traitor, aud ?ives
i lu? Mlee kag r, totaa:
" Pecan?? be ii turnini? lotnl men out of oflice hy thoufaind.
to make room for Rebel* and traitoii. Ilcnutebeis appoint
lag 1 iiniic??e.( I.-igisinuv? holten to i ii.co m a reward for
tlicir larolutionary and vilninoui conduct, llccauie he be?
trayed tha llti'ukn.ridgi? Democracy after working with and
for tb?m up to the day on which Lincoln w11? firit el ?(?''I
llecause la betrayed the loyal North Biter they had elected him
to tim ollie. ,,l Vice President. IlecaiiKC be baa betrayed the
down-troilili ii and unoffending negro, trvlug nguiu tt> lell bu?
llit?) bondniro nflei promising lo be his Moan? IJcoaUM he ha?
betrayed the Koni?n? to iii? British Government aft? r lelling
Iheni gun? ami hu?iiiunitiuu. and inipriarliig iLe.r B?Mil with
the belief that he wai their fr?en,I. ?\ud 1 i?t, lint not l?_at
lircntiee be hu. never beru true to any one but Andrew John
Ma "
llrownlow then Bpilc.gi*fi for putting Johnson In nomination
for Ibe Vioe.Prc?i(le!iev, at nalllaBBl?. ce|>eci?lly lb?! he
acted in accordance with Ibu viiihe? of tbe Tonnn.et) de'eg*
ti ra, ami tare?
li'ttcr would ii have b,'?n for the cause of R'mubliean
I.il?erty, if tho Tennestee delegation. Including the wrti?r bad
all been in a Bebri priaort,South, rather than in the Itiliiinore
( onteiilior helidug to nia ce Johnson in n pfrtrltiflB wlicro be,
when A?? ft unit ibould murder the patriot Lincoln, thoa!j
b ?come President of these l'iiited State? "
He declare? it th? settled d. termiuiilion of Northern and
Southern trait'.rs to involve the count; v in another ?ni, that
they will make *n attempt to lana lae Bebed late Coactan
the occasion for Dili, and warn? the South of the awful ? oti
?ciiiirrice? that will feliow.
He nott draw? a picture of thi great dangar to which His
loyal men of Tennessee are still cxpoavd but enumerate!, too,
their ?iiiirce? ot enoourngement. and ?ay?!
Hating no bone of paafent-N from the president, in the
event of un attack from n ll?ln I mob, I ?hall look wit!i
denne to the North-We ?ti ni Stnte? ?o come to our rescue, a?
soot, a? ait ?iked hy the minion? of .Ii fT Davis and ?\niliew
?Jobusou. And if fort*ier development? ?e?rxi lo kaalifl It, I
will call oui the lojnl militia of the State. *nd o?l! it|??n the
I. gislnt'irc to ?rui ann ?.?mp llc.iii Ma mutt tal Will meet
tieso MMMN and ?ii,ian, the (?ovt inuiunU. S'.ii? and
Nntoi.nl. or fall with ?mr lac?? to th? f?- '
' Who ?re ino?t bitterly opposed to tt.? prrxent Rvbcai Con
gre??' .1. it Dan? I? d' ed oui ?garnit i?. Robert I Le?,
lleaiircgerd. Hragg. Kirby Smith and aid the whipped uro
ara!*, Colonel! and ? ai.luiut in the iat* it h?l army aro
?galod It. Aleimd.-r II Stepheul, ?t Ken-si Congressmen,
?ml R. Lol leguUtor* are again?? II. Andrew Johoion ni.d i_1
hi? ileliol Dcmooratio ?n| porter? are agntr.s? it The mon in
the South who con?erliit??d I'nioti men, who horned down
Union dt? i Linga ri,'..b''d I'nioti famlliei of ill they hid. *nd
made war bldeoui along our borders, are againct It. The
?making, biasing Battant Ceggar-aed, wtio irn-p. after
Southern Bebtet for the lake of toual poulton or pecuniary to?
ward, 1? ?iriii.st it Tfea Nottlieiti and Southern Demo?rn ?,
who ?re ?1,11 bent upon the overlarow of tin* (i>iv?ii,'i!?nl ?lid
the r?it?ration of S.trcry are against ii. Kvery (strrilla
obn f. highway robber and whieky bloat of lh? Kobari army I?
? gi.inat it. Evoir traitor win edited a Rebel piper during
the witr. aud at ila breaking oui, la again*! it
' Wbo ate la tarai M a Uri,InnI ('engre?s, ml it* ??old and
patriotic coorie I Kvery radlr?! inver ?f bli country. North
?nd South. I? in favor of it. Kvery unis ndit.ooal I'mun man,
who ?Undi by Lia i .ui.try lu oppo.it.un ti another war. U in
favor of it. Kveiy man who prefer? th* lu** of th* negro lo
Ibat of tha Uuuin, ii in fit or of it Brirj ttltfetf that .aaluat
eau, every wife thal hu fieeu l.er lu-."in,!, iv rr aw wbo
vitit? the tacrad irate* that li* nil ovar tit* land, aiid oo every
line of march, and ev?rj on? ?lu ka Man ?nd nat t! ink
and tpeak of thtir lot??*, aid with our brava and r-atnotio
CougreM, did ?ill not be turned agtn ?t that body, aa it ii
ii ?vi tfea only hope of th* eoBBtry Ev,r- eler_> atas, and i vrrv
gocal nib In tho churches, ii," l-bevei tbat ae hare hal
itnf ? euoii| I. and ? libe? i, , Bora d, ineralUeliou, Han,I? by,
Coogrna aal gran tot Itanoeen and praeerratloa Y.r?rf
man ia and out of tv* tharah, ?ho ttni.t< mi? ni lau mil
order. *nd ol our ? invertiraient, theo be doe? uf oflin l-l ?poil*.
i? for C m ??!????. Brer* mon U't in the .1 ? |>
?piracy tu bring on ?outlier tooti koa, ta for t ngraat, and Bill
?(.nd by t!, ?t '""Ij t"t!.ei?it."
With regard ?o ti? inteiitiomof Rebel* if they obtained
power bo writ?, thi? warning,
' I feel called upon t" w?rn the beneet loyal m?.??e ?gainst
a matured ichenie of ti.? John?. ? Copgarbaal leader* in bar? I
the GoverBu.e.1 pay them for ?11 tho negroo* tbw loti bv il e t
war Not m ore dan on? In tin of the loyal men S.ulb it r
own.', any stir?? "i BMlral la BWI tl.eoi, and It would I?*
downright ro'ittetf'o mt nine laboring naen It t.iy f,,r !!??
?Ino? of one gentlemen. A direct ?at it th? only ii..
wblak tbe Go?enaeal aaa pay Cor th? ?mancip?t?*') ?iav???
and it i? better th?! n?e loyal iltve owner ?ufler thm that
nine hone?! laborer!, e(.uaily loj*l, tuff'-r to maka bli lot?*?
" Mott of !J? meu now lo tin. ? (?Pi*rb??J rank. In Pie
?i? M who eioec't, ? fen t!? Sautbern State? aro
I In ?Ja*?gran tkit tliey will lie ooBipoosated tor
their m groe? St? f?w ol thara think that they will ?yen
get Slavery rcloril Our pe?iple con ?fiord to pay a direct
tai to lijuilate lb* wur dab! thiougri a period of lever?!
year?, but t?x thsm to p?y for i,?.->),iJUU of ilaiei, owned by a
*tnr.!l Butnber of uaboba and onginal S?ct?.ioni?U. and Ihey
will not gil t!.r,u,?!i with la? pvying lu u Iii? tim?.
? J,, !? I'nn.n lort????, th? bolo ?I ?miking toter?. I ??y In
all aaador, watch the wen who ndvocnte this p?yi0| for tiieir
I .?t irg "c?. If Mt Otltftranl will tut tu* ?!??? own*r*
aloa* lo l".y for tL'* negrotA I gt? fir n but I ?hall never uon
nalMtai ae) M gay** ottnm tvbo aarn laail my, tai
never desired to own any. Slaveholder* got up the big dance
the) couiiuuod ihe frolic for four year??and they art
Ibe vory men to pay the fiddler ' '
Tun uocuuiont close? a? foil >??
'? In Ihe addre?? I h?ve used great plainn??? of ?p??sch, and
tor th* rcaioiii. Uni. that I dcilied ind intended to lie under
Hood ? and n?it. !" cauie thi? i? no time for putting forth ?a
uncertain a.ond. I have de?ired lo ?t>t in harmony with th*
Praaider.t-?.. b?? the great Cmou p?rty of the coaqtry. the
Ij?cnl*iture of the Stat? and ? otigree?. a? I look ocasi?n to
write bia ?bout Ibe beginning ol ibit year. I hope he may
publiab thi. ibort letter. I have rcn lv. d tia'tin PreMduut
? liould not (?II ? ?irayback Conventloi. ?t Pliladelpbla?a
(Viuvintlou la be coiii|-oeod of oitlce-holdirig BagBbUcaaa. of
delegate? from the party that opposed th? ?sr, and of d( le?
gete. Irom Ihe lb'bel Corigre?? ?nd th? Keb?! annie?, and out
? f ibe?? material? organize a Jahn M Democratic Relfl party,
ninl inin m" "v?r to it, to be .b'dii ?l?d to uud control!.'! bf
th" m"? who fought four y??r? to netny tho feaaatrg.
'lit. i? lb? pas? !?> vi l.icli vic kata come at tatt, and
Humo ab? ?io nilling that a falible? l'reiident ihall tranifer
them to bli new pnrty organisation, can go, and may Joy go
with Iheui. Divide and lub-divlde ai wa may, there can be
but two partiel in tim country?a disloyal and a loyal party,
('booie vu tietircen theie port??? whosu only Istut I?, w arthur
thi? Mai? and nation are lo bt governed by loj?l or dialnyal
?* Ii I? proper for rne to ?t?te tt?t my term of ?ervlce will
etatr - m Qajabn, iei7, and tbat I iball not be a eau,Udale lor
r, el- lion lo lh* iif-o* I bob hold, or to ai>) other oil.ce within
tho gilt of the j*,.pic. While I mi in office I iba'l endeavor
to do my whole doty, ii I have done, withoul regard to nan
r?atM o? In re'ir'iinnl I will conliiiue lo vote and let only
willi the pnrly that I? radical lu ti lo'alty to ?he lilian, und
ion i ,n i'? (ippoittioii to all the lu bunill and device? of Ko bal*
and Kel" 1 .i n.pathiiari.
" W. (i. liuo.i ?ti aiW, Governor of I'cni .??ee,
"TaiMlBklB. Aug. 17. I
ili.Mi his. 'I'.'im., Aug. ll>.- An inanan ma?? ineeiing
v? is l.i lil iu tho Court-so,iinro this evening to ratify Hie pn.
Ctldipgl of the National C non Convention ut Phila?
delphia. Gen. Kurrest preiidtd and ttdilreiaeil the iinieiii.g,
Mylae bo waated bo nan flgbtiac. When ho laid dew
hil aniii bo boro no millie? in hu heart toward any North?
ern uni'!. Ho laid thom wl o wanted to e'ay at homo
during the.wiir ba suppoecd w?uld bo sent to 'he Legisla?
ture and Congress, but, tor one, he was willing M 1 mat the
tin ii bo had mot npon the jeld of battlo. Thoie who
shirked duly and wore casern?!?,! in Washington could
no moro b? trusted than thoic who did tho latno thing in
th.? ?out.,.
(.??n. Korro?! wiig followed lyth" lion, (?m'uvui Henry
in al. li' i ,? fat .oil',?. ReKiluCo; ? wini adoptai ao cpi
iag Kio a.ldre-s of the Natioiiel l.'uion CudicuHod at
Philadelphia, and nid?ir*iiig Andrew .lulmaoii. Tho meet?
ing ? a.? one ol' the largest aud most t litl.u -....-? ii- ever held
in tim ? ne.
Sp?, lal Dlipal h ?o Th* N Y. Ti,bo,? *
MEiirni?, Aup.'?5.?Al Memphis, Mr. llnugh, Collec?
tor of Internal Keveauo, and Mr. 1.. Bider, Marshal, bath
Radical?, have been nu.ove.l by the efforta of iho Oa*ner>
head element and Conservativeiiubstiiu'ed in their piece.
The M?bels exi.lt over the change
tilt? J lilt" I *a
The following addret? ha? b? ??ned by Gor. Ward:
Freili,?,*'ha! It is iniportaiit tin! H I lereey ?hod I la Lil)
represented at the Southern !.? yal ' Vo.iv,". lion to b? held iu Phil
?ii? Ipl.ia uti September H, 1 have nRtced the following p( reou?,
i , i mt Ulgttetaal I ??? Itj to convey lo
III in, yVrt ear lympstb? wi;h their Ml!,ung-, . nr confl
? ian of our aid and
? . ?;, i ! .i ,| | i, ?e ? f m m n - ri-pi.li
li,.an in faun ?i,,! ?'pul?, tbnaaboal Ibaenlinl ?alb.
?I , .M body l!ial tv I ii lb I ? 'H !'' ' f ? '
i.... _ - . ?#. uni
ti at the ?otk ol r.-?.-Hutructing fk'atii ?or the Cul?n cannot
MM he Lit io iiai.ii.i? ??j tf-ir jj no ?n 'iaawa
_ ' Ma?*??'' L. Wahi?.
Trenton, ft J. A og. ?, U?J8. ~?v
CLm. S. OW.ii. Ir.'d T. I'r.'liagln.rMa. LioiVd S. Ki'11,
Win. A Newell ,!,.i,n A. BUR, M.?J Cien. It VcAUi.ter
AltUaader 0. CMtMl n-r.Umin Ili.iklet .Ioho Hi..'-J"""!'1*
JP. Urad.i, j-, John 1. Kniir,. Ii niiiiiKt.'i. C S a LI. E If .Hock. J,rlK ?
.".t ,,J"' '?"?"? ?"'"lol?" Ti. Robeik K. Matlock. Wm. I ?rrL
A. U Hop?. Bri? illin. j?:,n ii-m^- (.bM K Lmdlt, 1 >??
Vf. Iriui, 8. (i sM[,man, David Thom ou, l'L?odor? P. Ho."
ft ,. ,T ,K tef. '"h" t'- "-Bn Krek. t??mti?l S Btryker,
Jotio li Hill, (..-y i Co*)b. R.njsoiii 1*. Edrtall. Corllau.lt
I arter, Jsi M Oniinby. Tbomio P. Caipetiler, John L. N
^'ration (?ro K. Lhetwo.nl. .Min Linn, Am-i Dodd, Dinning"
. Ti- ,, ,'-*u,in Actm chu?. Latkiop. ,!u|,n Uaridson, Henry
A William? Iii?? Wehle. Itchard T. Hame, Wm .Moore.
?J i?. ?DM .1 .1. Van Nuitra-d. ( oriieliai Wilah, Huirh li
li,?ni .!?.,? I. Blair, a?. Armatroog. John W. Haselton.
jacjsrnin Clnrk, Amsi Mol?an Kim? I?-j, (tiru, s.nauton. N.
W. Ymmttom, .1 K Cake, Wm S fsU.iute. Thoa. ?. Hart
wall. JuaatL in M Ii dieri? ?Ia? Uukal*?.
Ul.M. lllll.l'll
WEBB?M, West ViboIb?a, A ni,*. 'JR.?Tho fillowing
g-iitl? inen are appointed delegate ti attend the Philailcl
phia Conventi.:. uf _ofMhwB _ nionl?U 00 Hie .M of lap.
tember: ?lor. Hon-nian, taoEtet W11ey and Van Win?
kle, and (?ennrals Kelly, Harris, Dc.voll, Li -lilburn aud
Stiothcr ( 'Porto Crayou."j
ivi ni PEWIBEft }oi?M>Ob?ROOUI PTEE Tin?
WiMr oto?, Aug. W. IB?ii
Ve?ter.lnv afternoon, the C'nmniittee appointed by
tue National Labor League, reoently ia ?etilon in Baltimore,
had an andieaoe with th? President of the United Stat?? by
Mr. John H'iihiTiffe of Illinois addressed ibe President on
li'iliBlf of t'." eoiiniiiun,. aayiug b? had the honor to prea-nt
eouie faiet? for Ina consideration. It had b- en represented
that the calling of tho recent I mveution wa? tor th? purpose
of forming a new party. '1 hil, in a political sense, waa not
tra?. It was for the object of discussing and taking laoh
?u-asure? at wuuM heit atlee! the needed reform?. T hose who
compoBtil that convontiou wen? especially lntiTMtal la the
reduction of the hour? of labor. That ?a? the oorner-stoire of
tla-ir ninvrinent-eight lonna a? a 4?;'? labor, legally co ii ?Id
erad, -boy Ignored politics! Mau? i and politic?, and did not
conil.ler trioir rai; iiai-atieii as hating anything to do with
til em. They appeartxl en laborer?, and hi auch presented their
claim? to the Pr < ?idi-nt'i fitorabla eoniideratloo. ?nd a?ke_
hun, if he deemed proper, to imitate the eiampl? of President
Van Huron, when he wa? ?pprtaohed by parta? ?imil?rly in
Mtteada axking for a reduction of labor to tea hour? a day at
the Nary-Yard? and in other ?iorerniiieut nieotiaiucal depart
?nenl?. Ihn wa? granted by ?"entrai ordur. 'Ila eiuiiiple.
wa? followed all ever tho country byprirato employer?, aud
the cuitt.ii. ha? Maate n ?oroedegrec law. They uowde?ired
to ask a ?till furthor reduction to eight hour? u ?Ii.y. They be
lieted that ?hry h?d advanced uiftici.ntly by t! e moremeat? in
maclmtiy and otherwise to juitily them in asking for a par?
ticipation m the benefit? which would thereby be conferred.
'1 her thought it woBld add to their p?y?ioal a? well aa moral
and intelleclual development. They desired alni to ?-all nie
attention of the Preiidtnt to another ?uhject, namely th?
disposition of ibu public land?. They thought too much had
h" n pci mit ?"d to uci-uniulate in tho bandi of ipeculator?,
and in too largo a degree ?ive? to incorporated cumpa
uisi for railroad iur|>o?< i. 1 hu. in their opiulon. was preju?
dicial to ?gtietilturisfs and to actual settler?. T he se / ire of
all til? ?-?.?neil land? 'ij monopoll?* wss lien.flclal nrlthor to
thuNatioui.l lair li.c St,te lim, rnuieut They asked thePreti
?lent to take this subject into coniidemtioa with arte? of
Mtagkll n.Ilii?-: M to remedy th? ?til. Itier w??ik? d ou the
principle that the land? ?hould be 1..4.1 by tu mo wlio till the
?oil. 1 h?r wooli also advert to another pt int. A? protection
1? ?ought by ?oam manufacturing interest?, it would seem
?Mblag but fur tbat there ibnuld be tome oousideratloo for
thai protection of the interest? of tin; tailoring man. If those
manufacturing interests desire protection from the im?
portation sod competition of foreign goods, the woikliaj
inrn deal ra proteetioa ugalr.it loreign pnai'-r labor,
which I? brought ni" market for no other purport? than
iaf reducing the prie? of labor of our own ooui.try
neii, and thii .also Invited attention ti the ivatein of convict
labor, which itx-i thought had a drleteriou? influence ou their
inttrrtu inaanitioh a? coiitlct labor I? obtained at inch low
r?:?"? ,? iluprt i nt.J the vain? of honed work. They thought
they were ei.ntl.at t., pnMMte Bgaiiut thi? ?yatoin, but they
aik?'<l ia Hu? uo particular aaalitance 1 hey were determined
to take aflsir* in their ?wa hands, but at the ?ama time they
?.'..?d ?oiiia- riv-i'inilton from the Bead of the nation, who, t!><y
bcliovod. wa? la full ?yaipsthv with thom, end from whom they
h'ij?_d to have a fat urabi? r-s??ii??
Tin. ra?JUt-iT'a s-Plv.
1 i." l'r.anloiil, in re.jiou??. ?aid he was very maoh obliifed
to the Ev-.mmlttr. for this visit sml for th? opporiaoiiy thus
afford, d ?f ?'?a-iveitin?r with them. Us wss ?rstitieii i ti it they
had thought prepi r to pay their resprota to him an?l ?how their
dafeoM. H" iI.'.lI'I not undsrtske to reply lo the form of a
?peech to what had b?ao ?sid. but rather io the way of eon
venation. It waa sesretty Beceatstry for h:m to domoro than
rate them to hu past record. Without making any declare
ttea reierung the order of the ?object? to winch allusion had
been made, he would ?ay that the one of convict labor wal
fm. liar t? bia for in th? l,oi*i?l-ture of hi? own State b? In
lrudu?*fd a resulutiiin and ?inifi.rtook toihow that It not only
?lltcrlmiiiat.-J st/iiiiat article? ni?uiif?i.!iit?d oatilde of tb*
P?i.it?utiarj. I"al it bad a tcudency to deyradw housst
labor. Ula observations .mc* that tut. eau.tinned him in
the Jasttii.s of the opinion Hen etpietsed. He bad
?ought to prepare tin- paMM u lal for tha? adoptloo of
mrasora to remedy the .-til. Wi'.b regard to the pub
lia lands it wai kuu? u to ?ii howlong ko hail labored for the
bates te-id policy dsimg at far bick is lelo. At Brit it ?ai
tost with munta sod Jeer?, bal. Unaly, In 1950 o t lKll. lb?
obi?, t was ? on.uiumutrd w..b the House of lUpreseatatitM ia
th. ibaue of a !? li. It ?Ml to lb? Baa?!? ?ntl there w?? lost.
Bit>?e?|i,.nfly he wai saul to the toaste, and there be followed
?p th? ?Bblrct, wL.n tb. t iu was pa ?rd ht that body and tb?
Mons? of Eipl?MM?UlM but vu ret>Md by Presldsnt llu
cbaiiah li.- had alwaja l..?u oppatata-d to th? moBopoly ?if the
OBbii?' Isadt and to th? s|??ealallous inrid>-ul io thom. There
p>re In tb-? dlscuasisa of the bbmbsIsb?! prrliey be hat niB.l.
?arinua ?lia.ial.a aud ?lai? alstlOBl to ihuW that aa B hnau? .?1
i: ?asura It would Increase th? rstennes of ilie lioternment
wh.le iiicr.-s?i-ig the bappmeu alni proip.nty of the p?opl*.
(Jnly a thort Ha? ago he gate ?viJerice of bil opposi.tou to
c.i<-i"|<?ii?a In istni.
The oliairn.an of ihi romnnltaa her? laid that th. onaaitte?
r*memt?*red tatt well hi? ?rioof the Mnntnua Iron Manu.'ao
l_.rn.? ('?uiipaoi'? bill.
lue I't'-aiuriii r.markrd thal h? was ia ftior of the prtocl
j'<?? thal worklngrr.eu ?houid hare ?aitable time for labor, fur
1 for turir intell.t iu?l cuitar? Thi? wai a piopoaiitlon
?elf evident to hi? mind, and ho W?? g1 ?ni to lee t!i" oo.it.! ' i
w arkeal ip to It Ihe men of labor ou|.'h! Income forwards? I j
ssssrt t',-.ir position. Just ni tha ooline' t ?ou h? ?ou?t -
tl.it t'.is is a t.ry iru|?oituiit tim. lo ipaat of independence,
for there were mnny csnrds ?nd ihackli-i laing fastened on th? I
I?.'.'i I? ?aub oiiglit'l i I . t'ruken. 11? hml slwayi been uu el
tr -ut I ?eu,?? ni lu the pr?.|?-r sens? ol the tera, and yet
ho was in favor at on? kind of ar.itocracy?that of
lalror. Hu laboring man, ?iib virtuous and induitrioo?
bablis. couttitutM the true arntocraey of labor. Iherefor*
Lo was for an ai isttaa-rst y. for on thal all ??or national proa
?"ait. r> at? A? to the i.uinlvr of hoar? which shoiild consti?
tute A dsj'l lsb?>r. thst wb? ? matter of detail and ciperience
which they could consider sud lettie ti they went along ? bot
ho would sut thal ha wss in faror of the inorteit Dumber of
boun for a day a work which would eccompliib mends. A.?
?iiuiiag all ti.??.? | rnj ???ilia t a he would ?ay to thoa? before
him that if he waa not ahead of some of them li? had started
m ?dob. 1ln?t bad kia ajmpail.y, a? far M it was worth any.
ti in/, sud hi? lutl:i?nce to carry ont their great object*. Hi?
?ut? would correal?.ml ?ith whsta*ie ha?! Just ?aid.
Mi. II iuc huh de then remarked?"A ?low me. Mr. Preiiilont,
to thank you on th. part of these gentleman for the honor of
til? interview i aod nlso to thank you on behalf of the Lib .ring
.?.?'i'u <>f ti,?- I to',. ?1 Matei for the seutiui-nts you iiava ex
?in ii,- contioiion of theie remark?, the ?pokesman of th?
n.nilli;men ii.tioduced (be BBMtar* indi.I li. d y lo the Pre?
Kent, aller whioh they retired.
TUB I Li: . M. IM" UOHMK I' till.
a " *
.?tra iii Di?p.i_!, to Th. N Y Tribun*.
Cl-KT-iLAIi'. Sutunliy. Aug -.'\ I" ??.
T" Lay va? (tagt? ilay of the hw??? Mir, and the ?x
hlbllioli ?u? a p'if'.t ?nee?'!??. Ilie Doniiog ll.ivta,.-?l
with a ? !e?r iky. and the ?un cunio up warm anl I right,
forming a eninplt?e ron irait to the bleak am! toubel
waatbw of yaterdiy.
?li eonrs?, it belog Dexte: ii day, u gT' at rtpwd wii? m
iiT'i :. '.i:n ??, ii' m i v i -, .-i y town in Northern Obi?) on the
line "i ti:o i.iiliiiaii? beingroprearated. BealdM the raro
tor (he big purst?, th.-re ?am .mo tor a pur?o Of $AJii, opon
to all horne? except Dexter, Hut.er ami Pa'-hen.
The oonttBt wat b kaw ra P lal? nud Moe Rich. Tin?
wa.? i?":i In S.r \\ altel ol P.i?ii'-nv?II?, Ohio; Una '.' M I 'o,
?:il8 .' .S, ?.':':i*4^3. A ptirso of $.1)0 wai mudo up >0 tho
ground for n Uisteh botween Si!a? liich and Hay Hilly,
thrte m ove to hann'??, wlmh reiu'te.l in favor of tho
forme?, liuio timm, t:?EJ 1 -, ?.'??? I '?
Al about noon ibu bono? entered li r the largo purse,
vi/., |).-i!er. (J?o, M. pBtchi-n and (len. liuliir w?r?
called, a i.d in li VtB r'ice'.i c1 with cheer? upon . 'Tiling
on to tb? i oara?, l la !.":?? ? noted ?"vml li an umuna
tho co irso at a modera??) galt, Bal M ulm li l-l "'clock
were called to ?he ?tar?, Um'.' r I ?ring ilie pile, Pntebou
?ccoii.l, und l)"i!.-ron the outiide.
/?'ir?/ //?.;'.?I'll? first utttilllp! '..) get off WB? lin?>ll?-??M
ful hut on the second > D*'?rt ibt' horn"? taBMBpiEEBOd
?tilo und the i*...ti tro wu.1 given. Hutlor had the leid,
Pa?heaas-coadby half a neck and ?Mat?! tully ba!f i
lelitttb. Mill forth) r iu Iii? rear Patchell quickly overtook
Duller and at tl.o tir?t iiuarter bud left him half u longth ?
licit? r ?'ill long behind.
The little h?.rio laaacd be have got thoroughly down to
bil work, ?ml r nuiug luiftly by Butte, cloie 1 up to
I'liti-hen, and taking the lead lie itoadiiy wid'-nixl the gap,
whli-li had nu Ienieil to ?oTei-1 length? nt th? third quar?
ter, nid ?anio iu au MM? winner of the heat in-J.T.'i;
Patchell ?eciiiid Bad lending Hutlcr t'i.?y two leugtb?.
On ihoH'oond half milo, hutlcr praaaaa ?-?tc-ennard
for (lie nii'iid pla.-c, but he broke badly, e.-petially iu the
fourth i-'iartcr, and k-pt ?he r?ar.
Srrtmd Unit ? k'onr ttttemj ti ?oro m:u!o bafort? a start,
in ei.?' 'i.n-in .- <>f Huiler cciniug up on a mu on iho ?tart.
Hutlrr Inn! ti.c I'-iid, Patchell ?eeond ?ltd Da?Mt tabiud.
Datteaooa brete tad before tbaa_Mte ptewaaMtdt
I'ltt'lnii got tho i?.!', iinor'. Dexter irt.il being tlnrd.
It it.'i, however, toon changed pia? *? witb Baler, and
?hootiBg op to Pat<_?a tb-y cam?, in ?t ibu half ni! )
nearly neck ami ne. k, Butler heilig out of the question.
Pata bell now broke, ami Dexter p lahad inlo the udvuucf,
??.Kir ii Iciigtli? ?hi. h k# in.-n'..??*.! ?n tho horn? ?tr.-'ch,
taking tb? neat by taifa doBrfl l?EEtbl turn Pui??hen.
Hut.? r bein?! ?? v. ral ?oLgtbu Ititi fuit.u:r behind, lil in:
?J 'id .i-i. Hitler lnvkc irca-uaatly, au'l ?i-verul um? i badly
in thi? beat.
'I' ii,I II ii (?ii the no-rn ?1 ????-nipt the b??r?e?l ?hot
ara? aim.??1 uivk au! lie k. 8? o.i ..t'er i:?-ltir.?* off
Hi.tf.-r broka upmnl diop'ed in Iba rear. D?. x ? ? > i
?b??rlwith P*ti hen elna? lo bia, and nuan? tin? i rat
rot?tlof ti..- L. ii In l W l li, t .?ttlng bt?dioaely, but
evidently tot rzerilnf himself ii ii.. . ming in'with
I'lit.-l, , ! Detlef third. Wbea neariag Ibt
?ecoud -? o'er Ratte Badi i iptrttad brash n':i bud
' ? |
! ' i a th? turu al -v.
tht hoMMteUh Ttq el .. t. ?.?...,? t, thioh onatid ?
? and ron
gru?a J"?' '?f apilan?.), Huiler following, plnncta?, aom,
ningi! t -i.'- Pi', ii.'.i g,iv? I? ?xter a li voir rae? fe? *.e_|
? but '.. ?-' l-r tor a ? ali ?ni. ahead aud wou the'?1?
?n "?*?'?*'i? .______.__?_??a___aBBBi
the mmim states.
Sr_.-i.l Ol.o ??cn lo the N. T. Trihue*
Sp*ci?l Dlap w? ? M'ASBWOTOB. Ang. ?. It?.
We mako 'he following ettract from a letter to C'spt.
Bingham re?>-'ndii:g to the rill for the Convention of
Ninil.em CniOiVst?, signed hy'.'1 of tbe cituensof D-IUm
County, Tolas: ... ., . ,, ?.
We in Te??? are pa the aro of another war, whloh will be
more dupcrat? than* tbe one out of wbicb w? bare Jost emei ged.
Th? former leaden i ?- R?bellioo. tate lorne doien Ction mea
elected to fill u;iiinpo."tenl couuky office?, bav? nil been elected
?ed ?hey aro more ho?tile ?ml rabid than thev were daring the
warorbefon the Stat? ??ceded. C liles? Congres? furnish??
proteotion, by directing'th? troop? to remain arid posting them
in th? mo?! important t '?wa?, tLert ?ill no1 be a Union man'
left la Teta* io iii mont I 'I
Th? didoyal from other JStatci are coming in more or len
every dar, and tbouiaatii ?re returning from Mexico who
went off with Prince and'Shelby, and a mort desperate Mt
never before iufeited any country. Morden sr? an every day
aaaarneaa The olnl law ii deled and trampled np??, the
frc?dm?n sr? held in many parte of the Stale is as ?Mid bon?
dage a? before th? war, and ?Vaion men dart no1 ipesk Ibiir
??ntimentl otpenly.
lann locteti** called th* K. G C. are organised all over
the State, aud unies* th? State is held under ?trir-r military
rule we will kuve another outbreak m lemo than alt ni *_tl'..
According to the programme of tho Presidential
trip from Washington to Chicago, the distinguished party will
arm e al Jersey City, by the Philadelphia train, at l'J 10 p. m.
on Wednesday next. The riiit of a live Preildont to title
metropolitan eity M an ?rent of ?nob rare occurrence M to be
worthy of very extended and general celebration, and New
York will, this week.* put forth unuso.il effort to render this
occaiion ? pleasant and creditable on?. Th?entire programme
for the munn ipul reoeption I? not yet ananged. but so far aa
determined apon, its fast uro? will r?e found below :
Upon th? arrival ot ?ne train at .fereey City, the Tr?pident
and party will bat m?t by Collector Smythe and taken on board
a revenue cotter. In whioh they will ero*? the river, landing
at Per No. 1, nattery. Here they will be received by Mayor
Hoff nan and tbe CoinmitttJe of Reception appotuted for tbii
dot?. Those taking part ia thi? reception will meet at the
Ht n i it-ce at 10 JO a. m and proceed theace to tbe pier.
The Committee of lOccption bare placed In the hand? of
Mr li 1 ? ard Van Kauet tbo providing and arranging of rue
nee ?isiry carriage? for tbe trtnsit of lb? city'* tuest?. Mr
Vat i'ui.t, oo Saturday purchased of Miner A Steven, an
ope i barouche, coating li ?-"<?, fur tbe uie of the Preiident
Ali will be drawn by lix hone?, driven by Mr. '/.. M Hewitt
of tha American Kxprew Company, who drove the harouohe
of honor upon the occasion of the reception! of President Lin
coin th? Prinoo of Walei and Major Anderson.
The procession will march up Broadway and through Park
re? t? tin, esitern entra?en to the Park, and thence to the
front of the City Hall. Here the Preiident will proceed to the
?.?vernor? room, where a formal welcome to toe city will bt
delivered by the Mayor. A brief teception will be held here
by President Johnson, after which he will probably appear
upon the balcony a? a gratification to the maltitude ? bo will
nat ?nilly douro to ne bim.
After th? welcome and reception by the Mayor, the pro
(.'(??.-?.ou n iii proceed up Uroadwar to Twenty -third-it., and
thence ria Fifth-sve., to Delmonlco'i where a banquet wi'l be
prepared ?n0 partaken of by the Presidential party. Subse?
quently. It I? expected tbut the President will take a drive io
the Outrai Park, returning intime to receive a lertutdo in the
The eicort of tbe 1'reiident from the nattery to the City
Hall, and then??? through Broadway and Filth ave., will oou
ant of the .nure Fuit Diviiion under the command of
Major-Gun. Sandford, wbo ha. niued th? following:
I'.'? '?I' *? ORDER.
" lliinniABtia., Fiait l-viuo*?. N. O S. N. Y., I
Niw lo?* Au/, J., iswi (
" (ll?IBlL OaOBIi N'a 3 ?(lineril Order? No ?, under dit? of
the ZJd tustsul, aie beten? c lunturuisiuted.
" Ihn ?ntlie divi.iou will pertil? no II edn?*d*y neil, th? U?th iu
il.1.1 r,r ti,? i? rptiun of Iii. rr.aileut of tbr lulled "?tir?..
" 11. ? ,11?uioii line will b? formed on Broadway, with the right an
Ratler ?pla,;*, ti 11 o'clock ann Tbo Cavalry Lri|tJ? will foriS lu
Lattin ) -iCav?. wiib Itie il*lil co JJioadway, al iba tam? hour, ia ei-sJn
Bfic*>1l*r (Jen Ti artet will detail t '?ttclirueot from th* Firat Rear, I
o em , t trt|l?ry to hi* th? l'rr?,,l?n''i ?aim? fr uni th? Hat-., ry upou
hi* ni lui?. 1 h* reehiii* of ti.* ?nat Arti.Lrry will parad* dilu-ouutad,
wltb .ide arma only
" i ',? lis* of much will b* ap Bi ?tdwty tod Ptik row I? ? t.? City
lilli, wliar? ti,? hoBotlof ? merchin- ii.u'e will b? paid lo II. l'rs.i
dent by the DivleiM. Tbenee up liio-lwiy lo Tw?uty thud at , auJ
down II fin it*, to Deltnoui.o's.
"Tu? CocnrniMarv-Ornerai ??.Il liau* the ammunition tir the ?a'ut?.
'Ili?.i*/ p'ttt Broadway, i'ark-row, and Kid!, avelina ti* d*?i?0!?
ted ta th? paraJ?-|fouod of th* Dirleton dunn, tb* ptttd?, lud will
b? kept cUar tiuoi curb to curb. By orJ?i ol
? Majot u.urtal (siam W. SavaroBB. '
The dlrtaloo lia* will b?-formed at U o'elook, and tb* ??v?
ur?l tiri.?d* line? at IO o'clock. Tb* regniiont* will iteovo at
9 JO from their asaembliug pointa. The following additional
order* bare barn ls*u*d
Ila iiavictavtBt ? las? Batatas C?v_lht, N (J. S. N. Y., 1
Nbw-Vobk. A n, a, 1-ifi I
(ItttRKAL ?ianiBI No !.?In aecor.lance with diviilun ct-ert lins
bri-vJ? vail. ptrtJa in luL uuii'orni on \V?_i.e?dty. An?. ?B. io*?., to
tal? patt in He reaagliaa of ti ? ?'resident ol th? L'ul'.d Milla too
MM U? v?n. I.? vtitliiii Inn,pinn I'trk. al 19 o clock *. ui. By
ord*? cf ?B' ok? rom.?.. B.-..a,ln r Omttetl
H??nyil?T?H* lIBST lariBTBT. N. ?. S. S i . I
HUWBIIII /.OCAVBSI S I? i uki Au ' lal Ja, 1 IS* (
Rloiai.NTtL (Ililli .So. I -In pur.mu ? ol bruttd? urden No.
?, dalrd Auta.t li, 1HW>. this K?|lni?ut wul parade In f ?I. tu Lunn,
I?.J and elad ii,uunt?d. on IVelaeeaV? next, tie Jttb tuata-t. fi lh*
rrr.ption of th? l'ieeidrnt ol lh? (. i..trd *)'al?*. K*?du>?Bta. lie? will
ki fe raw I na Fifth ????. ruht ra.tiua- *a I'rtirt? eulah .'.. Ulta.,
pr.xlt.iy Th? B*id ?nd ?ttlf will report lo the Colonel tt the triuorj,
li leen luHaul?? ??foi. th? hour of formalioo. By order of
Jon? K PiBLRT. Li-iiiint C, lioel Coui-itnding.
HaatXiCtBTBB?, Mcoao ??oimixt N ti m, n, V , ?
N?WIO?B. Au|,l*l'll, Innr. (
In pi'iiance ?f diviaion tod bri.sd? or,l?r* the uftiieri and meta
bera ,,( tin. et aniian,! ar? hereby unUied to a,.embie at tbrir armory
on \V?,l???.l?y tli? 1'tth in.t . st 8 I* o'rock, a ?u, fully unit ira e 1
(?hit? ?lu???l, (,, joie li, th? ?*.-.>rt to bi? Ki -?l:*i,,:y, -.li? I'r-i. I ",|
ni lu? l nc.J Stile?. Regimental lia? will b* loruird al 9 ,,'c.u a a_
io . on Brv.nth at., nihl reinnf ou Hal'-hrr Kirld _.J ,-,rT ? li
I, |, it. m ,autrd. to the t o-lunel, at 1:1), bimi uni ?o?.-couiu.:..i,,,-y
? lall to tL? Adjutiot it tb* tem? hour By order of
'lHottj- M. Bttu,i i.uoi.? .
llftOQCABTIBI VktBBjIB /.?ftvirt 1
ggf Focbtb Jliai-asr. Ioiktb Hkioii,*, Ii-it Dir?an,
Nsw loan. Au;-..'.'., I ??.,. )
UlsiBiL (JnOKBl No. 9 ?I c mplianc? wita ?ie.aeral ?Jrd-n .to.
I, li?t !pi?it?t* lu,' 1'iti.i, N. U. .??. N. V A,.; i?t .'?. i ,'*,. 'i.:,
tisiniriu v.iii ptrtdu in lull uclfuru., willi v?!n'.e ,iui?, ou VV?Jn??
day. ti? J>h J,? uf Auttuel neit. fir th? te ?pilon ut tn? l'ie?ld?ut
ol ib? I'bi'in? ttataa. K?*lu.*utul lu? v?i!l ii? f?im?'l In <!-.*? loo*?
atiert, ti|ht lettiii. ob Bio? 'way. at J o'clock a. ni. TI:- ne J ?nd
atad win ?putt, niot?ited. lo ? , on.wandlet ofiii'rf, tt tli? aru.ury
r- i ,- , i i ii . Ti ? ti.oi coaudt.inod itali uni b?: J, ?i re
"i? Adiu'tnt it lil oi. ( omi?ae? tai 1 *??eui.,.? ti *i|Lt
*. ui. By outer tt
i.irui.nf.? Cuy,,*' uocld li. THoar, < ? ucuv..'. ut.
ilatuii'caaTEBi.SlviSTu RBBIBBBI N. " I. V. Y . .
Maw lo??, ti? i? i-*?:.?. (
(JlSEKtL "BD?B? NO. 6 ? !. la I*-,ii,|,lillie? will, Jill.lou tud Dli|
*.. or,Irr?, thi* i-.-i , mt ?ill pirtdtiiiti.il UBitnio? (wit'iou: kntp
? I, ka), no l\ ?duraj.y. J .?li iu.'. Ki ti ol , .pan ira tt 1 I."
0 r.... ? i. iii. field ?n* ?tall wt.l r.port lo iii* I ol. ?< 1, tnd bauilnd
drum CoIpi will t.porl tu Ci? A.ljutaill. Il S:.?' u du * t. lu?
ll lil. niianalwlll parad? m full nilli* (wiUteat ki.tpat. ki), on
V. rlnrafliy Sept. J. ena will J. ill it iompiiu. ..? iii? iii huuor of
til? i-olu|,l|.'llu,l nf Ihe oeW City l'?l?d? UlunilA Uoe 0.11 tt u,,|i|?
bVmbI lo I 1 p in. ried ?nd slot! wi. i. port lo ti ? ( eV io-, and
Urabi i? II irpi.rt to th? AJj itabi. J Ita'a-i k p in.
lh. ith Kejiiri.nt de.ire? in thi. p .!,!. u.aau.r In ?i ?now'edce it?
Ipprreittioa ol tn? uiuultuei e and l.her.lity ol our nob!* Mty to It?
?Sa i i.? i.u.td, and tn i*lill, to ti.* |,rnui|,t and salis a tory mini *r
in ?h. li t! r wuil ?f prei??rl,.| 'Iomikini-?.(u?r* for military pu.
1 ,... 1 li?, taren pe'lurill"?! by lh? Mirri Heptltl,!'-lit. Ill? Hun, I
Mayo Jaka T li ?mbwM tevuwih* rat?ian ilT**jgklfeaafa??a,
at i o , lock p te.
III. l'ior.,J..liii (' (??'?on M. I?, l?te (*ur|*on if l'il'?d Oboim
\ uluB'-eri, b.vltij b'CO ippoiu.rd Mircrun nf UIii re(.inrut, will b*
ooeycJ a-J rv.pr It! ?c?tilU|!). llsiik Aui'i?! I, I ??iii.
By '?I ,l-r nf > ??! 'Ht: ???'J? < LABI.
li ?aecn tar ??i Nimvh RKSiatar, N. ?J. t). N. ,., i
Nsw Yoi?. Aii|u?t ii, I8tjh. I
(?BBRBAL Obo?B< Bo?T In ol'? K-ii, ? lo urarra fruin Hill?I?
llrtal |i ,ri?rs, th? ntlc-r? and .n?n uf i?ii. r??iui?tit will un ,,u ? at
Iii? .nu al .1 l'wu'T ?till ?? . "i, vV ?,l . ij?y morili?, Ai (nat Ja),
In lull niiiu.-iu (?rl:|i? |luveal. lor pera?!? lud r*v!?w by til? Pren
d-I.loft.el lilted rStltes. Ho : ,-? I , : ,-oii.paiiie? it S a Bl. pr? la. .,
Pie'J an J .'.alf lui,-iii.tr J?, bau ! and ilium , oip?. wi 1 ?port at ?__?
tlu.o ?lui pace. BynrJer t Col. J. li. ?? ILCOX.
lisTigcABTBB. j:tbR?hib?!?t, Ni. UN. T.. I
.V|*i ekI. .-.,l|ii.l IValal, I
(-Jixib.il ClBorai No. IO?In compv.no. with dltiaionTuc) bri|a.l.
cid*?, ihn i??jiiii.'i.i win piriil.. on \V.ilu?*,)ty. JV?h tu?t.. to lite
part lu lh? rreepll.ai uf Hi* I'retiJent of Iii* 1 oited St?t?_ Lui? ?i 1
b. fort ed at ti.? Aim ry ?I '. ?'|I?M ? ?? CoUip*i.y ro.l cai.e tt ?
?leutcr b?iu,??J o',i>i-k K-lal tnd iiarf?ill pana* mounud. Nob
,-,-uiinii?iiiiieJ, ita-, band land drum eui pa wili lapoit to lh* Adjutant
llHkuiiu.-t. Bymdrfcl Col. Wa. li. P.RKAB
HBttrtlUABTBI*. 19TH ls?Atn?T. N. U fe. N. V., {
Baw inn di tt. UM. I
ti?!?R?*L ??BDBBI?No. *'?1 ' it le.imaul wl.l ptiuciptt? lu tb*
?eeption of th* l'te?id*nt of til* L'ni'.td Mais* uu \\ e.l..e?il*?. '.,.?
ABB I i.t. Th* a*ver?l ?no,pt. .ri cuu,prj.:u| th* ian.? wi3 th?iefor?
?tirail,.? in full enilutui at to? ie|iu.eBi*il ainioiT, tt Ui o alack i. u.
,,u tl.it Jay Rr|'.iiiri>tal Lu? wi I luiui li 9o clerk t. ui prtciaely.
Kii.il ind ?tri, nmuut'il. will ?port lo tit? I o.<???1. and th? non can
n,i*.luu?il ?'?ti and Bal? munn t? tb? Adjulanl, ii ti.* uni?:>, al S
Mala?11 ?- ?u. r*r ui.irr
Addiio? F_Bj.ib*bth. Colon*! Coaiaia-dln|.
lliiniacaai-BBi, 'JAta Rboimbhv, N 0. ?. N. Y , l
SSW VaBB. A l|U?t ti. itoti. i
l!(l*B_- I'IM.t-No. 1" In ,-.a.,plian, e w'.'h diviatoB and
hu.? i- ard*?*. Oin r*|iiiieut wi.l para,I? on \Va?]n?nilay, JSth instant,
I. [ail , if ne iu 0,? iiurpriog nI hu 'e a MiaBag ?"? Paa.J.it al tue
t nit d ?lae?. Tb* lil* ottnaja (sill ?port with ?huir tttpcctlt*
euiiitiiaii.li to 'h. eon -iiudtul ot l! ? r*|iiiiriit iu the Nrvv H*|iBi*j>tal
Atttany, Na ii* Stub ???.. b'l.Hii Tiarty-siilh n J Tb rty ,*?Mitn
Sis., It nins n'cloik, s. m pirciaely. 1 ti* l?:d tnd I'll. uiuuiit*?l. anil
lupotl to :b? I'uiiiinauilaiit, MM* '.mi? tad pltc*, lh? nim-coiioiiiniunail
?Uland m iel lene will repoit to Actin| AJiiUat, Lieut. J,,lan ?r mm,
al bib? a ni. pr?. Itsly. It? ? nirtila. im? will ha lu-?:*J al "J *. ii' ir?
.-:?... y i uval??adtutt ol couipaiii?! ur? dlr?ct?d to mik? raturai?!
t.1 ibteute?? wuLIb Ita d*y? du?i'h* la ? of lh* partJ-. By ,Mn,
rats? MiKiLov, I i?,iyli !. .'.m in'iad ni.
A lalat? will b? tired by Battery li, Foal K*|ln*ot of Ar
till*ry, at th* Battery, on tb? ?rnval if it* Preinleut. Tha
entire regitniut vail parad? aniPormed Ba4 equipped.
The military diiplay oannct fail of LetBf a du* one, and will
form ULe of UI null iiitrr?ting leatifVea. f tie ct.cyl.ou.
ill llHl DtaONHIIi-iTlOM.
Kow far civil tocieues will partigipate in ike reception Ma?
not l?e iletliiit'ly ?talcd aa yet. I ?A L'omt-oo Council wi.t bold
a i.a o' lag tin ?itrnieam, at w11 ,t tullalie rttoluti a.i ? 'li be
olf.Ted ?*.d aleta Ukeu to urrfcat the prograuitu? el r eepiiosa.
_lot-,rs. A. T. Stewart. Klc?a.|d Schell, and ?'. M. ?isrrisoc.
coot.lint? the r.imaiitte? of '..in/ens and Marchant? who btv?
?learned the etitir? rust i f ?at4., entertuliiiuent? of tha ocCKlon,
the eitr? BMBta for the military and o;h?r incidental txpaai e*.
1 l.o 1 ire l)?|a?itiiii?iit I, not ?xp??cted lo paiode. Xgt Tem.
inn'.) ?soi iel), li* I.a? L'ttt. ?tilled i?i.l nut take patt ia Iba re?
ception. ,
A. u ? ' 'it. , b1 ? *, ? ? II r- '.?'..-,.. I... M or, Sat
? o- ig to arraagi part in tit? i?
About ?Kal i.: '? it. 1 Bel? ,:? .ni No tit bau' ntl
'i: '
, . ....v.g.a_..i, via ai.-.li l"S bgaa.
?Ma ap
called for tin? ?ft?moon fir the nari???? of eitnodag ?a i??l
1 almi: to the Pr-?ld"iit ?" visit Itiookl'O ou hu OOBtag toot.
on iH'iant'.tT
the dlstlngniahe?! party will tear? Maw Tort by O o rere m aat
1' mi earlt on Thurtday aorniag for VTaot PMfct at MM
elae?. "?*?? wi" b? ? p?r?d? of the ?*de?i ?ad a ?Bllati?? Ta?
j. ,rty ?Til tMili ha? ????t two Bonn a?I .Usa ar????l to
A *-**? *
Mratgraaaa?? f?r ik? K-??biI?b la B-lta.
" delphi?
I'HlI.lDF.H-UIA A'Ig M. Ilte.
>> _. ?ro buin_ mad? f ?r the re?-?pl???a of tha
Pre-o-ralioni TaW?l^SaTW M?.ade ?latelay a
Prosi-eut oo Jue^ "I sn j,_ ,/?,, -.Ju?
ried an order to the WJ^?? . appropri?t? mi'.Urr
lo?cnt_?p? V^4rt4 ?"
tireaini.riertsd tbTcc_m_, <*?? ??'Vi V?T-Rma^T0.??
and l.?rbor, ?nd Brevet Bn ' 1?.,,.n ^ A .IM*,?-^>VV
commanding officer?! Ph.l?d' ***-** ??"?Re7
? ill act a? ??cort to tb? Pnaid? ,-*__.?'1'f , t'. ,* W,?
forn.e.1 ou ovory occaaion of a I ^^t_"tfi ?_i_I,r l?
eitr. A m-s-ti.g of marchanu b ^J^nt ? tL-t?ui?.
morrow to. laka _a?iurea for the Pi ^*i f TH^ _Ta
It will la held at the Eiehange, the B? X_i_?_M?
alleged, having ref..?*d ti ? u*e of their . ^??y.?lj^,
pots. It i? believed that th? ?ty autbon omTC-?
part in the reception, no meeting of the v_
j having yet been railed
C*rt-apon?l??i-? ?f Tia E T Trltwaa.
EuaA-a Eau?, A?tte *A tatm.
The ?xodo? of the RTami Pronidential cartraa a tia
greet ev?nt sow tiud?r di?c???ioa bara " Mr Hommri omi tme
old maa" bare arranjad, throngn tinlr anelarM ??te. te a ra
caption hare, aal ? bau M lb? lateraatiuB-i I? wbBk IM
.-vjlcadtof o(Hce?iaker? and odie? bolitrr? wtE b?r?a?aa>
portuuitv io dttplay their patullar talent ?f cbangtof tidM ?M
jumping Jin Crow. ._
Th? card? of inrikartoa ?milrae? tia b?b-*? of aabitMa?
politician? fiom tha neighboring cities, and ttkmti of Bao?i-???
here, who Wire not oon*?lied with regard lath? aa? Of tt?ilr
namee. -?-a-*??
Already th? kangry ?warm of otto? hoM-r? ra'gia"-?"?gaui*
their name? at tb? hotel?, ?nd the ?.PrMitaeat of Holla
White'? Hank is a?rih?ting the t?raciooa crowds
Thi? i? ? great Blaoe for pic mo? To-day iheae m**JAtmt,
trtim Lockport. rfpeneerpoi t and lists via, witMB nuntter at
least 5 'ssi ??opie. an?t make th? uland? very I rely and gar
k driver? ware arreatad yesterday for air atteoi_>t I?
kill one of the laborer? la tbo pip ?r mil.'. He ?N brauB*r
hualen aud Ins at the point of de ita. ila aat?I?U M?
chained to the floor of the lock up.
Til? hotels are uot crowded, bat but? ? g-odly ?aabttr.
The Indian ?torc? continue to humlag the groe-i oe?s. a*4
everybody here ?eem? to regard tniteler? M gomea, who ara
only i. .nilli for their fuather?, anti tber? a * geaarai dapoM
ti.iu to pluck theiD.
OonsiuVrablo interest ia felt in the mttrh for tha
championship of I'"iiu?v!i ar.ia. Wbtoh will take pla?;? em kbo
?Hb. la Philadelphia, between B. .1 Plunkett, the ?i ???al
champion, and Victor Kstephe. Hoth players bara m*aa m
constant practice, and Plunkett recently made a ra? ?I aroa
ME Kstephe, In ? gam? of 1.000 point?, with K. T. Ktait ??.
champion, and one of the most prom ist rig of Aa-no?Ma~M?.
recently made two runs of upward of 4*00. ?ad a ai/4 ?a
nearly 400. Eatept.o's ?racially It the French game, ka wktess
be was pert-sp- nioro ?uoceasful tl.nu any ot oar other piayw?
with the intiu?-.bl? Carmo, wade Plunkett, ohief ?tr??gtB a
in th? " path ?hot.' _
TaR Illki-S or Dbae Kichmobo.?Deaa Utck
mond, es?]., who for ?orno days ha? boen lying dangorouH<*g
ill at tito rosi dence of Mr. Samuel Tilden, No. 15 QtAmetey
place, ii ?till in a very precarious condition. Be la st?<sr
ing from 8?taie of the haart and kidney*. Dra Mi?*?
Van Btiron, Metcalf and Parker held a consult?t.?-? y-a
terday, but his attending physician?, Drs. Blakeman ?Vi
Clark, have very little hope of hil racoTory.
- mm ?
The Navy Departmaot hat received inform .?Ion of UM leam
of Col. Henry M. Blue at Charleston. 8. C , oo the 9M ibsi
I.'.a-'i? -Com. Hluewas on duty ia the U- S Meaner _aoaaiaal
the time of hi? donh._^_
Hut Ila? Thread:
A? th? r" Ml-- ?lr?sdy koo?, ?lie " Heil Stria j ktirhtni" aeraamPf
??tluead. This glTet It niiuy importas? edr?i.te|?i, l?v > of ?SB??
are J.? ri'i?d? .. ?li? [a ?. ibI ?J -???.taa? of th? JudaX. a U ?
[TBS' " la... 1 tub Tllli -It. til?!? ? .ni?
" It ti?..? h;l.??? thread ; and Ihm ??ol i? the i.e ?wattt tto coaaH
cs?e I oi ?aoliu.eiy?wbi?-b it iw|?nr?d f ?r I" a tin -? I,"
IliiiiA.rt.au /tom the ip.iol, winch make? ii onc.Oimi? te
re-mini ti, thr-ail?a?., a..???! in a ehotHt '"'
T.) these tli.y tdd thirty thru other r*amyat-erka tai Wai ra h.
Gibb, .a lu? Bav-r.' tito ' Amport.''- Aim.
_?i?? ?? Th? Trihiia?.
llOper iniium, |0 tor iii monttw.
Mail irjbsoribers, loopy, I year?104 nnmberi.|4 OB,
Mail lubscrirara, 3 copies, I year?104 auatar?. Tua
Hail subscribers, 5 oopiM, or orar, for ?aoh copy. J OB
r?r*ons remitting for li) oopiet Ah), will reoeite aa extra oopg
for 6 mooth?
P?r?on? r?mlMiag for 13 oopim 14*. will rece.v? ?a ?Mr? sottr
one year.
Bail ?ubMhber?, ainile cory, l year??W number?.ga IE
Ead subscriben, clibtoffiv?. 9 ta
fen copies addriMi.'d to name? of lubicriber*. IT 34
Cwsnty copies, addressed to ua_M of ?u!>*cnueri. 34 JO
r?o oople?, to ou? ad ii reis. 16 OB
twenty copai. to oo? ?ddre**. 30
A a ?lira ti'jj w11? be met tot ?soo ciub ol' tata.
Adair?-? TUB TRI.'UN'.'. S?W Trk
BfRR? Is ?hi? etty, on 8"iB<_y, keftat M, Cstnaitta ?ut- erne? a
yasi? sod o Bnaavths.
Th. irit'iv.t and f i. oia of lb. family ?re invit?t lo s?? ?n.l tata
t.nriil. th a iM.iii?l?y) afteiiiojn, ?I I o c1 r-k, froa her Ula? f?s_.
ttaa.".. No. 16! Hula^r. a?
Providi-i.c* p?(r.r? piaat-st copy,
BAMt?E-U ihl? city, eu rildty ?teuln-, Aafiut M, Al?a
Bara-r s^ert 80 y s sis.
TI ? .riilivra and Irieuds ot th* ftaily sr* r?ap?-?fal'y inrltndUB
' >!.al li * final.I, from ?ii. mid.nea of Mrt. Coi. Eiriaua VY nUU.
N. ! ?" Li. ?ney at, ob Moaday a?ternoDia. st I ? clock, wUkte
1 irtti.r uot le?.
BATTFY?In Bmoklyn, on ?etenth 4?y. the 13th Inrt-.-f tyahoia
rn.umt/Bia. -I.nbetb K., dia^htti ot Jonathan lad ABB* betley,
iu lb? 1Mb yea of dei a??.
FF HOI ION?Ia Brooklvn, on Sainrdty attemoor, a-._, iii IS, t.llea
li ii. in, widtaW of Iii* U.? Daniel r*r-u*on, lu ti.? iotii jaat ot hat
Th? relt'l?*? asd fri?nde ?re re?p?rlfi'!y tntitM to attend |h. faaaeral.
on Tu?attay, Alua at t?. ?1 li a clock a. in.. Barn Bl. I'sul. COmpol.
c aurr atiro'adwsy and* Itou-il., i*iew fork.
H.*HK?S ?I? Landon, Kns'and. on Sstiirdvy Aufaat li. Mar?
Vrame?. d??|bter of Jtaie? aud Marty Usina of Mwriasois, W?*t
l-l.r?'rt I'oUQly. H. Y.
fAOaEB >.*4-At Jtoisii-s. It I., on Thurs?y, A ?-uat ti. Job Jackeoa.
?i-l. I
Tu. l?nula of th. family and of bia brother, John C J?*l?oo, *>. ra
IB.??lu y invited to ?Head til? faa.ial. without further inrllatisi??,
si th? Kpiascaipsl i'hnrch. Jamaica on Monday tb. Itih ia?., m ki
k The bott l??Tln| Jtuiea-a'ip Kerry it ! ?g p m eat
1 ' r-, : "iun-a terry st J 45 c"na.at witt th? Utla o'tb*-oa?
la.and Kailrvtd Imvibs Hnntei'a FoUlal 4 u clock. Bistui?if, _?
mm learss Jamaica ?II: J5 p. m.
KIRKWOOD?At Yonkeri. on Sut?iy sftrroooa. A >|ia M, Ma
It??. K iii?: t linkwood, ?sod 71 yara.
Fuerel a.rvic. will be held al tb- Weitu,?it? Charch, Yoaks-s. at?
T'a.adty the Mit lou., a; 4 p. na
LYN. ' I? Al farr rraidme*. ia Khlnrhtck. ob Sun Jay. AajaU B.
Janr t. Ti lolaoo, widow of the isle J .d-r Lynch of New-Vota BBat
d?8_th'?r of th? lau Dr Thama. TI!, ?taon
Tb. r? tit??? tad frisodt of lb. family tia? !*ep?c4fuly Irqi.^al U ok
?end in't >ii?r. ?arv. e?, ob Tu.-?d*y ti.* J :n li a", ii '1 .".-I .A.
f. m th? ('lunch of iii. M?nUh, BhtBrtack. withoB fairthe? ao-lt?.
Si i Ti HILL? At Pelham, oo Salad?y. Au,mt li, Ssm u*i K Ia.
Mila)?II, ???dalo y.*r?.
To? reiinv.? and frirod? *re tntited I? attend the raae-tl. ?I lh?
PplKiip?! Church, N?w Boen? I?, oo Tue-day tit? te? in_ all
?. a. i ?.-rta?? w11 b. in waitui? al ?be Ar.it. Th. tra?a lava rim
N.w llavrn depot, 'i'wsaty-Mventli el., New York, al 1 >) s. ia .
rai mi mi from New Rochelle st li ft, p. ni.
ROBERTSON-AI New Orles-?, ob rJaiadsy Au|?a li Alb?-? Ro?
artaoB, aou ol' Jam?? muA Mary A. RoDtiHtn. o? Piieksk?-. ?(.??1 M
Rii.VLkNIi- On S?"ird?y. Aa-uat ?, i'ipi Joh? D. Rj?ltad. i?
the 'Ulli year of his tfe
iilt inend?, ?lan the frirad? of bia brol'irr-ln law. Ab?! VVttn'on. ?tat
I ? ri.pli.sta. Ab.I YY'beaton, jr. and I B. S ta olary, ara reaaet
f ?Hy inviied to tttend tb* faiaral. on Tu**4iy ih? Mth uni. a I
ia' 'lo-? p or.. Iroui the Btplist Chunh, ia Twenty aUflitli it., aaaat
RICK IRD-Ib B nhwlck Ancua! II, Patrick Rl-kirl, tssidU :
Ni'tit-a of ftneral in Tueadiy a p*p- r?.
Special Katices.
?..I I lie lllflelHl Liiirriiiiiril I ?lilian:
BK4.DY Tillo MURMYii
Tim Edition hu besa rompiUd ?nd piinted by a ?p?cU1 rwaataBtm
of C'ou-r???, iindei the direction of th. I'ommitiioclcT of lata<nal
Frvitm?, ii.d contiiai ALL TI1? LAWS Infere. Ase. 1, IMI-a?
v?riaa i Ait? bein? au trrtn ;?d it to allow pre. i?r!y whtt the It? la M
th. i i.irnt tin',? v*. iib Kip,an .'.oi) aids No4-* tia! ? very f-__i '-iii.
Th* Arr?n??i_enl of ?objettt la kbit OBcisl Coiapiltll ? will bat
fa.ti.nd auprrior lo an? ..?! ?r sat th. Work Trrini etaeaied by t*<?
ii -'mat! Rartau. Depsrtuiei.l, r.od.r? Mil? t'_iniu 1. ? Moat t?ll?>a
a ?-re.. I. to *h? pnbli?.
LAWtKK.S e.pawU Iv, abou'.d bl*? th? ??Bletti flor?miMit MB
linn. Lui? D.-.ttso. Piper covers. Krire, 7S . ts. !".nl by roati ?mam
r?.:.B4 of pria-a. B.lKEB. \ OORIIIS 4, < ?.. Law P?a?lat??!?.
_be. fliV....... N,. fath.
Ne-T-?late? (.ray*.
The paat ind pr-Mnt ueniben of Be New-Hat?? Oray?. ha*?
d.!*'niined to c*l?br?'? the IlflUlh Aiauivnaary o? lb? oritni
of 'h* Compsny, whlco oea-nrs ob th. 1'ltb day of
' 'h. Compaay. whlco oavm? on th. 1 Itb day ol .* attaajkvmi ter ?a,
Th? .ni.mini* of Arrsrweinruit w?, lid cordial y knvkM Uf?s past
ni. a. bu, to b* pirtrat a the c.lvbl?ionon 'ht? dir.
Th. a-a.i. iie? will ?-orniil of * fi ?je. s dhn^r. iba? de (?tr_ of aat
bia-or itl ?ddreaa. aai In tb. .ten if a pro?r-mAe ?-avaeaxl.
T!.. i tit meuihetstie ?..?aeateai ta, meet at tha Ortyt' Jtouiowy, Cel?
ias ? h a. I Ja L al it o'clock a. m? al thst day.
81DN-? M STONE. CbMrovw.
IViLltA? Ki*s?. B?rr?tai?
"'l'alan liri??ral i'ammBtoe.? A~Sb?.U1 M.rrinf < * ti,,. CtmZ.
Bli?'., w I :.r tr 1 ti 11 ? lilal?_ ta-11. ?III?! HlOtaJwsy ?dal T?|B|J
?ax?ud ii., oa MUNDAY lltKNlN.J. Anai.l IT. IMS ti ? ? ,-looh.
? -_ .1 ?'?'-*?-'?? MCHrHX. ?teBBMB.
Hbubt M Hytblat, Come. M. Uti.l, .?..ulaiiat
THE I'I,-;? iN EXEtTtrriVE VoMMITTEE wi!! ?Mttm on ?Bat
ian. Kve,.,?? .tit ,,',-s,. ?. OWEN W BRENNAN. Cus? rat??.
II. H.Jj??_at. CuiH. Hau. ge?n:aiii _
aa)-? ?Su?r*? ?ialte?. "
haing .-ad, Ila boain.-a* ?iii be <aata??| M
~??^e?-?_?? ??r t?? a?aa~B- fa.??? ?r~D?r^Tt?
M lu'. IL TAIN EXTRACTOR ; It U th? mott rapid out? tot. Bara?
kuihe world, (urea TI ?a. Corn?, lUuion*, Old Beta. ' ,ka BM
?a.n mid Brulsra, u If by a_*lr. Try it. Twenty St? *?/iti t bos
fot/ by Draithta.
Cbi? a. jaie I. IMA
We har? est?bil.hed ? It ran? h of ???. H??a? M
Yok,.l..".t. Iipii.. Al'ltl'.tTlEE '/EAtn fe Co.
St. I i..n. 1? Xavker'a (-?lle?r, Ntw-Yt"^ . tiv . *? . ii??
will bo i.iumrd st tbo abova ivtui.d leO.!?f.. ou _?|<JNIIA Y. t?op4.in
tin I__^
Wla?, Taapiii ?ml Orir.EasliI Hair
H ra , ia.?ty han 4ys ind hail i?. nu 1'" ,-i ai llijwn, til ttutiee M
,V? A. K.lit II! I..ni -i N . I-. I? ..d?'
Cl.ilhe? -.Vrliiaem I ?J ki d. ?Ul'AIKI I) by lh. ?Aj?????;
YY -, .|l \ I ANU Yl|tliHa,i.\a .'?.VtlllM. la^iUANlt Ki- ki

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