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VOL- XXVI.IS?- 7,921.
By the Atlantic Cable to the ,7th inst
The Platform of Manhood Suffrage
Austria Called Upon by Italy to Restore
the National Belies Carried off
from Venice.
The Ban Liberals ledan ia Favor
ol' Union with Piussia.
More Popular Demonstrations in Honor of the
l-nit-ed ?State? i-?bais8y to Russia.
l-ummrrrial, PiniDfiil and Marinr Intelligent*.
I.K-4T Billi 'Al "I.
-be? 4',r.nl It. tim .Tie? lias in Binn ?"?ghan*?
'Vhr PUliotaa at .Tliiakio-U Mull?a^? tal ?pi si
?_???? Bright ?apporta Ihr Plfitf-rrw.
liiiiMiM.UA-, Knjr.. Monday. Aug. 17,
I?I It? tam display iu Ihi.-s city tti-day mu- ?_'r..i,.l,
B?.i. pa*F??l off without a riot or disturbance ol any
??. uni, yy?mj _? had lii.n t ? ? .-?.?in?- txtool h|."ir?"lii nil? ?1
Many thousands of people wen- ]?r? - ?ait. Tlit? plat?
form adopted by tin: : uni;.use ii?eiiihlago in in favor
?>f rr?idetiti<il inaiihootl suffrage, .lohn Ilrijilit de
).",?r?-?l an addre's ibis evening ni ?upport of tho
plat foi ni.
The Treal- ?f Ftntt Al?obi Id? a tirai -ith
Ike Ori.iDok rrilirninnin? Dri.nl? ?-fal i?,
-e Pabli-bf? lill Aller Hsiil.isiie? by All
the Partira la Ibe 'I ram?.
Berum, Mob-'.iv ? reniiig. Ang. 91
I lUiu'.ion las U-i-n n-ci ?wil here win. h induces
Ihe general belief that the articles-of the treaty 4?f
fi?ai"?3 ?igned at Trague are almost ??Jentical with the
original prrdiminari??? to -tenee iiitiTi-hai;ig?ii at
Nikolt-burg on the ???tb of July. The dotaiUot the
treaty will uot be made public, however, Atti] '.< i?
ratifie?! by all tbr ?partie") involved.
Awalria Rr??irr4 by lb* Ilaliaa 4.e**ramral I?
K. ?t?rr lb? Bfatieaal K. It*..
ViOR?CE, August .'
?itn. Mouabrea has ??.kid ou Austria to restore the
-?tiona] l?ics and ?ibjtvcu of art from ??"nice, includ
ing the iron crown of Lombardy.
ft A YO* Y.
Th? l.i-r-ral Parly Declares ia Pa,at ,.1 Ma? ,
???awl lararaaraciaa with Praaaia.
l.rirec AngTiMStT, 1866.
The inecting of tbe National I.il?er*l party has
rei-olved that fitiony ought to be iiitorporated with
L-iraic; Monday, Auguit J*. leC6.
A large and influential meeting has been held in
this city, which deilared in favor of a union of the
K11 gdoui I'fSjMiiv with Prussia.
Papalar D<?_???.raliaa b1 *!??< ew aal .'Vam?.
rai la Ena ?I the I aurel Mlalra l.ank??.?y
- IMaarr? a?? Bprrrkra.
St. Pitebb?-.?ti, Augui! H m m,
ll.e -cited States Enibas-y met with a hearty re?
tention on ?he route to Mo tow, where they were
leeeived with distinguished honor.?, ami entertained
at a grand banquet.
At Novgorod the Eaballj al-o were the re?. [piaattal
?-?UTailar attentions, and honored with a grand ?linner.
MObOOW. Saturday. Ang. Ma lett
There wai? a creal popular demou?tratiou here to?
day ia honor ot the American guest". Arnon? the
feature? wa? a dinner by the Mutual Support ('lui..
Speeches were made ?S* di-tingio-hed person-. A?
stotant Secreiary Toy ?aid tli.it the t.ile >?. the (lu,
must be emblematic:! 1 ol the relattoB?B_r_ aliste?]
Ir'-itci: l,'u?sia and Aineri?J.
Ihr tasargrai? ia Siberia Orgaai/iag a Military
Bl !'! ii K-Bl BO, At* ML ?9*?*>.
.W*. i .in BJbaria ?mt?-? th.it the iaturgeali have
?rgai.i/ed ti ve rquadion?, par! ?I I?MB I ill ?I
?lineAiid the tatt with ?avthi?.
(fatlial l.i* Aballaba? la lb* Mataib-Wrel.
fir Pi i?B?nl,l'*., Sifurd I :*it>.
Martial iaw lia? he.-ii .ilKilmhed in all the (lov.-rn
ineat? in fU *-4)iith-\Vc?t exci-pt t-BW,
torjMi HI 1*1 lil? PI.YA.Y4 IAI.?
? >?rrp?M?l C'aliaa Harket.
I iiRro?i M .i.lny Lr-niu-. Alf. :'. ItfE
]_e(otton i??t~act i ..??>?> ?teady. TIM MBM it*
#?y were IO.?? bale?'? Middling Upland?
I i?rrpt?l Bt". a?B?BM. .Market.
1 ivnirool Mofi!.,?) Ktrniiii', Antj It, MM.
1.? Hi.aiM'iff? ninrkei ia tint and price?
B?.?-B?i ?iib a?5eaBa?r?l ?*?.*.!. v.
Liter reel l'reti.iea .Warkrl.
Livrait?oi., Monday ?.?.Ding. Abb 57, iif-t.
The proti' on market if quiet find penr-rally ivn
Ll?rrp??l Predoir Marl?, t.
LiviarooL, Monday tvtniDg, Aog. 57, )f?i>r?.
There ?8 no change of note to report in the produce
market, rieept for Tallow, which i? firmer, holden irkini an
ad vane*.
I end?** ?tlaaeiy ?lariat!.
LSBMB. Monday E.emng, Auf. 77, l?K*J.
The London money merket is eahier, and an id*
.?nee of i per cr nt in conioli. The closing, (?notation for
money ?v ne 89.
I"'"??? Merariiir?.
The market for American eecurities continue*, firm,
and Erle and Illinois ?hare? have advanced. The closing quo?
tation? am U. a Five Twentie? 12; Erie Railway iharri ggk?
Illino!? ?'mirai ihare? 78J.
Qfi FJ??TOw\, M.indoy Evening, Ang 57, ittd.
The st( iiiiiship Tarifa, from New-Vork August 15,
arrived at thi? port tbia afternoon, and proceeded on her
voyage to Liverpool.
Lomdokuerbt. Monday Evehiug. Aug. 57, IK??.
Ibe ?team?! ? Mora.ian, from Quebec Ang. JO, ?ni.rd
here tbi? ?flomocn, and ?ailed again fur Liverpool.
LlVBRPOOl, Monday, Atiguit 57, H-Cfi
8'ulp Univerie. Capt. Hutton, from N* w-Tora July 31,
arrived at tin? port to day. Ship M. Po?t boa alto arrived.
The Iron ! roi? n ol I omhnrrli
The iron crow i rennt ly curried oil fruin Vei.icc,
with other valuabl'?, by tho Austrian?, and which has juit
been 11 nmed by the Italian Government, i? ?mo of the met In
ferreting national relic? in Europe. History inform! ni that
during the middle age? the Emperors of Germany rrt'luiir.eJ I
three crowm. thal of Barana**, vi I..1 h wa? of uiver, and win
maml Bt Au I? Unapt U?, the crown of iron, wbich had
!, rmerlv been pii'tli.r to the I muli in! King? ?nd wa? ai
?'.?n.'d at P?yia, and the lri*]>?riii crown, vvtmhwa? t. ?
at Rome, and wn? lurru?ui.tcd by a mitr? lianlar to that of
bishop?, tut ?onn bat ?moller. The tkOXtO ti ?ron, lion., li
? mitty of gild, dei ned ii? turu., from an iron b?nd wbich ti
? ireled ii in the interior, nmt ?linh wuk ?aid io fear? feen
made from one of the nail? which srtird iu tia. cruoiliilon of
(briet. TM? crown was worn by ? h ir.. Mtgi ' IM Vi-t I
p?ror of Germany, oicr 1,000 jeir? ago. I'lmnul io I'uly
after the dcvastatioii of ti.? Empire ol the Wiri, found? I I y
teat illustrious u.onunh it trui wen by Bl:?i I bon th? I r I
when that mighty ootn|ocror wi? ? rowncd King of It l_v ?t
Milan, ?nd it lulmequenlly became io e of Ho i tan ti90
Wtttgttl riof Austria ai matten if thi Lou ! anio Venetian
Kingdom. Venetia btlDg now natani to Itali, tin? rtiio
r.i-iiif ?lit I? linn*? to Hu- Km.' of luv, und mOmU tho claini
which has been made for its ri.tornl aft
.TI Ki ti Pill a.
HIE (?ALLOWAY vv_,,d \UP.AY ?Till ? Al ?i U r.v
Spec?) DlipB'?li to The N Y. Tribun?
?"HU A'<\ Maadi*, Ai..'itV7 'MA.
A neelal fa*eet ltanphM of (he ritte d ynteraaytoa
mmnng paper aaya theft oa Wetatdtt abott boob \
.tit* \??.?*i,r W. .?I . ,il ? ,| . ' t ?;,.|i, ..i-, r,i v.,. |ra
- lui" the l at, t ?? u it.; ling a Johi party in
ll.llll' blink, and ?I lll:il.i*r,| I?. Baa?* whl he Ililli I.'?! |. -
tr.Kti.l n rliur?*? <.l raji" u ?Vomitar*- K-rttlaa
(utsmsl, and Galloway -in.,k ln'ii Woo?! ra i ?ed
? ?mc io reiurii ti.? Bal, lal OlBtaij ?i i/nn? ii lae ball
I o ?oil tlirough Hie lut?. ; s rnrlitliiii A t ?..??J pal Mt 'I
Wold, emu?: " l'.iiir kim*,' kal ?on. Kirn *t n ?-. m 'I
ami tidiid'si linn la '?,<* l'i'lof /',- li iilnoi-i, tif tin?
murnini? -hann tht Ii.nl? .i!? ? itli on,|>!.,v mp W, n I ?n
H?aa?.sina!c Gallon.,- Wim,,! M mi A:ni,t,ui:a_.
THIi f?TATB it.AClll.R-. aSS1M*IST?ftft 1 SJOS WOMB
IN I I ?.?!",? .'?
Specitl I)i.r?a?ch lo The ft, 1. Tribunr
In ii ni r Monday. Aug. .
The Iowa State Tetehen' A.i.i't'Hi ii:( I ..* (CiLir
Bapidi oa Tnefeiej and .eljuiirm d ob Betwday. Tka ??)
drcrdscri and discussioE? weic anuaually Latarratiaa;. The
Hull. J, A. Kh??(iIi. Meiiili'i 'f I OOfntt, ?id'lr.I the
neetlna?tra W<B_fett-B) tetaia?*, t-fteaaaaty al iii?* Boa
metni u lytten "f ?* i ?ghi* tad nea. ir.* ri* cntly _?>!? - j. t. -? I
by an act of Uo_j_ ei?. The Convention wa? largely at?
Ki-iJor. Michiiel ?'.ihn f.f I...,ii.?iatiu i? in l?i?ii.
nrj a visit for the bet ? fit (if Lis hnltfc. JJ'* l"*ni? lht anrfci
?if Andy Johnson'? \ ?licy ?till on hi? body. II? ?ill ad
dren thV* ettiaeaa "t Itontoian ee the '.'.ih inst.
1 he first train on the Dcstiiom.'s Tilley Ballway will
? lim In Hill tin oa TTifeifetay asil at I p. m, and ?ill
run regnlarlj, aft'r that.
?ii? HH.n
??peciil Dliptlck lo Tb* ft, Y. Tribune
Di.tboit. Monday, Aogost27, i86?i.
(Vint. Peter Paxton, au old resident ti l?ctrtiit mid a
I widefy-kuuwn temperance reformer, died ycsU-rday of ipo*
' plcxy.
The Hon. Wak P. Wi!?? ha? bren selected by tbc aoav
mittec -8 tho n*( cption orator on tbo oc?anien of the Preii
i dtiit'i viiit to Detroit.
Further dettlM bate boen reeeired of the late trapclv :.t
Delhi, Inghum County, thlt State. Oa Thanda*ertmiif},
; atxml II o'clock, Joim Buck left his boute terapocarily,
and while he was out the murderer enterod ant! ttttektd
Mn>. Huck, he- mother, Mr?. Ki?.n r, and a little fill KI
ycart old. The two women were ?truel* ?oural tiiiio?
with tho back of an ax ujxiu their head?, and the girl re
i (?ned Beveral blows with tho Liado also tipoo '.ho feted.
On hi? return, Mr Hurk promptly gave the alarm, and
the dee. wis fnataned upon a uiu'aHo named John Tay?
lor, working for a neighltor naiind Urawor and foruierly
employed by Mr. Back. Ou Friday he ?ni found ti Bath
an?t wa? am-ited sud I.? led up at Meeta, after some
trouble to jircvi'tit ti? peoplt Irom ly.ichiag him. At
I leet tccount?. ther| ne of bil lerotity were utill alive.
I but in a pre? uriou- <?<.ndition.
- m
?n. . l.-pt'il, io llie S Y. Tiibut.?
On.wa. Monday, Au. FJ ii* '.
Al II o'clock ?ai Suiurdsv morning, a strang?, niculnit
b.ot placo ia Moiitr'-el The (Bafeln th? can are theeo:
?)n wed? esdav, tin? Police MH.isti.itc, Mr. Brabant, coiii
uiiiHd Ernest aareea Lannrand?- lor extr-tlition, m the
-herge ot forg.-rv pr Itmd hy th?* Ir.-nch Oovemiiiiiit.
'Hie pnsolid'* ("im- ,. Mr. I'"iibiie, nara nolice that
lie would ai'iev i o * wi.t.i haben oanea. Ile ,i ,t ??
Mr. Jatilat DeeaMnad, tai ofe rrltltr a. at. tbt
..,?(? wu? ?r..n?"l b. !'..i li m IDd io1 oui.'d til! Ml Dtday
? ,,, || id? uii'.iii i.iin? Laarino? an lakeaawayal
'i j a'cleek ot Bulaidey iota lag I-j UM Onad fnink
Kailioad, vi.,?, train had bees _B,?t waitlag tor aavtral
ho-iTC la oraer tbat hemlpeti! '? ronreyr. bj a roi li-mi
roi the itean ? t "? I I I I * ?'- '?' I* "'',''' I'm
.??rsti..n ni tin iuiig.-?. tad li tB?Ulsf eaaaMtfaMi
7/? (,o/? nyitl .i iii- Meatrttl Baak refhtn lis
i Mint? tus ;o s? o? i (??ring? i,' v tad to deW ptitire nron
??living the Giivenittii'iit Dtheataitfe, te ta M IfeSan ihn
ite :? .?I I'rnv ia, i ii ?
a|. LOI I?.
IfUn KOB'Phll-r i, ?c iVLIILD?A ?TOBAS I'lUHLll'l?
.Sp?, is. I)!.*'? ? Ita S Y Tri
M. IrOI I?. ?I'lllill. All" '? ISM
a uanoi .,. Bi . ? -' "?' * ": ?v I
wen- d,-< or? ?' ? - :.,v n.gi:t. by whieh than?
i ? 'Bei k paid " ? anrly $?,00B on Ix'gut. check
io? n.n tell "n one TiiKUVr. ?tj, tri? boee amatad. Aft
l,lank . hetkl ?Bit 'i,,in ty- hoefe "I 'lie linn.
A nyiteriout murder took piare early this mon y a
Boii'-u un womat v?u? ,,i,,| ; ,,i 'h, !,., (.ed ti em
., clock, witii kir? hlld ;.v ng by lo-r i-ulc. Tlie roana ha,!
V"il a blow Iroui ?'lino Im i, 11 BWpeBa lill',:lur" au
? giren, hu! in.. li.? lo Hie i ,,irilei-r?r ! .is vi beet ?11?covert ii.
ileitanrt,ham aarrtan ?nd iHbmei? haradenaadadol
tbeir?.*ipl*"erB an uilv?.., ??,,. ,.. ,, .?,. par day oc theil
, wag,?,!, ?ak? ?rTe-ot ?,i.?T,<,rr?^.' f_B ralBM "ii iii??
Inealie .a*, a - ?. 1111 ?*n . k. f.,r liif-Jj, r Wagei lc_daj
aira-?B? ?vuid,.
'(??(.Bl un? M?-,,?, Ail?..e? .", IMS
A i oi rioui ' nur-??, t' ' "?amad Aaron *?\?t,l_ halaj rt?m
Iv piirtii'li Lv I'll' |" 'I? ' ' v"ii.?i . ? :.!e?|-il ? (...ii II '
OmAtgne Uttui '!,?"" ?*'-,; ?'??--' " ?' ' ?* l>r?uie.
Wi-m?. ,,,s it, l,"m Aaf. ii, Ih'A.
There ha-, beasn a demand to-day for ticket? to ?-*
cotnpaaj th? Presidential party Weil, thadtrtoh of Willard'!
Hole) I.a? treen orenran with applicant?, but io lar It eeeai to
be ? tery ?eiert affair, and outsider? exe carefully ??eluded.
No linket? bare beta t??tred. ead tertiary Seward ha? don?
all the inviUiiir (or the President an? himielf. It li noderttood
thal the President, at one time, uader tt.e adtl?*e ol cUtcrtet
friend?, wa? larliued tobaoh ont and act go, but Mr. Seward
would not litten to it, and overruled all objection?. A narn?
ia? r of ladlee will ?ccomptny the party. 1 he ?p"iitl car by
wbleb they trarel will be attached to the regular eipreM train,
wblch leave? bere at 7| o'clock.
The programme ha? liten ?o far i ranged thal laitead of
going dirtotly through Baltimore to morrow with the EipreM
train the Preildentisl patty will remain a half boor in that
eily, and the president will ride throngb the ?treeta to glte
the cituen? an opportunity of ?eelng him. He will then like
a ?peoial traia to Iiarre de Grace, where he will ortrtahe the
' i| r. -e train and if ach Plnladelphia at the appointed Lour.
Great attoniibmenl and regret I? ?ipre'ied here it the
conduct of the Philadelphia aothoritiee in regard to the Presi?
dent? reeeption in that city. All the Penn?jltaaia politician?
wbo were here haie hurried home to ewell the burrah on the
President'? anita).
?oine week? ago, when the policy of Mr. Johnson
wai t r'??..ii?ii' known to the public, a number of enlhailMtio
department clerh? formed what they termed a Depart?ental
Club, whine ostensible pnrpoee wa? to ?bow the ti-neof the
?? n'mi?..!? th? clerk? had for the Prttiilent. T me ha? ?bown,
however that the real purpose ot the member? of the ('lob i?
lo act a? ?pie? on their fellow clerk? and any one who may
eipre?? adatlke to the policy ol Mr. Jobnion, report him for
dumlieaL Since the action of the Philadilpba (.'.intention.
th? ia.mli? r? ?if Ihn ?neil clnb bate bajea tory ?clue in caa
\ neu a |i thv varioni Depart?' ntl and ?I?-mandina of *i try clerk
to ? i, r. >? bil lentiment? on the political queation? of tb? day.
Before tbe Contention they were not io bolt), hot followr?l np
snipected clerk* in the public place?, drew them into political
ali.? ii?tla.r.? and then ?ecrelly reported them if tbey ottered a
w?r.i igainst " My Policy. Now that M'-tsr?. DeBuiaon,
Spc?ii and Harlnn lane gone, and the nu nk club have full
?way, a paper hat been prcpircd which tell forth that men
holiiing Federal ooloo ihould ?api?'rt tb- good head of the Ba?
llon in ?II be ?ay* an?! does, and should also ?Io ?II In their
power a render oiinoiiou? the action? of a bad i'ongre??.
Tia? |in|i?r ii lo be pi? ?entcd to every . l.'ik in the tari
on? Department? here ?ml any ?ne ?ho rrfutr? to Indorse i!,
ty ?ipning hi? name, will Le reporli-d to hcid-i-iartcr?. and
renne Li? dummal, lam hippy to say that a tery large
number of tie j.r? ?r t.t i ?irk? arc men of pi melele and cannot
be frightened into a inpport ot Mr. Johnion by ? threat of
di-n.iisiil (???in ?,(!'? Hey ?..n?i.ler their honor of n.ore
mino than an ofl'n-p ural if (tey tuon 1 ..te, -till ?lo ?o
i m '. I ? r ila.ii rai..lue |r.iiii|Te f? t uOice. It iiafi.t UM
nearly all the ?uldirra a ho hoi?! urta e in Ibe Department? are
against the pou? y of tho President, and do nat con.eil their I
?. rr.iinei.t?. It now ri main? to be ?ernat.ilher thrse mm
will be among the diicharger!.
I'HIBtBDIE .''ll.'suNs ?.Ililli?. iMIIMIIIIIIH
RADlCY!. ?I II. III**.
It it it-tad th..t tlinugh a mi-take Hie pilli?:
pr.i 1er triniMiille?! icieral the maud <f Jinlge Ka il?) s ?peech
on r.,unj n.lTiagr In wli.cb ho t.? k MBMg ground in lalor of
pirti? ? i.frai). t. >enn i.l M the Ci.pp? rh?a?l hcad'itiarter? ia
II. arltr imlrod nf 'It !'i,.< i. I\..:,t.v?' liiH.mi. snd tLal
belter? the mistake ans di??-?'.' red '? ?? o of ti?? il.x uiueola were
?l.'li.t.uted iiuJer ('?.??ii ? flunk lo the C?i i I rt.ead? ol P'-un
ki li ai ia.
Til! Will I HOI ?I
Th? i< n-a a rn.a r.-h to-day to so?' the President
prior lo tis il?|>siturr Linntrnw 1 he ante ruo?? n< .-* ?t
ctaliy rrowde.1 ?ith oil i ? l'r? Bn.l >bo uah?-? bal 1Mb
i???alafa paaaaf? eeet tot ta? aaatera et IIm CMBl
la' ?I _? nr.il I*i .i g ?li tey. 1arly ,n !!.?? n.in
la? BeaMUrlM ? ?arl Mi I ? -n.?l Mi-Cubx- and ?Jen.
'?it had ali'iic interview with Ihc Preside?! and alterwaid
tlier? was a raeetlii?-?! ?__, a al.incl. at which all ti.? :??
r?e? were pr?seril. Am.mr Ile ?Ilningaisliad s.s.t,,-. to ti e
l'n ?..! i t I ? ? r? August .? < . iarl< dge . I In? s Heu. K?.usar au
if Kentucky Ja. k J. ?J_(i? <f .New leiaej and Coraellua
th?. BMHMBMMEE MVaM? to PSMTBMf .?oi.tunas Rr
? iii UM B?i BTr.
1 here m i in? (<i la- a ?I. ?I lu.il plot on the par! of llie
KieeutiTe to ?hut ?vat Ihr ?. ?.lien M"Bl rec? nins th? bounty
v..ted te them ?t th* last ?etilon ?st Congie??. T?wtanili ol
1 cairns from ?<1?1 .?r? from ill over ?be r. uitry for this bounty
Tai? been recelteU at th? pay detriment and ?re hird ?way
a? n?elee?. There ti no mo of a maller maklag ?p-illc itlou?
for Ihe Ihiu-.Ii nt.til the repurt of lb? Hoard spimi' ted lo mske
' regnlatlott 1er It? pa-tnei.t >? rullished. This Boar J a.sde a
rt-t a.f r?>---tt)..i.? lo guide pay?.aitcr? io the pal ment of the
ii.unii.s. and alto ?et foitb iiiMim tion? Uiw application
for the bounty Bust l? lund? lia ?he ?i.llier? enlitlr.l I? It
1 he report has b? en msdc f?r am? time and is bow la lb?
banda ot tt* President Se?re-?iy of War, ?nd lb? r>cret?ry
of the Treason Until it is published there ii ne ?aw of a ?el
dier ma?ag ?Ulm for without tbe initniciion? adopted by the
IU?i_ the manner in a hieb claim? ihould be aide cannot bo
kBOWtt, and all other? will be incoriecL Secretary Mi-Cnllnch
i? preparing B-tatemen! of hat? much money it will tate to
pay these benntlci, anl it ii aiserted he will
?bow that it will la tapoeaibV? to pay them
iii? ii eiagular. wb?n th? reoelpti in,a Inttrnal Retenue
bar? been 11, IA? i 000 a day and the receipt? from ('aitomi
hare been nnmually large recently. It ??cm? to be a deep
game to t?odwink the milter? into believing Congre?* hu
been trifling with them The only manner in whmh the mi
dirri can got Janice done Iii em is to hold ? public metung
I ?nd demand of the President an Immediate publication
of the report of the Bounty Board. The ?lute
meat of the Aliociata i'rei? dupatcb l ,s? tia payment
j of tn.uiities to colored soldiers wss stopped until the
Board appointed to make rule? fnr the payment of bouotlei
1 ihould make Ki report, li limply absnrd. The act gtting
1 colored ?oldirri ? boonty is ? lepante and distinct one bom
i the lett l'ami.! j Ac! paitad by Congreii jual at ill adjoain
| mont. Por two weeki the Pay.Depart?ant hai been paying
' tbeie rob red soldiers tbeir Limul?, bat sre now ordered to
j itop and turn otter claim? lo the second Auditor, wher.-tbey
will net be reiurrt? t?i. for a couple of year?.
It I? only a fortnight lince tb? newspaper! correipoadent? har?
?iked to m?k? a ?tatemen? that the Pay Department wa?
| ready to pay their bounties The thing ia a ?windi? all
through and mn<t ne cipoied. It i? a plot to catch ?oldlen'
tote? for a new peace pnrtt
fa?I Mc('lo?k?-y arrived thii morning from Vu
Vurk with dupatchei for Ihe White House fioin I darlu?
Weed, chairman of the Decapitation Committee.
?MiTiik.fi attack oh EBCSSTAE1 m an ron.
TA?. Hrpubliean, a Htroiig Johnson paper, Ihm
moi nmg open? ?new battery on Se? rrfnry Stanton, by copying a
I hitter attack upon him from The B .falo Comnu-mal. lhere
| are thoie who predict that tbi? w?r of J he llipubli. au i? a foie *
' rnneer of the Secretary ? rc?ignatinn or removal, but know
' ing one? declare thal Mr. Stanton ha? iel a iong le??* ,,i
oin, lal life in bim.
Aulho'i'i ?'? ,i.'i'iTi to-day for Ihe BTtparaUtEM
? warran!? for tie paidon of four perron, for Ihe part taken hy
them li. Ihr Kel? Ihr.n . these pirdon? are granted to individual?
Trom'leies. (i'"U ni l.o .i?i ma and Kenttirk? one ti.in e?, |,
State nader the ITth exception, or ISO.000 clause.
?El?UETEMBE-T ur ii BLK i-rintinu
Corniliiirt Wendell hat been appoint?'?! Supennt.-ml
?t.t i.f Public l'nntini?, nee licfieei removed tor belog?
lladical. The poailiou ass ?ftere 1 lo Urn Nieedinin sonic
lime ago, bul no1 accept?-.I YVnulrll hal been a noted ?' |.
(t-rliead during the war
UKI,BB?B'l .MTH'ill? Of ELfl CNIThli STAIl?.
.1 \\ Alvo. .1, ? ? i|. lusjiei tor ?)l S iiiiil? und li
iiume? of the Kr? ttAmtf? Hn?-?n, has ?nl.ini'le.1 lo the I T.m
BBtBMI hi? Be?ii annu-l n ?n.rt of the f i?l.Ii?ioii I Ibl I i?, .1
men'? School'? m tilt li. te?l BUMb B .'present? that the
lol.il urn-tier of tcl.H.I? eui.. .-. ? ..f nii;l t .? Tiool? ?ulil.alli end
, private ichools in a 1 ihr diitiic!? o( ?he linn an, n-., |
lolal nutnher ol lea. tier? employed ii 1.4??.'?: ai.d the Mai nain
bcr of pnj ii? rrcc?Tinp iBit.nii i? "0 ,:-. 'll.i-Sl.i-, in fnglaB
i? in advame of all the other? m Iieeilmeii ?is. htaat Ila mun
I ber reported being 1 .M ?oItooIi, ?jo oichei?. ?nd II >i ?. bal
? r?. Ihe 1. spectoi nys in refein.. e lo !h? mbje? I Amid
?11 the embirraiiment of thrae pan iiionth?, the irhiaiU hare
I tieidily gained in nuuilrri. ittainnierl tai genera! infln
, ?nee. 'iii.? ii .mc, a iib ?good degwe of ?iineiii-...?., mci ?)|
' Ibe St.i!e? eicrpt I ainsiai.u. whei? ?jietlal ??lue. la,vc tem
pirar ily pal ali s? d oui rflnita. Teacher? generally are he
coming mer? apt and ?killful in ?heir mai. u.??i.,r, . ?n?) the
inpid propn aa . f |npil? iii'hcito noll. ?-?1 centinn??. The At
?ocialior? ?I ile E?l? nrr r, icisirg 'heir paLoehgi ?i.d
f.i !* ?ii?! .. r.. i.'i.t |g l'a i .Lv.i? ,b .'entrai A ?
ftltl | "'.:,|. t .. ?r - . ..a? ?a? ? 1 ? 'la?. Mai ,
bow ready, witt fink bop?, te t-et'perata 1*1-111) aub tr*
I' m?
Loyal Union mm here ?pren annch ii,dig-nation ?t
the la.bling of Gea. SkerMea ? di?p*telvee by the Preakdaat.
Ia Joatiea to Tke Tntm't *>?rnaBOB4aat I raay ?tan tfeal he M
?ot thi g mlty p*rty. He Mat the di epate h jaat a? the Prni
d?nl r?ve li to kim; whether ot nat he k_aw of the Preet
deat'l garbling it, I ?a-, not say. lils peeuliar rtlatioas at the
Whit? Houie it? hsving fal' entree te all ita apartment?) eoa*.
pel? him to say ia Um Weeltaftoa colaata of Tkt Tuon put
look H.,ng. ai the Piiiilnl dicUtri. Ia fael, tb? Preaideat
ii looked upon bert un??g tba ?e wip*p*r fr-Meralty, ii tn
Chle' WaihlngtoB Corr*?po?de?t of Tkt Titnm,
The Don. Thomas J. Durtnt of New-Orlertnt?, a
a delegate to Ih? Soolhtra Loyal Convention, to b* held ia
Philadelphia, airived in lows to-day. Hi kal ?fine tp bM
resid?an in New Oi leant aad will lettie dowa hen. Hi nye
New Orleans is no place for a loyal Un lo? Maa.
A goa? many Texau and Louitdanian delegate? to
the Southern Loyal Coarea-oo hare already armed here.
The Committee for the re.ep.ua of then urn hen ka? it?
Iie?d(|narter? at Ne, VXT*i-, where they an all lavited to
come. The Convtntan meet? on neil Mondiy, the hi loit,
and not ob the .'?th it etated fey the paper*.
Col. T. M. Zul <k his been appointed A?M!?<ir of
the Fifth New-Jertey Diitrlet. ?lee Halaey, reaottd. Thi?
1? one of the mott loerativt district? ia the ooaatrv. There
ha? bren a arreat deal ef tr-nMe ?boat Zaliak'* appeiot-Mat,
lier. Mcculloch wubin? lo retal? Halaey. ete-n. that ka wa?
one of the mott competent ??en ii? tba Depart-Mat, bat Jaek
Rogen, the Copperhead ? 'oBgr?iem?n from the Diitrtct. ia*
lilted on /ulick'i ?tpoiatmeuL ?nd the Pr?sident orermled
Mr. McCnlloch. J-oger? had ? private interview with the
I'reiident to-day, ?ad had the tkiag lied. Afterward he v ?
lied See McColloeh to inform bira of hi? ?eeeeaa. The Seeie
tar) mid Roger? that tatt Spring Hikey wn appointed to-ti
feal the Copperhead party at the Stat? tiectioat, which he d d,
? nd now ke i? removed sad will do the tamo thing thi? Pall.
I might a? w? li ititi? tere that Secretary MaHjV-Hoeh ia advene
to lht large number of re?MV?l? being ?ade ia bia Depart?
ment, hat the I'resideit order? it aad he baa m remedy.
Gen. Stead mia it still tn tot.ii nailmr for t-oui-jr?
thing to turn up.
reSTAi i HlK.ihs M rORTttiAL. MAUUIBA AND A/.ORk*?
Lu in tin 1-t of S.-pten?.? r next ad-? postage on let
ler? forwarded Irom the Uaited Slate?;by tn Preach mail for
I'ortugil, Madeira aal tkt Atore? Mandi, will be C7 cent, per
?ingle rato ?f | of ?n ou-icc- .prepay ma-t optional which
P??tn~e will i over the fill th?.*? lo dettlnatioo. Ncw?paf?*>r?
ai.d other printed u.a'.ler ina? ali? be forwarded to Portugal,
?nilli) the French mail, on pre nay meat of the Halted State?
poiUire orly of -J tent* ?ach fer aewerpuper?, ?arl 2 cents per
four ? lillee? ni fraeti'jn thereof 'or pamphlet?, ?laga/ine?, and
other printed matta??.
I'litininnts for ?n iiicrra?o of pem-ion under the
law graoiinj* to inlet,i |J per month additional for w.h
i hild Hilder 16 year? of ago Will be required (O prtntbedtlr??
of b rib of in? b uhildrr?, in the ununer required ia thi oaae
of an ?j,; ,1,-oin n ( n behalf of minor ehildr?n. n prescribed lL
penlan form? and notrurtions Tbl? eipl.oitloa la bow pub?
lished by authority uf the Coinniietuaer of I'rniron?, lest the
.nttru. linne uod.r the ii? of July ?A Ir**??, ibamid be m.icon
etroed. on ici-ount of tb?, oan?ioa of Ilia rea)ulremeat from
?aid initru, tiona.
('?ii,pi. to returns of ?ash nie?, location*, willi
I l?r,tinly land wsrr?ati. agrleollaral a*rlp, Ac , frnm ?II the dil
I ferent In' d cffl-ei in 'he U- ..ed Stale?, np to th? cloM of the
' final ?ear ? lidia-.'June .?>, le?, hat? brea received at tho
???ner.ll I an,lou I ,,;l,i; three patent? Isi'ied oa obi rl?i
nation letltenxrnl ? tomat under the ?el of ?'uBgreta appro? *l
Kept. *-*7. i-'ift, hate beea trannnitt.d io Ifet BeghfeH af t' I
I and Ot"!< ? at IL ?burr. Oregon, foy d*li??iy to the p_f. ??
entitled t? tliem. 1 Bl ?m embtaajexl b? th? ?tata? rwaipi
. ', ., I a? re?
?l-B IBU T?O". KKMi.VFD.
Th-e Secretary of the Tna?iiry ha? given injin':
to all ?sfbeers of Caaiom* Iba?, laeonformity with th? procla'na
Ilou? of Ih? I'rraldeal. ni the li ?if April la*!, aird ?ft th. ..XL
ol ttse preient ntoatk. permit? are no lon?-?r aeeeaaary in ? ???
? kipaertl ?f area a-vanualiloa, or other merobaadi?*, nita? any
of the State? reeeatl? lo lawn ??II??, and that all the port* ot
lb? United Stat.?, W.thfBt exception, ?re placed ob the ?am?
foatinr. and ?r? .-???rirr.l by Hie tame general la? ? and regn.
UrtloB? of tha Department.
BEtXtJRB i'P tai'(.(,l.tt> ?i?.(in?.
Although an-ii'iies of contraband goods on our
Northern frontier ?ra Bot M frequent withla ibe pe?t few
month? ?? formerly. owinK <o the inere?ee?l vigilance of the
ofJicer? ?nd agent* of ?vitoiua in prcvealiBg moat of th?
?t irrupt ? to latresdu.? goodi free of doty, yet oc<-aiion?lly
lorne imugirler maka? an attempt Ob tb? touthern ?bore of
Lake Ontario, la the Otwego dutrict, an attempt to imnggle
liquor? wa? liaatraiid tatt week. Aa ?tent of the Depart
ment ??ned a p*r*t ef tk? cargo of a veaael?ia keg? of whi?ky.
throe keg? of gie, ?a? of brandy, aad MOdry ?tber good*?
amounting Io li,MO. The mea taring charge of tke vein I
were ?i r.tte j and lodged in priton
1 Le Coiiiiniav-ioueiH of Patent? ?ill ?estie lor th *
wtek ?ading ob Set?. ., 1+7 saw patent*.
The receipt? from Internul Hevt-nue to-day acre
BMbBjBb" 41.
I lu* Ai?.k' i lover t?eid, recently introduces! into
{ Hu? eonntry through the raediumihip of the Agricullaril Da
reau. hal brea found to be a very inpenor quality and perfeit
ly adaptad lo our ?oil. Min. eommunicat.oni h?v? baan re
cn ted by Commieiioner Newton uniting in the belief that thi?
Clover ii loperlar to ali (.'lover, both for hay lag and pasturing.
The society of Shaker? at Mount Lebanon. N V have writ
ten to the Commti.ioner ?tleeting It? good qn?litle?, and a.k
to b? informed of th? manner of obtainlug it ia I <rgc ,| lull
The i ,i, iiti.'ii-e in the Regular Army, under the new
Anr.v Law bave been Ulled by the I'reiident, Secretary Stan
ton ?lui (Jen. Grant, ?nd the ?nt will be published te aoou ??
lb? I'reetdenl relnrni from Ike VYett
Since the 1st ol'January last the Light -lion?.* l-oard
Lit lucceeded la reestabliabing 14 light houae* ot. the South
ern catt During the I'ebellioo 71 light? ware ' .?troved by
?be ebivu'ry. who do not believe in haviag light on tte ?ui.
jec!. Over W hornea lieilde eight miel?, h?v? been restored
?mc? the liebeliion at a coit of over |1?X),??*0 to the (Invern
rniii? ?-_?_?__??__-_-_____
j | Hy Telegraph ?
|l't*\.*i-('(... liii'iiiiis A. M? Purlin, UaitetJ Btatat
.\iuiv. t., du y ?s M?dical lorcctor, lh parluicit ot Ouif.
llrev?! J?rig. ?i?n. ?'hariet II, Hutt lo duty at thief gu?rter
master. Ibpartuient of Lake?, with lamparan rank, pa? and
i tnolutniti!? 'I Colonel of QnrtetBUeter'l Department.
Ilreret Hi ig (?<-n A I' lilnntlodniv i, Chief L\urtorUtO0t0t,
1 |i..|iiitmi!it i ttmtmu with tempomry r?nk. |?y ?nd eniotn
n-eiid of Colonel of (.?nrtermaiter'? D?pirtm?n' Hievet
llrig (Jen. (leorge li. Crowman, Assiitant ?Jjuirterniaster,
I ..lied ?isles Anny lo duty a. Cbi?f ?Juaiterm??ter llepart
mrnt of Fa??, .a ?ddiuoa to hu pr?tent dune..
KELtP.'. 11).
Luvet Biig.d.ct (Jen I lins. II Hoy 'run a it? ai l !uef
Oiniterm.sirr l.eiiitment ol Ollie. Brav?t Iii wadier (??n.
A I' Ititi nt fit.ai du'v tK'b.el (J?arierujisiei 1? pa*!m?ni..f
\ irgluii.
Ih,Ho. a Idainl N w York harbor, ii?? leren tenipoi,, nly
plic-'d under th? chati!? ?'id din'? mob ut Hie Supcrliiteiiue.it
Gtiieral tilka K "'ru.liui* ?civic :o l.c used a? a mia
Ii,r recruit ?.
Lol. J V. IJoiiifo"! W ?? >s Ini.'.'ry t ominnntiing rrgi
nu o' logelkn vim. ic"inieiaUl heudi|ti.irl(ri, aad Coiupiiii?
' i al thal ragftnat, will tmatti ?itboat dalay to Clarb toi
st aad merl le Um ?. oai-ai.dii..- Ueaarall) nrlaeat of
Ibe Seath, (m inl|t-?m la lair
M i ?ol' 'I * Bottai i: ? BUFF.
J,??. Iloolicf, (("n.'.-latidi
M |,i-ii?i .To?, lluo.ef. e?td-Mollng th? 1). p..itu,?nt ii
ti.e l.ekr?, hatltv od ? gencial order ann..uncut-: that he has
laken cnminrir.il, ?ml (Hat bl? ?tari will fea oaawean of ibe
r.ill.iwin?-! amed oAeMI Brevet Brig, (?cn, (;,.,, |). Kuggle?,
AsaliliBt Adjutant General. Hrevet ('apt j. _i. I.inclitcr
lust I.laaleBant .??! Ainllerv. A. D. C |.*i:,t j ,?,, y/y _?
lompkini. SI Artill-t? A 1). C , Cat ?' H. n?vi, Ikiev?!
Jingadier lieseral I s Vol? . Chief (.J?rti'im???er dpi t
li Ali'lutoii, ?dditioual A D. I!.i Sur?eon C. S. Tripler, M?
lol ?nd lli*e?el ( .lionel C S. Aimy, Medical Direotor ?'apt.
.J. II. ?iilinta. I 0 llreiet l.ieulemnt-Colonel V. H. Army
Cbi?f Conncitrti) . C?p?. U. F. Kobe V. h IV. Aotlog Judge
m tea air ian*_At*s ?T?rr.
Major ?.el,. (..., II Ila,??* l?i niuo inci'd his itiff lo I?
?-. tnpw?*t;d ?a f.,II,,u?
Priji.t llnr..! ?, iii Wa I' Whippie Mrij.i, and Aesie?
n'A- lu i.*!.,, till t, ,? V? H.'B.ir,li l n \
AMiitaat Adjutant-General: Brevet Major J. P. Willard U.
R ?., Plat Meole_?Bt Blgflieenth lufiatry, A. D. C. i Ererot
Mttor .1. C. Aeikkfjr, Yrrtt lieutenant Eighteenth Infantry
A.M.?| !tr??etCol. A ?on .Sehravler, Aiaii'?it Inlpector
???sei ?i Bi-tt-4 Msjor Gea. J. T. Ts>?aM?<>n. Colonel and Q.
at. V,8. A., Cabot ?Jiarter-sstet; I?),.. J. X. HtntMra,
Hiirreat? V. 8. A? M?dical DireetOTi ?revit Msj-'r ?ieri. It,
W.7ohns?in, M?ia?r Poiirta Cat?ty, A clio?* Tudu? AHv?x?a.
Brevst -Bat ( ..I. A. L Ho?|h, C?ptala Nk-ietaenU lulantiy,
Ck?f Commissary of Munera.
Hoipital Steward Geo. Tonnar, V. 8. A., bark? larren
d?i*e?l ntiT-?lf??ad?aert?r nndrr Oener?! Order? No. 43 of
War Deenn men4, has beca discharge?, from tia ?errie?-.
Wa? irarAetTMi-rr. Ate-i-rAit- Or.i-rjiAL'a urra*. 1
WASiiI.taTO?. Aii|*n?t24. if?*!, J
Ganaaai. Obi.bm No. ?d ? Port Delaware. Delaware, B
heieby irs-sUrr?! from ike D?pannant ot Waahlngton to lb?
Department o? ?h? -?at. Th* co?asadme i.rticei? will report
lecordlngl?. Er ??let of th? Secretary or War.
K. D. T'TftaiutD. Ame? A tip. Clem.
Brevet aJrlf. G??. Botherford, (iaartermatter ? Dt-partrneat,
???j hat loma oa leava of absence for the pitt two months ha?
retarse?" To??and minmi hti dntiee in th? department M
Chief of (he Miatb Bit?koa. Col K 8. Parker?Gen. Grant'?
Staff ha? received ?a mutation from the New Orlmui? Agri
cultural r.rcirty to deliver ?n ?ddreM betor? that Society at
A-bu-B, N. Y, aa Sejitomber li next, which b?i be?u ac?
f By Telegraph.]
A tro. 20.? Lieut, -d'ommandor Henry D. T?xld to
duty at Narai Jteimeivou?, l-oslon, on Sept. 1 ; Assistant
Parma? 1er T. S. Thompson to steamer lahoma ? Sorpeon Wm.
S.w. Kumhen berger to duty ?? a .?ember of Ketirmg Board
In m?siou ?t Phi!?ielpba ; Surge?? D?v ni liarlas a daly at
Naval A? adetny nu Sept. 'i, Auting?nsign It. L. M. Jone? to
An?. 13. -.Surgeca Simael Juckaou, from dutr at Navy
Ytr.l, Boat.n, ?Bl -ordered to ?te?Bi?r I'm ?acula, ?air ?.?on
KlehardC. Dear, from dal; at Narai A. ?ade m v on S'pt. 3,
?mt pliteatsT -m ?altin?- order?; Hargeon Wm. Johnson from
dnty aa a member of Retiring Hoard at Philadelphia. aaJ or
darted to dut* M Mary Y ?ni. Boston.
Aug. 'A?Tatet? A?suUiiit Psyaaater Jiibu Kurey to
iteamer TabMna, and wa?in? order?.
HONORA? Y LI? li A Kl KI).
Am* JO.- A-ttag Seeond-Aieiitant Kaginoer H.cbard N.
Taylor. Aa*. 11?Mate M. V. Tianw?
The .Bltel Etales st??mcr Ma?Ida ?ii i~o-e-?!Yitk*
lannehe? M th? Navy-Vari, Boston, on the ?Jtb lort.
Tbe pre-xjeiit ha? appoint?? William H. ?Imlson
Atftaorat l_t?-i__ Revenue for the Thirty mt ?nth Dutriel
of N.? York ?l?o J. M. Walker United State? Marsh?! for
the Dtotrtot of lew?, ?Jba-kea ?1 Monro. Marah?) for the
Katers Dtoirkct of Mteao-ir., ?? Thoms? S.Wnllsee. Martha!
for tue W-etern D.tlr.ct of ti ut Stat?; I.ieut. ?'ol. John H?n
cock h? bivn appointed Aucisor and J. D. S yl"? Collcotor
ol Internal Betenuo m the l-'ouith Pountylvanla C egree
?ional ?J-Klg?) Wa. D. K?Uey.) District; MbJqMJc?. Tno-ia
K Kaaa la? leen appuiBlal Collecter of the Ninth I).-?-..-?.
New York CMy _____________
Mil: IMMtN
HOn'ril.K BOltY 4)P I ?DI A NU AT THK FORK?) 01
fl|>??l-m*-???h?.iTlw< N T. Trillin*.
I.?AVM4t?i.laTM, K?-?ii#, M>m?1iiv. Anr. ti li'J;.
The following dispatch ha? just batt r> i ?neil Iron. <."V.
? apt. Km** from the ' Fork? ?f tho Sohmon, lia? yiri ?r
med. Pear buudiv.t (lu li?, 400 Pawnee? ?nd Bunicrou?
ollar India?.? are there. hati"i_ driven thi -a-illur? back.
Hilacata werehill.srk sal maiprd. Tb* limed St.ne? ti ??ps
wer? *tap|.ed al Iori Solomon, anti (heir ass?S-m,? ?sa ro
?jj'-aled tai pro cot the settl?-)?.
A VUMCK YVAR ?l.I.sti YY..GH. b? TI1K-.
?Beeiai Diaratcb ?? Tb* N. Y Ti.bun*.
?.'Bira.io. Mondar A??\ ?7, '.AA.
A?lrnc? km? Lcnvonworth ilin?<| August -> my that
Gio ludan? an1 wild with ra.-?" l.elive.-ii Foit? I.iiranue and
Ken?.. I h." trmtte rouniry i? Mk?Mtd with the ho??iI.'
i ' .?'i- will !..? ??xt.Tiiiuiati-d ?oonor thin
?.?ive np Um ?'iiw.i'-r Kivi-r l?,?tii?-t. Y| ?. I .uriii(-''"T, the
wife ?li ?ii* O lol.'1 ??mill-n.'init,', i? icp??tnl mi?.II* til?-?
aUtissi und i'?k*luii-4l. L?i"iich k'.-te?, an pld lnili.in raider,
nid f??iir <tli'i ii.cu ?tn killi-d 60 mil?? abor? here.
iaiiuth ?Si l.niitil?u'H weto siaiiipeded uixi run off. Se-eei
ly-?T? Olmigin-; to amitlur train mute a!?" ?Inven off:
KurtKltiniahaii ?'.itl?:i. ?1 fioin tfir I'.il'in?. The most .'i
perietu.d and l.-st MauiE_at8M pr??lict a f> arful ?nd
MiMMiy war. (ol lkridi?r? re|H)rt> that by mean? of the
I n.i,au CoiiiBkakiiiaiB ?b1 d"' Baa?? laaatte?, tho Indian?
were never ?o well prepared for wura? at prc?er.t.
t'riim the tipper Mi?*..uri report? ar?' rot>?ii'?'?l tint th??
Hlaekfc-at and Crow? liar?? < ?iiiinnic ??! linstili'ie?. Th??
Cru?? torc their tiri.!; i?> j ne??, and Luve niaid?-rc?l ten
mik moi i m:it> POTTO"! i mu1
i|r*t,?i EM? b lo The .N. V. Ti.boue.
(ni. too. Monday, Auguit .'T. IBM
Latest ?Inte? ir..ni in.uii.i, ?in., r?pr?"??"tit that tim
i f?a?|a?.Ui?t the c.ttou crop ta ?li p?sr?? of the ?raw Iro
! fleamy aAataail Of tb.' continue?! drouth. In Sonth
Western (?ei.i.'i.i ?hero IE? yield formerly wa? on? baie
to two u. n ?. Bo4 Morl thaa mm b ila will lae rai?ed, jmlg*
? nig hythe present pro?pcrf. It i? ci-ually true of other
?.. te, -
Account? from Klorula iepre?em the late drouth as M
' bernai In ln-iivi luint, which L.o?) seriously injured the
: ?-ill!?)!!.
The cotton trop? in Mississippi and Alabama are
I reprcaeoted to be very nad on ucc-uut ot the grovrth and
j ratage? of the l-oll-worui.
?New-Ori.fan?. Monday. Ang. 27. I??i6.
Cotton?ub? 1,.?l bale?; low Middling. Xl_:n<?. l.o
i t?'tpt?..? bules. _t_?L .stcriiug, o?. New-York Exchange,
j ] diwount.
.*>?? ,a. Iiupni?. to Hie N. Y. Tribun*.
I..HT?viuA Monday. Aug. OT, li?-.
The market? are Itoeooiing lively, tniiny South?;t_ mor
a . haut? having already armed to purchaaetheir Fall stock.
, Through central Kentucky the ?rous arc hxiklng ?plen
; didly. The freedmen aro tretting ?ilon?; very well, et a
ptatnl thug, tvith their in??t'"r?. The corn crop will
? exceed any t'oruicr crop. T?>h>?cco wa? never bett-r. while
hemp won! hu?! ??iiirhiiui ? ropr. aro very ?ue.
>p.c ii I),sp?'iT. !o The N. V. Tribun*.
' OUTEE?Bk Ohio, Mondai A i*-. .T lrJIrti.
The Committees appointed in hehalf of the City
I Council ?nd citizens to make the ne,-euirv arrangement?
for the reception of the Presidential paity at thi? point, on
i.'irir way to? b.ia-o. completed th? programme for tb? area
?an thii evening.
A committee ol thiee will meet the carty at Roobettar ?nd
proceed with them to Kne, where they ?iii be met by th?
' Mayor. tUtJ Council, and a committee of citi-em to escort
1 them to Cleteland, irritingat T "?J oa the evening of the 3d.
' From the Cnioa Depot a ?peetai trail, will conrey the partr to
j iba Kiielid ?t. Station from whence tbey will be
I conducted to the Keanird lion??, where ? formal recer.t;a>n,
? extending the hotpitilit.ei ot thet.iy. will be nude. At
o. look, on the morning of the 4th. the pirty will lc?ve for
Toledo in ? ?peel?! i a.a piovided by _4_?pt. Backer of the
Cleveland ?nd Toil J,? Hoad.
Phil ?nu phi a, Monday Aug. :., MM?
At I natetiog -i the Committee tppofiiUa ?t a
meeting of ihe uierc'isnti and buiineii men ol Ihe city to day,
: for the pin pine of peif.H-iiii.? Brr.-igemeut. for thai r.-cei-ti?n
I of the President tho f"!i?iwing C,.iuniitt?"e waa appointed IO
I meei the Pre-i lent at Wi'nin ?ton A I. Dm?! Cbarlei
I Ch?m!)l?)*, John 1'irne Pi. YV. II. Swbiui, K ?bert S. Head
(???ii Jian.-n Pat te rio? Al. Baitarr, Dr. K. Mor? ita, and
1 H I. 3a.
('??'. Jam-?? Putte h?a bee? ?prsiinfe.l .lniiriiin of ti e Com
rolitee on Beorplioa ??aeiltling of tblrtv-lhrai ?outlenien.
i Th?oil??Blof P Ilailelplill w::!i..iu ?li?.ia. tmn ol paity. ar? I
invite?! ?n'uni'lit I? ?aMM to receiro th?Chief Ma,?.?Irate.
He will an-; ie at the depot at one o'? lock, und the prooeniou
i? 11 purch un Ra ?ad ?t. I? I ?? ???! i ii Jowal ueatnut to '
1 the C .nt.netiisl Hotel In conic,|ii?ncc ol' tb?trait of tim?, it ,
will Le itn|i?i??ibl" to orgim/e a eoondeialile civic proi'risi.in,
I ni an? bud ' ? ni . I ??rti.-ig to(i?o.
Meade, wi 1 '..- ??-ipned p??eel I? th? rear of ti? u,ilit?r?.
?ieu _tea<'.> baa i.?ucd ? ?pooiai order for t'.e etoort of
! a 1'. iri.let.t on bl? arrival lo morrow, rje'ai log a billa, mo
of marlu?? and ? Imttalio? ot Recalar*, li ?. I'..-,,- .in
De ltn??y con.iuainling atula b?taiT?i? ot iml?nt??Ti B ??>
Iii-.tr -i.'-i? l.?.e .-..m tiiiiilii, I a.' ! i-, i ne l.-oo, w ?ct
...-'..iii- ;i|i-.! ??. tie l'r.?i'U'ii! a:.', nita. 1 i- Bil. it
will !?? follow.??! by a ?-ino 1.1-xve.i.ir, A -.
?,,? i..- in ed ?a ihe .out- vi ihe Presto? I
?--??it lu.?a ia C'aaada.
VtCo iirei?a Monday Au
?,>.e ? .. I. . i a i - .1 i i mai r. .i i. , i
t.f.m th?-? ??arai-t ll??i!.?' tn tho CUt?ot II" .?'?? on Ila
? aliada ?ni?', an.l mav M_ai? ti?f? ??til l'r--ii'i Joba
sou mid |m.1i ?rule.
I _? ll.!l,.iar? B.'fcBI???lral.
(U-ti-OR) Monday Ang. . It? '
Dm S< hiit/ent."?t i?. lay i? ??tend-il hy ?n laaeatt
??aiheringat ihi'ir _?ITTiiiBC fatit All tlieu4iiil pr.K.vd
ins-s i-j?>?_)ii!isir to suth Getuian faintitie? .?re in ??t.re
pro?.r ??. Dm r-'H ?'??.?ni ?h? u vc-17 fine affair, aad In
? lud ed a corji?
an immense
I r-.H ?'??ion ?i.? a 11-17 lia affair, aad In ,
1 ot nionnte.1 riflemen, ben?!? of miwic, and j
car < oiituiniiitr {-BB| l.ulie? and rbilalrmi
per-onating the <?i.,:,?e-s k4 Liberty tai tim thirty-aii ?
Stat?? ?iid l^uniig 1 .inner? in* .ih'-.l with the ami? at
moil, biete. Ik I B.'.J1.II i!?I? _rs!l"l ? ??,?? ii, 1 tlfitEIB.
Mayor Monroe Reported to be Reliei?!
by Gen. Sheridan.
Nr.w On runa. M??Bd?r, Algnt27, ?M?.
It ii believed that a military comml-eiou ?ill be ooaeti
luio'l at an early day for t_e trial of then mea ?bo wer?.
cou?pienou? in the late nota.
Iti??l?o?nidto-lay that Miyor Monroe hil lef-ra re?
lieved, and hi? ruoccsaor appointed under maru..? law.
lien. Baird has applied to he relieved, lie ?ill probably
be mattered ont.
Tbo military commiisioL fer thii inv??tig?tton mt the
riot? ii lull utting, henct nothing authoritative toBChiog
this deliberation haa transpired.
The city prow h_i violetly attacked Gen. SLeridaB fe?
the peat two day?.
scBPthsioN or thi < oi LitrnoN or tbb ?ibbct tai?
Ni w obi i'a.n* Mondar, Abc 57, ?Ki.
Tho collection of the direct tai imjioied by Co. g rise ?a
1861, ha? I,"?.u luspeniied until January, 1S68.
Cotton crop ??.iteuicnti continne to be generally tmfav?
voriible; hat ou tho Upper Bra_oa tlio ?Mitton ia viebliufi
?eil. _______________
THE IIKlKI.nu MOtftMB F Al?.
_?.ST DAT? BtCB?THE __J?r_T.
Special Dti-alch lo Tba N. Y Tribune.
C.-VBi-u-a, Monday, Aag- Y1, IttA
To-diiy closed the Ilorxe Fair. Th<) int?r?tt lied coa?
rddersbly abated and the aftendinee wa? comparatively iii?.
The rice between ??en. Butler and Panie tor the BI.M parn,
both to harnell, best three in Iv?, was wen easily by Peale ia
three itraigbt heats. Butler makiag bad break? ia every hook,
Tim?, 2 3.-,, I 35, 'J 34 2-0.
The race for the ?"?00 premiom wss ?ob by Ar-rriea Ktai ef
Plltibargh making the lint, iccond and fourth beata, tim?
9 33 JO. Ztli-u, a ufit-5. Pecuniarly the fair h?e proved a
?ocoe?a _
Uperial P.?patch to The N. V. Tribune.
(iik ago, Monday. A?ur. ?*7?M datght
A rtty dtttirnct r? On in be*n raging i?>r 'I??- ie*t let
bol?n?, on Wulfe lies?., (leal roving a ?hoi?* Ink ii
building? b<*t?on Lihou and l)'e*>l,ine?-?!t*., .-..ohiiige
.oe? of at ItattllSO.SSQ?
fweutv buibliiiga ?.??io dntroye?!, the lanrM af al < li
was a l*i. w-Kngiaud null, owned hy J. K. Hum-?,-; tina.
???It all the lEicliinciy, aiid lurgc (?'UiniiUee oi t?o., and
grail, ?as ?wept away l?y the tlaute?.
Atiagnciiliurol warehouse, ?-te!, machine ?liol*, tt.eful
grocery itont, ??i','" ni dwelnagB, BBS barns were ?le?) di -
*)t?oy?d. A grt'hi Lumber of lainili? s ?-ere r<_?!er? d o?.ni*
ic?. Ho ilo .-.,)..? not tot extaiiguiihed al th?* hour,
un.liiighr, Ltt! ml: Le kept by tin* Fir? D-?poriiii'-ul front
?prcuding Further. Hie -ra ??rii'inetcdu*, a pwi'lixk-p, by
?lio carvi. sa iii" al bajuzole. J_t?t el the mgt\oOAr1 gg.
?troy.d ira*. partit By katsaal
?AS 1 kam BOO? Monday, Aag IT, ???*"
The town of Maripon, Cul., w?s d?**".royed ?__*?' ? ?"
I the*?0th. Fi?-.* or ?ix building, ??.re ?ated. The c?l
1 niated In?? i? 1100,000.
'Ide ihtp Diirnl Crocket. Opt Bur*-?-??, from N?'?
1 York, re; ort? that Hi, Lord Orlng-tOB, a ?eiinisn, ?Be?! ?1
? cousnu'j'tion. and Lowren? c flit-ke, a b?>y, .u drown??J al
j tea May It,
Sam FRvKnf'?". U-mSer, A*tg 71 W? ?
A l.M--?Mno;ive.'Kiilir ?,t 'h<> F? taluina H?ilr.??*sl itep.it . i -
.:-. kiii'n ' fuir ti!?" and wonin!,|.e li,?
A. ailk fu',-ort baa boen a?, id feen, whk-fe a i Belah
two piece? oi black Mik to exhibit i.ext month a? UM IBfta
Tlio ? ran sac ti, ?ni i:i mining ?lock? are li|ht. lena?
Jacket.*; I.?; Chollar, $17:1; Sa.ag? $1 W0.
POI (.IIKEI-PiIB. *.E\V.10K*rK
Pot oflkrvnit Monday. Aag 'Ti, leoo
Information JtMft leSatfel in this city ?tut ex ?that a
' nnmber of lb? convie?? employed in th? quarry at Bin* Hin?
' i riton ?tt.cV.ed ? ko*p?r thi? afiernoon aad endeavtWed u
wrest a revolver from him. lie itoutly re?ut?4. hi? ?It*tpt.
to free t-imieli attracting the attention of other keeper?, ?ho
Immediately want to hu ??aiaunce. Ia the mean iMm IB?
?ttscke.1 nan managed to (roo hi? piatol arm, whaa be br? d al
1 his ???ail tut?, killing one of them instantly. The oibr* fee? y
?ra also tired, tm.rtuliy ?oaadiog three. ?Den the b?!*B. ? ol
' the conipirator? were secured.
At Ot ?*?,lork I?.-? evening all wa? qniet Ig.!?. II
! li ?aid that two convict* eteared h?t Bight, and i: ia al*?? rt
! ported that ?oroe of thoa? who made the raab thi? artarr.co.i
I arc ?ti!! at large. The ?tfair cauaed connderabM ck teu.eul.
?ud large crowd? flocked lo the ?cene of tbedisturbance.
The boil, of a man named Jamei Cara waa found in a fan.?
?t Warping, i Falla to day. Ile w_* a drinking man. Au la*
' quest wai held by Coroner Halght.
Ki? B Dier??*rin.
?nthl Oiipatch to The N. Y. Tribut-?
CUICAOO, Saturday. Aog. S3, Ilaf.
A dispatch from Memphis ?Lite? tl.it a hrm of that city,
ou Thursday, ?truck a rich bed of nickel, which uro cn it?*? to
yield large qnantitn-e of that oro. The rame hrm. a few
days ago, diecovered a lead mine, which yield? fairly. The
nickel bed is near PoolviIIe, Tenu., and the lead niux .a
Northern MiniMippi.
Pradaee mut ?Biker Tiara??*
Aug. 'ii, 6 p m ?Flour?No. 1 Spncg, |I0 ?50- Eiu-af???!?,
fe? 759110 B| Amber Weitem. Ill Sill 00, Whit? Wheal,
double extra, fel?50_fel4? Wheat qultt; Corn dall, tale?
no 000 bush. No. 1 at P?o. Oat? d'i'1, ?nd held at anout 40c. t? ?
No. 1 ('Virago, ?. ? for No. 1 Milwaukee. Darloy aemneJ.
Rye qolet and nominal. No. I Chicago. 7.V ; No. 1 Bftlwaa
I kee. Min??. Gr?es Bay. Wo. Pork, 35c. Wbislev. ? ?tr n
; retail. Timothy SeW, gi 75. Canal Freight! Cm. Tf/he.i
17c; Corn, Ide; Data. 9|o. to New York. Cotb. Uto; ?Date, tv,
i to Albany. I.-ceipU for the puat ?W hoon. Flour, v,KO bbl?
' Wheat, 5?,Ow4 b_i_.? Corn, 2*Ji,!?45 bnih.? Oat?. "-4.5i7 bruP
[ Canal export? ?em? Hue Corn. H-?.8I0 bush , ??al*. M eli?
bush. ; liarler. l.'..?"0 bu?!i. Taere I? ?float on tba Cana), dei
unod for tide-water, including j4 dayl' ihlpaent? from
RutTilo endinir 87lh. ?nd from Oiwego 9 day?, aadiag the -.'SUi
j Flour.-J.JP9 bill.; Wheat. 4.1,37-, bcih.: ?Torn, ^91?,st4Saat ;
. Oat?. jb;.e?Jl*u?i_, Bailey. 4J j.?- baan.; Rye, 3?,looamtk. '
at Tot ano.
An?. ST.? Flour quiet. Wheat 'a-yje. lower; N?w Amber
, Uicliigan. fe*-' ."?ai -I.* 57i White do., fei? 56*ta He, Boring
fe. si, A Amoer, crop of 1865 fe. SO. Coen, io. lovtr on
Mitod. 3c. on White ; So. 1 lrjlxod, iiijc., No. 1 Yellow, IS?. -
! No. I White. (??. ?t)at? iteady at 33|c. Rye ?inlet. L?ki
Frei?rh!i unchanged. Receipt?, past week, ?.?TOO bbl? Flour
-1,000 bush. Wheat, iriVQ,000 bush. Cora, 30 000 baab Data.
. Stiipment? sasie t'.uie. -,,000 bbl?. F.oor. V7.000 t)o?b. Wheal
i 131,000 bulb. Corn, ?ii.iDO bath. Oat*.400 bub. Rye.
Aug. C7.?Hour quitt; ?ale? choin Amber ?taM new,
: fe*- 75; White Michiiran, new. Id Kye aad Oat*qout. On?
' -lain 41),000bull. Wctorn at 7'Je?0c. Shipped bj?-tew?
' Suhday and Monday-Corn, 141 000 bush.. Rye, f, 100 feaab .
' Whest, 7 SOO hush. l'rt?iC(l F il'onvills-44 load? Corn, I load
Oat?. ! losd Rye.
Aag. -.7. ?H..in- une'ituiifd. ?al?? of I, ?J00 bbl?. a' I'OjuVi
l No. I Spring: ti-J .'or Bed Winler fell for White do., ami
, fell.li! .0 for Doable Kttr?. Whan quiet; oolemof 3,01?
j buth. No. I Milwaukee (.'labon private term?; *?l)iag ia ear
l lot? ?t fe. '..-?. (Von urti red at W tor No. 1 Llotoi? with '.>
bid. Canal lieiktht* uni hange,!, Hoar. 40c.i Wheal, lOciCorc,
1 s;,,. :? N,?-. Y.n i. J.uiiiIkt. ?? Io the Hudaoa. Iui|?irtt latt ti>
honr??When! V7 7i?i br_rb.? Cuni, 41,714 bulb, 8_ip|?en!?
?I ? I lour, .71 bbl.., Wheat, 7,588 bub., Corn, 1 ("al
Aug -.*7. -Hour ur.chani.ed tt fen,e|!3. Wheat cprnr.1
1 firm at Bl I neSt *) for No. I. Whiskey unehaatred Mcee
Perk doll a! I.i.i, ?mill ??les. I-ard duli; pnce* inaiit. ii
?Aiio. 1'iot.eioui Urm. Cold. 147.
Al sr LOLIB.
Aug. .7 -Hour unchanged. Wheat ?.5c. lower eaitt al
I ISS tir ?????} to nriiiie Fad: fe'.? 35?$J 40 lor Ck*!???.
Corn ca?ier at ?flOfttlc. f,r Mixed and Yellow, anil'. >?',.< fe r
White. Oatt lower at 35. lOe. lT"Vi-!onj ?ud \V'.i?k? un*
i hangi d.
?. r ( HICAOo.
Aug. C'7?Flour .luil and lie!rael ri?_35e. Wheat opeue.1
st ? ,1., ..ueof ^ftoc (li el d fel f?', tnil, Lied at ti ?rr-fei ?si
tor Nu. 1. Na J declined li,o I.V., opening at S> ?Jatl ? ?
nu,11 love.t at Bl ' ''li tot ?'ern dnll and -reliaed I'a.c
sale* at 33|ftMo. for Ba I. and -?'?. for N? t ?J-iadn'l
at 9tfO. foi No. 1, and tSe. fur N... t_ l'rutUio?? aoaontl.
Hi?-',? in?? ?I'liel. FreJcht? ?dvancrd !|c. Receipt? to-day
7,000 hld?. Hour. ?53.(11)0 bi:ih. WheaL jVCixObiah. C?r?i ?,??wi
lush Dall. S'llpmenf?: I.t-W bul? Hour. 3.'i,iJO0 bjeb. Wheal,
]??7,u0u boin. Com, v- (?Jo liosb O.t?.
..?g r .flan 'u'l Wheal SaB ?: I' fe?! for No. ? r,, ,
dull and d? i lined-?v. Oat? dull al'iOc. R'ceipt? to-alat: s<
bbl*. Hmir, .'?'?-?i hush. Whtvitt. ...i??j b.uh. Corn, 7 ttW bulli
Oa'.?. ??iiptutMa ' ?A?) bbl? Khuir
Algnl 15 -F .?'ir at.? t,\r. V, ?.?at to?re?, ps.ae Lrai. t'-i?
dall; Wenern Y UaW??o'alc , SvnttLiiu White? fella?, f
acute at I*??:*', by weigh?. Kye ?rm at 95-?fel I'm?
dull ?nd 0'iietUed. Sugar heavy Coffee quiet. Rio ).?"
ia gold. Whuky. iteady; Western O' Mugi 35.
Aag. -7 ?Ciiltle market dall; lulo hnd ?e!d al .'. ??*.,.
for Kxtra; i..? .?o. for Fa!r to Cood; :??.(<? H.*?(. eoh al
6i _',.c. Hoar? |15 a SI?', 50 i.e?.
W11 WIM. K?-, 9. C.
Aug. f, -Crude Turpentine lu in at fel TO for Virgin, aid
?:. for Yella? Dip. gf_r.ll 1 .?.|f?tln<, Ott h.i.r | ?.
f'r ?.oi-rpor' ?r.: f? - art?'cr K?. i T?_ a. .5?
a. < ? ?

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