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?i IT AEB 81-1
_i, ? ' EEAE AE : IB
III/., ? -IL-.
t' ui ' i 'i
i.. M
A? thor?- i !.- n. thiuir t?a detain Maa I"?
, I i tarned to the _oi_riancapital ew tim
i Lsertrj ?hen
?lowly bloakod hy retreating loldirr? and
?eft-t? tin? milr ??_ ?lory bo?M contain ing cIiiI'tm p
I?rivn . drear BtMteh td toteo! lo - ?'?'? a cut
? if, nu till?ia? Ma-oied a? wi ?? ? ii'??ant
? lu m lu iv i. 'n:. there who
rl diuddei.iy on the way, wh"h.iU ni? "iBia???M it?I '
?I iii'iney ?ith him??.(line Iii???nri'l which he Bipl hare
I men fi-oni lim without the least .1:1' li if he hld??If
iii.?*.?!! t?.. 1 ?-ii? r-fraatiiiiB niyselt v ith a taue i.1 I ii ??
if Cf. Ni-uhanser n-hi-ii (he King and hi* ira D di ?Ti by to
Ik -.: fjrmcr quirt? r? :'. th? Sta
Bfnia si-Uitiis? a wiili it i? sit'..,ii?..l ?un.':.-- 1,11? on
? ia Sohwarsa (?u black tink, hi.i? i? ero? i.? ii, li?-.?.- ??? o a?iy
i, her iiiiciont (1 mia:, citia.?, bj I fn:n QshiltoTict! ?ti.mir
J.ol I nail' d the Spielberg. Many heeiinti i,n- t??i?l ..t th?
pt-, .IhetY, hi li i"iird-?!<tin-n, ulm h bart rend.mi tia ruine
?t n -ii- the people? kind of aynonym ! r d \ tory and
? '. -I tv. Anil u Via? i? B?..r.., tbr. ni, f. .1.tided 'ii truth.
?i '?' .Spielberg was changed ?cutan?? n_". frira n _-I*r
.s' ''r?. to nu Austrian political priaon? Vi bomera ei?
I "il'a.,1 th? Stat'- by cn!. Ming to ii? .11 -, ..:hi.:ii-i'?'?'t ideas
t - 11. mr ned to the tendel mer. i. ? ol' ii? depths. It?
>? at:, ?re iuin:en-i", it? empoct i? bleak iir.d frvrbidding, and
I .? dark pasBB?M tal WyMtlMai chnniber? in it? in*
t-i or. extcndi.il.-, n? cr. Ini'i; to p"|>uler traliti"ii. aa far
lato ..io mount ii in I at the CBatk-anl? lilt
.'- -I night tell you Mate of t_*a_ ghowly ttori-a,
i ? ?i.y mam end time Ihm iu- t.? submit them toyaai
i a '-,' aa?ou.
THK mm
H -.iih?s which then-1? !he Eranckioerg, another heauti- '
? aiion, which ?erre? aa u promenade, though it?
ii i iri bights are locked in hy the wa!!? of a (?Brent lu
? ? _'ii-dcii the Rrnnaeia B.t inoodi ly, i.ilking pol?tica in
i I Ti ?: '??. "I um really curio I lo knovvhatiato
: hII !hi?," wa? u remark inn.I'-1 > BMoften, ami tho
| "1 it wag that no one MltTCd Au-tnii ? raid
a? ree to tiny peace the?, A latiiietl noanaaal a.? 11->??k
' ? "Tho Liberator of his Country "?one ol'the Haps?
eoaciatiM of ni- ? itone o li i
?.?I * i - lack? of tour t niall.-.1 lan?, ?hu ?re ?li?ling in
lh.i dntt nt If tiny wert rerj anea aaed to it
B -ni-full ot cloth faet?'-i' ?.aii.l fie p><> !.? pi
f." rta extensively to the rintel State?. Bal norn li.<?
?...Titires are idle; the little elevation crvatoo?i?? tho
?i ? ? >l liken quay i.? lined ti ith crowd.? ol' expect an"- ?
t?ih.ippy peuple, some tier?-? . .?"ino gning "Maa!*?, ex
]'"e?4aiiiu!'"s? fiidei'ce "f the norm >.f tare, gazing ?t the
?"idi -r? and Man, where there is nothing to be leet
Protostantiam hns been trodden out long su...- in II?
11? H.'i'ii optii.g a dr"p ot li'.ithnraiiisin in the capita!. So
a v ?l'or mar see queer things in the street.? in u rall| nu?
"w-?y. (kne day I was astounded to see ev?-rvbody ro".iul
ino kneeling rather ?add? nly into the dirt, ni. I, on looking
Jo? Mi? center of thi?adoration, 1 saw nothing hut an ui
B ginficant, ordinary pn.-st striding C"? si-.j-.n nlially along
?with some black crape at thecnal of a polo. I.isi-whcre ou
the sidewalk, 1 havo seen a boy of IS kneeling to n staring
I anatio and receiving hu bloss?ng. whi? li val c-iv? ii wuh a
tJo-irish. lu the ?iib ;rhs. 1 ?aw a t?.-mnsler halt, ?kore In?
?Br!ii|? under hi? arm and walk up revere-illy to, n-:d ka?, a
r??i 1 monument which did not api>ear to ii" to :..ivn any
I id aition ?.f a religious character lihou! if. (>n in.jr.',
? ''??rirard, 1 learned that it marked the spot where inuai
am1? were exectit??d.
Leary house in lirunn it full of .soldier?, and the cholera
__? raging Badly. Out of a population of near IB-Eat. more
M..:_i 100 die ?lady. But the ?oldier? are perfectly Bt hinno.
t?i?rtori?d otlen upon the families of tho b.-tt.-r ?Ih.?.?.?,
IT-.v enjoy the fr?*odom of the house; but while they re?
ceive faviir? a? their due. I roust K?y to th.-ir ? redit that
they generally behave civiiiv, often try to makai themselves
agn>e_ble, tell ?tone?, and carry themselves ?a to tho
?' manor bor?.''
It is in the .cafes, however, where rriost lifoisseen.
E' ussiaii officer?, with fttig-*rt<ned appetite? and powerful
Boioe?. enjoy themselves and chat very mu. h in the ?a-no
?rav th?t "te have witnessed at Washington. Iaouitville
and St. Lorn?; only perhaps moro quietly, and with less
V .'Biri-, ?ince rank and hirth often settle question? of that
?<>rt here without more ado. Individual? do not display
? Officers of every rank are unassuming. Apparently
B>cre is tho beat cood nature and freedom of int.-reourso
^s"twt"OBBll, yet cltaer observati'au v iii show that there is
B well defined 1 ?its beyond ?huh such iiitercourso iloe?
C?o! presume to extend itself. Only ont" lid 1 tit Muk
??nug iiM-lf and that wa? vtu-n Primo liei.s? caine
Battling and hang:tig ?ith his ?wont into the dining-saioou
?amo day, bowing ecrenely, and then looking M lb in
?c'iiio-rled ?iiu-nt of honora which W11? not paul finn.
Sie l?pres? ute one of the late littie (?< mian prim lp?lltJM
?id Clough not smart hirostlf, was wise MOOgh lo let
k'rt.issia k?allow his country on th" Boailtion that it
Bho'.ild ?wall >w him along with l!, and 1 judg'- that th?
army 'doe? not like the done.
* A remarkable feature of the Prussian campaign is the
constant presence of pestilence in the camp a? if war had
t ?.?led Us md lo disciluat?' the lau 1. Amid the 1. . .tire-si?
Bastare dying daily in H-Buit ?:. I in tht ?irmv, the end
?-??nies fn-quently at three to ?ii hours' notice I OBMat
ti'-? heard sjsuki-n otos dead who last mting ?ere Im '/'?n??
B' the tavern in the merriest of good-fellowahip. And St
|)?r cent, that get cholera die. Von would ?? ur? ely think,
lioweter, that the cholera raged rampant Hill mun from
Erbat may be seen ia the etreet-, or heard Biiywhere, or
I .B.1 ni the papers. "Minerals aro conducted vi ry qui' tly.
tt\ cause suthi icnt in ordinary times to render the ?tree?
B? silent M Sabbath, produces no perceptible efTecl in the
?ir.'seiice of a greater ill under which the country bodily
uffors. Nobody thinks ?bout the cholera : nobody faan
t The lazarettos are scattered overall parts of tue town,
riad the Spielberg has it? share. People only half hehevo
I to be on epidemic.
On our train from I.nndcnburg to Brnnn (hree di??l *?
toute, and mr pitying symjat hies were aj'i?o*!ed t?. hythe
ii? of a sallow L,ientenant who traveled la tht same [
Con;! with m?, and sat on the seat facing roe. He B
tinta-tempered fellow, hut said little and looked so.! i
nioked, as I thought, without enloying hil ?igarntsll.
It wi? cholera that had it? ^p on bim ' and tht jwor man
? a? l-fi at a way station in charge of the military phym
aan, with piDspatxts only too dark, if his look? augured
i-iircetly, or ever getting ?way from the piare- again. Ked
?nie !? the common preventive, beyond which htt!o is
iboaaght to bo nee??rv except regularity and generoti?
lood. So each of us had one bottle ot Mell?eke. ui.d
Eiierriiy enough wo emptied th?-m.
. It would nave been quite ?? well if the Chinese cli?>li ra
titi remained in China, but now that it is here we may as
prell Ulk about it. The lips get blue, the face ?allow, the
B? o? tirolesa axd the eyelids half close themselves languid?
ly. Ask the patient whether he feela better, and he will
Ei-' |attt likely to answer that be is doing very well. But
It a certain ?tage there will be terrible cramps and com?
motions in the bowels which I cannot now .h ?ht.he for
rant of adjectives. The best way of getting a graphic
Ide? of it is to have the cholera?which ?tatement resta on
Ih? very- decided opinion of all who have tried it.
The JoLt?unitter Knight? go fearlessly into the hospitali
lad work hard, and a great de? they find to do. I ihnald
rather aay the private? of the order, whose gem-io? labor
is to bo ikiu.m-d?aiid concentrated to manufacture ?..me
Tame for the real Knighta, tha- fame-needy noble?, who
I'aytat home. The distributing contor is the railroad d? ?
pot at Brunn, and it isa busy place?at present, inh-'d,
Cbout the only very busy ?ho'p in town. In'!??nroMed
nd operations in detail, the Johannitter organ ?Ukaaoet
Dot differ materially from ourS?_itary Asscx iatiou?where
LT?dit deserved, however, went straight to the mark where
Credit wa? due, and where the chiefs who won their laurels
io manfully, never went into demeaning con? '.uve to iu<>
notx'lise distinction! to their favored few. One of these
J'?h?nuit.-"r? told me to-day that cholera patienta might Le
bandied for weeks without dar ger of lnteelion, and that
lohannittcr nuraea are very teldom itrickcn down by it ;
but that the principal danger and common cause of Lnfi t>
Li >n arise? from visiting the sam? wuier closet ?ith a sick
?arson, whence the effluvium of the diseased person? luce?
>r ap?gate? it? kind like yeast.
! In t_i? way he acconxita for the geneial prevalen? e of
bolera in certain house?, and the utter exemption ot it ,n
tber?. Doct?-r? with whom I bave conversed here hc
lere in the theory that cholera i> nothing hut a ?''iden
egetation of a microscopic plant of the simplest s'ruc
ir? known, like the green ?cum which forms on stagnant
?(er. Thi? rudimentary vegetation toaaiatl of singlo
? 11?. which propagate hy subdivision, and when thi
a instance? are favorable with a rapidity quite cxtraordi?
.try. Between this hypothesis and the theory off* runi,ta?
tou of late yean set up by a leading Kni.'-h thrall!.,
her? apjresrs to bo no substantial dirTererii-e. ('?rtinily
his vegetabh? theory of ferment?t.OB is t in. Ibla nli'l i om?
B'relinnitible; which cannot he laid of any t ??,
S .at nriH-ess befon att'-mj'ted. It has bun inJorttd bj
pumo of the best ('.-rnran i hemist?.
I I ?entto Wit?"hau, near Auster!.tz, on Thursday, to
ajritucss tn impromptu r.-vi..-? I
Baudor Stelnmct-, hy the King and Crown I':ino-, im'Ii a
?iumeroua?taff of officers, NHOtenting the two aritii's
?tasly op?raiing against Austria. It was cloud* otu.
."ki ig in the ?.inning, hut gai-? soon opetei on
nd ihe finest weather imaginalii'- r< nth red eTcryl
omble for an exhibition of the Prussian ?..?.'( i itt nnd tar
field of
put in their best light. Crowing on my ?av the t
?uitorlitz, I had an opportunity to r??^.i th? c
atancos of the Dreiktuieinhiucht, or battle of th? three
l.iiiiKTors, as it i? ?till called by the p*-?!).!??. 1'.ally In tl.o
?tnnrning, a thick fog enveloping the groping am.io?, whii h
??? ?it??ed on the opposite ?lope? of a i'oi.tle hill, Mapee
eon and hil officer? ?landing on tL? i?x>f-.?Lbpc<j moui.d
aising out of the ravine to n y B Ita
? The*?un break? through, the foglif? rr.? ne: tarily so
Blto diaclose ti. : m t.o;: of the B?atlu ? m d At.s'rmn?.
and N?rx)leo.') ?:ui-:ly exihaiixg, "Th.s ;? th' to. I -
Berlltr/ It w?s fresh from thii victor?!:. I IS
?Bent to Ni? holaburg, where, it may not be too Ute to
tnention, Au?tria once before concluded en in ,
??ace, vis: att<>r the battle of the White Mountain, at
?rague, in ltiJO, ?hich .letl.roucl Kredcrnk. (he lait of
ha Bohemiana, and gave ina country to tie Ili.psburg?.
?tiittirlit? ia one great whcat-licld J'ait now, and O'
"roater? hate a way of arranging the ?hutks m
l'iatooni, which ?wdly reminds one ??jomft?lti i? d reiji
aint? In nadamonBratir? opposition,
ffho cu've ot Stemmet? embraces two division?, ard
Ynmljer? -0,0110 mee. It wa? thi? body thut did mo?t of
he hardeit fighting on the l'misian ude, and that tint
[^augurated victory to the l'rua_au?, by gainiI g foi
Un- buttha of N?_hod. SkaJit?, ami tftronari. 1 found
Le Ninth Division numbering 15,000, under Eta I
Ireadr engaged in maneuvering bt-rorc tht King as I
arno in sight of the high hill on which they ?.ere. At a
ide datancs the gooioetrical masses in part L '??mi g
?aiist tbeala-y, f?rm?d a pretty plciura wbicn hwan..
bale I ,sc?|?ic m four or fir? column? of infantry ?eparatid
a^d _i,K-d in di-e-ti.. <liffcUo*i| ?owg tho hdl- A
?t, i M fi y M id I pet ehoei . ni th" -men if"'
n? i ni ol noting b'-tn i i ,
,iiiv? giounl li) i a : l! | a ! I
, .-1 ol. igt in to ih ",i ! ?ii.;.-r |,"? '
I ! : - fl.lv llu'.ul lil ?"' I ''
it, with rp ?n erect, and Ihi Trur-i-in
,,, rt if In ?in "Id
Mu din- ina]. li berititg ricoi ef m littry di* Iphnolik
the I'rui-Kiuii, e i : -iiviitid preciMoB KI" I?11 Oki ?''">
.?, iiUim. under tin' L, al OTU period. ?*s ? mullir o
currie. Dut ?lut ?'.ruck r mott favorably ??t? th"
almost mathen.an al ca.mjre' aloaof Iheaoiett. Itwas
liiloroeting to -otu-e aftorwa. what g"od ?.udoratanding
thaw Btiated hetaaea ?iisn au I?'ree in ?he performance
ofiuch hueineee a.cronaing a ditch. A horse ge'a luto
Iho habit of ?viitsideni g hi? b mien a txirt of himself, alni
the movement? of horse end rider then l^c-orao lurpnsing
ly natural tud ?.???. Concern me ?ho different kin di
cavalry there is lutl" to be d"?< rtbed beyond the apeara
to-drackesi of th? Uhlan? ; otlicrwiao tV*u.iela and iii?? like
make about th..*pn!y dlttini Uoa exnpt in name. A
deal of comfort i? ?.icr-le-. d to ?kow.
I havu teta tho original t' the fiere* warrior with
wriiikleJ and ttafeltfetd brow , whoso picture gracd nn'i
quatcd wall? r?C( a-lo!i?tliy. Mci cover, I can te.titv to ill
truth to nature?provided the tall shacko like a cant iron
atovc-pije lx* not cmiCod. A? these poor flin?! trot
ulm!,? auder their htti yon can soo (hut tht ttore-flpt ?
S,t, us nie tan iiiitylie, which i? intended fea umpire awe,
oes not cv.ii Ml firmly on the head, hut ben.)-damp-d
toot 'o tin? ?kin,obey? none the IfMBtht lawH of momentum
and men m, am! nehi Heirateen la awe, lag a> ead Bo aitfe
the onttro Biala. In wheeling M abreitst around a
corner it wa. noticeable that allhotigh individuals might
appear n lillie liiL'i.'li-i!i--p?L',.'!.?.!v, Hie nan cum" alway.*, lo
Ih,- ?pel iii the ni"?? pr<v;-.(.?niter. The artillery march
c?l ?it pieces abreust, and Ike gunners walked at ran; tim
hifid wheels ef cadi separate carriitr-e lroviig so exactly
area that I rame to tke ?wndnaioB that eltkn kenta or
oarriugi's nu,st hart hen Jolea, li soin? ?Hy.
Hiving disposed inns ol Um first L?,0(K), forrning tho
??Ninth Division, the King and Ruito rotlfl "ii a mile or
?MMt to review the 'lentil, win, li consisted of l.'./Ml
m ?re, altogether iiitiinttr, iiiiil" Witzloboii. On t inore
livel li Id ?ho Inept mu ched -00 akraaatj in
cn nprtct ninas, and ?o '? desenlio' a rootling!" Ot
?he Riomi'l. ?hiefe i? ealM hy thom Uio "TCing'i
l'anule. ' In-id? Mood a lint? bend ti furnish
marching tlinar?, opposite to it tho Ki?:.', nd ele??
behind lum ?"lue fio of?cor* i ! three o? lmi ' C"rrc pond
tato OB horse!,ink. Biak, ale. left, toward th?. retir, linn g
little squadions of en fal potlcti kinglit?, rallier dis'aiiily
tut picture-finely itatKH.cd, hetMt tlm-o or foin tOjm
1 ickev I in t ill hais,and n roi a! equerry or ?'?lable mu: ter,"
m nil ikt ? p?rime** of n Bpaawi gean ?1 'i'lie tnifr-rmity
of iiiovenieii? wa? thorough, and Ib? silo! mas? of bayoaa?
g?tteriag ia iba seaaktoa a Mahtwartfe seing. riiiaH*
.?o Sanrviaa linrops tren tailed out in line befontbl King
at ka ita ai ead with copper ( silver eroaan oi neift.
Three captiirod Anitriuii standards were diapla" d hy
(hem. The, King rodo up to thom and along their fn.ai,
a'li!rts?cd a few c .mmoapla? >? ?ordi of praiaa?a_aiaiaol
one of the stiuiiliiids, ami tlien nulo off ?lie f?"!'i. followed
by lit gea? ntl?, ?titi ollie m, con *aom l?ala, metal-pot
ted knight.s, and li, kera II ilf ?dozen I ir ;ii:.e? i ItBOBt
neorl coiivi v,d the King lad gntl poopl? Ix.'k t?, llrunn.
A> for tke aoldier? tkty filed d ?wn into the relie* ? am!
?Mtdewi round aliont, aid d?eppteied BBacooaatablyi
Hiere were no sign? of an ein luipinont txtept t rea of
wai.".::? he-e Bud laen. The man of t'iem di?' u r 1 in
bec lines for surrounding v,? Ig ?, wl.oror, _ nr. i. .' .lilli' is,
under civilised roof's, availed tli?iri.
Stemmet?, the Commander of 'us rorp?, hu? now the
reputation ot a " ti-litin?* goa?! .1.' Ile ta a short, plump,
naadkeedad, oleu^ookinf old gentleman, ?iib a ptrnt
Bently eeathn laaaei lac? a;?? ? ?into mustache; ?ears
hi? capas if i! had l?(?on pie.??'.I 1 ivni over hi? eye?
The I'riissinn anny poatnan a peculiar trait of ?o'idit**,
ariKtnir from tho character and phrafeeM of the indi? dual?
hailing from the ?aril pliiiiia.it Batik (?erinaiiv, nuddlo
sized or tall, and rnnjiici, ever.- one of them i? n
"kii.t.'' Mentally thero ii no l,.?k of wlut Ike OnBiatl.
call ??nee-?of strong, healthy tlntlttHj win, li wo call
I met at the review, Lamm ill <>f Tie fceadet ltmt*
tralca fictrt. tnd Dicey of The I ondon fWfefttnd, hcul"
another civilian w li uni they el' '. '? l'rofeaaor;" a lie -ly
old gentleman with a very . ?red tloadied Lot, wh"
?as ?aid to he a porirait pin,1er .o tho Royal family.
On ike way back I dined at a roadside tavern, in com?
pany with a wcll-iiifiirnicd Silrsian incdie?l oflicer, w be
understood rollah and Bofcmit-, and ?ko waa somewhat
acquainted with the Imbi?? of the lloliemian uypeie? If?
di??ented strongly from the BaaM?aa of the wnt??r in ''The
Atlantic M,,nttilv " "f last Fall, , me time mainl-uiiing
th?? identity of tlio ilyp1?!"? With the Hnhemian?, and te?
ronniin. f,ir (hem as nattai rid, and foi awrl eealarin
unwashed Hussites. The Poll ID uni lioheunan ItHff ?
ire so much alike ti nt tke I*oUth Piunuatted n > il:lli
culty in talking with the CbB-B] ih?y Ott l?"th leagetan
ri lattnl le tin* (i. -nu,in. ltut tv | Iliinitariaii Lee? 'I I'?r
en t, (Hid belong! to the ?ii..*: latg a. ??.?, ile ., i'oro i?
nearer related to tlio .lewisli, pi],-le? txtttottt none of
these. lu ltohoinia, a? el.?ewh?re, ?he (?j psie? iro rtomads,
and sleep in Ike dirt fr m 'h .n ', ruc Lia. ker lliaa llio Bo
hemiBus, and go neat li aak.-d.
vu. IBTUUra mi. i;i?(.:v uoi'Si ain
Kroai Our H pen i a ! ( ?rreapaicl -o'.
CrtTRAL CUT J urie V.l. !-..
Bt-tn City eui'iyo ti,'? di?' em ot doing Ihe capita
of Colorado Territory. That i?, tho legislature regiilnrtr
meeta there, but adjourns lo iHinver beL.ro Iraneatcting
any other busmen. Th? po'iulat'o.i ia not more Di.in :ioi
or 100, and the pla"? hat a <, < * -,v : rather forl"in ?ppt-T?
ai.i (? at prelent. 1' j,-.? - ns, i. i-rthcleei w-Ver.il hi.I.
?taiitiul storei, a ?c(i(eil-hoi;se, two Uunr-mill- t? mt ir Cieth
ft.riiis.'iiiig ficelleiit w?tor-j.oueri, and a i'inin.?ui lory ?>f
firebrick. From thi? tiisn fonraid it will rise "i
a*_? ?n........, of coal i. of ?car? -'r leiaconacguence
to thi? region than tha*. of gold and silver. (i?'ii, l'e n a,
Surveyor of ('"lirad", li/onn? in? that lim coal-field? of
the Kocky Mountain? vt,11 prol,n!,!y proiu It he
the largest in the ?orid. Ai,og the F.a?U*rn baa?, of Hie
range, brown coal of netBatrl BB-lit- Las _eea Ibaad RM
a distance <,f 3">0 mil??, ai.d Hie Indlitllit cotilinue
through Montuna. 1 saw. 40 miles eait of l)euicr, i
the l'latte Hills, a hold UBI ttop of Bael, project,ng two
or three feet above the cutt?. Fi.rth? t la the nnonrtin,
the Alb? nine, or oil-bearing coal, )i'd.u?ii* 1?'-1 pall n? !..
the tun, has been dilcovered. The ? apply of fuel i
Pacific Kailroad, and for all ?ii,(lurg nd ntBB-ttttriag
ptirpo?e?, i? therefore assured for c?BklatllM le Beeta
1 ?lSltiil the i ein. of LI?*' I ;. Bal fetel **!.( Ji me found
in conjunction, withn? half a milo of CetftftB City. 1 he
clay n f-.uud ni large beds ?t a i ? ocolate , r,|,,r and greasy
texture. Two horizontal shaft? 1 au- Leen op'-n?d Bfet UM
sideof the hill, and tli? ( arts ar-I "uri. d tlinctlv ?it tl.cr
mouths. The clay ii first barned, then grouml, tJUt
which it is molded and pressed into the requisito forms.
Although tho bunnies! is in itM vtry fonimracciuent,
BBeftgk bpt Leen done to assure iti ei ire nieces?. The
propn? tor? have already lonum-nt ctl e li _BB*tt8M of
tilee for roofing, whn h, I ?u-jo 11, ait .ro '.oi a eua I late
general u?e.
The coal, coiiinieuiiug at the tnrihee Milk a itreak ot
"color "'a? the miners oay ot ptld), hteadeat M IBSidly
that at the depth of'.'? feet 1 found a vertict- itrut .ni li
feet in breadth. If it continut? to iiir-eiu?e nt Ikt m int?
rate for 100 feet further, thi ltnineis? .. upp'y _fefe*ft_B_a
bc imspincd. This Kocky Mou! tit;n foil, 1 BBftaiBtaad,
ii always found in vcito.d naOM, while tho hUa__LBeei
coal along tLe Smoky Hill Fork ?8 di?-) '?*. fl in lior.-oiitlik
itrata. The valley of th" Flatte, offer ?vavu.g the nallinj;
country at the base of Ike l-BBBtelat, tpftega te lit be?
tween UM two formati',:.?. 'J lit- ciain? a!ion, Lovtevi-r, is
?a taparla!ti Iktl f-*4klB| very peeUferaeaayal ki a*?
Bt-rti-d. Coal is beginning to Le lo ml uLiindani.) in
Beetketa Kaaetj, and it i- paaftalt thui ihe g?ps feattttt
the beds alrtiady _lBB8*tM I ii.ny y t le- tilled ip.
8tandi.ig on tLn great bed ?d' Ntl n:?d lire day, at
QoldtaCity, I look?d eitr-iwiird aeren ikeoeak, nd e???'
a ridge ?f Hfentfetrtl ftifw, ?nd Uie kadieatie-t ??( i ?
v?!,i( i, has j'.nt to-cn opas? d. My i on miaat polatod ont
to me tkt loeaB 'ii ' i hi (?? "t tkt la? M Ina ore, ...ii ?.
the radies of annie. 'I !.c In n !.. teid te b<
.,..,tv. Mr. Loul.u.d ?.I tin? phil- l.iiH pneeatl le
?nats le?lef-n?ll, ead bu .' etme lailt for Un I
(Vn.joLy ci. nilling it.cin to < ii.it:' _c?; Ihe rot.! cart we rd
from tue Laie of tkt mount IBS, to Otmtt
? ? ' | from Oaukka u:.d \\ t.i dot te. rnaBitnfeg Cat
all the nijuiMtc h'-avy n,. | .?t hi Ircigl,''?;
from I V? B -Bl ti . '.'y. ! M-'iii, a! .'ii.?? ?./lit, !,,
be a l.azardoui cntcrpriee, \, ', . n Ikt other hand, i Le
?erlag la tke cost of t**e**-portt-g rails f*,r tb( r< i * a? tli
be io immeLie, that I cnu:.ot j r-.no.me Iks feka BB*
rettoiible. It ii quite certain tfcttfel] the rilli t-r the
nattai ttriakai of tLo roadnnal ha auaaiaafeeiBd ben
tnd in Nevada.
itere w,!!, ii. time, be areJbeed fi'in ti..- i: iiiii.g re*
ftomt M Ikt upper wat?rt of Clear Creek to (i'! cr. I I
?adsan?if tkt ?Bayaa-M ?.n ikea Bad fttetl
,e to eituhli.h their ?nulting t ok? at tki
place. Lit noone be de eivid l,y prettBtladl?
The qui? t (,f ?o.don City v !1 lo*, et.durc :nui h ! I
ai.d the day may not le f, r o.T vheii |k| ra., kc? fr>m III
! tallihin.iy.r, rifii.g up btkied Ttklt Mci
i N? |t DfftfBJ? 1 only it,i>i tint Ike tali I
I c'iitorn ef attaching " City" t- every oh . (.i m
! iktaekoattt, eoeld bo n y L irom i.'.ir?.? i I
I forcit it hal b'-coi.o a *.?:.? ui i.uituii'e, t.Utag l
i it agger and ?ant of (?? le sol ef pronih. Wkj :
j it " (Joldenpcrf us it v.ill Itiornt % iori tri hail I Id
whi? h Ihe '.K*s ?rill be ihlpeed), oi tay ot re linplt i
It the Ki?eian larigiioge, i?o t-neuem-y m nala usurp
' OLC-acTenth of the typo-rraphy; tad i., '' ., if ont
i talki much ulxiut laa_?aiB| iowa?, i mat add one*
tneatk lo Lia na? h, la leptatl . ?? . . ?ord,
I - C?*r*"
[ -_k^jr__y JBt .-kit-to ksi set iti .... - .
ti?? poinli-rl ont to me a tree, to which ?ome of (hem hld
I,mi,-.i -?aloa?.lad we'?,, ?m a.. a ni ..? an rt? n|'?c'l
assault ii|?.n t?'. Indi?? a the pine?. 'Ihe trininal ?a?
Uken f- ? ?lil th? MieinTs Inlliil? I'lal lyne',?"I. uml the few
h'iiiiiiinng I.io.i ii ir.?idiTits, who ?> rs>ar to hav? had no
' fellowahip ?ith lum, are < ? i. - ? -. j t., |, ,,??? |be ptaoe.
Alla.r? of thi? kind BUI an na] 1 Ml ml I?pre i D, Th"
? in| r?.v)??-?l (?ikI?' .?! it now e.'-tili-iiieiii )g n.i li.i'i.er Betta
?sr) In re, and its.n-ins to exist by virlue of ii lingering
iii-!?' 1(1 Hid?- lad iiolelit J'iali,,., ,
1 lound sun,d?. hut ?I? ?n quart?-.-?, nn.I an exeelh'nt
table, at Chuney'? Hot.?), Bddree* d a lnnlt.d atidioncsi in
tin- evening, and t-s.k the co ic.li fur tin? place yesterday
?omiin-. Bl IO o'clock. Ihn new mot 1i.ll'.?.'iig (i?-ar
Crook canon, has been mad.? i in | .tis? al .In hy Booda, and
the old road, some inili-s further eastward, is now used.
Ii BttMII the first rengo of the Ho. ky Mountains by the
conon of a su.all ?tream, at the mouth whereof are tourer
tiro log hoi-?*, alylisl (late (Mel The defile ia very nar?
row, abrupt, ami with such sudden turns thal for a ?pace
tho road total lo disappear every moment. Hugo tniasea
of dark red ?nd purple, rock topple on either side, then? I?
little timber to be MOB* tal a profusion of wild gr>o??}J*er
n? s and currant?, and" a bush resemblin? the br?*-r>rn. The
Leaf of the brook i? crowded with young colU.n-woods ?rd
te-ix elder?, in the ?had? ...which now variotiea <>f \tm
?owenBOB luxuriantly. 1 hailed tht Alpine harebell a?
an idil maali -ml Ithtlad tht delicious perfumo hh.wn
froin.i lumps of mountain rose?. 'Hu" wild Imp vin" wa?
veiy ?blindant, n,.tf nimg it? arms over tho rock, Lu li?u of
other si :| r ?
AApt two Bl three mile? Hie piss became broader and
?triii-Mrr, Bud we could look up t?. the ( teat of Hie motin
I uns. It w11? dismal to se?, how much of the pine for.st?,
wi'li w'nch Ihe ste'-pH were clothed, have laen wantonly
or careleraaly de,'roi ed by lire. Tim nx-k now appealed M
he a kind of gi,eis?, gray, with palo orange oxydations,
which gave til?? ?cor ery Homethiikg of tho character of the
Appen mes. 1 did not Und, a? 1 expei ted, inm-h n-gi-t-tioii.
The dry soil,the h.r.' ma??"? ol rock, Ihe dusty mai, and
the hot, cloudless xky nralaad, ??1 aufgeatM .southern
Baropt. rtthw thaa Bwlttettaad or our nooataia legiou?
of the Lust.
>Vn followed this eafion for some eight <>r ten miles, oc
,i-.":ially pa??ing ii saw-null, or tauru rani he, patEMUMd
l'V the tri'igiit "i- I len we i... Ii'.l Hu)'? Hill, whet?
tne road wobbb Ha din!.., mid mate leqaatad by the
driliT to l-lliub to the summit Oil fi ot li ?a? but fislf a
'.ult) of mtlicr bretthleM wilkin? ia ti khlaair, Bal wo
stool upon a narrow ii ?t, ortnOokiai ? deep, pint dad
rall *y m the in-nit of ti." Btoaatala ??? The .lark a?Wt?i
of the Sucnnd rang" rose aL'iunst tin? ??y, and tall one
small snowy peak wa? vi?.hi". Here Um f..re?t?, although
ui'itlior laigc nor den?'-, wen-eli.1 uiit'.iti ?.ed, ?nil lui,Iti?
ti |?| ol silwn lipaai wer" mingled wita tim p.li'-s.
The ?le.?c?ii.t looked dancerooay step, but our driver,
w itii locked wheel?, ? ral do? t ta i trot, p ualaf two oi
t- un s with wonderful skill. Tim valley ?i< now entered
wa? greener an?! fresher than the 1ir?t, and wi'h a tolera?
bly level laitMlli, ni '1.g ?hleli we lu.?I.al lo Ui?? ?klirl.igun
Uoum ?hero adinna awaited na. Au excellent BOM, at
$1 .'sil. Ibu ?ater ?sa uiiMir?'in>ecd in co')luea? ?ud agree?
able flavor.
The road now gr a hiaKy ?wrrvd to tht Ml, rising to
another divid", w hine ? tim ?|.1eii?|orH of the snowy r..age
burst upon us. Braid ????Ige? of r??-k and snow, BO?lag
I?, a bight ol I l,i*o icol, glilli-red m ihe clear sky, api>?
r.-iiMv cl.n? ? al h ?:i.I, although the] w.-."? ?till litte 'ii unie?
iii-! :!it l In: o? ii Mel iiti'in iih-ave th?- a-i co il.l no! hate
?.?ii I.-?* thaa i?9tm I"! Tim ME MM linn but w.,u lcr
fn'ly ?Oui, pure and triiia|'?ir "lit. I In- only ihing IbtaMBI
lai i."-I wa.? fresh mountain t'uf ? a li a:me ?l.nh I have
11. . let Intuid.
YY '? d. ?eel..1. .! f:..in tin.? i r.??! into ? tam glen, the ?idea
of ?lui li w ere le'tor wi? ?hal. Hera' and III. we Mitad
a grazing ruin ha or M1 mill, and Urn ro.id wal lilli .1 wil.i
boa? y freight team?. Two mil? ol rapid des?-eiit, ?nd
w? kiuld< idy emerged up??ii the can<>ii ol Berth CleM
Cra' k. l?en- i 'liiiiien ??I, ti Bl I, the inJnat oils ttf
mining. '?'ti" pu i-'-ipi''>i:? s..;? ? "I ll.e ? ifmn ween
fn-i I ni wi'li Um hole? Slid dirt |. 1.? of oxiroiimciil?!
elintl?, Um swift waters tf tht ?'nain had the hu" ti
' tailllig?,' and pBMtatl] Mt ?:il"ke from tin? am- Itmg
?ink? ot ti.i? 1,;, lu.? Couipitny begin lu cloud Hi p'.r?l
mountain air.
Hcyond lina point, which is lined* timk!/ st ? ! Id
? ith li'ii.?'?, niel i? i ail'-d Lvinsi i||i>. ? - nhlen lum in th ?
nu.I ?ll.'cloav-a a i n-w of Ulai k Hawk, willi ii? i li aiming
church "arched aboat Ua lov_s?_th? taatMttjid tht
heailland whir-h ??para!?? OfOfOaT" <?'.'.'li fi"in !h?t "f
C. ear Creek. We ki M I MtafM ? bust, noisy, thi? k1)
tmttAttt region. Tin? pull of ?team, the dull thump of
the ??BUip-iiulls, and all Ih? other MM?I ot uiseliinory at
woik, filed th? an, t h ? r??a.l 1??-. ame ? coiitiunou? ?lr?-el.
w ,tli It? hotels, ?tor. a, In cry o' i. l-n uni Ci'i?di: L dwcll
IV.rinng into Orogiirr (?u'ch, we ?!o?ly moimi? 1
Ihre,gb Hin k Hawk Maa Mo'inliiti Ci'v la. 'iii? pla-,
hut nil Ihie pi i< ea lunn in realllv oin' i ..iitinuoti? town,
I th?? two Bil - ??ii. out ti.lKW '.?illshll
an'?. Th?hotBM?re Jammed Into the narrov hed M iii"
? ?imii, employing "1! ?orti of faatarti. exp?dUi l? M Bad
roaain atial ?!i|ip 'it theniM'li. ?. Iii?"! Hu in ? billi;, ?
lill ?io? ii Un- d.liie oier a ? . i-??ion ol nain?. 1' i ?
?o:.' ililli : <?, ellong.)- r ?teui
blll i ., lo II ? | " rio-, hi.,' ?airo .Iel.:.,'.
? ? I i u. ft, ?si f ??? ibori tht Bet b t.
T!!K KI I'AS-'TA ? ONVKVTI. ?rt ? k* 4 l.?KII""ti 1)1 Tie ?.
fsi ni los - BB(*0BE0l _TS_?I LAMB BIBIBMlTIf
I! K.-K' ITI.'.N ??I I "Ho?' MEE?4SI 111. li K ?I.Ali
ami linn LAB OUaMTOMI 01 Tilt stat:
( urr?it?.iideiicr of 11.? N I Tribu??.
\ i nt Teni. A??- !-' I*?
'I tm Kaaaata Oon???t?_n, a ?cUtii? aaMMblaj? ??(
CoIlSS-M Bille?, ulla? Ka iel?, r?-? ? '.Iii ? " ?? ina! I"T III') |'Ur
! HonunaUng ?Jell g.al- e I" la? ? "| |? '?" ?'I 4 ..l,?ei,
inn., lo I... bad ?1 I*hill? Ipkta "ii lie I Ith ? t I?I Uionlh,
? ii,,- r..i!o?iii
/,' . I. I T :. ,! lil ?? l.tille.M- , lal. lue ir U|. re til" i-slr
ttiBt ? pi->t ?nd conspiracy uri "t. f???t ni.?l Iren,?? carried out
tivtl.eKiilii.ia.fi i ?? I" fil?li? sud drf.aie Iii? [?.pit of
i tim Male I.a II." B ? | i. ?af IB? S.alll.. ti. Mile?.
'la. re|.re?*ul ll.en. na iKMt le t'i th? ? ?,t.?t I! .'. .ri ?a! (Jut
i tri :... I? a.
.A? 11 ..I ' tu? ?i .1 vi. I. i,i lu? ?ral N. ri' a-rn rltiiten? ?ad ad
bereuls lo II.?, ir atti, ral I':.ii.i, ?uruia! I be lal? wari
And M un.."I ??I "?I'l'.-lie luwaid lae Ir. B?M U.i'.r
Ii.bI ll.eae c1 i.ri". sr? ?ererellv and c? llerlivelv f?'-e sod
, malicioiis niau. -.!? < I"- ??I ii< i. otije, i?. to ;iiU?iiis ?i.T . iu
i bitlirtl.' .Veit!, a. au ii 'lela..
"Io lui ?.-at I'.. r??'. i!.'. ii . I baraM] ?ml g'sel a,|i? |
' Y nil to olaLiin [?.liticBi role atad power io deliaii?<?o! the
alai ? ill ' f Ila t-ial i.iaaa? of lbs people at ti... IMM
? I hut we iiiul? : Lb? Karta, io ll.e ?pull . f
.'.?I j ?'.. . t ? g.\< lo ' r' ?. 'Bl ?Of a ? lila!, a, .? tu f.'?*
lal] <-al<-i.l:ite<'. to palaI ?1 t'.rm, ?'a mrt,ig n" ni (I I"
, pria-not? des-jer and ieeii..iiBl i.l le?liD-,- for ?ha luijuiio.?
I ali .nn.i-lit of Ulija?! [?lilli al poser.
Nail I.? the r. .?? lill on. ? hi. I. I g I v ?? Vi I 'ml nu, only
?lu-, i.i.g it Into appropri?t? beadl A? tin- Convention
ii.v.k.? lb?- ?eoj.l?. ?d iii?. North, ta a Ipint of ?HI I
?l .? to Hain, !.. give ii., ?n-'lence lo lim Kadicai?, tti
a? I am one ol that pIo?illl)?l ? lase, I| j ??? IO ,!'??!.!
lot." 1.1 I?' of ill?- S'.I'll ne.-'- I'll!' II. e ol ll.e ?' -? -
hool? ' of ibis Coi I'-iitioti, i.ml it, doing tu, I sha.I on y
.i ot !l?pllte, for th?
? MM I eliall ad It" e will l.e diawn < It??Ij tti ill K< !iol
'I I?? ?vid? m ?? if a 'plot ?nil co i?p,r..eT on f??.* mid
taila ?-m r c?l "it bj t ti.? Badi rall ' i. ?imj.ly Um Bael i.'iat
Hi" li.nlii all Ol Mi.? Mat- I ntl lui lo sa :,d I kel.-cal' n lo Ula
Con vi ni. "i.. f Bo kihi ra Union m.-u t?. b? Lv kd iur-hila?
delphi? in Sent? infer, to tn.l;. n bri ?<t t tie c.,i..| I on pt?
I his Hint o iii.'l the wnnle Routh which 'hey "?l-l ni* h.iv?
I Sa inll'll right to do a? the ?'oiisiTVSdVe? han? M m lal
j (bli gat's lo ?ie OoBBEBaad ?onvontion III Al.gust.
I \i In ii lunn ineii quo!? historical ai d othc.al la- t?, it ih
. Im .inr-wi-r to say Ilia' liiii ai.- tr-.Iig "lo !a in und
i de?a? the j-???*-1?- ? f thii Btate.'1 ''ihe definatioaeoa?
* ilata ,u th ." li thiBiilve?
li tin ??? I 'oiiservHtiveH ?te itr.t hostile !.. thi (' ?listi'il
I aa, illld ?lot. iilU.a lit 111 tile I lill? I 8t?l?, W.'lV 1? it tl>M
tin-i joiiii,al? ure daily ?lied w.tii m? tkoet kathMMt
iihu-?i of ?very dep?_tB*eBl ol the < lortrBBWBl ex. ?pt th?
Ki?*?ltira. Not "tly i? the Oowt-aaat a oaataat
tl.i m< nt i h,?e, !,i,t every mail ?ho ?li? loy.al to ." ?Imi:ig
?I ?? It. lilli..ii i? i'i.iiically and toeially ..?.ti h-.-.mI, and
opoa threat?ar? ?a ihe kacreaM thal the- "inj-t aah
i l.iiii b more eongenlal thaa that aEbidad in' Texa?. 'l be
recent election is a crowning evidea?-? of this ditlaaval
?lint. 'JTir'ckii.OiTo.'i, a liiigii'tifi-llen?ni M Ih? B?b?l
s? mee, ih (loViiiiioi, .Inner, l.ala.iii 1 of a K?ImI regime!. 1,
II Li'-u!. (?"I- in :, !.'"! ...d?, Ko? ' .li aud Wal:?..:, M
i icr? ce, ? i" respe? *h Ij c >ntroll-T,
I ? r?r i? :, il Y t?.rii. - -I Irai r I. ?rhlU ('r?'-hy. e publia
defaulter, is ( .ii'. 0_i e. 'J be Leg
kilature li ?mpaoaed (exeent the I knewbera) ?of
li? bel nlli" r??E'burlier "i li pre
?? t,-? ?I ui ti.-- L? .? ? l.ii'it" which met on Monda* -*' w .?
!"H| |.|'.-.il..t?'* .'i,"H0 to l.lty ?.".d' n legs t'T llahol ?"'
?i.. - Is ?11 th h evidanre of loy alti lo tht Q???ra?at
' I to ti .nt "li
io m :. -.ititi *;.' antiahow U r? firalof that body.
DpOa llliil.in 0. ?I. U. H?alaei1?, I',-.?:.lent .,| Ile ?.r?"!l",.|''?|
?oir.ent on that r? ni t.rainai.t ?????'???doa, ">t..ke
ti ?? rath lo mpp? ii the ('? util itioa ot the Hutted Stat.-?,
.ra ?i? oin r ?I. I?.ml ??ti ? f thal body, bal
a i. adare. TI ?
i Lb? i""i h- ?bo? t.'a.i't the '!.?!"...ii pr- ?? Irai* " P ??
publii opinion, which ii ' boatile to th? Cotatitutidn
und lioieriiiiniit ol t It*- I i.iii-il M ?t.-a."
i m?, paaad i?y the
i i ?i:., ii. i. ilion, i?, ?ho? ?bethel
, ' ? , elite and violent '
Northern ettii a? and dbereuU of th? l??leral i
durii | I ? vii-:
Ai. .Y t t.. di .. a a,. : pani ? ?'.. '" ? ' t lb?
(liiii?? ir -i i li i. ..tv arfaM fi m i ' ! ? ,:
l.X'i. lag??tare, UiairB L?w?,b,
I An Act lo ei. lude ir.? in nth? e, ?ervine "i Jnri- ? I ikii,- "r
property, aj ?? '"re, nil per.a.ns ,,
... all? ?UTI. ", i.|
. u ... |... i?ia ?id ?i.ii
, ?Uh Lag., i- -.. i .i i.. i? i f, IE 11
An A. ' lu I || i ?i' ;.,.., ?.. u : .. . 1 !" Ma???Ita ?'Tli'lillg
in?. ? '"??! : at i 1 .ma ..f ti.? ? Bute? B A?erica.
! IX'1 Laajl , ;?
An ?? |
' tiri ?'d f a, ii. i,, ;,. II .,! a i,,
-w? ?? ' - 'tro?.-? IM'. Ir.-.. f I...
(__?i . ? li that li'ing
. a ! (,'orthera Taxa?, I
a hi>!' |. ..- ir a?
'J'lii. ?act ia _..,s v I. nu:, ?i Ilka I l8 .Na> ae.t i rnsolnttni,?, ,.r
rta, Thi ia!.- ?ii.-!,-.a..! by ? wbcraaa. M f-llowa !
'" it Aenui, Alsiiit Hu; lit ot H loi :. ' " ' il '' ?< ?In.' known
tliat a ,??'. i? t .'it_.ii.ie ,? "i . .?ike ?ml a.ljiiii
i ing counucr, ., . : i . rtbrtra ?>i ibtoUor?
I (l-B??t| end ml.ertai the !? ? "li?, ?if the'1 Wi-Mf
, Bra i:.-i|i.ni", were i Lied oat bl Bril U??. Y\ m. li
? inidj'.. ? ?a? U-rn <?"*".?!a?.ly
'. .. ila! it portion of l
i i ? tetero, km. it jt iM ?'.m ?4 *? ?*" ''* ?i pri'imtiti t" i ?y
( li.'- urah Y'.'? li,i, ;? . y i. li o
? dcaiti of iid.'ii neu. '.a i rMtora. TBeKaraaaM iritMBM
?l?-iik ..f tie -i. loratko? of i .i ? ?:,? ral i-a-a.i arlar."
D . ti. i- ua. .. '., i.? on tau . o??! ( aunty
fttmm f|
. ? ; dal ?" " V" ???*?" L"l.l ?!.''.IH, I'Ut
?h? law? i.f ?he Xlh wo??-''! inif riti,!, ? ? indviolefet,
o? will ho lb "'U bj Mi" toll "Wit'.
An Act to an en.! "no Act t" defln? and p*inlah ?? .1 itioo '
i ?,. Xtli Ix?ir. Gen! I.-in ?, p M
An Act to ireirrihe tie punl.timctit f?r encourag*"! After
I?, n don t e Array mill Nu; ,1 i "... c -fed iii' 8 ale?, or
. "f li lal Xi'i I.?r n a
An Ait sii? p enientriry lo and a???n,l lb TV ef "At Act ?n
arl.pt ai ,1 ?et.ili-li a Penal (i.Kle. X Di. I,i* I- I- nuil 1J
'Ihn act ii ti.?* tuust ii:i,iio,,ii.? pie.? of kgialatioa dat ever
diagrweil ?n American ?intuie tick. Ii makes it uniirinoii
if ii,, i? i tor ?ny one not to inform on ?..it deni?'ice any
Colon min. ?nd It denounce? the punishment of the peniten?
tiary upon any on? in?iatai?in| alicgUiic? t?? the Unllod
State? or den) in?; that hu allegiauee wai doe to this Hut?.
Tires- Uws were ox< cuted with the same ?pint of ferocity
IkateaeetedSken, ead under their otH>ration ovor l.ooi
Union inen ?cr? in renou* ?aya murdered- Most of Ikeat
murder? occurred in Northern and Western Tex??, the
former dutrict under commind of llrig.-(lon. II. I..
Mcculloch, ?hi lal'er under ling. Cb*n II. P. Hoe. lhat
you may know their feelings I lend you aoine extracta, of
??tUin welton by thtm to the Bebayl Uovernor k. B.
Lubbock. r
Mcculloch ?ntot from Houston under dato cf May l?.,
186., an follow?;
"We ought not t,. he idle, and e.triordtnary effort! ihonll
I.? rnsd? lo clo?? this war daring ?hu leaion. Crest activity
may m.ile it amore bloody war; but even at that wo will loee
fe?er men by bail? than wo will by diieM?, If ti? ?truggle ia
protracted I would light under a black fag upoa every l.at
te field, and fight Bl It it and conquer or die in every hgkt,
and make the ?atb!? oftener, U.iii.ri to adranoa uj?u? ih?
enemy to mike them. ' ..... . ? ,
Thii man command,?,! the Rebel? at Milliken ? Hond,
and jon will recollect that our OB-BBCI charged tint ha
hung ?"ino prisoners of Hie telara! r'gim?nl? during the
progress ol tim battle, which so lafuratcd Hu? colonsl
troups tin! they turned an ! defeated lum. Ho doun?! the
bungin,,' I am mli.rmi-d.
Ile? ta tit. h le his confrere, tho Governor of Stn Antonio,
udei d ila "f '?' ioIut fe, I**?.*_?, a? follows
"Mr I>i?rSih The mail of arstenlsy in addition to tba
newi from Ueliciton bnagM ?i?F?tchea from Klchmond to
lien. Ileliert nanraiag hi* ??'ti proclaiming martial law and
the raaling('(iiit?der?t? not?! a legal tendnr. You will receire
copies of both, tal w ill agree with me that they leave no al
tara-llre fen fe? wal hi? proclamation!. 1 reilly ?m lorry
for Hebert. The authorities ni Kiohmond make no allowance
for hi? -re?t IMMtm Ban the War l)ep?rtment, and the pub?
lie ii? , ??li v that he ?lo,o,d be ?a little irauimeleu ?a poeait.l?
byitlit. order? or ??garie? of those who can haye no idea of ei
i?ting matter? In Temi. Min- (Jeneral ?a? induced to issue
the order? he did upon representation* made to him by your
?-ii ii.i s.|i mu? man v other imminent eitiien? of Texil. If
l,e had acted si ant of the (,(,i|l.i imbi him of doing, that ii
of earing but little for l he people of hu commend or of their wel
tare, he would not havo boen *i bj "it to to the mortification he
to day feel?, for Le would not hat? listened to th? luggettion?
MT than who knew or ought to hare known the neoe??itie???f
the Mat? but contine?! I , Iii? military dull??, koot free at lotit
from the ?-ensure of the War Department. A? it I?, be stand?
all the i-l no,?
"The Qearral rr|ue,ti me to write to you on thli ?ubjecl.
On yon. will'o'i declare martial law in certain district? of
the stale ) He mott oler th? order from Kiohmond. and I
think great evil wi.l (low from ii. I may be mistaken. Mob
law will surely take the placo of martial li*, and porliap. mny
be moro effective. I need not repeat ?II we talked about con?
cerning: tki? when you were here. If yon have the power I
know ron have the nene t., un'It; but 1 am doubtful of the
power, (?ov. Mooi e of Louisiana proclaimed marti?! law, and
{on might follow hiyiaiii|?le If you cannot write me at once
will then end' ,v,,r io (irfnins? mveret ?oei?tl??in all the coun?
ties ?imply lur a general ?tipcrvilUnee over peason? pite?nu?
lo ?oil from, and other pirpoar? of? police nature, with no
l?,l Heal ?r ri'voluttonarr ?hjort?, and In the meau tim? hold
the irtH'i?! ready fur tli.nieatic a? well ?? loreign foe? "
lb re I Muni. I mai ? lo**.- the testiiii',11) on ?hu point,
and claim lhat I h it o pi wv, u that the Nnv-avot? Con volition
v? -lilly of an ?trcx-iott? calumny wheu It charges! tho
Ka,It, als with "falsehood" in Hating that tho People of
this state were *'vindictivn and vinlcnt toward Northern
cili/ciu and adhetTiits to Hie F?deral Union dunngtbolato
\\ -ii fl iv Hatnilti.ii orgam/ed the courts last year
o'" li?,, li u ml n-, I true lull? w ero.Jini 1 ngama? parties who
bad bate tapani m iki ?ardnef U-loa titietat during
the war, but wjien the rec??u?truction convention met the
iiK?uile?r? were determined (bat th. a? men should not be
punishotl for their crime?, so they pa???d an ordinsnco
" That no [N'tv.ii s',,ii: be ?ned lu any civil action, nor
??r a ? ,ied in any munna! ?teeradlBB* for or on account
of any ?cum re, Mile, iiiipre-amen! or injury to poraon or
pr -party, or other Bl ?? duuo ?ince tin? ?ec?ino day of Fcl.ru*
ny. A. IA I>v?l, by viimo ,,r in pursuanc?? of military ot
civil authority given by lb? Confedera!? tit-tea (lovera
ra eat, n he Hue Mat?, or in purstianco of order* givou by
any pttaaa rtafcld with ?ucn authority.''
1 fea CeamlllB! al?" paated an ordinance? ??tt'.ng apart
n i . i.Titicei.t ? !.! f.:i.l, and ptott ling for setting apart
ii portiet of all f tin,? tsti-s fir educational purpose?,
?'and ?aid fund and ?h? latani dtrlrtd thorcfroin ?hall
bo a perpetual fun, I rxe!ii?ivcly for ? rio education of all
i',.-i i .i irhtlattii i '.habitant? of tin* Slat??." In th? tar
law? no cn mpti.iii m ii 1.1, le io Limg negro???, but all alike
?,i, |, I | io lu Ikt ?? . ol find, but li" lu'', thereof can
am fe ta Ike edaaaHaa efe kank nkelai 1? eat (hi*
" iilijuet and eaprnalra (??ward Hie IreedtiinB in our
mid.t ?" I apeak aetel patanal violence and injusttte
u ' i i tv, iii and ho Hr aatwatn? kalkan la a anal
(,i!,. 11! rrroaf doae by Hu? stat?. I in? L< gislaturo ha* not
iel i, ted Bpoe Hu- s i'io. , | of I lu- frcduicu, I'llt from lim
? ?nat. ??al i ..nil (??in * Hi it I.,?ly, it re.) ir?s Bp fattoAwm to
I lorct.-ll an attorn;.' lo pnetioally reesusl ira thom.
WkatkeeeBBM dlkadealaaBa-aieflke Nsvaaota Con*
MB I ali I ii "ft-M tOOUi Intig'-i are ru'voraliy and aoBeettfB?
I? "?In and Ullin i'",?. lu ile ? -1,1) forpol.tlc.il objet?, to
I inflama end embitter tin? Ninth again.t Tom. Don
! not Hi? pa ?.!.?,!', re I clear!* eonrtet tlicm of ihn very
, iii,,-, iii.-i , i taa Badleala, ?otMagan Mau
I ii,? Ineadan ? ail ? ka? aaataaaM I u? lu? monda? ?ty. laey
?re learitniiatc ?? n.?i.f ti" If lul.'n r. the dev ill tile? Itr-it 8(hci
?o.iiiat mut the fittier of lie?.
A? t" Vc t bargo that UM Beda a!? only seek tim ? at
, taiuii.e. t i.f u.'iju?! ??olitii a! |?>wer, ' I will ?uly remind
, tin:,i lint it wa? Mr JoktUMB wfa,, ?ml 'that in Ike
; aort . lion Bebeli ead tnilon niust take a
I?., - i s? .t. ' D ml the loyal men ef Hu* South entrai tho
?li ?tuina .,f H.e.e Hate* there can lie? no harmonious re
uiiion a Uh Hu ?"tal pi.,pi? of II," natinii, and thu tliey
uinleritund as weil a? we ti,,, and the Kadli ?is of Tolas
in ?."Meetly w inn g for ikt (oyal aeselaef iii" nation to
i',.i!. wbethaf or no1 li. ? ?,'.',! |?> un ' iuniuiluui at*
lalnmcni ol unjust poBtteel ?icveer.''
? ni o.? iin: on.?, t? tit
M.W V"BK Vi? 11 r ?V AI'Kil- ? ?IC1IT? HY Till. L:?iUT
: from II i ??).,.? ? uirr,|j.,iijeat.
N? HI-OBI, A.lg. IT, I-?!.
T!,r ! * ii::..i:i .'., art whnh only a yaclit
l cant,,i., i. It Ii.i i, I ken i'titi r on Ihr brain, lot I? be
I attribu'i'd to Hi.? Ne?*V.,rk *t ,ti ht Squadrun which carne
mt,. i?ort yeatnSay utt'rii",n. It wa* no suih day as that
of last i'ear wliei, oin- b. afta, Hi? ya? ht? hove in Bight.
bnktBftete Ike mum dBWbbnllBt aflotk of hugo ne?
gull?, ?kimming Ikt waiter willi ningi wide-sprecd. It
rilli V .,- . . .? i ' ';re t,? m Hiern enter tho harbor, ?in?
gle fi!?, with a!l sail ?ct, a gl"riot.?ly dejiartingiiin dip?,mg
ita color? as t ?..lile, to win, ii they reepoaded "Uk iii?
(illino;, ? irr ifl bal h?.irfy to mt. ? rae by one they tri| pul
al,rar nil de keil out in theil lies' clotfn ?, roun(!**d and
;i, in.til the hsrbiir was alive? with en llnnal
I (day lhere wa? BM such ??.", tac!". A ?titi norther
?(?lit told ikirti ? over lund and ecu, until the wavet, tear
It g to i ut. h cole, pul OB their ulule (.ps, sail-boat*
ni rov**tneti refend le leave their
!i,,,,:..:g?. The Mee', ttirrefon*. ra!.I In a itnfgling
inauner, Lour? tptft, tho Culyp-o anti Magic geltiug
ushoro in the liarV'T.
Mut Newport ?aw siiotl.er ?l?!i!.
Wl.en'lho mu ??t ?nil Ihe ino.ui ?hote bligh!.
Th? he-M? ot the will coils lofteaed Mia .i"t' enough
had been done, and so a cluing.! caine o'e, the spirit ol' tho
water?. 'I bl BOftfcM (In d B?ay, ?bo sea snnxitbed out all
I'? vii li k1, s Hint ?mil I li? lam ?', inn,,III,elim? cunio trip?
ling it!, mg, lliulil,?g billi.all! ntl'CtloD? on tho lac.? into
*bich they gi rd, tod then there wen held high festival
la|.di,Id Ncw|',,?! harbor. Siii!-hoa!?iniiiiineriiblot'?nie
oin tu liiil Hie squadron wel? niin?, row boats glided to and
li? l.ko watci-uiakea?
" iiiiinon to right of u?.
( elmon to left of in,
? tnnoli brhlnd u?.
V, laryid aui thundered.
Rocket! darted upward, aid, eroadaa nek otkar.
' .'nu i ?I '1 i' ?ki ? ni, (?. iy ri,!,on?, wlnlo fln-worka Of
erny dncnptlon lUaniaeferd tim vnehts and dame?!
ahoat the wuli r liku Irii?H lucilos. A lotildotiC.ini
Bkodort M Vickers v.iclit .Mugi,- inn,lo tho air echo
Btth popettl im 1,,'lies, while nu alrsurd litiiu steamer,
Jeannette tg od-iized pl.i.vthing for a big boy, ead look?
lug like a i i j-. 11 ?turk ?,er;.diiiliirlv in ?n ash holder? I
|, ?.!', ,1 ,'t.it ??? su ii it, -i i, niin I m. d wriggled in and out, a j
- ?itii Btginral band lung,m board. I
m Ipi j Ing 11 loj ? .y , bao iplt ii tht ttt ra ttUmpted
i" '-vi .t? ia a ??cce ubi,;:' ikt ? /? of ta aldenatalc toup ?
it ? m i ant lag ?p Mai le, ami anda ?ni?? Hunk of
? ci. I le !?? were i.o gondolas ii is trim?the liveln it
iiii.ii'ii.e'ioii (..nid to,t vony tey thltg afloat kate a tera
bianca o| tbentj ikara waa ao Ban Mar. o gloamlsg ka I ha
?ii lance na wera there winged lloat keeping elook^al
lr,,iti land, Ikt muan dil i."t reiiniul olio of iii" Anitri ni
which it li ?.ol lo . onie.?? an voadtrfull] :
finer Ilinii V, ii ci will loar BOW tl.it sh. is Ita! mi; llien?
w, re n,> y net! m vela? ?, bal ikara am ? mntrtkiag, Iel it
lie culled .i ?,, .,,.'/?,", uni -,i distiiir-Heil ?tint? brou-gllt
biak tke iicinitif.il City ol tkeBaa. ead nada oat ntl far
aviny ti.,!,i Ni h i.t gland. It wai. ti., night paraxeaUeare
? ?i ilio naaoa, uml r. allied Hi?- poet*** ol Ulta "U the ooaao
w ave, w Ion MM el ttt Ott ?vet and m as do not flow,
" ,V ? Aeimur 1 uml,lu Vtli,,
i. . I in I* II, n.i.irpi.ral. ,1 m 1*0,.,, Hie New-York
k acht Club ia an lou.or la Am, ma. A elah ?hieb baa
I rittporpon Ibi encouraging of ?? yacht budding and
-el'iteci ure, mid th?> uili iv at ?"ii of miva! ?denn,"
'I'?"rv.? I,can v ap|.inn iv fn,m t?ie bt-kdl "f the public.
Wfe t , an be lol c I,y ii? iii grace and speed tim beautiful
" A m. rica' lu? Lug s,iu e ikewa obi Bagliah consmi, and
i bl rou bj ?.cuve with jindu could
int tot Iii , ?. Ol Anon, al us the j rivale {.roperiv of
pritate graUrHan hi whick to do theu Sommer rUitlne
til orar the warMI Cenpond <<f 1?B ateaibaife, Ikt tltn
i.v nun,lot? II \ at lit -a. Hil ot wlneii aro schooiiiTS, with
plioU of 11 lloopa mid on.? etuaiiicr; but of these,
?|<i alone compon tke preteat Muadraa no? lyiujj lutho
li ?r' or
' ?Mi ert of the Clnb are ele. tedinnutlly, all voting bein)?
dope by npreteatttlm efyaehta, nek yacht being cn
titled io oue vi,te only, .?.ny pelton i? eligible to nimber
?Inp, whicli thje'iiilrt uj"ii ?lection by ballot, a quorum
lia , 11 f pi? ?-,-;.i.i,,v, M i: "id ?"i,n ?ni lita, and two
black bails ilgeifyint defi it. 1. ?eli member n hittleO'
(i"ii juiy? tho ?um of (nu. ablch Includn bit due? for tht
current ve.ir Twettty-firedoll n It tkttnooatef eeeb
aahaaaaeal taaaal ptynwl I.g koaerary tanaktn
oil I ih. .s., i.-taiv of iii- Navy, Admiral ?fHew?
Yuik Statloi I;'i-\ lu, i i' BiringhruB. the Maoe ol
?\ai>.. i...! mi ? ? j iij. Cnfodpff
..?._____?_. s. .a. ? BB?l
'MeVic! r, i? aaiatarJ in command hy a Tlca-CoaUBoiari
?Aloxandei Major), and a l.oar-t'iiiiimod"r" (AnlBa
Livings!.>a). Atlv-itta takoei phn ?? every year in .lim".
Uro dietun ?e be?ite about H? nub \ ?nd a ra-? com'a oil
during the foi- gin's ci__c, whuu the -qua.Iron is under
iii i ?'oiiiuiu'lore ? ..rib i?
DiNOKllfl np TUB ML?P?
(???ntlonien ?ailms, ho-v-v r, MI B I m a ml" in a high
state of di?".pline, and I .i .:!w iy . ol. y their Co??tO
doro with the alacrity ola. ?c1 la ihn (iovernment a-nr
ice. A fortnight of (Ba-ftaaaaakVia tlio mouth of Aug
us!, too, ii ? durance t ile which by soni" h t i|crat??d ra?
ther than ?pproved of. And in thi? for*night molt perilous
aro thodangenienoauiiteredi mot. neveriliel????. wrth ?tout
heart?, and l.-okod boldly in Ihe taro with ?toady eye? and
untliiiehmg mnatta, Tho path of duly is one of thornt,
but the squadron kick? not against the p.ick?. Hair?
breadth are the escapes of a voyage to No? London, Horn
Ibid ford and parts similarly ?!tiia*?*d in New Kngiaiul, on
thai ?tern and rock-bound coast whet*.' the b-?_kuig wave?
dashod high a??hey did ?'.en tho l'llgrun lathers landed
from the " Mayflower." It is quit-? drew'Oil to think of
our yachts doing what tho " Maylbiwer1' did? actually
putting into riyniouth ! K?-nally ha-ardou? is the voyage
to Martha s Vineyard, whi? h Un y freqicit undoubtedly
for Um pWEOM of undergoing a change of heart hy ?xpe
noneing religion at eamp-ui' etmg. Hy this maat?!il/
stroke it ?ill la seen that 'he Commodore ha? every re?
ga?? for tho spiritual wolfare of 1,1? li "t. Y-t, W?pM ? ?u
lHilicvu it, though ?omo ya? his return from thi? loaality
wearing a subdued look, dur prnbablr to half rations, etc.
?tho uo?'e.?-ary oorollonos of ?aid change ot heart?nio?t
of them remain obdurate and p?Tsi?t in laying BP L-lttt?M
of i ?liunpiigne and cluckc ion ice! Alas f?jrtheperver?.ty
of humanity 1
In sp.t? of tho above named advennire? bv flood, I roust
still persist in asking where is l?ord Iiufferinl 'i biro i? n<>
reanon why the squadron should not distinguish itself by
doing -oinelbing worthy of sailors and ?tuunch crsrt. Is
lhere no one among us to journey into high or low lati?
tudes, and disprovo by any amount of " pim k ' tho witty
but ?lighting-ommenta of lookers-on who wonder whether
any of the yachts were ever out of sight of lund, and toll
of how, on ono occusion, if not more, the entire squadron
wa? in distress and pat into tht Beare?, pott for rai piamtrt
Now I believe tins to be ?lander, tlioiigh there is not much
hard-tack, junk aud duff coii-uiiicd onboard these plea
sur? boats. Th?* appointments of the cuisine ure ? :uiptu
om. 'ITrore aro more Spring chicken! than salt horse,
moro hampers of wmo than vulgar "grog," aud people
who do not own yachts, but would if flay could, pour but
the vials of their wrmu ra ih ? offender? that do. Thaj
?ay a fellow feeling make? uat wondrous kindj p<'iliB|?4
this Is the reason why you mt I dlihalir? in UM r?"d
pepper theory ?nd would not refuae a good dinner on
board a yacht if wo w ire invited. Wo regard oooiinir aa
an art, and having faith in S narin and M'.n?i"iir Blot,
had much rather eat good thing? than had. Man ha? a
soul, wo know, and bit spirim ii element i? potent, but for
all that thero i? no denying thi fa? ' that min is a ?hive to
hi? stomach, (live even- Turner hi? choice between a
landscape aud Southdown mu''on, and how much will be
loft of tiro mutton t On? c- draw upon the imagination
for a l-ndacape, bet ?. ? the imagination powor
ful enough to create a leg of mutton dono to a
turn! O. II. Loweer baa somewhere writ'en in an
article on tho fuuctioi.sof the heart and brain that in order
to feel one must food, the action of the brain depending
ou tho quality and quantity of food consumed. A true
poet, therefore, ?tanda in awe of his di."e?tive nrgu'is.
lil.ink verse and the d'diraci ? of the ???son areintin.ately
connect?d. Therefore, we ?oleuiuiy believe in eating and
drinking, particularly in the region of ?alt water, ?In.e
phosphorus make? bru _s Bl 1 appotito? "at on? full
swoop," and we are qu te ready to pardon our gentl-nien
?allon, ?e- ?ng they are no won than oMBaftMi Only it
really wobul la creditable if, with the feaet and flow of
??nil, there were a little more roughit.??.
Won't some ya-nt cover it*. J with glory by going
"t '?rrow?y.
To Narroway, OT?r the I?em,"
or to the We?t Indna, or to the South Pol- f ITow hon?
orable would ?u? h ? pruiao be if the yacht were command?
ai by lu owner.' Perhaps thi.. is ?n ?splietion boyond the
hop? of realisation, for though yochters are ?upposcd to
" know the rope?,'' many advance the opinion that in ac
tiro service they would bo equal tolmie beyond '" splicing
the mum-brace '' It is ssid ? -y go through thi? miiiu-al
exercise very often. Hut the again, if a man wishos to
own a yacht, object* to heavy se?*, and bad rather have a
oomfortnole berth in Newport harbor than be ?tilled and
?Urvoil at the Ocean House, why shouldn't hal Why
should he b" badgered into do'iig the Lord Duffenn if he
un't a l/ird Duffenn t Aye 'here't the rub. AMMMM
t unity, if not honor, Amen? .ii niti-cl?, " that cultivation
of naval science,' fir wii - . the Yacht (,'lub ?prang
into being, demanded that a Lord D???ria should be
ftirllieoniing. Let him be o datad, ?nd Uro Americai
market will lupplr the demand. With b.? pretty little
?chooner yacht ? Foam, ol .i:ly So tnn?, old measure?
ment, hi? ?uglnh loidsliip made a journey of 6,<hJ0 mile?,
vi?it??d Ic?"land, pushed into ?he interior, turned gc; ?ers
Hilo .?,np kettle*, studied Ii ?? ?min litoral ure while cut?
ting through ssnts of ??-?, P?a??traled even to Jan Maten,
anil aaw what few har? lived t" tell of we m g in spite of
?allora advice, heiieied he could get to Spitzbergen?and
cot (hern, landing al no?t at it? i oet northerly extrem.ty,
lining toerehy within 100 mile? na ter north aa any ?Lip
erer ?lu-ceeded in getting. Think, too, of how he shot a
I'o??- b.-ar, ?ud dressed the ?hip " in joint?," and then
coma homo and wrote a manly, eiit-rtaiiiing book ahont
what ho had accouipliih.d \ my, verily, this thing
ii.iisih.id.il.- by uno of ut. Let the New-York Yacht
Club? wonder on t.
''TTfB A MOB."
Ynt while I. an amphibious animal with only ono foot in
the water?the other being firmlv planted on my native
Leith though my neate i? Bal lufliagM) BB sighing
over opportunities that remain without ?n cm'irare, the
good now? coiiie? of how the 'Alice" of H ???on, belonging
to the Now-York Squadron, ha? crossed the Atlantic in
IK dar? ' Ii it not a mistake to cal! her measurement 27
tun? t She ? at said to measure 'oH tun?, but whether tho
one or the other, it wa? a brave undertaking, and the two
young men on b?>?nl for whom the voyage was made, were
in !"? congratulated that they were not content to mer ly
cbassot up and down tsong Island Sound and Narrsgnn?ett
Hay. Let the "Alice" coaipetowith the yacht? of Kg Lah
build, let her but win ? race and ?he will have donu m?re
for Uro glory of her Club than all the reit of the Squadron
| ciiihin? d. Still we have not attained the Lord Dufferin.
Ile look command and weut into remote seas. The
" .Mice," too, ia shorn of a portion of her laurels now we
know that the - Red, White and Blue, ' of only tro and a
I .Ut tarnt, has made the same pa-sage with equal safety '
i I Mother (?oo-a", it wa? four men of Out ham who went to
s.? in a bow I. In thi? initanc?? it is only two, but their
bo?I is ?tronger, so their ?tory ?ill be longer. After ?uoh
?n eiploit, r?i/i th? Squadron be c.,r-ia>nt to longer hug the
shore I
There is a vast deal of poetry a d ?ense, or the revene,
in tho names at thing?,* particularly of Yacht?, and it
. leeins ?oinewhttt strange tiiat the Club doea not ?it in
'jiidgmen* on the name of every new vessel admitted to
tim S'iiiaWlron. At pr?sent it is' in a fair way of getting
into dirtii-iilty. It may be pleasant and sentimental to
I chris'en .ii?-s yacht alter ?oiiui foir dame, but it ii not
very nice to have a " Juiuat?,' "Julia" and "Juliet'
in Mt same fleet. It would ?"ertainly be more euphonious
wen? ?omen remembered io tuting name? of their own
Mleatioa. S?ntiment and reason might in thi? way be
combined. Tlion it" greater honor would be doue them,
whv not cultivate art a? well a? naval ?dence, and let
such men ai Qoiney Ward execute in brome the fair face
ot h'T whose name tho ya? ht w.m.d celebrate, and moaut
it as the figure-head' and presiding deity over wind
?ud walo ' Lord Dufferin?"nu? rrvtnout tonjouri
? not mouton?did well when he named his yacht
" Foam," und placed the lady of hu chalice
at the bows, having BO !*??? ? man lhan Marochetti to do
the subject ui niucn justice a? cc !d la done it in material
hardy einr.igb to brave salt water It was a pretty idea,
?nd ?ni? that inspirrd verse? ' to _h?. hgure-head of tho
rVaui." If my eye? hate serv? I me right, there is not a
ligure head in the Vu ti re Nc?-Y. r? Squodrou?a ?.ugular
oversight, where uo expense has been ipared to uinku
every appointment complete '
There are names in the fleet, h.-.wever, that, by grueo
?nd association, are luggeitive M tho lea. The i.'ambler.
Kleetwiig, li'stlcM, llreeze, L ''?roudello, Wave, and
.?i adrift are excevdniglr appropriate: while the Idler is
quito true to its baptism; whereas Fleur de Lis has no
placo on salt water: Alarm is exee?sively uncomfortablu
?ml disquieting, puilictil?rly la hot weather, aiail Phantom
ii disagreeably niggeitivn of the K1- lag Put,hinan and
l?.ii r .Jon?-?'.? I,?,.Ear. When !ho isaiul? ofdollare sre ex
I'Ciiaed on such a Iloaling pila?e a yacht, it were well
to give due thought to the n.uno I i w huh it will beknuwu
for good or evil. Ami thal it is no cosy work, Ihoso who
have ina ri'isi.l their luains in this direction will boldly
a:.d feelingly assert.
."uanoi ki.
lim. ".li I I? Il t'a ne..a. Ililel.t.
?li.li,os, llnLl 1,'aiMi, Mo, Tuesday Aug. H. is .'.
Labor, ? ?'.-i c1?'-? and untiring labor, han wrought a
wonderful change li) tie ?speit of affair? lu North-West Mia
?mulla tim few in.ii.i!.? that haft laterteucd ?ii,ce ti.? sup
pn-aiaii a.f the Il'-h. Ilion, Never.bofore, lo thi? country, hu? e
ii.en so f of iai'.iy dtatkaaaaal u.eir ?MlgatlaM Mihi ?
diringtlie past aud proient yo?r. I baal re, emly visited II
of the II ininti?-? which ???iui|nu? iii. YI It h Mmour: Cor.
gre?sl urn! Distrlc!, ?ud lind a conditiuu of iioapoiKi ..,
that I Inila? r..-->cit. d. I am latliliiid that M I kjl il M greater
iiuiiibor i.f ui rea are ui>w in eiUtitalion than der before, ii,?t
withstanding the MMMM labor of r.-T.--.. tag aad tiling thrigi
iipon alnioit evirt farm before wort c d! I ? dore M the M?
Miles of new fmieing hato Leen dune ii I ip d?U4 beam
b.ibitable. and ?veryivbero bu?y bauds hue bien eun.ige.l m
?ipili- out the eildeuoe??the ?can o| war. llame N
I.?, h.i? I icon iu a iropiti.i'i? aussi, ?ml such eio|?i e.
SpriDg wheat, YVhiter ?heal, barley and rye baie nut tatara,
In many a long year, rewurded the ti . " Cn u 1-uki j.roraii
tug. Int-on?) Wat ;?'u? it ii Just no? a ittl? Iry, paifaa
aiyel Ihe ?yMftaBB ?re by t.o ineaii? alanmug.
'll.e ?pide crop is g' im! Tear tree? ?re breaking down With
thetr lamil of fin.-. Th? 4 .?ii?-<jr?l grape ii well loaded ?ud
hnallhy (all ??her ririetle? of grapei ire a f lilure), ?ud pluma ?
etea ?is wtil loaded. Why iliould not this country NfMM '
i iii: i i it i
Y-?tei_ay quite nn exciting contest to?iE pLico at
(?roenwlcb between 1*. II. Van ?ndale eui'., b. g. Glutton
and Alderman Keruiloo'i r. m. Mo-sbuuker, The trot tixik
plauu' on the road, to wagoa, fin dittauc? oeltig 11 mile?, the
i*.?ke? ko>Ak ( ouiiderahlo lntereit ? ,? manileited ia the
r i.i. walch Wsi won, after a aharp Oonte?t. by (?hilton?tim?.
it T ha rare wau ? iiui-s?ed '.. ? largo nuuibtr of per??,' t
??ile ".lijr?b.l?4.-?<rf & titi ?j!i?u?ea mmagj 01 tim \oAa?,
(Hy Te', cr-, i I
Coiiiiiiy-iiries of Subiri-tenoe, V.la
Trumbull, ?ad
(.01 rt?mi ?atara
[.i*t I? Harringtoo, Captain Ueorgt J. .reafeafl
Dumar M. Aiexniider, Auvust 21. AwliUnt ^airt?rm*
of V.danteer? ?yplaini .John ,1 Mt llermiu <i-or<r? V Lad,
and Tu.maa P. Wilaon. Augu?l lil. llicvel 1. eui. ('?,,. Da? J
M. Adam?, Additional Payuiaaier L'.itcd Sities VoloatJ?
Augu?! 31, 18.4. otoatatt,
Brev?t Cot Wil'lam J. St ,ao. Sargeon. U. 8. Armv ta-an
a? ublcf medical officer a? N?w Y..?k City. ' ^~
Hospital Steward Georr? M .ore. C. 8. Army, ?roa dal? tat
the Department of Waahington, and ordered to report telba
Medical Director. Department of the MUaoari, far aam-T
mont to duty. ?"???a*
Hospital Steward Francis L. Eaton. U. 8. Army
Iftl-SraBBftOB WITH BLBL'TIOB I? AU?.,?,..
J i-l'a h 1 M?. M or CALirOBMA. I
Sa? Fruv leco. Cal., Jaly li 1-.4 f
Cit'NP.itAL Or?,lins No. 35.?It 1.?. been ?titcd thal portan
connected wita the military ?erviee have luted their ptaltZ?
to interfere with, or to eudeavor to control, tho oleouoaito
Ar ?ona,
Wi? .out. ia any way, designing to eonfirm that --j-atti
or to consider anything in connection with it except the aS
be (cid .-fleet which the mero ?eein-ttion, if uanoticed toa?
produce, it ii hereby nada the duty of oifli en of tu arar U
Ai ./?ona to nee that tlnae cont.eciej wita their cora-indt art
not Buffered to use their pontion? in counection with the Ter?
ritorial election?, or do anything concerning them bat vat?, g
it 1? their right ?o to do; of which right the per.on? daly i*.
pointed by the civ ii authority are to be the sole jadgM.
I'.v command of MAJ'.B (Jknrial McDottau.
F. C. 1?K''M Assistant Adjutant (ieoeral.
Hb-hss-bibmDar_amaai <>i rii.s i
?ill Vl.,,1,1., iniie, Aug. Il, I-?.,. (
(Jkm?rai.Oki.iuv No. ?7.?It 1* with much regret thalUa
Major-General Commanding announce? to t .:? corwrandtfei
lodden death of M?J. I'. W. L. Plympton, JJ.t. Lt..0.1 n ft
Army, Commanding lit Battalion, 17th IV 8. Infantry, wMife
io?ik pl.ee at an early hour tbi? morninir.
Col. Plympton graduated at Weit l'oint in 1347. lad tot?.
after Joined 111 regiment, the 7th Infantry, then eotnmtB-M
|..v bl? fit her at tin- City of Mexico Aftur the Mexicao Wir,
Jj"- ?erved with hi? regiment in tho Indian 'J rrntory and tot?.
minded a battalion of it ?t the bottle of Vu! ?i nie Se?.
M.'i.oo. For gsll'int conduct In this engagement h? reeiei-r?!
thn brevet of Lieut. Col. V. 8. Army. If? ?m prr>m?Y?|
Major of the 17th U. 6. Iafantry in ltXJJ, nace whloh tua? fel
t.a ?erved with hu rertroent.
By oomniand of Maj. Hon. Wright. C. II. V.'airrii-fT.
){?t. Col. Attr Aiij i. ?let.
[By T.lefrapli.)
August l8?Commodore J. li. MurchaLd. from doty
at the Navy Yard. Philadelphia oa tho Jiit mai., and wautaf
< -.in. J. W. A. Nickolnn. from the command of the iteaaar
Mohongo, on the reporting of bli relief, ard ardand v'ortl.
C'?pt. ft I) Tree-fend from duty at li?. Navy Ya d. Set
York, on the 31at inst. and waitui, order?.
Commander Jame? E. JooetL from duty at the Kirai Baa.
deivuui, Fniladelpma, and ordered to duty at thn Stii-Yttt,
Commander.Taro-a A. Geer, from duty at the Uara! A oat
erny oa September 10 next, and ordered lo corunaad IM
?t-)~m?r Mohongo.
Commander K. P. Wd mm?, from duty at the Naval Bn
('?.?/?on? at Heaton, on the 31st mitant, and waiting irdera.
Com manda? J. M. Bradford, from duty ?t the Navy-Yur.
Pomn-.onth, N. H, 00 lb? Jltt iuatan!. a* 1 ordered t? otra
mend ?earner Keaaes.
Lieut Commander Bancroft Oherardi. from dnty ia th? Hf.
drogvapbtc Office on th? 31st instant, and ordered te dal;M
the Naval Kendeiroa*. Philadelphia.
Anguit l8 ?Commander Itiomn C. tiarri! to duty at bit
Navy-Yard. PhilaJ?l|?hia. Pa.: Lieut. Commander (' til?? A,
Uabcock to duty at ih<? Navy-Yard. Portemouth, N. 11.
WAiriNO oiiDr.Bt.
August la.?Acting Eini.n K. I. M. Job??.
Auguit IS.?Acting Second A-aulaut Engineer Unan
Kiley from August 20.
tub racine.
niNKiKO or fe nntTi.H trHip?0.1R in'sr.!H?D akd roferr*
I"! il l'_A.SKN(lKB*i DBoWrlKD.
Bal FBAV.IrHn, Augoai ?, 1MI
The Brinah ship Fairlight, (.'apt. lluah, from Hotg
Kong, bound to San Francisco, wat wrecked naar lil?ad Ft?
('?.ung Him ob June 1'.', Ili('!iin?te paaaengen and oat Ha
ropeao were drowned. The ?Mp l.roi? up lix bonn atitt
?tnking. and nothing wi? ??ved. Tn? (J uniment had o_ai*
terad a ?trainer to ?end after the wrecked rr?w.
Kong Kong papen of July 3 ?ay the Kylnh eommerv-MI
jiaiiie an foil lhere lajanously, but ,the rush en the Qtiotm
men? hann had ceiied. *
The United States 0.g?h.,i Ha? ford had arrived at Hoaa
K.na ?ron? Aini'v. and reoortod that th? Imperitl-ti had
tientan 6 ??) hierfer Keb?la. ia,.-111. them to retir?.
The Cbineie piratee captured the Hanoverian tchoon?r?e>
pine, off Chihlhi Point, and ?tole S.'.DOU, but loft the oftctrl
?ml crew uninjured.
Tlte report of a revolt Ia Kaniuh ii confirmed Ta? troaai
in llaiichow, the capital, took potaewion of tile city la M
abseac? of the (?or?rn<?r*(iener?l, leised the ptrsou* of tfel
Judge and Treaaurer, and tried to fore? them to niumonajrai
the Emperor to the effect that the 'roopa were driven lo reroft
for weat of pay and food. TI,li event noted evett nimben
of the gentry and mandarin! to commit nucid? 10 prova thsM
loyalty, Gre?t diitrea? preiad-d Ihroagloat the previa??.
W'lcat and macearoni, the cntef artic lae of ilt.t. wart hill
at 70 tari? per picul.
It wa? reported that a larg? budy of B>be;i had penetral?!
into the vicinity of Cbinkaog, ia the hear-, of the salt dlatriet-.
It ia feared that th? Arnericin ?chooner ??olden Pearl ?r?a
(oat about June ia, between Tamar and Amoy.
A Durango Inter of July ki tate! that the Freack kal
received orden merec?ate Sar. S .lv ?dor. TU? ?vacrjatioa if
Durango wa? to com men?? on Aug. 16.
Offer? bad been made to reta.n the French schliere ia tai
lervice of Maximilian by Inducing them to reinlist In bate
tallon!,each battalion lo consist of AKi Frenoh and u *' Mexioaae.
'ibis would lecure the lerrue? of 13.000 foreigner! for tn
Mtxicaa Empire.
Thejbark E, lipie. from Kanagawa, bring? :1,0V?) rack-fee oi?
The bark f?en. Pike, f-om the ?Oehot.k Sea repa.rti the fol*
lowtng New liri.mwick ? hal -rt i|?ok,*n: Ship Emily Morgaa,
to bt.li. oil; ?hip Roman, 1.1(A) bbl?. oil, bark Wi.l'air. Gifford,
I.IAAI Lbia. Oil.
t'orlr??? yjearoe.
Foai_E.se Mo?Boa -aturdav, Angus! tk\ WAA
The impresr-ion ia ?teaailr and Barely gaining
ground here that Jeff. Davie will toon be? released from hi
long impriionaient. TI.c Imp/onion however, li must be rt?
iD??in!??red is cot produced by any action that baa a* yat ben
taken by the (?overoment that could be ooniidered'*? pre*
Uminary to hU relea??, nor fe] any information received froa
any authoritative ?naree, but 11 merely the reeult of opmioai
frequently expreieed by thote molt e.??pet*;nt to know.
Jt ii well known that stranu/iu? effort? have iawly been mill
In Waihington and frequent lnterr.ewi sought with Pr-t-ttet
Johnion, though in a more quiet manner than lortneriv, by
Cbartei O Conor and many of Davii's warnen irleudi for the
purpoie of makin?; a cnndrtirnal parole for bun upon the
ground of continued W-hoallh. The tremendo-? pre???J??
which hal bajen brought to bear upon President John??? -ad
the tnipirstion and confidence he i?eeiv?d through th? pro?
ceeding? of the convention recently h-tld ia Philadelphia, it M
thought ha* at leait torced him lo yield., and thar he will
?horny grant Davit a parole on about tie s.:..? tera- n
Clemente. Clay received.
Mr?. Davie, ?ince her retorn from Canails. ?eemi nore
hop*fuL Davit's nhyilcian ?tate? hi? ^atiant'a health 11 bo! M
precarious aa bil friend? re, me: t.
Co. ?V lit, C8. Iof*utry, left today foi WltfclagfeM.lt
j...? the reit of the regiment.
?tKttVJUK.liV -?lite.
ATTEMPT to Takb Lue.?A man named Luke
Daley. M yean of age, arrested by officer Kid, wai taken be*
fore Acting Recorder Cutter of Jersey City yeiterday mora
mg, charged by Francis Garret with having atte_ipt<*d to tata
hi? life on Saturday n ghi by ?hootiag at boa. The charge
having bt'tn ?obtt-ntiattd the acciued wai held W bn! fat
triiJ. _
Vtinr. FmiiTiM?.?O11 S.itirday Bight, 1 ?? tween 11
and 12 o'clock, a party of young rough? bt'o ag.ig in tat Sixth
Ward. Jersey City, engaged m a yn/.e igbt al the upper ead
of Hamilton ?miare. Officer French arret'.ed cce "f the pria*
cipalN, named Michael Ueunet, I'J yean of ace. tml yeiterday
mmr.itig on lu'ing t.tkcu before the Uitcuid?:', be wa* beid M
bul to appear for trial.
A Yi'i-Tii.M-L Tic.!;;.? \ !"iy i!.".?in.ti Jil: 11 Parley,
13 yean of age. wai taken befor? the K?cord?r li, JetM-?- ?ty
vet ter day morning, aud committed for trial on a cli-rg* ol
,- ?*., '.,"1. ?i v.. ? .rar? from the ?tore oi I. B
liicruiaa, No, J.' Coln st, valie.l 10 all at |m).
BqCABI I.d.FKRS.?Two yoftftg BbtB Lamed Mi
c'nsel J. Toomey and Jame? Cuey, irr.???? . O*0n
noland French, wen taken befora the Kecordei vc t?rday.
morning, cl.nrgcd vi ?til Hearder*. ut i!,_iit,*a?
s ,1 ire, Jersey C.tv 1'i.ey Wen :t;ii."ei. | ut ?'?
f-KlH-TS HaIL!1>A0 A( ( i: knt??"?ne Man ?Tillsi
ash S?viitAi. Isji uki?. A lerii'us av.'i'i''.?r.t 1?. ciirred oa the
road of th? New-Jen?? U-liroi.. a 1,1 ii itup ? l SIM OH P"nf
jual beyond New Brtualek, abeul te'claah ???teiJar morl?
ing (Mond.iv. 1,? v.-.i!,-'. ??:. ooaduetor w ?k1 ?I and (n*or
Mt habonn wari nrioaal) iei-rel 1 ? ftral|hi tr,..a ???
1..K king down tot tho purgmoot ioa -? * ?
a oow uuoliei't???'. ran out ut ?euio builie? upon ti.? tia?'????*
wai it ruck t'y llrrmr, 11 throwing lb* tiaui cr M lfe? ut,'tl
< ... tor, Mr. 1>? liar;, v? _ ?Luo?? inat.i:it:r killed ano
nie vi - 1 ^r ''?
Bart, who baa bajea ia th? 1 ,, mr 1:? i'?*?
?0 yean, and waa highly rnpeoied. le.vcs a a ile iuJ ,flr??
c,lidien residing at Nevi Brunswick te 1 ira bil ? ??-?''
cid. _
A BtToosmoa fob tbb Pain I ^Ir
fteckvvKb, Cn'.teJ Slates Ct-B-lBfteeer at V tit. fe
nrgesthat prominent am.m.r Iht Arciicsu Bafe-tl ? ??
l'jru General Expcaitiou 1 . ?*? ?! o.ld be a u.odrl ickool*
I.,01?,'. with sit Iti raoderr. ip| . r.-.e?. ichool bnkl ?ad SP****
tstus. and With te.:,:. - e pal**
l'o?.i. 'J ho tolid uic-u of Nivv-Yo.? uilgu eat.ly ? mtriUBt? a
?um lufliclent to jiay the npennef ?uch a ??'I***''"' .'JiT
The followiug la an extrael from lu? letter if Mr. bcckwito_
1 re.-et tl..t none ol .",1 |*e ?.! ? li ne li ,1 *' e e:;'e'| !? K f' 'p *
model diatri. I ichoil. will. ?1 In'el .?j-i t report on ni l| ?. j
and operttloa ?Iiuwi,. lu.?? v.l ii:, tdiyted to t.e] ?
andlr:le!le?'tutltreJnl:' and ?al, I? in* of yoiiu? peo| ,ti .iviPt SM
ilatiail, ? of our Kbocli ti reaabawH ??" C'"t"i *>ute?. ?
TliUwoulJ b?v?pi?-.i'?-dai'i?per?(?b|?ii be f ,,,,, ? 1. ?**
Han of prim, wher?d!.?i'i.tiuulen."?t de.,,..' ri j | ,| .1 1 '
htveaei:,iird*iiiwaidtl,?lii.uiuu*v valia* ? ? ... ,., ? M
S .... ... au. ??. ?e.t kaaar '1 m? ' ?Jj" **?

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