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New-York tribune. [volume] (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, August 29, 1866, Image 8

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(.?' ftt-ir, tr'.tot Vupr
?nil fcri'ailt'i I'" n. ' rividetif?
I?.,i w I fei
te m . .uni ! ? . , -,
pout ?ni opon in tri t,'-,l vale? nnnilli ali gaal an will
IM* ?uparon ti 'mtl.. dlBtifiCtiOBI util ri.ltt''.
throwing bald? all i .'la.t.t rat K-iai? i..?k. ai . ai?l l?nfl eucu
Sua es the litar ?f Un r naatrj lol !? In ' ' ' ?m1 k'('(.d
lu itobiiur.li i, ti- ? i ???iiiii' ead til""?
whe ac? ?m.u.i. .iii,. M UM fenpitali
lies ail Um
Wlllllvl Is .| .1. le
ni a in.? ? i,
, . .?. I-i niKl' il.
Th. I ... . ? , i ? -
feruiitu' nepean* w.'.tt _.?_?? _. ? ?t nie ?a'd tait Birt
yuu ti,. t .? :; ?. ' I ?:?;?.? n.c "I. th.? .? Cu?K (i
?an.l MtBWB I mr? H ti.-? f, I H? i-.rii.ai w?,, bbm yob baie
astee? led to i ? Bail .eve ma 1 fu.lv appreciHi?- Ita Mal Hal
?Bgsof the ml,reo? < f I'i iia.?< -phi? ?ted I.? ie that I sfahH evnr
eeeerve Hiern lu vc .r tdlrtn vi u alluditl to the totnlitint
?it Uhih-ii o? i nain ?<>?ay (but tb* natiaw-M ?m: wieh??i
?roa esprea??.?; lit t? a ? etrl? r. ttptBM la n vin ?el ?.nil be
le.r In tke I re an ! ettr. one whc su n.j ..l.m ii r J iris!
that Hi p? .i ( ?( Vr. ve r.ow w11 List forci ( r 11 ta? m1 M
a?mh ? ha*. ?( ti. aMaUtaabli le aaneetaM it tain tal
ann* in rt?k i g ,1 (a m ?iieM i.i,,. || ??, future a-?? Ki,"
??kier we ?loi.ld lenrn t_ prow (J, ?er tin! denier to on?
aaolhir (?jeers. | We bate La?: wer iel ne baie peat'.
anal iel OBT every thought ami art ??end to leuentt'? I'i ? :
?Bad Blake unr , otintry irreal For my ewi. j arl lau. ?uri
rilOB?, that evt i ? won! ni t! sol ( f mu? hu! ii ita .ifu?it(
po-seta wteti.'er at Cbief V.*?.-:i.t? .r ..r- a m./i). fen
taeo tierta. I ti perpetuate peate an- to preserve ?Is (?iknb,*
te Ike people.
Bt-cret-ry Seward, wbo st??o_ tiCMile th?* PietMtBl ?.? vi
MU aSirinative ?!i..ke of I.is feaal t" t?os HMtifeM nt. ??n
-be lunolusioii of tlie speis L the ftttS, wire inunu! t,
aimitgt'l. 'Iii? l*r?'*?(leii!, Set rotary *V'?.?rrt li.:i. (ii,.i,l
an?! Adminil l"Arit.cr,i! rulitic in an open burent!.'
bj four i*nv dorses. Whu? they drovt? ?vtut oJ thi depot
latinan lia uniititudo ehenat? T-aaaaaaa raeBad th<
?(-IM KDil Ita? i'iilu?ion and excitement were ?kitti n! ni .(
The fttftlOi i !|?"irui(. e(|ii.'il?a?l any public -BBtODttntiot
iver mu?l( ka iMa eil**. Qraal tai Barrani wtni,
Ibey tem i.t-d !Le t'o'.itn.t'i.t.tl Hotel looked ,.e tf UM*, feel
Biijojo al an eipwit?_-e ia public teeeptknii obicb a? I
last l-?;i:. a 1 fe Mm
Ititi ?arl I hu. Pa., Tuesday. Auf tb if?".
Hoon t"TUr ?he l'-???ideiitih! ftrt} ?n'en?! Ita ??ontiiiei.
fesl Hotol Kiey <t|[K?.irisl on the Lal con v, ou the Kin tun'
M front, ?...d weia i:rcet? ii will, i beer iilii r i List by Ita
tant crowd Kio following is n verlwtiiii MtfOtt of!!.?'
Freelde.t'? |js (l fe.
MIK- II (?) TKr* 1'l.I.Mi" N !
Pbixow CiTi-ise The I'resideut pave nttersuto toiboes
IrBteriiui worJe al least bslf n dozen tm.ee and on escb orrs
Uta was nuiibla ti? tres-red further nu BcoouBt of the uproar
and confusion. He went on a* follow* Fellow oil i/en? (wav
Rig bia Land imploringly), ?top a few minnie?
|At Uti* point thara was another interruption?a horse end
wagon straggled to gut through tbe crowd. The policemen
rushed lo tbe rescue, anal, si usual, made matter? worse. An
trew Johnson looted o? in dismay, and began ?new I r'e'.low
tins*.'i s Will you ttleiae keep order?just keep ?, u i a* t for ni
atontent. und tbe undi.".?? will be relieve! I lisa citi/ni? I f
Philadt'ljihiii If vi will give us tour altei lum for a li ?v
Biiitriente the auilienoe will be relieved i .i- ? ? the fifth
time ha used the words.j lu um ti.g I'h.l.i.lelplnu iii the
pii?.?,! I oeeu? on it wat not for tkt purpose of
in.kiug a Ipaaa?, but I am on my MOJ, in oomnniiy
wnL dinJcj>:\u?h?e? gent!.? !u ?' f- werri
I" n n..-, t,-n tatas or lo participate ia tbe liyi .
? on cr - at la be an eta i i ? a 11
?i Mama BfetanrMited Pfeiladelikbia la aw roui.i ,n
ben c to r? le <n., ! I ii?' l.c per- ?"?ii n not MakiW| I
kui I mi, ?t Is.' i? , Bitted totetidei to Um Mil-*?i of Phil .di Iptia,
BB tl?e prei' ni ?-At.aa.iO?. and under tbe pi?.-tilt ir el.? DI -
Biy be.iTtfi it and in.?- Maeen tbaak* for Hit? d?noue tr ?Mea, ka
Hil? inatnfi stat.un of heir it .-.ird ami rSBPnl Th.? simultane*
BUS and ???''itn'.eena i oi__u_ forth i f '.lie i.,?-;.ei,,l-i,' '
t>(Pbiiadilpi i(, to ,i i.i obeanl, taqam bm ?ki, rtaawal
eeiiUdfbo? uni wuii netaed faterraiaaliea ti ujlmld my
coutte in ihaping und ndm..i,'?U'ii:i,- the dover:,ment a? 1 be
litre it ?bould be ad minuter? d We have jnst passed through
B tarca end bloody conj?iit, we clamored ?uni ?r
atruggleai for peaee. The wa/ i? over, per.tc hat I? en
rihde a_d I trim in (io. ttu>_ war will not return -gum.
Otter? 1 I tr ut that the d*iy .s f?? distant when one norn in
of our I'non ?La) I be arrayed in baili, agmnst another portion
I trust in (io. thru the day is diainnt Man nian ?ball again lie
art upon lil brother tai U the iininc o* Ob 1 rain 1 is hand
agnniHl lb? throat el h.t felloe brother. I trust id Cod that the
tay ii dutani wbeu this ljud t hjii ira vc a brothrr birth is sg ,:i,
to be dreithml with u bi jtliar'i blood. Tbapk Hod. tbe b.ilc
iul j,line t of wur bai been cb-aed away and the being nut mw
?f pean fen t .ro-ri it? plan ItTtatri.] I imst tkal !'?
aountry crill agnin retuni to all the .vuaationa of pence, mid
that proeptTit/. and bannon j. slid reto?o i lint io w.
l>c bri'..i-i!! ,ie,u'. mid teat we w11 Mata lot
peopit sod one naiion. (Greet cheerinc. ) Banr nnlarrial j
to the ii?t lb l'fereuce to our |H)litiiul ?illiiir?, I yd jon I ?! ni
Botinteiiil U. make a ?peech, rt.y juiblic acts und my n
are befni.. tbeeouutiv. lill tut them lo juii.,, v |
*' Thai ? ?... | Uei.etiDg. ss I t! , i?.,uit., ?
i : i? tv* policy tint n ntoalatal io aatraan ai
di. n ita toft iatnmt of the nattrj arut ?o fettovtti
?i .i ?. | n.v hc),?,- ttea i Lateal li >it :
li'? ci'rs | And i*it>i jour tala
? ra let tis iteal * p ti ? r lu
' ' '?> I n- forget W.at Mi- l.i.Ve I ?
-nu,: ic n j ..fie? n:nl luru-et. too tkal vi. u it BO? 01
tal.l?' | t,, , .iiDbi.iid of our |., L
try. | h-ers 1 Let the interest
pie be proiimtci! and I?t parties ?ink into
ajaiioe and :f We are to Lsve a psttv kg '
It tf bn?ed upon the great prit eipln of I
neOtettltaUoi Cbeera. 1 Yet. tbe? ni.titntioii ofour t'oun
?fry li tut ?I ron .'est league that Ott) tie form?*- And ?
when you tnlk lasj;it Magen who li it Etal Lal eilt'ied ?
Into a , ' rmeil a league abort t:n- CoBstitalion
of ths I iii--1 Slate?. If hi? ha? be ha? enieied s
oombinsiioii'..nu ?t kit eotnlrr, fe rain 'Itali so'* j
and hi- I looa la i?. Let eucli ami J
_r_yer_f may t'iionjf [o Ibis great national league, ajd i?j
lb,?? oust li li I lot! o! the ( i.i'T BUlBI ?*e ti,. .1 .-?;. ,,?,,?? v{ I
bl? league. ' .p?dante j laraM-a "..?r oonstitntion or u?
better league ibsu t .t, ?? - - M ?' ??' ? ' ?! by Washioglon lud
bu tanpnn '''??r?) ii wo* .
li good euougb lor y,,ii ??ni tor ::,'.' I
'blick (V It'. And Bow py ft bsud tf brou-.';, j p?_| pal
u-?.J t- '.i;.ort m CoattltniioB of the
riiiteifstal'e. li t ti- .'.tB<l to.*i r.ier are ind I ht romriori iltn
of our mun:-,, t.. J ?wear ?I.st all stuili yritb aud
fall in the tlist b.t thl <" ,:iit!t'i'e>n ?'i .11 be main
tamed a?d tbe I nion be prfservtd [la-Mian eh-erina.J
It fen tan My anti lo all ?lloai in all great !
emergenciet. la rel? upon**.? iBteflifenc? and mi-grry of lb- ,
B-reai mass of tbe people Tl.?re 1 ?tend today I.,? ?y..n |
(titutiou ol the couutri and 1.1 MBBtrr is i? your bandi, an '. ?
here 1 ihsl' les?.? with the aaaBaBM telef tbst voa ,
will Bl the P.-eje-r iirri? aud ?t l.? bil.et {mi
nttarl tb? o6tn.tr/. au- li will Bga;a itind r? j
tieemed aud rageuerated. .Cheers.; Ai I eatere. (be
city today I i?w upon a mechanic'? eitib iibeient
tbe'stworJ? ' Wilco-? lae Preildeut I knew teal it was
fefea ?m?n*tiaa of the laboring m?n. I. beer? ' Hewbopiao**d
It there knew who be wa.- addreai.n. aud lia knew wbethtr
? hey would nndentand it or not. (Cheer?. | My oou?d.m ?
le in tb?t_; and If you. ita people, a ill get right, a* th? ?vi
?Jenoe. are today, you-. Voice?? "Wearo all right all righi.
tiheenj-vou eau muk* a ela** of uieu tuat nail tbamaelrei
polit?oiau. - A Voioa? All wrong.I Yo', oau bring
?h?m to terms sitbout rauoh effurt ua your purl
Stat we have hea'd a great deal about eiuauoipation.
1 Laughter, groan? and ebeer? ] Who ha? toiled more it to?'.
?cause th.ii ILav? ? Are you right ?are t??t t .et? ia a larg?
liroportion in the Slate of l'eon?)lv_Bia coma np to tbi? w?rk
of ema-i ipatiou f Wbo i? it io power bi-idi.ig fie tyrant? rod?
over yon t [A voice near tbo 1're.ideot, ' Thad. Ntereu?.'|
?Who i? it that ia holdiug tb? irtanU rod over you? Wben
you talk about putting ous of tbeiu out of office ouly
on" |of them out of oftioe tJiey oiataor Wfav 11?re is
bomsbiely to be turned out ?ed auolher to tie put
lu ?ud beni" 'te great object i? lo perpetual? th?m?eivn? Iii
poa er snd bold sil Wi? oftioei ead *?v lo tb? people who have
tu. ed foi the eeaatfy, who haye It^en ei|vo??,| to the danger?
,?f the i??t tv? ye?ri while Ihey h?v? remainefl m borne lo te:
Ctipy ali thl plsctiS. and theo tbeclamor is Uiey must not Ita
toned wit and .ut nobody olae u. |Cheer? ) Why is tbat
tginnl old doctrina ni tbe day? of Washington ?f rolntnei ,n
urtu e forgotten * Ii noln.il/ eis? entitled to (?artic,pate m t ,e
sprofitt of th? O ?vernmeot but II oat who bold liitot ? y > ?
?? r.rn them eut | Thor ero eieroiiiuat pawn
1 as ui.relentieg a? tyrant? ihec-selva? [Cfetan.! I ?*??
you coiue np lo (he work and coote lo the bal it Inn. and lue
ttrsnt'i rod oan bo bent aod br ?k-.n (Cheer? ) I lopeat that
tbe (tuveruBieot is in your baud?, it ?? the people ? guvurn
ment whom I have basen always willina to Ituat and an. ?,
litg now |Voce? Mew ?beat Head Huoka" Kangbter
and eL?era., Well fellow tuti-ene. t did not intend U? ?ay ??
much a? I tav? aaid. |Voloaa?' Oo on. go oa ) Tliere
wre otb?r genllauieu Wke will be forood and oom
nelled be make ?oat? remark?, and I ?,? d mo.?
than I intended to isv t Votoee? 'hay more ' | I will ik?o
???nile bv tendering to y?. my ?tnoere tbanki. yes my lieirrt.i
tli.tbki. lor .?.ii manifeitation of your legail aad respe; t la
?me wbo hal labored daring lb* wricrle of I mat *at. au eveal
ful life to advance and promote tbe iiiWr<?U o' the gr?al mas?
of tbe people. 1 ibaak you geutieme?. and in perting with
yo? I leave the Govi-ramet-t in your hand?, where I kaow i?
Will be ?tafe, and appropnatey Altpaoerl of. 11 turnout? cr.??-?
The Pnttaeal ai I |?ar*v tkt i ro!:n?l Bt n I le i,?? > I . ,
and tbe arevi I iftsn I
AIh.ii! ft o ci.sk the I'p-iilelit, uslier-il li., OeB. It"!)'"'
patterson, tatok his ?tend ar tb? b-'n,! ol ! m hrst !iig!,i ol
ttep* of-t c mam ?t.irm.r at*lha Sotal, tal eottrol
b large (ol?? io-?..- me eaaaleet ver- parrain?
B|i !he ?tep? in ?mall niiinbers ?id B-B-t Ita I're?, !ei ? by
tbe hand. Secretartea Keward mid WtBn, l*'?stin?istei
lienersl Kandall aud Atltnirs! Karrairut, ead part of Ita
Shaa Gea. Oraal rteiril fethial lb? tSnUaal duriuftta
lisiid-shakr.i: (ere'n.t.y iu full tlea Get GhTBBl
got kuti "t UM t. ?'?.' *? .?id ipeat Ita ' ' "
areiimg wai deni g .'.. d4 the ]
Bia C1 , i .d ?Jen. Butterfield. "
?U'l alwiut l'l.non |?er?,,: ? wert) ii*?,- i Mid, ?ho indillt*ad it
Bein d' m". ? ?", |,.froei i
UlBkilikf ose Ol ? Ip "V,i!"?a i" || ?rj , .
I-rLKliAriuN ?''K TAILcnS.
A d( lauta n of tait?n
? Hi the . '
,, u I to the
en.wi) by Al'.?'
Inn' ig. Iii -
A'-o | | , ?? I.
t ? ?' "n ..,. .,/,,...? h
yen (?. ni*hi in eompiianee ? ?t? .
jar-K"' i>, , ks
?or It ?
alni I re c. ?: ?? , . ihtck? fur HI,
dem"i,?t at mn A? I ? ill | ?
B'.ll ? ' ? : ?nu,..! I*,?!
Ju*!ltl? ! ti It I ?u M
cp(? rt;:'? Bl ?:. V hat I tui
tOBbU-l I t lg.tute? ? '. '
Um pub.le u.ii.il I: * ?"? lu Bil p.,ni..ni. ,i,e?r.
are well k-uvii. U, fOB all aid, uf court?. 1 ?hall not ? I
adixuMMj* of i hat kind in pawiug along my tom. I thank
you for ?be re? peat toe bare msr.ifeeted. 1 har? been t',.,1
that there i* an ?ela?utmn here to night abo hat? oom? for
ward under Hie ?ppe.'Iarior. of their prcfeeonn !or the ? urpote
at a_iB:le?l1-,| their regare! and respect I want you m under
Bland that I OP liol r*tl indifferent to l!. ugt o! thai kiud for
ia tki* O've/ije-rtit tf ouri it ii merit thai make* tbe mar
BMI tke want of it lb? fellow And if l? e-e i? ?n an-.
Tier? M i.gi.i a* 1 I ave hn& adviaetl tbare it. that ??li? u. t
ti.? Talltit iMnnilin? t< Ibea >aal tmbrs? ig a
' tr?! i.n.ti li,?., li? I.In in ll.iik? bl i I. .
tip.tni bitnilieui ,i .,( theo fa^an. um us?a*, I
ifl KJW*tI?rvp T? ','? i.'ti. ntyintivi , I
Ibei? is ri. t??!iii,n ii. I.I; Hi.'-t 1 won!?! ?* f'??"-')
I uni lil nt'ikia n ?? ii.-lfl? ran? *' ? '
.1 v . bj Bl ' ' , n 'I 'ii , I-"--'. | a'..-.. ', ' ?
n, ami ?, i ..
Hariri i t ??. Mu lH reta ' ' '
i ' . ? Bj
i.i.u,vi,i reaa fci.i--.bei. .-.. :.:,< i? ? ?? ? " '' '"" ????
na. te|t?t??al Tir? t?. in? bl ,i> sMBMetlM Bil? v? Bl
ftli?W < .l.sa. I,? |, ?laliiu,?,. ,.l II.? ?I.T UJil ?'I.. *'"?'
,.' ?I bil.'. Ort |??| '.( the W. lill HU? I. ?... r
bj trait? let?*!, mm ig to? mbm ???. ?ia '?> IM i"*tom
:.m ? : 'i.? ", . i.i t di bul thai i ' :,:- sr??,,M iitftsJ
)? ira?. Tin-i, ure i ? . .?a 'i a|ie?n
Ula ? pi l,,V ?.; , !| - , , I, , 1 .1! . ?? I. Hill H 'J IlIlV?
i: , , , ,. ...i. .n. M li ( 'J ' '? ? ?<??-?
???ut tin? i?.*.u 1-i.ck ? i?. i?iti? f??&m '"'-1 BBaamkj
tit.d laur'l-!ei
Mir ?.HAN'T.
Ti,? Pia . ' ? i" ? ei '! ? li ' i.<
, ii.? < t. ?ti ??-1 i.n ? . '"..?' i"' ?? for i
ty, 'I I er. went tri? tor etben of tini ?altin
?uai. , ii a one wl a.,,,M| ||, nant ?f
? ?'I ki | ? ?|
-al ? :;?,'?'??. OfBDl at ? og? ii , ? . ed ".?
Dental ? li..'.. . t?-?l and nana tai wild tnataltol
mi bali ?. .i.?-? 1.1 mi - ?'?J i<
Phe 11 ? ' Hb' ti Um ( hil I :.i.'' ? i
lue crowd ?a - i ?.? ; -:...; In raponn to repeated calll
I-Hirn,' It M?' Bet
i? laiOi-.'- ' Hin onlyufsinbjtnaafti t?';,?u f?i
Ibu? k. ii nilli, ni . ?Uki g !i I I... I Lt t ? I B ,k<- ?i'stclns
' ? ' rrl l i" ? I.an ! Bli' I ii r.t '< l.i ?1 li, Hie ra as ral. I
Ki.ild Ii.sl f . ? i, ? a ii. . . i.i.t ii I. i -. -I i Y li..it?'Hi?
u. ",. MO! i (l.lllr i'la! - I r l.|.|, I ill ) I a p.ri'd
i.i-bt, BJ tri? I,?!? Neilin , i. ... ; . !i. ?peak eit-B
if I ?ini-1 k|bt ?1.
Ki? I? Uti* Si' .,ril t liai -?ni bianll M lill.-t.lv ?Jrllj'li'.-il
uri. tin' "ei ? [t.im ni?-.n ?.I iii? I':? ?uli-i.tiul |-..rt-. T-B
Prendent'i i.? ingi mt Indi?led tv tin ana-bat ?I
?j.?? ? ??i h L? inn .?.
?K< ke ak' 't.; 'Ri. " marrs ei .??."
?sai r?! n ?..:. i gr?ai teal of ftas annng l?s ?hendsoatt
tbi "'nun .1 I favor MiMiiii.nl and tie city anita
Hi n ,.'. ? ?' dc_I ilae] and th? 4 mi ila must beben
.! 'I . J ?in i.? ! *? .in 1.01 ini?? ti i i
Ttwcrovd, h ? ?w aunad ?w*rard,f?ti titay ballooad
tiin.??lu? i. for I ??' ??! i i Prakitlent'i iptecta
Imt tin Ni ? ri Ini] i ! M..N ki ?'. bil?eli i:i ?-l.i' lim Ki-i? ui.il
itl.d li.ey Li, I?.i t d .. i hi:.
Ai'i'at 10} ."''ti: Ibebai ?tal "1 It lb? beloon* ia
???ii ?i tin- betel dared "Ai.M Laoj* Eya ind Ines
vitbdre?, and tbe erowS , ?:?? f. r more fe?bl< reajuesta
tor a -peta i:t'iu Mr. Seward iii ti.- asna Tb? Mi
licritit'i u (iiiii.i:, nDffinS .?Oi n ti?tim. * r. ii.'nbtl tt.i
l'!<?i?J?Tii ?nil-a baini ' i . f nags,snng Inakto ti'" botel
I and im.iiiv, ?ii.'.!! II i.'iini? Leiiiiii bit psrty maa toft In
am ? tl.t- u ?.".?. :..)? i. .i. m : greatly i eeded after the n
<_)t?_?lit ?'I li" tAT. I BJ i'.i>< '?<?!' ut I ti'tl'H l< Hi till'
morni-if, try ti.? tnnkdrn ;.;.?! Au I'?y in.i.l, iii tfctlfl ?'I
ihn Ma? ?r ?.file ttOO.
ANOTDEB A('( 01 NT?Mil| FEUI*?BI?*E IN PillII. lill
Sp?Kiti Dba?Ma t? 1MB I Ttfltaaa,
I * i : 11 _? i -111 i-i?, IimmIiit, Bag M, IM)
A Bli,:!.! r? I?..?] i : ? 11 rl ?| I do? allowable, t" rlM ??'?>
o'., i ..t ti.?' it- . t of fa. i"> ni ?? made ar> H.?- balk
..I it i I'li.ia ?-,.. \. . .? ? r ? ..?> t" (.bon yv'i ' ui'ri'liriiiiia'lit
on! fruin tlii-n I? .n?. r-- '.a|.i;. lia.in '.:.. r pnft I? rt "I tbe
imtn h In'iii Hit'in-" - .!? ii?ii n in ln?i ? r, m.il 1.1 it
t.. tin" anmben if t:.. ._? i ?bi i.ni each bil
iiiiIivhI.ihI monal : .i" and then pm
??iir. Tbe] Bad b n )oined I ? la Itf? miiitarv. fin
mu! poli?si al duba ? d I .tn| ?Die? ... ! th. ? -. r i ? igte ??? a
Lilli:. ? I..?.',' Ibu? i?. .litnl to Ilil?
li. I.'.
I ' ? II- ft-Y l-l Va? .. , ill li !.l? !. flail t.?r?t? I?! I I'"?I lill'l
lim mi ii gttti ?bi h ??i- ?" 11 rfn iii bare and deftitute
of urn.ni.. nt M ? ' I'll !a li );?! ni on lins <.?.< tulon. '1 Btn
wi-n- im tnutnpliHi ir. bl -, no ?i"-i lal baaaen-.anita ?.
Bl .I amil m h.iit-n bael i"..'. - wo? ?uti 11.1- :! \g ni Iii?1
i : li? i M.ii't? i-niavi.'. li- Continental Hotel? la
wbicb tie Pieafe ? it and iii? part? bad ri?.ti ?. tad di ?
th?; I.hI? i ny ..! ? ! . I ?? lumlf In? "MB !.???, iii !!,(? w..y ?n
?In. ..:?,! i on? in ii iii? ? implv n wretch?-?-, .mil ni? np r iii? lily ni
?ix ?niall mid parti alarfj duty Ban eanh cn ?rhlca wn
?tink nut at li ? lui: :U-rii_., il s -rindo? "li ii 't.,(I.
on t.n ?'iii- r u.a'i tbe (.ir.ir.l Bonn ian?dtotrlj
nenn tin? ?tre. t. w ' n ?? rasped bo benefit t'r?>n. th?> advent
i.ftin- l'r.'?it.-i. i,tl pa?t* Bade h nneb more pretentioui
dJBpto*. Hi" Ii"-|iri"!<?? i.f lliAt In,nsi' !?'?!??.) ?a! Ibt !i"ii'
'itttifir iiiiihiii.' witii l..r.-. American BBKi indbmf-oa
"a.. i1 Ubi !" ? aotber .?': i pi it?' banting tnd ob tin
?lilli- tin ??ir.ir.l vi? 11 far tin iimr.' Ii.i..?..?nnn Ir adorned
llf It." tWii. lIltlUL'Il be I .IM? 1 ?I?'?-' I ill.?II V.illlJ M ?-m !..
lad sa 'fc?-1 .M'in-iitii:.
?1 ? ' 11-MAKIMi.
tftertbi I art] bad mitad tot i..lf sa i.?>-ii
i.--a in ?l.i'ra..r ? all befaatn gathn totvm with r.?
l' n ? "araetl"?
w? ii tiniii-rst?MKi ti, : |. ;.t ?enid ?|t'.ik, and Ui*t
.. iin:i? vaald at called on. A ?l.-fii!
1 at'ii li ?i v i ii.? Im-i-i! ii: -iiiiii ? ? 111., i ??! penoni
?ho eli u bavin? bi m1 ni i r
di ,l.
wini?. Yli. .iniiii-i : . a?i i.?- i. i. f , non "f 'in !."'? i
i." .?a been I Nltod by n nnnberof penont ?_,v Uvcjj'.?!
. b ; - iii? -?, tog i: ?-. ;, f ,r the
M-it?- ,'? ,i ?iH.ii'ii t" Hu- I'r?-i'.?-iit, but ?li ?,f
?buln .i?-!,tiii?-ii and Mayad bin. Al *t?l. bast?a, in
: bji.-tif fi'i, th.?d of bauen m sndappenred
ni. tin-Lal? any of WA I ':" t'liL-n: t: iii...?' --
in due (um- i-.-- jobnBon inkiniKil on las btkanj
arid addreend the i ??.. Tbe ?peeeh .? siren kana?
;; : 1' ' ?- tia?
?I t*km??mm?mm , T ?_?-?-*_R_.
be Pr?'?i.1'-in '? ?iii Bill .r.".' Bl N ? va ii : k a!
sl?,ut ini o clock tbi? ? noon, and will remain at the Markei
I?, depot ?oriB 1* mint, a A pl?lfi>r_ b?. I"'?ii eie.ted nil
? ??. ?? ? ty will be etnadooted ?? IM ?irtval
?. it it expected Ltoth tM PreM?rai
?ud Mi Seaard ?...c i'e.
p.. ; ,'"!'!? the re
t?p":.,i. if ti.? r.-.'iiii': ' today by the etrb ?'i i ailitary un
? nafoiiit-ily. 'I'" pii'iirsintue o'' ?
. tbe ?iiitbnritiri. and p'ji'asi.'-.i I t M |Mtnd (JP ?? lia!
lill niau,, bil?
since Ixmii ui?de ti ? rt.rf ,.i ?bli h ?"iii It ?lion u bj lb? foi
lowing orjbr li i M?,,. .o? MU 'f rd
OBDIt RT 0P.N -INI .1 I)
llLAtiy1 aid a Pan Dirai ?<> k O.l ? y ?
^**" 'p.a.?,at J.e?Y?:i As-fUl St. UM )
Onssaii flataat ri i -n??.)'...... ri kttrvX'
11,-,,'i 'ne m*.cblng r??lrw of ?S? Dlt,?ioo bj ' .? 1'i-a al-', t v. I '?ka
?,t- I m ?" .? h -u, t p.a '-'in. to front 'A II n K."b are ??'?-.;,I
of Delmonl?oa H?l? n.-?a'J ?' |).(,IIJ IU'. ??? * '
EM Mi?m Baa, MBM* Iba flBfMfj tal ka tenait >i U "? ??
s. M-, i" Bi.al?a? ?lil. t... nu t ob Monty ? t ia ?. b" revs?
rd Itl'ixby li.? Pra.dent ?.-me La'?,? tiler I.? ????? lb. <.i'y II al ?
TL? I tia-ry Brigtdt w rsielv? ins PiM.lti.it' Bt.-ry I'ls, ?,
.al tsi .ri htm up Sr-.tdw ? t- I Puk R ? UK ? CklJ Uti tod I oin
thrnoe, ?H.c I. a r. ?eli -,i. BJ 'he a. Ml lion' ???. i p Hiotdwty. li
Tw.oty third ?t . .'id 4.? u lb? Bil I. tv? . lo Dein, .,, .
Tie rreidoe of lb? Uit?lOB wi I lola? rolomo hy lue.etiive c ?B?
paniet Ii'im Ile light ?a a a >u ta t a? Pr.sida.il tod sal. btv? p.a.?)
t 1 ibt b i? a- uitrcb ?i i I?? ?p Br.ilwiy I? niftaaM si a? ,.,,
?Innteeuil s . t. Ile PII b ive ,.,. la? rifth a?. I. T ?au-y ? ?? 1 ?
?1 tnd doWO Bl .I'iaVl? la . ' .? ?l.i |J. ?>' I Ul iU-fl'll'e Bal tb?
II ? tv to Aalor place
Tar band, ?el tari. lal ami it lae t ??.u.aa .mol (Jfic?-? ? ..
??tule th? Pre? dent in I M? D.liu . .. ?'?
By order ol M. M <?? ?' < ni?..?? ti ?is? ,?..?
Al ?I lltBI' I? Dat. I'll,
OfliriB? (Mill a?II.'I ??an? A I) I
Yoaterdaj ?ottuup t m M?y?r r??:?iT.' I ? a?pf ?f II I? ordsr
CifUoii. B?ndfaird'e wl? .. as ?til li.? sean bj Hie alalem?ni o'
tbe order tUelf, wa? In* et M (be ? -juett nf the Mert-lisnle'
Coinuiitte? ct An mil' n nts. 1 bi? Mat"?, who Lad uni Icen
OaQDHulted in rea-ard l> I i? n'ui'i,? nf | : .giamnie m, n,. -u
?arprased, and enter?.! In? ?u >.t ?<irn??t proleil a-aiuil ? n .
obangu. Tin? pro|o?t ?M?ESSSItda a privat? niBe? 111? <?r ?'. ?
('ttitens' Caitnmitt??? o' ArraiiRenimils. bcld ynatenlajr a?"
nu ni nt tb? min e "f M \ T Stewart noinnr nf iln.aJwaf
?Dil ( 'iitinln-rs ?I Tbe Cauinnlla-i? finnlli danidei! In a linn.? l 1
1 iimr i?t*i anal prt*?1 n a ".tin.? ??. ? renal Hi?t tb? Pm
dont winal.l lia Inu uni" -'.??liai In revia-w lb? tt'xips mi Ina
srriral at the Cllv Bal '1 bo I'rnsile it will IMbTBBN be
tHlail-al bl by til" lUll tai , III ft-.iil ,,f l*(l!lli"!lH'.l I
We b? t sal read ? gloaa Ik? prnmipal feat a r-? o' Ide arra n*
ment? made by I ai I ian I ? iiiiiiHIU'i l'ut the l'rn?id''ni ?
ri-i'.eptiiMi. 'I li" lnllowii.K is the (?".gi?lulu? 11 ?l'ilaii ?a 1 1 ,
b? ti"-1 I ?iraiaii of Ibu ? virain 1. ' -a.
I 11.? ?ul.icrla,? ? ? I 11.re! ?? Hi? Mayura ..Hi e I it? Uti ,,n
lV?.li.'-ad?y utera ag. al ?loo ?? pi?!,?1? ?lien I?? ig?, ? I,
1 Itr.ltg?? a.?a.. !.. reillta.nl, Ul. ibt tub. ?, bera te t
tieacit1 ataaaa,.? pi??.Iel!, I ),a p.,rp ,?. ?? Tit N.? I N iib R ?.at
11, ?In. ti in?, ?li pi? e 1 ' > tmara. ' '? la n? 1.a ti.? ti. -,.'o ia?
?. They ?-.I tbe? ti-'a. ti??t_-?rtl, t'.?.r calrmsii .... I.?r--?p
H.ii ?f the I'rea'deut a. . lAU.ar In? I', ,.| |??l|,l ,-an t in lit,?.
Ihr?e ?birtat ?li lit.- I ll't boat, avkert ?10? geiltl-uisn ? . tl? sp?
nilly ?i?!re??iired I , II.? I ?esldti.l tnd lal'r
4 ' ?a li?? iiiiii?". ?Uli IM M Ima et? Ile aiilit! ita.ra ?dB ?M ?
?Bier Ibeir etiriBini. tod ?ioc?t?l will, ll.e P..a, Ita- t., Um ( ,1. Ils _,
and lit'I II C li l?Vie?e.! aial'iele .- .1? ?le i ti ..y still lal. ti,,
place s.s.?ii-d Uten, .r l .e piioe??.'"!. ps't.ni ?.tb 11,- Pi a I? i' ,?
par! v it DeluiOBi-o'l
I Al lt?t tnWtcnbaia -???per ' - -1 t ? ? 1 ?s Re ?pt",u ( ni- t ?a
st ll.e d.O'.er. tu.l d" eve. aine? vein. I, w.l >.? id li lu.k? Il . occtil "1
tgreeth ? Ita? I' ?a ,??>.? I?. II... p.!ln als, duty of lh? S,,.r,.| K
a?p. i"i. Limain1!.?? !., I?,, ?eily-?? Hit! s' tbe Petad? .tia e.
atea?ply pnavuiaJ lot
6 Tb? I n nu.r 1 .,11 on'e? ? apptmflia'a , 11 le?nn?lr 1! -?ar, ,. <
?et'a ti tbe nine tal tr li 11, beale ti ? p. ?1 apa-, al t??ign?d I ,
- Tl?l.?1i-. < .n.mil'?? .? 1. ?p? i? ? in ??.a- f.r th? Uli-,
isl r>? tod ?v'li ? "in1.1 ?' Mi ll?,iy( .??. M YY. |!
?aa Mi a.n ' a L??i?
I . e M i?e. le.lgti? "ig 1 .- v t . |( "11 lil '.-? ?ii be la. . .
o' prhl ? "A and MM ? Ul? BO? ai.iai i. I I ow. < lia.rn,tai
li! ?ppra.pl iat? 1 B?'t- ?al |?44*t*t| R? ?pli-i ( "Olnat'ie,
?ni ,i,a.i ?Mi ? 1 ?- r ? , fomit A I.?? 1 m i- Bita ?
.??? 11 ie ritih, a pea I- - .. r,a . .????:,.. -1 alii r- I
wini? ami >? .? b . t- 1.
II, "ill all..' I III.!'.''r,, ii,.?,:.
?L-l I .-n *i?T iHiini n
Tbe foilOWiliK gep' . , ? . -, ,1 MBIttM "1
!'.?( ?('lion
li A?' . M ..-. r.yti ? !a?, Bal R M. li ?? - 1
YY iira K- ? ' ne, Bl .Wl V. ? .1 1 '. it ,...,, li,. ,:, : I .. I!
H ti -lal???, J ?! II ?J I ? '.-. , 11 Y , lea
bill. AiiluMii? Scbeil. A. C. I in fltulge?, I h . ' I .t
i .- 1 L Y I .a, YY ,, II. VVebl , John i
YY ? ture aireai.v pqU alie<1 ile pi ocra?
:e, ept. .a 1,: ?
11? ?Bneaaaaery t? agala ai?? a Ml
l!I iY!f |< if UM : ? ;?
. .
' . ! 1 ."? v a? ti.'nl
a: 'in ii
? ? ' ? ? '
1 untie? iii t!>e reveplici ??' ? Lr-n ? 1 |.,.ln T ,..
knir was 1 ?.'I :? ' i-i. Prraid al t ?? I!..'. H
I .r?"let ii' tt.e ? bit' , Mid n ? ? r??.'
A, ii 11. I'e,. -i.| na ..?in,! iii .'Jil I?i. K 1 , ?l.iti'! ititi ??In?
kag li.? ? all Le l??d ?appOMd ti?? lust i il? v?.,1.i,l l.e 1 a? t-.l I 1
Uke |.?rt 11, tbe reeeptiux bat al in
be ?a? iifiipiiiioit (bat tt.e Aciuoiatlou wa? not calle?) i'pnp i?
take ?in ?ilion lu I.? pretuiaea be therif re ia..red that i )?
ai?etia- adjaiuro Tall run hid. after bl initlertual sttemiT lu
indiiie th? Kenl. ninan te a.il.dr?? it ?ad ?.lut Uecsnlaa
WM -nally oarned. and lit.? n.Mi.ng t'.ooi adjnuined.
ordpr m nr-t BrTTT?:KH?Lt'
J'sii'iii iBiBfc? (?Bs.a.L BmbSIIUM ?BBTica. ! sith ,
l-lltll AkBt N". "I HHliili.il
Nsw To?? (Tri Aug J? t??* 1
'?????11 ('?rta? No t -ti *,??.i,g h?.n ai'-.iini.d li ?I ir?
I ". .1 . i . ?? ?ni.? wiT Tis? tb. ( il? f New Y . r? YY .
... . ? . . '??J
li??. IM l'li??? I.f li, li,.,,na' I'. I?.'a . ,. l.?a,?l ti, -If?,ne a
.1 Mtltie ('I) ??.. liaise ? . " I.'.iiol?.. ti a.till. ..1 , J... ?, ? ?
"-.. ?
fire Ihn Pr?t dent I itOilf ,1 ti ,ut,i ?roe, (tal? Willum ted toi?
i , ' ,h??
i | fin I ? ? ' , ....
lui I ? I Weet)
. . a 11 t., I. ??: e ? ' ,
-, u- ? a? n. .... .. i
i i ily ?? ..I ???? ii ?? ? h, a ! i . ' II? ?? ? !
. , .,, ll,? I Hy liai .1 . ,, V,, , , , ,r? , I ? ? ...?.y ,?,i N,vy
??? ? ,. ti ? to? pi ,, llipitl 'I UM l'l,.l,ll.t c1 (Le Dulled
?*'l?lr? to il.ti.? ,1 '? t> 1 Mini al Ila? 'jrr.i -tel j a, . I-,,.
Mt?, t: ,, un, I rn?iiii?it,
S 1 ?SSTh? Pi?V I.lfut (.' and? I * U
ordeii p. aas '<?',! is
llMA|,?.rAbTsfcr Usines IBB ? ?tv or Ni? TIM I
It hi Utan :r ? Au. .i- IBM '
I .?.?,! ? ?'ll?N( )- I ? ? lil
'ulled tlala ? ?. New 11 ti -t ti. ? , 1 . : tue? ii Perta
Hau i., " ii ?' 'i v !,-,'(. i ?. ?
K, it Hain.ten immtdiitely tfter I In til in. of Iht fila! yan I,cn, ) , ti
i imbu? ?bd will be fcl owtd ty tie |ii,r ?f Kui, Lal.iili au
S ,, . .1. i y?: i 1 .0 m.? eii.la Wui to , I ?, , u ii h.twr en ??, li g jr, At I
< , i , k | , ', n . ri, w (If , f!., ? r? ? ' I, ? .?vi ..! |, .(. ,,, ',, . , ?,
?i,tod will ?..,,, I,.. at III < ,1? Ht., m .Niivi.it in I ?I ,,,,,
i,, Man tier |.?p.f*t? le I ? !iu lit..e iii? T,,,., of tba
I no,I State?
I i .ev.rklittfl ?ftrer* ii, |!? , ny .u.d ?,unity ON n v.iiui li
,ie*t ni
'li , ? o u , i ...i I Iii. I'tf ? ii. ni a re. , i ., i it i moi|,.ar
?at? ?di t< -Nat :,.i, a ?in.? Mil?. |< : isa Betel,
Bf tata m 11.vi tie Ota ' Vean-i
| J (J Bambb
lil.I l.x.l :.( Arl .lui Pre?.I ( ?| ( I' ? A Ai.f A Aim
Al DI lil .'.Al kill II l-l OBDt-t
Hati'ilotBTiH? K.rrB RruiassT, N li. P *l Y I
N?w Yo?? Au? M, It?-? '
(?a?? Bal Osi ?op No ] - Tui.n?,,! o, 1'iTi.mn and Hri|?.lr l,i?in
li? He*;,,ne,,I Will palad? ,I, Hil ' t. I lu tin id lal |,|i.l|l?d ,,
i\.i!I.e?il.v Ans J" mit
I he li.,,o,eni ?vol ait. I I !e at ti,r Am,cry I? rall. Mull
.leeka re
R( II ? ? I, I ? nu pani?? at r|,,'? lo? kim
N, u I em un?,cae?! Stall, banal a u I'n.n, t'oip? will rrj < it II
the Adjul?. Ittllbilei-k t. m
Held tnd Htalt (minn,
iitr.li will H|,.i( li. the I ,u.u,n d.i.i II b
tit ,?l? ir, lilli Armory.
!ie|i??mill Llnr ?t I le f< rirtnl te H r ranne-ti . rigli? en Cn?' J ?'
al M ? flock (riefi,ii?,
liri! Veriennl'i Cul will le wutuleil II U ea',., k ? u, ?bill ltd
i, um ?ini.nl? i f c, in j ?n.. ? w.U ?re tint thrir ctdi il,e? rrpert in,ni I
Hvnid. r f Ioki V. Ma?,??, t ? .
ita ii. iBaaaam A?Mia,,i ot -el
HlAMlCAkT??-, I'.TH liKllMiny NO "NY
Nrw ', ata At,| li IN?
(????Bai ?'ko??? N',. H -I it, | ?i.uuni. ?f liivi..?,., ?uJ l'r(,?.le
? lilfl? Ile. It., ann.I ?V'l'i | Bl.,,!,| |? )y ,n,,l,.f,i . ,1 ?rue,? nul
,, rp pal W>lb Wfcl?? ?!?*?? , ,. \\ , ilnrailty /Pt li nut (li pirlkci.'???
ii. Il,r l?,r|t,ei, tf Hi. ) lu ri.y Aniilrw JB-BMB Pieai-eul if the
I n.lr.I fltte?
1 It. im. ut.I I""- will be f'nne.1 in Heeler el ii|!.l r.ai'.u? ?n
) ii nun >i ill'! , hw k ? a,.
, Keilli,en(?I ?tall Wak nu ti lo Hie ?,,,,,?I ?nile Parmi*
Ort .ml .1 '<i ,, u , k . n, Ml i I ? I fienrd SUrl, Pin.I ami Donn
( , rp* Will li |.oil In li.? Altin? A,lu,lent .1 tl.e ?nu ti,, , .., ,| ?,?.??.
Hy niJrt , I ( ,1 I ?oats l.vaoii
Mu ii a ai. O Nul, l.t Li, ,,t ?c1 A, n. r A*\ '-it.
-i.ui..i DMaahrfe M IMBI Tribuna
Wf.'i P8B*fl Tuesday, Aue I*-, HVrfJ.
The roeeptior, of ti o Tri Mdent ?.,11 bl to ,,:! nr ni strut
militari foriuiility willi hit slight tiinatioi ?. 'Iii? nu
11,1 nee Meten "I li'isiiie?? on fi, i;, l'ili her ? hinds ?en*
(bred it B-peeMblt Im Ubi to complot-, to-day tin? ar
riiiigoin? nt? for tlio retention Kvir?thing thal ian be
(lone, however, to ui.iko the ntTair a? ItBpoaiBg ?is poeti-le
will lui .lone, ami it is eipectod Huit the display Will hu
one of the nine! ever attentai nt Wirt l'oint.
(?ii Ihe : rruul nf the I'reeitlciiti.il | art) ?it the whotf a
?tatt of SI gum will Lo lind, ni iiiiiii.Tiinty wrli the
?nuv r?gulation?. An Mfetttl of hoM fe-fejpettd of the
officers ol highiet ruiiVt nt Ita poet will be appolated b*
Gea. Pitcher. Thie eaaort wiO treinta lo Ita wharf, re
i ? ne tii?- Prtetd ni tad i orada? t tia la Up p inda ground
m Iront of tbrt Ac.Kloiny binl.tiui? where Iht cadet? will
t? tiiiuvn np in ' io. Aaeordiaa lo Ita trat n pdttnat
UM I'n ?nhiilt v? I Ik- ??ilit'iil with the li g'n?t li.fnir? ill
el.im!.m!" Bad.r? dumping, ol!i ere ?iel Inopi "ulnlii.g,
drama fe? atiaa tad Iran pi te naadiag.
An ( r,h r ,1, I.aline '.:,<? arrangement! 10 ful! ?ill lu*
ir^..,i. :,, ?n,,:i,,i iiiori.itig hy Gea. Pitcher.
Oil IB 1.
M|.,u lo.|al. li lu the H Y Tribun?
rilli A(,o, To'?ila?. Ang te UM
'I In ? tyr.h "l Iht i'!', "f **? 1 ten.1,er 1? bringing IO our
tit] \'iv liri'e iiwiuliers ,.| ? iok|,"( let?, ttiicve?, ?i'ni lath
I*eii!ry ot .ill irra Ita The Cnniiint'.o ? of arnripi-ineii's ,111
DOBOl '? thal a lorill.il piihlic rio cptioll Will ho glveti to tin?
I'n ?. I' lil .?lui hie I Vii,11.it a! I he (bamber of ('?.lunu-i???.
te the tetaiag if tin* nth.
Hill/..I.AN j_ONl.UK.ST- ki ANON!.' ? III' I I Alt
Canta-i MaaSar, Ang. '.t. MM
'I ho ?'(,llillllltoe oil HaaOBii lui itiitioii? Ill the lav
ing of ti e, m m r ?tone of the Diiig'.i* noititiinenilieye it-, ? v .1
nt fen Ita ?ii ami Matter M Ita Slate ifeal be ?in ?e.?
ken on '.!.'? ??(-i?,ni; .ill! festl el?o received Ihe following
ciicular !tt.u; hut,, va hit li will ko of inleresl
ci?cr bl?
I M ? ... ? ..,1,-rr )r,e. ll.r ?a.1 ,,f lle'll? d I ,.l.-, f lil.a
TO III AUl l.'.l, Kl?a? liol ? e,,!ed Miaul.. tO ? i,i,-l Hill I?, |l
? ollie, bealtli, 1?linn and Mt '?
II ve.,11 III. M .a!rr*. Wara,* ?",1 Rrr.hr.n .1 I Se *rve'*l
I.od.earl ' lo- I ily , f I !:,. tra ?re ,l..lr ..,? 1,1 lakli,| |.rl lu
a I Ol-r r ? ? ret,;-,tuy? ?? Un' .'? 4 ?'tb U?|nf Hej cn. I
.??,,,- f ? 1 a n. .m. nt to tie, ?r> I n -,I t.? 1! ? ni. m.>rv ,ii ., ir
'?ie iii,,.toa,., Malta*. BMafeea i Do ,!?? Put On I
Oiator. fit en.u.'iii,,-* to !?? performed .-, ? -
c1 ,-?,[.!,,,,1. , . I. ve., ,t li,,.)., li ,,. w there
lure, 1 d m ? r Or to pa
hy .aid ludje. U ay. ita MU?
I-.-. , f the ?I, ? ' te e Uli
(Item, ?re lieo'iy till of.rel at d r",ui ? e I '., ,, . ? .1
("?il,r ? .'I, .11 le,,,.., Ma. naW.i.i may , h,K.?r li ,...,.
II ? - , ar ,| ITO f.te r . I-, BJ ??el ?I., I -
? 0.1,1.1 ??? I e U ,r|,| ...?.", ?if -I .
uit.ni Ctaihiiia la, ? ?lui u .. D i*t*\ a I rmv,
It P. II 'laoawsLt 1,1.1,1 I ? ,
? (',.iRii*0 K's |NVK?!KI?TI'?V.
Al,..,;- .4 " * i". -, > aatariaj staislag arisBaibaaii
ooctirred in tbe ferrv I I ?- ii H ?'? .fe.-n If,*
ferry hand? and ? io .. I*, ??'minatre!? n
of the ferry land* named Ne -,r. I ?' ' .? i ita! i
,? ,?.-.,. ?i 1111:1 a ?'.irt.-r of
It ip". lui that t troapt ii m ycitf ern fr .-n Ne-. ', -,
?ttiibg tbeaualvn Da_iati ? ' :.-k? ? . - ? ?- M itreu
: aet'irv?.'' I ? . I t 11111.,. ?le! ' ?(?t g'J.r?
intsrj na earl to Ita Atiento j-, '?,?? T',[i 1 .??
nt.d wenaa tfeati arayfeaaM I - naata Solea (.into)
. ? BeO got mt,?aItotartaan wMfe I ? Itali <'--.?u?
rta Inter r?fi*ed n play, aal : ifttaMoMel In
? ?oatt -' ?: ' ? " I ita two it?, ? n ?? i
_liv'!.ac rtnl .1 ,',', i ? u ra. v togell r -a" ". i-i.'r. ? ? !, i
f.v-? IfeMr aame* '? nattaiI k Karaaafe i ?? ii ii
Iirtl1,'i>?.. 1'J-iU Wai Spult. J,?aU Lletir. ajj Win. lle'ir?
Ma .a . t ' !
Cateen Av?rr i-opinn?,?l ij'iry and eo-nmsirel ia tarn
ligal ..n ii two p ti., al Hie Ivg* bli.. No '. QlrSn ?I
? h'-rr ? ' <r??e uum'ier of p*?.iI? a***uili> 1 lo I . ?'. to t!>? ?vi
,l*n. *
'i ?,e t j losing ii * fu i r?j>?rt i ?fee ttilnn latee
!_*??? -, I' Metteu-a being ?wiri (???Ibud I reeld? I? Un.'.
?on di? ?n 1 ?m ? prtaan nntanfen d??.'?r ??? M Ita
?ii-miu ef tbe Habokra Pani ikta Maralafj i e.it?r?u ita
I'irrv gal-i i." ? miaul?? pall I i m I weat MM ila?. I ?t
the midd!? Mia I ??klug oui ta Ita torry bael m* aMaatiaM
wa? aMraatal by ? m?n m tt.? Mrry boute I m?- ?, I ihmghi.
draak) while lie.klng al aim I ??w the mau Um wi? ki led
w.l'i i maid ita < hnotoataf ?I ferr? le.'it?, ?aiv? ll.e ),? -n.J
?trike al a ana ?iinug dbwb laMtan Itatalsn i'?' aal n
mytle? in a diagonal directe.ti. I in man r>.,? Bp ?,'b hi.
ruoutt felaaUac aadnaatnai ii? room, tal d?o>???e,,i mu
aftn lum re.-.ogni. ?,1 ti.? man u? Ho oi ? I ,?' ha1 the harp.
tarn wen fnr ef the party Ita! feaaaBM ?ng?g I M ?h? ??
lair 1,,| out ?e?-nu kn.le ?util I ?aw I'm .ntl l?it m froiu lim
man that waa ?Irutk (st tLia ?Ug? of Hie pi?? e.liug? In?
eight pnitoner? on.? a n.igio-w?ro !?r night lute the moo
wiinc?' IrtaallSid ?m- if r,,?m -Uekaal Ctanaa *n Itali?a
B* the to.iu that WS? struck on Hie month. I,, ai?,? Idnuliliol
a ?roy brnthi r of Cuiii?? bo ?l?o MoatiSta lafeo
Bo| ?? listing ch??ec) lb? boy lota ?our??)
MiebS'l ''our??) w?! the (i?rson thal had Ilia h?r,. a, ?non ??
the baal IMBI "? I went on lionr 1 saw de.nu?.-! n!?B lil?
baale a fete tfennafc ead nj '?:'' BeBfcalfcaldof ?ni; ??ii
Ino. ni i.,e I r, hi i ni I aakod I lie (?n,, i.iimn ?o M r, ?' Ile 1 alruivr
with itaataara bei?u?i) i tfeeeen ta *?*? ?? mm b ir.iiiioBicd
m?o H ?a ni) ne a. li? w.? ruuniiig ?round lae f??rn V.Uati
trying to ?Irlke the >>oy Cot|??ey , there were bul li r?e pOttan
?ni'.g" 1 m Hi? >?''<" eiolii.iro of llirt boy who ?a* irvine; I"
ettupe, afin Ceanei map lataaaadatrael ntaral tnwi
aihni. l!"i! ni uii al the tay ? Itara wn aa aaaln rta aa ata
pul? of .lilian ? ouranv, etcepl Hint hu tri",I i get ?si?,
?aw liri: MBta a um'ion toward lb? harp a? t' lo nni ti,?
string? o. i i'.pp.vii. i'uiuvti?!?! ?fi*< fetnS?nt-tt?tr)
out ?Oh:"
Wituet? hire t-V n't'nid ? l?rge fei?ket knife ?abi'h B?S
i?,.ni m amaatin ofMuviiaei Caatan ib?harpi?i
Hear) MoHougs!, ?wurn ta?lifi?d I rr??nle in II. iiken ?nd
Bui ,t d'niiiio?non luarfliBiil, W?A ?t III? Hole,k,ni feir? he
I wee? .1 bim! half past I fin n.erning, mr ?Mftnlieje wa? ?t
traolel fe? loud ci?iiver?n(lon in the ftriv bo???. J vu I. ?umg
agalnil Hie ?nie of Hie door; hoard a yeing man with cbeukeo
?birt o? uaiog rer? roui-h Unir-tinge ho went part wa? ?oreti
Ita fi' ry ii i., * aud waa drawing ap ki* tlasves. I , m, o, .h?l
Ibem and told tbem :o keep i|'il ?t I t i-ieel toward ,,ie ferry
whee 1 heard loud ta'liiig ?vctin. looked lu at I ?av. lb-? mau
with (he chocked ?birt (iIf-util??,, I.? wltnae? aa It? L) aud Hie
lei? ' m.? -f .. He? ml. Ill? ,1 li..- room, Mr IL'II and ?bat di?
,? ???'? : ?? ?" ' mt .f in. dieu l.i the 0?g|*"g sud cam? t<? a
?Dati.t ?t lil, ?or d mi? of timm ?a? be *?? uni. I !UPP(?eiI
(r un Heir imaitmn tbat they were trying to laka nul kiiiv?? to
ga li te? lo mik? an .itlaek on I m Italian? I wn? lo hetk fur
? IkiIii -ine.u it Ita ga!" I,o' did nil had one. I topar'ed to tim
fun niK?i,,r.ii,| r,.lnrn*l bick ?linn lt"ll wa, lattlng de
, iti?-? lawn on U.? gronnd Ihink the?n Were iSinc I,?at eani?
ill ooll.aioii lu Ita I.?nu at Iht Inn" 1 look? I ?w?v toward Ita
tarralipj Ihiafe ihM wa? ih? time leeenat wnataefeaSn ta
wai.? t i ? i? ? ?!'i hi? hand* n kia MoBtaak n t gnaael. ?aw
Ita Italias htlefe-M Cnraar, tan gu felt la tea tntlfe la the
i fini ittketiaii BoUata ianaael wir. ita mou iii?! mou
tiiikin. Hie none wl.nn 1 lirai .?a li,?in, IbOBMMItal ? I MM \
unid i then aran a aamtar .,f mbm gomgkt M itafeMry
? iii?,n at that lima nwttaaol.i mu Wm UaarrS-ala,
ud Pnak ttaatai le Ita iBBM lid asl on ttaM esng '?')?
i u
roba Qtrrlen I?? n i r-ani. ii Bataan i" i aa aeaealel
in on doty al Ihe ferry; wa? oa di 'kia -?r_le| I
tatpai i ? ? ana ?ni ri
: . ! til? bel in , ,' 'Ir I
i? larra*) ita a ia u
. . ' - I ??.v. ih* i.?!. , N . ? .
' ? tot <
' ? , ,'..,; i. ?, I ., s*
?' ? ' ... :
? .tai. .ITni I
II it two
orrnir ? . ..,,,. i.:i .... le .-??
1 i .ii trata al I ??'ol Bill i
??i ? ?
U I: J i h.i,?... le.llfled ! ?,,?!? i ?? ? ? ?mina
, nnd a Itata a parn I? red
:. loe ,, i- r i laiai , :? ?
ilk? Lrftef tie an ptnatntl a lanatft Ita will ,,t
Ita ikdoMii thnaafe wkicn apmlat ifesal s knllbll ni
m waijtrotrB-lBt ?. ipeaiag?beabdata M ??
was looud BBll ??ih blood: ? o? tuteitinei ?,r. feral
wo'i'.d?! la literal placas and in MM p'lc* the 'nt.atin??
were ?imrai out in two. lue kmle did o ?I penetral? It Ih?
haah of ita aheaana thront m the g*rmen?t aamapaatad
wit!, a wound lu ihe abdomen, the aluoanl. did not arnel ?f
liquor in Ih? le??t. nhe knife l?ken from ? onr?en w?. ihown
to witfe?. , he w.? pn?iti,e it wa? not the ktiif? ui.d, being
japged and ralher blun! thiik. l!ie cn' wa? mt,'e artife a
doiitl? edged knif?, ?3? iib wa? cai.tei! from .B'etbal he'imrr
bagl |rf?!nr*>! from Ita wnnnd
ir-lllnai ( e s MB Of DU Mil ? i! .i: ?
1 ??ni l.ii halag ewen BMtiB? I m? M S?
.1^ Ntl ir* au ? t, ..ii il ? !,? i o luv m ?lo> ii
fttart M?.ll?rd. 1 wv? ?rr?ltd ?mo?? elb-r? ft ? m<irnliig.
ti, re ti ?.? ? n a , m ,. tray i ompnnv. Bel .IB| lb? two
I- I, II ? ? . ire CI -i?'' ?Iii'
' ? ' ? , ' I? i
1 ni ? !" ' '
, a ' . . ' ' !
???''.-?? i ' '? ? bj :..!'?? ' 'a '
' te Ita . -, ,e; du ???eil WBakeii
ttoi te lb? barnet kin TW. Unurtty, aud sak? ?i L ni 1? i I..Y ii
Di.? ?< ii.e p? i.'.ii-aai. nn hrked that it wn? atruinst lb? Torr.
te play iiihtii . ti? < ? ???ail ?sid if Lu did hut li?? i> ti.ue lie wi.'.ul
?rv ming ?tilt mibarpi thai bal ? f? ~ andi aud
i.ecvaM-il ?trunk the Larp:?t nu tb? lip ami cot him. at tt.nt
liu.c tbe vcntice?! et tb? I? i i lijirt hml I trnon. ir. lu? hand?;
In kal ??MM 1 - W't!, M: Bell Lui' ?'ii 'b' dfeCMM
?Ml 'it? Ile ferr? yard ?mr pitrtv ...i Mfrl iMl mil ?
r, ?,.-I a.fi.T t?i ? ?i beard (rrosph A, ?i ii ran ant ebenwt
Mw deceased ml ina n< i ? mm ?it -arrlam i ten ?ame
i i. Ink ".!.?? b.r|i?t he left lulu in char?-? ?if ?o-?
prrscii ..ml 1 ?rut witb turn tbmngb tbe raid
and on the li? at ta ite ,f Hier? wu ont
li .uri . f OB ? I 1 ' i . al U.e til o t| ? ti, i atol ?as ?!? ..i k it"
< ?..-ni a i tiltil ?unie worn binns al Mu. .licensed l.a?i ?oin??
thing ia . is bond nu ! rapjed it un the bark uf ? I ? ni ti II? II
mi.i! ?J? ? ? .?seil 1.? U. ?paMUd te I? intuiuat.il ti?' two ltn
Iii.? ? ihoieoB tilt esr? from Ni-taik. 1 ?ni my IrtMle ?Ml
M E???lb ti. a i<ilii(!iha( ntni J ?oin i rt i.f tbe liase bali ?ililli,
eneenpasyto au in.nfeur company the linltoM new tai
a', tr.u cui.i'erl anti played lier? wo left .Newark ..i. tbe '.'
in lui k ti'iii ?? rea,a,ml te I At ??at? dunn,' ul! ti e row
wt-en th? ?. utile too? | lace. Heit wa? abeM II fntdle?at|
dal no1 ???? tny vacii|..u? uaeil, ii" in' (buk Michael Cooney
?.in. I ii? ? ? ?Bia! ?i ?,,1 ti? ?maller out- .Ioho had the I mum
and tried t<> is?, ii, bat I ti... k iltn taken ir? m 11? hatid;
Eat'ie was a i.'1'i'd iii.lt in the IMBI there wal no clinch t.e
t-vrrn th.in. th? I arpiit tin! ri t go nut of If.? ronm from the
t :.. ?t t':? ?. Ila u itil ?e Te arti the proans of ?|tcea??-.| at
tb!? time the buy wa.? not in the rouni : 1 went ?atti tbe u?nt r
?ixl foiml hu_ tin tl.n te? et tb? lout, an?! we took tim uti':
Mr. lualI charge?! tbe bni|iat with L.iung ? mi..l if.?,i tbe
Win. r-prstt hemp ?worn, testified I reside at No. 1.9
I'nuc? it , V. Y .-n il au, ? tailor; waa with Mr li in?.mt ami
athen Ml to Newark l??t iniibt, wa* io the ferrybun?? at tlie
ti _?? ttii? dlflicoltj ?iccurred; I and my friend? were on tb?
?until .ule of ll.e ferry l,tiii?e, and the burp pliyer wa? on Ibt
north ?ide, Itie dticiisi?! und |i?-ll rame iii and or?ttr?d the
lisian? lu | Ivy uni ll.ey ;ifi??,l. ?lece.iae.l wei.t m B
wuere iley ncrr hu I w.ts a.iinf: to pul In? luind on tbe barp;
the Itali in pillie?! |M harp b?< k ti? eOMOd ?tleiui'!ea| l?i Cat. I
hold of it ??'hin, und me l.nrp player ?hoted bin on tin
? boulder? With L- I -i la.uni? ubii,' tbi? WM iinltip OB the
. al It ali-vn citi.r up with r. Ie?mn ami wn? iroiinr to l.i!
tleceastd ; deceust'l ttrn ?trink at lb? h?l~p Bla_*>l. BBhial
Cluney ?nil he fell, when i,e Ml up and put Ins baud M I li
? nie peeked ?i.?l than ptilinl hi? lifind np and ?trunk ?lire? Hy
out toward ?I? ? ?a??"! ia the ?toinnc'i as ?ouii si deceased wn?
Itriick be put bi? hand on h1? stomach and walk?.! out of ibu
room, hi? friend, Ml II-1, mel inn <>n eke ontsal". ImmmI
Mid ' Ob, ' three ?un?? unil ilnni | 1 ia;,, |i pg am? It II
ti cn Iriitl bim down on th? flaggi',,.' 1 w.,- righi "PI "?it" to
Ihm when the blow wa??tim k, ni.,I r..?v the I i"ii?u. di..nu tit
Un.'?luarrel ??? bet-oen four ol then, Mr II,: ?1? cctri'il and
the two Italian?, my patty di?! not attempt to avon! ?n arrest,
C')iir??iv road? tb? bio? at deceased with hu ri/ht hand, de
? ?used ?oiimiiince?) a'.aggertug when he got to the ?loor? when
('uiiisi-y nul alp, nfl'r ?!i< en??-?l B'r ink at .'.ntl bl? face w.is
bleeding, neter ??w (' ur?ey ).i i, re that eteianc after fa i. -
?ey itruuk the blow he billowed ?nil wa.ktxl ?lowly behind the
?li'cesseii, he made no a*tetnpt to runaway, ?Iver (?iursey
madethsthn i for it ord le drew back Li? band again to tbe
?anio pocket.
A', lina ttag? of Iki? pr-ocaeding? tbe Jurj took a re? cm until
8 p. m.
??vehimj h fumo v.
Michael Ciishii.k'i being ?worn, testified I rciide st No.
li?) tireen? st. New York. lam a printer, was al tim f-rrv
a1nj.it J "Ot-to analnti wu? with die party of ?ii; we went
to Newark for ti.? parpni of idling ?mr iniuairel ibow for Ibu
hi ucflt "f tia? Atltnlii Ban li .11 Club, Jr., our pnrlj tional?t?-.l
uf Kr.ins DnaoMa ChrBaahn CUm ETb, Spratt, John
Clover, ml Wa landan ?le hnlCnmy, h?rpi?t, ead John
?'..ursi.y. >i.,ln.i.-t, . ?iinu ?lau I. ni the ?inn?! trill" bat wir?, an'
of ? ur party ?It? r tv? lett th?) hall: our pelt* a it law? ?in tin!
?milt, side ..f tbe ferr? buna? anil tbe ttvii I l.llrtl.s ?at il"'a ii ..li
Die iiurUi sa.le. Han BSN two or three other persan? in the
ft rrj lu.i.*.', ..I!, r ?Ullin, thero about 1.', minute?. Dell and de
.east.?! cam.) ia und naked tbe Italian? to piny some music fir
them: Hie- refua? .1 tu play, ?loceiis. ii a ent np lo tbe barpist.
and Bil pulled lum li.ck, I ?nw no Mows air Mt I ?ft? lyn Ig
down, .and hM?g ?Ty drowsy did not take imtice of what wa?
going uti until I beard the rush nut ?lotira, aid Went .,u:
?ni MB de,",-"ii Iiiiii; M tin? gnnsd| I went on! and tri"!
te find ? MyBalMi .Dal in t In! ?na an! nhn leane bael
i i? ames thal bj fri.-r.i? ?al ban ameted, and I -?enta..ii
gate in- i'l( up ?i.luiitarily . I uolonK to a To?petaara Society .
im r ?.tv? ni.) nfth? teil of the party under the li.tljoucc of
.lol n Cleaver .mri?; sworn, testified ?I reside :tt N'>. 17!
\l,r,,.ter ?I . N Y.aod work for -Baa K- BejrdL Nu. B14 I'-url
M, N Y . was ?.u: t.. Nu? ml laat lu-hl ?ith thi? party of
Ttitintr men, after ?rriiinK .it the ferry-house in llnteiken. I
???'I', lal Sla np i.|-| B I"'! l?l| ?ben I Wuk? Up th" tWII I tilllall?
?ran Billilli; <M peat? ...?? der i??"l ?a? a_?-g ?nie. ami asked
Michael CaaiMi t? p??r a tuna- nUet he refuse I; laetMSl
t..al I..I I "f Em I, r[a IBI lb? barpist piislioil tiiioi nuil, .!..
i r inn! hit iii I ninl uni knnated Inn ilma, i, hen be gul
lip be hml I.I? hand o?cr bl? ui"alh, ti.? Vl.-lllllst cuiiu- up with
a Iiiisiiii u hen .le? "niod ran riler mid tonk ii away 1mm him.
Jlell. tbe dB ?'?te?..! ?rial Mu hi? I I i''n?ey tl.e'i get togv-tlit-r und
were lilttll.g U?t theil as? I.sie,| |e,?ve the r?K)IU ?ith hil
bandi on his howei?, and _??"r?l bun holler otil; w? all weat i
out, sod 1 aaw I! II I >jlng de-en?<d down; our party ?At ?IUl {
ai.d .lal nt ia! ?if'I- in any vt.tj , did Dot know de
w.a?! bardell ? Itae be Mik ia r?,-n, ti." ino Italiana
Mr BaB and th?deeeaeed wen iv uni. |? r?,, ? i ?a?- n
I , ? I I?!' ? InnaetiM I never saw Hie It alton before last
' . ? ) s k I'aiaaiiit lured Ihein f..r Hill even:nr.
' , - a or n. test.fled th?t he re?l,le?| nt
;, i ,:;., kM at, B I ?nd land? bur hr li? ftlnr
; la ". i -, . .?ar .la ?? is.'.l at?V,- Un?
it ?nan barp plairr. ?iiiJ, ?iw bun eui II ruiig'.i tie haip ian. r
?uti a knife li,?! ?aw li e Ita,.?. Y? ii tia? k I'.ui.et. ?luke
d ?,'"?aetl in iii? region of ti.? ?tiauvh. dtx eased the:, ?'n'
. ' t. sa I ? .-en! all. r he h" trd bin gtoBnit.^. the ?mailett
it .linn ?a? i. ?r ilie ..ii.ei ? - it .;.. ? i?. .1
BfiEtoB Bottry Saat?, a ????? beato alaT_>r. wto wa? with
lb? tinnielrel?. ?a? pit "3 the ?lind bul iiolbiug n?w wa?
eli. ned fr?e?i lum
M u li,',I, baMS ?wini t.?iili?i| I at? h? i? in ?mploT of (he
I .try (',.ti,;,ti.? ? i- witti des-.-ase?) alsni! I n iT.n-k Ita? I
lb.?*. I? ? ?? g, '?* ?klh me lo I ?tin l(r int-b la tbe morning M
tl.a'f.trt ?.T N???'.. W?W??I in the lIotHiken hi.UM lUnl
. "i.i airgfing i-i UM f?rrj h??uae
a-.?I .I- ? . . i ? went
?;.'t"t!. IliliUl ? fa tri booie ti .1 a??.?d ii.em to p'.et a
? . e I. r i . . - i,c.I told li.-'iii le !
? ! ? ? ' : -..-?! iri-.i i., ga b.T :
"a .?I ! :in ia i? . de,'??.?T ?
a a a ? a I ' ? gg f??
na Ihr I tot i ?ml uirl?d with bun m gut it
?wir 1 ?nncj lo ga. t.i ??, m : ii !i?n Mlch?el bit tu?
? tr,1 .ha?.ka ma-d'iwn ntl my knee?. I
roi -ii' a.-.J '.u ? ?. ?> ia? ?? with ay opMhaad
Baal iw?j !? ? ??pi we m J ??
?. ?tT ?ft*r Ih? Itttle (?How
???lu. I?.!!) I ' ami I t) IB bar"??, wheo itec??-" I M n
of'he lilt?? .?..? a-nl k i?k?'! t e l.ir.- .ne HW? M I'e
!!.. Ugb li" IM np an I ???:;"??! IW? atept ii! .-ad tint ?f i:k
deeeMed to Ita aid' .)'..??? 1 ?ent ..at bl? t.siul on hil atom
?cb. ?t?|jger< a ; an . s[ro?ni?( I ! x1 hold o' b.? arji aud iii
bim down
T he cTialena-e waa MBttadtd ?1 wenty BlMttM past II lill
ajlbl ?bealhe ju'y bpuglit i a ?erdict ana ail ih? blip.?I
Mu .??. t ima >r
i uuoer Ay-rv hold al? lie othtr pirtiM that lui b?M nr
rc?ie I a* w tn?a'i?a _
lilli Bl*?..
BDI!*' "
Hu? iL'ht Iii? ... ?! ?..ila? t i!Utl ni l.y tilt" ujitonu
i ?ugb?. nod batt pirti?? ? . H-aie'ii 1 lo bnoging Ibeir ptineipala
I >?{.?lh?tr jemtotiaj a.ormug abolit '? u clock in lb? viounty of
?I ?ma? la. I...n ; lalaa 1 Aa ua'ial MB ' 'ii" wa? la?' in gelling
?'?el 1 ttuii?; in -??Irin??? .lim?. Ki l"( ? B4 appa). :? t'-'l li'f.r.-e.
lim ' .. Lai i. l'a ?ure f.>r Kelli ?a I I'nti ick Killi I'uipir? foi
M.iAalifle Al mue and a a?HW time wa? .*!?)'!. Kelly
?ml M. Aul.l!" ?.lra-U'ed Li Hie milli! ?if lb? ?mg (Usttilliii
?itii ilu-ir .". nnals (?wn Q??Bh?af and William llavre
all.'lui,in- I?. MnAiil fl?. an! Uiii-s I yuin and Mutkr I lilburn
lis.kin.; .al I .i K ?! t A'.'-, that og hu. I? tim ?eooti.I? f.-ll
tin? k I? u_?ti oana? ami in? ?aaastiata pi*ii?d tfeenaelvn ka
pair illa'a- ?tlllnil?. 'nTi| ? i? -lag ?bonito se? which Mall
linvaa Ha? I,.alii b?nir uf InWiBg I'm first I.I-huI 1->r
lim lir.t Hu.-" ranina' , ii I -.? na ? .1 M tho ?g1 M.iAullS" la aal It all
i'? mawaj i.ui m Ike kagi??ia? ?I iMbnrll Ibtnga bagaa
l.i Bet i li i ever?" firK'I'i ?Mil? I i"i i!'"?' ,1"leriiiin*ti.iu.
?triklng Li? ?.Irorst-)- leinlilu b, ni? .tlmiit Hu? li ?' ii' Iii' I
Ituibeavl -iiinpl" ?li? cbiiing bl? tight ?f? I .'.'in lins milli
(be Md ??1 Du? light :' wa? mi? ol lim nun' .iisHd?ling ?igli?
tarrMEM?mtatEMatand tfbnlb?flgbtnn iwbm
?oiiW batakuown th? in. n K.?ll? ? kft ?9?jm.bmti ? |uu
anisbiaii l,.?it.h' ,'bm??l tif'ji. w th a gath .ni .tai lil Inn
?binti bliN.'l flowed fi.t.'lv Ilia no??? ?ia lour tim??
..? natural ?fe ?ni In? uio'iili ami lip? we.n rut aa.t
bat le rn.1 l.i a pill? A? fur MaAutifT? it would 1m instit?? Li
?Hemp! a losoripllJit Itolh hu eves we-e t-bned and lill ii li
posrsiins w?? ? ?real deal ?nr.? th-ao that B* K.-l-y'i. At
tb?.a.l ??be Hi round i.di?put? ar..?a between ??.'.?gb?
gail and I'H.ot I ?>? .?'.?? ??emiug tu Im ,'jtt t'm IBnln ?ra??
tbe Iti-1?i I., l. ii? .1 .'e'"' ; (hit M".Y"!iif.i wm un! f.ghliu '
op t? Ih? rule of ?he I' It Iiaogluttfiin rualied ?at Kl'ijit in.l
dnall lum a powecf.il blow nu tin" la" ?I willoh ?liri:. ii
boro? (?fogboasn ? psrt, jumiwi! u|??n Klli.il. and a ganerst
Dahl WM In prospect but ?a? laallj i lellivl.
Vach of lb? prin...|i.ils in Ibis ?lifbl is *li??'it fite ie.?t n?M
or ettbt iBi-ln?? in h.ubi. un.l wnlgbl In'twunn I ) ?ml Ipi
rniiid? Kutti wera tim.i in Ireland McAulilTa t? a b?t?b?l
/ iraile, wini" K ?IIt ? '" oiipnli.iii ti that of ? t?rs,?i moldar
A)tl."4T UK ??UK dp THP rilli IK?.
I be s|Hiitiiut fiaiernity ol' Hut ?Walli Vi'. ?? l.ven uri'h 'i
ctletl in ?ntlnipatnin a?f <t nrii"i rtttht wb: i. * i? aaUMBM I ' ?
lake pla...? I.elw.?eti two ti III'' lirna.-i. initlis?! Kelli And
k1.: Au, it? lb" I?.Ile ?ia I" hat? MM fulfill two weeks
??.i ?i lb? i luis'a'i efjpoette Fenhan Mt lb?Tain*
?ei'a.n.l Pm .n't l'ollca" Bill i'if'ir.i..| ? ' : .' i
?i"|i ? . -a ? .pirt by ?irnslaiu t.?.?.' m SB ?ml Bil the Hi. ?
nu iln-i. im??! ?t Y'onker? It ?ii ?i;ta..-.|iient:j BBM
I lint 'lu- uilurestlBg 'til.rl.lliini-.it wial 1 ln?a' pi*, e y.iateriltT
| . , mat bar t .m laing lal'inT la:? plan ?1?0 :--i.l:"!
de ...?n al '.'? i ? ' ? Tri ".?iii It? ? ??lit nu I iHMBceri
i g ant IflKptUriak i'! Hi" lu.tl'i a.' ? . M nidal
infill an -' I I T a*n?r '.iiiiea ?-aiit1: nil I in.'?
Ksaltlll, ?. I It bain 1 li, i na it t? din
lltnn-ats. f-n , uf YYhiteb.iil ?[.. ?ni s lajn-am lhal
Iii"? Wert ni la Ibt |in.|?"??d|e'!. .ni' ter c.t.'l tile
btuodrprll I' ! i ?"?rebi'V lie eo??'h. Ill?" .ittn-er? f"iil)il
? ,.? ?ml i <>?!,;?' Iniinai r
? ipi Tharne i.f tb. ka, .. ti, I'- ?
, - I I ' : ?
I..: B?| na a: .| IS. i IB A?iotn.
, ,, |l I:.:- IB a'l-i'.a am thal III?? Wer? nu llieu
i ? , ' non were fooBd
, .- | iii a." I IO foi i ; a -
Y || ,' ghi i'' I ?' I "'"r. tt'-f- ?I ?
.- I... I . . .:.?1 tie
peace I I, t It .ins ? ?
1 . ? ' . a
Ba w11
BpOB khl ? ? IhtoWM toa
'I kBBBT I.Y'i i. ??? IBB -i muir- Vi..in I
\ u .?i m. . ib anata i?m m i m it i ??? Dina ? "rp? ?r
? ne lil. th .la mid BEI ItgEBtMa K 0 S N Y.
mai eat halsigtar* a ila is-atnbm ?f ibt II Rael
uieiil, ii i.mla-r ti? i-i'iun.aiid of CtM Hurt heit o?un
pan H.? ?li'ite name.I orgaiiiiatlon Yesierilsy mor al Hat
at I ... io. k iii?, burned lins li. lloBilsl . the tight realiu.-'.ii
l!r"?d??T. and mirohi-'l i" ll.e Part where on arrino.*, a a?
lui. waa ?re,! in honor o! Mavin Ii ntl ina ii. 1 h?T lh?n pnatadt .1
le Linn Park, turner nf (?ne hu-idrei! una tentb ?I I i
T'.ir'bth sie i m i.-miag al tbe I'srk lb? Uig-t-l pr?. nee
riiiiimeii? e.l. -J'tiei? ?are ton .* flflfen DI twenty , rl ?a
? .! ? , tbe ral M et wl ?L ?Um ? in! ? t- i"
i. ,....,. i . l.y tbi n la tarni I I IB
?,i?.i ?-.n?!? BBaaati iiiiini'" ia ry?M?n?n ona ?p
. a I .....l,? 'llji ... e _ . ?
I?.,.-. Ball.
P1BLB1 ?? ?1MB IBI BBBBB?l H?-- fBB AT tupir
./','(.*( ?'.MIK.
UM el tim Basel diHplaj/H of fieithcK witiiensed at, n
ai. ton this leeson wa? Ihn ?bown by ih? Kiorlnor and Eu?
reka club? al Ntwurk yeeteriUiy, in thrir lind match tog. tfetl
Jietpile the Bltnatteaa M the Athletn* ^arn? at Irvington
the ?ami itft?rii'Jon a nuinerou? and very reepeetable ?seen
binge wen eolleated on tbe Eureka groom!?, u isrger delega
lion of the f?.r ?ei bring pri sen tonn there val on M
i .?, -oBgfe ? der i,i? vhlmg throng ??out. The Karrku? bad out
Beatty Ita? me nine with which they defeated the Alla life *
io badly a 1 wero io esct-llent trim for piny ond confident of
lueos? ihe Kice ?iori hld sn excellent team on ist,?,
though tb ?r piliber, II-liaenl war sbeent. brit jonng Cnui
H-nt leek ha) .-not aid meit ably filled tbe position, his
l ?, tingha: p ? loa-liebt from I.i-t to ...it.
Ita garoo . ptata * "? ly for n tien a ali M teak i arto ?cor
ing three rur,?, Hic m oii'ti innings doting tor a bunk score
eafeathefeUa Io the thud n.niig the P.uriku toot the Mad,
but the lovtfe Inning ?a? the ElM Isior? it tbo van bv a icoro
of 7 to 6, ami af?crwi.rd the Uro?,ki?; n men gradually iiioroaiied
thtil vantage ground until tbeir icore itood ?4 to IV t?ete
bring tin ti) ure? ?t tbe close of the ninh tuning.
TV i Safe] i-f oitlstttiiidei was trulv b?-atitifiil, nearly every pu?
ni in, being admirably played, tbe ?upeuor balling of ti, e Stott,
?iiirn heiug the main c?uie of their ?iiueess. No les? than *.?
iplendid Hy nt,!,,.? ?ere made lu the game tbo Kure, i? taking
17 in hundi?me ?tjle, anil the accuracy of the pitching and
exceller??*, of the c-vtihing is ?bown by the ?core oi passed ball*
?lhere being b . bree in tbo whole game. In butting, ?omc
ill.'Udid hit* we'i ti'Ade, Leggett taking tbe le?d on the one
? ideundllrer.tr .nntheolher Hut tne full ?core below give?
full particulari. 1'be game waa played tbroughont io the |
nioet friendly ipirtt abo gentlemanly liyle, the contest being
? !?? y for the plea* or? ofthe contest and tbe honor of winning
the trophy, tuore being so peennisry incentive? in tbt way of
henty wiger* tot thousand? of dollars, a? msrk the matches
for Ibu champ?? uhip. Mr. I)?k*n creditably ?in J very ?ati?
f?i torily fiiiriiie-I the dull"? of I'm pre, and tbo uornpliment
paid the Kit eton re by the Kure It.? in ?electing Mr. Daken it
?ctnowledged in the appunded card from Mr. Leggett, which
1? ?? foli<ms.
Jo the FdiUr .; The.S. Y. Tr,bu?e
Sie Ttiruuil, i'.e meit! in ?f your column i f Kield Sport* ti e Ka
r?!?njr Club deo", to rrt.irn Ihetr nnceie lhaal* lo ti,* -eiitlrnirn ,if
Ih? Santa ( lui. ? their .marl. , i. i? eptt, n. and to u;r"i to IB?m
ti e r h.fh iiiprec.it on of th? conip'lriient paid them by 'he K.ureka
( I iii in .eleclli | " ' I nitil re un ihe ua-?uion Iron, liMinahdor I lu li
Tr.atia* n k8*** SI iixatint t "ti' at on tbe retain fin e, I beg lo
aunaerlbe inyirlf ;.i ir?, vary r.?r? Ifully,
lo?-p?i |!. LstMSTr, Captain ofthe Ki riler N.ee.
.Ve?- Yoik, Au,. M II?.
The follow i ia- 1* ne full ?core ofthe match nfyeiterday:
BBSM-HM o. Ii I I RIK?. o. K
Barna, a.?i 4 o.borne. o. .4 j
Uanly .'Jd b.ii J I Murrough?. ?. ?. J ii
Clyne, c. f..*? J i Collin?, r. f .I 2
Legged, i. ?. .1 o Little?ood. c. f.3
Wltafen, r.t.4 I ! ? reutnull, 3d b.1
Wlitllug. 1st b.3 3 * itoute, p.4 0
K.t'.endotf, I. f... . 3 0 | Terrill. L f.I 0
Mill?, 1st b. .? 1
lord. Mb.* -
Total._H M
('uinming?, p.3 1
Milohill, 3.1 b 3 3
Toted .'.?7 J4
l?t. <l M, 4th. nth. rith. 7tb. Hil. ?tb. Total.
Kioeliior J 0 1 4 I I 4 5 I...JM
Banka.3 o -* i i i I o i M
Banal Itali??Chorno 1. Norton Z Home Kuns-Iircnt
BaB % trott I. laageM S healy i. struck Oat? (?umn-ingt
I, Hy Cafetan M ida Terrill ?. (??borne J, Kord 'J, Kartoute
J, H'irroiigh? 'J. -ti?? 1. Bret mall l, Cullin? I. Litth-woed I ;
total. 17. Catches lflsa-ed?Cirne I. Not lou 1 Kleteher J,
JTlnnly I. Whiting ., total, 11 1'it Out on Bant? Kxeelsiur
u lime?. Sanaa II tiuie?. I'utOit on fetal Halls ?KiceLior 7
ti nea Kuteka e tim? _. Tun? of li ?nu??'J hour?, t'tiirire?
Sir Dataaef the BMettan Club. Scoron-a-essr- Dntaa
ted ii",.., u.
The aast anlth tta B-tr*Wt ?play willie* with the Stan?
on September ., on tbo ?'apitoli grounds.
On Friday, ?iagaM Bl, n fasfesof beet ball who
rdnvc1 botw?en the Independent Hiutn Hall ?'lui) of Mott
Bam and 'he Nonpareil of Harlem, ?it Mount Morri?-?.|n?re.
with the fo,I .wing re.aii t lat-paaaint, i.'. Nonpareil, 13.
I'mpire, Inn PiTyow if tim linena Ila?? Hill ?lub.
Tit?) return ui.iteli bstSTSSa these c1ii!h, winch took
place at Irvington yeitcrdav, ?ttrsrted a largo gathering of
nnfeMera, and proved to no a morn lnterciting game than the
first ro?teh w??. the Irvington s, thonirh dcfeited. keeping
their opnonenl? ?core down to respeetrililo liguroi
IbVlsorOM. O R ATlll.lln O It
Dailey o. f. 9 I K.cinf. 1,1er, r. f. S
Welter?, p ... ? '.' MeHriile, p..', 1
?f. CeaakoB r. f 4 i Saoafe. Si fe.i :i
g vo-i'j. vd h ... .? I W Lens, at. 1 I
Crawford, a I......... 1 1 Hayhurst, o. f . .1 1
H. Campbell, lit I? I 1 liockotv. e . 1 :i
leonard. Jd b.. . .? *.'Csiktll. I. f. 4
H okley, o...... i n fitlot, lit b.3 'J
Le?is. Lf .I 0 Dike, 3d b.4 1
Tola!. 'J7 11 Totsl. 1*1 1*
la?. ?.'(!. 3.1. 4lh. Mb. Clb. 71b. 8*h. Ptk. To'.1.
Irvington J I ?? ?? '.' I I I i - II
Athletic .1 1 I 3 I I I 0 I ? II
i i latekn Alfelttle, 11 Irriagti
Oat ou foul-? Irvington, i i time? At! I -tie. li finei.
linn ran Wait. r?. i. [toeknr.2.
i in- in - Mr. M'l'nliid of loo Newark Clab
.*-, ,,'-r. - ?jle.sr?. BaMM ?n,l Sterli?g.
1 iron of gan, I 1 re mar? ?ntl ?1 nnnule?.
M ITC A!. ?I OS S?'?-YORK VS. 1 NluNS ti) TR('Y ASS
LlN'sl ?'lill' R?'.
?aaaferJ Maya! h n, ih? N. Y IMbaaa
TaST, Tues.: tv Aug. .-. .
'I he ii,-,?, luill Batch betweea ttnj Mutual-, "i New
Vork and tin? I'niotn of '',? city ?rsl Lauimgbiitgh wai
nlsjed hore lu-dav andres II,*.! ?a a lignai victory for the
t'ni'ini. Ita t?'.,r? ?too?! M to 1?.
t'pwan! . f i DOO iierton? wer? ?pectato-i of th? game w!r., !i
w?t itrotitrly contested throughout. Tfea Mutua,? ?r? being
enterten,ni with ? -uy-er ?ml lia,, t!n? ?vinup.
ti TV WE ?WS.
?-TALK'.**(. al PS VS ?,J(. | ? : I. D? nr.e?lr, ( I Ni III
Bayard it, and Marl.?. R if y, M Be, ?? : ??xter ?I , BBanean
on Monday n-gbt. u .. ?> "melt wn UtObJbttt
iu Ma left i lieei, rtt? id. I v.- ? mt],
a-reited Il.ley, ?n.i .'..?,.. Da [lug I. Vi hi? |.| tr.aj.
Henry ?kelly, of J*.'? M l'eau?:, ?od Wai. Mi.Hy ??a
quarrelled, and the former was Mabferd in the thigh. *-??trrg
wasirrteted ?rd JlsVc n.iwlm-r I. lil bin. for truL
A Dlsno.NEST n?.-K.,Tic?Ann Ilurl?*,-. rin, toftk
ai a cbambermael., No lee Ii'.eeoker ?t , wsi arr*?l?-?j yeela.-.
i! .v ,,i a (barge ?f I mug ttolen Si-J, w.rth of. waar mi ar?
ran 1, trnrn Daba ? Cl ian and ?.then, who beiTtted ia H *
I? ii.? Th? Bl . .?? . ?, knowledge?! ber gui'L and m*?vt of |!,M
Holen property Kal reeottred. Junie? DoBlmg f i ? ia itttg
Ali.'? r t;;..i is iii'.'.It of ball. ?
| ?nn, a. renier.-. )
I'irry Iiavi.sN I'a:m Killeb,
Aa in interna: o . 'v ?... no e*titl. Ia '1**1 etClil.SlMs.? CVl_?,
pltint.Dy.nep.it Hv.enirr?. Atihin? tnl llnfunitliam Hwai, ir? ,.
? ne oiglit. hy likur .' internally tod balle , with ii ?etty Ii |. u,,.
beat Liniment iii Aineiir?. it* ininti ,? ile nilgie wtuu . n?r?l.W
1|) ned lo Had .*?, re?, ti ,ru. Seti..? ant .Spite.? Kin I?, _ ,, I'rael
acne nid Tootntt lie jea't tit te try ii laikett, li lit I'm hu'?* J
To F-sim ?l-Hit"*rfit raai asassi with ii.? tnt
('miamiI. Karn i?r? ' I vernis and Linen? ?t Importara' p?tete.
I.V.. U.LBAVt? Na i.rtS 'roedwty, below Kumba.
MosQciTo N_ts?fl mid it-iwrml.?Fine Chu. p.?.?*
?ti, net aturhed f,r B.'. I K. Walba viv.
No. ?SSS Il.-o.dwsy, baiew ItnrU ad
Hractif? l La? b (urta in? trom 8witrc*r.?o?l, jnaB
received per MHBi?r Inga, fur Bl an,! up waird.
I )' Wa_bavs-, No. Caai biotdway, below t, ?rit M
.SPECIAL VOTICB. ? ?OLDSilllll'?? ?OOKKKVPl.ll?,
l'f ?aa.sauir te. So. 'Vi Brotdwiy. Ail who ?r.|?r Her a? rae?
prior lo r-'epretuher 3 wli) aecuie their ie.tr.ctlo? fail ile Sall M Or
half price? of the Summer term. A rar? opprrtuaHy.
Tup. Rirolar Alarm Telegraph protects ?nriti?
h!y ?ad without dtmiae ruh window ml AMB ft etna?? toil
)'.. >OUtU. .Ne. VA titi adivty.
Count I'.i.niark. Arch?! viv* AHicrt, Queen lamina,
Juiaeph Sturge. Horne I'e-net, K. N ?li.horn, Cyrui W Pled.?
Oroup of Native A*llotn?, wit l s'ii i ? M .\..H.r?po,c.y. Phy.iolegy'
Ptychelogy, Pne'imitology tod PI : -i I .n.ony, ' (Jut. k Mrd.rlaea,'
K?||ing tnd Floisin?, for?i_n Am. i ,., i , le|4 No. l'saasoi'-ox ai.
lorriSAL A rieh a ?mb.r. 20 ??ul?, or B2 ? Tetr. Ko?um? A
Waua So. I?9 Iireadway, M. Y.
Produce aaS Other .Tiara?!?.
Aug. '.-?.-Flonr ?jillet; No. I Spring ???10 M| Extra ?Hale,
I'J 75r7.#|r-i Mi Weatern 8prmg. la JO a |I0 75; White Wheat.
Doubl" K. tra Weitern. k13 3?B|I4 Vin.-at ?jt-iet and nom?
inal Corn?talet I),ODD bnsh., at Wa tor Tnlido. O?. toa Bo.
1, rioting with ??le? in the afternoon of 3*?,000 baab Ko. 1
llllBlMaal UTIti. and 7,si? bush. Whlto Toledo on private term?.
Oit? dull N .. i ?''iicagoofTiratd ?t it??.', wn'iout huvers. Har?
ley and Kve fatal and nominsL Timothy l*???!. S4 '-fl I'? rk,
gb Uni ile. for City, 21|i?-?o for Weit-rn. Whi.k? -
? .i. s of M bbl*. at g2 '-'-?. Canal Kreights-Whest 17. , Ci ra
14o. Oati '?Jo. to New York; ?'oin Vic, (?at* to. to jtlJ-i.y
aud Troy R'ceipti?-.?,l-36 bl Is. Flour 03 D.V? buih. Wheat,
.-. "17 liuih (urn. i:?nal Export?--:?, es?) luub. Wheat, 17. .
?U bush. Corn, .'(.n'a) iiu?!i Batta, ! MB hath. Hy?. Ita re?
ceipt? st < ?taago Milwaakee, Te?sta ?? d lietn.lt C.r Ma
week lading Aog. 19?41 '..io bib ? New Flour, e.')7 .-? beeby
When!, I.-?';,.V??; bosh Corn, li*., 130 bush. Oat?, 11 I'D bush.
Harley, '..'.,(*W bulb. Iii,',
AT T'lLl !>o.
Ang ?>.-Four quiet. Wteit?N,"*r White. 2o I eU?ri
New Amber, ?hade lower-, ?ales ni I r ? former at gi > a ti W,
of Ibelfter at Vi '..I n gi: gi ; No. 1 Saw l.ed Wab*?l. fe? ii)..
No. i Lil*.,na Soring, Bl 90, ''"'". I", lower, doling Una;
No. 1st.,',-, ?lit., fe. loaver Ne. 1, 33c. Like rr?._Lt
Ittai la ou Corn to H?ffaio.
Aug. W. -Fleur firm. Wbmtt lower; ?ilei Amber State.
g2 TO. Oat! duU at ttc. ti r New Sine. Corn iteady rijeei
SiiOOO bu?b. Wesirra. at "rfgaOe. S ipped by tow, "?4,S.k(
bnit. Can, ?.-.'.'?.i bash, (?at?, MOt bush. Wheat, a ?.?) bnib?
Kye. Ho tim Bead, l'asied 1 ..tonvi le?li load? toro, I
lotta Milt. 1 load Dan.
Ang. M ? Flour un, hange,:, ?se? 1 (i,) tibia, at S'?' **0 foa
brand? fro-n No 1 Spring fe I'J from lied Winter. Sl3 Whit?,
and feH<r.l4 it)tor Double Kxtra rum prime White Wheat.
W\ it dull, with t8t-tat| price N>. 1 M lwaakee ?'lub nom?
mally unchanged, huyen and .(?Hers spart in their riewi Coib
opened at 7.'?.-. for Xo. 1 Ii,innis, with ttt, b.d. Cansl fit irhtrfl
o-, uiiged; Flour. Mr.| Wliest, Mt. ?orn. 8ajc lo New??
York; Lumber, ti to the Badsoa, Like Imports??.?ring
i'".'?, both., Limber. IS^MI feet- ?.'?nul exporta? Wbnt.:
l.'SA) buib. ; Coru, 2,W?) bu.h.
A ug. 28 ? Flonr ?toady. Wte?; Ar.u and In good d? insnd.
Win.ki ?toad?. Met? Hork it, good demand; 1.500 bl'i?. eo.dl
al Sij'7) for ?Vitinir.T, City, *.*.). I.?rd dull. Gold. Ile.
at pniL.maiHiA.
Ang. '6 -Flonr thin BaanSae,BIMBS Wheat dall, I-"'.
tilaiglAl Com q nie?. Vi How, Jo. Western M.xi*?i, ?'I
Btfee Cathoqaltt ?"r I,?guana at I -te, gola, Head*fui
Cub?, ?itli tale? of 4'?) bag? at t?*__tfelll?i, J'rovi?cn. lim,
M .. I?,rl |.l I .rd ?;l|?"-j',? U lal/, ?I? for Ohio.
Aug. i*.?Flour ?teadv Wheat Bal Corn ?toady BeoeiDt?
light. I*rovi?ioii? dull and nmettled. Sugar? _.m. ?'off?'9
ittadv at 17S2O0. Wkiiky quiei.
laieti Bhip INews.
Ba.k A ,?ji ?, from Tirk* I*
htrk i.,i den Pteae? trom Rartitdor?
Hit Pr.iir :r ni Pctm II u.
Aud* loi*',.u bart.
Bri? l.i. ? r Nei?r"t. A if. ?', ?i . del SSE of ?he Hlfb'*i.W?.
Great Iniprorcment and K voluiioii la Kerosene Lignte !
N?w !L ?'? tan ri?i tMptotan.i illtahlaael Lmmt tapanal M?' muotot bv
T:.. aaritT moat I o?v??l?.?T toJ BBAtrirt' ind In f ter? wa? II,- n??r f.ati.p ever ii.?toted.
fT'ltiv iii I.,* 1'lLLE *, 1S-S-SBS I Bl LMB.BB (fet BOuBtmJ OB fOg) Opi*9k9t remortng the .SHADE Or ('L?>?F
V?, e I,a?- t t l?-,.?i tad until desiitolv **.-t la ?*.? city ?! u?w tai ?.e.i?! tl.pt. de turee J il.tJei ,:.t|l?'tei kc. (Imported tt.d of MM
an Metal ?!?> ? i?r?,? ??-)?i* *f
B? ,??l?| (hat 11 u.? in ti ? , ?iiitry iB.u',1 >? ti ti orua-h v privi I?! ?nth limp? ti I bout? ii t?e , i?y ?oh (ti, w? tr? prepared t-f
I ,m,?t. ?very roam ,i?'-? " iti ???propritt? '.?up utily furet t? tit foptr plate thii doini uri? with movible limpi, which I??*'
pr"??d ?i dtrifetou. i I ot?ectina*'a!e. -J
Wetti ig it ?ure i 'io if u i 11 ?! ti/St l'i in ilion ml Ear ihe beeefit ?t purehiter* nf orr i?mp?. we n|er fir ni th? very r-eil ?rtlr el
null, li (I ? rr'in . I part al > l?t.|ar r?l t? ?r. ?:,'.-1-..?, ?id tbilu. ?a i lletp ?I o'.tiei. *? I tt mited with be-fine. Ttlu 111,1 I'tisteat
cana of ?li a/?, with ?r without nock*.
V\ ?oLiaai a a,,J featalB Iiiai ??? fiJ lABiitt? p r laiirti'or privf.i ui? tri inv,|?J io examine our it ark. I'lKl'Mivl CMBMMSr
fast t , ?I tpp BMI min I .in' 11, Pucei t'i'iu.oa?',?. lo.
JULIUS IVES & To,, Xo. 49 ?Maiden-lane, New-York,
A*'i H?t <>r.. ? ?ii " Vnii. Batter, maitt ekaaJh
"?s. Un? . wAamm .??-i da? t?.e ??. ?nnj.tr.? SMITH
l KlYY l.k.R. mea a lu'iiabiu? rai.lt iUpanm.ul. .S ' 1 Park r iw
/io ro .HOMA- II. A-NEW",Granwich tod
" I Murty ??? . ? len y ' i ?ii had T??i ' ?|_.-, lah, P:u_ir in 1
??.?ytliingeMe c1 ?,; 'aia tai-?'rr? 'Ne? Y oik De pi. ? bona.
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Paper Collars
["something new
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(Or Double Spring)
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At WHOLESALE, hy th? Ei-la.iv* _MButu.ur.ii eui tilt
Own?n o' Um PATENT.
?VArO'.RlloMS ?ad OPPICS.
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