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f *?..**
?wT^w.vriRi?: MiiMiAY. SEPTEMBER 3. 1806.
V<?" XXVI.... ^- 7,923.
There is Every Prospect of a Large and
Enthusiastic Conviction.
btrong Dolcgatiois from [all the Southern
OwV. Fletcher of Missouri to be TeinL.,
rary President.
Tbc Kou.bcrD Dele^afrs as Radiral in Their Views
as Those fruin the North.
Tlvve separations for the (?rand Reception of
the Delegates To-Pay.
rSjkrcial Ditpetcb to Thr N. Y. Trtboiit.
PuiLADLLTHlA, Sept. B ifvtX
The city is fnll of Kirai.trcrs. and the tot*)!! aro
gathering crowd on oiowd, ao that tbere is a fair proapaae*
dal the Loyal Southern Convention and th. ir N'oi'.hnn ?ral?
atan.er? will make tn-'t-tlu r a larg?r asteiiiblago ti.an any ana
veution htli! la tlii? ali] fra Matt of years. The attendant??
flem tbe Sont:, ii linger than report lui* yet giTon us an iden,
and the N'ttt'.trn d?l?gation? am? ing willi stary ii ?inn,II
?we'll tbe iiuiubt-t toa mult.tud?. We are welcoming a r??!
?rially opposite c1??? of men to those who ?at hero ..
BtiDctton a wtek r.go and di-nted ttieir treason thruit /li the
tedi?os page* of Ali. R tiiunu.V? Ion; addie??.
Every State ii n pi est ..ted. Saln-Dtly and j cieiv jmlged by
Bar oeutiter.nt t-? and cortcrsati'in it c?Bnot lie said that ewtt
ttpreaeut an ni..nul,v'"? "? Inalfni?nent minority in the
lattin. Kurth and Smith t?Ji?n together, car convention will
k? tie meat national and patriotic, body ?aMMrwtd batt l??r a
|uarter el ??iltur?. We bavo had, ?o far, rery little of Hie
Ban k1 ctucutlig. The proper pr?taie to the orguinsatiou anti
awltbCTStlon (if t?i-iuorrow >? tho inoetino; for prayer end oor,
?towac?, held t bit tv? ning at the aug^-estion of thajr-larioal
tSBSBbera of tie Convente, of whom tl.tr? ure tait?
*? ntmilxrr. The elercl?,-? of this meeiing m're
?ASOMtun fiiiriui'i v with : . i:...t ti t Convention
Bgop. ,c ' i .l.i. It i? ?eil to state that ihe churohc?
BwawBxlaa. on? were unnsYially in 1 ti -dsy, if the reiigiout ?pir;t
at any ?-io! lb?' ?,
TilE awVBwswBB Di I EGA lKtN*.
A fu'.l ,!<lr\ atJea from TeaseateS* is hire. Leaded by Senator
kTovrler. (.m. liowolow, and Besiaasntative? Maynard,
A mell, Stnkee anti 1 I iheiu un ai'.v
??ti? t gc. Two '.hiids o? ihi? vtry large
ielegstioo were *oWtet* lor t!.e 1 ;
IlMl?jBiatsnitlki'.?t:ul.?.i. ii n pn-eLtcl bj J nu'? J
Darrjit. HI , Judge R. K. Dor, o!l. Jj. ...
ssontli. J . :.' ii ?i.i I, Oat Fi'ld. atd c-otitain? aome of the
abll-sl ?:i ! |.ii?t it ? i '; ? v- H lim. Willi
kte hoiinratie ?car* Bid wound* from the >-' ? -OrW'.??.? rinla,
jW cxpiUe? :?t? to-Bight. Tbe DeU-gatlon ia ui.oittitlirOoDUing?
IjraUdiwil, nnaaimou-1' itef rdlng It, pam i'. S. firugc a? tbt
earea? neo? ( f XBV ?ppre??
AiK'Uier large d*!egation ii that ?rom Mi?ionri. with flor.
Fletcher and lien. Fiak. whoso dismissal from the charge of
the Freedmen'i Bureau I y order of the Preh.ilcot is the pn-Ta
feat talk of delegate* at headquarti-r? The Gencrui
ft about ta rim fur OsBSBrOa) in Missouri.
TU* anVfBaBECI aaBBwawxTJBwk.
len at or Cresta eil, tetwteT. Fronei? 'I humas? and John I,.
TfcTtLa?, are witfc the Maryland delegation. Thr former hin?
no f?ar of accepting tLe whol? Radical Irsue. Tbo Virginian?,
?nth John Minor Hotta, Honuicut, bi.,1 Ward well in the lesd.
tavare.?.-fi. ! uumhert anda decided tone on the ??uotlon of dt
franrbasemcut. proviug from ceriain resolutions prepared by a
prominent m'? tuber of the delegation that they bid fair
to go further thin the ultimatum of Congre?? in
nvetytbiug aifi-et?iig a white man'? right? ia the (Bat
Dominion. They will yi?!J, ?o donbt, to the gene
ral ?wte? of the Convention heartily. Got. Kildlc
?ad tbe Hod. ii. B. Suaitheis of Delaware ure at the Osai
linen tal Hotel, which is the general headiiuurtcre of tbe dele?
gation*. The Kentnckiana ara led ' y ex AMmiJ Qataial
?pee-! and the Hon. Mr. MeKee. The former, of coorie, will
Saan tkllnntvee i? lb? Convcniton. Tb? Texa? delegation, ia
ann here and ability bear? fair nompari?ou with any. Hit.
?anultoD, Jodge Sherwood and ex-Ciov. l'esso bave qnar
tar* at the Contiaentai. The delegation 1? out aod-out
Bail-cal to the furlLeet point at iaane. Wynne,
?etalr, and one ether of tbe Bonth Cnraliua delegation
lane arrived, ?o. ere long, we muy look for Mu, ??cbuiettt and
Baath Ckr olia a walking ann in arm. To tbe Convention Syd
?tey of MMBlsarppl, Jndge Safurd of Alabama and Colashhurn
?STGeorgia. ?H of'tham derided men, bare also arrived. S?-na
kxra Harris, Howard, Chandler, Lane, Cole, Wade, ex-t.ov.
Bru**, Judge Kulley, and Kepreeeutatirea Ferry, Longjear.
Bid ney I nark Kaoaa?; Barton Cooke. ?Ten?. Halbtrt, I'aine,
aad"m?"T more of the Northern delegate* arc bare, and wet
?FBtnlDg tneir Soaibern brethren infirmally. A large n?m
war of tb? latter are eatertained at prirate bouaea.
ateiintor Trurubul! ii expected tonight, Bud Maataoho
?Mtt?, with (sea. Butler, ex-Guv. Audrew and Got. Bullock,
will be ker? early to morrow Io welcome Ponth Carolina
jBavok? and Botatwell are detained try the kleine canvaa?. aT?.
wada ead California and Oregon have Jut Bent to Go*. Ilair.ll
?wntee greeting? of the Faciic State?. Maaaea of Philadal
fblae? have thrown open their door? and extended tbe besin?
net aoaaitality to tie ?tranger?. The Union League and the
?Vattoaal Uaioo Ghrb are dsvtag al In their power to make tbe
atranger? comfortable. The League baa over 1,300 member?,
aad anon Baeaner maila proviiiona for accotuoiodatiag at leon
?wa atembe?? ef ?na vteitlag ielegat?? at their resldenoe*.
ThaaaaajMat?? le-morrow io escort tbe Convention to the bal]
aftaaietlBg. av?a?*?4??a lo ne ou? of t>? Ika-geit and most lmp,.?.ng
?ver ?rteneaeed ia tb!? er may ?Hiker ?ity. The pula? of tbe
kryal beert beal? high, and the weseona,. that will be extended
la the Sortkern petrit?*? will ia the aerereat rebnke that tbe
Bewley of ottirder ena laeeive. The city la bang with flag?,
aad te-Morf raw ear*cia?1y will ntagent a gala day ar peat ance.
Tk? procwawaaf ?wotrtt wall Uke ey ita marah at 10 a. m. and
ky tbe time ?atei-eKes ef weioetae at the union I^agne Houte
are iaished it a ill be aeon. The Convention will then meet
ead Hake a lekaotoa-ary orgauixaiion.
Tl^progTataavatef jxilicv which the Convention will adopt
aw-1 of course be tatty vsgwlv forealiadowed. That one of the
V*?*-8f?te men ?if f-euissaoa. Judge Durant, w10 probably Im
itete? temporsry Chainaan of the Convention or Chairman of
umittt-e ora Addreaa or Ktwoivea, ia a fact of aome mean
lag}. . TOdge Devana m n be li? vor la tb? doctrine of universa)
?atjr,ssj?? for unlrt-rsvl amneaty, and approve! ?ucb a recon
atrsK ?v** that Win Utke ia all olasae?. He i? one of tbe ooolett
Mads awi otst haarte of the Oavestion.
<:. <? ??: ' ion p-ii'.r? to Jariie? Kpt?d of K-ultickj-, Michael
Baba of .'. .Liliana, or peiliapi <? ny. Flotehcr of Miaaourj a?
< - s pert .arent l're?iileut. It woaad be paotic Jua
lie? cfihe i.VWorder t-> honor the e?B?e whlct was mirt/r?
at Mew-o-ltteO* by Making on? ti iU beroe?, nat yet recev
tr- d fruin Bal ?ouni? of Au?u?t 30 bit ?till determined to da
yeoMeary serv?t? for loyalty, abi. f of tbe Congre?? of his op.
?wae*e?l brethren. I shall not be iurprte?d, howe ter, to hettr
?4* Mr. Spetxi bein? tbe aliiroate President elected.
Ti** opivino t-nt^urktoNiLs.
?Judge 8aff ard of alabama, a w?ll-?.tijwiua ?,,? Mid nt?ir?
mt Alabama, will Baa ?Jan Convention to order. Got. Hamilton
mt Tex ?? wii) nyAjU lie welcome cf tba Dt,ion League.
Jadgee Sherwood and tTiKlerwnod ar? eipnuted ta uko a
arominei t part n the k-iwiaedingg. Gen. Butter. Benator
B/ I?'* of JH a a?, or fieaktor Liairli of X?w Yoik will mott
lik.-ly pr-tM-s over ti? Kiar mer* assemblage, before tia ?, a.
tetttioB fiaally raairea Into one te rall.) the indeoendsnt wuk
af ti.? rxiiiliert IsnyllaBs. Of coarse the Lo) alitts Bom the
Bout': Bf? . xi-fi-tri lo meet fn the li rat.
TRPe^taia-riii-wTi or TOP. BilttfOitiOB
?aPtla-ct kj ti*???4?t?, uud lo f.aan? ibeir ^Uy wjitout
the dictation and toora! coercion experienced by their Rebe)
BMhrett. so lately smothered by the killing earessM of the r
ftt oil? fr>ru the North. The Border State soperifieallon, with
its oblivions influence, as nsoal. and a ?hole platftum snob 88
would be approved enthusiastically by the coi.vlci.one and ex
of ihe mae? of the ottc ding Southerners, cannot ixi
looked for if this policy prevail?. It ?aunot b? denied or dis?
guised that the boJy of the d? legations from the U.ia South
are almos', unanimously In favor of liberal recoiiitroctlon on
the basis of eqaal suffrage. The sentiment of Louisiana
Texas, and Teniicssoo, is well known, and will ootwelght th it
of Yu gima, which is ?ven more R.JU.l on many
pointa, bat not M liberal in tb? main, elth-r
to the Rebel who has borne arms a?r?)ni>t. or tTe
negro who ha? taken up arms fur hit country. The ap?
peal to tbe North, the bill of irrlevaooe?, or resolve?, or what*
over formula of policy the Couventlonists sMflt to adopt, will
go further in rasuy respect? to impress and oonrlnoe the mind
of the Borth, than anything yet ret forth in tho legislation?
We ahull have no Quarrelling, at all events, anti at the least
?omet bing will be brought forth ?ound and reassnriog to the
coD?try. Tho loyal mon of the South already feel that they
h?.vc it in their power to dictate the platform of the country.
It will l>e well written no donLt, ead wisely laid down, and
w ill be comprehensive.
?ST.nulli Maryland anil Delaware decide on tahinir rank with
the weleomers, there will be still greater honiogcLity among
the veteran Loyalist? of the South.
A meeting of the Southern delegation nae held lis! ?-vening
at Hie rooms of the National Union Club, Guv. Fletcher of Mis?
souri acting as Chairman, and Pr. Hawkins of Tenness? e a?
Seer, tory A Committee wa? sppointed to geatJBBB trt_|
should act as speaker of the Southern del?yatkin, lo reply to
the congratulatory reception address of Charlen (iiMuini, es?l .
in this city. Col. Newness of Kentucky ?M a^p .usted
Chairman of the Committee, and the Coroimttre ?elected Gov.
liuinilti'U of Texas to mak. the reply. It stn o:i_i:.ally in
tended to choose Oov. Hamilton a? tempiirnn 1'rci.lent but
having been elected speaker, It Is probable that Oov. Fletcher
of Missen!i will be elected. Tbc door? were subsequently
thrown open and a, number of speeches made.
The delegations from the E ?Mern St.ites will all l-e her? by
to-morrow. New-York will not be so strongly lege? ?et.ted ??
expected, on account of the assembling of the Syrn. jke Suit?
Convention on Sept 5. A number of thoic ?einl'da? dele
gsti.? to the Coin timon of to-morrow I. ive ?ince tv-.", prleilcd
to Mfeeaoal BtB eeaafeBaaaB .it lyraoase. A onlogotton ?ii
??ii" hundred fro ii Br.Hil.il n w.11 be ham toni.iio-.i',
and n di be ouurtcrcd at the CsBt-Mll ii lf"te!.
S' pi. 2?midnight.
?fjeni I linn-iiif, leaatot Hen:. Wilson,
tin- Hun. ML Lui,iuiii. (Jw. Al iii?'?. , f ___B_e_| ( ii. i.JiiKic j
' S. BBgnSk li. I 'li.it"i":t' Tulon, of JA? JC j
r, I ?'? II i'i ? V. t'f ('.mu ; I '.-.-. rl.i
ii., Praaala Qeaagg IhaweaBDi ?Teehaoel
i?I X Y , orriied tins nein:,?r, acton.;at.i. ii hy an in;
i,.irji')i-r of Delegates from the )
I . ?
Btrtega On IL'U. 1'. I Illili?.i. the II I'.I
. ;t. lea. David Kb ? I w r
. . ? i .cr, ex l..t it.-..!'.. Be Ho?.
M. C. Warner and . .
i i
ill l
in o i mp;* "I 'Im ?.
A toNTLMi'LAT-U AMA) li i |
Pining tbi
phia with Fred Donglast on 1? idol
. sud liven an iti'.l.u: 1.1? t
Ike i'lAf? in seai. h ?.I linn, shooting, for '
MA Douglas? ha? gol Ihrfl Igh ??rely, imvty,,,
I oh u. . .,- . !?, ii,.: ? . . b)
The Nat oral Un.on Re] i ci ?
mt toe ore preparing on ?dir ss !?
winch mil he ..-?neil iu a day or ?u.
A mun Li?) r ol tbe most promiae-il >t Itu Boutbetn
geh _-.ttci> will :e:nttin North tlur.ug the l ,ill. t" de ??? I
the ?tump in Ne? York, New .1er ,-y uni 1'. :,..-> .lai.iu
Gen. Butler will inuke a apt-ocli Before th? ;
to morrow.
Ip? ia' Di.patch to Tbe N. Y. 'ii
I'UILAPILITIH F pt, '-. i-".
I li urn ?Alt tbe follow.nir in tbi principal pointe
whie-L ?ill beeml .ed i;. the plulf >rui of tie? Virgo
1 k'utl'.r;. Tue resolution? will be dram. u,. bj a weLknowu
? cit./cn of N'urtlieru Yirglnl?.
JIB the Union of ti t-St-ttH wai InD-'idrd B Le i?erpe!us),
?n<l liierclore no Mate has a right lo Withdraw fr,.u. the I
that ai.y attompt to break np the Fni..n i.. ordii uto
? or hy f... i s i? tro..? n , tl.it i l ( T. citil n on t ?
ter arnon t sod wholi pet i )? ..' the L'j ltd
' Stale? and that any such citi/en releataril. ?....;ng Hi? oath al
I bIIisI?"io la eey ulina Ooraiinntsi. Ra fall? i t ila t? ti?
] rot-ct.on of the Un.leo State' ead hil rig'.: !" i Itisonshlp c iii
itrily be restored by the Is.e u.ukinir power ?f tie .n'v-i
GovenUMOti that natnrulired e?ir.e:. who ?? ii.Bert
their allcginnoe udd perj'iiy to tiuson and ?! ?
forever d? barred from eurewif the r i ? > i -- of ill.,
that the poner to (vardon the erime of triia* u ia ut least ol
doub'.ui Hiithority. und ?tein ?houid t.c tahaa ?" hriae the
tiu?'t:t.n before the judicial tribltvata id iba ? "t.ntry. Bad, U
l? ccsstry the (.ni ?tilution ?houid b?'so iiuiet t ' il ta 1? Ble
h ?hit it in the future; that ?.Ide the absurd dog aa of " .Vnte
Sovereignty" baa been dmtroyM by ti..' K- !?? ilion, the
" right? of the Stute?' still (?avail BOtOUChei? omi nina.
paired; that tbe rea ard of office shoiilJ only M eonlerred
upon the leyn) and that trait-.r?. ?? a onad) ion
of their restoiKtion to licit eitlacntblp, ?Leul'l i.?
deeluied inespsule of holding b_bm M a temi
of yean, it not furner, that the tinkle letitc iu the appro.i li
ing'contest is whether the trniloiewlo lime IgSM all they
could to de?troy the country ?ball is rcetared lo poucf. cr
whether it* future ?afety ain* rentrai ?kal I?' ii.truttctl to
tht i. who bare risked all for its preserviiiiun. iii ii in ?u, I a
contest there c?u be no ('lion' anti t! at I .? w ho I. .|b c l.T
the traitor lo power li in deed, if not in heart, a traitor: ti at
the ?'reidmen i llurean li at Braten! lud upe tua I le to the ?e
cority and welfare ol the 1st? ly emancipated colored ruc? ..lol
that it ha? proved itself of incalculable beoebl lu the luftrtiiig
poor if the white race B-tai thtit the ?iiiaiicij.uted people
of the South are entitled to t M ?nnie rights a? ?ans ra und ir at
the best wa) for them tu secure the enj'.yuieiit ?ti it.eui is for
i.'.ingiess to place the State l.ovt?iu-c::is ii, the bania of l.ial
men who Lave no dispoaittou to oppri-s. th? t_M ks; that al?
though manv Kolioul prupositions ware m_.> io the Uti
t'ongret? no Kadu-ol tneiiiur* ??? adopt?.i Bad therefore (te
Democrat?* try of "Federal?iti." "Abolilioni?(?,'' "Sul.nn?
?lotists," _sc. cootsir.? no terror to loysl ni. :.; IhBtf the l8 ?IM
Ut/'ly iu Krbcllli.n ?re not already in Coaaress it is hw MSB
Ihelr representatives voluntarily abauduuetl iiieir ?rat? to lo?,
ciane t-risens of anuthei trovt i ;.tutnt when the opportuuiti w as
,-itf-.,'.|e(! of again occupy lug tbeir seat*, tht unaubdned Rebel
a/urit linke uut afresh, and insult was added lo treachery by
? -li ctlng ?neh i?pre?etitntiv?i a? had made thouaelm tin
n<ilion? by aetire partUliuitioii in the Relwliiou, wlib th* full
knowledge that tber could ii >t comply w.tii the law, and
tv?Rie?.urn'iy must be excluded, that nothiiii: oould Letter
Ilastrate tho unsubdued spirit of thu Rebels thou
that they should crave for a ^pardon on one day,
Mad on the next prorntne to dntule the term?
?in which they will return to the Union; thst the
aniendinerit to the Constitution now paadBg meeta with yuur
?iiprobalion. and will n t?? ii?- ?mr ?opnulti ihm tue plat?onu of
the late Philadelphia Ovnventtna when atesMptad to be anfaai 1
trflu? cxpres?lv*of the principle? of Rabel* and Copperhead?,
M a traoipurent cheal ni which un anuaibic person can be
misled, siuee it is pateut that there is not a Hebel i_ the South
or ?Copperhead in the North willing to obnle by any sue'i
declaration ia good fsith, that all *e wish is that "treoeon
shtrelil be mude odious.' and thst iunil men sboultl
rule the eountrj, thnt the right to pooenaolj s*seuible and
?wmsol; wss Neeetly illustrated by the Philadelphia Conven?
tion, when large iiuui.c.? in deadly heetlht] to tho Ooreru
ment wer? permitted lo meet to conon a n linn? for ucci.
y)i?biug at tis? b_llot-l>ox whet the uarlridge l?ox had SSgaall?
.all*d to efl'tct; that th? butikcrv al New (lileant call? f?r
Jus ice and leinauds of the Federal a.ithuritles a sunnniiry
hrial and futtbtul execution of Ihe Baili that the oouuleuanoe
given tothi? ?laughter of loi.il men bv the I'reiident, and tbe
.uet.naOtuUonai ei.-rt lto of trowcr in ?up ne di n jr the lawful, y
elected (loverr.or, ami tra: *f?-rrir.|f Be i-.i.tr of the A> ne
Licet .??utotbc hands of hi? "satrap* and depend?'!..?."
calla for the iiiob? rigi I ?nyul) on Be p.rt of the icpreseuta
tlves of tne peop.u.
I'I1II_AI'KLPHIA, S- pt ., 18J<i.
Hpeeuel Dispatch I? The N. Y. T,,k?n...
The follow ?njr ?JMinben Of the National Union and
Rep'ihT.can Ties utive (.o_i_iitt_s, appol-iled by the Bultiejore
Couves una o) j_"4, havearriT.td. and aro at the OootinenlaJ
Hole). Thpy ore A. li flAidluer (Va.;, W'm. C C1 illin ( Usit),
?. m\ Tornar (li. I). Man m L. Ward (V. J ). T. A. Parl?
ance (Renn.) N. 1! Smittmri ,Tt, i.,t Heury ?a/. Hoffman (Md.),
.T J. Fowler (Xono.) Jui_,i ... ti??ag t??_,.), Uni toa A. Cook?
?'H'.). At. G Iding? (Miel.) vv. j. Comair (Va.), M. S.tolh
V. : .'.('..'ii. Cira, n iuhl?), Ii. & 8toh)lg (f<>wil)i A W.Camp
?J.(West Vu.;, (Jot. Bran? (Colorad..), of iho nmi?nder,
.wing ?re known to have deserted'the ^_nrltf ?. V.
Sherry (Oat), ?. ?J, RaymoDd J?, Y.), Cnihli? rt Buil? (Lo.),
( "org/ li. S itcr (Ohio), J. J. Coomui (I). C). and MF8I?! ?f
the t?rrltor't.l offluera The comB.ttt? will meet to-Biom? ni
the Contiocnti!, st 4 p. m , f t the pvpoM -if etectir g a nstr
rhoirmoo and iraaiaeting other biBineatih,! _uHV |? bronfcht
toward. It,? ?mount of l?uooo or oier belonging B tho I
eom-ilttci Ig ?till in the band? af the mt. c i_.ro ?too. of which ?j
i'r. Begg, iel i? obiirman. T',? first bn.intM di-now:'! b?' to ,
' ' -tuf? siibitttnt'i i;,- *
p-jiiiUd b, a?, eevirol e.a'.e icutral ootninitic?? sud uko J
?tep? to ?ecure the maney In tb? bands of ti? ?ab sbwBBbbtBI
and j reveal it? I'-Ing n?ed to ?leet Copperhead? to ofBee.
It ass snnouneed that Gar. Brownlow would preach In the
Union M. F Ctaoroh yesterday raornlsg. trat owing to bia f*s
bl? health ho waa able to make but a few remarks at th? cloeo
of the ?errtee. After awwaawf to the General Confer*nc? of
tbe M. B. Church, held In tal? city in 1833. of which be wa*
the yeangett member, and to the preaept condition of Mathod
Um in Batt Tennessee, be contina?d:
" We ar? In a great deal of trouM? In Bait Tenoe*?ee. and
lhere ia no telling when our troubles will end. I would not
pullut* the pulpit on Sunday by the introduction of politic?.
Rellgioit ?hniiltl ?tanti above every other consideration, at all
time? and in all piece?, bnt next to tbe Christian Chnrcb, with
Bl the triainph of the friends of th? country te mott dear.
There i? at present a fearful *nd terrible ?tr tggle going on he
tween the legiiUtlve und executive departmenta of the Gov?
ernment of the United KlHtea. Nothing hut my anxiety and
delire that the legislative branch of the (j iverument tiinuld
triumph over the executive haa Induced me la my feeble stale
of health to attend this Convention: for If Con gre?? fall and
the Pieii'lciit triumph, all the white Ci iooiate and the oolored
loyalist? of the South mungo somewhere else. They roust
ha?e the Son'h. I pr?pose mraslf lndlridnally. to hide oat
no 1 iniffr in the way that I hare hld io Eut Tenneise? And
I have fled from tin- Smth t? the North for the ls?t lime. 1 in
refiiiv ed, Cud being my he![K-r, to aland my ground, aud I will
im et my tate like a man, even tnough it be upon a lump pott
within alpLt of the Capital i-f T- nneisee. I beg an iutereit lo
your prays? for the whole Southern population, Hebel aa well
us ('mon -, for God know? they ned prayer worse than soy
other portion of the poop)?."
Bsecttl Diiptteh to The N. Y. Tribune.
1'HU.Ai r.uniA, Sept. 2, lkvut*,
A Unioii prayer meeting wita- held this evening at
the rooms of the >'ationil Balsa Club, on CbeiBut st., near
Twelfth. The room? were packed, most of those present be
inar iltl.'iiste? to the Convention. The different dilegation
thought this mode of ?p? ndiug the eveuing a better one than
coiivT.-alng In their committee-room.
Hen. Ira Harris, in opening the exercise* aaid, "that wo
had a.ictntltd in IsiSltewtl ?Bl lVi?e? prevmni to our meeting
in the deliberation? of an important convention, the result! of
watti would iiffrrt eaienttally. perbapa vitally, our ufilicted
and distracted cuntry. What could b? more appropriate
than that upon tait evetilug of the rbrlitlas Subt.s'h we ihould
i .-( t lo coiiiiiieiiof the tu. .tilly to tbut God who In,? ao ?lgnallrd
Cal ti d u? .1, the tri?!? through wblcb we have pissed, and
plead v.id them thrt le will not iii ??it u? na we enter upon
Btw and unexpeete 1 tr nls I'raver wa? then offered by the
Bat Di v- .f lioulatans. Mr. E t?m of Mrtupbl? re
ninrki'tl that iu connection erith any groat civil .juett ion there
ti:ne?a In the Art'-ncan ISSJOta ?eekian counsel
from on bl?h, becanac ti-. liberty which wo enjoy and which
har asta tlaOieated by such patriotism and by blood wa? flr?t
I'lntt? ns religious liberty, as lib?
erty of val i ni ?f it ?prang th? ltira of a
free ?. ..-nt It wa? fitting that
f vie should ?eek gotaavsaa from alune, from tit- f?ot
t ? ? . . ?i of tin' S utli haa be-n ? OB SB
tbe grest ng-'i. .1 K-brll'ioa. The clergy of
bh wtrtaslig I . and iuflu?in-e to-day
111, r* i i- 'ear 1 h?y tetct. ii-tw. as Ifcey
? ear, that tat negro i* benealu tin nan. They
vu .. ti (Mt p:> I.' Lt tbe catari? ne? ef tut- past, nur litten lo lb?
(tilt 1?S ('Ul.i o? !y tti'-in I,'.ive to thal
- .????,?(, ,,f BaaB |., sni v bin?.
1 i ?? i: i? th-Ti enirag -I lu pratrr.
; '. .1 tti.it titi ? ii?', ka ?ai
i-l ? not a >tr ii
, ia til ?i!,.? a. i ..(
t.- Iba
. i, ? i.teh t oalil pr
I el ?' foil ll.-re a ia liri
I pray f-r ly C mtlim te Ita I sitan]
Ile Mt thai Iii w i? It 'T'd !? Ihn.n a mund lau Lythe
IP i-f i i ian brui beti al, and in ti? kan? of a common
?? mr.
aad the mnrtTrttiim
| ?
' it t lint t'i?
? i? - i.| i ,t
watte nat leal tai aa throne h the tree t ?ty of mea
il r foi
uti iilmti ? a?
ti e ?ir??-t?
', ..I of. t' i,. ,? I v al tii-ti
ni teven ?.' II?.! ni ile ki roi
Al) ti ia I,1 aal
? w.i.i ii ?ut ? robed hy ?tar. ?y
waa yet We - .bl aear
al-? that ear raten May ka ?eVawwtel with wi,
? ' III ?? (T -1?
1 ? ..
? ? I ne? ' id
I r ,
? let Ige t-t, able aal
i - K. ead M the eltigy nut
lia skjaal avtfeetlon* of ?onie of Ihr ? el?rierl leiebera in
i wtom I a ?;|ii l.ili-rrire and rr.p..
i geaaratiy wen pat sa *a* ti u 0,?; inn na?!
? n i at? I as ? r I a? ?i-oke
Mr rvrm.gi.! 1*4 I la press 011? nie? upon the
? r rea I? k9 rt in ?tal He li nut
if ii.til M |kj grr . ' '!? Ptrfcl but erie ton
? inn.' tn tndareettmale Hat'? dealing) li atinar itfitra It
r tor 'i? lo r.rt M ti it 0 ?1 wai on ?
'? a' a .'ii hare felt
that bl ??.-i - ? ' ?t and dentier. OaJ
I gern tadelet idB IK." tkaiwastlgbt
lb* K r itiieaanf th? ? !ted t., gnat
, ?,. rt ' lo?) ,.',1..' ii ? far In ? ii Da ??????id
11 ? bow, 1. th ?*. th* i r. al aoatra
I v?r?T ni? Intended te M of th? Balta
1 bandi ititii? I nek half n century m tt,.
1....i aal .. Mows? weak Bay na ami would
i,. |. 11.li, it It st teal te Ion I--. I,rip
II' T.- Hi,rat 1 ? M i- ns- I Bl lerne ?f? ?ait that fit min te
? ci?''"'i Mr vv't iin wboa ask dwaetwaeti, s**stl*t| it.ut
qae*lioa that had rrer engaged In? attet,110:1, r?pli?d "My
1 ?wo p?rinn:il reepotwlbUili la Goal " Ha km? ni bo ?ni.?
; ?ion whets mea taking pal In publl? |!T<ir?, 1,1,1 sao no
fes?*?] failli in 0 'I ?aw th? fielest! ?ti S ?tt I.
II ata piiawlssd to M'-el ile?? |-r?at i|iir?ii..n?
inore ?Hoogly, ?lol oontlder th?m nor? run.ntl) than tte
pr?tant, tt wait Um' neinaettercwW fall 'o u Vr-'ond
t' at there wai n lind thal niori'd iitnoug the inhabitant* o
the 1 ?rtli and wit :d?.l tin deatlntea of BSSjaSOS M 1 "I ? irplr'?,
li l.a.l oeea w?il ti d ' daring tin ?trigo-i?, we hare Just
(Waned Ihr 1 gh tiiat Hie It mil mt Il.iiu? l'iiwcr w11 id
ni,, na.1 t'.i.t mi n I?,weil in ?uhml??ion a?,I rant Hit? eontrol 1?
i.i'l fu Dkugbt :? la IO act ira pill* I gre it anil Importas!
rtau'it. C.nld they fail t.. umlrra'vnd, in view of lb* event? of
Hie tatt Winter and S| riiitr. that the lame powi-r wai ?till
working- for th? acrnropiiihmetit of ptirpne.-a thal ?till
: lay la tit Mort I I ty hart a??p the eountiy ju-t on the ey?
? of"a aerateaaat, ?ecare, aanxtxarlaff paaao? Yet, j.nt a? it
v ?- l'unit ga lie a.roinplithe I, Hie) hail ??en a lia:,it iatripi.ee,
aad tia with tra* atlll in Ihelndeflntt? future. ?bowtag thai
t*i?t there wer? ve'. p,ir|?,iea in the divine nni.it. and Hu y
ran-t how reverently until 1.1? will vans aecamplttln-it, at tb?
?an -tim? doing tatt which ?eeiie I to them rig.! Thara
wa? no gronnd for diai-otirageiurut or de?p?lr. They
I might Im perplexed, ?nd Hut were, hut ?aten that
isw tie imm til" lint ?1.1 e tie? hat! traveled, hoO
much bad ?Irrsdy beni dune, they knew Hint tie ?ama
).?n,l fat karl brought then tin? fir in infrty woald carry
them lilli farther to ? happy and ?,afe con?unim?tion. They
?nat trnti la Omi and to tbe high purpoeei w ti ii ti be hail
formed concerning them. II? knew that tt.? Inman mind
was Innrcrtuku? full if unhr.iof, ready to dil
trae, n-ken li* "trn iwoaro** foiled. in?t*?d
j of fixing i???lf firu ly on Hivina tupi?>rt. It wa? pari
I r ninm.n lalirmity of 01.1 nature-thai laonmty Whleh tea
j ?hoi.M priT to 'mi! in Ms *i !?ilo-n ?til fir m m a? la ria. ht? u? to
1 ovcrt-nnn . ?o H.at at l??t Iks w?.tehiuan ?hall ?re e?e to ey?
Afcrpiiyei bl Lteal (1 >v Loo Bro?? 1 f Hliuoi?, iba Ker.
Mr. Cona sv ( f Ne?- (I- ihm mailc a few remarks
He .aid this ti ?en g waa prophtHi of th? kind of Uniaa ka
BwOai to tee in the land, ii wat the kind Itioy needed, wher?
the bearta of the p-opie ihould be linked totrelher. wber*
Mastarhutttt? a> il S ?titli Carolina ?hoald Im? m e another aa
( ?,r aiiiini and t her? Maine ?ntl Texas ?hould Join together
hand in head. Thla meeting would la- one of the happiest that
had ?Ter taken place. It wal emhlem-ttli- of tlmt di ilrab!?
union whu I. iLnnld make ttiein on? ami unin i$M* in heart aa
they were in lust, tut iona a mt in all the forms of (Inierinniat
Tb? meeting was then s.lilre.itd b> Mr. Mullen? of Hie Tan
nrssee LegUlaluie, followed hy the Ker. Dr New sun
of Louiaiatis, ?ho, after ?xprea.tng bli pleasure at tar
tittputihg In inch a meeting under the protection
of the old ii?!' ?aid that be cotinderrd the oOtnftig
Btragjd* ? rejlgleas ona. II? Lud lind long enough lu
H.t loath to boah* Sinai there could Im no lilerty of
1 si? ei-h 1 r of t!i? pr?4? ii,ere at present. He hat! had IB? Mau
hiaherf in power ill t) ia cntintiy a?) to Mia H m tia and bl?
br< ihren ?en- uni wsutod tuen-, Init the piinclpb a of fratteVm
?nd Raptb?oan gavtraavMl ?'mull tltlmaiely triumph.
.Jmlpn l'aimer of Tenncaec r?-in?rked Hutt he who oliaaned
Iii proa*reaa 0/ hotnaa affin?, wl 1 llier he ?as a nrnrrnaar of
r- ligion or BOX, <"ild not but teeogniie the hand nt r, ?J ja ,ij
thing?. Al ao illiastr.iti< 11 ot this truth, li* mu rated a
wh.iii tratiapiinl ia Ike C.iy nf v'i-'iil|? on
the Sabbath prior to the leal Preelleailal eieettou.
A eui,.li.tate fog lae Viee-I'r-slileiiev, on that d it
of holy rant aai itad la railing althea tv pate aearUn
? 0 ni and ?ailed totrether for Ik?t purpose nsnideaiet
t.f iinlividattlaa? could be found in that county, dnlivertag to
thnrr. a iliagrtut-tul berrengue of two houri in lent'th. Baa
tel < f aasualnalion that Ban had hi como the Proakuewt of tho
Wats it ?tmnifc Liiat the nation had ?uffered ohaatlaemenl be
Maoroftbeel ??tlenofineh a mau U> power) Tia pe>,p,n
1 ihonltl prnrtt by auch a lesion.
I Otner h'dre.se? were delivered by Mr HuniiicBt rf Vir
glun, W.I!- of Tciiiiis-io and other? nnd th* benediction
pronounced by Rat. l)r. No? man of Louisiana.
! Mp??l?l l"'e*t- h I? The N r Trii.nttr.
Th? f.illii'.ciiiir wsp addresectl tu tin- lion. Hora, o,
)irce ev by Wm. CeSwt 1 Jowett:
I eui ni h"rn to take ran In tbe Convention, hit object wa*
gained wliile here I41T Angnat, throuph orien oppt?tHlnt lo the
"bogus" Convention. My ?linnce now gin? enmeat ti a
legitima.? and ?uve Cob ve 1 tlou, b?c?u?e in co,ip,rat?i?n with
tbev.etoriou? jiower of ('ongret?.
Have been a long tim? in ariiTing at the conilmion, that if
ihe tYeople want lo ?rettrv? lll.'-rty. Hoy mint du H, ihrtuigh
I1 ylelltng to Hie wuhes of t'.e Ridlesl?, who h .ve a? Mut ?
gained the r.,'ht to dictate terni? of pence 11? I'rii?i-a (titi over
An-lrla L?t the people NortT and 8011H1 oppt.sied aa jaar
f party, na w' ly and nohlv fo?.uerale ?iib your power lor
' pes?e aa Aniiuu ha? with l'ru??ia.
F?r???,' I t'tf mc, for a long time 0 N iltonal m ?tieri, for
kmrfBea? 1 ui.. .its for tbe Nation !? iu the hand? ol i.o?gr<a? n?
A tenir, itt Hadlnkl pntfii-t? earnest le d-rt, and c h amSaS sa
agis 1. lliur ineaJ
Wm fur. vi it TatetTT.
.?umeruui Speer he? by the President and Secretary
8 e wirti.
Niaoara Fall?, Saturday. Sept. 1, l.od.
Tho Prositloutial party arrived here tbie afternoon
shoal 5 u clock.
It left Antmrn about ft o'clock. Miyor >?owlar and the Con
mlttoe escorWtl It to the depot, where some 900 peopl?j had as
eatht-xl to witnest th? doptrtore. Geo. Pul ? ton here bid
,1ha party farewell, and Miss Townsend of New-York aod Miss
A.?XHUiler Joined it. The day. uitvered ia by a tbnndsr storm,
a bo ?lour, and the country looked fresh and benutlftil. H.irdly
had the plaudit? of the b.wpltable re.sidonla of A ?i burn died
away when tb* tr.vin stopped to rooeive the greetiogs of the
people of Cayuga?a town located at the head of Cay aga Lake.
This beautiful ?beet of water ?birt in hy hilt* peaeaatod n
pictnre that none could fall to admire. The lak. ceeioed to be
njoylog a morning rest when the shoots of the people rang
oat orer its ripplol ?orton. Admiral Farragat toM the
ere? d that he waa at home where there was water, sod was
answered that he would be If be waa on top of mast Oea.
Grant asked to be ?xctiiod from shading bonds, as did also the
Admiral his bondi bemg badly ?nullen from the exercise of
the previous day, but the crowd would n?.t be rofuaed. From
Aeburo the route lay through ti rieb Agricultor?) country, and
the farmers resting !n Mia woold gas? at too passing train
while no? and then a mother standing at the farm bouse door
with her children grouped around her would Join theos ii war?
ing bondi until the ears were List to view. Kvidcm-ei of thrift
?ad induetry wera everywhere visible, aod Secretary Seward
look (rreat pleasure in pointing them ont to the excursionist?
roany of whom wer? pasiinir over th? route for tbe first tisso.
The President anti Gen. Oran! sat ?Ide by ?ido viewiog the
sceuvry. A gicat deal of merriment wa? errate?) in tho party
by a rivalry which kaei ?prune; op betweco Grant ami Farra?
gat. Al oun or two places ton ladies hod klaeed the na??)
boro, and had merely ?haken hand? with the unconditional.
I Ofctliei d?f-ii. ?'i.lef. "TbiS," ?Old tb? (?enera), "ta ?ill.y
explained. The Ailmiral 1? sn old tLst the Toang ludie? don't
l<??itate to ki.a him. but tbay don't like to lake auch liberties
with a young man like ote." Against this the Adioir.il
isaghingly protested, u.?? nbing the imputation apou his age to
At ?cnecs Fall? (!?n. Miller welcomed the PreepWoi. H*
tohl bias thal Bem-cn Coar.ty ?ant toole men lo the War thsu
any other ts.uoty in th? .?.Ute la proportion to it? population,
! aid it would glv? a i.trger majority la favor of the measure? of
ile Ati'iiuistratloii than any other county In the State of e?|u?l
psapulatton. Th?- I'., ?blent r?'pD*d :
l'irase a. .is pt ..y ?lucre titan?? fur y jnr kind ?run-neat? o'
MBJBM8 Bid rs'a'ii-'t 1 shoal 0?'t oak? u ?piss-ell. Yoi in nit
toga my puls.it- *?? ? erul neon), and inter from i/?cu what my
eui,.lue', will b? brenner lo tbo admtuistratlon of the Govern
uki.: |< . ?is. |
The depot at Dis (I_eo na? haudsoinrly docoratcd with
llgs-the bstlL-s.srrrd Color? of the 14dm N. Y. VulantMr?
Mug prominent,; disp'syed.
j ciAsr s ?trctriios ?ompari.d wini nik rhi_-Dt*ti's.
T'.ila.? ce arratigrm.iii? were aoaiewhit rb mgesi. Hereto
fas? Bo 1'r.o.idrt.i, (lee. S?ant, Admiral Furngnt mid that
other?, gt'Orraliy ?bowes! tti-uiie<v?? lotretber. but no sr th"
P.-ennl' ni ?ppe.rid 11 'in' al hill, aod after he had ?pukeo the
Gener?) aud tb? Admiral and tiwi rest a leo were eosiesl for op
_w__r?d. tina. (?rent, a* usual. , ..mi.ended the gr??teti lhere
ni Ihe peuple ? ?nihutlaim
ei__RR'. A.
0*b?tb was 1b* n?\t datum i ??.ched, aod her? the cMwd
waa neils? large. M'. Si'saeoo adilrtMed the President ia be
bal ??.Ihn pillana.. ?? ,1 raplit .1
" In rospoh?? ti, : I ?ith? givon m* t return my
heartfelt tin.ck?. C i.l'-r the ? le n-nstsuir?, and rSpSOnsufy
?fur th? fstlgaa ) h sre ?liea.ly lud? rgne?, It ?ould be iui_??
Ubi. f.t stat- ?eily to Um ss-ntioi?ul? J?sl *ipr??*ed. I_kit?'v
bow |.. apv>r?et?>ti a welcome like isle, aod It li .?ores uio a iib
a deter in ii. ?to.ii (..gai onnnd disc hare* ray duly to the Con.ll lu
lino of th? C'.nntrv [Cheer*.] All lu? e'lT..r??' ?ball Im e?. ried
for ll.r prescrvatiun o' lue ? rinfry Yuu atti look at my
public it I?, aa yo. ure all f .millar with them, ami infer from
ti,?.? what ni} ctirae ? iii toe in th? lulure; a.id lu ;.,irti.n'
With T" ham t"'i .'. I leam In your narnia to? ?'?sn?.nullo:,
and In* I'nlon Yoe uuil lake sar? of ?ud pr.:'?et them. I
have ?Iwais bad e.inb'1? m in ihr te opta and I iel timt th?
.iu? :.l I? ?s'c in J mr benda (Cheers J
A i.liNtBAL 111 W iDUCTI"!?.
Secretary 8ew*-d iii-ioducd C-u Grant, out! r???alv?>?) three
.bren with him M tr?!i:il(itMBding ininxltirril li i, ltoossean
as the oe'Cuiui'lulied. bold and pall lui lo ml l:?r? ' God.
At C.tfton S| ru j;? a targe number of ladies and gentlemen
gr??led the p.irti with cheer? and tbe waving of Hag? and
ll?re tbe sons ut Senator I) m?la? -Robert M ?rim Duugtaa
and Stephen A. I) ?ngia?. Jr - Jiiued the l're?;J-nt by ?peela,
iniltotiou. accompanied by that ?liter of tbe late S-nitor ?ntl
her Luihaad, Janian Grander. They bail hoeu ?pending their
v.iorttlou a.th tut.r grandmother, who realties a few miles
from tbe Rpriugt and at the tram pasted her residence the
old lady, who la in har 7"th tear, waa teen sitting by the fr mt
door. She Would har? gone t. Chicago to ?line.? the honors
paid tb? memory of ' r BBB but ago forbad?. The two bon
ar? v?ry intelligent Tuey ore aged reepeutirely 17 and lo.
I Robert graduates next year ni Georgetown Coll?g?, and then
i oom monee? th? study of lew and iii? President tnt?u?li ??'id -
?og R'.epLen to W?st Point a? soon ni he, reach*? the age re?
quired fur admltt ince into thst instituons.
?ge arr irt seward s it?T_uinrcn?)N of tu* party.
Duiiiig th? s(<irp?ge oL the traiu Mr. Seward presented the
different uewil-er? of the parly, and isid.
" If ion cb? find a msn whocsn du thing? better than n??
ant! woiili! Ilk? to ??* bim I will now introduce a mau you will
Ilk* to ?cr. f>ar Admiral F.rrugut, ?nil If Ton arc not
?otisfied ?ith him 1 will go and bring bl? wife." The Ailmiral
baring irtlre I, the Necretarv ?ant ''Non you ?hall have (sen.
Cuitar, the bold rider, and the Geaera) accordingly tbowed
At Oavnan-aigu* the pr?parulious for the FreaideuC? retep
tinii wer? vary elaborate. An en h waa tbrown over the atep
l?adlog to th?, hotel on which, in evergreen, were the word
'Welcome to th? President." The Preitdeut and hi? fri?ud?
wera conducted Into the hotel, aud out upon a spscions plat,
form over wtiich there hung a (lue portrait of Douglas, sur?
rounded with evergreen. The audience were very large in
pniat of bnmbers, and reapecubl? in appearance, many ladies
grating the occasion.
Prof. Boah 1*. Clarke. ad?lr?Mlng the I'r*?ldt)ut, said
Thirty iii years ago, air, there aim* lo our beautiful village
a young mau from Itranduu. Vc. then seventeen rears of age,
aud entered upon a course of study iu our aoadrm. , und niter
remaining th?r? tau year?, which filled up the tim? he could
demie to ?tudy, he entered tbe Liw office of the late Walter
Hubbe? In this plau?. Although hi? tievotion tu study and the
pnfessioii he had adopted marked him as a young man of
nor? ?bun milman promise yet hi? frit ml? did mil aiitiei|uitii
ti.* dutiuguishi'd career vrl.lch lay orten b?f,irc hie. After te?
aming one nr two y*?r? in th" nilli ?nf Mr llihl.oll he re
Binn I to the Wet, iiTii'Ti then opeuod suoil a wide fle)d for
aeliutv ead seMrartM, unit, identifying himself wi'h cv. ry
non-neill ?bieh tendel to develop me great resoiireiis of the
Wt?C he Mea displayed those remarkable talent? which
j'lu.'ed bim fnreeiost ere lonir am ..i_r the great
? en af the coin' ry. fUkaegl ) And yet while a
yo'i'tif man the name of Stephen A. Doq^las se.|iiired
? national r?p.it Bo? su i bad bot?me tho rallyiut, wool of th?
I, m... ra?ic uuty of the Union. Wn al. well rcuieiub.-r. Sir,
Bo? larg I? f r i.ietiy lours the p. licy of the (l-in-rni tsovc it
no i I ?rai li. a KTeat ?ligrce bis policy, anti we 1 ive to remem?
ber ho* fir.oly ?ui ?,i|iiurely, in tb? outset of hi? public, oaumer
he plOI led himself Opi?n the Con ?filiittiiii of th? 1,'nited Stitt-!
whrjxi?. in?'S! hoanren Sir, you stund to-day and have au uobiy
gto.ni lo all the iinuiiiirnt services you have rendered your
ooiintry. There is no moto i?bilu,e recotd in our national
butor? than that windi tbowi ihe devotion of thti
eminent st .toemnti to tbo ?minti y be loved so weil,
ami when bbcidv treason deft/sully thro ?tened our very
eilsleni". AtthMtgh be had be*n an auroeat opi?Tsier
of the prinolplei and views of the late liment?,! I.m
.?oui. y?t, lor?-?tiing ?li pirti?m feeiin?., he na?
t.. in* n. .J-stic Iii Tit "f the most sublime ?tait stn ?osbip, and
give o re?dy ?opp?'rt lo bl? Airoiaistrttion. winch wa? ?trino?
bl all constitutional mein? locrneh th? RibeTwn, ?ud wbiob
did crush li by constitution?! mentis. |('li*s?r?.| With ihn l.-lp
of d/tl's bond ?ad th" Aimy and Nury, led ob by the noble
olliMM who Bocompnny you (choor?| none but tbe mint
deroled pairmtistn could b?re git?? utterance to tb? ?ubiinio
w.uda eontuiiitd In tho la-t letter wliioh Duuglai
vi.de a fe? dir? before hit tl?atk, in which he saul
"I know of.,.. lu-ile hy which ?b? loyal riiiint can an wal ile
n.onatrat? Ina .1. suiioii lu hl?eouulry aa bv auaiaiulog the ti. ,; lb?
i iikon end lb? Union, u'ider all . fiitiiu.tan. as. uudV, eVeiy
.l.tiinlstrstlou. ?jiiiiBt di ????ali? it horn? md ?bro.J "
?h Suuii patriotism is worthy of ?II admiration, and
while w? in uoiuufn ?Uti hi? countrymen throughout tho land
ini,i,r'. t')? untimely donlh of Itouslik??and to us Hu.re is |>. -
ouliar ?or row?we rejioce I" knuw cal dikliugiiie)_i',| honora are
to be paid to l.la meniorv. WO, iMrofur?, wc!, time j,,u ,,?
your way to participate in tho luipoiing eBaO-l-isi connected
With the Ijyii.g ol lill? coll.'.- atna? lit 'le m?,.i.ii.ii.t to lo
ercot'J to ?.I? iiiuiory. Weare Mr? troiu ou, oU?cli ?,. n
? f i, j ? kui! f> >in u.r ?hops io tt-!i?et vou ?u I hit! lou
t)tir Yuun_r ?on on? ubi ??* na? children, onr
Mother?, our ?five? and daughters greet yan, ead with yea th?
tliit.nguiabtd offleer* wao accompany yo?, who lad
on ear brav? bor* la ?leed? mt Jaat mown.
pKsniDKST joaaioas aarLT.
Pr??xid?Bl Johuso? ??id' 1 har* aot .?n.oa?:* |ertea *f
loader) to expren is lltlag terms xny tkaak? for the wte?tteas |
von have Just glvoo mo on tbi* occasion. Th? Incident* yon
have Jn?t heard in counootlon with the llatlngnteked ?Uteataaa ?
who io dlatinguiaued hiaiself in the West, at tbe place where
he recurved in part bl* ednoatio?, ?nd, p*rh*ps, the beet forma?
tion ol hi? mind, makes tbi? weloome to mt hero to day pneu
llartv iBterestiag and gratifying. It will not be existed of
me in thla eooneetlon to make an addree* more than ?Imply to
thank you. and thank thi? large audience through yoo, for te?
cordial welcome yoa have grven me and thuae who are aa?o
oiatad with main this joarney. I must ?ay thtewelcoae in?
crease? my eon&deuoe and lnuresee* my determina?
tion to go oa further in vindication of that
flag, that Constitution, and that Union, which
wa al! love, and which we are obligated to mitain. In carting
wltb rou I mott tuy tbit I did not com? among yon to make a
?pee,-?. I feel OTArwbelmed hy what baa beea ?aid. 1 leave
the tt ig, the Constitution and the Union io your bands, know?
ing that yon will potent them. [Cheer?.) Then ni the aggre?
gate and individuality accept my thank? for the welcome yon
have giteo mo here to-day.
After the asnal presentation* bad taken place, Secretary
S*ward said;
Do I understand yon to call noon me to make a ai ecee).
ICbeer?. and erie? o{ ' Ye?."! You ?ball have li (.-nod-bye;
God bles? you and preserve the t'lisou. [Cheer* for howard.J
The Pretident reached Kochciter ?t 111 and tho
trata moving throngb the large depot followed by the crowd,
stopped lo firoot of tho Congress Hall Hotel. The military.
oofistrting of the Fifty fourih Kcgiinent of N. Y. Vol au toora
Col. Clark, were drawn np In lina to reeeive tbe President
Pasting to the hotel th? Pretldential party ?at down to a hand
lorne repa*?.
A DtSHlili TO twB t S.KTT.
There were two tall?'*, at the head of one of which wa* 8.
W. D. Moore, the Mayor of Kocheatcr, and at the head of tbe
other the President. After the good thing* had beeu dis?
patched, Mayor Moore called the company to order, aid ?aid:
" I give jo i a? a sentiment tb? Health of Andrew Johnson.
President of the United Slate?. '
TU? party ritlug gave tbr?c cheett, and Mr. Jobnaon
acknowledged tbo toa?t with n bow and wat? of bia head.
Mayor Moore then gave "the Army, th? Navy and tb? Dipio
matte Corp?." and called on Got. Seward to reepood. Mr
Seward ?aid. ?
Mil. urvABT/S ?rfc?rH.
I do not belong to the anny or the aavy. i <sM belong to a
?re?l nnnv once, and wa? Commander n-Ctaief. I do not be?
long to ih? Diptoroetje ?otp?, it you ?xpriet me to auswer tor
them, yon mud* a prett mistake. I am roing l > ?lo rioauoli
tblug If you hid toasted ia* I'rtaidciit of the I in te? I tat?-?
atvdtkoeeaseoeialadWill htm In tie G-ovetBtneiit. 1 wu'iltl
lave auaaered y.iU. or I would bave aocwored you if you bed
toa?ted the Urcrelary of Stat ', hot there uro two here uy my
?Ide ti answer Htf tat ara?? and navy, and I am not going to
?peak in a K- poMiena city for tho Dipinui.-itio Coria of forcir'u
nation?. Wist tin you nn-na hy calling me out to spe tk for
ihrtui [I. nig lor ami cheer?. J Now my ?nee?, i? made. I
biireooly io tell yon IDat h.-ro t? lien. Grant (i'hc?.r- I, wl.o baw
gol great popula! ity. I u<i te i know bow, but Le ben ?tot it, nutt
Adutir 1 Fan ugu!, who l? eWo vrry popular, 1 think aiust Bare
?ron u rjaaalar Irani not in? kin? ?pr?ches, and I oin going to
?,y if tl.?t w?lbilji inasepiiig , Tesartrter aad ?.beers.!
H ti. Grast wa? (ant toaslt'u aiai bow?! hi? iirknov.li?dg
went?. (Oviei of ' So'rch, ?peech, ') am?! aklc i Mi -
?aid, "Do not think thla place with closed d.or? i? th* place
for ??iiiiinents. the people are oatilde, lake the President
The Pr. iloeut ? a., thou aonductttd to Um halcouT In front of
the bn|r| aud waa loudly cheered. Mayor Moore ?aid.
Jo bcitl'of lb?1 Covnttan Cosnc'il aad citisen? genrrnlly I
hut? th? Louor aud tia ,.'i uf givlBg yu ?ad the dte
tliigtii?h?d uen'.lemcn acsotrip toying you a hearty vrlsoas lo
ii no t?o
I ti i. : t i. ica* ?f ?ptate? will errer basan obi r'atMet ist it
gaid u.i? bi?BOt iln?; t > yon oc
eupy : tr yr?M rjera.,,iSlly '(
Ojr , ii -e? ?on it ade in the
a.u? i. ,i : t .. tit ? ? and ?.though there mm aotn? here
?hau, ? but method of r??toniiir
? ?ate,)'iu re'a I ion to His Government, ?ti
h r, in oui Mu*?! ?vii) Hiinkitig man ?ctoida to yea
nit boat n .it'll , BJalSSIjt. liregrity and patriotic VleV?. j
[ !.. i? J ibis ?pllsii.g. ti it (ie,"kii of ontnriied face?, ooma
ue-e io ii.eet you,.i?kera to thank yo? f -r your ?ei vices |
und 'lie, Mil ask that lue Almighty m iy spire ? ii, and that
have yonr itrmot* until this dbtrvtetid
ci.ai.tij ,!i?'luv oil'-in nulty, ii. fiiit.-rnity and iu !eflow?btp,
and oui-e atoa prop a ?re watt befom th? ?Babel
l'on. Mu t; ?i ?par? roar lift, that ?ou -i bj ?how the people
tin?! you a aud p..iriot,tt tuotn s. I will
not ii. lain you mager te the heat of tue da;, bul bid yon a
ii? ny w cleon.?. "
?nu mxar.si. airt-r.
P.cslJtnt replksd-Mr al it r and the rin/ta? of ito
ckrater. sou will pleuac adept my
- ei. 11,...,ki for the ,-ordi 1 ? ereom? too bar* gitca mu hire
lu t!.i. li rta* "f 'louder.'. And lu temleriug jon those
' thai k?, it I ki aw UM ferliag? of my heart. I JVeau wBnt I say
1 lanka? ai) that 'leiuonttraili.is ,;k?i theae inspire me ?iib
toattiieu, ami latgnaas my cour ige ia the cou'?a and p? I ? v f
bavepui.u I. [Cjeera cul n.es of "Gian.'l Bud my pur
a steak ey to* 'he pt? ??-rr ?it?,n ia tba t'nioa' and the vindication
of lue .itiutiou of tilo Cb lied ???tute?. (Chen?;. I rely
upon I'm inte.li.'i n.-e, upon Ilia ittajjrrltj*. ?uti np in ?ho pat
null.ni of in* gr-iat 111.1?? of thu ' American' pnojie to pre
air., the '? o eminent la the pr -out emergent?' as I have. In
all of wUu'i it baa aaaaevli and in accepting your kind
.io!, nu.?, and lu Baftaag with jou ami tell
ibg jou fit.ewell, jou know It i* i ipo?sible
f.ii ate lo make u speech, on tbi? oc-aaton, for ne'llier the time
?mr ii.'. ?*n*a*tk nail j t ISntl, ?a I baie endured gr- ?t I itigue for
i the lett fe?- date. But iioiugli tua eajaleal lima ia weak and
li, iiil.iiclii.il li nol???irou? ni it ought t? be, thank God
I tlie?.rit ii ?Hil iigb ? [CkOtrs) tot ?* long a? the blood
which ?..nu? and unimalra my exi'teaco shell continue to
Bwtwas np anil ?Inwn my veins. Just so long the bs>t ?nergie?
of H.e ii. ii. ?i.l i?- devnted to the preiervation of tleUhiou
aad Iks CiMMlllallea ef kia aoaatry. [('beera.] Then lu part
lug with you lo-tlay, tber? are the co.or? ipuluttiig lo tbo regi?
mental il?gj Hist yon rtste borne through a peril
un? und d mr-rou? conflict, and uidcr thoa? colei? you are
all ?waru of the lacriQci? that have beca mide It 1? no1
neressaiy for me lo rec- uni t M llvei that have been (oat. the
blood Hut hat t.ecn shed, the inoi.sy that bos been expeuded
aad tim parri! through wluab your Government has pasted.
lTiei aie ali faiiiilinr to jou. 1 commit to your bond* in the
pi-i ..mg ?tiuggie Infor? Um . ?-?t.iitry, to tt.u hands of the pepie
oi'lliu oili.er? .uni t?'.dieit. ?i i id b t-at them | (Cries of good. ]
H e lag of your country tbo ),'or*Utution aud Hie un ou of Hie
M?ales, i hope you ?lil protoct and defend llic.ru. Permit nie
in tbo i'iio.erity of my heart to thank you and to bid you a fare?
well, mi.I in doing io let ure in no irren rent ?ena? tuvok? Hie
blenii."! of llamen to re?t upon tula people
and the people of this aad nil tbn State?. [Cheeri.]
SP) I. H or MU. BBeVABwi
After Grant and r'srrag it ??re s.-cu and cheered. Mr.
Seward sal?! Are you ?ure ?r.v litre has come i [Cries of " Go
ahead, le*'? hear you. j ilii.ukitivaathiasp.il, yet, it waa
Jual about thu ?pot that ?omc year? ago, I do uni rraiember
very well, tierbap? um it-member better then t do, that I
announced bete, in presence of the eitiieui of
Kiictrarter. and in the bealing of the whola
nation that an impreatihl? conflict ita? at hand. (Cherra.'
I think vou ?re more kuowu from your ?Sf->ctaiiun wah tim:
?peech timu you SBt tiy anrthinc elie that ever happened hare.
| Laughter nut! applause. ? 1 vv i?T to tell you what my recep
iiou hen tin u v, ?is. Carried by Biv fiend? through a back
way and bid in the private parlor of a oitiseii s house to shelter
in? fn in orgHtiiB'd public opposition. / trvai too ?Udi.al
| Laught? r and applause. J But I cam* out eil right, and got a
? plat,tlul ?upper, if at thal time 1 had told you that at the
end of tbe confltot. whlah I In vaia tried to avert, that after
you hnd ?aeritio'-ii mil.iona of men, and river? of blood aud
moiintsiu? of gurr, that 1 would come back Ki jou on this Bit
day of Ssptember with th? Pr? sident of the United States,
bringing, you Hie surrender of Slavery, the ?urrcuder of Sccea
?lou and th? restoration of the lu.ou, ?onld von not in a- have
oalled me a prophet? ! Laughter and applause, i Would jou
have believed it al that time I [Clita of ' No.' | Th?t i? Jaat
what ha? come to pea?. The Pietident and I
ure not agreed in our view?. He t luk? it la
very ?eriou? ewakbtea. and he talk? toyon earnestly ft?ring the
people are not going to sottot the terms of peace. I think en
tlreiy different. 1 Unuk you ?te going lo acvopl tbo roatora
lion of the Uiilou on the leroit-thut hare bren offered, a? old
Noah is reported to have aanl during Hio delun?, '1 don't
think tntrv i? Rolug to be mut b of a ?howor after all.' Be?
hnd v can dm le or destroy t bia Union. If Jefferson I'm-mut
Kollert ITannbs could Hot dolt, Barbod? elie c m tin ii. ?Cheer?.]
1 ka ik'Ii jou ?hoi 1 ' all pa ag.iin?t ii.? in the State ot New-York
jon coull! not do it. God has put it together. ' What God haa
put t'tgether no man or men will ?ter ducouuect, or aball utiy
man put aiuudcr. [Ck'-ers. )
After the party were again ?eatod in lb? train tbe crowd
were wild with ei i-nenien', every one Irving to get near
enough to ?hake hand?, and a sema of great dieordtr pre?
vailed, lb? military ?rj lug in vain to keep the people beck.
At Koclieatcr the Mayor of Kri? joined the party, and prom?
ised s rousing reception in Erie, aa Hie Dem.ot-r.itio Conven?
tion ami Heiilnr C1)mer their candidate for Governor were to
be tli-we on the day tho l'reitdont pasted through.
On reaching Brockpou ibu President wa? contacted to a
platform, tastefully decorated with the American flag, and
formal welcomed. The President In reply thanked lb* peo?
ple. Ile ?aid
I think I know how to appreciate thing? of this kind. To
iiec ttemonitrations ma Is of thla character ami without any or?
gn l?.d ? ffor's i? md . d craufTing lo at? li md o ?tea thai
Ihe ik'< pi", ye?, the sovereign people of the S'aleof New-Tare
iitnl tie United Stales, are going to rally around tba Bag ef
the i -tiutry im! in,ike one rtooftl to Mrve th? Union of Bteee
Btatti nun pta/s.vi! th? Constitution ns it wss originally.
(iT.uer?. " Thai's th? talk "|
r.irsMiltJ?T'S sTBwCBk
1 leave In yon: bauds fut Dig, ensign of onr Power, our
QottfOtetBt. That flag 1 conugn to yonr ohnrge. Tk? Con
?UlalkHS mt the I'nited Otataa, ml op i ed by your fathers and
asBMBted by their blood, I confign io yitir ciarge The
glorious Lui, n formul undi r th?' I'on.titutlon I ? onsign to
your ih ii gi-, and I know they wnt all he protected aad de?
fended. [Cheer? J
Geo. Grant and Admiral Farragul oreatcu great enthusiasm
when they appeared. Tac Admiral Bald, "Go aboad. Grant,
and makeaipeech-" bat tbo General wa* ipeccMee?. and the
Admiral added, " There n no use if trying 1 cant get it oil
ifhlni." Tb? proewedine? were slightlv varied h. re hr a pro
posai of " three clu-ta ? for Gen. Sweeney, a lound Democrat,"
and ttic I'l.cei-g wore girre
A very ei;?htisi ratio receptio ?? ?ria ctren tin- p rrty st Albion,
wlii,i? 'ic train ?lopped ?on,? len minali. Tho Picsldeat
wss .?mduoted to a pial form ereetod near Be depot, pad ad?
dressed by the Hon. Sanford X. CkeiM, wive Mid;
Mr. Pr?eid?ot. ob behalf of -bo authtyrlueo of our vlUage aasl
tho e.ti/ers generally 1 toke gmt p'eisur? In tendering to vc'4
Maoit gea end m the ohief magistrate of the am Von ead to
the dutingishod oivil and military ot-cers secompaaylig ya?
sentiment? of oordtul snd hear ifeil w*1c .me In yonr passage
through our county. We regard It a high hnoor aal
privilege to ta ab'? to mingle B til? Informal iiaaane
with the mest ?salted oivil and militar? dig-itoneg
of oar country and the absence of ost.ntntloM parad?!'
and all the various trappings which laesisasf
accompany the reproaentalive? of regal and despotic power,
ire es1 oui \t ed to impreso u? doe ply with Be significant dilfcr
?Lc?? between our Irnt )n?tltntion? ?ad Boee of aioiost erery
oountry in the dTilisod ?orld. With the b-sasirg at lUeve?.
I trost the tim? may Baver oom? whoa the highest officers of
our Government may not p??? through the country with th?
same simplicity, freedom snd ??cnrliy wMeh bsve ebsrnoter
ixed your present journey. We are reminded on this oeoa.ioo.
Sir (sod I am ?uro yo? will pardon my brief allusion to theos),
ol the great serTiceo ?hieb, throughout yourev?u..ol life, you
hare rendered the country. We cannot tad to remember ?nth,
honest pride that von have b?ou ?lov?ted directly from the
rank? of the People and the ordinary walks of life, and ?e
honor you that lo every position which you bave o_copi??l
your voice has always been beard and your InAuouM exerted,
in beha.f of the tolling masses of yonr cointrvmeo ?l-l thU
von have b?en the ?friend of labor and the cD-aipion of thn
homelea?. We know you. Sir, for your heroin dtvnticn tis .Ton
cause of the I'mon it the critical peri? d of its gt-itrsi pen),
aird for your patriotic services through. A the clvl! strife, mow
hat'pily closed-, for ali your efforts to Nature imooo, ?won,
trinqnlLlty and hsppiuess tn l distracted people, snd. abo??
al!, for your firm and unvleldino adherence to the principle? of
the Comfit ?tlon, opon theatric* uioiateoano? of which depend
the libei ti. s of the people and of free govern??*!. Without
tre?p???ing upon the brief lime ol'._tt*d fur your i?*y ooson?
us. and wishing you a plesiant Jo raey silt taft return, I
?ill now, with your permtssio?, )n_rodaM you to Ita people.
The Presiden responded:
"Mr Chairman: I cm only in 1 few w?>rdasektvowMg?
the kind reception and kind welcome yo? hnv? ?7l?on me. I
wish the occasion justified my going more folly into the ox
pression of my feelings and ?he coodlooa of the country than 1
w11 be permitted to do. The 8-uat I can My Is to express to
you. and through yon to this vait concours? of people, mp
thanks for this most cordial welona_e? I tn senkiag and de?
manding nothing of the kind. I woo di.po?d to go ihrourfli
the conntry as it wera unobserved, to participate io laying Be
corner stoue of a atoeatseot M ona of your suteemeu il n
Mater State, with whom I ?na Mi?.iat?d in Be
coon seta of the Notion, ia the lloaae of RoproMntuUvee,
and in the Senate; and there wore many, toooy pointa
ol character between os very ?millar. I wished f?> Umo? tha
1 memory of that ?tat'-scnan, and 1 wished ootkingr of this htad,
bat destrrd to pass 'in.io: iced on my wny?-but I ona be cold to
. thn allusions mode here ic-'iay. Tue ?Itusiou to my springing
from the penn)*, and that I have always defended their in?
terest?, ant: .tond bp them in the darken .mora, ?ix'ited _e*l
ing? iu me tbst language I? im.de?,?late to expmos. In parang
with Ton, all 'hot I ean co Is t? ?eg?r to my post racitrd, wbicts
i La? !n-?'n in kindly and ol<?; lently ?lludad te. M aa eniene? of
what my future course will be. If thn put l8 at lndie.tt.ori
of my ?itccrifr, any new piedirae 1 ruigM give ?Mall
be worthies? and of no ocoenat. Yoi love refcired to
my m ?limit of the Couslituiiou aid Be I/?ion of the??
Stat??, and bow to thi? ???pi?, in?_?B?__p ned c?ecli?'r.
let me conalzn the Conititntion of nar rouutry- ? ? ?nuga >l
und the Colon to rear oare. und 1 know thoy will be oafe.
Take the t oLstitatlon. take the flag, a-d toko the Hoion, anti
in toe approaching contest I koo? oil ?ID be ?eil. |T?re.
?.beer?. |
Mr. Church then Introduced Mr f>w?rd, who sa d
After ?hutt 1 you it ii bsrdly ne??*_Mry
that his-- . Hie useless wor- d r*pe?
luiou. I iuec. ttiertfoie, n; ty to confirm 30: to a-n.Icy ?hal
It? has i?id. [C-S4T? for '>ract.| I he Rig Is here, old ?e
have saved It o-d bi ongUr It horn? t ? you wirb the ? ?'on, and
it li here in your band?. If vouait' ?co*_tt iheai jon have a
a*o of 'id ?ter? snd a Union of SO ?tate?, and a conntry ona
1 a d indio?(Reate now and Lrnotfort 1 forever morn (C beer? I
\ If you will is-jaet Mr Johneon and kia oounMl, }?> 1 Lave ?B
I St, two U. Jay, bat Gul know? how n.it.y ?1
them wiri bo le it U --i-rrow. If 11 States ..1
I tt.uck out, y? ti i? i I have lu _. >w ?hurt years n beim Klag, ".?
?trod of a tailor ITeiidei (, to rue ovuryou. Now, gentlemen,
them i? ?oiuebody here yon du r.?t know, and, w ith your Chair
maa? permission, I will oak bun touume forward. Would _ "ig
like to ?? u (Jeu. Griot f ?<._eei? ai_d erin? of " Yes ! ') He to
M the sstiue platform as tis? P.???ideiit, -.?'ever ? ?opie ?ray
sa/ ub< u: it. .Cries of ' W? all know Min," snd three checre
fur (j ran l ]
The people next saw Farrago?, Welle?. Costar and Rons
soao, and the train moved off ajnt? their cheers.
At Medina the President ?ve ?sVatoomod by li_rass K.
Sick le 1, und returned Li? tlinuks in ? speech ?imlhtr tn toe
m h cr?. Geo. Grant was taken from one side of the plat/bra?
to the other, and the pooplc seemed oarer to lire ia tbeir ahee re
for M._. Vi hen S.wunJ war inirodaoed. be said : " 1 theaghl
you knew mo before just a? we.) as you kio? me now end I
think sr? sill)."' (A voice " We ?lid. too.")
A connie of young lad.es were carried a?v?y with the train,
and a ?lop had ra be ?-asado to let Bam o4L ?Iron. Oran?, eke
Was on the bind platform, ?m soensed by the Admiral ?i h
hiving captured there, and tie Goner?) retorted that he ??oulit
rather capture them than be captured by Iheio; sUudtng to
the Admiral having been left beeind II Geneva, when Ike
Drain had to go back for him.
J. Cll ORT.
Ol srriring at Loekport the President and his party wera
oooducted to a platform ereetod in School P.rk, one of the
pretties? locations for a publie gathering that rs_-.il bo four.?)
any where. The beau'Ifa! (fraen warn novo ?J with wolf
d re wed men and women, a_.d healthy looking children, and
all the surrounding? of the pi ice spot? comfort and intoiliMne?.
Mr. II?nj?min Carpenter, the Mayor of ita city. B?sale the
welcome ?peech, and the President replied.
1 return my thank? for the cordial WeleosM tendered me,
gc'0_: along in no ofrbul copaetty. making no proteste ii die
phy, bnt ?Imply desiring to go along with those with whom, 1
here ?<socl?ted* lu military and civil life, la Irving to d?setal ?re
our daties and thereby preserve the county. I ?mire; Misa
to you ia respoo'? to' year kind reoept.ui?, inst I have not
li.niruairt? adequate to erprete the einution? ot my ?siaotn, but
ibiiil I pauset I really kiow not what tony' Whythi?
?IuDlancoiif gathering! Wny thi? outpouring of the people I
1? it anything in the man? r men who hnv* come among yon
(a voice, it'i the principle o? is it some great emergency In
tLo country (a voice, yon ?ra a good lJemoerat, ?bet'? ali).
Thank God I eon respond _> sentiment to what y??ur bon? ret?
representative has said. I come hera on one point ol
view the President of X Sta.-e? (ohenrsl, sod ia this coaaect.on
permit to mo to say that the proclaaittioo of peace
i and the mi-presiton of the R be'lion announced tu the world!
I the great fact that there li ?ti I ;?, stsrs upon the log of yooe
1 country. jGitod, and cheers. Yes, let m ta for the whole
1 c.'intry. It I know myself, at d I think I do to louse extent
the tieginnlng of the K?b?tllltvti I told I felt that the Uo:?.n
could not be hroknn np. that ? o ?ingle star or ?tripe ?bauld Is?
erased from the flag of our conntry, hot it should coolilup ia
proepentT. I have goM through on that line. I opposed Se
I erosion and disintegration Suuth, and I am no? opposin( con?
solidation ?ed monarchy Nonti. Applause j 1 am for !?.?_
I'dim ami the Coettitotion M your fathers made It and
I handed it down to you. ?CKeers.) Aod thst CoMtitutloa sid
j tbst Cabas I latead to atnud by. and I do a?st latoiod to be
driven from I? by a oo? rnpt and ?UM-Uaed and maodacxmi
ore??, or the lang Boo oi caiumutaton and tra?
ducer?. By the Cosstiiution ?f my eonatr? I
I lnteinl to ?land. [Cheers. 1 Aud the encoarogemeot you gin
I m? here to day, end what 1 have witnessed along the route,
I these spontaneous uprising? of the people lo support of the
I I'uion and the Constitution inspire me with now hope io
1 addition to the eonth'.enec I had before ia tha latclligcnoe tha
i lutegrtty. the determination, the patriotism sad the virtue ni
tne great mata ot the peopla. I now feel that you ore _? ter
I mined to ?toad hy the country and not by party. I Mi My ni
I more. I am fatigued, and worn down and boera?. I than!
yo? for the welcome whieo you boro given me waa bombi?
oltlieoof the United State?, and for ?the welcome yon have
extended to mo a? the I'!'iel Magistrate, he being the rapre
?autative of all the Slain?. I thank you in the uatae of my
oe.oclnte?. Hiring ?o short a tim? to eseh?Mronpi?kna? and
salutations on leaving you. I intend to oouvign mr eon-try.
where I have always hod faith, ia the great m?_ts of
the people. It I? they alone who can save it I smst to yak,
and I hfl,?.v? that In the approaching electioaa. when yea gi
up to the ballot box, you a ill go without raeoguUiag this ma?
and that man. bit with your eyes steadily find mon the flag,
u|i?ni Um I nioo, aod n, "ii the Conttitetioi. and Wdl so cmI
vnur ?oto? th.il the iiuti.'U ? 111 -la.id redeemed, regeueratod and
ti Is* i. tbr.iled from traitors Ninth aod Sjuth. [Cheer?! Then
let me ??v. good-bye. I consign the (lag to yonr keeping?
take the Constltulion t at ho? been violated aod that bal baton
em roaelied npoli. A Von??' luigive and lorgel. ') I leave
It? vindication with you, and ia lea ting yon ia dargo of youl
country and 1U highest intereit? 1 luveke Be beat rift, the
belt bleisinir. that can emni.ute from on high M re?t apon ihn
l>eople, and that the day will not be for diiioat when the peo
]4? of I' e United Stotci ntl: resume ttetr orditisry ?voMtintg
of peace prt-speiuy and bnpi.ioess. and agnin be one people.
IA Voiue?"Throe ebeers for Andrew Jnhuocn, and nn?n." j
again thank you ?)l. | i't.ree chear? for Andrew Johnson j
At tb* coiirlttfioa at his ?i-c-oli. tb? President wna hsided a
beautiful lM"ii|uet of fl.twei?. tlM giftef a Miss Car .ia "fh.
The opportunity wM now given fie peotile of seeing n.n.
?liant sand tbe n4h*r celebrliim. whom ?they eaenred te their
heart i emit? nt. The nany then returned lo tb? eora, af,d tim
Irita wss soon speeding towird lu destmstion?Bhsgsri
Fs'ls. *
The committee f-om that ii ice who e uno on rvnsrd at Lock.
lort, were ti? Hou (i-.tsri?) r irter, G?v rge K. Sioitb, T.
Spaoltling, Mr. Woodruff tud Hr. TowaoeiC
Arrived at "h? Kalin, tit? party wa? troo?iarr?d to earri?g?s
and rapidly driven io the Intern itiou 1 Kotol. where uiarWrs
had b"?u rngagfed for thom. The Preaid*at soon stpetrad
U'ion tb? bak-ouy in front of iii? hotel, mid was g1 ct toil li y the
guests of me house aud toe peupla of the plooe. Air. <i '.'?;*
Porter ?neu mad? a long ?ti?, tiresome speech of ? c.ootue, to
wbicb thoiVre?idrnf r?'S|?m'l-<I. Ile said:
BPKuii or pan drrt johjuom.
MliowCitukn?: 1 hope 1 will m allowed lo nail yoi ?neh.
though it h?? not boen long ?io?e eouteodod that 1 was not ?
oin vn , f th? I'nltrd State?. ?Lsughttr. J
MA Si.wAHD? lliat yoe wa? ac Us_n uf the United Itatee.
Mr Ji?;isso\?Tbst I wa? a cilioen of the United lui?i,
bnt 1 otu 1'iou.t of beini; pre??nt?d hero thi? ?i<a_i>a by your
diatioffunhed r?pre.-.cnt?tive ?Lil organ M being P??*iiicu|
of the UhiMtl S .tea. Thn conotitutloa of the i??u?lry. I be?
lieve, declares thal lo tne slmll be Preudeutof Dm Vniletl
state? nnleas be i? a cttiseo, and therefora the coaai?a_ou tb.it
I sn> u cunten of (he I ?cted State?, lApflau?* ?nd i?ugb!?r )
It is not Btv purpose hore, either m aoBis?! or Pras.c?er t, tu
m.ke a ?p-f.h. u i? simply to mutter to yoi ny ach?.?, ii
etlir-aratr my profound tunnks, foe Ita Mrtjial weiusnae yoq
have given me on this uoes-tiu?, and the hu*
ties of tour town aod ?o?amuirlty. Wv ituaiurs? ia
irire.?n_- through the ouantry, be___; the F__K-utti* of ti
Cntiel (_t?:e?, wss to mata bo display, to atisact u- ntl?
in cMie-^nemo of be.ig ?itok. >.,? it wa? ?imp*? %i
Uirt.t.c'!t ii on :ry uno arveil thal ) rieht pot'am a. ?? \
c.noci eil to 1'?? lue le ne? M'viona.ii . , ^
? t-si ? ?loti? |?i,_.r..

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