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iwi.?r_rvADif ^niiT?sinAY S P. PTFM R R R 6. 1866.
V6L- XXVI.N?- 7,929.
Impartial Suffrage Proposed as a
Grand Mass Meeting of Southern and
Northern Delegates in
the Evening.
8peec__?e8 of Gen. Schenck, the Hon, Mr. Mm
Gen. Burly, and Others.
The Convention resumwl its nesbion ht IO?, o'clock
to-day ud ??guaL/cd il? opening by the neible prnyer of tbe
Rev l>r Newman, Chaplain of the Convention and delegete
trtmi Louisiana. Tbe prayer waa heard with the gravest rev
?renee throughout the ball, and the rieb and clear voice of ihe
?peaker, presiding eloquently tb? cause of ?11 tren before God.
Md routing the noblest impulses of his hearers, ibiilied and
kffrctcd the Convention. It was a prayer undoubtedly ft r tl.t
platfoim ef LoBWiao?. an offencp out of the imoke of tbe
?Bernice at NewOrleani; but none tie le?? tbo prayer that
ibeiultl go to God, if it doe? not at once reach the heurts of the
ftrepple. 'Ihat part of the pracer in which Heav-n
ueebed to deliver the land from a weak and wicked
<Pr??.i)ent wu interrupted by numerous and fen mt
" asens" over the bal) and plsifrm. As the
llttko prayed for Conprcn in iti ?'? ??
reststsbee to tLo power set in rule by a sstiiii:c a|
uodcot, "Amen." and ''amen," was murmured from tbe
?ottici.ce anu the Convention. The (leek uf tie Conic tion
has teen flooded with resolies on till topics of ii-?ltt_ ard free
ci m Ad(/ci ?I aatraga iu?*ias. ?Hbei proooslnsj ti
o? tie C (.niontii.L in favor of an evuressi'o t ii Ile I
Urokii g to Coi grest and the Cor ?titutn-n to giuMmec
?n rir/Lt* to all men. wa? Baal to tb? Gi
leak, and rend to various indentions of Uti
by tbe ullra-*M>nth<-r?'i)(rs. A rt?orve rxj
puk] -a.'.r. ?ir st-frlinc patriots of all rai
prtrvinf the spirit of Congress on ti?? Ni
rec? h di ? 'ti the unanimous clapping ? f beti.:-.
lion wu? st length put into gieat food I uti.. ?. ii ?b1
Or BBTtralottngantrtulre? u Ino President and i.?? : .?it.
Oie rttk.riK Mr. Jolmton to ruiga wa? c1 ere. over,
propon i g that the Convention Mil? the IT -
tner tto, ping at al j) nee t>ui Cleveland, cam
lah!? n timm ?it. Still another invite a Grui I
wbo bsie iefi the President, lo join ihn ( .? i
Heurt.? rn men. Following Mt?, ? rt-.i ?? ?
of lb?'< cuv.-t.tton 'o vi?it tbe tomb of ATrs'i u:i ! : c.ii. WU
o?ku tut w.ti?.ui ? dii?ent. So it may I
th.? ion.. ; ragBaaaaaa tbut* laige pan al
co Wert an I measure w?:!coE.e?n:!t. 'ti.? IBU
t'k'Vno' ?1. It wal be a grund
Dun .
r ?iib lit? mool glory of ?truer?t?
IV, ?i to liy ? Copperh? ?d tr?bulo on :
?of Puglaa or IbOBoytJ lostbornera, whocoiri the
I? fu y
i ..if m..rt>r. 'I i? i...t..P 1 ,
Ita iti.i.o i.v.r t*u wsrll-ki,o?L ?rai.
ko-t'.rtii? of ihoii.tirids.
? ? ..f Missouri rose at last and offered a rei
|_r?w ? u of the nclicy of ?UT re?
port of con tnitr.ee. ID? BfaaaaanaMk] ??nd pol tedly ?ufs,u;
?f ne|.ii'siiffrag* ni the saving poiic-y tor '.in- B 1
fre,i.?ilj- np;.! lud.i'. l)ur.( g L?? dill?, ?y den. ;'
t?->?d the bell ?nd was cheered by the aallciu au.:
tmn wi.icLroe? tulhe-it l?et Col. Moe? pmi.tt j to 1.
1er ss the rt-preseritstiv?* of the pHiaaala a? bad
died and ?applause broke out again ia k1 I
?ad among ti?- auditors. A? tbe end ot Cn
motioni for a direct vote ?nd the t?bli:,g n: .1 t-:?
his resolves were made in various "inicn. Ii .1 ?<f
Tot?1 made n ?huit ringing ?peech afa
bate, and in favor of the resolve, A coi fusion at loigaaa ??-?_
?loDoti. succeeded, during which u motion io rt:cr tt.? ?In'"
mt,rt.r to tie committee? wa? buffeted abo?!
The eh tirroan'? voice could no1 he bearii ?or a ?bart tin
Mr J. M. i'.'tts. ?ho had taken Presid?
In the d?v.?aid that he wonld Uki- tberespoi sibdity ni -
tug tbe Convention unle.-s it kept order. His ?j
?din.riii.lr, sud it? proceedin?! went on in Mapala! ?
?ill something said IP favor of the suffrage res.ivc prewked ?
reply tot _? J. Io. Tlaciu. jr.. of Maryland, in sabatai
She jaifnge of such ? resolv? would Irr ????Iraient ia effect to
.giving Kobe la the franchi?? in Maitland. '1 l-i speake-i's iui -
Juagc wa? uiiwue. though UBiewhat mtsniidcritood, ?od he
??try justly met with a ?torm of hisses sr.d gror.fi? fron, the
?ieiighie-, and that parto! the audience near enough P? hear.
Mr. Bott* of (Virginia occupied tbe Chair during the d'.?c ni?
au n With a more commantiuig voi-e be ?.mid be a better
?ifl.eer It wu well know? fron tbe basjlailag tl.at be was a
blunt opponent of impartial suffrage, but Lis delegation have
refueed to adopt his platform as their own. Judge Speed left
?be C'nuir to confer with the Committee?
TbeCt-Dveuiion ?djdnruef to nn-et ?1 the same hour to-mor
m, ?f'er ha? ing rii?po?ed of Col. Mu.ii rracluiioa by sending
it to Ute Committee. Tb? cot iu.ion which occurred toward
Ama coan aram only pin Batten lory, and the bett lo? Lug will
Uotioue to prevail
Tu ?DoiMiittu oo the Address np to 6 o'clock had not
loualed tbeir labors. The spirit ?bown li. Convention tn day
by the nureconstructed States afte^be ?ddrr?? o! Col. Mon of
Mlss-oin. h?s somewhat renewed the contest for suffrage.
wirf inl??till bold? her large Kadtoel majority, and Mimislipi
boo iootructed her Corouiiueom?-, Se du ait, to rung to the
lut t?. tbo UJeral doctrine.
li.? ccsmpUiued that, under influi-?ie of the Middle Statet
?Mruuckaiii. the delsgite? fron West Virginia aud Marland
Lave tieeome onited againit iuffr?ge M?ny of the lc?dicg
men of tb? Kurth ?re ?viwedly oppooed to pressing any issue
over which the Border Ktntes would be likrlv to quorrcl, aud
ali?. It seems, io the Intereit of barmony. On the other bead,
?lernen from the further.South that their sufferings and needs
?uno! now stand walting on compromises of any character,
avad that Jl is ss will to declare for suffrage to-day ss to-mor
nam. Their appeal It is hard etea for Border meo to with
atanti and tbo North should know tbe whole truth that the
benrtnnl mild of the K-iutb land there is as mach. If not far
?mu ?*f tbeee la tbe Convent! >n than of ?nytbiug ibe) ara
?etierwUlfiiingly in favor of impartial inffrsge.
Marjl?nd.l>el???re and Weil Virginie came originallr toibe
CoBs?e?llu with ?troog thong).ts ?gslut the impolicy of pre
?ipiUtiitg ?oy Um? opon tie people at this time. We have
?otioed among the members of tbe Convention only oo<-*i
prtauoAi ot prejadiee, ?nd for th?t there may be some ?To* -
?noe 111 tbe dogmatic cttarscler of the individual wbo ?poke
?Bore a? ? politician than a* a man. TU Border States con
?edr to tbe ?strover booth the Jostle? ot tbeir cbum ?nd pitt
form, end the propriety of theie io their needs sod condition.
They Sud a harder to digest Ibesc (nels iban lo repud?ale
?bena, and u. while Liberty ffs '?uestion of time with th? Hur?
ler, it a one ?rf mom? tit wit!, the unrooonitrn 'led South. T *
annlerUlAteshar* in most conventions held the balami- of
Kwor Iheit' strength will go fir toward a decision, whicli.
??lex w,ll not he rea hed finally without the ?re tr*ti .n of
She _?rg_ d?l?gation of Tennemee. Al Tennessee dtdtlao, U
_ti_ list Bi?>rtty. Jin ne1,1 ti ?1rs.?,?! i<,-ally duultd on the
gai?! vu of utjrag?.
Tbr CbKnitu-e on lie aluCt.n? ?tt not cxpeoted to rep<i-t
?ntl! ?fter the ?ddr??? is ?i-oenied. Tb? address I to now
1 ?ii-a n the I't-inand for imp.rtn.l ?alfrige but
M n...w '.f I ??idi-i sad ritiging i? , ucted.
ii :? tbaaasa ire r?-"'..?? n.?.? at t, ~tT,'.
look lor
1 v sod OitBoritT r?'j?,r'?. There w ;
K rth again?!
.?: und lo r
' I ? . ?
kmj, ar
1 S!*pfsa?:i H
0"'ln_ to? -? .- . . ? ? r ? -1. ?, ;
?b??i dorl.lost apoa u? ti ?low,
-t-La? th' right ?ad riwev to ?et asida
?ve .-.. .?. .jisi ,:i. g.. 1. ,_t:../.i una ci.tuf< : lied It i'r. .??.. -i. ?.
?U l'soi- .nth* uarec-iiMtrJtrti.1 Statis mil lu |?J..Cf I
mm baud? ot loyal san, ?ad tu.it OaBMsus -lugi.t to cic'icisc
that power.
" ?\_*,Ml-rtn*: t"? P_?r. Curregg hu tia right to
pr? ?caMwtaa^nuiiitiirr (| ??lu? at tons f.tr vi ter?
? tov? scbedoie tbe vote stand? . .
r "" t**?***" V?-*-'1"?"'?- *V>ndn. Alalnaui. Ali.
L/aiMiai.ti. l-iai, Ars?n?M Mi?*,Lrl. li?bir.< t off-:,,
M?iyl_ii, W_?i Viriiai?, Iic__
?sttek), I?, leran ? I.
LOYAL SOI TUI.hS t <>..l 1 \TI0\.
Ptiuwi-raiA. w.-ib-mIst i.,.a 1, 1 ?a
lhe ( !..
t*ot M l.t ti .!'..?. ti v tbat.i'tui, the tatt.Di. tipmmbirXl
LontiisBB. olT?rlDg np prayer I? tie mott thrilling and elo
(|Oent ?tra?na, concluding ?? follow?; " Tbou ha?t brought
to ir.iil.?> '1 million? of toreiiiter?, vho bare hitt.eno he?n
kept in Blavery; dod graut tbat we may beitow noon the m
th? pr i vile pel and immuottlea of iiti/en?hlp that belong to
tbem try netaro und hy p. litioal r gb?. Kndne the delegatea
with windora, eave na from outride preaiur?; eave ui from
baie motive?! ai.d grunt that we may riso in dignified Chrlt
luir. ?nojiho_ti, and ?tand firm by the eternal principle? of
Juitioe and nglilcou?ne??. ?rd prepare for -tart grander mana?
ri ?tv. ion of Christian enilirstion to which Thoo hist called
this BepoWio. I'cliver u? from the ro'e mt bad men, ripe
ei_ iv from bim, who, through sntauio agencie*, has been set
over us, sod who ha* endangered tbu Repulido, tbroogh hi*
ruinous p? licy, and through tbo bul men ar cinl
bim. Discover to th? A-nerican people the bato
bypoonsy of the party sustaining hi? 1. Aron?? the American
ale in this hour: ?reuse the clergy; grant thora the ?treagtb
?elare the principle? of eternal Justice, giant that they
msv be able to discover the pinta that endmger them ?nd
?ave them from the ravening Wt lie? teat would dertroy them.
Arouse the women or the country to ?i lyrnpathy with tbl*
frraud muggie. Hold in thy kimi euro, and keeping oar be?
ared famille?? everywhere; and grant that in ntl our deliber
allon* we may be directed to rig? tconcluiion? in the intetettt
of civilisation and hniuaui.y O.erlhio* Iii? mac ti mat iona of
our mernie* and grant that we moy behold tie plory of thy
name; and onto the Father, the ?on and the II >ly Spirit wv
render ascription? of praise for ever. Amen.
The President announoed that he yesterday received a com?
munication froiu Hit Donor, Morton MoMiubaol. Mayor of
he City of Philadelphia, br.t bj some accident It bad not been
presented to the Convention.
The communication wa? read, a? fo'lowa:
Kipt??<b. R 3 lHrfj? Totb? Delegate? composing the Con?
vention otl.oy ii Sciutbern Unioni?!??Gentlemen: Ata ?peelal
meeting of the Sriect and Comniou Chu eil?, beld thu duy, tbo
folioaiug pri'un.bl" and reiolutions aero adopted:
Warre?* A Convi niu.ii of BoalieTB I in rita i? to Mifinh'e In
Dili city to-day fot Ihr pnrpoM of devi'tn? w?y? lint mean? to rire
the --tate? lately io r?_?:iiou thriy | roper itttui iu Iii? Aiiiriiinn
I'ninn ; and
li i.inu. Slid Con-rption will be comiiof? d of Beatteta rr.eo who
mutin, d ttue to lue (Joveiun e ii of '.ht United -lal?? durieg lil re
crut war, ti.,)
H'rVerfo?. The ril>/?ni of IT ila -bl,.hit ?re en -i ti te ?nd tTriTi p?
ilistrtiig ?veaua sel d?tenlat?Waters, kal levies piu.u.iiii
?Bil dr.irTttil f lo I ta?l pat ill !- ; li? I
Ar Mair?-. Hy th? Belt?* mil ( e_Mea Conncili ?f the City ol Phlle
de pin?, Th?' w* it ce.m e lit nun ?bout to tatS-atta la Bear? at lea
it. ? .ia nty ?? th? tri> ?Mid trod pitnoti if He m ali, v. Lo titled tle'r
li?. ? t::t! periled til ,r fortasB? to BMJnlalB the r d. v.l.on to Ire d-r
an : ?ral al ti.? Unit? H *l ile? - IJ the deagert ai d t:.? i of irbi .Inn
ii it ti ?t ti null wr ?Iitnoi tlein for their iniir..p? md love them iii
R,i- brj Tlmt'ii ? tnirk of? nr bctior md ^??eerii, the Miyo? h? ?nd
? ?-tv ret)ee*ted lo we. '.tue thaw ead ntrnd t<. Um n. it ?? fir ???
dom il th.- 'vi '. .rinj ti.eir Bajeara wita aa, and thal a .?jecii! ( on.
Bl.lire Ol Meinen : .ra 1 I* mid* i? liri, by ?pi' .intrd to -hliwttlrln.il
,y within their power.
in I".Iii on ,-rit . f ti ei ? r. 11 ion? I hrr'^y ??mirr lo jon. ,-rntlr
: Mi,, ij-iii ial_er_-*a,a uni ?I i-. ..-nu? to
Ihr eily of I'h.:??!?', loi The I '? B.ad* lad!
t, iii. r - ?wa have ?adored, la Mia'?alas t'e aalieael mity, ti,?
tWl'teTed IU Vl'.l bil.il f ti.I ?Ililli tt fill ll-fl -li ...? le li. . | . .1
f eer ettiasDS-, ead I I wr mr? le pr j?ot?
? i ? ? . ...;,,i?i ra
, t!? 10 ?.Bil??
yo ; i .. li i'< urt..... I le rrltila ti?, ni. I to ?. i .rr |
: at eaee mail otu 11 in?
< ...
ifearan MeMieaaai, M ?- < phi?.
('??n. Haast M
tt at m
. t in j ri'ili. i g feeling! ?f the mott pro! aodgr
: ret] al ? ? sana lu? i i '? ??? I ? 1 pt
It : o' i ".e iiiV.Uitu.it of the
worthy Mayor ead < oaacll ei i'
Tie I ill", ?ml Ce !o.lou mg gentlemen sp
rond of Te i Tins. Wind <?! T. ?
..f \ inris a, ii. li Tot bell of Mi
on. .1 !.. T . .. ?,
Central Ua at :
coi 'uni.' ran ? i'..b r?: g ike
of Co ??'i tt i le favor of i hi menta to
? f traitera,
Letten L Black ol I b liatt ?.ntl
! IBM IU'i?ira
At.:.. 1 aita I is .i at Syrv'titc,
- ,
audei -.i ii. ti-, loyal etty el
i \\ ' - I " "lill owing r t -11 mon? B.I
;!.. M
' ri?
- dturat prap omi to IhOBeOft ny
i wri-ril
.'Tile 11
' :
? '-J _. w
mern km ram. t . .
K ?
i 1 , ? I t '<
( ol. 1>
, ? ? re iu?
Ri |-r. .. lal?.
: ?
A'- Iii...
AriiTo.viIT i*.e Pretiil.'Li si Vir?
ginia I!.' rr too., lie chair aa teaperary C1
. , ? ? .
1 be i o per..- .:.. : , . .- t ii. ti,
umil l!" ?iot'i: - it) wat i rattle uliy caincd
i at l'Api
Tiie 1 lion ? if- r? ?1 a rtselattoe. that i i
of Mai ry vu not a?eel? d ij it lilt ii-, i i.tur iloi.r. I ,i
by til? a. t "i tioii, i. tagtarante*
I join-' tel that ? ?i? ti? dal} ? ' '
ginee te asalta tkal power ?lb. tue. ead lor tie Prieta? tt ti
en?or.e It, and tia) Andree ?Tai lea, karng fallet ta r
m..i to t'.t ?
. Kalga ti. ?!,'.'. f l'n r.ilci.t of I. 0 1 Lind St.i!?,
):. lertv J.
("apt Wairo.? ta Virjgiala aft ? ed ? reeeteiiet that the free
?? I.I ?. ?tem ?nott perform a trie*! wmk ia the leganal Bl toa
of ti ?? S i.lh, unu ought to be protided far hy tier? M.itr
(,. YV. Stud? of Marylea?', offered a It?ltllll lint ibi? I .1
Ten tin nb ?ii ra.it 1.1 .? ni 1 m {..tir.fr (?? a???rt
UM li-'t.t of ?t.! g uri,meat and fuionr.tr a ret 11noa ol Ihe
nt-iitralli) law? of tin- Coiled Stoti??. K.-brrert.
A nit." I?e- of lil t,( o.'gla iii boulton off red a resolution de
? 'bal lo??It 1 ?lion.11 Ire rewaruetl, li,.,i ti 1 (,i ?. ?
? ?taad if It ignore? tam action ti tbt?e a bo ?Ii-.m. Ii it
in i'? _a?_r ef petril 1 tLat tin- keats ol ?iii ?? Mn-r? ?r-- the
peal I.? o? oui H public, that Andern uti le in., 1? ihr At, . 1
of A 1.'i.i.x wl.it),i r ??. patrtal ? ?iiild Hain.tr .iinl contecrate
bimitil ?new to liltcrtj. I(eferre?l.
Mr l'atterioB of T?nne^^*r otfrred a rr".lntion declaring
that true deuicrcrucy and K-putilicanitta ? ric identical in
piiuci, le ?Lil the only safeguard ol the lot miment. tLat
etjnal right? and ln.par.ial Jjhico wire tb? right? of every
citizen: tbat tb* plan of Congress 1? the only ??fe |>l set
recoi itructioB, recommending tLat the o,u?rtion of ?i.lfr.ge
be kft te lie Matts Hipttlliilji that a reffaMtaaatana a.
roveniment ?bould I? goarnuieed v> ? irr. Mat?, aie! tLat
Congre** i* tkeprojer tribunal to decide a Leu a iepuil..au
form of govtrumeut cunt. Ilefcrreil.
Cul. Moaaof Ml??oorl offered tbe fc-Uowirg
R't lied. Tl.ti talieeaaataa of lila?T?eavaaSaa the pim of ti,
rrn uitr h tien of lie feielHoin .?-?air? propo,ed hy Carnot*** it At
fret nr in not priiTlalni for tb* e fttci lue ...et ?( al ley I rlllvoa.
[,[.j luiir] ti.d 'lit w? mott 1 l(.-i.lly r.ijn.,1 ' 1 ii(T?l"'al i'.i.eil
,e.,o,, t? ran,edy the d'fe. t ty luitablc u.raturrt ol .?...lion
A delegate from Virgiola offered the following
Kiroi'ird. T'hit 1'ir i IsSlltS 'raOi hi?? 11 ? natnttl ri?l.t, ?id ,- fat t *
be |n_r?iil?el by lb, (ouaUtulIou ol the I i.iled ftttr. lo s I tit du?
lan?. |App.?tiM. j
Mr Nooney of Kentnoky offrrird a resolution relative to
Meno in affair?, and fruiting tbat Maximilian would soon
la??- '* Krenth lette' ofMeiuo. Kefentd.
Mr Kr.iik? of Missouri offered tie folio?.Lr:
Iwtatee, Tita ? ? f tra ia appel?t. -I i.t ihr rinir to r?
it iipo:i toinr |T?u, ii dr.mod adTitiio,-, a lu te 1? ?II ti.? ti awWr? "I
lil b di et ti ti.tuy of tit?-, ti 1) ill Hail ft. ui tim |.l?. e t.
reed |a ft. Lo-iii Me to be re r ?rd b? ti e t mr.
tie fata te io tie etwa at ?iel ef th* el | 1 I tie ff teet
dt-nt |i||>li.i<J, w,ii, th? ni. p ion ti ti.r . .1, of Auburn. [Ap
A delegate from Virginia moved to ?trlkc out the wo-d "Au?
burn. ' The people of Auburn wer? grreu li in neetl of ligli!.
A11 "I her tlelegule remar! 1 d t hut I be fftaffll of Aul urn nore
well eiilitl t?ti'-. He ki,eu of but out- maa in Auburn who
reeded light.
'1 bo Chairman?The gentleman ought to put down bit light.
I be reeorari<
Ion wat adnpt??l. and t).e Ctnir appoii.t'.l I'.
fottowiBg gri.tlcinen a? Hie < itataltta?
Meaar*. Ii.uk? mi Miaeouri, ?rill.f Alabaaa. *??, ek
I 1 ridge ol VLi-iniu B'.-ll of Lin. ami Caui|Ti<ll of \\ ?
gi' ia
Bub**es*ellj. ot 1 "l Davit ?if Virginia
' the f'Tl"* :? g i"-, tiemeu v ei? rid?.
Hmioi Virginia. Dorant ol Los I
- Hal: io ...ti
?um tlcolar.iiir
.', ! :???
I alij i...
Mr. J b.? ? ,?t na nil
: ?
..???? 1 tt
?1 ,?,-ir.' li.'
Audi.? J. I., .
'"-!" : .-..,.
'.y L.tdllt? kTrlatid Ohl. ! ?rrlnoi? i
Ka erred.
A delvgat? from M
? bo?? Bt f ? I-? ? IT? ??nr
BBS I"?' i? .?
jnum?mdmm. Vet -? 'v.-l.'.l m
tri?. Int. eta, I
I' ? ? I
A Dek-)?r9Df?t_at, ?.id iliattbeciiv of WiiuiiDgtt.i bid
through its snthorltles refuted to receive tb? President of the
United State? opon his ?leettoneorlnr tour, snd the neople of
the city, by ihe "lection of Union olf.cers, bsd indortod that
?ctio?. I Applaus? J.
Mr Kryranowikl (D. C.) proposed the following:
fteanirrd, That thli i? the boat for the drclaiatioo and m?intenince
of linpartial auftrug?.
Referred to the Comtnllte? on re.olat.ons.
llenrv H. Crawford (_4d ):
II Cerros Su ?ci ,l?n?_l loipairy bl? r?-??ly boen ofetily ti)?ilo in
Philadelphie wh?' iot tliote we? ? Mayor In that city 01 not durlai
til. ?....:.! I.? ITe.i 1' tit el the I'niterJ Slot?, be ?I
Krif.'ri'l. Tb?? ne city ia ih* American Union ii aware ?Hy rr?i"I?d
OT?r 'h|gt Phi .d. Ipili?; ?u.| iu II ? com,s.g i let 'i,a iu the loyal Stat?
of P?niilvltsiua, ti.? tnninph tf that ilWrioui ind ley?) .oidirr,
John IV. ?ieaty, will bo ihe bit-attest answer I? the MhasssM tot] dry
IA pi lia.*. I
Charl?! W. Butt g (Va.)
Knotted, Tb?t dvnrttelMOl reportiof clmtntlteoib? by ct?''?,
?. ii t-.rh State be entitled to the number of role? tint the delegate?
repp ?eil!
Air. Mullins (Teun.)-I move that that resolution be laid on
the table.
Tie President?Tha reiotntloni offered will go without
di bale lo (ha Committee M ]{?-?o!iilluti?.
A helegate finm Hcorrls?I nndeit-tnnd thal the Var-fUn?)
delegation offered ?i resulnliun at the ???seu.blir.g of thiii-Bi
ventinn, ti this . (Ti et lint ali reiolutions inti otlureil wmiid
: red to the Committee without debut??. Alter the di?
cussion, I im of the ?pu Um that Uria ('niiTentlon voted down
the propontion to refer witb-vit debite, thus cn.tbliiig the tan
tlemen upon thin floor io expies? their feelings and opinion!
up n every lubject. Am I ?TSag ?
Mr. Sherwood (Texas)?The words "without debate" were
Stricken oat
The Chairtosn?I am informed that the gentleman from
Georgia is correct.
Mr. Mom (M>.)?It will bo probably a long time before the
Coiniuitlie ?in It'-solutioi.s ?ill rtpt'if. I will, tbiif foro, i It r
one that ?ill call ?mt ?ocie I ule fMacwaiaa, so ti st wc msy
hear ihe news entei? iii.ed Uv gii.tl. ?r.en pr? ?? ft
K. 1!. I'.raiiMnini (Jl.i.;?1' tb? gei.t'tn.iiti from llissoori
trill p. r:?U ::.-'. I d'-?I o to f.ir r a IWOfatim. li lu tl.i
. b. r? tf Cn. I . i.Trii'imi wl.o will be sp
I te fallow Andrew Johtwon in ins ,.,,-. I? i?i
? r , I; i: . iga bj ? i ?.t l' tie t Mb i
ham llama iu|?.i:.i u a ?? ryeftUl Bl??triooi nurtyr ?.I liberty
ti ' i. it ot ?du.nullen and {latitude 0 sg nun from the Hue l.'uiou mm
11 'I e Seulb.
Mi Hull? (V?o?I move to impend the rule?, so that it m?y
bj ailoptc'l hy a. t Ini'uiti')*!.
I ! .?? c " is.Bir :, ,i -ih. i ball does not undeiitand Ihst thr re
is ?' y ni?.si of a iiitipt'iisinu of lbs rilli?.
Ti", r>-?"...? ??ti ?av?? m. h.m na Ij .?I"; t? d.
Air. Mt ??(Mu. ?? I nos- prt'i? ?] i*?>ilnii?n.
T aCblirtMl_ri.e Chun ?ill ?tate to the gentleman ?Vim
ri tUt b? is requited lo luiptnd bis reulalloB (04 a
'. tor the pi.ri" -?? "I aff' rdir.g (Int. i'.ti.wulow nu op.
le i It. r u :??-' .ni t s re ..I.
li.-I,,'.I. TI ?' Um i.n.. ii-ed.l. -.t . .; II ary Wtatn !?*.,? fill? ?he
1 outs el Southern I y.i -l-, uni f? Iii ?ring ni? n nitpe, ??- ?kail i r. is
i v. ilt.,1 li j?,t> . ?ntl i.. t tie?., li, sl.iili bo mad'- lr.|
t t!? d.
M?. Bl "i ? ?e.d (TeiaiV- I more tLat it be adopted.
A i-i 11 d to.
Mr. ? o;, .i.n ?K in." offen d a ri ?? I ?ne that the
?: g COI di tt.lt li." ' f
the loyal men of t ? s i lag oat bl? lal? i't :?.misti?n
? timan and Knlbito: . fur ?
: ? t .- r- ? i . '?? i in the IT ? d ra ? I ir? i? bv
mo IBS ' ' ?'" pu
: ? ration do n i -? ? "i ? i tatt
action ?t i!?- i reedi 11.'? ling? 4 I1"
-..?.t ali .Tu-.- - la the lout I
:???!,?(.' n-( ti ?< ' lot ti tb? I.al.ill of all Icy?!
::.. ii :? .-it:-..cb. if . olor, li- I
Mr M " M i'' Man uri hritrtrl u|.oo hi? leislutcn wt .'b
I folieWI 1
>o rye
j . e ?ii I n i i it ? I . 1 '. a fat r.n. '? ? . ? . Ile:
-i.8r.. ? r . .
A lie ?rule- I a . n It I ria, I" i . i f euler. Ii in tP. in.
S.r rut noa itMrwl it tb? rile adopted y< sterday may hair
:? .i .:>,,.,',. , ? - ,', ti:,ii..in,,y mude on ali :
tiona which have bu- ??'?.? precedent w Lict.
na ii? ?indlBg a? su a.l'i ??? ??'. I ' I?
? o! klitsonri?ll.ai resolution is b reielullon of initroc
The Pi. sitlinf-'IT.e Cl.ir tiierrel'? tie i-';nt mt tAwOP, in
s, li mi il.t.t 11? di
rio?. 'Ile ?
t...i. ,| . - - ? bo I . ta n.ni, :r..ni
1 tO ti * I!'?*.
M'. ?I r
' ' ? ? report ?I
' . . ? ' B |
t.o lo .''t :t v,. 1 lo
?? '
? (sr ?? it tit'
I. ?? e an ral ?i f.?!
! 1 ?
war Just lusllj
frni'i tar 1 i
?ossa t ' . - | .
I I hu
Bill pro'tvl ii.rv b.t.1 mar., I-- i? ?Litt tr Lln.-k
Irppli!,??) nd Ihe
?ei te. " ;
the Heb? . | ghi ?ti
itlTtiBg? in ihr bandi ol thou tun wb
' ' ' - , ; roi ? . ? 1.
ill all h:.'' ?' ah.. ..J gie
?en tb? iii llrgs I ttoii own ! t. 1
v ? ,1 i'.?".' ? ti ti.' c.Li.try
n ,'l i poner to pr? ?
?t.. Iii ?li l'BloU. It IS for U? Sr. lost.)
? bethel or no1 bj u majority of rotes Ibis J ?at.? iboold be ile
erect, lol
:i. 1 ?'.t * we art : lb ti I li an of
' at I lt..:.l ? ?e go
..: wa me Bet ulnfl !.. kui ?ay of ou I
; al iiag .li ti . ? t.. itl ?i .i. tie Van :
It t Itr Slut*.. I ? h.in; tit i- b po.'i v ditii.ti ?Bl t? ll.( n We
labor ?ii ii.? r.i .!?'..iot.i u-, I ne. i.ttnieii?-' ?'.
?o ?? to re.ii' r ' to lb? l*t ni.I KI tl?i
l oof li I l Brui iii klon
I...I . f :'.<? i ' ?i .. ?? r t : I k4 m an ? ' le'
lb? loyal in? h wbo in nan ?ming la ueaaU. I ?s?crt here
l.r-d \ ti..! nu .- ?- .? i s ulla fog fill t?o?er and itnnit.t.it) in
|h? Ami ' I' t? l8 ?re in
aittutioatarni? Uki li aa_an ?lure tbr-r ?m
oi.-'ilae with .: |i.:,,t.i lb? Inutsl | ibbIiui Ii. tb? l'un.an
I ,.r )??. .i... t rtitetl hsads of loyal men |Apftaau.j
'ile tetrible biui.uerf it. the iicontrurti.n of the Stnt*. for
p. p.-ltthit ?I.?.'.bl t.-st li u? that fn.r i? to l-e entertained
fr. rn thal power ?i.ict i ? ?i prrviil? la Un N ii Hut with
Still ?a? SlKlli I lo thl freri'.mrti el tht Bontb, ti.ey cn, pre
sert? the libeilie? of t! e ? bite tuen ia ?? 1 i ? their own. I
tat? it ti.st we ?i. r"t preparo?! tu st ..id hen ti -dey and say
?e are going to ?ndtirc UM bg.tlitv of Andrew Jnhnaoi.*?
provisional g?vtrnit.i u!? it. tL? Slate?. |('rle? of 'No, no.
ii" | 1 ?ask ?ou, fr.? nile 1? that what N8 came Irrt fort
I K'.Lk i."t. But 1 ?m ?ure, if Congr??? du** It?
dtiiv ueit Winter they eau ltruvide Ia?? I.y ? hlrl. pro? iilonil
Gol 'riment? can lie lormeilanii bj which Con na n ? I -. con
ti ibuted their etrci glh in ruto? ig '? ? ?Ilin ?I *ll I ? mfr?n
cid?*?', ?h?l be permitted to vote, ?nd elect member? to their
i ..ni. ntioni. Thty will aau*aas m4 amajt a foul M al lu.
Mad ? Legislature uii.i ii ?temi of I I Lg t"ii,|-? lied to trt.it lo
two third? majority In the North, SO04 eO Ileprvsentiit vet wil'
be ??it np Irom the Soi.th, ?terllng men who ?re Ira*
?s ?t(?l. Bid _0 S. i ?.tori, lo ?will the Be| ii li. ?r
Strength. [Apt lame- Atk tb???? men ?ko aro
alitions lo prouve poser in Ih* Ctiiernuient.
if Hat is not the true psMflff. I maintain. Mr, ?e
?lionbt endorse it, and sa; to our Kort!? m friends Dal (fete
? i.?Il he no rr? ouitim Hu nnl.l that pr.nelpie u ?.I..pt? d [ Ap
ituiise.J They ?re determined no? ti? st the ellina! ruin of
j ?B-iee ?l.nll tife-vall m ni! tbe State?, anil that Ihr peuple of ihr
South shall i.e pitied in ? eointitioB lo whit h they na bl
ti.-ted [Ap|iia?C.| We do not oin* up here ?ith the
idiii that adiniBkinn Into the ( ..ngreti li t ,e brit
great itep to lie taken, ?nd s thing to he looked
t? ?Un? ?J) other tungi. The lovel men of the
S. uti,, it tiitBt te ii ?,:rnil cred, ?orr lytra? fri.r,. tr.tir liol..*?,
ti ( ?r ?ive? ?yere la ?em, rt?cv cHirot i o? lu? I. . ..- l'n y bur?
a t.'rrai.K li gt'letit ri M. 'il.ey ?it ii, ti,., ir.m.t if i, in eli
lertaiuing u dotillib hate and litU'L?li multe? ?vaH I'm.
Waa ?iiuld grin! ti'". t!.'?n t?. legradstiu I, n.i.t, (hern
fniin iifirty ?ed ?S?lala them ft.mt ii.I p"l.:., ii |ss>wer.
I: ?ley mitred In their purpoit-s t! ?-? lol ?I men mil be
compelled lo leave their louie! ?nd SUS* sboit?! n
Still? Let us hy ?li ir.eaui not fail to do our duly le
Ih,? metier. Let us view the iiilj-?tt In si! its Itesrin..?,
mid present it urBUtly, (orcit'lr, anil cn dldly
In lure the people of Ihe Country, Ibu? may tie be ?Bable?
1" ue< oinplith a grut and laatiug good. Thl? Is vi but wr earn?
li fur. It ?in? | l.-.ii ' a .el IstU I .r ?ir.ly teme
di si d as Ho M Ila P??_?**'? I' t: ? :?? a mua hero
who ev?r uarsisod with a refago? loa tbo -o_}b, I.m ?im
kiiii? e > io Is ill fal or of ? propuai.
?::!?? k?r d ? I mu yet to fiad . i I : i, fruin
ti.ire Males V ho has not dnl.ir.,1 t: | und
au' in lint I? at I? It' r ' .\?,l |?t
I ml al Tb I Dm nn
i i? any
live li. I love li 'I
li ? I it is guilty ol ii
T le ?HI '
? 'I
I ,
1 ':?
t , t .
ii:i| ib_
. ' "it
- ! '
, ? O I?
li i d w?
' ' ' iri-tl to
? ; j,, jil ! is-.-. II lucy hair' _,, l t 1 _?0a
., fiat toora mity be
di it.nu ihi? i.ii.-i. tr ot m.- o ?uttrag?
i t .Ik ?lout. I ?tniitl np bera u? ? n ,,i,.f-i tatire
leay tkatlbol ?ve wa are tbi ,r ?uperion.
- ' t san bart u ?al 8b* Mm tia wc ??ioa!i
W8 pi? ,-t d upon oar it ?lute books saying that I ht-j ?hall
tunk* *-. e.|unl mt. -m life with ni, I sa} I? i'.ili..,,.,':? an?
' in ti, m bite pf-oi I ?. Tai neci.i'i li.tinrti Lav*
n i gf at I ? ii bettor Hum tic ?hite man'*. VPliy Sir, I
?Moll ,1 any i ig??, io bi lleve that Andrew Johnson U an
? f light. If tb?? hull a negio Convention they
? ?T?l never luve that man on the t i. - -,, r. aH? j
Nan believed ti?*! ho wat fehl?, ?ni I hive ii from
? ?.i.tliuritv that they hi? .vi doubted hil buri-tv aid
rilegrny. T te? k'.ite m*n not .so ?? :??? u? t; e igi.nrj ,[ t^B
s I : s?--*- , ? .
f :-.,?? ... ?;? - t. ,: I? .
it policy tb ?t eau h* as'iipv.??! ?r,
i . aud K.,.'!., ?? to eland Di p for '
lApplsuirl. Uva tau inJk aWt tit? loss i
of a f'w vote*, and tb* effect apon tie electron? or
that ?ort of thing ?? 700 will, but 1 tell yoo when yon
come op boldly, and fairly adopt the principle* of tie
Dt-claratioB of Independeace. theo yon will dod that that
policy wi.l be adopted all ov*r the South ?* welL (Applaaic.]
Look at It. I assert here that nearly every candidate for Coo
gre??, who walked boldly np and took tbi? politl?n, i? returned
by ? majority i f tbouiaad?. while tbo?e who w?re wesi-inred
were elected barely " by the ?kin of their teeth." T?ke the
pohey ?f th? ret-ouitracteit State*. Vlrgiola wa? recon?li acted
ander very faiorable cir. uinttancei hat ? ihort time ?go, end
oo parclita.at laws could have dlsfraachited tieta Boor?
thoroughly. They had a ?mall Buaibor of wblt? peofle to
?land by and executo the law? and a larg? nnmber of
bUek meu tint they did not allow to help thurn
to ?secTt? the lawt. and a large majority of white men that
wool?! not allow them to ?i.cnta them. By and by they will
find tielr lihertiet in the handtof the disloyal, ?nd that the
lovai men cannot lie el ?tod. 11 bat 1* ?n. ) IS they had given
Ih? black men the ballot, they, and a ?Ball nnmber of loyal
white men, conld have aided in the ??forcement of the
law, and today yon would baie have had loyal men
io the (i-ivernin'.'iit, and probably my friend ia the
chair (Mr. Bott*), might har? been in ? Congmr
ii-ten.1 of thorto that we now tee attempting to gala
ailinn?.?n. There I? not ore milgie motive of expediency bet
a hat ?ayi to you. "(lentlemen you mult do justice: you must
boaor your flag; you mmt keep ?-tarn-thed the honor ead
morality of your Government;" and I take it that thl? Gov?
ernment wa? formed to eitabliih juitlu? and to ?ecure th?
bleaslng? of libertv. This I? not a ?luettioo whether oar
colored flrl?aa_ ?lutll Tuto: but it i? a qnoition (The remainder
<>f the ?entente wa?drowned by loud cheering for (?em Buller,
who at that moment walked up the hail and timk a ?eat on tie
dsisl. Mr. I hail mau, he"? Is the strongen practical lllaitrstloo
of tbe ('neitun which occupies tbo hearts of the people : there
?? mil? obi lien Kotier ((beert] We know that it it not to
llenjamin Y. Butler as a tuan, but it is because he ?Und? hare
repreaooting tint prircipl? of loynlty ?nd universal freedom
? hieb I am ntlroiatn g before ynn now. [Cheon.] I tell our
fi imli here tbat if. in tin?'Presidential campaign, they
lo.law Bp ear triitorou? Chief Mngntrate, they will
Lud a reception al! Ittf the North and Weit tuch
a? .they never yet conceived of. Oar Western frionde
i boee leatl ri that underrtaml thl? t'licttion i and the
t'oor, honett ?nldii r who ii not looking for a Senntoritip, er
tort?ate a? member? ol Congre??, bot for tie good of the
nation, and ?al o iii ?ire? to BBS lo it that we ?hall not be ?gala
called to tie bril), go*? for ibu very principle. They know It
ia ueceiiai y for our peaee. and our friend? lu tbi North I know
will welcome you if you ?dopt It? I bave no fear? fur the
re??tit ot til? ?r?>at qai ?tlon We only pitee it a? a rnl-i of re
eon?tm, 'ion foi ti.e rebelllriiii Statt ?. I do not believe our
toi? Beaatats ?ni ic- ? neeatatttwi thu I tee _round me
in thi? Lome .io prepared to come up and
tell rou and me that they are ever going to
licagtise Andiew Johujioni I'roviiioual (?overt.ment. II
i. . ; no, ibev will ra.a? inch a lb Tin ol indignation that An
ilrrw.ft linn.n ?till wliT Hat he had never Iweu born. |Ap
(.laute.) Ibry hare got too far to be betriioil iii t'Ui moaner,
? nd tim leaaaae tri in <r eight yean hack bare been tu-h that
they will t,|..'..'.ti iii? le?pea iriag poltay. ib?v ?re arcot
?oiued to ?troni? ?eat, anti if.ey icr?uire it for their ?afely .?id
theil peate. Ho boil and fisilits. ead I know tie Vunkera
pe?fto well eataerl tub? ?hi? t<? my tn?t they mil ?land by
vu. [ A Iff leas?.] ite? will ? e that you git what you
\ ??k. (one sp ???'tinely. Look at tie ?tbet of the
ti mi*ir ,-i ; ? that is ana* cotahtaea. Ia?k ev?ry m*ri to
I "*r anuru that in three year? it tim poli, y i? et ned on,
we will hare a war of lace* at the result* ol' the arti of the?o
retallo ii? Soatben.ei? ?o coi.ituntiy coaai?ted in t annus ice
(?OBI t f the counlry. Von caiiu?t iga three or (our hundred
thtrut_ail man sgai'u't a tvn.itiu.it, and tLen turn them lomo
in that community ami expect to dud t! t in fui tr?bly received.
rh? negro ia a din ile man. Ha love? p. ace and nulet; ia
?.?ve?to 1.1<- qai tly and conUtitedlv. 1!? i? naturally more in
?roetrou? al i ?it. Iii in our mltrrabl? Rubela that want to
traa.pl? lu? light? nritlrr tietffatt. If! 'i let bim -lone be
I ?111 bo a gf-nl citi'n. n.d do mue to develop
i the t-outh than ail the Rebel? th.it ever lur.l. I
1 till you. further, that if you do Lot take auaie ?i.-c-i cour?? t?
i liable billi lo piole. '. bimclf he ? ill tai* ti.? iii..lier into ii?
own h vi! tvr.tldoi! | ii lil KiTult when that tay come? I
Von may lelp lal I'rrtldent ia bl? ? ffurt? to ar?m
i Betel wl ite men, but we will ncrev ?abai! to be rundo In
I ?Tuite t? to rt uah not a clava <?f nicn ?I.i-f? only f.?n!t i? that
? thay have Inca tea f?Ithful. How lo. g- ?ould It t?k?, with a
1 f?w taoro era in ale? beside? klew-Orieau?? how easy it would
be. ki net the a hoi? So ith in a finn?! and. theo, how are we
i-i nop u t And yet (hat ii the price vue btv? got topsy for
i it. I bat* beard a great deal aooQt Ho ilf.ct Ft wouid have
Bpea ti.? I; peblle?a part? Incase we ?hi.ul'l ?Jo tatala tiling?
IVi bart iliouiuiol? of men who are clclertniord to be trifled
aiti ae longer ?lu? hat i ' ?ale tnd low desire
le -alt ?uL b?. If w? nine thli, li will ho tal?! that the Kc
. i ,rtv wai afraid, and Andrew J.'.ii-on will my ti., y
?tute not do wh?t they c_m_ bete tri Ita, [Appiauttl If.
? t call | -of?i?ta (.. f iVoi the ?0,0? 1 : y ut km mea before
aw, yea go hoar yleitliajt to ?atilde pt?weare, Mr. _oha
. ire ' pool ?Iii??." aad dar" not
tut ton ?t ant, ami b? u ni -.1" ci <l rea?i n t ?
I ti ni ii ?? ? bal tt.lt < o:.gr?--t" Vou ?re not to
?ti a KeteJ as two ?ii liai la all. It ?ill sol
Saies at alii
' nillo? id thi Land?
St tu that joli, y I
.1 it? l'h?te ure the
. e off r to t . ti to the m?u of the
re pt l'ut'ii lo iu?tain It. I tell
.'. n. m i m itand arma that plat
! tutrrri .. aalaa. d of It lApplaaiuj aten
i ? \\ r :. ' ?? t . ! thi t.iiucipt-. I. .1 !..r
- yon 1-clieve von wi.l re
r by I ting it out who woula tote with
.- people are preterrd to ?ay
. daunt Wyall r. ?rut ?.? aid freedom
j muWayrmtmnm they are afraia the taara ataa ?rill ia?? elsa'
late and perfect Jiulice done htm. | Applause I Ido oat ia?
?na would effet! a ili.gle riectmB in t?e North by means
iiJ I so i.?it i?. certain that ?roi would not l??e a great
I ?aaay if t<?? do not bi.o(? u. fipptanael The dav of ?, m
r, baa p?.'??l away, th? day has paeled away'when our
?ould ??Le up candi?)?!?? for the l'reeidenc; on that
1 gre?nd No in .u will get the conti Jrni e of ti? peuple that
1 ha* not got nene aid bickbon,-, nud I tell you, gentlemen,
1 tier ?HI ?lead bb to til o, i
i Mr. Perrett of Ai.it._i otT.-ted the following ritol.iiion,
' Mr. Mea* barn.g given II?ffatBrttttati
Kn reed. Ila'. . I r. ,. it:, i a ? ?tirr to plaident! b* -e'rrrid te
? ? th. at d' b?tc
lb it pli- to ? i ' ii ( releed by Judge fc.erwood, the Cbairuiau
! derided the rr.olutloii to be in order.
A it otton to lay on the table waa agreed to. Bod the que?
lion BM aned < n the brat retolutton.
A 1" eg,:- *_wl?h to iu?, before the i,'ie?|iou I? pot thal
! we did not come here and will not remain here to be m./.lod.
? (Applsu?r.j
Mr Bailor of Georgia?I? ii understood that when tbe
Cemiuitter uu Resolution? n-port we ?lull bave ample time to
etsco?? Hat reiairt.
(Crie, of " .??? ' ye?")
The Cbairaau?Toe Cmir would ?ay that he trn*t? there
will b? liuii'.i.tiun Bin] bo mu/sliog,
ledge Sierwaad al Teni?Th* prevlon? reeolution under
.utcnmoii waa out d)ipo*?d of, hariug been withdrawn by
I Tie rhalrmaa decldtd that th? resolution of Mr. Mom
Wood be uri iiL-hlo for that retion.
Oat, Boremao of K Tenu.?li.astnur. a? the ?object matter
mt the reeolution uow b>-f<> e the Committee oo Address and
atrtolullon?, ard when t!.o*e reports came tn they may be dtt
?aaa-'d at let gib. 1 move that the resolution offered by the
g*utl?t-sn from Mi??ourl Ite laid un the table.
A D'legale'rum Delewsre? I desire to kimw whether the
abject of Ibu Cor.tentiou ii lotet futa the .ondit oo ol isa
aarrcnt.iiri ittd Sute* of the?outh, or to Iot a programme
tor the D liter Htm??.
A mot ?ob to adjourn wa? loti.
A motion wa? made to amend hy referring to ?he Commit
tee on Kctolutlou?, which the C'.iiraiau decided to be out of
The resolution of Mr. Moe? wn again read.
Mr. J I. '.'Loma? Md ? oalled for the yraa and naya,
(i j?, llorera?!!?I have a proposition to make. I prop?*? to
Withdraw the motion lu lay upou the table, and move to refer
to the Committee on Keeoluti'-ui. (Cn?? an " Uood I ' Aj>
plaut?. j
Comidtrible aproar earning, ti? Chairman eubuaaced that
anlen better order wai kept be would lake tbe reapoiiiibility
of ??printing the proceeding? of the Com dillon,
(lie. IroreniBB tb?u move? lb? pre,loila ?ucttlon.wbirb waa
TbttjuetttoB then recurring oa the motion to refer to the
Commute? on Keaolulion?,
Mr. John I. 'ITiomaa of Maitland ?aid If yon vote to refer
tl.?t to the Cf ?III?? on Keaolutlon?, you vote lu ?ufiaocbiae
?uj Lrliel In the State. Illiiwei )
lb? notion wai agreed lo.
The Chairman announced tkat the Committee of th?
Northern Courentlon win la walting In th? ante chumbar,
. ami illili ted ihcCommittee of thi? Convention to (oin tata.
A cum mun leal mu at* received from Wont worth. Tailor
A Itroao. photographer*, rrqueatlog the ( ?invention to gue
I hem an appertttatty to make a ijbotogrtph of it? number? at
r/ftaeki tata aftaraaem The luvitatlTiu wai accepted, ?nd a
motion ti tit the ('onveutlon meet ia Indeptlideuce ?>|U_re for
,, ?.?!?, wa? adopted.
Mr. UcKelloek of M.?r>l?nd then offered a resolution ef
Iktak* to the Wal tuen of V, minni, loi the manner in winch
, I rebtied the Prtlldt-t for bit uu?arrant?tl a?terllout
in ragai- to ' aagraae.
i,..r Ib.reui.tu moifd that tbo CoBTectinn adjourn Li lo
L.ntiom im.mu g at IO-.?leak.
I, I, Ti on,n-, jr , ol Maryland, In leave grien, made ? per
ri| l.ia'l'i. to tin, effect tin?! tie ?apt se? toa v.l., li in
'ni nmde i:?i- of a ! -iv u:o_:?!iti lie?.re md Wh
? retnai ka ti i t: ? ?.
L.eii I. t illy !i..Mip;ii.bt mlril. lie had I itihat
reald le ti nfr? ?every I
IheH ?le, bul that by vetlag
!.. i \! Tie ? .? th n ? ? 1.1 ne to abo.
nerd li ol been la loyal man.
rf Delaware. I
? '
I |
li .11 tbi ,. ! , meei
| \|.|'lu_?C. )
? I I thal u; >n arriving
! . I '
|A| '. ?. |
I 1*1/ uuojileU, un? lue Coin
Aft I I ' !'
-? '
and eui
?" . ' ' ' ii 'in eunie in
l- ? ? i , i i i, '.!.- DiOliBBOO I
I-.. I."!," I ' len?emee. II?. Dioklitoa ?tit-?1
"Ii lou |1 i? I huit- t..ou ?o uitHily ovi IWbi in. ii by thi*
i!.'i'i.'l .ite.?.ill of li Ira? Si.llheni aei.tliiir: t tlnil [ ,im ntl.Iii?
l.iiilr..-! i . .lion?. Hil 1 will rc?|.inid ou the morrow on
bri. ni oi ib? gn-ewu i-pr??eal ?dot] ii? {faith sad a, utb, j our
tru" . on- ti'm i ey. My own happlne?? and delight at i
nptioa i rcrn.l my lip? from eip'e??ing my thought?. I
thick ?t )u hu your kintliie??. and would defer auy re
u i?)i io make until another tim? '?
Mia? Dickinnio im m'di,ii c1; retired, and after a hearty ap
??lauit tiie eton d iii liol ted.
'fl.c Niiw-Niiik ililc?: ilKi-i dining tin- nitting ?it tlio
Southern ConTTi'ton to de) bold a kind of separate Co:iv?n
'bin "f tli.-ir own In the I.'tturc Hj ,.-:i i f il?. t;_,,.? _aag?_e
e were prei'-nt not oi Iv Liomhvr? tf the Nnw
V'ork d?l?twti(Ti bo* alto member? of the ?aiiy geiegation?
uow ia the ..ii
Gea. Hlria Ws)br_dM at Kew York City oooopird tb?
Tb? mertlog ?ii caWet to order it 10 JO a. m.
The following greeting of tb? delegation m tbe New York
8t?_aCoivention it Ivruu?, wa? rend ?nd adopted.
TI? A*???- York Stat* ?ihpatirm ml fhiiaidpAkn I* Ms JV.w- Vorb
tutu C.atmtvm al ?irr????? prattie* W? b?vo mot ?er broth *et
ham lb? Seeth end pupod ?barn wUh the ?aaet if fell_?r._ap Tb?y
ore loy?! lo ?h? Inion u_4 te the gr??t ??eurtj ?kal ???es1 the I mou.
T??y seek a reeoln.liston of tU S??the_? . _??? I? r?pr?_o?t?l!on oa
tb? .lapas.? cendltioaa eeatpatlbr? with safety to tb. Itara?, preter? y
?ad aoitlk?! ri|bu of ?U loy?l Meg*? ?f Uko.? *????, "?y Te. .?re
Ih.? the ee.iey of tb* Pre.idot?! he? barm pre?d ob tholr oar? per??,
to be tra?a??, miel ?nd ii,tol*r?bs?. T_*y l?oh ?o ? loy?. ? .,u?re_. for
thal ?roto, lion wl.ica a recr?ent Pre-tdeai, ouro ? ?touth.r? I"ya.ut,
ke? _e?i._ to Seuthet? loy?ii.t?. TAtO bet-W baal with ? ?_b.? ly m
patby for univetul liberty and IU ??.Bal civil tad ?oliti?;?! rtgbU ?f ?11
Ao.erl. a?, rill?, ii?.
L. P'. N?ii?***" I ?-*?"?'*?'**?? Teii'Mi -Tnioi?.
Cetno''?'ee n? Roto utioal.
Rome of the mott prominent msmbem * delegations her?
wen- pre?ent. and ?peech making lieing th- order of the dray,
a large number of those preMot wero called upon to express
their idea?.
Gen. Barley of Connecticut wu the finit ?peaker. He said
to put the?? gallant fellow-ooldlers of our? who fought in de
fen?? of country under the bee)? of miaem ?tructed Rebel?, the
nation that oten ?ntertnini that proposition dei.rves to be
damned. We iliould repudiate lut h ? mt nttroui pro|x)sition,
fraught with otter damnation to oorselvei. They remt inhered
the fate of sim who built his house upon the sand?. It fell,
and why I Kot beean!?? it wu not perfect in Its architi-cturei
not because it was not strongly and harmoniously built, but
heeaase it wa? founded upon the sand?. Kow wa are called
noon to build nguiu the Union, aud Johnson savs thorn Is no
hard digging to be done, no hard work, If loo build it on the
sands. We don't do that. Wo mast build on tbe strong
granite?everlasting justice. We ?oin nothing by half work
?half princ.pie. We must have God's eterns) trutlt. equity,
aud then we eau r?'?r a grand structure. Then we can have
the singing of the morning start and the shouting of the suns
of God. [Applause.] Ile had treen called a Rulicel. and why!
Beean?* be believed in going to the root.? ?ii ??? .1 and larung
them in the ure. That might be celled Rndienlism, hot he ?-??
a Conservative?perheps o Conservative Bulles!. Anybody
who destroyed the roots of wrong waa both ?I'onsen?live and
Kadicsl, for both were ?like tn the trne meaning of the terms.
What did hia huron purpe.se to do in the pr?tent crisis
Andy John?on had taken the itornp in advance. Ho thotisriit
be bad the whip row. He had the whip, but it wa? hard to
say whether he would get the ton- or not. We were vi 1 ig to
go bet?re the people with bun in this grut question of recon?
struction. It wa? difficult to say whether Jubnsoa wes com?
pletely nut of the Union partv, for be bad laid that the Union
party eobld go to the devil, go that it was evident that be
eipocted le meit the party in that pr?sele*, fl-oughter end
applauie. ) Tne oh'ect of tbe Kadical? wee to keep ?tep to the
music of a reconstructed Union ??ppUus*1?a Galon which
know bo white or black men. only etiual Juanee?a Union not
like ? boneo upon said, but oue founded lu great prim ii les?
founded on ? rock. What had Vermont been doing? ['..?-at
applause.] He inigtil say reverently that it ?a?? the star ia
the K??t, which could not lead astray. Is aetlou might be a
rebuke to the third accident we kod suffered In ti.i< couutiy;
bui it ?ss ?>u the side of riebt ?rd tuith. Wilmington ?lso
du! not indorse " my policy." What would be tie nepouie of
Pennsylvania to the ?i-estion whether Congres? is to be sus?
tained or CTig-lB in pot? el r Pcnnsvlvattin, from herder lo bolder,
with great river? pouring wealtu to the sea: from the \lle
ghani'* the gnat fortress of trovdmen, from the l?kc ?hore to
the ?e?, will ?peak ?? b*r ?oldlrr? ft ugnt, I tilt Geary, bel ive.1
i f soldiers, will be borne ou the heart? and stislau,et! by the
b ill'tii "f tie gie?t people, or ?u.t.ineJ by the other ?-. 1 ..? re
Inei.d. the pmt.nl Cullin. [Applause.] Re bud bru tod
tint they were going to giv? Ueaty dUOAi msioritv. ?V. i. ? -
?A e. AaOOl A ve. C1) OcXt " j That was well. If ll.ey gavo
C>,'i?T Ko? Yet k would send heck ? elad Naf?-U. Vkbtb
wou! I be heard throughout the ei.iii?d wt.ild. Tbo ?peeker
wu giuii in ?ook mt? the tye? of io a wbo*e ?in Irea had
been in ul.uott |-?'ipetuai i?aourttf bsuBie tb?y rataaaO tn be
triitori. In looking over Tk' World? ?hoi? were tin ??
! oale in New-York cait.-tl the Wuild. tbe F uah. ?nd the Devil
I ?he found ?hat the S? mt he m L <y?!ut? ?era-ca l-d " inron
white? etui soeaki." Wheu ?c locke! ?'. '.: ? l.t.iHt,
homely face of Brownlow, or ?urveied llatr.lrtno
and other?, ?nd culled (A.? nicaa whiter, when were tee manly
ones* I ?ey U?d ?indicated Huir olaim? lo tUBUk.ml ' :
faithful ?nil.?? the f.itnlcM: they kent lh?lr iori) J, lwf>8 and
/ral. He would ?o bick to hi? Slate stronger, moro ?e uly to
buttle till the eco (if hi? life, thai ever belore. New-li otk let
bow f treloy t h wheu ?b? looked into th? face* of tne Southern
luvnlul?. The time for uct!m wa? now eo'nlrg. We ?ero to
erubibh our uoae on ?lound bute of truth, ?nd tn?n we
wo ill hi.ve tU eaviabto ropuUtlon o? the leatorcn uf the
path? to ti-?eli in.
Warn t.. i. Burly bad finltbed. tie Pretl'ert asked the
?Suban s hether tney noticed t?<? Wtrei hnngir.ar f.?. \
??rirait ef 1'ieiideut Lincoln. Tao?e wire?, he tatt-, had
o ,?* ] ,t IU |?t tr.i:t ?.f ? Secretary of St?:? rcciua-'t io bit
I tru?t Se'V ird , ?nd that berenfter thev ?ipi, 11 the pie: ure of a
IT?. n',.? |!ti?llty waa well known, lad b? row
intriniu? ? ti II * ?on of ? worthy ?ire, Janie? 11 tar ?ton of Se* ?
York. Mr. Ilaiu ii?n Ibe-o ?poko far CO inmute?, am? wu?
foll?n??! j l'inodore. Tiltoti.
At tL: b rolot of the proceeding?, Hen, Walb-itlp-r left |!.s
eba.r to confer with? ?peci?l committee that had bena ap?
point! d. The room by thii i.m* had be cobie cr..? ii. d lo
eice.a ?nd ou ni": .ou t.i i,. r.. Wnlbritltje tiie ??-lemliia.'e wns
I ?-???ved into ? C<> ventum of the ?lortliern DeWgatri ?Btl
! Gov. Curtin of IVtmiylvanla wa? culled to tl.t el,,,ii.
I Du the motion ?f ? ???-?trate, th? Chair ?ptx.ii.lro Gen Hut
i leg of M-s??cbbSClts, (ion. Welbridge if Ko? Y,ik, (in.
' Schanck ?if Ohio, (.'en. Ward cf Mlchignu. ?ed Mr Mi I'D, mun.
of pennsylvania a Committee to attend IU testions of the
: Southern Convention.
1 Gov. Curtain then tnsJo a short address, ??sur 'g the dele
{ gat?? HU PuwyWanto wuid va sil r.?t ?
tuon II? couiplitfienlod tbe Union I. agu? f. r its putriotirui
j during trio war, aid bade tote? lo tU dt.ogtitien.
Cien. Waalbrldge ?gain took the chads, ?nd ?nitoouoine that
j a? be ws? une of the committee appointed on the cum-tinto? to
I visit the Lt val Contention he woald bare to leave tne eba'.r,
) callad upon l'heodoro Ttlioti to occupy it, ia iii lu? of bl? poil
I tina a? ir?t Vice-Preeiden!.
Mr. 1'iltou, oo taking the chair. Mid that he hoped Li ad
j rearing from the Vice-Pre*idenoy to the Presidency, be wou'd
not b? overtaken by ino danger* ?nd calala ii,c? uaual.y uiteutl
insT ?urb a ebaug-e. ?I?ugt)|?r. )
Al the ruiuest of Gov. Cart?!-?, the Pieilder,t designated
Gov. Yatee of ILInol?. ae the Chairman o' cbe Conieutiou,
ibnuld it ever bo called foiually together.
The H'owing rrnolution waa then read and adopted:
He., It ti, Tn?l the H.lo(ationt from tb? Northern States her?
lae? nil. ed mott gratefully return thank? to Cb? oOJcera and uieu.l? r?
of ti,? Pbilad? plii* L'uiu.t iroagu? for ?bair heany ?ad get.?re is hoipl
?wjiiy. ??' cheerfully eiten.lod to ia di nug oar delightful sojourn ia
the Buost loyal elly of th? fatted Stat*?
The Convention theil adjourned, ard immediately ?fer au
ther taotlon of the Kew-York delegation wa? held. Geo. Wal
bri'lg* In the Chair. Major Haggrrty the Fenian leader,
made a ibort ? peech, ead wu foil iwed by Capt Hinton of
Kiimu. who mad? a ?hurt ?ad for?id ?peech, hoping for aew
glories ia tbe .aturo of the country, after the sad history of
the past few years.
Senator Wilsoo of Msssaohosetts waa then called for, but
then- being ?orno delay is bia appearance, Mr. Tilton mid that
he ? nhed to cal) the ?It? at ion of th? Com cn lion to one thing
that, for the Brit time lo the world'! hulorr. we had to wait
for Massschuseti?.
goon Senator Wileon appeared ud delivered a ?hurt ?d
Geo. Set er ok then made a short sdeecb, to the midst of
which Gen. Butler entered the room and warmly ?hook kunda
with tar ?peaker, ?xciting greet enplauto. Tbe General
showed how the people of ?li.lo r?w?td. d the honesty ?nd con?
sistency of their loyal representatives in Congrus. On the ?th
day of October aett she will return them again, and thu iba
calla on Kew-York lo the mooth following to du the ian?, On
the coming election! depend? the whole iiture of the counlrv.
If we ine.-eede.1 in the Pall at the poll? ?II our Work ii virtually
done, ?nd Andre? J.,hn?oti, a b-itl, bad man, would bo over?
whelmed. Geo. Hebenek considered the is?ii?s of the dsy at
leaf ih. retiring greeted with applaiue.
lien. W.llbrtdge reported, and Theo Tilton reed ? ?erle? of
re?, Intioo? .concurred In by tbe Committees of the Northern
and Routhern Conventions, to meet in Joint gran?, pim?? meet
\?t In flrii. of the Leago? House io-nlgui. Agreedl??.
Geo. Buller being called for, lue ud delivered tbe follow
ing el?<; uenl end forcible ipeeeh Ifould we were not here
either tinman? North or from the loath, but here In defenie
?f great end glnriuu? principle? to aid the great Union party
in reorganizing the Repotlic. A great is?oe waa uow put be?
fore the country lu the vax'.ou? State? of the Union and he
looked for such ? result M freemeo would give, [Applsu.e.1
Thev caine to conter with Southern loyalist??men who had
periled thvmoelvee l?r the safety of the country?they cam* to
ps In convention t? apeak to us?to know what remedies con) I
Ive applied?todbtein luch aid to reitere tli.it without which
we had no country; they carne for freedom of I peech and of
?ction Bud of rote in American territory under the American
Ung. | Applaus? I The General looked back to lr-60, when
we lad a united rouutry. when all could enjoy their right?
under the Conaliution. Then alawa of the Sutes, taking ??
h pr?text the c.iiflit i-Tlnnnl election of a President, undertook
lu ti-t-ni'wt soleiuii flinn of rauuicip ii enactment by conven?
tion some of them, and in others sanctioned by the people ?t
the leiv lire!. ?Ii.iig.tcd the relations thov lutuinul
to the United Stat?'?. The ipeiker h ?I I 'that their
seti'iu mis oppnsetl to tu? ?true spirit ef me Cari.
?in ut ion. Thev tool arms Bud, iii me the authority
al tb? United State? Lorn tli.-1r territories, til nut a vestige
wa?!ef!. U.c.? ?ei/eil tie pu' Le projK-rty, aud lu ?ther wiyi
in' t'. Bulgas oat of tbe [foina He hud wet maur go.nl,
live and L?ner[ men ?if thu p irly ? !,.> ?ero troubled at Ihn
pre.ei.tn.ent. '1L> ) und to H.t ?peoker and his friends.
"Why, you ere Di I st you f. agiit to
Lt Bli State eut ..lili? U' a.tt und il.itt tda-?gh y ni. baie
' y aro out ol ?I L" Ii -as ?el!.
? to atnie lb? poettioo We fought that so AssarlaM
-.of the
rhi f .? at r gfol :?' t ii i-,
power, lbat II mu' ' ovel every f?n>t of
? :i..r' li ii li tv *
power of tb? whole United State? Hotfilag ?
: ?ingle Individu .1 oi Hie '.'unid sr it? ?, without
, f i ,. titi? ina of t: ??
tper tbeir rights. Th? cu.scp, r
o c.iun'i'v. ? t renoune? bis i.
?io.'tit by lu? own ?et, by I,.? oo .,
?a ?vor?!) ?ry. f ?t '
the ! i- ?? ni (lay tie.
' take ii? ?v h:? .lu'.:'
lu, . b1
Mgon ' e >. (al trmit
, t "I He i otoo. 'I hut brought u? to th.? t ? ? : f
wk.it the StUes aire. He i.ail been un titi M l,- .
1). Uiiicrat. li.? Si.iie, wt-ru or.?:ii?l.> colonies, sn-i vthen
ti,ty declared tholr Inde fordere? of Great Bvlnfn tlfej never
uinii rt.ii'kto form ? part. f? (Tiiifftlffntb'n But nilen theo
cot. uiriiciil lo go toofthcr far MUN lufrty die! timy um
all ?end delegate? to f.ru) a uew GoiernuientI UaJer au
ide? of ilorernmcut the Union wai an aneinbl ige of nation
?Iitie? upon American ?oil. racognUing a l?verai Chapara
incut. It could bo nothing more, nothing los?Ixcausc
that formation auder a constlutiou entitled all to
be represented in the Senate of the InLed States.
The speaker considered this the baili of the ???ole jueii u.a.
I ke L.tu-iaii?, foi mai ince. H??r cM-ittoo, it mu.t be taut,
wes a little peculiar. Her neeuliar.ty const ?ted ia this thsr
shewn? purchased by oar Government, ?ore by ni re. Now
the Hatted States hv accepting Lu.eua as? Slate, ard pit
ling 1 er gui-iBii.-. it ia the hands of the pe p!e, eiinsirli-rotl
lui i.-' i: entitle?) to all her liberties a? lone hi t ,
wa? m al in. leil. \ iw what woaltl rosi.lt to Lotimi. .
- riving
n:iB?'t fo-eirn t i
the I a.led.-:
turton lo be n part of the rjaife. Statoef Her ?uttaet? ?n
people who were rititaa? cf tia faited -tatet hecate ?hiM
they might ??ter their rtlatioo? to ot_er eiUaen*. with ti? coo
?eut of the Government of the uti ted Outee, they ?weld m4
take them-i-lve. oat wh?B all tiey ever lived apea waa lie ter
ritorv of the Uai.ed State*. |Cbe?rs.j Isth? war wa* Lo-tians
a part of the Government ?f the Catted State?. Take th?
dev, nr intunce, when ti? gtartoea etd aaaa F-rragissisaas
ap tbe river; waa there any maa paeaeat who prrt? n.lrd thal
tbat the H'aie of LoBi*i?na then exl.ted at a patt of the Gov?
ernment <?f tbe ?uited State!: ) Where wa* ita po*U?eal agaa
hBation at thal momunt I Congreea had expreteed its seau
manu, lb* iiuratioa bad been put to the Supreme Court, tnt?r
nttlonal law had ?pok?n. and all kail aald that those ar< pla
were public eue?lot. Whne *?? the Sut? ties i Daly wirri
the C lion arm?, aftor varied ?,. cr-idpr*. bad st lut cartnred
New Orleana. waa there even en e_r??e??tou of loyally, when
the Rebel? of the South gave themselvoe ap tiey ?omia-ored
a* pan led prisoner?? not la a very ?tod ?Ute. t. ulj, to ooueti
tute a ?orereiga Sut* aa_er tbi* ?aarereaent (Uegiteaaad
applause?. We bad beco-e r-lulcsl eaeatat through traaaoa.
lben choie the cjoesti-n arlaing from tie ?urretitlerVf Joba
itoo to ??herman, w! crain they ?tlp-lttcid ter-?* by i-hieb they
expected to eoaoe back with new ooiitlcai powei. Tier
?tritt- the whole North as arong anu they were abrogated.
Coder the term* giveo Gen Johmt-ue tiey were reatared to
all their rights, bat Grant went dow a thara ?nd tri ?let then?
a* paroled prtaoner?. They were giroa to uBd?r?t?nd that
they v.?re to be punished. Now he came te a qcecttnn w_i?;i
troubled good men. What weald we du witt tue tarai asea ia
the Sooth i That there were loyal ?nea the ?peaker had a?
doubt?. No min had bolter rea?on tokiiow that tba-i be had.
(Cluan ] There waa the Hoe. Tbo*. J. Duraat. Wita eat
trooyi were marching on Ne? -Orleans be had to ?tar d ia the
Con fe irrate I'.nikx wltb a musket ob bia ?boulder. "".'iiere t?
the (iovernm :i?t ?ben when a loyal man bad to Staat ap anal
fight ugaintt tb? Government he loved. (AppU-ta.) He bad
?aid thi,11! e terra? of Sherman to Jo-natos had been rerpeete
?term? bv which they ?gala received power io a eoaat? tier
hail out raged. But l'teaident Johnson gnve them telliUry
govern?tenta, and bo ca led thcia to make coovouliona ami tt
pit-i a tenet of acts a huh he .tletated to them. Sa.me did ead
tome did not. They Mid la ?oat? Bute* tant ?ney assail lie
a?-U bantu?.' tbey could nut-help it. Tiey averretf tie Gea.
federate debt could not be paid, and 'we do not aeaa
to poy it. Wo hare been defeated In the appeal to aras, and
we cannot help tbat. Now, he would coaiitler the C-n?tlte.
tion??bich Joburon handed armr.d ao iiiii'h that be kept
rrv.uo for himself? and tee where it waa that Pi ?aillent ?Toiin
iou got ti.? power to bring the -tate? bark lulu t?io*e. rig-ile
which in paning from the I'niou lh?y ft rti-it???. Au illuitra
ti>n won'd a-tiit an uuderttandtng of ti?? poalliuai Tit
Rebel Stat?? were in tie trillion of cc?t,u?rtd ?mernie?,
p troled pritonert of war, vit?oat any oft.? neat?. By in?
tern ill. n?l law they are at our aercy. tvwt their Hv?a wa
could hare taken. Taking hit poeitlon, I Ktada-I ?lohnann
c ulm? of rutonsti.uctuig the*? Si.!?? by alino't a ?ersteh ol'
lu pen. He dictates to t'orrreaa II? 8<lit.itt?*d traitor-,
their banda Ted with Mood. He ias-trd aa ita
right, end Congre?? accepta?! ti? laaue. ile wialiea
r?-d handed tra,if? to cine into Crragr???. ?nd gtiayunte*?
ti im ft ?edina from p.inln'.iiirut. And ta thai all l Hu ! -Mr.
Joh??on lav?, 1 have made j ou repul?ate Slut rrj all mea ara
no? free, '.lere eis no long, r ?lava Batter tbo Contlitatioa,
and then fore these men mu-t come back inder lie Uot.at ta?
tton us u mm ! What wa? the -?/a?r,itution ?? it was I It waa
that three firths of th??'.?.?? timid be rrprea?atet by lie
muter? ned the ?aster paid rhrce-fifibs of the tare? ? repor
ttaatta i.v on the ?lave. .New tfcete mea a?k lo com?' Lack with
ive -iib? ut ti.? negr i ' br Ibeir. wl.ib' th negro
bim?? If will now ooy tbrf-Bflht of the taxe? tie master tea
?alike. M ?self of. "We bid Ion? bl ibis flk bli we Would???
our ?<>...? _.t 11 ur brut'er? win def.*-ae_ tie Unio? letuercd
|k'W'?i|c?ii I v the live fifths representation In ?tt? S ?uti. T bia
w-.ulil tt? I.? i aging ii back tn the ?tay? of I8*ei, when Jeff.
D ti ia and bri cuaiijutur? ruled by ti.etr rrpreatniati? u. ttootild
they tbu? c.-ro? lack to power ) [Mo! M vor'* Ilia btarere
?'..ould go to th? lroy?! Ciinviiit.on now meeting m tie elly,
and ?ak the loyal Soat-eru mea ?iel aid tb?v wanted
, at tli?Ii battle; a>k tliem If tue murdered mon
tind'-rJohnMilt'epoleCv, ?bower?, lying ta tli?lr grate? tbte
da)-tin? bout. IT.ey ?oti'.il t.ij j ou til' they tv? ?ltd help.
?? p. Monilracled, . .Moi.?trucie?l
Hebel? ;o cn ne in with u? Such mea wer* im cor? itated fel
ous ?hu ? mied a trial, ?untied to ao ?har? la l-l* Got. ra
no nt. Th" iruo and 1 vii neo it tie Siatheould now only
be | to'c t.-1 by the ?nong ara of the country, and tu?y ?eked
repie*ontoi_?n fur n large oody in their eua ?try. That wa?
the gie ?t i|i!?stii.i. uow. 1 here were men wlo were bo be?II
a mi i ?treu? wrong wa? ?r 'uictced ia. in the North ?
tu'??d over to the trader ?arete? of thaee agunta
wbom th. v h ..? acted ?nd f jug.tr. Tb? idea thal " thi? M a
white mu ? Government" wa? a perfect lolly [appUiiseJ in
? II it? length and hitbl aid br. tutti?. T e General uoly looked
at the nea: t. (cireut applause. J He nouid aunan aave a black
f'i e ?lui a * hite heart, than ., w!,:-? f.,eu mid a l.lin'k bent.
f '.ppl.i'ine | He e>n?!der?'tt thi? lune i f equal ?ufinge to be
a illa? i??i!e. to a ' ich we ?unit bava to cou?? loonir ur lilli.
Me ?i ".i that Brui.lent Johna-B h?d iIicIru") iu favor of im
' partir! recro ?tiffingo, and H waa only publia sssevrr.ition
t ? rnc-h le had ?lui k todi.r.ng ?lie i_?t 11 inontur. | Laug! ter. |
i la* l.a?l m'I tint ei-iy llaek aaa who fought ?agit
to ?ote ?von ii he took* th? Cmk taw langnnge.
Ge*. S< rtenok?li-wat Stecdman.
o? i,. I! itler?Wnllj it vu?? ? .iher ftaedatt er Cater: rat I
roi-. o'i Mr. Schei k, ? ia? i.? 'm re ..??? naio on th- ?e matter
tata I an. Iii? (ien-vr-aJ was .Tilling tu pasa the mn?ket ta
the ??arro Wto was tit to uie ii, and le ni ju?t a? nil ing to
... t., ti* Legro ?lou a fit lo iteo it. Some persona
? iKowaepta are prejac'ieod. May he iBey were.
bu' it ??? rtiurtl? ia li- qti'?i?i.i ?I labor. B t ibat 11 j-iiioe?
i-o?. d be don au ay With jj t r.? ill* prrjittn? Bgtleet nu
oi.iuerv wa?. '1 he people m England broke up tlte-?piaaing
Jennie- b cause tiey Uiatuht l-ut it wimbi take _t?uy ?ruin
tiem lin' r tnpport by Tibor. But that prr|i!?Jict' had not
alwsTs i-xutetl. >*mm 17eJ7 fir lift. yeal?, at least ut. til I ?JO,
negrota ?ai? permutad to vol? in Katta Cannint 1.) i
n.??e? the daughter of North Carolina, aad taw ??opted
mother or father or whatever it waa <?f Aaarew Joinaoa
llmghier]. the very taiae piMvUioB eiuted in her Coaitita
lion. They voted in that -tate up to 103*. Wieta the it.teiett?
of SlaverT directed tt to bl cTangwd. But tina taattUUoa
mott horrible b?d been crutln-l by no act ef war aad aa act
of God. au.', through the UlattrioH and tainted Lincoln. Why
??n'titd no1 ?II tb? horrible Inxtitttiona eoaiiecUxl wita it be
?leitroyedi (Appltow.l MiketbU a land of fre?_?>:u and
liberty. Lal ni men roto ?ho tireen? it, bo matter What their
color.' L?t the bael* of reprctenUtion be eil who ere aboie
the agr of ti j cara. Blare tie proper gratii?MUoa ef latoili
feuue ant! proparty without ii-a ?ii ug rrto ?trlotly on tia le?,,
n the, fftei of (lal toke the Stute of Ki-?de lataad for ia
at?nce und ?ay that nobo.lv ?ball vot? who baa ?ot _(t> acre? ol
land. Theo t,*ry few could v??U and wo could have aa <?u
garchy and not a republic. Hut If intelligeBoe wa* ttiade tia
baal? of the eleetlT? frurirhiae there ouuld loured be aR-iobac.
'I hera ? a? a very ?ingalar fact which the Gencril tBen are?
??? ril.'d to .?bow, the r?i?ult ?fan adoption of tueh a Pi-u.
ieack ali to read and write, all or none to veto wie cool- no
road; but if that affected toe Set-so ha wa? But ?frajd to tay
that moat uf tl.o negruea of the Soath won?! then be aita to
read and write too tn two year?. Tiey lad a aoMe reeorA
?lrvady. My frleud?, eicbaourd tie UeaeraL amid tie ?noet
profoutd atteutioo, ou the -Hh d?y of Septembtr, lWI. I pat
j in column - (XX) negroe*. with their gun? *t tbe right ?hoalaac
?but. 1 picked the tapa off tln-ir gnu? ?o that they coaM no1
u?e theto. and ?honed them a Rebel bieeitwurk with abat lie
aud ditch aad a nar*, la from. I ?aid to theo, " Now re
j atomber lurt Billow? ion har? my perariaeloa lu go ovc-r tia!
Ai;?a?t?ork: ' and orat it th?y went like a Ila?-. (Great
eneeriiig J I had afterward oceaaion to ride ever tie ira ?at
work?, orer the ?pol where tie charge had baan ?ta??>aad tarra
lay MC dead aud a ounded. Tbey lay wita lice? atrtamed
to-ard the tala blue Autumn ?ky, mutely pl?i ding for their
race whlei tiey had fought and died to redeem This paaaga
waa mott effrct.vciy udit ?red, and Uara Btaited to the eyes of
many ereteut, the General biuieelf being mnoh affected. With
more than emotion swelling through ay Iroaat, I tina swan
aa oath that my right haud aiould forget Ka eaaotag and ap
tongue cleave to tue roof of my mouth if I peueed astil I lav?
redeemed that race for wiora t t ? i ? poor feltow* fought and
died. [Great, prolonged, and eathalaatie oleeiiag. | Tia
Geaeral c-Dtitiued at ?em? length to ?prl >th? principle? aad
argument? he had already ?Jil.:ia'ed at t advance?). Howat
atteutlvely liaUeed to to tit ead, Whlc 1 wa leaivtd w>ti
erie? of 'Go on' and cheer?.
Tie meeiieftben adjotarne..
The wonderful oration to-night in honor of tbe
loyal Southerners mny be regar led ti? greatest fanerai i
?(ration that ?Ter buried I Pre?id?n__ policy.
That Johnson i? dead ia V?aaayrranla I
word? oo tho lipa of alnioat every man of ti? l_-,(?e peep!?
that wi.m tied or took part in oae of th? gra-daet dtapiay?.
H not Indeed the mott ipleadld of all tie political de mon? tra?
il or.i of the latt ii? year? of popular outpoarlug*.
Ko wnrtlt eau pottibly portray tbe acena of ooaatlta multi?
tude and amaitng ?nleudor and cntluniatm t?tt kept gather?
ing excitement und parade from every qutrter ef the city.
Taia wildercettof (?eople made an uproar lik* the ocean ia
all tho wiJ? ?pice neighboring the boute of the League. The
ero? d filed Broad tr. and the ?venues leading thereto, ame.
times to great pre.stire and overflowing and extended for five
or ?ix ?ijuure? on one of the broade.tt aad fine?! ?tree!? of the
land, from 9 to 11 o'clock the ?etoo in front and wound th?
League 1 louie waa one ol in 'itcribably binlisaey.
Mu.nilng ia the ttrcct the ecthaslasm of the deo** crowd
wa* every? hi i . a.d the mott elco irnt comment
on lb? rare luantvof the d.i.?ling ?trictacle pre?erited on tbe
front of the League. An immense elide of larg? ?tur? f.rmed
(f bin/I,,* ga? Jet? stretched over th* highest fr, t of the
bitue B ten (bit wa? a liTiulrg iii?cr?ptlnn of |Li i iite of
? Walbing*...n" i:: letter* of bl .alni g?. ii. Geary, r.amc waa
lighted up near thi drat ?tory to tb? lal!, ?ad the So ... ? ti,?
man wed L acola ?bows baautu'aily on ti? n,;i*. A 1
oi er tho devr ?ay wa? ancthrr nrei? ? I" , _trn,i?o %i ? m4 all
the light? of ill? Wch|":_i I. .i ...- .tlUuttd iluim .;. Cae op
tun.i- i lu.t atoad fro. .t gib?) ;. .i?'ue?
.anal y gulng'off, for ait? do#n the
?ti. t. ? ' ! e ?.? ?i
1 ... it
?om t'..? big
lilli, fui fin. who let toen ao many of tit lintat p?lit loa
deinontira-ec? of the putt tia yent, pivnouac .
mt| nug ?i.l.t h" ever w?:nc???d.
C. i-i Jeal?a ('..????, abo -,tL?**?d ii fimo i_o boko; ?
tb? L*-{?ut-, nu* m traga io lu praiae.
T.e piot-e.iiun uf-7 ward.-, will tt? different Int'epecdent
Ing the nolle dUpla; ?>! ti.? mm ?ortb-? of the
Kepublrt-ii lurlaeibles, ha* he? u reekoned ???fi.tK*?) in aambera
Ou it* wey ,o tie Lcagno it kindled all the eothti?l-*ro of the
p.>pnlace. Sj long waa the pn)ce?tl*on that It could not be
firmed altog-ther in line. All along the rtrute, aad ia froat ol
th? Leaf ne, the parader? -tad the people broke oet in tioging ,
?Rally round tie dag.'' ?
Tie noticie of tue meeting wa? gives oat only three day*
?go and i.titwit'-ttnudlLg the ?holt ?pie? of Line ?.???!, oi the
If w ?reis Into which the city la dlTided taraed eui a .tiega
lie preee??; m. 1 leg?.
? ' -au 11???'!!:. . Boy? in
"<t . t- ,...,:
?at la .
'Tien, -?, !

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