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tnntlnnrd KroM F trat Pn_|e.
une Hy the time ti* b?s?l t ( tie in (, n.archrtl Mta the route
),. I J i- half the club? wer? in posit.on, se, tieri
wart in reality o?otly Ila) separate parades.
Tb? bool of the Um psMed the Unloe LengM II ead q Borter ?
ni half j_l t, the last nao e-nung op at 10.42, belo?; roeeived
By the loyal Tulon!?!? in the following order: Boj a Lo JBlae,
MX), carrying tea snny corpa flags ?udicative cf the corpe lo
which the vsriou dab? had served. A be*uti foi silk banner
?ii in the line and several well sosrrcd battle-flags. One
turner st? traT.ajtreii j reo?l " The blued of our soldiers sha!1
?et be shed In vain. ' Hcpub lean invincibles of '6C, C4, and
?44?. nunibenn? 3.a?.. Il.cn ?olloaed the words noticeall?
?s?<tnr the banner trnnsporcneteo, ete. "My race le alinent
nu."-Andrew Johnson. " 1'hst's se.''
TLe Thirteenth Ward bronc! ! ?n (Id lr-orl | -itttire trsn?p?T
?x ? y ti I-?'-?. with President Johnsct) s photograph picture
Iii! ted oot. TLi? wu (i ii ted with l.a'.lclvjahs of npptuQM the
?belo route. Ihe Twentieth Ward carried an immense
transparency rrj: resenting President Johnson as gNBflae. ti?
kind of a pistol and knife bolte. Rebel and his foot upon a re
groes trad, a melancholy looking white Mt in tie distonoe
looking on.
Hottoeo, "Tresson thill be mad? odi?os." 'Will haTe M
??aeer-de??mung us," " Trcuon defeated by bayonet ?h?ll not
ntl? by ball, t." ' No com pre ru ire with traitor?,'* were plenty
through the whole Iii c. At the Leur I write thi?. I
theie club? f.re ?HI! (-arsdir.g the itreet?, and their CutLun_?t.
k m esricst m lu the cartier port of the evening.
Among the many meetii.irs held on thia occasion ;
eept that at the League House wa? more oi.ll, t - . ?-.lui r I it
_ 1er attended. A mont iroi?ortant feature was ihe ? rrense
Lumber of ladies that gave a grace end ?gaB] BcMaaek
?erred ut open po.iticsl _-atherinps. The only ?.nuns io tho.-c
pe-eet-tiagi wure thone inmle- I. y passing t
It.iii the city and tie uOj i*.\
traeti-d by the blare of beaut ixl lire and the mic-ie. II
With unwearied eagerness listened to tie voices of Ile speak
Ora, miDifrsTng on interest In tia
?bletothiir latcUigrnce nt.d ) utiiolieui. '!!.<? ir.i-t iii.? mae
?Mile?! to order ?t . ml? ck!, _8 ?Iccin i. ? f I 1'. I lo'vr.
?eq., e f I'hili.delfbia. Proidcn!. '1 Le Iir?t iponker introduced
WM Geo. t-i.et.ck of Ohio, who ep? ke as follows:
Mv Fi i ? a Ctiaaas: I wl'l t-e with yon n very ?Lort ti-.ie.
Oar Oki? demand? my pretence n? farther tLat c?ti?c so nobly
tadorsed !,? . io upon nie tcr.-itoiy of Peansylvania, Bud no
idea? ure ? iii nan lji u me within her borders .?unter ti.an to
announce il.a: leonie from Philadelphia, and ll.it lot-broad
hlrenrn of t.?e Rung Water? is destined to sweep nwav every
llr,- i i '. the stiiicss el lice pi
?nil . f i ?. ... i .??.'? .* I was imrt ?ii.c? d t ? vtiu
my trien.!?, u? the Chairman of the ('..:. M li tari
.ArT-.ii? of Iii?' Hy rtativc?. I do bel 'i.g to that
killy ?tul, A-. St a .1 : i -, j . . a:: ' ','.' i li
Bo* dciicnatci! ?sa body " ranging on the reift of ric (.- i
?rnu?*i.t and te. >?? to erith?! to it nor to any oti.?
?owe or?;?: i- that ss it may we dare
talc IsSM mu. Lim. [Apiilsuie I IVi? darr to say
to him ?eil to his miiemi te n.ai. Friday [-'Gool! pond "
li-i.i|in.i,'< Bl ?r t! ni ?f be
griBBf: ti tre ?ill be tno words to ttist .|iiest.t V
IIClLen ti I C a
t?oui body, ?s a faction n? an entxidiuen! of rr?>
traiter uni u en. w,..< 8 ktyni ItntaS TrLiil. Vi.tlrew
.r",.a?t Lui been o| previ g
, :t?? ti, tt d,.T r..! ti:m l'-i'i:dciit: Lut flLit ra
: ? t ti..
1 M which now ur.dtrtal.os to
( ' v. bi'tber
the Souther:? 6t?tei did or did r.ct go out ol :
t .-it it his tinted tie mindi of it i
little practical intlnenc? upon the action at (1( icrniui nt.
I bid one ?ho never leid that thoj ?.id
? ticri-o il??e people ns our rec react und ti ??Li-having
ticthria. tliti fiied in tb'it i..egul attempt?. Bal I Uno)
ti Id Ont they ?re descmng row of all the rig: ;s of ! yil
Ben. '1 Le prisoner, after i.'i.nri'.n ?r the enJertanatC in
?one. ?re 11 ? io le . <?: -ni? red entitled to all t'.e n_T r? thal
slher? possets because tcey ?re in, 1 ? ? . i ild lie
ret, ,???! t?, jndergo s ?T'-rr degrv uf penni ce We havo
tbri,.?rt-u -,:.(? |?a?a, ana ?li w<
wcurity foi tli? future. (Applsaie.) The Premlent.
bi.wci.r t).iiikt? that ?bit tim been elcmatidtd is n SB?'
?tent gut' tutee, bat the Cor gres? aialutui: s the con?
trary : ?i d onie?? tt.eir \.??s ure tolaeaeO, I
?Ver 'tLat ula great itrdlfglt w11 A* retine? ?1 to a ti t r. t??!ol
?Wiysica! ?tr a ho is traveling throng?) ?'
Iry t? en lea? oil ir to de
?t the pet j le. but this attempt ? .1! ?rove vam. Will, mv
Thev merely require that n'l rwt stn:'
ttefi.rc ihe 1 iw, ?ad er joe nil civil ri|?) ti in common witt, 8 ich
other. 'Iboi-e, it is claimed by the Copperhead?, will be
6iauW(l 1 ut ?e insist that ?.hey shall I? put ilowr. ii. | nrt o!
.c bud. We are Lut to permit 1L" r?B?< ii
?lion if au isc ,'ialitv of the repreaentattm in (Tri
?.??i ?ht-? the ?u.Hen St*te lins ?w c:sle
Vi? are tot attaOod ti it iw? iron in F?aniylvsi i s: ill
??nut si rr.ue! ti > ni ti . !i? wh?
clvmi to tie a lltTnocrat is a liar. [ApplsuMl. A ?iel! t.a?
?seo conlraeteii, ?null? f:?l oft!? (..
I? i Cut tit 11. No power - lot? ti.. (. ? ?
?f the I'rmed State? whil I 1er. Lor
lou? la? been )T?<" J cpon
tte i.. ? . .. c1 ti tir i.r lnttf,' li
I ? ? I 1T.UM Iravc i ' . I go to?
-g ti aildttsi. ' t.earkcu
tie hoo-r tri.!- Kitdi of victor? ??lib ?1 II -i?i
tre tx.ue'i t.. our State ?Lal be r(?,L((i! fr m Lr
? li ins aid lilis to the ?e'.igLt of all 1. m1 Linn?.
come fte.ro Wl?coa?ii myfrimai scdliiywi
Barry our ?Mate with ovirwtelmicg mi
L "i ? ?heurt county in mt butt, wlkh wc cannot figbt t.nt
I? tr m.it ?_? I f?el, will convert It. Evcnti m?v ?("?."?! I? ??
r c a i.-ir? ag a - iib n T bksoT
?'' ?vc ? ? ?i ?end on one trKtritL's-notice.
I ' L."t if it doe? wc will l.nve cur wives
? lighter? to ra;?e corn ti*? J??- We took (Le ?rir.? from
the lit I? s , v ion ?. j j,ev j?i _ *t lav ??own their arm?, even
?bot??! ?c?tin _ovs ?o; ,-u the eontrary. ihey for
a-Ilet? their ,:????. In MnelMlM < I loV?"} if .fofii" ?on itit.'i r
lok?s ti ?. n.mil treason " Hang Lim, htu." hin_" CitLtle_.en,
jil? tsii iiLiii.uc n.y icttci.ee.
HieciLt? ?ere alto in-ile bj?8enators ?iT?son ft -laisaci.n
B'lti leu *?'. liaccitf Oi-gor, and Mr. __IcI'Li-ar?_i el Penn
arrrania and otben. ?a.
The ( Ti. " ittt-o ??i, B ?_.. ? fA* fi -""? W
__. ,._____..,. U_???-ITXI Live been :n sc??:;n
al tbe 11 rung and have Bot yet adjourned. TLe ochatt- 1 m
be-ea very tarneit on both sides and fears were at one time
fell of a rtreng dissfrreement.
The prosioreof opiaion is strong and the Committee have
_?.<_ going through an ordeal
It is ?t lost decided as tia voim of a majority that co plat
form ihcilJ be pat iviti trjond the Cbngretuciiial pro
fraiitD?. t . _ ?>_.?_-_etvi__??_i *??*?^'?_..'_??'rt| ?????^ j?_i,
*? ***"t'* "i rder State iLfaecc? would a_n*c-o to n0 otimproBilie
bet? eeu ti?! ?ad suffrsge ?id ?on.? part of it La? even been
rode ia its ditspproval of tie ?ssm of suffrage.
TI? Boutteru ne? have been taunted by a flew foolish Indi
ndoBB. ia the Maryland ??legation nd som? nore ?cifish
Rorthcrnets with hnvag oom? np to distract the ...tioLal
The nain discussion this evening ?ii on tba ejueition of the
legitimacy of tb? Jobnoonised State?, the blue of suffrsge pav?
ing brea temporarily ?ikneed.
The folio? leg wm the bone of contention:
M*?tle*m, Tba the organiraion? ?Morning to be the State
?Government? no1 having been iegitimstelv instituted, ?re ii
leg?), sid iboald sol be reeofnised by Congre??.
This wu ?ssended by the l?order mel m as to read tittil ree
agaiscd by Congress. But even to this the Marylaoders would
ac4 ogre?, aid resolved to accept nothing further than as in
?onv-CLt cf Congr-SM.
Debar went on withoot limit or result. Pintlly. 1.o|h lost
mt gaining ? cooceseioo. the member from Georgia lelt the
Committee rooaa after ? strong sod earnest ?peec!??
,_ Oov, Haa-?tos at? rtly ?ft??rw?rd followed with a protest.
?nS tba? the ChlTn.-- 8n<T ?ccreUry ?if' Akt Commllle* have
/lmost htft it. Dorant, UiH. Bryant and Mr. li-icc o??v,???
Iii teiy lollow this retlrei_?ct; Bryont oi.)v .? ?aaU-L The
rest IncludiE? Fuller of 'J'.' R '"'?* " American ?nd Forney
?a.lii?r<r f 7'.c If??'., ile* throuitU, ?re aore or l?.?s ii?
fhTOr of fe Cun_re'??i ? ? ?! p!ar.
Tbe Blttmate re??u'.t will very peesibly b? a division of com
Mittae ondamsJ?,ritj ?te n.iror.ij reia.rt. ,
la that com there all) Le an ainnauted. Contest in the Con
?fentl.u. no doa.t _ ? .
The ?idrit of Ihe dtlegat- a is generally vttv go?.:!, snd mat
IcTl rrav l-e ree? relied ty some 8rre?rr.??t t?? <li?.ii?ree.
The I'* ?,l:r m ttM baie dciorBiiiietl to poaaoos both julat
lira aad addMa?.
[Ti?, t on .'?> ton if tht Report of ihe Philadelphia i eui
Xtntion will appiar ,n our Second Edition of t/tis t-iof-ii
w/] _
" ._ r FOUL t IX I ti\ ??EC Th UT.
? itys.
' it they
v ??
i.?po?i ?buiiM, he say? he hid order? _r??ui
ur.d " el i> el i ?a? Am only
! '?on.
fwjt it.
I wore lep- ... tm eknUiS I j
mm ,
W4AN ABEJUW Rta-Mia?Tlic rnmcr
lal N'Btb ave? . ia be r?ll?d lb* Nattan,. \
Mr. Johnson Repeats His Speech.
Preci-l Diiptteb to Tb* N. T. Tribone.
('Hl(A-0, We.lcesdny left x\ 18??S.
The Pitaidt-nt find H?B lift Detroit nt 1<> o'i luck,
on the Michigan ("entra! J'mlro__, i? a special irain of foui
magnificent ?aloonc_j?, furnished ly the Superintendent o
!. K. N. Kioc.
The engine (Challenge) which drew tb? train was ?pecially
pai.tfd red, abite aid tli.e for the re cation, nnil rctetnbled a
huge barbei't pole. The car occupied by the i'reiitlCLt con ?
tained roany basket?, wreaths Mid bouijnets of choice flower?,
uni! ?ni lu-tirioutly furnished. A veiy tmtll crovrd wit
iicsied the departure, and there vrai really no entbuaiaitn.
Ost <iiai;t appeared upon the train, looking somewhat hag?
gard, nuil Ml?tag bit way tatt I f trwnrcl enr, at far at h?
Stall fret from the reel mi tbe party, and w und to be con
1 when lclt alone.
G-B-flWM-Brj Nu. 1 of tie Knight? Tcn-iplnrBof Detroit ac
; id the I'Ksiilctit ta mt ?con, and there were also a
number of ?lyUiniittcen-en from (.'lie-ago on the train.
At Yrsilonti, tbe President wa? m 1. fined 1 v Miayor Bogar
?Ins. on ht-bull of citizen?, for the niunly _?_ bold i_?nnerlri
ni.;.'.: i.t c1 tLr Conititutton and the light* of the
State?. I give yon tie l'rcs.il. tit . reply that you may hove a
ski:.pie of li? reninrk? toduy at tie eleven largo town? a
?ii t:_:ii _ t? jii?'<l. Ho B_M Im?- to 6,Ay to yon.
-. you know I an tot -tra for tit p-ipiite of
. -. ?!?? ???!... Pass?If iiloug almost ii? it mr? ipou the
of tb? wild, to uti ive ?tcli a cordi 1 wclcom? ?? tit*
? i pi opie on tui'li t-lit.rt notice, andi-udi ?-.'(?ntttMoui
gi n? bar? "icmrct! tiroogloBl tb? whorl watt,
I h i? ?ni are pec_1larl< rraUMagta bo, ib4**oi bat? d'm
onstrate. just nt tin? ruviio'i.t ii* poner of the ja i ; ii- w ?'lout.
ni.g t: is cn ni, i,-. fiiiy !nd pastad ta? ptattara
i-ir, on which the Pretidt Bl (taod, ? few L-el, uiTil it t?int'!icd
lia Hate.] It li an evidence, Bat-magi ?mai la n.rlf. of that
tipri-lng of Ihc great t?MS "f t'e An'nenn people, which in
Undi to pu-ti the lim prun.etit nl'.ng ti It em ire whole ami in
Iba right direction. |_rOOtl] Wo hut e I 11 :. ii u lud r.? you
ure ?ware, nil of you?lor jou have ibe Ineoattatlb-? tritti mm
? y ou?tu ?'long war. Thnt um is entli-d nod it )? ne
i un to retturc li ? Oot ?n Heal ar-d retara to?he fiiig
inal principles nmxn wbicb i .c w- rk now
I. e _?. We knciv there I? *i,u.t conflu? and
.ittirei.ee of ?piataa in retcrence to that I wita M lan.
i ) ? part of ti t baa besa ?at nay ?poa tba sabjent
and aaotler part ti? it ? i lit work ? ?( n-ni ?bi.'.ii ans cm
uii-iacil Hiter the urn.ie? it r. I sad bas
bien COBttaath jngic-?i.ig Iii' BUttl nil tbt one- hand
i all tait Val n ?,.!...t? oi tin m, while to far ia the
Eli ?'tit;v r- 1 >?'"...ii :nr-1?'. t.f
i oi.itlt'ition.
|?M -"li liai t ? : ? Next
ri.e St.iic? rea| . :-l rtloai
:.t lit Keiit'iil t.:i ii,i' stbtl ii- 'iiiern
mont hu? 1-ecn reta?itaig ni, it? raUlion? n
obi Department, and tier? lit tatws las toast, na
. pnt principles (bal liri ut ti* feaadar-on ef
?Tar) lu vcrnuai'-t thal t.-ixutitui aid i.jt- ?aid ga
.1 lag bead in baai if ti.e Bnatb abo wari h
i ibis B. loi) lara at ot-ptt-il of ti- tanna ?ad tue
fmt] ?..i- i.ilUid to all that I IM btta tata
wfii by Um Fed?!? Uortranrtnt, They ?duut th.t tan
hate gone arotig. and ?re ttii! ml: g ta Mika staaaflMMl ?nd
ici and anita witi u wiora waaaaa ta?ad la ti.at po
?itiioi M.t-rc our greatnei? wnt all Bllalard I at It w.tLin
'he I'r.ion. under the f'onititutiun. and under the An.ortc-an
tug. i am free to ?aytovru. Ii.tve nothing to d?guise?
1 har? beeti anxious te sea tilt Garartaptat rwturti? I iiavo
been anxiou? la ne tis Lii'id.ug arterir? ol t:e pata
lit- ttopaad; 1 h?v> be*n anxirn? to ?co the ex
re? of t*ie Gove? eau ni tawagbl to ?n end:
1 Ii.v tata ?Mi"ui to Mt jHTic-e i,i,n leu.iiciiist on re.torcd
among the in-opl?. All my ? IT.irls Live Leen la tl.nl dirt? I ?"',
ti yout bite, jet m i'ti j ... tiip the- day It not hi
dutar.t nhc-u tl.c t.ovi r'ni ?nt ?ailie los Ita tal, when i.eace,
: .ty and harmony w,ii ,-ig..i i return to tt.iti j..-?.j.!r- alni
we will raaaw ear Migbij e ia? [Chaati in ibt Marti "f
nation? wl.ic? we ct i g iiuce 1l.cn let mc p?*s
- 11 n ti. da], i nt la ?lag a art t| ???, I t.- i ai? teadi r
lo yon t: rough jonr bondini 11 nlrinttn. in-, ttneeri ta?aba tar
: i- nuil in jiniiiiig mu? ni i lean in
yo:r h.iiids the flag of your co i mrs, nut w.tb Iwooty-Bre but
win lh.:.i-. S Hutt. .Voue"; 'Au. 1 l.i?
i';..t.n m: bnkna to plrcri t.-.t rntarrd I ; i...- them in
your bands tor pmtirat.i "i our b?__rtd rrancttttaUrt
I m? nit ned to He Coi etit.t.o!. Bad? bj m r fattiert attar the
rei'-ui.titi at ii iw.en they had uchievctl tl:<- r
? ?btel w t.'ii.? da? i
that Conttltntloa wb!rh vu parebaaod ??vt'-irl oo'l- I t'.'.i?
t'.av doll?. i ii.i") j. ur I ai.d?. ?itli tt... Injonetio . thal ?ou nro
leot and defend It from :." ein-r, se' ?i.?-: ?-. . ?? ?Iii.
[toar? the
I oar eeantrrli \oi.r bind?, lrav? t l?
B'.atas, trusting anti I.oj.ng that lied ii loft!?
ii d Maret ?ni let II? h it ii sstagl rum uj-on jim and
- ?copie. [Cheer,.J
dkbtta Jc?i people liiteatd to the *i?ceeh. of ti Lit.li I furnnh s
Utero] rc??< rt.
A little fir! pretciiTC- t'.c rrciiclct nit!. | 1 i. mjtt, a:..\ t.c
kissed her. A ltdy preiented Srwnrd with one. and be kiised
btr. Iking osllc-d npon for rt tptrch, he a-.i.l :
(,eu. Ortnt ?r.d 1 never run fn op?x?it?on. Vi u will hove to
agree to w __t us imtli, cr jen do not get eui.' r.
air. .????*.-?:- -v. ***?/>* ??*'
At Anti Atbor the PrrsMSB, lo*l hi? !e_i|er. Vl'Lilc he waa
sjieating ?onie one in the crowd propose,! throe cbee-r? for
Orai,t, wbieb be mi?understood ss three cheer? for Consrres*;
and retorted that be could narrate on Incident which Would,
perhaps mike them n.ore deilron? of cheering Congre??.
That ?"ring the hit ?etilnn Congres* bad tat for eight
month? doltg nothing but patiing act* volitivo of the Cot
ititution, and oppoting ki? policy. 1 hat they brui doled out
|M to tue poor tcdclieri who ?erved their oonntry faiflifnlly for
two year?, and ? lou to the ?cldier? Who ?crred their e-o_i.trr
failhft.Iiy three year?, but with p triotic enthutlaim t.t-i hail
??.ted t.emtelve? #4,000 a piece.''
Shortly -fte- jJ.,Tln(t ?*'an Arbor the commander of tb?
Ki tg-t. Templar?. v"h?.?}ht trala wa? whirling ulong at tb?
rate of a mile a minnie, re?. ?VP S?J-lreM-4o Mm I'resident, all
bandi in the car Handing and holding on to K3_**a tb" pre'
it nted a h?ild to maintain their perpentlicolar * '
Erom the addrerf It wa? ?T_lc?'l tbat tbe Treiidt nt ?T?t ?
blason and Knight I?^p",tf;"t.3 -jj*'" Johaton *n o'? reply
i*ckr,?wle.ge- ?T,tt be wa* not very leight, but that tbe Order
bad always bil txat withes fur Its success.
Tb? j-?' ?de bscj eollected nt every station in large crowd*
and were gea' rally retpectf .1, bot there wm no <btho?l-tm
(-icept at Kalaioaruo, tue res.dcnce of the _I'.._ Oktal E
PH-vfart. fiiTDie'r r?eDator In Cungre?? when Demi.rat? rcpro
?entod Michigan in Congre??, through wbc??e exertion? an
apparently hearty welcome wai givra. Ii ?Inking oonlrMt
witt K*.tt??soo wai the repetiiioo *?*?-*" 1*".-*
.-a? otmmt.. ?_<???? "* _T Jj ?'g' (__!_,
where the _i*!_?y of fce.iug wa* to doubt genuine If not noi.y
A stand h*d been erected by those friendly to tbe AdrrV It?
trallon, and the well-dlipoted citizen?, to lender a welcome to
fie I'res.Ct-r.t. A gentleman with a weak voice and a timid dij;
jMititinn announced tie I'retident from tbe ?tatid v\ i i, ?
cordant ?odien.*, wbo did not give a cher, but bept np a
conttant hubbub. y
Loud cbeer* for Orant were made and ?erne tor S ?.?o, ard.
ii r. rVward in tbe miclit of the dutorbanca ?aid.
yiiiiWCiTirFM? (?m. Grant never saaafel 4-Mnst me.
nor I acamtt bim. Hen heit. |C beera lor (. <u tjrant I I
should like to know bow many of j ou arc ?.- ,[,'e v-|or.
bave ?eci. much cnthril??ui in Michigan In regard lo tb? Ile
? ' Mexico ai.d I wonder how mab' '0t .*? ,rf lover? of
lourcoiii.lry AsrnaByaa aro will !^M<. g'1Te tl,ree cheer*
fojtbe -D'ted Stateo. [Tbrtt cl.ee- , , jj,,*. ttMl, ^UUtt
Ll!*e?l--tM ?-hole I....I lr?-r. *.'. ?,., |f- ie mtimU
: A] All cf ?ou who ?re in bast J? u,,,,^ S-ate* of eo Stttei
i ?,.i; it ty hurrahing, (-pattering nud derisive cheer?.]
,N.,w I want to know lo-, m J" ,? Uror 0f y, Stale?,
without a ttar obliterit- 4 Tho.e wbo aie in favor of :fl will
..?..o-'-e ?j ???a I'-'.ni ama rotbar botaUroua, 'Aye. I Do
yon want Andrew j?iin.?_ j'.e.idcut o: Klag 1 [Loud vuioo?:
? i'..?. .ti.t i r aotbitg.'
After a f iw- more remaiV? by Mr S-nnrd. Mr. Johnson ni
dcavored to epeiik. i ? * I/ tli- i?:> vni taita?ti bim
Ita ftfvw a.?:!.?:!?. Min. u.e bi.ioar sbatad t t-toitaUj t-,
(Am I i
Ai* tie clil.-er? "1 ti..-. l""-i. i-o Ita? to pr'?.r.cty that I bay :
-, -i t it !i Ho? ? ' ? t.-ii i e|
Ct lol hi:..se,' |i, t., ,| his
ir.i'ii ni au
I t.m not iu ti ??itii.tr? did
' ' ?
[ ' lue. ,i. tvioi i d tit ,
.- .c>bnto.i st -
i recilred bim eo-ji?. - . ?
: I?. I .1 DOO] I
l.i W:.> 1'ft Bf
of tl.c lava -??
. ?J- Ltlt Was i?
I of the plnce, wb?> b??l sn artery ont. ?
gu; ?" loii.U v. ttd le dei land thal ti wai
Se a ard, a* ia roa?
i cried out: ':ib:? i? not onr jotfotm,' and lu? unntteii,
? Yoe were ?tardlu? tu it. Tb? I'uHmtitr-r-iit! eriL wb?
j tf Sterdcian. rorgratolatad hiaaaif on bl? luck In
?Iway? falling le toft place?.
?_ ltrge ?tleir-iion fro? Chicago ?net tbe Pre?id?i>t at
Mk-kignnCitr, at which place be made a f?w remark? and
waa-.ten bpleil with ino? of "Three einer? for Congrtta?."
He ?tj'.cd It ibe Hump Cont-raj*.
Ciicstoattrt .i -ed ?l it}, and C.? l'ietiJent at? "??cortod
". 'ti-, ral rr.rr-B'. leri - il K ,-ru
A raaf i j? j I* tari*
, ? ?ml at lb?
! : '.?.??.. ?.?
Tbe Ron. Jno. Hogan mt MI??onr1, who wm os the train
to-day has secured a promise from the President to vtilt St
Louis. II? will le?ve here on Friday, be ia Springfield Friday
night, in St. Loois over Sunday, Indianapoli? Monday night,
Cincinnati Tuesday night, ColombM Wednesday night. Pitts?
burgh Thursday night, Hirrisburg Fndsy night, Boltin_.ro
Saturday noon, ail irrira in WMhiogto? Setirday ?sight,
?Soo!. IA
And aow th?t wear? la Chicago, a th? end Of oar jonrnsy
m first projected. I cm My without prejudice tba the nini
festotions along the rout? ira? eitel have surprise?) the whola
The President wm treated retpeettolly bat ccltlly by the
people, while they lavuhed their acclaims upon (?rant nod Fur
ragut. sa if desirons of showiag by contrast the Lille regard
they had for the Preeldent
No one in the party bas fniled to notice the rebuke thus
conveyed, and there has treen a great deal of rjuiet talk over
it, and regret expressed. Tbe President and Mr. be? ard
have boen taught a severe lesson on ttfeir cicuriion.
Soon after the Preiident reached tbo hotel he appeared In
the front buloony. sod tb.e icmult was deafening. There was
some tears of a disturbance, hot the crowd finally ?juietcd
down and liitcnee to Lim, while he returned thanks in a few
brief word?.
(.-.mME* I arpear here before yon t!oi|lv to tender yoo
my he?rt!eit ttmnki for thli cordial welcome. Ii regnrd iM?
demonstration us an evidence of the interest which yon toke
?u the ?iiieit'oiis in which the country ii interest?? ! ?nd in the
issues involved In them. I look on this demomtralion a* on
nprisipg ord outpouring ni the popular heart. (Cheers.)
I have tried to perform my constitutional dnty
to the ix'.i'l? of tbe I'liitotl Mme?. [Ciiei,
"You have d?me it. "I It is on you I rely for
protection and ?upport. It is on Ihe people I hsve relied from
my advent in public life to the prosent titre (Applause. | I
thank Gol ti at In the performance of n.y olhcial duties they
hsve never deeehed me, and in the future, a? in the pa?!. y??u
ii i cr islinll be deceived byrne. (Applauie j 1 trust 1 ??k11
huve anotl.er npportnnlty to address vo?. Yon hare the
heit wiil.i? of my heart for jour prosperity. T!i<- deUsiinstrn
tii.t.? you Lav?? made will be treasured up in my heart and cur
ried with mc ??> Ling m remembrance occupier'a plac* ?nil tie
blood in mr veins animates my henri. I have no more to say
to Bight 1 sgitin thank von for the welcome extended througb
your reproeiiiative. ?('Leers. |
Oasis C11nut und Auu.lru) 1'ari-gut were then [resented, and
the multitude cxprcm-d their delight st seeing them in kong
and loud tat ? '?
The parly iheti reliretl f. i tl.e eight Chicago is overflowing
with people, and the ceremonies to-morrow will beef a mott
impressive character
OfO??I I)i?|.?t. | to TL? N. V. Trlhun?.
IVa?hivi.iom, P. C . Wednesday. Sepl
Tho following d.s*>i?ttli keel en r*?( Ired el tli? Tribune
Hunan la tkil city:
f.Nl a OH i an-, Wedr.esdsT, Sept 5. ?f6.
Tho llilltary Cotnnisaioa, orfiaiacsl lo Laratigatc
? t ti ? sill the lute misracn
'? (1 their lui (..'. ?.?.ii lot i.leil ?l? li.( .r i. |. r: lo Ot-n.
... ?it BON to-day.
The rep? rt eoran ??vi r i : ?? of c1? ?fly
written Baanacript, rind pu ces conclusively that ilio
a bim ero ?nu pceeaaeertoc' ni poenwojoO *j Mayor
.Minne?' ?iiiil ? thors.
li rs (f th.? F.rr De; ?utinent and mi ti ITt r
!' Iii!?l military ir?.-an:xritiora whick exist
in tins lily ??J peareil on t; ? Bj '1 lu given Sik't.al.
annetl t?. the 1.11! , ead ;i.??.-Ud Ike police iu tl?( ?r
tub's of ii.unit rini: ni. UTiie.l ii ml dcfiisc-lea li I I n.? : .
flier ? :.c I.nu!:- rtliy witm ?se? have
ken (.an.iLot!, aid the cetfoan ecgeehcnttve <?' t!???
' is ii.' ..iitri'Vi-rtil le. The re; "rt Will
proiiai.iy r?ii (. aannln fa ihn?
; dais, in edi it',
be :' r ??i.-tlf'i t?. \v.. I
tl.e ir.l. ? !
! "a* Oin t-ali- I: in r? fi'lf-Il- 4? to th? it TI ] ? ?-!
t.oi. <f the Rebel Grand Jary, faits
Bli? ?ted. TI.:.* |] c J | ames
from the rig?-'r?. ?i reten fen IhOH i.aD.c? )_!'. aro
dn.ui,, fr.,n? which tin- el.? ?li ..lui tin- ii. rkot ti . (ritiii
Iiu! Cert seiet kix'?i ii. ,.,.il. : ti.i d r.
n? grund jurors on the registry. There arc
na ninny Oana of Li uri men as Confederates,
' w'it).?t?i!.ilmg, ?very erne "f the jury ?t-leet?'d were
i..,r- r.i. :? Kettla, with ? Rebel Colonel ss forv-u:an; ore
ia a tueint'cr 11 ti?'I.?).'.? i?'.it, ard is therefore <-&?.ai|t .
two or three- wat int..,)?? rs of tie last (?rand J.r;, tl.ero
fore their linn.s c"iild I" t la*rf?!'y li- ii. the j uri-toa at
tina time, while two oihcn rcgistcrt-d voters, and
then torc legally iii.ajiic.taUd from serving on a (Haul
lu tho rts'i.pamiih'r of the white schools in this city,
nhich hu? lutely tftki n j'iHre, many of the lady tench??!*,
who are known as I'Lltiiiists, were discharged, and ?j???-*)
Hebels ?[tmryited in their j lscc.
Leading Tnion men of Ncw-Orloima are dii-hiisCed
because no let?em baa beni token on the com? lain! sworn
to )))? them on the 4th of August before the Uniled Stators |
C't'iuaisnoners, churning Li? ul.-Oov. Voorhecs, Muyur
Mo-jroe, and the folie?, Jjitti ?'"?IfL ?uJ l*H| hi
thc-ir arrest umWrth?. Curl Iligtits Dill hridMilitirr Or
t M ??*
der?. .. , ,-, g m .
The complnint Wal referTedby the Comniisflor.or to
Major-lien. Sheridan, they tro preparing a s.milar ?locn
meut to be signed find sworn to hy a large number, with
the purpose of presenting it to higher r?,tilLu-y ?u'h? ijt/?
. _ _ .. Vn.ni?sun. Wedr.esdsv. Sept 5, iM.
A ?hocking ?V^gni occurred on the Ne?-York Central
Bailroid,--wI bum eaet ?if tkb cHr. ikoet ??> e'cleektha
t'ft?j?.' Severalperson?. ?it? kill? ii outright and many
Other? iiilure<l. The Iteaaki .?t Kxpnss triiu ?huh left
Albany this r.?"niing whs tlir,i?ii Horn the irsck hy i
switch win,h aneeealeeelT ??ft oiten.
The train was running fast ?nd on a curre. The en?
gineer nee the signal to brake and Jumped from Ina en?
gine. The lt*t?_o_n?.t?ve pluigoil into the fuml Bud turn??!
(,vtr. The three eoaahea ant to the baggage car run to
getiii-r like the Joiuts of ? telescope, and were lett Mug in
u heap with the baggage ?or.
??Tho loss of life ?nd injury to passenger? geiierallv were
conhned ti, thcM IhOM ???s. lal following isa lilt ol
klllfxl und iuj'Jr'd:
Kin i n-l)a?id Onfgktea, llewtia?, C. K ? Ireroy Shsagh
ue???'T korLesler. rai road einplov*, Lik-im ()?en. brake
man.CTide Mr. K'Uith. (iluleriui.e, M. ? ; N Som? r?, M
isnUoom, N Y
?I.-A II St.me, On-tnld-n. N. Y., bip. Mlntty?
Mr. an?, Mr?. M.ni.i?, DoCAtV, N. )U. Slightly I Mrs. Dow?
m.. Ki.aie, N. Y., hack ard Len !, ?or?-?4yi W, H.
Ueriinutou. No. 19 Mnid'U I.um, N?? f?ra I tot,
?Ugbllv: Mu P. al. Parker, llaffiio. Lead, ?iigl.ily;
W. ? rai IL t.,?.. K. Y. slightly; W.
F. Mltt?. Murun N. Y., lead illghtlv: James At-i? il, S?neca
Polls, brske?sn. sboaldei ni.il ?m-; Mr. mid ?1rs. m vmuur.
L.t.ni.' :,, I? Y., badly lum?'.!;!' B. I 'in, S-riu-uic, do. ;
II. t . l'ciem, lajarad i?? ka ?ra aid "-a?l, M. P?ly aid ?ob,
I tim bead, ?lightly; W. B Leland, Boeheotor. ?honWrr W.
i i . .irv. (?i.?-i-.n. I hip injorod ?sightly A. P.
IVburtk '? A"n '?thor.
Ml ti. i.i lay of iirm
?V io., Karn Y.'', Asn.n
nu 1 wife, 1" l?lp? i
?lid MB, 1 '
. a. til , 1. 1 ?. - a, -. i'?ur;lt...l. ?lightly i I
i id nnd urn:; Audi I In ? ?
I . . J : i?- i? ?
. : _ ' D ' 1er,
' .
? I Musi
.,-." l?tt tu the wri(*. n
B|rtBCia! l)la|?tch te The K Y 11
B?niweni WidneidsT. Sep'.
TL? Coumatlr? .lol it-:.? ?.i.?"r,tu,n . f Hie II?! r.in
j.ni IHitrict , ?' DI t to tiny t" li"U'
cttiiil.il-ti! agoinit T I i "? .Mum d? I?'?-'"'
? ?"d voter?, and 1 Id? r? ?? re pi'.snnt.
i eiing wnneildod orer hy S..r l.
i ' I;
t .bis Convention. St.vensou
,..:..' ? ? ra i .1 by ?ex?l?in?.
t Ils- um never boen 'arte,
. :
. . ?
News by the Atlantic Cable to the
5th inst.
The Official Conference Holds its First
The Arrancomi-nts for the Transfer of Venetia
Progressing SatiHf_it_torily.
Lartre R.-lnrtion of the Italian Army to be .-.-.ile
Prior to the Sipning of the Treaty.
Darmstadt Complies with the Demands
of Prussia,
Commerrial, Financial and Illili _ntfl!ir.e.i.e.
TMEPEACEBETWEi ? II ii -?/ l .) v/> italy.
kik.t un lAi. covrnnci ma?unovaoTMi
indi,ki>??, cp ni ?iumiam
I -i- ? ? a? Evening?.
The ?' ; i -hui ?r. of
kottl001 1'.1. ui.il A'i-'r .. v,..- I , !?! ut Vntitifi
in ttie .Id to !- I ?? di I "i ' h." ;' Ik ? ort i In of
the tro.'.'y v I, end the arrang mc nts for the
tr.sim.cr ..f \ ? ? \ : . ? . e t"
I'nly, aid t. - tot Ho? (-.t..ilriiia'i'..il bj UM
Ausiri.itiH n.-i- ?i pi i
Klf'lii ?(>-, W.i!:.-''. iv g| (
Priog ti :!." rignitara d Um Uni j of pnce, Italy*
will ti.
iM'.N'i (li ll,f?-IA OtlMPUn U'lTiI ?LA?
w\ | ,.i. )., \\,, !.. || -. ?
I '. ? ? sith ti
? ? ?1 florina, I
ceding te Pi I iii ?. .
Tin i El i / / r. t AxniA.
m: - ? i \i ?
i ? -
Bona are
realisation, that i . Cio?
h ?!.
.??/'/( // roi \Mt ftlCA.
AS ti tit I. 1
'.. ...
The steai ? to n Hamh ur?r, ti
Ult., e.t R
I? ?rd ?31,01 0 I ?i |
nu r.'/ i \ l.< CABLE.
Tie re'Tr:.-. if the? At!nth Cable i'?-:
their rtec-ipl m - -a?.'?.- to te nt the .
__'_HH),(K'(i ?i, r aii'iuin.
MAI;l\U. IXTlT.l.ltil \< E.
Q. k1 v?it)?i.?<, m ? '.i. ?-?'. ?:? ??-'? , t
The steain-ihip ( ?ty of London, tr.'in New-Y-rl.
Auifiiet m\ ?MO ferrie? .1, and v.i.1 ..ni ,i:;:i.u??iit_ly for j
Liverpool after hW_H__g Iii?- nifi'lr-.
ria niamiON. Wa?lncnlsy Pe|t. ' ?Evening.
The a.fauwiip Haxonia, from Ne ?.??-York, arnvd ni
thin rvort to-day omi failed for Munil'in?
I.jmki'(j"1. WiduestUy nooii, Sept. ?, ?6m
Cotton.?The murki-1 ?s heavy mid the __Je. v. .11
prctt.?_lj he Il_nt t?. J?V* _ g ?
i.iviurocif Wedninf USEE ??Sept I?lae Coiioo
marke! is ?lull ami price? hare declined a quarter of a Ok ???J I
f?f penod. The lale? to day were ..coi ha??| Midd'lDg Tp
lamil are ?jaoted of, 13d \>tr pound.
l.ivrar.?oL, Weduciday Kreuiug, Ucpl. 5, Iftrm.
The Breadatuff? market ?a firmer.
ui-WOOA tallow ian,
I.IVEkroot, Wfdnrtduj Kvrnitg, Sep!. 5, !P?*-8.
The Tallow market ia active, lut price? are without
cb? fig?.
I M>. v, Weilnotlny noon, Sepl. a. HOI
The opening price ??f Conaolo to-day is Ml) lor
J.oniion. ?*v'r.lne?d?y evening, S"?>4. 5?Cooiols mete quoted
at the ?Tote at M for money.
AltmiTi hld KITia?.? 'Ho oj-oi.ing (.lites are Vriteil
Ktate? Pive Taentie?, 7J, Illinois Cci.tr?! Ku.lrosd,
IU.!?-ay. If I
Lo?.DO?, YWilncsdsv eve' jug, Sejit I
The closing prices for American securities ?ro as follows
1'nllndStatii lue Twenties. 71; Uri?! Hallway ?hare?, 4Cj;
nilr.oll Central il rni .'JJ.
dexter in wisrcin Di turi m urn ak.ht ii hats-ii is
Omi shot ltiii) tr.'his uistrbsO.
Specltl Iii?".', ii :?' II"' > 1 tltk .i'
( II I
Tiwi greet tr"!'in_" iuhI'Ti loi n ?,111e? ??! |4,li00 loka!
and $1.?? 0 to ?? ?-o.nl I ??? t, mile I
i re, !" hal
au arl I ferj
? lu t-u ni.. li
tUli.11 !
i| In Mer, " ??? el"' ?1 ?li
?In?? B for I '? ?
K-t'iir ? vir I'alcTi ii. ) .. ..
ni ..'? ai U"
\ , r. I
iff bia
,.i ti | ?i' i ? " . ?
|! I . ,'.- ,1 '1. .'
I t ? , ' , ,
-- in at
r ! .,.' It!;. '.
T i a agc? atora bl??ed srkna I i
being gi?' i'l\ .li? .? ?'".lit.'d. In in,- ..,i...
i K'-pt it nli tin- ?ray ? fu; :, i. iiB.n _ ?
sol? ml.I ds I. t' r 'i.i t!; ? Is.ii .- ?ti.-r.-h ?r.l coming la ..
?li.?oil let g'll? ?le M ol i'i.tiTieii. 'I nu?
ll.e !!..r?l lieu! was much Ilk" tie Mewls ?)extcr ?
?I at t!..; ?tsrt, qiiickly pnaed l'afclicn and
ClUI?' 111 Cl"ht 1 Dgthl ii liol, HU
l-'ATii. II ??;?;."? vv Act'idint.?M'i'ti nu Peowtt,
iii i Le i r ???-?. liking fttisjery of Me- r?. P. tenta? A
: ?- uigii
?i ?t, a -
Special Dupuch to The N. Y. Tribune
Bai hmobe, Md . Vt*edne*d?y, r>|rt 5 18-6.
After a day's wraugling at Blad? nsburg on Tuesday, th?
Democratic Convention if (bo Filth District mot borato
tluy. A resolution tor a Ota-Mt-B-M Committee to confer
with tlio ('< uatm.itive C'onTit-tion now In *e*?;l?j_ in tho
nanto |.inlii|iif* was n0?-nil.
TT.t) (one. utltia ?at prf.il td ?-tat by Kilbr'in of Anna
Arundel, who waa arn-Mitl in Isail by McClt-Uau; after
vtrd, la ISO, bT Qaa. TTllhtt; bona member of the
i',".l.-licit l-rci-n?.ature, nuil is ?a valorous Matt?-tatet
Ili]|,Ujr*ali-*f til Kt. .Mini ,s (<t:iiit*r gave a ?cnihing r.'bnko
!.. I' litnin'.s v,i:o bad .lt'"?"itc?l tbi-'irjartva:ul now de-u?-?I
10 joui (!??> IJeino.r.iU, mu? ur0*td the ilatrr." of Ilenjatt.in
(?. Karn? tar iiiiiiiii.itiuii. He r-nid, u.-ciordiiiir, t<? the
?ilntfcirm of the Angu-it I'hilud-lphi- Convention, tht-re
'.??? ti ?milln-1 c uti lion bet-ern the opponent? of Cou
gres, wh.ch ?tij'ulatetl that ia dutriett whore Demo-rut?
hud a majority th? y ibao?d iiiukc lioiiiiiiatniiM.
C< nMTVKtive?, nr Swim wing;, ?lao inet in the same
biiiliiiutr, in another room. Mr. Mac Lin, expelled from
thtSt-natc lor sympathy und giving aid to tho Keb. Ilion,
waa made cha rm - i.
Mr. Harri?, in limes that tri<?d men's soul?, perili-d Ufa
and property tot pome print Ipl-t, and tlthowp iiovrd'.fT? r
Ina ?'iii'.cwh.Tt from Mr. Ji>hii*oii, he should bo nominated.
Alter ?Mrtli.illy approving of Mr. 11 urn?'* courue in Con?
gi as, .Mr. Ililiing.il. y H-aorsti the Prcmlent 9 trolley.
Mr. M. I". Kubliiii of Howard, suid bo iniioi-rxa Mr.
llarrif?, hut hin lionnuatirn bow would be wrong for the
s-.lui- r(H.-on tliat Robert E. I.oo, who Is enshrim-d in (he
hearts ol' the people, should not ho pn-g. nted th a ctndi
r elite ti tins tin..-. Th<- pro-cut M tt day of c ii
; ii; ii.oit II' lett mid the tata who taaflht ?.ith bim
???ul I ?iibniit to the terms of the battle-ticld for tbt
ah] --1." t'?l not <n ili.tuh do so f
ii ? implored the (Vnveiitiun to acrept the acts of the
? nt in good filth, and assist him in n'?f?>ritig tbo
Boulbara Stat?-? to ilie?r rights in Congre*-". At the nain:
tatt.?', I.c did not think that (ho pn.fy HotLiiig tbttta
operttioa of ttio Deiiit-crnliC party __i>u!d d.ct-te whut
n. -ii ' ' ' rats.
Mr. Cbmpton fsAorvd the Manta nomination, find ?aid
t ' ?'.i- (t ...-o rv:i':v. - vu ti d Lave to riiipport him; that
IL. ir git nt j.ri tot? ;??? st 'lu- Pbaladatvh-t, Angntl CtaTM
lion 1. id ?o nid.tiiii I. Bl said Johnson and Hards etand
in ti.IMUM |.,isi'ioii. ui.U tlnit tin- t't.riii-r b i.! el "!vti by
bli ( It \"..i.ii st 111 h an utility to .tem any tidoot popular
Al'.-r I'urtbi-r (WlfTIMlftB the Committee irai rc-civrd
frntti I liveaJohaaoB-taa, Bwana*! i.n-t,tl? pro
,ii Men it. Bomioate a eandldtte or ? 1" at:
B-jonrni rut. After tbt Boa Coaiwttcta ?at nctirtd a
i ? T ni.
<?;. reassembling the ('? i :?? Co itiM ?rffered a
. . I, ] TOD, libg to : ' '
? 1 l-i ti.?- -,;.p..it . i tin- Aug..el 0_'.i'_L'_, ?Lie!.
a_t atlopted. Tate, I0| ICi jrt, 7.
.Mr. i timebefot _ lb n.
" I a reeol .tion, u in h tra
-. ?m. ataot < i 'li
- ? ? -' d bim, and baila I hiin b*
ii. bernie champion of clril liberty tod UepabUean form
?l. yu i'!I.:- fot, <?;,titled tn ill.lTt-pi-tt, OUT |
lilli ?iltli
Al- Hill Harris I
? o ith -1' ii ft* ,.t ol trnj > i i' ? ?
Barril D DielCUrht ?f Ptfattt Oc?-rge, V. Iteat of
i ! ? ici I :? i, :'-."! II ./r<- 'ii
.ft et io ballon,
Uri* p.m. II .IT - ? trie!.,1? til". i'LUi" I.t, but
. i ib ti .iii t! so lar
I hill I I 8Ut
that be !-? ti I > I ri-prc
?.uiihty, and ?.i? tdmitttd to a
.?. i-.
Ko delegates arc from pea. Hurla's Cot-! -? Mary.
or from Ci riet. A proposition traa .-?'it to in p ,
i Confer? b?k , i
agro? i| i ed that both Cot -
nrntioi that they ad ?urn
' .I. bal the il.'ii.i-J..__iK)U
; t
Ai' ' rexpreoi by ila
. the O '. Bltn wo.Pi bart I. ? i
11 M p. I I' TIT t-. K lt*r-_T_t
' opped. Old li* n? < rat!, d dg* "t p?< lui
l . ti.cre
are deli ty ii?. Ilxis?. ?? ii i
i to j?, m.?I'.. -if PrfaMt
. t !? i ' r o?. Mt Cb lil i ticket, ?l.d
:,. a it- dob intti ! :.? :? ' "i. ? ron
Ile n..ti ii- At - ami ..I much i
lo 1 ' .
. Hon.
Wa?imm.1ii?., Thursday, Pepi. ".
rbe following li I ? : tLe
I B I Sl'a':
: -
. 1194091
. i-1 ? ? .**? of m . : i l"??*?.
- . ' is, 1?M. ..
t ;. r < i-i't . -.ii Lui.-I.?._ 7T? .I'.V.nkj i?i
. fond. ll,r.io.iiiHi iNi
Tot-ldcbtl ??*.ti-V.a?.-dl HO
M ni IB-ROM ? I...1.?-. . l-.ILm.ST.
'-pre It I-.- ile. f'l.'.V..,!?^ oo
Tt-Dip. .: : : un.
I'-'.-.ir. : -p. i.itliL*.r??t i.tit'S. l.'i.'i.Jl.MK) 00 j
. 76V 518 -.?' i-i
Total dahl '? .ring citrrei ey i-.ter. ft... ,.?> Ti I N0 00
.MAir.'ti i> di IT .voT THi___iT! ?' rou 1 . ? I
roiled *?' i. ?*
Kr..<! . .
(I Id ci-rtioiau-s of dcj^.s.t. 15,480.-90 (Hi
Totti.|+41,3*7,.10 if.)
T..ti,! debt. ?-.;?>.HU -39 M
Cola. Pt S_3,9H tO
y. .*,c,*-"r,74?) 4t.
Total ia Tres-ury. fl'f-.Col.t''. *|
al ;nt (f ib bf. less ru?'. In Treusiiry ?-'..V-T oM If? 'ii
'I be f..!? **? ii ?t !? ? ' "it" ?". stattBM :.' of tbt Pul lie D. I-f.
a? iip?*ar? fruin tbt I "<"a? M d '1 n .sin r s rc?.ri ft, ?n the
J)cp."irtiiiC!,t on tbt I?t o# S? pt'Tiiber, lhtifi.
JUT u mfCCVmwMB, Scretary "f theTrtaiury.
Vxmn iFAdiB ric-Nic?Tho Lmtolu Coutoci
Nu. li (lion I.e-pie, will bave a picnic to-day, at D-iiley't
i,:. ?. the birt?? leaving foot of Kigblh it., Batt Kivtr, at 74
uc'.t 11?, and foot of Uroo-e-it al t.
OriisiN?; ck Tim C?)oi*kb 1'nion.? The Klghth An?
nual lesson of t),e ('?roper I'i.ion wl 1 open October 1. Thia ia
the popaUr workingrntn'i and women'? coll?g?e. and la deeerv
Itir t f the very ireneral li.tereit it receive? from our cit-tsn?.
I'ruf. .lutrph t!. 1'ux i? t'.e l'ruicipal of th? 1'ree Night t>cbcx 1
ol 8 'tie au 1 Art. ami Dr. TA'. Kimmer. Principal of lb? Day
N ! no1 if Art for Women. Circular? containing the rule? ?nd
r, ?ni ii lor.? of adtniMion, enn be chtsined at tie Office each
.'s? fr.-m - ii. m. to .', p in., and on Monday, Wednetday and
Friday evenings from 'j to ft.
Tit BB .?The pic nie of tie Tnion lisse-bnll Club of Moni?
u .ia to Kirit?u ?_rore, in con??<]uenc of the Inclemency of the
????tlier, h?? beru |x??tp? n??d until Friday net). Tfte ?learner
?i ti Largo will on (bat iluj leave Harlem llridge at a and
IT ck slip at !) o clock a. li.
Th.: Ib'.'K HUM Sm.e.?The Biroktrftcle 8:ile wiU
lie c.mtnenctd tlii? morning bj Leiritt, Strebeigh It O-o., al
No. t.?. 1'roadway. The Invoice? of today will be Hie??? of
,f I!. I.ippint'.'!! I Co, Padb4tajMtl -?mesR.di.atli. Iroatorj
I BUvood __-.ll. Philadelphia: Hire <v -?iMittiswiro.!?. N??
.HI rloi ?ile New-York; Davis. Porter A Coate?,
Philadelphia. Tie lui of the ?oik? of the fir?t-iiamed finn
m Tuple? TI pHpe? of the catslugnc. T!.e sale, each day, Ixirtn?
?t lo'clooli orljeitri)! tt I oTliik fir tiinner. ead at ? oclouk
for ?upper. Th? t?rm? of the ?alt ?re finr ?nd it? rooniit?
?ruin For bill? of I ,l . , ard; fcjr monhs for bil?
betwe-cn ? .' 0 am ll.OOQj and M-M for all under toW.
lAnuoin.n"! ?uti.[
Tuf (";-(> at C-tlTOaaTi Wini* Df.pot:
Utnmtm - io. Ra I i < ititi aw, No.? v .?k
(-irT.._K>T.'.'s I'.ill Bat lor Out?, No. S|8 Hr.ii?.
w?y, cn.. t : I
V I/'/.'// ?
I . '. ' - ? ?'-(., \,e.l-, .I?,,, .-,.;?. ' ,o'?|,e
I ii-.- It. J .Ml'.,
>* eon?.
of ,
? -b.. lu Katil - '
?li. M- ti
mi I #
hi 1.1).
BABKB-rt?Ba-Meal-, on Tu???iiy ni.imin? BotWattarl lau?. !i-u
ii Mai?.r iii.i.- ttlk ywal al bia aa*
Tll.-T.U:l,e. ?I. Ill end. ,f tim fai.lllTir* ,..|eor|f?|-. ,?,, .a lo _
teni hi in.?'I. .t 7.IUII (hnch, ?or. MaJl??m are tad Thirty
? |ta?l ??.. ou lniirt-ay, ?to ii..'., it 1 ??clock p. ia.
Ci-'JIMtM-irit Mendea Sr|? a. in tl?. I7ih year uf har ??? t*Ua
\ V., ?... l,',i J i! uglt , r I ii,a,, | ( a.luiinu, tud ?mid ?UutTte! of
Mrboiaall. Am bruni.
T!.r ,e.?tiT? ei.t! iiieuiii . ftTe fimily treretpee'fully Invited to it
* ' ' f m ?li? re?(,le: He. Ita
: -1
I ?I'l-K-In HitUm. ou? e?d?y, ?*it t, Jola L Fir!? la -be-fit.
^ ?ear _|
io*? ike fu
? -
n. in ||S Jill. J'ti vi bel .?a.
0 if LOI!) - On Ttietd.y, Sept. I, Aleal-i, 4i't?hlM of T. S. n??rtos<,
an?? M v??r?i
Ti.? finer 1 u I Ok? plac? from tb? I ?nee .,f har father, la ( atU na?
tte . li ii. cr 1 .uth ef Wirten el., Bt.??k yu, ea Krldiy .ftereBoe
at ?t o' clan. Ralaliv?? *-i trinad* of tb? family sr? r?'iertf?!l_,
litvit.tl io aiend.
OILMAN? It New-Londou. Cono., on MonJsy sflernooa, 8?p?. ]
r-ia,ue, (illmsa of New-York.
The relative, ?nd ?"liend? of til* family are ??peetfully lavitao to O,
teuri the fui at.:, oa Tburs4ay, al I s'ciock ?? a? . ttom bu lit. r*et
tVtai?, Me. a Weet Twentieth ?at.
HUDSON-On Wednesday, Vapl S, a l.fjrt?, WMhiaatsn On,
N. V.. Laute Il ud?..n. a?t>d i year, m4 1 lOautU, d.ujbter ot San?
K. und Ute late J ?cob R. Hudson.
Tie fuueral arrvlee? a,ti Ive held at til? re?!?h ne? at J O WUpa||.
No. II? Lafi. ?tta-tr?., Brooklyn, luallca ?4* which will Ire Ii wa > si
H LOU At?ki l?. Vlnesaf? IW.J.?UI. en We.ln??d?T 8*P?. 8. Moth?.
M. Aniel? Ii -j?;., s I ?later of ?li? ?U A re h ti I? bo p uf ?it? Y?tl), ia
?lie 59-S y??f rt hat tan. al which ?I wera ?tt-n? In rel|. ..
lier romain? ?rill be tafcea la tha Motlier Koaaa of the Metor? ._
Charity for Interroeiil. R_ai?l?m Mus w11 tai? piara cb Indi?
woram?, at Id? o clock, al Uta thai??! ul Mount M. Ylac?at, ne?
\onkr.?.N. Y.
KIRUT?At Kitcitih, ob Tuiad?? eTeaing, Leenida, d?:i|V_?i ?4
Leonard uni Jan? Kirby, la the li yar af ber a{?.
The retain? ?minien Is c1 la bailly ire raaf?etlaBy invited te li?
ke nT Ler tai ?ral. al tba reiidetice ol (ter parra*.!. No. 73 Iliaaaiis4
it , ou Friday iflctaooti, it ? o chirk, without lurtLer invitation
LEON?On -"'i-itlsy. September 2, *t Lodi Branch. Alt ii? Leen.
M D.-rNew ...rielly ^^
The r> l.i'iv ? ?b1 fitrndi of the funi'y ii? Invited la ?'tend tha
fuiieial. t: a It. Francis Xivn r Oh I ni ?Vest-?Ut'eutb-K.. on
Thnr?,'.?T im.mun. September S si lu o c ot-k a. m., without lunkes
node?! A Ke'imeui Ness will be ce etiratel
Philedeliiliis ead New Or le n0 s paper? pillie copy.
KeOBOIOZ?OB Wednetdsy. Sept S. ?t Oaidwi? Brid??. Watt
?hosWi ?* , M?ry. wife of Johu B. Mciieirc? ..( Nea York Cltj,
end di'.|titer - f ih? late Joh? Kaeb of ITnlidrlpL ?
IriffYn.ei.? it IT ilodeipb.?
MOFFAT?At tarnt ?ranch, on ?londsy, Seo?. 3, Juli? A., widow of
WiTiisi. H. .VftT.r. .M. U.
Tit rel.tiTe, and fririidi of ti* f.n.iiv sr? raipectfully .. v ?rd to
sttend the f.n-ril. fn.m Qn?e C1, ure h, corser of Broadway ?ad
T?iitlt-?t, on Fr.tlay afternoon, Iii? 7th lost, at J ?'clock.
MOODF.Y-In Aini.er.?, M?M.,on Monday the 3d inn , Ne?tie. orly
iL?i_bter ol M. K ?lui H M. Moudey of Bl.-k1, ii, t. I., ?led I
fat, t inuitlli? sad 8 days.
VF. -On Tu????y atornln? Sea, 4, Mutha, widow of I, kitten
?f?. .ml d?os!itet of Wood ?lib- n
K ?i,yes .. ti friend? ni IV fan !r are r-epeetfully in.T.d la al?
iena the '.mt ral, fron lit? re.iO-n-e of her fatiirr Nu. 41 ?Aral
Twenty-fifth-.!, on Ihutitliy i.lriuoou, at 3 o'clock, without
(urt..rr invitattuD. *
ROIir.B?At PlraetntviHe, Wi.tcbe.tei Co., on Tuaiday. Sept. 4,
Jo.eiih ki mer. in lila Silt year uf !<!? ???-.
Xlie ?e'lliTe? nut! lreln.li of the fan. ly iud of hil l"ns Ilarv.y and
.lui.n ljtouier, ere re?|ae?trd t-i ?'?ud tk? fanera!, n Tharsday,
???[.'. t*?l ii c .il.tek i. in., fr m'.i- lata r??1d?nee, it rirtsiutvl1!?.
Tl.e Harlem Railroad ?ri laave Twenty ?limit, al ?f o'clock.
?AI.ISIUKV-At Fiiliklit N. Y or Tu-.dny BBS?. 4, Oro. Edwwd,
?on fifth? ??te Henry Sall.bory. ?sq.. a?a?d 8J Tear?.
?f the f.n.ily ?re iiiTi.eti to attend LI? rkiBeril rVsna Its Ula
n-ald' nee on TltnrsdiT Carria??-. ??.II b* la ss.itfei st Mew Hua
I: ir.h on tl.e arriva! 11 tba 7 a. ni. traill froto Naw- Y o.k.
SMITH?At Wi_inip?uk, Conn., ob Taeidiy, Sept.?, Jee? Saltia,
?led 1*1 year?.
Funeral on Thursday P?pt. 8. at 2 o clock p. m. F i land? ofthe 'sn.ily
til, like the New-Hiven '.rain ?t II 30 a. m., sud c?rillyee ?iii a
In ?tta-udauce atibe Nerwalh Depot.
SPENCER?Ia Brooklyn, N Y. on YVedteadey, Sept. ?. Jurd W.
8 pt i?i m tit-?3d tear ?_! bia e*e.
No-icr oi fitnerii I ?reeller.
WALTOIt?Ol Tneeday, the ?tli Im! , \V Ti.m ?.. only mo o4
W: Lain II. end Fta, re. ?'. IV li. n Med 11 years .b4 7 raenlhi.
T! e fri?ndi ff ti.? .nu!, ire leipet-tfi?Ol Invited lo itrend the leuersl,
rriTh radar thefli init.. ii '*.,. . c? p n? . from hi? father ?r?^
.1. i., e .S.,. lil L?.t Ivkenty ?tatr. .'
(?IRNKR It Co. No _<1 O-dar ?I., New ?ark.
!"?? Advert? ?em?i.t io anolh.rr Inntn.
/'ii ni* 1I?OMA-S B. ??NEW", Oreeiawirli and
" t Komy -t?. ??Lere yo,; wi ! bid Te??. C olees, |'l?h, P'.a-a tal
?vs"vtii:ri<?.?? rr??jier tli?n ant store in N?w-IT rt. On. _.>? ? koaee
/?o t-i MACK ARLAN D'" lUt?>k Stna. ?urasi
\I r?v. i-v-lard ?tend ll.o.ilway. Tierareu will ?Bd.n the NRW
BOOKS el ti,-- l?y and ?II the e, ,\ ?trtodasd Work?, aud. aist, cholos
I -.t .-i I ? ., I - i- n ??titioin rv
/ ?I RT??N? '
v ia in an? aornaoiUM lace.
O. L. k J. 0. KELTY.
N" ??7 ttroe'wey. ?bor? Cane) ii,_?
UILT. nsw deilfB?.
_ _ (J. L. k J. P. KELTY. No. Ul Br.idsviy.
MISK1 I?? NETS............7..N.I. 447
Ml KKTO LACE.liliUlh'.VAY.
i ntAMEB.?a. !.. k J. B. KELTY.
Ko. 32 r?rk-(ow. New York
and clothzi aranicEg.
?T. ward k c-o,
Ne K ( .mr-l.nJt.st . N. Y..
_?'d No. lo. ?..lumer-st . K?rten.
Of )S?.ptcmt)or 5 Contains
Beeeher's Letter Indorsing JolinsoBi
THE N. ?. WEEKLY TRIBUNE foi ihU w__k eoutaiu? the tal
I bsuibo Abtii-lk-TIio Oarl-ed Dtepatcbi Mr. Jshneon ob Ha?
M indi .. M ?v lae Nuiontl Fuiauca?, Ii Slavery AbolMsed : tabba
i Im?.- , an Sawiui Machine!? The Advene? cf Hebel AaiM.
.,, H w < ?i loam Miwana ami It? Abat? < a, Keutuaky, Mt. II? in. ?
Letter Bdttoriol Pirafnpbi.
loarlo? Nbwi?(?rea? Britain. Franca. Primi?: Auatrii: Italy.
ScurriiBs IrOTitirr? Cosv?.??tios ->p*ci?. DupateU to Ti,? 8 T.
Tribune. Tie Hen. Jains?-?peed Hr led Ptsetident. Hi? AidrntM
Ihr I'erttit'i ; Loyal an?, EupL?tic Ke?clmtoai. Aadrew J.>ba??a4
Poley DecUred Bat?! ?o tha Loyal ?"unitr*-, -tp^-cb?! of 0 v L-aav
Orn liur. s te. (I?t. Y ?te?. Oor. (' .rtiu Seoctor I l-audlef Cb-'. *??<
I.. leri.k tioufatt, ?ni Oliieis, Oplrit oi tho Kort-?iu Lotivrt?
Thb NiTinniL ('moa F.iirntt? kiiutru
To? Pbbv?.bi.bi> Natiobat. I ?i m Kxactmva C^hmittbb.
Mb Oblblkt on Unit Wal? Hibcubb?Mr. Har?.ort i Letts?
I iliu.ou . Sir. Or??ley's Keply.
Nk.W Pi ?UCtTloas? MU? Koeaettl? Posm?.
Tun (iBsiiL ( ?ivsBirrv
Papsbs OS Pl'-TBCTton? VII. Protection aad Taaatioa-Tha Vi
A Nbw FrBL.
A Tau? to I'oic'iAOO?From Our Special Comipondont, Bay?a-4
Tiy ar. X.?T.. l4?ho ind Ump're.
sniA?, ( iriUtATtOV?Froto O r Oaryi Corrasoondaat it 1'uBiol?,
III.: \i. unir \ir? .. Tndiai. Trbea; The Ojlbway Laatna?? ?.Indi??
Mi.rinu. i ludan lain.lisg. Oeln? lo au lud last M?itos? , Sis .?? ?Ti?
ti.'its of MiShlnn ladUns, Otsoeial llncourafeiiitiil, Aurcdot?,
l.o.Mi Hbamk ir n "?paKtal Corr??poa?l?''t : P??r a^d Pre?
?tit: i Hiding... 1 Hr?rairu-r ; " Our Best Soeiety ?" The t .n . n : Te?
l-l Life ?rid Llfeleeeae--, ? . a.??
- T1,.-It.-,,Ti u,.like Mt?: a,?; The Ead.
Th? riimiMiiiiiirs
?I- .'l( or IBS H...V. ! ..ti??? I. ?rBArrui rnitiayfuVrHiA.
As.jiiu ?i .'.U?r,AC?t--.kt?u.i rt J t ui|' ?lea.lnj AU
Me?. *
1 BCSONT?Tu? Firet I.'nlo'i Vnt.ry of I ie E?!l CtaTa?- ?? > ! ?
n (,aiu of ..Hot.? . . -.nat?
NeWl^aY TO? ATUUtTlt It. ' ?' ? ?- ,
.?ViiA. ... Iriiuife, ?:?? Lcj??
I (11.IT11 AL.
Ihb -i.vb ABT?.
I in????.
IS UlScgLtASr.
il? .??I-W4. _
?,..!? li .m.- 'or:. .1. ne. of Thi N. Y. Trihi- - , ?i una ?
In- ( rt- ' untrv.
uh Cato.iua-'.'B-'Ai
,1 liFKI- ? ?0
Mit? i ni?Fr . u ?'er Utiui . f.abor to?! i ? I* ?'
ti ? r i
M?. i shut Snaen ?xt> t?b Aibiu'is?. j
PORTBT -AddreaatO. ur ? neus!. Its Hil _?.l_ip? I? *?
?l?emela Co VelU.au UOW Us aataiou to Ila?t ?' J
Tub hut i.ojji .iUbkkv.
( ut lits?.
Iiuciiuvitotrt Ireas
Marbiaub? A-ll UlsTSt. . _y
I.ATBST N?WS ?T .UAU-VBnC TKLB0BA-?1--Sp__4ll ?" tKOrtw
in? :. . _ _.
CoiinaacAL?Full R-norti of t'ta Stork? M_a?_. Cat- n ??<??*?
iud . _Ul? ..ark, ta, ?,sc ?.Ty repotted for That *. T. I rib ., t
R.??lt t!a. iiiuroii.?. Prue ni wr?,>?>__, ready tor mailu.. aratmmw
lor -.Ii t. , -,
It.a.ls.bs.riue. '-.-??_?98 ntitnben.? ?JJ
? . '! _
";"?" Mt
?-h d-'?; of tea.
? "?' -j.?4
,.l!_IC-4__. ^?v' ??*** ?

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