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New-York tribune. (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, September 07, 1866, Image 2

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? IM
I*1 vak end
t \ -.' ut wa??.
I ? Kock HI
?:ntil last
s - Ht? val?ey I
i of the diff'T?
M cloar. The
r- ' :? from th? snowy ru
'ii it a) *
a.? ut -I,re- asllae, i
ia 1 r-.
f' ? ia litt.e 11 toa iii'
n ? Imk ?ii ann Of either gorge, hie tlo letter Y, ox
??r, a*il
t ? Lag a*.d lu?.!
v tata I uectiiig
. Tbe 1s"t
ii p,.? attletneat up the !
. ami ahnest forms a
aMeeetld- v. it h IS I oocop es the :
i?". j, ami iii. ?. ' ida i?ut
? "ir-y can hardly be
s. ?i.d '??'? find the
etocf, pooderooa n'o??:.- ?i, ii,.s a
o?.u?ia tarfeaea a . bal is by no bmbi
. "??cr1? ;U dark
akedaith ghastly marks of tire. TI.
?wita t - are cut up and deal bj
th? I __D over bv the
.??. Natur, i nu .it
i i '..':,.' thal I v.'.t rly n..
a ,
toi-iii^? o?a turning Uj.i.Jo dowsia thaaoree) ml.cation
ui ?Ttnoral wea_i_.
Coe ' SJB the Mie p
object ?4 the 1 I ?
on the last i
"- . ?
11 t ; I
i a . bow and t;
o.>rni. I. Ia)
in 11 ! v it-jji*- -, -
in 1 ?
? r
? ?
i i. ile you
lol y . .1 n't'
hiaJ -
? With
I nib r ?it
tb;? season, an ' n : - * ?? loira,
wi?h t ni..;; i ? out the
?rUa lmfc? us i, oa oar leg, thill llittlae.lo?
rn. Ja: m?, tin? in , Rt.d the
billi, I ni ?! ?:* d ' -?le I ?OUtl! ; Kvn.v
tiili,/ .-. n,, |t_ -tor
I ?'. i'uurtcr? at th?- Bt Ni-h >! i? Hotel, af whicli I
will.? t tho board is J., par day. i
t-JOl I
two, ? (treaty atopa wit.'
' r thr"p
aorniags ia i . do c- ?mplaint
with . - ni alwava re
B'H'tl I' ' ti" i
? " '
love4y in their tri ?bl :?., . I<
punt** n'* . ebeaupeesed?
wv that 1
ahra . t ?portion
ef alkali, amd a eommoD plr. . . K? at
i ' : Ibu mr alni
water, 'i ree, ate vud u,
ko ?u -other?
wise, ia an?? :
I ii t ? t ? mi it so '-a-.;- to obtain, or bo diAcatt i
JUub. \\ lien 1 Bl
? *h?t I hare . - so loxnrio . -
iia'ely atora
iho !a?t. i I
I >n this
lie-it and dry : < the mort' atl
rsuu ?d Htages. Kkeami?STO ind tJj?? ii:onr ???in-fe?cr .re?
iii-j w ? -?ne time, len? j
lealo;: - -, ktive ?oner ?lie-a ii
person is once ata I
Io t nsind sot-ls,
an? Bl
aad Europe. 1
? yet not n\v,'
pearn - ) s still ugri
uoaa. re cr, liv laaopriai
ti ve * ?
them , so glal to eeeape Iron i? Ley ure ui ?u
natural, ind hence mora inter? sling tirari in iho older
Btat?s Owiig lol
timo? ?! Inderin ihe
guabul re uni riding-boots, who
imcik ?? tells iiiy
?mo'iiit of r ?ii eking stoi ;? test off bis
??li ?id I suet ranftso I li-o
him ?ii the! -
losa Suttirday itipht. at IV.nek Hunk, at the close nf ?
lecture in the pretty church already Motioned, r,
man came to me a-d aid; " It ?vus a lona ?ray Ira
wh.re we lust met." He lihd _, fair.ilur nea.Vat I eoald
not it once det?'.t a '..?.m the tens of thousands in my
memory. "l?u poa reuiouil'ti," :.?? asked. "lidtaglate
Kiutokeino, in ?oupland, ol 8 ?"!?! Wii ter Bight, in a iel*
deer ?i.d I" M Ii le inpoeaihtoI' I asolaiioecT, reco
Herr ftotfw, the Nortregiin m< >tookmeiaa
his ho isc ni lhat Arctic solitude, alter twenty;
froien truel among th? ? l waahehia*
aelf, come all the air..
lo be, tirst a aoldiei IB He Union Army, a:?d novr a miner
in C tloratio ' ))? i wa had a loi.c
toik about old tnii'S ead mutual meads inside o_ tha
Arctic Circle. In turee years te Lud ?o?t even,' iii
Ut.c of the Hy;?, rd r? i :.. ?xoepl nn intense longing for the
?araetaal daylight of tb? -.er.
Ino dsv bc'tii'e 1 ?ra suddenly aocoaed be a fellow.
aeyagor from Chiui t?? New-Yoii. ?la - B -who,
after enduring tho ! - >Hhern prisons, kal
kara to recruit as a mountaineer. *
Pert-apa the "thin cr and alkali water" may aeeount for
th? rage- ?ror o EM ' -i.d " 1
to possess all i e community, livery min you
meet Lis bis peekel tali of " Boee__aeaa Waaa you are
Introduced t*> a atnnger hi produce? a aieee o! ?? bleeaoa
r>ck,' ? '??ulphuret or a "-hUrid." Tho lar.dlord of
ths hotel where rou ?top ?_on_lde_iti?lly informs y? u that
he orna25.000feet?"tia richest lode in t_e countrr -
??rays |1,300 to th? cord, Sir!' The clerk is the happy
K88881 r "f 10,000 feet; tha porter (where tl-creiaaij
? at tout 6,000, wh.l? th? ihimheriiiaid ).?'?nts of her
?wa " 8u??nn? Lo?-*'' or " Dridpot Lode. ' Tbe baker haa
?pnoimeas booido his bread; the dtspenaer ot lager beer
look? iinportint and mvstenon?; the druggist isspt to g.ve
rou " ehloridea" inste?- of ipcrients, anti thelawrer. who
lakes hia fea in " feet ' (money being scarce), dreams of
rralislng miilioba after th? I'miiic li*rLro?-d reacha
I nara disg?ted ?vveral Ini.ivtduals by refoiitg to Lny.
Irat the Jargon has already ir.fi-c-ted njy speexL, and, after
hearing i min at the til.lo ask: "Is them ? pay-tneak
la tha bieoB t" I found myself oa tbe point ol raking
the waiter to pat ? little rr.ua sulphur?! n my coffee. Th?
?amil waiter afterward laid to me: "Pies ymrad out
Er!" If Ibvl then reqiesad tim tov"t?nal the tail
ra," h? would hat? t.-o-ght ice th? iragmects ?rou. th?
alher plate?.
Tha Colorado dialect, In other respects, 1i pe<r_l.a A
dwelhag-houa i? inririibly atyled " aLeiianp"?and the
?arra*, ia nu_y eura, ia very ippropnate. Thi spnniiL
rorrml (ilwiys mlsj?rononnc?d c-r-re_i? ha? becom* com
plitetr ait?aliBed, and ia aaed aa ? verb, meaningtaieaicb
oreoilaot. A anpply of iny kind u an '?outht ?i__u
doma aot about, bot "lau ? yal out ?f tim"?_nd one who
B-ikos a blund?! "ena ?pea a dog." 1 casaot recall, at
thto menant, hilf th? p?cu_iuiti?? uf the d___l??jt, bat 1 am
lsar-i-ij thesa ra fast aa pcaiWie, ia o.daz a c-_f?.i__ lo
Ua aajB ?rf t__a country. -
8eeae fflaade took mi ?icy the hill to Quirts Gulch, tia
ether Va in order to try rame _mo_t__ic briwed ile
Afta th? tetona still bat of th? aa the heteeaf wes
wat ??eAlnt. ?ad grratly superior ia ia ot_a_t? to th?
laca baa of tha monnUica. The cw_?rr cf the brewer
ai la a neat log cabin, the step? whereto are orea of gold
ailrra, and inmd? ti? rough wall? in iccomp)i?_e<)
lady aatdown to h? pirao and . liyod foi a? tuna <_o??i
Then ia also a theater here, with perfomeaea ererr
?irht Mr. 'Waldr-on of C_ifbv_.ia tokes th?leasilEg tragic
Mid melodramatic part? whil? Mr? I-angnsh, themana?er,
la hlma?lf ? very admlnbl? comediin. A good deal of
Eing la in.rod.ee-_ into th? fire??, to plesfe _a miner?.
it la ona evoioog _d iound tha hooa? crowded,
ia a dallr paper here, and oa? la Black Hawk, bel b
wo)l ranporteel, I l**!l???r?-?-e?-_tt?inly ,?ry well p iu'.-d.
l*be ?dil .n?l dialtvt. to nect the tantes og tha i>eopl?, isof
ia ?rc?<!_ngly fira ?i?d essy ehareoteT. a ooll-sctlon of
?ary ranoiissp?_cime_8. both of approbation and attack,
tai^bt ?asily U made, but I m too totigaed by the thin
Au to mike the itteiupt to-nigbt.
I must also poitjon? an aooocnl ol ia a. ia g oparatlooa
aadtot*r??a -uni lomnioa? a t.
TritfTFR iURD***?? " Til" I'ln:' ?Ti?' "
Mt i aa Wall >?'* "? ?? baan
V. i ? ? - ?
oa TI tradi ?. It Its ised !_
n prol ? ' . on I 1? m :
' |tl H
? : l ? . ? '
' ; - Ren
tr-", and tn Illustr?t? atouc-iug ? i
-. Wt mc Bol aille t., las lily, ?towera*, t.-.et it
its par-nota, In either reepoct, ?. - ?r lu
! in nu especial i! ?gi , _"' .
rptttioa of
to bom i biet. His ti] ? y sr?
? .
dt.-Ver h- II "
ry fin ?rt ol In thl?
be f-rtmttlsl
Ith bl m.? 1
. CardlBa] uf tli? Cbarohol Koine, lnaoiinir,
1 -r m n i ,,i,i ? ,t, in tbt dintnltt of on? of the ?nut? , ?
[tar h.i-o )u:\ n o!:il.l-s daughter. Tht Ctrdlnal
i, and btnishod lu?
-inn m I'i-ru,':tt- Tbt 'li'i.-iitor trtt put oat
t"> ill:"-.-, mil Wtl ttWt M 1 StOb I . Tb? ! ITITI, Of 0 Mtwt,
?1. 'lime.toleon, itwording to iUtnstom?
try propensity Cor thieving, tua tbe young I
into I - . : f.' "i*
a prof* is- ?in,; by thanet threw tbttt
i tin
. ,-'1 ?mr to til*? mother's enro.
Then i n panned 1 h re rated l>"iU
ter lu the Di ? I lb? ht-ti ti
beTolution samt iltkBg, and Ctfiiottro led tbt ptrty
tri citis ii \i,1.1 itormod that fortittt. i.ie
btery i ...mu?.m r.r.-.t..;-ra', mt ootna*- TAI tort
li j ? tlu? iiioi? a-id tin? i>t;
wto retened. An tooidoatal ?hot, bowe i er, baa etitcib
ti.- molhtr ii m itl radi tbi ; ? ij.
t r tht dead
- body. Io _hi OonTM of thi is <'",'.I
I mil .'-! lit It ::, oi.'l i ti in*
I s-inlilaiici- al an allotted fltthtafi In t'e lit'ur cn.
pecitT be li, for t uli'.c, Interesting. In thr-f'.rim-fTic i?
m rrelj lodi in us. Dil chicanery would nd iho
.? - -u-!. childi and tht (rt_n that he talki
m m ? . i of tool It, ii tbt
?? ..; ni 1,,, (se. tad virt iii* larron bil*w..rlil, is
? My B?allcTW n.i.l BOOM (Mt, 1' ' I rtfldly
tod. Moreover, it i?, tor do Bool part, anitaort?
; ? on :. phil sophy. O.io may
1 i'"-. ni t Tinton ol At'i'ii-.. ur cien a
re i i-i ii"
unatittbti no4 d rjtiol ? I the
tin it . T sotte Bwawl. mm!") lh?
father tn object of comtnitertUto. Hi irltof
the pla lit i?. Tl.c ?relies in which parental lort
; tn 'I'i.iii. are, In ti ilr II
. ?t.ii not beti - .'iii.v.
i t , ? : i'ii !, Bl i,. . .
n.'Ver Iahe u plat ? la drai
.:' |t oat i ?tint.:;...n 'i - 11 : ? ?.
lied bv Judi
l'uni?! 'jin prototru? and ? large portion ot
??? loi p d "ii I
m tbt raprt M led in
? - npoa which tbt ti Hob
. i ? iBTtntttoai
?loo art gires, m which Btrertl graU?*__en ui- Ibtl
nil twaddle- t.io twaddle of gnUutry,
? nind thora ii nothing??ore Meei rt tbaa n.ai-of
tl.p-worl.l ]'?ii:..?ti?.li_V tb it W i-it-Il. We li ii," nit i-|Hi-'",
? 1 thtt t ..iil.l I-i- (?;. .
I bar of tht | - t .!'; pr iflt
I f iu i eeent i ed ol
? : i to the itoiy of Ano lab
i .', " The Charlatan" will rt?tain a to]
.. Otberaite it aunt link by rt u
IteOV- I
lise, t.. dignil - .t..i r. ador ?nor?
.? orl 1 is Io . old for
? 1 .. >iv be a ttatltd wt ' <'f
-, but many o? its i - lite, and no
mtn'i trouble??if, i idead, he be trorth ii. nkiag of at ali
'?,'?. teat. It u teni
ferine rice, that awe! ti pathoe?and patho?
:.e til-..-? ot .Mr. WattOB'l play. Hut ??? .
toa lone ama obrioaa tr-t.Ts i,-t ai hatta lo tay tatt
tli?- ?Inn.n ht? ! .--n j-r.-lv ? ? ? I -? Ten?
? ? ?. th,- Pont Ntaf, tad ?be teaat
t -u* were
?i by the act! g. Mr. (?o'.tliold person it> d Ca_liu-.tr".
Hu act? with d cmty aud ro|"_e, roacu gly well
(though occisioniUy erring la pi-?nnciatloa), tad itali
.iet i a lj with t-? ".-er. ti etnotion of ? .ir-nt.il love.
?lot m Innot tn Lmprnasiva iautidiial is n-?
fauit of bia. Ft.. C?o rest, Mr. Daridf? -ona of tbt
el? vere?*, of io?- oomedltm?tntkee Mtat iuu at e. i? rea? i
Uarqnis Mr. Andrewi ittgreeabl* light anti piquant at
?i'Ost.iif Kita AniTt- LtaYefiai aad llil* Haiti?
Thorne tre rarionsry pleasing ?* Bother sad da
Mr. M . at?it IbaatnUaal; u.?u Mr.
It UlakCI | ' ? li ii." V..1.11.1.
t'LVM!-I(,' TllKATKR.
Mr. .leffi rst.fi li to play btlt lor ivro montis ?ni n.t
two uicis in. ri le. as au eiror of tho typtd OBUM, us ti
?ay ou \\ tdattday_
lu RAT los.
The Commissioner? of Eiaifratloa me*, aa Wt
day afternoon, at No. 115 liroidwuy, J. C. Verplinck, Preii
dont, in i ,? .1 i r
Alic'iaol Mitchell. No. 14 V"?ihiRg!nn it., ?ntl Thomas
O'Keefe, No. 17 Washington-st.. mule ?nTl-illt cr nrgmr A
TV. illrniiel, tr-iet diatriba Mt el Caille li ir!?n atti ?nterf'T
lng with their righi? by prcreuti-a* ?ung?anle 'rum going lu
?heir house?. Them, list was referred to tue Caatl? (larden
C ninitiee
M". McDonald, if? ' f tbl itaatflrttlt f?AU'?ail Cnm
pn.v, _ek. ,1 : . ? hi,-irsg? if
? t Hit*; the attaj uoai C-alio (.araeu.
II !..l"lirrs! Wt? I? f il'.itr.
tatt arrived : . le-,3-1
Laii.iuut? ai rived lo"->?pL -, .8 ti . t 8 ?3
Tot?i.na v.i9
Ti IS' . llt.4-1
Euiigraut* in lii?litiitio-t on W-ird'? I
l-.l . .Q.i
Tbt quettlon lo rtarard ta tlttrst-M* and ImerortMeete of
theb'iillii.,' oe Wai 'i ttlaadcam? bet r- it, Hoard, aad tt?
at ? ,t ?at directed t" preptvrei ??uri
lad lay then b fur? the Board at the null uuto.ing, after wu'.oa
the Hoard adjeamad
The iuipruV-?Tiriits tr? to cnnslt nf a n?w bniM'ng for ?hs
pur'T.t? oi r.:iiiu'ac!urins' soap for the It-trtttion ?nd for
wailing Infected olothlngi bith und walbing aeconitnodt*
tiona in tb* Beft_ab_llding?? thr?a ?tlilitiotinl wingttotha
hospital building, for kite..ens. bith n nat ?? d watar clot?t"?.
1 Hr.-io bu.l ung wi'I bo re i'.ve i i. -n m pr-??nt me.
aud fitted np loto residencia for the fin? ?mitin? and surgeon.
The tttt of lh?M im; ruvetaent? i? eitimated ut t??.OfJU.
The regular month.** meotiiif* of tbe Chimber of
Commerce waa held yesterday at 1 o'clock. In ti a room?. No.
(?3 William-it, AB'Et. A. Low. ???)., the I'rxiideut, occupied
the chair. There wns only a ?tniill ntfendsne? of n.?mb-r?.
T ,e S-'crelury, Mr. Joim Austin Sri.vi.cg. Jr , i-ad th?
miiiurr? of th? preT.otu nieetlug, whlek ?er-' approved,
Tue fo.lowing gentlemen, nominated f >r memberthip, were
dniv elect?,1 Lou:, F H. d'Atruair. Va 13 Hroadwiy; I_jm
aelBrowri Ko, li* Walls'.; Tiomu TOsttoa Bryce. No. 29
-'road-Ti'i ; Dos Alonso CtUda, Nu. 61 Broad*t.| .Totm I)
V ,. 14 Wallal.; S,r-r? Cuiiiming, Ko. 17 Cliff ?t. | Bli.
?na Jiidsoo Hawley, So ?7 Wall-sti Tlorass Howe, No. lett
Front ?t.; Muhi.-i. H. .sundi, No. 141 William-it.; Utorge'".
Thomton, No 71 Iiuun? it.
Mr. S. Ii. Cbilteadea wa? elected a member of the Arbltra
fcon Con
A letter wal read trou -Ir. S. ut.ie, tl.c B -retsiy of the
Oi?aand Fin Diege BaOroad.arglng thal ti ?? B?] of San
Diego, Ctl . bttrrt a luitbbl* lunation fur B dry dock. Mr.
Sloane offert "JUO ot 4(A) feet on the trout at tho boil point lor
landing, toward any undertaking for tbt promotion of trade.
The letter wat ordered on file.
The following com-uunioaliout were received, ?nd ordered
iiT-rrt ?bom mtis. -_frBBi*n_.
HsatiLBTOB. S ( . Jily 1? ISA*
Te T 8 Lartrao?. ?if . Tr?at_r?r Sew- york Chamber ?J Comwwrrt,
Stit- leek.
tia I bt?? flt'afi.-y te arka-wielg? to* rrr*l|t th/oBihiha hit,di
af Wm. 8. Hatte!, a-q.. of Ch?i.t-iuu, of the turn of aJ,T>?O, t ?tootv
t?oc fiom lb* C1?mbrr of t'emmarc* olN-wi. ri in cotildtritlon
of tb? i?iV ee? r?cdei?d to tb* roaritry ihroogb ? lerltt of Tear? by
tar fin-.iy of wy _-?h?rrd mew d?"rwe>dl and ni roy r*-t?c?tl ?tire*-?
tttt rea I movl gratefuny ?'knowlelg* a->o wiri wub pTi?*?h? report
and proc*edl?.ti of ?a* C.'.imbtr wubh r*?oid la?.? mtnt.er ?o |rtl
lfying tn. ??, narcUom? tli* p^b.lc frT.-e* ?I th? aiqaitoi. of ray
eiildrtn. 1 h*y will b* to my ?on? ?n 1-rrBtiv* to ful.cw ti.ra ei?n
pi?? of Betoic g-U-iilry d???-.i. n st.d fc-1?. ty le tb?.r . i.Mry i ft?
??. rd? yeo will pi*n* hohl ?utjecl to lb* nd? if av. s 11 nul wn?
?ti 'tie chart? of Ihrrc and lo ei.nelniloo I Under U yea my
wi-nrit iLmkifor yc, ir k.od tiprawlcoi c- hop? thst 'I ?nty find
ci u.f it ia ll.e-adlcr. of ti.? ?Tsii.ber. t:,. f I lett nul mor* tour h
lui MMlminti It ? n.t tta?r'i heart ihn " u.y tort m?y b* ?iCtim 1
ear, ??lire ?ti ?m hitor lo (btlt tita,? ' I __.. Iii, Tary ?sea? >f illy
*_?grat*f-..T K- C. ?Brasil?.
Tli- -a.M_-J-L>-L_> T OF V ALPA? >'.Kr?LITTIB ?-ATM KB.
?.BOtTioi? orr?* CriTtB fvavn?, )
r'ui-naoo (Lil. July 1. Itb?. 1
tia: I It** tie h?to, U ?ekrowitdfe Ik? r*t-"ipt of yon? latta? and
tk? ir.c tHdiaM.atttioef i?ulit-U tie C-unbei of _?__???? of
New Y*?k ( Hy Lit ?mu? pawd.- ?ecori m? for di acllea ia t?f?i
nta I? tie i<"ah?r4at?at af Viipataiio. J Lav? J_t??l d??kled foi
?na atew*il bat ti it 1 tool li* *aly ct*ael ?curse Ike! ?ould tan?
I??b t?kaala vitw ?f tbasiBy eta-clin. ^ii*?-cbs ic?*:?*d. b?lh
et i otricati in? c??i_ ?retal eh_r-tirr ?ad I ao fiaa??d M ksow
?kit 1 her* reeulved ti* ts?rabstt*? a*t eely of wy ??atitrya-?? i?
law*, uetrtia wtai UM *f lie ff*rr_d*Bl ?.I Ut I'iota- ****** ead
lie B-arrtUry af Mata, iel mia* tbeet wbe aew rwltt ia Titatath?
sad i?rre ?T-kna frew tie ieattardaMtt. W?ita{l*?-*ltielBat?i
litowt m weah ? le adtsts w?eag .?ua* Ut lia? ?f aai-s ?a-doa.
jet I boh I Btay i? ren -rtaaata a* U Nt-l?t fe? all my MU m4
matatata u tia ead of life, lie aperel-tita sad tmnymti tt U? ?~i?a
tar total tixiseo* *l mr ?ewatry-, I kiv* la* k*aev U be. very re
ipectfully, year ?hadleal Mrvar.?, J. ttiriraic
Ir, oaenea Wnaon, Artiat a*tr??ry rUaWi af Cea-aart*,
N.w-T*rt CHy.
wrs. ir-ATi?! fTiAMi_nrt roa rn /?*xaktic--__-*oet
?f_<T_ TH?" BOSTOX W?A<;D 0? TlAD?.
Tb? CiTBimitte? of th? Beaton Board of Trad? to'w.om wu
referred tbs?eor_mun:eatton of Mr Barine, of N*w Tori, on
th* rebtacl of pottal 7ouie* on th? A-Anti?, beg rMp?otf-liy
to report:
Toot CoaioiltfM tn not mnV'erjfly Inferaie! of lh? ?tia ev*pn?e4
It Mr. Baling lo gi?? ti ? denalU ?nd unqtti!IA?d ipprorsl, bsl (hey
Ut? th? r?"??*-l orporunlty lo r.!t?rtu whit hu ilwiya c-taall.?
eouvleuoo of ?l.s Boar?. Hut Is view of the lina latiii.?? by arras?
ef whlfh f?r*l*a ?Utinthlp line? har? b**o wub Ubed ead rntiuiilnrd
?a lie Atiaitlic, and ti*,* brae ?bl? U ??car? tu ii,ma ? ?
a nnoft-lj of poatal pui*u.rn t i frruthlmt wtvlet b?tw??n
Karep*? J th? t'nitrdS ?i.i, it I? of tv* t ? .... i.-nportmi? (hat oo:
aeal iheuid r?nd?r tuch ttowly ead Jadltleei *nc*jr?t*_i*n'
?n tlult?d . ti:?l ?'.t?r|rr1t?i ?? . .. . i . -
de;.?*?tr*o?ti- ?? li. 'i _t. ?., i,,y ?ooj.
? ita?? lal - . ?r. Vor ( imint? a?ar? ?fiha apta
i Co?|r?ii ?f Jub* 11, It.', ilniiUaf ttS '
. ,a '.a itaaa ?__, ?Ut?.ut'iV? ? -.h? ??? tal -U-4 fettag? wita tis
?n?iT?jtanp? la br an Are-'-?? ?-??- I? Ina ,flir!?i| In
Ita pr.vlai m le laiur* ? ??ni t Aoirtiren
a'?am I ? apeelal le.i.lal.fMi,
BB III ti ? t >?? ef I),? 1 ..,, I,-,., ?.
? ?'
tra '. a?lt?i IL ? '
?1 l! e I
of the ronrt-T In r-'.r-iie? I-? the i i -
? ? ?
?t. r? ( bombas ?Ti
np . ?r. .. ' - i -- 1 , . m
? I
111! (to ciriynnj ttBW al loo A'diui .'?.??.. I"
l,i?[!tlii?, subui.tr I
lavaaa I? Tmbv, ? trarrasua
losara ? R ras Habuta A Uni?
The ?bjre wae r-!? di I BieratiraMMBMaa,
Tjir. at:, k1
The : .'?'I ti.? s't?n!lf?n of
.\ I iatl ' ''el ' and ti HI
quire ?h'it sctioo t' ' take in I in of It.
In tbayear KV?, tie It? iri adoptad reralattoaa ?inch ex
i-iii i ?t the soooesi of thsl ?adonakiag, ara
tbclr hopa Otra bDli-n | but noa- ti ?y lui I'.t -llr a irruid
sueurs? 1 ? ' there? net?oosaeatra ?I'1'
ti.? pr.v au effort that > ? I that did
i ot 11:-> i ia , bal ? f aa*
sllarablo impostaBM to t ,j totara it of the somuieroe ol this
cou ti ?a lureai Bril ii is
4 f ? i bw forther roi ark? it wi? ?_rrp?.l tbstafl
Committee cf 1rs sboald b is maka sallaajs ur
rn:i_-e.xc-:il? f i i "m?o i i " n.'ii'* I ? .."i?i
vi :' i poa FT ti ? "?r '! i ?? I'h n S|
th? following ?entlen ? a. W. li. Du Iga, tt/A?
Itarga?, B ft itn.-t. :-?? Irewa.
Mr. Parse Cooran ad that !? ns.) recefvd s
dUpatohfromCyni? W. Fi? 11 stall tob?
si lieiri's Crate?) on Bitardsy with Ila <?r, ,?. Btiteru.
Ev r^iblue- wa.? |t niiB.? ,-Ti'f itlsl I Iori!?
Ta ru li'i.ii? i..i further b? ? ?i t **? ? r ?Jjourned.
Tha Board of H.iltii nu't fWterdaj af.'.ninon,
st 2 o'c'tiek. In (lie Metr .politaa Mia i""'ir' 1
?BlfSflllOS S. S leila la t::?- i 'ia;r. ond all the members
I r??*ut ?nveCommiB.?'. ' : V, :. ?n, llossrortli and Swinburne.
Tbe u?iuu'.t-s of ibe ).?i laaltoQ were rael ai.d a, p
Oeorge Ma Jr , A?t..rr - y 1 r MM Hoir!, pres?iil?-rt ttt
general or.!, r?. Hi spcci..l or.leis, ard .1 W tins! onie: ? m.il.lni;
a t"t ti oi .'-.??ii aeahae "i nil i ? Baateaeal of
nuisance?, thus fur laaM ! I r ii ?? I
Mom OHM IO H Ft:_*!(??.rn>.
Upo? the recoinun iidii!i..'i of lb< i'-riiitendent.
tbe Beesd peaead an eedw diroiting tim to fin.i_.aie ti?
? 1? .'.7 I'.ti'.T?'.. .No 7.' K i .---l. e: I le, ... \V? ?*.
1 -veiit t.'ii t wi?!aalpharraam ' - ? ? m v>-r??i?ia in
atteeklagthenelleatealthea p Ihetaadtegthe
ni? of the ''.Isl'ifi-ct tri!?, -ml Ibu i. ? la.t I
Tin ruiui? of iikai.tti am? nu MlMUM
Th? i. nil '.if riiot'ii ??sit lo a liuniber of th.-s|,achter
ho'iioi of tbe city, by tb.? lloitd t.f II?? .It'. s-Tticd lb? quel
t.on In Heir mindi at lo tie irntx.rt i:if-e of reaevtei ?II
alaaghtorpaasaadkladiedaeaeaea ti ? t*
den?sly populitrd portions ol t!n? city, 'lie follow ing pre
sm'.i s ?lid rt-ttl I'.ioi, ?Lull ??re I i.d on I e tab!? at the
meeting uf tl.e '?'.'th nil., wssrnllid up by l'r mmtOt S^bullx.
st, ! BBiai :i" i? I .'? !
14 ?le-ni, i ? tn , 1? ; ? ,1 -y , f ti.? I'. M-d n jti-T and pr???rT?
t , . ?
? lb- ni I?., he , sr? ?
p-n l-l ? I ltllju?lh?l ti lia k1
civ i-i : - it? ?I mu eenie;
Hia.d-td.fi ni ,, ,, S i|i?rli|t?'i'l?nt ? - ?
n-a Ir f ? , ,,, .; . I r
"tlier :? i ... ., .u u.?
t)'?e?u m pr?.?- ?
ti ur tub ?Asrsiiv _n._*llfllf
The f I "?iip n tin? r ?gil sr a
Supcriiiitui.m, addraased to the Proafctoa of tu? Hurd ui
I ii?_- te,?- ? ? -i. tL- tattoo
In?, rt? ?? : I ?
tori n W
r p-rt? f ,
rorro? n '? ot Bamber of j
: ilr-r of le; ??:' ? r .- , ,r -1
??fur or-. sr a MS
uut'ili?r of D?i.ernl i?-|" rl? f tv ii.li-il. 41, Bat-boi ni i , ?
r?ta I,e ; |
11.? [?..aim? i?.?.i?. r.Ired ?ra "i " ia O.trowlae ?"li
??? em :.' fall tad ?
?aa ?l
. '.-I ' I .. . I '
? /? .,r
? i l-ren
1 and Lite re: " ?!??'-,:
|. -i. ?-...? i' ,t B bars !"
I.) Wit? ??'' patliel .? f -t"i' '"'I " ?t' . ?
with. 1 ' :n. : if,,' r t f -, II , r? .'. r
relner??' ? -
Tb? .-'In- st .n' I' ?;i?ct?ifs I???? ?I-f?
r? ? . ? sr whin? |?r?
limlaar? notieee Dove beoo 1st I
I . , r??_arte ?now tbet I" .? p.lod With. 141
.lil ? * 1
-t w?r?? Issued bus been
! ' i?
ll^jot Bosworth, in ?-(,,- ? plata! 801 - r
II? o?tmpl?lnt? tr. i. .: ,
?,'..t k bl i
i?;' i g the ?laattarv Coapuy ?I i!? P?
lie? Di portman! I - . ? . ' '
.? .1 '.'-1
no! em .att-r baa beau di
reoted hy th.? B -r 1 n I
DOOrai ?>r Bl ? ru a:, y i-oti r
Tb? '..'!o* la? is oi by f
t.-. Dopart meat of tee 84 aroy ina Pol ? ) ? ?? ? ,,, u ?
eut ?rid renn T-l ". I | tr?e maa? endiug
| i ? ,
-r rtf ?nmi'aln?. e>'n"1.' 4??; Bamber . f
?err?.11 o . ??'?? i - " ?I , | ? ?. .na'ril nn-rr s. li ?
. ...
. t ... 4i -i Bambea ?<
d_sd . ? Bambara aad? ??r?
. -'. I. ii. ,t. -1 I. til my
lu...' ? ? , t -t 1 1- ? : S .. -, I . - ;. .ii I cr
?r niity limits I: Bomber?f .:??d dm? ?t d
? . ui deid rilv.i .
I ., ? * l ?-'a, i'1-l ,, els r.ui'.??.|
f-orti .ii? Itiius l-i . ..?d. |t uiids r-u "?.I
' t.iiti''? I 4'". u:.. | .1 ? ?. ?, ,r'i,?T, I tr ,u?
' i Ity ttwiii, i.ouo, liuaibet of uur?.? (I u8?i i.sacred fieo? city Utaike,
?.?mi. _
The Sanitery R iperlntendent re|Kirt, that, daring th? week
ending on the 5th lr.it . 44 eua?? of cholera were lnveatipated
by the officers of bis drps-ti::er.f of whioh DO proved fatal.
The fire daji ending it I p. m. yiterday gave the di?t?a?e 38
victims. The increase over lb? prey loo? week bas been slight,
but the renenl oui break ii now entirely under c intmL II wa?
aot ?Urmiug, but It wa? ?ulficifnl to waru both the Senltary
nut?.f.riti'-s and t it i Til that care and watt bfulneal tnuit not
oesie tiutll every vettige of tbe pelion had been destroyed. The
lo alitic? ??sited during tbe week by cholera are character?
istic, and a ?ingle glance at ti.? r f iiniliiritiei will ?Klee to
ibow bow n.uct iBUltory weight had to do with the Increaa?
of death?. Tbe 1 ?colily In wLiuh the outburst man!
fetted tbe gteati-.t violence vu that portion of th?
Kleveatb Ward lying east of Tompklm-iqaare, which
li an exceedingly crowded and unwholesome part of the
eity. TLe diitrict Ostaded on ti.? North by Fourteenth ?t
Roath by lioustou-it, Kail by Fait Hirer, and Weit by Avenue
B, has a population of jirstly Oi.tsaO. which gives iu sverags of
00 pc-isoDi to SD orditnry lot va feet by ?0. The 37 squares
lying between Fourteenth and l':\ .ugitm sts. and Avenne H
and First ave., oontiln 1 700 tei.-ht houses, which are occupied
by 1?,IM)families. TL??e buildings, almost nlthesl excepuuo,
or? badly ventilated a? wail m overcrowded.
Id tbe Sixth Want, notorious for lu cri tra ?ad filth, cholera
renewed it? m?tnfstation?, maiaty loth? tlx l?locnkn ?t ta
lower ?od of Ilixter and Mulrierrv st?, in Weat Twenty fifib
st, and ?long the western boundary of Conusl P irk, ?*m\t, vt
Eighty third ?'.., it alto reappeared. The last mentioned
district, e?tecda r. from the i'.iik to th| North Jin er. jurrth of
ITfusib-iL, is oCunpied mainly by a ihahty popnlatloa of over
MX) families, msny of whom get their water from bola? dog lo
the gronnd,which, in ?toni? instances. un<lo_btcd)y reaeive the
soak see norn ceil i-oclt. 'j Le district oot?t?irn also lil
wooden tenemeuU, wbicb accctsmodato over a.UX) famlllei.
and 147 brick tenant-houri, containing 434 famiUts, making
? tote] -?upulstioD if oiej K,i? (' penoni.
The principal nuitnry ?ai.t. of tL?ss peop'e sre freih sir
and pare water. In Urie localitlei thi entire receut Incriaie
of cholera Lal op. urrtd. Harlem, ?ail of Fourth ?ve and
?tilth of Ninetieth ti, and Mott Ilavrb and Melros?, in Writ
?Lettii County, also ?tem lo t-e tbrtateaed. Diarrteai dl?
?asc? are Increasing in thess plstss, sll of ?blob demand
immadlato?ttentioa and care. The Banliary sntl.orltln, how
?vtr, ?r? ?war? of tbe facts, and bat? airssdy takin inch
miainret m were dtemed l?? ?nary to arrett the spread of
ths diseasa. The outbreak wiD rot titead far or ?polly, wo
tracy, bat ray relaxation ?o ssmtary watchfalness may cause
an explosi?n that wooM be ncre fata) tlaa ?via its ?pidsmio
? htah kaa alriady aJmoit lubmkd. #
Tb? foUowlng ubli ?bowi tb? Ward? la width thsra ease?
?Marr?-, which came directly iaderB?the aouoo of the 8rai
tory lorariataadaat, aad fjfr\tittt tit Au tat? tarnt aUod?d
?V?"t ?Sssen Fitat Wai?. Ciara -????'??
J. 8 1 i XTI. t I
Tf. I S
J.. > 0
vi. , g
?"1. 3 3
fc::::: i \
xiit. s a
xiv. i i
xvn. i i
xvui. i ?
xx. x i
sxi. i i
xxii. 7 a
Tetill....?? 30
Duri-g the patt week the cholera poison has man?
Ifeited ltteif with the grratest Intensity la a few hoos?s in
Eut Baltic st., between Hoytand Band, -?ra cai.i ocrurred
among th? r??ld?ct? of this loealltv, snd mo?t nf then, proved
f?t?l In a few hoar?. Two ?>f ?he hou??? were ftimlg?????! ? .th
sniphurocs -p 1 i-., s 1 ?ft ir word ?L'tew??? j jsjr, cssei
? (Itilr f i:r esses .?eptirreil In tho Twelfth
M ard. Tin? remainder were sea'ter*d In diff?rent;
ti? cr?y. Five p?ti?n'.s wara alaltted toHaaUtra-at n ?
pits, during ths n.?k. and two lo UM U< ?pltal In City Park
lui Wild t.r li? w??? U J*. UM of ?bi.UWokvUf?iuVb,
I r g1 C ttn'r II raoHaJ In Cl? town of a~?tV|?h. Tbl f'?'l )W
prevr-eucn "I the diseaso in the van iii Warda
o? th? car
?-?i r.tv. rt?t ritij.
a 1
MU ...
.\ !
R? port-J
. I
.. 5
. I
... t
. 1
I >
. '
IIV, A". \.
Tils flnnnr Vfavnr Hotfn M y< s'-rdsy rco?lver) th? Ml .wing
rai al lUvaua. arti
lenna tai data of H pt I, lot
.-1? I !..??? a- I ..._i'"i t e p, "r?n.l "!in I-f I
.rib? rjiua'-i.i. "i refalad ?.? ?f the lett .ti'. ?
d lee, |b* .... ,- f te., dayl
Btttie; . , . n uiilet. tara of e\ d rt or deitn i
' '?
l,i I .ii i ->.. be ii.iui?duite.y i rdmed I* Mitt-I tu und, r|j t v..vruui
quarrt, trie.
" lit. r ?esltaaey the Sup?r|nt rivll OoTern.ir l-Ttnr heir,! ths m,
Y Be? I of Ile? f With
? recevrai bl li!? 0?v?ram?al tn?
. ? u. n-taii a :n iii? l teo 0 bl, ? t tu ?nu I lia
- to , oeini? P" bl ti e el". -I . ?J , ,.". , '
.pul?. n*. and m lae ?*?-*?-*??ia ai lea a u thoa* e.i ?ir-?.!.:? ??
.... ... - I se Into ?be hi?i uTic.o o? t.?
tin i,at ifths lOtBla*-?a*f..U*wls| mt lil ii ?
" Veil- I | - "li Bli? tb '??
its, katefas ? ?
' a: ,1 ?la?n i ??? j:. " - a.-ii,. /! ? r u a, ' ., .. trill b?
if illa lib u-1 ? to sn ob
?elTllluli . f let, It; ? ?t lilli ein;, Iut_!|-(?D_, Hld I 1-?'
.ne?, |a the a tai UfWM Bad la ti - ma ? ',i?r - ?' p ? ? ? ?til (_* ?th
Ardrie f ir ?????? i ?ii .?mt Ir?, i ntl in I, (la away U I ?mice, ii ,1
,i e a? that kar? lut tat ?
BBBBBaaara M au *rew fiam aa? ladlbate
I en which durta _leu juv eaaei ,r -I?, f i
n- ?HI re lma.rfHi*tiy uiianTad I? Mutti I? aadw
... ? rift,... ii .?t ti ??
I .tu i.uuiit? to yen fin ?oar *t?ct eomplltne? 'I a-?
with - Ju.Ami.i ViolL Ui. U i.T t-.U H _._.
.,.. ?feet >' ii. Ilrlfl.
ia .li? (leveraot or 1 At .- ti .vernor of -
HOnOI op the rou ?VPUIU MMS? *.i'*?rj')B
aBAtaag mint tau got uobbbb <>h ?_>. nt
PLMLi'V? T!!_ LiCLih CuAU. (.ANN'T BB LM
TI?? il,-i -ion of ilir-S ? -t upon th?? oaatt
of Will! m Bl 1- ?) i -u Y I'rr-.r ard-f.il.n ?? ?me. p
aram?: it of I - i; i rial B
which . irgtaod und aalH?Uled it ICaeAar, wa?
'?r.luy. Ih.-tei stBM ?eri IttllltUd It
IbtTtatHlltl'H nil! ? if lim Tn I m T iii In the e-sel note!
above, the slslatH. i?t in inj ne t: ? igalaet tbl
Betid le rastrara It ttmm mt? ricrint- ?ita theil l"i?lite?s.
.ii n-. Btheri rd itiag ''?* ??i4'"?t ibo
same p . ? ? | .- j-et.a.ty ed ?') I ir f tlTire to proi-tire a
u traa tilt I i institu?
tion?-?nd I..- le ?-refura n it bouil to piy.
At li uclii.'. yt-t'er 1 ty, the tmigm t .ok tlielr ?eat? and the
n nd 'aiinutinceit th it ths .fudge? had
I r-| in I u i WtrlttM "?eniuiis but merely a memo-- mln-n of th*
'....- | k ? I: i'ul d to the lllerk.
He I ? M tbey were aB egreed la the Oat?Uta.
ti'>i"t.,ty ,.f it-Ki?, at least la aert aad thal I
h id tb? power of epi Htoaati ?.t lha Arti
year. 'I . liol {le tit MOMoraadtM tDtdtd te by JtMtM
Bai i ir-'
? fat eely atset-se tattlrtd in Ibe ttaawMMrt of f
? abai ild in. rentrai
: ..- p'.r iiif? uni! iroui en
ti? i 'th .n -I ma of tia Ki Ad.
- i i we eel iel pate tpoa any ?feestione ?u t?
of t'.a law cil. ; I li o?e Ueieaiar) to i...
(I.) A?'? a and
.I.? t t atan y ta tim I > That the power*
e infer., i a? line? ? ?
?. I ft \. .
. i . - ? ?
i'. . . '
hi.i.e ag i!"?t Cur
Hy f . ?'..?? -., rei-orer
P. toll lit,
.. ? week
(l i We aw of I
? . '. I. , - ? ? I . ! . , ' "? ?'?' *'
i i. ) 1 .-i
. .. Qal.-.'ir Bt
(i,l, f ? ? ? .-vie r>!?re of?
?ed It.
? par? .?(
ia? li>? l- .n ' '?? ? -. '
n , , p 4 ;.
li; i n . PORTS.
Another inttt ? la ? mai 'li
t," wes af?
tara |
tween l ' af Pateraon,
Irvtagt b Clan, at Koten.s? lea Itrelattoas
s l!i?y Ihiiiiirbt ".in
? fr >m
i, aaeereal 771-, 9, tbt Bletabe tiey ?ade 1* ?nowai m
l li?t liey retaraad ta Irrt . 'i-eball, as ?iii
b4 (peotat-*** pi ???al lactodleg aaaMbeeed tb* fair ?ex of
l'alert?t 1 bt hBtwliig 1? me stn 1
II . IB, C.4
1 1. in :
I lion ti ?
i : 1. -?"d b ..
Lamb, ?. ?
Miller, r. f
I It. o f
( ? ker, ut b .
C-Hlk. t-1.
1. mu
il Hei-,. p .
tt IJ b
Iel 1 ?
?Il lit b
Le u ?rd il! b
J. Campbell. S f 1
-T I.
37 W Total ...
lit M. M. ?th. in. ??h 7th fit! ?th. T.-ttl
B 1 t t ? 1 v 0 0
0 i I t 1 o u 1 1
Umpire-Mr. CoiteiyoT of tie l.lbnty t'.ub of N??-Ilruut
Illllll -Meurt BBItl ?nd William!.
1 une of gnuie -Three
jojy ootebst Olympia I3| Irttngton, 8.
Ont? on foult?OlytnpL-, S, Irvlnrt-.n >i tlmet.
?L'i.r-isa vu. ami mi .\im.
A well contested ?axe wm pi.ii rd lui ?o,.n th? Surprit? of
Wen Karmi aid the Ambldeater of New -Kochelle, on th?
groun.il of th? latter, on WetluM-ltr, tho ?tb inst., and re
luited in a vu tory for thtSurprue. The f-illowlng is theieor?
? t:.iiui?_.
J. Sloane. LM. b. d
Kdwtrdi. 1. ?.3
Culhall. e.3
Sherwood, -lill..8
A M sue. l.f.9
lluoii.r c. f.5
I'-ttit. 1 .1
A'a . 1,til,i- Vd b . '
U.Oill, r. f. 'J
L. Perrin?, ?. ?. _
Cover?, t. f.4
K. I'errlne,
Nowell. c.
I f.
ltstl iu. p ..
S,t ith. litb.
Mnrti?ero. 21 b.
kl.-r.er. 1 f.
M u
.37 SO I
lit. .ti 3d. 4th ith. Cth. 7th. ?th. tth-Total?.
..1000 a 0 e 7 1?ao
3 2 4 e 1 100 .-is
Fly Catch???Sirprit? 7, Aroblderter 8.
Unaplie?Mr. K. Ilitchoix'k of the Artic B II. Clab.
Bcorer*?Ueur?. How? aad it. M. Keefe.
A cu_l.__-v;_.
TA? Fougbbirtii* Prut contauii the following challanc?
HA??-? ? ri/aiu rlui.ni of Pout'.k?*pil*. jn utter to ei.. ima
?nd fetter li? ii.urnl bow u.tnT tt m la? hetltbful (tine of bate ei ,
b?T? |?te - -ay ctntnhutra I? trio,..ie ? i.?n I.....1.-,',?. it, ;?, ,
trophy lu ti? vrloniBi club la ? lu* bl I ciutril. lu b* pl?y?d ipo?
lb* f'4iow.r| eoiidilluti? Til
> .ni 1 Ti.ii tb*?T?r?i? ?f if'? r'?y*r? ceoUitlBf for lh* bill ?1? '.
BO: IX **d irT.lit.tti tit, y Bart.
Uttend : Tbtt lb? ?til (?o nu?, h?? ?b4 ?11 In whirl Ihs A'ol inUer
Club of l'u*|i.k*?|.?l* ,?.?y b? < uLtt.tui-.? for lb* abevs li.] i. ... i.
play?! ?t r?u|i.ke?i ii?
Tin I A ?. y junior c1'it wtiinlag tt? hil'?ndr*tiinlti| it f r ot? y*?r
att'.ntt ?li ?oratii from ?ay part of Ni? tan Mata il.ill b-r? run ?I.?
ri|htiul ?ad p?r_iii?Bl t,wn?n thin.if la ti ates wbs'a th* ball >?
t"l?y?_ for, ih? Diitrh I* tit? ?Iii? la (li* ?Hy or town wo*re?er.
lh* i ,ib ?it hold? u.? o?.l reitutt, ti ?. i tt ii anea ia l_a Uud
Now ih?i?fon, th? rin? Vii? of lh? Vo ai.te.r Bim Bill Cob of
ri?g:.keei,i,r-, N. Y-, ? j J_!ol ot?iUi.il|on ibc ,J?d lu li ? brit run
dim o tkot* o.mtloB*!. du dinby ch?h?i)|? tiy cinb la lb* -ttt* of
Nrw-Ynk wiitin? to c? ufrroi (o lh* ?bo?? ccodlll??? U p ?y ?
Batkh f?, ti* poii??ilon ?f IB* ?bo?? bil?
C. (JiaoBJ, l ??Ula V-B- B C.
PtatUttfilt, H. Y, i,p?. J. IMS.
Tb? tnnnal Fal) trida lalet of booki wm coat?
mcaced yrettr.!?y morning at th? root.* of Mettre Leavitt,
Btrebelgh A Co., "So. ?^Broadway. T^ert wu ? very larg?
attendance af _*mWl of lh? trad? premi Tbl ?.niigt
meoti ?re larg? ?nd ?ttrtctlTe, ?nd I?t? tuen received frum
1-3 well-known pnWuhar?. A great Dumber of order* har?
been received Crem dtaler* at a dist toe? outfall to be pr?tent
?t the tate.
New Orli-aut, Savannah. MoVI?, U chmond, Chicago, fin
ctnuatl, Paoria, Bolton and the Lriliab 1'rovinoea are well
The trad* dnrlag th* Fall w11!. It It ?ntic-tpsted. be eve??,!
ingly briik. PrttM hive fal en thu laat half ye ir, ?
?irohshl? mainly owing lo the remisaion of murual retenue?
or tai'ikt and book material.
I ? ... | arti ', up.. ? i h . T : irk .ve.terday mo, nid* wst
lirtrtly attended ano every ,. i? el Metal le b ?
f- t 11? im tiuiieer eirr.-ii-d lil? Inii?-? (? ? a f-'r niun-i-'i
by ?xpatlnttsc upon the tiuslitie. of the peeAg I.* hid to
pr?M0t and then I roe?...led io wur? In (?.?al earn. ?:.
The Cr?t ir vol? a th it ?a? on\ ret" for Beta ra? thal nf ,r |:
??hi?, w11 tit ? li
? .eli ? ..ieb wara eagerly boogat up ari.l I , ,
A .. iitie.'-.i!.? - . i editedthr frut i????ai
M vol?, '15?_n. tro-igM II V? ? Tolnrn?; n?iwol1'i T.lfi Of
n. ? vol?, t)r?).rtit .??> 40, Itulwi.r's Novels. 37 vol?.
I9*BOb bsjf oalC gul ?'.' ?' l'i -ken?'? Works, n obe?p l-.uglish
Il . l'| r. !: ,
I i r ?A"-ki oomprtsod tkoae of J
? y fa.r
y lora Darli tb? af mi
??.t pi ups wet t? ?st .1, iDauy
h-tinting ?a high ra 03 " - ? ii- i i was
,,t ?-.ia gt? l . lorihl?
h Fiel ?ill N s.?T'-r?<!.
whiokwmprtso?? larg??ambo? of veir ehotae wran IM
'?tnand dart ig ta? 1
t>ff.-r 15, as wellss n Iirsrc rrii:ili"r of fai'nrlt'? boll lay and
javenile btx.k?, wbioh arc ?ure to meet wii'a a readv ??le.
T ?faftowlig tova i will il ? b?; offer?) ?F. w. Hinton;
K??l?srt? Brother!. Holton, I.ittl?. Brown A Co., B'tston;
W. J. W.i! i? ki (). S. l-.lt. Ne?'?o'k, W. W
f I: ?t'?u and li irdmg ot
'i'lailailelpLla present a line srl?:?tlo?i of phototrr ipi. o slboms,
many "f wbUD ?re vtlued st high uguie?. K 'berts Iii others
til? Mulka ui J eau liigtlovr, lud 1
good ?bow of jtiv aila books.
The ?si? yevei'|?y w?, m erpry w?y s it I if*c tory. To-day.
the:* will, duubties?. be a still larger a?tetuUiioa.
li.??..?? tmwnamjkmwt ?so lion is o |
TLem au rathi r .1 bl It y doi ki l to be (li..po?ed of
ty by thara two ladastrlora ead grad-to??ag Jadgra
w'.o do the Minor. Khiidiiir.iii'liu? Sti, ?aininesi at tb? loiubl
Court, Kid Who ?,,? ktionu to tue ?alger ?I .1 |
Kelly ?i.d Dowlteg. No leis thsn | ??pi presented
. Ive? mr a'.ji?ilii-u:|ou. and wero disposed of in that icit,
ma ?i.>le which gene/nl'v characterise*
.-op?r?t'..-?!? :.t tin? m.i.t B SBBlW sb"P tat _inti__. AD
?.ni??:? of the long lut diseases the bllawiag named
>l"U.nits: assault ond battery casts, fc?; petty Uroouy, ?
?', ? itog n 11er tb? ts?en;r.il head ?f
t ladas MB ?Be, 5. As u?u?l, the black ey? department
required tl.o most att ?ilion, there Laving been
thaa tbo ?utoanry number of assa'ilts and
? geed Jp?l more thiir, the ordinary quantity of bait, ring nor
I'luit'ti ?nut? iii? ?mt Court <lay. .Many of these cue?, how
? ter, weie ,1 Bight importun. ?, o llttog for no special pen- l:v.
the two or tir"? i.itr ? t? in tri? 1 ick-np cen?raily tafticin, to
col th" !" gi mi ' Hool a tha combatant?, who come forth
a rail? by ae ?paaaa ra larra tor the ?auiruinary fray ?a
thay ware whea tbey weal ia Whase ti.e doughty warriors
(?.?lient Iheunelroi with the weapon? nature give tt.em, and
li?u! ne r i.it:: ? ai.li tLe>r two lett only..? reprimand is
l cii Marni all the paaiahnral aeot -nary m addition
io the ti a IO bueta* tonara raltoa which fuis sa the lot of
Ity, Brea stick? and atone?, mad
bl 1 tiw.it. an i latr.'-r peruilssllB
r\ci-"; ?n ii tv'.t-re tl.e ri?<|iiireiueiit? of fair play hare
been ?t.ictly iiLa.rvetl uni t:eti?"it has been ein?_) ? banded.
utan agniuat min oiipoiod, ?nd tb??re has b?-?-n na concentra
ti n of tritr.-t a aamanm ? sing's mau, but every one engatred
ta t? delloioranratlme of ' drenching a hrothm's baud lu a
Lroi'ier'.? LI .".J,* a? Mr. A. Johnson would remark; where b?
ha? bad a "fur ?1 .>?." a "abite matt'? chonte." and has
n.,t !"' n "?touble-booked," th? judge? are not nsualiy very
--.n nan's. Hal ?netf Hie pi?to,. Ihe knife.
tic slang -liol or tin' billy tue pruosed into the sorvice. then the
?ielder of thoa? nnpleranat and ?ncontletraoly trtielei is aa
,i to I ii I " bravy hand of Jastiw laid oa Li?
. in nd with brarlrat wagbt Gaattnaea who ?ii.
-entry of a kuli-, or the per?
Bl of a re??.'T.-r n.ut aspa?s, if tbey
fall mo the Latid? oi tlie li-, to
paytht f .11 orto? atholl sn.u.t? ni-ut. 1'ire.riu* and double
K . . e ?euj?;:.? uudei certain circum
n inc.-, i . ii ici rd I etty Um raid of battle le aahtoa ??if
, i xteinle.i to ni!:i:lt of t ?eiraemp).?ymnut with that
I lir diaiit'.?'?e?t'd b.iilander? winch is ever de.irubie.
! ." affair a High I. "<liy and /aera Utoaa is ? cn?? in
[.".? I it L stag a uiutter iu whicu the cum.) ?ni ??-ht avers that
he was
IT.'tlTK WITT! A KNirt.
Hugh certaii).-bad a bole n lue rearo! ins ooat aod acor
irt of tTai inyiK riiiui forked
? ti li' n c ,i .'ift is tb ? Veil of a ?real laman with hu boori
- ? isl.oi-, gaab, M ?!it?h nui suuaresl pre? isi-ly in the ipot
,?t bo in Hie tr in lia { ?uti of Satan,
i. I always that tliat muuli abused gtrutl'-uau bring? his
sa to v;...t Li? t Lo?"u on '.'?rill
ans tl.al It V?_s Jaco li.i.e. ivlao luUaclod tbe cruel
Mis. Iii.ict w.s intridnoed ss? witness. She knew notblas?
M s Vin Klaecknew Lis, and th? b??-i ? r ..1 Ira
ttoa? it 1 ?l tre?l by
i had oraiaaad i? curait ?.mo sort of a storv
a..: ? tv.-? anitiaa ?,f
? ia row abo it Um Ititi'.? bruti.er at
? bara Lit ey aaaaebel) ; ?n if? neara ?i
I k1 ?licU< h?? su--- iib ineitirely that be
'?aw th - kail? ni ililli s's i. in i Bud that Hi e? ?tin rk him A?
li w se i II It is r.?ii Uki lyt i
atti] g? i. i... l'.-n touiiaryoibut bad illn-eu prov >-l tLat h?
? . r have goaniy lor a y rar.
wai na ii.*: aaitoaAunm
? 1 ?:f"s ??-- f.. ,l i t t.e'wee;, ti >? lu?., siulGermans, and,
'. ! ? .-'.-? : :? ?, ai we all ,
well k. , a ? I! ?.r. On?har weena?
o proveihe >
i ipec-i ?.y if that huill?n b?
- stein?? qatotty in a
i) with a i . ..ti?i f Uvrosaa tr?en?l*. wheo 1 ?
tiru . Uirowiog sto??? at tha party, aid I
? ??.?S'a "( i : tiviuir ?bown
'i. pr.
? at .' v i? a '1'ilet in in
'..,?' 1
US | ,? ' Ueary li icu. r. aud t..at.
. i'| Lave iLr.iau the ?tone. Ji? tried to
i ? | a u piro of Lo??, ?bo Le at_>erted wore
.- rugt.ii.ar aso if.rowi.i_- ?tonei at p.Uer? bv. Ila?! the
? ??Io ?tor.. iH-rinsp? lui?.,.? have L-eu
r. I . I lr?d toed a Voluble lr. : I .,.,?
V.*. I .". ...lu. ?. o :.:?."'l mar? lL?-i BUU.OU
-wig) poBied I 'ci r rut of w jnii in laur of
i ?. r did say barta ??jthe
ltd IB] o-wiy a d.riy turi, la
i, i tai I ? " ' n "V-r ??'A a ti ,:?e, d: ?u't know
wtnit o itoue wa?, ami that th? com; laiarat Ooohor waa drunk
.'Isi. ii...:.." ... ?nil li.it be iQtcifarod
? . ?..in.
Now mu i? ia n litt I?, in. u,uci: for It wa* immediately
proved that t t in was i . lutos I its 1 ut sil, bad not
.. nut bul been assaulted ni the roost no pro
Ion hoad i iftlesd, ho i i .-ceeiir^i
m ?? ca? in,' In? cn ?. ' ??e pon?" ced lb it
u: y ??. n. '. ' i wotilii i,.:-i ??..-!? ? it-.,?i em luiCPr-ll got off.
tri'?t I,,- romoaelag. A .'?:?!.i._? y, thoy tammi MiMenomy
guiiiy if ?ii" aaaaalt, ?mi rraaatSra M '? la soatoaaa
1 ii' ? Ml. I ABED I'? LA Iii IN THF DAY.
l>,.'name? n! Maryuml Jo'ni Kaibiah '?ere railed
Jobu a| |< ai ?don tLe (cooa, ami ??iiirkina'i> annnnnnod to iTe
. .? ?II ii-tll 'I. >er iiotior. ' II.?
' Jloi.tr" t'a?. . ia?u that after ac
?ara waa btoigbt tot?Crari aaaatna paaaBa io ?ettie it,
If Le oo'illn't al
tu Ln>'i_:.t io the lo'iibs,
' y *ome other per?.tu than himie.f
Uttoh ohagritieal. b? ?tu or>l?reil La? I to th? cage and again
? i" 1 his wes one ot tiio?,? easri of doiiiestlo qaarrol
Inr, rwtuUag la agstsraad assao'.t aad bst'ery, wherein the
-ted, and ti ?a
yu Ids lo th? prajf i? ?n Ilia? repentant brut?. s.'i?| t? ii
aSTinr. ?ni want? to withdraw
I.. n t-t??? gHiJaat m
tnnt ii tr'n'i ? i.? f.ttntta at ah? Oran ? ItatM pa
??tan i' tu i in many ln?taitc?-s, tea tbe
great" rtdaal ??li ?end for kia accuser, offer bia
iron?? lo tl'op th? pbsr?re. ami ?o ?,|? through tlie tlngers of
thela'vr. ra|odgWh?TO rwoiV*d a(MTBIt BO more of tin?
?ninlterlnB,- ef ci"* alter tT?y have !?.-? hMoglrt Into CoBTt,
Intbol ti i.e'. t:.? buat'und, though oei.t tivck
tti tit? c? II ? ill be liberated at once, ?nd will, ?J??labile??, if,,.y
Ibu end .n? |B iriel? at I. M . wh- r? r? bl gnu them.
A mm sVCCll NURItL.
a So thegrnnd Prv-ideatial procoMloo was pa??lng through
the ?Ireel? !n?t ?ni. a f.- 1 .w weli-.!re???d. sbo::t JO yttnr? old,j
anl ui'iie.l (.?<or.-e Monia ?lill? staadlng wit!: ?"irie >oung
?,- r!? or s ?Mp n W ' aadartaw to taltra some or
? sal " 11? ?nceede.1 in coal*
tog e mu? thtag aboil io ran oil t.? Um ??ty loa of the
Stoble, ?lien I WAI
amatad lad tried ara was broaghi ??'iTienter-t-e
t i.iy lue Jadffo
? ?M tu ti.? |.nioner "kid! ?ti In prison severed
d lys. stul I think Van hue : ' !"r:t panlsbBMBt for
the iifTe'ise prntpt!. Tie child herself would not, luckilv for
you, iwear to in mnch as sure of the witness?, did. Tbey
Said thal yoi pa jour I nnd imprni??rlv on her person?st?
said yi ti only titncnetl her Loop, lind ?I? lettil'ed tbat y fir
hand toWbod L?r peTBW, I -bonld uioit certainly have ?ent
jrotl to the P* ? i mort .? ?r.d Laic fined you IV.
Any In? .li to a chill winch coruei wilina tbe cognisance of
this Conn ?hall b? puul-hc.l to the art -rn: ?tt ?Item ol th? ! iw.
lu contiderstion of the fa?t that you have been locked np for a
Week, I suspend fartl.er ?,-r.r- t ? -.? lor t!:e preienf, but revr
you b - caught in such n - i poogala" Tbe cif-r.? .l-ejvirt.-J
t nlv too gild to g?t ani'.v. ii'.d a he snexke.l oat of Coirt
every on.? took a good look at h".n, 'hnt so dlnv a rascal may
bo recognized and Identified ?i-r" itt?;- wherer-r h? may go.
Tin: ? v.' wm ir.r hum tail.
It Is pretty generally thoagbt tboi uiany ?f our milkmen
have t' ? , uii.tar.ee, and ;a fact, to?, luiimate buii
oeu relarions with nat UD'.que animal, tL? "Cow With ne
Iron Tala** or, a? ?he 1? known In the vulgar, the " Patt;." If
bo writ r. they do sell cerilla qiWI t'.ties ef hat pile thud, daftly
lutern.ingied willi ti.?' genuine Isctralextract, tie?, are usnillr
ihrewd ?oougli to Lid?- U e stjueou? f.-sud fiom the scru-intrlng
public eve. Not thui however li the cm? with two derma?
purveyors of tbe indispeokabl? "eow-|nioe, (?s the lIisosBrs
call it. named reipeotueiv Jol.u Honteiuano and Ueury
I bola In th? early morn ot August '_C al th? hon??of _!
o .lock. Ott.cer Wm li, Ueua? ooeerved Uooiemaan la Forty
Ninth It,, li.tnee? p'nih and S.ill -ivs , pouring iinliKtrloaily
lo aie fluid from one milk can into anolhor. The ofliue? w?ct
to ta wagon and ?lueoven-d that ?or* eooagb J?bs had one
large >i'i cf water in L.i wagon, ?iib two partly -lied
w ?th milk and te wa? adding what la hi? opinion,
was a proper quantity uf water to erne, of ta latter In ibort.
John wa? waterlea bia muk. Wuen uccu.ed. be owned op asd
beagesi to be let off. bul tho inexorabu oQicei nid to him aay,
and marched him off.
At a later hour toe ??me morning, a J o'clock, the esme
officer arreated Her.-v Iliad? in Forty ??x?.L-?: . near Suth
ave. for the ?am? otFecie. They were both taken before a
J n.tice, bul uning to a blander of the Clerk of the lower Court
who made an lnfurmality in the paper?. ?Tieri ?bo prisoner?
eame yeeterday before the Tomb? Court tbey had to bo dis?
charged. The penalty for the misdemeanor is loj.
John and Henry, yon mun be more careful Laieafter. If yon
are caught amia away go j cor custcniers. joui c.li ond your
briad and butter.
Abel B. j>D???jT<.t^I V?Pd-Cttr ?JI the Tr, rt* ?v?. Rsilrand.
wai iirotigfit np by Pcliceiceo Ic.iT.srd H Haw sr ?nd Adsm
ft. Hallet?, foi an' a?saolt and battsrv. Tke facts are Um
Ta officer? !1t? lo Yet Icville, and on ?be eventngof Aug.?
tbey ga on ta car to rid? ?p burne Millett effetad tho con
ductor a five ?mt t.ckit aodoM cent as bis farS; ceadactor
reftisod it snd d?masd?d ?et?n????wa lln.lett deenaa pot
lug any ?ore. Coaductor theo ?tt?mrt?d lu ?.ret bim. elina
tngand kicking bim laiodo.ug Howey ?etue to iheveeene
Tb? coad'ictor i?yi that b? bio ?nier? re get either aQ mOaey
or Bil tickets for a fare, rat to Iske a miriam of the two. Su?
perintendent Dlckevion ?1*0 .??tided th?t inch ii the njeiln???
A dg. 1. Hallett, however save that fh? Pre?1dent of tbe
road fold him ditferently ?nd ?dried that if he (the Pr?oidrat)
h?d been io the conductor ? pisee be ?bonld bave talen the
far? a. offered. Tbe conductor-?? fined gt.5 for the aissulL
IHefor? Justii. laawl |
T!n> criminal buslni <s of yosurdd/ hoforr? t?ie Orn?
erai Seiiioui was qniclUy dupoied of the"rca?>n briug that
Uiere were r.o truii? held, lu uearly all the cues tiou?bt Dp
ti.? deliudauU ul?-*!? i
Oenrr? Doailmru . , wer? In.Hot?J f. r
: MaHltl I' li. of a ??lia. war i
I in log?' tai d( r t ntl ? ? ,
oar, wbU? iii? C"..i|i| ii..i
i pi i?"n ?
1 hlapi'ji? lara. ehern -?' ^..- .
rtocktU of Cr?* Met* an Nat.ai iv B? waa ?eatsnoed to tit
but? Prison lar four year?.
Wm Murphy iileado. g?"ty of an attempt M b.r.r!ai-M
tileli.ii.ie,,: i, lu bro-Klnl , , I ?t>:e? ?tore oj
Mai nu Sou.mann ? i J ?. dil ,. -, rfth?
- I ? y-ara
and an .1. 1.. a
Harry H ? iKsi 'Ti?i??t John.** ta4tJ??-r''I.-sa-t,
?len ' i.!:,: -." we . ? . ?. le (he iii .1 ? t'r . ai for
two peart aad sis no tia, on an old nd it~?Bt oharg?ng tham
with br.jakmir tuto a atora o-, 1 andi-tattaft
tjilrtntliy of articic?o./ the vii.? of ti.'ot?. to Wtwm* U?y JOkA
li.oad.d g u..y.
[aafata A Jeiu.n Moore ?
ROB8_'?T O.' A lUrOTEOQ bTOSiB A-Il? Bl-?VSBT J#
Brn_K.i BOOM
Ou Wednesday ertaiaa feat yoncg- rtkcn, ri-unaA
Henry C, M ?uutiord. Thomtt? Lynch, Oeorg? rtrown and Jola
"?> .1 i i.-nt. ent".-ed the ?lot?lag iture of Mich*?, (?man.'.?! Um,
IB)Chatham it., hy m-r-n? of fall? koyi. and ?tol? , 1 ?au?
raited ti ?..-T. They Ibee took the property to la? real len;? mi
?I ' h Bowe, ni No. i) ila.li.oii.it, and asked Lim b? buy IL Ha?
peering that the goads bad b*_u ???!??), he AeeflMa eeiw-n
wleatb* young men I-f. followed t hetn un.il h * wet
too pu'i.eiJieii. le them he nmde known the fact?, ant t?t
tbtarea wtn arresred wun the stolen goods in "--irr; muiaa
ino in..u.late caiinniUod tbem fir eiaioli.atiuu.
B-taaxi with a KMFi.
John Stuart of Mt? ill lhnter ?t. ?ad J ?mot Wiltoo *__ta
relnu ou W'cdui'idsy night, a'd durn g the affray VA <laoa
1 large balfe Wtth which he stabbed Stuart in the breaat,
Wi.soii wa* aiiMtod and th? ma?i?trat>? hold hu fir iriaL
A uarrnsn ntme.1 Jo m Hogan was arrested on a chsrge at
lar?tgateleaaoart balaoflag to Mioh*?! Dor ?hue of No. ti
Ciik?. 1'. I'..' aC(MrVtd-Waa rnJUited to gi?0 ball la tia
?um ul t.'iOi to answer toe charge Motin laid he took Ma
ou? ?iib the intention of returning It a.mu.
ALLB?._I> lil'li.ATI 0*1 A T ?.*-.?. WOUAt.
A r?tp?jt tali.. -1 .ok i ii? y mug maa named Philip .Vi r nar tret
arrstl- d rtet**-_ty ou the char.? of having been ?ne of ?vat
1.cn ?ho on lae r.-.g:.: ot the Uh intt. conuuitUtl a ?r.aii oat?
ruir 1 1 pon Mary Jen? ?otle. a young, '* ui: 1: I ? iii?* at No. IB
Csthtnat M !.-??ay?tb?t wl.ll* *h? w?? paumg Ihivaata
l'st k-place, 81 mer and a man ? ?.oin al? do?e not know ?elaaa
and dragijed o?r into th* prnmi??? No. 13 Park-[l?ie whore
they p?ibe! ber iu'o a room and ooiraired her person. Hie
re?i?iod with el, ner ?tieiigtl- but to mi ?Tatt. S .mer vr.?
Lc'.d tor exati.iuution (Lit 'norning, lio say? that bo 1? Inae?
coot nnd (hat ha bad a jilling to do with the aeaaittt upoa UM
A lad aired II yet ?. IIMod ttuM !(??),er> ('.?tt?r. whts It
? I t>? Me?,?1. (l.eid _ Ki'lirt, Nu. SO Leonard-It . ?vat
Btrreeted yesterday ?lurou-ii on a ci.?ir-,e of having pr.-entad
iatbetaylngtailored iii? Batteeel 1'ark tunk ? . ii -ot fee
g 117 C i. n'irportlug lo have been sua?d by Charl?? Umodyea?.
jr.. aud drawn in favor of.-liwara Ua?ley. Thq teller data
covering the check waa a .toigerv, osui-id th? or teat of tia
boy lu explanation tue ?rccuael ?aid that a ?traugor met him
in the ?tr.-et and asked hna if he dij nut waut lo mak- M
oent?. Ha refalad tin io uni. w.-.en the moa aaked ?i.ala
lake tiie cli.ii k andigct th? tiuun-y jo It. In ?ttt-mping to He
10. he ?at arrested. Th? ltd mil he had no kuttw|..Jge si
the maa who gare liltn lb? cheek, but Alderman Moore
tuiued bim fur ex un molten end he wa? locked nptn tie Ti
a ?30_-i.r.D ???r.sa-TUii-ar Ani-terai?.
P.ei.'iniin Ullin. 11 c-i.u.-'T Bel e?rlyye?torday morning taB
tried t'.e rwiu ot k1 .-a. Mary liai uno. at No. 14 >? ?', eat liia*4>
?it lady waa dream ? ?id anatiTieJ a gol J wain
ui.d chtnu trom the Bia-it?. pic.?-, with wl.ioh ho rin ?way?,
billi vim p irmid into t'.?? uelUr of a house iii V-?.i_*_l
wiiere he? le ?rreited. Th? watch was foaort lying an the
bolto? of the 0 ii_r The p nayler tv a? oumul.li-d for trtal.
COURT Or" COMMON PLEAri?.Srn-mt, Taan-Berr a
before Juiiir? ( a-iarrO.
I>unn atrt. Po-iner.?Ilatiqp It further bill of bim
tioular? den.ed. mutl-oifor referencegranted,nociMt? to tilba?
purry. Bttai t?gt BroWl ?K'putt conrirtn "J and J*i !_?_?_
.nailed I.??y a?*t __i.j_i._o:. ? aluitou daui.d without aotta.
SUPREME COUKT-ChahD-M-SiPT. ?-Bofo? Jiuttee
It - -.Kia.
N. Y. an ! N II. I..iilro_?_ O t, agt. Moni? Ketohon
?t at. ? 1'roposad case ?-.Hod.
li': reJiuttlco I.ARNA-1.
Whltnai a?l. Pla- Aiid llitidvin.?Motion? dialed.
Eben Soodwin ?t ?1 eut. Lewis EimUm et al.?Mot. ia im
ni... gliaaaetk K.iohuff agt. f Onu KircboII. -Jtojort aaa?
druitd aud j>,d_Tb< t ot div._rct gi anted.
Ani*?lina Tilt -i*t. Ik-Djaiinii lill.? This catt, whiab
ha? dei orne an?s" ...lirated tiir?n?*h the d.lBudlUoi of MB
early iu<ei wa. vtaierdty carried to a deoreo. A', the .?nea.
in*- uf t. ?? '. .um. 1 ie jul?in-nt ?.' divor??t?a? glveu orita??>
r. port d VuM.ug the p-rtie?, ?-J graut.c. the Brue
ti.?? r?<?i ?esr fi r .ili'nany
BdwiB .lum"? ?'el Dtaaay f'?r pltinuff.
liurroil A Warina; fair defendant
SlPBRMB ( DirifT-L'lIAMBK?l.-?88PT. 7.? Mi
Ju.ti.'? .11 til.KUM' I I - '?.lid.
B-BOLvp.r and Hkvvy l-oBB-Br.? The re^idenat
of M-. ii tv iirowii. No -40 U.o ?mflald-it.. . Boar Eighth-??*
Holrokea wa? -i?rt>:arioaaiy entered about noon ???(erday. if
forcing the baiemoot door. The thief rantacke?. ?very roo*?
in the house und dually opened a burean drawer on th? thlrf
door tad took theraCraM a pocket buak c m-aintrgigtio It
bl ? a pocket book ooi.talnin/ #J7 in gold, a gold an ! a illvM
11 ii-li. au! ?arion? articles of J-melry. He waa observed M
hvi t -er the !? .ck f" : co tnto Big '.! t. ard from throc-i toward]
th? Klrsiau I'leldt by Bono 01 the neighbor? abo luipecled ila
eharatttr tod ?cave ih.> slarm Bast a partr ?f men ?ad btyys
wer? m j irsuit, ar d .f'er ? tenir obate ?be fellow waa c?ag_d
at Hi? uppei end of the lli?ian Ki?.di by ipeclal OS: er KtOBf/
rho conrt-ie ! b.m to ii.e Sution Huuie, but only two or three
little arlie ?? t ii t frutn Mr Prown'? b?OBO w?re found ->n ita
tv .-.uti. Soon ??ter r. Loy named Edward M-han of Na ?M
(' iriniue st . N Y csn.e In with the >eai?t baot c ntainlag
1410. aad ?ul'ieii-ently the cold watcb a ailk panto ante
bunch of iLrlut ni k"y? wer? alto f>und. TI e jiri?.?oer. ea?
Earently en Kngliabm.in. 30 yean of aga, gat? hit niau te
[eury De?eBj?;r". Iiecordtr Avery oommilled L.m for trial?
A BOI loi'MD Dkovwiki).?Coroner Kie??tea ttT
Jersev City held ?"i in.'nost ye?t?rdty afternoon on ti-* boty
ol' an Qiiknowu boy about id yeera of age who waa found floata
Inc In the water near the Iaonr P,?-.. Il.ec*??e.l wu nada,
nth the eteeattaa of a Meaos tad Aaaael aiirt. on nu ii_is
hip w.i? ta "teep hole, whuii Iritai the app-iatauo? of th? ?a??
roundinr ?kin, bad I"?? n teeettd bj a ?jaare pliiter. Tiere
waa alio a rag sr.iuud m? lett f>oi coieriog a Bore. N> oat
came ?forward to identify tie body. Verdict, " Voaal
freight train 00 the Erie Rulroad, yriterday afternoon, rea
orer a nowra ?t the ?eeBaaettfe , ?itchc? about a ?nile ant a
hilf from It ?liing- -tor-nir, cruthing one arra and'eg lo a ?*??*_
?i:u.-?.ing manner, N twitbttaadtng tie frightfully mingled
coi dii'.t 11 of the worn? led man he lay bi*eding more than aa
hour before a phyi'cian wit tammooed t? attend M bia la?
june?. Thit In humanity on ths part of (he employes of lia
runt ?t?mete,! tto attention uf a n.?!d<-nt of Iloi?i>k?n. Wie
taw the ? ?untie,1, man fruin the (ruin du-? In Jeir?? City at
4 li. The eiicti 1,ttai.eel attending th? rtccideii. am uukoowm
M t.' Il ?a the retult of the lujarles li.flirtedi bal If die mai
? houl'l not die wefanevtt will not he for lack of luhamt?,
11, on the part if t! '.se who failed to tecure bim timaly
and etHci'-nt medical aid.
Fodsth OaMBB-BBMUB District Union Coati??
TtOii. -The delegate? to the Fo'irth Dutriot Union CouaTrea
?ioii?iCouT?utuin comprislntf B-rr-n. PaM?le, M.rrli. Ytamm
?nd t??u?hi|i of K??ex. met on Wedneiday at Library Hail.
OranaT?. for tue pLpp?>-? of t?iui.. itiug a candida;? fur Cea?
greta. C i tin? eaaea?! ! to erdet at II a.m.. and
tempo-aiiiy orf?-_ed by the eltetiot of Win Ki-g'of tam)
Urauge at IT. nnnu, and Mr. QBarge Wuru of l'auaia at
Bli Bl Bl ?IJ The t'h.ir?aa i.iiule 1 ?lirr.ug ?MOOb ?n th* ?B?
portanceof tue ooiiteat and il* 1 -rotpocta or ?uocMa Cosa?
iuiue?*on perm?naLt Oiguniiatiui. K> tolutiout and Kaloe
were ape-luted, aud tie Couvtu?oa rexi? a rece?? tell aflat?
1 noon
Cpou re?tsein!.'.ing. permanent officer? were electe.?J.?*epi
C I'otu ol Murri?, as I'reaideut, aud Vice I're?._i ula frota
each county. iud <,.-? rge Wurti t f t'aa?alc and A. A. Vaaee
.f Muru?, a? -it'crcl'trie?. Judge l'oiu, upou takinn tis
chin, tiisd* au eiithaalaatio addrosa, duiing which ho tal', ti?
Fourth Ditlrtat waa to indoree the policy whick favored ti?
('T.l Bight? bill, nid 1?iiaif.0.1 the tru. Union mt 0 of tie
South, _-.,. -?p?elaHj ?ecur?>dtoth?4,0(xi,ieCC loyal buick? ?vary
riebt ?nd I'Tifiicgi".
No-iinaiiou? ??re then made, and the first ballot wa? et
Mow?, lia lion. Join ?lill. M.rn?, 53| Sucraie? Totti?
I'asaalo, 43, C. ii. Vooibee?, Uc-rgtii. I_j Lew.? L Vaa
LI .rcom. Su?-?ex, BL
Utontil lialtal Uni, 7., Totti?. 44) Voorhee?,-0, Buoklty,
3; Van UUrcm. 1.
The iio-iioatiou of Mr. John Hill waa then mad? cnanlmota?
Reaolutioii?, lUtlori.ug the Cou*.rt-?iit>'iel pul ey of nita
ttr .ctiou were adopted, snilHhe C??_v? uiiou adjourn??-.
Lett ?reuliig auritti_i'?tavn meeting,waa hold at Librar?
H?U. Orafge. which wm to be eddreued by Gea. Iloaaay etf
P?stale. Jai!tra Joseph C. Potu ot Motril, Jottph C-ailB
butiex, and A. lg. KaatbeT of Kim.
klr. Hill, th? oandbi'tte nominited to e-aUnd witTi the Kan.
Jack Heger?. Is the present Rjaakx-r ot tha N?w Jersey At*
lemi'l.., a,L.tl a man of atuoh poptlltiity in the Uuirict.
Thb 1-Vt.iT Kacb Nkxt Momdat.?The foot rata
be'ween 'Jonnry" fboms? of Newark and "tie Millbey**?!
Paterson, for il.nOOaitde. will tak? place cb ti? Orang?
track, and not ni HobottaB. at heretofore announced, ob M?m
day 1 ?it between I o clock and 4 p. m.
Hi'iisrixo ot* a (ainsDsTO.XB.?About 11 oVIoob aa
Wednesday forenoon,a larg? gvlndttoae, weighing '-.MU postada
which bad bera ]uil pul In oporritiou lu the , utlery ??tabllai
n.e:.t of K Hen, ?, ii, Np. 114 kiirklt it, Newark, honk aaA
nattered fragmenta all over the lia?e_iei,t In ?hiohlt waa
located. ?Jo? pleee weighing SOO poural? paaaed tLrough ti?
floor aboT?, crushing ????ral heavy b??m?, ead teeri.ig a bel?
30 fe?t njiar? In tb? flooi. Fortunately no one wm bart.
T? tt? Kiitmr tftki !t. Y. Timm. '
?IB: Yoi will -isoonr?noelending me TU Timt*\
I'? um I? not want I paid tay money for. Vy friend* bare
begin to clan me ?meng newly converted or raooatarnetad
' Copperhead?. ' I can't ttand tie co-; _??r.
Y. ir lal? serle? of "gronnd aatt lefty tumbling '? hsoeeM
ycu ?host ef friend?. Your?, o?ce witt reeptct, ana* ?rBB
detnuiion. one wie, on? jtar t_x>, would have ?war? by
Andy Jo.Mon. W.
.tiav l'.rk, Aug. I-, li?.
IfAflOfA- -TEAM AA*?0ATI-?l CoaPABT. A -, -
time ?t?o, in company with ?oin? triecda who were abrert
visiting their native land, we paid a visit to the stof_ra*-j**
linn, ot' the ?hove company. We were highly pleaaea
? uti the urrangcmenU mad* tor the reception ol' p*a??a
gTTS, the berths 111 the ?t-raratre eapecially b?ing __-?ir?
pussed l.y anytlunir wa have ever seen in vessels engaged
in the IiiiropoTi) emirrai-t tml?. We clieerlilv ina?f
this a' lta_lent as we tnvi? heretofore had ?vctsion to retta
tu eompl linti of ?hi? lm?, wblob, if ? u* unfo'in.1?! ?* the
tiii.e, v. ? !\ 1 re been remo li '.ere ?bli Wa
i-tnnoi 1 tbla notice wi I kee ina tattUN >nr ta
the ability of aar eai-h* .Mr i>?tnn i < ? ?.
? cowpany la tbli city from
Ic-i . ? ' . J,
, ?; n.ir.uiy piau-.l f.r u.? dte
.. iii ? la 1 ^ ?i ..

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