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aeaaaebeasaM ThT??h?rg*i eatng a>
Br.HB.iat_ -o agatoa Pcrolmra for mer?
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allic tv.
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she? ti st lie ?and ?C-i'd.-p I
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-we?n?T. ha?' n util tLe
me? i p. waiting their U There
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aal,,. ?-. -.. ., lafety, it.w
this tur. .., ; ?. ..a'... !l??ir> ?. u.et a large
boot a
ty rad probat-! witk no mun vc ..te tin wai is
wd ?? t?'? <) I
A taeOI !? I- M TIB AR\*. '.'
a. K .
She ISU.I- em I uewly
ftox ? 'l?B.rtion. the
eleni .i ? ? tram a eonrada T i
ida p< t me wa? f ?'eu d on L:ru ieyot.il a i!"U0t.
?ad so tte i 1, ril took t.- i
the gaard-houieSntl the r?glaient at tra an:.!? time
Go:. <
lee?-!.i. and in fact bad SO lit tit t? mi foi i.iai.l that re?
trae ? , A more perfe :
leny i -- dunn?
Eli lure ?nd certain lie h*d better | .-?neb
ve agen however, because d?t?4 ::? n ure plec-v heit?
it?. ??? ? ? r? apta chao? l ? e nufor
tanate (, re lias been doubly raaish'oil f r !. ? rr.tne, for pv.-r
?atrae t.? appetotasrat ra lae tara? ne has boee u.?
?laoktr tvii'i. ?j - ?rtaln persons who were cog ni/.mt cf bia pre
?tons b.-Ui-j ned who were ia fur ha' :
a?too) risita in order to force bia lo come gi
had to blood.
MiTH ado ABorT _?oTn__ro.
Patrolman M foy a lady of
?ebraic lntb and ICT-parioapowcr l . ?n.g t
raneta man, wbo. ah* said, had broken her shea M
a?_ ti ? biea ai . bras?
to m?k I
with !..? bits 'and call me inch names us 1 canDot would
any to an? ge:.tl?:rac ' ?ne comi-a :.a-.t wnose Bimi, by
Ban wa?, iras Mu,ra T uber.?tc.; 1 as a witness
? young g:rl about 1U yean old. bul tue c? 1.1? ? n other rtfuied |
a let her be sworn on the ground thal she Maid cot ;
aaderstand the Datare _? ?n oath ai she?tad " never been cou I
?rased' Of couts? th. godless Juvenile wa? not permuted to ?
?sH ?ir n tant 1 ?r.r? Rosa C? i .t of Ho ' >0a ??
?ver, t?s;.i.-d tbat'sLe ssw t:.e oflu er shove Minna vr lei t.v
ne officer intndaocd teierul witueilt-a Who isw !he wbnl? '
aOm.x and who sw-nre positively that he did cot strike the
?woman r.i>: aal ter improper names. He proved alto ti at |
Sir?. Tri.;- u.tein did uct see the man break ber gltss and \
?raid cut .i.i ; ?altlraly that ii w?i done hythe man ?be
pointed out I" a tier tb??e circamttahce? the pitroiman bau
rrathoritv to uiake Bay arrott. The probability u tb.-.t Mr?,
wa? ?omewba; excite?. "nod that the officer did about what
?waa right.
Officer Jaka Kal ) ?! ti'? Sixth i'recinct ?at ramp aiaed of
foo aasai-ltit.g I. tec Bickley a ad Ibiealeslag lu |aa_ bei up
The examin?t.oi. ? f some half e down witi.esie? went to ?bon
Ihnl the woman a: d her huiband had beeu quarreling a.l t?e
lay and disturbing the neighborhood. ?Lieb, by tbe way. ia
?me not eaaiK duturbed ty tnflrs. acd thal the officer inter ,
forad to quoi matten, ilion, wbo can tais ?a?tei tbsn Fiora j
nokple oonid even trot, awore that tbcpoiiceinan threw her ]
tam d nu the Sour clubbed her. end can?? so cigb murdering ;
has that another woman rao io and threw herself on Der
mines Nlore h.a. yer honor, and cried ont to him yer honor.
?OB. tar the lort of J tatt, jar Honor, don't do anything mom
a a." te. ?tight yer Honor. "
?l tLls itage of the proceeding?. Kilon, being admonished
a may "J mt??ogstories, diseursed as toliovs, is ?oswer to
ara taratara
Ho you over drink!
' Dr?al Dm.?, i DI'.IXK. is II Goes? I de drink O'
trmrae I drink You bot I drink ?Demi DkiM Hini-H
(This ?ail ejaculniiOL waa an emphatic expreaiior of the mo?!
OOnoenlraLe. ?l.idain of a man wbo ooulii imagine that mere
?Bald by any pe ubiUty bo a woman who did n't drink, i I
Baan a gin? of beer, or anything else that I think will do nie
food. I do it every day. I did it ?am da? Of courra of
??Jil I uriLh Tau revelation gave the key to the whole
thing, ead ?he mvitery wai al oi?oe anlocke, lhe officer ?.1.
?nwhnbly mt suffer severely.
Ob Bnnd?v tsslore lost ofhcir Theodore Hale of the Twestv
araoath Pre? ?act. oelng in plain c lol do?, weat id rampant
with a lady tuend for n r.de tv Huton lalind. It cbanced that
Margaret Oil. ?n oompar.y ?i?c wit?, a tarty friend, ?at near .
a? officer and in the courra of the journey io?t. a* ?be claimi. i
k8? pooket-bvok hhe char-pod the officer wnt taking it, ant !
whaa ti?? boat touched at N?w-I.ngton ifci c.naad hu arresi I
?a that of the lady who was with him. They ware token be :
?Tra Judg* Daan but. when there, tbe racweel could mak? do
?OMavit an iu?b m oma? judicial ration, anil altbongr.tr>?
aSaor and his oompncien off?r?d to ?ubmit bp anare o tbe '
asa??trau would not per mu the indicmtv. but ni once dis
?hragod them boto.
Ob Wedneadey however wAan the cane came before the
eimiMkooeri a witncsi tornea up in the person of one demi
kia, who teautei that a raw tbeofficei pickuptbepooket
hirak and put ii away ebra! hu ponon. It :? mon remarkaLle
?ha tbi? nieten? wirr.ess didn't appear before the luteu
aataitd Juane?, bot ?noa t? the fact. Justice Dean wa? pre?. r,i
am W?dn?_aeU? ano ?o*ilfi?d to the fact? and i.?? voluuieered
a hak? palet to tad out nooui tb? mac Larkin, woe ?ay? h?
hao l)v?tl oo bl mod Uland for two years atou.d tLu witn??i
ran-vo to a a trniiworthy person the case Lai an awkward
bah. othnrwiM it ha? not a log to ?Und ob. Adjonrn?u oar
wral to wait deveiepaeats.
?MOOIUM ami rxMBBCirui. i LrsBiao.
'ete Iel y. peti-.mnaof the t-ixth Frocdnct u charged hv !
goBa Hum? with elibbing him nod breaking hu finger ,
~a ?Moor* own statement ?rill ttoobtiass b? ?attc-Mt to ?oat I
Mai hi? ?oaittom He aar? b? raw Ireniy on tra ?trral at i l
raBo'cksck in the morning nod told him to soov* on. aid
(r-stt ho failed to do so at ta word he ?tabbed kin Thii it '
?rag? to Imsk Keriysosrrar ra H. P He should har?
OBbw the asaa to toe -lati?- -oao? wtthavat brattac him, un
lara a sh*w?d lurht.
chYiNO ros trat BOAr-sr?.
A natlairao at the Unrmac penuaaioL had a -ow wirb his -
toad lord ?boat * tab b4 rasp-suds which waa caps'???ri aad ,
wMeb leake? down through the floor to the o*rio?s dairimsa? '
of enrtoln goods m the ewre below. Tra panie? met. w.ul
.hay sect tay ulk?d wbea they talked they got wrttky
wBoa tbov got wmtbyrhov quarreled: whee tbev ouarreied
ara fragbt: Wb?n t??y foughuthe? y?!l?<l " blooilr murder.'
ara whoa they veiled " Moody murder ta polira appeared
ra the ?ran? ' Cap-. 1-iteer. wat on band at tb? trial am'
tsailid tb? eoodac? of hi? officer in every respect, and be will
f? bra doobi.???
au ABon a rin.
h_k_i??l M??n of Wi'.iiaaubargk complained of Officer Ad
tram Biaavelt for ref-wag to serve a warrant whick be had
shaalnnd for a boy who had stolen a 8)10 meerschaum pipe
(ho trato not Doing clesr th? oa?e ?u adyonroed one week
awireET aura ia at?a akd blc-b.
Ckrortwpaar Meei ra.!? of No. ?IT (i'.s(??i.tb.?t. ???? that he
?aw Oft.?t.- john Smith nod naotbnr maa ttaggenng drank in
0Moun?i. oat?? ho win not qalte prepnr?d to prov? ): ...
?a ra at-_ourB__oei of a wran,
h-BtiMia eocKTT ?ja t?a a?fitb ?-ora rat note ob a
aat??a_?? ICiebaal W ?Dwrer of ta Twenrv suth Pre
?trat wra brought up by Lowm Itorater ?"or plaiil.,?.?r and Bank
baa Baratura* airrats. Tra tratimony w?ni to ?' ow that th?
?aaBatolsBsart, ?rho to fruta Barfctmcr Conatv. mel wit? fonr
aOhar gratiearaa. who bappoBM a a all from Hen.mer
Oran ty lira, on ta ?treBfftko! whieb wonuertai ooiaeideBi?
tboy took a drive ead ?undry Inna lo?i-ar end lira.?
aracht up at 8 e _l~k a. m. ra tb? oorsir of Thirty nxiL n.
end Her?ot! ra?. Hero one of thom volunteered a ?ong al
aaamt ? a*A Herk?m?r bo?, whioh ?odc he ?na ?mging wnJ,
arrasendoa? aiaot-oo? amid groat appin?*?, whir lb* policamili,
Interfered and told th?m to move on : n?y du. ?o. anti
Mwveia ahuut thirir ImI. wbero tony on?eoru?d tb?m?e r?i
a a doorway, the officer Icsisiinc ob tknr ?ung bow.? il*r?i
w??d? war* givaa. druakei, thraoM to " pot a !.. 1
??rar w?r? Made, end fio?ily. ai officia leal aatl 1J.m,_ c?cT
?Mad evorything. tbepoiieeman proctwtlod lethe altnck. He
lad abrat bim inalily. ?nd occeeodeo at ?at ia i?ki?.g tod
Mn-LBiit to th? Hatton boBM Some ftremea wbo ?m th? op
son ?a?? ??j tb? offieor wa. rtgbt. and a? thironipialuaat aod
Poa wit?????? ?II agra* that it wa? mut? v a i.tur k?n ?, r?
??? nay thin? ela?, the ka%ht at Ik* na vu ?. . prabaitiy nat
?nilli ?*ver?ly.
?rosaera Aetoa adsBatlahed lia poa? ultra iosb/j r??
I tia -?B-Tbo ?lell n mm _baee1 IM. be Matt ga?bal d?1?
I gntra from old Her? ?"-?' "* per in ?rta,), without
COMM! I CIAL M : ' ?
r p. ci, n '
.,!,.. lil . ' . . .?..-- \? I. 1> ' "" ???'"! I'
....' ('. lil
i ? .adeelL 3c.
? I. ?ii Li. I :.?. ' I I entrai.
.% I -.,".?". .'"j
.. ."J
|. ,.
.in? ? im.r.oi
. .
?-in?, i 1.000. .?ng.
Mich. s?,. ?. f. i. ..'?i.11:14
4.1'.'?.. small. MO. ... . ..to ni'
10,000. 1 Bank. 2,500 .1131
Bdaall lOts] H. . 11 1
'.'Juna. * & 1. 'I.:, lu \ .VI
.in.* 1 .ii", i, . n.8.',
; 4 ' . .. _it ?; M .
..i. Foarth Na. flank. I SO..i--_
....IORI 100.lu? ( hie* .VW.
21. Y. s It, Y.. L. V
.113 '"; trago I ,*?
('iiniU.;.-.:i_L art. 100 -
? 1 ? '. 4"J 1 -ai iodo.
N ? 1 ?. ?Weat . .11-11
lll,(IH?.,v , . . .111.
N ' r, ?.' ? 1 -v t->
. 6 , Dale rt. Cea - . ?? .
..." . I'. I ?'??.. A ' ?
. ..
..... .4 .103]
Ohio dtMiaa. Cer. RntlindMu ?. ' .Ml
.___S lalOU.
?.ne .it! . _ It O
. .
1 r, 1
ftcisn-v ? S-i.a. v.. st. 1
. .
1,000.100 wo. ?.?fci
10,000. rt 1 1 if. ?
P K \V A ( bit 1 loo . ' .
..i., ???.'. 101. , .109J
uki. ISO.
_*i 0 ? '
t Hank. M ' R. A N. I.
.. :n _ ' _ NO . -
n.S.??.6-?_0cp 'V. M
.Ill?] 100. - N.-W
l.iMs). . 31 ii . -? >' '?
I . s. .".
. ?'-. ;
iii?u?. Kotta 7.* ? n 1 1 ,. tra L'hic ? It. I.
M ?veri???. 100.1 3 ' .1"-'.
1 |l_?rie. Chi., )?ur. a ?j.
3d santa. 300. : .ISO]
1.000.106] _a-0.. M call. I P.,1 v. A 1
? -, te?. I ?-??JO. ..'?_ 10?!.M3]
I board or BBC-cr!.-?? 1 ra
Oh;f? ???
. 4i 100. r
I 3 MU
i???. Tot CUrra d. Tel
nit. im 1.um.Ti,: ano.ii!.
loo...,.2ml .? .b3 ?*? It. 1. A 1 a
. .
Mt).bIO. *_?>' 300.h : . ,
.1 ,
Cumberland. mm. b3 150 MO.ti
Iii'. 4H1 100.ti??.!-- A li."
mo. ... 4?; i; ? \ S.W.
.m. i?. . ., ... ...???
. ?" I ???. .'? 111 C1 . .<. M '?
, - .... : .
LTD. II " .?4 II,, 4
1* l.\V.__C. tx-.v 4?HI .. . b'.. 1U_ T.i,.Litt).
.'!'".Ml M ich. lo. It H. 1 -?'"
.sIJ. 103] ?400. bill
IM.... bd M4 Clara. A Pius 100.
I noo. K, ?
orrs boa ki? cr 1 I? a. is.
riana. B? ?V N* I.
. i?'i ? .II ; . - ,
I'". ti. I-, _ ? .: :? I'?'.?:? -
QuiekaUrer. BOO.b.1.113] li l.
M. B. LdtT. -
mo.sis .i"-. 100..ht ?w
... bl. M*)! 1 i--, 1 -
M uri pora? 4 '?i. -Uli'-, mi.
m. 11 ino.. . .'???
A V W '."".
.or* MO. ?I 9M .
; uki. -
Union Tel. Chiad. N.W.pref. ? -n,?
l?Kt. 67. ?MO..
N.I 1 astrales dit 2,100.>?- 66. I
li??. i,<.10:i MO.MO ? I ... -
a. Pitta I"".si ? ? . ??*!
uno.?.'.. wo.bit t?i 4??" ... bl Bli
I.M0 ..bli 8.i Ha A- (in. I p.? ni r:t.,K.W._tC.ex ?I
BOO. ?vi. R>j ?.OG.41i IM.1 A
.1)0.at.?. 8?? M.ti. MB.
? _a Sept ?.-r. M.
Gold has been steady at Iii?,' I 14? . elosiag Bl 1U]
(ii'vemment bond? art. dull willi ainall transaction? ?t
iow?r rates. The miscellaneous share list is dull and neg?
lected ??.uicksilrer sold in atna! amounts at 601, and
M an poa? Preferred at '.'7).?Atlantic Mau declined ? }>er
(?nt, soiling at Ile. The gei.enil railway list has been dull
and neglected. Erie and Reading hare been the ab?
sorbing interest in the 'stnet Urie eipenod at 71, and
the ame pre?8ure to sell short we noticed yesterday
<<>ntiii_ed through the entiro day, and large
blocke of stock changed hands. The lowest quotation of
t m day was 68?, closing at ?T9, and the pressure to sell un?
abated. Read np was largely dealt in, and the bull party
bid'freely for the Btotk np to 111, ?nd frightened the hear?
into covering their shorts, which they did at U4all4|,
but as soon as this was done tbo stork broke to lill', at
which pries, there were large ra.es by the buils. H? tb
?hese road? are in a bid way is to decline in ?ann?,??
Ene ia reportod to show ? declino of $400,000
for Augi.it, and tie tunnag? of the Heading
wal show a large decrease from this date. The whole
market ii in an uneasy and unsettled state, and no large
amounts of stock co.Id be sold without a e?mue brink
in pnces. The market closed with a general desire to
sell. The closing quo!ations were New York Central. 10-1
?103, Ene, 6??'-fir'.'|, HudM.u Rirer. IM.al'-l, Read
mg, 111. ail'li Michigan Centn!. 11!. Michigan Bouth
__)??; Illinois Central, lift!. Cltvelind ?nd Pitts
bum. 8.ri.tf>i_B] Cleveland and Toledo 111 Rock Island.
IM|lMB| Korti-We?t?ra, 3i]i'->l, do. preferred. C5]
Kort Wayne. Mi cr M4'.
Mo:.ey cott.nuo? very ea?y at .'. per cent, although
money loan? remain at 4 par oent, bul all new buaine?? 1?
dune at 5 per cent
.??t-rling exchsL.-e is mon art ve, and may be quoted
. a _ batter than foi tbo laat ?teamer. We quote: London,
prime banker? f?f d?ys, l?>Cit lou.; London, prime Lenk?
ers. Sc/rht. IO'!]? M71, London, prime commercial. 101] a
K)6i. Pani, Lmkers', long, ?.36-_f>.3.'' P?ns, banker*',
?hort. .'..T-'ja , :?0 Antwerp, 6.^1^''.:?., Svns?, 6 Mai a
'..Vi Ha_nbiirg'3_.; Amsterdam, 40_?4i?l Knnkfort, K>
a401 ; Brimen, 77.a77],'Berlin, ?'ja70.
In Freights, the eng_?|remec_s io Liverpool ire: 1.00")
balea Cotton at .'-l?Sd., and {ter stranaer, 60 LLdi. Tobicco
at -.Ts and 26 boi?s Qaese at '_.*>?.. to London, per
steamer, 7,000 bu?h Bar?ei mi t|_.| to Olragow, pel
?tramer. 600 bbl? Rosin at Is. I"|d.. le Bremen, 70 hhds.
,T?Uow ?t 12s. 6d.a 1.'.?. ; to Antwerp, per steamer, 2iX)
hhds. Tallow ?t He?, l?OLhds. Tobace?-? at ?.7*. i_rl , 600
bo???? ?itnot Logwo^ at ......SOO bales Cotton at jd..
sad 10,000 bush. Rye at 7jc. 1 bng tcTCork for orders,
with Patroleum, at.',.? ?M.
The receipts of th? fiub-Trratiry were: Receipts,
ft. .?-',100 OB-for Customs. $577,000, Payinerta, $l,3i?
?f?! 44?balance. ^,040,63.' 77. Gold notes, $3)C,000.
The statement of the pub! c d?t>t, ju?t rmldished, aands
ra undor in relation to the laat previous ?tntonent, dated
J une 1 :
-?'?? 1. AucMt 1. 8?pt. 1.
lot In OOID... ?!.!V,f__,!9i |l.'-'?i',6*-B.?Ml li tra-.?S-,Ml
lal m cor y . 1.147.?J__,?t 1 07'.'ItV ??j?? P7?.T?lrO?0
lot. eaarad ?.W0.4??;? 4 '.7(',1?_0 11'.6_ii.4?4
Kolntorrat. 4*..cit._aB 443 a'j.oa? ?4i._??7Bin
Total.?i..7!?i?.?t*'1?7i? fci. 770.416^0. r..T.a_.ll4.8?
I_t-AXr-Tr_??_,?_ KOTES.
( firrtp. KMe?-I,(m01il?0 |IV ?)f_1?n lit'. ??IS.l'tO
T* fe m ola*. ?0ai.lto.3lS ?00.361.-* 39..WX) Uri
Talki .IS61140 4M kJmXjrXoml 1165.111.732
A_or:.T ii ?raaABtjkt.
tXmm....m_.I'sO ?"?. H57 l61 a? 128 |7C 33T.11S
C urreeeva- .... 7u.011.1i__ 7. Tj.'. _o? .V.,_?t7 7li'
ne deviations from the returns of August 1 are as aub
l-?f-r???e. De. r????
I)?M l_??ribg loterrat in coin.I?_._W 100
Hein bearing mt? reit in carrear? |10C.697 d19
T??M on wbic! interest ha? ceased 14.903,394
liebt beariDf do int?**et.. . l.tml U3C
I ulai debt. 411111,771
'! i nn-year computandini?rest note? . |i00 000
l.i itt-d Kutra Bute?. :ir.?ji
Tot ni Irani t?__iri.$!,?_*,._?'
The amoant ?f legal fender r mat at
notier ou tue i . -
T , 1V
June! ???'??
" ? IO I M
. . , e
.Tainarv I . 113,739
Kebruary ; .| I
n in legaLUfdar no??? b-IWr?
aaatfeer f re 1104
Thi ' ,; .'?'f.'l -f l.e.ilray tay*:
? rev mail't rem?is? clew? and lender? are freely top
?I la ti.? o; ei, market at li
ietwee- !? mker? n ?0 jrer
- mu t? iU highest extreme.
? " of carn
: fur Loans riera le * g" ,- _ ti
of n lU.'-uniitiip, but not much tni'iurs? ka tue wrtj of Bew
wa at lae 1 ??? rearlpts ed
ay b? looked for.
Large uncut? .f cn (eat) have been ?. .? iski ti.? ti le. ur
Aaaasaditi ' laMM-B pian at the New?
York 1) 7 I. - ?'. No., ti u... T I' | platt I
?rowi, S'.'t i.?t?An. .?ki-ig A ?3e., l'epperel) E. 21c. ?
? . : :.,-? li .. ? Semper Idem, -tye , Bor*
?-l'.uiiflc, Hic , Tlan-llt-n, IBH , Arnold. Ira.j Free
11-.. Sktrts !'.- ib y'? T';plei E l-"t*o and E-n pr?s? 1 rail.
B IL i? .i.i i t?| . - -.
-.1 ? I .- m ?Dies? No. ITC, dJ.', J. W. L.
-, ?tin.
?tiptny ? Brrnn and
te N I "... IO Extra an?] S ver Corrugated, (ii
t b s? ?. au.
?s soi a?
j . 14 M -,
IO. J? . . ? i m?.;.,
l'.rown iTi 1 ? Huott Mi L? '. ? Messachn-irtt?. 21o.
___?_ Mort?.ace Bona Of Tni* Clntual ranrir
l.AlLi.i'AD CO. <'P CaLII'DI'.MA.
_B.__t|BI st mr kau- or six it.,; i f*.t pin an?tm, pat
a A Or JA.'rUAliV
raisii tri * abb iktibi't riTini.r. it r i eoLi- coi? I? tbb
citi or ?aw TOBB.
liai - B* ,"lilli,(101). in Coupon Bondi if Bl,000
- run, and art tecurrd ("??/
ti prier hen
on bl ?
li . .
: allowee! uL'i issued to aid tho conitnuitiou of Ihe
? .red ii
?ja. ? -frii Sutti I
and iiv'i
? Meat .h o'
illy and jmli
? of 111?
: r*irst _I
-.' TI.e all ..ii
The fi.atl iS Mit . . '
. :.ding August 1st were aa
- 1 7
.5'V.l!'. KI
1 i ?? .? ?_ ;?
.! I? . "? . ' IK!
Th?' carnmi'i b*M ?t- b?; I mate?!
nt i.'-": $100,00 tin |
t .al iep?.r: iur t__t !_-...th aad i.. I ?t thi?
... fatal
war"! - . Dearly ready I
ainI it will probably no in I
.?"inrnirrrrT lB_7, m..
Nrevada, ami a Urt,. , | . J that
of I t.. 1 ?? li ;??.
$i:),o00,(<H)int,',ltl i -
forcla to Nerada ill
T'.iapurt...I'Hcitit Hailroad ,o:t?i?d.a' . ;
.i In the
. '..ehest
Matt uley i-'
ou-r fl.iiKi.iKT! has nln-iwly ? J in crading
? - - ..- fund is Baw rii.L.ng, and
.. is I'.iigiit um! paul f"r s i.licient to lay the track
the entire dutauco to the S'at.- Line.
The Hoad hat tn-eti eonip_<-ted and equipped thus far
t the-??le of a tingle d?.,Ur of ita IV?i .Mortgage
lloinls, and they are now ?fTiTcd la t!i? pakUl hi (Le firtt
Lint', ?fur tin- ?aniiugs of Ho raid han reucTrd the ?um
of |I00,0o0 per month, in gold, only at.o..t '-.' per cent of
winch i? requited for ?peratiut; eX|?en?e?.
The Boi.d? are offered at 9- per cent and arcnied m
terT-i' from Ju'?y 1, in currercr. Order* may l?r forwarded
to u* dir?( t, or tlir<>*i?th the principal bank? and bankers in
all part? of the country.
Remittances may bo made in drafts on New Yoik, or in
Legal Tender Nott?, National Hank Note?, or other funds
current id this I ity, and tho Huud? will lu? forwarded to
any addrea* hy ?-xpreu, free of tharire Inquirir? for fur?
ther ??articular*, by mail or othrrwiM?, will receive ptint
tual attention. r ?k di Hatch, Iluuken,
No. 5 Nassau-at., New-York.
N H ?All kinds of OoTerntnent Secuntie? received at
the full market pnce in exchange tor the above- Bonds.
MARKETS.?Canfully Reported for Vu Trxhunt
Tlliasi.AT Hepumher t IBM
ASHEt? The market is witt ..nt c tange ?mall aalai at
I? _? n I- :.'. for PoU. aad B13 .'??114 for Poins
Cull K1 - rue market fur Kio ii lee? bcIiti, bul prices sr?
wit'out change ni?! ot ?50 bair?, per Oertrude. ou pri?ala
term?. Other ?tyiea ara inactive and nominal.
COTTON ?We have bad an active demand fruta ?pinner?
today, and the market for irood greda? ruled firm, the low
crade? are ?till beary ; ?al?? of 3 SO- bale, st T.'l ?TJ_|C. for
M 'di', mr? and Ti _>:_> fur N?w (rrleatii ii d Texa*
' I.Ol'I' ANO MEAL?The Inquiry for Wrtlera and Bute
l'iour 1? more active, ttouou Spring Wheat Extrae are Ida I'h'.
per bel better aud iba medium brand? too. are ItmtSt.
higher; lamil? brand* ?re more ??lable and ?taady. The
teaia mo i_._oo bid?., at a* eoaar Ti fur Superflu? Better*
|.'. ' -I. 40 for Ordinary and Commua Extra do ? (V I a
III) 7S for Kane? do.? |7 '..Aril'' 40 for tba low grade? of
Spring Wheat Weatern Extra?!'1 I.'al'u 40 for Shipping
One In M - |M M for Trade an<! latntlv brandi of Ohio
illciiigau, ?ndili.diana and |lli/|l'. X1 for St Loot?
Kttrn. ths latter raU for trouble Extra? Kui, ti,
era fleur of the low gradea li l??s pleutr. ?ard with
a good demand ii better tale? of 37- bbU. a? (10 40a|!l .'->
lui co-mun lo lair llaltimor? and Conatry Kura? and
111 b'i.li' b0 for Trade and Family brandi Eve rirrar t?
?..?:? r?l?iy active, bul heavy :'aale? et -dibble at I- iKJtplc.
Con. Men) is dul. and beary, sal?? of 90 bola., at |l i? far
lira? .Irwine In atore.
(iI'?IN-TaerehMbeea a fair d?ma?d fur Wheat to-day ?
Winter ii len |4eaty. and ii tinner. etpectally Amber, but
Kpr.ng I? nominally unchanged, th? aal*? ?rr I. .'-. I't.ih. at
l.> -I.1 .7 for Amber Slate. |l 1'. fur (Titnmon-piiug. ead
t,:.. I '?.' fur New White Michigan, chiefly In hbl? ?Tarley
is lr.ietire and nomlaaL Hsrlev Hilt i? dull' al li . ._ li 40.
Lye it galet at t*n? ?sa- fur Weilern . Il I? S II lo fur Bute,
aad li 13 fur Canadian. Coro ciponed belter ander light
arrival? (bo ton io), bot declined or? thi cbrae of 'Ckaa??e,
and ti.ned boavv, al ciur inaide teurer ?ile? of Se 00 hgsti. ?I
B4?Ki'c fur ldixrd Wettern: Tonice do, at att-i ei. for
AAe.t.-ru Vclli.w. aird ?.. forde. White, ?tau, afur 'Change
7,000 bulb Old Amber Milwaukee. I." H
H.'IiKt?Th? traoaactioaa bara been large at full price?:
?aale? of ..rJCJO Orinoe?. part at 17|c. gold, 11,000 Kio Grand*
at lflc gold ?>?J0 Kio (?rands Cow psrt on the ?pel, at'.He,
"?oil! 1 500 Cut KUen, bl ID at 14c. currencT.
HA t? The dcinind ii fair and tie market Crm at C'._7'c.
for new. and eo_e7|c for Obi.
HEM I'?Man?? ii In moderate demand and ttaady at lot?
Ho . gold, other kiudt are dull and non.mai.
UoPs are firm and ii, fair (letnand for bom? oopsumpttoB,
we cjuoU at from I.e.. _St?, Ve? 7i> . as to growth and c,u?lity.
LATHS? MBB are Una and lo fair request at (4, three
LIME?TUckUiMl li fir? with a (air butler*? doing a. (I "_
for ('?mato?, and (J tur Lump.
MOI.AKSES? 1 be market tor all deicriptlon? U quiet, bat
pncei ara without change.
NAVAL tmiRE**?? -plrTU TarpentlBO it ?Utdy, with isles
s> '.'? a 70,. K.-IC? are In act.ve demand for rx|rori,'and pris?e
teat upward ; aalt? of I.IXIO ?bl? Black at (J 30, aad 400 bola.
-;raiu:-_ at ti 7.i|i io Tar u oacbaogad.
?>OUeSereg?Berally cjuiet, but we bar* no chang? to net? lo
MtOVISIfiNS-There haa beea lena acti.ttv In th? market
for Turk to-daj, but in price? we have no ?peet?! chang? to
do??: for forward delivery wa nota aalea ot tit) holt Men,
eeUei November at B-0-Oi the aalea, oaeb and regular, ara
tau bul? at (3. -*>'??-- .7, for Meu, and ADO for l'rirae.
Iieef t? without change and the market i? dull; ?air? of 1_0
LU?, at |i6*?_.i for t'lain Meu. and l?iat-4 fur Kau? do.
Tierce B??cf and Beef Ham? are both dull end price? ?re aomi
nil Cat Meat* are ?inlet, nil we leve bo eetee tn note.
Bir.un ii in fur denian,I. and taloa of It? boxen at loto, fur
(iuni-erlaud CuL and lele, for *?hort Kihbvd L-ard open?,
finn but cloted lower; ial?e nf .50 pkgt. at 17|aiSc. for No. 1
l??alelo, fur City, and -0?'?"i|c for fair to prime Kt?aa and
Kettle Keiidered. the latter rite for fancy lou. Iur future
?lelirory there n a ditpoaltion to ?eu. ?nu we not? ti'et of SOO
ici l'Onu Wettern, lei'er December, at 17c_ and -Uti toa. do.,
ttl"r ontil tbu l?th of November, at '.'Jo.
Arrsitnoon Paovisiov Mamkv.T. ?I O (-TATTK?Thar* hna
been no diana? to nata in Mee? Park |3 i '-,'? M4 and (i. Jty
ailed. We also note sale? uf DOO old? plali-Old Wsatern Mcaa
at I ' *0 and ?.'?j bola ?our Meei al li.
i"_.TB0LLli__?Tit mari?t m Asm with a Stadtrat? baale
n??? w?iiii(i'Hr'rri!l?;7r-.in Iib'? ?ad I?'!/?'J?lr inbnlk: R?tlied,
I ,?r ,l,?i4l. . foi du W! ?? 4*? a M? for
rr? Ponina'
- moderado?, aud the
? id a m m | My. and
? ' fi II !5J fo? OU, m! 04 S ,/ti t'.'l for N?w crop
RitBgi irce and Inn st?iora?rad d?mand. ai
? '- . mi ia Uti I j eettre -toi finn, at
\H-A t?ry ,.,i.,d daeaaad ?ti'l nnvail? from the trade
- r t-tlay ar- rimer mor? iteailv:
????t- .1 ..i-.: Kel ?in? aale? or 1 ?7?
hhili. nt .-. l bu 1* ru. __io?? 370
?nd 2,500 big? Manila at lOd.lO.o.'?
T A -1 a'.', ir .es ?re r.
e e:tr.
?? n ,: a.?.', i r galion .'cr bonded
U - -:?-ru.
X, Y. Wllo: . . 4 .-F ( tiI-STRY PRODUCT.
rl-iiTi., '.?.r.a I ist?".
T>.r???!T fw til N. \ . *f itiiu-"?? Tin rtrn Report??. I
TL?!o!?0?vii,!-are thai i?r;c,,t i il"S of arl""?? .n good
tl.m. a? ?ois? ia house? st wholesale. Hhipi>ers
? . ? ?tons. b?-nlo
tv gil aad t "i?? "'lu-?.-?"?. Partie?
.''?n ?i'b mr -us )_? made, cannot
BIWOTS obtain Ute p-i i s w utih 1rs? '" P?7
,t 'it". lt,""i,!-sl itiureef'ir t'e ?srai-r : .j:i thl inrr
i ?..?.'il, ?in! M ?rV<r uni to diauppoiiit hy giving too outside
price? of very vallee article?.
ctrc'lv prime krni'e ar.i i."t BlaBtr, MO i? lhere mach de
man'! >' ? i an ?cicely
. at ?a? nor. Sime ?re i?'er.ng st .Jo. 9 nuihel. We
. .ote.
- f?s. pH-,?, f? bn?h . g2 Kutti 21
? - imprfena. <P orah. 1 7.*>? 1 b3
lv?n? kui..?y 4V? tinah., prim?.. '?Jua S ?0
lunn? ?niirrow. prime . .9 MO J ?V)
? l.eun? nisr't.?, hand-picked a ?oreened. ?I t?)? ii 7.)
Ileana n fern . . 7".? I C5
fens. Canadian. O boah.... 1 ?wa 1 33
If I e |r??p-,t wsek i? a fur 'taste of wb.-.t the b'.tfer market
a aha. It ?HI a bad eaoeaha? ladrad, a is ra bad nni teal
.,,111? ti" 1 r- inn- ti fa.fd t" Meela l"s M ?di ra eoir.-ulsiioo
H nue
t. t?i" ? s??rano r'Nimfir ? ?? a.e
? ? -!-?kt dilling ta?
la ! it i? t.?..lui. t?mame Western,
mu? hard work I? get rul ? ? ? 0? qooUtloaa are
i" i h i.o'i.i' d on auat rarletl -. T sr? ii bo California d?
sa I ?iliiB daali is ai n laqslrlng If sum? of their sea
' '
tride amounts lo nrs: I at stock? ?re piling
up ?rd ..o i. !?;??:. Taero a bo sueh toio| aaforclag the mar?
ket, a? l';:u?rs w?:? ,,nlv lak"
Ira. Bra?al ?-? wa ? ?? I ? rnt the
. ,t I !.,.. al ?'- f'-iu Mav 1
k00 for lb?' ?n ' year.
?,..: maka
tel t? t . If ,-? t : 14 mi . ' :- ? r.-j. i
apea li
But rarart too market ra eatiiwi** erokaa dowe, oalr thara u
i ? . "iiared
i",;t"i i a ,,,, it,.m?, ?i.mur.i a decline
. "?a eert.i'itl?
'. err few of the
. x..e|,t .i. i.,. tail way. Ws
.' '?
-' ,-e ?BJ .? |' Ir, .|l Ont
1- -
i :
. '.
? . ?
1 ?Bia.'mitwJn
. ?
a? I . -
.. -KB.
1 : ? 1 ? ? ? s- 1 ? ? ? -
-, ?Hilf
.?. f- 1
' -
? bra 'tur fee'ery
1 their stock ol -.- ?
s'ect Hi? marset ????? n if it ! ??? al rame in in on
' fan ar?
, - pretty
patt fli.r.
1 ? ?? 17 al
:? : 1 W| I :? .nie 1 refy
. , al ,1 ,. ,?t? a
:i.|>e. .?1,1 ir? li 1 ?'? .?.l ' ?: ?gOrS- BOOOrd
? aneili
- nth sad
I ar.tl i.Bitiri. ? ":? ti.an far-n
-In r ??. 1 uVersA,-t n. 1 ?n ?o
' iity are n?w I? ing
u.*t.? cfs s s? and shs;.' t" loll ? tie Hool i<?ri? lr?de. Wa qnols:
; " T, 9 16. . . 7 ?14
1 . i? m .17 aio
PmetoTj.pt r -. .:7s_aia
? ? .16|?:7(|
>"erO)I>.iri , . )f"?|Ol7
?? .11
1 ?? rt> . ... :, ?t i0
(pi .r
Ptaaaapa, aaw, ?/ ir.
'? ?re a lltle large, ubi last tOOtttai nrrinDMrg to
k1 1? good ?nd
- M at the mark
sr? w11 m off al
r . ki.owu uiarki are briagtwr tTa. aalbaf
? ? ml W ?
.I?? larra? ?al naaaytraBla fraasw 9 Oto, ti I
t-ure anad n..irn . .'.*> a'j7
? . < auiili 9 do?., ???o-: oruer
kggOau. 4P baan, rm-d.ta a Ai
riiiti? am> BtiiaiEa.
Wr.tern Apri-? ar? ? r, I - M *l vt ' 1? river apple?.
In opea-!????, ed La re ?. l.rn.t- I ?? I? 90 ( ointu.-u cr ah apples
donleen Bartiait 1 ear? have bren very aiul.d?'t ?lal l?iw ,
pretty food our? ?t ?Ti ar Iii. and ??.ft.rut a ,..w ?? Bl.
? non au lodloatM ?i of in improvemenl nod reailr fl.-.e
(nil ? |IU mot* in baaketa, A fe?? n-mi?h
lleatitr stn! I. ?ut?? BaBBs? i?e.iraerc cotnl'T In slioaorpe -
ar.d ileurre ,] A Bkoa Tin , Mira Bl .'call ?? irrae li i.asket
; if bn?. AIkiiI-O?) cratae of p. ?pi,?? are fing frira lltnhss
ter i??r day and (?II at IT./ Iel a? per qnallty Hotn? pour
t ,?.-kUr*i ?? brs,nK?i it. ?pi I to-day Clruie-? are now takuiar
ti.riead.it.:' ? ? tra Marka
from kiar?.and N??*-.l?r?ey rtnd thli Mule, give evidence
of shea?.1 cr. in T !...ae ,'r..tier, who w?re 10 lirraviiir mt ni
to rn'ir.t ur?m '-'.''<f t?- 9 tb Ht? ??moi throug*) are being won?
derful.y du?p'*inle.l A few very fir?? or.??, put up ?ii ?u
|a-rior order, al? ?t.l ?eli.u.' ai 'J'' . but tai'balk goat .
A fe? Dilawaretrar? cou...g in. and ?nine have brought 30c..
but geueraliy ?eil at -'.. It I? m'i>'<> to lend the common
wild grape to m rket nuti ti.? rxi-ertalioti t.f their telling foi
?nough to pay co?t. I'ltimi ?re improving: ?eat in miall
bwkrt?. os Use y ?re, tbey bring more than ?jn?t?d. Whortle
bcrrie? ?rarcelv Mil al all. IVe .juote
Ap?i?r?. t bil. g'exi. 0.1 00 3 |4 00
Appte*. HMK . P bbl. 1 34) ? 3 ?0
Apple*. Crib 9 Ubi. 3 0O? ?00
Grapea. (onc-rd and Hartlot., 9 It) . 19 a 19
?.ripea, Hot ?louee, p ?. 30 O 60
(?rape?, 1 ?vi a ware, ?P a. -?? 3Q
l'??che?, P,orate.3 00 a 100
l'eackea. 9 basket . 2 ?0 a 3 00
l'eu'?. o??iking. P bbl.850? ?00
I'ear?. Uartktt. B lib!. 700? ?00
1? urns, Bullet, 4' hbl. B no a ?
Platts. Kgg. p ntl.....14 00 a ?
Plums Chenr (I??.??. P bbl. 8 a- ? 1(1 00
I'mms. lil-ek?rs liage. 9 hbl. 10 OU ? Iii 00
ITumi. (.reen li??", 9 bbl.15 O0 9 1? 00
Plum* Il?in?on. 9 Lid .13 00 ? 15 00
Whortliberrie?. 9 hu? h . ?IM)? d 00
rariTs AID sit*? kkikd.
AppltM sr? weaker, so ?re blsckbernes wbleh are plenty.
Kotu? dried ellerberri*? are offtring mi 5c 9 tb., with no
takers. We ?jnoie
Apple? ttouihern. raw tp ?.13 ai4
Blackb?rri?a, new. p fh .1??? ?27
Cherrie?, new, pitted 9 tt.45 ?50
Cherrie?, pit? in. 9 ft. 7 ?10
Peach?*, onpeelt- ?ra..16 ?l8
Peachea, pt-elfHl, ?nf?nor. 9 ft.IS ?90
Paech??, peeled prime nan,|l .10? ? 10
Pfaocta, Wiltiuigt.n. 4? bnih.13 *-J a?
lUsprarris?, bl?, k new, O a.to mil
_D__M._-Bs_?, am> fra.
Trsde In the?? com nues very dnll We (}unte
Badger ?a-?.. mrO 80 ?Mink. |>al? ,...|l !_3a 3 M
lWa'.orah_I? O'glO lil Mmkrat .No. 1 ?OB k5
Be?v?r.I.lkPm. *."..'.d ITS Ita. Vat.... Ida 40
Beaver,paJoPa. 1 ova 1 7.', I io. Kits. loa 19
Cal!, grin.P ft. '--? .".< |(?p??r?um. ?:a SO
M. kona?. SSL. I"* If' K'lter North'n n *0? I 00
do.. Wild. neb. Ha? ?0 j do . iSonthern 9 0>l? 4 W
Cattle, g-rvea Racoon. N'tb'a. SOB bo
??hide?. Pa. HO 10 I do. Knuthein.. 30? ?.')
Dear. Wit.dr B KO it, H.cepikLamtM.. mo I 0U
Foi. Heil each 1 _-"<r 1 7.1 Skunk. Striped IO? M
do., dray. iii? i 00 do. black. 50? IrO
Pot. Suter .08 00*30 l* do.. Whl??.. 50 I
Marten, each. I MB 5 00 Waif, Mutn, ?s. 9 50? 3 00
|4l___,ds_rk. tvtiO 7 30 Wolf. I*rairi?ral ?b? 1 15
Liv? ^)^LTaT.
1'c.ltrrof all kinds is doing o lull? better?the Jews' holi?
day? iBcreaaiog ta ?tomandT Ubobo particularly sell welL
We (-Q?.?e.
ChieKf-s. Spring, P pair. 75 ?01 19
>owl? Ppwr.1 no a I 85
Fowl? andChlokea?. p ft. 90 a Ti
Du? a. young. P pair. . 87 a 1 37
Otro*. Weilern P pnlr.9 95 a 3 SO
(ira?? New-Jeraey. P pair .3 00 ? 3 50
Turaj-,P_>. 86 I M
IT? ?note
He?! Side?. P ft.19| BIS
Reef, fore qii?rt?r. P ft. 9 ?19
lleef hind quarter P ft. .1? ?IB
klintor, earcara?. P ft. 6 ai__
Ionmto. P?.10 ?'?
Pork, city dre??ed. Pft.U ? 1-4
Common potstoeo ?re a little lower???rat. maa lower.
Trade ti doll in ?II kind? at vegetable?. W? t_uoto:
Caboage?. P lot1. 4 00? I 00
Core. ?weet. P 100. 60? 87
(tarlm. P 100 bunora?. 7 00? I 00
Kalma -eloni. K. J., p bbl. T3? 1 86
Onion? a lue itrtngo . 3 00? S CO
Onion?, red and ytllow, Pbbl. 1 75? 8 00
Potatoes. Becker?. ?P bbl.1 _?? 2 00
l',,U__t?i_ Jackioii P bW . 1 SO? 9 00
PnaUrraCa-et ?'till -Pbt-l. Ht.?
PoUtoe?, Pc-ochblow, p tM.,... 9 30? 3 00
Pouira. Mercer. P bbl._.I 50? 3 ?0
Potafo?? V?. (?weet. pbbl. bulk. 6 80?- _
Potato??, Del.. Bareet. Pbbl.5 500 S U0
Pompklm Cbirae P 100. 8 00? 10 00
?Vjiaaliei. Boston kUrrow, P bhl. 1 00a 1 23
Tomato??, p duihel. 358 ?0
Tnrnipi, Bumln P bW.-. I 50? 2 7?!
\.?t4n_?.uL?. p 100.10 ooaa. ou
We (lint*:
B??ttw?.x, pare. I?.?.M a ?lOo.
Urtu?wax impure P ft. M a 33c.
Clou P gaT.M ? ?3c
C OKS hlEAU t-oaj-se, P 100 ft.I' -"-Ja* 11 60
B?oom Cobs, 9 a. . 7 a 12?
F?AVII?B-S. LlveOeesio. old.PB.SO a 60e.
FtATHk?\ Live (ieese. Dew flu? Pft.90 ?li 00
Pia rHsaa, mu?.! p ft.95 a 35c.
isl-ii?!??-. Weitem. P ft. 'J? all 00
?ilssSMi. Honther?. P ts .?' O0*0t 10
H?'Sir. ?lover, b i?s p ft*..30 ? 36?.
Boot??Hickory ?ad oak. per LOW):
lltol Hoop?,. 4>?0?a?0
utaat Rmam.- ?????Me
?noon? ?nd TInA-e?. each. (3?H 38
?garwsPAi'H:- irooas, Ao., f? B_. ?*7jo.
1 tut ( l"--is Wh:i?, | t. . Sote.
?4 ?IBIT, ? gal . ?O-.'/Oo,
A it.., ah 4r gal. 30 * lue?
De a ?tC Re He FISK,
Ka. 1? NASSAU ST .
?'NiTP.D STATIC li OF 1131.
7 per cent Mortgage Bonds
roa BAU. BT
Vc *? ?A-tl.I.t.tM ?T.
Notice to crrrof -elma bondholdbee.
y of lea?? (Ata.) ( ?aann numil tim leaaetaal
ti report ? B. All VI I - - B ?l Nti.i e.' . '?ear Vu
Ctty, tal ? ni -in-nt. iii* nnmher a.itl ? .
? ? i. .i i ti.e .... i i ?Manet du* Henee? wui. t_?.t
Isaaeellte aa? ?? i I . ? ? : reaide?a? or po.i otti ?,
Ttte ?,.h.e-!rt? .... t...,.k. of f. A.Mil'KAN ?-TE AM BOILER
A'.'- '. -M.'A.NY ia. BOW ?BOO ti lue
Nalleaal Baal ?I ti?? Luu?uutiw?a.iti.
Aar iii JO ist?'_
Cm tv? ALLsansrv. I*?..
IttlirSISI OrVI'B A i ? I.
SEALED PEOP08A1-8 will be iw-ervw- at fehfa
'.W..I? iib rta cuit Munich, al
BUNDI la II I] f II M? "? ???us lavltfTi). im, iiT-a-d una.
LTdi It t? tt.trkrd iT?p'iiili h r Muli-ipil Bone?.
r j i rd. r li lue i ?ut?ltt*t uti Kaitr-e,
City Tre-turtr
.., . i <i? thk StcraiTT Irtiraaic? Ci
Be, lae* ??? Trw Co??. Ant 1? 18-1. I
ATanieetiri'j.'f DUU-CTOB? held thildar, A. F.
UAHTIN'UM eui., waa ttauine iii* i.r-'nl Pr??M??l of (bl*
Mil iKI'I IIAYDO? K -'?.r-ttry.
MPKAVEUN- ti::.I'll, on bltttri. J. .-. MOE?
1 tiA.N A ( LO.S DON llinii mia to URO i-kakcjDY
h ( e i. ttttlabi* in tie i,-ia ina, . t e, ot El il'il'K miA tha
BAaTT, ***** By DABMB1 .?iuii-aM k i?,., .Ne ii Ex<-?__*
pi? ?
.\ tHERI >n -i', i ii--I'll: no BOTT li '...: manifai
II HN" CO-lPANY -f Miinarone.-t wi.l b* nel.1 *? tne ' )fl"cs
,|i,. .t New York, on Mi .NliA Y. Sep.
t.oib.-r 10 11 si lo! > opei, li -i 1." to I ? i-i-i'k p. m Tb? Traaiftr
it n? er 1?.
,.- . .. SDT'IIEMJ <)RII">K*4.B.tn?t?rv.
NOTIt It. ? In pal mum . "i i requitrtiori from the 8u
aatlllllBlil ? . : "'.. lu--i,.1.1 ? Ileyi-'ntrat of the Silt? of N*??
Y"T. lie "?ti.etln -?era ol tie UKI-IrK PIKE INStRANCF.
( OMPANY el la? . ty ?f N ?.. 'i ? i ii ? ret,...red lu pay tne ? no et
t-fCl' '"?" I?' ?Tit on ?he ray .tal
l?.?rt ef ?>."' '?i ti the .Ti .-? ..I talal . ouplnT, Ne. 8 Will tt . lu IB?
City ofRew-Terl, ea et tetar* ti? -tumbar lr*vi
J li i'lNKNEl. I....J...L
%T r i ??HT n.c.ttr?.
I'.ir.lS.? for! A*| li Ita?. _
PI K-HAM.-? ?ad lor -ALI. ey
No. ?0 ?A ? I it.
Conking -.onocs tat Bankers?.
No. d4 WALL-ST
ni .'. - i OUK, September B. 1MB.
Ruy Sall
las. I ?ti?
lO-tl IU?4
llrSt; Moi
IIS I m,
1141 lib
1.4 Iii
ifiny- Sell
B.f?.'.Te. -VI. ill lill lin?. T-t?.
at.| HI ' lill Jnly. TT?.
i TU I' -I tter-.t '-,'. . l'S, li| June, (.1 Not*!. IDS?
... iii| II ! 1 ii- c I Beat? M)?
, ... let . IBB] .. , \ .< t IN I?.. IWrt
113 i m
see *?....] ?.{ Mt 'in. ( I Not?t ...
teteBeetatatad t '-?'? !>*? C I n?i,.. 1S..4 ; 111 I lit,
I'?-?.) ? ? ,| '?'! D?, M.y (. I. tiol-e. IV?.. 110 | lill
N T llaunly Leiaii. Ita P-J Au?.. I 1 Not?*. iaSS.. I 10*1 IG?.
... Iii, lu, -Up?. C. I. No??.. IBSS.. I ia I 1081
iir-t T.J?.I let'li lint (ici.. C.I. Natta. Ita... I I0-| luit
-*___* BB WALL ANT) NAI-tl' ST? B_W YORK
**>'? Buy ?Oil ?J u U>? mint iit??t? c irrem prix?, ?ml k??p au b_ad
a fnL ?nasty of
roMPOLNo iarn_acsr notes,
Al4 ?i?-ul?.riler, for punnu* iad tt.a of STOCKS BONDI, ead
?fa ANA US A I' ST
?B f. r u 1 toi* ter rot.
? tjky cu-.TTrTi ATK? or DEPOBIT ISSinEP._
No i: S\ .. i.?, ?t.. ,N,t T, 1
bankl:hs and lhokers
Ib Slorki Bondi ami Ooraratneot Sacuritla?. Acccdau of Bt?ki
Bii.ke.-i and *l-*r* r*c?iT?.l on liioriblr lirai.
A O. NORWOOD, ef ?-? Nsw Y*r? Stmk Eselaate.
_JNa T. LOCKWOOD. *r_?tty ef ButT?l?. N-w-Yeti.
I! r Ii.?rom o M Hmtraaav, Wa. O-Vi
No. II Uro.ilit., N?w-Y?rl.
OiJwt lu'l- Hu! for toe pnretiata tu* ule of
til (H KS. OOLD. ?ad OOVtlRNMLN l'S.
Arr-ooti rrnBi
In?rTiaual? tai Dtskart,
rarrlrarl ?n ftrorthle l?ru.i
or THE
Alexandria and Fredricksbur?fa Railway
BP" To? ?.baeristioB booti f?r lb* l*l?ae* ?t* (h* *e* eillllea 1*1
srt*f ths sber* boudi w11: b? ?peeed b1 our ?mea.au WEDNES
DAY, (be tt- _*t.
Tb*** bold? d?(*d Juna. ISM. Bit* thirty yetr? (c rue. ead sr*
?eixrmd by ? Irai ?ertrij? ??d dead of trutt te D. R MARTIN
Pr?itl?nt Oeaan Nailontl Ht?k ?ntl ROBERT TURNER. *f Tur??r
Hrotk?ra. Nu 1? huunal Praocipal sod lut.teii payi-1? ia t-ld.
Tbe leleeMt *?y?hi? bsif yesriy b1 tie Oesaa Nat?ael Baal ob lie
lil dey? ?i Jua? and MeeemUt
TbU 1? Inila???- Ui be (I* very batt ?roertaally aew eaVred fat la
?ettwanti ?iii react bow rapidly -?et-?<-b-i cct_f4?ti*a, bete, lie
Bula ?ttery at U>-i->u_ie_ii-B b*lw**a Wa?|ia*tee tad Btai?ieod
aat oa.aaqiiantiT JtMwamm tu* NorUjera as? Sautbrm1 Bat?a*, li TO
?Um ?horttrthantl* roul? new ia oa?. walci Is ni sall?? la least!.
F?r tali partie aie?* apply te
Ne. 3T BROAD ST. _
No .'4 Nilli., ?t Maw York.
K?e*el?l ittoBtioe ,,,,,, t0 Cotaralo Oo,J Mi ale? Ita??-.
Itara of Now Yoas Ha?? D?mbtbb?v I
Ai.aisi April ti. laat. 1
la ter -ali. Law? ot ]8.'>i tad ?T? Ltwi of lit-., ?hi? in? ? trculitl-|
Noi?i itiurd to th? HANK Of NI W YORK ? h.ntl | A?*<taltoa
l*e?i*d ir ita? City el N?? York, will b* ??<l*nm*d it pw. by U>* Sa
penulenJeBi of the Rtntin !?ept,l_?e*l. on pr?*?niiti<? i| tb? A A
Albaay. (?>? iii y?m ficm the dale l,?r**f and sol ih?r?i(Uv
Th? odiu-dm? Clrru ttmi N*l*t of lb* ?aid Baak m??t W ere
tentad ti afor-??id -.tim. li? ye?r, ti ii. Hi? dil? hereof lad ?II
Natta _ hi.h il.lll ant ba prnrilr I for redaa.i ?.uti uta p*yrr?at
?IthlB ?? Umr the? ipe ll.ed Will ?u* to lie I Ula? .B-B lb* fu*d
In ?h* Urne*, -t Um Sup-ti-Ua-eat !., ?bat fura***.
lawlBi Ar-T ta. W t-llU?l-Lir, laaeriataaaaa?.
7 NEW-ST tear Wal!.
ilANKIT'? L lil ' KH.
Boy and ?-. . ?n ? on n._??oa
STOCK?. (ii)LI) tua (' b\ SKI L'KITlfS.
ItWMit cf fsiiil-t - term?
tutitiiNt? .o?? Uki ?itsinin .
Altin Apt..,- Ita?. ?
NOTICE IS HEIiEUYGlVKN, puraiiaut to Char.
1er IX I.??? cf IS-'-? sid 47' Lsws of 1MU ?hit th? lireuUlinS
?i tee t??j*?l t? M* Th.;: i Hank of the ( |t> e? '.e_> Yo-k?a bankin 4
a?*i??T?tl'e ?Motad in ? ? ? ?(? of N,_r Yurk??>l ? ne ,-d??tu?d ?I
rII. by tB? Sup? ? : n?i i( n-pe. ttneat OB preeeoi?
o na, tbe Ne- > tal Dank in th. Cry uf A.hauy f? I
s.? yeers fn m th? : "?'-' Ikm?amAm
The fijl.tan : "el ?if tb? ?aid Paak me?? ha pia.
?en'e.1 a.-? i ? ru th? J?t? ????ali aad ?I
Bete* ?vi. Klempt .ia .ni i?yi__-r.i ?mt e
theil ' ? i ' ).a.|? ?poa ir? luid u. ki*
haad.ef'.he H tieii_:tL ? pon?
IswSmo ipr?" ? ?V BCHlDTLBR, litperttiUnaa
srarasrararanras i i ii ?j
?jottingi (jaune.
I ree ': "at.
a - ,??
1' '.\ ! ? t \ T
? f-rur ? - ? I at. Uni T. rJ-l?Ok
rara? a?ra??m _j
_Dii'ibcn? Xcliccs..
Cir.t? cr in t uir.oo arso Alto-s IUilboab ? ? ,
I lill A? I I . lu ,t .. ISIS. '
OIVEM ?e tb? ? ' INO .?: i' t
lAIIalOAD ? ' " I* i VC I'KK OUT,
fee tif ii. Ten.,..?!.l I .? ? I "Ul o li? Barnie?/ : I ?
.??t sil n - <
Ktny. pavai,.? ?r il-e , - . ? "Ml A?4Y.
? St Bl I .. ... 1.. ? r,n i ? nr ( d t
leu_b?r ? t - '-? a? o io ty b? t*ft*tt ?
loch st ttl? eos. . ! ; l.'e?' .1 Au/!?: IBM
Btwfatel - iecl(i_l kui rsopenso ti IU
Id day of 3*pt#'i<b?-r nei
by Bitsei ?1 sa.? Laic.:.ve Coo
IV M l.hHHt'Wr.. ??rr.tar?
Cb?ntcs for Cnsinceo illtn.
J\ ?.Is w11 b? -? ? v ! ?ntl ?-.?'??in' et 1.? I*.' at th? ?Cr? s |
tb? PRESTON COAL AM) .'MPHOVi.Mi. .T ? tjMl'AN?, Ho.
Mat ?a ?a it ?t t
got ta in. Lind? I' d C'oHI?r ??, ?nihrielsir ?)'?t|
2 '??t ?c?? ?f tad n toe i.-art o' me M*L?iuiy I oil u.
t ' v.P?.
? ??--?. ronrli'lon cr tim
Mam mo
Ai 100TB wit?; irv :. v?. r??d ry a ? ? '?.will
h r k-r? ?ii,, e ? s. stud I .. i ? s| i ' .
am e. . ? ?ltet - m* wot ... ?
for tramp rutioa la . ?.?? ?i-i t ? ?rpiased by ?uy cth?r ca.'aer^o,
ia the ruidal? ?a?J I
I e ?? se| ' ? n. ces In rilli.
be ???n. a..4 ,t?t?'l?d !??'?????
linn 'urn al ?.; s . I lr.p',1?, si ly
lb?- Superinleid?..-. i 'M M Mt ul ii UM '.?li ? f
I . ^iiEArrn
f.r_lr,??r nf II -. ? fn
ANTED? I)v a gnutlatnao of liv.? y?i_.r?>' isperi?
CO ?. ? tli? ( ' I rni? ne?, 'n V ?tliutt ?
!'?nr:., ? CONN I.? 1,|..1 all? an ' )l -:,.._ ti n i? title out ia
widen io? eipen?.!'.' and ii Quair.tinee may be in?de iriilabie. I,?n
f.ri.i.t : - ?I. A.ldrrai JutlN hMtTll.
r.rr at H II nu, I'. ?it li "..a '.o 71. H. V ^
tfOLD?I Yh-ts'
I maa? "' lo ,- lo one ?i Ma
. - - t ? -?? ta i i? city luqfllre ai Ne ted
bulb ?vs., l*(*e?n S i. ti ? .a l-nii.-.'?.
ar * s* i a 11 " ii r. almanac.
Sub Kia??.3 la I ?a ta ? du on RUO?.... 'M
Sandy Heel ...4 3? , Oov. Iiland .. .: JUT Uell ?lu*. 'Vi
?a_P?),UeMJ I. A
PORT OK NEW TURK .?f??"! ?
01. KAREP.
Btsratr.i.'lp BttnlB l.lv.o;.'t.B, Baker, ?*??san?b, Ltvin|?trr ?.?
i? < I
f-.*am*bip ?. B. Sfud.r Logwood. Cbuleatoo. Livingston lea
4. i
t?t*eitishlp Teh??. r*oinnt ?)s'.T-st"n ?pt?! irJ. Tilaeto? k Ca.
niran.t .p K lol .lunar- B?t?toin, C. CKssaSaWfrad
NteuitSip Mary .-?lul.ird I .ar?. ilutlou, \V. |' tAyda.
Steamship Rrbeta ( y>!r, \ NI, James I'???.
Bl.ip I! idson Pim lewten < . ' . Mur.?- it Bra
h?tk S?ion iRr i, ll?riis?n, Wat? I Ml B muan I? K4y?.
Bark Arg?aa?t (Br?m.), StMBgrs'? Braiuau li. Koop k Ca.
Birk 0?a?a Jan? (Br I. Webb. Tuner?, N /. . II. A. (urti* ? O.
Bari ?ire;, he nul Min-he.er Sow He i -rd Patt* m. Porterie d.
Liri Htpe-itii* (Ossa I lernen?.: .Se -v i?'V-r. N. S.
Bri| f-tsucUe? (lui;. L?i|uui?_tiiio, ieairu, itoedi for older. I.
B I'n ?.inn
Bri? Abi.roe (Bri. Darlson. Lirerpoet vi? lV,lu,in|too, D J Do
W.,l k. ( o
Bri? Wi.heimln? (Brets ). Becker, Qneecttow? for ei4?i? H.
Beeksr a. Co
Brig (J?or|B Down**. Lin'tre Birhidnas, I! Trr.srr.rd?* a Kora
Bti(lda Aboott |b:.i. Clark, Barbado?, vie Hu?.?Lie, Weilas-aa
k t ..
Btif Ben N??i? i Br I Korr?a| f"?i? Bay n f ??..1! k Ca
brig Mar|.rat and ?larj (Br.), biecoir, Cork for ?raayr*. Ska.? a
Bri.- ?tar? y. Thompaott Warren Boston R P. Huek fc C*
Uni IV C n.se KreJenrls Oeorietewu. 1). i U.tter 4. MettlU.
AH. Weblier i, ( o.
Seht, b '1. liner. Tiy.oi.? en.r.iu: . S i. MaTmdffcCa,
Srr.r l> S. Wi.aams. Wiuiuns, Wi.mii.f.uo, N. L. Mttt*?dy
k Co
I r.r ( riBfln? Jifkten. B?!timor? vts Norfnlk, M. Bedeo.
behr. ? ?U'le Hu . New-Seaford. S W. Il.vj.a4.
ka. W li l)??itt Cry. Dai ver. R. ft Kid ?J*? k Ca.
Mil ? sar .ale Beers K:e|im*n4. V ?an Bruul k 3lt*_lL
I V O'.odvvin. ?.Viterhery, ^^
biuup Biaelitone, J*.kian, Kiovideno*, lima. N Slrianban.
St??BiBhiti Nia|?ra. Conch, Kiel.mond ?nd Norfolk, arltb Badu Br?
peaa I? O itotBik-B t l'a u.ore.
Stoetutnip IV f I yd?. Kow?:., Bolton, with mita. Bad pt?? M
Mettop. .'.?n > ?? . s'..p ( o
Steimihip Aeushs?! Kel y N?w Bedford with aid??, sad pa.? in
K?:?.|. I. i. V? ood.
.??te.uiil.ip Neieut, E??rM, Bolton, with mita, ?ad pam to Imbo
C;de .
B.r? Hrl'unt cf Oirdlner! Colbata. Pt'ttmo, *t iaja, with holt
te I'eernori, liru?. P.s.e.1 lilbri.tsr J . y 80.
R.rk U.bheKProM ). Nee'lreer. Ire-horn, If? tay*, w11? mar k1*
?r.d ra?? t" ?V. 1. Pate. P?.??d U.br.ltir Jua? 15
Bril isltir ne (Br) Mnrntou Table Bav (?ps? of Oeod Hop?,
June 87, willi woo' ?nd ?Hu? to (J.IT ?V. CtpgO. Au?. I? fit.
15 28 N. |. i, ;. ti ii W , sp"?? bar? Kum? Kit-hu?t, Iront sia????t?
tor N?w-Y rk . .' U. ?at. I S. lor,_ 88 41 V?'. .po.? _c_r. Uueeu ?I tkn
South. Item th* M est Indie* bo tad to Lend m
Bnc litbrl.? Houter (ot Lnodoti), Heart, Malar?. M ?its with
fr ii' I .".?er ??re-. 3 lil. 38 3u, ?obj. 71 45, speke icbr. AfBea horn
Jeckso tv.I.? for lll.tne
Bru St. lineen, mi Arlciitt, N. S ), O aloa, Cow Bay. 14 ?ayi, w__b
cat lo 11 P at?-??lf_Sk
Bri? Mary K. Thfimpaca ?A irrea. Roadoutfer Boatos
Sehr. Thema? T. Toil?? (of I'ni.edepBiei. Allan Llagan, 15 ?tay?,
with coal lu Van Bruni I? Maghi
>chr. H*y hine firl- R. ndoui for H- .'o?
Behr. O. A. lleydtti. gowler. Htrtlurd.
Scatv b. Stn to Cbsee. Kail Ki???
Bctir. P?iat?t, Niebois. I'tovideuc?.
Seht. A Setmton, llladwia. New iiavi?.
Behr. Helca. Perry New Belford,
behr I he?? t l.aie Provider e
Pmn% It. I Baree?, Doe.??, Tiv?rtoB, I. I
labs. Y P Randolph, liniwol-, Ot??awich.
8ch? M. A. (lever, S.ward. Albany foy New Here ra.
Sehr. I. A Kile ner. Wilton, Ab.ni far Pnvidenre.
Sehr K Senntau Pivtau. K'tiaietapctt fo' Ne? B-dforl
Behr Abo A. Salter Biter K1?ibeitip?<rt for Kew HidieiS.
Behr. J Wrishi, ?rny K iiabe-i i>ort for HirlfotSr*
Sch? Ueary May, kraaklia, r..n?b?i.'purt let li anio t?
Hal:??. N S.. <->pt. ? ?TI.? hti| Two Broth?ra (Bl.I Psol 1am
Beslnu, it b. lan, ha. been totally wrecke? at Ctp? S?6lc. Cr*w
Ta* ichr Haekeniirk ?ii on the obrtrietii.ni 3d tau , ia Appo
oiiuoi l;.v?r. A lighter fr um Rtcat-oad wou ?|.i is a?.
Tk? qiariniii? r**!ri.Uoui M Mobil? ?a ??.sell tram New Oi4??m
? I* Still ?Blear*
Tb*s?ipCli.t.wartb (formvrly tb* Ohio), Ai, TM ton* kulti **
New Y ?rk ia 1840, ha* kui ?old tor ? 16. "On
The ark Kalhlara Crew ol New Bedford. 7? montai ?at. eslse?
from lan, oat Jniy li le run.? : a? laXw STo bbl* sp taattuO kata.
?t.. fi. iliiipped bom? 970 bbla
Tis* bri? Lsihol. Bu|W?, *rr.v*4 ?I B.v.rlv ?? tie *t? l??t. Item
the North Atlaaiic Oceat, with ira bbla. sp end l8 bola, k?:Atab ?
?n b?*rd.
Tb? Scbr. Arthnr Clifford. liver arrlTed et PrevlaeeloWB ?a ta tal
tan-, wllb IIS) bbls. ?p ?ad 13. ?bia. blacktub ?li.
llisBT OS roBtA 1U.BBO.
llvnaooiAraic uartca. Aoanaauri. <
loosBOB Au? i. laa. f
I.? Minlit?. at Marie? *t Plor?nsr? oat fives aetle? (kel ?a? ami
?fier Aus. 1. im. * l?fbt want? b? ?xhiaited from a Hab?????? r?
e*B?T *r*et?d en Pooa* ??IsuJ, cou? of lu ?.
Tli? Ililli 1? ? bia w bit? tight, ?an?d b? * flaih ?v?ry hilf in)*D?a.
It I? ?aid Ir b? ?t?lkl? la caar w?ati:?r al! round th? h?rt? j o ?l a ?i?
l?nr? pf M Bille?
ri.? iiiumiiiittcf ?ppantai !? dlop'rte or by Irma*, of Iba ataaat
Tn? lewir It sanar?, with I |kt r*t? talerai airly*t. M 8??t ktak,
ead itaods ob ib? ?unnil o' Maota iaUa Ornadla, ?| th* S M? cf Um
Uland, ia la? ?0 f ' 6 N loar. IT "? K5 E of Otavenarle?.
A lee. fia: ?? tai tlirt Au? I, Ma a Ua-t wouU be aaMM?*d ?ran?
? llflithpus? roc?o4 y ?r?cl*d al Capo Sp??tiv?ato. ?a Iki liaM M?
?f Bardlon
Tb* lignt li ? flan-! w hit? I. ;'.?. it ?a ?l?v?tl?B *f M4 tarni ?bona ihm
m?m lavei of tue se? ?t? la c.?ar weaihai ?ko?.d a sow ham m ??
UBo? of ?23 mila*.
Tb? UtiaaiaaliOf ?ppuitu? li dioptrie, ?r by Inas at ta Mee a?
Tb? tow?r stand. In lal M St M K, toni 8 M M I ?f Onaarwiah.
By commas? of th?tr Lovd?tilp?.
Ob?. Ubsbt licana-i, Hy?r??tnp_i.
Hvoaoraaraic Ornea, aphibaltv 1
l-rtBDOs July II, ISM. ?
A ?in|sw?ti? leite, snth ?nly 1? fe?l sr?.? on II. bat nnity ??Ma
4tee*v*re? SP. at tita (1,Holen beor <** Tarbat Ham. ?b4 lying In lb?
wa? ni vessel? ?4 bsiawy atraiflii roi ?dlol| th*t aoiat.
Ir. ui ineeaetesui ef tke ledie Tiree? Neeeheir? ?boat W|1? Ha
tint Ibrer^uarUri of i nil*. T?? miers cr pin is at Um ?ittiM* M
trom?rtv I ?tih should lie kept wil! op?o lo -,?*i It
All b.-rim? tr? _ci|.iot.c. VuiUloa M W II 18a.
S?e Admiralty ch?rti?8<rotl?nd. aorth ??it rout, Mo?. I lie ml
1,001?. o?? llMBf RicBiara. !iy?r??r???_?.
BUp Oarii Oeeiay H*yd_. ham Abtotli* tat Karn lark. Baa ?a
la ia?. ?>. las?, ?a.
Bark Habitai (tram? ), M ??7? Boa? La|b?.a f*r Bbat-twk. Ana.
X ia tat ?O O. )??? 58 ?A
Btri F?Bni* Klrchn*. O'*? S!of?poM ?? BVw-Tark, Jraa. M, ta
US. 11?l?!,l!IC,4JJ!1V
Set r Unern of Um SojU. from W?_t I?4!m toe Iailsi, Ana S3,
lau? lNI??i?H\r.
Behr Aiu??, ham. JaJuasvilm fit tattam. Aamt 83, te lah * M,
lang. *!l a
port-tSor?en'f Notice.
Btitb ?v "i?w von?. 1
Peat Wabdbsi Ornea. In, ? W_W?m ti ?
NOTICE is hereby jpven, in accordauoe with eeo
ii?ti 4 <sf t'.e eel pama i Apr.i It, 13S7 eatltiei "llUW t_e
SSJJ?nu* ?be ?V ?in???' .? e of ti:- "en of v?w Tor*." I? eil ?ase?
s?os uitereeMd in. al b??iii< charge at Um hi>i?_? ?t?l??r ?I .??*
maulrs .iiminitien or turvey, lbs? Um fel'cwia? ?mill ara Bew
?adey eiun a.tian bv ta Part WarOana, an? Ina? ?a ?al? sansys m
?aamtnaiMo? ?Hil h? i-ooiplated mihi? tam mara ???ti nrilliB?! ?M*
Bulli* at. hoatdwid yiM?H:
St?sins!itp Ntsctn.SI It. I
Biaan ihip Maiibittan.3 N. 8
Buk Breoieri?.?t _L
Bark Ina Te.Strewn
Brif Ocrliudr.?N. k.
MiNTu.&Nk xoapaiH? "
i ara** Baaa-raa. Botrarar

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