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Teeter lav ? ? *i up, as it
geasrs I'-f.v iuire.
pelioeLnv.? wM'?r !?v? be?n ena: !r the gDvsra
Bbeat of tt? fcro?, bu , ar? luficaed
to bo ootntosi-awted. T ace cocea j? ??a >m tt i?it__r???i to tbe
geo?iilp 'To, bet''? 1 irii*nup'?i tia? iuTOttigo
t i.n of
themod Importai, t. ? one a asna y
liril?? oi ? vied ?lib ta?
Mr c a'do^OiSoer
riianee Vi. Alex?*.??,
?nd l?e?tn.irh.ai al? a t i? leg? ?nd ?rai?. Wheo the wi__.?????
war? lt.tr?' niOcd it i
Bot to biatr.?. , 'lut, i? '?te di
e-sal wagoo, end h- t, ? -. on thia b??m
flrinkiLg. and was resolved le ergo his co?! black steed lo o
ipeed not regarded ooii Isteul ?>
SttpitiBt genltemsn who Iran.? the city i .Voi-uru
Iwrly be m__nt4r41.ii - ' e ?"'I* hip
Pit hi* oawilhrg (?'...',. i :..*.. -t., Bl his speed, to thl
k??M dat'Aer of tie t, -. i Bittsva? ?f the metropolis 1 ?
?ffii-ir oailed to him Unit lie wsi di last, sud when he
e*?oAia?d to moder..t* pelied le
l?a.u?d ti.?.- refrs ??? craft, J ? i in aooord
logly took poeieesl-.n o! Ik? ??, ??-J tie seat.
1 he driver tried to U bonafed
bimielf ?'leu reeeeetej ta lh<
hi?iiiub ' ?. r ihc- srsas m. i*.? . rae tacts
showed i st the ellis ist he did, and as tbe
drunk-. rvesoetj
he doubt t si'l? s'tr.v t'l.l ? .id I ?msel'
...o br.ugi'iB. cuuipl Biiiti wii.on wore ?ure
ia bo dismissed
Alexander Mc)-a 1 ? Henry narring
t m at .Nu ii Eector-st., ?? :
?sas sti v on the strt? ?' with some
(heads. 'IK? caaaipl?:naiit ??,?? he wassu. slisig on the
lalk.bg wtU Socie f i i_i.v of out? of
them when ti" ., to move on, li.
Slainant responded that "ie d.dntw.ut to be driven lite a
ive on. In a short time
ihepo?i'?*' aaoamebacka ll-idl laaat with a
numbei of fricad still there, again ive and
Wiitin I! in ngtot !? 1 li ti e
Itettoo ti -ose, ??i?:' ??r>'d him. Ile was
Hat otatlrU' ling the I
The olhcer? statement i? laut la? l.T?i tain had ordered his
patrol to keep the f ? tthi.tle was bat obeying
order? in all tont ! e ?J ?it lal
t'-x?? to shaw that t! ' m1 Ciat
he Mb! no nadue harshness. No o Tks on y
on? who fuel? aggrteied is Air. Harrington, mm eon
l -.1 at tu? Statlou House the eliiirgf- rd I stands against nie
of dteonlerlv oc'iid?ct," i ongfa boa Ikiseaabe it is Lura to
Budei-ttti J. lmmmecl n? Hi Han
thettergt?ni ltnmetiiuieiv. When Mr H. oeeMdownaugbtly,
be ? ill doubi.e?? Im disposed io acquit ia? poUoemaa of all
(?rucER "O K" AGAIN.
AIoLaug! ho Bccle.cr o DOMed 1 Trew CUrkson
with lli'tg .?iy arrest:,i.? Liu . 1: ititi.-- ti .a ut ?.' or 3 s. m. the
BiimpMlBSBI w?? ?tsnding bj the s'.reet, ?nd, th,
taking hin for ? ti ?. < ve on.
Ile ?aid I.? v?* wa ting K-r I car. I ne effioor iolJ him thal
there wa? nu car at t:.?: tau? i f I word?,
Ls)k han ??.i ant c..?
akarged hua. The officer te? right
jotts Bl Til ail Blent Ai. viv.
Twentv.even ban ? ? ?Tchn
ftnah lac-tn brongi-.t I" I
- the bald, ?mest man i tue force. He ha? been B;i
almoit evcryihinc in tb? whole Lst o! pt
?in! ;?I Ti ? ;
lu ih? cas-' J'
whisky i tul' :. who ?wore
that ke sa? .1 ?! ?. oi .i.1. ?? . ?? ? ?i
ncssl ti ?'. ttiiiud
thal it . >u whisky or a oallty,
?uti a*it appeara thai ibis wn
J i Jo'ir wi.l doubtless
is a lucky n-aip, jut he niu.t ??el lo the ena oi his rope soins
I. ale
John H T".Ill ' .. cnrplsint ocsinst
iieeov rig '.
?pp*_n -s a moat d.:. .. cover.
sod also i ?al <!, alter al, not lost any
property, the eflosr ? i free.
Sergeant L I Zoe Third Precinct, was oom
rteiof-d of by Mr. Jaoob Marx, who keep? a rest tumut ?nd
?lg: ir house al No. IM W,s: ?? . for ed ?
t,? t?k? a?ay a iLiaU when, lu-, M-?ii had ?tatt d io th?
waaaaaeriagfrom aa ora. It was shewn u??t
tne bar - c V.r. Frederick L dor, b d ooc i to the
Hutioii ?in'.- .-. ?no stated that there was a mau
very ?,oi at Me i i j; n e-1 .t ?he ?cigfi.it referred lum to
CspL Ure-r. Leise saw Caat. Or? .no that if the
nan had dropped down id lae street, or bud merely s
Into the h.'i.se of Mart as ? ???ranger, nut! bad t.T*:i beta tocas
III, B?reoM-be the business of the pastee v sf kim,
but thal, as the man bivi been a guest at Man's house for a
yesr the thing to I* d-me was fur Mutx to yet a earring?,
which would coit hm. a colj la of dolli?-*, aud send ti s _)__ lo
the hospital.
In UM morning after the barkeeper hail reeeiv d fleoa in
stiootiou* fro:. Mtrx himself cam? in ?nd saw
Hi- Sergeant, ?nd demanded that tbe sick mau I
moved, or lhat ? doctor notent to tase care of him. binti
moon b : ??,- ?.ergeaal w a* cuiii?? Jed to tell
bim to go out, or te wou e. iocs hi-a up.
The Iraak seems to be that the mau hsd b**n a regnlsr
lodger in Marx t Lou?, lor nun thsn a year, aud that, the in..
meat be was taken sick, I Is landlord ima to throw lam on the
care of th* l'olioe lui tend t f paying a eoaptt of collars fur a
carnage lo toke kia lo UM Bas . ,s ad
i ?unod, but th? cluer wa lobtleaa, be held guiltless,
ina MABT.
A ?adv who is well known to tie Se?*ond Ward as "Big
alary ?.f Jo., n at., i iarged thal Ollioer Everett Bergen of the
Bc?eori<l Precinct Lad assanhea tier, hut tho truth seems to be
that M try provoked al! the ???suit that was mad?, and that
tho r.diceuiaii was airuiti ali -
0.'ti---r Krandir S Al. is. u el toe lixI.tli was charged by
Robert U. ?Smith of No. ?71 (.priag-aa, ?ith cliiixunir him. Jn
d. tooee it was sbowa trat Alli-oo. who was in p.aiu clothe?.
entorod the boo?* of a Mr. Itobbia? in ?earob ot two boj? who
bad ?tols-n some watch?*, ami that be had been detailed to this
?peiciAl fluty by his captain After? tering the nou?e he was
liler'ered with by ?-t. rl ead I e afleas fou...1 il h
lo?rre?t him and 'nke lam off to ile sta'n lniioj*
tasti?ed that the ?ihter waa diunk, but his c?ptala swears
trial he was tor i?.t i ?ted either before or ?ii? tne lime of
arrest. CapL Had dan ai peered and Josufied'OIhecr Allinon lu
every repaid, and k8 w 111 ht i sid gnuUeai '7 the Board.
00! ! : a:S I WITLKBAWB.
William Palmer CSSBplntned M Diluer li.omas Mcf'ormack
for oeglret of dut?, in tuat the ifficei did uni arrett a tlivorced
wife who wa? anio vi np kia. Wi.iiam, however, had been
????tirlnood that the oftie.T was right, and so ne t.presaed his
regret at bsvit.g kroegkl the cotnpmini.
Aounibcrofadliurrifdcusitfiu.il lastwrek wero dispf?ed
ef, bal on the whole there was never a dey of p Lee trwis mon
barrea of luleieit to the ; ublic general? thau yesterday.
Before Cun.u.itsioh?r Stillwell.
United Stetes agi. Freeman Onderdouk and Richard Babnef.
Tlieae were the WH Loiiced yesterday, in which
th? [?rue? were charged with p_??aig a B2 counterfeit. The
evidence given io d?y ?ceo .nied tatt) tot tln-ir posnessinn of
Ike bill, and showed Ikes? to be ?teady, haruwiltiug young
???n who bad alway? bes 8 a good o.iar?ct?r.
1 be t'omiul??,, sol duebargeil them.
BUPBKMB COCRT-CHAKarBO-Sirr. 12 ?Before Ju?t?< ? !
- ..LAM).
C1 riatlb? Oie? agt. The Penpie.
'I ?i ia PBae csnio up aanaaaa?tto u.1. ? nuneri! ?ral ii
waa ?grnead thai tbe utotioo shonkl be treated as an ?pplic?
i :? novo f>r ? c?trti?r?ri to the (???ueral Terni.
X? J migo l>e?n the? oontonded that they? wa? no sufficient
piota/of ibe SSrVtOS of de order remaining Mr. (>ie? from
tas cuMiiinatit* vi hi? burine??. Ile read largely from Iks
tasttamnsiv taken In fore Jt.sl.ee Dowtirig to show that the
Kmanor had no reaeca ts> supiH'Se that ? final onler b?d been
BSsoe-l This evid*r?a? was the ?icount of an irtertiew be
tv reen Mr Schulti anil V,ie? 1-a wt ich Mr. Sc.hnlts wa? donbt
1 it whether tbe otdir bad ?icen served, and in winch Ma 11 ?
rjuer beal eomilmi.t. that he was BC woree than othere. On
> tbm other b?ud was it.? rvitlenoe of Mr. Bite?, who testified tu
a ?UBilsr oonveisar cn ?itb (ia*?, ana to having iuformud Lim
a j.? th? order ii _?y ?canally issued.
? Bi-Judge l?ei_aAout?nded that thi? left the mutter bo ioaht
. fil that it waa a rrcpoi case fur the Supremo Cour? to pass on
BM (loner?1 Tem..
Mr HIim our tended t> at It wa? not necessary to show aov
?larvioe oa th* prisoner hot merely to show that inch an order
lad t-.Bit? to the SBow!?dge of the pritoner. and thal this was
fi Iy ?hnw/ti by th? evidence of the Ural oonn-raation and oer
twnly hy the ?Mnversation of (J)cs with himself. That there
wa? ->*i*_ uo probaba; error without whick a ccrtiorari to the -
(...not-l Term was not proper. Thal this was a very ?ni
tytriaai case as if thu man weie let cot on boll, the orevention
of to? fit boiling darlag the next two mooth? would be almost
|:niR??_a li. The brutbif of the defendant bad. since the con
? m oran eog*ged ?n fat boiling. He. counsel, bad foi
hltea] hu Boee ?l S_at orday and detected them ia the secret
uarry tux o* of the brain?*?. That of coora? none of the other
(at buttera would riet i u- i?e tried at the Special Seaaions, ?id
th?reit?re no other wouid bo convicted for some months. The
granting of this c?rt.orari would be a nraciioa) license, not
only to this dcfeL?aut I it to tie other fist boilerti there was
quite ? gang of then? to carryon their busuvuae for several
imteth?. This coa?id?r?tion waa a proper on? fur tbe Court
?*k?n ?otmg oa its <___??.?elicn a_id not according to any strict
The ('..art lutimate, Ibnt it oontldered tkat a reasonable
B?ubi ot the correcta*?? of the eoavietlon ?tilted, which would
o-rmor,, a. to grast lb* eerttorari. bat reoerved it? decision till
t? morrow, aad in th? meantime rainauded lb? prisoner.
It iimt* I'??*1- ?*??? W-a?m?r, Mr. (_eorge Bliss. Jr., for the
f Wro R Rogers, At agt John McLean and etlitrs.-Order
italie K H-lfer::.!tey act Oodfrev C. nelfenritter-Report
Cf Before? oonbrnied ?rd lodgment of divorce granted.
tar? Martha J Wi.lke'r for (-aymenlof moneys. Ac-Re?
port uf K?(?ree <k nbrm?d ?nd .ndgtnoot ordered.
Aatvra City Judge BatwlL
Deruiii dart, A tbriftleaa young vagabond o? IC
pars ass sailed yesterday to tbe Boase of Refago?o place
Where piteou? thieve? may boeemc koaost lo time. Th? charge
eg-loat kia was for attempting to steel a q ?an ti ty of wc ?ring
apftaral of ike vaia? of At., from the resMeaee of Robert I?.
I?_?B?r la Jonei-st . on the 2d Inst A lady eangbt him In the
a-rt of taking the propertr ?w?y and oonr?r*ouii ? e?pt?.r '
kim and g?v? him ov?r to II? euitody of Oftcor Burbank a
fdi? Twenty Kighlk Yent
arimii-B SHAvaroa ths pis'iTBunABr pabbkb.
Heany M Hadter wa? In'l.t"-1 f i alee lag ? i??ck -.-book oa
(k?4U ?i Asgttii.Ca^B???-.-? kaU tiuuer _._._? and '
to the ar-iounl of l"? T*ie tirer? ?air. 1
-ty, Mr. Pru. T Ile. ,
Ho aaa aentet-O-d lo _-*fr?Ma-Mal in t: -, iur ?.in
) J
Drxwi-TT op th_ -lANia.
C)?r)?a Klag ?'???: " tea*re?.
d guil'yof petit Ir? ' I lan men
, ,1 I.? liol ? Bael o' S I
; of a roiu walsh won. .IS
i i.,:i ,*i. gi i" '?? i
?TI. :
lu ??e 'O' Prealdiel A? be a? .
frattire? if ?mt ti;.:
to the
ing. Hi ),.?:? I a ,1. , M III Witch a?
L.ll.l I
?rdaor nf tie 1 | tbelr ?r
ft!. . .. m li row ii ti- ; ? ' ?'? lint ?j ?i
- ... t_?j llatlOfl L.uitt. l-l
priaouei. wen remmi-led l-.r BMtMM.
. i-DAf.
Cte-.rt of General I ' Gan
nliiffS. II-If..ti!. Jr., ' gt~ l'o ?(*???
D iddea, rraad laroeBV <>f ? ? ' iba II.
Dix, gi. i ? Ka-J, *,
etnj of m m?v. 'Iii? r opk
tapio ?(-t.Iriiuisa IdatHc.L traill Ititcetiv of?, oney. 11.?
agt. Wilhelm Levy, grand Imcci.t. 1 !.?- !*???.
Jue? ;?' Im BddlntrtoB.crai d I
Mary Sheridan, grand mr? ei.i i .-l>
?.'iii_i.dAVin.il li ,i,i.. i. i . ?im , , 1 - it?; t.
\ .Mc',..'iy aal Tu im Ti.-l..'. ra legree,
? lile aa't .loin Die ov ill. grand lii'.'CM'. 1 !i(' Poopl?
a?:'. Patriot CoaMl r.i-1 Motine! Mot?iniin, roi b-tv. lir?t de
:'opie ant. Joiin Brady aal :
burplarv Uti- d |T? ?bl ami
?I i- . j;ost ilion ?', rtttlrlag stolen |tola Tbi
An.lr.--' Ki ?r., ii ct-ivirg ?l r.i-i ? ntl.. The 1' .pie n.t. J' I.:.
11. irr it', r.-i- | io-.' pieler.-i?. 'li.i- ?'-?'pie agt.
(J-_r.-l I. 1-JUX, BM-_.t lll.d linttrl J.
Jllrfor? Aldi-rmtn Riley J
Mr?. H..fTuian, ti rcspectublo looting *von:an,
brought a clarge agftinit lier huaband, Juli'i? llnJinan. t..t.t
bt failed to support lier. One day let atti ! I -Ttrpened and
rl-aned a caralry tword and primed a braco tf p.-i.-i
wM ti be t h reate ed to "out.k Mrs. Hof-U-'l RMM." Thta
'..! '.n lair ladv, am! ehe appi nltd foi iba pr.t?cti...i of
theiaxv. Mr. Hnffnifiii did not deny Uh
].i..Va nke a man who would be portlunlarly bandy ia coo_:ls
?t goose, or aiijtLn.g ?
Tub Superior Couut Ci.ritKsitip?('..rritctio-i.?
The notice of the chantre of clerkship o! tlio .Superior Court,
j ntilii-ed on Saturday last, ?tumid have, stated th-it Ve former
?-?:,(. G?orge K Bald via, rcM?r.-d on acc.u-t of ill
be_l?b. and ?a? not rcnuvd, hs tbta -tit- I
U. S. C-, ISo?. .Mt?!. ?V ?St. Paul I. Luc
.130 5.0-0.DO j 7c?t.
V.s.tm,h--it)rri-n->. MorrillaEtMxl. I BOO.
:i,D."u.inxj '?.'.?o . " } 600.s'l.
3,001.io*i| (?t. West.l! i. Ueall.
-.'._..???._---_. '_-. ??,"?'. ?
.ill 'Mich. .io.?. 1. K
i 8 s. t-'-o cp.,'ui Baah of Con
. -, ,'si.lit,
i Lb Na. Bank.
-. 981' 4- .io?
.*.*..MO?. ?Central Nat. 111
istscra-s. I 4'J_
.10fi? 0 .
5_-....Si:.?ii. Iii.,* .o.
S-Mntti iCanton
I ? .106.1 I'll.
?: 100 .Bl cul.
.?> I Rutland Marbi.-.
. 27
1,000 .(?? op. 71* WilkMbarra CoaL
? la M IS. H
IO. ti Wi it, i : loa l-l
8-000.71J S3.
rta* bands li.
iu,i?o). fi-ijj ino
Mo.?V,H4&J.it. I 400
I.ne preicrrtd.
rii'dson Klier.
B '-.ll
i'i?.9d i li-.
B. I. it N. Ha.cn.
02 i l>.Ill
IMlch._?vot_-4 .' I
-.. Ki,
52J ?00. P?* |
i .000_ 81
\ irsrinla _a.
Ohio Statt i'?s,'70.
1,000. M
Wat? >?s, 71
?. N
Ohm ?"-Miss. Cor.
10,000. 90
O.tV Hit.1 ii., bi?
l?, v., lol. it Cm
( hie.? B.W.
li?).?10. Ki
. ?v B.W. ort
56. 100, . " |
?ivj Chip, it l(r?k It
I 1,0.0....1.0.108J
-DO. SQ1 Cal?, Bur tk. ?v.
BOO.b'W. --'j 300.rasi
W' Toi., W. ?. Wet.
100. II
891 I'.,KUW.AC.
'."i 220.IOS
4o.). 29j Chic. tV Allon.
MO. 3-j 100.108
SOO.1-0. '."ii 100...vdc iii. 109
M -m i.omi pre!
|l HI.
li. ?v BttJo,
Ml.__.st I'aol ml
li. ?'j
Chicago i. (i K.
.'.??. Jin. t u.. lui-. ,,i - '. -li 1 Hil .. __??
i I . K_ ! Boston Water l"r.
( hic.ltB.W. 1. I 2"0.1,10. li.
'o,0*X.88 I.N.y.Contrai.
Cumberland prf. I 10o.in:,*
I'D. 4<"< 1.000.I0.il 100.
100. ..'-d call. Kfj II '.!.:!' IM|| 100.
1 o BMOB lrOaUD.
C S. bo 5-20 r. 'tV*. i Ueading. ?ilvcr.
1.127 ? .r?M).ll?| .(.,.?.
. .ii A ToL MtripoM prtf.
-.000....lij-V '.?o.).b.to.ll'i; ,r>d. ..
Ir?aiury7 S-lOt. Chic, it li. I. IN. Y. Central.
Istterict. 100.100J1 100.10.?
10.000.106 Chic. Bur. It Q. ?Brit.
Ohio _. Miss. (. cr. li?..130 :itsi.c. 7J*
10,000.29* I 200.Tm\
-4 OnvOTK TtOAIil).
0 I It, VI re?r Mantesa l'ref. ?X. Y. ( ?
li.o-'w.Jill loo. 30 i ino.ins
IT-B.-1.1 BOCO.,-?. 100.I?-jl COO. I" 1
80.000.r i' i?hi . .:i'j' l.nOO.I0M
V. 8. 5?, 10-40 c. iBnHand Marble. I +W.If-,
M.OOO.08 f ?O. 26 700. 10?.I
V. 8. 5?, 10-40 rp. : 100.27 loo.?BO 109
60.000.(i-, Central Coal. | 900.Sd a |30 I0S|
Ohio &. Miss. Ctr. 1(H). | , ?_ N. W.pMf
"i. V) Waat Cm.ni. TtL MO. H|
Canton. i 100. Tah' Clara. ?_ Toledo.
100.52 Erie. BOO. US,
<*uieksilv??r ' .00. T-l Clicago tVl_.l.
400. 5V, i.inri.?.'t. 7-I KO.M
100.511' M .:,. .s .\ B. I. io!. V.'.cV. V, ?
100.51J? HO.Sty 100. II
Uaripota. 5-X).B3 ?Imliuntiirol del
HW. li'1 300.hI?). 82 ' UN. li?
nns boa id op BB__rBBB?--0 a m
A tri encan Gola. |M,ch. ?So. ?V M. I Utiipota Wftlbired
120,000. 144>* ;.,?o. KI!. 900. -9.
7,000.lill 100.ilS. B3] 300.?3. 2.3
10,000.d46, IM.b3. OB] Ena.
Ohio de. Miss Cor. Cleve. Ac. Pitta. i 4l?0. ?ti
10.(HW.29 2O0.8CJ &?0.c. 7-H
Kntlind Marble. Chit. -N. W. 4i?o.7*.'l
2i?).2731 400.3?J 5-10.s3. TW
100.110. 27,1 200.bl I'..? 000....c. 72'
IV..?ton Water I'. ?? 100.sir?. II.., 1,900. Til
lu).Ufl HHi.bil). ISJ W-Ki.L'uiouTe).
-Iver. .Ch.c._.N.W. pn-l.i K?0. :M
Uim r.2 I 400. OU 14.id
loo.bl Kt| 900.bl 661 Sfnioa HiiL
N. Y. Central. 1,200.all.?..; B 4
.104'? list.bSO ' , i L I.I P
li io
bl.) lOM.H.'dv.n Uiver.
1 HHj .U9
orb BOAED of -HBuaa?l P. M
Ohio and Mi??. Cr.iMiiip-ta "wat Bndaon River
I0,000....bl 9-4 i.ioo.
K.tlaii'l Marbi-. | 900.
Oin- k-ilver
.b3. -'?3
901. 19
West Uaioa TtL
100.al." ?B?
-.'li ????. 30
i. 301
. 301
2. , .Spnict? Ulli
? .
ta\ noo.
i .....ia
100.Bl i."
Mich. .So. ?v b. r.
l00.b3. K11
1,300.s3. Klj
200_1.10. b3,
.. bl 4' Clet A l.tta.
100. ... "H.1
.II), IT,!.., It. I. | 1'
1(H!.blVl'l'.', 1(11.. ...1,10 lO-i*
990.?; IOS 100.???'.0.109
900..bllObf Cbk-t* B.W.
.1 10.
Oil*? BOARI. OK __JiKKh?
Oh:.? A KIM. for.'Mu b. So. A. N. I.
210. 'Yo\
73 [C-_aa.B.W. pttf.
79] loo. HI
72| Pltta.Ft.W ?*? 1
7-.'i loo.bl ?Ml
I ?-. m.
Hilton Wa: t I'r
100.bl 3i ; 1
Hutlaiul M
Mo. n
li?).l-l. K.l\
300.bl. K'U
Mariposa pref.
?r. Ultra ?v Plttt.
? i r.oo.* ;
vi. 100..r-l ?aV
, K. 1. A I'?.-.
! 2<XJ.11/.?
A N. \V.
100.?li ??:
.b30.ir, Chicas-oliI-.W
'-HK). 1 ,1061
100.tit) 1064
100.b<X). IO'.;
K-||We-t? Union 'Iel.
MO .bal. 59
Kr ?
1,6-0. roi
9M.B3. 7-.?
?'?co. : ,
? t
ut.. .._ ;.'*
WnaaabiT, ?-ept ia- r. m.
1; II li ?'iii ku't p:i"fi)__bly strong by ibe balla, trbt
make the boars pay orMMtl ?n?l a corunilssion duly ?
til?. There is no great dis-osition to bull gold Ktttfl bj)
? fea profeMional operators, who reisen that a? long as
tht drain f.r customs continue, and the market is n.t re
heved by ?ale? from the Tretenry, or by the prepayment
of the Norembtr interest, the premium cannot be ma
tenilly reduced. The Department has another mode by
which it can deprive the garnller. of ihen itetdifttioi.rce
of profit?the piirchaacr for custom? d'Jt.ei. It bal only
to announco that it will make daily a pru-e at wbicb cer
tifieatet redeemable at the C-stom-Ho-jM for d-ties
will be loll. md t_. fjoT?. bj?lt would
corni to ijriof. It would at ocre cut off their revenue
from lotninf* gold tnd force them to ctrry their own prop?
erty instead of hiving it carried. The dairy withdrawal of
$7-0,000 legal tender money of National Bank note, and
?ten from the Hanks, in addition to the present drain, would
toon tell upon the money mtrket and make gold s-tecula
tioni much len profitable, and conseqnently unpopular
The Saoretary for the last year h 1? Ix? n playing the part
of a groat "financ?_l gindi " board, BtlaBag the ?ay to
spax-tep-iyrnenta but n.a_..i,' Bt Ittttatl fora.rl ni',v?.
..im-elf H'u-w ? I
ment baa _?ot rid of i's call loans, its one
year (-ert.fic.Ttea, snd, indeed, m1 all its short debt, which
i be B ra_a_7
_?:?t mern more in th_ mattir of reenmptlon aud
procesa bave a re.;- I
an?) traders upon !?? le of
gold wa? lift, md the exiri ira * of ll.o day 1 Bj | i tm%
-? C *
St'Kk Ft ?!:. . T -
T.... s were an ' I. -, ?1 i ?m the b.st bal st tho
cl'ie. 1 or li'-l's ? i w-.j j ant. Baw? Yelki
at 9it Teeni s Bl I bil i.?.prove, sid
closed st 7)J bid. lu R n.wiy mor*.' "s a Latiente bait
neas. Beak ab ma f?'0 '? Oa. la I
tju1?ks!lver and Marip"?: wem kelk active and higher,
h r s :iti,r M ! at 01. The Rail?
way share list Ht tbe Start Bl 'ninga was -
arid f??r Fri? as ir.tah as ?_{ was pnid, snd
fur stock loaned J per r?*:it was paid ia Mim'-r .as cases.
New-York Oa
? Afttrther.il. tkei 111 ? I waa not s<> BteBBfl
the BaMMd Beaal tke-Basket wa
call New-York Central Bold na high M ? ? ], kal
immedi-.tely broke to I'?'.. Elk tall at 711, but kraka
ti .-', closing at 7.'. Tl,o lal::n ? ,if tho list wits
1 and h?-avy on the AeoHM in !
and New-York Central, nnd dated nu BttledM |_0tst-0BB:
Mariposa, l-'f-l'-'i; do. I'n !'. .?nd. MlBJHl V
I.'iion Telegraph, .?">-:;,? V'J, HaW-Ttwk Cc'.- I. I
105J; Erie, M|M7B|| Hadara Uiver, l_r.<.!.'.., I. .
?ng,114|?ll5, Miclnitri S'li'tiTii BIBS) Illinois Cen?
tral, 12I-?!-*.; tl'-vclai-.d and Pltt-k?f|k. ?Vi. ..M ; Cleve
1 nal and Tided", 11I.Z.I15; Rock UM I, 1"?'|-?HW;
Niirth-VVest-'im. StyBSSJ. do. Pi |*?Mil Fort
Wayne, Kiljfjli'lj.
Money on call to stock houses is 5 per cent, and upon
Government Flocks lower rut s ?re mudo, lu rim;
jmper the supply is iiaic .?i;?g, ?.ut BftflBfl raines sre ?Ion?
at 5 per cent. Good lulls ure kj a ii, und ordinary naines 7
per cent.
fit?_rling bills arc held at IN] for CO days; long francs
The following is the import of m ?- p | ft .ni h BIMBI
Teroiru, from Bit tot
Frsr'-s tones
L.Vnn Heffron & c . ? oana 1 Co.
August Ilolrrout?. Co _>!, -
Trad. -.".-_,?.?..aV'tOtti.?V'-''.1'*'
The following shows 3eexj??vri__(exe.aa.ve?t i
from New-York to for. iga pOCta ! r Um we. k .i..l...g Sept.
li, aud since the kcflaning of tin
I MU. l<-OV 1MB.
Fortheweek. #**. e.in I'.':?...") t
FPOt. report?-d. ?
Rince January 1....I..'.i..iot.obl |:_v?.l7,..i_o ?ia7,io*,3.'_
Twakaadrad ead Ifty Bharee Kew?York (?' mi mty and
Ind'MLit) C"iii;,i!i) a Id to da] ?l H?.', ?.-r share.
The last run of the MarifffH Mils ii.hld pBfMB in
gold. The i ? I
the BBttet| ntl": Hof it-, owl. r.?
go? di.
',. I : ?? i oaa
winch gold t-onld I- ted, and sc-cms now
to have it.
Attention is fo-iiiestel ' I iluinn
of the Mortgage 1 Eaeaxl
for sale k] (>. I? Bal I Isa I
The' . -._ rulwi 0f Canuda comed the week
ending Bepb i l tt J,
iM6.Ia-.ia, i:? i . 1741 Daacaaaa ??11.1c- ?ni
Mr. Alb.-rt li. N.c'!,?;.-will li..1 I !,.-?
sut lion sale of ?to? li a: : lay) at
IS) o'clock, at tho Lillian-jo Balga l? oula., No. HI llruad
.?*? ilJolnM isa list of J pri?es at tho New-York
Pry (???ids Ki' hang". Kee. St a.: i M Patk.fl
llruwn Sheetings?aVCau'. i i- du II,
].lr>ach?>d Starting??Androtooggia, -T., ItiylM!?
Oraeac Maaantotarii. ?
PrtnM Conbceo. BO. | ? ... Wc.? Warn
etta. I4| ?
Hoop Skirt?-Ilrndley'i I? ia Trail
lu liisid dCBMl d| i't HT.-') IXJ ,
Khlrta?J. W. L Standard Dr? - - do.. No. 771
Psp?r C' Itara?IfetropolltaaCi !'ar ('?> . Pvrnti ar K1 >rr..??.*.
Bo 1 i! "Uh * extra 1
tioatvj, ?' ; 1.130] sha? .
Caff? |90 Leas 30 pel
Tie ki?Aniiwdeag A I" A * ?to , ?li P.. 4(-o.
Strip???Wbitleblon A ?V la. Bl
Fip.rr MonT?,,\(,g BoiBB 01 tiii* CbbtbaI PACIFIC
Kailik.au Co. Of Calif tima.
ABI.nSKMl-Ail'aL ILL., D.?. lill T I! . I VT Ul __SVABI
paiBcirL? a?B irr????T PAVABIS tv r ?. ?.Le .-na tv Tai
Amount oflwue. |7.-.16,000. lo Cetipnn Bends of 11,000
Tic Hindi hore Th.rty Yr tri to run, and arc te, ?
a Tint fif o tgOgt, conitttuting an s I prsSS lien
on that parti, .ti "/ the I I ?? 'nie?,
and Entire l'r i,?m-rty of the ?amtrwi Tac'fie Railroad
Company, located in tk r-tia, and ex?
tending f com Sac, ame ?to City to tere t ' iltj'ornia Stott
Line, for mir g apart aftkt OHk1 Pi l?T Bid
Boult:, ail,'/,/.,! o'.d a hi pf If,' IM' t> I
Tke amount of these F:?->t Mnr'gage B(M Is lo be ?sailed
j?-r mile _ lia it'll hy law to Ike ? led 81 it?'?
Baa_i allow??'! aad lea m to aid i Mltoaaf the
li/jtid, and tho Mortgage by which tli-iy aro sei und is
?tclared bp Ait of Congru, ' S ' * jiriur
end tupe, mr lu that of ti .'?? Got rrnmtnt,
Tho aid r til. ? ? i iin amount
eejual to this First Mortgag?) La ? '.) and jndi
ciousiy apjiin d t ' til" Baaatraetioa aad e^alpaaat M Ike
lol aad, tofBtkaa Vitk nearly $r,DiHl,ii0? rteei.ed fruin
Subscriptions and other h mi ? ?. 11 ?: P] M
th? rift,ro amounts to lint aboatSSps) seat of ?io actual
coat and value of the Property which ii covers.
The road is now oompletod, equipped ead ranning fmni
Sacramento Cltj to Alta, ?- '??, and ??"
eamings for the ! ; August 1st wera Bl
follows, vi/
May, IM. I ,11 ? I
.li.in, l-??i . ? l 'i I
J.l. iMAi . l*_,UU?1).
1 _?? me M.U'' .? .? and are e-'.
at ?.?er $ma,a0i)iii gol.l for th? m.).a: oi Au."!-; I
( lal ri'port for that moii'h not ha? Hi_ '. '? o', ?las
The ipa going tigotously fur
ward,?"I m.l. ?ud litional being nearly ready lortha i
and it will prol.a!.!y t>< iii fill ,[. ra'ioii to tia? Califom a
. City-du/iug Ika
?Miman r of lHt',7, when its .?am jg? must loo vtry large, as
the cii'iro trade of Rl ?ada. ai. I B ! Ilga pTfflrTtltB of thal
of l'tai?, Idiilio, a::d MoutaiiB muet pans ci".- ?L* >.??
it hu? in vi. ikewaky tellable **ti?t? t. s that la -i r??t?*"r
f 1 1,100,101 in gold ?.is paid (M li' ?liliug good* !'r.? i*||l?
l'oritiii to Neviiila iil'Hie.
This pnrt of the (?rent 1 ki routs is destined
ti?'of the tno?t pmlitable lir.??s of ri?lroad in t!i?
world, a:.d i's First Mortgage bonds are among the bett
soouretl rah* investments ever of)'e,*d.
(iv r f.i 'Mut,!mwi kag drcadyl : ti in grading
beyond the point to whi' h the read i? POA rtiiiiaug, bad
Ike lie .aid pan! im ic?'i.c.t i.*. tolajllto-Mak
tia- ?iiiire ?lis?ala i io Ike Slate Line.
The Hoad has keea aaBkfletod aadl aqalpped thuifar
without the sale of a Bingi?- dollar of us First Mortgage
j llon?ls, and ihey are Dow offered to the public for 1 hehrst
\ f in?', alkea de caniings of Ike road Luvo rescind the aum
of $)no,aci per month, in p-nld, o,.iy alni it I I fM I ' Bl "f
which is r?q areil for ajn-ratirij
Ile Bat d? sre off? red at !?? per I Mt and accrue, ?n
t( Net from July 1, in curre; ? y. < ?rib rs may be forwirded
li !?!? d'i" it, ?a thri.ugli ti., pn.c ?m! Lank? and bunk?r? in
all parts of the (..nn'ry.
IietLittencea muy Im uit'.t in itaftl oa New Yin?, tri
Legal Tender Notes, National Hank Notes, or other funds
current ia thM etty, aai th? BoaBawO ka Ibawardal to
sny a.ldrcss by Kxpress, free of charge. Iuquirn? for fnr
!her particulars by mail or oiherwiso, will ?r-t-ivo j. me
tuai attention. Frar A 1) ucn, Hankers,
Bo. ?'? Nassau st., New-Toil.
N B --AH k.nd? of Government Se? uii'as receivel st
the full msrket ??rice in exchange for ihe above Boa_B
MARKETS.-Carefully Reporltdfor The Ttmmmm
W-. BMBAT, S*i t i
Tht?e hu b*?-n mor? ?rtivitv in our nurketi general'y taco
this dsy week. Ilreatleiuffi have gradual ? imp? rod Balara
bnak daanaadstsBd in* tendency i? u? ? sr I Trtn is.niii bsve (?ra
fairly sa-tiv*, !<nt it eaa ?r p?)??-? MBaiag b"W? >
. sa? anille l??|iie-,t i?
f? 11-. dcaai fcaa al??iiv-1 ailsr
? iteidr i*orid dennnd. B"?ir?hav? ?dvanoM nnd?r a more
'?ro?nd und ? a?n.ri:T ,? flrm.
. . .
f,r Peta i Pe <l
'? '
?".I. ' I -? ll-in owint? to tit"
| ? ii | If on ti | " tiki '. M
li. .*?>. ? . .?I '.
. a futr
I ltd 11 ?? ?i I - ? ??'?
i .AT!''.! -
? ? : ?
a r! _o -. io" Pat Mt,
I . -?andUfair and theiaark?t_r_i ni C1 7",
I (I A J, l .:*. on with
largt aii? i. ,.-. ? ? favo? i T.
ii the Im? ?.
i ' r t i.iic.icT ia lo it-cr r .t ?. In
o very lilli?. I ?, we bear on
...ii the Hi,nab
1' t ? - iii
(.,!.- . . . . ?
?i.-. Ave ...mie ?? lo.low?! Bio Coffee, Prime
I '
lary, n,. _?17o.i Bau C"_'.f, Fan to ?ooxl oar.oea,
i.-lc-i .? Java, Mal? ami I N_tivi de..!
Ire.!-,. :, ?? c?-n. lin'v p.id. W? Blip tit? folioW
ibu from ,\l ' a aiCircalar: .s.uek of Rio
itock .
bag-ti Bt~ l. b4 Mr..ni -.,. lilli du. .f
i.iu lilli
ii y ?if S pt., l-l '? I
Sink if I. ? li til?n i re '. ?'!???,'?',
Aew-Yo k, *_,*_! Ingo. Total -7.171 :,
IT H (IA - Bj I t rat uf i - nuntin
tOoottheBtmtt ?1/ Cart? -?ml, 1t?_i__,
?.'Ti'., tal ?_? li SB I ii ho .1 "
COPPJCB- I 'ia iiii-Ii nu: l?n?irieM in Amer
: ..,'; ?rlic^ w re v.-rj. fini , bat ure it ti.o'ii -
i tia ird di .
k'elloW 11 ,.1 ire vi it!., u; .Lange, au.? ? lil 4.-, fur Ii.- '?
i (ii ION" -AV.- i.are had ? more active dein?':', fir tl-U
- li?, tad Hi marka, ra ?_ retry I titan
ni ?ai..-.i . f I Bl lalla Ml ?1, MlM ? f 1,70- |. 1? ut ::.).-?
.lije, fir Iflddtl'ig I pla '1-, BB- ?-'?? i. . tor N*?w U
n Ti. Ut, Bj ' ii'-- - '
Ai-'-nt. '.'."'-'J li in t wai
?u| eriiiieii lu M ' f .1. II I):n;-"r. ? PP. 1 lie talo
WMWtlltttei ? o lidll-d . ?? '.- fur oil'-, tin
. *I bil i. Lui Hil if. at
_.I|C.; I. do. Ir.w dr.. ,- ".-unit
, II ti.'. (lulu,.t:y al -.. .. t da law la m -j:o ,
l i "ii ?lu. it 'Ji<-., ?nd
ma do. Bel aled al
lae; ft G1 m4 v..'. '. . .
rio. limul O lil I.? 0 ? 1
1 . I
Ida, ii.. -. io?* 14 bel?? it
ou ?t .),?? ?.. Ita do. U I ?.? . al - -i t On
. I
li TW .
t . I It
14.?. ? 1 : .1 . M
II . " ! I ,
... I . .,
.-?? a l-l .L-l, ; I 1 bai? "i W-..1
li..li;- 41 D I'
Vari ill"l to
.a . p tr,. . ;i:
Cr? am I S
? ,- (
. . ?0 -
aTalaa, 9
I .
?* .
. lioot, p tr. .
r- - i t. t "
.? -i a
Vitriol. I
I. i I ,V t n i. i - - ?. I
I . . ? .1 '?. OO
.:' '"-'
r a- ...a, .
I . -
Ulm: AKL? '-ii ai. I
II iu: I . - ? - ?
u' .11 I i -I
Bil .?'--' Wl ?
i _i-i.-ea* f?-r trie Hrittai Inn .
. ,i ..v. m. i we fear i , '
? i . .
Al.a. tia th? l.ii!' a ti ti.? tv'r?tet ircaiu
ita 11 n? 1 rg? and ti.-? ar?
.ino? our ?el w ???k1? uie
l win
i-tiue ?it ve ..nil all tiri!'? are :
.'.le on ti.? 1 .? and
-airy f ' le, f-r i ? I tidou
l ill! I '
III 7. I I
i Extra- Bo I ?? '?..to,
: I .... : r I tod? of (J
1. Hal '. ami O'. ? '" I i ? Rai*?11 Lura
aat.tatl icioi'i.? ant
li-ne r, I al ? I to lair
r and Cou ntl ?
i . brai d?. Kjre 1 ...
. ? : ?1 la ti ill ?lui in al ?.
AA ?li in at |t to.
fie II?? ?'. ?tid only a I
at? in.- k ?i, ' ? , ? i. -I .: -i m I ".'i
bath lirrilili Kill? -I I M. t, .
firm an"! .I'-?? willi au up-".
. 'io; Bt
ti I 1 .?e t! r |;i ?V. t ?
i I IN d-U|
,,r! e. -
J>rv ' t ? ' I
fin gi ?.e Beal I ? ?
Pi. ? ... ..I i?l n> ?
?t . 1er.'. .N., IA'. t 100 11 ?
t-ttil. :.. lo k1-', -N , . - '"' ?- Iii 00
ii.?it-g, ?**? tud i- '"-i roa
li. m _. s... i. ?? I?.? ... ... M ? ? M
Ililli-, li .. .i-.i.it.i m out it .irk. t fur
Bale??I ...o?of
fraite oaly a B-od?rata huunett wa? dune. tboui-li at
greea frtiti an abaalaat aaa aH ataU
nrll. V. ? ,'..'
I.'ai-iu?. Is.er. new ?' Nu . ti
.i?, pi*-- r-i ?
i lu ?? I | - .'?. ,1 Ji
o'-' .> )
iii .? '
?? i M
i ' ,? -ii
.s ita, p m . i; -t 1.1
i . 19 a? l-l
?Vi ' . i i , ,T ,:-i lu J" II
ni::' ( l: uki Bl an aitbool ebaag?) ath - ti S
ton ,t i i ? . t ? >*?*- bus
i.l.'Ai-? .'. r i,?-,.? a more act.v? but i
?a - ? l | ii,,, iota nf tai i ..t trrti hy - ?
h iv- idvani .-il ?tel t..
? kel] iu lia gr? j1'? o i ipi i ii
likeli lorva
lui nu i -lieu ? . ?
bim thal rtrodaoe aa latei ?
? pet? will _? ?I i t Korti ? inter*
e/f .i| riti| f he? - i
, araal ?mt. ?
Wheat for i i artoad ntl la rtept di, and
tultier? lav? a th-? i.-ed advantage? 1 ??.a- \'.
--l.il- .1 Bl)
? . ? .. . I,i it?r, ?
Am-., r Sute, at 121 j
i cornea Bal . A' alt ia
duo at I vol l IO Oatt ara aeavr and ?l.i:. tain of
I iu. fair io
to ?iii. ter Iowa li !? i: ?? .. i .?- i
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in .. tur .' ? r.,re. t mu .
pCOVI "J, b it '.ne inark. t iTtwci!
ilull lae llt> . r Ile li-iiiiu ti
li liri
att"i ral
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b-li q ? i,n
"II I till- I oil
tit, ' ni foi Um
BUB 1 i
Sin.? .".,-?
t-a?-elii... - LMB ai.'. ;.
B?i-uns m ; i.-Man m.
I ,r AA i.r.t,
' .
Fur t??e ?rek ri.du *
- pi | i-ii,
l_J.t_ri sa
Ol'N.NY ll.AdN liavri urid?rgoee u-. ?Millilil ,:. ,
tie ! Balaeaa I.a? li.en mod?rale cloitni? at -"
(.INNA .Killi ha? ttvtipn l.tila Uttor ?Jemand Hil
?t??d? at K", j ?
HA A Tin ?.1,11111? initt? lifrht ar.il tb? raarket n hett.-r
mImoI too l.?l ? at-.-.. Li hipping ?n?l |l i?irft:
?iuall lot?. Con. Ure simw !- wait.-l - ,, ?, i-r ?
II Kit I' I.ere lut tw?en no ?iiaiitr? lo not? m Mu: i ? llen-p.
the bin. cut Im MM nio.it-rate. cliainf at ?o? i, I-,c , gi lil
uthar kindi ?re doll ut f HU-4il-. for Jai? fofcl; ?ii-...?.i
for Knn.a Cleaai tX -ti .0 frr Arnerreian Dreaaadi 9i.A)di
II', lor Ital-ri; til) for Su.m, and li., le. Si??:, , !
IIII'K-'?T ,',* ir.it-.i'-' lui? b en actiTB aid
firm with l fair mr.-iirr aal?* ?ine? o?ir I I
i Mt ?>:y .tataiitt on pruttte ian . AMI
Huero? Ami al -I - - ? c- 'I we |tJ . I ?t y
Hide??Pufi,,* Ajre? _.?-. IS ? I pa ?.*."'c : Huenc* Air'-,
-fJ-'.'I tf. .In.".,,. M.,i t.?video . j -,,,,. ( ,r
r.rnie? .?Jo.*, m. 1? ..I'm Ila?. (?-Bade, ?-? ??? .-. | l-j-,
Ile . O'" ?-.. j .'.ID. l<-> . r-ia. .?-,?-, m. '.?j ,?
1.?-.. guli! ti.?,?I ?el -Itm. AA 11 .-?nlud II ltira?llix-rio? A i-.??,
40990 B I Uraiada 14030 a. ?.** ?I :???-.. Calif ir
n't. iouoo :o '?j i, io,-. fi'l'l. U-.IH.1 le^-ctrrin; NtivlrrNn? ._)
Or- m 1.,. .l.o AA'rrtern I oiintry. ?iltiTO m I'.'-)!*-??.,
?ugbier. l)t faarr .') IT.. Mell'.; Citjf T'trughtirr, t'owi
(' n i" th. 11 ?>np. , t oimin t ii?c?l ??lection.
HOI'S ?r| _ iib-til chantre to note, th? Oernard h*? brien
fair fur hone ooirtumrrtl'Ti, we ynoie at ii
u to Hiewth ai.d quality i advn-et from ihe .rriwinir
diitr-.L-ta are (BT-raMa for harre?!mg. and wr. h?arn tbat
the ilau-i??'? done bj vermin U ?ii.L!.
JMJI'iil AA'.t'i ? r.u: ,.????'. stick ti Vin? gr.vlrt and s g.?oil
dum ?ntl, 'pi ? r pi.-nt. ?? i
dill/. Wl laata M.?.Irn?. at ?t-.- ,
'ijil.'U.a!? tij.ll IO; and Beugal I. ,.
** ? t I I
II',.*?- Huh a..?m1 denian.', for S'etch P'-w.? tai,? ?i_,| ? I
' aa tl|r I
ward tendency. Tbeln?*olry for No 1 American Pleins tven
. n v uailoanta, bul prices.. ive sBdefgcac noe?*?ntiaI chango.
I. '. 1 Amener?, per tua... HI ?>??? * IO 00
, ? r tua. 4-. " ..? t? 00
?... per i in. Ill O"?? ? ?
Bar. I I .-...,??.. . i ?
. ;-, tan.
? ?
If-1 "?
, on toe spot and
,' been ftiriv activa
iva ru!?d very
i ??h at
1 '
| - ?*. .'_nil goal I: ?rat n ? ? and Tip? at
l.i- ?. - th li'e-sl ?up-li -?
? .- niano,
is ia bat I
s A)tes, t:> i
.., tai a
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. -
i demand forRfiekland has beer.
merket . I ' ..-non, and ?'.'
MOI . ice was
- ' ,'i . .: i
do, ?' r,". a d24 hi ?
NVVAI. 8TORK9 Spirits 'lurpen'tne b?? b"*ii qu'r
?o ii?" t '. aad
slcee keary. C id? rurpeatli i tisa been in Mir
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a bri??. : i,i;r,-t inn ? . lirm.
rar baa bei na ? Bsdaratslj sativa bal prtcea nr<s without
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l I' ?? ' "Ml . 4" I) L
Pil I'.l?'. No. I. :i .. . 3 .*.
Rosin ? ..?
: -... | ? M
Halts - a ?
Viii'ii nu ... i .- ti'Ji
OILS?C ule Whale has met with a ftr demand f'
. .
! mid lower.
? ? Isla the baads of ?pecula?
tor?. I ? ? ? I Oil I
I. nd OH reinan.? dull, bul price? ure wa
V? ? ,| Mtai
1 City, in casks .4? gul. g 7". It 1 ?-*>
.I 'JO it I M
Whale, Bioeeaed ??inter. ... . i 50 o?
Sperm, Crade , .............ISS B
.??pern. Winter, Pnblenchod.2 B5 9? ?
Lard Oil, I ?;r to Prime . .
Lard Oil No I .? M - I io
Laid (??I. Ko.- .
l;.d ml, t it? Distilled .i BO I l 08
h ros? ' ' I I
?lil. t'A KK? I li?) ti? mull? 1. r.ir the I
Bah i ? f -"' ca?a?, at foi BPB?S8 f.r Weetara rkia a
L o -.
(MI, Ml-" Al.?The dems'.l i? fur a ?I the market U firm;
i I . ni .
i i? i', ?-lit t tat- degree o' activity in
: - - i? -ry v." in. b.ii?.,
m '-. ti
- Plain
. f. r 1 ' i ? r i -
h n:i? irada
?t bnl'-S
hie tin nt
? '
ego l-l, ('??..
? e,?. l.t-i Ta!.
. _ ?. 1.1.s. lu... lui*, lu.... (ona
TeO Brlfi ai
? -. - . ? .... 7 B ..
loo i I ; ill 40 ?,__ II
?i si
Batter, C1 ?-se.
tu ?. t ?. Mas i tuo?.
????li erdiug
??: nn si ?*)?* 1,073
M7 .11 M !'? 1.173
?i 167 107 I.V. 4 .
PK i eui Srasi wo
?it Standai- V? bile, ?nci 4( i <t4*.c.
i : at . , i. ', C
k11 l-l I.? ii ill and pri ??? n- BM
- ? ??idem) limited, and with a
?n .-s are well sea aleed.
? nsi lb. Hulk. 13c t* I
..?ii. (,r..,i.d. ?V ??. k .*I BH
i, .
i iton'i
I r?. ii UM ?
.,rer .? i'i?t now voy H.rV. and
suits fair a? ia4?l_.c. innolhy 8* ed Is a.ilin_.
.1 SU 7.1*0? for O? I ami $1-. Bl ."?J for New. Rougi
?l ' i -?
A ? en coo ! i! 'in1.1.d has prevali?? . r ? sic itta I aaaed, and
t ?.ed hniii aaleelietke week of aboot7,000bega? at
. |k gold, and ia licraion and
bHOT 1* without chang?; lale? at II?- for Drop, and 12c.
for Hork.
UKIX8?We bal* only In BOtleC SSlCBof " hiles Timrleo
?It?! ... g ii auil Pars-ker ?t-i1)*
. ? Id.
SOAP?Cas a 'air demaud and firm at II
. e Mew '"ni (?"!.
VV .i sa u f?ii .lem.in.l Ml ?
print ?r* uiu o.ii change, v? ? ?, . far Foreign,
, but lu prie*? we hsv? no ?peolal
change to i."' Iy moderate, aad eau
. i Jobbing ?my lo consum?is. Wa
- i 41
Cttog i: ? ?? : ... H ?* 'Ji
? ? . I .-".;.I.
r . | .1.1.
. 'i- <i -
Piinutao. Jaiuaica IB <8 ?
H _. IfTJ gold
snd the insrket li l'?wer;
sals of UO.8O0 i und _7.<Xs_ lb lireaa? it 'Jj I
r-i i,V!; Baa Bngarsar?.:e m":?*. and rrio?t?re<*ini?r
but witboui [?articulai ? ' ? ' l_?I0|e for ?air
.? ? ''ulia.
i Porto lwt'u, IN boxes
: ?ni. sales of
?i itberni l'.i ?r.vii. mr t'av.
I . I ress baVC ! ' Is 'ery good deinaml, snd
. . t.iii.ir kiuds sr? dull, and pri?es
ia '1.
TIN? rkc inquiry tor p g his b<-.?n fiir, and pri.es ruled
v?ry linn. Pialar ksTTkrtawrltrBtTtyastrn at Ml price?.
.tun? . enid p IT) - ?_-._?- 24.
Htrv.rs .. g Id
F.inrii?!, ._i"i.l 1 -
Plat*? Charcoal li.. p au .*__
i ? Coba i: ci 114 oil
Charcoal ... |
f hu? li.'eu in ipoderata r>',uest
on 1 |ir. li as beeu ia fair do?
rt m:. : p. let * rah ?! ilrtn.
vv li ', . i a for *r,p. rr. and
'.i ..t! - tt ? .? .. ? ? i..r Sa.tit!) S'il, i, :i*i?'or
tit h..ta?, ?Vi .:..ti ?vest Co.?.., and Bl 41) lor
wiiiKv -Tit nur'.'" la more sc'its? and prtoaa ?re
I Bj ..:.??? "i i,. :? Weetara .?: I-'JIV irec, sud .
Wini vv " iiaitti. ' , MBMaeato note In the
price cf ? , ' e or I'tri .? n I the dut* of
? '???? h t. ?-i only to a nxxlerale
iteal ..'.? of manufacturers.
i ' -'? large, ? rt of I ti? vary lia
? - le maka any
? ff fir ?"li I
w? quote i ' ii , at 47? tor I
b'.I ona .,'in,[er M rino?i .-'. for .'. ?nd
r full Barine?! aad
' .- Ba?
hre de. Bashed lu. ft r I .
i.tl 1 ?_'...? .. r 1. | ,?. Wo
Porelga ?s foUows louth a_n_rieaa ?t -
?'?r CM mm V,"-' i'.r Bnwaahad M'ltira
end Mel . Washed Entra i.
.?n at
tor I na .?e. I Moriac Cm
i'.*-' ladia, 3.'-<t ?
. I U1V ulled, tuij I BUBS
for Wat.
906TOR tell L SiOl I .if 1/,'rW /.
I'm iBToa ? wfi " _p am, un,'
-..' ?rd <-leay,
-. :-'. -?
Amount of ?tink it l
( Mila. v'?,!?.
?eel i log I3BB :.
I week ? " 11 uno i ?? a
One ? : .. II ? i I,."*- 7",
' 1 ??
Per 100 tt. an t'.ti.l wright ' f bille, tallow and meat
?M?, lu ali
I'vug.. ?, th rd qi III .?' ?? few ebeioe s.ngle
Mira et"! I M ?Ve.tiri- |U ?Jball? ?'?-.; MUM of
bulla At . I-**'1.
h-?la0a|-M? h?ndy S'??,"?, ?liX>_f|:.'50 er
much a.
if-,-? ii.i r? Fair quality, ?.*??'?_ ?!? | |goa i
?100) 'riirov, B1 1 t'.rv B ?? I *?'??
mar??, raia Young Cattle for Parsers -Tae-yeer-eMa t
<$t'V tloas year old?. ? I'
.-f.'?;? I'.r ? live Weight, "i-i ?rn-ep and Lanvr-s, per
lou, Al ??--?i
i ?? ii ?? i-.-, r*' ?'
Pica aksBsaala, UMl9a.i iMaiV WUSc per M.
li, ?? Iln_.it.>n 104*11.. pel ? . tounn.t lot?, ,
.-? ir
littl.re- l.rtvliori. If'ins. pea *? . country'?fa. -
Patt? call ?a. I'
B-Buu i ? ? '/m :,... ??.?j,
Issl Beek, nr?) Weilern ot ??' ._ '^y,.
.N'? ? Baatnaboe. i ?" New ion, ...ji e:n.(i?.' mt _tx Tai
???aller see! ano planes at, ?ni .. txt'er faeltag wa? -snat.i
Mated i-rirtn al rlv at IT ighton, where there wa? real tv ? fair
? i ann bOobI bated by toi- pactisa At
i ambrldrt there wea Maa ?^?ng? abeervaala. Mnci? at th?
?>ts?'k at Caoihridga? wa? nayt ??k1 SMBgb lo an.'?. t?M- bttcber?,
anal many drover? tumplaine?! lhat Uary cstuhl ?ot ?eil t?:':r
rit'i* aad Ban ed of any t:?-y thought trade
wa? woree even than last wes.? Alt' ough we -?n report trade
n on? In ely rhe? last ?reek, wecanuot ?hrmg? the f guru? in th?
tit:* of I'.-n-e? ?X'T'tw.r uto iBctaaa the cato al an e-xtr?
to of t-?lite ri'.on KejBtuckv - -.he beat at m?-k*t sold at 144>.,
30sk., I, 0 if P. us in routrsst willi these corn -eaters, ows
si ti yo in? oatt.? ir,s,m the ? -, lona of New Kug.and ?nust be
soh! st a?, li and.lae. p-?r r. ?id seeltywags even iow?r.
B Dow S"!,l en*!-. ? . , Ht ^hv prr hea)j Work.
' 0 nt I'la, lio.- gi.,,, ? ! te i. g tin g..^ g-.-no, #_'10. Ao.
i ir brother drovejf?
s-er.? ?bl ? to arTeel f e ruar?
la. : SO . ?a, .1 n .1 , , ,a J?.B
we? ?
, ' ' '
T -?t.?Bf:
Hen ??--12*?. bh!. Kl..r. II b'i t. IV I mVt MO MBa
101 ??ck? Oil Cake, l_.7_t. l.nth. Wi.r.i? i30?_f
' ? II?. r-X
Aiilt, I.J baali >,-,<?.*, I! pA.t Attiet, jo ?kn. Ii- . ja.
I.i.e li"
J '.ian-.al.
-^200,000 5 ?ItOOOtOOO
Of Tin-;
- i Ti r i.H MU Vu',?.
JC-Ot? "-ti :;..i?.i, i. u !i ii: k jaNI irt !
1ST) lit *f 7 Phil . li? nu l.i'NM I' TAX
ttsniav _?tj jr li ill ?avtai./ ia fur, ar v_a
, itt ?or ii in?,- ,? .. MB! it'ou.? it i.o n ?t
it? orrii r. or i ii? rnifiiii m t.i? ctv ur _? w
VuKK. AT TliK M-*M o# TM* HII.Ii?.-.
T) i, wad. tu . ?,.,! M iii*?,
te Bl. Crels (a b? taiiirtal Baa
? "ii Laka S -:- il ?a
!'??.I 1 - ? At, . , l-'e it?
n.,ie. ?in a f r in-, . f .-aur-li VA r.i,i. V?*|?
ctH-ttri "ii i ?? ?? ?ad p -?-,-? ia la?
p Han? . !.<?- ii li ?-.va llenr?. ti ru. ?_v 3..I mi el, aitrl Ihr otmmt
Mlfra ni?tltlnlie,l ?u ??. . 0 li I i I lo trtBlporUlj ii, ?at
? i.ivii i ll?vala? ?fill- f rl?__
lltlbr.. - i,liri,i el lui- I- iii- )'???? '.?*?
* tulaai
I .- , "i jj i o ..i -i .-?, . ? ?unala
ill? !l-:?_? 1 to til? ?ai* ut ?.?w 1
n Uiea ?na * .?o?i-t.-r per aaaaa?
Iii? ( - , ,rlr ? niortsu? t- tenure, lb? pivrnent ?f
-? I 3 .'? *>-? rir. Mort.tie Lan ! t,.?nl -l.h-* -'unj. .-*v.-i, aaa
t of ?1 r tai] i iiiu-ijij
?1 ii Januar-. I ).?, i ; lutarr.it OeeaeM .lue January and July in a*et
roth anebl? at tate -Ujr Utiafe el Lona ,, in ?.,1. ; or at ?he
, f Ihe f'utipnT rtl tiir City of New Yoi iu io .1 - u ?t the
- I the keller, 10.- ll.mili ar. rIeliT.ia.li lu Iretter, ur the, caa
lu n-ilit'-r. 1 iu : ? h >. k? ef lb? I i
Tb* l?-t?lBtfoa )e, bri-n ?itiiiii.rH hr ."laur. J Ti ria k Ab?
bbbwH Oaaaa,aalMaaara. Kaotoa?a v_? lim ? ?-.- ?buIm,
. ? ?tioa
! cr r -'????
?ud b/url werei rrptre.i l,y .?a*L.!L 1 Til.ni- _ ASOBKW li !"_??_?
i ii c1.i, .,f i, , .?-..,. v.rj?
prill Ipel n.d ii.t.'e.- leoure
A o.I rert the "toa-'i.*, F.qnirtu.rn?. ' "itt
. ? it y Pro??.
'-ty, and til property now .?_?_ bj tue -onipauy, or Out inay barer
[airee by tnetn.
i*mmd - Virrr.rr?'Ln?u ?nd Trnat Ce?.
r of Ni W ?.ilk -bri?;} t..ry ludolt.- IU?-? bftTlt?,
pr milling te pap than M mt i?rity.
Third i Hy Mollet urn,?ern. tit with ??Id Firmer'? I.o?n nur! Trad
Company, wh? ?pey the tiree MafMi ti mi da?,
ii of tbe i.??d i* the
boorin TT.? prn-ned? of <?>? ?! land? ?r? paid into th* Tra?
lin.l? m. '??? boo I?.
Yijtb. '.A ?.mab II. SwirT .-Alt.X-J TUDU? ?nd AMPXr-W BL
Oaaaa wilta? .?'Iru-t.-.-. f ig/m? u< ntii.n <_-, tal
? m fat
ti ? io i o ,? ti -ii T iliur.e'f. up-a ?u.-n y inch?r? aa ih.y icy Aamat
rj ir? rt it ?na ?ud io?terial? t ,tu ,hed li
an.I ?b,. .. i li r ?tut
. jl .An ? ...i.p.i.y t. t..r .uri Tiutteei lu.y Ita?I prop?i
.it lae ti n,I a driirabrtone in ?Ter? pirti, ular.
;-lr n. t n. mt tepon aiaile by Joue 4L
Ctnii m I, - i igtueet
. , |. r-.peel ? i'on.pony the detlriMeo??? al
i.,rtl ?Tari, ?min lillipilli? ?be
?un. i r n-...iir... ti... Uat? '-' mod -?imp-'-ied win aaweatlM
Uli'ti, ' ii-.tll.- ?tra? ?iii-, to ? 11 I ?ni? BOW lu???
I - . .mi ? r.- -? t i tie A? a porl . , f the
? :?nJ.??e .o.e-rd. (Joed fine I mi fire te?
+ lnu..rAt B M la Laka ."-- Creta, and if mr toad 11 Um
.. ! elaj.
: i.? lief la i Ui. lll| Mt
. r.j bo Ajiu, upou Ula
l ?
mplrti- in.I ?eel? the rint f,rty mile?, much of tim
,, , 'l-rti?e at ?era?
r i..? , t_i le by com
top of Mi?n-Mrta
for tnlt year I
I r-it in eurraney.
? -.? I'm?
hir,!.?it pi ?? ill .??r,i tat ? ?? ? i ? I fot ?mt ta na ?' '.nr ?iieaaa,
wliii, the bonu-wil, b? .e.t bj ..,..-*? of clur.e. Xo lue pa*.
cb li*?r.
? ,r ln'?i.-.lc.? tn I'l'.Tttr ? the
Bruin. . reailj ' ' ' i.iu-atv,
I.flll .rVV I' ?A -l'?*__
I Ir-c ni Ti, ?: ' OBPABV, I
No "1 ririr. iw.T. Ii ...nu Nui. Li v.A 'Jl I
AT a MEETING _4 I ? BOABD ol I)IK1.<'10K8
. of- ' Air ?' "S ( UM. f'OMi'A.S). loditlte fLi-eoftbt
Bt) the fii.uwiii' MMMWHt u' _niroo_t||
? I . ! : ,r?!.a en.-jini y**i
H -, n '.A- ileiry P Dajratf, ei-., Titea
1 A. I AA :n-.-r
Hy ordar aith? board ol l)it-c..r_ .__________
.-.. errtary.
CAHlt alo AN'> S?R1 . :.'.\ HAIi-WA?
/ ( -IM i" ANA.
?INO . ! SO RDM.-:.
aa> ???a iii r? ii ty be . ? -. Ne H
i Ty el s.v. A I 'is ?if
. bun ni ti.? ?*.iT?de_rriB?l
.. 13? tmki
... for thai v. i. ???, and bjw euioautin? ti 1-0
* S. J. TILDEN, Tro.tea.
UreicB or raa iitcoaiTv i*??t;itA?iC? c o. l
N .. li . I.KOt- -??T S-W \ DHU. Am. 16. IJ'rl. 1
AT a nieotin-' of DIKEC'TOB-J bold ti. - d ir. A. F.
HA.-in.Si.-. -M., wa* anaaiai-aety e:-rt..l Prmlrat ol tua
? unpin, llruoier UK tlAllll'l.. HAVIHX K B-otetea-?.
("Chicago and ?orti?-wkst_:rn railwa?
J ci? viR-T MOBTOAOK ?isMMilTMi BUBO. (JhE?B
Bar i uti Ntioii
AA rt-trn ofiort mty t>* mi?-, to th? inder?ltne* ti 1-ii. ffi. ? No, a
? ia IA* t-it) ..! New A urk ?Ml ti n\ .ret iu. on ti.- lith 4a?
il.-y . f September. 1 -*, foi A? p'lreln?? by lum .?f the ,b uit?
-, !? L? lb? ipp - ?ukin? Kiiiui ?rt ?patt by the
?aid Couiumy i-r lb?, p :r m _.uouLii_ri to *J l??'.
I S TtwatM
'PKAN KLING CREDITS on Messrs. J. ?.. M?r?
1 -.A.?t k 0* I..J>_tUN ,Mli--eaao_? IO (JEO l'r AHODf
... ? n |M tMiueiiMi ntta. o, EUKOPK and IM
? ??.Joy HAbNEi .AK-lUiA.N A IT . No. -J E?-?i?eaw
?. c71 U. 14. FISK,
? - , : -. ..'rir.!j,
Nt m nassau st .
BBim sr try? i? ok lil?
li NITER Bl a NOS,
. - .Tsa un Bama,
am. . ? ? ..Es BBcirarriBi
< irr or ALLiaaaav l'a.. I
tri??.cuan? Or?n a. Au? at, ltH |
SEALED PROP08ALH will be received u thia
or!, r' r ajaiattiBH rtVBMTI MX PHI CBMT Ml MCirab
BONDI I .i.i t ey .f thoa? _?ttir?n| in 1.79 1-71. I ST. lud BBB
a ? Itlt?T 1' ' ,-.lo.?i. I U M ...I. lpt1 bulli.. "
By ordar ?I '.be ITmiuut'-i* M Finaar?,
City Trew.ire?.
7 Per l'ont .Mortgage Bonis
?"?HI. A- -. AM? .\i>;* | H WK.-il l.l.'N UMfTT
\ ' a. \\ CO rUBDED ROUPOBI el me KlR-iT Mt)RT
BONDS ?Written ofari tiny Ir. n-?.lr c? ti? .i-..lrr?uii??lBt
hi?otfir- s i A, . lie (Tty of New Tork < ? .t'cloata
in ?ti,'- ' . !.. si ?ii- ii I,!,,, i,i iu pur. uai? b? ulm ef
lim H NT. I. t '.ii !'">.? lu,SilS ?f tn? ia A " . .-tap-k
rttiou ?if II.? tit,not fun I ?et ?pit l.y th? Baa. t oto| my ' r thel p*^
)? - a-, i It-tatt - ' ; IT S I ? rta*.
Urn ? o? Tan N?w \iiaa. Paoviot-tes ??o liutiox I . It m.,|
BMaiBiaa ? nu , Sept. io, um. I
N'OTICE?TheStookholdai-i ?,l tin? Compaoj ara
ad that thalr ANNUAL ME K.TINO I ran KLBO
1 , 'N' . ? TIMK lilli- fur o.' ant Lut yatr mil iliu I- ti? tree?
tr Uno . t ?.' ' etlir. t,-autr?i m mty i-ji?a brfer- tlir.i all lie hall
? -li o ia tbe lit* ,! fron.! Khola
ra- I k 1. W.
I'll* pol ? ' 1 III 1 .1 ..*- immM
will be cloa-tl
I-* retaip. _
.'??-I or rai Ku?t Stibl BlWaa Mihi.to < 'i.tii.l I
No 7-. Bku*ow?t, Naw-loaa bept li. I-bo f I
NOTICE n berebr *pran that nu a.-.-.'M-iiieiit af
(?M i')")l !.\R p*. ,'htr.. ii .??iel ..,. the .-?a.-tal Weet of tile
lTuip?n. jin? lent ?liri h ?Bal m reee? preperaa
?OCt t.. - r ,. HI) p-ivin!? it tliel. o(_,-r on the ?-".h la*?,.
With mt?
IM M !'">ND Triiaii?,.
Kill 1
N .".iii .KAN l'Y ANI> INJ.l.MNI a'YOO.,
New Yo'k Amm? 1. l-i-M.
?.t t ???'tit,; . f thiBotao nr Dl_-M-0__, JOBHUA J. HKNBT
wa? auai.iin i Jily ?Ua-tai t'.lK. -! DENT of lb li t'.in.pan?.
Siarei I) Pl?_a-.,c? -I, . HroUi?r? fe Bta
A \. I u? . I A. I Ml V i<.
r.. Ai?t Hur??? .a ni I.. Vm I! irtmnn AT?.
Jn?iT_i- i u'ttM ef rtaeraa, av?u hi 4 - ?
Jobl AA ni r? ,| s? ? ,> |i ?h ,*.
Toiai a J. II?-,?", of Ni?. It Hi?ada?
? nu ii. Joaai-oit, at ? n . -. ?' :?hn?i>? k c*.
llano Dow?, o4 Ti?.J Di?? '. I ..
I . A Mi'Htaj. a Pieaiuleel e ?al - ?atti Nation?! Bael.
AA Ut "Tura ?'?? - ?1 '" U Mi-rai.tu . ''>
(laoatiK II I KI li? if l'r-t n h Cn
Jasa* r rV't,j , . , - V VAT. ka?.
lill??? Vllric--|. "rtvr-'i?? I rtl''
i i HiKi.l.arBK-aa. I'ra? ol cn? ?Iteal AV*tt*ra Mina? let. Ce_.
Mibus '..ti. -fB !'.t?ei " A I
( . Y luaaati?. < C K. DimOtntait k Co.
.'VI Ut-.NUY rr??.l?nt
JAMKi" ?VALLACK A i,.- t-r-tt-aat.
a ?' li J OOBBB TiatiuiM.
C.U'l I Al-, B-..(K)?).()?J?0.
. i ?II A !.'. IS, '?? nu-, m M'timiii:,! in "?Toa?? tee ra
Taatu i? sTwt. ir ',-ii .,i ,...; sai.rai-ia?. ?Ito. ea
bM__B1A?TO K/DRiWa.
Ta ? < o i taw ti ptapa ' ? nan? if B**i ?nil P*?*
??ntl Ka.ti' tait., ti--, ?'- Inna _t Sti'.?i aal i>rra-rtatl*?fc
-. A
Mwit. ., arl,,,.. i_t-j?,,_ ?? ?rill h* taeaeO
benian in-?r-i- _ _
New Yoaa Sepe 5 I'M.
HPHERE will ha am?ohr_K of the?ti*-jkholdV? ol* ti*
In ? iii AIM MININO 4fcuMrANl , Lamm
para -? B-t-iaa? .? '? .'? | a ? ? ? i tie weak ?lill
?_I?i?t1 (
'?li ? !?*

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