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Meeting of the Union State Convention.
li KiUniit-tir EfffptioB -irrn to tbr Southern
l-yp^Bcs of W<3Tidell l'hillip., (.en. Butler,
ami OtherH.
MORNIr.il siis-lt I.
tygtjtkal Di.pttcb to The N Y Tribut,.
li?-?-??, Thursday. S??pt. 13. lrv-n.
Tht) 14? j iil.litau State .'.iive-ntic.u waa largely atu-iulcil
tikis morDiiix. Tremont Tirmplo wa? ele-tir-el*. crowde-d.
1_* linn. JL M N. Williams wau ?kr**??! tompoi-arT l'ha?r*
ano, awl mud?' ii total oircninit ?paecli, wIiktT mas well
trat-aiveiL CcM?uiitues ou C'n?d?'ntiHl?, Org-iii-Alii-- and
*_?_t>lii!Hiji? wei? ?'?i?oiiited. Tue ('..itiunttee on Ue-olu
tiona ib*! a Radical hour. Franus W, Bird, Warrington
B-biii?".!, uti.l .lame? ?_ Stoi I are member! ot it.
?Tren. Butler wai ? uauimo ?!y eltx'tt*- l*r._ide_t of th.
?Dauv.utiou, and his apin-alunce on the platform ">?.
*-r?-eU?_ with ?'ntlitiMii-tii' ? ?????-*, a large j?.?!!!!':! i?f the
aodai-.iice. liaitg ..lui waving their hit's. His most radical
?tti-raneei? WT-re the mont cordially ifplaadtd, After the
c-ttrt whit h gr eted lum lubakled, (..-n. Butltl -aid:
? uri?, h of aaa. nu ti i a
?__jrrt.iv_~ or on ( ? 'NVLMi' s I.t-t us first of all mingle
?BBV c-agratulatioi.? for the triumphant ?ucoes-Mif tb? great K*
|>ablic?an part?, ? h?,'-'representatives in the coin dob?
_*-i--' Organised on itt present basis m 1851
that party ni-arly t.mcd the country on the Mn?it issue of
Beetri.it lag RUvery witbla the State? where it d-olded ?? Coa
atitutiou-i Huilla -ere liied. More suecr.?f il la l-'-'i, iticori!
tap to IL? fort?i anti in the mininer of the- CatBtltatlo-.lt
??aotecl the 1'rr-Kitlent ami astutned the adminititration of the
?pvernuicnt. With no pretext ?ave thi?, teven States ot the
???on. ander tbe leivl of S->nth Carolina, undertook, by lb?
?oat aolrmn fon?? of municipal nutet ment, te? a indicate her
tavoritc politioal dogma of the ?operiorit. of Stite to Federal
aUegiafici! auder the Conitltutinii, and to e?tat.lish SISTerr,
Whiol wn? luit h tolera.oil iiicii__nt in the frame of the ?ov
rramert erected by our father? a? the ??onier-ttoBe- of an enc
?*n-. 1 ti? teaching? ii the Sotith of t generation cnliniuated
In Uti? eiiterpri?*. Kelvin?; on the peacfol prosperity o! the
Worth, its unwillingness for strife, on the la? loving and oh y
lo?: ?pint of i'h jri-opli which ??_? niistakeri for pusilammitT.
the btilil. Lad leuilrm of the Kehellion thought U>succeed by
aa appeal to a ra a. Putting faith lu anticipated coTp-ratiou
ou tbe pun of ti tat wiro had foriiieily aeied ?iib -Urn under
the Consol .lion tT sustain Ihem in their repudiation ef tbe
Oeaatltution, tbe? began a m??-t cautelen war. Ti.is iatane
aet drove every true patriot who had intelligently
Hatched tbe progress of va nits to toke ?ide? wah the tioiern
?eeal in the pen.iug annual .tr?fele, and that the I'-pnbli-sti
far ty which had tuff-red lo th?* estimation of many men. be
aaaee it upi?axed to be a national party, became the great
national IT.ion part, of ;he country. R-licved by the lnex
??ahl- :? from any constitutional oiiiigaliont to
Batt?In Slavery, to estahliili which waa the cause and object < f
ila war ou the part of the in?iiig(<i.U. the lleputd can party.
Widen,og tht platform of its principles according to tbe
(remane ideas r f its inreplion. adopted universal freedom.
aaJveraal eeju-ility and universal j-itioe as the fundamental
arUelee of its atti-. The flint, fit .dom for all, was established
ty an act of tbe war making power: the last, equality of riirbta
aad equal Jattioc, are ttiU in conti.L When the la?'
aarrendered ta the ?ictonout annies _f the I'nited State?;
whee Lincoln, whose pen signed the immortal Uec-laratlon of
K-aam-iptitioi, bad laid down his life a sacvi-oa for it?
Basinlet .ance, when bnndredt of thousands of brave men
liad fallen in the contest; when thousands opon
Ikonaa'itli of the tame men bad most miserably perished in
ti? morder pen? of Belle lal?. Salisbury. >*nd Ander
Beardie m torture? only equaled by thoee suffered by the early
?Vlanstian marivrs. that liberty and juat laws Blight be es?
tablished ihrougbout the land, the nation might well have
bby.i that there should lie no foot of American soil where an
>_?erk-an citircn. of whattver rank or co_ipl?xion. peaceful.y
advocating whatever proposition, moral, religious, or polnl
?aal, ?hotildnot be free ao to ?Io tnd be protected Dilly in that
?t Surely a stilhclent price had been paid that we might
ueaib tuen a (iu.erument to our children?thal Inheritance
?which ?e roci-iAc-d from our fathers bnt have heretofore al
ta-wtsd to be tarniibed ia the Soot beru State?. With tbe mil?
itary power of the- South subdued, ill soldiers captured, it?
attasen* substantially paroled prisoner? of war. their mum
cipal organisations broken uti. their pretended oui .-ruinent
ewertbrown. tbelr leader in chains, ana 1-tt Individual citlren
twill a few glonou* eioeptiom) having forfeited every
right under the Constitution which he hnd repudiated and
aaaeevori-d to overthrow, it only iKjuired that tbe Daka
aarty of tht country should have agreed m all the branche* of
?-r-veriini. nt wtip?i it lepreMnted, to huve imprinted upon the
aaantry thote pi i net plea of liberty, etjuality and Juitice it
had ?o f'illy declared, io that inch imprest thoold have re
Baaiued forever. I'nfortuuately, the head of tbe Admanistra
tVea, tue Chief Execauve of the Dation, waa not found ron .1 U>
Ita oc?-?Hill ; or It indeed, a? bia ?leclar-'.lon? at one time
taaated to ?bow. hit intellect divined the true courte, there
lacked some i'uality lu hit orgaui_ation which prevented his
Craapinft the lahlioie litnlflo-aioe of the politicul -?otition of
tie ootfctry at tbe great millions.* nation in the rcireneratlon
mt Ibe foverunientai inttitptiont of the world. Occapyn:",'
B-Bi?< I! I it.'i deliul? whon be ibouJd have dealt with treneral?,
m*md}tatt iMtlitica when he aaeaM ha.? Bee? aatiag ata-taaaa- J
atlip. buaylna hlm-e'f with clemency to Indtvidnal Rebel ?np
Bheante ?bile be wa? nnlnat to the loyal heart of the country.
Bee. Ina? to repair the edifice of thetioveniineiit by petty expceil- I
tal? lustrad ot laying the fonndationi of itt reconttructiou
eVstrpiu ti? hroau primlplt-b of ti.* pony whuh elected hiru,
l?o?ignir'i'._ ti' m eaalti of tome security fir the future iu
at?_d of ia?_att| upoa these laiidunental elementary rights
aad trutht m oouclitiona precedent to the retum of Rata* to
Balare in the O? v -riiiiieuL be proposed Ila Uicre li., ulenti ol
tia eit_iitioa as BtflMaal frnarnntees. It'-ijuir nir only that
s-at-y ?bonild ?gre? to the abo-itlon of Slavrtry, which the wager
mt battle had rernhTe'l c-omjil-te and etenu!, to tho abutnloti
?Bent of the oruinantet oi secession, which had been nnllitied
a_iktl til' mar of cannon and the clash of aunt, the 1'resident
B-i-wihI States to rcorgan./.j tbemaelve? ut.on such bltia, to
mot for? in! claiais lo a pxiilion of the (Lu enraient of the
-Ountrv, ? tule tueir Conventions which did io ?ould nut tit
airdi-r ti,- !. Ui of the farr to which tL-.-y hail renewed a per
y_r?XT alie.Tiiiice. Aihiiiniu i in himself a sutlicieticy of wisdoni
alone to in.et a uational critia greater than ever :
the intellect of mortal man. he ni elected, ther-fore, lo call
to Iib aid the oth'-i .li purtmenti of the (Jovernmeut eitel..
ay the ?auie Ttttm and the IHM vote? which had put
kim in tie position from which a willed accident ? levatetj him
to power, and thut railed Irotn the dust eveiy hi.iul.hd. oon
tjtaered Ii.?-'?el, and converted him ?uto a tdustering. blatant
??-?mant for rights which he had forfeited and to mai
?rre-ter than baa ever belonjretl to bl? State or secuon. "AVhen.
_bai-f?ire Con-rre-a? carne totjetber after teven n.oatbt worte
ta_a la-att in fotterl-g- the spirit of KeMiion which had t_o
r??abed It our vtotonout arm?, the lovai repr?sentative? ol
tie nation were told Ibat the said ordinance? of tec-eriMon
Bavin. t?een repealed, ami the amendment abollibma- Sliveri
kav.Bg been adoiited, without furthc-i MU or c
Bene I?, ?reis wno hod foLyht to obtain po?ei outside tht
Vbioi) hud a riirht t^ re-inme political power i: tide the Ininu
iBei-ast-d !.. the i?-pr?ae:it:ii)uii ol tieo-hllhs of tleir emanci
patad i>?? ula;ion. I-tcan?e. while the neg.-ot-r. were tlnvn
and had no v.tei their ?Baster? were allowed to pty ttxe? fm
and to rer.reieot thre-e-fifth? of them only, and now "that their
alav?s have become ireeiuen. although elcprived of their votes
tr-oautif of ?awi made for tiave-, still it is claimed their
_B_"t>i_ ?hall represent _? -fifths instead of three fifths
aaf them, while tbe Beirr?e? rai. t pay all the taiea astetaed
apon t!..tii?elies. so that if tbl* wrong obtain?, Ibe
?at-tll-oB will have aequired for it? traitor? exemption from
titree fillha cf their taxation, and an m?rcate of two-flftht of
thair representation?the exuet reverte of the old political
B-aiiin. "No taxation without reprcsentarion." this being
rtrpr-tentBtKiB without taxation, -hit ?hockinp-injmlice th_
biDated hy tbe President struck the country with tnrprite,
ant leas than it ili.l the kindred claim that it waa for the Ex
Beat ne to determine under what guarantiet and under what
esnditK.na State* were to resame tueir torieited Governineiittil
relation? iu tbe rnion. The great Union party, through their
Itopreseut-tives in the Bous? sod Se?ale, with aa ananimity
antpar?irlrd. aapeclally aa tbe Executive, at tbe beriBDing o!
phi term of office, attempted the disrupt.on oi bia party hv the
jj?_?._-. af pu?rr an(i the eedactiout of piece, maintain?.
that i*. wat for CongTess. as the Jjeintlative Dody compri_inr
three brauchet, to determine upon what termi and st
waat tin.? "tebelllons States, conquered provinces, territory o'.
Ike l'iiiied States occupied by dialoyal inhabits--?.
their State urgani-atii-n lout or abrogated, should be allowed
to n-urg-amre theauerres aad oome back as pari ot the (jevera
aaent. n.,1 that other guarantiet of fitaeaa to exercise political
pawer mutt br grveii than asking purdon? to obtain property
?a- the taking unwilling oath? by reluctant perinred lips.
After a caietul exambation ?f the whole subject by wltneues
?trawl? from avery portion of the oonntry. Congren determined
that the inTabitanti of tbeae revolted ?tatet were not tn such
aiiBditioo of loyal feeling and.feally to the Government and
ItTvc for tit Institutions as to entile them to send repretent,
firm to make laws for the loyal portion of the oounlry uni,I
they had given ruaran ties for good behavior In tbe friture an i
ahown tbt-aiselve? willing to adopt ?be rtrinolple? of e-'ualitv
?af "renouai right? In all cm/em of the I'r-.ted State.,
aatd their ab*_rre_ce of ??H-'-??ion and all us lucidrut
_.)> aaopting certain Comtitut ond ame-tlmente ret
aertd iteoeaaary ia consequence ot tbe Kebellion, to wit
That the debt incurred in ?uppreetlag the HebellUiri
ahotUd never ho repudiated ; that debt? iacnrrecl in tee liebet
Han thrui. never be paid , that equal personal rights tbould be
*-~?raiitee-t ?o ?Tery elt?>?n o? the Uni!?. Statee In every
Mate, an- equal protection auder tie laws, and that, ao long
BB any c'a?? of mau in tb* Statee ? tre prohibited from the
taareiie if ifceir political right? aseitlren?. thee shoald not I?
HTBltd in tbe quota of reprtwentatioii. To but?! of as?may I
tot tay til of tit '?these tarmi teemed too eatv. too n.
leaient lAptltiiae1 It aeemeil to at that Cong?at did rot
E? far rnoUj.'- in itnbeddiug In the very ft?,?dallons of the
oven.- ; tte true idea of American liberty?the g-ei.t
re*-.: ol lb? war?to al) men jnst ' ty of politiimj
aad paraoi ut nghu. *Te were willing, however. If the pro-tu
tllaot. ol . oagreee had been met in a ?pirie of lore aud kl_C.
aaae, or ??ea _or?__- a-a|?u??.aii-., hy the --utb, to Late
realTired them again to tbe ?eats they had profaned and
lea ?ried and to a faur ?baie of the por .-i which the?
had altin.! ?? ? ??? r-.-'t te ? !. , 1. the* had fm'.
?a-ti-d. lAnplsii? Memphis tsaTanaar:.
aail Ne? ?u.aiiB. !.. ? . 11.?;:r nott ?_d the ft??-.?
tweet liaaoaBMii, w11 ?a'Bal w? lutT? not', ng lo ton ttuta !
UeloAt' .'. c/.i'.i- the pttaiattaa??, the IcwtJt? the frttcrual !
feel i.
who ?
O' t.? rearee.ni ii
fuagl.t _d?.i.tt the '
>?"f' ,..?., ,-t- ,? (p.,,.
pea*, m i , jillet, of n??rT arnaiiT ?_f ti
**?_??<*. tnior-i)--?1ti_sasan,|:i'r i>o-irer ,
Will oat ?BV __d?a ,-_tt ut aroU.
futur. i. the hmur, ? _t oAce j
?anew??.. Shall ?hoae-rio. lav? betraved tra. e-iu.tr* aad 1
trt?d i
Mi iu
War i... ' net I
?toual ?:
??. nagi .
' lllat
^UH?rwIfc ,yi,-. 'hi- ??"?.ni war ?.aijjj a? :
?narpi?, abroad ?ad ?t horne, which bow ?lund? __f____*_\
and pow. riul to uphold the pnuciplt? of it? (irr?n|*r.ti.?i (?i
make tbem tbe law of tb? land, ui.twith?ta--l!ii_ trou bery
hi io our rank?, and tbo union of all our tipposeats
and the fir-ptii.'ins el the t otintr? t" overthrow i
fear, without '.(?nation, without doubt, we ??'I '
Iwtwt cn eternal righiind unroe??ured wron?:. < ertaiit that io
Hie end, what, i.-r trouble, darkn??,. or liffleulty m?y eoaaeas
SB "itr inr.t i,!' ?, if ?e ore true to thom, mult triumph. V. e
oanuot go wrong. There ii no ?nth thing a? missing one ?
path on? straight roid. |("beer? J We ipnrn the < op-roe that
this l? a white-faced mats'? government. |( beer? J Weare
now to look to tl.e heart for color?oot the face. ((. neeril W e
iniitt tliui it i? the lor?l meo'i govern?-.?!., wiietber be tie
white or bleck. We look to the color of the
heart and not to that of the face to determine our
political friend? or . neime.. |Bencrt ai Bbseae.. W e hold ?li
men who fought with c? to ?ave the country oir rquo!? in
right, In governing tbe country and wo hold all men who
fought ?garnit the ooantry nntit toUke part in it* government
until they heve ?bown duo repentance for tlicir ?in and bave
brf.iif 11 forth worki meet tor repentance. IProloLged cheer?. 1
DelegBt??? of the Republican party of MH!?Hchu?ett?. we hore
in the old Commonwealth have ?u batan ti ally no conteit. W?
?tain) ou tbe vantage ?round of being pioneers io the princl
ide? of government. We bave no temptation? to y ida am
thln?f to fipedtency, but to follow ai our pohry
orri?- the dict?t? of Justice and right, and thus exe
ciac that iutluence fur the Mee principles of government
which ha* be?-n the pride and boast of our btloved common?
wealth from the inception of the revolution. It ii for us. sa
tlieadvancod guard, to vindicate, to eitnblub, to make oertein
forever, wherever flout? the Americun finir, en milly ?if righi?
an J t'tuallty ol protection under the laws, these great ?ale
guards of human freedom as a birthright and an inheritance
Indefeasible and inalienable to manhood [cheer?), to engrave
?uob charter of rights to mankind in letter? of living light, in?
effaceable through all time, so tli.it prejudice iball
not misinterpret tbem, willfolneis shall not mimuder
stund them, nor perversity, whether of king or presi?
dent, shall not dare to interfere to prevent to tl;c?r fullest
fiuiuou is the glorious unfulfilled mission of our organization.
Cheer-.] l'o Ibu wo stand pledged, by the teaching! of our
patriot aire?, now retoliolug through thii hall : hy the nallowed
blood of our ion?, .lain on the battle field or ?turi ed In prison,
1?. the ?acre? mcioorlei of tbe bleeding corpte of the aseai
iinutcd I. .ncoln, by the dying prayer of the kui ntcd Horton, the
lit?-?t victim sacrificed'to the nllar of Equal IiighU; hythe
?:-ie letTetvi-y of th? pure patriot Do.tie, BaoSOOlOO to t??t?iill?Ii
wrong mud ?In. betineathed to his ? IdiiWetl wile uni nu.?.mini:
couniry, in hi? laut, dying word? ' Let t!ic goinl work go on."
*?c?, unnumbirt-d, glorious beroes at the buttle; yes. thou?
sands of Buffering patriot? murdered in prison? now beatified,
seeing your live? were now ?pent in vain*, ve?, martyred
l'resideiit; ye?, ?ainted teacher: yes noble-minded patriot?
tho good work by yon began, for wbiob you laid down your
live?, shall go on until every footprint of wrong or oppie*?ion
by man to hu fellow man ?ball be blotted out foiever. (Pro
looped ?nd enthuilastlc cheer?.] Oentlemenof the Conven
tioD, accept my think? for the honor conferred in the position
which you bave ?ssq-ued to mc, aul BJ reliance on your
courtesy and kii.dnvs? lo aid mc in carrying out ile dutle?.
The Ct'iiV'Tition then aeooooM t?> noun no! ?on.??. Kaili
of the present .Slate (?tliccr? from tbo Govcri.or down
were successively renoiniuated ununnnoii'ly by si .lulim
Tbe CetBTeatfoa thoa peeaesesl to Ma l s st its CsaUol
C'iiiiiiiirt't'. e.ich delegation to elect OBI t i Bael lea?
atonal District, after which it adjourned to in? it the
Southern loyalists assembled in Kaneuil Hall.
On the reassembling of the Convention in the afternoon
(lie following address, frrnn tbe rx-Ti of Wm K Robinson
?ii Malden, wa? read and unanimously ado* ti i
T!ie ;itldr??s BOTa:
Ws beheld the ?Iran-re speetsele M the President of tbs
United State? drllberatily pi.tem?; himself M too Amt at t
combination of hftlf-reeon-trueted Rebel? ai.,1 thetr defeated
Northern ?Hie?, coing about the country,.laecaipsnie'l by a
ponton of hi? Cabinet, and denouncing the leg,-native branch
of the tiovernment H? nu illtmal and traitorous body hanging
iijvon the rene M the OerseOBBl? wnicn Government be alone
propose? to tie, and avowing principle? and purposes the ligi
coi remit? of which mutt be ? violent attempt te lubvert (on
gre??, or st the very leit-t ? repudiation of all it? legitlation
?Ince the w?r broke out. We cannot be Insonaible that until
the term of thl? dangeroo? man ?hell expire, all Ihe financial
and business laterest? at !hc bobs try will be I !J- t to di?
turbiuicc: Bil the l<<gielat)?>u of Cobgrra? Is listiletoo,! rthrow.
or adeniol of it? volidit) : the Awtiiiltn? nt ??' IB CoootllBtioB
prohibiting Slavery liol prccanou? and donbtful permanence,
and there l? mort uninent danger of lo?in_r der. thing ?ucu
we won bv succ*iiful war oa land and ?en."
The addrei? then declare? lit. That Congre?? oncht not
only to be sustained, but strengthened al the ooming sMetMos
throngbout the country. -d. That the country bim already
?uffered enough from the presence of trallon in the capital',
and the greatest oautlon agaimt tbe entrance at duioyul con?
spirators or hslf ree'?r?truited Unionists ought tobeexercircd.
and no State? or cummuci?e? ought to bo rtj re?? ntcd in the
Sinate or H'uie unless ev! lence i? given saiufactory to the
representative? and people "f the North nnd ll.c Myal paafl M
the .?south that such State.?, cr cummauit ???. ?? well ?s the men
chosen to represent ti ?n ure loyni mid iik? ly to rem?in ?o
ltd. That ?o fong n? there exiet? a party dominant lu ?onie ef
tin- Sitte?, ?rid defiant in all, which hop??? by Presidential aid
to break down the cnngrewioual control ovar the (ineitioii of
reconitruction, and rem?tate in theirieat? the representan?.-?
of treaion and r?belllon. the people have no ?ecurity except in
their own continned vigilance agaimt a disastrous rcaition
which may pat bock tbe came of progreti many yeera ?n ! Ms
gTace the country in the eve? of the civil id ? "1,1 ill, limt
we desire the rsoaaaotMa at ?li tue state? to the
Union under condition? of juitlc nml liberty i ?e
?pprove the amendment to the Constitution prOBOSod
by Congreti and row pending beftrre th* Bute?,
?nd that we arc fuliy prepared to lu leva n l declaration of the
I Southern Vnioniat? made ?t Philadelphia that th.re o?o be no
?afety lo tb? oonctry until tbe nat louai birthright of Impartial
i ?uffraf? ?ed e.;o?llty before tbe law be co'ifcrred upon every
eitl/en of tb ? Mutet the? rcpre?etit. Tlie jrir ? IpMs and tradi?
tions of the Commonwealth imp?, her t? ?eotmu tni? demand
no solemnly made for the complete! enfrtnchUetnent of ? ktag
?oatOBSei rae?, and the ? ?t thlishment of an a\merlcan and
Dumooratio policv of goiernmeul. Kinallv. fellow i H
?e reoogBia* the f.ict that all sjucatiuna ..1 i?.ct,i.?trucli??i? >-i
?nffl-sige, of protection to tbe rrwe-men. of **rurllr lo tbe per
leooted I loniiti of the South, ret
tbe country ititi ?? ii (ml ?t ?
the ?oldier? of the Union ?bo?e bravery detided 00 the field
the fate cf tl.e war, aud winnie ?ervue. will At h.-l 1 m i ter
lasting remciubrauce. reap the ireh reiulu ? f their jabot
regenerated country t Ia tbe words of a? ?misent l.i.
loyallit now the gnedot the peojile of Maainchu??ttB
?tv reeoniiruet the Hebel? or iha.l tin _v reoOBotraet as (
The address was una!..moimi, sdopted.
Mr. Stoi.e introduced .i BMelBlieB, whUt? wot .
li] .itl'tpu-d, wi'lt-i'iiiiiig and n.iii ?Mu.'t'.t Suutherii
loyal delegation.
Beaator Wilson wai Ibaa called for, iBiaUa
m ?lilil? he ?-?iid ih.it til- KTitiincii'- t i
?MOBS wttuld be sustHHu-d by |ii",i?ihi m j'irity ?>f the people
? >: Mai [Oreel aapMososl Aadtlai ibelove
T lilie-T.i, iti.d of equal riglits ?io.? ?1io?i>.'ir ib
this State iLun the Bepublioan party iiuhk it Is.
ti.-c. li. l.nrinir. see., uih'I'- u Balk 1 - h uimii
was woll reoeiv?*?, and then tis?' Coovaatka uiliournod.
Tho true BodVals arc delighted with the visit of ti.? ?r
lilli. ? ni the (iulf State?. Tiny say th:it they have Lad a
i.ilutary mfluciice on our ti?iiiiiiiii.' politicians. The fin t
luis !>?-ei? |?alpdt<!c ti.?it it Is tbo DOM radical sent in. cuts
mid the most railical men who bave bees ile : lOSl |e PB
litr uitli tlie unisses ef tin? people. Althouf.- VVendell
1'tiiilij'S tun not invited to welcome the Boathera lele?
be wai received la I'antuil Hull with i-vi-i, greater
ent__a_aeM thai Bntlar.
Fanetii Hall , I. p. in? The old Hull ia lammed inia,
and hundreds are going away (inutile to sator. Km ti
Southern radical us ne syp eora ia i;r. stol ?ith rounds of
ajiplai.ta??. The bands an- playing tho*.- patriotic
Hinch the bon in blue MwaVBeaOOr, it' i? ?ii
gray always ilon t. (ien. Huiler is receiving a rowing
ttirce timei three of ch?HT8 as he euler?, to welcome the
Southern loyalists oa Inhalt oftks Republii ao ( aveal on.
(lid, fecl.li'. It it tit -\ I!r iwnlow i? I?? lag ?'..irmly t Leered
as he totters forward. He ?ays ho shall only contine hu
rmnaiks to the ladies peeeont, tAtaj of whom from sp
saaraaes ure riagla [Laiaghtar.] Waae you an- Inclined
t" ? finuge ytiiir relation to society, wbicli yoi ?re all in
cluicd to So [luughter], nei? r 'listen to BSpOOch Irttn a
Northers Copparhead or a Boathera BebeL [Kel
laaghtar.1 A nan ?rho ia ftdoe te his country ?* ii never
" toll? wife and thildi-n. The (.?oveii.or Mt down
amid loud t,pplausc.
Oov. Hamfltoa waa next latsoeoeet, sad waa leeetvei
with ti r? s roosiag th? cr.-. Whi
of the i'resilent a? not a policy to lniil'1 Bp the lotion ?mi
.i pint t'? defiroi ti.? partv that ?avcl It, whi i ? .--i ric?!
B i" CoBgraaa aloaw bad tee power lo di mode
and lim: :.'! f re? ci'St.-iictit'ii; tim! ?* lnle ii . State lui a
legal or moral riebt to secede ret In ft I li
secede and Ihorehy snbjei t itsclt after eosqeest t?, inilitary
law and csages ____a. Thal the Babel Mates having dose
so are nut n/w vital commonwealths, and never ?
Tintilrcaninatod hy ('un?.res?; that while by socediir in
feet they kist au' theil own rlrht?. ?ik! the na
rnmeat lost none of its rlgnM whee be anni?
hilated, witk Indignant aaicaam, the : those
?lio argue tial booMM the lithe - ! id :.?? Bah! to sett .le,
ihew Bower #1 os?ale, end ther i n i ?at neither porky have
either guined or lu?! any risiht? when ha tWlared tliat the
Kebels should he treated
when he sj'ofce respect tully ol tue I'.iyal bloeh man, who
m-ver lifted hi: I or bear! ? DlloB, wmbIs
said that tia PiaMleal had bo i.^hl to hare _l> policy in
"I'poMtion ta the will n!' th- people, thal I ?'.
had taken the or-.th ni d the* would t . p it ftom tbe teeth
outward. Tbe cheers und applaiife ?liich (rrieted him
showed that old MaSS.il husi lie .?.?i 1 iii.ti. 'o ' : _ I EBB?
Iii? speech va? l?>ng ai.d was too
y to cell f-rth bit fail powers R Ither Borde-r
st?te? nor _v,'irtb?-n) pohti uto the eh
qoence hcroJwtth aaich Le thrilled i He
/??id that m Ti.iuj a thousand Beetees Lui L?-eu mur
dired wul.iLH ix-Br, ?lui ?t , .uished
fur it. NV he. liiiiTiiiton deiKiiln ti :i dirrraceful ??'??ne in
? ' . l"i las, mid fi e ttffic-ra ?lol
i.et lut?
Hi?o lind Isevl ll,.*re,'' the mule ?ice ri -. n. ii <
ead again tua mai tur arUeh leeMea lbs -? limy of
lL.lr o return to Congre? b; a great popaMf Bajorlly
? . ?1- w__?loj?lly
?b?*ered(iu rsl mil
THE ! ? ?"R.'Itl rpi?.
Gea. Buller then i:
. each w-i-s '?
wire ;
ioiiwnlow. Iii '
Liai, al? .
!? 1 SOBS ferwM LB ia a:.d
proloogtd ctietT'?. Hu said:
siEtrs or WZ-SDXU.PQti
from 1.
AU w? n?.-e?l '
islliet l: -
_M__y|_JiIi_:|_j;_VkU?ti.*.vur-i..? i??,. . 1 i cr? j
New England and the great Weet elaa-p right hands with
the Uni! State??the Lakes and the Gulf un one io tr>?nrt?tbe
Hammer and Anvil are agreed?let Itorder Slate?, wherever
formd. hcroor : ..''cr S"i" take ?arning. | Prolonged ? beers )
I ho audioni'- UM di?pt*rietl.
When Mr. I'liilhp? dosed, there waa warm a*.pl-"*e,
iii ! cries tot Butler MMMdtd. (?-ti Butler -Seated lim?
it? If from streaking any further than jus* to aik his hear?
ers to imagine how it would Minni to bear ?,t Ge?org?
Washiuf-Din making such a circuit as Johuton had made
and on lath nu errand. l-?-t them imagino that MM? hi
Cincinnati, ami hear the, crowd aaying, " Don't get mad,
George," " Keep your temper, George, anti so on. Think
uf it, .uiti then think to what the Presiduntial nftii ?? is re?
duced bv Presidout Jobntou. [Leangliter aud applnn-e.|
Mr. Slack tailed lor ".John Brown," and Brow;, s Bn.'-de
Baud electrifiel tbt andiene? by playing it ir splendid
ttylo, tho Southern delegatei joining in the ippia *H of
tho audience. ___________________
From Our Special C.n-*p??ii?l*nL
KioJANriBo, Augaite. *-?*>
With theeireptionof iinattack on the Argentine Inn? of
the allied encampment on the 11th ult. by a strung column
of P_r.iguaya.ns, nothing of any note ha? oceurrerl ?ince
1 my last. It appear? that Pr? .sid. ?n Uftt ? it fid af m
I aclion sa-oner than Gen. Mitre, and lo keep his -MB lu
good trim, he leads them cvory now and then a^nnst the
allies, and *___-? witt.draw? without katiag gtun-d .?omc
thiiigby his rapitl und unexpected movement-, if not
uiateriallv, at least in prestige.
The fbO?viag is General Mitre's letter to a friend after
this last engagement; it may bt reganletl as a ?ort of ii"n
i,lli<T.il rtptut ol'the three battles of Hint day, 1.1 winch
the Paraguayans ?bowed the great?-.?' maerty
jroaaiblc. As to the loase? sustaintsl hythe tw, belliger
ert-uts, private I.-tiers I tune seen put them down at about
the same on both side?, viz. : -(I) te? 300 bar. le rom :iat,
Gen. Mitre s letter to the coutrury notwithstanding.
lit vi?-. T' n IV, Tilly 12.
Turar Virtl'rrndrnt of On Rrpublu; Ii. ____kT**M l'az
Mr EsTn:*tKD Khivsii Within an inter..ti of'al hour? the
Argentine vanguard baa had three encounter! wlththe enetnv,
an?! been thrico vietonout. Three dtyt ago f puihed forward
a strong infantry picket to the Argentine front, o'?<> to the
Kstero that separates us from tbe enemy t vaugwrd on the
left and i '?-tit, r mt I,I' fort?n???! potitions. The pit Tket cor-titted
of a tingle company, w-ith the real of the battalion fir an-urve
"behind, and wat attacked on the 10th by two battalion? "f
infantry, two regimenti of horte and two bowitvert. The
pit kit rformlng; ptrt of the Cttanierc? battalia.) coolly
held ita ground againtt ?uch gre?t odtl? till reinforced
by the rest of the battalion and the Correntines. A tliiht en?
sued at To paces apart, led on by Col. Ulva?, who left two other
battalion? in reserve, ?nd at the bead of the vanguard put to
the right alton!, some fro-h force? coming to the e??iuy t aid.
Id- took three prisoners, killed lix. and drovi" the rr?t into the
atina, where they had manv more Bil|?-,I or wounded. ,
Yetterdav about 1 p. m. the enemy again f-il in our ad
vanced guard with greater number?, vi?. T strong a-ttaOoB? of
foot, 2 regiments of hort? and 1 howitt-r? Ita GorreBtluo
battalion in advance held ground the Itt af tbt UM ?ol Baa
Ni.'.il?? bittuliou ruthed tothere?cu?and dei,1,ned inlin,- elo?e
to the enemy, when a de ?[.?rate ?tniggl? em ird and lie enr niy
threw ?onie rockets among our ranki which did ti? dari.igt?. Col.
lilias with tbe J?l batttlion and la-gum Militar of tie r ierre
made a dash on the enemv, whilei-overlng one of lu flat.ki.
nntl checking their advance, routimr them and dri'ing tberu
into the bog: in their fliu'ht they abandoned their ant:?, dead,
wounded and powder dieu, but our men o'iiil iut folia?
them through the ?moke, for their Confrere ro, ki I? I ?! ???'.
the ground atire. After ide king up the ?rai? anti ) ti?WML
(?er. I'annt-ro. who bud ?allied forth with the re-erw, .1 len-rl
the for?-??? to fall back lo their puait toti?. and thu. emin! ?),?
?econd combat, which hat reference to tht? third lam going
to relate.
Im iiig that the enemy bad not hroui'ht out til lu? ruerve*.
tal that lit routed force? bad reformed tt thrir t'.J, -um?.
1 tgain tent forward tin- .lil t.utt.'ilion und Military '. ?-.ma lu
. i> ?? ??._? _,11T? d ground, and I approached iii? e_ei_y ? ad?
vanced line to reconnolter IM i_ov?'mei,t?. li ruin.. Hal !.* w*i
Just then preparing tor a note ?erion? attai k wit?i r? ?erve
foreei. Tbe two battitltoiii p-Mited lu the hu.h waited ti. tb?
enemy caro? near, and nunn ?1 in a deadly fire that n.-newbal
aiiiggert-d then- Col. Ki??? was ri.cnf.irn ?! Iii th.. ftMfth and
?nth liBttalun? lent forward hy Cor. l'?uiu rn ttmm ti I ?
Une, and a sanguinary combat ?murri!, resulting in Iba
Ifing a third tim? h rei-d to leave us matter? of the held,
IK ipmc in gr?al tlisorder, throwing away ?onie of t>i?ir arms
anti learing ibe dead and it minded, ?"tile tmty get tala tbt
I bog and losg gras? and esoa|-rtl under eoA?-r of the ntl. I, our
I trooin followed u the Inutile line*, ihoullng ' hurr-b tor th?
Ar.'eiitine Kepuhiio and the trille Aluam??." bit fal ao
auiwer other thau th? groan? of the wounded ?ticking f??t
in the Kater-bn? bol?e. Yr-t??.?y- fi_ tiling re?uli??l ,i ila
?neaay leaving IO? r-rp**? on the told, l>- ?ni" ? IbaM pat?ato
in th? !*?_, ?nd 33 p-i-i.ior? ilniolt all -minde.I, rl-o a
powder ehe?f, lso mutkel* <h?? Baa?* er* *-??_?,? ???'?
luotueut from lb? K.*?ro' an,- a qn?n?lty of at?. ??
ammunition. I ealrulale the ei.em.'iloii tyan !? r lo lv<
hundred. We baie nl?o lul'i-red. a* I? natural in two day?
Vnrd tigltu.g at fifty larda apart; we liar?, had I co-:,mander
1 ntiif, r? and '-'I nie? killed, .oid lot Woonded?4bi I
it ii.- Paraguayana bad ht ...? thin
| flint BDikrti with ?pht neal balli. Vi - I lots of
. tray, killed feeding on lu? mm. and -
oflicrr? ?lum- name? I balo i . t i. I li ir... ii, .Mi, .. lldecOB
und ~_ltrft BIB bat-| ?"tiritl.d. bul there are ?lil! Im,.. -,(
saving thi-m. I am glad to m3 iii?' lb? Argeatlaea haie
earne>l lbs enloglum of tie vii A . (ros! ol
who?-? Ubi i they ?j klhlted
1 giie v..ii these detail? in eoufi,leuce, ai the .
??nu Inn?JIt Irt; made mit in tillie, ?ith lilts of the kill. A,
wounded, and oilier toriii-!
A ti : v.-i.,'i of .'lui Bara***] if Biron IT rt llttlt'l armv l.ai
I arrm-.i ut Itapirn ; ti-e Baron reaialBa witt li
teiitl? topi .-.'.'t the Mi?ion. i fr..!.::? r u itT tv? I?r?/ili.tn and
two Corrent?n,? dilmon?. I leumin. tt tTBf a mir - ti
It i? ii-.t exr-Jained wby the Bra_ilia-ii ami Orientait
Were mer?- ?pt? (at"'- la t!. I -4*bt, ?I I
? int. e th itroj i-d tbe Para-; aa col i ?ni lair,
li' - - aith.lr' Av tu their intrenched lines,
from ?li.tl. they ki DBoai lit ..?i t!..- tillea,
tliereliA du' nying mid Injttrit .? tbtn t" ? git ti exttml
Qta. l'"iy.!on .'.as latta eoam?ad of tti?- Hr
Ibroet m i''.nsiT|iii-.iii- of Ota 0
| ,\yri s I ". r ii lion,
I ltd It would batt batB ImpOttUllt Cr lum !n kaAcnir)
: tinned nindi longer in the unhealthy ?itnittiou to which
I hi? nrmy wen- lakaa bj (Jen. .Mitre.
It i? also repe.rted that A'iin.rnl Tamtin.lai- is fry i,ck,
and will Mum deliver ?mt his ooiDB-tad to aunth r oflkhW
Tlii? is a polite "rat f-f elpp s.-in_ hit re. .ill.
If reports fruin the Tu,H.nuy River I. I?tai.
| ziliiin fier t ini'-ht ?s areli ret uni ti? (Uo, ti to
its pr. s ut aniTinrage lu low C'ir ? Iwhkb-btry
I can ni "t pa??, for tbt ' ir.mii? Mid to birt
I pliii-iilin the narrow iTianni'l thrungli ?Inch the vessel*
j will he ?niJiircHed to past It is tri*.-- l!. I ' I' -
I antTtai btrt betn waituUr at votrk _l??-_t Ctrapait7
' [OiafytRg tbtBMlhrtt, and siiiki: g every i rnft til '
j 1 iv hold of li. tbt liftr. II '' . ir-fiiig their
I eiit-uiy on tin- alert hy &eudin? tnic or two ur'li vu-itur?, ,;,
| (he ali.'.-.f tnrpeilne?. everv iluv t-ni .titi 1 lie ||.? t. 'I'lie
Brn/ili tn-riili.r? h.ivo ln-en iiiir-oii'ininnly lot Icy it .1
? lug some if tbtn from their course lana the river, and In
eatcliuig otb'Tr, until the present |_M -itboat haiiug had
uiiv ?ceident in th?-:r tisheiy.
It it ?ad to relate that the 53,000 men a? h"> invaded
Paraguay more than tltr ?" B-Bt-I ?11.it-, an ni iced to
little ?mre tlitu lUl.tNki. '1 heir ?urti rings _a the borders
of K-i.-r Bel!"ran h.no hi.ti frightfnl i) trat?-** \phueho),
iiiUrnnUeiit fever? and BWllg_Ut stn.ill-pox have thnineil
their ranks tn an ai iialliiigexient. Th? hick of dwtnrs is
gnerouslv felt and hat ci.iitril.iited 1:1 great part toward
1 this terril)'" mortal.ty. Dottai of the?? gctfry wall the
\ siri-r-t? of ti.i? city uith very litth-m nothing to do lad
I Ptill ctimi'it fr-el jiTtnotisin no-fb tri |0 'Hil eierc.n ll.rir
?kill in rrlieving their ?litrentiiiT hrotln-r? in tbt tie'l,
Tka ?'"inn: h.ihr of Um raagaard hai itporttd lo Ota.
Wbltatbal tin- ParftiTtiayans mpftmt to have abind.laad
1 their !::te ?ifnitinn, ;_i(l hex lire to thor ni. a e.
' ilif-Ht is ?1 en aii.ong lb-ID, and their ..t!."'. Ii.ilg laket
jilace ouIa Ht lorn.' lit
Later information r.-civel at Id..nos A? rtt, ?sf.Vi? tint'
Lop?-, is pMptrina foi au-.ti.cr utanll ou the tllii?. .
! ?lilil? I ? .?.p.,-,- he !..i|?s tu du hy surjn M,M h> dul ibu
? last, and ha*, done almost always. ' It ii aso stated 'hat he
1 ha? juft received a re-on force iii eut of lOjOOO men.
I The pinn of invasion of the Paraguay an l.opubhc baa
I been materially altered hi- ordering Huron Porto Alrcre
d'.wn to the P_o de lu Patria lo reeiifnrc." Ota. Mitre, ln
itead of his crossing at Itapirrj in the head-watertof th?
I'.trat.B Kiver. a? at tir?t ilt'termintil nu. The renton a?
Mgii-d for this c-h?nge wa? that th-- Btnn s cn oin force
watltcge and In fine ooadluoa, Brad would hm tu
Mtriiaan]? *uh Gen, Al ti. U m m operatiat by its-if
agi-ir.at the flttril- ol' Lopez's anny. I ver?- mot** 'i"ttt it,
tad f.-ur that tbtiw&tl ?ill, sooner or later, ptrori that
this ?Iteration aa? ?great blunder.
so Porto Alegre u is 1 nnnnunicaled with it ?ill been
? lined that he is ceri d.-licicn? ?11 111?' ii at .tun if tbt
? ?? winch the iTi-ninnml, rn.-< lu? 1 Iboatbl
BbuntliiijCr iti-rpH-d vrith. He eoon rkiira I
Patria ?ith between twu %%i three -hot-taad MT-lnm?-n.
In cotiteejnone. oftli?. a m*rj bal beto u.tl.in-rt ty tbt
Amotine Qortk_*|-tot of 8^60 horse? ami mul?, for
t! ? IT pottoM ? : f.'.'i ?,- till per he.i 1
aitliougt, lou* Hr,,i i.aile,
lind protctU eren Mtl tv "oraiafl -____n, tbt law bat
- :ng on and tt:,. t: ,i ?Bg-Md-t
carii'.i.g thu r .afpl tt* :?'.
liIOOI n* til t - I ? i . . --.??the
I'.ir.iii?. and all pn-paratmn? ?
be about the |fft ?r |0ih in?., a ?nul battle i?tobe
' ' tr ? ?.
. . Ulis war liMii;. ti
I nar
trs forn ih.
tym paper:
? If ,t !.?t taiirr three ntonib? and eight i!?ti fnr ti
t fur i! m reach Am
f:. til- I';. . ? , ,
i ?
foinier,- g, .m ih? ?, -, ...
should be helping tbe Oenenil (loverument to pet an end
tu the prissent war.
(?wing lu the o|'| (?t'l'in rind?' by the -??-nate and noil??
m ii.-; ' ?ii meeeam pnpeeed hy
Minister Cenoa Bat. ?i<? dieeenteal at ali?o?*- un um
busmeee community at Um evils which ho ooah] not "r
did not know how' i? over; one?, the Caliinet tendered
their resignation to th?; Emperor, v.ho, after somo hesita?
tion, accepted it. and emps.wercd Senate r Zetiharias de
Ot.es ? ViDV-oneellos to form a new cabinet; on the i!d
inst. tim following list was announced:
Minister of Flnaoo? ?nd President of tbe Ouocll. Senetor
/?oh?ria?, of tbe Interior. Senator .Tom Joaquini Kernende?
Torree; Juitice. Bonator .l.m? I.uatoaa da Cunha 1?-enagua;
Foreign Affair?. Deputy Martin FraaelMO Rlbelto de An
Irada, War. Senator Angt I Moren: da Silva Kerrs? (the only
on? retained from the old cabinet;; Marine, D-iputy Alfolio
('. J? Anti Figuairsdo. Agriculture, Deputy Manuel Finio de
Bon/? Dental.
This (?range, I fear, will bring no improvement, cither
in ti e eoudti, t of tin? art ??-nt war, or in the (undiBaa Sf
fluuiKTul maits-?-?. Iba people aaaaa batUttlo al?ese! al
Iii.? new urgnni/.itiori, lind at the first appearauott of the
ItlaletefS Is the Cheal as of l?--iiii!??s, they w?r? sseerrea
with vulgar epithet?, and cries of "Down with the
Ministry: lung live Ihe Opposition,'' ?*.?'.
Cuiiiini icial transactions aro a little livelier, on account
of tin? las? uvas from Boroo*, OB, contid.uce is slowly
returning, bataan! BM RBBS? BM be -;nd, or even ?>i
tecte.l. liolil -?nil obtain? a premium of 30 BSS - ?nt. IM
lim hange on Kurop?? continue? lo?, the I if best being
'.3d. at H per ? cnt ?m Ioondon.
(J? n. Webb arrived hy tho last English ?packet, but is
confined to hi? wini with an ntta?'k ot the gout.
Prom Our Owu Cmrtspt njent.
Kl-HKII.t.. N. V*., S'pt. 1_, 1866.
This qmct village of 300 souls, nestled ??t the base
of the Bastan HirthUiifN, is scarcely known to tho great
traveling world whi? li rushes pnst it hy way of tho Har?
lem and tim Iluilsnii Uiver Kin I ronds, only a few miles
distant. Vet this socliided spot is famous for its Itcvclu
tionary incidents, and MthS HSMS "t many most interest?
ing events. So ure, hy its distance from New-York ami
its l<x-ati.?ii ?tie.if the Highlands, from the appro.?? h ?i
the enemy, the Americans, after the tall ef New-York,
removed their depots (errsupplies, th? ir bospitola and their
prmoncrs t?. this pom!. In t li if? vicinity most ol' UM
im idents are laid which Cooees* hu? mi'ably wrought into
",, ?t,.ry i f the sp . Theee ojoo?taina ?'id osases wese
tho field of Harvey Btsea'a remarkable szawita Th?<
sword used hi Washington daring the war waa fabri?
cated hy Mr. .1. Bailey in this place, a id it is now to lie
seen hi Woahingtoa. Hots the army avianaereartalod,
while the hndeBsrten wen ??i Newburgh, hy Mr. Loa*
linn, a New-York printer. Here, also, he ?s-ucd a "Whig
paasr during the nsaeJate ?>f tb? var- The tirst Coi.?ti
ration of this slate wa? aleo printed hen? in 177?. Copies
of tins cii.-t, hat they an raij rare. One-third of the
inhabitants "!' the town vere Tones, hat tb0 remainder
were iBasoogh sad aetfn Whig?, la this vary church,
Crossljr m4 tie party of Tod? aeYsal hatnvea io his
Whig trisada won ooafiaod as prioeaata,andfronHBe
seeeaod ay the maali ? - >- nt the committee. Hen La?
fiitette w.i? eiinliii.il several ?ot'ks liy sit knc?s, and re
1-1 n ?-?I aevenl rMita i r? m Washington. All then inci?
dent-, log. th? r with 'ho natural beauty of tho region, la
vi ?r ir atti great mt? r at
The celebration la dey ?>f the founding of this church
oh" ?uni a Inilf ? ?Titiis'ie? .n.?'i hasealleil these facts to our
laeaPeetJea. tt - ftetlvltj gathered e \myrn number "f
cb r_rym? ii iroin different porfioaa of i : e Rofoi sod Dutch
I! tircli. .ti.-! .'.'?'? i'd inaiiy uf th" sons ami ilanglit.r? Sf
Fi-bkill le rovi-lt the ?i BOSS of their curly years. When
t! ? 1..11 tolled tin? h?nir tot the? |MMilI el ?-r? i-?" t" lo?
gin, ntwees 7St nml ?*<h? per-ms i nwdad ?bo body, the
gauarii - of Uus saeieat eho**ch ThopeooM
had adori.eil il ?il h ? ". ergr ?> I.?, alni thai It led it Bp lan -
fully for th.? oct-aii??a. Directly oppoMts the pulpit the
gallery b?.re tin-in?( rj'ti'Ti. 'ProMeyothe l."'d" l'p"ti
the left sid" was inn ribsd. "I I." I-'T'I oat Ood, he with
h?, as he ??a* with our (Winer?, ' ? hile the righi preeeati ?l
11.?? ?T?c,.'iri,.'i:._ s? rip!i.re, "Inatrodol thy f.tti, r-, ?hall be
1 th? children." Iii?* ? boir opt ned the exen Ina by ?n ging
itbeta, " Pralee vi the Lent TbeBev. Qeem?-.
Fisher, D. I?., oi HacBeosaeb. N. .1., i!??- only surviving
ftirni? r t.i.'t.r "t the ? ham k oil red sa Impn ?siv prayer.
The (wowing hyara.wT.ttea for the occasion hy Miss Ann
. 1?. Banale ? f Bopewt ii wa? sung by the ebotri
Thrice fifty year? our alt_r fire?
Have b'niitsi ?I'hiu this saarad pu? e,
l.:iki:.tlie.l h? our beOBSOd ?ir? ?,
Implied bf the laO<l of grace.
T'trne ti ft > ?e na, thri. 8 til'? van'
How umny tnun earth's toil? hu??, slept;
Whil wealth t f hum.it, Joy? and tear?
A Ion life'? Iruuli.tal atrium baa au, - I '
Thrice fifty year? ' ?weet word? of gteae
Have Bounded henoo wiib?l?vii?o calls ?
Tb? heralds aUap-all sleep .In peoc .
Boto two, wao walch ou /.ion . walls.
Our S?vlotir Cm! beat th'm our prs.v ri
A? ever 111 the BOOS p?lt,
T . ? church ?mild In thy loving oarv*.
And steward ?iib Joy by thee ?t l??t.
oh ?aver m*y our altar fire?
I . ? nul y in tin* BOted ?brin?!
Wl ' re Le las gTOOO i-r ,ye? of our ?irei
! l 11 er: (Tu teilen ??rlue ihine.
The nestor of the t hun-h. the K"V. Dr. Fre.n? ?s, M.
Kipp, tara delivered m ebie and extended bistorical di?
pying ?Mi boar md ? half . iM ?i?..? i
dMrearas -.?* the reeaH of Ion. ; , eonfu Mod)
? eltloa
? ?i-ii ?in!?' ? di ' ii bim, with iii' ? ?ondit km,
inil'leit- end UodltaOBB "I his |.pi?'. A tier ?p? B? : U_r of
1 :! ' lie? "i preparing a proper histori?s] sketch,
! ?? "f t!.i.- Morl ii
Frunc?s Bemb?n! i a Verplaah obtolaod a
W'.iip ger 1 A ..no the
hlliil, l'T.II i . I ' . ' .until??,
1 "reported ?' ?I ii"! tin? river to obtain.' The
?. -i. ?." Bemboet,
i |
In I'
Killi eon! i in. bite -. i ??? : on IB ? ?r- r i. -
' ?hie, bl.ti ti.' ir | >?' -."I. IT.e
I. I Fishhil '.it',1' itilieguti'
tul i.
i 'i baptism ??ere m lr.t!.
Til" iii?'ed thal ),-.:. ot stone, with
| metal ?Cut?? r- ai i ? belL The speehei anerlhrd m lull
the great oontrorrrsv between the CoMu and Um ?
I .-" ?m ti?, min h null, poy con
it titioii ??i t.'.e.l.T t'.ini' I Dutt li ( b ?n i. trova 11.17 until
Hie di? ???"ii ?t.i? In ,ib ii rliii.iigli l>r. i,i\ ?ii.'?t,,n> intlu
cilis- in li 1 B
This controversy obtMned la tbM eaorch,sBd the per
l"* mr?- very bitter tou.ird ?eh other. 1 li-? CoetUS
party, who favor? ?! so a ? leoiastb .ti organia ition li tit pen.
dent of the Clas?is of An .' d llemy Sc-Loon
taakeruths Bfth 11 tai of tho united c1
(''??i ?ed ti ?? ?..!. u "i ordina?
tion ii liiiilaiiil, ? agi opposed to IhMeell
tb.it they i lo.-? ti tbe !""rs ol th?
i ?md lu-orilu .iti'ii aaa held uider ali
j The latter party smbis e strong and gropbii repre?.
'of the Irrogalantr oi tbi "! the Coetua, and
llske.l the ('!,? 111 t" S'-lsd tile 11 .1 li..lil?', r. 'I Iel .-.m
, Doaoiaie Byadyefc; so that for bobo yean Ibera ?efe two
???r cn li pettys lif oualsti - : ?reed very
?eil, len the eoatesta of the poop] Mer. bitter. The
Ceetoa poilr? bsm Ha? Meas opea the doon of tbia
('lain h, ?uni at another were pp u-lomcd to sit I ii theil
paws with elabe Is hand reedy to repel any aaoanlt? The
spirito( dirisios lesaataMd Mag ann it ?a? fonnally
Iniilcd, is 17TB
Mr. It? stlvi W wits a ireiill", mil,! man,. gSBtleOMI "I
? I st] b , .i bru "' din ..-.iii' d attain
! llll'-t It-Ill lied Iheoli.i l,HI III the llutt'h C1.,,' li. He cut;.
?tim!, d tin- i,n?t Aeittli m? ?ti F.si.kill, i i which Dr. I,li
? Ingstoa sad other listisguM i I su ? er.- t
liar whs lino!" .1 Thoologieol PfOftSBll - the (le;:"
nil Syti'.il Alter MBStag his I ara ?ere he
preeebod :?t Hopeirri] ead Hi - ck till
Lil death, in li'.'T. 'Ih" apeohn . i an intcrcat
?rig mu? i out Ma aketsh of nil the no \ isi i tt t!.t cb ireh.
'I'll., ins" ..t thoae,ComeliuaVan8eh_e, brsov
?Tiy.-.u?, from D ?I tu i?:m, an l tin u remov? i to \
Tii??ce..nil, Benjamin htaynam i,n_ledtbl cimrgc fr, ;
to ITU. II- i- ?i i to hive tiit-d m Albany, in 1761
Vmi Nist wits ]t!ist.ir twooad a bolfyean, in I dil 'I ??t-r- sad
was bttrnd m..h r the pulpit. Ml *
f..r ten y. ir?, fruin 17i>3 lo 1771, dering the troBbleeome
period. '.Mr. Bysdrck s ministi 111 1789, M^r.
tilsuvelt i.tlieni'i-'l from 17H.I te 17H. Ni? .I.
ken waitiall"?. in li 'I '? j.it-1. i ..r the Fish ?iii, ?New Hack
eaiacfc lad Hopewell cherch?e. Hlemiai ir? was greatly
bli ?-e.i sad be a ia much I" lovt d II ? son was tor many
vest*? Fr. ri asor ol fheoloev in the Thoologlcal Seminary.
'lin Hiv.c. D u ' albro .k .? ordination, in 1806, ia the
loMoaewhb i boa been bald in thtoehaich. His p
?'e-a?is on?? ot twt-nti-'ive years. Biselen i'i ?.
iii'M'leiit ?uni tie wa? greatly honored, dying in Kingston,
i lUB I bi Ki . ii- orge II. WLthot ?a.? pastor from is.m
lo IBM. sun,? which time the chair has beaa lilli-1 bj ita
' 111 lill.In Dt, tl.e ?peaker.
inn! 1747 tins chun!, iiinl unit of Peaghkesesle
th?- o?. ' sod their peaton the oalj minist
tin- aeet?ea Kaw then an sonn churches uni ps
In tbi same leid, with s asoBbetship "t 1,116. and I
nearly soo (eeallioa. Out of thMebarob have ea ti f'.rine.i
t-hhtll i. ndi _?. it id Ule
ham, una ?'i the oh ireh hu Mm tv? ice las Mnagthit
e it? pastor.
i at church e.iitiee -?-> snetei _at7S4__ad
I I - I, ]? li ?I, a\ ' ., I IS- it'll
a law ]
paste? waa han Hied UM pul? it during the
? US yean, t?redied ie the servi? sad twe are still
; with the im; re.-tve t.
Inrata "l Yir Uysdyck,
sad in ? | ,.? ??! thal iii
w bo ?iii preos b i" yon 100 jn
VVbo ?? , pewi ' Who ?nil -..
: ? ......
An. r the conclusion of !
I I I- ? . ? i .
Au n.ti rciil
'? ? K Hr rk.-rl,..ti I
1 M ' - - . . ,
,. . |
nd? \ti til nu i . ' ? :
bank? of the Kiabfcill, th? la<li?-a bad spread an
?blindant and tasteful collation. Tho assemblage enjoyed
lh? seem-, drunk in the beauties of natur?, and -a.iolie-1
th.- traati ol tho iaati mt". After than -tri dispened of
lb? ..ud'. ii-e .?gam listen.?! lo excellent and appropriate
atl.lress. s truiii the Uev. Dr. Wm. IL Campbell of Rnt
?jBTt Collect, Chaiicellor Fern? and the Rev. Dr. Dem?
il t-t - f Uta -Brunswick, and other?. Chancellor Ferrii
referred to the time when there wal bnt one profearor at
New-Bninswick, and ho bad to leav? for want of lupport.
Dr. Demareit niaito tho ?tatenrent th?t for 100 years after
tin- lint sum-der of Novr-York to the British, there wai
im Kngliah preaching heard in New-York City.
The company waa dtap?".-d with a benediction.
About (i o'clock la-t evening a German named
ITenry Stelling, a boarder al the retideBoe of Richard Holl
niann, No. MJ Bayards-, retired to hit apartment on the tee
omi floor, and placlnr a pistol to hi- forehead Jutt above the
right eye, discharged it the contents paning into the brain
ami oaueinr instant death. Deceased wa? a tingle man, a_ed
A4 yean, lor two mouth? past he ha? been out of employ?
ment and became very low spirited in oonaequence, but non?
of hit fellow-r?oardertiupi>o?e<l tlet be oooteinpltted solid?
strneliou. A Coi oner was notifie, to bold ao ino,uett on the
body to day. ________?_____?.-__
T-krhonal.?Among the arrivais, at the hotels are
Gen. Cronans, New Orleans, the Hob. B. V. Haddock, Chi?
cago, the lion. John 0. Allen, Kentucky, the Hon. K. M. (iii
bert, Ctioa, and Dr. Latham, Virginia, at the St. Nicholas,
Judge Coaiitock, Syracute, and Mrs. (len. Hancock, St. Loni?
at tbe I'nth Avenue lien. John L, Swift, Holton, the Hon.
John IV Stockton, the Hon. Cornelina Knapp, N. J., and Cor?
nelius Wandel!. Cuinmiiticner of Putlio Printing, Washing
ton, at the Astor Houi?.
Tna Riot Kelief Fcrd.?nie Trustees of the Riot
Relief Fund have resolved to distribu?-, on next Chrittct??
day, t-i.OOi) of ?ccrued interest, five policemen to receive 1200
each and ten policemen $100 each. The partiet most worthy
to ret-eivo the tame aro to be de?ie*naied by the _\uTce Com
tniiiionert. _
SOLPirns' and Pailoiui' League.?A? ha.- lict-n i?n
nonnced that the Soldiert' and Sailors' Independent National
Vi, ion League will bold a mast meetingtonight at Pythagorat
Hall. No 1.6 Canal st., coiner of the llowery, for tbe purpote
of deciding by vote whether the latague will support the Con
gresiional or the Preiidentiul policy, all ?oldiert or sailort
?tin can produce an honorable duobar.e will be considered
entitled toa vote.
Firr n East N'inrtee.tth-.st.? At B i?'i lock last
evening, a fire wa? discoierctl on tl.e th.rd flour of tho build
II Cn t Nineteenth st., occupied us a grate and fender
mannfaetorv by William II. Jackson and Company. Owing to
the promptness of the Fire Department the flaires were soon
eiiuitiui-ui.I. although the lower floors wero ?omewnat dam?
aged by ?atar before that waa accomplished. 1 he lois on
itock (princlpiil'v by water) will amount to about IjOO, in
?Bal for tit) iWO in the M charlies' mid Tradeia'Company.
..iding ii owned hy Mr. (Joelet. and wa? damaged to the
amount ot l.'rO. intured lo the Kagle Company. Tb? lire it
supposed to have originated from tpontan.-ous combustion.
Mi'rglar Alarm Trlkgrapii.?The opu.ii'.g of
-i. li - alea ! ?' ? r luatti.lly tt-legriplu to your reen. App.tril
itiT'.iMy ?mt without ?Uu_t?. Cuinot fail H. Houat?. No. 25.
Broadway. ____________________
___?_ Law? Mr?. Anna Hyland, a widow, engaged in the
lujuor busines? at the corner of North Kighlh und Ittoad *tt .
K. 1).. ?At yetterday placed ob trial before Justice Dail?y and
a jury, on a charge of violating the third section of the Lieut
Ibw. ' Theouly tviilrnio for ihn i>r.i??-cution waa tbatof (JrBeer
Liltinvillo of th? I-or?y fifth l'recinct. He tent.lied that on
the night of the let- alt be ? eui to the place kept hy the de
fendant and called for a glasi of wltsky. the defendant gave
?nor, which he paid for ami drank ; he then am n?d
her for violating the law ; bo was dressed in citizen'! clothe?
at Ihn lime, utd talrl that he waa tent by the Captall
(W'o.lom. to make thituirnt. John M. Flynn, Mt] a| peal ed
. and d-iniig his cross examina"."i .f tins
It -t ned to tho Court that he (the witneta) once
..Iii n-il lill;, (?M i,'.use!) I*-*?- tr> It'll out a elie;.t.
iTtlr er ladlfl latl- ...i.i! Tli? ea?e having been submitted
lath? lui v. tl.ev lound the ?I ? fendant gulity after hr.ef delib
?ratiou. ?a-?* will tht? metala* a* **?i?rw*?l to pey e lae of
03O. The wMow Dimond, convicted on AVe-doesduy. wu? yet
teidaj hued I ii
A. i'idh.nTo.?At .iu e.irly hour yesterday mnrnir.g a
man named John Dalley, r??iJiiig ut No. a.* North Sixth it..
E. D.. wai ruu down hy a Crienpoint car. in Fint-st, near
South lint, and very badly injured. The uuiortaoate man
? ii e: gaged at the time In belTrfng the driver and ooi
of . i ar on the same line to g<-i their cat on the irai k. lame?
Martin ttodrtv?. of the car whn-li run down Dulv, ?tate?
lid not tee bim until after ti.? ai .idear occurred.
Ata . -.- 'iiiniiii ii iim-d Leo?
nor i llenunlo, resiuing at civ. '.'I MM-h?H It. Y. I) wai
ijuite severely burned hv the ciplo-inn of a kerosine lamp
?Ti i h she wm filllug. But for tho prompt action of the wo
time of the tC-ldcnt, tl.e woulf nndoobl
..eh ti bin.ed to death, as. when th? screamed for
~iT|>, h? peituu ? a* enveloped ia a ?Leet ul EMM
AOUIMBT to Kx-Mayok Wood?Mr. Hksry
Hah?- I iT.t.B.ibi v KlLLili.-.Au accident aft Mghtftl' c_?r
acier occurred, on Wedneiday evening, ti Ka-Mayor Hood at
Sticceti Hill. From the facts gathered, it appears Unit Col.
AA, ii who waa staying at bli farm situated near Jamaica,
took a earring lltfft wit a new team of horse? which he hld
ju?t purchased. Mr. and Mrs. AA'o id ?ere accompani'i1 It
Mr. and .ir?. Banar, tal Jaal tis the party were detcendlng
rta? t.rot l-iaht, le L.iT.eunuiiiBilgealletlia
! I I rd) r to ttop l),. I...; N tht Colin-1 illt-.v tlieru
I th* can-Uga to eotMlt violent c.llis.on
?mi a projection of Hie road, tut ItMtlM "'' the carriage
I .ill Heil mi t i the road, ami ?ulferci! teVatB
i 11: lariat MMtalaM tv Mr. _a_*i.r,ii
? ne ?a? t.iroitii l.ri.t.toreiiiost Baot a nab and
fruciur? -I hi? skull. Tlie remamd-'r of the party, though doing
- . -r ai i? a ii. 1. 'inoAvn
11-' i'T In Brool lya, aim ?as M intimate frit-id of Kx Majur
Wood, ll.t laini topet are em-ruined of hi? i ..overt..
('(?LL'KIOM ON Tilt* Y.AST l.IVER?Till) M ) X
I'K'.avm u?About-Jo .luck Wfilrjciday afternoon, the ?loone
Aelt st. ferry-boat Idaho co li.nl tvitb a launch belonging to
? N u ? Vin.I o|.|i.i.?ii. tLe lim: ni ( lintoi st., and the drown?
ing of t.t.. in. i, ? M ?l.e remit of the collision. It is stated
that the party ao leard ti., lasnoh _*tnt qalta Intoxte-tad ?I
tin-tin i-11 ti. ? -i ni. ?.. . iad bad mad? Mvaral pleaaure-tiio?
lo N. -.? -York during tht dar, When lim ?mot ot ILe ferry
bout ?hw danger of cull.iiuti, M t .1..-.I to iLe Mt in ll,e laiinc-li
In ka-?--? I.i iii, i-It, iBBttad of ,.on,| so. bavtl er, Uley kept
to the ci. It '1 M coliiiloii wu? therefore unavoldalile M far
as the pilot wa? coueerued. When Ibt launch was ?truck
two of her crew, named Mu. u! Coolej and .losspli Wandall
(both colored) jumped o?fr.>>.iid mil ?ere drowned. Ineir
i o i pan! ii? ware 11-. ad bj ti? laadi on board the ferry bott
Ilia luiiiicb ?.i? to bailly dainugeil thu; li hud to 11 towed to
tl.e Vary* Yard, If "loes not appear that an? attempt ?a?
ni.nie t.. - ne tue liAe? of the ii'.eii ? im j?mpeil oveiboartl. It,
- -ntl thal tin-re ?-as neith. r a life-bout nor a hfe
pi cn rier on board the I.l.ilio, but tt.it 1? doubtiul.
. l-l I a? -Mu. llllcu Dimond, a widoiv engaged in the
l"|iior businest at No. .!.(?.> Kirst-st.. II. I), wat ou Wedneiday
pi h ed on trial bl ion-.lu?tie,? Du,ey uHd ajurv on a charge of
selling whvtk* Aiitiioiit a license. The complainant waa an
oliicer of tlie Kort.? f.ft'a Precinct, ?no teatifled that ho pur
i h ?s d a .histot ?lusty from tlie clefet.daut who ti ?A bim
that she hail no iiceme. The cue being a clear one, the Jury
?_dtred a verdict acaiosl Mr?. DitaoaeL S.ti ?ill be tea
teuced M-day, prohahty to pay a une of 13V.
.St.A ARK.
Sinoi lau Aic?iENi on ti:e Morris a>d K.ssKr
-AllBOlta?Ag tin I I p m atJa Tom New York waa
pj-.uig out of the west ?ud of the l'eigon tuuuel on Wednet
dai, the whet-U of tbe laat passenger car tore up a guard rail,
at a point where the Moins track inter??eta with the Erie,
and the rail becoming eulangled in the true ki, overturned the
car. There ?ere ;. MMNftn in the car. awi If the train
had not been going very ?lowly, the dut!.?, must have pro? ed
terrible in its results. At It ?'as, all were more or lest ln
1'ited, and Mr. John Freeman of Orange had hit left writt
Lr.'ken nud in? head dangerously out. Two other passenger!
fruin On-,.''- i Mr Hammer and a Mr. Kuitrht. wer?, als.
?everely injured. All travel wa? ?toiipml 0??ir tb? toad for
two or three tionrs by the dobris ou the track.
N-AAARK, ami I'atbrson Ii AiLKo.vii.?As the work
MM upon this uow railroad, real estate in Relville,
..?.in, and other places through which it panes, is rapidly
ii.ginvs!^ The mad wi,l t* ln mnaing order to
I -lull.' and rruiiklin btiore the holidays, and to I'atenou bv
i A-.ni. '
('".sArNTioK at Orange-The I'niort Republican
Convention M nomintte for E.iei County <H. J.) candidat?
tau Btortf? at. meet? ia Library Hall [
or?n_e, al l| p. w.. on (jciolierS. ' r
A ri.AiiThi. AiLs.iN.? A -jrtfar vATituan named So?
phia utto. reiidiBg at N?>. ?' LcBiugtiin-at., Newark, wa? ar
r.?atedif?t,-id.A :.. ri.iv for eti-iu,.ti__- to burs har dwelling
l,T,?? '?le. in ..no oi her upper
ooiiuUr? >.ie .ure bait f,,r i.o, .1,(,,._:.u_tJa
SiTi'i.ms c i -AHUEi.-? mmtAim aaaaal
:"r?d the reatd? i( I of Mr. Leander W11
t. and carried eli larat
'l"-,! - . ?- . mun
l?dby Mr. VTllhaai?, aal At woma
TnUoK 8H0TBRI oi CoiATiiRnii t_?jn. Ar
i. ob ?ud Lucas Bl i
l-l off iider?, were brotigr? to \?wark yertcrday fron.
?' ? L id la end . rani mater
. ' . ? '
, Ttlll BUd l> allll bil] oouiti.i-ed lor
t ICANi.L.
tho cornar-aVma of aaaa Baaaa CathaUa ikaaiib
be laid im Sunday, '?' k\ laat. li ti? i i
io y '
Bark M. Williamicn. Thotnaa. Frooter? I? day?, w!th ?ukr-jinv te
J??. W. Elwell fc Cm. Lett birk Item. Kaojon tor New Tay?, ?.??it...
bri? Ptaju li Leoiy far do. witb crew of bark C*leb Haley.
The new *_e?_ahlp Ore.Bnian, which ??ft thl? city Toesdey UM *a
? trial trip, returned to-day.
GO to MACFARLAND*" Book Store, corner
Twenty third et. lad Broadway. Tbera you will Sad ill th* NE W
HIKiKS of lb* day ead all the old Standard Work-, and. al*o, choice
Eng ??h Kreuch mil Sr otc b "?taiioiiery.
GO TO THOMAS B. AGNEW'*, Greenwich and
Mamy-at*.. whor? y?o will Bad Te**, Coteea, Flak, fiant ml
?verythins *?*? ch*?P" thoa ?uy tt??r? in New York. Oa?*rie? k??t*.
Nee. 318. 400 AND 40, BOWBMY,
(Junction of Third tod Focrth-????,)
now offer
Theil new and dee.nb!? Fill STOCK ?k LOVVKB TRICES th?
tba i?ib? quality of good? ha? baan offered tieie 1888.
B19, I'M, SIS and ?.'IO.
H?* the bett e?IT?vini? of i?y paper poblishei
Hu ?DcideDti of animal Ufe In *?cb nuB?l>er.
rta. ?r_S_____?_!
> ??Ott? Co*- :?, mu^t'^Tfy ? '
e6?VafQ?KaUs^^ '
ll?en.ore?ct?rteiairs?ndu.?iulre??_..? Iban eau tm Ivvitd _ ?bj
other pal"
Hat ii.moeri ?r.d customs of dur?rent cc.Biriee in ??lb naiber.
ill! poitrail! and biographie* of ie;!-ai?d* n?*n in *acl, r.un.l or.
IMS " Orai. Hither Whitehead'? Lecture? frr Lilt!. Fr?as' ia eetfc
Cocttloi i Eiiry Story in etch number.
? _?a_
?AS. J I ? ? V~ r* -*M(Ly*t'''%- r?h- ?
CoBtaiiii Emily Piat.ii.es, Enifir.il and Chimie? io eeeb Bunbay-?
Contiins i" I'l'erioi ?r.irivlt i? illultntic- tuu-twr? ard mttsi
atolles bu>fr-.phir> ind instructive reedin|. in each nuBikei.
Fnhcri, 1/ yo j wiih ?o amule ind initrocl your ebildtae, buy
Coatiiui nettly 8,000 fio? ?np?v!n|? tnd 832 pifei of lb? ?t?B
teretlinf ind iaitructiv? retding n liter In etc h yeei'y volum*.
lViom reildiaf it a distance Oom ?ay book store, by eendinf IS
?nu will receive No. Ti of FRANK LESLIE'S CHIMNEY ?OR?
NER, with the plat? of Horn? Apia poll paid. AddrtM
FRANK LESLIE. P.ibl!il.*r New T_rk.
D?*ifn*d foi the u?e of th? Medical Pr'feenen ?r.d tie family poa
Miiini these iel? .?st? uiedltin?! pr-n enies weich belor.s t?' in ' ?
ml Per. Gea.
Put u_ in eitel, conti'uln; .Be dreier? bett!?? ??cb, led Kid by li
di iistita, iroe.ti, ki*. (EiliL ?.bed in 17TB-?
A. M. B1MNUER A Co., Sole Proptirtom.
. No. l8 Beaver it, New Vert.
These natron:??-.'? ir? ?mr? v B?w b ?' ii tr??i-1r. e ?? t
fr??B ALL OTU Elt_-l?li?;iT. CLEAN ANfl . 1-. NOTRES
. BACK ?NU -ni) AMi tl'l. Arti? MttTlUM
Willi LB l'Ai E XT LEV h ii rill'.?.?. C .
?so e iTo, ned li.
Ne ?Ml Hi.._Jrrar

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