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I ?S??aay. O.NL
' ? I b J_flrt?_B.
IK-Oreit Psirltieao*
> -.? ?Io!?.?.d, Mil*
BsUtb, Mi. Lewi?
iiufiiiuo ?voilera.
D. 8? fi I :VL.
lina?' ? ririoti? sin?t*k?rie* for
. the war, ami yeodei*
'e only one ?hirh ni"?
?s Roana* ? li ' tibs. Th. r s
:i-l, ?a Toub: and Rest. r.itivt- rlttu, s
statlsaasd bit eupatlat JaS-gasr : ' i bottl? for testl
.?.petit a*
? Uso?I .a- p.-oTrd thrir efficacy by a
tarni of ?a*ay ?tai?. Tfce Troches ore lirbly isnotneieided pr<
?. Thoa? exposed to sudden
?tt.ji be auj, ' Troc?.??, o* ?ny lire
. ( BABLt? ?N. t ?irr? ?ron,
iKDY i? a c
? ?
? ot our own
..ii and
Jlai li_tt
Mas? . Phil?.
?Bl ?warrd. Viir^ ??.-..?isL Sold on.y at .?
Ii, i? I? >
"'lill .! MCWl?.-!;
? iCSBB-.'.l?. nu iir-tlt.?
in??? (??Ac? pone . . ?? Ka. I Botrsry, H. T.
ft in the world:
? ?iv?HI?, ? .n
I ? TORI it
s ?.??j', a
? s ?
uni Winter
?. it and lie?' ???
? ? il*o. mid? to ..rorr ??
? KI of ?AS I bett Pali, make
?li?. ? ?* in the
I ? I
. d?_
i. KB TO
? -dw?y,
Tai ? i'ALMtR. loL. 1).?
Tb? ' i.?. ra. ?a
C?.a ? .1 ?? I-eU,t. HOB'UII. A?O.J
Morrl i
' -? tir.??
liona? ii.d ? .
10?*. M7? .-i? le-Ma??? 4 i ,? ? Radical tuie Inaaa Uthc?
: Lady al
talla- t? iLORI??.'? ?BWiau-Macni-tr. loavasy.
_No. be, I'.iomIwst.
ill Mai DIM
? ia k batta bswise .'Iacbim ( OBfA.yy.
Lou? .-ins h --? y Ml llmadw.y. Hignett pie
? eim ti 'ti._________________
i to
J, It .run,
Liu ? Broadway.
I'HMIs .'.. II I HaIB 1 1 U'T
I , Brilon?
Ta iv.i Machins??Lo? k Stitch.?
Bul Pa. ?O'
Tbk ? - ? No. aw Broedwav. Ra?.York.
I R i:i 1 !.
fe ?mid. wbo.ea?le or ieta.1. is?
( adwar.
V. i?
Mtrm ??? '?y __^
A? n-n H. A. Lr?.
" li??? -
f?).sp; n per'. A oro ti, sa good ?e i ew. sod warr., .ted foy on? year.
M I:?oai>way. Nit? 'i,, I.
Com -Pam?
, IIMUyaadway it
t Di. E.E. Koot?. No.
I : . ?
. E. B. Koot?.
. ii or coll upon Dr. E. &
'. ? all
? lisian .
t Bl ia Wink Di
Her Air
una >:
Ma.tar li
Cos ?t., }
?b r?i?
that s
?wly? eli death.
and as
li? -? ?r
-r ii n??t tlt< , mind
bat ?h?' ' : an incccdi..; .
. einiiii I -tit the It i kit ?.su1 , .
j(ib ew eeiBBPuauy,
lo lb* dist oiery
of tbe bearliess w ret ck or wretebsswho, 4 hour of
sad ??:' - v, ami th ?
IS?! y. ii arid
I rtnyn li ?? (
l_l ire on! t ??ni tino to so mia..
With pt eel Te* ?a c1 I am yours traly,
w. c. GoviK. Ceseaet.
The Ii...i J, - T H tT'ran. Mayor.
lath ,.:i, vetterday ( kfsckay
?Bffsrso -at the Mayor be requeue.
I? ia ?.Ml. ion to a ?na.lor reward offered by tie Board of Fire
It i? al it a nephew of the unfortunate Mr
fier n.u taken . 'nrre "file remains of the niiiortuuitt" family
and we ? table burial. Th-? p<i! ? ? on Iksil '
(?it..: ?lu i .be hut|f?ri Cuuipaay will lief, ay the expense
?tit Bair later Da? i?t
T? SU Cd ?or ?J The V I. TrAwsr.
Sib- Tlie'r .i-., ?i'-ath of PictroFunari h.is thrown hi*
family. i?ooa?t.u? <>( a ??fe and ali children (the siBsal but ,1
?yean ot ape. ?Lil the youage?? an irilmit) upon the charitic* of
tbscii'. ? ai int?ualiioii?. Is-taprrat?'. Kurd-work -
isr Bias He Isd r.harfr of ths si?In try on rth.bitnin in the
- ?eral year?, and I there bar ord lo appre
eists his KW" .I? ii.yer olaimed to be a nu
bala? ?'i '??? anani-j?????ed. Tbe frsiU of his daily
tsbor were ?or ?.leed in bli daily expans?s, and hi? luilltii
dealt, ?cat?. . < pens snd Louie,?*,., nrilitisid i?
fumi??,"?, by ay ? itblaHl and maadi.
If Um so?.? Iks ?ye of any friend of Kunari, or
si yu" maid a deasrilss l??t de?:
t*ie '.r ?'"?,?? '??'. ? gt ,:? f ,.',\ at t :iowledge an t
rsoei?- , f this
wmJOO ?Broadway
?mia. n?ant
r^,ribr?i3^!))^ font*
? ?. ? ... ,.
A'!' ' * ? ? . . ?? .'iESLY
' - Hoy.
"I .Diilr. I5.8? ? '
int. 1*?.Dfi?V. -I';.*.'!-." ?
! s :,' ?- gen i-Weekly?. 27,000i
.'.s.-i.t. II'.. 1 ?ailv. 46,8501
S |.l 19 Weakly.127,760 copi?e.
i U pt. ?'.?....Daily. 46,740 oopies.
, B. pt. ti.DaUr. 45,660 copies?
Friday, 8ept 21.Semi-Weekly?. 27,000 copiea.
Bept ?.Daily. 47,740 w
Tue aliore ii the prense nuinlier of tpfatt of I I'I
TI W-TORE THIIU NE pnntetl und cir, ithitid during
tin punt wee',. Ile sholl continue to report from >mi. I
? the information of the mXmmmmt lurninuiiily.
mci of taiBBiajuN n na tbibwbb.
Daily TribUNK, ii'i cent* per lint.
I.y Tlimi'Vl', 'S, rents per line.
WaBBXTTbibvbe, ?1 porUot, sad. meirffea. Nt
adrerlsemrnt murrtet! \n The WmUj fop lan than $~>.
Addrct* THE TRI lit \...
No. lol SiUt-au-st., Xtic-Yor!..
A w11 executed oonnterMl |i').i hill ii bow ia eirenla
ti'.n. They are an exfolient imitation, and likely io de
astre. In length and breadth tbey are imallei than Um
'I'teetoil th.it wey.
Atan -I'liii.-'if th"li >.i['l"t('i.inniii??e:i yesterday, ?tua*
ithon? l to off r .i
ri-w.irtl ..f $1,11*)) !?> iii??'.ivT the misten .lia lo
the tel ? .ni ?\?cniit' A "1
Bli') M .Iveil tim' ?l I 'Miel'* B
(?roonwi>.i.i Cometer] ?it n eoet no1 exceedii a 115,000.
ii: >it.ir.ln? li.?', ?it Richmond, Va., the Dii-artora of
the Mational Bxpr t? and Transportstioa Company, ?n
? loofiih J'l. .1 ? ?ti i.-ita ?ii is l'reisiile:i(. mu lo BU
K lly & Blair ? I ?li Its pn
and effects fur the beni fit of cn dltors ead M
To-i'.ii-, at Meena Park, NaiBaia. lae t* ptembef meets
. tai Aman? aa A brilliant
i anticipated. Oen. ?rnati a member of the
Ola b. and ?rill be present ??th lu* foo * lid the
?eii'ii'T ?.r...e niitiiv'.'r ?I.:??, m ?1 tin ran
i "t Thirteenth-eta and I - ice, in
iJicaliii!. th"
' Wool.
? - wer.?
delin red by Mr, Stephens and OoL Barke. Mr. Bit pbens
r. Iterated lus ttetonninalion to do battle i lui j .? ?r oa Iriab
v. Ileol Naw-O)
he Indorses the Preaidant'i ;?
W ? I lina baa declined the nominatioa o? the
woridntrmen for Congress. He gires n that
un ier nu- pr?sent eli
-- iban i', ?t.
.?J l)i.?trirt of thil ."?late, the
Hon. Addiion 11. I. itli" has bei n i is th.. Bopab?
beana. Alr. 8olon I*. Hungerford ia the Democrat!? nom
la l-M tin; Itepubbeao m..j ?r:iv wai
Is likely to I increased in the appr elton.
I ,,-i.t the Onion Repnblicana ol Hoboken hol.l a
. W .?? n Ilall for the purpose of orgai
in- tt?" .*: - una <? im|
The II ??li \V?!,ia?.? W ,?iili,:n lia.s h. ti.. 1 f'ss
-s in the Kepnbhoaaaof Ute l?t Minnesota Con?
: ii DlKtlii t.
The Bebeis in Texas linvt? notalnatt 'I (' ?!. A. X. lirjtich
to repreeent them from Um Hld i il Dil
J. W. Hendereou, also a ?Copperhead, u Un nomine?.? m
iii i Ii .1? Uriel.
Hon, Kl.! ?I: ii ? inated for ('onsets by
theB bel Democracy of the Hld Kcnta ki District, li.
is? I" LU the vu-tri,?;? r.iiis.-il I y Um di ?th ai M. (?rider.
John W. Bromley and John If. de: .
| for al ii
At the eoner ..t Fuit,.- I -.. llri?ol?lvii,
? .i
New-Ofleana, and L. W. G
Ward Republican Association. Tile mealing vv?
, ,?? lag ni I ..'i l'.t k.
'i ! i Bli ti Wald I'm Ki
bled u?.
ition. Ii mp
re made by i Hon. A. -V
i ide, the li..ti. li..i. . r
Cold opened nt 1?H ?ml rimed ?t 1441 Ths Import of
sneele at this port for ttio ?eek sedlag B : I. II auiouiitt 1 t"
11,983477. ?\t the _ ?u? tirm o.i
N? -\..-, ( , n;ml and 1;-1..
mid Kock 1?! uni win ? roeg on.l i
?omi ni SB. Alu-i ibu nail ilio iu__xa>.'i t*_ ?si/ ?rri .
Money ooritlnue? abundant oa rnll ?nd lar**,? nm.stiit? can b.
badet ?as nar eeal There Is so larg n
paget saTanaa ?t the dteeeaai bs iars*tssdj
liest nauic.? ps*? Bl per eeal i cent?
Gaa I . ' . ... i oat aH
r ? at iroin w i bin "ton to Bprii pfi? Id, b i
Hpiiuiiiti'.i lln-vc! M ij'.r-i.? iiiT.il m th. B
rewarded. _ _
Repablii iD?DnioB primary electio
\ ,.:. i ? t ? ? ? i
tu kal Lie ni?.' I ".? ii B ?ymoi I i d? ?
i nii'.i ii. ij ..';'}? n Um Matta ? i
that li rl.i -ii ton v nt. i ttie ?
therefor ? IBBBBM thal Hie dist'
in gil l?g ?i :?
will .'mil rota. The tot liatrioti lookwalL
Mr. Jahnen, daring In? lato toar, frequently la
faltad af paaaled crowd trhj ? laedid
not Ir i I I' i..
? ? ?. rameal
!??:n to o'.r .??penal
exp?ala thal the at ol the ti
:ty, and that Judge ( .
The K. l.i'Iii'Hi has been reaewed in Ten . h
one eau be lurpriied v bo baa wat? I
ol' tLiii State, aiii
in it, loweat Cana by the peraeenUon (?t loyal i
and blaeka, In Ita :
und i' 1
by 'I
?ril Ol '': v I.
THE ii D' OF /*/-' E,
Foi :?: : ':.-. ti i-f ''My Policy ' ?
Joyed trfaaterer advantage Bligh! k* rae ti.':
own loud, la eon i . diapated i
that ti., ?r? w.i? tim only liluu before tho country for
mtaring thi stat.-- lately la revolt to tbeh proper
v.i'h their te -diuAly li ad ti i
Union, ? !.. di N'.'ij)..i('.>n, after hk bloody d
tion, compelled Tram i to ehooM batVBBB the Empira
and eil ion, no Johoaoniam rirt ?ill;. Mid to the Afl M
can pc..?.Ic, MCbOOM beta*l :. ? If] Policy ' and
.;., with n proa] act of another ('.vii War'" And
the til 'irion*, the un-n ?mille, the i
?iking. Va-ere tiri? *??.ro?'.'ly ?ittimted tuwurd the
ia piogiBBHie. i- mother, bal
only plas that c
,n, in vitality ami e??ence, of the I'nioii.
Al length, the riv ii pinn of Coiiifi*e.-s was reported,
mH'.urod and pa?-*?ed hy th.? mqaliad two-third ? ol'
at-hei BooMs Bow wai it oppoied' What objec?
tiona vvcie urged agdinjt it?.
Nobody could plaunibly n?ipm.itize it. a.? har*h H
vindictive. II pnpBMd no eonli-ciiion, no di-?fran
cliisfineLt. It del not even re?) lire the KhI'i.h,
ment of the loyal Banka, as we thmk it bhould have
done I' did not, tlie.ifore, embody tho pecul.ar
views of Mr. Steven?, Mr. Sumner, nor auy olhi r
" extremist." On this point, it proposed one obviou?iy
just rule, alike for North and Smith: " If you sec tit
I.iflo Black*, or any other rate or ?astp, fro.n
your hsts of legal voter-:, you shall not count them li
a baatl of political power." The l'aime??, of tins rule
ia so manifest that no ar^uim-nt is needed to comaMOd
it to every candid mind. To biate it correctly aod
liienlly is to securo neiiernl MMfrt to it? profdaty.
"Hut then you le.iv.? tkl l'n.il Blael
f proteetioa I
|fo t earl daly, the plai f '
B-M-Dately, glva the Blaoki nob cimpletc
t-uti?i Bat li am than nil tka
i ,\ i nj-'ht? of cic/i-i.? ?i i vi ry Btate, plad?| tiu-m
uiilcr the eaiegoard( nut of a i ict af Con
like ila-Civil Bightl I.i!l. li'U of a Cm
' Amendment: uinl it -t- the I.inv of ifravitation
it ?,,rk in l'iivnrt.i t'? ir ultimate, uiul not ili.?t mt,
nt'dn in i'\i ryM.i!.-i. i,i.':i;li,-r.- .. ? i : ;.] h- willi
?.'Ir.tes of tho lioily poUtfe. Aud the tenleticy to
tin? ?.ill be stro!ig?'?t ju.-t where it i.? ino.?t un-fi] and
most needed. Tim.-. HtafTotfc, with bit feflfS
,'uliirt-d inhabit.mt?, or Rea -Jersey with Sf,3fg, tt
I Duo with Irti.tu.S, inn}- di BJ ti"! Bight of Siifl'rage to
!.,'? Illili ks without u vital -'il.tr,i t?,n from _M_ ri It
tiv? ? weight.in tin! Kui,ni; but Smith Carolina, with
ii'.v.i.'O Mark? to HU,386 wii.i -, nrart dMK?B fca
ta-aaahaftaf i Bepteeeatattvei la Coafrav nth
Klectoral Voted, aud bu. _J RBBnBBBtat_f-_ ?vitb 4
Til Vote?. BB -li.; (ii'ii. di? or rt-l'ii-'-s linl'rati
tneal to bst Deland bbbbIbi Al -bat, in?- -ire
, she will Hnllt-iilv pr? l?-r to bite oil h<r own
no ,-; but this cannot endure. 11, r intn?-l it .?nu?'
pending iin'ii-itirc, her IBXiotJ fur i!n- mu i Ml of ^ouic
?i.'iititil candidate?nay. the ludicrous abiur.lity
ol her n-fu ?al to accept and exercise the power to
which ?he is entitled, and ?vliich ?icrpeUuil.'y solicits
i.'-r aeoaaaaan?um-t ha-vitaidy wotfc ? nie ol Hi
?-a in lime. The leal nv?- of tlio North neem to
(ure ab mt ii th ? .?borter will be, her t.irry in tint
labyrinth ofitapotaan aad ?IfataltilVntlnn
lim the H?>n?i won't accept your iropofitioi,"
ile Warla Al " Vi-ry <N ii; We Cull
" wa? the n killi ii i
' i\ where ?-lu- i-. 11 , .m '.i..!.' i long I !.-ean."
Ami. sa loag ai the Bahal riwimtl bob aaattaeat
ut iii?, toath ,??nid trn-t in the oBudpotesee of .Mm
.1. Hiero wils in? riga al* r? l-.-iitiii'.' on it * ?,trt.
Tenneteee, hoiag auder lu; ii nie? jir?? 11?>11 y ntiled
the('onstitutiiT.tii UcMBtfaaeal ' ? kten-hnaia
I ii?" Rebel? ?: . -!'t,n?I t!?- pTOpril
deiagaa? Mayor .Monroe und lu? Tblgl euihi.tly
p] iniicd their nmp t_ .'.,?_ .it Ne?. Oil ? m m a denn*
??i a:* i:n-t the pol. f of Coal n nd ia fat
"M> l'olicv." They did aot even prettnd thnttii-ir
?ii n?e than
thal of ace ki n K to ?l-l "in- tin- Bight ef 8_dfiagi !"
I!.ink?. And the L.'.'i-l.ituri't,t 1 '?? tl-i
.m??hua bein milly of the fooUtfa kapertiaeai
.nup Um Con kneadianl la thi B
i?? '??irtuii-nt. in-:,.;,! ti retaining h iteong its ir
- after it? rejo lion. We tn i C tv*. >? a ard, or
whoever may succeed him, will take pod
.-hall ?"int tor il n. hin
vaati it.
i it is ven- widely ,1
d that the \i!ii'.'l
?ill. The He ritlil a" once wore ?lilli and .id ni.-ed the
: ? i ? ???? ii. aeaariag her tb.tt delajri an
". Ami i ? <?>. j.'Ui
imt half o bad a thi j bmx . ? ted li ti?
? I el pbia pWa?
?i it Inadeq I ??: Baatkan
? . bat a, ? ;?'' ' it: and the I
Carolina baie Dide ii I ' 0TB fal the
/ /
" 1 here i? ' ? i, ?o far ni
n?.ire. Iii li
. N
: ,|.ti il lu t...-. ., -te in
I tot
' '
I .
? ?ad Mr K'll?T?f |
III admit ?l.?rt e? : I
,. Aai.-mlitiei.t ?!? .11 ? ?lill dot
not drem it ?iI-.iii Ibt < illoaaJ p.?,r of lout"" '-?
ii* adoption ?a a ii.iiiiit.uu n
. M tif |el-ri??w?i.lll ?ti
? I |?,|.'il , ' ....
not hint what laadi
, i
i ?
? li , ?? li?
?ed it- i i
? own
? Tkc Ti?.'.? of the i
. -i - i .
i,?ilorin? lo I!'?- < "ii l-l :'
j.,,n lu admit? ,1 to
nt?-???!? ita- li, . i : , 1
i |a view t,f
. ! I:
-, tnetnb? r- ol < oi
. .-I littli ii omi it, We ' , ?
'lill ti,lue bl
; plat*
i i [|
;'. we.-!: ill n ga thal tbo be b
nu t on that granad, li?:, in any otln .
? O? the
T'unit, therefore, '
i titotional Ann n.!:,
? upon ,t. Ii .
i ItOUtnO* I? y- DI -, ?I, ,-?!?? r-t f.i li?- ?
r . I - - -
!.:-.- ...
. . I -I
I . or iiiitnriil
- ? ?tatet ?itl ?I li - -
? ..I '
, li !... '.. ,11 OBI '' . i of law, BOT ?h
. liBg
? -I. ll..t ?til .
I len -I I'.' - ? ' : ??: I N
? -, 1; ?; :.?-. iii' '.?- and
. -, -, ri el a M ita or tbi u ta i--r? -,'. i
ia denied to ,mv el II rf aaeh Htal .
? '.-i ? .r-iirv o? ?i.
,,r in imt way a
, i, .,! afhti ?
-1 Ifl | i?; ?r,. ? -.? .
- - 1 iicar tr,tiie -a huh- uiiiiilicr ??I mtilu ut.t ,? tuen;. ?
? ti? ol aire in Mel Blata
mi. ii. Ka peraoashall I ? r?ientatlvcln
ia, or ? l. i- r ; i'.-- leat i e-P ? -. ? ?
. ;. ..r i ,ln try, on.:, r
aay Stan who, bavlag pee? I -u-iv tal an ia e ni u a no inU-r
it) -, or as a
I BtaM I,-trial?, m , er ni ., .J'ldi
- 1 .Ile ? r -.1 Bl ? > Bl ?" - i j i ' :!-? t
Uailed S nt-*, itali I
i ti,e nme, or | in
f I' t Count,'?? may, by a vote of laothirdt ot ia,!,
ii rai or? ?m h il..?. o.
, i . I llltT ?i th,-"|,iihlc tl.'ht of the rnitcil Statei.
, i foi i lynaat of
l-l ?ui,|iit'l?iH|( i: mi.
and rebellion, ?hull l. Bat Belt! I
ay Si '? ihall anani mt pat ?i ?? dahl oeabllfa
. in aid of i__.sU)r, ctioii ,,r lebcllioo ?(Blast the
I Btatee, or nay i alni foi the len m eoiaa patioi "i
>, obllgatlni or claioit. shall If
.-re -?s ?I'ftll I ive t),,?vr r t? rtfortt, UJ api?ro
piiale lejirlltloB. :he fn u-l ii of C ii tri?-;,
The PtmmuunSl ni Am.?lerdatu, BfMl|aB_BHJ
>, \. V.. whan Ihree sons. MB?n-law and
-tulhat la lia faeght m the Daloa army dariag thi
I; l,'Ilion, has liei-ii n-nioved I'roin ?iii,,- ami
-conditional Broekio oantie appointai,
in Fortaaanth twB ttts h m ben dinttand Uran the
N. -Varil for BttBOHlBg tl-6 So'ithern I
? .ilion. So Mr. JohaaN It I hil
c.rcle, reward? li,va!", ami in,I. !?>?...
Tr?. lay the Boldi n ud I t Pitt
,i: , i,r ,-?l N ',, ?. a! Conventioa, ?.lui !t
n. ill truly i, of rl.i- 1
Wbofimght during thi war will be pnnat Their
r-,?-?I'itTi in I'm-' nrgb v.iii be ??
th-y ..i:n to " iiettimated that from 5,000
? ? !"."" I -! '? :' :' - .'. 1,1
F.I norE.
While the final lolatloa of the German aaaitii
li,? ii adjoiinieil by t!ie l'eice ol 1' taten
qaaatfaa in- ttAuts?s maand Bthnatanlag npnt
The Chriltiaanbjntlof the Turkn-h (?ovornincnt,
who in Kiiiopeaii Turkey number inore than 11,000,000
ai'.iinst only 4,0(X>,f)0() of Mohammedan?, Igaifl
bogia to rai.-e Uie titandard of revolt. Tlie
? (Bad of ('.india, which in a total popul ttiou of
inore Iban l.r?0,000 inhabitants numbers le.s
than SOyOQO Turks, while the others are Greek
Cliri.itiau.', hm risen ,.g_.iii..t Turkish rule and
tntn-ferred it- allegiance from Turkey to the Kingdom
of (.reece. I he Greeki in the old province of
Spiral, whuh constitutes the northern frontier of
Oreen, han tin attempted au insurrection with
the same object in view. The new Hospodar of the
Dimubiun Principalities, Trine?) Charles of Hohen
/ollem, has compelled the Turki, h Government to
recognize bim, and barely conceals the prep-ir.ition
he ia makintr for S?verine the last tie that uii?e? the
I'riin ipalitit?? with the Turki. It is bett? r understood
than ever, amone all the .semi-dependent find the
s.il j,cted Christian tribe, of the I'orte, that the
ankam mt the QiMbibbmuI of OoBatantfaopli is
? .liff, and all look forward with hopi
to the seasonable niouieut anea BBi pawaiAJ blow
v ill e'ld tim TuhWi dfiuiiiiion in Kanpa ami inkiet
UM rule of t ' 'i V?. -;, n. \ t.
Thi (bri-* um i lenient in RuafBBI Tiirl.iv h con?
stantly inere.ir.in_r Ifl nuuibtBl and power; while tin?
Moii.-iuiiiieilaiicb-ii-i nt i- ?1<-, ronfarg ' > ending
rate. If Turkey wore lett al.tne l,y her powerful lielfll
?; | ni" rncii t wiiii i,l st,on ,-irnie a hen the C1 i'i-Ii IB
ron woiii.i Benaan thal m iildaacy in Euroa? n T__>
k,\v windi b?lBQfl to their Mipenority in nuiiber- and
c,\ili/ation. Bul, unfortunately, Ihm IBBM Videlj
differ Bran ? u h etheri Ti re are in Torfcej about
4,000,01 | 3,000,006 Bl
liill'-'ariiins. 'J.i.'iiMiiMl l.reek-'. ..bout ei|ually divided
between J.'irotK! und of Albani?
an?, all ol' whom ure imt enough homogeneous
!', nflMllh, ?ni the ruins of the Turki?h ral?', a
hainunkmi Chriltiaa Empire. 'I in .want ?ii harmony
itanllj ii'.viie- the Omi Powen of
Earap i.' i ii, t" intereet tbemtelvea in
tin- impending rum of the Tinki.h Empire, in order to
turn it to their O'
i ; t!..- re pt ??!, ire o m,? li mperiot t" I
"i any ittli? . Power 'but the effort? of the
athen have b, it n.,t, u- eoafiaed ta KanbuMtioBi for
, Maten ling the ich . i ol I karia, Taolvi
? i of the Weetara Paaren ta the
.a pulu-- in ti.?? Eaet led to tie Cnni'.iii war.
fcfaw Bania it again oberged erith a ietiga of p-ia*
nolu y la the Beat, and .?<> gi
the excitement which thete reporte have pndaoed in
i and J'r.iin t. that fal 4 time IVM th| Oom IB
qoettion i- pu bed into the beckgroand by the Baot
'ii.e press uf both l'ai.? and Vienna confident! -
? ? i i ud Ramil I ???.?. i one la a full
iinder ' li the .-..tin'
oomplieatioue. Pi . ; to be interfered with
by Bb Central I
! . l-l her
or litt. | Ihm rcpo:!-, .1 i ? t . r
? ' ? iel monopolize, the allen
toll ot ti.- 1 . . '? . liUu-Iit-, buk thnt the
?Manna-Patt, there ai
lartllng ?!' '
i: . . ? i eagerly
l Ita ?o I Ntl tua '
and it.ti-.-. Othen m of opinion that I N
n i:i\ at an
itber ti ' . :
. 1 '?' all
I pnhaMe re?uita
rata trill I icio cr , oni
the El
id Ti . : Em*
. aali?
i?ith i . ter aro .'?I al in] Um? I . I
the ' ? ?
rum. _
I'l \ '.? Yl.r* \ U I.
I lebete ' r.aind in Pi
reaper ti Coo| Idoul
. I
v. fhlWWIphla ead Bael i ?
\ Sch? ?Uill Ciuiiiy, io .?'.;ou?, o, i ma
Mi I - i i > ?
.\ I v D .' | i, | ",! ? , r;ly.
\ N . I : -it vr.
-X '-? ! Ue ma?
Ihm '? ' "', k11 b
. ? i
. I ? i ' ? 23d,
'.'.el IM Kth Ward-' ,,i r.
i- i? ?-'. r by M R
Di ' :rd Col. Caleb
N I, ... v .. . nomination in i onvt n
., rCoL h n',n ii. J i? ud Gi a. Ely. Col.
. . ot ue iltb, edu< itioB lad p -,
Ity, to t nu..ii opp ?
r ? l, and a te ol to al] men.
'lhe Demo rat; I ?
i. Copperhead, ano I ti Boni
and tba North arong, and who aai aeeordingly de
I by 1.1 -"H li- lyn ia 1864. The D
formally Di mocratic, bnl thi eil tblithm ? I ?
fat I of In. owned by popalax Bepoblican?Col. ;
principall.'. ? li i-. no doubt, a-,I".I t i -,- -,r.. a Kepubli*
? .til UtiJ -l
on the atp i., tory on the Cnli
will!? ? ... Prell?
di m - poin y.
The Ith l>. ti: '. , '',' - '-iiivl
kOlCo 'i - -
-m inteaoe Copperhead, bat an intellectoal cipher in
Oongiem. li'-hw beentUim d bj :
ma!.i-1 ty fog Dr.c.D. Oloeiag ir, i Denn ia phytlci in.
His opponent ob the Union ride is (?cn. ii. l. t
an Intelligent ?Idler, who taaai both property u d
l tnii l-, ind atti ? ikeag id fight 11 1800 ; irt of
tyorthamberlaad ead Um aholeaf Bchaylkill C
t,,ii?iiin:,-ii ti.?- Kith District, nuil i li ' - Bon.
.!?-. li Campbell, oat prt'.f'iit Mini-ter to Baeden,
hythe . ty of 349, s nee tin- reippottion?
Mut, Lebanon and Schuylkill, winch now compri-e
tin Xtb Di-tritt, have C?TID a : D'lin.ri'.i'.ic
majority. lu I-'','-','i ' Campht 11 bj T'.M I ?
but his la-t mijority wa? only 17',. Cn. llartra:.il.
the Cnion nndidate in 1*36 tor State auditor, t irrie.l
the I).-tritt by a .aaj-fity of ?MS. This year ii is
ijoftty in Nh'iyl
kill County wHletC.1 I.K ' ahlk I., banon C
promi-,Oh 1,100 t,u Cal.t- | hmi it he
Tho Xll'h !>.-? '
hanna Counties, ifl {forth P k1 ia, and blBBca
mted by Charln Deaaieon, i Detaocrat, s.
banna ii un agricultural count'., largely Kepa!'!
aud, with Bradford and Tieg i i ide np the
i, ? ,
rot of Sonnten, aBearij Bepablicm, m >l a ___\ M
ability and c!inr.ii:t;T, has been ?elected hythe I'nion
ovi rt onie ti.e .'?lsri majority of Denn son, are?
aalt-by mt bmbbb laipoaelbU ii? I8R?, Donaban <le
bated Groa lu Ulli IMMrint hy I.Tftl BMJTrtltji but in
1864 Judge Winthrop W. KltthaiB I ?".?.ular K
publican, named once or twice m. United I
Benatet ami Governor ?made a thorough
canva ?, and lessened Dennison'a majority
to H6 votes. Cm. Ilartrault, the Union can
.lu?ate fa State Au.luor, carn, ,1 tin- D>!rict in 1666
by HO majority So there m hope for a Radical vic?
tory in October.
The XlVrh Di-triet include*: Dauphin. Juuiata,
Northumberland, Snyd.r and Onion Counties. The
fluctuating politic.? of Harrisburg, Hie ( ?ipital of the
Stute, mid the center of Dauphin County, make or
unmake this District, which wa? lost four year* ago by
tin* Republican?.?their candidate, Patter-on, running
far below the Union State ticket majority of 201, but
regained by the present representative, fleo. f. Killer,
who carried it bjT mV m,tj.>rity, the State ticket re
ntving l.s-'iy majority. In 1666, Oatt Hartranft car?
ried the Di*tri"t by the extraordinary majority of
1,068. Mr. .Miller i-? a good worker in Congi!
our figuro? conclusively show the strength of bin
chance? in a ?second election on the sate Ilims ol' JMO
??resent majority.
The XVIth I h "tritt, which takes ?n Adams, II. il?
ford, Franklin, Fulton and Somer-et Counties, gave
(?cn. Koonta, the Lui.m candi.late, only (id majority
in 1666, and, more than any other District in the
Stat.', may bo regarded doubtful. Chuinbersburg
and Gettysburg are in this District, but the
?teni cq-cricnco ol' war has not sufficed
tu convert it.s inveterate and too numerous
Copperhead ?. Tho present Clerk of the II
Edward IfcPhenen, leateeontattTe el ? portion of
thi- Disti let umier a finer apportionment, ran a-gatnat
a. li. CeArotfc, the Deeaoantii candidate in 1886,
and wa? .lett ated by ?'. IT vete-. Hit (?ov, Curtin in
1863 had Til!? majority in tho District; and ia 1814
L.-n. Emita oht.'iiiK'i in* Nat iu OB
over Cafirath by 66 VOtea. The lX-tnoerats
bare taken np J. IfoDataU sharpe, their itnogMt
maa, to eoateet tin groud with G. n. Kaonti this
year, bat M the District p I ? Bartnaft ? major?
itr of'.'.">_ in 1866. he is not likely to be successful on
the nnpopu] r ty of tin? President I phitform.
In th.? U?It l)i?trict, repTOUBted bj John L.
Dawson, DeiinK rat, tin- lion. John CoTOdl is running
' If ?_h II. Weir. It is composed of Fayette,
In.)iitii:t, and Westmoreland counties, und contain*? th.?
home of SeaatOf Cowan, in the latter County. Sar.
Curtin had a mijoriiy in the District m I ***>.; of*?il9; in
1864 I' ll'.-i ":.' -ted the .lection viith DsWBOBl and in
1866, G.-ii. Hartranft won a majority of -i'2l for the
Dillon party. It is, therefore, ? laid that nniy hu
wou. Ol' the Onion candidate it is BeeHO? to apeak.
n ('"??cn ?- ire well known, and he lo.*t
lin the war. Ile i_ per.-oniilly popular.
I ?Ti the whole, w.i can COBBI but BM District where
tin? BepabUcaa.Uniaa ti? bat is hkeiy to lo-.-, mi two
or Ihm .sh- r,'.:i il.ere i- good promiae of glin.
The letaalennea! Reranaeof the Federal Govern?
ment li - My over Five Hundred Millioin- of
. - per annum: il- BBBenditvae, Incl
iiiti'i-e.-t on it- Pub'?:. lila .ud tie payment
? ! __. ' ; r innU-tt,
...;. i. .. l'amr Bandied Million?.
lu other wo?dsi v. 11 ti ti ,:
*? the Trraaury (hil year, ?tnd yet extinguish
mur? ti"??? ? *????? tu ptrf of otir Public Debt.
Is it not i per cent, bandi of
aTroeenry, payable, principal lad - I
gold, si.ouM beb ? f r own ead Em
brokei aaty-fire i aal on the
dollar 1 1 - it not frightful ?iiiprovideiici that tbeee
'?<? ?:?I1 goiag t.. Earope by millions per weck.
and Itemjr sold at such a sai r ti. ? to ) :y ?ilk*.
gewgawaand fripperiet, that we do not need und
might ?-?r batter do wtthoai nt a National
? thal tin* country, in Haw ?efpaaea and while
prodneihg ?Qold ead Silrer at the rata of atlaaatO
lim.Ire.1 M:ll;oli. per a 1:1 ]r
i ?ble p__per Currency, made u;., ?ii it* lower
frictions, ol'th^? nastiest ihhipllltlll th at ever di.?
?:lll llitlile '
lie I ' ' IBllJIBOM ' bo*J 1..I |1
, Orr lu. i the Legisla! ire of
' on, and nat thom a Ifee*
. law.?,
Blacks. Ha
By the) : Iks Al :
? .in IVSIJ -it
? apart] si whlohsfbets the pert
? m "r itn.i'??ity of o penon efeessr, porsoaa of eolei
?"- and
lomay every etbsrporson who Isa eompeteai ????' - ??
"'1 lo) flrtt parairr'i admitting perseas el
color to testify la all casss ??hers- themselves or tbstr raes ire
i ? ? sn hot l ' r ,1 with
ttion. The?; sr.- idmtttrd Is
isa of eeeee wkera tbeir latereet, sympethy, sasocletloa
: r I bl ir . '.,
(Sly, ei
ni that .' tai iii
? cane of the ?.???.. I: tbs 11 : . ?,. f ??vi
? ( ..ulla ?ee.i? ?.i lu. dil ti us lu IB ikl ?'?? ;
Binl pan :ii wltnssses ?u lb ?r o?rn
pf tas Union, sod ? ?? ii .1 si
. '
KM, li ' en "itilll.i!. !..
. sterrr dio? wter or colo?
'lu ? already .jnoteil, de
tiT l!i
li ? ?
- ii ? tent ?i i
' lil u I
. -?HIS '
? i ? ? ii.-M.irs of aeiar i? lAoa
. lire el the
? ?t? m
bv stoladiag i bob lo
? ii
? willi
?,t. .e i Ia ? ?ung ?a
Wut- .. ? : o ibu rult' io
"In ci - s eli 1-. ni -r
I in I . ?? : HT" t- : ?
men: ead pssl ?ipsi i lo exe
L-uts c. - ??! ? lib Imp tait] isi tbs
.: NI from llie Courts
of justice. Til? ?iirewti on?, eiiiniiiii?eeaUane to| .
? ion of crime, ead they gonawbipped
? law fort ?!? ol ibe
beard. D.*? m; ti. ? sxel asios i rsons
Balor it s tis pei petrstlon of
,-r.:ne ? I!., i i tit ?. Biet) le- I'.'.I' s ??'.1 ay
ateklag tbs asgte a eenpeteal wttsssi ve svsil
lo i mi let i And will the
! IW "!' '
r.riii.* ? ?" ' Tbs weil i li ? f tbs
Htst? it. t 1 ivatioa "i
.mr p ?pol u..'ii. at.ii ?f there . ?umeiit 1? beksl? i f
tlu-ir sdmissibility i' ? ??? of ?i.. a ii
?ii.-a.? .r Bior.tl and Intel! otual obsi
woald I
1... - . issl mar objeel t?> lbs extention of tM* rijri.t lu
isssitii luesstbs hell fur bu nafartsasspsia
i., i. , bal ii tbs ?.??-"t and rirtuous ure protect-so, neletrli
: .r lbs change, Mea of probity ead ia*
lagrity !
fr ni I ...?'li "t Intelligent i
and si * sei leid ifalail m ju?t diarite? suppuir
: ... u. o will bl ?nu the really
g allt.y to corunna inulihineirt."
?All t?i.r- i? * "ii*. !?:?? .i:nl ,i ,si.n of progr?s.*-. Only
l.-t tie I Um theaden o? Manra,
iad the Soath will gradually and ?uiely reeonatrael
hers.it <?n i baaiaof L-oyalt' ii i Liberty.
i tority of providing :. Em V.iv p n
ibitaatl of our t.'?emi'iit. he".
ven decid?- '.iy impre.ssi'd by ti ? of n family
:'.? Me ?:, Arenaa i lae! Baaday.
ana wott laatroyed, nni the wfaB ladder?,
whii'ii the law reqaine, wan Botprarided. I
ir li.t-'r ip* in ? ! It li
Wo neu not m Ris.<*..'?
ri-.??/, fur the reason that we could not be. .It
was not the Auton of former day? ; there
wert shortcomings, uni. measuring her by the
Loftiett standard, we were di-ipppointed. That disap?
teat has now tieii. Her ?c.oi.d npematattoa ni
'? Medea' waa all her first wat ??.'. Front beginning to
endl.'.stori was an inapiration, and those subs-nbera who
,;ave away their tickets or allowed their Iroies to remain
empty, lost what may never bo regained. Kit
t ,ii'.? reception waa a disgrace to an intelli
gnl communty; it wa* such a- New-York accordi
to a second-rate ballet-dancer?a bv no meant heirty
leaad of apptaaae succeeded by a few hand*, tin- lae! ?-tTort
remintlinir one of the sudden and feeble revival of aa
ag-'ravattng shower-bath Nevertheless, the applause ot
Satur -lay, iiidepeiideutly of this receptum, was more ipon
taneons and dis, riminatiiig than that of Thunder night.
The audience was hu fashionable but more intelligent
evidently moro cn rajrport with Kistori, and to-nuht'a
brilliant assembly showed how quickly an Amencia
nditnee < in lean the proper eti-?nette of greet occasioni.
NI 11 lute K.stori hu? ...ni her liurels, and henceforth w,U
lu? sure of her applause, that great incentive to mimic
To-night New-York experienced a sr-eond sensation it
the trag.vly of Maria Stuardi. nyttg since Elizabeth
lived and Man- ?lied, the world has been much cierciad
on the subject of the ill fated Queen of Scots. Histor,aut
and re.id,.-rs of history have bothered themselves nota,
little to get at the real character of utie of the moat in?
teresting women that ever wore a crown?inter-sting be
taaat of her boatity and her MMtfft .ne. Whether sha
wer?- weak or wicked bas not yet beta ioeiiid to,icrsatis?
faction, nor doe* the eoafamlea of couipln.'itv in the mur?
der of berhaabead which s, hiller peta tatt Mary's mouth,
light us,-n th- mad to truth. Whatever facti may be,
tin-world will ever d.'te.! Eti-Utbetb for her treachery to
ward her royal prisoner, and will par bal the victim of her
vindittive joal')U?y. "Woman is nit frail' exclaim*
Schiller's Kiuabvth. " /.' ! aim ii /it* art
f. in mi uri, ti....... Ann comporto ?i.ir^lc al nita coi1
i fi -ii- : :?'."
If ever a woman proved h?r frailty it was Klizabetb,
when her miserable v.m:'.y pitritic! lier heart, in-li.'a'uig
):,-r to siu'n the death warrant of I fallen toe. Quite ready
:ir? wa le bellett ia tifa words ol peefilftiy,
when ?he say?, u the went I tvttdtd ii known, aud I
may boxst myself far better than my reputation.' But
ourproscnt com ern .?j no: with WMBVy, BBC -ii': th- li'rer
ihu dramatist. Interest enup-ly hea with Andrea
.Ma?'ei's translation of Chiller, and to that alone we
Wo cannot becomo enraptured with Maria Han 1*. It
fails in situation. Out of t.ve acts, three end w.tbout
petali leafing thi audience in a state of indilference.
Ig, loo, immediately after ?o muh,-dramatic a trag?
ely us Medea, this grout tainenj.'-- is the moro apparent.
The speeches, likewise, are too long. The play might be cut
down one-third to advantage. Italy's great national defect
i? to?? much vtklubility. Nothing in the way of ti] ' n t
tion is ever left to the inwj?inition, and thii defect U very
naturally carried <>n to the stag?, to tiie great
disooinfort of foreign audiences. Were there such a
thing in the world as a star company, tho
length of subordinate characters might be ta
Eared, but it is almost unnecessary to state that the
two acts of M tria ?stuarda, wlo.-r.in Ristori di I not
appear, were not made interesting by her company.
Th- Khaabfth if Batta ititi CottiB ?ras n>;
?uothing more. The part itself is very gool, an! in
the batida of Sarah Felix became prominent.
l.:?tnri has no such suter; her brothtr, hovv
evor, made up well for Talbot aud did his little acepta
hiv. UganCheah looked ki inore hk? Li? leeaeaajB
Victor K?i iti'i'-l" than like th I - fai ,-it? ,,f
l-.: t?ib-th, yet appeared to mmtwhti bttt
ti n li ?I?? '.'-r 11 Mor
t.:u"'r IB-bred tcrrihly in the binds of .?ignor
Cicrboui?a gentleman well named, whose quali
i- un actor c insist in g ?mating, frowning,
and strutting. His soliloquy in scene third of
act neead was hiirhly suggestive of the Bowery. Equally
. T:. ? /- H , i,.-, *.', d netted adiiiini
tio? from thi i'ion?to other ! han
Mgitor Carbone Of Cecil, little ue,-?! bo ?aid. Virginia
Citan was cool in the small Bill of Man ? i.urie.
\\ tth all kindlmegs of spirit we aik ?Wy the i ntr hrrtet
are so long when no scenes are to bt ?-et and no ?Ig.*?-'*
are to be chain;?-i I M?.tc.' r it it teces?
sary that. ?inor to raising tho curtain upon
Ml ;t \i?'.jr.)U.v should be Leid
behind it. Tbtft se - i want of proper
? t.l.'e : ? ! - WITH
m l'.cr.iii y u.jiired by an mt of the curtain ;
one vat no lets thai I n, wherein Huton is th?.
mr, atesta
And now ltiritnri. Little can bo said of the?
tir?t :u t. An angel from heaven?provided angela
:ire Ueaatd with tlraniatn- ir-uris?could not d<?
m.,re than she did with it. There is no
for great act inc. Iba WM every lath a .??. en?she
wat. calm and , .?I ? litL li rdignlty was sapreme OfctO
she cxclnimcd, " I r , ar a
crowu '" Her indignation upou htir exit ?as heron. It
' that the actreos ?Lowed h,-r Be Bar.
IliTteiider:.,--vtit'a Talbot, her inagnitu ? ?o?? w lea
t.-rn,il:'-.r..-.s" took po?.?e*?ion of her, her transition to
joy when IBU l? told that I. ?'. the Queen,
them ttagharpreol bael ta thi Matten
I ? '? iii, the working up ni u!. hi r pent -up peering un
tii j-iadcd on by her to.-nie:.to: - h ?? .th h-r
K if anna l!.,l,-:a, upon th?t
bnmil we: Till!
The fifth ne! admits of much less :t I n w.ia
: i
wai I,- . she was beautiful in b
.ii her ,le??,, - onia'l
in har ihocl tali reit '? iter, Tim
curtain (hO n aal - : - , i
i i Ung _ k- t.
I - , .OiTi'l'l
0 '.. linder!'.:? ti ? List Dus af
P ' . ik of
I 1 I)-?
Wi i '"..,. ... ?:-.--. . 1
wai properly ascribed. Mr. w li wi'h
'? scenery, but ?vi*; ol the eub
i for ita
? i li ful
i ? runic,! iii,. ,i. I lu? thrilling embodi?
indeahaiaah laal itb. Mr. Bandmtaa ha?
I the part ta Baay erne*, and bm made thu
drama thorongbl] I. That
it vill - ?'? cannot bo
ly a
t- i'i. . -pi - ?ud ita
t.r and Iii re aro. indeed, gm~t defoi"? iu
the pitea, obi
La the _tttt let, Ibr exaatpla, it dall wbaa it eagM la im
witty. ?'oiirth'
act ure ein:. I 1 w n they BBghC
?. . ?...:.!. ii ? regel'i i awe| Non
- to bet ? boco perihet at ail paintt; bal his u;-. ml
liiMUicllect ?uni-:.:i!,-s failed him lal '? I.*)
irc.id tells us that Sh.ikoipeere kl!,?d off Morcutu?. ia the
thinl act m Koine,, mid Juliet, b,, MM bl am BnUt to
,1 of the brill', ?ney ot that c'.iarai t.-r
Tliroiigh a kindred inability, BmahtOftl lia* lhllcn ?h >rt
of his dorvi'-'u in tlie wit and the wi??!oin of Narcisse, lu
ihtieiiiolioiiaI ?'!.. ? ktM m chaxa?-t?-r, however, his r:i,...-'l
mun ??I g.'iiin-i? ve.-y p-e-'iiul ind tffecUag. These re?
marks a| ply, af Boona, la the ticrman aa
well as the Dn.-t sa vcr.?ion of the drama?the
l .rn ?-r ol' VhM wa- prtniueed at th" _ Sta.lt
f, on letaahay evening last, when Mr.
Ho.'junl Daw ison mad- his s.-eond appeanwee in Ainu
. .,./.' meet. AU ti
. . | m id i,:_.urk,-?d m :! I k1 ' uiade
then.? ' ituevr-tlii" ti
Piupmittici tic ihi . '?'>' "'' ?-ta ?-gem? 'hat

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