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ITJPRKMK (OU: ' -ii.-H.fore .lint ne
Bo Dal - Ci '.??.run
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BAir.??>\r? ?tiAtlRRfW.
foe .?..-rond Avenu?. I,al. ?all ? u I ltlee?ker ?tree!
S i me uiii. .Siu.e.
m i hi H ? hurt? r i ave leen t?> extead
.ne k . i i.ie B wen aud Clialiiam ????lar? u???
1'oail <. pair??stvi oh eethteteee vttt I '?trsek
.a? wita
l?i?-err, and laid their own double
i .. , . f,.
I! Jo HM'tlol I
i'..in lui.uni?,' on their track* and
flam i ? i I' Hist, and ob*, tine.I ?Bj ? etea.s
ine ii juuel an
ii a* tirat argaei, I? Iii?! Ile
Ira-s - I so c. ?t-e lo ti ,-u ttsek t ist tiiti
I ?dint? I? t! at tVir truck
ha* b- ..mu ni alton of public
t ? aiultOV truck on one
i .: i ok li at u hi'u It is
i . rack than tour feel II M t'.i'ir rjusn
i i , i . .-.it? a Itali paniSg
.a? ?
i .?ait? BOTS left ?even feet
ketsrat karee MJ their tri.?, vbich la more than
N reyaaco. end i M diet ited by any de
?r their own at POBV? dsti'iB.
r ? ti id H
la which euee tney wi.l be prevented
bl li ia, k
Ia ti.- ,.in?i tail iha defoadanM ?lieue their righi to nte the
? i;.,a?r.i on IIIIAI g IM |?OPOT BBf lisalloU, ull.l
i - ' - .li-i.i.
?ck i? already tnteii hy tbe
Third .?'.. )! - li?, ? I, hi. , til ii ubv farther BM Of the.rtisek?
MU gi Be. aad that lae drfeiniaui?
. t...II.
Ml li?1 ?M tu M laportatri preliminary
: !? ?ere incorporated aiol
vBethel in. . < oapaay wu? not ? j ?mt
ft?* t-ark Vbicb ?an iavo red in the
? ?"tides a BsaeeiatloB of Mc
Katata continued mauy lrrcgulunties which villa
Th ii the rim tin ' right I" a t'ack in a public highway wai
Bot ? i : ?' . i ? 1? ? ni. laid down for public u?e. and
? : IMaaCgielatare. Every one
asay .. . laoe or er Me rail*. Eba ttmkx Ac.
MC, wliih-?ni il.e 1'ie.i.wui. ?OtUtWkMd M the pubic tur all
W....UI in.- i.-.-. ma.? ulm?- hy truve? over IBM . i be rurlit of
II., ?iel- d iBls la ? com pensa: ion 1? ui-question
abie. -i. II ? tallen under the powa ?f
tJ--m m. for the p-ihiic use. I'la piainutf? hntlwilull? ob
siru' i. a di t ii nts t?. ??ree oa com pen* ition, and Ma eeoaitty
Brae? - not re.|Ui-n e..uipen?aUoii lo
ha atada before using IM ra.ia The I.cgi?.ature uigbt have
. rtsed i'.s? a 'Lota eoanpt i
li a HobiiiKiiiiuigued that the pliintiiTs had
nong t lo Im.. i..en cn it? menee coiisideieil b.lore Matta!
Ihe public. Ta*1 t: I titistn. ilion a licit Bight arise from their
?TOM ' ring tear rails bas the Mae obstruction
precisely sseVeiyi ilreet wa? ?iib
1 cted t?>, si a ? io* va* I cioantul to all uae of ina
'that ?ni- sheUMUOM un.es? uoi.'iii a ere not a piounu ol la
fal li t-ri? i
Mt. iiiirnllargne.l in reply that thongh the richi M BOT a
track ?. a? not ti salte, mai earta, parrlatge* und aautbasee
bod the rig IM u oatt MefnaMhtaei . tare? on
it MM? t Xi. u.sive. lia wuv um lur eil Balta It, 1MB It VM
not bar Ma vMss. aa4 a ... panv bavlag leeened me bru
i oeoapy, ?ni. iel . I] IM wboie
traoa. tin? ?u in lad being mm . by Several r iiToad? i nu
Uiugov-r Hie track, of ot! Bl roads. BMMg 1MB IM l>ry Dock
1; ? li iel ?oap i ?. i be ibey vaga aoav
pi led to pay ii o. Breh uni, a onl.i ur\ .-r M paid? He asa de?
ni?'., iii it i?-? 11* .
V? Uli illili ii i?, lb .tul Irani the
I.? t.i>. ii..! I. c lipCir. Io UM' Ibu itiaal for railroad |
. t?> their Bee.
?M I II willoh Ma truck ??* laid cut i
from au in;|v?r?i.el ngb'. It va ra low
rill IT t? the eira duWB thal III I al ?t tv former
line r.iu Mea Bp l'-aist. aud dou-j ban. Ill
Dhange back, !".' tbli proposed track eat Maa ?-tr
Irom ti : ? . portant,
t In- COllaTI took t. pt; peri "u! r-.erv i d It ? .iel .sum. ill.
I r. , .unid??. H.W. i;..Mii?uu and Air. incribnor for
it t MsTadga CAKPOZO.
In re. bV S un rs of tb? i?bip Indian.
".in- to produce tin- bod i es of tho
?ml -i? of ti e gvodial ?i ip Indian was ctll?d np this moruing
t?) Mr. J IBU? nn D tattara IneMtrsbal did net
free ne* Me prise ? ra bat m na retara that Le Mid them under
be warru;.t ? niiniaSlonerNewiuD, u Lu a
as? ai.iii'ie !
1- dart* .' leas ratai : 11 that the bodies mutt be produced be
f?i"t:.i r ? - I., be in ii e cusiialv o: t! e t niirt, before
ILe matter c? uid proceeil. and avked an attaciiuirul agaiust
'be Mr!
Mr. lu Costa npix-nred st the request of the Ra,dish Con?
sul. Bl ? IP. I BV tbe l lilted hales Mual.al, aid
? .aine ?I Oat when the return ?Loned on its f ?ce a WHI.I of
lui.?diction, it ?us not nec?s?ary lo nroduce the body.
Judge tsi.iozo held Cat tinte the Moizger caae tue partiel
tiust be |.inc." .
Mr Ha? ona ? ugircsteil ti at thev should be sent for to Lud?
low ?I i.-udered as in oourt:
. in iii.- BsrMVa le M assurance that the ?allora should
nor be reo,o.<-?i tiom tue county lill the court rendered a de
Mr. Jane? then demurred to the return, and argued that
C?e i e?sell power n H nut BXtet J M the rxtradlUM or s.rnn
tier, on their na re tiri.livae ti scaruiu f?.r i runes. He lol
lowed Hi.- ??ne cou a ol ar^umeut substantial y u? ia tbe caae
Mahn J mine ia tts, laity rej.ort.-d Lcrettifore in" the coluuina of
Mr l'a Costa appenru g sa amicus eura; st Ihe re
t . r-KMd.sh Coi ?ui t.-ok ?ever'il object mi * to tbe lunn of Uie
I ?Boms aa4 ol tht peuuou on wbielilt waa sraated.
ila claimed that lha caae waa. rta adjud?cala, having been
already petted on bv ?TadgC llett? and thal the C uri lad uo
jurisuiclion the arrest and proceediug* baring been luAd*
andre a tre?tj.
-ill Jame? replied at feme length, elrladug that here were
Bes within the Jnrl?uirlion of the Comt restrslned of their
I bert) ?i ?f ? tjeert vaa Mead M BM MM tacg ?ere not Btv
l.wf. |y reatraiaad uo matter vbe nuglt h>e Uie parties bold
ligth rt oattiei tau n?an
ril-aseii ?It. r tiie deatal ti the ant by aunt her Judge.
'I i? C .ut took the papen Bad re.?rved it? decision.
I ia m J im,* aal M . l'iiiip! y for petitioner, Mr Da Costa
for toe ?swedisu Cousu,, M i'belps lor Manual Murray.
[brfors Jutl.es krl y aad Iiowbn? }
Tlio always enptttia long caleadar of Tutwday
noroiug preeeuted ittelf vlth the usual regulsrity ye?ter?oy,
and the lia wat no less formidable than of old. Of all varie?
ties ot off -t.ie?, there were 'oi on the schedule which were di?
tided a? folio??, t e pronoition of each (tile of offense being
about ?? on other di, s Petit larceny. 33: SMtutt ?nd battery,
D0j carr).b?i mmiu.cd ?moons. 1; ??isorderlr Uou?e, 1? rio
lutiug bta.ili law, i, violai mg boat law, 1, suspended caaes,
6 MU] d
A m??t cnrlons fict Is BOW cmintint'.y noticeable erery
Cnurt mor lint in ihe ? ?TV S ??OltOtl* care tint the politician?
takeot Heir rowdy fiiea?.? Ju?t befare election, lue court?
room it crowdeO ever., morning with men who ar* now AlJ?-t
nea and Co mciunen, men who want to be eontinoed in thole
lui bein s, nun who hope to be ?peetlilv electeu to those de?
sirable pi?oea, and hum mer aspirant? to other pnhlioaJ po?i
Lou? u: l.w.r aud huu?b>ex grsdea Kwry man who i? a oan
didat? for any t-ffier whatever at the BO<ID to-come ?lection
BOW flnil* It cinvenleot to tps'nd a few of his moiuiug hours
at some one of the Cn ? tai Police Courts, for the purpoee i-f
eavieg s good w ord for i-uch of hi* friends HI are certain to be
haul .1 up on tome charge or another If the culprit be a
'? strife?.i" of eunndcrahie muscular influetvc" at the poll* and he
ii?' Lauled un to. ti-ing " drnuk and disorderly," or ??saa.lt and
b-?ltert." or auj sill?n .r ci arge, he will invariably find some
ot'uce rael lag I Liu r?.io? ano anAioar to pay hi* fine for bim,
and thus keep tack au luvaluablt oltiaaa out of jmi. Of ?tasarse
In payment f I rsry loan it is etp?-. ted that the
{r.so..cr will DCA; No.e.ila-r lake au active hand lu certain
nile game* oo election day.
Tin rirriso BY A PAIU OP BEAUX.-Two fiuhily-dreased
young men, attued lu their latest acquisition* from the tailor
be*sung In brotdolotb, shining ia sslln, sud suspiciously
redolent of >i wit-Blooming Cereus, found that some of their
Bight batoning wat altogether too serlou* a matter for their
cou.fort. 1 ' ey gave their name? a* George Kankia and
Oaorg* W iii a tua, and woi* apparently about Ik* years old
each, and of tbe most aggravated style of kitchen girl septi
rating corner loafers, ft waa shown that wbils William? kept
witch and ward at the door, Kankin entered tbe grooery ?tore
of Mr. K untie! V. Warner, No. M Perry ?t, which wa* in
{ibarge kt tbe Iii e only of a little giri, a mere et.iid. and
?aned over the eount r and drew out the drawer lo which the
tuoiie? i? kept. In IBU n-ceptaile there is generally from t'J
m to $10. lae proprietor lesllild, and lo obtain t'as princely for?
tune wss unquestionably the lutontlou of the sweet pair of
b'lintie* Rai.kui and Wii'ianu. Tne little girl staw Kai.km
and to qalel her, be asked where Mr. Palmer lived. Leekily,
a ?-oil?, man bad witnessed the wbtlfl affair, and now crossed
ever aad arrested tsotb the young ?peculators, ?bo were lae I
gio e ich, beeide being eeut each U> the Penitentiary for ux
C.fiLTT m Ixs'ifKfT.-Irlne Miller aOennsa, wi* charged
Vlth carrying a sword cane, wbleb murderous weapon wa*
prixluoed lo Court. The prisoner staled that he was guilty of
tbe fact of cerrriug th? weapon, but innocent of any evil in?
t*ut. be. being a stranger IU America, did not know the law
against carrying cone? aled Wuapous. In ?v,nsidor*tion of b1*
Ignorance of the lew* of the country, the Imprisonment to
;bieh be would uiherw,** tare to submit wa* remitted and be
it off with a Boc of hot).
MUMOBT Pounce- LAora AUB LOTAITT.-Mr. Simoa
Bewird, a name which can scarcely be exjs-eted to keep out of
falltloe brought np Mr. William McManus, jr.. for beating
na one eight last week tn s Isarer beer taloon In Third ave.,
between Eigbty-ihird and K uhty fourth ?u. From tbe tetii
?vony It ispear* IM a i??rty of gwnttemea were In, the beer
esluoa and ware talking polillos, when Mr. Mc Manna, bearing
svaelhuig said which did not ?ait hi? faatidion? whisky fled
taste, he beiag three-q?.*:ten draak at tbe lima, took bl? fiat
la hi? kaad and ?mo?' se?? rely Mr. Howard, who immediate!y
assume?! a bor iroi. tal post lou in deference to the blow. R>
eumina hlsvperpeudlcular ns soon s* possible, he rushed oat fur
an ?Seer with whom he returned, and to whom he turned
ever tbe too ?uthotuutio Mae,
Mr. itaward, twmig (laced an the stand, was subjected to a
ahern creel Or* of eviuaeei, and he ausworod aomewkat aa foi
Connsel-lMd von bv way of eiasperating Mr. McMtnu?,
knowing biai lo be a Johnson mau, tay that Presidont Joba
'. trsluu ' As? ?er-1 did ni, I didn't, 1 didu't-I (wear
?I didn't, 1 didn't.
(> l?id you not MT that the President ought to h?re been
.hot tostewd of President I..reola ? A. I did n't, did u'l, I
dklut, I swear I didn't- l?:?d n't.
ti llid vou t ?it (tv that yoe thought President Johnson
osgbt te be hang A. I did at, 1 did u t, 1 did n't, 1 swear I
d?d 1.1,1 didt, t.
Q. I?.d yeo not call the At fendant here a traitor f A. I
di-i n't. I did u'l. T did n't, I **. ear I did n't. I did r.'t.
Did yoe not *ay that *. ont-ht to be hung? A. I didn't,
1 did o't, I swear I did n't, I did n't.
Q Did yoe not say that ali Johnson mea are trallon to their
tsouatry t A. I did n't, I did n't, 1 did at. I swear 1 did n't. 1
aid Bl. *
U- lied yea sot say that Pr?sident Johnsoe is a drunkard ?
A. f did n't, I did n t, 1 did al I swear 1 ?Aid n't*U did a't,
<*. Did ra? BO* as/ Mat " MM wa? a? su?vDortly Prest
0 Did;
1 did i,i,
t'ert ,Ii)h-;?f>n ?re a lot of CoppThrai'?-that they nrs drank
arc?, ami (hat they ?re trylig to luenk BJ ti I IHJWatl I rend lo
do i i: i i I Lid li I 1 u; 1 n t, 1 Old Ii I. I
iw. ir I o : iii 1 dal t. t.
(J I)il inn n i ?a> or do ?I'tMolhina t" ?D'HIT or excite Mr
Mi Mann?, ?o a? to mike him iieaatU vcsj)l A. 2 did ut, I
di i n'l I sue ir I I wa**, t I !
. t' thoa lint 4'i Maniti
wim lull ni . .. ti, m ?y. uki. i ? I'l ... i.l Juiili
. I.) hie out of ?ti of nil ?n. u ? i?.i ?|i-iki.| bim at ?II.
where -'s ?I i-i. i In a blood P>'k Bl* and he
ru-lntl.I Se ward ?ntl knocked him du?-* previously csbing
I nu a Black li, public m ti ker." Mid ut'i-r io.aie? wuieh
Seward dit not notioe on acoouut of the very apparent inmii
ualion of Mi Manus.
.In.ige Dawlng ?aid In paanlng sentence "I rio not think
Sir BeVsrd bid any right to ?peak la I h at writ of the Chief
Magistrate of the Country. Ia the?* exciting times, all ?uch
remark? esjieclally ?hen made in snob piaci-n, Meta to or?ate u
i ji-ufi-."
1 hu d?tendant ?at fined Ir?? and ?cut to th-j Cil) Triton 10
I'm moa ONUK MOKP -Thomas Scudder, a gentleman of
co.nr. moat elaborate.v gotten up in imitation ol a clrrg? man.
and ?rho seemed withal of ?ap'-rior intelligence, made Ins ?>
|H- traaos on tin stand, complaining of Mr. John Wag ft,
? li -, ne aase it tal had, tv? Uli tell nu 1 beaten loin for ?nine trtllBC
ii.lit reno.- I* tetolr Jkililical conriclluuk. Kelli? desired ti) test
kui ?tory, Mr. Scudder proceeded thu?t
" Wa WA? in in? room, an i wo got into dn-oontse SIKHII the
Wir. ?iidifuJiMUiied about ibu War for ? Um tune, till or
a id-lij nur din o use ?bout the war bogan lo ?ret a lit 1 umre
BMIUI, and 1 UMi-ouiaed thai I though the ?nr had been to
uni the country, Imt he discoursed that 1.0 thought it bad
been to fie the nigger) MM 1 dit.-oursed ibai I thought
the war was tor ?hilo folk? as um,-n as
for tin- oliieil ii.an, but be ditcours'd that it
wat ali fur (ree th* rigger. Hi-discoursed ?U ?TI ?bout the
' inggor," but I liin-oiirsed about colon d man. Hy-tudbr h*
discoursed lugger Bigger, bigger, niggei all the time, and I
dm n't like to be discouiaeil al a? a nigger, so by and by I dii
eoiii ted thai I bad BBBB toiuu inggcrj ?? wlulo as bo ? as, nud
I discoursed that 1 had keen souie niggers as good sa he wa?;
then be kept on hi? discourse about Ibe nigger klwsys the
nigger-?nu then J di?oour?cd (bal I thought a nigger w?? as
good H? smuc while Baa?*, and thou he ' j imped righi up, and
bo hit ni" right ?ide of the head, and loosened all ?. teeth 1
aiwn.vs thought I bad arignl todltcourse ni? opinion, but I
did r't siau to discourse ant, mote ai bim, but 1 rim 1 kea gistt
feller all ine way io Ibu Court, and there 1 discoursed the Court
tba! hu hail struck me, far I was bleeding like a bog all Ino
lune, and I was all covered wita bloou-uud the Judge di?
enuised me to bring him up here, ?ud sol hiougtit turnup
beni, and that'? "li, your Houoi, and I wont discomso you any
1 bl ?i-ter-in liw of tho defendant waa [diced on tho ?taacl,
and ?he i ormiximtej the facts of (he case as ?tiled by the
CHii'i 1 iiiMUt. that ta? tau weis " discoursing " alkiut the w?r
?li-:i a quarrel mo??, and her broiher in law struck ??judder,
but she insisted, the hlow wa? " only a slap."
lb- del. ud mt is i dealer in 1 'bsters. ira'is, and other ?hell
fish, which, perhajo, hato a ti-udeuoy to make bim so cnistj
!. eotis II > was fiai a B-'?
A liAfn.vi.bY Imtr-However reprehensible tbe't m*y be
at all innes, it may bo complicated with certain aggravation?
which malo it much more detestsnle at some tiare? than at
other?. One of the most v.I aiuou? ?ort wa? the theft commit
ted hy IViiiu Hrown. a (?ermau, u bo ?I du a ?steh and chain
from iii fr?en... Georg* s. i"-ci l),iv*ni not awl} BM4* ue watch
but ha ?toa ?ccuaed an ninoc. ni girl ni t:,e tueft. und actually
caused tor to M ?rre?ied bj Kulgoi. Tuo giri, however, ve
In-uiciul) deiiiing her gurt, it occur-cd to Captada Jnuidsn.
woo bad Beti ?ed the extreme nfliciousnes? of Bro* n M sei r. b
lorn ibis was done, anti, to the utter ???oiiUhmenl o' Bate?*!,
?id the emin iel?- (liseomlilare of Hiown, the watch and i bala
were lound on hit person. In con? deration of Bia ilouhl(.
crunu, b? g 'l tim laawatl penally of Hie law, six month? in lue
IViiutunij.y and Bau line.
A VIXDICTIVK SOM-A most lamentable ?tate of fam IT
affairs waa revealed br the oes* N i. 39 on the Calendar, which
was a charge of assault and battery preferred by an old man,
Mr Jeremiah ('olden, sr., tgainit hu ?on Jeremiah ('olden
jr.. a young and stalwart fellow of 3Vye.ua, who had served
mur yeuis lu in.' war. Ii appearttii.it beth tal partial are car
[x ntcr? by trade, and hevo been aocmtnnied io working to
Fur a week or two p.ist the son baa been engaged by
thor on a JOB with him. Last Sataruay then ? U n di?
l-it" b- te, i ??? i t;,fin on the IBbjeol of wugvs claimed by the
?mi und r>fj*ed, or withb'-id by the fitbt-r '1 he foUBBT BMM
I ei timing eiss?ici,ited fe'l upon Ins taiber and beat bim M?
vm-lr, for which thi? charge wa? tiioi.ght 1 i.e
ead maa ?sj? his son has of:en beaten him bet?re, and the
son atterted that nil fatoer had rcj.oatculy cheated him cut of
bl? wage?. "Indeed, your H.m?r," said the ?mi, ' that's all
h* t bmught the suit here for is to oheat trie out of my moiey;
he's au old cheat, aud he wants to cbeal nie out of all my
wages. Lait Saturday, when I asked bim for ruv inohey, B8
lilu-d an ax. and threatened to tplit my ?kuli opea." From tho
vnal-Dt l>eu:iiig of tb? fither, there could bo no doubt tbnt
b dil parties Hie exceedingly pas-mnati?, and are mea of tuen
a fiel) temperament a? should rever be brought Into contact.
1 ..e wile ni the d'-feudant appeared and in ciceuVI tor her
inisbai.d but to no avail, hu w?? sent lo the Peni'eutlary tor
?li morn Iii.
Ai the voting man was led from l^e f'onr? to the c1?? by the
officer, be broke awav tor an instant turned toward the eld
m m, hi? f ither. and e, ith hi? fae - ? hite with pasiion, and but
ele- ched fist (?niven g lu the air. he hissed forth ts.-?e * rare*
" OM evil, isi. a / */r out, to hiiv mt Jctut Christ, /'II ki,I yak
fe' at dead at ary nan wit eeer killed ?lire iii tr>r.d Ml ?Beda
lil? (ila.pliemniii mouth Wai luatintlr a(o|i|..-d end lie was
drugged to th" pn .on, wnero for the box: huf year ha ?i.l
ceriainly work far hi? eountry, and luch a cruel natur? o? ais
will dmibtlm also meditate veugeiiire. BatMld t .-?
niau s pr?tent niood laut, a murder will doiibt.es? ouma m tL.-i
?ud case.
WAS PERFECTLY SATI?.?IFI>.-Mary J Fry wa? teni np Ikff
fair moblbi lor Healing and pawning certain gooda beling.ng
t.. Mr?. Mary A. McCorkle At Marr went out of Court, sue
tiirue-l sod ?aid " /'ra ftrfmUf ?orn/i-.f. Wbeu rou gr
Mrs, MeOvrkte voti'il haven goon ti me looking after your beut
and the coat ol your husband thal I pawned
DiSHOMisl SKHVAM CiHLd-The unmet among aervant
girl? have been much on the increase for the past few niontba.
W hen an employer goee to an intelligence orbe* be ebmild ha
veiy c-rtain that it u a parlectly ratpeettbie ?mi wall known
establishment. Many ol the poorer ?ort nt int"<'.ig.in
nake no ?crnple whatever of giving to any gul nu maller
what may be her antecedent!, a good character. proiiJed al?
wey? Ile nari them the fe He., lieruai
?erfetly well aware of this, baie thu moro temptation to be
i?boi.e?r, for tbry know thal tba offleae eaa *et then? employ*
meut again at once. These remark? Will nut of cou lae apply
to the old-ettabliilied oincei, imr to many i-f the newer oura,
but it is certain t.'iut from ionio of these p BOW? a lerTMl h '?
no difficulty whatever in obtaiiuiig a r?niBiii?iid" I
walch wdl ?afine to latiafv her new m.str -s Ma*))
of these gird oi.lv stay a few days, hi.g '
enough to diacorir lb? placet win-re ail the p k1
oilier portab u valuable? are kept with which tbry make oil .1
the etr.iial liiVorabl? oppnr BBItJ
There ure many girl?, bath tlMM who corne from Intelligence
Offices and Bthat?, who ceetent tbemtelvou with ra re patty
pilienngs and ?t-al and run away with the fi.-it art.
value t'n-y can lay hai.d? on. (Jf such chtracter wen- the fu.
lowing nauiid aaM? Catherlaa Kiernan, who stole two ,
I kin? from AJB YvViib; Margaret Ann Doinliy, who wa?
charged with taking divart sinai! article?, but W M li lal toll ad
Anns Ile. Hune, who stole two white tkirlt alni liin-e ?;,|..ns
from Mr?. OsrvtlM Seinwitr wbo had employed her, i uti.
M?M Jl-iach, who win accused with taking certain property
from Bridget Cusack, bat va? di-eliarged, tbaoomplalnai ; i ut
appearing, Miif Snith. wbo ?tola B pair 0? sane? frota Joba
NlclnTun , Anna DritooiL who stole a silk dress worth B-?
from Jane Joh i-.ui,- Atna lad oluy washed one dal, < -
second she look the Uren, bul it about ber, aid ran ed, ( .1
e; it:-. .?n, uti. w .o stole a ?bawl from Mary Myer*, but ?ni de i
taoted and brought up. All these ihtevingtei vant gul? got from
one to six m,,nibs III tba I'--:i'.t?iitiary as a corrective ol' their I
fashiona'Je dueaao of kieplomatila.
JJEIVI.NO OVER A WOMAK-Jacob Lut*, a baker, drove hi?
?ragnn over Kose Ann Moogan, at ?l o'clock in the morning,
corner of Cuurtlandt it. and Broadway, bmuinir her tW*WM I
He never ataWf-M to ?ee what dam ig- he Lim dom und fr ins
ni.feelingiies? rather than for his careleasueis, he was ?ned
HiiuiHKKLY LOVB.-Jame? CFDonnell was pnt nader B>K)
bond? to keep the peace for one year, a? againit hi? brother
Jame?, whom he ha? bester.
busband, Hugh, had beat ber, and ehe wanted him sent up. bul
after talking the maller over the Judeo dismissed him willi
??De admonition to "go, get some furniture, go to house?
keeping again and uko caro of your wife.''
THE USLAL FATP. -Offloer Wa. J. Tone inteifered to pre?
vent John Hanlon bealing hu wife, wheretip in II iilon and
the wife turned on the oflicer and beat h un, for which Jntm
got two monthi.
SHAtlEM'KAaB PKOPAXBD.-Henry Kitchen Holes volnme of
Shakespeare'? work? from Wu. IL Fr?, of the firm of John
ton, Fry * Co., No. D7 Kaekman it. I'ieaded guilty, and wai
duly tent up,
[Brfor* Ar'.in Migiitrans A.Jrnuan Coman. J
.tein, visiting at No. V7J C*tharin? ?f., yesterday afternoon
entered the lager beer ?OIOOB at the corner of Weit and Hir
riton-its, and drank two or three times. While tbeie h- n
fame cniraged in converaatlon with two of the inmate? niuietl
Noah Fouda and I'eter Lasher. Btwa* aitorweed BUvaralela
charges that Fouda ?ei/s J bim by the arms and belt) bun.
wh.1" Lasher took from his ccat pocket * WAI
tbi? be patted to a ?hird man. and all of the thieves then fi-d
into the ?trent, porwied by,the victim, who gave the alarm.
Fonda and Lather wt re arrested byan officer of the Fifth
Precinct, tint the third mun wada hil escape with the plunder.
The prisoner? were taken before Acting Migistiate Al le.min
Coman, wbo committed, them for tnal in default of fi.uuti hail
.aco. Fondait teed 19 yean, ? native of this city, and rende?
on the corner of uarritoo and West ?ti. Lather M about the
.sme age and reaidei in ta? ?am? bouse with hi* fellow pria
TiiRRAif NTH TO CiT A? ArcjrAIvTANCK -Henry Johnson
yesterday quarreled with a colored woman named Isabella
CbiM, Irving at No. 159 Leonard it. and finally threatened to
oat ber with a knife which be had drawn fron? bia pocket and
wa? braniilibing in a threatening manner. Isabella, fearing
tbat ber life wat in danger, canted the arrest of the detperate
Henry, and ha wa* oommitted for trial by Aotlug Magistrate
Alderman Coman.
With the exception of the tunal drnnk and-dl?orderly ease?,
and one of considerable magnitude printed la another column,
the above are the only cat*? of lntereit that caine before the
IBe'or? Julie? Ladwilh 1
In this Court yee-torday, the cases were of an un
ojualiy petty obaracter, M regarda the remite of th? crimes
TBKFTS.-Albert A. Bogart of No. 129 Charlea it, com?
plained that be bad lost a ?addle and hame?? of the valne of
BIS. and that John Wallace had purloined them from him. In
d'-fmlt of bail. Wallace wa? held to aniwer at the Special
S ??lou?. Annie Kemp of No. 317 Weit Fourth ti ,
cbareed John A, Camp, with having stolen from ber one
piece of baMOB, of th* j value of Bl 4U. Ile wa* beta to
KATTErTT -Ctrollne Tobiu of No. ? Lawrence ?t. ?won
that ?Le bad been violently assaulted and beaten hv Frederick
tffba] Frederick could not, of at least did not, make** aatlifac
tory ttateae*t and wa* oommitted to aniwer. Owen Chirk,
for assaulting one Bridget of Forty-Brit st., wu aleo held.
BIT orr ma Vvrx.*. LIP.-Thom*? Harria el No. 33 Lew
rencsAt. (rear) ?wore that Henry Thompson bad "??uud him
and threw him down" on the ?idewalk and Letahim there, and
ibu ?aid Tbotapaoo did. tbare and than, MB*A d?ponent? an
OoritaMwaejih>?t*etXa^iJd, Uara .dSTVfft^ bjtj a?4
never a large ?portion of deponent? s?IJ tip off. gr??tly In.tirlDr?
??d disfiguring ?lerjoneirt, lu detiult of $e?j Iisil. 'lh?,aip?0U
w?s held f-.r in .I at ti . '. ?lou?
Mou. Lata IIBI \ib-i: VTn - wloh
?t. made aaBglnlal against Caroline Bead and I
I i ra?.. : ti em with hating st?'?n from him tl.'-O ia
li. lioBsl <i ' I ' ' 'uinauou. and
w?ro i ' oua
1 . i. ? ' Vurp.v ?if th?
Sanitary Sunni broiu'it lu It ?tieri D.iam II, whom h? h?d
caught burning oteur-.h'1? m I1? cot IBBllaVI t,. BeeMk
P a..?wci ni Mt - -1,'D?.
AlIKKDK. -(hiller beul el Vo.hVil' ! ? 'dart,
in yeslerdny's Tmnnss, *llii?i'>B wa? ii. ile to Mr. Chi- I
Tan? ?. " A Bom? Ile.wirter," an !
him. a*be!ngC'ii'B'c!ed with ? ?li?' '
'TI- meat, at
eordMg t" ih? -i.temeiit oi t ? . tii ." ' We BOW ban r- st a
? mude ?gainst Mr. LSM le bee i I
tisf?'*iiii'-?i ?n. n-i-r-'t Kilrea 1? Mai Mej skoal I k v> Bend
their ??v i -,!,, me cmnun.? id te Till Bl Ki M I
IM co.liilei.ee of the Ci em m-ii td hil W rJ and D in t mil
weare proo.pt M i ila I ?. > aadefa ?Jest aocsJtaaha.
BXirnaio? OK OOMPAMI g io iglNVOVr
fraui Uur DHU l or ??p'Udsi.u
I'ltiiNinniM, Baal ?
Coinpitiy B ot Hie SM li'i'ojjiu-nt of Ni\v-Y??rk,
Oapt W. W. Kemn.ey, arrived oy the st amer City of llruir'e
port at this phice, on a three d iy?' visit, on liul?y ?'
last. The "II my P.ees"-Meit lavente Hue-?o lermetl be?
cause of their indu?try in gathering togelh?r a inilitiry cam
puny wiin-ii c m ciiipeic vi iib say Use argaafaatiofl I
ben and dist Ipliai - vert velo iaed ? Ubi . UBI* bi batter] 11
if Me Oeaaeatiaai Katttoaal Oaacd, under Cant K intTinao M
the appearance nf Hi? HMtMf la Me harboi
I miling ?,-ie war iiv receive? bj lb* Bwdgwiek Oua d?. Cap?
Lacy, seeded hi Wl.i? r A vTilios. Iwtraaeatal Baud wd
a delegation af private utii-ns iimong vhaa w,-re OMI
P.urnbain and is. M JorM Ulory.Mr. i lu- B hVoehoo, Mr.
X.ulbo Cioodsell aad BIMI Hevi Jr. after I BerMag th? ex
t-ursiotiista t,,nine,!! the principal stree!? ibev w?'re taken lo
tbe Sterling lim.?.?, ?inch li.ey lumln their headquar?
ter? while ben '" the erening a promenstl* eon
cert and hop wen. given Icy the ?'.mpuiv in
?Id of tfte Bridgeport S ibln-is" Monument lui aad this
formed Me grandest feaiarti ?T BM ?hole visit it Wim ungi
i.aieir?t?od curried ?mt under the aaaotaei oi l?verai
gentlemon wini are resilient.? here, HU.I ?Lo give their HAM
and pecuniary BOTBIBBM toward nuki ni: It i io ill ILt mr?"-?*
aud pleasant uti ?ir 1 lie nilen?.r of Kiuhklin Hill, win le it
VM held, VU ti-n 'l.v festoolnil mai dei or nea ? ri, li
Bovert) aad ? I a, ? lib Me r i be ttill i
Mum by t?-.? haaaved ??r ateceeaeraiag btdtea Ma grilantry
oi t-e geiill-meu ia blu? un if -Tin, li?- ij I i- ' ? 1 > .?1 ? 1.1 ti. a
bsnd and a siipp'i at lleiidrick'r . looa, ii waa mi OTeaMg
nit-rruv passeil. A |Htl* BMMBM ai t.." ?" b I l.uument was
the ordei of duiii'iiig printed in gold letter? M Beat ciicilir
. tied uitli rutin rihbou, and wbicb gara beeide? the
Dame? of t' I 11., r n. mug. r-..
Ijeut. Thiadin H AaoMck Berti TI ?um? II. i'n>ry,
Corp. A. I I >ei eau I'm.ile, KdgBT H Alleu and W. P H.
g.'t, i apt i;,'m. >. Licet, .lo.a i. Caag f? rci .1 W.
Wil.h'V mi. 1 Corp. tieorge W. Laird reprraeoted a f?W of Ihe
coaaiaaMned and nan cnaisileainaed asaban pies.ou Oa
Satuidiy uinriniig ti .. ' boyt ?.-!,. tak -a lu au uld-tai
laii at 1 .?: . r.-oil.-oi I in : . Mag gava M
l'A ii lill I lou di.li ?I I'e.bbinke 1. ?? . a le lU'llul I.-ROII i
etty. In tile l-l .-li r i? the i-.i II pun 1 . nilli tie bil:', -li
aarsnMina Mar. gotaa io Marm li iwl< 1 .1 I sa se, and si?o
la Mose of IM HOB. a n. G.laeU. the Htttv Mfllliaa i>
Pushup. Mr Ho] Bah. M ijnr Malary, Mr. Ilinhatu au I Ur.
BbeltOB, Si-vernl dellghlfol tine? Were plated lu going
around, the "aW K'gm.eiit Marok' lie.1,g ni e 1.1 th?-most sii
mired, and at mai ly tur) gim tailed 1! Ike BBMaadcn were
ibviled laaid* to relieshn rata,
Auieii -i, vbaae aaahen an yaaag
mell ?if ? l'ail ' I.";, ti.,-,1 ,:? ? ?i?U?>r*
Hini ?'ti?', dod to taca a heart] tai eptloa. Christ Cbarek va*
atti adelt OB Baadaj bj Meeoag | ..
casioli tin- li. 1 Mr r.u.irofl aid Me Bcv. -I H Faulkner
i . - a 1 ?-ii ni" le nt ? .
?aged bj Me eh an 1, eeaaeaed a Mr. Haiaael li hpisnlag
Baa 1 Maia hiBsaj of flaut?n ii. mptm
and Mr. llartow?. tauoi. Tim eeapsaj aal irked 1 -r beete
?m Baadaj eveeiag, laavMg b.inu.1 aaraditatl? rt-pn
sod no doab', laklag ?wa? a gran . ama uf tb*
many ktadaaseei UM ? rceeired vkUa la Brldceport.
1?K KiasT UlVIMuN N. (1. ,s. N. Y.-HHI'KH HY UhN A.V
Huial.!, Ftl'AT DlVIMliN N ITaOBAt lit'AK!.. S NY, I
Maa roaa s ipi '.'i i--.:
QBBBaaJ. OMtne Ho t-In aoeordaao* ?uh d
Iraa gaovral II -, irten I ?-.? -!?:gr.ed a??u:ue? ,0111
BOI -I of this dtriaMl try ? irtu? of r ink.
Heni'ijnartei.? are e?l iliii?!..-,| at N?. I f
iMrteratif ' el al are al No lill East
II '1 h? oUleer? of the diviaion s'aff vi II rej.ort ia wri'ing
M the Coanaadiag Oeaen : r ibtag at Me a* ? tina Watt
their iii
t'api. Knit..'.? c Breva AM C. ead Ltaet A K. Lang
Asstaaat ?HaarMiaaetOT, era r?*hcvad ft 1 Kotrth
Brigade ?li,If. ami a 1 rep?irt for linly .?: ' ,-rieia.
Ill1' ' f .-til wlib I
h?i.1.?narter? a r..? *r 1 ratalatng t .. aaatt rank.
rank, a i-l ii 1. .?- ni baal ? ?. ta I
stitt m -I Seid 'Uli "n ami nijiitaiit? <d the regimauts under
l-l.?! 'I
IV. C,l .1 Mai.|h?.f nth Irfvr.lry N. ti . will *?sMM SOB
man.i o: . Br eerier a
Brig ?"'Ti I.Linn A?I-'\WAI i
Co - ! llivia.oll
Al I \ ?s|>. I. Ill"" s
and I?-? ian.a [asp I tor
Offlel?: W It HUM. V.r nd A D. 0
BITIavOf ANII Mill.I ?li Til K illiKIl BM I Mk.lT, K. O.
-s. h. V.
YistiTilaiy atteruoon lha M Rcgiincnl (Ii
7,..u?ve.) ha?) a battalion drill In To ipkias-stiaaea. TI
irirnt -, rateras* as* lb* ?.? BVgimeul S V
V., wl mC-sd. ??Mie during tue ? ,r i
bul iatelv org?nl*?i!. ti. v have liad V? IV lu f.r
drill UBI Jndgu i'im ? tt resUI
rataietaVau loraai diselplMe. Brerel U lleadli w*s ia
-.. ;. 1 ( befag i ? L Afiecei
cuiing vari.ni? luoveuienia tbe regiment ? i? r>-i:-?
Ung.-lien I'eiri'er ? ?.a in nilling th? I hird Bciatada M Y
B vi AI IV
. ruillj lb 1 Lillee, ill, -! ?I ere tar, -, r Jf dl?uil??rd.
A l'(M KKi-Il'io:: 1 i\1 UMM. fM,600 BTftvUS pHntl
.Si? I P.l li AN.? T.'IK I'lt'll'KRTY HFC 1V Kit KI).
Si 11 iii icier 1 n'riork yc-ioriUy .Mr. laMOM ('uiu
mtngt, employe?) m ? me...
Hank, bil li.?- ['.nou Hunk in W. Ii st. and prooeded up the
?treat on I i? wnv to the Mab in VhMh be i? eini-loyeil hteaMd
at the cormi .,r Brooda ?v ead P nk pla M vThlleti v>
baa ecu Wllllia aad If anaa it. u m ?n ceas isdd
hl'd lum snd after a acvOTB ?tniggn- 'ii- thanda
wallet cunt utiii g (Tatted .'darr? gi l-l .-?rilti at- ?
atea, m a. t ..- li Me ipgreg its le
#'l ?. | iiwiir of the tunk, v, lu. t, he lind 1, .!?. :?-d h .t
VoaoBMf ned tbeMief geweeeed I aaelfef IM vail
he turned aid led dova IM ?tr?el. garlead BJ Ml I
wi o Moeted ".?top mi. f. ' Al Mai in.nr la Ma day ti.
M IBM hteaitty ta throeged vitb peeotc, aad bclera li
ha I 1 .11'JO M-r.I- ha vaalatennpreil by Ml J 1
vhe rtonpli? bia liragi tai bad lila util Mi I
?ung? aaaa Bp
1 1 Ha- r HI .a tn ie the pri?on?-r bed dropped the waiie? BBM
the ?niewBik. li ??< 1 covered ??th al. .
snd rtateredM Ml < i!n!niin!r?.
'1 hr lui.1 r ^ mi active, ina?.ulir mm), toit nbont two week*
in lived a eewn thal aad ipralaed ii? aakle,
coiitmed Lib-i to tL? h? 11?? for s MM ?1 ita tad tTOfl Me el I "f
Vriek he ha? not en'm iv recovered. M a li eel U-.-n for ?ins
disability ha ?aoald have easily overtabM ti? t hi-r n
eeaa him, tee Latter halag about tin- median bight uiei I
1...!.f me abara teristl ? of aa athlete,
Olhit-r ?illicit: ?r .f t ,0 I ir-l l'n- 1 . ?inn MtM op. aad
Ma Hu. f WM trat;?ti rii-il lohBBested] Ii.. WM taki
Ktation II., i-e ?i.?! Marebed Ml Bothlagofa iB?plp|om na
Mra vaa foaad spaa hbv. li? gara lee Bean af Jaeepb B,
lilli Ion, ?ant lu- l.v I -d in Deeba*! MVt St., and ? as s BBtiVSof
Ireland, eg?d 'X years.
Tba prisoner was then ttken to ti ? Tomb? and arraigned
before Aeing Mtgistrate AldePtMB COBBa. In rsei
the usual ?juestion?, th? prisoner hud the coolness to plend not
guiltv. He vaa ooaaliiM vithaat nail to await LIS triai ai
Ui? Court of lieneral besan,li?
ll is not halb I. d that tbe prisoner is on? of the gang who
" niubtlis pK?t b?ve been guilty of such MM robberiei
-lreel* ?11 bread daylight and M bOBtaOM hours,
their pl'iu? wire alVByi well laid, sinl lu nn?,l IMIBI
cessful. ? bile not ?me ?u tl.e-u ha? y-t MM Baagbl .11 I
Two or li ree persons Lu"?- laen arrested 011 ?u?pi.-ion. aut lb*
priHif agauiHt thi-ui hu? lavarttvbly BBM M favlat, Me vtatla,
o?im.- to the ?iniii. aaaa ef Ma atMck, belM aaablen Idestlfy
1MB a aiuoiig hi. i.ss.uUiit?, thul they have invariably b M
dtaahaneil ?m ? ALI...nulliui.
Prnb'iVy Ms Ha. I 1 i.-l.h-?! M ? tOddae unpii???-. e.r.i!
the peekat kook. vitkeel My dcaalte idea ot bee M w-u? to
UiaLu hi? escape with the p.uud?r. Til? MM II ?'.rino C lied
bv the fact thai MMeqMel to the gctaeaec** BeeaattMl
1oi.it.?. MVMBMl tor bv Inspector C irpeuter. M4 BMVCycd
to Pnlina TfaadgnartaTi. a baie, M haMg t??jttfrualed ?iib ii"
detMtivca, 1.o'1 . Ila ai u tala. Hi"
photograph ?m t iken, a:.d hu VM MM I ' i Bl .1 i?'t?"l
Tou.be. 1.. ?Jil L . u ill let ugsin I ? W ?. n to i'ollco ll.aiiinir
lota, aad cxkikated M Me MUre deteetlva and del ii
a? - man to ne aaieked la fotara, ibeeld be be ia toriuuate ??
to i-svape a tonn of years in t?iug IhBg Prison fur the above
oir?bsi. _
'run r?LTOn-BT, fMATBB .vi ?Tiyas -A
To Iht F.dUor of Tar ,V. V Tri' n?
SIB: In your ?rti.-l?? tin? iimruini: on tin: Kultnii--'
Meeting are MM anon ektek aaad tatTsataM. li is saul
that the pp'S-nl Niem Prayer Meeting was the " rfop.-mtig"
of a similar meeting vi hu.', "I Ml previoaa year,
and that the uiecungs were thus " begun anew under U
bined auspkes, a? ii were, of the Young Mum's Association
and the church."
I aflirtn, on the contrerv. that the serif? of Noon Mealing?
.hegon Sapt 2:1. leo?, had nothlnf whateyr to du ?nth lb*
tbloly attended and ?tain ?ucpenil.-d meetings nf the year pre
Vious. It was a aew and Independent enterprise through?, ,t.
Nor were there any " | innbiiied auspices" In the case. The
meeting, from the very beginning, was under the care of the
Missionary Commut?e <,f the North Outcb Church and the
Young Men's Association had aa much to do with ii? BaMgO
meut u* any other per?on? who ntt'-ndeil .,n iiivitntlnii, nml no
more. I do tint deny thst th?se panie?..Hen tried lnci.btri.lt ..
direotiuu of tbe meeting; but ** often ?s they tried the? failed.
T tUV iT W. CllAkUII I.?
On' of the Ministers of ti,.- K,f i?.0i. Dutch (Collegiate) Ch.
A?r? York. Sept. M
F^^f OVER CAHI'ALTIES.-On Munday a team of
bone* attached to a wagon, while being driven up Slith-ave.
by Mr. Herrick of N .. I Kvt T?enty sixth sr., became
Irignttned snd ran awv At the corner of Twenty rtiuh-?t.
the team knooked down'Mr J. B. Tenney, Injuuug him in a
?lingemu manner Bl vt ?? oMieved to Heil?'? ne Hospital.
While James Do Wolf and Henry knapp, carpet dealers at
No.'JK} Hudson St.. were driving through One-hundred-and
llfty first ?t. on Monday afteruoou, their hone became oilman
rateable ead ran away,'overturning the vehicle and throwing
both gentlemen out. Mr. Knapp was unhurt, but hi* com?
panion receive?! a severe fracture of the leg. Tbe Injin ?-i man
, na* oonveyedM the Thirty second I'retioot Statiun-Ilouse,
i y/tare bl* lraotdv?d limb waa set, ead he wai Men conveyed
.<? ?la| najd^*^, ja, ibghtr-waa^-st.
I - .' An.eric. Mat OM Ptwf
."::i 71
ltd ?..noa.
i .IOS.
40,0 11).10?
;',d ?cue?.
(..nun .iib?;
N. Y. S. 7?, li I..
w.ou,).nui m.i i i.ooo .m
I'.S les.V.ui'. >U |.I? I '. - bl
'....nid. , ?TI . A I - i i
i . -, t., 5 -j. ' '. IIB) ...Vd e.. 3J|
;.i. Iff 1 Oi aflt.uk. |1?. Y.Ccntru!.
?,r>a>..Wc. 108, i?.If>'{ I?."'??
U.Hrto.ltrtatfew. Cett. National ilk. 63. . -'"'*
.ni j mo.sio.iO'i
. .Nat. Kui,k. i I0B Mci B-t). I0.-J
i:, s.Se, 10-M Dj. | IO...I1J Erie
.j ?D I . ' I . rmirh Na . i itiik SM
Ina- ry ^ 3-I?J IS.I*. | IO '
Ists.-ile?. ' 5.1"'
d.OOii.1051 lo.lot.. .''.''...,...,.,..?,'?
I I pin.-J-'k11 .. 7-'i
lui.511 F.ii.T'i.iii i .1.
100. 54J 30B. ..? 7?i
i .iitiri't ,Ili.U-.oii ttiv r.
... ? I I0D.bil) Bli
pifl. 5 T Laing lsla'id.
.'lui.i j .>'.?w
BOO. .'?-, Stonington..
.im. .vi 90.HI
\,m ....'...l "i \\ill:t*)larreCoil. ?.ending.
BrTjc*lynC.6a,w.L SOU. S3 ! ?.',.>'0...
1,0m.'. 98 WMLOB?OBTBI I M".'"'i
ba,new. : ItaJ. .''7 ! JW -?.-??.1 '"'J
.?'? s .fj ) Mich. Lent.al.
ft] 5o '-.it an... S. i UKI. U9]
7 | WetLU.ToLS.ez. Mich. So. A N. I
l.,n. 99 : l-'O. 81,
Ktj tyuicUiUcr. (liiioiVr. N. W. pr "
li i.53 I .? '.
IPO. 5VJ 3?).
lim. .i-l *w?.
100 .'ri call. S?, ("lev. A Toi.
Spruce Bill I I.?'"'".
(io . tj1 HO.
I'iiion Navigation. 900 ...."de
:i:,ri'.iifij MO.M| Padtte Mail.
Ohio It Miss. Or. '-I**. K't'i '"".
160.000. '-"?? Kt.Matid Miiibl' ?Chicag
10,0 ?. ...?HO. ','? ? 1 o.1)0
"n IM)') . Into). 'Jil 'Mariposa.
Chi. H. tv ty- ?ft ' ln;'. "J
i 'MO.nor w?.H
A.AT.n. -.'dpn-f. ' I?0...M ??t. 11]
I,,i (Ml. rvJ) Atlantic Mail
?. 000. ...'del. le.'J SOU.117
Booton Water l"r.
M. alj
7IM).batt 33
lill.'?d C, klri. .'iii
. nal :ti!
I, l/l.
l.l.l I .'dcs'l
N. Caiolinu (?s.
3,0 ..
KtN ' I. ( .rolitia Bl
13, M n cp. 15
l,oiils:a: I
California 7s.
, urti
. W
.lui i
Toledo ck Wah.'.'
1(1,000. II
Olee* A? Pitta 3 m.
I.ooo. Bl
Chic A N W
9B| . .If.
ah ft. I.
iii"). Iii
Toi., Wah. A W.
mo . 4">
Toi. W. cV W. prf.
I'D. 7t
Ni-w-,Jersey C'ent'l
Alton A T. IT.
100.I?lO. 37
.Mu. A Cm. I p.
M.Mt 40
Mar. A C'.,','p.
Ml. 31
Illinois Central.
I Ml.I.TJ'IVlitlKtll.l 1st lil.
?.'n0. K1,1 1,000.?0
I o i ia? K (UI4RD.
Michigan On. ?West. Union Tel.
I (Hin.III? UKI.I19| '-in. 57
li s (is, 5-vOc. 'OB M tah. So. A N. I. Iciincktilver.
110,001.Hl? .'''o. H 100. sttf
\ S ia? MU rg./'J Clue. A N. W.preljManposa prit.
io.i... in?. I'd. law It*. 33
Tennessee??. (' BW, At Toi. K. V. Central.
I.OBOeSOM 7::j io ..1 J? I 100.107J
Ohio A Miss. C.-I. 1' , ?. W .A C. Etta
iniiii: .... . ino.I'W-1 too. 7o,
Cninl). Coal prof. ?Mar, dtaA (in.I p hemiing
;,i. Ml M.trat. 40 'it")....
loo. .'..'il '?>*''???.
.goo. ' '.',000...
i>J O (I.fk K HOARD
(it Weat. ',' in.,''! I . ,?. i .. .." - e,'.'. Ilnil.aon Uiver.
,,ti.i . 71 .'lO.iKKI.Ill, i?l.I'-20
(?mb. Coal, pr.-f. I 1,"M>.lill ?*.?.? e "M
Ma. . .'..' li .-.'.?...."'ti' '.-. Heading.
-1KI . 5'.'J MM.I'Wj tsM.H'J
\\e?( Cunai 1>1. I , B. -- Ill-Mr. Chicago at N.V, B.
M . 5C} ',',?10. M I I"1. '"I
Mariposa pref. I rea?" r-7 C1 (Ja. I IdO.Jd call.
I mm . .'['JJ l-ti-ries. .Cleve. A lol.
a:?, li?}
Pacific Mail. '. ?"* I .....j ,. ,
|0 .HI ! leni,esse*b?. New Chic. A K. I.
N.Y.Centra:. tt-BBI. 7-, ?g.[?'I
|i?t.107J J.-m- Sit...I"
rrl" .j Toi. W.A ?fit.
Ml .?.,; M,., t.-, l'a. ft i?. ; ??VI. 45
Mar ,\ *,??. 1 pr 4.0.MJ. ~:> I')t., F. W. dt C.
j.?!.iM H I ".'*'?
oiT.N im M i) or I'.R'iKrnt*-1" A. M.
AMattoBB ItrrM Cleve. cV Clc;... Mariposa pref.
M?.???.. M?; ?W. '-M -"".
Bolton Water Pr. -.<?).l.'ij SOO.I j
( i.n.AiN.W. IBB. :;-T
100 ..
i .
... b3
i Iver
Bl I :vn>. .I?.
341 100.in :n;
Chu A .v- vV.pref.
.. Bri
::i 'isi . ?-.
.. , I". r-.W. 4 ?
.. , 100.B3 ItHj
.., li?).li ?, Bpr ice Hill.
. Ki sou.b1 r:,i, nw.....-'.'". "i
.,", |,:ti :,. loo.?I riffrVe*! Cn;.m rd.
.",'... ,., B. Utah. 8. It 1?. I. ?00. g
.... ?ii i.l. .am. e Ml, I'?'. ?'I
*". +*'-*.* - ? Hi K.iilaiid Marbi-.
i,I?)_hi :i-i
5-0.......al I i
.joo. :t-,
BB8.bio. :i'i
. .1.30
( K
A I'm
^^^^^^^^^ Bivi . . . . b '. Hl? i
nrv<( BOAKI) HY Hi.UK) I.?-I t k1
Ohio A lilla. ( tr. Mn a .S A. N. I. BPI If* Dil
In ii?! . 39 SU0. -'. W ' . H
10,00?. b30 '>; I"".B14 *A tot. . 4|
I rVatorP I I ? blft I4j I'd.-IO. 4
I.bl,). HI, Cleve.* Pitt*. Ml.b3, ti
lo.|. iilj Mt. X7, (Inc., K. I. &. Poa-.
ICuilanl Marbi?. Cbve. tt lol-d <. I?.Mil
ION.99] Ml.IS1J
(J .??.?liver Mann.
I*..?3 K11 tt?'. Ml
loo.b.. .'..'iT'lncat N. \>
Mariposa ptatVirail
'J'S). """*
loo. bit. :?'
It?..?IO ;b
Chi.atN.W prd
li a,
M >. c.
? :
'?li. Satll Ml._' t??i Hudson Kivi-r
SOO.e :i,|l'iit.s.Ft.W.\( . IM.b3.1911
It?).b3U. M| 'J'?'.lill.i Heading.
;isi. t.a. :c, \\.-,t. i';u..u. Tel. ?wu.UBI
is?).c :ijr .UNI.k3. H l.-.taj.IH'-i
9M.....blO. IL',.S V. Centrai. IM.tad, UBI
? Ml.vi. 107, Ml.bio.ll' i
B ia. un i y i I.I'I.KR*-3 r. n
Ki.tlaml Mtrhle. Wawi inimi T-' Cm.", ft I. ft l'a.
loo.SB] (?> . .'? J -JIM).lll?
Cumberland. I loo.b3 . . \ N\W\
. Ml I.ne. M. 3ti
li?).hld. SM Ion.k3. 7,',j loo.?M :i,?
loo.si.i. 5.1 Ueadtag. ' .J'?).bid. :?..
.b3, .'..'j 1,'JOO. ..UM Chic. dr. N.W. prf.
Mariposa pref. I Him.bl li?'!
(.?i. Ms] 9M.M'Ult j
N. V. C.-i,'ra:. '^K).sll lit}
Ml.107J Mieh.S.,alh.,V .N.I ||WBM Hill
l'.Kt.w.Af. i :ioo. 14} MB.b;i. 4J
IM .al.lObtl loo.I.l".. HO bj
Chicago*, (i. t. H lev... 6L Pitts. UK).... ?30. li)
loo. 4S , 1,'JOO.BBT|I loo. 1*1
/' ' | tUOckt l?0 I tii'-lllle (i. Ali el,eau Flag.
Manhattan. IJMO. 1 7'J -JOO. :i 7:.
V.'HBi. 40 fjimnell Cold. '500. 3 70
Exceltior. i 1,(?">. I M.Con'd Cr.-g. O.
. AIM. 1 M IM. Il io
l'ii-t Nat,..Bal ino. i M :HHI.b.i. Hio
I.'??) m".?-, a.l. 7 Ino)....bil) I 40 Corvdon.
..n. 7 1 (MM. 140 |t?i. 5 !I0
I inc. at i>. >v . pn.
.JIN.. i.-I
PN).bin?. (?-}
?HI .... W. U-i
M,,,. ig Stotkt, Tillman Gold
Hite?BAW Hatter. I 5"?i.
Mn. 3 00 K I
Ml.aft 3 00 LIM.
Hurroiigh?. Kipp A Knell
.J......'. 1 05 'Jil?.
Cro/.n r. ! Iff.
. 1 oo IN.c.
ColumbianO.A s. Hope Cold.
Hill. 1 M H??.
Con'dOregO' ? '-'"".
.joo.17 50' 1,000
500.1.15. 5 HO
C1 IM.b30. fi M
j 400.5 K5
H Ml.KW I no
Dowiiieville Cold.
I :c. I,0M.. 1 HO
9 ?I Hope Cold.
" 111 100.0 00
Kevs'one Silver.
9 19 I MO. 11?
| IO l,000....b5. 'JO
.J (H) .'??1. 19
M0.........?7 .'?o New-VmkCold. Kipp A Hu-I!.
ii?).?;? 17 5o Ml .
Iisi.17 75 linar!? Hill.
.jin).M.I7 ;.'. i00 .
H?).Is) 17 HO loo.
loo .hi 17 ? i KM ...bio
lim.. ,,i30.17 K5 'JOO.
UM.1,3.18 (?I .'??).1.10. ti U)
.J4H).17 ;>0 Rocky Mountuiii.
t. M
UKI.bill O'
lill).lill). ?I Jo
III". ...sit l8 Ol'
DM.M1 .> fi?
500.b3. 5 '.?t
100. 5 '.).'?
..m.t.:i. :. io
Mt.... b:k). ti oo
."?o.bi5. ti N
La CrostC.
Ml. 2 45
300.... blO. I io
'I', ni?.
sr.ro>D CALL.
Pit Hole Creek.
. i cT. 1 65
numulgi) s.
liOO.... .... 1 03
| HO too.
Ottaxti Hill.
f, .rrfl KOO. 6 35
i, I.. Kicky M.
C. M 100... 7 'JO
100. 7 1?
loo. 7 In
UKI.sit. 7 M
100.M3. 7 '.'.>
IO '.i.b.ki I M
HOd. | 70
i,sMi....b;W I HO
1.000.I 70
4iM).?3. I 70
400.l?30 '.'80
New-York U<M.
400.?-I * 80
Kxcolsior C.
500. 1 75
300. 1 7,
9 HO
9 7o
.7 80
Turana?. Sept. 2J-p. M.
(iulil is hrmer, ?nd elote? at 144,.
There i? much activity ir. Covernment?, and the 7.30* are
quoted a sha.lt! dearer, llorder Stat? stockl continue
?trong and in moderate demand. In Bank aharea and
Hallway mortgage? little doing. The miscellaneous ?hares
are more active, anti Rome of the trash under thi? head i?
klgktT Cuiiibs-rland mee to 5,1, and Holton Water Power
to3lj. Mariposa Prefernil fell to 3.'J, a break of'Jj per
swat; I-niori Navigation Co. mae j; Spruce Hill 4J, and
Hii'laiiil Marlee m F.rie waa itcaily at .75J. Koadmg
wns higher and lirm. Cleveland ami Toledo rose I per
cent upon reporte of a d:. idead. Hock Iiland rose |.
The rest of the Wcnteru list was Steady. After tho call
F.no waa lower but ttroug, and the real of the market
inactive. Cumberland waa lower, ami Mariposa a little
firmer. The ?treet ha? been almost abandoned by
leading operators for the race course at Fordham.
At tho Second Hoard the market waa dull and ?toady, and
arter the call remained 'firm, nnd closed iteidy at quota?
tioni: Ohio and Mississippi, 'J'', oi'jyj ; Canton Company,
all ?55 ; Cumberland Preferred, 5-'iB.VJf ; (juiekailver, 5V,
?.A... llA?llJO**,U4tyUi; IdafipoMl'refirreJ, J.'IBJ^?,
West, r r ?inn Telegraph, 56?oV>,. New.York Central,
1071? 107j; Erle, 75JB>75}( Hin1..- -u Biver, 1'jlwl!?;
li. rig, ll'ij^lli'j. Mu gan Southern, KI j .?.Ci; lili
nm-Central, 1 Jl J A I .'>', Cl.'Velaii.l and I .tltburgh, H7J
.Vi; C1, v.'.ml an IT.dein, telWWl?,; Km k Maul,
llljirllJ, NorUi-W.etcrn, aaMjidj North-W e-teru I'ro
forre.l.ri-jovr.S.; l'on Wayn-i, |fl]wMI].
Mon-} o I (all i? abii.idai t at low rate? Tbeordinary
I a< ' p. r BJ at, but Ihcic is a good doe! don" al I
?**?. ni. The ?mount of commercial pa|?r offering ia
Binall. Hest short bills pe?B at S pur oeat, good at H Bv>
: 1 billi ni 7 arl | er cent when of lair credit.
ti - hall'of ibu Cleaiiug-llouse er-rtilic.it.-s ItftM^fM)
0 li ar inteiBt ti wi IT, undon the'J5th t f (?ct'ib. r
the whole of Ci a niau of iudobt -ilueti will p.wiB from the
, , : t . I.BMwry I? pir:i.iciit. In tome quarter!
it is lu-gtiod that the payment* of tht-io oertit.i?atoa Will
make moiiey morn nliiind mt, but tln.s can luinlly be so.
Tin-$l'i,ii li,').) i lia? for nome tii,|.< loon available t<> the
pul.:ii- ii. the form ot Imia.iliV dew,..? ts held by National
ktakt. To pavi the dearin,;-Hou*o certibeftte.s in the
Atlantic cities, tho Treastiiy lou been obliged to call
in ita (bp la le 11 among National bulks,
n proc-is which doo* not make uiouov Madar. After tho
payiiieiit the money w ill not bu loanable capita! lo th"
lia. ks '1 In v wiil be oblie, d lo lock it i.p again a? secu?
rity for a MW i on- ol' e. r'ltnates to bo used at tho Clear
ibg-llouMe. Hythe opurnlion of payment the Banka loan
the internst on $ l.'i,000,0o0 ut 4 per tent, and the coinmu
i.i'.y los s the use of $|..,O(i(t,00) of currency Withdrawn
Kimi circulation und lockoU np AS thu basis of (Jl)ar
i.i.'-llm.si) n.'neil,i nts. It is a contraction of
Currency and not an addition Speculators for
an u'lrimco looked f.r higher price! under tho
pHyim-iit of the ihort loan by tho Treasury, but it had
i,o - n k olloo.t. Atthecloso ol'August, above MftMl,?
M I "' short d hi w is paid ol?, but it has not put prices up
enough to earn Interest and commission? ou the Stock
Il M.lange, a? tho following labio will ?how;
Aur. 24 S pt 'J'.. Variation.
5on?of lMC.*? .... it?3! iie| | advance.
7 ii? IM IM
lim. ? Mi??. C Ml M i decline.
I Ballway 7I| 7'd; 1 advance.
1... dim' . 1154 liri I advance.
Mleh Cea rai. . n.i? li-i I de
Mich Hnaihira en Bil li del
I I ('entrai I93| 19)| S| deem .
Norn Weatern :ri .? 1 derim*.
'I.milo A Wu) <?h 47, BJ Si de. I na
Al' A l.-r. II .ote 41 37 4 de. 1. o.
Ko.k l-l .ml ... H ,| III ?i advance.
Hull l-l i.d ha? a 5 per cut dividend cloee at hand,
which nceoiint. for its tinnress in part, bat the Hat Ma
WBBBM BVM a not prove that the Treasury pavilion ta are en
eouruging lo speculation, but the reverse. Thore can bo
no dou!it a? to tba effect of liq i.dation by tho Treasury, j
It un-u.s lower price?, and tim sooner peop'." e >py Mr. j
M.i'..;:..-!. "ud get m:t ..d'de-1 the bettor it will be for
thuin. His next movement hluiuld bo to cancel |IO,OOi',0()0
of lega'-ieiidor?, und to look np us m tny more of thom a*
lie call.
LK hange is more active, an I firmer. Tho following are
llieciirr-, ' ra'.-i Lindon, pri.na ). "iken, CO days, HHd)
ll)"l, London, pinnr* bankers, tight, 10H;?*10Hj; Pans,
bimbi r?', long, B\JS|4B Matta] : Pan?, bau ker? , thor',
5 'JO ?5.1 B|| Antwerp, S.J535'J3{: Swiss, 5. M ".5.'J.i? ;
Hamburg, baili;.-r.?', M| . Aiii-terdaii:, banker?', 41, Frank?
fort, barkeis', 41, Hreineii, bankers, 7S, Berhu,
bankers, 71 t
lu Freights the business of the week hat been qui'e
lnnit-1, de rat.-I have declined, at id have tjuituated.
Very little ha? ktWO done in ch irtort. Meilium-?)/ed ve?
iel? are ?tree, and the rate? a?ked for such are too high
Ki ro pen n trade; bene* the very limited buainess.
The Interest Coiijkoii? of tho First Mortgage Bonds of
tim Chi,a .i > and Creal Kastern Ballway Company, dua
r I, ?ai.l bo paid ou and udor that dale (lesa
(im. i; ni-itit ti.., nu presentation at the oflice of the
( ..iii| try in this city.
1 he fi.li Mai is a statement of coal transported on th?
l?i tawan- aid II ad-oil Cana!:
Wrrk ????ton.
Delaware and JTidaaa CaaalC* . 38,3*0 .e * - i
1 .' -).\ noa Coai I jaipany . 'MS I?. 14".
1 ' .1 Uri?.ttJaM Ma>MI
I 1 las', year
j??i?ir?r???rt ?fid'on Canal Co ... - 4'.l CU
Penn?) Irani* Coal < oui pan y. Jod 89,47*
Total tnn? . 330 47.) ?di
7'*' Ci*cin>nsh f Vm m ?re?a/of Saturday p. m. Mya:
Kui ?ngn wa? a I tile tirilier, ?o that th? outside figure m
Bel I ibtt .? - m' tr.|i.-..t v ..h'.ilnrd. The money market
w .s lau It a. u\r Brttl i.iiwvver, greater ease as to tue ?upply
ey. Katet ..t inletett uuaergo no chang*.
Partie? having valuable soc-'iritiei or paper* will be
'? d in ck.ii,. - I and b'.rj.ir?proof ?afe
room i.:.der the Now-Yor? block Bxchange in Broutt-st.
li, tins room t.,u ?oi urity to bo hasl f,om so id structure?
of ?'.m?e, iron and ?toa?, and a vigilant night ead day
polne, aro combined.
Lip.rts, exclusive of specie, from the port of Now-York
ti h re.ja ports for th* week ending Sept.'JO, l?ki?,
Thu Mu Ingall Southern Hoad earned, tan third week in
IBM .$i?7.TTj| isr.5. BK8 J18| Dxreaee... BI.I44
'1 he Hock Island U.ad shows a decrease on its second
wt-'k i ti allic, and not an increase, as printed yestorday.
The following ia a list of jobbers' prices at tho New?
York 1> y Hoods Exchange. No?. 49 and 51 Park Place:
Hrown Sbeetibg?-Sunk A. 9l|a. ; SUrk M, MtVi Bedford.
?leached Shirting?- Hartletts, 30c. ; Mtnvill* C, 2Sc.;
fftoattB c S3*,
lr.ni? (.amer 4 Co.. S0,c.; Amoikeag, 13o.; Freemen,
ii ir , I ai ure r-'ie.
II.sip .?skirts - Hi adlet'? Duplex El'lptlo snd Empreis Trail,
pru i? uni uaiigel ; Me) era's IXL li inch tapes Is
.vuna .!. W. I. , h.amlard Oree?, No. 150, I'.'J, do do. do,
I 440.
Pifi-r? liara-Mrtropol tan Ciliar Ce , Byron Garrotte, No,
I. No 'J(i Kiisineietl, and S'ver ('oirugateil. 8?o to Bao; Gold
?muli Patent, mjtom, .J..', Shakcapcure lu, t uif?, BOO. Lest
3d per cent.
licks-Pearl River. ?7|c.. Franklin, 3?ie.; Pittafleld. 141c.
Snipe?- York. J4o.; Ar?tapha. -joe.
Interest payable semi annually In New York on the lit day
of Jsnusry and Ut day of .Inly.
AM'.: Vi on.'H\ 1300.000.
A limited amount of tri em bond? may ba had at 98 per cent
by applying to
atoewavetN ? 0 BMB*
No. 4 Haoan ?t, NKW YOB?.
MAUKKTS. - Cirrfully Mtf?tttifor The Tribune.
? TlESDAT. Sopt. 25. lett!.
AS'IK?'-The market it firm and uind.rilely active; talc?
st M .?J mr Cta, and Bil M for Pearls.
( ni 1 N I ... d.-riianil to-da} ha? beou quite moderate, and
is chnll) liuin ?piuii?rs; prices reiiialn ?bout the ?aroe, but
?re rataer w e ik , ?ni s nf I 7M) bale* at 37c. for Middling \ p#
land? bo '"'. . foi .In. N'en- Ort ni?.
COSTTI I -A very g'kid btisin??? h?s been done In Rio and
prirt i reman, steady sale? of lind bag?, ex ?Cerner North
America, half nee M cargo, aid ,., li I Iga, ex Time ii Honey,
mi arl ate 1.1- na, oti, r kinds aro ijuiet. The Hock of Kio a?
made up by Mi -ar?. Win. Scott A rions is 5,e*X) osg? in Balti
mon, kiuM: tasi linga here; total, 4J.I00 bag?.
FLOOR AMI MF. A I.- Tho maraet for Wettern and Stat*
Flour in nu Ion. part of the dtv wa? fairly active, and the low
gratlei Hilvai.ied lOavlfi*. per bid., but buyert hiM off and
tue market closed heivvanddt.il; Trade end Family branil*
?re without clninge. the sale? aro 91,(?00 bbl? at $7 7j?>
ItO 13 BW BtVyerlM BB?toaBd WtaWeeWlMMwfll for ordi?
n?r v ai d i.ininti Ki'r.i Stale; $11 tot>|l| rtif.ir Fanev State;
B? ida Bin ei) for tbe low grades of Spring Wheat Western
Kuri, BIO towBU n lor Sblppin? Ohio-, $11 WB)BI3 JO
fur Trade anti Kartily brand? of (linn. Michigan, and lu
ilia'? and (19 7?a $lti for Si. Lout? Kxtra. Southern Flour
It firm and in m.klio .le ?upply. the demand i? fair, tales of
5*0 hbls. nt 411 !kj?r*l:l 95 for common to fair Baltimore and
( , Miry Inn, ami $13 to ?Bio f.r Trade aud Ismily brand?.
K?e Flour n in giki.l detuaml and firmer; ?me? of 750 hito, at
$.'. 30$)M ?" Cora meal is tirmer; ?ile? of 400 bbl? Marah'?
Cul. ric at *l p\\
1 lisll - Du Cod I? dull and nnehanged ; ?ale? at $7 50?,
M M Bar St 0??7?Tgaal and li'ai.d Lank. Mackerel are vu
uiisdei ?te depiand st steady price?. Berring* are nominal.
OUAIS- The Wheat market l? again better but lest Ba?
tta*, the adiancd ince? ititijt.d on check tho luuuiry
which is ,oi:tined to nil era imlr, tb? ?upp'y of new it very
.? ara9UB00boah, at?9 i.'ai: lo f.r O.J Nu a
, t.' 3BJ for New do ; |J 90 tor N.-w Amber Stile, and
.:i io for New Wlilfe Michigan, closing very duil. Kve I? ia
demand and is better, the arrivai? are lighter; tale? of 17 Soo
bush. Weitem at IrSa'Xwje. Barley 1? In helier demand and ii
llroi*r; ?ules of 31,000 bu?h Siato and Canadian on private
term?. Harley Malt is uuk-t but firm at Bl 'J?dBl 40. Oat?
are l lore ?clive and 1 <rje. better, the demand chieflv ?pecula.
toe; ??Iii of 93O.000 Ou?h. at 4s*0njo for Heated, 31 Btte. for
Chicago, MvSSo. lor Wisconsin, and 5?,a?'..c. for New Siat.-.
Corn opened heavy und unsettled with lar.e offering?, at a
?light eoncestlon a good buainess ws>? done, the demand large
lv?peoul?tlr?t tbe ?ila .r- I7BOO0 bush, at MTd87|e. for
?uiotinil; ?8?/I?9O. for Western Murd, closing al ?8c. arJoat
?0 for tlo. lu ?tore and ?3o. fur Weitem White.
Price? al io n. m. today bv special dispatch from Oevirge I
Jone* A Co. Milwtukee.-No 1 Ipriaa) Wheal, In ?lora.
|J ?Vi Vi?, i iw., li ?lia Mo. i do., la ? J, Mdwaekaj BaieeMd
Pprtng Wheat, g1 it Freight on Whe?t to BntTslo IV a?
U?wego. Me. Recen1? ni Wi.e?t lo day. .'','.ISJU bush. ShipfaeBB
ot ? baal t., ?lev 71,1 DO bu?h.
HEMP-Manila 1* ?teadv but dull at lui aio.c.. gold. Otba
k' ? -r? laaoUva ai d BM?I al
HOPS are firm and m g'??! demand for hen? eor,?r,?nptloa|
we qn.ite at from 133SO4 73e , ?? to growth and .jnalitv.
II . Y lb. .| -p y i? iient bat with only a limited inquiry
?re a trifle ???tier, ??lo* ai SJ?rWo for Slipping aad
ti aOOfi x, f"r roll,-j juU
LIME-Uockland isfirra snd in good renie? a gi Tu tor
Common and a. io 'or Lump.
LA TU>-Rastern are firm anti ia fair deeMBd al li, thrw*
uini Ma,
ilOl.ASSKS-A very fair Jemand prevail?, and '-Ice* ees
?Madyj ?ali? of .110 hbds. Barbsdoc? ?t rec. ; by tm '.los. Ml
hint?. Donar*!? ?t 48u.7lo, avorage *>.'<-. I mont! ?
Ml TALS are generally quiet, but price? ?re without??,
ternd rh*nge, we .jnote tapper (ingot) at 30?,, j|?.. f"r Ames?
1? ?ti, N.w 8' r.it nig. 45e" and Yellow Metal M Ke Pi*
I ?? .a al ga ?7??j|7 B forfiera au K'lined BagHak Bad Spaa
i?h ?ill; Har at 10,0 . ar.d Hheet sud Pip? li. iron $<(,*>
O-aJfor No. I American and ?cotoh, and Pig iin at --.'e?in.
lor HlBBBj Straits sod K.nglish, gold
NAVAL sliiKl-lS-Spirits turpentine bas arrived mars
freely, bet Vitb 1 good ?'eiosnJ prloe* baie advanced, and
ai at t.? i.7c , wholesale. Bo?iaa are ni 1 iiui-i-d ??#>
pty, a-id price? ten? upward, the business. Inn.ever bas beata
only moderate, lar remains quiet.
nil.?>~< i'y Li-seed ha? tv-en in f.i.r ? :. ..I ?ne, has ratal
iputehrtn at ?1 fl?0l Hi, Kngllsh remain? ili,l! and aiunuaJ,
rill Oils have ruled dull; Crude Whale is without thane, hal
Crude Sperm t? lower. Lard Oil f"uil ead aeataal,
OH. CAKK--A moderate inquiry for c??? t"r city use ?Dg
for expon, tim de? line In gold and eitr-nu? price? asked
?.heck buaiuess, sale* of 2o0 tans st |5i BfM for Thin West?
I'BOVISIONS-There ha* been leal .etirlt, in the market
for Pork to day -, price* have declined, sod close?! heavy at ?JOT
li aida ti?ure: t r forward delivery we have no ssle? to repart,
the ??lea, uriari and regular, are l.MU buls. at d-L' ?ixrtj-? M
for Mo*?, and |"J 7?t?|J0 for Prime. Beet 1* witboat
chang??; *?Ie* ?,f uw bblt. at g.r, so-a?1', rM f,r plsla u
Bad li' ?aOBlOO 'A for Kura do. Tierce Beef and Beef
Ham* ?re doll and nominal. Cut Meat* are quiet- small sala
of Hollies lu bulk at lo|c. Kacon Is dull: sale* of 3u boxea
C. CaM table. Lard 1? dull and prices ?re nominal; smaH
sales at 17a. 17|.. for No. I, lee. for Citv, and irJt<*18,o far
lair to prime S'eam to Kettle Dried, Keele Rendered is (HU
held at l'?|fl.|'eji?
meinem doing l-l Mess Pork, boluers ask gc IWi buyer* offer
g ? no
Pi-lROliKCM-Cnide is dull snd heavy st SSaliyO. la
bbls.. and It?!*) in bu'k Refined io bond is more active sad
is firmer We quota al Waifllo. f,jr Light Straw to White.
-I'ic. f.r Prime do ? 43|o for Standard White, and
nattie, be prime White, sale?of ^uwi nrjU. S W ?t ?Jalda?.
Fn<o Oil, 'i7?isio.
BU 'E-Nu ?aies ?re reported; price? rem In nominal.
isHKDS-Cldver Sted ia in moderate demand at Hiu*l?|o.,
the stock is small. Timothy Seed is in better request ead bra
at 111 ,'JO *J Mg Rough Fiazseed is dull and beary at g1 Ml
Calcutta Luiseid is onlt lu limited demand, and prioe* ar*
no?! irai at 9 131 ! 0a, gold, in Boston and here.
Sil KAKIN-We note ?ale* of ?,000 tb PrLtne st IS, ?19?,,
?bli- ,.??.? It, (jreace atearui at Iii?'
BOCrAKS- l he demand for raw Sugar* j? still very fair, sod
prices are steady at lOtjaiOlc. for tulr to good refining; salea
of l.aouhh.i? al Ni|B.l|o. tor Cuba, and 1 Malkee for Putta
lin-' and l.K? bore? Havaua at lbtsi.'i-; K?tii?i d are loweri
Messrs. It, I. n stewart have reduced Mair q 1 uatioo* te
?hie for best Crushed and Oranulited. lae. for Orouad, lil*,
for Whim A, and !4?c. for Yellow C.
TALLOW -Ins 1: -uiaiid is fair, especially for prime p?rese?,
and the market is firm; ?ale* ot 7o,?00 m ai l"|t*U?)e. fa
W ?i?rn and Yellow.
tOBAOCO continue? ia moderate request; ?al** of Ml
hl.ii?. Kentuoky ?u -.alle.
W'HI.-KY - lue market is dull and uruetCed, ?mall lou ti
Wettern, io bond. ?I 40?4*.'c.
?Sf.PT. IB, ?IfcOOJ bbls. Four 164 bbi*. Whiskr. 3,700 bath.
?TI . It, lui.lot bush. Corn. n?.i bu?h. (lal*. 7 7a". km Barley,
i.) pkg? btaaC II pegs. Cut Mest*. 4.343 bbls. Petroleum.
LOAN OF $1,800,000.
Prono*?!? will be received it th? off.-? of ti? CNI'lN TRUST
COM PANT, No. TJ Broadway, eorurr of Re.-tor-at . ii. til ti? J*ht? da?
of .??sptemnar entrant, for s losa ef ei.*o8,fou to tb? alala of Nae?
Htmsaaii?. pay ?bl? .? follow.
+ 1100.000 October), ls-fr.
B'stAO.trOO tVoner 1. Ibis
? AA0.000 0.-t?b?r I, HT70
?.?ii.ooo <i 1 e< 1. la-ri.
ir'JAO ?HO 11- bri 1, ira
e ? tO,01)0 <ieiob?r I IXT1
* v. 30,000 Oeaba 1. ia.4.
R?;i.t?r?d Toupna Honda of 01""" each, w11! be la? .?.I, b??rla?j
Je? Pasha I, ia"* ?t mi p-r cnit iut*-e?t. ptvaV? sa mi anuially,
on th? bra! daya ?,f Ortolsrr aad Apri! ?ad'hr pr-.uc |?1 st ii ?turity,
a the ??Se? d the UNION TRUST COMPANY, in N?w Vork
No bid beiowpsr will be sr. rpted; parties u.ay affrr for ?ither a
tit? an ?a uin.rd the hi,br?t bid haviag lb? pi?f rri.rs .ntl the se?
rie, ia BBMBtCOTa Tb? ri.ht to reject any sod ?I. proposal? Is ie?
The band? wl.l bear date October I. IBS? when tntas-eat will ee?
mrace but piment far tbe booda ai?v b? oi?d? st Buy lime la Octf
b?r N.veii t.rr ->r f>?e?ojbar, addo.? ?erroed luterea?.
'1 lira? bnila ?Te iaai.rd under ?na ?uti.- n-.v of? irernt ?C1 of lb*
I.rf.. ?? ire a( Ma State, for the parp?te of? mor? ?peedy .stin'utsa?
ti e ,1 of lb* Stale debt ; will laka the p ice of ti.? I .'li-r-au'honsad
hunda IIIaasui-d which bava been destroyed hy order of ike Legists?
tura. ?Ill roeatltule s la.-rtt portlm of ii.? Ir.debtfdn??a ot tb? S tata,
. ad ?* paid ?I maturity by sa annus! -ita e tat
rnr pnfrft srcarityr sad nraauerstiva intrr??t this loan is b?U?a?4
ta bu lb? uio?t daMirab.? invattojaoi DO? befr-re th? pi.b
1. II PKOTHINUHAM. l'i?aid?at
Wat V Atoatcs. Sacr?'?ry
Nrw 1 ark, ?.?pieaibrr IT l8??.
m YF.ARst ?-RCV.
Totsl s i- ! or>i?d Ii, je.0300,IM
The?? Bonds sr? dsaoied ircunJ beyond ?ny pe-ajven'.ur?, aad
UBI qu?i?d ?a s
A limited smouul may be h?d st par only, by spp'yl ? to lb?
_'___No, 320 Broadwty N?w York
1'KHIDR RAILROAD COMPANY will be held ?t tbe otfi.-e of Ika
Company. No. 6 Wai.-?!,. N?w York, ou TI'KSllAk. Oat J. for tka
?I?, U-JD of Director? for lb? ?ntoini vrar The po 1? ?ii. be - peoad
st li sa., aad ?loses! I p. sa. Wll.LlAM PAfl ON. lacras ?try.
AT A MEETING of tbe Boird of Directors of^thi
PA.Ni held al their ? tfic? iU.uk 01 New York Um dm?), ??wat. ?,
11" Mr JAS. it. SCO IT. Lu. docratary. ws? un.niu.oua.y thtJ'i
.he vai-aocy occaaioced by the drain of !hr HotV
"'H' I ??lerh'll; and si t auhwaj.eot meeung, Mr. JOHN BL
TOMPKINS was alecMd Secretary.
_RICHARD al. BOE. Vice Pr?.l !ent
t>mcs or rasCaicaeo tan OHBAT EAsraaa KAILWA? CO.. I
No - W ILUAM ST.. NKW ^Okk I?' I '. ?. loVJB. I
O A OK BON Us ?f thia Company, da? Ort. I, ?ill be paid ?n aad
?fter that date. le.. O v-ramenl ta?, on pt??ene?ti ti at ! hr . fncai ai
the Company i? tia? c'y._ H. MOKOAN lira-urrr.
?rvic? or TBB >T. Lotus, JACKOMVILLB Ano)
tbe ST. Lons, JACK80NVILL1
COUPONS of th" si i.ni is, JACK80NVILL1
October I, IHed w b be paid ??n ?rd after ti ?t J??.- a' the eft-.?-* ?|
HM.II M K JKM'P ?V tuMI'ANY. Ne '4 Kr..?dw?y. free m ?,OT?
tai_P. B. HOWARD, Treas lae
Orrie? or Tas Caicsoo aaa ALTO? RAILBOAD Co., 1
i Hii'iso. ILL . ."e.t Bl utoS. J
.nd ALTON RAILROAD COMPANY' die O.toter 1. lWa,
wilt be paid on and ?fter that date st the orTi e of Mraara M. K
JLaLP a lUMi'ANi, No. at Broadway, lea? ?.ovarninrnt u*.
_W. M LARKAtiKK. Tr???ut?r
1XJKSUANT to a resolution of the I I'ODI.
mitta, of the Board of Dir ?et. .ra of the New-York Pier and
..- ?'.inn iny. pasted ti a? ?atti day 01 ?x-ptrmber. 186?.
notice Is hereby ?ivan tl.sl * n.e-tu ? f ti* St ickl o' Irr? of aald
Compsnv will b? held it the ? A ? of th? Conipioy No U Park row.
Rooms Noa. U ia 1 11 on ?he ita u?y cf October ldte, for the purpose
ot ?I* Ira 'ni of ?aid Company.
Poll? wt '. be upe? rem li o'clock a in. to 1 o'c'ivek p. m.
Dated juth Septamber, lib?. CHARLES P. ?.HAW.
_ ("-retary
?T^KE?STKY l??l^KTMENt.-Sel-i. ?tT'iri-t?.
1 Noli.-?. 1? hereby civrn that ths Trraaury rspartnirnt I? pia.
p?r?d lo rr.lrrui I erirl.--.tr? al l'auiporary Loan known ?a I lrat
iits House Crrlinratea,'al Ih? otn-rsfraoi whici lbay?ne respat-t?
iv?ly i.. ird ; aid that ou sud ?Oar lb? 19th of SrptWo.brr, laMb inter?
nat ?ill .e??? upen 30 per eenl of ?eel rartin.al? and oa ?ud aft**
th? 15tb ol ?Jetibe, nest intaiaat will ce??a on tin. rrmali der.
_ II Ml ? L l.l.Ol ,1, Saereury ot tn? 1 ?aa.ry.
- n. <?! the Pint Mort???, I per BMI bond?, ot that)??
Moines Va y It ?broad C ... d M <).-. 1 Best, will be paid nu sud aft?*
that date at ti.?, binktn? hou?e of (l!L VAN. SON V Co , Ne. 17 Ka?
?naass ti-? -New York, Sept. II. leas.
Written otter? in?v b? m?d? to th? undersisjnrd. st his . fit e, No. M
W?|?t. m ;h-City of Nsw York until -theUthd???
of Oetobar l*r>. for III? pjr. hal? by him ol the ?bo?? dearnbel
BONDS bv tua a| |'.it-s'i-iu o' the Sluklu? Pui d art apart by toe ssJal
Cotupauy for that pu.pjao, said ni* aiuuui.t.ni to *50 cou.
_ _S J. TILDEN. Tma'aa.
APPLKltlN K\lK.N-Jit)N - Write? ?fen maybe m.da te la*
laideraljni-iS at li. othce. BJ? 12 V\? 1 .!.. ia th? City of New York,
uuul li u 'cb. km nu the 26th J ,v of Septrmher. lattb, for th* per?
chsae by bim of the ibove-de?. .rioeil Ronda, by the epplirstloB of tea?
Sinkiiiii Kun.l tet apart by toe ??id Couip??y for that purpos?. ?ad
t to Q4 ?a_S. J. TILDEN. Tv???aa
'liKAVKLINt, CREDITS un lleari. J. d. MOR.
1 (JAN It Co. LONDON ,Si,-,-awors t* OK.O. TBABODg
k Co ), availa ii? ia th? orla.ipsi r.tiet .: EL'KOPK sod tb?
K\ST. l*?u?d by DABNEY MOKOAN It C? . No 13 Esen?a**
h on SAL.V. BY
o. s. nonuiNs ? SON,
Citinl.tng ijonaf? av.? Ounkcra
D7C. & R. H. FISC
No. U NASSAL'atT..

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