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ijMK Mi i ss i luke ?B4 B bal eeaeatv/. u.sii
.Ml ( I KHi-1 i IK>.
THI- IP S VN SSlNMr--Ml Joseph Jrflatsou.
Mi?, h. . ,. IiAl-il K \S .11 li MA1INI- r.
.I? BBA( I ((ARDEN, Thal ?ve
? ?mine vsn-id every ere: iu( '
.-v-iil). |
TIN - S IK?. i-N. ?
SS iMrK O Al
Till- Ml i'l.S? K < R.
R. . i- i.rai i Maila) at? ?
WALLA! K - lill ATIi.1
Pi I 'i , J, M a.
Made- -ira. .lelo. Sefton, ?nd other.
Tilt- . : I-Madame Ada ?ile Riatsii
Tills MtKHi WIVRI oh ?VINDaOB Air. J.
H Ils kef. M Ksi?t.tf._
1 - LI VINO ULAH-M Hart? .the I. u
OLD ians r.uv THE ATI K
I Fox Mita Fkimv Herrin?
BUdLF.SUUI OP K1 M TI-Kon/LK.-Mr. M?rk Smith. Mr. Lewi?
Baker. M- -dime. Msud'-vil ?.- t -. e Hlnb't and otl.r-i
in??i. an 1 lu. i ifan*. ?on. Ifltirre ?ve-y dsy st la'l ?< A.
Bneincee A clure
Cherev?, HOSTBTTKII? STOBACB HITTBB? the rsstshrsted
'jswstoaa prevention of C in?.ti Disaa.es. bsve bren introduced into
aMMRfcf reition?. their eflitt? in ?u.talinnt the health, ?igor and ?ni
soxl spirits of thoo? whose purciita ?ubjas-ted (tom to exlrsordinsry
ciak. ft .?i exposure sud pnvstloo, hsve been woadrrful. Inths
Army the superiority of this sit?ele over every other invigorating slid
el ter ali te u odi aie ha? become ?a manlftit ?lure utrd that it Is la?
|ied upon, em.u.ively, ?a t pr te '.II ?-?mat lilli ua Krver. Fever and
A(ue, and Howat couip.aint. of every kind Tin- .o.iiier? ?ay ii ia the
aa% ?'lamlant ? in h produre, and keep? ups heathy hihn
in uawho ea.iinelosetnir? For the un?c- Innaied pioneer ?nd ?ettlei
11 Is the moat relish . ?f ?P a?f ?; ivd? *r?r??t sickness. Througho-it
th? United State? it i. conaidrred the va m braltlif-n sud sir
all louies and s'tofetlier unaqii..ed ss* remedy lor Dyspepsia Ths
lueuV lu? ?unreiiro!? ?re ?li ?ejeUhi?. and ?re he'd In soluliou hy ths
DO?! wliuLesooie stimulsiit known-?he Haaenre of Rye.
at? maaiifaetored ?I Pittsburgh Pennsy ?ama, sad Bo lees than V.OOO
do??? battle? ?t? ?oid ?nnu?l v by dr?4(i?ts
SOONER OB LATKB a lieirlfcted cold will Baneief a
Con?'.?st Cosgh. Hb?rtae*s of Breath, Fsiltu* Strmg'.b and Wastir|
of Flesh-th? avant couri?r. of Con.umiilloii In tom? li ?tAiiee.lI.e
Bau.? cause will produce Bronchitis, ? di.es?? of the brau-hea of th?
windpipe. I? ?II affection, of lb? pulmonary organ.. sa weil ss in
Bronchia. Complaint? Jav?* . FxrBCToSAST i. both ? ps h?tive ?ud
aciirstiv? s, tiie tettitnouy o! thousand, and it. word wide reputa
Maa ?Heit, wini? In Coughs snd Colds it set. apaedily. and. wbm
taken according to direction? promptly remove, tlirtu. Whvn.t
?iva Ma ?'?ndtrd remedy ?n immadittr trlsl I Sold i very" -
Mai- WI?ILO*I SooTBiao >T cr i? the proeriptlon of one o
the beat iriual? phyaii-iuis ai d nut?e. in the l lifted Mate?, and tia,
bssa esed for thirty ?ear? willi nr?*i fsiliug safety ?nd ?nee?-.? by
bill ion. of ?lollier? for their thi drem It relieve? the child flora
ptia, cures djMntrry snd disrrhrs. ?riping iu the botrr'?, snd wind
calle By giving lisait I
ttn. Hat? -ClIVAUItl Li?? ?o? ni HAU has never failed to
rtstM? (tay Bair to It. origin?, col-vr. It clean, the ?etlp ?nd ?tren.-th
mi the waake.t hair ?nd ia soothing to the neivuu. terxparsment
Bald by ?II Druggist? and Faabmoaula Hair Dreaarra. ?id al my ontre.
iN? 1.113 Broadway. SABAS A. CHKTALIBB. M D.
M.ir.-ih'.sl'at. Radical ( ire 7 russl titi ?. ri-iiioved iroiu
M2 Hroadw?y in 154 Fuitoi ?t. urti Broadway. Silk Klestic B4
Mupaoitrr? rtho ildel Brae?* and Sutpenavry hsndairr? Branch Office.
"" MET? klVPB ?GttRATRUBtTatATIORatatRRTii t> rt.iinly
the Wonder of the Age. Tbuuaaud. can te.tily .. to it. magic?, rrlr. t,
and the brat doctor? of thia eily are recommending it lo their patient?
a? iii? on y ?ure rure for Rleuii a'l.m ever known to man.
And th? trrth ?ill Pa white ?ud t,??iliful a? polished ivory
JOBS Vi HILL Woree?i?r MM? ."><> e Proprietor ?ud ManuCciurer
P?>r ?ale hy ?li druti.ua.
Livlie*, discard .?.junoii-ji'i.ld'.ni'r. Mtidunie Juwels
Munmi! ii Balm and Ps'tiit lires?? F.evatorto develop the form phya
by druggists, ?eiui for i um sr
TAB ann ss np t ?mi- ?,,'J by ?:] Drugguls. 35c per bottle. C.
N taiTTKnor? Wholesale Asea?.
aVUrrio Copj rr-Tipped Boots srd >! .e?, Srwulsnd I
_ _ Hn.ri.ow k TaVASK Sr,ay ?t . N. T.
Tkii exoniaiir prrf .m?d tia ?t irtie e is? No BaMaltBV OR IrijLa
100* PaorsBTis? ?nd will potitively bring back the hair ?nd realere
It? color tor a? . by the M?Bul?rlarer B. Vu Ht???. Ch?u.l.:
>4o. ITS Sut! -a?e Nrw Y'nrk and i l .??parubir Dru?,I-'?.
' lia aaam la stronger ?nd lea? ?lab e to rip in use or waar th?a tb?
Lock -ti.teh -I Juif? Htpi'Tl " or (A* " Wo-ad Pa'k THal"
I rt??X>r/ '
?Bil ?an
Send for the '? Report" ?ad ail? of Woik eonuinii 2 rwrA kind? of
aitrlie? ou the same olee? of (???tia. No. ti? Bto?dwsy.
for Coughs (?Ida and ? I Throat and I. H,( Di-. ywh.r?
Tto beet free to soldi?Is. and low to ofScars snd riviiians. ?>>9
lil. Phil?.; A.'or pi-. Ni., li Oreen .L, Boston Avoid
Ira .diil-nt mutations of lu. Detenta,
DR SCHKNCK will bo at No. :tt t?ond-nt., ?ew-Yoik,
??er? Taesday, from 9 a m. to 3 p. m
.xd >?v?Loria ...II tn.l) ni No 1B4 lu t- ? .'. Established 1SI.\
1MOTT"8 CUBMICAL POMAUK Rtaatore? dray Huir,
heaps it glossy sad Iron, fallu,? out removes dandruff,. the hr.e-t drea?
lug utr.l. Sold by Kl'.MIO? No. lu A?tor llou?e and drui.lit?.
ABB?, Scrroitvaat ho.-MAS*? k Co.'( Radical Cut? Tru.? otho?
?eely ?t No. 2 V raa-Y ?t. Lsdr sttrndsnt.
lo its ?.rd FLOBBSCS Sswise MACBIBB (oapAsT,
_ No. 50? Hroadwsv
S *a a fact irrr. RaBrlM k H A at? bawixo MACBISB loars?!
e. ?a Hro?il??y
Loca STTTCH >BWi?e MAC s ni. No. ?4J Broadway. Hi?.
Boam Nsw York state Far. I?<.. .
Fur your HATS and F cas go to
leader of F??hion? No. 4?*? Rro?dw?y.
CHRISTAIHIRO'8 HAIR DYBianiiut be mirpnssi'd tor
the D?lur?ioew of it. Iii t?. Try i- Pirtory No. 6 A"or It >i?e
)r?r Faoallr. ?ud Manufaeti.raxa They ?r? world renownrd. Tb?
Ta? Howe MAI SIMS (O NO tm Broadway Ne? York
TB"- IRTKRS. Monthly and .Sukireneory
TABBAOB*. tbe bett ?id ha?p??'. in tb? woild. whole??!? ?I retail at
Pr. sa ?a WOOD s, No. 543 Br .adway.
firrrca SBWI?? MAC BUBS for lam? y ase. No 4st5 Prosdw.y
Mscai*? ?ad BrrresaoLB MACBISB NO f? Broadway
Cartes Vignette. $3 per dozen; Duplicates, $ -J.
AM ?staaivo. registered. R. A. Laau. No 1* Ctolbsm sf. N T. _
ebeap, io pei:scl order, a? good ss i aw, sod wsrrsntad foi on? year.
_ No. Ml HaoADWAV NBW Yoas
raetsfaa without twin or icconvtnlene?. SS'nrrt c?ae. soli. Had. Call
.ad ?a*. HM.MBOI.0 NO. 549 Broadway
' A New KXPREJW COMPANT.-The Merchants' Union
Zxpreis Compaav a* will be SMB bj our adrertmnp colo in'?A
.pan* ia direot Une* te the publie on the first of October next,
vkea they will be prepared to transact a gensral ?xprsss
LtiAunes* with all parts of the oumrv
xatrtmeot of MitUiletown, Orange County, bare a celebratioa
te-iar at H? o'oMeh. A fine aisplav te aatieinatetl.
Atiteor RoiU eui atldreu a ?eating at Newark this (Welnei
Ray) eveatag.
DANOBROCBLT STABBED.-About 10 oYluck lut
plabt twa of the ieinste* of the t*n*m*nt boa** haowa as the
rkeip? Maassoa. Iicatoti in Thirty Br?t st. ossr Pirti ave.,
named Nicholl* afaetler and Jacob KirohotY, engaged ia an
aiieraatiOB. KiruheaT, wbe va* In bed at the time, was ttsal.y
iMbbiad bj his oprmtAeat, In the right tboeWer, receiving a
iff ead dauirerosi voand. The aastlltnt was arrested BOOB
?fur tb* CM ctnao* bj sa eAeer of Me Tssntj Im Precis? t,
stbt MWKtetl to a eau U the atatkae hoas*. Tbe i?)?r?d
aaaraeaval lurglsal aid. U? is eonsulered la a ?ittoal
wii'M fSDAT, st "M.Miii :.' ?:>'. i^?5.
At tin- Hu.u,','.st Color.' I t ' ilnrtif
If *t. lud I last , 'in.rate
; . . i
i ?ia??-.! to tilo erle.t thal the l?sii;n>: of til" proiimnatloa
r the United SI itei the
tim' ? l.'-i'oie
A BM ia! iii.[.at< li Bri
Indian* am ?till ? -tv tun,li ? ion.n the I'l.illis. At Kel
Keeto the Hnui ?nd CheyenBea attacked ti
.. I ID 1 9 atVSB k.
In Indi nu Mi- Hon. S loivlnr Oo?'.x mil Mr Du 1
? ,i 1.1 ?tes for Cn:..:-In tin- I Xt'i 11 Bil '.I
t' fir lirst de; a'e lslel) at Valparaiso .Mi. ('oil,ix k|,o),n
up..., i iineir, iiriiiniu that cHi
?eaship did not Imply negro s'.iTrai'i'. Mr. Tm-i.e rrpp .s. d
Lint!, seeming detironi to maka that the '
Til M01I?? evening n meeting of the Tivslftb Ward
Fenton ?ni Woodfull Club w.l! be held at Berlem.
RpoechM will In-iiiaii'tbv tin- lion. \V. A. Darling. l>r. It.
o. Sidni'v af Mississippi, B' -l the Hot.. Henry s smith
Tlio lion. Janie? M. Martin ol BaVBtoatt lias betta BOml?
nnted for Coinrn'ss iiy t Iii lie|uililif:iu? o: tim XVI lit li
CongreMioBBl I intrrn t o] this w i
The lion. Ignatius Donnelly ha? batts, reiioiintritei foi
(tomes by the Hiijiii'.iii-t!i i .nven'o.'i in the lid ?din?
- . District.
Q**j L'iiriii and Ool Dirken?, em lui ttei tot Coigre?.!
? ? f.r lEuim.?, intend enlireninj the - i::.?>ug.i hy a
s Tie-of di.si'.iss.on? throunlruit ths .-' I
Almario Young, the PosOnaVor of Atns'nr hen, If**
York, whoso four ?otu fought ia the t'nio.i ?muy, Ima
total ri-moi el, and a aotononi Copperhead samad French
appiuntod in hi? place.
The Dt'innr-r.at? of the XXIIIJc ragnasl ?al H -'."'e' af
New-Total have iinunimted Wioiu'ii C Kitfef foi COB?
gres*. Mr. Kiiirer wa? defeated in tins distill'. OB08 be
ftiro, ami then? i? over* prospect ofs rafjatitioaV
O old wai tinner ?ud closed ye.terdiiy al :il| Th*T*WM
nnii-h sclivit) ni (?overnmeiita. and the 7 ti? were |eWt*d B
?hade dearer. At the ga***kd Beard tho market ans ?lull and
st-tuy. and after t hi edi rr named tir III ?ml el..?ed steady.
Mmej osi call is abunda. I st lew rates. I ne ordiunrv pi r I is
r cent, tait lhere is a K 'nd deal done aft per cent I Uti
mnniint of tommorciri! pal el ..rrVrin?: I? smstl. Beat ahefl Inila
pi.ss at ' per BO?! goad I iMg ilnted hills at 7/; ? p,.r
cent when t?f fair i redit I ?
In freights tile IsstaBSB *4 t'." week lu? l.r.-n | lite i
the rates hate declined and bat* BMtaatad l.ns.r!? exclu
s vi of ?poole tuen the purl ot Ne? Y..tk to loreign (.Otts |nr
the week oBiing- a*WA to laM, $< M $1$
The Mewiphs I'ost, ,i Cuni Bttpar, del.nun
CnllYl'llti'?l ol'Cull!.-ii.'late BOldiei? :. . 1.11 y lo ?il lu
ty, an 1 ?j ?ii !4 . e : 11 coj ita UM lol?
diers HIKI ?i.lnrs .it ('n'., ' , I I .? ?inker? at tho
Memphis CtiiiVi'iition iiitinne'ltii.it there i
tihtv to Northern lu.-ii in th.it city, and professed ,t
sincere acquie-cenee in the re-ilt- of the war Mr. M.
C. Gallaway, who was one of tin- signer- of tito dis?
patch to Cleveland, is nell known as the editor of Ihn
Avalanche. The l'ost i, i u-c? hil p iper oi bBviog Inn :i
the Hi. lill i ull-e ni tie :, I Mt.. Batd ileliies
the asscitinn that Linon MBB Bl* safe in Mein;.,.
" M?ny of the most l.nnnrutile ?ud respectable tnerchsnf? of
this city have had their nai lotto ?eora aadridi
sato al* the lew toa a Bitol ratots of tbi? seettaai
week* Hlniost daily notilii u thiouirh tbe oo Brant ol Mr (islla
way* j, ni mai that Ibe* coeM nu eui, ti tin- lo do
I? , an?e tbe_i hau attended I'mon RepaMloan t* ItlnfJI Mu
chants have bren rapeetedli threatened ?it!. bal : p Cur
name? piscsrled In the et am,n? of Calls? in ? Jui.rt. .'. If ti j
dart I advertise in UM B d i ?I .:.?. i M
To Met an eil "ut do. ? tin? r.-ikii i.f t'tmri.-in ?xteatl thal st
this very time ?C have in nar jul. BBM* I ui by
Vrinn un rehuid, here, Wto ?vii.p itln/. with I
tto ?up|krt if our ftiterj.ii-e lui aokcowledire that
iher dread te lune the r tiat'ira Mbllabed I I ? I
a$belagadreflstars 1? TttT ? I .-:-.' ::.?. lostvf opir*
?on which thi- ' We MT, BBd 8T8IJ,
MB Of Men.'.lils kio?- thal In 'dull of n| i:o.
exist? in Memphis o ! li : r ifcoM WhOM i i.-..- alni m nil
net? dehe? n-i - s? affair? are
?Ueb at reinii r tin ni nnlej.ri dent ol ti,.-ti,.'
W$ regret to -i?iiiiiiii.i"' . Gk \ in V.'y.-k w.i?
'liiown Iroiii ,n.iii..i?i' laal MoinU> a:,J reie.ved in?
juries which will prevent him from travfliup; for BBT?
eral dava. The Htate Coininittee havo arranged to
Ktipply all his appointments tor this week, ami on
Mondai" ho will resume In.?. BB
The appeal of the Frcdmc: R : \
published ia another column, abould rei I
answer. The value of the work eui,not he $a*dj* over
e-tiinateil, and it rihouid not .?top Cot the urn-re want of
BBtMBJ . _
The letter fruin Gov. Wells of Louisiana, which w .
print to-.lay, shows tho im IBTTBCltneBI of ?U re;,ort that
he had prcT'erred hmad and butter M principles.
Wa have report? Irnin Kansas ol' the Indian war,
and the collusion of United Stat.-? >>ili. ers with the
savages, win. h we run ... BfvMaJ .ie.d;t.
(len. Dix'? .ippsiintnieiit ai rieiiipotriitiary to
Franco ia uuexpectid, an 1 po-sihly BJ mud? in
relert-m e to the Mexican ojfMBttow.
Xlt'On tin \n?uli ftiftl fft9 ?mfft mue trill he found
Late and Po'ire Report*; M'Iilary fattJIigencti "" "'?
count of a DiiTini! /.'o'./'fry m Wall-it., (.omanmai
Mutti rf. mid Market Report?.
THF. S !
The S. Y. Time? reiiniids us cf " ?undry 'j
addressed to TUB'TBIBCNK a GIB dayl sim <-," m ttVfl
coluililis "f The Ttmu
H Inch if deems wo thy of our regard.
They had nut escaped mir attention: I. ii tri have lo
spare hours M devote to sntisfi iuir Hie OtvMtj 0?
anonymous and irre pon-it.lc tju.-ri.-t-. To a?-k n
ID that rajfrollM time Bad t'nnii/ht toftl
fit anbwer, yet hide your face und na ne from the
DBSBBM c.i'cchi/i d, i? u prevalent i;iipert,neiice which
we are ilisin. lined to Batt tciraiie.
The Timm favors us wita the ?UlowiBg editorial
statement and query:
hftaaa, at lu last teision. refuted to p.in a bill for the
adnniiint. i f reineseiitutives trom BostheTa S'ste? eil ri ?fti r
those Mate? should Bdopl the C*8lllBBIIlilli Attieiolu.ent.
There were ? variety if uuu?e? which ci.'persted lo ?.-eure ila
toase memisrri ??ic aBfaaad la lapBriSfSaTj
terms u? t oasiitloM ptsaeeeVeat to the admahitaa af rei.reieut?
live?. Other? did not wi?i to (to la-fore ttoeaastr?
?ny diattrj. t pledge upon the suhjeit. Some were willing to
admit a Mute whenever Ita Lei ,'d ratlft the iiun-nil
ment; and other* wished to insist that tbe anieniin.ui.i should
hrtt bet onie part and parcel of the Coustitutmii. And shout
rAiny or/on, members were for exiludni* th? Southern Stntei
unt I tliey wou'd'adopt Negro Sulfrugc, as will ?* the Coniutu
tion ii Amendment. . . . . .
"What is TIIF|TRIB1M-:> view? of thl? ?inject 1 Will it
eeaaaal the admistiou of tepreMBtatlv?* frnm th? Southern
stile?, upnii the,r rntiflcation of the Coiititutlonal Amend?
ment < Will it accept titi? a? a sufficient guarantee, and a? a
.ufrieient evidence of luyaJly on the part of the Southern
people f'
The Tribune'? Antterr.
The rsouthern Confederacy wa.? based on the corner?
stone ol'a natural, necessary, eternal subordination,
socially, industrially, politically, ol' " Hincks to
"Whitots." Its triumph would, in our view, have re?
sulted in the "reconstruction." of the Union on the ba?
sis" of universal audperpetual bondage for the entire
Afric-Anieruau race. We cannot realiro that the
permanent bisection and division of our country,
upon any conceivable uast-and-west line ol' demarca?
tion, was a moral possibility. As Mr. Lincoln said in
his Springfield speech, " It will become all one thing
or all the other." And if tho Confederacy had won
its independence, Ktate after 8tate north of its original
boundary would, under the guidance of the thence?
forth ascendant Democratic party, havo knocked
humbly at its portals for admission, adopting the
Montgomery Constitution, and thus recognizing the
right <4 every slaveholder to work or sell his bond?
men, the same as his horses, in any part of the coun?
try. ?Several of the more northerly States might long
have stayed out, or been kept out; but, substantially,
the (^nfftderacy would bare taken not half the coun?
try merely, but the whole of it; chaining it all inexor
ably to the car of triumptyant Slavery.
And. M Uta Coa??d$raor maaat auiiplj Slavery, uui?
. ' ' '
frtiiii und :it!?T tin- .itt.n ', ???i Beater, to li ifi *v:ni?ol
i.li-t.l.i'd Iinji trt-ntl uni DaiTMIavl l :
? ila! no. i'i'rii.'ive ibis
1 ].piv! ni. ?-.I-.- 'hi'i doe* BM f i-* thal "'in- da sol
em . Tboit bitniinmi tan i
nu!, ntl.-if UM ..???e-n?. ii ti'itii. Ai "I tin- OHO r.-Ttirtaiii .
Log lOUrOt* ..!' II :') itr i-sini'U*. nu? I'rUint;,'
:i m, ? . . ' Bity "'
. .Vim RRWaTtiOgBOM ni tu \ : irj ? ? tor]
tli.1: 6 inl tha? all 1'. iin"i'li'i- ? 1
trip;iii / ti ? . I li.'burieil III it? itrave.
' pl.itlnrin m .'-!? '.- l'uiv-r-n, An.
i:n?i uti 1! BaA o;,'-v..is lung it-iu ?ir H : I?RM!, ?. ,1 h 1?
not iii'.-ii nooUfied. Wi believe it limpiar, i? ni it,
in ?r.. li'iiu I iii'l.i ''i:'., tli,iii ci)' riva!. Aud
?..i ' reMnighthere twijored ita floytioi
leal Winter li.v pNOOriMlg iiibl m.-Mu,' 'lit: l n h
."??it'' v. hit ii ?i ni lu'i'ii li ii!i"!!i?iii ???.<? 1 ! 1 bl :
in indi. .! 1 (bet it .??mull? ?-' 1 ?
to al! it .s'caill islly lnyal :n!,,ili.t 1: ' I i.i'fi.m
ind immttnitj, with windi UM fl ittkl MO
tu t... si.1,. h ni inji'ii Impli RI 1 ia
tin? Hi'liol'.uii And we believe Util retjtalietilRt
would lit, ?1.i niistaiueil liy the pal
Bal Congmi was not prepared to t iki Uti igMtind.
Pat 1 variety ofre isom. it MSV tit ti ?itl?>pt ,
ii." ConatiUtat?oiial Amendment BOW 1 raiUtig raUfi?
cation by tli" St nias. And our rven? State t
lion, in ils Platform Com in ii tee, voted down ol' dis?
till, ' n.li?ii ii. ?: if ,1'ifinete-l .1"' tlitM ti.a' every
oteo, who B|litf 01 peyi" diio?',: 1 '>" b nkitti Rift the
Rfghl BfBaftaga, aad declared taitaad [ataratd wtt
also] that RRJ Btatl now tiiiiopri's.'iit'.'.l ia I m/re,?
which .-?hull ratify the Am rlf?BtVtTl1 .?-hall theniij)?.:i bdj
adtnitted to repraamtiUoa 1:1 a?vo: lan m '.v?'!. UM
proi iaioni 4 iii it iMimdiMtnt
Thi-, therefore, tri und.ir-stand tu bl the pm?aj ra of
the IJepubln .iii-l/'iiioii ?lar'y of our St ito-thal every
State Lttalj 111 ii'hi ili'iii ssh !i ?'.iii. with n-As-.ii.il)!"
prompt M le IB I la hearty feed faith, i e Ipi lol IRti?
ly thai Aiiiemlmen: shall flio-oupoii bl etit:'!"?! to
iniiii?'iii.iti' lepri-sentation in CoBgraM in nrnplaiire
with it -t provi-nm?. Ami, us WO 1 >.. ! i. . ? . . sv,- , ,n I i
mor?' tur UM OttttM af Impart?a! Fr.loin by ICttag
wi'h thal paite thin i,y boltiag froa ami btUiag
Bgoiaal it, '...''. bold ?? ?r?f!.fs ' ,!i:;ii in otu
?i? ' ?ii. ' ' . pledfM. If .my
oi the anil) i ii!, doria*, I
pro-cut CotlgrMa, ratily tin- An.' illili. :.' 1- ii -??.? n 1,
se ?liai! t.'i'i iniiiiiii tu ni'.'??! ito UM admitaias tbate
ti]ni!i ?if tbeii loyal raptaoetitaUTM to - ita ia Cm?
?Teat. A? t?i tboM wl to al lid out
beyond th?' Itb oi Ma- ii next, sv.- ihali bal el Ibarty
i og i" UM m. 'm
.mil to the iip-T ami otaaier oonrioUoad st-1,
tr ist the loyal BtatM tad PovftawiUateaawh li bat?
And, svhettHT tin? revolted BtatM i lall bel
or later r.-s'or.' 1 ko ttn-ir nit irnl lalatJOMj ... Ui?t
I'lii'in. '.v,' hold tint the ai^na! tritmpb of FfMdoM
ii..r Slavery in our late Btf l| , r ?t?
uni | > i - r I". ? < ' i ei- lum. iti"'; th ,. , .
?hall j . ? rabo ly ia tb I
.I..- do ly expressed li) II '?' , ird of
i . | 111 tin??' Sin!,I,:
I | ii'?i?nd iti-timti.in. ?|. . ik men,
BOl ?if Iii 'I li ?-i. n?,t .?! IBs. I II, ia i .' ?.'
?? tl.e 1 ,? , "! !,,": IB? 1
u.ciit? au.I th- I. na . I'isv. r, .?! Mt I -, 11. ..: I'
nu p/TTaUl /:.,/, i DM i A im\
1 \ . - r. i v t Pltl . ii
with :
thep .>vbicbtbej foogfal UM Mir, and
i. that
I '" a ' ' the in?'!! st ho i lillian-.' it, un
HHHaVl I'll'...a...i ?111 in IV bO MBMI Me. 1'
i politician?. Tli.-v baTe BO ; . t" ?err?, no
politice] m.'.'loi nu tiieiii-t '. f-. They a
?lowuriitht cm:, es1, tri! heit. bfRTI in'Ii who v .
the war with I single p ' of ;t
burial that parpoN aaetattead a< \\ . ?
Whatever the. do has national tn.-r.[og I I
try ha? v- true a> . . ?'
bargh it i?, fur UM first t m i:
.bad, ia i iraMed ir. ita n
I'litri'ii tiii..i-aii.i ititej . Bated
are iu iMt-hurph o the I all
tamed UM I it] tate IM va-t tttiMa, ;
brfaigfog 'heir tent? and benaan. Every ?'urp?,
. !' .??ti, of the linte'l Slat?'- Army I?
ri'jir.'s, : ., 1 well, und iiery flag In.nu- le, the del?
has been horne tr?iinphanlly in lattle f..r
the I'niim. in jirnper trilnit?'to the mass of ki
can soldier?, a pitTRka, L K1 ?in D
was m,nie Tcinpnrrtry ('hairmiiri. the a:iie
in? lit of I.in/an a- th?' lir?t (i.nai' of the
Convention foi Penaaaoal Cbeinnaa wv bailed with
n. lint m Ins ahseni.?, unnthcr L'IIIIIU: Hnhlier.
(?en. Coi of Ohio, WMaaoatad. Of UM tMiael busi
BOM af the Convention the dal to maka
?h?rt work. They have refi-i d to alloc M idflfOM
to he jirepired, OH the LTOU?HI that their argument
was m:i?le M the hut'le-liiM, und the
lutions tiny will adopt ate eapaotad to he
like the dsMharge of u battary. The Mk-higan
loldieri bare npodiated Ctutai ead I .. ami
. prie.d thal .! ii'-'iin'-' ': oi at ? ? olore 1
tri". .?. to the eil?-? t thtsl all 1 Ullin S'lliller-, st1
iilai k. iheald bave aqna] righta, lai lading that ofeaf?
? WAI KO ..ml '.v ith i Iii'.!.? hy the Consent?.m.
'Jims tholOBg ?nie til lone nins e-mi, BabNl
Bl l''i'tl"-li''hl. ?Hid still tO Vlctury. 'Ihe i|e-ert
I i-i-uri i."' ini--?'il; thnse who tri'tnl'le in t!.? r
not Tinki UM e? nrage of the hern?'- m UM san. 'I hey
found the work was iml tloM v?,th the ndfatfl taf the
war, and tl.'-y he.?? left their homes' OMI BMIB teflo
it. nht Ciinventiini ii like UM tahttrgB Of i.e. airy
that de. nie? a batttl? .
The iiatnui will ??. ho its word- v.ith j?rni?- and joy.
Look Rt the RAIMA which ure OR its rnll. I I .
n .inn - which cene with the ttOWBOf gTMl hatth
daring UM sear, familiar to us now | I '-ville,
R| (,'hiit titiioi.'.'it. M (ietty.shiii'i.'. Tlnre b BO viotOty,
fturil the I'oti.Iil II tn the l.'m (.r.t'nle, with willi li tiley
ure not hlenileil, and the;, are rek'i-'en-il %9% a.? then
iil'On the side of the Cn.on and of I"r< ld0O<
" mil. \ DID l li EM DEBEMT A HUM ll'l.l ?
Mr. Andi'sv .l'ihii-on ?lehsered u rmti? il ?:. li oi
tin-worst kind avtainst rresident Andrew Johnson in
thi l.'n.t.-il States Senate on the IMhdtvyoi l?ei,e?i.
ber. 'lhere tan he nu geobt whatever that ho thin
latORght that Rebel Htate? were no hitter than
province?. IN he saul, with a ?1Oe.1t?.c iraiikncs? on
the subject that ha? Ml since Leen trqualed:
"Supli?se Louisiana was nutt nut of th* cunfeilericy
(r'ni(in). ImldiaK tne key to the (.ulf. IM nutlet M Ma MB
inrree of til* ?Treat VV'rat. iin.iir tt.e doctrine Is?! down tiv
tbe?? kfiaUtertv and prat u, M hr Ma Cnnrressof til? tnited
t>t?te?. ttiiild not tin? (.overnment bate the riebt, m ohedi
ence tti Ihe frc?t principle ?if ?elf preservation, and for the
?afety of our institiittoii? to sein-it and ps?? it ui..!?r tb* Jn
riitllctlon ?.I thu Tinted State?, and hell it ss a province, sub?
ject to the law? of the I'nit' 1 state?' I its* Uveals 1 h*
sam* pnia ?pie nnpllnit to Uni lila. The same prlaelpM wotiid
apply to Bomb Carolina. ' ' ' Ii South Canliu?? ?as out
Sids of the confederacy (Union), as independent pawer, bevin.
nu ??ii.iii.'.um with the I'nited St?te?, ami our liistltuilnn?
were lik'lT t?i he endanfrere?), and the existence of the davern
in?nt Itojienled bf her remainina s separate end InttopentVlBl
?iKiwt.', . . . i ?HT va shiniin MvearlfhtM tbefnaelple
laid down 1>J Mr. Max.n, Mr lluchanun and Mr. Soule, and
up..i, lia- pnnoipl? pnulii.ed h) the Cuii,res? nf tim I bind
BtatSS ?B tbe case of Ptorids, to selie her pass her under the
Jurisdiction of Ibe United State?, and hold ber as a province."
- (CoEf resslobai itlul.e. -Id Se?., ?ah Cnnnres?. pH.-?> I B
It ia for homelhiug lesa than tin? that Mr. .luhiinon
calla Thadden? Stcvem? and Chati) I S ?inner traitor?.
Yet here we have )t, in black and white, that Mr.
Johnson, quite before the var, when he had best
re aeon to be Konservative on State Hight?. held thut
tho United States had a right to anjea. South Carolina,
Louisiana. Florida, or any other Kehel State?, aud
hold them as provinces subject to the laws of the na?
tion. Let every one read this lively record, and then
jjudiouily ta^uifi, ia yj^v of t?? Pptsidiut'i ?ot
Bf to "swing round the circle," When did Iff.
Johnson cor deer' I p.'ini ipl$ ' and why should
Mr. .??'evrii- M ! itum! '
Mr. Johnson repeatedly declared, m h;s r.tit lotir,
that li' lud un power BfM tim trial of Jelfer.s.)ii Dac?.
and vacu'ui' iiiMnated that the ti.? .?ty vvBJ Uta f?*1111 rd
..l'Oie Dii:t,i,| St 1MB. Th.it tins ?BO?
l'usa'inn BfM u'.'erly .without fo-tudatmu v.'o MOB*M$
to show
fate? 'I ...' Clii.'l'-.Iii-'lro I; ir n,. un ?TI tod'? will
i the tiiulof Jeir. Davi.? Cn ia any oilier Jiflflti e, except
i that it hapjiciLS ti at the Ck ul-lu-'i. I B M rill-itt.<l I
| assigned M ti..' Circuit M which Virginia is, to BO?
? i iinimodate Jttdgfl Sw IJTM), who'I"?.!'"! Mb$ llloUed
the Cin uit in win h Ohio is.
Smmd The Chi .??. lu-ti.-', when ho holds B Court
ti;"? wliaUcases h" happen.? tu l'uni on tim docket, i!'
tiley ir> reidy foi trial It Ma?tM BO 'lilToroiion ti.
I.nu win? Hie parti?? an?, lu? lu' v (ato administer Hie
Third Tiie Cliief Justice has never iu'ifiirod, ami
probably never will ni'i'iire, what cuses am to
i onie bel..re him, oxc'p?, in tho regultr course and
iviy. He neiihe: ,s "lu nor -huiiri Hie responsibility
Bf irvine; .'.?fit': ?on Davis or any other man.
Fourth Tito Ciiiel-Jtlstici! has held thron terms of
the Circuit Court for Hu? District of Maryland since
In? appointment, nearly two years ugo. These were
indictments for treason pending at tho first term, and,
ex, apt] in Oatt mi cases where the BB*MBwt. individually
have Icen pardoned, thoy are pending yet. The
(?nveinni'iit lia? nut thought proper to proceed to
trial in any of these BMM It Ihn Oov eminent bad de
-.;:,. 1 a judicial exposition of the law of treason, it
might luv? been had from tho Chief-Justice at either
ol lht.se turnia, ia April .nil November, IrUi,'., or iu
April. 1-h'x?.
Fifth Karly last Spr.ng, Hradley T. Johnson-a
do'ibletra ti r, if tie ison consists in levying w.,: against
BUOWfl State as willa- ana: n-t 'li- I'niU'd S'ate*-w.ts
arrested in Maryland for Henson, ami was held to
bail by the District .lud-.? GoaV <?ri:i* ii'i'n'sted to
lii-.e him iliuli irir.'d without bail, on the ground th tt
li,, ?i-i no' luM'r to arres' or tr, ii, bl BMM Ita had
I.n paroled at the timo of the surrender of Lee or
John?!.>:), and Uta I'm iden? tber-Upoll ordered Ibe
di-ahar.!' *!?rnu;li the Attorney-(Jener ii, and, on mo?
tion o' ? I u-iler direction of tata
A'tnnio'.-'.oticral. tho Di-'mt Judge dim. t"d the
' ?ion t'..? praprietJT n.' tin? interference hy
the Executive with the BOtWM ol lwf*ular judiolal pn>
n-eding-, it is mineo's-ary to express |fl opinion,
tliougb H atrnrds abundant ground tor Uta tell,., 'mn of
timagbtfM men. Pt pr.'Veiitid tin eipress.on of aju
diotal opinion as t.. t M ediert )f military paroles u?)nii
li ibilities to ?i inislimeut for tre ison ninl twaawaT. crime-,
Mrfri 1 in i 'biet-.lust'.i-.' btjl'l no Court m Virginia in
I-*...'., because the writ of li ibeas , lajja-ajfl vv i, ?uspended.
and martial law eulorel-,1 within Us territory; in
In? j I'lgni'-nt all COattrtB iu i region undur ? Uti k1
1 iw n, . military M '."?. and it wa, neither
righi imr prop r that th" Chief.Jusiire, or any Asso
,- t . ftbofl lof UMUaitod MBtM
-Die high? ? au 1 head of one
department? ..f tbs (iovernnicnt
i told ii. I to tb$ eoatrol ..r ittpor?
vi-, di ol tata li .'t: '!... i\ "lor. I,?tig the
unitary poWM Ifl UUl ju L'un-nf, ill laWTOfB "I W>
kbilitftOl whatever politic i! opinions, will,
s.rrnffi BOOOJ Bwtor the ida.'i::rii'"i' oi I ',.. S .pr.-iiie
apiti I 1 l prnclaill le
,..-1 ti) th* C'hial'
i i tal bo I I ' ..? ad i??'?"'' : ''?? L: ':
military g..v..rnll)..ll,. ?nd ttta ro.'i.r iti-.n of tb$ wn?.
of lial.ei. .or.. - . 1 til ? Status except 1-'.
w.? uti,l r . i.l b$ ilcteriuiued thereupon to hold a
: i i.'irt al the e - | M i.- Terni in Vi ? :
bat ra i ? taot with UM
.. on th ti in : ! it iry g >v irnmeut h ni
i lUowad Uta pru.lau, i'ii n. ml lad to IB l'ipreheiisinu
that the cons:ru, tioii put upon ii wa* uol intended
! by ti,? Pi, --nient, li.e Cbo-lJ .?toe, it is UtaiMaM
to be ;re? ;:ii"t|, re. >:i?i 1?re I bia |. ,r; .-?. to hold a
< iCOvtrt
' ! ... boweTor, | duty, Hid
C'liii-t-Jii-liii', it IB reported, c ill?',1 on the Pn
in April cr May la?t, and Iwtjttaltod 1 mi t" ;
pro? lama;."ii . of a I.e.1; . :'.ej a
i draft.,' dei binn.', :u BIMqillllMlfll lOIIIIB. that
t al law v. a? ,i Bogati i attd U $ ? rit o' boba i. ooipoi
IflJtMtOd III all Cas. s Of W.U.-li the ('.;.. fjf UM I
ha I juriatln lion, alni [fl re-po, t to au | |
| lunn sin h (ourts This wa- not done.
Ainf/? Sul.sei|U"i.tly, however, uno'her pro.dam i
tioii vi . ihrm ng the rd .ratian ol
thro lgbout the whole cnun'.ry. which ha-, as yet,
boott felsOWOd bj BO ord. r a-serong the continuance
of mi) dary government. Inder the proclamation,
tl.er.labio, it -.'cms fa r to com lude that martial
law and military government are permanently abn>
1 ead the writ ..( Ha'ess Corpus fully restored ;
and this i oiiiliisinii w air anti fin- I.olding o' ,
the Clilel-Jllstlt i- al.ii A ?" : itl J.-' BJ as the |*jflf
may direct.
Traffi . TI.'te kj nu Vi of CODgKM, however,
wini h liiitl'Oii/.s the holding of any Cirtuit Court ni
Virginia until the November Terni-beginning the
. Mond.iv m Novejuber-unless the Chief-.Iusti. >?
?Inill ordai I Special Term, M hfl i- aiuheiri/eil to do
bj au A.t ot the latta aasaloo. The Chief.i .
1. im doubt, order a Bpoi itl Ti nu If the Di-tnct
Attorney und Uta Attoniev .(ieiieral should re;
tO Ililli that -i|. li ?I plnceelllllg I? needed lo. UM fld?
lllilllstr ItlOll o! ?lU'illC J ist re.
EeSStTBBaV? All Act Of tata 1 a-t -'-iiill of COOgtoOl
. BJ al) the Circuits | xcept the lir.?t and secniid,
wbn h nu hide UM D-irii In Ifl Nevv-Kiigland and New -
Yoik), and leduies the n nib. r I'.-oin ti n to iiiin . I .
..ra UlOtlaM BMJ allotment of the
('!ii'-:-Ji;.-tii i- or Al 01 at - Ftartal . - M fhe.so new Cir?
cuits; and it secuib don! tful whether the old all.ri?
ment tuve? any jar. .1 , tam to bold i i.'irt? in the Dia>
triol wl,:rh h.ip;..-i. to reiiiaui in the a.uno Circuits
numerically M Bl the time of thal allotment; while it
isipiite itrtam that neither the Chief-Justice nor any
.atcJii?tii I culi i xei ( i?" j'.n?ilii finn in any Cir
: (ml Btoopt by uKotincnt or ?--ignuient under an Act
, of Congress. It is a matter of extreme doubt, there
lore, whether Uta Oin d' Justice .an, after all, hold
' any ( ourt in ? irirn.iI ni.til alter some further legi-in
Tion b] Cotagri ? ina.ii | or authori/mg allntmi-nt? fo
UM new Circuits.
Twelfth: The al I n. >. of the Chief-Justice or a Jus
lue of the Supreme ('io;, t from any Circuit does not.
however, prevent the hohlmi of Circuit Courts; for
the law BBjr/l ide? i Kpn ??ly that, in tltaawMBBM of a
Justne ..I the Supreme Court, a Cinuit Court may
be held by the Dirtrnt Judge. Circuit Courts have,
un i.rdingly, 1.n hold ifl all the Cm mt? within the
Hebel States by the District Judges ever since the
establishment of the authority of the ITiitml States
nnd the app'iii fuient of ?u. h Judge.. ThOM courts,
.luiiu*T militiiry goveriiiiieiif, were held, of course,
subject to lnilnaiy u.uirol and supervi-ion, to which,
under the em um -'am aa, DuU-ict Judge? might, per
hap?, more properly ? ?limit than the Justices of the
Supreme Court. Ol' course, any trial which might
have taken place, toi ( ?.ie;.,lu.t,re oran Associate
Justice being pr?sent, might have taken place, with
(..jual jurisdiction and i-ipial ellect, tho Cliief-Juitice
or an Assm . it.- Jojrtioi bolflg absent.
Chinent C. Clay is urged by The Mottle QmutH as
tho choice of Alabama for ?. 8. Senator, in t.rder
(mark the impudence) "that he may fling back in tho
tenth of hin peers the (oui charge of assassination that
the creature, Joseph Holt, has endeavored to fasten
upon him by suborned testimony." It is hardly
worth our, while to goiut \?? ?lie, ^tolly'*? tyi' ??*;
the President in the only one vho bil officially
charged Mr. Clay with assisi i ii at fon. What sc.all lie
done with his teeth '
? ( nu. RIOHT8" IS DIXIE
Mr. Rider, a boni ?Southerner, living near Ja? ks.m,
La., baa MOa tit to let a part of Li? land in parr-eli? to
Mack?, who agree to ?'ivelum a speeiti.-d propo-' m >\
I ': ' . liiii'iiiL'iit li perfectly ?ali.-lactory to
the purti-'t, lint tin te their rvonatriii ?e?l White
niilgblioil JO TirhRRR. who recently adlreared to Mr.
Rider tin.-, not"
Air. lt?niu- Ml W?i hive bia informed that 711 Af"
I lawinii Niifirer? to ?-|i*t abotu 00 yo'ir lan 1. or io otb.jr ?or I?
yoe Are RefUir ?. Nieirnr? land One of J'jlt Ooninv'
you thAt you Wold He Burnt out. But you would not par tiny
..?i to him. Now, hir, your ??in Ilout.? is Barnt tor rou'
iirr Nirgers land. If this l? not ?officient Burulu?, we w11:
Burn ererytliiiip; on your place, if that dont break M up We
will (bon ?hoot the Nigirers. iJewar?, sir. h BkM B 1? Me late
or rou a ill lu? wai'eu ou by A COMBI'TEB.
The Nigirers Alte not lo Be Blamed You ere Ra viiaits. C.
Since wiitin.? the abort?, wo havo dcc'itcd to Burn wor: tiisn
your trio Butiae. and will kill yuu if von lion t Minali up y o .It
lufaini'tin Nig.rercAn.pt. A CoMxirnea.
I oertity that tim ?hove is a trie eopy of the ori ?inni.
E P. LoiiOiij, Major loth 0. S. C. H. Arty.
Late ('otu. at Port Rudson La.
The following note from a L?>iiisiaua Johu.sonite
lu- bera Mat us, like the foregoing, by I 0. B? army
Ulli.-eirea duty there, ?va an illustration ot tim spirit
now rife there:
FAIBVIKW, Jan. 31. M
Dr WITCMKU-Pear .?v pie*? Rideout to My home ?urly
as postilla, to See s boy that was burt Sevareiy by boin*
?tri k nv.-r tbe head with tbe brioh of a gun hy a boy by the
name of Kllir, plea? to aotffv tho Y ?okey? orthorlty to Com
out and arrest the Dam R**o*l If they refuse to com, .Say to
them that I will pat hin? Kiln at Rest-the boy that 1? hurt Is
a favonio of raine ? .lia.su D? 11
Thomar! Rowers of .Suj der County, aud not, a? at
finit announced, W. K. Wilson, is the Democratic
cauditlat?' iTfyftttag the Um. Geo. F. Miller in the
XlVtli District. The oefieet lieU for Congre.-??, in
Pennsylv.iii: 1, .?!.IvWtag all the ronouiintt??tl inembers,
?* md an fo?'iws
ff?;. tv?.,? BaaaaaM
I E C. Knisht .Inn J Rail,H
11 OmtHm O/V't?. .Inbn HaMa.
HI tuaattaWari ? Iimvkwalter.
IV ifm U. Kilttt. .I.1I.11 Welsh.
V Cateb N taylor. II airy I' Baw?
VI Uni all ?urna?. B. ?wawwaTf aVfsV.
S'il ./ni Af Brv.tnaH. N itbanial Pratt
VIII li A. I,in.'?in. .1. Lawrence i;??<?.
IX Ik.tdd'U, ,s'.?je?. Ma. J Ke/Ulll'l?.
X . (ion. II I, Cake. l)r C I), (.??minger.
X1 ti-n Win I I). M Van Auk-u
X11 Jam.? Ariaibill. C at D???t?u?
XIII Vu,,,, Af.r. L, v n Kweli.
Xiv i;??, f. ,v/i//rr TbeeMsBevera
XV . linn. K. II ll.'nd?'r?on. A J UUt,H*,*ntT.
XVI (ir-- li H A - \tl>., 1 Murpe.
XVII . Ii J Murrell. li I. .fobison
XVIII . I /.' Wilt* T. P. Wn<ht.
XIX TTfi-f frtTjW W. L isVott.
XX... I). A. Ktuney. OM. A. ? McCaltaout.
XXI John Cot tale. Hii<h II. Weir.
XXII tim J. A. Mnrhrai (ion. .1 B ?weatgar.
XXill Tkmo, William,. B O. C'aild?.
XXIV OttTtft V, /.merrit?. Will Mu?tgoC erv.
In common with the country, wa shall rejoice in the
return of .such Representatives a* Stevens, Keller,
Brooinali. William?. Moorhead, Schotn-ld. Cov.ile,
Lawrence. O'Neill, Myers, Mer? ur. Miller, WiltMB,
and Koonta-an amy of ahlo and honest worker-,
eititfii?teal to in iiiii.iiii the s'rengtli of Pennsylvania's
strong delegat?in. We shall welcome the election
Of BAW u;.'lilli, rs ot the 1 . in, '.-r and piMRlllltj of
MOIIIU, Ali ?iihald, Taylor, Cak?-, and other-?. The
Pnttstleot'l tri.-?ids are striving, with a liirig.? pie-sure
Of patrono.;?.'. tO iMpeil UM ?U.'r.'SS of tin- ticket in
Philadelphia, perticRlarly ia Jtaifi Ridley's district;
but, as the .JmU'e's majority 1? about 4.mi?., ,u..| '
lleve.?,I hi? talent? ?wMsTtlly te the canva-ss, they have
great work imlor? them
Wl see tin; the I ninnis's of tho State are ?let?T
miiii'd to carry ?tit.i .-ti'.-, 1. i? far .1? piMOibla. the State
lass-disfraiiclii-ing d?serter?. The SLenilO: Phila?
delphia hu? pri.iniiigat* I the law in lull, but the Cop?
peiheefl flherifl of Bedftwd ('?ninty, though notified
by the S.cn t i:y ni the Commonwealth, obettaately
rofalM te insert it ?11 h: s proclamation. A pr
UM fir misd.'ini'inor svill be itnni.diately comineiiced
again?! h;in, and a like ac'iou Will meet the Redford
elsewhere. We take from thin assurance that
the campaign in i'eniisylvii.nia is earui-st.
Lidimi ha, a Qnioa iu.ijnr-.ty of eight out of her
present ile!.'git?on to Congress, which she w11] he B1
it-r?'it pii:i- BOl to lose, Bad, if pn-siV.e, to OXOOed this
Fall. Her only District- thatcau appear at urcsout
doubtful areas iollosv?, svith the names of their hold?
ers in the present Congress
IV. Dearborn. Docatur, Ac., (KarijubAr'n, '!?? Union ma
VIL Clay. Greene, Ac., iVoorhee*'?), >.i fraudulent Demo.
eratic ui?jority.
X Allen. DeKalh. Ac, (Defr.-rt s). ?rW Union mijontT.
We hear that the D'innerat: hope to nvercuiiie ?ie
-II I'nion niiij'irity in the Hld District, bul they will
have to em ?muter a strong ?ud pnpular opponent in
tjrW. Morton C. II
Ihe 1'iiion BepablicaMof the IVth District have
Ml mi' iiiin'l.er Midier, Col. Ira S. (?rover, who bids
fair to strengthen his ticket against Win. S.. Ilohnan,
his Detinu rita, opponent, and a tonner lOniMlintltlll
in Congress. Thi? liistrict our opponent* hope to
capture with the help of the (.?ivemment.
The Yllth District ?cut.Mr. Yoorhees for a finn? tn
CotlJlTMa, OB a fraudulent ni.ijority, but his pla. e being
1 untested by Ceil. Henry D. \\ ashburn, present can?
didate, he WHS uuseatiil and sent home about the
iiinldl?. af I i?: ses.?: ,n. Tins District is, therefore, to
be rct-unled a? Re; nidi, an, though still debatebhli
Major William VTUliama, ? Union offloer, stands for
theXth District mi tin; I'nion ?.ide, ageitwt Robert
Lowry. Democrat. Allen County, a portion of this
Di-tric!, which in 1864 gATI -\:t.V.I majority for the
Democratic ticket, voted 4"n majority aiiaiint it in an ,
. ii for county OassOetl Li^t October. Thus, there
is hope that the District is fertile for a Cnion harvis*.
tboogb the Democrats are inaking every etlort tho
other Way?
The large inirea?.' in the population of Indiana
within tin years has leen mainly ?n its Northern dis?
tricts, and, as the nt'portionnient for OoRglOM and
?itglrllTItrt ha? not ?MOO changeil, it is claimed that
the Southern part of the ?etRtl bei an undue represen?
tation in both bodies. That section was largely Deni
o? ratic at the niitbrcak of the war, and thouuh par?
tially ri'deeine.1 by the ?lection of 1864, the Cop?
perheads hope to regain it svith the aid of Presidential
mil nine. The ground for this hope is the large
Sniitherii emigration settled in the Copperh?'.id ?lis
triits. Hut as Indiana has given a standard majority
of 20,000 for the I'nion ticket in the last two or three
years, we take heart that she will not go back on her
noble record.
There were quite a number of the members of our
liirt Assembly who sold thenisilvc; to the corrupt
"Ring" which misrules and robs our City, and, for
base lucre paid into their hand? 0r lilly thrust into
their pocket?, betrayed a ?aired trust and conspired
to rob an unoffending people who had a right to their
protection. Thete was much other conupt legislation
last Winter,- and the same members were conspicu?
ously guilty of this it!?,,.
We entreat the voters of this State to make careful
inquiry, and be sure that every Member who sold Ina
vote last Winter is kept at home fAi* Winter. There
is great need of houost legislators at Albany-not a
mere majority of this sort, but the whole body. Tho
black sheep are veil known: mark and avoid them!
We do not think it refreshing to hear how an Ala?
bama gentleman talks. Says TA? Jl/o?i/e 7riA?.it:
"It is really astonishing how a man bom a Virginia
gentleman can go to eating carrion as John Minor
Botts is doing." There is more of this and woree,
from all oi which wo judge that it is better for Mr.
y,.W Vv ue hsxtV-v U's" ? litt?tL?oiatt.
TUE r7.7.7.7J.V/:V.
?reeclitl Dlaaatch te The V V. Tribune.
efaMaUNIIM T'I'-SIIHT. S*pt ..'' n**.
N.H'ci-?-. V,l",
ltiohmonj-Tssae to re?iig'*?'? ?.le? bivi'?*
I??ue to tn'etli'.'-.. s ??>
James Citv- lime to refut-eei. et? ?.rai
Issue to trer?.iAi?r_ 13. ,W 5,900 t?
LyBcbliurg. .,.-?? u fi?. i
Danvi'l* . _ 'ii NI
Maui.tan . . , ? .i
Libert r....
N'iIttrlkOl?T . 7 |.e}t Bf? M
Oran ere. c H. : r.rj ?.ijoo tu
KI raOitl City. " ila :
b>?TMjlla|ll -.'i, ni
Graud total . lui ?J. $lt.)HH (H
Lj ! ; n- ,
fnll r-tfon at Mit peat I ' ceat* I i':?.*4t<r
Unter Ho 8 Me avooey valet itely be civaa
School Repor?. -Tt-rehaalecii af-io.'.ico? M tu- HJJ'-?
of ?chiHil* for tli" atoutli on *? couot of ? rntl .n Tier? ?j? |?
?chools in the State with *>.-' ?choUri 1 ??. In
?'.inine' It'i-irts -\itritia?r of ?or,'? icr-nisi!" 1 B rMOMB
ui'.ii'ii gil -Nuni'-er nt Mantees coaMttied ou tv?acba bf
?valles, i/., ou Abita hy blacks, c.
si, Mi vi \.
Tilefrtvioving r I led regarding
the aile of negio.s in Clark Co., telegraphed from S4,
lfttXTQOMFRt, Als. Sept It UM
Major-Urn O (>. II.,warn, c ???.i?ri .. n, ?c, trasAi?????.
/) ? * '
Ci'?iiAi. tu ???'in?'?."!.m with our teloirruphic corrtsposij
ence of thi. ?late I lair icitve to reu.ark (hat far some weeks
past the attention of parties here boa been drawn to lb* ?j?
totnatic dissi-aunaiion of Item* at tue Ratrtk tsppsr?ntly by
some ouu p? i ?wit.) detailing ali ?orr? of sensational oc'urrcn" .?
M |?"rsoo? of both nu ..?.
The ?cene I? genoraity liitl ia llehil?. and the story uni
formly without foundation.
WAOF.KSWAIM, Mnjor (?eneral.
Gen. Wootl reports that notwiths'iclmir the rc's.rt.?!
a; p.-iirince Of the onay ?oin. be think be a
lair cotion crop hut tile con: Otoo i? i failure Tim chol?
era bus appeared in the dietrict of Ja? katta, aiul fears ?Hist
that it? iiiorua*ei? inevitable. The Burean ?nrpeon bts
rc'i'ireil listriietioiis tou-c everr ini'itiis in Ins ftytrm t?t
?Hey ttieaiiffenng mid prevent the ?pr.a?! of the diai-t?"*??.
Cholera is ulsn rei>ort.>.l at Davis I Ben?!, but not IBIQIBI
ing; in other ri'?|?'ct? health good. (Jenerally through
til? Stat?' there is little change in Bureau ?irlairs. Consid?
erable inoitality c?i?ts from choiera, but tin? u o?in<
inore or live to the want of pBOpM caution by the cLnw
(ireedmeni among whom tin- Pellet los* has beeu. The
disease is not particulaily viruk..t, bat yields readily to
to rai PUBLIC.: Altera y.-ar of comparative CTowtli
and ptaapority, during winch ira sent at??! mc ben mt? the
South, ?uni rmplo)cd in our vvork oi relief and educatiea
lapeliee aad ninney to the extent of 4Ai'.i,is*?u til, we
Bad oarBBJTM BOW at the rxrovenoi ment of a BO* y-.ir,
with au empty treasury and continuing liabilities-?o loeg
M our wirk gOM ?n:-io baa amount of about gS.UOt p?
Under tbtae euvtimstanee? th?' Bnar?i of Trustee? bara
appeleted the tter.WM.Oee. Hawkins, la:?' .mr Corn
BpoadiBR Verotiirr, wlioae long familiarity with our work
renden bin especially Btted f r the duty M spcciil tinan
OMi A ?"M. to make M earnest ippul lo the public for
MM to pnoOOaM our work.
Te thnse IntetMted ra thu great work of ?social, moral
and indus'i.al elevation in the rntl?t of a people strug?
gling for a botter Ufe,especially to th.?te wh.. have hitherto
s upportad ti?, the ijucation now ?oui?-? shalltheBtfMB>
nor inaugurated, and thus far maintaiu? ?1 by v.n.r bou>-ti
cer.ee. en ntii'.uc '" This you alone ?au dt-lcnniue. dur
duty ia ful ti lied wben we imve |>re??'Dtnd thu magnitude of
this eoecoosty le you, and v*'?'?iuiiot doeai roM MMoaM
?hen jon remember (batt With Over) ?1I.0..I ?li?, ?intinued,
50 pupil* DOW greedy for knowledge, tuouliie of being
BNMMM element of moral iWeagtfc Bad naitritl proa
penty to the tuition, aro demoralued bj du nura/ement
aU'l turiifl to habits ?if vue, disonbr anil uiithriftineaa.
Ha t'lturc can ever repair our n gb et of 1 Ina i?rt-sjnt
opportunity. Gnd's war has plowed our Boavhfc feve is
our Mod time, ''as we s rv, ?0 ?hall we reap." what ahall
tut. harvest bl ' Ki.AN? is lino, MI A v. Pn-sident.
George Ctvb?otvard, Chairman r MBBM ( otnmittM Beary
A. Dike, CbeirtBM KseMllM CoaaaalttM J. Miller
M'-Kim, ( bairuiar. I eacli'-rs Comm.'-. .
,\ York H - ?!'?'?!' /'?,../?.?.?? / ?"- ... ?io.
7t?Joim-t., Bept ?, 1"'"?.
SI'iCIAI, irrtlll Will TtlK W113K I
To rai feionaoi IB-I'AHHAL KOICAII S ron no ii
There sr? t*Ju uo?ctuoroU oii.iuieu in the I .-.lues
tinn. and esirer t'T tbe advantage^ of common ?jhooi?, ada to
this near!? W?.(sJ0 white Malls, Vbe I .in neither read n?ir
write, maklr.i; in all 1,1 ?'.Oou, ttiat are capable of being ruade
an immense Me??iri?- to tbe nation morally, rellirinusly, so
cially and pecuniarily. Of this nnmber only i 1 04s have" Iveen
in ..'ur schools the peuit year. Vor want ?it luuit? ...
teachers have been ?enf, where 25,000 arc reeled. Unlv 1.405
teachers ?ml 'm,77n pupils have been sustained hy all the Tul
untary soc.eti?s. (?urpiescut etigsgemenK will'deplete o?r
treasury to the laet cent, and we mutt noon annoui.ee to our
?nil if 11 tier? Uti our tri usury ia empty, and that th?T cannot
be retained, unies? contribution? come in more rapidly.
(?en. Howard, in ti.e letter tubioined, Informs us that tbe
Buieau cannot pay teachers s.liries or board. This whola
cl?sense come? o? tr n van. us MeMtMl lahorlug for tbe cans?.
We inuet have I .?.> 000 hy the 1st of Noveiuber, if the vt otk ia
to i'.1 00. We ?ail upon the t<'ttchera who hare returned ta
their bomas, and all other? Intele?ied ia having tbit work pro
pta, M Baa what Inlitaace they may have in obtainme tke
. um above iroposed. Ah rr.oney and chick? ?houhi b? ?nit to
in?'Ircusurer, Joseph B. Collii . Kia, MWavlLal. B? M tha
unlrnlraad. ipeelfylBg " for iii? |.?'.uoo tund.
I lhere migbl be u<> potsihlu room fur niisapprcheoatop,
thel.eucr?! S'cret'irv ?roie to the Commlssione. reV
? n ofticial atateiut'i.t of what the Bureau oould do. to which ka
received tu* fud?wiug reply :
UoasAO or harcoKB?. liiiim,? AND AB?<.DOBBD I.ASD. >
SS A?Hi?tiTo.v. Au; ..t is. IJH. t
Tt? ?rr. I.TBA?! ABBOTT. Cn. srr .1 y 1 c
DiAl Ml tour ieiter. ihr. ugh ' idge Rond I? reeeiveel. While
l.iivrri.nirut aid ?ni be . Iiarrlul.y ?it.-meJ in arc. r?iso> e with that
Isur to ii e?lldr|rnt broa?,,leot orgstiila'inna it will ha nul.ead Hist
lina sid J.>ea not tiia|e ..? wini ice ?baniin? re ?evatt* for ?uri, arg.Bi
j ?stn,ira to raia? ni?,!,??, in urJer tu ?end ta?, her? and mitsionsrir? iult?
ti . held, and lu ii.-yan, Ihiir I/;?HMI.
The ?pprupnatiun in ISs'areao* to ?ehoel* w?. ?imply for the rental
and repair, laf acbi.ol buildings
oin? ni?) tie i-veiitu?lly obt?.naJ ?r.d ret .V-d ?vaiUbir uadea
lh?l?w, from the prop?rtv ?ailVd '? anfedersi? ' but ia? ?mount I?
urn ert.1111 and nnt svailable at rae.eut
I lru?t et.-ry ti -ming tn?n will ?eatha abaniit? n.--c.ilty uf pr?salas
tlia aubjr.-t ol rdu. atiou ; ming rvery poesible ?udesvur to li??? dar?
in? the coming y??r, an extaotlel and rhorough ?
S --i? reef? cn 1 ly yuui?, U. U. HOWABD. M ?J or -OVn. Coa?.
Th? Cmumissiu:;, of which this i? a brauch, I? National, the
KM entire Committee, wl.ich la intrustoil with the genera)
policy of the ConuBlalOB, h ?ng ci,ini?.?el of ?lelegata? ?on*
ally elected hy the diff?rent Hrrtnch SJ? ieties. is unseciai-ian.
, oiu?ii ising in ?me organization r.-ore? ntutives *fi li the le??l
lii^-Chrislian ?teiieri.inatiotis, is Catholic, lluilgllliaa no dltw
tn.ciiou .)! rice. ? ?ste, or euler. Ii year, thrungli
I its Branche?, it has rMtalaed vei MB te.icinrs, lEitruca?!
j ueailv 4U,tAeJ Liu? ii?, alni .1. -in! ite.t NDtglea of tood ant
clotluug conaidi-ruhiy 1 iBMdini I'sJO iA?i la vaue. 'the mora
! partiel organ.iatiiin ol tue dot?rent Incal societic? In Ibu ona
National CommiMion the expenence game?! from the paat.
' the cessation of ?nr. and the imreascd ??otver? conferred bv
; Coagrea oa the B ire M, eotabiM iraatl] :?) li eraaae th?,- fsctl
1 Hies for ti e prosecution of that work ci nltcf und ?ducalion
1 which it ha* undertaken, and which wat never a.ore Importas*.
! than st (be present tun?.
The cfttiti.lue?! support in the fiture of those who hare io
uohly ?ustained ns in the past m mi leVaVtfl ??.ti. ipatcd.
Coiitrihutioti? lu money may be aen. a? given aMve
Kite bunUreil dollar? wnl ?ni nort a teacher for the
school yar. Any church or local society conirneiting Mar.
amount may. with toe inf rmation of taat fact ?end the name
of the teacher wbuiu it wisL.es to nun.unite for aptaiinimeulto
the Secretary Wtl (inn HASVMXS,
Sjve? ia! financial A-gent nril late (or. Sec.
Officer?-Kranci? itmrge Baav, mablenti W C Hryaat.
JohuJai. Di B I'lriinv. Vloa-Prsaideots; Jua. li Cisattaa,
Treasurer.-Ne. ? Willst", (?co. (' Ward, Kee. Soo., lia?
Lev. Cianmond BTMMJT AMtBg Cor. ^ec.
iV. I. Branch F V. C V* 76 John-?t N. V.
LETitu most (?ov. rrsTov
E\Ki l TIVK IlfiAKrutM A BIM. Au,' II, li-tS?.
Rev. ('RAVIvii.M) KMNM-I'V-/'??<:'? Mr Vour kind letter of
the Jth lust., asking permission to use my name III ?.iinri-iusa
n ifh the A tulliary Associatmn of the Kreeilmen'? Puton C#m
miHsion, to be org?ui/ed hy Miss Sampson at Janicstown, M
before me.
SytnpathiA-ing fully with your beneficent eff.irts to improve
the condition ol lim freeiluieu tl.rouub the 11.tit.ence al ?.luce
tion, and believing that ?n gat i/atmrj fur ?uch tinu'ltiah p?r
poars cannot fail of good results. 1 shank you for the opportu?
nity to associate mv name with tnese ohjects und with io many
whoie patriotism and religion bear frnil ia ?in-li .'.""'. st. rks.
Very trulv vo.ir? IC E KFNTOS.
////: INDIANS.
-?pectHl DUpatck to Tke .V Y. Trtftniie.
l.r.AVswi.KTH. KANSAA Sept. Ja, Mtw.
Iul'orniation received fn>m Fort Laraune, Keno, and Big
Horn Uiver, itatei that IM whites hav.e been klli-d by
the Indiani. Tho road from Laramie to Powder River ia
tille?! with pan s of niurdei-'ii inen, ?ywholo 'ram waa
iiiiirdered ?ni Big lloru River. Nuiiih.-rs of mm and
women have also been kille?l. The India..? beal iMaatMl
omboliien? ?1 lij tt.eir nuche. ?. I Mi t es, a^d dufy tbe ?Mili?
tary. KIHI Cloud, principal chief at lairamia Pea? e In ?tv
has taken the war | nth. A bund "f Arapnhnea attacked
unoBher ,rain on Big Horn, killed seven nu 1 ?tolo all the
s'nik, and cnuipellt-.l tha p'?pie to ?top travd. Scuta
from Kort Reno report that the Sunn and Chevennes at
Masked that poat earring away all tln-ir stock, (treat com?
plaint ia maile against Col. Carniik't?in, bv his troops, for
cowardice. Reports state that a tram of '?in wsgoni OB
the road foupht the Sioux and Cli"y<*nrie? sll the way
norn Kort 1 ...ramil' to Kenn, losing 39 m? 0, killel, a pre?.!
deal of atock was lost. Thirtv-inne mell have been killed
on Big Beta Uiver. Cn!. Majnudier, of Larannc. ia
said to have loORod onlers that th?> first white vho killed an
Indian should be taken and given to Indian? to bo
dealt with. There ia great eniiiplaiut against Mayna
dier ami his ?.rlucrs for keeatag and lecliup Indan
women at th?i Forts. The Indian* are well artned ?u?1
c'iuipped. The graasboppers have (?ken pisee**ion of
Kaaaa? and Western Miasoun. II ape ?warms are d?VM
Uting licre.
CINCINNATI, Sept. '2.).--A fleet ttf coal and ?all
barge?, lyn.f above the city, wa? ?truck by driftwood yester?
day morning. Twenty-live coal barga and ona **li e?ri*
were sat adrift, ead tk* tait t+ttt aad ?U ooal barga wara
StlAk. IsieMlb^lt-?.vW.

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