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vAPb TO Tilt HO.N. JA?- M. ?a oVEL-Si EBCH OP
?KKVT.'R iaWM (VMl)r.S -111 KBIT UN
ra ttttU TO ins '(wsTintv
A very large aasemblatce of t? i
4 s i at the d"po' ind 80*
r ed by a band
of au the r?sidence of Senator I
und after a diseoiirse of ?weet soimd? Irntn the bal
when Mr. S
hil ' kSD MI I lil vn- 1 um era'.e'uII
v*ry grateful, for i.a.r pr*teno? tore to night, it is tour years
. I at i:n own door le trll me thai 1 was I
the cb the City of! arndell, to |
liaat thru itenduvj n ?he ..
? ' B*I pietuBie, el e yo* ? ?
notkhdy hut j
. guther in ibe I
t tbnuvbt. h?t vTlBter, |
tt .: I v LI *.?
Hean part.? 1 do : -'t
. MB** of daly whieh apriaai
. ?o lieiid to Ibe
I] ?ud, wini beaoiBlng nioue?iv I teste to interpo,e
? III ni the |-t-"i>li- n t'd
-.re Canch M United States
a??? ; | \ ?? i luusf ; Mr relation* with
It he was the uuani
n partv whteh ?en: me to the I.-'itislnttiro.
w ... ant I then wai and vet am. And to yon who are
any fr WM hut* burua, generallv w uh ;
I-1 now
|v s?y tin, . xtra session,
?rd hut. wa? not ii'liu'-aced bj tear laver.
?lain or the k.ipe tkereuj lApplau'c I
- i.d li lends. I am tbe ?on of God ?eariug p?renla.
Jail lather witt a sou ot M-isaacbuaetU. and in? niotner u New
w nm in ( ipplBU-i | Bad I le" you vea cannot makt
, ti ?rk. tJrcHt tippiause J from ni j in
1 -card mai' hat to fern God
Wkei 1 thought, in ? -*5!, that the
.i hs-eti lung attewatta oseaed to t? patriotta
I w j* with men who believ.il treason w s? h crime, and that
li mura should ? irt'-r lieatb. .Applause; '1 here 1 ?too?', foi
MX years there 1 ?mud to Lffct; there I will stand while
lied fl?"? me ?trenath lo battle against error, injustice and
mp'ranuii snd till lins mortal body shall pul on immortality
If I wa? ever snx ou? to do justice.*evei_ to ? politic*] foo, the
.uic w ben I coull' no longer do so without being every
Blaeaaf with Ita encime, of my country, lu ??leuce
.bli at I atoll ti.ut life should soar to
au pone'. I unule luv (leemon lo itand hv Hie
afttnendtiiL'iu lu ile ( nrntiiuiion. ?Lieh 1 cleirly taw was the
only ";re(it and humane lueasure winch could five ?.?ace and
peimsiitmcr to a distracted land (Cheers] And when arty
.aldea tell you. in the
v -lint thai the] doubt .sootel? jiepubli
1 Never bad an BBBM thal paid auythioa.
.'. I' r tue!, i(.f.jad him poor, and keep* bim ?o (?p
-.[HTS to ibe cuutrary notwithstanding.
j. Tia' lu a record of four years there Uno Bingle vote of
cune on an? nucstioa of principie recorded Issside those of the
lieujoi't alii party.
4. TeU bia iii-n that Moth? man in Amen?? held in hi?
: stiBtt oiiol Amendment and the electim: of H lovai
I s,. I,,..tillie botu, gladly I
i? whole dm? in spite of Andrew Johnson, aud Cinleet
,is. and Conmiatei to 1. verpool'
a man cannot talk long of
Jjini?el' w'lli.out ?u ve ki.led the fatl?d calf lo
mid there is more Joy
over tie one sar er that r*pea*l til thiiti ov-i la* nu.el? ?nil
nine juit persnt* w huh r.'-ed M repentance. |l.oti,
. my wai to explain li world be bv
ting it..- I-, - rrj it is au esuldisui.i tact
. neither very dans-emu?
aLimui.i sometime- vi hen aaaWaa] pursued, double on
their tisck. .V ,//Jr net tbe "i winch treadetb out
the corn." Keroc.ni.er that a public servant? course may
are ' eneutri, inlcrvolved.
vet r,villar-regular nott, viten moil trrrgular thif tem ( A]>
Iii. Ina, .a tin a**? Pi a- .
that m i-jT a time w hcu mott misunderstood be who diiobarge*
n pu'.. trait mai be moat fun.mi M thai tni?t. 'Applause]
liv f . [ eaaaet I
?> I went to the Legislatur
lo re*i?t the ex
te? of the Camden A Ama.?
"?'d both these
lint there are mnrtT in mv county who desire mt
mutiv 1 kno? w , li muy lae
BHQinlei, t.uf Imt m.- . ? "rer or m"7
dfstirc to I?-true'.' uinles ol the ci;u?l rmbtsof
tuan upon which print iple ouly can ti -..? (iov eriicei.t .
* wa? of solvatin. usilturnt?, the
Btusket with winch tor four year? . I i. wont to make
wai on the Copperiie?,.
be lud aside, I wal, . - .hunt. [Applause
? to ' to < ;: ? atol ?B?a
?-. me by ]
,- 1 yet ?nug
<?osl. a* I to Light t. I ave accotuj...
in ttiat mott Kim lou? lalKir ?1.le. ever engaged tbe impala**
it mid th- ?enfiment of tbe ?ool-thal Bottle aaoatarsr |
the people, ft..n> peri-i.ni-off the etrih. i do not ,
m.? bian.s 1er mv cunacience. ?ud I, to night, give |
back .-Wi'h a "conscience void ot of '
IB the KtaWt La-It wblcb ia Upoi to ne
c;ie B4 MB! to
? ght? mil ein- pt rrlegea rjooot on me alwnv?
eitLer a? ofl;c. r or ?s 0M I
law a: ....um over antrcby, aaii cruei rebi
flattening on? ard ile empli* ot r
A gait) ?ud i . heart 1 tuaua yon, ?nu bid
fmm a kind giK-u Dight. [Applau?e
The campaign is to be enlivened by a formal diicussion
botwa ' 1C k .., ear. !. lu*. I I >r
Conirretarmen at Urge. In their rjomepondeni
mated and placed on a ]>U
ting o' tin- 'iona! amend
! . ? i call'd the'test Otttti I?
clU'ied as pan of stud pliittoriu. lu:,
y. I ap) rove
these proposition?, auil understand yon to dilfliaBTiiTfl tho-ru.
I me, if you di sire u discussion ou
will pleas? let me know
at your ourl - BOB, and wc v. ill then agree M to
tim'- ami al
(toa Dickey re],lies -liiere are B4h$T topics. nint-T al
the lion ' ? on of a
rundid it? for Congress. Ainnnir them are tj,ie?tiou?
touching revenue ramsey, eipial and just taxation, ?ol
sdier?' s e neutrality lawa, d
i :. .v. : illy aanstad upon tba IWlowing "We
agree' on tbe polittaal ?BBUM of
lowan: places: Curbolnlalc, S-pt. M;
lb, Oct. t?; D.-citur, Oct. If",. I.o.-n:. to open at
? iu a
b ot an hour a rai! Loir.m to cur 1 ide m
M in the same
o. i kim
Mr. Richard Vat
Mr. Johnson was Bl
1 wisl to n ?A.- th.c .i? and I .i DI not he threatened. 1
. drew Jobusoti, and he ?ball not threaten
n,e When he MVB to cava be Dictator.it it a threat to the
people. Win ??..ward ?sy?. ' ?Til you ka*? Andrew John
atti* fur Pre*idem or KIM? ." I ted yo* it make? tbe bioou of
American cullen J? Bp through the sr" -,rt of hu frame
that any man ahould dare to tugga*! stub ni, ide? \|
;' O t?mpora O avril Arc not tLa timei ?ndly out
1 the Johnson
K-1., i Lttrott tnd the
li* colia'ituleil author Ititi? of lb? (iovemmebt
and r of n?ur|k-1 authority in
(j or ret 1>B
vi?, a?d the ?sotitberu presr. ?i d of a pre .,urt!iern
head press, n ! ask to have the teattaela
. ty on the WHtcbu.wei wr,i. MatoStaBMrJ llisir, the
irai of Mr. Lincoln, and now the
Birre liteA minuter of An.ir.-a Johnson, in pi
' II v i*..ii j " la d?v li dar* ?lth lalainc cailtiera ti,ie?i. an g
the people w.u. two ( m Kres?r?. The plan leemi to bi. lo
81 ted by loyal
n "t,, and tnese ndilr stire? DOW III
Confien, and to tin eaVtaajatiM frou. I e?, will
?'resident for
t**??*TBitlon which h? will rruii'. The loval Congrrtt wil!
th?L lui treat r I and W* WlU luve civil wat. Ibev
?re thw tit tem pt II g . tb? |*i.(. .? ?nd induce tnem
to ??rrender t . rllow cititen? Not only a? a cn/'n
bul .? n rw-Lainr It I aid cheer*.J And I Will
asv to M'.iitgomerj Blair, nud l'reaideut Johnson, that, so Jar
as ill.m II li concerto d, ?be raited '.'.'? f>ij lr(Mi|?s before, but
When ti ' i? intdr io overturn? tins (loviromenr
?word? wie ? ,1,nan.? u. put it (?OBI,.
tot* will Bata
Lrmtrlid rei kulin g w itboat tl,nr butt The Nortbent Cop
.!?, Bhateiet | prrton?! (onrage, win not
themselves ii. tm'.tle iu such a cau?e. No. Sir, the?
?late not run? their hand? again?! the ?Jig. Why did they tint
join Mm gat, ?ud Lee lu their N'arthern raid? I L"t ?1! eos
.?pireior? ?gan-! th?- I,Lett.e? of this coun'iv ttke due and
time,? notice ibat the lojtl milno:? wil; meet 10*W ?t PhilippL
TIB? ?Lull D'-t tear tin? temple of liberty down. [Immense
?Ppltu??. 1 Kelinw l it.firri? 1 Old not intf.-nd to oex-opy yner
nme ?n iona i on. roon'J, hnl I with to'warn
yoo now that TBEKK I? KCAL DABOEB. Not that we will not
fii.a.ly triumph aud 8*f* thi? Government, but there I? r?*l
dinger of another civil wsr. Thar* ia BO onestion ra mv
nnid. nor la trie minds of distinguished S'liatics with wbor :
bave oom tried, that the oonipiraev to which I have referred
1i wiJeiT brewing Andrew Johnson is soared and ?tend?
I v in the ?ttltode to tbe Amencan peopl in a inch Jeff
.tood tiefor. tbf wal. There li no panicle t.f difference
whatever, except that .!. t. Iiic. was truer to his profession?,
Le ?t? an *diio?|. d Set-osiioiiist. and had the plausible pre
tons? thal he wa? Ui.-; Blas* bet J obn*M toa broken
d. betrayed hi* fr end?, and jollied tbe "in-nne? of hi*
entintrv He intend? to have power. He 1? a weak man, of
aisiont aflat one roon whon demagogue? can play, and
?replaying th? |ntri"t? of tie
1 Hebel*, ?nd
road) lo recognise) a I lea? which
is a ?s'jipatiui,, and le '.?aarily t Now dont
you ?e* ti.at our ni.,? plat i? by an overwhelming demonstra
t: m at in., poll? to ?how that an.? attempt at usurpa',
Krhel? Copperhead? and Andv Johnson wo
'Ibsnk God, we know what that demonttration will ne W |
bare alreudr heard a Kinnoul ?lu.ut from Alura., ?hieb bas
7olled up . lo>?. O'Sjurit? of jij.ijoij ;Che*ruig ui.d prolonged
applause, 1 here i> no doubt in ray miud thal I'enn?vlvama
will ?ive 40 (?si maj.irily and wt ?hall oarry evnry Morther?
tSirita In?te., ,l(; ,..j repre?entat:r-t they will
?ball c?rry everv doubtful Stute,
'.non and I b - . b*a old
?organ ?Lal. u**M out with har hinnen to the tuo ID favor of
.liberty and tbe I MCI.. | li rust applaat?. j lhere is bo (ja**
lion about It if you u ill do ?our i
Tbe t rand Vr Davi 1 Turpie. can
lltialM tor < oagret* in tbi IXtb District, had their br-t
ttohOto at Valpuraiao on the L'th. About .'lirUU pelwons
were preauut. 'I i . elnefly tnrtiiil upon the
Mr. ( ' a arguing thut ritl
?eiianip did inn talM] MgN suffrage. Mr Turpie op?
io* J to* lana, *n?l *ei-med detiroui of making it a lead
lug 'MU* IB tia* caavaM
narmm lion LKCItrNI. I LSI ON C>,?tit?u |.kt
toelx. (>>e?T? ?v-iJeo. bl'l-:WAK I I. WIN lOFflKO, hing*
.mr Omnml Cmm'r- H..11 BTatPHKN I IIAV'I rt**abM
.n ?,,.rtctiir~?toa. Jons 11 ABTai<. ??. 1 >. BM*I
Klectioi.. Tuesdav Nov. 1?.
I'MON vi 1 riM4M
I , r' IL,, a? i 8MB .'-ra B l .???1TTI.B. (
llegas .il*TinieoiiT*B llirr-BL .s?w V**? \
li AMI. IIA.'OCs ? i^i rulan.
Ja? TnwiuiUBa, frSTrurv
n . .-7?f ?.
- .rheHuii ?KA I'AKRIS.
j**?sTnws -(,", ?TKWABTL v. ooiironu
, TI- II,..1 H'lKA" t MAYNAK1?
1-LMiKS- (,e, j vv. CONWAY
u .. ,", )J d?- '""'? W ?'?..SCHAL
;,t r
., Tlrflsn IKA HAHRIS.
'-".?*" -> On. ?TI'WAllT I. ?MlODfi'l. fl
Kfins?T!LL*--Tbr I, INO.
(iiSlti-nH TU (OMI AY ffU
"_.. _ iftoJl**. ?VM A DARLINU
Jisiix?*.-( |)r R ,, UD?,i-f
l ?BDI? -Tbeiiuu II 'B' "I- I OKI
f f***? .s-jsr is
,,,.,,.,.._",, (Tbe He? IRA IIAKKM,
H0?SS..Lir?ILL?. -,,,," vT. ,. ,Hi , ?.>,",,,,,,"..,
; .,Ti?oTOB-lD,'K " *:'
VTIMOtlir. I )OH1J j, M(). ,
Vlf,,, .'a., I?
Omi Da -The Hon. Ri '?-. o I. GUN K LINO.
Waaaaw I ?ton. BTFWART 1 V\ (ii )1)!'()RT).
*?**?? -( Uen. T V? COM" vY
Maaki*. 'ifl
Fi't?rjio -On 8TEWAB1 I. woorvFORU
BOCBBIIBB-l.ru. I HAS, 1! VAN ?Vfl K.
'I.,'..- .-. '..-' ?
Ar?o?s.-Tar Hot:. LiMVN lili-.VIA.N.
' TICA.-Oe* i H. VAN WfCI
Ilrdnr.dfiv, "
C.?atriPO*T.-(.eii SU \\ Alii L W u'DFORI?
8cH??a, iADT.-i.tn. C li VAM W.Ctt
TAi/rtdni. Or? 4
B?? H?*?o?.-(irn. SILVA ART L. WOlJIlFOR.)
Frida, 0 i J
PtitMitiHit l<??n. BTKVv All! J. WiHJUFmil
r?o*H??Bi-ii?.-j Qeli ( " ;AN mrtCm
mttmrmt Oat '
li-??. lOen.C li VAN WUK
ItlBtos- {?t0.8Tf?\VABT b. WOOI.PORl)
Itr.iiroBD. IV, Sept. 34.- At a Democratic meet mir held
in tbe court-houte on Saturday evening, the 1'reaideut of
the meeting, on motion $4 B. P. HtWt r?, the Ilemocratir
Oandidata lor Senator, addressed the meeting. During his
n. marks Le ?aid t! I name of Booth would l.ve. II
YV 1:1 Wien ed, hal hid down Ins Ufe f >r bil cmtify. That
?laud had h?r Winklenod, floollaad 1er BltWO, aud
America tnr Rooth, and that the time would come when a
monument would lie erected to Boato higher than that
erected to Lincoln. These sentiment? were iwalfwd with
ont mark? of diaiipprol.atio..
Ip?rl?i I)itp*teh te The Pit ? n :u ia I'teit
I'lTT-tucRcH, Pa , Sept B4, I bad to-1 ty ? pt vite talk
with th' corre-iM.ic. ;'. ia, Who
?'rated conversation with lien. Qraot in-nr
Coiuuihut. Th" geutl'unan repeated to BS Granta re
.- hllli?. If ?11 eil.pt,o' ' Vor o|
1 .. : . ,1 '..I W, G"lir; , illili ?arl that In- La,', 'no1 the slight
f his 18MB?te belaaj authoritativeij dispute.I
or dentad, raid that if anything, lien, (ir.iut wa? stronger
. . on ni I iyu.er and pi.-.'er
euee for Gen" thai: lia? In-'-:: report.-.1. J. k. l>.
.?per ia I Plapatrb lo Tbi S. T . Trlluine.
' s". tAVI s..;t M \- the ktopttblioaa Ciugres
?iona! ? tor tata XVIIlth District, held m this
li :.. Jam'-? M. Marvin of .Narritog? was
taatad fot ( Oaegroaa hy a 1 1
BaasaMB ?KB C IB B1 Y 1*1101 I 1 IB VT.MIoK.
.?perlai 1)1.patch t* The N. 1 . Till.unr.
I BO! Wednesday Hep! ? -
rid n.
1 r to-day- Cjiward
of200 '- all;, rttt-uJ.
W 1. rtaj csq., WHS ( bl 'ii. I ticket
was noiii::mt"d. >u' the '
Mr ,' M. I : .. ?
s of ringiag ?
au-immlaaa. I EM w?.im.?.uta. of A BMW
'?.?1 ?mt... ."" >(->B?
une lor tbe I nun. 1. to 1 wairo-.
.i!i|tiiir IUi Jon want Mr ,i a I. . ? . l.r
.Biphaticallr declarinr. that we du a.1 ?. . nl'.ai.r
poailioti. i.eit'a T will we have lim in either politl?n after hu
' pr?M.nt term o! office export
l|i!? J A ' ?- I? ....?-ci! Bad D'-tt t
4 I oi.gleas, ivas I T'-'Ii', ttli i
?minantly progi li ,.uv>- it non,
! bated in th- botad iha- u loyal Dtaa, *!.; a 01 h ? 's -
? have llie ful' ;i-"t.im "' t , laira and tbe enjoy:
ins civil rig!."- c . mt the laud. The
(iovernmuiit protoeta itl gi'tt
rtf%$ should tie thrown nround .'.,:.<.? Ile
sp..ko ?rrongly la favor of 1
and If the South ?. : that theil be ?u- :
rosing condition? t.. 1 uioreaeiisilcy
toe penalti! lea
Mr (inswoM w11! I ?f the
Marti:, .11 ? great
'iiusittsii-. was exbibited. Thai onvuntioo ?djoiirn.-'t
; tua TtttBfM foi
Almariu Foang, poatu.aster of Amaterdam rt
ihro-ic'. 'J''i- .Vet/ 1 " k
? . to tak'- his pin.... 'J'hi- it.-n. of MW| carne
and suiprisi d the who.- '.'? > I g it a
pom mai. with 1? lurge fumily. Knur ot bia MU Botas*
,: d K'-rved throughout the Itotolltalt, and I
... Intionihle re. old. '1 hi?
min r 'em :. p.-r-i ?t-lit ?y. throt.ghoi.t the Uebs Ilion, acted
Bad part? and w ia ? ; strivt
l elt Ol
KEP; BLI AN ( i..Ni.Rl..S.sii'N.lL N MISATION.
The Ho:,. K- . Do nelly hM bM
Caafia i I lil. Min
ueftota district.
I "t ISI ",\ \
From Oui Own ( i ,-irtpondrui.
Boo \\. .?- boi. i. -ai.? the
follow it,g letter. Which, lutter tliMii u
Mplaia hi? col.V'Ctiiuis ot the BsTtlitieal sitr.it i.ii South:
STAT) - I I.Ot IkltMA LXiri lill 1)| ! All? M.
K| W-l I'll I ANS Sr;-'
TIIOMA- II .T M? ??,.,.ira... Part?!
DltABBia I WHi Iii| . ut tin- ri-fi-i|it ni vi.in favor
? of the lOtii i:-I, l'oit, lol onl u. ., . .irtai.ee snk< Slid ht TWO
.? 11 approval of n
Oi the Ma'e. KDOWIDC ?cur ?ti in?iist I .i al", tatbt
Ctiinu ?mid peril? thal tri. it ? I expeotad
; ieat of you than .vuir ipprob i!l"ti ard ati;ip,,rt c1 the
principio* und meamres eau;,,, ,,i i, m |M fttmX i.''|.iihlicun
...ok;i,g to tt,e rei'iibalriiivtlob oi the ?it i'< ? Int. li ia l8
bellioD. lor my ?elf, I e.uin ?eiitiou-l'. t. i.-ir tto pres.r??
tn.ii nf the (.nvrrniiient und tie- sa'.ti.I ItoHVMM Cnion
i men in the South are lnvi lie.) in th. ir ? ;
I don't weadar, my friend, that you advert lo the nreienl
condition of Cnn.n men in tin State, and ian see bul lilla dil
ferem-r btVtWOM What tb*J ?rff-retl n-uler Babel rul>. mid what
tbe? now have to ?iitir.it lo. J heir tni'luv m tri (.mi rnnieut
i? a br.iiiil cr ?titrmii-tiny ?re called K11 ?ort* of names, tbe
word " Yankee' Irelng the most (?I-M ral, heiinitr, I SSfltpM*,
considered the moat BfBJBWtotaM tbsy Und thern-rli. - uniier
the ban of proteriptioi, Is.ti. M*taJll and lb their bflflSMM af
fairs, in every piunh where the litiel eleroenl is li a BalorttJ
thev ?ee men holding the priaotpnJ oflkcsM at whOM i untie
perbapi. tbey and t.'i.-ir faiuihe? were perseculed ?nd this, lava,
at * time when tbe State ia ti,li auder martial law, mid when
gbrrisom of I tilted Stiller tint,;,? I an le oOBBMll aird with
almost at a du} '? ootice evert u h re. In this hit uf ?iri'-vutire*
I have ?aid nothing of t?rente, of vi?leme, and actual v.oleuce
tuff.reil bj Colon men.
1 have .eft out the bloody record of the 'JOtb of July In Nea
Orleans when Colon men were mur?.-red hy whoieaale in
broad daylight Md With thMMfld? ol Dattod Stnte? tiddlers
wilki* hailing dials?ee. Now. my friend, if thesef tr.iu.-i are
dr.n? when we are under the prot?t non of the ?trung arm of
. uri if ttoetvcnonn-d hatred of the men who Istinred
for tour year? to de?troy th" ina, id rot In- re
.trained,'even in the presence of tbr military, it ii a ?erimia
? object for reflection to what extent tbli iengrnr.ee will 1?
carried when onawed and unrestrained bv the force of bay
onet?. IR my ?Odre??, referred to. I gave It a* mv deliberate
o pinion th?t if the military force? were withdrawn the life of
every prominent Cnion man would be endangered. I ?till ad
hero to that opinion, and will ?dd by way SB iinnctlri.t'iit thut
?.I le?? the force is incn-BS'-d I Un l.nt coiialt'.ei the prn'rctlnii
thus afforded ti a perfect secunty by any meant. 1 M know,
my friend. I trier! the ?. ceiu-listion" potto* in Ihn State
thorough!? Idid ?o <n gtBBl filiti and Witt a ?ira-cre denre
to heal the wounds of the i mi: tr? The reiult you know st
well at I do. 1 have and do acknowledge that it failed in ill
Perhaps It ii a* well the experiment w*? tried. It h?*
demooitraUd to the people of the loyal Mate? the undying ho?
t il: t y of the ?pint of Slavery to free government. It has ?bown
tbnt the demene? exteude? te it? advocste?, who plunged the
c tiiitry into a hlriMlt war. bas been unavailing iu winning
tbem beck to tbeir allegiance, and tbe I lily policy hy whlob
toe nation nan be preserved fioin tin se plotter? for it? over
ir.row l? lo punish the traitors tbnt. I* use President Johnioi,'?
effipbatio language, " treatou nari he Ml HI rendered
Thal Cougree? will regi.lstc ?1 these matter? at it? next se?
?ion ia not a matter for doubt lit fir*: duly, a? I conceive,
will be to past al. enabling ?ct prescribing bow the liri,. ;
Siatei ?hall be reorganized 'I t,r first p.-, 1 nni.srv I* that end .
will ?4 coarse be . COOTSBIIOH train la* propia to lorna a Con
?titution, ud la electing that oenvMtlog k1 Co*
gre*? bal theConiiuutional right tots? who stall vote and
wini ililli not vote.
Whin th* Convention meeli, ibe power r?iti in that body
to fix ?ud regulate the baal* of tuff- aga the ou.stitution they
niay adopt be.ug ?nbmltted to CoagtwM for its ?| pMval.
Tbii I ondentand to be the programme of the llepubllcan
party, and it a thorler at weil is a more effectuai u< ttod tot
tbe redret? of our gnevan?i, iban hy per?.?.ian ia th"
aaiembling of the ( ouventi-.n ol lkf.4. as you auiigest. After
th? morderou? ondaught made UL the B.embera of that ouu
vention. with the Muviir am) in. btaody pettoa ?tillta power,
?uiuiued and iBpiKirt-d |.T the Pr*?tdent of the Culled State!.
1 ooBtidtr ibat coLvention Bo longer practicable.
I MB M altoniatlvB. thtrtfor?, but to await tto attttiag of
Coner.'??, in whose wisdom and patriotism I ha?? tb? Muhe?'
. M h?. I t.-?-; aeson d v? ni tatr i ira ? t Lnewaai
Will tlunka loi vo ,i .
I revela, verj tri li. faur
J MAM? I WI ? ' l."in?iaci
I h ./. I'ol.n,
'.'.-' '- -
Vork, met lut ?vening at the corner of Twenty thirl st and
Broadway for the ptir'KHV- ol org?m ung ror the campante*
The Han Waldo 11 . : n'J
Si>eneer Kirhv Charle., Simm? ai vi, ...- Dn unnmd ?c?.?d
ai laanaarj Moereturie?. Afiei maa r
I??ac li.Itali ti'-- ' .nillir '
The candidate* for the I'-e?d*n v w-'tc Amor.' Wi'iam
?ou. Waldo Mi!. Line?. F. A Col.i A Ilma.and
S.nelaii T.. .?? a 1 * ? M i. n
. TI ea Me o ill bad I
Williamson I ml nu a rote.
ie. ?-i-: BV ?top mp to ? .
I . i- ai] i . i Cn ide? i . M li m i
? ' .i.ki.i. ;. aeadaol the B-V?I? tin I
w kleb tt.er did.
On (liking his position Mr Wii'iamaon returned Ibu
M* hw o- vi tnrli h i I IH-I-U so unain : .
and tuon ?title ! ti. . l wiu
Ii wai non I. ?ir Ua* I ?r ?'n'?, ?mil be BfO] ".?-., :?
??ou ni. |.I-? l.ie '). VMM lli'>r?>(ore ask what wa? the
pleasure of the t oB)B)luess. Theie was iii.ni anuie ci.v.r?a
un H al label a? te vi ira.Vue
I'.esiilent? ?Hil It WB? li nully d' i nled lila! ti.?'.'.' ?lueild be
two. It waa Bato Beaded M vote BkT t!,.-:n ?"pul? ?? Io
I.rsl \ ha PtVAUOMl lae Han OhM S S-..- -.-r I r, lair
Tousey darli.? A DM I and ie??i>??l ether? ?are nenieil i,o
vbeu it carne to Hi? vote th. Liri e-fo-Mi BpaMOT tatt
M aaarly tM MitreCeaalttee ?n.i bevaa,aaM ciieors, de?
clared fie uii.iliimons choic . ' .'.?"
FM I uni.J Vioo Presi.liin: lhere val n. io a number <?f "in
didato? There waa Sinclair TaM*T? ?fa " Mi Kenn*.
Cliai A. lisna and Ki.hen 1, Ilarragfi. lue vote waa:
ti nan nn nu ? tur air Darragh and hi? e.eo'iuu wa? made unaai
Witlio'it stopping to maka a noll Mr Sinclair Ton ?ey was
elm-ted 1 reasiire'
It a a? thon declared hy ncc'.atna'io! that Mesar?. WM S
Draaaoad an-.! Chu? ?s Street li" ti.?' S.-, retanes of th*
Committee, ami that John Brady, lor pelt gond "induct 1-*
,S.--i?.-ai t it Arm?
Mr. Spencer then mornd tha' a ("o'liinittea of Bl MB f'om
e*ob Diatnct-be appointed a CtMalllBI t" urr?'.i*c t"r a
ralibcalioii meelina?, which was earned, mid Nut kingsley,
O W Brennan V Pitch Wm ii. MeKeaa?, .I.?. Wii.tar
bottom ( ii?? ( Mrong. 1 red. A. (iiinklintr Ainlreua Wdl
maun, Wm I \.bni?i. das L Raes? J*i RlersoD C f?
Spanier li 1 .steiiilirenner. (?SISISTU? I.e.irv /Ml A lus?
ter, Ita!) Vi;ltee. BMeoQT Kirl.v.Jo'.iiam Willoi ir . I'rar.oi?
A. Thomas ana Robert t Brown, were appointed such Cum
A Cntinnit- on pnrfe.-tiiK? Conatitutlna an?l lly-IaSW? was
then appointed a? lollo?? aVoim 11 Winn- i hi? A liana,
tsinclsir'1 nu???, Win Orto! ami baa J '.
In the mutter cf the Fiecutive I eaalttM ii ?a? abttefTad
that It ?bunill he comiMw.-it II/ Uie I,enera I ?' - w|M oin
m.-n.t.er from MOh district, ead the city meiulier? ol the ( umn
blule I eutX?! ( unjin."
1 a* I iittcn.l lo ltegutrati'in wa? then api-ointcd
as fnlio? ?
> ir?t llistrict-Jahn (.aatretl. .Um- - I
tsinnnd Di?! net JHMO Ott.- Q
TI rd Durrat Jasa IttoB. DaalelG Dnval
? a li Mill, nt? II.'i rr ?I.. r-her
Fifth I? ". . wm t 1 ? l' Walker
SIIU Piatnrri ?TABB i F. Sll? Bnea? 1
h--vi-niii liisirn-i -Wn? 1. H Nat Apile'iin.
lTighih 1 Issuing Tbaatal Ubi ihaa Jar? . \1
v .! 11 JoM IMi... ?a? ? vi Varatvj.
. Bal ' M i
I i I i --. ? i .... s
I ?-ill!. I ' ?
'I hirt.e.it' Ili?'ri.l-Ah I Mi U
toi.-lu- ni'. Il.a'.ri Ule.
? ? .
S x1? -ntl I? -' li. : r
s i.i.teen ti LBstriii- l!"t! I Mptail 1'n.ill Maa .
Kigbteei th li strict sv i.. r Ki -n.-er Kirby.
Nliict?ent' ilka WBaee, ?r.
Tvratlath District-Allai ' i?r?K Amer J. Wii.nmim.
Twenty hr?l Dutri t-( ha* li
The' < ..?,ie*i?-.t Baal* ??. appointed a? foi
Ina? Ja? in h? * Pit-rami. JM M. T-iumpao .1 CaORhM
ann Win llarm-i
I KB luAior, tha following r-eolntioa wa* MatoMi amid
greet .'li ti, a. i iw m
M??'??: 1 I al wr rr -an li.anil la tbe vtriuu. W i
that tb?? Sa Bat * ? , .
n.n . I ? isisgr. isaisn ni
I :? . f "asa s -, . I ra- U.?
s ..... .
In ti.? uni?', iiivuu? ?m.ii? r t M aJj.ejrn?!
TUF. TV. I ! 1 iii VS ARO I 1 M.f. AMi \S null ?)h.li C1 -'?
bola a meat.! c ,i li , , I
.rraii | . ? l "
?ij tk? HIL lie: r
dree? il
(JKBAIA N BAI ' " ''.?< I I I I' ) FBI
iviiD, n :
i Ile
pvi.ii. ni reten
ita? ??iris,-, of vicai llaga It???
'**" ? ? . u mot.. IL*
' " ?asea.u?n. . - . ?m: "| u? I
f,*:" ''
-U I ti? reoi>o?lrB< I
'" 1" ..??.lau. Il I ..
i. . .- v rilaij AM.
I: ' :
Weil . 1 . a?) aeal ?t " | m.
fcMAN? ll'A i . 'IATI >** CRM ItK I
The B i'
filled MM by M eotn
mevorau IN i-- ..il'.
. Km?i? ipc.?u I e
i the ' K IV I
:? .
ford ?nil 1 tien Tattoo voal l .
.l it'.l tut ?I ?en. e from Iii? eil? w. ui.l
' . r ?inginir liv ib? i l.ar ?n 1 pssrer t.? t!,e K-t J M
VS 1 ..: Bl ...,r:.i!ig art,II"?- v.i- . A .N
1 r?'- ins .
"V 1 be aildre-- .. .ii ..'
?LtTrage an.) eijiisl rigtit? . .a !l,r .'s.-.
Mr I.. I I' ti .i i-..'?'
brai accepted anU ?o nroughl U? IJI . :.. ;.. ...... ?nd ultimate
Il A. ?. , ....
l-l.i l .- ' ' M
14 Ar'?-?. I ? . .? r. i
,l-rv ., . . . . a
lae Jsiiger ia wk r
our part t? ra'..? I
au.tainrit ?'
/<-. !.?.! T II
?o I
u I r- s- , .
il . leal Tli?! U r pr
Bat I
i : s'. ?.
uri ! r - . . . . I. ? iv iii
v, I.H-1.
rti'l ?i.
Ul.lVcr?i.l aii'lra.'e. i ?ni
t!.e:i II .
?- .
ai.nilli. i
?. ? t "ii lie w i? m a an A bol nun?! Io bUopinion
*?1?ufTr ige w.i? di ?'iiiiil lo prevail at M vary Blatant day, Ile
veres a I '. ? tirelj hraori -' :
MM li .
.' Bl the , r SA :..le? ?nulli Li*
driven nul
Col Jack of Urnoklvr Bad the lion. Wm II Ilir
In? ci in apprnpi nil?' rrnm
laportaat sublaet tri latvVafe, The different ?
!? II' li to t.j tie large ?Ulli. I,?'". Win. !r.,,..lilli
.a .ii the ti ii
lion*. Alo r i..i.re iiiusic lu tin-i ?nar the tin-e'.ii.i,- *dj .
M VI NTH W Mil) DaflOl A.'SuCI STIuN.
Again sva- the hull ni ' >\cded
to it? fulitst enpni-itv Ma rveeiagM listen lotbadn
of BBBM irrest i?n. ?te.-? i.'.w ?eil illng IM putCn n.Cul in the
.,: lite-rr i . ' ilr
I 'I I'ur?..n, Pr?*ld*Bl ..I (he I ?|,,i
in.i-le | 1. ? | ,
? lol.li Wlll'loVl ?lil. i '
tbe unau?weraliie aretn irnt? ?nr fl
Mr. M'iwell ..I BJevOrlMM wa? then intrnil'i ?', ?rut
m??le ? rig..rou? an ! ? lieguem laeeek, vhieh V*
oally ap, 1 iad*d ti rMgaVMl
i H uieetiug then mljourned.
I'til.lTH AL MOV? St
The friend- ol President Johuaon !.. Id i nei I
(iel 1'iit ? ,. n - Hail, NmUi ."??ciuni st V. ii Monday ? ?
TM attend!.rice vu nm Inrge. Mr Walter K Van S ?Uten
berg Vin President of tbe rblrtMBU Ward Jobasoa t lu!.
iresideil. Atlilre.se? were ileliiereil I.y (s M. Il.lrainler ti.e
Ion. (reori/e I aiiiu|i?oii, I (. Sp-ioi-i, and alher? Alllbe
?peaker. ron?i?lered the ?-?inteat in this Mut?- one of vital In?
terest I?, tin- BMBtf? and prfiln ted disaster and Increased
if the Radical element pn-i inl"it
The Deaeeratte Assemhiv CeovaettaM in the Rtsttaaal in
leieat. in Un- m.ijnrlty "f caces, stand adtiiurned lo au all the
n , . I ni the at linn of the ml.er Wing of ti:- tuart \ In tin
Seventh Aaaeahll Ilntrii t then- i? considerable ei.-iieruei,t
le. Ma I'et'i'ier.itic ?ni?' ll.-nrt M DtxUVa. I*r?-i b-nt B1 the
Boord ,,f i:,-|r.?entativ?? ?a ti? Kin- DeBaitaaat li. S
Moil?-ami i ..li : I. BatM ai.- MBttldatei. ' ipt Haorl and
the Hoi Ira! ickmaa ara after the Itepeblicu noal
II . he i test i* to b hetveei Cel L I t-it i. und Caal
hliorl. n> i? eiLa-i lui, it will be a ?lore one. a? thev ar? tin
stiougest men en either sule In ti ? etMl As-emil, Iii.tricia
ciii.lnlatc? are numnrous and dal gatrss ure ex|n-i tsnt and r?
BELieiOt I?
KoKKK.N MiS. Ki'.s.
.special Pupal! h to The N. t . Tribune.
I'lIT-lll I iM.
Tho Al .- r ? ?m lloartl if ' . Ml?
?ion? eonM rnd tiere tin? sfteriionn. < iver 3,0
In-r?' from abroad and hospitality is taxed to its tiiinust.
Tijirti'cn niemheri are IWAOfted taMMMd ibir.ng tin ?>-i?t
Vfitr. 'J he 'I reaaurer re|M.rt? the I..tal laOQMl tot the past
gllfl.BIl 44. balniiee BOO in t.'?as,i-i gB,Btvl B?
i leal llii-kock of Union College pnacbed the Intro?
duetorv MIIUUL tbi? evening OB thu "liivun- id? a ?d
Curisliai. .
COI ti Ok AftEAlX
ALBANT, Hep', ti-'?.-Tin) following li tho day caleii
dsr of the Court of Appsal* for Wednesday, Sept. ?W ? Koa. u,
8. 9. 10, 11, 15, 1J, M, It aad 7IJ0,
H iSF?NGTi /.V
w lawjn . . .. ' !
Rh .W WH '
".?<. v,'.l v. r?Tork lautag.
Il* hail a two l.mir lhtervir.ar w r I M l'r?.l?rii".|,j, ?ni
iry Bavard, ?..r panie 1 b y bis son, dtorr m hu
?.irtagl t" Wiliardi toe?voi t thr ..I I man to tb') esr?.
I? al rai lali to Light tust tho
Bad Nu. y Yard ?re
t'h? colonlitf d mm- .> '??' 1 He m-ad" *rrang?men!*
*' ?i? 1 ? -. me ?roi Irol over ?Il cectervative
.base l? ace?, lis log Uten har
s? UBI /ed iowa- - , 'h?mMrTicw of ! i-dar and proni
Ms)8818 hall 'b- G n.-rnt.itvei'apat.1 'liage, ho >ft aster:t.g his
frcadi thal l):x v? nulli n. M *"r* l" IB Bccajpl.ilile Coll-o'or.
illh I'! , KLANC ' I letaflTaM
pa cleve]m.| .: nllinp
SfffB tto I'i"?nl n?. hail IL it".t..'. cr. sen', thom from lin*
I''*-,i: M aQaweal la ???t Lhem t* the
Mario*) baud. The proposition
*?t ?eri"ti?lv ?Batartattoal BOd hut for too orion? I
r and Dr. Craven Would have li?*n adopted Toe dal
to raghr t Willard ?. and
B1 Di ?! ?'?' .:;ir the i ?reei lest that they
wmid wuit ojs.n bin.'.t a iBniy to morrow moi-iuig ?I .
IR th" Johoaoo I>e;.artiiie:ital Club ii inuib magu??
fi'J bj tctegf ipi., it i. I L| jxviioe to the uiei.?.a in tit Depart?
ierais at Washington to ?wy that turi i.uuittr over '..msi. ti at
.1"? haWB all been arru BJ*] informel tl.ut Ibeir pinora, will
am ily d?pend on thou kiluiag that club, uti that fal but 103
ont of the r. ski hare become memln-rs aid wheo th? club
march*! to meet the I'rosident on Lu retura, their aiimber? ?J!
to.-!, were 7t.
The claim agents of tbi? cuy baa* a mitsKing to
light to pruteit against the reoeu! order if the Paymas'er
ti.i.ur?; etc tiding (bein from acting in the oolleetion of ?o'
?lira hounlios A oomnnttee was 8p8*dat$d to w*it upon Col.
Illyee Paymaster of Iii* Department. Il will rtport Thura
de? Iili-ht.
Coroelioi V icderln*.: gave unties M flie (JnVtni
Oin t yesterday that ui.l.s? h" wa* granad lBcreeted ps . fo
?Trying malison tia* Harlem and Hudson River Railroad.I
I'ihouid refuse to take the mail? after October L". A? tbe,
?an he demeusls is larger than that the law allow? tb? D'? srl
Bent lo g.Ti-, hit dtaand cannot be ?ceeded to.
I Ml ' 11\ I Al'I'Ol.vrVKM?.
! Pi ?clout tu-'lal Iliad.' tata fawloWitlg i^-J-uTlf
neu ti
0 Bota i I' i ?8 i ' liraordiuary and Alister
I".ent|i"t.'ii:iarr to Bl |
Hugh Ewing of K.i.-is t., M Minuter It,ttide".i at tb?
W. J. faleiitine of M??i . to I? a Commi*?ion.>r It. ia* I'? ?
r.lporl'.iol. "I MR li ?i.jstuil. r* M .ntgna.eri . B4j**4**f al
I illili. Marr'a fat ti..- ,;:?:rirt of iardt MBjWt t* Mile at |?a
V '. B4 P e Money? at
lana Q P i . ??. ! i l.sjntl
rfflr.??' I \ ts-rt Tnxb'liy llrcelver of
M tn-T? at Kchraak* Crtfi Kdward s. l'-anl. l?-gktter
. ! .!?
BAH ' /. ,|\' />f 0
A KI'.VOI.C ?los n. bOff/?M '.Ui'.kMi.
laB ' i ' - ' 8*pl '.'I -'I::, '.iiuer Sacra
UKhto. from IV.ama. airneal lo lu with New York date? to
t. -?nd ?*lte rame paa*??tig*rt on th* Barra
. - ? ' - ?'earner Sbu
ung a ?rent?
I al JiUnk P.ni.t bred ? salute ?ud dipped
S iteiitrair \ ?fir?eri.i't filed ?nether ?atote and
'. .. Big at tto Baissant head Tbr
.i Baa slat, wa tai
? li.i prii'i ipili bol-aU in ii lue lit? Bia:
^ taring bei ?tay.
? ! Mat.-? for I
?gall .' " ' -
riven ; ttmi van l8 ;
Hiring- ?inn by
Ule o?
tal. Ira:
i . . ('-.?. St. Laeai c
? , . adt?r r?r. ! I
? : ;?- -
s i.iador V) liar lus ? I
,,.-'. at Jin/it i
i ? lew ot rai?: .
? at defeat, at '? I
? i: to ti -I?: an. u lien til* tn? ti w
. tt (iiivamni
Uf ?tria,,: li a-, 1 ,,:ru ma fw
. tit tod M intlit ran, ,.i? n .",?. ?:,.:. f,- Liberal nut'
?aaii.l?- . ?uii a .(uanlilv of uuu.u .
n .n. .. ia. utu,, u? k*4kg engaged iu making war .?
' ?I . ("idled fsiatr, ajran.-k Mint ?ti j J
.li'.-. | i..s ,v al. rila?, with Matouii .-ereinonies.
i / I UBI s // | ,,/ /; \SBOm\l
li Ifl I M.- Ihe ijuiisiti!:- at ?-?mer
A mg ???.km off " '
li i. ' ...'., . ; , N
|. |
ti iii ng
.- . ' . aaatat?
'I ? .-. fl hall "I tata CoOfJOr Iii-' '?rdi'd
' ?'??,'. attenil.led
to Join . ' . ' Itali
I c1 I . . I. . reeled to
IgBfstl of li.I i ?noa Bl.d th*
.... oi Jaka St-pheu
. i
of th?.... ,. red Falbel
I ... .. ?inging
I?- I. ' Dg, ilr. D L.
:m?n of the tqeeting, next inttoduced the Kev
.' '?
Ii?| 8T81 ll.e .|riealinn. Whit doe?
ra of Amim-an Methodism! (tod had ???ignc.1 to
li Win tu |k-'l
"h of the kingilnm if Jll?o?u
ard by "it c?alos
I . tal A
uni ro.igaLS
?1 tb? world in WhloB Anienea ??- III
? i f l.rr ?oinlri ti? ti ilLrul t .
|| ?. :. ?I.nmil he ii
r then turill d to tie
great i. .' tto Mai badil ?
ceutiiry li. .preuiiing tb-I buitiuti l.utb throughout lue lai.d.
that wa? ?. sower
? . of I
r tbe piiarr that hi 1
,ti na n panting wer* pt
foros* i ii l
itali hld tl.sdc \|r'',ikll?lli I rr. ,1 ?a a life
i |? M lb, ?I ool li?.! gum It the
noble BMI '? H O .
trae u.i?.ioi, of the ehnreb, sad ' I leaaaaaad it?
Mt. !"?? la-e pt.n . .? l. 1 !?? an.... a ?trnng ISWBavl for the
BuBegi iii,' ... i ..i., i,nte.i, ri ? sffaahai i**a?fh?d thui n
i,,..| ? .. tal han tai .. i.. ratted ti? .-,.1,1,1 not attora
Inlet Aueru ti le-deatrt'i. d inn tie drew from lill? the ?troug
iBMrilwal OMI ?
Mt. I M't "'tra-ka u.-re Hale ed I* With close attwBl
M vv n . M lArtkar ..f
I.OI.U0I1. I.liglalul, i'la- ni lb. ii, ,'ale? frntull"' Ititi '
10 j be 1 airruian bating ui aouiiued bim as s iii aflfata
this? with th.- Sorti, il, sg the I ile war, Mr McAr
ti ur wa? greeted with lattas lal Ile nppluuiu
Ile laid ti. i' ' "nfcreni-?) he
pr< ?ente I thi I eoagva of the
iiinl tb. Hist - :i.|, in America. Hut hu
eiilijeit be ? c1, ?a? li.-iaiid, n'al he ?"til nu 1?. gITe an inter
MUM uecnni't i.r t'a- 1 ? ? ti. 1 ; T i ?. 1. ot Meihislisiu in Ireland.
I'i'ntet.Bri lliinri written hv J Wetlev Carharl.
I) I) w?? ti.en ?ung by the choir ?nd congregation after
which the closing ?ddre?? was made hy the K.v. Ihemai
rsewall. late of BalliBftfB hut now of Jins.kirn.
ile believed thal li Wa? Bal lag that k million of people h?v
tug tia M8M hell' f lb.and ?-.eta!,le alni eli laings coiigrttnla
tien? at the c1 -se oi a century of BBMMafaJ work. In attempt
lag to renew wini lini! BOM i 4M h? Methodism he found thS
flrTd so ilhtiiitabl? thal h* shrank from ei.ti ring it. I ho way
he arrived at un adrenal.- idea ni ?bat Meoiiklistn lud done
lilt tn utleii.pt lo drop Muttniil.aui mil ot the mon ni the liai
on? bun.lied .1 eui? Do t: i>, still w hal was lett r A un re wreuk.
a bile of ruin?, ? e?t*r';
The itieak'T then ttini.-d to the venerable Ksther H?ohm.
wbo s it n" ir bit left I in M4, and 11 inh ? ni..-t tlMBMl ?ntl Im
prestiv? addre?? bringing te?r? lo the eye? of every ll?lener
l!. B>t Df M 1 III.t., k ?a. ched lot at II .?llialotiof
II- S ?ail? ("Hink?. He declined to make u speech, hut lu
..bl and approve 1 fashion of tto MxtiiiHliat mi-uaters io make a
. ..,'V ?I mug B| | h Btivcra. Ile would 1 ill fur ?rlato 1 IpiInsia. ?ml
the I.li..? lag ?*rrr ?peedily elicited, tbttu ?bull a le-tter hall
houi* Work I.? taren -. .1,
Janie? Bkhop, $.-'' ?. ", lis-.i.-l Drew, groiitu!? anil
BlllldlBgS for ? co?i gr in thu eitv and an eiido?
.1 B.'.st.t.?'. th.- Ker Dr. ,f. R. M.l'linto, k. I
Diriel Curri, BSOUi the K.i Dr Crtuikt. .SOO. 1 liner Hoy!.
?.O,'??' ' C North. I ?Kel M: I!
* a ?1, the L-l. A.I I "?? $1,000) ttie II -1 I I r I ?'.. 8 as .
IM tUV. Mr, Laaklp, $800 Jone und (?.-orge Kiliot $.1 ntl;
J an 1 ri'-uda ir ".ritv wot th $?:. is?) Georg* J, If-llliia.
Bl.OOBi tto L'? '..' Key? $J,Sn0i (id !.?t. Chares
$ j ?o Joba H Oekerto-gaen, BR?JX)? .lohn Stephenson
BAOOO; A BoWi BI.OOOI W. W. Coruell, $7,tXX), Koher!
I.aiery linn; Vv'm M Arthur (of Loadon, Kag.] $ ?'"?-) Or
lohn Ahm?. $^X);
J.,1 ;.d Lai, II. ti.cssi.Mia. L?iery, B.uv. Miss Jane Laiuiy,
? Mr. |f{| .1 Laver*. I "". -lam.-?
Wi.aoi. aad ait". $ '?; M'?. -lane C. to??. |llkj ?Ramford
( horeb, B2 DOO ti. !.? ' d I lunn of England, as ? memorial af
Dr. Ada* Clark, ti . tun r AD* Una?. B90$i A. T.
Hrurp?, t'?*) AJanaoa M F. Chaeto $i "oo, Mu? Chtise,
$i')(); Rev Ii. li P.idcwsy. 030?, K-v L. A Loar. $100.
lier Dr. lloidiioh. $a?J(i, *VtV. Dr. Terr- BliA).-L*jn,
BAI. Total. BAILO.
ri'i.Kia li .in A?OLi-Clt'D-MlI.lTARY
. nORAL I'll. l'I HTV-fJKM ?HI-ni DAN AT MAT
I -speri.J Diaprtirk la The Ka . .Trlbaae.
'lae ln..nw:ng I'.-'Uis oi Late i::t'iiigouce from MoXaM,
! jn-t rrt'.'iv.'J here, will IK' fou:. It and import
Tea Cape ieewo ebMohiag, f?.r til-?
. the M afitil 1" is as fnllows
I:: J co ?ailie with the .leur?'.' . k1 < H '."bar of
1865, A ,.; Maritim? Pr?t-eturcs. Con
. lui- t,, Boeerd ' a expenses of the
.x.liii ii.?'.-a'..t!. t.? Iba preaint Mnditkin of th?; t'.?B*-ir?
i .'..?.do: ng that t'or t fie presen'. laMM le BV BAeolato M
BtaaaoM ot tha Maritime PraiMMMa
t ir th? wnr.f of \??vtels of war, tbe Btarlthae MT fl
- jmrt . iptaiM, We fl I
'1 he three Mai .time I'm!, o' ire? IBlBaAteaWd k'.
the decree of the MB oi Uciulstr, lena w;l. proriaioDall,"
.ir r'ln.-tim.?
.Al' -.' - Il'iriiig tbe ?*?r**Ti?!on of the Mariiiaie Prefv-ctarei.
wi :. 11er i " Maie will ne ,?*.. . I - stabil .. I nt the
Administration may at large overoome it? present distr"sso?l
tJIBBttoa Ma Post naramu s of Vera ('rug and Maautlau will
aeatralfaa the ?ernce, liiricri? i .iiuniuuioa'ing with lb?
.io! Foimgn and Naval Attaint ia ?U their iBavritlme
A sr. I -The tax on karu! of th? Mir.t.ae Prefigures arlll
rein its disposable.
. mr Min'it II of Foreiga and Nivai Affair? is charged with
.'ion ol the pr?sent I
<?iven al the City ot M.'sioo this -Titi) day of Aueast of 18*>?5.
For the Emperor, by the SaS-Secretary of Foreign Attairs and
Acting Sicretary'of State. Li :? Pu A? a i.
loll .?....- lAraOlaM, relating to military u.a? MR
in?-:, lamed
Dr.PABTllKMT OT BTATB, MliStc?, June t\ 1-166.
B?I*?UB i fe Mia Mt m - A? the greater part of the r-iral
fo?ce? hut- ?nt.-red tut? t*e combination matte for the t? rma
Han of the ni mr and as they will lee removed ??ane of lue
ton nu the] uve guarded will be l?ft unprotected anti it being j
indispensable to look to their security, their tuaglstrst?'? wi.l
ilicvntr the moat eunvenient order?, with which to procure ,
witn all ?.?annie baste tbe organization of the miinio'.ptvl I
guard?, and lo give-pubua.eoumy. wmch I ?ay M you far your
compliance SALA?VB UAVJ??.'..I.
Minister of the florernment. or necretary of state.
To the I'oliuoAxl Prslacture ot the Ilepartmeut of Laguna,
Mun July 4. H'i'i >'
Srcnov i Cktmlm ff,. 51,-rt i? allai I hy hu Majastr
tke K.nperor thai to faeiiittte lb? inilitsry operation?, ibu pr*
Mb pr?lecture?, ?ud tbe muaioipaiit.ee will
re?i>e? in ?iy give the cummauder* of troop* ad the latorasa
UM ti in-or utifu" 'hat relate? to the enemy, aad that, with
mt lota *f time, they will state the namber of wagon. BOOM
?srv for transportation, and the number of mci required to
re;.air tke mad i Hit M?Je?tT thinks that th.s service can be
?irrai.gr* with such system aad arlar that Me aaaistasoe
given by th-) town? or by private individual*, may ba dune in
Mab a manner that tbe whole wciriit may not rest on one
tloa* h it among them all. au thal IB may not be grievous to
the dist! ict, ami ne hop?? ti at you wlil ootnp.v sod cauite to be
peaplVd wi'ti thu? ttet'-rrnini.tion
Fur ti? M ia later of the t}oTerwr.a*nt hy th? lub-SecreMrj.
.f. B .IkOA.
al !'-. f.'cture o'the Department of the X-aguus (?naen.
/ <?.,(.?fr sa;.? that ?ee limn, baa reeigi ?
?J <: the Austrian Ker-nuent, aad wii r.'"irn t?
1 ' ". ThenbBOoeeyet namul a? ?j? su?'e.??sor It
ia ia .ti'.?.m;.'.uiion to leorga) ?' I
i BOOB a : ??? ball*.
? at Boa. Beroi RaifMM asCom
nt 'ne Betaad Tenieottal Militare Division
Bia betatlonarters an at nebia It
.- .. Neigretax, wita the fcaTM aaaee hM eoai
mand, a ill ibortirccenmeni ? a c impakni of recastruction
'.i.r ai.-l. II . ? to 'I.'AIT.JIH'O.
? '. . - H Prabla, Hu 4<-:. ling
i ?ia to >?ab I.'?le, UM -s'llssiitutui^ m? k1. Boss?
laOade for (le?era' 'laben, giveBOOURBBM ol I'vroachilag
joint and rigorotu Op 'fat'.'
1 . the ?berall har.' trient*?*! I
retaliations m M. iiterev. in. M (or lier, who r-tnsed
?n par a ( in " loan "i tbirty tbe
l I. . ii n ' . -r BMOtapoaied bf the clergy of
i .????. m Baa ijn? Pot?a?.
I .1 ,?. ? f Mii.nti'ra have bid nti?l??r the:r oonai?1?*f
laat lev reta - g its of
re.lemption It v. . that thht liacal BMOaaie
Voeld lu'msvd.lieii t?voral)iV ti tim pi.rcbaaers of national
It II ?a-rl ??hen lana stay on
;.aaacd the g-cater pttrt of his
'im?- ir. M item /..?, wtier? b?- ha.t t ? ?ewe
. th"u. from :hc QsMOTttH
i ? . of the
at G
Keri s ncan
lint w for Nev-York, and that tho
N. w
M I y lae I rint?AT
' i .1 tye B hdlf,
11. _
HIVOCLAB MOVBXIKBT i? ma UAT -P.-ttwean aun
dnwn ?m S.iurttay nirht and early Monday utoraing, the New?
ark ?nd New \ ark lUiImad Company cansexl to he ?luven
' d??wn a 1 - ,.f . :??- almut s mile in length commencing at
-a pea lad ex'.einliLg oui luto lie Rsy south of the
( entrai Kairo??), on wbiub It is intended tv oonatruct a rall
roan plOT ?oma ?4Von toot In length. On Monday end veeter
davanniler ni .-?..:,- ?,.?< pfobably euij.loyeii by tb? ripe?
nan ii?ii?i?, we?e ?n?ageu in pulling up Hie pile? wrjich are
In: r< luporary ?ifair?!. und ti ? company were engaged in re
. '.beni.
v ?'..SEI) To iiE I>.ii>\vNi-.i>.- A yotingBMR named
< onroy. a boatman lu the employ of Loma Strut - r of
lartsVyt t? ?rarteJ In a boa? on Sunday mornin; for th? pile
ilriving apparatus lu low the (entrai Kailroa? dock?, stuee
? htch time be bas not been heard of. The boat wa* found
? .p? ...I iieitr r.iniu.'i IM* jealfeej. and it 1* thought that
' . i roi ha? been iMaTMd
f St .lum. i t,,.? Koman ('athohci hurch at
Bid "n ?Sabbath afternoon bv the K.ght Ker.
..Og the cl-rgt ,.f tie ?luwe?.' i.r'-eiit were
ni the \'erv Bel BL I MiUnaid. the
1- ' ii l'ai, the Rev. J T. H",ker, the Ile?. Dr. Corn
ran ud tbi Rev. R M Hickey tM pastor ol tiic church, the
I- ?teas it Co .... R ineider Byro? DalMa, and a nnm
tier of r*'U..naii.iti? Iroui Seton Hull Coll ge. TM , 'rrmoaie*
wereverv in.pressiTe. ?nd BOM vtaaeaaed by ?'?mr 4 iski
peepM in tlie cartier stoue w-re pim ed manv of the daily
papera, old ?.?'pier an?! ?iver ?.? in,, mid avaebaoM of our
prearM aba tue follnwing ?oeumeut writton on
lo TBI. t.iBlTS? dUIBT Of C.OB.-(>n tnalVJ .lavo: laal
A. ii. ? i-i. Pu . IX beiag Stn- ? I'n-.i
-t ol tin? ?tale,
keiworJ ii I ni gi U*var of Uraof?
B?v J. - the in.? Hn|,.p"l Neu ,rk laid thl?
i .ich. lu presence of ? larg*
i i? o ! M l loka Cox and Wtltiirn Rmollla. Tris
Lei.. Msaon und SU.Be
. ?J-iarrym?!,
I.ewr'linS Hsasell, r..| . a I'll' , ?I Or? . ? orthv
?il.rrniitT pn-seutrd a. s gill tb? .| -airy (rum whieii ill J ulm ? Cliiir.-li
I . i...:cl, wiil he C.otlnc-all stone viork-ulsiu- .? .'! "tin
I Bgth a. ,i Te te. : in Width, uilu a daer BRI feet li.g:., the an?
il!? ?.??st balug, l
7///. / r..\/.l.\s
r l.\ S r AMORT
OOOKNBACBO, If. V.. Sepi '.'.". -It bl r, > r'"d upon
good niithontv ttiat a large number of lemana are concentr?t
Niirtli. rn Vermont for a raid on Canada. Con? Jerihln
nit* in those counties which border on ti?
I'ntt AUKM'II: S. Bept B.*-IVrteratrn A Marshall's
atar mil. op Thirtieth aad Market st. wm destroyed hy lire
ti i. inuming. I.??--. * I .-a i* ue?rly covered by In?
surant*. ^__^^^_^^____
(?ni- Way lo **BM li?'' Klrphant."
A l.dy who had i?rd ? SV|?|eox k Ilion? "-?w g Machine for aevaral
va?rawaa in.ln a.l to pirrl.aM? double thread oue bul ? very .hart
tri.I of It .atufi-l her that .fir had-".laen Hie KlephAut " - Mr I P
. .'.-!...:.vd . K. v . tala 'ist? a Augu.t ?. i??ie
.a. ...n.e ia recelva.l. ?I..I ?g?u works to ? charm. To?
lady lo whoni it bal.iog? I? ? Isflersss and dr?a.maker ?nd dnea .pitt?
Sea i .at I.r fore I aro I . . l! te y.li? b "I. t s -1-'
Machina, al *>.>*.. but ?lina rsesaVAaj Ml BM oin- b? ? ag.,.n_,e
|*irr.| .ml ?i.rAllig ." nu 'lv- ?he now 'l/rr. Aar . J..?).4e Ihrrad
Wa. hmr ?OK SAL?' -Adrtrttrtmrnt.
lKliil.-? UK int: naut'N'E.
110 per ?unurn. 13 for III month?.
Vail ?nhjcrioer?, 1 oopv, I year-104 number? |4 00
siaii Mbaeribara, 'J copies, i year-im number? .... . 7 on
Mull inhscnher?, ..copi?? or over, for each copy . 3 00
a'er?on* rvmittiug for lu copies IX). will receive an extra copy
for b months
Persons rvmitiiug for t? comes lia. will receive an extra copy
one rear.
Mail subscribers, single con-, 1 year-?J number*. 12 00
SI ?ii ?ni?.entier", club? of five . . 100
len copie? a.l.1re??.'.| to name? of ?ub*oriher?. 17 50
1 wenty copies, addressed to name* of ?uh*crib?r? . 34 00
pics, to on? address. . IS 00
I ?ont.? copias, to ou? addie*?. 30 OU
An extra copy a ia be sent (or r?en eui!, o' ten
Adilre?. THai 1*1.1 lU'.NK. New Tork.
MABU. i>
HW Is- KI'sTIS --(in TueaJ.? th- MM ?nat ev tia li?v \S, A
?liihienuai?. U U . Albert A'H.VI? M. I).. Ke.iJeia PhvslcUti at
.-l Like a Hu. pila., to .Sur) ... l.u.tla, Juuli,?! ilsugbtet uf tke
- .ia P-f-rn
liKNTIKUSriN-SMiTH-Ai Vi-.,. OntarioC, N Y. no SVeda??
?!?v arptll. I y the Ilev J.n?. S orsndyk?. The -usa H?nJeraoa
to Mi.? Jem.t.-M BaRb ?lol SA r.tcrieit-r Cn , N Y, No c?r It.
lilll'KINS-KSIi.HT-Al 1 ..t Htnipion, Maa?, on 1 u??dav Sept
lo, by riediient II .p.uia I S\ ii lam.town. n.iiinl by ?li? R?v.
Dr. Se-lv al 1'iast lUi..pt?n. th? Hrv. ttrury Henkln, ol VS ?wtr.ehi
t.. .Silas Alne Kunji:!, Jau.hler ot Horatio 1. kuigkt.
HORR-YOI N'I-DII T'1-..l?? Sep' .'ft. Isas hy th? R?v. Artbnr
Mitchel1, at Momatn'vn 1) Tlenisim Horn to fanny Yo.mg widow
ot the Isle Rdwsrl I S oins, sil of this city. No card?.
li* p?i?I. piesse copy.
Si'AlD.N-l.Sltlll'.RDOK-At B?r?au P.aat, ?4. J, on MonJ?y.
Kept 14 hy li.? Re. H OiMary, ( api. VS'ui rteatoa le Mi.? Mt/*
I..to. brook J*u,bl??i ?iib? tien. Jo?. EiUgbtooi ?f Njw-Bti?til<Je.
("I ARK _..-, ti-, |y on Masdtr i.'h tri? ef ehotrrt Inftwtuui,
Juaruh VV H.j "j, , vi inJ J ??rprn: ? g W i,.?r?,
""i ?ran l?.i? ..( thr Hr? Jnarp'i IS illry .?"d I ?nsntltatad II esyt
R* Uhr** ?ni frc nd? of th? ftauly tra rr?a.rff.i'ly invr-d ?a iMrw.1
tb? lri'kntl ?rrvu ?a. tint ( Weilnefkia) | sfWuoOti ?t a . J^ck, ?? Ute
. ? I**** o' ina ?raaaBalb*. Ka l?r vv. ?. , ify-ae IS..- ra
iu?i?a ?rill be reaiovafl ?n Tnurtdav aiarnia* I* "IVrytoerB. N X ,
CAnBFSS-At Fl-.thin, nr. Boa lay ?Vd tatf File? Jtoe wita? af
Jibniadnra? ?nd yeju,r?-d? .,u<-r jf B L Fow.ei. ??edlJ yeal?
I mooth? and ?', lav?.
Toe inatiaa ?nd r-,?tiv?t va re?p?rtluliv tnvitrd t? ?t'eod tbr fTuaswal.
le-r l?te r??l4s)sre ..a b?? ?mt* art-, ia, Wrdiwaday. ?48
> , : aVttl I ifher Baale*.
Dt/FRff. ? n. 18S8 rial!? Da-sre ?fis??
hrm of lluprr Krefr V Co , tu ?he llyni of h.? ?g?
T..o Maa*** of t e lira V i: I "I / .phar MU? ?re rwpr l fib y invita*
to tttmd i*. 8*a*n . ?a Wein?-J?T. th? stu |M?. ,, ? teiatk a>
ra.. Irt.ni bit ma r??ideo?e. Nu 111 K ?st Mittatbtsc
I DAT-On Mond.? Sait U. 1M? Mille Lonkhsw-.. iafial ?a* ?I
1- H and Jrannette L Day ??rd A mundi
, To? r?la(iva* ?ud friend? ef bit p*ieuli ?r? re<|ue?t?d u ?IteuJ tb?
I f'i??r?l at Nu 4SI FulKnav? ease Lint** tv?-, oa vVedaeaataf.
. it ?. ' , .-k p oi
j J Al KfiON-Lin I'uradty, dal? ?It?. Fio??? j?, voua*r?l ?bill al Was.
VA and Mir/t r' Jackton aard 4 y?xr?. i lu-m'h? tad k? dey?
J. ii M.r Ijmiiy ?re Ltine-if !y inrii-d t? ?I
! t-.i 1 the fuD**al ?w Th ir?d?v, eiaeioek ?t tia R I) Chun h,
T? out ?-Bl al at u?ai Sixlb-av?.
I RF.LYKA-Ott M md?y evwnlns. rVnt, 14. of lantiBiatll** ai tas
haavai Ki.tti.rti, ?a. ot Priei Kelyri arid rljnt'. dtu?bior at T B.
K'-i "i , ?red 47 v??n ? oiotttu? and i* ?ty?
Tb - tUvea end fiiaud? of the ftuil.y tb* rnvaiWi of Am.-ti, m
I. l.r fa ? ?IS F mt A M itl I .f Ar? l.vlrr. S . " t (* a*
'i .r ?r* t tt*aetM v lavtte* te Utan* tb? Curra ..., T .r.J??
t 'rirti. ui !'. . in?, a. 1 o o i**,, fr in. ti.* Wd rt' t'. M li Ca*aW*Bb
IJer lerntiui i?r be 1 lan to Ureenwoodtor lutairneai
WFl.LES-At VVy.lj.i., P?, OB Nendiy, ??pt. JJ ?SB*. HIMBI?. T.
. | in i a '".ii yrir mt hit a?.
Halliard. Court , paper? piesse sopy
Political Notice?
Fir?? Aaeeaniily District ! atan A?kt?x-i?tWB.- A arietta?
.I tin? Awac.atiuu wi'l b* ha.4 ?I the Flit? ?V ?rd Hotel tkuetniu
ti I ii .-lui?. I li. AM?, futaies*.
I VV H ?ara, Se iretvry _
Tv? elna Ward Fenian nul VS ?lidford Ca*i*w'B* f'l*fc.
-A piba- ruaetiiuj ol lb? Club wi.l be br.J ?l Wt?bu??taai llaB
U?ri?*t OB THCRaSDAV. Sastt 87. al Ik Vrsoek a.
Th? latiowieif ges'lemm wi'l idem? tb? meaKin?
Han. VV. A. DARI.IN'I.
Di. R o. S ii )N FT of Mittu.ipp.
Alt ! uno ci'aeeai ste ?irdisJly iBtltad I* ?'.trad
J r. M ., J.'-! )N W H It ?I NO H AM.
'."?laa.ltva? of Al?li???iiiB?
EDOAH KETCHt'M Prtstiflaaa.
O. B. Trama?, hate retar*-. _
Sixteenth X.a.fnblr Uistrlrt.-KIIUTKBNTH WABB
I-'I-'JI; sf Iks abovB Club will b* haii at tb* Uemlh l)t?pao??f j, rat?
n-r e r??rr>y third it ?nd Second ive . on WEDNESDAY AKF
INO. Mept ?V>. st "J o cxik Th? f L-.wu.f eminent apaaJi?*? trig
iSI-ea, ttre niertm, '..! F A Ci INKI.TSO 'Le How ("HAS 8.
SPENilR ( oi A J. H DI.'OANNT. anduther?
A.i I aha * Unreal of th? JJiitri -t tie rordrt ly invitad to ?nanij
J AMPS M THij'MI'nOiN Prr ,??*??.
HENRI BEENY. \ ic?-Pre.id.ul
W* DatWatOB*. ) -^,...
_0*0 ?A \V???i??,|S?^K"t??'
The ( itlx?)*M of tbr Tweatieth tt ard who ve in ft? ,r ?f
'. (lonatituu?i ti Ara. ada.rut pi^pa.?.! as i oi.jtraa,
trad in livor at Hie Psbiretion of (lev. Fr?toe. tv? ra?pr,- m y invita*
to meet ?t ilri.lo,u*"?iri of I'niao Ataaciatton, Tn.rtv tjird ti ?nd
Kilhih tv? on VVKDbTli.-lDAy FVEKING itli r-b.rk. li, th- pur
I au? a grauai and VV?o.ift,rd,( ?run<n?u Cub
i ll'.r.i l.'l I A RUMBLE. WILLIAM HILniiaW,
Special ItTotictw.
Bj to ti,- launor.?: Stain*. wai t ui?n wed* s o ?st ?' usv
ps:i: y- 1 amis.... BB> Ai*?, tint t bria* with auch i v*at capak-uy tuv
.?'.i:i.*'..i.| the value of fratrsnea ?hsuld hsv? lived, tad died wttiiaisi
expeneo in4 tbr mo?t r? pi)iii* *ai.t".?o? ofwbtb iitM ii lu?-?*?*
tvl?,tuai ocssstoned by tbe troaatol rHALON S-BUUHT BLLBJIIIIKI,
Vki., oaaii i . OIRr (1 I.INKs , ,?,. |- ,s.Uc
and !>. p-rptred I* rta
with .?.
itteiudi ? ?i?o ne
'. ALI'ABLl -
Th? lina? ih?u apeaad. ?I eaibrare ti.e re g?. betwaau NK V*
??NSAlI III'. Ai.O MUM Al KI V. LA . P i??K PR SIBlB
IU ( HIBM tMMAS'AP'H.IS BT LOUIS raid.' fh? t*t?roiediata
s.?. t oi ' j br rap.J y ritruaVJ ov?e ? I . i i :'r. ,, tr?d?.
I'hr s| . i ol tia? i aui|?ti.r la e? .ilk) is?, ?lid |< tn ampi? pivishy
to th? pnj i.- of It? retpoutibi.ity AU i ?tv? ir l?iut?-*uf pi apeity
. -it ? i . b..- p: up: r tn ' -^ it?b y ill ata f
1 v?,ry e8 irt ?? i' Sa luada te a.e:it th* p?Uon?,?. ?nd mea'.'.bs ju?t
eirk-i" tiooi i !
fge? ffor * lew dtv? prrvio II to Ost I w? ?bti ?se 888 lutat f*r tb?
a -, na : a r iwn ??las ?
J N K.airr ?-rrury ELMORE t KISS Pr-wiJa?!
ataban, %mjk :
M w roBJt uffiuku
rR!*!OIiT DEPOT-i >:::?; f H idsnr. and UocxrJat?
TEMIOHARV OfffffCB ff-rt ot,ry?i.d?s?s!. aweka??? ?I No 1*4
Broad???, un n i ..: t >' I'na-iot' oBtce No* SSS tud ?17
B itiwty , in?! o: Fr?nk u. it
_N (. MILLVJl Otj*er?l M.oater B?w T?rk _
lou? ??wt i*nk4?U?
v IM ? ARD LIST lent **p?ritely on ipp'i tttot
Tb* VINEYARD L .? 1 ? . ni ii ?em lush wk* deane U
p.'aal iarialy. a* co Buy for pitnlio* In I ?Bayaraa. Pnce? wil Ik*
f ' ud to be very low and plan?? ?trun, tai hardy
rtu.trksblr quthry s: very low rita?.
I i to offer ?onie fin? pisatt. with ?xe?l ent wood far prof uatios.
im? ii ia buiiif. or in oaeti sir. ti rnty be pt Orr rrj Tb? ?r? ia? at
ah**? ?it!' defk-'iption tnd nuinber of bud?, tnd leotrth ?f rip? woori,
.rtfl b* t, j:.d in \ INEYARD LIST with t. ' ?lataiueat of la? par
forxnuic? of the IONA and LsRAELLA I mea the part Winter
J,-nu, the preir
fl li le ii wail known that ?b. til hi f of the prwaetil
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?(ttion of viuet. tue rxcri.m Hld fentrt. y cot neruiiitin? the youn*
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NOS. r>7? A r>.4 ItROADWAY.
With t new and nieniive r.ockof hILV ER AND rLATED WARV
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t i .-- ROOM, wail Bieaktaat tud Tr* in . .ma., lainily ?in. au avrtar
uatrdr.-t. Haut? ?rd Vallon ?rutee! bala ?an Kouit?i and ff OBI
Ki and ll.'jtdwt) and s.x'.L ait A Jurat, HAMILTON.
li ? "? Ml P ii lane? _ _
lilli'? Hair I>??..-ril-y mu lll.ek ... I -
-.i.? . u? Brit ?fl ?i.eauaaL (? utaiii? a? Biuch as dol^c ?*???. ika;
pat No. 48 John tt. iJald hy ti. I'i agUB _
Holme?'* IrtiUrry *t Photaaranh Mew* ?ahibit*4 la th*
ci Maieum, No. Iii? Broadway. Old?,? ?xetulrd with di?
patch .itl y
tVlaa, loupes* and (I r B a as e a (*| H?lr
F r.t ?us-ty ha.i dy. aid hair dy.inc Bi?.-k or Brows, si it.?Jet at
W A BAl'i UF.LOR'S. Ma lo Hand ?t _
CledaM WrlB*er? ol all kia?. HEFATRED bv th.TATLE?'
i j?nl?ndi it N?w York
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am Rtllra
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