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Graul IM Meeting of Int-clligont Loyali t?*,
The Thinirs which are Now to be Ik-ne.
Sj'fiim ObliratioD. to the Frefdmro.
The Acndi't?.x of M ?sic, in Brooklyn, tvas _Tt-nr_a_
Bil i ?'I <f' . i. rflou it.fr vt'itli tull?'? ami .
?neil r .-. i-ii h fr TI! tic HIT BlBBI WAKI?
Bra? ni i? ??M ' ? '.i lin?. It M II? II? -t low
over a |KilitHTil nn(t.i f, hu! a ?art Harenitilinre ni iiitelliiteiit
peopl?* Billin tul l.i in. i.I'll i ttiul f-iii-t. nuil ?ii- ?f! t it.' t.i ?nv
lt,?t no til. r nu.li.Tii-. ever ttsm-inl-l? ?I ?ill.in the Villis of an
M At ' Vi ?i ,-lin-k the meet in IT ?n? eoBoi tn nain
j?, . > *-! . -r I. \*.ti i KI v.!iin.ii.aiiiiittt? or in ?iiii.iD Ile Set,
JJT Mom. - - . ?
KI MAI 'S? OP Tiri" RTA". PB. ?ToRM.
?OB tall )'i 9TOI tai ; rpt "arltl ?treat
plr t
, " . -thal iif pie
?i,!.- ( di m? jar? ?i.len? y nth?!- nan
It?,,...., acta ifpropitety We ure
ajos.- I anderatand li Dot a? ronnected ei
el | two great partiel viliich ii*
. Bone o? .,?. BO
5, . t:.v uml entl
Krptililit-a- pnrtj [Loud ,.?.; lui??' ] With
D' ' ' !
are . i . There
.- wboaR attached ai
arti? totb. party
Llli-i; beal li???-? iii.i! Bppl_U?e] utn? ar?- . .?* i t;?l? rit foi
ni-stlut that the intcnsU of th? countrj ? H be ?nfc?! tn itt
re arr'i?t??ii!.?tl
..?nie ?if ali ?'.jt.v in.? s rtffait-Jag pa
i??r the __wil-tatiOO ?;.?! furtln-rajire of
ii ?ill uml n.ili t<? act x?ith one ??r another at
Bit'.? - * i'l'ly t'.i'tr vn-w? nf
.ab?- ii bee! BOO" !.. polit, [Al platmt} 1 boi.
lb*rv i? nui- cm?? eiitin'iv ni??rteented ben to in.ht-tin
tin?. ?>f Ihtm ?? !." ..
?alter? ni public ?ntl nutioiml ???luv :,.. in H mmtrv like
111? viere inetltutieoa aro Balded BII.1 poUcj detera!
tBt'll? ?'('II.I??' ill] 111 ?'Til'Tilt: 14 ? ! li li
o? ?iirrt'Uiiil this iiatii'ii ladliference ti? public nffaii-. ami ile
jrlociufi? whicli U ;'i Ililli, ui -unjin in der?.'?
Man or human i? Imih u ?Mundi i lind ,1 ? ?.nie. [A]
Wo BOO aeet_Me? lare, then, ootat frilt?M l??'!i."< rut? er Re
?nhillau* int ?? i'-il'iii i-iti.i us ???nil:,?.- ni t!,i? pleeaaari Iowa
M i'.:midi n all iBtareated in ull lllaft allai eoooeia He
C*o?perity Mnl the prigr? ?s of ti.? *?t ?:? at- !!.- ilatlOB Bad
e are as?, nil.;.-ii t.? ?ic_r lull alni lui?.'?' IttanOOt 00 the part nf
004* nf on: in?ut iHattoRBiBlad ami eloyueDt ni? i. of tin- deliberate
aixl inatiiit ii in ?AI In-tii.lil? ? iiiiieriiiiiK (!i* pOlRl fOBej It
.00-1* ? ni'r.-iiii|?rtiiiein i tot me efeeaite-an m.??TU:.
Bru* Iowa ni ?nu. mi impertinence townril hill) for me '
for ? nu th?! e.i^ri atteutioA, il.nt cainliil ead Intelllgenl atten
Uni. ?1.1? h an audiaoet Ula tl.i? aaaambled kettete me ?i ?ure to
rv? MB HIS prest-lite alni hi? utterunie can BOTOrla Btlor
|B0 !li?ii ?teli'omeOB any |il.i!f??nu am.ii.il ?huh Ann-ncati
?Ust'U* art gallare?! t?i dlm-un* public affair? [Apple??*.]
Belo! bi etlenrlae th-n vtJoone fat tile
lawn ? raeeiedee lou?/, ami aleta mott tloa taj
?here t-n? ! i i? k_n-. ii. ami tnmored, and !ielo?u?l. I attire
kin ?iao. ao I ?ian?, late to algal tbui Ile li_-t tune I bed ti?
Korton ii;?-I tea hurd)) ?a? Ila furttiuati- opporttuiity-te
rd fur a le? BBMBOOtl I' tn nu hnu and' the
?aadirni-. that w- ?.??;? r to hem him. Tai
OB the p. (.iiiinu of lu? nttiTii thrt*<> yian* afn-I tLluk it am
three ye*r? ago t';?. ?cry iiiniilL-:r<?iii tlat sirnLiri au?! ?/ian.I
Amer, ? hieb he imple handed, bad luitiatra and
OonilBi-tt-dln i . and uLiil, hi l.t *l?iloai
Wllaooerg] * ? i-e he badi"
were t.. ?i.aiil aid eitia??.- ' a. ("leal leal n
?ard?* lu.*if ?uti opiniiin eoaeonoBg the prim iplr? and the i?
Oeea ?.I the peal DBOteel m ?lieb m ?et? (lea ?n.'uge! yn-j
_aet lim then BL a i lieaco UVt this ?liiili I ?e? _atoreiaen_t
evei.i _ i far.li frntu the toa ?RIIla lead s'i.!
.?lu.ti ? 1 ?if tlie ii???? th ?It pool
H* lee r roar t - ?pprotal ead
appis i- [Oleara.] I have litt]? doubt th.it vnu ??ill. ti- b.tii
tai? eiciiir,- (i eager ettteiit???ii ai vou gove alta (lea
little -nullt ?ht1.') ?ou ?11 ??nilli a?*rt-e ?itb oil je ?ha!!
o?y or i.i't that .UT ? ill cive lum Ha M?ate tmw attleo of
?ier aoealtaeoe peraaoal atl-lialioo ead ratpeel ?m1 I Imve
ttie iluubt that ?li'ii he (hall hitn t tbat joe
?lil ??y *n l.irn iiini j? in;: ? it'l ty i.iiu t'i?": tat oVnt l-l
Oiea an'?1 fBOlltOMO I arn rnttrely aware that y??u ?re nerv in
bates li? a ?peet-h liuiu hiui alni not imui nu ta_ ?i?.
Bmrpt.' .. i. til? i.unur to tatrodaet to roothoRot
linar WARD Mir nun
trtXl B Of ?IR. BEICHKk.
Mt BEI/HER tra? ?olcomed ?itb g> utrrous Onthuiiaim. Ii?)
Faluion CTI-KN8 . Our recent hiatoiy du nie? itsu-if it to three
arreat iu.il ??-U tharai-teri??- p?-ri'?l? that <?f di?-? in non hi
arbsth then* va? OHOee. a Kri-at moral a?akc.Tlii?/ in thi? na
tloo tu the pnniiple? of liberty that had ?luioU-n-d to i!.
Bl i De? of ?laveiv. that had b?*?*n glo*???l over hy r??-ry d??.? r.p
?Rou of umoe and ili??,'iii???. Thii w*s the first great pernei and
tbe lnn..?t The ?.r?i:id wa* that of martial conMijt The
?thiel ?a Unit of rt.?j'.i*truvt_rti, and when a fonrth ?Dall t?e
a?-ed that o( r?*inie?l unity and peace, bo hiitnric ? ir? le ?ill
I.* ??rutiiiieu-d. But ?e are DOW aiton. In thr third lal i-la
tlv-ry D?(et importaat period of our recent b.itn.v What are
tie dut ei nf that i?nod ) Ttiat must be known hs-Ior? we are
la a |n*?tiop to deurmine which wa* the best in?trumeat and
?bi??- party from ita Balure aud sy mipalhies hislory and a?*n
.ral teiide ne les is to be cbism-u to eictule lhe?ork of 10000
Tbee? thee ?re In ??eTieral the tbni?T? that are to he done.
Flrat. tL? u'ter de?!ruction of Slavery root and hratirh allal
Ra* tim-n Ce fiiudamentiil eau?* of national tktt nal Hl ROB "ia!
.var Setond tie purgation of the (onstilutioB of ?11 infill
denied fidtii .tia?? ry and the purtratppu of th? lau*
ideiti) enurt? of all euitum. and procaedlaa** derived from
?very i?r li.f?_t ted with it Thirdly ?he readjustment of the
ied pulltical relation nf State* long In the condition of (as
iiltnalioB. Fourthly the fiec.irtty the education and
i eafrarn buemeut of the n<pro popula'mu, huppilv now made
B Laaily the rejsxtahlishmriit of i/ood ?ill ?ed itudialiiy
Bf alienated ritiae:i? the revival of *th* ?eotmirnt of unity
la _ati?.iiul ile iii I renewal of enterprise ioduitry and enn
_Bart?e. ?lui h like the i irculation of blood in the body place?
Rbe ?bole nalioa under the influeoce of one ??.uiuioii centra) vital
Uto fsemn- nni/htbe inclined prrhapa, to add a aixth he?*- to tia
.-tie? of to-day. namely our foreign relattona and tbeir adjust
aaaat, but. felliiw et-OOaa io long ai we are at peace at home
ve bare no foreign relations. No foreign nation rhooaes to at
tack a* a* loiig aa we are at paac? among our?. Ive?, and xre
0*rt*.nly do not intend to attack them What further li there
Mimi America is the worlds beat! Thii continent
Ska a h?*pi"ihlr man?i?>n Hand* with door* ?ide open, and
lie tr.iltd State? alone of all the naliona offert g?nerons enter
la-un Li lo the cili/e.( of every nation on the globe Our
fareigu i*latiOB( might be alraoet ?ritten in * Bent erne. " Room
f cay h cinnc and welcome" [ApplaaaeJ. Now, it ia com?
plained that the duties of the n*ciin?tructed period ?huh I have
brirBy (let? he?l IT haadl to von are more In nutuliar more
varied at d complicated moir a-jbtle and difflralt than has ever
hut*** been submitletl to the decision of a free ac?.p1e They
.???-I be fo_?id<T??i knots, which even the teeth of Bismark
I not untie, which even the ?ulrtle Napoleon might a eil be
I at. but *e ?h?l! ?how to th? world that an educated and
bee peopl* are better at diplomacy and to ?eitle public ?.ne*
ko-* tkas the best oonitru? ted (ingle head of any (tatesman on
tk* fact of ?he catth. ! Applause]. Vit ve should not disgul?*
Tram nertelve? tin? w? ai* calle?! to the Coi.?lderalioii of ?|U'-l
Hoaatbat ?re volnmmoBi profound and many of thom questions
Mert?!y Wfo.t brought for a?!judii?tion Ipefoi? the |t?ople ami
Hat it ?ill tax ii.? aa___B8 and talk the wisdom even of en
-Bl?Il)gent ?ie-itoeratic ?omrouuilv tn nnie laflB) ?rig!? ):
eonatl Ul ! It'll I? l-l le- ' . lu tin- lipplnatlnl! of j-olit
leal and legltUtii. ! | ,.,,| ,n,"n| f,,,re, it,
.?art ty 'i." ?|, ??mmert-ial inlli
lot .__r our bett (?gaelty tt m ?t be left to time lall poo?
Ue will ?.. p? j ?le sa tell v..ii that if ii hodx i? ?imple huiuaii
kodv bud ?iifler?-d h'tlg of ehriniic ?UaOBBfl or ?l.arpl? ..f Beale
dis??.? thal It tai i" r."!i:?sti,t ,. .. f_1*ol mira
efoa ?re gor i-l>? an I liai'- i-un-, a:"l u,"rr "f ,_ ,. :
la r-r?'P?)!iJ"'i io Ihc i?'Ug''. ?
?Uara?' ' Inn is
>het H , pan.lui IKKIV .- .lied n Stat
and ?!.?.*. ?..??t
al*. _>
lif- Bl ' .?''. ".ni ol wai ?In
???ti et|?ct tn rtett Bl . i I i i?
time . . Hen?., it ii
I?. I? . .
?tifleri ' ntl* that
C?e ii ' " ueunl ami patriotic
Btrii mitty ' ?po?itl(ill
Aaif.nr .ii.i ..
(?Bell?? ltd < . m
Baa, a.
tuo\i diaaaree aa I? Ila neal
BBe.?"'?. by ?I ? ?
? '
Iel a?
h in i.
.Itim a
?. I
lkvllllei. t.l t?
*r ?t for to<
OMI!.I? ?? t
e_kiH" i* UM m iel? .!'.. ii? may lix?-? ?..th , li*
mar i! ' ' i somewhere t yaty maa ttaal i
I ..: I ? l?. ?Ill ,.l I. ila?'
i.l? a right t?> tin t?. ?i rifta ?nul Ita noterai tsal a
inn SM uf it? rit!?!?? fAl'l'lmi??1 | lo WI
dBgari of ix? it? m? i.t BO tit? '?> l. oi retirement a: ?1
luxurious nil? Di ? ??' '- " "infott ihould be al
?lowed to esma tax ? u ? r i AT? t" li??- in tai?) ?ors
i <?iiiiiiiii.it v where lhere ii to'.?' a conflict of opinions form
mar ?-?minion deliberately with th? tari galdra thal yoahav?
be H.liiuL- tiii-n to a?lv?-i'?ii- II in?'1' !" tase : tout ?noes
[app-WM )-i'?r la? ia? not half ii mun w ho La. ii.at Ita eouragl t??
avinv ?ml maintain bli seri?os and adema marietieaa ta nte
lim to national pfoaae] md n i? battra to atoad
?? il nail ilete-tetl for ii lu-r?-?? llian nut to cure BBCOgk
f??r troth area to in.?.' a terra} [laagbter and apslaara ]
for there i? nothing Start drtc.lHhlo in batta)
thi,n tie ?| nit of unlit!. :. iiti.ni w!,.i!.?r ;t IM' III
religion -r In pt-litin I like an i ai I Uta t woman b lido
no1 like aomriUag that B seither me tar ita etea, [Leagma
loued applaoa and laughtra ) No? ri ? ? B? sa al ?Barn la
tblt n ? mi?! t m Ira wort m i lo aaks k1 ? mtritolim a? ssd
tagia !,-M'?TII1 skill/, wa ?nari totthroaghparla l am
swan t hut a gtt at many men ?fleet to di raia Parla I daa
th it will, the ??me Htrll tin'! ii-ial to nlfi 11 i (mi? il',| t I f ti I
h un?an I?? ?li TkCN I i? I tem n.i-a ulm tl.ua. bl thal 01 I y He
human MHIIWU? something dlgiiiled and tut ita body ?B
ulwav? t.. lue di |0 ,t. .Nu* 1 ilu ia 1
titule: take to ?n) that .!.? hi !v |s , m___ -,, 1 lu- son) it is not. I ni
I do lay ti.nt th?' ?"lil iii tl.i? wollil ?mid innke lint ii
v-:i |.? ?r [.??ii n. y it it IIHII no body to mt thna.i-l.
alni I ak). li nspCCl 10 I'l'litiiiii all.'iii-t. all tliinkiu- i?
roui) until bj semttmeinst! poa ?ma bring it to I? j IV
publil nut ii? al to!? ol mu inlnl.i , i:."?| Lo organised, nnul
t.' m ner.uiiv h ii Bntrersalli aapmd ami partas iin Itasl
??aleatory orgai Imti? - bj ?? bk i alone yoe i an giro petal pith
Hi.d power tu v.i.ii .ii' tit .ni i imeeptim . ami brill I- Th? r? i??r?
winic yon i.iiic n i gil i.ra ti ? osases of party and mm?
of part) itali?, i j?:ii.. youl ccniure mm! cn ta
de li:?? ?.t parties mc there ?eon be no fret Biala ?it'i ti" Rt
cii.iiou unil (tee Hi-tion cicopt through tin- orgooii ilion "i par
ti!1? Al l! till? luiuir- 11? lil the .|lle.?tlii!i ol the hour. Sum? ?li
have got ttagr umiiaahiB m band, ssd
Itara am but two narira and w< meit art through ona ri Itam
or ti.Ihcr which of these parin is to be selected 1 Thal is
-imti! [ApptaUM m.ii ?une'?!'r | Then ure M trent
nunn otin r things Hu ii j;..-!?! L-*-' mid bul It i? my ?Miriw.-i? t?>
night ti? tri! ?ntl whn I. ?'?f ii.'?? 1W0 palin ? I tl.inl? ought lo la?
put in pom ?-I'll m 'I ki pt n, pu.i.-ii ol I'"?' rfor tin ?ak?' of
recoii-tiruciior). [Applause.] Which at item partira ii
l'-i MI. ii. by in principle? ).? it- I --"r? te th?
disporitloai, lympathin *|,r IB meta ben telara
Ita management of rec ii tim io it til 1'
purl?! Mile, of NU V?- ?followed !? hunt
erin ol Mc | ?Gentlemen the jary me met allowed
te Hi??1 a ?eriliit nulli alter til. I.HI.I? l.ii'.e plead Ii.
im.? ? H.nr laughter andapphtose), Alta ate to disclaim
?Il n lentlon ol an ding Ita motive? ite enan? a?, a nt s tea
l?tri?.tic Intentioni ri ita peri mirum? ?.f ita m
alvidaal memben ritte ?D?mocratie party, ??iiiic l male Bl ?
t?. ?iii?? lina tim! parri 1 a?! in t?? te basted with
th.- Qararanea ri th.? nattas [Immense apple? I
olapping of hoada oadwariagri handkerchiefs, A vrice
? li. w me nui AI !? ' | I meek Bl OB a livlag acgooim
nuil Brilka creed with oalllailoni with aHn.iti.-a. wlhopUl
lora, with part? discipline, with onlnooB ineritabl lea.
.' Bl 1 ?b ?no In < hnrnctciir?
t'i.t the Mrtp iidini th.- DIBBSatk partj And Bra tea
li. !? i?? mtic party wa? OOCt powerful '.:-' lal Bud bOBOrateC
When ti,?? ??hi i.?.', rai p.i:i) nail developed u reel dltraat ri
Hi.? ?a-?.I'!? niul a ?? injiiilh) willi Hu1 I--?. it.n ' i.t rnlln r than
. gnnkai ?kiah ta ?ahrags the ttapt teal irBtocraej
Bada te lata N to IIB BSSSSSSSJ tLut Unit Boola
soring up a party that ?liniilil f? n.[ml! i/e mor?- with
tilt- peopl ihin with ihe governmeal ??f ti?
]n'.iiiic, inn! iiiut it wu. Hit, ?.um al. torltimots arigta
?it.? Democratic party and Li ita ?miter bitioij II ?m tot
etamplm ?>f tin- |K??r it vm tim shaapton ri common men.
ami it? life a?d it. p"Wi : wu? ii. thi? that it bad n |
anti ttmt it Wa? n | ".'.ITJ'.I tt l.-mimitv M Wai li? poUieS and
nothing i o .1,1 break li ?? 1 ng M H wai true to ii. nattai t tad
of Janice liberty ami sqaalitj down to the bottom of
society, i 'ihnt? m and apple nie. J Bj and bj Itara
in thepnrty a ?li?tiirl?i*ig force winch ni tii?t ii, it. iiitum y,
wasBooreriy k-hi-hl-I mam Hi* dltarbing foro? ri Bat
??ul w lien b? the ?ootariri tolaaaam ria common orlflshm
Saut!) held th* holanes of petrel Ite two great puru*?
that di?i?l*?l Ita natue) In the Ninth Win* nn.i Dtaa
irntii ?ti?.! batt "f them lupplicatmg Ihl liimr of the
South. Ztol IH? UI ?a* to '?. had "?'I) nt Ita price
oi oumpromlm with Seven sad lil? cmtoaca M1 aaassas?
auctloti Whig In! M?iii'i?t l?eiiiiK-rat mul l?i uioi-i ut uiriiiii.t
Whig and ?hey both - m 11 te pi im Ipte foi t!?e tata of barten
the balance of power throw n on tin ?r ?; I? bl th. Baal? BM
Mlmer? loth earn,-? wore c?.rni].leil I y it the um ui min h
a? ita otter but one ?n n?-.i ?gah ?t ii. lit ?. i i B ?rita r ? 111 ut
light fur ita w> .- party w._? mads an priai Isellj ri raadiag,
thinking M ti ?liri ni men ead IhCJ km w tla-y *?i? lining
WToag um! it k.iieil t*ii?m-?ml it otiirht U, | (??..I that.
M m?mgman.] Ile Democratic parti mafriotag the casta
? isaa ai aaraedtag nien with au uuieieioped maoricm i tinned
-but Baaed Ijgrifl ih" bind con?, ance-at anj rate tbey
.Uaalit better than tin-Whip jmrly Aid I A| ;?_ni?e ?a,!: ??ngl ter
Itay saeceedid ia wtaetag tal tod c??i.t.>t it,e \i tiik- partj
died ont ?nil t h Dasamsals party aaaa tete tee aaeaadeacy,
iia_. into it as the cliimpini. the ?!?.(. : .1er. tilt pa?t _\ I st
siaierv The s! ' tta Mliranri uempmtnlm walch
to?.k mace ander the aasstea a*Iii Deaoctatte parti m aate?
willi the Si nth and Hi? IIBiaBtaSlhB "I UM ?tooth vi I I ? tot
!'? ti.ia ritit- part? ?if th? North t?i extend nktraty ii"t
only on teint, ry belangten te ti? Benth ten is.
free territory n!t. r ita BBCUtlan ??f tot Mu?, nu I .. i.
iaruu,:?e w?i Ita real begtnninp at t: ? war
trom that date a? pt can BOB ?ee ii teOOaB ??'.... N. ?
It ?al the alliance of the I)a-n,.K-r?tii- party Nurtb ?mu tai
Booth tta l?*i i" ihnt ??i?! ami wtaaed ?teatocy md pio
ptifundiim Theverdki i? randaad ami Motet) ??" hut
latlfy and confirm the Ju?t declrim <f ni.-n mi? thai Ita
laglaiiliiai at asi out WHnigkl opim m bj ?he Doten uf the
I)?1!!!!? mile part? wttk the preHfovery Buak aadttaahriB^
of tta Mlmtisrl riimpieialm ead Ita pteyagaadlsa "f Mtetssj
it th?great ll??:?-r:. lerritori i - 1 r?? tartta
lll.'-n ti.? ' : tina monition, n Ballet ?ml ?ul.aitauil)
ti Rapaba an party m? focmsd ead i?e^an m pi
ti-gtrtliiT the ili.-l'ia-.* *l?-:irn1? a I I? li at laat ?i.?
into power from the n.-ie-.it.e? ,,( t!,e i n*r Lim ..In
wai elected Pnridml [Ctaera.1 If *?er lhe^. wu n <?
tu,nal aa patterned nana tin? ?doom IMBI toat elecUoi ?a?
SM ,' teen ) If ?-1 er Hier* w M * man Jn.lly ?l?1t?s| that W11
tin mau [I beer?.] It waa made ?li ufl? n?e by Ha loath It
?a? mad? a uni? of rapBOBoa, lew, there m a potritdltty
of . |aiu?e in th-- Hmtfa for if ?1 that tour the lleuiia lain |*ut)
bad aald to Ita Boah ace ?. bara gem wah nu mm
I'llt not another ?te?. Bri a:.?.'lar iti ( tl,e '.-.??. i :, ?.,,?,1
i-, ?. tak? ti an? ?i er ?t?-|i It i? HI ?1.ninble Ihoogh liier?
mayoa tare tam gn*n palle pledget bnaliuii tool party,
that the ?I'lr:1 of l! ? p? rt t ra ?ill m ihr pereoBo] ?wlomi
tlou? of lentil!.g nln? lill .-ntl ii mel. In it did |ti?e tin? -?.nth to
urid?r?tan/l ?in?! they ilm ti[.'|er?t?ui| und believe II. ?t .<?.
?huul'l i.nt '?ririr' war It wa? thal coin n ti ?n ?flat Is?
Uto secern II ey tad britaved tool war weald ?have mat
they woniil !?.?? i-r tevemceaod d Itali peopk t?. tata ite tte?
the? ii iel ami it was benama Ita Dem?crata p rtj
the in tliat 'hey niljrtit ?nte|y veutiir* ii|?u it thal li ?-? ?lid take
Ita atea and ?al Ita bleed toa ta tam tpuied Bara drop fa
lim;? If ion itive t-,, Bentk ?sneye?ekallgin Ita Democratic
jurtj anon??! ? beera.] They ?am a? leollj in...i? <?*n if
thi-y aa ate a ??iitj m toe Beat? ri ti.i. war No? atoa n
b?nin what waa the ?mular! of tim part.? ? I Lal uin?.? 1<>
tln-ir honor that hundreda anil thoutaial? uf mm ?bo were
befor? that boa lint!.fully in tin licui?-. lulm part? al the uni?
ment when that wai leirini munn.ced On II olagteam I? it. ?ud
Uionfh th.) were culled war DeamcmM, in y bematl m? iiil.-r?
of the great Union (?rty |l|?-,ri? Oat mt l-urt? waa mat
broken ?p Yoi: ?ouni.lv?? ar. witiu-.i? that dutit^< Hi?
In! three weary ?lark and ?il.a.troti? TCOB ?.( thewnr then
wa? an utt?r wart al m Bpetaa a?m(??n | with?oaGcveram?ea
ea tto part ?el tee Dem?crata p?11 ? r, a i?.rty. You kau?
th'-y pursue?! ? policy ?-Biti.ii'B.aiii? I? th? mt ? iiimt-t t. that
they hung like d?-H?l WOBhla; that tbey r*?IMr<1 the
raiMtif of mon.? that ti:-? (?i??otir?ire<l lldsSteBlaa thal
they reiiited ilruft? that (Ley ei,rni,ra?-ad mid oaleldao ?lew r
Usas ana u nary mi tint they coals aid they took ui th??rt
Ita imvernniei.t Tta oolsmiiiHm at Ibl oonraeteacadnri
wa? found in tb* ?CUSSgO I Mn-iition. jual |ne?ioui to the
tatet election of Lincoln There hy deliberate plutturm ulltr
ance they arl? Led th* Ameritan people to ^i?>. "i?r the w.n
aud ?ubmitu.t!" .li-ineir.b? inn ut After it bccamt plata n?
the ??r?H-e?? "f thi? conflict, that tb? iil-ulitlo!. it Slaury wa.
iiiiii'1-eiiaihle the Damcoratu |iarn oppsasd ti.* praalaaaattea
of liberty. '1 he? op]?o?ed the enlittll.r <>l tim uc|ir.i Midien
??00 IA?) of whom tnrn^ the Ode ed ?ict??ry f??r ui and
turned back the h?.?ts of Mirer? [l'lieer.j telo.?
liti/eii? we conf?*r no liberty tut ? laem U|?*on the
African citisem of our ?oin,try Their own bru?
bandi received theil emancipation' |?ireut ipplau.e ) Our
votei have only ratified Iheir deedi of llta-rty. ? ?. ?me it s li yal
form Th. DsSBSSfalS party Cppcme, also the ? institutional
amendment? and all tho ?early itep. tik.i, uft? r Iai.ia.lii ? iii ni li
to obligate ita Bnrtk to r*pmii?i<- Bsemrim ted BB sestea wm
debt? .Nu? I i turi-?? the DOBMBSnlS |?urt? w Ita bul tag lint
anil forRotten tbroii(fh ? long and critic? penoe of our hait?ary.
the p?-ciiiiiir doctrina ai Amenr?. aaarij the aatrim dal ?li
men hove a riiht to lilmrtv. lift- md Iii? pumuit ol kapfiaCB
?ctoen j I ?harire n witii Ui nig join??! beads w11 tta strang
to put down th? weak ; le mule it.-ll Ik? len ?loi ami under
strappari Btacan I tea K?- ?I alk balmy tag tto l?crtlta
n? cornpiiucv with Baaltora traitai '??id ?inubi.g wita
them the ?finit of till? giglutlc nar |l'heira| I thargu It
with open or ssaamted oaaBj Beran stepwaleh?em <?,??
ernment hu attempted ?ince to clenn.e ti,?- la:.ii tio;u Sli.>-e,-y ,
?nd to am?liora!? Hie law? to reform the CcartltolieB I?, a mont
jierfect sarctm ?>f lil.-rty and thii? by it? huton bj it? w n ked
iifltiiitie? lu n? Imcaranepmpatkiei i?y n?teui|-*r ?ml ?pint it
li onM B re'preienl Ihe regeneiaicd ipil i! of thli Battes [( T.-ei? J
Hut It u ?aid li a part? n??? ui to lae allowed to r? peal ' [ Langh
ter J Oh' yea thal it might II ?pall? binni? I? und u.latalei
In a dark inn] dei tom way, ma) it not at ?nat m the gi??? n,g
Utamlnet km be trusted anea tefonmt lea! Vc?, mt eve? kia
?of Ter? II waa not trmod until alter lu? hod gun?: bli!,il a gi.al
many day? [lnagklB] When a l?aiity riiniimg thiough io
long o patted At hiaiory coine at tari B ti." bright iLiwnof
lil.-ttv niul ilalin? the rigtit to iiiauguiati OK- new petted to
control it? cou,, ii? li plaCB t? Hilu.iin.ler it? (,o\ ? i inn? nt
Wehaieanght to chalienge ita li), tor y aud to -hi Show
that ?ya? hive reformrtl. all the pari bunk? q.<l what la U.'-re In
- it ttal ?how? reformation I A part) i? nut a batta
that !. blown in lo tiny, blown out tomorrow an?! blown In
ugam the next ilav out now of one ]U|a? ?nr now ol ui.tilh< r a
part] i? a lu lug tiling until SBtasiCS iM,wcra and n life thal
?Beta to to It taker ? man ? goiil wl.J? lo gi t a t Lura? ter
and S g<?.l ?hil?1 to get ml of i starafltST It luke? a part?
a go?.! while to g? t u asasaatas ana leaaa fri io gi 11 iii ri li
lia? tint Ibu p?irty li a seCSptel iinli>nlual. Witk lBWBld
haliit? w It li i ?i.ttu? ter with mel ituUe leml'TiiTe? It canno!
change ni a day There u uo ?oliiioii mtgh!? atul eoospratoo
?ive anongk Behaage the ganarle panmam of a great national
[mrtv t alp lim'1 ?au wi?ai il oui. That partj tr.tiet tre ault
|,-i te?l W the matt tieatrn.ut a? a field that 1? ???.mm with
l'un ?lal ?he plough i?i?:!.t uml ilay. i ?it it iii? m 1.1
11 >. li.t root lia- iori |?.??ii to gi m nile uin! then yon may
In nu' II Im? k I" ?Hila it mu .son., l! ::..'? in i) 1?- lnft? t-'?l ?p?l
""j, k , , little mu?k a 1 ttle ?Ulphui
tot ti ere nro iniiie thing? that take i-verlaaling ?iil]ihiir to ill?
infect i ' ??rider toa
,1? ?inn turn cf KlavBy a? the one ?graa ?ooect to be m
i . i, ? Slav? i.
thal in - taits fret Wa in i .'?
lo purge thel ' '?"li the la?? al.?I ail ?lill pttBCSSBB "f
' ? H ??. ;: I
portreuai a? ? h ia
changea! Ara ?ttaf B I* pt!
In (..?.??...,i, ul ilia Ailn.iiii.il limn ni t!._? tftie
?ta ?ita ? ii".i-? i? ' . ' ??? i.' w? "r" '"
rculj ? i n mi m ? of the Maim ?hat ?an ., it i f ?te
Union, ?ii? toot ta .?!? ?ttoa wi?, Bri i? i
?nu with ti
,,! i,, ?"?g:o ?poiwUtioi i- U . moa iuli?a?
\r- ih? ? who hiv? nevci full?
? . .,
awi ed good will n i. ?a i....... i? : ??'? a lb? Morth and Bab
n m tata phil An tea ?tea ?Bl snaeaagere ri
I P<HL? bvlw ??un Hi? two oil? ?.iii?) uatilitil lu ticw of
??HU?. 1 ? un ?av il'lihcrnti'ly I cannot li?'l'i!i'.'to t!n?t pirty.
1 Appl it_M i li . (fen! I hat? lx?m nuitiid
i l.iin.ii!.'! ira! apph?ii?(. ) l! ?TI tl.e wham that ?milln? id
#0000 .uni he i!.,l nnt Ilk?-l.i? iiiTTiinniiHliiiii.ti?. [Reorved
luiighi'T ; Ieaaaot oo-itei piratl-n tln-ir ambi
? ' TI I ali, i?. p.:,? ..-,. t.. j..m tiii'in BOT lo mata with
Ipplaoac andlaafbti i HI 'and le euroka the
1 -, ' -- Bl... I I - > s? In ?.it!!'.(I :nl t aii"lr.
Mo fitim any aelaelra rai-ubed prrteaeet of new found
lil city B iaagefeoa, ead If lihcrty I?
!?> Iii- pri.ll.-iinl ?n ,._ |_rj Bal i.T .Ha a! it lllliht
la l.v ?..?nu. oller iBitrnm at. Lei us ?.mv turn
t" t .?? a:.li B_bae nil. . mt. . I ? liv. I bp
planee 1 J? tin, ?."nv ?_,,,." .,,, ,;,. admli li tratio i I (Cri. ? at
Yea ?tad.t"Bo,' I.?ed byavoic? Pul toe IWtow
<"it' | ? BiHIieo nf ?Uti loMoot art loo* ?ill decide Hil
qneelioB [Cleoneadap^aasa. I; ?pun?- apoririaalljaaa
party of liberty, it oral bon ka lerroa it ?ai ti.?-1 bud ?'if ?uf
iTiiiir \\iiiry ead fllflaaf alioutt ant? -a ? .??.'. it vat brongbt
forth, and tcaruely brought forth tief?T? u in t e Apoealyjulo
? .-i"T !'. l'-.i?ir. i'pi'iicil US iniinlli ?id jaiun-il mil !!. . " 1
?nti-I tn il"?triiy Iii?! ?..uni!, und bet OMM It beg ? i baa] I'?'? k.
ini'l it li.i? inn! it liislm i ii -pi::! alni ii it 1? ,i i.-t'i i alni i?
I?!., m ' l! '.ni? Ile p'trti t!.a' bru u'l.t i-i lif.? ni d
pO?m tin- i Tie? ii.ii 1 iliictrine of our fa!' e ? il'lar?. I a :I]TII,?I
my Mliii!" lifctiin.' Btvthlag ha? ! ?BOB ta BO] ..pul II ? Ulertj 1.
?. I,..,.) |.. oki m i i fi ?m l.iiip-r inn! til..,- [aaaeoi liol m Bit
i-ylood ?tiri.tl in? Meed lo oa earl, hire of Ubrrtj Titerera
lui? t? tli.it .ii-iiii tiln!''luu-t in ?"I? Is. eipn ?-.-I i-f all "-.!
II ..i i ?.'ii'.?t Sl.ii.ry am! ii:?'!i'-K'ii f.'ir O. i .n! tai- DeoUkTB*
linn 0< Imti'ir. ml? ' ? .'. Otatort run it over iiiin'.ly mi the
Kui.nil of .liilv. BOOB tile ara* I-??.in rat'n-r iM-nlnu? to
reed Hal iwr-tnrnl ?ii.nh -ail that ,?i men lad li
alleOt'ilt lialM U'.-l a 'I V''v,*' ?'?'?"'?'/ "'iii -'"'.1.1
IK- lil..-:. v. per.'..,,,] and p..,?!i. M). SOW, Ihii dot iriot of li'o.,', :
bap I.tit;?!-? i ' !*j i -. Ha ' 101 Iii lu ?mi
nigbi I), i; .- iii.iii.,i a-?in iii?.- tir?- oa
II.' -1.?alfil lilli 1 ill. l-l! ililli?;, r ?'lillie til?? Ililli! of ill?' Sill
beaeeo Ino, ai.d aloa mmy Brea tWeed ?! | tit lina
H tboai ?- tinii
UM KI p'lilli"?!! putv' tem r -.| . . Ir.?- i Ile
'?"a! ra of forgrll ... - ICheer?.] Tt I? ia the party tint in
.'Inde, in It I'?! XX l-?t. VuI til Illili Sill ! tl.llt .lill! HIT.I l.(
?aa ?:...-.- beer? lymueHie* labor* and ,.itl'..u.?r bart
beea pearod (urti -ith labllme ?urn.-M .*- t..r liberty
?ut .. \ i? Ht pull !n it? priiicl|.|. ? n P'Uty iif
lil..-i'i !a,t ct.-n mun* ?o hy ti.?? riiun.i ti r ni it- .1. in. ,;? (.>
it? piinuliitintl (if 1 may ?n ?ill. ?l.i. lu li ? :i tii.it ni?
11 .m i.-. I m liliirti. |a it' an- Ila nlil ?holltionhit* in ii uri
tin- .?t rn i-i.I ni.ti ?luri-rv linn, tin ni.-n nrnl ininai
?lui |a failli linn' prni i ii Inna fur lim nain-.' Iirht. ti'
?nu? ?ho h?i?' ??-uui.il ?I..I1I MIHI ' .1 ni..?Inis l!n nil
religion oi liberty Hey ate lo I?
I.. ? .. li n port) IO ? ..iiinii'
. ? . ?, 1 I
Inn cuni?..! the country Itinmi-li Ila ?>i?r. ?I beer?
Ii Ia? priitnl its' iniiiitv an.l poorer, r
has ?'.Trni'il lu binml a richi tn prescribe fn
a blooHog ?m,! ni [Cleera] l beor T.. a at. liol He
p.uti ! .ni leal its la? turn lint it r????'' fr??m an
.Tt.i-rgi !a v i,i,?I i,,w ?.?..iiiiil pitra um In it in
pnu. It laea inr UBI a I at lil - -:.i
,'?.? ii hpphtti?. | It lan ii . , tent pwwreoi
m tin- i (tea* "f . it h??i?i?
irr?el fondai ? lal prima;-!?? mal ii ..-.-kia?r fm BI- ? ?ti.*
"I'l? ? '? u ! .. li lu ,.?!,, r isitt.v ! n? mai '
IM* ti. II la- ?lilliTi-t.i PS- ?if t'nl_!:,i :.' respecting th-'
tiii'tl.i?l? nf ..curing common ohjtsru Hen ?. .?-ii to I?
BOM al to the i?!''.-? .;? ih.-?i?. ??.i iii.l I 11.1 H It tin re.?
It II ?he duty of the Rapob?eoB party le eaotiaee
m POVat] nnd I baie ?ali!, fr??ni BWBtl IO BMBth, Ipi
ii ?? tr ami a hilf, that if Ile RepuMI? IO pur" bl
' I ilMhug'TlliTit ('ifferi'tl Har!' ti. !?. <l.i?t.il. It
?nil.l ?. i. . .? crime ?gainst liberty ??eui ??i,lr t.
? - . l| Jt ia na t] M1 ton i. ;
and ?.i IO con put! ii? . .".i,-?i I hat ii . l.i.II live B1 d ?' ill reigr
And j'.?t BO? it ?! lu!? It ?.??!*? I?, ti,?- |fl a uri
.ml ?nv through which ?.. mi?? I -at n um ti??'! let rleleol I ?
et? im at hy a natural lu* t>-i ?l? to teaeti J?oa I..'Is
. my rim tinii Borea] n?i f.'.riarv parti <-?iuM ei nr pg .1
.? to Titry lati-k tn tie ?I? pth ni miami J n
?.?..ni?- Hi ?ni riera IM beta ? treal
tuai ?if iii.is m nf t!.,'i-. \\')itii?-r patty *??.!
Ht Onttiaawat aoo_ EM .
. . and by ?'real natural fore? - i , I to di
it atora f..i h I te be dear In t
an l.i l?inr worker ii I [??.r ? uri? r ni? BJ ? i.t il a NOONoOOtJ
parn if |nnnittisi tu taooad Into I
langl< n,?n.i thing? thal i.m! no1 !?? - tan, -.?! a, ?I
t?otp pr?ta lae aad BO-Urala aasl ?? ileobl rt?,uii?'
_B )"ttn tn r?'?ch airl. pei-BI-Bl UfUBalloa a? ?ifbl
jil?! a? i-iiMii !?. ?nui??! in ui.e Xi?r It la Bl I ' t
il.-.riial.- t>.i-r'f.?ri- Hal tht? n..,t,.-r ..?II I?? ? ? i ..
BJ.d .Lue a|?.-eililv nid renn????I OBI ?'? Ha ?a.
.--?. lu ?in. hut .Bail? tbert'inii ,!? ti iii.iii.tiiu u???f .? .ti ,!.|,
I" 'I .? . o iiitri le ?it-rti al..I to iuriiPti iiv IVoet alni I
Hillturn ?lit, . - . ! |
party, A Deere ead ti made hy tbat party with th*
?N.iilli Oil] M ?Bal T:..! ?li:.!!'.,' \<e,-n\ar th?l par!? ?i.,? ii ?|,.t..
repr. ((?:.!. t!.i- rentlmeol t ,?i saved H* r.uii -? ta Bal* i?i_e
wltk tbe HeeH t-_.a_b He DeeieeeeHa pattt Bl t ??t h* i ?ii
1? u . -itali tia* loti ln-eii ... afli.inlni i.'.t!, II- ,*v
fine the war ?i.d Hi . . t" ?el tu.a lot t!
ja II .?.- |-l. .* ? .'
IhiTII tn lu??.- j...,- ft?.;_
arid i...... I'. ,-.'.?? |
lu ?. i . -it p np it*
*X I ?1
.?irr Li'iiiinhle ir.iliil.lua! *lo*Ml<>na ttire m?v I? an
. of He Li ;,. ?.?r*?
t.i? ir.l th* ; -?'m baa been bad l??i! --'...til!
r la by aa
l ?i. f . ..th?- ?aa?. i... i".t i,
iBiiiari mi in ih* party of prttgrre* ile tiepnht.i
party lb? parly of tie yeeog "f t).e i" _ - ih? i^riv . r i??t.
and of t'.. xx e tun?? tint the ?i? -?i
?if He I??;.. raP|i paitv la ?.st It.- Iieam i.
? .?.,-nn.i- lli-.iTil-, f.-, I Hit U,e
? ?.!>? In n,i|.| v ilh ,-itii.ti
ara al HB Book: ?a* of
i?-??-? -i.
. H._ti f ? <? lo a | .a ?-en
. bj ia I
lur? and that nothing inn I? ? ? .r*?i i
party uf I ti i? ?.' ti?? t i??,r I
,! l!|.'V I
nf |tn' i ii' for Mo vena ooajoaet -OTtaa all l
de!.I tt.i.?' ID??!, tn BM '? l-.uie,l li,?Ml tli-l rilli
, - ?
I l.?-e |M ? (in., ii .-,
.... 1M,||.r..|,. -
I ,??-ri! - i?"?? a.!!'?"' ? "( ' '
maa Itriux?? 1? ?'rnm?: th.? ratiB?.? (?il i? . ?"i?l
a?:.?e ,,( ,|M- riftlmn and ?I'll It li " "' '.
pnn.r XX.- ?-! .- ii? lb? HI 11 k? ?". theil .-.?i?, ?.iii '
i.?n ???(.?. ?ml ?e k- li . atoe 1 bera detolted
ulam 11? !i,?.re 11. r .; m | .f '
K.it .,1 11,1 u ili.'ia'lil!'- ; Old hy I
aatiea eda-etlua, aa l enfi !
IMO f?ll I-, '..lill? -'I 'I' I ? a..l
,1 . I t!.. 11 ' ?it!. all m? I . Bl * 1? '" .
tuan tn 1 vp-rv BOB ?t?h ?hnrn iii? nine
?.?lil?! I?- Hil! ?iii,I ml ?ill,mil ?BVarla? nr 1.? . itali?? u lyall
ti-r-1. lu Iib. ri? ami trull. ?1.1 rlvil ? II ' ? '
! i?.?ir ?iitlii.Ke? tu tl.e )li-pii!-lti ni, pur!?. i.X?,
Bul 1 In-ia II (.!j?r< I'd lu th? ?? >? . ' 1- . .' 1 ??? ' rllet? in
?In? I'liB.ri'.ist? ??lil. lu. ill of IbM BP it I.?tinal .llttli '::*? ia the
1I.-I1HX retid?., ni d ?? .1 1? alleg? ?I I i* B?i?'.l.li? Baa ?I.I B-O
B.'-l. tai li.i-i . ..!. t I .' st?
n:?i.tsf' I i!... I ;"|jiiirht?-! J 1 inli i?e ?nu tn .?i ?ill. in-!?
I lniielf ?'ii ?Ith tlain r'nr I In.l.ltl.al a i?rtv I? uot inen !?
Ii.d'mi!? a JIIMI?HIIU ?lal . ginn niitiil? r .>( ?uti.? BfOOOd I
bold (bal a part) latohalaowa aal ju?i???l bj Ila aotaiallag
int? um ?pult l'a iinpiili'ii It? gui??. und that a part.?
mat IIB? Iniii ?taui|?*?l u(?>u ii arhariu ti r f??r inju?ti'-e foi lett
Of (sUieri and hailed ni liberty BO mutter tait n.?rh II in*t
preti-ud t? f??or and tn m?!. tn ?ariv mt jut pritirlples 1, ia
1 ?'.::.'rct'Tit tn de it Nu.? I P" l-l Hit BOO sa? that a psrli ?r
a.it.' ii for liberty nrgnm???! In it? spirit ?ml ?n irairieti **i?t
( 1 I-I ml?T*ke? li rany m?ki- pul it ?t the ?oite?t ?nd the ?? rsl
1? fai I? !!. 1 Mi.?! tn noOeed um! tn ?-BIT? ?ni? a ilgbUnua
j.nln 1 lain g It mi-tali'? ami all t!. ii, II I ?t!.? r party ia ni ran
l?e |]lri!i'?e?l caei-riiii: 1 Hi.I :l 1? ?aid, ti." Di -mo- rall?- part?
bulle?? with you llmt tin? lustier might to tte ??-ttlis'l
lit ?ima- .S'u tliev ililli l , nu the? llnti t nur I with
t.'.iTii Uiey hold that _? ?"i.tril Mate? have a
right to untie liai k ?lllnn.t any ii.iiilitinui n,.| I dont
1 ma? leid that it II lie?! ami ?l?e.l lint 11 culpilt who lui ?nat
lasen arrnii/iied mil CHU iote.1 la-inre ti.i- J inlge ?houUI l?e pal
ilm.M1 ?iihiiul tartha r i-eiiiiimiy . tint that I? not by an) 11,?nu?
hnliliug that the 1 uliirlt Inn a righi tn (ate hi? .Imlgi- and l*y.
. I baie ii-|ici,t?*?l tin riTnre 1 A-n? a niJiXt In gn Im? k at once
lulo ?laieli. I (i??el ?/.?al. j I linld tilt the right inh?-rei
ni I oii?tr.>. nal that it li a inli-mii uhli. ati'in in.p'.ai-d u|?tn it
1.. ?PT llmt Hoot Stott - .nlil.' ha? k iiisiii iTuidilinn? that ?hall
maki- Ha ??iimtry ?afe. I ma? dit?i-r ?ith you na at ? h?t
?I,?i.? enmininti? BIIIIUI?! be bul im! ?? to tlie prim ipi?
that lies l"nk nf li Ihii llmgrees la-:ng lint H0tO_MOf ibe
peii|ile i? titOkOt ?Ilh the pOOTBt to r? ininti uni uu lui I, ???lull
tim.? ni ttia.t rei-nnstru?-ll??u shall I?* tnlui and MfaoBOOl
AlMiut that 1 think ?Here ?**4_-_et bo a iladn? of leiat There
uni? t-e 11 (lltfi IiTi.e ni iipuim. letweeii u? .* to how thl? right
?hail la- ?-nil i-i.! irnl ?lal liant of fcattaey or loattetioei
but the right i? iiidl.putiilil* Ihr l?i'tn<?tr?lli<-party a* I um
?Instand it, doe? l?e|i? II- II in l?e the rulit to lr.iill u[-on
I.'iiaeHntlfonal I?inilBiiBti I aa iieinledly in f??nr
nf them nut to he ?ure. *. neeessarily pre
((.dent ?Vi adiniaiiou, but their epjuality and reaai.iia'.l? !.. ?P
It ?.-eiiii lo un- no ui.e 1 11 ilnpnte I Trie may be .?.nie ??'
llieaii 1'iiiiatitiitloiinl ?UHTidlueuti ?hi' li isa matt? t of ?tate?
l!i.iii?lill. I ?nnld plefi'I la baie had put ntherwlie. lint ti?
li? e.| of (onitltuliipiiiil inn?!.ilni'Tit? ) lota urged tlr.t ?a?
middle and last ..ml ?lill urg? und l!i?i?t ui-on, ?lui I loir
lol full (?lib that liny ?oiiLlI,.- pni*?i-d. ?hitler l!,e Southen
Mai.? ?.te III m ??ni and nilli lunn- certmiitr al b
?..lu. nf them if the) ??-re Iii Ulan if the? ?ere on
In ?holt. Iii? ?ii.eii.liiiiT.t? nu '.j?tiil'!?'?i.d iiscluf und ntigt
to li? mail?' 'Ihr i-ul? thal would ?ecru?'If (hey (Imuhl 11*
nu?? I In !-e ?un- Dil 11k lett i'"iisi'!i'rnl'le tli 11 it do UiBliV other
1 lim mont eeoreoeOItl ti.un the? 11.r mure ho'ieftil of the fi
ture, lint in ?Il huiuiin pinli.ilillily tin 1 ure ?uri-to pa?? f
Hen lo i,'..?tiling Hal ha? ia?t otreorr?d of wltel we towt I
ccrtii.n, it'1? tli.it He*? <'oustitiitini?.-il aiasBaaanita ?li
pa?? M? ?inn hil?'. 1 HatfM '""' ti "-I "till tliRt It
?hole iiniii.ii ?null! )*. ni letter eeoHlleo if mi.j
o( thone Stntcs ?ere i.t onie ??lmjtted und smitv
ii? them tia !..!.? a. Hl.il, 1m! I au, i,nt tia l(. pi.l.Ui an pOItt l
um ?Till n tree mi mi-1 "fn ?ith merty to aaptea? aty jfaf
?eatOf wlplBOO leen don? ami 1* !?.!?. don* u? ?lerylali
<-i?c Lu? tin- Matt right t" tipton li- ?i?'?? An.I ?1
ni 11 Blatter ol principa-, n?'t la I matt? r nf leith lint in * BW
inatt? 1 ..I l/iil.r.i lain ni 111 Hint ?Hit shall l,!nl Sulk ud
- t-i ?.nk'' Nu 'l !.'. noa reeooo Hat M toa aoo to
urgt) ti..- ?.li!.!-.!!.!! "! the Smith? lu S'at?'? Ml
out ?lilting fur th. rliiing?-? m the I'l.ti.tlti ii-n
um? lea?!, me In uri/e th?-Snnlh tn a inna?.! n. .1 -plutu-e I Ile
?i... .dm. Bia Hal the a la 1? .-i lb? i- ? ??n-t. actleo i???!? ni' be
?|si-ililv dune np mid put mit oftletray, I Applini??- I I '?'?
|i?;ieii'r?U. ii, I inn!' ?!.!'! ii would leaxi lh( l-la.-ki ?Ink to
|n.-tlll?U. I, ni: t!.i- i nl.tr.TV bril I"1** aiaI' li"!
liaPat ?..?I'll li nl.lig.lli I '
??ni linn-eannd W bat al) tier trblekaay
will ?Iii).!? mi in n|iini ni? Mm.i- men -..
l! i-i nib? r? *?nu- in Ti mu?' Is- !ur iniiie i nurug?-m.i ni. I
? ..?.. ?ni ?han (?lh?-r? lill! Hint li in I. (*< ii?'l 1.? Ulai -r.,.1
?? it M. m? m ma ihii m. ii-i a-..; rea.BBI la?eat
I | .a favor ol l.-gi-!,?i...- IHII Iel it bl If***-] 1 In.?
' ? :..l 1? i!, i al tri ?'-'?I an et li I I <
tli .i Illa it?.uinl ni.a I.'?, paral? - tbe Sort! Bitd lh?f (footl if I i
unit ii??- a aara ' al '. no ii auld tia re btst-B !?? -b ?'? '?? : '
tentluii ?ml tlial ii ?.ia nul i.i i. ?-?!? ?id j
I?. j, up -ii li lb* .
!??!v polKie hut I hriie |.-.t al I..
lal ?till ii-1 ; . Brilia toot I
nur v.,-- I ni tu ni ronntrveiei bowne? Hal
g ,.r, |i . i -?.-.? t t .-!!?. k. !
And 1 iii. n?'t he ... 1 ht* V* II
, '
i baoi .i i .. . ?ad i. ? - . ? ' '
1 Uu jt you hat* no haaa H-vj ?... .?lu. ?i- OOOMtjOk OL ,
th* other haul fine.?? without crops are not profit.dil?? Iin?
liiiialry [Ippiara] 1 tl.i k we saghl te lu,??' !'*:.
bat what i? a la? in a community allheal
a : ' I? hin?! it? What sa watta the law?
- .T! ??? r- do tal whit m ii,. ? u?. oitii??r? sisante
I !" [?ililli sentiment belitived Item, l'a*?? n lu?
( it- .?IN??? T??rk that the whole n.-. '?IL'-'UC-- of tb? City ?li?
md yam canna find offlcen SBoasfcatto
wiiol?? pottfCforri tonis Ite H That Whick mum?!*? law,
w hu ii neutral/?? it ami ei\i ? it power ami dignity, i? a pablis
Bataan! i??hiinl n. loo yonw notag to make towt i lint
ii nght lint wini* yrci ii? iiiukii,.-! m ? MO te It t hit yon do
i? ,.T tint n|e?? winch M itaod mu? ngami
fur it? ci.etitioii-ti- i?aiiiic nation it at ti.? sees
monly. Ami I! I ???? ak ?tronglv on IBB
petal ra? will i?i a...- ni'- M? car!? uf?? vm
pa ' I l8 ?B ? ?'-. ?? Vi I I i til I know Ihr ji'iilouay of
thread I know it wa* ilitlliult
even for yoBig m A at-omplUh?ed minltcn t<> go in anton?
' -.; i Ithoul I? lag iapocB.1 "I treating timm A* leithen? alni
thnt ?? kool m,,?' ig li ? ... .n .' iii:',i ?ut to eil ii Uah m??I I knew
i ?.: ;, m 'pare ?? ?, smoRg euch a peopte ?ml
iiiiry to tin i i- :? ? ??'u'l. and ?ti?tnlnite ainong timm thal which
the? moat Beatal ballas ata ?f ?kiah Itali pridenomted
Anil I know that if I te '??. ilk of the North uti, -" u.thc South,
mui n ?i t.-ii ... : - r . : a .lui school mlifimos sretogoonwng
Itara and uah tbeir school and if there is to te a beal I j ? ?i
? Ol US!loi ?I .? ' :n ?o i inn- gut t,, pre?
? o IJ nu it lu the establishment ri a cordal ?tate it
Ming ' pople ri Ita South .uni I ty people ri UM
North 11.,- .?-?Ulli n i- nebodj la ipmh ?mr it Wc hut the
Dtimocrali and I ? i.tap ik to aaybody's kooringa bclsf
li?' I lo not 1 ?te to my yoe bat? mid Mi-rate th? praam
? ali ?-i .i ?I. ??! I. n i ;'??.?j rftntki ru m nid?: ,. i nal St ?
i?.<i|?1 ITrZJ'mmi'm ImmmtOrOtHlUthettgirudrhttiQI - .,"li:;tli?ti
hoftoia re t! t von do But tbm I 'loutthink thal
Bteriilipri l ?llii i- t.a .?..Hi. it k11 tia H..nth nu like
thal I ita lldl ' I ' ? ( I: lal 1' I f?'u pi UTI
ai? Hi.?1 the ate Of the coi!,li? i.'onitl! uti? the Smith I look at
Ita Braal i.,?, rim and my OB? tarar., i? i. | teal thai,r' "'
Ita bte k men? well a? he iboukl te treated, bri I ?ay it la in
toeverj oteara ?of Stan ? mm ?of Ike knowledge
"?!."> totraat?ritarai aad I beton ?tta peegtaoftta South
in ?,:.,,',r- waa ar* ??.knur t., scqalre tem taaartssta I
that they mern tow?svm inintelligeot th? i maya i??
?tnul te ti.?-.i woni They in,-, pt-rbapi ?seed to te eos
?ttrai '?i mui eocrmd i-v ratea taws N I han?
gre it fi.uti in ti, . l.iiior um! t?i* K,."| intention of the South
ami I tun i.-t a-!uime,l t.? ? v ti ut m? |;,.",t _,".., ,u,t to them
I sa ?a ii.i.Miaeii win1., lea ycart ????ii i,,u" named awaj t<>
have it nu l-i,!.H.,1 tliat ?tata wa. "ne m,ui Bra ant!
I? ait m ?i.iti mill of 1'?. ?inkiit ily- who, after tin
war a . ni! mer, lud a yearning ' f"r that
pur- at ti ? ?"?.ti? m" KI ?I who nu.? aaetj for their aorro'vn
an?! tti? ir mistakra ? tadlgaaal ut their
Srtaa i i ii a? e.i.'ei n. ai'?' ian?? to ? unii? at.? judifiiiciit and
(inn run . i.l iliiiiiig tia- am MT ii um. ?! nt it? iii?.? f,,r their
ruo rat..a li l port uf tta !'i.i??i. ami I? In v??! >?i. r? honorable
Bolton, wh?, pledged t! ein in that mutti r,
n?.t thal te HOIIII lava Hie restoratioa t.? be iccuiapliihea
without I.'?, bat li *" taimnad Ita ?asa
?nr? 1 wn'i t? .tun?,nie? of ?empathy
alni kiiulnei? n. t?? toaks ?ii Ita south n l??|iii,nlug
ol H at )a i ! ??te -.ni m. i t w nu-ii n mi tai n? nul muk? ? operative
al i:i '.' kiwi i :. ?? u.? faull and m?' bsrasj [ateca]
And no? bdloi I tadrao spa? i??ur patteae???
t lia ?.j? thal M i'"!'?? 'n ' ?' that we are iliuwing
very near to Ita ? tot? ark which we have
tna iBectae Hie night, I mink, i? f?r ?j? nt, ami ti,,
Bj tah? wran as ikaada m ita sMa ?e
ki ..w- wimt Hi?' rertUel ri ti t i>-a?|il?? ii to b?1 We kn m who
an te bold powm for toe oeTt two yeore, [< heer? ) Wi-know
ami r? ??i? ? mil ?i.?I ?.old tara ever ?deateed-na towma
i?. ? ilcmni i 1 derna it importaal al
thi? t.me thnt ? North ?i i?.?id be givra wttk
BVotatm a ? . ' at ?hall ailinn n: no
-ti.'li:,?. and Ita! ?Inn ttu-y who ic|.|. ??tit
n i prap! ii-iin kata thais (tesa ii ?hall la* w.th
. ii the Rall N-!iii'l ? l.i-iii and en?l?n?iiig
li I a mod lemon for ttaSoath It Is a goad lasso? Ite
-i hief maker? Alni it will
du i.o bara tal] em wh?i ?re ate BBateal makes? when one?
itoveearewa Bltokam um??npour
tcli? i ?s a righi to diversity at ?untaiw Latta RrpokU
tee hare a righi t- Ti-, im lae esaedlenci ?>f me??.
arra I I Ihej '.??'. bera trinVdaad ?fci.-nniu?!
uj. ii IhS? n Is our ,',iitv a ?tar.d hand lu
l.aial in.?I tefl Mer t<? ihtiuli'ier. in?l with ?u?.k.-d
?l. _. ar?l SBteokmi rank? B g?i forward and lo
moiBlala Ita gut ?rameal of ?ita ooaotry still claiming the
right to i it:?,? ir???a.!?l ni? ai'iP't ami lo urge mentir??
I?. I?, ?ne md J?i.t f ?hull ?ni?
llo ??. tut I ?hall do it al HU?? with fealty
(?...?- t and B I ..-:. it party with whidl.
have grown tu? and lo i la tare the banar, tes
! Ill nation ? Applnom )
I -a few m..re ti ii? ?e (tal ?mile ?hue BOW
?e. ,,?i .w ?. ti ali leek back wlk oatcmasnta to ?hul
? ? .?i.g that i.ic* iweepoTOTB md marvel
I tova bees Thoa m? tam will brlnr
? i'k nulli ?r ?n inn
pi . itmn Ih? ?r ?i.e.t,na Tlier? .ball lu- io rent
. ?nunt at lib
?Mt ?.i . t.i ... t Ina t ti,.a lilli || BSnql mode
.i.J . ?ni an l >. i sorer ned
b .( io ?.i ile fondona of odatiaiairaiioa ?iiii.n
ad wiltari ?m1 li ? ' ? ' ?li T It . nf lune fong
,-. ' . ..?? le of ?elf govern '
ama! ?ball ' :'.?.?? ts?BplS| ?ml the werri
-bail begin i?? '- I and rwdaamm
, ...?ii? man bing i on and I and al at m
i ? . . ... ap -v.ua t?ur
k'?'i. ml i i-i.?: ?-1 non o' libt-m
1 he >. ii ?li.? I ut a lillie while
. -. ry will I-.. ),u ?..! . - m__ ti,, " will,
.i ead>??. ?tori aod? will gue thank? 1
ki ii.. '? ,1 ?.four ! . i . r. ?i,., h ,- . Ute- thnnigb I
the ai d? n ?-?? ?cd ia* ?i-e ?ml iiitollii 1 *ri-iai?eil Ijind. |l*ro
ti-? ? ii?r?)
I . 1' BaamCTi e?i. offered the foil..wing narin
tti.ml.rd "Dial ?I* ?-It .??. ef Hr ?*k!?B her? taaiut. a ! t*ad*r Ik. I,
? I? la fell il*t i ;?. e I ? ?I .a a a the He, H***yt?Y_rd
gAotb*l f r ( e ?lair , ?I? ., a. ni ila! IUB|?irB{ die .alta mik I,*
t lUPam n. rig. sowas
I na ar I,Itl'i .?ural lo wilki I.l? pawer? I*?* I.ma beau
d-taled, f -u, iii Ibl it-I* .>. ?Tal?? ?Uh wh ? . hil lilli,, derive!
a I a wii.ae t ,,?ii li* Ub-ai. uf hi? ilfelia?. ha??
?ti ?n wi? tiiinr III:?. ,?)? aili.pt?-?!
I ?Ita . sun.. n |! t I i
.nil ?and eddiansd tia um ung a* ii?,
KI -iKKSi.r MI . ?saman
Mi ? n ?'i ?a? * . di MI i ?ii s I'-r i ' ?i ? i.?
,,. I tot for a -M ?le iriuineiit
ii,, | a !? . ifc toora of mer? ?altor posma
-' ??I ?ml iitnia
, " . nil ' iOgm ni ?li-? oat.e to
?hu k web ?>?. bad ita placean ??I I Beatas Apyteam : B .
I1.?V liol nil "f U? Bgfm ?l III. e..-r? ?entllili lil he lim ?lilli!
lui hu io ?' !'?? ?."? la t ? 1 r i?iii?ii tu I i ?-.i i' ! atti? of
? ., printing .?.I ?nil thom ??! ill loyal ana ?ml
,j ,, ,,,,? i ?1. md '?? g. ? e a ii:. .1 and ii ,
ti. the i.t: retool i of te? id and bato r potrtattaa in ita Empire
?,,";. ?nula UMBI 11 .? t- ' I-? n? ?ii nistet my MM
iklya (bat than shall go forth iimu lhe?e irull?
. ? ?uri!? of it at. -hi' -?? '??I- .. - Kindilei Tug note, luid tru I ( ..!
- at ?hall nug in all our lain? and ?hall be he.uil
?arar el Ita i.di top? aad terang! el Ita ralojrori th? hm|ire
iSlale to enri-r ami iu?pii< ti e orive and th? Hue fin tLat linni
lad ?forlorn Irimipli that swaiu m on ita Stk of levente i
?g?.i.?t ii?-?"nilli.? ti i."??- ??"i -f Wai Democrat! bat ri leb
?li ?|..l l.'i'pl" i lieu!, am! th? Hr.- n! au.I Hatter Itrigad* !*<1 in
for by Ai.dn ? .lii|.ii??ia [?Titeen Bri laughter I Emla?, irai
p. times I h'-p. ..n We. : . ?rioi sveeiag M ti ?to .?. up? hu?
a te? mis?tes ia raying nmsiblng Bara cn til ?|??t ?f whit
I think ?f Hie P"b' > "f A'Klrew Tohiiaoli I lag no? loton
olude ?hu I h??? ??a . . Itara stat i? f<?! Hi? states
ri the evening--? ur own ii Ho? . ?tuen Henry Ward Beecher
The i ??I wu? re?|?nid.?l l?, bj prolonged add . i,!hii?l:i?t:c
Niiul nilla f? r Tilt.ni w.r?-'I.-n mule ami TitH'1-.'Ni In
n .\ i m..? ???i ? ?r?! ni ?'. addnawd th* maettag a MB Wt
BlilARI.H 0) MB. TILrt.S.
Pat? ila ??r> BBMttaOM I ?nu imw illing to he i!i?coiirlenu?
in ne? of yea Und ?ml ami i BS ?nu ?mora aawilling le ???
II ?mile word Hut you know the old pnnerb- ti lut nut
man thiaki of the it. puhli. !? t him w rile it na hi? brow . ' ( A|i
plena? I H hy ill? )on a iiiumUi lue kelr I I taki It foi iraiit-il
it ii thal y??n i??J know ni? oplnioin. [AppteaSI | Now let
me my. ti tte? uf the el? ? lion ? hi? h i- mum to la? held in Hil.
si.iu, th?! '! I ted ? baadrad baadt ?mi if m ?-??ry p?im
I hail a ?now teatral o? voie? t would cait them like
a itorni l'to the lutllnl boi for the Republican |airty ?Ap
pinn?? ! l"r .?* letm?a, the Kepi.lilli au |?rt? on the one hand
and ihr Dt-nna ratir )?arty nu the din r I uonl?? m? iTum ,? lot g
?go i he gat nion of tea tea a? me n not ntalaa l ?h?n go
?lib Hie Ke| ?ii lu an? or whether 1 ali,ill iro with the Iii mo
i rat* BS ?Law the la,w but the arrow . 11:^1.1 I? l.-Tluul TTi?
iiueilioi ii not ?hat ?hall I?1 li ?. |K.IH y whl? h the Aiuencao
i. opie lint!! plunge upon a? I. la em the luuiner of on?1 party anil
the Vanner of ii'iotluT Th>- i|ii'.tt'iu ol the hour la with the Id
piil?!ii?n I???*') n?elt i.lipl?::?. i A ml what ahull be
It? i.ilii? I What ?lilil? hi? Ihe theory upon wknh
It will relay the fouliilitloil of tint liiukeii goieinmeut*
Fur I IBB larlicic that we i?iiia.t afford to take back
ti,r Southern Mat. . ?IIlimit londltinni Therefore the i|iu?
li."mea un. w but .hall la- the condition? . That 1? the vital
qu??lioliof ?he hour (Appluu.e | I entirely ?gr?? willi the
noble mau who ?il Ir-ta-l you-ami un nobler mun live? in tin?
i ity or in the land-that we are to ti net th? Soutk I trott the
?Booti I Bari hiiiiiiiii nature whuictri Ince it ?.??I bull ui
lo I a.t nil men .Ne tiri hele.? we iitiial ia? couditloli?-wv
irai?! i i Hi* I"" I tpplauie ? HUM. bon far du we tin?! the
Koutti I w hen taoaaaeum rireeeaetra? iionmjncaB?mimpoBd
?.?oiullll'in? We ?mil ii. ,1 .1. ? i-i, Stat?? ?hall mit i unie back until
ti,,? obey Ita first pnscribed soadiiltaB ata tee otdtaaara atm
rraalnn Weioiillnlheiecon'l place the? .Imll not come beck un
til the? comply with the entntltlona pi? i? nbe.l a? to the Kebi I
,i,i,i We tea tattatklri pin?*, teey ?hall aa ama tech
ullin ihe) coiuiilt with th. ??million prmeriM ?? to a pro
Inliltory ?'??n???Inllnnni Mino ?Imeiit Now I eng, riaading in
th?? pr?'-? in e o! 11 rilalliou? sin,-, if wa eotilil not tnnt them
? ith liie oi-ilitiince ,,f Seeea.ioa if ?e coulil not Iru.t tin m
..i.l ii.t.a . ?a i. f. ira, e t" iht'ii own Slate d'il, um! li
?,? , ?. ?Ul ti??t tnut them ?itli Ita prohibitory ?'ont'ituttotinl
"iiiiiiilnu'Ul (?'?I forint ?Uurt w, ?ho.ii,I tin?I ?thCB with tilt*
," ,?r?. [Ia0 id ?ppUii.e | ?In ti t ill? Minn I ??Ti l.v. ? !.?"! ?>?
f. |! to Ih. dull mai a lieu Iii* ban I-I of 11 ? Ui n.u WU! lltXtd OVei
t!icbnllliT:;?Tit"flheI{.l?-ll!..' I ??: i ,..? I? . ?r ?'la.! II ?tkoaS 11
Mali ? li??l l?'i?lied lal? k lo their pla? ? . in ? ougr? ?? Is I '-' ' " "'
tmn. !'? ?i li "?. ?"?.?liii-ii? '?. ' I'?. ti ... ti it ri,.- ??.-i? i niii?'tit
Bd aire..!? Im?! "tul Ita f?? it 111 Ita ?BadfooJ I'?'?? ??BBB
,?,"111. laid. (Apiliui.e) We J iriUudtbi.'i'"!?? '""I
ive been Weft fold ?'. Hind by thom ?II Ve! d-w.
want to la? ?he f.. Hal When Solomon ?-?I'l I li ree Ililli?,, he
alwey? mafod UM foortfo Uov?-i_menl impmed Ik?.
'? want to imp?-.-1!-- fourth lad ban I -..
that ii'i'' '.? ." ' '''. pi m ri re.'i ?i? ii"?? i? Lieh ?I"? - no1 otu
i? ..i al] , tisrni befon Ita law [Pre
afonreil ipplau* 1 I -l?. not i no?? ?ihn!,cr in Ita minta!ol ?this
?i,,,,,, near? ta reach thal hart , I de no! kn >?? ?taltai m
r,."j , t? "f ( i-rarcd .-oiii.tr? ?i,
",',. i?. -n Ihri f? r mi- or two ?r line.? of I'-n ye.ii?. Ilu|
on. ihi'ig 1 ?I?. kmiH. if ?jon oak me far the ?pattara
,..:?. , . . Ill "I'tclttr?
whi? h ti ' ' ' lhal ? - o i, t
?i, ?i ti.,:, the pnttara ? bj Iba i Bten
?t of In
it, i .. . ?I urn! I Bill ' i" "" ?'heirn
: rr of tis Ki?
, , , ?.I Ita 1? pub
. li,?II not Mute aller aaottat
"?(lt>?! lb? |M<nding < ??i.-- -i?nui??.! Au? ?? -hill
.on,, ?bock I ' f"r One ?Mill
When 'lu N?l",ii"|
. I Hla.iu |,re
li a -, ?! li?,
nt they ?hall
I . . . :UHI a
__ m j ,v, a,, ' ,, ,i? ? - - i . ?. . '?. .. A ?Ulam I.
faace] ?Har ami li mis is Ita UtiiBB lim-uu ?i ?i???d. uu>
lou! rcxnlti?! t?nt I neinr !:????'<!. [Applause] Ten Stale? are
out nf the t'tilon. Ten tS?-?? knock at the door. Ten Sutes
?re waiting to 00M8 la Tie preUeei ?? how to reeaootnet
those t?n. Who are (hi-nn-u ?ho are to have opinion? that
ahull I)* ?alni in ri'giird to the construction of those ten Mates |
I ?nv tlmt tin y ure He loyal citi/cn? of MOM Btatea [Ap
pliiusi- I 1 went B f'tv week? itg-o to Philadelphia, ami I lal in
a ('onuritii'ii lepraMBrlBg (he loyal citiziTig of Hupe? ten
uiiri-coiirtriu t?'?I State?-?'hite men'und til in It 'I I,???" men.
n p.. -i nti'ig those ten tiiirecdi.-trint?-?! Statt?'? ?aid that the
p? mung ( ?institutional Ameiiilment before th" 1!? [?uhlii-an
pnrty i? a good thing ?n iu wtn OttOOM BMOOBfO, Just nnd
..?pntiilib- nuil wo linpc it ?vii! ?ins?, r.ut eonaidered ni a ?clieme
fur the r?-i iiiistiui lion ?if the I iiion, it is no Ix-tter HaO ? turill
'nil nr iKiitriility law, jrotal for its own BOBO hut it ?!<?e? not
?iiticli th" ? ni?. I gn Air lit pending nmeniliiieiit in it? spirit.
I ?lo not go for th?* [pending aint'iidnx'iit aa it right condition in
v.l.i? h tin* Union U to be reconstructed, for I
p-uy ti i? only true theory i? the theory of the
B_0_ lights of ITII/UII? before the law. This day those
na ii lift up their amid? mid their l.i iit? ti? II. ,u. p ,,i,,\ prat for
th?' mi? ces? of the Ki publican party. I Join my prayer to that ?
I ?Imp niv hum!? willi tims?" of th'' "?arty Hut I Bato leaf
anotlnT ami fiir(!ii*r-and I llilnk i? BObtte? tmjft, tal t!..?t i*
f-n Ile tiiumph of He great prim-ipl?' of '???liti'iil?'?'utility for all
AmeriiTiii riti/in? ?,?M! fouir it ll'rolnnged applause 1
The meeting then, on potion ??IjonrniNl.
i-p? ,-.ni lli-f.??. h to 'I lu- N. Y. 'I'rlh.MO .
Pot ?SHKKKt'SI?: Oct. l'i is??*..
Th? most eicitin-z content betwi'eu noted hoiBM
ii? r ii itii?'s?eil in th??e puitg ti?ok pim-?.'her?; to ?lay at Doty I
1'iirk oin- mili! Knit of (lie ? if v.
TUB ?brcABinit.
Th?' oeeaaiOO wa? Ha last day? exhibition of the Ponglikeep
?ii li: 11:1,1.' \e-ia, t ,! inn ni ?|,ii-li Morgan 1. Mut- Otk, a ? . !..
breted ?tuck tooabm i* Pteeidee- Tb? exhibition ?as pit
?In.i li In hist thl.lui? twn nf ?liii!i mu- usn! lu?! m--k.
xt ti ?. lu?.- of He Moot- dny iThiirsiluvi I furioii.? raia BOM ?
?.' m ?liin tb" uiiiriag? rs ?is Iv concluded to r?o*t|M?iie til"
last dey'l exblbillon Until to day. In th" BMOO time t!ie invu? rs
nt tin i rlebrated anima!- -s-irrell Hill Kinpr?-?? and l.old?tnit!i s
Mure con. lud".! to atlcn?! the l'l?t? i I ninty lair on the hint
dru of rlial exhibition mid the.outend for the premium ? re
pan of ?huh c?niti?t I .'nil.' iiiii-inly ?'T,t inn Sim.?' then
Hi" gn ateet int.-iin?t has bOM BMOUbBUd in ugard to th? nsnlt
of ti..in?? rae al Hooadol He foarH beal at He?lataa
('??ut ty trtiil. Kinpre?? win? withdrawn w' bli fact hu? gncti
rita to tin- rumor [bal ile was dragged, though i? i? not as yet
iiuthiitTiutin-li Matant, A Bl ?',?-r ninior ?? ?.aiiiing credence that
isith of th.* imir.'s ??re iroogll lera le aot la aaaaeettaa with
m. h min-r to ?in the g,and 1900 }>r?-millili. l.?.rg?' di-h-gntioi.i
rnuii Mow York. Bootoo a_aay, ii?>v Newburgh, ami otlu-r
pim-. ? ure here, grtc irIv .-n ?ted m-r afjaiia _p'??rtaiuiiig to the
tr.it ?ml lur.c aiiiiniin? ,.| BMOO] lara airea.!, bet n iii. -'. I
Bia. ? ? n inn.. Ha abete, 1 bott h.-ar! ti-mt'thc ladlap? dtloa
.if Ktapreai t? ovtag aob ly to the torn Ont bei keeper baa beeo
: in In.? duty DI gi.a 'mp .!,.. annual to Mai ?n "ttent that
her mi mr Hlpfteo 1er t" Se? Vor? on ?S?itiir?lav night liy Hie
Kondout 1*00- At tin? time I!? ocio? k main li I? iiuilcistoo?!
tiiut Kulpi??? i, not t.. ..nti-r. thinfnre nil rannoy int caird lo In r
ni Ha poola ?liol ?old luit neck, is gradually being ?ith
It is now 1 p in ami the irrnumls ni Ht xieitiity of the trnclt
arc tilled ?nh ?|?ei tutor?, and laigo numls'is of v-'hiilcs ure
w-cii in eterj Hreetioo MOM ofHta ttmrtataleg ladi?-?.
I muy any here that tin) r MS li for a premium of f _i|) mile
heal?. MM ti.ric in fix?.
Tilt roora.
At'.'p m . John Doty proprietor of the track, ascended to
the juilg? ? ?tand. ami proiMuin.'ed to tho??* pre*?'Ut that mai?
mm h ii? Kuipre?. hm! ? ithlriinn it) I ponis und all ?ide (peta
werpii?lf Tins decision at tint cn-atial a litlie fialing. but
?Inn it ?aaasaerteil thal uni. is the [??.li of l??t ?cea were
cousll? r?'?l n Mr ? .?.l.Ieixiith wouhl Bot eater Hi mare, all ac
T .i? a. ??I in the ?niiutinii. It ?_ mercli -i matter of fuirr:"??
tipciii.se ?hen Empress ?ith.lr.,t? the beti were aa V) to ?i nu
Oofatu-IH . aore. Aa BOOO M taie thora m.itter ?_? decnl.tl.
p??i|( ?obi rupidiv Sorri-ll Hill m.d li<<!?l?iuitb . mure being the
.inly mnieitirig ?.or?. . Ht latter lu the first pool n-llliig *'<T
|7n, and ihe former for |41 A large iun?)uiit of money ?im in
i. ?i?.I at that rate K11 th" pools pre? ?nu? IO Ha first ?.?iit shoe?
ing the (inl.l.?!i.i'.!? mire tolie g'reatlv He fi?
The tra-k in'he o nti-r wa? in rOTJ %OtA "in?liti"i: I .;. t!.e
outer etigc? w?-r-a little beaxy It Is tureeajtnirter? of PI mile
it, length ?huh iieciiitiiteil the starting of the horse? from
the 4uarter pole.
THE jripfii?.
TimJinig"? ??re Klliert K to .?. ?>f South Oyster Rev Long
r-'.ti ?1 I .' Hung ?.( Amenii?. DotOlOM I ouiilv ami Win. J.
! . li r!:i!l of Newburgh llriiu*.- I OOBB]
)"Inet llr AT-ll.it): beten ?ore -. ir:? ?1 from the i|u_it?T peat
to !!.?. ixiuth ca?l ni the Jud^'e? ?t?ud, Nirn-II Hill Uiku.g th"
p?le J bey got aroitlillii g rood ?i?rt, hut Ipefor" crotwiiig the
?. ??r? for toe Iret Ho. Bom*. BUI weol np bit driver lo??ter
I TI m liiiii?) soon ??iii.giiig lum to bl? work ?gum. BO follow
.' mar?' ' l.-.e.'v t'..' lait.-r |ipi?(!!ig' the Jmlges stnn?! Iir?t
,iirti-r, la -8 si'iT'tnli pTiiliiiig tin* half mik- |p.wt in 1:19, and
ii inihg in three lengths uhcud. ?vinuing the heat ni I .r.'
taly hie miiiiir?*i*n! tlaii giwii for the ruhluug und
i: .?i/oririinr pn? ??a dum?..' ? hu U li.-aiy odd? ?t-rt- bud uu
tie ?iolii.Tiitii Biara wah lut fe? uker?
s?? lito llr it - Al tb? pr.i|? r ti.i..' Ilring on your hor?es "
wa? ihonie.l fruin the jadgi ? ?t uni tlnT?- !i?*i!iir no !?>ll on th:?t
!ii?t;tnliun. rta- Bal* t--.? . y huir a length ps?.
lag tin* nulgi? ?taml on Ila Int Mattet all ?pf twobngth?
alieiul of sorrell Hill appareritlr liiSnirig heavily and to all ap
l>earani ? _ out of i-mnlitiuii ile broli- IxKlly. the mare daehine
?long B1 a line rule roO-Uog the hull nillo pole in i i? und
oiBiing lu un- the ?-ure un the ! uni ?ireli li oa an I?B>.V jug,
?Uiulng lb" heat in I 41 Sir:? II Kill . chitn?-?? ut I'll? jiiucllire
?ere MMotOOM Hi? Bjeal e?rup'?t frlcn?!? I?'?jg"il
oivin-r tn ink" him awn? ?i.d give np the conle?t as it wa? \?TV
rililei.l th it lb?: bonn? mu? nut in. ?"iidltiin hit In* wmild not
h.;?.-w.r Y,,,,.!-.!/.',.,?.1'":.. .__^_a.l_?___r 1"',,, s;;rr'!11"1"
.land on lb ? fir?! .|iiart.-r half a l.?r,arthis?sWi_l ?__l?^
pele in 1 ?7 coining ni iibeail und u lining tin- beut and lae* in
I Ti
Beete*. Ml HooaglO-l the entire rn?? ?howe?! h tidlj a
? i:?*li' I ur?l of ?|ies*?| |,nt BO ti..'!.< ' .'.! I not ??'em t?' Is- in
g.M?l .-omlitio)) I'hc time in the dill. r. Bl heat* ?n? comidervsi
ugly good **pecl_*ly ?ben tb* apparent leevtaaM of
.? an?! t!??- klgb ?ried vere taken Into eoodtlderetleo
Mai.?*.!. iM-r? ?!?o ladieved that (lie -Otlal MotOt*1 lind
bett, r not lota enti-r'1?! at t!u? Kingston rai" us it ? a? ti ?night
li I.? ii'lmlrar? iiinl o'.t.?i?li-r? MOatoU. th it on that ilij l.i?
let-eeerort eaM w.? kaoa ait MVM al|eeto?totaetnog
linn to ?lu? ?iitTiig he ?a? eel of ?-..nditi'in.
I <- ?'ml :?miti? Mure i? ?t . coud H.tuil>lcto:iiau, and 1*
?? liar? old.
Sorell Rill 1? hy Iln?!.._ Bet an?l i< I vertr? nlil
Mr iii.!.!? i if!, il? ?m i ?r ??f tin* mure puiil a high coinpli
rai i.t tn S.irii-ll Hill iBviugtl.it n letOMO* l8 ?e Bat tim .?t
J he ever kara imt tli it t? ?luv h<> worked Imllv BealM
?tali .1 t! nt he h m I edterod Horn, r Hug.?, the owner of sorrell
Hill |.u mi for that animal
? I __-!:X.
PuiMif ??"' fr?* for . I ?iii?tiu( ho!*M. it Ditly i Park Track.
f lu(likeet-l?.
A ?ii I ?.ultu ntin?. h m " ( ?.vdmlth'i Mir*". 1 1 1
1h.ru Hem a?roe? .ullmn " BVirar. Bill '. 1 1 2
Hu,.. BOB) i I 41-J.sl
A mnt.-h then tiaiV nluce for a pur??? of tM) between the
hnr?e sorrell OeotM aid gru? mare Crinolina Hie foi mer
artoatw lo HTM straight leeta Tlao-J41 atl| HI
Mr. lH)tv the indetatig ?1?1? propi i?'t?>r ?if th?' gmund? de
Ml IM g1 eel prune fur originating Hil Kau meeting nf Hudson
liner t ulm.T.._ Uixiiti?.
iAnMHiiti' irntii ri:o_ THI. PB_aii>_-NT.
HA?III?-III,? M.inlay O-t II MM
With r?f?rence to tbi* liiapetoh coac.-rmng the alleged
" Qneition? " ol the l'r???iiicrrt to the Attorney (ieneral
?hieb wa? inino.ed on tlio corre?pv?iident of The PuLLc
l.rilrrr the following letter ?a? timed to-Jay by order of
the Preeident:
Km I ri? r. M ?\?u<"? I
Wt?lllM.l.lS 1? ( net. 1'.. 1*??' S
Pata SIK Tin* l'n*?i?l?*ti( h?ii?relu)lv exuunieil the papers
which ??"i pUcisI ii? hi? hand? on the 14th nut ?nd i? entirely
.atlihcd tin?! I lie re?|spii?ib!!it.v teaaeetOd wltli the diipatch 88
?hiiiitinj rcoarreen aleaa upo? the w??htiigton Agent ??f
row eorrtopoedent The Pre?id?mt l? cou vi m .;?1 that neither
the propri? tor? ?Nlitor?? nor manager?, lied any complicity
whatever In tho f?brn_tion of the ?tiapalt-h. Very rr.pei*lftilly
voiir? KoHini IIDHN**"??. Priv?lo aBeretory
M ? McKe*n es?]., Waahlugton P (' r?pi?'?cu(iug Ontige
W ? bibil es?, m th" IhUadelphvi f'u'u'i.- Le.tjn.
-ip.-. li.I Ittapai. b te Tie N. Y. Trtbene.
CHICAGO, Oct. I.S.-The 8onrJ of th?* Covenant, an
Israelite secret Ih'iicvo!. nt Nut? ir b?;?1 u (i-etlt ?! here t .-sler
?lav Repn**?Tilallv?'( wen' pres?nt fn>m ni:merous latdres
HlBOgbout Hu- North and We?t The public pr?K'?-eding? ?are
it ltaiii|ii?t and ?pi-.-, lu-?
I ?o miinl.'r? me i ?-ported by the mm nmg p?p?*r? to hive ne
i ni r? ii ben ?i-?tentav.
Ooa. H ?T. Duller ?ill Is- here to monow 8880*80*. B8 u ex
|ieclfd to iniike a powi-rl'ul ?|ie??'h.
Moeclal Dl.pairU to The >. ? . Tribune.
HAI.HMOI.1, ()? I. Lu- MMaariala t" O-??'* Swann nek i n g
Mt UM r. minni i-i the 1'OII.T* ComBliM.onera arc in un u
liitioii and ure b?iug aifaad by Cuaaaiia-ltea.
-I.e. tal|lli.pp?l< h to Tia* >. V. Tribune
l'un, .HKLI'IIIA. Oct. lo.-- M intaok * -?ison of
Itali lil 1)1? li i-i lilli ? ' . . i! 1 i<! i'l.":il!lg " .' * ? '" ?I'''* Of
li llio-l lirlll.:?"? sort . ? 'li-! Ino .' la ? ?.-I O' -lu? th?' oja-'ini.
Bp m liol.?.. nie a hi' at io'.. ?? Uki vial did M-?? Ki lluujg
in lei 11,.,'n.i-.
l.oiT8\n.f.ir. Oat, ir?.- ino (?liiioi i.oiie?! of HIP
X1 ' ?I . ' I '".-?- ?.
i. | -, . i.'.il .a.l M - X'. Mi- . tl.mriali
lau; in Ide Mu!? li _?_?? 'n'. T he Irani?
nib-1 ntiiulii Uloore* .- rented an ?n in.-pt.i ..pal ?..-.
Mi,i,.i?..-i riniiiiti? i? lan ?oiafll MOB tola__ in? ina.I
?[liait? li ni I "a
CIIXXI <' Tit I V /A**' 1 Vf IS)/,/ ir. -
V nun?*-TT'\x v (t., o?!. 1.'?.- 1 ha ('"inn'? in- ?i Ist.ito
lltriapital lui tin i-?!,!' ????nil-lit ?I ?In? li ?II uppiopn?.
lion ?M I I Ik' Li ila- la-' I."ii,-I..''." tO lo? ntl d .it li... | i .
i.? He Board 1 .? daj
llAl.TiUOKb, Ott. IG.-The lUlcniau trou'io arrived
hi)* Ui nigh?
Speeches by Hon. Hannibal Hamlin, Hon. Henry
Wilson, Hon. Lynian Tremain and
Many Other?.
Letten from Governors l'en tun, Curtin, Ward anil
L-ast evening the Cnioniuts of the City and Count/
of Ni tv York met ut the (T. per Institute to ratify tie ncciina*
turns of Rculx-ii | lenton md his associates on Iii? -?Utt ti? kit.
The groat hnll of the Cooper Institute vu orowiled to?,nr
flowing, and it wis iT,poinbfo to find Handing room evm fo?
the tallies, who sttemled th.? meelina? in large Bomber? !o teitify
their eiithmlasm for the certain ?ue?*?? of the ITnitia ticket*
The Interior of th?? hall was dcc?,riti*il in it tasteful manner witl|
the A nierlcan colors, and the pi lira in front of tie pint foins
were al?*) ?imped with hine slMB, ort imente?! willi -tai?. A^
htavy bin?) hill buinitr hung behind th?- ifsata a <! khi with
the motto
To the right omi h ft of lb?'?pea?er? stand w<r? ? lina p
tion? :
"O.i M i In. 1 D.i.l C?.t .Thunder, Bail Iiln.d,
Aiiil.it.ia? li *."
'Traitor? of It?iI, DkVii, IM k Co. '
"Tr?itor? ut l8?;?; Johainn. Br.id Butter k Co
; ' ' Tldi Country ihil I not be rnled by Traitors. ' ;
Butti tri Wsihington. Jefferson ami Franklin were pim ni n?
prominent positions, draped with the American colon. TberB
was a very litrjrc meeting outt)i?le, In tie square fronting on tis
Coo^r Institute, srid ?peaking was done at three gran?! ?'..nula.
Drummond Ughr?. tT-iwpaj-enei*?. flag?, streanK-re. firenorkis
cnuuon and torches ?made np a mapnificent <?op ifenl A larg?
number of drinan? were congregated in front of a ?'anil front
whiuh float?-d the Mack, re?! and gold flag of Qeroiui y. Thi m
woo a lurga Lamber of IVulans prion? and at the P*aiiw%
i'and two gre? n flag?, witu the harp emblnrore?! tn"fir?lto.
lbs awakened feelings of oiT Irish ftUowcitiici.? cn ?he queeJ
tinn of uin? erial freedom.
Three cltibi, from the Ninth. Fifteenth, an?! Siitcci ?n Wanta,'
?fo?tinn??l in red shirts, carrying ton he* and bra:. g ?- idi i ?a
of fine diiciplinc bore on their baoacrs the insc-.-ii I
: For CoupeM, Vlth Putrle?, ;
The following motloei wore noti?*eable on nome at the Iran?.
Dtirtncii- Ramage Ok laid, Ita btaod at tin s. irte . I
New Orleans. ' Betraied but not tUsasrad W< *i||?i|
the XXXIXtb CongTta.' "Viv aunt no ?Mctitor I te Um?
in Hue " "IIivi-you heard the new? from l'entiiy-hm m? I l.a
true Fenian wiihe? Kret-iiom to all mi n irrmrai't.ie ot t<?U?i '
Among the promitu ut gentlemen on the platform it ?ale w? ni
the lion. Hannibal Hamlin, the Hun. ,!obu Co? i.rui.e. M.j? r?
Gen. Shalcr, the Hon. Lyman Tremain, the Hor.. Fr??i. iTuk^
li:.g. Senator Col* of California, S< nutor WUlatr.i ?.f Oregon,'
the lion. Charles Spencer. Major Ilaggorty, the Hon. Andrea?
IVii'.ninun the Hon. Wai. E. Dodge aad a pOnt S? ta? ?ti
The largett polititul meeting of tal present cam*
paign. was held tait evening in ind around Cooper Ii ?Hint*.'
A more enthusiastic githcr.ng of reipt-ctubi- men ai.d ?.?u.i it
was never held In the City of Nsw York. While it was no1
? ippoaetl that the meeting ii.??do would be orgu.-ied tai? ??8
o ?clock, the hall was literally crammed before 7 and a mort iii?|
t< Uigent snilience in Uki numben. o?*v.er gathered I? tari 'i ?uB
eily. After maiio by the band, and reautrfcable en:hi:?ia?m I ii
the t??rt of the audience the i a?t meeting was called to ord?*
by tie lion ('mm K. S. Sra.v su. who ?pokea? follow?.
MPKiicn or CUAS. S. MIMTE, u-y.
Mr Braii F.Riuid ii wai hil proud duty, is I I ih*)
rommitt'-e of arrangement? to ral! the im-etirc to ? rd? r H<s
wh? a.? ^i'Ar?r.Tiifcf?1-.-t^:'^7; !"*?w^ .,*:'.';. r".n".1
hoik Houle? UIK? eleet<3 iTratify lie prtttU <-?'.'" '
?iona! policy and unu.n.il Til?erty wa? already .?*. nre??
tChcen), ii"?? wtea tta aaoating of the lopaBsB ri BWBtlhBy
Indiana, and l'eiinivlvania. had ?can ely di? ?. "'it a? i.i.S
imperial New Vori to add her wreath ol \..t?.y to :,<!
pur? and ?pot 1*1? brow? of i.nivenaJ freeiloni
He then noinn.ated tile lion Vin. E. Dotatir al IYe?.<Jei.U
The aoaateattan wot aaantaamdy oonflrm??d.
! EUAKK? OP THE Baa. W11 g. IM :.,r.
WM K I)?>l.?.B. nu taking tie Clui.r. ?alii ' .Mo
ratif? the aomiaattan ri l"n?<?u and Wiwd'or?. and I ry w? e
goUig tori? t the in. Ti.? ????i i?.- ?ample aether? a? .! I? ttrU
lowed by N? w Y??rk .t? th? Prendent had ?ii?! ti ? ?BBBsB
ual to I?" deinl.al at the ImPSt ta till? M ? 1-Knl '????iir
thtu? he had ?ugg.iti-'l tli?-y aroald not do I it lui tori rar?
t?inly would li wm metate tete their aaaA-atas ?weal la
tnuuiphautlv i!?, led
Mr Mrli'xMV then rea?! a Bri of the Vice I'-? - .:. i '? wl..?B
?ere un*nnn?ou*lv confirm?.!
?MB ?<-.? ? H tb- n nat! atari ttataacaste?
The orgllilMtloU the.t K1 ?... ti '., .. IWI
l'ri.xdrnt- Tke Hou H ILXUU F. I'onot
I te*-P*i*tdrnl*-Mitttitl O. liubmi li* tpn ?Ogdykc t ? n-.ll Or
Act?n. Simeon |)r?i?r. (??a. Li vd A.tiowi:. Ji i.n h Schul?!,
Iba Hun. Willina t Du. ??i \\ * do Ilutchin? A ?i. ?j.r ?V Hud?
ford, (tuy R. Pelton, th? Hon limn tun Kl?b ? c. Jaka M ?An..?,
J.'ln H, Ma*??ii Ed|?r Ketclium. Jobu H White ?u l'i?uu,
*Ad.i?aiH. Lae. Wrijut OH ia Onri* I* Tutuaia \N mn A H?!l,
OeorM Wilkel Nifln .. L* Curt? l'h?r ?*.!?. ."ttei^ Po*_? II?
tok ?ata T. ?taste, tin Hoa Wu.iuii Mltesl tim o ... i.i.n
Slauo? Jkp W M???i. Ami low C. kiii'niii.u A.i.il..i?Niat
Oi?nn. Ioho W. Theme, Sii ciiir T?, ?.y St.ph*?i II R;rty M I> a
Harvey lit Waodl. Martin B Ktowu. tia* Hoa. h? F Minnie,
th? Hen Wii.iam K. .?t.wirt, Chi? Ooild, Uno AicaM ? <iha.iu(
Vim, Orton. Sitnl 8. IL Vine*. li?J T. .?Uit.hr.n-.er ( . A l?i?i,
Dr^iaderU' .?rhu*ti th* Ron John Caehrio?. Bl rr J?.ib 8>BeOa
Tb?ro? R. Hull??. Dr. ?nar et Kitaiu.in. Mirtm Tt-tt : o' i ted, ti, B
Sckw^lar. P*WI C?u?ar. Herm?u ??lier, D?v J VoUti K . ?1 Aid
bert D?n?. W'l.ltuiLaluihler _A Ti.nzer. Nithan C l!? (-??I'll?!
Wall. John Meph.nton Jullul Kriejuwiky. Jobo J lae (. Hti-a *%
Ktugar. Kiedarie? ?ipa. Coaxid euuU. Amor .1 Vt,. ,?u-r. il.m
He*. Abt?ii?u. Lait?r, ae.rtu ii. Mo.1 'on. S??ni?* S W?ek?iS C-nti-^
inin|i ti Tarier J?t?e* H.w?n ( hirlat K Teolin I?., ti li. tina
over, O. H. Kopp, Aadrew UlMkl.;. I'*.. J U. L?t'*iau k I V'tyi,
anmk, John Moi??. Jo?hu? 0. Abb?. Ci-Mi?? BiltlitiaJ
H?ary O l,.t.l Binon Hu'ilot. Th^don C. IV i. .ama Jol ? In km,
Jia?et OiWt. Mlt-hiel J Kui? H. H. I.IUWU. A.n.'.an. I)* '. .!?<?.,.
H. T. (?ibt.oa?. Il.itiird K,i.|er WTl ,?u; Coter J.uta Mr Luni,'
lohndlirt M. 0.. Wirree Row? i. Henry B?u,Ti?t Bo ?. T t t.?v?
maa Orlwdo MrLwi Jia.e. O H? i ?1 I? .. ?p?. t. I ,,.t? I? I II
?ttaeeoy.CBBsaW. Beoaktm.Hean a. Jwuai.i? Wi .?ia H rae?
LoitiSihraiJt. lleituio Hora|eo. iihn H. Pulli Mi -daaai !.. Mirti,
H?nry A Burr Saaual ('??tra 1. Dulel H. i? ...? i , :.|a ,i,
Jaka iInh. m, iivary J ?ru?!l'i. J*I?M r ? 1 0oomi I'.
?Ira?: ?id K? :. n C. Brown, it . t in,, -. lol.n .??...?.,
Jim*? ("th.ni, j'., ii*ar|? H Vin (T*lt. I? .?'. lai.nn,
Joan! teoBL V?. ?.iii W ( tick:.i.. John M Ki.? . I .?ja 1? *.t
V.l. um ( Hriili.y. AieimJer Mi Lead, John A Sn.il!, lilli \t.
FaroMl. Noruaia Strilton. W C. tirpantvr. W 'm,. T A .Wai..,
I!.mun?, r lni.r C _ l-.r.rkfi? tate?Weeta ililli-?? Bi
Uougll lliiltt*. J. Oi?MT. Wi.iiaoi W' Nile?. (t.IJli|!?r 1 l..'?i,au.
Ruawll 8M?. J?n,*i W Blurry, HJ|O Wemmdeal Bete t. ?-ceta
t brt?tl?n SctiWirti Mlch?*l FaJf?bee. Adln l ?.?p?r WT.IIBI RuBod*
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