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New-York tribune. (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, October 16, 1866, Image 3

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Tbecommittee -, loyalists. npp<'i"
?scoavcatioi. ai ?MafcBjMaai u*'1 >*. lul"!"j: '-':"
?Baili th? ?hlBBtaB adtlreaB.
?OSi km
"l\> Um L ra: fe -uir of the Vnifnl :
"The iiiit!?i?tg s! BSateSB of tin? committee appointed by
?gmmmm..- taynlsa kaaynmesi ?Bdiamte
halpin, k . .?'? tkt iniiib of our martyred l'n .?
IitLpolii ai a twtimi.i y of th- admiration ami ?ffet lum with
which* . Oaten asnn te tesinnteaantsnslahl
yo?-.--? -?. I. .??.!- barged tli.it Jut? The eut!?u?i?i.-!i? gi?-!
?Bfi ? ?ad ah along ???ir route arc ?min uni c? i
Booca list tin I .not putty 1? ?till n?!?.? t SBI rta
oon aiiu a .. tv li.-ii.ka for Uie uniform coull? ?.? ui.il kindti?-*?
Wierywi'-r? e__e__ u?, but ?before we separate .1? ?ire to waru
onr cou: f.-. oat t BOW dei .. bunning
mp y
?Val lull A> IrOW ?irpitted
mmmtei* i . mat* to? gre?, ii? ail Mill
SIM?? I nu jt, ???? ?>:e D >:.?,. tot B pif ?lied le ml ?tUBt He
o/horn em . ?. tbvtvol , a u
fBru i ne? ?I ti,? Baal bar? ?tw?i ??while.
failli. i light? M Al el. au ? ili.-.en?.
?? Du'., ' ? .? lh ?]?aker? and
WTltar- . mal? BB? ol
Cal ?ii. .
By OoogTi?n a r?-.au.ii. to me non-meonitra
Bama ..?icuoui? nltow?ed .
ten ?I'l.li'i?? removed bj iBngncri
monli a '?>e nui.on ??iii conti a? !<?
Bail ?...oh toot, rentier lile ten ll'.'ili?!
th? Bui -
"li : . ni a feiv moment* reflection to ??*e Hint
nil - - ?"'.* ?.' toe rri?oii?triii lion proliu-ii. ??mill I
te? ?i< ?
.Hut. >
pom- - pc rer
: ??? ?! to ma?, inn? ! !?. :
: that when, ?t the i loM ??. : lie war
r mell
. oil of
??Mai ,?.??. he a??iiuit-.l the prerof
the man
BO?a!. i,,- .ii. g'li-iniiicu:
Bad non?? it woo B aooetdnnos ?iii? ?T? uni
the ty
menu ()! No1!1: I MO II 00, Stilllii I ?il.?..l,a l<
Alabama Mio?Otipj a .. 1 ? ? ?- ? . I tOOgnhB
teeir adi>| old n
Bmply to i ' ,./.? iii?? I'l.ti?,? l. Ar
ter p>?
BOB I i ' ?u?t llrmlv msnlvs sad deetom ??ti tv
lu?,-?, ans ni ,i u?ur|>??i ? .?-.not
BTe, i F the non
teeoc : ?e Anu-mirm-at iogol |BWt
ao?t? ,". ?? :?. ii, .:?.t.?.: i
*. Aft?. e,i |J t. .?
met n ? "io d ! J
Bo ??i ? ,." BBwpBd BdtBiB' in Ratio
Btioii? . ssadBBsaai it? mm 1 odiaos
nnl i
tkmw , ? " ?ii :. ? thoa .?? .
Tbej will to ha? ?- . rnments
a ?ali < . ' ?ill "?'?"I
ap ?. irre!?, of tuen w
an? at
loy?- - i ? ??.er..:..' .ii? .t
Bri ii i ?.- 8! .' ? . on i ti li >-.!? ? ? ?
mew V irk In ?iii-n. i'.-ai
on-ltetKi? ?iii' ii.? : "I <<:
.near!? I'nion If th? loval peopl do I
aemk * ?i . . ol adair? tiny must never BOnoonl
Bent o? A .?ir? B Ja
Cverum i'? which now tiru.?:./? over lh< I ???
nth ?ni ?illili are being wielded too* :
teer? BBonahh <?r hnaumlMs Protection, nthci of B8 m
Kr. ?it the Mate government? conte.?!!? i! BJ
t nu- ia pear? . c ? N I? imp.?
loyal but? g? ? ???runic, ti tun ?fiord .??" I'?' "fsetlon we
?.BOteeiii?lt warn ?Ite ?See?! thal lin ?wt lin at I?.a ..; tia -?
?even lue'ril? le a Muuuoe of de?tl? "?' ? ni-- lo every I ?
m tue NO? it wheo? pwdtiffti or ability render? bim al all obna
bun iii,? late HeiH-ia lot:,?? u m an willing to totara!?
IB a n iir.ert ttie wie? of shsadsnteg Ihel In? : ?.? B
Bog,_of haudii.g Uicni over N.uud banil mut fiait ii to the i-?i? cr
BU,?,, and t*ie nntioi. . enemie? we have inn SB
??.I ?o aieh ,i? caji themiche? I :n? ii un i. Bad haveoon
a BiaitHMMl or womanhood in Uwir nature? we I|>|H B1
motton-foi thai protection whicl eon alone te afltedad by
?tea ?roven: men te milmed with th'- principle? oi inij?ii?i.d j?_
Bee fer ul mou. .Shall we cppeai in ????? ; l.n action ol Con
jilo? -. .;. tig tn.ii'i nniti1. aictwer t..
The tat? Hei?-!? are of course denrtiu? of rwtaliilng a? much
geer io ?-egree* n poMible. Out tint t -r all
?,i fimiy rather then lose ooatrol "t lbs ?Mote
mrauteiii? tot b? Hie h?l|i o? lina* Unit ?.<>?. muieut* ?lone
an it..-? tes? teal neeph aalad agntea
?Sevan.u .? . Kt'pre*?.'ntal)ou la ?CongTCOS 1 I
En; t matter bot the control of lilt Mate guv
loti ?iieUicr or not th?*y ihail remain li. ti,?? u,?inn. of
who have uaee mai! them to wage ear upon lit I LIOL in
SB riUtl queatiuii. Vi ? do um wn.ii to hive ii ..
Bonn tudiug fuoll with tue preiei.t l nngr? ??-Ihn!
eo? nae. ahme Irma*-i ha? . ' ?only pmteaiun
.W'?l&i.-'l', We/t'tn'tn^l -??liill3)?'mViVfnt'?i."
tee ?caluro uN-ei.?art to give u? proleKtlon Th? lUcouetri.c
Bat'caiult'i'i? it addition to tha-Con?Hiutk?nal Ana
?eyrta- ? r ..ii pnai ?ttitip fur tbe ?irgaoUatmi. al l.ival gorm
.B?nB in the *e< edetl Staaei and tai? tub tim i et it. ia? uctcti
?V't J' ' ouirre??. immediately upon reeawrmUiiig taken n up
BO-licti ?and u_mea it. ?oil will be well V, g ?hove be- mi,e ii.??l
B> Bene ?Um oddn-es by th? fac? Uiat titi- on. which i?
&' SBBBaeuraLlt the moet lmiairuuit half of ; ?
of retourirucHou, as we have nndmtood it i? la-ing ?;e
ill? )o?t light of ulai the furnier full th?t hoint priman? Lt
Boauotan? have been ming iaiuritagir whi? I BBtl ?to e? :nu,it
?n"1 B an aboudonmeiii of it Ve kana -?led uni? tar m tin
__________________ eanvisi. and ?ip^t to assdteM With UM ~IW:
BnoBiidiiig ihm Ctnntrew Will not ajtor being Lnthnood
MfB. itauiiiuu ibu tiic moil unpuitaiit tancar.? <i.
Wade wit beUeve that It k? either noonary oi right t?> ciriv
tim the uantio? under a miiuipprtheuiioi. or rcj?t:tiiaii?..
Stan, and feel cooftdcui that inch a twurae would urta,.
te tmbarra-tamen^ ud might lemA to disaster !??.
flmnl ?Bonty of thi Liaon hleml^r? of Coi^-r^i? w11 uia.inibt
?nay rrmun tra?, soae are always ansioo? t?. obtain asSoi ,eii
ma Blii^, more "?oomervativ?" than their isioclalea. and imb
Bated claim, if wi k??ep rlent, um the con van waa fought with
teaBipUe- phidg* tlial Uti eiiiotiug of the ( ouiUlunoiiui
aBMdmeot wii all that Cougreii propoied doiug
We bave eiprcwtxi ourwitn .trougly in thi,. |,?|*r beeaute
gefiel deeply. Iba bo-? of our dead are in Bo?thon grate*.
MOW boom are there. Ali the clustering recaiilectiou.? of our
?ni are connected ? iib the ?oil from ? hich ti e " ?
ID to -ellie ounelvea lion of America ' we cannot : ?
reel??? to On fate ui Hore for o?. ?houid ??. u? ?ie^ r?e?; nv
yen, and w? ?ill not bcheve that you ore capable of betraying
na Th? MieaioBeh we aub lo have cry?t*lfued in your uaad?
l?r_ That IB tntamllom* at _. fr?ild?cl tmnoi b? r?r??L.?t?^
By l-fi.iiiag ii?in ~
Attona ?tal keb*a, cannot be kopi out of powar by api?ig tura.
?Bniaia i-?irc? ? i in? lau r?b*il>oai MIII? And.
??*?.? 1 hu lo?? BMW e?c?*i b? ??earad n. ?try of ih?tr ti|h*i
?Bil ?li ??k.ri U, lb? Uni?, ?iiirt Ui?j 11??, ?fon. i> .??rnor d ?w?
m*mm?Aabm ?m Mm pi ni K?b?l?.
________* *uow that the vi,?? heri-m ?i prune,', are tndoreed by
^tmutmt all of the fnion men of the Soii'l. of all nt??n? and in
O-Bar that t?tere may be nu aillOOlllnBoillin am ?to what ?ra
taah ki have doM. we refae^t that we ?auk I ongiee? Wa pana a
. '? ?'l'?r the eaiaUlahment irf Jepal citil giiii-rumeiiU
the MB re<?r>nitraeted StatM. and Uiat the (aid law ?bali
?OOBxxt-a tia i.nio? tug uioai
WO* lum mo man vu? wok part li, the Rib. ?1 on ni b. p?r
____**** U> ?ft? oi k?..d utker ?I ?saB Uli. I? Hu l.tta uamplict ?iib
?u KiMlltnu M l oiigrea* luay re* h: to tinpot?
Aemmd Thal ii loy?, aun. witi,aul r?*i?et t? toior or rae?, ihii!
BaBaraitud io voU
thora I nat .>,.,*-t It OM? he IMfcJ ? lacal BlUfiry lort? ih^
1* ?'B'"-* ??"liMiag ?oiaiv ?f mya: men. a?d to?: th? eip*n*? of
_B '? ?t "?u?plBg ?! aiaintaiulnc Mid forre ?aal )?? defrayed by
?.lpt.ii an of ia? waiainuty ?un -?eaOu?! r?ndvri ,:t p-wn ? ? n?
dkpgmliug U? all ?pa?viu to eer to It that Hie fn?iti of ?irtorv
--^aoi uml at toe rtevmith bi.ur. aad that thn#e Iro-i.di <?! tki
00 who m?r?t liiKd Ita jaroieetioi. thal i ot te l.rn aband
1 wi r,?jH?ctfu!!? ?nbmlt our omiae to tin1 America ia.?i??t
ALBI KI i kirns ALv ? | Mm?. Mo
A J ?AViLToJs Tixiu. C H HUSH um. Mo,
LP ktWUAo\l)l).,L_. Q?0 TUCKSS Va.
J NUI in Tea?.. j. -?itniwo,,!, Teiai,
?lia?? ?ten? ?i. leiai, g. J. DA-,,H T,xto
WB-ii'i Uni Mo.. H (' WAWKITII LO.,
i B. toubis Aia. V li. IAM^UU'II Le,
11 Bouts Tenu.,
Tbe ?Ulanna of Springtysld, LI., on la-t Wednesday
snBad.d ? w?nn welcome tn ti.? (tootkem Uirallit? At 7
n'eleok IL the morning a ipecial train lift the uti e/meenitr
Be lle<?ptiori ('?ommltt-oe whiefc wa? ?rniooie?! ?,! the lion ?f
Ah. Ct.awtiit Hie lion l) I! Miner, the Mon Jen?- K TTIIMH
?Bell?, 1. TBBn, th? lion s M Calca ti ? Dee 1' 1
PBlIlp? <>.? Wayne, ?that Ilia, O M Hatch, Mal-fien Hriv
?moa tbe Hoi J li Hrierid-?? (.ol. ?ieo. T. Ali'-n *, to '
the tourist! w?we met a Carim ?iii?, the meortM-ri of the
?SSBBltBS were *ev?erally iRtr-daoe??!. and BpringbeM waa
moah t! at I1.' o clock, noon Immer ne throogi of people w?ere
oaoao pot and tu the adlaoent ?troeta, and as tbe
krmlu ?IOWIV move,! to the platform the air waa rent wit), uti
.nnil?g vivas Th? appearance of the dl?tingUMihM v i?ltnr?
?roi hu. . ?! ? ith ? ?toro of th?eer? and wild ?album? of enthu
Bnaai- Xbe deiegHi. ' the following gentlemei) ,
Um f ii Bril* ?.et ( buna??. Ka? I) H. ?lyKim Alahima;
la* 1 Raaaieatl t miali ?atti. ?V .1 ?mili Ttnumni Hun
.ia. luck?? Virginia, lim tieorg? I'IH-I.? , 1 ?lit : If n? Chirla?
B. Ni? Mian, ?.o W H Pepe Mt?t??rl lud?? M A. Patio,
"BO T? LI ?a?*? la? Qara-Aii BB lin l?an?M?<?, Oov A J Haue
Btlm Hon. }. i ?tewiit Mir/Und. Rev. Hope B?n,? .Sun.-,
??lain i lion 1 8. ?oner T?t.-i?????| Ho?. Hii,u Laui?ian?|
gaop? H I. tv limt ''ti Louiiian? lion. Loranio Sh?rwoo<i. Inn
%M F J r?i?:t Tent ? ?'.?o H H Taon,?. {|ii:?M?e?, lion Vi,
te Bunn 1? nei.ee H lu. ?Iherl Onftj,, A.iL.u.i: ..tv J p.
Mamama,. ( o'. P. A rtnerty. gitk ni rr?L Jerry ?tir.r?! Two.
A pn>ic.,?iori vi.? luSmt-dloU-ly formed Kirai caine a
?teSBam-ofBfOBtcd-Oonnmherin? aot) preceded by n bond
.neat t.-.. ??? ben ot tbe ?iel?g?U<>a In iarr,H?/c? iccoapaniM
by th? t mu.;, ni li einiage? and
?o?i.te?i Ii?ji ?ttecoruteil the building? and Buati?d from every
?tagst*!! lim,,? the li-?, "f march and ch^-r* taiir tmt from the
?BtBaw. ?i,?? lined the ?ay. The Southern I^iyili.it? nowhere
moe.????; a warmer ???I, nine H.an ?it the boro? of the Martyr
rmi'iei.t No?r u?k ___g? a Urge banner bore the following
tennB.pt lea
"IHS MrnD?ni. PaniDirr-Tra . ?political ?p?rty pn??per un
Am ?Ood, UUA t,". m o! ? .? ?. r:pei?d U. tint aie d ' PKACI
Beno-fti-i tr . it yoor ?niy eouUlbutio? Ui Oil liUlury of li. If!
BterwiM ubp_til.M?d ii? glory '
An? ti.er iiorner ?et forth theae word?
**lB Nuvilil- ?.I ui thli d?y n-ioive that Die de?,! ititi! tot
baw? d.? | ti?? nilton llul ander Ood I ive ? new I ntli
at t'*mii n. ?nit tl.it th? (loteruoaent ol the |?e nae, b) the peopl?
??du ,.?.? i, nth fr ?in tar eaiU
Thti pldieslllll lill 11 ' m ni) d ? i limn n growing every nu.
Baal u - .. lo the ?pot ?bert, rep???,? tin remain? of
Abra. Minno gun? were l,r? i and M th
oca kivuii'U gtt: ?Tel rouu ' the toni!. Ihe wen" wai peculiarly
tmpr^-,1 H:.,; afl^?nft Ihe ooniioe of the tomb wie over
Bli! w : ? heney ?sun! elaU.rately wrought wrealh made of
?atley..f-d oak Wave? the , nd? banging down over lb? ?ide?
?bo n on n?ii,
A ? . ? t mtn ?o?er? enclnling a croien of white ?Ililli,?
t?n? ?lae?! over the ? ?at at tin d?a,r
Banar ? w nile ?auiuer trimaied ?iib buick, aid beanng tin? ful
??lim I???,I.? tethBnoaete ?yoi*? ta r?v?re?,? ',,
.N???i ? a.t da?diliv? ?fWi bin , ?ad in? ??wiy ibiil
'lj. i the allegation all| ?ir ca-riigei,
ma?'i . . kainaai Col 1 ' lug
?Bu ? . , |Lie?r?:or? Inn, tailmeml .
0?Wa?t w.ia* lae uri ut.it ?ia lui tuwi/viai tain? u lu ,
|TT?l! ?T'llt eomtnllte.1 ta I'?T* h? the Am?! ?ai I*!-'? me lP?rre??
?B.w collie. :u? ? " 0I ',
.I.-,,.. r.-,| I.e.li. Iii* ?..lill. ?1
. nd-iBil ti.-e? ibeir h?n I,I st
lad, lint me ?.!! n??e- ?mrrnilrr
, UM fell .!? ii' f
.."' "
.' ""' *lt ?
.-,...- ti. i le ??mr? tn -
? fie t 1? :ti? (? ?. -veriiiiiri.l.
!-, l;, i ltr ,| |- ReWOMa "f afOW-OliOtaatheo Slej.pei!
u, UM ,. Let tai kneel and ?appin.m
??t,,,. 'I.T? ?.nt B_PC_?II-gc boweUthi' kin-i
?uni !?i Newman off? n d a pi
. i-ft(. ii lo a?v ?re ptr- Berala r? P.. me?' no mor? on ei?th
hu- n? m i?:- we or??, near loti.mu al mu .? d duli. ? .
..lvr? ?IV . ,.-..! ? . ?r : i. rae* la
. , .
".- Baa ' '! ' 'r''a' I"-"-"! I- -air ij
?traled ?n l.i? iff? ?t,d ,il
i. raw siirnr'ii?!. aa
f ir ii? !..'! ?.inn,i ami . . ' . ?.*?.*( "?Of It?
ti".' .<_
e . .ill,.. U -.1 I
(Jil ?e w. , . ?. . ?d ti.?
Iwell u>_?tL*i lu that IWM:
(vi .??viiii? vtliieu i? tn? rill???? ul our i. .
T!i?- . . ti tal ret--wed le
??I. ,,. Saint were hu*pftob_r enter
v. i__-Oja*NM (?!.!
Til Tin x1, OB Jirv;i.??s iixvis.
A- UM piil'i.i-iiCtl i?.rr.'?p?.ii(l"..iT' lictwi'cn the PlWa
?.' Itil.-li-iul the
regard ??- a taia-Qity for :
lal t.? m tin l ' - - '
. . .o oarj tm.i- ?
cnpiuti - to have Ila trial A
?nilli?!! Us-ii org:.:u/i ii hu ihc ?' rpOM while
I e la?'!.
tried Is'f.ii? the t'ircuit ('??n DM-TM
I !.i'<r\t???l ?!:,. liii?'a-lil it*, .it I ourt tenni rej
? . i : in?-? i <r lu militury top)
and control Bl __ '?'.?.' *.
|hl pr?pi lii.i ttinn de? Iori
. ! . i - ii', ii-.M-mte .lustlii -
t .In.lge lu
- taral natal loo ( I Tiiey
loiii.t um ?m. n. laaUaf UMBI ? kilo I
lu.-:.si hut lain' Meo ii!- '-' d" ?*o tv SOOT a?
military ?tt|?ervi?toii ?i.d iHintrul MeoM I?
MO Cl.i.-f -lu?:... ?'H'!, atti ' uf the
stiprunie i eon b April leal ' ' '
proi lamanon. BO matter !??\i *',.?:. hot
:...] 1 ?W ahrtp
guns! am! tk ?' '. ?"'
I it.? Court lod juiisdicUnn llit.1 tin? licen .1- li
vti.tiail have Jollied JmU'i 1'i.d? ni.?si m holding t!n Circuit
ONU in May -mt Since (hen. an .??l of I ongit-a ha? been
?ia??i?.l aboluihing one of tin Cn
okkmn aaa M e_e* i? ti.ut toetodl I al Ttaftoie
_MM i?" ptwtJetoe (ui itnc. aBattoaM ot .
MBM ( ourt to the BOW ? Hiuits TI.i.? i:..ik? ? it ven
v. li ti,- r 1 old the
circuit Coarta ot tit with I t J
... - Mt allis : ii! ni! :
M hold ",?__ The Cin mt x? iii M '-"hl M Hi-Bl
IM h? Ja__a Dadarweol ni wiB loahllaai
Tut WSTUICT |_jr__-M AMM AN i.-.? n_n OB ?'?
The Col.inil.irt T\i>?.-::?i;.!i.i'!i! So? n"y. t.t their
n,.-.ti -. alepaal ?ii aaaaaaMMd la Matraaalael
M follow! :
? a >?rltur? ami) prrsirren empl'iyis! |?v the week si
at 1?*?? than t".'4 p-rvis-i i latea
:i. A|irll i to N t'lcii.' . . wet!
Meena, rn-i hoar, after mn.night. 75 oenti pa le ???.?
work IO all ofllce? excpllng tooee of * .:....'.
h n len t'l.TT?- !-?. :. ISeOBat I?cr lour, ?hall he inerva*??! U> ai)
A committee w?a appointed to mfiuTn the employer? of th)?
eily ttiat the new ?cale ?ill go into <fl?*ct t.. morru v
1 .'a I look Ninden Aeiocialioi. al??? ??m! u u_- ling ?ua*. poOBBl
a ia* to nab boat aaa ban ata Narba tu HBOOI i.-om
(AtoiK t : tu Man h i ?iii'ii.
It apilar? from tin- monthly report of the __BM_ of
Health thal IMBI |M Iits'i. thi.? la.: ? .lulim
CIIUICXB u. tni? ? Hy
A (?ounterfeit of the new live i Mil coin is in circula
tiroi It may tit ihiUnguuhei? ?ium tin g'-itu-i ty thf ?tiinn-a?
of the metal.
The past two weeks th? detectives of thi. etty have
been working up . e*?e of litefl fro? the Puymartct ? I-pttrt
mev. *i me ."?avy Tam here ot the followIn? mtlcl?** Knur poa
jaclvt? di roiu.il j*ck?-U. T? pair? Mm ul? :! BWWB8M II P*?x?
blue ?Htinet trowier?. 16 pair? canvas duck trowser? 77 blue
o ver? hi rta, I'll pMtl !!? M drawer?, <.?; yartla lilu<
yaids Barri?.' ? ?h.rt.i.g. M yard? canvas i
akin ?hoe? .'-.ii pair- -(?urn aorka Ml Mooksll .
?.Ik handler* ?.?ef?, ! M*. pnund? (alt water e??ap, 98
poLude l?s?"aa, li. jai.ii.iu_ ? 1 V01 pice**
hat rill)?.?- IA:. pktWm b__- tape, Ml i??_ul*
aoMaa B i * i ? ? (.*?-? * iiik
pia-ket h-s-fceii hu ?? \JAm p-r? ri uf r MMM 4-._
ja. k-km?e* lie PA.ru ?if Ht-Ma H raxnr? lo rarer ?trap*, 3S_
cake* of (hav: BMOMtla ?* B?II
kell)?* Y~. mea? jt__? u_i- !?.".:.' . 'if MMatd and B3 '. 'tllei of
Pafpai VtJued la Bl at lietaei-ti |I4'??. ?:.J I ? ?.
..) airerled aaa l '? thi pi.yma?n i ( I . ki
Thompeat.. finding at Bl? ?.omi Ml) ma::y ot tL? ,
At the examination tod?,? bel?,r? tat i bief .?I I
tem pleaded g-ulty and wai held ia defeat! o'. tp*_ :_r the mm
'( _he ft j ' '?. wa? Henry Bute ?tea n.l on
!n?ar?l the r . ?ttfl.xl to ...
birndle* at hmas fur 7 hoc peon __ ?!.?_._
he k:,? it a-:.. ,i? ?:.-_..^r li tiente eiiiiniriui? d aa
lort ?er(. the coritrnta. (?wiiig to an u.upportune
I,?.!.,, ia tV "*v ?' TI? Herald a day or two
since ?if ? j-eia.ing ir.i? ?li.-iiUoii Into tl.ii n.itter the jperaon
on whom (Oiplcioi. nghti-d .. h*rlug bougi.: m?'?t of Ituae
guedt ha? dlt&ppenrevl and th* late ?turn, lui? ing cf?rct-t? *eri
oa?)x telegrapTj it.? I -' ? '.. .- !..ie not learned of hi? arreit,
Ita??pehlrMBBOPJMO hi? tratk But? nckriowl
edg.-i M barlil aeOffet H silk neck handkerchiefs a yard
a??ua:e lor $i ?uni t;.rl!,rr ii.atiijiee* cn*-* of seamen no? away
who h?v<- rrade niuii._r pun :.,u?e? uf ti? j>ri?.iier A thurougli
:.lo tt ?. cn-?- vtiU in? malle alala -vUlul. of ti.?
.Nu; Tard Tfti-g!?h.iiuu? ?ill !.). made by the I?pai-tmei,t that
w ill ii future prevent um ?lal tt.ii_?-tH?iii at Die Cioveniment'i
It it state- that the dill-cult y between Cornchua
Var.iler! :?? iiial tm PoMkrOAmt l?"|p<\rtu.?-i.t ha? l?een i_ii.n-.-bly
an?U,g.<!, IU.I! tl.it jioit- rallan} cari are to In- placed upon
the Uau?..ii hut: Hallen., and Central Rnilroad?
l A-II.M.T kt'M.iK.*?.
A wi'll-haeC'l. niiiior prevails in politi? ni ein los that
Cewaa latiai aadlg Mi I^MM-deaataMoaMaoa t*
lu I? ottered thi posit .?-ti of K?cr?'tiir? of War vice Stanton,
who. it is ?ait! uit.-J.d? lo leale iinu.?diaU)y ujiun the ?XiftUple
lion of his ajir.tiid lOOMt
The following dei isioii relativo II the payment of
I acre? ied i__nea of (Joven-ieut oftlcial? u to-iiay promu!
IT r? j.ly ?r, laqafilM whetlier or not as aprprupriation bv ('?m
grei? Lu???! nea uno conforming to an eaumuli' cairietl willi
it ti., tiuthurlty to pey _Mealflffaa *n?l item* ??iiitemirJaluii- lu
ti.? propel ati.iiiutliiir ottieor dm Blrsl Unit Die
jir.-itii-. liKil Peen to pay iKPth Die ??Inri?-? and tlie luvreaae o?
**'**1ITUTI an TttiOiala and appropriation; thut Congre?* had
gun. li.? |_?C-C?at irrplied *ei ctioii to thu couitnictioa. foi In
July IBM the foil J wing useliou wa* lntr?__uo???i inui u* ile
ficlt-noy hill ? ir
That no ettiniat? or ?rpreiiriaticB? ?hall ?Btharix? the r?Ti????t of
jay ii.ctet?<Mi pay. alt-WBM*, Ot ?ouipai_?0?!i ._, tay tarsi wh?i?r?er
aey?iel ti.? um mi pra*trrili?.l By law, in .?, nu*, uiilaas linn, ?kui
Bril b? . ?pecifin dun I11..11 far ?nrh ?atrt ???iii.iiit
But at the ?amineaalon, ni the next month of Anrtist this
8MMM v. s? r? peale- Ot, the unucipl? of tzolumao ut, m rsl mi
elturui olleriku Congteii* by tho Btyeel of tu pcol ihitjon In
effi-i-.t *ailioi-sl tin ??i?-i-ta?e of the jiri'vio-ly jw?>blbited (Mtmer
ef maii-g paymeuia ou the ?truigth of eatiuuia-a a__l appropna
The following circular, concerning the conni?t?ctio*i
of it.li? with receiving cwterna, wat to-day lasu-d by the Corn
uiier of Internal Keveutte:
Ornea or I-B__IAI. B?vaatia. Wataiveroa. Oct 11 lMe.
lafc/rmijcm aai Usii ra?rsi?s4?t ibl? rfn?>. that o(8i-rs af tntrrua!
ravii.i.? u. virio?! ?aril ef th? aouD'ry ar? parnuutlui rfi.ttneii tu
i'bt *u> . ?.?lar t'enaw law, Dut r,|J pracdee <f (. ricatlni th( low
?ii! _i()i wiim*, by ?lowief tBerxi to run lut. epaiii, .^en ma?
plaoed tieir ?ti? nutlet nt th* ?till M worai. It I, oliiiei.iMKl tlitt th?
e__e*1 unlvrria rtmon, In |I_IB ?Ustiliuio? DM b?trn lo ?liri neat tn?
?.-Jil?! Of ??i? worm two upen tia?. 1BIO ?ra? ol (BOMB II.? Ill(!. ?:,,?.
ar? i-<in??v?,i ?nt lal? the othrr lb? low m jina-lo? (umiar ?vmn-rlayi
by pit-??-iib Us? tiifb-wlii? eaakmru, __d lb* Uu?i m?h ia? uki ?,
lui. BMMM I? ?ot roBii.tenl with Cia ITVBT. of th? Art at
July u. i-t/u. .Section 34 (par. 125) <f thai .?. yfevMes tli?t til the
.pint, diitil.rd durlisf earh d?y, of li b-r.in. it.i.l b* ronvevid on t"al
d?v Inn. ?io? ?f tlmre.sSvini r!.!*rn? prtpared fir lim pur,,,?, .",(.
that m I. eli'ern ?lull be eonueel-d ??lb UM o o ti?? "f th? at) hy
. ultu I* I' !.?. or othet lj t?iitu?, ?o ?ttMlrueUd .. ?J?,-, t? b? ?x
po.rd t? the view of the taape*i?.i
111. lu..'.t.'? neu.v i.ri.r.itttti th? ?K? ef opee tub? for *?p?ri'lri(
1 t? ti,.! bi|h wine?. 'I he oulla! of II?? Hill "i _?",_, aiuil tie r,,n
? sriUithl ? i? ?ru by yiy*t or i.tb.r ?p|a_ri|ii, rtpumi u, u.?
vi?w of th? inipartnr. Op** tab. ire n ? " |.i|.?? or nth?? .pp.r?iu?"
e aiiautr w?J b) l.w Taa lutoottea of lb* law ia I? ?,. ii",.B li
f "e 11. 13 i tie. for ih* (.uiuiiiiir.B if ,. , i batatal ra ai
iitinr To I h ii ?nd lb.- de.ijti wa? V- keep li r aptriU M tt tarrr?
??dar CIOM fusid. coiilln eo.tiv frulu U.? wntui lo th? bon led wire'
. I ; lb? u?e o' ? pip? r..!ir.?etiO( th* ?MID with the ri.t. u by
Barta* UM (Mora mt ?(. room under lb? le? k and *?.) ?,( II.? MI
?I? l?u. mi! b? binn? ti.? tphtt?, und?r the luin.?d(t(? ini|,e.-i|oii of
that oflirrr dr.wn I If ia" '?uki ol (.a Uti?? wnich, ?fri u.u,( duly
(?.,.,! rwav.l ??.ii niaikril li? II la IM Pin n?d inlli Iii* b.Dd?d
wireliojM. wbieb. ???iii i? under hi? lau ?nid key
Now, to permn ina ipiilu to b? nu, non, ilia worm Into open lull,.
f,r tn? .utri.iib.i inri."i ??I?-?! U$ Ik* low froB? UM Inch ?rta**,
w"u,d b? to iiuf.ru'e ti e i-in-l '. lot tim law, ?_d nu.i ?ii o.u*i
.tl?(iftt!ili pioviunl by ?t.? it? wui.lly nu(?'eiy
. ...,.|. i.t v d.i 1 i.'? ml ,1 ??.?. bi r?i,-)lred l? cornell th?
> wire, ?uti IB? M ?i- a* !?'?r by rit"? (*.*__? ?ip?i?'ui.
?lil I, Bau.? b* to t-eiiiivat Uti M to r?n?. y Ih? ipuiii d.r.il,. to la?
A? i? ii nereni?? f?r !?. '?ifr?!' oflh? d:itl l?r to preiei.t th? low
?lum (mu. r .i i !? . ula ti? lan .?.!? ?ilium, ?nil ?. lb? .aiftlii
. I . . l..r I'..? purr,.?? ?ni. t I* . ...t??d r le lUiH n?<.?.?: y
le lil- ?>l ?..nie ?lr?ti??ai?i.l !.. Wi,.eu tin! t ti? b? done.
Jl li -tala.??, ?MrUiMJ .__)..?. U *?l_ltl? it? .1? fc-.u. U. lujl.
winei bv tie ni? of . ?'in ???iel whh-h ihkl! be eonn?e-?,l with ?id
u ade a part of IB St?!? "7 .Pl'aratnt . oonrrtln? th? n met nf me ?til
will, the re?, inn? ? norn lu. |i:eii.r farm i?! ihi. ?ppir.iu? f. r
?en?r?t'ai? th? low and in. h wine* ia mu now pre?rrD???d. but diati Ten
IIIIKI he min ?d?ale ? i- mtt nat MOM tura irraiig.-ui.nl n.u.t te
?llipl I mi IB I "-. h? ' ' "?I ?tej 'S s"veiber n-it An? ?lit
tillrywl.iib ?ftet ti ?t ?)?'e. ?hi. J M fe and without tuen apparatua
muai be cu?eO up md pr< ? ititi .t lan ??ronlo g io Bw.
i im*!? Ra* trr, A.nug Os-IssteBB
I By Tele?r?Bh.l
AftslOM li.
Hrevet Mujor fien. J- 1>- Donaldson, Colonel and As
risttnt Qoaiteri ?? e: r ? ponea to n? .-. m
ri? ul:t.?? I.? i rr... . ?ira |iiv?-l'?li ' f Ihr Miaionri f,,r ??.??mint 10
dit) at ( la f y ,U1- mimer ? I (lui HlVlllOti, ii Cvlng Brer?! drlg
Len LCI nan (?Barters ,-ter
( ? . (.e?a,. H. Ii ..- at- I ' ??OB Viribi! ?f ihli Piitrlet, h?vtn|
b-en apiKiintid ' ap a.n m lue ?Mt!, lie? nari, hu lo-d?y bnaii d?t?Jed
it? org-ui*e lLat r. ..i.ei.l. new reeriu-ing.
ltoap'tal .?Hewar?! Jo?eph A teBlsy, I nit?"?. 8l?le? Army, rr?m dity
i:, t , I , ?,"r n mt ol Un- lenuem?. , md o?deie? to duty in th? I?
puiineitt ol limul?.
John \V H Cati?. Vint l,?f.l,?.n, lllh t'ni'?iwl Sti'ei Irfantry,
lloapiul -o. mu?. I ? ii- d .?talia Arm?, and ortieiid to u-ty in ti.?
Iie|Mitui?i.t i f th- I'' oma?
The followiint-naiufd u'lu ?TS bars ?bcCB honorably mn?s
ti?red eui i f lhe.?ervlce:
At.i.toa (jua*, in.?.ten !'. S. Vol?,nie?'?-Capia, lee Totti?,
Jutiiull di-. Ort l?er 1J. l)eor|?.r Urb.ter lire??. ( "lona., ?nd
( s hurrett (,?( ???", lo. .-?an. I S V o nal-r.- Irevel-bieut.
( ol T B Hood, (i. ("be. l8. ? ?it. Vai-i?n HeK-rvei oip?-I nar ?w
li Wirrent, on dut? in Kreedinrii . llurtru li Iiewputl hi? I, ?a,
to uti? .mu Ui tote li
( mg, l)th?"o J. fiigg, ( ? ?im.iiitry ? f ?.ballanee Volunta????, to
mki -rti-l Janaa-y I, IttCT; I a,: Atuulu? F. ilay.l.n A?ll.t?ul
All.iti.u-. lien- I Ulled tilele* Volunteeit. to Ula ri-cl l?, f . utlaer 1,
HAY* or AWEV'T. ?Bim n
?Hrevet Mijo 0001 John C. Kuuiuioii, ( -I ?ti?) of ?id Uolild !"Ul?a
lifj.li)- li day a.
B1 STELLA*?, ?t't?.
Mut Li-u'enint ?nd Ailj.itaii' < li.? ! . Marie. 31 IlittiMon. lTth
I". S. Inia tri na. b.. ii a; ;o.it .! Aid d. -COM? Ua lir?v?l Jdijor-Oen,
dOit}. liiluUtalllUllg HltUlct ?I Teltt
IBvT.I rr.pl,. j
DEIAllll '
(let. f?.-Ponimod' re .1. F -Schenek from the romniond
of the Ni.val ??.anon, .Mi.-nu! I .(y. IL, i n Nie? I. in I w?itiiij otd?n;
. i?i I. M Ilote Iroiii dn'y u Naval Mm? k-eper it Mound
t it I ... riidwuiiai otdet?. fiaar.l AiinUnl I'ayiaatiav ?? i.l m
.A .'??>, ,.d.... , :i u. ii.? at-a mer .Mait.iahea.l uni minmi M f.t'- In?
account? ?pund Aaalataat I n|lneett I . li. (iraanleai. J ?,t ? ?,.-1
ance, aiid T ?.ifii .Vatlrant r.n?niei r Janiea M I lata .lum IB ?'?.?aier
?lan ??>ud ami win ui ord rt. Mate W11',,m F Wami ii "tu lu *
ir<?r? elad Itea-i ?t T?u.wanda, ?nd {rallied loare of ab?.a re.
OCT. **.- c ujit. Lonte C. Bastec?, f.? m saasmead of
it? a ?t Amw.in and i.rderv.1 North . l'?ytn?ai?r JooMI Kuiinn. fioni
du!? ?i \t ?.nu gt m Navy .ard and Order?.! lu io.: e la ?cr?.unta,
Si net ,.'?l?a Mr( iHniii-1 and Kmieiirk HuaWwuod, fioa, iita?ui?r
L?uai?-?, did graiilad la.??- of ?l??eui-?.
() t. ?-( nnimodor? Cbailei II tan to commind tbe Ntvil St?
bon, Mound Lily, IL on N v 1, nein
Ort. 8-( on,mindi I 1 ?Ivird I atrett. In ?otr-maui?! it?iu ?. Ag?wim ;
li. Kn.d .l?er|er. to ?tenner Hientl ?; l'*?in??ier M ilium
I'. Hil', t" dut? it VI ttriiiir''II Nie? ??rd, M,d?dipn,?n l.iirj.
Vllea ( a,r. I.' lit". 1 ( nari?. L l'l U ia. and ( lu: ea I I',',Uti
ira, I ...in i.eu.ir?-; Mi?l?l.l|??i.en K. ?I? l.viui?, li.. M La??, C.
ii. 1,1 1. ii.il h. 8 Ac???? ' ? al-au.er Vai t.
(?ri. (. - Ki it Aiititaiii Luiimer N. I) l.iitlg to turn m Tihom?.
.id wining inderi
Oct. 8 -Second AwiaUrt 1 n?i m ' 9 H Btedinaa. fioo Aug-.it 13
Ort 8.-l)r Jo?epk (). t?i? ?n ?-ti- ? I Surgeon
at na? IIB? i luiviiKBn.
Oct. I-Mu? Ti ?m- ? ) ' '
Del. ?.-Mile Fred li. I I B I I ' tahetl
MISCKI Mhliil't
OB s ( MOMaBf? it I.nu. Slug? ?Id ?will tak?i h?rg? of lb? Julie?
???de vtriiii h) u e iit-iit. ot ll'tt Aiiii.tit. (ire t,
lief?.Ia i .?i?.nu?i l.ti? Ml.ed '.: ?ni I ne NaT? Vtrd Rrwto,,. on th?
lilli liai. Tbe .t-ii. ?i Unan? ??-it into rotniiiiaaioti ?1 li? Navy
. ar.i. I', r:.:...?u I N. li . ?m Iii? ?in, nut. The ile.?,?, \\ OOMOO!
La? liean )?>ll i n? i 1 lOli.UilHlrB It ti.? Nat? Yat.) .Vlf ? ?1 ill
.team?! PeWhplM waa ?1 ( fttifto on soplen ber IT IT? al.an,al
Auiuata .riitoti al ?.uri!,ulm, .?wrdan, HglSMBS M. will. Mr Vol
On tKalld, 9am Liona .?all.
i.? tins.
Ina! A??!?,rnt K.ngii???? ?rvi.u.d? drn?r. on fit*, t. it Naweiatla,
Bal . A? uni i Mr 1 A t.. ti nu f...gi_??r liyiuu Vt Waiiley. Oct. '*. on
.taiioir sit?Lui.g?!.?ta.
I By T?.egrapb.J
La Cmsss, Wieesaaia. Lead ?Ofle? laaaili for Bsstss>
.r .'4 H'? anea ,r |?i?h I? ?a. d war? dupo??d er-ki.tnl aer?? I? ar?
lu? tell O'?, II * balala r In, rai.,
Dakota Territory ? ffice report! for f?cptetnbcr the f >l
lowini d.i|??ai:ii 11 ..: j BMndfi
Agru ollui? ( v..e|r i i,i? i , -t BSSOBJ Bil li?i? wtrrint? 3.?41
i-i li MOMBB I, I 4 it re? , raak I ??. SBBSS i<?tn. 1IWT ?rr?a.
??. Li ..??.g . lil, k1 lu o tot lluui??M?*d. llllirlti, ???li. I.7C1
1er?, total, S.T?' acre?.
?Ft* l?V?r?p? 1
The f..Hriwirig Ane??.ir? .?f It.!.? nul lever,ile hi.ve been
. ri?? --d M ia A in I ?ti laasBi ! l-i. o, ?a? BIBB lo?
ti l I'? A* ipi, '??.r? ?i. ad ?Atiba, e.. Uta., I? lit? V i, lilatttM
W ia. BertB dtemBaf l.-?.. fit, li??. l.,i??Tiuiti;
Horn*"?!. ??< t. i.r..-tnxirg?) Baanasa, a Beeag ?a^
ma:, yi il.ni. mt Mar? Jlar.ei B ? !?<?m he wa? |*v)ng BtBteto?
'? lill be? laat OtgB ?I.?! it,8 ? ted ? ..t.I, ta w llh A
Omt 1...1, y Bah it ? UiOUgl.t ?ul pt???? Ulai ile fled and kal
not yu iotnu amat*?l_
I'Ol.lTH AL.
?rr'SLi AU MKKTi??. AT luirni'AV
Thrlloii. I I) ? uiver <>! lingi Mktassasd a large au
i dienoe at Auistenlirii .>:. Ftniiy evening lost !!.
? his sadicaw Bi-e'l-Uminl f??^ o?er t?o henri and hu fni-ti
ligure? ii.il signarais andsned ?n itiipreiaiiin which will
i st the polls. The Keniam wen pr?sent in larg?
The fi.llowiQg eirrular has beau publish?- bv order of
the L_ion .sut? Oaatial ??Cnauaittas <>t Paaasylvaala
l'un inn ni i (a t
(lo l^i^If of the Committee I cangratiuate lb? |-,a|'le of ti*
Kiata? up.:, ti,, rra:"? reauii? at the re, -at i??l.ti ,.. e,.|.t.-at V. e
'..late ter ?floremos I?? a L.rg? rin|"ro?
Vi i ha?? IliiloTie?! tiir oma,illili.u.?: ?IUI udiiient? priiiaattd li?
loiigTtra We hare (ectired aboat two thirda <?i both tirancl.e?
oft!,' I^gi?latnre We haieeiiv^ed IS out of '.'4 member? et
1 ongle?? a ga.t, of two our our pr?wei,i dringst loo 1 li???
an- the ?tiLatai.tial re?ull? of oar <v?ii,pl tr and maafiilfii-et,! ? :i
tory . a vtettory achieved by the patriotic effort? ora ley?! |???
pie u. ilefiaiu" oi the la????t Iftru.al on raitird, and in ?pit?
of tin m?*l rvckioM ?liiiM n! (io?rrnii?eii. i?*tior.*ge ever en
c.,uiiit?r?i?d by any party . a lr.un.|?h of right ?ter wrong ?u.l
faill> won in n deijH-rate o ?t-uggle and ogBoit oi on?
lou? mean? a? were ever re?ortt-?l l?. by io? ?iiiteraary 'I hank?
to the giver of all ? i? I . - to al! our ooiaiHin-r? and
eajM. lull? to my ?lil? ?!e?ot<-?i and BOM-OB ????n-larin? Who
toiiaal w itl, me innal faithfully for ft.ur utoi.taa without fit, or
le?, uni Thank? to the other BMBhstt of ti?I? < omnilttee and
to the various local org uiuationt '1 banka lo the gallant
' Hoy? lu Hi?e ' who fotigl.l and ?on another battle for Uieir
?oniiitry. and to the able ?ml patriotic pre?? throughout the
Slate. A Bit laut, bnt not leaat MB] thank? Ui tbe noble IT.um
league and the potrlotic hin-rality of our IneiuU In th? City of
I'liliadHphU. Ii? order of Hie Committee.
1 lOMMOt ?.'hiiimiB
Arcwding to the law to lie eiifoixed in New-Jersey.
Doun will te able to vol. nub's?? ho II projierly regittorva
bv the Board of legialry lu lb?1 respective 1'ownshlpe and
\*/ard? These llour.ls will moot to-day. at !? a. m., and
??ii sit till 7 p. m. t/.'-rj citisen lntauding to vote st Uie
neil cleetinu nnut appear |acrsotjally before th? Board,
aiid adaptad citizens must bring their tiatiiraluatiuii pi
per? w.Ii. tlicni. Wo appt-nd a Hit of the pla?-?* in ilud
.on t ounty, eirept Jeracy C'ity, whore tia li .?r?!i of
Kegistrj hold their meetiugs
Kim War I-At W??huigten nail No _.' (larden it
r?e?iind \\ uni- At Irurckner ? Hotel Ni) let) Waihoif
Third Word-Al V0?1 ? Batel le ?'at Fourth ?t
Beeeaa CITY.
First Wanl-At thelity Hidl
Si ?ud War?!-At in: ne,1 of Ilergen WIHHI anil Newark sv?
Wiir',- It TToohHigBagnaiaeItenm Nu .1
lourtii VS m?. A 1 ti.- liui.ui ol .Jow-iih K.?u?i-r, Montgom
ery ire., belwis-n Newark ate ami Soutn it
Ttiws or BBBBB.
At th? Town llail In ?aid Viwn
r.MON TowNinir.
At Alfred J Smith's, at Wenba?? ki 11
At the House of ?'barbai T l'?rri
At Wm. J W?hil? * (?uix*s?or to A. .1. .?iiclcri Ne? Durliom
At Uii MounUoii Hoi, i at We* lloliokuu
A mf^tln? of the lepaUotan Pnion Club will lie held
Un? evt-.iiiiig at ti ?juui-t at WaaUiiigtoii Hall, No? tci
All ???ter? ihonld bear m nnud tint the rcgixtn- of the
names of voters throughout Hudson t'uuutv, ?iii-be coui
meuced this Tuendny monui?g,
(ten. ?Stewart 1?. Woodford, tlie lion. JoiMpli ('. I'ott?,
lbs linn. John Hill, and otlieri will a?ldr?as a I'nion MOM
Mooting it Sureasnnna, llorris Co., 1. J., on -Saturday
after noon, -'otn insL
n-OflBBSS Of Til? l*(?L!TfC'AL CABPAIOX.
Kpertel Dlspaieh to Tbe R? Y. Trlboan.
LEAVKKWOBTH, o?-'- I.',.-The canipaign in Kuima 11
warm. Tie l?j?po.i'.i.aii is weak, ii?- Uugs are held ?n
every town in (he stat?. rsnva?.?ii.o right and day.
The State Mechanical Fuir ?as a gr? M su?x*oo.
TlIB ?VIIIM l'OST F.NLAB?UI) - 7V?s Evening Pott
rame out yeatertlay ?iiUrged by the uildiliou of one column to
1Mb page, and in new and bountiful t}|?e.
BOARD OF CorsciLME.?-No QUORUM.-This ?Boerd
were to have hel?l a BSSttM it - 0 cba-k yeiterdiy aftem?oon,
b-it at thit i,.?,- aa gnana ?apeaste? ?h? Ppaal?Ml issBhssa
t'.e Hoard a_jouri.i 1 ???.i.l 1 n.n.lay afti-riaaiu noah
liOAHl. cr ALPIRMKN-No Qi'ORra -Thia Board
held no meeting yerterday a?terniHii a qu??rum not nijearinp
?t mil ?ali ead the FtmmAmt Mi tCthS Hoard
OiU.ll.1 ?li?
" Wa have Diet the enemy and thry ?re ours," waa
Hie r-p!y ? f the viotoriou? Atlantic*, laut evening to the holt
oi fricn.li w ho en l at their club room? to congratulate them ou
th?u> vu ?orv over tin? reno? ii-??l A?ile?c?-und truly wii it a
tru p., s ?r'.t. a? . i? stag N? Bl r lH?for*a In the hltory of the
gnrit, win lhere such a voit -.??cml.hige gutLen-d to witn?eis a
mai i ..- m tin.? nn|Hirtant occ-iiou , and monniver it waa a
galil nug aa crulr.ubie to ti??- fritcrnity for the excellent
dniirt.tn otnervfd u? t?, the mctro|Hilii for the re?p?-ctable
charmtir of the l?ar"*e ?injority of Hume prneont.
The arrangements were excellent, and ?uch as to prechtd? the
powil.llity of auy ilt-KTiilitiiliie o? curren??) an prevented tin
gBB? in I'lnlulelphia the Mond ly witk previous UM?
r.-fleited great credit on Hnaiklyn Lv tlii'ir orderly appearance
and excellent Ite ".pillie. The w i nther wa? idl that oould be de
ill ed and a Litre: helil wiut uover pruMnted for a match or a bet?
ter grasad for pLijing on.
A ? early a? !? a. ni. tin? crowd began to wend their way toward
tht ?ceil? of the context .?and by noon every available sou? on Hie
fickl?a? ?a o'i|nid. neate for 4.nu) (?eoplu being provided The
iBBSaSMadsd in SSasMssaSS? ?sate??, occupying wutstpcci
ally assrrsi fe? them lOi the I'lnlail? Iphlii d.-bigation al?o
w?r? |:r?n..i??l willi aeiitt Thon* ?rua one glaring fault til Hie
pre?* a? ?i.iiiiiiiialiitiiuis, ?pedal repreaentiitlves of leading piper?
being eiil'ulid and j*?*tillar fivoritltim extended to thoe?
penen? ??ho claim to I* Hie only lum?? boll r'-)H?rti-r?. Th? wa?
no1 from any lock of ?cn!.*, aa some twelve or llfteei. burly po?
ll? tin' i occopi? d the nats winch should havs been reiar?<ed for
ij?e< nil reajHi-ters.
lae A'ltletica were du!? on th? grotmil In time, but the Allan
tie? wer'-a little boaindh na! mm?? ii? lay, too, oueorring froai
bating the pLotognijihic pictures of tia- players taken The
iriwii laire with the d? lu.? very patiently.
The gime be-gun ?V V ?? m w ith the Atlanti?"? st the bat The
gntn?' oin- ml fnvoraiily for H t lose conteat neither ptirty ?coring
a run In tim fir?! inning!?. In Hu- second iuuuig?, however, the
Athletic? niiiinf? ?tad iiiiiniilerui.il- U'TVOUSIICM m their ti? Ming.
Wild thmwing aiding ti.eir otln-raam? to Kore four runs,
while tbei tteamaivoi mr? krsed t?. ntin-for t??o In the
third inniugl th.? A ti,!, ti, P befan to ?ettie down to their work,
ami In oaooreof three to on? r? guineil their ?ItMt |H??II nui tLit
tally ui ti i- ctoaoohearteg tia-?ton- Bte a Ha fivetoiive.
1 l.?- game , t ?ni. .- antiunetl ,u, iuter?eeting puaitiou. and
ti?,m tin? time up l?, tlM c1 we ?if ibo ?nth inning?
?ria il.H-.lv cvnteited Tia, t.-nini.at.iin of the foiirtii
Innlnpi ?aw the Ailuntic? in the van ?gan, by the totids of '< to
I tel m the f.fth lbs Athh ?u - rslliel WeB tor a ?onie of ii to g
Ibu? Heine their oppo ti.? ?econd time. In tin?
inning? li-ii ?i ann k had the nail ol otu: of kia foretiitgera
knocked ??d und lha di?il!"d wai rejdace?! by h lo in I? bier.
Brrkenstock plookiiy ?maintaining his po?ition in the tn-I.l
Hioi.gl. ?utli.ng s. uri ? lioui hi? injury. The ? lowe of the
sixth Ina! g? taft the Atlnnties ana Bom te the van by the
toi.,1? at li i" 11 Ita ion! ?t thui far ha.mg been a very lu
g trial ot ?I.Il ?nul a line d.aj.la? oi tlmaltr iclive lettturti
of In? garni J "t. ti?' [?-Tt of the Atlantic?, ii la-1'.g te
?nuil!? the noel ticl-ting gamo of tbe leaaou ou their aide, but
Uni ??'ni. ti s ? .?
Both Chibo ham a ;.?.? ?i that the neventh inning in their
game? ii the ?n,' in ?hici. H.? y nully win Hi? Ir vu tori.??, uni
??it: loomed a fail, on tin?
iti'i-ini:. op to Ite ????nth itiniiig? 1 w ai what l? known ??
anybody's game neilbereids having any ipeciul advuntage
ti t!ie phameteu ?e?l the ?-?re. Beters
the miling? had arataaled however,?! presume there ?ere
Iel poat-nt 111 when U.lliil tin' ultimate ?III it a?, of lil?' A Hut:
leo wea nat a forrgnai oondnaian The Atlantic! went lut??
t.,i- ??..uy- al victory wa? in ?tore for th??..,
nui bj ?ni? o! til?!.- ]*i ii .ti displays Of BBS battiti - they almo?t
iii? n lu.tnTi? lied ? t?-)??t ? i?> a ?t oro uf Bight run.?, and.
tliUi eiiCi'iirag.I u ? ?i. mai to limit the Kore of
the Athletic! in tie BOOM inning? to three run?.
. ikn.g th?' issued lend In tho game of
'Ja io ii and Unit !<i al a patted BhS? t'n-ir opponents
hail hit little tim?1 |e?*t to recover their lint ground. In fact
fa- prim,I u> I?- UI? turning point in the game, (or though the
Ati.l? tim ?li 1 not ?ive Bp at all luit went m pim kily to rally for
?u. ?..? ' bon t?, acknowledge thenui'lv? I defeated
t?; u i. ?..ii team B Bl I?? ii, ?tt? ru ?i li (ought gama, ou a per
fr. iii fan Lib! Bad With athoroagbl l:np._tl,if and intelligent
BMSN B dsaBnsd dBoaaai mtea I'hey gra??eiiilly lu lim it led
tai la? ir ?ted ??? H:U. ?. ' r, "I hoping for a mon ?uocesiful luue
The eoi'.'it wve pla?-! eithool ? murmur of dieron tent on
either ?id?- Hie f elag Btnniftated la ?uc.'i tin mi|>or_int and ex?
citi.g i?i!?teat l?n i1 ? u < itadle to both |nrt|e? Take It alto
getl.i r the :;.?!,.!. WOS ?I??, nl'il!;. a bnlll.inl ?u?ce??. lud ou ex
OSodtagtl ?' li 'i." e?i -,i, tori tor the champion A Han Ho?. We
. p(? i.d tue a,?or?i ??I Ita gun?1
niiMii. o. K i Annmr. o. ?
!'. tree ? a ti Klee f, ?uer r f . il I
ni h U * | M? il: i.!?1 p . 4 3
' . I il lient I, ?il 1, U 3
.M h | 4 ' Wilkin? .? 3 1
!?urt, lit b _ I I I llerk.uatock. lit b 0 0
l'ralt p 4 I ?nn ki.ev, e 3 9
i . ' 5 S
(?.inn. el . * ?i
Milli. < I 1
'I util ...
S-nieuJuri? r 1 f i 1
I laier e f. 1 4
l'lke Ddb.1 3
Tot?l .TI 17
!?t H -Il Ith lath ?th 7tb 8th ?th-TotaL
Atlantic 0 4 14 ? 1 et 3 4-'J7
Athietl? ci -? t -y 30 3 a 1-17
! u pir?-Mr Dm II lumley of tie Lxc liwr (Tub
Bota II . Meur? Monk and lit n?ou
i -;,e..? omma I !u"ir?
Fly < iii!..!- Ualvin J Mill? 2 Chipmin 2 Smith I. Crine 1,
totmf. AtlanB--?? Herkenitock I Keach li, Kul.-r 1, Itockney
1. taltal All.!- u.-K
Peal Hall?-A Hantle?!? time? Athletic!8 times.
1 ? - return game uki-? pine*- In I'hlbuieipt? on tbe A H?tale?
grouilla ou Mond?t ?let X1, oa which ca?e??ioci a full fore? of
poll??- * ill l?e j rr? ni Ui .mtain order Th? chary? w11] he one
?:. ! i-f? .-?<!::. -an?. the tickita (?eli g limited lo 4.(100 Tho?
IsSBtag tulei? aa? pruaiue Lheia at Bte?Sh I place, No ?HH|
.-. It . Itllllldeli .
"m*. ui !?l.patch io The R? \ i Trlhone.
W tMUjtoTti?, Oct. 15.-Tho Keystone Itese-Boll
CUb thirty itrong. armed here tieduy. intaudiug m morrow
U> play a reluru maten ?ilh Hie National?
The following Hew case.? wera received since lot
Ali.itled (let 13-Mirv Mi-Tartbv ?ge.1 IP a native of
Cork li?.?.:?'., ir? m iiiraioihlp U el v elia ?Calbatino ?UonncBj
II Ii.tiin. lillie'..i Mart I ? -ligo llelvelu, Mary
A Muib-u a sligo Iieiv.uu PtonMaten, 4, sligo ?Bsteerta
lal Kenned) I" tlugltar) Betvotis Thomas .lon?w .! KB
? ?'..I Helvetia Leah J ?MM? W Kngiaad Helvetia, Timothy
i .'? iii..'im. Mary Jana, 0% Waite, Ilel?.t.?.
S.i.hiaBkoystroe ?5 Sw.?.>i. iLli.ti?,
liii-d Oat 11-Margaret .loni?. igetl I. a native of Swotlin.
Helvetia <Ht I ? - T hinan? .loin? 8 Knglai.d llilveli.i,
l ??irlotlo II,;.tr?,i. IS Luana licit i tia, Aune (?ourle) m
lo??i? Ireland llelvetni.
Tin- Mating dirt] nit board the llelvetl?
(let K1-Ha-.1.1 tamk agetl 'H A n?tive of Walo? nth -
Mary J laka It Wal,-? I."... -John .IonT, .. ?A elva, Mary
liehau, M, Ireland Maria Ami? ruin l l.ugl.nal
I) li Hl-.M1I Deputy IH-ttith ?Officer.
.?pe. Ui !)!?p?irh to The 1. V. Trlhone.
Ki?!!ii?)i-(D, Va., Oot. 16, VBBL-.Ino A lowen, Super
luUudent ot the Mrrctianis Kxpreas. has proiiOKtd to eon
solidit? with the National Kxprei? Co.. tin? National to do
the buoincM at the Southern Statua, the Merchant?' of the
Northern .Stales; or the Merchants will buyout ?the Na?
tional. The proposition? ?re under eonnJeiat?ou. The
stockholders will meet on the i'.nh lost.
KBW-OBLBANS, (Jet. lo.- Tho steamor Mernmaik,
which armed here to day. roicaed eight penou? from the brig
Alpino, in lit 2?? 10 from lYankftort Me for 1'ar.lena?, with a
cargo of luml*r Tin Alpine bad toruna?! and iverylhlng
attached Hieret?, nulder hnlahm 99, gou?. The following
are the name? of Ilma? ??viiI and lost :
HAVKii-Ca^i K keluian ami wile. U W. Harily ieam?an ,
T. Hardy BaaBMB) ?J It Maynard E lto?ger, (.' L. Ullin
{whole leg 1? broken)
?LOBFe _ C John^u. mate. Tboma? I'mtello second mite.
Jame? C, Murmiil, seaman , C. 1 Inoue, seam-on . J 11. l'wae,
The iteamer Merrimi^k towed Into Key West Hu brig ?I I'?
Ilrowii. from Newport 1. I for Havana, dhraiaated, and with
no sails. Hoth brig? wera ilnm-oau?d on Un *1 luit
FOBTI.AND, Mo., Oct. 15.- The Hchooner Cathariti?
Heal of Kllworth. wai to-diy ?reeked, oil 'lYmuly ? ?tart lu
Uii-atorm yi?t?-rdiiy. Her ero? ?irchuided at Cape Cottag?.
Tho ve??el ? ent to piece*
fly-AM, OcU LV-Tho whooner B. li? Tortor, of and
from l'roiidenoe for J'hiludeltihia. I? Mhore 1?, mile? uorth of
Han.?? a- la ballast, high ana dry on the beach.
OTTAWA, C. VS., Oct. lfi.-A full Cabinet meet?
ing ?di be h(Jd to morrow IS take final ?"ton in regard U> the
? onfeileraliiin eoLcina, and to I!I??TI?? tin- lintmctlou? thB an
lo be givw? to tier iblegalea t?, Kngland. . ., __
M.'V'riti.ti. 0 I li?! ii-- PsrtBSISI t?> the (,?neen to d*fer
Hie Coiiletb raUeii uiu'ilioii until H"? new I*ailiuiui.?nt li callad
to letHc the detail? particularly the ?ohool yiu-ition, ore tobo
extcuilvelv ? tro.ilated .. ,
A carr., of nniiury itoree, chiefly Woitb-y ltioh-ardi muikeU
an?! ciir'iiiea. have irri?.?l
Th? duty on unporu for the lut three month? imnunt to over
ll,.V?M)UU. bciugun iucrea?oof?lL'?.UUiJ over Ue ?ou?e ?peiuni
last jtml.
TUB munal <>F THK U. I. MAU. AT OnElTT. IT.
I.OI'ISVIILK, I? t. l8.-The opinion ol tiki Military
Comml??ion In the OOM of Hie reeeiit air??.t of Dr Parr.?,
I hutt* mall Ofont B Ghent, ly ??Ju?: l'u!'!'?hed, tun
i. . who niii.li'tin-an-eat iititl di l.uned the
.in,: lim. HueUlhouid be orraatod O?d tried by Com
pearn aathorly.
BO^T?)!?, Oct. Io -The store of .lohn ('. I.orirg on
Ti? u,"m row, ??al roobed bat night of ?silk good? t^u?d at
gijtm _,
B-OSTON. Oat. i?r).-A beary earth seal gale ii pro
l( ?uge A PIM .ni,
\\ i i ? .. . and Wn ? for Southern prnts. ?Bat to
Mu yean r I.e. Th? ?!.a::.?r ii? -i ? lUrted
Hu Lutuiug bul rsBaa?! ti. M.CO.U.1 uf U.? gaita j
S?I'ZBIOR CO?BT-TattL T8HM-Oct. 13-Before Jtto
tl I (?AHV1.V.
?Wilhelm Oftlid art- The Thlru axe. I__lroad (Jomp?iny.
Thii was on? ?>t tim na uni railroad cace", i;i vxhich
the plaint iff claim? that he waa iujureil through tot negligence
of the rnilroad company. It appear? that he hail?1 acal which
???pp.*?! fur him an. that when OB the point of getting In. one
fait lu tug actually un the step, the uupatiunt conductor liarted
the car, throwing'him down, turning hi? ankle and ?itherwiae
Injuring, and, aa he claim?, making him lain? for !)te. The
diunage? he BUBB are n?..ily t-ij.tjl- The Company pul in a
m i,ri,J di-nuil and wii ti.at hi? mji.rie? if they arose a? stated
by him ure not ??. ?eiere us he attci.pts to muka out TI at a?
BOM as MOJ heard of it they aent li >:ir phy??eiiin to him who
made som?* ?ii or ?even oulla. 1 hw physician laing absent,
the Court adj__nn*?l to to day, to ptOOBie aie U-'imouy.
Beflir" (ToaMM l0Wm%
Alexamte: A BMOOOBl lb*n. imin yorea
The plrtititit) i-huinx damage? for au "munit, not very lenone
In itaeii. but of 0 peculiarly uiiplenaaiit nature in it? MOTiding
circun.st.ine. ?. I.aiing uccurrOa in d' praaOOM ut o lady with
whom he had (or ?uppoaed he had) at the lime rather tender re?
Aa ? in.h*r A Hearne, the plaintiff tertified that he hire?l the
Ko. 71 KUM Twelfth..?, from Mr. C'hauncey Shaffer
I lie MOM __ taker, in MisaGrtrdiii'T? name. Ile occupied toe
lmtiso. (in the Md of iluniuiry, 1.??*, when ne returu.sl at alioat
i o . M I, |a iti-nt to the iK-ilnr ?nd f?--in<l Mr. Nove? and Aliaa
Gardiner ?itting together on the sofa. I'luiutitf saul tolla
that this wa? lil? house and he did not ?v mt bim li: there, ile
slut, d that he reoogaJoal the lady M hi? wife and Mowed b
that tli?' reit had OOM puid by hrn. Mr Nay??? ?pra'ig up and
?? _ d I im by til?' throat and iie?:luie. Miss Unrdl'iei ti.'-ti inter
fered ?ml r?''ino!istr:it'-d with Mr. Is'oyes. lie had ncier till
thoa reoMtad aaj latbaa__? of attatiatMO on the part of Mia*
li lriliner Ile had hettrd an intimation that Mr. Nun?, dottrel
to marr?' her an I i ml forbidden lum tie lOOM MBH .". I
fore 'i le pin: tiff In eOMOtta. ne?*, left the BOOM ami Mr
Nine? aflMOOll inok up his residence tlii-re and now live* w iib
Ile Ml ui CouuucUcul, ham g married her three mouth? after
- ! -ir.
('???.?.examined-I waa married liefoi-e thia : Misa Gardiner
heil nut prevloua M this reipueited in?- to leave the MOM . 1 u_d
not MM ?ou? to thia caine to the house in a ?tate of into*.:
1 hi- made no l h rent? to hoiirtlcr* in the bom?, of ?nit 1
?uniil ?lo |f Mr VofM o?ime to the hot???', I hail not re. lived
an? intimation fruni Mr. Noy?? that he WIIS engaged to Mis?
Gardiner . tin- tirst ti.lag I said vi h?Ti I ?ni? li n M til? sofa wa?
?.-ii. e my Inn?! .' Noy,- ml d 1 hail BO huiinin-s mere. M
I? at .. 1 lu* ?nu or he wa? gong lo piot'c-. Miss (i.truiner Mis?
OardtoM U?l?l nu to go to my room. I ? lid I wa? the laudloid
o! the house and had a right to IK: in my own hoase. and
Mowed inv re? cljit ?he sahl tinier *ii;nl but did M4 u?k rae io
I'ttie Un.'morn again lui after Mr pTafM Jumped np . I ?aid
Lot,.li.?; !'.?rt?.<'t to !.'?!', 1 ?lui not cull Mt 8880 ? BM M8 8BM
live a on la. Mt dill nut niineat Mr. Noy?, to rid her of my
|.".-..',-|. .. ! BOB t pin? nil -er anything at that time I ?U'l to Mr.
Na',.? "iii. In- canil! t luil.l ui in?' I saul " I.-t B go h?'
di.l not bl g.? tiiuil Misa (i.iriuii.'r nud " J?et eo ol him ' I'm
1 went lo my mum, ti?- IIUIUDC vu a boardiug house . I agree?!
to pa] la |4U a motitli mi'iipung a front room on tin hirst
Uoui ' ?t waa a very rc?prc_lde nouae ; I have been in boaiaaM
in Sin Volk foi ?J vear? I lune U-eii alioiit six month? ii?.uy
and an Ived in the tit) ?Input 1". ?la?? Is t ?0 lil.? 01 I u-icnce.
Mr i; . lri.i.jiu. fur tin- 0-.ta.'.t argnad ti-Bl ti-'' j a.i.ntllf waa
Mroolltj lint n i?p?trtl'*r at |1" a week, mu? Ins chin;, to o.- ,;.u
htnilkird on such a lound?'.lou was n "culous and that lit plain
til! h.x1 brought tlio whole matter on huuaelf by hu own mis?
I. !ij imin Noy-e* the defendant testified that lie was a reai
?lei t of Saw ll.neii II? 'nun i-i? ?I Mi?? Said-Bar on tho 17th
of Rp-hri.aiv la?; lu* h??l known her ?tune .?pur monthx. He
f?xiine?ll!ii plnii.tii! " m,;:! ontni ?? i' ?-?,? t? -iii ? r Ita- Kowal
on the BM of Janunry eoO-ftel t.) Mn<? f.itriliner Mr tien*
knew ti.i? he hail himself told bim ?n tue ?el i par.or ?urne?-y(
MMMIBMB ptaooBot af -he flantiaar The pluiutitf on
that oe?-?ion u?e?l aenie Indecorous lignage toward
MUM QotdtBM, when he told the plaintiff hu
wa? engipd to Miaa Gardiboi anil mnirt protect 1er,
on the ..?.'?I of January Mr. Boa.?e eau?., into the parlor in Ma
?ail? jii.it ni Hu i vening and malle um- of indi-toiuu. language
ti.u.ir! Mi?? (i.irdi'ier ?mi him?elf-, he waa verv mut., l.ttoxi
cat? ?1 n: ii ti.ev Mai no notice of him ; he triune in agnin about
i a'eleel BOO und (bailar leagaage, tlraataaia* M take lu
l:f" nil to ?h-stroy Miss (tardun r? character ?aying ho could
for liol) lure ni'Ti to ?tioiir u> ".alters _c,ti.ist hi i iii- phtintil?
then Hepped toward Mi?? Gardiner and the wiines? toot mm
hy ti.? oiercout and tul?! him he mu?' behave hiii.sclf. and most,
aa he had beni laen laid, Unie tia BOOM . he then prom.-.-d :?.
?lo?o and a minute _fler*v ?r?l a??-d iuiiltn. g loaglage l" Mi??
QordloM ?..?I llaHBBf, aod tin TUT ? ?i lo bUoa I. r aw : ? ? '... r?
he made a ?ti p toil ard M1MS QflldfaMt and Min? G.trdl.icr re
i|u??!i?l wui.?-?? tu put bim out-, witness inoight it ?langiTuu*?
tu Mi?? BardiBM to let him touch her, ai.d held him by tnc col
lar a? the grasp on hu coat wa? not finn et ?nigh Le uaod no
more fore than wa* n.-reeaary to?ccomp?ili his object.
( ros?-cxauiined-I did not last year, au?! never knew that
plaiiitiff was rugag??d to Mia? Gardiner . 1 never heard of :'..
lu BOM8 chum??d it, ai.d Mut? Gardiner DOW dil. 1 ":.ly beard
of what Mr. Be**?' state?! to other ft.*,.?..I??. I ne??t leoOa of t.is
fi:-.ii?..iiig l.er Louie with ato ney or s-ipods , she pani her own
lulls ? 1 til?! see two tim kets of butter xv'.n h he BMI lu J have
had occasion to examine Miss Ganhner's bills, and ?i_. aalished
i.e OMI r iunu.ihisl anv , 1 i-oiunilt.-d li.??ie? tor Caijientet bcfoi-e
Ma Hd a? to wiiat I should ?lo. Msl acted in accordance with
hi? ?lireetiotis, 1 never dim tod Mr. Carpenter to ?end to the
platt,tilt ? ?tore. I know Cupt. Vooag ai.d th.nk I told him of
tia ihfticnlty , I did not mix i?.- Mr . onng to ?end for the plain
tiff ai.d hate no knowledge of any sucli thing , at the first in?
terne? 1 have lestilied to. after his return from New Orleans,
h?* came Into the room while I wa? there he Ix'haved huaaell
ver? well. on the ~_i of .?juntry. when he first came in. I waa
Utting al the end of the ceuu-r table and Ml?? Gardiner at the
BtOM eud : altout 'J o ?lock at the same evening he caine IB
again ; we wera not on the sofa , I think I wa? uot on the ?o?a
that evening : I think Mia? Gardiner was not on the lofa, the
I'lmiitftf wa? not aober enuui'li to require the exertion of
much (tietigth. aa Mr. )(?.?.. toni* in the room
til* Mm l.-lug he ?mil w i* to order trie oat.
be ?aid the houae waa hi?, abe had a lea** from Mr Shaffer
1 ?aid. If tou ?an aoatt-M ate Ibu i? vour bouse. 1 will lettv*
tha house forthwith'' he ?aid he had t!.e lease and took out a
paper from lu? [?ocketlxHik which I ?aw wa? not a ha??'; Mi?*
i.anliner match ?si it froai hu band, and 1 rtaid ii aub her, and
found li wa? a nvcipt for HT-'?. 1 said. Mr BtOM this give*
yuu no auihonty or nowei in this btitu?-: ' 1 let Mi Besae go
?ben he piomiaeil to l-ate the houne.
Mr Stiall, t wa* called, and testified that when he I? f the
t.- Mi?s Gardine!, h? uuderiluud that ?he wa* engaged to
Ui?- plaintiff
lae jury rendered a verdict for tie defendant.
MA KINK COURT-Tala i. TKPM- Parr I -Btfore Judge
Mar. Pea*} agt Juhn Brennan.
The plaintiti in thin <'iv??* ia a chill ?if lu yean of
age oi? t ?ruin the t-timuiiyof heteelf and hei lillie BM it ap
ja*ar? thai ii. -lune hut they, ?uti tt.e p?rn)i_?iuu of Mr? Bren?
nan, went Iowa Into ti.? lotMM. ' of the Iel ndani'i house lu
pUy The ili'lemlant ?on?? ii. slmrtly after?Tii- and ??rder,'tl
then nut lia Luir tailing lu laitupli immoliauly he acued the
pliiiiititl t'y tl.e ?nu, IPUIKI ?ni uoBtd lieriofii.it ?he wa* ill |
lot M8M BM - The pituri Ulf a_ui t.-?tih?sl thal she and her (later
were tl.e mill one? pn-sent tie? the aatsiull til r-ommiUetL
lin MMdoat leaied hauug ?nmmitte?! the easault, and
-tonghi in the evidinee of tx?<? children whu te.titii ,1 that they
Were preaent on tho '?'? ision, mid thal a* *oou aa Mr Bl? ni.mi
ca.i.i i',?- .illili:, itii: ?mi that Mag did Lot see Lim mik?
The j'ury found a venlict for the plaintiff for fXO.
Cb*? opeoeei lui pui.urt , li..nu.!? brc^uan :ui defendant.
StT'KKMl. ' i)!'KT--('MAMI-.I ?:-(XT. 13-Btfore Mr.Joitice
(I ?TlK_.
In re. JMMM Sweeney et al. tyrl. The People.
WNK of ?'?-riurari <iJ_*lie?i und priaooan re_eaded
IT.-..-?i? XX iiidtoi ag?. (.?.alies C. llui.c-ii el al.-Mut.on
grantitl willi.mt. uet?.
Janie? Sh? ii.laii agc Mary K Sharidiin -l?c?)Ort confirmed
?ml jU'ldiiieiit uf UVOM* grat.ti.:
J.itii.-? ,"*a?.ige agt. 1 liol .J? Km:.- ?*t ?J -Mu!.un for Receiver
gr?i.te?l ?Uli lill meta to abide tteOI
xvm li li-jii.il.i? u.,-1 ilniti.u i i-Tshcr-Motion to revoke
order (or <-t.m..mili.m oi Bayard ilei.i.'.l
Archibald lii.tc<Tii B?.-I Joim Y >chepele? el al - Motion to
peotpaoooeoied, with|,iit< oat
l'.-rrv agt Burua rd.- Miliou lo rexuke oiucr denieiL
IsobeUal Bennett agt Eraatoal Baaaett-Beoeai of Be
Anee ooiiht m? ?1 and Judgment ol ?li vurec grained.
.I.iuie? g ? onaai ?t al agi 1 ? reiicK liow? et al- Motion
grui.t??d. willi tit) MOtl lo abide <-xcut.
Wui 1'uJii, (Jtouoiml agt l>ra I. Bushnell *t al- Motion
rranted ao tliat defeudant ihall turuiah (wur:i c*op_?s of all
document? and cutri?*? * lu? k It UM petltlooor ?tate? an in the
puawaaiun of tho defend- .t. und which defendant does not
deny are in hi?'po*Bi*??l<>u. l18 OOOiO to aiii.li MOM.
Jim E lUthhiin ?I al, agt. Warren W i.eiu:?d et al-Mo?
tton to ?acaii: uril.-r placing the cause ou -S|??vi*l Circuit cal?n
dar grono d win.out eoata.
Juu M?.'T agt William Mann-Motion to vacate order of
an-lit granttsl wit hont costs
Beuajah IiSMofWeO, licceiver. Ogk. Ad'l;'. K Goddet'rey -,
Moilun granted, with fin oo*l? to philiiUtt'. to abide exent.'
John lu?, liiienei. agt. Win li. tie G i out -Moilun denied
with coat?.
hriviui. Tuait-MbM J MUM DAB-BU - Llndsley agt
Simoud? -Judgment for th? defetnlant* in tue demur
re? titi leave lu the peal .'..ii? '. ?unoud lu twenty days on
p?iiii.u!u! cutts of ti.e .ieaiurrer-?re opinioi kcodaii agt.
t ?iiiuiei -?Judguiei.t i??r puiiiilull tor t-.ftitw and co-t?-*ee deti
?ion (Jlui?t*ttd agt Met utter --Judgment f?r plaintiff.
St PKEMB C'Oi'BT-CincrtT -Pftrt 1.-Before Mr.
Juiti.-o ?M 1UKBI.AM' -J in or* liol atteiiiiinir were cued I
Bael Kftimtii.il 1. B l?Ti>: Mai K1 Wm W. Wbelpst. lu
HUimi .!tidgm?-?t lor plalinitt ?1.:?- 4u. L. G. Wvbstei et al.
agt Henryklu/ Ii? ?i-i.-1-i..t .? ?h ?.nut cut? rial, l'art 11 - Ile
fore Mr. Jiifftici* l>?iitAU">i -Juriir? not aiiendiug were unod
ti., en I. Hi'!.IV I? _>r? li- ,l.''?t
.lodgtueiit fur pi'aintltt, t-*!' ?*-<? l'hiimai? A. Kidd agt Samuel
.SlntJeii liiTauil KraOt- Mil lilley a.t Th?- Weal Indian
l'?*t_.leuui Co. lJe.au;t. i__eu. \ u-lur Hishop *t al ngi A I ia
W ( aolraaa l'el.mll taken. 1'art III -Ik'fnre Ml Joatiee
DA? lu-Harri.? Saumon agi Uonrj Biuivke. Yrul. \ erd.ct
tor plaiutitf, All' DO. _
. ScrKBuaro?KT-fiBcrrr. -TABT 1.-Held by Mr. Jua- |
tie? aorinutiABB. (.osirt u|>aui at 1?) ??.lftiik ?. a. - Nu_ i J41 im
?,i ?'allan , ., 171. Co-liilft. Killy tsbert? : I.IIB II agin ?at. Backe. ,
J ?Bl. t??t_,irt rill ?j? l.liulli .( uL . 1 V?1, lliiilB?. ?ft. rla-lh ?t
.?. ; i tW. C, ttu a?t Kell-/, nhend ; 1 titi, Hutratu at ?i. IM .Morr?i ?al
a. I ?.I.?. Kalnbal, Set. lb- !ealilo 1 -lui ..a. I **I0* i .'.S.. iXlooa
.?i. (/aa?: J 301 tSi?n?v?il .?'. I'la??? . ?.SO. tint uf the (.oaimon
Wr?UI ?*t. XX t . e ?i . . j ., ? 1 ?, )*'.', ft. ?,tr si? Au.la.iiwd Ml. .
t.3?e. I??????Un '??.t. llipM" " .'-1 -. '"' ktdiitMl |BBO?*t*J ? I.-li.
Sctiu?trr ?(i .liana! I * ? Pappan tfl. ilalnral) . '.'- I. f.trlr rt
?I. ?a?. ?.?sni. 1 111. Y ?linaalook ei ah if! '1 be ?-...Jen ?nd Aaiboy
Balli ?ti lad :r?_..?>ort?'io_ l o ; lui- liu ,<!?.. ij!. ria, Baw York
3 .1 uti IU!ir isa la. I'm li -li-.?I bl Mi Junio? M'suuii
Can jpiai d Id .'et-?_a a. as.-Mea I Ma. Tutu ?^t. tue tun?
lilui I Baili?- d' o . J,???'. l'?sk risl. >,!. Kiln, 2.O0C. Miriht! igt.
Surlliil, 1.DO? Illili?! ?! li Uf. Illili. J 1)10 Miter ir- l'ecl ? !,0l8,
Lill.? Mt- .? li*-k*Ti J.d- brill is?, l.ji.i ' s.i.r.fl, 2HU. Imbi?
ut I i.'i ?' ". M inrravr ?i ?i .?. hru,.k? .','IJO, Klickil ii agu
Town?*: . -ftngtMi.il>. 1034, M!J? igt l'hit.-.ber'iin
e Bbl-Ota Bit f-s-t HtVer B mi 1*1. Sleili .cA. in pl??J?,i
(n?ei a.li.i.uiiiiatiil ?gi S.ltri? at ii? 184- lloiin -y ??I M-v?i.
,oi,.ll,e. .sutimi ii ti a?t. ?it?lea rt . , .'0.? Ht..t?n agt Hrou-in|
.. ..1 ag', l.tue rt a tOU Kay.? r tg'. Jan?lul, lii.1.
Joaei igt. tooley .( a! I'aar 111.-Ii?i?i by Mr. JU*I?M Daru it
i laen, tuart apea* *t IO e'tdock a. u. - S . ' r, i-turiti
rial, igt- S|. IU rd: UM, Vi en tgt Bulles, it ... , lC'JI. Y<MIII| agt.
Mini. 1-ed li. I.ird? ?gt. li. t? ti IK... I .*,rro ?._ T ie t?_-rn
?M1 ,Xa.!."y Kti.inad ?ni i tau.I r 'at.mi luui|?ny J.5 htuuiajt.
K-li stieiH, ^.?a s,-,,, t a.- et ,i ; iiitu Mei.Jbeui* ?I
?it. l.oweiii^ri! inna. I.a?.et a rt al ag!. Pratt, M3 Ti.? Pt ipW'i
I'r. vi.iaii ( <a..| any u.-t H)U , I Mo. U i i ?rt ti ? gt I ? ?. ?tun ud
."lewpi rl ?B.1 New-Yuri "itrsiuu.. il t M i u.? | . J, XX , lier ?| ? . t.t
Th? M?n'ii?i ti Ni?i?i*.lJi. Bad lump.Tulum I ouipany , 1'Ti
XX ii, ii i.-t M.nh ?t i . 1184. itntiiu ?I ti. ?gi R??J ,., ?. ? irrt,
Uloola it ii ui OHi!-i. 1*1 "<-r ?it. I.n dri-r tb, 1JIJ,
Ktiuiworth ?gt. Utkei -, VJ8. Treidwali ?<L ll?ven4?e ?t ??., lu?),
P i_i?>??y .?(. Agen it * i IBM ?lilli ?( ?:. ?gi. Ji>.i:t ?t i. ,
Spsciit '1 ?aa-lind t?y Ju.it. a l)A*iau-l ourt ojem at 10 30 a
ni -Uri l ?t No. "J Duli. . - 1'rn.ir.il-lue h irn er?' and I'll aa ti?
Sin a.? iiinl ?gt. Psni.i - Nu. b -Iii.ieiaf i*w ?.id ti ?? -Noa itil,
aft K.ii?. ?i. at( . - H ? ?gi. lae? at aL| l18 Cl*s__
M I .i .!? i ? X>"i_i.J l!.,,;t,
mr?.i.? ?tal . ?lu Dw.gbt tg' i r ... ! lui n,.il i (. ,| ,:. .T?
. X g.-l .1 .:.. Mt Titu? it ?L Igt. Mimi tuu ?t, ii. ; MB.
lin.I.IUI'I t ii ?gt. Nt?i ! rt ii i Mi ia i-i x\,,, i?ial tot'
Lu?irei ?g1 I in.?lan loo. "ii.ai.iiiu ?g1, liirki.i i. .w tVeM agi.
-Lu et t.. .bl, a*-? Hk taina, ins, l__w, adailauuiua. ta.
BetesBB il : 111. Tb? People ka., ?gt. ThH.lkB.tr. ?VI,
Co. ; tit Lu. ..I. ?I ?.'. igt. I n??nnig at al , Ml, F?l?y ?gi McHoaaM
SiBI 171 Bloom at ii. ?el Kirkpatrick.
tti'? ( Miai -No? S-l .' uru-.u age Illaara Iron W?,ki i te, I mer*
.tv l'r?o? but? Bank of ?.??.th Carolina, 11, ?Saul igt. Smmo i St,
Kii.doipb ?gt. Bixb?y?*8| - ?ft. -. Omnetal ?Mil mam
menee? il N?. B.
BLPBRIOB COCBT-PABT I.-Held by Mr. Jostle? Oi%.
vi.? -( ?.?ri. p? ,i ?t u o dork a m.-Noa B19, F?lrw??tb?r ?Mt.
(-?Karl-, X348 ??by ?n. Jac.,U. tSOt M?thlan ?gt- F?nlt. ML
Miller ?gt. M.l.bcnk , IIB, Urti. 2643, UBI, Uti. 2183 HB. BOT, ?KB.
Voll 16(4. Tbe title? ol the.? Ita? li nain bert w? hav? Be? ?/.?ble
to obtain trooi ti a e??rk who?? daty it ia to m.i tuen. out.
1'lBT U - lle.d bef?le Mr. Juttioe Jo??-? ...,rt open? at II tfdrmk
. m -No?. ?fiWia Fuwlrr ?t ?L MI Lu.il w . ttB ROLIIHOB a|t Ba?
ir. ?" bun Int. te, UM ann MO TTd?. ISIS, 2838 tV* 2881, UBS,
TKle tJofl Turi 1*1. Vi* oto umbu to pobnm U? in in ia Una
branch ol th? Court for the imoni itaO-dln IB calendar ol l'art I.
?Coen OF COMBO? I ?LKAS-IBIAL Tanti - Adjourned
for th? Term. Tb? (Jouirai lana wJTh? in waOon IB balance at Be
Oaw?.- 1 b? ??CalmdB 1 tal ed ?t I0J o'clock m. m-HIM. ?. Aaaudl
M>- lliiuibeei IT_. Lo?el tit. Hamilton! 73 Meyer ?gt (.?aroyi H,
-.rt art. Con??? l.'?4|. Killi'.! ?gt Matblna . IT1. Kre.lrrlct _?
Thoiii.ii! H?Can p!.e?. ?it Ha'hbun; 41. Sebmale ?gC Tobin, lil,
Brennan ig? Cirpentrr. 1J9. ? oekerofl igt Coi ne? | 141, Fgaa mT>
DuSv. 144 Mil', my ?igt. Ki? di MV Hue* tft. 8prott| 141 Bom?
?gt leyicr; 14?, ('.non igt. U? , lil. ?coll igt. Sl*w?rl? 1-Ji, FliB
b-ri ?gi b?hack?Lcrd ? liJ, >?iu? ?gi. I riedbcig, 114, i.?BSSBI H*
I ?. Ila... _ _
[Belora Recorder H?.k?tt.|
Dickeon and William Rugge were brought to the har on odin
plaint of Charl?? Anderdon, a Swedish lailor, who charged
Kigge. w ith ann nit an 1 battery! and Motion with robbery.
Anderson claimed that Rugir? met him in the mi Idle of o
Myer? bull loom, and ?true? hi? hut from hil hood, a quarrel
ensued, and thin Audenon ?II ?truck by Rugge. A ?bort
time after, II he wai p-epinc ntit. he wai letsed and draggol
into a dork room, ut.d thara ro>be?l of a stlv-?T watch, ?almiaal
$.ii a tesaB pin ?ralead at IT. a skate valood a 1',, ?and Iii in
money ?Several w.tn. ni? ? ?i ni ?worn, ouo of whom leHlfletl
that ?he f.miid the ?. uti T i?n !i?-r la*d in the room where Dick?
son wai ai rt-Hteti, ihortly after he hud b?een taken therefrom,
and gave it to on otbc r A witucM lor the dofcnii U-?U!ied lo
t eing ?i vcral p?-oi le ?trlke and drag the nulor from the room,
among t!o m Hie i!?den Lint?, who rctnrn.al to the .?room there?
after together. The Jury n-turu??1! a vrdiet of gallty, ?sod Hie
Reconier M-ntenccil IBs p-iHonen te, a term of five years in the
blow l'riaou. Jlick.ioii. in mortvtef tmlflBsa, gave Ui le
corder a uiliury snlulc lu token of the leniency ot Hie ten
tell oo
GRAND I.ABfEW.-Elixa Bnsteed cliargcd with grand la??
erny, pie ded putltj to ??etit Urcei.v .".til ?va? soi: temed to n
term of ?ix mont'.? bnpruonSMat m ii,' lvn-.teuiiary.
AI.LU?EOUKAM'I .?!'< KV; -Ju!:alirotvn waa charged with
robbery in ?ealing f: MB la pelion of Jarvii Hogg a gold
watch, valued at |M Ita complainant Hogg, p??aied the
night wi?i tin- .nilling up in the morning fooud
both hu? co ni p..: I fSM It wig shown that it
was pawiiile lor other IB h i? I ?tolen it ai d ti,? prtioae?
?oi found uot g?!.... :... diecbmgsS
?1'rfore Juiliei Hogan]
BBATKB AND 1:.J????3D.- On Sunday night William
Miller residing it No t? State at. Irooklyn, enterad tie b?ool
?tore on the comer of Rector und lirocnwichato^ and foaad
there a crowd of men. with whom iie drank. On turning B
leave he wai a.*.' lulu 1 by ?evera! of the m?nale?, among whom
tvuionoJoicpb Hughes" With senohterahls difficulty Millet
mudo hw ?iv Bis ti,?' ?treet. Ile wa? followed oy Hugheo,
who again ?oiwtult??d and beat him severely. Wheo at leugth
Miller succeeded i.. making hie eecape he foni.d that B hud
been robbed of bin watch and chain, valued at 145 Hi? ?chaia
having boee dewci.?al tram Hie veit. Ile Informed the pohce ol
the aisault. sndOlBceri oyta of the Tweuty leveiith Precinct
luon after arreste.! Uug'i? ?. Thomas flaghill of No HW W?ioh
iiujto.i ?t. ?ho was in the saloi'ii at the timo of th? annal on
Miller woe ate) tee lea and mblx-dof lo ia TreMury ao?tee.
V? .?tcrday morning tin- pris?jucr was arraigo?!?d bei.re Justice
Hogan, w ben coin; i.unt.? ? en- m.ule against him by both
Hughi? und Miller lie ?rae committed for trial in default of
li.iJ?U bail ?in each charge. Tue BBBBBd is Oge.1 '.'4 yeal? a
native of Ireland, a seaman, and venue? at Nu. 117 Warning
ton It.
ANOTHER ROBBBRT -On ?Sunday night Joieph McMorrow,
rending at No. boc Myrtle ave Brooklyn, whde partially lo
Haunted, wai accoited by Mary O'Brien at the earner of Dort?
and Wau-r ?u. and finally at her loliciutioo, aootanmioied her
to alaloon. ?her?* tr.ev partook ?)f the vite eorapeatnls ?ended
in that lucidity under the name of liquor, until at length McMor?
row became helplcfe-lv drunk. While lu this uondltion his com?
panion robbed him of f 140 in Treasury note? aod ocrrcocy, and
a lilver watch, valued at l8). Sutwiiuently Mary wai ometed
by Ofliccr Von I?uzen of the Fourth Precinct, and in her poa
sealion wa? found the ?tolen property. She acknowledgao hav?
ing taken the money, but tay? ihe did uot u*1 any of it tem
toriLiy Hie ainuaed wa* arraigacd before Ja?tice Hogan, and
committed to Hie 'lou;!? for Ulai, ia default ?uf |0<? ?Ui.L
11 af?.re karta Dotlg* |
time post. Mr. Oscar Mussinan, the managing agent of hUii
lard ? confectionary store. No. 621 Broadway, has boco ewer*
that large sums of money m list have been abstracted in .ODO
way from Hint ?estubiiiument. but was entirety unable W form
any well-grounded ?uipic.on? ai to whom in hu employ meit the
eommwion af Hie cr.me ihould be imputetL It appears, hew
ever, thal on Wedw-aday la?t the l)ovenp.,rt Mason BOO.?
Expr??as wa? the carrier of a pavaient unounHng to the toni of
t'.iJb from H. Laug of Ne? B?-dford to Maillard's .Iori oo
Broadway 1 he express agent duly i! livercd the money, aod
got a receipt for !? n^m th?, book k? eper and (vorreepotaieal ot
the house. August Vii-ii? r The money yu?! rectited waa ooca
after mimed ty Mr M iMinin. who nnmeiliately itiipeeied
Vaider to be the thief, ?and aconliugl? bad him arreoUal. Upo?
hu arr??l by Bs?BS?a (rurland be voluntarily eonfeaatet! that lie
..ad ?stolen ? gTeai d? al of money from Maillard a duriag Be
time he wai employed there, and that on the luth of Augaat
hut be had a; pr?pnnt?al l'l JO , on the l?th of August, 10 JD ?
and on the Sctn of July gil Vt. The entire amount itoBft ia
even ?o high as |3 Odo. most of which wai taken ia ten large
linn ?each time. Vanierhui been lu the employ of Mr Maillant
for ?o.-nething more than two yeera lie rendel at No Jl Kulk
? ve, II a native of ??ei.cva. and ia X y??an of ige. fie waa
committed In default of gi,?UDb.
TutrroFA COAT.-Abraham Morris, rending it No M3
Broome it, charged Jamei W. Domll with bivug ?tolen fro?
him a ?wat worth t-i' Dorrlll hid ?i?nn'te,! t.. Morn? ?IBU ?he
had taken the coat. Cotuiuittcd to answer in ?icUiiJt of ?IMC
Two SACI COATS SroLPt -Franklin A Lawson of Ne B7
IIudion st, dipoietl that Mary Jauo Audenon had Itoleo two
sack cuati. wortL li?! from Monning F I?? ?on, reinliaf ?al
the ?am? i??.?. ( ?'?I.e.'.- Hoieer of the Eightk Pr?fluct Urmmti
Man ?laue w th th?- coat? in her poi-i?iwrtoa. ?CommittoBB
auiwer lu defauit of ??JO bad.
The Hudtton County Agricultural Society will bold
their regular Fall Meeting for I?"?? at Hoboken oo ?IB MHh,
l?!h an?! ?tth of October Sever, horse? hove l?*en emewd ?Jo?
t! >> Hurdle and ?Steeple-chow Race? under the an?pay? mt the
Santy There ?ill I? three rncni ??cb day f.-r premium!
lunging from PiiO to ?400 und ? fourth race on tue last ?lay Tor
a premium of ?.?X). for beaten Lone? it thu meeting dash of I?
mile?, lae hut nee raoh day will take place [-"'wpHj B
HU p m. The follow;:.g u the programme
riBST DAY, orr. 16.
FlUT Baca-Hurdle 8?t-v-A Hindlip Preo.1 a? if ???B t?
.gea. iwo mil? oath over eight hurd e?.
.-aroiD Ract-.*?weepi;iie? Premium or ?IB, f?r twt you te*,
one hill mae I e?t?. Cii)?ed with Bv? ?nine?.
Taiao RACI -?wMjMiakti premium of BMO, fir '?fir?? ???i IIB,
illili Oi ?I BUM.
8f (iSI) DAT, OCT. 17.
FUT Ran -8el!ii.g Pr?miim of ??Uo, iii ?g??? ??it if li ita
on uiual c-inaition?
naoono Rua -Pi?n.i:n. el ?200. al. ?gea daahrf I a.l>.
Taian Kata -Tb? I'arry l'rcu..^ui ol koot ?" ago. two all?
Kian Rice - Maejlr t I.?--A tiindkap I'I?U.??.D if ??? i? Uta
Brat, and ?lilt to lb? ??vond Bore?.
??conn Ric?.-8w?*p??uki? 1'remium of ?280, lui two y??j ?Id?,
two-u ile daih
TaiOD BaCa -Sw???p?takM Premium of ?MO. for tn.e? y?u alda.
Due l>e<?(?.
focara Ki?-Premiuai of ?MO for beileti L? t?t it t- u awl
Uti. it?- atti niuem.
FASHios coras?. L. I.
A trot will take pl??ce this ?Iternoor. between the
two oelebrnted hor?e? I,oi!y Emma and Ge?irge Wdkei tor m
purse of 15.000. mile beeta b(?t three m five
From lue SXerthaoa of the pa'rfonni?ccs of th?e<M redooM*?
bl.- nag? ami their teteg ni tie tm< at jaaniible condition faat
time may contidcntlr be expected All admirer? at the trotting
hone ihould uot Lui to be prei-at
The annual rowing contest of the AtalanU 11 at C1 oh
o? Ne?1?- came o!T yetterday ^erno^ ?oc the Ilwlmii River.
The oourte was from a stake boot anchored off Hie Club Hourn
of the New'York i?-ht Club one mile and a half up the rt??
and ?rotara, makiag it t three-mile roo?'. The prise was the
champion bell of the club which u competed for yearl? The
con tes tant? pulled in single scull-working booti and at the ?ig?
ual, the tullo? ing came luto lite1 L>.i? lil Hann jr.. rowed by
R Wlthem: I'nku.jwu, rowed by W Mainland. Bui-kshiH,
rowed by J. ?Ogden, and the Fannie C Ru??ell rowMl b? C
Prohat. ?Short!? after S o clock p m the start was modo, with
Probat and Mainland leai?iur . Withers wis ?eil up with Og?tea
in company. The latter did not p-dl any cristi distune?- t?ut
?oon len the field to the other conteilanti. ' Mau ?laud kept hu
advintiigv to the naper stake. ?vbicL he amalad lorne two or
throe length! nhem? of Wither? ?ho ?III ?cot nd On tbe down
stretch l"roi?t posbid Withers, obuiaing for himself th? ??Kind
place, but he was not able to Barken] Mainland, who emma
home u. Hie ??food tune of ?30 ?3P. a winner of the belt Proiwt
was ?second, m 33. Withers' Hme ? a* .el AH The rtni mern
very mugh. and a high wind pr.-vaiie-d. At the termination of
tin- nice the club and their ?fri?n?! hail o vary | lenaant tim? ia
their boat home. Referee. Mr Aldea S. _w_i"
77//' EENIA\S.
The following order hue b-een ture.ihed to the prese
Air circulation:
( utan. Ornea FIVUB Raoraanaoco. ir i? ? ansis m i
Ns? YOB?, (;rt in II 1?
A'' Circliiof the Fenlvi ?rctharWd ?ad Ag? U ?be Utile
eeived Hoed, of tb? lrt?b Bepubllr to Mil, ?i? Lueby remit ??! te
rendel t? Uil. oft?1?, otfor? Hi? Ulk uj lA.i ?waaiA ? cnupL^ eetroek
of ?li tu? ??Ir? ui?u?bytleui Th?y ?ii t ?'ore thal dal?
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