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ai " ', i ?? ai ,_?... si i '?' ?
Th. Wh Tolutne of Mr. I*?n(*Toft'i "Iliitory of the
^U.tos, (?irinitig the third volume- ??f the history
of the Revolution, las just appis?*-"*?- from the press of
Litt?? Brown A Co. It extoiids from the declaration of
.jjdepC'L.li lie? to the French alliance in 177)?, ami beside itft
-?iirit'-d narrant csol several important military cjampiaiariB,
it p:xes ii full account of the diplomatic relations of the
Boxer..! European powers interested in our stnigi-'le. "On?*
aoinine in.ire," say? Mr. Kancroft, lu his pr?fet!?', " will
niipli ti- th?' American revolution, including the nogotiu
ticiis f'T pooee in I7t_, Fur tied vo nine the material?are
lii.r i o?, ead arra miali aud it will be eeaaeoa- d aid pal?
koa? ?I w ;t!.? ut aaj unnecetaan' delay." lVrsons ?bo arc
curioue iu litoiurx histor? will IKS interi'Sted M1 ho author?
a_emo!*iiiluii? MMOttag eerteaa untileiisani relation? be?
tween b.ii.p.lt and Mr. Grahame ana the Ker. Ueorge E.
J M. Bmdstreet A Son have printed for private distn
lutini) a f.i.'-sinnle ot the third I/ond?n edition 11811) of
John Tooli a " Hamlet Travestie, with Burlesque Anuota
tiont sfter the Manner of Ot. Johnson ai.d (leo. Stetcvent,
oec] n ?1 the varions Commentators." Tins humorous
|aao*a t.oi. al lha Huib??r of "Faul I'Ty was ori?m.iiiiy
written fur the .rt-ire, and wat played at Covent Garden m
M3 ai.d a! Mitchell s Olympic Theater in Hal Y<>rk in
18-10. The wit of the travesar is not of the first orler,
aiid ?in Biiil.fiiic of the present tiny would no doubt.Bud it
tedious but the annotations are'nftcii extremely happy,
and the iu.iniiir of Johnson. S'e<veui>, tVarl'urton nut;
Other en m m en U? torn is copied with exquisite absurd, tx.
The buiik i? perhaps inure vuluabie ii? a SIT? ciuien ol' the
.kill and taste of American printer? than ?s a lit? rnry peo
luetion. It is published with a?l tin sumptuous ?le,:..mc
for whiih the Bradstr?*et press is fas? UtOiiruiiif.'fiiimii?.
The type is beautifully neat and clear; tin- paper is ot ti,.it
attff cr. tm-tinttsl *ort so dear to the eye? aa?teaohol
.onnoiacur* in books, ami s-rtuding oj't la a goaetoag
narfrin around the text, lha Ut?i-p?iu-e. printed in eolors
la designed with |tio?! taste; and lae press work is adit.nu?
ble. The pilbil!?he*"*? are ?loinp pood service to Amonen;.
letters by tlic.r siiin-rb production*., and the present o. ?? it
a wort!? e.iiiipj.. mu to Mr. llamee?' ? " Biblio'.h.??"
Anier.cai.i? Vetu?tiB8iina," winch they issued a short time
.go, aud of which we have already spoken with well do?
oen ed (ommendaiion.
Mr. Walter Gibson of Ko. V. Libert; st., a new ne
?cssion lo the ranks of New-York publishers, has just
Issued a very ni-atly printed edilion of '. The Colloquies ol
Edxrard (??borne, Citizen and C;ot!iwur. ?r. of Londnu.
By Yo Author of ' Mary l'om-ii.' ' T_ Ltodkoo 8*m toko*
opeaks ot this work as the Bael ot the ii,any atti-inpta ut
dolineatu-...' the manner.? and opinions ol the Stuart .nul
Elizabeth.?:! Batea us Irt'in ttie pea ?I a eoteiu?iorury
writer. I'i.liKe many books of HB class, it has a diitimt
and conni-etfil tt??ry.
Lawrence Kehoe hue repnnted Irom the third London
edition Mr. Thomas >V_lliai_ Allies'* "The See of St.
Peter the Rock of tin? Chun h. the Source of Junediction,
and the Center of Unify." Mr. Allies was formerly a min?
ister of the (.'lurch of Luplaud, and is one of the inany
who were led !>v the Oxtord movement into the BOMB ti
the Church of ?tonic. The present work was writt? n Bad
publiahed before his change ol crei-d. or to speak more
corree!.y, the chanpe carne gradually upon him unriiii: !lie
five vi a'rs which he devoted to Ile comp"Mt!0:i. It tf:?r.
fore eiiil-ii.li's lht |?ri:iciples which drove bim out of the
communion in which he was (torn and bred, and will per?
ha'?s i? ii iteresttnjt a.? the direct eaaaeof Ma eoaveialoa.
to many [persons who care but little about the subject of
Which it treats. The present edition co: t_ms u lo..?." |irv
ffece in the tonn of a letter to Dr. Fusey. referring to ?er
loin "????so-'?'* in tie latter's " Lirtnicou." '
"The l'hilosopby of Hie Conditioned" is the title cf a
revit iff IJ I'rof. n L Mun ?el of certain perilous of Mr.
J.S. Mill's "Examination of Sir William Hamiltons
Philosophy." and a defense ot th?- lUiiiiltoiiiaii svstein, re
tprinttd witt) BOOM additioiis fiom I he Conti m j><>- y Iii- \
Tu,' i. : . :. .J N.ii-tork: AW.x.ind?T Sliahun). A
inn'!.!., lil l)r. Mansel's review is devoted to a d. fe nae ol
aimseif uL'.iinst Mr. Mill.
The Uevereiid llarry Jones, a Loudon clergyman, made
three tr.jn- to S?"ii?-rloiid, und alter m.ikiug due use of his
ajournais in a BOaa.I l'-ct?ir?* beforv un Institute in
which be is ?liter?s ed, and printing" ]?>rtions of them in
TAI /.- . - - I! m r. lee now ooBeoa d tliem ka a little illus?
tr?t?'?! pocket vohme, wlich b" rulls .. fin- Regular Swiss
Hound. ' li?- writes m a wriii. reUk Mag ettie, vtthooaao
bouior. a eoiiteiiipt fur statistics, and au appreciation o!
B-M; aiid hu? Bool is. on the whole, quite inter?
eetiiip. i Alexander Strahan.?
Mr Stnihiii. hu? al??? published 'Kumi'iir I^rtnrt?? on
_____! tiy Sir Jobu F. \\ . I le nu-c1, awo-iy
.which SU'IT.'I-i? are volcauo? * and aafflhfaaVial, tiro weatlior,
light, vision, measure? ?if lenirtb, tho oricin of furce, the
OOaB-BOtion tif akill in t*r>r?'i-sb<Hitinc, It- Tie le lui -
OrO'Wnilen lu ? ........I., f ?a?ula? . ?. ? ....- --,
tier?- is a fiiu.nl d.-al ?if novelty both in the cleon-, ol topless .
ami the manner ol' their tr?-.itiiunt.
"Tho Elements of Heraldry, w?nt-ming-u? Explanation ?
of the Principles of the St junee aud a (Jios-.irx of ti??
Terms Kmploved, with on Essay n_?ou tho ure of Cont
Arinor . t ? I Btte. Mi* ? !? Wi.liauill VM_MH
|W. ?I. WMfletea), la a xery gc>od thin? to be read tr.
ttoderii parvenue? who are e?i fond of as?uuiiiic UM bor
aid i? !.? m-iu-i? of any family of their Bam?, ??r otderiag
Ooate_ot-aii:i8 (nun tt??* ?eal-entTraver? vitliout iatvalhaa
whether (ley OTO entities', to wiaraiiy. Beeide, il ir? a ?-Il
for all e^iicat*- peraou? toknows-metl_iii(tiiti'.iit lieraldry.
If it leealj t"r lae latter faaa^rotaadiSKol tBoalhiaioaa
to the wiiine which are constantly in EiiKiish lilemture.
Mr. Whitmore > book seeuis IO IPC a careful anil orderly
BBai|0-lhlB lrom omoil uiaunals. It u elafraiitly pruite-d
Bid illustrated.
Mr. Cbarl-ei ('. Coffin, the well-knoata war eorresiiondeat
.f The hutttin .h i u ?mu, baa ?ritlcn e good til ck volume
of lu? personal cxpericaois with the army and navy, frvini
Ile firs! buttle of lull linn to the fal! of Richmond. It is
?entitle?! '. PBai Vews of Fighting." ami beside Ihe
?Sketches, uuei-ilotiua, and descriptions winch wo uuturdlv
look for in such a record, it eeatettn some curious and
valuable revelations rei?p?*ctiuir the CeaMtente cotton
teas. The lllustratWBs are verv bad; the type und paper
Ter y g ix ?! [BoeBH Takln A Dan?.]
"The Heavenly lather,' ti_uslutt?d freni the French of
Ernest Saville, by Bantr I>?,wntoi?, M. A., Ruglul. Chap?
lain at Geneva, is anne? of lecture? or. modem atheism,
. vhtch sre said to hone produced at the time of their de
Ivory in (leneva and Luasoniie an evtrm rdmary ?eusatum.
Ttse? As-ail vigoro lily ci-rttuii ???opular ovstains of jiblie??)- j
?hy.' iiiostuii Vi?i v. Ipeeaar. aaa?T?ssk! Jam?*
" Gallus. or R*taaar>3eeara in the Tune of Augustus
trabstat-ed by ?the lev. Frcdmck M etea fe from the Cer?
nen of Prof. Vi A. Backer, has long euptyeil a reputattaD
?aaene of the best exisB.MMiis of the eui''y life of the at
ateateaSSB pot on paper. The pr?sent ?viitioii is h great
improvement upon these wliali jireccsta' it. The ?-tata?
?rata exenrsusee which wat* erip_.dlv ins -rpni?.?! Ix-tveec
tlo cbapter> of the sliaht MnuM have _m n tlirowi, to
ricr, and ki?? tenu ?BJ appoudix about twice as large or
btwly of ti.?- bat?i llio wundi nts on lu- other liund,
lave been laka away lam lie CB? of th? oluuie and ?in?
Solute?! in tteu prunier pl-xooe with tho ?Bat. ?U. Appte
tan ii Cow
The " Diamond editan of 'lousy?? ?u'a^p* -mt. just puta
, Itahod by Tichaur It 1'nta is a ant?el of a??-a;,_i-Jt? aud
?a?Bi|ia?-tneai- in ?teMte-saaBar' Is a tittles, are lfiin?, mt
Silt page* eery cs-aal? anatrB la neaporre typ?, with
Bootite^otem?s, i? lacltee? the L-ur??ate s laB?!'"1?1 vorka.
The [?pet ii? ws*nus.?_-r wtlcr th.c.' lit ta di otln
rnpecu Um,-? ?tame ?te ai ?w?atit'ni M it ie COB, eu lent.
Tickuur A Field* have pabliAhc-J ' ?LintMit Gaunt,"
?epaplcte, hatard Taylor's stow puosa. ''The? Picture of
8t ?"LL.wii_a K. P. Whift ?new ?jlutn? d essay* on
*. CBinwW OB* Ch?an?cuvusii'- Mon1 ' di of vh ch we re
eteve for fuUer ?aottoa bcreafv.T.
"Ir Bcic?ce mt Wealth t Maau?! ?ef ?Matate! ?BCOU
amy. Kinbtefing the Lows o? Trade, Cuircmy tad li
?nan-e," is the til-, <?f au etaloeott* twk by A mot.? Parker,
teetuiet on Publbt f.iMMar io Amherst t ollere, just pah
.lis-hed br Little lu??* ?O?. The ?uti? ?re dewgu has
ttatH to p'O'luce a ho?,k ?sepectdl? BBftal?te taaiasa men.
.erchauta nud mtai-fac-tai?nr. * i'jrfyiitt cxpvtieuce
in eoniitiBci.il pi.inn '? m th?. eorL-r part i? lu? l,t.? and
lia ?lill liifrer etmfy of the lnwr of wedtb pre him
saspr qualaiciitions tut tho wort he la? uaB'Ttakea. Hu
trea? of cutrenoy a?'l taxation ??I. greet Inline-.?. i:.d
illa?, rate? bi? reuiark? willi monv mgruiiouy dio-giata?.
Mr 1 ?rker i? ? remiert? adv<? ale of isa- Trade
i D. ?tipplet?* A Co. te.ve uflch-? t? tei*.r ltft of popiuir
j?ch?X)l'?book? m__ Practlt?i't ArilhuiOt?r, by ii. V. QuacL
?Bbra.lormine ?he thi? of the ?eiin ef tnsttiernatic?!
text-txxi ? by tbr same s?*bor and a ?auad of .' English
^'-fciuptdtiMon ?ita llbe-totk,' tai Pr?.l. Atak.auder Balli of
Csoehj te ?Ainsaor?i, ?iBBtea, b;ive ?oat pwhUelied A ,
VTantnb liraKtaar,' by Kda.-nl H. Magill, A.M., tu!
Jalne-tt in ti? ttotioa Latin ?labatt li ?nclustescxereises ;
fur tra-xaiat.oit. aXiex*?., Ln^isli and Latin rtuutbitUrv, I
lOiUiuMiL' !be,taiumi>?te ?t word* m French wh.cli are ?i- j
rived ?ft??) L**i? ' *n a?jili?!>.>tie.v! lut of th<?<?mimone.i
Frcuih itfOIO?; ?Cid, Vital Kb-SBl taioks too tc-Uou hare, i
au inda- i
" Cntious Question?," is the titls of a book by t!ie I??r. '
lieti.T A. Hann. I?. I>.? JnB publiai,?'! bv J J.' <> r?-r?r>< r
fe Ce?, >'C?AA. It ireats, tv -gaeta ?I? word? ol tit, pr,
iona. " "f AU ti?: ?s m??t dilfii-v.it HI d d the ?.?mo tlnso (
. re- u liol iii lu.?na? koovfeflge,-'' mi A considering
?thit-wm oii.pc ot purooac. vochrasially *_iee wnh tb,*
untfc/n ?ii hi* m knowieti?tu?!' thvt " tie te?ok ?ui-rtit bo \
Ii-ger* flu? better."
ter A. .1. H. I>up;tTin? * C'.tcrsat'-s" (Nea
Toil; Kehert M. BrWitl'.ii s eollectioi) of fW.'ee short
patrol!? i??e?is. iii??piredb}'ll.<'want draggle f,.r free
loir;. They r.re sainted in t-vpr? ?sion and full of dov.'ti-m
to !-.!"*rty. The cxtenuil api-eiiance of the Tolarno is-sfry
Mbh?.,. I -? v I ' ' ' ' '?" ?. ?.* f'?r nie j
a ? I ? ? I .
s ?. ?. i ? g ". ?Para .? ?as? !
sponslve Reading," Is a convenient ?annal in vhieh the
antences to be read by the minister, or leader, are primed
in Itdiee, ?and the response* te loman. " Tno Ncv -Sab?
bath Hymn and Tun?. Hook' ia a companion volume to
the popular "Sabbath Hymn an?! linn- Book," publisbe?!
by the same Ina* Tks ?orita of tin, hymns uro tin
same in both vorks, and Ilio ?paging of the two volumes
?.urresjiondH, but the innes in Hie ii?v one are of a rattier
inore popular and attructne ?skSBaaBtfi
John Wiley fe -Son bave published 8nverd handy little
books for meehan tal and machinist?. " i lie Art of Su?
Filing,'' by H. W. Holl?. i? ? third edition ??f a thorough
treatise of'good repute, ami is illustrated with it wo??d
cuta. "'lin? Carj-oiit? r's ami Joiner's Ii md-llvik," also
illustratad, is by Ibe ?nilli- author. Mr. Holly is pnicti
cally acquainted ? kth UM ?ubjects of wini li te treats, nu?l
be writor in a straightforward and pro. ina! way. "Tia
Holton Machinist, by Wella Fit/trcmid, Is design? ?I
both for apprentices und skilled bands, and shows bow to
muk?- and use to?.!?, beeide giving completa diriCioun in
the art of screw und ?rat-cutting.
We ?have received from tho same publishers Una-kin's
''Crown rf Wild Olive; three lectures ou Work.
Trufho and War," uniform in stylo ??Hi tln-ir othtr tdi?
nnies of Hurkm's vriting au?l " Au 1.1 ineniury BekWB
Grammar, with Table?, Beading Bien tan tai s V?eeejba?
lar?," by William Henry One?. Proio-sor ?n tin? l!"0
i.igicul Seminary at Pi nu? -loii, N. J.
" Woodward's Arc!?ii?'i turc, Lee?sssps Crib-ning ami
Kural Art" (Cn. L mil P. Vi. Woo?l?srdj. is the hr?t
i.titnbrr of ?i penaaaeal annual peek ?altea to Le IM ?<1
from the ??niel- ?>f Ttt Hartitnueuritt, ni d 'nteide?! Is amO*
li? .1 daoaaad lor pasas und lafcraufttea la .ii! a?peit??enta
c1 rural !.'t. It couiams B peat nuiniicr u'designs for
building Louse?, l.iyiiig 091 pound,. ?*? I.
'. iiio Ciiitiviitiiiii <?t tin Heues Baaaa sal HesaaVateM
of Ainencuti \\m?fc" iGeo. K. A V. ii. \\ IH,I!WUI?1/ IS th
title of a lit 11? trent!??- by Mr. (bon1?? Ilnsti"in ??! II? i
nn.nn, Mo., whose refutation ?as B STBetted ('rape cultiiri?!
ou.'hi to be a mffuient voucher tor ?I.?' rd B N his book.
A collfftion of eleven " S?nii? M ?'ii li I n ?"-I import;.;,!
subjects of the Hook of Gcd,' by the I ile lev. W ilium
Bane ef Ita FWlaealpkia Annual C< te j??et
BfpSSBBd from Iks peen <?l ,1 Q. Milicr. I'M ?<l<itekte.
?Jaka Wiley t*. lea have lesead ?teven] ?BtmeHtaTig
Hooks with esiesed Utastiatteas, ladeitaf' WHBeead
Mut s bist Day "t s, bad, (?ablsked m i.? ?dea bj l te
Beligious Tract Bocio ti , .. I.iitu- Bed Kidlaa li"?*!; '
'? Iii riiii ir? i? in the Wo-.,!, ' and .. lob* ?Bilpa "
Grave? Hu.l Voulu-' H"?!"!i. pnbL-h '. Nellie Warren,
or. Tb? Le t Wnti'., ? n?' of tilt- "Lindendale Sione.? "
by Laarsaes Laneaeei, Baft
Ik? Americ.iii Kevi ?Cosspeay lias published a little
.m at political ?(].!.tis li tana under the title of
" Mosrii- or, the M:m \, Be .?up|x>808 him?e!f to be Moe? s.
m. Mo?.-.? at ali " .s.iuu? of then. Hn? rallier clever; but
B? ?lure any tlioy would obtain a wi.l. r circulation if the
t: tct ?Lien ?'?i.tain? them wert? en\clo| ed in a les? re
I?ni-ivi* eavcr.
T. B. ?PsteSSSB fe Brothers have added to their library
of popalai novels " Function the Cricket." by George
.Sand; "The Story ol' l.li/abetti." by Mi?t TkaskesSf
und " M.irneil at Last. ' wliitli tbey announce a? a new
nevel by Mia? Ainu?* Thomee It is in rouliiy au e.tr'y
pnadiic'.'ioii of l!ial lui? ? Vltefe is now impoeed ujaou the
public under .1 MB nano .
DkttD ?Dnblicationa.
/IIO CALI.I.TiiN I't lll.IS'lll.K. IP)
'lit? Beeaatea?, Mew-Yen " * *'
A rolleetKin of f??r?fil ?rt?, uie-ty r?,u'i. rdd trick.?, co,lim
peeslM ?"?1 new t lirnl- ? ititviulf o te MU .?. .vervhoi:? BB?MMl
LI io ?in nar ?tei?r?o4? .1 e lou ol luc.-e.timi Lu priv.te Ifeaatit
can. tablMUl ? . ?on. of ctr or ?ml luiii'y ?n.iin L.enli. ric With
n?aily Ita iilu?tr?tr?? pu-urr?. ?.* I'rir? Iii.
An en 'Viit te? tleioeiiic ni ?el t ? A .. i ot t?. .??? et!?t wnrki
?r? lu ?ei t | (i|.ni?r. *.* Al.? lit? tin! mil III ctl.lnLi of hi? ^ie
?in,. uuVrl?- Donkin?- tlioal A I.I 1. i ? Al?r?,l-To ta.ve.liil
lo be Lev. 1- lillie Hid lol?- I Vf bee?, I , i lu j-Tl e Mil Hu' t-e
t loud- 'li,..??<? the Lui-How ( , uiu li? ?te,y ?i-Lik? ?Bil L'uBie.
,' Ince. ?4 ?Ml eacl..
THF. CITY'S lir.AltT.
A ia?w htimorou. ?ud?*.ir . ?1 |i.,?m on lue IMIII.HI mil ti,iiu?i ,' j
tit? I. fe 1?J . llBU.hU-, . 1 V ? lulk . 1 l?d pipel. tltatU bt.ui J,
?.itaanMnaataa, *.* Pitan ?i.
l.Al's VENGRT8,
And otarr Porn,? and I ii?.iii by Auntn? 1 Illino? .SwilBCkiE
Piiiiled liom the Autlnu t idv.no? ?heel?. *.* I'm?. ?! ...
gf T1i??e lKa?k. ?r ?1 SeBIlBy hrao? B oMth-OBI OOM ne?
to ama wt I be ?eil b? ma.1 i -*t* .? :rr? aa n-etipt < I i r ? . i ?
? til BMI, ."?.? Y oik
F KAPUI A s|?| f ??lilli M Mt - u
LI. MUM? THE II' Tolll ti,ri ul AMERICA.
HY ALL NI ?Vil.!'tl.lll-i?
?PM'IAL KLATIIIiE.- ?i? Till? KI M I'I I!
LADY INi /. OK THI KA.88ION KLOB'EB A-iib. rt,,?,
Aioerlem onr-ni' ?tevy-tireinn? e!?-p?n
A |?t??l!>p1 ? 'I"*-.' ?v Heir? Mur?a?,.!
Lil-..- t,F I'M- K.VKMNO HTAH !8p'e??M|y IBllrMll 1
lili. HI KNIN?* UBBT. FA1KH K S ? Allii.DklL d',.
ml-l?.!? ulntlril.ini I
TKlKII III ?.TIN? IM THE EAST (lilu.lr?t?8 )
Vdl'L <?K AN AihTiO HI ,.rr?ied.i
Till CHARLESTON (ITY MAHk'r'1 ill?.|,nH?41
KHEEIIMANB Bimni! OKKIt'E AT hil HVO.VI1. fll'u?
?r?iw- TVA BAT F l'P ?Bl BBITI*?!! TI! ANNKL. (lU.rtr???- ;
..TI?. IllNOAli?"NI (I"".?? !" ' BBW*?_
HkXtl til Tilt BAO-.N'lh bY MARAIIl'A INDUKh ??
''"i'i'p'?Nr-f VAKFR?* 'F? ABTF*?.)E VISITE (tile*..-*?*-.)
tla-U AKOiraOTlir.B '?"?ATIIAS (llli-trit.*-)
firjtjnTQM AL-OV.iilNO THK -AlLf O?* *8S (lllus
"cHA- "D. *"?V*AJ?K_T-, .CT1VE BASE HAU. CLUB. (With
y'n.n?\'ykTt. or A rBiNK LEIUCI ATU IAL.
MK li?I_sO.S..I'USK'SD0?.
f I ?K Ft? Ir. A? ?'IO!'
r (i? '">AN!' I.OTT) IKS
t PITOMi? O? THF XX* ? K
HHTORlAl.*-- I? ?l-rial .li,r?. A ,'rintie l?__B?*y. TI.? 8-11
r,, t,.,,,.. Tlwl^ _._?__? et lea. A?. t.
HiXVN OOSJiD'-XX int.-A f?w !'. lirftri.ien-M4 too QtmmWtm
Tri".li "?tria, "i -*??.. 'BmmH ?... 9**kt m _t-?pring. Tim
S2__?!l?V__--ajt> Aunlib.ulArlM.l__ A--- -
tb?( uy
_n A** BKOMFST ?-KXV Toil*-.
XX ,11 fuh'.ia?! ?WrslBetiiiy. Ortub?. X1.
THF JVtTTHORSaT f?*' _---__?-_-_r-_-___
ti. p_?__.-' )I<? m?, uuef Ibe Ju.l?ee <.( tlte t".urre?*ie Couat -
By r-tlB-*?...^ -j j _,_.__,_ "?u ,,.._. e, ?
OH Till O-*!"? OF M-liAl. B*r_ta
,.,"__ pirt ).- Ti S_i?g?w!i*a. o' ?Uaar-i IS? W.._ilbp?
D^^t-^T^l^ H )lT-l_. OnaBtu-u... rtTt??-?
1 -iiU^iVtvB Orno. l*ru?e?OI - *t
1 -rat ?rww M?__ ",.,,". ^
Mt-iu-.'.K*-*--. -.8 ??ta. 1JJ8
0- B-aiW* CB*?**'-*-. . ?*
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B-..' lil?r,r"i?,ir* Hirth...-? .li. ?ho
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1 e_? utr?_ ci ? ouinry lau?. a m
1 TB.*u.ryirfK?a^t.??_--. ? ?
_?r_.?l? b? ?Il r_?i__!l_*i
Seat uy ai'ail ?n ja-eipt "-'*?? ?m>?t??1.
b- HoKA-t. (..U.E. ??a .'. I Cl.E\ ELAND
A .wte la?* *( Uiiu _??Dd?i??r? ?f l*?-r*BB* eiataruiiig 1-i-I
g I TTI AL *40MI?"IONS end PLATrO-AI*?,
TUl. a_5_ST10N i>F BrTBBf IB THE TF.BBlT_*l_?i.
Moi? BJUhl? apma'Jnet .' ?- '". D-tigta?. Bill. Cals. Uomml
Ever?*. K J?-i_l Ac. Ar.
lETL'ii?s or ra__?ia--N"?L nic_nn itom a?_M TJ
. i? a ia.
__,_, tur. TBiBtr-?r.
riMU ~_i'""-l i'OP?tlt b'KJKS of the HAY.
ECCE HOMO TklrtaerDbeiniiii
CHA.IU.iS luAMh? Ml.JU. lui T?,?_ii-.
MI*."? Hll?"i.TI! .? l'Dr.X Tnud TY niau i
Hit? iSOkJuOn''tl FOY.', i went.i-r?l V?..ua_d
?ODD BY AIBotJK-'ti.I.r.R.-"
J'l lll.-ID'l?. B' BTTO
A" N( iVl.i. iuil-riqVaF'" 1*4,' V.Nlfc ?K,*- or "WA
Vr-IL.,' oy _i aTalai I. wU um >J-*a.lie8 ?a stat-ii-j
?w-trr--alABli ou. TffrirsAxr? DAVA or CHABLIS
1MIli_.rri.Ai_. _,
R. iha Autl.or of "tVtBiet O?, T_? D??? ?u* Tin*' rd
Olver ..B,?al I luslrste? ?, orig.-a! _._<?'. ?T ChM
I __!,, ?t? li - ' ' r*'" *'*
M_.it_.le_? ?<. ?-Tciiei m o? at oura ?ki. tlu?jr?rJiy w"???. of
t? ?20? Be?-?. .? '-?'?kt" "' '- *". U**-1 '" kTAuca ot t_e
^?^-u..?.?!^..!.!^!!!!* -_-**_.
._ cat erie?* ta-?)' .J*^??? A BROTHER?
????^H Nu. .Ila?.In .1 i. ('?.i a_blpki?.errnn.
?... __?5_f_.Y-aUrr- Krr?AL tkfi PJW?
45 Bv rfitiiiiiitj ?l ?*"' bn! l?- ~f u.Ut**t en lim ?_*?_*)
.^^olt-"~ ^LTI/M oi'xss Ka I1H__-_,H*
VurNAlt.inV, ?A-fTV "M?:.N. a? aiiDg'by
I M)i??ivrndlT.i'ilbe Wairoa, ?i Nable"..
llOfi.XDKTII i BON, N?". M . titi ( mu-Bal!
na, I , ? 0? I
?ft l'ANV .*-. LI. ... "." >?.t( v**w
ll" fi?-.??) ?t t<w?a? M?... '*'.'. ??.? i < " ? ?N' ** v"'*'
.Vero Pnbliratlons.
B? I' liinu (on Mun
"Tb? tren? u laid in Manhittin Inland duiin th? last day? of ta?
Dutch mie rBeaetat '?. '?a? naoaaBM lu pi??u?i b-f.r? ki?
r. ?ne? a wrl drawn and truti fui r rulot.d pictnr* of M ?ni.?Um in
it? ti.??in n IBM ia tb? lunn of . fr?ib. viioroui. uid ?if? ok?
.tory. -IN Y. ? Hutu.
Hy VV (I boor* Siam?.
A weil ?riitin tale ef Ino Oriesa*.
Piic?? i" ?-?nu ??'li
No. lib Nutiu ii., Ne? York.
Trade mppied by th? Amerlein N?w. t ___________m_t_
I* tt)i? with lo rORiii iiuieitl? with lb? t?d?r? if C?nti?l ?Uincil.
?iii And a d?tu.,,1. ui.ili m, la
THK KU'RNAL I? the uu y lt>|>ut>n..?u ??wtpaper juMnh??! h,
th? lal? ( iii.i.l.
It ii h~ oftcui paper of de Stile a?d City (?.?vernnienU w8 baa
the iat|?M circui.iiiu. Tbl Wnlj Edam? p..??irai.? ?.??rry
? Osi-I? KVATORY No S?0 Br?.?d???v. Mu.ieil Inilnietion I
* m per qiicier. Tb? H?>lol tbet'on-ervitory will >?? let M rMwoaa
h.? rile? tor lir?? cl??t eii?eii?li?tnri t?. _^^___^^
v, ..it wery rklVATE INSTRUCTION. Day aal K.veniac.
m I?? ?kl?--!'. I UahtesBS Wr.iin? ."pel,u.| (Iranimar, Ac. Tli?r
uurri 11 .. ?.? lil etiti.i, iinparted. Ni. ?-!a?*e?._
J\, BOAB1INORTI OO .fr HOYS, it lr?ui|toi. em tim Hil
tam. N. Y., forinrriy m 1 rootl.n._
NTIIU?. MR. l.K<?. C, will rtHipen his Cl?f??ic?l
KKKM H ?ni ENOLWII ?SCHOOL, with riuniry Drnart
men! and (iymaaaiaai. Kiftb .?. . cor. Twantj ?uto ?t. on MON
DAY. Sept j?_
lil.sIIi'KRA TEM aiii'Uig Hounlmg Schools.-An
Dot tune f'" Y enii; Lad? ? ??lv Ihn? better |Q?rdtri| Ililli,!
ri?rrapliii| I? flnrnrM and with rvervlhluf eirretdy imnird lo pvo
n ... i .-?.?l'uie ?nd well bein? of boy? auder II. UEMPSTEAD
INSTITUTE, ?.eui I ?lait?. H T._
?\ SMITH* CoMMI HI 1AL INSTIT I TK-. Nu -.?. Hro?dwij.
Eital>liib?d MM A limit.d number of pupil.; individntl ioiUoction.
l'r vate r?.?ni t may ka? ??. . reti _____
?V, IO lift
?ehe. of an E?|li?b edur.tloii ?Jin t???ln| kt.ntior
J\ tot .ut? I i rbi'd-on, for . few hour? ??eh Oay. lo iittirnrt l??eni In
npll?li rduratloii aim t???tti| kiaitior
?1.(1 rish'oi kry.il require ', bril c ty r?i?ituc* lOeti and nehm????!
Aildie.1 I. V., Tnl _____
BOYS prepai?d for Badaeee.-Mr DOLBEABJ Sou
?KI Hro.dwiv ii??? ?periil itl?i.'.-'n, tay ?nd ?veiiinj. to pre
iirinc pupil? [??-Hil I? t "I hu?tn?t? They ?rq'iire ?no'iellc Lablta,
b?, oin? niork .? hjiirei'.i?) id h? ??n it p?Bioei .?n I |oe I ?.??kkeereri.
ter T??m e ?nit??i?i-e. Nov. I Th? Pro.iptl wl r?etive?
i?r.,il??1 nu le of p?|ili in bit lau,l'y Kor 1 irr ila?, au.lr.ia I) S
Hi MNHI.IIKE. A. M. _ _
Bi miali aita?! -f
l'r riteil in ? ior? vi/.
M.r-h t CMtM of Doubl? Kal v. ???np|i tal. ?I ?*>
Marah'? four.? < I >in, e I n:r?, Ho pi- leo. Ita
flin, li . Set i,( Hlank H??oki. rip I tattara..... I ?
kltr.ii'. B?i k H ni le- pu r ?ud J mt Murk Arronr..?. ?TB pp..
quart?.. J__
For ?ile ?t ( C MABBH'B I iDiie (? i. mere ?I ta ?i? f i 1 nr
lliK.1 keri 11| ?ud lint.t. m Alii n No 51b Hro?dw?y,
Nr? 1":k
N li -Hilf lb? 1 ?tri ?r. uni Antnor.of Hoolk??pii.| 1? th? roun
Irj ewe tli.il lr"i?|e?)|? ol ill? "wlire lu li?? Wilta
\_/ I ,?rr ih? into??? len ?f
Nn. 1.113 RiMiiwiy. eoweae? from Thirty-fourth ?t.
OPrcf U h?viai. I,?r li.? pe?i.r ? ? tue..,?:.,-? of Lit pupil. ity-ur?d
tie ,1 ...t? ... i i. pa? ' ?. I tin- abi v- r i|.b r roon? a. ? i.l al . I ti.a
I.? I'.et, daly lu ntfu. Bate ttuu. 1 u uloe? lo J y. ui,
en ?I I (ia Turada? anti I rl?l .?
Miaut me, api? y M Moeia? ?i ii U ..ii,, t.i.r , Cr, n i ] uu I anti ii ?>??,
7 to 8 i? .iii? p m. at Monal lal Ita? lu.iie?ui*-tt.. b*t??e*i.
1 i.ird .?.ii i? o? rll -?va?
/?oi.i.roivn inn i.SUIVI'.EKING INSTITUTE,
\ -, I.- I p?l liol 111?. N-W lol li ! ? : , l|r? till! Ul
ill bril ehr? I U.I (KI.II.KI. < il,|Ule. ( I, li l.?d Mw-sulcal 1?
? r . . . i >? lui . .?e ?Henni ?i ia? i i?. Kail
Tern, foniiaen. .t .??pi i. AWr-.i l'i I ! ?? I )% Piintnal
N . - ?DII. it ?ml I -tiri. M. lilli it it !. I
f , ly ? ? ?tlOtl and ? 8e|....' nu tluai !?< l I?? (or . 1*1:0? I todeligtal
??. a f
( ?It,.Lit, with ??fan n ?t ?I Api I?l i t. or b? p. ti of
I e. '.) ii: .1 I IM?a 1.. A ti.. Be,-tor
DK. B W. DM I'.ii I * St lit ?(?I. te Ni lui
lir miiw?, r.? ,r ?ttmtt.i- it ? ' i,.,;-? . t. MONDAY.
Btv? -I S??ii?i "! turyuti n* r.r.i.? p ?i ... ?? re .i. nr?i.
II !.. M roi . /.- ,1 - I I M Kon
\?.i. A i V? .. M, 1 .. (>* H M? ria.
J n . . Rliatb, I ??..??
I I., t. V.iiln. i I'rrktaa,
> r. Or. I lilli?. 1 ? II? m II A I? r.
Be*. Ur.D.R.Coo, H?. i?t K-t.a?".. i T r.fi.
! et ,n ! i I I n . ? I. B. Val
r.WLKtMi- ? ??1,1.1...I ? I I. Al IDKMY,
????nile??. !,.?.???. 1 l-<? t ? la ' I . . .-.
- I . . ! I in? I. r '- I' . ,
m mt .??.'. j thi li .?loo? I?
? .
V ...'.? t
f. . , i ???re? I Sell .?ti : . -? . I I . ?II ad
?.-?.? r I'll.. r.|
i son?? etta aatnop ST?MB? n?yMnini?BBi
I .a ,'? I ell-trt fur ???. pet ?. ia Pt? I.?, . p ?|ti.d t?- lean .*.! ?
? ?ran? K iw? t .id.timverwnnat ?The
? mutti let wiuio.it eli- ., i,?,,,^.
( later* riei.ii" f , i . ?.? in rr
liri? I'-r ?? SI?i.I? i.re? ? M1 'I Iril.i. ii"'
.li..a f?r < ?U.of ue?, . r hu,,? |i. I> I .. i
?? r I S ,_
/;.\K1'M.K INM li i li. -i l.-i.S. li and LV
? ? i, i I s || ?UABDIN a .ort !" -, > M Ho,I. : ?r UHMI I. A DU .?
.**( It ?Se.t 1 r.. r '. - _- ?... . . ,. agi II. ??p: M li" ?lui obtau.t?!
at Iii? lui .tut..
_ Mr ?,<d Ka r. H ..il!,M n e, ?ein ..
i^RAMMAli si Hool, ?n s. \. CNlV?R-TlTY,
"W witt. I'UIMAR) . .?I l IVMBM II Di-iwro. ?at?
PrrpomNn KH.IHil HI -lil- ?? V. I sf P? '. ?1 in,! NAVAL
A? A OK. M . Clre.il.a. ?> it.li i..r.ilv
"I DIE.'?. Hrtdfria.it. ( ouusrluut. I ? t < in -I ?r. au 'a.M Di?
M.a. I Ml!.Y Ni I.Hli.S
lollN MACMI 1.1.1 S" h( Hool.. Nu. ?KW Brui
. " way r..r??r'.: I w?i.i ril.ti WM r?. -?-urd ur. MoNDAt bri*
.- i?, aBiM ita traH ??ka ?a <?> lietel A ???tiaa. N? tu
liroadta?? mad ?I t'?? SB
II.M'INAssi: French Institute, ni Hirt Washing
I t<L. IWIlh it in?; k1 .-.bil J.-- r ?d. li? .eli li ti., laiuiia?? of Um
. H-ipi-it ?rj iui.it? io . u o-.' ?A ?it I' .ii.i Nuil Kii.u, ind
lo? dan H-.*dw.,.Nu IS Ml.Liu . ditif ?toll, III,
I. . ?tor? "??I ?. ?,i >t? ??,? il i ?tura
I OWLLI.'* HI MM-i-s INsi'l'll'TK.-Withmrf
I J ti ? fmi of inrlva-?irj paridM ?nr Be 11 >?rii j of tUoil a.lar
II.? abado??' of I? it'r.'.in II? . ri. o? tindo ?ni pluL.l>?< of ?llutllou?
t.? itntiaatt lb? Low.ll liu.iu?.? lui?.lil? li proipartag beyrntd pr*
rrdri.t It li ?O' al d at at.1- tUtari-r fr< n. Si? d .??..? ?nd t- ,'.
0*n of mut .??l'??rd rit.?? ? II II i?,niui?iiided b? in? mutt prou.inrut
edie ?tor? in ti ? cf u IT* ?n *. i!. t?rr?i ?f tultio:. ?ud board ar* tw*a
ty hv? t?r r.ni , ?n*r ti an ?...WL?.-. K.r p?rtiruiirt writ* t.,
li M'lVILL Hui|li*oion N Y
TI TK . ( i...u. ( am i.ririii ami Krearb ? iib |?r?|'?r??orv
drpartuienn. Nu IM I?MI I, nus. corner of M.? d.? ,|? ?I ?a
V. ..hmro? ?luir ?II.O. IV ( i.AllEE A M Piiu.ip?l , pr?
parr? papl!? .' ?II ?.?. fur . ?! or.i .- . ??1?.??
N H - B?tent f'" Con??*, lint la,?) ?r N??a. A?t.i?u.? ?-? ?I
lo??d liadtvilua i? i li idvino? to MBtet ?lan?? ai rapidly a? iBir
au? i melita pariuit
N?? ^ ?rk. til IL I?? fruoi lb? lily by liai.?tu KailraB. U. l!..
\\ ILL!? A. M . fnni-ip?. .
? e-ne- of 'I w??ty ??. m* .' Da roan?? I?*- lof-y ceSiata, ara Bl
i?P"t lb? ??_.? 8?i?r ind ?flit.' by .t?i?. I -? i(a?ri?.t.,??i !l|ht.
veirtiiatlai?. .?.? of I '?a? Indeed f?r ?U ??I.?.?? p<irp??<K Ih?? I?
ii,itt/rp??-?< All tb? o-dmt p ?pi. ate anirt ti.? d le. t tia nu.| a.
MM LTMN Hie yitnnser of Ml. LftlB. 1.1/1 I (lymuaatica ?ra ?autlit
IUIIT in a um** bal ? ut aev?ral *w?ri tb* liol: <?t Pupiii bat annually
ii. o-awl tint,, I? lo >. per re I mtrmdiut unm |l?l A Sa* cliai te
Banestagtaewllae? i'tr??.t ? mr. i?,?u?d i?, ??.
MAPLE HALL E?M. sEM.. JeaiMra. I 1. all
romtmmAtyt'd-_P A. AN DHU
( I ?.TI KI No. I-f Mftl.iv?. .?-..?i ?.iuri?rutk it |#.>i??r.
(L . li Mr?. P I? I Mil ?li b? at the AeaAtmy Moudiva ?ni Thura
diy* !? ?li It?? .'. u n. .?li ??.d lfl?r ll-t I ( :r? n an ?t tit? Araal.my
MADAME MGLITO divin? t<? luforui her fneuds
?ad til? pt-bn tint h??iti| i? ii:i??l ir ?ai Dal? .',? nat ??
...luol b*r prtitaa?.?-.. and w11, ?I?, nsaaau. lu Ml?Ml attd .-?INl.IMJ
?tniti???? K" IA?? Mr.iadw?-. . -r at? < I Han k Hchlnuet, N?. Till
-A w-l-t S-.ioiiy arl..,,,! aymtn Sept. VI, IB1 Kor c r uin.
Blr?w?(?E(l. M. M? I.ELLAN. A V. rnnr,p?: Po >(hke?|>iie. N. Y
U irnrini. ?.*. H Y BOAIIHNO ?ni HAY H( HO(?L. T?,a
ll??l*i lti-n?rT?i ?_1 ?--??BiBiai,.? ?JO ?VKKNI "DAY f?M '*
< a nr? ?btauiea .: ti? liiiltixte M M PI! Kt'E Pr?. I?-:,
???..I'lDA 1IR.MII- ( I? N V
I m ??: MI ?Bd iw?d N.onber i.' . .?ii1-rt l?Tiil?S I? M Ha?! j
and t. linn o'tl woflB 91* ?eaMra wlU eera ?OB ?t
_^____ T '' M "*IVMt A B Principal
? ? Paodeme* K I >t '.l_t mat ipi .?? .. i?d ???jtat _ tita^art
ii.e-i-? ?.? '.-i i-h-e.1 ?..d ???iii ?i?? .( aar 1 awam? ni Cal1i|? ia
u?. i.?*.???l wiMid. it n?*?i taaraoB n^ imuiaii Ma lull. ? ? I
I. nouai ?I ia 111 ? a?t?j?? tot f irtttn pa.-ii-ii.i-. ,*, i f," t ( r u??r
_ __^_ A I? -li HOI.KIELI)
.?^I^BE KIM?F.H?aARTKN' St H?i??L, 1 ??R
1 CHILDREN, wk ce.^n <1 IT?.MBE? !T al N". "? tv ?ti
mut y ?M?. nth ?I Km Lii.i. i.. A . ii. ?p?n *r l'Mn MISS E.
1 Cor., a? ?a?*?.
?-?MIL POLLOCK ?IMTICTL- A Fast ciitss
J s,:rnllA? I'd I aaai?? e.L?., I. o..,t ?I ri! ?'-Oil i.D
Mt-? offer? *h?^ .?*??'r?|?? I Ti . hut t uai.iiil ?a? >i?r? in > -
Uapttt-Mnt?. t. A vero WnB A ?..ntl Ar appantu? la ama. ??.
Baaataa w8 ?.Meal?a?grraola (i?_. ?.u. A . 4 A hna B tb?
lau.ilrof fm n,.?eip?l lo? kail il?m ?pea? Oet??ber It,-n?eiiin
Kor pmieiiiiriaiia'r ?.> ti.? piiarlp.' t.? i_t-t-r W11 ( RD ?ARO?*?
I^Hi: MISlEs WALKER ?ill JfcEOPEN their
Dil s? .Hod !. Lir Yol'.'??, LADIAaNa lJl kiUi*oe oma ra
lil! k*??.'AY. Bp?, ?a-_
?"PHKFERRlr FEMALE Bt?TlT?Tl, Bo. ft35
J. Miiiiiii .?. t.ia.rol fLirty rtuenAu,. wiil i?upe_ Sept J.1
Ten b.-i?rdi_i p pu. ?A. ?id
IB?HKKR ACADEMY-.?. F?nr,lvSli')o! f..r H?t\'J.
A Vi o.?d: ur?. L-l bAeli I ? .it? ( ,nn tot Circular, ijilia.i ?
II. hr,. Al.o.Ni?) NORTON i.Ltt I?. A M. frin??|?L
rpHE EN<.LH<H. FRISCH and ~CL ASsfc AL
1 SCHOOL mt tit r araniET A oro. ?. ?GOODALL win
Bopen-EI'TEMHE? IT it go ?ne Rr-xdwiv. Th?n ii . Dyta
?.IMUI... Kor^ i.ri ipp y to L"CK tVOOl) >?u til Htoidwij
Ttiirty ninth-it. and BBta-w??.. lilli r?< pen MONDAY. .?.; t?m
b?iM- Jt&l.l-H ?< ill LI. .PUL H*i
i iri ?lira nmg b? found II Lo?iw?<,lt Re. til Hraitlwiy.
V UM lund ?No? Y rk. .i- 'li. t?. .!. ? at rmptli.
lern.? e ."- l?r ?. . .? Mm H M O M I ? I
i,?i fn>??l '?/I s< HO I wilh <miN?s,r.'M Ni I ?II?
BOOKKEEPTNO A1SIJ^W_?IT??N0 attie Cooper
lan it ule Reem Ne. II day ?at evening
Prof J. O FOX. Pria*!?**
ian. l8 Eui Tweaty fourU. it-BOARDINO ead DAY SCHOOL
wUI BEOPtN *r-s??te?ib?r It Pupila ai-ey-u"??- (or CeDeg?' w***
Pou t Nivil Academy lad b.ntn?M Th*r* >. . Prurary ?'.pinn.?.
01 yoaag Boy?, ? OyatBaiiuai. Ac The pvrspeetoi of tile ___?*1 con?
nu n tb? Bama? ef tb? pupil. (100 l??t yen i far tk? past I) ya?ia
_ProfKLiK. C!IARLIE?LJMi*^*i_
CLARK*? HILL ??STITIITK, Hianif??rd, Conn.,
8U Bora for C clieie or Bailnaa?. For partie*!*!?, *ddr*?? W
t OINN, A. M rriailaal. __
IRVINGINSTITUTE, Tarrvtown, N. Y-A board
lo( tcbeol for ney?.-The tflr ?liblti ?eu.i tuBut! Medea will
eoainenreTrlURSDAY, Na?, 1 Ml. tut eitia.un uppej lo ika
Prior pal I) s- RiiWK. M A._ _
INO ?ltd DAY St MOO- fur YOUNO l_ADIEH, N?. 40 W?at
Beveateenta-?! , reepeuet) Hrpt, *n _
Mlti*. M..('AC-AY'?
Not. ?I and .'- M?.?i? i -.,? .
Will RF illKNnn THUB.DAY, Sept. l8.
Fer ( ?rrulir? .ddre?. by U-tler .? ?tio-ee._
A( AHEM Y. Nvtri, Kort ind ia.. H. Y. tot ?ircultri, ed
ttrnmC. Bt'THF.BFOKD A. M. Principal._
Seimuiry buildlBga hiving leen rereatly deaireyrd by.tir*
the Pi iori pal will opea i Baeidio* hekeol fm li. v. It u..- Mluw
Wert Pun i (Kt. lu. For ( ircuitn. ?adieu li. ti I AllSXV.1.1.,
Weil Pola?. New Iori.
Al No Q F.ssl Twenty but .t.,
_ re-penedeii THUR-DAY ?epieuiber ?I.
Freni-n ?...i EBilish BOARDINO aad DAY 8CIIOOL far
YOUNO LADIEB, No J XX e?i Tbiriv-elgbUi .?., N?w YorB (Marmy
Hi. I re.| eli. ' ?pt ft?. Arfdr??. .? ??r??._
Ml PLE-8ANT IN_rriTUTE-Prirato elaaoea for
BOVS-Apul??r.t. Ilia II C NASH A. M . Prlurlp.1 The
4.J S?BI? inna?: ?eMiuu will roruiiirii?e Or!. II ( iri-iiltri fur-tiil*.!
opon re.|u??(.
will ope,, .! No in hro.iiw.y 8 E P TF M B K li_IT._
i MU.i. ixortta HEi-i'. i, io?.,
Fci ... . -..
A LADY who bas tan-iht her own school for many
ye?r, in New York (Hy and ?iilsitv wi.t-e? lo te.rh ia ? finnty.
eap?rial y Whet! tber? ?re r: i dren <) i.?(leet?d ?Sii-tdoi. renn?
Bersilon iuo.lrr?ie. Aiidiei. M ii? MITl II )'. I.L *i ?>rl ?ile Foal OfAc?.
\LAI?Y ?>f repiitatmn und alnlitv viohoa t?i en
gi(? ( I4S.S1 s or PI?V ?IK PI'Pll- iu Drawin? and Paiul
kag AddieM I'-ox No IW'Iriiiaie (Ittir?_ _
A PIANIST, rei.i'ily from (.erm-tii*.. i peak ht a Eu
('l.h. Frenrh an?? Orrtiitn deaire? lo OIX ?? I.).?-(INS to prl
?.te pap I. lu,I.,.' ii. rr. re ?iv?n i'leeec ?-idi??. C A. S., rare
n' I'eer I <rl. t-nrt. So Til Hraadwiy._
\\V\YH'.I> - A POSITION for a iin>t ? lan
? ? Ti. ?< ill II ii-?.l.?(e if Wa? ( eluw? ofnee-h aipei en?e
?l-elltir Kuli!. CII.-I Ht win. ???u under.Ului. ?lern .an. eltlu r ?a
irn.rin.tr t r ur ni ? billi tchcol Inquire ?I li e .ti huol A( e J,
Hi I Pi?!eua O _ D Ml Al).
BJLT ANTED-A poait-on at TEACHER, bj a roane
?V I ! !? ,mWm ?uced IB Tea? lin? Mi??i?. El.ili?l? bTtu? ?... ?lit
Ii a! 11 ?i,-. of Iren ?1 lli?l?e.l trit.uiuiiiii?. A<-lex ho? No 170
Pi.iKbie.-paie ". X
U* ANT_I>-Rr a faithfal, succensful 'Feiioher, un
n.(?i??i ?Bl .. VlrilTIM. OoVERNES?. tu tktQtPp* or .lulu.
Trirli?. 1 ? .-I .n hnnTei Kr'ucb lud l.aliu. lint refe-e rr*.
Aul??,? ?.'.'??lil ( 11'.? .-ys. Milieu li Mew-Yelk ( l'y loi ou? w?.k.
\\'AMi;n-A TEACHER for for? cWliren. optet
?? f- 11 I t I.? Xl.i.t ?j?, ibr.riin, iii r.nglul? braucl.eaaiid Lum.
11. ?I w.l iili.nrr.i n, gaaaae. Be.i.lem-? . .Lot ditiac.9 l'ou? tia
etty. Addree. RAYMOND, Boa Ne 1.888 9. 0 S.V.
VX'ANM.?i I_i_Jl.l'l\II.I.Y, XW? LdOrlES,
'? ppaell. i!'y a? d l?:t?('tiija|; (_i!_ LiJ??i??ilrl.i'e<l'(1 l??rbi?.(.
Ile mie tu m-, uta p..?11.us ut'i'br! r. f it?, pi.ii 1 ti eod.?i af
?...lui... l-l, tri ti? I'r I-l.u. 1 f 111? M**!. I ?r-.lluielll 111 Vu**!
I O lege P .,, ..e,,." N Y
Ari.it ;-. a- Jil. ICHUBERTa Me*-? ?'(.... N??. tr.-O
?lr..i.!w.? t. mamu '. tni ; . . , ?.. aa H ? ...-:. t> I I?
Liiiu ??tjocio.
I \\\ ??i IIOOIA
1 J coirDMBiA rni.i.rnr uvv sciiooi..
? li III: ! .1 ni ur: B1 la? .-i.?!?' m rniim.iir-1 St lb? In?
F.b?l luil! m. N'. ft f 11.J M( pilli Se . X,ri a* IVBUNE.**.
lil? i' : .ii neil Mat r M ai" ?'n'! M - y 1 1 '."T l??
?-. . I . I' ? . i., in? Se. Y It tel wi.linnl f.ir?n?r . In.. . al- 1. Sr
-. .r . :uer ?ufoiaiiiaun ?d I-?.? .! Nu ?1 l?t.-?y-. 1 k. ?,
.*..? , n TtlF.ODONB ?X H'.x li'.iii
x ' - . .? ??w H. ii.. I
Dnntiitg ^co-cmix'6,
i IM?I?\V(?I:TII -?
.'\, DANCtXd Al XIiK.MY.
:. K11 III AX ?:',l ). N Y
. . lol*,
Tit.-I Al.*..,,, 1 t-H.!li?'s-XX ?' i,'",? ?DAY8 -a. BAVUBDAY8
atedia -lil ill.AX '.?(HIM?,.,-.
lvnn:( Mr H "-?DA 1 .?? ?..d I RIllAY:?
I r Ti- . ' -.'. : I a ' ? 1
lil. (l.\i:M(>* baVNCIIrTJ AC MU.MY. B?. -.
I " F?!\b a?, aeraer F? U aew efkra fur Ibe I?
01 lu)... . I! '.-?IlAi.s ?lid Fill DAY?, XX l.Il.tl-slUi.s ind
?.ATI ?IDA "is
1.. ' ..-a ?I 2 orlork lill... and X'??l?t. it 4 ?. ? I i.p Bl.
I? Bl I* ???I 1 m ?AiT ami ? rul.y Jr.v- iui;t It Su,
dl lan at Wo. A tWOi ITCaVa. Be. HT Ur?>-dw?y. aad ?t ID*
I," I? li't\ I 111 ill-"
a . DAM INO ICABBMnei RltooM.YN.
!???.-!! Beear. ? ??IM?.. mr. J?. ...
Nu r.4 ? Lini.-iUa I ,1. D-ul.t ...
Sawyer? Huon, lll?I)\XS ,. ,1 ihlDAYH,
ee?ii.evi In? Fill DAX , O. lu! er i
I -Bibe?l.??4 ?t ?X Mi*.? ?DIX.- tad ?ATI Ii ft AYS
r?B??rMwli.r SATURDAY, ti, 1
K*?B_H ?It?? (.?? (-nl'.nen* t "?k? v. i'. Id.,u, 11 ) SHAYS and
FRII-AX- MI liol \X11l.1 ii a,|| l.'.t li,? ll.Kiui. outriotedty?.
I. re. ena IB*m .?m,- ?. re;!.'er p ?? . .. I'.,? Had far . .
itlti-iciii Jnetrnmtnte.
\ SUPERB 7-Oetara Beaaweal PIANO-FORTI
fur IA1?I nude to order, 1 Hy m*tei. u?ed S llaull- OMI Af?),
In 0*"'. "' < dei .*?-I ?nil ruvri I 'erin?-, ?.ires Pi talla** lira?,?,
( Diu.?-n ?.-I Du u? I im mr?, liana. Olaaa, Silverware. No. ?M Vi',?
Blalaeatfc .. . see, B-Ik) ..?
eerr lee f r ea.b. al ti? {.lnuitsrlovy No?. Ko iud ?Ki ? lit
Terms mat it . tie??a-i. Se. und lud Til id ivei
A SPLENDID PIANO l??r ?_9_Lt?-G. A II. ItAI*?.
M? ?UK Mini T'.Tnr.r. Nu "4 . li.ern-i .! . i: fruk* Mr.l... ,
w?rrtnle_ ?? y et 1? will,,u_j .,?e|?,on til? bett Pituo BMda. 1 ?.??
Buaials ftuln in?! dm lu?M?I.el ?lt.il?
\<vltKAl HAl.GAlN.-?-|)lei!di.l I'lANO-FOKTi;,
reit 0'?**', been i.e?l . ali? ti tune , .0 d very ...m . amurl et?nui
M?u_ -ti? .-i ? . ' ile? l??.i malu., li quire *t It XX'e?! KftMirt-enlh ?t
AtU'l'Ek- SEVEN-OCTAVE I'lANOr^lelrataed
C-ty unks-r biusue.1 tame all lou. d real'v . t_*?*i_r?at _??Ua
n.eat li ?tAl.lr ?I ? .r.?l (-r__ii- tt N I- fi leell Bli.
-' F^bllSleed II-.1
?'?sr.s.-Tt _??. 0?
I'lAN. -FOR! ?'.S
XVirerooui No SSI Itruidwty
M...-? r I, Ut tills have beeu BOOMB- t,-' iiirileli fer tb? tan* ti ti
H? ' 11 ?4r lisitruieaait. over ?II r.auuetlt.i?. 14 ..! wh>rh wer*
aw-riled ?a ii?? lie?,ft* ..i Kep_?ii.bei iel iMobei. )*..
-?H*n?C1T ?-HQAN terSAt.i-;-Ia ti?- ."ii-t IVISIHI*
lentil (tuir (| (XH ':.-...?.. r.'.e .. S 3. , ,.
ft Asm ?ii?, a? II?I-I-.-.*??.' YeAo. Bat?, a, la a ;??.?..
'eifo- *i. tie tatt a* Bteeaaaaatta] aaaoa toe&a rf c
9 "TflF Itl.tN No 1?. (?-..dit. Pat?T_l, JW?. J TIM \0
N??..-t O.. 1 , ", IlAtJ- i. I.tl'.XUll Hra*-A. ?iai I and S lie*
tule, N. Y.
J?f F(?l_ria_ tia SI Hle?^l?r ti New X ark -TIK?_. fitae-l? eo?.
ure ihr m ? iiu/lii.niea!? niaAe ?a ?I 1. n>?ie?ry er lu I ?.r?,-. ?sill in*
t. r ?'niri Hill? litltiaiiMi,,! reit i.iftftii, .r md. -n S?.-lue?
?nd i? minti t,.m- 1 fiBa Turing I'm a* tUtoo i. I be I ina-piala Tia
lAvintacM gained b? tia? iTaneenMiit oto It..- pr.?i ., i,.? el a mure
Biii*ur?l u.a. r?hD?d tone wltii . 'iserbii el .? ??s?,??? aad ireai pawer .
ai' H B?r*e I equality U.tnurlieui the entire .?-?_?. aad lu? cap?. .1? of
. lauJ .?(( Baa* in tan? ?ni retaiaa,.- lu ??if-erl-tr qnatiiv ?I Baa*
belter l*?:. my ?Ihe- 11..in ..?.:. Purri__e>n will Bad lb? f.. ... lug
?"-'H' '? He ie''-b.udeid? ol "ur l'.-eat I'Ute .-DEI KER
L^Mll. i.ABLKH. Haauavtrturei of SQDAtba. ?m4
J I PR4..II? PIAN?!"- ..?in. oi_ue-ft!e.l?fS ...d p-?tian-r, te
,_. __d tita.,0. ?i? new ?ral? .?reAV Pia???, a. bb
New M.a-i'a '..,?
_No I*)(_??re-??..l?e?wee? X1 .tier ?ud VX tut. if. N Y
}r<?K SALL CHKAI'-A ?a_i?l-?ii!ae re??v?e?l r.Kiml^
roraei?- M ?-?,..nar?- I'lANd . pearl la'ai-, ?ad ia a<T*i!t-t older.
Apolftt a? Ne I*. Wart Ttnii?,#>??(,.,.
1 HUM-MA-i A Ml.tS
X'..i,??, i?l.? ii. leUFilr e'tb? Anss'kia lait.iau
I ills 1 rilt.MiCM OOLII M 1.1? A I.
I?. ,r !??? m -n?. w?-. awarded (?M?? I 1-1 ,ai- I m'r .u???l. ?1
tt.? Sut. I a ra el Mi. ?.ima. loila*?. Kim? and _4>ere??r (?ey
aeie b???n EiaibtigO I?, ( eaattB-BBi a. B.-W'air?ale8 'n 1?
?eawa XXiriiouma ?tia 't U tis y . , lli.eca?. .: arno bier*
*?X?lt ?I llr.i.wav M.,.1 ? .r -i - neaw Unid l!??di' fir ular
MEW SCAIaE R"?.iwi.xi,l I'L.N.tS, tall ?ron friime,
1? . ?n,~i le?. ..ip.il ne e?.. m_ *>_** t. ^888 S-.-iu.l !i?-|.l
Pi??.. Ob* ai'O- P.iuoa for rasnt ?. et O? 01? per mo. t!.
?KUDKKK Bt."MF Nr. ?st- Bewrry.
1I1AK??*? to LET Baal Seared ? ??w?taiead.
tareel bargiiai le all tivlei ef new _ad uo.oma h.ad l'Isa..? A
lot or b_?Bti!u. f p..|ht?>u?l ?ace.ve.1 t on Pill?.
1.1 KI It * (I'lMllk
_N-e. K1 Bad til Hro.dw.T ?-atraer o? Twer??.br?i rt
PlA??VS-Vinixnl.'tl f,,r tom and lt?t I., .t in ..f.
rritepriiei Sei??n?t-!?_i-l Pi?a<" fir.oi 0?"" " *''-' ''prubi
md ?u,uue timtimuka rn.l BhtnTOft? * liAKI.ENaBOOk Nu.
?1 ?'?"?t near lu in .-_
__ OUAND. t-QUAlir ind l PUIOHT P1AN0B
l.ivrtikei a ?_e,t Pntu.u 1,1 .! :'.r p.u.rliail fill, lu tall ??Im-llrv.
. l-l 11 re-iitl.i., i-.,,! . aFr.t P/ia? M?_t? al la? ?,r_ 1 lnta.ru.
(: .1,1 ?.II ' nia;, it l.u_dua, IMJ.lii uuiiiuiitiiua w-ta.'p)) fiaateifrea
1. ?SHU ol the vor d
l ?,rv initnawnt ?on(tr?i?ted with their Pi!*?l A rriBe Arranie
aiaai tnJ witna?ed for 8v? ve?ir_ \V?r?to<?oi*. NSM TI kui rj
Eui Fouiiiftenili it. h Y.
rpilE LSI'KY ()B(;AN,~ttnTh~hTc?*lVlrT??t^
J II mun? AtUi-lim?nt aad ??et impro??m?riti " Oil IA* bett '.
Alt?! Pimoimd Meludeoai UEO. O. SAXE k Co..
_Ho. 411 Braeni* it. H. Y.
Til.'. WEBER HAN(>-?X>kTE
1 1. 1 tiled ti.e IO.ST INSTBUMKNT MADE by t!l tv. laetrtag
ir.u?ii-i?n? ft d.i. rit, and aletwliera. It li prnocain iJ by tim Naueaa
P-?lol. .Xuoti?aiioa. ifter 1 trill ia .??eu r?m? with the f.r.t
? rer. pt tint coiiB-ry eir'.netUly the ?EOT PJABO IN
BMEBIC4 at,.! '..?d'? t'.e riailliatllj el Mn.r and ellie, l.ijh
? ? . . ii-iei. ?. Iteeiute ?filieir muir!?? power, equally
?willi??, a?'! bri..u_ y cf Une .?..tu Lui? ai .1 ?real ?rnrability
x*. ARntfi*?^?* NA 4.". P.etuir .1 BOB B/e*-a?v
?lneitol Jtutrnmehlf.
THE J. A C. FISHER PI ANO, .the most reliable
?Plane? mid*, ?wita l?u?t ianr-errae-nt?. Wboleiil? ?ad ?ratal
?. No?. Hl.'lAl. Ho. in. S4S W.it TwaBty ?i?kta-.t.. t eir Niall a??
Muiuf?t-tory. No 14 8UU1-1?. I Wii?r?o__, Eifhta-?A, totee* ?i
K._ _
rpiIE HORAC?fw ATER? Grand, Square and D>
wi".l?.il? i?d fetal). To LET. and nat illow.d if p?,?, hated.
Monthly BayaMOU r*r?i*?d for ta? lam*. Heeon I hand Piano? It
b?rt?in. Iron ?bil to ?ti. did Pu???, taken ta ?i )??? <?. Liberal
dinamia to Utacber? ?nil clriiyatea. Piano Stool? un! ( otrr? Pia??
lun?d ird repaired. N?w 7 ?el?*? Pla??a fur gtt'o in?! upward
y ?. tory omi W?r?roon??, No. ?1 Broadway, N?w Y ork ( ?ah p?k
or S*eond-ki?d Piano?._THORA? E WATV RS.
8?? dHT~v?nt ttyae?, price?. ?1j lo ?1 Don a mc b li. k II. lia?? bttaii
?warded 1 btf b*?t pre.tiooi.t foi I ?aiport ant improvement! and too
. rai nu-r Kirtty .( work in Ulla n??t or inatrnmant? Tbry in?U? Um
tioatwt ?erytmy ??8 roinp?ri?oa of tbelr work by ta? bei? u?t|?*. ?wal
li? iratibeil Hill Iii-? eui i*f*r wuk omkdeurr to uri? i ? -ver ? ol|ai
lit of noi? in the e,t\ for taittmooy to ?ita >upelluiity
He, omi inna*?BSB?pan ?uid Orgin? of Amanean and Kor?i|? mana
fbeiorr, at lo?.
V? araru?-?, Na HA Bro?-way, New York.
_o ttL
COUNTRY RESIDENCE -A Gentleman has junt
?r.efe.l t liri,, uni i oiiiui.e! oui HI I LDI.NH In lb? upper part
.f Wead heat.?it i.uniy eowtaiiii?|aoa?? JOllOOML with tait* l'?r!< ri.
I'lniiif and Hilliard Roem?, dell* ton? Water, loe-bou?* lull- ti tun?.
H?ri.. Sub?*, Guillen ipol play imaiid^for ,-lilld-ea ?and larje pond if
?tlrr for nibing or beiti?! ti.? who!? ?dmirab'y irrtnjrd lo acron?
imnille iboul ?) permna lni-lmb?! Mrvaal? . ?oiubl? ?ilber f?r a leo
1**1 eounlry Roardlnf-flouie or for four or Bve pn??(? fkmi.i,?
clubbed lei?*ih*r- ion 20 u.inalri' will froni IB ?talton Perao ii
i m i .? H. Ne? \ ..r? H :?.. DI an?l i*i?? ulfa. Reference will ja
required ti to ehiractey and reipoiMiniiity H?tit will ?W-mule na
?..iiibi? Keif.iather p?rti??l?r. ?pp.vio JOSEPH PI? KARI) tint
i? 11 II?;lMida Baildini, Park, or to GEORGE 8. Ill?KOK. Naliuial
Puk Bank._
1 Privai? RESIDENCE ?I Kort Wa?? ???tun Biainut*? r de f , m
ti?? eit? . ?inaiciia.e.1 liy my i'tlar on ti? liver (?n b? lo. I nil
I'll Vi. ?i'fi.iii,., ?initia . cn?. In. AC., by I re?| . 'al. ?
Brlv?te ?family, (?ardvu lad aruuuda contain 210 ifiat Atidrrt* to
Bo? No. 2,1!? P. G. ^_
17-URNI8HED BOUSE TO LET.-The 4-8tory
I? IK IVY N BIUBB liol SK No 111 Eui 8!Mi?tli-?t, ??it li
Tblro'-iv*. An) i} uu ti.? uranna*?, or to
_ HOMER MORGAN No 2 Pin* it.
I^Ll'SHING, E. I.-fo LET until tbe tinst of May
nei). . b?i.<laon.ay Kurntihed llOH.il roniiiniuf 11 room?, lu
.?red in tbe moat ?.-.nab)? part of li.? lown and ?even miaut??' ??Ik
from tli* depot Kin* ?maud? wita inrubtwrv. Ac : iii" itahliuf l"r
i?., I.cr.?. ? .l?..-aH,lr-.a VV H. Ilnil? .l,,l?rv N?. TIS lirmU?.?
tMJRMSHED mu? rnturiiiM.fii liol SES ni
elly ?r.d I'ro??klyn to LET and for SALE. J. BARNES, No T7
(?liar-?'. Hoon, Ne. II._
J JUC rOUY BUILDING to LEE wi?iSteam Fover;
enii.ie SO-hnr?? rower, JO BO fret of Boor. Su ubi for a ?mil? or
?i.y kiud uf miaufart'.iry Apply I?? R -II lt.. Hoi He l_iebi. _
way, n?*r Kuli ou it.
KRKKMAN A Co., He. J12 Hioadwa*.
IVfRENT-Or FOR SALEunfarun-he?l, tt tirst-cluse
fi.ir ?tory IHIOVVN HOIK HGl'SE on Kortyiiilh-it.. n*?i
I iflli iv*. , in perfi ct mt* t. ?'i?l immrdiat* po??e?tion The oatirrlt,
?** hiiiir??, mirror?, lud ti.?.le?. ?II new. matt be pureba???!. Apply
te >. VV HEN EliU T. N.?. t ind S I'la? tL_
rpO LET-In Minuit Verii'i?, 4.'i minute? from tbe
?icely f,ini.h*.) HGIISE, .-m timm.1 12 toonil. moil of
rent taken in Hoard hy the owl ?-. Kot piiti-ui?ri. apply I?)
GEORGK \V BNEAI1E1. Na,. Bil Bowery.
?Po RENT-Tli.? BASEMENT ul Nos? 133 and VSk
A Wmt T*e .-. ?fifth ?t. tnitahi? lur MSBeBaBata| nurra" ?e?. lieb?
?oil ,lr- iMr teste f.. AptWoii the preii.iiei. J. ?. MCMURTRIE.
np? LET-Tsr? n"wly-limit COACH HOUSES,
I wnn ??I lmeroveu tn->. f?u-M.U?; now ready for po?n*iiiou.
Noa. 69 nil TI V? ?t 1 ?rii'yeu'itb ?I. ?Wi rant p? r in- ?io
fion&cs ano /arms C?antc?._
\ -FURNISHED HoI'SES-S-veim-.-nth, Thir
. tilt-.i tain? fo?rtb, lwo>?) ?'i-ond ?aid Kottj-foortl-it?. ;
?If n Hiuokljrn Bd J??r??y .? J ?'ei-r.bl- pt.*?? m country iLiim
or ?ii. Vit*: MAN A tu, ?..JIHIi-ita-T
norsr. 'WANl'I'.Diii Hrooklvii.-A ??ulvwiiiiis a
luedtnt^tiaed HGL'SE. partial y or u. fur iahed. fe?.?id it? a
.?, ii?. ? . tit'. en. I'nvi i-i? wiiued in lal? olh?r tioarJei?. AddrrM
t'r? ? ?'?nu ?OBee._
BUREO BOOTI or COTTAGE lu Boaelra m Jene* m*.
.t ? moderate un'. Ad lien, with full paiticulara, 11 !.. li., B?i No.
tar. a, oity._
WANTED-A Floor ti tkree or fear nofaroished
BOOMS fur Il.iii.e?e*!iliit by ? youii? nu ried Baa? ? Any
pi va,? tun I I ive ; li? ,im? liny ??birru, willi teran lu I partlcu
Lti. VV. W.,'Trit,?iie Offlc.._
W AM ED-To bay a good I IO! SE in u tliorou-zlily
V V ret???l be i.eithh.!'!''" H In i?I? . .?lyn . I- al?nate bo?i|bl if de
?,r? d Addie.? E Hoi No. ItJ Tribune OtAem._
\V?N1'ED to HIRE Lu it t,nu ?,t yeese A larjte
li KAI11 ?AIM wtiri ?t.x-k. k, -..wubin a ?hot ?Htl.ii.e .,! ?
c1.??*? fa.'.ir-,. lief, .na .i???u, )' t-?iilr?d, ?,r wouid lue ch?r|? ?if
?i?rui. Aii.tr???? KARMI It, N.,. IJ l..b-y-?i , Pr.mden? c. ?. I.
_ Coar? an?i Boomi. _
ANY PRIVATE FAMII?Y of r?-rin?-<i ?a-?t?-*? ami
bibil? willln lo tak? mlo th*ir fmult i GK.NTLI'HAN and
VV i KI-, tvumi? te. ..-! I .mi?li?ii| on* M"tn with hr? and git, tor a
."i,,..?.?n.? Ali yoi wee?, may addto?? HO tkl?, Box Sa ?bl,
1 iiuin? ('due _
APARI.OR FLOOR, handsomely tonished, with
private table, oi laitli uti? of ki ?.lien . al.?' IDIOMS lur |?uli*
le.? ? 1O1..IH le?. I d It N?-. IM Eilt Kour?VIII!.lt., lilj nuiu| ti?
ll?,ll?e. _
\l'i.T\ ATE FAMILY, living m ikeirovii
weM nae-ratee ? antty at tve ?ei tkaua p?ra?iia ?i r??s, ?^
mam wliii ? .nil, ..i n??n' boi.i.I? on IB third door, lioututir.t aan
linjoir? ?t Nu. 12 VV. ,t VV ..lu, Ki?n l la^_
?tub liTii'i.i- HOARD, eau b? aeeurrd at the Tarknli Bith
l..|?ti!i?-m tit N . 1.3 < ui nubia tt.. Hriiollvu HeigliU, tiire? liiiiiule?'
walk rrnin tnkkmm tniy.
\ CLERGYMAN, Wii,- and" Daaakter (Wire
I'.OAHD m . mau?, frnlr?! .Viii?ri,-?n IV-.hv ?rim taniiy.
A-Jdrati I . 1 -V ?! \N. Bui Nu. ?J Tribun* Off0?._
\ PARTY mi ii ?n r persons would like to rent, fnr
t,?ii?*d or ?nfnrnl?h?d. ? n It* ?f BOOMS )n ? .-?t in,l tint of
tin?, it? Beat of rrfrrrnee flven ?od rrqmrrj. Addreu li L. VV..
I.m N.i I ?J Tribune (?Hi r.
\YOI'NG jpeuileumn and wife desire purmauent
HOAHD itrirr.nr-i |i*?n i"?1 r?.,-orr.l. H?te letmt ?al
yettieui rt (ill .'..?KI.OH P O. Hut Nu. 5 JM.
A FAMILY ot three adulta ami two children, want
twi ltr|. ?ud on? itui.lrr ROOM w??? firuiilird in? rrtptit
?h * n*i|!iho*haod. wit? Board nur* nut turediui ?ltd per m?>..th.
in. I ..I. '.< tiru in I in ,. r. ?I I RENT tu r or Ive nemy farunl rd
Ri ?DM.? f?r l.o ??ekrapin?, price mult be vrry moitarite. A ?Urra.
BoiNo. J,ni N*? YorkT O.
AT No. 2 rniDii-qu.tre SITIES o? luindnoinelv
KI ?MS H El? ROilMs. with or wit! ..n? bo.rd: private (?bl?
i ilr.irrd. A?o ill.,? Hourn? f?r ;*nt e te . Relam?? rt ?I? lu.(ed
? IMVO spleodU suites of R(M?AIS. Ir?.u? Parlor ind
t liedrooa. on MM-o! ti B'-or. lad ?rent Parlor and Bedroom cn
third llnor. oppu.it? Mi,yv*aant*ou??r Tu |rotlt iue?i mid thru
wirri w lulu, i KI rminotUiiiitii foi ?ta? VV uAer. tnu ia an oppotfaniiy
. tiiiloiii u.rl ?ri,. Iii* t?bl? and ?vrryuili | ?onn-cled with tt.?
Hut,?? it firi-alitt 1 (.? ?te? of reference? |i?en i ud raquirrd. Kor
pitt;? ni.r.. ? i'l it Ne 3! ( tttlirit., Bl??**? 12 lud 1 p. u... or at
No ll? Eut Iii **nlb ?N_
?p5 LET-One lar?fe"R??OM ?ndTvo BEI)R<K)?Si
X willi clo.a-1?. io a Inta?y *t two prraont oilv Call li li.? Huuu
N> ?M2 We?i Kilt? bril ii. briwrrn In lad li i ni.
\\' ANTED BOARD ia? arialta ?sadl? till Mir,
v v wher? ihei? ?ira ?o oilier Barder?, for a rent'??ti?n. w-f? ia
foil ?ni nura? woold prefer to furnlali tber ?wn r?wBi carpet?
??.??pi? i ind kav? t.-rrir plan? lu parlor. K.r-a <-li?i r?,?r?n?ri.
Addraa? ?I ?oc?._COMFORT. Boi Nu. .TI" P O.
nrANTEl?-l?v Mientleaiau, tu a private lamil v.
loo,! I?.?nun 'KI RNtSHFD R<? )M. Brrikf.it and Tra
? per weak. Ad ireaa Tubal.? (Mice. V- i Nu OH
IV ANTED-ROOMS and BOARD for ? lady oud
VV re . trrd li i'i a | .?aaajit par' of ?he cn?. Privai* family p??
fru..i. Addteu 8ft ' R1U Y. N?w YofkTlBiei ??u.r atatiaf ?otidnn,
letmt Ar _
Wl.*? I 1'WEN 1Y f??n?T^f^Vuraihhetl FAR
l.iltt and li* OK Cuni S lo I?' ta i.-a'Dumu col? without
?BAllil o.a prtva>fia.i ?, near lia.'i ?y? H ?te* r?neo?.?.? Ad
dren* Bul No t. UM Patt (Ml a
_Gotcla, Art. _
Korowrly Dr. N. BKIiORTHA'?. 8ARAT.H1A SPRING?.
Open ti ii,. y?~?r CHAl'KH A E?>RI? l*ropri??ori Dr. 0.
KGR11. one if ti.? Prootietoci, Electric r.,y?in?a and M?ditai Elee
,rn ian, ?Uandi p-r.an.l y t., tu? ir??Hue?( oi p^leou. _
CLORIDA iioisE, si. AM;I>TINE."
_ Tb? uiid.in|u*?l biviii? lai'ii ti? ibu?? nanir.1 eoiii? kitfum
ial.cd the Mine ? ?ti? i ?? and i??,iap.e.* furaiiuie ind ?pr*ry inpiitt?
liri?'? . li.?t? m the u.e?t ?mp'e mtnnrr. Ita bout? wi.l be
o?pon for tit? recrp.li? ?, vi.il?-- .? *,e! ?:<?i ?i-? Brat of N???n,b?r
r..?i,.?.? Ker tam?, Ac, addi??? t. ti RKMEK Bl. AU|U?HIM.
?it H.KiB._
PERSONS fmtn the Nev-En|?lan?l States t?avelin|:
? ?li* ?HarW ?ud N?w-H???? ??-??I?, wit' And it their Hapot
li. r??U narai a . *.*'? ?'e.''l",?, HOTEL wit!, I? ileeMns
rooeot. oratly ?od rlelJv f ?rnltlead. en ?ntl? ?nd ?uni . wuli ?ap?rior
.neoii'ii.'id.iDui tdnoVloanan T*:aMiiwd?r?tr
Heal Catate for Solf.
F??r^A?^E^?rbeautifnl COUNTRY PLACE,
ii. ?I' M..I ? ?.tutted on ???I ??4? of L?k? a?nko?kom? W unir,
ft?oi N?wTuri. N,.e t"t??|? hon-je. ?rall hnUbel; ?naiad tarn w. I
?nd i ?Kel?. ?ii a r?? u( l?i.,1 r""i 'low',, t0 .*. WMor |! tbe like;
youni at.btiii ud oriiuu?ntal t-*e? .???-? p?i? ti? ?loor Priel
\gX__ B VV M W VOH N... IBTli-rl..*
?^I'KNISUED HOUSE tor SALE or to LET. with
tium*81?I? po?ie?ti?r. N i IB Henry it.. Brookl?m 1 a.:n ?.*,'
I w?U liom tv . I-?I. ???rrv. Kui?liur?o? rowwood ?nd hack waiuui.
AH lo h??.M?W. Iu.| or. ?ti tli.? premtaM. er ?t Meran DRAKE
HUorill H.s N. lo llr.-^d it. New York._
VOR BALE-A new fivst-ilass browa-ttowu
I I ItON 7 HOI'SE. ?*t??i in e??r? d?e?p lot iiiu?t?l ?u E?rkaT.v
u-tw.et. Thlity-tutlitu ?nd Tti.t? ntt.-l. it?. Aprty lo
_T, (I fllt'RCHILL Nu HI Bro?dw?v
p\)B SALE-Poseeee?oB, if sold immediatelr, $5,1100
JT I??. Ihm ?elm' eow. to day-Kirwly toe?'*J, a ?rut 1 ti >ry
HOI ?I li ?. brti-k III??, I'I iinproranwntt. very thoroufh oidn
No ?7 Eut Kortioth-it M?r Put brfirejl in ?j?flat A._
/OR SALE-Cap??l FARM, ?nie hour fro?7~the
?UV. ?piciou? bim?, in ^lf-Ct order: food bolboildln|l; SO
?r?. eiiolieOl Ind, luiird-t* po?iraiio? . ?birpin ; wiil ?ifJu,,.?
foi y pt.p??tv._ _PARSON?? A WARD NO . TICrliM,
1X)R SALE-LANDS ou either side of Monkem
Railroad. New J.rai*. Btw??n t-Mter and T.ppan BtaHom.
r?rr l.-uiii. mi Paiitadri ni ?ot? I, ?nit mirrbawr?. ?||h ?mt entire
fanoi M low prie??. DAY. PERD?N A Co, Nu 111 Broadway,
kel? No- *.
I?0R SALE-A !ir.?t-iUi_i . ITUWII stone front
lit)' SE Nu m VV ??t Korty-BAti-a. f-,?u itorm?, batanimi ud
cellar. It can be ?MU it al, uni?! tamufb ii.? day. Apply ?o ti?
t -?n :??a._
V<?R SALE-Th.-l'ROPERTY on tbe corner^f
? l'..-k-*ud Waur it... lo temi oantto. Apply _ _.-, &_ |, Mii
k?t rlimb._
\^?r5?KERS.-FOR SALE-A first-clan HOUS>:,
lil mr Ima ui?pre??n?ul? I arru?? Home ?nj (Inpery iii m
. it-t'lrit ordtr. (?round? ?beut two ?,?*>. ?i?i, ? ?uit>*?i*d ?nd
Uiirfu i? .mi.?ni rliii-r ?nu vanen* ?nd abt.ndint Kn
v,?w, ?ianiiuni.tr. li? drfcl- Apr!y *.. Iii U'lin I. I-H KINS
LAY Ni -I Pi.lilwtV
\otai ??stat- for Sale.
huno sad Utftrns* aattUiewal ef ?IBilaa?: ai'M t'lau.*.
1? mile? milln of Fbiiadelgtia ?y rai'roa* Rieh ?eil ?redare*
l?r?e eropii twenty sen, tracts, si OH ?per ?cr?, ga.able wilbla le-'
yeal?! a-a hu.ine?. ? rwa.o? ?ami ?aclety Hu titan a are -uti'?*
.ad it_t.n? in pr-ivaoi?n(?. App., ?o CHA!*. It LANDI8, fra*
i-rie?. i '.uelii.J i.???!? lea-ma. N.J. Letlel? t????r-u Paper?
ronuinini fn.: iifurumioo w10 be w"t free. From Hipan ti'
.?Wea Rooiomm .lotte-tmtml > ?ile?if Ti? Tillea, ii M -ni ti Uti
?Boil eri?_s?.? yerila? Iraela, a. aa lia- tooti paatStm um* rmauk A
cmm?tlom for plmamut J or mia* IA** m* norn u/ kim at?* ef Ho
H ?ihm. Fratrie*._
r.lKM ?ad FRITT LANDS. Vilii.e L-t?, Water Powers (it
msaofsi-turn?. for BALE, ?I BRICKSHl'RO DCr.AN COUNTY,
NKXV-JERSEY. 41 in ?. 'ron. New York ea mioid ? I'l i ?.?.Ipi ia
Boll tim loam . o parlor for all er?rtie Ceuatry )<BH miling noa it,
lor beauty n d otiiity. t.lin.ate mild ?ed pros-me 1, ee?Ui,j?
XViui ion iud pure. Nu fever m4 ?11?*' 8oa erny to _ti__ mm
Han. ea eely term?. I'rtee per aere. BAI uni utrwuA
For circular? lad ?ulta? ?iliir??? i? .'"??
_ W J. rABMi:NTIEIL_A*a?il Brirkahar?.
N ELE4_ANT_RE.?sII?K.N( K for SALE-N??. Iriri
i'r.?ul?r,i .t llr.mklvn, i? In ?II mora*, a* nsniia n.l?kk?
c\.t. ?i '
hood ron?r_-(it?o hinab Ar., rev 'T Bri. rita? and nardi ?o y te tim
?i.mined to tv? .nprecuie-, Mouae 'X (,*( wide, three H.,ry, It? ?
lad biieasea. In fie? older 1? aBorrapted ?od op?a (?I iB.Beclin?.
Lot ,v.i i??i or l!?u ??to (??i. to ,?41 ,",rimer Fn ui*?* apply ka Z. I.
RFU.OdO I leeotov No 4M ('.dar .? NY _ _
AT No. 75- THIRD-AYE.. [lartTc-iilartTiit to )h?i
pattOSOi te,!Bl?f?be lAYTti. r. mer of reveut? ?eroi.ii .? *l>4
Tlnrdive. 8ev**ity ?*c**d I? . I'd BM ' it re? I ?ad * '??? r ?? ????.?..
lo IA? Park, tia i iTi??p and ni, Ulai. JAMES Rd. I
No If? Hr..*dt?*y.
Off*!* for 1AI.F 1IOI my*, md LOT?? ?ni.! pirt. of the r !y
A (-BEAT InirLMlii.- Y or BALE, a bro-traa-taaC
fr mt HOUSE sid L< ?T B?*V caoojal i'?*? ?'m?.? a? feet by MI
lol Us). 4 .??nil-, ?iud b?*?a>eni, ht('i ?I???.t. bmlt by day's wuib Aw
llytuJ a I ? ?r,'K? Till. S??. 411 T.r.i ???_
A SPLENDID l'ROI'Llil ^ to IMPROt I.-.i? io*
In., the rlty ?lu.Ill pi Boin,lawn ?*. J About J art- luar
?iroveaB'Bt.. A inia'l Honte Bun h ? I meit Otate, Hedge .(
real, 1'eai.b and Ap?*.? Oieb-i*. - Bed very g.o.1 Pt ,e IVIOa
______" T . __ JUI ' . ?! N J
ATTRACTIVE HOME on the Bu_U*on, ?ritbiain?
bmir; 0 "?*" b.ipriful ?lacs beer Englewood 010 Se?, ti?*
Leer ( ilt.ku.. _.?, _?*>. -evetal ot).?i ni ?ce?
_J AQ< ) 9, Nr. KO Brcidw.y
AFF.W verj- haudsomcbnun.-?(?nie front HOl/SE?.
for SAL) w-!" ? -, med id- p< ..... n fi ID |! n? lu I*',???'.
Apiivt? J ?X f FRTTBETCii, ."so. lil futid ave _
AT . r.vKi.Al.S.-J V.. WOODBRIDGE, .No. 1-8
Oreti mya leeaneeell wl.i ?el, foar ne? .u. ti? *r?t iii**
III'! SE? ,n I.e. iv, Bt*_ly?, toUiealBii. L-ti . u*?i.i*ed.
CHEAT LOTS, at Eli-u!itth[)<?t, N J., It? titiuute?
frii-i. N?w York, very deiiribi? I)- auatnufacturlr? purp?-?*?. koa
.ale iii pirrili tu ?ni? puicLtKi.. Apply tu E B. KIA.LIAHJ. fr.**
Nu. (?I Ced.r ?I. N. Y._
SOal?- feet ou Srveity ?iclitli-it. mir Midi? a ?ve.
) K TI.URi\_No. ?MB Brotdw.y
\J ??e aeer Ftftj Br**.-at? trowo-nou? IIOtiBE, witb*li>ais/cs^
men-i Pi.??.?Ion lim i?di*ite|v______
No. 8? Broedwiy.
Ol NTKY BEST?^?NCET.-A nomber of ?<ry <!?.
i- ?ry K.aideue- far BAU and to RENT wilbla 88
mi ate. ..: iii.-?? y. willi .!! th? .ppiri.nuKe? of oeiuly ead ?rom*
( 13 ?' d at ?ariou. price? to ?ni! purchase?. Appy al KAMI -li
BROXS N'8 Oeaeral Arenry. Ne .) I ulion it. thir* Biit.iT_
DEL A VAN AL ALLEN. No. 1" I'm.?'.*?(.. N? ? York,
Purrli*?* ind Sell Re? Ka?.te N? foti ve Loan? Bondi. Nile*,
Accepit) c?- and ill kind? ?f Moneyed ? ?'IO?
(HltlsTIAN is PELaVAlt._ALBERT ti Al.l.F.**.
I/H.HT LOTi l?T SA?.K. in oue "(ure.: I. nr el
MA Oe* H*BI el ?ad tmtk at (ad (our *n due tiuedr_d--?4
leaiks!. trwren Third Mid Frarlb ?te?. Apply lo P t BULB
LEY, J. ia- ? e ntl. XX ?1 at _
I;i.i;i.A.M ( ol NI..-? SEA! f?.r SALE m the
J l.uda.p. 4 mi.'i froai ?he env ?pin.lid Man?!? u. carriage.
bau?* and o'ltt'ii.dinr? ?ii ?r*?i !" ? V n?id?d u ?jiul'int ?lew ol
in? River iii In p?iii?1 order ind la even r??*er. ? Btal-rlm? tout
den e: ?i 1 a? Hi ?I AM,I.II for bit? c.aaa' city pripert? *prlj> ?.
I I. I' N?-' N 84J Pnuiio., _
\VH >\{ S ULE on I bird-are.-1 tire.*** corners ami ?Mu?
li et?i_ieid?H(lUl?FS;al.o J f. ?ra?.tv HOI'rtE? en Sercml ?ve |
I orr i>i' ???. Apir?.. J A J FETTRETCH Bo. 41? Third *?*.
t**OK SALE-A uem ami lu <i'.illili CO PI AUE. ?It?
???ted it 1'ilii. I. I. Vise- lliMi witt euer..!..!.. Ut SrnsnO.
l."??tlrr hei'thv r??i!(htful ?nd r. .?uieni. Te rai? ?wy ABOSC.
BHF.RWOOD.N? ?I J?? -?. I I_
L,\)ll SALE, With milli".1 H'*- }'i.4?e?s on-A turee
IT ?tury buck ii rench roof) ?04/81.- o??xcep?i.e?ab-r ae..-ha
h irhnod ia liroklvu, lwei.lv iniui?. from fev? l-r-u. i-y.
Louie ia io rompleP* order ihr- nibo u and BOW orc?pi?d by ii*
omer. Apply.?. ( < II AMID h_AlN. jr N. M Pie ?._
1/oR SALL-Tliose rrniaiinn** Oiwold ?.! thooe majr.
um en? br.? !*-. fiar-iiury. lur'i Hoop, brown .toae f . ni
II? ?I ^t- -* ?riH Lora Irondnr ? ?mr? l'?rl. on Sevru'y (uni ?? -? ?
m???l ?rss-iuilf-il ?oraiitin in New X uri r.iuiuaiidiB? . Sue v ew ot tb*
peri Baale**B i. ii.-iisnt iiiipvovenieu??, ?e?e WB-.I . ,u ?MI lit*
.irnrl w.tl be pi.ed with Bclgl.B Mveoienl Ibii 111!. Term, ?n?dete
.. :rnr. .?r. Ajp y tu the owner u.XM.eS I'oTi LH K*. l8 Keel
seven.) tliin'-K._
BEAT ii-?-Hy?. \V??iche,p?r ? ? i.tv fee* h?ur f.i-n Ibe ci*t).
bevinj s in?:' i:.:eBt view ifUu l,.?Ufti S.mnd ?ud ?. t< I
country; I?) ?i-le, or more if in|i.ue<l .?lintut r i . r?l, ', i.-ii ? ?ton.
tain. ?II li." ni"!- n li pia ?ni ? .-I ?? ?til ip endlli Oui utlne. ?ni be
.nut lurniiLed ?n i.LturnUne.1, a.r_?. nriia(ei. ?tsrk, te. Fciteiut
Bi.d permit?, atf) y te HOMER MOBO tN N.. ? Pi ,-.t
la*,(>R BALE-Near tlir Hu.!- . I_ : ea from Hie
8 ?iry. ?v-ry lie.lrlb e 1(1 ?li'K.Nt I. !?* hain W. BO ._) *.??".
ii er , c " lain? uil : a .ern ?_)|iruven.?ul. Wilh gardeua. I.win. walka,
tr?e. ?'df .1- li ia ?Lively ip. : i.i.e 1} ne? my. icd ? fJ?-red f r?
Bl.Fied m uul'iiuialied at much ?ia (,-au t ? .le i ( ut <(r?aP . 4. Mi ?
I IIOXX DUN SXIITH r? . -1 I* i ' ?i
?^ORSALE-An el'1?... i ryaodbae?*
m-i.t I i.iwii ?tune front HOI SK ? .d ?i| L-Pti of grotini!, coottiuina
Bowe? gar?..-ii. cr.pery well ttockid ?.?ii iiiipi.ited ?me. fur? i.|
ti u.i inn .-t??t ty and or turi!. A l?*(* portiou of tis? fun.i'.v-,
m.ituer will? thee rsrri*??. uonei. oue luly'i asiidi?' hitr?e biri? ? Bat
phsriou IBBBI r?lllB-(J ?"d llgBI ?..un li of lue bat (i.aaa_u,*4
?ure, eau |.e had uuh ?I .'. pmii-e. f d.nred. Tbil ia one if lue tte.|
lo .I'd ?nd mint di-ii/it-l* prupert?e? in Brouklyn. For full i
liri, ??T?pi? ?nd r.riU ol idiui.aioii ipi<!y lo MU_L?_, XX il.Kl.Nsi O
I a Nu : Plmr-ok._
^^.'l: SVLE-A tract of M Aero ..I LAND, 1.
mi .. fiom depot on Ha eaat bat k of the Hudten 4" u le? fiui*
New Yiuk. *U air?? wood ?and: me r!ear*d ??awi In full vt?w ?f la*
tiver, mev ba. ul in pucill a! JO to St) irle?.
Ia?i.li*?r S. EMRFB**?)??
_ N?. 42. F..?-t*'!*a.
I^itli > \LE-Two elepaut foar-storj broivii.?t<.nt
fruin HOUiEll deiign, ti,Urn?' nd iwir-n.?' ?- ?tri?-: y Br?l
elis., lu | iii- .11 t.'ir t.'riBiiei. iinitii ?i .! rnrnrr of >etund-ive ?fil
Sii!i?t.*.-.i. oro?.?? /. ilAMl.'.loN I:?.? d r
^^)R BALE-Near the New Park, in Rrooklx/n, a
??.? . iiiv-i.iri.i ?lut ii?ad?oi.i- uiuwi. iloit? froa? Hol'SK tbree?
.tory, b?.?aiei 1 nd ?ob cellar. Lil 22_ 111 feet. Iui.il fl -r in din?
lnrru.li . Ball fe. at li? bUck waliat, bande?me gua niturr., Lat?a?
dry-wDb w.-l: t ita?, G*?-?U)V?, Ar ?el'ir e?u.entr d ?nd eriHng
piiwuro.:, ii J f .ra? a Price OH^MK) Irqutr? OB the premute?,
No. IT Pall-place Take FUtbnili ave. ?in tram Fulton Ferr?
1,'"K I?LS-TIA-- of 1?0 freV tb Weat
1 chester Cu?--'?. IS mi-i froa the City Hi.. i?d tj t UBI te?
rntlroad ?taliau. weP. waiared. tad hi? OB It an .!. jodai.r. of ?Wendar.
(?Bit ; ii e*B b? divtJad into seversl part? each ecmituvi.d.ug a In?
water and Und view Sor ful-el puticuUll kPB.y lo EDMUND
COFFIN. No-T-Ucdar-et._
?oil SALE-ID Stauiforcl, Conn., a large stone
HOLdK. en Birtwberrv III:., w.th ataaa attb'* n,! .ii ?nat ii
laid itncked with nu?t irret The tbove place :. taeuu.'u ly .Hutt??]
. uti?? Ir-a Hie uepe!, ind coinnitad. t bue view or Ile town ?nd a?
Sound Altey to J. L., Httiuferd. ( OUB.
1?OB SAl/E-Cle Kour-f^Uirv, Biatvn-Stone KSL
t- ?e-seut MiK'SF. (wUht part u-ftb* Fiiraitorei. Ne. IM Lex?
luito? ive. bulsble fur a inn! genteel tsnu y feBBBjBl unastdi?
?te!? ;? ? ii>?-n tli? fireiui?ei rr?.i! 1? ?o I p. rn.
F Hi SALE-?Several far?t-cla_8 anti mellara
HiK'Sf.b in ieainblr ,u.?t)..n. in New York ?tad I rt IT.
Appb toDELXYAN A ALLFN Ka l?P*?-?
M-?er ?? l.esi. en I ondsud M jrtgi-uj, _ _
L^OR S_uL_.^IaB?-hrOii!elv l'urnishel Countiy 8e; t,
A ft'aliXbt'aty !->-eied on bulan __Bisd reu Rai reed iapot -, a? a,
(ftft?ai-t?ra<i1o?_i dwetliiu o.ilimi dirij.. ?nd ?bou. hie ?crea of uu-i
ground high, ?pleudid view ef lb? txy. cbelaa fra? ti*** at".?*, la?
rl id UK farailuia?. alo.?-'. Ai-at-rioA J'MRNEAY S* U I'I?-_'?I .
IiXl- BALE DttEAP Oaafaf thl hal PA??f an?, j
i.H.i;x FAIA-U in Onup* i.uoiy Huildtag. ?IU-BHV? lad kg
? -ed ereer. ?r_B. ?*. 4aW acte? i prase I-a*??-*) O'"1 eaih.
' BOALANll A DRURY. He. WUbauber?*?.
F (M*. SALE-lo V,t*X TweDtv-)S?t-'?t., near Fifth?
toe ?-^?^kvheteoBlri.pwn ?~? ft*.?*E. ?. ti* k t I ?X
bleck Fmu*mok**ltni M.y Prie. I'tS.OM. I'iru.M el A. JO. Ra
NFAY.N* 6 Piae-H. _ _
-1--o- ?
SALE or to LET-Eim-claee new brown*
.lune (Cl "F. Ia<ro1re en prem.se. Ka, ?*> Sixtictk ti., acrih
d?. ne?r Leiiaglon-Bv?. cf JOHN OLAS?. _ _
L**OR SALE-ilOUSx-fand IJOT, NO. 13K Norfolk?
, 1 it, ?'tj?i?in? isirwr of Bunio. ,i tile*. ei.MO. W. U.
| wool) Me s- xv^i??.?!_
Piae-it. ?
XX e?it Twenty foarth ii.. telorT. fl. 8 B 8. Outwit
I W rut N:i.!.-_. 4 ?!"?? F.. B li 8. lud bnrk ex'I-Widlh. |M.?*a*a?
\X?i?Tlir't ru.itb ?.. 3t-i?wv N S brick 012.MV
XX eel Fifiv third-.!.. ?I Mory. H S. B. ti.. B15."Su
Eat? F iirtiiuth .* . utery. H. H B. 8 OII.SBO_
UAiNOE. N. J.-Sevural very deeirablt? RESI?
_ Di Ni T-S. wrt). u.otiern iiurrroTetnent?. eae half to IB m co- at
land arnot trpei. ***. hoar Ino, Sa m York, fe* BAI.R niau, almai
)'irn ?ti? l 11."..?J. loni.Tiie ii? I.?? ?.: to rent (or the Winter .(
Olt?to Olswperaioalh. BL.t?'hx\ r'I.L A SMITH roract Mue
; IIKI ( ?,u-?ti.. ?triage, N. J. ; Ne. l8 XVUiiaoi-t?. N. 7.. lit- lilli
a re.
WILLIAM A. COIT Re 4 Pine 14.
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Five STORKS on Pearl??. . twow XVall-at. j
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O' ?' Appli in It U HATF.1.LP Arcldtact, 31 Pine ,'..
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.>AH ACRES of the best FARM???' _A_?fT'~uta.
mm^U Jti.r.fti.i City. Mo. For sale cbe.p
___J - l-Btf No 40* Broedwiy
$1 (MU? BACH-Maat bu e??d"to cloee the'E_
Jt?\F\F*(r Ul?-Two LOTS. 1.1 by IIP fret Two hcue?^
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