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Y?1" XXVI.N?- 7,968.
l.r.lRJf'T Sall i tlilV, 0?-l -0, Ulf,
There ia ni? news of general imi?o_ tanca to?dAy wer th
lai-moa, Ott. .?ti.-Consols clc-c at Kl_ for money.
An?er?enD S??f untie? elot?e at the felina nip i.? 1 *
Iii.no1. Central abai Ki.il.oail
sh-ie* m%
I- .?.ii CM -ti- The sales todny foot af iiixo ha_B.
3d.Ol.i.lg CpllllKl?, I ?d.
LIVERPOOL, Oat 20.- The &te-_D-?tii:i? Cubu, from
lioatan vu Halifax, has arriTed.
TliC steamer Hermann, from Southampton on the
? :>. itliti
The steamship lViuvi.111, from Live pool on the lltb, \in
Loi.uuiidt . -i OB ii.. ... J t IT Ki.thei? l'omi on Sat
aniaj Oat i'?, sa. <utt to Qaafcaa?
The ?teanmMp Cuy of Ixwdoti fi.itn \tw -Vork un ned nt
Harin-r'" i at 4 i,i'l,s? ou the m<truiitg of ile lil. mat.
'J I c mmWsWtWt (':'. of lV__hir.frtori. which ? " I I? .?-"?.1 on the
??K.iiiiiig of the loth las? si ti iiiiienstown on the lit!
at th:? pen ???- .?in
Mt tai. t le- hi ihi'M ve.?M?- but the mont important items
af ncv,B Itine Ma niticipuleU by the ruble. ?Ve g
ef sntb uialli". ? u? muy be found inten
The \ ii?- .... ?ail. d ttini.iltanroiisly with the City of IV?ali
logt on.
I Ia Mo. ii', mu nrriied ut Crc? T.ciisile utily ?in 'he Mh ii d
al Uaarpari ?m the mh iust
'11* Vuluit ia a.-riied ut Liierpool on I
Ou Mor.dav, the **th in?t., a MMtf- H '??'ii' (l?*mon
al.i.ti.ai eemptr?.?tl of the umkingmwt of Ike Witt!
Yorkshire, t-i.k ii... ' -ted ti.al there
mm i aud the pn ..t t.n.c? whllt chin
ael?n/<?- I iv gr. at t ii'!i-.i?i.i6i_. Min- Very ordt ?li throughout.
Tbt sana .. ...i;r- s public in., ting attended l-y i: ?
In- I : Hull ?!.. :, a 1". ... milo
aaey ?f i_i|>-?i i ? I r-nttritgc lina deli v-e red bl Mi.It!
We laisv ,.i,li ?pu-e fit I he em,. ! . k11 , .?iBl.Ici;
tie it?'.? - . la !'?? Pi ... d
.Bat?- Ile ?ii?4
lu .', ? ra i? ii
.p-trti tim: r? always seeking office audit ??ors bj the mime of
.'Ure t: ,.; ,| IlT.tr- i ;a:-i and It tunis oal eitel nil
"parti of Lord Derby is lint HU int
?ntl Hutu i petty. [Cheers and I. ghtei __r lil uti: 11 ?
?lill- I' "i II Ilia? ! Uti lill lo lillie li? li?'. Ile Hal li IM
an hoii.-it mid g.? I lue.iMiie. liar linn. I I'l.nn'il the true
lalevet.t? nf lb?' people and I lum ?ecu men on lint! bench
abo t.ottlil m.ll the Baca, whieh is I I- >..iti
on the table of the House If hy duing to ti.
&'tt M theaiadiea Ixity ??f ter te in the M
_a'i?r? [<t_heaea ? N?.? I must tmk pea la ?.li ?< i
IO let '.he comilli kunu ?hat 1? our olj.lt. Whllt loll
.prypo?e, mci baa fur lou ?te Ion... ? asking for it
Itflers le ha feed t ?hull not sppaai le the writers la
?ew?|ai<:? one ?>f wbotu-und not ii ieiv i l.tiiltit'.
?oin-uais?! assaawhara sa Ibis lava I shell appeal milyu?, the
Initli ioiuig. Baal mmyotttym tot peapleef thi? eoaatrj i.ir
ekj?? t i? this-te reetwe popalar renn -rotation In thia Bonni i j
to in le the lloii-t of t '?iiiiiuoii? the tfgtin itutl rcpr? ?eiittit.t e
It. rtti ni.iiiiu. und not o! a ?mull claBS ol ?I If ion look tut :
all the iimhl poa i? ill inn-. -
Betty abate, lind the degree of its com j iii ti It? m Ir I?-? oluilig Hit
?>e.i?iii .?: lutin. I liberty mit osily 1:1 (he North ki
noiitii., .noua und kingdoms of old i
ll'hc? ?. I 1 hit-, e
TO-BDI'lloll 1.? the g.'-lllurt
han, million? rd in i mil go to - they
Bbeir VOII-H on tbt great question ? : no1 I?
- atase to Iii? libei-ti it Al: n _n , mut in a tim o: tun ?e ?lull hem
the r? ?all. Slid I ?h?ll be (;n-"',v MBfebBl if
that retail? d??-?i not ??!?! one ii.tm pn? I le
alreutly girto of the -MhHti int4.-lHgeiK.-e, and pula..
ajimt of : j of 'the people of tbt
*>t_i< iiioicd the North A
tofrr !e-.b . c.loiiit ? ? hich are ?till pun ol Ibis eu.piie J? ?I II as
U> tl.s.M utbei eidooles which DOW form this , ri*ai st .'.
puhlie Knitidt?;! hy the old I '.!.>. eial of the
hi:..i'|. lenttiri. A fuei.d of uiine. I'u II? Field of W?
lebeertl is the Columbus of oar linn for after no le ? than 03
passagt .tltiiitic in purvtiit of thearrt ii aha ft Lia
ulc Li ha.? Ht b ngtb by hw cable m.Kirtd the ben World sisa?
akinr*id?, tin 0 ? I'niti ti King
Uoin to |he North Au., .ic.in coi.liin'iit uni trotn Nor'.!: Aiuerw-u
lo the CL t,-d Kitiptlotn mix i? but thewoikof a ii.
Unie, aud it does no? reqairt the attataaei en n "f s
The lingi ?h Battoat tirv l.rotight togitln: ?mi thei um?..
asanh on-og. ii., r f either GoTeroataat ssaal if
lb? sun.' laUlionth the 'm in i.iiii I?- .lilli len', li it be ti
B b?o?d Bud I
ah that freedom for. rts on I
t ?nil io ii? io,,
The heaorabto (eutlcmaa then reaamad Ut ?eui ?uiid lead
Tto f.'nie?t ?sy? -. Un Monday B pat'iiring ?if from H>0 f?. to
lo 1 IU.UJ0 pensons, eomuosnd of workingnien t.xk , I _? B1
l_s*tl?. I lUaiidy uo political intivem. it Las tot a ?m s: time
Bttmeteil so inn.'b atu-utiun as was p.'t<i.-.i on Monday lr. the
i-all? i t.ti?- together of sograat a aanltitmlc lu onlcr to d_u-ii?s
aad ?uptriirt the priBeiple? of the Maniatad S itlnn-?
lion ?H-.-II baa ix-cn enuttiluihi d in I.eet!? und lately < arru??] on
a iigtiov? agitation in nil the tuan? und village? compiler-! in
what t woetea district
The Morning Slur ?UVH The number of person, whs u'
leaded the K.-tonii di-moi_itri.t)o!i ?t Leeds i? eetta
lion ujiou? siiuids speeches were ii.mit ai
UOIII. pntvat-d. '1'he Town Hal] wa? densely clouded. Mr. Ilrgtit
wss ?Le-chief aaaakat An ndtlrt-?? WHS prest-iiU-d to bia.-, and
IB rep. I he uiude u powerfal api"-i-h.
-b-vo-d the t ou-.ir.t nt incidental to th. laspeaiaf Tte_B_m
.-lemon?; : aticiL and ??leech of Mr Hugh! then i.? bal
pair ?<-.: -r.?!-. : t from Kngianil.
ih' _u_do_ Itally .Vrir? ?ay? that the Lecda demonatrat'ou
both in number? and organisation, i? -ilmiti<-d to bare baan
aaortt iB?po?inp tban anT of the demonstration? that have pee
aeded it.
Tor London tomtm ot the !Hb in an editorial says : "As te liar
s_a?teri. .'jeal ion non- of thane who hold us au i-ht-up ?.?uil
4reAiD of it* cotniiic to ? ?etsk-uient a ilhout BB, The expuMeu
of the TnrJt Iroin Kurope tt^ purtitiou of hu gjiolla l?"tw_i?n
Kus.-.a. I'run. e Au.tua und I'nir?!? wouht little aBbet astf
Tsytmi.taiitT. only we mn?t uoti-nve Kgrpt toeddl? ?t ?ith Fti
lae ii.uep.-i.t!it:?e ot !_.- latltniii? Knropi- mai lie ?ure thal wc
Would fight tooth and nail. Man a: IJ count tarli I ig liLtltiltoL?.
Ibey mai pul IhHr faith in aeajle gun? they lim I* i.-.t nil we
Or?, di.? b) IHLI? or sea. but the? al neri e,.f var 1? willi as Ml IT
thelasa. tbe folii In our bonk-, tht? tht-at and ?ineWB ia o?_r
t-aaly race.
THE CAB! 09 _**-!. It__< DE.
fl? Haming Lit raid says lmxr\ tstanl? i hu? aiip!iid to the
French actheaitlea for a p??tpo_esasiit of the trial ni _L Lunn
rando until an otbeial ?.tatemen* pt the pun eetb.-ig? I.MII r
WbU-h hi? ixtiui.it on from ( unala tool place, ha? !>e?;u ic
eeiVed from li.? (?oven,i>r-Oe-sr<.
Itiaatuted thut the 11 K-IH cK_isci Shecandoab bad beca
.old at Liverpool to the Sultan of ifentib-ir
At a meeting in London on tin. lb. of beldene! A!:,!,,.mu
?B*aUsto?'k it IM nnuniraouily ugt?. -lb aeaepl tot amposltion
. of the Tn-s?Uier of thut State oLur'ng la renew the ou-nlue
. bond? ol UM ><au ?snd to cue l*?.d?/! a siu.ilar ueaenption
, paf able in tw? ?. yeera, In lieu th? r- ? .
IHK 01-4,IT aiBTI-JlN BT_OI?.'I|1 COUPA]*..
A meeting of ti?- (io-oi E.-.u-m rit -i.in? ip Company nu
hej<i u Ix.ndoli CB .be uti. inat Ml linne I (....?! Luit pu..
a*_t- li* pn?i_??-a 1 ' lbntthe --SOU aJ^>> in the Anglo
Ameren IVl-g.p'ih f'ompany ! nid hy thin compatv he
,n.yfm i -Tifii|. ibTah?rT-i*l'l*-rT ??? T'vf<1 ' sepeetlre
holilim > tbal in coi ? ii.' li r.'L-oti ol
the B-i.? : of a.'is.-ai held by hi IS i . !? eel it le lo
a fr_ct?.'n?l part of a ?hare in the Ar.g_ J Ameri?*au <
he le? jiaai'l for ?uch fructioniil putt nt tie tate
?arrest izarse la the Laalaa Nock l
day l
their Bli rta. ipi} . on. luaiou .nil,*. ?! .
m-t tioti *?'h the l-ij;r,- of Ila Atlantic i-a'i'..- I
had IM? -'*' Booaei I for two
year?, wa V Lu?' Ifen. t ithout baing i?o l? large
?i/e "i . Uti*i were ii??- p or i',e
_shSBB. law ahs-r? Its. ? ?eiit<.I _'J.I.(A>-I anti J.e was glatl to
. mer thal th<-4 preemt iiias-ket prie? wus A41 ISO. M it!, n ?peel
i mu. Lair \+T tait ?UKI of li . lepraph
. e of opinion iha' looking t<> t'.c
. , i,liions of the ?hip if would be nu
-inient, to part luiii liirui lia to
I ?Olu'itvn m ?gr??..'
. m of It ?JO wu? it. ii lo the IMrector? l?r tia
.* I : I ?? THI. BATT?
rhens^ileaUtoTii. The Timar m te. the ?ttpplt o
"1 . laataaj i ,," ,.,K.,.,,?.."., ., i-,"-,,,,_,,.ri but
\lr,ir v .
i I
TlJt ! TcUaromk say i I
miner it- uqfo.-il'tl.
The e.itile ?atf*. Lil nu. ?
TH_ _i:ra_a:> FKiaa.
f '
foi .ri ?pi, ti on. astraler in tii_t on? jttry Ml iti mni-l? ??.nnti!??
lu ti,?? ?l?-|-Hi?iiii-iil of .|iiti?? riijriii-?- a.,?l Amei.tlniei.t til II??;
I mt Mr 'I'lsunuss Ilisn: nnsl n,i?,|ar ?poa UiC !(i.l?i A.t.p ???li
{?y wuut m _nj estee eSteet the n_kMB weela ft \kt
.eiTaiTanj-s-inent for iririnK fall sn '..??>? I '?> DM IhMfM Bad
iiit-Jk?. t oif tho Constuneuuea t ' Mr II m- explained UM t:.?
t-t !.. it,.- In- BeaBjaaOi waa a iriouninir. of l'nrtiaiiiciitary . s? I sVSTS
?.?'i? ?tdi com Wise ? just utul rqaal i i .?t II ?mt ion of seist? m.il
Hi?, li ee expression both of unlit idual HIISI pu tills? ?i|>i!iiini SB Ik*
? ililli? .?I depr-?? of (listm liniiri- lunn . 01 mpl inftiss IMIH. The
11- Fts.it, brui r>? riM ?I nits -uti??:, in ( ii rinisi.y. lu lanius
!??!(/.? rlninl iii?- I ii it? <1 Statin mist too Austnsli.ui lul.i.n?
mid Iii' ills? aillions Must tit?' HIKIS-III is? | nil???-?! iliould Is- ?lib
feeted tis tin. t?i?t?.f tin- in???t 7i^i.l PiuliiitM-M.iry iisiiuiry.
In. Moiid.ii ttettt unHBiii'iitiirr ii:l?'ii-slii?sa'tilt? ra. wus one
by Mr. II Aabworth, lute l'n-nid? nt ?if the M-nrnirUT Chilli?
lit of Com Diem-, ?sn th? ?ntton nuiniiliii tun- of Suutli l__MB
?lilie, from wheal ? | i \tn.? t iii?1 folio? i i?i? nit? -mlitit.' Statis
t.t-s? Aft a inensurc of profrm?, it ?ins a titi ihmt; tin t tint
?hile in the y?>Hr 1760, according t?> lit. l'en uni ti..? ? n11r?
.BUM train ?f Greet Britain 414 not r?tm n for -infr?ala uti?!
lisbor moto llalli A.?tll.isii. in INSI tin' I Billi BB ?I ?mr Batta?
ii.nn-fiii-tu)*> vere i?t?iti?ii.-d ty Mr. Beaky, M. V., at
A.t._ isst i??? fat ralas kedteereaead MBtt-MB? asrfvavBVS
c?is?illi li|f '.'.II tl-MS n? lina li ???tt.ni. It lsssd I?. ? li Stall ?i Unit
st mut iii.'lii.'v s tsio.oou minilya. Hist in aa? tiiinui?- we meet
?run a liUKtti ni i-"!l??n ?his h weah, wted four tim?-? round th?'
t-i.itli ti hill- in?) slny KMSKI.OISI ?uni? ?if ??.?till tul ia ? ? .a ?
t ut of ?mr IsiiiniH | be |?i s? ? nt tin- t-uin?. time, has N-en greatly
??aliii'il In i'.r-t? No 4. s cotloD y .st ii ?is? Hi II ?lull
in It-i-o it VH? only lid per tb. In UM MM parlai !i?i?
ftn im? icdm-cd 11 ?mi 3C ts-r lb to .' i In li'.?J ii M lilt?'
tfttin drees waa Btv a ywti arHteta inn tue wune ?ju.-tliii of
hhrte Waa obtainable at J?il to i.1 per jurd. As compari-d
With Kiln ii ? ni ?iMilin flux Ifca ?'? i.ii.iiin ni i-?stl<>i? is ftrikn.p
A saiaiiial.at ama pa-ad la welahl of flmmei tim :??. li. Cs
. >-.-??. i'f lu in.-..? ?ii ?lili ni ?uti.ni r ?iss only is. Mr. Ask
warta notu-t ? tat eth it al BU-rafcetart ? ?i-"" lbs talos .i lead
In I? '.'.' th?' grose iiltiiiiiil mino ?ii I.Hiit rtvliiri' Tins BSBSmt "i
I?1"? till" 774, illili ii, IM.,, -.11.4 .ah'.l. ?.r 11,000 |- :' f?Bl
Ni?:i< in- Ik? ? Its s tv ni ?ini? ?jinn fruin li-:', lu n tai ii HIL* t!.''
-- III lllHll'ltlll Ians Ila it- Hil? II 1? (! al '1'Hl Hi U '? Illili'' ni
1!" r.].int? tif sutton inriiisilns tun ? fmlii 118, ISO, 172 ia II I?
Ali '. W7, i-H in IHJ Hu- safes t ..I tin- ?uni? i'?.i.? -t ?II? (reneral
Tin'rntire t-njioits of ciinir.iiici'of nil kiwi? ?hull ? Stn A4'i
ta.:t-.'4.i hi MIS iii-r-..: li J 17-.-M ' ? m IM.' I I.I'.IT mir Batt
it-nilis. rt-litl ix'li. ? ?si fine liiiitii ,|". eii-urt ni pteaS |SBdS lsis?l
iiii-i? isti-d from ti 001.m IMS' to ' : 000,000 ?ii In J. TI??- ex
ports oi British prodna and nan-factories had increased from
Ali .1?! ,083 to AH.', ?<_ KW ni len' <?r 330 pel <?nt.
On Tasada. Bu ?, Kit? Muittb-woiih STJBII sb-liicr? d an ml
dress ?a tin- (awi 11 ?iiiin! w-gisaa, Hi sketched Iba laws al
Honi.i progress, st?dskowed th* ?xr-artti- lb? fi??.:?.n. and tt.s
poUtk-1 iu|si'.i!i i ! tin manoa! lul'nr ila?? in Mayland A
rimal kanqaet look place al tha Assise ? onrt? te the ereainfi
l.nnl sin fiiKiiim |'i,-iiiiiil 'I'll- \s in-iiit'li Lord Brougham was
aaaUt le I?- arcas at. tmosi lbs rarieai ipeaki r? ?? !?? Mr II
I'M.r I.oi-il Maalan, 8ir James K at .?.! ntl!, ?mtli Mr. l*d
M hid Jutais. ?V. ('. M I'. mi-I Mr. Dadles I . M
7'? 7.I/I.-SKIH? V. ? !. ni ? ?ai tis IM li.-is' tiint I.s'iil fui li i
Baa ?ittdiaaii his Intended H -II;II I tim. . i tia l'aria taahasey,
?sinl ti.?st he ? ill s-suTii.... nt I i? |aa-t tut ?sut ? i'i< nth? l.iiij.-1-r.
The enmin? Bettie sa, ? w ? mr- pVsd ta ka aMi to at] laal
the mu?s iiirstitii'v \? ti ti hare I ? ea rnrt ssed of serloaa eeaspM
i -a' um? nririiiitr Ix-tvi ty-n tlit> Spaoiah ftovernmeal BIHI ear OWB
out of the Mi/'ili' Of ta?-Toll,..(in mi'nul liksli tis ta- fiiltillrtl.
11,?? ? h? h- ijiii-?iin . i-f tin- |.|.'itliti ?. i'. Beiruts ?.sifiit t?? I??
ji.nl |iiu|'.-ili hythe ?i ml?h Admiralty Coen Badear
i ai t i,?.? t.n rresfla ht sappeaa thal BaalBhasaayfai
tii.titm sif erturlag Dist l?gitimai? nu il?- of setuinjr the autter
It i? mili iii ?iii-i, ..t, . is i,t. m m caaa afa parjjeiss faiinn-of
m rerpeol loth? preewa_agBthal UM lon-i-n(Mfce
?s.. Id be aaBed apea te make un? un.? iii repr>se-Btaelaeete
lit linne lis il l'-ii'l? I ?as- I a- j is.?|.. s t? ai i?.n(V linns tin'
of j a? li.ii-:-. s m t ltnli dal \ i? 11 a urr I? M broral k t"
- toltalr. Th? ?lllfi l.fr-i- lisa a la't lut I? Il
1.? io iii fart that thi ta-^Vabcd Italians art rariebed t?i to?
full - m? ?it ?,r ?. !.. i. ?.,->, of the_r Aastriaa rietora Iii? in t
n.H|?'l? ?1 IO l'.llt i? ith V*
! ' ,-'. ' ! 'la li, lil.nil < < I.
ii d. im \ ?ksit bri i m.?:,! ..a inspires h? r ?? 11 ?isbers ? it.'i sert
- pu? . eds fn m lbs ? ilnsiif
diffletuty ereateo !"r in r by _M late <?-s-.it? of ti? lenataeBa i?*
propei i? ?iti.m fut tbefotare. Thellefebarf kaseeaeedes U'
a I.? iiiin'i niai i?n Italian MIM ni ra.
T-t fsTr. l'rtisTii'nirof ti??- litt ????'?' asyi ? Bt-eattB N
Inn ld il thi- lilli? ii-' i!| 11? Slia^iir um At ??nu lil ?Mi?-?f tin
rleouii'is, ?bleh ?mi: fi oin l^urt-iiwovi ti r? trnliiill rwsr, ?ivli fur
Arnirnis left that did not ta.? BSM ?HIM... . is a?i_ ?rfce lind
beeo <i?iilii??.-.l m Mitintjnv nlaoa en lusulclon nt ?wvtip?H.-iiy
?ni. I-'.-i.iniiitiii. This ?!s?"?a? thal tln?e ?lu? Lad beeaceu?oesl
:,-. Winji 'V,IIV |?r?'vii.us tn tin aaataatea al the at t wwrt ?ahina
im the eiiaraUoB of the ftret lana te gal ti.? IT- iii?--s ? niit?<..it
? ..H. !?.'.,?!. a., placed opon t:?m. bat Baa-B( that they
I?? ? ii n-t ii .1 tu tin .in-r napriaeaasi nt on tin ?:st..n?i<iii ?>f
, th'ini s laist BIIBSIIBI nflhiiai bail accepted th??ana* of tha
-.Ii-. l'y
j liutnu A ('..
.. i Caed ?. If?
! Inbllfl m 'I ! rd l- li |'H?< is I'T
i ?. ... ? Her i\
al..I tiny ssr IM- ! in Q_l ? I
stetra i i . Br?-lag from Dabtta, la chatte al ti.i?^
TflK E>sTR-?W OF mmmSee.
i reportsan eancat la Parh aaRots_htf it.?
? . us.- h? ,!tl ..: tin 1 .?<> no? in Hou?*.
'1 lio .1 '?mr An?.n,ntl ?uti thill tin Kn |.;?-a of M? > ? - h ?
(v._r- ratiiiirsued al l'.onie . thut fn? two or tun* dan Ila- kapi
waa induit?! ?1 t_at ?In- uii|?ht la- ?mit IIIIHITIISH sm.W stums
ii-: mu? ? ?? lrr-in? ?.t I.ut thal n??? Hier* I? in doubt ?batet? f
u. n met ii.? TV-( ? i.Tit ?if M ?: - tul. .ni
rum tu ?mt tor Li? w?t? J nt -liiiiinui ?nd aft. rwatda I?hart
?sKsorted her km Brussels, hu? lui ti sent fur to Kum*. V'keyrrat
i!?k of n pruaenulioti for f.ilm; neus wkis li the .Irruir ?otilil ka
? . . , s? a Stat? ment ii? ttili? iiali?? IJJMIII
all ! I I) ? '
1'IUlnlHtlllU Of tllltll ill li II I ill!.I I lill ?lliIV
THE ?UI.F.B? < iltkl.UtTKS VIS! I IO THE .?'?FE
XheCaspreesel M? m? had srrlred la Mests from Raaat
A lt-tte-r slaats-sl ?* ->m llinni- ?ni ti ?. 'Jil :'?t innl pnlil'?_i'il m III?
I.M n? ti?|*i?...i? ? Thi- Kinpr??!* ?f Min.?i i? llf- ?uliji 11 nf
lalll.l. ?-.lit I r*li ni beti l . a!. Killi I,! I h lu llltill.lit lilitl'.l,'
.ted sa au 1 ? m i i-ia preaeoSed herreN ?t t?a- ? ntnun tu
.?.???iii Hilv Full?? Ml ?ii-uni. . i a? ?lal in ?r ni
le lav?- ptaasflBed a paHtiaa prarhB( ti. Pim t'? ssnetka atan
tliiisp In r hs.abiuiil l'titl iamt us I,n, priai nf Mi in II ?1th BM ?I
i a TI iiL-soua rr._u.-r? She atar] fees thal lb* I'gv- paailively
rs-tastsd t? do ?f ?ken Ila F.in|?r?-a slt-t litrsil tlmt ?Le ?otilil nut
le Bra ?hi \ ntic.-in if ti i? -, ijueat ?irt- i.ot trrat?./!
ih? BlIIU iidus Hitit I " t Mi i,nt r-IM ?n n ti i- tie ni tt.i-ntis iti of
al' tiai? tn.t ht iv i arta_B thal the Raprres s.ni i?*t <;mt the rhl
li-ais tititil ?IX o eli* k in th? BTB_f-(. Mu Uni Mimi te the
private stadr ef il l'ot?-, ead Li? llattaeaa aaaatt-td UBaa
sit? 1.1 ft liaUnl Cliih luiitlin li-ul lliK tin li:., re?- Mills l.?r Itally
In ?_.!.n_
A ietU-i ?roia.Iio_i? |of the Al, in I,'.?- iwlut f .JA? of I.yous.
" Th?? Koiiir?-- nf Memo Is ll^> sul-W"! of mailiron\?r?n
ta-n tn-re TeeBsrdaj BBsr-iacall ?iiin-ut hartamre^aeated
aud.riicc ?1M- iirei-cLU-d Liraclf ut ths; latiiiuil?. ?er tin Hull
lalktr She war imia.-diat.lv n-i-eiied ?Ld it i sahl aha pre
SM iitid b (?vllti'ili ;.--. the l'i.ii- Myl_| I.If Hott-OBS la min? tan.
11 irytliiiif thal hi r husband hud dorn* ui Kaiiiei-n ?ill? laspei t
U? rrlitiotis tuatliir? 'If- ?tory euri thal lise jft-i??- DOSIUS. ly
ivfuaeil ami thnt ?1,<- Kuiin??? tiru deflated ilr- ?n?sl?l _?>t
l^sive'ltse Vntit-W if lil I I >-.| no?l ? fn- Hut i/l n: I-ii I sill.lot
fi.aiHii.oc the m.lla t.iitiltr of ?Ul tin. but ii ?? urtnin tl.i
a_i>rt?? did not ?i t the \ uticar. until ?. o rlotk in tha n saiaf
hike rented to tin -yin ate ?indi o! Un- Pope, um. !si? II? Hi.s?.?
eoBt-saea bli irdiisuii aadlsacet ha afierwlrd ?lundataae,
uit-'iuii.i.' lo ft -i usit .?- ulssl ?tut uni tur lu? ?'?nulli ii?- I? "nu
ti?<- Baspsass ?ni. her lady lo ?aitiiip M.e ?,t taagtb h it sn3
ii md ht the HOti I ?l ?unn- ?hire her Miji-sly i? *ta|_S| In
otil_?equi-ut'?- of Ibis .incident a luuior bus |tot ubciuil Uiat her
BBaaaa is hapaltad and we know berond any doubl t! nt l'rn
fis?s-?r VIMIM the \'or ism. ditisi att'-nJni I ??nrtils hsartB her.''
TI*" Monde a Jourui-llikrly to be will teamed itia-uih a can-,
?baerrri :
A dal IT two ?iti?-*<? rerftirird a molnui holi ?tateini-nt te
ap?uliiijr the Kmpr<-?m..fMeAi(-. to ?hu h ??. krsltatn) tniriie
aaadeaet OBI arltate ktivi-? from Home uuhappi)] 1? irene
ilu.lit.uij Htd_?i.|.j?(l X_a- reaeun of ht-i Majesty In.? u ? B WSJ
uiiU':' the rotxk c.su?. I !?? sa many LO)K?? soddaotj illvisj
pui-??J '
A J al-l Utt?T la V:,els,ilUft<>ndeneii of Iliiissvels nnoesi?,W'R Hist
Ih U.rsiiche ?o nell kuuan ten bl? ti?-.?Ina iii of ID?.ii?M du?
en*t?.si_w U-eii ?em fcr_eJte_Mte uti?m, tu th. Ktiip-?|. Htssl
the Juni in me.?tis,innl/ tin- tumor, te inarki thal " U?
luei-t tiuidi-bt Vue .lumi,n> de Jiiie thut the Kiiiiirr.? C1 iii
lotie edil "ot IH- ?Ms- to vnv! Hiii??i-U m. IL? ai.ius s i--,. s .' th*
si? uti.w* (juei-ii Louise -?-en* te loutu in ibu n-tiuiln ia,??;itula
The met jeal joiininl?? of yrhne." w< ??inuthinu BVAfliinthe
? oiiunJi-ie ?. 01 u.? i. preat?ii Mt-iiit's Iniantii wllhha ?'?it
i'. ti?. l'eo> fur ti.. purpearsd ahtatoinr t-oeditioris whJc
wssdar-neeuaellaMs ?rt the ruut? ?>f theCtmrsl TI?
Aeemir MmMtmal thiaki u u j-.n-k'-n to wmffaat thal aJaag
na ni of t'u- kind has I? . B |iu*ei ti O't o'l uuhuj | ? prini
- n i ? isal.-ii ot the (anani of Keaje thut ? hiefl it (rmiitvl
to I'ru-oe ripala, Austria ead a-reraiether oo?r_ries.
At tlit P?;._i Races iilmliHii-ui ???n Bailly l! i Itnp"iial ntmx
tau mraoi Bet ee aojo HIAIV.
TmaMuwAuti ?.'.. .. i. n.l >ULI.I s'- .-?mu m e that Hie EAD
J? ;<?r ..ml Bwmrtm nu le P-Bf-huM la SJ^BU.
1 here i? ?io iu-.i. lation foi thal statement
The well kuewn Oerauu paiatei ofbatUt seras I
maud, lins died ot i hob m al Vu aa ?
THE si BJ (.'.* ', I
The Suez ('?_? Coni|ianv tont? i.i| ! .1 < 'inilrrliili.iiir tin
trana port of eartaa Uada of tareette-a-ss > in-trni?s- aeresa
l'l?.v|.? i- ' nontu.si? ti!? ii In ti ii'. u! ti tin r.'?si
' mai ufaeias -I (.'out!.? fur I orri lbs Sun
. ..i ?ultu, aaaaas lion, hatattef by iimt
Ila rt hits I??, n n I? ?lut im,. liit?ef
1-niiiag? efjeea-aaai ii sloti Hams
Till t..? ALL ?-?r MR. Kicr.u?w.
Amour the .. m UM raited
.'?i" of t .. ]:?).. -1,, in r, m .... i?,,.
M .-tins-. ?Im fur inoreti.iu (iss-run<
? ded amour i ?
Qt of Hie 1
ti,i ?."l'Hit": It? le ii mi- nt ?I t" . i?'. .1 tu
' i' ?I l>?
I . vi, Ripeia* .? . .,|. m,, (t.r,i
, id to (helix
? ?
a ,
the einllriit ?j irit which firrTail? sail : ii r.il ile?'?? In Meiieo
The M.iuatry is tb-tmltav i OBtlitnted 1 he l . ?t matt .?'saiu-Ug
i ?_.t? With i ut a_.?t 'fheA|:/.a. K-i.liiiry .? < | ? n
A dilpatet front Btatnrt layai The draft of the
?.hlle-H to ti.''? Ih. it? I I f I >? pa'ir?'ml ? We ?e? k In 1 Min ill
ti.i North i.. nia.ii ? ? ni.?:?? ..t . ti guarantees far pregn?a. lib
erty.orthe protection of righi althoafb Esr frost ?mtertalnlag
snv f?. ling of boetUitt ?ownr I ITonsi?, mid wb.le ispaBtaf ?sa
ni.a ? f Hiiy (?nniimii? ?r?, aruta i balacea Non,,? m ead Math
ern (jeiii.i'iiii ?e ut nu forced to UiBlWlB nu? ii.-ti on the
part of the -Ji.rth (.ermiui ? onf. ?I? rata S ni ?o rarly a peno?! sa
the premnt. We linn bl the fi ' . Senil, I?, iniivn ( on
i.-ti.r.i hut should thi? tat I?- possible?! wouldjeetTeal
least the ?nain ?f the nuliti.ty orgaaiaattH ?I III Southern
A difipafch in m \ t n ? ? Ml l " In,ti.? -lately tijioti
Ia III.oli of the Ir.litT ?toll? 1? eli? .'..! !. aioilt lint'
tim? the fortretsea will l< lima li d oin lo lilli I? li? ni Bl M
lil?? PeSChcira Uni li. a I 'g1 age Vi rol.ll, I'..I:
Vi i.,, . and t nully the pro? mi >. of Vu.?-(in (on la I? eil! ?ill
lra_afcre_eh to it? aankiipalitr as ha laatirt? it It is not
pul II! it lla.l the 1 I? M h lair ? li! I? I o.-letl ut lill. '
MAIIKP AllfiN 0. .KA' I..
A dispatch from Kien in e MU? ' higi ar Vi.eoiiti V? .???.?ti?
baa I? !t loi -Tin ni, in order to pai t.t ij ate in the rnti_ci.tioi. ti
t: . I ., ,t? c1 l't m i
The i?pif,i?iir ??yi! Cn tie ? ti, t?,L '..litad ti.nty Will N- ?eut
to Vieaaa with treaaaiy hoads foi 3 OU),000 flosiaa lapayaiaal
lil the Ila!' I,,,,,')
A tttpati h trnrn Turin ?nya A enhinet courier bringing the
Treaty i-f li at ?. for i.ilitu iit.t.i? lo Hu King It CBpected to nr
riie ut Turin in.un dial? it
At l p in on the "ti. Pa.ra a at headed aw? ? li '?en. le
I o. n f ami It him in ila- Italian municlpalitj ihe Aastriaa
p..it.?on n? aatel the t'.r'.ii ?a mai the ItabaBi ? i copied it the
?nine du)
I 1 . , na Balloo . I the ;..-.]. .... ? of the UniidrilBternl hy the
Auatriiui-and their otiiiiutit'ii ty the ltidiini? wa? pat
Aii ?Bra? tiM.k place al Ben aa i.< tweea a n.r aantrlaa ti??--.?
ni i! ila inhal Itnnt?, hill |? . feet eider Hu? BBt a ROB : ' ?I
A ti iepriiiii Ir.iin Paalfc tPJt Tl.i- Daafc ji.irty dtiiiiiiid?
t! > Ii| po litll.t lit tf li llllligan ,I, M.I.,.ti? ?hi. li Hill!.!;,(. .. !,..
tie | n pt- iden ol tie ( cttMiiitl? < ?,! the l'.?-t ti. the I.ffulr?
toiniian to Haagarj sad An??ii;.-,. aoaM til?pt tt.tu. aa u.?-i
l n j reata t ead aal ? it the BBBM talla li.t.
b'OL'Ni Hi.
The Km*.. ror 1 M .!< | id( ii to renOBBM the title of
K.: g of I ..m! . :. li i i. 'I \ ...!,,t :i,l ! || -.. n ni in it i dingly
tknt in tuturi- it ?hnii la niiiitti ,i ..n oi.g i.i? M.ijt-ty? ether ti
Iles whether Uta ii.it? r i. taBy g-rea or othanraa 1
I i liiln.i l.t of Al.?tl lilli KlIil i.?iiii|t I :.t Uil.-iai 11.11 I' .?
fuit ti eitini iij?,n Baree Kui? ik ? r Coaal i-., o
Al ?TI.IA -K11 1TAI Y.
The ??nil ultu nil Vi. aaa learaal mardi the aaaaaasasa ..f
??a,, mtii ililli sa II o., ?t Y ..i tul..?. em nial arg? ? a peliej "i
Mead-hip apoo thi two nut an ? forth? lan
TUE HCSti UilAN LiytlUM.
A Iii. ? .
"OB Sal,.lui lort I IT*JI finn.I nu ti,!? ra of the TTiingtilinn
1? gum III ihi ? I'll;?*-.m Mri.cei.iit ni,..ml III tua. ?pe? lui
i/i un? to du 11 erg Hiir. il.ii wen ill aa, laid lo the frasais s
', versaient ron.iti.?- louer The di Utchiucnt uuiobcriag Tti
? I ., I, at rived hy thi ?ci-oi.il ti am I? m m J si "d' i ' < g that t! ?
trst ?I? tm hu.t t.t tin unr. ii M lan.. . i.lairg I,iel Ici:, uriirlnl
IILtl l?-Hioll?l n. .' I , .?'..!?' l -'a i -. , . I le
???.?nil d< lui t.tia lit thereffti. on itniiiig t(e m'.ert?
.* ii la gi. i. theil Marah to lliiiigsry hy ike .lol'l'inka lana. A
?iii. .1 nui 1? i . : thi m h".? ? 1
A dipiiitii lruiii st. paat-rtiaia,aayai riitrtv-four
pi*r???i.s ciimpniiiiiia-dliy the iliaek? kal al blake
?Mitf ?im? la? n ft. nil guilty o** li|.-h tien', n I v ti.. ?supreme
( '?. I la. I,ulm \i i.o u "?'..??.? , ti lot bring the blunder of
tie- I-.,,.-? ?J C.mi-t-iai !..?..... mat ,1 I .-. li a- .... il.tl
haial,,.?..t!'t.. nil'ii.|t the I,.'.-. f t! . I /, i ?a...!
und i '. i" > r- ! ut. K . t. . -. red to es He in Hi be ria.
TUB bl rho AWa-ICAN TtX-OBA-V.
tg ?:-ii
? ,. . ?? , ' ' . ! . . , . t
na te] \.
ROYAL I".Ti.IT Ol' A S ?I KX AT I? *.
A tli?pMi h ?r?i_. ! " ! ' ? I'
I-, t. i.t t. k lag petMaetea al PraaMbri. I
ii . ?< a ?tra?s op as a I ?
i-i.lislm lliiiimi J iiiiii.? of the
li .1 i ,. ; I n I .-..I II
|. ri. .1 ' ? I ' - . :
.I,..lue at llrrllu
i?*?._.ouATio? or r_niieiT?
A ?li-iait? f. tmm KIMI Bf. rt ?ij? ita lae laaatyatathta
Hu? ?iii ? itli ti. I?t asaba ii Uonarr by wa? ...au al) i n.a nl??i. d
?I I nu,if.,it IM 1. Aft? it'. I ".. a . ! Ila 1 ?
: ? ,?; li : -, | ;. >. ?a. . ! . ?. s of I
II? i,,, ml? i? .,t ti., Ba?ateaadlbi Bmaleipal SBtbonue? Herr
\ nu Platos ii?-- I? -?.--..., ? i ii ? . . i...?.i..iii i raaasatad the
biithoritit ? is ..'MIMI. .; ;'? Lbetr I ? uiitU
the iiitii?niri?.ii ol the 1'IU-?II*II. ? n tu .-,on II? ir \.
I?.? Ila li lii.xp ulong ?p.??!, in ?1,1,1. !,r didjBStioe lo tie
fr?onillir ? I tri. i na?t d lui t i the ritieras ..I tie
tsaof I! . ir Hal? ;? ;. h : i. : . with that b*? ti. ad
.:. I1 ? , I.I .le t iv !...:,, tia I,,? i.lal j .
In ti.i ll-Jlll U. IB?'t?I? ti I i . li.itii.' I! .- i i.laslltnlici. o! II , a li.t
the no ti.'. 111.1:..ti? II of ai-tn < and lb? general go?! n.u.ijil c4 {be
ti tri I'he J'I.I-.inn flag ? . , :?er? f. i the Ki?K,
aiiiiit_iiiml.it' mai tia. | ?ylngol thi l-HaabMB entu'iial an
ti. m l..-.;?-. i n W'.? ia???Uib?e-mi tit IlotneiU ig bul la- tu
hut liants wenafaad oui? i
'1 le liaiik of Kr?i.k!ort b_a raised it? rate I?. I?.
Tilt UMOaBCa__nM <>? III*??!: ? AtdKI.
I!,?- Beyal Kateal iiliiy |.raatao ?i Betas i'a???l a???
,. |. it tis ?i -.mai _al? d Bl < Bite! ot. IL.- et h of OaBOOOf AB (lie
ni?t???.! tbeiflttaiea aweprei it at lha eerraaa] ni*lp?at
rathaslssaa [.re.nile?J Itefore iri.tiing ile roysl patria the
I la] < aauiiraiorar dein? led a ?|? ?. h lu ? ! I. h la- SiUil
1 b? ttiour-iiiila ???eiiibh .! bflS I" lay uti n Braal that II.? J? ..plr
of Beata Caaothkaoa boa t? ipprrtuile l|e niant a M: liiijair
tilla I abu-Ji tkf>eirnt of lo dru p< . n Kee? fir ?he aelfnrr w the
?..in.try. aoiil will one day hies? ihr chai.gr ?loth ia now bring
ellet teil.
Ihe i-e??me?r of foiinulli Iseurporattag X???an ???A the
I'liissinii ii .mart hy lt?ik j.iai e al Wie.Ua.t n oi.lm e Omtk
gi. nt ?iileitiiilty.
IS, i.kl'OI-l T?OS 01 IIA.MiVKK UN.. OEOaoK AiaOLV-B ma
Bl.!U1' It* FROM lill OAlil OK ALl.-aiAMCR.
HAV..IIII (?ii (,. -King (,i ?-tg? of lint mt I hu? with ?Beer
?utioii of hi? own righi?. ?l*oli e?l uli I i? ?ilj?-? I?-e?po?nlly
foillit-r l lu "iib ml?-fruin It eli on!|, nf i.lli ginnte
The i*nu?ii_i royul put. lit Inking fsn_al |?i'?e??iiin ot Ili_,
OTcr was solexnnly promulgated in thi? aenital to dar. The
royul proclamation ?u* nail m tia palace al 11 o'clock t '
(loieniorO'-nenil Snlvo? of srlilleri au? tn?l and fin-Iwlla
of the diifei nt ahatahaaaren raagaarlag UM eareaeaf AU
the chief ?-ib..i m? . uini ila n. 1111 a ? ei the oeOagsa ?MBS in
vite,I und ? he.rito? e? dii.g? pi.??. .1 off ?ithout oi.y dnrti_-U_.ee
alj.ullin- order
The puU-j.l l?*(rli,? hy referring lo the war In winch !-raa?ia
encuged is ?eli il.-f. i.?e mai of ul.Hili the Mi toriou? lana bad
lea I" _ta -^.? ititi,,i> of UM.m cr This Swum, i.t ?btcWrae
I!.hi the u _.f,ii of Kai,our nilli Prii??lii ? n? ile. .,!.d U'?he
lu? ot N-JII -*I..J__I<I iimt hy the ptaeeal pateal Ins M?.,r*?i the
King of f'iu. ?iii ink?* peasaastea al the country It oniers the
adoption of thc.l'iu.Muu ulm? dcmatids dutiful obediniK-e frt tu
the population, mel protin.-.-? ptoliition to the ? ?li ?aw???! pri
vate light? .st lb? IfaBOtlllBBB. ?ml u? far a? jio?aihie tia- aiaau
te-iinc? of tin- hitherto eiiatlng luna ?ntl institution?.
The royal t.riK-liimtitioii aaiatt It. the commui.iti of oriprii
language niau eti?loni? of Ifainnc! nnd rru?ain It partk-u
hilly icinltidr.tbe llBlioverisii? ll.ftl It.? reorgulilfntioi, i I C*' I
muni dt-miiuaieil the iiicor)?trulioii of Hu?an II, i,t,u ip-, litre,
thut ?hut rru.?ia hu? BOaBMOd (iennsny lmri gained.
Utz LAMATIOH til' .UK LIIlKRAI VF.'tl ?li- lil TRI IlAtsOVKB
Hi a unie!!??? lili.i n!ein t the J. lolcst n f the Klag of Han
our ?guthat Ibe iinneintiou of hi? null ni.iiiiy ha? I? 0? muietli
ut'ly taaoeodad hy ? uiai.lft.to (mm the I.ibernl mujonly mt
?hat hut Intel, Wmt lu- '"n ???vid C1.?rober ii. ? Lu I. lim!
tBIltTBilll i" aneijnno. alii -appro??. I This imp-?i ttn.t ilui-u
im ni run? sa folh-wi.
The seward learcbof ereata ha- de?troyed tie Baalaaaad?
ente of the kuigdinn of H-tieur. nuil lt?I to ltr rem.iou ?ith
the kiugdom of r_u??--. All Otu etult ni or? In the laat Seaaj.n
of the Hanover ChamlH-r? t?. eaaas ehe Genaaa imii? MOTO.
unlit to take a did'n nt ?ui. o. min The Kag c1
llaiinti r unuld no'i, '.? io m.t appeal to his stass af th. ia
tua he ow I?I io Qffuiaay (?m vitiiuiigi. M wt? aa nar pua.
ti t..noil? that the interrst of tbt o?. u required a .lift? nut
, Oant from the uter pii?.ed li hr.u ?ire aeglettad N.^
,i pnriiih- of thuae SOTtreigB rivilla tilnli us.l*?a us
;iliv inn- lo bliaaitlf nere iel ..! |rat IILHU? nt to any
i authority of Ger?_eay aoaM he aacrtflee. Iii
la I of I n I le hiul BOT t-B lett.ot.s. lum . pilou of th?
dij of coi !, i ait, r i? the new state of -blags, ear the iu?k
it.iiny.< ?I niton him i.iah i i- ii I It waa thal lae aitetiiarioa
t.t 'U- loin mi < onfedrra j though OB a tin ougaly ? I I
' ,1 I Baa ?o h-, i' our IIIIII l?eiu_v niiiMis.il,le tad
Ml Ihr 1 II toi \ lil l'a" l'lll??lall III li? .? .. I the Aliatrililt.
? x nt um of li i-' How? "??a
, f piet loi ? ?renia. On? ?eel, ? ,f
f he . o: f.'i i legunia ni.r lt-tiii.i n ?ith the gn-ai ?LiTliaii Slate
af I'n.??-_i at an oeei inspiebma Car0er_May ead
i . Another Beetloo looks upon the ehaagi n? m Irr?
ai.i .|iii. iii mc. put., i bei-oii* lhere is aa other heals
of political i li-!'it e lefl A ti ni al ?! I ..! Il.i'o'iaidernl.le ?, l
..^jMr.tst t 1 Ibe lie? a-|- , I o! at! ,: . *l? e
H I . l|o|.e th :t lill HI. li ?. ?,. i? ?!?? of |?.li!,i
n.i'i. ii.at ibe i?store!loa 11
. ' t. . , \|.. i?, -,i.; i., itnd.r.
lilli de, in it ? IO lake ti
? of oat et T.
I ' U'. tia . Illileh by . I
banes un ? ?
?'?? I li '" H.?I? -li ?lal the | artie? HI
On I I thal HI?
r ii..'
. ? ti? ol
. a
I ni. i
l?rui?ii?n ?pci et from the Throne we are bnppy ?* rafft lhal,
te coi - .?. of tie nulrnltiir of the l'ru?--?__a Irsmtier* ?uid
ti,- inn ?.u of tin V? rtli drinan Conf?d?r?? y it will be po?
sihls lo li? at? u ?he du'i? s d?' ultu p upon the individ-d rr.init.
i t treoae, wbt hnve io ohoB gloriously fought f?ir
IT the Nala of the Prussian army will form a rahuibie
mum a, te the litter. Experience han tnofht the Hai.0Tcn.ina
theisshi' of their In? s teae-i-g ni?rictilliiral concerns and the
pal lag ? :1 ??f nuclei t tendiil impiwta. 'I-isa. together ?ilk tis?
?!?.tu.. ?'.. 1.11111/njoii the lisul adminiitrntlnn of towna an?l
ii ft* . dpsaoeal ii(.Lts. we ? -sb IO see apbcld fui the pres?
ent Ii.r this purpose w?> deem it neerseary thal the province
of llni.s.r. ? hone sin ?siun ?UJUI lie ss hurtful to oor interests
ss ?s nid l.utu ?x?eii the |.ru-tisl i-.--i.ia of the Slut? ot Hanover
to Iri-.i, be Blew IM U it? InlcjrrltT; ami that a l*ro
vincinl K? pre?, it..the Assembly, elis teil by the inlTrai/es
ot ti.?- tamias rs.juUiHiin. hu rstaatleaed, to ?dine the
Oorei seat aa las saaetaMBl of provincial lows, and the ad
.?.oil ni the country irei.truUr YV* ?lake uo doubt that
tin perth ulm paattiaa al Eba Hanmer ?ml service and the
kal may be jn?tly preferred by ita mcmbei-s in eonsid
? f li.rn.er ?crvicc?, ? ill )?e duly recognised by the new
(.. -.?;.( IM .alfil prrpsrrsl to < i.ufrshute toward the pub
dilaia in n i-s|'inl tnliis vv11Is lU rest of .'rumias sab
ka |n.i|ii!- ?.I llniioier nre desirous to???' a p?.rtion of
th?ir? mu n In '.?Is ??t *p_rt for the neeesrltie* of their provin
rial da? mu i-si l>> ultlioiijrh larpe suma ?II lie saved by
our i?, luiir? r ?no m?-* to ruiui lain a m l'unit?-(ioieinment anil
Court tl.t- nth. iiitiu?!' to accrue to tia from lb ia t-banire wniiht
ill.? - i??-be of lillie ui'iiiifiit lniinuiieh us a Inrire portion of
tin | th Otlllaj i..i?-i 1'itiir tseen dcfrnvi d from tin n veone nf
In.i.ni.'?. A niniiUir of public instlru
tua- A1.II is Best tlfir irry nut ure tnu?t nus-un prosinel?il.
i.n . ...i.a,i ii on lla-M- hinds or have Usen mainly supported
bv tia m und tin- coniiliv Hould be seriously damage?! if
the ; ii lie property were'to he alienated, and devoted to the
I ,s, .- tit :.".? entire I'ni?? lim uioiinrchy. Apart from the
M -i- i-'uiiila. " asaltead for apaetal efarcts hy bitney, the
.? pal lie property nu?!.! be dit ideil into two parts-tbe
one le p> lo the common rxeheqatr, the other to ha \,yl back
fur ii lHaohBlgd ni prisuuclal ??pcnililiirc to IHJ ilclenntneil
Wlthlhei -a? .m. r. I sfths I'rot mc ?al KepieartiUtite Assembly.
I ?. m . . uipli.ali ils anil? in? teak, tin- l'i u-eiuli (ioveminent is
im|H-satn,li nipon-d t?'? accord the Isnon of I? If ?ort -minent ti?
ii? ?innis towns stn! provinces, ?hieb how.vcr, would be lm
-ii. ti,.? v di.pim.1 of the rertsiisile funds. It is Hie
m in:-? ihahle interested the Praaalaa Maas ead it? n?'* prov
ince? tis consult an Aracnibly of Notable* to be i tuiei-n by the
I-?.-," sn ?le,lain* the iin-le of anialiTiimiitinir. recent uciuisi
i,?i- iib the body of the entirt munni? hy. Wo look forwanl
?.iii a.y to Ile retire] of tjcri-uuy awl tin" ,ii.-t?i-i
ii? .!? -.eliipiin nt of our ?i.iiiitrv. A imlilicul slliii.on
'? us (i. rini.iy fun, ti, South Is eeWlaeibh ?>nly while
tin- | i seal period Of tiunsillon lust?. The nntlou S? uu?, ami
requires a Baited ergaatealiea He look u|??n the North i??-r>
m : ' ' !"1? noy ai a provisional amairemrut und demand
that It-abeaM !?. so orpnlsed n* t? lninii? no peraaa? B1 sap
nu. s. the f Ita. Al'?ii iiiiiui Stales am?t have the iit;Bt
ahenever they please lae States on the ?stier ?iii..- of
tia iiis-i Muni no I? ?a limn tnusr ?>f the r.iirth sh?.uld acVngwl
? let rm i.iitioi.nl dall to I I mit to the lui? i-lion nf tiso Con?
fu?s rru j l-y I'russ?i, th.? I.inj. tin in.li psseelblc _??leof estab
IIKI.II-i? tanti
Haast ?ei (HI I, U%% '
dine Miva the ilgduttnts of 36 members of the Second
Chamber of Hmiovei ,
Htiitii'ts were irrnin oorriitt that m-putu lions hud I ?in eon
?Isi-'i I n? Cn i i, Pies -. ? ni d Siiioiiv thut the IVILK' 'I ?-nxony
?I to i . ?!. !'ie ?'? .ti? ?i of K9iii|?ltetn to l'lii'sia and to
place tin Katon army untlri Prusaiaa ouauaaad.
\ ?s-mi ofh ia! ib n nil 'in? ps? n nt Ii. rim to tin' ?tnfitnint
li.ni !'n ??in hinl ?I|H : ? ?1 negotiations with Anstnn on lbs
iel! (speedie t ef ITU totmitm tirait saji that the
i but troops erderei] te the frontiers of the Daaabiaa l'rin
eiptUltics I...- bj tut Itn|/er?.J ottlcr dul.-d S-pt. at?, been
mi. ?I? ?I oi. their mittt li thither.
11. folios, u f i? ?i.i-1 st . f tin tori I Preasiea p iteat, takintr
formai peeetrsswa of the klngdum al Haeerer ?hieb vee aoi
ted in tin-Ctij r 11 tumi ?r ??ii October ti
We M'lisiiiu hythe urn.? ii (ted KIHI/ ??f I'meaia, Ac..
muKi Ino? ti lu all n.cn li.? Cn-? IIMIII? it In i, afti-r ?war
ni i? II - ' i < r.'l? anue.1 ? Uli Au?liia. in violation <?f
the Ki 1' us! lae t? iii ia i IfOI S war victor i.nisly sistulneit by
U d? tense the ?unitnea preiiis'isly fnriiiiuir the
k1 ,-' n. i I II..linn r fl.11 npiid by u?, ??' rvHulved to nriltii
ti. - countries lo ^nr monarchy and isim-?! Baa piomnl
i/stul lu ti..! cite? t with Iii.- ji?ctit of the Ino t'hamls-rt
if the mooan hy the l.|* of tin ??iii .Septemlsr of tts prsis?-iit
yar. We therefore luke | ?J??' ??ion hy the pt? -?tit ?tal? nt
. . I ?-.i reigntt und tluuunnin, und in
.'.? wit?, mir monarchy witli all thetr uppiirt.-nani-ca
and ill their ngbt? thi- <???intirt?* w hieb coiwtitntM the former
k!ni_i|?'iii ?.( llalli"! i.nissely Ike print ipatlltn * of Culelst-rir,
?fi-n I.anel?sttrp Osnnhraek lin-.l.elir-im,
?m ti? t???- ?. i,?.- i.tr end Kostera Frisaleed with the ?ti?
llailtt/ the lo.i I i.?.if |lr?men, Versts-is nit.1 An-inlser,/
Mippcn ?ml t'i llatisii. n?ti |niiiiini uf iheDaehref Laaaa?
Iii.mine? ssf His?!, in? phot/
II . " !'... , th. m, ?n.l t:-.li-:n?t ? f lind? In vTeedd
!r. . rs.ssl "Ile the !?!!..? ,?| [? I tniiinr to Ihiasc niiiiitii? .
'\ . ! ?. . ?-. n ? 'J I: is--' l. i.l -li-- on Ile- flUatn-p. Ill
.'mr- -1" i of lim royid nnm
. ls-i'U?.?i 1rs i?.rums mt ?I anns the public neals a ill
?r the /?rwesinn . it?t \l ?-.?rd? i .?II the inhuliitaii!? H
. . .i. uf I!, HIT lu i:nf..i?As?ri| uni!? ?1
,, i-...?t. . tu r?i?ia?iii/e u? fmin tilla lilli?
tn-'l. ira Ikiir InW'sl kies ?i?d lo v.. Id dn? i.N-.li
IM ti. i?tr lu?? ersliiii.?a.? stud < oiainnnd?. We ?hull
I . ? t fill iie-K'i?- li. Hie |I?SMM?OII nnd ?uisiviiieut of
.las | :ir?U riirhl? )n?tl? ise.|i.ili->l ?in! ure ?!,nll II-KI .. tin f>sr ?
ra ate -.lilli?' i lo? Hi? ?? it !i ni alliplniii.- to us in
. lum. tin- inliuii i?ts stssm prm ilnl
'hell irti't I Hill ?he I'm?
? ! n [uni . ?iiiii-s min l.irn-in Ih?- ?liui.trv a? ?hull krre
. , . i?. i.?ji?!aiu. pawer Ue?l?h to lui-aerte the law.
??.I sxlilblluaa of the omi L?_u. ? hi? h hf|Ve I,ni? rt.? Airan-.!
Haunter as? far a? tin s n prens-sit lei.llit.iiii .. If arueern
d t_sy retain m ligui ?tthmst pn-jusim- ti? the aoliy
?if u Mai?-?nd its niter??!? The QoiSTQI Qsassel trWheO
hrn? .<? ln'lil ulliee?n? s-l_u?rid hy ne to nxecsile. lu ctrulimnity
w Iii li?- pswaeat tts art "t uskiu? |?isa?ashia
vi (!,e ('salle of ll.ii?-Uherr, tn-t 3 \VJLIIIII
(. ii um m?m_rk S< luiiiliaui? i. Harun rsiu der Ueydt, roe
li. ' util t von Ii/enplit' ion k1 iihbr (?stsiit usa I.ipj? i ? ti
I ?. , ! I?. I.ua n'a? ir(
, ux : ..MAflOis ?>P TUB KIHI? OP P?l BB1A IO I HE ItttsfLE
O' H i..N"\?.B. ,
han is ??ppii ment.'.l 1ST the full???tin/ proclrtmatson of
Kuif Will? ?m Is? ?! e Inhabitants is; llsnorer
li? the I iti ?I Wl uh I hate las Ord to ?Iny I unite you inhab
,t t,,. s-otiiiiry nf Hniion i with my "sn??j??i ts raaf Baarfo
I? i> ?ml j-'ordrrmirs hreduen Ss-s,?iiristeil lu iiiveforth.by the
des. i? on of w?r and Ils- saargaa?asrtea of tu- < ??mu?an (lefmsn
fiith--Inntl from i? prineely lu?ase to ?huh yan wen BBtaeaed
?lil Inilbf ii ?'?-?etinii ?uti no? enter lal? thi-uni.ns .if ti iii-iuh
bestl s- rxiusitrr ?hues- pipulatluls I? ?ItnrVil lu ._n l.y th.-tr
ciiii as n orljrln by lam-uii.'e and by ?-^aiimi? is? well as by
Identity of later-?! If i"" ?-nntin? seter withnot grief the ?dil
r? Utmiiihlp which had'hecotne slesr to y_ti. I respect Unit
sn, ! ned see in It a vannin!??? that you und your children
will ?is? faithfull! alta? li your?? li?? lum?- and to my home.
Y ? u will rccogmie the tis-cesslty of a hut ha* basti done ;
fur If the fruit* of thal s? ri.ms conflict and Ihssse
Usaaii victories wei. not to Is- lost for (?ermanv th? duty of
our u? n self pre* nation aa well as the ?aSMap-M-l of na
tun .I inter.su rsviuirs? the linn alni durah!?- i.niii of Hanover
Will Pr_se__ And a? wai mid by my fatl.rt ?I.? n-.t? with
Ood it ii Bal? Qenaaay ?to sysi?? wbui l'r_?iia ntin.iie? Vou
will take tin? Into serious c.?n?iderali.i_. I hare coutideure in
vir.r (ierman good ?case and himsatv. and 1 tielieie thot toa
will ?weer fldelilT toms- ?ith a? marti siuti-nlt al I lec'tveysiu
smung my peiiple Hy union with my Stale? ridler clianoeli
witt I?-oja-a I?? yoor industry, oimmerre, and uat'lir-tinti. My
solititudr will e'rhc? IOUKIT usai?! your activitr. The espial dis?
tribution of the public charger a Bell otncrcil ii.!suiil?tii.t. m
laws cartfullr rtuboruled an equitable aird priiit-tij.il min mi?
tratmn of luitisic, finally all Hie gotirinlees winch
bute alii???' Prussia what she has ?bown herself uuder
S*asia trial, will be in futur* heacflt? cssniaiu | to
you Votsr vsllinnt routh will faithfully mate with tholr
trrtlhren s?f my other State? for the deftsnac ot the fulherlnnd,
ami the Prussian army will receive with Joy the bruce UAH
oi.ii.ia? to whom H (trial i?rn Is now opea in the auunli of
fienuau glory. The clrr?TT wP.1 also coutluue In the tuturi to
he the fui.rdliin? nf the nntiotial falfh To rom educatiousl lu
stlluuaas. which have for many year? rulllratrd ait and Orr?
man aolsae? I ?ball devote parin ular ailrntion and if the
; rraa.ian thnsne si It ?nttsiit % tu c-utns-? more and rassis- reeo?
nuvd au?! appnrcliitrsl n? the-(ruardlsit of tit.- Uhrrtr sod lade?
BOadtMB ??I the (ifiiunu fatl.i-iluii. then your ijtue niso a ill
b. fuD*rsiiuou? amonir tho?- of its liest, -r? il.fr. II V?ni ?lso ?ill
th. u lib?? Ih? ii.uiueiit which tuilted jou to a Kr.'iilei. i-uuiitt v
hl i? Iii?! .? Will it' Wll.UAM.'
' Cu-''?*? "f BootUeru- Oct % m*",.
The attack of tho cmnliiued Turkish and Egyptian
trout* under Mustapha Peaka, baa ?oupleUly fulle?l ?nsl th*
Caiiillntn hine maintalnrsl thi oiselies u, alltln-ii paalflooa
I!? i andiiite? have (rained a prmt rirtorr in tU>- i'roriar*
ut Hiliiio Iii'!,?it.? ti..-? hate lieeu succsw-ful at all point?.
Th.- Tt.rki continue their barbnrttlt? in Her? ulai ? -um They
hut?' pti' u'tbr ?"?'?*T? about :s? women and childrea and old
mun. v
The iniurrrttioniUT movement lu Candia is ?priviillnr A
?dad Ire bettie is BApieted The aaej_taa4ti of na Kiryptlau
teeans to the I . sareaaBad, 'Ihe Fitaeb uouelud
i I'HI ii! in eil 1.' ( niitl in r, ? ni? r.s.
Tlist- ham'rsd Tatft-tt ti??ip* from Vnraa hare l?ecn dis
pati hed to Tia
llll.iiM.tTIC JiII.AT10.VS TO _HB
A dispatch rioni Constimtiiioplc ?svs The innjuiitv of the
ni'-iul? r?of ihe*i tirki?h ni.iii?:rv a.liiK-at?' thal diplomatie re
Inti.rn? ?tullid be hrsikeu oCwith Gi. 1 ki Greed \
All I"??ha an; In.iiis.t op^wul to this step.
AJVWUIiNW'ilsl OP A MSIXO Iii EPillt?.
Apprehensions sre eiiteriui_.il ef a ri.?ln? lu T-Ssiajr snd
K'ii?sh refn'ssreement hnve been deapiitclied to l.jiiti.?
The Inrkli!. 1-nTcriim. ut i? di.plsvirijr (.-lent ruarg-y and lionc.i
t.si.ii t Ih? JWullit allon iii ( main,' In (?,,. i?||i
A diapatcli (rom Csiiistiiiitiiiuple ?sr?. An offleial dental is
-.. Ike rniiair? turn ut here Ikuta portion of tin- K'?rrl?nii
of Cm Ia I s? mt r'l!" ?I uns! inptuiid tin. tun n ni PrerBSB I .
ri|a.i! that a bwslr of Crek tn?.]? bud ero??!?! ti I
.i a_4attacked Aita i?_i?ocouiittdictcd.
A .. si..tu] (?, t. 9, team Timm tejsi " Au
la i si fre?a (Tu ! s of dB Itt lae! Unte
. ? perloea Bbrhl betane kdmski aftte flreefe
in.?d i -.ii?t of his ehr?.', trsre arrestad aadaaav.
. of the ion u l j (hi i
ar rri.es.?ira TO vite TaiBrsi.
UAH i 'lin. ii? t. 19.-A iboekiot munler ?an ptg.
-. n, riford ? la ?.is
u Mi I IO year? nf HU?' ? I a
s 's
ti I
.. .
. . .
me -icau-slt.p Ocian Qaecn, from Aspinwall Oct.
13, reached this port last Batarday. The follwing is her specie
Dtmtan. Sheraia? k Xeata k WalUr.B?*>.?-? tt
Co. *?**IT0t a'.'Wili.. F.r,ok< ..... -?.B? St
Fujrne Keller k Co.. III.?*? ?XI'C.n.iua R. I. Co. M751 'A
ll.hnay. Morfai. A Co. S3,UM U;Older. ?1S.SBB SB
J. k W. tMifmana -
ct. ?awatl Teui.aLs-et,**! 43
Bibon b Muses. Pi.lit m
Total. t>l.s_-l--a ?3
By tbit si rival our usual correspondence bat Bet eosae to
hand, but we give below a summary of the news, tillea treas
our Ile?.
Peace prevalleil throughout the -tate. The newly ?looted
rie?itleiit, (jen. (Hurte, bas nti???_l a decree a ii nourning that he
tutend, to remain as Couiinandei-in Chief of the forcee of tho
Intelligence ho? lie? n received by the tri n ni st At-uiimaH of
the .tiltia.a lyne from ?St -bonni?, that a aevere ?tuna bad
liceu e_perien?c?l in the Weat Indica, causing ({real deatruetion
of pioperty. At St. -homus Ibe new iron wharf, recently
built wita com ,.b (ely ilemoli?he?l, ?nd th" Beyal ii uti slc-iii
ship Tyne ass d..tea ?shore
The Yalpniaito kftmsrio says :
'1 he ?ilium?- of tbo Pacido, the work of pi-ogre?* and wise
I?ilicy i? l?'ingju?tiae?l by it? result*. To the botindary treaty
with IWiliii- we hine now added UKI potital agrc-ineut between
I.'hill ranal IVrii, nlreadv approTed hy one of the Chambers of
. '?iiigrc??. It will soon be ma?lc Ha of the St-ti?
Notwithstanding the stat? of warand th<* ?uciiliue? Pii-tlletl
hy li, ililli still a.iiume? in the direction of u??'lul ent.-n1"?.'
lo tb>- coiitiiiUKtinn of the ?Southern Ballway wn ?hall noon sdd
a new line ?.?-?tined to uuitc the City of Conception with the
?MU t of Taleahuiui.t.
Tblt IA ill h? n y? _r of i.baiitlsnce. Tho Winter we have Just
paeaeat thrtnigh li. i bei'u liberal ol lain. Tile- ?{ii?cultural ?<-'?
Couts p-OBUBB ii. oi i-i flowing buri eat?.
If the wnr 1? renewed, t ?ill I" a desperate on?-.
Spulli woubi not limit herself to u blov-ude, on m tier first ex
Edition, rsl..- iiould tiy norup if? main upoi the ('liim-ha Is
ml?, or wi-ul.l ii'tt'inpt tu ginn a hi.?'.- of upolu lions in the
?ililli of (lull hy inking the lalianal of (hil??'.
lint Chili it putting hert?clf upan n footing of war thst will
mrki' attack Tory dangerous for spoin. BbtaM troop? be sent
to i-rf.ct ii hunting, the ?ignsl wnulil lie {riten fir u furious sod
ruiig'uiuiiy stiuggie.
The Lima .V-?.'oii?iI says :
\V?*. ii.? well a? oin brothers in Chili, ure iiidefutiitable in in
creiiHit.g our ? nr moteriiil?, ?o SB t?i ciiitl.li> II- lu reptil?, sgttiii
any new attack? intended by Spain, and wo arc fully comiala nt
thai, if ?he i.-nUiri? a new cipcditioti a^'iilast u", ?bo 1? sure to
meiit ii iib still gieaier disaster and diagraet than thatwhii
bafrl her m. the glnritnis dny of the .' 1 SB May.
?.en. Melgan j,i ia duiJj couMilidsting the .-?titutiona in Bo
lui?, iioiistiig with ti?? iitiuo?t peresvtraaet la iii? r?i<_rni..iioii
of the i-otinU? ami Klfording i.-w mid ?dong proof? of his <l.
ei?inii in favor of the Anierit ti
I h. Coi? rnment hal lamed n ih tree by which foTt-imeTt re
.lilitig in tin? i ouutr. ,-ue top . the perteaal tai lercfingthea
?ith the nulli ts iu eiuiilai- urcBDMtaaere, und ullnii mr- them
to vote.
Pence reign? throughout the country, und the only thought i?
the new eh i nun whit I, ?lil t..IL pince thi? Couti!.
The country WHS ?inlet nad the pro?pec?s of the cocoa ci op
very gi??L
lae tioiaina_*Bl bat lbunad Iba tipufchig of ?;i sp.,
who v. mil?! not he ia!ui.ili/.id in .Vi into,
.Ian? s Hpeaiah haaat al liuuyu.piil, hual IsHaal in alargo ?um.
Th?l li-lli of N pt? miter Hut amil ,ci? i, ; n! C.liliuu uah p u|.
itne un? eeieliiHteil at Quito witii hull licit"". po|?iliir leist
iiml with ft peat stat? biiiitin. t in which tue moil i M_aa__Nla
tiNinta ?en.' pnipne.il.
Mr ('otari-ahall, th?' new A merl CUB Minister, urns ?-eeeived on
the *JOfh of Sa.pt. Air. Corni!, th. Ib.ltiiiu, ~1 _U>
o.iii? d al Quilo.
from Out -paelal ('onr.peiidtul.
Rio JAXKIH.I, seiit. A lew?.
'1 ho Urn news received here after tho departure of the
last mail, on the 8th, from the scat of war, wnt on the
Uth lost., by a Uia/ilisn pucket that brough? dab- from
Corriente? to tho '.?8th ult. 'Ihe usual -?UOITIIIH wsrfiiT'- ?if
tin- I'ura^iujiills continued, bul without any iuipoi! t t
pr-isult. Th?? I'lurt fur atlninltAiiccua Mtlttt-k on Curupaity
baa hcon combined and r?--?,lvcd upon, mid was to bo
executed on the 1st or Sain?'., for which liaron Porto
Alegroa Corpa bad hecn taken on boar?! the trjuii. >rts
and other vessels of the fleet. Hospitals st Iupiru and
Cornent? s hud been prepare?! tor the reoeplioii of a larg?
nnuiherof wounded, and '.ill the available troops sent to
the front, la con_t cuente af thi?, tho public anxiety ia
thia city wa? most intense, anti ibu whole i-ouiumnity WHS
on the ./"i tire tor tho signal announcing the arrival of a
steamer from the nouth.
1 ho lirst BeaaB-Cer wa? the English steamer Newt-n,
on the Killi, with tUtcs from Montevideo to the Dib. ic
jtortiiig the rapture of one of the Parugnsyan outworks,
tin* Imttery of Ciirus?, which waa stormed hy the Brazilian
troop? in the afternoon of the 2d. The advance tow ird
| t'lirujaity ?sa begun by ibe fleet on Ibu morning of the
l?t, hut when within a couple of miles hy land from that
fort i i-as. a Budden and heart, cannonade ojieiied on that
?.'iiadroa frr,m a concealed Paraguayan buttery, tho Are
from ?Inch ?us so will dun tot! that it impeded the fur?
ther progress of tho Allies. The sbips of the vanguard, four
?roii-t-ln?-?, being considerably damaged, the fleet fell back,
and on the following day landed about 7,(100 tro?.ps,and pri>
c?-eded op the river again to within 1,'AW yards of Cnru-?;
the hotuhturiuient then commenced, the ui?aultiug column
dashing np to Um.Paraguayan intremhucnts with fixed
bayonets, aud planting the HraziHau colors on its walls
after an hour'?, desperate and bl.xidj struggle. The l'ara- j
?.um ?ii? withdrew in good order, taking part of their artil
erv with them.
About II ?i'oloek in tho tfU-rnoon, sonn after the troops
began to adinnc??, a (..pouuil shot from CnrtisB pene
tiiiU-il the casemate of the Inu-clad Kio do Janeiro, killin _
10 men and one officer; a few uiinutca after ?ho waa Mown
to atoms by the explosion of a torpedo, which also de
rtn.i ed a mortar-boat. The accuracy of aim on the part
of the Paraguayans astonished the Allies, who have till
lately he__ accustomed to laugh at the wild fire of their
l'iieuiy, aud they attribute the great damage done to the
funnels and tipper works of their ?hil* to the presence of
tome foreign artillery officer in the Paraguayan trenchea.
Oflii'ial report? r.ne tho Allied loes, Bart de rombal, at
1,VU0 men, exclusive of the crews of the destroyed ve-sels,
mtist of whom perished by tho oxplo.ion and murderous
Bro ofthell from Cuni z? when (wimming to the shore.
This unexpected obstacle has censed a etispensiou and
changa of the original plan of attack. Tot Allies immedi?
ately began to fortify themselves in the positiou capOured.
?en. Plores, charged with the ret-onnois. ante of t_o ene?
my s next Line, reports the Paraguayans in ?a still better
position fer detense than the former one; tlierelore it is
presumed that the onward movement of ttfc invading
army will not be resumed before the middle of lie present
The fleet continues in the ??me position, and will proba?
bly not try to ascend the mir before the army is ready to
march again.
Diuatisfuct.on is beenming very general both in the Ar?
gentino and Orientai K.-puhln-s and in this Empire, at tho
Incapacity, M the public calls it.oftbe Allied G-nerals and
especially of the llruzilitn Admiral, who rejmits the river
i tuuuel below Ctirupnity clesr of all dur.i-er?, while Ihe
Itirp-dnee are exploding under the keels of his shipe.
The Paraguayan loss has boen estimated bv the Allies at
800 killed alone, be?id.'s a large number of wounded, of
which, however, the Allies liava talen few or none, us it
hu? generally been the csso throughout this wnr.
It is reported that Baron Porto Alegro is quite vonGdent
of CHptunng (uri.paiiy in a f..w dais, but it is also said
that General Plores, who know? the Paraguayans and their
territory better than ?ny of the genersl officers now in the
_?*bl, is 'not so sanguino in his hopea, and talks uf return?
ing lo MoiiteTitloobff.il?- the end of the present month.
After a long suasion, m which very little of general
utility was don?, the two houses of Parliament were closed
by the Kmperorou the Ihthiust., bia M.iji-ty pronooneicg
?In iel 'iliHcuiirse, in which he thanked the representativos
of the eouotry for their labors, atitl exproi.c?'. the hope that
they woubi continue to encourage tho enli.tmcut of vol
ubtccrs to re en fon c the aruiy in the Held.
?\n election for two laaatMl fur this city and province
took place Ibe day before ycsU-rduT, the result of which i,
not yet known, a? the news from the interior comes in very
slowly, the electric telegraph being established only to ii
very few towns. It It expected, however, that one of tho
elected will be the prvsetit Hmzilian Minister m the Argen
tiue Itopubl.c, a? a reward for hw im-iesant lubors in pro?
uiotii.g the comfort ami well-being of the sick and wound
ed of the anny, a_ ulm. for tho able manner iii which Le
has discharged lu? duties in the pret-eut difficult poeition
of the l.mpire towards the neighboring republic?.
Nothing moro has transpired with regard to the protest
lately made by Peru and lloliria ogain.-t the trijilealliance;
it will uio.t ?irobiblyendin imoke. It was rumored here,
but with litt lo foundation, that a small flotilla, Bnurilian,
was going to bo sent up the Amazon Kner to watch tue
Perm um frontier; a? far tho (?orernment has taken no
steps in that dinitioii. and the tro now iron-clads now ia
..ort are being got ready to go south.
rtusice-.? throughout the cou.itry is improving fast, and
coiiiiiii-ru.il tr.uiMit'tions are being made oa? larger acolo
thuii for BUB] n."iiths pott.
Fmrn the province? then? is no new? of conicquent*?-.
The Proviiii-i?l Assembly of Ooyaz wn* opecctl ?..p the 1st
ult., mu? ?he exhibition on the Jtb. 1 he l.iteat aocounta
fron the frontier of tins provint ?> confina the report ol' tli.i
(leith ol the ' IflTUBilef of tho overlain', m.litiry eipeili
t:t n io .Ma'n-(ii'i?.?o, n i.rov?it4 of which the Paraguaya-?]
i-1111 retain pus?, ?sion. The ei] tdition will pa
arriva al ii? .le.--.n . i noir been tatnetui]
t. | r. ntl.
?BIPHtBT "'F ('?.uri'
coffee, tl.o largest ?I
- ?
< i. btaUi
Em_aseaeV>r to Paraguay, and Ota. Mitre, hsa not yet beea
settled; vague rumora are aBoal of the hostile latenUout
of the Umtail Ktutea (?overaa-eat, butta lar very lilli?
importanee ahould b<> atiavh??d to them.
"BOT! I? BI.??" IB A BMI.
vi riusswa to rea roi BOB a.
HAInnoss, Get. C1. IBM.
Messrs. Bindea and Woods, of tho Board of Police, bj
the edi foe of eonasel, will not go to Anaapolia, aa If ojor.
Swann were to disposed he might order their arrest by the
Sheriff of Anne Arundel County, imp-t-no them ia
Annapolis, ami then fill their placea ia this eily? lot
Counsel of the Coramisaionera, the lions. Thoaaaa 8.
Al'-iander, Archibald Stirling, and Henry Stockbridge,
will appear before Swann oa Monday, tnd Bia aa
answer to bia citation, disputing hit J.'rial'etion
in the case, and stating that the Commiationort will ap?
pear before any proper tribunal to answer nay charge?
against them. It is now supposed that Swann will reced?
from hit position and dismiaa the cate, but the Coa_aiis?
eionert and Mayor Chapman ara prepau-od for any emer?
gency that may arise, and will not give op what ?hay eea
sider their right- under the la wa. A \> o,>o?ition, it ii
?aid, was made lo tho Police Board that if they vou. I
appoint one .lohnson man aa ?Judge in each eltdioa pre?
ci mt, the whola adair would be dropped, but it not earning
in any official manner from Swann, it wat not en.ortalaed.
Ueitnlc?, tho appointment of Johnson men sa Judge*
of election Would be a violation of the Constitution, aa
they are, with but-fcw exceptions, opposed to the registry
law they would bo expected to enforce. It is thought thal
the Governor did not receive any encourgemont from Pree
i.l-iit .Johnson during his interview with him on Saturday
to persist in hil courte.
Swann waa visited to-day by ex-Oov. Pratt, kia eel?
league on the Stato Committee of the Johnson party.
Pratt ia reported oa baring said In the Maryland Ciaba
Hu.i-a* Saturday night that Swaau would back down. Ila
Committee who preferred charges hare been summoned to
appear at Annapolis. At tho "Boys in Blue' meeting aa
Saturday night, the names of about six thousand mea
MB reported as ready to austain.theCommissioaeia.
Bil.-l-ok?. <>ct. 31,1MB
Oov. Swann return"?! late Isst night from bit Visit to
President Johnson. It it understond that a coiopi-oa?M
has been proposed by parties representing tin* Goveraof
that tho Commissioner- should appoint one of taree
.Itirt.rcs In each ward, und ono Clerk of Klection from the
Conservative party. Tnis proposition is now under coasitte
raiion hythe Police Commiatioaeiti. The Police Com
Uli--ioners have been in consultation with their counsel
u:i?l prominent citizens. It is understood thut Urn Cam?
miisinnera will not appear in person before the tloveiaoi
ti.-iiioriow, but w iii. through their couascl, lile a -sapoaae
denying the power of the Governor to try the chargea, bul
at tho same time declaring their ?eedineea to meet the er
iiis.iti.ns before any Court of comp?tent jurisdiction?
The Commissioners have ndt entertained any prupoaitiun
looking to any romproniae, but declare their determina?
tion of relisting any encroachment? upon their functlout.
or T?Lsam_ra ro TUB Turras.
BALTl_K?a**, (Jet. *_l.-The Catholic Connell closed lit
fc??!i?ni to-day. Prot-ecd-nga and deen*tt arc now to Im
| t -nt to Kome'for tuperrisorv by tho Pope. It it m mo re? I
thut the Council recimm.-nds the arpoiutnieut of tatet/
Ht'.ilitioD-l Bishops ?uni ono Archlishcp {ni- each all
lie vast eoncour-e of people that aatembled arouadtha
cathedral to>?iay waa greater, if possible, that etea at tho
o?x nmg of lue Council. Preauient Johnson and daughter,
itud Mr. Waliaoh, Maror of \Va_lnugton, acre preseal,
I, iving arrived at Ilultimore at an early nour thia morn?
ing. ?
At 9 j o'clock Archbishop Spalding intone.1 tho " Vent
( r?altor,'' which a as at ouee taken up by ibu bisbopeaad
clergy, and the procc-s+ion coiunit nc.-J to n.ovo fiom tha
Archi?piscopal resuleuco, through Churl.? -ixl Mulberry?
?U., to the main entrance. The sun thone bnlliautly oa
ihe gorgeoue robet ol' the diguitanes, producing a stark -
inglr grand effet, which was evidently frit by the reel
muliituda of neoplo who watched the pmce-ti-? wita al?
most breathltas attention. The cathedral waa ?ttaraBj
thronged. ,
The Pr?sident and hit daughter and Mr. Walbiek o_e_?
pitd seals at no great di. tanco from the altar, aud wat che?!
the proceedings with great inlereat. each being supplied
with a printed tyllabut of tue ceremonies, to whitb l__j
r? -f?rrea from time to time.
Art h bishop Odea of New-Orleans odebrutcd aiaaa.tba
music selected for the occasion being Hummert Mata
N<>. 2. I
It ia not too undi to any that probably no competition
of sacred music has ever been rendered with tuch thrilliafl
effect on tbia continent, and or a ehoir, too, that numbai?
no professionals. The President aad party seemed la aa
particularly struck with the music, especially with the
" alma virgo" Bolo, in which the Bne soprano voice el tha
inneet displayed wonderful sweetnees, power andfltii
li.litv. The musical department of the Council has eer
Uiuiy been ou a acate commentante with the occasloa.
After mast AreLbisbop Kerrick of 8t. Louis, delivered a
telling dieeourae on the authority of the Church, takiaa
for his text the 17th rene of tile 10th chaptet of St. Paul
to the Kaimans. After the sermon the An i.bishop el Cta
ciuuati, aa oldest by consecration, addressed ST hhteBep
Spalding, expreaaing the nign sense of his devotion te aad
qualifications for bis position entertained by all prelates
and clergy, and eulogising the ability and devotedaaaa o_
the American priesthood as inferior to none in tha world,
and worthy of the noble people and great Ut-public ia
which they had the happineta to live; concluding by?
begging God to bless America and to make of us a uaib-d
people, blesaed by God aud exhibiting to the world aa
example of every virtue.
Archbishop Spalding replied in a beautiful -dda-rt.
thinking tho memberi of the Council for their iiaJataaaa
and forbearance, and ?-pressing a hope that tua Haly?
Father woujd look fat urabi? ou their ueliberatiuaa, thal
the Council jost ended mignt result in the co-imeaeeaaeal
of a now order of things. ,
President Johnsou listened to the addresses of the Arab?
l.-,?hops of Cincinnati and Baltimore with evident tate rae?,
and seemed to derive satisfaction ir. ?JJ ihst part of Arefa
bisbop Pi reell s discourte that hod stn v political beering.
The ceremonies of the Council concluded with the read?
ii._i'f the Decrees in Latin, and their signature by tha
Archbishops and Bishops. This done, the proeees-aa re
formeU and moved hack lo the Archbishop s residence bj
the same route it bad come.
As the President left the cathedral, and waa endeavor?
ing to make his way to a carriage in waiting for bim. he
was surrounded by a large crowd, and hundreds preeaed
forward to shake hands with him. He appeared taken bye
surprise, but was evidently flattered by tbia demoaatra?
lion. .
The President was tent for yesterday evenias* by Gov.
Swann, who anticipates trouble st Annapolis t?.-morrow.
but many turmiso mat the visit to thmCathedral had a
different object than tte mere curiosity to see the cafe?
monies, ana that the importance of the Catholic aad
Irish votes in the coining elections had aometbleg to ?io
with it.
The memhera of the Council dined together to-day at
the Music Hall, North Howard-?!. President Johnson
dined at the Eutsw House, aad left immediately by tha
C1, p. ni. train fur Washington.
BT T?!.???__ U TO II? TSIBOBB.
n ia.MO, C. W . SatiiralaT. Oet. JO, Ir??.
Jumos J. Rogers, barrister of New-York City, has vol?
unteun-d his tcrvsces "gratis" to defend auch of the pria?
ouora as aro Feuian-Amenean citizens. In doiag so, ha
stipulaled that he should receive sefe conduct from tha
Court while hen). The application was made by Mr. Jus?
tice Wilson, through Mr. Thurat on, the American Consul.
After consultation with the Hon. Mr. Cameron, hie lord,
sbip refused the application, ot>thc ground that the appl ?
cvit was not entitled to practice in tho Canadien Couru.
None of the trials will bo proceeded with before Wi.lae*.
day noxt, by which time a considerable number of the pris?
oners will be re.uly for trial. When th??se State triait aro
taken np they will oocupv the attention of the preset!
Judge until all ?ne gone through with, which will probably
be three weeks or n month.
Several more Fenian prisoners were arraigned to-day,
one or whom proved to be a lunatic The American Con?
.ni ?miniated to the Court that he had received instru? -
tlbus from Washington to engage counsel for all the pris?
oners of Aiaeri ran citixtusbip.
WAHHNI.'D.V, (KI. JI, ?i**.
Tbc l?.ilroail Coiivcution of all Hie ?ulio?inl linen
. ii >*? .i york io Alkata ha? Ix-en in st.-?ion all ?la?, tad ad?
: ..ii -tituit-iy night to meet Wedneeda. ne?t tit lie St.
.he Governor of Mlnnetota has Bled lu the C. encrai I-and
lue ol' Hie Vli?a!?.i|'i?i aad U?'l
. De Bota, in t! ?I Btat? ?.*.
? .mt.!?' by Att ti C?aylett M
; _? i ropeaed .<. ? s
? ?

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