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tir H. colins.
BiMMt'.M!' COCUI Mr Jus
tie- ( i .
.1 . II C"
'I ? ihiS ( 1-", a ? Iii? 1-9-8. it.'
r H '
- -i mun. tilt ?. ii ? i,al b" hail s st? ?
. m wns ni ?"-a fiur bti.inc*. I
| ?
Msri'j'' I I'il'.iii-'i ( ??intiiife,'oi t ; ? fin .. ?.! 1 a.!'
two otlri't called M bim a? a sab iiaaieHlii took his '?.>?.'?'
Bad-lii.rined lum tbnt he tra? In I.? lo Bet oil so >'
Bono an 1 th pi ?ted that tho l i ' Bei? i sarre?
la ?'? na .ii 'i.nd that tilt ?
Breryah ,- even mt mena? in I cmrdoyinciil ne
s .-nest Jf-Uttinrr ?li i- 'ii st infnrincl I
V . ? . Illili t-i
hang Is -ii . nu eiu-iiy otl'i- ! ' "" '
tealoa li , i, ... ,
The cn.,.M nant doe? n..' - ' ' ' .?' ?*>*"'' "?"
Bucet omi. iltoe. nor that I
BectaaioniNi? but ears thst there ?. ucns at .the
Inn? ?i ii t it ?. as diih ".?'' '?' ' ??.' Iwposelbk for say iii
r ??f . .- - Id Biet* lo lire there In ??.< nritr tmls-ss he itloi,tiHe.l
?It with that purtle* oft!? . j?> mlsti ?a whoarers as teal i i?y
Bftittinciil? of lu?t?lity toward ti. i- and prop.?"
fhst a' th?- time In questi'n BO II ion lh . Bald IBCHlUl ol M ly
il.'IKVD'iif ? Ino would not hnvo buen s -de tor a d.iy. hnd i? b-vu
BiiMiSs 1 thal bo waa not prepared to tuit m atcoid.su? ?ilh
, . ' * ?i ntl: . a uti and pi ?Isms
at??rer? . ttomnl tken ppss-ait-ti. li- ila: -i tin?' pttwloily,
SMMB4IOUS iualanoe* u ?uiniiticd by Di -
roi??' di-sp i -i nit? and thal no "r
ii? m?u. i"it?o!i? hit the formation ?vi the Violasse ? ('..minist..<.
Waa to raptves auch r.taee. kia personally demi', lied I Weat -
to th-? ??I ?ititifT.
I?-i i.'s. '.': \ i. tia ace ?Tuarn:-! ." had teetire?. sritelAreetm
B.iWe-1 ?uni irnl .??tdeiK-s. that : le ?rut?is did no1 l-huitr tis bia
1" ; i V it , merMaad t "Committee there
??tea directe, H tole reis iteGovorniniint.
audl?eiiii?cd they weir til?? l.ii-.'i.-i ; s p -iblis -duty. Heftiith-r
i!sim*?th-.t ilie p_un__Ts I woks wera i.-tnrucl lo
Tile li-fi-m! mt waa ari-i-t-l and hi I In bait in tv-l (?s? th
n'auii ti asking (100,(100 daatef*. and BO? U.??< ?hat tim hail
Iwrrvl.u-d nr lht?ord?'r ur arrest arh?_ir i tested M, Cn? ?
oneef hi? counsel. arirniiiK that ls,c bitsl vv;:s too Innre nn?l Sir
Wird?:. ; util i lionise*?, elaiflMBg Unit the Sets of the Visit
?aceConn mun.?/been s?t*>*? II? it II ratified by ihe Ar
h nat m I.ii.i?biture. b.'siionlsi baVheUw dlsekasyaA.
A*. k-rabie argumen , the u;it took the papers an?l
rea??rTi-1 .?? J?-. i?n?n.
Alrasrs. l.iiiocu,ue for plaintiff; XIr (alter sad Mr. Warfst
for dole l-l
6apk:;in:: coi'RT-Sfj, ut TMM on, Mt-Mk . *m
lift ll.vitii", ;:.
A VPttAffCS.
Chalks IL Reynobls our. Tli* lion rd of II
Tbi? teee, whjch hen elrre?j heme eettee eeeetel of
o.. rjuils, vms brough' I
liston sa ni i lii'titi'in t" sen 1 'li .'.i?-ii of i"u-t int..
Baree jin r nu ti ial. II. U whotber the -
lu'.-ri? ut M: l;?i nulli? for . the Boen! of
Heatth 1 in l.vs?ltl lobe ii had abated el such
wa? te?!!? a .niisaaco or not.
Mr. li . from Judge
Sles"'i!i!i ' : -ii lining til I H ifj
his k-B?nss, The Hoard ni ii
Term s?t,!'i-?SIIJN riot I'm tt? _i ....-? Injiiaction i
aird fh" se is still peadiug tber?. I ! ip_??l<
atttlod i? to wild Hi? ianw of f. ?: trial .Ii.!s-r
BaiKi.i in giving his deoisioe b
trtre h-t\.. no right to dotara! . th
mayfMn 1 harts saattBoaToertais lodieUry powers apoa the
iBo_is^'?i;. it tkisrewoa a gi.-il si?--1 in Hie org.uux-ti m of tim
tieec-t Board that was Bat .ialalui.
areautl?.. .i-l the Boar I .to BO righi to kay dow a Ita? or ps??
oisliiuiiu w lor the goreruroeiH of Iii.? city, and lliat I
turn of-".- Hoard furliidslii^ *'.'"' tlrivi_g of cattle Hu
BtTret? i? iiull and roi?L
l_e I."Ki?li?tare bas ia this ense conferretl oeitni'i Judi oil
l! !i?s 111 id.- !'
a inlu J ' iSunal and giren to If afin???! tinliinit -.! power?.
..AasBltooid ha? a ritfhl to adjudge ?irypli , ?. lull n LliliHllii"
If they ?i to decide lh lol s nuisance Ihry
soir'c aftei ? full heerieg Ihr and agilnsf the Ihcti ??ni-1 tin
teuiditttf io 1- toni iit?wn. Ths Int ntioB ?f tin- Leg isla tare
was, t s mu ?t the Board with all lh? powers s>?' a ( ssnri sad
their dei I-MU must bo fln/tl It can unit be irriewc 1 by rerfii?
twrt, like 1! jt-lgments of Intel tori .ni ti. The Caart -a? no
right lu grsiit an injonction to pre? eniiit ft on carrj log oat ils
O'dere. Tis-' ?ppliention for nn M Iel !?? seed Ik . ii of fsst
betert' B tiny must tlierofn.-e lv> ?tta-ad as having aim I
dendt-d fii ? coiupeteul ' .
,'aiiisC' Carter for plaintiff: George Bun, Jr. for BonrJ of
Health. ' t
Cii.tsiivtB--OCT. 30-Befure Mr. Justice IUKIU??-*
C1TV Hjll.WoBl-S-^rUCkttNT A(.A1K9T IHK OTT?
John W Hatfii'.st agt. The Maror. Ar.
This in?e v.a? before Jn?tue ILirlmur on Sttiirdav
t i I?--' til? legality of B lud:rin"lt nhtmrW l?v th- p!iii .tuf
agnisit the i Hy for fireworks funs:?' . .1 oii'the .-?.'?I ol lui mary,
Sr?*?-. The s-i-ii'iui'l for Hie corporatlnn conti
lue net tsf in vi.aiuturc paased te Mar IWI BO j'i'U'UK-nt shall
be obtanii-d iigaiast the rttv mil? s? it -hull tv ?ho? s 'hut Ibera
ase land? m tlie Controller i howl* appropriated te thst p-rti
ctihtr pm ???v. Tho sxiunscl for tin pla.nti!? s-tnitcinled thal H t
act o! k11 , 'i-n.'.. doea nut mid canaot apply toi
Crior to its priisnre. The ( ?so ni t of ti
itttre run im aliante pi i??' _e remedy ?s a par. of
tteeeatrasM mid parties muk ?'i; > MttruiTta hare the meedr ie
? low. Thi- Court reaerre?! its ii--? i-ion until 'la sdai I" c':?e
lhetw.ii*?i| un opportunity to pr<?d?:tv a?thorit
?L H. Uauliy for plaiutilt K. ui.irmon fur d- icudaul.
UKlTti? ??TAT?-, orr.* i IT rnflT PIT te \mmtt
Jnsijrr Svuti ii
Basstttel F B. Morse et al. agt ?he CtJttetwh Slut? 1
This \r?a a motion msd?:? .?y Mr. J. S. ('arr??r<iiti#?r,
OB hetis'.f of lefendsnts. to 'imss'j s ?tiiimn'i? sell ed on t ,-rti I .
tee oo__wl f??r pl-sintiff?. on th- ptonnd ef its K in?* ser ed a,ni
.at do?- atithmiry.
It term, ?hal the plain ti IT? are endeavoring to b-tef A suit
?gains' -t'f.-iiihint.? fcr au alleged tuirii trriui'iu of iL .
rights, which they over damage J lh??m io the cxteut of about
A aHtnruoiti wsi served by ifr CUBI.'.? Tracer t'i'.- coruist-l
for ulain':*!? on Mr. Horace M Carp ;n-r the ?President of the
OtIDhr.iii S':te TelegT-ph Co. (Who happened to Iii-lu this
eUyl,4ir the peiposafi? teinping the oaas to trial
Mr ' n? if the ('-HL.
*tny,'t). ?t ' T. .< not, properly, tk that he hni '?
powci ti. a ' .'.?r the co-ipuiiy oolsldeSof its s.??:
.tcept bv ., rot ? of the sllrc, iota ot the Cjmp mv git I
authori?y. " *
Mr. Trio contended that, accorfllng: to the ifntu?.-? of the
tfVtateef New-York, the President <?r nue principal efiee? of a
?arpei-tioa of another Biste or ctemtrv coidd be r-rved In this
rMate by a su m roon?, ead la such case the corporation would ha
.oaasaere.1 as served through its agent, sod that nooon?ing to
an BCt^tf Congress, the coJo of the rnrious >Sta'.rs lu ?Mlattea
to serving summons, must be the rulo of the Cilted
Coui : - t ?tee.
The Court did not agree - " y ?a r?";.-."''.
riew ts.en hy hits, and eo:..?id.-?ri?d thst i ich n cou?t;
?the law (ii Hint w as the law) would ti? sKnt-r? i<
Mr Ctne-siier. in p-ply i. ?ill thM no mstti-r
?jrlut Cie code m ti,ii State n mm sar, Uie nu?sorstim t ?
tiro in irlil.??.! to ii corpoi al i: any legal e.
1er tkr pu: j??!?-a of being ?neil uiid hu-, lag Jmlgni?.-iit? ?
.gainst ii, sn.iiidc of the temtory U? ? ii:?.a Its corpoi a'.'
?err Ulai! >1.
The Court took the papers and i ?served Its ?t..
Jo4"'e i'i
lleury Wulf et el igt. th? imrk II....?..T u?.r.
H. W. ShitulmiH ?t al.
Amwpi-and exccptiou?. Li'ml liltid* O'!. 13, LSCAj
BBiwei ui.d mcti'.lons, Jua. J, lc"<.;, peiL!.? iul.ii. lid JUL. :..?,
A ?iW ?vss filed in the a1 . I screw
on t!,?
?repage'thrwgh various porta to lic-r boin" ?a,
t-ts|MV._ at a n.gi? earned b? '.?.? l.:-.:i.Lt? up :u tai- iiii.e ?
v of Janiinry I Oj ti .
and r.t
lieet. end s .riu-d wages th
?uti l?u - -u, willi toe asid ?
seresduivon Lsuurd her darteg the i -n-, I of tim -!..
gagem. ni ; and arer? tbnt
.id abei,ilo!!..l ?aid birk
id agttiQst the
' the ma.t-.-i ol' said ?. ?.
jsiv tlce.u't vessel beteeged. and who i
author ut to com|?el The llb.lm.ia lo r-turn t?i ti
raid reaa-1 ead ooatinae to p? rfonn their i
I is uni. tis--... nhieas, t! ? [??]
I s -fs?d from the rcsael, :.. S oVminr, leo?, ?il
tli?'ir i
of the i ess.! and of the C .
ea*thotrial lusist sis'isffict?' .? that the I
eheotki-od and des<Tte<l the ship on tiiis ooeesion
ihoaitig a oetoref legal authority or excuse therefor, 'li-y
wet. not potar ordi ?. '.eis?l by thi
pennitt'-d lu I- neo her by '; .
both thoao B?teen riidcavoi-il t ?
lura to t1 e ? .? them'l.iy ..
iierd'?i>e) tho oOeiin dsaartte-, lil ?
tree return to their obediei . irdi'ls. "Il
Sisigned by the li IKlaut? tot leavieg the resa? 1 the mor
their desertion waa that tu
hat after the unul honr of s? rvlng it oa lioBriJ, becnaie SOIL?
aegleet or irregttlerlly had taken place on th?t veeiet tn giving
the ?oak t-ateiy o?tlee that moruliig u> furnish it, and that tin
asate refused ea hour aft' r the anial time for them to recen- r
lo order it arcperod lor thoa, laaputirg to the libelants timm
Mires the w-'-e of not having gin u Use usual and proper Both e
to tho cook to pieper^ bteakfast that luonuug, ttar?
form the lib? lunts in a spirit of ment mc ni b.oks off
their wirrk upon the v?-?sil and a'sanifmul b
bid their complsltit bei'ore ' the Consul fur Hrefflon,
e-ho dir-ctad the ann ta go back to th'-lr duty oa the resect.
l'fce bbclauta altemrjted soon after to go on bourd of ti -
Out the mat? refused to allow ti nn to go on board wit?
porniiMion of the master. J Mid the maiict met 11
the oUce of the __. B <
lo his Judgment, and - CHU to
duty on ihe t >'.-?<.<.], and the . .. vessel sgi? .
ceivs their? to a
i mt i toted the preetmt suit lo
air or c'Kiieutiixi was aatarad?sl
I OalU-d KtattW Of A-MTi-a BBiTll.ii lie? an I i
l-C Uulli-d Htatea of Amens? ai.sitl.e Iren and
Public? of Hamburg, Bremen anil Lil!? c? s'ipuliting. Tlu.t
the cons-da, vioe-cxauula, com tin-re ml amir vi
SgccUof each of the. atl-l ?hull li
right, a? auch, to alt as Ju?l.
'?/".a *? "??y arise between the mast?- . and crcwi ol I
BoU bolonx'ii.K' t'? the i !-.| to
' I 'te. et?. (IO C Uri ? .' ) It
J-tm el? "a the tri?.! of tbia?*cause before this
<t?n?rt thatdartef ttaairMtral.oa of tit llis-l.mts from I
eel. in this eaeae. oaithe?em
aald?Ot matl'-r was oon?)?|. i , the Consul of
m**mmm> V_v~? a? a? . ?
?rb.tro!?. I ?. a? judged s , . .
: ....
' thal It Is mi tbc. loesi I
Mt? a
,1 sert.ion of ?hi. f?ourUrIMMi'-i >t "?"'** )a?ia__stt*?alef tho
?. . rt beiif Blitu-iti'"? e-cluairely between tdli- as
?u-.l subject. Bod :a .? ? -ot to i hrhU aad i-t.-i-.ttt Bit
?to fX Stat'--- (.- a?t leslie. Abbat 1_ 133 '
|. j?, -j ?, m, ora DO |>! . ?fcrt.f merit pt >il ir-?! on Hie p.-* ot
Ihe lil ?lic'e whir!, won I indar, the Couit IJ f.vor tho pi--? 'Ut
*~L;i?'1?A_?BII*. i w*t'i co^ts.
tales i ' p.i it?,
IB 1 'h 00' BBBOBa M AN?.
I li Hint-1 .-?; it--? u+rt. llunrv 'I i ni...
The di-ft-uiliiiit, " itolnn-d boy, in clii-ig-tl willi
ceil ni n arti.It ? of eh.thing frtnii tray olhc.-it on
lain Paitad St- i M I Mathe? Attira i .IuSf>|ih Ib-H pro"
Dated, uni Mr. John M .Najilea dufeud.-tl IhoAccuaod. 'Ihe
teal in- ?ira thal be bad tteapaeaMrl and
|vttr ?I len?! ?, iiut. ila? te ' ?eil hiiriii(f aulfcretl a B tal I I
ie :.I-I.i already thie beleg his Brat?a#?t?se sed be aw?arlaB
al n ni t'a oflliei? lill t te.I'll -.1 HglltllSI
him firing him a ifooil ? Inn ?lier picinm-t to ?his otfnn?.-, the
i?-i-incr considei ?I Ihni the emls ol Justice wimbi b?1
mi, served b? (liK'-lis.ging th. seo used on his omi
'- did f iiiuiiif lien, Itaifmo bia depurli I'
that if sgaiu siicjil? ?I he*??'ii iid bo otaaiuit'i-U ?ml tiii'-foi this
'otleii.t. .
8_..l?'0G MIS (?, I li | -del W.-I'-f.ie R'iri-ogafe
I'l'tKI It
Tho willi of -tho followinp poreona have Ix-on
adnnltod li |.I ali ii . tim .ng the past week : I?ewt? H. Kcllpwea.
Aa .-lu? Wita ?n. Margar. Q BialaiB. IlfH^/*aansB?ai flse
as II I.I..I i-i. JaeeOeor-g ?ii?... rr*. Dykera,
Levi |-?>iiii?uiii Newlimise
Leltara sr aaaal .UtraHaa hine lx**n ?rn.titol cm the ?state, of
the foIlt?*itig ?1 ? fiiMi-d jeTMina Ksrt?. Lftrin-ii, MuH lia Adel
berg. BMirar.rVlianipini. Thomas II. Nevlllv, Kobert (?. .IMek
sou, Jo?. A..s.i'iiminii 1.1.iii Hinting., _ebediah Parker, Ann
Vsn Cleef. ltr?nlf??rd Proat, Frederic? Puado, Henry Ploy,
John Mrliiloe Mi. m K M icoeib. (?mile It. M inl'.ii, Msreella
Mf-litiirp, H,imu,.n t?ji|i. iihi-nii Kinma Julius. Patrick Miillnn,
Kllen KI Hi ?.'im ?ntli o-.no Fink Charle? I .ItiliiiH'ui. ( (in.lui?.
iSterigel, Vint, al. Van Wage??* Knioli'h iturte? .laine...
Kotri:, baaaor A Heim. Murr MeKenna. .Ma laid Noonan,
Hil -i: I ii |? -, . I;.I!M-II ||I?I'.IIIU_II. l-l II Mull anti.
* I. Iterau? gaarllaaablf hart lav.i ?jniuiisj ". tniiuvrn i.io
Aun Lil. kunu, guanli in ?f llnhert (.. l?icW?'?u : |.? lK'imia
l?uun. gtntiilms of Amil Kinnisn, Ihurlolt.i >neil?vvir,,gimril
inn of jinn? NniKlet'.i (????ga Sueata-caii and Walter .?mode
Bat J la. .1 < ?tin II 1,0^1 r,, eaiiirtum of John H_aa?M ; to Mar?
garet I;im.it-, giiHi-iliiin of (Batta _Wa-BgM aal John li.
MiJ_iu.<lu. in .Al.iXHiitler Fi.lnir, guordii.it of Kdwanl C
Mp).-lina i.i .lalla M. ilti. glen ?linn of Joliu MeKenna aad
Mi li n I MeKenna i to lui.H W'eyler, gUarlinu of lloaiua
St'uitilo *
8(TPRKM_ Cot'tT-(Titcprr-PAIT I.-Hold by Mr. Jus
Mir. CTMraxr.4*-, I ui.rt open, al 19? ilr? l a. in Sut II SI ,li?CM?rll
?|i I".? ; I Ut, r'lnch SUB ?-.?" et ?1., 7.141. t*. IL Nat.tmal Bank
M'- Sieg.1 uni Id . ?.DU. .mir agi Heer) iid are. Kaili-.ri Cn , I -13.
littiafat aft t..an..nile! . I..H?. IV uli.l.oei al. st? Jewell M al. ? I.??*.
?in? ifi Slliii.e; _U.. . .tiiiadl-un a(t Haiti 7,31?,
Haul? aft. ?h.t? . J..11., liai ?Irlmann a|t. Niaoailtr o' a! . i I?'.?, ?um
ai.il.aait l?ari. ol ?h , tJtt, Irani??!. Rm?0, l.J'1, I ru.! afl.i'rnl
I'," -',.. i. UM >?I. MoM.h.m . i gil. M'oeubrltl?. .??t. rJuriu-; I?U,
Ji.tu.uii til ?Ita,, o' al. i 1 ?.'i, Caniiltf el al "?t. Iiu.uuor* ?''? .' i
J't-I. I t.a-,1 a_i Th,. ft. In A Ir ..pell, r Va . ? M*. Itylol a?!
1)..|J,..II I.., .n Bl a_l ', niu ln.'lii I'ABT H.-II?"H ?.? ?"?
Juane., lajua.a.ia, tirntrt ?faaa .? lu ...1^1 a a?. No..^.r.t. Hall
af\ VsBsSaai <..'?. I",.i.ali ar aft Ina lain tk. ant Ni???. K li
I... . ?,l.*; Mur?an ??t, ituiuttie t, et.laO, lonl, .? lim . agi. The
Mi.l' ?a auj.s. I I!. R. I".. S lu. Ilii.osr? ??' W?|wi. 1 l"t.
lb?-I Hi n U .IN. i ?sil Ina ??anlr . ?dUlo M her. li. ? _, tOB.
liui-liatd Sfl. Smith, -III. Kil'i ?ft. HaUtriu rt al i
. s tie rt al ?|t Huiri. el ali t, IIB, Ha! na Iii .i.l. Ka
7 IS!, I'. I ?ia. rl a 'ft. Mia I el' 2 IS?. Same ??I. lit.?? . I IS.. -? n ?ii I.
a.,' .|,n?. .' l-l ina MWl'rvrt Hil I't'li.paliT agi. ?akef ; ?.lui. le-a?
rnfi. et i.L ?it ltt?ar..bui|, / 191 l?urk?e, ut ?1 Mt. O.ktTt; t\ma\Oa
muni at , a ?at! j /.-'.?. Si. .HI .at Mel iiSlaii.l. -. t?-. We?!, al al. ?si?
ll. ? .. Mit,"! e 1'i.a I'n kteta P?. lli'ltal. I e. a|l..
Cn.i Catii Haiti hr M'. Ju.tiro I'STIa, ti.nit opeiiaal lil oe ??va
a.o..-?:i?ll .' N... '.J li . ? , . I' . ,;, li,? Hau?, uf
. t ?I , ian. The .rupia k . a,t Kartar; JiT?. Nk lio-??|t
rrj -, ,| mpHssmrtfl Sao.e, t.t.-.l. ?i? . e a? I. II?? laid ,
1 ?I. St ir.-i?. al a*, arl (ilitsao, all . eiiairall. aft. Tiia
t an.d i I? Ae t. .? ii. II i , ?9, 11 . tawl I . I ? ? ? ". .?'. Rjeo;
ItTS. IVi.io? aft M.r.l?,?.!?1 : liol, (?T?*t a.*t la .1. r.i.nth. al al .
: . r.nrll a?. Tila Irte Aila J ian to ; ?KI. lit? f nat ?Nal I ni, ,|
B.li? Bg?. I'.II. ..a <! . ,*?'.? I, Hail Irr a.? Jaar., .1 a'., USB,
l?t?a?.ra?: t ir?l >?uia..a Rank al Han ti...a..?, i !.. iiiaiuiui'l.
K.plaok . I ?'i I).>n, ei al iel Kt tlurr, el 11. .' ..m. Hank ?I ihe
I uiair.aiiaraaliu. af. \\>lir. rt a!.. *, >. I?..wileu ard.
II ?pi.., I ?t al. ti HebluD. el al a?* Mirra.
T.'l BasatM s! al. (;t. TVhfaeayi I 1?. Iioomia aj?. Knul.i.
.?. KCIAL 1 (?a -Htld bjr Mr Ju.tia-r llwiru-1 omt BMS ?I IB
a s? Oaataalas B? rt. Mol?.t)i? Mt Kitei-lasers or
i.AW ABO ?i'.-I-Nu? 1.1. a.ill, ..?. Italic?.! loia|?>i< a?l. Keri .
?ni I ?tay a,u M?l.ui,atl lit. n. w i, ;,i mp. Bear Jatmt il.iii-.ti
I eu.pai.v . Iii). 1 arr?e?l. .?|. H a I. l-l Hewett a?l. U. Bel Cofi WA,
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KIMI, M. Kuaai l-llil .?' lill II? . a I rd i'e ol', ai .1 ?
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St, W lUin.uii ?il. li ill e*'u; t?. lu ia l/it'rd Mair, aobusm.?
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oui day.
.-". i'KBioa CcrnT.*-PART I.-IIelil I.)- Mr. Jusii?o
f.?_?ri? - O.uri BfBBS .' II u'r te li ? ni.-Mt* ill... I.a?et,a act. T'.r
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Quintal, et ?I ; ZS*~. Mclulr?? ant. Uarti?: XMI. I rucaall Clot?,
le, a?t l'aiMOtiarfar al a. ; I ?I, Avisa I aft lim I'aeiBa Hank;
1-t*. Il?ii to? a.t?i.-_?_ ..a-iifl, titi. Milln am. M.l-,_,k? tun.
HHnftft l'an?. BM. Iiriifi-ldet a!. ?.'. Ihe I'm n Ktnv ( '? J
lil -klvu. IHI < ?u.tii? a '. Mr Ni;..i ; li" hriulrr.at el afi
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Co. i Mil. H.aa't el al. as'. O? i _M3 i.n ? aki. J 'a...,
toe tie ?|- li.-i.il. I'ABT li -Heal hy Mi. Juane Joaia?.-I our,
0f>?.tsi li o'rl. ck a ni.~N" t. Tl*t. ila.? aft. I . . '!. I. t o. ; 7 JH.
C'?iaeaasl. Bu.npfi /Tt?. h. liiiuar al al. a?rl llorf!., NI?, Twi-tld..
art. li'iSu am 'tait, Crairri ?st. K1.u.lim ittO. I'.tt-ia?iu ajt. Tea?
tawii ir/b. t'..Dj?uili. al.L ag?. l.?tnA. ?74*. biuaa a.1 Ko?ik , JSW.
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0?fJBB? 1-ri.rj.ft K.l/, aiaailS; ItXth, Otmtti.ng rl al aft Ilia
?. s fniiliaf i'i.
Coc-T 0/ ( ott-O- Pi.EAfl.-laiAi. Tain.-Adjourned
far t.- e l-iBi Tua (Jetaral it an, iriii ba- lu saaa.uu Ihf ha ?ne? bl Ilia
M IKIJIlf'iK.KT - TllIAI lr.BM. -H'! Cl I . I.- ?ll-tt.' r.'
-l.'.rliilar . ?I . a- I'lOrl.c .. ,..-No. J l-l ( . ?",.!., I I H ,
lil, ?lol i il.ii ?;.. Matranlj H?. TajUf ?ii IV. _ M. Ct
Mu.l.r ift. ltl..e ? ?Si? i.iiij?! ?fi. Marna, (ail at' la.h. ,
,l Maaoi. i.l K imp as? llaf. 1, 1.1. K. I? a. I L...
11J, M^aT a,. I ?eil; Va, 17? Cilia .ft. ?ali? 11
. Mi T Ufan .,-. bintthjx 17? Klrleaaf li_ i ia,.
Uti ttu.it ajt. Kain . .(. I ???.I'I.D , ii: Jaar. .?I.
Loatku. lBi. ?s.liack aal Hwaslala) mt, twsBasat. Niruai?
Jti-li-iioud a?i. I'riui.'ti. Be?? ?r ?gi. ilan.ua
. ' \ LINT.
Shortly before tniiiui^bt on 8atunlay ni-? f, M
John Pi". HITlr who ! ? arrhe.1 In thia city from
lint I .*?-,. rsl ' i.
? ntr o ?.
.. -?tilt to drink 1th li i
tv ou? Lei? it J ai'L .. t-i.,
?.ruck I.lrr. a hiury l.low in tlui fsc?, f-lllnn-) n;i to lia floor
of th? a
?n4e nt li.'; m. ? : ? y li? ?I it..- i . i .
r ni. I It? on -li tri i.
.tmOmi. While Iv.i. Id di ?n
_e 01,1
uuiient m? .
I I-I m the viciiilty, h? .
, ,-:..l -w!. I
.i j .II, Bud
' i ral tn
?.II! lill'
- . ?.?!_.
led U? take bel
Se ve ml ol
n tul/'-?.u ana ? ni
| li. II III -.1 111 IBB at. lal . t
. Impossll.l&tn tie bullet, and eould
. '.-I' m t ?:? i I '
i.arihe i obis spartn .
,i . . . it i ?re la- has I? ?i. i
t two? . k? bating lately arrived fren i
i tiltil lis ?'li.t t.n hit way t<i C lii'iiiiiu. ile u af?
ar three surgeons ,11011c of whom bsve yet been able 0
?ii.? bull II* I u
tisis that bo waa Irst u. r?nit? 'J -j ?.1..1 tndt-?lwUlS
C? ting lu "1 if li feota It *- BS ?Lot I.i Lim.
11 ,ir was rosteroay taken befbrs Jostle? Hogaa ct ti*
um?)I?led t" air-it the 1? , , . I
t. Ile ?tut. s (hut he ui.tl Si
perfectly s<nVr atatl.? tiuiaol tie sflrev they baitief ei tired
the aaloou from motivtaof curlotltv and I ?
ll'Bielie ?SS _r?ll'.!l*C(l I) '?? '.I''? J' ?'a ? '? ?? M!. IT MlUllll
,11 ?lou- lune m. 1 ?1 furn ??uif. ie of Ids assailaats
wblah cut his uuderlip oottk Iii? slaleaeul.? torroUiratedly
'J be ante-mort?_i ?Uteinei 1 of tt e wonntled man n ill ?irnlinl Ir
he tukiQ to din ! v ont of the! loroaen and fr. m lbs ? .
if tit-it II ft t-l'-nr aictmi.t of the afluir will . n. I i.i ;?, b? ob?
tained, o- ?_______
Th? proprletrens of the mloon where the fin ... nrrrd la'
one of ti.
br the meat rockiest and abenduiitd cbarai .
in iii* tilines, roughs of ml dosciiptioiis, a
ona of thal ' lata trf Panalet alo ure ti : roadwi > m..|
ailjoiiilng ?treta ihm i.?/li'fall. Aluait t?o j
young mnu wn? shot demi In tbt mloon hy a imperado who
?nude his oas'iii?'. Winn an olfltir entered tse place,
? .?1.10 ..f tHinr ti?- pari -
? a L!? Tullin. I (.Inn 1 1*".4, ti member of I ?
1 No 14 (Volunteer Department H lered its? *
? rdrinki-g, B" ?"'I ? ftottft ot ti.? et ein.- used ! , his
? ?.miisnT bungil K iii?'n the wall of ILe saloon lie o.."
Ibis in ii Ti-i-y d- ? nl'-l manner, and attcaipl d
when b? wus ?tim k.-.t li Mu.e. Il'-ll mai on stteiBpt_l| to
r i.'ci hlnir ri m rere M eiiiil fron,
ii.-. ?Tu t of ivMt n Le was cealntd for t long lim . ii,?_l e New
?Voik llmplte! Mu? Ball waa arreated al the tint bat vin
i'li>a?"d nu hnil aad lu ?."io" linn.ii? r tattled Iii?- i.r...i a- -I.
?ma nev? Kearb Co 11 RBMUS ?
t. tofetEcr w)tb ber reputed bntb-nd, -\ li
011 tho 'ii ..y ol Im .ni/ r il.is .! u gentil man . f !,.. t ii '.
and inoiii-i it hila I.eli ..??IT lill?.M iil'sl m lu r place. She ann
iirrniirnt-'at th- 1 ' Market Poli?-e ? .. 1 and bald to
iii.ati tr . ... -Har im?
im tomo i'iiiiae dropp ii
It ia mort ti.ni i"-' ' HI i"1"
I .1 Ol la
i bat tbea ia Utt
Lent?!*-- foi..... m, ..
ns? len i^ g
ti s is. neil lieg.
M ti,
i Kfitfi mjjem ti;
1 im
li .sa. :. ..(itnip "'
I K11..-.Ill??
ll.i/J-L.. ... HI
Il H?!--}Op ??-i ?'?
i '..?it. li?!
.'??ism.... ... 11*1
I? h '.?. UMOling
1 imi .ion
li ?.'s?, IO-IO Coop
I .s?. M
lh. HKmir .M a f hit
I 000 .. .. i ?I
..itts.it w Afihioi
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fit'a Y V". ('h'.
.?.(>>> ?,
Obi -<t?_i Al.?? i
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'? Loath sr Rk
CtiinUihull I'll 1
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Went I'm in I I
yo .M
UM . , . M
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Treas Not.??" 1 .
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S . ii'??
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1 ' l
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M..., hin '?ol
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.buis. MM
100 . . !.: ? i..'..
fier St. Pi .
I IX? 1 ...
( kia ?v*N v,
Iti?M.l!,u( ityMV lal
t loo .
.?I -'?I .
Weet ti 'I ?I. Kit . M
40 . /
?M .
Uarlpeee I'ref
91? It hli* N W i'i 4
j lill.T>\
Mill . 'rl4l Adams Ki press Co.
New VorkO?. 1K7I lou . *l
IC.llM .l"??| Spring Mount is I
Tenu Stute Os, ne
9.1A30 . 73
It C Mite G*.
?ni??! ci-coup ti
kliawKiri os.
IO.UOO . 81)
( 'iilifoi nia 7s
a I ..?I
( oiinei tient (?1
(I st kliss Cod,
100 r?>
N Y CeiiHs, 7? (on
:i(??l . ino?
K.YC-enCa, IKKi
Cm . ... ?
M ich So a fin m il?
IM .if*
(lue Ir M. W.B.?. b
4.000. If>|
( lu A N Weat I
test . ?
1 ol d Walstsh Al
3, us..em
Spruoe 11*11
A-.liten '
Omit rall ?I
lix? . ?
Union Nnripils m.
MO. Il H
w York '
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Hil .
Ila I- -n Ils ?er
3t ?J.
il M
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( his * I > I. I?
em i*?
I ?i .... IN
1.1 1071
tes.... Hu uni
144 Chii IMir _ l'ilnor
i ?i . m
tai, w? i B -?iTI?
a ?I
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I". Kt YT A 0
a"?? .....
(tlj Altolfl-Ton .
. M
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li s l!
Chin.?* Allon
loo .
tri -tla.il' l; ll'rf
I I'?-?' M
l'a'7 ',Milwat_li'B_t..i? T'
IStUj -OU . "*?." ''I
I-?'.? 7 . t?
kid A ?M l'aui fraC
lill 1,*W.75
oniN BOAiiD'ot- nr.r?s*iis3_-io A. H.
(?hi?, it ills, fir i
Ki,?!?. ^'?
X\0m.?j Cue
' T..(?kl
Rolland Marble
4(?i .M
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loo .Sl'i
KM ?_10
sin ni? inn
lui. WlS _ Wl
MM ....
Sat? ..
'.?'} "00.
i too
-.vij Rear-leg
B01 .vi?
m i wM
0 .11
lil Kl|
?'. RH
i lu-, It h .< l'a
nu . io?*
UM bl I i t
( hie* Horth w ?i
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bl 51]
Wi.il l?iil ni 'l-l
K>! ... IM
\ \ I CllllHl
IM. i-i
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UM ... ?. as
em ti:, ii? ( MO A.YW i*rf
Mi ?i tia* ia * 7.|J
Mu !, bod No In 1_ It W ft I t lil
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bl te\ Mil . ?.t Ki sfref
lllu,i,is ( s ?ililli s 100 70
ni i .'? i is ' II H ?
(le? " PINS I 'JW. HU
.??? .
I! r.iid Murillo
lin ?0j
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?HIN HO A KO OB BttoKll.rs - I I'. II
r.M .
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Bps eue H n
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Quo Lsslrer
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1,100 .
Mich lol Kal
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St Bli 4(M i
i ft TB
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tu 11; I - , Weet
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M ?si pesta.
'.'?i .
KM . ?.1
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W - i Cn ion Tel
Ne?-York t'entrai
If? l-'l
?K?. I?',
4 ?I
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ws? .
I :?'? Im- i:
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s k l'a
'iii e ti
v Horth
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lill lil 7a?
P I i W i .
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in I >,i m loej
?! nr.J Mil?? sk^.. I m P P
? |sr?, 100
I.?i ?us fintea Nsvigatiea
b'. ii??
inset Undi
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iseaaa s?i< r
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"). * fus? li
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.Mi I I! I
?.'j a Ball (V
0> L , ( - s
.?I 'i O' Ve I.I.. .
.1 Hold I I"?
. mi tal Ma t .- < . ?
( 'huioii i ?...... i ?
a I . 4 41
? o?i .
I ls?l .
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I .1, ( ni
I l|?l
I I, (, 'I-.' . S,aid | .*?!
- H. I
1 K11 .
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K, r*i,
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14 (?i Ilf.lt.r
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l,n 14 .. fi-..|.le? l> a it
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(illl.!,. U ?
MB .... ?.yi I )'.
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I ?i ;;. : '. ?irj.
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.riirvii-r. ' . . ?. a bloat
DB. The Tcn-1 I M ,
i.v.-i rest tea al IM m n... .;,* m ?v itra?Ti
' ' ?
al ah? i? ' : Ion? r. W?*aaan
i i . ' . | M
Ti? orreO .?'.', ' oin Coal wai
I Railway ]
iL m i
I i'..'. I'.lrk B
? ling at ?ij. 'Ibis t'?.ik baa baas nata*-! la al 1er
' '.:.', I.I ii ,.t ! ? ; . . ; t] e .
isiver, trill i. - . 11 i j ... . ? by li s naII
! '!. k
: eta. II .I :.'l I'i"
? .t W,.T; ?? i . n ..?;,:..
I 10 V?t), ' '?' lOfl Ul H' I? K. n I .
ut 107 j . r ? i tl.i'i ?'
cn i.-nl}' :< r htiV. ?'.(?i.e.-, (?..1 m . .. i, ,... u. n eni-s t
i I I fir I ml laka isil the Itocks tliaisil, I.'al 'l.i .
' I es it. ?I al -,
?i i f Elia M1 J h wes i ??..?, i ?.?i i
Bg <i mili1.ors tun- .N't? . t ? k Cu.'.11 1 I, '
18I|? . .li li.t?:, lv lu I'' j
iiur, 110,_ li-'''; ii?. l.S^ u i n,:n. ''''i'?i 111'?-:*?
i", i ita I, i.'., i : ratal M si ntta-vrg-, H| ''?
I.'.ak [atad, i'-'wi.r!(???? x.i'i. Weet* ?? ? , '.
Nortl.-Wi- teni P. eii.-ii-O, ...... ."_?; ) ?,rt V, i... t e, I" J
? lov'.
Mon? y laaaaaaa, nt.?i ;.iti < noa-Mtitl
.'. ;?. r ? ni, the Htii"iir.?i F-M-aMl !.. ?i ofl ;?-ilurc k i_>'ly
- i.Iisl.
I'liriif-'n l'i'litii;-,?'irftcirty. Ililli st M . 1 ? | I:
doii aro ijuolid al l?7|-'10f, fcrltouiincr. .i.l, Jlt|*ll8|
fur lunik? ri?r (if-, ut sli'r?. sight, IO1?, ?lo-ij; l'an? I
? .'.. <i??.,j t ?'.? .-t iig] i, .,.."?, ;..:\ I -
tt.-ri-, .'...'.'?t .. I| Sm-s. ii.r-ii.Ji, lliiinl.i.rK, :V,\a'?'\.
ftakitatiTain. io?_ r\\. Piai.if.ntio, J-IIJ; BMMi
/.SI; l'i ' ? ?'?, . I. a',i.
K.? iiil.tr- an^ du 1. 1 ? . in;-, ?0 LlTl t]
It',Ol?? I l?l.l I" lt!ti>V4lt lil.
'1 ho tasted?. <f UM S-ils.'l r^ii't.ry ?ail Un
I ? U 90 0 I ' ti Us?. fi'-VlUC; 1', ti,.i-l.t?, t ?>??,
? , . 'I-- 1I--C iii.N,,'.?, t-i'.'
Of apaali I -.?..t* Boah : Sita,
n. I i? |? f :i 100, ' ' ? *., ?-i', . i. : ia?, al
none, i ? lag n Ita! "tj i? .-.oo.
Tl.?. loUl ?' ?; ? .?!?. "l iNiiv-Vsrk for t!.o week corni arc
a? Mawsi
Cst II O. i N ii. ? I
? ..
Week ?
Jin ?;.
J . . I9.MI Ml I i I 1,107.003 ?ti
i., -. fork ia , -i ? ! .
i ?'. 186-1. t?.!',",
. . ,, . .
i ... . . . :-J. in
I . IS?4. I d',
? ,,"' |u.,0.i .i t
"k?l., W.VKi.Vf) TU?;?",'^
tsil '.
From one to one and a half aaiUioas Compoaad I_*gil
^Tender? have been oxobnDgod hy the Metropolitan and
other Banks with tho i?ovi'rnment fur now 5-20M, July sud
Jatuiry iiittirtnt. Ihn Metropolitan Hank Ins piar?,
?ue million in 5-Ws thus -_cb.?nped in thoHanking De?
partment, Wa-li lupton, for additional cirriula'ion. Mining
?L.tres ifin'intio very active with tho o*iit<-nii-tit strong
in Cot-solidit?*.) (1?I*I*OIT-, Corydon and Itullion Ooaa >
liilaiid. I.? Cioiso (?nlil is tolivs aid.strong, anil
there are large order.? to bujrTroni Host, m anti l*ro.ideuie.
Tho stock mark t, tindor tho vigoroua leadership of the
rVrrotary of tin* Trcvusury (^continuos to advance, and Oki
spivnla?vo fci-liiig is as rampant as wbca tho Tr<*_?.iry
einitttd paja-r ci.rri'tii'y at,t'io rato of .^.Ofri^OOO'p.r day.j
Ihn g"ld r"oni mill tho session* of tho Htoclc __Ukaa?al
were crowilad with throngs of s'?xi_lators, and the omto
Dicut fully equals that of at-MIEf. -Tho scare of the
early part of the week is forgotten, and tinder ron-*wad
ea*t< in I?I'?IK.*T ,I.J ?rttt-T i aro roady to Uko au y thing off.rQ.1
Bt almost _By price. As this unhealthy atato of a_airs?is
wholly ciitsi d hy the adniliiii.lr.itma of tho Treasury in
tho Maali of speculators for an ?.Iran, o, to tho dauisgo
of honest industry, no chai.go can bo looked for until Mr.
.Mi illaah ?Hera his -MM and carrio? into Lia"
i.fl.rial Bot?. Ihn sound principle? KfBMMl in lils Port
Wayne sp,M oh nu 1 kia last annual r"t>ort. Hy his proaont
policy ho ?toi .ii?y ?tlris to tha speculative ra ?nia.'an 1 pre?
ven?? the ?uiiploi nient of t-iipital in lorn? enterprises, such
as the building'jf fee. ?rioi, tho construction of ratlwnvs,
r 'j'
tim HinkiuK of nus"?, or,.any poruianont uso of capital in
reaifatiite. It is ? fact worthy of notice that thorn are'ao
rail ? na of .my cons I |uoni.i, oxcipt tlioao liaring a (?or
oruin?*iit sul.sidy, and uo new factor?*?, thoagh exi-tiug
nulli an piying on iruio'in .lividan-U. Th> wh4o system
of l.usitii?_as in tit.? hifhf.it dotrrr-ii unsatisfactory to pi ..
dont jv-.pl .?, ami cr.sio.H ilsini for tho futur'?. If Congres?
at tha nott sossioa, irhi-h r?i u m MO working day.? fr im
tins tune, di-s not Uki (li ?ro'igl. _MBMfM to IBBS-H tb??
curren, v of tho c ?untry. tia ? ioir on.ling March, 1H??J*, will
witness a H'Kit-ulativo inani-i which will ond lu (I br- tk II;.
winch will eist all former ?x*iori-Ut.o into the -hade.
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Financial Agmicy of tho -.?public of Moneo, No. b~
Mr. Firuk W. H.i!! tri !i.? lie-on ??1 -<*??il Stvrolary of tho
Sot utily lua'iriiit i Coinpsayof tin? city? Thi? selnction
1?. i Iii in .trillion of Mr. Hallar I a mtoliignuco m1 upo
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bridge, which is ?BW belog ? lad Bl I. "i -ville, an t J ni
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Th. Loliigh ('iiual'Company i now railroad, .eitonding
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lo l'.isU.n, a dlitstic- of 48 inllit, li atatcd to he pragr?*?
it g rapidly. Stool rails arc to In? II ?ml. The rood wi!
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? ith lim Nea--.1ertey Contra! Hend for Now-?oik, an.l .it
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"| in t't. sue ? of lu? i-i i?: of h nilling tha
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A!. ? IULT.
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and I. ? ? ? ? n J'.i ij llathnad
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For ? Laad tri, itit-jre-it f,um J.i'j'
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nlaite iiiose of th.-atnie date (.?st '.'?'i' Ta lay Um market is
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?>f NU?I bush at |l 21 ?7-11? for good Wo??'?rii
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Indian Corn has Ixten in ??-?ire d'maud st much -.irlinr, though
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li oi-e|l (Ki for M ned Weslarn^n ?t?sre cloning al li ir".. $1 <>i
?ti oiin.li d7 fur ?li. tallos!, oiostng at $1 07; li ?77??
li O'? for Western Yellow, cloning at bl ?KI ; and
ti >.-?! || test White West?*--, th? litl??r for OIIOUKI in store.
KXlMU'lrt ?H.M BfcPT. I. I*j0, IT. KATH.
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Wheat. ?II? isa i Foreifu P.rt?. T?'sl?
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? , (w' If,baa-, 1,7%~?\J_8 tttes ii-n?ci
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I . fal 17./ !-..-, Porto Cabello, ;.'. - ; \ .
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?i and ' . ri'ini Vin.-ri. s. I.I?./|IM-. Ma rana iba li?/
?Bogota l.'./.-lilc Kio Illicit'-, dr.. ?mt du tall I. : \S
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Jilt.-. Cilyi?-lughter, ll?l* t'p?e-- Leatherfltock-Buenos
i-?t Kio Grands Kip -."... ?a-, Hierra I..-un.- I
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[adla Stock-CalcnttB, City HlaBghter, fit37c Caloulta 1? id
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T?ir v?|. ff n j ??I to KJO.l?? belci but ti.. M ?M Bf
the barreal ?horn i -as than am expeeftst ai".I ?ear
preaeal ..nmit- t? iron 18,801 ?u fMn?s 1?.TIM ??."'I
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Iga ?|uality of our crop this pear U mpciior t?
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I.\1 M- t ? ten are Arm and la fair dcnurd at ti 3 mo?
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We .| ni l'as fidlows : OH'S ->l?. ghtcr B'ld rial tod, (?mid Vi.lit
tl"?. li's-hl Middle, .V i |?. ? Uood lie ivy*. 4!*?*.; I_g.it
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. spp ?I g'<o?l l'<J>..c. Ilelllha-k -llll.'ll'i? All s A
'. ??.I t.i?i'' :*.'? ..> .Cljc , Good M.d.lle, 341 .-t,.- .?(j.xsl Hearv,
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. in Orinoro, ie_ Gead I.ig-t, Skye
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lash' .. ? -, Mi 'lile _i.d lli.svT . -i?i I a. - uH i nu.
I 1MB- Bot klaad re? sins inn ttilli a g.?od loquiiy at |i 70
f??r Comuiuii Mid k1 lu fur Leap
MK III- C1 ...nrket f??r Atneri.-an dipper (lugoti bat
bienfait '. ?vltiiisut < bru.m ol iicpurtiiiii ?j In prices ,
.?;.-! ii ????Hie for Ballimore .1 I i?- ?few Hue? thing al
4 I- and V . ?!.uv M? lal st MB Pig Ir.ss I? us ?in iii -.'ijiply ?mil
wuh a ?.???d ?!ein?u.l ?'lien-i 1IHIU|?II upusni I? n?>_, i. Wo
?I . S'i 1 Arne: ;. u, r.t |l'.'?'?' ?:,1 '-.,. ,.?,.',? ||
Mul \s?i:?i Then isa rlty te this mar?
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N A \ Al. Vi ?i lil-.. -II (food
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M?*s . k1 g "i ?ol
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I In fair
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for lair to I'm a.
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1'Hi l.'.vn n nu in? .'.'l l. t prices are without ebaaae nts.
ti ?| is th ia Bflod.
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gold i. K. iton sod hem
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mended by holders, which, It is oteiflM- M ill leave au margin
! ima deaerlMions are In mod
? M. while of ii.
BJ ii ai d priosa eaater. v.'e ! ?.i?. -
. oa, nilli ! I bill? * Kio H rl.i' Ill lull ?'I I?fB.
,n,..-. nunn prices. The stoek hi moder
?ts- mai for the niest ;.-irt li. 1st sbovs tie ricas of bt ys *
, IB M- I ?ml CHU peachy,
n,, private tarn ?. Dei>r- !!. ?;.-?? I
; . . M-al, o:,.-!?'? , v.
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. 11 pilli- ,. .
.??riT.lKU is Urm; idlel ol' hilciiau mt (.:?' k"-V aud
i I? currrnoj . .
Ht'UAKrl- rise I is ness In It su Sugars ha? not Isei-n Iteary,
bm boidMB manifest no weakness and ?nil Insist UIH.II IO?) ?Ile.
for fair to good Us iiiiiu? . sales of tJOlibds Cuba at llanile
0 boxes I!... . . . :??-'? mc dull .ti. I
CALLO ; ii'-'J d ill mid Liny. .-.'..? 30,000
w Hi tide is neglected and prie
foi li,,a. l-'oreigu \\ ii"'s are in
a, i r? \l . niMM V ! ? a( lu? .'?.V for
N dira ii 1 M I I ' I WtXkto. ?
.1- licet C4 i -14
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I ,.i , ,,, r-i , loi ? ian ? Inna hod Until
i , 1 m ,1 , sal'.- i I ?i. .V ? -1""19 f_lMiL'a ita lol
?..in -to-a'S Ajfttrltan T' r, .77.- In-oom J1"* .?".?h-M. np
re for Uawashr-I Me*.*, "uri Mnrluo :r_ ? '^ 'or J?*----?.
Batt. Itioa. ?Ti. li. . foi Citwaab? ! Croilc iOa iV '"r **.-*._
C-r-loiai (*_lhiin, at -'J ./;ie> for l'a?.-.ho- Ka'""*'* .**
Mi;rtPA, ('-?pe.-of C-vxl Hop?, .i,-.-,- r"r rnwi-tV . . *"*??
Ililli, k'-? for W 1,hod , und Ain an at ?.a-le ** Pa
wnthe'l ead ?'-'De. foi Washed.
.lilakT. CO sacks Ceea
o' bush W_e?t -?'O,*, kmoh (a_V
?>?iii?. I,.*,, rials, if,.? tn_i_. Ilya, ha,!Hl bus. H_r_7 4.
pata Laid, 2,L"j _-_ Pitt ulna.
S(?t?men?for iho ne-k enditiirOt?t. 90- 01 car? cattis. 4. oera
hogts, _> cars eheep, o M1 . cut boraes. Total. -IH otra
" "?' ' ' ??
NOTICi:.- rho annual meeting of tin- ?tockbaMan
wi!. I.? Iiel.l ?I No. Ill Hio.l?r_y ?* lil 1,1 HMl/t Y, lbs ?Ha la* at
October inetai-t. al 4 o i-loek p. _." far tkr el?-e?i..n of Tin*???mm
the twoaaatfaa ef atkat b-ei_<.t_-New Yoik, Oct I? Ita?. Bru.
*?'__ n. Of, Rla-KCKKBaJ-rw???"
Omer or -a-?-? raia on. Cea.-?ir. No. 1:0 H_o_e?4up*
' . ._ ..?*?? Ko. ?, N?w., oat. OCT. 17. ian. |
??. ,!raV?Pl-H!* .f.?M? COMPANST fo. t.? KLKCTIOII d
i?_. lfTSl _'"'"- *?'.'.?*''t-?* ??--. of Ih. fon.paoy.on -ATP?
DAT, tha 3,4 Horeuiber w?t, froaa 1 I? 3 p. m
__>_P_WOB f .B -"aVraieUiy,
IB 1, (a-fK., 000
CH'ARANTpl.l* 8?
-rale? propota'? will bo teca ired'al tha <)?co or ?ha fVntr?! Karn,
?-,?_.. on.panr of ?ric-Jrrirr outil . Hi f?A \ O.-oh?, la. at nt?an\
for ?he whole or any ?. irt it Oae MI??OB Uollara ?f Bond, ollka
An.rri. m Dock an.l lionrovcaieat ( oup.uy.
Tie Hood. .1 a 'or ..'.OOUee?li. dii?4ul. I, ISM, ialare?! Taaraak
p.rab? January 1. and July I. In tua til y of .Sa.? i otk. "
The Hou_i bara OOUIMII.? alii.-h-O, and e?n li? l.el.l rBhar .. real?
Ur-Sd booda or brire? booda, ?a Ibe bolder _i?<-, from tuna ta t2
?h-i-t. ^^
Tjiet? honda are laau?-d f>r land p ar-l ta?t ted lr_|>rovaM_??als la
Comaitinlpatr Pty'uader tb? authority of tha Slat? oi Sew loraat.
.a Hie aiienair? wa-?r .lout of the Company, and ia cotiarolioa-arit
' ha iiiiprorami ni. of tba Croirai lit I'rot. Company al Saw le,my.
Tha ptinetutl payo'ant of the piun-lpa! aal imrrrat oilba Basas Is
1'iaranired by ita I entrai Kailr?Md Company of New Jetty.
Prop nala aboiil.1 be te. rai and Injortrd " Propoaal, for Boala,"
and dueled le 8AM. PL KNOX. Iminin, No. 103 LI-srtV-L
Nsw Vork. ^^
Auy further lofonnatioo dstired rsa b? obtained oa appH-alisa al
Hie aims plas??, whare a copy of the Hood cn b? M a.
. ayuiauta lo be made M paMnrnl on tha aiiotoiaul of tba Bania, oy
|?l Ciut 00 tha (r?!h of .? iTriiib?!. and 13 prr cn.I un Iba 1Mb of D*>
. -m'.. r.Srir ile ?wh ?I? catt ha paid ?I ouoe. Tilt iater?at wttbe
adjJItrd OB tha fin' CO .pall.
Tha i an. unit?? rateiT?, lb? rl(kt to reject any of (ha biala aal asAme
it ' i-y ti tha Compai.y. .
Juli.*. ?'. (iRKKIK, ', rinaaoa
M?)S-.S 1 AVI.UU. I Ca-taHMMa
Orr lea orT?a AMKKICIT KKISATUK I IRK liavesaoa Co., I*
N.. ill iiroi.lw.y. .Srw.y.nk. (I.t I., l.*6. f
AN' ELECTIOfi for DIRECTOR? o? this Couipaaf
lor Ria eorauf) yeir eil. be bald at tba ?thus of tba I'otopaaj sa
MOI PAT, ?h? Mb da? arf Noreinber bex?
Tbs poll? will bs open from 12 o clack, ni-, to I o'clock, n. at.
_~ I. I! IY NUR, fta?y.
Ornea o? THa ?TK__I*IO ian* Ix.raasa-K i oar?av,?
No. I5J KBOAIHTAT. Saw ios? <<?t 2?, ln-?. M
AN ELECTION' will beheld at tun 0_ieo of U_?
Company, No. I? ilioidway, in ll.r City of Na? York, ?a
MOSIIAY, Ibe !?h d.r of N.TeiTibrr. A. 1? I?'. br'r. era the baa,
of II o'clock in. art? I p. ni . for tl.r parpa?, ofrlr-tiaa ter. a DIRXCa
'TORt> of tha third ela... ia ?ha plac? of ?be Directora who., ten? J
teiTira eiplre??oo that dar; olao, for tlirea INS.Ki TriRS lo bad
thr oei! animal alec'ioa III coiAinoitv with tbe lei'iireuieiita of lha
?barter of tab! Co_i;ien'y. a A. !.. KX'I.AKO, rVaratarji,
NBW-Voa?, Oct. ?. ISM t
^CREDULE* of (SO) Thirty or more (.0-20) COO
k. POfh fatliss ?lue of (ho lal of November proiiino wi.l BOW be
n-eiTrd for i lUiiina'ion at lb* Ii.urta! H?i. f -... i I 'Ita taltal
?Ule. Trea. i ry. H <I I \ A N H ? C K,
_A?ala??nt Tieaaarri Called-lalva.
I.S?KBTKIINK-.S. -Ily an ?rdinai.c? p.?a?J by the Ba.nl m
Mayat and A! "armerj, 8?pt. SS, IMS, It wat ur.lal ?4 tb?t lb? patt lae
Bsaedi sol Coupoaa Indeblediieas of the City of _f?_iphia barara ira*
for lara owiaf tha City, ara refundable lu 10-year .boni? af llJMB
e?cb. drawias 10 percent lalereat ?id payabla in ?lia City at Haatmott
temi ?noaaOy. lor Hie f'llowHf Boodt ?ad Coupon., i.t iel ?al ta?
tiara?! by lb? City of Mamphit:
Uni phil, Tean.. City Bond.and Coapost pa^ die
Mrmpliia, T??n.. and I.ntl. Rock Railroad Coupon, patt lae.
Mriiip'.n. Taun., ( h.r r?'.,? I. ulraa.i Cosiponiyat due.
Ifampbit, Toon., Ohio Railroad Coupoot pt? Ano.
Ma-tpbia, Tena., Mit.ia.lppi anti leon. Ralria.1 Couptut Baa I
liiiiirta. for futlber parti?.a!?rt by \_?ll or otherwise, will i
pin ! ?latfulian. Addie? P. T. HCOfUB,
City Coot'olln. Mrmpliia, Ttna.
1. PKTaOL-l'M COMPANY wiU bold Hielt ann aal tneetiac-l
tbrolnoaof lb? Comotny. No. lOPlDe?. onTiriiRSPAYOotlL
till ooJ|. ka. m._J. P. UOU ARTU Satfr.^
RI'.MIITANCI.S t?. (;roat Hritaiu Riid Irclaad.
KraiU for at and upward, uarabl? oo damaud latnad al As
lo??a?t rata?, by TAPMCoTl' ?ROI. li ( ?.,
_^Noa.a8 Som!: at. tod S3 Broadway.
New-Totk. Anrti.t 1. lm%.
Atamaotia.ofiUaUoABn or tliBKCToaa, JOHTOA J..HEBBB
waa uaa-iaaoutlj rt-cted Pill.-II?_.4T of tbit Compaay. .
KRANC!.?" J. OnliKfi, Tr???arB_
-AKVei D. BABCOC? of Bsb'-oek. Bruthen It Co?
A. ?. LOW. of A. A. I.O-.T k I'.fOth.ia.
!.. 1 os Hnr/MAJI. ol _. Von Hollinan k Co.
JottiHts IUOHSB. of i'liorae. Waltou li la.
JOB?. It outs, at No. ino . ifth twr.
Jota A J. I(sy?r ,:, .V... M Braid t*.
Janas H. iOBiOTO.T. of J Boom an j ?hatton k Co
I'ATID !)..?!. af II.S-1J Dim, ? Cda
I A *H?.-ae<K?, I'-aaid. ol Co?'inenttl National Baak
M Hrri.aa ITII IT. f llim-in. Sbarouu h lo.
i.Boaaa I). Caso?. ...'s ra? a i. i_a
.ISMM I'. IVALLIC? o W ai act * Wli-ka?
flaKBAM .Uarcar, of .Marni?? li Balitar.
I'I. n Alar?-.A-M?a? I'- -a a'tar Orral M'ei'fi Marina Isa. OSh.
Wail.r? Barra, al M. latea, jr. h Co.
C. . HABBMASS, of C r. Dtmbmann ? To.
JlJUHVA J Hr.SKY rra-ideol.
JIM?.. P. IVlbU'K. lire I'r.iliaaS.
FRANC!? J OiiDKN T.e_uier.
CAPITAL, ?i.i-OO.i-bO.
t i?l( ADVANi'K- mad?? an M?IW;BA?BI?B II Sroat ira n
T?A.?!ii. os'Hrocat. BONO?, aai otuei aactairtaai alw, ?B
-Hipaa.xTt TO FEKOPS.
Tin? ? oiupaar it pieparod ti laka lbs ruana-riiiaat of R??I and Pae
tonal Mttate, add to aasiiUst? Lout for -Utet ?ad I orporatlaaa.
A a-., 'o Cv l^si Iii'areat, i'an|.o_a. lie.
SI?-ri -??irislou ?lapoiii. for mbicb c?-ttll. ?let will ba Inatl
btaii-H mt ora??.____________________
New io?-. Oct. i. itaa
doe ?Lia J?;? wi.l ba paid io (old oa p. ?eolation at oar .ffi*
J(?HN IV. t URL ES k Ca_
.1 . n,. i.Allr: M.Ukili iii.I..) JIMMU t IMPABT of Naja
saaf.a tai I b? ' r.u .'t r aoCKca^of tba Company, ?lo. J.I ( o-ntlaal*.
- ITCBOAY, i?- ?- -'.. im?, al 1 ? c.a-.-A i> iou for tha P?rM-B
ol k.riui hal ira tu" inr?<_l' a foil ? ?teinru? . ' th? OomptiiT t attkm
ra h ot??r b-it.ucM ss aaay c??oe bafo-e the m?_-t.n -J??rw
. "i iHfig.^ i 'Mo. O. P.I' Hti'R. -?ci.ttry^
M. US baOADJJAT. Out 8,1 '?.I
VT a mfctine of the D?rr-atora t.i this Coiapartf,
;.i.1 tilla .Uy, I-HANK W. BALLARD ???_. wa. uu_nii_.>aBV
?Wst?d _?oi?wry, rice !U( I?AR0 I. imim r?.W. rr",aa_
A : ,. . - T?i.^
' Cs I, a. ?abU I? tilt . ' U-a ?t kl'RilPl* ?o?
? I?!', i.a-.td by DAtiSfcV ilUHO.lN U Ca.. No. ?J _xr*
Donking DCMCQ ano j?ankers.
.0 .IS IVA1.L M
ULE NOVtMBttt 1.
A. ii.? _-kasaBB?aal of esas *-? l*_'---1,?D*)'. '"**S*?l0?' .?__?f
pro?, oi.i.t I.?? ? tend.-... y :o toda.a IH.- l'R_M I Si ON COU?,
lioldei? Of latrld lioud? ?ib Jo trail to lea.l.e llieu inuneal tS
N. K.-R?girfeted inteie.t nej?tlat?d.
UM KI) I.N lWt-S.
WAMF.l? |AT 1 IIK IliOUK-T MARKKf mtktmtm,
i fa I ilia y.rioait I-f ot, contlaiitly oa band, teady foi i_.u.?di??? ls*
Urary lu antut to tint.
Not,-i of the IraJla. tuan. ? lu tba- l'rj . . ' ? ."jj *5?
bina, Vanl.e N. .11-1 ?al I ??i, ml l'i*W
trajet, boiigbl ?nd ?oil al in.ikrt rita?. __.--.
D. G. & R. H. FISt
U1-AL-R3 l.N Pram RlfaM dKLL HI11SA
BL'Y AND SEI.-. Al' M-J.K.-.T BATftS.
t^tlTEU STATE! Ct OK 1*11.
UN11E0 6TATEI? COMPOl'NO l/ITHlll -T MtM mi

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