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A,(?ieLANT? f?ept 1 1S?A
T_e ioece??.ful opening of ile Tr __?_*, New Zealand ssnl
Aaatralssi. Steam Postal Serrw? u,a note? urti, j event ia the
Llatoryof ttenm asilgtttion. It <__BVO1\<?1 tb*?l??i.ht list for
?Maa this enterprise would tata rwen unilertakcn anil ena?
atna- at leaM SCT? jar j. aga, nan? !y, Ute iwesibilitj *' *?
.asas ?teaaier ranniag a distase? of ?\**0 ?il<* linster stcam
net-out as iatri'UKiirte oo-litig static-. That dout* Is uow
is_MvtHl. The perlV rma_oc?of the Kakala and Kal-aura Lata
?aatthe asatti-r alf *t forer??, and opened up a new and e.M
tacreasiaf jWil Bet e_t*n>tisB au?l csplt-i.
M Is .BipoHaibV to oi?weat?mate the importa-OB .!* ti.:? near
*a_ta to ?os__psfti??.-isl me,v \ t BfiBBBt tbe mit u_t*e? tVi h utne
Aram -IrciA .?ia.niuu*Mtl<>- wah tbe American Continent
Mart- andInintli ?lo ???t appear tit all ion.tra nsurate with the
l_H_sii.it!?will tulisn'.? paid tu H? Otm? nui I ut m H short tune
I doubt? ?at these dnswbacks a 111 be loyt sight al inlie_?_-e
?abataattal results t.at tua?t follow. -W-loi-e gcug into pal
tunis-? ali? geir-ml "i-??-r\ ?iHiii? on this nnuiii j way t?e of
anais tn'trntiil New /? aluinl is geut tally supposed to Laie
baan dtaooi cred hy ihr llsitch -aligator Ta.iunu. ia \iAi X1?
did out land. haw*r?. Th* natiti-s reaistcd ht? ??uni s urn
?alni he l???t lou mm ia Hie fiui-?-?? ei.tr! ?: .<. 11.'' ci-esUt al
Uiis dlsitneit i? honi'M r. disi?u!>. :_rtis.
'loii.pt t mik til? rreat modern i.iiiig.ttt.r M.d exp?o:?'? the
rredit belongs of innkr.g 'Au- fire! IBTTei Bl Ks
win. L iii it? geueral fiaturc*. eo Esr ns the cou?t is ,-?
I? quite mr nat?. Int.! '.hen, .Nris ZcnlmHl aas Un. ?'.i '
turo? a pun ot lu? giant lerra Atu?raCts teuo?iista. Ile tirai
Slotted this ?nui 'n na M?e ? th (K I . ?i lui? ?le lour
aaaanasut visits to U. li . Iden al the entninsc
to (J leen Charlotte'! Sound a hieb nus ins tat ont?1 am
au. j ?till 1* Kin. The MUH h s forge, ercrl.d bjhini, ?us, 1
?.ache.? like? !??. there a In* je?? nt.;, ii it i? not thi ir nt
jreeent and tin rieft! deep irnti-r> ol th? lout!? ???und iu
?Whirls Cook ?iut?i?i-_, uiul ?"herc insist sif bis obsrr'iiti..
asade B1W BOW daily tinier?. I l'V a-cet of it?
and emull that sarpasi anything lu naval ait
drvHiii? ?1 oi in t ??ok s age ??i ?? aUiim.?Lij?.
l-l.i- .a.-r ni ti) ?UT ?ilffrrs little, if St B U
trous Ua_t ?f Taewun ud I ? _lj II .. Bfl < Hh-i nt M
4a> ?s trow night. I Lu atltl.io|K.]iLiit,-l, Ball Du n " whose l?< mit
tk' (?ruw i den haie IH-H-U* kadli
as aasabers and agr?t!.t~h cuangt-d in manners, that even
-s-ni-elism aia> l?e pnMiu-tire at gaod r? ?.iii? i? manifest
bourn: trim tin 1?.. i .. t I ?t for the man rating r-.aluls of ihr
Hew/ .itls.iraarU_ei.nl.!
eooi.tri awuld baie timm aelr-trd aeup.ua! wttl?_i? i.i l?j
lirtat ! the year 17t* when Ne? S
Hat r?tii!..i??!r?l. Tiias tile isam+re nalun- ol .'5 Baa] '?. ;
t_C eottulry li-otu a worse evil, and kept oprn ibe ?a?f IM that
Wtnmknl id'and rapid trunnf..rr__.tiou ?hiti, tm -iii.ti.rv aadt-r
areut at the hands ot t_t .-arlr _ms?Ksiiari?-? Tbe s? lui M uia
?if English eli liuation ?li?! not poll.tr the ?t-rtriM rind fsmstsiiis
ouug a.i?il i '?>?? ?>? ?ti I it H ales and
Tasma-ia. aud t? Wcaasra Aisstrtuin v i -.- . . pot ;. ?i U
aasi wimma wbo hs?< ?? ij in t-oa? coaatriea
?ilA tto hu?-!;!...) taiut o: cruce t al long afw i :lu isisal ej.
lan bad boae abtdisheal losiif uftrr tir. in,in:_it?ii".i Bad l??n
fanaislrd. nail rein. ?X~s:iid
(Wmtern AustnUu. rxr-pledi t?ie six .al taint it diaceruiblr.
tmi tbe ealetx-u- of ? rim? _- ti er l.irg. t.u.l inn aaiag
la iMiu. s_?r_i ?bairn frvqneatcd tin- eaaal in it?l4 the
s a;.?s sppeaitd ai.d la in-, t'?.? irnrnii .
den ?viabilities! the WcaleyaB mitsiouarieB m the Hay of Ish.mU.
i -1 lbs-Is- wa- ?. ?hue u...n ninl ti
aaa-tderable native trade sprang up. Tbc m.tues exrl.-ii-i?!
tLem to i an -j . n.rt of txtertninattai
tmrtered t??r iiun mi.. .- Iii? ii
Rill li I lu ?pire ?me nu 1: ! ot the Cm :
BWty ?juvte the tiiriiri-a Ii-siui s intim rrisl Ki? ti?.n
ary, wbu-A states tbnt m 18TI1 us mauy HI i.'i ?'.*.'? i?t? of-Ni?
/?lislsril Pin fjiAirwisai tninr, iii mr-1 bt Englaadj m
. ..i ti.?de has Mlicf tul.rii oil,
in it? of Inli.p uiiii
Mber tt'itli? I J- -i.s-ii in
Auekh. ??? frnirx, which ia
_T*atl> ila? u
sai-j.li ui ??__ lui u i .
lan. It was a reallt beaotiful min ?a us ?mi ns ?ilk and n ti uri
?faBBBJtng ?u i" lise liai inns ri?? said ti ?
aaatly? lias bet-u bougl.t on arrount of llelboura? munnin?
lui? n
The BiiAsioBuios only effected al fir?.! _. peitnnccot footit.,: la
the north, ai.d UM ?. pi ti of life and : -??luiut
-itrat'trd traill t> Io" t!.e I. i'.ui of
Islands now, as hi niau? fWUt im?; ihr i....nili n id?_iot_> t?f
mtm 1 n.kind a liol? ra, WUK the hi?ut?|uar. r? uf tue niisaion
aries, from whencs- tb?"ir itifluriie?- sp. m\ oi,- r IBB < ??in.tri um!
where ibe oelw-raBal 1 n-utv of ?A nituuiri was drawn lip and
Siptietl bj tin- . tliirtii-n ? nnfcilrrst? th!i!?' of N? n /isliiud.
|f Vklea th?. I'iiii?i. t,..-. ? riiii.?-i.t t.?"k totmal posscstion und
?etahua-Bd the cok?j of Maa Zealand.
laralag fruin Uia aa? s! timw ?\ things k-t mc come t< the
parti? ulnr New_>ulaud ronais-ts ot tuoluig?- lnhiml? kia.-.in
as the North and Middle Islands, and a _B___er i.iie ?.??.uti ?if
foveaux i? Mnl!? call?->l f?te? tirt s Uianil Cix-k? fJtTI
arutes the Nurth Irom ti ?. U Oi Lovk s IS!raitt
at I'.?' ? I'.i'ii." length til tbe Ninth Island, i? .-..ii_;.J \.
ton ti.- ,
to-lit 'JI It? .
kepre"? .- the pniitisid cnpital uu relj _i... ?
Impsir;.. i pmnit to its gewj
aiBJ ?la's that Up to B .al wn?
Iii? seat of governnm.t mist i? htill tin giaat nu! tary and natal
depot. In laut, aa a na\al rt-i??iiavou?. lue harbor ?A Auckland
Can burAlT U MHII to be a ? ond to thut of?vdacj
The Ne? Zettland ?.Totip Iring about north'ci-?t and south
atast, ?ilei L? ii? m 34 uu_ _- iii,..?.-?. Boatb latitude, und li?,
I baa u ma I
Tbe total arra about 7.'. yuu tis? ?ne? luther
-at 1^-1 tain and Ireland inclusliisr
Yian?. 1U ,
.?. * /a lija!...
?Uto p.-??? ?s a " i.a'l ' rliti:?!. 1 !': k boat'Ter, th.it
A ?uiU whieh 1? aconntry uboit 'h?' das of the ancient
K-iginuu of Ss-cilund hss the oilvonla?/?' in manj resp.
ta prai-tieaMi- at all noasous ot the faai to work in the open air
fruin tHMBB to sunn t iui.1 l?v ? roper i alliiutiiiii tuociups of
ffotMlsesaor cejreala may be gatluifcilcavil tear, lhere ii au
BneertalTity nbftttt maiw owing I ? th?- moistnr?) of tt.i- rlirriate.
Thi Kurth I.)..ml billi?; Ibe princijad sent uf the natiie popa
latani ?.ii? not been so open to settlement a? the Muliile Iiland
which wns .'ittie bcrirtl ??f unti! I.telr ts-n g n pastoral ?
Tk? Middle Island wn? fortunate in bnring few nattie? nai j
Uiese " the n-innins (?f n least," as the northern fanuibals ? ?m
?raiftiKnislv say It Hke?i? i plains
Which were at once nvailabli- fur sheep nini '11?.
?iiii-if. of tins island went settled on vi.ii h liiffireiit prii.s i
airy the moat (?trott- of thin- having tbe j-or I ot
civa. d onlv s isaniid-BBlB
boll and Ctr. - its capitiil. *t.n r??lni,l/.ed bt tin
Canterbury Ass-n-iaiiun, a -iiaiion ol piss, Visk
su aud -omiiKHirrs pulrus-.is ,ili Ictereslod lu iniprtu ing tbe
Cbaracter of llritish eolMiiaation
Hiaee it was i-taalisfaed in laiti. Canterburr exercised s poa -
erful iiillui-nct ?m the j-? litios, of the wida ti j. It is tbe premier
proTinre of tie l?ddlc Island, ar.d posscvsi"?' m?irc open ,
and BiTicttlturrl foui tri tiibti any other protiuc. In :
onj. With its luuuriisr natural advautagen, ami having the
reiri'iie uf iu waste land? secured for local ?orks it baa aiade
rapid strides lu ouloalsation. Wilki? the last 12 months the
West Und guid Held, disreiercd on Ibe inhospitable western
.aast line of Canterbury-a lerra intopnita nut ii then-has rnp
Idly enabled her to recover the position she lo?t for two or
?three years, owing to the discovery of ??old it. if?? ??,t~i ?,|?,i'
tace-, lying to tbe south of Canterbury, and whith ?as ?ot?nli?d
. or an aaeocui?on of member? of the Free. Kirk ot .Scot land. '
It is only prop? r to sUte that tlu? influx of population to (Jtago I
cosntenufut on tbe gold mama of 1B5_. has obliterated all tr?Tc?
of the i-xi-luslie principles of the founders. And so bnt toa
iBsaer d*f?ee. is it with Otutertmrj. whose " High Charob I
prmavlttaa and atistocruUc pretensions were at first as off,
Bit? to lit? creal body of the colonist? as waa .. - -a*
??tided exclimrvene?* of the nldidcntit? ,_-e nnrrow
. .. j- . M (Jtill.il
VTbere 1? anotker Province (.?v.u.^aadj _j ae Middle Island
M ?ell as Nelson and Ma'Il?oro_g- ?V,uli__._d was u alice
Mt oat of Otaro bv the local/el'_-<-i. who compiumed that
their Inlaraata had aaei? otc'.txiked by the rroi iiinariiow-ri,
loatst and OaaelL an?1 Marlborough waa foim?.?d lu < I
nrny. 8o??U?*?".i iaberitod about 3,uuu.(KX) BBNB of ? asia lui,.1?,
niarlj''] iii! ir igriinlITirnl irrffutr-nil ai.d it niui._g?-d ?o to
,.'_verr_n tbe Constable ' that the Culouiitl (ioii-mmetit was
tiiapt Iii ti lo step in. r-arantee it? debt and p*iatiraliy admin
tster its afl-lrs. Jlarinoroagb was like So.iihiari-i mi in.ii.a.'i-il
Its grassy plains were portioned among the BaaaMtta who n??w
own the whole toil to the exclusion of population. MM us?
anoffsvlioot from the New-Zealand Com pony's seitteaiefll st
,.1-ers aad
mu laiiniirin auder Col. (..ii.'KUI Waka_ald ? du? t tim. in op
position to and iletui:? ?.- of the''roan Nels'-ii has been ita
ttoaaiv for inany ymit? It* sheep jiehli-d at.nua.ly abo-it tia
Bamereturnofwo.il whiili*?.? SI.I;.?I?<1 to KngUmd and it?
tanporls hardly ni er i aried hinee the Aniklaml gall fiehl?
bait been ?_i?t?ieied trade has niited The uurift-rous grnund
extends ak?tig ti?.- weat ?.mt al tt_t Ittl-tta sud Nel?,,!, ita
pti'.lUcal und uomuercisl capital^-a most liifficult hurlsir uti
?life excel?! foi stoaoi vi sa? Is-luring mttiat? n? .r tie ..
hi Blind bay and ?-tthin a few hours ile.in of (?ni Btftl innl
Hokiuka ?li/gi'ii.? hml tlnj had a c-i?i.?nl? raUe ?ti'inul'i?- gut I
to its local trade. But tht t?rin( lpt1 t: nie of the digging? BBS
hat- doue with MrHm-me Sydney. Otago ami Mai..?
saan1 ni portion of the city and utiiuiu? of AneklauU
Speaking generally, the harbors of ti.? Waal < aaat
Bnt rat?: by comperis/m with those of the North Isla
?otably Auckland Province they an- not to be nan?? ?I. '1 kata
are no safe barbors on t?ie Weat coa?t of the Mi.lii.e l?linil
Tl.ere are narrow arid ("llBcull t?ar eutramis to the riven or
Mountain torrents, which arc fon_ed principally of the ci?lte?l
aaow from the great ?x?_inern Alps
lTiiiBSsaliiB I ist s rtitlli I ?t i in r crrme to Willi, gton the
Jsr.litk.-al capital of the Colony, aud the pieniiei kitti.
N>H /eaianu I'oBipai y It i" ??Muted aa B hue had lacked
hariair ii .i Is I ? i? '?? sat ?? d -.i sU? pi ???. of sbode i
?oaod to ihe pr?vailtTig wlnsi? whK'h apfaaf lo bhrw
latennis_von all thcyi-ar roun?t 'l-l? hx-n'in np|?-.ir? t?. !e tin
Bester of vi?. . New Zeali.?: th? norther- portion
mt tait Iii-iid hain.g at the inhabitant? t.'.l?.. i? been
the irreal aarthaoaae which so teuibed th? hit? Govern??! of
Jaa?aK+ Mr Kjie then lAeateaant (.on-i. m ni tin l'ioi nu -
?iiuth uf th? I'rot
AaeklrLd or S?T> r.-'-r IDS e?ll??d in the nomeni lutur?- of
. illation ?as (;i mted m '
land that is toute lu ?? 14 j es i? u B ?mt Iii <.
BM mmy _df
Is yet ai.tuuU-.i yoe,' lit a giailui ' lb? lund in the
? -i o; ? ?_?k s St i ai u Is.?ier.r? elni.*?t ?eekly ?l.a?.i-,
SB _olaatiiiLt of the earth to I* fill at W?-liiiigl'?n "I la
_______?..? arh and Ha*k t Bay. tri ? hli-b luet uaa>i<!
i? |j| ?' ?- .; ..
Mr t ):. -.,. ; ? : .. I ' ' i!.?.-.; . I ? ? . .:. 'I . ? . : ? ?.'..' -
astlvta-e ape:
-nat, and pul
?ii^'i Iii? iisn.trr !^?',rai -
Tlw_nr-.it? -'?i') -NI I .rfn-il ??own in ittto hy the ?atiiii* fir-l
ne i?r< ?I,!T newv? . .i?--?.ir?ir-BckaimiB tiiti.ru
-,.,,? j, , . . I, v, li i#.K1, forti lal? _W.n .1 ?t , y. p.I
pwd Nnr-Flri .-.1 fer rvilt-a Hie !?
<. the fiinn'ti? titiu.'if'rt i? in1? rao'i, from ?biak UM
M <-f ftis.cn
i lain? till prout Kulk of ti ?.
i >.?.,. ,- .' ii ia MPuikol?, anti it tit.M
f.uve lUrtady ipoktii < I H k1*? II??,???*?-? a greuter rai ii :y . 1
m 1 U.an a_y ?.'.-' ?r ? :<i.no? but it ?I..?*, nut, ?n? 11 it. ti.?
?i.terir.r of t_o toi.tlmi. ?Iietrict TXiaaeee my ope? great l.ii.d.
Ind??e<l tke chief <?ifW< -ii?* ?if ?c'.tlewioiit ia to rrmora the lum
rii.nt ?nueti. al t.nttr "err. anti imyri vron h ilrui
a]?4? f p-mantl w;tb aSBB_aM- v.-t-i e There ?it n?' Ititi of tb?*
ltaf I? H.?! I'I?'" ;:'?'?*. ?S'', i't in tlr ?UN* if impartid ['lui.le Mel
_l i.i.ii ria 'a!, ij-e . :, :j,.u i . Aaik
lai.il Bloiiti.'? m iraty IIKTUI l~crs for limieiuppuiT*?**?? ?la
?J bring Ihr "Knuri raae. whirl, uaem BO! alia? la aag
other jurt iif IM a rrM liar? .? a v.ilualiiet-M pi.-alap? ?"???.
11.?' .?.-.et a ' .ill *!i'i'
Iniil-iiip. Onlnn In It? ??t-u'inr prowtti. '.lit ?lui ii i i?.l.t? I ?awi
im d.ltiu.l'y ii? .". i.r.i.i; lia.? r.-a.ly taatto fur the lalatf.il
cutliiip tia I iiiiil 11 !!.:n BMBM, ?'"' arti I? . BO? .if 'I ? < ?tr*
nri_i?ai-T Ina-il.tit-? '.iff wateriiiinmiiii.f.itiiii n. !' - PraadaB?
r)i'\ 1 uiidiup i.o? !???!iu? un en, i ?,w .1:
X_e;\- alf nott I i? ? m ni AaafclBBil tai?-? ted tUuu BJ 'a-.
*><. othfr pi'i.iKf!. rilT t.-fcther. TI ere ure folly fire 'multi d
a-ilco of lolaiid naTipttKii fur __??!._ reeatl? p-vridt-d by IM
Ki .I ma ami its H-fii.t-.t-. I Le ...ni.trr i quit* ?peai. Betta
incut Ti.?- aatitaa ?ia r-tiinielr nuift and ladaalBua? ?ad
have ?lieiintiai t. <. m.*t id Hit ir linn] , Lui o? nut if Iba ditti
? Illili th? a.-alla ! nu. ft B to? li life.
?Iii? mm?, nat l?n fil i? .iii el ort til ??. a U| a.! .ii ??olatcd
?pott IIT Enrojieana Th.? ii all tiie'tuorc UBjrBla? mmtm a
few iiule'e ?f all out lerel co?.up w? . Wnitaa_tfa ? ??
Aiakliin.) I..iit.i. ?il!i Hie Ki pi.lu iiBii?.?'.?!? nul ?u oi? II n,.
tl.r iiilcri.n tim!? ?i! tliit T??l lonntr? tt. th*capiUL
Nerthwnni ..pi.in .n. tit* weat con?, ia tt i. bariair nod IWl
of llokililip? i. :..???;. Ii'li.l r-.i.r 'III.mil tai nil O'- n!?l ti.ulri?
InNea ??..?? . -. l.-l-:-. t. ?.: r? . ita lumber, Baa ^"?l
- -.I!. ,.f .! e \! . wT-l na?'
Waikatoritarand port lu- rita?-a??-? ti ri?? ia ti?
m tra] u,at ..t Li a o and tratttt t ; . ...? '.' ".'' ?*
i?i.?i'h L-l?- ?a rtoiiii u-K i ' ".'' ;
i ,? i. n.l fa ;.ii-li:iif- town
et-tUemeiil* mut n ..ii:i''-e_!. \n p. alionof well uipb 7.?u BOUIB.
? . r au am. r? orr KU? ??lied wilt. . ual fron; u.e mimi
tiL'.i.nu. to tin- r.i?.: and in i f< ? far? .'.. '??' 'h'? nuiet bteowi
a mott pr?wi ftxiu? dittrii t 1 bl r? HI. ?I. lit 130 minare mil.?
ut t la-n iipnai.ltt.ral ...Min ?t I ?uitr.-.. and nl?,iiinliiip in
? fit- ti !.?! it |.;.?r:t hiaiwn I- I- p f<'i.l ?ml Inn".. .
I owtro ?etwa Hut in the matter ni ind MTiraMB r\
T?r? II,.' .riiiu.t't of A i.klaiit'. 1? ...ila.! ia l-l
?nlil iimeetOI
ot!,?r min? mi?. 1
' pia. e? in ti.?- |i?'ill..t . und H.r iisal. Ri'l?! Utlil t ? 'I i * >
i ! ... mu., p . I!, til nu .u tin Inn.
'lilli.? lltlHI'llT ..-al lill it? raj.'.ill Bia? ?? . '? I? "?? "' Salt'T
. ktitiwn to e-i?! la ?
rier-uieriitp etlt.il? lt?i?-U ?u inmit lo leal III inlii?i.f the ?Le?
?an.-IT B-sii'i. i'.II ti.? Hi? -j-ri.ii. <?. >'f A. t Kiel,.I t v I
. i-mnitit-.itr kauri pam aim
un. ^ ?e-prl? in li:.
of el llrel baud fixuu Au? kioi d.
Tu pat Maat l?t.':! of UM XVaAZaalaM
tin.!?- t?i Nea Vntk al ti < tin-r American anportnu
i. '. ? tip HIT ftom ti ? . the t .'liiiii for UM
Titt.-il i ailie t.f iiufllirl-'
ii tM.Vtt lolal Mi'.it- of tajBOtU i' l?.i-.'i?- 01 H i
UMMWI JAt iuiie.r-1? from t'.e I i -.'. .1 Kin|rd?i_i ? -
Vin Kout. W.a? .1 : M?,?. trow lb?
. f Victoria, A' '.'d-.-4A Tlic ?-).. Ma ? .
Lniportt "I aiit.iiirlun
?,al Iii II. '.! el
ila-. -??ut? ??ni ti- bataai rafeaai ?IAr. Mi
I : it plninlv en..ui-li ii Ua-tea lb? ?uuit-?- of waaltb openad tu
-In .?TI. au i nil.na ;? a.l ? i.t?r|.f.-? hy li??- I'uiuiiuu Ina- almh
and the
Vi ?teal Met.? a :..i ti Of 'li? total tin- '
imparti ut Aac-Jand i
nuil the ?ir?.rta t.. _.?.-'i ll.it v?:e '.i,, i. ? -
lal,ii lu 1 ? ? ' ' . ni a! u.i u-.!,. :
i port of /
: i.? of a lut u i.t '.'4 l-l li i ? ..: t! .?
fotloa 11.p 1- I? Ifl TI. ? a .. ?
. . BH| liaiiiia
llli-ill I.AOO M II -Wa.' -
.'. iiut.it ? : - i . ? **- ? Morl
Ir, nn.i -IHM? ii. (maa r.? Miali tia- Ii.ti thal Ilka til
ililli ?.?! .1 >*?i?> uii : ? -! t.( !?.?? |..-i?i ict-e t d Am?
lau.! tii.ia i laaa Kana ? aa I'?? ni'.. lo ii
-..-is- tad thal everr faclllli ?lut? for worklnr it A*
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con n.?l .., m .'.idt.ri t>J il. t ? ?,.' 'e'.r ').? I .. ltd
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i.l ?ith full '?.?fi. to Bull I ti i ntmm r. is .
ma. I an.l I?, in-lituti lcpul '.rtaeaalinga II. Ila- ( ?urti
. milli-for Iba a___ad_rte r. ? ..pim :? and au
forti-nn ut of tb? ri|[ltt of iiuj.iiiiiaJ mffim.
?l'a? .'i.iti up !? tit? Stipti-nie I onrl of Uit I'alted .Mat.? .1. oin
or muro Nati-nal teit anita f?'i ti uni ntlj.di. uti? i
am! to COiil_>r?le ?..<- ?...J i,.?lle ?. I.|?.?.l i. .
Nuuit-r.iut iii?-?-tirip? and H.<- ? tiuialit.-'. appol
ti.tiv meatlnp. lo th.i Slut?. of Nea-.York Pen
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liiilf. ?ltd otbi-r _late? ait- niouuir. in ike lam?- dina-ti.in fur tfin
i?rt?jf HitiOli: (OKntwa ! ! lo rall oui ?el u.s a
Na.ioual Council, end to m-eltr aid ulai oo0|>eraliie actiou
from all tbe lrtatea.
lu diactiargr ui Ita dnlica our l'ou? rd hare cauMil to I? rum
| ninn-esl throe tait? lo be rrpaiil? ?I aa lett ?ulta, two io tlir tut
patax Court of \? v. !.-i??i and on? in Ha < ira ml I awl of ti.?
Vulte.l ? inll t_t Slate u( Hein
wurr Two of Hu ,
'1 houi|t?<ili _:uj.\ltru!iuiii (oin.ifl. al- rl'./i-i.? of Na n .ik Nt*
.lertcT. ami t?umi_?-uit?U ?nita on account of tl.i i. fu?al l.p the
K.-|r-.teri to np in rule Hiern aa mt? i? ou ti.?'H ti. . ? ?. 0 .
of the j?artii?. Ivter S Hink? ! Witiuni^'.
wai.' i? lu??? Tot? ?i? refuted at au ?lection held .
Wilii.iipti.ii ..- . i in. mt l! . toui|liiiu
ant? la t Muck oat! ;. milli,!'!. u.ie ian
ftvea-inaii, Hit other two frt. roen lairu . oin i? M I 1er, ni,
on? ti? a i-iti/t-n aoltliir. baa foupl.t and Liol for l.i? t?
all mr. men of cdu'k!n?u iii.'l nlmemcut, tai (wa)eit poatcatctl
of pro j*rty ? ud hnictill tLe iiualiCiatinii? of 1? ?ni lulen it,
ilii-u M^aatt?B?nalM ?awa_Hh ."''"-? fBo? -wtal) i? a
di??|i_iii_caiiou. 1h. ?inti ii.i.i OH- ?Mi prvnui. BM ?.ii
"?tl?J tli? lt;:_. ?Ulai of th? tolored unm nu.l-i the ( ?.tialiiutlon
and law? of tbe t?_|r'?, ?IBI?-? in ?II B-tMaaM Ti.? ?mis ?ill
lx* pio???caleiJ willi all dji^U? tv li. ,t It t? i . toi lint on.
?I KM Will Lal?- " a c ti-i til? SllJ.IH_a C ....It of Ha'
?-iBtf-e at Hi* ULM I??s-e_i-rr fenn ' oPy\ .
The Solicitor? nu! ' .?..-. .-Trtf J;.. . lan/aBa WkiMtaad
etq. and .foeopli 1' Ile:.tit t LL 1?.. ot .NfT.rirk _.'?? T
Th? Hon. IV-iij Y Hutlcr of MstMchutetti? hoi lu? II J?.IHIH??J
and hu? con??nt?rd to act HI ??ne ?if the coui.ieL Olia r ?iiiiui-ut
MBH?I will al?., I- ?Bflayai
SuLKci'ipiioiik al ? ontributiout foronrTTiud oy ita ..* KW?< '\
iLgl.T ?!it?re?tin-c and importantunt ?.jil? _MJ ! < -. at to the
Treoanrt-r of tbe Couiwil _U__i S. Kui Nt-wnik Ncn Ifiat't.
or mad?' to tot HP' 'it? duly n?-(_-?dit?-d HEM ti.?- ?iitonupli Kg
nature? of Hu- l'ie?itit nt of li.?-Cou-.eil ' . . II ! .iu|i*.u
at.tl tb? Iicc.iia'.ji.p s.cr?Ury, John li O In?v.
All papPr? f-iendly to the euusc of Rrpuhlieoo (loiertitncut
will pl.iajM- pi?e tim t ircular an iumitmii
? HAR!?- H Tli?._ Wit II Nui
I?.UN I, 0 1 . Mil II li id- :
li nu ti >AKI- -I? UN \l iiiit.ii? in
( iiAkiiF-a ItKi.wti ten., ( it'll 1'III-IH
r,, Oat u, UM
Eztiiil'ir Cou t u'
DuriDR the la?t two or tlir?*? weukti a ?ecrot and
Ten iiiy.t.-nijiiJim'nrment h*? liet-ii ?iTs>pr<??iup Ba?B| the F?*
..''t. l'a ? !?? . I .. I Bp / di S ?.I ,
,' i/.ili.ilii; a f.? -;,..|.l ni. Mill' an mil t... tia- pt
i .?-lir ni Mux.ni.?IIIa th. protrp?ol S'iipii
?.-in I.lui Ila t -lui li l.uifiit of I Kopti-llc ailti Hanta Ann i li?
I'i..iile;t Hin -ia lillian-ol tia nttiii.pl i.n I ,
Bwaaaaj ?vi tv. ounaequeui i moral t,: thal i.fhi-i-i ?.,',,, tia
?'.'iutuanil of tka Huh! II;, o'pin i/..' au. "' '
I .?j<i ila- ?,!lii tra abo followed 8w? '.:.?. i ?Iori nea to the tent?-J
nal : illieiii a !.i-lli.-i lli.'ijujl'.v. II,. \
Hi.mark or t ..Ima. o Jowett "eB-n Hanta Aaoa I? anderitooti
- .-I tollu: ? u !,., mai
?a rUk t.'..ii u. .i- m ?u BM ick U
-. .t, ...u i? noa I? u ^ pu piiieif v itu
to tiui.-poit I UO i
?ni?! of M'?.t" and ii i? an dar ?I and c
lion will ?uri iiiuii .s.-?, fork aadiMiarl i
'ill tt
Yolk iii.itinp. nt u,ii i: ,.ii. al .ia ? ou Ila- l iii ..t Mukku
h Saul . Anna ii li
if full? l-'llll,
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together ? u ?' m
ln?-ial? ni,o i .
and Aineiii al i
,,'. tin Rabelllo i batt
1 . .ih I .HU Hu fill ! ti, ,t
, '. ' 1 1!
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fal Ike erarse yea bava pet???? Nward a??. T n?n>e my astead M Mr.
_ and I reqaetl thet toa eil t-ni yoars. N..shn?f lee? than in
ant'? ?n-loti would repair It? i?J .rj yen Lev? den? me.
(StfiieJi --
Tim R. ?. C. P. HiiijrUi, D.D., l^tojeil on the
. and Aimsei Kenniiirtn a? Apt-he?! to Un i'lerg? '" ??A
Iba ehartb uataai of Uooetea and i n?n??n?.ta. on A? ??day
a.ls;i.sK?a. Ho ?aid in lubstaoe? that the rVr.suii? am IIVB
n.? ? bv birth and tbe sons ol Iriaka?c? wlnrevet born "W*nt_
a in.js'i? ashamed of his munir? them Is rsswon lo stsoei* that
hi? ??siiiitry tbonld be esbsmed ?f bim ?tVaraske eTthesSncr
? i t r n is i'a li? 'lund . an?l ?u?h ssf Hu iuhatj_ti,i,la as ?Mrtne lien? lo
slig our oanrfe au?l build ?>nr iaili?tod|gart< iipu?>-<t a? bo the
descendants ?sf the aneirot rbn-sieiu??^ These aro i_e t'inon
ii '.?t s-iirig lise InbaNtBBtMjf tLtj, r'n.er.ild l?fi the toute!
..l.ll ,.'l..l Util, -s la ...g g-lieitslly ?_*,sf..?l With RuglU- rtdl .
Houiethingol Hen object ?Bad niin% n,aj be g.-trtn-c.l rrmn Uu>
f llu? li i.iui.?. U? St.i|,h*?*i, he ?ant H??s| us the isWno
?.ri lulu-a name Mr Iii? Irish mu.I?, la? foi ej the ?s
bihlishasaat ol I'hrietiaaMjria Irrftand This wat not KI lia
lam? nervr fsiiiind ?Stir kingslom ?util the reign of Queen ?ary,
1.111I katata the oti.Wi'hmiys". ?if ?I risliaiiltv there waa
BO IrMh Militia, 1 .'t mt eottrte th?? name ltai-lf. I'mihly
it n? ?kiiiisl nom ih' lan?-? eBiarn mt n motto l??r i_ria!?r,
i> ,|?i?t inn in AlK^n Mae- Ihr fuilli is not in Ingliiiat
now 'Use tumis wat ???? esiylii-.l to Irish .le-iilt? ?.n?l the
?un gi-nenJlj ? ?tholfes. They prof.-a? to heVepiihii
oaaa, bul I? mg 1 '!"?.'' *.*-'? I?' ""t foi???-..; Na nodi?, and ?n
L ?g? ni n ?< Limit- al i ni war ?. ?Uli the aims and objis-t* of Iho
i'ii m h i if lti.n.i-. ile? prefcasad be asM bs taatars the nea
lion,?! I (liar li llere'Wi.l ins p|.ysicul ?liini? tln'te ulse why
un ?M ni? !. ? r t? . Aii|-|n 1 lum r? i-isinpliiiii I With the
exception ot this fael Ulai the I'ininti of Kngl nid reeslves it?
..in I 'is | s-I I- ii'll a? t'nitiitant. uti the disabilities ?if
? u.? ? iimi t?-*? t? m?.'.-I iiut uierawai eaet-arstet
ery Uti I? BOt phjsuin- I'ii|K?ry. Why these Ki-nitu innilflen
lion-tin.nilli, in' Ifc? aram if ti.1-ri-ot was oalt to fi?o
li? sad I It ??ns II- gull . ring of rrc.nl uruiies he ?sid, for ihe
I a? n of A.iiiiifnlil.'!. l-l Its !? I? I.-avned bj UM th ty.?
-,-. .i. afeoaatn r?u! iu the taadeal l'rniestautisiii UM
: ' iu U'T iii.il oigan n I s t'iTt. tha ??nth ?if bj effort? in
UM I I. .HI. i.ml Iii' ?'?'i" !. I II ? ?' Hin? a "I ftftty en- lung.
From Our Bp erial I orrssf ssdeai.
fer. Loi i? (?it i "-"
Hemp cn a tour of pleinur?? through thi.-i ??rrftt
\. ?ern conntry, I learned, coming np the lather of Wnlrrs
! a' 1 ?a? not fur trniu the wonderful?b-p? -it of leail st MUM- In
Hi 'ti- I? .,; I I ? ililli ktown 'lieeo'llitT ?es1 of MH.1I?OI. I in nts
Mu spoken of iu tae Kacyclqpedia Hrit-aatea as hciug the
uis-t iri:i;srkHl.!. in the wotlil I st? i?-. lii.n' ?I '" Und
.Man- tram a i.n !? .t is flaasal ?mm-r. mil?? "' "' ' I""? ?red
i,.. ..,..-... -..mt in u ii ? kean tammi mjmttt m the Bia?
Which i? ;.,g ?" ?A. II kll.SV, II t/Sltll m tin? ?.-nundi niall
it is hnnllr wnrtti willi.- to describe ?till then ma? he very
u i.i.v , f ii'nir n inlets, like injswlf, ?ho hate lietel hi ?il M M
i , .. pi ...1 ,. lions
Vu,i su- !:<? ?loutit nwaie that It I? BM of the BMI II m.i ? ? la
hat lug Uns discovered tni.?i b] M .La Molli
allis' It 1? rim l! IS B It].I s II . |.'l..l ti
lathe warid the ?ela lying la a boriauatal si .! ..n..
I.i l.-w taa ?iirfni" n'ai a. i I.. Hg .1 out MX b-et In thl? ?.
li? ore iiticiisiin-lt.il Mil-'. mid up?ard ol ftot
ila ?orkcii on u iiie.??t of saata VO Bat aa np-i.ing
I to work COU meit-and lies so neur ihc suifisn ? lu
pn-M II! any ilillicullv frotii i ii i-, . i. . mi: .Intimi ?if ?M i
v, bleb ... "ti ni a i-mu?) i < -1 1 i
'.-'! o' l'uni < ?nu sii.? t?rs. of wliiiti uni? let 'an?'
? !-. n prospected; but mil tin- ?hull- ia ?-'nun J.
! ' . i |. . . . a .-f ijin.rt/ c II ?I bj BlIllBII lil"--an- o' |. ,.'.
iii: ao mil .?Hill.- iib i i .n bu foruii-.l of lb? rttttal al it.
tai? ! i HIL- ?in kui thiiiigh geolog?a!? aaaatl thal li ruimt I
axhaeeted la a century.
V .; : ito as in? ni tin. liinl ii i ni? ?I into fauns, sir Bede?
i.iti o! ca'tiiiitiiui. ?ml tin linne has braid? ? t.. ? m n
.??,-.. ? lam?? .?nine liiiinlt?-?l dwellings BOB o ?
I I . ?? an l nu III ope! ' MB I s.. la? ... 1...
ti ; ' I
l-l.-li Hin! Alla II? HU .?
i... ? ,,i i . mp tay, aud . o ?
.. . ??.?....
Ililli als all' 11,1, ... Until
.!.. ? I . . .
o. n na* u ? n?-. ? li? li
I lOtUf WOl | I I'? I . I ? I .
tir? u.nu ?.ml iii ..s... ?. ?.i ?i. Mary's I
piling tits- naiiers I ? . a hi? li ii :.
V' : li itml"
.UM Mill lil ,,s i .1
?'t oil I t<- l?'I 1
i??i i;o t.'.
Noll H- S lll|ll'-| .
? ,.. r annum pen ... -
? ? pel
a-.liain of .Iii men As for the profit of ws . II lone
t j I prieea, ti y
.:...' ling rap
I I? it I? II T WOO
k1 .. ?I lt*l SU? ii ?tel,.|nai.
nls- nulli.n.-.l ti.'bl mil !??? li jntr> . ' '
I rennt art nail r Wtamnar) to reprt ?rut Ibe j ?at ni?
I ?I! I? ti.. it'l!?'? lilli SII ka . ].
. ? nt a i!l OMI
llolakl It a nil len ie ti .1 |? r SBM la goH ?it'
ni stock? us 1?rutil'
M??T(!U!.3 T<? B_ U lT?.H.
Oct. 99.-T>{?i?ur.'.pii.. .?1? \-. II-..):...'.? -. oa UM
. r.si k
lal (of Iii , ? :
. i ?
y billtiel
la ? _? '.I II talki . . .- v all
st li??!. ?I, u ?i 3 ? m
ls?t -.' M
o.t .'. Amil) 1. Fraaktli silter-baJI aalri
ti.lll.e (iii. I
1 Mut v.H. mm m VIE.
lui inatcii ttiiB aaaa_ai a*._->-i tkcai
Ihi > * I lu s I
two boars ilurnlion, tlioiu.-h Ihey ?ere nil
I? ? ir ? ' ? .- ! I* . ,.
?toa 1 .. ? ' 1 ? M ; . -
n this gaan .um his n-| I..;
ti. re ai"! telnln llniinltrsn a? shortstop Alinp'"
at ?kort held in tin? gala? (!? Idle _iiin:?a .
mi as wi .
111? I?! tatt- lui I -a..
snd t?", , 1
o 1
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1 .
a It li t!. I of I . -
i?).etif oin Urnas lo n mut? Ii Ibeieby leediuy LL
ti.?- Atlanlki V.'- * kJui' o?Saioiiisj*
.Snlib if
;?| li. j
Kctchnm 3d k
Mimili St b . i
- :. .-?
Au?lin r f .
lill ?. ? '
-l-spangk it . '
DrowB B1 I U
.... g o
1.1 ?t I ... 4 0
? . i 1
Killy p 4 0
l.indl.ii ..... ii I
arriga? a..... i t u
tmbm y ..., I ?; irriaaa -?. I . i u
i?.i.1-. ..? ii ' Toinis...?; "4
?aa .
lal ^il :'-l itl. Stk Ml,"*,!?, eth "th 1
I'lnoii . a 1 1 ?-' t
Iii,.|?i?i. lim r 1 I ti 0 1 ti n 11 |_. 4
rni]?iie--Mr Lit. I.l.ilil ?.! tia \. .. -,,..,.?
s? ?m?:?- Mi-sir? XVavci and \S il?oii
I mu- of i-til?n- .' t.outs -uni '1 iiiit.ut?-?
iii retah)- -Uaiea '. Had
in.!? on foul? -l 1,ion .'. |jii. 'i
lioiii?- tulls- 1 Hum is_
The rellim iiifitch brtwaaa th???' clubs, ir? vs. 11,
tiiii- pinn-1<? I'III.TIIH ni iioi'oketi eatha Men iMkgiM-?i
OK Tllh Bl KUI Alt?.
Tba cir? !',m?taii(is <>( tbe ?.tartlm?/ I'ft'.k rdilipry in
Rowd-iaaaai Main.- on 11.*- M of ,ln-ji I 1,1 iu. ilotiblli-s?
,'n -I. in tin- 111? 1 ison of 1 it ii t ah ia. It v. ill I H- i4i|ii?-_iil?s-r.?sl 11. St
tin nuil n loaaaeeratatB In tin- rolibei \ \. :t<-1 Ibe rtweOlng ol the
cashier of the bsab Mi P Hetter-ekl st midnight sadhsrln?
kliiNki-ill.il!! M Ik I I--.1 u Uli a ?lia. -, ,.! n !. 1.1 -. ia 1 I?
IN al and gagged ead pinion. .1 bin (am ina, bli ? if?- ?ml litt!?
boj latheaaaM inn-., poaketi Bad ahtalaed UM
k? s ? n! tin bimi, Tbe t',i??,? bowerti foaad that the aeta
..n ot the k?i- ??.i.i 11,?.! mail ti.,'?t. erith tin- i nublas
lion hicks of Ihr'bunk vault? ami Uni t? I,.iin-<l foi li??'
and threatening bia erith lestent oaatk II ka IafassJ
; eotapoUed kia? to go erith then sud uulook Ibe t jtl lliereb
; bera having tb lootalaed ibotit ?.'I?MH. hill? eoia ?mir ?
j I ?mi!? retara i t.? t!. . to t! ? u
tad aataped. Ia ti.ira? el Mi Bntterllekl
I ty it?.- lum-' h n'ai K m- tbeslann Mis Bult(-r_eU
. ma lui?' ?urt? i ? <: ?... | lenta! st d phj i ?
. i nmplfiely pio li . ? this da] heeaooiil . I
la ker i??d
11 ss
' B-flwering th<-?I?-?? ; ipni. ..: titi Ibieres bad IIIHII a I
i .u,, had iii?.
I tn tin-at iliii-I.I the folk?' lag morning ii., horses wi
I innch laded ?uni there wus no1 mach doubt bul that tliej ?vere
lb? ini.1? i?
-.i \. Like I
III III?- ISI'limin l.'l'l ti? teil l'.'il.'hlilllilllll lilli- In' "
i! uri I i .li;?'
inn lim? ititi alth M p?iiiiit'iiiii-ni K'liii-'l?
< ,J I .li ...111, ni I1" ?-llttl l'l. . 1.1? t It.al I?lli-, lue till?
detailed to work up the ease Th* description giren tallh les
Hi tli..t o! tm r >.f oin iii II ki ?m n Ni ? Vnik* .
m da s? ni h sin. kepi . I ... i' i..
the nu.??- o!. reta. sais of
. ? ila- stolen |M
i ?a?.i H
log, aad t? d oui
.'HIS of
.III ill .
.ml lo' nt.Iiiiv Ihn .' ni th
Otu led :
a al ou?e ran.?'
. i. Frida? lev ?""'
were in II k ??
ullleers bul iii
them ?o s li?-?-lj Im-! i I , tli ni-.
? Dal Id Hurl
rd Mell -i i
. ?I III U
alea, ihej we?,)d i.t once make theK caet**?* froin the atty At *?
oil*?, k ?ni Pridiit eieniup, tia- ]?tit? arnm !?t!li.?l ?Bl td ti
Ita rorMP of Weet Honiton ?ml I m ii It-'-, ?at another of
i , Pdthii .- i.aui.iiu-tii. altea' Ilory '??iros. He ?/in
in . iiiiil i ii n 'I ,, nulli!? , ia iiu'tiiit'. ? !' ?.^'-,. ?iiul ''Ht thru.**.
Ken-IBS to'al.-U?J II, ll-M-atil.p hl'll laltn'l' I-' 'J.H t?. rr?o! ?ed
lota* I..m u '.. t ...'.?'i n. u.- i ."? ra?f hi* c ?Bandea I'.i?
-?ii??.?m?, ?lu II a dee] i Yen? h-Ut.H'k ph.?' r*c tween ?tie llii?*ca
i.rtd .rie f.-li.r?. Hei?.!??.? ?ml kilima ?H? draifii on both
.ft*.??. A platol wa? piesented ni Cart 4?j?.Hi,n, when he drew
Wa rev?dTer and threaten?. I ?o I--OW tbt? ir?an'? httuni ?mt if IA?
.lid no1 drop hie weapon. Sima wa?? ?tv? iel? ho-tr-n uboiit ?io
;nt?atl In the hlght of the ???-lee % tfttUi ave. ?mr .u-r aleiip
? ml Ita priaoner waa drairw-d into?, the oro?vd following and
? ?intniidnir ?heir ultetn|H? '. take Bie num nw*.,y Ir.iin thea?>lice.
11? y ivotiM pnilmldi b?i?nt??v'<-?wik'?l hrvl >t not Itupptied that
twoTa-utr . Ipl.IIi -lee-Bet oft?, m on y ?ii ?0 the ?.? muy.
la uni -.he unite, ran ?. ?ho ?"?Jt, and their exertWiui, jadiad lo
ii.of the other ?d?V. ir ?utlV .-al to clear th?; ?-ar of Urn rr,n?-liB
nml thicTca, jntieh ? *n* reM of the IMI.-IH" r? II. the car, Iho
Unir i-irtionof vhaHii ??re lornbly frtehfened. f*e ..irait
il.c'n tlilim on and the pi?.uncr wat m a ?hurt ?lino lottit-e.l
v, lili lila ?iiiii?Kl*iale hi in?' Klntlun Houie. The fruir?- man in
?till ni lum.?, hat mil probnhly he ?ntipl.t in u hort time. The
i.rieoin r? ?ace?,, ?ho name ?tvent_t- Inken bclnif J natte* Howl
lnp who opeaa4 court 'or the purpoac, und by kim cotmnitted
li 'iiiptirnrili
Hu ISutii'alnv ?ire Ment?a ?if the pr??or.'ra, ?hrouirh aaanaaL
fi.i.l nul u ?:.i?if /.tif*r?i* cut?i ia, lint no l.-nce ?! ID? kcciMed
. ?mid be fiaand. They hn.1 lx?en handed orer hy our police
aat-oritlBBV>ita?Botuto o-hat, ata la had left IM ?Hy wita
them ni In?e<ntU.U. ne..?impunie?! by Capi .Jo?ird.in tin?l Data?
lire Klil.r. flie I (lia tiny lim? dotiltlli .?? michell the m-ene of
tin-liiinl roMi rv, ilu-if to an-merln? ol.arpe of rubbery pre
l. n.-.t i.pat.l li., in. Hnrtl'lt !? ula?.?I SO T? me of HIT?? mai lint
Uirn in the Vt.ii.ii stun ?. ii., in.? ?.-i.? t ii itii-iiti nu.- taara mi.I
?ii mont ha of bia Ufa in Bute l*rl_dfe, on i ?in. ..-lion? of ImrpUirv,
ui folio?? ?linton l'ii?o>., N. Y, lit y.-iu?; . Hiarh-atow?,
MUM , *u ?ear?, nial lim linn?-one lim ?mil aabllHdl
hull Taara la Mop Sin;; 1'ii.i.n. Two ycur? iipo he una en
pupea! In u liiirpliiiy nt UM corner ef MriJmaaal ana Aunty ita,
?hen I-ra. u i le \V. OtMH na? robbed ti tlinlcell tiuUi-iuul tlol
le??- aTorVi ol' di.nu.uaN nml ?ilierware.
Miiliurp i* nhotit twenty <-ipht reara of afre anil wna horn in
. .1 Stale?. II- ?irmtl four yuan und ?li inontha in
Miip rtoo] in eaataaai willi Hnrtlelt. II- u.i? leieiitlr nrreelcd
on n i I,.--?** of having mlilieil Allein? Bxpri IB I 'miipany, mid la
ntitv trader ball loi iiiiil at Denbury, COBB
Sun? ?. a unlive ol' Bra . "rk ?iiul i? alni.it t'iiity I?'? yeera
of Hire. Ile lim e?-rieil Ihiee li III.? nml M? iiiuntti? in Smir ramp
lor lu. illara In ..".In. ..ii 'I??'. I, .. v. a? i ?.ni u let! of lu,? ine
? hot al (ilfli-r . It ihn., of the Thirteenth Pi.a mc!, ti hil-In
'.Up to BIT. ?I hllll. *s|llis pk.al. ,! pilli!) of ll?aiilllt Willi II,ti at til
do bodill harm mut rai ?. ntcnc-il to the P? -nil- ?li n ? tot one
ile ?er-.til tim iiioiuli?. w ia n la Batanad ?ia.? i? mrv
hal i n| i.l.iti... i? -uliiip in th" Nintli
Wari '.lim un- nell ... led. II.? httaf wit? nt
one lime .1 lui nilei of tin- uld poll? i lou e.
A III.TT -ir ..hin will da I'liivt-il at WnllHcl?'? 'I heater, to?
lii-lit, 'or tin- limt linn- in Aim-in a. li i? ent?leil " -"UKI,
00(1," ami l? tue work <.: Mr. II. .1. Itymii, of I_ iinloii. It
?ill leo repeateil on Tiii-uliiy um! Tlnrdav; wini?. "Tho
.'a i orita of Kurili m- K aaaigned for W educada] ami Yu
d.u . ' TI.ti Ki?! Y mull i? ,-i.nil tn lu- n-j.. iitetl.
The jirifei.t araak will bring lo a Biota Mr. ?iaftwoB*!
einpi^eii.eut at tli-?iii i.-i|iii lin att r. It will bt taratta
t" ?HI.... Ti -iii<li! ii'ill lu- performed "Wood
i Tlie Siiitiiro '- in h. tn of whicli ilr.
ii hte ?ztioil ?..une ?inri?. ?* K.i? Val Winkle ' ut
itiu ;? d a rt ri larg? . adiaae? oa latar_-)ra?a_lag' vtaa it
*.? ?.r- ei.letl l'. r tb? 1 :-..-1 tiine.
:ie- la'l-ton mil r?-[it .it her norflltmBM t.f Lmtlf
M.,,'.,:',, in.u'piit, .t' ?ho Tit in li rii.ai'.T. If. r Mtal
i W.a||ie?i| M
On .plain ?. Willi (-elieiii'l
datire and apecial n \lmry Htmmrt.
, Bl i?ui.u Elismkrtk her moat
"tul part. TI,-i- ?ill la- a Mittino- ?m Satur?!.iy
' - ',.?* lu ;I M ??lillie l?'i?t. n u ill Maka ; ?l I? t Bp] I
la Ita i lim..i ti r of Loi y M.iilitl Brooklyn n eil. r? will
Iit.te thlt eli.- 14 to JIIHV l.',.l , I ' ' ,.' Pinoklwi
M-.,.,, Thurtdi' ? ieii'iip--li. i Lui ap
|K?UIB . ? ' ..".'. ?Ill Mill. . V I.I Xt Nfatl . at iii-tun
i- tu i --i.i tai. - an >?:?? igen ont ai the Hotiou 'rti?-at??r, np
I M. strm. \> ?? I M., t. iioti?, hi
?..".i ?utf -s of t,..: Militan of Inn
? - .ha - ed tb? rem irkaMa aaotial
nt|l'Hr... BO llell?. if i rilli.I? li W.ls Ita l.O'l-o tha! itHl.J
f'.Ua.l : ? . Bl llle'.e? .||?.ll III- -
A?il ? ate! 1 J?r..p,.IU-|i.. , ' lill .Se.. . I I .!i.-iluy.
ba ii'-.iT-d at It.nunn I Muteiim, a:il ?ill li iie.fortli be
j.l iel merl ailc'li. ?iii a at I f,.it!.cr ?lotice.
? ti,?;.? la well kin??-!!. It tittor.li ?baad-Bt oofrtt.
ifurtcenii Uitniajr. and ? ' M aus ?taca aa}
ba . -pi t u bl.ue of gh,ty tot -ini' ?UM t'.
H f'a.'i.?i'i i.|.*rnttc drama of "Tin OWU Pt Hie
Kepimetit" Will b? Betta t?i.|i.ptit at tin N'--a Y'trla ll.i-ii
_? ?ier With the eltr.ilH4un.-a tit * Uu'i.-ti !?
.Mi Mark toltb, Mr, L -i? Baker, Mr?. Wilkin?. Mr?.
ii, and Mia? Fumy Vi.imp a.ll partit ip-.te m the
Kr. K..? will pr ' B ?.'.iv ..f " J.??II.
Brown, or lb? Kauf of Laeknotr, al Iba nljt
Hi.a-.. > 'Captain I
Mr?. Bower? ?ni
.ii(_.iri? ni al th?' Wiaior ? .Hey a
? : u? I?II ii, an ,.t' io the
La [ lu tt ti Bl Ita Wmtt r (I .rilen, ti in vu: u-? a
atininp ?01 nu etl.t t, at tin? i-tnl uf t,ic |..aitli ,,i t,? huu the
lim i? ropri ?eult-tl i.? in ilirnca, anti R. M8-M?
Lukt '/-i h ? '. HIE Bon on coti
t?iiie? t.. ;l..i I.,..a, A:.i'iy milk Ita nasa ?
it flrat. wa 1 like to m*c her in
? li. r p ?wen,* but H Is Ho s I..-1.1
pit 1? .
I . .. .it .'.it 1 .'? ?.inl.-n, aud
Boola "The Mia. k trunk' with all it ?plondid ?rei-.i.
..?tit- I? idNnd CTerj
i.yhl ami it a Mal.ti... on lataafaj.
\l:-? Ma.-.- .- Al i*. tall mil t.iiitinue, thniu^linat the
I al 'ti? I!roa.I?ay
I . VI. , I '. r | '
1 . I .ii. Mr. < . ..? l?,.l n
w.ii .p!?'nr nt t!,i? th<- .'.er on UK_->'_> _f HKWaabor.
1 i . W: Mm*? -u tina
I. . .li.. I ?vi t i. a Kr^-Mr'
1 I lie Maei,
' .iii i hi- lull t A Mali i aa on
I ?? | ? iforniMii'?? ir- piM-Jata nt Mr.
I ' . I. I>ay | rfortu
rlll be fires on Wednetdaj a'al Hatnrday. A now
, -i ? 1 o p... ia tu be
' 1 tO lllplit.
Mi. Mart. . ?. were
?, ?rill t ..Utiil-O liiaeiiter
tt iniieltt tt I'" .?.'.'iii ? Hall-Olli.Lit.li- the I,illili;
lit m!, i:.. (?r .nth "f . lower?. t!-<- ii.?i.ni; Daakat iViek,
tt? . ?.t?. 1'. mlH ti--., ii- ti i iii u lu oreriook u marvel ot
a a (.
I raona ? bo . .. Bl ? ,.? ia Mi aal ? fot?
dially t.iiiUit t-ti i!.f aiitertalaateait ofcrad at tue Kifili
aVi..'l?; e:.i Mun?,, hy Itiniworth a .Mu..?tri!. ar.?l a!'?i tliat
trfli rta at ti.- -i* ..' i I.:?:..I?.MI." ball, No. '. JO llruadway,
b) M?.??r?. bil] ?V l.coi.V Miiifitttl?.
'.I/-'? f!i:;at lie?' ia an old ?tory, nut! !:e.t'. not ?ifniti lie
? .. . i ?. ' .a .lilli- to it. in ttaaa c.'i
iiii u?, ami t.. it? r -pt? -eiit?t?. n ?t fu- fiaaal Itaaaar, I y
Ita t ..inpani of Mer?. ?JnigMl B*d l?rr.. t It Wa.? ngalii
: ,i tentad on Hatnidar artnina teat The -iinin a.-w.i?
B larp' ? -. ". I.i'p. na .t ?I.oul'l li'lie Let li. 1 he
?a.u.e.I? paaaed ol' li i mu agri -Ma iioiuu?-:. M. K.l.'it
??.pcaiiiip a? / .././. waa waliily pr?*?'lt?l, anil ? i nu -ti
. .- ?iry bl nu?! li.ni It)!'?? ?V'. tiinil- lum a favorite.
M. Keillllt't, ll.iik.li_ I .I lit-i ? j.ear..tli-e at the l/.
.'. 11 /; . '; at . .- ? . ?i?r?. ?t ita ?'i .factor ?ith t..ii. i.in.
tittthiiili.e? al.ii n..-t dall at. art. An Operati. f il.-i
ttiuiiie l.? auDottuecd l-l I I i-.i r. ? i-veuinj-.
uti. i?l t uti URE.
k1 ULTIM; IN All? ?'F TUB R..I _REB?.
A meeting of .'n-ncli CBttadlBBI re.ni? tit la ti.in litj*
wtt lulil on Saturilni ? lei ii a. at l lint?:! Hail lo take mci?
un ? for Hu-relief of then tell..? cot.uti t tuen n ho ?ulTered hy
the late i iil.l'iipriitiol III Ql ?
Mi I. mu..i. . x i i... tni I'li-ideiii of tin st Joba Ita Map
litt Hocletj ? a-.-'..... i i balreuu aad KI Beert
lill 'I ' .? uiceliii/ itu? tia li wild a "i-I I.? Vi"', ?if) Ihalah
.1 . II' B ni, ot the pi l 1 I.-- Ml.". 1 Illara ol ?,'la I ce li lill.
aud ilal ' na! Hu- iii- l.a.l '.. n mort de trnctiTi Iban a
Ire that bad arar aeewrtta <.u fiia aaaatao-l hating Karata
?: m i...... HI..i i.-., !,.? .-ii t,,.m, i,.,? "hu?t li.auo aarasaa. Tin
?. a eui? ni Hie I ni n'.ill'. l-limiati' nil.led In l he ?iilferii.p ? of til? si
peuple and the ilullneta ..t Iba ihlp-baUdina trade, m which
I ii I "I I'lf I 1. la I: l?i|lll! ilaill li el- ill-:., iii linton.' I " pa I
i .? .i, ! .u! left I han totally unprepored lo m el their BOW I ...
lana in Mew-Vork wera vaty few In anniber
lied fh.it tin? e ii|.lt.i the inoal . n
\it i Batatal tata Mr BL OfcaM aba addreawtd Ita laertlag
The lattei Iboiwbi that Immadlate netlon ibanld be t.ilcu nml
ti. .t an ipp.'-l in !. .-I...li ot i,'... i., i ihoaM ha Butta directly to
i -i- mt rehonta of tin- a in
'I l.e full . .
I.V. li rd. Ti.it a ( a-.. - fll| . -a.. ...i.|.| ot M.-i???. F.
II ...rt? I'?'.a.?tar, ?aatatati i C iMatarttr
'ir-aauier. II Oil . i I. ? trier, l>. (afiiataai f Marr,. Y
Ile le,.1,11 li .? ..lill.. I' lui.laii.a- ia .|.|..iiule.l lu
rtt.nir? t relief IWad I lb. ?ti fill hy Ikl Uaihn Iii? . ti ?' tl.i.
I ... al,.,i II "Mi. ? IBMBUIH ?l'Ile t.'an_.li.i a al Iii? I'u.ied
Bl '.'., I" li.al |. .flinn . '. " ? t ? l.i ."...I | - la ti.- li,. ? . el eli laujuage,
ai I tu Iba Aue-iiiau i - . I- ?nd i'e.ak - In mummel
I .len ??.Ill ll.r 1J liliatBtl .? Ill.l
ol.ie-l, ead ti..- li ???.'i.ti.i f Aihe.uili, Ni.HWt'ltl.,
I? hu.ker i . r. . mt.
Ile, I-. 1,1 ? - ? ,. ,t think. ?Olde pre?? rf Nrwloik
far thal ready akawt na au.i II at >?.- h .?MI it
..an, ,. pu . l mil .em e in ? Mattet a Befa
l-ilinn WMBB ??.. |.."n . It t! . mall! al nun al .1 |" o( Ir ..I iii. Gaun?
tly ?re ?.. wrii kean a,
\ . 1-riptioa i,?i ?. ni aoaaapaaad Kita ?aal
the iiiniu.nl ol lit?, ?us Kabtcrlbad.
Mi i.ii" .v ?. .1. I : I I -|,ie . C.B .. \ I id
eil, ..! I!,ia,-.li MI .1 A |-i.li. a imi.i,. i. to trampa?!
. . th-Mfk io Qntbai a I
iii i-iii-i Ratarda? 0
Conti ?I ii liner BIT niini
.?i m. An
"!' the Pro?
HU? Id i- iierallj foi relit t pled 1 ha M
. i.:itlin.l/i..| lo Blk ??nV.'Miuiei.t mil. ), irge nil. -
lui? ?.f ita M-Brran ?m.' Iaariag ita i-Vy t.. ?eel
i . N noon - i it<>i M noa M TU i-uar*
ri - i ?. te.i . . i u .i LI
. lafram
. .. i
i ' .. 11
i f ol 1
, I i lia Bird
- '
A i^-RiEU OF Acci.'WT-.- On fatordriy light Job
'l, ?-??tiding at No. "J?) Kiwi Seventeenth st, was u<li?
st'nlidlj ?un ..ver in Kiftceisth ?t., iimr Avenue B by a track
?owned by the Irry Pork aid Iltittery Railroad Company und
?li uen by Francis Kn-inaii. Uno of the wheels pastea orer the
1? ii leg of ?Scott. ? Bin-nig a sut ? re fractan of the limb. Ile ?as
conveyed to Hell? ? is..' Hospital
TI., inn? IKitren, a resident of Xo. 143 East Twenty-second ?t..
?hil? ri?ling on the roof of a stage in llroadway fell to the
jai?, u.ent in a Di ann was seriously injured. He waa taken
BOOM bj Iii?- police.
Tnii'tliy Murphy on Rat'irdny light Ml ut the comer of
Wi'i'.iin ist.d Ann -I* und ?In-lni. ml kit u: B. Ile ?us taken to
tie Ne? . oik lloepi'nl.
Aui!??.r ?\!>?'iiuaiTTU. o?- TUB At-?Aii.ANT-aMsiiit 4 o'clock
yrsterdiij morning, Tlouiulsnitiu Mil?? Ile SI?iii? of th? Fifth
Precinct, while (Missing throjgh the Wur?l du-i-ovtrcd Otlmr
Richard li nielson of Ins i -(munumi leming n lager Iii t saloon, in
Ili-iuidany nenr Wnlkcr st., to rea eh wins li ihe ofllr? r was re
?iidrTi.1 t" i,,",e h," p,,Ht- ifc Sbiiys sskid Kim lum why ha hal
Ml bia peet The futter lettraed an Insolent reply and on the
Ksntiidrniaii turning to leave, attacked lum ?itb i_s ??ni bent
lae tke tinfiirt'iuiite man, * Lo ?rai too much surprised at the
?inlil-iiai ?s o' the assault to olTer uuy arl? ?puste r? ?i-tni.i;?', about
the head anns und body causing lum m-iere inj.ini?.
Iiiiiimlsmun H?eDeanel of tin- Suth Precinct, ai.d another
??tli.i-i, nttrsrtedby the ?who of ?lu iiffruy. ?.une np and oom is? ?I
I?? Keera to (ho stntloii house in Leonsrd street. A surgeon
?aa ?lilli ?I in und ilreaaeil his w ?tunis. Kinehnn had. nieaa
?Inle. pi.neeili'it to the ?l,siinn -boaee, and on the facts of the
aaaa ieeeaatai ?no? n, C?ptala l'ittv alawa ordered tkm pi MB?
innlcr um st, to aaswer a ch.irKe ot fakwiou assault
In UM peeeaasiaa ot Kunliuu ?as foand ti gold vatchehaia,
ninl -?'.ii ralead al Ivtll), ?hieb Is siiiil to hue lieen given him
li. Mi? Wsteis, prtipii.-timsui a iioioiiiiii? iten 1n the vlcitiity
ni li.e lae Paiata, The receipt? d bill tor the'nits li und iliuiii,
mude out in tho inline of Mm Waters, ?UM ni??? found lu the
poukets of Kins'tisiii. Yeal? rsltiy lis- u as tuki-n lx-ruic .Instile
lim nu, ul this 1 nuil?, in.ii loinin.tti .1 lor ?-? iniliiutioii. lie
Mun? I? so ?. ?erely lnjurtil, that he was linallie to appear in
court yesterday.
('?.RONKRi. I.tgiKaTB.-Ou Friday evening while Schu
iiinnii K.iuie. iiiitiiii '.vus .tilling uta high rate of -p.-? -d ?lound the
t oin? r of Aieinie A und Suth ?t. he ?us thrown from his ?ngou
Bad t. II to tl.e pnvcmojit, receiving injuries from the ? ft? eta of
ulm Is In-du d III a ?holt liai?'. An )mi in ?t nu-la lil by Coi met
'. 11 :,. Hin, u ml u ?el du. t Iii in ?'..?I.Hit? WBS r? -.?ti-reil . den rued
?its -.. years of tige mid u uiti'.?' at Ot ntktAJ. On Suturduy
moriiiiig ( ut lim im- Waters ?0 ?iii? of np', uki ? ?utir? ot
lr>liiinl felldowastairs ut herresldeao So MPark-at, frac
lining har ?inn? mid esusiiig almost distant ?I? .-.th Coroner
Lot i r In Id mi itn|iii at u/ni u ?Hill? t of ?ni i.i? nt J ?truth WIS
renden I Aa iat}Beet wea nu S.itiu-di.i held bj Cunnii Nun
m .un at It. ?hine Hospital on the body of Taux i.roili-nski,
s, I.??.- iln,tn waa the reeatl of a keros?n?'' ml lump i-iplndiug at
? \? ?II '.-nu ?t .mi the fth ins?. A renllcl uf ai
death wat i? minni, ?aeaaaad ??? aOaavaa und d7 -. ?ursof
.ga, ^_^
.M-ntion ? if 1 iitlnr Matthew S.? ? li.--? met y?-?t?-? il.iT
?ft. iiiiNin nt Miii'.uy Hill, No. i"i Baverj for M parpaaa of
i? i ? ti in., resorte and acconnts in n (ard lo H ? txpanditaree of
ia! parad? of the loth of October Mr li ilnllnher <>c- m
i upii-il liie i im,: nal ult?.-r (he liam-ctlon ol rnutuic business*
tin in. i-tn.i a lju r... li.
[ Inia, tin NU.anti.f
An iinpiiitaii'?li?, oiery f..r inarrteil man who?? wives wen I allow
.... k- lu? I??.n mute, by wli! h th? oneil of t'lbaceo uen'.tiely
.ail Ill? in LlTSTT S^SKOaiTI? StsiFTRSIA. ?liil-b. Sl.a'l'j US
otl.rr g u<t ?,u? mrs, s?,i..?i.s til?, l'y lina.n* II,? ni'."tit tt,ih
I J. irlrni? Itlel -liiukiiii, tin-?air.I 'f tobar,o .. rntllrly Jr.loT"!
s?ii?.trt,ii ia the heel -iel-Mas in iii* wuild. it prrs.rteithetri-ih
arl i .">.. prevent! llirni frauiileeaylif, an?! |it?-s to thrui s btilliaocy
ami lu.trr Hist nothing rlao still, brtnles IrsTii.ia oVa.hlf.i, U.tr In
the i.iaalh slid |l?lnj to the breath a fra.rant uiot. Warranted ni to
iij .rr iii? aaeaan. _
Y ou.ifi AMERICA ! QfarioM name 1
II rr tin? sptrk'r. ?r-rnsrn 'if fal???;
U ma' r-l sr,.I | ,r.. i ? j.?, I. ,1
N o? .* liai Ihr I .Oil Ita wcl*li r.ili kn?iW ?
tie nile vol uni.', n-d tr II tlirra so.
? si-l No no? n nil.
K vrr . MBBSS (n thee '
M s nt or sad c?l.l? to the s'eps ef youth,
Oh' (rou win Vail to tbe l.nt ol truth
R >ar ihr star of tbr fra?.
Y. aierly. lon|, In.pat art!v
S i ".III ?. HIT trraSslrva luljl.t,
T ??i.it.r with ha-ty they Com? it Its!,
M Mum.- 1st? ?.-usa I ll?l.t.
tn'ti llowiiril-, - .?!.il.g at the li. t? Is lyn Arnd-niv of
i i a Car. -ti.?ti linly 'o :' . - We IIO|N' the'
.-f Hr'wnMrn w ill give this noble ninii an.1 gallinl lal
.-ptiini as ?ill ? iKounigi his heart and strengthen
. .?mug hiuid.
vlcet st i??it tit? et??- wen not ?is ?eil atte.nie<l .is usual y ester
It. rnotrn ti,?.ugh the ?millebee asaemblitl was still large.
It wss aiblreaaed by the Rev. I?r. liullagher. ._e Kev. Dr.
Wut- rbury. ss uanoi, was present to conduct tie proceedings.
. "I tin- fsTisruble weather of yesterday can hard?
ly be . ii- s t ?1 hut liiilallhstaadlag thl? It sin auno_n?ed thitt
- .1 ?ill d. In IT a sermon them ne.I .Sun
IM i "<? MA i IHM ii? JAMAK t.-The 8npervir?.r(i at
Jan ii? .i hue otTere.1 a reward of ?"._<> for any lnforrantion th.it
.hall lead to the coin l? ti??n of any |N-r?-?n for the crittie of in?-en
dlnnsin Incenilinry tires hare IM come alarmingly frt?_ticut lu
t! s- in initi of late
IMTII M H?-"I-- Im - teachers aiids? l.olartof this ?i.iool yesterday
i.ibuin'i-iry of tLc foundation of this.
-t ?Mslilisi!. S. l.iH'l m Itroullyn. A nuinlvroflewditiggen
ti? tia u BOaaeeAad ?th religtout affairt were presset', to take
isart in the pi? .. gi Imong oth?ra ?say mt astedth? Rai
! 1? l? 1 '. -ii- andJadgea Dlkaasaa ead Vaa Cell.
i in !. mi? well ti!:?-'l ?iib the taper} ehildrwe ead, If p.?s
lihli tt.'-,? happier parents who listened with interest to the
s uf tin- ?art] struggles of this no? prosperous school.
. luious wonder to tbe accounts of the sip
. to I? ? ?uMisliinci.t. losnif. sti-d e-i.'ii hy the pious .u.J
led ir. prtu?? ot liiilw-rt Snow.
: :er .?! IbS Ss.l.sl.l. SobO-l ???Lill ol HriNiltlyi! Wh<?ie
portrait iookiil tlown Is-iiigiiutitly (as he al?sis did) upon the
..f ?l.i.i he had ildtiulesl
A lea till v o? lill' lH?Jtj!?cdli!g? consisted in the presentation of
I? to tJie i'iildrvii who had ts.cn inslrn"iess?isl in rin'ing
ittbeetiptieee iaeU al theaaaeel TkeMedahi ?ere ai-cinte.1
in i?i.-ider:ttioi! of tne atuouut rained one l?i?ng talla ? SA s. I for
.1 ?ii?.t!a-r for evan n>>- OarlMeapaa ?i-r.'ihiui
. ? i^-eiitsng itboul foo 'rite proeti.l, ig? nils- ?Hirth in
honor of the l.'enieiiiut of Methed-MB, but li? ? nae altogether
UM ??I ??ii ii bl.lut.mi. It ?us howen-r. uti
rd that a formel teaeher fat eeaaectiea erith it?^ -ii.?Iden
Link ' slios had ?eui BUS! in aid "f the Odell ali?te of the li
' Mi.lilh-tonu l.'.ilbg? t?? !.?. ? ?t?it?li..'.?M in niemory of
Ibi list. Ms.?s i uiisiL fonnerh Saaartateadeatmt Ihiseeeeei
ln.ttir.it' MB tleilth ?tn'ceeilr-.! W* Mr S I' 1' ?Mell, who pre
sided on this occasion 1 he formation of this nie.ne is oue of
tin- object? uf cent? unit effott tarerai ? h<?ie?. l.yniB? had been
prepared for the eeeeekea ead were aeeeata-l| r?-n?l?ndby the
ii,.(?lira Th? proe? linn.? ?cn- brought to a close by th? lu a
ciii. t.?.n nt utxnii.' u i-liA k ?hen the audleuce disparted in ei
- mt
Mitnti -A very large utul entliusisstn- K.-public.in mass
n ' ?ting nits held ni Tienor's Washington's Hall, corner of
lotiiili :o,d South Seienlh st? K. 1?, on Maliinlay cicnlng.
TI.? Hull nu? crowded sud ?ei? ?si litimlied ssseinbleil Hrotitul
.i ,! ?1..I ? i.-. t??l oatside. In the Hall oddrossr? wen' dclinri?!
.uni II Huntley esij.. Chalnnan. Simeon B. (hitteuden.
. i.ilid.il? furl oiignss lu the 11.ltd District lint li K.
Uri.i ?? Jumes Kilhoutn uiul ?ithers. lieu (I (l Honsrd. S _f
IH.IH! aaa, .i-?i?i?- Dallar, und terara) distinguished eui
. npn-d ?mit? nu the p"lntt?irui. The ontstde meeting ?as
fiis ??ileil nu r lu Dut. lil 1?. Nmtliup tat, and B-draasM ?i? r?- sti?
ll s-ieil by Ira ilnckinin jr. (leorge W Hone 1' li (??traiidri,
Ntittuund KuiiiTiiiutit Jastlce A li DaHsj und athen I
band of intiaii and u G lae Club furnished m?rie for the occasion.
uti ni Di-iiiiiu iii'N - I'lie Coinniittitsjof ti e (ommon Connell
uppointfd to i-oufer ? it'i.the ofticers of Ila- lui ion a llisioklyii
I- lui the pin,?..?-"el uisking'Viiriii.grments for the
ilistilhuIlM ?.! the long tulki-of tnedsils a?neiuhlcd ni runnt
N't? i < iti II til sin I-iiniy evi-ntiig It ?ii? nut by | very
l.tl.-.i ii-ciiM'?';,. ,.! olla?!? '..tin moat friem'.ly spirit Wal Ihe
foil?i? lug conclusion? were ??it'-t ?oin?- Isttl?- ?li?. ;:??i".i .unie?'
ut li..?! tait ni: tctcrsn? who at the time of thrtr cnllst-MBl
I lu tin I'ounti ??.'Km.? ?I ?H r?crire mesluls irrcspec
tlre of theil i n du to th?'Cm Ceuntj M Wnte ar?t no lantter
is I..-I.- lin i i-.-i t. .1 . MCend tint nisi!.si. ?'..ill iilsn lie giien to
?..I.? enlisted to the ?nilit ol' Kings i ot.titi An honor
oralils dtscbiirgu waa Made an eaaeutlnl ? ??udiiioii laaaehol
ti,.-' cldsiea Ifach frar waa Manifestad on the part of th? otH
?aaemaassdala. 'lise?uhp-<-t
?is? nSri.it to wiettil titn?-'s ?inilinr the i-i'isr..,' ninl UM
t illa r the piopii.-i-. of I'li-i'cisiiig the ? iiiio-t care
to | '.'-i.t Imposition was iuoukstcd. It was Turther arraaged
Huit i ..Id turn out BB f.it n? puesible^accontiug
to their old oi-gniiiaal.-lha pet va tee weariag :? l?lue aadthe
ti.. ?Ilii the ?V'i-1 " Vet.l in
m?, lils l ?m U u? n bulgi'. lin-set Brtga
?! i ?..- -iii Hol?n? is to be Marshal The reteraM will at
sembla at the! lit Hull on the H-th anti ?ill ptooead thence to
the tnncli.iii ot li illn.?h and i'i.ll"n ITBt ?here they ?ill
p u ,|i- I lient .-!'. ? i? al tuk?' the cm? toilievi. iitity of the n? ?
parade ground til thedlaebkd ??'!<t:-t? n 111 N- eearejed to
und lunn the g;??iiini ni oarriagi ? i be k'ourteeatb Befimenl
bera a bo tra sotltied t?> the
iiie.iai i.? pun : . s-. nli them Bieetlug Brst al UM Armorv st'.'
o'clock B IS' SlHHtlll tia' li. -I' I al ptUH tlla'lli? SBtiOlSUBted
. i in liiiMikli i.
, ni ii .n ? 1 dm mia for '1 ?
, , , ,,i more arc fortl - ii iclf n
, - i . ( ulled M st,.? soldi? i '-i ? illor, si ti
u. u l"-. o.. tir otliei . aorus
!. ? 1 li !.. ?
s - : : -.s gohi a ii i?- ?i nt '
nan? iu th. ?.un.- Malarial, witt he
S I ..lit.
lsr.ooKi.YN ART \s-m I i I ION.-The fullnwiiin iir
. . i?,licit In UM Se.-rs-lisrv s.f ii,a Ait A?s.?culbin .
T-tSe Hembert.-l the li, .iel na Arl !.??
? ,,| |",|^.J t" , . ... maori thal the rr.- ?
tu,.,.. . ? . a . J es| "' : s
, .ml et
a a..ilusi UiiH ?l I'll li JlB
?... er 'nthe ?Wieta??*
tim. Mrniicaa M.
Tre-rnrer Mr. Ooldea t. Ford No. 51 f" ,rt ?t.,
Bt bit ita?lio Reen. Na 15, Ka.it?-_Ur ir-ili'm- :.!?
hrci/kl,!., Cc'.oher. It?. lo .? " ILLUMIOB, -ecittiiy
ih'pt lycf Wetbltltton-*.! -a ( n. >'|..l a. ... . M|, P".oT
MiiiH-__e?. Mr eedMa.. Wl.? M, ^'?,u_
Oaotl. NiraadM-al'hipp. Wr.i.r.ry v-..A ,.'"", , JJ,**
and leirtnl. Mite hame, Mr. ?Tina aud I .1? .,!,. r?*? y__
?.Brien, Mr?. Mai-tny, Mr r-y+r. Mr. biiii ... (.oeliraB? M7
De Loria. Mr. Frey, Mir. Dunn, Mi. Riodan, Ki .V^.ale?w_re hb_
. malar. Mr. .arbury Mr. Tieme?. Mr. R?-yeT. R?r. M H_?._J'BT.'
T. O Relley, Mr. Heltcck, Mr Rs-ti-r,. .dr. U?, u aid ,",, w7 >?_*.
I?*-, Mr. Murphy, Mr Rirl.r'- M Molfr Mr/ltertaa M7
? laik. Mr. < yne, Mr. Gruie, Mr -ni.i?, Mr. .it?. u tait ck.Wita!
aud 5?? 1B Hie tteerti?,
?lo?, ii- ?a ateaine-lp 'danhUta:.-Mr Hale?. Mr. MaftkaU. Mr
and Mr.. Srli-id?, Mu. Itattd-ou, Mi aid Mia b?!
key Mr. OoadTer, A Merer?. Dr. L?knra. au . 9TS io Iha ater?ate
FROM NElV-0 RLEAN *. O t. Il-lu.., I nea ?koty-a
W. OrifBn, lap!. 8 urila tod Italy. A. .1. Cti J? ."r.. I tilde tailaa.
Mark Wa.ti.n, Luke Birera. r\ar>, Klrt-oi.e-ll J ?.. l'reaue, _ # ?
Bataett. J. W. Fe? J Quinn. II IV H 1l.1t.. . I. 1.ill- a. A. Wul
inn. J. Men? et J. Kenaedy. Wm. ?,_lioa, T. U. ieijuea, P. Due.
flu.T. I.??IIII. T
r IIOV ST. JAGO (CnbaV tht !"-,n Meem hip ?. 1 K.e-.IaaM,
R. .-?n.e^iiii, _r,d :?dy, R. Ma.-tn tnd J ?'.liiWr.-B ti. ti y.. M. ta.it .
Jote UucWala, E. Quenda, F. dr. A.-, ..re, S. K. 1 . 1 r?.
k.... Ur -waal.iJ^nj
'.?-?-. BW
. teat., ?? ta a du. Bad
?.a Qi
Ktn_n?r,i[. City of l\'i?bin:Ion < Rr ?. tkoak....
TtaQ.e?nttowu 11th jr.at.. wita nid?a atal?Jl 1
HtAii_.i-.lp Moneta. Libby, (l..rteatOD latta 1
pea?, lo Ltvtuttten, Foi li fe.
Htreawliip Manhattan (Br). 1'riee. LiTrroon' lOi -,
lilli 'net., with indi?, and ?TI peta to W
Kteeaaaip Kauf Shu?}, Sau.p on. Nea a. - ee . I v .4 witt maim.
aad paat. to R. i-Jwdru. <>:'. i4...n tue !.. --? -i-kiBa H - ??
TV?, ?leo. IVa.liuittiiB ?tal Me-rtmeck IJC
Ste-niikip Fib Kee, -?ii'ii?. *?t. Ji^o Oil. I? a I. NetTilae low
with nidee end pea* te Watd-lt li Ce. ^
Ship War Hawk. Dunbar. Rs.-ij.on, Jure y r mai Camp ot Ocai
Boy. Au|. ii, Hu Helena Se, t. 7, with lie? tod p.idy u C toa.
Hu, Made Wheeler <ef 8?. !!*o??e, Mt I, Ul?l_, Cew maru
tar,, wnb coal to H. D. k I. V. lirookmaa. ^
btit Kii. (of .Nellan/. .-?-._. Itio Ur.n-t, Act. M with ki Jet k, '
to Oelrirut la Co. Been 11 flay? N t.f Hittrrt? with I??. ?y Mr* Lie?'
Left, brlf Water Lilly, from New-York, and Hi ?cr. -ataca lae
New York, lotadinz. ^m "*
Bri| Ellen Dickie (of Traro. ?. 8 ), Fro. r. Cow Bty ?it P? It wira
Breakwater 16 dayt, witt coal ta Brett, .ion _ Ce. E0ce.1_u.ra_i
km; NF. (alea, loet li-hooae, ?all?. Be.
-ehr. Oraiiam (1 f Hinfai), KuherU, St Jo.,at N. p., |J dayl, wak
Cb ?ii io Ii. J. De Weil k Co.
WIND-Al Saniet. SW.
Ship Mrdita (Bl.), Plaiii. fro-u C.lrB'te.
Berk Piimiiette Alejandre, Ir lu Sa?i. Cre?.
Bark-, (tuppoeed the Udo K11nb.ll, tarnee fit ?-taibal, raa
tarntnf U-aky.
ACAHI) TO THE l'i Hl.KB-A Quentit-ti Anawtrai
Wby 11 It that thote two lim ?tere? la the finn I ..?titat? ?a
the eoruer of Alter (lace, arec-aiwcrd fiota mi i : .1 >. |ul witW
euitomeri, lo the no uaall shafrta ol weald be rival ?a.^lvial-Btali,
wbu r?: not iiuderttandwhT " '?e-e 1 lunga te ?? '"
It It breante t_e truly iujr ?nu iiauniiaeeiii ?ti-.l of Cl.l- !aa?Heu?B?
Kuni.l.'i.? i.oatjt, China, ?.I is, M'rer Pittrd \\ al* 'I.be Cet aw?
and ?"oclin? I'lenieli iberei? .-..i.tal ?es1 baa hear pt" ia??? ?titi mm
fieal jo-d nidjrorn? of lar|t? rii ririitii-.r 1 n ..... . '..,, mtk.
Thit It why all Brat dai? gooda ire eold at Uti. e-tal?laltatai
cheaper tl.tn it any ether beete io the eily, tod Hie pul. u, twwa ?^
the fact, 10 tleie to bay. .' Tlitt'i what ?'tie mat'er "
EDWARD I). BA-ii.ORIi-.-s Great Hoc? kee, er.' Hartar, Ckht,'
Olea? tud ( rociiery Emptiriun?, Cot?r?-r In?-.i ate bundi-f.
8i|n of ti e Holden Battle-erne? ?to.e. ,
G~ 01f?"TTlt5-i-?^Rr-?aGN_. ^ . *.v->_~_?I
Murray ata., where yoe -i'ltnd Ten ?.off- ?, l .??., Float ta4
ererytbiuf ??eeciieaper than an? ."?re a. BaW-Yarfe. - T nrir? ktiwi I
(H) to MACFAI-LAND? Book Kt re c?r?ef
vJI TwentT-tbiid-at and l!r??_lw?T. Th?r. ro i wu: tn 1 ,!! ik* *4EW,
BOOR-I atibe day an? lil ti.? ., i ?.lantiaid Wurla, rai. al.
I.nallah. Fienrh and Sco-on .?'tatioaeiy
t!?o. a bailee
O-D-iiHiom- LAM?'*? lM.RtJl?DoB?l.rr.?!.-EDED BV
The ??AF-ST. mott COS\ K.S'it.NT, tai m trery ?ty
cain be UOflRD A.? Qt'ICKI.y ti ?A.H, ? l?d ..id 1,1 named ?air!?
and neatly ?Il WITHnl.. KKMOVlNO loe SHAIIK, OLOBE o?
OIIMNET, or not?..ewing He Dl'B-F.R!
Let e?ery tu ?tarban reaident call and examine beirre fanuihiad
llirir bonica. Hld iTery meti-fc ir.t befure be buyi hi? ?'.,. k cf Lia pa. ?
We deal In KERO8E.NM ?OUIW of a. kind. a.i Um beet RBF
FINED OIL in market.
Cr. alan and pt'.cm. tent to ill tpp't-a-it'.
JIUL'S l\E_ak Co.. N?. -?Mia.?,. UM, HT.
l?erf?.-l> PI.'RK .?IT.? Kau!. It haa aal ii.- Ar iimHtktia)
?produced by bein? Hleaenel with ''.ettmiral-. %a .. ,..rioee te*
\l.lnn. It tua ti?* Titian III .re ttie ./'ii '.in? in; other. Md;
Mi entirely'r?. f.. . iii) dc.rl^ri.iu? ,,1 fareifn n.a-ir-, thertfcitt"
: wi 1 keep ?weet tor ye.n. It jieea t'a? u.uat Mt e . Oaitr aad]
: J.,.l-l la Lteen. Aak lor KI.NUSK-HU'. U-WEo U-l'A-UU,:
riled a celt-la cure, ?1 IV at the illf-'eat d31 *?.-. I ur pile?, aid
woonda Ba.rofi.la, ?tit rheum, al nnn* sed ?kia di?ee?n _r. Far ade
it No. tJ l?o?ery. aad by al 1 h -Ute.
TT FARMHOl'SF. Uri; of rtfereti-ea ?xcUn?rd. Ternie mott
he low. Ad-reae, autia| partioultra. -, Bedf-td. Wmtrkaakti
to. N. w rork.
\os. 308, 400 and 1042
i OH/ H\.
1 Junction Tmrd and Keartb-a*ee..)
New olTer Ibel? new aud ?itt-ible FALL lud WINTKR ?T?X B tt
LOM'l.R PRICES Hita tbe tame quality of feodt ka. Us J. ?
tin a ...I.
ALL W(Klli BlT!*fNFS?.> St"T.",
?II. ?JO. ?73 md B-_
09VAL . HICP, ..>, NO-V B48.
U.l'AtFRICF M NOW ?44.
I'-t'AL FRICE ?Ss>. NOW pa\
r.l'AL PRK'E ? ?5, NOW $31
USUAL .RICE ?i.l, NOW??.
USUAL PBICfe pui, NOW tit.
I-BI'AI. PRK E ?.- NOW #!M\
VtXAL PRICE to, N??W ?It
Arma-Sana la i .D IIH
With the view of ?Wier the r^.ia . fit- OALAX T lof ?hate
there will namul T ba ii?--ol n inb r. p.eaeat ted the ?Main?
,ea?v.n) tbe ed/Buiaaeo. le.ding lu p. i.ripal aeilai .?sly, Ue Paa
li.beil ,
FOR NiriKMHFl? Me. 11),
ililli M fow KIABT
A Copy cf a llatidaome'T 1. i.n?l?-d ud 1'rialed Paa | t.irl e? Ht
pa;? CONTAINING THE MH81 i li EM . ?IX ( .. APTEBB ?at
Wblcb li?-e?B ippeeitnf .enly hi THE OALAX? ,??i-all_t?
ait.ly wilta ill publication la I . juad). md will toon be i.eieia eoai
*.* The Mti.liae. wilta He lle-k, for ?'e by eil .? awamtm H IO
cent, for tbe twe, or tbe two t.ol aeetpaid ts? M? addie-. 1
laeatpeM. ..
w. V.k r ? cm R. II.
Na?. St Park-row. New York
fPI!?H<TFRT OOOP1, ."____?_,
M.iVl tlK.U NF! I. K4HKK'*? IMl'iiKil.?
?jorfi'O, tTarriiigco, Sr*
i MI- 8A? ? ' '" ? 'l0r
V i,? . ?
yalJ. tasl'i '.."* " ??'^.t'

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